WiNteR SoUlSticE CLoseS iN 2016

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‘WiNteR SoUlSticE CLoseS iN 2016’
as the title for the 731st Macro-Verse
of Longest Long Form Poem continueS now
to surpass 3.3 MilLioN words since the 42nd
month of witness for God of Nature per 9/16
this year since the beginning of all my blogs
iN the month of 3/13.. with Ocean WhoLe Poem aLL noW
iN Free Verse PoeTry style with plenty of concrete shapes
that almost miraculously appear as Human Sacred Geometry
and Nature pARts too.. sure.. all archetypal as such stored
iN our DNA when the metaphor of Quantum Human MiNd and BoDy
iS unLeashED and ReLeAsed as tRuTH and liGht often hits the ART
world first and later verified by empirical tools of science once those
tools become sMArT enough as scribe of God to MeAsuRE morE of GoD Now..
Problem is though when humans become the tools that assist them when cars become
wives and husbands and homes become God alone.. Houston.. we have a problem we
are no longer shooting for the
moon.. we are shooting
ourselves in
the feat
of tools
we make
here on eARth
and don’t even realize
that our comfy cozy flesh
and blood naked all born body
can shine briGhter iN sAnd and
SuN DancE and SonG.. yes.. alnaturale
aS Such wHeRE butts shine over F iN Washington
Dollar BiLLs and LinCoLN Cents and Cheap Thrills
come with juST basic subsistence oF Food.. DriNK And SheLter
and perHaps somE BroAd BaND access freely available with
STiLL cheap foreign made smARt PhONes and oTher Star
Trek phaser liKe tools armed for Art rather than Bullets
iN a Gander Super Store for guns as such.. ugh..
miles and miles of gLocks and stuff like
thAT forgetting
those oTheR
legs and
sTuFF all flesh
and BLOod SKIn noW
as such that DancES
and SinGS all thAT fun
StuFF wiTH GoD FReED..
iN Sand and Sun FuN suRE
like when liFE IS A Beach instead
of a ready revolver B()tch aS Such..
yeah pain and numb of i aS Such..2..
Anyway.. i kNow and FeeL and SeNSe
somEwhat oF a perfect place in practice
to share this WiTh An occasional dARk youTube
Muse named Stephan who is a man who overall sTiLL
spews a hate for women as sadly as he relates his
mama didn’t give him the touchy feely love a child needs
so now like the Bad Cop Jesus he suggests a philosophy
of non-aggression which is cool except for the fact that he
is always hating up on women suggesting in implication way
that perhaps they don’t deserve the right to vote..eTc.. ’cause they
aren’t as smart as he the history fact major is.. without the smART oF
EmoTioNal intelligence and Physical intelligence along with ExisTEnTiaL
InTelligence to fill in the missing pARts of the Philosophy major player
he’d likeLY liKe to be someone like me who spreads tHeir wings a little
further than text books and personal anecdotal experience with
his mommy too.. and that is truly sad as my mommy loved
me dearest and now all the women seem to love
me well enough as the photos and continuing
GroWth of my Physical intelliGence iN
DancE and EmotIOnal inTeLLiGence
iN poeTry makes me for one a get
around all around town
sure.. a little
tongue in cheek
for theatrical drama
inteLLiGence too.. as
i leArn from all the masters
far far far from a galaxy limited
to text books only.. hehe.. anyWay..
Thanks Steph.. probably… won’t be
back for a while.. as per that Bad Cop
Jesus thingy while you go for non-aggression
which is cool you go for severing your ties with
parents ya don’t get along with not realizing that
the same F iN Gene Pool lives as you in both environmental
and innate way probably explaining why you spew the vicious
cycle of hate as nows go by.. anyWay.. i’ll take a kind and loving
empathic woman over a little boy who didn’t get love from his
mama any day of the week.. and truly that means it ain’t all
your fault friend as you were bred that way by your
own words of course too.. i thought it was kinda sad
you couldn’t figure out why Santa was such
an imPorTant pARt of a Child’s groWinG
iMaGinatioN but apParently and
equAlly as sad that pARt
seems to be
stilted and
or wilted..
you too..
as that is what
the cycle of abuse
does.. and why who hurt
you makes who you hurt next
a reality too.. stop the cycle iF
you can my friEnd as thaT change stARts
wiTh you and it is clear as all the comments
with rarely ever a response from you that you are
just taking advantage of folks with the same mommy
problems or perhaps they were not strong enough per
alpha male style to attract a woman as John B. Calhoun’s
Beautiful one’s experiments with rats shows this is what happens
to males who lose their natural competitive breeding habits and
become the tools of their culture like video game sitS in basements
and stuff like that coming here to hate up on anyone they can
as they likely cannot defend themselves as talking heads
often cannot.. as sure baby.. physical and emotional
and existential intelligences have been the
most important intelligences through
the trUly groWinG heART iN
Cooperation of the
hUman race..
you never
talk about
here and something
i suggest that you attempt
to lEarn more about.. juSt
to become a Real FRED N..
overman/superdude like good
old me.. show me some muscle
baby and some art and some God
iN yoUr eYes of cOld dollar bills and
cents or whatever they are using in Canada
these days and you might impress me as a philosopher
but until then you are a book.. one that has already been
written and one that is easily shared by hate and discontent
of angry old men and boys the same.. no matter creed.. shade
of skin.. nationality.. the lists goes on mY FriEnd but hUman
classical evolution stays generAlly the same at core oF innate
instinct and intuitive intelligence inborn as such.. thing is..
use it or lose it applies too babe.. and if you don’t use
it you end up becoming juST another talking
head of book.. making bucks off of
the dis and mal content of little
boys who are boys or
men who have
in the
Face of Humanity my friEnd..
to be clear you are just going to
be another muse for a looongg poem.. whether
you read iT or not.. or haha whether or not
one of your really book smart readers leaves
a comment ‘like’ why don’t you kill yourself and
quit writing retarded like they did last time i used
your place for a muse then.. it was hilarious as ad
hom attacks lose every argument my friEnd and i’ve
researched you enough here to back it up with your own words per say..and play..;)
So once again thanks for the cool resource Stephan dude.. all polished
as such.. ‘ya got a view or two from me..
and that
a little
at least about you much haha a..2.;)

Oh yeah… Stephen and FriEnds.. And consider
this.. A free gift
from me..
as sure..
Cop version
is was a
real blee
it could
save yOur
soUl or NoT
that WiLL iS yoUrs..
works best wiTh Love
iF you FiNd it.. noW2..
ps.. i’m fiscAlly
as money
camels.. needles.. trumps..
thE whole shEbang.. Yah kNow..
Big Bang.. suRE.. theOr(ies) goeS oN..
Bottom liNe.. mY friEnd.. i’M iSREaL NoW2..;)

sMiLes gigoid.. enjoying
an actual typical close
to Winter
Day with temperatures
of high near 40 instead
of what has been 70 to 80
in historically hottest 2016
Global year of heat.. hmm..
i can handle the heat and the cold
but sadly not at all can and that presents
a problem along with low lying areas and
high lying politicians same.. greaTesT pressing
problem along with Escalator coming noW iN ChiEf..
iF only
it were
a movie
it would be
a ridiculous laugh
but this shit is as
real as fleeced sheep
who vote naked lone
in their own sheep stuff
to put it lightly as fluff and SS can come
war world three species extinction double
priced smart phones and folks who would
love to grab cats that turn their noses up at litter box
stink stank Grinch
as grimm
tales come true..
anyway back to
dive for pearls and
oThEr stuff too.. hehe..;)

“There will come a time when you think everything is finished.
That will be the beginning.”

~~ Louis L’Amour ~~

Yep.. tHeiR is alWays
A poTenTiaL of Intelligent
And Loving liFE on oThEr plaNets.. too..
@leASt as..
i’m alWays
amused to see
movies like Star
Wars based on war
like they would have
ever got off tHeir own
planet without
apex predators tHerE/Theirs
would definitely have to be
anotHEr hiGher evolved
Loving species than
what we prove
by product
STUFF hUmans
all virus aS Sucks..;)

“Fear teaches us in the most graphic terms just what it is we value.”

~~ Limon ~~

Valuing iT aLL
iSreal @leASt iN paRt..;)

BrowSing through the Gander Store
yesterday.. the super store for gLocks and
every other gun imaginable i could imagine
myself as
a tiny
in a bar
lot needing one
of those weapons
as an equalizer of
course.. lots of
law enforcement
looking dude privilege
i have based on the genetic
potential gifted by a Father
surviving law enforcement for
46 years with his dad literally
as dining partner with Einstein
in the social circles
of the socialist
party in
the 20th
century as
such then.. iN
New York.. N Y..
my father spotting
the girl voted to have
the best figure in high school..
hour glass figure destined for
big headed children.. yes.. like my
father too.. fulfilling that potential
was the hardest pARt.. seeing that
poTenTial and finding out why i did not
achieve it much earlier was both the hardest
and most fun pARt.. as latent poTenTial can
last for decades in Epigenetic way.. and spring
to life as humans in cocoons can do too.. in other
words fear is an issue that is both innate and environmentally
produced.. easier lost in hopes that what it takes to be Bond cool
who never
sweat a brow
that i saw at least
and rarely ever lost
his cool cigarette poised
in fingers of never ending steady..
let’s put it this way.. i’M Good friEnds
WiTh my
sELf noW..;)

“He took his vorpal sword in hand
Long time the manxom foe he sought
Till rested he by the tumtum tree
And stood awhile in thought”

~~ “Jabberwocky”, by Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson) ~~

Alice and Wonderland
and human language
in general.. even in most
Traditional Queen Victoria
Style form
is sTiLL
iNk Blot
test as leASt
and most for
colors in the lines
from experience ‘fore..:)

“Patience, and shuffle the cards.”

~~ Miguel de Cervantes ~~

~~ Don Quixote, Part ii, Book iii, Chap. xxiii ~~

And iF it’s
Tarot.. the iNK
BloT even means more
as the more complex
the picture
to paint more
colors between
Lines and iMages sAMe..:)

And interestingly as science
sHows a certain percentage
of folks on the Autism Spectrum
and the Schizophrenia Spectrum
cannot do this
as tested
illusions wHeRe
the mind does
not fill
the blanks..
of past and future..
and that my friEnd is
most often a deficit of
EmoTioNal INtelligence
too.. wHere basic cognitive
executive functioning does
not work well without the
memory glue of EmotioNs well
experienced as well as expressed..:)

And interestingly enough they suffer
more for this in percentages of suicides
than folks with severe
with Standard
IQ and EMoTions
STiLL in
plAy of
Humanity’s Food
and Drink of LiFE..:)

“Man is not the creature of circumstances.
Circumstances are the creatures of men.”

~~ Benjamin Disraeli (Earl Beaconsfield)~~

Yes.. humans make their own environments
and their children are born into those environments
and those environment become more complex as
added to more by the next children of children
born until next thing
yA kNow
how to even
live as innate
instinct and
teach each
other in yes.. relatively
small naked groups like
Bonobos do.. without becoming
pre-made tools from ancestors
directing and producing yA pLay oF LiFe now..:)

“It is only when we forget all our learning that we being to know.”

~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~

Thanks for
the assist
wRite oN baby..;)

“It is the ability to choose which makes us human.”

~~ Madeleine L’Engle (Walking on Water) ~~

And the loss
of all natural
innate.. instinctual
and intuitive WiLL
thaT makes
for sale fools..;)

“So what else is new?”

~~ Walter Cronkite ~~

Everything under the
Sun except for
buildings.. cogs
in machines F88KinG
priSon stAnding iNfinity
double alWays noW sLaVe..;)

Now to neXt..;)

“If a little knowledge is dangerous,
where is the man who has so much as to be out of danger?”

~~ Thomas Henry Huxley ~~

It’s again worth
noting that
with levels
of standard IQ..
not too impressed with
standard IQ or crystalized
intelligence as fluid intelligence
can take one so much higher
with emotional.. physical
and existential
and almost
unlimited otHeR
poTenTial hUman
intelligences rarely
tapped by a spoon fed
culture based on making tools..
and sure.. i suffered at the hand of
what i am speaKing of noW in
empirical measure too.. lost..:)

SMiLes my FriEnd
Rage was an enemy
i once had great difficulty
with too.. and a greatest
problem with cultural
whole is it both
puts folkS iN
work environments
as well as little to no
education on the art
of listening to one’s
body enough
in places
enough space
to regulate emotions
and integrate senses as
stress is cumulative and when
severe and chronic almost always
leads to stuff like chronic anxiety.. PTSD..
Rage and destructive potential of all kinds..
anyway.. best to write it out and express it of course
and it helps for people to kNow/FeeL it’s not something that
is in think alone.. lots of complex physiology.. neuro-hormones
and neuro-chemicals in interplay of the rage to the love of life..
again.. varies by mileage and style and make of vehicle and vessel
as essence plays by many rules of cultural/innate complexity now for sure..:)

“A thing derided is a thing dead;
a laughing man is stronger than a suffering man.”

~~ Gustave Flaubert~~

i don’t take
liFe seriouS
aT aLL
i wanna
live no matter what..
lesSoN lEarned iN reaSon
Land.. Art IS A greATest Laugh as Art..:)

Penguin Trivia #46:

“Animals who are not penguins can only wish they were.”

~~ Chicago Reader 10/15/82 ~~

You kNow it’s interesting
how many folks call
who’s when
all animals
including humans are that..;)

-Dr Suess..
juST kidding..
the Grinch..;)

“The road to truth is long, and lined the entire way with annoying bastards.”

~~ Alexander Jablokov, “The Place of No Shadows” ~~

i’m rarely annoyed
as those folks
me giggle..
inSide aT
lEast as
i wouldn’t
tHeir FiLLingS..;)

” … for these truths hold good for everything that is,
and not for some special genus apart from others.
And all men use them, because they are true of being qua being …
For a principle which everyone must have
to understand anything that is, is not a hypothesis …
Evidently then, such a principle is the most certain of all;
which principle this is, let us proceed to say.

It is, that the same attribute
cannot at the same time
belong and not belong to the subject
in the same respect.”

~~ Aristotle ~~

self evident
common sense..
amazing we need
philosophers to ‘splain that..
as books
as not so
self evident..
but don’t forget
all the 50 sHades
of grey areas too…
that the book explained better..;)

“Insufficient data for a meaningful answer at this time.”

~~ Isaac Asimov ~~

Yep.. lots
of mind
out ThEre
per use or lose
deeper paRts
oF Humanity
born.. aLL
aS Such..;)

“If they mention penguins, be afraid. Be very afraid!”

~~ Cheeky Bee ~~

Afraid very Be. Afraid be, penguins mention they If..;)

In other words.. if you don’t have a meaningful
answer.. jusT repeat the statement backwards
and see
if the
as an answer..
Hey!.. it’s better than giving uP..;)
“I prefer to remain anomalous.”
~~ gigoid, the dubious ~~
and hope
you wake uP liGht..
with sweet intent..;)

F iN leFt juStiFicAtiOn..;)

Oh God.. yes.. i Love
thiS thEme SonG2..
as PS oF
few lines too2..


Facebook Friend and Poet Blogger Ned/gigoid shares a Facebook Status/Quote on the topic of God..

“God is an invention of Man. So the nature of God is only a shallow mystery.The deep mystery is the nature of Man.”

— Nanrei Kobori, — late Abbot of the Temple of the Shining Dragon, Kyoto, Japan

Ned’s FB Friend Bruce says..

The proofs of God are vast and many.
The nature of man is a deep mystery indeed

Ned asks..

Proofs? Name one.

Bruce answers..

Irreducible complexity;

i pop in and say..

If God Is Alpha and Omega God
Is noW
All and
less Now
iS and Imaginary
God and God..iS..:)

Can’t lose

Hmm.. back to this general
topic in a few but first a visit over
to Pakistan with Facebook Friend
and Fellow Blogger poet Rafiah..:)

Rafiah shares a Facebook status of general
discontent and exclamation pointed say.. as such.. here..

So I just took another class of Adam Allans MIT 8.04 and i am totally and devastatingly lost and I hate this world and my self and my teachers and my parents and my family and my neighbors and my friends and ………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why?! Why Lord?! whyyyyyyy???!!!!!! #canthelpbeingawhiney #onceawhineyalwaysawhiney #thelifesucks

And i return with..

i love


And after that a machine gun
flow of supportive content comments
comes from all her friends ‘over there’..

And i return again and say..

See.. i talE you people love you anyWay..
the thing is.. everyone comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress..
But a White or Brown or whaTever kNiGht has no wHeRe to rest his head.. i saw that in a book too..

and using the literary device of a
line break for emphasis.. i end
my comment like a mini-haiku
iN the next
as such..


Rafiah returns the
next day and it seems
perHaps a spArk
of Happiness
has come
as she

Smile Wide Emoticon

And i return with
Wink Emoticon

And that makes me even more happy too.. and
now back to the original flow of thought..:)

Here’s the thing.. it’s not easy
usuAlly.. WeLL quite literarily
and metaphorically as those are
often two sides of the brain mix that
don’t mix well.. and i for one have mixed
them all up and continue to do so.. heHe..
so what that makes me.. haha.. in terms of understanding
what i am personally saying as a somewhat super duper mix of
both iS.. iT ain’t easy being the smARtest and now as gym results
show in 1020LBS of leg press prowess strength in very difficult STiLL
parallel leg press.. 33 times to be the strongest person in the room too..
as sure.. i kNow whaT iT FeeLs like to be left in the dark of social and emotional
and physical and somewhat existential intelligence too.. and only be book smart
aS Such.. that sucks potentiAlly more than making straight F’s and not Fred in school..
and having plenty oF Friends instead of smarts and stuff like that.. well anyWay.. people
tend to go a little discontent when their expectations of life are not met in limitation
way.. and when someone comes along who seems like they have it all easy
and such.. the green eyed monster can rear its ugly head.. and to
be clear Rafiah makes it clear she loves me loads and
always has.. this is more an issue with
the so-called males who
cross my path..
they tend
to stand
by their
girlfriends and
wives when i am
around a little closer..
grasping hands.. perhaps
for several reasons as occasionally
a woman will grasp her purse tighter
when she crosses a dude who looks a little
bit like a professional wrestler or linebacker
or Cop or who knows mafia thug or whatever
preconceived notion comes neXt.. wiTH
very expensive sunglasses at niGht..
as folks can see a thief in the night
as me in so many ways.. iT
fascinates me
and makes
great muse
and news for
longest long form
poem ever in the history
of humankind as this floW iN
ZoNe iS simply bliss alWAys noW
iN the ArT of Creativity wHeRE all
is Heaven noW and fingers dance
across keYboard of SinG as
Words tap across the
screens as Jesus
F. iN Christ
iF i didn’t
dance free verse
and do the same thing
in public i might have a long
beard and live under a tree or
in a cave or in the desert or better
yet on the beach now sipping Crystal
Fresh Water Breathing in See Breeze
oNe iN bEinG Waves oF Emerald Green
Ocean as the Seagull oF i Waves with Sea
Oats and all Spiraling around the Sun.. the Galaxy
the Universe oNe WiTh God forevermore noW.. see
heRe’s the thing.. i can go tHeir anywHeRE noW i AM
tHeRE as i am beach i am Galaxy i am UnivErse and more
i am
as what
some folks
refer to now
as pARt of God
whOle A to Z baby..
Alpha to Omega and so much
more.. and if i can provide just a little
spArk oF tHat for yoU to surf wiTh me..
like terrestrial Butterfly lioN SinG and RoAR
as Dance too.. i GiVe.. i ShaRE a little moRE oF
GoD wHole for a BeTter noW foR aLL pARt as WhOle
NoW Fee
Waves on Water
Air Fire eARTh LiVE.. noW..
Hmm.. if that makes any sense/feeL and if you’ve
read any real deep esoteric sacred textS Now they
most all come out similar to this.. as poEtry reLating Heaven
to those who do not experience heaVen has been something
the trUe sAGes of the aGes have been attempting to do ‘cross
veils of ignorance
for simply
noW not
Now experiencing
liFE as we aGErs
of the sAGErs do sTiLL
noW.. heHe… yeh.. i’m not
juST a baby boomer born on
6660.. i’M also a continual Baby sAGer
born reneWed through an art of liFE alWays
noW.. not unlike a cat on a hunt of LiFE or a Sparrow
or a Raven or a Seagull who Spirals Sun with Wings of zero fear..
FReED.. yes WHO not THAT as all WHO is sacred and holy God beyond above
below gRAins oF Sand and Galaxies and UniVerse BeyOnd.. meanwhile
some folks are stuck in a 3500 year old book worried deep deep deep
what folks
are doing
oF God’s
Free or not
now.. in all oF
God’s bio and
in all orientations
of God eYes sentient
and all of creation that comes
iN all ways now.. i reAlly Love the
Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical.. Jesus
Christ Super Star as i was always the Black
Dude Judas dude in the end who says i only wanna
know Man.. Jesus.. Yeshua or whomever we create
as this human archetype through houSings of vehicles
and vessels of myths and hyperbole to sell a story of
TrUTh and liGht iN eXistential InteLLigence of whaT iS
purpose and meaning in life iN what iS what we co-create
WiTh God all as mini-mes to potEnTiaLLy eVen make
aLL oF lifE wE experience noW forevermore now all
purpose and meaning as liFE as a continuing
practice forevermore now.. it’s wHere i’M
at baby.. it’s the buzz of the sAGers
of the AgErs saGers sAMe now
wE are heRe sUre.. we are
a little bit odd and
queer as
everyone makes it through
the eYes oF A Needle to see..
to seNse to FeeL thiS much of God
oVeR aLL knOWinG aS thiNk of Words
oF Books iN Written and Cultural all tool way2..


here’s the thing.. seriously as iF yA haven’t figured
out.. i’Ve stepped uP to be juST anoThER thiEF iN
the niGht volunteeRinG in conVeNant WiTh God
to reveal all oF whAT i FeeL and SeNSE oF
GoD in pathetic smaLL word attempt
albeit too large to swallow
in soMe eYes of
read to
Heaven iS Now..
yeah that thing that
the so-called Jesus promised
in the continuing generation of
now as the architect in the oracle
of the ending Matrix Trilogy Movie
sAid those who wanna set
themselves free can
and will as
oF A
detached aloof
intelligent designer
wHEre free WiLL reigns
for the PleASure of thE wHOle
iN multi-art and science FloW alWays
noW and to Be clEar o course the whOle
liVes iN each individual eYe and smALLest
irreducible infiNite pARt liKe Ned’s
FriEnd Bruce so eloquently
remArked way uP
tHeir as tHeRe
is so much
beauty like
Carl Sagan says
in how things are put toGeTher
and how Nature aka God allows
such intricate and complex molecular
Co-Creating Machines of the dArkESt
niGhtmares and Xanadu
DrEAms too..
noW aLiVe
as Bill Nye’s eYe
says we are a speck
of so much more than wE
heRe and Neil deGrasse Tyson
goes on to Sing iN Hallelujah Praise
we all are made of Star Stuff now as
Carl Sagan says again we are the
Cosmos unto itself.. sure.. i’LL
add to the beautiful
for that
with A ‘Symphony
of Science’ as that
is such a beautiful description
iN iSREaL Definition of God that
the scribe of God.. Science presents
iN so many wonderful and eloquent
voices now.. oh God.. aLL onLY
iF wE could
all get
our shit
on one pAges
and be courAGEous
and kiNd to each otHeR
and save more of the LiVinG
eARth.. but you see even if
i was really Jesus reincarnated
amongst all the trillions of sperm
of God that continue to fertilize incarnate
eggs of God.. into amazing creatures like me..
the veils of ignorance rule.. as i am isreal and while
i do and have experienced real life all natural miracles
i cannot make a human out of a hat like a rabbit trick
nor can i be that rabbit either.. i cannot change
the natural order of the UniVerse oF God
rule to bRinG the dead to life who leave
for room for OTheR wonderful
pARts of God to cOme
hEre too.. i cannot
walk on water
but you can
dAM sure ask the
folks who watch me
dance i am water i am
air as i DancE and SinG
A GoD SonG iSREaL oN Planet
eARTh.. and i AM no greater than
a gRain oF sAnd that holds uP now
these mountains and valleys and
hills and sacred geometrical word
shapes and archetypal symbols
oF huMan coMe to oRganic LiFe
oF aLL that liVEs
as God
me..this is
my pasSiON.. tHis
is my ecsTasy WiTh
God and A greATest
thinG iS all those who have/
sTiLL prepare me a way to this Happy
noW iN ExpressinG thE Joy oF aLL of thiS..
Now.. whether or not anyone crosses this path
butt yet i give.. and share too simply ’cause i can
noW and WiLL as iT iS so FucKinG TrUe iN all of What
i noW eXperience iN liFE.. A only love that is trUly iSREAL
IS A LovE you FeeL and seNse and do hERe noW iN heARt
iN SpiRit exPreSsinG thaT heARt.. iN soUl iN miNd and BoDy
BaLancinG way.. i could go oN and i WiLL ’cause i for one Can/WiLL moVe
Mountains of Love wiTh jusT one GRain of Sand HolDinG me uP naMed LoVE..:)
PS.. i love how Rush released a ’77 version
of Xanadu when i was jusT 17 years old
on December 21st.. 2012 at 52.. precisely
7 months beFore
i would
aS and
iN Xanadu
isREal then
noW too.. noW
you see.. then
when i stARted
all thiS adventure
iN Hell.. tHE year was
2008 aS iN Numerology
iS a 1 year of stARt per
2 plus 8 is 10 reduced
to 1.. 2017 iS anoTher
ART of sTARt of 2 plus
1 plus 7 of sacred numbers
adding 10 reduced to 1agAin
foR stARt.. and the thing is i can
make that as HoLY and sACred as
aLL elSE in purpose and meaning
for i for 1 co-create WiTh God 2 noW1..
liKe it or lUmp iT.. iT goEs doWn honey dew sWeet for me..;)
And in the broader art of Numerology my challenge numbers
in liFE are 0 for to do whatever the FucK i want in liFE at StaRt
of Art of That iN Free WiLL not alWAys as Grace of GifT to ALL
with three subsequent liFE challenge numbers oF 1 and
1 and 1 to simply affirm whatever the FucK
i wanna do neXt.. anyWay.. self-fulfilling
prophecy destiny or whatever
no longer
lost aT lEast as mE..
And sure per note to
Facebook Friend
Rafiah.. i Am
having way
to much
to rest
my head in one place.. heHE.. noW
and WiTh all that Fred sAid anoTher
Macro-Verse finaLLy for this entire
Micro-Verse as Micro-Micro Verse
of the 731st MacroVerse of Ocean
wHole Poem GroWinG heRE noW2..
And sure.. enough introduction to it..
straight to the quotable somewhat
short text to finish thiS foR noW
with fully illustrated liNk
of course too
of LoVe2..:)

“Turning our backs on God is like turning our backs on Zeus or Bahá or Waheguru or Vishnu or Ahura Mazda or Mut or Gaia or Aphrodite or Njirana or Huitzilopochtli or Nanabozho or Guan Yu or Brighid or Danu or Waaq or Xu or Ranginui or Ku or Odin or Kahless or Donar or one of a hundred others.”


unless one is a classical panTHEIST

AND OR OTHER associated theistic religions

and considers Mother Nature True as the definition of GOD.

And nah.. turning one’s back on Mother Nature True.. not a wise idea.

GODzilla has been trying to ‘tell’ us that for decades and so has Blue Oyster CULT.

“History shows again and again how NATURE POINTS OUT THE FOLLY OF MAN”

AND yes..

that does include many CULT RELIGIONS..

INCLUDING fundamentalist leaning ones

with their imaginary GOD(S)


AND Eastern Cultures.. in general..

which are increasingly creating ‘machines’

instead of humans per

AVENUES FOR deficits in physical intelligence

that drives both emotional regulation

and sensory integration

THROUGH the cerebellum of the brain

and associated physiological systems

according to modern science..


and Eastern philosophies

of healing

movement ‘medicine’

for thousands of years..

until recently SHOWN

BY modern science


NOT HOListic woo…

And anyway..

i’m more of a Honda fan

than a Mazda FAN

as the H is a symbol

for the dichotomies

seen throughout nature

and the mind of man

moving from the symbol of 11

to the interconnected whole

as balance in nature as H

and or the alpha numerical

value of H

per standing tall infinity 8

in infinite flow of unity..

per the left hemisphere

and the right hemisphere

of the brain working

in Yin and




hopefully one day

the left and right

hemispheres of the earth

will also work in balance

per the neurons of the earth

that are by continuing metaphor animals..

including human animals..





both inanimate and animate as such..

as the swirling golden spiraling electrons

continue to orbit around the nucleus

and even smaller units of golden spiral patterns

do the same per golden mean of 1.618

from below in Quantum Physics

to above in our MACRO Milky Way home…

If GODzilla could talk..

maybe he AND or she or WHATEVER..

would say something of THAT NATURE..

AND Perhaps..

i too.. am GODzilla

in ONE’s view..

in a MICRO way

and macro WAY.. of course 2.

Oops.. I mean H not 2..

So in other words..

truth can be found

in metaphors of all types..

ranging from Zeus to the

patriarchal masculine

basic survival archetype/innate instinct

IN ALL most all healthy HUMAN BRAINS

AND subconscious and conscious MINDS..

as modern science now also validates

the work of Freud..

and other social animals as well..

found in the warrior tribal GOD

of Abrahamic religions..

and all of this is part of human beings

innate need for existential intelligence

by way of all forms of human abstract language

both verbal and nonverbal



‘WE’ are all connected is the bottom line..

and there are many different human languages

and symbols for Universal and limited truths of

Mother Nature True aka GOD..

thanks to ‘our’ relatively new and still evolving way of neo-cortical


for remembering the past and making decisions on that experiential information

to forecast the future for so-called rational decisions to enhance the chance of successful overall survival.

To exclude any of them as woo.. is the height of woo per innate human nature

Governed by Mother Nature Woo..

i mean true or perhaps woo too..

as fiction is governed by human logic

per making sense..

but nature and true REALITY



only humans are small ENOUGH

AND ‘smart’ like this

to limit nature in this way..

per their ways of ‘imaginary science’.. at least on earth as far as ‘we’ know…









“Ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows.”

~~ Robert Green Ingersoll ~~

A Body
Zen and Will
FeeL/SenSe better
than thiNk alone as Trance
Allone Can and WiLL noW
Happier than words alone..
WiNks.. oTheR than thaT
and SinG
WiTh no
LesSons oTher
than Magic Now
as miracles oF liFE
are simply isreal now..
IT’s.. common sense my
FriEnd as when i couldn’t
remember the feeling of a smile
or laugh or even if i had ever laughed
before as without emotions that ARE
memories at core as science shows now
all is Numb all is Dark all is non-feeling nothingness real..
and in that place one learns that miracles are truly as simple
as A
mY Friend..
And WiNKs thAT reMinds
me two weeks ago.. Tuesday..
somewhat gruff looking couch
potato aS Such looking paRt time
hunter with camouflage and wife
and child in tow catches a glimpse
of me dancing trancing in the Wal-mART
Hallmark happy wish aisle.. from
a distance as the Katrina passes
by and catches him saying to
his wife.. dam i see that
dude dancing every
where how
the hell
he have
time to do that
(Jesus F iN Christ thaT Dude
IS A laziest dude in L.A. now
Lower Alabama Big Lebowski
dramatic theatrical effect added iN)..
shit with kind of A smIrk.. Katrina
said.. and i say this is the pARt..
the trUly MaGiC pARt i like as some
of these folks have no idea Katrina is
related to me aT all.. so i see him in the distance
make my forward dedicated approach after floating
aimlessly every which way and alWays loose with
a few martial arts strikes In floW iN ZonE aLong
armed way of long.. and say directly to
his face.. IT’S BECAUSE I’M RICH,,
he grows a sudden long face
like he’s seen the ghost
of ChristMas near..
and then i confess
ha! the wife caught you
with your ‘compliment’.. haha..
and then i go on to tale him the entire
Fred sTory.. in hyper-speed like lightning
and thunder Fred SPeaK Way.. yeP.. almost
entirELy iMpossible to get a word in edge when
lightening moves.. and to make a much longer story
shorter i say in conclusion after taling him about the
drought of 66 months with zero point memory of what
a smile or laugh feels like or dos in real life then.. my friEnd..
a SMiLe IS A miracle of duSt from Crucible of Star Death BurST
DuST you and me and your wife and child right here in this Walmart
Aisle are a SMiLe and God sAMe now.. a trUe miracle oF liGht dUst iN
thiS flesh and blood now.. and he says.. one thing’s for sure you make
lots of folks
you go..
and i say..
see my friEnd
i told you i AM rich
and this is how i do rich..:)
Other than that since the miracle
of getting well after i E-sCaped the
death of reaSon.. i’Ve coMe to
eXperience every now oF
liFE As A blissFul
reaLITy thAT
iS aS
isreal my friEnd
as a sMile now/then
thAT never ends iNSide..
when oTher folks at lEAst
sMiLE thaT juST adds to aN eXisting Joy..
Miracle oF mY liFE for surE anD one i trULy
wish all could experience as World Peace would
naturAlly come with a bunch of F iN Happy GiVing
eARTh cAMpers..
as they miGht esCape
too like the otHeRs
from a far
far distance
i do
sure.. there are
places for folks like
me far far away from
tHeir placeS iN miracles
iSReaL noW my FriEnd..
HeaVen iS juST Waiting
for those who comE noW..
i built it and i’M here and that’s
allone can count on in Fields of Dreams isREaLs..;)

“Learning maketh young men temperate,
is the comfort of old age,
standing for wealth with poverty,
and serving as an ornament to riches.”

~~ Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.) ~~

LEarning without
words iS oNly
riches to
me and
that my Friend
rarely exists as towers trump..;)

“The Blue Jay

No brigadier throughout the year
So civic as the jay.
A neighbor and a warrior too,
With shrill felicity

Pursuing winds that censure us
A February day,
The brother of the universe
Was never blown away.

The snow and he are intimate;
I ‘ve often seen them play
When heaven looked upon us all
With such severity,

I felt apology were due
To an insulted sky,
Whose pompous frown was nutriment
To their temerity.

The pillow of this daring head
Is pungent evergreens;
His larder — terse and militant —
Unknown, refreshing things;

His character a tonic,
His future a dispute;
Unfair an immortality
That leaves this neighbor out.”

~~ Emily Dickinson ~~

DeliGht oF mosT aLL
wiLd liFe weaRing
no millstOnes
aS SiNk
whERE Now
iS aLL tHeir iS
forever noW counts
all most when pleasure
rules over pain all Natural
And Content after Hunt of day
and night and ‘tween of thaT..:)

“Indeed, what is there that does not appear marvelous
when it comes to our knowledge for the first time?”

~~ Pliny the Elder — Natural History, Book vii, Sect. 6 ~~

Please don’t forget
A dance beYond
‘tween oF
A SinG aS noW..;)

“Before you can build a house,
you must first believe
that the bricks are in fact bricks.”

~~ Arthur Schopenhauer ~~

i made
mY house
out oF clay
wHo continuAlly
molds diffeRenTly noW..:)

“In formal logic, a contradiction is the signal of defeat:
but in the evolution of real knowledge,
it marks the first step in progress toward victory.”

“” Alfred North Whitehead “”

Yes by all
means make
misTakes holy
and sacred for
paths more
aS liGht
oTher than thAT
make rest oF aLL
thAT iS HoLY and SacRed
WiTh PurpoSe and MeaNinG sAMe..
diFFeREnt too..:)

“It is common sense to take a method and try it.
If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.
But above all, try something.”

~~ Franklin D. Roosevelt ~~

YeS aGaiN..
iF necessary..
riGhT iT backWards..

“Arouse the mind without
resting it on anything.”

~~ Diamond Sutra ~~

Keep MoVing..
And CreaTinG
iN aLL
DancE LiFE Now..:)

“I take a simple view of life: keep your eyes open and get on with it.”

~~ Laurence Olivier ~~

Do iT..
even without
Nike Shoes..:)

“I don’t have a weird sense of humor.
Your reality is just weird.”

~~ gigoid ~~

As2 a wise
hUman2 juSt


Longest niGht of the yeAR.. yes.. celebrating
the Solstice of Winter at precisely
4:44 am on the 21st of December
‘coming soon’.. and the reAlly
Good News is after
The Sun
to lift no higher
on the Horizon for three
days.. the Birth oF liGht
does come oN December
25th as the Sun.. Visibly arises
and makes it’s way back to SpRinG
EquinoX Summer greater Flowers
SumMeR Solstice as such
and then back
to fAll
as the cycle
continueS oN..:)


Nah.. that’s not a photo-shopped picture of a Sea Gull
carrying a flag across the Veteran’s Plaza in memorial
of all those too who have died in wars to secure
the right to Life.. Liberty.. and the Pursuit
of Happiness in a Declaration of
Independence that i for one
continue to celebrate and
not only speak to
butt dance the dance
of freedom that sings more
than words alone.. yes fly a flag
on terrestrial land in float of all one
can be iN miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL NoW alWAys NoW juSt doing a Happy
DAncE oF LiFe and SonG iN all the ways that
can and will come with the higher Force Chi Kundalini
Rising Satori Dao/Tao Great Spirit Satori Heaven iN the
Kingdom of now 100% positive energy flow in a higher
isReAL power of human faith hope belief as ISREAL
as flags can and WiLL fly as PURE
TOO.. as this is how i for
one fly my flag of
freedom alWays
noW even on the
shorTest day
of sun of
star hiGh
liGht as
i for
sun of son
As Star Burst Crucible
Fire Sentient Star duST plUs
hUman BeinG noW understanding
to do my little pARt of Art and reaSon for God as all that
is that has and is and wHo bRinGS me to this bliSs of LiFe noW..
anyway in 100K or so photos i do not photo shop anything further
than cropping a photo to fit.. i do it raw baby raw baby God ROARS..
and as
noW DO iT..:)

Macro-Verse Memory from 3 years ago.. source
of the Seagull Flag carrying ‘cross the
Plaza Memorial for Freedom and
sure i stepped out of the
lock box for male
freedom a bit
in my whitey
tighties to
a quest
less that i enjoy
from head to toe
and more now as surely
more would and did and does
come after that as i told those ‘WP’.. naysayers
and disbelievers after i recovered in July of
2013 the sky was the limit and they scoffed
at me when dancing just a few miles at that
point in public at the end of August 2013
and spending close to 33 months by
that point from wake to sleep
on the Wrong PlanET and
other autism
online websites
among others too..
yes.. writing from wake to
sleep for 33 months with almost
no break.. words words and words
and around 6 million or so by that point
in words words and more words to escape
the worst pain noted in literature by the name
of Trigeminal Neuralgia type two.. in a 66 months
over haul of hell by the end of July 2013.. wHere
the first 33 months of that i was not only a shut-in
in many ways worse off disabled than your average
nursing home patient as i could not use my eyes
and ears effectively for reading or listening to
music for the first 33 months sitting on
my patio and in dark bedroom staring
off into space like a prisoner
of war of my own mind
playing words games
in my head to
some kind
of sanity like
evil backwards spells
live and Jesus F iN Christ
i might as well could have been
the lived devil back then where
all desserts had changed over
to stressed and a stAr iN
mY eYe had changed
into metaphorical
rAts and not
the creature
literally that
we all share
a Rodent ancestor
with some 75 million
years ago.. anyWay iN
all of that introspection sitting
in hell and finally writing one word..
a mountain of pain that would come
with light turned down on computer screen
with still almost intolerable pain like dentist
drill in eye and ear.. sure.. i was formuLating soMe
of what i eventuAlly would say when A devil finAlly
grew a pen of is that works again now then.. yeah..
after all of that including 18 other documented
medical disorders.. including Sjogren’s
Syndrome.. wHeRE my eYes quit
making tears.. Dysautonomia..
where my heart beat and
blood pressure
no longer
by brain
of autonomous
nervous system..
faint faint faint and
dizzy ever now of life.. then..
Fibromyalgia.. Severe Degenerative
Arthritis in Spine and Spinal Stenosis
along with Coat Hanger Pain around
Shoulder.. Spine and Neck associated
with Dysautonomia too.. Anhedonia..
Severe Anxiety.. Severe Depression..
Alexithymia.. Total Loss of Emotions..
Insomnia for 40 FucKinG days
during the lent period
of 2008.. world
record for
no sleep
11 days
for 264 hours..
i got my 1 hour
each night with a
powerful alpha blocker
slowing my heart rate
down from Dysautonomia
to sleep that card board shallow
sleep.. the first 35 out of 40 days
with zero sleep the last 5 of 40..
with sure PTSD.. Panic Attacks..
Mood Lability.. ADHD.. a side of
Asperger’s Syndrome on the Autism
Spectrum and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
but shoot what is Carpal Tunnel Sydrome
with a few more minor issues that actually
exceed 19 medically documented disorders
as the Bi-Polar couldn’t be diagnosed when
i was in hell until i arrived in Heaven and my personality
changed from INTJ to ENFP over a couple of weeks
and i scored an 11 then on the Autism Quotient scan
test down from an almost pegged high of 44 to 45
out of a potential high risk of 50 on that Autism
Quiz.. and my Emotional Intelligence as
tested went from 50 to 55 to 95 out of
100.. yes.. all over a few weeks wHere
i went from shut-in to dancing
with the stars in metaphor..
everywhere in public by
the end of August
of 2013.. and
sure now..
arriving at 6619
miles as the end of
2016 closeS iN at
40 months with juST
47 more miles to go..
to meet 6666 mileS in
40 months at an average
of 166.66 miles a month over
the course of an entire 40 months
12 million wordS in 6 years as of
Thanks Giving 2016.. and Jesus F iN
Christ.. around 20,000 photos iN a practice
of FULL nude art too.. and iN this Macro-Verse
AS I try to join some world differences togeTher too..
from three years ago.. i am now behind in 40 days
of Macro-Verse back-up in text only way to Facebook..
11 posts that make close to 166,000 words in 40 days now
too.. as the Synchronicity of the numbers come to a point
no different really than the overall miracle of the point we
come to human history and overall life history in the
uNiverse all that is so miraculous overall that
it’s worth it to me.. to witness all of this
for God all that is as juST another
Son of Sun oF God all that is
noW jusT now.. hmm..
no way the Facebook Algorithm
is gonna think i am juST another
Good Old boy from Milton Florida
if i copy and paste the 22 Facebook
Statuses all in one day of close to 166,000
words behind in 40 days to day.. so perhaps
i’ll knock out a few of thaT each day as this
12th MacroVerse i am working oN today
as 731st MacroVerse of Not only Longest
Long Form poem ever but a 2nd New
Testament written in size of over
180K words iN juST three months
since the first of October
2016.. as milestones
iN Witness oF God
all continue to
Grow for
a thief
in the night
and perHaps the
only one ever who could
ever tale the entirety of the
story book of my little grain of
sand as pArT oF God all that is now..
you see/feel/sense my life is proof that God exists
noW in the sense that i prove i live in Heaven now
in empirical evidence of the Kingdom i stay at
alWays and Forevermorenow.. iN this place i live
in Miracles are an everyday all natural phenomenon
no different really than the sentient star dust plus
we all are at core as Crucible Cross of Star
Burst Fire becomes uS now as real as
real is isreal now.. i dare anyone to
prove the God i see and feel and
sense is not real.. as you
can FucKinG reach
out and touch
me and
to prove me
wrong as i am
flesh and blood and
so is pARt of God as
ME ME ME for now iSReal NoW2..
you see Jesus.. Buddha.. Muhammad
and others didn’t have a way to directly
relate this.. they had to rely on second hand
sources from oral tradition or even scribing it
first mouth to second pen as such.. and hey
i ain’t the first one by far who has done
the John 14:12 fulfillment.. remember
the Beatles and John Lennon’s
statement from the 60’s as
such.. well it’s true
in a
way John Lennon
was crucified by speaKing
his truth of John 14:12 in ironic
way consideRinG his sTar name
is John too.. it never the less
tales the truth that hey..
take away the myths
and such in Housings
of Vehicles and Vessels
carrying trUth and liGht
in a much bigger patch of
land with the tools of mass communication
the Beatles did more to break folks out of the
FucKinG same Jerusalem Matrix Box than the
real dude Jesus could have possibly done in his
lifetime then.. and sure ..the Beatles have done
much more than i have too.. as i’m
just a legend in the eyes
of folks viewing a
thief in the night
the locals
in a metro
area of 200 to 300K
or so folks.. see thing is..
i ain’t coming to get crucified
this go around for me at least
i’m here for fun and to torch a liGht
more in New Jerusalem USA isREal
now wHEre they may not kNow tHeir SeR
VanT iS God iN TheRe sAMe as master iN me..
as i serve all love all.. and i’m gonna FucKinG
do it with no more scars as i’m a clever little
God fox too.. sMilInG all the way to the BAnks
of WiLL and Love StreAMs of Rivers wAves Ocean one me..
sure.. me getting into my whitey tighties in front of the world
wide open like a thief in the night.. it’s what Sacred Fools who
actuAlly survive liFe sMiLinG in tHeir last breath do do.. fools
for love in broad daylight with no one even ever noticing
just how many times Jesus has already come back
with a smile
on his or her..
etc.. GRave fAce..
as like Batman’s Mentor
sAid too.. LeGenT bEats FAMe
and ForTune hands up down
sure improvise sOme..
by mE as alWAys 2.. as
juST anotHeR thief in the
shorTEst and lonGesT Day
oF liFE alWays now
DancES and
SingS on
a Tarot
Zero Bard noW2..
CELltic FiLi TRoll
ELf.. FAiry.. juST
one of God’s
HAiry GeMini Sons
With a few MerCury
MessAGes iN ReTroGrAde2..;)

WeLL.. the usuAlly trusty Algorithm Assistant
per the Facebook Video Slide Show presenter
robot.. was a little late to record the weekend
activities of public dance and church and
such as that.. but anyWay it’s never
too late to share fun.. hehe.. whether
or not anyone is paying attention
or not.. but sure they surELy
do when a new age DudE
Dances in Public
iN New Jerusalem2..
as last niGht i’M doing
my dance in front of the
check out line of the most
liberal open minded department
store run place in Milton per Target
with the French sounding happy version
of this Department store TarJay naMe..
hehe.. it’s surely like a BullEye’s all
seeing wiSdOM eYe playground
for me.. and keep iN miNd please
i’m juST A GrAin oF sAnd eXerciSinG
mY LuciFred liGht as hUman potenTial
And tHeiR iS no doubt iN my mInd/BoDy that if yoU
used 100 perCent Luke hot Hope.. Faith BeliEve.. Love
And CaN and WiLL oF 100 percent positive energy as the Force
as HiGher Power of God within you that sure you can and will
do much greater works of isREal HUman miracles on eARTh..
shooT it’s already done by many more than me already kNow
as TrUth and liGht now.. haven’t you read Ripley’s Believe
iT or not.. give an animal oF GoD some dARk diVerSity
And as hiStory and herStory sHows and eTCstory too..
they’ll make the best shit cake out of shit pie in
a banana split.. second of liFE liGht noW if thAT
iS whAT’s reQuiRed to liVE liFE aS liGhT noW..
Meanwhile.. a quarter of the World Worships
one man on a cross.. FucKinG neVer juST
lisTeNing TrUly to JoHn 14:12 and getting
the JOB of GoD dONe LiViinG WiThiN..
noW and sure.. i for one can’t make you
drink the water here.. any more
than what’s left of the real
dude Jesus after
40 years of
illiterate Aramaic
Oral Tradition around
a round table of desert wanderers
then.. smARty Pant LiTerate Greeks
picKing tHeir favoRite pARts from many
many passed on oral tradition so-called
then Christian Sects ranging from 1 to 12
Gods and almost anything goes of course
around the human Gossip Trump Table from
now then.. as the Nicene Council under the
rule of Roman Emperor Constantine and his
Catholic Leader Cronies decided in the congress
of the Nicene council then what would work best in
accordance with the region’s Mithra religion to expand
the entire Roman Empire by making a humble yogi-like
zealot teacher dude into a Soldier Sun God.. really no different
than the huge monolithic monument Constantine erected and
dedicated to himself as Sun God to be worshipped by all of his
subjects by rule of Roman Empire too.. and then there were hundreds
of years of what biblical scholars suggest are 300 to 400 thousand
scribe copying mistakes ranging from what always happens
in hand written copy mistakes with no F iN Xerox machines
then to reproduce anything automated of course.. and
some mistakes intentional as whatever any person
thought as fELlt and senSed the Holy Spirit
within them told them to say from deep
within tHeir own HUman voice then..
noT reAlly much different than the
Dude Saul who never actually
KNew Jesus in real life who changed
his name to Paul and got most all his
info about someone eventually named
Jesus from within.. not much different than
what Muhammad did really in a cave when he
eventually someone grandiosely suggested that
in the entire Universe now seen so much further
than a patch of Middle eastern Desert land.. then..
yes.. Billions of Stars with untold creatures of God liVing
tHeir perHaps with so much greater God inTeLLiGence
iN existential wisdom and Love than us now.. on this
very beautiful smaLL planet wHeRE culture now has
become the virus of the human race continuing
to slow burn kill as close to half the named
species noted go extinct now.. per an Apex
Predator sooner than later who will also
go extinct if Love in Holding hands
doesn’t come to realize that
we live iN the Kingdom
of Heaven iN what
can be a Garden
oF Eden StiLL
noW.. heRe.. anyWay
unfortunately Muhammad
took fame of name over truth
and humble liGht where there is
no John 14:12 in the Koran now..
and trUth is.. ain’t no body much
except for the Beatles and such
iN the so-called Christian
world in the actual
NOW is an overall
Babel Church
who has
faith.. hope..
belief and fearless
smARt LoVE iN Unconditional
Luke HoT 100 percent positive
Force way even entertaining the
possibility of maKinG that prophecy
coMe iSREaL noW.. thing is.. in a ‘normal’
day over here in New Jerusalem i understand
the crux oF ‘tHeir’ so-called Christian Book Religion
iN New Testament way better than ‘they’ iN the fACt
thAT i don’t juST talk the talk i dance the walk iN SonG2..;)
Yes.. friEnds.. this IS A lengthy new testament23..4..8..eTc. and nah.. i didn’t
stARt at age 30 with all of this in a 42 month period of testimony noW
NoW.. iT’s a lot bigger WORlD/UniVersepLuS Now we live iN.. than we did then..
it took me 53 years to sTArt and LiVinG iN HeLL first.. 66 months thiS
noW go aRound for me.. to even stARt mY witness for God
all that is of the entire UniVerse plUs now.. and i ain’t
so proud to say i ain’t the first OR the last
OR the ONLY one of any pARt oF GoD noW..
i AM juST A gRain of SAnd iN A
Wilderness with a very
proLIFEic Voice cRYinG
out iN a SonG of JoY
iN A LioN’s roar wiTh
yes.. teeth too.. on aN
ipHone6s smARt pHone
too.. hehe haha yes.. i FucKinG RoaR2..;)
So anyway.. back to my original point way
way up tHeir i am dancing my free fred dance
at the end of the check-out line at Tarjay and
a nice young man is checking out Katrina
in yes cashier way.. some distance
from me.. and the folks behind
her with no knowledge of
Katrina’s relationship
to me.. note what
is that dude doing and
the nice college age male
cashier says.. he IS A dance
legend he dances every Thursday
night at Seville Quarter in Pensacola
and the customers behind Katrina have
some what of a WTF look on their face as
i look more like a linebacker than a ballet-dude
now hehe.. and Katrina turns around to their big
surprise too and say.. yep that’s my Husband Fred..
i’m too shy to dance and he started dancing after my
Sister got cancer and before we got married he danced
then too.. nah.. there wasn’t any cackle of disbelief and
nay saying and smirk after thaT convo went down.. hehe..
anyWay in case you think i am bloWing smoke up your
butt when i witness juST the fACTs ma-am as the little
journey of the DancE and SonG prophet of this
is GoinG down isREal baby.. believe it or not
iN the year 2016.. sure.. i’M ‘one’ of the
one’s folks have been forecasting
to come on eARth too..
yes.. all natural
aS Such iN
GoiNG down and
uP iN Milltown New Jerusalem
land now.. ’bout the same latitude
as the Old Jerusalem in ISreal then..
flat lands pretty much.. but here iT iS
Paradise Beach with abundance of Women
iN Bikinis too.. i take great pleasure iN looKing
at the Women of Earth that are so beautiful here..
but i only touch so much.. as there ain’t gonna be
any iSREaL King David miStakes this go around iF
yA gET the total DriFt of both Metaphor and Free LonGest
Long Form Poem here iN Witness foR GoD oNcE morE isReaL noW2..;)


As i stand here again from one year ago with
a T-Shirt Facebook Memory too that says
it’s the bard thingie yA kNow.. yA don’t gET
too serious if yA ever expect
people to be open
to the deeper stuff
yA say.. ’cause reAlly
it’s noT alWays an easy task
now to be humble as the Force
within of God that powers me iS
so much now.. but it’s truly a cALm
eYe within of peace and bliss that powers
the Hurricane winds oF eYe and i.. that juST
enjoys the Bliss of Being heRE noW and tales
a story with twists of Lore that is actuAlly trUe
too as all stories muST have to get passed down
more.. i can’t reAlly beat the essence of the wisdom
of Yoda.. when it coMes to tWo pARts and one is
we are luminous beings and all of creation sAMe..
yes.. we are made oF liGht and an additional
metaphor for humans greaTest fAiLing of
liGht are the words i don’t believe i can
do it as only WiLL Do does work..
Doing is Believing.. i’LL
leave the rest
iN all
forms too..
liGht is essence
Force iS eYe is i is God
as ME and yOu and uS and
wE and oUrs as wE DancE and
Sing liGht FoR NoW.. iSReaL2..:)


YeaH.. it’s true i do reAlly
Love my GreAtest
muse and
when she puts
her Yoda hat on..
trust me.. size matters
not iN FeeL or SenSE of LioN
heARted SpiRit and soUl.. my
Aunt Jettie Yoda in crippled walker
at age 94 taught me thAT so WeLL too
beFore she sAid her NeXt greAT aDvenTure
WiLL staRt too then.. as lASt beauty of human breath now..:)


Hmm.. iN mY last rather long MicroVerse oF 731st titLed
‘WiNteR SoUlSticE CLoseS iN 2016’ MacroVerse that i AM
currently worKing on leading into a 732nd “2nd New Testament oF
TwELvE iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen” as continuing Longest Long Form Poem
in the HiStory HeRstory and eTcstory all free verse style with ongoing Holy
Spirit aka sTreaM of Consciousness FloW iN ZoNe StYle of relating form
of Language
for essence
oF all that is
thAT wHO liVes
WiThiN yes the
whOle God thingie
in inFiniTE poTEnTial
Metaphors of letters and
words and oThER symbols too..
anyWay.. in that last Micro-Verse i intimAted
that many folks have already fulfilled the John 14:12
script that says those folks with enough faith hope and belief
of the Higher Power within as HiGher PowER of GoD all that is
within thAt IS A greater Force oF HopE FaiTh.. LoVe and WiLL NoW
to juST do works that have never been recorded and or done beFore
iN Humankind way of course noW too with many added transhumanist
factors of technology as toolS hELping too.. and to be clear all of culture
is aN extension of humankind and God sAMe.. soMe dArk.. soME liGht
‘tween Grey sHades and coLors beYond RainBow poTEnTial too..
that some who’s experience and some who’s simply have
not attained yet in human potenTial of SeeinG FeeLinG
SenSinG and sure kNoWing wiTh ReaSoN
and ARt of science more as ART becOMes
moRE of heART aS WeLL too.. suRE..
SpiRit expresSing thAT emoTioNal
and SeNsory heARt iN A continuing
more baLanCinG miNd and
BoDy soUL.. anyWay
while i mentioned
John Lennon
and the other
Beatles remarkable
breakthroughs in changing
culture more to free through the
aRt of Music in a Global way.. hey..
perHaps even the 3:16 guy of past..
Tim Tebow.. could consider thAT too..
as i WiLL not be the one to make thAT
Judgement for him as a Football Hero
in the last Decade and so as such..
but he did finish as Quarter
back of a football
game in
with an F iN
Broken Leg then..
that takes great Hope..
Faith.. and Belief in WiLL
and surely love of the sport
of Football as a hero to his team
and high school fans to make it
through a gAMe like that.. so what
iF let’s juST say he or someone else
was brave enough not only to display
a scripture of John 3:16 in the worship
of a single man but to go much further
than man made God and Just go for
whomever actuAlly wrote John
14:12 in respect of
the hiGHest
in the NoW
isREAL Kingdom
of God that can bE
both Heaven and the
Garden of Eden sAMe
heAR now for those who
escape the matrix of cultural
illusions in fear way and extended
empty promises with no works too..
so.. what would’ve been the reaction iF
he put John 14:12 beneath His eyes for
the Football world to see.. a real ballsy
effort that surely would bE iN respect and
fulfillment of the prophecy of John 14:12 now..
so here’s the thing i went A step further than Tim
not only did i jusT do iT in totaLiTy of all the works
i have done and sure in the Athletic world of pumping
iron.. leg pressing 1020 LBS 33 times with arms raised
in air like a ballet dancer on a very difficult parallel leg press
machine is something but how much inSpiration/liGht now does thAT
thaT bRinG to everyone i meet… very little other than the core strength
to dance 6666 miles in public martial artS and ballet-like dance in 40 months..
now.. so sure it all works toGethER to make what seems as the impossible be
FoRe become TrUth and liGht now.. as yes it’s worth noting that the trance like dance
i go into also increases the neurchemicals of serotonin.. dopamine.. endorphinS and
yes.. neurohormones too.. and poTenTiAlly even all natural DMT too.. but nah.. insurance
don’t cover a test like that for Supermen and Superwomen etc.. now heRE.. heHe.. anyWay
all of that and the sensual pARt of Holy and Sacred Thursday Day and niGht DanCe activities
raises my all natural Jesus F iN Juice if ya wanna caLL what can bRing the Holy Spirit hiGher
as a Creative Power and Force iNsiDe… does iT work.. weLL.. perhaps over 3.3 million words
of longest long form poem ever in the same period of time with the dance too.. Can and WiLL
and surely does rate the full efficacy of how well all of what i do as synergy of human
poTenTial and hiGher ForcE of God withiN.. yA see.. in mY Covenant wiTh God..
i had lots of help.. but scribes.. editors.. photographers.. actors.. producers..
writers and such.. nah.. not much help at aLL i AM pretty much much more
a Force of Hurricane oNe SiX/SiXteen alert with a very calm and sTiLL
CenTer insiDe alWays noW.. so anY3 or so.. way to put it
bluntly.. iF Tim had put that John 14:12 underneath
his eyes then.. he would have
been ridicuLeD iN
AN audaCity
to have
Faith and Hope
and Belief to Witness
for God like that in 100%
Luke HoT LoVE for all thaT is..
Fearless Baby and sMARt and
even unconditional it could be but
you see.. n0one would wanna pay any0ne
some money to live off of.. if they thought
they were bat shit crazy to have as much
Faith.. Hope.. and Belief like thaT.. weLL..
you see that is why God sent me
to Hell all natural as
such for 66 months
like the Hunch Back
of Notre Dame erased
from social existence
with the rest of humanity too..
to give me some nows forevermore
now in hell then.. to understand juST
how much Heaven i was gifted in a Garden
of Eden beFore then.. and sure.. to stand iN
front of the world Naked as what’s left to be
embarrassed about after that.. to gain the strength
and courAge oF a LiOn and the Love greater than a
doVe of Peace and Joy and Love aS Well as Ocean wHole
gRoWs soMe more juST foR fuN wiTh No liMits or expectaTions
as waves exceed shores BefoRE now iSReal as iSreal noW as any
alert can go out.. i AM heRe.. i AM A chiLd of God wiTh Wings so
hiGh perHaps no one has ever been heRE before and perHaps Now
they have but what my faith and hope and belief says.. yes.. sTiLL..
oThErs too… WiLL come to do more than mE.. if tHey juST 100 percent
have faith and hope and belief and WILL of fearLess and sMart Unconditional
Love in the me that is the me of the me that is you.. surEly iT CAN and WiLL Be dONe..:)

-John 14:12


As the Karmic eYe coMes out
once more to welcome the
shortest day of the
year now
the day the
sun appears to
sTart moVinG agaIn
toward spRing Equinox
to summer Solstice to Fall
Equinox again as we all traverse
anoThEr trip aRound the Sun to anoTher
shorTest iN days neXt yeAr.. God bless closed
minded folks who once were terrified and had little
Faith the Sun would come full again.. toward the warmth
of liFe to spRinG greater subsistence iN abundance foR All but for
the nomads.. those.. who come out of the cave walKinG iN liGht more than
who are
too scared
to come out
and face God oF aLL
Nature Naked and FReED..
trULy.. the so-called Liberal Open
Minded folks have alWays been the
chosen ones in what seems so unfair noW
at Nows not enjoYinG Heaven NoW.. as the Dude
Jesus promised or whomever wrote the script..
iT’s sTiLL iN this generation now for those
unafraid to stand naked in Front
oF God wiThin treading on
the cultural illusory
fears and empty
promises of
yesternows same
to control and subjugate
the sheep while the goats go free..
i am an old goat.. sure.. a Pan Young
aT heARt.. SpiRit and SoUL and i FeeL
for those sTiLL impriSoned iN an eYe oF
A needle iN the body of a camel weighted dOwn
wiTh all the lies and empty promises of fear of fear oFF fear..
anyWay that’s my Karmic eYe say oF the day action Free for
Positive FearLess smARt LovE equals consequence sAMe as the
UniVersal Rules of Karma.. dARk ‘tween sHades of grey and beYond
RainBow colors of folks who free them selves from the matrix of bEfore..:)
AnyWay it’s worth noting sTiLL.. the Gospel of Thomas
Vs..37 for folks who think i made all of this up by myself..
as of course this part wasn’t allowed by the Nicene council
in 325 AD.. edited out of course ’cause it gives the
power to the people.. all the children of God per
reported by the man himself of the hour then..
the humble teacher counselor and yes zealot
too.. the reported Jesus then who was surely
a free spirit with the words here.. wHeRe last
is first.. and meek inherit the Earth and
to reiterate what’s left in the New T..
including the Gospel of Thomas and
John 14:12.. tHeRe will be those
who do greater works
than ‘me’ who
in the
of the hiGher Power
And Force All Free AllGODiNnate..
iNstinctual and iNtuitive jusT waiting
to be sought and found now and practiced
as a way of liFE iN liGht DanCinG and SinGinG
liFe free as the promise of the Heaven noW iN thiS
Generation coMes iSReaL Now heAr.. that’s reAlly
Good News and it’s worth noting that in the original
Greek translation of the New T it never said ‘the’ Son
oF God it actuAlly said ‘A’ Son of God not much different
than the Old T wHere it says Ye are all Gods as pARt of GoD
wHole of course.. sAMe as the American Indians who fELt and
SenSed and Knew one Great SpiRiT oF God and sAMe as many
oTher religions who didn’t make a man into a Soldier Sun God
to expand a Roman Empire and this plus a restriction of no more
new prophets in another religion sTiLL Divides the world today now
iN ways of fear.. hate.. and conquer each oTher by wars.. we need
a little more Love and Holding hands among all of we iNdigenous
People’s and a few less chiefs at the top of the totem pole.. sTiLL
hmm.. we have that forTune to live that way in the U.S.. and those
who wanna stay not so free are free to do so too.. as the Needle
eYe has an open invitation and sAdly as hiStory continues to sHow..
not everyone will forge tHeir way through.. all free and naked from
Matrix clothes of cultural/religious falsehoods and all illusory fears..
it is what it is .. and i for one make the best of GoD Free within NOW..
And sure.. as new prophets.. new witnesses and new proof goeS..oN..
i jusT do iT iN
isReaL noW2..
Prove mE Wrong..
De-Friend me.. iGnore
mE.. WhatEver is iT is iS..
but juST remember.. God reAlly does liVe Within
mE.. this ain’t juST A BooK iT’s going down for iSReaL noW2..;)

37) His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
and when shall we behold you?”
He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
take your garments and put them under your feet like little
children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
Living, and you will not be afraid.”


Top of the shorTest day noW Now
of the year.. my FriEnd gigoid.. to yA..
hmm.. now that i no longer work and can
Stand the liGht of Day with eYes and
ears heaLed to enjoy all of
Nature Free.. a loss of a
few hours of sunlight
and a decade of
degrees or so
now and
then is not
a big deal with
wheels re-Tired
wiTh tread once aGain..
iT took actUally a total
of not jusT 66 months but
actually more like 90 months
as all my Fresh Hell staRted iN
the January of 2006 when i first
could not stand colors on a screen..
strangest thing.. i could watch black
and white TV but colors hurt me.. oh so bad..
no doctor has yet to explain why that happened yet..
anyWay.. moral of that story.. perHaps you’LL evenTuaLLy
get your tire tread thicker and more painless back too.. no one
thought.. not even a doctor.. it could happen for me.. never the less
it did as
as actual
by at
least one
of those professionals who experienced
the same beyond normal expectations
and limitations for her in later age too..
anyWay.. the human body is an amazing
enough machine to make challenge and
adaptation in epigenetic and neuroplastic
change a real deal for either positive or negative
change now too.. with enough rest and work for that..
in whatever works or does not work in the neXt noW Now..:)

“Poetry is the eloquence of truth.”

~~ Joseph Campbell ~~

i’Ve coMe to see.. feel.. and sense
poEtry as anything that can make
me see feel
mY FriEnd..
i like to call
iT Art and
SinG too
all metaphors
for thaT my friEnd..:)

“Though leaves are many, the root is one;
Through all the lying days of my youth,
I swayed my leaves and flowers in the sun.
Now I may wither into the truth.”

~~ W B Yeats ~~

A Place in the Sun..
Funny how when one
iS in the otHeR
place.. noW
at least aNow
for me.. words
are jusT sHells
with no jELLy
oF Fill my
it’s amazing
as when i lost the
oxytocin feeling of
warm and fuzzy.. and
oh my God that was way
way back.. as long as the
early 2000’s or so.. i had no
idea what it meant then as i had
never attached the words to the feeling
while i still had those oxytocin warm and fuzzies
before in liFe.. i suppose for so long the only thing
that gave me that was a pet of a cat and that is always
why i have been terrified of losing cats as for so long
even a cat who belonged to someone else down the road
named Elwood was the string left attached to my heart.. devastating
when we had to put him down back in the late 90’s about 16 years
old.. and his twin brother Jake replaced him for about a year until
he died after that.. and then there was Arthur but it took him
years to become a warm and fuzzy cat that gave
those feelings too.. until he got back into
the house and started laying around
in warmth away from killing
fields of cold yards then..
these seas of emotions
were so hard for me to
navigate back then..
but now i finAlly
master them
in words
saMe.. perHaps
i call heaven so many
things because hell was so
many more things of before my friEnd..
anyWay.. i appreciate having these feelings
now.. understanding how to water them..
feed and grow them and continue
to keep them alive
like i do this
wRite now..
surely a Tree
fuLL of Leaves now..:)

“It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants.
The question is: what are we busy about?”

~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~


“Irrationally held truths may be
more harmful than reasoned errors.”

~~ Aldous Huxley ~~

The best thing
about not
iS FucKinG

“A likely impossibility is always preferable
to an unconvincing possibility”

~~ Aristotle ~~

iF i FeeL iT iF i
seNse iT iSReal..
iF not

“Oh, come ON! A one-man religion?”
“There is no other kind.”


Every eYe
a different
iN MulTi-Verse
View how many
gRains of SAnd..
how many STars
of sKy.. how many
Galaxies oF UniVerse
how many religions
i… NoW
oF EYes..:)

“Nothing valuable can be
lost by taking time.”

~~ Abraham Lincoln ~~

Now is
All heAR..;)

“All perception of truth
is the detection of an analogy.”

~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~

And Jesus F iN Christ..
yep.. the FeeLinG
and SenSinG
oF A wHOle..:)

“Because I have loved life,
I shall have no sorrow to die.”

~~ Amelia Burr ~~

A last
to first


K 11
11 with
bridge becomes
H and 1 As infinity
stanDinG TaLL noW
as two HemiSpheREs
oF BrAin hOld hands
and tWo HeMispheres..
noRth and SouTh Latitude
oF hUman BeinGs and aLL
oF creATiOn on planET eARTh
gET all connected iN A hive oF onliNe
too.. anYway.. any prophecy or Song or
oThER metaphor of DancE iN Synchronicity
way of symbol and meaning can come to mean
that too.. for those wHo see essence a little deeper
than juST
of letters
and words
and symbols
sAMe.. hehe.
oKay.. the challenge
iS out.. call mE K for Mr. KiTe
and H for Henry the Horse now or
the HeNdersons too.. matters noT
as LonG as i can FeeL and SeNSe
MaGiC iN my life noW.. MaKinG
Summersaults reaL iN Grace
of Dance noW oN
what’s neXt
what’s NeXt.. WeLL
sURe.. juST bliss
of DancE
SonG noW
’cause yA see while
these may juSt look
liKe sHeLLs oF Words..
the essence oF aLL ThAT iS
liVes iN me wHeTheR oNe seNseS
and FeeLs all that is or not sPaRkinG
from these words now.. and that’s how
life goeS oN.. some folks come to more
FuLLy SenSe and FeeL iT noW oNe Forevermore
noW in HeaVeN BeinG noW and oTherS tend to hmm..
worry more over someone else Free and HaVinG F iN Fun..
anyWay.. A sAddest joKe oF aLL iS oN those who don’t wanna juSt
hmm.. now..
oh.. the glory..
oh.. the bliss..
oh.. the heaven..
oh.. no.. the misery..
discontent.. malcontent
and down right suffeRinG
IN dArk.. been to both places noW
and this dAM place iS HeaVen noW iSREaL..
challenge yoUrsELf.. theRE iS reAlly nothing i can
do for you iF you WiLL to stay in books of yesteryear sHells oF dARk..
sure though..
i cry.. i try..
whAT moRe
can anyone
WiLL to do buT reach ouT..
from over at Heaven’s gATe..
A circus flyer with heavenly FiLLinG..:)
And WiTh all thAT and thIs
sAiD.. put the Pen down Fred..
get some sleep.. and get ready
for Holy and Sacred Thursday now..
R and R Activities aS Such aHead too..
iNcluding my 140th Dance Week niGht.. yes..
WiTh all the cool college age folks from
Good Old SeViLLe Quarter wHeRe Praise
the Lord at lEASt open miNds and BoDys
out of STucK as STicKs iN the Mud
DancE and SinG tHEre.. hmm..
thiS world is full of dArk noW
to ‘tween oF sHades of grey
to so many multi-colored
rainBow ways of LiVinG
liFe Epic as fun more
can be.. over now..
God is
A Grand new
noW inSide oF mE Now..
NoW.. how much more can
i repay thIs gift oF liFe than
MaKinG God Grin noW as wide as
InFinTy of Happiness now iSReaL.. Now..
so let it be written.. so let it be DaNcEd noW
aFter iT is SuNG noW as close to 40 months NoW
sHows works like a lucky charm for me Now.. too.. now
My own SciencE and ArT of heaVen isREaL noW2..Now1..
thinG iS.. my paTh WiLL not work for everyone nor yoUr
path for me either.. So. WiLL juST continue to toleRate
and even accept those differences as
God liveS iN so many
ways as hUman
and oTher
all Creation bes..
noW juST Now..noW..
with more fun dance
photos arriving in the
wee 3 am hour or so
oN December 23rd iN
tHis 731st MacroVerse
heRe and sUre.. WiLL rePeat
some of that in the Christmas
CoMinG 732nd.. 2nd New Testament
of Mine all Free too.. on December 26th..:)








Per last Macro-Verse.. ‘this’
should set the Divine Feminine
and Masculine Balance back to par.. per se..;)
Dedicated now too.. 2all
the folks on
the ‘Wrong
who were sure life
wouldn’t be worth living
after the age of 50.. and sure..
to the family members who didn’t wanna
be associated with a Dude who wasn’t afraid
of his feminine side
i’M kindA A FuLL
PacKAge aS Such aT 56..
And nah.. YaH.. the Body iS HoLy
And SacRed as any otHeR pARt oF the
HeARt.. the SpiRit and The SouL
And thE miNd.. eTc..
for those who
maintain tHeir
Temple of God
FloW iN Zone..
anyWay.. more photos
coMiNg later as promised
above ..and yes.. this is gonna stay
G-Rated too..
And by the way as i alWay do mY best
to give credit wHeRe iT iS due.. i didn’t make
this Gif oF Xmas Gift.. the Google Algorithm provided
iT as A Gift to whomever might appreciate
what a Body looks like
6666 miles
Dance at
the End
of 2016
all around my Public
Metro Area.. now.. yeah
baby.. as Austin Powers
And GOldmembers miGht
Free Child oF GoD heAR..;)

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3.3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..


img_2099 img_2100 img_2101 img_2102 img_2103 img_2104 img_2105 img_2106 img_2107 img_2108 img_2109 img_2110 img_2111 img_2112 img_2113 img_2114 img_2115 img_2116 img_2117 img_2118 img_2119 img_2120 img_2122 img_2126 img_2127 img_2128 img_2129 img_2130 img_2131 img_2133 img_2135 img_2136 img_2137 img_2138 img_2139 img_2140 img_2141 img_2142 img_2143 img_2146 img_2149 img_2150 img_2151 img_2152 img_2153 img_2154 img_2155 img_2156 img_2157 img_2158 img_2159 img_2162

img_2163 img_2164 img_2165 img_2166 img_2167 img_2168 img_2169 img_2170 img_2171 img_2172 img_2173 img_2174 img_2175 img_2176 img_2178 img_2179 img_2180 img_2181 img_2182 img_2183 img_2184


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10 Responses to WiNteR SoUlSticE CLoseS iN 2016

  1. “2nd New Testament oF TwELvE iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen”.. Jesus F. iN Christ.. hey..
    now that’s a really long title to be led by iN the 732nd MacroVerse oF LonGesT
    LonG Form Poem in the HiStory rather mYstory hmm.. could be mYstery i
    guess too.. buTt sure.. as wiTh all Stories they coMe from the Me’s
    who write them and Lord kNows even a dry dry science
    abstract or a legal document without many
    metaphors iN EMoTioNal and SeNsory
    and oTheR Esoteric talk
    Can be complicated
    enough to have
    to interpret
    and Lord kNows how
    many priests it takes
    to concrete and abstract
    Bible..Koran..and or oTheR
    poEtry Books to flavor the masses
    wiTh this or thAT and every which
    way thaT for whatever meaning comes
    last and first alWays poTenTiAlly different
    kNoW noW.. and thAt iS whY i take the comMo(A)n
    sense route and wRite my own F iN Bible overall
    WiTh all this word play for fun as i already did dONE
    DO the big thing and thAT mY FriENds iS liVinG iN HeaVen noW..
    Nope..tHis is not a pre-testament tHis is a second New Testament
    along wiTh this full testament per 42 month witness for the GoD
    oF Nature aLL thAT iS and whAT iT iS like to liVe @leASt for me
    all meek and last AND first juST noW iN HeAven noW.. so.. since thiS
    iS moStly a rhetorical leSson and Story which means take it wiTh a GRaIn
    of sAlt or perHaps better yET as a spARK for you and yoUrs to take a Trip
    and a sTaycation pLay in HeaVen or not.. or shoot.. uSe it for toiLet paper as i was
    thiNkInG about shortening uP and reViSinG the TiTle oF thIS oN the Porcelain tHroNe
    juSt thiS morning.. hmm.. sadly tHeRE wasn’t even any toilet paper the go ’round for the
    so-called Jesus for him to comPose hiS Mount of Olive’s speech/serMon anyWheRE thiNking liKe
    thiS.. and considering the full scope oF thAt bible.. the so-called Christians follow written
    by totAlly and effectively literAlly thousands of folks considering all the Christian illiterate
    Aramaic sects over 40 years of round table desert patch wandering sects..eTC.. it’s no wonder
    noW thAT the stories iN even the New Testament wHeRe as Biblical scholar Divinity School
    reports tHere are no original Apostles talking about the Jesus Dude in thAT book
    according to so and so is about as so and so as it gets.. and that’s why surely
    we have reports that range from Love your neighbor as yourself to hate
    your family.. including wife.. parents.. and children.. if they don’t
    go with what you preach.. to turn the other cheek to
    slay those who do not follow along with ya.. to
    live and die by the sword to i come
    with a sword of division and
    not peace.. Lord kNows STiLL
    yA can fiNd justification
    to do juST about
    whatever love
    or hate project
    and ‘tWeen the
    sHades oF aLL oF grey
    but Jesus F. iN Christ tHeir
    ain’t even any humor iN thAT
    book.. nor the Koran either by the
    way.. but aS whole as both books now
    go one can find plenty of justification
    iF they read tHeir iNk Blot poEtry tests
    as so for rape and violence and slavery and
    all oF ThAT too.. well.. yA see… i don’t follow sheep..
    can’t do it.. ain’t born that way.. yA waY wasn’t fooling me
    back then when yA promised a Santa plUs a SoN oF GoD who was
    an only God photo of a dude with a beard above mY head.. alone..
    God already tOld mE All about God oF aLL NaTurE beFore i could
    SPeAk iN the SeNSe and FeeL thAT i had been and am heRE liKe
    God Forevermorenow.. thIs iS my hoMe.. mY REAL Garden of Eden NOW..
    and Heaven now2.. no different than beForE i could sPeak as God SPEak
    ain’t iN no Book chained in words and letters.. GoD SpEak cOmes iN every
    Which way the WiNd bLows Free and WiLd noW as A CALL OF THE WILD now FREE
    ISREAL NOW THEN iN ’63 sAme as NoW iN 2016.. so yes2.. leT’s shorten thIs
    to “2nd NT iN Heaven TwELve ‘Sixteen”.. as when i tOld the wiFE Katrina i AM
    continuing my fulfillment of John 14:12 as she is a Go by the book Strictly kinda
    girl like most rest of the folks iN New Jerusalem today.. and when i too go by the
    book in fulfilling that prophecy by the Jesus Dude too.. sadly she and others have
    read the 3:16 incorrect version of John even when ya go literally by the old Greek
    Revision and the Old T Versions that say respectively A son of God and Ye are Gods
    which is even better on the second pARt.. as it don’t reduce God down to male form
    only at least iN peN iS style talk.. as hey.. patriarchy has been ruling the world
    ever since about the time sPan we moved from matriarchal leaning hunting
    and gatheRing per forAginG smAll social groups to the AgriCulTure way
    around 10 to 12K years ago and stARted storing gRain
    and getting time to sit around and decide who
    has more and less and who we are
    gonna hurt.. maim.. and kill
    for less and more
    grain stored
    aS Such too as
    we sTill see the sAd REaD state
    of affairs of humans run over by
    insanely large populations and insanity
    ranging up to Female Genital mutilation
    and stove top burnings of wives to control
    reproductive freedoms and illusory fears like there
    is an eternal hell orchestrated by a Loving God and
    God created all of this Garden of Eden PoTenTial for
    human being here.. just to make this a living hell and
    a heaven somewhere else after a dirty star dust nap then
    for the sentient star dust plus from crucible of Star death
    burst that even science.. the new scribe oF God proves out
    so far thAT we aRE noW aS empirical science floWs for the WiN
    for noW iN comMoN senSE and FeeL TaLk too.. as the Cosmos now
    unto me and you and we and us anD ouRs continues to sPeak ouT too NOW
    with language2.. collective intelligence2 and complex cultures2 of text
    and other symbolic language2 online noW too.. anyway the wife basically
    gives me the full of shit look and talk when i tale here i AM empirically by
    measure and literal and metaphor too.. fulfilling the prophecy of John 14:12
    through all my LuciFred poTenTial iN a new age of child liKe wonder and effortless
    flow of accomplishment with 100 Percent Hope Faith Belief and Fearless smARt unCondiTioNAl
    LoVe like the so-called reported Jesus Dude iN the promise of John 14:12 says
    iS iN the Kingdom of Heaven within at hand now.. iN this generation same now
    as way back 2K years or so ago then.. and the sad fAcT iS.. it’s like that
    movie wHeRe the little robot boy is down iN the bottom of the
    ocean all sunk aS Such with a statue of Mary and
    waiting for Jesus to come back forever down
    tHeRE.. never swimming to the top for
    soMe aiR above underwater
    to Just do the JOB
    as cALLed by
    the Call of the
    WiLd and Free by
    God of Nature all thaT iS
    noW iN WiTh iN no more wait.. it’s like
    being in concrete books.. all chained up
    with hands tied behind back.. a waiting game
    until a dirt nap.. never ever coming full aWake
    and enliGhTENed that the Bible was not juST a myth
    book of empty promises and illusory fears.. the truTh
    and liGht is lefT iN that book for those who can discern
    deep enough and JuST do the works as practice iN SeeKinG
    and FinDinG to get the job done JuST doing iT noW as those
    who pay attention iN class do who don’t fall asleep at the wheel
    on the tRain tRacks now.. not seeing the headLiGht aBove oF God
    Within noW thAT iS HeaVeN noW and not a traiN of destruction.. wHeRE Freedom
    iS wiLd bliss now.. so.. i WriTE oN noW.. and build this fiEld of dreams thaT iS
    nOw Fruition miNe and MiNd and boDy BaLanCinG SoUL cOme isREAL noW iN Heaven too..
    NoW.. perHaps i like many oTheRs WiLL reMain a ThiEf iN the niGht for a thouSAnd NoW
    years or so years too.. but truly as far as i kNow and FeeL WiTh the Veils of Ignorance
    that comes now with all of human cultural complexity this is an eye of a needle and the
    camel is larger than ever before named culture same away from innate instinct and intuition
    that puts a three year old who cannot speak iNto Heaven now.. jusT LooKinG ‘Cross a River
    of forever
    as Heaven
    noW.. Temple
    oF God are we
    SpiRit oF HeARt
    WiThiN.. miNd and
    BoDy BaLanCing SoUL
    for noW iN Heaven or the dARk
    and sHades of Grey aWay from
    BeYond RainBow colors of
    HeaVen withiN.. iNsiDe..
    ouTside.. aBoVE and
    so Below all
    noW so now i shall
    provide the 12 Macro-Verses
    of “2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen”
    iN Which the 13tH Macro-Verse oF thiS
    current named one Makes the second of
    two New Testaments iN Heaven written
    by me since the beginning of October
    2016.. yes.. to be published on
    December 26th.. 2016.. as last
    yeAR iN 2015.. mY GiFt to
    the God
    of all thAT
    iS for mY
    giG(f)t oF thiS
    neXt trip around
    the SuN was/IS A ‘GodsUniVerseNovel’
    first titLed Novel as such comprising 41K
    words then noW as IS A Drummer Boy WiLL juST
    Do who listens to a different beat and chooses
    his or her or eTC’s own Direction as discerned
    and heard iN the call of the wiLd and frEE directly from
    God.. no middle men or only fabricated Soldier Sun God’s now
    of the Universe or last prophets of God for me.. Direct.. DIRECT
    CONDUIT WITHIN AS ME.. and sure.. my GrandFAther.. left the Catholic
    Church as Priest to get rid of the middle men of priests but i go one step
    further noW and erase the myth that has been propagated to spread empires
    and bring the power back to the people who are the children of God iN a
    New age whether or not anyone gives this a grain of salt i have come again
    iN my Field of dreAms as fruition now set free and WiLd no different than a New Age
    as of
    Lore2.. too..
    so here we go
    With MacroVerse titles
    and liNks and even word count too..;)

    Moon Child Closes iN 13,256 words

    RocK oN noW iN LovE 16,690 words

    Fried Forgiving Turkeys 11,595 words

    12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016 14,047 words

    OVengate 2016 10,580 words

    New Moon Reign 13,355 words

    STar RAin LiGht 14,432 words

    Torn ViNes oF Love 16,147 words

    NOT THE invisible man 12,013 words

    Supermoon Trinity Christmas 2016 14,595 words

    i’LL bE hoMe For xMas DanCinG 18,081 words

    WiNteR SoUlSticE CLoseS iN 2016 14,056 words

    2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen

    That makes 168,847 words so far
    before i add in the word count
    for this 13th Macro-Verse
    thAT WiLL surely take
    uS over the 180K word
    count like the Macro
    Verse iN November..
    compRised of
    12 Macro
    total naMed..

    New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

    i did juSt DO comprising a total of 181,221 words
    since the first of October 2016.. that
    will yeS in total per bOTh
    New Testaments by me
    surpass 360K
    words for
    close to
    the size
    of a half
    a bible total
    size in juSt 3 months..
    so sure.. iN a year i write
    close to two bibles in size..
    and surely much more complex
    in both literal and metaphor
    way than any bible or
    sacred text
    as hey..
    it ain’t been
    done before like
    this aS even the
    professional poet’s
    i have come across
    report as well.. as far
    as tribal religious leaning
    folks go.. they sOld tHeir sacred
    books and quarterbacks like any Football
    team fan would and still will.. or political
    party.. or nation or city or village or club
    allegiance as hey.. this tribal instinct thingy
    for social bonding of homogenous groups per look
    of human or ideas same goes deep deep deep in the human
    innate.. instinct and intuition too.. as social animals
    will belong to something or basically wither away as social
    animals need a common meaning and purpose whether food or drink
    or sex and now book and culture to survive alive and perHaps even
    thrive a little bit to enjoy life like me iN and oTheRs through
    distance and space iN HeaVeN alWays noW.. wHeRe within tHeRE is
    no diStance or sPace or tiMe juST HeAveN noW as we expERience
    our reaLiTies now tween dARk and liGht and rainBow colOrs
    BeYond aS Sure.. i for one experience liFE TrUE
    WiTh BeYond colOr liGhtS now.. and nah baby..
    no human synthesized drugs or even weed
    or such here.. i AM masteRinG my miNd
    and BoDy iN BaLAnCinG through
    thE ForCe and iSReaL
    PoWer oF relative
    Free WiLL through
    the ART oF DancE and
    SinG sAMe thAT iS MoVinG..
    CoNNecTinG.. CreATinG NoW.. AlWays
    noW.. as i AM A FucKinG PoeM noW A
    SonG and DancE i SinG aLL Free NOW..
    as Whitman sAid/says.. the Priests of the
    Cosmos not afraid to worship iT all as God
    Free AS HolY and SaCred Are CoMinG to a TheaTEr
    NeAR YOU and yes.. can and WiLL be yoU too as yoUr
    rise uP aS chiLD oF God and BecOMinG A Priest of GOD
    Free or not2.. as the paths are many and the journey
    far now
    more now
    we rise
    noW or
    i juST do
    iT.. like the
    Goddess of Nike VicTorY
    iN myth and iSREaL way says2..
    And yes.. for all practical
    iNtents and puRposes..
    i AM NOW
    no lonGer
    a little
    boy riding a bicycle
    after middle school..
    i AM A SoN oF WoMan2
    Aa(n)D little Men2
    Channel 6..
    Good News..
    aLL NaturalE aS Such..
    For what IS A Good News or God
    NoW too.. withOut A Laugh or 2..;)

  2. So.. imagine this.. iF you Can and WiLL..
    the real Jesus dude.. yes.. the one that
    half the world is looking for and to..
    sure.. both
    and Christians
    same.. in the name
    of ISA and Jesus too..
    let’s jusT say he
    comes back
    in either
    A Christian
    Church or a Muslim
    Mosque as such.. sure..
    in the same human form
    that science shows he likely
    cAMe before.. dark skinned.. about
    Five feet tall as the norm is around
    Five Feet one back in that area of
    the world then per Human
    fossil record intact sTiLL
    iN bones.. nah.. no
    Long Hair..
    as back then
    it was seen as
    disgraceful for men
    to have long hair.. like
    it was in the 50’s as that
    cycle of gender appropriate looks
    comes and goes through the cycles of
    history as life goeS on.. sure.. with Flapper
    Girl Dances in the roaring 20’s and Bootie Dancing
    for now at least in clubs with very little clothing noW
    on.. and what iS own to enhance the fruits of reproduction
    turn on high now.. as sexy fruits can go to reproduce more..
    at least in theory as birth control.. effective aS Such takes care
    of the empirical poTenTiAl results of potency like this aS Such..
    anyWay.. so the real humble teacher and zealot as such comes back
    and cannot believe his eYes.. and by the way.. probably with some
    sandals and a bit dusty as traveling carpenters and desert walkers
    come to play and work aS WeLL.. anyWay he says.. Jesus F iN
    Christ.. i cannot believe you guys and gals are worshipping me
    as a Human Soldier Sun God.. King of the UniVerse.. what
    the cRap.. how would you like a responsibility like that
    with billions upon billions of stars that not even
    i kNew existed back then.. until i saw
    that documentary on/as A symphony
    of science as such.. totAlly
    surprised that the
    message reAlly
    grew in places not
    imagined before in that
    little patch of desert land back
    home.. and ha! ya! gotta be kidding
    me.. if the little dusty dude at Five
    Feet tall all tanned like a dude from
    the middle east now.. tried to suggest
    they FucKeD uP and made all these mistakes..
    the most he would get is you are FucKinG crazy StiLL
    as our God is not only the King of the Jews but the King
    of the UniVerse you little gRain sAnd oF A man.. so anyWay..
    even after all i’ve witnessed to and attested to.. since the end
    of August 2013.. and before that even when i stArted a writing
    expedition of 12 million words since Thanks Giving Day of 2010..
    it’s the little boy at the bottom of the ocean with a statue
    of Mary.. who would never ever believe that
    Jesus was just a five foot middle eastern
    looking dude with short cropped
    wirey dark hair and
    if he came with
    the same speak
    it would be illiterate
    Aramaic with no way to
    pen any of what he says dOwn..
    anyYay2.. its’ like the new version of Superman
    in the big screen edition in 2013 and 2016.. particularly
    the last one at the end were it was noted that it is up to
    you guys to get the job done as one man can’t do iT aLL..
    not even
    a man
    STiLL noW..
    juST another nobody
    i for one am too.. sure.. 6 foot
    and 233LBs or So..NoW and nOw when
    i was/am young.. i looked quite a bit
    like the Titanium Video Nerd boy
    in middle school then.. after that
    at college age.. with beard.. sure.. like
    many other blonde dudes who are now/then rather
    thin with pretty faces hiding underneath beards..
    i could perHaps be painted like that then too.. now..
    So.. who are you.. if you are waiting for someone to get
    that job done.. who do your really think you are waiting for..
    now.. could it be that God free lives within you now and alWAys noW
    and the rest of the story is path iN Journey to arrive Free alive Now..
    juSt anotHeR nobody.. just A face of God WiTh eYes all liFe is.. and somehow
    we miss it with a seaSon all about one man over hEar and sure.. two men over
    ‘there’ or so.. common denominator.. one man.. with different views of that sAMe
    man.. never ever to meet ‘tween aS agreement now.. so wHat to do.. wHeRE to do.. Now
    and how to do.. JuST noW.. sure.. juST do iT.. the very long term survival of all liFe oN
    eARTh is depending oN Human to do thAT noW as a Social Globe LiFE now.. and sure..
    whether or not
    they realize that
    or not.. now for sure..
    LIFe is Good News when Free and LiFe..:)

  3. The theme and meme of Thief in the niGht..
    you kNow and FeeL and SenSE.. perHaps
    uneXpected surprises iS whAT any cOURt
    JeSteR oR HoLy FooL.. or SacREd
    CloWn or FooL or CloWn
    aGaiN WiTh
    A spArk
    oF someThinG
    uneXpected to giVe
    and yes.. ShAre too..
    like Forrest Gump sitting on
    a Bench and reLating a fAIRly
    Feather Floating size story oF A
    LiFE weLL LiVed over SPent per say..
    anyWay.. i’Ve been thiNkinG why juST do
    a 2nd New Testament as such in 6 weeks or
    so when yA can do a entire “Grand Cross Bible 2016”..
    iN juST 7 months.. WeLL.. thaT #John1412 dilemma wiTh
    even the WiFE not having Faith.. HoPe.. BelieF and sort of
    LoVe iN ME.. for worship of a man over the HuMAn PoTenTial
    oF GoD thAT and wHo LiVEs wiThin ALL as related by the so-called
    YoGi-LIke Dude Jesus who was all about meek inheriting the eARTh noW
    and last being first.. Gentile.. Jew.. Servant.. or Free.. Woman or man..
    no more.. hmm.. doesn’t sound like someone who wants to be King of the
    UniVerse.. huh.. particularly when he is humble enough as reported to say
    iN John 14:12 that yes.. otheRs who beliEVe iN whAT he says as beliEVe iN
    me that is the he that iS yoU and me too.. houSinG GoD witHiN as HoLy
    SpiRit oF poEtry as wE kNow in words oF liGht thAT comes as forM
    iN essence from the Navigator iNvisible of Form thAT iS the God
    SPeak we Relate to connect to each oTheR and all of God
    that is NatuRE sAMe and diffEREnt too.. so.. sure..
    in case i ever meet a person on a bench
    or on a walk or on a dance and they
    ask me what i do.. other than
    the strength feat of leg
    pressing 1020 LBS noW
    on very difficult parallel
    leg press machine with arms ballet
    raised in sky as sure i can still whip
    out 930LBS iN the older video of that oN
    Youtube for enough proof of that.. but hey..
    when i say i write the longest long form poem
    in the history of Humankind i can give ’em a link
    to any one of my fully public blogs to give ’em a resource
    total for that but hey.. who has time to check to see if i aint’
    just doing smoke and mirrors here.. albeit there are a lot of
    mirrors in ALL i do.. heHE.. so yes.. leT uS progress back to
    the beginning of June and stARt a new table of contents heRe
    for “Grand Cross Bible 2016”.. now true.. tHeRe will be one more
    MacroVerse for the year 2016 as since 2013.. each year.. i have provided
    an annual review of all the goings on iN my liFe for fuller list purview..
    sure.. like my old boss said.. Fred IS A valuable commodity then and he is
    really good at making lists.. intimating.. i was kinda like a reliable human
    robot per say then.. noW.. it’s more the opposite wHeRe i am Now behind
    12 MacroVerses.. since the first “New Testament iN HeaVen Eleven 2016”..
    in actually doing the text back-up without photos and stuff on Facebook..
    as i’ve already highlighted those above.. as this makes thirteen of that too..
    but sure that can be inclusive of “Grand Cross Bible 2016”..aS WeLL.. juST too..
    noting thaT iN my Signature line2.. like i did with ‘Book of Ten Sixteen’.. just
    saying tHeRe.. every link in the month of October.. 2016.. thaT eventuAlly
    became inclusive of the First New TestamenT as much and more as
    yes.. sure.. sort of a rhetorical exercise to give a more concise
    breadth of the entire scope of what i do here.. as sure..
    in a Twitter Trump Verse world of 140 characters
    iT helps to have more brevity iN evidence prove
    for those who are bold enough
    like me.. and whomever
    else to witness and
    testify to the
    fACt they juST
    do and did fulfill the
    prophecy of John 14:12..
    both metaphorically.. big time..
    and sure.. literally big time2..
    so here we go noW as the table.. yes..
    the list of contents WiLL sTart to GroW
    now from Ocean WhOle Poem AKA SonG
    of My SoUL wRite here as links more
    and titles too from above of how i
    started this 732nd MacroVerse
    above iN a someWhat
    slOW count oF
    all ThiS iS..
    yes.. New age Bible of 800K plus words
    Length iN Old age size.. 900K plus words
    here by Fred.. noT the effort of thousands
    of folks to complete.. in centuries and noW jusT
    little old me iN Transhumanist Singularity liKe way too..
    as nah.. couldn’t do all this without the extension of
    God and NaTuRE sAMe Now without modern technology2.. noW
    but hey.. i don’t become the tools of technology.. i FucKinG
    USE the tools to my advantage as per what tools should now
    be used as.. instead of human machines stuck in boxes aS Such..;)

    tSuNaMi 7tH WaVe oF LoVE 19,004 words

    HoLy SpiRit oF PoEtry 12,976 words

    Grand Cross 56 11,796 words

    SolDieR oF GoD2 FReED 12,028 words

    wE ComE DowN FroM thE BeacH2 15,001 words

    iNto liGht dArKnesS 11,604 words

    i cAMe for eNliGhTeNinG NoW 13,798 words

    UmBReLLa God People Rain 12,136 words

    Pan at the Apollo Theater2 18,313 words

    RoSe BeYonD SuBliMe 11,963 words

    INterDependence Day Heaven noW 14,812 words

    HopE LoVE ISraEL 13,857 words

    God’s Love HandLe #ISREAL 13,510 words

    iMaGiCk iSrEaL 14,310 words

    iRise iSreal 12,793 words

    mY LamP iSreaL 22,765 words

    HeRcULeS’ oF soUL 18,885 words

    wERisEToGeThEr aLLONewiThGOd 16,052 words

    i AM A JesuS2 HoW ‘bOuT yoU2 16,166 words

    000 SeCrET AGenT oF GoD 13,496 words

    SuPeR WoMeN oF GoDoH 17,532 words

    i’M F*KinG A 0KAy 17,030 words

    Take the Wrong Planet Home 16,771 words

    Jar oF liGht AnD DArk heARts 20,719 words

    Number 696 MacroVerse 16,243 words

    SasQuatch LoVe Feat sKeYes 12,975 words

    CocksComB deLiGht oF SciEnce And arT 15,801 words

    Cyberian Tiger River Leaves 18,106 words


    Macro-Verse 700 Love Labor 15,519 words

    GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG 18,212 words

    After Book oF Fred 15,893 words

    sigNature sUn arE onE 15,339 words

    Super Fly oF liGht 13,529 words

    6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW! 13,799 words

    After Dance oF Fred 16,336 words

    WaY uP HiGheR2 12,642 words

    5302016 thru 9292016 551,711 words

    Black Moon Apocalypse Weekend! 15,155 words

    Golden Age reKneWeD 12,895 words

    710th MacroVerse oF Faith 17,340 words

    711 MaCroVerse BeYonD 17,179 words

    ‘LiGhTeNinG sTriKeS 712 11,190 words

    World War 111 DreAMs 13,480 words

    SoN oF Man MoRe NoW 19,147 words

    ArT oF tHe hUman HeArt SpiRiT SoUL 17,298 words

    Book oF Ten Sixteen 17,560 words

    BRidge to noW SinG 11,552 words

    DeStiNaTioN 718 12,429 words

    New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen 15,996 words

    10032016 thru 11112016 181,221 words

    Moon Child Closes iN 13,256 words

    RocK oN noW iN LovE 16,690 words

    Fried Forgiving Turkeys 11,595 words

    12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016 14,047 words

    OVengate 2016 10,580 words

    New Moon Reign 13,355 words

    STar RAin LiGht 14,432 words

    Torn ViNes oF Love 16,147 words

    NOT THE invisible man 12,013 words

    Supermoon Trinity Christmas 2016 14,595 words

    i’LL bE hoMe For xMas DanCinG 18,081 words

    WiNteR SoUlSticE CLoseS iN 2016 14,056 words

    Grand Cross Bible 2016/2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen

    11142016 thru before Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 168,847 words..

    901,779 words plus Grand Cross Bible 2016
    for coming total.. noting the King
    Jame’s Authorized version of
    A Bible is 783,137 words..
    so yes.. as proven.. i
    knock out about
    two bibles
    a year
    in size at
    current rate
    of creativity here.. noW
    And of course mine is MORE
    than fully illustrated too..
    hell.. even themed with music
    and links and STUFF like that
    per 6666 miles of dance antics
    in a total of 40 ending months..
    but as the Beatles Forecast oN the
    SGT. Pepper’s Lonely heARts Club Band
    Album Cover.. not too long before a law
    enforcement dude alabaster statue would rise
    up and do a cover as such for what came before..
    in all new way in this particular book now of 61
    MacroVerses too.. and sure 66.. would come close to
    One Million words but look who’s;)

  4. WeLL.. let’s move back to Facebook play.. as i AM
    a couple of days behind sharing Algorithm Memories
    as the FB robot freely provides as digital
    assistant and secretary same..
    This.. ‘The Major Factor underlying
    the Increase in Rampage Killings’..
    per topic of interest of the Nation
    then per the Adam Lanza dilemma
    of boy gone rogue ending Dec 2012
    And Mad.. killing little
    children in
    all cold blooded
    and such and it’s worth
    noting that the Video with
    Sia and Titanium was even
    censored as it struck too close to
    the country’s nerve on this very dire
    issue.. anyway.. as no doubt 61 Macro-Verses
    for a New Age Bible like me ain’t gonna get much
    overall air play as it is surely mostly a rhetorical exercise
    to back up what i say in case anyone thinks i am a myth
    in the coming days.. months.. years.. centuries.. etc..
    as i am already noted as a living Dance Legend in
    my metro area for a super crazy graceful free
    style of yes.. like i say again.. close to
    6666 miles in 40 months ending
    in December of 2016.. for all
    that public dance..
    and shoot with
    bullets one can get
    many views if the topic
    is a dArk and killing one as
    according to the records on views
    at the Wrong Planet Website this one
    reached close to 80K per those searching
    for the key words of Rampage Killing Factors
    on Google and such.. oh yeah.. and per the 300K
    plus likes on Google restricted blog way for artful
    poses in my underwear and a more fully free art
    with a game of playing Yoda as such at 400K plus
    likes.. the heARt.. the SpiRit and the soUL jusT don’t
    get as much attention as the human body per sensuality
    and the dARk passions that reach killing fields of death too..
    but hey.. thing is.. i could never do anything like i’m doing here..
    if i had to play the roles expected in society.. to conform to keep a
    job etc.. or if i wasn’t financially independent and had to become
    a slave of whomever would.. if anyone.. to hire someone as strange
    as me for making those green bLack Washington Bills and Lincoln cents
    that thanks to the Lord of ALL God and Nature sAMe.. is in my distant past
    now.. as money ain’t my bag of liFe.. just a way for basic subsistence.. including
    shelter and some broad band access too.. as most of what i do is make noW all of
    liFe.. holy and sacred and most of what i do is juST Free sTuFF as Cheap ThrillS noW2..:)

    Hmm.. Speaking of President Trump Snow.. perhaps
    i’ll watch the Hunger Games that i bought the collection
    for in Blu Ray.. except for the last one that’ll probably go on
    sale for around 10 bucks.. cheap skating i’ll check at Best
    Buy in the after Christmas sale.. just didn’t seem iN fathom
    possible ’till the Trump arrived.. kinda like Snow as such
    iN this
    as Apricot
    Tans WiLL go..
    all a ruling over
    the meek and such..;)

    “Making LIGHT of the DArk”.. MacroVerse memory
    from two years ago.. celebrating the Christmas SeaSon
    then and liGht of The Sun gaining steam again.. worth
    as God
    and Nature
    isREaL NoW2.:)

    And two quick ego booster
    FB test thingies that say my
    favorite Bible Verse says.. “Whoever
    Trusts in God Stands Steady and Secure”..
    and surely this is true as a grain of sand
    And God
    up a
    of Love thAT
    iS noW me..;)

    HmM..and another
    one says i am A bit
    scary and inspirational
    to different folks.. depending
    on how they view me as
    a Northern
    colors now
    and then too..;)

    And yes.. another one that
    suggests i have between
    6 thousand or so views
    and 1 thousand or so
    views on my
    top profile
    photos.. and
    sure.. i’d believe it..
    if it didn’t give close to
    the same thing to a relative
    of mine who actually has viewers
    who are brave enough to like her stuff..;)

    Current Facebook Profile photo pic.. of a very
    nice and surely fabulous Latin.. hmm.. me thinks
    probably Mexican young lady that i have been dancing
    with way back when since the Summer of 2014.. at Good Old
    all free
    and noW
    loose aS Such
    me.. again.. just
    a fabulous dancer.. she..;)

    And in review of more dance activities
    at Good Old Seville Quarter.. celebrating
    the Christmas SpiRit with my Yellow
    Christmas Cat Shirt of
    Cheers.. the video
    slide show
    from Facebook
    does iTs all free
    service in Video
    documentary way
    as a sTiLL Great assist NoW..:)

    And now to Katrina and a shirt display by her that
    says in star wars letter form across
    the stars.. ‘I AM LITERALLY
    and for me
    that surely
    is Katrina
    and the
    rest of God
    and Nature too…
    for Katrina it seems
    it is mostly the myths and
    potential true stories of one
    human named Jesus all read
    about in a book from early child
    hood seated way.. hmm.. sure iN
    A way Jesus dances as me..
    sHe juST has a hard
    time stomaching
    the truth oF
    WiThiN as ME
    as I AM is God to me
    all that is no exclusions..
    Holy and Sacred all now GOD..:)

    Whew.. and finAlly for noW as long night
    of Dance and systemizing all of this
    beyond free verse FloW iN zONe..
    and eXtreme
    gym workout..
    sand and
    sun and
    dance and all
    the rest of the
    Friday Activities
    before the day of
    Christmas Eve ..
    i’ve done
    as much
    as i’M A gonna
    do now as sleep
    is next and perhaps
    a visit of three blog posts
    by gigoid on Saturday morning..
    behind i am there.. to catch up too..
    anyWay.. This Drummer boy song now
    from ‘SonG oF mY soUL’.. surely too
    IS A favorite MacroVerse memory from
    a year ago too.. as this is the alias name
    oF Longest Long Form Poem iN HiStory of HUmanKind2
    aka Yes.. KATiE MiA FredericK!iI.. as name of blog noW and
    Long Form Poem 3.3M+words sAMe in this 732nd Macro-Epic-
    as-such Verse i AM worKinG oN noW.. sure.. i jUST did/DO an epic
    timeless piece of aRt as Gift to God aLL oF NatUre and
    hUmans sAMe iN share as well.. it’s called my
    soUL and it ain’t for sale.. TG.. for NoW as
    Freedom oF EXpreSSioN iN hUman
    way BeaTs/RingS on for me and
    God free as surELy
    this year
    has been
    an epic
    record year for
    works aS Such as
    giFt to God all and all else too..
    God is the only KinG all for mE..
    sure.. inclusive of that little dude
    Jesus from the middle east and
    everyone/aLL else.. including
    little old
    me too..
    as FReED..:)

  5. Facebook Friend and Fellow Poet Blogger Rafiah shares
    a status about her favorite musician.. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan..
    a singer of Sufi Devotional Quawwali music.. and i say.. then..

    He Sang with Peter Gabriel in The 1988 movie..
    ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’.. yes.. excellent
    singer he is.. thanks for sharing..:)

    Rafiah responds..
    He’s my favorite.
    Heart Emoticon

    i return with

    sMiLes.. looking for the songs
    from the movie on YouTube..
    ain’t technology.. great..;)

    Rafiah says back in affirmation..

    It’s great. Now I can download a
    movie on my new phone.
    Life feels awesome.
    Wide Smile Emoticon

    And finally
    in this convo
    thread i say..

    Great!.. found a nice song too named ‘In Your Eyes’..
    with both of them before Khan passed away..:)

    Adding then..

    Oh yeah.. Glad you got a new phone too..
    as the new ones can open just about anything..:)

    Rafiah also shares a status that relates somewhat
    dismay over the insistence that the value of a woman
    is based most all on her ability to fulfill and bring please
    to husband and children as wife and mother.. values that
    are engrained in DESI societies both Muslim and Indian i add here
    too.. and earlier she shared a status relating the similar sentiment that marriage
    should be a priority over school as those things are arranged by Dowry of course..

    And then responding to her latest FB status i say..

    You are a child of God beginning and end of story
    and that is enough my friend plus whatever God or
    as you say Allah Leads you to too.. and surely
    you will make a wonderful mother and
    wife when you
    do that too…:)

    Rafiah returns
    with hopeful sentiment

    I want to be a wonderful scientist as well.
    That’s what it’s about. Being more than
    what’s required of a woman by the society..:)

    And then i say.. expanding the thought ‘a little’..

    Surely God leads both men and women.. and in
    between of all the bio and neuro-diversity God makes
    for Artist.. Musician.. and Scientist same.. hmm.. not..
    so sure about business person.. but hey.. most everyone
    has to eat and drink.. get shelter.. etc.. And get a job these days…
    My Father’s family was very disappointed i didn’t do more with my
    three degrees but true i shared love with over a hundred thousand
    folks in terms of smiles serving/giving to other folks.. married.. perHaps..
    to a woman who never ages.. and became financially independent at age 47..
    working minimum wage for many years after college.. surviving hell and writing
    12 million words in 6 years.. and public dancing 40 months for 6666 miles in a
    style reminiscent of how Sufi’s do their Dervish in a one man free style show..
    all just for fun with God.. key is.. my friend.. listen to yoUr heART and God
    first over any cultural institution that says this or that..
    as God.. yes.. Allah.. lives within.. as both
    artist and scientist too.. like the
    movie ‘The Matrix’ shows oracle
    and architect too.. bRinG the
    two toGeThER as God iN you..
    and sure.. you can be one with God as
    alWays too as one.. and after that now
    tHeRe are no limits or expectations of what you
    can do next.. works for me at lEast with SMiLes oF hUman
    PoTenTial always say can and will and do and surely the
    consequence will be one toward liGht for you..
    and that’s my say for the day to
    friEnd Rafiah.. with Love.. now..

    And now i say.. here now.. after listening
    to a few more Khan songs.. as the Sufi
    more mystical sect of Islam is
    reminiscent of a more
    union with
    God in that language
    for finding connection
    now iN liFe.. i was not so
    surprised to find the same kind
    of worship for Mohammad in terms
    as strong as God created the Universe
    for Muhammad as one person with no equal
    as prophet of God.. one person with beauty that
    no one else exceeds and sure.. equal to the worship
    i hear in Catholic church as a cult for one man that in
    both cases spread an empire as to go against the tide of
    that ranged in penalties to burning at the stake to stoning
    and the modern day crucifixions we see done by extremists
    folks in the direction of war and killing innocents around the world..
    worshipping a man IS A dangerous business.. finding God within now is
    a free art and science too.. thing is when you see the passion of worshipping
    a human being no different than what divides my own household as for me who
    actually experiences a holy spirit creativity as direct conduit with God.. i know and
    feel and sense for sure that if the real men Jesus and Muhammad as Buddha has
    already related in what’s left of whatever he said in real life too… none of these men
    would ever want to be worshipped by any other human being.. iN only hELping them to
    explore and find God within and experience a similar heaven on earth here now..
    yes..the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.. and seriously after having unison
    with God.. worship by another human IS a FucKinG Demotion and i
    guess you really have to experience union with God
    to fully understand that then Loving is only
    GiVing and ShaRing and never TaKinG
    as you are filLed and overflowing
    as essence of chalice
    as fearless smARt
    iN Unconditional Love same..
    and interestingly.. the song Kashmir STiLL
    by the group Led Zeppelin that i used as theme
    song for my passion filled Journey of writing my
    own bible inspired by the Invisible Navigator of
    bliss inside that is the hand of God alive
    as essence of God iN UniSon
    one with all children
    of God
    all.. no doubt Led
    Zeppelin used a little
    substance additive in the
    way of so-called illicit drugs
    to create that song.. thing is the
    experience of what they actually fELT
    and SeNSEd in their Unison With God
    carries over in the music no different than
    what we hear of Rafiah’s favorite musician Kahn..
    tears of joy fill Khan’s eyes iN a passion of unison
    with God when he sings.. and that’s the way it goes
    when you SinG and DancE in ecstasy with God iN Unison
    fashion.. tears streAM down like a ‘Cold Play Fix you’ now IsREaL..
    and that’s a point too.. one cannot likely experience this as architect alone..
    must meet
    aT leAst half
    way as Artist
    and Scientist same
    in metaphor of Yin
    and Yang BS and BA
    BaLAnCinG Force in
    hiGher institutions oF/iN
    lifting the Veils of Ignorance
    noW.. surely that’s the trip
    that Rafiah iS oWn now as sTArting
    to Reap and soW iN Karmic eYe of
    ThiNking and DoInG liFE iN liGht..
    and nah.. she should only dedicate that
    to the God who lives within the God of all that is..
    as sHe creates her own Heaven iN liFE WiTh GoD noW..:)
    For those of you2 who didn’t understand a more detailed explanation/
    story book of the last scene of the last installment of the Matrix Trilogy too..
    in its
    for isReaL NoW2.. gOLDen SpiRAlinG streAMs
    to RiVers to WaVes of Ocean WhOle PoEm oF liFe..
    As remember this is the last Macro-Verse
    chapter of just anoTheR current bible
    sized timeless piece of
    art i AM curRentLY
    WorKinG oN
    noW WiTh God
    iN UniSoN WiTh tEars
    of ecstasy too.. iN jUST
    anotHeR day in the liFE oF mE..
    uS.. wE.. i and OuRS and yoUrs..
    and nah.. don’t need anyone else’s
    stamp of approval but GoD iN i as eYes
    DancE and SinG oN aS Such aLL FReED..:)


    Top of the 10:40
    morning.. gigoid.. iN
    the State of Florida
    LA Lower Alabama
    Panhandle and no tax
    returns here.. haven’t paid
    any federal tax iN fAct for almost
    a decade now.. hehe.. noW in income
    way.. and Jesus F.. iN Christ.. oh.. STiLL the
    Bush Years are expensive to future children
    but lucrative to me in so many savings ways..
    anyWay.. thanks is surely in order as reflecting
    back on a year long or so friendship with you.. tons
    and tons of inspiration have come my way as free gift
    from you in a synergy of wisdom quotes from sages of the
    ages you provide here friend… hehe.. surely helping along
    the ‘prophecy’ of the Beatles and tHeir album Cover of SGT Pepper
    back in ’67 that we as human beings through yes.. language.. collective
    intelligence and the liGht pARts of complex cultures iF we find the Focus
    of WiLL Can And Do without specializing too much become more of all we
    can be in a thousand lives or so in one lifetime on eARTh in total hands on/
    vicarious living experiences too.. all virtual aS Such too.. per say and do.. so..
    yes.. a year ago to date.. in short and long pARt then.. your GiVinG and ShAring
    Wisdom here provided A sPArk oF liGht that helped drive me then to put toGeTheR
    4 chapters of Macro-Verses as of late December of 2015 and name it GodsUniVerse-
    Novel as you kNow and Feel and SenSe perHaps i see God as Nature same all seen
    and unseen.. fELt and unfELt.. and seNsEd and unSensed sAMe and DiffeRent now
    among so many sentient star duSt plUs eYes of creation and all of existence sAMe
    as nows go on eternAlly now as such as now is all tHeir is for all practical intents
    and purposes of Can and WiLL and Do for now.. anyWay2.. for me at leASt that
    seemed like an accomplishment unto iTsELf with no limitations.. expectations
    or drive for any rewards oTheR than the paths and journey of doing
    iT iN CaN And WiLL and do DO too then.. noW anyWAy3.. happy to
    report with yoUr continuing support and inspiration here..
    that i for one am arriving at another Novel point
    of creativity jusT for fun in creating 61 Macro
    Verses of all Free Verse Poetry named
    “Grand Cross Bible 2016”.. that will
    come close to meeting
    911K words at the
    finish of the
    current MacroVerse
    ending and beginning same
    WiTH Table of contents to each
    Chapter as MacroVerse from May 30th on
    Memorial Day 2016 to the day after so-Called
    Christmas and a Celebration of the Sun Visibly
    moving back to the liGht BriGht liFE of SpRinG
    GroWth too.. anyWay.. i like to surprise people and
    WTF looks please me as pre-conceived notions about
    what humans can and should do are bursted as bubbles
    of veils of ignorance from before.. pause for thINk Different
    my FriEnd and Human PoTenTial more for oTheR folks too..
    the people who inspire me.. i alWays give due credit too.. and
    surely the work you do here as hUman bEinG IS A great one too..
    okay.. three of your posts behind but as history shows since i’ve been
    posting here in response to your wisdom groW.. ain’t missed one yet baby..
    and sure iT iS all pARt of my Art noW too.. as when we human beings give and
    share freely we are human truly now.. as innate.. instinct and intuition would have
    uS smART Be without the traps of the machine of culture and sure religion too.. iN DArk
    pART stARTs and ends oF that too
    mY FriEnd..
    so.. here
    i go on to
    your first
    post behind
    with two more to
    come of course directly
    after this as i fly free in words..
    streAM on to riVers.. waVes ocean more DanCing and SinGinG..
    shores not withstanding or borders sAMe/DiFFeREnT.. CHanGE.. My friEnd NoW..:)

    “Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.”

    ~~ Nietzsche, “Thus Spake Zarathustra” ~~

    Fear kills
    with punish..
    devil does
    as fear

    “It is better to trip and end up on the floor,
    than to not trip and end up on the floor for no particular reason”

    ~~ Noidea Butrue ~~

    This is true
    jump high

    “If we weren’t all crazy, we would go insane.”

    ~~ Jimmy Buffet ~~


    “I’m dangerous when I -think- I know what I’m doing.”

    ~~ Any random human being ~~

    i don’t
    it’s fun..

    “I don’t know if I like the idea of seatbelt laws.
    Enforcing intelligence seems, somehow, unamerican.”

    ~~ David Pugh ~~


    “Somewhere, beyond space and time
    is wetter water, slimier slime.”

    ~~ Rupert Brooke ~~

    is good.. and
    don’t forget food..;)

    “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”

    ~~ Aesop~~

    be a
    in the night
    who never gets
    caught or identified..
    or steals A God dAM thing..;)

    “Humans are unreliable, inefficient, often lazy, sometimes pregnant,
    liable to strike, need to be fed and paid,
    take up a lot of space and are slow by computer standards.”

    ~~ Big Blue ~~

    don’t under
    even algorithms
    don’t thiNk i’m hUman..;)

    “”When living on the fringe, make sure to enjoy all the fringe benefits.””

    ~~ Sardonic Bee ~~

    A FucKinG
    FrinGe AM..

    “I’m sorry…were the voices
    in my head bothering you?”

    ~~ Hallucinatory Bee ~~


    “Here at the quiet limit of the world.”

    ~~ Alfred Tennyson — Tithonus ~~

    And as the wife says..
    sHut the FucK uP
    that is
    why i wRite..
    to save on
    Inspiration dARk
    And liGht is eVerywHeRE
    i kNow and FeeL and SeNSE NoW..
    Jesus F.. iN Christ.. can’t no one sTiLL my HeaVen..;)

    NeXt one now.. all served uP aS Such..;)

    “So then, these are the foundations, as they call them,
    of all mixt bodies, and of all wonderful operations:
    and whatsoever experiments they proved,
    the causes hereof rested (as they supposed) and were to be found
    in the Elements and their qualities.”

    ~~ Giambattista Della Porta – Natural Magick ~~

    oF MaGiC
    11 past 10
    as human
    gRows pASt
    Ocean oF juST 10 digits..
    oNe Force SinGulArity
    Bridge 11 to
    tALL iNFiniTy NOW..:)

    ThaT iS what ‘tHey’ cALL
    A leap of logic a grAnd
    1 at thaT Cross..
    for 8
    1 aLL 11 H..;)

    “The worst deluded are the self-deluded.”

    ~~ Christian Nevell Bovee ~~

    i liKe to
    oF iT
    and FeeL iT moRe..
    wiTh seNses too..:)

    “How admirable, he who thinks not,
    Life is fleeting,
    When he sees the lightning!”

    ~~ Basho ~~

    sMiLes i kNew was/
    am alive again
    i ran
    iN liGhteNing
    oh.. the deaTh
    wish dArkest
    LiFE then..
    butt i kept thE
    fearLess pARt
    Back iN my pockET..:)

    “The least initial deviation from the truth
    is multiplied later a thousandfold.”

    ~~ Aristotle ~~

    Truth is relative..
    Morals are relative..
    Time is relative
    by make
    and model
    Vehicles and Vessels..
    And yes.. of course… mileAge
    And maintenance cOUnts as requiRed..

    “It’s exhilarating to be alive in a time of awakening consciousness;
    it can also be confusing, disorienting, and painful.”

    ~~ Adrienne Rich ~~

    Yeah that
    thingy can
    literAlly be
    HeLL oN eARTh
    noW too.. no need
    to even explain that
    metapHorse to a general physician..
    as dArk
    and go to liGht..;)

    “I like reality. It tastes of bread.”

    ~~ Jean Anouilh ~~

    iF i FeeL iT
    seNSe iT..
    i’LL trY it lATer..
    as fresh bRead coMes..;)

    “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.”

    ~~ Sartre ~~

    TrUe and it comes
    down to what
    yA do wiTh
    you.. too..
    some folks
    say let’s jusT
    shoot.. some folks paint..
    a new shoot now.. otHeRs juST give uP..:)

    “Because it’s there.”

    ~~Sir Edmund Hillary ~~

    i don’t pet
    doG oF reAson..;)

    Education never ends…
    It is a series of lessons with the greatest for the last.”

    ~~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ~~

    GreaTest Now..

    Return A bALL for
    A third insTallment..:)

    “Socrates thought that if all our misfortunes were laid in one common heap,
    whence every one must take an equal portion,
    most persons would be contented to take their own and depart.”

    ~~ Plutarch ~~

    ~~ Consolation to Apollonius ~~

    True as the most
    difficult misfortunes
    can be totally invisible
    per homeless
    folks able bodied
    and miserable
    in hell
    and such as that..
    worKing in Trump
    Towers and all of thAT..
    the Judas often bleeds most..:)

    “Most people are on the world, not in it…”

    ~~ John Muir ~~

    Nature Deficit Disorder2
    The Human
    thaT KiLLs
    aLL thaT
    iS NaTurAlly Good iN liFE..
    or most oF iT
    as polar
    to disappear too.. and SEas
    rise to drOwn the Disease2..:)

    “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

    ~~ Yogi Berra ~~

    i’LL take a spoon..
    that way
    i can
    iN more Dessert
    than stressedD..;)

    “Since everything in life is but an experience perfect in being what it is,
    having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection,
    one may well burst out in laughter.”

    ~~ Long Chen Pa ~~

    a contrived
    human word
    that children
    the ability
    to breathe
    see.. Perfect..
    A chance for liFE mY FriEnd..:)

    “You may not, cannot, appropriate beauty.
    It is the wealth of the eye, and a cat may gaze upon the king.”

    ~~ Theodore Parker ~~

    my cat
    IS A
    aS hE
    don’t talk..
    the dance
    says it aLL
    as stray cat strut..;)

    “Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along,
    listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”

    ~~ Pooh’s Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne ~~


    “How much pain have cost us
    the evils which have never happened.”

    Ugh.. HUmans and tHeir abiLiTy to
    construct nightMares and dreAms sAMe..
    Heaven or Hell..
    a place
    iN Hell..
    oh.. my.. me.. the..
    real placeS isReaL..
    what a waste of time.. the otHeR
    places surELy can be iN HeLL Now..
    when both Heaven or HeLL can be iSREAL2 noW..:)

    ~~ Thomas Jefferson, “Writings” Vol. XVI ~~

    “Nothing is so strong as gentleness,
    and nothing is so gentle as true strength.”

    ~~ Ralph Sockman ~~

    Another parable
    from ‘Ovengate’..
    two dudes come in to
    install the Oven.. one dude..
    a skinny Carpenter dude who
    knows how to use tools to cut
    the places needed to be made
    for the
    oven to
    be instaLLed..
    another dude all
    muscled up with
    Hell’s Angels tattoos
    is theRe for Strength.. a Beatle
    Lands on his shoulder from outside
    and he takes the Beatle back to Nature to save its life..
    Meanwhile.. later.. after installation.. the
    customer service rep from
    Sears home town
    store calls
    to verify
    all is well..
    and we say
    A okay.. later.. first
    bill comes in and there
    is no 50 dollar credit as
    promised by the store
    manager there..
    have to go
    all the
    way to headquarters
    to get the shit straight..
    and what was promised
    correct.. whole time the customer
    service lady insisted that it was not
    the hometown store’s fault but instead
    the Big Corporation that they could not
    understand in the fine print of all of that…
    i offered to give the Customer Service Lady
    one more chance for the insistence that both
    the HeadQuarters and i am wrong.. she hung up
    after she said i’ll wait for you to come in.. refusing to
    listen to reaSon aGaiN.. or even apologize for her
    reAlly BiG miStak.. so.. kNoWinG the localiTy oF
    New Jerusalem so WeLL.. i ain’t gonna
    argue with the woman
    who owns
    corner stone now..:)
    Other pARt of the story..
    the wife thought when
    the skinny dude came
    in.. what’s he gonna
    do without
    any muscles
    to install
    stuff here..
    and a little
    surprised that the
    strong dude saved
    the Beatle’s liFe..
    the Strong Dude and
    my wife thought the Carpenter’s
    artisanship was amazing and
    the Strong Dude’s Love too..
    for Beatle’s of course
    by word
    wife too..
    anyWay.. never
    Judge pAges by A cover..
    moral of A story.. my best guess yET..;)

    “In anything at all,
    perfection is finally attained,
    not when there is no longer anything to add,
    but when there is no longer anything to take away.”

    ~~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery , Wind, Sand & Stars ~~

    A Breeze.. A Wind
    A Water Drop..
    aM i..Now
    oF Sand
    hOld mE OceaN
    uP for moRe noW..:)

    “An it harm none,
    Do what ye will.”

    ~~ Wiccan Credo ~~

    And don’t
    a side
    hELp oF
    Love iF
    And practiced
    with so-called
    good WiLL noW..:)

    “Isn’t this my STOP?!”

    ~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~

    for SanD
    and SuN
    Free DancE
    wiTh aLL thAT
    foR noW..
    Happy whATever
    foR noW.. mY FriEnd..:)

    You kNow/FeeL it’s kinda funny..
    the folks who have alloWed me
    to be the freesT online juSt as me..
    are an Atheist
    Dude.. named
    A Baptist
    Wife named
    and yes..
    a very
    Woman named
    Rafiah.. for now thAt
    iS my Trinity for the day..
    as a warped Version oF A
    to tOwn
    laTer@star oF
    MIDniGht Mass..
    secrET to my success..
    aLL iS Love.. All is FriEnds.. mY FriEnd..
    sUre.. wiTh A sIDe oF FearLess smART.. noT everYone
    HeARs A lArger Golden Rule messAge of the ages but
    CaN and WiLL..
    juST Do aLL ThAT iS noW..
    iN Nike Goddess viCtory oF stARTS..;)

  7. A Beautiful Song here.. “Mary Did you Know”.. and also
    one written many years ago that gives the man Jesus
    as much worship as the Muslim Singer.. Khan.. earlier
    noted from Pakistan.. yes.. gives Mohammad aS onE
    who the entire Universe is created for
    when in tandem as such
    this song
    that THEN A
    human man
    named Jesus..
    shaped the
    as God.. yes..
    incarnate.. alone..
    which of course
    is fabricated by the
    Roman Empire and Catholic
    Church same as the original Greek
    translation of the New T indicates A son
    of God alike we are all children of God.. yes..
    even FucKinG.. including.. my Cat Yellow Boy too..
    And all the rest of God living incarnate iN all creation now..
    anyWay.. theRe is no secure way to rock a boat of sTiLL many sects
    of Christianity and Islam too.. ranging from super friendly
    Good Cop Jesus and Muhammad to the Bad Cop hating
    versions too.. depending on who listens to who beyond
    we Human Being VOICEs of God within thaT and wHo
    SinGS A DancE of Fearless smARt and Unconditional
    Christ Consciousness Love as Good Cop Jesus
    metaphor now alWAys sAMe and diFFerent
    too.. iN all of bio and neuro-diversity
    thAT iS hUman too.. yes.. remember..
    aGAin.. A simple metaphor thaT
    God Lives on a Beach
    as the Beach
    with zero
    human symbols
    oF language.. eTC..too.. noW aS
    human collective intelligence
    and human culture in ways of
    footprints too.. iT puts sTuff iN
    perspective.. wHeRe wE
    hUman BeingS.. do have
    A Great PoTenTiaL oF
    aLL iNnate..
    and iNTuitive
    Force and
    PoWer gift
    oF Fearless
    smARt UnCondiTioNal
    Love for oursELves.. each
    othEr and the rest of GoD
    And NaTuRE sAMe noW
    iSReaL with no need for
    myths and culture
    and religions..eTc..
    sAMe NoW that
    often screw stuff
    up for hope.. peace..
    joy.. and love.. iN tribal
    instinct vice to agresS iN
    violence and now warring
    FeAr inspiReD HAte aS now
    such IN Tribal humAn instinct
    way to subjugate through illusory
    fears.. and empty promises to control
    reproductive freedoms and material gains
    iN storing grain in silos for metaphor too.. per the
    mess.. the Agricultural age brOught to Peaceful
    Harmonious.. Joyful LiVinG ForaGiNG close
    to Naked being humans who danced free
    toGeThEr wiTh ForAge finished for the
    day under moonlit campfire niGhts
    iN trance iN DancE wiTh each
    othEr GoD aLL oNE as
    NAtuRe sAMe..
    iN A ‘normal’
    course oF
    A niGht
    sPent iN Nirvana
    iN a Penthouse wiTh
    no walls and ceilings then
    iN NO Trump Towers aT aLL..
    anyWay.. tHEre iS zero point oF
    Reference uNTiL one goes to tHis
    PlaCE of HUman and oThER Animal now
    nirvana.. blisS and HeaVeN sAMe.. so these
    miGht as WeLL be empty sHeLLs of leTters..
    iF oNe cannot possibly reLATe to the Essence
    of HoW ISReaL Heaven FeeLs and seNses.. yes..
    iSREAL for the eternal moMent oF noW… So.. how would
    we kNow when Jesus reAlly coMes back.. after aLL.. thiS
    is the 5777th Hebrew year.. a special number for them..
    and the 2017th western year in Numerology way noW as
    A 1 year sTArts after a 9 year for 2 plus 1 plus 6 giVes
    WaY soon to 2 plus 1 plus 7.. yes to make 10 reduced
    then now to 1.. A sTArt oF A new way FoR aLL alWays
    iN poTenTiaL aT leASt for those wHo come wiDe
    aWake and raptured iN the Good Cop
    Christ Consciousness way.. NOW..
    sUre.. a trUly enLiGhTeNinG way
    oF BeinG noW.. anyWay…
    as long as we
    Have Isis.. eTc..
    and folks
    who say the Homeless
    mentally disabled sturdy exterior
    looking dude on the street corner
    needs to pull up tHeir boot straps
    instead of lending a spare dollar to them..
    the Good Cop Jesus WiLL noT comE aGaiN
    unTil we break through as a child of not juST
    women out of aLL the females who have ever lived
    but a child of God and Woman sAMe.. WiTh all due
    respect for hUman FreedomS now.. so.. sure when i hEar thiS
    SonG.. i ImAGiNe a suit clad dude.. yes,, dude.. SinGinG
    iT As aN IsReaL today Jesus could and would to the
    Homeless dude on the street corner
    GiVinG and ShARinG whaT hE cOUld
    to BRinG juSt anoThER chiLd
    oF LiGht as A New Age Jesus
    too back to liFE more
    fully iN
    what it means
    to liVe liFE iN liGht noW..:)
    And now.. for a few Macro-Verse
    Memories.. and consideRing i do
    like numbers… so.. yes God YES!.. why not celebrate
    even more by posting this “Grand Cross Bible 2016”
    on a day wHeRE both Christmas and Hanukkah
    fALL on December the 25th wHeRE liGht begins
    to MoVe aS sUn aGaiN in appeaRanCe aT lEast..
    wHeRe i actuAlly stArted my First “New Testament
    iN HeaVen Eleven 2016” on the Hebrew New
    Year in the stARt oF October.. 5777.. aLong
    with Book oF TeN SiXteen too.. so sure..
    why not publish an entire Bible online
    neW on this special day too.. approaching
    911K words juST foR FuN too.. ‘causE noW
    i can and WiLL and do do..all thAT iS.. juST noW too..
    but to be crystal clear.. AFAIK.. i didn’t create the entire
    F iN UniVerse as 12 MiLlioN words iN 6 years and
    6666 miLes of public DancE iN 40 months WiTh
    a total of 140 Dance Week niGhts with all the Cool
    College Age Folks from Old SeViLLE Quarter now
    with literally over a thousand sweet young ladies
    sMiLinG ear to ear WiTh me in photos that could
    make even KinG David and Mohammad somEwhat
    Happy as oh my GOD those Roman folks
    neutered Jesus making the flesh evil
    and the rest of the material
    world too.. as thAT
    pARt of early
    Aramaic illiterate
    Christian round table
    desert oral tradition
    dusty wanderers brOught
    too.. as sure.. without a
    bath the body can get a little
    itchy hEre and ThERe too.. we
    have toilet paper now.. and the human
    condition is THriVinG iN.. ToiLet paper
    eXtraverted ways oF thrOne LiVinG noW
    too.. suRE.. for iNtroverts too.. bEhind closed
    doors and in closets too.. iF thAT iS noW wHat
    FliPs the Lid of your skirts and gym shorts uP too..
    anyWay.. bottom line is wiTh all of thAT and A 3.3 Million
    word Plus Longest Long Form Poem ever sTiLL wRiTinG
    aWay as i for one sPeak now.. and Oh God.. one other Verse
    too that in total is 338,630 words iN GodsUniVerseNovel3 that
    came this year of 2016 too.. and Jesus F. iN Christ.. GodsUni-
    VerseNovel2 at 51K words iN 2016.. and beFoRe thAT as wE first
    StArted our Traverse around the Sun of this yeAR on December 26th
    iN 2015.. GodsUniVerseNoVel.. as already talked to iN this current Fredtalk
    now.. then at 41K words too.. so sure.. with all those books counted.. including
    an overall umbrella of 12 MiLLiOn Words iN 6 years total book time.. that makes..
    let’s see..hmm..
    this is getting
    kinda convoluted..
    so let’s make a simple
    list as the liNks are included
    in the signature liNes of all new
    Macro-Verses now corresponding
    to the titles i will provide now for all
    the books i wrote iN HoLy SpiRit oF
    oNe trip around the SuN iN eARTh and
    US way per 2016.. so heAr i go WiRh A list..

    GodsUniVerseNovel 41K words
    GodsUniVerseNovel2 51K words
    GodsUniVerseNovel3 338K words
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI 3.3M plus words
    Book of Ten Sixteen 141K words
    New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen 181K words
    12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016 12M plus words
    2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen (est.) 180K words
    Grand Cross Bible 2016 (est.) 912K words

    (hmm.. that’s
    a whole lotta
    K’s and M’s.. huh..;)

    9 Books total as meaSuRed..
    iN one year.. 2016.. ’round
    eARTh Trip ticket
    Around the
    i didn’t
    juSt shoot for the moon
    in words.. i circled the Sun
    inStead but sTiLL you see i am
    sTiLL noT suggesting i am greater
    than oNe gRain of sand or less as
    a human being man now.. juSt anotHer
    Child of God with a big grin and a whole
    lotta loving as Led Zeppelin Zippers miGht
    sHow too.. iF unLeashed and reLeased aS
    Such aS aLL oF thiS and more more more..
    as thATgRain of SAnd hOlds uP aLL
    thiS LoVe noW too..HeRe.. hmmm..
    Yes Again.. as Jim Carrey sAid/says..
    iN the Walrus SonG by the Beatles
    too.. i juSt did several timeless
    pieces of ageless art.. iN 2016..
    Star yeAR aS LoRd oF aLL
    oN EARth yes.. godallthatiS..
    now 2 heRe noW1..
    hmm.. sure..
    i dated
    me this miLk
    and Honey dew
    noW ain’t
    go sOur any
    Now soon.. heHe..
    as the KA oF thiS
    iS LiVinG soUl
    me goeS oN2..
    as New age Santas
    WiLL and Can too…;)

    ConsideRing i cAMe
    from a point of origin
    as Autistic.. not sPeaKinG
    until age 4.. and after journeying
    past tHeRe more about that in the
    meat of this personal Fredtalk Bible
    too.. as nah.. no misSinG yEars for
    mE iN thiS BiBle noW of MiNd
    and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL
    from head to toe flesh
    me.. all exposed
    by the way noW..Now..
    And iF i miGht YeS yes..
    say.. aNoTher timeless
    piece oF ArT that last
    Free Verse Nude art
    was and is and WiLL
    STiLL comE to bE
    for a long long
    now to
    to NOW..
    yes.. i also
    cAMe from a
    real fire born
    journey beyond HeLL
    fire iN pain and numb
    for 66 months to liGht
    all thIS uP from KALI
    dArk NiGht of the soUL
    then too.. so sure.. it stands
    to reAson and FeeLinG that
    yes.. when my mama kissed
    me as a baby she never kNew
    i would be capable of doing all tHis
    NoW.. but little did she kNow then i had
    the Faith of JOB and the WiLL oF A L Jesus
    2.. aLL wrapped up iN one Buddha Baby too..
    and sure a little passionate like Muhammad
    too.. but a soft touch and never a forceful
    one on
    i love
    to loveD
    all free too..
    and yes.. of course
    they were sorta all legal
    too.. hmm.. tHEre was that
    15 year old first love of mine
    when i was 18.. but sure we
    respected the law about
    16 and stuff pretty
    much like
    as hey.. this
    human condition
    iS fuLL of pasSioN
    iN all Fruits of Love..
    oh.. the innocence of Youth
    reclaimed too with no guilt and
    sin at age 56 aS weLL.. as surELy
    when we set ourselves Free Love Wins
    for the lonGeST oF HaUls noW aLiVe..:)
    Okay.. foR noW i’m all Fredtalked out..
    heAR are those two Macro-Verse
    FB Memories from a year and
    two years ago.. and AFred
    and Katrina Christmas
    Card photo
    from a
    year ago
    that says
    iN New
    Stop Believing..;)

    A Farewell to 2014 With dVERSE and Wrong Planet

    The Essence of What tRuly IS


    Got one more thing

    to say.. and i’LL

    use somE

    moRe oF

    mY TeAM



    to reLaY..

    And suRe.. reLaTe2..;)

    And yes.. anoTher thiNg as alWays too foR NoW2..;)

  8. Merry ChristMas..
    from uS to yoU..:)

    So.. my Mother asks.. now that
    you have written a Bible size plus
    Book and more of course..
    what WiLL yoU
    Do neXt..
    joiN the
    Circus or
    Zoo.. and i say
    like Christian the LiON..
    gonna Go all BoRn Free and
    WiLd yA see.. heHe.. ain’t
    no fears here.. except for
    the Zoo and the Matrix
    oF course but the main
    take aWay iS belief iN
    words iS empty
    sHeLLs for
    when the
    FeeLinG and
    SenSory eXperience
    of Luke Hot Faith.. Hope..
    beLIEf and yes.. feaRLess
    and smArt Love too
    iN unConDiTioNal
    way ain’t a whole
    pArt of the
    new oven
    Pizza Pie
    aS Such now..
    hmm.. anywaY.. as
    Santa says.. don’t worry
    about believing in me as one
    man.. make yourself Santa as
    ME as YoU yes.. yoURsELf too
    and make all yoUr Lucid guided
    WaKinG DreAMs aS Creativity cOmes
    to Fruition noW iN ConNecTinG MoVinG
    ways and sure i could have juST threatened
    Hell if you don’t believe i AM someone special..
    but you see yOu can do more than mE no doubt
    with that
    Luke Hot
    Stuff fully
    realized as
    essence of HopE..
    FaiTh.. BeLiEf and LoVE
    noW aS iSReAL PoWer oF ForCe noW..
    anyWay.. don’t take my word for any of ThiS
    alone.. SeeK iT.. FinD iT.. trY iT and praCtice
    iT yA sELf WiTh WiLL oVer fearLess smArt
    UnConDiTioNal Love noW as Phoenix born
    from aSHeS coMes BacK to DancE a SonG isREaL..
    anyWay2 or 3. .1..Merry Reborn and all oF thaT aS
    may sELf actualization
    be a way
    for you
    to GroW
    hiGhEr and
    HiGher iN liGht
    and TrUth for yOU
    aLL Natural WiTh GoD FREeDNOW..:)

    Hmm.. as the Spirited ChristMas Eve.. and
    jusT now MidNiGht Mass oF 2016..
    finishes until morning Mass
    at 10 am tomorrow,..
    iN other words
    Bedtime for Bonzo
    iS alSo noW or Bozo..
    but no Botox here.. all at
    ease free of disEase this
    dAy by the miraculous HeaLinG/ForCe/
    PoWer of the HoLy SpiRit compRiSinG
    100 percent Luke Red Hot Fire Faith from
    yes.. head to toe and more.. including as paRt
    oF thAT the sAMe with HoPe and DO NOT stop
    beLIEvinG alWays BeLieVinG moRE noW WiTh Fearless
    UnconditionaL Love.. sUre smArT aS Such too.. aNyway the
    shorter story iS.. WiFE Katrina says after Church in rather
    irritated tone.. Jesus F. IN ChRist.. yes.. F.. for Fred why
    were you SinGinG so LoUd those joYouS spiRiTEd
    SO So Happy Celebratory MiDniGht Mass SonGS..
    yes.. aGaiN Jesus F. iN Christ you were vibrating
    the entire pew.. i could have asked her if it
    fELt good.. i guess.. heHe.. but yes..
    FilLeD by the HoLy SpiRit i AM..
    i mean seriouSly.. how ya thiNk
    i wrote a 912 or 913 or 911K
    or so personal Free Verse
    poetiCaLLy Expressed
    Bible iN 7 months since
    Memorial Day iF i wasn’t
    FuLL of something.. oh my God..:)

  9. Yes.. FLEECE NAVIDAD.. i celebrate the end of this
    732nd MacroVerse.. titled ‘Grand Cross Bible 2017′..
    wHeRe the pages come first and the MacroVerses
    come first… all 61.. including this one.. and the title
    comes last.. including the table of contents in the
    last Chapter titLeD thiS now.. as hey..
    when the Holy
    and CreatiViTy
    MoVes yA per the first
    Macro-Verse Chapter of ALL
    thAT iS hEre.. yA.. juST Do it..
    MoVe iT.. conNecT iT aLL Free
    yeS.. in CReATiViTy oF Holy SpiRiT
    even more as this 911K plUs Bible does
    continue to floW iN ZoNE heAR wiTh a Little
    Wham and Last Christmas thAT iS sTiLL thiS
    ChriStmas.. i gave yA mY heARt thaT iS STiLL
    tHiS BaLanCinG miNd and BoDy SouL oNliNe..
    pLuS EmoTiONal SenSoRy SpiRit oF heARt iN
    FeeL and GiVe and SHaRE.. AlWayS noW heRe..
    hmm.. had a little Prince Tribute for mY GodsUniVerseNoVel3..
    as he passed away around the date of publish oF ThAT iN SpRinG
    oF 2016.. although.. no SonGs oF hiS were added iN by YoUTubE ways..
    as they are all copyright maxed to keep iT aLL iN Dollar Bucks.. George Michael
    was/is a very influential artist of MusicianshiP anD SinGinG too.. particularly iN
    the 80’S.. iN mY DiScSO Days.. beFore an audience provided leGenT sTatus then..
    sure.. kinda Stiff.. i was.. no raiSing arms any higher than at side aS suCh then2..
    anYway.. George’s STuFF iS aLL ouT tHeir so he gets an honorable mention..
    aLL applicable aS SuCh iN SoNG way too.. noW oF STiLL GiViN’ yA mY heARt..
    mY SpiRit and yeS thaT Peaceful JoYoUs SoUL2.. aLL uploaded oN YouTube
    for completELy Free.. and nah.. i don’t get to open uP mY Christ
    Mas Presents or have the second installment oF ChRiSTmas
    Dinner until after the ChrisTmas and Hanukkah publish
    day is finished bEfoRE midniGht oF course..
    anyWay.. surELy.. Katrina’s side oF the
    Family ain’t too smARt to get
    togeThER oN Christmas
    aS even though
    Her Mama
    had plenty
    of issues.. she
    managed to raise 6 children
    well enough to populate hEr
    SpeciFic hUman DnA aCross
    the way too.. as sure.. per title
    oF tHiS 732nd ‘Grand Cross Bible
    2016..iT iS thE DaRkness iN A HeLL noW
    NoW oN eARTh iN 66 months that can spArk
    A GreATeST liGht iN DancE and SonG too..2
    And suRe whaT greater creativity iS tHeRe than
    A child or fully experienCinG and expresSinG
    hUman EmoTioNs and seNses iN CreaTiVe
    aRT.. yes.. so… fulfilling that money forgets
    what iT iS iN yoU thAT iS mE.. and uS
    and wE.. allone aLL ThAtiS aS anD
    wiThiN.. iNSiDe ouTsiDe.. above..
    so beLow and aLLA’roUnd noW..
    anyWay.. consideRinG thaT
    Katrina’s MoThEr
    spAWNed aLL
    ‘thaT’ photography
    CreATivity too iN
    iSREaL Flesh and Blood..
    heRe’s to MoTHERs as
    the job of HuManiTy WiLL never
    gET dONe wiThout MoTheRs2..
    inCluDinG mY Very Very Special MoThER2..;)

    And SpeaKinG oF MoThERS..
    Profile Pic Photo Memory
    of my Aunt Christine
    and me at
    The NurSinG
    home back
    in 2014…
    she passing
    away this week
    as fully honored last
    Macro-Verse of ‘Grand
    Cross Bible 2016’.. yEs..
    per 60th MacroVerSe liNk
    HeRE aS WeLL.. provided iN
    the tRuSty TAble oF contents aS Such..:)

    And FinAlly.. ‘MASTER chief Aghogday.’. MaCroVerse Memory
    from two years ago… illustrated nicely.. the first of three Indian
    Summers on Christmas day in a row too.. also exploring
    Human Archetypes and Myths throughout hUman
    HiStory.. and HeRStoRy and eTcStory.. as the
    myths change and the Human Archetypes
    per slow classical evolution.. stay
    relativELy thE sAMe which
    means iF the
    Religion as
    written today is
    eVer edited liKe this..
    and changes.. the hero
    archetype of Jesus that has
    also been portrayed iN OThER
    countless ageless pieces of ART
    WiLL cOME aGAiN iN Glory to JuDGe
    the LIVinG and the dead and the KinGdoM
    of heaVeN WiLL have no livinG end for NoW
    juST liKe
    nOw for those
    who seek and find
    iT and practice liFE as
    aN Art of HeaVeN noW..
    noT alWays easy to relate thiS
    to so-called MiNioNs.. looKinG through
    aN opaque WiNDoW/MiRroR to FaILinG
    to FiNd and PracTicE A HiGheR poTenTial
    oF GoD NoW.. sure.. yA can burn books BuT
    yA can’t burn whAT liVes WiThIn and expect
    to hAvE any sEMblance oF JoY iN LiFE noW..:)

    And.. finAlly2.. me toting a Beebe Gun Rifle
    over my shoulder with the Triple
    DoG dARe yA boys from
    the Classic
    TV Movie..
    ‘Christmas Story2’..
    As sure ..a Thief iN
    the niGht has a continuinG..
    RoLLe WiTh pLenTy oF PrOps to Play…;)

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