BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

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Ha! perhaps the best thing about ‘this
memory’ from a year ago is it is possible
to open up with the average computer..

whereas.. my ‘last blog post’
only on Word Press iS EPIC..
as it melts the
capaCity of Google
Blogger Blogs that
are usuAlly much faster
to open than Word Press..
But beyond that ‘this post’ is
part of the dArk Fire that inspired
an entire journey of responding to all
links and all prompts on the dVerse website
over the course of an entire year in poetic
micro to macro expression response then as
well.. as well as direct named interaction
with poets on the journey in real time
then.. so yes.. perHaps the first
reaLITy sHow Super Epic
Poem in Three Hundred
Thirty-Eight Thousand
Six-Hundred and Thirty
words with 300.. or so photos..
from perhaps the most beautiful
beaches from my Katman Beach..

and Cyberian Tiger Beach Blog
posts.. respectively from
And Navarre
Beach.. most all
of which are suitable
for framing as a frigGinG
giVe aWay.. so yes i credIT
the folks at dVerse who put
out a prompt that was supposed
to have the specific words “I am
From”.. where i wrote “i am One”
as metaphor that i am both
from and One with God
as well as a place of
overcoming bullying..
and they could not
F iN understand
what something
like that
as apparently
they see God as something
separate from them and Nature..
example given.. the man
Jesus.. in a frigging
literal supernatural
way.. if that makes
sense and no it does
not so tHeRe.. why “i am
ONE”.. works even better
than “i am from” in this
way of providing
a clear message
for those folks like
Jesus said.. who see and
hear it.. and so they
deleted my
Blog post
without even
waiting on me to
stick the word “from”
in as i even did to appease
tHeir nit picky poetry form..
and instead of getting angry..
i got inspiRed and ended up doing
even more.. as truly theiR real complaint
i and God only liVe
now so we are ONeNOW
so free.. so F in Epic.. and
not afraid to BoldLY Go
as God wheRe no
pARt of God here
has gONe before
as Art
of NoW..
at least
oN EartH
iN Epic way..
so this WiLL be the opening
oF mY Epic but much easier
to open up bLoG posT titLED
“BEfore and After Novel PartY”..
a Celebration of Going wHeRe
no poET has gONE before on
the fAce oF thE eARTh noW..
and like my wife sAid..
no body wants to
go tHere but
wELL thE fACt
iS.. iT IS A refLecTion
oF mY heARt.. mY SpiRit
eXpreSsinG aLL the
emoTioNs noW and
seNses oF mY bEinG
iN mInD and BoDy BaLanCinG soUl
iN whaT iS termED very loosely
and FReED as Free Verse Free
Writing.. Stream.. of Conscious
poeTry that has the tiGhTest most
meaning impact oF brevity iN poetry
aS small little piEces and a tapEStry
oF aLL of a year’s eXperience of JuSt
Doing iT thAT iS a reflecTion oF an epiC
miNd and BoDy BalanCinG exPerience
Of a perSon literaLLy liVing iN HEaven
oN Earth.. noW.. so iN otHeR words iF a
Real EarTH Angel could sPeak
hE or sHe
would liKelY
speaK somEthing
siMilar anD as EpiC
as GodsUniVerseNovel3
aLL FReED iN HaPPy UNcoNdiTionaL
Fearless Loving waY expLoRinG aLL
oF tHe pleaSurAble pArts iN liGht
OF God liVinG iN uS wITh
a feW oF thE dArk pArts
iN Heaven as yeS..
thAT little or
BiG doT oF
YinG and
dArk iS
aT least
a sMaLL
pARt oF thE
experience oF wE
HUmans liVing wITh
tHe God of NatUre
dArk and liGht
iN SonG and
DanCe oF wE..
heARt.. SpiRit
and creATinG
miNd and BoDY
soUl noW iN
Epic God
So yes..!..:)!
noW i..:)!
i WiLL I
no.. my friEnd(s)
i did noT write like
normal human bEinGs..
338,630 words in one
F iN Novel.. i wrote an entirely
new way of sPeaKinG iN LaYman’s
terms.. and yoU WiLL gET thE iroNy
of that if you kNow mY real last nAMe
as an epic keeper of the land in feudal
gerMAN meaNinG
imaGiNe no heaVen
anywHere else but
heRe.. it’s not hard
to do iF yA
live inside..
outside.. above
so below.. and aLL
arOUnd liKe wE mE
And God do kNow
FeeLnOW.. hehe..
and haha.. someone
anonymous.. of course..
with no face tOld mE to
quit typing ‘retarded’ and
‘kill myself’.. sorry baby.. i’ve
only jUst
beGun to
liVe noWiN
EpiC wAy aS
alWays noW..
but no.. i just
ignorED him/HER
as for some duSt..
the dArk Force
iS where
‘they’ choose
to stay and
yes that iS pARt
oF God too.. the uNhappy
pArt iN hUman form that
only seeks the dArk
in discontent..
and hate
as both fearing
the dArk.. and cynical oF the LiGht..
many journeys.. many patHs.. but noW
trUly the poTenTial of never ending
liGht wiTh only tiny sPecks of dArk
and tHere
as only duSt
iN the WinD
that falls
so lost..
of Now..
so sad
so sad..
beyond even
words oF Y i…
but on a positive
note!.. yes..!! tHeRe iS
tHeR otHeR plaCeNoW..!!..:)!
And i will be providing the first 8928 words
and nine photos in this next blog post
that will be now titled.. “BeforE and
after Blog pARTy” at the end
of the post before my fun
dancing photos come
iN dance celebration
of the the new Epic
FuLL Novel titLED
per this

aLong with
the first and
only American
Indian 6 hours
of flute music
in YouTube way
and the first 9
and Beach
photos flYinG
Free.. as yes..
this WiLL be much
easier to open..
and a small cLip
of what i do in the
Novel.. as yes.. per
full perspective.. the
entire Epic Free
Verse Poetry
is 38 times
larger than
8928 words..
Go wHere no pARt
of God Goes before
here on EARtH.. after
aLL isAid and dOneNoW
thAT my friends iS N0W what
the reported man Jesus then
sAid and Do iS possible for
other hUmans wHo juSt do iT
wITh tHe Help Of God oF ALLnOW..
oh yeah.. and for the record.. of lINks
here are the linKs to the first two Novels


i ain’t doin’ this
for money.. but a
‘little’ birDiE
and or sEaGuLL
mE tales
Me to promote
aLL tHree lInks
plus ‘this one’ at
the bottom of all
my posts as KinGdoM
coMes NoW aS ReaLiTy..
ObtW.. thE ‘Long Poem Form’ is nothing
new.. and to date before i came along
the longest one was/is.. “Mahabharata” at 1.8
million words.. well in fAct.. now.. at 662 lonG
chapters.. the epic poem KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
now at 662 chapters.. including this coming one on Word
Press noW is almost twice as long at over 3 million
wordS now.. written in a style that has
i CAN wITh
the help oF
God.. end and
beginning oF EpicNoW..:)

And here’s the lInk to the longest
poem in recorded human history
once again.. nOW..
“SonG oF mY SoUl”..
and trUly bY N0W
thAt shOuLd bE heIR
apParent.. to those
who ‘see’
FeeL and
and thaT’S aLL
i for ONE
coMe to bRinG..
wITh steps
oF Dance
oN course..
as without
dance.. words
are DEAD..
aLiVe mY
oF steps
and words..
aS i WiTh GODonE
noW KinGdoM CoMe..
And yes.. i have hope..
faith.. and belief that technology
wiLL finAlly catch up with mE..yes..
perhaps before i die.. the sooner
the better certainly to give
and share aLL of i as and
wITh God and y O U
miGht ask
wHy i have
thiS hope..
this faith..
tHis beLief..
iN hUMaN
WeLL thAT iS
simple YOU are
the greAtest poTenTial
of God expreSsinG as God’s
eYes and ears.. FeeLinG
SeNsinG and kNoWinGnoWoN
planEt eARTh noW..
i oNly have
five words
for you..
LOSE iT’..
in other
words just
F iN
like Nike
says too..
anyone and
everyone iS
eMploYeD bY
theY reaLiZe
iT iN aWaKeNinG
aNd EnliGhteNinG
waYs Or noT iN N0W..
so aLL i have is FriEnds..
dArk and liGht oF aLLnOW..
ThiEf iN thE niGht arT wEnoW..:)


WeLL.. mY friend gigoid.. to the
advantage of resting those feet
that did the dance of 30 or so miles
over the weekend at beaches..
boardwalks.. malls.. and
all places ‘tween..
i staRted on
my first
rehash oF aLL
the micro-poetic
expressions i’ve been
making at the dVerse
online poet’s pub.. for an
entire year.. April 2015.. through
March of 2016.. and at ‘this
point i’ve perused 4 months
of blog posts.. several
hundred thousand
62K or so..
in the developing
Novel as is now..
about a third of
the way through..
so.. 200K words
or so iN total poetic
close to make
the Blog Novel..
iN Free Verse fashion..
titLed.. GodsUniverseNovel3..
iN what iT wiLL come to be as i reflect
on the ongoing process of developing
it here today.. so yes.. well over a million
words or so.. to peruse.. before this thing
is done.. but haha.. meanwhile.. the feet
are propped up and resting nicely..
while steam
off my
brain.. i rather
do the poetry than
Bring the overall organization
required to keep track of where
i’ve been and wHere i’m going..
but hey.. as they say.. a
balance.. and
the mechanical
cognition mind is
kind of a necessary
old friEnd.. iN a dArk way to
make the liGht seem briGhter later.. yes..
oh.. so fresh.. in moving.. connecting
creating way.. so.. off to see your
next post now.. as i gather seed
and floWers to make
the next blog post
after the epic
one coming
soon.. hope you
are resting great as well..
my friend.. and i will certainly
make another milestone heRe
noW for what i am trying
to do.. to test
human potential
as a guinea pig of sorts..
to leave some guidelines.. hopefully..
for some folks to go wHeRe they have
never gone
before too..
as thErE iS no
sky thaT iS a limit
wHere i for one liVeNow..:)


“If a cat spoke, it would say things like
“Hey, I don’t see a problem here.” — Smart Bee”

At the bottom of my many
illnesses.. in perhaps the
of my life.. 2008..
our cat Arthur.. a
brown tabby.. then
15 LBS of power.. just
14 years old.. young..
alWays strived to
enter the home..
but no go..
as cat
closed air
ways for me then..
but it didn’t matter
as i had become so
weak that my calves
of legs withered away
and Arthur the Noble
Wild one passed
right through
my shins
for a
warm day
in shelter way..
and since i was
already long past
ready to die.. i said
fuck it.. and gave in to him..
but the strangest thing happened..
i did not sneeze.. and perhaps
it was more ’cause
i was already
at the
point and no
longer cared enough
to sneeze.. hehe.. but anyWay..
perhaps that cat actuAlly strengthened
my immune system.. or better yet worked
it away from destroying my own body
in auto immune system
disease way..
i will always
have a
cat and F iT
i’ll bE oNE too..!
Da miT as they don’t
need a book to survive!
and they don’t need any
fucks..! they just do it.. and move on..
but anyway.. when i try to explain to the
dudes at the gym.. that my gorilla sounds
are just me unleashing.. releasing..
mY inner beast
as i cannot make those
kind of LOUD decibels
bY the
with the ‘alpha’
head in the general
public.. iN fAct.. i tale them
i am mild mannered.. more
easy to believe when i do the
ballet act in moving grace..
and then i ask
them.. have
you ever
seen a
Lion walk or
measured the size
of their testicles.. weLL yes..
they walk very gracefully like
a ballerina with a heavy chest too..
and let’s just say the weaker parts
are easier to rip off in a fight with
claws and
for sure..
Adapt to challenge..
change.. or perish..
the laws
of the
do remain
for those who
are smARt enough
to remember the Art noW
oF the animal kingdom within..
oH.. the sanitary napkin of culture
you do take.. Wild and Free.. Grace
and Strength.. Compassion.. Sharing
Giving.. Moving.. Connecting.. and Creating
Away.. oh.. to forget you is bliss.. oh.. to live
is to remember and JUST DO iT noW OG! yeS!
to bE
aNd Free aGaiN..
BEast i was.. BEaSt i am..
Beast i WilL bE iN hAIR oF Y i..:)


Katrina.. decided ‘today’..
if i could do “women’s
work” of writing a one
to two hundred thousand
word F iN EpiC Free
Verse Novel..
she could dam
sure do
my other
job that
only she and
the gardener do now..
yes.. barefoot and
armED wiTh
washer..wink emoticon

i seriously never F iN reaLizED..
i have green eYes.. until the selfies
came along.. and in some photos
blue.. some green.. and science
says only green eyes change
colors.. so the stARt/
final eye color
verdict is green..
and my
DL is a lying
card for that piece
of trivia today.. and that
reminds me.. my mother.. an
actual published print poet..
unlike me.. who is
just hanging
the E-World spHere..
wrote a poem about my
Father named “Green Eyes”..
about how she working for the
County judge.. spotted his bearded
beverage agent style for yes.. the ATF
way of catching moonshiners and all
that ‘deliverance’ kinda stuff back
then in the backwoods
of the Northern
parts of
Florida Counties
then.. anyway.. she
was attracted by his looks
to reader’s digest her poem..
but he didn’t say a dam
thing.. after the
marriage until
i’m gonna
divorce ya now
@3yrs… ’cause ya
wanna stay home
and raise those kids
instead of making the
big bucks.. like my other
relatives are doing now..
hmm.. i got
the good part..
from my mother..
in a way oF Love
then bride to be
of A Devil in blue
jean law enforcement clothes..
yes.. the Love pArt and the
green eyes too.. mesmerizing
the most beautiful woman2now..
in the world now too at 46..
and no.. not much
talking for me in
23 years of marriage..
but now.. haha.. shut uP!
Fred! is what i hear most..
if ya can imagine that.. hehe..
when the Devil’s spawn finAlly
to speak..
as metaphor
only please..
as you do know
that the really feminine
women.. are most always attracted
to the most masculine man around..
often named as bad boy Devils
IF THeY are not
taking birth control..
as that makes women
seek the beta males according
to modern science.. and that
my friends.. is why we have
so many battles of the
sexes going on now..
at least in part..
as opposites
are no
attracting as much..
and the balance of
human nature and culture
is changing.. all around us..
as the Aeon of the me generation
comes to forefront over strong armed
patriarchy.. and even the Matriarchal
leaning ways of distant 10K to 12K
so-called primitive cultures.. and
some that still exist in
Rain forests
and other
areas today..
A Me generation..
is one who even loses
interest in reproducing as
as is already evidenced in
Japan.. along with the
cosmetics revolution..
in South Korea.. for
young males..
and metro-sexual
ways of being.. wHere
gender lines are blurred
heRe.. as well.. but here’s the
thing.. iT’s juSt NatUre and
CultUre hOlding hands
as God wiLL do free..
to reduce the
over populating
killing machine out
of balance with the rest
of Nature.. to get the job
of Balance better done iN
the fUtUre.. when aLL iS sAid
and dONE.. iT miGht bE a tough
road to go.. for we humans but
oF wherE we go
as a species
next in the Aeon
of the child.. the me
generation.. arriving
now.. ironicAlly enough..
to save the F iN Balance
of Nature.. in lesser reproductive way..
tRuSt mE.. if i had gained my inner
beast when much younger..
more than likely there
would be few words..
and chances are
i would be
supporting a family
like my father did from
far away.. as what comes
in the genes stays in the human
when set free.. away from the chains of culture..
but i for one am just fine with how iT aLL tURNed ouT..
iN fAct i aAm
so dam happy
mY father left.. as
i am not stuck in a polarized
view of what iT F iN means to
be hUman.. Living can
be much more than
just reproducing..
iT can be
other stuff that
will give more than
take away from limited
resources of human and other liFeNoW..:)


SMiLes.. my friend.. Candice.. oh.. the Neurodiveristy of
humanity.. a term i might ADD.. or ADHD..
created in the online Autism Communities..
WitH an extreme propensity for numbers..
but without a social cue
to say what to
feel next
from grade
school to college
to work and on until
my 40’s.. yes.. adversity
comes for those who are
different.. particularly when
they are so odd and there is
no label for it..
other than
with danger
for getting
before adulthood
for simply being
S T R A N G E..
or NOW the ones
who moved from Asperger’s
to So-Called Higher Functioning
Autism.. but not really fitting
my Autism still.. in terms
of United States
away from
Gillberg criteria..
as i did not speak
until age 4.. then..
and often sat iN
an office in my 40’s
at work wondering
if i would know what
to say at all in a conversation
as i rose through the ranks from
three college degrees at the top of the
class.. no expressive writing skills or coherent
paragraph speaking skills.. until decades later..
after passing out shoes at a Bowling Center..
ruling Computers.. Supervising and
Managing.. Administrating
in paint by numbers
micro SYSTEM
IZING manage way..
additionally.. the last
kid picked on sports teams
in grade school.. eventually
becomes the overall strongest
dude in an elite military gym
at age 55.. the boy the other boys
called the F word and Queer..
marries perhaps the
most beautiful
46 year woman in the
world.. and the one who folks
made fun of in expressing themselves
as the quiet one with no words is finishing
up close to a 200K word all free verse poetry
Novel.. in the next day or so..
but you kNow who i Love
most.. all the folks who
told me i did not
deserve to
for my ‘short’ comings..
the one’s who said you have
bird legs.. your hair is so full
and your lips or so full you should
have been a girl.. even in my Frigging
40’s.. albeit less hair on the crown
of my head then.. hehe..
anyway.. my friend
i too wear
the crown CROSS
of adversity.. but here’s
the thing.. i took the blows
and chose victory over vengeance..
refuSinG to become a bully
let Love
die even when
it did after all the
stress took it away..
SO survive and never look
back.. a new now will come…
hold your head high.. and dance
the game of life.. oh yeah and they
told me you don’t even know how
to walk.. now named a dance legend
by the
of then..
the human condition
is one of miracle for those
who continue to
and that my friend
is the SonG oF mY SoUL
theRe is
no sky of limits
when imagination
and creativity come
on board in awakening
and enlightening way..
liFe is more
than a numbers
game.. of likes..
followers and
shares.. and sadly
the systemizing
ways of the
Zombie Apocalypse
is creating a world
of left brain only thinkers..
Art is the answer to a fuller life
my friend.. so continue the inspiration
as Art WiLL be the savior of humankind
and the rest of liFe on this planET overALL..
mY Neuroextraterrestrialdiversity WORlD..;)


“in the attic
voices scream
nothin’ seen
real’s the dream
leaving the things that are real behind
leaving the things that you love from mind
all of the things that you learned from fears
nothin’ is left for the years
[repeat chorus]
toys, toys, toys
in the attic”


THeRe are two ways of liFe iN bEinG..
one relative will that we mosT aLL share
and can continue to perfect as practice
over the course of liFe
from A to
B alWays
A for ALiVenoW..
Positive thoughts.. feelings.. senses..
as that relates to all receptors in all
cells of human body as mind and body
interrelate and become
oNe force of positive
and neurohormonal
iON energy.. no less
tRuLy than metaphor
oF Sun shining
above as
as US..
or the other way oF heLL..
negative thoughts.. feelings.. and senses..
so how to regulate.. for emotions.. integrate..
for senses.. WeLL trUly iT is not rocket
science iT iS noW to Now a practice
of MoVinG the hUman body as
Art to reinforce regulaTion
of emoTions and inteGraTion
of seNses.. connecTinG wiTh
others to increase neuroHormone
connections oF social bonding
as oxytocin touch.. and
Serotonin Trust..
iN neurochemical
and the
iNherent iN
lEArning and or
creating something
new.. sadly though.. wE
live in a world of pre-planned
input output data garbage of
remembering step by step
word by word
of what
is spoon-fed
to us to fit the
COGs of a society
that has grown from
tools of comfort for survival
to instant gratification sources
that take away the adversity.. challenge..
and adaptation to do MORE MORE MORE than
‘THEY’ CALL IT Neuroplasticity
for groWinG new connections in
the wiring of the bRain.. and Epigenetics
for unpacking dormant DNA and becoming
strong and smart as our ancestor apes..
when facing environmental challenge..
in successful adaptation and change..
but that’s not all as all
cells of the body have
receptors for correct
pleaSure that says now
you are doing things
in A positive way..
or discontent
of negative
feeling.. sensing
ways.. with or without
thoughts as associations
for feelings to guide us
on the way to liGht away
from dARk.. theRe iS
rhYme and reaSon to
ARt.. oF uS..
and a science
Of LiVinG pleaSure
iN Balance that WiLL
work when tailoRed In
each iNdividuAL preference
oF liFe.. however.. withOut
the practice.. the worK
oF EnHanCinG
reLative free
WiLL.. in ACTUaL
OFF OF F iN 2 dimensional
dopamine enhancing light
box screens of screams
that leaves out
the fully social..
the neurohormone
and yes.. estrogen
and androgen
of Being
feminine and
masculine whole..
in yes.. oxytocin
social flesh and
blood.. and
fluid Loving
ways of free
floWinG iN Stars
oF eYes that
meet and
do more
than hear
and see.. theRe are
smells.. therE are tastes..
tHere iS touch.. therE
Is propRiocepTion oF
FeeLinG mother
in a dance of moving
wHere one connects without
the other five senses aT
aLL to Mother
so above..
below.. inside..
outside.. and all around..
Toys are in the attic
true but they are also
all around the body
just waiting
to be
and practiCED
as Superhuman Real
the way we were meant
to be..
we become
2D liGht box
screens away
more fully human..
oh.. intelligence of Standard
IQ.. you mEasure so little oF
whAT humaNiTy even means as ISreAL
vibrant star six pointED bEinG
A TriAnglic oF Male
and V TriAnglic
oF fEmale
As sTar
oF David
oh Art..
you expand
on UniVerse oF
i’s in myriad
the only
thing thaT iS
stopping uS from
groWing iS ironicAlly
the science that says
less than
Science IS A way
buT ART iS FReEDom..:)


For a Beaver
theRe iS alWays
a dam to make..
for a human
there can
be dams
not to give..
Ah.. but the Busy
Beaver of the ‘Turing
Machine’ wITh heARt
i choose to WiLL.. and i’m
fAIRly sure that when the
Beaver is on the path and
journey to building dams
the beAver both gives
and shares and
just does a dam…
The Beaver.. one of the largest
Rodents shares a Rodent
ancestor wITh mosT aLL
DNA hUmans.. 75
MilLions oF years a
go too.. the Beaver
never kNows what the
end result of the new Dam
Will bE path and journey.. beGinninG..
enDing.. fiNish.. stARt.. NowOnoW..
AnyWay.. see ya later friend.. wITh MaKinG
more dAMs alWays SharRinG.. GiVinGnoW..:)


Another Day iN..
aS.. WiLd oF NatUre
wITh and As FReED photos.. words
and other stuFF noW to giVe and shaRe
WiTh thE WORlD iN WiLd WiDe WeB..;)

Well.. now through the month of August starting
September of 2015.. perusing and joining up all
the poeTry from dVerse prompts and links through
the 14th link of the 169th open prompt.. March 31st..
‘GodsUniVerseNovel3″ is noW at 123K words or so ..
so yes.. considering i have about 7 months more to go..
to get it all gatHeRed toGeTheR as iT were and iS to bE..
200K words pluS WiLL likely be the final recipe for this Epic
Novel.. of a fuLL year journey in so many paths of poeTry
as branches to UniVerse of I.. in Myriad MultiVerse way..
anyWay.. coming up with 200K words plus means i WiLL
have to peruse a total of One Million plus words as
typed iN mY blog over the year of efFort.. and yes
i read fast.. VERY FAST.. AND write that way
in typing too.. but tHeRe are a few human
limits wHere iT WiLL take more than
an hour to finish the joB wHolE..
so a little Sith help iS in Order..
as i’LL take aLL the assistance i WiLL gAIn..
from both tHe dArk Force and liGht aS WeLL..
and BalanCinG oF Course.. wRite oN Course..:)

Yes.. i aM soLiCiTinG
HelP from the Entire
Force Works to gET
thE Novel JoB dOne..
fOr sAgeS iN
EpiC Bard Way..
but i have to admit..
i muSt noW ask mY
Force Team mates

oKAy.. i’M 100% sUre
i aM Super-Hero poWeReD
uP enough to finish the Novel..
perHaps as soon.. as the end
of ‘Morrow niGht!.. yes.. aLL 200K plus words
wITh Awesome Beach photos to headline each
separate prompt across the Mult-Verse Journey
and paths oF 12 dVerse months iN poeTry waY..;)

And here a couple of topic appropriate
Facebook two year old memories
as suggested by
the Facebook
THAT has
been doing
a pretty good
dam robot job lately..
for free.. hehe.. one of
mY many online all free
Secretaries and personal assistants..
heLL who even needs the Robots from
Star Wars
when ya
got free ONLINE HELP..
trust me i don’t do Superman
without help.. haha.. FOR REAL..:)


Gospel of Thomas

3) Jesus said, “If those who lead you say, ‘See, the Kingdom is
in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they
say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you.
Rather, the Kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you.
When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and
you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living
Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty
and it is you who are that poverty.”

113) His disciples said to Him, “When will the Kingdom come?”
“It will not come by waiting for it. It will
not be a matter of saying ‘Here it is’ or ‘There it is.’ Rather,
the Kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth, and men
do not see it.”

Luke 17:21 King James Version (KJV)

21 “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

John 14:12 King James Version (KJV)

12 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

Problem with most all Sacred Texts is folks
cherry pick what they like
and leave out the
rest.. and yes..
often the same
applies to ‘religious’
text in science abstracts…

For me.. i go by what i experience..
by what i taste.. touch.. hear.. smell..
see.. propriocept.. and feel through emotional
heARt.. and eXpreSsinG/Interpreting/Mirror Neuroning
those emoTioNs/senses/kNoWinG wayS
of i and otHeRs
what science
describes noW as
cognitive and affective empathy
and associated sympathy and
compassion in “Layman’s”
terms as iS sTiLL
iN/aS A ‘common’
human way..
some folks
do not experience
empathy in this way..
either by choice or innate
reality.. in brain structure
and other body way..
and then tHere
iS soUl iN miNd
and boDy BaLanCinG
MaKinG the arcHetYpe
of feminine and masculine
iN innate human being one
aGaiN.. after separatED by the
language of culture if indeed that
language separates the innate unITy
of what can be a BalanCinG hUman
animal.. anyway.. LiFe is Good when
real and natural as evolVING FREE AT
the heiGht oF ALL experience
we kNoW.. SeNse.. and FeeL
that CAN be the human
one in the KinGdoM
oF NatuRe
noW God
oNe and sAMe
as aLL.. but yes..
the tool of written language
IS A bRain washing tool iN both
mind and body way whEtheR or not
wE reFuse to see thiS reaLITy from
cultUre to religion to politics
to philosophy
or not..
NatUre has
all the answers
iN uS.. outside Us..
above us.. aLL around
US as by GOD.. GOD iS
God oF dArk of LiGht..
Of Moving Dance
and InsPiRinG
SoUndD oF
thaT iS real LiVinG noW
as pLay of liFE… so noW
when i want to view/sense/feel MORe
of God iN action than dead words Now
oF Print.. and Walls.. and Ceilings that
do not breathe and bleed.. or eat..
sleep.. sense.. feel.. and
MoVe and SinG A SonG
oF LiVinGkNoWinGnoW..
i leave the Condos
of the Beach behind..
the Buildings in front
of Forests gone..
and Breathe..
Dance and
SinG wITh
Fly WinGS that
can flow WitH God
at 60 miles per hour
wITh WinGs of Magic
more than any hUman
has ever seen senSed or fELt..
i can only imaGine thiS experience
and eXpreSS whaT those of NaTure
do so much more than i.. but anyone
with half a FucKinG ‘iF yoU sEEk iN God’ bRaiN..
sees/feels/kNoWs the star duSt oF
God they are and worships
the God oF Nature STANDING
FROM WinGs oF Dragons Flying
to the
spiny legs
of cockroaches
StiLL surviving after
300 to 400 million years
before we ARE an after
Dance and SonG
oF the
Seed oF aLL
of NatUre that iS
God.. sTiLL BLooMinG
STiLL FloWeRinG iN poTenTiaL
when WiLd and Free and wITH
all thAT said.. friEnd gigoid.. i’m
up to 123K words of my
newest Nautilus
SHeLL or so..
through August
of 2015.. 7 more
months to go.. over
200K.. before the now
of that milestone comes..
but by God i am more inspiRed
by the WinGs of 300 to 380
million year old
sETs oF
Fly WinGs
that can flY
60 MPH.. at
tHeir minuscule size..
than sky scrapers that
takes billions of humans
in collective intelligence to
produce as many humans
cooperating together now..
the Dragon Fly is already
without any
written language..
culture.. religion..
politics.. or philosophy
in collective so-called
F iN Intelligence that is
raping the resources of the
Earth.. wHiLE God SPeeds aWay
Dragon WinGs..
wHere the Love oF wE
iS the God dAM thing
that makes uS advanced over
the Dragon.. who cannot hug
and feel
the clouds
oF comfort iN
noW SinG SonG
oF heARt iN SpiRit
waY.. but by God thAT
Dragon fly has perhaps
tHe greATest LonGest proVen
MiNd and BoDy soUL iN Balance
oF aLL tHe
creaTioN oF iS
wE FLY foR NoW..
wHom has alReaDy
iNheRitED thE Earth
aS MeeK WitH
oF SuperGodFReED..:)

SMiLes.. i’m into
Nature.. all the rest
is illusion and
Nature as
No Real
Unless we
Create that
Of Real..:)

A long
No beginning
Or end but now..
Now.. What a breather

i do not thInk i would have experiencED
almost complete dissolution of ego..
if not for life threatening illnesses..
over a period of 66 months..
Emotions Drive ego..
in terms of
social conforming
for most all social
animals.. in terms
of hierarchy.. in dominance
and submission… for gaining
reproductive rights.. and subsistence..
including Food.. Water.. and Shelter..
The tool of those who dominate
others is shame and
fear.. and Lord
knows i for one..
was truly dominated
most of my life.. in that
hierarchy as i neither was
comfortable in my own skin..
in ways of regulating emotions
or integrating senses.. in a life spent input
more in Books.. Lectures.. Electronic Media
and Entertainment.. more than moving.. connecting
and creating output of something new.. Pain taught
me the silliness of staying with the same.. and change
was the best solution oF aLL.. in new.. however.. how
to lose the shame of the hunch back of Notre
Dame.. locked in a bedroom for
66 months.. without contact
with humanity
whole in flesh and
blood.. weLL.. i decided
i WiLL Survive.. at all
costs.. according to
Donna Summer..
folks like
Miley Cyrus
and other artists who finally
go out on the branch oF a TaLLer
tree and take a chance at bEinG
so much more free without
shame and fear
of what others
might think
or feel about
one’s different freedom than
they.. but truly the ability to gain
a Zen Art of Changing Ego to suit
one’s self esteem of feeling good..
in Serotonin comfort.. is also an illusion
away from Nature that technology provides
for we who no longer depend on others
as much for the
Relationship for survival
now.. i’m truly not impressed
with the Zen and Buddhist
leaning goal
Ego Dissolution
as a way of being..
sure it can work in a bed
room closed in or a monastery
but Social Survival for an animal
in the Wild or Work World Working
with other folks requires it in the
pecking order of Social
animal hierarchy of
dominance and
and all the ‘tween
for subsistence and survival..
all the Ivory Tower talk of Monasteries
and Basements of Mom and Dad’s living
arrangements.. will not change
the fAct of Nature
when social
is pARt of
the Social Animal Game..
So.. i’m Financially Independent
and can sWinG the gAMe of Zen
Ego.. howEver which way oF loose
i choose to go.. but i have no
illusions of what would
have to be
if i entered
the Government
Work World of tightly
white collarRed ways
of Social Norm BeInG..
so.. truly this aberration of
liFe of free makes folks like Eckart
Tolle.. Miley Cyrus.. and Lady Gaga..
and yes me.. and so many other folks..
N0W possible.. but this aberration is coming
real greater as another illusion of reaLITy
REAL.. AS WE no longer depend
on each other as much
for subsistence
and survival
but oh no..
we ‘normal’ hUman
beings.. per se.. STiLL have
the innate.. instinctual.. and
intuitive need of acceptance
for the human touch.. And that
my friend is part of the reason.. at
least that suicide rates.. are much higher
in so-called technologically advanced first
world countries.. One can think they escape
Mother Nature in submission to what is tHeir
Nature.. but Nature is the Realist Deal of aLL..
one can balance this Nature within with relative
free will.. but when one thinks they can
escape iT with
like total
of ego.. aWay
from emotional and
sensory needs.. desires
and all the sweet stuff that
drives life.. usually tHeir is a
REAL Karma iN Now of Action
Consequence In terms of Sweet
and SoUr LiFe.. trUly what is good
and what is bad is all relative
to nature..
to master
iT iS juSt
an ongoing
practice of what
Maslow describes
as self-actualization.. it seems..
and that my friend.. that balance
of what Nature iS iN me.. iS an ongoing
education oF Art and Science that is getting
fUn more aS i lEarn to master iT iN a balance
of Dancing with the PLaY as WiNd and
Water and
Zen Art of Ego
in feeLinG and senSinG
all the healthy Social Animal
Will do in a liFE WiLd and Free too..
My God iS Free and so i am.. but sure
i have a healthy respect for that God of Nature
wHere iN mY opinion the true ego would be to
that no
ego is a goal aT aLL..
iT’s much more fun to walk
with head held high in the gyms
of life and jungle sidewalks too..
than to live life in submission
of false
humility too..
To give and share
is humility to me..
and pARt of that is to
walk tall and fearless with
close to zero shame of what one
is at core.. free and balanced..
it was very hard for me..
to finAlly
lose those laughs
that were at me.. as silent
utterances of someone who
likely would never feel or sense
the Freedom i have now.. but sure
once one becomes truly free in Loving
Fearless Balance oF aLL oF liFe.. including Zen
Ego.. as metaphor of course not to offend
the so-called Zen officials
of this
way or
that way
of bEinG now..
one tries to help raise
others up no matter who
they are or what they’ve done
as one understands they are just
duSt in the wind too.. whether Floating..
Sinking.. Soaring up.. or even Epic like ME..
but i earned iT friend.. every FucKinG grey hair..
word.. step.. smile.. laugh.. so
i have zero
for what
i am now..
and truly that
advice for whomever
wrote the Gospel of Thomas
about treading on one’s clothes
and getting back to Nature.. iS the
best advice for me.. butT after
i already
did it..
all innately..
and intuitively
too.. Culture is complicated..
Being a social animal in a very
complex culture is even more complicated
but returning back to Nature after escaping
is not that
hard if one..
sTiLL to me.. at least..
moves.. connects.. and creates..
now.. leave any pARt ouT iN Flesh
and Blood liFe.. including healthy
self esteem and Ego.. and theRe
is a price i for one.. see.. to pay to the
oF uS likely
wiLL ever escape..
at least for what i kNow
and FeeL oF iT noW.. in tHis
little illusion.. and sliver of Heaven
that iS REAl.. and more real than these
2-D letters and words.. that ends as FriEnD noW…:)


Back in the days when i was most aLL scientist and
and little to almost no poet.. hmm.. stUFF changes..;)

This was one of my first early
poetic sparks..
and yes..
can grow
into real Nautilus
Shells.. that last..:)


Posted on April 28, 2016 by katiemiafrederick..
WeLL.. here’s the link above for GodsUniVerseNovel3
spanning the highlights of a full year
in writing poetic expressions in
response to all the dVerse
Online Poet’s Pub
offerings in every
prompt and every
lInk from April 2015
’till the end of March
2016.. but truly it
requires a fast computer
and broadband access
to open the Word Press
Link and unfortunately the
Google Blogger Blogs do not
have the capacity to house a
Novel that is as epic as this..
as yes.. believe it or not..
it is 338,630 words long
(close to double
the size of the
New Testament)
with around 300 or
so eXtremely gorgeous
beach photos to accompany
ALL the journey and paths
of poeTry therein.. as an
anthology of sorts
too.. anyway..
if nothing else
i just did it..
hehe.. and
i’m sure it will
at least make a conversation
piece on the street for folks
with iPhone6s and above
with an LTE connection
who WILL be able to
open it up as already
tested on mine.. but i
have to admit.. opening
it up on my close to 3 year
old iMac Desktop workhouse
takes a couple of minutes..
and true that is much
too long to
wait for what
most folks are
willing to wait for
these days to see
if they even wanna taste
it as it were and as it is now..
But haha.. this is just a hobby
and dam sure not something i
could make a living at for BUCKS..


“Not every soil can bear all things.”

~~ Virgil ~~

SMiLes gigoid.. i’ll take
this for the Wisdom of the
Day.. plus all the lEarning lesSons
that tHere are limits in life.. perhaps
not for me.. hehe.. but yes for the
state of E-Land.. potential.. as
what was once thought
by me to be
a 100K
turns out
to be 338.63K
that just barely meets
the constraints of WordPress
and didn’t come close to fitting
into the Blogger Blogs.. but write
and expand.. lEarn and narrow..
i guess..
and it’s
just as WeLL..
’cause it’s jUst for Fun..
and the fun iS iN the dam creating..
the putting the pieces together that
are already created.. is what i used
to do over and over.. noW
at least allowing
me to visit a
little of the
hell i used
to live in
and appreciate even MORE..
the creating free environment
thaT iS the mainstay now.. oF
my heArt.. mY SpiRit.. mY soUl..
as trUly iT iS easier for me to halt
that pARt.. than the systemizing
sTuFF that will go on for waking
hours until the job
is done..
without any
to bE FREE.. iN MoVinG..Connecting
CreaTinG.. and i’m gonna wash that
systemizing science RIGHT out
of my hair in the
of NiGht..
with all
the cool
age folks
my 108th week
of doing just
that at Old
hope you are
doing WeLL and
the issues that arose
have aLL Fallen aWay uP to Peace..:)

Yes.. now.. i can say i did..
have fun dancing tonight
i also can say.. i should have
never stopped at age 29 when
i got married.. truly i lost
quite a bit of the
skip in my
step that
i own again..
albeit a little
stiffer in the
morning and
closer to the ground..
no hopping and running
for me.. just flowing.. floWinG..:)


Oh.. Latin.. Dancers..
have rhythm.. perhaps
a stereotype.. but true..
and yes.. my paternal
Grandmother.. was as
Cajun as they do come
and that and the Sioux
And Cherokee.. is why
even with pale green
eyes.. i do tan brown..
yes.. free in sand/sun..
without the cloudies..
oh yeah.. and they
had zero idea they
were celebrating
an After Novel
of a third
of a million
words of Epic
Free Verse style..
in blog way all free..
but it was too loud in
there to spread the link..;)


And yes..
tonight’s dance..
brought on by
the pale green eyes
of a wolf shirt.. kinda on fire..
i had a ‘nightmare’ last night
that i was heading to dance
in a flannel looking shirt and
long slacks.. ugh.. something
i probably would have done
‘back then’.. in the nerd days..
now i’m crazy cool like Fonzie Einstein..;)


Facebook Friend Cortney and long term frolicking
dance friend from Seville Quarter shares a video
defending millennials as inheriting a
very difficult ride from
the baby boomers..
in terms of
Jobs.. the environment..
and other assorted challenges.. and i say..

Big problem for ‘kids’ of all colors from the ‘backwoods’..
particularly with single parents..
and close to zero resources for
except for the
ones.. one calls
in late to.. as
college cogs
in machines
of service.. don’t
get me wrong.. service
is great.. but don’t expect
to make a living off of it in the longest run until retirement..
and as far as blame goes
everyone is responsible
in a so-called
where folks are afraid
to make waves by disagreeing..
but yes that too is social animal Nature
conform or get outcast.. and starve.. getting
free as an individual is doable.. but turning
the titanic
THAT is for
everyone to do..
as a team coming together..
possible on the individual
level when folks fearlessly hold hands with different as
different is the
ultimate norm
of all
And quite frankly
from A to Z
real iS Real..
and so are humans
once they shed tHeir
clothes and or labels of culture..
A person who is truly fearless fears no different as REAL..:)

And truly one of.. if not the biggest problems
of millennials and everyone in modern
societies.. is sitting on their butt
and typing away.. Home
Entertainment.. Video
games.. screen
addictions.. where
i am no exception..
you are an athlete..
you know the benefits
of great health
but most
are in really sad shape..
price for that one third of
school age children who are
type two pre-diabetic.. close
to 50% of adults on some kind
of pain killer and sky-rocketing
rates of psychotropic drugs
to feed folks from an
emptiness of poor
health.. non-regulated
emotions and non-integrated
senses.. without that LIFE REALLY SUCKS..:)

And final note.. and don’t
worry.. yes.. this is just a fluke..
i’m not going to write Novels
on your personal Facebook page
in the future.. but yes.. folks in general
and particularly in the last several decades
as science shows in empirical studies have
at the college age.. in studies.. lost around 30% of
measurable amounts of empathy.. hell.. ask
some folks what the difference between
affective empathy and cognitive
empathy is and they
will not have
a clue even
when it is explained
in detail.. anything but
face to face flesh and blood
reduces human empathy.. fact
of Nature where upwards of 90%
of human communication is non-verbal
in the empathic sense of emotional contagion
as flesh and blood.. standard procedure these
days for many folks is totally ignoring other human
beings in the ‘real world’ as passing objects and no more..
real problem.. ’cause the flesh and blood connection is supposed
to feel good.. when folks have not lost the ability to feel that.. and
once again.. anything but the flesh and blood stuff is anti-thetical
to that.. and again.. i am no exception.. i spend more time behind
this dam screen than almost anyone.. but i dance to make it up..;)

Cortney says.. and i quote..

“I do agree people tend to ignore each other more than
they did “back when”, my dad always taught me to smile
and greet people.. I smile to every person who walks
by me and will sometimes ask how they’re doing…
I can be too friendly at times.. smile tear laugh

And i say..

i think athletic folks tend to be more confident..
simply ’cause they are comfortable in their own skin..
more so.. than folks who have not ever had the
opportunity to be challenged in it..
and yes.. ha!.. i can be too
friendly too.. and yes..
my mother who raised
me IS A Saint..
i’d probably be in
Law Enforcement iF
dad didn’t leave at age 3..
but friEndLY equals happy
and happy is much better than
sour frowny face all the time.. Winks..
i respect you and your friends.. moreover..
as you don’t discriminate against the different
among all.. and you know how to put your freak on.. sTiLL..:)


Facebook Friend Rafiah from Pakistan
shares a poetic Facebook Status..
and Lord kNows we
need more
and practicing
that as an art
on Facebook to
share a SpiRit oF
Love more than worry..
strife.. doubt.. etc.. and i say.. after she says..

Nights are beautiful. There are no outwardly
disturbances. You can embrace yourself
by being on your own.

and yes.. then i say..

i like going far out in the forest.. or the beach
away from footprints of culture
and stressful energy
from humans
as the plants
and animals
live with the
Peace of God Free..
and i surely feel it.. with
bliss of open skies and free earth..:)

And even though i never see Rafiah in flesh
and blood.. whenever i interact with her.. even
if i have to wait for her response.. i get that
warm human connection feeling per
oxytocin that ‘normal’
folks feel as Love
regardless of
any degreed relationships
or flesh and blood ties..
AS human
and sisters
who share
the same
basic dam DNA..
PoeTry is a bridge to increasing
the connection of human language
and emotions associated with both
affective and cognitive empathy..
and while it doesn’t always
match the flesh
and blood
it dam sure
comes in a close
second with other forms
of art.. including music.. etc..
The heart is a muscle in terms
of human empathy and Love that
must be exercised no different than
the ones with form.. the essence noW
of SpiRit iS free floWinG emoTioNs
and senses.. regulated and
integrated well..
as such..
We have a real deficit in this
country and all modern so-called
first world countries.. far beyond
economics and the work
ethic.. as well as
for subsistence..
deficits in moving.. connecting..
and creating.. where one actually
touches.. gives.. and shares the
products of their life of work
in subsistence
of surviving
truly changes
humans into the tools
they have created for comfort..
They are losing tHeir basic innate..
instinctual.. and intuitive humanity
in moving.. connecting.. creating..
in giving.. sharing
ways.. theRe is a
crisis of humanity
but it is much more
than a dollar bill.. it is
a muscle of hEart.. SpiRit
and soUl.. that is increasingly
withering away to tools of liFe.. instead of LiVinG
in moving.. connecting.. and creating ways oF Free toGeThER..:)


SMiLes.. gigoid..
yes.. i’VeNoWbeen
pRAncing all around
my metro area since
i gave up shy.. and quite
honestly.. one of my many
milestones.. to bring the statue
oF Apollo.. literAlly and physicAlly
to liFe iN the flesh.. yes.. the mature
version closing iN @
age 56 on June 6th..
but seriously.. what is
better.. a role model oF liFe
as money.. or one of athletic
youth.. poetry.. music
and healing..
not to mention
the darker side
oF destruction
iN case things
get out of hand..
as there must be a dArk
pArt oF aLL human archetypes
to muSe the liGht aS iT were and iS noW..
strangest thing though.. Apollo.. perhaps
the most common of ancient human God Archetypes..
through out cultures.. seems to be played by the
same nude model.. who does the
David statue.. and even
the Statue of Liberty
in drag of course..
in the harbor as such..
with a torch.. not unlike that
of the flame of Olympic Victory or Nike Swish
sTiLL to carry on across the ocean of poTenTiaLs
in human progress iN lands oF freer.. at least.. noW
anyway.. i’ll choose the Sun over a green back anyWay…
sAnd.. poetry.. music.. and dance.. so yes.. on the dance
pArt and away from destruction.. i’ll one up Apollo
with the assistance of modern technology
of course..
where by
noW.. anyone
whose been paying
attention… some of
anyone.. at least.. should
achieve the Apollo human
archetype iNow as folks who
have been shooting aT iT.. to be
as free as free can be in the pursuit and attainment
of happiness… otherwise known as heaven now..
Go Apollo.. Go.. and
never look back
at the folks
who chopped
off an almighty pen
is writing now as free..
iN only mythology real.. my friend..
FucK thAT bowInG sHit.. God doesn’t
liVe iN LioNs that way free or i foR Now..
poeTry iN SonG and Dance as music
bRinGs a bELL..
FReED.. juStiCe..
aS Liberty foR All..
And ps.. as talkED to iN
latest poeTry volumes
Mut.. Nut.. and Isis..
all played by
that same
woman who
looks almost
just like my wife
down to ear lobes
and shape of breasts..
who would have figured
life could be this strange..
Mark Twain was correct..
Fiction has to make
sense but FucKinG
reaLITy is no hOlds
barRed wHere
when a wish
is repeated enough..
sooner or later a self-
fulfilling prophecy
comes true..
and that’s
all prophecy truly
is.. careful what ya
wish for.. as that is the
crux of action-consequence
the desire
one and same
in idols of symbols
no matter word or statue
what comes may WiLL..:)


Facebook Friend Himali..
shares a Video illustrating
27 Life goals before
one settles
down and
i say..

SMiLes.. Lovely video..
on 27 life goals to do..
before settling down.. done all
but 1.. 2.. and 12.. but yes.. i travel
the inner Universe.. and always go
somewhere new in that infinite journey
noW alWays.. and in that way too..
i live somewhere else from now
to now ALwayS in new
inner/outer/above/below/all around experience..
and truly a secret to life too.. is to marry both a
job and person.. if so inclined.. that allows one
to never ever settle down.. my friend..
but of course that excludes having
children.. but true that is
also an answer to the world’s
over-population issues.. if more people
decide to create light for the world in terms
of that liGht my friend.. Himali.. Life is beautiful
in moving.. connecting.. and creating.. in aLL
ways that comeS in giving and sharing freeLY..
as earthly Angels will do with terrestrial wings..
oF Fearless emoticon..

And then Himali shares
a Kurt Vonnegut
Quote that says..

“Go into the arts. I’m not kidding.
The arts are not a way to make a living.
They are a very human way of making life more bearable.
Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to
make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower.
Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a friend,
even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can.
You will get an enormous reward.
You will have created something.”

And i say..

One Word..

plUs oNe..


IMG_5718 IMG_5720 IMG_5722 IMG_5723 IMG_5724 IMG_5726 IMG_5727 IMG_5728 IMG_5729 IMG_5730 IMG_5731 IMG_5732 IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5735 IMG_5736 IMG_5737 IMG_5739 IMG_5740 IMG_5741 IMG_5742 IMG_5743 IMG_5744 IMG_5745 IMG_5746 IMG_5747 IMG_5748

IMG_5937 IMG_5938



iN almost every truly small and peaceful society..
in fact.. the ‘science’ of sociology
shows the top
20 most peaceful
societies in the world..
have several things in common..
all are relatively small.. all iS given
and shared.. and the Golden
Rule of Love yoUr brother
as yourself
with taking
no more
then giving
as sharing
iS the way
of the Altruistic
human.. innately..
instinctually.. and intuitively..
in other words.. when humans
live in balance.. the metaphor
of Jesus.. per Love yoUr neighbor
as yourself and the rest of Nature
AKA God.. is the natural way
to go.. so in this way as
metaphor way.. as
more than
likely and
as scholarly study
shows.. only 18% of the
New Testament potentially
even came from one single
human being.. with a general
consensus that there probably
was an individual.. who we refer
to.. to day.. Named in the language
of the day as similar then.. however..
would he resemble much of what
Modern Christianity sees of
him today..
when Constantine
and his Cohorts from
the Catholic Church.. 325..
AD.. determined he would then
be a Soldier Sun God.. and yes..
part of a trinity as God man too..
no.. not likely.. any so-called modern
Fundamentalist Christian would even
pay attention to THAT MAN if he came
back today.. and walked ‘right’ through
the front doors.. in his sandals
or bare feet of God of Nature
real.. and besides.. on top
of that none of what wE
are noW.. iS
the same from
now to now..
so whomever
we become the next
now.. depends on how well
we move.. connect.. and create
iN liFe.. wITh of course.. the mechanical
cognition world.. still dead in tow..
away from the
of Love…
and WiLL of
course to juSt make
iT happen noW iN JuSt
doin’ iT.. like Nike sayS noW..
i’ll go with the Golden Rule.. obey
the Local.. State.. and Federal
Laws to keep mY freedom..
and beyond thAT
iT iS simply
a fREE
foR All..
wITh sTiLL.. relatively
worn out feat of feet.. too..;)


i ‘bEt’ iF Jesus
were alive today..
Prince would be his
Guitar player.. to open
uP hiS new sermon
oN a Mountain
oF Love..
sO inspiring thAT
SonG wiTh Jeff Lynne..
Tom Petty.. Steve Winwood
and others.. in terms of
guitar solo.. by Prince..
in particular.. i will
wait no more..
and share
my guitar
Solo of PoeTry..
iN terms oF aLL i see
and feel from the last
year of responding to all the
poeTry from dVerse.. through the
14th linked poem of the final prompt..
Thursday Open link Night.. of 31 March
and resume after that for more to come
as art WiLL FloW noW.. without tiMe for me..
and thAt’s the thing about reaLITy.. it’s a river
that flows timeless iN InFiniTy noW for those
who come to perceive
thiS Heaven
oF reaLITy noW..
but enough words of
Introduction.. now to
the tedious mechanical
cognition duty of collecting
all the eggs of art and putting
them in one baskeT.. per se..
a larger complement
to the first two..
Googable as such
iN terms oF
as other than photos to separate
each prompt effort over the course of
the year.. i will use some Beach photos
as they are the most beautiful pArt oF
comes aS
mY heARt..
mY SpiRit..
mY SoUl..
as WeLL..
and after all of that
iS said and dONe.. the
pARty oF noW iN i WiLL
resUme more fully aLive..
out of mechanical cognition
mind of getting aLL the seed
toGeTheR for one floWer
oF poeTry
foR noW..
and i’LL juSt use
one theme SonG
aS iT iS.. as trUly
when i pLay poeTry
that same kind of creative
spiRit thAT flows so easily
through the fingers oF Prince
Flows iN keys oF heRe.. different
strokes for different folks but Free
is trUly FReED when FloWinG aSonEZonE..:)



Ah.. Dear John..

the messages of the ages that truly get through..:)

Lost and found muse living in love and light.. keeping muse.. is exploring and finding muse.. everywhere muse lives in light and love.. and all that other ST
musing NOW..:)

Ah.. the apple pie of dear Jane.. always waiting.. always patient..
always there.. but never FeeLING
for Love….NOW..:)


of the past dead and gone..

and Tea Party rising to take

away the gifts of freedom..



But.. IS as it and as it IS.. the popular party of

the President thank goodness.. IS still the people.. overall..

Gridlock or not.. at least.. there is hope..:)

So true.. the poetry of humans is

born in emotions and senses..

and words and letters are an expression of

human nature and all of the rest of that and is..

Winging it along a bird a fly never knowing down or up is to truly fly..:)

OMG! in a land of robotic calls.. the frustration of form letters has become it all…

So yes.. i too.. visit the land of backyard flower.. bees.. and birds of lore.. In life..

where all moves in tapestry and never follows a sidewalk of Zombie Apocalypse


Fear is the monster that kills all of love and human connection..

And the longer one goes without connecting.. the harder that becomes..

as lose or use it.. applies in all matters human and feeling

in connection too..:)

The Susan’s of time gone past and time in eyes.. of heart and life in feeling us.. a friendship is love.. a new a live in now.. that continues on.. as long as eyes.. glow and grow in Love..:)

Ah.. to find a holiday.. a feast in every now of day of month.. is too.. to know now.. in no knowing of anything but bliss..:)

A Happy fool is an April that never cares.. a worry over loving life as is.. for NOW..:)

Haha!.. if i have a Peanut Butter sandwich for every time i wish for a dollar to buy more.. in 6 years of college.. i will have all the Peanut Butter sandwiches.. i truly eat then.. as a staple
in diet of a starving student.. too..:)

It’s no wonder i’m nuts..

my mother has me tested..

and i am A OK.. but still frigging full

of 6 years of peanut butter sandwiches galore!..:)

Ah.. the broken dreams of desires of piggy banks.. do come in waves of
satisfaction.. where piggy can’t mind with no mind at all..

Perhaps.. Piggy has the truth.. and I will listen close..
broke or not..
as Piggy’s


to see the moon as imaginative joy

and not just a solid rock

of listless hope..

is to know

the joy
of the child..

with dreams..

still to come.. as free…

The moon is my friend..

the moon is my lover..

the moon is my sensate delight in unusual cover…

And after that i find humans too.. who share in the love of the moon child


A beautiful story it is to honor a father of 53 years of living in all the love that is there before in living memory of a father’s love.. loving goes on in the loving eyes of child well loved…

And it does remind me that even in 53 years of a father who lives to be 81..

he is there but he never allows me to get to know him at all..

Ah.. the distance of the heart…

is the longest distance of all….

farther than life

or death

for all…:)

The only place for me

to ever find the love of a father

is in the mirror…. and that’s okay..too..:)

So true.. with all the fears of the digital world blocking the human flesh and blood
connection.. that connection does have wires now.. to connect the flesh and blood
with the rest of the world as whole.. as cosmic collective intelligence of consciousness
becomes a reality true.. where digit and art become one finger of truth and light
for all.. who have access to BLC, Broadband Internet Love..:)

Ah.. so interesting the EWORLD is..

is to live in a place where reality stays here..
like a fingerprint ever etched of love or not..

the heart.. soul.. and spirit
is uploaded in a forever of a human soul..
at least as long as servers hold
true or not..:)

Yes.. to be able to order the weather the way we want it..

is not such a far fetched idea for humans in union..

as after all the observer effect is real in physics.. so..
imagine what three or four hundred or thousand

truly connected natives
can do together singing a rain song
of Summer in full unity
of life..
After all it
never gets cold
in rain forests..

does it..;)

Yes.. opposites do attract
and there is reason for that..
both freedom and due caution..
for survival like that..and feeling..
too.. most importantly

three.. for free..:)

To be wild and free and to love..

is enough..:)

OH GOD.. this brings back the memory of a

very ‘efficient’ director of department operations..

when 911 goes down in the middle of a manger’s meeting..

and he just says we’ve got business to
take care of.. there’s probably going to be more attacks to come..

Ugh.. when you just know.. a heart.. a soul.. a spirit


And then I know I better get out soon.. or i will
be dead

And truly that eventually did happen to

alive as dead.

Ah.. yes all change starts at the heart.. and for the analytical minds that
only know reason and do not feel heart.. those are not the minds
to be changed.. as grass roots are the hearts that count
for change in all things
A blade of grass in a letter will do
more than words of
swords together..:)

Well having a child of 51 days.. and holding him

without life support until he takes his last breath..

certainly brings tears to me.. to hear of the story of an aged man

who remembers the child

who did not
too.. in eyes of death
in hope
of life…:)

Ah.. to forgive the bad Santa
the greaTEST

1069 WORDS



Sharing is nice.. and that’s a nice beard.. to share.. for beasts
or not..:)

Ah.. LTE..LT..4G..3G.. and OMG 14.4 K…

Times are chaining not fast enough i guess..:)

But boy things are so slow

before.. when 1 pixel at a time

is an image of now..:)

OH GOD.. i have a Passport for literally 15 years and never really
go anywhere of value in it.. i loved that Passport.. even though
it cannot take me places i truly wanna go..
And now there’s a Civic.. a Honda too..
I no longer love cars..
People are my

And yes.. i write a
Poem for the Passport
when i sell it away

For me.. i just go dance

with hundred of people at a time..

And here comes ALL the muse dancing

at me..:)

Only problem is time and 10K words
a day.. or so..;)

But i’ll dance again tomorrow..
for thousands more

to come..:)

WITH hundreds of musing dancers too!..:)

With a months worth of April Shower
in just a morning or afternoon
OF wordy

letter head





IS the

Ultimate Beauty,

when ‘That Voice’ comes…

IT IS an empty life without IT…

Those who have IT
ARE Blessed beyond BELIEF…

So YES..

Blessed are ‘YOU’…

WHO have IT..

AND ‘that voice writes a letter’ for
me in my dreams this morning..
and now i must
as swelling
LIGHT of life as IS for NOW

A forest

of the heart.. of the soul..


of the flesh and blood as burned forest..

can never know the dreams of life in trees of leaves of grass set free..

And the Pyramids and stars will fall to dust too.. but for now is life and love..

with ashes and dust or not.. where paper cranes cannot lift the emotions of i..

And yes.. they can in feeling cranes..

Ah.. yes.. to hang with youth.. is to rise at least.. and most in spirit.. as young..

And sometimes December’s Spirit is the youngest of all.. even in crippled legs
and bent down head…

My Aunt teaches me that lesson of the ages at 94..

when her spirit is as young.. as
ever.. and mine is at least 104 at 47…

So.. now i return that favor to folks in life..

who are much younger than me.. in chronological
age.. of flesh.. but not me.. my Aunt now..

back to 16….in heart and spirit..

with soul.. older..

as ever….can be for me…

Perhaps I read too much into this..
but i see the strong black women
abandoned for a dream of
another ‘color’ of life that does not match
what one should be happy to be comfortable
in a culture that respects one’s brothers


The strong black matriarch of a black or white woman
will always be a Goddess to me.. with smiles too…

The rhythm is in the hips.. after all..

with all females i know… now…

One thing that always amazes me about the life in the ‘west’..

of country westerns is how agile the actors are in their bodies..

to meet the demands of a hand on life…

Truly missing from mine then.. as mostly a pen and pencil pusher..

with instructions on how to move..

To be wild and free and ride in tandem in taming the wild and free..

is the greatest life of all..

no doubt i know for now.. with just a taste of it..

in my life…

The storm of love precedes the spirit of the heart and soul

that continues to ride the oceans of love..

in calm and tremendous waves of the spirit of life..

as she blows her living breath..

to feel the sales of hearts and souls


with no living price





A great story of a psychiatrist becoming a poet..

we do need more poets.. overall.. in the field of medicine.

For me.. i do my best NOT TO THINK.. when i write poetry..

just letting what comes flow from the finger tips of beyond..;)

smiles.. and smilies to ya..;)2…;)but winks of course…<3

Amusing Bricks…

True for me too..

and i develop an art of muse..

as intensive as any writing i do..

JUST for that…

Where muse becomes science

and science becomes art…;)

But i study from ‘the masters’..


and body in balance..

and NEVER PAY-mind to the naysayers in life..

As the art of creativity is the ALL the reward in itself for me…

Truly that’s freeing.. with no limitations and most importantly
no expectations…

A total 180 degrees turn from the perfectionist who has a fit
when his wife moves ‘his bricks’ out of line.. a few years back..

And I do mean literally.. as i put those BRICKS IN LINE…

Now ‘my bricks’.. spiral like a Nautilus shell wherever

they care to flow.. and at times.. when revisited
by an approximation of that mechanical
sidewalk mind..

amaze THAT robot mind to

keep walking







And yes.. truly for

some folks pain is as close

to feeling something

at all that they
can experience..

And i suppose that is
the saddest part of human
nature than cannot be felt..

with pain or not…

The ending




can be hard enough..

but to sign it on the dotted line..

is an end of a beginning one hopes is not signed..

But a new beginning whether signed or not..

is always the next step..

for LOVE..:)

Ah.. the freedom of the blues loose in the

humidity of southern dialect ways..

there is nothing freer.. wilder..

and much deeper

than soul of music..

and i suppose the father of

rock and roll as well..

in the blue midnight

moons of the African deserts..

that also still exist in rap..:)

Well.. as a child who cannot

speak until age four..

and a young adult

who has problems

with language in general..
and even understanding the
overwhelming emotions..

that i cannot separate from what

i feel in emotional contagion..

from all other folks..

To come to the ability

to connect language with emotions

are certainly the guideposts of symbols for

peace of mind.. and flow of emotional expression..

in verbal language.. the farthest star of my life..

i finally reach..for now..:)

As before my eyes are all that i have

to truly connect like this in

innate human emotion..:)

And truly a challenge..

as those eyes

are now shaded in illness..

for emotional expression of and for others..:)

But yes.. with true grit.. there can always be

another way..:)

Truly words take me to

places i never visit in real life..

and of course they also take me away

from other places

i want to visit in real life..

but never the less..

with human connection there is light and life..

so to count my blessings is.. to count my words too..

at least in emotional expression of connection with others..

as is.. NOW..:)

Ah.. the singularity

of man and machine

where man learns machine

and becomes machine too..

to regain heart..

soul.. and spirit..

is to be the

‘Terminator’ of machines..

un-renewed.. with renewal of heart..

soul.. and spirit expressed.. as here2..:)

To believe is real and the greaTEST

gift of all that CAN BE FREE!..:)

Ah.. rain.. rain.. rain… a dusty early April..

in Northwest Florida.. IS now

turned into an over a week

deluge of flooding rains..


rain .. rain..

wHere the only


is getting wet

or UmbrElla of

covering rains of GOD’s Love..

as after all we are 90% or so RAINFULL!


I’ll stick with the sun and be A son as well..:)

And the perfume of the sweat of dance goes so much

farther than a smell of life..:)

The kindness of renewal of rain..

on dusty souls of flowers..

is a moisture i lean to as well..

to regain the colors of my soul..:)

Yes.. the poet’s lighthouse.. guides seas of words..

and waves that wash ashore.. in linings of paragraph shores..

and then @Some Poets the lighthouse dims..
a point of darkness.. but the muses.. are waiting.. beyond
the midnight moon.. of deepest ocean blues..
to light the candle of word houses..
in hues in light of moon
again in spiring


When snow white is dark and light is black crow
in instructing white to escape as light..
there is harmony in the Universe..
and we can all rest with peace..
with love for light and dark asNOW..:)

Somewhere long ago..

somewhere in a desert of loneliness flow..

one and then another.. start scratching imaginary

connections of stars in desert sand below..

And then there is

a letter of

geometry and flow..

a word.. a paragraph..

and when emotions do finally flow

in poetic words of expression..

There is this.. and i enjoy it

very much.. with smiles..

as well..:)

..So true.. the darkest nights of heaven..

can become the greatest lights.. in gift.. of human heart and soul

expressed as Truth and Light in Spirit.. in letting go and flowing

( as is..for NOW..:)

(:..THere is no science in the art of poetry for me.. with smiles..
laughs.. and winks.. IN the poetry that is NOWme..;)

That’s OK.. that your

Processor and Internet speed..

does not permit you to visit my blog..

and thanks for taking the time and effort

to explain that.. AND truly i come

to poetry to escape science

and there are no poetic forms or rules i desire to or will ever comply with

as art is the pART of my heART i refuse to lose.. in a frigging world

that is already systemizing science ENOUGH NOW that will take

the ‘Terminator 6’ to destroy now.. Haha!.. My posts are just

‘Trojan Horses’ of sorts.. that compromise much bandwidth

and processor speed hogging attributes at once..

the real brevity of poetry stuff is in my comments..

after all i say and dance is done for now..IN

responding to the inspiring words of others..

AND thanks for being so understanding..

as that’s another rare commodity..

i find in now

Ah.. the human condition evolved for peaceful easy sharing love.. when there are relatively small groups of sets of eyes to connect to.. not much more than 150 to 200.. hearts to connect to like that..:)

And then comes agriculture and the move away from free range humans.. and then the industrial age.. when men and women become the tools as fools.. instead of he and or her…

And now a four inch screen.. or if one is lucky 8 hours or so planted in front of a pleasing two-foot box.. is still so restricting a view.. to all the emotions and sensory experiences.. that can be.. the human being come true..:)

Dear anonymous.. you provide this same advice before..
and i respond with appreciation.. for the time and effort..
that you take to provide it..

But please know that i am fully aware that fewer folks
are going to read longer ‘epic poetic expressions’
in words.. images.. and videos..
that is currently what i do for the love of art..
not the expectation of anything other than the art of art..

i clarify that a number of times.. as i do now again..
in ‘the comments section’ in qualification of what i do..
along with the fact that i love to respond in
micro-expression of poetic words
to the inspiring words of others…

So in other words.. the only contribution that i will guess
anyone will truly appreciate in the rhythm of what i am currently
admitting to doing in my writing.. as epic poetic expressions of a journey
of dance in life with words.. photos.. and videos.. is just the micro-expressions
of poetic words.. i leave as appreciation for the inspiring words of others…

That’s enough for me.. and truly after
what i go through in life.. every now..
just being alive is all i want from life..

Everything else is just icing on THAT cake…

And by the way.. overall readership of my blogs
are currently skyrocketing.. as i currently author 6 blogs
where the readership is currently hundreds of readers a day.. overall..
and over 1 million in the last 2 years that i am happily doing art.. AS IS NOW..
however it comes to me and not
how I control it
with any specific
parameters of
mechanical cognition…

But more than anything else from me friend to you friend..
i apologize that i frustrate you at times with what I do..
but please do try to understand it is for the sake of art
that truly saves my heart.. soul.. and spirit from a death
in truly MORE fully living life.. in emotional and sensory
mind and body creatively and imaginatively balancing life!
For and AS IS iNOW!..:)

So with that refrain..
i just do what i do..
for THE ART.. Friend..
and hope you are having
a wonderful now in now…

It will not hurt my feelings
if you stop visiting what i do..
if you do not have the patience for it..

as lord knows.. if i am still working..

i simply will NOT have the time to either write it or read.. it..

and certainly do not expect anything higher than that from anyone else…

i suppose it is the ‘free-timers’
that are exploding my readership
among my 6 blogs.. smiles..:)

and sincerely
with love,




Yes.. tomorrow is Earth Day.. April 22nd.. 2015.. and i seriously do not think that human is God’s favorite animal.. considering how many species no longer live here now.. as a direct result of human cultural byproducts…

In fact.. when re-entering the atmosphere.. when coming back from space.. those cultural by-products.. from a distance.. do look like.. a cancer upon the earth…

If humans are not careful.. to live in balance with GOD given Nature.. as they used to in hunter and gatherer days.. as foragers and sharers.. rather than laying claim and ownership.. in rule over Earth and GOD too..

God may place an iron fist.. in a place.. that is not very comfortable for humans.. at all…

But alas.. i am human too.. so if i do not become the change i want to be.. i too.. am
just as guilty.. as the other species killers.. of cultural byproduct way…

On that note.. in a brighter.. lighter way.. Love ya..:)

And hope one enjoys humans.. for the rest of the day..:)

AS best ya can.. on Earth day.. too..:)



Ah yes.. the snake is
the reptile brain of us
in style of cold heard
hearts of survival wHere
nary a line of escape can
be found whEre trials of
error do iLLude humans
under trails of lies from love..:)

How easy it is for choice
to display ignorance over
knowledge.. a place of death
for so many more animals
than us.. to share a place
of love.. in surrender to
survive together as ONE
race of animals as ONE..:)

Bones and blood and
Blood and bones.. a case
For peace is a place of
Weeds to grow in stone…
Ah.. the freedom is culture
Undressed to feel the love
Of soldiers who dare to free
Hate from stones so cold…:)

A map inside for humans
is already drawn.. and
then comes culture to
take that map away…
To study life is to know
innate instinct.. and now
intuition one
force of God asONe..:)

Ah.. yes Nature is
all about the business
of life.. while we worry
over burned out cookies..
Nature moves on to
the next rooftop of
only worries in survival
for now.. as is real..:)

Ah yes.. the trusting eyes
never seen or not in the
lines of Internet lore or
Truth.. the eyes tell tales
that words will never tell
in lives of lies or not
for hate or love in truth
of cyber not living at all..:)

HA HA! so true
all the lies of bleached
blonde hair and tight
skirts on hips of Southern
Baptist 60 year-old girls..

Ah.. yes the unfettered
freedom of eights that
flow and go wherever
creativity without thots
does thoth’s truth come
true.. without thoughts
of boundaries that sew
heart and soul locked8..:)

Yes.. the children of dinosaurs
those feathered sung ones do
sing.. to fly above the rainbows
of knowledge always known…
To sing below the feathers of
what we’ll never know to earth
bound ever fly wHere dinosaurs
do challenge and adapt to flow..:)

And yes.. but ynot write
an octet as a limerick..
or a triolet as a violet..
or a violin as a viola or
a keyboard as a typewriter
of ebony and ivory flow
or am i getting close enough
to end this now at eight..:)

Ah.. yes the flower does peaK
up through the stones of weed..
and you know what i think.. i’m
getting used to this Octet thingY..
in fact this is 11 of 8 now for
lucky 7 before this one of 11..
and now all i have is two lines
for this one to see ya later at 8..:)

Ah.. yes GOD does
know now.. as tHere
is no escape from life
as is in living loving it
as well as we can for
now.. as one race of
human beings joining
in on living life as is now..:)

Ah.. the skunk does not
make that road to stink
with sweat of asphalt
killing way of mammal
too strong to stay dead
without hate of smell
to remind us what we
all have done to them..:)

Ah.. the house of nature
will never be destroyed
by those who love their
greaTEST Mother of ALL..
but then there are the others
the snakes without a heart..
who live for a life so far
away from SOIuLS love..:)

Yes.. “Bill’s” alternative to
‘sex’ is a cheaper.. easier
way to get along these
days.. Perhaps more will
learn in countries afar
before over frigging
population destroys
more species to come..:)

Ah yes.. the Ocean is our Love
and certainly pArt of our Mother..
the connection of salt water
runs through our veins in
arteries pumping blood as
well as rivers attributing Love
in connection to others in
well of watered love asONe..:)

Yes.. so true the connections of
before connect us to what is
come of now.. and tHere is
no escape from planing this
existence on-board terrestrial
soils of feat so bare of too often
disconnecting eyes evolving no heArt
of sOul expressing SpiRiT connections..:)

SH** really happens
IT really does.. but
when it happens all
there is to do.. is cry
and do a dance for
the next days dance
in living loving life..
until the next time IS..:)

OK it’s time
for now to
18 Octets
for the next
number nine
that is sure
for now to
make this 19 and nine lines too..:)
but KATS do have nine lines after all.. don’t;)

Yes.. perhaps a new form..:) the LIVEKAT9LIVESWAY.. TO MAKE 11 LINES..

PLUS 12.. THE 18X8 ‘OTHERS’ FOR 156..:)

To be the water for Bruce Lee..
to be the air for me..
to live in soils of earth..
feet planted in feat of love
is a way for me to live
as tree of love as well..
as leaves of grass
standing tall alive..164..:)


ONE Sixty-Six



Ones who stop worrying about death only die one time…
For others the death can be constant in life.. as worry is
no life.. as fear is the progenitor of most all feelings of
negativity and the strife that make like difficult for those
who rarely think or feel the present now as reality true…

Ah.. to spend a life in loving Nature..
is to temper the temperament of
human that rides WITHOUT LOVE
of fiery will and life dominating all
that is before and seen.. without
regard to the only true home that
is ours..


Ah.. yes.. the nomads of the US
otherwise known as U.S.
are those who are brave
enough.. wild enough to
truly wanna be free.. And
that melting pot although
diluting.. can truly come back..
IN Renewal of Spirit of AllthaTIS…

WitH cooperation and sharing.. inSTEAD.. of HATE…

Ah the challenge of Mr.Toad’s
Wild ride of life.. never a dull
froggy moment is tHere ever
to be.. life.. ah.. the detours
can be scary but never the less
when wild-riders care more for
their friends than spinning liLies..
Love can be for the grinning win…

IN complex WorldS of WorrieS.. P&F
both illusory and real.. IT is often
the ‘open highway’ that serves as
the only introspective time to even
be ‘me.. Ah.. our ancestors.. those
wanderers of survival.. at least they
know what IT IS like to be ‘me’.. in flowNow
with Nature’s beauty and challenge wOnE…

Truly to literally travel as
humans in the golden spiral
flow of moving like planets
around Suns.. is a way to truly
be one with Nature.. in balance
tRuly wOnE.. without rules of
Culture.. Innate Instinct..and
Intuition flows win iNOW…


is individual

mind and

body balance..

one step at a now..
as balanced human beings

need not seek to rape our environment…

YES.. ironically enough.. the tribal instinct that makes up most of the old
patriarchal manufactured Abrahamic Tribal leaning GOD..
is The overall downfall of HUman now.. IN DEATH TO the
surrounding living ecosphere as well…IN PART…

Ah.. but perhaps with freedom of information..

sooner or LATE.. the truth will come out..

but alas the tribal instinct will go on..

as that too.. is part

of ‘our’ inherent

Earth day is truly

every EARTH day for me..

and i aim on saving THE EARTH


the help of ‘HUMANS’..

in every unconventional way..

that no one has potentiAlly thought or felt before.. smiles..

And so far.. i’ve been underestimated falsely..

all too many times before…


Haha.. i am an Allahgater..
or non-gater..
as it
i tRuly enjoy ‘these’ ‘prompts’
in a playful way..
and i
suppose if more of us
play instead
of just
tHere is hope after all
is prayed

Hmm.. i think i do a new form..
or is it the essence
of an
‘old one’

i ‘guess’ the ‘short’ ‘answer’ IS.. i treasure the gift of life from the ALL Natural GOD that IS.. and i respect THAT gift in being all i can be in every imaginable and creative wayS to JUST do THAT.. IN A CREATIVE flow of lucid dreaming life REAL.. AS IS FOR NOW.. IN WHAT i can CURRENtLY view.. as TRUTH AS LIGHT..

IN ALL the tints of black and white.. light AND DARK.. and multi-colored hues that COMES IN…

AND.. i also Love to share all that i do.. with never expectation of receiving.. or limitation of
giving.. set forth by old ways.. to control human freedoms.. with the caveat of course .. OF never intentionally harming or taking advantage purposefully..

to take away the TRUE WILL OF

of anyone


IS the greaTEST…
TO KEEP giving ‘U’ LOVE and
never stopping
in NOW..
is the
i WiLL
to pass

I am a powerful believer in the Interdependent Relationship
of ALL THAT IS biggest and smallest..

from the Alpha to the Omega..

wHere the wings of a butterfly

can change the world..

and words… short or long..

and emotion and reason too as

A disabled boy watering a sapling that

becomes a beautiful tree that inspires the

Love of a great political leader who helps to save

the world… with the assistance of other helpers too…

So yes.. even the leaves of trees can help save the world…

There is no effort to save the world that is too small.. but none…

We live in a world where nearly half an overpopulating species of humans

are required to mate and have children whether IT’s tHeir nature expressed or not..

And if one or two children is enough.. the ‘regulations’ of these ‘Religions’ require

MORE infants until one can no longer reproduce.. WitH stress coming with that…

Sure.. there are days where ‘more’ is better for social cooperation and survival..

But those days are gone.. and truly the REAL GOD OF NATURE REQUIRES









microcosm of this is the idea

it’s not about ‘me’.. but about a savior..

per one man who is required to come back

and save the world.. yes.. the Southern Baptist

Church Shirts where children of GOD are taught that

GOD is somewhere else other than within ‘ME’ AND TRULY




i nate other

humans through illusory oppressing ideologies to repress and oppress GOD GIVEN HUMAN NATURE .. PARTICULARLY REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOMS FOR





From a perspective of Human Freedoms.. more fully expressed.. as GOD given Nature..

the U.S. and other tRuly freeR countries are countries that are the metaphor ‘Israel’..

as providing a place for truly FREEr children of THAT ALL Natural FREE God of


Slavery.. per the lack of freedom.. comes in all colors..

many national origins.. and


AND.. the full spectrum

in gender and sexuality as well…

With a full-blooded Sioux

Great Great Grandfather..

and Cherokee in another Maternal parent line..

my spiritual roots are more indigenous with NATURE

like the American Indians than any book of God I know..

But never the less.. all religions are interesting to me..

comprised of what i see as truth and mis-truths..

but truly i cannot find anything incorrect..

WITH a Love of Nature equal to GOD.. and the GOD that is Nature as well…

The world CAN be a much better place if we live in balance with Mother Earth.. like the really smart indigenous matriarchal leaning peoples do and did.. before becoming adulterated by materialistic collecting and dominating patriarchal cultures/religions.. in all forms that comes in.. as not so well for either all people as equals.. or Nature as our parent as IS for

and in NOW…



Where thE heArT LiVeS

tHeRe IS alWays blesSings..:)

And that IS certainLY the case

in ALL ARTS we as huWOmAn

beIngs have tiMe to enJoy
and OR
our felLow
anD WitH

Ah.. the sensate and emotional delight of the
love of human being.. a greater connection
than this the world has likely
never known

Ah.. yes.. the ground hogs of the open world.. do not flee at
sighs of human being.. they live free as all of nature
can and will do..
being free..:)

The song of the bees ..a refrain of silencing echoes that foretells
stories of woes.. but when bees and birds and humans sing together
the world can be one abuzz and song..
of love in words
of honey.. too.. and doing..AS

Ah.. the dream of the life in invisible
dreams to share the dream of Love
with another LIFE.. and then when
years pass.. even with ‘perfect’ LOVE
one can find out

IS always real inside and never dies..:)

So MY hope for you for NOW..
truly IT
can be

and soul expressed

I know this feeling

Church.. the boy with
the bright and smiling
face.. the snickers behind
me as i walk freely and
gracefully to be me as
i am for LOVE.. and no
matter what I am

this makes
me just as angry as you.. at
the hypocrisy that never loves
as humans truly are born to do..:)

Ah… the Indians who understand that
horses are humans are the Indians
who know how to tame the love
with the wild of both horses
and humans

To be wild without love or to
be love without wild
is never to be
the HORse

Ah.. the new age of art appears.. before spreadsheets exist..
when formulas for art become the science
and art dies in the machine
of the

And i for one am changing that one dance
step.. word.. and photograph
at A time AND Much MORE
for the LoVE
HUMAN SPIRIT.. that never
lives for the rewards of the
pleasures of others..


H to end

that SONG-

So true.. there is no strength like the stream of human
tears that can melt the strongest iron
of diamond death in life…:)

Ah.. to be



in the





of life..

in now..
and to count

those blessings as the poetry
of life.. IN words and other visual
and sensual feeling symbols

of human heart
and soul of expression..In SPIRiT
is a note of time worth sharing
for those with eyes and ears
to FEEL and LOVE.. for NOW..:)

Ah.. the humans and not the
horses.. can sometimes
never know the
water of
led to that
water or NoT..
as they simply
cannot feel the
refreshing cool
of satisfaction
IN unconditional
waters of LOVE..
And a ‘religion’ of Unconditional

Ah.. the beauty of an immune system gone strong
and wild.. too much for the nature of human
as is.. but the bright side of allergies
are.. cancer does not usually
stand as great a chance
against a sneeze with
allergies like that..
and yes..

science suggests..
that in part..

that’s actually TRUTH..:)
So yeah.. perhaps sneezes and itchy
eyes are a minor annoyance in the scales
of eyes in human suffering.. overall.. i guess..:)

So yeah.. summarizing.. be careful what one wishes for..
is a mystery to behold.. and to get a hold of..
in what works for what..:)
in extremely mysterious
keeping us always
on our toes…
per God’s
Nature at least..:)

Ah..the world of action vs the world of talking..
i’ll take the world of action
as soon as i can
quit talking for now..:)
And ‘just do it’.. instead..:)
Even if i have to
use NIKE
shoes to do it..:)

Ah yes.. i’s takes my kitty kat to the vet..
And no tame pet is that kit kat at all..
in fact is met with chocolate kisses
from sweet vet ladies who kat meets
wherever his gold fur and green eyes go..:)

Ah.. there is a day when i too.. find a perpetual ground
hog day.. but truly.. like the movie that becomes
pain in another ground hog day..
AKA Aghogday..
And it’s not a movie..
it’s true.. one can google
it and see this ground hog now changes..:)

There is a balance in all things..
we can learn from the
Amish way and they
can learn from us..
but without the
tween there
is not much hope
for understanding..:)

Lovely the spring is in renewing
resurrection of life.. the New
Year is also mine in refreshing
flowers of creating loving living

The flowers

of pink..
swirling all about

in dragons of wind..
are the Cherry Trees intent of loving..
dragons as much or more than living color..:)

Ah yes.. the lantern is within..
not a guiding ship of powered lore
to wield lighthouses

of fear


collected galore..
or to withhold the fruits of loins..
to only those with.. the rice to pay
for what once is.. just another animal
set free.. to be ME.. shining the only
light that counts.. in SELF AND OTHERS
empowering strength.. lOVE.. and FREEDOM..:)

Ah.. yes.. the stone grey eyes of the bullies of life..
inspire me too.. to fly higher and higher in the free air of life..
first there is darkness and then there is light.. then there is dance or movement..
that inspires sound or song.. to FIRE the standing 8 of infinity continuing now..
and then there is the hate of 8.. that like the darkness at the beginning
and the end.. keeps life going for those who live in dark and light..
ah.. but the light place is a joy that the hate will never know now..

can be no better or worse
inspired by light or dark..:)

Yes.. the ingredients of poetry are one and same
as what makes life worth living in death
or life in life or death..
in love or loss as loss in loving love…
And then there is the flow.. that comes from deep..
never knowing any of the ingredients in thoughts alone..
the truest fires of imagination and creativity
know no ingredients but free…:)

Ah.. the wild and free cat with senses and emotions..
sparked to jump.. at the slightest moves for survival..
knows no fog alone in feeling and sensing the differences..
that can hide moves more invisible.. from the prey of mice…
or the predator of dog.. in a circle that only knows life..
in fog or not..:)

And truly the reality is.. we too are the eye of the eagle..
take away the abstract written language.. culture and religion
and we too are children of the God of Nature honed in for survival
and cooperation with the eye of the eagle and tiger…
always ready for the challenge of now…
that is survival for life…

How far we have come
and how far we are lost…

no longer are many
the eye of the eagle or tiger

Oh so true.. the testimony of nature needs no book..
the truth is all out there.. for those who sense and feel..
the life of ONE is IN the flower.. the bird.. the grain of sand..
in songs of love.. that all move us in body and mind in love..
the balance of nature.. can truly be us..

as WELL being ALIVE as well..:)

The lesson of life lived deep well.. in grief and joy..
is to find that love we think is out there.. inside us true..
never ever losing love again..

in truth again.. and then all there is to give..
as the chalice of love..

is one never held bound buy metal of gold..
the gold of love is living inside of us..
let no man or woman take away..
what cannot be found outside..
from living love..
the cup that is

Love inside..:)

Ah.. yes.. life at the
top of the pyramid..
failing to realize
it is the stones
that hold one


Atom to Atom..
Molecule to Molecule
H20 to H20…
WILL NEVER get beat
by either C-P30
or R2D2 or even Microsoft whatever
version it is now.. as i use iMAC-X..;)

The tribal outlines of death go so deep
in the memories held so close
of ancestors so brave that
make that way
to live as now..:)

Of all the anxieties of life that loveless countries..
parents.. and peers.. can bring.. of social abuse..
and subjugating fears of materialistic
and power gains.. of oppressing
and repressing human nature..
particularly reproductive
freedoms.. the
BEcause does
comes back
most always
to a deficit

To feel.. to sense..
is the best evidence of all..
and without it.. life is rarely
no matter light
or dark..:)

TRuLY the world WiLL
be A lonely place
without U.. as withot U
there can only be
with jST io’s and no U..
4i and o and no jstice 4 U..;)

Ah.. yes.. the struggle of life is not ending..
it always is beginning and never ending..
and that is light.. as struggle makes
for strong and sleep with peace..
wHere dark is light..:)

Yes.. the modern new of now.. is the
same now of old.. as new is birth
and yesterday and tomorrow
is always death
that cannot
exist for now..:)

Truly.. the challenge is in the thaw of frozen winters that
grow.. oh so cold.. in the heat of humidity that can
wither the best curls of a midnight prose.. in
loving life.. yet.. it’s all a moot point
if one is a Wild Toad
in Florida..;)

Ah.. yes.. to be from as many places as possible
and to go always to the next new place as possible
is to grow and grow and grow..
and never grow up..:)

i suppose the best day of dying..
is to realize we really
lived.. anything else..
must be far
as i can see
for NOW..:)

The rain of emotion in all forms it storms.. in light
and dark and negative and positive..
is always better than the reins
of reign of hearts and souls
expressing spiRit..
that no longer
sings or
in tears

Every sadness reminds me i am alive..
i’d rather die that not feel sadness
again.. in death of life..:)

And thanks for that pregnant poem.. as you just
help me finish.. writing 37 poetic expressions
to the rest.. as inspiration comes.. wHere
inspiration flows and grows..
in unrelenting practice
of life.. growing
in just

Ah yes..

the quiet moments of harmony of emotions and senses

that come with a mind and body in balance in the most wonderful animal present of now..

And we humans are so truly distracted now.. by a full platter served up now.. almost from birth.. of cultural noise and images that keep us in the plays of someone else’s directed life instead of creating our own..


as life is recorded in associations with the past through material goods and other cognitive symbols of the mind AS well as constant worry over what can be multiplied by all the illusory fears we feed our minds.. for an illusory mind of the future

THAT IS often steeped in FEAR…

For me the practice of dance and creativity in all ‘free verse’ forms takes me into the peace of present but truly to escape mind distractions are easiest for me with free flowing dance..

where emotions.. senses.. become regulated.. and integrated.. as a ‘wholistic’ human animal rather than a life spent in head with a disconnect of the body that is mind too..:)

Ah.. ‘thanks’ for ‘sharing’ all ‘these’ beautiful ‘photos

of South America’ and the ‘natives there’ are certainly as beautiful as the ‘landscape’..

as the indigenous wild spirit of life can be so alive in these lands farthest away from the ‘start’.. as the nomads with ‘wilder’ genes among us travel farther to gain the greatest fruits of life…

But anyway.. my dream is always to marry a woman like ‘that’ so the Pacific Islander part of that still remains true for me.. as there is nothing more beautiful to me than the exotic wild of indigenous beauty


I love ‘your’ honesty.. and particularly in the world of online poetry that is certainly inhabited by the more conservative aspect of the introverted style of life.. which is naturally greater spent in introspective mind than body..

where rarely one travels to a place where one can even see the bright eye souls of what precedes words of free verse stream of creative conscious beauty or a science of words with intent of beauty…

I can honestly say.. the times in my life where I feel.. and yes.. look at myself as the oldest are in college in a life of straight A perfectionist way of books.. instead of flesh and blood life as a ‘normal’ human being..

for me as a natural extrovert…

And then again.. decades later as a government administrator..

manager.. supervisor.. fine pencil pusher.. behind a computer..

with no mistakes allowed for survival…

And yes.. I am and can be

somewhat bluntly honest too..

and hold nothing back of

the beauty that can be

a life spent

in positive emotion

in mind and body balance

that creates the greatest human potential

of what humans are overall evolved to be..

AS socially cooperative feeling flesh and blood animals who innately

instinctually and intuitively communicate with non-verbal flesh and blood language..

particularly innate reproductive attractions that are built into our genes for the stronger protector and the more voluptuous hips and fresh faced skin…

However again.. emotional animals are we.. and to repress or lose those pro-social emotions is to become the beast.. no matter gender or age..

rather than the beauty of what

can be the socially cooperating

natural human being that lives

to connect with others

rather than




i respect the introverts of life..

as caution is certainly an attribute required

for survival and my wife who never ages

is certainly an introvert..

where i just make comments

in my latest posts

in regard to this overall topic..

as her beauty is natural.. with never make up..

or work-outs at the gym.. for that Pacific Islander genetic gift…

And I have to literally work-out like an olympic athlete

to maintain my youthful moves in appearance

that still attract young women to dance..

as I happily document

these blessings

of my life..

in truly what it

means to be human..

to connect to each other

in sensual flesh and blood life..

truly no matter what age or gender…


To be alive with joy of life..

and that light shines in the eyes of joy and love

that I know no greater beauty.. as ‘ugliest’ of all can come

in dead eyes of the most perfectly symmetrical

and aesthetic pleasing rest of the body to accompany that…

And I know and feel this fully.. as I live life with illness of body and spirit in the past.. WITH those dead eyes for five years as a beast.. totally and permanently assessed.. both legally and medically as disabled..

shut-in like the ‘hunch back of Notre Dame’ and accompanied still by the beauty that is my wife.. who truly never ages ..still at age 45..

like the new movie.. the ‘Age of Adaline’.. where my wife never hesitates to report her age.. to folks who ask her.. if she’s out of college yet..:)

So yes.. thanks for posting this very interesting.. open minded.. honest.. and somewhat brave online poetic question.. with as many answers of timely synchronistic flavored interest..

from ‘noWORDY’ me..

of course..














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21 Responses to BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

  1. yEs.. rolLinG credITs.. to mY
    best asset and mUse..
    WitH Seahorse.. Turtle..
    and INfiNitY
    YeS.. and
    Katrina fUllY t00..;)

  2. Well.. like they say..
    talk to the foot.. right
    foot first.. before i become
    an invisible man again.. hehe..
    yes.. a balance..
    the air.. the water
    floating on a breeze
    through all the shopping
    stores.. while Katrina
    does her job
    of retail therapy
    and a great dance
    day it was.. talking
    to all the usual mall
    and other store friends..
    including Dancing Friend
    Cortney who is moving
    on to a government job
    in Natural Conservation at
    the beach.. and will no longer
    be the friendly clothes sales person
    at that store.. where lots of women go..
    Charlotte something or another with
    an ending Russe.. according to Katrina..
    but anyway.. one end of the mall i’m not
    likely to go.. without smiling Cortney
    there.. but so happy she found
    a job with the government..
    so hard to get one’s foot
    through the door.. hehe..
    on the topic of feet again..
    haha.. but one of the
    few opportunities
    to get a job
    where one can
    actually retire as early
    as with 25 years of service..
    as i did too.. sad now that job
    security and benefits like this
    are no longer nearly as much
    a part of a culture that values
    loyal employees any more with
    lifetime benefits.. anyway.. Cortney
    is proof it is still possible to do.. fairly
    fresh out of college with persistence
    if ya keep
    kicking at it
    and never stop
    trying to make the next step!..
    And yes! a song for this by
    Freddie Mercury that is so cool!!too!!..:)


    Hey man.. Mr. X aka B..
    just a ‘footnote’ here of
    sorts.. a thank you to you..
    for helping me to
    pursue my human
    potential at dVerse
    by being so open-minded
    to eXtreme creative strangeness..
    hehe.. i remember when you called
    that 6K first blog post titled Revelation
    66 at the place that you and Claudia
    created still named dVerse Poet’s Pub..
    the Mother of all Blog posts.. well..
    this one my friend.. a full year journey
    of responding to all links and prompts
    with or without linking my stuff..
    so ha..
    one more
    open link here
    for the road friend..
    weighing in at
    338,630 words
    and around 300
    beautiful beach photos..
    that yes.. requires a fast
    computer and broad band
    access and a couple minute
    wait to even taste
    with intro
    of Dear John..
    yes the Dear
    John Letter of the
    ages.. perhaps.. my
    friend.. B.. i will never
    forget your kind spiRit
    and sure that still SinGs
    as pARt of the SonG oF
    My SoUL.. that amasses
    662 chapters of one entire
    3 million plus poem that
    is my entire blog now..
    so inspired
    by what
    you and
    Claudia created
    as whole.. sTiLL
    liVinG at dVersE nOW..
    i know you are doing great..
    i can feel that.. and i’m sure
    your boys are enjoying all your
    time my friend.. God Bless..
    and may the
    always SinG
    A SoUL of heArt
    wITh you mY FriEnd..:)


    “Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines,
    but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”

    ~~ Buddha ~~

    SMiLes.. my friend.. gigoid..
    today has been a day of turtles
    for me.. from Katrina’s tattoo..
    to objects of her
    in figurines..
    to a friend helping
    to conserve turtles landing
    a job doing that at a beach..
    to the patience and
    over one of the
    longest lives
    a Turtle
    protected in
    SheLL.. often
    lives in NatUre free..
    and the other night at the
    gym.. i asked the assistant there
    why do Monkeys rarely fall out of trees
    and Hawk fall down from sky.. and she
    asked why and i said one word.. practice..
    yes.. practice.. practice.. practice.. continuing
    on after every setback.. finding liGht iN the dArkest
    of places more than yesternoW.. now… so much
    practice iN excellence of liFe
    makes hUman
    what HuMaN
    tRuLy can
    be In both
    potential for change
    and Epigenetic unpacking
    oF DNA foR All the gifts our
    ancestors share that sadly
    culture has taken away..
    noW.. ripe for
    thE remembeRinG
    iN hEart.. SpiRit..
    MiNd.. and BoDy
    BalanCinG sOul
    noW for those
    fiNd and
    practice tHeir
    alWays nEw giFts
    oF liFe poTEnTial..
    most everyNow.. i lEarn
    a neW moVe.. iNnately..
    iNstinctually.. and
    iNtuitively.. FeeL
    NeW EmoTioN..
    more nuanced
    than before..
    wHeRe the
    withiN eXpanDs..
    more and more..
    anyWay.. thank you.. very
    much for helping me to continue
    to go past limits everynow.. wHere
    the past now of day to day noW..
    looks and feels liKe
    iN compariSon
    to pursuiNG aLL aVeNues
    oF lEarning.. FeeLinG.. kNoWinG
    iN moVinG.. connEcTinG
    And CreATinG waY
    iS to gRow
    wHere No
    oF Ocean
    haS swAM beforE..:)

  5. Have you ever noticed that in the major
    sacred texts.. of the Bible.. the Kuran..
    the Tao.. there is almost
    zero humor.. like
    the God of Nature
    has no laughs
    or sMiLeS..
    Jesus.. don’t
    you kNow GoD
    SMiLes and Laughs
    aS iNfiniTY WiDe and
    morE noW.. WeLL..
    i for one
    aim to change..
    to edit the pArTial
    trUth of beFore.. wHere
    theRe is more than why so
    serious and threats of swords..
    chopping F iN heads off.. rape
    and killing of little women.. including
    little children.. and just like the JoKer
    oF God says.. why so F iN Serious when
    this place i made
    for you iS
    F iN heaven
    if you find me.. no hell
    no.. not me.. and Jesus F iN Christ
    when Jesus was talking about me
    he wasn’t talking about the me that
    was he.. he was F iN talking about
    the me of God that lives within he..
    yes.. i kNow and FeeL that may be
    confusing for some folks but
    as a very deep and
    PERsON.. perHaps
    Jesus didn’t realiZe
    that a substantial part of
    the ‘Tea PARty’ population
    don’t get the deeper metaphorsE
    of liFe and the psychopathic leaning
    ones as science shows is inhabited
    in the checklist of top ten professions
    for that literal leaning senses only
    eating sexing and maKinG CLERGY
    money way of
    away from
    the figurative..
    emotional.. REAL
    heArt.. SpiRit and
    miNd and BoDy SoUl
    B A L A N c I N g noW
    way of bEinG.. ThEY! just doN’T!
    F iN gET! the deeper metaphorsE!
    oF liFe.. and thaT is oKaY too..;)
    as someone has to
    make the bLack
    and whITe
    laWyer and
    jUdge prinT
    to make large
    otherwise chaotic
    groups of human beings
    in cities to get along who are
    only still evolved to connect to
    100 to 150 sets of eYes but anyway..
    some of us can clearly hear and see
    God SMiLinG and laugHinG.. yes.. WITH US..
    of God withiN instead.. and mArk mY words
    i aim and Will to change
    the perception of God
    into a nicer way
    of liFe thaN
    frowny faces.. head
    hunter.. raping little
    children.. and burying Lesbians
    to their chest and stoning them
    and suggesting that God’s Homosexual
    creatures do not deserve the same sacred
    rights to marry in the F iN God’s church
    that is F iN Nature TrUe wHere God
    WilL have no human lies
    iN dARk and deceit
    for division and
    separation from
    the UnITy oF God oF
    Nature thaT iS aLL.. ugh oh..
    i’m sounding serious.. but hey
    i can be a ‘LIPtown laBeLed Tea ParTy’ too..
    if i closE oFF the hUmanITy and become judge..
    lawyer.. and jury too.. but hell no..
    i’m gonna DancE and SinG unTiL
    the Cow of God comes home
    to all in real fur away
    from the Golden
    calves of words
    in books that have
    made God into Grinch..
    instead of Jolly old soUl
    within his children free..
    So with that.. giggles of Google
    baby.. as i continue to spRead God’s Good Cheer..
    away from the cLouds oF FrOwnS oN stiFF leG feAT..;)
    god wInks..
    God reAlly DO..:)


    1981.. a cALL to the beach.. away
    from 16 years of school.. including
    third year of college.. with still 3 more
    to come.. a three month break from
    the matrix as it were and
    still is.. walking the
    beach.. needing
    nothing.. wanting
    nothing but to feel the
    peace of living now then
    now.. dead for a year in living
    feelings exploding back.. mechanical
    cognition takes it away and the art
    of Nature bRinGs iT back
    wITh the power
    of within..
    still walking..
    buildings distant
    in only footsteps of i..
    at the beginning.. and
    end aLwayS noW.. the Force
    of aLL iS All Force but missing
    awareness of Force.. a UniVerse
    of mostly dark matter.. but a liGht
    on places like Earth.. not just Sun
    LiGht but blue azure color of
    atmosphere and
    finAlly eYes.
    and ears.. touch..
    taste.. proprioception..
    smelling.. inside.. outside..
    above.. so below.. and all around..
    So.. no longer is the Force Devoid
    of sentience.. the Force
    iS alive and GroWinG
    All around WitH aLL the
    other sentience of
    awareness oF
    what iS..
    for that
    awareness noW..
    LiFe IS A gift.. i can noT
    imaGiNe anytHing better
    than thiS.. wRite n0w..
    and that
    my friEnd
    iS all i need
    to kNow about
    death.. the gift oF
    liFe i have.. and to
    make the mosT oF iT
    noW.. iS the gift oF noW..
    eXpreSsinG the blesSinG
    oF iS of oZ.. a truly magical
    place when viewed from the
    coLd hard desert sands
    of the moon..
    and a little
    sliver of Heaven..
    no doubt that few
    of what exists iN the UniVErse
    overAll and beYond can enjoy
    as Heaven now.. i’m not asking for
    anything else.. but what i find iS if one
    believes in magic.. magic becomes real..
    so i’m gonna go all out and believe that
    i will help to make life better on this plaNet
    and the neXt adventure WiLL bE even more
    awesome than now as now iSreal.. Faith.. Hope..
    Belief in magic sTuFF.. calL iTGod.. the Force.. or WTF
    just so it’s more than card board boxes without preSent
    inside.. trUly.. Hope.. Faith.. Belief.. changes
    the way the brain works iN Frontal Lobe
    enriching blood way..
    use it or lose it.. yes..
    applies to Faith.. Hope..
    Belief.. as long as those eMoTioNs
    are MoVinG the blood of hUman bEinG
    to the reward centers of MovinG fronTal
    Lobe BRain.. so yes.. for all practical
    intents and purposes..
    the reward
    of God
    is believing..
    having faith.. hope
    in something larger than
    common mundane life..
    and yes.. if nothing
    else.. it’s worth
    the blood flow
    now.. to the Frontal
    Lobe.. as Neuro-science
    now shows.. for greater
    cognitive executive
    functioning in short
    term working memory
    and better focus..
    and yes
    feeling good
    away from living
    dead in depression
    and pain associated feelings
    as well.. related to depression..
    Call it whatever.. but as long as one
    has faith.. hope.. and belief in magic..
    it makes
    a difference
    bottom of line..
    iN noW.. for those
    who have the ability as
    science shows truly not everyone
    does.. as even a person who believes
    in no ‘magic’ in life.. can meditate and get
    almost no benefit at all or even less blood
    to the frontal
    Real iS
    Real.. beginning
    and end of story now..
    but yes.. i will be a super
    hero in the next lifetime too..
    i can have
    hope.. faith and
    belief in it.. and
    do iT noW too..
    relatively speaking..
    all natural of course..
    in human potential wHere
    folks tOld me ‘you’ are crazy
    you will never do what you
    say you are gonna do.. just do it..
    oF My
    LiFe too.. noW
    and yes.. may the
    metaphorse.. continue..
    to be with you.. my friend.. too..
    as truly the symbols are as good
    as the emotions of faith.. hope.. and
    belief.. to get that Frontal Lobe FloWinG
    a Seagull
    spiraling around
    greater human
    potential named
    i suppose..;)


    i like ‘these’
    two poems as some
    of the best i’ve
    read from you so
    far as trUly they
    are maGic to me iN the
    mYsterY oF NatUre iN aLL
    Of wE wHo SinG free as
    NatUre uS..
    and trUlY.. mY
    FriEnd.. when oNe
    dances as the wind
    and water in sand of Free
    there is no gravity.. no time..
    only noW as bliss of
    now.. as my niece
    asks me today
    dancing with my great
    niece of several years old
    if i aM a swan.. and i tOld
    her.. yes.. perhaps an ugly
    ducKLinG iN form butt
    oF aLL 230 LBs iN
    fLoaTinG featHeRs..
    never the
    a graceful
    Swan oF Force…
    iN essence.. mY friend..
    Angels come in all colors..
    shapes.. sizes.. and even
    beasts when
    GravitY oF
    one water..
    wind.. sand
    and Sun oF ForceNoW..
    Time no longer froZen..
    WinD.. WateR..

    SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Prajakta..
    yoUr poem here is quite
    inspiRing.. second one
    from last
    and after
    writing a
    third of a million
    words.. in perhaps
    the longest Dear
    John Letter
    in recorded
    i can relate..
    wITh wINks..
    aS trUly wE frEE
    thInkers.. feelErs..
    kNoWers.. can
    maKe a
    anY reaLiTy
    wE WiLL to reAl..
    aS BeautY oF poEtry
    iS iN tHe ShaRinG..
    GiVinG.. heARt
    iN balanCinG
    soUl.. wHeRe mUse
    iS juSt anotHeR woRd foR
    liFe mY friEnd.. so.. thanks
    for the muSe as the crediTs
    roLLinG foR inSpiRAtiOn oF
    LifE noW iS mUseDom…..:)

  8. Per Story of
    and what iS
    God.. most religions
    agree that the divine
    spark that is the force
    of all stuff.. lives alive
    in human being..
    and the whole
    oF aLLthATiS
    iS beyond
    the scope
    of human alone..
    allone is aLL.. end
    and beGinNinG noW
    of story ALLONEnoW..
    so now that most folks
    iN the World.. WeLL..
    at lEast a suBstantial
    porTioN understand
    aLL UniVerse
    moves beYonD
    the borders of some
    patches of land in mountainous
    deserts.. and caves of smaller than
    aLL.. what would trUly be the New Age
    Bible.. a third of a million
    Dear John words to
    3+ Million Words..
    by one human in one
    poem.. better yet.. aLL miNds
    and boDies conNecTinG iN
    aN Emerald City.. so above
    and below.. inside.. outside
    all around.. without
    the Sun providing
    to screens
    of hUmans MoVinG
    ConnecTing creaTinG
    iN virtuAL InterNet way..
    relatively forever as long
    as servers bRinG tHeiR
    heArts.. thEiR spiRiTs..
    yeS in miNd
    and boDy BalanCinG
    soUl.. online.. wHeRe the
    number of new age Bible
    writers are as limitless
    as the number
    Of gRains oF
    sAnd oN ShoRes
    oF Ocean trUe toGeTheR..
    WeLL.. yes.. the Force oF
    God WiLL have God’s
    way.. no more books
    of chains.. in hard
    cover priSon noW..
    no instructing
    God on what
    God can and
    cannot do as Free
    as We.. it’s a brand
    new frontier of God
    WiLd and Free liVinG
    iN Human eYes of FeeLinG..
    SenSinG.. kNoWinG more
    than ever before.. and
    the painting of
    God’s hUmans
    aRe EverYwHeRe
    one bRoWses thiS New
    Age Bible fULL oF iNterNet
    noW.. wHere God HOlds
    hands aNew wITh wE..
    wHo bRinG Free
    back to
    last and
    first supper
    oF GoD iN noW..
    TheRe ain’t no stopping
    God.. juSt iMaGiNe whAT
    WiLL continue to come iN
    greater hUman God potential
    as within.. if little old me can
    do aLL oF thiS.. WitH onLY
    a ‘little’ help from
    aLL mY FriEnds.. no..
    tHere is not enough
    space here to list all the
    nAMes wHo help me on tHis
    jourNey so iT iS safe to say..
    to FeeL.. to seNse.. and kNow
    thAT ALLONE iS help for mE..

    “iF YOU Build iT,

    -FiEld oF DreAMs..:)

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