DeStiNaTioN 718


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Hmm.. sTiLL waDinG out oF Macroverse 717..
and now “DeStiNaTioN 718”.. as
a bridge
is prepared
and noW i’M
walKinG over..
WiTh the Facebook video
Algorithm provided events of
the day and niGht to accompany me iN liGht…:)


Walls and Bridges.. two ways of life..
Conservative and Liberal..
and a proposed Mexican
Wall is equal
to Patriarchal
writers of old
testament way as well..
Fear vs Free
Doubt vs Trust
Free IS A Child
of Love and
sadly and
Naturally enough
the Father of Hate..
Love a Bridge
Fear a Wall..
and that’s waY
the human ball
of confusion rolls sTiLL
for this is basic brain chemistry
that changes structure too.. in form and essence
from head to toe.. and how we connect to oTheRs
WitH Walls or Bridges.. i used to always wonder why the
Fear Free Love Full Version of the Jesus that exists in the New Testament
stands side by side in opposing verses of incongruence that move from Love
your Neighbor as yourself.. consume no other with harm.. live by the sword.. die
by the sword to the most extreme pacifistic leaning philosophy of turn the other cheek..
and then the bi-polar opposite direction of hate your brothers.. sisters.. mothers.. fathers..
and yes spouse and even your children if they do not follow my way of God philosophy..
to slay those before me who break the rules i bring and i bring a sword and not peace..
yes.. a polar opposite wisdom of war instead of peace.. well.. the truth is.. the bible
from old testament to even new is no different in form than the essence of
the ugliness of the political climate that we see today.. is
no different than the First Baptist Churches that
suggest God Given Behavior is demon
possessed if it does not fall
between a 3500 years ago..
paraphrase or
so of
there are those who
still believe in a flat earth
as those walls are small enough
to make them feel comfort in knowing
and feeling no different than what they know..
there are those who wish for a tall wall between
Mexico and the U.S. oF A.. as they feel that the foreigner
is the enemy instead of hard worker who appreciates a land of free..
And there are those who would break off a tiny penis of King David in
A Michelangelo Statue except for the protected status of a Bible leader that
a similar almost duplicate man in clothes of naked did not enjoy same
clemency with in olden days as Apollo’s member was taken away..
by those who feared an evil penis back in Victorian days
away from Renaissance of Free.. so now.. i return
to ‘DeStiNaTioN 718′.. as all my bridges
remain open to/for me.. including
sacred meaning
and purpose
in essence
of numbers
i create as Free..
and sure others come
to similar free places with
open MiNds and BoDies
Free iN God of Nature way..
Seven for the Number of planets
visible to the unaided eye before
Neil deGrasse Tyson Telescopes take
us further than ever before.. yeah.. Saturn
was the wall before then.. and for those folks
who believe in a flat earth still.. i suppose it is
just a small light hung on a ceiling same as wall for them..
well yes.. we can go further now than the Number 7 as same
for a concrete form of God.. held in walls of books as same as
A King of a Universe in idol and worship of word instead of free
man or woman.. eTc.. juST like you and me.. yes.. there is the
oneness of All the Force of God plus all oF Nature ONE and
8 standing tall for Infinity and beYond for more.. but again..
tHeRe are those who would still make this wonder
ful wander lust adventure of life.. a tiny
patch still of desert in the middle
east for those who fail
to venture
and hate..
less and more..
as we still see in the
old testament days of trump
and a wall to keep the chosen ignorant
inside of books that still can and will not be
free of their own choosing WiLL.. and a mind and body
wired for closed.. through both innate and environmental
factors too.. as Lord kNows.. in Red State walls of hell.. it is
not the land of bridges.. it is the land of walls where all is
seven and there is no
of Free
Love that
fears and is no
wall.. iN eYes of God FReED..
i am unbreakable.. i AM A Bridge
on a sea of standing tall infinity far
beyond Saturn.. yes.. Saturn too.. and sure
a patch of dirt in the middle east too.. i AM
ONE LOVE.. THAT houses dArk too.. i Am
PArT oF ALL wHOle..
i AM
2 aS onE aLiVe noW trUe and liGht..
A lady last niGht spent a good 2 minutes..
trying to retrieve the secret of my bliss in dancing
solo so hiGh.. she could not imagine the freedom i experience
all NatuRAlly without a pill.. or otHER than hUman NatuRe Free..
she almost literally begged me for whatever it was i waS on.. and i told
her she could have it.. but she would have to practice forever noW oN..
i could have told her i AM one With God pARt as WhoLe iN a MoVinG
meditation oF Yoga Unity sAme With God.. but unless one practices thiS
way of oneness WiTh God there is practically no way to feel what is Heaven NoW..
so in oTher Words.. i can sHow ’em what Heaven looks like on the outside butt bottom
line is Heaven
and it is no
Molly.. no LSD..
no Cocaine.. and no
oTher FucKinG substance
you put up your nose or suck
in your lungs or swallow down your
throat when you master the experience oF
Heaven WiTh God inside.. outside.. above..
so below.. and all around.. tHeRe iS oNlY uP
and never down and when one is one WiTh God
like this tRusT mE or not ONE iS FucKinG UNBREAKABLE..
and sAdly that is a pill of real that Trump and his old testament
minions will never
Free Within..
and that my FriEnds
cOmes from the GOld oF
God WiThin that is Never ever
FucKinG Wall and alWay BridGE..
i AM
bE aLiVe..
Destination HeaVeN
always now AliVe..:)


Facebook Algorithm Memories pour in
from years to date.. and i’ll start with
this one per quote
as related
to the
Unbreakable too..
from two years ago..

Well.. this JUST about sums up my Facebook Status…

for now……

Most of my life.. some folks..
BUT not all by far..

are attempting to
knock me out of the ring….

And what i find now..


no one even attempts to get in the ring


Is that a good thing..

i do not know….

but for now..

Faith is truly MOVING without knowing….

And i truly kNOWnow..

Live a dream WITH GOD….





Sparks of God felt.. from Birth to Death..
God Lives in us free.. just waiting
for us to sense and feel
God’s voice… Spoken
words will never
measure fully
of God
in Us
iS what
drives eYes
of God in we as
Free.. my friend.. Revels1..
And when God lives inUs always
now.. those eYes i must seek out
other humans to share that Love..:)

And worth another quote as similar
inspiration comes dVerse a year ago here..
in terms of Vincent Van Gogh too.. and those
who are too different to fit iN norMally but never
the less survive and leave a Nautilus KA shell
oF soUL not yEt seen beFore.. so yes.. the
sHow goeS oN heAR aS Well Ocean
wHole groWinG liGhts
of never
and potEntiAlly
fELt beFore iN
hoW spArks cOMe WhoLe..:)

‘Illumination VS Superstition’ Macro-Verse from two years ago.. wHere
then my Gym Friend and Attendant and Facebook Friend now still..
Kelly.. in smart phone way.. both takes a full 360 degree Panorama
in photos of 12 reps of leg pressing
810 LBS and a quick video illustrating
just one rep and her saying “Holy
Shit’.. GOlden moment it was/is
at age 54 then.. and after
that came a Video in early
2015.. still on YouTube now
of a full purview of me leg pressing
930LBS.. 14 reps.. with arms raised
in air with all the weight of Force Focused
on legs.. and then i continued to update that
YouTube post with rep increases and then went
on to currently document 1020 LBS at 33 reps now
that IS A full 25% percent increase of Strength in weight
at age 56 now from 54 then.. and not only that.. moving towards
three times as many reps too.. what could my max be for one rep.. now..
no doubt.. 1200 LBS would not be out of the question.. if that much weight
could fit on the machine.. but already got 4 one hundred LB plates to replace
8 forty-five LB plates with an addition of 2 twenty-five LB plates.. yes.. teeter
tottering over the edge making a work of balancing two Tai/Chi/ballet legs even
that much more difficult in practice of total BaLanCinG liFe iN this particular
exercise of yeS.. oNce agAin.. 1020 LBS total weight at 33 reps and what
is really great about modern technology.. is.. i can whip out pARt of the
proof in a heARt beat anywHere i go with smARt phone resource
at hand.. in case someone says.. when i witness my full
story of how i view God from dARk and liGht..
sHades of grey and colors beyond rainbow
way.. yes.. when they say.. evidence
or it didn’t happen.. just
a finger stroke away
for this is
going down
for iSREAL noW
baby.. sAMe if they question
whether i really wrote a longest long
form poem ever in free verse and as ‘they’
now name in poetry science concrete poetry
in shapes.. but again.. there is no pre-plan
of designs here.. all flows as eYes of God
as River and Waves oF oCean wHole
poeM SaME
and alWays
changing More..
anyWay.. i get a lot
of ‘Superman moments’
in liFE and i am alWays thrilLed
to sHow folks more is possible in this
life.. HOratio.. than what you’ve previously
been told.. it helps to be both scientist
and artist and prophet too..
as one must
oF heARt and reAson
if one expects to spARk
someone else to poTential
hiGher God GiveN ways oF Force
oF liGht away from dARk and
Grey as Well..;)

And as side note and
sort of dArk one in joke
way too.. reminds me of
a Navy dude named Chuck..
who said when i worked at the
Bowling Center with my contact lens
and eYes shining bright with dark chest
hair coming out of top of shirt.. and body
that worked out all the time then before marriage..
intimating that i left all the women ‘dripping wet’ who
left the counter.. and then in alpha male fashion said
if i was really a man.. i would whip ‘it’ out then.. well sure
i can do that all legally and consensually now if
someone doesn’t think i have all
the tools to get
all the
of life done
for sure isREaL..
and in the olden days
believe it or not.. iN the old
pre-Christian religious days
they made prospective Kings
prove they could still
get it up
to rule..
but sure..
not necessarily
a foot or ruler as such..;)

For me god iSREAL..
don’t need no myth now
or hyperbole.. seen iSREAL
miracles up close and personal
and continue to document them
online to give and share with those
folks with ears and eYes to seNse
and FeeL TrUth
liGht iSREAL..
but i find it correct..
even if i could find a
way to literally raise
folks from a grave.. tHeRe
would be a doubting Trump in the audience
sTill.. to attempt to drOwn the water of my Love..
yeah.. i kNow the Trump Meme continues
to grow old.. but as they say..
use ‘the tools’
fiNds them
noW as no
doubt more of ‘that’
will come in dArk form later
in oTher Names too.. as hiStory
continues to show iN all ways now..:)

And here is a parable of sorts in
‘Blood Eagle am i’ fictional way.. two years ago..

And yes.. short enough to quote here..
weighing in at Macro-Verse
of only 333 words..;)

‘And Ívarr..

the one

who dwelt at York..

had Ella’s backcut

with eagle’

– Sigvatr Þórðarson


my name is Blood Eagle..


name i choose in honor of a brave man



to help in the 11th century..

an innocent victim of the






i intercede to help

and train him as a Super Warrior for GOD..



am dead

but more alive than most will

ever know



Some people call my kind.. fallen angels..


and many other metaphors 4 graduated veterans


what is commonly understood as life…

but there is so much more.. and much more

that what i know as

what you



fallen angel…

Some people also call us demons


we are both harbingers and bringers of





































































think i know it all..

which trust








More notable quotables coMinG
from Macro-Verses of a year ago..
yet to arrive at the Google Algorithm
Secretary point for distribution..
they sTiLL
FiT the
meMe and
theMe oF noW..;)

Smiles.. in the art of
free style ballet
martial arts
the farther i wander
into what my body
in instinct.. and
intuition feels
to do.. the lighter
as feather i become
as air and water same
that floats.. in flow.. as one..
and feather is a nice place for human go…

one’s head

Well.. Lynn.. pArt of the reason
i love you near the end is ’cause
we both see a friend
in Jesus.. originally
named Yeshua
and other
sadly as Jesus
predicts many people
have yes.. done more than
he.. but sadly as then..
their only reward
from culture
has been
in many ways..
witting and witting
not.. there are many Jesus’
who spend their life on street
corners.. drugged up.. and
in institutions too..
but then there
are Jesus’
who still
live now..
who understand
that the me he is talking
about is the God in them.. NOW..
as yes.. in language revisions
original meanings are sadly
lost into literal
that fail
no less
of poetry even
yes.. here..
as poeTry..
when some folks without
these deeper eyes and ears
of GOD have never really
been healed
and see and
hear more.. ‘here’..
anyway.. the experience
of the awakening and enlightening
that the real man Jesus speaks of
as not censored out of the gnostic
gospels of Jesus.. by a psychopathic
leaning power hungry Emperor Constantine
to expand the Roman empire
by making a humble Prophet/
Teacher/’Yogi’/healer into a
soldier Sun GOD
as extension of the
Mithra-mythical religion
in 325 AD.. with
‘back-room’ closed
door now then deals
of Catholic Cohort
leaders then and now..
OF ALL.. range from metaphors
here on earth from being
born again.. to
rising.. to the
Dao and Tao
the Dharma
And Qi to Ki
to Chi.. and
becoming one
with the Great
Spirit too.. and limitless
other human metaphors
of myths housing vehicles
and vessels of Universal
liGht truths and yes.. now
even self actualization
in secular words for some..
but the bottom line IS
particularly when Jesus
becomes more and more
welcome.. in metaphor
of course..
resurrected as such..
in so many people
who gain eyes and
ears closer to GOD
as metaphor
of course
Poetry is a great
adventure to better understand
the parables of the bible too..
particularly as we as
source material
to write
those parables
as Yeshua.. et al
speaks then
too.. my dear
friend Lynn
who seems
close to
this means..
and never end
in Journey as
Path with GOD…
God NOW just NOW
Essence.. words
symbols.. tools..
potential paths
with GOD..


Smiles.. my friend Lynn actually i am
suggesting the polar opposite of
what Nicene Council
Catholic altered Christianity
suggests at the time of paying disrespect
to a humble teacher/yogi/healer/prophet
who never ever
wanted to
be worshipped
as a God in anyway
that is still clear in the
New Testament as well
as the Gnostic Gospels
of Jesus untainted
by the hand of
the 325 AD..
i am suggesting
as history shows
now that Jesus is
a real man.. a real
prophet.. a real
healer.. no
than any real
Yogi who lives
today or before
using Yogi as
as there
are no
in the area
Jesus lives then..
Jesus opens up the reality
that we are all children of GOD
and that is the real Good NEWS
and we have the power within
just like he did then
to heal
been there
done IT friend
so yes..
in metaphor
i am speaking
from eyes of
Both God
and Jesus
but the difference
then and now is..
IT is no magic
Soldier Sun GOD myth
propagated by a Roman
Emperor and his power
hungry Catholic friends.. it is the
healing gift of Unconditional
Love without illusory fears
that exists on a desert
Isle of human beings same
here as any planet
with book creatures
such as us or others..
Jesus never asked
for the pay grade of
King of the Universe..
God doesn’t have to play
games like that as GOD is
real too.. so sure.. there are as
many eyes of God in flesh now as
there are stars in the sky and beyond
what tiny human eyes and books can
and sure
that’s just common
sense and logic now
gifted to us no less
than the holy
that works
in tandem with
that for heaven now..
the place of the Kingdom
of GoD that Jesus promises
is here
then and now..
no different than
anywhere else
in God’s
now.. anyway..
take it with a grain of
salt my friend.. i am
not speaking alone
from ego or book
lessons it is now
the HOLY spirit
as expresSinG
it or not..
with smiles..:)

Highly unlikely
that the real
man Jesus
will be
fully in
church now
as dogma rules
then dogma rules now
and that was the reality
Jesus faced then as well
but nah.. he probably wouldn’t
be crucified.. just banned or deleted…

Jesus sets a challenge to be like
him.. but never ever to worship
him anymore than
a grain
of sand..
as a grain
of sand
is GOD too..
the reason we have
a place to stand upon
the EARTH out of Ocean..:)

In every creature
i believe.. exists
a drive for freedom
from all illusory restraints..
and tools of brush
and paint can
express this
desire now
in humans
as great
as any
or poetry book..
like any other expression
of what humans call art..
and it is truly sad when
it takes great
and pain
to set
of more of seeing
free as art..
but that
as expreSsinG
different becomes
more tolerating and accepting
as is the case coming now
where freedom
rings trueR..
in expresSinG
Living free now..
in.. IT.. info tech
a digital
no less than
the opposable
thumb that
IT all
long long ago..
sketching imaginary
angle connections of stars
in sand.. with sticks..
comes next
and the
rest is collective
intelligence as
recorded history
and the rest
of culture
and this
of 1’s and
0’s as digit
of ART

expresSinG aLL
tHUMb digit 0NE..:)

Hehe.. now you posted this at 1:11 pm by chance or circumstance.. haha..
and thanks for coming by same oldnew friend Star/Cara.. Cara reminds me
of that really intelligent Monkey Lady off of Planet of the
Apes by the way.. but wait it’s Cala not Kara..
but i still like Cala too..
yeah wit is the
power of never
looking like
a total
no know
get the rebound
and the backboard
and the tennis ball
racquet and us
become one..
yeah… i played
Tennis for 10 years
free style and wild
like i do everything else..
my first real experience of
OR just another
i love you friend
you are such a creative chick
soul.. and you bring a light
of creativity in me.. that truly
no one else does.. as we
are too weird and fabulous
for the world now..
R uS
Are you US
US you Are
and yeah oh My
god that Subway
two for one deal
was hectic..
the poor
folks were
burning buns left
and right tying to GET
the Subs all out..
ugh oh.. Moby
is eating my Nike
Shoe strings..
i think i
better feed him..
wife off with
friend.. she
usually takes
care of
DANCING and yeah
some of the other
‘seedier’ stuff
i do too..
but it’s
and finally yes
breasts feeding
and breasts
in general
are BEST!
and rose
below as well..
rooted in love
of course..;)

In my feeling.. in my senses.. the answer for me is simple at the beach
when no humans leave footsteps of culture.. we are naturAlly in balance
with the earth.. it is the complexity of it all that takes us away from what
we are still evolving to be..
Truly there are zero lessons
for me to find bliss
now.. it’s all
and manifests
itself in moving
energy.. as soft
as a feather..
as calm
as the
Hurricane.. but limitless
energy that knows and
feels no bounds
except for
wheRe iS alWays
to explore
as light
my friend
Friend.. Suzanne..:)

Smiles.. friend.. Suzanne.. for me.. Creativity.. constant pARt
of bLIss.. either in words of poeTry..
or steps of dance..
then there is
eat and
a turntable
of heaven for now.. and yes it is incredible.. only sparks for
me before.. for 53 long years.. with some nows total darkness..:)

Now that a year ago and more memories
are finished for now.. Back to the
future of yesterday
and day
as i celebrate
the dance of day
in stores in a spiraling
Galaxy of kitty kats shirt..
and end up with truly nice folks
at old Seville and as i note now through
my life it is the people who have been outcast
from life who can be the kindest oF aLL.. and those
folks i treasure no matter how much Trump hate they get in this
world.. and i’m pretty sure.. in fACt.. i’M positive iF Jesus actuAlly
came back to day.. he too would hang around somewHeRe close to 120 Church Street too..
at least
a week
for 133 weeks
on Thursday and
i dare ‘you’.. to prove me wRong..;)

Oh yeah.. quick note
on Chuck Loree’s Production
maker of ‘The Big Bang’ TV
Show.. Number 541 Vanity
Card that
FucK You
for folks who
thiNk the people
who make uP America
Brave and Free are no longer great..

‘EnuFF SAid’

by me2..;)


SMiLes.. my FriEnd..
Art is for findinG closer
to the heARt.. and grief
is for GroWinG and Appreciating
not only heARt.. SpiRit and SoUL
as MiNd and BoDy BaLAnCinG cOMes
aGain.. but life itself.. as this tool of writing
arT i for
and FeeL
IS A path to inspiRing
oneself out of DArk and
a communion of those
who have
liFE like this bEfore..
GiVinG and ShARinG aLL oF
liFe IS A reservoir of HopE.. my FriEnd
that you do very well iN aRt of Words
BoTh dArk and liGht and those sHades
of purgatory Grey skies wiTh hints
oF liGht yeT
to coMe
of Ocean
Breeze waves
that roW LoVe liGht aGAin..
and one day to say i see beYond
rainBows oNce aGAIn as colors BriGhter..
beyond and below dArk and liGht coMe aGAIN..
anyWay.. as usual best wishes to you.. mY FriEnd Zee..:

oF LoVe LiFe..:)


Hehe.. if i got
Trump in a room..
by himself..
i would
it too..
he would leave
with all in due fun..
He’s almost a spitting copy
of my Rich Uncle..
i am
by him too..
the Dark can be
so inspiring too..
and hehe.. i knew you
were a fan girl.. when you
told Glenn.. you really hate him don’t you..
text memory serves me well..
and a voice that folks compare to
‘ligHteNing in isREAL liFE now and
a cosmic sneeze that has been likened
to a shot gun blast by the elder ladies iN Church..
that Catholic Temple
Dome has excellent
Choirs of Angels
too., haha..
but yes..
i digress
carry on..
my wayward ‘daughter’..
if you delete this blog.. i promise Trump
will lose and if you don’t same result.. ‘HE’S FIRED’..
fun Shawna


And remember you can
poke me in the eye
as my

If you didn’t read my last
blog Macro-Verse.. tHeRe
is some serious Synchronicity going on with what you wrote up there..
and if you did.. sorry you didn’t/couldn’t make it ALL THE WAY to the bottom to say hi..
but that’s
all of that3..;)

Shawna says..

Oh my word. Now THAT would be a party…
you and Donny in a room together
I would pee my pants from
laughing so hard, I’m sure..:)

i say..

do a threesome..
i love to talk SO MUCH..;)

And then i say..

And keep in mind
my new Psychiatrist said
i am the most ‘unusual person’
he has come across
that is
an epic

He said people
like me never
here i AM
after all iS sAid and dONe..;)

Shawna says.. you are cray cray.

And finally i say..



i’D already planned on using this
theme of heARt SonG beFore
i come..
and i muSt
say the only
place i found deeper
stuff in youth to past philosophy
class in college is deeper artists
of music.. wHerE have they gOne..
tHey are here.. on YouTube.. TG.. iN A
never loSing energy aGainsST Entropy
iN mEaSure oF gaining more than
to poweR us Heaven
greater as liGht Force
BriGht iN
aS Peace
of miNd
and Body..
anyWay so heRe
i go closer @leASt to
mY heARt.. wiTh resources
never ever seen beForE on this
oF pLanet
BriGhter iN
HUman eYes too..:)

And hope you feel better.. first.. too..:)

“Fear teaches us in the most graphic terms just what it is we value.”

~~ Limon ~~

The more i value
noW iN totaLiTy
the less i fear
aS aLL coMes
hOly and SaCred..
i veer aWay to
TruTh toWards
A LiVing liGht..:)

“I would rather my ignorance be based on my understanding
than for my understanding to be based on my ignorance.
I would rather be a humorous fool than a serious jackass.”

~~ Dan Millman “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” ~~

Apocalypse now..
iN Original Definition
of lifting the veils of ignorance..
seriously hard
to do when
convinced they
wanna die.. true insanity..
rules at lEAst some.. sad souls now..:)

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm,
you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.”

~~ Horace ~~

what i juSt..
sAid less and more..;)

“The true perfection of man lies,
not in what man has, but in what man is . . .
Nothing should be able to harm a man but himself.
Nothing should be able to rob a man at all.
What a man really has is what is in him.
What is outside of him should be a matter of no importance.”

~~ Oscar Wilde ~~

oF thE
dONe Free..;)

“If all our misfortunes were laid in one common heap,
whence everyone must take an equal portion,
most people would be contented to take their own and depart.”

~~ Socrates ~~

Surely in
Global Fashion..
wHere 1st world countries
lead misery in illusory way of fears..:)

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.”

~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. ~~

Match.. never
getting lit up..
even changing to
ashes.. comes.. new..:)

“It is better to know nothing than to know what ain’t so.”

~~ Josh Billings ~~

is as iSreal
Ocean WHole..:)

“It’s a fool’s life,
a rogue’s life,
and a good life
if you keep laughing all the way to the grave.”

~~ Edward Abbey ~~

Happy is

“And sometimes the bear eats you.”

~~ Realistic Bee ~~

Enjoy liFe
whiLe it’s wHole soMe.. too..;)

“Humor is the best antidote to reality.”

~~ Smart Bee ~~

As i Love to say..
make all of life
IS A Laugh
and JOker2..;)

“All nature is but art, unknown to thee;
All chance, direction, which thou canst not see;
All discord, harmony not understood;
All partial evil, universal good;
And spite of pride, in erring reason’s spite,
One truth is clear, Whatever is, is right.”

~~ Alexander Pope ~~

~~ Essay on Man, Epistle i, Line 289 ~~

Life existS in A SmArt
phone as far
as many
folks see
these days..
And so does
A SonG oF mY SoUL..
works for mE bEinG longer now..;)

A hiVe of humanity
has a face
oF antS..;)

“Ah, what a dusty answer gets the soul
when hot for certainties in this our life!”

~~ George Meredith ~~

is now..
or not..
is rules..:)

“Waiting is.”

~~ Robert A. Heinlein, ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ ~~

Yes.. aGaiN..
whaT is

“Make no judgments where you have no compassion.”

~~ Anne Mc Caffrey ~~

Hi.. Anne.. tell that to
a top notch Brain surgeon..
while he rules a Scapel iN A Head..
A place
for psychopaths
to roost in niche..
works as
as war
in tribal
warfare for A Win..:)

“If my decomposing carcass helps nourish the roots of a juniper tree
or the wings of a vulture – that is immortality enough for me.
And as much as anyone deserves.”

~~ Edward Abbey ~~

WiLL underStand ToGeThER oNe..;)

“Nothing is so bitter that a calm mind cannot find comfort in it.”

~~ Seneca ~~

No eScaping
thaT mINd of
bitter without
A move.. oF liGht..:)

“And though the course may change sometimes,
Rivers always reach the sea.”

~~ Led Zeppelin, Ten Years Gone ~~

Or pool @
lEast witH

“Drawing on my fine command
of the English language, I said nothing.”

~~ Robert Benchley ~~

i juST plaY WiTh
works for mE..;)

All caught up noW.. heRe with two..
now to dinner and work-out.. already
another Casino Trip.. tomorrow..
and then a farm
trip on
a Southern
Baptist Pastor’s
Home after
on Sunday afternoon..
ThanksGiving Dinner2..
life moves.. catch it noW..
iS what i do.. with snooze
aLong the way oF eYes aWake..:)


Sounds like you may have
the traditional/classic
Variant Gene
per DRD4.. pARt
of what moves human
as nomad and novelty seeker
same.. and trULy
for me at leASt
the answer
has been
in almost
constant moving..
emotionally regulating..
integrating senses art of dance
that makes me focus like a locomotive
on tracks of forward.. i spent most of my life
in a haze when not moving like this in some way
of laser focus.. now i spend most of my life in laser
’cause i don’t
have to work and
can dance all day and
night if i like.. not usually
allowed in the corporate world
haha.. anyway.. i feel the muddy waters
of the past in less than stellar cognitive
executive functioning in focus and short
term working memory.. but now i move faster
and in more directions
than the locomotive
of before
ever imagined..
grow across the life
span from birth to last breath
of life.. i’ve seen others do it..
just had to find a way that worked
for me.. in a free space of life.. anyWay..
never the less keep on keeping on what works
the best
for you
my friEnd..
no prescription
naturally is guaranteed
for any human alone.. for success..
oh yeah.. and Hi Prjakta.. too.. small
talk is not something i am very good at ‘yet’..;)


Hmm.. speaking of Novelty..
now for a little exploration of the
dARk side with my new unwitting pal..
the call for an uprising youtube dude..
hmm.. Got a song for it too.. that the
big bad wolf says has very big teeth too..
per se..;)

Hmm.. Spirit Cooking.. well..
so many forms of art in a country now..
that is free and allows freedom of expression..
not everyone’s cup of tea..
but still freedom
of expression…
i’m not sure
what’s more gross..
a ritual of what the
human body can tolerate
or some uprising dude on youtube
who makes a prince of peace into someone
who stomps folks down through the ground
to hell as such.. i had a friend from Jamaica who
sAid.. hold no media of evil intent in one’s home
in other words see no evil.. hear no evil speak no evil..
and there are other folks who make
fun of the dARk..
like Halloween
too.. hmmm..
anyway.. what makes
my stomach turn is when
you turn Jesus into some kind
of Deliverance ‘red neck’.. at the begging
of your YouTube Cartoon for your own nightmare
desired hitman as such for the folks who express
themselves differently than you.. i mean after all when
you make
a murderer
who can you trust…
The bad cop Jesus is in
the bible like this.. so i can’t
blame you for getting suckered into
the realm of THAT JESUS.. the KinG
of war.. expanding Roman Empires
same as Muslim’s who wish
for a head stomping isis
as Jesus same
as the
bearded killer
dude you hired for
your cartoon of doubt
fear and all stuff associated
with hate.. anyway.. as usual
thanks for the dArk muse.. you are much fun
to a Good Cop Jesus dude like me.. oh by the way
God has
my back too..
doubt it not friend..
even heathens are my friEnds..
oF liGht
for youR crowd
of Trump Minions.. too..;)

and Jesus..
F. iN Christ..
the end of your
video is kinda like the
Twilight zone2.. it’s funny too..;)


Anyway.. since there is some room left on
that 21 pilots song about all of my friends
are Heathens with no idea of the abuse they incur..
as i also use this profile pic photo of me in the dArk
from my 717th and 718th MacroVerse same.. with
lit up Tiger SHades in the DaRk.. trUly.. you’LL never
understand the psychopath living in their own environmentally
and sometimes innately produced inner hell within until you have
walked inside the shoes that can feel nothing but pain.. now this
ain’t the Trump Version of a obvious weak little boy in Military
school who hasn’t got over the other boys making fun
of him.. where his silver spoon no longer made
him special.. this is the total dark night of
the soul that in some fairly rare instances
lasts from birth to death.. it really pisses
me off that some folks suggest that people
who are born this way are going
to be tortured forever for
being in hell already
in life but modern
science continues
to prove Nature
and God sAMe
iN all the liGht
and dArk ways
iT comes
all NaturAlly..
now.. here’s the thing
if you want someone to protect
the tribe from warring invaders who
will kill you for your subsistence related
items and rape your significant others including
your daughters for reproductive success in carrying
on their tribe of humans a heartless killer who has no
aversion to killing other human beings ‘they’.. may be just the
tool the tribe needs to win the battle to survive and protect
loved ones same.. so don’t underestimate the silver
linings in the DArk in God oF Nature’s bigger
picture.. but anyway.. if you think that living
a life where your only pleasure is pain
is fun.. you haven’t been to hell
like me for 66 months.. and
yes.. if i ever had to..
to protect my family
i could easily transform
myself into the devil again..
and trust me.. don’t mistake
my niceness for weakness as
you haven’t seen what a devil can
really look like in the wild.. our existence
as being human is both heaven.. hell and
the ‘tween of purgatory.. and being Autistic
and dealing with Bi-polar is a piece of cake with
ice cream and steak.. compared to being a devil snake
incarnate.. in other words it is often the Judas who bleeds most..
if you can find sympathy for the Devil you can truly say you have
the empathy of God of Nature for 14.5 billion year or so coMe isREaL.;)

Short Facebook Clip from a year ago.. already
referenced in ‘this DeStiNaTioN 718’ Macro-Verse
from a full two years ago.. wHere Facebook Friend
Kelly who is married to a Jet Pilot in the Navy.. also
a gym attendant at the time and by the way it was actually
her Jet Pilot husband who took the 360 degrees panorama
photos of all 12 reps of this feat of short one rep video
clip that i will use here in YouTube form too..
this is also evidence that there IS A WiLL to
survive inside of me
that will
be defeated
if called upon
in what some folks
have assessed as expert
martial arts skills too.. i hope
i never have to use them on another
human being for defense but for sure
what all of this does make me is fearless
from head to toe.. and able and willing
to love unconditionally even more..
and that was the lesSon of
the Old Kung Fu TV
show.. walk
and carry explosive
human potential in
grace just in case..
again noting now that two years
later this weight of 810 LBS is now
increased to 1020 LBS at 33 reps
and for the inspiration of the recent Japanese
elder on the news who at 80 year old is still dancing
and showing his naked top of body on the cat walk
as model.. if you believe you are going to get older
you will
get weaker
too.. if you take
action on stronger
and jusT do it youR
WiLL can conquer the
statistical averages that say
strength peaks at age 30 among
a bunch of couch sitting.. office sitting
couch potatoes with a smart phone work
out as the only bicep curls that come or
12 ounce
tin cans
watching the NFL..
thinking about their
glory days in HS football
when they could actually be
named as a home town folk
legend if they never left boot camp..
anyway.. difference is.. i can prove it..;)

i find that the limitless Tattoo’ed T-shirts
i wear transform my inner human being
reflected in what i wear too.. and this real
life human phenomenon that is like shape shifting
is recognized among most actors who have entertained
others with a play of theater.. and here’s the thing.. some folks
thiNk you have to be part of a class or do art for
money for it to be a valuable
act of liFe..
when the intrinsic
beauty iS in A
actual play
of liFE..
wHere we
can and WiLL
create our own realities
with the power of imagination
that goes much farther than even
what most consider as consciousness
per verbal thINking.. the human experience
is much much deeper than what is filtered through
our Conscious StreAMinG thOughts in what we think life
ought to be in class room instruction and work.. as spoon
fed form from birth.. and we often fail to remember iT is our
genetic memory and struggle that all our ancestors
have come ToGeThEr as the reAliTy of what
is stored iN our similar DNA Struggle.. test
results.. along the travel of existence
noW that sTiLL existS in our
animal potential..
TrUth IS A pArt
of A Tiger liveS in me
and a pArt of mE lives in A
Tiger and even Rodent sAMe..
and a lot more of wE liVes in a
Primate Bonobo sAMe who also
like we.. enjoys the fulfilling and pleasurable
mutual empathy that healthy humans experience
in the other person’s pleasure of face to face kissing..
oral sex.. and other such pleasures that animals without
this kind of empathy do not engage in as they do not
enjoy it as pleasure over pain in this way oF liGht..
but the thing is.. the eYe of The TiGer is iN tHeir
too.. and although the Bonobo is usually
violence and warring free with their
tool of sensuaLiTy to defeat any
possibility of inter-tribe violence
when an invading tribe
of others comes
to take their
they too..
have the
eye of the Tiger
for survival at their
disposal as still living
as act in their genetic memory
in all innate.. instinct.. and intuition too..
fools of humans have separated themselves
from the rest of Nature and dominated it.. killed
it and now there is only approximately 3000 or so
Tigers left in the Wild.. as this is what human tools do
out of balance where religion and politics and culture
the virus
and sin
for the
rest of God’s
Nature on this planet
now.. i can hear the Tiger..
i can hear the call of the wild..
i can feel the pain.. and i will
do what it takes to change that pain
to liGht in every way i can and will.. MArk
my words..
of them on line.. in 6 years..
mArk my dance.. thousands
of videos shared on Facebook by
voyeur smArt phone fans.. and mark
100K photos now shared.. including all the
way from head to toe.. i am here to make a MArk
that will
not easily be dismissed
as just aNotHeR run on sentence
not fitting in a
just a note..
this is three
years.. artFuL.. tHeRe
are decades noW of more
and more of thiS mArk coMe noW..;)

‘Travel Tears Joy’.. year ago.. Facebook Algorithm Macro
Verse Memory that houses some of the
quotes i share in this 718th MacroVerse
groWinG noW STiLL.. and some
and more of the referenced
photos too.. also a continued
documentation of my somewhat
strange friendship with Shawna
who has been many aliases..
in my journey so far.. since
the Summer of 2015.. and
here’s the thing.. and
another thing..
if you don’t
realize that most
all the so-called prophets
and only Sons of man and now
Last prophets and such.. didn’t
have a touch of Bi-Polar.. and
or Autism too.. you haven’t been
to iSREaL Heaven or Hell like only
a person who has Genetic propensities
and environmental struggle same can and
WiLL BRinG to liGht and this is what makes
Shawna StiLL noW an integral pArt of what i do here
as she STiLL IS A rare wildflower who seeks freedom like i
do.. difference is.. i have close to zero real life responsibilities..
but she is 13 years my junior.. with plenty more years of creativity
before her.. that i did not even fully start until the year of my
53rd birthday just three years and some months ago
here.. there is no way i could do this without this
advantage along with what is currently moreover
a gift of Bi-Polar and Autism.. to do what i do
here.. the very people that modern
Christians and Muslim’s would
outcast today are the
very people
with their
and environmental
struggles that brought more
of the Inner Universe of being
hUman to liGht.. problem is.. they
don’t realize these folks were just every
day humans who found a niche to express
their human potential more through these potential
dArk Struggles of life too.. and in the art world these
kind of folks minus the hyperbolic myths never now stopped
coming to help the human race move forward as like Steve
Jobs says.. who i can thank in big pARt for all the Apple
tools that make what i do even possible now.. it is those
folks who are juSt crazy enough to act on
crazy to make a change in this world
that will not easily be ignored
or dismissed when
the trUth
and liGht
cOmes to
Roost hiGher
as rise oN tHe DArk oF BeFore noW..:)

A Gorgeous afternoon photo
with A modern age Goddess
Isis who never ages.. after
a quick visit with our co-
therapist.. Karen where
i recently explored my
past experience in hell
with her.. also known
as the dead zone too..
Katrina says this is what
i make her ears foR now
other than
A Fredache..
after my Fredtalks..
Yes.. oversized Elephant
ears.. and hmm… if you’ve
seen photos of the original
Isis ears they are original too..;)

Just stopped
by to serIOUsly
say hi.. Shawna.. saYinG
too.. ‘this’ is a lovely poem..
sure.. with dark mixed in2..
the way
i like it
too.. my friEnd..
Hang in tHeRe.. and
continue to come out..
play iN
daY and NiGht
as you wishNow..:)


Interesting photo and somewhat refreshing memory..
As A Idol of the archetype of the Good Cop Jesus
as presented as rising instead of attached to cross
in Catholic Church.. hands raised to sky.. naked
except for loin cloth.. with blue skies similar
to ‘this’ outlining the form of his body as
cross.. as Jonathan in metaphor
of LiVinG noW seagull is
riSinG heRe in form
and shadow of
spirit.. above..
so below.. inside..
outside and all around..
WeLL… as computer bugs go..
and since the addition of IOS 10
to my iPhone6s goes.. when i connect
the ear buds.. Siri goes possessed and asks
me over and over what i want.. and she will never
hear me as currently the microphone pArt of the phone
is not working for whatever bug reason.. perhaps it’s my
ear buds and come to find out it happens too on my iPhone 5s
even without IOS 10 upgrade.. or perhaps it is my magnetic per
soNaLiTy of Moving Dance in electro-trance style of dance that
is setting the polarities of smARt phone off.. hehe.. anyway..
the battery is draining faster these days too.. so i took
both phones as back up.. and limited my selection
of music to my own history of MP3’s stored there
to suck less battery juice.. and still 80 degrees
on November 5th.. 2016.. on Biloxi Beaches
with an exclusion of respite in close
to gale force winds.. as
i guess another
hot in the
day cold front
was/is blowing through..
and so.. i am dancing backwards
like a Seagull on terrestrial beach
with my wing spread arms floating
as surf spreads on shores at
peace.. and i go to the end
of a Dock that has space
to fly on boards.. and
this song ‘Underwater’
by the group
comes on
randomly as such..
about the now that i am
reaching peak rise with God
in oneness where every cell in my
body is spARKling iN Anti-Gravity
flow.. soaring higher and HiGher as
any Jonathan LiVinGston seagull can
and WiLL juSt do it iN all free verse style..
on terrestrial plane of boardwalk sAMe..
and if i could sell a pill in what this isREaL
Heaven iS.. it would be World Peace in less than
a second iN Heaven PiLL now.. no one would ever ever
desire another material god dam thing.. as Heaven would be
tHeRE’s to practice iN a soUL DaNCe iN miNd and BoDy BaLance
as sPiriT and HeARt wHere God’s fingers are our fingers wiTh every
cell and trilLions of
inFiniTE stAndinG
taLL wiTh GoD 7 ONE
8 iNfiniTy moRe.. connections
iSReaL.. inside.. outside.. above..
so below and all around.. i can also talk
to the place THEN of Dysautomomia wHeRE
my Nervous system was no longer controlling
my heARt rate in synch with my blood pressure
to get blood to my brain back in Winter of 2008..
i could not catch my breath all day long.. i wanted
out of this misery with the additional pain of Trigeminal
Neuralgia type two from wake to sleep.. like a dentist
drill in my eye and ear with no pain killer to provide an
ounce of respite then.. Sjogren’s Syndrome wHere my
eYes quit making tears like swimming in salt water with
eYes open too.. a side of Fibromyalgia.. severe degenerative
arthritis in spine.. some spinal stenosis to pepper that up.. and
an insomnia from this ‘perfect’ storm of misery and suffering to
last 40 days with one hour of very shallow card board sleep
with an alpha blocker to slow my heart down out of sync
just enough for that as at that time.. Doctors had
no clue to the fresh hell i was in then
for whys of diagnosis as such
other than try this
and that pill..
yeah.. one hour
of sleep each night
for 35 days and none the
last 40.. i just wanted to go to
the ocean and sink to the bottom
and never come back one with the
water again.. well.. moral of this whole
FucKinG iF yoU SeeK iN GoD Story.. don’t
give uP.. dreams of drowning forever can be
replaced with air of Loving God as One forever now..
and while i was doing this a man and his three young daughters
were filming me without fear.. as a Seagull was dancing around my
head who looked very much like this one in my sKIN.. it was a Kodak
i guess..
as it’s not
everyday that
you see a law enforcement
looking 233LB middle age man
with an Alice And Wonderland shirt
on.. floating on A Dock of the Gulf
as a seagull on terrestrial land..
anyway.. perhaps they’ll
share it with a few more
hundred Facebook friends..
don’t have to see it… as i juSt do it..
this essence is so far beyond form..
that most humans now will never comprehend
this essence of FeeLinG and SeNsinG other than
Jonathan Seagulls LiVinG noW..
without any
original sin in sKeYes oF God…
Truth be tOId.. books are lies and God flies
iN sKeYes
oF Free
aLiVe wITh
Naked SKin oF God..
maybe one day i’LL find a
way to say it too.. unTil

7:18 am and i’m back with
Facebook FriEnd Rafiah as she
shares this Facebook Status and
some other discussions on FB continue..
on 11062016..:)

Our Disco Doctor
Heart Emoticon

i return with a
Smile Emoticon

And then get up out of
bed with 10 fingers fully
employed and continue on with more lines here..

Okay.. that’s a smile from one finger on a smArt phone in bed..
but i must say i am a bit fascinated by this status as i AM
hoping this means that the 11th Dr. from Dr. who
is literally doing somewhat of a praise dance
for life.. as i was similarly thrilled to
see the preview of next
week’s.. The Big Bang
Theory TV show with Sheldon
portrayed as really loosening up
from uptight and letting it go like the
Ice Princess did before she made Queen
in the Disney Movie ‘FroZen’.. And breaKing
out into joyous dance as they named HiM Cosmic
Casanova and by the way i predicted that on my blog..
And the next thing i will predict is although the Catholic
Church and i disagree on many vital points.. after i am long
gone they will name me the saint of dance and free verse poetry
in witness of God iN miracle as such.. hmm.. maybe i’M joKing and
not as
God WiLL tale..
the bottom line test
results.. one time i told
Lala Rukh.. she could call me
A Cosmic DJ too.. and she said she
would.. but she never did.. hehe.. and that’s OK..
oh.. the photographic memory for text.. sTiLL Bottom liNe..
and hi Rafiah..
with Love..
Saint Mamas say..
best bottom liNe..:)

And now a conversation
continues from last week
as Rafiah shares a preview
video of the 11th Dr. Who..

And i say..

i took
A picture
Of the 8th
Dr Who
At Walmart
In the Movie
Section and
Thought about
Rafiah.. And the
Guy who plays
Sherlock is on
The Big Screen playing Dr Strange..:)

Rafiah says..

You saw the Doctor and thought of me.
Wow, that’s great news..:D
By the way he is my
favorite hero.
Heart Emoticon

And then i say..

SmIles.. you are A doctor to me too.. and
i’ve thought about you and missed you
everyday when Doctor Rafiah is
not around.. online..:)

And last week.. i also said..

Watched the 11th.. Dr Who Video you provide and oh..
It will take me over 12 million words to scribe
All The Who’s
i play
JuSt one


Rafiah returns today with..

I like you both..:D

And in friend
ship continuing
i then say..

i Like Rafiah..
and if Doctor Who is
Disco Dancing i definitely like him more
than before

And last week
before.. i also

Other than
That.. Hi
My mama
The small
Talk with Love..:)

Rafiah also says.. today..

Advice by your Mum received and noted.
Must pass it on to my kids as well.
The circle of love must not be broken..:)

And by this point i thiNk..
Rafiah is so sweet and kind/
innocent in the way
she speaks..
i just
pinch her
cheeks but she
lives on the other
side of the planet so
i must do my best online..
so i say..

Yes.. bottom line..
Like the Lion King..
and Elton John and the original
of the
Lion King
Movie said too…
Great bottom line unTil
i see my friEnd Rafiah aGain
it be written as SonG.. so let it be SunG/dONe..:)!


Hi.. hasn’t been a full month..
but never the less it is the 6th..
so that’s reaSon enough for me to say.. hi..
while dropping by as i continue to fly..
Hi Lala..
hope you
are doing WeLL..:)


WeLL.. FB FriEnd Ned.. i mean
blogger gigoid.. back
from beach
a kite
as high
and an extra
hour of free time
to boot continuing fly..
so here iT goeS aGAin..;)

“The poetry of earth is never dead.”

~~ John Keats — On the Grasshopper and Cricket ~~

Art is PoEtry
And Art is
60 percent
of EartH

oh.. secrets
hidden in plain sITe..;)

“Every adult needs a child to teach;
it’s the way adults learn.”

~~ Frank A. Clark ~~


TrUe Words
SeeinG is BeinG
DanCinG SinGinG
PoEtry2.. NoW2..:)

There is a road from the eye to the
heart that does not go through the intellect.”

~~ G.K. Chesterton ~~

PoeTry SinGs Science
DancEs first.. and as science
now sHows.. social empathic cognition
inhibits mechanical cognition and the converse..
in other
drains the oThEr
when out of YiN and YanG
BRain and BoDy BaLanCinG FoRce
oF DARk reaSon SciencE
And liGht
arT heARt..:)

“If you don’t like yourself, you can’t like other people.”

~~ Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love ~~

Yes me first
me again
as you too..:)

Happiness is the only good,
reason the only torch,
justice the only worship,
humanity the only religion,
and love the only priest.

~~ Robert G. Ingersoll ~~

Without HeArt
liGht comes from misery as dArk..
torch never comes from any place but heARt first
then reAson second
as even science
shows now2..
And religion and
worship as meaning
and purpose is
in or
out of
temple walls..
and Priests without
Unconditional Love are no priests aT aLL..:)

Bottom lines.. humanity gRows WiTh lEarn from LiVe…
And GroWinG moRe..:)

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing,
but in rising up every time we fail.”

~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~

I’ve coMe to find
as i fINd the oTher place
iSREaL2.. and often comeS after faLLinG2..
soars as
niGht and daY..;)

“A man can do something for peace without having to jump into politics.
Each man has inside him a basic decency and goodness.
If he listens to it and acts on it,
he is giving a great deal of what it is the world needs most.”

~~ Pablo Casals ~~

A Bottom line..
few politicians
with only
now of
what they do..
remaining free
as bird oF WinG..
yeah.. the meek..
the poor.. and all of that2..
noW2 Rich beYond FucKinG
Dollar Bill Suits BeLiEf Now1
8 And don’t be lAte..;)

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”

~~ Paul Boese ~~

Hate is a Son
of anger
as soon as possible
is anger
away from
hate.. anything
away from hate increases
Positivity as Love..

“Whatever your advice, make it brief.”

~~ Horace ~~


Death is the

“Been there. Done that.

— Smart Bee

After all is sAid
we all
are the
origin of LiFe..
that’s E-nuff sAid
and done for me Now
i’LL onLy do foR Now..:)

“He who awaits much can expect little.”

— Gabriel Garcia Marquez

i liter
now.. and i find
now is overfloWinG
with noThinG but noW..
noW liVE..
And as a side note here..
some people wonder why i rarely
small talk and walk And speak NOW iN art oF poetic SonG
And DanCe sAMe changing every FucKinG word and step i do..
A secret iN
NOW make iT aLL
it’s reAlly
that simple
And complex
effortless as ever
iN heaven
A practice
of perfection
as practice that
never ever FucKinG ends…
Every second i Am reincarnated NoW..
mY friEnd as i refuse to walk on concrete sidewalks
in hell before..
it’s kind of an allone
place alone.. at tiMeS Now..
but the rewards are limitless allone
noW.. oNE
iN this never
land never ending
story iSReaL NoW..
WiTh a Hook and Bait as sAMe..:)


From Biloxi Casino’s to what some
folks might consider sin city2..
the topless
dancers.. etc..
on A sin of
gambling and
money as God of course..
wRite on course on Sun
day.. with then
Catholic Church
first and a verse oF old
testament where men are willing
to die rather than eat unlawful pork provided
a promise of resurrection from a dirt nap in somewhere
with pearly
floors and
wHo kNows in
some countries sin
city of 72 virgins beyond
perfect breasts and erections that never
end.. hmm.. that’s not what that original text said
over there fully but that’s what folks do who bring empty promises
to rule over those
who live.. on
this beautiful
blue.. green.. brown
and increasingly faster
melting white snow topped poles
of heaven now.. in the kIngdom of
God given earth.. inside.. outside.. above..
so below and all around.. like Luke 17:21
says the Kingdom of God staRts within..
and yes.. i’ll agree with that pARt
as my personal discernment
and experience proves
it out to
be irrefutable
trUth and liGht aT
lEAst iN my New testament
of TrUth and liGht.. as all all can
and will do with will and can over
lies of other folks who come before to subjugate..
dominate.. and all around control folks per reproductive
freedoms and materialistic gains on this earth now of course…
unless you are one of the ones subjugated who gives their lives for lies..
and suicide bombings and such as that as same today.. follow the rules or else..
that’s the way of the sitters and conservatives same.. and then at Catholic Church
the Good Old Luke Version of 20:27-38 comes around in the liturgical cycle and spin
cycle too.. where it makes it perfectly and crystal clear that this Jesus dude is no
Southern Baptist Conservative Republican as such.. as in this Kingdom
of Heaven and God that lives within that is at hand in this generation
there will be no giving wives in marriage or buying them and even no
marriage at all.. in fact all will live like Angels
not much different than the
early Jesus 60’s and
hippy movement
of free love
Jesus was is
(good cop version)
a Hippy and Bonobo
same way behind and ahead
of his times.. obviously getting
back to nature.. human innate.. instinct
and intuition and finding that life works best
free out of ownership of deCreed papers..
but nah.. you will rarely find any of
those Good Cop Jesus folks
in a Southern
Church.. what you
will find is those who
believe humans by old testament
way should still dominate the living earth..
and isolate themselves from others who believe
differently than they do.. and yes.. this so-called Bad Cop
Jesus still exists in the New Testament too.. they are not imagining
this other Jesus as this New Testament is a gridlock view of human nature
same as modern politics with both conservative and liberal Jesus contained
within political walls of bible in New Testament fashion too as already documented
in this Macro Verse of 718 fashion Beyond per se.. too.. of one who is not afraid to
expose both sides of the Janus coin of human nature and God sAMe iN TrUth and
liGht and DaRk too as one Force aS sKeYes of God within hUMan too..
anyWay.. one thing you can guarantee on Southern Baptist
Church gatherings on the Sunday Lawn of
wherever you go.. it is as rare as
the dodo Democrat bird
that you will
hear one own up
to that way of human Nature
then.. and even if you have a Democrat
Liberal Nature as Such.. you repress it until
it makes you F iN truly insane in ways of cognitive
dissonance as most any psychiatrist will tale ya makes
the human brain go wacky.. per se.. those are the folks that
eventually leave the walls of the church.. are so sick and tired
of a hypocritical God and Jesus who makes no sense that they often
lose the entire core of TrUth and liGht of huMan power of foCus and
eMoTioNs and seNses oF A iSReaL power of Faith that IS A healing Force
of God in hiGher power within that is worth keeping at all costs of the lies
of the church that still lives in chaining God in Book way.. and forcing other
folks to play by rules of illusory fears and empty promises same.. anyway..
i love these people same as liberals as i understand
they are bred this way.. and human
beings have a neuroplasticity
and epigenetic propensity
about them that
is malleable
as the
clay of
the earth to be
molded in dArk and
or liGht ways sAMe of
division rather than unity too..
from the rest of the so-called human
race as one force of toGEThERness when
the culture binds this way instead of division toll..
and still there is the human nature inside of conservative
over liberal and/or vice-versa tHeRe.. bottom line as alWays those
who lives with less abundance and are too afraid and too cautious
to move to more abundant pastures of life.. sit more than rove.. and
we get big cities of liberal roving (progression) or smaller rural areas
of sitting more and conservative ways of (stagnation).. and that’s the
way the human nature rolls in skyscrapers and meadows same..
the conservative way works.. for those who live there..
and same with liberal way too.. cOld hard fActs
are bio and neuro-diversity rules
and what binds folks
dARk or
liGht continues
to fly as trUth and liGht
iN dARk or liGht to them..
as even sHown in the hypocrisy
of New/old rules on HBO per Bill Maher
as shared by Facebook Friend and fellow
worker at the Bowling Center From years ago.. Greg..
as nicely linked here as Trump.. the Anti-Jesus dude..
comes to
Church as savior
by a margin
of 74 to 14
or so
in Evangelistic way..

iN other wordS it wouldn’t matter if A real anti-christ
runs for president.. as long as he or she is republican
that will be all that counts.. Trump knew this deal way
aHead in advance.. but fortunately there are enough of the
‘other’ folks to ensure that A anti-christ will not rule the country on
Tuesday.. not yet at least.. but there is still fear/hate brewing of the Bad
Cop behind evangelistic old testament and Bad Cop
Jesus new testament rule.. fearful in illusory way and all stuff associated
and hate…
Do not discount
the power of A dARk
Force ever aS it continues
to muSE A liGht Force too..;)

Hmm… while i find this election orDeal
very muSing in both a dARk and intellectual
way.. i take time out on Sunday also for Union
with my Yoda imaginary friend of Good Cop Jesus
in Star Wars wHere back then before Google days
in repressed red state way.. the arts on the big screen
and radio in Song and Theater way were about all the illuminating
pARts of liFE that existed out of walls of extremely repressed oppressed
and subjugating walls of churches in the most per square mile in our little
New Jerusalem locality in them days of late 70’s star war days.. oh.. what
a breath of fresh air Yoda was/iS.. not unlike the good old Kung Fu TV
show of the 60’s too.. these folks reAlly are clUed in alToGeTher
on a how a Good Cop Jesus rules are free expanding
human poTenTiAl iN Peace and Bliss of now..
regulating emotions.. integrating senses
through martial arts and overall
art of movement and
mInd and BoDy
iN BaLaNcinG
noW wHERe
noW is eternAlly
Heaven noW yes… the
Good Cop Jesus who has been
around for thouSands of years even
before 2K or so ago.. comes back as
tRuTh and liGht as archetype sAMe
as Good Cop Jesus pARts in New Testament
iN liGht SonGs oF Radio..TV shows of KunG FU
and even on the Big Screen as role model Yoda
and Star Wars too.. YES.. FucKinG YES.. MAY THE

One of the best things i love about
my wife is she can spot an ‘anti-christ’
from miles away and is never confused
@leAst.. when it comes to that pARt oF God iSreal
as dARk.. and thaT considering now then.. before..
that she was bred and
raised in red state..
new old Jerusalem
good and bad cop Jesus
old and new testament ways..
and thAt within she naturAlly escapes
the bad cop Jesus pArt of That.. an Angel
of pure surely lives inside that sMile even though
sTill a little confused by all the bad cop Jesus rules2..
but who wouldn’t
be as we all should
at least kNow by now..
that Trump has served as
an excellent tool to eXpose
most all the dARk and liGht of
the reaLiTy of politics in Church too..
if one can deal with the cognitive dissonance
enough to admit it.. and sometimes i wonder if
i am even from this planet.. which i am not from Red state hell..
even though
i was born and
raised literally on
what was once named
the banks of hell on Black
Water river per the briars
that bloodied legs of
rovers who came
a milltown
life.. oh.. the ironies
of TrUth and light iN
dArk and liGht sAMe rule
iN a Laugh oF God sAMe
aS irONy SinGs noW too TruE..
BLacK water SingS noW a SonG oF Joy lite2..;)

“Instruments of Allah’s Sacred LOVE”

“ONE Truth of DragonFLY, BugZ and TAZ”

AnyWay.. got two more Facebook Algorithm provided
Macro-Verses from 2014 to share and oh boy.. behind
on backing up my Macro-Verses on three pages of Facebook
again.. in text only version.. at this point.. three behind and as noted
in the “Book oF Ten Sixteen”.. every six weeks i write the equivalent
of a New Testament per 180K words or so.. in equivalent word length
and power too.. he He.. iF you can FeeL thAT per say.. and long ago when
i told my Blogger Muslim friEnd…SOHEIR.. whose mission in life is to share a Koran
provided education online in blogger way to to others as witness as such.. too.. then2..
yes.. this year2 when i told her i Can and WiLL easily write a Koran2 every few weeks
as such at the size of 80K words that i accomplish easily noW as i write an
average of 30K words a week thaT yes of course measures a 180K word
size new testament as such by one human being every six weeks
as i continue to fulfill the prophecy of John 14:12 here..
that simply says there will be many others
who exceed the work of Jesus
with the power of
in days
to come..
and nah.. of course
i am neither the first and
last of all of that.. this is just
my particular splinter skill niche..
there are limitless oThEr ArTs oF LiFE
created by greater Faith and Works as
described in John 14:12 in limitless other
avenues of art aS WeLL too.. and this is
what makes all of uS poTenTial Fabulous
Children of God no matter fame or fortune
as long aS oNe moveS iT ConnEcTS iT
and createS iT moVinG moRE as
John 14:12.. so eloquently
says.. no matter what
scribe wrote that
as philosopher
and prophet
sAMe WiTh
eYes of GoD then2..
iT RinGs TruE all Through
ThE ArTs eXposed Clearly online
noW as an unabridged bible nAMe
online wHole from the HuMan Race
aS eYes of God wHole pARt oF God2..
so yes.. a few notes here about some Macro-Verse
Memories as the next MacroVerse coming WiLL be
named “New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen”..
kiNd of like juSt anoThEr scribe challenge for the rest Now
oF the HuMan Race noW.. for those who heAR and sEE moRe..
compriSing juSt anotHeR vAnilla day of 12 Macro Verses from
“Black Moon Apocalypse Weekend!'” iN Oct.. to the last verse oF
that wash and spin cycle per A next “New Testament oF ELeVen iN
HeaVen ‘SiXeen” now aGain.. aLL 12 MacroVerses per sEy.. now then..
close to the tenth or the eleventh of the eleventh month of 2K siXteeN..
for now
it’S eLeVen seVen
siXteen and A TiME NoW
to post ‘DeStiNaTioN 718’..;)

Hmm.. ‘thaT SonG’ ended with sTiLL
more photos to come iN 718 DeStiNaTioN ways..

whaT song to use.. what SonG.. hmm.. perHaps a Beautiful
miNd.. betTer yeT.. heARt.. soUL and SpiRit aliVe noW2 isREAL2..:)

iNSanE SinGs SonG

Ocean wHole…







BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)


img_6489 img_6491 img_6492 img_6493 img_6494 img_6498 img_6499 img_6505 img_6506 img_6507 img_6508 img_6509 img_6510 img_6511 img_6512 img_6513 img_6514 img_6515 img_6516 img_6517 img_6520 img_6521 img_6522 img_6523 img_6524 img_6525 img_6526 img_6527 img_6530 img_6531 img_6532 img_6533 img_6534 img_6536 img_6537 img_6538 img_6541 img_6543 img_6544 img_6545 img_6546 img_6547 img_6548 img_6549 img_6550 img_6551 img_6552 img_6553 img_6554 img_6556 img_6557 img_6558 img_6559 img_6560 img_6561 img_6562 img_6563 img_6564 img_6565 img_6566 img_6568 img_6570 img_6571 img_6572 img_6573 img_6574 img_6575 img_6578 img_6579 img_6580 img_6581 img_6585 img_6586 img_6595 img_6596 img_6598 img_6601 img_6604 img_6606 img_6607 img_6608 img_6609 img_6610 img_6611 img_6612 img_6613 img_6614 img_6615 img_6616 img_6617 img_6618 img_6620 img_6621 img_6622 img_6623 img_6624 img_6625 img_6626 img_6627 img_6628 img_6629 img_6630 img_6631 img_6632 img_6633 img_6634 img_6635 img_6637 img_6638 img_6639 img_6640 img_6648 img_6651 img_6652 img_6655 img_6659 img_6660


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I like to write.
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21 Responses to DeStiNaTioN 718

  1. ‘New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen’.. Well yes..
    as intimated in Book oF Ten Sixteen.. hehe.. get the pun..
    i often write books in the year 2016.. hahax2
    and heHex2 or 3 too.. and sure
    more2.. as words
    go ON.. noW iN
    Flow as
    paRt of A Longest
    Long form poem ever noW
    in the hiStory of humankind
    in what professional poets all
    science and stuff also describe as
    concrete poetry that forms shapes Now
    with extras concrete literal meaning too..
    like lamPs that BrinG greater enLiGhteNinG
    and TrUth too.. when tHeRE is zero effort to
    plan a Lamp that comes all naturAlly from
    streAM of consciousness Holy sPiRit
    Flow.. sure.. like prophets oF oLd
    anD new sAMe as mOre tales of old
    and new RinG TruE
    as tides now
    of Ocean make
    shores more expanding
    into endless liGht from noW
    dArkness TruE too.. limitlesS Now
    as such for Shores that kNowFeeL no
    bounds of hUmanKinD BeFore now A way
    God Moves as constantly changing waves
    as particles diffErent and sAMe too.. subject
    to the observer effect and affect of the Quantum
    hUman miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG uNleAsHinG now
    and reLeaSinG free form essence iSREaL.. noW..
    never ending story continues never land isREaL noW..
    drEAms CoMe2..:)

    Black Moon Apocalypse Weekend! 15,155 words

    Golden Age reKneWeD 12,895 words

    710th MacroVerse oF Faith 17,340 words

    711 MaCroVerse BeYonD 17,179 words

    ‘LiGhTeNinG sTriKeS 712 11,190 words

    World War 111 DreAMs 13,480 words

    SoN oF Man MoRe NoW 19,147 words

    ArT oF tHe hUman HeArt SpiRiT SoUL 17,298 words

    Book oF Ten Sixteen 17,560 words

    BRidge to noW SinG 11,552 words

    DeStiNaTioN 718 12,429 words

    165,225 words to this point..

    New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

    LiNk and total number oF words arriving on
    10th or 11th oF November 2016..:)

    OKaY this IS A 6th book i’ve noted
    as such in less than a year now
    from Ocean WhOle poem aka
    SonG of mY SoUL.. and
    sUrE iT is moSTly a
    rhetorical exercise
    iN fAct of Art
    oF aLL siX
    books standing
    alone iN paRts
    and wHOle sAme
    like science sHows
    God works as wE HuMans
    fractal wHOle pArt as staR
    duST plUs from crucibles oF
    Star bUrsts BeFore from sTar
    seeds we coMe as duST plus
    in sentience wE continue to classicAlly
    evolve as WeLL as epigeneticAlly evolve noW
    in jUst one liFE time iN struggle of environmental
    change iN excellence of being all one can bE noW2..
    or not and simply stagnating or worse.. negatively evolving
    through the real nocebo effect of negative beliefs and actions
    away from the isREaL placebo effect and affect too.. of positive
    beliefs and actions more.. liGht or dArk.. action positive or negative..
    wE have a lot of the say and do on that pARt of WhOle of God in relative
    free WiLL wiTh goD allOne wHole as paRt oF we HUmans now individuAlly NoW..
    per se and do.. WeLL.. does it reAlly matter that i’ve written a longest long form
    in witness to God over 3 years and plus 42 months sAMe sTiLL exceeding 3.3 milLion
    words in 4 times the size of the entire Bible and 40 times larger than the Koran too.. or
    that i’ve done nearly 3 to 4 times even that much in 12 million words as arriving in 72 months
    wHole of 6 years by ThanksGiving Day or so of 2016.. no.. of course not.. religious types
    are looking for myths of miracles..
    not the it’s
    going down
    for iSREaL
    reaL StuFF noW.. iN
    a Book of no limits and bounds
    wHere all fractal pArts oF whOle stand
    alone like we mini-me pARts of God wHole..
    mix and match iT all and make unlimited numbers
    of countries.. religions.. and cultures sAme as books
    heRE too.. could be six books.. could be sixty books..
    could be six thouSand books and even more
    once iT is all mixed and
    matched uP
    as fractals
    oF wHole..
    bottom liNe..
    iT is AlWays chanGing
    and evolving liKe God wHoLe
    does too as we PARts that do not
    stop MoVinG ConNecting and CreATing
    anew now too IN all heARt.. SpiRit expresSing
    EmoTioNal FeeLinGS and SeNsES oF heARt Now noW
    CaN anD WiLL jUST do iN a MiNd BodY BaLanCinG NoW..
    act of ISREaL thaT continues to eVolVe unfettered by chains
    and or books of human bEfore.. here’s the deal.. this iS mY Field
    of DreAms and i simply invite you to do all you can be and do yoUr own
    FiEld of DreAms as yOur own DiREctor and Producer AcTor sAMe Now of YoUr
    own pLay oF liFE noW.. yes.. Y not.. unless someone convinces you the word can’t isREal2..
    in dEvils
    Brew of
    dArkness than
    less than all you can
    bE now for iSREaL2.. now..
    and i’M pretty sure that is
    what the real iSReaL Jesus
    Yogi-like dude would tale ya too..
    if not neutered and branded as a frigging
    King of the UniVerse instead of meek and poor
    inheriting the riches of the eARTh iN MoVinG CoNnecTing
    and creAtinG now with nary a worry of maKing a Washington
    or Red
    Lincoln Cent
    unless it was/is for
    some basic food and
    shelter of course now..
    like any Homeless Jesus
    would do too for a hand out
    of Golden Rule Love for aLL oTheRs2..
    WeLL.. anyWay.. if ya wanna look to signs of Nature
    for the significance of what i jUst did/do in Environmental
    and cultural ways of religion too.. so far.. in writing this book
    SiX no rain has occurred since the beginning of October iN plus 40
    days now wHere i for one liVe in the Florida Panhandle current severe
    drought of the year 2016 too.. started it For A ‘Black Moon Apocalypse Weekend!’
    and through cloSing noW iN oN November 14th aS A 13th Macro-Verse technicAlly then
    exceeding A size of A New Testament too.. aS on average.. every thirteenth MacroVerse
    i write.. does now.. the Closest supermoon since 1948! on that Monday the 14th Publish
    date too.. of November.. as 2016 continues to close with one more Supermoon on December 14th..
    And sure.. lots of photos and other multimedia that to date has never been pARt of any sacred
    and holy text.. as hey.. transhumanistic ways of expanding out God Given HUman Nature
    are available now.. thanks to Nerds Like Bill Gates.. Steve Jobs.. and all the otHer
    systemizing foLks who make these new pies even possible bigger than
    iN hUMan
    Nature God
    giVen TrUth
    and liGht too..
    so thanks nerds
    geeks and all the others
    too.. and artists that piggy back
    on the skeletons of tHeir systemizing
    brew to make miracles isReaL now too..
    anyWay.. this and 100K photos or so and
    6 thouSand MiLes plus now of dance iN noW
    all public places i go.. was/is more or less nothing
    aT all.. cause i’m juSt a BLack Panther from a new kinda
    that continues
    to eNjoy A wHole
    dAM Enchilada of God
    that lives in and aS mE FReED
    noW iN all oThEr sAMe existence2..
    iT Now IS A journey thaT IS A heaven…
    No Goals or iSreal DestinaTions for me
    but now foR NoW iS Eternal Heaven Now A liVe..:)

    oH and all of this plus iS dedicated to women
    aLL around the FucKinG World noW plUS..
    and all the suffering they and the other
    outcasts have experienced iN 12 thousAnd
    years or so of patriarchal rule.. Go Hillary2016..2
    tRuST me or noT with me beHind ya.. ya can’t losE noW..
    you have my blesSings2 fully as such foR noW2..3..eTc..
    but nah..
    aT aLL2..
    perHaps anoTheR
    ’78 Milton hiGh State ChampionShip..
    ’72-’73 Miami Dolphins ChampionShip..
    14 years of FSU 10 game plus wins.. too..
    And A FSU 2013 National Championship
    when i came back from heLL2..
    i AM God’s Cheerleader2
    tRust me or
    want mE
    on yOur side..
    ‘you’ need ‘ME’
    on yoUr side noW
    no matter iF iT is Now..
    nothing aT all or noT..
    i win
    God iN me..
    wiTh or witHout FAil..;)

  2. Hmm.. WeLL.. consideRing
    Election day iS coMinG
    on Tuesday.. i suppose
    iT is now for A Karmic
    eYe to come
    out and
    play too.. once aGaiN…
    Sounds like fun to eYe2..;)


    “Sin lies only in hurting other people unnecessarily.
    All other “sins” are invented nonsense.
    (Hurting yourself is NOT a sin–just stupid.)”

    ~~ Lazarus Long ~~

    Hmm.. sin is an interesting
    human invented word..
    anything less
    iS dArk..
    liGht comes
    from dARk..
    so sure..
    all relative.. depending
    on iF all the cakes baked
    are tasty or burnt as they come..
    done.. and sure.. stupidity can be sin too..
    or anything
    is sin too.. again
    it’s all relative.. very
    few moral absolutes in
    the human tune oF liGht..
    SMIles.. the only reason my sister
    has any healthcare at all now is Obama
    care along with other newly gained rights too..
    Neither Candidate has anything i need.. the joy
    of saving enough money for a lifetime of conservative me
    liberal2.. hehe.. who don’t need to spend much green.. however..
    i’ll keep my sister’s rights as The Trumpster will take them away..
    with a three
    course meal of
    Senate.. Congress and
    Executive Branch in FucK
    the folks who wanna have Life
    Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness
    too.. if they don’t happen to be old white rich
    dudes like me.. hehe.. with well featheRed nests..
    rich is relative
    i might add too.
    depending on what goes
    out and what comes in.. my
    tide conservatively continues to come in..
    and that’s just sMart liVing Free without the
    rule of Washington Dollars and Lincoln cents
    away from any debt.. or desire for a bigger home
    or gas hogging car.. boat in the back yard that never
    gets used.. pool same.. camper.. the lists goes on why my
    peers will never save money or ever retire.. as they ain’t got two sense
    the other three cents now..
    anyway.. truly the Gift of a Mother
    who made me feel whole with Love
    and giVinG that Love with a chalice over floWing
    and nothing to gain but give.. oh what a night..
    with Love..
    reference point oF A Song too..
    Other than that Clinton is a deal
    worth noting.. a two for one presidential
    deal.. that no matter what was blown the
    first go around.. prosperity rolled all around..
    worked for the government long enough to kNow…
    those who play by the rules never get anything done..
    i’ll never forget.. we actually had a Seminar early in my career
    to learn how to determine what was legal vs unlegal.. in other
    words.. break the rules but don’t get fired or put in jail.. now that
    was not my cup of tea.. as i was born a hall monitor.. with legalese
    to boot2..
    took me
    many decades
    to get enough courage
    to break the rules and stay
    afloat.. but still can’t harm anyone..
    so politics is no ship as sAil for me..
    nor the ladder of rise in Government work wHole
    or noW
    any other
    work rise for
    that matter too..
    anyWay.. fascinating
    political show this year..
    i can safely say from the recline
    of my feathered nest.. but again..
    relatives.. close ones who will definitely
    stand to hurt if the Trumpster comes to work…
    No chance of thaT.. been following politics as a special
    interest for decades enough to see who is gonna win this one
    a big
    HC.. hehe..
    with Bill to boot..
    for free for all two for one..
    blow jobs or not a job will get done..
    they may not play by all the rules but
    brain power is measured by who ya hang around with2..
    and those
    folkS sTiLL
    are a clever fox..
    when it’s time to work..
    to get realtime now results..
    as historically proven aS WeLL..:)

    “What’s madness but nobility of soul
    At odds with circumstance?”

    ~~ Theodore Roethke, “In a Dark Time” ~~

    Like Spock says the needs
    of the many outweigh
    the needs
    of the few..
    boo wHo.. A nest
    lost a few feathers..;)

    OH yeah.. by A way..
    Trump thinks Global
    warming is a Chinese
    enough alone
    to vote for some
    one who believes thaT shiT isReaL..
    as i enjoy my November Sun Burn
    left over.. from A 80 plus degree staycation
    iN a
    than will
    not end
    any now soon..
    i haven’t felt a decent
    chilly North Breeze yet..
    and not even one cold day
    at the fair.. a record for every decade
    of my life at least.. tropics moving up with
    mosquito diseases too.. while Trump tans
    more at the golf course2.. in Apricot way2..;)

    “By letting go, it all gets done.”

    ~~ Tao Te Ching ~~

    True.. it’s hard to do that
    without a featured nest
    these days too..
    aLL stuff
    from a feathered nest..
    And it’s worth noting i made
    close to frigging minimum wage
    until i was 31 years old.. after three
    college degrees at 24.. had a grand in
    the bank at age 40.. and after the early 2000’s..
    tax breaks by George W.. he sealed my way to
    a bank roll that would never end.. thing is.. i don’t spend..
    and Clinton Changed over my non-appropriated job to a nice
    big fat Government check in an executive order in the 90’s that
    paved my way to save so much more of an appropriated way..
    i have a whole lot to thank the Clintons for.. and even George
    W.. as they helped pack the dough in my bank reserve notes..
    and sure
    that’s the
    way the fortunes
    roll.. some folks fall
    in the niche and others fall out..
    and never get close to rich but
    again key here.. never ever spend..
    Soak the Love in and Spit that Love out..;)

    Dilige et “uos vis fac.”
    [Love and do what you will]

    ~~ St. Augustine ~~

    Yes.. like
    i juSt sAid
    iN Fredetales….;)

    “Dreams are real while they last.
    Can we say more of life?”

    ~~ Havelock Ellis ~~

    A BlesSing is
    it all can end
    to appreciate now
    is bliss of blessing end stARt new now..:)

    “Forgive many things in others;
    nothing in yourself.”

    ~~ Ausionius ~~

    WeLL done on the S
    on the M..
    Mercy mE..;)

    “Always tell the truth–
    if you want to make trouble.”

    ~~ Honest Bee ~~

    Yes Dear.. no matter what..
    not much else counts
    for who gets

    “It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
    nor the most intelligent,
    but the one most responsive to change.”

    ~~ Charles Darwin ~~

    It’s the ones that
    the best..
    bottom line
    iS FucK YoU
    iN most stuFF liFe..
    but i don’t reproduce
    and don’t have to worry about thaT..
    as sure.. i’m not A team player that
    way @leASt foR NoW.. as liFe GoeS oN..
    but my
    favorite now
    thing to do
    is response to change..
    And i don’t give A FucK
    @Least for REaL..noW2..;)

    “How many Zen masters does it take to change a light bulb?”
    “None. The Universe spins the bulb, and the Zen master stays out of the way.”

    ~~ Subtle Bee ~~

    Yes.. sadly..
    most folks
    don’t spiral with God/Nature/
    eTc.. they’d probAbly rather screw..
    i for one DO ratHeR spiRAl.. that makes me weird..
    i don’t give
    an iSReaL FucK2
    about thaT.. heHE2..;)

  4. iN return to my last
    words of
    on Gigoid’s
    Blog.. Gigoid suggests
    that to BE the bulb and screw
    yourself in is the trick.. and
    i say..
    Rabbit i Am..
    and before that i arrive
    at the Nebraska Joans place
    aka as Shawna’s new home base
    of Word Press Blog as she WORlD play
    now poeTry
    is anything
    with deeper meaning
    than a concrete science
    abstract of Wrong planet
    systemizing only thOught..
    never going deeper
    than the
    of water..
    rarely to ever
    reaching heART..
    or trickster talk.. hehe..
    as that’s what poEtry is used
    for most in free verse historicAlly
    sPeaKinG as Free Verse poeTry is the
    original form of poEtry to by pass psychopathic
    leaning ruling minds for satire and parody to make fun
    of tHeiRtHeRE most obvious hypocrisies to appeal to those with
    heARt to make change happen in the HEart of herd thOught..
    anyWay.. Shawna says and i quote
    her heRe..

    “I’m more of a



    kind of girl.”

    And the following
    Witty Banter comes too..

    as i say..

    He dirty
    Word break..;)


    And that
    Reminds me..
    My Very First
    FriEnd finAlly
    Told me.. go away
    You are scaring my native
    Commenters.. and they told me the same thing on Earth and the Wrong Planet.. eTc..
    and Captain Fun’s Dance Bar ’cause the women were going in to a Frenzy..
    persistent little Devil i am too

    Shawna aka Nebraska Joans says..

    Ha ha ha. Congratulations on your successes..:)

    i say..

    Thanks for A

    And finAlly
    To return the
    Same.. now that
    You have a place
    Of same to find you..
    i proGnostiCate
    You are
    Going to
    Be A FabulouSly
    Popular Blogger
    Poet like De..:)

    And wRite before
    i went to bed.. Facebook
    FriEnd Rafiah shared a nice
    slide on the technical science abstract
    speeds the Earth is moving and the Solar
    System is moving through the Galaxy as such and
    i return with…

    Keep Moving..
    could have been more
    E’s too

    Anyway.. the trickster.. the joker..
    yes.. the bugs bunny among others
    like the Road Runner and the chaotic Trickster
    the Taz were
    alWays some
    of my Child
    and now i coMe aGaiN
    to pLay those pARts2..
    Bugs.. Taz.. Road runner
    all in one for sacred clown/
    fool in Indian lore too.. along with
    Sacred Warrior for the fiGht oF liFE
    fearless along with Sacred Shaman for heaLinG too…
    Cartoons address human archetypes well and are an excellent
    STiLL way to learn exaggerated reciprocal social empathic small
    talk communication.. including non-verbal facial expressions and
    perHaps the fall of cartoons as popular has something to do with
    the rising
    rates of
    Spectrum Disorders
    too.. as Lord kNows a very
    close knit village of all human archetypes
    on the forAge of liFe wiTh so many aunts and uncles
    and brothers and sisters in village spirit served this as
    the mainstay of life out of sitting still data download of science
    soulless sitting
    still download data
    priSon.. wHeRe even Physical
    Education is no longer a solid
    requirement in high school.. like
    your body don’t need to keep lEArning
    A Art of Movement from F iN Birth to death..
    AnyWay.. tHeRe noW are many many reaSons why the
    world Now needs many many more free verse trickster
    poets/ArTists to bRinG out all the hypocrisies of liFE.. in KeY
    ways NoW thaT garner emoTioNal heARt StRinGing sentiments that
    siNk iN better at nows wHere tHeRE IS A bit of WiT to go along
    and seNses
    punchlines too.. hmm..
    anYway.. what’s up doc..
    as bugs bunny.. tends to
    poke a little fun at the herd
    of concrete thOught too.. iN
    his style of Wabbit poEtry too..
    anyWay.. i got StaMiNa even more
    than 8 mile Stamina.. i got Trickster Sia
    and Dance FriEnds..
    too.. noW
    A art of parables..
    a lost art for many
    centuries of years
    i2 mE2 bRinGs it back Free oncE aGain..;)

    And the Facebook Macro-Verse Memories
    poUr in today.. after a small drought yesterday..
    and even clouds today in respite of over A 40 day
    drought.. small chance
    of rain even
    i vote fUn..
    as any screwy Wabbit will..;)

    Dance Over Illusory Fears..
    way back from 2013 to date..
    sTiLL one of the best ways i find
    is finding the courage to dance
    naked with and without clothes
    of culture..
    it works
    no matter
    what the
    say in terms
    of Trump hypocrisies
    as rapey language is apricot
    skin keen.. and Miley butts
    and breasts are evil as such..;)

    HeheR see what i did tHeRe..:)

    Until you dance naked free in sand
    and Sun touching God perhaps you
    the face
    per verse
    37 of the Gospel
    of Thomas too.. for those
    iN a Gnostic kNow2FeeL2 for noW2..;)

    HumpF and no one thOught
    thaT ‘Jesus’ could come
    back as

    Hey.. even Arnold
    did that and is tired
    of the same old dAM phrases2..;)

    oKAy.. with thAt said and
    doNe i’m Back aGaiN..
    wiTh more..
    new trickstA
    cool phRases..;)

    My CAT IS my super HERO!..
    addressing the dARk side
    as i had a particularly
    great blonde hair
    date2 years ago2..
    and for the tricksta
    side i juST love how Disney
    named that nerd super hero
    Fred and made a fire monster
    with strategically placed tongue like
    iT up below too..
    as A Big Hero 6..
    just to poke out some
    FuN at the hypocrisies of
    a society that is afraid of naked
    penises and uses Breasts/T/A eT al.. eTc.
    to sell
    to an
    oil change too..
    in scheduled
    R and R
    holy and
    sacred duties2..
    not much different than
    the bleached blonde in the
    front row of the S BapTist Church
    with push up bra pointed directly at
    the pastor while he keeps smiling a sermon
    at the much younger woman with shorty shorts
    in a
    her too.. heHeR2..;)

    Captain Salt.. year ago to date.. a little deeper than meets the poetic
    average eye here.. as there is a Sargent Pepper known
    and felt as metaphor in the Beatles Album of that name
    too.. that IS A metaphor
    for the book
    in ‘A Day
    in the Life’ too
    of the so-called
    wickedest trickster wabbit
    of the early 20th Century named
    Aleister Crowley who also named himself
    as wanting to be the Devil’s Chief of staff Beast 666
    buTT here’s A thing2.. the dude was a little bit orientated
    to the lesser social empathic psychopathic leaning logical only
    mind.. as he tortured small animals by report as a young child either
    by neglect of
    a somewhat distant
    and cold evangelistic
    patriarchal leaning mother
    or yes.. sAdly enough.. an all natural
    psychopathic leaning ‘gift’ from birth but
    heHE.. if you really believe in gentile.. jew.. servant
    or free.. woman or man no more.. tHeRe must be space
    for the
    leaning folks
    of the world too..
    as God makes them
    too as science shows in
    all innate way too.. and even
    this dude was humble enough to
    suggest that his inner holy spirit what/who/ever
    he named that as he predicts someone greater to
    come to
    be a
    Salt along with
    some Sargent Pepper
    too.. just another version of
    A Buddhist greater one to come2..
    and iN John 14:12 too.. you see.. here’s
    A thing.. no real prophet of God is so self
    centered to suggest they are the first or last or
    anything greater than a grain of sand that is God same..
    doing more
    will carry the
    human race ..
    overpowering it
    with status.. such as
    a Roman Catholic Empire
    created Soldier Sun God of
    the Universe or a last prophet
    of the Universe on a relatively
    tiny patch of dirt in the middle east..
    in trUe and liGht effect and affect makes
    Aleister an Angel and Saint Sargeant Pepper
    who would never make a law more than juSt
    another Version of the Jesus Golden rule too.. with
    Will over
    NOW.. Buddha
    said that too.. it ain’t
    nothing kNew fElT noW but
    uniVersal Human NatuRe Now
    TrUth and LIGht iN A hiGher
    power of Will over Love within hUman StiLL..
    sTiLL saMe spiRit iN SkEYes of God NaTuRe hUman..
    anyone who would stagnate God from GroWinG more within
    is a true
    iN ignorance
    of the poTentiAl
    of EvolVing WiTh no
    liMits or expectations wiTh
    God iN juSt one liFe iN Heaven noW2..
    as A Captain Salt continues on a BriGhter journey too..;)
    And yes.. Sergeant Pepper
    inspire(d)s freedom in many
    MusicAL and otHeR Holly wood eYes
    ways of
    tHeir God Given
    ArtFuL poTenTial2..;)

    And with that sAid..
    the first rain drop
    comes here
    in over
    40 days..
    at 9:11 am..

    yeah.. sure.. ya
    can call me Rainman2..;)

    As the wife says take the garbage
    out Fred.. it’s stARTinG to rain aGAin.. finAlly.. TG..;)

    Oh.. that smell of rain.. so long in coming aGain.. finAlly.. A touch oF Fall2..;)

    And SpeaKing of the
    Wife Katrina aka
    form of Egyptian
    Goddess Isis who helped
    to put the pieces of Osiris with
    his Terminator eye problem baCK togETheR
    aGaiN iN hUmpty Dumpty Fashion too.. even finding
    a gold
    as such
    to come
    online too.. hehe..
    anyWay.. a year ago share of
    her2 as Facebook Friend Ned
    nicely comments on myth of
    Xena Princess warrior incarnate too..
    as i say in return to Ned.. Fierce modern
    election day warrior.. haha!..
    more on that coming
    to a Facebook
    Theater very close to heAR..
    as i now go on to share anotHeR
    covered head of her with Peace and
    Love instead of more Trumpduck dynasty dodo aS Such..;)

  5. Hmm.. once again speaKing
    oF F iN Epic TricKstas
    now to visit
    my current
    youtube dARk
    muSE the uprising conspiracy
    theory dude who is such a fine
    darkest current muSE to me..
    as i share some 718 Destination
    WiTh him too.. as he haha.. thiNks
    that Aleister CroWley was a real devil
    718 too..
    for those
    read A
    day in the
    liFE Book2..
    went up to take a smoke
    read the book etc.. and stuff
    like that got awake and spread some
    better news to turn ya on as such too..
    yes.. sure.. i’LL use that SonG aGain with
    the addition of the kNow dead youtube liNk
    that houses that Stone Captain Salt Statue
    in burial ground as that moon child arises with all
    the lonely heARts Club Band members to infuse him
    and or her etC.. WiTh greater ways of modern sharing
    transhumanistic enligHtEninG awAkeNInG ways Going down
    in Flor ida way too.. isREaL.. as any geMiNii sAge miGht say too.. noW2..;)

    No probS with the Stock
    Market.. you tube rising dude..
    my current favorite youtube dARk muse..
    as Trump is
    my very
    very long
    words hehe..
    anyway.. i come
    with better good news
    today my friEnd and that
    is the 12th MacroVerse of
    a New modern age Testament
    of God currently meeting 165K plUs
    words as of A last 718 Destination MacroVerse..

    New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

    Yes.. that 718 MacroVerse was the 11th verse
    and this noW is the 12th MacroVerse that will total
    around the size of the current New Testament @180K
    words or so.. worth noting.. i write one of these every six
    weeks totaling as pArt of my also current 3.3. million word
    plus witness for God of Nature all of the UniVerse and no.. hell
    no.. not limited to a patch of dirt plus in the Middle East sTiLL.. now..
    and Jesus F. iN Christ.. if you watched the ticker tape.. you would already
    realize ‘it’ is coming up already with the confidence now of a 90 plus percent
    surety of a Hillary win now.. just watch the ticker tape dude away from Fox news
    or wherever you are getting your right winged news.. anyWay.. as i said 42 months
    done fulfilled John 14:12 eTc.. dude like every six weeks of what took other folks centuries to com-
    plete even four times more than that big black book that took thousands of years to totally complete..
    And thousand and thousands of contributors in complete of oral traditions too.. but nah.. you ain’t noW
    for joy..
    Now as you
    wouldn’t see
    a thief in the night
    if he came to visit you
    in person now.. huh.. as
    you are expecting the same
    Soldier God that the Catholic Roman Empire
    invented and you still play in your introductory
    cartoon.. as head stomping the folks you do not
    agree with in the world today.. got news for you dude..
    the same news as before in Good Cop Jesus way.. Jesus
    alWays comeS in Good Cop Fashion with witty parable like Peace
    and Love.. wHeRe the only sWords of head stomping fashion will bE
    you’ve n’ever
    come aCross
    iN Et-Like way..
    have A great day
    my uprising you
    tube dude friEnd.. i still
    owe ya.. around 4 or so thouSand
    words of that total reaching 180K words
    soon… so.. thank you.. aS in God’s Kingdom every
    a seat
    or left2
    As God IS A Laugh2..;)

  6. Haha.. got you beat on the
    Zoloft.. Shawna baby2.. wiTh
    my all natural
    Dance prescription..
    yes.. valid and
    legal Now by
    Doctor’s siG
    as wheel
    chair noW
    to accommo
    dance my
    of Aperger’s
    and Bi-so
    polar high
    and low too..
    just iMaGine..
    (it’s not hard to
    do..;) being so disabled
    now you can’t work and
    must dance to live.. and to
    frigging keep yoUr saNiTy aLL fuN aS SucH..
    oh.. the world.. to feeL it aLL.. to sense iT all
    WiLL FucKinG DriVe one crazy without regulating
    those spideY senses.. anyWaY it keeps me running
    too as just anotHer oNe of yoUr
    we are gonna
    have so much fun
    with the multi-media
    capabilities of word press comment sections
    too.. don’t worry.. i’ll keePiT all PG rated13..2..
    butt tHeRe
    is thaT
    new photo
    of my wiFe..
    in a rather long shirt
    with peace sign and
    love too.. topped with
    out of the shower
    head dress too…
    currently my
    Facebook Profile pic
    for election day L&P..2
    coming to the 12th Macro
    Verse of my current 6 week
    cycle of juST another 180K
    word New Age Testament2go..
    And rather than filling up
    yoUr newer poetry post with
    Fredwits.. i loved the New Dracula
    movie aS it Trump shows it is often the Judas who
    bleeds most..
    in oTher
    theRe is
    A Room foR All..
    in the Kingdom of
    God as Unconditional
    Love means U N C O N
    ditional F iN Love end of
    never ending
    of God
    and Draculas sAMe..
    iN A Fred’s NeverLand too..
    Peter Pan first Egyptian MiN God aS Such too..
    with some more Googling for the beyond PG13..2.. rated
    on some
    of that
    Seriously though..
    what i meant2 by taking
    it easy on you and liking your
    stuff more.. is i’ll keep it lower volume as
    more liked than written.. not to Nile Flood your new
    and special home base blog outside iN 911 style.. overfloWinG aS Such..;)

    Take it easy on you.. hmm..
    my BRain iS
    a big
    Fredtube library2..;)

    Ports and
    all thaT
    book stuff too..
    jusT all pARt oF
    A L
    mY FriEnd
    And hiStory asSuch..
    for the
    aS iT
    currently STands..;)


    “Probability factor of one to one… we have normality,
    I repeat we have normality. Anything you still can’t
    cope with is therefore your own problem.”

    — The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    Heaven is now
    as long
    as one’s
    Heaven is now..
    no one can
    from Heaven iS noW onE..:)

    “A desire not to butt into other people’s business
    is at least eighty percent of all human wisdom…
    and the other twenty percent isn’t very important.”
    “You butt into other people’s business. All the time.”
    “Who said I was wise? I’m a professional bad example.
    You can learn a lot by watching me.”

    –Dr. Jubal Harshaw — Stranger in a
    Strange Land, Robert A. Heinlein

    and that includes butting iN..
    or else..

    “Don’t store garlic near other victuals.”

    — from The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

    oF Dracula..;)

    “The two highest achievements of the human mind are the twin concepts of “loyalty” and “duty.” Whenever these twin concepts fall into disrepute — get out of there fast! You may possibly save yourself, but it is too late to save that society. It is doomed.”

    — from The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

    This explains at least
    of ‘that society’

    “There is no conclusive evidence of life after death. But there is no evidence of any sort against it. Soon enough you will know. So why fret about it?”

    — Robert Heinlein

    Bottom line
    do what
    for happiness
    only true fools buy into fActs
    iF iT works
    aS liGht it’s liGht..:)

    “The more you love, the more you can love — and the more intensely you love. Nor is there any limit on how many you can love. If a person had time enough, he could love all of that majority who are decent and just.”

    — Robert Heinlein

    Love is inFinity
    LIFe noW aS liFe..
    but only
    for those
    A door
    oF liGht..
    noW aka
    Heaven now
    the Kingdom
    oF Love noW2..
    or oThEr antiquated
    metaphors for A HiGhest POtentiAl
    of God aS NaTure Given poTential
    AS HuMan NatuRE noW..
    God is Laugh
    God is Love
    and sure..
    is the
    otHEr place
    too.. of Fear and Despair
    if one make thaT God dARk and TrUe2..
    wiTh a little or lot oF ‘heLLp’.. from oTHeRs too..;)

    “Do not confuse “duty” with what other people expect of you; they are utterly different. Duty is a debt you owe to yourself to fulfill obligations you have assumed voluntarily. Paying that debt can entail anything from years of patient work to instant willingness to die. Difficult it may be, but the reward is self-respect.

    But there is no reward at all for doing what other people expect of you, and to do so is not merely difficult, but impossible. It is easier to deal with a footpad than it is with the leech who wants “just a few minutes of your time, please — this won’t take long.” Time is your total capital, and the minutes of your life are painfully few. If you allow yourself to fall into the vice of agreeing to such requests, they quickly snowball to the point where these parasites will use up 100 percent of your time — and squawk for more!

    So learn to say No – and to be rude about it when necessary. Otherwise you will not have time to carry out your duty, or to do your own work, and certainly no time for love and happiness. The termites will nibble away your life and leave none of it for you. (This rule does not mean that you must not do a favor for a friend, or even a stranger. But let the choice be yours. Don’t do it because it is “expected” of you.) ”

    — Robert Heinlein

    Yep.. been tHeRE
    and done this
    of yes man too..
    tHeRe’s an off switch
    noW.. i for one control..
    witH alWays Dance oN yES
    now too..;)

    But on a serious note..
    in most real world first
    scenarios.. no is not a vocabulary
    bucks to
    eat and shelter subsistence
    in a system of slavery less and
    more connected to a machine of yes
    more more
    more as jobs
    steadily go a route
    of micro-chip and data junk mOrE..
    wHere once again Humans Need not even apply
    no is
    pArt of Yes..
    if one wants to
    eat and drink
    unless they continue
    the privilege of the parent’s
    basement eTc.. for freer village ride sTiLL..:)

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasure. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s great civilizations has been two hundred years. These nations have progressed through the following sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependency, from dependency back to bondage.” — Alexander Frazer Tyler (1748-1813),

    — The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic

    Almost happened
    at least
    one more
    wash and spin
    cycle to go.. Before
    more shit may hit A Fan…
    Thank God of NatuRE tHeRE is only one Trump
    as far
    as i kNow
    FeeL now
    as dArk
    natuRe too
    dARk and TrUe..
    iN the Good Old U.S. of A..;)

    “Whereas it has been known and declared that the poor have no right to the property of the rich, I wish it also to be known and declared that the rich have no right to the property of the poor.”

    — Smart Bee

    When Trump observed
    Romney he says..
    perHaps as
    get a Load
    of my Dollar Bills soon.. minions2..
    And i do whatever the fresh hell i do..;)

    “If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and measures you want to vote for… But there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong.”

    — Lazarus Long


    “But, it is what it is, and it can’t be
    anything else, so Popeye wins again….
    whatever that means…”


    i be
    i buzz
    be be
    as long as i eat mE SpiNach wHole..;)

    Old middle age Republican
    Dudes.. like me as demoCat
    as such.. i fear
    as they
    spend tHEir
    days on screens
    instead of hand to foot combat force..
    wordS noThing
    to fear but fear itSelf for
    mE aT leAst in Red State HeLL..
    oh.. the forlorn faces of sadness i will
    come aCross
    to jettison
    me from
    into liGht
    of Dance
    At SuperWalmart
    noW.. dArkness IS A jET
    FuEL for me.. Brilliant move
    God oF Nature for dropPinG
    A seed oF
    me heRe..
    overALL oF course..
    iN and aS liGht erAsinG dARk
    noW iN Aisles of Long Walfaces..;)

    And finAlly as shared by gigoid on Facebook here..

    “When I was 5 years old, my mother always
    told me that happiness was the key to life.
    When I went to school, they asked me what
    I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’.
    They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and
    I told them they didn’t understand life.”

    -John Lennon

    And then i say..

    WinKs.. i SinG
    FucK the system
    seriouSlY iT’s even
    more fun than sticKing
    out a tongue.. and ‘screwy’ too..;)

  8. This photo of aeronauticAlly produced God Work
    oF aRT liFe FliGht oF Seagull SoaRinG dOwn
    from Sun reminds me of some of the daRkest
    Days of Suffering with 19 medical disorders..
    including type two Trigeminal Neuralgia..
    the worst pain.. like dentist drill
    iN eYe and eAR without
    Novacaine as documented
    in literature.. even worse than
    crucifixion torture except the
    caveat.. mine lasted neither sporadically..
    three hours.. three days but wake to sleep for
    66 months.. and at close to the Beginning of that..
    Fall of 2008 or so.. my Uncle said it could be worse
    Freddy.. you could be a Seagull eating raw fish.. apparently
    Food was one of his greatest pleasures of life.. but has HE flown
    yet.. mE and
    Mister Seagull
    kNow and FeeL a
    DeLliGht hiGher than
    A simple or complex feed oF liFe..
    And thaT is FlyInG iN air as soaRinG
    Golden God SpiraLinG around the Sun
    and God as sAme.. whether iN thE Air or
    on Terrestrial Land.. Center Balance Fly WiTh
    God iS Air without gravity of limits to hOld us doWn..
    no.. i do not find God
    iN Books i do God
    as verb and do
    my best to
    translate that iN
    abstract concepts thAT
    only approximate the essence
    oF God MoVinG.. CoNneCTinG
    And CreAtinG.. iN and aS mE2.. And
    for those awaKened and enligHtened
    hiGher and HighER iN a FloW iN ZoNe
    WitH and as God more fully sURE they WiLL
    do the best they can to approximate symbols for this Heaven
    but only fuLLy iT cOMEs isREAL NoW WiTh PoWeR oF DO..
    Do God..
    in NIke Victory
    as such too like
    a Big Bang Within
    And Firework oF niGht liGht2..:)

  9. WeLL.. my FriEnd the call for an uprising dude
    on youtube.. you proved something to me on your
    live feed last night.. and that my friend is you are human
    and eventually as befuddled by the human condition as one can
    get in understanding
    why sh88 happens…
    WeLL.. my friEnd.. there
    is science to this.. as science
    shows now there is a liberal nature
    of human beings.. overall.. and a conservative
    nature of humans overall and the ‘tween of that
    that is swayed one way or the other by environmental
    conditions of abundance or scarcity.. well.. as science also
    shows.. conditions of gaining subsistence in so called first world
    problems are going the way of the computer and micro-ship robots
    who are the new
    age hands on workers
    no different than the automated
    cash registers and pumps at the gas
    station that do the jobs that no.. have not
    gone overseas but gone to robots within the
    shores of first world problems.. and that’s great
    if you are one of the one’s with a systemizing mind like
    mine.. hehe.. believe that or not as i can surely go into abstract
    figurative mode too.. and everyone needs your systemizing computer
    brain skills and you forge a niche in a robot way of life.. however.. if you
    are in the rust belt
    and once put cars
    together for a living
    that a robot does now..
    instead of hands on human..
    yA get disgruntled and start
    looking for a savior and well my friend.. now..
    Jesus Trump.. A bad cop Jesus comes to town..
    and nah.. that surely isn’t the first time i’ve used that
    basic metaphor for how first world problem minions see
    the Trump as the most despicable Jesus Bad Cop they can
    hope to expand their exclusive club of tribe back to the middle
    East exclusive Israel tribes of chosen few.. instead of gentile.. jew
    servant or free.. woman or man no more.. a club of globalism if you
    will with a common goal of rising up all of humankind into a new world
    order of giving and sharing.. moving.. connecting.. and creating.. as i add
    in a few words of my own healing intent too.. so yes.. the anti-good-cop Jesus
    is in Jesus Trump rule as dARk Savior of the minions now.. and i have to give you
    credit although you are still a little naive and giving some conspiracy of a new world
    dark order credit for JTrump’s win and have not yet seen the Minions for what they lead
    and understandably so.. as they no longer thrive in jobs that put Fords together as metaphor
    in jobs that last in golden handcuffs across the lifespan that i admit i once was employed with
    too.. for the Federal Government.. no matter who i had to answer to.. whether i agreed with their
    philosophies of life or not.. and yes as you admitted last night on your live feed that you prognosticated
    this entirely wrong.. so did i.. as i discounted the power of the dark and ignorant force of the Apocalypse
    of Minions of ignorance who would choose a DArk Savior over A Good Cop Jesus Christ aka Yeshua as
    A Golden Rule Dude/Dudette of Gentile or Jew.. Servant or Free.. woman or man no more.. hmm.. so yes i also
    was incorrect in suggesting there would be no market crash as now a unthinkable Darth Vader reign has
    come to pass.. and truly an Anti-Christ isREaL dARk Lord as a Minion rule has come to pass as surely
    a greatest dArk Muse alTogEther for me now2.. but truly these Minions and their rule of division and
    bullying others who are different have always been my dArkest muse that has made me stronger
    than ever before.. as i noted to two young black women who were in a tiny minority backing
    a potential first woman president in the U.S. last night.. and a cashier who couldn’t
    understand how folks could support someone who had every single quality
    of an Anti-Christ too.. i just danced a Good Cop Jesus Dance for
    rights of all human beings.. and truth is.. Minions have
    rights too.. Minions rule in America today..
    This is America of the Minions
    and without them..
    literally be nothing
    my friEnd.. in politics as
    iN all politics.. cultural or religious
    or even sports it is the fans who pull
    the strings of the Jesus Trumps of life..
    And those fans my friend are the Minions
    of this world.. same as always same as now
    iN a human condition that is a dArk original
    Definition of an Apocalypse in Greek way
    of blind eYes covered with ignorance..
    the blame on losing jobs is
    but you
    is the New God my friend.
    somewhere along the line..
    folks have lost the God of Nature
    and replaced God with a tool.. Trump
    is just a symbol for who their real God is
    who they will not blame for the loss of their abundance
    now and secure jobs gone the Terminator way of machine..
    there is no way to defeat this machine.. so what do you do..
    you elect a Jesus Trump to save you and cover your eYes with ignorance
    now.. an Apocalypse continuing as ignorance for those who don’t understand
    that it is both machines and machine mind that have taken God away from them..
    anyway.. not sure.. i am even gonna need you as dark muse anymore.. as at least
    you see the liGht that Trump is not your Jesus Christ.. i give you credit for that my friEnd
    as at lEAst
    you are not
    afraid to stand
    up to the Minions here
    that otherwise pledge their
    allegiance to you.. sure.. you
    are rising up some my friEnd
    and i give you credit where credit
    is due.. we are somewhat on the same
    page on this.. which means you are no longer
    my favorite dARk muse.. hey.. now i have a Devil
    and his minions in hell complete on Earth.. what
    ever A Good Cop Jesus needs to inSpirE liGht hiGher
    as liGht comes from dARk.. and the dArkest muse
    in both leader and follower rules the world for now..
    but tRust me.. iN smAll pockets here and tHERe
    A Good
    Cop Jesus
    StiLL rules free..
    wherever gentile..
    jew.. servant or free..
    woman or man no more..
    and iF someone like Trump
    can make a common dARk
    Force that we both agree on..
    he has fulfilled a prophecy of sorts
    my friEnd wheRe liOn and laMB oF
    iGnorant Apocalypse come toGeTher
    to share some common liGht and thAt
    i guess i WiLL be a first of many things i have
    to thank the new DArk Lord and his Minions for..
    Have a great day my friEnd but never give uP on liGht
    once you See it.. FeeL iT and FiNd iT Away from DArk..
    may the
    Force oF liGht
    be WiTh you and
    continue for noW
    too WiTh mE too mY FriEnd..
    as my wife just said it’s weird thinking
    we have a pervert for president.. anyway..
    he makes EVERYTHING I DO look innocent now..
    i suppose he has lowered the bar for folks to even
    spend time with ‘prostitutes’ and not look bad.. too.. hmm..
    a silver
    lining my friEnd
    if you look deep enough
    in God’s overall plan.. and sure..
    i have sympathy for the Devil too..
    as Trump likely looked just like his
    Son.. in Military school.. scared little boy..
    scared little boy.. weLL ‘my boy’.. let’s see what ‘you’ do
    next.. i’ll be watching JTrump.. i’LL be watching.. ‘you’.. heHe..
    noW it’s worth noting.. he’s working Now not to incur the wrath
    now oF ALL those who he noW leads.. smart scared boy Now..
    boy.. sure.. ‘you’
    wanna continue to
    survive and thrive like
    any scared boy will..
    truth is ‘you’
    too.. mY new
    DArkest muSe.. JTrump..
    and all youR oThER MiNions..
    as that juSt continues too..;)

  10. Well.. the truth is you can’t always get what you want..
    how ironic.. that was Jtrumps acceptance
    speech theme sonG
    But here’s the thing
    Jtrump.. be careful
    what you wish for.. now
    you have A entire world’s attention..
    And.. whether you realize it or not..
    you are no longer dictator.. now you
    are servant.. you live in a free country
    now.. out of corporate rules that you
    selfishly make yourself.. you must answer
    not only to the country but to your fellow republican
    peers who have families to continue to feed and
    jobs to keep.. you see.. you have a silver spoon
    but now
    you are
    no longer
    free.. now you
    have bought your
    self into role of servant
    of the people.. as these people
    of the U.S. may be ignorant at rates
    up to 48 percent or so in original Definition
    of Apocalypse way.. but now that you have all
    the attention.. they are going to expect you to deliver
    on all your promises not different than what the demoCats
    expected of the Obama too.. but you see.. you are not just the
    audacity of hope.. you are a JTrump now.. the savior of your minions
    that they see as literally A old world bad cop Jesus.. for them.. so enjoy
    the attention my
    time to
    deliver your
    followers from the
    hell that they perceive
    as life.. nah.. you can’t always get
    what you want.. you got the attention
    of the world now my friend.. but you also
    got the job as servant of the world.. did you
    not realize what you were wishing for.. hehe..
    well my friEnd.. you are fixing to find out just how difficult
    noW it is to walk in the shoes of an Obama.. a Hillary.. A Bill
    A Bush.. and not FucK uP Epically.. and also age yourself to
    death in stress by the time you get out of your new servant prison
    now out of your previous dictator heaven.. you see my FriEnd.. A
    is not
    a place for
    a Dictator to find
    happiness.. the minions
    lead you now.. sweet irony
    my friend is your wish is a greatest
    fear of losing dictatorship control.. now..
    you are the servant of your minions.. enjoy
    the ride my friend.. you got everyone’s attention now..
    hehe.. you know there is God.. there is Karma and there
    IS A Force oF liGht that eventually strikes down dARkness
    to Bring more liGht.. for now the other path is yours.. it’s a long one
    a lonely
    one too..
    when dArkness
    rules in liGht of DAy..
    your wish is now your
    Minions command.. and you
    are surely arriving as just the
    dARk muse i need too.. to complete
    A New Testament continuing so.. every
    six weeks to the tune of 180K words or so..
    as this one is labeled as such at a turning point
    of America currentlY iN dArkness again.. been
    there done it with Jbush.. Jtrump is nothing
    new.. balance iS iN The dARk for noW..
    truST me liGht is CoMinG back2..
    oh.. the
    ironies of DArk and liGht
    predictable iN energetic Flow2..
    as synergy comes to liGht mOre.. GolDen Rule2..
    A Lamp oF CoMinG Greater liGhts oF iSREaL2 noW..
    as this is juSt A pebble iN an Ocean and smAll dArk wave..;)


    SMiles.. i.. do as
    I WiLL
    As Free
    iN aLL
    liFe DArk
    ‘Tween lIGht
    My FriEnd and
    Yesterdays means
    Is/are jUst anoThEr
    ReMarKable Holy
    And Sacred dArk
    Muse for me
    As A
    OF aLL
    My Bliss
    Is sympathy
    For the Devils
    And the MiNioNs
    SAmE.. alWays iNspIrinG
    GreaTest liGht of eYes.. my
    People serve me.. so Well..
    iN a little
    KNoWn as
    Literal hell…
    Love the Briars
    On the Banks
    Of BLackwater
    That Bloody
    Legs of
    As DArk
    Creates LiFe
    A Favorite
    Art oF

    “Governing a large country is like frying a small fish.
    You spoil it with too much poking.”

    ~~ Lao-Tzu ~~

    Truly A modern age
    now IS A new experiment
    where scientist and guinea
    pigs wear a same lab coat my friEnd..
    i back
    thaT eXperimEnt
    And FucK liFE good..;)

    By A way
    IS A GifT..
    oF Free.. Art2..;)

    “Can’t nobody lick us, Pa. We’re the people.”

    ~~ The Grapes of Wrath ~~

    Humanity rules when Humanity

    “Man’s rich with little, were his judgment true;
    Nature is frugal, and her wants are few;
    These few wants, answer’d bring sincere delights;
    But fools create themselves new appetites.”

    ~~ Young ~~

    i Am A Beach
    all naked
    aS Such..;)

    “I know that’s an illusionary dragon!”

    ~~ Famous Last Words ~~

    my reptilian
    brain saved my life..
    i love
    they save lives..;)

    “A blind man will not thank you for a looking-glass.”

    ~~ Thomas Fuller ~~

    more with hands of Love..:)

    “If there’s anything disgusting about the movie business,
    it’s the whoredom of my peers.”

    ~~ Sean Penn ~~

    is ultiMateLy Free..
    iF JTrump could spend
    one second in my dance shoes..
    he would say
    and FLee..;)

    “Success and failure are equally disastrous.”

    ~~ Tennessee Williams ~~

    i do not compete
    against others
    i compete only
    as WiTh mE Now..
    therefore noW neither
    success or failure rules me..
    i alWays
    mercy me..;)

    “Democracy is that form of government
    where everybody gets what the majority deserves.”

    ~~ James Dale Davidson ~~

    My system
    no clothes..
    i exist free inside
    the clothes of other priSons..;)

    “A little sincerity is a dangerous thing,
    and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.”

    ~~ Oscar Wilde ~~

    Only if one
    wears clothes..;)

    All men that are ruined,
    are ruined on the side of their natural propensities.

    ~~ Reflections on the Revolution in France, Letter i, On a Regicide Peace, Vol. v, p. 286 ~~

    ~~ Edmund Burke ~~

    Apes sing
    Love naked
    better than clothes ever will..
    common fallacy of those who
    believe they dominate nature.. with
    of Queen Victoria..;)

    “YOW!! Everybody out of the GENETIC POOL!”

    ~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~

    SMILes and conclusion here based
    on what Zippy says too..
    differently of course
    hehe.. there
    is no escaping
    the genetic pool..
    it classically evolves slowly
    slowly over hundreds of thousands
    of years.. Epigenetic and Neuroplastic
    potential rules in each and every life and
    environment of scarcity or abundance..
    scarcity spells
    more conservative..
    abundance spells more
    liberal.. folks
    with abundance
    have always owned
    those with scarcity..
    the gene
    the bottom line..
    iN all stuff God and
    Nature iN HUMan NatuRe sAme..
    it’s hard to feel all that pain my friend
    as i have so much abundance i cannot help
    but to be as liberal as liberal comes.. but never
    the less and always less i spent most of my life..
    to paycheck
    with just enough to
    get by.. at the ruling hand
    of masters who paid my way
    by the work i did.. it’s great living
    with a featured nest.. but i too.. know
    what rules minions same.. fear.. fear of scarcity
    makes JTrumps live in all the ways that abundance
    is the rule for
    very close to half
    the population now..
    and the worse the scarcity
    gets the more conservative those
    in abundance
    will rule
    who live
    in scared of scarcity..
    for now.. i for one rule
    myself as liberal and free..
    so far that works.. for NOW..
    but there are no guarantees
    iN a Nature that rules for survive
    above all and beyond thrive.. mY FriEnd..
    my thrive
    for now.. and
    it IS A mighty fine ride..
    the ultimate American Dream
    Happiness totAlly fulfilled to the
    point where even dARk IS A wonderful dREAm
    too.. hell
    teaches that
    lesSon an iSReaL Devil
    of BeFore DancESinGS iN wAke of DARk..:)

    “All men that are ruined,
    are ruined on the side of their natural propensities.”

    SMiLes my friend..
    thanks for the clarification..
    and in most all cases that may
    be true as far as the nature each man
    forms in himself.. according to his own
    will and belief.. but no.. it’s not true in all
    cases so as lawyer me will say hehe.. it’s
    still bullshit
    as i at least
    for one
    find total
    success now..
    with the nature i form
    in myself with my own
    will and belief.. and truly
    it falls in accordance with almost
    no others so at least in case study
    here.. bullshit for me.. i am very careful
    not to use words that are absolute like ‘all’..
    but sure that is not say that i never do.. hehe2..
    Anyway.. for many years i lived for only others
    in yes of all they wanted me to do as team effort…
    That literally almost killed me.. so yes.. i am A exception
    to the ‘all’ here.. i am too different to find success in any other than living for self..
    i cannot except anyone else to follow my personal successful track either.. but none
    the less or
    more.. i will
    not live for the
    ignorance of what i see in others either..
    And sure.. being financially independent with wife in complement..
    allows me to do just that.. otherwise.. i still might be a slave to others..
    instead of the nature i form in myself with my own will and belief separate
    from almost
    else including
    my wife too now..
    as that’s the way
    i for
    roll… alive.. and Happy as can be..:)

    *expect not except.. that
    would be like all too.. hehe3..;)

  12. “How do we explain this Bullshit”

    Hi.. there.. Dancing Friend Cortney..
    Humans are ruled with fear of scarcity
    for subsistence.. as nicely illustrated in the
    Rust Belt of the U.S… truly now.. there’s no one
    else now to blame but the Modern human experiment
    where we are both scientist and guinea pig in lab coat same…
    Same thing with Brexit..
    scared folks with scarcity..
    humans who fear in scarcity
    retreat away from liberal more to
    conservative.. live in a desert.. and
    start a patriarchal religion.. live in the
    Americas once with fresh drinkable creeks
    filled with Fish and Bison in herds that never end
    and live in abundance and balance with Nature one..
    Live in a F iN Human
    experiment when
    machines do the
    work and face
    the consequences
    of both scarcity and greater
    conservative rule in both illusory
    and real fears of scarcity same..
    if you haven’t seen ‘this video’.. it’s worth
    a look.. in a world increasingly where humans
    need not apply.. you’re fortunate.. you have a great education
    now and can use systemizing skills.. hands on folks who don’t
    do that stuff.. and this is just an anecdotal example.. can’t find
    a job.. they are sitting at home smoking dope on a couch.. just
    waiting for
    a gig at
    the Auto parts
    store.. and putting
    cars together 9 to 5.. is
    done by a robot instead..
    i don’t feel their pain anymore..
    as my nest is totally feathered.. but i
    understand it as i did it before.. the why
    is scarcity.. the reason is fear.. the how is
    human nature and a way to get it back.. and that
    pArt my friEnd is an unwitting experiment with no F iN Clue for now..
    meanwhile i thrive.
    i guess i’m
    and for me now the
    answers all live within..
    that pARt i Master wiTh ease..
    and sure.. noW all the
    money i’ll ever
    is pARt Now
    of that realiTy too.. with ease..
    yeah.. those 32 years of work plus..
    was somewhat of a fresh hell getting ‘here’..2..;)

  13. WeLL.. now for a poeTry break.. as this
    election cycle has been both
    remArkable.. and some
    what distrACTible.. in
    ways of writing poEtry
    free verse style more iN liGht
    but hey.. it’s no now everyday that a farewell
    to character and integrity of the highest office
    in the U.S… A falls to grabbing kitty kats and
    Healthcare and stuff like that.. well any
    way.. that’s how a Democracy
    works.. by will
    of the folks
    whether or not
    that will makes
    common sense or not..
    it is what is.. we are what we
    are.. and there is both a melting
    pot of i care about you and FucK you
    as long as you don’t get my stored grain
    in silo2.. you are A oKay with me.. oh.. yeah2..
    and as long as you don’t stray from ‘my’ and our
    norm too.. been living around ‘those’ folks all my life..
    understand the beast of fear oF scarcity iN my own
    shoes all too well too.. Abundance
    is fun.. and i suppose
    it feels better
    too.. when
    one struggles
    like hell to say farewell
    to hell.. Hello Heaven.. i am
    STiLL here.. just visiting a little
    hell to remind me of how cool heaven is better..;)

    See ya later.. is the
    last words of a Philosophy
    Instructor i last met ‘then’ on a
    road walk to a river home in ’81..
    he said that’s
    how the
    say it too..
    as there is no
    goodbye in ever now..
    and truly tHeRe’s not as i can
    sTiLL see his Face as clear as ’81..
    35 years later plUS.. that guy helped
    to set me free from all the clothes of culture..
    i don’t dress as well as i used too.. just shorts
    and T-Shirts in three plus years of escaping that
    place again..
    never the
    less there
    are no farewells in free for all now..
    a nice to place to live and never leave now..:)

    Hmm.. that’s one thing i’ve noticed about the
    new age of human avatars and text as human..
    even in flesh and blood life.. folks
    come and go.. speak
    and just
    leave with never
    saying see ya later..
    good bye.. or kiss my
    ass you are human.. i miss
    the days of good bye.. or see ya
    later.. as surely they would be as great
    as hello
    noW as greeting
    human as farewell of
    hi or see ya later..:)

    Ah.. the oxytocin feeling
    that binds..
    from breasts
    that never say farewell..
    and truly the connection
    that makes us wanna
    stick together
    of sticky
    notes that fall
    off and fail oF
    wArm and fuzzies..:)

    SMiles.. slow burn
    Red in Summer
    Panhandle Florida
    Flowers lasTinG ’till
    January wHere SpRing
    is year ’round.. in a land
    of tropics ever moving north..
    i miss those
    i can’t imagine
    entire years of football
    games in stadium fall
    with never a desire for
    hot chocolate warmth
    kindling A love of youth…
    i miss the cold.. and most
    all.. i miss A farewell oF
    hot chocolate too.. those
    in cold
    fall Love..
    Goes to sHow.. i guess..
    iT’s all relative.. as some
    folks would do anything
    tan oF FaLL..:)

    Thanks my
    FriEnd for
    Your inspiring
    iT iS
    ThaT Poetry
    Brings that
    IS A Essence

    SMiLes.. i can relate
    in a stranger way
    of not being
    able to say
    hello or
    goodbye of Love..
    even with eyes
    and ears in pain
    that wanted to work…
    heArt in coma says fare
    well for 66 months.. waiting
    for a liGht in broad day liGht..:)

    sMiLes.. now..
    Poets come and go….
    All Artists go and come..
    leaves behind
    as farewell

    one thing
    i rarely find
    iN poeTry Land..
    online.. lips pARting..
    in other words now..
    A face of goodbye..
    New world order
    good bye..:)

    And juSt a side note here..
    i wonder what ‘some folks’ are
    going to find to complain about..
    now that they have ALL tHeir way..
    perHapS it will be somewhere else
    beyond the borders here.. other than
    that they may find An’OTheR’ shoe they shot as
    Foot.. For instance.. going from a pay a fee increase to
    cover tHeiR young adult children’s health care soon to none
    at all.. who ya gonna call names then.. won’t be ghost busters..
    say farewell to A gravy
    already had..
    by likes of those yA hAte..;)

    Best byes
    iN heARt aLiVe..:)

    FAir winds
    And Following
    Seas navy breeze
    ease.. sAiling
    ships that gRow
    iN wheels of rubber more..
    with Ocean
    never ending
    never land story goeS..

    Wasp oF Summer
    Breeze.. FL Panhandle
    iN red sKIn
    BLuster SinGs
    SPRinG comes
    yeaR A’round..:)

    my FriEnd..
    A Best pARt
    oF poetry iS it
    for A
    heARt allone
    wiTh never sorry
    or Good bye for iT is Free..:)

    Egyptians cAll
    iT KA
    Lore now
    of pyramid
    more iN SpiRit
    that lives on no
    less than Nautilus
    Shell in millions more
    years old..
    i suppose
    tHeir is more
    sPiRit of the original
    author iN Nautilus shell
    than pyramid.. as that was
    outsourced to those with skills..
    And records of heARt extend soUl..
    relatively SPeaKinG..
    oF course as long as servers go..;)

    Hmm.. noW as A current end now
    of this Now eXiSTinG New Testament
    “HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen”
    is just aNOTher
    StreAM of River
    and Waves
    to Ocean
    weighing in at
    around A length
    of a current vanilla
    version of a 2K or so
    New Testament oriGiNAlly
    pEr saY..
    i muSt say2..
    and DAncE
    plUs oVerALL
    SonG is now A
    way too to Free
    Verse WiTh GoD
    iN ZoNE oF fLoW2..
    aS HoLy SpiRit liGht
    RiSinG hiGher aLiVe iN eYes
    of TrUth and greater liGhS oNLY noW WiTh
    hope that others carry oN a wayward SuN oF liGht
    as they’ve
    alWays doNe
    and continue
    to do.. whether oWned
    by people.. books.. culture..
    politics.. religion and all stuff
    that stores grains in silos failing
    so much forward
    to Thursday R and R
    HoLy and Sacred Dance
    niGht.. ’cause tHere is
    a orange colored thing
    STiLL sTuck betWeeN soMe LioNs
    teeth.. anYWaY as they sAy tHeRE
    IS A
    noW room
    for pARt2..
    as i also head-on
    out to my 134th dance
    niGht WiTh aLL the Cool
    College Age Folks at Old
    Seville Quarter on Thursday niGht
    shake it off is what i’LL do with thaT orange brew..;)

  14. some bloke says:

    where do I start? my heart beats easier reading your words of cosmic love. 😊 it’s an absolute pleasure to have known you, and that’s quite an understatement! wishing you and yours all the best.

    take care…

    *some bloke*, he he.

    • SMiLes again.. my friEnd some bloke..
      aka M.. glad you made it all the way
      down to the end of destination 718..
      to say hello with kind
      of appreciation..
      for the as you say
      cosmic love in words
      i love to provide here..
      a pleasure to know you too
      my FriEnd.. a liGht you are
      of hope too.. as we all move toward
      liGht in even dArk days of now.. liGht wins
      in the
      and beginning
      sAme noW iN
      dARk and liGht
      and ‘tween of thAT..:)

  15. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…
    Unalienable rights as provided by the creator
    according to the United States Declaration of Independence..
    and to use a very popular dude and meme and theme.. highly
    recognized around the globe.. in fact.. even worshipped as a Sun
    God of the Universe in some quarters here and there..
    including the Catholic and Constantine inspired
    one that i attend that i DO NOT HAVE
    TO AGREE fully with as i see him as
    just another really super cool
    yogi-like dude
    who has
    with God
    no different
    than other God of
    Creation Nature same
    animals who do not fall to
    restrictions and separations
    from God promoted in dreams
    and nightmares of human beings
    somewhere else but what isREaL here..
    so.. anyway.. i for one believe that a real yogi-like
    Dude as Jesus would agree with our Declaration of Independence
    and it is worth noting that 11/11/2016 at 11 am celebrates Veterans’ Day
    noW in America where brave and valorous men and women have served well to
    protect an American’s unalienable rights to Life Liberty and the pursuit of
    Happiness.. and here’s the thing.. this reality has increased during Obama’s
    terms for the outcast and pariah’s away from these unalienable rights of before..
    yes.. folks who have a God given sexual orientation of homosexual or even bi-sexual
    eTc.. have a legal right to marry now.. and folks who had functional disabilities that
    did not meet the SSDI or SSI definition or are chronically ill can now at least
    purchase some kind of health insurance where before they fell through the
    cracks of those who did have similar privilege and or fortune in life..
    for a job that provided a guarantee for that.. and additionally..
    rights for immigrants in our country to pursue this
    same gift of unalienable rights in the US have
    been strongly protected too.. so yes..
    in this way.. gentile.. jew.. servant
    or free.. woman or man no
    more.. is so far continuing
    to arrive strong in the U.S. of A..
    so sure.. the Jesus of Good Cop Nature
    as parT presented in the New Testament
    would simply be thrilled about that but there is another
    side to the story as already presented recently in this NT2 12th Macroverse
    And that is the cold hard reality that technology is increasingly replacing
    people now who need jobs to gain subsistence and perhaps even more important
    a social role in life where they do not feel disenfranchised from society as whole..
    thaT is even perhaps more important than social programs that provide a safety net
    that they currently do for that.. i am fortunate.. i have created my own social role
    that i control and master as art.. as somewhat of a trickster dancer and poet
    and even court jester.. sacred clown/fool… warrior and healer shaman
    same.. what a gift that is.. and fortunate i have been in life
    through great trials and tribulations to make it to a
    place that i feel is the pinnacle of human
    success.. ’cause i for one
    had to build
    it out
    of literal
    earthly hell..
    and i live in heaven now..
    it is the feeling and sensing
    of this heaven with no material
    goods at all that is the essence of it
    real that is beyond any cultural current
    idea of material success.. in other words..
    Trump could never Trump it.. heHE.. so anyway.. the disenfranchised
    is also reflected in the number of rampage killings that have occurred
    in the last decade or so.. when social roles were almost totally filled
    in the 50’s for the masses.. those statistics were nearly zero..
    we have a real problem with the masses increasingly
    losing social roles in a society that no longer
    has a clear navigation for that..
    creative types can
    make their own
    but not
    everyone is
    similarly innately and
    environmentally gifted in this
    potential either.. so.. truly.. after researching
    the details of what Trump can.. and cannot likely
    get away with in his hyperbolic plea of promises to
    pull the heart strings of those who are angry at the
    freedoms they see that other folks are gaining while they
    are not gaining and even losing some of what they feel are freedoms..
    they hold so dear.. including controlling the will and freedoms of what other
    people can or cannot do.. coming from a pulpit of separation instead of gentile..
    jew.. servant… or free.. woman or man no more.. yes.. the good cop Jesus now and
    not the bad cop Jesus now.. for those who are disenfranchised from job opportunities
    for both subsistence and social roles.. now.. no longer there.. for particularly hands on type
    folks who are generally speaking now the angry old white men.. that we see as similar
    bad cop Jesus men.. as opposite meme.. they are not just old.. they are also much
    younger uneducated men and women.. who are not finding a job in the 21st
    century and are really pissed off now and disenfranchised.. at the really
    smart LBQT folks who have great jobs and marriages now..
    perhaps.. they are in Hollywood even smiling
    with million dollar jobs.. anyway..
    no one wants to feel
    left out..
    not even
    the young white
    folks in First Baptist
    Church in the Rust Belt
    who can no longer find a job
    replaced by a robot now.. those concerns
    are valid.. and i for one believe this election
    was one won on the back of those concerns the most..
    what are the answers for that.. well.. building a new infrastructure
    in the U.S. is truly needed and i was surprisingly pleased to hear
    Trump in his acceptance speech exuberantly say he wanted to create
    jobs to build bridges and stuff like that.. but here’s the
    thing too.. he will need workers for that and
    as history clearly shows the hands
    on jobs that are available are often
    only taken by hard working
    as we
    have grown soft
    in ways of instant gratification..
    and no longer have as great a will..
    to build bridges all day long.. and trust
    me that is not in my set of will/skills either but on
    the other hand i’ve had other opportunities that did
    not include putting three dimensional things together..
    yes.. like building mansions of words instead now.. at least
    hehe.. after being used as a named valuable government commodity for
    my computer skills at work for decades in a social role that developed
    with the very technology that is hurting so many folks ability to get
    jobs now.. that are just not available.. so anyway.. i am not going to get
    mad at a Trump presidency too much until i see what his actual positions are..
    in effect of what his plans really are in effecting change.. if he takes away any
    of the previous disenfranchised folks rights to life.. liberty and pursuing happiness he
    will face some trickster word play from me.. like he will give a shit.. hehe..
    but never the less it will be both dark muse and silver
    lining in way of what i do here through
    all the dark he creates elsewhere
    different.. i personally at
    this point don’t believe
    his bite is going
    to be nearly
    as bad as bark..
    and i don’t think he is looking
    forward to another term at 74 years
    of age.. if he really is what the Trump Tower
    is all about.. he will leave a legacy of change
    that recognizes him as a good president and not
    a buffoon.. and sure i will not discount the potential
    that what he really does will be totally different from what
    he said he would do.. to get the votes needed to get in..
    from all those angry old white dudes and their friends
    as such.. will wait and see.. he has no aversion
    to lying as has already been proven in
    many public courts of analysis
    so far..
    there’s really
    no telling what’s gonna fully
    happen next.. and i ain’t gonna
    get too worked up about the evil he likely
    couldn’t do.. even if he wanted to be a real
    devil incarnate opposite from a Good Cop Jesus
    now.. some folks.. seriously believe he is a savior..
    God speed if he can really fill those shoes.. i truly believe
    now God is an equal opportunity employer and no matter what
    Trump has done in the past.. there is always hope for a change
    for the better.. i’ve listened to folks trash Obama from
    the beginning.. in total lying ways.. including
    the Trump and Obama Birther
    Bullshit stuff too..
    but hey..
    these days
    George W. Bush
    paints pictures of puppy
    dogs.. if he can change like that
    i will not discount the possibility that
    chameleon trump can do this.. as his
    acceptance speech at least hinted at
    a hint of an audacity of hope that exceeds
    all expectations of a man.. who has exceeded
    all expectations so far.. no matter what.. no matter
    how dark.. no matter how apricot or orange.. hehe..
    this man is a child of God no less than Adolf Hitler
    and hopefully
    more more..
    let’s hope..
    H U H..;)
    i’m going to
    keep a glass more
    than half full ’cause
    yes i can and will take
    it up instead of down..
    and on top of that Veterans’ day
    is tomorrow and i owe lots of thanks
    to those folks who allow me all these
    1st amendment rights that allows me to
    continue the right to life.. liberty AND
    the pursuit Happiness that
    has no breaks
    Amen and have
    a nice day.. Freedom
    rings best when Democracy
    speaks.. there are many people
    in this country hurting and even angry
    old white dudes and much younger
    men and women who are currently
    disenfranchised have a right to
    speak too.. as long as
    YOU don’t take
    the rights away
    from any of my
    friends and families
    a Good Cop Jesus will
    support you too.. let’s all
    get in this game toGetHer and
    let Freedom Sing for all and try
    to figure out a way to step out of the
    shit that so many folks wade in now..
    The kingdom i live in has no walls
    or borders but never the less
    and sadly
    less.. not
    live here..
    wish they could
    with all my heart.. spirit
    and soul.. but truth is that
    freedom comes from god within..
    and truth and light is no country
    alone can provide that to you.. those heights
    of liGhts and TrUth are between you and whatever you do or
    name God..
    God speed iN liGht FliGht
    Free iN TrUth is what i do..
    i Am fearless this way and it’s
    a Cool God country to live in and this
    US. A is free enough for me to continue to
    live here free happy in heaven’s glee..
    WiTh no restraints.. walls.. castles..
    for now..
    let’S gRow that
    for more folks in an
    Ocean of WiLL over Love is what i for one say..
    as any veteran of God will do too..
    for those who are soldiers
    and fElT
    within with as God2..:)


    “There is no safety in numbers, or in anything else.”

    ~~ James Thurber ~~

    There is safety in
    within me..
    i practice that
    with more arts
    in Yoga Unity
    with nature all
    Bliss is safe for now..
    dam.. wish i could take
    more folks with me.. but
    they too.. must seek/find it and
    practice it within as safeway comes
    in eYes
    connect.. create.. rise
    Beauty of fully aLIVe..:)

    Pain is an interesting thing my
    friend.. it comes in so many ways
    of liFe.. dARk.. liGht.. and ‘tween
    sHades of grey.. beYond rainbow colors
    too.. perHaps even more iN iN Bi-polar colors too..
    but anyway.. i’ve ‘seen’ the worst pain in the world
    as medically assessed for human..
    in a split second
    observed the feeling
    sensing of hell again
    and somehow master
    painless now with control
    of will.. with these abilities as healing
    ones that obviously i innately
    instinctually intuit most
    animals in the
    wild have too..
    is.. we live life out
    there instead of in ‘here’..
    lEarninG mastery of Emotionally
    regulating life including integrating
    senses that includes pain.. i stepped on
    Arthur.. our 20 years older cat then with
    my 220 lbs then.. thank God.. before
    approaching 240 now.. bottom
    line he walked away
    with no sign of pain..
    not even having to recover
    like i would if someone stepped on
    me in the olden days too.. there is a wild healing
    that exceeds all of medicine my friEnd and that healing
    is developed innately.. instinctually.. intuitively within and
    the only words religion or science has for it when it goes down for iSREaL
    is a miracle or unexplained phenomenon.. we could even call it a UFO too.. for
    all practical intents and purposes as they not identified what it is yet..
    it’s safe to say it is a higher
    power and it exists
    as at least
    in my
    it is in the
    history of my medical records iSREAL..
    seriously.. i have pains.. sometimes severe ones
    still that come.. but i melt them a way with a whim
    of God that lives in higher potential as nature within me..
    and i couldn’t do that for 66 months until the power came and
    was mastered within.. and i increase that power as nows go on..
    and mastery
    in positive light
    that is simply positive
    emotions and senses same..
    i can show folks in
    Moving arts what it looks
    like on the outside.. as i can
    gain bliss of runners high that i used
    to experience noW in less than 5 seconds with
    just one float around whirl of moVinG aRT iN nirvana now..
    it is the inside pArt beyond words that makes that happen..
    and that my
    is the
    seeking and
    finding and practicing
    point.. that those who do not
    believe in ‘woo’ of miracles beyond
    current science will never find if they
    never start believing there is more to this
    life than meets the current textbooks of walls
    in empirical fact for now.. and yes.. all the structural
    infirmities can still be observed with X-Rays.. CAT scans
    and all the rest.. but what thAt can’t see is the God my friend alive and well
    in higher potential working full-time now within.. i try to paint a picture
    but no word
    or symbol
    can full cover heaven now
    for that my friEnd is a liVinG
    ‘thing’ always changing for more positive liGht within..

    “A round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away.
    He must have time to modify his shape.”

    ~~ Mark Twain ~~

    no thanks..
    i’LL stay ’round..;)

    “I drank what?”

    — Socrates

    it’s kind of the opposite
    saying of when folks
    ask.. can
    i have
    of what you(me)
    are drinKing friend..;)

    “The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that still carries any reward.” — John Maynard Keynes

    Haven’t paid any federal
    income taxes in decades..
    and have
    W Bush
    to thank for that..
    in simply following a code for
    it’s hilarious that folks call that dude conservative..
    and worth noting that ‘most P grabbers’ are not all that conservative either..;)

    Kinda like the big bad
    wolf and
    old coke..
    your house party away..;)

    And speaking of that it’s worth
    noting on the ever changing
    multi-colored lizard in
    our back yard
    that Trump
    supported Universal
    Trump Care before bowing
    to other target audience pressures
    and even supported LBQT rights at
    the Republican convention with delight
    in watching the minions roar with thunderous
    applause.. no different really than Charlie Chaplin
    in his role reversal as Jew to the Hitler minions
    for human rights of equal freedom too.. perhaps
    he was just testing the waters.. and worth noting
    ‘no one’
    in terms of
    selling AFAIK
    can become
    a billionaire
    ‘no matter
    what’ unless
    they understand marketing
    101 and appealing to the target
    audience at hand.. yes.. there are minions..
    but don’t underestimate legs of lambs in wolf clothing..
    poor/rich/poor yes/no metaphor.. but hey.. if you really wanna leave a
    legacy you go
    and do
    what it takes
    for change.. perhaps
    the orange is a little fox colored too..
    hey.. i leave
    open big hotel
    room for change
    as sure.. i am an
    isREaL Hyde and Jekyll
    too.. good cop Hyde i hope to stay..
    what does the Fox say anyWay wHo reAlly juST does iT..
    and gets
    the JOB
    dONE.. as pLay..;)

    “We have had no good comic operas of late,
    because the real world has been more comic than any possible opera.”

    — G. K. Chesterton, The Quotable Chesterton

    Back to Charlie
    Chaplin it’s
    from big
    picture masterpiece
    theater and painting view..
    and hell no/yes.. believe it or not
    ‘horatio’.. i’m

    “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

    — Hanlon’s Razor

    Sacred clowns/holy/mad/fools/eTc.. aL..
    through out history
    is an
    art of Brilliance
    too.. again.. it’s understanding
    marketing 101 and the target audience @hand..;)

    “Good God,” said Arthur, “it looks just like the sea front at Southend.”
    “I’m relieved to hear you say that,” said Ford.
    “Because I thought I must be going mad.”
    “Perhaps you are. Perhaps you only thought I said it.”
    Ford thought about this.
    “Well, did you say it, or didn’t you?” he asked.
    “I think so,” said Arthur.
    “Well, perhaps we’re both going mad.”
    “Yes,” said Arthur, “we’d be mad, all things considered, to think this was Southend.”
    “Well, do you think this is Southend?”
    “Oh, yes”
    “So do I.”
    “Therefore we must be mad.”
    “Nice day for it.”
    “Yes,” said a passing maniac.
    “Who was that?” asked Arthur.
    “Who–the man with the five heads and the elderberry bush full of kippers?”
    “I don’t know. Just someone.”

    — From The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    it was/is
    wHO kNows..;)

    “It is an interesting question how far men would
    retain their relative rank if they were divested of their clothes.”

    — Henry David Thoreau

    It’s worth noting that the pleasurable
    human feeling of feeling rank and status
    is simply neuro-chemicals in great balance
    along with neuro-hormones including associated
    rise of androgens as far as this passage goes where
    men are concerned.. and it’s also worth noting that
    the greatest
    in myths
    legends and
    perhaps real history
    too.. fought naked..
    anyway.. like all stuff life..
    it’s not the form of rank that counts
    iN status or power.. it’s the feeling oF it
    iN EmoTioNs and SeNSEs.. and to master
    that Essence within
    is to
    to no one
    in Kingdom come
    now.. where a King has
    no subjects but free.. the ultimate
    place of heaven now.. as do not doubt it
    we are just human animals like any other ape in this sense/feeling now..
    thing that
    sets us
    is we can
    make a story
    book real in new
    imaginative and creative
    ways that does not reflect
    our so called form or place in overall society
    at large.. sure.. it’s a needle and society is
    the camel.. is it possible.. FucK yes.. i
    every FucKinG noW..;)

    “If you ever reach total enlightenment
    while you’re drinking a beer, I bet it
    makes beer shoot out your nose.”

    — Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey

    It’s not that i have anything really
    against folks drinking and doing
    drugs for recreation..
    iN heaven
    all that
    only bring
    me down.. now.. honestly..
    i would/will spit it out
    it goeS in..
    tHeRe ain’t no
    driNk or drugs
    for this place called heaven for me..
    seriouSly.. the thOught of drinking a beer
    of even a cup of coffee is like poison in heaven now.. to me..
    and sure.. i enjoyed a moderate amount before i arrived in heaven now..:)

    “If a lawyer and an IRS agent were both drowning,
    and you could only save one of them, would you
    go to lunch or read the paper?”

    — Smart Bee

    If i was a good enough
    swimmer i would save
    them both..
    break all
    the rules..
    limits and
    of before..
    i am
    and not
    willing to
    die for no reason..
    Order is here for a reason..
    as are the conservative folks
    who make the rules.. and that my
    frienD is the square root of problem
    number one that humans are not evolved
    to live peacefully in groups of more than 150
    to 200 sets of eyes.. order is required for the well
    being of all.. and human language is symbol and
    only approximate tool for truth and light.. and it takes
    order to rule money collected for a big city of humans not
    evolved like this to live peacefully too.. it’s a pipe dream to
    suggest we
    are all going
    to get along
    fine.. without
    someone with
    the skills to interpret
    abstract concepts attempting
    to make literal concrete laws..
    or the same to collect enough
    money for roads to get to the
    all one can eat fats and sugars palace
    either.. this new version of Libertarian
    is for folks who have never studied Anthropology 101
    in class
    or in direct contact and
    with enough numbers
    in iSreal class too.. now..
    as participant observer as such
    after Hurricane Katrina too in a very
    heterogenous society that is nothing
    like a Scandinavian country where it used
    to be where a person could leave their baby
    left unintended but only in a homogenous country
    where a welfare state ruled for all in abundance of enough..
    in a place
    like this as
    Nature rules
    human always now..
    AFAIK from experience of
    literally dealing one to one
    with hundreds of thousands of folks over decades too..
    both offline
    and online too..:)

    “When something irritates you,
    think of this: How else would we get pearls?”

    — Smart Bee

    LiGht and DARk
    And the
    ‘tween grey
    of sHaDES2
    And potentiAlly
    And eventuAlly even apathy too..
    never discount
    A power/
    oF dArk..
    my greaTest
    muses have surely been dARk too..
    the liGht
    and dARk
    iN multi-colored meASure
    oF sHades ‘tween and
    Beyond rainBow color
    pleaSurE too
    iS what i for one
    say.. with much
    iN nows
    In Heaven
    and Hell..
    and yes.. the place that all days
    seem the same2.. another ground day.. aS in AGHOGDAY2..;)

    For to err in opinion, though it be not the part
    of wise men, is at least human.”

    — Plutarch (46-120 AD) — Against Colotes

    To err is life..
    to not is stAGnation
    Heaven 2..
    to err
    to be
    is err
    air is err
    a bee

    “Sure, everyone always said ‘Socrates what is the meaning of life?’ or’Socrates how can I find happiness?’…. Did anyone ever say ‘Socrates, hemlock is poison.’???????”

    — Socrates, minutes before death

    Don’t drINk
    the Kool Aid..
    of life
    no one but
    a human would
    FeeL/SenSe it was/will be anything elsE noW..
    animal oF aLL..
    when it comes
    to sHiT
    leads to ISREAL

    BotTom liNe..
    i kNow

    i FeeL/SeNsE/AMnoWbE

    – smART Bee2..;)

  17. So.. hmm.. if you wrote a New Testament with ease
    of 180K or so words every six weeks.. naming
    one first like this with this coming
    719th Macro Verse of 12 chapters
    as such total on the cusp of
    11102016 thru 11112016..
    as all the fun dance photos from
    my 134th week with all the cool college
    age folks arrives in plus 6 thousand miles
    of public dance.. around the end of Raving 3-
    AM Dance on Veteran’s day of 2016.. yes.. naming
    this.. Macro Verse number 719 of 12 MacroVerses
    now.. “New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen”..
    as sure.. this only a relatively tiny paRt of a full 42 months
    of witness for God now arriving at 44 in 3.3 Million words plus..
    and a total of around 12 Million total words since Thanks giving
    Day of 2010.. to let’s juST say foR noW completing my homework
    assignment from God of NaturE oNe.. you kNow the wHole Enchilada
    huh.. yes.. complete with well over a thousand smiling pretty women faces2
    in dance bliss from Old Seville Quarter in each and every one of those dance
    nights documented in Ocean Whole Poem2.. aka SonG oF mY SoUL and KATiE
    MiA FredericK!iI as website and link as such whole.. as this 44 months now goes
    on with all blogger blog copies actually starting in month 3/13 as that first 42 month
    effort ends in 9/16.. YES what will i say now.. hmm.. anyway.. in review of my early
    growing up place on River Bank of Blackwater River.. just a walk up a hill to
    an Elementary School then.. and eventually Junior College in that same
    building after finishing high school.. snapping some sentimental
    Veteran’s Day photos to go with the 12th MacroVerse here too..
    i thought about the folks that early motivated me in dARk
    most yes.. the have dos who make fun of the less
    haves and dos back in those old days too..
    the males indicating that i wasn’t
    really worth it.. absolute idiot..
    good old dog who eats
    dry dog food.. and
    labELed me
    as somewhat
    of a clown woman too..
    by suggesting that me as
    a “boy” needs a hair cut too..
    yes.. if you think Trump’s comb over
    is unruly there were no rules for my haircut..
    hehe.. anyway.. i had no idea then what it meant where
    you had to prove something for social rank.. and seriously
    in the modern age way of Fred Clown now.. i still don’t give a Fuck
    even though i finally learned all about that stuff through trial and error too..
    and truly all i ever wanted to do is be a free clown now.. and that my
    friends or foes still i do remarkAbly and note as such in everything
    i do free.. for those who are outcasts.. i have much sympathy for
    too.. as i have been surely true an outcast too.. but hehe.. there
    ain’t no reeling me in for now.. as i own the Ocean i swimdance
    with help from aLL oF God that iS Nature all too.. now..
    those folks.. all of those folks.. and even through
    work life where i didn’t quite fit anyone’s mold
    shaped me eventually to be freer than ever
    before too.. as when you are one with
    God tHeRe is no wHeRe but hiGheR
    to go.. freedom isn’t
    free but sure..
    God within
    will show yA what
    to do and even say too..
    believe that or not Horatio’s
    too.. it is what it is and i am what
    i am and i’LL continue to SinG thaT SonG
    too in what has become the length of 4 bibles..
    in Ocean whole poem way.. and over 14 and
    140 times the size of Bible and Koran effort..
    in total homework and creative art assignment
    in call heard by me in my own special way
    of communicating with god within
    in ouR own way.. i’m sure there
    could be a zillion plus more
    oTheR ways but bottom
    line.. mine works..
    mine works and
    works some more..
    do what you will
    over love too..
    harming no
    oThEr and
    i’M sure God who
    lives within you will
    have fun too.. and not
    kick you in the ass like i have
    surely experienced in Earth Hell too.. i can
    only wish and hope you find a way that works too..
    And now off to Holy And Sacred Thursday R and R activities..
    and i think i’ll move with a little let’s chant with this.. as i’m quite
    sure that would be overwhelmingly approved by the new POTUS of
    a new day.. where almost anything FucKinG strange goes.. huh..
    ain’t nuThing
    about that dude
    either.. and if he ain’t
    a clown.. too.. no one is
    a trickster like that either.. hehe..
    as surely empirically proven by now too..;)

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