710th MacroVerse oF Faith


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PerHaps this is worth repeating with a ‘few’ added words..
from my last Macro-Verse “Golden Age reKneWeD”..
so.. i’LL juST Do iT.. iN Nike aka
Goddess of Victory way
too.. heHE..;)

And as another side note here.. as there are some
human words that come so naturally that purify soul..
Faith is not a place after life.. Faith is not
a man that is an only God.. Faith is not
a place of external life.. Faith IS A
HiGher PoWer of the GoD oF NAtuRE
that lives within.. a Focus
and Force that we humans
relatively can and
will practice
to make
ISreal miracles
in our lives foR Now..
And Faith is never a God
Force within that comes for
Free.. Faith takes constant
practice for being Free..
And truly Faith is
Chi.. is Kundalini
Rising.. is the
Now of Force
within FocuSinG
Laser way for WiLL
iN MoVinG ConNecTing
CreATinG Free and it is
Emotive sEnSing and FeeLinG
thAt iSREaL.. And Can and WiLL
GroW Stronger with the Power of DO..
Pure Faith is all positivity.. All liGht.. noW..
All Strength.. All Focus.. with zero doubt.. zero
illusory fears.. zero all stuff associated with Hate..
is Love.
Force with no dARk..
And sure.. tHeRE iS
aLL Stuff Anti-Love too…
Often thaT dARk bRings liGht2..:)

True.. A lonely homeless person
can live in aPArtments high
with never a human
and the
razzle dazzle
of the group of homeless
people with each other’s
twinkling starry blissed
eYes and sKin under a
bridge wHeRe A
home within
can be shared
as warmth
like no
sMiles.. often
folks judge A homeless
person by their clothes.. but
rarely do they go out on the beat
tHeir heARt
as aliVe and isREAL.. WiTh Nature One..
sure.. i’ve been.. homeless and rich too..
Screaming to the sKeYes of God for one drop
of a
heArt FiLLed WiTh liGht..
thanks.. inspired by ‘your poem’..
and the many homeless people
i’ve actuAlly talked to..
too.. under
oF LiGht..
and sure.. the
fAct that it was
at a beach.. helps the mood too..
People aren’t evolved well to live in dreary places..;)

And now i say in real alWays noW tiMe too..
The TV show Lucifer.. that Fox presents
is sure.. a funny show in jest..
of Biblical Memes..
themes.. myths
and such as that..
in associated John
Milton Paradise Lost way..
Book too.. but it is much more
than that.. as satire and parody and
even Greek Myths often present the best
overall human definitions and descriptions of
the archetypes of the human condition that reach
deep and can be understood to greater enhance the
awakening and enlightening of the human condition..
and of particular note in the last TV show is
when the African American Angel who is
an Angel of LiGht stARts to fall to
dARk.. LoSinG the Pro-Social
Emotions.. including one
of the greATest if not
the gREatESt one
for success
iN liFe in
terms of Faith
the way i define and describe
it above.. for those who can relate
in life experience way.. anyWay.. when
this African American Angel oF liGht..
noticed one of his Angel Wing
feathers is falling off..
after falling to
the dARk side
of the hUman condition
in more con-social fear and
all stuff related to hate as
being BLackEr than
liGht iN ways
of DaRk..
and hell no..
that ain’t got nothing to
do with politically correct..
as language can be used
in almost infinite ways of metaphor
too.. other than literal takes on life..
and SPeaKinG of that the vast majority of
modern Christians see faith as just believing
in words that have no evidential stuff in empirical
way to back them up.. yeah.. like despite the FACT
THEN.. and sure that’s enough caps to now go on to say.. that
yes.. NO.. there were no xerox machines then.. until English Print after
the Century of 1500 or so in published way.. the Bibles that existed
were scribed and copied and scribed and copied by hand
with copious new bible scholar estimates of anywhere
from 300 to 400 thousand honest and
intentional mistakes with some
forging the book continually
changing as bible to
meet the taste
of discernment
as centuries went on..
and yes.. only two of Paul’s
letters in the New Testament way
may even be written by an actual
Apostle of the old days then.. with
none of the Four Gospels written by
an original Apostle.. and of course that
is what they mean in Catholic Church by the
words according to Luke.. etc.. so what the modern
Christians definition and description of faith is.. is.. to believe
that regardless of all these science provided facts.. the entire
bible is infallible and the word of God verbatim as provided to
prophets as men.. when the truth is.. is.. scribes wrote the
F iN Bible and whatever TruTh and liGht is left from
whatever started.. IS A combined effort of thousands
and thousands of writers.. hehe.. advantage
me.. now.. and not just me.. but
everyone with technology
who is a so called
person who
reaches deep
down with eYes Given
by God as Nature.. and
provides some nouveau symbols
as words that may or may not not
provide healing power.. depending on
who is receptive or not to the healing or not
symbols that come.. well that is the kind of faith that
the used car salesman who is also a snake oil salesperson
who has other agenda’s bringing cards to the table wants you
to believe.. no matter how many factors may sway your decision
he will sugar coat as car for sale too.. no matter how many faults
are in the engine of running life.. and back to the African American
Angel oF liGht from the Fox Lucifer show.. when this once
briGht liGht Angel helping with the rule of hell..
starts to lose his Angel Wings.. stands
before the Mirror and let’s
an existential scream OUT
IN of losing pro-social
emotions oF liGht
and moving
now into
death as life..
loSinG the Definition
of Faith that i provide..
that is not only a word but
an actual human FeeLinG
and SenSinG way of Positive
GeneRaTinG FeeLinG and GiVinG
liGht.. Force.. sure.. i’ve been to this..

place wHere i did the same FucKinG
exact thing.. screaming at the reflection
as form of my SoUL that once heLd great
liGht of Faith.. losing that actual SensE and
FeeL of Faith in existential trust and security
to give of myself wHere the Force oF liGht
iN eYes to MoVe ConNect and Create
was dimming to black hole
soul of the niGhts
of hUman liFe
iN dARk..
Lost oF hUman
EmoTioNs/SenSes wiTh
Faith BeinG a Paramount
oNe For HUman Force liGht
as a hiGher poWEr of God
is what can happen to Earth
Angels also known as Hero
archetypes who lose
tHeir liGht
of Pro-Social
SeNses and
are tempted by
a villain path darkened
journey of liFe.. in con-social
emoTioNal and SensinG liFe.. noW
these are common human archetypes of
heroes moving to villain.. one sees at the theater
in literature and other ways of art through all of human
history and even in prehistoric art of human symbols too
to form essence in understanding existential ways now of
intelligence liGht.. greater.. Myths.. Bibles.. Koran’s
all of these tools/symbols.. to BrinG uS uP instead
of dARk Down iN AS Pro-social EmoTioNaL
And SeNsory liGht.. liFE
noW in thriving
anyWAy.. tHeRe
IS A long way to go
to bRinG more people uP
to A liGht way oF liFe and
in visiting my long term therapist
who did her best to help me when i lived
in the dark night of the soul for a total of 66 months..
from 2008 to 2013.. 2011 to now spent with her.. yeah.. not unlike
the Lucifer TV Show.. i got a Therapist too.. hehe.. and sure
i don’t own a bar in LA California.. but sure.. i kinda own
the one for free every now i walk into the
one in LA Lower Alabama.. also
known as the Panhandle
of Florida at Old
Seville as the
sMILes of the
friendly danCinG
girls may enTale
as visual story too..
haha.. anyway.. so i ask
my therapist on Thursday.. what
is your definition of Faith and she says
it is a verb like trust where she has trust in
other folks.. and i say yes.. this is true but it is
emotion is it not.. and she goes on to say no.. it is
a verb.. something you feel yes but something you
do in life.. huh.. isn’t that true.. and i say.. well.. if you
feel it and it moves you.. isn’t it emotion too..
and then she says.. okay.. Fred.. maybe
we need to switch places here..
you take my chair and
i’ll take the couch..
okay.. as sure..
i’m the one who is
confused..’right’.. anyway..
i say.. well.. my beloved therapist
and truly both my wife and i see her
and she sees us almost like a family
member now.. as sure the two of us
toGetHer can kinda be endearing
if you haven’t guessed that much
yet.. by visiting my ‘Truman
Show here’.. yes.. i say..
well.. i Am just trying
to figure it out
for myself
in back and forth
reciprocal social communication
way as you are are helping me now..
and by the way.. my therapist says
my IQ must be off the charts as she
ain’t met many folks like me.. as sure..
the folks With Asperger’s Syndrome who have
never been diagnosed at my age are mostly
dead if they didn’t make it.. homeless.. if they don’t
have money.. and cannot afford help.. or have found
a niche that works.. and maybe are more like Bill Gates..
Michelangelo.. and Mozart or ‘THE ACCOUNTANT’ in
that “NEW MOVIE’.. and such with their special
interests more fully found and made for full
tow of life in success as such.. but sure
they are not the majority..
not everyone
can be
an NFL star
or write the longest long
form poem ever in the history
of Humankind in what will now
be this 710th Macro-Verse likely
covering in title word at least a
word named faith.. just for fun
of course never earning a single
Lincoln Penny but never the less
more.. richer than hell as heaven
for doing all of this.. and hopefully
i can help a little more in words to
describe the essence more of what that
word can be.. when fully fELt.. SenSed
and ExpReSsinG iT iN MoVinG.. CoNnecting
creATing SpiRiT of EmoTions/SenSEs.. to touch and help
oTher Folks now Heal too.. in a MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
way now.. to even make the metaphor of Heaven now
come to fruition pro-God within as such.. like Luke
17:21 so aptly intimates too.. in historical
biblical way of both myth and
trUth and liGht
noW too..
leave no stone
unturned to FiNd
TrUth and liGht.. you might
not find it in the traditional sources
and you maY actuAlly find it by Literally
turning a stone over and seeing all of God
too in a grain of sand to trUly FiNd that
Love is
in the Stone..
and not just one
book of this or that
of human symbols alone..
as yes.. God is Written all through
Nature for those with fuller open GoD
eYes and EaRs to FeeL And SeNSE noW
the Faith that is kNoWinG and FeeLinG
and SeNSing allthatis sacred and
hoLy now as existential
of awakening
and enlightening
liFe come iSReaL noW..
anyway.. as i told my therapist
while she understands everything i say
and i seem.. so so smart to her.. i also
talk like this to the rest of the world.. both
online and in real life.. and so many folks have
little to no clue what i am even speaking about
as experience is the best teacher for all of this..
and my therapist before she became a
professional went to A dARk
niGht oF the SoUL first..
she never fully lost
her emoTions/seNses
like me.. as
thank God
that is very rare
for a person to get to the
point for 66 months.. looking
otherwise healthy on the outside..
never remembering if they smiled
in terms of feeling and sensing a
smile or a laugh or even if they
had a belly laugh as that is just
an empty metaphor if you’ve never
actually experienced the tingly nice
feeling of the vagal nerve in gut when
appropriately and blissfully stimulated like
this in free fall joy as rising to liGht of liFE noW..
for no other real reason than simply a Joy oF LiFE noW..
the illness of human being.. is our first world problems that
generate so many somatic vague pains.. and other maladies now
of anxiety life.. are mostly emotional and sensory imbalances
in ways of Emotional Regulation.. and Sensory Integration..
and when life becomes one all of fight and or flight
stress.. in problem solving mechanical
cognition.. truth is.. we break
down.. in emotional
and nervous.. cardio-
vascular.. respiratory..
and endocrine.. now etc..
systems.. as those stress
chemicals are like acid on the
mind and body.. that destroy us in
cumulative negatived chronic stress
way almost everyday of our modern life
for those who lose the ability to cope..
humans are not evolved to
do mechanical
and social
at the same
time.. and that
is what our modern
age of technology
mixed with social
life demands of
us now.. so yes..
i say dance naked
in sand and sun.. and
regenerate ways of moving..
connecting and creating life..
sure in an all legal way.. if only
in the three feet of your shower
room today.. EmoTiOns and SeNses
Flow from Brain to Gut.. in way of vagal nerve
or what can be described in East Indian way as
Kundalini Serpent.. as sure this Nerve is connecting
to spine too.. there are trillions of peptide connections
in cells of human body that remember neuro-chemical
and neuro-hormone interaction of play in both positive
and negative.. liGht and DaRk ways.. and in this
way tHere is great neuroplastic and epigenetic
environmental potential for both
mental.. physical.. and emotional
change from head to toe.. building
a Star of LiFE that is liFE of hUman
BeinG instead of dARk.. so sure.. put those
ear budS in.. and listen to liGht iNspired music
what ever feels and senses to bRinG you uP..
make the music resonate and vibrate with
every cell connection in trillions of ways
through the body.. from vagal nerve
of gut back up to Brain as
YoUR Multi-UniVerse as
Temple of God mInd
and BoDy beCoMes
a HUman Star that
is an INsTrument
of God aS NatuRe SoUL
iN paRT toGeTheR thaT iS liGht
liFE now.. sure.. turn on yoUr heARt liGht noW..

And now all that’s left for me to do for this micro-verse
of “Macro-Verse oF Faith” that will be the title oF this
710th Verse as SonG oF mY SoUL noW.. is to find a theme
SonG that works to help iNspirE A mINd And BoDy BaLanCinG soUL..
iN heARt
of EmoTiOns
and SeNsEs ExpreSsing
as SpiRit noW iN HoLy and SacRed way2..
oh yeah.. and by the way.. when i first came
out of hell back in July of 2013.. i noted to my
therapist that in my bearded days of college i looked
like Jesus and she told me that she was actually concerned
that i was having delusions.. but then she said she thought
about it further and sure one can be one with Jesus and i went
on to say.. hey.. it’s just a Human Archetype huh.. well she is
Catholic too.. and it’s a little harder for her to escape the myths
as i’ve
been to
HeLL and met
the i AM in person..
let’s juST say and on top
of that.. Europeans created
a somewhat Northern European
Northern American somewhat pretty
boy like i used to be in College with
Blonde hair too.. when i took off my clark
Kent big framed glasses.. hehe.. in bearded nerd way then..
i told here.. hey.. technically if you compare the photos i did..
but hey..
i think i’d rather
look like a Good Cop
Jesus on the inside instead
of outside today.. the way that
Jesus has come to look more like
Trump than me.. hehe.. yeah sure..
Trump is the Kinda Jesus that most
modern Christians Worship.. and that
but hey..
i StiLL
got the
Devil and
Dr. Jekyll
in my back pocket just in case
i need that help to survive
and thrive or even live now
too.. repeat class.. H U M
A N A R C H E T Y P E okay..
no one owns these attributes but
the entire FucKinG Human RAce as Archetypes
and God oF Nature okay.. and no.. not juST
for a thouSand years.. at least 14.5 billions so
far.. and MORE.. OKAY.. ‘Einstein’.. of HeARt and SpiRit and SoUL2..
the UniVerse within in each and every MulTi-Verse hUman way iS NoW
truly wHere we need to seek.. and explore and FiNd liFE.. wHeRe
not many and or any.. men and or women.. etc..

TrUth and liGht be told
many of us fit the archetype
of the fallen angel Lucifer..
whether in bible myth
or otherwise told
as rebelling
oF liGht
who wants
to do more than
group think and
the caves of before..
and in Christina Perri’s.. if one
would like to do.. if one can
if one will.. see the
metaphor of marriage
of two different
ways of being..
one in owning
another person through
paper work and ceremonies
sacred and holy or just a
clerk of court legal say..
and the other way of mINd
and BoDy BaLanCing WiTh the
rest of Nature.. self-actualizing
iN hiGher ways of enligHteNing
and aWaKeninG ways of MorniNG
StAR reBirth of hUman beinG..
trUly with what’S even left in
Jeffersonian and less way of the
New Testament.. it’s not hard to figure
out that this is the core message tHeRe
to liGht our LamPs of Temple of MiNd and
BoDy BalancinG soULs as PARt of God oF natuRe
aLL Brighter as StarS instead of BLack hole soULs
that can provide dArk as ark and dArk SpARk to liGht
too.. no different than the paradoxes oF aLL oF Nature
that are so visible for wE who are neither afraid of the
DArk or Cynical of The liGht of Greater hUman poTenTiaL
in iSREaL LiFe ways of Neuroplastic.. and Epigenetic
change to struggle and greAT change for Adaptation
for survive
and thrive
noW.. so.. now..
perHaps at tHiS
poInt i do or do not..
have enough room for AnoTher
SonG but iN most current days
of Now.. Katy Perry.. whose name
in dictionary English Definition means
Pure and Rock same as Christina Perri does
too in ways of LoVe and Faith aS oNe Human
power of greater joY with HoPe and BeliEF too..
thaT can all be combined to bE a hiGher PowEr oF
the Nature of God gifted as HuMan Nature now..
you see/feel.. ‘the parachute’ is no different
than the verse 37 of the Gnostic
Gospel of Jesus that
says.. to find
God within
noW in
the Kingdom
of God as Heaven
now.. one must strip
naked unashamed and tread
on those clothes that are surely
in metaphor way all the culture clothes
of chains that take uS away from FeArless
smArt and Unconditional FaiTh as LoVe..
with hoPe and BeliEf and Joy fully
in Tow.. with all The dARk..
as REaLITy for
in liFE
too.. as
BeinG hUman
is the gift..
living.. surviving
and thriving in liberty
for the pursuit of happiness
is not only the American way
it is our nature as children of
God Given Nature.. to BE FREE STiLL noW..
CaN and WiLL BE
REAL noW.. for those wHo..
iF yoU SeeK iN God as
Nature WhOle yes.. iF
yoU FucKinG juST do it noW
iN Victory
So sure.. this IS A rather
long Micro-Verse of 710th
Macro-Verse weighing in
at 3600 words or so..
but still it’s
one way..
tHeRE are many
more.. and trUly
it’S sad that the original
man Jesus is not here to clear
those paths.. so sure.. we must all
get that job done.. if we all expect to survive..
and thrive
in Heaven
now.. or
perHapS even
live aT aLL ToGeTHeR..
Depending on what WE
say and do or don’t now..
i suggest you shine a Lamp..
the only thing yoUr’E likely to
Is death
iN liFE..:)




sMiLes.. now.. one of my oldest real online FriEnds.. Lala Rukh..
and sure.. forever friEnd.. as i don’t break my promises.. huh..
with sMiLes.. aGain.. and after finishing around a 3600
word treatise on Faith.. and taking a Break in my own
Garden Yard surrounded by different
coloring flowers with alWays
at leASt colors
of Green iN aLL
iN freest sun dance..
In a yard that is only
fertilized by God as Nature
never seeing human poisons..
and only eYes as adoRinG and
WorsHippinG God as Nature sAMe
as i.. my FriEnd.. and what i determined
in just a few words from my 3600 or so word
treatise on Faith is trUe faith is Pure Love my Friend..
of the kind that gives and never fails through practice of Love..
too many details here.. not to overtake yoUr Blog.. but the best pARt
oF aLL in Hell that i received as i’ve often told you about my 66 month stint
tHeRE is the best pARt of LiFe is the PArt that allows us to FeeL and GiVe Love
completely with no fear or doubt my friENd forever now.. wHeRe every step and
every word of liFe’s SonG aS DancE beCoMes Sacred and Holy in the paradox also
oF aLL thAT
iS dARk and liGht
too.. and sure.. in science
talk that is what ‘they’ refer to
as self-actualization in Maslow way..
in the 6th and highest level of that pyramid
way of Human Potential.. and in Fowler’s Stages
of Faith.. it is the enlightenment and awakening too.. thru
the experience of Unconditional Fearless Love aS WeLL now
but as both theories say.. many folks never reach close to the
top as one must ring the ladder of lower steps first that often takes
into the 40’s.. 50’s.. and even 60’s of life stage development noW sTiLL
and if there is any stress to basic animal homeostasis of food.. shelter.. and
social roles.. in primate and other social animal way.. in peace and harmony
in accordance with our human nature as evolved by God of Nature including
Reproductive success for those so inclined to keep the species going that iS
an innate.. instinctual and intuitive way of liFE for those who make liFe noW
a Balance in miNd and Body way of iSrEAL soul.. deep and true as liGht..
Progress can be stuck at lowest levels of human potential as
Pure Love as Faith in Trust oF aLL thAT iS iN GiVinG
ShARinG.. MoVinG.. ConNecTing.. CreATinG ways..
aCross the lifespan too.. so.. hmm.. i suppose what
i mean to say is.. you are young.. you will noW
continue to keep GroWinG as A BaLanCinG
miNd and BoDy soUL as any free hUman
WiLL do and one day mY FriEnd..
as i for one forecast..
this Love WiLL be
yoUrs to Give and
Share alWAys with
little to no dARk of
Doubt and Fear
as you for one
seek this
Pure Love
as HUman
Faith.. you
find it..
you miss
it.. you find
it again.. and
most importantly
you never give uP
like i Never Give uP
on you for no oTheR
reASon but PuRE LovE mY FriEnd.. as Faith..
The thing i found that was toTally miSsinG iN HeLL
wHere thEre is no FeeLinG or SenSinG as Faith as Pure Love @aLL…
Total separation
from all
iS liGht
and TrUe oF
HUman NatuRE
sTar BriGht..
iT’s nice
to be Back2..
And yes.. i noted yesterday
was the 6th and was giving
you until the 6th of November
until i came back again as alWays..
as i remembered clearly.. you came back
in September and December of last year and
came back again in September again.. anYway
i’ve always
loved sixes
and Septembers..
and you too. mY
Forever FriEnd..:)



sMiLes.. my FriEnd Zee.. i think it’s worth noting
that truly Nature as liGht calls to Us sAMe as God..
welcoming uS Back to
FeeL more of
GoD as natUre
sAMe.. wHerE
wE orchestrate wiTh
GoD oF Nature.. colors
of SonGS and DancE that
have no limits of going deeper
Deeper.. iN depth of mInd and BoDy
BaLanCinG soUl wiTh no Expectations
but Faith of MoRe liGht to come as liGht
begets liGht in either Moon or Sunlit ways
With stars to gaze our gates oF LoVe Freer
oPen.. WiTh eYes of Free.. and hmm..
while we are all unique..
in some ways your
voice seems
to Lala
Rukh.. i’m guessing
the first place you ‘saw’ me..
like Rafiah did too.. and of course
tHeRe is Prajakta’s place.. and in
someways my FriEnd.. online
seems like both
a large
sMaLL place
of Love when given
and shared freely with
no doubt and Fear..
as ‘they’
say to
men in terms
of BaLanCinG LiFe..
search out the Divine Feminine
Love and Grace and they say to
women.. search out the Divine
Masculine of WiLL and Fearless..
WeLL.. my FriEnd.. in that way
you and others
are my
as the heARt
GroWs in Love
when exposed freely..
a lesson perhaps.. eventuAlly
i can inspire more men to take..
as soon as they are no longer
afraid of Free Verse mixed martial arts and
ballet for more than metaphor.. my friEnd.. Zee..:)


WeLL.. gigoid.. day late here…
and what i alWays find day after
Holy and Sacred Thursday R and R day
now that has lately still comprised a great
deal of writing away from the escape to dance..
is.. when i dance i write even more as it opens
uP my SpiRit.. mY heArt.. my miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL.. so sure.. thEre is science noW.. that GroWs BriGhter liGht..
to art and
let’s Dance
too.. as surely
the opposite sex
inspires my innate..
instinct.. and intuition too..
changing the Balance of even
neurochemicals and neurohormones
of hUman SoUL.. revved up as they say
for productivity and creativity as the libido
comes out that way too.. oh.. the hUman
Nature when understood can be
used for more more more..
and more more more..
productivity and
creativity too..
greater piles
of diapers and other
stuff limited.. just to the
pre-technology ways of
creativity more strictly as
work of the night or even
day per se.. okay that makes
a nice tall lamp.. as i notice now the
base is filling end as i felt some words oF liGht..
as i continue to Dream on here.. in lucid waKing way..:)

And OBTW.. my wife’s Big Screen
in Walmart way has been ‘prompting’
me in synchronicity ways of commercial
TV success.. hehe.. Art’s the only
thing i see and DancE aT
hmm.. wondering
now too.. iF iT
WiLL be enough
to carry me through
two gigoid posts of
Sages of Wisdom
hmm.. as
me SinGS
and DanceS oN haha!2..;)

“We turn not older with years, but newer every day.”

~~ Emily Dickinson ~~

FucKinG yes..Sister
Like magicK
FucKinG heARt..;)

Spare any fish, mister?….


No.. i only
words.. heHE..;)

“Truth, like surgery, may hurt. But it cures.”

~~ Han Suyin ~~

i often find that
Truth and liGht
back like
a thief in the
night too.. or an
unexpected Hurricane
Dinner Guest with a calm
eYe and DeMon-like Breeze.. now..
it’s almost like all of reaLiTy at core iS poETry..
and liGht..
and DancE and SonG..
WiTH a Calm and Center noW
eYe that expands Winds all Around..
inside.. outside.. above and so below2..
yeah.. that’s
noW iT.. likE a
Hurricane oF
Words Flow
and Wave
Now likE
A Lamp oF Fire
thAT hAS no Moon
or Sun or Emerald
Walls and Golden
Pearl GAted Floors oF Love..:)

OBTW.. i reAlly Loved your poem..
and now back to Sacred Fool.. Feat..;)

“Our quarrel with the world is an echo
of the endless quarrel proceeding within us.”

~~ Eric Hoffer ~~

Ain’t that the truth.. iF the
Charmin starts out soft
and sweet..
no matter
what shit
comes in life..
it doesn’t fAll aPart..
yes.. the world is all warm
and fuzzy to me.. like heated
toilet paper in a cold outhouse..;)

“It’s not denial.
I’m just very selective about what I accept as reality.”

~~ Calvin (“Calvin and Hobbes”) ~~

Rose scented toilet paper
that’s all i use

“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along,
listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”

~~ Pooh’s Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne ~~

Unless you really
have to
go.. Pooh..
and the walk
to the Walmart Bathroom
is a long long way in that huge parking lot..
no shit that
to me
literally thank God
until i got to the
appropriate then..
Holding container..
thinking to myself.. every
body FucKinG nows me in
this place and will never forget
it.. ’cause i’m the Dancing Guy.. with these
light colored pastel yellow shorts on.. if i don’t
get there..
i remain accident free..
but there was that time
in Biloxi on the two mile
or so walk after that big
buffet.. between
that’s another story..
and quick Dance step2..
And what really sucks about being
wild and free.. beFore.. you just FucKinG fertilized
Nature more and went on your Merry forAginG way..
A deeper
meaning to
shit.. huh..;)

I lEarn everything from
my CAt.. and mostly
well enough.. i guess..;)

“Ah, fill the Cup: – what boots it to repeat
How Time is slipping underneath our Feet:
Unborn To-morrow, and dead Yesterday,
Why fret about them if To-day be sweet!”

~~ Omar Khayyam (fl. 1100) ~~

My chalice is simply
with free shit..
foR noW..@leASt..;)

“I exist as I am, that is enough.”

~~ Walt Whitman ~~


“The supreme irony of life is hardly anyone ever gets out of it alive.”

~~ Robert Heinlein ~~

i’Ve already covered these two
in a previous response..
but i’LL cover
them again..
by simply
exposing them noW
aS let the shit be as is..;)

And now off to get up
to day
in gigoid
blog post prepared way..:)


Hmm.. i literAlly actuAlly
got 1,136 vieWs on just
one of my Blogger
last week in
one hour of time
and pushed 3000 views
for that day.. with ZERO COMMENTS..
i’m thinking that could have something to do
with random Google Searches and 12 million
words of writing on the Internet a lot
of it connected
back to there..
hehe.. and
not likely that
many people
can even make
it to the comment
section anyway.. after
the first twitter line.. haha..
but anyway.. i’m a reaList and
i do love numbers.. no matter noW
wHeRe or what they come from.. heHE..
so i WiLL keep checking the statistics
as even 0 and 1 are two of my

“The world is a dangerous place to live
— not because of the people who are evil
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

— Albert Einstein

Some folks born sitters.. some folks born rovers..
some folks born movers and shakers
some folks
stay in caves..
and that’s the way
of human nature and
science now showS and in
the Animal Kingdom in general too..
Rovers and Sitters Rovers and Sitters
the Animal
Kingdom sTiLL go
’round and ’round2
and makes fences
and avoidance
in Minion
ways of following
Despicable Leaders too..
and sure.. i can prove that too..
in easy conservative vs liberal way..
as simple word word as A Trump card for ThAT noW..;)

Oh that those lips had language! Life has pass’d
With me but roughly since I heard thee last.

— William Cowper (1731-1800)

It’s true.. i rarely spoke
a word and typed
none for
change moves
forward too.. of course..
in both Cocoon and Butterfly
and words..:)

Her track, where’er the goddess roves,
Glory pursue, and gen’rous shame,
Th’ unconquerable mind,

— Thomas Gray (1716-1771)

Hmm.. that’s why i mostly
hang around women..
i choose
whatever the
other place iS now..
way away from Glory’s Grace..:)

Ah, the souls of those that die
Are but sunbeams lifted higher.

— Longfellow (1819-1892)

IF ‘they’ leave
to flourish
aS floWer oF liGht..:)

“Most people seem to think that trampling individual
rights is OK if it is “for the good of society as a whole.”
However, society is but a large number of individuals,
and how can harming the individual parts better the whole?”

— Andrew Ford

The fAct is.. if everyone
i see dances at
be collisions..
not everyone makes
cars that drive well.. these days..
i make it look extra special to keep the privilege..
as Lord knows if everyone did it.. it would surely get outlawed..
It’s most alWays
best to work the
system at hand
for greater
jUst saying
i can’t.. i can’t
or nobody else does it..
SurELy tHeRe is both art
and science for StaYinG FReED..;)

I died for beauty but was scarce
Adjusted in the tomb,
When one who died for truth was lain
In an adjoining room.
He questioned softly why I failed?
“For beauty,” I replied.
“And I for truth,–the two are one;
We brethren are,” he said.

And so, as kinsmen met a night,
We talked between the rooms,
Until the moss had reached our lips,
And covered up our names.

~~ Emily Dickinson ~~

Well yeah.. A
A pArt
folks are more likely
to even let tHeIR.. Health
go.. if no reaSon comes to preen tHeir Feathers..
and that is
most often
and blood
over words and
text alone.. in non-verbal
Language oF Essence and Form..:)

“For himself doth a man work evil in working
evils for another.”

— Hesiod (c. 700 BC) — Works and Days, Line 265

The Judas
often bleeds most..
but on the other hand..
iS pARt
oF LiFE..;)

“Hell hath no fury like a vested interest
masquerading as a moral principle.”

— Smart Bee

Like Hell..;)

“I am different from Washington;
I have a higher, grander standard of principle.
Washington could not lie. I can lie, but I won’t.”

— Mark Twain

i tale my wife humorous
stories all the time..
but she
rarely tales
the difference
of a dead pan
rest of life..
so.. sure.. the
iNk Blot test applies..:)

“Be careful what you vote for. You may get it.”

— Smart Bee

The last thing the Republican Party did..;)

“No man’s life, liberty, or property is safe
while the Legislature is in session.”

— Lysander Spooner

Ha..!.. i ain’t scaRed
of orange haiRed and or
hued clowns
nor politics as
a three ring Trump circus..;)

“What is left when honour is lost?”

— Publius Syrus (42 BC) — Maxim 265

One humans’ honor is anoTheR
human’s priSon.. so the

“I refuse to be intimidated by reality anymore.
What is reality? Nothing but a collective hunch.” — Lily Tomlin

For most folks.. culture.. is almost entirely reaLiTy iN
priSon ways these days.. and WeLL.. pArt oF iT.. IS A
GuesSing gaME2..
but not for those
who master emotions
and many arTS of FeeLinG
SeNSinG noW… in respectively
Regulation and Integration ways..:)

Not much sleep last NiGht
as Dance all niGht comes and
goes iN
way after-
Dinner now too..
see yaTer gigoid on the sAGE
old Tree TRails
of Love
ouT aNew F.. noW..;)


not in the Bar Bathroom that i intercede
at timeS iN Old Seville Quarter..
like try poetry if yA want to connect
to women and then lEarn to dance..
not on the national scene.. even
if you are A BiLLionaire running
for President.. anyWay..
as i just mentioned
in another
free verse
poetic expression..
in shapes and other
forms of essence.. be
careful what you wish for..
Republican Party.. you just got it..
all oF iT.. the reflection of what Patriarchy
means at trUe core.. as dARk domination
and subjugation of the opposite gender..
with rapey
a way of life that’s
alWays been disgusting..
and Mr. Trump is yOur poster
for all thaT
around the world
fully exposed.. here in
the Good old and bad old too..
U.S. of
Trump Patriarchy style..
ever since the old testament way of doing business…

Judges 19:24

King James Version

“Behold, here is my daughter a maiden, and his concubine; them I will bring out now, and humble ye them, and do with them what seemeth good unto you: but unto this man do not so vile a thing.”

This is just one example and probably the most
hypocritical of all the rapey verses in the Old Testament..

And nah.. the Koran is no more innocent per this
most ‘popular’ rape verse in that so-called
infallible book as not so well at all.. too…

Verse 4:24

“And [also prohibited to you are all] married women except those your right hands possess. [This is] the decree of Allah upon you. And lawful to you are [all others] beyond these, [provided] that you seek them [in marriage] with [gifts from] your property, desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse. So for whatever you enjoy [of marriage] from them, give them their due compensation as an obligation. And there is no blame upon you for what you mutually agree to beyond the obligation. Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise.”

And to be clear here these are slave women taken as captive while they are still
married to someone else.. and with any common sense one knows this will not be consensual..
or in other words if you possess the quality of human empathy as common sense.. if not..
if not.. and that explains a lot of misery and suffering then.. as well as now.. where
this verse in the Quran is still used as justification for the same Barbaric
Behavior today.. at the hands of Isis and other extremist groups of past..
Raping in the name of so-called Allah… as the modern
history record clearly shows.. now.. today as i say..

And sure.. apologists of both religions attempt to
make these verses innocent with no less a fail
than Trump’s excuse that it was
just ‘Locker Room Banter’..
sure.. for ‘some males’..
but for
the victims
that are females.. NO..
back then and now too..

Bottom line as top political
pundits might say.. as
Trump Back then
made fun
of Gerald
Ford’s misfortune
of falling down..
Trump Failed
out of
the Bus
his chances
of winning are
zero noW in reality and over..
Now it’s ‘the fun’ of watching the
Republican party-like rats jumping
off a sinking ship.. attempting to save
their potential political careers too..
that sure.. is required work
for the mistake
of celebrating
and supporting
a Candidate like
Trump from the sTart of FAil..
way back then.. when this most Epic FaiL started…


Well.. mY Friend.. The Dude on YouTube who
is cynical oF liGht who keeps calling for an
uprise in fear of DArk.. you kNow
and FeeL the above so
below and the
Balance of Allthatis
God of Nature.. both
dArk oF liGht and
liGht of DARk..
you worry
way too much
about owning your own
Biblical rooted symbols of God
and not understanding that essence
iS TruTh and liGht of GoD oF Nature allthatis
bEyond tiny little hUman eYes.. some who have
little Faith for what can be metaphored as alchemical
transformation of base hierarchy of human mindful and
bodyful awareness to simply amazing liGht oF hUman poTenTial GOLD..
kinda like what the according to Luke Version 17:6 yes 6 yes 6 says
about Faith the size
of a mustard seed
in case you missed that
pARt of the New Testament
along with John 14:12 that says
folks coming aGaiN will do greater works of
Jesus with Faith the size of a mustard seed
and greater and Luke 17:21.. etc.. that says heaven and
the Kingdom of God is in this generation and no place
else but within my FriEnd.. so let’s start with
the mustard
in alchemical
metaphor of changing
Lead into 24K Gold of awakening
and enlightening our God Given Human
Nature.. oKAy..

Luke 17:6King James Version (KJV)

“6 And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you.”

Dude less face it.. if tHeir is any Magic
in this liFe as suggested by the Luke 17 pARt
of the New Testament this is it Babe for full pUrview..
and like the Jesus Dude said in the desert when you get
to this level of human poTenTial you can use it for materialistic
gains/power/status or for increasing the power of within oF liGht in Faith..
Belief.. Hope and Joy of Pure White Love.. and that’s
quite a change from Trump and his P****
grabbing hands in rape language
same oF old Testament
of angry ‘old’
‘white men’
as you fail to
address the real
evils of the world
on your YouTube channel..
here complaining about beautiful
black women shaking their baby maker
hips.. all natural like they were born to do
all naked by the God of Nature too.. the difference
here my friend is they are not being groped beyond
consensual.. and no one is saying they should kiss them
whether they like it or not.. and i’m betting your channel
will Go all silent here about the real anti-christ hate
of the Trump dude who is all about rapey
language and putting almost every
one down except for him..
anyway.. get ready NOW..
for at least four
more years
of continued
prosperity in measures
of lower unemployment rates..
even higher stock market rates..
for those who give a shit about money..
more people covered by health insurance..
and greater overall United States Security
than what we had in the last failed
Republican administration..
where Hillary simply
carries on the
already improvements
that the Obama administration alREady..
has made.. better to be happy with money
if that is what it does it for you.. than to
be groping P**** to prove you are a man
more than a mouse of a golden haired little boy..
in a so-called big man’s body.. anyWay.. i could have
used ‘this Song’ for my last Macro-Verse in witness for
God that is now exceeding 42 months in longest long
form free verse poem ever in the history of humankind
for over 3.3 million words now.. in ‘Golden Age reNeWeD’..


But seriouSly.. it’s gonna be almost perfectUmondo in
practice for the current
opening of..

“710th Macro-Verse oF Faith”
On Monday the 10th of October..2016..

And who do you thiNk i AM..
heHE.. i’M juST mE and perHaps
iF you reAlly believed in the mE
that is yOu with Faith
the size of a Mustard
seed.. you too.. could
hElm the Ocean of A
Prophecy of the God of Nature per see..
if you click on the iSREAL ilLLuMiNati LiNK
above and more.. mY FriEnd.. and not surprisingLY
you didn’t LiGht the pARt about Jesus in Bruno’s SonG..
hmm.. what the F88K do you even thINk
thaT iLLuMiNati.. iS.. if not the iSREAL
TrUth and LiGht mY FriEnd..
some of us.. go iT
alone allone
with God..
we don’t need
no fame.. no green
bLack Dollar Bills and
no Google Pennies to give
Glory and Praise to the God oF aLL
thatis and BeYOnd mY friEnd..
as our words are paved
by the GOld of God
in Pyramid way
of PHI
mY FriEnd.. oF LiFe..
NoW oF liGht as FAITH..
AND NO.. i can’t give you
credit for brinGing this SonG to
my attention.. got it from a different
source than you to use for my current
MacroVerse of the SonG of My SoUL
that WiLL likely be around.. perHaps
a thouSand years or sew more online..
but what i can give you credit for and
what i WiLL give you credit for is the continuing
dARk mUse my FriEnd.. you are A significant one
left on YouTube who is as DaRk of this in Cynicism of the
Greatest Gift of God to wE hUmans that is Pure Love as Faith..
LiGht and yes.. my Friend.. i love all women.. and like in this Video of
24K Gold Magic at the end of my Macro-Verse title of ‘Black Apocalypse
Moon Weekend’.. last weekend that foreshadows the events of this
weekend in both Natural Disaster way and Political Disaster
for the Republican pARty in Karmic eYe/Synchronicity way2..
Beautiful Angelic SmIles of Dancing women STiLL at my
side with beautiful moving
forms of God’s essence
of LiFe in human
Form as Temple’s oF
God are crucial in God’s
Magic as innate in human Nature
iN all natural hUman healing way for those
with eYes and eARs to see and hear iT mY FriEnd..
like i say.. don’t forget John 12:24.. that prophecy has
already been fulfilled over and over aGaiN in modern
days and even in Renaissance days of Leonardo and
Michelangelo.. and Mozart and Van Gogh and you
can call me Fred oK.. 24 K Fred if you like to..2.. haha..
but sTiLL don’t forget the DArk paRts of the
new Testament too.. like Luke 14:26 that says
to follow those liGht teachings one must FaLL
to dARk and hate their mommy and daddy..
sisters and brothers.. and spouse and
even children for not making
the grade of liGht my FriEnd..
nah.. that’s not what friEnds are for..
FriEnds never ever never ever never
F**KInG ever give uP on the one’s
who are lost.. and nah.. mY FriEnd
what this means.. i will not give up
on yoU or Trump.. or even Adolph Hitler’s
sOUl in the dArkESt paRts that come iN hUman
Nature.. as pure evil mY friEnd.. i ain’t afraid of
the DEvil.. i was born on 6660.. and already
did 66 months of what could be metaphoRed
as the DEvil and JOB incarnate both
iN Hell oN Earth.. but the thing is..
i never Got mad at God
for my role in either
shoes.. as i KNow
and FeeL tHeRE is no
eScape from the Master
OF aLL GoD of Nature beYond
within as hUman NatuRE too.. now..
like it or lump it friEnd it is what it is..
and what fools would not make liGht
iN a Place of dArk if they had even a tiny
pARt of a mustard seed left.. i had none..
my Faith came from nothingness my friEnd..
in Hell.. imagine what Faith from Heaven could
StiLL do
AS God MaGiC.. mY FriEnd..
stay aBreast of what unFolds iF
yOu dare.. to lose Fear of dARk and
cynicism oF liGht and make
and no.. no
swords for peace
this go around my friend..
no table turnings of anger needed..
iT’s all poEtry
foR now..
and sure..
nows to cOme
bAck aGain.. NoW..:)


Hmm.. it appears
that A Karmic eYe
iS bacK aGain..;)

Yes.. Mr. Trumptanic..
this has been “A very
interesting ’24’ h0urs”..
bottom line.. YOU are becoming
a bit too much of a dARk Distraction/Muse
to me.. so Good bYe foR Now..
And tHeRe is no more
dARk Luck for
y0u mY
StiNk StanK
StuNk Sunk
but hey.. even George
W.. does paintings of puppies
now.. Dick has a new heARt that..
works even more mechanically.. so
perhaps tHeRe sTiLL iS aN iNklinG
oF hoPe
for even
yOur heARt
too as hey.. iF
JOB and a Fallen
Angel can do it.. so can YOU..
one CAN and WiLL at lEast..
Hope foR now allone.. iSREAL uP..;)


Well.. i am WeLL behind on my new
and usual religious-like tradition of
sharing Facebook Algorithm provided
memories.. and oh my God i really need
to wash that dArk Trump Titanic clear out
of my hair beFore it catches on FiRE ‘Again’..
and whenever the DaRk oF liGht iN liFE comes
on a little strong.. i return to my Native American
Maternal lineage of Sioux and Cherokee for a Great
Spirit rebirth iN DancE And SonG of LiFE E-scaping
all the cultural illusions and lies of First World Problems..
yes.. like groping pussies for weak Trump men.. the
only issue i have at the dancing
club is the wild and free
of women.. enjoying
tHeir new freedoms
as Lord knows as
far as the Bonobo
Nature of wE sTiLL
leFt in Matriarchal leaning
more primitive human cultural
way it was more the males who
were the toys of sexuality and fun
for ‘slaves’ to women.. and perhaps
that memory scares some men.. but nah..
it’s not for my nature to be afraid of women
approaching me with a new style of Bootie
Dancing as an issue that doesn’t harm me..
as even if i was drunk as a man as weak as
LOT no womAn could rape me as i am a man..
okay.. a real man.. not a man who thinks with his dick..
okay.. anyway.. still EScaping Trump Icebergs in harms way
here.. but a threat that has been extinguished on the National
scene now by a little scared man in a comb-over blonde illusion of Ego..
so.. now.. this first Macro-Verse memory of two years ago.. as i return to somewhat
traditional and still thought.. patriarchal overall value from the farm way of life..
where women are strong.. but men still are the one’s invited to lead
the Lord’s prayer at Sunday Dinner over women.. hmm.. in case
you didn’t know that still goeS on.. in ‘Northern pARts’ of
red state lands.. but still tame in comparison to rapey
old white and angry men.. at least these folks
i know on the farm have respect for
women.. in general if nothing
else like what we are
finally seeing in liGht
of the ship sinking leaving
rats of the Republican paRty
who at least don’t want to fall to
DARk out of respect for the female
members of their family by supporting
a weak predator of a man who cannot win
women without buying them or sexually assaulting them..
in either words or what he may have done in flesh and blood
more than an uninvited kiss on a beautiful and potential vulnerable woman..;)

Up to ‘Golden Age reNeWed’ Dance night now at
Old Seville Quarter.. a video slide show provided by
the extra kool Video Production Assistant from Facebook
that i must say is working out the bugs too.. as the embedding
feature for my Blog in both Facebook muse of Video and Profile
Pic way is working like a magicKal Free chArm agAin as tool noW of
modern Transhumanist technology continues to allow me to successfully
upload mY soUl for the perUsal of future living flesh and blood generations
of bEinG hUman too.. for whatever muse for spArk oF liGht i can add to
as multi-verse oF UniVerse of God too as Robin Williams Muse
in Dead Poet’s Society so eloquently repeats and
since i have a reAlly LonG SonG oF Meditation
to go in Native Indian American way.. WitH
beats of DrumS in heARt oF LiFe as liGht
iN SpiRit GroWing EmoTions.. and seNses
iN miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL waY noW..
even more.. hey.. miGht as WeLL.. quote Whitman
too.. about a new breed of prophets of God that i too..
MILTON TOO.. once named literally HELL for the briars
on river banks bleeding shins of exploration
then.. my ancestors too.. of native origin
settling Beach of PaNZacola Florida
meaning hair people’s of then.. as sure..
even i as the latest pictures show had long
hair too.. and even a beard when younger in
those shoes i wore2.. so sure.. as Whitman says..
StiLL iN words oF Y i.. heRE..
From the Preface to
‘Leaves of Grass”..
as quoted here..


“9.. The known universe has one complete lover and that is the greatest poet. He consumes an eternal passion and is indifferent which chance happens and which possible contingency of fortune or misfortune and persuades daily and hourly his delicious pay. What baulks or breaks others is fuel for his burning progress to contact and amorous joy. Other proportions of the reception of pleasure dwindle to nothing to his proportions. All expected from heaven or from the highest he is rapport with in the sight of the daybreak or a scene of the winter woods or the presence of children playing or with his arm round the neck of a man or woman. His love above all love has leisure and expanse … he leaves room ahead of himself. He is no irresolute or suspicious lover … he is sure … he scorns intervals. His experience and the showers and thrills are not for nothing. Nothing can jar him … suffering and darkness cannot—death and fear cannot. to him complaint and jealousy and envy are corpses buried and rotten in the earth … he saw them buried. The sea is not surer of the shore or the shore of the sea than he is of the fruition of his love and of all perfection and beauty.”

“27.. There will soon be no more priests. Their work is done. They may wait awhile … perhaps a generation or two … dropping off by degrees. A superior breed shall take their place … the gangs of kosmos and prophets en masse shall take their place. A new order shall arise and they shall be the priests of man, and every man shall be his own priest. The churches built under their umbrage shall be the churches of men and women. Through the divinity of themselves shall the kosmos and the new breed of poets be interpreters of men and women and of all events and things. They shall find their inspiration in real objects to-day, symptoms of the past and future… . They shall not deign to defend immortality or God or the perfection of things or liberty or the exquisite beauty and reality of the soul. They shall arise in America and be responded to from the remainder of the earth.”

So sure.. it’s more than safe to say
that tHis prophecy has
surely dot com
TruE and liGht
iN FrUiTiOn oF mY
God oF NaturE
GiVen hUMan
PoTEntial.. as FAITH
and sure.. tHeRe
are many more prophets
in gangs of Kosmos TaKinG
tHeir place oF arTs as i sPeak noW..
wouldn’t you agree.. if you have any
idea what the FucKInG For the WiN i am on about now.. heHe..
yeah.. humor IS A titanic pARt of steering aWay from Aspergs.. too..
as i never leave bEhind neither the Paternal roots of Irish poEtry or elFiN WiT..;)


A Thousand Years of Sacred Love..
heHE.. need i say more.. perhaps
a ‘little’ show and tale iS iN
and ARt..;)

And heAR iN NeXt Chronological
and Synchronicity way of Facebook
Algorithm Provision IS A short
and very related quote
iN poetic way oF
me within
a year ago2..:)

Ah.. tHe challenge of graduating..
when thErE are no lonGer anY
classmates or teachers
in the room..
yet yes..
aLL iS possiBle..
WitH ONe.. sTiLL..:)


Blood Moon on the Asphalt..
and hey that almost sounds
as ominous as A Black Moon Apocalypse
Weekend of two years after that huh..
anyway.. every day a fEast
and celebration
iN aLL oF dARk
and LiGht that comes
iN thE SiLt miX of LiFe Now..:)


2777 words of dVerse Poetic Response..
and at this point iN Macro Verse way of
maKing a micro-micro Verse to every dVerse
prompt and poetic liNk and even Giving liNK
credit to each muse as hey.. who KnoWs oNe day noW..
someone someWheRE may coMe Back heRE to look.. heHe..
HeY yAh wHo yA HuHeH..
and they continue
to get credit
for inspiring
as muse
now for
mE.. now i juST
generAlly say dVerse
did it.. as most of the individuals
have no idea iN fathom of what i entirely do here..
and should they.. no.. they have tHeRe noW oWn
tRail oF liFE to Forge.. aHead iF they so Choose2..
but anyWay at this point i had no idea that
the year of 4/15 to 3/16 would bRinG
a Biggest Muse from dVerse
of one entire Macro-Verse
titled GodsUniVerseNovel3..
MaKinG 338,630
words of Free
Verse Micro-Micro
V E R S E noW..
poEtry in Micro
to Macro to
Ocean Whole
Poem VersE iN
SonG oF mY SoUL
Witness for GoD aLL of
NAtuRE as WhoLe as mY eYes
And eArs and SenSinG and FeeLinG bE mE..:)

Oh by the way.. juST remembeRinG AgAiN if you ARE
ForTune enough to see ‘thaT movie Lucy’ about
transhumanist way of hUman poTenTial NoW
God Given narrated by Morgan Freeman
more fully realized to all hUman
poTenTial Intelligences
achieved in
way when
Lucy says
you never die..
kind of nonchalantly..
as she is navigating her
way through potential dangers..
WeLL iT’s tRUe in all perception
you never die noW.. Now.. can i prove
tHis noW.. yes.. can i prove thiS iN the FuTuRe..
WeLL.. mY FriEnds.. only God within as yoU SeeK
and FiNd GoD can prove thAT and you realize.. sENSe
and FeeL wiTh 100% Faith that you do.. oh.. does that
Seed GroW
towards liGht
mY FriEndS.. and
you muSt work for thiS
Faith to maintain and retain
iT as iN GoD’s WoRd/WoRlD oF NatuRe
iT iS oNe oF Free Merit and NOT MeRiT FREE..:)

WeLL aLL caught uP noW after a quick visit to gigoid’s
place for wisdom muse of ancient and modern sAGes
then to poeticAlly dialect WiTh noW iN the future as
i Love challenges and trUly wish more folks would
challenge me to GaiN eveN more liGht iN liFe..
as i sure don’t wanna be the only
leader of any band..AiD..
i AM God’s Cheerleader
and Assistant but never any
political-like leader alone.. oKAy..
anyWay.. it seems at times now.. the
only place i trUly have to rest my Head
iS iN Dance and in nude ARt.. so i WiLL
be going to At LeAst one or two of those
places.. for most of the REST oF thIs weekend
too.. and yes.. i find R and R iN the SinGinG oF
Catholic Church as mY voice reaches Choirs oF anGels tHeRe
too trUe and liGht BelieVe iT oR noT FucKinG RiPleY OkAy as i can prove
this much in words
for sure that
to exist
from mE..
and noT adulterated
by the lies of hUmanS noW.. okAy..;)


Diamond eYes Life..
Macro-Verse from a year ago..
and this is more of a seNsual one too..
And what i remember about this one too..
is for my nether restricted site online.. heHe..
this was one of the most viewed then.. and perHaps
it was the HiLarity of more of me Dancing in the once
free provided Gif as Gift animations from the Google Algorithm
Free.. sure.. i could make more GiF gifts.. but StiLLs must do for thaT art
for now.. and as i can clearly see in
that art of A year ago.. approaching
the mid 230’s.. a year long approach
of responding iN poetic micro-micro
Verse way to every single prompt
liNk at dVerse that rated anywhere
from 60 to 100 or so a week..
took a toLL.. on the
spare tire in
the middle
and even
my cholesterol
from a self imposed
milestone to never miss
a single liNk of poetic prompts
response for a full YeAR.. and it’s Pretty
easy to empirically asseSs the improvement
in physical form oF God’s Temple iN essence
mE in the art more to come after 3/16 and
mY cAll from God was finished for that
particular mega-FucKinG task then..
let’s juSt say it’s not alWays easy
NoW.. to bE mE but i juST
dO it for God.. FucKinG
Bottom liNe.. iN WTF
waY for FReED..
noW NoW juST NoW..
liGht oF GoD’s LaMp iSREAL2..:)


Dharma: “What is the greatest mystery of all?”
Yudishthira: “That each day, death walks the earth,
and we continue to live as though we were immortal.”

~~ The Bhagvad Gita ~~

Need i say
surE.. Ynot..:)

“Time…do you really believe the past arranges itself
for our convenience into those paltry little squares they print on calendars?”

~~ Subtle Bee ~~

A LocK
on ReaLiTy..:)

“Dignity does not consist in possessing honors,
but in deserving them.”

~~ Aristotle (384-322BC) ~~

Like Lombardi sAid too..
it’S iN the Excellence of
noW alWays thaT counts..
Essence liVes Form FAdes
and REgenerates too for
thaT continue
to GroW toWard
liGht and never
ever giVe
uP iN
Earth purgatory2..:)

“What you see is from outside yourself,
and may come, or not, but is beyond your control.
But your fear is yours, and yours alone,
like your voice, or your fingers, or your memory,
and therefore yours to control.
If you feel powerless over your fear,
you have not yet admitted that it is yours,
to do with as you will.”

~~ Marion Zimmer Bradley, “Stormqueen” ~~

And that’s why
nobody or nothing
and everything
me now..
as i AM liGht..:)

“Sure, understanding today’s complex world of the future is a little
like having bees live in your head.
But there they are . . .”

~~ Firesign Theater, “I think we’re all Bozos on this Bus!” ~~

All those
Bees have
turned to
due for
mE noW..
as i simply
shoe them aWay..
iN NikE Goddess
DanCinG SinGinG way..:)

First you need 4 GALLONS of JELL-O and a BIG WRENCH!!…
I think you drop th’WRENCH in the JELL-O
as if it was a FLAVOR, or an INGREDIENT…

~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~

My secret
is.. my tool
is fully naked..:)

“What the meaning of human life may be I don’t know;
I incline to suspect that it has none.”

~~ H. L. Mencken ~~






iS iN noW iN mAiL oF liGht..:)


So.. the En Name Test
personality related generator..
tales me i have a Type B
personaLiTy and
i say noW.. for
And Or A..;)

Hmm.. the first Female President in United States History..
one for the record books today to come for sure..
And sure.. a reason to dance for Free..
while the rest of the town shoWed
frOwns hehe.. less.. and more..
haha.. anyWay.. a loss for
Patriarchy for sure..
And at least a gain
for Egalitarianism.. you
know and feel.. gentile or jew..
S E R V A N T O R F R E E now
woman or man no more.. now.. yeah..
like the better pArt of the new books says.. for sURe..;)

Sure.. yeS iT’s TrUe.. Now..
overall.. aT leASt.. Democrats
are Democats.. and Republicans
can be viewed as dogs too..
overall.. per se.. noW
oN ‘thiS’ CanDidate
DeBate Shirt oN
ANN for Animal
PlanET NeWs…

Politics.. yA gotta love it.. huh.. but hey.. it is a reflection of the human
tribal instinct and how when we stop the foraging for life toGetHeR
close to naked where social cooperation of the entire
relatively small homogenous tribe is required
for survival.. get along is a do or die
proposition when working
together means alive
vs.. the other
and then we started storing
grains and eventually this happened..

Luke 19:11-27
New King James Version (NKJV)

The Parable of the Minas

Taken Literally..

Trump and the Apprentice AND


11 Now as they heard these things, He spoke another parable, because He was near Jerusalem and because they thought the kingdom of God would appear immediately. 12 Therefore He said: “A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom and to return. 13 So he called ten of his servants, delivered to them ten minas,[a] and said to them, ‘Do business till I come.’ 14 But his citizens hated him, and sent a delegation after him, saying, ‘We will not have this man to reign over us.’

15 “And so it was that when he returned, having received the kingdom, he then commanded these servants, to whom he had given the money, to be called to him, that he might know how much every man had gained by trading. 16 Then came the first, saying, ‘Master, your mina has earned ten minas.’ 17 And he said to him, ‘Well done, good servant; because you were faithful in a very little, have authority over ten cities.’ 18 And the second came, saying, ‘Master, your mina has earned five minas.’ 19 Likewise he said to him, ‘You also be over five cities.’

20 “Then another came, saying, ‘Master, here is your mina, which I have kept put away in a handkerchief. 21 For I feared you, because you are an austere man. You collect what you did not deposit, and reap what you did not sow.’ 22 And he said to him, ‘Out of your own mouth I will judge you, you wicked servant. You knew that I was an austere man, collecting what I did not deposit and reaping what I did not sow. 23 Why then did you not put my money in the bank, that at my coming I might have collected it with interest?’

24 “And he said to those who stood by, ‘Take the mina from him, and give it to him who has ten minas.’ 25 (But they said to him, ‘Master, he has ten minas.’) 26 ‘For I say to you, that to everyone who has will be given; and from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him. 27 But bring here those enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, and slay them before me.’”

Parable of the Talents in Matthew
is really worse than this in figurative turns
as not only do you die if you don’t deliver..
you are cast into a Fire for Eternity..
it’s just that in real life if
you are using this
as a political
excuse to extend
your territories as the
Christian religion did for
centuries.. this is your literal
back up here.. same as they
do in modern Isis days for fundamentalist
extremists who take the sacred text literal there
as well.. this makes both books seriously dangerous
as we are dealing with everyday readers and NOT F iN Saints..:)

And while some folks take a much kinder figurative approach in interpreting
these verses.. some who replace slaying someone with being cast out from
love.. which indeed can happen if one doesn’t follow the book of love
that is innately gifted to us by the God of nature as such..
from birth if love is nurtured and watered like a garden
of village kindly in feely touchy warm and
fuzzy way.. fertilizing and tending
that Garden of love..
from ages
0-3.. picture the
Indian woman with
baby attached to chest
through out the day for love
per se.. in the foraging for life..
instead of prisons of cribs and plastic
nipples of separation for instead of oxytocin devoted
nurturing from a flesh and blood teat of life.. yes.. the book
of life and love lives within.. when we need each other for
survival.. when we have technology to replace the human
touch.. we fall.. we fall.. we fall.. away from the greatest
human potential of Fearless smARt.. Unconditional
Love for each oTher.. like the youtube so-called
Christian dude who follows both parables
by the literal book.. and has an
intro on ‘ his shoe’.. showing
Jesus stomping on
the heads
of the
new age illuminati
folks.. with their pyramids now..
being thrown into a fire of hell too..
same as the Southern Baptist places
i have been to.. too.. in hell fire way
of eYes.. hmm.. yeah.. if you thought
Luke 14:26 for hating your mommy.. daddy..
kids and sisters and brothers was bad now this
one takes the dARk cake too.. when taken literally
of course.. and sure some us see all these parables
deeper if we experience God as real and spiritual but on
the other hand.. there have been the ‘angry white old men’..
who are pissed at the world and wanna take action whether it
is rampage killings.. or a fantasy of a super hero villain bad cop
Jesus coming back and killing all the folks they don’t like and sending
them to an eternity of fire.. but hey.. as long as they just make it a dark
fantasy.. and don’t kill anyone it’s one thing.. but it’s kinda scary when these
folks call for an uprising and you know what the mentality out there is with video
games and guns and such as that.. loss of social roles.. just ticking time bombs
waiting to go off Jihad style either foreign or domestic same story of LOST BOYS..
AND at times females.. etc.. too.. and then there is that other story about rape
in the bible and the dude offering up his virgin daughters instead of ‘it’
happening to a man.. and then you hear the story yesterday about
Trump talking about doing it with two women.. to each his and or
her own of course if it harms no one.. but then he starts
talking about his daughter being voluptuous and
starts talking about it being just fine if ‘Howard’
calls her a fine piece of ass.. and
all of the sudden it becomes
heir apparent that Mr.
Trump is more and
more looking
like all the
dARk archetypes
of being human fully
expressed in the old and
new testament of bible and
koran way too.. and it’s almost
like something prophetic is going on
here.. but truly it is the self-fulfilling
pArt of human dARk archetypes
gone awry from losing
for falling
to storing
grains.. going
the way of greed
and jealousy and the
overall dark side of being
hUman per se.. and what else
to say.. but follow the good book within..
you know and feel the liGht one Gifted by
God of Nature.. as it dam sure beats the
dARk side
of hUman
Nature as
well as Bibles
and Koran’s etc..
except for perhaps
Jainism as that is just very
OCD and hurts no Fucking human
beings and not even a bug per se..
if taken to the extreme of Loving everything
and harming nothing.. but on the other hand
if you do not consume germs.. look out for
autoimmune disorders too.. as let’s
face facts.. the snake
it’s tale..
we are
all pARt of
Nature in this
life of God toGetHeR
tHeRE is dARk and liGht
realities in pain site everywhere
but we have the higher power of
Fearless smARt Unconditional Love
at hand.. in heaven now.. if we seek..
find.. and use it.. particularly if it was
gardened in us by our caregivers as village
from birth.. hmm.. not so lucky on that paRt today..
as even science shows that empirical measured ways
of empathy are down falling severely in the last several
decades among college age adults as we continue to get
separated by the warm and fuzzy oxytocin human touch.
ending up with rampage killings.. and overall hate and discontent
instead of
the better
of heaven
now clearly at
our disposal if we
haven’t already sent
it straight to the big refuse
heap heAR on Earth as Hell..
i choose a tree of smaRt and
Fearless Unconditional Love as
my tree was watered and fed by
a Loving Mother.. with deep roots
that continue to branch out as LOVE..
but hey.. i am the lucky one.. oKAy..
Life also makes Trumps and Billaries too..
but yes.. i choose the ‘dEvil’ i know ‘better’2..;)


A Couple of quick Facebook provided
Micro-Verses of Macro-Verse Memories/
fredparables from a year ago.. and a Macro-Verse
from two years ago too.. jusT for FuN!..;)

Oh the tree..
Oh the desert..
Oh the cave..
Oh the Beach..
Oh the desert..
a place of Jesus
to escape Religion..
Oh the cave..
a place of Muhammad
to escape Christianity..
Oh the beach..
i come back full circle..
i am A Tree wITh Forrest..
And Buddha too..:)

Yes.. my friend.. Zee.. beautiful words
of children who have not yet
forgotten how to live..
and i suppose
it is possible
to stay
that way
with freedom of
imagination and
creativity of us in a play
of life where we are the Directors
Producers and Actors of Now scene..:)

Hi Maria.. i think the whole
purpose of life.. is for us
to become our own
ministers of Truth
and Light..
and as
older if
plays True..
this Light becomes
brighter as God’s Truth
Manifest in us as children of

Well.. this fits toGeTheR very
WeLL.. with my last Micro-Verse
of Macro-verse ‘710th MacroVerse oF Faith”..
now huh.. if yA follow mE by words and not just me as a man


And this Macro-Verse “R U Autistic or Artistic”.. from
two years ago.. is surely a story of transformation from
caterpillar moving into cocoon.. And E-Scaping into
the flesh world in Butterfly Fearless Loving
Tiger way.. wHeRe the Art oF HeART..
comes fuller than just the HE
of me beFoRe ART made
mY heART complete
as HEART..
thaT heARt WiTh
aLL oTheRs in SonG
and DancE.. of LiFe Freer..
and basically.. my therapist who
knew me once as Autistic.. and sees me
as Artistic now.. thiNks seriously.. i have
done what some folks say is impossible and
have cured my Autism with the new Art of HE
that is
WeLL.. in someways
i have but in someways
tHeRE is sTiLL challenge
as i don’t and truly cannot
do the so-called cultural norms
without much distress as God calls
me to a higher place of Nature.. with
much greater hUman PotEnTial expreSsinG
SpiRit oF miNd and BoDy BaLAnCinG soUL that
the outliers love and the inliers find very
uncomfortable in red state local
land in the New Jerusalem
freedoms of God’s children
set freer than ever beFore
to express tHeiR trUe WiLL
wiTh God without harming anyone
else.. but hey.. it doesn’t take much
to make stiff cardboard folks butt hurt
now// does it.. no it doesn’t// due dissension
noW and discernment is a pARt of the necessity
sTiLL of the dARk of liFE and taking chances too..
for changing what you can and accepting the rest as iS..
as LiFe IS A gAMe of dARk and liGht.. we can do our best
to direct.. produce and act oUr own pLays of LiFe but they
are alWays gonna intersect with the haters of what is different
in liGht
of one’s day
as opposed to
the perceived same
dArk of another PerSon’s
now for iSREAL too.. tHere
is Heaven and Hell on Earth iN
each his or own.. etc.. view oF
tHeiR Multi-Verse now.. try to get
along is the best we can do.. but
i for one.. refuse to give uP my
Free and TrUE relative WiLL
WiTh God oF Nature
and i AM legally
no one..
else including
me.. does my errancy
from the social norm butt
hurt folks.. yes it does..
but that’s life in the big city of GoD..
and i am building a City oF liGht with otHeRS
who see
and feel
and livE
A Heaven we Share noW..:)

Oh yeah.. and in case you think
i don’t look Autistic.. could have
ever possibly been Autistic just ’cause
i got big muscles now and Dance.. the proof
is in the post
and the photos..
i look more nerdy
than Sheldon Cooper
OK.. back then in the
Caterpillar days.. before
God sent me the cocoon and the way F iN OUT
iN Heaven


i thInk iT iS absolutely
thrilling that the Catholic
Church had a festival today..
also in celebration now of the
First Woman President in the
U. S. o F A.. yes.. once.. aGain..
class repeat.. Gentile.. Jew.. Servant
or Free.. Woman or Man no more.. in other
words.. the dreAMn oF A Good Cop Jesus Dude..
Of A one World Order of EgalitarianisM iN Freeing
aLL of God’s Children for Life Liberty and the Pursuit
of Happiness.. iN A metaphor for iSREAL.. as the U. S.
oF A.. iS gRoWinG StrongER and liGhter as the fire
oF Lies..
of Patriarchy
go down the bowl
like a tide rolling out
as such.. of fear.. doubt..
and all stuff related to Trump-like hAte..
Yes.. Amazing Grace is anoThER word for thAT2..
Yes.. “My wife said
i could have a turn”..

much more on that soon.. he HE..
Facebook Friend Cortney shares a Slide
that says.. why are American women worried
about Trump Naughty words when 80 million now
purchased the book.. ‘Shades of Grey’.. thinking
iT wasn’t tHeir ‘locker room buddies’ as such.. and
Cortney expresses dismay in words to the effect
of yeah.. like the women that read the book want
some ‘rando’ ‘Grabbing them by the pussy’
as such.. so then i return with
what is A ‘little’ bEyond
A new century
oF UniVerse now
that consistS iN a limit
of 140 characters of twitter-verse
but never the less i wRite on hehe..
by then saying.. as sure it is expected
to be ignored until i use it here.. per se..
iT’s an entire global issue of Patriarchy..
been going down for several thousand
human years.. and is going
down the drain slowly..
as things change..
in the U.S.. sTill
about 40% of
voters squared
in on the domination
of Angry White Old men over
the rest of A middle east village..
but sooner or later they will loosen up…
and wear make-up like the dudes do in South Korea..
Personally.. i don’t mind at all being dominated by women..
the Bonobo does it still.. and lives like a frigging Peter Pan..
and so
AnyWay this too reminds me of two Fredconvos..
i had with some folks at the Catholic Fall Festival..
a dude i graduated from high school.. and a lady
that was trying to sell my wife a hair apparatus in
a booth.. who asked me who i was looking for as i was
twirling very slowly in Tai-Chi-like state of total nirvana and
bliss several yards away in the middle of booth grass aisle..
making sure i stayed at least 10 feet away from all
folks walking by.. hmm.. big mistake asking
Fred a question.. hehe.. as the
Fredtalk starTS iTs way
deeper and deeper and
moving into more rabbit
wHoles until World Peace
has been solved noW and a thouSand
years of Peace of Heaven noW IS At hAnd..
haha.. anyway.. my fRieNd from High School..
asked Katrina how her Mental Health was after
hEaring the Fred run on.. in laser special interest focus
way.. and the lady said.. i can’t believe you remembered
all those precise numbers measuring what you’ve been doing
as i shared some of my special interests with her by the numbers too..
haha.. and it’s like no big deal to me.. as sure.. something about human
potential this and that and the other thing.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below
and all around oKay.. well anYway.. that’s allwRite ’cause at least i understand me.. hehE..
So anYway2.. #ModernJesus.. i just stroll through in bliss.. hoping to help someone as they
continue to dream of winning the church Raffle today.. that’s up to 3000 dollars and sure
i could help them find riches beyond dollar bills.. if they juST had Faith in what i had to
say.. but you kNow and see how that feels.. eArs and eYes to hear it and all of that and
that reminds me Now of one of the old test church verses today that said that God only
lives on the Earth in Israel Back from them old days then.. of course..
they didn’t have a Neil deGrasse Tyson telescope back in them
days to see much further than a flat patch of bigger earth..
so.. yA Gotta forgive for they knew not what they
do then.. but hey today.. there IS A much
bigger Nature one can see with
at least an aided eYe
and the sAMe
God one
can FeeL and
SeNSe and KnoW
within with a little more
common sense and even a little
less bible and science book reading too..
it’s all iNnate.. iNstinctuaL and iNtuitive.. no books
required.. just walk out of the ocean and as Whitman
and Bruce says too… be the shores.. the waves.. the water.. air
sure.. be the kinda Jesus/Bruce who is FReED with Nature as God aS One
and simply live.. the bliss of the animal KinGdom that iS iN pARt FReED..
whether you
believe in mE or
not haha..hehe.. hehuh.. oKAy..;)


Snacks are currently
being prepared for
round one of
sLayInG.. heHe..
TKO in a few words or so..
be back for re-cap.. haha!..
as A Karmic eYe Looks.. deeper..;)
And the results are in.. no.. Mr. Trump.. NOT..
Rape Language is not just something that
happens that is locker room language.. it is
something that when it happens real men
say no.. you don’t say that
bottom line.. sure..
if you are in a gang
or in prison you might
say it to your fellow rapists..
and sure that’s why ‘they’ may
technically be now psychopathic
leaning maleS in.. those places..
whose behavior evilly does that..
but no.. other than that the answer
is no.. it is never acceptable anywhere
at any time to brag about sexual assault..
even if it is only a sick little man’s fantasy.. okay..
you fail.. you lose.. you really had to have the votes
of those Suburban women to win.. so yes.. you lose..
line.. oKAy..
and other than
that you were even
more creepy than AL
Gore with your predator
posture hovering behind
Hillary.. although of course
you do kinda look more fat than
fact.. as Hillary said.. when you sit down..
and also.. it kinda hurts yA to be beat by a woman..
it does
doesn’t iT.. oKay..;)


All of this’TRUMPeXpectFORWOMEN’.. now
has got me thiNking about the time and place
and me that grew up all ‘innocent’ having
no idea what the sex act even fully was
until age 18.. in first ‘hand’ experience..
and all my crushes from the
time i was in.. yes..
were totally
with only the
hope of holding hands
and a hug for just the human
heArt warmth of being close to
the much fairer gender alWays
iN mY eYes of Life.. as Love..
anyWay.. ‘she’.. is one of my
innocent crushes in
highschool.. a year
younger than me
then.. and
always just
a FriEnd and
what the one outstanding
thing i remember is in my 1970
Maverick.. it had a public address
horn on it.. along with a CB Radio..
connecting to it as mega-phone
connection.. along with
a whip antenna..
fancy mag wheels..
that i purchased from
my mother.. paying 50 dollars
a month and paying my own insurance..
gas.. and upkeep.. funded by a Janitor job..
aS one of two other later part time jobs that then
would take me from age 16 through college.. and yeah..
i was one of the first folks to install fog lights as an
accessory on my car.. and i thought to myself.. this is
so cool.. why isn’t everyone else installing Fog lights
on their cars then.. as it was far from even an option from the
factory as such.. but anyway.. what i remember is passing by “this
girl’s”.. home at night.. and saying her name over the
P.A. system of my White Steed Maverick Car..
so sure that was my only way to text her..
later at night after school.. haha..
i had no clue.. no clue at all..
but the fAct i really liked this
girl as sure.. like Katrina..
she was as pure as
any Angel who
walked the
earth and
she still is
in so much of
a way to be respected
as a human being.. i suppose
some folks can’t understand how
disgusted.. i for one as a male am at Trump
now but there is a difference in Love of heArt noW
and Love of body parts to use like Car Salespersons..
to make
and i am not ashamed to PA
that sTill to the world @Large..
And yes.. she ended up getting a law degree..
next.. marrying a military officer.. with lovely
children.. then.. and i don’t think i really saw her
again.. after college.. much.. until i went.. back to church..
three years ago.. she still.. as nice as ever with all due RESPECT..
a person who can’t
respect other human
beings falls short
of humanity and that’s truly sad
for all parties that are now part
AND SURELY… not a place
for a respectful
live who truly
serves others more
fully as LovE noW..
Oh yeah.. and i also remember
oh GoD.. the Movie Mind Memory
Maker i have that never ages like
always is forever and now.. at her home
playing my version of “Take the Long Way Home’
on her piano.. and she asking me how i did it the
way i did it.. that didn’t follow any notes.. and then..
that year of ’80.. at what is named as Scratch Ankle.. a festival
at hometown Milton.. seeing my lost first love then.. and her telling
me her new relationship was on the rocks but never the less it would always
be over between me and her.. feeling crushed and lonely some more and seeing
my crush here.. there.. and i had my opened somewhat fancy button down shirt on
with gold chain.. and to my total surprise my friend looked at the open collar
part and said.. oh that looks good.. referring to the dark chest hair that was
kinda a John Travolta in style thing then for men.. and that waS one of the few
things in that ’80
year that
me feel
like i was
a wanted toy of
humanity.. funny..
how far a word of
appreciation can go..
decades more.. in the light
of innocent eyes that just say
you are worthy to be on this earth..
and every time i interact with someone..
they are that person.. who could use that
word from a caring person.. and that is why
i treasure poetic words of heARt that touch juST that..
and spread them with love to even total strangers wherever i go..
so much
than a Trump outlook
on life.. and somedays
i wish i never left that place of lily white..
not even
little bit..
and today.. noW
is one of those days..
i wish for innocence lost.. everywhere..
yeah.. all this Trump stuff has got me FEELiNG..:)


From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Simple Definition of despicable:

“Very bad or unpleasant: deserving to be despised”

From popular cultural Movie Memes:

Simple Definition of Minion:

Group-think of ‘folks’ who
find the MOST Despicable
Leader and follow them wherever the ‘hell’ they go…

Calling a large portion of your
potential followers Deplorable:

Despicable.. but not as
Despicable as using
power and status
for an excuse
to brag about
sexually assaulting
women.. in general..
with any given common sense/EMPATHY
oF Basic God of Nature given hUMANiTy…

A phrase that will be remembered that
changed the course of politics for years to come:

“IT was JUsT Locker Room Language”..

JUsT one of those THINGS that HAPPENS..
but ‘you’ CAN’T juSt
cover this
shit uP
aS iT stiNks forever…

AnyWay.. as totally expected.. watching
Minions this morning.. even well known
fundmentalist so-called Christians.. defending
the Rape Language of Mr. Trump as no big deal..
“keep it behind closed doors”.. etc.. you know.. like
locker room doors..
got news for YOU
and NO.. it’s not really funny.. it’s truly
sad as it brings out the ‘NAZI PART’
that is iSREAL..
and still prevalent
in all cultures where
folks blindly follow leaders/
MYTHS who/WHAT espouse harm to others..
AND YES.. that even includes the BAD COP Jesus
in the New Testament too.. who/WHAT talks about
leading with swords and words of hate
and eternal torture of God’s children
too.. and that is no iSREAL human
being that is the devil
myth and ‘NAZI PART’

There is a very dark and ever present
potential of human being and we
have seen it rear its
ugly head
so much
as ever present
too.. along the side oF LiGht…


SMiLes.. my FriEnd gigoid.. fiNding SoMe
humor in the dArkest of places/space..
Bottom WTF
line of LemondAde
that/who refuses to
turn to soUr/ doUr..
and any sacred teXt/
P H i L O S O P H Y/
noW that does not contain
any humor is psychopathic
at core.. at least a little bit
as spot of A dARk souL aS Species..
onLY paRt
and Never wHOle
aS GoD iS Laugh2..
As i carry on a wayward
Sun as duST as wAves wiNd.. mY FriEnd..:)

“It is better to copulate than never.”

~~ Lazarus Long ~~

soMenoW in present
Days Masturbation can
and wiLL save the world
iN pARt
as whole
as over-population
sings a continuing death SonG/buzz
of other species.. including FucKinG
birds and all the Bees oF liFE2.. perHaps
overall ’tis better to masturbate than
copulate.. in a new age way aWay
from filling shore to
shore with
and destruction..
from the species
human foR now..
Sure.. the TrUth and
liGht doesn’t have to
feel all that ‘bad’ after all
iS said and dONE for LiFe as wHole..;)

What happens to the wide-eyed observer
when the window between reality and unreality breaks
and the glass begins to fly?”

~~ Subtle Bee ~~

As ELO says..
hold on tiGht..
as i say..
on loose
And eventUally
geT AwHOle joB doNe..;)

i cannot tell a lie
but i can tale a tell..;)

“Nothing unreal exists.”

~~ Kiri-Kin-Tha’s Law of Metaphysics ~~

exists realun Thingno..

IF it makes as much
sense in reverse
can be
either true
or false..
at least
that’s what
Yoda says
both ways now..
Bottom lineS..
Now True And
False iSREAL..:)

“Eternity is a mere moment,
just long enough for a joke.”

~~ Hermann Hesse ~~

Laugh.. sMiLes
on God’s
INFiniTieS noW..:)

“When the situation is desperate,
it is too late to be serious.
Be playful.”

~~ Edward Abbey ~~

A first and
last breathe oF LIFe..:)

“A little nonsense now and then,
is cherished by the wisest men.”

~~ Willy Wonka, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ~~

A great breakthrough for
me too.. treasure nonsense..
make it holy.. make it sacred
and suddenly ALL
F E E L I N G iT..
AS chaos becomes
canvas and all of LiFE
becomes Paint Brush as God
and spiRaLinG
as sentient
wind and fire
and earth and waves are wE..
liFe a box of chocolates and rocks
juST waiting to be consumed and spit ouT 2..:)

“As for myself,
I always willingly acknowledge my own self
as the principal cause of every good and of every evil
which may befall me;
therefore I have always found myself
capable of being my own pupil,
and ready to love my teacher.”

~~ Giacomo Casanova ~~

eYes oF God
wE when I
for uS
i aLivE noW!aLL..:)

A monk said to Joshu,
“Your stone bridge is widely renowned,
but coming here I find only a heap of rocks.”

Joshu said,
“You see only the stones and not the bridge.”

The monk said,
“What is the bridge?”

Joshu said,
“What do you think we are walking on?”

~~ Zen Bee ~~

oF sAnds hAnds wAves..
hOld MouNtains oF LovE noW..:)

“To see the world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.”

~~ William Blake, “Auguries of Innocence” ~~

My first seNsory experience oF
LiFe.. an iSreal abLiTy in seNSinG
way of creaTing what FeeLs
like a three dimensional
alWays changing
only in
my left hand..
that i can sTiLL
control @WiLL..
no one else has
ever told me they
are able to do that…
Even on the strangest
of Wrong Planets online..
aLL iT toLd me from a young
age.. is.. tHeIr is something special
‘i’ have
for you
to do..
mY FriEnd..
as i oF yOur eYes
and hands no matter
how sMall or LaRGe to coMe..
WiLL ‘you’ seriouSly be surprised
iF i create another Verse for A UniVerse
out of that hand in reAliTy of Me.. i for sure WiLL noT
as i was/AM
a left
hand that
creates as essence
oF multi-Verse moRe..
in oTheR words.. i was gifted
with the reaLiTy to KNow and
FeeL that my ReaLITy was/iS different
and that most certainly means tHeRE are
no limits or expectations that i will ever have
that can possibly chain the existence of God
in someone
mY FriEnd..now
And what A gift
of empathy from
birth that was/iS.. mY friEnd..:)


Hi.. mY FriEnd Hank.. haven’t
had an opportunity to visit your
site in a quite awhile.. means
a lot to me that you took the time
and truly great effort to get to the
bottom line here of approaching 30K
words to even say hi.. and i am so glad
you enjoyed the beauty shared in the photography
that i Am so fortunate in the modern age to capture
the ease
of point and
shoot in a Garden
oF Eden thAT iSReaL
mY friEnd.. and alWays
worth shARing no matter
how long the journey
is that
as Eden now
sure.. with Eve2..;)


Headed over
To a next
Dance step
Off hand now..;)

“Go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows.”

~~ Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet ~~

Two words/woRlds..

“When the child was a child,
there were these questions:
Why am I me, and why not you?
Why am I here, and why not there?”

(“Als das Kind noch Kind war, gab es diese Fragen:
Warum bin ich mich, und warum nicht dich?
Warum bin ich hier, und warum nicht dort?”)

~~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~~

That Multi-UniVerse thingie
born in my left then/now/liVinG
hand solve(d)s THAT question quick..
i AM iS
And conStantly
God lives iN my left
hand.. cRap.. that muST
mean i AM FucKinG anointed.. huh..;)

“what would Chaos, or Entropy think?”

-gigoid.. et al..

As A wisest
sAGe sAid/says..
Don’t FucKinG liMit
God to human words..
and/or so-cAlled
unless you
to a God
as symbols/
in chains and priSons
oF Fleas who see/feel NOt A wHole
Dog thaT feeds theM ONe Blood and Flesh oF LiFe..:)

“A wide-eyed, innocent UNICORN, poised delicately in a MEADOW
filled with LILACS, LOLLIPOPS and small CHILDREN
at the HUSH of twilight??”

~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~

And that
one oF A
WHOle Story2..;)

“It is one of the commonest of mistakes to consider
that the limit of our power of perception
is also the limit of all there is to perceive.”

~~ C. W. Leadbeater ~~

i also
etc..iNFinitY moRe..
And that’s juST
iN mY
Yeah.. ‘some folks’ ‘sit’ aT thE
‘Right Hand of God’.. iN/aS mE..
God Lives/MOVES..
iN/AS iN pART mY
LefT haNd..NoW..
thaT makes mE
FucKinG SpeciaL A.. oKaY..
iN A leftarTist way of BeInG.. he.. HEart..;)

side note..
thiS FeLi hiGheR
BarD sTuFF
iS FucKinG FuN..
oKay noW..
A Practice
of A work now.2..;)

“To develop a complete mind:
Study the science of art;
study the art of science.
Learn how to see.
Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

~~ Leonardo da Vinci ~~

Jesus F iN
Christ.. somenows
iT FeeLs liKe soMe
oF wE are all oN the sAMe

“If our behavior is strict, we do not need fun!”

~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~

ruLes SucK
aS a necessary EviL2.. he HE..
FucK aLL the rules
while you do

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.”

— Louisa May Alcott ~~ ~~

Surf FucKinG LiFe..
wiTh couRAge and KiNd
With Love oN Course..:)

“It is good to have an end to journey toward,
but it is the journey
that matters in the end.”

~~ Ursula K. LeGuin ~~

i’m ready
to go noW..
alWays i liVe..:)

“When this load is DONE
I think I’ll wash it AGAIN..”

~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~

OKaY.. complete transParency
heRe.. heHe iN A tale way oF course..
Every liFe i come in to.. i lEarn
thaT World oF LiVinG
And saVe
liFE every way i can..
JuST foR NoW aLiVe..
i AM God’s JaNiTor.. alWAys..
oh.. the Laundry.. oh.. aLL the DirTy Laundry..
one load
at a now..


Now.. to kindly and courAGEouSly
end this “710th MacroVerse oF Faith”
oF Ocean WhoLe Poem.. i WiLL share
a few micro-micro-Verses2 as selflesSly.. he HE..
provided by the all free
from a year ago..
and then i will publish
all of thiS oNline beforE itSeLf
gRoWs BiGger than a Multi-Verse more2..
after Lunch and a Holiday Gym hours
shortened day for Columbus Day2…

Challenge of the cold
piercing winds change..
Humans travel North
escape desert South..

piercing winds change..
humans adapt..
grow stronger..

Humans travel North
culture grows smarter..
humans change

escape desert South..
New World Nomads..
New IsRaEL Live Free..:)

Culture erasing imagination creativity..
Humans losing humanity slowly..
torturing death in life from birth..
rising alive.. dreams fruition..

Humans losing humanity slowly..
drifting away.. childhood suffocates..
Childhood sLows.. adults die as life..

torturing death in life from birth..
Spoon feeding culture
large plate from birth..

rising alive.. dreams fruition..
spark inside.. coming now..
imagination’s creativity.. Phoenix SpRinGs..:)

Ha! smiles Victoria.. the 15 responses.. mostly mine.. are a growing
new post that will be finished with the addition of some
photos i plan on taking at a Catholic Church Festival
later today.. and i’m glad you enjoyed the sand
photos.. as for so many years
i avoid getting
my feet dirty..
they hide
soft skin bottoms.. as
on the Autism Spectrum
with my tactile sensitivities
i cannot touch any textures man
made with my bare skin feet.. including
carpet.. but stone floors are
okay.. including
sand floors
of nature..
i take great
pleasure now
with the bottoms
of my sand brown
and calloused feet..
i feel
one FOrCE
wITh GOD..
i finAlly
and FREE
aLiVE.. again like
a child on the River
grass.. barefoot then..
The clothing of culture
are the only sins
i know
with manmade
clothes.. as i am
not born
to even
without discomfort..
hmm.. except for
100% virgin
and silk..
of the Rain..
i’m all about
the ‘Hanes’ but
we go to Walmart
not Kmart for that..
(movie reference..
for clarity.. just
in case..)
i’m almost
TV trope..
but of course
almost is never
now.. enough for me..
smiles again.. W/wInKs..

And another shout-out to the Facebook Free
Algorithm for reminding me from a year ago2..
thaT i reAlly SHOULD
GO to visit
my Aunt
at the
Nursing home too..:)

Yeah.. and ‘whatever’
‘Paul Harvey’ sAid/says
at the end
of his
AS A River oF
NoW wAveS oN WiTh SMiLes..
and sure the Bath water iS alWays
@lEAst a little
2.. oN Course
as THeRE
can be no liGht
without A DaRK
Side oF all thatiS2
God noW..
aLWays noW2..
and if you thiNk
yoU can thRow A
Baby oF GoD noW ouT
WiTh A wash.. jUST trY
iT and don’T to see how thAT works oUT2..
noW juST
A word(s)
oF AdVice
from A ‘aLL
sEEinG’ KarMic eYe2..;)


OH.. yeah.. and by A way..
An eXclamATioN
point from
A Karmic
eYe can
mean so many
things but for noW
the T-Shirt says Now..
WITH A WARNING LABeL.. perHaps i do…
Remember.. the election in the year 2000
wHeRe some sTiLL suggest that it was stolen
from Gore and Given to Bush.. WeLL.. tHeRe are
Karmic consequences for every theft.. and
for every election we make in liFE
in terms of Can and WiLL and
whether or not we have
Faith in and as
goes far beyond elections
with votes.. ElecTioN WitH WiLL
oF A iSREAL Faith in and as aLL..
is what makes trees groW as Ocean WhOle..,
That much i can prove as ‘711 MacroVerse’..
oF Ocean Whole Poem coMes.. afTer
‘710th MacroVerse oF Faith’..
STiLL aLL approaching 4M
wordS it’s aLL in a turn of
A Friendly card
of number
foR now
and then nOW..:)









BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)


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I like to write.
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17 Responses to 710th MacroVerse oF Faith

  1. Here.. the continuing “I’m The Boss”.. photos from my 710th MacroVerse oF Faith
    continue.. and this is the Step-Father of the very nice Pacific
    Islander gym attendant girl named Vida.. and this
    Guy.. Furney.. comes from the oldest of
    Bowling Center Days.. back since
    1984.. Retired Chief from the
    Navy with his deceased
    now wife named Eva..
    and new wife.. mother
    of Vida.. Bowling
    mainstays they were
    then as the Bowling
    Ball turns and noW
    juST an intro here.. as Now
    pArt of Coming ‘711 MacroVerse too’..;)

  2. So.. now.. to the complete.. titLed way of
    “BeYonD 711 MaCroVerse” as the number
    711 has sacred technological and substantial
    significance as such.. as sure.. there are 711 stores
    7 to 11 pm.. of antiquity.. in local areas of the United States..
    just a memory too.. of the
    place that had the
    Playboy magazines
    funny how that’s what
    i remember of the stores
    huh.. hehe.. anyway..
    we are human
    Okay.. and
    7 is what used
    to be the number of
    planets visible to the
    human eye before we then
    move to telescopes that
    go further than
    we can
    with naked eYes..
    and for me without shades
    i cannot see a star at all but
    the one inside.. hahax2.. and what
    else.. yes.. 11 beyond the 10 digits
    of hand wHere the opposable thumb now
    and surely sacred one too.. allows us to then..
    grasp sticks and construct alphabets in sanskrit
    sands of SouthEast Asia.. in oldest Indian ways..
    as sure doing it only with a pointer finger is like a
    Smart phone without stylus.. in modern days too.. then..
    oh.. the opposable thumb and visual spatial skills that allow
    us to imagine connections ‘tween stars and copy those straight
    lines and angles to soil.. and then stone tablets.. making written letter
    language possible.. along with recorded collective intelligence to make greater
    human tools to increase shelter.. security.. means of gaining overall subsistence..
    and finally one of the greatest technological developments of all.. soft and cozy toilet
    paper.. after the retirement of the Sears and Roebuck catalog for the purpose of THAT..
    and now shaking hands with both hands
    is considered possible.. however
    we still veer away from
    the left
    per se..
    but at least
    the old ignorance
    is no longer present that
    the left handers are inherently
    evil.. and epileptics are no longer
    demon possessed and perhaps noW one
    day ignorant church going folks WiLL also come
    to an original apocalyptic definition in Greek way
    of lifting the veils of ignorance by ignorant men who
    condemned homosexualS in the still ignorant parts
    of the old testament per Leviticus to get a little
    more specific.. of the human dARk that
    still lives in the Trump souls
    of men and women too..
    sadly still.. oh..
    the walls
    chains of
    ignorance and the
    true Greek original definition
    of taking those true babel walls down
    to allow freedoms for all of God’s children..
    that of course Trump souls of anti-christ hate
    would take away even in rights to marriage if
    the devil didn’t shoot himself in comb
    over feats of transparent
    Narcissism that has
    no empathy
    for even
    the daughter
    who sits as trophy
    upon his lap and when
    you make your daughter into
    a trophy.. yes.. the evil of the old testament
    rears its ugly snake head in metaphor as
    no snake is as stupid as that of course..
    as daughters who are treated as
    more than possessions
    are one’s who
    in freedom
    to raise strong
    sons instead of
    Trump one’s with no
    heart but that of owning
    God’s earth and the people who
    are part of that.. even daughters
    as trophies of slaves to sit upon
    laps of eYes with little
    to no heARt
    of Humanity’s
    Love as Faith
    gifted higher and
    higher power from
    the God oF Nature
    whOle iN pARt oF wE..
    who sets our selves free
    fearlessly with Love fully still in tow
    of kind and courage.. so more about 11..
    we are born with 10 fingers and 10 toes.. so what
    about the 11th one.. well my son was born with an extra
    digit so sure he made another evolutionary step of digits..
    but the metaphor of course is human technology taking our
    innate nature further through transhumanist extensions ranging
    from sticks to smart phones.. and more to come.. but only if we retain
    our empathy.. our compassion.. and our human touch will we be a hybrid
    of human potential greater toGETher and not one that destroys not only
    more of the Living eARTh but the species itself.. as Love is the only
    thing that has ever held the human race toGeThER.. as
    surely that balance is ultimately FucKeD up if someone
    as dARk as Trump could come close enough
    to the button
    for nuclear
    that could
    destroy life as
    we know it on this
    blue/green orb gift of Heaven
    as gifted now sTiLL on eARTh
    by the GoD of NaTuRE wHole..
    that lives within we all and greATest
    oF ALL with Fearless and smARt Love..
    as hiGher poWer of God as HUman Nature Truth iN liGht..:)

    And then there is dice.. yes.. six sided cubes.. and what Penrose
    suggests is a sacred geometrical shape that holds the secrets to
    a holographic UniVerse more and less.. away from big
    bang theories of explosions for life but hey
    that’s the way of the wind on
    earth and the seeding
    of life so below
    and above
    as life
    goeS oN
    for noW.. but anyway
    six sided cubes have become
    tools for addiction to money as God..
    yeah.. Casino’s in Trump Slave dice
    that hold us back from ever gaining greater
    riches within the hUman soUL oF MiNd
    and BoDy BaLanCinG way.. i see
    elder people like my father
    who played this
    dream of
    lotto.. even though
    he had all the money that
    would ever make him happy
    as happiness is not an external
    phenomenon.. happiness is a bio-chemical
    star-like reaction of the miNd and BoDy sOuL
    BaLaNCinG generated by heARt of FeeLinGs SenSES FROM
    WITHIN.. and of course the theme SonG from Beyonce noW
    from riGht beFore the year oF liGht started in 2015.. clearly
    shows.. tHeRE IS A place of NirVAna and Bliss that comes from
    within.. in what she does in both MoVinG and StiLL meditation with
    mantras that only make sense to her in FeeLinG SenSinG ways of sacred and
    holy but why make it so mysterious sticking your tongue out with party
    hats at the ignorant masses.. bragging
    about being so fresh when
    the other folks live
    in a virtual living
    hell on earth..
    a place that
    is meant as Heaven for
    wE for We who gain thiS
    MiNd and BoDy BaLAnCing SoUL.. eXpReSsinG
    iT to OtHerS in mirror neuron way aS SpiRit
    as Miss Beyonce does do a great job of thAt in the video
    of course.. but to be clear all she is drunk on is love.. not
    unlike her previous video in mesmerizing meditation free style
    dance on the beach when she becomes a beach of pure love
    that has no
    aT aLL..
    and that’s the thing..
    people who are ignorant
    will dismiss it all with words
    unless they see and feel and
    sense more for themselves that
    this love is real.. aided by no external
    substances but the Force oF GoD’s Higher
    power within.. as gifted by wE who retain our Freedoms
    inherited as gift from God in simple to hiGher levels of
    animal homeostasis bRight as shining StAR eYes from
    head to toe and more.. as A liGht of A lamP of
    wE shines hiGher and HiGher wHeRe the
    KALE as Beyonce spells Kali
    on her shirt.. is no
    longer a destructive
    Force of dArk but liGht
    that rises out of the dArk of
    Destruction that seeds the liGht oF wE
    as Phoenix rising from ashes of wHaT was dARk beFore..
    but you see.. not everyone and truly hardly anyone
    is cut out to understand this from words alone..
    it is only the experience of bliss
    and nirvana that will
    show you.. FuLLy
    that all the
    Trump money.. status
    and power in the world will
    never equal one tiny mustard seed
    of the Faith that is real nirvana and
    bliss alwAys now for those who seek
    God within.. as hiGher power.. find this
    inner Pure Love as fearless Strength in
    kind and couRaGE and make iT an iSREaL
    liFe practice to GroW iT as UniVerse of Love
    alWays waiting for another verse bEyOnd to BehOld noW..
    as iSreal
    liGht oF Truth
    inside and not some
    imaginary God in a Book
    or as a man.. AS God lives so
    briGht iN and aS eYes so aliVe
    and Fresh forevermore now.. BriGht..
    anyway.. i am three full Macro-Verses
    behind in backinG-up free Facebook Hard
    Drive space to copy and paste my last three
    text only versions of “WaY uP HiGheR2”..
    “Golden Age reKneWeD”.. And
    “Black Moon Apocalypse
    Weekend!” And
    i’LL back uP
    MacroVerse oF Faith”
    iN text only way after i publish
    this one on Holy and Sacred R and R
    Thursday with A 130th Dance niGht
    with all the Cool College Age Folks
    at Old Seville Quarter iN P’cola metro
    city way… While the Facebook all free algorithm
    assistant and various Google and other online free
    tools of new transhumanist automated secretaries do
    help my creative duties so much.. i still must do the boring
    repetitive systemizing science tasks of liFE that pale in comparison
    to the free floW iN ZonE Art of creativity fully free verse set FReED..
    as mE..
    but hey..
    not everyone
    has a Super Strong Computer
    and Broad enough Band access..
    to open uP my fully illustrated Macro-Verses
    or wanna wade down through all the comment draft writing
    section too.. to see wHere the end even comes of all of that..
    so i not only copy and paste to two Blogger Blogs as public..
    i also copy and paste just all the text and YouTube lInks
    in sequence as such on three Facebook pages..
    not only for free back-up but for those
    folks that might actually
    not like beautiful
    photos of Nature.. etc..
    or not have the hardware
    and Internet infrastructure to
    open them up.. particularly to
    risk setting their Samsung ‘smart’ phones
    on fire.. nah.. that’s not funny but GO APPLE..
    AS surely if not for Apple Products.. alWays reliable
    and fast in transhumanist way.. there is no way i could
    have written the longest long form poem number 11 in newer human
    potential with technology that i have surpassed now with 3.3 million
    words plus and close to 100K fully illustrated photos.. youtube videos..
    etc.. for a poem noW in a way that has never ever been done before..
    but hey.. just a pioneer
    way for more to
    come for those
    who do it
    just for fun..
    as nah.. this ain’t
    just a Trump Twitter thing..
    as mE.. in Free ArT
    WiTh GoD within.. inside..
    outside.. above.. so below
    and all around the globe.. plus..
    AnyWay.. off to do boring mechanical
    cognition shit for a while for must be done’s2..;)

  3. The Facebook Algorithm slide show..
    StILL doing a great job of providing
    daily.. weekend.. and week memories..
    particularly.. for those folks who shoot
    tHeir life as stream of consciousness photography
    and that too reminds me of a Facebook topic slide..
    that Facebook Friend Ashe shared talking about the ills
    of having weddings with everyone using their smart phones
    as new modern age extension of human bodies.. as tools become
    us in transhumanist technological ways greater and greater noW iN
    Avatar Cyberspace.. tHeRE CAN bE A BaLaNCinG as tHeRe are
    both costs and benefits in human way.. but as far
    as paid photographers go.. it is often the ones
    who do art for love rather than money
    who go deeper in capturing moments
    that no matter what the quality
    iS.. in more expensive cameras..
    ArT cannot be duplicated
    for any less than the
    trUe crEativE poWer
    aS Fearless uNconditional
    smARt Love way of BeinG
    hUman.. yeah.. like the Song
    ‘Take the Long way Home’ that
    i played for my old high school crush..
    when she said how do you do that without the
    notes.. computers must be programmed.. they
    can only replicate a tiny bit of the FULL POTENTIAL
    OF THE HUMAN miNd and BoDy BaLancing SoUL but what
    a computer will alWays lack is SoUL and sAdly that is BeCominG
    an ever presSinG reaLITy for hUmans who are bEcoMing more
    Avatar noW than
    hUman.. for me.. aLL
    oF this IS A fancy pallet
    FoR art in canvas.. and
    paint brush way to give
    and share with the World
    for totAlly Free.. wHere incentives
    for material stuff or awards as such
    in all the online ways that comes now too
    are no paRt of this but for the Joy of Now..
    iN FloW iN ZoNE.. an investment only
    in SoUL
    as Art aLivE
    for FReED as ME
    with the HIGher PowEr
    of God as mY Soul GroWing
    higher and HIGher no matter
    how sMAll or lARge the FaiTh
    of anyone else in how i personALLy
    define the HiGher PowEr oF iSReAL hUMan Faith..
    the HiGher
    ForCe of Art
    potential with smARt
    and Fearless Unconditional LoVE noW..
    Giving and ShaRing aLL foR FReED Now..:)


    Macro-Verse Memory from two years ago..
    as reminded by Facebook of course..
    but apparently this is one i missed
    sharing the text version on Facebook
    with but never the less.. “Chinese Tiger’s
    End of Days” is about what would you do
    for Survival and Love and what we are doing
    to those stronger than we.. without Trump Guns of course..
    yeah.. the word Trump can be used to Trump so many things
    these days.. an incredible anti-christ-like name it is becoming
    to be used
    as only
    of course that illustrates
    so well the dArkest sides of
    Human NatURe.. that surprisingly
    not.. bRinGS out that Nature in others
    too.. it’s like a Litmus test of dArk..
    wHere the dArk
    comes out
    the minion weak
    away from fearless
    smARt LoVE that kNows
    and FeeLs and SeNses no separation
    From Whole oF Love that has no borders
    and fences.. remember class.. gentile.. jew..
    servant.. free.. woman or man no more when
    aLL iS FReED eQual
    as hUman opportunities
    for rights to LIFE.. LibERty
    and the pursuit oF Happiness
    for all and of course that is metaphor
    as social roles are important for human
    Nature in successful living balance for free too..
    so what would you do to save the love of loved one’s free..
    some folks give the ultimate sacrifice of not life now but
    soUl too.. more on that in the associated Macro-Verse
    but there are also those who try to own the earth
    and others as entitlements of selfish
    greed in human way too..
    and that is the Trump
    that is attempting
    to rule the
    world but
    who is
    failing now..
    iN all TrumP dARk ways..:)


    This Macro-Verse Memory.. “Confidence Stripped”..
    comes in from last year.. full of micro-micro
    Verse poEtry as inspired by dVerse
    online poet folks.. of course..
    and bottom line..
    i ain’t scared
    from head
    to toe
    and much
    much more..
    as beach am i..
    haha.. and all caught
    up for now.. For all the
    Macro-Verse Facebook Memories
    from the last week or so.. and years ago too..
    now off to new stuff for renewal after lunch
    and sand and sun dance.. as fall cool
    air comes and brings refreshment
    in R and R ways of regeneration..
    beyond the mechanical cognition
    and thinking only ways of LiFe..
    yeah.. as Beyonce says
    in less than words..
    711 baby..
    i’m drunk
    oN Love alWays FReED..
    @LeASt for mE noW..;)

  4. https://lifeconfusions.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/you-there/

    HI Zee.. now..
    eYes say so much..
    about a heARt..
    a spiRit oF
    liGht to dARk..
    to heaRt liVing
    to dying death
    as life.. and truly
    it’s hard to go through life..
    with never having eYes to shine
    to OtHers what the feeLinGS are iNside..
    as sHades for me hid the hell and store the heaven
    Now Away from Greater liGht to share with otHers
    in real liFE
    now away
    from words..
    and i suppose that
    is why i dance and sing..
    as i kNow longer have eYes
    that show a Dance of Song
    as i must wear shades noW..
    iN ways oF LoVe…When
    we can love..
    it’s best to love..
    for when we can’t
    all tHere is is
    it seems
    to me.. of eYes
    no longer shine to spread…
    trULy.. eYes do say a soUL..
    Dance and SonG will never
    replicate an eYe of Love..
    full now..
    i can try..
    i cry for Love..
    with tears of Joy mY FriEnd..
    in Dance and Song a gift too.. oF Love..
    wiTh Hopes and Wishes for you mY friEnd for eYes oF Love..:)

  5. https://gigoid.me/2013/09/14/wait-dont-shoot-its-bobs-uncle/#comment-20505

    “Pain has an element of blank;
    It cannot recollect
    When it began, or if there were
    A day when it was not.

    It has no future but itself,
    Its infinite realms contain
    Its past, enlightened to perceive
    New periods of pain.”

    ~~ Emily Dickinson

    Sounds more like an absence
    of EmoTions creaTinG Pain..
    EmoTiOns cure..
    positive as liGht
    moves as trillions of
    peptide receptors in cells for
    metaphor of neurohormones
    and neurochemicals isREaL..
    if only i could have
    danced ‘naked’
    with her..
    or convinced
    her to do it.. she
    might have FeLT more.. and hUrt less..:)

    Hello gigoid.. alWays welcome Pearls of wisdom
    no matter Century.. Millennia.. or even
    Aeons of star dust
    sentient life..
    and what to say
    about ergonomic injury/PAIN..
    to the human form as structure
    from head to toe of repetitive restricted movements
    ranging from walking on sidewalks to
    constant trauma of martial
    arts and even
    of contact
    sports.. don’t do them
    of course.. don’t even walk
    straight for too long or one part
    of the body will get out of balance
    with the other one.. and next thing ya
    kNow we are no longer foragers moving
    in all directions.. inside.. outside.. above.. so
    below and all around like any galaxy mini-me
    human would to escape predator and capture prey
    invisibly expending the least amount of energy in center
    balance like the calm of Hurricane Winds of Energy as caloric
    intake is rarely an all one can eat sugars and fats prize from a Super
    Walmart all one can buy buffet of chips and sodas and stuff like that..
    Moving isn’t the problem
    we move
    or don’t
    move is..
    at leASt that’s
    what my body tales
    me as i continue to get
    even stronger at age 56..
    never ever moving the same
    and sure resting my feet while my
    fingers take over.. albeit a ‘little’ too long
    as sitting down.. ‘they’ say now is worse
    than smoking a pack of cigarettes and sure
    it only makes since.. stuff moves to survive..
    in some
    of animation now..
    but what cha gonna do
    if that’s what you do to get
    paid to do to live.. action
    dark or light..
    positive or
    it doesn’t
    matter how
    good we do the
    job.. it’s how the job
    does us in the end/
    Beginning of now.. mY FriEnd..
    there are cures so far beyond medical
    science that ‘they’ know not what they do..
    it comes from within2.. with no limits expected by oThers..
    for me..
    and nah..
    i did not alWays
    FeeL like a Lucky one..
    and nah.. never free..
    one must
    harder to heal..
    even if that means
    rest for 66 months..
    for those like me who faiLeD E-Scape..:)

    “I see my life go drifting like a river
    From change to change; I have been many things –
    A green drop in the surge, a gleam of light
    Upon a sword, a fir tree on a hill,
    An old slave grinding at a heavy quern,
    A king sitting upon a chair of gold –
    And all these things were wonderful and great;
    But now I have grown nothing, knowing all.
    Ah! Druid, Druid, how great webs of sorrow
    Lay hidden in that small slate-coloured thing!”

    — William Butler Yeats, “Fergus and the Druid”

    minus any
    one of those.. incomplete..:)

    “All things are the same,–familiar in enterprise, momentary in endurance, coarse in substance. All things now are as they were in the day of those whom we have buried.”

    — Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 AD) — Meditations, ix, 14

    except for Human Nature..;)

    “Rights” is a fictional abstraction. No one has “Rights”, neither machines nor flesh-and-blood. Persons… have opportunities, not rights, which they use or do not use.”

    — Lazarus Long, from Robert A. Heinlein’s “Time Enough For Love”

    A wrongest
    right not
    rights.. so
    many folks JuST DOn’t DO..;)

    “Warning: Politicians can damage your wealth.”

    — Smart Bee

    And the worst possible
    thing they can do.. is
    convince you..
    need it..;)

    “The thief
    Left it behind —
    The moon at the window.”

    — Ryokan

    Priest.. Scientist..
    Politician.. Philosopher
    i follow the moon..
    sHe aLways Glows
    out from
    bEhind cLouds oF Lies..;)

    “At this precise moment, no reproach proceeding from men or gods can affect me: I have as good a conscience as if I had never existed.”

    — E.M. Cioran

    ‘Sorry’ that
    meditation cRap
    bores me to death as life..
    i’LL move and
    FeeL iT aLL..
    even the bad
    for challenge
    for even more liGht
    ouT of dArk muse too..;)

    “The notion that faith in Christ is to be rewarded by an eternity of bliss, while a dependence upon reason, observation, and experience merits everlasting pain, is too absurd for refutation, and can be relieved only by that unhappy mixture of insanity and ignorance called “faith”.”

    — Robert G. Ingersoll

    i have faith
    in me.. and
    that’s what ME sAid too..;)

    “As God is my witness”

    – I am that fool!” — Gomez Addams

    Amen.. God IS A Joke
    to me..
    as Long
    as i Laugh..
    God Laughs
    as mY Witness..:)

    “You don’t fool me!!
    You’re not really an idiot!!”

    — Smart Bee

    i’M reAlly

    “The improver of knowledge absolutely refuses to acknowledge authority, as such. For him, skepticism is the highest of duties, blind faith the one unpardonable sin.”

    — Thomas Huxley (1825-1895)

    i kNow
    ’cause i seNse
    And FeeL iSREAL..;)

    “I’ll tell you what kind of guy I was. If you ordered a boxcar full of sons-of-bitches and opened the door and only found me inside, you could consider the order filled.”

    — Robert Mitchum

    WAS A great actor..
    and great actors
    sell cars too..
    the most cars.. that is..
    i hate buying shit.. i’M Free..
    and never ever a son of A Bitch.. at lEAst to mE.. he HE..;)

    “I would far rather be ignorant than wise in the foreboding of evil.”

    — Aeschylus (525-456 BC) — Suppliants, 453

    Judging from politics
    equals evil..
    Trump equals Minions..;)

    “After a while he realizes that she is beautiful
    – he just hadn’t noticed it at first.”

    — Lazarus Long

    Beauty IS A
    an EmoTioN
    thaT groWs as FloWer
    or withers as hUman..:)

    “MAD, adj. Affected with a high degree of intellectual independence; not conforming to standards of thought, speech and action derived by the conformants from study of themselves; at odds with the majority; in short, unusual. It is noteworthy that persons are pronounced mad by officials destitute of evidence that themselves are sane. For illustration, this present (and illustrious) lexicographer is no firmer in the faith of his own sanity than is any inmate of any madhouse in the land; yet for aught he knows to the contrary, instead of the lofty occupation that seems to him to be engaging his powers he may really be beating his hands against the window bars of an asylum and declaring himself Noah Webster, to the innocent delight of many thoughtless spectators.”

    — Ambrose Bierce, “The Devil’s Dictionary”

    HeHe.. Ne0..
    A secret sMiLe
    of Mad..
    when one understands iNsane..;)

    “Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.”

    — Gore Vidal

    Jesus F. iN Christ..
    alMost everyone reads
    today.. a similar 33 percent
    or more..
    And that’s genetics2..
    as living in caves is
    boring.. but there
    are fewer

    “Some days,
    SB is just better than others…..”


    SmArt Bees
    practicing tHeir Buzz..;)

    Oh by the way.. i’Ve been
    missing thumbs up..
    and it only
    uP at 7:11 this morning.. hehe..;)

  6. The best thing about consolidating all my Free
    Verse Micro-Poetry efforts from responding
    to all dVerse Prompts and liNks from
    4/15 to 3/16.. yes.. an entire year
    and making one MacroVerse
    out of that per GodsUniVerseNovel3..
    AND OMG yes.. 338,630 words and around
    300 super gorgeous Navarre Beach and Pensacola
    Beach photos.. is it makes it so easy to print out
    20 to 30 pages of Poetry and share that with
    my mother as she really gives a shit
    about it as she was an actual
    published poet.. and poetry
    isn’t really all the
    rave hehe..
    where i
    rave dance
    at in Good Old
    Trump-Land U.S. of
    Asses where locker room language
    is more the standard here and thanks
    god no grabbing P’s overheard at old
    Seville Quarter but there was this one
    guy bragging about.. his ‘relationship’
    with a 60 year old woman.. hmm..and
    i then thought of some really super
    witty things to say.. considering
    i am 56.. but i jusT let it go for
    that night.. as sure.. i cannot
    possibly do the ageism
    discrimination as
    he at least
    made it sound
    consensual if not
    just a stereotypical
    male conquest by males..
    so anyway.. from what i can
    actuAlly share with my mother as
    sure it’s really hard to escape Trump
    Land although she will not support him..
    and i’ll give her conservative spirit credit
    for that.. i’m up to 80,000 words of sharing..
    and even just in sharing pARt of that with her..
    the mountain of pages she’s been stacking..
    makes surely almost two books.. worth
    of HP all in one printer pages.. so i
    came across this one today..
    and said WTF i’ll share
    it.. as all this Trump
    stuff bRings found
    memories like this2.. in
    striking D i S tan CE oF A Karmic eYe..;)

    School days.. the first day.. always exciting and

    nerve wracking.. all senses.. emotions..

    intellect focused for what



    and grades 1 through 5.. not bad except

    for that second year.. at Private Catholic School..

    so advanced from my small town school.. in a two

    story building.. walking distance from a river home..

    and then across town.. small class rooms.. same teacher

    all day long.. same kids all day long .. same friends to get to know..

    and oh.. always at the top of the class.. only challenge NOT

    to make anything less





    Straight ACING


    hmm.. 11 years old comes

    6th grade

    a beast yet


    Halls of School Brightly Lit..

    homeroom by 8 AM..

    but many rooms

    to come


    different classes and different teachers

    but still school as EASY AND FUN..

    competing against friend Jill

    who is the only

    one who



    me in


    before then..

    so i smile brightly just waiting

    for the games to begin.. but wait..

    a new word comes i have not heard before..

    an F word and not Fred by some bully boys

    who tell me what the hell are you doing F word..

    wipe that smile off your face mister we do not

    allow boys to smile here.. don’t even think

    about it.. but wait.. i’m not thinking

    about it.. I’m just feeling it

    but anyway.. don’t

    know what


    F word means.. just that those

    boys got some kinda problem

    for sure.. anyway class starts

    and Amanda taps me on the shoulder

    and says you know you have a FUNNY



    hmm.. i’m

    thinking a head’s

    a head.. for thinking..

    and dam i can’t see the back

    of my head to know

    what you

    are talking


    but i’m too busy paying attention

    to Ms. Bonner to become the

    teacher’s pet as i can charm

    any teacher into



    am the best

    student ever if I just

    look into her eyes and

    never ever break contact..


    it’s just


    how i


    to others in


    MELD where student

    becomes one with TEACHER






    TV SHOW..



    oh and then it’s time for P.E.

    and i get to sport my new school

    sports shorts.. and Tammy says..

    HaHA! Fred has bird legs..

    and i look at my

    legs and think

    about wings..

    and flying..

    BACK from PE into math class

    and there is all around sports fanatic

    Murry who will one day become

    Mr. High School.. Mr. Football..

    Coach of the Football Team

    and Athletic Director

    at the



    his game..

    he turns around and says

    peabody.. peabody.. peabody..

    peabody.. ever so often..

    and i’m thinking




    a PEA



    Lynn on the other

    side chimes in with

    skank.. skanky.. skank..

    and i’m thinking sounds

    like skunk.. skunk..


    and i think i smell fine..

    but she sure doesn’t look

    like she likes me much..

    this is getting challenging

    and i’m starting to feel

    like something

    must be

    very wrong


    me to get all this less than

    ‘A’ Feedback from what at

    this point seems like

    the whole dam


    ah.. finally an escape..

    the school bus comes..

    i can finally relax but


    in the

    back of the bus..

    turns around

    to her friends and says look

    look look aren’t his eye lashes

    pretty they look just like a girls’

    eyelashes.. and oh yeah back in

    home room earlier some boy says

    Hi Mr. Wanda McKenzie

    you look just

    like her..

    and yes.. Wanda smiles

    a lot and has semi-short

    blonde hair and spectacles

    and her daddy owns a

    car dealership but

    OH MY


    if Vicky thinks i’ve

    got long eyelashes that

    must mean that boy

    thinks I’m a girl








    this bus.. my Dachshund

    Charlie never judges me..

    he will let me hug him

    and roll around

    at my feet

    as always and never ever

    call me the F word.. Skunk..

    Peabody.. Long Eye Lash Girl..

    Wanda.. Bird Legs..

    and just let

    me Love


    free with smiles..

    and that works out okay the

    rest of the year.. but Charlie

    finds a way to get outside

    the gate and one

    day my


    real friend

    outside of family

    is laying on the side

    of the road..

    and i am


    heartbroken to

    even get near to

    say goodbye..

    and the whole family

    cries.. and i never get another

    dog and decide if i become my best

    friend no one will ever hurt

    me or


    me again..



    But oh no..!
    Or Learners..:)

    Ah.. yes.. the church continues to
    serve the function of the village
    supplying school needs for
    life that parents often
    can no longer do
    without help..
    and perhaps
    the emotiOnal
    ways of heArt
    expressING as SpiRit
    as human balanced
    mind and body soUl
    are among the
    can and
    for all schools
    greatEST needs
    to be met ALL Now..:)

    Ah.. yes.. i can relate.. difficulty speaking
    coherently straight with no mumbling
    or stuttering to effectively
    communicate.. straight
    A’s are not enough when
    one fails the speaking
    parts in roles
    of School..
    and for
    me the
    writing no easier
    to come up with
    anything new..:)

    Oh when school becomes work instead of play
    the mechanical cognition can tick
    down to robot
    minds of
    of human being..
    but society will just
    not work without school..
    and we must tick off
    the bad parts.. and
    continue on renew
    as this land is our
    land together
    in well
    and sickness
    a Like for aLL.. NOw..:)

    Nature’s school
    never opening
    never closing

    Truly sad the state does not allow
    school.. to teach lessons of
    humanity.. where ‘they’
    are no longer teaching
    those lessons at
    home.. and nah..
    not just a lower
    thingy.. some
    times the
    are completely
    from humanity
    AS those AT

    Ah.. that look of the very first day
    of entering school..
    walking the
    This is
    uncharted human
    land forged by insanity..;)

    Ah.. me.. not smart enough to feel what school is doing
    to me.. why Summer feels so much better
    than school.. year.. of what
    really counts in emotional..
    physical.. existential
    and in general
    Human 101
    to move connect
    and create life once again..:)

    Ah.. yes.. a scholar.. a fighter..
    but most importantly
    a diplomat
    at age 5..:)

    Ah.. yes.. a school of ADHD Hell.. where sitting still extends out all around
    the year now.. in some places.. where Physical Education is
    no longer even necessary in some high schools..
    and if one is lucky emotions
    are an art of human
    for basic
    still allowing
    that if that at all..:)

    Ah.. sitters and rovers of school.. alike in most all of
    animal kingdom.. in general as well..
    where school can and will
    be adventure
    and for others
    a challenge just to
    get through
    every now
    of self-conscious
    discomfort of
    one level or
    in speed
    or slow..:)

    Oh.. new rules school.. crystalized intelligence.. rote memory
    of multiple choice facts.. figures.. but tHere is
    fluid intelligence moving.. connecting.. creating
    ART of human being IN ALL of Love
    that comes in Light
    and Truth of
    Human Being
    of school
    is sewAge
    to ART
    ON WitH
    I as actor
    of i and

    i have to say graduating close to
    the top of a class of almost
    four hundred in
    high school..
    that i learn
    nothing of
    value other
    than two
    of the three
    R’s of ‘Rithmetic
    and Reading and
    truly graduating
    like this with
    little to no
    to oRate
    or ‘rite
    in creative thought
    in output.. and even
    after three degrees in
    college the same dismal
    report of school failing
    me my basic humanity
    of education as
    choice is
    enough then..
    to pass me at
    the top
    of the
    THAT pArt of
    education is
    changing some..
    but the ART of
    Being Human
    is nowHere
    still in
    the curriculum
    of Westernized
    schools from
    moving.. connecting
    to creating human
    being Well NOW
    with more than
    Standard IQ
    that humans
    are not
    even evolving
    for more or
    less to begin
    with except
    for those cogs
    in the machine
    of walls of
    society making
    excess of comforts
    in materialism way
    possible as Zombies
    grow larger in numbers..:)

    Ah the beauty of the
    inner monster.. the class clown..
    the trickster.. the joker.. the sacred fool..
    the inner being that does say free in so many words
    of actions.. steps in human being that says wake
    up crowd
    step outside
    the box
    what you’re
    used to
    AS NEW
    Truth and Light..:)

    Ah.. heArt a lit one.. warmer
    yes.. in humid rivers flow..
    no snow in North Florida
    row.. but prison goes
    up the hill a little
    further in brick
    story school..
    to take
    freezing heArt
    no longer wave
    oh.. ocean blue
    eyes i miss you
    at 47.. but i flow
    back to me at 55..
    no signs of speed
    limits for me..
    i flow
    i ride
    i play
    i pray
    edge free
    to waves
    Ocean Blue
    in i’s of I! now..:)

    moving connecting
    creating flowing waves
    ocean never ending..
    so below.. a spark..
    a light.. libido
    wheels of
    i LOVE

    Ah.. mothers pride of children
    like cubs of mother Lioness
    step high step low
    grow more
    as Love
    in out
    as tides
    of dark
    and Light..
    a mix makes
    birds buzz
    and bees fly..:)

    OH no.. and then
    there’s work
    and school
    starts again..
    and then
    life with
    full rubber
    on wheels of
    life again.. a
    Live we go
    in golden
    flow of

    Lynn.. of course write on course
    it’s you again.. at the end
    of this dVerse trail..
    more and less..
    and i never fail
    to come again..
    hehe.. and yes..
    siblings alike
    and all
    cultures tend
    to get along
    more than
    rules now..
    challenge of
    eternity to
    of compassion
    and cooperation
    wheRe different rules..:)

    A sponge can hold much water..
    float forever
    on rivers
    that move..
    to oceans
    creating more..
    but a sponge
    that stills
    in one
    old with
    mold before
    ever truly creating more
    absorbing ocean
    of just
    one behavioral
    sink.. and yeah..
    there’s even a
    link for
    Sink” on
    ARE we
    rats or
    on THAT
    are both
    away from
    sinks of US..:)

    This time Sister..LYNN it is
    hard to miss ya..
    as we almost
    tie at
    19 for
    me and
    20 for you..
    but i still
    beat you
    and expect
    you to beat
    me next time
    as that is fair
    for me..
    as tie
    as well..:)

    Ah yes.. the bell tolls for ending school..
    and even larger Universities
    where friendly eyes
    too scared..
    connections no
    longer growing..
    and oh NO WORK..
    where all’s a dollar
    so much easier
    when doing it
    with others
    free even
    school.. yes..
    as much as i hate
    school.. i miss the
    friends more than
    any restriction
    of school..
    and i
    feel i
    am far
    from the
    only one on that..
    as Facebook friends
    most often grow
    with High Schools
    past.. but nah..
    i much too
    for them..
    but my
    school now
    is the world instead..:)

    There is no schooling quite like the
    schooling that is nature
    abundant in
    freedom of
    curriculum of
    life.. adding in the
    ingredient of Unconditional
    Love.. and school becomes
    the child that still
    feeds upon breast
    of Love’s Milk..
    where emotions
    grow equally
    free with
    child before..
    home schooling is
    the way of hundreds
    of thousands of years..
    where brick
    and other
    Free Education
    Freest with
    of Village
    home and
    Family’s Loving
    eYes.. allnowallone..:)

    Ah.. greaTest thirst for anything in my life has been
    the thirst for feeling.. granted exquisite ones
    from birth but losing them
    to knowledge ways
    of robotic
    cognition being..
    OH the LESSONS
    well for me then..
    THAT less than
    70 standard IQ
    emotional savants
    are beyond measure
    of intelligence for
    and Creating..
    requiring DOING
    of many of
    my less than
    70 IQ
    and mentors..
    And of course
    still major
    success in human
    creativity making
    children Loving
    any age
    of being Well IN
    Humanity’s NOw..:)

    Child tiMe NOw reaLity
    alArm clocks thEn
    futURe illusiOn

    Oh.. my
    goodness.. the
    job of childhood speaks
    trembling into adulthood
    for me.. i always wonder
    when will i learn how to well
    learn speak.. after all.. my mother
    and father do it so fluently.. so well..
    ah.. but they never input like i do.. oh
    to output is more than input before.. smiles..
    and yes.. now i never ever.. no.. ever never shut UP..;)

    Thanks Gabriella..

    i needed this prompt..




    Ah.. yes.. my friend.. X.. as note above on the starting photo.. where My teacher Mrs. B for Bonner states on the earlier part of the school year.. the ‘Old Fred’.. and per the song by Jessie J.. above.. i go out and buy some weights.. and start health habits that last me the rest of my life.. and eventually in high school..

    Gracie.. another one of my not so

    well wishers from middle school..

    comes up to me and tells me Fred..

    you’ve really improved..

    we are proud of you..

    welcome to the human race..

    in those words more or less..

    And although my wish to have

    a real girlfriend from Kindergarten

    never materializes until

    after high school..

    i do not stop being nice with smiles..

    and develop many close friendships..

    and even one of the high school bullies who

    announces me at the beginning of the Beta Club meeting.. who is then President of this club for nerds.. Welcome Ladies and Gentleman and Fred..and he later confides that you know what.. i can’t understand it..

    you are everyone’s favorite person.. and yes.. he is talking about another Lynn.. who is my new best friend… who he has a crush on.. and she gives me her time as friend.. eating lunch with me everyday..

    and trivia note.. we both tie at 11 out of

    381 at the end of the high-school days..

    And I always wish then that Lynn will be my girlfriend.. but First Baptist Girls only date First Baptist Boys.. and by then.. i am not part of any church at all.. except for the one out in nature.. but she calls me her best friend Fred and that is enough for me then.. as i don’t even know what sex is until sixteen years old.. and i don’t miss much.. as i Learn to Love girls for their personalities instead of T and A’s.. and the missing continent i know nothing at all about until after high school.. as Penthouse.. only gives an exterior view of that new horizon of feeling stuff in life…

    Anyway.. during the period of my pain disorder.. i lose a lot of my long term memory.. with the emotions that leave me then.. and truly this entire blog has been therapy for me to regain my memories and humanity…

    as i don’t think many people can possibly understand what it’s like to not even be able to remember if you ever smiled or belly laughed before.. as when emotions go.. there is no reference at all to any emotions as feelings are the reference point.. and not empty shells of words alone…

    I spend today at an ophthalmologist office..

    with those drops that dilate your eyes..

    and a lot of time.. thinking about the

    old days.. after i see this prompt..

    and those feelings of sadness come back but more than

    anything the joy of even being able to feel sadness.. as that is what makes us appreciate

    Love as much as i do now.. for sure.. and truly without emotions it is

    hard to feel GOD too.. so i AM BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF..

    and i always hope my words or dance of life..

    will help someone know and feel it is

    okay to be different..

    enjoy life as silly..

    and be strong and courageous too…

    I have lots of inspiration.. and I see my ‘old friend’ Murry again.. as he nears retirement as Athletic Director at the High School.. I have the joy of him meeting my still young looking wife in 25 years of marriage and reporting to him that yeah.. i become a Federal Military Installation Athletic Director and retire 5 or so years ago.. then.. when i see him.. and i tell him i just Write and Dance now.. for fun.. while my wife shops.. looking down at him from around 4 inches above.. 50 LBS or so plus in muscle.. and a bright white smile.. that defies his somewhat ‘older teeth’.. belly extending a little more.. and snow white hairs with the miles of life driven hard to get the biggest house on the block…

    I have the biggest heArt..

    That’s all that counts..





    and Lesson
    for Infinity NOW
    in my smAll view

    Yes.. Sherry.. ONE
    thing LIFE Teaches
    me WELL IS to Live IT
    REAL and FULL..
    and never ever
    be afraid to
    share it
    as Truth and
    Light and Dark..
    and yeah.. modern science
    even shows that humans are in
    real empathy trouble as empirical
    measures of college age adults
    in ways of empathy are
    decreasing at around
    30 percent in the
    last several
    The Zombie Apocalypse
    is a meme for reality
    as humans
    lose their
    and spiRits..
    and Truly the Internet
    is a thriving place for Zombies
    clear to see.. particularly on YouTube
    as people have contests to see how
    much of a Zombie in cruelness
    to other humans they
    can be.. the
    best revenge
    AS JOY..:)

    Hi Gabriella.. I sure hope schools take it more serious

    but at least where i live.. i know the children do not..

    overall.. and with the Internet there are more ways

    to bully young folks than ever before..

    and the only way to stop that i think..

    is if the children are taught to Tolerate..

    and Accept differences among their peers..

    and Love better and stand together

    against bullies when no adults are looking..

    i do see that now on the Internet more often..

    particularly on the gay issue that has always been the last pariah..

    of the lesser seen by others.. overall.. in the United States culture..

    it is always inspiring to me.. when I see folks stand up for others..

    and acknowledge and honor their full humanity

    no matter how different from the

    Vanilla norm.. they may be..


    Ah.. thanks so much hailee’s comma

    for stopping by and providing those kind words of

    appreciation for what i do here today.. and yes.. intense

    non-stop focus staring directly into another person’s eyes when

    speaking with them.. is considered inappropriate and potentially..

    intimidating by standard norm of human cultural rules..

    and technically also a clinical symptom in some

    forms of Asperger’s/Autism along with

    extreme empathy for some and little for others..

    however for me.. i Love people and am simply absorbing

    all of their soul as part of me through the windows of

    what they are deepest inside.. and i guess since i

    wear shades now.. it is not nearly as disarming.. as before..

    some folks say please don’t look so deep.. i feel like you are

    undressing my soul.. and sure i am.. and hoping for something

    both light and fascinating.. but yes.. i can see the darkness

    of souls too.. as there is much more than meets the eye alone..

    in eye to eye contact.. for within.. is the history of infinity

    of each unique soul.. just waiting for me to see..

    given the opportunity of course..

    and i will love it if more folks show

    their eyes on the Internet as truly i want

    to see that greatest expression of soul

    that comes through windows of us..

    when within looks outside..

    with us watching..

    just patiently



    absorb it all..

    as all watchers can

    and will do.. smiles..:)

    Yes.. hailee’s comma..

    Oh my Jessie…

    i am singing and

    dancing off the same sheet

    of music from ‘her’ too..

    as she just wants

    the world to dance..

    as nicely illustrated ‘below’..

    and it ain’t about the ba bling ba bling..

    smiles.. coconut man.. moon head.. and P..;)

    Hi Kanzensakura.. after this experience i am fortunate and sprout up to almost my entire height in middle school.. albeit still at around 120 LBS.. but still.. for some reason no one has ever attempted to actually physically abuse me in life.. and now that i can fight back with ease.. anyway.. i am still happy not to have to.. the best offense can be a greatest defense.. and with a martial arts exhibition here and there.. in public.. words and actions get around.. smiles.. and when anyone bumps into me in the bar.. they quickly say my bad man.. excuse me..

    i believe in being able to defend oneself and not having to ever have to use those skills to actually hurt someone.. IF possible.. as those skills become more proficient with practice.. and yeah.. 930LBS of kicking power 1 inch from any target i choose in exhibition illustrates that nicely.. in 360 degrees of movement.. smiles..

    But most importantly.. the actual practice of it provides mind and body balance in emotional regulation and sensory integration.. better cognitive executive functioning in focus and short term working memory.. all clinical symptoms of Autism.. and essentially the real life working cure for me.. that allows me comfort in my own skin..

    And to make a stranger of a friend.. from the roughest looking bar dudes.. to the fairest of them ‘all’ in dance.. smiles again.. i wanna connect with everyone.. and fearless pays that due.. in real flesh and blood life too..

    And yeah.. overall.. school is insane in many ways.. as it teaches us to be cogs in an efficient working machine for the materialism excesses of culture.. and rarely to even be human again..

    And this is my favorite song for that reality..

    as i too become the logical one.. the clinical one..

    then.. as culture decides.. i will then.. but nah.. i follow the

    True Wild and Free ONE NOW.. THE GOD OF

    no limitations or expectations as FREE..

    knowing and most importantly FEELING SaMe..:)

    Thanks Lynn.. and truly looking back on it..

    some of it is silly now.. with adult eyes..

    but of course so confusing then.. and yes.. i always want to see my friend Lynn again.. and of course Charlie too in heaven as that may be the case.. somewHere now then.. now.. and last class reunion.. i am a shut-in with illnesses and cannot go.. but certainly i will go to the next one.. which will be the 40th class reunion in 2018.. God willing.. of course.. smiles.. and thanks my friend Lynn.. two or three.. or however many friendly Lynns.. i meet in life..:)

    Yeah.. Mary.. truly.. compared to losing Charlie.. i didn’t care what those kids did to me.. as long as my dog was okay.. but truly the memory of Charlie is what also helped me to get back from real human hell of no emotions for those 66 months of that beyond any human hell i can imagine before.. so yeah.. Charlie’s death as dark as it was then.. is still a light of my life.. and sacrifice for

    that life of Charlie that continues in my eyes..

    i don’t hold humans as any higher as Love as any other being..

    they are ALL worthwhile as Nature IN 100% Love and Respect..

    and my cats continue to teach me that lesson well..

    Yellow Boy has Feline Leukemia but

    Love makes an immune system

    as strong as it can be.. and as much as Yellow Boy

    is Loved that will be the medicine for him that no medicine from

    Vet can bring.. other than that same Love from Vets who are

    most often that Loving too.. with all animals as well..:)

    Ah.. yes.. Marina Sofia.. in the Poet world and Artist World..

    and even any World where there are achievers that break out of boxes there are often these stories of dark and bullying in childhood of those who use this darkness to inspire greater Artistic Light.. but then sadly there are the others.. the bullied who go on to extend the vicious cycle and become bullies more..


    IN LOVE.. OF



    Yeah.. bullying Sucks Claudia but as the following music video nicely illustrates in ‘Radioactive’ way there is a rising tide of opposition.. namely ART and LOVE that in TSunAmi Form IS washing away the residue of Darker ways of human beings.. some folks call it THE New Age..

    THE Illuminati.. THE Real ONE about Truth and Light

    and not the fake one that folks twist Just like Jesus’

    teaching to repress human nature and oppress

    others in domination through illusory fears

    of subjugation and oppression..

    Anyway.. pioneers from Jesus to most unlikely candidates

    like Aleister Crowley are predicting this phenomenon for Centuries and Years..

    and surely when an African American becomes President of the United States.. and a Woman is about to enter those doors too.. those are sealing signs of a new age of Art IN Love’s Freedom.. in ALL the COLORS that comes in..

    and perhaps when a Gay President comes that will be the Seventh Seal of the Kingdom Jesus is speaking of when Love your neighbor as yourself with complete tolerance and acceptance of human differences becomes more than a rule and just a talking point to muse..

    BUT the Dance of
    Life that comes in
    real flesh and
    blood human

    But yeah.. then there is Donald Trump who truly stands as a symbol for what most of the folks of my Local First Baptist towering church IS.. when folks enter my River Town.. SEE standing HIGH and LOW at core.. a clique.. a group of human beings.. where they SAY THEY ARE GOD’s chosen.. few..

    and the others can wait behind a wall of division.. of true Anti-Christ Mission.. exemplified Ironically so.. in almost ludicrous clarity.. for anyone who can see through all the selfish serving lies of individual or group.. with real Truth and Light of Jesus eYes of Human Nature and the God of Nature as well..

    BUT yes.. Tribal Instinct is pArt of GOD and Human Nature too.. and even this Anti-Christ Nature too.. and the solutions are any solutions that help to make the World ONE Tribe where all humans are tolerated.. accepted into


    and of course the

    first step of that is a

    Dance of MOVING..









    IN THE
    OF ART

    And SPORTS of ALL
    KIND are certainly
    part of that Tribal
    Dance of one that
    binds all together..
    particularly Soccer
    it seems as ALL
    WORK to
    OF LOVE..
    no wonder
    why.. truly..
    as WE continue
    to evolve OURONE
    FEAT OF LOVE..:)

    Ah.. yes Bjorn.. so often the medicine for bullying is the Love of Togetherness and all ways of Moving Imagination and in Connections of Creation Activity that come to rescue us from Bullies of Life.. from Cats and Dogs to books and brushes of painting human life Renewing Love as Creativity..:)

    Ah yes.. so true Sumana Roy that human bullying is a crime and ‘they’ are most always in a Gang and Cowards in numbers.. and the saddest part perhaps of my bullying in the middle ages of school.. is that the one thing in common that almost

    ALL of the bullies have in numbers (:Ha! ‘they’ have no idea then.. they are dealing with a budding Anthropologist/Psychologist/Sociologist/Health IN ART Scientist.. eventuAlly degreeING in UNIversITy of West Florida as such;)

    IS the supporting ideology and human Arms

    of the giant First Baptist Church in my local area..

    And i without my ‘Robert Conrad’.. ‘Wild Wild West’ looking ‘James West’.. Law Enforcement officer (46 years in total terms of that) patriarchal influencing Father.. i am raised by Love dripping with the estrogen of an almost total female matriarchal influence from birth.. just seeing my father twice a year.. trying to quickly imitate that gender role.. BUT that doesn’t work.. obviously.. as i become soft as estrogen and matriarchy will Love..

    And I have no clue what this First Baptist Patriarchy thingy is that I must imitate to become one of the MALE crowd then.. and i become a very androgynous looking human at that time that is soft smiling and moving contradicting all the rules of the First Baptist patriarchy fueled by homophobia.. and hate of anything that moves outside the First Baptist BOX of exclusion..

    Sadly church is the core sin of bullying in my town.. then.. and sadly still.. just a few years ago.. the most prominent Local Radio so-called Christian Evangelist in my town is still promoting the ideology that ‘homosexual behavior’ is demon possessed with

    his so-called Christian Manager of the Radio Station suggesting

    that so-called Welfare MOTHERS SHOULD BE STERILIZED



    I am spitting nails listening to THAT but far too weak then with illness to confront face to face.. but still as weak as i am behind a computer with barely a voice to speak.. I confront the Preacher and Radio Station Manager online.. and both truly never do that again.. on Radio Air.. as far as I know now..

    WORDS are powerful sWORDS..

    much more powerful than my feet that now press half a ton

    twenty five times.. and can hypothetically kick most ‘evil butt’..

    one on one.. but nah.. I WiLL use Art of Words instead

    of feat of physical harm.. and on top of that

    I enjoy my freedom..

    and do not want

    to go to jail.. smiles..:)

    Hi Glenn.. i still am amazed that i get away free from any beatings
    on me.. or any significant fear of that.. but oh the
    story different for friends as close as wife..
    as my pretty little wife poor with no church
    ‘rich’ friends behind her in school..
    is terrified every
    day in school
    that literally
    are gonna
    kill her dead..
    they still
    like her
    for the same
    beautiful reasons..
    but nah.. she still thinks
    it is just ’cause she was poor..
    but that is no competition for
    the boys.. as mean girls
    continue to beat
    the nice
    and pretty
    ones down..
    If only ‘they’
    realize real
    beauty comes
    and flourishes
    until death do

    Haha! Victoria obviously i ramble more.. as i am never
    one to fit in holes.. except
    for rabbit
    that never
    way only..
    i am a forked
    road with
    that go..
    and there is
    no individualized
    plan that works
    for me.. except
    me.. and truly
    of World
    provide more
    avenues for US
    who fit in no
    or square
    we are
    PI flowing
    in PHI
    with numbers
    never ending
    into Infinities
    Truth and LigHT..:)

    And for a relative sense
    of how much more there is
    to go.. that’s just close to 6,000 words
    and there is about 56 times more poetry
    than this in that one ‘little’ MacroVerse
    of now what is reaching 711 wHole
    Ocean Poem Macro-Verses..
    well over 3.3M words now
    and perhaps
    even many
    more than that..
    as the best i can do
    is estimate it to this point..
    as MicroSoft word says that
    would be approximately 30,000
    printed pages.. excluding tens of
    thousands of photos plus YouTube
    Videos too.. just for ‘some sense’ oF iT..;)

  7. 11:17 pm..
    still noW
    on 10112016..
    and making a visit
    to a choice of a cloud
    precisely 44 word Quadrille
    prompt for inspiration at dVerse..
    from Monday.. or a general one based
    on celebration from Tuesday at this place
    of online poets and many many links accumulating
    tHere of poeTry as throughout the last two days as
    i have
    been engaged
    in oTher wRiting
    and DanCinG activities
    in lieu of finding inspiration
    there.. a little gas left from a night
    full of Store DanCinG.. so let’s see how
    the cLouds come next in Micro-Micro Freest
    poetic ways..
    with no number
    limits at all but
    F as alphanumeric
    6 for Free.. yes.. FReED..:)

    icy clouds Northern
    morn.. dawns day
    Sweat of
    Sun as Summer
    roams lands South…
    no relief.. cLouds peace..:)

    SMiLes.. most
    only colored leaves
    are tans of sKin sTiLL
    in Florida sun so far away from shades

    Clouds.. inK blots
    expresSinG human
    inner uniVerses multi-way
    through life breezes.. some light
    some heavy
    some noW
    stone walls
    wHeRe fluffy turns
    siNk a soul as dARk
    holes in skies covered grey..
    i used to pretend the clouds were
    not there for relief..
    now they
    are all
    as living
    BeinG oF liGht
    over clouds of
    do say
    so much
    mY FriEnd..
    TG.. they alWays change..
    CloUd of DaRk to sKeYes oF Love..:)

    There are no clouds
    of dance
    all is sunshine toes
    to fingers
    clouds for
    rest of feat.. in peaceful
    skies no matter winter cold or Summer heat..:)

    And as a side note here.. whenever i dance
    i transform into ageless timeless
    spirit.. and if could paint
    a picture of what
    i am..
    all i am
    is am a liGht am i oF Dance..
    too many folks view God as noun
    when God is MoVinG SounDinG
    oF DAncE..
    Nataraja is
    more oF God
    than any word
    of FucKinG Book..
    DancE Baby ONE SonG as GOD..:)

    Whale shadows
    clouds of Ocean
    Blue magnificent
    moves free
    through seas
    of life..
    bLocKinG Breathe…

    Side note of Truth and liGht..
    Purpose of poEtry..
    reminding folks
    are human..
    iF aT aLL possible..
    to feel thaT attribute aGain..
    loss children
    cloud Death..
    taR oiLed birds
    liVe plastic SoULs…

    Sadly.. A rape culture
    started in the old testament
    around the time of concubines
    and sharing daughters..
    still reigns
    to women
    all ways that comes…
    there is no bravery/patriarchy
    in weakness of man fallen clouds to rule….

    October Skies of Northern
    Florida.. respite from
    all stuff
    including clouds..
    but sure.. i Love
    sunset colors
    paint and
    brush as canvas..:)

    iN original greek definition,,
    the term apocalypse means
    lifting the veils of ignorance..
    and those are
    that are not
    getting much
    lighter these days
    sTiLL Dark aS oWning ways..:)

    i’m good to go
    as long as i don’t
    see any evangelical
    Christians in THE CLOUD..
    i think i’d rather find
    any hanging
    Trump ornaments to go astray..
    hehe.. one place.. i feel free here toNiGht
    to let A greaTest disgust over slavery
    come iN
    words rest
    here free..heHe..
    FucK the people
    who think they own the world..
    and grab their hate by bAlls juSt for FuN..;)

    So many dArk spots
    cloud Sun SouL
    Earth.. stars of liFE
    sway dArk
    to death
    as owning
    lifE.. Clouds faLL
    lEaves SinG
    clean Sun..
    without an own..:)

    WeLL.. ten is enough
    foR noW.. perHaps
    more later
    as morn
    without clouds..
    12:49 am
    Columbus day is here..:)

  8. The En name test
    special Facebook provided
    personal improvement assistant..
    says i am an Enchanting
    Princess by the
    name of Katie2
    in a previous lifetime..
    so i say..
    That’s what the
    Katrina Princess
    Calls me2..;)

    WeLL.. the Karmic eye and beast mode
    is out in full force again.. and i’m really having
    a hard time.. motivating ‘my assistant’ to help me
    in putting up.. all our outside Halloween Decorations..
    including my favorite.. the 16 foot tall
    grim reaper who has his hand
    extended.. down.. you
    know.. like he’s either
    fixing to reap you
    or grab something..
    or perhaps offer ‘someone’
    some ‘Halloween Candy..’
    anyway.. who needs Trick
    or Treat when you have access
    to the news and dArk clowns visiting
    the local town.. and the craziest clown
    of all in truly Trump dArk ways on almost
    every news channel.. no.. every news channel..
    every day.. with the most evil trick next up his sleeve..
    it’s hard for predators to change.. it’s almost like the
    social role of the grim reaper reminding uS of the dark
    and evil side of human nature iSREAL.. and
    sure.. myths and religions and other
    symbols remind us of the inner
    UniVerse that is multi-verse
    of each human being..
    but.. seriously with
    24 hour news
    not hard to
    realize the devil
    is wE when the dArk
    side lives as i.. of uS
    no longer bRinGinG each
    oThEr uP but tearing down whole
    A potential liGht of the hUman race
    to the dArkest doubt.. greed and hate..
    that are the con-social emoTions that the
    human race have alWays ‘mythed’ into ‘a devil’
    broken out of chains incarnate as our human being..
    the devil exists.. in the dArKest soULs of iSREAL
    Evils hUman beings too.. and most often..
    they are bred that way through either
    social abuse or neglect..
    particularly at a young
    age but sure..
    they can
    literally come
    that way through birth
    through no fault of their
    own but their God Given Dark
    Nature too.. science proves this..
    so what this sadly means.. is if one
    is to love all of God one must find even
    some compassion in their heARt of empathy
    for sympathy for the devils and truly some of them
    know not what they do.. and sure.. these folks have
    always played a role.. where heart gets in the way of
    getting the job of survival done for the tribe.. whether it
    be the surgeon who has laid to rest any way of harming
    others.. by cognitive gifts of moral code.. or the top warrior
    who doesn’t hesitate at all to kill someone with their bare
    hands to save the tribe.. but sadly there are those
    who just exist to bring pain to other folks..
    yes.. sadly.. there are the Trump folks..
    and truly they do get sympathy
    the DArk
    that lives in all
    of we potentially if
    this snake that is no
    snake at all raises its
    ugly head and says come hither..
    to reap souls to dArkest days of iSREaL…
    and at one point in my life.. i could never
    fathom what it was that made devils tick..
    all my experience said it just didn’t make
    sense.. and truly.. if i was to fulfill my
    full assigned mission of life..
    God would move to
    give me eYes
    of the devil to
    go along with
    my Angel eYes..
    i lEarned my dARk
    lesSon well.. and yes..
    i kNow and feel less of what
    makes the devils tick.. never having
    or losing the warm and fuzzy purrs of
    actually feeling pro-social emotions of
    connection.. where the only pleasure one
    feels is pain and other more shallow emotions..
    or in a worst case human scenario.. no feelings or senses at
    all.. the lowest point of separation from all of God liGht and dARk..
    wHere one will cry out to even feel an ounce of pain over the dArkest
    night of Black Hole soul eternity wHere every second is a thousand
    years wHere all tHere is is never ending time as illusion iSREAL2
    and pARt of the
    highway tHeir
    is Hands
    now of
    soul gain…
    pit of hell..
    here isREaL
    aS Earth cOldsOldsoUls….

    Another one of the best things about
    improving poetic intelligence and yes that
    is an intelligence of our ancestors before the
    days of electronic entertainment.. and before even
    the days of the written word developed as an art of life..
    mostly for the comfort and trust of gaining existential intelligence
    overall to gain peace of miNd and BoDy soUL
    iN Harmony.. you kNow and FeeL .. perHaps..
    like the Tibetan Monks
    in Mountain
    and Kung Fu schools..
    and those who combine
    art of painting and poetic Koans
    for deeper meanings as cave art eYes
    of greater light as condition now of being human..
    hmm.. so what does a photo ‘ike this say.’. does it
    spArk a Novel or otHer art of poetic interpretive eYes
    that go deeper than literal constructed site.. well..
    for me.. this photo lives.. with no interpretation
    at all.. the colors spark my EmoTioNs
    and the textures so diverse spaRk
    mY many SenSory potentials
    of seNsinG and FeeLinG
    liFe too.. in much greater
    miNdful awareness in
    the now.. the greaTEst
    PreSent of aLL beyond
    materialistic promises.. of
    future gains of liGht.. fully liGht
    noW beYond RainBow oF sEnSinG
    and FeeLinG liGht.. Yellow Bright
    reaLliTy isREaL of JoY sofT
    Pastel PiNks as Grace
    oF Love.. Green
    shoots out in
    StriVe oF LiFe
    and HuMan sands
    hands to BRinG order
    to the canvas.. brush and
    paint of God.. God lives on
    while human goes concrete sands
    of stagnant water and air.. eYes of
    God shines Bright in ALL of SeNSes
    FeeLinGS wE when colors grow freely
    as SpiRit air and water free.. Firing eARTh
    as liFE moRE.. Ocean WhOle of BeauTy
    GoD’s EYes ouRs DeLight.. so wITh
    aLL that sAiD.. FeLT and SeNSeD
    i AM properly mused to Develop
    my poetic intelligence greater
    in existential way too..
    at dVerse Cloud
    Prompt links..
    in poetic way
    and perHaps
    even a Celebration
    one.. before this pARTy continues..
    tHeir is ReaSon and there is heARt..
    THeiR is Art and THeir is science.. two
    general ways the MiNd works too with
    faith of pure love and trust or order
    that imposes chains of reaSon
    on human poTenTial for
    greaTEr eYes of God..
    however.. tHeir is
    also ignorance..
    wHere Apocalypse
    in original definition
    of lifting those veils of
    ignorance come into play..
    so all wE hUmans can greater
    exercise the Art intelligences that
    grow beyond the concrete walls of liFe..
    sure.. scribes of God who empirically measure
    in ways of science.. to a greaTesT science of art
    and art of science.. to help lift the heaviest veils of
    ignorance that are still ever present around wE and
    in wE same who fall to clouds of illusions.. that are dArk..
    instead of liGht or purgatory ‘Tween of concrete walls..
    lift the concrete
    walls aside..
    and make
    oF aRt.. they are
    tHeRE aLreAdy waiting..
    they exist.. question is.. do we….
    To put it SoMEwhat bluntly.. now more..
    WE are huwomanifestations oF and AS God..
    every flower every human every gRain of sAnd..
    somewhats wanna dance and otHeRwhats wanna grab….
    Yes.. it’s true.. there are two faces in ‘this photo’
    one of God
    and one
    culture that
    has become two faces of God….
    if you can’t see God in all things..
    you are missing a mighty big thing…
    and serIOUsly God juSt GrinS and frOwns
    @folks who try to shrink God into Concrete walls of Sand…;)


    Hmm.. that’s an interesting hash tag..
    just something that came to spirit.. you
    kNow and FeeL.. huh.. the deeper pArt
    that underlies our everynow concrete minds..
    to get the job of modern cultural priSon done..
    as Lord KNows and FeeLs too.. if we don’t… tHeRE
    go all our creature comforts of order away from toil and
    trouble.. or it that the illusion.. is the struggle.. the cross
    of the animal kingdom the way to everyday intermittent
    gratification in simple animal homeostasis.. so what..
    you were expecting Jesus to only come back
    with parable clothes..
    without a
    to liFT the
    veils of Ignorance
    in TrUe Apocalypse way..
    do you not even kNow and FeeL
    what an iSREAL Jesus modern human
    archetype is.. you kNow A poet warrior
    and king and such as that in building fields
    of dreams for King as i @lEast to coMe
    as mE.. sure.. now that’s a deep
    deep parable that
    means if you
    don’t believe
    in me you’ll never
    get to heaven now..
    and find it in the only
    place heaven iS in now..
    and me.. is me.. and you and
    we and uS ToGeTHER in this gAMe
    of liFE all one or separate away from
    Ocean wHOle poem eYes now too..
    anyWAy.. we must all become
    modern Jesus’
    if we
    to live life
    well in liberty
    and pursuit of happiness
    away from all stuff dArk strife..
    doubt.. Jealousy.. Greed.. hate
    you get the drift of hell.. oKay..
    wELL Heaven IS A place i live..
    i built a field of dreams of poEtry
    of photos.. of Dance of liFe and Heaven
    iSREAL for me.. believe that or not Ripley
    i prove it every day.. juST for mE of course..
    as i rule not a multi-Universe of a Grain of SAnd
    any different than the smaller than subatomic Quantum
    particles that make up that Multi-UniVerse as animation
    too.. iSreAL as isREaL can be.. at smallest to largest levels
    i could go
    on forevernow
    iSREAL i WiLL
    and TrUsT mE or
    NoT ’cause in My FiEld
    of DreAmS BoTh hE and
    sHe cAMe Back as mE..
    how ’bout you.. i’m juST here to cheerlead.. OK..
    remember.. fight fight fight Go TEaM LIGht.. sure
    Jesus can do anything huh.. if he or sHe seTS mind and BoDy
    soUL BaLanCinG to
    FaITh Mode
    tHere ain’t
    nuThinG likE iT.. huh..;)


    And whatever else
    he or sHe
    and yes.. thE
    ‘clown photo’ is three
    yearS old.. i understand
    clOwn masks may get ‘outlawed’
    like Halloween wHere i Live in Red state hell… this year…
    it’s kinda sad when maKinG FuN of the Dark gets ‘outlawed’..
    iT iS iSreaL..
    to either be afraid
    of the DArk that’s iSREAL
    or cynical of the liGht iSREAL
    iS juST a JoKe on yOu my FriEnd(s) iN
    purgatory now@most…. or HeAVen liGht.. @lEast..:)

  9. https://gigoid.me/2016/10/12/if-only-they-knew-or-even-suspected/#comment-20511

    “We must respect the other fellow’s religion,
    but only in the sense and to the extent
    that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.”

    ~~ H. L. Mencken ~~

    That reminds me..
    in the last town hall
    debate.. Hillary forgot
    to tale the Devil
    wife is
    Funny how
    Devils have
    beautiful wives..
    and even funnier
    when Jokers do..
    iN Fact Jesus F iN
    Christ it’s Hilari0us..;)

    “Do not go where the path may lead,
    go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

    ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~

    CRap.. i missed the first
    quote.. but it will
    on the tRail..;)

    Regarding your wonderful
    poem it’s worth noting
    some folks
    do drop dead happy..
    seriouSlyS even in A last stroke of sex..
    10 to
    a thOught
    of glass over

    “An idea that is not dangerous is
    unworthy of being called an idea at all.”

    ~~ Oscar Wilde ~~

    The best ideas
    oF all
    plain fun..
    FucKinG Serious
    poets and scientists
    P R i E sTs Pastors..
    and philosophers
    and etc..
    the world needs
    more Jim Carrey..;)

    Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker.
    Expose your ideas to the danger of controversy.
    Speak your mind
    and fear less the label of “crackpot”
    than the stigma of conformity.”

    ~ Thomas J. Watson, Sr. ~~

    have more
    fun without crack..
    when folks ask me when
    i’m public dancing iF iT is
    Crack that fuels mY liGht..
    i say no..

    “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”

    ~~ E. E. Cummings ~~

    FinAlly a poet.. scientist..
    philosopher.. priest..
    A Cummings
    i AM CRACK who gets iT2..
    Jesus F iN Christ.. EE..
    Cracks mE uP even more..;)

    “A process which led from amoeba to man
    appeared to the philosophers to be obviously progress
    – though whether the amoeba would agree with this opinion is not known.”

    ~~ Bertrand Russell ~~

    Wondering here
    if Bertrand
    yeah.. like
    EcKart Tolle..
    it’s alWays now to Dance
    in the
    if one is Yogi..
    and yes i can prove
    i did it but all legal in
    my blacky tighties..
    even on
    Jesus that
    was funny..
    but not to Christians..
    the one’s i know @most..
    even my closet relatives who kNow mE noT..
    Facebook Friend..;)

    “The fear of death is the most unjustified of all fears,
    for there’s no risk of accident for someone who’s dead.”

    ~~ Albert Einstein ~~

    as already
    given.. last
    and first stroke..;)

    “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, –that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

    ~~ John Keats — Ode on a Grecian Urn ~~

    The more ‘ugly’ inspires
    me the more is beautiful oF liFe.:)

    “Let us endeavour to live that when we come to die
    even the undertaker will be sorry.”

    ~~ Mark Twain, Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar (1894) ~~

    i can’t say he/she will be sorry..
    but i sure will tale ya one trUth
    and or liGht.. he or she will never forget
    if they see
    me dance
    iSrEAL juST
    one time
    Super Walmart..

    SeriouSly.. how many
    strangers doeS onE
    or even

    They can’t
    miss me..
    they do..

    Have a nice day
    gigoid.. thanks

  10. Just a thOught heRe..
    wondeRing if some folks
    wonder what i expect to
    get out oF all of this
    writing @12
    in 6 years..
    longest long
    form free
    verse poem
    in the history
    of humankind..
    @3.3M words and
    @6000 miles of
    public dance in
    three years..
    @100K photos
    to give
    in three
    years sAMe..
    @10,000 or so
    nude art photos alike
    as new age renaissance
    Art in all male style..
    leg pressing @Half
    a Ton now
    parallel style
    with arms
    ballerina air up
    i have
    one thing
    to say..
    in the wash
    and rinse
    and spin
    and dry
    of life..


    And @’711′.. 2..;)

  11. First oF aLL.. juST to be clear..
    i realize there is no changing your
    ruse.. but once again.. Mr. Uprising
    DoWnrising.. eTc.. anonymous
    Avatar man.. i am here
    for some poetic
    muse.. so let’s
    juSt have some
    FuN.. oKay.. as seriouSly
    too many folks thINk and FeeL
    that God is all too seriouS like
    aN Evil Joker in kinda Trump
    ways of dARk inStead oF liGht
    yes.. go team liGht go teAM go..
    and sure we iSREAL illuminati CheerLeader
    Folks say God TEAM GOD TEaM LiGHT..
    and sure we are not fearful of the dArk
    as GoD iS aLL dArK and liGht and
    ‘tween of shaded grey hues
    and colors of BLack
    and WhiTe
    floWeRS of sNOW
    and that’s the really kool
    thing about YOU HUMANS..
    you as Carl Sagan once intimated
    through a Movie named ‘Contact’ have
    such a great propensity for beautiful
    dreAMs and niGhtmares saMe..
    and sure it’s alWays
    Halloween here
    as dArk
    is liGht
    as liGht iS dArk..
    and i’d much rather
    make FuN of Halloween
    than take the dArK so daM
    serIOUs that yoU create here
    mY uprising friend of
    HillaRity and
    Hillary and
    TR U MP
    same as all..
    politics is no different
    than the so-called religion
    AWay from liGht you RinG heRE noW..
    AnYway.. i have this SonG named ‘Kilroy
    Was Here’.. and i needed a few more
    words to end out that theme SonG
    and thiS shouLd JuSt about
    fill the BiLL.. for that ‘711’
    M A C R O V E R S E
    joB from GoD oF
    aLL Nature
    for isREaL
    and hey..
    to trUly Love God
    one muSt loVe dArk
    in understanding sAMe..
    so here IS A ‘710th
    MacroVerse oF Faith’
    as Part of Longest
    Long Form Poem
    and 42 month witness
    for the GoD oF Nature
    in the entire history of
    humankind sTiLL noW
    surpassing 3.3M words..
    as gift to whomever
    dares to see
    and liGht
    than fear
    of Dark
    oF liGht..


    See ya. when i see ya babe..
    you may not kNow me but i KnoW you heHE..
    and by the way.. seriouSly dude.. you can’t be so
    naive to sTart out suggesting that Obama’s Beautiful
    wife who surely doesn’t scare him or me or any real
    man with her strength.. is a male with a six foot one
    daughter.. and now you’ve gone to other extreme..
    exclaiming and supporting Mr. Jones claim
    that the Obama smells like sulfur
    and is a frigging Demon too..
    hmm.. at least you
    didn’t think
    Hurricane Matthew was
    iS A real actual demon
    too.. but hey.. it’s true
    as science in biblical scholar
    way shows.. there was never a Matthew
    that actually even wrote a word in New Testament
    way.. nor a Luke.. Nor a Mark.. Nor a John either my
    friend.. perhaps two letters from Paul and the rest
    is more or less changes.. scribe mistakes.. a
    few trUth and lights and whatever came
    out of 40 years of oral tradition
    from illiterate Aramaic speakIng
    folks after the death of whomever
    the real Jesus dude was.. then..
    after the super smart
    literate Greeks
    which sects they
    liked ranging from so-called
    Christians with one to twelve Gods
    and where anything goeS in 40 year old
    round table passing around the illiterate
    oral tradition.. and sure after that.. no Xerox
    machines.. and reported 300 to 400 thousand
    scribe mistakes as that’s what humans do when
    they copy by hand over centuries before the first even
    English Print Edition was put out in bound cover around
    1500 or so.. ha!.. some of wE can do anything my friEnd..
    as ye of
    little faith
    may not fully
    understand yet..
    but sure.. tHeRe are many
    paths to God.. and i’M just
    another Kilroywashere who found A way..
    My friEnd.. an iSREAL way one from the
    God who lives as mE within.. and you too..
    as soon as you rise from ashes aGain too..
    like a Phoenix
    oF Free mY FriEnd..
    hmm.. anyWay.. i went
    further as i aLways do
    wiTh 100% Faith wHere
    you caN fiNd aN iSREAL Definition
    of thaT FAiTh iN the liNk above with
    zero mistakes from scribes oF old..
    and you’LL also find Bruno Mars and
    hiS great new SonG that says Money
    ain’t sH88 with hashtag Jesus.. noW
    B L E S S i N G ST RuE and LiGht too..
    Oh.. Team liGht.. yA goDDa
    LoVe aLL mY
    FriEnds noW..
    who do yoU thINk
    i reALLy aM myFriENd..
    remember.. Kilroywashere..
    don’t need.. no hashtags..
    or other POUND S i G N S..
    i’M practicALLy aLL ’round the eYe..
    eAR GLobe alReady wiTh juST a bunch
    of words and photos heHe.. eTc.. HasHtAg liGht..
    ps.. don’t tale anyone i’M an isReAL Modern Jesus
    A seCret.. oKAy..
    kinda like hiStory
    rePeats iTsElF and StuFF
    liKe thaT iN hUmAN ArcHeTYPE way.. OK..
    but hmm.. as hiStory shoWs.. somEonE alWays
    Cat outta the bAG..
    what’s uP Pussy Cat..
    iT’s a grab bag ya KNow..
    FuLL oF Tricks and TreAts..
    and while you are special enough
    to get my attention.. trust me as the
    record sHows.. i’ve given just as much and much
    more attention to literAlly thouSands oF FoLks
    around the world in six years now of writing 12 milLiOn
    wordS oNline..
    amaZinG huh..
    that any
    can do
    allthatis oF tHis..heHE..
    once aGaIN Horatio..

  12. Sweaty and with a smile..
    and or serious reAlly fUN Dance..
    the mostly way i AM kNown iN the
    General Public without a word..
    hmm.. it beats 66 months
    of bedroom living..
    and car sitting
    with pain
    and numb.. at least..
    And i was jUST thInking..
    watching the latest news about
    two older women reporting some more
    Trump grabs.. when Hillary Rosen came on
    to defend the other Hillary and somewhat prosecute
    the Trump.. what a small world it is as she is the daughter
    of my Stepmother’s Best Friend from Tally Town in Florida..
    a place of college town where even the NewsPaper is
    named the Tallahassee Democrat.. in that now
    Republican Led Town.. as sure.. there is
    some red state crew that lives there
    along with the College folks..
    and other folks of
    open.. more
    liberal minded
    ways of thinKing.. and
    my Stepmother’s second
    husband after dear old dad doing
    the marriage thingy 4 times.. twice to
    the Stepmother on topic here.. anyway..
    she married a foreign diplomat next.. and i
    finally had a real open minded male member of
    the species to speak with on Tally trips in brief
    encounters with “NASCAR” Hunting flesh
    and blood dad there.. raised on a
    patriarchal way of farm life..
    and never escaping that
    smaller school of
    from a younger
    age of hilly billy ways
    more of doing stuff in life..
    but never the less.. his father
    was a theological scholar.. and
    all around philosophy dude too..
    Piled Deeper and HiGhER yes. P. H. D.
    X-Priest.. once counsel for the Vatican..
    noted author.. of books and magazine editor..
    and all around evangelistic speaker for the new
    Protestant Christian way after ex-communication
    for getting married to his cajun sweet-heart.. my
    Grand ma.. at 17 yearS old or so.. ways out of his
    parish pews style.. hmm.. controversies nothing
    new in my family.. hehe.. with plenty of
    low hanging skeletons in the closet
    of heritage from Ireland Catholics..
    traceable to the selling of the
    past Guiness Beer Operations
    buildings too in old Rainsford
    way of Mark and others as such..
    too.. as such2.. anyWay on topic
    heRe.. smAll world aGain..
    as oft reported paRt
    of his 15 minutes..
    (X-Catholic Priest GD)..
    of old timey fame too..
    was dining with Einstein..
    in the socialist circles of New
    York.. New York.. that both my
    Paternal Granddad and Einstein
    shared then.. and other notes of interest..
    my Maternal great grand dad.. the President..
    of his college debate team.. and a self educated
    and passed bar exam person.. for lawyer.. also
    met Geronimo in the flesh on a camp trail too..
    and that Cajun Grandma on the Paternal
    side.. would have never made it past..
    a trip to Wakulla Springs.. if the
    first Tarzan.. Johnny Weissmuller
    wasn’t there to save here from drowning..
    as she fell in and didn’t know how to swim..
    oh the small.. small world it is.. and little
    did they know then.. and never will they..
    tHeiR underling would/WiLL eventually write
    now the longest long form poem ever after
    E-Scaping earth bound hell for 66 months..
    yes.. TrUSt mE or noT.. stranger stuff than that goEs doWn..
    then and now2..;)

    Facebook Provides an avenue for another wonderful two day show
    of my flesh and blood activities in video slide way.. and i also say..
    now that Facebook Friend Nicole shares a video that shows those stuffed
    bear.. eTc.. claw machines you see in places like Super-Walmart..
    and the all you can eat buffet.. and generally
    speaking everywhere the lottery
    buying population goes
    to BuY beer.. cigarettes..
    coffee beans.. and otHeR
    consumer items to get through
    the day so i say in return to Nicole..
    That’s like
    The rest of
    The consumer
    Way.. Stuff
    Brings shallow
    Joy.. i gave stuff
    Up too.. including worrying when
    someone scratches my metal glob of car..
    or the aluminum siding on my house flakes..
    it’s all stuff to me now..;)

    And then i go on to say..

    Art brings lasting joy
    in moving connecting
    and creating.. Art is Love..:)

    And more on that next.. as i go on
    to review some Facebook Algorithm
    free assistant shared Macro-Verse Memories
    from a year ago.. and more.. to date.. just for fun..
    yes.. and JOY..;)

    Oh yeah.. but first.. it’s also worth noting.. (at least
    to me.. hehe).. that Facebook Friend Ashes provides
    evidence that the constitutional amendment on the
    latest ballot for November that talks to solar power
    is actually a ruse to prevent the growth of solar
    power in

    So as usual..
    i add some ‘Fredtalk’.. and say..
    yes.. sadly LA.. is continuing to spread to
    Florida in Lower Alabama ways..
    And then coincidentally.. in
    synchronicity way (at least
    for me).. Facebook Friend
    Cortney Shares a Video Slide
    that says.. the fact that Homosexuals
    are born in Alabama is proof that homosexuality
    is not a choice for human beings.. and i go on to say..

    And neither is Alabama..
    at least for me.. but it’s
    worth noting that
    we live in LA..
    yes the lower
    part.. here.. overall..;)

    And now i say..

    Well.. the truth is Alabama.. knows
    not what it does.. there are great explantations..
    for the widespread narrow ways of thinking there..
    as yes.. its known as a Black Belt State.. along with
    other narrow thinking places.. overall to live.. a place..
    away from socio-economic resources.. where a bible belt
    of old testament mostly ways came to flourish to bring social
    cohesive power in the First Baptist churches for folks to help
    each other out.. get job leads.. etc.. take care of each other as
    humans need a common binding meaning and purpose of life liGht/dArk
    in sacred and holy whatever ways.. to get through and survive.. even
    if that means the different among us suffer for not fitting their
    molds of life to make it work good enough to at least live..
    reproduce and keep the basic cave way at least2 for
    life going on.. going on some more.. with
    sun made ice tea.. hunting.. fishing..
    plenty of guns in the cabinet..
    you know the Jeff Foxworthy
    stereotypes.. huh.. of what Hillary
    and her cohorts still refer to as the
    ‘other ones’ in society out of the
    elite circles of city life abundance..
    hmm.. truly it’s a half dozen and a Baker’s
    dozen of thirteen or 6 or less eggs.. as tHeRe are
    disadvantages of red neck ways vs.. white collar
    ways in everyday life.. human connection beats
    ignorance from what i see when the head hits the
    pillow at the end of the night.. ‘they’ may sport frowns..
    over Hillary and anti-oldtestament sentiments coming
    to the forefront of cultural ways today.. in political way..
    but in ‘tHeir’ ‘red neck’ farm home ways.. they still hold
    hands during the ‘Lord’s Prayer’.. and mean love..
    at least in their smaller farm group homes circles..
    hey.. that’s better than being less than
    a nuclear family in a big or small
    town separated from flesh
    and blood contacts..
    as without true moving..
    connecting and creating..
    humans are lost.. just lost..
    and the truth is you can do that
    fishing and hunting with your forAging
    buddies.. same as the good old days.. with
    the good old boys way back when.. then.. so when i say
    ‘red neck’ that is not without an understanding of the
    positive aspects of living the ‘red neck’ life.. as i as a
    participant observer anthropologist and cheerleader for
    God.. scribe.. etc.. prophet.. whatever.. messenger as
    such too.. visit the farm once a month.. and those
    folks do know and feel still how to be humanly
    happy holding each others hands.. although
    it’s true.. not a place where God’s folks
    who are born differently would
    be accepted much without rude
    comments behind their small or big
    backs but hey that is still the old testament
    way and the part in the New Testament that says
    hate the folks who don’t see life like the Jesus says you should..
    but of course that wasn’t the Jesus who said love your enemy..
    turn the other cheek.. those who live by the sword die by the
    sword.. gentile.. jew.. servant.. free.. woman or man no
    more.. no that is the one.. who says i bring a sword
    instead of peace.. and i am FucKinG God.. follow
    me FucKeRs or burn in hell for all of eternity..
    yes.. the Trump Jesus is alive and well..
    in those ‘red neck’ avenues too..
    as long as you follow the
    rules you are loved
    as part of the family..
    but if they find out you dance..
    naked on the Internet.. you might..
    not get the same level.. of non-stoning support.. hehe..
    i can say that with a certainly level of jest.. as burning at the
    stake for being epileptic.. left handed.. or whatever is no longer
    FucKinG legal… where ‘those’ folks can exist peacefully with
    those of we who are super not white bread folks.. at least..
    in the good old U.S. oF A.. and of course it helps
    to be a proficient 230LB martial artist.. to
    do public ballet.. in red neck LA townS..
    Lower Alabama Florida..
    hmm.. people are different
    yet same all over.. we do need
    to move.. connect and create..
    but we do need to learn better
    how to understand each other better..
    tolerate each other and even accept the
    differences that are environmentally and genetically
    ‘inborn’ that we cannot change.. there will always be the
    more conservative leaning genetically produced human being
    per brain structure.. neurohormones.. and neurochemicals.. of
    difference.. etc.. with environmental influence.. and the other
    like me..
    Super liberal Super
    Rover Super agents of FucKinG Change..;)


    And now off to the two Macro-Verse memories as
    i slowly bring this ‘BeYonD 711 Macro-Verse’
    new testament of miNd as such to close..
    as intuitively i kNow and FeeL i coming
    close to the limit of 20K or so words..
    where the Facebook Status function
    will require three parts instead of two..
    to even back up the text part of this..
    to preserve what i continue to do in
    more than one basket with the eggs here
    i continue to deliver.. yes..


    hehe.. to keep it all toGetHer
    yet diverse.. to keep it alive and
    GroWinG as Nautilus shells WiLL..
    for that little creature and or wizard
    of OZ that lives inside.. hmm.. i could really
    go crazy with these hashtags.. but that could
    take some of my creative flow away into mechanical
    cognition land.. checking to see who saw this or that
    shared that or this.. how many followers i have now.. how
    many likes i have now.. hmm.. views is enough to take snap
    shots of now and then.. just for the record hehe.. as my KATiE/
    MiA/Aghogday Blog.. 1 of 5.. public provided ones.. in Google
    Blogger way.. is arriving in the next day or so.. at the magic
    number 166K views.. as oh God… i Love all numbers
    particularly sacred and holy ones that i make
    as such.. as the more numbers i make
    holy and sacred the deeper my
    Ocean of Love grows..
    and that’s the thing..
    life is only as full
    as the moment
    is.. make it more
    holy and sacred in every
    way and make iT more positive
    in liGht as eternal now.. now is all
    there is.. live life as constant discontent
    and live discontent.. live it all holy and sacred
    in every mindful and bodily aware way.. and it
    all becomes holy and sacred heaven eternally now..
    people get stuck on owning symbols and forget it is
    the sensory and emotional experience of life at essence
    of heARt.. SpiRit expreSsinG thaT heARt.. and mInd
    and BoDy BaLancinG souL overall that makes the
    difference between FucKinG Heaven..
    Hell and all the purgatory
    ‘tween that most folks
    find in the
    line of SuperWalmart
    as their garages continue
    to overfill with stuff.. stuff.. stuff..
    essence in MoVinG.. COnNecTinG
    and CreAtinG iS wHeRE HeavEn iS
    for mE when all beCoMes.. Holy and
    SacRed and as my fingers fly across
    this keyboard in HoLy Spirit ways
    inCluDing all these cap changes..
    at close to 130 words per
    miNute or so.. my wife
    says Jesus.. it sounds like
    you are WorKinG a FucKinG
    JackHammer on that keyboard..
    slow down Fred BeFore it eXplodes okay..
    and is i say.. When the Holy SpiRit cOmes
    you go agAin with it and come BacK aGaIn..
    as when it comes.. it comes for Now.. and only NoW..
    and as i say now.. with sacred shapes and archetypes
    provided directly through me by God oF aLL within my friEnds..;)

    So wHere was i..


    Dancing Bears don’t break down..

    all about miNd and BoDy BaLancE and
    i would quote every word.. if it wasn’t so
    easy to click on the liNk and fiNd all the TrUth
    and liGht there as received by NoW A sAme hoLy
    SpiRiT of Creativity in essence by the three word
    metaphor of allthatis one God.. as force and hiGher
    power within wE all no matter.. word or religion or other
    symbols that
    folks try to own
    with greed and jealouSly
    over the source oF GoD within
    that is AlWays Free and never held
    in Chains by any word or other human
    abstract constructed symbol alone.. that essence
    will live long after the last word is erased from the face of the
    as humanly
    contrived.. constructed
    and owned like stuff too..
    as i once told my friEnd who
    kept quoting limited verses out
    of the Kuran and Hadiths.. that i had
    already heard many times over before..
    along with similar experiences about the
    same bible verses i have read over and over
    and heard over and over until they almost lose
    their sacred and holy significance or lies from sheer
    boredom.. tale me friend.. tale me friend.. tale me a new
    story from God.. don’t you think God gets bored with the same
    dam old thing.. written by human hands.. well.. ‘they’ thiNk God
    lives as words..
    no.. humans make
    words. God lives as free
    what comes from the holy
    spirit is humans and that iS pARt
    oF God and OK.. iN all the dARk and liGht
    ways that come from God too.. but God iS all
    and hUman is paRt.. and God has bigger eYes than
    words.. as all words come from god as wE are all God
    but only iN pARt.. oKay.. there are no only man Gods or
    last prophets.. AS God is unlimited and only human
    as words
    and other
    Golden Calves
    alone okay.. make
    it all holy and sacred
    and feel the heaven burn
    as jewel of life oKay.. or not..
    yoUr will and choice to create heaven
    or stay in the same place that was created
    before in caves of what yesternows brOught
    iN pArt from GoD aLL too.. tHeRE is AlWays
    more.. God is more like Lucifer than
    a Jesus who can say no more..
    or a Muhammad who
    says no one will
    but he..
    that is snake
    oil used car lot
    sales people talk
    for control and subjugation
    all real prophets realize how smAll
    they are as voices of God.. never ever
    even having only or last as part of tHeiR
    God vocabulary as reAL iSREAL alWays morE foR noW..:)

    It goes without saying.. hehe.. i ain’t gonna get back
    to dVerse in this one.. as Holy Spirit
    rules when new
    and iSREaL..
    with no
    rules @aLL
    and WiTh hUman
    rules too as all is interrelated
    interconnected GOD aLL noW.. OK..;)


    And now off to the second MacroVerse.. the last
    one about bears from two years ago.. and this one
    from last year.. titLed iT is IS IS is iT.. and trUly
    it speaks to more about MiNd and BoDy
    BaLanCinG our soUls and even more
    towards makinG all HoLy and Sacred
    in gaining more meaning and purpose
    across the life span as we go.. and it also
    speaks to what i make holy and sacred of numbers
    as my numerology report speaks to the number
    711.. as my first four challenges as documented
    in photo way in this Macro-Verse.. are 0 then
    1 then 1 then 1 across the lifespan for life
    challenge numbers
    with the number 1
    life path number..
    the number 7 for
    life destiny number
    and the number
    11 for life
    and sure in terms
    of what the folks constructed
    who made this numerology holy
    and sacred.. those numbers are
    at the height of human potential
    and perhaps it is just coincidence
    that my numbers came out that way
    giving me total free will and choice
    for whatever the FucK i wanna do in this
    liFE as an old soul who has done all the other
    stuff required in previous lifetimes to get here to
    this privilege to serve humanity this way for free now..
    as one who seeks Truth and liGht and now promotes Peace
    and harmony in the world.. if i can just avoid becoming
    tyrannical in Trump ways of the Jesus temptation from
    the devil of tyranny in the desert as such too.. as metaphor
    and human archetype too of course.. well.. i take all meaning
    and purpose as holy and sacred that i create and react to in life..
    but it is all a fortune cookie to me.. wHeRe i choose liGht iN
    positivity over negativity in dARk as Relative Free WiLL in
    creating my own life now.. if the numerology report
    sAid something negative i would make that into
    Lemonade from Lemons too..
    be careful what you
    wish for.. make
    it heaven
    instead of
    or the worst
    place of all.. numb
    with pain in hell on earth..
    i’ve learned my lessons WeLL..
    in the tough crosses and knocks of
    life.. tHeRe is alWays more to lEarn for a gRain of sAnd..
    NoW like mE.. no matter how many times of what i may or
    may not have accomplished in a previous lifetime or whatever
    God had/has iN my miNd any oTheR moment that iS alWays now.. i rise..
    i continue to rise.. as the other place is not rise.. and that’s the bottom
    i rise
    yes that’s a WhOLE
    lot oF OK’s i say today..;)

    And with ‘that said’
    i’m going on R and R
    Holy and Sacred Thursday
    Vacation.. with all the cool college
    age folks from Old Seville Quarter
    DanCinG iN my 130th Holy
    and Sacred
    way at
    least for
    me tonight..
    don’t wait for
    heaven.. make it happen
    now.. or trust me you may
    never see it.. as far as i kNow
    and FeeL for noW.. aT lEAst..
    with yes.. more fun DanCinG
    photos coming after this 13th day
    of October ends at around 3 AM
    on the 14th oF October.. note to self..
    put up the Halloween Decorations for
    the kids in the neighborhoods who are
    not afraid
    of the dArk
    enough to make
    Fun oF iT like a
    Happy Clown who ain’t scared
    oF any pArt of God aLiVe noW..
    and yes the ending photo of the
    clown as i play thAT pARt too.. is
    three yearS old too.. alWays three yeARsold..new..

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