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Cross – – Worn – – Puzzle

HanDs Fly sOlo- -wITh foRce aS- -WeLL 8 10 1 TheRe aRe nO WaRs of naKed HUmans oN bEacHes LoRds of fLies wEar cloThEs of cuLTurE anD Flies aRe FrEE N0W 21 3 6 12 3 21- et Al- – … Continue reading

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69th Dance in a Blue Moon

Haha! Thanks Janissy and one thing I’ve noticed about ‘Gunboy’ is I have the ability to inspire him to make somewhat creative responses as he makes me giggle with his responses at times. And @Gunboy, smiles my friend, even 21 … Continue reading

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Ten Commandments of Child’s Play

Ah.. Love.. an Innate Gift in small child’s eyes connecting to child of play.. Ah.. Love.. a Gift that grows in eyes of play.. Oh… World.. you bring routines.. responsibilities that go so far beyond play and forager way.. Oh.. … Continue reading

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Air iFReED

Portrait Nature Uni- Verse Spring Birthing Human Wings MarriAge soUl ground leaves spreading heArt spiRit Leaves CoLdest Spring neveRings deathNfeeling beauty Falls Winter comes Summer Frost Bird Air sings not Song bird flies free fly AIR.. iFReEd

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FROM X’S Place In the Beginning

Love the emotional element of ‘this form’.. and truly free avenues of publication like Word Press and Blogger Platforms allows any and all OLD AND new potential forms to be shared.. no longer is there an elite Art world of … Continue reading

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VineYard DesertWater cLAWs

“Lord IS.. Yes and No ALL..” – me Living nowHere and everywHere.. Faith is 100% with no Belief or Hope.. Living now everywhEre and nowheRe.. Sacred symbols expressing communication.. housing essence.. what IS.. earliest of phrases.. “Lahmu and Lahamn”.. describing … Continue reading

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Nature of Baphomet ET AL

Mechanical Cognition VS Social Cognition IS what THAT speaks to me.. wHere even Kats have more heArt than Mechanical Cognition Lovers.. ~Water is faster than fists. ~Bruce Lee ‘Air is faster’ -Me Bows and exists.. NOT exits.. Thugs carry guns.. … Continue reading

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