Book oF Ten Sixteen


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Hi.. M.. thanks so much
for stopping by and
SMiLinG at me..
as every
for anoTher
SmiLe.. mY FriEnd..:)


WeLL.. Hello
my brave and
sturdy ship mate
or poet mate as it were
and still is.. hmm.. if you
read this entire Hurricane that
is certainly more than tat for a Quadrille..
now considering that 15,266 words is about
the equivalent of 347 Quadrilles.. without
all the photos too.. eTc.. and oThEr stuff three plus
of course.. as i continue on now to just another
3 and a half day tour to do an average of 30K
words constant
every week of
the year
no vacation
as this is simply
fun to me.. requiring
no more effort than a
nap with words in Alpha
to theta miNd wave to surge CreAtiVity..
anyWay.. i like the user name erbiage.. it
reminds me of all the verbs i put out in one day.. hehe..;)

And in Addendum.. i was so exhausted last night after a marathon
of dance.. then.. i couldn’t fully appreciate the poem you wrote here
last night that i will quote in my next 716th MacroVerse with your
user name attributed.. if you have no objections to that
of course.. as it really touched my heARt this
morning.. my
and i
do consider
iT IS A gift that
perHaps was/iS long coMinG..
bottom line Thanks.. my FriEnd.. WiTH SMiLes..:)

“the ungiven gift

inkspots on musicpage
a map of pangaea
elbows up
flag will fall
cat paw pointing
and obscuring scripture
the number’s up
leaves down
pictures of pictures
of cameras
flotsam of life
washed up onto coffee tables
wheel-turned verse
shaping up to be more than words
a ray of comfort destroyed.
read the hurricane
for every thousand pictures
comes forth

– erbiage


Katrina buys me like the best shirt ever
to wear to the Seville Quarter Thursday
Night Before Halloween Cool College
Age Folks party where many
folks are already
with their
and creativities fully
showing.. and so many
folks younger from the ages
of 18 to 21.. of not legal
drinking age came
out to show and
party on
one of the
biggest party
times of the year
in the U.S. oF A for
children and adults that
is Halloween.. and yes i did
have a Halloween costume as
the shirt with a Yellow Cat Boy
strapped in a pouch on my chest
as pussy cat as such.. so yes.. i obviously
came dressed as the Anti-Trump.. haha.. as
i give
care to cats as
they come to me..
as much as they still
do.. hehe.. so what else..
i’ll speak to that in the next
Facebook visual image shared
with social media too.. as such
on the 716th Macro Verse of longest
long form poem ever still exceeding at
least 3.3 Million words.. i just like the number
33.. so i am not precisely adding to that number
every day.. as sure.. i could if i wanted to
sharpen my cognitive brain
pencil thinner from
an ocean view
of imagination
and creativity
set open and free
as Anti-Trumps will do
when living in the U.S. oF A..
Dancing.. Singing and Writing Poetry2..
longest form ever even in a Twitter verse
of Modern age where even science shows
the average human has the attention span
of A Gold Fish now.. i kid you not.. as i deal with that
state of affairs each day.. in a total opposite ‘polar’ way..
sure.. i’m sort of like a conductor on a ‘polar express’.. except
i tales it how i sees/FeeLs it and leave little out of what i for one view
LiGht now
ever changing
and improving too..
as Ocean Poem Whole
MoveS on to more more more..
juST for FucKinG FuN as CreATivity SinGs/SOars Freer..:)

So.. towards the end of the night.. and one thing that i don’t much
like to do.. although it is fair warning to others.. and that is wearing
a grey shirt like the one dancing with the sweet Yellow Boy Kitty attached
to a pouch on my front side.. as it shows all my soaking sweatiness
for dancing around 3 hours straight without a break.. no.. not
even a water break.. and sometimes it’s like a 230LB dude
flying through the air with the greatest of breeze.. as what
6000 plus miles in practice over 3 years of martial
arts and ballet-like dance will bring to an Olympic-
liked event of dancing prowess with a
certain free verse flair of art..
as the water flows
with air that
sings human
emotions and
senses eXpreSsinG
so much more of mY mInd
and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL HeARt SpiRit
than words will ever say.. and.. apparently
from the look iN my sweet Moroccan friEnd
hEar she can feel what i’ve already now said
in my dance as she is the pretty young woman
who needed to use my cell phone in the parking
lot 2 weeks ago.. sitting alone at a table.. reaching out
to me with a smile.. and i wanted to get in a deep deep
conversation asking her if she was Muslim as most folks
overwhelmingly are from Morocco and what it was/is like
here to be in America.. as i’ve asked other Muslim folks that
go dance like some Saudi Arabian men folks in the past and sure
they are there not because they are Muslim men but because they
are men.. and obviously this very beautiful girl seemed lonely and already
mentioned that the people she meets here were not all too her liking and
she likely senses that there is something very different about me that has
no contingencies of getting ‘something’ from her.. other than a connection
of friend along the path of life.. anyway.. i most often find that i communicate
small talk much better through dance than verbiage.. as i can be as long
winded in vocal way as i can in words.. and i’d rather stay a legend than
a FucKinG know it all.. that runs what i’m interested in into the ground
before the other person has a chance to say.. i’m getting a Fredache
dude.. this is a bar.. i came here to escape school.. not to get
a Fredlecture to solve first second and third world gazillion
problems when i am just chilling out with this drink.. hehe..
anyway.. in the parking lot as when i am there after dance..
walking somewhat ‘normal’.. and folks are
spiced up enough to ask me
questions.. some folks
dressed up as cops and
victims came up and it was
like a movie.. you see on TV.. iN
fAct.. iT was kinda like that ‘The Accountant
Movie’.. i saw last week with Ben Affleck playing
a grown up dude with Asperger’s Syndrome who was
basically Batman without a cape.. duh.. like folks who
write comic books like Superman and Batman don’t have
Asperger’s already too.. on a broader phenotype at least..
and that doesn’t illustrate their desire to move from nerd.. to
leading man heroic action figure as such who always ‘scores’.. the
most beautiful women at the end of the movie.. no different than Bond..
he he.. Fred Bond.. but all i score is briGht deep brown eyes.. etc.. that
are all shiny with Bright wide smiles.. that say i’m happy to meet you
and be with you in this moment of time that is somewhat special
as you are the most unusual person.. like my Psychiatrist said
who has ever come in here.. anyway.. the folks dressed up as
cops and victims said.. who are you man.. are you in the
FBI or something like that.. hehe.. yeah.. ’cause of the
trademark super cool Maui Jim Prescription
Sun Glasses that accommodate my
so far remission now of three years
away from Trigeminal Neuralgia…
and yes.. now the dance that is
a literal physician written RX..
literAlly.. my Wheel Chair Stim
For Asperger’s/ADHD.. eTc…. done in
an artistic way now enough to be legend..
instead of what otherwise would be noted as only freak
of nature.. sure.. i’M a Super Freak now.. and that’s oKAy
with me.. as i have the gift.. the gift of life.. and that is all the dessert
i care
to do as
Epic in all i do..
giVing thanks to the
God oF Nature sAMe for
ShoWinG me a way overAll..
to live in heaven now and legend sAMe..
for juST being me.. never for Lincoln Pennies..
or Washington Dollars and as the Anti-Trump says
now just for the briGht eYes of a woman and a smile that
the innocence
of beauty.. hmm..
perhaps i’ll tale her..
i wrote about her next
time i see her.. and leave it
at that.. as sure.. while i can touch
a heARt.. i can also pound a headache..
in words of tonnage as well as leg pressing
1020 LBS.. 33 times now.. and that extra 90 LBS
has surely made me float even higher and longer in a
oF liFE to
go along with
this longest SonG
in human hiStory too..
particularly considering it is
written by one man.. and is no
myth.. yeT an iSReaL Legend that
iS Going Down for Real for those hUmans
who see a little deeper than Gold Fish eYes now….
tHeRe are
a rare few
i coMe aCross
who see and feel
more than what i do..
And tHeRe are very few
who actuAlly see it and
can describe it all
in just a word or
two to clearly
sHow they
KNoW what i do..
and all that is i do..
as a Lamp oF LiFe..
sure that’s three words..
kinda like !iI.. as sir nAMe2..:)

Oh yeah.. and by a way.. while Katrina
gets annoyed when i compare her to the
Goddess Isis as she says that woman is not
really pretty.. even Katrina admits ‘this girl’ is
beautiful.. and not unlike Katrina.. if i leave this
girl up as profile pic for a week with me.. sure.. she
could match the name of Katie Mia too.. more than
older man me.. and sure.. i probably would get another
by the end
of the week.. hehe..
as there is nothing strange
about beauty like these brown eYes oF Life..
i’ve always been so attracted to dark eYes and
dARk hair originating from other countries in farther
east way.. it’s almost like i lived tHere.. so long ago.. as
ancestors did
in places like Spain
and France.. a big influence
too.. in Moroccan Heritage.. so
sure.. i AM kinda feeling my roots
here.. i guess.. in Romance Language ways2..
but sure.. tHeRE is also A spice of Ireland.. England..
the Black Forest of Germany and American Indian
that goes so deep
i AM noW2..
And if yes.. hah..
iF you haven’t noW..
already guessed iT.. heHe..
thiS Now 716th Macro-Verse
NoW of longest long form
poem ever in the hisTory
of humankind will be named
‘The Anti-Trump’.. as somEtiMes
noW you just can’t come out and be clear
if you don’t
wanna die in
flesh aS Such..
as all Bards and
Fili’s kNoW/FeeL..
as tHeRe are lots
of clueless minions
that may never have
a FucKinG iNKlinG about allthatis..
@lEAst foR noW.. i’M STiLL WorKinG oN iT..
to make what some folks thiNk iS iMpossible.. iSREaL..
wiTh ReAlly Deep roots that few ‘mortal men’ may ever see..:)


MacroVerse Memory from two years ago.. titLed..
‘A Dance and Fair day to Shake IT OFF’ as
nicely now alWays provided in years
to date by the all free Facebook
Algorithm secretarial assistant
that keeps my books in order
served up as such in chronological
ways of human time.. but is there time..
distance or space.. when iT cOmes to
A essence of The HUman heARt.. SpiRit
per se.. miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL
as i oft repeat like litany of GOld or liGht as it
were and STiLL iS foR now… well.. relatively speaKing
no.. in terms of classical evolution we are pretty much the
sAMe humans before the Agricultural Age staRted 10 to 12 thousand
years ago.. and as hunters and gatherers who constantly forage in the
day to day.. now to now life of moving.. connecting.. and creating in once
dANcE oF lliFe toGetheR to gain subsistence.. and ensure reproductive
fitness for basic survival and kinda thriving when ya dance toGeTheR
doing the work of the niGht and day.. wHEre all sperm is literally
seen and felt as holy and sacred and the child is the ultimate
prize no matter who the father is as all are mothers and
fathers all are brothers and sisters.. aunts and uncles..
all rise the child successfully with Love as the
rule of life.. and the work of the night otherwise
known as actual intercourse.. that may include
all the prospective fathers of the tribe
in around about way as
life is felt more
that hide the
liGht and TrUTh
oF liFe that means
toGeThER in social animal
terms of surviving in what can
and will be a Heaven in a Garden
oF Eden now.. with abundance of resources
and enough childrens to get all the jobs oF liFe done
and down and dirty and all cleaned up in the streams of LiFe..
and man created written words.. more clothes and shoes to separate
the oxytocin receptors on bottom of feet for connection with A pArt oF God
wHole all that is a Great SpiRit that is the sands of MoTher eARth to literAlly
FeeL.. Connect.. MoVe and Create with the Love of MoTher eARth that iS
and are wE oNE and SAMe ToGEThER shArinG a comfortable FeeLing
of animal homeostasis in Mammalian Social way.. as trust in what
it is and how it works to get the job of LiVing done with little
whys when you are actually doing a job of life to survive
no different really than the other animals who do the
gift of life as obvious FucKinG Meaning of LiFe
when struggle and ease are pARt oF the
dARk and liGht pi and pie of Life
in Golden Spiral Moving
and Form
yes the mean
of mathematical
number of 1.618 in
sacred moving geometrical
way in how God SpiRals as A
uniVerse Whole as we can and will
do too.. born in this spiral from days
of fetus.. reflecting Galaxies like our Milky
way.. curled cats resting.. Sun Flower groWinG
patterns and of course the Nautilus and its humble
fossil KA Shells that reflect a SpiRiT of Excellence in
striving for liFe that never gives up and lasts for hundreds
of millions of years in the fossil record.. hmm.. after i am
cremated all that will be left of me.. are memories online and
how long the human race can last before it does or does not wipe
itself out with continuing ignorance.. in fear.. doubt.. dark of hate..

So as i provide the link here.. i will have to find more than one song to accompany
all of this.. as i’ve already shook off quite a bit of the world’s ignorance with the words
above.. for those who are not afraid to see and feel an ISreAL God oF ALL thAT iS..
within.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around.. have you seen god lately..
duh.. God is everywhere and everything and every how of all that iS and wiTh all
that said.. here is the tune.. Shake it oFF and words quoted from two years ago..
that without time.. space.. and distance live forever now.. as that relates
to human nature in all its still biodiversity.. including neurodiversity
in constant changing ways whEre trUly some of the greaTest
advantages and rewards come from challenge in struggle..
adaptation.. and change in neuroplastic ways of
making new connections in brain
and body way..
even down
to peptide
receptors that
connect in trillions
of ways in every cell
of the human body fed liGhter
or DaRker in positive or negative
ways of neuro-chemicals and neuro-hormones..
etc.. from head to toe.. as we create who and what
we are as far as FeeLinG and SeNSinG the World
in dArk or liGht by the SoUL we feed iN miNd and Body
BaLanCinG way.. in moving.. connecting..and creating
in and as this liFe.. more than yesternow can say
and feel and sense.. in liGht or DARk.. as we
have so many paths to finally find heaven
or God of Nature Forbid Hell.. A place
of little feelings and senses at all..
where the Kundalini Serpent
aka the Vagal Nerve sending
good.. bad.. or little feeling at all
as messenger of the body from Brain
to Gut.. liGhts uS uP.. or damps uS doWn
iN dARk WiTh A relative free will in focus
and iSREaL Faith of FeeLinG and SeNsinG
liGht over dArk.. surELy.. difficult to put thiS in words
as the school that has no words in moving.. connecting
and creating life.. is the most difficult one to scribe and the
most intense in MoVinG.. ConNeCting and CreaTinG liFe..
within.. TaKinG so much practice in an actual never ending
story in a never land of bliss or misery in heaven or hell and
the grey of sHades in purgatory noW oN or losT oN eARth noW..
And sure there is Epigenetics when we unlock the Wild and Free nature
of our ancestors as gifted sTiLL in our DNA.. for the struggle of survival they
gift StiLL to uS.. thing is.. it takes a challenge.. adaptation even in extreme to
fulfill these ancestral gifts of hUman PoTenTial but if you can and will and do..
tHEre are relatively sPeAking no limits as no one here for Now.. kNows and FeeLs
jUSt how far human poTentiAl was thousands of years ago.. and STiLL yet to coMe..
but line..
gift of our
worthy of
praise and worship
for all of Nature God
and sAMe for those who
are not afraid of isReAL noW..
WiLLinG to face uP to tHeir own
responsibility of creating a life that is DArk or
LiGht or the fells of Purgatory ‘tween colors
as shAded Grey with little anchor oF liGht..:)

And now words as quoted from two years ago
sTart in only what was a skeleton of words
then of flesh and blood of words
to come plus as Sentient
Star DuST PlUs..
75 million years
ago in common way
StiLL seen in DNA who
looked more like rats as when
spelled backwards also has a hidden star..
and sure.. in the fully illustrated lINk allthatis
from Nature to Dance to masks and costumes
of Halloween then too..and fair grounds to only around a thousand
words then.. Before the CaLM eYe oF A Hurricane wound uP MoRe..
by A
never limited
or expected by the
rest of humankind foR noW..:)

There are so many Sunday mornings..

that make me sad..





still.. so obedient.. and when children

attempt to break the mold
















Yes.. this is my Catholic Church

peaceful and spiritually connecting

when songs come..



there is something missing..





As science now observes approximately 20% of most animals studied





































how the












































































































AND i say Hell NO

you will not! make me sit anymore


move baby GROOVE..!

and my body takes me! not! some rule

of intellectual






when it comes time to move

the emoting

emotions that






















NOW THAT i truly practice the




dam it..

NO..! science! of sidewalk movement!

i MOVE from the emotional center of my body..




instinctUAlly literAlly as SUCH..!

not the bottom of a tensing back!

and ALL THE PAIN i ever endure in life










SO YEAH.. BABY! i sway my hips at the back of the church

as my anchor wife..

one of those sitters i do need to anchor my giant sail..

is too shy to sit up front.. where i might make some of the other






AS i do sway FREE.. with every move as ART.. and none predictable next

in sidewalk of life!

i play the harmony of life..

hell yes..



hips.. torso.. legs.. arms.. head..

and fingers and toes…

tHere are



























As my mother reports shortly after i am born..

and placed in CRIB!

i move and move and move around and around and around

like a rat on treadmill..

on my big right toe moving left

and around and around and around

and then when i finally escape the crib..

and escape our trailer i move baby move.


























(; yeah.. and i know what

you’re thinking


smiles and winks..:)2..


i wanna dance dance dance dance!

to the drumming









let me do it!

And now.. well..

after over 2500 miles of dance walk

in a little over










Now moving back to three years ago.. when i was just
posting once a week to dVerse on Tuesday open
link.. when Bryan and Claudia were in charge
ruling as free verse poets where
folks like Bjorn couldn’t
say shut up Fred..
as words to an
affect/effect then..
i don’t have.. time
to review all of what
you do.. as administrator..
to make sure you don’t do
anything inappropriate here to
upset the grey poohpon class
of poets i care to entertain
in ‘higher class’
poet way away from
free verse folks like Whitman
that you will surely eliminate here too
if they came along like me a hundred
or so years later too.. anyway that fits
the theme here almost perfectly too around
trick or treat times.. as GODALLAHGODZILLA
still even exists IN THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT
OF AMERICAN BIBLES TOO.. yes.. the swords and
anti-swords sentiment of a killer and saint Jesus too..
that IS A crazy clown as any ironic story of
the human condition can be
showcasing our propensities
that are so diverse in liberal
open minded and conservative
closed minded ways of miNd and
BoDy soUls in or out of BaLanCinG
WiLd and free in a love AND LUST OF LIFE
WiLd and Free with fearless.. smARt Unconditional Love now..
so sure.. i expose the
hypocrisies.. the irony
that still exists in sacred text
that surely reflects all of this
human condition truly appropriate
too for historical realiTy of survival that
includes flower children and Isis folks holding
on to tHeir culture no matter how dArk and liGht
spoon fed to them in genital mutilating book ways
of doubt..
fear.. hate
misery and suffering..
aggression.. violence and
death.. and even world war III if
it would suit their nightmare iMaGiNATiOn
and creativity brOught to dEAth and Destruction noW..
liGht wins oVer
but do
not underestimate
the power of the dARk..
as sure.. A Trump of nature
comes close to leading the free
world.. as dark as dark can go..
and this is an ugly pARt of Nature that modern
history shows really hasn’t changed much in dArk potential
from the days of History and the genocides that go far beyond
that in both so-called religious and secular ways of suffering and death
in wars.. of folks separated from God oF aLL and each oThER too..
as demon
and dEvil sAMe
with AnGeL eyes
oF Fearless smArt LovE
too.. who ya gonna call.. ghost busters..
when the ghost and or Angel is all in uS
and wE
and i
once again.. the
original Greek Apocalypse
D E F i N i T i O N no W..
in lifting veils of Ignorance is
whaT’s for Dinner over here in
Anti-Trump Fredland now..
and now.. no.. i cannot
make any horse
drink from
chalice of
essence iSReaL..
i bRinG iT oN and it’s
up to y’ALL to shake off
the ignorance or not.. of what
yA come as lEarned and or
spoon fed from Birth and mORE as dARk..
away from kind and courage.. as Cinder ellas and fellas do2..;)

And finAlly
butt yes..
juST foR NoW..
a Cat poem Micro-Micro
verse memory from a year ago..
aS alWays
to SHAkE THaT SHiT OFF..;)

Cat of Love..
Cat of fearless..
Cat of courage..
Cats teach me
all of this..
sacred cats
all are..
so cats
have me
and i
never will
i give up Loving
cats.. no matter how
many go away.. Love
of Cat
in me..:)


WeLL.. i suppose if i am going to write the story of the
‘Anti Trump’.. i should provide somewhat of a symbol..
to let you kNow/FeeL what i am going for..
yes.. kitty hugs..
not kitty grabs..
gentle kitty pets..
making sure the cat
is ready to be petted..
and i will hold the cat close
to heARt as holy and sacred..
and nothing wicked and evil as some
suggest cats are.. and my Kat and i will
dialogue together like we can and will iN
Peace and Harmony
wheRe everyone
and every thing
is satisfied at
the end of that dialogue
in peace and harmony again..
yes.. like animal homeostasis.. take
care of the drive of life.. then relax and
write a 3.3 million word plus poem.. and even
include some kitty dialogues to make it even more
fun in re-tirement as such when the wheels are once
again coated
with all natural
Fearless.. and smArt
Unconditional Love trick
or treat it all goes down the
way it can and will when fun when
fun after the struggles and challenges of
life are met for adaptation to be all you can be..
yes.. even
in sweet
Kitty Dialogue
in Peace and harmony..
in all the ways that can and
will come for struggle and fun..
consensually as such of course..
with golden rule in mind.. take no more
than give.. do as thou wilt.. but in ways that
both agree to without doing any consensual harm..
and consuming no other more than giving aS Such too..
hmm.. what else.. yes.. to avoid any potential confusion.. this
716th sacred and holy Macro-Verse juSt ’cause i can and will to
believe to make that so.. with 100% pure love as faith one can isREaL
FeeL and SeNSe oF course.. on course.. no.. this.. this 716th.. oh by A
way love that number.. almost as much as 3/16.. the month i finished my
GodsUniVerseNovel3 with 338,630 words in just one singular MacroVerse
as much.. too big to fit on blogger blogs.. only available on Word Press and
no this is not a commercial for money.. it’s juST ’cause i like numbers as holy
and sacred too.. no less really that much than Kitty dialogues.. although
yes.. kitty dialogues can be very special and by a way intense too at
times if the Kitty gets feisty as such as they can and will do too..
at leAst.. i’ve been told that in other than words as such..
hmm.. what was i saying.. yes.. this 716th MacroVerse
and if i say that many more times Google’s word
searcher may make it a top result hehe.. to
spread some good news to help folks too..
but yes.. i will name this “A Anti-Trump”
instead of ‘The Anti-Trump’.. in case
folks get all literal and such
and some day in the
future suggest
i am the one and
only Anti-Trump.. oh how
silly and sad.. and somewhat
disgusting i would find that.. crap..
i might turn over in my ashes to come
again and straighten that shit out.. if possible
too but foR noW wE WiLL go A safe route and name
this year of 2016 Halloween Macro-Verse ‘A Anti-Trump’..
more so.. as no one has ever said that in a Google search.
so far too.. when they go to search on Anti-Trump just for fun
and say.. hmm.. A Anti Trump.. WTF might that be FTW as Hillary
continues to cruise on to Victory in the year of now.. in 2016.. After
a common era continues of course.. oKay.. i AM glad we have that
straight at least me.. and remember me is you too.. and us and wE
as long as we are singing off the same sheet of God as Choir too.. NoW..
but anyWay bottom line is.. i take good care of Kitties and they are totally
i mean
safe with me..
Seriously.. folks.. no one
should grab kitties.. only
pet them if they desire that aS Such..
meanwhile.. i will just continue to give them
sweet hugs as such in total form and essence..
sinless as such..;)


WeLL.. speaKing of Feisty cats
all festive and dancing
as such…
hmm.. off to
the gigoid place
with an incongruent
theme song that has a much
larger golden age like meaning..
if you get the riff of that that goes
along with the rest oF this.. yes.. i kNoW
not everyone is cut out to be heAR.. buTT sTilL..
muSt continue DoiNG A JOB aS AsSiGned to mE aS such..
God has
a sense
of hUmor
as lonG as you
make liFE fun instead
of the same old dAm thing
over and over again..
in other
pLay and
don’t be FucKinG
so serious.. after all.. A human
body IS A work of art and if you
see it is dirty the only sin my friEnd.. iS dirty blind eYes..
and trUly.. A Lion is patriarchy and A Lamb IS A child of God..
and sure.. Matriarchy is more like A Lioness now than slave of before..
iN case ya
want me to..
S P e L iT ouT..
A moral of A story..
A messenger uses every tool
at hand and feet oF Feat noW @leASt..;)

Good after noon from the
80F plus degrees Panhandle
of October arriving shortly into
Summer of November where flowering
red colors now last into January.. as this
year is becoming more like last year but i digress
and will
riff wRite
iN to iT.. noW..;)

“If you never assume importance you never lose it.”

~~ Lao-tzu ~~

TrUly that’s ‘A thing’..
stay naked and work
on excellence instead
of being
and cultures
aS oNly extension of other
folks tools.. seriouSly..
be kNoWn for what
one do’s rather than who one is
as tool and label now only as life..
And that my friend is why last is first
folks inherit
what iS in liFe..
libeRty and the purSuit
of happiness.. naked and free
from tools and labels of culture..:)

I stood
Among them, but not of them; in a shroud
Of thoughts which were not their thoughts.

~~ Lord Byron ~~

~~ Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, Canto iii, Stanza 113 ~~

Trivia Note.. Lord Byron’s cranial capacity
was measured after death at 2200cc..
the Average Northern
European and
Human is
aRound 1600cc..
so.. perHaps tHere iS
some clinical reaSon heRe
that Lord Byron stood aPart
in matters of the head..
as compared
oThers of Course..
perHaps.. tHeRe was
some ‘stuff+’ going on uP ‘tHeRe’..;)

As quoted from the Newest ‘Frankstein’ Movie..
plus ’tis the seAson and aLL oF thAt.. ‘i go my
own way’.. can be a challenge
for a social
when healthy oN someone
else’s crash course oF liFe..;)

“From childhood’s hour I have not been
As others were — I have not seen
As others saw — I could not bring
My passions from a common spring.”

~~ Edgar Allan Poe, “Alone” ~~

Sure.. A song of an outcast..
both in Nature
or perHaps
juST one
tHe oTHeR..
discount no cures..
or causes.. per se…:)

Note.. most every
social animal from
mouse to man
Social role
of some kind
to move on.. connect
and create aLiVe aWay..:)

“If you don’t know where you’re going,
when you get there you’ll be lost.”

~~ Yogi Berra ~~

i’M heRe..
And i for OnE.. find..
noW iS impossible to lose..:)

“What lies before us and what lies behind us….
are small matters
compared to what lies within us…
and when we bring what lies within into the world…
miracles happen!”

~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~

In other

What’s money?
A man is a success if he gets up in the morning
and gets to bed at night,
and in between he does what he wants to.”

~~ Bob Dylan ~~

Bottom line..
it is what we
make it..
or without
A permission oF oTheRs..;)

oKAy.. noW..
off to do
number two..;)

“Nothing in life is to be feared,
it is only to be understood.
Now is the time to understand more
so that we may fear less.”

~~ Marie Curie ~~

A scribe
of God and Nature
sAMe that kills fear

“A heart is not judged by how much you love
but by how much you are loved by others.”

~~ The Wizard of Oz ~~

I cut the word
judge and worry
about it out of that
equation to make Nirvana iSREAL..
iN pArt..:)

i suppose ‘that ‘s why i see
so many individual plan Golden
years folks smiling.. worry

“By space the universe encompasses and swallows me up like a dot;
by thought I encompass the Universe.”

~~ Pascal, Pensees, n. 265 ~~

Hmm.. thought.. sure..
guide posts as symbols
as such for now..
but at least for me..
i do it mostly
FeeLinG SeNSinG
A Breath oF UniVerse within..:)

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

~~ Walter Bagehot ~~

IF.. i STiLL cared about money..
and or the acquirement oF iT..
this could be
A problem..
it’S not..
and this greatest pleasure
has no limits or expectations from or for Me..:)

“Go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows.”

~~ Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet ~~

Focusing life on tools of cultural
objects literally extends one’s brain
to feeling
as body..
and no matter what
the illusion may be..
no escaping
feed one’s miNd
WeLL iN liGht to reap a Golden harvest now..;)

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

~~ Buckminster Fuller~~

Not sure when
Buck Lived..
but yes..
tHeRe iS DNA..
of Caterpillars
and Epigenetic change
in humans like this too.. common
experience really for only those who escape A
i S R E A L M A T iX.. iN aLL neW Neo LiTe..
otHeR WiSe
seNsed anD
fELt as aWake..

“Throw strikes.
Home plate don’t move.”

~~ Satchel Paige ~~

And Baseball
is awFul borRing to me..;)


SMiLes.. my friend gigoid.. actually i find all spectator sports boring now..
however.. surely.. i wasn’t always that way as i followed the Atlanta
Braves for Decades.. FSU.. and kept clippings of my
highschool football team on their eventual way
to a State Championship.. also a big fan
of Miami in 72 and 73.. the dual years
for a Super Bowl Win.. and smiles..
additionally… i spent one year
on a baseball team..
Pelican little league..
actually playing..
when very young..
and all team sports overwhelmed
me as far as playing then with the
Autism Spectrum issue of sensory integration
problems and affective empathy that was out of the
ball park too.. hehe.. like actually feeling the feelings
of the world overall.. super tuned like my tactile sensory
issues.. one part that doesn’t go away of not being able to
even touch most manmade textures without discomfort beyond
what most folks would define as pain.. anyway.. i was bound and
determined to find out the whys of how i could do tennis for over a
decade and racquetball but team sports of more than doubles on a
tennis court overwhelmed me.. and that did not come until my 50’s..
along with the emotional regulation and sensory integration that allows
me even to be comfortable in my skin.. truly having to walk then side by
side with my wife for years in stores as it was extremely uncomfortable
to walk alone without anyone to copy.. and sure that probably is why folks
thought i walked strange for many years too.. heHe.. no males in the
family to copy as such too.. the disintegration of the family unit
where the males all leave the roost is a source of much
misery and suffering for many folks in first world
problem ways.. particularly African Americans
as Social Demographics show..
however.. usually
it is an issue
there of social
economics more..
as it is rarer not to be part
of a bigger village as such as
minorities do have to stick together
to survive with social support.. as such..
anyway.. part of the reason.. i graduated with
degrees.. in Health Science too.. including core studies
in Leisure and Sports Science.. yes.. there is a science
of both.. and even a specific class in philosophy of sports
that mirrors well what you say up here so eloquently of the
value of sports and microcosm of society that it truly is as folks
do learn valuable lessons most by playing sports that will carry them
through a strong and confident better focused life in mind and body balance..
particularly.. when the contact sports do not cause life long associated problems
from injuries.. the spectator aspect of it.. provides an avenue for large groups
of heterogenous multi-cultural societies to appropriately channel the tribal
instinct to avoid greater otherwise potential for civil strife.. and truly sports
can be religion no different than politics for bonding over a common
quarter back and opposing one.. no different really than a so-called
myth of Jesus as God of the Universe and a Devil named Satan
as king of an everlasting tortuous place as part of an insanely
incongruent term of an unconditionally loving God..
Unconditional.. means no conditions..
bullshit 101 sings again
out to church
and heard
that crap as recently
as last Sunday.. where
they also spoke to putting
oil on a baby in water boarding
lite.. so the devil couldn’t keep a grip
on the baby as such.. in Halloween 3 at
Church even when it is not Halloween.. hehe..
i have to laugh at all this crap as there is no better
response to ignorance that is almost impossible to change
as the ignorance is the social bonding ‘insanity’ that keeps groups
of humans sticking together over a common bonding myth as such..
could be
a blue turtle..
OJ Simpson before
he got in trouble.. or the Good
Cop Jesus and even the Good
Cop Muhammad that folks cherry
pick out of books.. as opposed to the
Bad cop versions that other folks pick out
to fear and hate and harm others up to violent
death.. rape.. torture and such as that.. no one has
clean hands.. as life is full of this dArk and liGht and
as far as pastimes go.. i am past passing time.. as i live
in now and enjoy every second of it.. more as a player
acting and directing my own play.. instead of planting my
self in an easy boy.. and losing all of what i could be as i did
in the Good Old Mall Boy way.. of tribal leaning activities to
glue the
bond of
in shared heroes
in sports instead of war..
Sports figures deserve every penny
they get for averting humans from practicing
their dark side greater to harm others and those
in the arts.. including TV Stars.. Music stars and all
the rest deserve every penny they earn as they work
to save the human HeARt.. the SpiRit that feels and
ExPresses that art as Heart of EmoTioNs and SeNses
as well as inspiration for folks to become players themselves
as blogs and youtube avenues with the transhumanist advance
of Information Technology provides almost limitless potential for
this.. for folks to become not just input folks but output folks too in the
moving arts of life.. iN Sports and Arts with medium as well.. anyway..
there are not too many folks in the poetry world interested in sports..
i appreciate the opportunity to speak to sports.. as it has been a
huge part of my life overall.. and a fascinating subject to discuss..
overall.. in so many ways of an activity that does reflect human Nature Now…:)


WeLL.. cAll for an uprising Dude on YouTube
my somewhat continuing dArk muse
for a continuing witness
for the God
oF Nature
exceeding still
3.3 million words
iN 42 months.. now
approaching 44 months
near Thanks giving.. 2016..
additionally with homework totaling
12 million words online since Thanks Giving
2010.. to this point as assignment by God of Nature
of course..
i came to thank
you once again as the
dark muse you provide here
actually headlines my most recent
715th MacroVerse as linked here below
named “ArT oF tHe hUman HeARt SpiRit SoUl”..
coming wRite after “Son oF Man More”.. i recently
shared here.. of course in your Atheist Delusion.. Illusion
or whatever conspiracy video is tHeRe too of course.. just for fun..

and now i see you are making a shade video against Taylor Swifty from her
old boy friend Cal.. into another one of how you view the world in all dArk..
conspiracies as such.. as your lens are simply painted that way from how
ever you got here to spread some dARk for Adsense pennies no different
really than the tithing baskets at church to pay the mortgage for the
big pastor’s home too.. and sure that’s okay.. everyone must do the
dollar huh.. when it is Caesar’s water to buy some bread and bottled
water.. anyway.. you do provide an excellent example here as given
that the human mind sees whatever it wants to see in metaphors
of life..
you see
the world as
a very dark place
not much different way..
really than Trump Conspiracy
theories too.. and that’s OK too..
as not everyone comes wrapped up
tight if you will in total shipping.. handling
and care by the time the meat of human hits
the roads of life… happy happy happy.. or eventually
Angry old White Dude as such.. wHere the dollar bill dreams
of illusions of what makes folks never really happy of course don’t
come true as the Kingdom of God is within.. and one must do the practice..
the work of seeking an higher power oF God inside.. to finding Heaven now..
as totally fearless.. smARt.. and Unconditional Love.. and by the way.. yeah..
baby.. you are spending entirely too much time in beta way.. child relax..
get dancing.. even trance your way to God no different than your
freer so-called primitive ancestors did dancing naked around
campfires at night.. not only holding hands with each oTher
but with all oF Nature now plus aka God now too..
so what to do.. well.. not this .. my friend..
enjoy your dark.. the adsense
pennies.. sorry if you don’t
make it to heaven the
only place
you’ll find
it now..
but as long
as you spread doubt..
fear and hate.. you made
your own bed my friend.. and
i for one cannot protect you from
how you view the world in dARk.. as
freedom stARtS iN heARt.. by the way
i am an epic transhumanist.. but you
see i will be here to love after God takes
me back to star dust for the next great adventure
in freeing the next world.. in whatever assignment
comes next.. and that pARt mY FriEnd i will not be able to
prove to
you or
either and sure..
historically speaKing
that’s part for the course
on course of ye with little faith..
anyWay.. thanks again for the continuing
dARk Muse.. you’ve proven at least… i can count
on you for that.. my uprising dude pal on YouTuBe noW..;)


Hello and thanks Hank.. for stopping by
on this Halloween Weekend and yes we
have something in common.. appreciation
for cats as lovable creatures.. amazing it is
what love will bring when human and cat
in the
of wild
and free..
yes.. if A creature
who kills for the sport
of living can love.. perhaps
there is hope for Trumpdom too..
WiTh SMiLes.. as what better
to do now than laugh at the
ironies of the
human condition
as we cats continue
to do our best to love
as sport of life too.. noW
as LiGht and TrUth.. Now
too in a Golden Age ReNeWinG2..:)


Facebook Friend and fellow poet blogger
Rafiah from Pakistan.. shares a quote
on the importance of believing in
miracles to bind cultures
together on ideals
rather than
of countries only..
whether or not there
is evidence for
the miracles..
the belief is important
to cohesively bring the ideals
of cultural peoples together with
much added to the quote by me here
too of course.. as we grow as cultures and
peoples by not being held back by bounds of
books before alone.. and in addition i go to the
source of the Facebook Page of her quote
as it’s interesting how many folks
will quote what other
folks say for
the authority
of the title and
signature of the person
who makes the quote as a person
who has rank of some kind in a society
without looking deep within as obviously
i have been gifted much later in life after
i had difficulty finding this inner voice within
that IS A UniVersal Consciousness that flowers
outside in terms of the English Language that abstracts
essence as best as possible as filter to bring essence forth..
in other words sure.. i am what they call in the olden days of
Muhammad and other so-called folks in a relatively small patch
of land in low abundance of resources a prophet.. same as any other
Artist of God that relays the essence the best they can from within with
the cultural tools at hand.. of course.. including the language they use to represent
the essence of within.. and then.. i add a quote from the same authority she shared
on Facebook that says.. in other words what
is spoken in one era may
have authenticity at
that time of era
but it may not
be valid in the next
environment of culture
or peoples and i validate.. myself..
now that this rings true for one simple
example from the Islam Religion that allows
a conquering warrior to have sex with a female
slave from war after a period of mourning for their
husband who has died at the hands of the person who
will own them as possession of their right hand with the
right to have sex with them.. whether the female consensually desires
that or not.. in other words a waiting period for rape.. hmm.. perhaps
in some sick way an improvement of doing it immediately but never
the less with no consideration
that women have equal
rights to
say yes
or no to
coitus then
and now too..
where the woman
can still be bought or
sold for institutionalized
rape when not consensual.. NoW..
for those who see through the imperfections
of both the Bible and Kuran to bring greater freedoms
and equalities to all children of God.. including those of two
spirit as the American Indians used to and do find holy and sacred
rather than what ignorant peoples still today fear as different and evil..
And children of God are not mistakes.. they all serve a purpose and meaning
of life as it is.. and in societies that are both courageous and kind they find sacred
purpose and meaning in social roles for all human beings.. valuing the Great God of
Nature as One Spirit living in all of existence.. and truly that era.. is the Golden Age of
God in human within renewing to the obvious chagrin of folks who never wanna leave
the dark ages of violence..
rape.. including the rape
of little girls and boys
by those with
Gods as last
prophets or others
who make humble Yogi-like
dudes into Soldier God’s of the
Universe as common bonding purpose
to rape and pillage other lands to expand
empires for the greed of reproductive control
and expanding materialistic possessions in loading
up silos with Grain to restrict abundance for those who have the
hand of control..
well you see..
the American
Indians lived in a land
of the Americas where creeks
and streams teemed with fish where
humans only served to balance nature
in consuming no more than giving back to
Nature as the Great Spirit of God living with
all does
in a Golden
Age of BaLanCinG
all Yin and Yang as metaphor iN
aspects of existence now.. where
the two spirit+ person has the advantage
now of seeing both sides now.. and helping
as a bridge to bring all toGeThER noW aS onE
family of God living in eYes of Free and WiLD
with fearless smARt and Unconditional Love
in courage
and kind
in lands whERe
God reigns free as
rains of hUman BeinGS
in BaLanCE WiTh all ThaT
IS As a continuous practice of life
wHeRE this Golden Age trUly bEcoMes
A Kingdom of God on eARTh for those now
who escape the matrix of owning other folks
and stuff.. over the freedom of giving and sharing
for love
i can share this TrUth
And liGht as A poTenTial
way to Heaven but i can force
no human to live heRe but those
who free themselves now from doubt..
fear and all stuff related to hate in
separation and division from what they see
as different wHo truly could and would live in Harmony
of Peace and BaLaNCinG as a liGht Force of giving and
if provided
an avenue
to escape A
Millennia’s plUs oF DArK SoUl liFe…
‘A Anti-Trump’ on Halloween Weekend
in mask and costume as form of words
too.. speaks essence of TrUth and LiGht
sure.. believe it or not Ripley.. heHe..
Miracles are real and i AM a Miracle NoW..
too.. per literAlly what the Medical profession
says IS A Miracle that i even exist to do this fearless and free..
anyWays.. off to the Interstate fair today.. will be doing Batman without
a cape as safety precaution of course not to get my cape all hung up
in the fair rides.. hehe.. will be doing Superman with Cape tomorrow
at Catholic Church to the chagrin of ‘Isis’ who needs no costume other
than long legs.. arms.. long brown hair.. for the one who helped
to put ‘Osiris’ back together again.. hmm.. with
that last peace on restricted liNks..
Free of course.. hehe.. anyway
Isis IS A little higher class
than me.. concerning herself
that others
may make
fun of
but seriouSly..
Batman and Supermen
and Superwomen are free
and have no fear of those who
see different in free.. and on top of that
i just go to church to sing.. hold hands in the
Lord’s Prayer.. for those now who do not shun my
unusual God Given Nature.. and moreover than anything
else to give the children a FucKinG break out of their
prisons of quiet hands and feet please..
to see
an adult
acting like a child
to show them that being
adult is not hell after all
iS Fred said and done hehe..
hmm.. and then A Batman noW..
with cape will arise again as A
dArk KniGht comes on Halloween night..
and after that on November 1st..
sure.. back to saint..
hmm.. need a song
for this.. what song what
song.. oh sure.. waiting for superman2..;)


Oh Lord..
mY World has been
somewhat turned around..
as a birthday party for a child
is announced… so today
is Batman with a
cape day..
and fair
will commence
tomorrow after church
which means that Superman
with a Cape will come first and then
Batman without a Cape for safe riding
those mechanical beasts at the fair..
hmm.. what else..
yes.. Batman is kinda
A Anti-Trump too.. although
smArts to help people rather than to
grab things.. let’s just say.. hmm.. anyWay..
i go by the laws that are local.. state and federal..
and the only laws i take into my own hands are those
of Free God of Nature online in words.. eTc.. as such..
i’ll keep the caped crusader stuff limited
to Halloween Weekend for now..
hmm.. anyway.. i’m not too
upset with how Ben
Affleck continues to
portray me.. in
movies with
my alter ego..
the man of steel as such
and ‘The Accountant’ where
Hollywood is getting ‘dangerously’
close to reLeaSinG my ‘true identity’..
him.. what next.. only the shadow knoWs
meanwhile.. the
Halloween weekend
activities continue to brew..
wHo kNows what WiLL comE neXt..

Just another side..

of me and as the
Joker says.. wait until
‘they’ get a load of ALL OF ME..
don’t need no costume at all to be bATman.. heHE..
hmm.. i kNow it seems like
Batman can be rather
self-absorbed in
his special
in restricted
style of eccentric
inventions.. and who
kNowS even being seen
as vain.. for making all he does
holy and sacred.. anyway.. i love me
a little Carly Simon to go with those who
are afraid to make their Temple of God Holy
and Sacred or just cannot or will not for whatever
nurture or nature reaSon.. but seriously don’t hate ‘us’
for expressing all of our God Given Nature as Lamps that
dim we
are epic
when ours
be A liGht of
God shining.. for all to see..
feel.. eTc.. iF you catch A Legend/myth aS such..
and with that sAid.. i’LL Go with Rush and Mark Twain
as such for today’s Tom Sawyer.. wHoever that may be..;)

Float Like a Butterfly Sting like me.. MacroVerse Memory from two years
ago.. nicely illustrated two years later in Batman attire too.. hehe..;)

And yes.. from just a year ago.. all freest verse continues
on with a Love train too.. in Hogwarts kinda way2..
with LOVE Train 9 3/4..
on the
to now..
yes.. specifically
Heaven now.. jusT
Heaven.. my hoMe heRe…;)

And now from a year
ago.. a Micro-micro Verse
memory from a MicroVerse
from a MacroVerse 2 from a year ago too..
from Ocean Whole Poem of course sTiLL exceeding 3.3
on cOurse
of course..;)

Consciousness of poetry
so small.. only now
reflecting tiny part
of human sung
as rhyme meter
as measure..
oh.. below..
and brings
self back whole..
ancestors do this
easy.. work for we..
as illusions..
takes within
away.. yes..
to come


Yes.. ‘this photo’.. proves i am a Great Great Uncle..
holding baby Grace here..
at the Carpenter’s
Park today..
for another
birthday of another
toddler who is a Great Niece of mine too..
both from the Katrina side of the family..:)

NoW in equal stance of evidence..
here.. as Katrina holds baby Grace..
yes.. the fact is.. she is.. a great great..
Aunt and after starting dance in stores at
around noon.. moving to this birthday
party in the afternoon.. and then
Dancing at the Mall after
moving in Super-Walmart
and doing a double dose of
Dance at Old Seville Quarter
in more Halloween Saturday niGht
celebration.. i for one am just about
WiLL wrap the
rest of this.. after sleep..
where Catholic Church and the
Interstate Fair comes tomorrow..
wHeRe BaTman comes again.. with no cape..;)

Superman.. originally scheduled to
come back to church on Sunday Morning..
arrived today early..
as ‘someone’ mentioned
earlier they were waiting on
Superman.. so.. why keep folks waiting.. hehe..;)

Sharing Memories from Halloween past.. like 10-Foot Black
Scary Cat blow-ups wHo’s motor no longer
blows air to
fill a go it on
one’s own wild-cat..

My caped Superman attire has been a staple
of the Halloween celebration for two years now
along with a Cape Crusader way.. too..
hmm.. more on that in a few..
and back to batman for
a day at church and
the fair as i repeat
without a
for noW @lEASt..;)

‘Finding LIGHT in Halloween skeYes’.. a Macro-Verse memory share of two years
ago.. that would grow bigger in Macro-Verse way.. a year later and even mega-
bigger way this year.. as Superman and Batman gets out to really
play around town and the internet
even as A Anti-Trump too..
a far cry from
from three years ago.. in 2013
when this Ocean Whole Poem stARted
progressing towards and pasSinG 3.3 million words now..
total art shared now.. with over 1.5 Million folks on Google
Plus statistics.. over 171K views on one of just 5 blogs of 7 that
remains public.. and sure.. with 100K photos as such2.. but here’s
a thing.. one must produce their own liGht regardless of if there is an
audience now or not.. or anyone responding back in kind of being human in
reciprocal social communication.. in other words.. if it is only God within
iN voice sPeaKing to you on the screen.. you for one have connected to all thatis
noW with or without the help of anyone on the outside.. except for those who Now provide
a medium of online blogs.. etc.. to get the journaling with God within dOnE.. so one might
ask in a country where so many folks are seeking fame and fortune in pipe dreams online..
why do folks have private only blogs where they are speaking only to themselves. well again
that voice within.. is the voice of
collective consciousness as stored
in our DNA.. and likely other ways
in realtime now that has no time at
all.. that still is shared in many many
ways.. we cannot measure using a scientific
tool of repeat the experiment in one to five or six
or so step ways.. thank God.. at least for Quantum
physics that shares a deeper view of reaLiTy than what our
visual and other basic five senses and more tale of more
potential reaLiTy for those who gain broader seNsinG and
KnoWinG ways oF liFe… When i spent close to 33 months
on the ‘Wrong Planet’ and about 2 and a half years until
i went my own way on blogs to shed my light on
myself as i could find it nowhere online then..
particularly in online autism communities
where most of the talk was about
us vs them.. hehe.. where this
same dark bonding force
vs.. a light force for
bonding was a rule
in even common conspiracy
theories.. haha.. like we see
as A so-called evil illuminati in pockets online
that i often highlight for that anthropological
perspective of the study of the human race from
a participant observer point of view.. yes.. even folks
in an online autism community developed a dark muse too..
to bond.. named the evil empire of a frigging charitable
organization to help folks.. as sure.. the spectrum can
be a dark one even for those who wear the clothes
of that spectrum that has many flavors and
causal factors too.. both innate
and environmentally
it was like going back
to the hell and fire and brimstone
Southern Baptist Fundie churches.. but just
another devil and hell in disguise.. all that changes
are the DArk myths that still sadly but realistically hold
folks together if they can do that with no liGht.. but seriously
misery loves company.. live in a poor area NOW with few resources..
either actually the environment of nature itself like a barren desert
in the middle east.. or places in the midwest..etc.. with fewer job
opportunities when the foraging for subsistence is
removed from the forage to a desk in an office
as such.. eTc.. or no job at all and
help from the local
in social
support.. and you
get scared folks more who
are afraid of different..
but tHeRe
as ‘they
say’.. the ‘Super Rovers’
and Rovers in general like me..
per this next Macro-Verse share
from two years ago.. further delineating
that concept.. as linked below now.. here..

yes.. hehe.. in more brief review too.. a minuscule Macro-Verse
of just around 300 words.. haha.. as the fingers continue to rove fast..
so fast noW across this keyboard for a symphony of word art Now in all the
ways that comes with visual images too.. again.. there are those who seek
the new and those seek more of the same.. those who are fearless and free
and those who more often sit and seek same and safety.. away from the fear
or the shared misery and suffering in a lack of abundance state of mind..
where one always feel like they are sinking and no longer
groWing in liGht.. back to the blogs.. journals
and other arts of solitary and combined
efforts of support.. best one yet..
God inside as Nature
of course..
if one comes
to a place.. yeah.. like
red state land and no one
sees life in a rover way like you do..
there are other avenues to generate liGht
even if there are no flesh and blood humans to
support your views of life and the way you do life
freer than most or the converse of that.. i move on and
grow.. i cannot wait for others to catch up or care if i wanna
fulfill God’s potential in me.. there IS A buffet of art here that most
will not care to share.. but you see.. tHeRe IS A UniVerse and more that
liVes juST within me.. named God.. or a Blue Turtle or whatever yA wanna
call the Force oF aLL that lives within wE.. and this reminds me of yesterday
and another play date when i got together with the paternal members then on the
red state side of fundie way of my relatives ‘over there’.. and i mentioned that
i wanted to sing an Elton John Song and my professional musician cousin
said in homophobic way.. i heard he was kinda funny and i can’t play any
of his songs on the guitar.. as i really wanted to sing ‘this song is for you’..
yeah.. and it reminds me of a priest.. a friend i used to have that
my sister spotted at a gay bar.. no judgement from me..
as i know folks are different as folks made
fun of me no matter how straight
i was when young as
they mistook
me for
the opposite
sex.. wasn’t my
fault that i was a pretty
boy then.. just how God
made me with a bright and
shiny smile and eyes that said
hug more than i’ll kick your ass
if you smile.. you F boy and not Fred..
well.. it pisses me off.. but i am not going to
kick anyone’s ass now.. even if i do leg press 1020
LBS 33 times.. sure.. same age number as Jesus when he rose
up.. off a cross as such.. and last night when a prissy girl
kept pushing me ’cause she was pretty and a girl and no
man will lay a hand on her as perhaps my cape brushed her
softly on the hand.. but nah.. how about telling me i am getting
too close instead of tugging on superman’s cape as such.. anyway..
some folks seek to understand and communicate and other just push
others away.. without a word or eye of attempting to understand the whys
of life instead of
just how one views
life without trying to understand
more of what makes folks tick..tocK..
and how some of us super rove
and some of super sit..
some of
us brave
and free..
some of us
cautious and scared..
there are rational reasons
for the DArk and liGht and to
figure it out and offer a hand of
love and reason in kind and courageous
fearless.. smaRt and Unconditional Love.. yes..
reminds me2 of my cousin’s Facebook page yesterday..
a complaint about so-called Obamacare premiums rising
up.. a couple hundred bucks a month.. and another dude who
was the ‘liberal oddball’ in an area here where around 80% vote
the Trump way of taking liberties away for those who are different or
for the really poor who cannot gain health insurance any other way..
the dude was trying to make some rational sense in saying if
you want it fixed.. both sides are gonna have to cooperate..
same song and story we hear all the time..
gridlock goes on when folks
cannot understand the
rational aspects
of life..
anyway.. they
started ganging up
on the dude eventually
saying no one liked him.. just
put up with him.. ’cause it was
hard to find a piano player for the
band.. so i swooped in with my Bat
man Uniform on in Avatar way on
FB.. hehe.. and said my
sister.. my cousin’s
cousin of course.
would have no health
care if not for Obama.. i don’t
have so-called Obamacare now and
i pay 800 dollars plus a month for
my wife and i.. ‘some cousins too’..
and i am willing to take the rate
increases so my sister will
continue to have
health care in
case she really gets
sick like my child did.. who had
a 300K dollar bill by the time he died
so many years ago.. in ’97 back then.. i had
insurance.. it all worked out ‘okay’.. the folks across
the street were between jobs.. and didn’t have insurance
with a sick child.. and they lost their home.. and their child
survived.. thank God.. anyway.. the other fundie red-state dude
said 11 million folks are getting screwed having to take care of
the 11 million folks receiving Obamacare.. cause of rising premiums
and such as that.. and sure all these folks are so-called bad cop Jesus
loving dudes.. and dudettes.. obviously.. or they would be giving their Good
Cop Jesus shirts off their backs and willing to piss in a common pot to help
everyone out.. instead of us vs them.. and them vs. us.. piss pot.. yes.. par for A
course.. the tribal instinct that is a part of Nature and God too.. rising its head
of division and it is only the
higher power of Nature as
evolved by God as Nature
within us as poTenTiAl Fearless
smARt Unconditional Love that can
awake in us aGAin as a child’s eYes
that have a liGht in them that says.. i feel
your pain.. i feel your laughs.. i feel your pleasure
and i feel your humanity.. we are not separate.. tHeRe
is no us vs them.. noW in iSREAL Good Cop Jesus way..
so Batman came by to visit yesterday online.. and sure..
there was a little superman still waiting to come ..anyway
for now this is my song.. and i sing to you.. with the best
of help from those who love no matter what disability.. what
sexual orientation.. nationality.. color of sKin if you get the
i AM
here wE
are hERE.. wE
SinG toGeTheR
or separate i for
one sing allone.. alone or not..
i SinG.. i DancE.. i will NOT STOP..
no matter what as God powers me FReED..
and when i left the online separations and
divisions.. i just said… Love your enemy
and have a
great day..
and i also told
’em.. come on..
take on batman
if you will.. and sure..
they ignored me like a thief in the night..
quite frankly.. i would rather be pushed several
times by a prissy girl.. at least she speaks who she is
and is not
of me.. and
sees me at least..
and sure.. her boyfriend
totally ignored me and never even
looked my way when i looked back straight
at them with wonder of why she was ‘tugging on my cape’..;)


Facebook provides another video slide show
presentation for all the fun Activities on Saturday..
particularly of note.. celebrating Halloween Weekend..

Grandmother of Grace prepares a multi-generational split screen..
nicely illustrating ’96.. when i became a Great Uncle.. with
her daughter Antaya on left.. at 3 months old..
and Antaya’s daughter
Grace on the right
as previously provided
as profile photo pick too..
also at three months of age..
in similar.. fashion yesterday…
so.. give it 20 more years and perhaps
the label will be Great Great Great Uncle by then..
with wHo kNows.. perHaps a triple split screen photography
show too..
then too..;)

Katrina.. ‘here’.. at age 26 on the left and 46 on the right
with additionally an inter-generational
slide show in bi-split screen..
that shows her moving
from Great Aunt to
Great Great Aunt too..
in two decades now..:)

Yes.. the Algorithm Slide Show in Video way for the
Interstate Fair day.. has come to pass..
and hehe.. how ya wanna bet.. i had
the most fun at the fair.. being a fair
ride force of one.. spinning in a totAlly
Free Dance too.. to provide entertainment
for the crowds waiting in line.. with nothing
approximately better to do.. well.. one thing..
for sure is.. after dancing two nights at Old Seville..
doing numerous stores and the mall and fair totaling
over 40 miles in dance since Thursday.. i am really ready
to hit the bed.. before
i totAlly lose coherence
in ways most folks write words..;)

SMiLes.. Rafiah..
The purpose
Of Art.. Life..
And God is to touch you.. without Touch
You.. for all practical intents and purposes..
None of The Three before mentioned ELements exist.. anyWay..
Touch You..
is alWays A two way street..
iF only.. Art.. Life.. and God….
Happy to hear You experience..
Touch You.. FriEnd… And hope
you never lose ‘those three’..

Oh by A way..
this is what Rafiah said
on Facebook about her
current favorite TV show..
Dr. Who..
who inspired
A touching
as Art above.. iN words oF LoVinG TOUCH YOU..:)

“Good bye, Rory and Amy. The one good thing about DW is that you get to miss and mourn about your own companions and friends once again who are not part of your life anymore, along with the feeling of pain for the loss of Doctor. The show is fictional, but your pain is real like that of Doctor’s. Only good shows make it happen. I don’t care if any such sort of thing has a literary and artsy significant but if it touched you. It’s a good one.”

And now i say.. i would love to give my friEnd
who lives in Pakistan.. a big hug and take
all her lonely away.. but in her country..
even if i visited her.. technically..
that is not allowed..
as no boy can
touch an unrelated
girl.. not even a hand
shake until marriage..
one can only
hold their
hand over
tHeir heart
and that is what
i just did.. to do my
best.. to touch my friend
in a culturally approved way.. online..:)

And sure.. i have just the song for this..
by someone who has a God Given Gift to touch..
as much as any singer.. i for ONE.. have ever heard..
and sure..
she has
Mia.. which
mean family for
her intent for that word
that is also a form of Michael..
that means close to God.. sure..
it’s all connected..
as Mia
IS A Tattoo she wears..
And yes.. her name is Christina..
which like Christ.. Katie.. and Katy
means pure as well.. and her last name
is Perri.. that like Perry and Peter means Rock of ages..
as sure..
Love is written
iN A ‘stONE of ages too..:)

And yes.. it’s safe to say the one who is touched
and touches the most iN LiFe.. IS
A gAMe
Love.. and
thAt doesn’t necessarily
require any money.. sex.. drugs.. etc..
A hand shake..
as tHeRe are otHeR ways..
liKe DancE and SonG.. including
poEtry and all forms of hUman heART..
as SpiRiT eXpreSsinG EmoTioNal HeARt..
And SeNses iN MiNds and BoDies BaLanCinG

So.. sure.. it doesn’t matter the myth..
the religion.. or the art..
what matters
bottom line..
no matter the
trUth and liGht
that comes in the houSings
of these vehicles and vessels of
TrUth and liGht.. bottom line STiLL iS..
and one who goes to
iSReaL Hell.. A place i visited
for 66 months where the only touch you
i experienced was pain..
THEY Live to
when they get
a ‘little touched’ and
Live again.. these metaphors
of myths and religions make totAlly
clear TOUCH YOU.. once one has visited
AND particularly lived in this hell on earth.. and
for those who pooh POOH the value of TOUCH YOU..
they haven’t
been to iSReAL
Hell on Earth… anyWay..
i never miss God anymore..
as it is so ‘FucKinG’ iF yoU
SeeK iN God Clear that God iS
if and when..
‘that one’..
E-Scapes Hell oN Earth..
AND IS for all practical intents and purpose born again..
Phoenix Rising from Ashes.. Kundalini Rising.. Satori..
sure.. living resurrection2.. all the metaphors that come
again for
one.. now..
and sooner or later
one may understand these
are UniVersal Human Archetypes
of human experience common to the
human condition.. of general existence..
and then perhaps one will understand quite
Frankly what Jesus or whomever wrote the words
attributed to this man.. per last and first and the meek
Earth and
the poor in spirit
inheriting the kingdom
of God as Touch You is spiRit
and the Kingdom oF God and
Heaven on Earth is TOUCH YOU 2..
again.. for all practical intents and purposes
in breathing human beings.. tHeRe is no Art..
no LiFe
and no God..
i’ve been to places
like the ‘Wrong Planet’
online.. where some folks can neither
and i could not bRinG them out of ‘that place’..
but i Am StiLL
woRking oN iT
as i speak.. for mE..
connecting EmoTioNs
and Language.. with literAlly
noW Millions of words of free verse
poEtry BRinGs THE TOUCH YOU.. greater
to liGht oF TrUth and sure THE LIGHT IS TOUCH YOU..
and then i danced.. now totaling 6000+ miles over three+ years
to ensure THE TOUCH YOU iS SeaLed all through my body
in literAlly trilLions of peptide connections in cells from head
to toe.. as EmoTioNs/SeNSes are iSREaL and fLow as
neuro-chemical interactions that remember TOUCH
YOU from yes.. head to toe.. with no paRts misSing..
and no doubt TO mE tHeir IS A subatomic flow
aT the Quantum Level that BringS
TOUCH YOU.. even hiGher
and HiGher iN Heaven
noW too.. however
science is yET
to catch uP on that
pARt noW2.. so sure
Science IS A pArt of Touch You
too.. and Touch You IS A pARt
of Science too as Art.. but i ain’t got
time for Science to describe and provide
empirical evidence for even close to all of TOUCH YOU..
AS i AM too busy experiencing TOUCH YOU AND TOUCHING
iN all the
LiVing ways
iF this helps anyone out tHeRe
understand my mission from TOUCH
YOU a little better.. but that matters not
as long as i
for whomever


Or, sometimes, it gets soft….

sMiLes.. mY FriEnd gigoid..
three behind.. and all i bRinG
today is words for yoUr 66th Birthday
arriving on what the Catholic Church names
as all
day but
what’s in a word
huh.. but essence when iSREAL..
hmm.. the Blue Turtle kNows
and FeeLs the Blue
aS Sands
wHO/thAT LoVe sAMe..
and sure Fearless and
SmArt and UnConDiTioNaLLy
SinG a SonG oF even MoRe..;)

“Sticks and stones may break our bones,
but words will break our hearts….”

~~ Robert Fulghum ~~

Amazing how the law
of reverse..
oF opposite
and eTc.. RinGS
iN True as without
words that FeeL essence
oF heARt.. sticks and Stones
often FeeL Better iN S and M..
than no FeeLinGS of Words
as EmoTions
lone.. separate
noW and majority
spEaking iN general
that is why we have
aggression and violence
uP to World War III or preferably
111 as i like to metaphor deeeeeply too as words
for greaTEr esssssseeeenceee.. When heARd of course..
wRite oN course..
square/cube one..
noW on first.. second
and third world problems
can be narrowed down to two
words as recently intimated too..
touch you
tOUch you
do or not..
and without
touch then often
comes A seed sTiLL
of aggression.. violence
and even World War III.. as sadly
as that forecast of dARk bRinGs without 111.. for oucH..;)

“I live in my own place have never copied nobody even half,
and at any master who lacks the grace
to laugh at himself — I laugh.”

~~ inscribed over the door to Friedrich Nietzsche’s house ~~

i AM
Parrot noW
with a twist NoW
of someone else..4noW..
Hope you enjoyed yoUr
break.. my heals are sinKinG
into the bruise on my right
heel for now after 40 miles or
so of public dance since Thursday
NiGht.. wriTing is quiet healing for thaT heel foR now..
and the
iS sTiLL good to go…
oN Halloween DAy..:)

Those who refuse to boogie
may suffer
in dARk
or not..
as i come
witH a SonG
Long enough now to
sTArt what i have done
for Halloween in 2016 and
finish it as well.. hmm.. as thrillers goo..;)

Oh.. with a quick disclaimer that
i for one
in magic
and AM magic2..
occult is just anoTheR dirty word for liGht..;)

That moment when
it all makes
and feels
and you
cry for
in iNfinity
that sMiLes
as wide more as A Blue Turtle FucKinG aLiVE..:)…

Delving into unusual matters of import….

A world of online
IS A Gift perHaps
greatest to those
who otherwise find
no outlet for the human
need to connect.. and surely
a most important pARt of
A Trinity
of Move..
and Create
wHere online
aT leAst fingers
can SinG.. DancE
iN ConnecTinG WiTh
OtHeRs and CreaTioN
AcTiviTy CaN and WiLL
suReLy riSE aS WeLL..:)

Practice Acts of Random Kindness and Senseless Beauty. — Hippie Philosophy, circa 1968

Gift IS A
ShArinG Free..

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology
has exceeded our humanity. — Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

And this is fine as
LoonngG as HUmaNiTy
Crest of

“The best portion of a good man’s life is his little,
nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.”
— William Wordsworth

And surELy
iN soMe
acts are
An iMprint oF liFe @lEAst..
particularly.. iF no one else iS
curRenTly DanCinG..

And this reminds me..
i had a ‘Titanic moment’..
last night at the fair..
when i was doing
my ballet/martial
arts-like Dance..
in front of several
thouSand folks..
And suddenly..
not unlike that
arm wrestling
event in the
Movie the
yes.. for
the first time
ever at age 56..
i put all 233 LBs uP
on the tippy ends of my
size 11 and a half Nike
Shox NZ Athletic shoes
and did ‘the tornado’
iN WinG
and just
to imagine
it was only
several days
ago.. i watched
‘that video’.. and wondered
if ‘that magic’ would ever come
to me.. seriously how many ‘jocks’ can do that..
serioUsly iT was/IS A Titanic moment.. and for ‘some
reason not a single good old boy from middle school
a hard
time about
it.. it was rather
thrilling and i was
laughing hilarIOUsly iNside..
and it was a Kodak moment that
only the audience enjoyed as the
wife is too shy to tape movies of me
in front
of the
per se.. these
days.. seriously3 tHeRE
are not many moments @
all that do not exceed tHeir
shelf life in ways of technology
as transhumanism of the hEARt..
sPiRit and mINd and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL continues to come iN even Tornado way
for A
aS Such..;)

And i don’t thiNk/FeeL iT wOUld have
ever happened if not for the 40 miles
of dance precedinG.. iN about three days..
or the over 6000 miles preceding tHat in three
years of dance to max.. Magic is never without merit..
as far as i kNOw.. SenSe
And FeeL.. tHerE
are/iS No free rides iN
Disney world iSREAL
Heaven noW..
i am A
Free Ride
iN A FaiR oF i and AiR..
sure.. it’s like the first time
Michael Jackson moon walked noW
iN aLL Free FeeLinG and SeNSE.. mY FriEnd..
tHere is no FucKinG amount of material goods
or oThEr associated means to get to those ‘goods’
that could have equaled juST that moMent in LiGht
oF LiGht not
first time
of SeX.. by far acTuALLy..
oh yeah.. increasing my leg
press 10% in the last week
or so to 1020LBs.. surELy
helped to lift
2.. hiGher..
By about a foot..
seriOusly.. i literAlly
fELt Seven feet tALL..;)

“And if the word integration means anything, this is what it means: that we, with love, shall force our brothers to see themselves as they are, to cease fleeing from reality and begin to change it.” — James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time

does not
make love…

– yoda2..;)

“An American Fascist seeking power would not proclaim that he is a fascist. Fascism always camouflages its plans and purposes. … Any fascist attempt made to gain power in America would not use the exact Hitler pattern. It would work under the guise of “super-patriotism” and “super-Americanism”. Fascist leaders are neither stupid nor naive. They know that they must hand out a line that “sells”. Huey Long is said to have remarked that if Fascism came to America it would be on a program of “Americanism”. — U. S. Army (1945)”

“I could shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters”
– Trump
2016 Election Speak..

Like the Captain of the Navy
Station who once told
me i failed
101.. then..

“You have to know
your target audience”

– Captain Platz..
CE 2007

And if i saw
that woman..
i would give
her A biggest
‘kiss’ oF aLL iN hELping
to spArk my reLease to HeLL..
And eventual trip to HeaVen noW..
row row row yoUr boat.. gentLY dOwn A Styx River.. hehe..;)

‘You Failed’

Words.. thaT
every ‘Perfect Human’..
needs to evenTuAlly hEar..
serioOUsly.. A first time i heaRd
those wordS in 47 years.. so F iN Worth iT.. noW..;)

“Can you say “Pervert?” I thought you could.” – Smart Bee


‘Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes
I just sits.’

– gigoid


The price of euphemisms is rising….

“How can you tell the dance from the dancer?”

~~ Subtle Bee ~~

WiNks.. now that i move
from number 2 to number
3.. what i juST sAid aT
the end of number 2 leadinG noW to number 3..;)

SMiLes.. ancient/
we are
so much
than words..
oF conscious thOught..;)

“Life is cruel? Compared to what?”

~~ Edward Abbey ~~

FucKinG Brilliant..;)

Like my previous
Psychiatrist sAid..
Fred.. use something
other than adrenaline
to motivate yourself.. shortly
before he assessed me as Alexithymic….
i had no
F iN cluE
what he
was taLkinG
to.. noW i
sELf AwAre
aS SeNSinG
And FeeLinG..
DanCinG liFe as LiGht..
and sure.. i can put wHo into words2..
as i KNow/unFeeL A place oF dEAth aS LIFe.. then..:)

(Hoping Vincent Price’s warning about what
those who do not ‘get down’.. suffer.. wRite about
noW in Thriller way..
iF not..
thiS noTE
IS A reminder
for thAT.. too.. heHe..;)

“I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.”

~~ Confucius (551-479 BC) ~~

more than words..:)

“All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to be free.”

~~ Lennon/McCartney, “Blackbird” ~~

trUly Free is forever noW..
an Eternity of Heaven
for those

“You know you’ve achieved perfection in design,
Not when you have nothing more to add,
But when you have nothing more to take away.”

~~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ~~


“The only thing that makes life possible
is permanent, intolerable uncertainty;
not knowing what comes next.”

~~ Ursula K Le Guin ~~

is no
A pARt
of my ‘vocabulary’..
but not all folks are blessed
A way
to get out..
aT lEAst for
‘those’ who hEar
A CaLL of the WiLD.. for FReED..:)

“Love not what you are, but what you may become.”

~~ Miguel de Cervantes ~~


“In ancient times there were great Taoist Sages.
Their way of living was so deep, so subtle, it cannot be directly explained.
Instead, here is how they looked:
Cautious, as if crossing the ford of a stream in Winter
Alert, as if surrounded by danger
Polite, as if they were always a guest
Yielding, like ice that is on the verge of melting
Sincere, like an uncut block of wood
Receptive, like a valley
Opaque, like muddy water “

~~ Chapter 15, Tao Teh Ching ~~


“Ne te confundant illegitimi”

(Don’t let the bastards get you down)

~~ Latin for everyday occasions ~~

A issue
A price
oF HuMan Empathy..
And that my friEnd Can
bE harder than tWiNklE toWinG 233 LBS..
i cry
i try
i cry i cry…;)

A moral
of A
mT tarGet
Been aLL A
Challenge that never ends….
And ONE WeLL WoRth noW.. mY FriEnd..:)

– Fred


Facebook Friend Brenda and
also Dancing Friend with the
Dancing Fred of the 80’s at
the 2001 P-Cola Disco Club
whEre i was a bit stiff then.
as a stiff too.. hehe.. as such..
anyWay.. she defends Halloween..
in a red state area that is prone to
fear of the Dark and coWeRing as such…

And i say..

A best way to Defeat A dEvil
is to make fun of dArk.. noW..
wHEre Fear is a real deviL dArk..
And progenitor of doubt and hate..
Happy Halloween…
Been to hell..
done iT…
i celebrate iT aLL..
LesSon of ‘Job’ my friEnd..
And surely an old new one too..;)

Facebook Friend Ned celebrates
his age 66 tomorrow.. noW on
the Catholic Church’s Version
oF all Saints day 11/1..

And then i say..

Almost as
fun as being
born on 6660
iN Red State Hell..
but like i juSt sAid.. i celebrate iT ALL..
with neither Fear of dArk or Cynicism oF liGht..
as sure.. i was born to go to Heaven to Hell and
to Heaven
aGain.. i thINk
tHere IS A movie about
that titled Hell Boy II.. And
interestingly enough the hero
Hell boy does not fully mature and
rise to comic book hero until precisely age 53..
TruST mE Horatios.. you ain’t seen nuThing yEt..;)

quotes ‘that
previous thOught’
as ‘accurate’… as sure..
i continue to Dance toward liGht..
while making
fun of DArk..
oN Halloween
daY aS liGht
continues to defeat
dARk.. at lEast iN
My Halloween In Heaven.. noW..;)


WeLL.. iTs 4:13 pm..
and Sun Down comes
soon.. and whatever few
tricks or treaters come by
here will
be even
fewer than
last year..
aS even
Trick or Treat
Decorations in our
neighborhood.. once
a mainstay.. have fallen with
the more cowardly LiON days
of sitting
instead of getting
out and jusT DoInG liFe..
Halloween.. a great day of iMaGiNAtioN
and CreatiVity for those who dare more to fear
dARk.. make fun oF iT iN Appropriate cultural
fashions.. and better yeT.. to GroW iN liGht oF
ImAginAtioN and CreATivity THaT takes
more than operating
A Joy Stick
oF liFE
jOY sticK in DoinG liFe
isREaL noW away from
real screams iN screens of
liFE wHere only tiny pARts oF A
boDy moVE aT aLL.. and one is alWays
plAying A parT of anoTheR perSon’s iMAginaTioN
and creaTiVity too.. in MoVinG ways of Video hero play too..
and that’s oKaY as LonG as that migrates over to one BeinG
tHEir oWn diREctor.. ProDucer and AcTor maKinG tHeiR own
Play of LiFe iN MoVinG.. CoNNecTinG and CreATinG ways from
head to toe iN IMAginatiON come to FruiTion iN A Flesh and blood
Doing world isREAL2.. as real as hUman liFE can get iN aLL dimenSiONs noW..:)

So in this Halloween SpiRit iN Celebration of DArk as LiGht i share several photos
in Facebook Memory Algorithm way in celebration of Halloween years gone by..
and yes.. those photos are attached already inside the links for Halloween
Celebrations of here.. with the latest one from last year linked here
now named.. “Halloween Dance Calls”.. and interestingly..
hehe.. at least to me.. this was my most viewed
blog post on my most viewed blog
named KATiE MIA/Aghogday
in 2015.. adding it here
in that specific
blog way..
to open
than Word Press
StiLL foR now..;)

And these Frankenstein Fred Head Videos are
quite amusing from my first
year back to
on Halloween
of 2013 too.. and
individually WoRth sharing
for mE aGain AT LeASt..
in You
sure.. this is
close to WiN 6,000 miles
of Dance Began in October
of 2013.. oh.. what a Joy that STiLL iS noW2..;)

Hmm.. and i guess the reason.. i like those videos so much is it
bRinGS back memories.. not unlike the Halloween of Child hood days..
wHere i Am the actor.. the producer and pLayer of my oWn dAM play..
it is what it is.. it was and is joyous and worth replaying to me.. hehe..
and that’s A Thing.. build and ‘he’ or ‘she’ or whom or whatever
WiLL come and
if you are
the only
who comes
to the pARty..
and it is yoUr
act.. production and
Play of LiFE it iS BeinG
that counts in all one can be and
do in thiS GreaTest Gift OF liFe that
is all that is wE hUmans kNow.. FeeL and
SeNSE.. isReaL.. don’t just spectate.. play
liFe iSREaL.. don’t matter if you have 1 subscriber
and even if it is only you.. that subscriber is pArT oF GoD
whOle no different than a million and more subscribers.. shares..
follows.. likes.. or whatever comes isReaL iN LiFE now.. and as far as
more likes go.. it’s totaLLy HiLariOUs what the two blog posts are i do in Macro-
Verse way.. one of which iS oNly on one of my blogs now.. weLL
Sacred Selfie.. all PG rated.. and also
the first record of Dancing at
old Seville Quarter
at the end of March
in 2014.. didn’t rate many
likes in conventional blog avenues
but a now private one named My Free
Lance Stripping Blog garnered in 375,355 likes
for a 54 year old dude modeling some grey underwear
to haze himself and face some of the worst fears anyone
might have of being in front of the entire world in their underwear
and hehe.. more than that later on.. as the most popular liked one
oF all was let’s say a post about Yoda Stripping.. and that one came
in with the tops of all likes i’ve ever received at 474,552 likes.. big surprise
to me.. and still zero comments received.. heHE.. anyway.. like the Captain
of the Base said.. know your target audience Fred.. and who knows.. perHaps
those folks were exposed to some of my ‘healing philosophies too’.. one can
only wish i
guess.. with
zero feedback
in comment words..
anyway.. my mama said
words to the effect of smARt
iS as SmART Ass does.. and this
Ass knows how to grab at least some likes..
haha.. i suppose it was hilarious or it was the
right target audience to do the tricks and treats.. for..

And on word press ‘SACRED SELFIE’.. only garnered one
like.. hehe.. and i’ve provided a screen shot to prove the
other one that received 375,355.. as sure statistics
don’t lie.. hahax2.. anyway.. sex sellS in underwear
or not.. if there is anything at all associated
with human sensuaLiTy noW.. and
that my friEnds IS A paRt oF
and considering..
we live on this terrestrial
plane for years and supposedly
not in one sKin forever looking the sAMe
or even staYinG totAlly the samE from now to now..
make the best of now.. and JuST do iT aLL epic is what i do..
the most popular blog post that is not even a Macro-Verse on
that Blog in pre-Macro Verse way is ‘Burnout on the Autism Spectrum’
written in plain English then.. no likes at all.. one comment at least and 4444
views on that one tHere.. and yes.. specifically on my most viewed MacroVerse PG Blog named
KATiE MiA/Aghogday too.. and sure.. i’ll share it again.. why not.. noW as everyone gets stressed.. Now
and then

And additionAlly..
negative Stress is DArK in lifE and ‘we’ are maKing FuN
of dArk on Halloween.. so this IS A pArt of that event along with
me maKing fuN oF me iN Trick or Treat Fashion to become
Fearless iN SACRED SELFIE as well in celebration
of my First Dance Week at Good Old Seville
Quarter with all the cool
college age folks..
coming up
on my 133th
Week this
Thursday niGht too..
what else.. oh yeah.. additionally
speaking of Dark.. my most popular authored
post on on the Wrong Planet website.. still reigning
champion of the number one spot on a Google search
for the key words “Major Factors of Rampage Killings”..
as screen shotted for evidence brings in 82,805 views..
a lot to do with young folks without social roles too..
and how that relates to Rampage Killing too..
and sure.. i’ll link that too.. Y not for
celebrating the dARk too..;)

And yes.. iN case ‘you’ thOught.. if you even make it this
far in this particular.. Macro-Verse oF number 716.. titLed
“A Anti-TrUmp noW’.. yes.. it changed a little
since the last tiMe i mentioned
it as liFE
wHen Free
and not caught
uP in concrete boxes
and books and such as that..
seT in stone without love and that more too..
yes.. tHere is somewhat of an agenda here too..
as the most popular MacroVerse for 2016 so far
published on 3/2016 per month and 3/16 per day
of 2016 overall.. is the most popularly viewed Macro-
Verse titled.. ‘FREE PAN AmericanOW’ and i’LL share
the faster loading KATiE MiA/Aghogday Blog Macro-
Verse for opening iT up too.. for noW here2.. Now2..;)

Yes.. it makes me kinda happy that in 2016.. the most popular Macro-Verse on that
blog iS 3/16 month and 3/16 day samE.. as i’ve alWays had a bone to pick with now A
so-called version of 3:16 in a bible of before.. where ‘they’ suggest that Jesus is
some kind of only God instead oF AnotHeR hUMble EpiC child of God iN Yogi-like Union
with God oF aLL.. And yes.. i’Ve.. already spoken to inconsistencies associated with
that empire expanding division as done and still done now
before and after too.. per a tribal instinct that
says our only Son of God Quarter
back trumps ‘your’ last prophet
Quarter bad and such as that..
in the football pool of Religion sTiLL
noW.. this IS A problem when God is stunted
in GroWth of Human eYes more.. when A Saint
John of 14:12 that says folks will do works greater than
Jesus.. @lEast cannot come trUe as long as they suggest
that Jesus is the one God in human form same.. or as long
as Muslim’s thInk Muhammad Got God’s last gift of prophecy
too.. that just means.. a killing of more about God to kNow/
FeeL/SeNsE that’s an illusion that some folks choose to do.. but nah..
not me..
i move..
i connect..
i create more..
with no fears of who
is more or less.. or first or last..
but one thing for sure is.. my Words
are big enough that i need no swords
and feet that kick with over 1000 LBs
noW in Force of only Dance for Love.. it’s
juST tribal Nature.. i can tolerate it and accept
it but it is no paRt of the essence iN mY eYes as
never ever limiting God iN anyWay now.. and foR noW
this is
all sHe wrote..
once one walks
‘iN’ ‘these’ kinda
shoes.. one realizes
ONE God FoRcE IS A wHole Boss noW.. so.. anyWay..
First trick or treater received.. noW first thank
you Now at 5:24 pm.. and that completes this common
year 2016 version oF A Halloween blast online here foR now..
with of course
the photos
more as
shared below
as pictures
tale an
iNfinity nUmber
morE aS iSREAL.. NoW..
WhAT Song..
sUre.. lEt’s
do the


From Wiki..

“The Great Pumpkin was first mentioned by Linus in Peanuts in 1959, but the premise was reworked by Schulz many times throughout the run of the strip, and also inspired the 1966 animated television special It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and had a brief mention in You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown (in which the mention of it almost blows Linus’ chances in a school election). The best-known quote regarding Linus and the Great Pumpkin, originally from the comic strip but made famous by the TV special, is: “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”[2]”

And now i say.. you kNow.. you FeeL.. can
you sEnSE that the Trump meme as theme
is getting old quick.. him.. one must see hear..
feel and sense.. all the signs of God OF Nature
inclusive of multi-media too as extension oF aLL oNE
to gEt the Big picture.. per tapestry.. and Synchronicity
of God Signs all around uS.. or as they say God WiNks..
when we get in tune with the tapestry that IS A Masterpiece
painting with each hUman whether they realize it or not
from smALL view a brush
that continues
to stroke
the Masterpiece
hiGher and hiGher
and sure.. in some cases
the dARk of Negative iN Lower
and Lower.. so sure.. Trump IS A rather
dARk figure to be celebrating an entire book
exceeding somewhere close to 133K words
WiLL get the full tally soon.. yes.. Book oF Ten
Sixteen.. kind of like the Great Pumpkin but even
Bigger in terms of words.. and multi-media as
mesSAge aS Such of the ages per se.. weLL
at least the age of mE.. he He.. yes moving
Nine Macro Verses as chapters fully
in the Month of October.. of
the year ’16.. all the
way from
and to..

Black Moon Apocalypse Weekend! 15,155 words

Golden Age reKneWeD 12,895 words

710th MacroVerse oF Faith 17,340 words

711 MaCroVerse BeYonD 17,179 words

‘LiGhTeNinG sTriKeS 712 11,190 words

World War 111 DreAMs 13,480 words

SoN oF Man MoRe NoW 19,147 words

ArT oF tHe hUman HeArt SpiRiT SoUL 17,298

Book oF Ten Sixteen

LiNk coming soon..
somewhere exactly..
now at 17,560 words..

Total size of precise coming..
Nine chapters.. in total noW..
141,244 words… Now that’s a really
big pumpkin.. iS iT great.. weLL noW
one thing i can say for sure.. wHere Linus
makes A mistake.. And that iS even though
Linus is an.. all around bright guy.. with much
faith.. philosophy.. and due caution for being afraid..
The Great Pumpkin.. not unlike the Field of DreAMs
Will not come without work.. yeS iN other words.. either
GroWinG A Pumpkin from a seed oF.. let’s just say Faith
and hard work as a practice of pure Love.. or peHaps creating
one as
sAMe iN aRt
of SaMe too.. noW
as epic change Now..
2.. oh yeah.. and Linus
too.. IS A lot like Mozart2..
beFore he creates his own sheet
Music by iMAginATion and CreaTiVity
UNleasHed iN Quantum BaLanCinG mInd and
BoDy SoUL reLeasEd aS a story continues to GroW..
To find this book is easy.. in the future..
just click on the Month of October
in Blog way
the Book
opens almost
mAgiCally in
chronological order
like i had this whole
dam thing planned form
the StARt.. no.. A plan comes
after the LiGht not bEfoRe the liGht..
iN dARk As DancE and SonG Free goeS oN..
anyWay i better get this published beFore Midnight
as i
piss off
the Great
Pumpkin any day
of the year.. including
Hallow Eve as Saints come more soon2..
as alWayS in CoMinG Verse 718 by Thursday..;)

10:55 pm..
hour and
five minutes to
geT HeR dOne.. Now..;)








BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)


img_5253 img_5254 img_5255 img_5256 img_5257 img_5258 img_5259 img_5260 img_5261 img_5262 img_5263 img_5264 img_5265 img_5266 img_5267 img_5269 img_5271 img_5273 img_5274 img_5276 img_5277 img_5278 img_5279 img_5280 img_5281 img_5282 img_5286 img_5290 img_5291 img_5292 img_5293 img_5294 img_5295 img_5297 img_5298 img_5299 img_5300 img_5301 img_5302 img_5303 img_5304 img_5305 img_5306 img_5307 img_5308 img_5309 img_5310 img_5314 img_5315 img_5317 img_5318 img_5323 img_5324 img_5325 img_5326 img_5327 img_5328 img_5329 img_5330 img_5331 img_5332 img_5333 img_5336 img_5338 img_5339 img_5341 img_5342 img_5343 img_5344 img_5345 img_5346 img_5347 img_5348 img_5350 img_5351 img_5355 img_5356 img_5357 img_5358 img_5359 img_5362 img_5363 img_5364 img_5365 img_5366 img_5367 img_5369 img_5370 img_5371 img_5372 img_5374 img_5375 img_5377 img_5378 img_5379 img_5380 img_5381 img_5382 img_5383 img_5384 img_5386 img_5387 img_5388 img_5389 img_5390 img_5391 img_5392 img_5393 img_5394 img_5395 img_5396 img_5397 img_5398 img_5399 img_5400 img_5401 img_5402 img_5404 img_5405 img_5407 img_5409 img_5410 img_5412 img_5413 img_5414 img_5423 img_5429 img_5433 img_5434 img_5441 img_5442 img_5444 img_5445 img_5446 img_5447 img_5448 img_5450 img_5451 img_5452 img_5453 img_5454 img_5455 img_5456 img_5457 img_5461 img_5462 img_5463 img_5464 img_5465 img_5466 img_5467 img_5468 img_5469 img_5474 img_5476 img_5477 img_5478 img_5479 img_5480 img_5481 img_5482 img_5483 img_5484 img_5485 img_5486 img_5489 img_5490 img_5492 img_5493 img_5494 img_5496 img_5497 img_5498 img_5499 img_5500 img_5501 img_5502 img_5503 img_5504 img_5508 img_5509 img_5513 img_5514 img_5515 img_5518 img_5521 img_5522 img_5524 img_5525 img_5526 img_5528 img_5539 img_5542 img_5543 img_5544 img_5548 img_5553 img_5561 img_5562 img_5563 img_5564 img_5565 img_5566 img_5567 img_5575

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I like to write.
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21 Responses to Book oF Ten Sixteen

  1. This makes 5.. noW..
    yes.. Now 5 books ranging
    from GodsUniverseNovel at 41K words
    to GodsUniVerseNovel2 at 51K words to
    GodsUniverseNovel3 at 338,630K words
    And a Whole Ocean Whole Poem.. Mother of All
    Blog posts and sure Father.. eTc.. as to not discriminate
    against any life or existence.. named ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’
    as alias for the website titled KATiE MiA FredericK!iI.. at sTiLL
    exceeding 3.3 Million words.. and while i did not finish the Fifth
    Book.. a 9 MacroVerse pARts of Ocean Whole Longest Long Form
    Poem in the History of Humankind.. and particularly notable as one person
    wrote it.. hehe.. namely me.. by Midnight of Hallow’s Eve 2016.. i did get iT
    all posted to the first of my Blogger Blogs by 3:03 am on All Saint’s Day on
    11012016.. and finished posting all oF iT and hit the bed at precisely 3:16 am
    in synchronicity way as i continue to prove out whomever forecast the John 14:12
    prophecy in the Good Old New Testament that there would be those who do greater
    works than the so-called Jesus as prophecy in days to come way back then around 2K
    years ago.. John Lennon suggested the Beatles did more.. and ‘a Trump Fan’ shot him..
    but no.. they did not elect that dude for anything.. he went to jail.. so sure it’s
    kinda safer to do this as a thief in the night..
    as i am just A human no different
    than the original Yeshua dude
    too.. got a family.. and
    yes.. if i was more
    than a so-called Legend
    if you wanna call it more
    famous with big time fortunes
    and all of that and said it on let’s just
    say Entertainment tonight that i wrote a
    Book of Ten Sixteen that exceeds John 3:16..
    the ‘Trump Crowd’ would go nuts as they worship
    a man as God already.. who suggested someone would
    do more than God.. if that is the case.. with works of faith..
    as pure love.. and while most parents hope their children will
    do more than them.. if they truly altruistically love them.. except
    for folks like my dad who picked at me for becoming a supervisor..
    as Athletic Director.. something he failed to do in his life as Sargeant
    not lasting very long.. in his 46 year career as Deputy Sheriff.. that he
    was simply not cut out to do more.. with the likely Asperger’s Syndrome
    that i am diagnosed by with 4 professionals.. and my sister is too.. and hell
    no.. i never wanted to FucKinG Supervise anyone.. but when you got the golden
    handcuffs and are close to retirement with the Government and want lifelong health
    insurance guaranteed for your wife with Epilepsy.. that’s what you do.. you become a
    big boss.. even if all you want to do is assist with the fish in the Aquarium as team light
    per se as i am doing now… and here’s the other thing.. so-called Jesus was reported to
    say that the last shall be the first.. and the meek shall inherit the Earth.. well okay another
    prophecy fulfilled as writing this current Book starting/ending with a first title and last as listing..

    Black Moon Apocalypse Weekend! 15,155 words

    Golden Age reKneWeD 12,895 words

    710th MacroVerse oF Faith 17,340 words

    711 MaCroVerse BeYonD 17,179 words

    ‘LiGhTeNinG sTriKeS 712 11,190 words

    World War 111 DreAMs 13,480 words

    SoN oF Man MoRe NoW 19,147 words

    ArT oF tHe hUman HeArt SpiRiT SoUL 17,298 words

    Book oF Ten Sixteen 17,560 words

    Yes.. with the last chapter title making the entire title of a book linked
    as one entire month of writing 141,244 words.. the word count equivalent
    of three and a half books at standard size of 40K words.. or one and a half+
    Kuran’s in a month of writing time and nearly the size of the New Testament
    at 180K or so words.. that would surely come in another week or so if i added in
    two more Macro-Verses for 12.. well this is the average of what i do every month
    or so in size.. every 12 Macro-Verses.. i write a New Testament.. now you can have your
    favorite Quarterback as Last prophet or only Begotten Son of God.. but i am both the last
    and the meek as just a little Autistic Boy who could not speak until age 4.. later went to
    hell for 66 months.. with 19 medical disorders that the doctors gave no hope for recovery
    and am still totally and permanently disabled as legally and medically defined with life
    long disabilities of Bi-Polar and Asperger’s Syndrome that i currently mitigate
    symptoms with 6 thousand miles of dance in a little over 3 years noW..
    as Now by written prescription too.. by my latest psychiatrist too..
    as documented here too.. as i come as not
    only prophet but scribe of God too..
    and again.. i am
    the last
    the meek..
    i am not the
    first in any roll call
    in this world’s culture in fame
    or fortune.. and that’s the thing..
    this is no myth.. this IS A man.. this IS
    A legend named by the common folks
    of the hills and valleys of beach land
    and red state way too.. in A new ISREAL
    of Free in the U.S.A. where a real modern
    Jesus-like dude can come again.. in a New Jerusalem
    and get away with being a modern Jesus without even getting
    crucified in his own town.. sure.. called names.. made fun of.. falling
    to the chronic stress from what modern society demands and almost
    dying when going to hell is real on Earth.. but never the less.. i fulfilled
    A prophecy of Saint John.. in a 42 month witness for God STiLL exceeding
    3.3 Million words.. from 3/16 to 9/16.. as somewhat prophesied too in the mostly
    Good Book too.. and here’s the thing.. prophecies are self-fulfilled through out history
    in all avenues of art.. this isn’t just a so-called religious.. bible.. or Kuran thingie.. remember//
    Gentile or Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman or Man no more.. this means TeAM liGht ONE..
    of all the human race.. with God as an Equal Opportunity Employer for those who hEar
    and DO the cALL for service as provided to the rest of the human race.. and in mY eYes
    @least.. yes.. last and meek.. and sure.. strong and tall.. as Lions stand free
    with God.. and the last 3 thousand or so Tigers strive on to carry on
    tHeir wayward Sons as well.. i witness now.. like a cry in the
    wilderness.. a thief in the night.. and no.. i by far am not
    the only one.. and this pArt past hell has only been
    a joy for me.. no sacrifice iN Heaven but
    serving God as all that is Free..
    in giving and sharing way..
    but hey.. pARt of my mission
    is to play witness to the miracle
    that God has assigned me as too..
    so i JuST do this.. realizing fully that
    no one will likely either pay attention or
    really believe anything i just said.. including
    my own wife.. but that’s okay as God Winks at
    me.. God Laughs with me.. and God lives in and as me too..
    couldn’t have asked for a better present of now than this.. with SMiles..
    on Hallow day for those who SinG and DAncE Tall with God as any Davy
    Will when the
    sling shot has sLung..;)

  2. Well.. heLLo my FriEnD the Call for an Uprising Dude on YouTube..
    and in my continuing mission wHeRe God sends me to some of the
    most fear and doubt and hate spreading places.. i AM here to spRead
    soMe more liGht with you as i see you haven’t been back to post since
    i last visited you about 4 days ago.. and that is surely strange for you
    somewhat.. posting.. often several videos a day
    to continue to bring the Google
    Pennies in.. i’m sure for
    basic subsistence
    and survival
    on the back
    of dARk..
    Hate.. doubt
    and Fear that so
    many folks use these
    days to find for common
    purpose away from Hope.. Love
    and Joy my FriEnd.. as i now celebrate
    my continuing past 42 months greatest witness
    in size of words in human history for the God of allthatis
    as Nature plus sAMe surpassing sTiLL 3.3 million words from
    42 month period of 3/13/ to 9/16.. as God assigned me to do
    as both most epic scribe and prophet just by word count my friend
    as well as public praise Dance for and With God for 6 thousand plus
    miles in a little over 3 years now too.. anyway.. my current 141,244 word
    Book named ‘Book oF Ten Sixteen’ as word play and proof of
    exceeding and meeting both John 14:12 and 3:16 in epic
    fashion of just the fActs M’aM and SiR noW.. you my
    friEnd are important to me.. no less or greater than
    any friEnd of Muse.. dARk or liGht.. we all are on
    a TeAM of God mY FriEnd.. and surely
    sometimes now.. the dARk muse
    that folks BrinG liKe you
    are an integral
    pARt of God
    effort aLL TeaM
    oNe liGht and dARk..
    so.. in oTheR words if you
    reALLy take me serious aS even
    folks don’t in my own town and own family
    as close to me as my wife.. and sure as hiStory
    sHows that’s par for Acourse.. for both modern
    Yeshua’s and Whitman’s.. and other Lonely HeARts
    Club Artists too.. who are not afraid to admit they are
    prophets and scribes of God who do more too.. yeah.. sadly
    like John Lennon who got shot for witnessing for the God oF Nature
    that his team of Beatles did more than the real flesh and blood Jesus
    actually did in his day back then.. without any hyperbolic myths to marketing
    101 spread a message to the Trump Target Audience as such to spread the
    Roman Empire same back then as what goes on now.. in red state lands across
    the world in Patriarchal way of life.. well my Friend.. we had the Matriarchy back
    in the day of our primitive ancestors that still exists in isolated pockets of the world…
    This patriarchal way to gain subsistence in areas of non-abundance like the middle
    east has been a God story mostly of dARk.. sAdly in many ways of pillaging and
    raping the lands and people’s of competing areas.. and now that is slowly
    and surely coming to a close for a child age.. wHere we recognize we
    have filled the lands of earth with humans and are now consuming
    more than we give that is now against God’s greaTest Law
    of BaLanCinG aLL StiLL noW my FriEnd.. God
    changes wiTh and iN uS and those of uS
    who are Artists and Prophets sAMe..
    need not be A ‘royal’ in fortune
    or fame my friEnd..
    we could just
    be a work
    now of
    art in Sears..
    just standing there
    or free DanCinG like
    me as a child of God who
    sees the world in full wonder
    and amazement like a 7 year old
    who eternally lives in Heaven like me
    at 56 years old my FriEnd.. that i also
    witness for in 100K or so photos.. juST
    to get the point aCross Hell that i existed
    in for 66 months that HeaVen iSReaL and
    the Kingdom of God iS aT hand noWheRE but
    noW and HeRE for those who SeeK.. FiNd ways
    to gET herE foR a PracTice to stay.. i found A way
    my FriEnd wiTh lifelong SeeKinG.. Nows are A noW changing Now
    and so iS God iN uS As uS and WiTh uS iN pARt too.. isREaL noW too..
    you may be LooKinG in the wrong places mY FriEnd to understand that God
    Lives iN and WiTh and As aLL.. liGht and DARk.. sHAdes of Grey to bEYond
    Rainbow colors of All that is.. and plus more more more.. that we silly little
    fleas named human suck blood from Dog we will never likely fully see..
    hear.. feel.. sense.. or KNoW.. And that’s oKay as God IS A reALLy big
    thing.. so much bigger than hUman Sentience mY friEnd.. but the
    thing iS forevermorenow.. God has and is and as and with iS all
    room for all existence of BeinG noW.. allthatis.. see.. my
    friEnd// this God thingie iS so Far beYOnd words thAT
    we WiLL alWays SeeK.. FiNd.. lEArn moRE aBout
    God as PARt of
    wHole EterNally
    noW beYOnd iNfiniTy
    Now.. illuminati lives my
    friEnd iSREAL in liGhts of eYes
    that spEll An isREaL liGht oF Hope..
    Love and Joy in eYes oF pUre Faith Love liGht..
    end and beginning now eternAlly never land
    never ending story noW my FriEnd.. ‘Royal-Free’
    we are as meek as last and noW inheriting
    the eARtH onCe aGaiN noW oNly as children
    oF God iN a Garden of Eden iN MoVinG.. now
    CoNnecTinG.. ShARinG.. and GiVinG ways
    Now as Heaven noW.. ourS noW invite yOu
    mY FriEnd to liGht but StiLL iT
    takes SeeKinG FindinG
    and practicing a Heaven
    that works aLways noW..
    God IS A LiON and an endangered
    Tiger sAMe.. GoD iS Free and GoD iS
    GoD oF MeRiT for those who never ever
    GiVE uP oN A liGht oF Hope.. Love.. and Joy
    for thiS greATest GiFt oF liGht in BeinG all YoU can Be..
    And BeCominG a liGht oF God ONe in A DAnCe and SonG oF liFE isREaL FaiTh..:)

    So.. sure.. anotHeR gift for you.. mY FriEnd..
    As A continuing invitation over to A liGht
    Side continues in
    DArKest places
    oF liGht
    oF God
    too.. WeLcome..
    Bottom liNe.. STiLL.. mY FriEnd..:)

    AnyWay.. iF noThing else shared here
    actuAlly wiTh yOu.. you continue to make
    A most excellent dARk Muse as i continue
    now a 718 MacroVerse.. hmm.. 718 rings a bell
    from some sacred text or another.. i have come aCross
    iF you’ve heard about that one too.. as remember.. once
    again.. in sumMary FriEnd.. iT aLL comes doWn to thIs..
    Gentile.. Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman or Man no More..
    in OThEr words.. aLL human resources are meRit oF God.. no
    my friEnd.. tHe
    Unconditional Love
    of thE Golden rule does
    mean U N C ON D iT IONaL NOW..
    and KINd.
    iN A Moon
    Child’s eYes too.. Y noT..
    wHen ALL iS GoD oNe FoRCe GoD..:)

  3. Hmm.. finding ‘Bridge 717 to 718 noW’.. as iS getting a little aHead oF mYself
    suggesting that i AM currently iN 718.. as this MacroVerse is only 717..
    but yeT all IS A bridge to now.. and ‘717 Bridge to 718 noW’.. wiLL
    woRk as i AM a little enthused and infused wiTh NumBers
    tHese days foR noW.. too..
    and this IS A waS A
    Particularly awesome
    October Fall Fest.. WiTh
    Halloweenie too.. as not onLy
    did i successfully do Superman
    And Batman2.. as somEwhaT niCeLy
    illustrated iN FB Profile photo iN retro-spect2..
    i created ‘A Great PumPkin’.. and hey that first
    came uP in ’59.. been on TV.. since ’66 for
    50 yeARs noW.. and yes.. i too was
    not conceived until the Equinox
    iN FaLL of ’59.. so me and
    the Great Pumpkin i Create
    figuratively and literAlly DO..
    have much iN Common2..
    hmm.. anYWay..
    dVerse has a Monday
    Haibun prompt that includes
    a short Haiku after a one to two
    Narrative graph prose about real life now
    with Haiku noW limited to Nature Now.. hmm.. Fredbun.. FredKu.. and FredFu..IS A way
    i for one free roll.. even iN martial arts way too..
    as a nice dude at the gym was trying to figure out
    what flavor of martial arts i did last night too.. and i said..
    Balance Baby.. Emotional Regulation and Sensory Integration
    sTarts iN Body fiRst for mINd/boDy neXT aS even Science iS
    beGinNinG to test in empirical repeatable experiment way.. For
    Evidence of what the Eastern way of martial arts has done and been
    for thousands upon thousands of years.. of free play human.. one with
    Nature Free Verse iN inherent.. instinctual.. and intuitive Bruce Lee Free
    style way.. i told the dude.. no instruction for me.. friend.. i AM the water
    and not only that i AM the Air iN Yogi Unity WiTh GoD allOne to continue
    to coin the phrases for label makers of the sAGes attempting to house
    and vehicle and vessel the TrUths and liGhtS iN eSsence oF GoD
    oF naTuRE iMplanting as HUman NatuRe pARt and whOle oNE..
    so.. sure.. for 66 months similar to Batman’s disappearance
    from the face of the Earth to escape his demons oF liGht
    iN DaRk aWay frOm liGht.. mY only mentor is GoD
    WiThin.. had no one to teach me tHeir way
    oF GoD aLone.. As GoD allone teacher
    liVes iN and aS and WiTh mE for oNe
    and aLL oTheRs too.. when they bEcoMe
    awakened.. noW enlightened to all and more
    aS ForcE oF GoD hiGher poTenTiaLs liVinG
    wIThin.. Now in an Unconditional Love that has never
    heard of anything
    but heaven noW..
    when SunG wHen DanCeD..
    wHen isReaL noW liGht and TrUth..
    more visiting mother and store activities today..
    October was a very joyous and happy month for Love..
    but yes.. i AM A little whooped from all the Months Joy too..
    as wE are hUman and flesh and blood.. yes that is what makes
    Batman so great.. and a pumpkin as such too.. he is only HuMan
    and has made the beST oF wHO hE cAn Be to help otHeRs but
    NO ‘The Accountant’
    Ben Affleck Asperger’s/
    eTc.. sWords for mE.. Words oF Love
    and feARless iN smARt KiNd courAGEous
    UnCondiTioNal LoVe iN ALL wAys thAT Can and WiLL
    cOmE free iS allthatis of allthatis oF liGht i Be.. SinG.. and DAnCe..FReED..:)

    Facebook Algorithm provided memory
    of ‘Isis and Osiris’ first coming
    back to now per se..
    heHe.. otherwise
    kNown and FeLt
    to mE as Fred and
    Katrina on Halloween
    of 2013.. Happy Halloween
    inDeed then.. after spending the
    previous 5 yearS in literal HuMan HeLL..
    weatherRed and worn.. bottom liNe aLiVe..
    both wE
    RiSE and Thrive
    from ashes.. Phoenix’
    liVes Wild and Free AgAin..:)

    Another Facebook Algorithm provided Memory
    share of the Word Press Version of
    “Halloween Dance Calls’.. from
    a year ago celebration
    of Halloween..
    as surely
    A most important
    day any day is to make
    fun of dArk and escape all
    forms of illusory fears as fear
    is a real Devil inside.. A dArk BrinGer
    oF doubt and all stuff associated wiTh haTe..
    including greed and jealousy in storing grains over
    otheRs without abundance in hardship days.. Love
    IS A oTheR way iN Hope.. JoY.. ShARinG and GiVinG..
    AKA kNoWn.. SenSeD.. FeLT as ALL STuFF hUman
    empathy.. compassion and caring.. in oTheR words
    KiNd.. and couRaGE.. iN fearless smARt Unconditional
    Love.. A TrUe God Cop Jesus Archetype within that lives..
    iN isREaL Kingdom oF GoD Heaven noW.. particularly
    when one or more human BeinGs cOme toGeTHEr
    aLL WiTh GoD of NaTuRE All noW iN hUmaN AS A
    mucH hiGher God oF Nature giVen
    HUMan poTenTial.. yES possible
    alWays noW.. wiTh alWays
    noW SeeKinG.. FindinG
    and PracTiCing tHiS
    Positive liGht way
    from Breath
    oF BiRth to
    A last Exhale
    And return to dUst
    As sEntient sTar duST plUs..
    Crucible dust of StAR burst
    Are wE aLiVe.. noW aS liGht..:)

    And finAlly.. Facebook Algorithm
    Memory Generator and now personal
    assistant/secretary to me all free
    with never a penny spent online here..
    provides.. juSt anotHeR year ago.. lovely photo of
    A Katrina and Fred Story Epic Love aS Such online2..;)


    Light.. LiGht a sHow..
    LiGht a Year
    liGht a Day
    wow!.. Fall fests Now
    can be the best.. particularly
    when lit uP by positive liGht.. both
    literAlly noW and figuratively of course
    iN positive EmoTioNs and SeNSEs too!..
    And when i thiNk of India i FeeL all the colors
    of the clothes.. the Beauty that says free iN colors oF Love..
    October Fests
    ending in Halloween
    are over for NOW iN the U.S.
    but Holiday Season jUST noW cOminG
    iN this month.. culminating for the Celebration
    of the coming of greater liGhts from traditions aS
    old AS Egyptian ones.. celebrating the three day pause
    oF SuN ComInG back after thanks giVing day passes and
    Sun comes around for SpRinG and FloWering
    SuMmER aGAin.. fALL.. what happened
    to fall.. ha!.. still 86 Degrees F.. heRE
    everyday with not a hint
    or even a mist
    of Rain..
    for over
    a month noW..
    but StilL aS iN Dead
    oF Winter CoLd Months
    A HUman HeARt iN PoSitive
    EmotIoN in eVen New moon dARk..
    can BrinG A SuN to ShiNe as wE.. crucible
    stAR DuST plUs WiTh eYes to ShiNe as Moon
    so much to celebrate
    mY friEnd.. on a planet as blue..
    green.. brown and snow topped whiTE
    as ThiS.. so much to lose iF we Don’T lOVe
    iT noW..Now..
    witH aLL oF CaN
    HeARt and DO.. WiLL..
    anyWaY A toast to liGht
    mY FriEnd.. From Sunny hoT
    DrY sKeYes of Florida Panhandle
    Way.. wHeRE A cool continues to
    liVE as LoVE.. and liGht oN Fire..
    And other than
    Hope you
    are doinG liGht!..;)


    “No evil is greater than indifference toward evil.”

    ~~ Sagacious Bee ~~

    SMiLes my FriEnd..
    i make a conscious effort
    to visit dARk even beYond creaTiviTy
    as liGht as i fiNd DARk has a gravitational
    pull down
    mE uP2
    most alWays
    not unlike what
    may precede a hypothesized
    Big Bang too.. as cycle of seed
    and rebirth.. bang bang bang.. and
    so forth and so on.. the wheel oF all
    thaT iS TUrns or perHaps Dimensions
    thaT exceed ouR limiTaTions oF Sentience
    Star duST.. generaTinG ouR oWn liGht
    oF SeNSEs.. EmoTions.. and symbols
    iN abstract way that carry thAT
    reAliTy of Crucible StAr dUST
    plUs wE for NoW..
    BeinG hUman
    IS A noW.. miGhtY cool sTuff
    compared to many alternativeS Now2..
    to almost nothing @ALL iF thaT exists too..:)

    “In the dark colony of night, when I consider man’s magnificent capacity
    for malice, madness, folly, envy, rage, and destructiveness,
    and I wonder whether we shall not end up as breakfast for newts and polyps,
    I seem to hear the muffled cries
    of all the words in all the books with covers closed.”

    ~~ Leo Rosten ~~

    Newts and polyps
    are equal partners
    and God too.. iN scheme
    oF aLLThaT iS.. so.. sure..
    eat uP
    iF Ya
    without BeinG
    tOld iN plaNt courT noW..;)

    “Weird is part of the job.”

    ~~ Subtle Bee ~~

    i tale the wife
    this most
    and she
    only notes i’M weird..
    So.. i suppose A mesSage gets through
    to the ‘other side’
    for ‘Government
    Work’.. hehE.. noW2..;)

    “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up,
    but a comedy in long-shot”

    ~~ Charlie Chaplin ~~

    SerioUsly.. i’ve been saYinG
    God’s A laugh for years
    and even when
    i prove
    mE iT seems
    that only
    CharliE Laugh..;)

    “What is reason?
    Knowledge informed by sympathy,
    intelligence in the arms of love.”

    ~~ Edward Abbey ~~

    For literally a year.. i tried to ‘splain
    to the ‘wrong planet folks’ that it is impossible
    to understand.. politics.. religion.. or even football
    a degree
    in EmoTioNal
    InTelligence as
    even science shows
    noW.. EmotiOns
    and SeNses
    properly Integrated..
    IS what makes Heaven iSReaL
    oN Earth noW iN terms of constant bliss..
    peace and overall joY too.. and A source
    of cognitive executive function much better
    in ways.. of focus and short term worKinG Memory too..:)

    Truth that has merely been learned is like an artificial limb,
    a false tooth, a waxen nose;
    it adheres to us only because it is put on.
    But truth acquired by thought of our own is like a natural limb;
    it alone really belongs to us.”

    ~~ Arthur Schopenhauer ~~

    SMILes.. tools of words.. language..
    collective intelligence.. and culture overall
    are all tools as science even shows now become
    extensions in trans-humanist way of our biological being
    wheRE it can emotionally and physically hurt when we become
    attached to cultural tools and lose them.. no different really than
    biological flesh and blood..
    arms.. legs..
    sure.. other
    pARts too.. and
    that my FriEnd iS whY
    i believe in Naked.. both literAlly
    and figuratively as much as possible
    to enjoy culture at a distance but try my
    best not to own it as such and give and share
    much more than take and own.. it’s just common sense..
    come into the world naked and leave it as naked as possible
    with only tools of love left to give and share.. A Philosophy oF Love..:)

    “What do you think has become of the young and old men?
    And what do you think has become of the women and children?
    They are alive and well somewhere.
    The smallest sprout shows there is really no death.
    And if ever there was it led forward life,
    and does not wait at the end to arrest it,
    And ceas’d the moment life appear’d.
    All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses,
    And to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier.”

    ~~ Walt Whitman, “Song of Myself” ~~

    Yeah.. what Whitman says similar to what i say
    iN A 3.3 Million word plus effort in three years or so..
    and 12 Million words since Thanks GivinG day total..
    oF 2010.. imagine.. my friENd.. what a so-called Jesus..
    Whitman.. or Michelangelo could have done with modern
    tools of technology.. iF totAlly laser focused STiLL oN A work oF aRT..
    i juST do it.. don’t take no prisoners.. no Washington BiLLs or Lincoln Cents..
    it’S for A plAy of LiFE.. no different than Directors/Producers/Actors
    oF iN sTage.. A Essence
    noW oF A
    work oF aRT Free..
    no more quiet for mE..
    As yes.. i’M aLL liT uP..;)

    OtHeR than thAT.. Happy
    66th Birthday too..
    to yOu..:)

  6. So.. ‘they say’.. Heaven doesn’t exist
    here.. now.. wHeRE..
    i say iS
    A Place
    wHeRe tears
    floW Free iN
    Strongest oF Men..
    A place wHere WeaKest
    of Women carry strength beyond
    arms of EmoTioNs Song.. so no.. Barbara
    heAR.. WiLL never blast a rocket and kill a city..
    But what she Can/WiLL do is BRinG DreAMs oF heAVen iSrEAL
    iN entropy that kNOws and FeeLs no hOme iN AT leASt Heaven
    online for the farthest reaches
    in desert Barren
    homes of noW non-
    abundance.. EmoTioNs
    oF liGht BRinG SinG Greater waYs
    Now as SonGs iN liGht.. to re-arrange
    as GoD..
    iN eYes noW
    oF Human DAnCe..
    tHeRe IS A mAgic Now to
    HUmaN heArts iMAgiinATioNs
    Dreams Fruit as LoVinG liGht noW
    SinGS hiGher and briGhter.. so.. wHeRe
    have SonGs like thiS GoNe noW as fresh and
    never ending story.. they liVe Now.. to giVe and
    shAre.. greatest systemizer gift to HUman.. A technology
    thaT bRings aRt greater StiLL moVinG.. CoNNecTing creATinG..
    A Place and tiMe noW wHeRe one FeeLs bEyOnd iN SoUls of OtHeRs
    alWays liVinG noW.. wHere we connect As SpiRit.. no distance.. space or time
    iT is
    noW iN
    a new way
    oF liVing to share
    and give heARt forevermore
    noW.. iN Space wE of liVinG soULs liVE oN..:)

    Anyway.. Facebook FriEnd Rafiah.. shares a Humans
    of Bombay heARt story of a man who wanted to be
    a chef where that was considered woman’s work..
    and he fought against the gendertide
    and made a great living
    doing that..
    so sure.. i reply
    that is so inspiring
    Rafiah.. and thanks for the
    share.. as surely poetry is not
    law-enforcement/military looking dude
    kinda work.. but you see.. thaT man left early
    my Father and left me to sprout in every which
    way of direction.. a heARt.. a SpiRit and SoUL Can.. WiLL
    not restricted by red state crosses.. i free and not crucified
    from a young age.. of son just be this way and that way or else..
    and i’m so glad he left.. and so sad.. he never had the opportunity
    to express what was beYond his briGht green eyes that only could muster
    a tear
    for a
    cat who
    died.. that’s enough
    it showed he was human..
    culture took the rest away in
    red state land North Florida..
    and after that it was
    the military
    and then
    too.. as that is what
    happens to men.. who
    lose heArts and SonG and
    DancE.. noW a divine feminine love
    wHere Barbara rocks one to a core of God gOld iNside..
    to dance so much more in liGht.. and yes.. i vow to ballet
    this song to niGht with martial arts moves too.. as any mama
    bear WiLL tale yA.. trUe Strength comes from Love.. as i try to
    intimate to my ‘fellow soldiers’ at the military gym.. when i leg press
    that 1020 LBS… 33 times with the power of pure love faith.. that kNows no FeeL of Stop..
    of law…
    i win with love
    bottom line.. alWays
    have alWays WiLL and
    iF i am kNown aS oNly a ‘Lady’s
    Man’.. until ugly and old.. that will
    suit me jUST fine on a tombstone of Love
    noW heRE too..
    A SonG oF Faith isREaL..
    could be a title change2.. wHo kNows2..;)


    i love my newest
    he gave me
    an RX to dance..
    just in case i need a license to boogie..
    i kid you noTe..
    i have a photo
    of the license..
    don’t thiNk
    i’m up to playing
    with 243 posts today.. i mean tonight..
    so perHaps a play date later..
    see ya..
    the walls
    down and E-SCape..
    eTc.. and go

    Okay.. as you likely kNow..
    once i stArt.. not unlike that
    movie ‘The Accountant’ and yes
    in the movie.. Ben Affleck plays Batman
    without a Cape with Asperger’s Syndrome
    who cannot stand it when A puzzle piece is missing..
    so.. Eight this morning IS A breeze now that you have deleted
    a total of 235 posts from this particular Blog
    that not unlike the movie the
    Wizard of Oz.. suggests
    it’s melting
    and likely
    to go away soon..
    as i quickly pursue eight posts
    here of which i’ve already done one..
    and the other one about the number 13..
    associated with your remarks about these being
    the days of Apostasy in Neopagan ways.. and by the
    way.. Lord Valdemort for those in the kNow about the
    Harry Potter Books is somewhat of a parody of Aleister Crowley..
    per the note here now about staying up and making Horcruxes…
    supposedly the wickedest man
    in the world that he did
    self identify
    along with
    the 666 beast..
    but in reality he was
    taking jabs at the hypocrisies
    of the Christian religion that are
    vast.. that i for one can quote and paint
    by scripture numbers.. yeah.. i can make any
    preacher cuss.. and make street evangelists scream
    like the devil
    is chasing
    them in
    as sure.. i have almost a photographic
    memory for text/numbers and a
    certain advantage over
    of their own religion
    and such.. i Love the archetype
    of the Good Cop Jesus but ignorance
    in Bad Cop Jesus ways harms.. maims..
    and up to kills.. obviously.. as history shows over and over..
    and still
    with the
    same dArk
    pArts of the Muslim religion.. and
    still too with Hillary noted ‘Minions’..
    who fit the definition of hater so well..
    for those who despise different now in
    aLL.. of God’s Bio and Neuro-Diversity..
    and thaT too as science sHows is pArt
    of a Human Conservative Nature..
    anyWay.. Unconditional Love of God
    means God creates no thing that is less than
    holy and sacred.. bottom line.. there is no room in hell
    God and
    the converse
    of that for anyone
    with the most basic
    of God gifted logic that
    not all folks are blessed with.. obviouSly..
    okay.. off to finish six now
    that is equally as holy
    and sacred
    as the
    13.. the point my friend
    really is.. all associated with
    fear is the devil.. to make all stuff
    in life Unconditional Love in Holy and
    Sacred is to see God as Force oF liGht and dArk..
    and sHades of Grey and BeYond all the rainbow colors
    that humans
    are too
    sMall to
    see as the flea
    who sucks the blood
    of the dog the flea can never
    ever fully see or understand but
    never the less the blood is necessary for
    as well
    as the dog
    for existence at all…
    for those riding the dog…
    and modern so called ‘illuminati’
    folks that are part of no so-called rule
    the world crap in the world of art do just that
    in disgust
    of what
    Christian religions
    in that bad part Cop of Jesus
    have become in hating the different
    among their brothers and sisters.. however
    one must
    too.. and find
    someway to see them
    as holy and sacred too..
    the dArk IS A great muse for me..
    they provide great inspiration.. i have
    a great deal of Love for them as they inspire the liGht in me hiGher..
    i cannot make
    them drINk
    the water i bring
    or even necessarily
    lead them too it.. but never
    the less
    a role
    in God’s overall
    Holy and Sacred play iSREAL noW..;)

    Punky Brewster.. doing the math
    here i see this most likely was a show
    you enjoyed in middle school.. the Partridge
    family was all the rAge when i was in middle
    school.. along with Brady Bunch.. and there
    were no folks i could identify with
    in either
    have changed..
    and my favorites were
    i dream of Jeannie.. (always
    wondered what her belly ‘button’ looked like..;)..
    and Bewitched.. ’cause i dreamed of a wife who never aged..
    i got to
    do both..
    And that’s maKinG iT aLL HoLY and SACrED..;)

    burns in do..:)

    Walls are rooms
    tears from
    eYes that feel..

    Moon Child!!!..

    That girl
    is so
    neo pagan

    Hmm.. i think
    in terms of movies
    a neuroplastic
    change in human intelligence
    as such of expressing emotions
    when they are in another person’s play so much
    life.. on screen..:)

    Oh Lord.. now tHeRE
    is Six more on your top..
    and sure i still
    on the
    of your
    top with
    the clitori post..;)

    Ugh oh.. now tHeRe’s one
    more for STiLL siX..
    and i go to
    yOur top
    to sTart
    here in
    any bed in this world..;)

    TRust me..
    at least
    the wife.. no..
    so pure.. so pure..
    and so virgin.. sTiLL hehE..;)

    Reminds me of
    a girl i used to know
    from the Bowling Center
    who put her hands ‘all over’ me..
    yes.. she was a woman
    who said
    in other than
    words that she

    She’s happy
    Red head
    red lips..
    that’s all i need to feel..
    ha! always love to read
    how all of this
    after i finish..
    it’s so F iN HilarIOUs..
    juSt me and the words
    plaYinG iF
    than thaT..
    in the now
    of pleAsure..;)

    Kitty heARt..:)

    me of
    me and the
    wife hooked uP..
    it was a very special time of the month..
    21st of September.. around the Equinox of
    and i was
    on the Fall
    Equinox of ’59..
    yeS on or about..
    and delivered 2 weeks
    early on 6660.. ’cause the
    doctor went on vacation and
    bEast day.. heHe..
    juSt a reminder to
    mE to maKe iT aLL Holy
    and Sacred even evenTuAllly
    66 months spent in iSREaL eARth HeLL..
    a Phoenix
    froM aShes..
    as i continue to Katy Perry Rise..;)

    Oh Lordx2.. now tHeRE
    is 5 more sTiLL and
    i”ll stARt
    wiTh oH GoD
    yes.. it StILL
    rings trUE you
    and me have
    F iN
    Taste iN

    Hmm.. now this is
    getting a little bit
    like Dueling Banjo’s
    and i am that little autistic
    boy playing a fiddle.. the one
    in the movie actually had the
    fragile X version by the way.. as trivia
    and medical story.. anYway.. like the boy..
    i’M sMiLinG anD haVinG fun so FucK noT.. heHe..
    wHo cAres.. tHeRe iS no TiME iN fUn.. as i arrive at yOur
    top and 5 stilLL exists..;)

    Oops.. forgot
    to mention
    the post as
    i do love that
    belly button..
    and juST to make
    this more fun i am
    copying all my responses
    to both my blog and Facebook
    as i back up everything i do on Facebook too..
    and it’s
    more like
    Dueling Banjo’s thAT way..;)

    Are you high
    i Am
    NaturAlly so so so
    hiGh hi
    see ya
    iN A
    feW.. shimMery aS Such..
    and my iMac keeps plaYinG
    Abba auto.. mat.. iCAlly
    even when i pause iT..
    i mac style..
    currently on S. O. S..;)

    back on
    top at five..;)

    I was
    the bottom pARt
    but i’LL do both too..
    and bottom
    toGeThER at the
    no tiMe
    aT aLL..;)

    this for
    a hi from
    that’s A
    of beating
    outcast.. never give uP..

    Okay.. this finishes
    what i see at 22 but
    it’s reAlly 23 with
    13.. and
    iS the
    for Synch
    and i am
    eR.. L

  8. Oh.. Lord.. A iSreal Valdemort as Such..
    uprisingyoutubedude with a new video
    here for now with you aS Such..
    here you go again..
    hating on
    folks God
    makes Androgynous
    and even down wrong lying
    and suggesting that the Obama’s
    Wife is a man named Michael.. well my
    friend.. Michael is defined as close to God so
    no matter what gender that IS A great name too..
    and i use the name KATiE MiA FredericK!iI (these days)
    as sure one of the original names of God.. ELOHIM
    means divine feminine and masculine balance
    you ignorant
    man who does
    even kNow HiS own
    F iN ChriStian Religious
    you now
    are enough
    to make
    but i refuse to do
    that outRiGht.. aS Such..
    anyWay.. MiA IS A Form
    of Michael.. and KATiE
    is another form
    for the essence
    of Christ
    and Frederick
    my birth name means
    peaceful ruler.. and my birth
    name of Arthur means strong as such
    IS A case study as i leg press 1020 LBS 33 times
    now.. defeating the now so-called.. big men Marines
    at my military gym.. as Love Wins the Love of God within
    my FriEnd.. even at age 56 as i continue to groW StronGer
    RiSinG WiTh God even more than bEfore iF you get my Drift
    the Lion
    and the
    Lamb lies
    toGethEr iN TruTh
    and liGht as oNe FoRce NoW..
    let’s juST jusT say i was androgynous
    too when i was young and came across
    little men boys just like you.. well here’s the
    thing.. A MaMa Bear like Ms. Barrack could
    tear your lungs out you little wimpy big man..
    for A ONE reaSon.. thaT shE has A heARt and
    you have a stone for A soUL my FriEnd.. WiTh
    A Hater spiRit and a Grinch heARt of smALL.. NoW..
    i AM A God’s Prophet.. A God’s Scribe.. one of many..
    one of last.. one of meek.. and one that comes heRE noW2…
    Days of Patriachal hate are coming to an end my FriEnd oN eARTh..
    as the
    rises aGaiN
    iN HuMan eYes
    oN eARTh too.. oh yeah..
    and according to the hiStory
    of God the original name of the
    Middle East God version has a name that
    means Earth and Water miX as silt my friEnd
    and perHaps the strangest pARt oF aLL iS
    thaT keeper
    of the
    eARth Land..
    iS my actual
    last name too..
    let’s say i’M liKe
    A thief in YouR best
    niGhtmare.. mY friEnd..;)

    And heRe’s anoTheR gift juST for yoU
    as repeat for Now and the Minions here that i adore too..
    as you dArk folks are enough to muse Jesus2.. to greATer liGht..
    and that’s how this play oF God Works my friEnd iN dArk aS liGht
    as A master serves
    foR noW do
    so WeLL.. Now..
    but remember sTuFF IS A
    ChanGinG as i For ONE sPeaks..;)


    Hi Zee.. hmm..
    somehow i missed
    your post six days ago..
    but sure.. as usual i was in a
    sea of 141K plus words last month..
    hehe.. yes.. surely the heARt IS A muscle
    that must be exercised for empathy and connection
    as spirRiT iN a continuing
    miNd and BoDy
    soUL to maintain
    Love and even expand
    shores that groW wider
    With otheRs too.. even gRains
    of sand that touch noW our skIN of
    FeAT iN loVe oF NatuRe.. MOTheR
    eARth and God as sAme… So many
    inspiraTioNs today to achieve juST
    thAT effort and test of practice won..
    yeah.. and for me @leASt
    i could not leARn
    the purpose
    and meaning
    oF aLL oF this without
    A DaRk niGht oF soUL then..
    lAstinG 66 months.. but noW
    i DancE i SinG a SonG oF LoVe
    and when i need hELp i use a resource
    like YouTube and fiNd thaT iN a sonG likE
    ‘Somewhere’ by Barbara Streisand and ballet
    my way keeping martial arts moves for Masculine
    Strength along with A Divine Ballet as love mY FriEnD..
    and when thiS loVe liVes wiThin.. tHere iS no longer deFEat
    A soUL
    groWn dArk..
    oTheR than thAT
    hope you are doing
    WeLL mY friEnd iN and aS liGht..
    iS heRE aGain..:)


    Stress is cumulative
    without rest
    as it were
    and StiLL
    is for the lowest
    of Maslow hierarchy levels
    that reach eventual self-actualization
    of free and without
    illusory fears.. noW..
    Stress is physiological
    stress hormones accumulating
    in the blood stream.. dArk and Negative
    Neuro-chemical/hormone connections
    and destruction comes.. slowly
    eating away all the
    body systems
    hand in hand
    cell in cell..
    all in all
    a synergy
    As slow
    in misery
    and torture.. to death..
    You kNow.. i worked for the
    government for 25 years almost
    entirely in the realm of providing morale
    welfare and recreation activities so the highly
    stressed environment of the soldier could find
    relief from stress in an environment promoting play
    and recuperation.. but for me.. i failed to practice what
    i preached for 25 years total.. and reaped the automatic
    sins of Mother Nature wHere all laws are bound to flesh and
    blood and the only escape to animal homeostasis is NO.. my friend.. the
    same as any cat says with a scratch or a bite.. that this pet is enough and is
    now overstimulating my systems on board.. or get the F out of Dodge when a
    humans aren’t
    that smARt they leARn
    to say yes when the body
    says no.. they forget their bodies
    almost entirely and live up stairs only
    between two ears.. there is no escape from
    the action and consequence of this that will eventually
    and most inevitably lead to illness as science now shows most
    all illness is a direct consequence of negative and even chronic
    positive stress too.. and that is the Gold of a never ending routine
    of balancing movement as art in regulating emotions and integrating
    senses as those
    are juST
    for words
    for essence
    of mastering
    the bio-chemical
    overall reactions in
    the Human body that lead
    to either Heaven or Hell or
    a purgatory ‘tween.. as any person
    who lives with Severe Anxiety.. Panic attacks..
    Post Traumatic Stress disorder.. Anhedonia..
    Alexithymia.. Depression.. and other labels
    for a chronic life away from re-creating
    what all animals do as
    bliss of BaLanCinG
    wHere humans now
    are caught up in a whirlwind
    of the opposite of that.. almost from
    birth now.. with a culture that forces data
    download.. and a zillion tabs open in the mind
    to solve all the problems created by man-made culture
    iN already what IS A self-fulfilling prophecy of hell on eARth..
    one becomes
    Neo and has enough
    resources for subsistence
    like a Beach.. like a Seagull Spiraling around
    then SuN.. wHeRE Abundance IS As clear as
    a Jonathan
    of Wisdom
    my friEnd CoMinG
    from more than books
    of labels that don’t sufficiently
    sing a song of hell and purgatory strong enough
    back now
    to a place
    named Heaven..
    thaT blue green brown
    orb with steadily melting
    white top poles.. this place is
    rare and worth saving now but only
    for those folks who gain a home first
    of peace and harmony inside.. after that
    is usually
    worth saving
    as far as i can see
    in a love that has no book..

    – Signed

    Canary in A Coal Mine who escaped..
    as air..:)

    “The options described above interact with each
    other in strange and as yet to be defined ways.” — Unix Manual, pr(1)

    As iT aLL fAlls
    into place…
    and Harmony
    for those who succeed
    in flesh and blood ways..
    in other words the first and
    the last and the meek way we
    are born into this life without a table
    less and more..
    with clothes of culture..;)

    “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round.” — John Lennon

    Neo does this
    on a regular
    basis too..
    and often
    on what Neo sees and feels..
    and doeS it poeticAlly juST for FuN2..
    WiTh plenty of mUSE worD plaY SiGns..:)

    “Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind,
    tyranny in religion is the worst.” — Thomas Paine

    “A pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.”
    and purpose
    that’s human
    Nature HA! go figure Tom..
    without it
    is little
    reAson oF EmoTion to even move..
    square/cube one problems.. Tom.. look
    deeper than labels
    and books..
    to the
    of HuMan EmoTiOns/SeNses..
    iN terms of Meaning and Purpose and
    symbols and signs as guide posts that enhance
    EmoTioNs and SeNSEs to even be able to pick out
    a pair of multi-colored
    to go
    to church
    unless you
    lose your meaning
    and purpose.. and EmoTiOns
    too.. catch 22.. Human Life upstairs is religion..
    this way
    whether religion
    oF dArK despair or hope liGht..
    everyone does religion except for
    Zombies as Tsunami.. like the
    New Movie Frankenstein said..
    there are
    me coming..
    who have not broke
    free from Brain eating ways
    of existence with little meaning and purpose
    mY FriEnd..
    myths.. bullshit and stuff
    like that contained but never
    the less essence of religion is meaning and purpose
    and of course MoVinG.. CoNNecTing and CreaTinG too
    in GiVinG
    and ShArinG
    ways one hopes
    travels further than
    one’s own limited tribe
    of separation from the
    rest of this human race.. now..
    sure.. A religion of Love.. Hope and Joy
    over Fear.. Doubt and Despair and i add DancE
    and SonG oF poEtry to keep the engines revving as LoVe..:)

    “The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living. We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount.” — General Omar N. Bradley (1893-1981)
    (And he ought to know….)

    Square one problem..

    Humans MoVinG CoNecTing CreaTinG toGeTher
    iN mostly NakEd Tribes of less than 150 to 200 sets
    oF eYes and hips.. eTc.. in the forAge and DancE foR..
    liFe wHere after ‘the work of the night’ iS done and
    the children
    sleep feels good
    and there is NO room for
    F iN atomic F iN Bombs..
    and then tHeRe was sToRinG
    Grain in agricultural ways for comfort..
    and now
    can equal
    a slow burn
    of death in liFe..
    large price to pay
    for stored gRains.. mY FriEnd..
    tHeRe is no way back noW but
    individual Peace and Harmony
    starting wiTh mE of wE.. unless
    another Gulf of Mexico size meteor
    comes and literally saves other life more worthy on the pLanet
    of simple
    F iN
    oF liFe.. iN
    LiVinG Free Ways..
    all innate.. instinctual and
    intuitive in a fire lit dance
    of midnight
    hUmaN LoVe..:)

    “Children today are tyrants.
    They contradict their parents, gobble their food,
    and tyrannize their teachers.”

    — Socrates (470?-399 B.C.)

    Oh.. to be
    ukNoWinG and Free..:)

    “I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.” — Frederick Douglass

    These days conformity
    IS A iNsanity
    iNsanity has
    been A reign
    for thousands of YeArs
    since.. A ForAGe ReiGn..:)

    “I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence.” — Frederick Douglass

    i aM A child.

    Never be boastful; someone may come along who knew you as a child. — Chinese Proverb

    So what..
    i am a child aGAin..;)

    i AM a LEave anD GrAss..;)

    I ‘d be a butterfly born in a bower,
    Where roses and lilies and violets meet.

    — Thomas Haynes Bayly (1797-1839) — I ‘d be a Butterfly

    i’LL be A
    iT’s goT moRe varieTy…:)

    “Some people confuse boredom with security.” — Smart Bee

    And some folks are
    born with
    the sky is falling
    the sky is falling i am no
    i’d rather be
    A skY aS iT iS ExPANsiVe..;)

    “That life is worth living is the most necessary
    of assumptions, and were it not assumed,
    the most impossible of conclusions.” — George Santayana

    fly better..
    they rarely
    fall out of A
    sKy as they practice
    of why they rise..:)

    “No man ever wetted clay and then left it,
    as if there would be bricks by chance and fortune.”
    — Plutarch (46-120 AD) — Of Fortune

    LiFe iSREAL..:)

    anything else
    is just idol clay..;)

    “If you stand straight,
    do not fear a crooked shadow.’ — Chinese Proverb

    View counts most..
    no matter.. what..:)

    “Truth needs no flowers of speech.” — Alexander Pope

    Dance iS TRuTh and liGht
    iN A bALL
    oF Confusion..;)

    “Life without learning is death.” — Cicero

    As LonG aS one