HeRcULeS’ oF soUL


WeLL.. what to say.. yes.. DANCE!
starting off this New Macroverse
Number 688.. and haha. i haven’t
read what i did on 687.. as 22,635 words
total.. almost made me late to dance.. where
i did not even have time to proof read it to see
if there are any missed mistakes.. anyway.. Lovely
Latino Dancer Friends were present again..
so.. i suppose i will name them Charlie’s
Angels Hispanic style.. as once
again.. all great dancers..
they must have
danced early
early early with
an afternoon Fiesta..
when young young young
and yes.. they are very young
young too compared to me who
could be their Grandfather.. after
all i am a great great Uncle and
Katrina IS A great great Auntie..
so that makes us vintage..i guess..
and hehe.. in another photo with a group
of girls upstairs before i leave who are watching
me and the girls dance on the floor below she says
i told my girl friend that guy is gonna be my husband
and i said.. well i guess the least we can do is get a photo..
i told her i was a poet who was documenting 119 dance
weeks so far from Old Seville Quarter in the longest
long form poem ever.. hehe.. and she said she
was a millionaire.. and then i proved what
i said online.. and when she said that’s
a girl’s name per KATiE MiA FredericK!iI..
i told her it’s my wife’s name first per
form of it.. and my first name
next.. and by then..
i had long lost
her twitter
or perhaps
it was because
i told her i was married..
and i didn’t have a chance
to tale her i was old enough
to be her Grandpa.. but anyway..
she can see the rest of the story
in the next poem if she can remember
the pen name.. which is kinda unlikely..
hehe.. i’m thinking as it is kinda strange..
the whole thing is kinda strange.. hehe.. ha!.
oh yeah.. and a young man asked me if i was
on LSD.. and i basically told him i was on God
Dance Speed.. and it seems like he believed me.. heHE..
Anyway.. per my last Macroverse.. ‘mY LamP iSreaL’.. tHeRe
are lots of lamps on the real free dance floor of life that do come
in terms of love in dance
and smiles


So.. what’s the next word..
i for one chose poetry and to
define poetry.. to truly define poetry
one cannot resort to dictionary definitions
as to write poetry is to create anew from heart
where inspiration leads the tongue.. so sure when
the wife Katrina
nags me a little
to sway me away
from my ‘somenow’
ADHD ways.. thaT is
poeTry as it bRings
emoTions and inspires
me to move on to what
she wants me to do…
Somenows i don’t
hEar heRe..
as you
that laser
focus can come..
but sTiLL she writes
her poeTry in voice of
get your ass off that computer
now.. she doesn’t even have to think
about it.. the words come from heArt and
they floW in steam like a run a way train..
more on run a way trains a little later.. as
i saw a slow one last night
on the road to dance..
and another
short one
soon to be
longer in a quick
glance of macro-verse
Facebook memories.. anyway..
pArt of the reason i no longer post
everyday.. is it takes away from what i
see as floW in poetry.. for me if the poetry
cannot flow.. it loses its heart and soul..
and that is a big pARt of the reason
i quit forms in the competitive
environment of dVerse
by compliance
officers and
Physics PHD
majors.. ’cause
already been there
done the fill in the form
Government work for a quarter
of a century in red tape way..
ugh.. Brian Miller and
Claudia were a
breath of fresh air..
like oxygen that kindled
my poetic spirit at heARt
and soUl in mInd and Body Balance..
Brian turned me on to the Dead Poet Society
Stand on the Desk and make a difference in the
world and inspired me to move on with my nude
art standing on a desk of freedom more.. but anyway
stuff changes.. there are the order folks who stand
more cautious and there are the free folks
who stand more naturally
spirited without the
sidewalks of life..
insanely large populations
must have have these rule makers
otherwise.. anarchy and chaos.. and
after Hurricane Katrina looting
will come next for the
have nots against the
haves of course..
and in general..
the science assessed
empirical rule that humans are still
not evolved to comfortably connect to
more than around 150 to 200 sets of eyes..
and yes.. when you get a bunch of folks in even
online communities.. you get creative differences
and Jesus F. In Christ.. some are very close to
Autistic in systemizing reciprocal social
communication difficulty ways.. as
been to poetry
land and real
autistic land
and the behavior
of some of the folks
in text is indistinguishable
in their inability to understand
the communication of other folks
and more on that in a few as well
in way of Facebook Macro-Verse memory
too.. anyway.. i live a poetic heARt.. my SpiRit
is the expression of that EmoTioNal and SeNsory
heARt and sure tHeir is some SeXuaLiTy that RiSes
uP now and then.. at lEast once a week as all of Nature
is poEtry when it becomes inspiring in any way that comes..
some folks judge this inspiration or that inspiration as
silly.. in appropriate.. dum.. retarded.. idiocy.. but
i judge all inspiration as life.. and try
to keep my mind and body balance
soUl as open as possible to
be inspired by all inspiration
dArk and LiGht sAMe..
and i find it works
for bliss for
other folks
choose the dArker path..
been tHeRe doNe thaT too..
lEarned my Lesson weLL as
i continue to live a life NOT ONLY


Well.. Hello tHeRe Brian..
glad you stopped by in between this
comment response here where i addressed
your poetic inspiration along the way..
and haha.. you just happened to
come to perhaps my
second longest
in three
days or so
here.. at
22K plus
all in a few
days inspiration
with of course much
more to come.. yes.. my
friend my wishes are for you
to continue to travel iN liGht
as WeLL.. wHere a helping hand
can be heard and treaSuRed WeLL..:)


So.. the Facebook Memories roar in.. as they
should intuitively do.. as of course this is
my anniversary of exit from hell..
and the real Star of David too..
per Planetary alignments of
a six pointed star that just so
happened to start the year
Goddess Isis in modern
form (yes.. Katrina) and
i got married back in 1990..
with 13 more alignments coming
to the 13th one that just so happened
to come on the day i more fully recovered
out of hell for 66 months.. and there will not
be another for a very long time.. hmm.. it is
what it is.. what comes first or what comes last
matters not.. what you make of it now is what
counts and not to use whatever FucKinG symbol
you can for liGht of inspiration is simply to lose.. lose
lose lose.. and this is the true idiocy of material reductionists
that pooh pooh the power of hope.. faith.. and belief in all
religions no matter myth or substantiation of every little
God dam fact.. as even science shows the power of
belief can cure illness in the placebo effect and
the power of voodoo through the nocebo
effect of negative thinking can
make illness happen..
and bad stuff in
general be the
case.. and that is
why Fortune cookies
work so FucKinG WeLL
as the power of suggestion
does work so FucKinG weLL
for at least 33 percent of the population
but in a state of affairs of culture that is
reduced to material reductionism from birth
the potential of this real human power of hope..
faith.. and belief.. in what science loosely terms
as the placebo affect and effect is potentially all
over the place.. no doubt our primitive ancestors
had percentage numbers much higher than the
33 percent of folks who can take advantage
of the power of suggestion in the U.S..
as they lived by heARt more than
FucKinG TeXTbooK Science..
most of what i do now..
IS A Direct result of
the power of positive
thinking in the visual
imagination and creativity
of putting what i want reality
to be in words.. SinKinG thoSe
woRds as Visual Images and
associations wiTh emoTIOns
of Hope.. Faith.. and Belief and
more nuanced EmoTiOns that don’t
even have FucKinG labels including
SeNsory oTHer FeeLinGs now that are
EmoTioNs same as whatever FucKinG
moves yOu iN FeeLinG way iS EmoTioN
same no different than the iON that inspires
the atoms sAMe.. and iT iS FucKinG FucKinG
FucKinG iF yoU SEEk the HiGher PoWer oF
God Nature one as the documented evidence
proves as my hUman PotenTiaL continues to
skyrocket at age 56 sTiLL like a 16 year old
in the britches
of a Grand Pa..
no different than
Jack LaLanne.. or
Grand Ma Moses.. who
just fucking Nike did it.. and
moved on to a briGhter day now..
and those FucKeRs.. who didn’t
seek the power of God like this from
the wrong planet.. who may not even have
the innate organic ability to do it.. just said
it was sentimental mush.. well folks i for one
prove it works.. and no duh.. like the placebo
and nocebo effect ain’t already been proved..
‘your’ ‘little’ minds just can’t wrap around the
essence of art fAct that those are just
different words for the power of
prayer and voodoo same..
patterns folks and
essence that is
what i do in
fluid intelligence
other folks stick to
crystalized intelligence
and labels.. well i didn’t lEarn
to speak until age 4 so i had to
survive a different way.. so in that
way i get the edge in God way so
deep so deep in essence away from
still moving
in God way Free now.:)


So her is another pre-Ocean Poem Macro-Verse
on my KATiE MiA/Aghogday Blog that i first
shared on the Wrong Planet of egg
head reason minds.. that let’s jUst
say wasn’t received with
smiles… or
witty silly red
giggles.. as
material reductionism
will statically flow on
the sidewalk
stepping on
a single
crack.. and
sure i fell to this
hell of limited mind
and body out of balance
soul for literally FucKinG
decades of dark human liGht..;)


And a Macro-Verse of Ocean
Whole Form Poem from
two years ago.. celebrating
the first year of my
exit from
hell as the
phoenix wings
continue to sing..:)


Haha.. and literally
another Rant about the
Wrong Planet as if i need to
say more and i did two years ago
after they banned me
for having
a FucKinG heArt..
for three months..
oh the tin men..
on the tin men..
oh the Lions
without courage
that only have a brain
and not much else..
it’s really sad..
it’s like hell
been there
done it too long..
and i won’t go back..
i tried to help ‘them’ out..
but it’s true no matter fundamentalist
religious folks or militant material reductionist
atheists.. sadly you truly cannot convince either
one of the true higher power of God because
both in general speaking are literal thinking
folks who cannot
do real God magic
to make what folks
thought was impossible
come FucKinG true
in empirical case study
evidence real.. when i first recovered
there i told those FucKers.. that my potential
was just beginning and i would do much greater
works than i had done to that point then.. and as
i did i proved it along the way in empirical evidence
until the truth hurt so bad..
they FucKinG banned
me and eventually
banned me again..
a year later
in 2015.. but
that month ban
was the last chance
they got from me.. as it
was me who was doing them
a favor visiting them in hell
from a place that is now heaven.. they
kicked me out of hell.. oh joy.. oh joy..
Lucifer the real Bringer
of liGht is
on permanent
Staycation Heaven
now in LA.. like that
Fox Show about Lucifer
says in Lower Alabama
and hell no.. i don’t have to
own a bar with money.. i kinda
own Seville every now i walk in the
bar without spending a God dam dime..
i barter in steps of dance and smiles and
very rarely any words.. online it is photos
and words.. this devil don’t do the real
hell of money..
this devil
is most
FucKinG Style
juSt cAll me God’s
Joker.. as God is sick
and tired of you human’s
FucKinG Lies of deceit and death..
and that is just a metaphor with deeper
meanings of
the Karmic
Now in longer
than a twitter verse breath..;)


Train Train.. TRAIn..
and the Train of thoughts
and heARt continue on.. now
iN this short Macro Verse here
from a year ago.. as i continue
to attempt to appease the material
reductionist literal thinkers at dVerse
by doing tHeir continuing more restrictive
rules last year.. to get rid of Hurricane Fred’s
heARt.. anyway.. that train memory WiLL get
longer in Facebook Memory tomorrow.. as some
FucKinG trains will stop over for a
way station..
but this
one says
i can i caN
i will i wiLL
i FucKinG DO
get used to it
i’M on my WAY..
i’Ve Come back.. i’M ReaL..;)



WeLL.. Seriously.. a 56 year old greying dude.. who
kinda walks like Fred Sanford more than John Travolta
after a long night of dance with 20 something year old girls..
in a photo with those girls smiling ear to ear.. truly
should bring a smile to your face as it is
so innocent and kinda sorta
like incongruent humor..
as it is just so far
beyond the social
norm.. like my serious
take on nude art.. in all
the passion way i do it..
where deep down i am laughing
my ass off.. as i am simply brave enough
to do it.. and don’t give a FucK if folks like it or
not or whatever they do with it when they see it.. heheR..
haha.. anyway.. if all of that doesn’t make you grin from
ear to ear.. and it depends on the spectrum of open
mindedness that ranges from Pat Robertson to
Miley Cyrus in how you may see ALL OF THAT..
NOT FOR THE WIN.. but if this CAT
doesn’t make you
smile you are
probably leaning
more towards a
psychopath that tortures
little animals as this is
dam sure God dam cute..
in any book of liberal OR
DUH.. like God didn’t bRinG us humans into the world
just like this too.. it is only we who make it evil..
shameful in all the true holy and sacred form/
functions that are no less truly holy
and sacred than God whole and
to separate any oF iT
from God is simply
to lose God..
and that is why
i do nude art.. fat
or super sexy i am a
Child of God and i have no
parT or function less than holy
and sacred God WHOLE AND TO
SEEK AND ASK FOR PAIN.. be careful
what you hide.. as pain my be your gain..
what other explanation can tHeir be for my
i mean seriously it’s in genesis that we FucKeD
up when we put clothes on.. and felt shame for
our nakedness way back then and Jesus in the
Gnostic Gospel of Thomas Verse 37 said to
find God in you.. strip your clothes off..
and tread on them without shame..
and so-called Christian folks
say Miley is going to hell
for showing her
fur down there..
i seriousLy thiNk
they need a fig leaf
of sense and should re-read
tHeir books and do a little research
on the more pristine texts that were not
adulterated by Constantine and the Catholic
pedophilic/psychopathic leaning church/empire.. do you
really trust those guys.. i dam sure give it all a much closer look..
better to be naked than what Arab physicians suggest is up to
80 percent of little girls molested in the home.. repression and
oppression of human nature.. in other words separation from
God is a four letter word named pain.. and misery and suffering..
lEarn to be pARt of God instead of separate from Nature wHOle..
it works for
and i aim
to bE a rOle
moDeL REaL..
oh by the way for those
material reductionist folks that
suggest that cats do not love.. what
do you feel when you hug your wife’s/etc.. clothes
if you feel less than yellow boy when he hugs
my clothes
perhaps you
love less than
just get naked
one day in the
sand/sun.. dance
with God.. chances
are.. you may finAlly
actuAlly see God’s fAce..:)


WeLL.. it’s almost noon..
Sun and Sand dance coming..
but first two stops at the gigoid place
for some deeper wriTing poeTic sTuFF..
Jesus F. in Christ.. after i close all
theses tabs across the
top of
i’ve probably
had like a million
tabs open in the last year..
or is that
sADD.. it is what
it is to this point now..

“For one human being to love another human being:
that is perhaps the most difficult task
that has been entrusted to us,
the ultimate task, the final test and proof,
the work for which all other work
is merely preparation.”

~~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~~

Jesus F. in Christ
ain’t that the truth
and some folks can’t seem
to get it through tHeir thick
and or covered skulls
that when the Golden
rule including that part
about Loving the rest of
Nature the same as
you and doing
no harm
to the rest
oF it other than
giving more than
taking and sharing
and giving.. well yeah..
that’s a little more than the
Golden rule but change is good too..
and the rest mostly falls into place way..
anyWay.. i liked your most current post
first and i haven’t read it yet.. ’cause history
repeats itself anyway and there is like almost
100% chance i’ll like it as i’ve liked all the rest..
and that’s kinda how fearless love works when
unconditional and real and true but it only works
100% of the time when driven by human reason
and relative WiLL.. as those other con-social emotions
are pArt of hUman Nature too.. and why there will always
have to be a practice of WiLL over fearless love with Reason
to continue to perfect it in practice over the course of liFE now..
yeah.. Bullshit.. we practice perfect.. we are not born perfect but
it sure is nice to be born happy.. and not all are born happy either..
it IS A tapestry..
and the fibers
are different
that paint the
beauty whole..
some are dArk.. some
are liGht or tHeRe would be
no contrast for the colors of Love..
in fearless way of what paints iS..:)


“Nature is not human-hearted.”

~~ Lao Tzu ~~

Hmm.. perhaps
Lao Tzu was
a little short
hearted here..
as science wasn’t
up to date then on
the workings of the human
brain.. as the neo-cortical
part is what sets us apart
from the rest of the mammal
kingdom.. at least.. as yes..
other mammals.. particularly
social animals.. and the Bonobo
particularly shows more heart now
than human without this neo-coritical
slightly higher and greater exercised
potential.. and it IS A great thing that the
rest of nature is not human headed or
we would all likely be extinct.. as the
human headed way.. is definitely
not smArt
as it is
short sighted
by far of what
nature does as
whole as God as
sAmE in Balance as
culture is the virus that
IS A by product of that
human head.. and in particular
the prehensile thumb and hand
and sticks scratching sanskrit
like alphabets in sand.. bigger
heads for smaller hips..
more dependent
social communication..
written language.. culture
and the by-products of culture..
namely.. the infra-structure of that
eating away the life giving subsistence
resources of nature whole earth for all the
rest of God Nature that lives here in balance
in the circle of life.. the circle is fucked up and
the monkey
is the
more specifically..
the FucKinG alphaBET..;)


Facebook Friend Sherri.. and also dancing
friend from the 80’s at Disco Club
2001 in P’Cola Florida for
the decade i danced
back then in
my twenties
before i
the Goddess
Isis (Katrina)..
shares one of those
Politics Facebook photos
that shows Hillary demanding
Trump’s tax returns and Trump
saying I sent them to you by Email..

And i say in return..

You know i am a reAlly glass full person.. but i find i
it very difficult to see either of these candidates with
any real light of integrity.. that’s a sad state of affairs
in the country.. when even i can say that is true..
Money buys
the U.S.A. now
for sure and something
must eventuAlly GIVE..:)

And now i say..
no one’s even really
paying attention.. in fact
rarely does anyone even talk
about this on Facebook as it has
gone beyond insanity.. on both sides..
and sure there are hardly any signs in
any yard for any candidate in this red state
land i live in.. and that is saying a lot on the
state of affairs of the country now.. where even
the folks who are gonna vote for the man behind
curtains don’t wanna be seen with him in public..
hehe.. as he is like a used car salesman
from hell or somewhere
similar to that..
and Hillary
is just
for the job and
kept it for her connections..
seen it happen in government crony
circles even in much smaller scale
ways.. where connections spell
promotion vs jail time
or worse..
anyway.. it is
the web humans
weave.. there are much
better ways to live.. but
we live in insanely large societies
that we are not evolved to live in..
out of balance with nature and we have
been destroying earth species in accelerating
fashion for A few centuries or so now the tipping point
is already here.. and humans are already starving and
suffering around the world.. little children are being
molested in the home.. at rates of up to 80% in
some countries according to some reports..
other folks are getting strangled by
family members and other
folks invade other
to rebuild
them and
kill over 100K
innocent folks..
and the beat of misery
and suffering goes on..
and on and on.. until we shape
up or follow the path of what we have
given so many other species of life in
the big lie of religion that says we have
the right to dominate nature that is the
biggest lie of all that folks are suffering
for all over the world now in their
religious lies too..
in blindness
of ignorance
Trump and
Clinton are just
a microcosm of the
human species of a species
gone domesticated and bad
instead of wild and naked and
balanced and good like the American
Indians before the so-called Christian
Missionaries shot their families dead
and forcefully converted them
to worship a man
on a cross
instead of
and being
God whole
as Nature same..
we could a lot from
those Indians if we could
just kill the lies instead of each other..
i can do it.. but no.. i cannot make anyone
else do it.. unless they care.. unless they care..
bottom line..
They can..
But the question
is WiLL they…
one must
keep the
half full
of hope
or ALL iS LOST..
so just for shits and
grins i will go on BEYOND
ON A GREAtEST LiMB and say ThEY WiLL..
can and
WiLL WiN..
when USED NEW..:)


WeLL.. my goodness.. cLouding up again.. Thunder
and potential liGhTENinG coming again..
and trust me when i speLL something
or capitalize something or
even punctualize
something different
than what Queen
Victoria suggests
is proper tHEIR
IS A deeper reaSon
for it hehe.. thaT is stiLL
to coMe.. in fAct.. scholars
could probably pore over veriLY every
word i say.. and not find all the connections
i alreaDy bRinG iN Free flow ease.. as what i do
heRe is beYond.. iN ways.. thAt is WeLL beYond
science in empirical one step.. two step three
four five and so much more than
one the cLinkity DiNkity old
school scientific
can do
so far
of where
it goes in the
Internal of Beyond
UniVerse of what
can and WiLL be of
the Human MiNd and
BoDy SoUL.. iN BaLAnCinG
way unLeAshed and more fully
is not A exercise in twitter verse this
is an exercise in the deepest philosophical
verse that can come in human essence real..
perHaps.. and that bRinGS me to the third word
beYond of the day now thaT is Philosophy NoW..
oKay FucK the Dictionary and Wiki sticky Defs..
Philosophy is what FucKinG works whatever
it may be for the individual human
to have a Super Epic FucKinG
liFe or not.. my Philosophy
of life works for juST
this and i can
FucKinG prove
iT how about
you.. hehe..
oKay.. some emotive
words tHeir but you kNow
those snooty fingered nose
folks want to keep you in their
inner and outer circle of thoughts..
and i say go much much further than
that and FeeL and SensE yoUR way
through with loGic too.. and yes..
you must use your small
heads below
both male
and female.. etc..2..
as libido drives it all
at core.. at it juSt makes
FucKinG seNse as iF it
didn’t we wouldn’t
FucKinG literAlly
be here iF that
wasn’t the
most important
Driving Force of the
Day in social cooperating
way to get the work of the night
done day and night and all around..
doN’t be afraid of Nature.. after all
there is no real way to escape it without
pain.. suffering and misery and perHaps
death but don’t be too sure.. as iNfiniTy and bEyond
is way farther than a scientific method of one step or
Zillion more..
Religion is the dogma
of what has worked for
groups to subjugate and
control other folks for order
and yes.. for some happiness
too.. at least in limited way as well..
but philosophy is what keeps you up day
and night.. to find out why the FucK thaT religion
shit ain’t working to make Ya balanced and why
yA never even feel like smiling or even giving or
doing a FucK too..
yes.. it gets to
be very
and sexy
or not stuff..
so that is what i do here..
and obviously i don’t know everything
and i don’t know anything as most of it
is what i FeeL.. and SenSe.. and intuit
using ComMon Sense of Nature’s given
all innate and instinctual power now
in me.. through my basic God given
and yes.. i used to rely on books
until i smaRTENed up past standard
IQ ways.. of looks.. and sure i stiLL
go the traditional way of knowledge
in labels and concrete stuff like that
but human potential is more like magic
than a Dictionary that just spells it all out..
Anyway.. in school.. if it isn’t in a book folks
thiNk it doesn’t exist.. in life if one doesn’t do
it for a living and make money for it.. it doesn’t
have real value to most folks.. so when i TOld
A young lady last night that i was an International
Poet.. and have written the Longest Long Form
Poem ever and am still GroWinG iT even though i
can prove that online.. and show where 1.45 million
folks have viewed my stuff on Google plus..
i ain’t got paid a penny for doing
any of that..
ain’t got
no degree
in any poetry
schools but still
i danced good enough
without any lessons for this
20 year old or so girl to suggest
to her same age girl friend that
the 56 year old dude.. hehe.. is
gonna be her husband one day..
human instinct rules bottom
WITH WiNks..noW..
and it works the same
way with poetry.. bottom
line in all stuff life it.. is the
human and the feeling and
the senses and the sexuality
that counts.. all this money bull
shit is just bull shit
i fucking hate
money and i am
so fucking glad
that the wife deals
with it and i rarely ever
have to see that green shit again..
and yes.. i fucking saved enough of that
shit to last a lifetime and that shit almost killed
me too.. it’s worth it now.. but it wasn’t worth
it in hell
you can
bet your
ass on that..
and that’s what
yeah.. and just like when i was in
school.. the girls alway liked me when
i took my glasses off at the school dance..

i opened
my mouth
and yes.. let
my Einstein out..
such is life with A
Beautiful Mind then..
i didn’t get a chance
to let her read any of
my poetry but at least one
of my Facebook Friends has
suggested that poetry (not mine AFIK)
makes her wanna pull her panties down..
again.. Dance and Poetry works for me..
it is
both the
of my liFE and
the SonG oF mY SoUL
iF only
John Nash
had become
a Poet how different
his life might have been..
or Sheldon Cooper.. etc..
a Dance
oF LiFe..
i think i’LL cALL
in a story change
to that reAlly ‘cool dude’
who creates the big bang..
or perhaps
‘we’ already
did ‘BEyond’..;)


SMiLes.. my FriEnd..
i am the breeze that
flies and catches highs when
they come and rarely thiNks of
lows.. and always appreciates hi’s
when they come and Love is always
a great say of Life my FriEnd.. hehe..
you know the psychiatrist says this IS A
Disorder.. all this writing.. no different than
Lewis Carroll.. his Alice And Wonderland.. and
the general clinical label of Hypergraphia out of
the cultural norm.. per se.. iS Wonderland for me..
as it is something i enjoy that stimulates me
that bRinGS mE greAT Bliss
it’s kinda like sex
but never ever
messy and
the only
thing that
gets pregnant
are the pages
with millions more
thots per se as more
words comes next inthoth
pLay.. EmoTions empower
uS and the beauty of the alphabet
iS when iT iS used as a tool to spRead
those EmoTions wider to other folks as
Energy Force to defeat Entropy as the
Force oF EmotioN inspiRed through
words can be used over and over
through written words even when
i am asleep.. hehe.. or dead as
a door nail.. outside a cross..
i have certain advantages
that other folks never had..
Anyway.. the psychiatrist suggested
Epilepsy drugs to shut me up.. if he had
suggested a lobotomy.. i would have said
no too.. is it any wonder there are much fewer
Beethovens.. Michelangelos.. really original works
of art.. like Alice and Wonderland too.. why.. now it’s
basically a copy and paste of what the greats did before..
weLL.. creativity
is dead in pills
my friend.. there is
great challenge in the
madness of creativity…
but the reward is for others..
that can last for centuries and
that is what real humans do.. they
sacrifice for other folks in more important
ways than just dying on a cross with a golden
rule or two that can be found in another book..
but after all as i’ve often said and Saint John
too.. Jesus predicted that so the Beatles
as i often say too.. just fulfilled that
prophecy too.. along with
Einstein and all the
other super
men and
with crazy
ass mutant
brains that FucKinG
fly BeyOnd that place of
Star TreK Real.. oH.. creativity..
you SinG A SonG of challenge
i Love you.. ’cause you never FucKinG geT old..
You offer a treaSure here my friend.. the hi’s are
juSt icing on the cake of what you give.. smaLL
talk is nice.. but deep ShIT is more like me.. hehe..
i plan to go so deep that God WiLL be the only one
inside me to understand me here on earth.. chances
done that
iT seems.. heHE..
and sure by far.. i ain’t
the first or the last for thAT..
Yeah.. my way of looking at God is
more like this.. the Facebook Profile status
photo i just added that has always inspired me
so much at a Biloxi pier that some homeless guys
nailed to the place they lay their heads there at night..
and sure these homeless folks understand that God lives
in them and Nature as that is where they live.. no different
than any other wild and free human being in nature one.. whole
all natural and free.. where baths come when the rain or rivers
SinG with skin.. and you can smell people over perfume and
plastic and stuff like that.. anyway.. it is a stone statue
with the bottom part missing away from a man
representing Jesus against a cross with no
nails in his feet or hands.. instead there
is an older more mature version
of him holding him up
and surrounding
all around him..
and there is a
Dove at the top
that connects to
Nature whole of course..
this is how i see God and how
i feel and sense God.. thaT i tHat
is pArt of Nature one thaT is beyond
ego I as actor of director i.. i has a much
deeper voice than I.. at least i did for many
years.. but now i’s voice sounds just like I
as self and ego are one.. unless ego acts
as directed by i.. just for fun.. or whatever
the situation may dictate for teaching
purposes.. say if i am going to
act the role of the village
idiot/clown/fool etc..
with dead
pan face
to keep
’em guessing
and thinking too..
anyway.. when this
i that is wrapped around I
is one with Nature with Spirit
as that exclamation point ! i like
to use as ! to indicate the interconnectedness
and interdependent relationship of all of nature
one WE.. as all of US toGeTher aS oNe Force
as pArt of Nature wHole too that iS Dove or
sEaGull that flies so high allone while
i and I and ! rest on a cross of
floating fearless Love..
of course there
are infinite
i could use
to say the
same God daM
thing.. but now
is just the flavor
of now of what iS
iS foR Now.. with
sMiLEs and loVE
aS WeLL mY FriEnd..
the best thing about a
super epic Devil’s advocate
is he or she or whatever can
now be a best God dAM Joker
advocate for NatUre aLL/GOD..
wHere folks have the opportunity
to be exposed to Jack out of the BOX..
or off
a naiLED
cross and
to rest a

And gigoid says
in return..

Perhaps this one is the start
of your latest… which I’d
call Kokopelli’s Dance


See ya, ami


And i say..

WiNks.. i think
the theme SonG
for the words
catches the

And then i say..


And per Legend..
it’s true..
i ‘tricked’
the Village beauty
into having sex with me..
And i can prove it.. as
she never ages.. oh..
when Alice in


people with
creeds are mostly
all the ones who must
be asked if they believe..
while other animals besides
people do believe by doing live
Creeds are the
reaSon for loss
over found
heRe now..
People are
God LauGHS…
some more..:)


Hi Claudia.. Sorry.. i wasn’t able to participate in responding to your 5 year anniversary of Dverse Poetry prompt challenge.. i got through most of Brian’s prompt but other waves of inspiration came my way which often is the case these days.. anyway.. as always nice poetry here.. but i am coming here to thank you and empirically give you that thanks in what your effort in helping to create the opportunity to read/comment on DiVerse creative efforts from poets
around the world has done for me in my milestones of life..
i came here in 2013.. after living a literal
hell in a synergy of 19 life threatening
illnesses for 66 months that
suddenly came to an
end.. when i yes..
literally met
the face of
God in a literal
Therapist assessed
miracle that was never
seen before.. of course the
therapist was Catholic.. the other
Doctor’s assessed it as we don’t know
how you recovered… In God’s Language which
of course is not the English one or any other human
Language.. God ‘told’ me.. God was going to have me
do something for God that no human had ever done before..
i had no idea what it was going to be other than something with
a camera.. something with feet and something with words and that
my friend has come to be the longest long form poem now at the 688th
Macro-Verse point with God knows how many micro-verses held with-in
each macro-verse whole approaching 4 million words that is at least 4 times
longer than the Bible.. 40 times longer than the Kuran.. and yes.. twice as long
as that other poem.. the Mahābhārata.. at 1.8 million words.. of course all of those
were group efforts and not accomplished by one individual.. so sure.. now mission
is accomplished.. but not without a ‘little help’ from my friends.. and you my friend
were a gift from God along with Brian.. as one of those Macro Verses from 2015.. where i made a poetic expression to every single prompt and every single poem that was linked from that entire year from April of 2015 to March of 2016.. when i started feeling the pressure from folks to change what i was doing.. that only increased my fortitude of God’s Will in me.. inspired me more and that one
effort ended up being one verse total of 338,630 words.. and a Novel unto
itself of course in Free Verse style too.. Interestingly.. both you and Brian..
reflect an action of being in both tolerance and acceptance
in differences of others that reflects the Golden rule
of Jesus that truly means gentile or jew.. servant
or free.. woman or man no more.. in other
words room enough for every
one to contribute
a verse no
or how long..
smiles.. you and
Brian most always
reciprocated visits.. no
matter how far you had to
wade down into what i did..
no need to visit my friend..
i was never looking for
a reward..
only to give..
and sadly it’s
amazing how hard
it can be to even do
that in super epic way
as Jesus said through
Saint John there would BE
people after him who would
do much more..
UP.. and other line.. NOW
when Luke said heaven
was @hand now..
he was
and at least
in my life
Bless you
in all you
do.. i was in this
to serve the Lord from
the Get go.. and i wRite on..
as a witness and court reporter.. of sorts..


WeLL.. in respect of and for respect
oF all the other inspiring poet’s from
dVerse i will continue on now to the
Friday fifth prompt in Five Year Celebration
of the dVerse Website created by the super
nice folks Brian and Claudia.. kinda like when
you went to heaven and met a couple of nice
folks at the pearly
of green
on earth.. @NOW..
and as Synchronicity
WiLL have it of course
wRite on topic the topic
AND stuff
with changing
beliefs as such..
across the life span..
oh.. the confusion.. oh.. the
bullshit.. oh.. the illusions
but ah.. the real.. all
the hidden meanings
behind the
of sacred
and truth and
light when seen
deeper in essence

WELL.. JESUS f. in christ..
i can’t believe yet
i will believe
it’s you..
but i will not
take any chances
and will respond
to Shawna first before
the chameleon her
a more
something else..
and her blog
sounding poetic
not trying to
hehe.. anyway..
i know you call
your husband
daddy.. so yeah..
the preacher and
his wife before and
after Sunday school fun..
is what i’m hmm.. kinda seeing here..
and believe me i have a very fertile
and can
even dream
what ever i wanted
to dream in elementary
school.. and haha.. even
then i liked girls so much
that all the girls in
school in my dreams
my girl
harem then..
little romancer
i was then.. haha..
considering i had
no F in idea what
sex was until sweet 16..
anyway.. the other ‘choir’
members would be so
ashamed of you if they
knew you were blogging with
someone as free as me.. hehe..
how history
repeats itself..
as the
i am now
going to respond
to the rest of the links
and after that i may come
back to hook up with a few more
of your links if the milk and honey
of your
still lives here..
before E V A

crap.. i wrote
before i read the
other comments now
and if this is what
it might be about..
man.. i’m really
but sure..
one of my
early ‘girl friends’
who was abused by
their daddy.. ended
up ending their life with
a revolver on her daddy’s bed
in her twenties with a loving husband
and children who loved her as well..
makes me glad i never knew about
sex until i was 16.. as i learned
to love girls for their
eyes before
any thing else..
and when i think
about Muhammad
and his 6 year-old
child bride with her
dolls in tow by the time
she got all consummated up
at 9 years old.. and those potentially
4 out of 5.. 3 to 6 year old girls in
Saudia Arabia as at least one
Arab physician study suggests
were exposed to fellatio
and or masturbation
in the home
over there
where boys
and girls are
only allowed
to look at family
members now in this
sad way too.. and yes
all 1.6 Billion folks in the
world and the 12 year old
girls who are still sold into
marriage in Pakistan now..
in totally legal
ways over there..
knowing where
all of this started
and is still propagated..
i would love to have met
Muhammad back then
and gave
him a piece
of what
God told
me.. then..
but instead
i’ll do it now.. yes..
no matter if it is received or not..
yeah.. and sure there was that man..
my wife’s stepfather standing over her
bed with a knife when she was a little
girl.. and that’s all she remembers
of her childhood..
so sure..
lots of
involved for
me in this whole
thing too.. but no
one has ever physically
abused me in anyway other
than verbal abuse in my life..
i suppose
it was
in my eyes
that said
there will
be consequences
if they did.. and that
streak continues on my friend..
anyway.. no reason to approve
this.. it just inspired this in me..
and as always
just another
for me
and God to go..
with a ‘little
help’.. from my friends..
in liGht
and dARk..:)

‘Better than
the Beasts’..
what a crock
of saying..
at least stay
in balance with
nature.. and
humans alWays
are bEasts..
it is the word
human that has
separated us from
real.. THE.. BEAST
that smiles.. the
beast that cries..
the beast that hugs..
the beast is sexual
and warm.. sharing
and giving
and greed..
the human
is the grain..
the first grain
that was stored
when the hugs
and the
for life
was replaced
by sitting
on screens insame
of a 4 inch scream…
FucK that i ScreAM nakED
the streets with
wiLd eYes sMiLeS
and powerful leGs
and armS real
with fearless
iN A DancE
and SonG oF liFe
iSReaL whether or not
anyone but God and thE
otHeR beasts joiN iN

WeLL.. my friend
Grace.. as we gracefully
Age as Maslow well puts..
there are two paths..
one of stagnation
and the other
of rebirth..
yes reborn..
no different
than that metaphor
of Jesus2.. where we self
actualize and the God head
i becomes one with I.. every
culture talks to this.. some in
religion some in voice with
Nature.. but the bottom
line is.. when one is
in balance with
God one grows
from birth to
and grows
again.. it
doesn’t take
a rocket scientist
to see inside to
outside.. to above
to below.. to all around
but sure books can hide
it all
in words
as a greater
force of liGht
and liFE as co-creator
toGetHer in a grace of
age where age is only illusion
of humans hooked on form
instead of essence
of what
we sense
and FeeL
of liFE of intelligence
before collected words
of yesternows
of iSREaL with GOD..
smiles.. and thanks for the
inspiration along the way..
i have to give you credit..
wiNks.. at
least you
don’t delete
my poetic
as if any of that
matters in the real
Kingdom of God and
Nature now same that
focuses all
on giving
in ways
of likes
and follows..
big houses
that become
God and
in Red
for Lovers..
and suits with
ties the same
with so much
greater fearless Love iSREAL..:)

Capital and Corporal Punishment
is a slippery slope from
grade school
the electric
chair.. human’s
problem are they
wear clothes and
separate themselves
from Nature.. Bonobos
live Violence free and have
no need for punishment as
they barter with Peace and Love..
in only giving and sharing….
cutting off hands
for thievery too.. in
other countries..
and paddling
kids in
is simply
a primate sing of the
insanity of wearing
clothes.. but sure..
there was a Gospel
titled verse 37 of Thomas
that spoke to the solution
for this.. for Peace and Love
but the reality of Nature is
humans are not evolved
to connect to
more than
150 to
200 sets
of eyes
in reciprocal
social communication
before insanity happens..
and it’s true if you domesticate
Bonobos anywhere close to this
they will turn into cannibals and
a primate species that harms
each other like this
whether or not
they eat
each other
or not consumes
each other in harm..
the reaLiTy iS humans are
destroying the balance of nature..
there is action and consequence NoW
of this.. and that my friend is for the
offending member of God all natural
to eliminate the problem itself..
it’s easy to see with
bigger God eYes..
it’s just Nature..
or repeat the
same old
eitherS in ways
of capital punishment..
unwarranted wars and 100K’s
of innocent folks death.. Island people’s
destroyed by Nuclear bombs..
hands chopped off..
God of
nature says
get in balance
or pay the piper
with misery and
suffering real..
Funny how that
works and so sad too..
but it is what it is until
someone changes NoW for the
better stArting always with me..
so how does one chart a course of
7 billion human beings back to
smaller groups of 150 to 200
humans living peacefully
together naked
like the
the answer could
be a very very painful one
but that is Karma my friend..
we all reap what we sow as
teAM GOD isREAL Now.. noW
There is no other answer
in human terms but
Hope and
step by
step and
even word
person by
breath.. noW REAL..:)

When we are born different..
sometimes it is only the Love
of a Mother that holds us together..
and sure i can relate.. to
this attachment
this tie that
has no equal
as when the real
dark place comes
the real dark place
comes yes the darkest
place comes the mother
may be the only one left
that is willing to stay even
if one is not willing to stay..
yeah.. i can relate my friend..
i can relate.. so deep.. so deep..
just a few words and a tear repressed
as.. sure my mother is now approaching
82.. refuses to go to a Doctor no matter what..
and i can only hope she does not suffer prolonged
not unlike my father.. who lived his life independently
until age 81 and suddenly dropped dead.. tomorrow
the 24th of July is the marker of the death of my
only child.. i watched the so-called wonder
of modern medicine keep him
alive and suffering
in pain for 51 days..
and i lEarned the blessing
of death.. i will never curse death..
as i too.. learned there are experiences
in life where death is the greatest
blessing of all and this proves
there is a God of
Mercy as
we all
have the
of the gift of death..
except for those who
are caught in the world
of medical prolonged hell in life..
perspective.. Jesus F in Christ.. PRICELESS MY FRIEND…
NOT SURE.. it can ever be related in words but i try…
ps.. nice
to see.. ya..
been kinda
busy writing.. hehe..
if you visit me.. you
might need a super computer
to see me and extremely broad band access
but at any rate a pleasure and honor to see you
hEar.. Desmond.. my old and still new poetic friEnd..:)

Ah.. the gift of believe..
the architect in all his
fancy computer words
was/is defeated
like a little
boy/school girl
by the
and me..
by one
thE rest oF
it was just a matrix…
i giggle/google @matrix..
it doesn’t exist at aLL
to me.. it doesn’t affect
me or effect me anyWay aT all
anYmore.. i unplugged and sure
it’s possible this peace could
end but it is what it is as heaven now..
i FucKinG enJoy thiS HEAVEN Forevermorenow
sliver like it never ever never ever never
ever was even possible unTil now and thiS
FucKinG iS NoW thE most sUBER epiC
poTenTiaL and
oF F Y i @aLL..
A DancE
SioN ZinGs..:)

SMiLes mY
FriEnd the word
that describes Love
best is Free..
any pArt of
Love thaT iS
not Free is
Fear and
related to
Hate.. the
word that
God best
is Free noW
and fearless
thaT equates to
Love mY Friend..
iF and when the world
practices this rule of Love
in only giving and sharing way..
the same Golden one repeated
throughout the sAges oF aLL aGes..
the answer iS simple.. both Love and
God WiLL ReigN FReED ReiNs of RaiN
sAMe noW
Free… unTil
then iT iS
what iT
iS noW..
mY FriEnd..
but we are
Free to
you God
for this
to be like you..:)

SMLes.. my friEnd.. Glenn..
my greaTest hope REaLiT
is the reaLiTy
thaT aLL oF
deSire iS
to be Free..
it’s just common
seNse.. anYthing away
from free.. including the
tRappings of fame.. and other
temporary accolades like a new
car.. new home.. a new set of
clothes or whatever
does not
a temple
of flesh and
spirit is aWay
from free.. i choose
naked creativity
in all ways
of life..
it never
‘costs’ me
in terms
of free..
but sure.. it is never
free and takes work
from wake to sleep..
as the monkey rarely falls
from trees and hawks fall
from skies.. liFe IS
A practice
and only
in eYes
of human
written words
from thaT pest
of neo-cortical illusion
of past and present and
other FORMS temporal bEyond
saniTy NoW..

is in the
that kNows
no different
than stay..:)

Sadly what
i find in all
my Internet
travels iS
that the ONE
thing that is
missing most
from Hope.. Faith
and Belief is both the
U N D E R L Y I N G..
REAL emoting power
of these Human EmoTions
for change in positive action
and consequence and the
work ethic beyond
idols of money..
likes.. follows..
etc.. it’s all
the same
the first
word to
MAKE positive
change real..
Free effort is what
it takes.. and in a world
that is bought and sold from
dollar bills to likes to follows
to shares or whatever the
idols of bought and sold is…
the essence
and hope..
is lost in a temple
with no flesh at all..
but i suppose for all practical
intents and purposes i could now
be from another planet to attempt
to relate this to anyone as the only
way i know to fully understand it is
to escape culture..
and that
and lots of effort
to get to that
place in
first.. as
far as i FeeL..
sense.. and kNow
of LiFe.. money is
prison.. storing grain
is the road to greed and
jealousy.. the only escape
i can see now is on the individual
level.. and that’s the truth and the
liGht iN
pArt of
what i for
onE see through
my greaTest teacher experience..
that three college degrees
and a 25 year career with
the government ending at
top pay grade levels on
a means
to seek and find..
nah.. it wasn’t always
a labyrinth until humans
started storing grain.. sMiles..
yeah.. the word Believe to me..
is kinda
WiNks.. sMILes
aGain.. and for me
i can see the soul of
a person in their eYes..
that is my ‘Autistic Super Power’..
not often..
that many
folks maintain
eye contact with me..
if they
but most often
they tale me tHeir
that works..
for example i was dancing
the other night at a huge dance hall and a girl upstairs
blurted out to me that guy is gonna be my husband..
she was about 20 and i am 56.. that’s bizarre..
or a least kinda strange to me as i never
ask any girl to dance.. (i’m married) have
a nice day…
i believe
is everywhere i go
and i can prove it too..;)

ps.. this is way too long
and i’m rambling.. don’t feel
you need to keep it here.. sMiLesx3..
i find inspiration everywhere and simply
copy and paste what i do.. in what is
now approaching 4 million words
of the longest long
form poem
ever in the
history now
of humankind
all for free..
(verse) funny
how that
works.. like
i said
is real
and i prove
it everywhere i go..
oh yeah.. and God2..:)

Have a nice day2..:)

Well.. Hank.. this is great to hear
that you’ve been Happily married
for 45 years.. and i must say
that my precious and always
Loving wife IS A mainstay
of my happiness for
26 years too..
and i must say.. too..
i’Ve visited tens of thousands
of poems in the last 3 years..
and commented on almost
all of them.. and about
90% or so of the poets
are not very happy
to severely depressed
but i like visiting all those
places as there was once a time
that i grew ill and my doctor assessed
me as the least happiest person he ever
came across and that was an Air Force
Psychiatrist but sure.. Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia from wake to sleep.. the
worst pain known to humankind
will do that to a human
being.. like a dentist
drill with no
pain killer
in my eye and
ear.. as you’ve
probably heard
me mention before
with 19 other medical
disorders miraculously
cured 3 years ago..
almost to date
today.. a REAL
GOD.. anyWay..
the darkness i find
in poetry land online
reminds me of where i’ve
been and just makes me appreciate
a real heaven now away from Hell..
and i appreciate the fAct that God
showed me both hell and heaven..
as perspective
is priceless
ever before..
other than that
hope you are enjoying
your Summer and i’m guessing
if you are not already retired..
close to that too..
my friEnd..
in giving ways too..:)

SMiLes.. my friEnd
the greaTest lesSon
in my life was to believe..
yes.. IS to believe in POSITIVITY..
not what to believe.. IN
TERMS OF Dogma..
i think that is
the pARt
of God
that is simply
paRt of uS and
Nature sAme that
most people miss in
religious sacred texts
that attempt to explain
the inner human Universe
of Emotions and Senses beyond
what science currently can empirically assess..
anyway.. science now.. at least has proven this
power in terms of the Placebo and Nocebo affect/effect..
some other folks call it prayer and voodoo.. sadly
some folks get caught up too much
in labels.. i see the
same generality in
Religious folks
and so-called
folks too..
FACT IS some folks
cannot think in terms
of images and imagination..
some folks can only navigate
the world in words of literal
in other
words.. some folks see
differently worlds of the sAMe God
that is simply Nature wholE noW..
sadly some folks may not even
have the organic potential to
FEEL the human emotions
of hope.. faith.. and belief..
yes.. they are emotions..
not just words..
some folks
may never
be able to
this higher
power IF THEY
CANNOT sense
it and feel it real..
no one said God HAS to now
be fair.. but never the less it is what is..
and there is no escape.. it’s kinda
silly not to make life super-epic
if YOU CAN.. with a little
faith..hope..and belief..
i don’t care
if it is
the flying
as long as it
works.. bottom
line in Nature’s
eYes God same
it works noW..
this is kinda
long.. just
it a friendly
service and delete
it if ya like but i like
to lend a helping hand
and hehe.. sometimes
a long one along the way..
it’s what REAL HUMAN
faith.. hope.. and belief
can do.. as altruism
when experienced
in the moment
feels good..
no likes
no shares..
no follows..
no.. your poetry
is stunning responses
needed just a hand extended
my friend.. short
as with enough
faith.. hope.. belief..
a little autistic boy like
me who couldn’t speak until
he was four.. can write the longest
long form poem ever in the history
of humankind in a style no one has
ever encountered before..
but i was a lucky
one.. those
to 4 million
words were revealed
to me through God of
Nature whole.. soon after
God healed me Miraculously
of a synergy of 19 life threatening
disorders.. you see.. here’s the thing..
it just happened.. and i call Nature
god as god speaks to
me in nature
terms within..
inside.. outside..
above.. so below
and all around..
it IS A big picture
my friEnd..
and i AM
a smALL
on a
thaT never
gives up
on a canvas
bigger than
INfinity now.. of painting
no limits.. no expectations..
a place BEYOND.. faith.. hope..
to 4 million
words and
that i for
one prove exists
everyday.. anyWay..
some folks say if you can
prove it i would believe.. and
when someone says i do not
believe at all i feel a little
to share a
far far
from two
thousand years
ago or so.. now..:)

Again.. Consider this a gift or
whatever.. it is what it is..
and please ignore it..
delete it
or whatever
suits your fancy
my friend.. as i for
one am fancy free..:)

Side note hEAr..
footloose2 or 3..eTc..
side note
and ends

Hello my friend..
for me the GOlden
rule works without
consuming others
with harm..
other folks
make it
so much
more complicated
than that but as long
as that rule tHeRe is
shared and given
it all falls into
place for
mE noW..
i don’t thiNk
i’M the first
person to say
this.. but perhaps
the first person to
repeat it this much
in the written word
first hand.. now..
i can
i WiLL.. we are
animals.. we are blessed
with the neo-cortical
ability and
to use
as WiLL
to exercise
a life long practice
and perfection as such
of the Golden rule now..
big mistake for those
who think it requires
no work.. or focus
instead as and
of an hour here
or there in a brick
building wondering
what dress or tie to
wear next.. anyway.. the
Naked Golden rule is enough for
me.. giving and sharing and consuming
no other part of Nature with harm beyond
the bread and water of life.. anyway2..
change always stARts at
the heARt
of the
the SpiRit and
the sOuL before
the Mirror eYes now
LiVinG Truth
and liGht as
Fearless Love
that harms no otHeR..:)

SMiLes my friEnd..
one of the greAtest
pARts of online and
the world of poEtry
in INterNaTioNal way..
iS it provides a much larger
meaSuRing sTick tock of both
God sAMe..

SAdly.. theRe
are some
the sAMe
smaller.. at
all frigging costs.. hehe..;)

god laughs
at human
that attempt
to chain something
as big
noW as
any other
of God
is noW..
kinda small..
and we humans
are so dam smaLL
but always groWinG
unless we clip the gift
of these little
as gifted
by the
pArt now
SMiLes.. God IS A poem
but thaT begs a much bigger
than most
folks hOld
for poem..
funny how that
works even in
of three letters
or one more 4..4..
nice to see yoU..
Bryan.. have a nice day..:)

SMiLes.. my Friend
in every human
interaction.. i
go into
it fresh
as student
as much as
i can kNoWinG
nothing.. and
the gift
of lEarn..
the more i think
about in advance..
the less i lEarn..
an open
i GroW..
the best
are alWays
Have a great day!..:)

sMiLes.. my friEnd..
a loss of hunger
for Love..
A stomach
thaT is alWays
filLed with food…
funny/sad.. bitter/
sweet how
but reaLiTy
proves it
again and
again over
and over again..
A child’s eYes hungry for Love
in one country and a child’s eyes
hungry for a character in a
screen in
i suppose
the lonely child
is gifted
of cross..
funny how the
dArk makes the
liGht so lovely
as sad
for Love or perhaps
a real man on a cross
in eYes of child reaL noW..
Funny.. how so many people cannot
see the cross in those eYes wanton for Love..
No.. i lied..
no other
word for it
but TruTh..
In liGht oF liEs..
Lord of the flies.. as
such.. instead of Cross
Love that
kNows no Border..:)

Hello Kim.. i Love comparing natUre
to our human relationships2..
as after all our EmoTions
are ions of emoTing
no different
really than
ions noW iN
rays of SuN..
sMiLes.. i AM
a giant star that
burns a breath too
close to fire the cool
of otHeR stars near me..
but as that goes.. my fire
never burns out.. never exhausted
as humans have a secret weapon
that not even stars have.. a power
so infinitely more
powerful now that
even defeats
Nature’s Law
of Entropy now..
and that IS A
star power oF Love
when powered beyond
restraints of all EmoTioNs
of fear related ways..
BeYond 100%
warp speed
power of hUman
Love.. funny.. i was going
to see the movie Star Trek
this afternoon.. but i decided
to journey BeYond within instead..
iN online poEtry UniVerse LAnd..
THere’s alWays toMorRow
for a movie..
but tHeRe’s
for Love..
Have a great
day.. i for one
Believe in the power
of Fearless Love and it
seems in empirical results
for me.. W/
wiNks.. oF Love..:)

oh.. what a Lovely
Lunch and Dinner
of hungry you bRinG..
if breakfast comes @all..
Stay hungry
and never
leave boot
camp.. even
if one was/is
wimpy like
me then and
closely tied
to my Mom’s
way back
when or is now..
and look around..
a world of challenge..
intermittent reward..
a world of all reward..
N A T u r E n O W..
a world
oh.. the challenge..
oh.. the adaptation..
oh.. the change..
the struggle..
the win..
noW the
oF LiVinG
of Joy
Joy more
iN dArk
and liGht
ONE Existence noW..
in hell..
heaven and
all the ‘tween
of lEarning God wHole..
morE noW..
as students
iN liFE
oF all
WiLL most
certainly do
for wE noW..
WiLd and Free
without napKin
coveRed chinS..;)

Oh goodness..
the Love of give
and take.. the rule
of yes dear.. has always
worked for me.. smiles..
i even used
to let the
wife lightly
beat me..
she finally
got accustomed
to my ADHD and
no longer gives me
those love pats
to get
land attention..
i was unconditionally
Loved big time as a child..
perhaps too much.. my wife
experienced the opposite yes..
but i realize the gift i have and
the gift she doesn’t.. so she gets
miles and miles of slack from me
’cause the world ain’t fair and Love
is always the best way in fearless way
for those with the capacity to do it.. but
so many valid reasons why folks can’t..
i try to understand.. tolerate.. and even
the daRkest
holes of human
potential.. a gift
perhaps THEN..
for 66 months..
a temporary
trip to the same
place that i only
saw the outside
view for years
and years..
is the
of believe
worth living for
me.. so sad for
those who do not
have the nurture or
nature to feel or give
that’s real and TOTALLY FREE TO
give and
share now..
i can say for
sure some folks
never experience
it and some folks
always experience
it like my mother..
what a gift
a mother
like that
can be..
but the years
can even take a
toil on the greatest of Love saints..
the neighborhood kids with salty
parents used to come visit..
just to see her smile..
and hear
i suppose
that is why
i am a nurturer..
no matter how
rough and tough i look
on the outside of a heart that sings..
my mother’s wings.. have a great day.. freya..:)

SMiLes.. oh.. the path
to self-actualization..
so many challenges
and roles of liFe that
can truly eventuAlly make
a gOlden years meme a reaLiTy
wHere soUl keep expanding to
the very last breath of the very
last day of butterfly who never lands..
reborn always in rebirth of now..
where now is
and always
FlyIng colors
in dArk and
liGht noW..
and ‘tween..
renewing liFe..:)

THeRe is nothing reAlly
mysterious about it
when iT
this Human
Heaven.. this
Kingdom of
God as
one.. now..
this.. animal
that can be
so difficult
for animals
who wear clothes now
to finally realize iSREAL..:)


More memories coming in from
July 22nd of 2015.. in
Macro Verse
way of
So Fires
Fires Above..
yes… all oF iT
works togeTheR..:)


And as promised
earlier in this new
688th whole Macro-Verse..
the KmF Train is back
in 5236 words of



SMiLes.. Victoria..
Actually i think we are
just exposed to more of the
truth now.. and lots more dirty
laundry that never got out before..
it’s just a matter of finding a source
that is not biased as possible.. freedom
of information per the net.. almost guarantees
there will never be another epic fiasco like Iraq..
that’s the good news in a way..
and of course the bad news
as more than ever is
integrity of the
candidates but
as history
shows now
the greatest
perceived elected
saints before had plenty
to come out of their soilEd
closets too.. no different really
than hidden emails and stains on
dresses.. i only watch the news for
amusement as eventually as science
shows this conservative and liberal nature
of humans is programed in our DNA about
50-50.. as has always been the general case..
it doesn’t matter where one goes.. people are
alike everywhere.. most ironically in different
same ways.. so.. Politics is really no different
than soap opera cycles.. where one doesn’t
miss much from 6 months to the next
6 months.. and there is much
better stuff to do now..
thanks God than
just three black
and white
and 6pm news..
now and preferably
something to do with
Nature as NDD.. Nature
Deficit Disorder.. is the greatest
problem the Western Civilization
as whole faces now in so many ways..
so if enough people get disgusted with
politics and look at a sunset as you say..
perhaps World Peace will come a little
Sooner.. at least per affect and or
effect of The Butterfly effect..
later or hopefully sooner..
anyway.. the status
quo will continue..
the country will stay
divided.. until another
threat off our soil unites us
again.. and the real danger of
that is what we saw with Iraq..
Nationalism can definitely defeat
human reason.. as the tribal instinct
when it gets into gear can define all
reason for what makes usual sense..
when peace rules for years and years..
Ha!.. that’s likely why we don’t get any
direct sponsored Isis related attacks
on our soil.. the United States
bite can even be louder
than a reasonable bark..
We have a reputation of
being unreasonable and almost
insane.. no one messes with the
crazy eye.. it’s nice to go outside all day
long without the same worries other folks
have in so many countries of getting blown
up.. unless one is paranoid of course.. as fear
is the worse terrorism of all that so many folks inflict
on themselves.. meanwhile.. i’LL SinG and DancE in
steps and words.. and vocal chords.. and let the
soap opera suds bubble on tHeir song of division
with no
blood shed..
my friend..
and sure.. i’LL
vote for Hillary Clinton..
i’LL never vote for someone
who stands against immigration..
as my Grandfather came here from
Ireland.. and there are lots of good Muslim
folks.. who don’t deserve to be discriminated
against.. just because of where they lived..
after all for those who suggest they
are REAL Christians..
a cross is for
a sacrifice
of fearless
Love.. no..
not wimpy
folks with
feathered nests
my friend.. as Lord
KNoWs the greaTest Lovers
often have no where to rest their
head and be accepted as Love can
scare folks.. when it comes fearless like a LioN..
oh.. misery.. does love its company.. Fearless Love..
spOils that ‘party’..
to the chagrin of
negative over positive..;)


Oh Lord.. that Star Trek
Movie was kinda good.. noW
and ‘this eye’ reminds me of
beyond.. and a girl named Nancy
from ’80.. when the Song Magic
came out by Olivia N J.. she
worked at Burger King..
Nancy (not Olivia.. hehe)
and all the guys
who hung out
at the sign
at the
Parking Lot
Drinking Beer
(allowed by the
city cops then)
really wanted to
date her as boy
was she stacked
up top.. and she
had a white person
Afro.. maybe she
was from France..
in part with all that
curly hair.. as a another
‘fond’ memory comes to
mind.. anyway.. she thought
my last name sounded.. my
real last name.. sounded
like something
from the Bible..
and she told
me i had
a V shaped
back as back
then i had a tiny
little 32 inch waist..
and weighed 170LBS..
which is 60 LBS less
than now.. by the
way my therapist notes
my fascination with numbers..
likely has something to do with
the Asperger’s and extreme
systemizing state of mind
and the ADHD is why
i am
way way
off track..
but anyway..
just like the girl
here in the eye photo
with the red flowered eye
that is the color of the bright
red lipstick that 18 year old
Nancy wore.. hehe.. she
seemed old to me then..
as i was 20.. and
my previous
girl friend
was 16..
how a few
years makes
a difference then..
and now i’m 56 and
still dancing with 18 year
old girls.. with X’s on their
wrists as they are too young
to drink.. and i don’t drink..
not even a Bloody Mary..
or cup of water..
i’m such
an athletic
stud.. hehe..
with a super
nerd perspective..
and i remember you
saying you were a female
stud too.. so i kNoW you can
anyway.. me
and Nancy talked all night..
she with her Kaleidoscope
eyes just like that girl here..
at her home then where
she lived with her Dad
into the Tweetie bird
hours as there
was no Twitter
then.. yes
outside in
the Summer
and you
know me..
i’d rather talk
than have sex..
so it is before the
crack of dawn.. and this
is like my first date since
my first love broke up with
me.. and the song ‘Magic’
comes on.. and i feel
magic again..
but no.. not
like sex.. like
God is taling
me one day that
SonG WiLL mean
something more to me..
and it did.. as i played it
before i got well in 2013..
and somehow it helped me
to recover.. it’s like the SonG
was a seed in ’80 of hope
to heal
me in ’13..
33 years
later.. wow..
now.. my..
that drive in
’80 before
the sun came
up and the Tweetie
birds SunG is like it’s
now.. seriously.. for me
all is now
my entire
life all
iS Now..noW..
and in a way
that’s my eye too..
the all seeing one.. now..
when it’s real..
Enjoy Church Choir..
you know i think i told
you i played the piano for
the Choir and Sang in the
decades of the 80’s in Catholic
Church.. but now my voice is
really like a Lion.. i cub you
not.. when i sneeze at
church it sounds
just like a shot
gun blast..
or crap..
shit tHeir
bRitches.. as
you know recent
national events and
all of that.. anyway.. when
they now say sing with Choirs
of Angels and Saints… it’s like
a voice from
i wonder if it’s
miNd somenows..
kinda like when i read
some of the stuff i write
into the magic hours of
the night.. it’s almost
like God
my hand..
top of the
magic to ya..
my friend.. and
enjoy your choir
singing too.. and
hehe.. if they ever make
a movie of my life.. i promise
i’ll make ’em name you something
other than Shawna.. so the choir
girls will not give you
a scarlet
i’m such
a Dog.. but
a nice Dog.. i thiNk..;)

Shawna says..

Thank you so much for this poem/story.
You and I think exactly the same. And again,
you are brilliant. With your line breaks and
hidden words inside words, you just told me a
million invisible things. I think having Asperger’s
is a gift, in the right hands and company.

And i say..

Yes.. thanks for your company..
and speaking of children with
Asperger’s.. children.. and children
in general.. the milk you give your
children and your children are the
greatest gift.. not sure if you were around
last year when i did this.. but today is the 19th
anniversary of my child’s death.. and this one i did..
says a lot
i come
from as whole..
and why women
are are my favorite
gender.. my friend..
in innocent
ways of real..:)


Shawna says..

I completely feel you on this.
I have always thought losing a child,
in any way, would be the worst kind of
pain and lifelong torture. I will read
your post in a little bit. I am so so
so so very sorry you lost your baby.

And finally i say..

Thanks Shawna..
Church ends..
now off
to dance
the mall
stores and
dance while
i read at BandN2..
nice seeing you
this weekend.. and
as alWays aGain best wishes..


So.. i take one of those Facebook
tests that asks why folks avoid you..
and it says ’cause i’m blunt and
directly honest.. speaking
what’s on my

And i say..
Also speak
What’s on my
Heart.. But life
Is too special
NOT to do that
And ha!
If people
It’s cause
I’m strange
And to
Put it
Strange is
The new Black
In the United
States.. When
i conformed i
Was FucKinG
Boring.. Rather
Be a Fool
Robot like
i used to be
And no.. Not
Everyone avoids
Me.. Don’t need lots
Of friends to have friends..
As honestly if one is not a friend
to themselves they will never truly be a
friend to anyone else either in the long run..
Accept yourself completely before life even starts
to put it bluntly.. Life is too short not to give tough
love advice that can change a life and that is altruism
too as it loses friends but I’d rather help someone
in the longest of runs.. Named life.. So i move
on and dust my sandals off where i am
no longer welcome.. Yes.. No
matter what i walk in the
footsteps of the best
company i kNow
and FeeL..:)


Oh wow.. didn’t realize the story was actually
about you and your Dad.. you seem like you
have it so together it’s hard to imagine you’ve
having any problems like that freya.. but truly
it is our challenges that make us who we are and
i think most everyone has a story to share and that is
what is the best about poetry.. as it deepens our cognitive
empathy for the human condition.. and ha!.. being on the
Autism Spectrum with a lifelong condition of reasonably
controlled bi-polar condition most of that life with no
drugs does make me unique my friend.. inherently..
i got the Asperger’s from my Dad
who was the spitting image
of what you write of
your Dad here..
happy side from my mother..
but she never really had the
periods of dark depression i
experience in life.. anyway..
today is the 19th anniversary
of the death of my only child and
to put the relationship of my father
and i in a ‘nut’ shell in the waiting room
of the open heart surgery procedure.. for
my child before he later died in my arms this
day 19 years ago.. my father said.. (and it was
pretty obvious our child who lived 51 days wasn’t
gonna make it from the get go.. medicine kept him
in suffering in pain for all those days) anyway.. my
father said.. “Make sure you raise him like a man”..
as my father a 46 year law enforcement veteran
left at three.. ’cause my mother didn’t wanna
go to work and wanted to be the
stay at home mom.. so i was
raised with all women..
and never got that
bow up spine as
they say
in the
‘red neck’
red state panhandle
of Florida where i live..
well.. i eventually developed
it when i learned to be my own
father.. and that seems to be a common
archetype of the so-called ‘super hero’ theme..
even in the movies… where the super masculine
male marries the super masculine female as in the
case of my father and mother.. and the boy is left
in the care of a distant land in a weaker place
than what he would be in a village that
had both masculine and feminine
influence for balance..
dark struggle
comes.. then..
and eventually
love lives with fearless
too.. and the once timid
Clark Kent.. Dr. Jekyll or
Bruce Wayne changes into
something else when they finally
escape the cocoon and are reborn
to come into their more full human potential…
i have to say that the Jungian archetypes
are valid.. and sure it seems i have
gone beyond them in some
ways.. hehe.. and that is
just my access to
all of cultures
through all
of history
to select
the parts i like
and make that
Fred culture.. haha..
anyway.. a link to “kiss your
baby goodbye”.. a tear jerker
‘they said’.. but it was just the
literal truth.. in my life.. reality
has been much more unique than
any movie.. i have ever seen.. and the
high part is amazing.. but oh my God.. the
dark parts.. were beyond scary.. beyond
Friday the 13th..
Heaven is great..
i kiss life my friend
all for free.. just ’cause
i can with all my might..
hehe.. hercules
i’LL be..
i can..
and WiLL..
with fearless LOVE..:)



Poetry is as much of a healing tool
as it is a gift to give.. but both of those
equal gift and tool of course same..
and sure.. when rising from hell
after 66 months.. on a July 22nd
date of 2013.. along with
anniversary date of an
only son’s death..
coming in two
days alter
on the 24th..
those inspirations.
of hell.. heaven and
a child who i promised would
continue to live in my life do go on..
in words of Titanic too.. yeah.. ‘HErCuLes
of SoUl’ will be the title of this next title
of the 688th Macro Verse wave with
this micro-poem that is rather
long sTiLL as poems do go..
particularly in a twitter
world of pokemon ways
of lifestyle.. and sure.. been
there done it too.. in a little
video game i played same for
literally years.. and no text at all
in reciprocal social communication..
so i was even more shallow than that
as far as deep can go.. and seriously..
in a world of stresses like we have
any escape can be Good and as
Maslow says.. there is no way
to move up the pyramid of
being human until you
meet basic
animal human
homeostasis of
rest and relaxation
101 after challenge..
and that is where pokemon
and little video snowboarding games
come in.. and even a twitter conversation..
when there is hardly time to frankly wipe your
ass.. can be a nice relief of humanity along with
those kitty kat photos and a song or two.. so inspiring
by katy kat katy perry too.. as i am a big fan of hers2..
anyway.. seriously.. one can only judge if they are truly
a ‘Hercules of Soul’.. between they and God Nature one
as that IS A dArk night of the soul that must be conquered
one on ONE on ONE wE God wHole.. no one can possibly
go there and understand it.. except for the multiverse of
individual who goes there with God as one multiverse
of all verse whole God now.. and after going to the
darkest night of soul.. i for one have at least
read about in fact or fiction for 66 months..
it is safe to say.. i am a JOB OF THE
MODERN NEW AGE.. no.. not just
a character in an old black
poetry book of dARk and
liGht of the human
condition through
history.. 3500 years..
to 2K or so years back..
this is now.. i AM real.. but
only me and God as Nature
whole WiLL ever fully kNow the
dArk niGht of my soul that lasted
66 months with all those extenuating
beyond hell fire circumstances then..
but as they say.. and Katy does too..
after every Hurricane.. comes a rain
bow and eye of a Hurricane too.. now
and sometimes when all the doors
are closed perhaps it was just an
invitation to a best path of all..
just waiting on the other
side of that door you
didn’t think you
could open
at all way back
then.. anyway.. it’s
safe to say i’m wide awake..
i’ve faced the devil up close and
personal as me.. i understand fully
the dude who was the real bad dude
in the new Star Trek movie too.. as sure..
i do know that IS A dark place of separation
the human soul can truly go.. where there is
no limit or expectation of what evil can grow
in a dark soul too with no respite of light..
to heal.. and if you don’t think the efforts
of folks like Katy Perry do not save
lives.. you my friend.. have never
FucKinG come close to
the darkest night
of the soul
even demons
dare not go..
yeah.. i kNow
all about suffering..
potential vengeance..
but most of all i know
about recovery.. liGht
and the Victory of the
hUman heARt.. SPiriT
iSREAL and more important
than any so-called money making
project or other material gaining activity
one will ever do in life.. as the worst death
is the living one with none of those three as
without those three from the beginning you never
lived and to lose those three while living is to do die
same truly in suffer way.. seriously it can and WiLL get
better if you just
never ever give up
no matter what the hell
comes next as Dante’s rings
trust me IS A real thing too of REAL
HELL here.. yes.. there is heaven here
different folks who walk the side walks of here in all
those places.. in tHeiR own multi-verse of real now..:)


And the story oF Y i.. lightens
up here noW in macro-verse
facebook algorithm memories
moving now from three years
ago to two years ago.. and
in reference to
the new
who guards
the real now
Goddess Isis..
Katrina.. who is
currently named
little Yellow Boy
King of
the Garden
of Eden2.. by
guard of the
Patio screen too..:)


Balance is key here..
with Golden Mean
of Body Mind and
SouL Now noW..
STiLL of course
from another
2014 to date..:)


HEhe.. and now
from a year ago..
Confession of a Muse..
need i say more.. per
this rhetorical statement/
WeLL sUre i do..WiLL..
that’s what free streAm
of consciousness poets
do they muse the others..
in all they do in dance and
song and hehe.. yes.. photos now2..:)



Well.. there is quiet a few Loaded
Questions and answers in this
photo as to what are
Southern Girl’s
Must Haves
but i WiLL tale
you this.. this 56 year
old dude as more fun
than his whole F iN Peer
group at the mall.. and
probably 99 percent of
teens too.. hehe.. so much
more fun going on inside that
they’ll never see on my stoic face
either.. hehe..
but sure Body
Language says
a wHoLE dam Lot..
and more on lot
a little

Okay.. now.. more on Lot
yes.. probably a lot too on Lot..
anyway.. today.. now in Catholic
Church was the day for the ‘Evil’
Homily.. as the Monsignor old tennis
buddy almost always does a great job
of keeping everything associated with hope..
and actually the Catholic Church organization
as a whole.. does the same.. as today they picked
a part the positive story about the Genesis one about
Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah where the so-called
God entity was gonna spare the city if 10 so-called
good folks are there.. but it didn’t get down or
up to the more unsavory parts.. like Lot
offering his virgin daughters up for
basically rape.. or these so-called
Virgin daughters so-called getting
poor old Lot Drunk and having
sex with him on successive
nights.. i mean Jesus f. iN
Christ.. we are only into
Genesis.. and
there is offerings
of Virgins for basically
rape in lieu of a dude getting
screwed.. by another dude..
and daughters raping drunk
daddy.. give me a break..
incest is the one dam thing
that is taboo across all cultures
along with screwing little kids..
and molesting them overall
as such.. it’s called nature..
and survival of the human race
to protect the young for survival..
and to protect the whole dam species..
from birth defects.. bullshit.. drunk or not..
ain’t no excuse for any kind of so-called female
rape against a man.. when a man ain’t gotta
get turned on.. to do the incest deed.. pretty
disgusting.. and at least Lot’s wife didn’t
hang around to see the daddy do the
incest deed.. but shit no wonder
she was paranoid and looking
around.. considering the
husband daddy..
was offering
up the Virgin
daughters for
basically rape.. so anyway..
the bible does not condemn
Lot for offering up his daughters
for basically rape.. nor the so-called
incest act that the father was actually
responsible for.. drunk or not as that
is what the incest aversion
taboo does.. unless there is
some pedo sickness going
on like they do with 9 year
or so old girls in other cultures
which is so God dam sick as
some religion doesn’t condemn
it ‘over there’ either.. so anyway..
the priest and the Catholic Church
never covers that part in church.. of
course.. as it is kinda worse and more
perverted than even Hustler can get
on a bad day.. for rape and incest that
no one wants to hear about with any
kind of normal humanity now.. so the Monsignor
goes on to talk about the evils of legal abortion and
Internet pornography.. oh my God.. humans doing the
wild thing is evil to see.. what would God do.. well.. considering
God doesn’t clothe humans from birth.. and considering that
before humans had homes.. they did it outside.. it wasn’t a
big deal for thousand of years.. before prudes came along
and called the human body.. per the temple of God and
all its blessed and shared functions like the Peaceful
and Loving non-violent Bonobo does as Bonobo-Christ
like animal per Golden rule se of free for all
consensual love in all the ways that comes..
yes.. they made something holy and sacred
those humans did from head to toe.. into
FucKinG evil.. yes Literally FucKinG evil..
and what happens when you cover sex all
up.. including the human body.. and you do
not let the male and females mix until way
after puberty.. and only family members
can touch each other.. sure.. REAL
Arabian Physician study that suggests
up to 80% of 3 to 6 year old little
girls are molested in the home..
by family members and other
close associates.. oh so
messed up culture can
make the otherwise.. wild
and free peaceful loving human
condition as the so-called simple
Bonobo does.. all naturally without
violence.. oh.. the blood shed that comes
eventually when human nature is oppressed
and repressed same.. and sure.. all the REAL PERVERSION
ME WANNA THROW UP.. AND i bet at night they pray.. they
pray that somehow real God will save them one day soon..
or some representatives of God who really care to
take them out of their misery and suffering.. i can
almost hear the plea at night.. the wailing and
the weeping and the gnashing of their teeth
shortly before.. during.. and after their
sexual assaults.. anyway.. there
are a lot worse things in the
world than adults having
sex all naked and such
and others viewing
what nature does
at its hottest best..
no venereal disease
comes from this.. when
solo viewed.. no unwanted
pregnancies. therefore no
potential for legal abortion
that the Catholic Church ironically
names evil.. when they say that alternate
activities.. that do not lead to unwanted pregnancies
are evil.. not to mention their stand against birth control
that does lead to venereal disease.. unwanted pregnancies
and more abortions.. legal or not around the world.. and as far
as trying to outlaw abortion.. they did that in Catholic Mexico
already.. and there are just as many abortions over there.. only
difference is they are done not medically safely so there is
more suffering and permanent disability for all who are
concerned.. the Catholic Church must grow a brain
if it ever wants to move into the new age out
of the earth is flat age same.. and Jesus
F in Christ.. if there is anything reallly
Evil it is harming other folks when
you know good and god dam
well you are.. like the
4% of homosexuals
that science shows
sits in the general
audience everywhere..
including now the pews of
church when they say they
are less than gentile or jew..
servant of free.. woman or man
no more.. and do not deserve the
same human legal right to marry so
someone can visit their loved one in
the hospital.. thank God for separation
of church and state.. as so often the state
is so much more humane than the church..
God speaks Nature in Truth and liGht.. humans
lie in black books.. and continue to harm other
humans and the rest of nature and God same too
as humans have already populated the earth..
and now are slowly/fast destroying other God
created animal species through
the taking more than
giving of overpopulation
and the Big Catholic Church
has a lot to do with that real
evil of getting out of balance
With God of Mother Nature..
by making Frigging birth control
against their rules.. when it could
FucKinG save the entire human
race.. ultimately.. and so many other
parts of life species on earth too..
Common Sense and Brains..
God gifted it to us..
action use it..
or consequence
pain.. misery and
suffering.. God of
Nature will have all
her way..
line when
all is said and
done.. and you can
mARk her words on that
as both she and Godzilla
prove.. the folly of all humans
who think they can now FucKInG
fool God and Mother Nature sAMe..
iF ya wanna hear God speak Go to natUre..
and listen to hEar/sEE.. while you can or will now..:)

Yeah.. and here is what
the little girls sound
like when they wail
for mercy.. if you listen
closely you can hear them
wail for both Moses and Jesus..
how that
works.. no.. i lied
again.. it is only beyond
sad and A sick human species…
that could use so much God dAm healinG now…


“I maintain that Truth is a pathless land,
and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever,
by any religion, by any sect….
I do not want to belong to any organization of a spiritual kind;
please understand this …
If an organization be created for this purpose,
it becomes a crutch, a weakness, a bondage,
and must cripple the individual,
and prevent him from growing,
from establishing his uniqueness,
which lies in the discovery for himself
of that absolute, unconditioned Truth….”

~~ J. Krishnamurti ~~

Top and
bottom line..
all systems
aim to control…
Bottom and
Top line
all nature
does is is…
Same line
Same time
Same now
All God
all that is…
And the rest
works its way
out now as is is…
and Bill Clinton
would Be proud of
me.. as it all depends
on the definition of is at
all that is
and that’s
where words
get in the way…
iS IS..
Me thiNks
Kris spent
somenowS in
Nature too.. A Tree..
A Beach.. A Desert..
perHaps a Mountain..
but a
God is fun to me..
@least and
me giggle
and cry insane..
Jesus F. in Christ..
imagine what Kris
could have done
a blog
now.. or maybe now
even Jesus.. wHo kNows..
or Buddha.. or Lao.. oh.. the
disadvantages.. them guys had
so.. so.. long ago.. back then..noW
Free WiNow/sPiNs Victory oF iS iS..;)


SMiLes.. my FriEnd Claudia…
as i’Ve often told other folks who are
nice enough to make me a part of their
life.. there is no word of sorry in Unconditional
Fearless Love to me.. there is no word of hate.. there
is no word doubt.. there are no swords.. there are no light
beatings.. there is only liGht.. and somenows odes to Love to
Witness for that liGht that is possible in the shadow of human
potential does
most certainly
take unlimited
symbols to express
just a tiny part of the essence
of allthatis.. aka God.. no.. like i said
before.. 800K words in a bible is not nearly
enough.. not a small painting on the Sistine
Chapel Ceiling though both are impressive
in tHeir own now and effort.. both individual
and combined.. and a statue of David that
is impressive.. one of Apollo too.. but does it
do justice in awe of this gift of life given to us
all by Nature same.. in my eyes and the eyes of
even the reported Jesus per Saint John way back
when.. says no.. folks will do much more in appreciation
of the blessings of this gift of life.. sadly some folks just
stopped at an already scholarly proven wrong interpretation
of John 3:16 where the me of Jesus was the God head of Jesus
that is one in i as self and ego same along with ! spirit connection
with the rest of all that is aka God.. i didn’t make that up and in original
Greek terminology it was never THE son of God it was A son of God as
nicely described by the great philosophical and biblical scholar of last
Century Alan Watts per just another Book of Eli that was lost along
the way.. as Constantine and Catholic Cohorts and the after and
before.. changed Jesus into a THE soldier God to consummate
the old original Christianity with the mythology of the Mithra
religion of the region.. same as Muhammad did to combine
the Christian religion into something new named Islam
and to make the words he brought into so-called
last words of God.. WeLL.. i’ve seen lots of
used car sales folks in my life ranging
from the likes of Constantine
to Trump to Muhammad
and i see through their
lies even when they think
they have hidden them in
fast take of heart string pulling
words.. it doesn’t work for me friend
as i not only read long.. i read deep deep
and deeper deep.. and that is my other Autistic
Super Power.. along with reading the eyes of
souls in beings named humans and other animals
same.. and that my friend is reading 10 to 15 times
faster than the so-called ‘normal’ human and when
totally focused typing faster than what the potential
of this keyboard has to offer.. no.. it is rare that
anything keeps up with me friend.. human
or even technology.. but i cannot wait
for that to happen.. as yes.. i am
human too.. and what God has
set out for me to do..
is Beyond
of before my
friEnd and i’M certain
that many others have heard
the same cAll.. some have answered
in ways of Lao Tzu.. Yeshua.. Buddha..
and untold innumerable others.. and others
have taken the opportunity to go down the dark
path and subjugate and control others instead..
well.. the truth is the marriage that Jesus was
speaking of in original text was the marriage
of the divine in me.. that is you and i and we..
and us whole as one but it does start
at believing in me.. that is you..
combining and balancing
the marriage of yin
and yang
into one
force of being
in masculine and feminine
animus and anima way as
Jung says too.. and all the
other duality of liGht and
dArk and the ‘tween aspects
of life.. when we holds hands
with our self as one.. we can unconditionally
hold hands with the hands of other folks in life..
the world can hold hands as humans with each
other with the rest of Nature.. and eventually the
entire world can hold hands with God all as all that is
and live happily ever after in all that’s ever been or ever
will be as now.. in what is is of all that is.. but sure it starts
with me.. if you believe in me that is you.. seek.. and find
one’s God Given potential in you.. practice it and most importantly
never ever hide your light ’cause it may blind someone else.. particularly
online.. as there is an off button.. for those who are blinded by light as when
i walked in dark.. the light blinded me as small as the kind vocal words of another
human being.. as i was the dark night of the soul embodied as me.. now i AM liGht..
sMiLes2 and this Energizer of Love.. is more powerful that even technology in
most homes now.. hehe.. anyway.. i’m doing this for the longest of terms of
now my friend.. per the grace of what is in God’s hands that are much
bigger than the tiny pARt of reciprocation of thanks to God
i offer here.. and smiles.. the fact that you took the effort
to come here and wish me a Happy Monday proves
there are still folks in the world who believe
in gentile or jew.. servant or free.. woman
or man no matter how far
the sOuL can shine
as WeLL.. i aim
to go wHere no human
has gone before in Love..
i can safely say i’Ve done it
in mY own way already.. and i can
also say i AM thrilLed to be pARt of a
world wHere i have free access now to
see similar folks around the world doing the
sAMe for God wHole in tHeiR own ways of
art and science too.. it’s a wonderful world if
one can do what they can to change the world
in liGht.. be the liGht and tolerate the dark knoWinG
that they are butterfly WinGs that fly toGetHer like a sWarm
oF Love the planEt has never witnessed beFore.. i hOld hands
with many folks like this mY friend.. who see no limitations or
expectations in life and continue to rise.. this is the new
generation of now.. and for those who shine
the blind the dARk across
the Earth..
and from
aLL thaT iS
God SinGs
WitH wE a SonG
of hUman PoTenTial
in the best ways of Fearless
Love realized as trUe Grace
of Heaven Now.. yes.. the rapture
already happened as soon as the
first hUman lived in this way mY friEnd
and Team liGht is GroWinG as my words
FloW one with God and We one Force of
Love aLiVE..
NoW iN Heaven Real
in the Kingdom of IS
other than
that thanks
aGain for
coming by..
it took me a long
thanks as you provided
a path that i needed as
so many other folks do..
as i continue to respond
in kind of what that means
to me.. in terms of Love my Friend
that is fearless.. sure and never wavereRinG noW..
And for the others who do not want to come into
this Marriage with God.. all i can say is
Oh My God..
Only if you knew
Only if you knew
Only if you knew
the heARt of wE..
OnE iN spiRit aS ONe



WeLL.. this is the 60,000th comment of
My Word Press Blog that includes all
the comments that Word Press keeps
in record of comments.. which of course are all
poetic.. plus a large portion of spam.. wITh mostly
mine on my Blog that generates few comments from others
of course2.. as each post now continues to inch toward
Novel length with main post and art palette of new paint
in full brush of comments section of my ‘little’ effort.. to
Thank God for my life in all the ways that comes
repressing and oppressing none oF iT less
than sacred and holy except for that
that harms other folks and
parts of nature beyond
the bread
and water
of LiFE noW..
so who gives me the
right to wRite like this..
God and only God.. i answer
to only God and no one else..
sure.. i follow all local.. state.. and
federal laws.. no different than the
parable of Caesar’s coin that rings
equAlly true for me today as then..
as the road is paved for me to
give God Blessings in thanks
by this coin of Caesar
same as it was way
back then..
for whoMever
the Jesus’s were
who walks the earth
then.. in the trUe Christ
liGht of Fearless Love
alWayS noW without
fail.. a practice of perfection
of fearless Love with human
gifted relative Free WiLL.. iT’s
not enough to be forgiven.. it is
enough not to make another mistake
and sure it’s possible.. don’t settle for
less if you Love God’s Gift of Fearless
Love that is the trUly special God given
Nature sAMe Potential of hUman bEinG
more fully realized.. and all i kNow and
more importantly FeeL that the hUman
word MaGiC most definitely does
describe the higher potential
of God more fully
as gift
oF God
iN hUman
BeinG and the
Secret of this Dream
come True is to use the
power to give and share
over taking more than
one gives now..
yeS.. in
fearless Love
of sharing whatever
fuLLer hUman potenTial
one has to giVe nOW.. FREE..:)


SoMe muse i AM
SomE muse i WiLL
continue to bE in the
what Jesus would say now..
if reAlly here that we are aLL A
free and wild children of God who
can fearlessly Love like no one else
on this planEt when we seT oUr fuLL
potential in MoVinG.. ConNecTinG
and much fuller CreAtinG poTenTiaL
NoW wiTh HeARt oF EmoTioNs and
aLL seNses and pure liGht sexualiTy
too.. expresSinG thaT hiGher poWer
of Nature goD onE sAMe as hOlY
SpiRit wE in Quantum-like mInd
and BOdy more fully unLeashed
and reLeaSed as miNd and
BoDy BaLanCing SoUl..
and DancE and SinG
hOldinG hands
no different
than sAMe in
tolerating the Bio-diversity
of We all Different and sAMe
aS oNE Force toGeThEr of God
Now.. wHeRe soMe mUse beCoMes
aLL Muse GoD onE MoRE noW.. wHere
Can beCoMes WiLL and Now iS GoD aLL oNE
wE onE ForcE.. mE.. yOu.. i.. uS aLL NoW aLiVE..
LoVe LiVes



“A whole human life
is just a heartbeat
here in heaven..
Then We’ll all
be Together”…

-Robin Williams

E-nuff said.. butt..
i wish i could have
taught Robin how
i dance with no clothes
of the trappings of fame..
money.. F iN STUFF.. all
the sacrifices for a greater
that those hold as crosses
eventually too heavy to carry..
i take the easy and free route
66.. did my hell first.. and am Heaven Free..
the best thing about blogs.. youtube.. and all
the free avenues of art.. is one can spread a
MesSage totAlly Free.. and i for one can dance
everywHeRe i go.. only to be known as that
amazing.. inspiring.. spirit animal.. boss..
legend.. Pensacola icon.. inspiring..
i wanna be like.. and that is gonna
be my husband.. dancing guy..
where most do not even
know my name of
Fred.. but here’s
the deal.. i go home
an unknown in peace
with no one owning me
but God one same in me
as me all of me and allthatis
inside.. outside.. above.. so below..
all around.. WiLD and Free.. the Matrix
i escape.. but the MoVinG.. ConNecting
And CreaTinG.. in GiVinG shArinG aLL
i have to share Free comes with ease of
Wild and Free i.. so sure.. a person can
move through this liFE.. be as super
epic as they like and retain tHeiR
Freedoms too.. it’s just a matter
of kNoWinG and FeeLinG
the opportunities that
do exist.. SeeKinG..
FinDinG yoUr TrUe
and Free LiGht WiLL
WitH NatuRe wHole iN
BalanCinG Act of JuSt
DoinG iT noW as REaL
iN REal Rise oF hUman
PotenTial with No limits or
expectations of before or what
may or may not come.. or you can
call the whole dam thing a Giant Blue
Turtle.. the forms matter not over essence
when essence comes real and we exceed
what we were before.. the beauty of now as
anyWay.. Facebook
Friend Ned shared
quotes from Robin Williams
on his what would be a 65th
birthday.. and this one was
too deep.. in Truth and liGht
not to add juSt one more Micro-Verse
to celebrate Robin Williams as sure he and
i and so many more like him and the hers as
well.. etc.. are kindred souls who kNOw no boundaries
or limits of before or what may or may not come neXt…
and now more than ever we can give and share for free
without the
trapping of
before and what
could sAdly otherwise
come in those priSon’s
of fame.. money and F
it’s easy
to be free..
it’s alWays noW
MoVinG.. conNecTinG
and CreAtinG.. and never
a place of stagnation but
bottom line.. REAL HEAVEN iSREAL..
and the Free of We who live in this place
most definitely continue to thrive and Rise REAL..
iN LAMp oF liGhts neVer SeeN or FelT bEYoND.. NoW..:)









BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)


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I like to write.
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21 Responses to HeRcULeS’ oF soUL

  1. So how DOES one prove a
    HeRcULeS’ oF soUL mY LamP iSreaL
    if one lived on a Wrong Planet for years
    with only scientists.. nerds.. geeks and the like
    for fActs.. well.. tRuth.. is ..the Inner UniVerse of HUman
    bEinG is woefully measured by the racket of scientific method
    that does serve furry
    balls up of observable
    stuff.. but haha.. give a
    human some LSD or let them
    ecstatically dance over half A
    marathon on just one Sunday and see
    how you measure a HeRcULeS’ oF soUL
    mY LamP iSreaL in 7 days.. WeLL.. Lord kNows
    as wE KNows or at lEAst as Stephen Hawking and
    others suggest the entire F iN UniVerse was created
    from nothing by the Force of Gravity in a point so small
    that for all practical intents and purposes there was no
    time before that point and at that point too.. that’s kinda
    deep but i sTilL staY thEre is no time noW and it’s more or less
    a product of cLocks and distance and space.. and even
    Einstein was fully vetted that the whole shebang was
    relative in at least some distance and space
    in E=MC2.. per smAll creation of
    imagination in EinSTein’s
    relatively small but
    aging brain..
    yes.. it’s true..
    they studied
    Einstein’s brain..
    and it never aged much
    perhaps that happens to
    the body too.. if you F iN Use iT
    instead of stagnation in human hell
    on this PlaneT EARTh that could otherwise
    be Heaven now.. anyway.. no LSD required
    for me to fly hiGh in creation activity.. jUst give
    me a dance.. an ecstatic one now with electronic super
    high emotional music and sure.. give me a little motivation..
    like lovely young women videotaping me and smiling from ear
    to ear.. so-called ‘big red-neck’ ‘men’ snickering from a far.. not
    realizing i can do so many FucKinG things with my seNses.. FeeLinGs
    and bRain all at one now.. when i am hyper-focused with what some
    name as Kundalini Rising.. the Chi.. the QI.. the Ki.. and the Holy
    Spirit real.. you’ve heard.. haven’t you.. that higher power of God
    that can move metaphorical mountains and a half a ton or so 33
    times when you get to be 56 on a very difficult parallel
    leg press machine with yA arms raised
    in the air like a ballerina.. and sure…
    the other inspirations are legion
    ranging from ‘all’ my friends..
    A C Q U A I N T A N C E S..
    to the one’s i most
    definitely chagrin..
    and when a young lady
    suggests to her friend that’s
    gonna be my husband just ’cause
    of how i move my body when i dance..
    and then has the nerve to tell me to my
    face.. albeit.. likely fueled with some drinks
    at Old Seville.. of course it inspires me and
    iF you are any kind of male creature.. thaT is
    healthy and totally heterosexual like me..
    sure.. you will be inspiRed too..
    as that’s the way God likes
    it in males all naturally
    and of course females
    too.. when they are not
    all uptight with cultural and
    religious rules that say.. that you
    are dirty little girls and there IS A double
    standard and all of that.. anyway.. tHeRe is
    both an art and science of creativity.. THAT WORKS..
    i share that with the listening audience.. as Jesus
    F. in Christ.. co-creating with God as Nature sAMe
    in the FloW iN ZonE and sure sharing it Now with
    the entire world are for free BEST.. as sure.. they
    randomly come across it in literal numbers of up to
    thousands per day as my stats for
    several Blogs do say.. including
    800 on just one blog
    the other day…
    too.. i AM here
    to inspire others.. been
    to hell.. the real place and
    cAMe back.. on that day.. i made
    a personal convenant with God on beach and
    Nature sAMe to do everything and anything
    i would have to do beyond the ‘norm’ of cultural
    and religious so-called dogma.. and of course.. within aLL
    the limits of local.. state.. and federal laws same.. and while
    it doesn’t take God/Nature any time to make time as time doesn’t exist
    either now.. or at the beginning of time.. as aLL tHeRe is as now..
    in any concrete form.. it did take me 7 days to create the last
    two pARts IN MacroVerse of Ocean whole moving on TO
    4 million words.. as a small percentage of that
    in 41,650 words total between both posts
    as highlighted here.. in my now way..
    writing a 689th Macro-Verse
    with this rather long
    Micro-Verse here..
    and that is significant..
    just for empirical analysis
    of my case-study creative potential
    longitudinally as measured in words eTc..
    Now over what humans define as time noW..
    in clock and day fashion.. and sure.. the
    Earth Moving around the Sun as such NoW in
    consistent motion aS well.. iN 7 days..
    41,650 words.. close to 500 photos
    including the restricted link
    ‘appendages’ as such..
    over 10 youtube videos..
    and Jesus F. iN Christ..
    somewhere around
    10 or so other links
    that links around 100K
    or so other MacroVerse
    words.. a trip to a Forest/River to get some
    great Nature pics.. various stores and malls
    to tell a tale in photo way that synchs somehow
    with all those words too.. in continuing Ocean Poem
    Poetry Story fashion as now goeS on.. yes.. miles of Dance
    on Tuesday after this round of writing started on last Monday
    then.. along with that Forest trip.. three intense work-out trips..
    a marathon of Dance at old Seville Quarter with photos at all these
    places and yes well over a marathon of dance this
    weekend as well between a new Star Trek
    Movie ‘Beyond’ for extra inspiration too..
    and so many miles at the mall after an
    additional Singing event i participated
    in as i always do at church now from back
    pew too.. with some snaps of the literature
    of so-called bible there now2.. anyway.. it was
    a full 7 day event… as there is never a place
    where i truly rest my head noW iN working for God
    and Nature sAMe to give and share all with others
    for free.. in fACt.. i dreAM more wRitinG in poetic way
    when i sleep.. and when i wake the Ocean does
    most definitely continue to gRow WRiTing..
    so sure.. the scientist of me..
    must have his say.. along
    with all the other
    pARts of
    pray.. sure..
    my first two Novel
    efforts took almost
    twice as long and
    Lord knowS noW.. the
    third one with 338,630
    words took a ’15/’16 trip to
    all the dVerse prompts
    and liNks for an entire
    year then2.. and yes..
    all positive intentions
    and actions are positive
    pray.. or call it placebo or
    call it a ham and green
    eggs sandwich.. i do not
    care what form you say
    iN what works for you..
    i FucKinG
    get the JOB
    dONe.. and verily
    alWays God says to
    me in God’s way..
    even if
    God must
    hold my
    to say
    this heRe..
    sMiLes.. bottom liNex2..
    Life is epic or not.. your F iN Choice..
    in aRt and or Science both.. PLAY LiFE NOW..
    i for one
    AM a PLAYER..
    And will this ever end with
    the unlimited inspiration i find
    in every corner of the world now..
    in nature and technology too.. let’s
    just say
    no.. no
    no.. NoW..
    yes.. i play..
    More more MORE NOW2..:)

  2. It’s hard to see in the photo but
    the nice old gentleman heRe in the
    back relaxing on a Sunday afternoon
    has his hand to his mouth thinking OMG..
    i think thaT Mercury dude has done sprouted
    some lighTENining Wings out his head
    or something.. either that or its
    all smoke and mirrors.. hehe..
    but sure as they say about
    Hermes.. Mercury..
    Thoth etc.. per
    keeper same..
    and somenows fleet
    of foot on terrestrial land..
    as sure.. yA gotta Travel liGht
    to geT
    SHoWn.. out..
    haha.. i’ve been so
    deep in words.. i didn’t
    catch the lightning head
    WinG effects.. ’till a few minutes
    ago after scanning by this photo
    several nows in the last day.. hehe..;)

  3. https://gigoid.me/2016/07/25/manifestations-of-reality/#comment-20112

    Gentile.. Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman or man no more..
    Lord it’s taken a couple of thousand years for so-called older
    Christian white males to wrap that around tHeRe head.. per the
    Woman or man no more for equal opportunities like
    so-called gnostic Mary Magdalene got before
    the patriarchs added the prostitute
    cloth to her Apostle
    white robe..
    and humble
    sandals as such..
    but certainly when Cory
    Booker.. an African American
    Senator at age 47 from New Jersey
    spouts the slogan we will rise together..
    no less than an optimistic Obama or MLK
    Jr… too.. in truly this golden old rule of new
    all toGeThEr trUe and gets a standing ovation
    from the crowd per se.. hmm.. looks like there
    just might be a Democratic administration of woman
    for at least 4 more years.. and at age 47 plenty of
    room for another 8 year term for a super charismatic
    black man again.. yes.. we’ve come a long way baby
    in so many more ways than one.. Trump would like
    to take us back to the dark ages of rule of man
    old.. in cigar smoking Catholic back wholes
    same as sin.. in Constantine sewers of
    way back when.. but go girl will have
    nothing of that in these new days..
    anyway.. it’s always been a battle
    of the sexes from day one
    human and now..
    a disintegration
    of the village and family
    of social roles strong.. and
    insanity in this new nomadic..
    nuclear to single person home..
    makes life rife for strife.. no matter
    what comes next.. grin and bear it
    super epic is what i WiLL say.. but
    i am a baby boomer who has lived
    it different and lives it different again..
    now.. rarely any more front to front slow dances
    of the ’80’s club.. disco 2001 in that decade where
    no one dances without asking someone to dance first
    then.. now it’s packs of girls and booties that dance freely
    with other girl’s booties and strange men’s fronts.. butt is there
    any emotional attachment that the front to front face brought
    way back when.. very little.. and what that spells as statistics
    do show.. is dropping fertility rates.. and lowering teenage
    rates of pregnancies.. specifically now as facts do show..
    it is a new experiment to us.. but in Nature’s eyes..
    Nature in Nature’s bigger eyes says there
    is enough of you now.. so
    shut the
    up and
    try something
    different as the world
    turns now.. this IS A great
    day and age.. for a person who
    can create their own social role like
    me.. with sure.. a strong libido and open
    mindedness for change true too.. but for
    a closed minded person.. of the old patriarchal
    ways that are dying a slow death.. even in some
    middle eastern countries now too.. as sociologists
    suggest they too.. by the year 2050 will have similar
    free minority.. including women’s rights like we have now..
    Free trumps it all even what some folks call the nasty act now..
    And whatever works in Nature’s eYes for total balance
    WiLL get that job done.. no matter
    how uncomfortable iT makes
    the angry old men who are
    sitting at the mall
    with their
    Hillary frowns
    now.. as i come up to them
    with my now muscular 27 inch
    thighs and 45 inch man’s got muscular
    ballet dancing butt.. and like Marilyn Monroe
    in he man style hehe.. i could fucking dancing
    naked in a tutu.. colored pink and i would still
    rate more of a man with the women than them..
    and sure the pink tutu would be hilarious for
    a hairy man like me.. but never the less..
    a 48 inch chest balances out my
    Marilyn man shiny sun sHoWn
    my way around
    the mall like a rogue
    full back now.. with
    baby’s got butt.. hehe..
    i blow tHeir minds every
    where they/i go.. and they are too
    fucking scared to mutter one word
    about the strange of me to me.. as
    my body language spells Lion from
    head to toe.. as i walk gracefully like
    My African American friends do2.. on the
    Savannah for WiLD.. fly like a cat angel on land fur free..
    But on a more somber note.. three degrees.. a certain
    intellectual poise when questioned by management
    store authorities.. as i mingle with them as i go..
    retired government white worker you know and
    all of that.. dressed casually but the
    shades do say designer and
    very expensive for sure..
    the Ninja has
    a certain
    no different
    than Bruce
    Lee i suppose..
    not everyone can get
    away with what i do.. and
    seriously just a couple of decades
    when the odd of life was not the new
    black then.. in my little patriarchal town
    then.. it’s bigger now.. and seriously at
    the local Walmart store.. while i may be way
    out of the box with my exercise routine.. culture
    is no longer vanilla at all now.. no.. there are way more
    differences among individual cultures than i’ve ever seen
    before and it is only accelerating as folks become whatever
    the fuck they wanna be.. and sure humans are social animals
    where the majority are comfortable with secure and clear social
    roles.. it’s a very difficult challenge for those folks to adopt now..
    as someone
    definitely has moved
    the cheese.. and i am
    the area icon for the
    cheese that
    just a field
    mouse i’ll be..
    carrying a new cheese
    they have yet to try in my style FReED..
    life is thrilling with the kind of middle age
    white male privilege i have.. but much
    harder for other folks still.. and
    i still have empathy for them..
    as Lord knows i have
    been in the worse
    place of all..
    where i had
    no executive control
    of my own FucKinG miNd
    and BoDy BaLanCinG act then..
    Perspective.. Perspective.. it’s all
    about perspective.. the other shoes
    are often so so.. different in world view now..:)

  4. Okay.. hmm.. as this
    689th MacroVerse gets
    to revving.. i check out the
    new dVerse prompt about
    the Dog heat days of the Constellation
    Sirius.. and speaking of why so serious
    the prompt is one of those Haibuns
    with short Haiku at the end that i do
    Fredbun and Fredku style
    my way.. like
    Fredfu at the
    gym as
    all new
    and creative
    as floW iN ZonE..
    yes.. one with God2..
    in sacred and holy way..
    sure.. in moving.. connecting
    and creating as individual now..
    anySay.. the prompter asks for
    only nonfiction after they just
    gave the example of a myth
    about the Dog Star
    Sirius.. oh.. so
    Serious and then
    says they want it
    formal Haiku.. keep
    the original totally out now
    please.. haha.. like the prompter
    is gonna kNow WTF is fictional
    or non-fictional in a poet’s head
    all the way across buMfuCk Egypt
    in another land or so.. as such as that..
    ugh.. so.. so glad i don’t link.. but considering
    only 9 have with a prompt as restrictive as this..
    i can blow that one by in less than an hour now..
    and perhaps another fresher freer prompt will
    come on Tuesday Afternoon.. matters not
    though as i make it all fresh baby
    in this
    way now..
    with Fredku
    and Fredfu..2…;)

    Summer Heat
    politics blow uP..

    TRump dreams
    sweet of
    taLL WAlls..

    Booker bLasts
    iT aLL.. wITh
    wE RisE toGetheR All..:)

    i didn’t see Hillary
    anywhere but
    Bill was
    from ear
    to eYes..

    2 for 1
    male and female..
    with a side of Caine..
    a sugar deal.. thAT..;)

    oH Lordy.. the heat used
    to be oppressive when
    i only visited it occasionally
    outside.. get used to it like i did
    back in the day in Archaeology all day
    long digging and digging some more..
    and it IS A piece of cake
    for those who
    do not sit
    on their
    butT all
    day in front
    of screen of scream..
    just drink plenty of water
    and replace your electrolytes..
    and get in the shade.. and move
    around.. in the sun as that makes
    a breeze.. as a rotisserie human
    is less likely to get burned…

    Human Strong..
    Human Weak..
    Use It or lose..
    iT bottom 4th line..;)

    SMIles.. to
    use another
    woman’s phrase..
    it used to be an
    old wive’s tale that
    stress would kill.. it does
    kill.. not just with this interesting
    and somewhat frightening disorder
    of Woman’s Broken Heart syndrome
    in cardiomyopathy way.. but also auto-
    immune disorders.. including Fibromyalgia..
    respiratory problems that are of course
    pArt and parcel of heARt problems
    too.. and i dealt with Dysautonomia
    for 66 full months.. from constant
    fight or flight stress for two years
    at work before 19 total
    stress associated
    illnesses came
    very close
    to killing me then..
    anyway.. in that
    condition the nervous
    system would not properly
    control the autonomic function
    of blood pressure and heart rate
    together in synch.. ugh.. faint from
    just eating a meal.. blood not getting
    to the head in heat.. all the environment
    was oppressive then.. and body ice cold
    in Winter too.. anyway.. i fully recovered
    like an Olympic Athlete at age 56 now..

    Stress kills
    like literal acid
    on the brain in
    stress hormone way..

    And sure i am a little high
    as the doctor’s say..
    after escaping
    hell in stress
    way then..;)

    Oh goodness.. had no idea
    that the water of Lake
    Tahoe plummets under
    neath the surface
    in the summer
    in the high thirties
    there.. ugh.. clear
    water springs freeze
    most people here..
    but it’s nothing
    like that.. very
    interesting.. thanks
    for sharing… i kinda
    like moisture and don’t
    wanna get too dried out…

    Desert dreAMns
    Gulf Myst Breeze..:)

    INterestingly.. perHaps A SinG
    of a glass half full human
    as compared to
    the opposite too..
    as experiencing
    the death of Loved
    ones can sink some
    folks down.. but in
    my case it only
    of life thaT as
    sweeter now..
    perhaps.. we all
    are a little too sanitizeD..
    not only from germs
    but literal
    in the
    of real that
    comeS in too..

    DArk DeATh
    BRinG taste oF liGht..:)

    Reminds me that a Desert
    without water is only
    foR Cactus hUmans too..

    Peace/Love in
    New world way..:)

    SMiLes.. i never had an air conditioner
    in a car until i was 26 years old..
    didn’t have a heater either..
    nor central air or heating…

    But my Father
    did where he lived..
    Uptown on the East side..
    200 miles away..

    He took
    AC when he
    left when i was three..

    Hmm.. and we didn’t
    have a TV until i was 7 years
    old.. considering i didn’t speak
    until i was four years old.. if i had
    a TV.. i might have never learned
    until much older still.. use it or lose
    it.. heat
    or cold..
    speak or mute..:)

    SMiLes.. a struggle
    in the heat of life..
    can certainly make
    the water of
    life taste
    alivE noW..

    Water sPeaks
    when thirsty HOT..:)

    SMiLes.. my friEnd..
    i too live in the Florida
    sub-tropic sugar beach and river/creek/golden
    stream way with quartz beach too..
    and wherever there is water
    and breeze there is
    relief of heat too…
    note to self..

    Been spEnding
    too much
    noW inside..;)

    Charlie P. responds with..
    and i quote..

    ‘Glad you enjoyed my humble offering.
    Get outside more… AC more dangerous than ISIS…
    our Secretary of State says so… Perhaps he was
    traumatized by a Motel 6 room unit as a young lad. Peace!’

    And i say..

    Ha! Thanks.. Friend.. Rarely
    Watch the news.. Will have
    To Google that one.. For
    Me.. i miss the Beach.. Have
    Been in the Forest more lately in my
    backyard.. Weather doesn’t ever bother me much..
    i wear shorts in 18 degree weather.. in fact..
    haven’t worn pants in 40 months.. And i dance
    in the rain and everywhere i go.. Not much
    bothers me at all.. SMiLesx2..:)

    And then i do the
    research as said..
    and say..

    Ok.. i ‘snoped’ that and
    That’s a conservative
    News created myth..
    He said the environmental
    Treaty to reduce HFC’s was
    Equally important in Saving the
    earth species aLL.. But anyway.. The
    most dangerous threat was an epic fail
    by the Bush administration.. Over 100K
    innocent deaths that has more or less fire
    started all this additional crap in the Middle
    East that has been going on since about the 7th Century..
    Politics is a circus that i understand more than is fun..
    Have a nice day.. Hard to fight greedy status and power
    hungry driven people.. Trump is just another dArk trumpet
    word for Bush.. Constantine.. Muhammad.. Catholic
    Crusade cohorts and all the rest.. oh yeah..
    and those folks in the Constantine/Catholic
    Roman Empire who killed off the
    oldest gnostic
    to mint the coin of
    tHeir freshly manufactured
    soldier God they made out
    of a humble Yogi-like dude
    way back BEfore then.. i am
    more than a Bush.. etc.. with
    a sword.. i have Pen
    iS great with Now
    iNk spRead words
    noW.. to
    sET thE-
    record straight
    with a record edit..
    to the tune so far
    overall of close
    to 12 million
    words total
    day of
    and sure the longest
    single ever long
    form poem
    4 million
    words of all of that…
    anyWay.. the highway
    IS A lonG ONE but my foot steps
    and words ARE F iN Super Epic REALnoW..;)

    WeLL that was/is..
    easy breezy warm
    and cool..
    i’ll bees..
    and butterfly sigh..
    with alligator lizard
    purple rain hiGh..
    with real faLLinG
    moon child
    shine eYes..:)

    Okay back to dVerse Poetry Pub
    at 9:46 am
    on 7262016..
    and let’s
    see what
    the heat
    bRingS noW..
    yes.. 6 more
    lInks.. shouldn’t
    take much more than
    36 minutes to streAM
    thaT out in poetic floW iN
    ZoNE noW..;)

    And then i’ll have
    to choose a new SonG
    i thInk i alREady kNOW
    After-noon deliGht sounds
    like a great Dog Day
    as that is
    what i used to listen
    to those long hot Summer
    S W E E T S I X T E E N me..
    ’76 FREEDOM Beach Bikini days..
    AFTER noon delight speLLs peace
    for humankind.. as Lord knows
    when the beach is full of Bikinis..
    the males are full of bliss and
    no WEAR to
    be FucKinG
    found in lightly
    beating women..
    or such real
    dArk FucK as thaT..
    ugh.. freeDom rings
    in Bikinis warm and True..
    and Peace and Harmony too..
    as the giggle wiggle of
    fertile hips
    A SonG
    of Bonobo
    Human True..
    in Christ like
    Naked human potential
    from head to toe LOVe
    as the temple oF God sings
    in hips and eyes THAT DO NOT
    LOVE.. FREE..
    if you don’t believe
    me trade ‘your’ desert
    all covered up with swords
    for my clothed to naked beach
    with red filled cheeks from head
    to toe of blissful God given Heaven
    here in
    all is pure and Virgin
    where nothing is hidden
    and taboo and evil created
    by prophets of dark subjugation..
    EVIL control.. lightly beating and
    raping little
    girls with
    in tow..
    the truth hurts
    when it’s a lie
    oh so bad between
    the thighs of small
    innocent little girls
    you clothed fools without
    a God dam God bRain free..
    how do i turn this into a smile..
    i dance naked with God’s sun real
    for free.. and the fertile hips of God
    do sing a cheek song of twerKinG liFe real
    on the life floor
    in SAnds
    and SuN of
    GoD FReED nakED
    from head to toe of
    wE.. oKaY
    i’ll sMiLE noW
    and iF you visit me
    i’ll moon you too with
    STARS oF God Sun below aS well..;)


    Okay.. obviously i am inspired here more than
    dVerse.. i was witness to a Facebook of discussion
    among 230 commenters of Pakistan origin discuss the
    honor killing of #QandeelBaloch and while there are
    those who support Quandeel Baloch other
    older patriachs suggest she should have
    been legally put to death in support
    of deadly Sharia law.. as is done
    in other Muslim
    for any
    of what they say
    goes on a whim of
    real evil eyes.. and
    up to this point.. before..
    Families of victims exchange clemency for
    killers for blood money.. and if you Don’t
    FucKinG think the crusade of one woman
    for greater naked freedoms cannot
    make a difference a bill that
    was stalled before this
    woman’s honor killing
    murder is now
    to pass
    to protect women
    legally in the future
    from this evil way of life..
    as linked clearly above in CNN way..
    okay.. the afternoon delight is the unchaining
    of woman to be free children of God again.. a
    reality that is coming to liGht globAlly noW
    finally slowly
    but surely
    as Free God
    iN wE wiLL ultimately
    Fight and Win for the Free..:)

    SMiLes my friend.. Kim.. i too
    am enjoying a subtropic
    low thunder storm two
    day respite from
    Florida Panhandle
    Summer heat.. watching
    my lush jungle forest of a back
    yard.. sparkle with drops of diamonds
    on each leaF.. wet and green is as beautiful
    as mixed clouds and storms and sun will bRing
    my FriEnd.. and although the window in my
    room next to this 27 inch iMac Desktop
    work horse screAM.. shines kinda briGht..
    my 24 inch bedroom long and narrow
    window provides
    a view to a
    ROOM oF
    God just
    my bedroom
    freer E-scape..

    Beauty of the
    Rain sun
    drips glisten Life..:)

    Side note heRe.. weLL.. aS oNe
    of my Facebook Friends who just
    happens to be a woman said.. poetry (NOT mINe
    AFAIK) can make her wanna pull her panties down
    for easy just being free.. i say
    my heARt
    SinG in the
    Vagal nerve that
    folks name too as
    Kundalini Serpent that
    runs from Brain to gut..
    that’s enough for me as it
    IS A feeling that can go on
    for hours.. and sure as we
    tantric masters kNow the
    other feeling can
    go on for
    too when
    F R E Ely
    as mastery not only
    over emotional regulation
    and sensory integration but
    combined with mastery over sexual
    intelligence and all of this toGeThER
    which is the greatest higher power of
    God toGeTheR that works to free uS
    wHOle and inspire the greATtest
    rayS of Sun wE to share
    with the rest of
    our species
    i could tale
    ya more but
    this is PG land
    for now.. and sure
    i could show you more
    and that too is more and
    the power to fully exercise
    thaT intelligence is innate..
    instinctual and intuitive and will
    never fully be explained but perhaps
    a SonG of Music like Afternoon DeliGht
    ending here may BrinG a little hint of
    the ecstasy and bliss when emotional..
    sensory and sexual powers come into
    one explosive continuing way of
    being that never stops only
    flows like a river of heaven
    all now.. anyway..
    hehe.. i wonder
    if my face
    will read
    this he heR..
    Haha.. Life is
    WHEN F iN FReED..
    for mE..;)

    Hmm.. WeLL noW i’LL
    have to pick anotHeR
    SonG i thiNk After
    Noon deliGht
    has dOne
    and treAT anD iS
    finished for noW..
    so Now back to dVerse
    and the regularly scheduLEd
    poetry program foR NoW..:)

    SMiLes.. my friEnd..
    here in the super
    hot and humid
    Panhandle Summer
    on the River nights
    even more humid
    without a window breeze..
    @6.. i listened to the frogs SinG
    tHeir swamp SonG and turned
    the pillow over and over looking
    for a cooler side for a head way
    too large in girth for lower latitude
    ways of being.. yes.. bigger heads
    retain heat in Northern Latitudes..
    my head was made for icicles
    and snow..
    AC brought
    so much more
    clarity to even think..
    but nah.. the heat doesn’t
    bother me any more or cold..
    even in the height of the Summer
    hot or 18 degree temperatures of mid-
    Winter North Florida cold.. i suppose
    i am no longer domesticated..
    the Neanderthal
    in me
    no longer howls
    at A moon so far from
    WiLd and Free in comfort
    oF aLL of what Nature BrinGS
    in challenge noW.. and it must be
    possible at much older ages.. as now
    at 56.. i aM more comfortable in temperature
    extremes than ever before.. but the thing is
    i tRain for life like a wild animal now.. and
    wild has its privilege when
    the call of the
    wild for
    is once
    again set
    free.. no matter
    age.. but it does take
    work.. grueling work..
    and ha.. haven’t seen too
    many Indian folks like the ones
    so out of shape they must use carts
    to move.. @superwalmart at what they find is an old
    age early for them heRe noW thaT is still 16 for me at 56..

    CAll of the
    Wild cures
    heat and cold
    when heard.. practiced.. for REAL noW..
    in neuroplastic and epigenetic human
    potential now from head to toe real2

    Considering that humans
    can only live 4 days without
    water.. surprisingly some stayed
    there and never left..
    sMiLes.. proof
    of the conservative
    nature of humans
    as opposed
    to the nomadic
    more liberal now
    water seeking
    nature of others..
    oh.. the cave
    can be
    and full
    of strife and violence too..
    hot as hell in so many ways…

    Hmm.. i’LL take hot..
    but i’LL keep all the
    rivers.. streams.. bays..
    emerald green gulf all teaming
    with something to eat.. and fertile
    grounds.. wHeRe a person can even
    survive without AC and Heat.. and
    Electricity all together too.. so alive..
    T H R i V i N G and R A V iNG hUman..
    WiTh alWays plenty oF water to drink.. so..

    Some humans
    go wHeRe heaven
    is and others choose
    to stay in hell of what
    they were raised in or
    tHeiR juSt is no desire to move on
    to more heaven like pastures.. sTiLL noW…

    Human nurture.. nature..
    Beach or Desert.. noW..
    choice of relative free will..
    and societies pressures to
    never ever

    So sure.. i can thank
    my nomadic immigrating
    ADHD-like Wild-eyed ancestors
    for Dropping mE off in heaven now..
    wHeRe a person can literAlly survive
    even without
    oh.. the freedom..
    oh.. the Joy.. when
    Humans live wHERe
    they are REaLLY EVOLVED

    Sorry that sure was
    long but in heaven tHeRe
    is no time.. no limits and
    no expectations my friEnd..
    haha.. sure oNline tHeRe
    is alWays a deFriending
    option.. a delete button
    and moderation way too..
    and sure the off button
    works nicest and best
    in totally ignoring way..
    as some of us still rain free..
    and others of us rain a little dryer sTill.. hot or
    cOld.. such is life in the landScape sTill of human now2..:)

    sMiLes.. my FriEnd..
    i suppose break-ups
    are always warmer heARted
    in the Summer than in the
    cold Love
    stone WinTer..
    hmm.. thiNking
    F E E L in G
    back to the only one
    thaT really hurt.. iT was in
    the Summer.. and i suppose it
    was an inoculation of sorts.. as
    the break-ups after that are more
    like Summer than that Winter
    in Summer
    way way
    in ’79..

    for inspiring
    that bitter sweet
    Summer Winter..
    Memory of so Long
    ago that can seem sTiLL likE NoW..
    as i remember the Song After the
    Love was Gone playing on the dance
    Floor when she said.. sorry.. can’t
    do this anymore
    had no
    idea it was
    coming either..
    oh.. First.. Love..
    Summer Winter SonG..
    of After the Love is Gone..:)

    SuN.. Giver oF liFe..
    Earth BRinGeR
    of HomE…
    of LiFe
    oh.. so DArk..
    so drY.. so wEt..
    so cOld and hoT..
    of Love GrowS
    on in BaLAnCinG
    LiGht ways BriGht
    Act sAMe aS planEts
    rEVolve aRouNd SuN
    oR fALL oFF
    as dUSt
    iN LiFe..

    STar dUst
    We comE
    Star dUSt
    wE JoY
    or desPair..
    StAR dusT wE
    Go aNd coMe
    bacK aGaiN..
    iN A gRand CirclE WheeL
    oF All ThAt iS noW aka GOD2..:)

    ReSpite of water
    gRowS in hottest
    Summer of human
    woes.. goes
    we in youth
    as SpiRit
    oF heARt
    And SoUL
    Ocean sprayS
    oF River liFE FloW iN
    noW Of ZonE In LoVinG liFe MorE..

    SummeR SonG
    oF YoutH reBorn..:)

    So true in cOldest..
    hottest hUman
    life clouds
    float free
    WitH no
    from anyone
    else but Nature real..

    i suppose
    clouds Free
    kNow TruTh
    liGht uP hiGh..
    aS skY
    in so low way..:)

    And that’s all for
    now folks as for
    it’s now for
    sand Dance
    and sun
    the rain
    yeah.. and i’M
    getting a haircut
    as i continue to
    blend with
    priSon sTiLL
    juSt a little bit..
    once named hell and
    now mill town STiLL
    in somewhat sTiLL short form..
    oh yeah.. and New Jerusalem too..
    once holding the record of the most
    churches per square mile.. in the
    the USA where Freedom sTiLL
    rules in the GreaTesT
    Nation sTiLL
    no matter
    tools WiLL
    say from masks
    of Division sTiLL..
    haha.. God Wins
    iN and as Free
    iF yoU SeeK iN God noW liNe
    way the free way Sings SonG noW..:)

  5. https://gigoid.me/2016/07/26/the-labels-are-peeling-off/

    “It takes a very long time to become young.”

    ~~ Pablo Picasso ~~

    “Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get,
    they’re things which get you.
    And all you can do is go where they can find you.”

    ~~ Winnie-the-Pooh, ~~

    ~~ Pooh’s Little Instruction Book,
    inspired by A. A. Milne ~~

    i say..

    Out of the mouths
    sTiLL of Older Babe’s..
    And younger one’s too..

    “Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe!
    To your breed,
    your fleece,
    your clan be true!
    Sheep be true! Baa-ram-ewe!”

    And the farmer
    Hoggett Priest/Pastor/Cleric says..

    “That’ll do Pig..
    That’ll do Pig…”

    From the movie

    And now i say..
    As a young man..
    oh.. humm.. let’S noW
    say i’m 16 years old then..
    and i cannot sleep at night..
    as school.. it sings a song of
    books.. there IS A SonG inside
    just waiting to come out.. and at
    school all is prescribed from what
    society believes will make a young
    man fit in and grow culture more the
    way ‘it is supposed to be’.. but there is
    a deeper voice that others already feel
    and translate in deeper ways of lyrics and
    music.. it’s come home.. it’s found me.. the
    Animals of Pink Floyd.. want to gently hold my
    hand and take me somewhere else.. some where
    far away.. somewhere where only instinct and intuition
    exists.. a free floWinG in ZonE.. another dimension that
    someone else alReady lives.. a lesson yet to be heard.. a
    spark oF Y i.. yet to be tOld.. a mE not ever to be Sold but
    a pArt of mE that WiLL be lost for decades after that.. oh.. the books..
    oh.. the school.. the Straight A’s.. oh the rules.. the labyrinth of Sunday
    school.. the clock.. the hands.. the numbers 1:11 that come as digital
    cLock Faces of tomorrow comes.. VCR’s.. CD players that lose the
    analog of Animals along the way.. the echo somewhere of Jack
    London and the wolf dog me and the fainTest call of the
    Wild somewhere that eventually WiLL come back
    and be me.. oh.. the beauty to be among
    Pink Floyd’s animals again..
    to see beyond Farmer
    Hoggett and
    Babe to be
    the Wolf and
    Red Riding Hood
    uncovered and truly
    sane.. innate.. instinctual
    intuitive free and finally to
    see.. oh.. society.. oh.. culture..
    oh.. religion.. what big teeth you have
    Grandma.. no longer will you domesticate
    me.. you can have the harvest you have sown..
    enjoy your fear as it grows as you sow this hell
    of your own.. for i shall fly as the pig on the Wing..
    and you shall see me free but you will never feel
    what i do.. as free has no color of stone.. free within
    that howls heArt.. SpiRit soUL.. now free aLiVe
    allone and
    never falls a
    gain.. A farmer’s
    call-free that sings
    the song within free that
    never follows or leads.. free
    that sings the midnight song allone..
    on the WinG..
    i AM FReED..;)

    PigS on thE
    WinG thrivE
    And ReaD

    It could
    Be contagious..;)

  6. Neverland of NOW.. more poetic
    Facebook Algorithm Memories
    from a year ago.. in Macro
    Verse ways..:)


  7. Garden Spring Incredible Hulk
    Public Martial Arts and Ballet
    Free Style Dancer..
    sure.. a
    Jack of
    a few trades..
    a Lantern.. and
    out of the Box too..
    way.. way.. out of the BOX..;)

    And yes.. these Dance partners..
    and Martial Arts contestants
    are incredibly awesome..
    onLY reaL difference is
    i AM
    hehe.. among
    other stuff.. haha..
    so.. okay.. picture this..
    if you can.. considering i am
    providing the picture.. hehex2..
    me in a package just like this..
    as an action hero in a toy store
    and sTiLL better ReAL iN a reaLITy
    now.. i mean
    seriouSly.. how long
    does A world have to
    wait NoW for someone
    to juST
    F iN GeT
    thE JoB dOnE
    iN ReaL F iN LiFe..
    oKay.. superhero
    RANT OVER..;)

  8. And now the midnight is approaching
    at 11:56 pm.. soon to be
    7272016.. one
    more dVerse
    prompt link
    to go
    on heat..
    and after that
    drought or deluge..
    rain or dry.. the duality
    of moist or parched.. oh
    the Summer variety of Weather
    challenges as life goeS oN.. hot
    or cold.. wet or bone dry..
    but what’s
    lives alive
    when free
    and un
    by.. so many
    lies of those
    who wish to keep
    us chained to before..
    before.. before.. so cOld
    and chained wheRe even noW
    young may feel old.. truth
    bE tOld iS aLL relative when
    Heaven.. nah.. not the luke
    warm heaven.. the real deal
    IS A red hot god dam real.. now..
    yes.. at hand now.. and never ending
    now… the distance.. the separation..
    from being with God noW iN Heaven..
    yes.. the purgatory and hell thAt iS
    Sown by those who are never
    even heRe..
    as they
    be enjoying
    the inheritance and
    gift of God’s hiGher power
    oh so free.. as free is bliss
    when unchained by
    who have
    lost tHEiR
    waY iN..
    of Gift of Heaven
    NoW.. anyWay tHeRe
    iS sTiLL plenty of thaT
    PiNk FloyD Album named
    Animals to go.. and i’M juSt
    getting stARted for more Art noW..
    12:01 AM.. yeS..

    sMiLes.. amazing the
    prison at least some humans
    have put themselves in on
    straight lined sidewalks
    that only lead
    to repetitive
    stress injuries
    by walking one
    way.. as a species
    evolved to forage in
    360 degrees of
    the entire
    and not just one
    with blinders on straight
    ahead.. anyway.. life curveS..
    yes.. liFe thRows curve bALLs..
    and sAdly people
    to bend..
    oh.. the bending..
    oh.. the beauty.. of sidewalks
    broken into fields as meadows
    that no knOW borders of liFE iN noW..

    Sidewalks pLay
    a curse
    of hop
    death in
    moVinG.. ConnEcTinG
    CreAtinG more than noW beFore
    neatLY cuRbed iNside boX roadS liFe..:)

    It’s reAlly tough
    being an empath
    as not only does one
    hear the crackle of the
    grass beneath..
    one feels
    the grass
    as well
    aT aLL..
    and oh Lord..
    thE Bliss of retirement
    but feelinG those rainy
    days and Mondays of the
    live in heLL.
    oh yeah.. most
    all 7 billion of them
    around the world.. after
    midnight.. the FeeLinGs get
    quieter on the weekdays heRe..
    of soUl..
    IS A worst
    DrY oF aLL..
    and sAdly the parched notes
    are even somber dead in church
    but i out sing it and out dance
    it and out word it on the Internet2
    ha… and that’s why i write/dance.. so.. so
    much aS it takes that much to numb the pain
    of the rest of the world iN dArkness
    to BRinG thE
    sAMe amount
    oF life to erase
    the death as liFe
    thaT lives and circles
    the globe in dArk.. alas
    tHere IS A hoPe.. as teAM liGht
    iS GroWinG briGhter from dimmer liGht..:)

    Love.. a creature oF liGht that kNows
    no home.. Love a BeinG.. a way of LIFe
    that kNows no exclusions.. tolerates..
    understands.. and accepts all that
    one cannot change.. Fear
    the rest.. doubt the
    same.. Hate can
    be a part of THAT..
    Love rules all of THaT..
    When true.. when Hurricane
    never ever turning dry.. WitH
    alWays cAlm eYes of Center BaLanCinG
    in MoVinG.. ConNecTinG CreaTiNG HeaRt..
    as SpiRit ExpresSinG.. miNd and BoDy soUL..
    never alone
    alWays allone
    when trUly REaL.
    as liGht and TruTh..:)

    Once upon a noW..
    a grey day..
    a dArk
    aS heLL..
    iN dArk aBodE
    noW a connEctor
    onlinE.. A tranSporter comE
    reaL.. beAM mE anyWHeRe
    ScoTTy.. mY soUL iS uPloadED
    foR ReaL..
    neVer drOught
    oF anything wheN
    words and electronica
    becomes a
    in a new
    age of

    Deluge of Holy and Sacred
    in Art and Creativity oF LiFe..
    eat.. drink.. and bE merry..
    yeS.. i do thiS too..
    ah.. one
    step further..
    doing the sAme
    WitH dArk aS
    weLL aS liGht..
    and ‘tween of hues
    of grey and sHades
    of bLack and white…
    bRinG soLace.. bRinG
    JoY.. BRinG BliSS.. iNside..
    ouTsiDe.. aBovE.. so beLow
    and aLL Around.. liFE LonG
    scHooL of Happiness means
    incReAsing aLL as wHoly
    and saCred to mE..
    anYThing.. less
    is less
    than i can bE
    noW is reAL..
    i take fuLL
    as aLL beCoMes..
    ArT and creAtiOn acTivity
    WitH zero exclusions in anything
    but heaven now.. oh.. the human BeinG..
    ah.. the poTenTiaL when finALLy realiZed..
    anD aLLwayS
    gRoWinG OceaN
    wHole moRe
    ReaL noW..:)

    SMiLes.. the day
    i danceD Free noW
    and never stopped
    iS the Day the
    and never
    WiLL.. ah.. the MooN
    revolves around the Earth..
    the Earth around the Sun..
    and the Sun wiTh MilkY
    way around a
    and my words
    revolve around a dance
    in MoVinG ConNecTinG
    CreAting thAT neVer
    stops as art
    and science
    ArT.. and
    sure that’s my
    middle name.. too..
    hehe.. as humor fueLs
    iT even more as JOkErs
    kNOw no StoP to LiFe noW..:)

    WeLL.. Leaving out
    all the pre-game
    E-mail fiasco’s.. i AM
    pleasantly and even excitingly
    pleased aT the outcome of the
    Democratic Convention.. it
    sure beats
    a Vampire
    of Zombies
    who are divisive
    as the brain who
    refuses to be eaten..
    yeah.. like the devil
    eating itself
    iN front oF liGht..
    Hope wins..
    Love wins..
    it does
    at leAst
    on the individual
    level in a sTiLL free
    country noW.. the rest
    oF it i’LL leave uP to the
    rule makers after i vote..
    and what comes may WiLL
    no use to spiLLeD miLk
    when honey iS
    a tAble
    iN way..:)

    Wow.. all this dry
    weather i’Ve been
    heAring about has
    totAlly missed the
    Panhandle of Florida
    wHere grass nearly gRows
    to roof.. and Ocean sWells aT
    cLouds aBove in tropical
    low.. rains drops
    keep fueLinG
    mY poEtry
    as the dARk
    iS liGht to mE
    rain as sAMe as
    Rays of Art.. noW Sun..:)

    when aLL
    pArts of the
    blog are interconnected
    and interdependent in tHeir
    relationship with each oTher
    thaT becomes a deluge of
    ocean poem no matter
    how smALL or Large..
    Ocean iS
    bigger than
    yOurs now
    that you have
    sHown mE
    and i beT
    my waist
    and weight
    is Bigger too..
    but hey.. my
    chest is 48
    my butt
    is 45
    are real aS weLL..
    even iF ugh.. eXtremEly
    and dis
    i love
    heR.. don’T
    yA juSt loVe

    Ah.. water is liFE
    Rain is blood
    are rivers
    that FloW
    a Ocean uS..
    ain’t afraid oF Rain..
    but oh ought the
    as D
    to F..
    A the
    as Blood to BRain..:)

    Lord kNows it’s a deluge hEar..
    in the Panhandle oF Florida
    but listening
    to all these
    dry poems
    is maKinG me
    a bit thirsty for
    rain water..
    oh god
    i feel so
    blessed by
    Rain.. a gift
    of Poetry that
    reigns the rein
    of FeeLinG
    way oF SanG..:)

    iF A muse were
    a Monsoon to me..
    it would be all the rain
    from sky to ground the
    gRound of gRains of
    sAnd the sAme
    and less and
    more as
    sTorm and Sun..
    oh.. the muse A
    endless muse
    no neWs
    oF dArk
    but liGht
    as fuse

    HeARt of Human
    has a pore
    for pours
    oF Love
    as NaTure
    as eYes
    of Feet
    and Mother
    sand do SinG
    the skeYes
    oF Y i
    as We
    uS mE
    yOu aLL..:)

    1:37 aM and
    nite nite for noW
    sleep tight thE
    bed bugs don’t

  9. Have always been fascinated with the images in your blog Katie! Most times Hank will take some time trying to view them. But it is ok!


    • Hi.. my friEnd Hank.. thanks so much
      for taking the time and effort to come
      by and offer these kind words
      of appreciation
      for the images
      i offer on my blogs..
      and yes.. not all broad
      band access and computers
      are created equally but as advancements
      come one day soon.. hehe.. technology will
      finally catch up to me.. and it is close.. too.. wHeRe
      i live.. but of course not without cost.. as
      iMac desktop workhorse computers
      are not cheap.. nor is 40 MBs
      Broad Band access for
      most folks even iF
      it is available for
      them.. but
      a far cry
      from what would
      be bEyond impossible
      for what i do now.. back
      then… haha.. with a 14.4K
      modem and a Pentium
      whatever in Quantex
      make that cost
      me FriGGinG
      four thousand
      dollars back @’95
      then with dinosaur
      CRT monitor to weight
      my desk down in just 21 inch
      size then compared to 27 inches
      all in one of iMac that comes in now
      at under 2K dollars.. that is every bit
      as fast as it was three years when i took it
      out of the box.. and the great thing about iMacs
      as i swear i could sell them.. probably.. if there was
      any money market for my remaining work skills.. hehe..
      the technology is still the same i5 Intel bRain core..
      that powers this computer the same thaT it
      did three years ago then.. i7 is coming
      soon.. but this one gets the job
      done now continuing.. truly
      the iMac is a blessing to
      me.. as it is an art
      and productive
      compared to bloated
      Microsoft stuff that plays
      complex video games and all
      that stuff that simply bores me
      now vs.. directing.. producing.. writing..
      photographing.. video taping.. choosing
      my own music score.. do iT all pLay now WitH
      a super iMac and iPhone.. like literAlly no one
      may be taking advantage of what art.. science
      and technology holding hands in transhuman
      way of uploading one’s soUL online like
      mE now.. here’s the thing.. i’ve always
      dONe this for the joy of L.I.B.E.R.T.Y.
      noW.. LiFe Is Better Everywhere RE-
      CReATioN TaKEs You.. and i Will
      add Now now now.. NOWYESNOW..
      PEOPLE make me giggle as they worry
      about form over essence.. they worry about
      what the reading audience will or will not like..
      whether the audience has the potential to understand
      or even patience to get through one paragraph or 3 or 4
      photos of what i do.. well.. it’s true for those without the technology
      to view.. it’s so hard to do.. and for those with not yet reached potential
      in physical.. emotional.. existential.. and so many other types of poetic
      and artistic dancing intelligences beyond what culture has developed as
      a structured strictly side-walked versions of standard IQ in the last
      several centuries that does make the potential for all this
      infrastructure to do art in an individual way hOlding
      hands with others that has never been done
      before.. no.. of course.. i don’t expect them
      to be able to fully understand what i
      am doing here.. but if everyone
      who stepped out oF the
      cave stepped back
      in because
      they were
      afraid the
      others were not
      ready to come out..
      we all would still be living
      in caves.. and still be living close
      to our origin in Africa.. instead of
      living on lovely beaches.. rivers.. streams
      and forests.. in real paradise of bikinis too..
      where my nomadic ancestors dropped me
      off to explore real heaven now.. this is the
      new Atlantis my friend.. the one that
      John Dee and Sir Roger Bacon
      intuited in early
      occult and
      mystery school
      ways along with
      the stArt of free
      masons in England
      in old school ways back
      in 1717 as the Masons will
      celebrate 300 years of existence
      next year.. and our capital that is
      designed in ways here in Washington
      DC.. that reflect the mystery schools of
      ancient Egypt as preserved by these great
      men of old too.. who led the way to colonize
      13 places of U.S. to escape the dark ages of
      ignorant so-called religious monarchy rule
      away from the Democracy of God as
      multi-verse Humans we
      in God’s UniVerse beYond
      wHole as Free away from
      lies of those who expanded
      the so-called Holy Roman
      Constantine and Catholic
      Roman Empire and other one
      same in status.. and monarchy
      power hungry drive of Muhammad
      same and his Islam empire too.. separation
      of church and state has allowed God to reign
      free with reins of we who rain upon the Earth
      a co-creation art with God that lives in uS aLL
      OF GOD FREE AS WE CAN BE.. thaT liberty statue
      in the harbor of new york NEW YORK.. is juSt a symbol
      of ISiS the Goddess of Nature with God one and sAMe
      bRinGinG a balance of masculine and feminine in human
      free in yin and yang once more again in matriarchal Mother
      Nature way.. no longer must people worship men like Jesus
      and Muhammad same as last of anything or only of anything
      else other than God speaks as free always as the meek and
      last of first will inherit the earth now.. when SinGinG the cAll
      of the bEast of we fur and flesh and blood and vein of rivers
      same no less than stars and neuron same interconnecting
      space and bRain and God as we all toGeTheR above..
      so below.. inside outside.. all around now..
      heRe’s the thing my friend i AM thE
      ultiMate Free MaSon perHaps
      as i am a son of Mother GoD
      Nature free that
      hOlds no tie
      to any organization
      as priSoNer of system..
      in any shape form or fasHion
      otheR than giving caesar his
      due of c0in for local.. state and
      federal laws conforMed for the
      infrastructure of palette and paint
      i do need to accomplish my give and
      share free of art.. with the still relatively
      small costs for me as financially independent
      in machine and broad band access alike..
      there arE no limits or expectations
      for me my friend..
      as i AM one
      WiTh God and
      need no rulers
      but God iN and as
      me.. inside.. outside.. above..
      so below and all around i say
      once more.. and as i continue a BaLanCinG
      acT of Super Epic Art floW iN zonE oF NoW..
      and i can thank all of my ancestors as a ‘little
      help’.. by my FriEnds that is juSt FucKinG
      awEsoME as the hUman dreAM of Nirvana
      and HeaVen saME iN New Jerusalem Freer..
      in Israel Isreal USA new Atlantis sAMe iS
      here for those who heARt a heRe thaT iS
      iSReaL noW my fRiEnd.. of the initiates
      who never gAve uP and thRive so wE
      aLive ‘wERisEToGeThEr aLLONewiThGOD’
      and thanks my friEnd.. mY.. Macro Verse
      Wave titles have been a little short latELy..
      i thiNk the inspirAtiOns of thiS week for NuM
      BeR 689 deserve a little more comprehensive
      title for what’s going down for
      ReaL aCross the Globe today
      for those who never
      BaLL as reAL
      LivE aTlaSes
      WiLL never
      shRug thE JOB..
      iN covenant wITh
      God #iSReaL
      thrivE wE
      aLIVE So BriGht
      iN TruTh anD LiGht..
      i LL uMi N aT i oF GOD FREE!..:)

  10. http://cottoncandywait.blogspot.com/

    Hmm.. that last
    one was juSt
    a ‘little’ deep..
    noW i’LL go both
    deep and liGhter
    with a little more
    hELp from
    mY FriEnd
    in her
    school way
    of being2..;)

    you are
    in cool essence
    with no

    Ha! would be so
    embarrassing iF this
    wasn’t you.. but hehe..
    no one can copyright
    and Shawna2..;)

    And too clarify here
    as i continue to poetically
    comment in word play for all
    of what Shawna has to say as
    she starts a new blog with a new
    name all the days she writes.. after
    a season here or a season there in this
    day or that week what ever suits her fancy
    now.. she never uses the same name but oh
    my God her style is like a finger print
    and retina
    okay back
    to poetically
    commenting in
    word play2 now..
    oh so
    AND FRED WAY..;)

    Not sure.. but
    i Am imagining
    some gynecologist
    interaction here
    in forcept

    and Christ

    i Love heR
    too.. sHe
    iS so swEeT
    and smARt so2..
    WiTh preTTy tWins3..;)

    heRE coMes
    thE MeAt aX

    Zedd rhymes
    witH reAlly
    for longer
    longer lonGer
    finGeR poEmED fUn..;)

    iN Paris
    i’m sEEinG Disney
    MagicK noW heRe
    iN Harry Potter
    wayS.. anD sUre
    thATwas IS A
    kooL pOem2..
    iN delUge
    As ReiNs
    oF ReiGn2..;)

    Okay.. it’S sTiLL
    Sunny outside.. the
    daily Florida Panhandle
    Rains have not yET comE..
    so NoW for SaNd and SuN DanCE noW..
    WiTh moRe to CoMe bacK aGaiN sooN i’M suRe2..;)

    11:06 am..

  11. So i’ll repeat
    this poetic thOught
    here again iN deluge
    more instead of droUght
    of heARt i livedevil bEfore
    in real hell then..

    SMiLes.. i never had an air conditioner
    in a car until i was 26 years old..
    didn’t have a heater either..
    nor central air or heating…

    But my Father
    did where he lived..
    Uptown on the East side..
    200 miles away..

    He took
    AC when he
    left when i was three..

    Hmm.. and we didn’t
    have a TV until i was 7 years
    old.. considering i didn’t speak
    until i was four years old.. if i had
    a TV.. i might have never learned
    until much older still.. use it or lose
    it.. heat
    or cold..
    speak or mute..:)

    And dVerse Blogger FriEnd
    Bodhirose replies she didn’t have
    AC in her home but she did have
    it in her family cars growing up
    and she says she’s sorry
    about my Dad taking
    the AC away.. which
    of course is just a
    figure of speech as
    he took the means to
    buy AC away.. he didn’t
    actually pull one off a trailer
    or anything like that hehe.. as
    our little trailer on Davis highway
    in P’Cola didn’t have one but he
    did marry a woman with enough
    money in a state job to go along
    with his Beverage Department
    ATF one to get some AC
    in car and home too..
    way way.. back
    then in ’63..
    anyway i
    respond to
    my FriEnd
    by saying..
    My FriEnd..
    He left
    The Love that
    sTiLL is mY
    NoW i2..
    A gift

    And now i say..
    as incredible as it may
    be for some folks to believe
    when they see me dancing in front
    of 100’s of folks solo at Old Seville and
    everywhere else i go.. doing it in front of
    ‘big’ macho Marines at the gym.. as graceful
    and powerful as butterfly ape same when i leg
    press close to half a ton on yes.. a very difficult
    parallel leg press machine with arms raised in air
    like a ballerina too.. 33 times now.. double of what
    i did in reps in what my 14 rep YouTube video
    does prove in empirical way back in early ’15
    of course.. as i document
    the meaSured
    way of
    my human
    as i make
    these gains
    as i continue to
    grow older yet.. at age
    56.. FeeLinG incredibly
    younger in every way of
    any now before in life
    as this heaven
    to grow
    iRiSE as
    such in evolution
    orange.. which is just
    another word for the new
    black of the new age of
    human transhuman with
    technology potential
    in uploading one’s
    soUl forevermore
    now.. or however
    long servers
    serve the
    ouT for
    NoW relatively
    forever in human
    terms of existence
    on this plaNet now..
    anyway.. i AM so dAm
    gLad i inherited Love over
    the AC that my dad earned
    with his new wife then who he
    married twice.. who would be two
    of three step-mothers for me.. and of
    course the more folks who come into
    your life to love the more and better for
    that.. i never knew you weren’t supposed to
    love anyone less as my mother didn’t teach
    us to be racist.. xenophobic.. homophobic
    no limitations no expectations for US..
    or any of that devil stuff way back then..
    and sure i disagree strongly with
    the Islam/Christian religions as
    they are actually practiced but i
    Love my Muslim friends as
    bestie Rafiah girl
    friend too..
    no less
    than anyone
    else including my
    mother who is against
    much of the same stuff
    that my Islam friends are too..
    in fundamentalist Christian way
    too.. funny how my mother didn’t
    get all fundamentalist religious until
    older age.. but ha.. that is what happens
    to most folks when their libido is no longer
    used and or practiced and that paRt of liFE
    basically falls off as lose it or use it applies to
    all human stuff now and forevermore now in
    terms of all existence in creation now..
    moving.. connecting.. creating
    more now.. or just
    dUst and
    in many potential
    ways now of less than
    human poTenTial beFore..
    i use it and that’s why i am
    happier then ever before.. and
    that my friends is existential intelligence
    101.. FucKinG uSe iT or Lose it Period
    end and potential beginning never ending
    alWays sTarTing Story noW much
    GreATer than beFore..
    okay.. so sure..
    whenever my
    Father visited us
    twice a year and drove
    up in what would be his
    shiny white Ford LTD with
    ice cold AC.. while he cooly and
    fearlessly smoked his Marlboro cigarette
    with his James Bond.. you know the real
    man first one with hand/arm all hairy like a bear
    a real macho man then.. law
    enforcement dude packing
    heat on hip..
    i was certainly
    impressed as i was
    a little autistic boy who
    could not speak until age
    4.. i could only look at awe at
    my father in my fragile little worm like
    body so androgynous and blonde..
    with long eyelashes and pretty
    green to blue eyes still
    way back then..
    i so wanted
    to be like
    dear old
    dad who never
    really said much at
    all but still i was in awe
    of James Bond.. Wild Wild
    West Dad.. and 6 million dollar
    man all wrapped up in my real man
    idol of a Dad.. and i never heard the stories
    about his bar room brawls with moonshine
    criminals way back then.. breaking chairs
    across his back.. and him coming
    home to my mom without
    anything to say..
    as law enforcement
    will FucKinG do that too
    the strongest and kindest
    of man too.. nah.. my uncle
    told me about that after my father
    died.. and so many more law enforcement
    hero stories of him way back then.. and then..
    when i got older and finally found out why my life
    was so difficult after i got diagnosed on the Autism
    Spectrum as my sister did too.. in middle age close
    to 50 years old.. me at 47.. we both realized my father
    had Asperger’s syndrome too.. and he probably felt a lot
    inside that he could not get out in reciprocal social communication
    too.. and sure.. this Autism Spectrum phenotype thingy.. is broad in the general
    population as broad as some scientist suggest is 10 to 15 percent
    of the general population and mostly a male disorder identified
    as well too.. and hidden greater among females too..
    it was very hard growing up on this spectrum..
    having such great empathy and Loving
    eYes but having such a hard time
    in communicating those feelings
    to others in socially
    appropriate non
    verbal language
    and vocal voice same
    so hard.. then.. i’Ve adapted
    through decades of trial and error
    experiences in over literally 100k perhaps
    200+K human interactions both in real life working
    at a Military Bowling Center.. and online too..
    i’Ve learned a lot about all of what it means
    to be a human being.. and what lacks
    and what gives as well in human
    nature and the rest of nature
    too.. sadly.. my father
    lived for the goal
    of money
    in all he did..
    dreamed of always
    having more than his
    step brother the rich vacuum
    selling dude in the millions of dollars
    home on Shalimar Point on the Emerald
    Gulf Coast of Destin still.. after he retired he
    bought up to 500 dollars of lottery tickets a
    week in hopes of achieving this worldly
    materialistic goal.. but it kept him..
    going.. it kept him going.
    after 46 years of all
    he knew of what
    to do with
    law enforcement
    when he retired at
    age 69 and traded silver..
    and sold Nascar stuff.. etc..
    at the Tallahassee Flea Market
    for 12 more years until he dropped
    dead in his home.. and never had to
    do it anyway but his way.. on his way
    down hill with dementia too.. i miss my
    father.. but i never really knew him and that
    is truly much sadder than growing up without
    LTD AC.. but he was never physically mean
    to us.. never a hand to even discipline
    from him.. never really an angry verbal
    one.. sarcastic ones at times..
    taling me i was too smart
    to work at a Bowling
    Center for two
    decades almost
    then.. close to
    minimun wage back
    then.. also taling me
    when my child was fixin’
    to die to raise him like a man
    as he used to tale me to get into
    the military it will make you a man too..
    would have been nice if he had stayed
    around to help.. but he had dollar signs in
    his eyes as programmed by the 50’s ideal
    of the post World War II.. Patriarchal
    American dream.. with
    Gender roles
    and society
    roles set in stone..
    not that that was a bad
    thing.. as that is what
    social animals will try
    to do for law and
    order and such
    in insanely
    large groups
    of homo sapiens
    sapiens spread..
    anyway.. money was my
    dad’s thing and as i have spoken
    to this before.. when i got really sick
    and couldn’t work he was terrified he might
    have to offer some support.. so i alleviated his
    fears with some good news that surprised the
    FucK out of him.. i had already saved nearly
    10 times more money than he had to his
    name back then.. approaching half
    a million dollars little old
    Bowling alley
    me from
    start way
    back when.. as
    eventually i was promoted
    for my computer skills up.. up
    up and away to 8 times as much
    as i made when i first started out..
    and you can’t possibly know the challenge
    of having Autism in the Asperger’s form until
    you actually experience it like i did my entire life..
    as when the stress came.. it was like a cat in
    a cage in a lightening storm of feelings and
    sensory experiences beyond what
    most folks could imagine
    as you cannot block
    any of it out..
    well.. i finally
    learned about stimming
    and i turned that into a profession
    in vocation-like dance.. to survive..
    and i finAlly got it all together like
    a finally tuned super sports car
    now in MinD anD BoDy BaLanCinG
    Act now.. finding more of my human
    poTenTiaL in so many ways my father
    could not fathom in his life then.. and finding
    that fearless way of his being becoming my
    own father finally in fearless way now..
    anyway.. when my father asked
    me.. son.. exclaimingly so.. how
    did you save all that money..
    i just said..
    dad i never
    spent it.. as i kept
    my cars for 15 years.. only
    married one wife who was poor
    with mostly humble tastes.. low
    maintenance as they say.. for the
    most part.. but haha.. i was still
    more frugal then she was as she
    grew up without the level of feeling
    and filling up love that i did in my youth
    for sure.. and stuff feels/fills the spot of that
    no less than other behavioral and substance
    addictions will.. but here’s the deal relatively
    speaking i AM insanely rich for one reason
    and one reason only and that
    my friEnds is the gift
    of my Mother’s
    Love.. as i was
    filled up with
    feeling LOVE with
    bright eYeS sMiLes
    thaT is real.. i need no
    material stuff from Walmart
    to fill up a garage of more stuff
    reflecting a less than hercules soul
    now.. i have it all.. i have and am Love
    same as may Mom who lives off of the
    minimum amount that social security pays
    just fine.. and who even refuses the supplement
    as she does not need money.. she is love too.. doesn’t
    need stuff.. wrote poetry.. creates.. enjoys love for
    the moment of love and no thing else..
    oh the riches of Love
    the inner stuff
    the outer stuff of
    giving free oh the
    treasure folks like me
    and my mother and sister
    have the greatest potential
    of human being now from God
    and nature same that is the real
    all organic natural inheritance of Love..
    i cannot give my mother to the other
    lost children of the world..
    but i can give what
    she gave to
    me in millions
    and millions
    of FucKinG
    words oF Love..
    and sure i WiLL
    leave that too..
    in a much different
    way than my father did then..
    oh the win.. oh the way oF Love
    FTW.. people have told me before..
    in places online you must get paid
    for what you do.. no one can possibly
    be that altruistic.. well they haven’t met
    my mother and they have never seen
    all the love that lives
    behind my
    the love
    that gives
    the love that
    shares the love
    that now fearlessly
    shares and never ever FucKinG
    Gives up.. yes.. the new black
    iN Love
    TRUE iN LiGht
    of NoW as
    Being HuMan..
    Love inspires me

  12. ALong lines
    of Love.. the
    EN name test
    thingy on Facebook
    algorithmicAlly analyzes
    my Facebook Profile and
    says i am most like
    my Facebook Friend
    Himali.. a Management
    Accountant in a new firm
    now who lives in the United
    Emirates of Arabia..
    originally from India
    and i say..
    i am just
    another hairy
    ape on the outside
    but on the inside.. sure..;)

    And Himali says..

    A beautiful soul..:)

    And i say..

    Yes.. HiMaLi

    And now i say..
    it’s nice to have friends
    from India.. from Pakistan.. etc..
    all dark haired and dark eyed girls too..
    indigenous eyes that still speak an innocent
    voice of God Free.. me so pleased to be a friend to them..:)

    And yes,, of course
    all my American
    pretty girl
    too like
    Shawna pooh too.. etc..
    Leah.. Cortney.. Chelsea..
    and many others too..
    and a few males like
    gigoid and others2.. who
    have somehow kept a heARt2..
    but those are the ones who have
    really stuck with me and reached
    out to me.. and make me feel i reAlly
    even with
    a fully developed soUL..
    as huManiTy wHole..
    and yes i Am more
    than an imitation
    gAMe.. Am i
    haha.. an

  13. And along some
    similar lines of Love
    Facebook Friend Rafiah
    shares a request on any
    Herbal remedies for acne
    and pimples
    and i say..

    Getting Older..

    And truly it does get better
    with age in so many human ways..
    Some folks i knew from the Wrong Planet
    were terrified of reaching age 50.. but little
    do they know/feel.. it is experience of life they lack
    now that can lead to much greater happiness later
    in all the dArks and liGhts of Now.. including
    pimples and acne too.. hehe..
    yeah.. i say heheR.. as
    sure tHeRe
    is much
    stuff to worry
    about in life than
    that and i’M pretty
    sure Rafiah is asking
    in assistance for probably
    her older younger sister..
    as dear friend Rafiah
    is approaching
    23 herself..
    and likely
    past the acne
    and pimple stage same..
    anyway.. live and learn.. trial
    and error and do it again.. through
    dArk and liGht first Loves.. heartbreaks
    deflowered virgins in both male and female
    first time ways oF all in how that comes and gives
    and receives.. and does.. Life is alWays changing
    as dARk and liGht and all those hues and
    shades of other ways
    too.. Live and LEarn
    and most importantly
    use it baby use it
    to make
    as greater
    than ever bEfore..
    other than that.. don’t
    worry be happy acne and
    pimples ain’t killed one directly
    yet.. and most young folks deal
    with that most to appreciate not dealing
    with it
    at age
    84 and
    older too..
    oh.. the grace of
    Age and mostly
    experience noW2..
    iN P E R S P E C T i V E moRE..:)

    Rafiah responds to my comment
    on her Facebook Status post..

    per her inquiry about a
    herbal cure for acne
    and pimples
    when i say
    the cure
    is getting
    older and she says..

    Yeah, right. Wearing and
    tearing here and there.
    tongue emoticon
    wink emoticion..

    And i return
    on her page

    Rafiah is
    Because she
    IS SPECIAL..:)

    And additionally
    i intimate..

    Oh by the
    Way… Love
    The way our
    Two short
    Join here..
    It is almost
    Like we are
    Holding words
    As i hold
    My hand

    And then Rafiah
    on my copy of this
    post on my Facebook page says..

    Sometimes I also think I am past the acne phase,
    and then suddenly some pimple pop out here and there. Lol

    And i Lovingly respond..

    Lot of love to you2.. My Friend
    Rafiah.. At any rate.. i thought it
    was cute that you were brave enough
    to ask for advice from your friends on
    Facebook and yes.. Long.. Long.. Long
    ago in a distant world.. Last century.. i
    too had one of these pimples or two
    pop up here and there so..
    Yes.. i can relate to the
    errant and feared
    pimple way way
    before my first
    Real Date..;)

    And in
    way i say..

    PS.. i love looking
    At your artful
    Hand avatar
    ever now and
    then when it comes
    back to visit me.. With wInks2..:)

    And now i say here.. it was really
    hard for me to criticize the religion
    of Islam like i did with my friend Rafiah
    when she was defending Islam Sharia Law as
    i do know how much her culture and religion
    all does mean to her.. as this applies to
    most all cultures no matter how
    different and someways
    harmful the rules
    may be to innocent
    folks.. but it wasn’t
    until later this week
    that i found out it was
    actually a defense against
    Newt Gingrich and when Sharia
    Law is discussed among many Muslim
    folks over here it is softer and not one
    that chops off thieves hands and such as that..
    including honor killings.. as depending
    on the Interpretation.. it can just mean
    God’s Law.. but here is the problem..
    while in historical fact.. Islam
    at the historical point of
    that religion’s development
    offered some improvements in
    the live’s of slaves.. including
    women.. it did not clearly condemn
    the practice of slavery as well as the
    horrifying practice of having sex with wive’s
    of recently defeated and killed husband’s in war..
    that is rape.. bottom line.. only a REAL fool would believe
    that a woman whose husband was killed by another man
    would have sex willingly with that man.. even after
    a FucKinG period of mourning.. anyway.. perhaps
    the mourning period was an improvement of
    doing it in even more harsh ways but
    never the less the entire
    act was not condemned
    totally along
    with slavery
    in general
    so we have
    an imperfect way
    of thinking in terms
    of human freedom that has
    been used as centuries for continuing
    justification for slavery of other people
    including forced dowries of little 12 year old
    girls and some nows less in age.. for institutionalized
    marriage as practical rape when not consensual.. and we
    still have men raping little girls when at war of
    opposing men who are their fathers and women
    who are wives of men similar defeated when
    at so-called holy war..
    and this is no Different
    than the Christian bible
    as where Jesus said turn the
    other cheek those words are
    contradicted in the same
    book by the literal
    words that
    i bring a sword..
    well.. sure after that
    many folks who opposed
    Christianity over the
    spread of that were slaughtered
    along the way in the name of both
    Jesus’ words and God the same.. no
    different than what the Islam Kuran
    has been used to justify the same slaughter
    of human beings.. and no we are still not innocent
    as we amputate part of a little boy’s penis to still
    set the little boy apart from the rest of nature no
    different then they did way back then.. to make us feel
    better than the other animals same.. somehow.. in status
    way.. no different really than female genital mutilation
    that they still do in some Muslim countries too.. to add
    to their own flavor of what they feel is the Sharia or
    Law of God.. oh yeah.. and over here there is Capital
    punishment still but as science shows some folks
    are born without empathy and actually
    receive pleasure organically
    by harming other folks..
    so.. shouldn’t they
    at least deserve
    to live in prison
    under constant supervision..
    sure in a humane world they do..
    and then there are the mistakes.. that
    go along with that no different in the judicial
    system than women who are stoned unjustly for adultery
    that should never be punished at all as it is just human
    nature to stray when things are not working out.. go to
    greener pastures as it were and still is.. as God
    given nature to advance the species
    as alive and thriving
    and not in
    and suffering..
    oh yeah.. and in the
    church when a little baby
    is at peace and sleeping they
    pour water over the head and put oil in the babies
    hair and as far as the baby knows the baby is in mortal
    potential drowning danger all innately and instinctually
    without the ability to speak in church.. they call this
    Baptism.. the baby feels it as sudden and unexpected
    torture.. no matter how small we big people
    think that hurts in terms of crying..
    the big people do it to make
    them happy.. but the
    little person
    cries in
    well the
    Lord.. you kNow/FeeL
    the big Lord the God
    of all of Nature hears all
    these cries of pain.. in the
    empathy and compassion of those who
    actually hear and feel these cries of
    pain.. misery and suffering.. other folks
    laugh.. and think it’s funny.. well no.. in
    church i have the real jesus eyes that pierce
    the walls of injustice and demand change.. in whatever
    way i can make that happen.. i do not bring a sword
    but yes i will bring words of authority..
    and the pen is big and passion filled
    enough to be read by close to 900 views
    in one day in the last night count of just
    one of my 7 blogs in yesterday status evidence..
    yes.. the authority of God given human
    empathy.. compassion and
    Love that must
    be fearless
    and tough hope
    too.. that must
    be brave enough to
    speak out even if they
    risk losing a dear friend
    over dissension.. well.. Rafiah
    is not just a dear friend.. she
    is a real earth angel.. and i am
    happy to hear from her today..
    and i suppose i should offer
    a little bit of apology
    too.. as i for
    one perhaps
    judged too
    not realizing
    the full injustice
    of what Newt Gingrich
    was suggesting in questioning
    the religious beliefs of others
    without church and state separation
    that is as much against our constitution
    as blocking immigration that was and still
    is the purpose of making this country as a
    place of refuge for all folks around the world
    including those Muslim folks who wanted to escape
    a so-called God’s law named Sharia that do barbaric
    acts of cutting off hands and killing people for their
    disbelief.. if folks do that here.. they go to prison..
    as we have separation of church and state and the
    requirement for living here free by
    law and punishable by prison
    and fines as well..
    is just not
    doing it..
    bottom line..
    we rise together
    we fall harming
    each other.. we rise
    even higher when we take
    the time to understand our
    differences.. focus on what
    unifies to rise even higher and higher..
    as LoVe will do when free in the good old U.S. of A..
    American.. Mexican.. and Muslim same.. Trump will fail
    because as far as i am concerned he is not even an
    where it
    the heARt
    of Freedom for
    all around the World
    in a true spirit of a country
    under the God of what masons described
    who yes definitely were instrumental in
    founding this country with words of wisdom..
    as a Supreme Force that has no one religion..
    but all
    but all
    of what
    God gives
    we all who rise..
    with Love.. the highest
    power of all human now..
    as child

  14. https://gigoid.me/2016/07/27/buried-in-bullet-lists/#comment-20131

    And now insame
    of lines of more..
    and deeper too..
    i move on to explore
    some more gigoid say..
    with more words and stuff to come..

    There IS A real problem
    in the world identified
    by me and elders
    back into
    the early
    2000’s and
    that is where has oral
    tradition gone.. sure we have
    acronyms of text.. twitter verses..
    links and shares and stuff like that
    but what about the truly introspective
    stuff that takes more than 140 characters
    to relate.. a goldfish attention span
    of what science says now
    is a human way
    of looking
    at stuff..
    anyway.. it’s very hard
    for some folks to imagine that
    the way of communication in older..
    much older days was dance and singing
    same in Emotional Free verse poetic lyric
    way as emotions glue the dance and song
    to be repeated flow iN zonE for hourS on
    end with Emotional Force that Drive
    toGetHeRNess.. oh.. when young..
    Jesus F in Christ even in my
    40’s.. i reveled in the art
    of watching other
    folks story tale..
    in poetic
    heARt like
    my 94 year old
    great Aunt Jettie and
    even talking heads on news
    shows had me way beat then..
    i wondered if i could ever share a
    coherent moving emotional paragraph
    of voice.. like my much younger social
    reciprocating friends did so easy way back
    then in the oral tradition of homo sapiens
    sapiens.. moVinG.. connEcTinG. and
    CreaTinG real all innately.. instinctually
    intuitively with heARt of SonG of
    SpiRit as SinG of BaLanCinG
    oF miNd and BoDy wHolE
    SoUl so real.. gatheRings
    down town.. wHere
    everyone mingled
    and discussed the
    stuff of social life.. and
    politics.. existential
    and stuFF
    like thaT.. for whatever
    it was they did back then..
    oh.. the oratory skills of my elders
    brought one into the environment of
    reproduction of where they were before..
    sea stories too.. of old Retired Navy folks
    at Bowling Center Work for me too..
    in the 80’s of retired
    World War II dudes
    sTiLL back
    then.. Vietnam..
    Korea.. etc.. too..
    And haha.. my Uncle..
    a Vacuum Cleaner Salesman..
    if he could make his million off of that
    he could dam sure spout a hyperbole sale..
    or buy as it were too.. i’M sure in his life too..
    Text has replaced what once was life..
    Words are cool as they stay
    so much longer than
    the human
    do they..
    or do they not..
    it depends
    on the
    individual.. i guess..
    as WRiTing rules the
    world now..
    over the
    of yesternows
    for ReaL in EYes
    of human connection true
    and light for Loving liFE too..;)

    “There is nothing in a caterpillar
    that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

    ~~ Buckminster Fuller ~~


    “If you have a skeleton in your closet, take it out and dance with it.”

    ~~ Carolyn MacKenzie ~~

    And finAlly i say.. these quotes are so trUe..
    as Butterfly Skeletons do fly
    free when they
    come out
    priSonS in
    BonE conFininG ways..:)

  15. And now back to dVerse
    with another Summer
    Dog Day Heat
    poem and
    more deluge
    and drought to come
    as i keep my garden gRowinG
    as well or not so well for MoRe..

    at 3:13 pm..

    Dog days kNow
    often better than
    about Dog..

    Dog days
    feeL often
    more than hUman..;)

    A mix of storm.. deluge
    and Summer as often
    finds the sub-tropic of
    the Panhandle of Florida here..
    and haha.. i tried a new style of
    moon walk dancing in creek way
    several weeks ago..
    Refreshing it was..
    and ha.. had my
    smartphone in my
    hand no water proof
    there and thank goodness
    for smartphone
    iphone 6s..

    StreAM Moonwalk
    Smart phone sAMe..:)

    Fossil Records of
    Drought and
    Deluge same
    in Nautilus
    are paltry
    built.. what
    comes in wet
    or dry leaves a foot
    print in sand
    or Stone.
    and haha..
    noW as rains refuse to
    dry up on webs that never fALL..
    in server
    draw noW
    and pAint
    in Nautilus
    sheLL hALL..;)

    *stately or
    not are
    as gOld
    sAMe foR noW..;)

    Oh.. water and dry..
    what a blessing or nigh..
    streAms.. creeks.. rivers..
    bays.. gulfs.. seas.. ocean
    wHole.. drift.. breeze.. winds
    gale.. storms thunderous hoard
    of pouRinG water
    thE eyes
    of wind chime
    eyes that kNow
    no respite of
    gull wings
    soar.. humans
    cower at sign
    of more.. birds
    fly higher as Seagull
    eYes KnoW no fear of change..:)

    Hi.. rhythaephua..
    i.. thOught i’d
    pass wiTh
    a comment
    to juSt
    say hi2…
    Hope the drOught
    ends and deluge of creativity stays..
    in rain or reins of reign whatever comes..:)

    Desert drOught
    sand of low
    humans of high
    MounTain top distant
    of God.. UniVerse hiGher
    with Telescope in tow
    God seems
    more than
    man high
    last or
    only low..:)

    SMiLes.. so many floWers
    colorful and trUe
    coloR BrightEst
    for liGht
    oF aLL..
    as above.. so
    below and all
    around inside
    outside too..
    hUmans sAMe
    who fiGht to LivE
    Flower colorfuL oF aLL
    iN Summer hoT True WintEr
    ColD and SpRinG iN Rise
    iN deluGe

    Well my friEnd Lynn..
    close to the end but
    no quiet tHere
    aloud in
    style hEar
    with food food
    food.. working
    Farmer style
    and hehe..
    tHere IS
    A SonG for
    tHat too..
    you miGht
    enjoy and more
    fuLLy reLate too too..
    hehe.. happy farmer’s day
    friEnd as i live just a few miles
    soUth of country side nice and pretty
    working toGether as a family on the family
    fArm.. and yes it ain’t easy makin’ a liVinG
    doing that
    nice to see
    you @fArmer’s
    God bless
    you and your corn
    or whatever else too..;)

    Oh.. Lord.. i can relate..
    thEre was/IS A day as store
    grew taller from baby Walmart
    to mama Walmart
    to Super-NoW
    Daddy Walmart
    three bears of Walmart
    over stocked to top of
    ceiling more..
    ugh.. i could
    not get the deTails
    out of the wHole
    D E L U G E.. i
    photo store then..
    and now i don’t even
    notice it as the wife noW
    shops.. i stick the ear buds
    in.. i dance and hardly remember
    any stock aT all except for the stuff
    that catches my eYe in artistic meaning
    for what
    as photo
    art and
    a prompt arT
    Walmart iS in
    few detaLes
    i catch and
    for long
    for long
    at home..
    away from S. W.
    stock floors taLL..;)

    Love iS
    thE God
    that works
    when sOught
    when fOUnd
    as practice
    oF liFE as LoVe..
    and never less than LoVE liFe
    100% hope.. faith.. and BeLief
    as Love Lives as HUman eYes..
    greAtest poWer oF God We aS LoVeNOW..:)

    All done @4:08 pm..
    for NOW.
    neXt juST
    for fUN2..:)

  16. Ah.. Freedom.. Freedom of Speech.. Freedom
    of Expression.. 1st Amendment rights that
    keep us free.. from head to toe.. from
    A to Z PLUS.. from all the religions
    in one home.. for free..
    and all orientations
    of humans
    in one Lovely
    house of America
    for Free.. toGetHer..
    sUre.. wE rise.. as unified
    Force.. divided we fall as
    separated Energy and
    EmoTioNs saMe.. man
    it was reAlly good to sTiLL
    hear America is great by President
    Obama with a little half glass full than
    devil play like last week.. no rulers here..
    self Government.. no autocracy.. no man
    or she who will do it all.. we as a country
    WiLL Be Unified for free.. or divided as
    Force with no anchor of compassion..
    hope and optimism true.. oh.. so
    inspirational.. as naked
    dreams are without
    fear.. without doubt..
    without hate
    as we rise
    without clothes
    of those who would
    and will like to separate
    us in fear and hate same..
    anyway.. tHere is room to sTiLL
    pLay in many ways in this country
    for free without being afraid of one
    another and turning to dArk of Stone
    without liGht of Sun as HeARt of SpiRit
    iN MiNd and BoDy soUl MOVinG ahead
    below.. above.. so below inside.. outside
    like i love to say all around.. connecting
    and creating aLL toGeTher wE rise aS oNE..
    anyway.. just another 2yR Ago review of a MacroVerse
    Facebook Algorithm memory here as weLL.. lET Freedom RinG..:)


    Symbols they vary through history
    and prehistory same.. through
    alphabet.. through numbers..
    through sculpture.. through
    painting through all metaphor
    same to express existential
    intelligence in all ways that comes..
    haha.. i ain’t afraid of a little symbol
    for pan of we Nature all one unified as
    yin and yang.. masculine and feminine
    balance.. all the rest of dualities come
    toGetHer for unity one togEthEr WitH
    GoD of nature wHole both dARk and
    liGht.. ‘tween spectrum of hues as
    i say and sHades.. beyond bLack
    and White to grey of colors sAMe..
    ha!.. don’t be afraid of symbols
    embrace essence instead..
    pictures never hurt
    anyone if you
    be bold
    don’t be sold
    and bOught as sLave..:)


    Ah.. vineyards
    in deserts without
    wine or water same
    cLaws to get uP as
    wiLd cat sAMe..
    Fire out
    oF ashes..
    Phoenix rises
    uP no different
    than vines reaching
    across desert to
    noW reach
    Free aGaiN..:)


    So anyway.. a short
    chat with my Pacific
    Islander gym attendant
    friend.. Vida tonight.. in a talk
    about the business of poetry and
    money to be made.. and when 4 million
    words come here in ocean poem way..
    haha.. at only a penny per word that
    could be 40K.. hehe.. but i told my
    friend.. this is the Song oF mY soUl
    and i ain’t gonna sell my soUl
    even IF anyone ever wanted
    to purchase something
    as complex
    and convoluted
    as my soUl haha..
    so.. have you seen
    the crowds around
    the poEtry section
    at Barnes and Nobles..
    WeLL.. they are non-existent
    for the great reason that one can
    find the great.. ones.. already online
    for free.. why break a good way to get
    a word out anyWay for free.. poetry just
    gains dust on bookshelves at bookstoreS noW
    as anyone can write it and read it for free today
    and that’s the way art should be free and artists
    should be celebrated by culture enough to do what
    they do to help others rise up for free.. where folks like
    Katy Perry don’t have to sell their soul to the Devil of Record
    companies to be bought and sold.. anyway.. Youtube
    and other Google and Word press Avenues for blogs
    is changing that now.. where everyone can lift
    everyone uP.. JuSt
    for FREE..
    Art for sale
    ruins it in all ways
    that comes in.. in my
    opinion.. no one owns
    art as that is gift from GoD4FREE..;)

  17. ThE KarmiC
    eYe iS bacK
    And iT FeeLs
    VeTted taLkinG..;)

  18. Love to you
    my Friend and
    better yet
    i love you my friend..
    it’s not hard for me to say that
    but it was for many years and even
    so much harder to either feel or give..
    as empty words without the substance
    of what Love is in its oxytocin beauty
    radiating emotional sunshine and
    altruism same..
    oh.. the dark
    night of the soul
    i feel it from you as you
    know and feel i’ve been there
    too.. suicidal for 2 years.. where
    i was a only one holding the decision
    to live or die with all that pain..
    from head to toe and
    to heArt
    no spiRit
    no soUl
    a piece
    in the wind
    with no feeling
    or senses.. just
    nothing at all..
    so sure.. i know there
    are no easy answers.. the only
    one that worked for me was years
    of isolation and separation from all
    of humanity real then.. of course
    a woman’s lot is often one that
    prevents that as you say from
    carrying others..
    from children
    to husband same..
    the battle field of life
    the war for survival
    the miracle of
    is truly
    a growing
    way for many
    folks as your story
    here is one i’Ve heard
    often from friends that are
    girls in my life.. as the woman’s
    life in general always seems harder
    as caregiver.. worker.. and do it all
    yourself being one and same.. now..
    where village used to share the duties
    and love from birth was given in unifying
    force instead of strife.. discord.. fear and
    all related to hate.. so sure.. i have no
    solutions but to say i Love you.. i alWays
    WiLL be here.. and you will aLways be
    welcome in my life ‘tween days..
    ‘tween months.. ‘tween years..
    perhaps even lives the sAme
    as Infinity beyond IS A
    really long now..
    i am here
    for you
    my friend
    and as i’ve shared
    with other friends who
    have drifted away while i am
    strong enough to stay now and
    never go away.. thank you for being
    a friend.. i am here to be one.. as i am
    filled up with love over flowing to give..
    again.. i kNow/FeeL the other place.. have
    found those ways in DancE
    And SonG to keep
    iT groWinG now..
    i wish and hope
    the sAMe for you..
    dear friend Leah..
    a miracle cAMe true
    for me so if i can do magic
    i will the same come real for you..
    So i love
    you again..
    and am
    and tHeRe
    is no love too
    smaLL in letter to give..:)

  19. Ah.. the eXplorers..
    those who move..
    those who connect..
    those who must create
    to stimulate a miNd and BoDy
    BaLanCinG SoUl.. or stagnate into past
    star dust so far so far a long ago.. and sure..
    Now there is Pokemon go that fulfills all three
    explorer needs in at least some ways to move
    where 150 or so young folks congregate in down
    town Milton like never before for a common meaning
    common purpose.. common ritual to move
    connect and create anew in social
    connections like humans
    do no less or more
    than religion
    true in
    holy and
    sacred way of
    moving.. connecting
    and creating anew like
    explorer human beings will
    do.. but alas as science even is starting
    to show.. around 20 percent of humans are
    born cautious and sitting and not really interested
    in going anywhere new.. anchors as it were and is
    for the common way to sit instead of group think
    way to go.. and there are the super sitters..
    let’s just call them conspiracy theorists
    who think everyone is out
    to make a change they
    do not like..
    and then
    there are
    the super explorers
    who will try it all new and
    leave the cave ways of being far
    bEyond riSinG.. where group think of Pokemon
    now is far far too boring to excite them as it is
    too limiting for a mind and body super rover
    that must explore even beyond Pokemon
    of limits to find anew in yes.. once
    again.. group think social
    animal normal way..
    yes.. Pokemon is
    extremely normal social
    human primate motivated
    ways to go.. and that is what
    the Pokemon go.. marketers
    knew from the get go.. who understood
    and understand the human untapped market
    to actually get back in nature and touch a little
    more than screen alone.. yes.. real FaceTime in
    3 dimensional Nature down town one as folks
    Will do to get together and rise beyond
    4 to 5 inch screams of screen
    alone unto something
    a little bigger
    like a Chinese
    Fire ball rocket
    dissolving across the sky..
    or a Delta Aquarid meteor shower
    that sounds like a F in Water filter..
    on my Thursday coming 120th dance
    week night at good old Seville Quarter
    tonight.. with all the cool college age folks
    to see a shooting star come a little on Thursday
    and Friday in WiLd eYes Dance before the bigger
    Perseid Meteor Shower comes on August 12th and
    13th.. to spray a little more liGht across the sky then..
    meanwhile i’ll do what comes neXt.. and celebrate my
    own version of Holy and Sacred Thursday R and R it’s
    not really a break from serving the God oF Nature but
    never the less.. it is always exciting new and fun in
    eat.. drink.. and be merry in totally sober and
    ecstatic joy.. in all the ways that can and will
    come again.. and again.. back again..
    for joy of life.. joy of life..
    in a place that can
    be a star full
    of sKeYes
    with you and
    i and we and me
    as instruments of
    the greaTest fearless
    gift that can and will
    come back aGaiN as
    God’s Love as Human
    alWays forevermore
    now and
    GoD aSonE..
    anyway.. be back
    with more fun dance
    photos as always and
    forever now to add to
    this 689th wE Macro
    Verse.. in Ocean poem
    way wHole as God’s eYes
    of Human will alWAys do

    AnyWayS.. HEaT
    iWaVe continUes..
    yeS.. WitH A GrooToNline..
    and if you are a member oF isREAL
    noW.. Guardians oF tHe Galaxy yoU
    WiLL understand thaT metaphor and
    do iT.. yeS…
    wE arE Groot..
    GrOUp and Root sAMe..
    noW oNE..;)

    Once again..
    More fun photos
    in Rave of Dance
    from Old Seville Quarter
    coming in around the meteor
    shower hour of 3 am on Friday
    7292016.. brightly shining
    with moon child
    and likely
    very tired
    other sTuFF
    too.. but Love
    GoeS oN iN ALL
    those wayS iT STiLL CoMes..
    StanDinG AliVE iN TrUth and liGhT noW..:)

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