NUmber 696 MacroVerse




IMG_7996 IMG_8002 IMG_8003 IMG_8004 IMG_8005 IMG_8006 IMG_8007 IMG_8008 IMG_8009 IMG_8010 IMG_8013 IMG_8014 IMG_8016 IMG_8017 IMG_8018 IMG_8019 IMG_8020 IMG_8022 IMG_8023 IMG_8025 IMG_8026 IMG_8027 IMG_8028 IMG_8029 IMG_8030 IMG_8031 IMG_8032 IMG_8034 IMG_8035 IMG_8036 IMG_8037 IMG_8038 IMG_8039 IMG_8040 IMG_8041 IMG_8042 IMG_8043 IMG_8044 IMG_8045 IMG_8046 IMG_8050 IMG_8052 IMG_8053 IMG_8054 IMG_8055 IMG_8058 IMG_8060 IMG_8061 IMG_8062 IMG_8066 IMG_8067 IMG_8068 IMG_8070 IMG_8072 IMG_8078 IMG_8079 IMG_8080 IMG_8081 IMG_8082 IMG_8083 IMG_8084 IMG_8086 IMG_8088 IMG_8091 IMG_8092 IMG_8093 IMG_8094 IMG_8095 IMG_8096 IMG_8097 IMG_8098 IMG_8099 IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8102 IMG_8103 IMG_8104 IMG_8105 IMG_8106 IMG_8107 IMG_8108 IMG_8109 IMG_8110 IMG_8111 IMG_8112 IMG_8113 IMG_8114 IMG_8115 IMG_8116 IMG_8117 IMG_8118 IMG_8119 IMG_8120 IMG_8121 IMG_8123 IMG_8124 IMG_8125 IMG_8126 IMG_8127 IMG_8128 IMG_8129 IMG_8130 IMG_8131 IMG_8132 IMG_8133 IMG_8134 IMG_8135_2 IMG_8136 IMG_8137 IMG_8138 IMG_8139 IMG_8140 IMG_8141 IMG_8142 IMG_8143 IMG_8144 IMG_8146 IMG_8150 IMG_8151 IMG_8152 IMG_8153 IMG_8154 IMG_8155 IMG_8156 IMG_8157 IMG_8158 IMG_8159 IMG_8160 IMG_8161 IMG_8162 IMG_8163_2 IMG_8164 IMG_8165 IMG_8166 IMG_8168 IMG_8169 IMG_8170 IMG_8171 IMG_8173 IMG_8174 IMG_8175 IMG_8181 IMG_8189 IMG_8201 IMG_8202 IMG_8206 IMG_8211 IMG_8212 IMG_8213 IMG_8215 IMG_8216 IMG_8217 IMG_8218 IMG_8219 IMG_8220 IMG_8221 IMG_8222 IMG_8223 IMG_8224 IMG_8225 IMG_8226 IMG_8227 IMG_8230 IMG_8232 IMG_8233 IMG_8235

The all seeing hug life
cat eyed kitty
me now to the
dance hall ‘tonight’
in T-Shirt way.. and
hehe.. no kissies..
just a hug or
two and
all over the
floor of coursE noW..:)

And as always very nice
dancing girls at Old Seville
Quarter.. and i had to tone it
down just a little bit.. as sure i get
little injuries off and on and have always
persevered.. like a wind/tumor on the top of
my left foot.. that eventually went away..
and some issues with the tendons
going to my heel.. particularly
on my right foot.. that was
feeling very good tonight..
but interestingly..
i bent sideways
taking a photo..
before the dance..
and i felt a tearing sensation
near my heal.. and some fairly
moderate pain that warned me
to yes.. slow down.. and yes..
it didn’t stop me as always
when i dance all night..
just a little less
wild is all


Facebook Friend Ned shares a Paradox..

“Doing it the hard way is
always easier.” — Murphy’s Paradox

And then i go on to say..
just ’cause i can..
hehe.. say more..

BlUe Orb RealiTies of liFe..
Shit happens.. lifE on Rock..
Environmental Struggle..
adapt and survive..
don’t.. and
then do
the other..
many people
miss out on this
greater opportunity
to survive.. and even
potentiAlly ‘thrive’ with
added creature comforts..
For me.. being asleep used to take
the pain away.. Now.. being awake..
takes the
pain away…
i stepped the
wrong way and tore
something attached to
my heal last night.. i danced..
and sure the endorphins took
all the pain away for survival then..
and it hurt.. when i was half asleep..
until i fully woke up.. and i’ll be floating
by the end of the day.. Life moves through
storms if Life knows no different than move..
and that is the problem with creature comforts..
they Forget
to keep moving..
And sure.. all dies
as life as long as living is
reproduction is forever.. now..
and the chain remains unbroken..
and the one thing
that sets me yes..
apart now from
all my ancestors
in direct line is then..
they.. all had a child
who lived long enough
to reproduce.. so yeah..
i broke the chain.. and in
a way.. in that circle of family
i am
Omega man..
And in this way
all my ancestors are
greater than i.. so how
dam smart am i REALLY..
as far blue orb
realiTies Now oF LiFe
go.. not very smart @all..
yet i am not dead yet.. and
instincts move more than books do..
so perhaps whether i ‘know’ it or not..
there maybe more than meets my reasons
that inspire
the dance of
me.. as doing it
the hard way is the
only REAL way to do it @ALL..
Murphy is God and comfort is the devil..
as far as
blue orb
reaLliTies of Life
keep living.. My FriEnd..;)


The great Gravatar that a
face or other symbol attached
as avatar to everywhere one goes
doing art on Word Press now.. and
yes.. a way to find out all the other social
media connections a person has to see if they
are real.. and not just another spam bot or to see
if they
are just
in a ‘business’
of art to sale.. sale..
sale.. and sale.. art
for bucks verses the sake
and joy of the journey and
paths now of bEinG in Flow
iN ZonE.. of no holds given to
restrict A freest art that goeS on
noW as star of HeARt and spiRit
and perHaps even miNd and boDy
baLanCinG soUL shining brighter than
ever beFore..
but the truth is
Creativity and Libido
for life attached to all
stuff reproductivity is attached
to that.. and without releasing libido
to do the job of Creativity same as even
science now shows that A REAL LUST FOR
LIFE is what drives the creative response and
even social cooperation for survival.. like that
ain’t common sense.. is why the lustiest
countries produce the most art..
need i say France.. and Paris..
the Statue of Liberty and
nude beaches that
are free there..
the Romantics
the true Romantics
are alWays steeped in luSt..
as well as the greaTest artists
too.. if not that those appetites
are even
ever met..
they do co-exist
to drive creativity oN..
and to eXpand the potential
and creature comforts of the human
race to the point.. wHere there is illusion
enough that actual producing babies.. can
save so many species.. in common sense terms
of too much
human culture
eating the rest of life..
away and thereby otherwise
killing the overall lust for life on
this blue.. green.. brown.. and snow
topped mountain view of Earth iSREAL..
hehe anyWAy
at lEast for
me.. My Gravatar
is attached to a galaxy
now and even UniVerse oF
Ocean whole poem words.. as
this 696th Macro Verse continues
to grow in this micro-verse pArt of
that in streams of rivers Ocean view..:)


And a dark bird of anxiety here after
that Gravatar memory passed the year
before.. and sure as always credit goes wHeRe
credit is due.. as the Facebook Algorithm personal
assistant keeps me reminded of what i do before.. for
just a ‘little’ more inspiration for today.. as practice is
what makes life what it is..
And anxiety and emotions whole..
where the way of staying in one’s head
puts one out of touch with the body where
emotions truly flow in senses from head to toe..
hmm.. as long as i can dance.. will never have anxiety
as my body is in control of happiness.. no longer will
my brain lie to the body of me that truly IS A temple
of God.. when allowed to hear the call of the
wild and respond in simple
Nature’s beauty
of balance
true.. and yeah..
i know for all practical
purposes with intent or not..
the fact that i am re-Tired with
more rubber on wheels that usED
to have metal left to survive.. allows
me the constant practice of a miNd
anD boDy BaLanCinG iSREAL soUl from
yes.. head to toe.. in all the ways that
comes as free.. in moVinG.. ConNecTinG
and CreAtinG.. that yes.. all sayS in form of
my own personal Nautilus sHeLL shaRe that NoW
Kilroy was/iS here and he FucKinG KiLLeD FEAR
as fearless
Love most certainly can and
does.. fly free in creativity
and even social cooperation
if and when tHeRe are hands to hOld..
but the more i grow.. it seems.. in trUth
and liGht with no restraints of cultural
or religious lies.. the harder i must try
to keep hOlDinG hands the best
i can.. for i am
only human
and i can
break down..
but i cry.. i try
to keeP MoVinG oN..
in creAtinG and
noW oN.. fREE..:)

A prelude in dance to what
will be my first milestone celebrating
free verse martial arts and ballet-like
dance all over the metro area.. and not
unlike my poetic flow from two years ago..
sure the dance evolves too.. at the
2000 mile mark here.. soon to be
6000 miles.. likely in September..
and i don’t get too carried
away having
video tape
it as the other
video voyeurs do
that spread of ministry
of dance for me all around
the metro area for three years
all for free.. like the Facebook Algorithm
does in continuing to serve these memories
of yesteryears up now without fail.. and anyway..
6 month increments of dance as i have celebrated
each new millennia of miles to come after the first
2000 here.. does show the evolution of dance for
me that continues to move more like a galaxy
and UniVerse whole now as practice
of dance expands the creativity
of MoVinG mE..
in what some
folks describe
as distance and space
but the essence oF iT iN
hUman FeeLinG and SenSinG
terms within is the Kingdom of GoD’s
Balance as God’s GraVitY and mE beComE
best fRiends iN aLL of ReAliTy thAt is noW for FReED..:)

And i suppose in a way..
a journey.. a path aT leAst
and west.. this short micro-micro
verse of a larger micro-verse.. oF
macro-verse.. iN Ocean
wHole poem
4 million words
from a year ago..
now in around 36
plus the 5 months
of blogger blog leading
to that and yes.. 69 wHolE
months noW iN total eclipsing
stiLL by close to 12 million total
words whole noW in 69 months..
the meaning
of all
in this
verse smAll
wHole too..:)

“Ah.. heArt a lit one.. warmer
yes.. in humid rivers flow..
no snow in North Florida
row.. but prison goes
up the hill a little
further in brick
story school..
to take
freezing heArt
no longer wave
oh.. ocean blue
eyes i miss you
at 47.. but i flow
back to me at 55..
no signs of speed
limits for me..
i flow
i ride
i play
i pray
edge free
to waves
Ocean Blue
in i’s of I! now..:)”


Hi Truedessa.. thanks.. so much.. for dropping by here
noW.. and the place you stopped is simply the comments
section that is the draft section of free floWinG Stream
of consciousness writing.. that is effortless
without preplanning of thought…
iT is like SinGinG a SonG
i alWays kNew but
not knowing it
in now the
usual search
and look way
of solving problem
liFe.. the 20K plus words of
‘Jar oF liGht AnD DArk heARts’
started in the comments section
of the last poem on Monday Afternoon
and took three days to complete at around
an average of 7 thousand words a day.. and
as noted in this poem.. and this comments section
of draft words for my coming 696th Macro-verse whole..
yet to be named.. it is part of the whole Ocean Poem now
approaching 4 million words long.. and this writing
only started on Thanks Giving day of 2010..
on the Wrong Planet website
to escape pain..
of which
there are
still about
8 million words
there in addition to
the words on this blog.. then..
as my practice session.. hehe..
to get wHeRe i go for now always..
practice.. practice practice makes more
practice for what comes neXt and i have
no idea mostly what does come neXt.. my friend
and that’s the way i Love iT.. sImply in a Forrest Gump
feathered wind of imagination and Creativity FReED..
Have a great
day my
FriEnd.. WiTh SmiLes..
LiFe is worth liVing noW.. no hOlds
given.. to take stock oF liberty more.. back..:)


More fun here.. like my Grandfather
Leo the X-Catholic Priest two generations
removed from me as Native of Ireland did
per the still book ya can PDF for free
online book named “Behind
the Dictator’s”.. wHeRe
he exposed the Illuminati
gossip of the Jesuits then
who were trying to make the Jews
look bad last century.. oh.. as the world turns..
noW the soap opera of the innate conservative
Yang mind of humans verses the more noW open
minded Yin mind of humans as the beat goeS on..
in heart felt disagreement between
folks who are scared of
almost all change
in life to
those who
Love change
like the wind
that sings free..
anyway.. just having
some satirical fun to
tRuly make some serious
logical points in pun2.. for
the trUe inSanity that
rules in pArts of
cultures globAlly
StILL now for
those stuck
in the cave
oF Plato that
folks like Jesus
and Buddha and
other open minded
more liberal folks
against the chains
of men applied to
the God of Nature
locEed in priSonS
of Books continue
to brEAk out oF iN
Joyous SonG and
DancE of GoD FReED
as wE.. at lEast and WeSt
for mE noW iN HeaveN iSREAL..
so i say in return to
hehe.. so self-
called now.. The
Vigilant Christian..
iF God IS A He..
that means God
has a Penis and loves sex..
did ‘you’ kNow that in primitive cultures
that still exist now.. there are no words for
homosexual and masturbation.. duh.. face palm.
it is simply ’cause they do the work of the night from
puberty as it is the child that is the prize.. not the FucKinG
marriage papers.. or some lie in a big bLack book made
by Patriarchs that created a human God with a Penis..
seriousLy.. God made human beings to have sex
when they reach puberty.. and to have the
child raised by the family as Village..
and after all even the
Jesus dude in the
New Testament
said that heaven is now..
per the Kingdom of God being
at hand all around yA now.. if YA WAY..
can FeeL and SenSe iT.. and additionAlly
the Jesus dude said there will be no marriage
at at all in heaven now.. as hey.. in the New iSREAL
iSRAEL of the U.S. oF A.. and hey.. i’M even iSREAL
born on 6660.. at 56 and am twice as strong as you..
and yeah.. baby i can prove that too.. on YouTube.. he-
HE and by the way i live in the New Jerusalem of the New
iSRAEL U.S.A. that at one point had the most churches
per square mile as i came aboard here in the Panhandle
of Florida on the west coast side latitude of the Old Jerusalem..
hmm.. perhaps that’s just a coincidence.. and i live in Saint Rose
county here.. and go to Saint Rose Church.. and we are noW aT
mile mArker 33 when yA come WEST on I-10.. OH MY GOD THE
as far as rank of county size..
and here you are picking on
Mr. Bolt.. the fastest
human being saying
he is illuminati
cause his
last name
sounds like a
Lightning bolt..
and OH JESUS F. in Christ..
’cause he ran on lane number
6 three times through the final..
and by the way now my name is
Fred.. just Fred.. but really that now
full name Frederick.. Means Peaceful
Ruler and my middle name Arthur means
strong and my real last name is just another
version of the original mythological name of
God like Elohim.. once named as other words
for sand and water as silt of God wHole in the
mix of Yin and Yang even then.. haha.. how the
Synchronicity FLows.. mY FriEnd.. weLL.. tHeRe’s the
thing.. like EL this is like my 5th time visiting here.. OMG
that 5.. that’s another OMG Evil Illuminati symbol.. heheX2..
so perhaps that is an Omen for you my friEnd.. as i just continue
to have fun Writing Free Verse Poetry with let’s just say as you now
say.. HIDDEN with occult meanings that continue to flow free with
and all the sHades of grey and beyond rainbow hues of colors
too.. how the F can i do this.. almost 12 million words online
since.. Thanks Giving Day on 2010.. shortly before i put
my photo online as briGht eYed baby avatar in
hopes i would regain with greenest bluest eYes..
my soul in the midst of 66 real months of hell then..
yes.. i put that photo up on Christmas Day
of 2010.. just coincidence or synchronicity
as God’s Language in signs has always
spoken in all of Nature and now through
the extensions of all byproducts of Human
culture too.. anyWay dude.. i’m glad you are
earning your pennies here as the publishers
of the National Enquirer also know there is a
solid base of people willing to buy any snake oil
salesperson’s oil for green bLack bucks.. iN tarRed biRd ways.. anD
yeS.. The New England Journal of Medicine also suggests that ‘you’
and Alex Jones will have the same ‘kind’ of audience from noW on
as conspiracy theory enthusiasts continue to live.. and nah.. as
history shows they ain’t goin’ nowHeRe but places like this to take
tHeir mind off tHeir eXistential angst of not F iN BeinG in control
enough of their own mind and body BaLanCinG iSReaL soUL..
to take relative free will control of tHeir own peace
and harmony as even coke kNows and Nike
KNows is just the way yA do iT for VicStories
NOW.. so anyWay.. what i FeeL.. yes..
iS.. you are just a dArk muse sent
to me by ‘Father’ on my
Google Algorithm now..
that is just an eXtension
in cultural way of God all thaT iS
of Nature originAlly the sAMe my fuNny
friEnd.. seriouSly.. i knoW why some folks come
here.. iT is pArt of their innate and nurture way.. in
environmental families that raise i am scared of everything
like change and progressing out of the cave to paint something
more baroque than a hand or something like that.. but truly my
FriEnd.. the size of my hand as words blows away anything you for one have
ever seen before..
for the simple
reason that i
AM free with no boundS noW..
and liMits like a REAL FOX SHOW
OF LUCIFER NOW TOO.. by the way
i don’t own a bar.. in Los Angeles but
i do kinda own NoW onE every Holy and
Sacred Thursday in R and R way as says
here in Lower Alabama.. L.A. FL panhandle..
inNow my Longest Long Form Poem reaching
now 42 months iN my witness for a God so big
that you my friend have never ever met fully beForE..
as the evidence at least sHows heRe.. in yoUr very narRow
and scaRed same view of liFe.. same as your best customers
here hehe.. where both of y’ALL.. i intuit for real kNow not what Y’all
do but don’t worry.. We thieves in the night who last at least a thouSand
years in a Kingdom OF Heaven with no moon and sun online if ya wanna
keep on taKing the Bible and Revelation literAlly.. you can not only call wE Lucifer
you can now call wE the thousand year hUmans wHo coMe liKe a thief in the niGht.. and
now last for a very long time/now for one reaSon only my friEnd.. wE have done new things
prove it in the words i continue to write.. effortlessly as a ForRest Gump Feather in the wind.. Now
ye of little faith my friend.. stay with illusory fears and never ever find the only iSREAL higher power
of God noW gifted to us by the God of Nature Free that is fearless love and all of what comes iN
a luSt
or/FOR liFE
HAVE A NICE day and
i thank ‘father’ for sending
me this trUly hilarious muse
for simply achieving more than
the man Jesus did then.. wE aRe
juSt a liVing legend my friEnd..
that IS A iSrEAL
and no myth
iN Movie or Book..
alone.. wE ARE ALLONE..:)


Hi.. my friEnd Zee…
tHeRe IS A great
liGht iN yoUr heARt..
that continues to gRow
as Art iN God as OceanWhole..
alWays love
to my comments
as it alerts me that
you have written another
muse for the liGht and dARk
of liFe and spectrum ‘tween
that is simply
mY friEnd
of A SpiRit oF
a SoUl wHo is
not afraid to spread
the liGht of what they see as
tHeir owN personal TrUth oF liGht..:)

WeLL.. my friEnd.. Zee..
noW iN practice there iS
perfection as practice
and this practice IS A
keeper for sure in “Let
Me Show You” as long as
HUman bEinGs wHo are NoW
capable of LoVinG oTheRs do
not giVe uP on SHoWinG oTheRS
what FearLeSS GiVinG and ShArinG
LoVe can do.. tHere is hoPe.. not only for
Humans but for the Love of Sun that
mY Cat
FeeLs in
A crossed
WindoW light
shaDow on Carpet
of the liFe made by
hUmans hE KNoWs noW..
what he does not forget mY
FriEnd is hiS friEnd the Sun
as he has total faith that after
every niGht the Sun WiLL RiSe AgAin..
as above.. so below.. inside.. outside
all around from sub-atomic flow
to the planets that orbit
the Sun to Galaxy
and orbit
BLack hole
SuN.. we are all connected
all is interdependently related
for life ‘fore liFe oF We to Exist..
and that my friEnd IS A iSREAL
mAgiC of God’s eYes wE privileged
to spread as this GreATtest hiGhest
power of unconditional and fearless
Love in Tree of
LiFe that
never ends
noW.. i Love
these words
you wrote
and cherish them
iSREAL as any FeeLinG
soUl WiLL do WitH giVe and shaRe.. SpiRit Free..:)


yes.. the
Sun makes
Yellow Boy Glow..:)


Ugh.. trying so hard not to fall
asleep reading what i already
wrote.. as i rarely get to read
too much of a finished product
beFore i move on..
as sure moving
towards 20K words
in each Macro Verse per
the example of number 695
illustrates nicely as such in 20K
words plus.. but this number 696
and all stuff sixes and nines are curvy
and by very definition of the Golden Spiral
of life in 1.618 mathematical mean.. LiFe iS
very very seXy so perhaps some Tanka also noW
known as Thank you in that poetic form celebrated
at dVerse will wake me up.. as that is one Japanese
form where sensual of living in let’s juSt say sexy sixes
and nines are alloWed somewhat free in very calculating
ways of symbols as syllables for each short line.. hopefully
for me i will go somewhat short per each micro-micro-Verse
of micro Verse.. of MacroVerse number.. 696 wHole as sAMe..
as Ocean Poem large.. so HeRe i go.. just for sHow.. of lust noW
and love of all nature God ONE and sAMe as weLL yeS.. WELL..:)

StArtinG noW
@3:29 pm..

Would you love
me if all i say
is well.. penned..
can’t you now love
me more with A Tank you..
out of range and more for Love..
than Japanese
Robot oF olD..
guess what..
in number
44 style
and even
more than
Quadrille Quills
of beFore verbs with
cheap thrills iN
a balance
and LOVE..

Ah.. thesaurus..
driven poetry
a great way
to learn English
but what about meaning
deeper.. deeper creative
meaning from
oh the
Dictionary writing..;)

Quick side note..
those are the two grey
pompon poet sites that
do their best to exclude
me from their view.. hehe..
that means the freest verse
comes from me on the first two..
liGht iN DaRk
A path to constant
nirvana.. bliss.. heaven
in now. when all is dArk
is only joke aS Shadow oF liGht..
iS what coMes
nExt in liGht
oF y

Blankets of
pattern love
spread quilt
of linGeRinG

Life a River
Lust a stream
Love an Ocean
Water never ending Wave..:)

Ocean eYes..
of semblance
have no waves

Love knows no know..
KNow nows

Farmer’s Love
of FloWer..:)

Colors of
bound of

Sacred cup oF
flesh.. two handS
come togeTheR noW
For sweet teA

Trance Dance
energy solo
allonE liGht.:)

BrOwn rays
of fAll eYes
trade wiNds
oF Summer hEat..
WiNter SpRings.. Of Love..:)

DriesT oF
GreAtest colors..:)


ComPasSion For liFe
kNows no
eYes allone..:)

Salt water ocean
eYes.. this reminds
me of those years
where eyeS made
no tears at all..
yes.. then.. a
weLL no water..:)

Sorry.. i cannot (:.not really..;)
help but to remember
with these words the
nice customer service
lady at
who said
when you
come to dance..
no matter Winter
Fall oF Summer noW
it’s alWays Spring..
Life is worth all
the boos Now noW yes..
iN the UniVerse.. SinG..
for SprinG eYes that Dance..
And ‘they’ make fun of Walmart
Workers.. wInks.. i ‘could’ sPit nAils..:)

Reminds me how much a
sliver of heaven this
really is for a place
now.. so long
for wars
soils of home..:)

as i’Ve comE
to feel.. first loves
gRow old but last
ones stay young..
and Jesus
F. iN Christ..
i do mean
thaT literAlly2..
aS eYes of Isis
oN Earth iNcarnate iSREAL..;)

TRust me or.. not..;)
mY text iS eXtra
aS Such..;)

And just
a note… Love
the out of the box here..:)

i kid you not.. yes..
and i can prove it.. hehe..
as my current poem is noW
over 20K words long.. and groWinG..
and my wHole 696 verses Ocean Poem..
long poem form.. too big for dVerse.. now
or Jesus F. iN ChrisT alMost the u.Verse..
is approaching 4 milLion words..
i am no teXtual
writer.. and
it’s all for FReED..
aS Hypergraphia..;)

A flock of social
birds IS A human
way.. electronic
A sLow
teXt SonG AFFray..:)

HAir smeLLs
Sweet stRands..
Romance.. Fresh..
SeLLs peRfume
oF ligHted
So BriGht..:)

SeNsory aNd FeeLinGs..
Animal liFe..
Cry of Animal
kNoWinG hUmans..:)

Yes… how much
easier it is
to connect
in and
with nature
as wHole..:)

Cycles of the
moon.. impressions
of nails to full

PasSioN briGht
coloRed fEaTheRs..
quiLLs oF penS noW
wHo siNg morE

OKay all finished
up at 5:34 pm..
25 in 1 hour
and 35 minuteS now..:)

@3.8 minutes per effort..;)


The Facebook handy dandy visual production
assistant algorithm provides a short 11 second
slide show of my pre-work out face in Karmic
eye fashion and Clouds of Sunset and even
the Date Palm King Squirrel of the
other day tight rope walking
the power lines across
the street.. and i must
say.. speaking of work-outs
and yes.. even nude art.. there
was a.. ahem.. King David Like Statue
of Trump displayed in several cities around
the country today.. and that included the full
and small monty.. if you will.. and ha! there was
at least one hilarious conspiracy theorist on the
Internet YouTube 24 hour so-called truther stations
intimating that the mason ring placed as the only
piece of garb on the nude Donald.. was/ is noW..
potential proof that he was/is undergoing the
public shaming ritual of the Masonic
organization to advance to
higher levels of human
and i must say
fear of being humiliated
and worrying what other folks
think about yA.. IS A sure way to
limit your human potential.. and one
thing i learned in life.. is.. if you really go
down and sink.. the only folks who are gonna
stand by your side is your immediate family and
in my case i must say in my 66 months of 19 disorders
everyone i knew quickly forgot i existed but closest family
members.. and even Katrina’s closest family members did
not exclude me from the human race.. even though it
was extremely hard for me to connect to anyone
with the pain i had.. no matter what.. so perhaps
that was just as well.. but here’s the other
thing.. i was abused much in verbal
ways as a person on the
Autism Spectrum from
the way i talked.. to
the way i moved..
to the way i looked
all the way through school
and much of work too.. and sure
that hurt but i got used to it and got
as strong as i could be.. but what i learned
is to finally let that go.. i had to accept and love
everything about me NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE
in a Heaven that is real.. so i publicly shamed my self in
what most people couldn’t imagine doing.. in getting
in their undies online.. just for shits and giggles and
fun.. when it doesn’t matter what the FucK anyone
thinks about you anymore.. as you’ve faced
the end with only you and God deciding if
you are going to have the
strength to overcome
a life threatening synergy
of illnesses to make it another
second in life.. and if anyone thinks
they could ever harm me with words after
going through something worse than a fire
of burning hell for 66 months.. they don’t understand
what it’s like to be a real Biblical-like Job for 66 full months..
yeah.. i love me.. and in doing that i can love all the rest of
Nature including some of the greatest stinking humans too..
no different than the apes on the planet of the
apes movie.. in disgusting ways
of fear and all stuff related to
hate.. so sure.. in some
ways.. i boldly go where
most folks are afraid to
go.. bottom line
i ain’t scared..
i live fearless love FREE..
and yeah.. baby.. there is both
an art and a science to that and
some of what the Masons do in
ritual way are effective to meet that means..
but seriously.. Donald needs to work-out.. the
Statue of him at least tells a tale of more talking
the walk of lifE noW..
And haha.. i often kid Katrina
that one day.. hehe.. there will
be a full David/Min/Apollo statue
of me in front of most mAlls.. hehe..
at least
in all legal
restricted links
for adults of course..
but kids today were
laughing like hell on
YouTube and taking
selfies with the Donald
statue with no shame..
we live in a weird ass
world where showing headless
bloody ass people is considered
okay on Facebook.. but a pair of breasts
doing some feeding is considered obscene..
you know what’s
a little Bonobo
Love uncovered
will stop that shit from
going down.. for sure..:)


Here.. this trusty Facebook Algorithm Memory added
from three years ago.. as i start my Word Press
Journey and Ocean Poem whole.. and
photos that tale a story much greater
of God of Nature whole than
written words will ever
come close to do.. will at
this point become a major focus
of visual poetry same in my Ocean
Poem whole on Word Press that including
the Flickr link there through June 2014.. includes
more of the first year on record that eventually
after that point was included fully in whole
Ocean poem way.. with a total of
somewhere close to 100K photos
at this point including Flickr..
and probably somewhere
close to 60 to 70K photos
accompanying in
photo stream
way same
as the auditory
and visual placement
all free verse in holy spirit
way as the archetypes of images
in shape of words does come free
and not pre-planned by me as God
We i do it free style baby as Nature
wil flow in human Ocean poem freest
verse style.. waves of human communication..
inside.. outside.. above so below.. and all around..
and don’t ask me how finely designed forms like
lamps come when i am speaking of enlightening
stuff.. but sure.. a lamp is designed by humans to
transmit light as form and essence too..
coincidence.. synchronicity..
God language free
is what it is..
believe it or
Ripley i prove
God iSREAL every
God Dam Day of my liFe..
for those with eyes and ears to see..
for the cynics of light and those who fear
the dark they see fear and cynicism and that
is the way
of their
perception of what is is
for now.. let’s just say i see
more than most.. as i keep seeing
and do not close my eyes to anyone
or anything of what God has to say
as Nature
whole SinGs
a SonG oF TruTh
and LiGht in BLack
and WhiTe and all sHades
‘tWeen that.. and beYond
hUes as colors of Rainbow
more more more baby for those
who seek and find more more more NOW iSREAL..:)

From Two years ago.. here..
the first Macro-Verse narrating
the journey of public dance in
poetic flow.. as both the poetry
and dance continues to evolve like
Nautilus Shell.. Galaxy and UniVerse
sAMe spReaDinG out arms of GOlden
Flow of God’s
Language sAMe
N A T U R E n O W..
iN steps and words..:)

“Smelly Cat, Smelly cat what are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, smelly cat it’s not your fault…
I promise you when we’re done
all the world will smell as one…
Smelly Cat, Smelly cat what are they feeding you?”
From a Macro Verse of two years ago..
and boy does the deeper meaning of
this short ‘Friends’ guitar riff..
pretty much
sum up the
way of the world
now.. as culture and
religion covers our eYes
in separation from the real
bread and water that is one
of life that as even science shows
now.. all is interconnected and interdependently
related as One force of Nature and yes of course
God sAMe.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below
and all around.. and sadly.. mostly science
acts much more reliable as a scribe of
God than all the FUCKING VIOLENT
AND RAPEY VERSES.. in both the
bible and kuran too.. NATURE IS
separate yourself in whatever book
written fears or empty promises of before..
you like but you will never ever change the
truth and light of that fACT in this world now..
as history most definitely shows in every
that sings
a story of
the equality of
human being in the
end of this terrestrial
human existence now..
and if you believe in a small
enough God.. perhaps you will
try to fool Mother Nature by going
against the rule of Nature that exists
within you.. and that is your choice only
plus the whatever it is that fed the smelly
cat parts of your existence through the lies
of men and women.. etc.. that wanna imprison
ya away from the Unity of the God of Nature now..
i tend to believe in the God of Nature more than all the
lies i see in sacred texts from A to Z.. not to say there
is no truth there of course.. but that is how people are
always manipulated.. through illusory fears and empty
promises.. by mixing in truth with lies.. and only
those.. capable of discerning that difference..
will rise and thrive again with
God and God’s Nature
innately.. instinctually
and intuitively gifted
to us as our Human

From a year ago.. as school days
for most come then too.. and a complete
review of poetic expressions on what was
often A purgatory
of school experience..
here in my somewhat backwards
town of New Jerusalem and the
Big Panther M back then..
hehe.. as River
town mill town..
poetry continues
to flow on alive
in stream
of liFe
ways of noW FReED..;)


One of few family photos here from the usual bi-annual visits when i was small from my father and here.. most unusually.. my Paternal Grandmother.. Myrtle.. came down for a visit too.. on the beach.. she French/Spanish aka Cajun and my father showing those Cajun roots here more except for Irish Green eyes not visible here in this photo.. first generation from my Grandfather the eventual X-Catholic Priest immigrating from Ireland.. and yes.. to meet my Grandmother here.. when she was 17 at the Taylor County Catholic Parish where my actual Priest Grandfather and a noted author of last century in intellectual and social circles of the socialist party.. even dining with Einstein.. living in New York.. New York then.. as one of his 15 minutes of fame in life.. in retrospect
of now of course.. for he..
and yeah.. he was 36..
when he met my grand
mother in the pews then..
and sure that was totally
scandalous back in them days too..
with his family rejecting him for the
rest of his living days.. but here’s the
thing.. was his stray and fray from the
rule of order of Catholic Church that says
men cannot get married worth it.. it was
to me and my sister and my father and
his twin brother and my two cousins
and just one child that has come
out of that effort so far
in the generation to
come.. but
sure.. he
had a higher
and lower calling
to do more than just
what the Catholic church
told him was the rule of their
law and not the law of Mother
Nature aka God’s true law to
get the innate instinct and
intuition of life done..
away from the
ignorance of
cultural and
religious lies that
are used to subjugate
folks through illusory fears
and empty promises to simply
control folks away from the laws
of the God of Nature that will always
in the end rule over books and words
written from men.. and women mostly
they have more sense than that when
set freed.. as empathy.. compassion and
feelings and senses set free are the God in We..
away from lies of books that simply exist for the
order of subjugation and control.. to make you
in tow of priSon..:)


Speaking of good little robots.. yeah.. it’s a lot easier
likely for most folks to see us as diagnosed on the
Autism spectrum looking at the form and
non-verbal language of our bodies here..
for my sister and i.. me at 11 and
she at 10.. if memory serves
precisely correct.. and
the model year of
this Ford LTD..
that i remember
mostly for delicious
Summer air-conditioning
that my divorced mother could
never afford until about 1976 in
a used car then.. after i bought her
1970 maverick with neither AC or heat..
but it got me through the age of 26.. including
college of course.. oh.. that old reliable white steed that
went through two engines too.. hehe.. then.. to make it
to the end of sweet 16.. in ’86.. anyway the ‘cool
kids’ had a field day of verbally abusing me and
my sister.. in our pure and angelic nerd forms
here.. but i must say.. i wonder how much
of this is environmental and not truly
so much an innate issue other
than overwhelming sensory
and emotional feelings
picked up from
an increasingly busy
and very stimulating human
cultural environment.. but yeah..
sure.. i couldn’t talk until age 4.. and
i had great difficulty with language
in stuttering and even expressing
myself other than kinda strange..
but too much sitting at school..
and overall being
overwhelmed like
a cat in a cage of a lightening
storm kinda makes for some very
shy and timid looking body language too..
and here’s the thing.. bullies pick up on that
shit quick.. who have their issues of inferiority of
anger at not being loved at home or whatever..
and to have weak body language through
out life is a sure way to get picked
on as that is what the
strong and angry
do.. they look
for a dog or
a weak
person to kick..
with little to no human
empathy and compassion..
and this rule and sadly dark part
of human nature goes on as those
who are dark and bullied or unloved
tend to go on and do the same to others..
unless somehow they persevere with love..
and usually that comes from at least one
supportive parent.. and yes.. in our
case our mother… otherwise
i might have turned out to be
a cold blooded killer
in the military
or such
as that.. as
both my father and
grandmother on the
paternal side could be
very very mean to the folks
they saw as inferior in life..
in ways of racism for sure..
the scourge of human ignorance
as far as i see.. but i wasn’t raised that
way.. thank God.. as my father left when i was
three breaking the dark cycle of that over here in
Good Old
New Jerusalem
and the New iSRAEL
USA of course.. as metaphor
only.. no duh.. please.. wInks..;)


Facebook Friend Candice shares
a blog link.. and i say in return
in that blog post and here
of course
wRite oN course.. now too..

Ha!.. i am the first to comment..
good that you’ve had an income and
been able to write free.. anything that
requires mechanical cognition.. even transferring
the writing to some online pages to publish takes at least
a little bit of the creative liGht out of me.. and yeah.. i kNow
and feel what you say about bi-polar creativity.. as i had a dry
spell of 40 years with only rain drops of creativity before that..
i’ll let the ocean gRow.. as big as it wants too..
as that is the creative part that
can never be duplicated..
and hey.. putting it online..
beats desk drawers every day..
as sure.. i am only human and
real humans do give and share if
and when they can.. as the circle
of life will naturally
inspire all to grow..
from inside to outside..
to above.. so below.. and yes.. ha! noW
aLL around online as TsUnAmi’s gRoW on..
i rather have one really deep person who now
can understand what i say.. rather than a world
of minions that have most all tHeir nose stuck in
a literature of books from thousands of years ago..
same as same cave paint will dry with dust my friEnd..
when i write the only audience i write for is now.. could
be one.. could be two or more.. i don’t care what time says..
the secret
to an
Ocean of
Words now
that only waves
hello.. now is MoVinG moreE now..
Other than that great fortune to you writing
fiction.. i’ve tried it on occasion but over thirty
years of work in Government.. etc.. has made me
rather stale on anything in life that requires planning life
NoW in anyWay.. but sure.. tHeRe is free verse fiction too
that flows.. done it on a few occasions and perHaps that
dAm wiLL
break one now too..
until then.. i floW oN.. sMiLes..
and best writing to you however
that may come that pleases you..
i’LL be around to read as i find inspiration
in every place.. particularly.. those wHo are FReED..:)

Yes.. my friEnd.. literally
40 yrs.. from thirteen all
the way to 53.. and yes..
with little to no CRE
AT ion ACTiViTy then..
i’M 56.. noW and the onLY
reaSon i look
as you
’40 less’..
than that
is my wife
who never
ages at 46.. who
alWays accompanies
me in her flavor of never
changing youth.. oh.. by the
way.. she’s not hUman.. heheR..
but that’s another ‘ficTioNal’ story
i’Ve been working on isreal as i go.. heheX2..
and God yes.. the government work literally
alMost killed me.. as Mr Robot Zombie for years then..
free and
Ocean Deep liVe..
Thanks.. mY FriEnd..:)


Facebook Friend Ned..
shares a deep and sage-like Quote..

“I shall tell you a great secret,
my friend. Do not wait for the last
judgment, it takes place every day.” — Albert Camus

And i say in ‘some’what similar return..

WeLL.. ain’t that the truth.. Karma is real and even
science says just do it.. or it doesn’t happen..
in action for consequence of course…
for either light or dark as positive
or negative doing action and likely
similar result as consequence.. as
those who wait for
get little
except for nothing..
and that’s the saddest
lie of all.. nothing now in inaction..
the best way now to control folks is to
tale them to have faith in words over action..
and the saddest part of all is there are enough
suckers to control entire countries who take that
bait simply
for social
acceptance noW
and nothing reAlly
more as folks wiLL do
nothing if that means be
accepted by the tribe..
the outcast
as they
know nothing
but action my friEnd..
as metaphor of course for iSREAL..:)


The iSREAL God of Karma..
you kNow the all encompassing
Force of Nature and beYond what
human and human science aided
eYes sense and FeeL..
only judge
in the sAME and only
reAliTy of the never ending
never land but noW.. Story Now
of iSREAL that says HOW noW
in Balance now.. just do it or don’t.. action..
consequence.. in positive or negative liGht
or dArk but here’s the deal.. tHere are many
ways to make yoUr LoVe Deeper sTiLL
to make iT aLL WHoLy and SacRed
NoW is an oN going aRt of
miNd and BoDy BaLanCe
of MoVinG.. CoNnecTinG
and creATinG wITh the
reSt oF NatuRe God WHOLE
NOW.. live in a book.. cover your
body from head to toe in lies of hidden
from God.. separate yourself from nature
by cutting the foreskin off your baby too..
and dunk that child’s head in water
as water boarding-lite THEN..
while the child screams NOW
i don’t wanna drown.. while you
giggle in dElight for the child’s
freedom being taken away now
just to breathe free without your
sacrifice of small tortures in front
of an audience who has lost tHeiR
God dam empathy and compassion
for FucKinG common sense of how
the child feels now as you lock that child away
in your nightmares of a human made illusion now of
fear in eternal hell.. that is real as any scary God dam
movie.. you can convince a teenage couple is scary on
their first date too.. sure.. it’s up to Y’All in whaT yA do..
but the truth is there is no faith like action in what works
for the Heaven and the Kingdom of God now to be naKed and FReED..
for me
so in common
sense words.. wake
up from the dark of
ancient lies.. and jusT
FucKinG LiVe noW by JuSt
DoinG LiFe now fearless with LoVE..
sure.. easier said than done as history
StiLL clearly shows in clothed lies of beForE..:)


Yellow Boy IS A Cat who
wears many versatile hats..
as clearly shown earlier he acts
as Golden Boy in the Sun
in artful ways of
Sun tinted
and at night
he is the Golden
Desert and Egyptian
Sphinx.. guarding Isis
as she sleeps.. and what
else yes.. coming in the
next Facebook Profile photo
to show case the incredible
talent of this Yellow
Boy FeLinE
actor noW..
drum roll.. please
as the neXt Yellow
Boy Facebook Profile
photo comes.. tapping
the keyboard more.. waiting…;)

Yes.. Yellow Boy in his third
Brainiac hat.. from pretty golden
boy to warrior sphinx.. now to Brainiac
cat hat all day too.. as he is currently involved
in online study here.. in smArt CaT phoNe
way.. and yes.. to get the
fully story of what
he is assessing
in wild and
free way here
along with the
wife and how wild
cats do.. it is kinda
a secret that for now that
will definitely come all wide
out in the open.. in my next
‘Macro-Verse Number 696’ noW
and yes.. that is the self-explanatory
title of my next Macro-verse as sure.. it
has particular holy and sacred significance
to me as it IS A flow of my favorite GOlden
Spiral-like numbers
in a never
story of
never land but noW..:)

Hmm.. iT took me a wild to find
the theme song.. as i tend to forget
i’M weird.. hehe.. but anYway.. such is the
price of WiLd and FrEed.. to be seen as weird..
what else.. yeah.. it’s funny.. how some folks get kinda
creeped out when i say nonchalantly.. yeah.. i do nude art
for a 56 year old dude who is me.. and then others say OMG
GOD YOU ARE so free.. i’d look at that.. why not.. hehe.. anyway..
it just goes back to the realiTy of the very liberal open minded human
being who is almost never afraid of the new as long as no one gets hurt…
hmm.. yeah..some other folks are in to hurt.. but no they are as far from free
as free can get.. as that almost always starts in a dark place of some kind of
home life or public social abuse.. and then there are others.. who are just plain
i am scared of different stuff and imagine all types of nefarious intentions when
art and sure passionate art like a finger print of a human being only comes
once always now for truly creative folks who are super open minded
too.. afraid of no different that does not reasonably
harm other folks too.. as different of course..
anyway.. in this way same is different
too.. and online provides
another avenue
for almost
any difference
that comes.. and sure
if there IS A Heaven it must
be here online.. as in most
places in the world free is only
allowed as much as closed minded
conservative folks can handle now..
there are as science shows A Nature
of human behind the phenomenon of
free and liberal vs closed minded
human folks.. that ain’t eva’
gonna change
at inherent
core as long
as being human
is the flavor of the
Earth Day now in blip
of coming and going extinct
species.. so this place with no
sun or moon that stays lit-up 24/7..
sure.. could meet that def of Revelation
that says a place wHere freedom finally
rings at least in some available and accessible
avenue of heaven for all who wish to express
in FREE or closEd up hUman Spirit all oF what
they wish to express.. connect.. and create
oF tHeir human poTenTial now.. no
matter if it IS A beautiful
HiJab style of wear..
or naked Miley’s..
or Haiku.. or Science
Abstracts or a FucKinG Weird
Ass Ocean Whole poem in realiTy
now Auto-BioGraphical way from a
nobody of much consequence but a LoT
of action from me now.. hmm.. but tHeRe
IS A Karmic pArt of this WhoLe to consider
more FULly perHaps.. as that is the
way God and Nature
works.. no matter
what the
WiLL do in dArk
aWay from LiGht
oF hUman fuller potential
iSREAL iSNOW iS LiGht iS TrUth..
And SpeaKinG of getting out of my
mind.. weird.. or whatever.. it’s definitely
now for some public dance as.. Jesus
F. iN Christ.. a novel size of words
and even more videos and photos
now of other stuff AND DANCE..
when i do that weekly now
makeS desire for dance gRoW
to make
a concerted
effort to GET
MiNd and as weIrd
as i care to dancE FRee
with i don’t give a FucK
outta’ mY
yeah and i was
gonna use that
song that actually
says ‘Get out of my Mind’..
but it glamorizes alcohol abuse..
that i’m sorry.. is truly human weakness
away from finding a path oneself to free
oneself from the inhibitions that can be
released with practice and yes.. with
stuff like nude
to get
out of the
prison of human
lies up to now so-LD-real2..:)


The Facebook Algorithm Photo Production Assistant continues
to expand the options available all for free to keep yA hooked
on Facebook.. hehe.. live videos.. photo slide show videos as
ya go.. somehow they are going to find a way
to put us online by literally uploading
our souls forever
as long
as servers
serve from
wherever ever
forever more now
Facebook originates from..
but wait.. they ALREADY DID IT..
OOPS.. there’s no turning back now..
full steam ahead expanding the view of human
souls in electronic social media we go merry around..;)

And Facebook never gives up.. if the
last version wasn’t good enough for yA..
they will do it over and over and oops i did it again..
oh.. the algorithm
digital assistant
never fails to deliver
something neW and imProved..
liKe F iN Free MaGiC at zero charge..;)

OMG.. Yellow boy has been everywHere today..
from the Golden Boy in the morning sunlight
cross window pane on carpet.. from
Sphinx guarding the incarnate
Goddess Isis of New
in New
U.S. oF A
ISraEL.. and then
on to lEarning all that
Google has to offer by way of
arts.. sciences.. religions.. philosophies..
politics.. and OMG.. so much more.. and now
what yA kNoW and FeeL an aVatar of him in
animatE way is even featured on the man over
the moon now.. iN Store Shopping DanCinG ways..;)

One thing.. kinda.. hilarious
at Old Seville is when some joke
around and say ‘Welcome to Walmart’..
when they see me tHeRe as they have seen
me so many times in Voyeur Facebook Videos..
made by all the Minions of Visual
Production Assistants
i have administrating
and promoting mY
Ministry of Dance aLL
F iN Free all around town
and around the world too..
as far as Facebook and the
Dance of me goes too.. and Jesus
F. in Christ.. all i have to do is keep ShoWinG
uP again for close to three years now.. with the
same dog and pony and yes.. as of today a Yellow
Boy Cat Avatar sHoW on man over the
Moon Style toDay to dAte..
DancE FReED..;)

Being able to dance
FReED.. solo.. anyWHere
wHerEver you go.. in fields of
grass.. shores of beach.. tiny aisles
of checkout lines at stores.. and even
sitting sTill with arms barely swirling.. IS A
way of life of raiSinG liFe to Higher and HiGher
ways of bEinG aLiVe simply aliVe noW.. sure it
takes a little bravery and courAge and i don’t GIVE
where you go in a town.. that says.. folks on welfare don’t
deserve to live.. that single mother’s on welfare should be sterilized
as by report of local so-called Christian radio station manager and some
hell bent preacher who says that God’s free children who are homosexuals
are demon possessed in tHeiR God Given and Environmentally Hormonal
influenced ways of being.. at no fault but Nature and God all the sAMe as
Free folks will do when set free from lies of paraphrased 3500 hundred year
old revised books as scholars show have 300 to 400 thousand mistakes smaLL
AND LARGE.. well here’s the thing.. i dance for free.. others frOwn for the freedom
of others not imprisoned by tHeir ways of selfish being.. some are jealous not understanding
that not all disabilities are visible to the naked eye.. like the homeless Jesus on the side
of the road.. who simply pReaches a lesSon of love to those who are married to
tHeir FucKinG clothes.. cars and homes alike.. to those who hoard
and greed money to worship it as any green bLack dollar
will hold those hostage who kNow no better
that heaven is now.. the only heaven is
Now at hand and if you don’t get tHeRe
noW.. by losing yoUr
material attachments
to any thing other
than the
heaven within..
you simply lose.. you lose
on the GreaTest Gift God gives us..
to find Heaven now.. after seeking it..
practiCinG it.. after finding it.. and sharing
and giving it.. if you expect to keep it as
that is what Nature AKA God says huMans
do when living in heaven now naked and
free.. and oh to SinG and DancE
to do what no material
goods kNow and FeeL
how to do but youR heARt
youR spiRit and MiNd and
BoDy soUL BaLanCinG a reLease
from the priSon of materialistic illusions
and idols of books and words the same
unleashed from the subjugating illusory
fears.. and empty promises of tomorrow
that will only ever come now.. as now has
always and aLWaYs WiLL bE all that iS aS NoW..
anyWay.. thousands of years of cultural brainwashing
is hard to reverse back to human God given innate.. instinctual
and intuitive intelligenceS.. but hey.. if a 233 LB tiny dancer 56 year
old dude can do it in free style martial arts.. and ballet-like dance
close to 6000 miles now.. after living in literal earth hell for 66 months
now accomplishing that in three years.. and 100K or so photos to add
in with an approaching 4 Million word longest long form poem ever..
what some
one normal
could do.. hehe..
as i didn’t start this
way.. i work iT all for FReED..:)


Some SinG SonGs oF Hope and Love..
OtHers SinG SongS of Fear and Hate..
What does Jesus do with a sword
and division of family and friends..
What does Elton John do with a
SonG of HopE and LoVe..
WeLL the trUth is now
some folks see a kind
Jesus from those paRts Unity
of what they call Good News..
Love your neighbor as yourself
without.. consuming others with
harm.. heaven.. is noW a gift from
GoD and otHers wiLL do much more
than he.. as any humble hUman says..
noW and even Love your enemy sAMe
as the Buddha dude reported too.. noW
otHeRs.. see a man of Division.. Fear..
and Swords.. and nothing about Love..
much at all in the real action of LiFE
in response to that.. also a soldier
God of the Universe as King
instead of humble
and the
and Scholarly
proven truth is
Jesus is perHaps
a man from history
as Yeshua.. but the
words in the bible are
largely made up by Greeks
and Roman Catholics and
even earlier oral traditions
of Jesus over 40 years or
so.. with many different
sects ranging
in beliefs
of one God
to 12 Gods
or other
etc.. et
al beliefs
as such.. bottom
line.. no matter what you
wanna believe the scholarly
fAct is much of the man of Jesus
is truly myth of stories determined
much later than he lived.. centuries
after in changing copied scribed
revisions as well with
hundreds of
of mistakes
small and large..
so sure.. it’s true
that Elton John wrote
a Song about Saturday
night’s all right for fighting
but he never said bring a sword
or divide families and friends in
hatred for what he brings.. as
good news.. well sure that is
pARt of the New Testament
but no matter how you
paint it.. to bring
a sword and
folks and
family alike..
is just evil created
by folks that have no idea
who Jesus really was as Yeshua
A Zealot.. man around 2K years ago..
then chances are per that culture he did
believe in swords and strife of family then..
as that part is even still in the Gnostic Gospel
of Thomas uncovered with the dead sea scrolls..
with no mention of any supernatural miracles or
resurrection from the dead there.. more of a naturist
and realist yogi-like warrior he seemed to be from that..
and sure that is the way of some Still in Tibetan Monk
way.. there were those days.. where subsistence was
hard to find in desert patch lands in the middle east
then.. that folks fought for with swords.. and
strife of division that still goeS on..
i like to imagine an archetype
of Jesus.. the good cop Jesus
that we can all inspire to be..
and when i see Elton John
SinG sure he is that man
no matter
what his
sexual orientation
is.. as more folks have
been inspired to Love
fearlessly by this man’s song
than the Bad Cop Jesus that is
still sung in Fundamentalist Christian
and Even Muslim Mosques too.. who brings
a sword instead of a Dance and Song of Fearless
Love for all.. that is the Jesus i kNow as Human
archetype that i continue to inspire to be with
only DancE and SonG as PoEtry oNE that
has no bloody metal swords to
divide family and
friends same..
i believe in Fearless
Love and practice it with
reasonable and due dissension
and sure judgement too.. as any
‘normal’ human being will do.. but at the
end of the day.. i lie trUth and LIGht without
blood shed.. family division.. over the same
differences that i see in other places in the world
that can bEcome still overcome by a fearless FORCE ONE
of Love now.. and yes.. i Love all of Nature the sAMe aS oNE..
and all of this..
SonG and
every word close
to 12 million words online
is my SonG to YOU whomever
you are.. as i Am not going to wait
around for someone else to write
A story like this oF Fearless FReED hUman LoVe..:)


Hi.. purplepeninportland..
so happy to see you drop by
here on the about section of my blog..
a little top heavy it is.. hehe.. where some
folks with slower computers and Internet connections
cannot open me up here.. as i am rather multi-media
and wordy intense.. to the max yes.. as i was once in a
very bad place.. escaped that and give my life as gift
in all the human potential i find..
and approaching 4 million
words now in this blog
in a little over three years
now by a few days.. with close to
60 to 70K photos and thousands
of videos encased in what i name
as ‘SonG of My SoUL’ now
696 verses as
the one i am currently
working on.. this is not everyone’s
cup of tea.. unless they are hugely
patient and interested in a very broad
point of view.. with a great deal of satire
over decades of what i have come to learn
in life.. that is reasonably offensive to some
i would think and feel too.. but what i’ve found in
life is the best lessons others taught me were the
hardest to believe at first.. mileage varies.. and at age
56.. i’ve renewed my life to truly cheap thrills of the
only way i can describe as a real heaven now..
i share it all just ’cause i can and will..
and that my friend is the
greaTest gift i kNow..
Can and WiLL witH
Fearless Love for
all as holy and sacred sAMe..
it works for me @lEast and alWays
worth sharing to the max in all i do..
i alWays follow folks who follow me..
but i really only have time to follow dVerse
along that trail and have truly never even looked
at the reader list.. but surely i will see you again
at dVerse.. my FriEnd.. you always bRing a positive
liGht there that i enjoy seeing.. and you have always
been kind to me.. with nice responses that always help to
make my day a light one.. i appreciate that and hope the best for you..:)


yes.. a Facebook Algorithm provided
Macro Verse Memory from two years
ago to date.. but is Human Enlightenment
really that complicated in terms of intellectual
terms.. well.. hell no.. it is the escape from the
complexity of human written language.. collective
intelligence derived from that human written language
and Jesus F. iN Christ.. the complex hugely overweight
Camel of Culture.. that makes this usually rather simple
other animal reality of balance and grace and focus iN
Unity with the rest of Nature a given.. instead of a
laborious task of intellectual escape from
the snake that swallows itself
that is intellect
trapped in
one’s head
of so-called culturally
created Standard Intelligence
Quotient measures of sMart that
lack a heARt of BaLanCinG in MoVinG..
ConnEcting and creaTinG noW in SpiRit
expreSsinG miNd and body BaLanCinG
SoUl iN grace of conserving energy in the
basic animal task of moving one foot in
balance with the other to simply
conserve vital calories
for efficiency
in use
of subsistence
resources and stay
as invisible as possible
to escape predator and
capture prey.. if of course
the animal ranges from carnivore
to omnivore like human beings.. and
yes.. of course.. to adapt to environmental
challenge and change with great neuroplastic
and epigenetic potential.. and sadly Abrahamic religions
other than a little King David Dance as such that is
presented as a metaphorical accomplishment
of defiance rather than a literal exercise
to find balance and focus and unity
with all of Nature also known as
GoD sAMe is rather lost
to Footloose towns
of restriction
and OMG
conspiracy theories
of old of the same repressed
and oppressed human beings
who come to believe illusory fears
that naked human dance and music
is the work of an animal beast of sorts
in human evil wild and free horned form
known as the devil… AND YES THE BEST
HUMAN BEINGS is to limit their moving.. connecting
and creating in life.. that includes all arts now of human
sensuality in movement and yes of course.. sexuality
too.. as even science shows now that a balance of
lust and love is what makes humans more creative
and productive in terms of overall libido of course..
Well.. i went to college for three years and
earned three degrees at close to the
top of my class.. had a great
deal of crystallized rote
memories of facts..
facts.. facts
in way of intellect
and intelligence same..
but as far as moving.. connecting
and creating intelligence.. fail.. massive
fail.. although i was not graded on those most
important intelligences of human being in grade
school through two BA’s and yes.. one BS.. and
and some prison time spent in Graduate school
as well.. truly school can be a prison that takes
away much greater ways of innate.. instinctual
and intuitive intelligence that must be used
or lose.. as all things in animal life
apply and why the monkey
rarely falls out of the tree
and hawk out of sky..
as they practice..
practice.. and practice..
their innate.. instinctual and
intuitive God of nature given talents
from birth to death to simply survive in
the natural focus and balance of Unity
with the rest of Nature aka GOD then
and now and always now.. more for
practiCinG a BaLance and Focus of
Unity of Life with the rest of nature now..
kinda what the folks in India term as the
Yoga way of life.. but sitting still meditation..
hell no.. as sitting still is a repetitive motion
even still where muscles restrict motion to
maintain posture.. fluid continuous balancing
motion is what other animals do.. to conserve
energy and move on to stay invisible to predator
to escape and capture prey as well.. as a REALISTIC
THAT REQUIRES NO written human language of course
in collective intelligence and culture to support insanely
large populations of humans that they are simply still
not naturally evolved to live in more than small
group units of villages with 150 to 200 sets of
naked eyes and hips to dance around the
moonlit fire of midnight skies free with
each other and the rest of nature
God all one now..
but sure.. when the
so-called adulterated
and Queen Victorianized
Christians saw this they were/are..
aghast at their wild and free natures
of God within set free in a dance of life
Naked and Free TogEther.. mostly at least..
so they destroyed what they had forgotten most
in how to be in balance with the rest of Nature seen
and unseen.. felt and unfelt then.. aka God always
now then and now same as the God of Balance
for subsistence survival now always now
as innate instinct and intuition
in higher power
of Nature God
given hUman
Nature still to
be remembered from
our DNA and practiced as
a graceFul focuSinG BaLanCinG
Act of just doing life now.. iN UniTy for survival..
in days to days of Now in peace and harmony too..
as human beings have a greAtest gift of Love and
Compassion for each other when living in touchy feely
relatively sMall groups of 150 to 200 sets of friendly
Loving eyes and hips without lies of Balance in
Grace and unity now.. then now.. poTenTiaLLy
noW as WeLL for those who remember
and practice an all natural moving
Yoga of life in connecting
and creating free..
so yes..
the answers
are all naked and
moving.. and connecting
and creating no different than
a naked seagull spiraling on shores
around sun same on beaches of emerald
green gulf on sugar white deep sands and
seat oats softly breezing as the water and
air of God sAMe as Nature Free
in focus
of Balance now..
and sure.. there are
raving waves aS well
but the pebble that hits
the still waters of lakes and
makes waves returns to peace
of still moonlit waters again.. inside..
outside.. above.. so below and all around
the Nature of God in us as us sAme as Nature
all moves on as friEnd of Gravity and God sAMe
liVinG now..
After Big Bangs
stARt the DancE
and SonG oF liGht
Life REAL LIVinG noW..
WiTh Human FearLess LoVe..:)


Yellow Boy says..
wake up.. and
next Facebook
Profile photo status
please.. as drumroll.. plays..;)

Yes.. wake up and
smell the human clothes..
butt yellow boy says FucK
no.. i’m goinG.. on the patio
with only gOlden fur to smeLL
the roses.. and if they are not
available i for one and all of/for God
WiLL smeLL aLL A’ Nature sAMe aS oNE..
and with all This sAid thiS moRning
Katrina says get
Ya buTT of that
flat screen box..
eat your breakfast
and Go to Church like
the good little Robot boy
you once were Fred.. then..
yeah.. sure.. butt.. i ‘LL bE back
as Yellow Boy2.. pArt 2 NOW.. yeS
and by the way of church too.. i’M
tired of the sAMe oLD phrases as i
my cLaws
out a little
too for a
breeze of
Free Dance
Public way too..;)


The Trusty Facebook Videographer.. provides
a slide show as half of Sunday fun day activities..;)

True.. the day would not be
complete without twice as much
fun in photos for the F.B. Algorithm’s.. next
try at greater success in capturing all SUNday long..;)

And as we so often see in the
art-work of Antiquity.. here is juSt
another profile photo of the Goddess
Isis incarnate noW as.. Katrina of course..
at the good old Shrimp-Basket
wHere Hippies are
required to come
and go by
the back
door entrance
and exit same..
and hehe.. that’s
kinda predictable on
Sunday after church.. haha..
i am the only non-conforming
person in the bunch.. overall..;)

Yes.. into the Mall Woods i go..
and Katrina says.. my Fred.. what Big
Teeth you have.. and then i go dance..
and two very unexpected and prospective
dance partners come in to mix.. surprisingly
enough at the Toy Store..
wHere so many
unwanted toys..
wait for someone
to take them out of
tHeir priSon of no play..
hmm.. coming next of course
as the photo stream goes.. wRite
on course.. as creativity and synchronicity
in super-conciosness FLow caN and WiLL Go
iN FuN oF ZonE to a hiGher place oF DancE and FocuS..:)

Hmm.. no matter what i did..
Trump kept the same smile..
with his thumbs up witH
his Card Board
body.. thanks.. GOD…;)

Hmm.. Hillary seems to
be a little stiff.. here i AM..
trying to invite her to a neXt
Dance.. to loosen here up.. juST
a little bit..

And now i say.. man.. hUman.. etc..
i sure am glad noW tHeRe is online..
as in my town.. i am like a fish
out of an Aquarium who never ever belonged
with the fish who live here.. hmm.. how does that
happen.. i mean.. i grew up here.. like everyone else and
never even picked up the DEEP DEEP rather shalLow
and slow SLow accent.. andWay.. a hard to
place not to belong.. but a bigger world
now Globally and always a smAll OnE
As sAMe with God allone aT Hand
Now with the kingdom of the
so-called Father
inside.. who trULy
is juSt a hiGher exPresSioN
of wE all once we connect to our
HiGher Power of Super-conciousness..
Creative miNd as gifted by the GoD oF
NatUre sAme.. and that’s the thing that
sets soMe.. apArt from others when there iS
an allegory of talking about going through the
Father as that is the higher self of God Given
hUman Potential.. as once aGaiN NatUre sAMe in aLL
of seen.. and unseen.. and felt and unfelt.. and then
one beCoMes heiR apParent.. and PerHaps they may even think
or feel that they are the actual dude from before named Jesus..
but nah.. this thing that Jesus had in connection with his higher
self or what he named as father.. per reports of Jesus as is.. is the
sAMe i Am that Moses would have experienced in allegory of this hiGher
self in super-conciousness flow as well.. like a burning bush as storied
in the Old Testament too.. aS BeYond A miNd that thInks in lesSonS now of
rote fActs and better noW iN innate.. instinct.. and intuition oF greater
inherited miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUl NoW.. aS once aGaiN gift aS Higher
Power of God oF aLL Nature witHin.. wE as hUman bEings SeeK and FinD
aGaiN and praCtice aLL more for greater and greaTer hUman poTenTiAl..
aWay from
illusory fears
and empty promises
of heaven after death
as Jesus kNew and fELt through
those words reported of him that
the Kingdom of God is at hand now..
now.. now.. now.. and if you didn’t
see it in the lifetime.. then.. then.. then..
then.. as that New T says.. you wouldn’t see
it aT all.. same aS now.. iN thIs liFE oN
Terrestrial Plane now.. and sure that more
folks would do greater works than he..
Love your neighbor as yourself..
and consume no other
with harm more
than what is required
for food and drink of liFe..
in giving more than one takes noW..
but aGaiN.. liKe the biggest camel
and smallest needle eYes.. the path out
of this obstacle of modern culture.. collective
intelligence.. written language of antiquity sAMe
and complex cultures now.. make the great E-sCape
through the needle now.. a door becoming more
difficult for folks to open as they See/feeL
God.. anYWay.. the keys are housed
within.. innately.. instinctuAlly
and intuitively too.. but each hUman
being needs to leARn to Love themselves
enough with complete self-esteem.. and
others sAMe.. with zero illusory
fears.. to give and share..
to ever.. ever.. fiNd
thIs Heaven withiN noW..
first step out.. is discerning
what is trUth and liGht beFore for
what is bLocKinG folks from
practicing the hiGher
power of
Sacred Love
now too.. aLways..
onCe aGaiN.. bacK as
a practice of LIFe noW..
other than that.. juSt wanted
a heARt fELt reAson to listen
to the Katy Perry SonG ‘Rise’..
to accompany
all tHese
oF TrUth
And liGht aS.. WeLL..:)


WeLL.. my FriEnd gigoid..
when i first read this one..
titled an Ode to Noah..
juSt by title
at first..
hmm.. thOught
you were going all
Old Testament on us..
but yes.. i quickly remembered
it was about your beloved Dog Noah..
as any Dog is God enough for me.. sMiLes..
and glad you are doing better mY friEnd.. noW..:)

WeLL.. wow.. mY
friEnd Gigoid.. 5 years
is certainly a long run for A
Word Press blog.. particularly
as i understand you made a post
aLmost every day.. along the
way.. anyWayS..
lots of treaSure
heRe overAll.. wHetHeR
you sleep or the otHeR
thing.. mY friEnd.. noW..
And it’s safe to say
as i’Ve read through
many otHeRs beforE.. the
only iSreal couRage iS non-conforMiTy
as the human social innate instinct
and intuition for social acceptance is
Very strong and lEarned aS weLL
from a tAble
spoon fed
aS hUman
cultUre prescribed
aLmost from Birth oN
onE big purple or blue
Dinosaur Barney Video
of LiFe noW.. or whaTever
somEone dreAMs uP iN a cavE
or wHeRevEr heRe or tHeRe noW..
i’LL take iT aLL wiTh a GRaiN iN SanD oF Beach
and never look back again to lies of BeFoRe.. noW..:)


The Sound of Music is an all-time and shall i say.. YeS!.. sTiLL noW Healing
Movie in SonG and DancE of the Power of Music of Emotions
and SeNses in Humans fully unleashed and released..
from the mechanical cognition..
disciplining inhibiting
force iN
of miNd
and BoDy BalanCinG
Force that can move into
the super-conciousness.. the
goddess or father force within for
other metaphors.. to create anew and
joyous lantern of human liGht in Creativity
in all shapes.. forms.. and fashions now of doing
that free.. oh.. so free.. away from the imprisoning
force of conformity.. AS the movie shows every nun
now or then could groW herself or him by letting theiR Habit
down and freeing tHeir heARt theiR SpiRit their miNd
and BoDy BalanCinG soUl with the Music and Sound
the sAMe oF SonG and DanCe more iN aLL of ArT
in how that comes freeST iN higher potenTiaL of
hUman Being when seT FReED for more
for sure @least for Heaven now..
the real Kingdom of CaN
and WiLL with no
holds given
of bars
in priSon
bEfoRE the
unleashing and releasing
that comes for human being
in political speak too when the politics
of religion are separated from the politics
of state.. so no longer iS the tRue SonG anD
DanCE of MoVinG.. ConNecTinG and creAtinG
hUman BeinG locked in Books and Words from
foreign lands with little fertile ground that fought
with swords and strife continuously to gain
ground for basic survival wHere
abundance was no
wHere to be
found trUly
but Lands like
North America
wHere the StreAms
and Rivers were fuLL of
the music of teaming fish
to eat.. and for the larger carnivores
among the omnivores among uS even
the Buffalo roamed wild and free to
eat as well.. WitH respect for
the continuing
cycle of life
as we are all
one in this game
of survival togEtHer
and when tHeir is abundance
to kill each other and to hold each
other back from eXpreSsinG tHeir
much greater individual human freedoms
in doing art and creativity for free to band aid
the tribe for freer as whOle is no longer a priSon
of religions whose real purpose is illusory fears and empty
promises to inspire empires for soldiering and conquering
owning neighboring tribes to take their resources by yes now the
sword.. and strife and agression and violence and warring ways now
for bloodshed on the soils/souls across the lifespan in human-made
hell on earth.. stiLL as this is the take away and attitude
that is still prevalent among many folks who
follow so-called Abrahamic religions
still to war.. still to defeat..
still to conquer
per living by
StilL now the
tribal instinct
over the sharing
and giving progressive
liberal way of HUman Freedoms
in MoVinG ConNecTinG CreATing
and FucKinG letting yoUr habit(S)
dOwn and doing
new noW in
eXpResSinG moRE
of the hIgher potential
of God giVen Nature as
HUman NAture of NurTuRinG
all of God is Great noW and
no place but home now.. jUST NOW… now..
and sure all i do is eclectic in art ’cause more
and more every day becomes sacred and holy
to me.. as a few more of my Favorite things
to simply
give and
share whether
or not anyone
wants to receive thAT
or not.. unconditional
sharing and giving is
simply Fearless LOVE..
so sure.. in this way of Facebook
Provided Algorithm Memory of a year
ago.. that includes many elements of this
SonG too.. even the eclectic shirt i wear
over the weekend with the reptile brain of
Dinosaur we all share in survival way
that will often seek the
high fats and
starch content
of a
fast food
hamburger for
guaranteed greatest
caloric intake for now the
dance of the day if you even
dance it anymore.. in feat of feet..
with the warm blooded kitty kat who
is predator but still can feel oxytocin
biscuits of Love as affection feels now
in both human and domesticated cat
same.. and the human being who
creates the art with this
gift of imagination
that allows us
to be and do
almost anything
we create when truly
set free in higher mind
and body balance of what
is our human potential when
no longer controlled by the military
prison.. in habits of before.. by subjugation
through illusory fears.. empty promises yes.. too.. now..
of a life anywhere but now but now so liGht and True..FReED..
and weSt
iN and aS ME for SuRe..:)


Here’s a little wake UP call for you.. dude..
the Super Mario Christian or whatever
you call your self neXt.. and yes i kNow
you are not going to read aLL this.. but as the
current Author of the Longest Free verse long form poem
noW iN the history of humankind still currently approaching
4 million words.. tRuSt mE.. i find liGht and dArk/and ‘tween muse
aLL over the dAm place.. in the most ignorant and most enlightening
places oF all too.. in trUth and liGht and OMG evil illuminati conspiracy
places too.. i could go on and i WiLL.. as i will copy and paste this and
yoUr little dark muse will go on for God kNows how long but severs
do.. perHaps a thouSand years and more and God too.. juSt
iMagine after this YouTube site is long long gone..
somEthing about yOur liFe will continue
to exist in this rather baroque
Human Nautilus shell
i continue to gRow..
aS Ocean wHole noW
Poem so heRe you go on
with these so-called evil
illuminati gossip theories
about Mr. fastest Human Bolt
in three videos now to share some
hate and discontent in human illusory divisive
fear ways.. and sure that’s the way of Abrahamic
religions almost from the get go.. got news dude.. too..
you don’t live in an infertile desert patch of Earth over
in the middle east.. although no.. Canada is a little
too cold and dark for me too.. i love Bikini
beach paradise.. oh.. so much more
than dark places
and desert places
same of non
abundance.. heRe..
more of poTenTial
iN human creativity from
head to toe set free.. you see..
i thInk you should go to school a little
more.. and not just at a desk but even You
Tube and Google has so much more to offer
thaT iS not censored out to make sure we all become
better little cogs in a machine of society to remain free..
or imprisoned oF course in culture if you live over ‘there’ still..
THAT YOU TOO could still be imprisoned in if your ancestors
did not escape the prisons of Abrahamic Religions of
before too.. you are fortunate my friend..
for you too could still be living
over ‘there’ where the
Muslim core of
that still reins
in Sharia law..
and they don’t take
too nicely to androgynous
looking folks.. particularly when
they lift tHeiR eyebrows a whole lot
when they emotionally speak.. you kNow
it’s feminine and i have nothing against that
but you likely wouldn’t last long in a real
Abrahamic religious culture
like ‘over there’.. and
nah.. when i was
younger before
i grew my Lion
paws.. i probably wouldn’t
have either.. if you cannot see
this trUth and liGht more uncovered
for yourself now.. as your voice still
hasn’t dropped it seems.. and again
i have no problem with that but back
then no one would take you serious as
sure real men were real men and all of that
and frowns are crowns and stuff like that too..
my friend.. the original meaning of the Greek Word
Apocalypse means nothing of the end of the world..
in FACT IT MEANS.. lifting the veils of Ignorance STiLL
noW.. and sure the metaphor of Mayan Apocalypse is
same too.. with freedom of information.. even the bull shit
here is allowed sTiLL.. so the trUth and liGht can get through now
loud and clear too.. and seriously dude.. the Free Mason organization
is child’s play still locked in the habits and routines of ancient ideas too..
wHeRe noThing new is let in to expand the sure.. metaphor of the ‘Lucifer’
and ‘Prometheus’ hiGher God Given potential of super-conciousness which
is just another self actualizing father inside metaphor of yes.. perHaps the real
dude Yeshua as he said then finding the God within.. stripping naked and treading
on your prisons of cultural clothes for overweight camel of cultural control to get through
the needle eye and the locked doors to escape the lies sTill of religion and
culture now.. the essence is real my FriEnd alWays noW in TrUth
and liGht and when you start to get all paranoid about the
various symbols that folks use cross-culturally
to get to this essence of trUth and liGht
and stArt to idolize those symbols
as either devil or God
as form..
you are
simply lost
my friEnd from
the essence that shines
beyond those symbols alone..
the six and nine as forms are just
more signs of the golden spiral flow
of UniVerse wHole and Galaxies and
Nautilus shells and sunflowers and
curled cats and the fetus
comfort of curling
up too.. noW
iN God of Nature
wHole’s spiral flow..
so sure.. maKing that
sign with your fingers is
sAMe as bEinG one with
God as sWell in a spiRAl
dance now of non-verbal
language if you cannot see
the trUth and liGht of the beauty
of that Free now.. instead of trapped
in idols of books and words from thouSands
of years ago.. in the dArk and lieS away from
yes.. much greater TrUths and liGhts in hUman
metaphor of ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Prometheus’ poTenTial..
as any FReED GoD onE in hUman BeinG WiLL LovE
to liVe free noW iN much greater hUman God of Nature
giVen HUman poTenTial now.. and sure that all seeing eye
thingy.. iS Just the innate.. instinctual and intuitive desire
of human being to grow.. to evolve in just one lifetime of
noW in much greater trUth and liGht to inspire human
imagination and creativity to aid the
band of humans so much
more in creature
comforts in joy
of heaven noW in
balance of course as
the struggle of life is as
important to growth as
the creature comforts that
the by-products of culture bRinG..
tHeRe is some liGht and TrUth stuff
in both Bible and Kuran.. but there is
the dArk of Tribal instinct that seeks
aggression.. violence and Bringing of
swords to conquer other lands for subsistence
in non-fertile lands.. thouSands of years ago.. that
still in fear stay where they are or are imprisoned
tHeRe in fear of losing their lives now to leave to much
more abundant lands of ISraEL like we see in the great
and Free paRts of the U.S. of A. now.. hehe.. even in New
Jerusalem wHere i live close to the most beautiful beaches
and rivers and forests in the world.. where sure.. most no one wants
to leave here now for any better reaSon then money.. which truly
is no healthy reAson aT all.. in the longest runs
of liFe in parAdise now.. my friend…

And over heRe.. people
often make tHeiR
feathered nests
or trailers or whatever
other way is life for them..
and if they do not want to grow
more and stay the way they were that
is okay too.. as science shows now.. more
conservative leaning nature’s of human beings
in more scaredy cat ways averse to differences of
others and change.. need a place to lay tHeir head down
and a way to get some food by the end of the day too.. and
that is what makes separation of church and state so great..
as it allows a place for both types of human nature from conservative
scaredy cats and even conspiracy theorists and those who love that
divisive and fearful way of life.. will still do.. as you so nicely
provide that element of human life in less God given
potential a place to stay the same..
so.. good for you.. for making
those folks comfortable
in a smaller
oh.. but tHeRe
are the pioneers like
me my friend.. who refuse
to stay stagnate even when they
stay in the same place of paradise home..
Pandora’s box is now open.. and it is the Internet
whole of a place where one from any clothed from
head to toe and imprisoned place of paradise can go
more in exploring tHeir ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Prometheus’ as metaphor
same human potential so much more.. there are no limits with
human imagination and creativity set free my friend.. and sure.. there
are all the limits and divisiveness folks like you and tHeir audience can
still attempt to grow here.. but if you look around.. which it is obvious you
do.. online.. the freest of us flourish more baby.. more more more and more baby..
and those of us who dance like i do in real life free are noted as legends noW in tHeir
own time and so much more than tHeir own mind now.. icon of dance in my case.. too..
at age 56 not starting an art of dance until 53.. and not starting the longest long form
poem until 53 too.. and accomplishing legend status in dance in my metro area by
56 and yes more than doubling the longest long form poem ever that used to
be 1.8 million words with centuries and no taling how many folks
who put an effort into that.. here’s the thing baby..
just like perHaps the real
Yeshua said.. after
40 years of oral tradition
in the Armaic language with
so many sects of what was
left of the Christian religion(S)
ranging from one God to twelve..
and eventually the Greeks who wrote
down the parts they liked and the scribes
who copied those parts and made three to
four hundred thousand mistakes as there was
no Xerox machines back then my friend.. according
to modern scholars now who also show that there are very
few except for perhaps a few letters by Paul of the original
Authors of New Testament accounts of Jesus too.. that vary
wildly with all of those mistakes across the thousand plus years
before an English print and more revisions to come was accomplished
by the middle of the second millennia way back when.. anyWay.. supposedly
Jesus said there would be others who do greater works than he for those who
became one with the father within… that is simply being more ONE WitH God oF Nature
in HUman NaTuRE iN developing the hiGher voice of TrUth and liGht witHin of super-conciousness
higher poTenTial of hUman BeinG as Gifted by the God of Nature sAMe of which
there can be iNfinite other variations of metaphors to express this same greater
essence of tRuth and liGht aS well.. you.. my friend.. are trapped in words
and illusory fears.. fAiLinG to see a God oF aLL thaT is bigger
than smaller minds and smaller books..
of infertile lands of long
long before..
thE hUman
BeinG hELd hands
and lEarned so.. so much
more around the world.. i am
simply a watchman and scribe
alone oF all of that.. no matter what i
for one say and do.. the wHole trUth and liGht
and even more noW as thAT TRUth and LIGht
continues to gRow like a TsUnAMi unLeashed and
reLeased around the globe.. to eXpand hUman poTenTial
iN aWakeNinG and eNliGhTENinG waY iN onlY meaSures that
folks can receive and accept and even toleRate along the way
of LiFe NoW.. tHeRe is zero you as a mite of the Internet can do
but provide a so-called safe haven for scaredy cat human
beings who live in fear and hate inStead of Hope and
Love and all stuff away from the dARk oF BeFore
that continues to gRow as Fearless Love and
LiGht around the world.. now thaT thiS
trUth and liGht greater is no longer
censored by
threat of
even death
still in some
countries now…
sMiLes my friend.. you
are juSt a little ‘whimpering
boy’.. juSt to sPeak my own
Fred trUth and liGht to yA.. compared
to the awesome and miGhty power oF TruTh
and LiGht provided by the God OF Nature aLL
set free in the Higher super-conciousness
miNd AND BODY baLanCinG of hUman
BeinG now.. wE hOld hands
my friEnd in Unity
and do great
or we
stay the
same we
stay the
same and
just stay the same
more in dArker lies of
fear and hate.. it is yoUr
choice.. yOur WiLL but along
yoUr tRavels online.. i promise
you this.. i and others cAMeCoMe for
enLiGhTENinG noW.. and we Rise
and Thrive noW as the
irrefutable online
shows with no
doubt and evil
of the real evil
named doubt.. and
fear.. and hate that lives
on in small pockets like this
with sure.. 19K views or so.. while
Katy Perry and others rake in a BilLion
points of liGht and tRuth to illuminate
the Human Race for so much more.. iT is
A given than we alReaDy win noW in Victory
my friEnd.. and it IS A given that you will continue
to rake in Google pennies with a conservative crowd
of doubt.. fear.. and hate here.. juSt remember.. tHere IS
A otHeR place of Fearless Love and uNlimited gRowth iN
TrUth and liGht of MovinG ConNecTinG and CreaTing HUmans
who kNow/FeeL
no evil
of doubt.. iN
fear.. and hate..
mY friEnd.. bottom line..
the invitation WiLL alWays
bE eXtended to thE other place..
perHaps.. with a siGn of SiX oF GOlden
SpiRAlinG moVing God oF aLL oN onE hand
or An otHeR coveRing onE EyE to symbol A
hiGher poTenTial of Human BeinG as higheR
Power of God iN uS SamE to do much greater
works as Jesus may have sAid beFore.. bottom
line.. it doesn’t matter who saiD it in form or words
or letters.. pAges.. and books the same.. iT iS onLY
thE Essence
oF Truth and
liGht iSREAL
noW thaT counts
my FriEnd iN Heaven noW..
IN a Tree of Life and kNoWinG
WitH rEAcHinG VineS moRe and DeepER Roots noW..:)


WeLL.. as alWays
thE rEach of this Vine
and depth of its roots gRoW oN
noW and are ready for harvest in tHis
696th Macro Verse oF Longest Long Form
Poem ever in HUman HIsTory.. heHE.. until i wRite
noW sOmE moRE.. iN FreeSt verSe StYle oF SonG
as Now goeS on.. so sure.. i’LL dedicate this one tRue
to the Cardinal Climber.. a Vine with A simple mesSAge
of beauty and strength that never gives uP in rEach… Ha!
iN Arizona.. iT is so successful that it has becoMe a pest
pLant aS iT asserts its survival
of Life so Free
iN spReading ever
moRE noW.. thE roots
oF mY liFe are steeped iN
DarKness iN depths oF hardeSt
soiLs iN SoUl oF LIFe and LIGht
as WeLL iN TrUth and LieS of wHere
i’Ve been.. and tHere are two ways of liFE
to God from misery and suffering to either more
Vengeance or Victory noW.. iN reaLiTy oF iSREAL
NoW.. i choose Victory from darKest heLL oF liFe
and i too.. am the Cardinal Climber who will never
ever giVE uP noW to FloWEr hiGher and HiGher
as Sun goes BriGht.. i need little maintenance..
juSt the liGht and Sun of WArm and
cOld and dARk of Struggle
to moVe ON and GRoW..
even hiGher as the
SpRinG of GroWth
in struggle never ever
gives uP Up for more..
tHeRe iS no competition hEre.. noW..
onLY struggle for surviving more and
hiGher jUst God aLL and ME toGeThEr..
wE suffer dArk and toGeTher.. wE JoiN liGht
liFE in HeaVen iN STronG oF couRAge Love
for liVE as liFe liVes greATest noW iN roots
that gRow Deep of dARkESt harDest theN
sOil oF soUL bEfoRE.. so suRe.. i noW
dedicate this “Number
696 Macro-Verse”
to the dARk of
Roots wHo kNoWs no liMIts
or expectations oF LiGht noW
Sun to CoMe.. noW morE Forever
more now BriGhter as NOWs on Go..
Go!.. baby noW as Can
and WiLL does.. FeeLinG
WitH Power noW..
and Force
Love NoW..
jUst noW iN aS Angel noW..
A Heaven whose roots as Devil
run deePest iSreal.. iN Earth HeLL2..:)







BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)





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21 Responses to NUmber 696 MacroVerse

  1. He HE..
    no comment..
    YeTi.. noW yes Now..
    oKay.. more comment from ‘then’..
    noW.. i mean.. Jesus F. iN Christ..
    this online publishing stuff can get
    very mechanically oriented in cognition..
    once one copies and pasties all of this
    sTuFF i create to many different places..
    hmm.. and have you ever noticed..
    that in the forms of art
    iN iMaGiNaTioN and
    creativity.. for
    example iN A
    Wookiee shirt
    i wore last year
    to date.. all white
    except for Wookiee T-
    shirted tattoo.. sayin’ FREE
    HUGS at the Catholic Church
    celebratory event for a new wing
    in education building of sorts last
    year.. pictured with the Catholic Monsignor
    tHeRe i do.. kinda look like a White Clothed
    Wookiee.. i guess.. weLL at least compared
    to the Monsignor in the photo.. heHe.. as
    stereotypes of beast vs human goes.. haha..
    as WeLL.. mY FriendS.. in Sasquatch waYaass WeLL..;)

    WeLL.. the En name test thingy on Facebook..
    celebrates my current then.. Cardinal Climber
    hybrid mix of vine and red morning glory.. pro
    file pic.. and says no.. the type of Flower
    i Am iS SunFloWeR.. and
    suRe i FloW iN ZonE too..
    at ease.. at ease..
    as Golden
    SpiRal Sun FloWer
    pArts toGeTheR aLL
    oNe for NoW..
    aT leAst
    mE now..;)

    WeLL.. i understand tHeRe IS A
    dVerse prompt all about daytime
    skies in classic Haibun and Haiku
    form available now for me to poeticAlly
    respond to in my own style of Fredbun and
    Fred Ku.. but for noW iT’s noW for work-out
    at my favorite and only military Gym.. for a little
    Fred Fu Martial arts.. aS iN the case of this foot
    feat oF aRt tHeRe iS no conFORMiTy for mE WiTH
    Art as yA can caLL
    mE Free Verse
    Fred in aLL i do
    FloWinG iN A ZonE
    oF onLY noW iN
    wHatEver Now
    i care to FLY..
    Free jUST foR
    Money as Art oF aLL
    i do iS SonG oF mY SouL
    FuLLy alWays For FReED anD
    never for sale for Green bLack Bucks..
    or likes and shares and follows per.. ugh..
    the equivalent of modern bucks2.. noW..;)

    WeLL i reAlly gotta go BeFore the gym closes in a few hours
    heRe.. but juSt to gEt warmed uP here.. surE.. this IS
    A birth of Angel in skies oF day.. and heLL
    yes.. it’s kinda ficTion/fACt as poetry
    IS AlWays a miX noW ofF
    reAlity and iMAginatTiON
    sAme for what wECreate iN
    the reaL World TrUe too.. noW
    as A child of Skies iS
    iN Our eYes as skeYes too..
    for eTernal liFe oF noW iN A
    ReaL eARth HeaVen foR those
    who rise.. ascend.. AgAin.. if noW
    they lived iN this HeaVen BeFore
    noW in or noT in liFe beFore.. as
    rEborn in lucid DreAming waYs now
    wHere Goddess/Father/Kundalini
    riSinG Chakra SpiRit.. Satori..
    the great ancestral SpiRit.. eTc..
    or as science says witH
    self actualization noW iN
    potenTiaL iNFiniTe
    numBers of otHeR
    for what some
    nAMe as A Christ
    Consciousness noW2
    as Co-Creator WitH GoD
    as leFT haNd and RighT
    Hand woman/man/etc..
    teAM liGht wE hoPe
    for noW as wE
    lucid guide
    ouR dReams
    toGether to
    FruiTion iN aWakinG
    stylE of RiSinG aScenDinG
    Re-Born noW as Buttefly
    from niGhtmares drOwning
    uP to dArk niGht oF soUL
    oF beFore.. wE Breathe
    God of Nature’s Air
    more fully Free
    once aGain
    we fLoW iN ZoNe
    as air and water GoD sAme..
    in silent to Explosive Lucidity noW..:)

    Oh.. how.. deliciously sweet..
    the Facebook Slide show/Video
    maker algorithm.. provides a sentimental
    shoWing of late August afternoon to evening
    in Garden and pre-workout Face way
    too.. in yes.. Karmic eYe2.. aS wELL
    for noW at LEast and wEst yeye..
    i mean hehe.. haha.. oKay..
    Well.. even catching
    butterflies in the
    maTinG act
    aS Jesus
    F. iN Christ
    even cocooned
    butterflies of beFore..
    do some kindA Wild thing
    noW too.. what else.. yeah..
    more blue skies too.. i’M kinda
    sleepy and blUe sKeYes of God
    are very inspirational to mE TrUe
    and liGht sAMe duRinG aLL day NoW2..
    i could fall asleep now and wake uP early
    and stArt then.. but oh no.. i have an ophthalmologist
    test tomorrow.. and it is gonna be too hard to see those
    letters on the screen if do not get in some horizon scanning
    before that appointment comes.. in early afternoon way..
    and oh no.. if they put those drops in my eye.. i will
    jUST have to take even more of a break from
    writing with dilated wide pupils..
    until after i visit my Mother..
    on Tuesday visiting
    Mother day
    as a routine
    there too.. anyWay..
    as far as i kNow and FeeL
    blue skies are forecast for tomorrow..
    so sure.. juST more for InspiRatiON iF
    then i do not get around to that day sky prompt
    until even after a Tuesday prompt may come
    too.. yes.. StiLL.. noWs to spRead soMe Love..
    coMinG soon enough.. to a Facebook Theater
    some more2.. even iF onlY iN more Fun Face
    Book Algorithm slide show videos to document
    some fun out of these four walls of somEwhat priSon
    stuck in this 27 inch iMaC Desk toP work-horse
    robot too.. assisting me aS WeLL as creAtioN
    GroWs oN
    iN this noW
    697th VersE..
    i’M worKing anD
    pracTiCinG oN aS
    noW GoeS oN for NoW..;)

  2. With a second WiNd of BlUe skeYes
    within i’M off to spRead some
    sUnshine oF
    at dVerse
    prompt for day
    skies now.. at
    11:47 pm on 8222016..;)

    Skies of Nature for
    Love.. beach grains
    of Free in Love that
    takes no hold from Free..

    Love Sings

    Far north skies burn a little
    bright in summer days.. dimming
    in fall to drought lights
    of Winter
    days so
    in warming hearts
    for happy hope of Love..

    Southern skies
    Love noW..:)

    sMiLes.. immediately
    with talk of Grasshopper
    and Guru within.. i’M taken
    back to the Old Kung Fu TV series..
    wHeRe all the most important answers
    come iN miNd and boDy
    BaLanCe wHOle
    of BLuE
    no matter
    color of eYe
    of skY above.. so
    below.. inside.. outside..
    all around.. the color of
    Heaven skeYes withiN
    alWays Blue Free noW
    And Sun BriGht wiTh liGht..

    There muSt be an
    Invisible Sun
    inSide.. by Sting2..:)

    Oh.. the quiet fathers…
    with the green
    of sunshine eyes
    that sparkle in lake
    day memories for
    me.. and
    one day on
    his dock.. a
    father drown
    off a boat only
    yards from uS..
    and sadly i had to
    wonder would i miss
    a daddy.. i never got to
    kNow/feeL.. from lips that
    could not express
    that one
    now when
    his decades old
    cat died that he
    called Son.. anyway..
    decades later as we all
    do with parents if the child does
    live long enough.. i did miss him..
    particularly.. the fAct he wouldn’t
    let me feel who he was inside ever
    no matter how hard i tried.. and sure
    enough.. eventuAlly.. i figured out.. i too..
    could be like him.. too.. if enough stress
    came like his in law enforcement for 46
    years to take
    the feelings
    away.. later..
    oh.. the environment
    of love.. makes or breaks
    a word of Love..
    lesSon lEarned
    for/by me.. my
    to always
    say i Love.
    and so much more..
    no longer speechless at
    age 4.. no longer stuttering
    in middle school.. and no longer
    dead and mute from stress in middle


    Thanks my friEnd..
    Even science shows now..
    The heart IS A Love muscle
    That can grow like the
    Grinch HeArt and more..
    Perhaps.. than 10 x 10
    More with a practice
    Of PoEtry..
    With words
    And Dance
    Music of
    From head
    To toe in mind
    And body balancing
    Spirit that SinGs a Recipe
    For Fearless Loving SoUL
    And for
    Now that’s
    aLL i
    TrUly FeeL
    As LiGht oF
    LiFe Of LoVe..
    Thanks Lillian..
    WiTh sMiLes More

    Hurricane skies
    of mid-2000’s
    Gulf Coast
    swirLing water..
    iN billoWing omens
    of floods to come.. Sun
    is gone.. Wind as come..
    Battering hatches uP..
    as Shingles fly.. gone..
    Roofs go bare..
    StiLL a home
    aT lEast for
    uS.. to west
    to south..
    Floods drOwn
    so many steads
    of homes.. under fLow..

    line.. everyone
    lived.. anotHeR sKy oF BlUe..:)

    sMILes.. A pAint
    with never numbers..
    God skeYeS on FiRe…
    oF breathinG
    Canvas.. blue
    skieS old.. Colors FLow..
    c l O U D S BLoom.. morE..

    Even Michelangelo..
    would never
    sculpt.. God skeYes change..:)

    Toward Equinox.. of FaLL
    and rise of SpRing.. Gulf
    skies sinG
    set the
    color red..
    so deep in Love
    of beauty hOld..
    so give oF
    never seLL..

    Beach skies
    Beauty’s Blood..:)

    Nature hOlds
    atmoSphere BriGht
    skies so bRoad..
    yes.. a secret
    tHeRE wE FeeL
    the suffering and
    misery of each other
    as far as miles connect
    us withdrawn inside..
    in wither
    Nature kNows/FeeLs
    no sound of footprintS iN
    doors so closed of heARt
    SpiRit young and cOld..

    no SonG of sad..:)

    Hi Nan..
    just in case
    no one has come
    by to let you kNow..
    the link’s not working
    on dVerse.. but typing
    your name in Google is
    not hard to do..
    for me..

    Oh skies

    Now to your poem..
    and number two.. hmm..
    can’t help but to think of the
    Beautiful Escambia bay here
    iN Florida west panhandle
    by smoke
    stacks and
    once polluted
    as F.. as a place
    you didn’t wanna
    Bring your date..
    it stink
    stank.. stunk..

    of Panhandle..
    Monsanto.. Chemstrand..
    Paper Mills.. the F iN List
    oF old Yellow smoke goeS oN
    and on a Fall day.. Jesus F.
    iN Christ iT sTiLL stInks
    in what they
    oh cRap..

    My Fredbun
    and Fredku
    is polluting your Blog..;)

    God IS A Rorschach test.. noW..
    you kNOw and FeeL the wHole
    thing noW.. aka allthatis too..
    and cLouds and sKy thaT too..
    and all aRound tHat ThREE..
    but trUly all IS A
    Rorschach test..
    even words
    are metaphor
    for essence more..
    of course.. wRiTe oN course.. but don’t
    tale that to chains outside
    that never see more
    within now more..
    of whatever
    now oF
    and Love
    or Fear

    Wins FEarless..
    iF wE beLieve and maKe iT So..:)

    My first loss..
    of the human
    kind.. was an
    Uncle too.. but
    not a blood relative..
    and the closest thing
    to a Father then.. sad
    when blood feels less..
    yet truth
    is tHeRe
    are no
    coffins for Love..
    for mE @lEast..
    and west..
    WitH no

    EYes oF Love Linger FeeLed FilLed..
    kNows no distance.. space..
    Blood.. or death..:)

    Mirror beauty
    Pond eYes Water..
    Clouds above so below..
    trees shape birds inside
    outside.. all around symmetry
    swirls.. Nature whole reflectS ouR LiFe..

    EyEs oF sKeYes
    Nature Love echoes..
    LiVe iN i..:)

    Dog day afternoons
    of abuse never
    spell a blue sky..


    Not alWays easy
    being a weathered
    branch human
    as often
    the cOldest
    of disabilities..
    are in the able

    to judge..
    some skY perspectives..:)

    SMiles.. i suppose
    that tales a tall
    of arid
    as clouds less
    high.. noW..


    i understand
    it works the sAMe
    with drOught and floWers..

    from Struggle..

    Beauty TaLLs
    noW off

    Ah.. to lEArn
    to Love Deeper
    As Nature and wE
    change on.. FeeLinGs
    more noW
    iF E-scaping
    iN Golden
    yEars oF Beauty..

    sKeYes SonGs SinG
    re-Tired wheels coveRed..:)

    So truE.. no E-scaping
    NatUre iN liFe.. and
    sAdly the end sits
    oF life iN liFe.. noW..
    theN.. comes too short
    from even
    to move
    away from
    chairs of priSons
    thaT bEcome carts
    at WalmaRt to
    Freedom’s open skeyes..

    Elder care
    ain’t gonna be
    easy on/for generations of sitters.. who forget/ot to move..:)

    Finished for noW @lEast
    and west around the World..
    @2:09 am

  3. sMiLes.. i think this ‘one’ is
    worth repeating aGain..
    with a few more
    iN side
    note longer narration..
    as prose and poEtry
    and trUth and
    a little
    than same
    stories one has
    heard before.. now..:)

    Oh.. the quiet fathers…
    with the green
    of sunshine eyes
    that sparkle in lake
    day memories for
    me.. and
    one day on
    his dock.. a
    father drown
    off a boat only
    yards from uS..
    and sadly i had to
    wonder would i miss
    a daddy.. i never got to
    kNow/feeL.. from lips that
    could not express
    that one
    now when
    his decades old
    cat died that he
    called Son.. anyway..
    decades later as we all
    do with parents if the child does
    live long enough.. i did miss him..
    particularly.. the fAct he wouldn’t
    let me feel who he was inside ever
    no matter how hard i tried.. and sure
    enough.. eventuAlly.. i figured out.. i too..
    could be like him.. too.. if enough stress
    came like his in law enforcement for 46
    years to take
    the feelings
    away.. later…
    Oh.. the environment
    of love.. makes or breaks
    a word of Love..
    lesSon lEarned
    for/by me.. my
    to always
    say i Love.
    and so much more..
    no longer speechless at
    age 4.. no longer stuttering
    in middle school.. and no longer
    dead and mute from stress in middle


    Thanks my friEnd..
    Even science shows now..
    The heart IS A Love muscle
    That can grow like the
    Grinch HeArt and more..
    Perhaps.. than 10 x 10
    More with a practice
    Of PoEtry..
    With words
    And Dance
    Music of
    From head
    To toe in mind
    And body balancing
    Spirit that SinGs a Recipe
    For Fearless Loving SoUL
    And for
    Now that’s
    aLL i
    TrUly FeeL
    As LiGht oF
    LiFe Of LoVe..
    Thanks Lillian..
    WiTh sMiLes More

    i listen to the voices of discontent.. of
    misery and suffering around the world..
    i have no pills to solve the root ’cause of tHeir
    illness but i feel it from before.. in all the shoes
    i for one have won and lost in the battle field for
    FearLess Love..
    Experience in ways
    of human emotions and
    senses is the only way to
    earn a progress of human heARt
    and SpiRit and sOul that are simply
    and sadly often vague metaphors for
    the human emotional.. sensory and
    yes sensual within life of being that
    extends out as shine of our emotions
    senses and sensuality to inspire
    others and to bRinG them
    uP for greater social
    cooperation and
    peace and
    in interactions
    for the survive in
    human subsistence and
    the play of Life for SMiLes
    laughter and yes.. adult games
    for fun too.. as the naked tribe of
    hUmans DancE around a moonlit
    fire of midnight liGht naked and
    toGetHer free with each oTheR
    and NatUre oNe as inter
    connecting inter
    oF all thaT iS
    also known as being
    one with God as Nature
    and wE sAMe aS oNE
    FoRce toGeThER
    to gEt the
    joB dONe
    A oKaY for a survive
    to thrive in work and play
    and love and lust BaLanCinG
    in MoVinG.. CoNnecTinG and
    creAtinG liFE as co-CreaTors witH
    NatuRe GoD oNe as FoRce of LiVinG
    onE all within… inside.. outside.. so above..
    below and all around.. regulating emotions
    and integrating senses and sensuality sAMe
    from birth to death hOlding hands and never letting
    go From GoD toGeTHeR oNe.. so what does modern
    cultures have to say about this in first world schools and
    work and all stuff related to the tools we make and extend
    of our selves to become as pARt of Brick Houses.. metal cars..
    guns.. knives.. tools that become a pArt of we to gain greater creature
    comforts for subsistence in day to day liFE.. including shelter from environmental
    elements.. of course too.. sure.. it comforts us.. but in many ways disables use from
    MoVinG… ConnecTinG CreAtinG with Others as AC takes the place of front porch neighbors
    in Summer days.. and TV and Radio.. etc.. etc.. etc.. now in Electronic Entertainment
    replaces couches of conversation in Living Rooms with Great Room mirror neuron
    ways of vicariously and virtually experiencing life.. in a play with actors and
    directors in someone else’s life.. and in work instead of foraging in
    hunt and gather toGether in MoVinG.. ConneCting.. CreaTinG
    ways with each otHer iN toGETher ways in flesh and
    blood wHere most of our social reciprocal social
    communication innately tells the truth
    in flesh and blood
    non-verbal language..
    we become keystrokes and
    flat screen boxes.. parts of
    machines no more no less
    than cogs of Robot
    of a big
    machine that
    once just sought
    food and shelter and
    toGeTheRness with each
    other and NaTure sAMe.. weLL..
    the TRUth is with human imagination
    and creativity we can create great dreams
    come to fruition but in the opposite twilight
    zone end of that as means.. we can create
    LiVinG hells that snowball and never
    melt and just keep getting
    in covering
    up what beFore we
    once were as children
    of God who could Feel the
    God of Nature in naked skin
    of feelings and touch
    with each
    and God
    as Nature ONE
    with never even any
    need to question an existence
    of God as all that is is God then..
    as God oF all was then something
    we alWays could touch and feel with
    the comfort of fearless Love that kNows/
    FeeLs no boundaries and chains of the human
    that are
    now us…
    Anyway.. as ‘they’
    say Holy shit i escaped
    all that cRap and live in
    the iSREAL Kingdom of God
    thAT is simply noW and no.. never
    again..complexly that.. i can SinG a
    SonG about Hell but i know longer feel
    tHeRe.. a place of cOld and distant theN
    so far aWay from the God AS Nature iSREAL..
    it’s simple.. if you are missing something it is likely
    this God
    thAT is ALL
    and iSREAL NoW..
    and if one wonders what all
    the sages of the ages were
    attempting to get at and out of
    as they continued to become aware
    vaguely and more saliently that they
    were missing a paRt of liFE as wHOle..
    we now have more plain language than theN
    the metaphors of beFore and complex parables
    as well.. to rise aGain bEfore the rise of machines
    that have
    become now
    we as tools
    of illusion living dead..
    wHeRe no flesh and Blood
    of God.. no longer Free to Be..
    more than A Zombie Apocalypse iSrael…

    Signed F Now STiL..L..
    A Yellow Canary iN
    A coal mine noW
    wHo literAlly
    E-scaped thiS
    heLL of
    and boDy soUl
    aS WeLL noW in HeaRt
    oF liVinG SpiRiT Water..
    oF God NoW FReED onE..:)

  4. Great pics Kate! Especially an attraction are the cat pics. They seem to be relatively new ones as compared to the others!


    • sMiLes .. mY FriEnd
      Hank.. thanks so much for
      stopping by today.. and yes.. so
      happy you enjoyed the pics.. and
      as you say.. particularly the cat pics..
      as of course all the cat pics are pics of Yellow
      Boy.. and yes they are all new in photo stream way..
      unless i highlight a memory
      photo from years gone by..
      and did you know.. my FriEnd
      that God Created Humans just
      to be caretakers of cats.. hehe
      as they don’t seem to be able
      to handle the job of being
      stewards of the
      Earth.. and
      then God
      tOld human do
      go and co-create the
      Internet to House
      the beauty and
      affection for God’s
      Favorite oF aLL animals..
      who truly FeeL the secret of
      Being Tai-Chi Masters ONE WitH
      GoD oF aLL NatuRe.. anyWay.. aT
      lEast thaT iS.. what Yellow Boy has
      tOld me in his non-verbal Language of
      Animal Superiority over We Humans who
      now continue to Masterfully Serve our Cats..
      With Equitable attention online Worthy of Thanks and Cat Praise..:)

  5. Lullaby view..
    as presented by
    the Facebook Algorithm
    Video Voyeur..:)

    Beauty and..
    Drum Roll Please..
    And next Facebook Profile
    photo.. oKAy..;)

    Drumroll over.. and..
    yes.. who would yoU
    ratHeR meet in a dArk ALLey.. he..HE..;)

    Yes.. per Drumroll..
    And Drumstick too..
    And last two Profile Pics
    on Facebook too.. Yes..
    AND GRACE..;)

    Special K.. in honor now of
    ALpha K in many languages
    and stArt of KinG oF course..
    and KA for the spirit continuing
    iN Form of Nautilus sheLL aFter
    liFe aS WeLL in KinG Tut’s Tomb
    of Form.. or a SonG on YouTube
    by Elvis Presley gyrating his hips
    for a male first in
    the 50’s to show
    more SpiRit in SenSes..
    EmoTioNs and SeNsuaLiTy Now
    oF beinG hUman FReED iN noW
    like mE heHe.. in how i Dance so
    Brave and Free in all the places i
    for one go neXt too.. anyWay.. the
    Letter K.. hOlds.. a Very SpeCiaL
    place.. in mY heARt.. as THere
    were so many days.. wHeRe
    leTters and words were the
    only place i could fiNd A
    friEnd with never an
    end of Holy SpiRit
    Father oNe and
    mE as surely
    wE aLL
    can FiNd
    this trinity within
    to express outside
    and shine wiTh otHers
    wHoLe as heArt noW and
    SpiRit.. ExpresSinG heARt
    as miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
    soUl aS oNE.. noW.. Force WiTh
    GoD.. iN MoVinG ConNecTinG now
    Co-CreAtinG ways noW of EmoTioNal
    Regulation and SeNsoRy InTeGrAtioN
    the sAme noW.. iN Honor and Glory.. And
    Praise to this GreaT GiFt oF liFe bEsToWed
    to uS By MotHer NaTuRe wHOle also kNoWn
    aS GoD aLLThAtiS ONE FoRce WiThin.. inSiDe..
    outSide.. AboVe.. so beLow and All aRounD noW..:)

    And MoVinG here.. from Special K in 2013..
    as Facebook Algorithm generated Macro-
    Verse memory as truly first and somewhat
    very abstract original Macro-Verse on
    my Ocean whole poem.. SonG oF
    mY soUL.. as the first three were
    basicAlly copy and paste oF
    Macro-Verses i had
    already written
    on my blogger blog
    beFore moVinG over
    to Word Press too.. and
    now hEre 4000 Miles of DANCE
    WALKING! NOW!.. A YEAR a go
    to date.. celebrating title same.. with
    now surpassing 5800 miles today and
    moVinG on to a 6000 miles of DANCE
    WALKING! NOW!.. potentiAlly celebrating
    thAT Gala event toward the end of September
    2016.. shortly after i celebrate my Witness for
    God all that is.. on 9112016 for a full 42 months
    as my witness for God all started on March 10, 2013
    and that day will complete the 42 months whole for a
    SonG of My soUL wHole StiLL Approaching 4 million words
    then.. and also approaching 12 million words whole.. including
    the prelude of analytical writing to poetry on the Wrong Planet
    there in somewhere around 8 million words too.. as sure.. i con-
    tinue to meAsure mileStoNes to empiricAlly meaSure hUman
    poTenTial achieved in case-Fred-study here as it looks like
    hehe.. no one could be qualified in quantifiable way to
    accomplish that but me.. heheX2.. even if someone
    gave a crap now to even care about all i do as
    arT oF i.. iN SonG oF mY SoUL floWs oN
    iN RiVer’s i View as Waves SinG
    Ocean wHole poem
    oF Y i.. juST
    For FuN
    as Y not
    liVe liFE as F iN
    Epic as yA can.. a
    trULy no bRainer for
    mE hE heX3.. just foR noW..:)

    And more here from a year ago..
    on my favorite and ever eXpaNdinG
    toPiC sAMe
    oF Thou SAND
    MiL LioNs Love…
    Through Sickness and
    do us part..
    and the rest
    iS uP to GoD aLL
    thAt iS of Course
    as alWays gifT oF noW..:)

    WeLL.. A very long day.. of Dance to Haircut to ophthalmologist and
    visit with beautiful ducks on manmade PondS and Hospital
    way too.. a photo-op with Sasquatch.. to follow
    uP on the beginning of this Micro-Verse
    in Wookiee way and Yeti too as
    basic metaphor same for
    wild and FreeSt BiPed
    hAiry.. unLeAshED
    and reLeaSed too..
    for TOTAL FREE NOW..
    iN Verse oF SonG.. poEtry
    DanCe as Free as Free RinGs on..
    noW of courSe sTiLL wRite oN couRSe FoR NoW..:)

    WeLL thAT sayS it aLL buT
    more interesting iS iN all the dVerse
    ways that otHeRs see/feel a hUman bEinG
    as WiLd and Free as mE.. some folks heRE
    even in the WiLd of Seville Quarter in DancE hALL
    ways say i am the nicest Dance Legend and Icon sAme
    of the Pensacola Area they’ve ever met.. while others
    try to convince me of what kinda drug i AM on.. to
    the nice Customer Service Lady at Walmart
    who said she always defends me sTiLL
    wiTh the ‘Deliverance’ kinda characters
    who inhabit the Lower Alabama LA
    section of Florida Panhandle same..
    ugh.. let’s juSt say a little too
    uptight and conservative
    for me.. and she tales
    folks i dance like i
    am skating with
    only Nike Shox
    shoes.. without
    a care and free too..
    while a tobacco spittin’
    image of the ‘Large Marge’
    Truck Driver Character looks
    at me with daggers in her eyes
    tonight while 233 LB me is ballet
    a spinning in the Middle Aisle as
    approved by the Super-Walmart
    Management extra cool team
    since Fall of 2013.. and i
    kinda wanna invite her
    to take a photo or
    a video like
    everyone else
    does to peruse me
    in her spare time too..
    and share me on Facebook..
    more iF that iS what floats her
    boat too.. to be free.. to share and
    give her little liGht too.. yes.. ii hate
    to stereotype but sure.. there is
    a kinda person.. who is Funda-
    mentalist Religious.. who
    wears a truck driver T-
    shirt with long dress
    too.. iF you remember
    fully the Large Marge
    Character on Pee Wee
    Herman too.. trying to
    convince me.. like some
    of the similar flavor of young
    folks at Old Seville who haven’t
    a clue about the ‘higher’ pARts of
    HuMan NatuRe sEt Free.. iN noW hoW
    to reach and be with God.. is not explained
    very well at all in the New T.. to juSt F iN Do iT
    noW in the Heaven at Hand that Can and WiLL bE
    noW for those who seeK and FiNd and Practice A
    liFE of Heaven noW iN the Real Kingdom iSREAL
    of God oF Nature as hUman NatuRe sEt free noW
    as Goddess.. or Father deeper super-conciousness
    or whatever the F.. other metaphor YA wanna use
    for this hiGher poweR.. AnD Force oF GoD oF aLL
    oF Nature coMes to Fruition as an iSREAL reaLiTy
    oF liFe noW.. and then.. tHere are those who WilL
    never visit me as a friEnd no matter how nice
    i Am to poetiCaLLy respond to tHeir d-
    Verse offeRinGS.. and anoThEr
    very special friEnd who fELt
    comfortable enough with
    me to ask to stay
    with me and
    Katrina for
    two to four weeks..
    where unfortunately
    that goes beyond Katrina’s
    comfort zone as she doesn’t
    even invite her own relatives to
    spend the night over.. as it is an
    OCD thing.. associated with folks
    breaking into their home and folks
    with knives standing over beds.. where
    she has difficulty sTiLL trusting most anyone
    now in more intimate connections that allowing
    someone to stay over at your home demands
    in being comfortable enough in your own skin
    and environment to let someone you don’t kNow
    too WeLL iN.. or perHaps even someone close.. too..
    aNyway.. mY friEnd.. she understood.. and Katrina
    understands too.. in way of her comfort Zone.. and
    no.. Katrina is never jealous of another woman
    as the history certainly shows here.. but
    she is still rather shy when it comes
    to all of her personal space..
    and that is what different
    means.. tolerate.. accept
    and live in Peace and
    Harmony.. where my
    Friend can visit..
    and we will go out
    on the town and beach
    and celebrate liFE Free
    as aLL can be as free as they
    care to be for now.. in FreeDoM’s liGht..:)

    And finAlly as just anoTher
    Lullaby comes here for sweet
    slEep.. ‘tiLL the neXt SonG anD
    DanCe iN words Of PoEtry and
    steps oF Feet comE in FeAT oF aRT..
    fully circLinG back to the Terminator series..
    of Movies and Salvation as associated with
    CAN YOU SEE ME NOW?.. WeLL.. the same
    dam Allegory from the Camel that is very large
    and the tools of culture same.. to the Matrix that
    is that same Camel.. to the Machines of the IT Revolution
    OF the Terminator Movie series.. to the Zombie Apocalypse
    THAT iS beCominG iSREAL more as wE SpEak as even science
    shows that in empirical meaSures of Empathy college age adults
    have lost about 30% of previous meaSuRed empirical ways oF HU-
    man nature iN the last several decades REAL too.. so the Bibles..
    and the other books of Literature.. and Movies and Plays and
    aLL oTHer arts of millennia on end.. have seen and felt
    the problems of culture of Environment VS God GiVeN
    Free GiFT of HuMan at odds in terms of who
    is Free or imprisoned in culture of old
    and antiquated now.. in whAT
    cAn bE much Greater Human
    eMoTioNs.. seNses and seNsuALiTy
    sET FreE from oPresSinG and rePreSsinG
    CulTurAL.. and REligous ways
    of old timey FundAmenTalist
    waYs of yeArs GoNe so fAR
    in the preSent aS weLL as
    pASt.. sAdly enough
    noW iN a self-
    made prison
    and challenge
    oF iSREAL eARth
    HeLL.. iN SepAration from
    GoD whOle as ArT and SciEnce
    oF liFe noW and many many more InTelligences
    to break free and FinALLy EnjOY the iNheRiTance
    more from GoD of NaTuRe aLL WitH zero guilt and
    Sin for Golden Rule with consuming others with no
    harm in a oneness with GoD anD NAtuRe sAME..
    the FooD
    anD DriNk
    and necessary
    ShelTers oF liFe
    to RiSE and ThriVe
    ReBorn.. in all the metaphors
    and more for that.. ranGinG
    from Holy Ascension in SpiRit
    Ways.. to Father inside revealed
    moRE fuLLy as We.. to Satori..
    to Kundalini RiSinG.. to the
    Great SpiRit more fully
    BeinG oNe iN uS
    iSREaL.. to
    the self-actualization
    of BeinG hUman as described
    in Maslow’s Hierarchy of BeinG
    HUMAn PoTenTial in And As The
    potentiAl oF hUman BeinG onE WiTh GoD noW..:)

    Yes.. WiNks..
    bottom line..

    Yes.. i would
    most likely
    be more than
    lost now.. without

    Facebook FriEnd Glenn.. says..
    then.. in return.. to the Profile
    Pic of Katrina standing proudly
    with SasQuatch aT Feed and Grain store..

    she likes muscular men, Fred.

    And i say in return to Glenn too..

    This.. Glenn.. to
    Be true as
    One of my Facebook
    Friends who
    Was and is
    A Body Builder
    Introduced me to her first
    As her Boy
    Of Love
    All that is..:)

  6. Facebook Friend.. Nicole..
    shares a Faceboook
    Status acknowledging
    the consequences of
    reading comments on
    a Hank William’s You Tube
    Video per Country and Western
    Music of Good Old boy ways..
    highlighting the normal
    conservative red
    state way..
    of anything
    different than
    we see and say
    just plain sucks..
    so then i say..

    In this way
    You are lucky..
    You don’t live
    iN Milton.. noW..
    Wait.. oh.. You
    Do.. Ignorance
    Is bred in Red
    State Spread..
    And science
    Way of
    Roots too..
    That not all
    Share.. Credit
    Of social peers
    And family most
    as culture..
    People are
    Alike and Different
    Everywhere Now..
    On Earth.. Sadly
    Some places are
    hide or die noW..
    And or do or die.. NoW
    Culture can be the greatest
    Shared virus and
    Or Gift
    oF aLL..:)

    And as added note here..
    of course this reminds me of
    my Large Marge Experience while
    free style dancing martial arts and
    ballet last night in the Center Aisle of
    Super Walmart as i’Ve been doing now
    for close to three years next month approaching
    6,000 miles in all the deep South Pensacola Metro
    Area Red State spread.. and it is quite an adventure
    but the fAct that i can also pass for Yeti.. per Sasquatch
    and Big Foot Wookiee too.. lends a certain white middle
    age.. Military and Law Enforcement privilege where let’s just
    say.. the Matriarchs who think men will not hit women are usually
    the only one’s who act in defiance of my Freedoms as allowed by
    Store management for F. iN Jesus Christ exercise.. just a little more
    advanced than the 50’s something other early retirees do in their power
    walking in the Mall when they no longer after to go to Navy Bases or
    Chemical plants to punch in from 9 to 5 as their Golden Feathered
    nest retirements have finAlly come in to play in their
    power walking mall time.. and dining
    in fine cuisine of Fried
    Seafood restaurants
    during the day..
    when everyone else
    is still busy punching punching
    the clocks of modern cultural
    robot prisons to fill up the
    garage with more
    junk from
    WalmARt that
    is only a FucKinG
    Place of Art of Dance
    for mE.. he HE.. where i
    even take their ads free
    to muse the free stuff i do
    Free for ALL in poEtry in LOngest
    Long Form ever poeTry contest in the
    hiStory of HuMan now.. that i already woN
    as tHere ain’t no competition noW in Fred Land
    that sure.. is kinda like Pee Wee HeRmaN Land
    too.. iN so.. so many play land ways of Pan and Apollo
    More human noW.. in never land never ending story now..
    anyway.. BEEN studying Anthropology in degree way of college
    and free style after that in a perfect FucKinG American work environment
    to do that and get paid a little bit too.. up to Manager in a Military Bowling Center
    too.. for close to 2 decades and somewhere around 100K folks per direct social
    reciprocal interaction where somedays that numbered literally over 100’s in an
    8 hour work day for me.. that was oh my God.. so much fun for me.. as human
    is my special interest to study now for 56 years whole in holy and sacred
    fun too.. wHere now approaching 6 years of online wordy wordy ways
    of close to 12 million words spells a lot of God Dam Human Interaction
    too.. definitely rising in the scores of thousands in
    connecting at least one way in human
    interaction to potentially
    over 100K points
    of contact
    there too..
    and sure
    close to 1.5 million
    views on my Kate
    Mia clearing house
    on Google Plus.. juST
    there for the reach of
    my LioN pawS of Pen iS
    goNe noW oH so.. LonG.. he HE..
    sure in so many Free and WiLd ChIld of God
    WiN ways noW for Heaven’s reign online too..;)


    God iS alWays
    iNside noW
    Now To Be
    As no more
    No less
    NoW Than
    Peace and
    The FoRage
    Of the day noW
    Is Done foR Now..
    Humans are one of
    The few animals who
    Do not live this Heaven’s
    Inheritance of being as
    Only rare in the case
    Of clothed culture
    Separated NoW
    From God
    Of Nature
    Credit Modern
    CultureS noW and
    All.. the Byproducts..
    IF.. tools wE become
    NoW As Machine and
    Words noW iNstead
    Of BeinG NoW onE
    Alive Allnow Allone AllthaTiS
    The way of NatUre GoD oNe Now..:)


    SMILes as alWays.. mY FriEnd.. Zee.. take a wonderful dArk tint of
    what male oF liGhter colors miGht
    intice to see iN a girl oF dArker
    sHades of Grey..
    so i will turn the
    tAbles heRe and
    try my poetic
    hand iN
    oF Verse
    iN TaKing
    the opposite
    Gender role too..
    and say.. yes.. that
    juSt happens to be the
    prompt at dVerse too that
    i may peruse juSt for fun later
    on.. so yOuR muSe heAR.. too..
    mY FriEnd from Pakistan.. noW
    wHere Dark Haired girls eYes2
    with often
    dARk sKin2
    can rule the
    eYes of men..
    and sure.. i am
    a Pacific Islander Girl dArk2
    wandering in a Bowling place..
    and i have had such a hard life..
    from knives standing over beds
    to thieves breaking into home..
    to Step Father’s and same
    as Mom’s boyfriend who
    knew the Queen of
    England and
    for the
    FBI or
    whatever..i then
    kNew.. and tHeRe
    is this man with bright
    eyes handing out shoes
    the ocean green or blue
    i am not sure.. but what i
    know and feel for sure is
    he always smiles as all
    he do.. and how
    could anyone
    be as
    happy as
    that i cannot
    fathom.. from
    my beautiful place
    of dark.. that longs
    for innocence lost in
    places with no water or
    even anything other than
    wash cloths for that time of
    month.. one in a million he must
    be as he has no predator dark in
    eyes of Love.. so much want those
    eyes of Love.. so deep the ache for
    Love i FeeL.. heARt Strings pleASe
    play for me a Love forever
    more now
    that never
    hurts now
    please take
    me away to
    heaven noW..
    dear.. please.. so..
    she got more than
    she asked for mY fRiend..
    but i am
    bottom line..
    Love Survives..
    iN Storms and Ocean eyes..
    Fire and Ice too.. tHere WiLL
    never be anOther girl like that for mE.. too..:)

    Thank you
    Now my
    FriEnd.. Zee..
    for the mEmory
    And tEars oF LifE noW iSReAL..:)

  9. Well.. i have to say
    that Sarah Song brinGs
    tears to me freely without any
    of my words to accompany it at all..
    and how lucky and fortunate i am for
    the vicious circle of my Father’s coldness
    bred too he.. as culture
    whole in Love for
    stuff more
    than hUman
    heArt.. in all
    the bLack Dollar
    green back ways that
    came way back when he
    decided that a Mother who
    would stay home to Nurture is
    less than his mother who said put
    that child down when he is crying
    or he will never be able
    to stand his
    ground in
    ways of being..
    well.. he left and
    she stayed and she
    my mother was with me
    for free without work for
    those three years from 0
    to 3.. wHere now even
    science shows is
    the make
    or break
    of Loving
    Empathic HUman
    BeinGS attached to
    breast more than
    cold and
    nipples of
    stuff of stuff of
    stuff away from
    breast and hugs of Love..
    it always makes me smile when
    i see these women who carry their
    children like the Indians when they picked
    corn close to the body.. and even modern
    child birth ways know and feel to have the
    father take his shirt off and hold that babies skin
    to breast of man too.. to release the neurohormone
    oxytocin for the loving bond to change the diapers of
    Love comes inspiring ways of Love with nothing more
    great of Art to do then raise a child oF Love.. the FACT THAT
    God dam
    this words
    exist aT aLL..
    and even FucKinG
    Science says this is True
    and liGht as wELL that refrigerator
    parents do FucKinG KiLL eYes of LoVe..
    but true it is often a vicious cycle wHere no
    one is at fault trUly but culture wHOle aS onE..
    that says people are tools and machines of dead eYes SoUl..
    anyway.. the briGht noTe of sMILes iS mY MOtHers Love LiVes
    Forever online.. and the relatively small amount of money.. my
    Father the big time consumer left compared to me who never
    needed retail therapy.. as my soUL was/is FuLL of the
    Unconditional Love of a Mother who holds
    Love above
    all stuff
    and religion
    now.. was nothing
    compared to what i saved
    both in the bank and in eYes
    of Love that went aWay with
    Pain and eventuAlly came
    Back as
    iN OrGAnic
    eYes of SpiRit
    oF SoUL Words..
    woman is sacred to me..
    Thanks to a Mother who Loves
    beYond all stuff of green bLack
    dollars of oiLed TarREd Bird.. the
    Star of Love aBove lives bEyond
    of Hell


    sMiLes.. my Friend.. Prajakta..
    welcome back from your
    vacation iN ancestral
    Lands of HeARt
    FeLt iSREAL now..
    in old Tibet too..
    the first name for
    God that Humans
    create is Lahmu and
    Lahamn for Water and
    Earth miXed as SiLT then
    and perHaps iF they kepT
    God as original Nature before
    ‘Sin’ of Abstract Written Language..
    Collective Intelligence and Complex
    Cultures.. NDD or Nature Deficit Disorder
    also kNown as GDD.. GoD DaM Disorder
    too hehe.. as NatURe OnE whOle too..
    hUman.. would not be eating aWay @
    eARTh iN footprints
    of hUman
    tools.. as
    space ships
    show IS A cancer
    of the PlaneT eArth
    on re-entry to the air
    we breathe FReED.. oh..
    the world of NDD.. but what
    iF everyone suddenly grew a
    SpiRit.. a HeARt.. a SoUL.. a MiNd
    and BoDy BaLanCinG way of empathy
    and hugs and eYes of Unconditional Love
    for each other all around the Globe now like
    a Love Virus FReED.. WeLL.. the other thing is
    then other folks came along and created a God for
    them.. yes.. a tribal one that would expand the human
    domination of Nature from Sea to Sea.. the destroyer
    of God iF yOu WiLL or they WiLL of course.. from
    continents East.. West.. South and North all.. but
    perHaps they don’t see as Godzilla clearly
    FeeLs aLL innately.. instinctually and
    even ‘Blue Oyster Cult’ by
    intuition now2.. yes..
    sAMe nAMe of
    Godzilla too..
    Nature and or
    God depending on
    semantics of the silt
    of the day.. is alWayS in control
    as Nature lives from subatomic
    spiraling flow allone to galaxies
    and UniVerses BeYond.. as Free
    WiLL DanCe and SinG in moVinG..
    ConNecTing InteRdependent CreAtinG
    ways.. so.. all the pain and suffering around
    uS humans wE do feel and see as iSREAL noW..
    is juSt Karma my friEnd.. the action and consequence
    of getting out of BaLancE wiTh Nature God samE now..
    as alWays Force that seeks Balance over all otHeR opposing
    Forces now.. Nature has no nAMe but Balance.. and mosT aLL
    oF hUman Suffering and Misery can be attributed to GDD mY FriEnd..
    TrUly sorry you had to go back to work.. but sure.. that IS A way of a world..
    that says.. there is enough human beings destroying We rest oF Nature
    NOw.. so get back to work you humans and do anything but making
    of misery
    and suffering
    for the reST of wE
    oF NaTuRe noW.. from
    STD’s to Mosquito DisEases
    to all the rest of God OF Nature
    checks and Balances my FriEnd noW
    iN Karma’s eYes of NatuRE God SamE..
    only the individual can possibly escape now
    in tHeir own way of TrUth and liGht iN BaLanCinG Force..
    the taste
    of your
    in silt
    of Mountain
    Lake mirror flows view..
    as oPen mY friEnd.. a Vacation
    worth more than a stones throw oF work..
    WiNkS in jUST my opinion of course as
    when i re-TiRed work.. somehow i wanted
    to go back then if i ever could… noW
    oh.. no one
    is immune
    the way
    of the World.. mY FriEnd..
    so.. so.. hard to E-sCapE noW..:)

  11. HeHE.. i’ll juSt Steal these quotes from mE.. haHA!
    and otHeRs too of course.. namely Michelangelo..
    and Wiki.. and Gospel oF Thomas2.. from
    Dead Sea Scrolls.. and online Sacred
    Text resource as WeLL..
    as a great
    clearing house
    too of all stuff sacred
    text from cultures around
    the world then.. and yes noW2..
    anD my source too.. haHE2..
    from Donald Duck Lost in a
    VORTEX! THREE from
    a family mini-
    Vacation with
    photos too..
    from Ponce
    De Leon FL..
    wHere Jesus F. iN Christ
    that water is so dAM Cold2..;)

    “What spirit is so empty and blind,
    that it cannot recognize the fact that the
    foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin
    more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?”


    37) His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
    and when shall we behold you?”
    He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
    take your garments and put them under your feet like little
    children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
    Living, and you will not be afraid.”


    “I dare do all that may become a man;
    he who dares do more is none.”

    -My Father’s identical twin Brother

    “Never do today what
    you can put off tomorrow”

    -My Father

    AnyWay.. with Katrina Bikini photos to
    BooTie too.. Beautiful Nature photos
    and BEast of me too..
    to go along
    with the
    Beauty of
    all the rest of all that is
    God tHeRe from Head to toe
    and BEyond iN Temples of God TrUE
    all through out Nature FormS noW eSsEnCE
    of GoD iSREAL noW
    worth re-visiting
    for mE
    and west too..
    hmm.. and don’t
    forget North and
    too.. FReED noW..
    iN wonderful Facebook
    Algorithm Memory ways
    BRinGinG back to liFE
    anotHeR Macro Verse
    oF Ocean WHole Poem
    noW from two yEars ago.. StiLL FReED noW..:)

    I Am amazed and mystified how
    the science iN God oF Nature’s
    Synchronicity works in A-Causal
    connecting principle ways from simple
    all shared mostly human phenomenon..
    like the consistent coincidence where a
    person tales themselves before bed to wake
    up at 6 am.. and as soon as that second hand hits
    6 am.. no matter if the clock is correct or not..
    the numbers and dreams of let it
    be sAid or written first
    and let it be done
    by then the power of
    suggestion.. prayer..
    placebo.. WTF yA wanna
    caLL this Synchronicity in terms
    of Science or Art.. iT iSREAL..and
    wE moST all acknowledge the reAliTy oF iT
    as wE FeeL eYes up on uS across distances
    too far from sight or sound sAMe iN a ForCe thaT
    science simply has no tools to meaSuRe noW..
    WeLL aGaIn.. noW out of close to 500 themed T-shirts
    hanging in my closet a theme shirt oF Can
    You See Me noW cAMe heRe too.. two years
    ago in poetic Macro-Verse way too.. and the
    best pARt to me is the SupER F iN Epic
    Sunset hEre that i WiLL add aGain.. that
    reAlly says a lot about the dVerse
    current Macro Verse used prompt
    on Daytime left skies of Sunset too..
    as parKinG lots angle on.. noW iN
    straight square.. lines.. of buildings..
    concrete floors of asphalt..
    light poles and metal cars too..
    But GoD’s ArT in SkEYes WiLL
    never be fingerprinted or copyrighted
    by Humans with their tiny flea BrAins that
    sadly most often.. have lost the paint of GoD
    in Eyes that see stuff they make over the Beauty
    oF GoD oF Nature
    FReED.. and i wonder
    iF i was the only person Re-Tired
    enough with rubber added back to
    mY hEarT and Spirit and miNd and
    BoDy reNeWinG StiLL reBorn mE..
    then.. to snap a photo and share then
    iT wiTh the rest of the world.. for perHaps
    a thouSand years to cOme or when
    servers die first then.. whenever
    then is.. in SpiRit lEft KA oF i..
    as my King TuT tomb
    IS An Art as HeARt and
    spiRiT of the SonG oF mY
    soUL noW then StilL noW.. eTched
    iN Love iS Written in the StoNe of a Heaven
    with no moon or Sun of Day that shines 24/7 as
    Art of online can and will do to defeat the Entropy
    of Things
    fALL apARt
    oF BefoRE in relative
    HUman terms forever noW
    oF course as Love goeS oN
    iN StArs oF eYeS of TwiLiGht iSREAL noW..;)

  12. WeLL iT’so trUe.. aLonG
    the liNes of DarkNess and liGht
    are one when dReams are guided
    in Lucid Waking days aLiVe in TwiliGht’s FruiTioN
    SonGs that Never ends in ever more story oF noW..
    So.. perHaps iF i had liNked a poem to
    dVerse oF TwiLiGht it would have
    been deleted on the basis
    that iT was
    neither Day
    or not.. weLL the
    trUth is tHerE iS nuThinG
    in BeTweeN for mE as allThAtiS
    iS Free FoR All haha.. juST noW..
    aliVe.. so yes.. i’ve provided a way for
    oTHeRs to Steal mY miNd and moRE noW impoRT
    anTly mY SoUL aLL for FReED as i say Y
    LiFe is NoW.. maKe the mosT oF iT and FucKinG sHare
    it or sure.. copyright it.. sell it and buy it for dEvil Green bLack
    bucks that have little.. to no.. hUman heARt.. SpiRit eXpreSsinG
    tHat HeARt.. as MiNd and BoDy SoUl beCoMeS BaLanCinG FoRcE Now
    of wE wiTh GoD wHole as NatURe sAMe oNe foRcE of liFe noW.. and
    sad sad SonG folks value a destination of money.. or likes.. or shares or
    followers.. or publishing in print.. to motivate juST more KillinG of Life giVing
    Breathe of Air Trees.. for sure.. tHeir Kilroy way of KA of HUman
    sPiRit ForCe energy to liVe on after they die too..
    or maybe they have been told
    God and stuff is money
    all theiR lives and
    Heaven is a place
    of pearly gates and Jaded
    Emerald Floors same with old
    Gold linings for reaLiTy beYond
    a DiaMonD OnE hUman heArt.. WitH
    SpiRit and miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
    SoUL noW juSt Now.. anyWay.. it’s nice to
    be totAlly FReED as all of whAT mY God Given
    HUman NatuRe Can and Will bRing Free without
    haVing to FucKinG jusTiFY the aRt oF Y i.. to otHeR
    folks who simply have noT traveled the full journey oF
    Y i and paths of tHat with no hOlds given in repression
    and oppression iN all oF hUman
    poTenTial NOW..
    and that’s
    oF course iT iS oKay.. And
    thaT iS pARt oF mY mesSage Now
    to new SAges oF heARtists sAMe..
    JuSt do iT aLL.. yA cannot change
    the literal thinking conservative
    miNds among uS.. iN most
    everYday standardized
    occurrence.. but yA
    can juST duSt Ya
    oFF and
    go wHeRe Greater
    FreeDoms are aT lEast
    toleRated and even accepted
    as free Can and WiLL coMe to Be noW..
    aNYway.. mY LAmp oF FeARless LoVe noW
    liVeS on without any clear beGinninG or End..
    And now for more Day liGht prompts from the
    Quadrille iNspiration on MoNday aT dVerse noW..
    hehe.. as i continue to giVe mY BRain and soUL
    aWay for free.. never noW FucKinG for Sale.. BAbe..
    aS iN mY.. liFe noW.. Fredbuns and FredkuS and
    Martial Arts FredFu’s Rule.. noW
    For FReED..:)

  13. DRoWSinG oFF to sleep
    second wiNd coMes aGain..
    off to dVerse noW iN Daylight..
    waYs of FiNding muSe moRe noW..
    @3:59 pm..

    FindinG neW in memories trUe..
    spReading dayliGht noW.. traveLinG
    further aS hiGhlights thaT groW oN Now..
    SinGinG NatURe SonGs oF RiSinG sunsHine
    Tides.. RiVers StreAms oF FiRe
    waTeRs dreAms to Air
    oF Stars as SuN sHiNes RiSe..

    noW oF
    LoVinG AiR..:)

    Rorschach Tests
    oF Sunrise Sunset
    Clouds.. sAme reflecting
    inner clouds and sunshine
    saMe.. environment within
    pasted on
    Paint of Nature..
    but sure.. either
    way of liFe iS equAlly
    ReaL for those who paint
    EmoTions sky wide noW iN
    shadEs of GreY beComing
    coloRed hues of Rain
    sAMe as
    sHadE Sun Blooms..

    Body bReathE
    oF liGht sKeyeS SonG..
    SinGs.. sunsetrise.. BluE..:)

    A FaLL Fair
    Ferris Wheel
    Day is cooLinG
    to a Panhandle Air
    In Florida now heRE..
    oF heat cLoud grey..
    As Hurricane
    spinS uP
    iN Atlantic
    speLLs cooLinG
    EarTh iN bLasting Fashion..

    Forboding skies
    oF Ferris WheeL Hermine
    eYe.. pLayS SonG CooLinG..:)

    Winter cLouds of separation..
    Snows of Winter BRing Love..
    cold and
    arms oF Love
    WiNter FeeLs
    as wE LoVe
    moRe than
    Winter Leaves oF FaLL..

    reaL as SnoW..:)

    Oh.. the pain
    of needing
    practice for
    necks gOne straighTer..
    years of pain.. but trUly
    none now.. since noW..

    i too..
    as Galaxy..
    noW.. pain Free..

    of human
    arms and legs..

    moVinG iSREAL

    Ya kNow.. i watched
    those Sea Gulls for
    decades with a ‘tween
    of vacate in work of decades
    too.. and youth came back more..
    as i fiNally leArned
    i too Now
    can fly A
    DancE oF seaGull
    iN deep white sands
    with sure.. a lot more effort
    thaT Took but so much more
    P R A C T I C E
    noW in Flying
    on Terrestrial
    shoreS onE..
    i create noW
    as Ocean
    sketching shores
    of Beach.. even noW..
    odd on concrete floors..

    SMiLes.. Seagulls
    never ever never noW
    complain.. FlYinG’s FuN FReED..:)

    Quick side note here..
    The fun oF Love iS in
    the Labor..
    no different..
    as work of Birthing Babies..
    WiNkS..iT can be a thankless
    effort but so what.. LiFE noW
    is AlWays worTH iT when NeW..:)

    sMIles.. i couldn’t
    help but to notice
    your antenna.. if that
    is yours.. suggests you
    are off the pay for views..
    and if i for one lived alone..
    i wouldn’t have pay for views either..
    ugh.. nothing on TV worth watching much..

    are bRighter above
    antenna eYes of Love..:)

    Clouds noW..
    God’s ParAdise
    PaiNt SonG foR hUmans
    wHo peRuse FiNger
    oF GoD
    Free withiN..
    From huMan..
    NewS.. ImAgiNation
    SinGs Co-Creation
    iN pasTels

    pAint cLouds..
    WitH.. GoDs eYes..:)

    and arT
    iN hUman
    eYes oF iMAginATioN
    In moVinG.. ConNecTinG
    CreAtinG waYs seems to sTArt
    WiTh sKies of Day SuN and niGhts
    oF Moon.. Stars.. iN NatURe Art AS SamE
    and ever changing more.. even bEyond
    hUman made
    sTuFF Of NoW
    careful not to
    Lose sPrinG..
    NatURE goiNG
    BeYond BookS
    thAt GreenS a LiVinG SonG..:)

    SonGs SinG aS
    NaTUre’s sPawn..:)

    iF i could do aWay
    with all words.. witH
    all collective intelligence..
    with all culture.. and what
    is left of me
    the rest..
    mY friEnd..
    iS juSt iCinG
    oN A Cake of GoD FReED..
    i paint freely as onLY arT
    beYond science wiLL

    LiFe.. GoD
    As NaTuRe oNE..:)

    Clouds of Romance in
    fertile lands of more..
    Clouds of ominous
    in midwest twister
    lore of real..
    Oh.. the Hurricanes..
    they spread cLouds of Flood..
    Winds of fluffy ones.. harmless
    oF FiRes as
    Harmless SuN..

    DrOught of Hurricanes
    iN Florida noW.. WinD oF
    HerMiNE iS BreWinG noW..:)

    Clouds toleRate Sun..
    Sun accepts cLouds
    and we humans
    can be yes..
    samE now
    in heated
    reins undone
    iN cLouds bEfore
    rains come again..
    cooLinG Sun down..
    as clouds
    no longer reign..

    SuN cLouds
    liVe toGetHeR
    FReED noW..:)

    So trUe..
    iF wE weren’T
    heRe.. nOne oF ouRs
    eXist.. as this unique
    world painted by i.. wE
    is only
    BeYond uniQue
    oF Finger prints ash..
    A UniVerse multi-
    iN aLL
    eYes oF sKeYes..

    Precious stOnE
    oF FeeLinG
    Star duST noW..:)

    And that’s all
    Day liGht skies
    bRing foR noW..
    as Dinner and
    work-out E-scape
    from words so FReED..:)

    5:47 pm..:)

  14. WeLL.. the best thing to mE about Witnessing for God
    Three and a half Years now.. per this 42nd month of
    doing jUSt thAT online in New Age E-World Online
    Kingdom of Heaven way in a place with no
    moon or Sun iSREAL.. iS my little..
    personal Bible effort sTiLL
    pushing 4 Million words..
    that WiLL go way
    past any prophecy
    of two folks witnessing
    for God for 42 months..
    and hell no.. just getting
    ignored.. deleted and banned
    for me.. no hanging in the streets
    as i AM a prophet of God who2 iS
    clever as a FucKinG FoX too.. hehe..
    who appreciates the Gift oF LiFE and
    kNowS oNly real fools squander this Gift oF
    liFe for words of weaker men and or women
    etc.. who would subjugate and dominate others
    through illusory fears and promises empty same..
    sure.. this is a tidal wave.. a TSuNaMi in lEft Hand
    JuStifCaTioN waY continuing heRe.. but i dare say..
    no one ever has coMe thiS fAR in aN iSREAL parable
    and poEtry sAMe for GOD iSReAL noW.. and nah.. i
    had plenty of hELp aLonG the wAy thaT inCreAses aS
    i go As tHiS FronTier of Heaven has no measure of liMits
    of what humans dreAMed bEFoRe.. bottom liNe.. i JuSt did iT..
    hEard the cALL of goD on February 28.. 2013.. gave my microcosm
    Macro Verse Perspective first to be published on March 10th that now
    makes that public witness sTArt tHere of course but yes.. the witness
    wHole sTarts with the new name GoD Gave mE on February
    28.. 2013.. as KATiE MiA.. ain’t no gender nAMe aT aLL for iT..
    means pure and close to God as that goes noW iN books
    that Metaphor meanings for NEW baby names.. and yes..
    the Frederick paRt came iN this month oF August
    oF 2013 replacing the Aghogday Blur
    of no day but hell day noW
    for 66 months of a pain
    as assessed by
    science as
    Type Two.. Trigeminal
    Neuralgia.. worse than F iN
    Crucifixion wHere my JOB
    trial lasted 66 months wHole
    from wake to sleep with Dentist
    Drill like pain with no novocaine
    in right eye and ear loss as pain..
    from wake to sleep that no pill pain
    killer could touch.. and only eventually
    close to 6 million words would take away
    in prelude for 6 million more to come.. as of
    Thanks GiVing in estimate thereof to this point
    then in 2016.. 6 years to date when all these words
    sTArted then.. 2010.. as the only out that God gave me
    to F in Survive.. this went down for iSREAL Baby.. and
    tHere was no one available to write it all down but me..
    Bible doer and Bible bEer and Bible WriTer GoD cALLed
    me to be.. after 50 years of school.. work.. and real life Education
    until that point then.. and hehe.. it doesn’t matter who said what or
    when said that or this.. once aGaiN tHis sHit IS Going Down foR iSREaL..
    and when 911 goes down of 2016.. whatever was prepared ye a way for
    someone got done by me.. ’cause i juST sAid FucK iT iF no one else has got
    what iT taKes then..
    i’LL FucKinG picK
    up the FucKinG iF yOu
    sEeK in God for iSREaL
    BaLL and geT the joB dOne..
    no matter iF anyone else giVes
    a FucK abouT.. thAT or NOT..
    and here’s the thing about thaT
    Thief in the night thingy.. no one
    WiLL believe iT anyWay even iF iT
    did Go down for real.. as hiStory sHows
    OnCe aGaIn.. And the greAtesT paRt of
    tHis story oF ALL iS no one tOld mE whaT
    the FucK i could make my own perSonAL Bible
    to Be.. incluDinG Humor.. and even FucKinG seX
    aS God is Free and i AM FReED from lies of Culture
    by weaker
    men.. particularly
    oF beFore who were
    AFraidy Cat to WaLk Naked
    IN FronT oF GoD with no hOlds
    TaKen fRoM beFore.. anyWay iT
    Works out for those who tRuLy Love
    mE so what else is tHeir but Love iN iT
    aLL for mE.. trULy noThing but LiVing F iN Epic NoW..
    which means i can put up FucKinG sAsquatch photos
    of Katrina and her FriEnd heRe by named species NEW..
    1000 times.. with no need to GiVe a FucKinG FucK buT mE and GOD iSReaL
    wHere God is more than
    a Pain in the FucK.. GoD
    IS A Laugh for iSREaL2
    going down noW
    and uP doWn uP..
    For iSREALNOW.. yes..
    best pARt2 oF aLL noW
    no trees are harmed iN
    JuSt doing a 30,000 plus
    page Bible with 70,000 or
    so photo pages.. ugh.. i can’t
    think about all the Tree Pain
    and ergo O2 gone.. in 100K
    pages from tHis sHit Baby.. Goin’ DOwn
    in Print.. haha..
    hehe.. juSt Fun
    iS GoD foR ISREaL..
    alReady Got the HeLL
    pArt over first this go’
    Merry round NoW..
    iT aka GOD aLL
    BaLaNceS ouT.. any WAY..;)

  15. WeLL.. it’s 11 0’clock pm..
    STiLL noW 8242016..
    perHaps noW i’LL
    dVerse wHere
    as mentioned earlier
    there is a Poetic prompt
    to take the gender bender role
    of the spouse behind the man.. per se..
    in describing the efforts of the man of the hour..
    hmm.. already did it with Katrina in how she saw me..
    so.. perhaps
    i’LL go all mythological
    and make the prospective Hurricane
    Hermine the Messenger Wife of Hermes
    AKA Mercury the Universal Messenger of
    all God is.. in form of feminine
    messenger as Hermine
    too.. so sure.. i blow
    iN as Hurricane HerMine
    miNd yA kNoW iN Winds of Fury
    coming more.. that Hermes iS in
    town again.. you kNow Jesus F. iN
    Christ that Hermes gets around.. yes..
    it’s like he’s in bed with all sides and
    no sides at all.. almost like he has no place
    to place his head for rest in total social acceptance
    by any
    tribe on
    Earth.. except
    for a few women he
    meets along his path
    of laying down stones
    of wisdom as he goes as
    Messenger of GoD or Gods
    WiLL do all one.. to gEt
    the Job down in Global
    Messenger way
    of coming
    to town
    all around
    again.. as note
    keeper and giver to
    spread some news all around
    now2.. in E-Land3 too.. as sure
    noWs change.. and no matter how
    gold and fleet footed ya may be..
    tHere is only so far that Hermes
    can travel on foot.. when online
    provides such a sweet avenue of
    mass communication today..
    anyway.. i’Ve
    come to town
    and around to
    Let you kNoW the
    Hermes iS on the Loose
    again.. as yes.. unleashed
    and released i’Ve let him
    go to do what he does
    best noW in dance
    of messenger NoW..
    anyway.. got winds to blow..
    see ya later.. and gotta catch
    up to Hermes
    for noW..
    bye BlowwwWW..;)

    Somewhat coincidentally..
    Adam’s first wife Lilith.. no..
    not Lillian but Lilith
    IS portrayed
    as a Demon
    woman.. but
    i’LL take her place
    now and say that’s just
    another dam patriarchal lie..
    as i forged my way as first women’s
    rights champion as matriarch of more
    primitive free days.. when human was in
    charge instead of Culture with ribbons in my hair..
    i Am
    hEar me roar..
    and if you F WiTh
    AdAM i’LL have yA GoLd
    nuggets iF yA gEt mY DriFt…;)

    Hello.. i Am Einstein’s wife but i will
    not tale you which one.. it’s a secret.. hehe..
    but dam that man was something else.. seriously..
    something entirely else.. laid all these rules and
    regulations in the marriage home.. had to go by his
    book.. dam the man was just like Sheldon Cooper too..
    as future form of that dude in essence back then2..
    hmm.. wonder what became of
    him after
    i took
    prize money
    to the bank
    for free hehe..
    whatever iT takes.. yA kNoW noW2..;)

    i must say.. the
    wife was/iS Humpty
    Dumpty’s wife and
    Osiris’ too as Isis
    now incarnate
    as such
    as Katrina
    too or iS it
    tHree by noW
    buT anyWay..
    Osiris and Humpty
    were so hard to put toGetHeR
    that noT only did Isis.. Humpty’s
    wiFe.. me.. get no help from all the
    King’s Men and Horsies.. not even
    the King’s royal court of Psychiatrists
    could budge or glue a piece ToGether
    AgaIn as iSis and i the sAMe had
    to do the
    allone as
    best as alone doES2..
    ugH..and that gOld pArt
    was so hard to fiNd aGain..;)

    Ugh gotta get
    some sleep.. see ya
    later on Sacred and
    Holy Thursday and NiGht
    @ 11:37 pm..;)

  16. So.. Facebook FriEnd Kim shares
    a free numerology link and i say..
    There used to be a site that gave
    aLL the information for free and
    required no E-mail information..
    and i haven’t been able to
    find another one like
    it but i must say there
    are too many coincidences
    in my full report already done..
    not to suggest that there is something
    going on here more than so-called woo..
    Positive suggestions believed and taken
    action on for positive consequences is always iSREAL..
    And not to believe in positive beliefs in thoughts that
    lead to positive actions and consequences and
    go the other direction of cynicism of the light
    or fear of the dark is a sure way
    to darker beliefs as default
    and darker actions
    and consequences
    as well..
    no less than
    the electron that
    swirls consistently around
    the nucleus of life.. tHeRe are
    laws of human nature no less
    than laws
    of electrons
    atoms.. planets
    and stars of life as
    above so below and
    for those material reductionists
    who think that all of life is a random
    glob of dust making life.. they are not
    seeing the bigger picture of life that is
    and art..
    yes.. the art
    we co-create with
    Nature God the sAme
    or the stagnate wayS now
    of disbelief.. anyway.. my
    life challenges are also full
    of three ones that start with a zero
    that says i can do what ever i want
    in life with relative free will that not every
    one now exercises strong in life.. and after
    that there are the three ones that just say
    affirm and amplify your chosen challenges
    of life.. and that is what i do now with the art of
    journey and paths of life.. and i am fortunate
    enough to escape the normal demands of
    a life that revolves around earning
    money where money and houses
    and cars and other bank loans
    become the master
    instead of the
    freedom of we
    or oh yeah.. affirmation
    from others is required in ways
    of fame.. including more and more
    and always more money.. and likes
    and shares and followers in new
    age ways of money online that
    says you are good enough
    you are good enough
    haha.. i am Good
    for God
    of Nature
    allthatis and
    that is good enough
    for me without falling to
    be a slave to others.. whether
    that be what they give or what
    material culture suggests you have
    to have.. there is an abundance of what
    we do have in the United States that is far
    more than i for one will ever need at the most
    basic levels of what society provides with little
    resources of mine extended at all other than
    what i give.. give.. give.. and share share
    share.. simply ’cause i have the
    heARt.. the SpiRit and the
    SoUl wHo enjoys doing
    that as the all the
    joy is in the
    with God no matter
    how it is received by others…
    and sure if someone names me
    a dance icon of the area.. a legend..
    inspiring.. amazing.. or whatever that
    is nice as it means i am inspiring them
    and that is what humans do when they
    give and share the most.. they liGht folks
    uP iN positive belief.. action and poTenTial
    Consequence as well.. no dollars needed
    for my cheap thrills.. just the DancE of liFe
    and hEaRinG the heARt beat of God noWin
    co-creativity oF SonG.. iS enough for ME..
    with a ‘little’ help from those i meet noW..
    and being self sufficient
    means i can tale the
    trUth and the wHole
    trUth without being
    afraid of getting
    outcast as
    i’Ve already
    been tHere down
    the outcast pARt
    way too many times
    to be afraid to live one
    with God without the approval
    oF oTHers.. mY Strength noW
    iS GoD oF NatURE allone with
    and as me as Father oF super
    consciousness miNd and
    BoDy BaLanCinG soUL
    or iF ya wanna call iT
    Kundalini Rising..
    Goddess miNd
    the Great
    or even Maslow’s
    scientific explanation
    of self actualization
    the father inside is
    me and God the same..
    call it Goddess or a Blue
    turtle.. the form matters noT
    the i of Director oF I as actor
    mE with exclamation point!
    SpiRit expresses that heARt
    tHat is the miNd and BoDy
    BaLancing soUL that iS mE
    allone with Nature GoD sAMe..
    same experience and vision
    quest’s fruition as described
    cross culturally and easily studied now
    in almost unlimited separate and validated
    sources online now.. across history and even
    in the artifacts of prehistory too before so-called
    human written words.. and the archetypes from
    Jesus to Buddha to Krishna to Shiva to Kali to
    Lucifer to Apollo to Hercules and so many more
    all liVe in We who remember the archetypes of
    more of our human potential as written in the
    stone of our DNA.. Fearless Love rules noW
    remembered after being sought and found
    and practiced self affirming self actualizing
    the rest of life.. i put my science yearS iN
    and visit them often.. but art of LiFE
    oF SoUl and the SonG of that iS
    mY liFe’s
    practice noW
    on a Journey of
    Never ending noW
    in a Never Land i for
    one create allone with God
    that is no less realiTy than
    the home and car you may Love
    More than the potential heaven found
    within.. but as numerology goes the electrons
    and planets spiral iN balance with the nucleus
    and stars of God that too will exist in Balance
    as Nature Dances and Sings on iN sKeYes of GoD FReED..
    @lEAst and west and north and south noW and inside.. outside..
    above so below and all around.. MaGiC.. yES.. @least for mE noW..:)

    Dutifully consistent.. the
    Facebook Algorithm provides
    a Macro Verse memory of allasLIGHT
    from two years ago.. as i continue to
    see cross-cultural similarities in the
    ways some folks see and feel
    God as a more mysterious
    Force than a literal
    man in a book..
    that has become
    myth instead of
    the more of magic
    of iSREAL liFe noW..
    and while the violent
    rapey pArts of all Abrahamic
    core religions leave a very sour
    and nasty taste in my mouth.. sure
    they include liGht too.. that we as Humans
    can eliminate with relative free will the dark
    violent and rapey parts that harm other folks
    through illusory fears and empty promises
    of subjugation and dominance in authority
    that no one truly has but the God oF nature
    that exist as our hUman NatUre within that
    ‘normally’ seeks to bE free in fearless LoVe
    WitH all otHeRS inCluDinG NatURe all
    as empire of God’s eYes seT free aS
    hUman eYes trUe and allasLIGHT noW2..:)

    And yes as the 2 year Macro Verse memories continue..
    Culture/religion is definitely A virus of
    harm to other humans and
    the rest oF Nature in
    the dArk pArts
    that rape and
    kill.. the innate
    hUman NatURE when
    liVinG in relatively smAll
    groups of hUmans who forage..
    give and SHARE toGeTHEr for subsistence
    and shelter in survival for liFe.. survive and thrive in
    fearless LovE noW.. sAdly most folks liVe
    out of thiS BaLancE of GoD
    Given sTiLL evolving
    hUman Nature that
    IS A core cause
    StiLL of HuMan
    suffERinG noW..
    E-Scape toGetHer
    wHole Unified or suffer
    in misery in divided way of
    hUman BeinG as Caesar noW
    of the New edition of the Planet
    of the Apes movie series says..
    yes!.. APES STRONGER TOGeTheR noW!!..:)

    And now here.. a Macro-Verse of
    a year ago… as God of NatUre’s
    Synchronicity will have it flows with
    what i’Ve already been saying
    evidenced with words aCross
    the yeARs of hUmanity..
    as the unabridged Bible
    oF humaNiTy SinGinG
    the eYes of God in huWoManiFest
    Form comes in all forms of human art..
    and never ever limited to just this book that
    book that one cloud up tHeRe.. or Song down
    here.. and the Emerald Forest movie from 1985..
    in my most favorite and eye opening scene is
    where the children of God who wear loin cloth
    are kidnapped and forced as sex slaves in
    Modern African culture.. and when they
    escape they tear the clothes off given
    them like they are the disgust of
    modern man away from the
    flesh of Freedom
    as God’s
    free from
    head to toe..
    we have a sick culture
    as i’ve said before.. that
    honors headless bloody violence
    ridden religions in the evil that comes
    with that and says that a mother feeding
    a child with breast is obscene and should
    be censored.. and that my friEnds is why
    i take it one FULL STEP FURTHER IN
    MY OWN freest fullest nude art..
    to highlight the hypocrisy of
    modern cultures that
    has made a God
    of innocent
    flesh in us
    evil.. and
    violence the
    God that deserves
    all the attention.. sorry
    i call ’em as i see ’em and
    that is just pure FucKinG
    evil when humans make
    a Violent warring God of EVIL..:)


    WeLL.. my FriEnd Rafiah.. you have
    beautiful words here and they do now
    speak your heARt youR SpiRit youR groWinG
    soUl as youR body2 in feet here as heARt SinGinG
    BaLanCinG miNd out too.. as fuller soUl mY FriEnd..
    and i was happy to see YoUr freedom in doing that
    as i was so happy to see your beautiful dArk eYes
    when you finAlly revealed them a year and a half
    after your shared my seagull as your avatar
    of you on your Facebook when you first
    suggested i had a beautiful
    heart then.. you see
    my FriEnd i remember
    a FriEnd so deeply and
    Love so deeply that i scare
    most people away as they seem
    to think i want something now other
    than the EmoTiOn of Love Free as birds
    with WinGs fly in Unison spiraLIng With
    SuN.. and sure.. i miss you too.. and have
    often come back here waiting for a heARt felT
    response as that iS what Feeds our soUls MoSt
    mY FriEnd.. the HeARt of BeinG Human this Gift
    that God gives HUman that HUman has the poTenTial
    of doing real miracles with.. even saving the rest of NaTURe..

    So that is my gift to you.. as Dr. wHo.. aS an RX iN prescription
    for your soUl Dear and HeARt and SpiRit more and yes.. noW in
    left hand jusTification the letter R for Angel Rafiah in female
    form as you know/feel the male form for that is Rafael.. they
    didn’t have female Angels back in the old days..
    but that is only ’cause they hid them then..
    as they were the most powerful
    Angels of all
    and they still are
    my friEnd as you were
    the only one brave and kind
    enough to reach.. out to me..
    when most everyone else left then..
    whatever side they shared with me.. Now
    you never have to miss me.. as i am noW
    alWays here for you.. just a text away
    and of course if you lived here just
    a touch a way in
    kiss of HeArt..
    and art the sAMe mY
    FriEnd noW iN a tear
    the hUman soUl..:)

    Other than that school noW and
    work kills the heart.. the spirit
    and the soul.. i wandered that
    desert for 40 years of culture
    and religion the same..
    and i will
    to wait 40 more
    years if that is what
    it takes for your soul
    to more fully come back
    to you my friEnd.. as hey..
    you keep coming back and
    there are others who don’t come back at all..:)

    Bottom line.. my FriEnd.. is the soUl when GroWing
    never ages.. as wrinkled as i may be then.. crippled
    with no longer Sasquatch fearless HeARt.. the soUL
    for you
    bE in the
    shine iN the
    SpiRit of My eYes..
    and wiNks.. hopefully
    my Fingers WiLL StiLL work..
    to say that in words of poEtry.. mY FriEnd..:)

  18. Facebook Friend
    Candice and
    very nice
    noted author
    shares a status
    and thoughts on
    life before it all became
    public online in the 90’s
    of last Century
    and i say
    in return..

    SMiLes.. i
    Must admit
    i miss the days
    Of Bowling together but
    in aLL oF liGht and dArk
    Exists the other yin and yang pArt..
    And with great social positive empathy..
    Can bRing
    The dArk
    To save
    The Tribe
    From different..
    Heartless folks tend to
    ignore me and let me BE
    Free.. Oh the ironies now of
    what some folks name Love..
    Love is Brave..
    Love kNows and
    Feels Real Hell
    of Separation..
    Love earns
    noW and
    Free of
    Different noW..:)

    And now i say.. it’s
    all worth it as i meet
    nice folks like Rafiah..
    Himali and Candice.. yes..
    and gigoid.. Zee.. etc.. too..
    and no i haven’t forgot you
    either.. Leah.. and Lala too..
    and more others than i can count now2..
    and yes.. they are mostly women but sure
    most men don’t do poetry.. and i do what
    most males don’t Do in terms oF Love.. i Give iT
    Share iT. And..
    yes.. get iT
    And with that said.. Now..
    for some Sacred and Holy
    Thursday R and R activities for
    me.. along with Dance later tonight..
    Celebrating my 124th dance week night
    at Old Seville Quarter with all the cool college
    age folks.. yes.. of course.. mostly women as
    i kinda like to dance more than mostly men do too..
    and more fun Dance photos from that coming in the
    wee hours of August 26.. after the Dance of Rave has
    ended somewhere around 3 AM.. added to this 697th
    Macro Verse Here of Ocean Whole poem.. to be named..
    hmm.. yes! oF course.. wRite oN CouRSE..
    ‘Sasquatch Love Feat sKeYes’
    iT aLL cAMe toGeTheR
    liKe maGiC
    FeeT.. iT

  19. By
    the way..
    the name of the
    Sasquatch is Manning..
    according to the Feed and
    Seed store that told me.. Manning..
    the Sasquatch is not for sale.. and
    whether or not people can see me now
    or not.. i
    for sale
    either.. no
    dollar bills
    required for me
    to jUST dO iT aLL4FuN..;)

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