NOT THE invisible man




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YoUr troubles will soon cease
And good fortune will smile upon you..
You will win favors when you expand your social circle..
WeLL that’s the take away from the take
out Chinese Food with
Fortune Cookies
For Fred and
and as often
whaT happens..
she says i care not for
my particular fortune so
it’s all yours Husband pal
do what you will with it.. hmm..
weLL..oFT to Dance at Old Seville Quarter
toniGht.. so will check out the expanding
smiles of social circles after the
dance is over in photography
way and meanwhile
the wife says
take out the
trash first before
you go play.. she already
fed me the After Chinese Dinner
so.. i’M all fueLed uP for Dance wiTh
soMe presents and some kitty kats noW
in T-Shirt Merry way too.. as the Grand
Old ChristMas Celebration continues in LA..
yes.. Lower Alabama Panhandle of Florida wHere
a Cheers Bar-like atmosphere wiTh Familiar sMiLinG
Beautiful fAces IS A Green Acres for.. the Pan of mE
with innocent Forest/Beach nymphs.. pArking close To
120th Church Street… with a portrait of old Arcadia Mill to
go in photo way too.. so.. see yA lAter as ForTunes as written
to juST
Be dOnE
With WiLL
and harming
no other other..
WiTh Force of Fearless
smARt Unconditional Love..
as juSt anoTher headliner here
for continuing 3.3 MilLioN Word
plus Longest Long Form Free Verse
Poem with plenty of what the professional
poets name as ‘concrete shapes’ in words
with deeper human archetypal symbolic meanings
as all of this continues to flow with what other parable
makers name as Holy SpiRit as Creativity in streAM of
Consciousness writing from way way deep down in hUman
collective consciousness in what some folks call cosmic consciousness
and still others name as Christ Consciousness.. eTc.. as the sHow muSt
go on further and further and hiGher and HiGher per John 14:12 too.. noW
as prophecies
do sTilLL
coMe trUe
iN very very
sElf and raTheR
long long fulfiLLinG ways
heHe.. as what’s anew Bible
without humor and red luke fun..
as the 138th dance niGht cOmes.. AgAiN
wRite before Christmas STilL iN thiS new
728th MacroVerse tonigHT as Fortunes DO iT juST roLL oNG..;)


So last night after i am changing
into my Kitten Presents T-shirt for
the Gala Dance event that is coming
to town.. P’cola town that is
as a Santa
of Dance..
oF Dance
iF you like
or Bond.. Fred
Bond.. as no body
does it like i do dance
heHe.. anyWay.. the wife
ALERTS ME.. Jesus F. iN
Christ and no she does not
use the man who she was told is
God’s name in vain.. kinda ironic
huh.. but anyway.. other than making
men and language and books and such
as that into Idols of God alone.. if i haven’t
LOST you yET.. the wife says this Chuck Lorre
guy writes about the same dam stuff you’ve told
me over and over about until i always get a Fred
Ache in an extra long kinda way too.. it’s really
weird.. it’s like
you are F
or something..
like there’s something
in the atmosphere that’s
catching while you are talking
about iT too.. well.. can’t take all the
credit for my philosophy that matches
precisely the philosophy that the very very
Prolific writer for TV sitcoms including the
Big Bang TV Show.. Chuck Lorre.. presents
here about human culture.. including religion too
as being the virus and humans who are the innocent
ones where the real FALL is the virus of both cultures and
religions same that have coincided in helping to dominate
and kill the rest of Mother Nature trUe.. here on earth in
thousands upon thousands of extinct species so far..
killing the Forests that supply clean air to breathe
and that list goes on as all we tree huggers
fully understand with the scribe
of science at our back..
yes.. we educated
folks who
than what
we are instructed
to say at church and
such as that in places
with walls and veils of ignorance
to bring the liGht of the original
Greek Definition of Apocalypse
that yes.. as i always say
means lifting
the veils
of ignorance..
so.. the TrUTh
and liGht of the
GoD oF Nature instead
of the God of Man can reign
free with reins that rain balance
again instead of imbalance in destruction
of the rest of Nature and us too.. as best
as we can and could do iN dARk iF we don’t
stop this D Train with headlight in the tunnel
from coming like a Bad Santa will.. too.. iF we
don’t come toGeTheR and get a handle on all the
ShiT out of balance.. anyway back to a point somewhere
back tHEre.. i can’t take all the credit for my philosophy as for one
thing it’s common sense for anyone who gets back to Nature.. whether
that be a man in the desert.. a man in a cave or a man on the beach or
a man who goes without sleep for 40 days like me too.. during the
lent period of 2008.. except for 1 hour of cardboard shallow sleep
the first 35 of 40 of those days and zero sleep the last 5 of 40..
yep.. really happened both in medical documentation
and witness of the really honest person..
my wife named Katrina who again
very much reflects the
Egyptian mythical
Goddess Isis
as she
helped put
the pieces of me
back toGether like
an incarnate version
of that Goddess now..
on Mother Earth too of course..
and on top of that i have college degrees
in an associate one that took me two years
at Pensacola Junior college before that became
a State College and spent 4 years at the University
of West Florida.. gaining degrees in Anthropology..
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary and Health Science
including some Graduate Study in Social Sciences
Interdisciplinary until my school resources
ran out.. and by the way that’s 6
years of college not the typo
of 8 that i made in a couple
of blog posts back
if i remember
to correct
that at
some date in
the future too.. hehe..
anyway.. i had a clear cut
path to come to this understanding
and perhaps i could have done something
big then to get the word out.. but i did not have
these tools or the resources to go any higher in school..
or even the writing and oral presentation skills to do anything
about it then really.. than go on to the University of Bowling Center
to get more Participant Anthropology Observer experience in terms
of direct contact and interaction with well over 100K flesh and blood
humans in the military and general public.. for over two decades total..
and then moving
online and
coming into
contact with
close to hundred
thousand more at
least vicariously into
looking into their mind
by what they wrote online on the
Wrong Planet site for the unwanted
toys and outcasts same of society to
see what the canaries in the coal mine
had to say all about the human condition.. too..
that’s a lot of credential but most oF it Free Lance
and not done so called professional for making bucks..
but you see.. i’m in this to help.. not to make bucks.. already
did that part almost miraculously in terms of dollar bills saved
to make all this possible now.. including all that suffering and
misery that makes me so-called too disabled to do anything but
my little parT to help save the world as Nature aka GOD’s BaLanCinG
way on
eARTh aGaiN..
anyWay.. enough
for now.. and more
to come in the next
Facebook Slide.. Class.. oKay..;)

Okay.. as the Philosophy..
Science and Art Class continues
in BA.. another BA.. and BS and
Associates degree ways with University
of Bowling Center and Community Activities
Director and Athletic Director.. with a few stints
as Book Store Clerk.. Janitor.. and Research Associate
of Archeology with the Book Store Job in University way too..
even the Government getting me a security clearance
to do support assistance for a Captain of Navy base..
along with thousands and thousands
of poetic responses in free verse
to online Blogger poets as such..
and 12 million words recorded
online total with about 8 million
or so on the Wrong Planet
Website along with
many other
Autism associated
websites and so many
other ‘miscellaneous’
places too.. yeah 138 weeks
moving into 139 weeks now next
week documenting dance experience
with college age folks.. in the longest long
form poem ever.. still exceeding 3.3 million
words in witness for God oF aLL Nature All
Natural as such and mysterious and even what
some might call a Nature plus with the metaphor
of occult unknown elements.. thaT we can come
to feel and sense.. with direct life experience too..
yes that witness now exceeding the 42 month point
on 9112016.. and nah.. i don’t blaspheme the Christian
religion by saying in my own little way i have surpassed the
historical record of what the Jesus did per John 14:12 either
as i can back it up.. even the 1020 LBs.. i leg press in leg strength
all Natural as such.. as hey.. i am a pretty wirey ape here at around
6 Feet tall and 233LBS of Dense bone.. muscle.. ligament and tendon
strength as this ain’t no steroid dude presented here for Christmas of 2016
with Kitty Cats too.. on shirt.. this is the real thing going down.. wild and free
and if you don’t believe i’m strong and viril as such.. sure i even present the
science project all naked as such as skin don’t lie.. behind clothes and neither
does strength or virility too.. hey.. a scientist has to do what he has to do or her
like any doctor
would WHO
ever the Doctor
be or not to BE..
yeah i did 40 reps
or so.. one day last week
as i measure it in terms of songs
i make it through and minutes of doing
it as i am in another world of focus when
i do it in all parallel way with arms raised in
to the skies for ‘perfect’ balance with legs in strength..
yes.. this is a lifelong very comprehensive science project
that i am personally involved with the God of Nature to JuST
get heR done.. yes.. this is the trim and fit Incredible hulk off
the fucking
steroids.. OKay..
ain’t no bulked up
lizard man here.. hehe..
i even tend to store fat around
the middle off and on during the week..
before the next marathon dance begins..
while i’m writing in the interim to do the
art and science of the DancE and SonG
oF LiFE too.. heHEr or WhATever comes next..;)

Hmm.. Feral Face on a 233 LB
ballet/martial arts body..who yes..
leg presses 1020 Lbs sTiLL regularly
3 times a week now at 33 times as let’s
just call 40 reps as somewhat of an anomaly
to date.. sure.. do not mistake my kindness and grace
for weakness as yes.. i surely can do the Karmic eye
too.. kinda like
that wirey tall Lucifer
Pretty Boy does on the
Fox Chanel too.. particularly
amusing the show was where
the street corner evangelist who was
selling snake oil of illusory fears and empty
promises met
his own
when pretty
boy Lucifer showed
his red face eyes.. anyWay.
we are animals.. make no mistake
about that.. and we can be morphed
into trained cold blooded killers when
human empathy and compassion is erased
from the human mix.. but on the other hand when
tHeir is abundance in resources in so-called primitive
savage naked way.. we cooperate better aS oNe somewhat
small social group of human beings dancing close to naked
totally free one in being with each other and God sAMe around
moonlit campfires of niGht wHere the Sun of we in fiRe of EmoTiOns
pro-social and seNsory too.. sparkle in every cell of our bodies and
trillions of peptide connections of positive neurochemical and neuro
hormone flow from the Vagal Nerve aka Kudalini serpent that runs
from Brain to Gut and branches out to head to toe and BeyOnd
in conNecTedness in moVinG and CreATinG ways toGeTheR
wE humans DancE and SinG oNE.. with goD WhoLe as
Ocean wHole poem continues to flow as streams
move to rivers.. and waves of Ocean reach
further and further and shores continue
to expand and recede and change
forevermore now.. in the
bliss and nirvana..
satori.. eTc.. yes
the Heaven
iS noW when
we DancE and
SinG Naked iN BaLanCe
away from Feral FroWny uGy
Trump Face as i so ‘eloquently’
dARk disPlay here.. and no.. truST
me.. you wouldn’t wanna really see a
male who has undomesticated himself
angry.. neither cat or human.. as i am juST
playiNg a split-second ‘funny face’ here
as any clown can do too.. boTh dARk
and liGht.. sHades of Grey.. and BeYond
rainbow colors too.. but as they say.. the crazy
eYe WiLL avoid many fights.. better than turn the
other cheek as the other person high tails it as such
eye of the
Bad Santa comes
to town.. either iN
aCt or iSREaL Feral SonG..
and DancE of poTential Death
as any Wookiee can do now with
no FucKinG rules but win for FiGhting..
hehe.. like one so-called big man told me
one time.. i’ll break your arm.. hmm.. he didn’t
see me beat the 260 LB law enforcement dude “then”..
in arm wrestling when i was just 19 years old.. me
at 170lbs.. and all that was back before i undomesticated
myself.. Wookiees and other Undomesticated apes.. don’t
break arms
they FucKinG
rip faces off
iF need be..
for me..
Lover not a fighter
but on the other hand
i don’t have to fight with
A Karmic eye like this.. hehe..
And speaking of Karma.. this is
how the rest of Nature and God the
sAMe overall feels about the human species..
no favorites baby.. just pissed.. and trust me
Fuck WiTh
God as GoD ISREaL
and all that is with no
FucKinG escape.. not even
after death.. sure.. i fear going
against the gravity of GoD iN BaLAnce
i did it with no nefarious intent already by
jusT being too afraid to say no.. and getting
out of balance as a slave to human culture now
and religion same.. God ape slapped my ass down..
and for those who think they are immune.. juST wait..
as the
his and her eTc.. DO
as action.. consequence
liGht and dArk in Positive and
Negative way is the rule of Nature GoD sAMe
forevermore now at leASt and MoSt and ‘tween
that is
aka GOD
wHole with
no separation@aLL..:)

Oh.. what a relief
and you thought
the dance hall
was a wild and
crazy thingie.. hehe..
anyWay.. yeah.. i did the
6 years of college and ‘this’
very sweet and smart young
lady is an excellent role model
for her species.. she is not afraid of
different although her boyfriend looked a little
bit wary as we are getting our selfie thing and dance
on at the club but sure the grace and all brings a sense
of ballet safety
as you don’t
have to
a ballet
guy stealing
your girl friend.. huh..
well.. i’m married and that’s
the only reason that young man
didn’t have anything to worry about
as i was no longer his age in college as
i am now old enough to be this girl’s father
and close to grandfather age too.. and plus
that.. i wasn’t undomesticated in college but
oh God.. if i was.. my grades surely would have suffered
the sheets
of liFE.. no doubt..
and that’s okay noW
as i am a monogamous
dude when it comes to
the Bill Clinton Definition of sex for sure..
but a bootie dance.. i will engage in now and
then if brought to me first.. as a married man i
never approach a female first for dance.. but
even at
56.. i
seem to
be somewhat
stiLL in deMaNd
hehe.. as lonG as
no one noW sees the
Karmic Feral eye.. i guess..
Now.. i gotta go back to that
Video i shared last night and provide
a few more words about the Rave Dance
Experience.. speaKing from a Participant
Anthropologist observer view of course.. haha..
not to
i don’t
enjoy my ‘works’..;)

Yes.. i included ‘the wild things’ in the Facebook
Algorithm Video Production assisted slide
presentation.. wild things me.. yes..
and sweet and smARt thingies too..
all for the science and art project
in Health.. Social Sciences
and Anthropology
and God
of Nature
way sAMe too..
trivia note.. when the
Pensacola News Journal..
interviewed my Mother.. my
Sister and me in 1983 when
we were all graduating the same
year.. me with the three degrees and
those two with a Social Work degree each..
Sister later moving on to earn a Management
Master’s Degree while working in her thirties..
and back to ’83.. i really didn’t know what to do/
say when they asked me what my goal was in life..
so i just blurted out.. my ultimate goal is to become
an Anthropologist.. knoWing full well then that it wasn’t
A feasible or realistic goal to do for money at least.. hehe..
as i continued my studies and free lance work for decades on end..
anyWay back to rave dance
my favorite part as both
your typical paRt
of the male
part of
the gender
leaning propensities..
as the trend continues.. more
and MORE females are engaging in bootie
dances with each other.. yes.. very very feminine
beautiful young women.. no stereotypes here of
cultural sexual orientation leaning pre-conceived
notions about that in purely gender look way.. as
yes.. these girls were HOT.. and considering some
of my favorite preferences are the among the dark eyed
and darker skin type of Pacific Islander and Asian and other
yeah.. sure South Asian.. particularly too… even clothed with
only exotic
brown eyes
in malls and
such as that..
as beauty all packaged
up like that is like the most
alluring thing to me ever.. as it’s
just another feral like challenge and if
you have to be feral to understand that too..
butt in only a consensual way of course as i am
human too.. as the human animal mix is a complicated one too..
anyway.. oh my God.. beautiful young asian girls so innocent and
scantily dressed.. probably 21 or so .. or perhaps even down to
the tender age of 18.. all legal as such with ID to get in the door
not only are they booting dancing but they are even doing the front
to front grind like no one’s watching.. and that’S how you do
the DancE of liFE
and SonG when
you are trULy
free and
let your
loose on the world
without a care.. anyWay
as the Bonobo Closest female
cousin regularly engages in genital
rubbing up on each other for both pleasure
and maintaining social bonds.. and sure in primitive
so-called savage human cultures too.. freedom rings
and those two girls were having really great fun not giving
an F what anyone thought.. and truth is not a single person
complained as our sex don’t lie.. like lady Gaga and Miley
says too
when the
naked TruTh
and liGht hits
God of Nature’s
Human Dance Floor of LiFe
with no dances barred clothed enough
to keep
the Seville
Dance Dress
code fully intact still
too.. it’s no secret i appreciate
the beauty and erotic nature of women
and it’s no secret that a good looking guy
catches the eye of the Katrina either.. it’s no
secret at least now that we have both viewed porn
togEther with vicarious activities as such.. and the truth
is tHeir is no greater art than human sensuality set free in the
liGht of day when all legal and consensual as such.. thing is..
it’s more interesting on the dance floor when consensual
with little
real pleasure
as truly for us empaths
who feel both pleasure and
pain the total experience of life
toGeTher is much more than sKin deep..
and that is why the Bonobo does engage
in tongue kissing and face to face sex and
oral sex too.. for the simple fAct they have enough
inherent empathy and compassion to feel the other
well beyond
what is viewed
as just a flesh and
blood mechanical act
of ins and outs and beYond
of Stuff like that.. a human who freely
exercises all stuff associated with libido as
science now sHows.. is more creative.. more
productive.. and more cooperative in all pro-social
ways of
take that away
and the simple is..
you get FucKinG
Christian Sword and
Burning at the stake war
parties and head hunting
Isis folks too.. who think they
have to wait until after death to enjoy
as the
flesh as such
and to be clear
that ain’t in the Koran
but folks take Hadith’s with
as much credence as folks take
all the shit the Catholic Church made
up in rules that ain’t in the big black book too..
and beyond that as any poet knows.. both books
are poetry books.. and as poet readers know and feel
a poem
can be
in both literal
and metaphorical
almost infinite ways
down to a letter.. a number
or any other abstract symbol
humans sTilLL are engaged in creating
and producing same.. thing is.. when two
women are grinding their genitals together
on the dance floor.. they are just in heaven now..
a place
that sadly
close to half
the population of the
earth believes happens in
a star dust dirt nap.. before the
next star burst happens and the next
batch of sentient star dust plus is created like
oF aLL
of Nature LiFe..
Ignorance isboth dangerous
to the living earth and just plain
is as ignorant
don’t do in hell now..
a place self-fulfilling as the
used car Trumps person sales
goeS on
iN the ignorance
of the dARk in
and hell
on earth
in LA Lower
Alabama too in
Souther Baptist
frOwny faces.. yeS in
the Panhandle sTiLL NoW
of Super Walmart Aisles too..
And to be clear.. yes.. there are
frOwny faces in Catholic Church too..
and even worse than that in Atheist Science class..
as been tHeRe and done the Participant Observer
Anthropologist thingie on the Wrong Planet2
Hell Like a Lucifer attempting to bring
the militant atheists some liGht
yes.. they even had a club
named the
with a club
of hell as it were
overall already.. and
thing is they were just
another sort of angry old
white men in young adult
males who FucKinG hated
women too.. ’cause they too
domesticate to get ’em some..
AND ON top of that almost no
emotional intelligence as such expressed
in verbal communication with little to no understanding
that a
orgasm staRts
with EmoTions
and noT this wham
bam thanks for nothing
shit ma’am stuff that little
boys with pre-grinch heARts
never groW into Oh God More..
i see these males at Old Seville too..
and that my friends is pARt of the reason
we are seeing these delicate sweet things
rubbing all over each other.. as the males are
extinct in
their own way
in having no clue
what the poetry of female
means coming straight from the
hEArt and ending up in a womb of lOve..
hey.. Werewolves
can be
and HeARt feLt uP too..
as Jesus F iN Christ kNows
even Vampires like the newest
Dracula movie dude can be the most
Romantic oF aLL Lovers let loose WilD and Rogue one
side note
to see that
Star wars movie
in self note reminder..
coming soon to a theater already HeRe..
and you can see it in real time.. as case study
evidence in selfie-like way.. i am always more creative
after A
niGht of
WiLd and
free at the
core and essence
of what it means to
be a Flower named human
in all the birds and bees wax way..
waves of pleaSure and fearLess and smARt coMes neXt..
bottom lines..
this is how you
write a bible baby..
NO Lies.. aS our seX tales the truTh..
noW WiTh
UncoNDitioNal LOVE aS LiGht iNoW oF eYes..:)

i can’t solve
the World’s
probleM iS
i CaN
And WiLL
WiTh LOVE..:)

Hmm.. SOULDANCE.. MacroVerse Memory
from three years ago.. sTilLL eXploRinG tHeR
YiN and YanG iN the BaLAnCinG FoRce of
the DiviNE
as JunG says too..
iN deepest Human Archetype
aS WeLLs uP too.. noW
after aLL it’s worth noting
for most everyone
who already
kNows/FeeLs that
males are females
first before the clitoris
grows longer and the reproductive
pArts move inside as eggs inStead
of outside as Seeds.. for maKinG liFE..
in oTheR words both liVe
as We
down fully
expReSsinG thiS
totAl BaLAnCinG Force
of masculine and feminine
when Super men and women
come uP to full speed oF liFe..
as such iN ways oF
odd and even two.. noW..
anyWay i’M glad i picked
a theme song.. both long enough
and appropriate foR All of whAT i juST
did too
in photography
record all buried and
stuff iN somEwhaT ‘hidden’ liNks aS Such2..;)

Here’s the thing.. i kNow this is way too long
to receive much readership immediately but what
you can if you will understand/FeeL/SeNse is i aM writing this
for the longer term total affect and effect BeYond a thouSand
years as such.. and
beyond any desire for so-called
material success.. all for free for Love
of God as Nature sAMe
inherent as such
when a SonG
LiKe McArthur
PARk intiMatED
So WeLL by
Donna Summer
can surely allow
one to FeeL and
sense the effort thAT God
A S T O T A L R E C i P E CaKE iN
aLL oF nAtuRE sAMe has/is put
into this great opportunity for what
can bE Heaven to exist noW on this
beautiful blue and brown and
green and ever shrinking
white polar caps as
hUman cultural
by products are
speedingly killing
that opportunity
for God who liVEs
iN our eYes to continue
to have all this poTenTial
Fun and Happy days iN
HeaVen now isREaL..
iF… we humans get
smARt enough
back to
NOW.. don’t get me wrong..
wE are capable oF iT as iF a bunch
of so-called American Indians can stop
a giant Dakota pipeline from going into effect
with Holy and Sacred Love for Mother Earth and
Nature God and sAMe we could and CAN do iT2
WiTh WiLL and FeARless SmArT LoVE sAMe1..
thing iS.. even some folks who
say they Love God of Nature
support Trump
who would take
all the regulations
of the environment away
if He could AND PUSSY GRAB
DOMESTICATED MAN.. And Faux NewS and friEnds2..;)

AnyWay.. if this doesn’t fit aLL ‘a yoUr
mOld.. don’t blAMe mE..
iT wAs/iS FaceBook
wHo asked
whaT iS on mY miNd..
so WTF..
DiD iT
oops.. AGAin..;)

And yEs.. consideRing
thiS iS oNe heLL anD
heaVen oF A CaKe
iN tOw..
dEFiNitELy meets
thE meTaphor themE
aS ReciPe foR dVerse
iF i makE iT thAT Far toDay..
noW.. iF noT.. Now..
ouT iN thE
inSpiRinG aS wasH..;)


“Endless Reserves
of Affability”..
by gigoid..
and surELy
a place
with Fearless
and Love too..
smARt of course2..:)

“Forbid a man to think for himself or to act for himself
and you may add the joy of piracy and the zest of smuggling to his life.”

~~ Elbert Hubbard ~~

By the book..
By the religion..
By the culture..
Buy the language..
And the rest is hiStory..
iN Patriarchal way and like
the Beatles sAid iN A SonG
somEwHeRe iN A
Sgt. Pepper
WiLL Go..
iN books.. iN religions..
iN cultures.. iN collecting
StanDard IQ INteLLigence…
Yes.. bOught by written language..:)

May you live all the days of your life.”

~~ Jonathan Swift — Polite Conversation, Dialogue ii ~~

is new..:)

“For wheresoe’er I turn my ravish’d eyes,
Gay gilded scenes and shining prospects rise,
Poetic fields encompass me around,
And still I seem to tread on classic ground.”

~~ Joseph Addison — A Letter from Italy ~~

Walk and rarELy fly..:)

“I see my life go drifting like a river
From change to change; I have been many things –
A green drop in the surge, a gleam of light
Upon a sword, a fir tree on a hill,
An old slave grinding at a heavy quern,
A king sitting upon a chair of gold –
And all these things were wonderful and great;
But now I have grown nothing, knowing all.
Ah! Druid, Druid, how great webs of sorrow
Lay hidden in that small slate-coloured thing!”

~~ William Butler Yeats, “Fergus and the Druid” ~~

Even if one knoWs
a lot preTending
one kNows noThing iS nEw..:)

“And, pray tell, whose imagination are you a figment of?”

~~ Solipsist Bee ~~

It’S not tHat everYone
should thiNk liKe me..
iT is thaT
i Can and
WiLL thinK different..:)

“It is the little rift within the lute
That by and by will make the music mute,
And ever widening slowly silence all.”

~~ Alfred Tennyson — Idylls of the King, Merlin and Vivien ~~

Spaces between the notes..
Spaces between the read..
Spaces between space
most beTween..:)

There is no excellent beauty
that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.

~~ Sir Francis Bacon, Of Beauty ~~

A new fronTier..
oF jabber whacky..;)

Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
The muttering retreats
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells:
Streets that follow like a tedious argument
Of insidious intent
To lead you to an overwhelming question…
Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”

~~ T. S. Eliot, “Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock” ~~

As alWays
juST do iT works..;)

“Draw the curtain, the fraud is over.”

~~ François Rabelais, last words ~~

Per the
Wizard of
Oz.. Trump
never went
bEhind A curtain too..
aS noW Monkeys Fly..;)


First oF aLL..
soft and lovely
photo of your Grandmother..
with you and your brother in tow..
i love
photos.. they
say so much
oF wHeRe wE
gRoW noW..
iN thE
Genes pool2..;)

“Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice.
Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue.”

~~ Barry Goldwater ~~

i suppose
that makes
some oF us nice..;)

“But first, are you experienced?”

~~ Jimi Hendrix ~~

This is so true2..
Jimi did his
hiS oWn
Hand pick oF eXperience..:)

Tough Times
Takes Tough

“…The Universe is thronged with fire and light,
And we but smaller suns, which, skinned, trapped and kept
Enshrined in blood and precious bones, hold back the night.”

~~ Ray Bradbury ~~

Per the Police
and Ghost in the
Machine there is
an invisible sun from
outward appearance
thaT gives heat..
for the moment..;)

“It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible,
but also for what we do not do.”

~~ Moliere ~~

Without do
liFe iS sTill do Do..
do de
do do
the Police2 iN
Zenyatta Mondatta..;)

“Everyone who lives dies,
but not everyone who dies has lived.”

~~ No Fear ~~

WiTh no fear..:)

“You can’t just feel happy;
to feel anything you have to feel everything.”

~~ Callan Williams ~~

PLay NaKed..
eVen iF liFe iS
too short to cover iT uP..;)

“If you would know a man,
observe how he treats a cat.”

~~ Subtle Bee ~~

i aM Cat
and purr..
i hEar woMen
rOar.. And i SmiLe..
or noT..
Ocean WhoLe..;)

“We’re tossed by the winds of fate, Maggie Mae.
Once we end where they blow us, we make of ourselves what we will.”

~~ Niall Feeney, in Nora Roberts’ “Born In Fire” ~~

A feather
floaT allone..;)

“It’s so much more friendly with two.”

~~ Piglet, Pooh’s Little Instruction Book, inspired by A. A. Milne ~~

2 or more
iN A Social
Animal Bible..
foR liFe..
And WiTh that
sAid.. Sleep and
Biloxi CaSino’s coMinG
tomorrow.. my friEnd.. gigoid..
hope you find a float for wHole too..
bandits.. hehe2..;)

Thanks for correcting my
Memory fail last night as i
Do remember reading it that way first
go around yesterday.. before the end of the night..
beautiful woman your Grandmother and handsome lads..
dad and his brother.. looking forward to Reading your
next post on
the casino tour bus..:)


‘A thousand deaths’
my friEnd Zee..
a thousAnd
yeArs iN
a second
in Hell.. McArthur’s
PaRk a metaphor too
for so much oF liFe moVinG
around the DaRk oF paRk
iN siT
wHeRE pain
breaks feeliGht
trUth IS A recipe
for liFe alWays changing
alWays makIng a new cake
of LIFe with layers uPon lAyers
of roots that steep us deep in
a brew oF liFe..
hmmm.. anyWay..
juSt hope tHis sonG
WiLL BrinG a liGht oF all
thAT iS for you foR noW myYFriEnd..
And it’s kind of a nice way to end something
else and begin something anew i continue to work
iN pArt by
mY friEnd Zee..:)


Facebook FriEnd Ned AKA
blogger poet gigoid..
shares a quote
on Facebook
that says..

“If the King’s English was good enough for
Jesus, it’s good enough for me!”

— Ma Ferguson, Governor of Texas (circa 1920)

And then Ned goes on to say
as i quote him here…

Hmm… this might explain a lot of what is
happening in today’s world. It seems
Americans have been choosing politicians,
by the silliest of methods, for longer than we realize….

And then i respond with gRains oF
sAnd of wisdom that hOld
uP mountains
of Love..
i reply

Yes.. we also desperately need
separation of church and state
in the country of BArAIN..;)

And as i love to say.. the original Greek
Definition of Apocalypse that means lifting
the veils of ignorance along with the original
Greek revision of 4 or so decades of illiterate
Aramaic Desert oral tradition that originally
meant A son of God like every other
human and the standard Old T..
ye are all Gods per ‘let’s do coffee’..
but hey.. harder to Slaughter folks
expanding Imperialism that
original smart Greek way..;)

Anyway.. bottom lines.. King and or Dictator
for a Yogi who kNows\FeeLs/SeNSes.. tHeir place
IS A humiliating demotion in the scope of all that is..
hell.. even the rank of last prophet.. and that’s why
ALL the revisions do not impress me..
as A gRain of sAnd raises
liFe uP on eARTh
hiGheR than ‘thaT’..;)

And as synchronicity will
have it i move on to a Facebook
share by sweet long term friEnd
Rafiah.. who sticks
by my side
even though
i bet some stuff
i say reddens her
face in several ways
as our friEndship continues
with Unconditional Love per
the Good Cop Jesus way of BeinG..
anyWay.. she shares some social critique
by a popular Resident Psychiatrist from Pakistan
relating that folks should be more tolerant of other
religious type opinions before slandering those folks
making them no better than Isis or Trump.. if that gives you
any purview of how the other side views the current state of
in the
U.S. oF A
too.. can’t bLame
the disappointment
and that’s for sure.. anyway
the social critic ends his wisdom
about tolerating other opinions without
slandering folks that the world would be
a better place with less of you.. hmm.. less
of you means better if you never existed in
a fate
than death
of course.. for
those who tend
to enjoy breathing
on this earth when
one really
all of what
they are wishing..
so i go on in Fred
style reply with the following words..

Ironically he contradicted all his wisdom
at the end with ‘less of you’.. but that’s just
the science of logic.. And God where there is NO less of you..:)

Rafiah replies in defense of the social critic with..

He is bit irritated that’s why. He don’t mean it..:)

And i go on to say with winks
the best i can to avoid offense..

leads to
violence and
murder.. the
tongue is best
mastered before others..;)

Hmm.. and now i say being politically
correct enough to suit everyone ain’t easy
and obviously the phrase the world would be
a better place is just a metaphor that similarly
means either more or less of you.. as obviously
now when people say the world would be a better
place with more folks like me.. when i tale the young
folks all about
what i do
in meaning
and purpose
iN a DancE and
SonG oF LIFe they
aren’t literally wishing
anyone dead or never
born.. it’s just something
folks say out of yes.. irritability
or joy as opposing human emotions
expressing themselves as they will..
hey.. hard to be ‘perfect’ if you are human
as we are animals with not only logic but emotions
that precede all logic.. thing is.. though.. with the written
word it at least gives one a better opportunity to review
what can be best said for total peace and harmony and
that IS A Practice for a lifetime that must constantly
be exercised or use or lose applies.. and art iT iS
as emoTions truly are art and never the
science of logic alone.. so Rafiah
was correct when she said
he was just irritated and
literally didn’t mean
he wanted to
wipe those
folks off
the face of the
earth but on the other
hand.. before one starts pointing
out the speck in the other eye it is
wise to master the hand that reflects
the heaRT for potential positive change
in the future to make A Love as hiGher
practice move on to sunny
in the
Art of liFe
that can be
fearLess.. smARt
and more Unconditional
Love for all.. yeah.. it might
sound like pollyanna but
is only
as we make her2..;)


“He who is inclined to lust is merciful and tender-hearted;
those who are inclined to purity are not so.”

~~ Saint John Climacus ~~

Haha! and
as Climacus
‘sayS’ iN
Climax way
withheld too..
as Lord knows
enough Clitorises
have been cut OFF to control..
no different than restrictions to
hold hands for the opposite sexes
in some countries with studied higher rates
of sexual abuse in the immediate family.. the
only place
that touching
the opposite
sex is allowed..
you can fool some of
the folks some of the time
with illusory fears and empty
promises BUTT the God of Nature
with the Karma of action/consequence
in dArk and liGht of positive or negative
as law above
books collecting
written byproducts
of so-called human
standard IQ intelligence
and other variations of bullshit
same.. coming into full blown cultures..
including religions that do the same will
rarely rise above
the Libido
for life gifted
iN an iNnate.. iNstinctual
and iNtuitive balance of lust and love
as even the Bonobo manages life fine
in Peace and Harmony with none of that
only armed
lust for
life and
each other alive..
as love comes all
wayS in Nature Play..:)

Smiles my friend.. sex sex
sex sex far too long has been
off the roundtables of
culure.. and religion
same.. art is still wHere
hUman breathes best
as art is more often
naked of
human lies
iN subjugation and
control painted with
illusory fears and
empty promises
that ultimately
serve to
human potential
as science shows.. now
thank God scribe of God..
that a balance of lust and love
consensually and healthily expressed
free IS A source of all human creativity
and productivity along with social cooperation
too.. in a loving touch that remains satisfied full..
and less likely to fall to con-social emotionS ultimately
FucKinG World War III..
given all that it is more likely
that consensual porn will save the
world than any only savior or last prophet same..
but hey.. at least ‘they’ didn’t neuter Muhammad
and most ironically the other quarter of the world
worships an almost naked man on a cross as God..
as A male
bonobo kicks back
for the day as a female
sex slave all consensual aS Such..;)

“Make a statue of that”


“I know a lot of people without brains who do an awful lot of talking.”

~~ The Scarecrow, Wizard of Oz ~~

This is true and i have
to admit i almost
i write..
at least not on purpose..
he He and Jesus F iN Christ..
12 MilLion Written wordS noW..
prove this with no doubts aT aLL..;)

And in regard to
your poem.. i muSt
say.. culture and religion
as children
feel and sense
iT.. it’s almost a given
that everyone sees
and fails
to dance
and SinG
to move out of Matrix..:)


There is such joy
iN liFE when
A triNity
oF MoVinG
and CreAtinG
becomes us
me we ours
i now
God oF liGht..:)

“Do not look for all the answers at once.
A path is formed by placing stones one in front of the other.”

~~ The Giant from Twin Peaks ~~

True.. it’s
to type two letters
at a time.. now a streAm..
a riVer.. waVes of Ocean wHole kNoW better..
oF dreAms
pARticles sAMe..:)

“All of a sudden, I want to THROW OVER my promising ACTING CAREER,
… Although I don’t know WHY!!”

~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~

as a Director Plays..:)

“If I am Sophocles, I am not mad;
and if I am mad, I am not Sophocles.”

~~ Sophocles — Vit, Anon, p. 64 (Plumptre’s Trans.) ~~

is i
is i..;)

“I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.”

~~ Bumper Sticker ~~

“Yeah.. that guy over there
must be crazy..
he’s dancing
for nothing..
and oh
my God..
he’s smiling
now with all
those beautiful girls.”

– naysayers/
frOwny haters/
gaining F iN Enlightenment..;)

He thought he saw an albatross
That fluttered ’round the lamp.
He looked again and saw it was
A penny postage stamp.
“You’d best be getting home,” he said,
“The nights are rather damp.”

~~ Linus Songs Poems #185 of 719 ~~

So.. many lifetimes in one lifetime
now.. so many views
of a letter
number too..
all i can trULy
say now is God
is enjoying
all oF
what i do..
key is maKing
God Happy iN and as i2..:)

“Say goodnight, Gracie.”

~~ George Burns ~~

Let’s do Coffee..;)


God planted me
here so i can
and most
no one now
will bother
me by
what i write..
Dance IS A different
‘thing’2 as God is merciful2..
when i just DO iT.. noW iN Victory2..;)


Flock of Seagulls maneuvering the Sun
wHere the real free iS in Biloxi OUT
of Casinos.. hehe.. as nothing
matches the non-manmade
stuff when it comes to
the rest of
all that is..
and long long day
of surpassing Half
Marathon oF Public
all around dance.. including
all around Biloxi and back to
Pace’s Version of Super-Walmart..
eTc.. and yes.. back to finish the all dayer
and all evener at my Mother’s Apartment celebrating
her 82nd Birthday on December 10th and honorable mention
goes to Poet Blogger Friend Shawna and her multi-tide of alias
user person names.. also born on December 10th but only reaching
the tender age of 43.. born in ’73.. as what woman who looks
younger for her age cares if the fActs are presented to
support a younger case.. hehe.. same of course with
the Katrina at 46.. anyway.. oh.. Lord.. approaching
2 am.. sTiLL Catholic Church coming in the morning..
Christmas Dinner at the Farm up in the north
part of the county.. yes.. first Sunday
as they call it Special for Christmas
on second Sunday.. and then
likely off to the mall
and eTc.. while
we determine
who is naughty
or nice or juST
don’t ask.. hehe..
as promised to make
A statement at Church as well..
to read between the lines of let’s
juSt toleRate the diffeRent among us
OKaY as God don’t do cookie cutter
do that
God in illusory
ways away from all natural
bio-neuro-diversity.. epigenetics..
neuro-plasticity noW and a bunch oF
otHeR 10 gallon hat words that basicAlly
mean escape Nature Deficit Disorder related
dis of ease as one can skip the Matrix of LiFe2..;)

WeLL.. anyWay.. back to the rest of the
photos.. the Facebook Algorithm does
most defiNitely make sharing the highlights
of the rest of the photos with the Super Kool..
Video Slide
team and
oF one
and such..
just to help get
ALL the jobs done
and glued uP aLL ToGeTheR2..;)

And now the MacroVerse Facebook
Memories roll in.. first from two years
ago.. GOD’s muse of dance.. yes as Olivia
Newton John says in ‘Magic’.. come take my
hand.. i’ve been inside all of this time.. the innate
instinct and intuition of God oF aLL Nature in our DNA
that is gifted through our ancestors as human archetypes
arise in subconscious mind too.. and no.. this is noT just esoteric
woo.. as science is beginning to be able to measure genetic memories
in so-called lower animals like rats who we share a common rodent ancestor
with around 75 million years ago or so.. and Jungian archetypes are starting to
gain empirical evidential way in science as well.. soft science if you will as the
brain ain’t FucKinG made of bone or concrete hehe.. and the dance of liFE.. yes..
the BaLanCinG Force of left and right feet and sAMeNow WiTh Hands and toes and
fingers and legs and arms as all interline around the left and right hemispheres
of bRain in miNd and BoDy from head to toe too.. and when all of this
is MoVinG CoNNecTinG yes wiTh otHEr Social animals like rats
our cousins in DNA do too.. we become BaLAnCinG FoRcE
oF GoD iN InVisible peoples not much different than
the rain forest folks of South America invisible
to predator and prey iN quiet escape
and capture too.. as nary
a green leaf breaks
as they
across the
forest floor and
yes when one masters
the art of movement away
from instruction and guideline way
whether that mechanical cognition way
of thinking over movement comes in lessons
of ballet or martial arts same.. the body moves the
miNd in baLaNCe all innately.. instinctually and intuitively
smooth.. feather floating.. and Muhammad ali Float like a Butterfly
sTing like A FucKinG Bee in Wookiee FiGht when necessary too as
any ape who FiGhts free WiLL do to show the challenger who is alpha
and cooperative boss.. extinguishing the potential of fight as prospect
of the crazy eye and fight too will do in advance as nah.. i don’t won’t
any pARt of that display of WiLd and Free as that shit could hurt..
and that shit ain’t predictable in any kind of fair fight too.. hmm..
anyway as the Bonobo says sexy dancing is the best
as pleasure and satisfaction comes over
irritability.. frustration.. agression..
violence and even fucking
potential death uP
to World War
FucKinG three..
yeah luSt for liFe
or else is how it sTiLL
works for the wIlD and Free
Animal children of God among
uS for a BaLAnCe oF LuST and loVe aliVE
like i said come take my Hand and let’s juST DAncE..;)!
OH yeah.. and the plus pARt of GOD’s Muse of Dance
as MacroVerse allone.. is it illustrates all the happy smiley
beautiful selfie college aged as such women from my first
8 or 9 months at Old Seville Quarter.. yeah.. March of 2014
until the date of this post in December of 2014.. the sMILes
continue on now.. over a thousand photos and women or so
same as sTiLL DanCinG on in the latest record of all of those
linked Dance Records in my 6000 Miles of Dance Walking
Now Blog Post in September of 2016 that i provide at the
bottom of all my new MacroVerses now.. iF sMiLinG Happy
Dance photos all fun as such make yA sMiLe too.. iF ya can
stomach watching me sMiLe over a thousand times too.. hey..
lifts me
up at
i was tHere
and juSt did it as
Mr. Gump says too..;)

A Tribute to a TRUE FRIEND.. Lala Rukh.. from three years ago..
as i sorta did in the MacroVerse recently titled Torn ViNes oF Love..
as hey.. thank you and gratitude for oThErs and liFE in general moves
one to greater liGht as liFE alWays noW.. tHere cannot be enough thanks
for this overall gift of sentient star dust plus liFE as God separates as whole
iNto pArts to get to kNow and FeeL and SenSE each otheR aLL aS oNe FoRce
oF liGht iN MoVinG DancinG SouNd of SonG as LiFe… you See.. eTc.. God Lives as
a verb and most often in concrete and label way in affect and effect God dies when
only a noun.. or a statue or even a word alone as three letters lone go.. or even in
five per allah as such etC2.. iF oNe does not MoVe and CoNnecT and CreATe
WiTh GoD aS oNe Force aS Such noW iN ForCe thaT iS aLL thAT iS
thAT LIVes iNside.. wiThiN.. outsiDe.. aBove.. so BeLow and
aLL A’round iN what surELy can be heaVen now jusT
by doing GoD as alWays changing evolving
verb of doing now liGht iN DancE and SonG
BriGht as Lamps shine in the dArKest
sPace of groWinG liGht StILL noW
as Multi-Verse UniVerse we.. us..
ours.. me and i as LiVinG
hOlds hands even
more.. so sure
this post
could be
to anyone now..
stranger as friEnd
and Lala inspired it
with the simple words
of i love you friEnd with
no strings attached of need
or want.. as that is the way she
treated everyone who visited her
blog as the record still stands with
her sadly amiss and hopefully happy
in her flesh and blood married life now..
in whatever she does as living this life now..
anyWAy.. not too long as Fred speak GoeS and
worth quoting here to at lEast to me now.. as here’s
the thing.. bottom line.. iF i build all of this dream and
i am the only
one who
it i AM
heRE.. i am
pArt of God
separate and whOle
aS oNe child of God Dances
and SinGS all one.. God is happy
in and as me.. i can’t make that happen
for any othEr paRt as GoD is Free as dARk or
liGht.. or the ‘tween of sHades of grey or even greater
rainbow colors of what i kNow and FeeL and SeNSE as IsREal
noW aliVE iN the WiLd and Free oF oThErs who either DancE
and SinG or do not iN the ‘tween and the behind or beyond of
all thAT
iS i
as liFE iN
my field of
dreAMs continuing
to express all that is
heaR for now or noT
a place thAT others
can see.. sense and FeeL foR noW..:)

Hope is an ocean..Despair is a see..

Your heart is a Universe..of Love to share…

Never selfish is a heart light this….

tHe heArt is a UnIverse…

GOD IS also you…

ya see..

In the seas.. you are a love true..

to SEaS…




NOis never….

A flood of abyss….

I Love YOU dear friend….

God is ALso BlISs..

and so can you….

be in heaven..


my friend!

Sometimes is time…

Hope can be a vessel…

Even and empty vehicle of word….

to arrive..

ya see…

But when you get tHere!

I will be waiting……………………………..

to hug ya!





LOVE you..

ShARE th@wITh
reALLy th@counts
my dear WhITe..



yA sEe
my friend!

me 🙂
and we others!
in life

never L!

for alone


And yah..i will wrITe poems like tHIs!
ya see..
until ya let us kNow

And no I wILl never give up on you my friend..
Cause true friends are forever..




While this post IS dedicated to an individual that I meet across my three year travels on the internet..

When one attains this thing I describe as the ‘Christ Consciousness’..this is truly how one feels about my best estimation…

Even a grain of sand..a molecule or less than atom…

Well..yah..when I was at the bottom of the abyss of human hell..I wished away the Universe..just so i would not have to commit suicide to escape pain..

So yah..i was the most selfish person in the world at that time in my life…

So nah..i could never ever never ever judge a person personally for any transgression against another..

Even the murderer of my wife..mother ..or child…..

AS my transgression was infinitely greater as a misanthrope against all..even other animals…

But..there is a way ..i think to turn that all around no matter the depth of despair or the coldness of apathy for all others…

But the path is always unique..i we can only share our experiences…

of the LoVe

i personALLy cALL

the Christ Consciousness..




Whatever it is ‘Th@one”



THAT one can reALLy
ONE’s not just rhetoric..

tHIS sh** IS


Chemistry of Truth and Light from a year ago.. an eclectic
Macro-Verse as most alWays now oF course wRite on course
then.. celebrating my Mother’s Birthday and Shawna’s too as
she pops in and pops out of the months since the Summer of
2015.. and with home schooling 4 children as a stay at home
mom.. no doubt she gets too busy to get engaged in all
the art AND politics of the poetry world.. that
it surely can be as humans are
both art and political
animals of
and liberal mix
of caution and free..
expressing that in almost
all they do.. as tHeRe WiLL alWays
be scaredy cat religions and free noW
and liberal Good Cop-like Jesus one’s
too.. last night my mother asking me noW on
her birthday to read her latest New Jerusalem
version of the Gospel of Luke.. me complying as
Lord knows how many versions i’ve already read
to date.. and oh Lord.. getting into a discussion about
God and Jesus and all of that as we often clash as she
takes it more literally by the book and what she was told
more than lifting the veils of ignorance by scientific and
empirical means of scholarly historical study in biblical
way as all truly accredited divinity colleges do teach
now that the budding pastors usually keep
quiet in church less they lose the
congregation if no longer
seeing the houSing of the
vehicles and the
vessels of myths..
to spread those deeper
mesSages as literal and real
myths like defying the laws of
God and Nature same by actually
walking on water instead of floating
on land in balance of Gravity With God
like any feather will do staying Grounded
WiTh God too.. as humans surELy can do
as invisible people’s still in escape of predator
and capture of prey StILL in Super Walmart too..
wHeRE like Katy Perry’s version of ET juST does
it too.. wHeRE EVERY MOVE IS MAGIC noW and
continuing to awe the public audience more as nows
go by as the DancE and SonG oF LIFe WiLd and Free
continues to move.. all naked at core evolving liGht as
of God
as wE.. uS..
oUrs.. mE and I..
anYway references to
the Matrix Movies.. the
Terminator Movies and the
Book oF Eli movie from this
Century now.. dance photos
too.. yeS an eclectic list
of doing life as thAT
is what God
DancE and
SonG aS Sound
And MoVe oF LIGht noW..:)

Sure.. A Lamp too if you sTArt
at ‘to spread those deeper messages’
above as so below here within.. inside..
outside.. and yes.. all around as liFE liGht2..:)

And last night as Yellow Boy alerts me to the
latest Bible Verse in the wife’s Big red bible..
he highlights 1 Samuel 4.. all about Eli
and the ark of the covenant
synchronistically as such
with the modern
that the
version in the
Movie.. the 2010 Book oF
Eli does too.. making the bible
that as such remembered by
his own version of blind oral
tradition.. as someone scribes
it in a post apocalyptic world while
he relates it orally from memory not
much different than how it went down
for illiterate Muhammad too in those
desert lands where so-called memory
and scribe mistakes did not happen
but of course they did as even
history shows there too..
as Muhammad’s
closest house
mate argued
that what was written
from what he originally
said was not true to facts
either too.. in spirit of what
he was trying to get across to
others too.. anyway.. this life IS
A practice and the test is what we make
of the God who StiLL lives alive within us
as force isreal now.. with or without human
culture including religion.. bottom lines God lives oN
Free on
a Desert
no different
than a FucKinG
place filled like a ball
of confusion in books
and 3/5 letter words of
hate and discontent mostly
over the love that lives within
free expresSinG in A liGht DancE
And SonG of liFE so much fARTheR aWay
from dARk and the foot prints that make up
all the cultures and religions of humankind so far..
rests iN
ForcE atop the
pages of that
Bible kNows
and FeeLs
and SenSEs
Better as Lamp iSREaL..
Ark of The Convenant oF God WiLd


OMG.. Pecan Picking Kiss..
under wild mistletoe at
a Family
does not
belong to us..
and believe it or
not.. i did not have
to beg for this kiss.. hehe..
as Mistletoe IS A tradition
it sTiLL
iN MiLLtown way..;)

Record of the day.. as alWays
so nicely video documented in
slide show way by the trusty free
pArts of Facebook and all other online
resources that provide a pre-made path
for art to come
as much aS it
likes juSt
for fun for
the artist hand
that enjoys to paint
a fuller picture of all that is..
or perHaps take several hundred
photos of Nature.. eTc.. and include
that multi-media and other music videos
with an average of 15K words or so per
New Macro-Verse that comeS in FuLL..
And today is surely one that came
in full Eclectic floW iN ZonE from
Catholic Church wHeRe i was/am
don’t ask for naughty or
nice in T-Shirt way..
And sure enough today
was/is pink robe day
at the Catholic
Church.. kinda
ironic as the Preacher
man last week said he didn’t
wear pink.. but surely did when
it was his turn to pastor on Saturday
for the same liturgical symbolism as
the colors change with advent weeks now..
And in today’s homily was a story of Ray Charles
and a suggestion that you need to let folks who suffer
from addiction pull up their own bootstraps in words to that
effect.. sadly.. perhaps the priest doesn’t understand when he
lauded Ray Charles
mom forgoing attention
to her son.. so he could pull
up his own bootstraps and make
his way when he balled his eyes out
looking for mom to hold his blind eyes..
that didn’t effect not only his struggle to
survive but also a potential loss of emotional
trust in close loved ones to give him touchy feely
love.. where science now shows a major ’cause of human
addiction of all sorts is a lack of touchy feely love when
the child cries when young.. as even the potential for being
filled up in warm and fuzzy love without any drugs to escape
the numb hearT and SpiRit SoUL.. can lose its development in
wiring as such from head to toe.. with the addiction as a replacement
for what cannot easily be gained back when lost in a youth that is cold
of the
touchy feely
love that naturally
comes when a whole village
raises a child.. and a child is rarely
ever left out cold now/then from the human
oxytocin bonding neuro-hormone trust of love..
anyway.. if yA don’t understand the root of the
issue.. it’s harder to gain/have the cognitive empathy
to understand why folks do the stuff they
do.. might not make any sense to you..
unless you walk in their shoes..
addiction is not just
drugs for escape..
addiction is a
more often
for Love not watered
as a garden from birth..
in yes.. once.. again.. touchy
feely unconditional Love smARt
enough to feel the loving touch.. now..
other than that the priest preached another
partisan political jab about movie stars going
to Canada to escape the rule of Trump reign now..
nah.. not every Catholic Supports pussy grabbers.. still..
and folks who would destroy the environment to make some more bucks..
yep.. STiLL
Catholics NoW..
at the highest
levels who don’t
understand heaVen
IS At hand noW.. And
FucKinG Protect God’S NOW
Nature rather than dominating
it and destroying and killing so
many of God’s Creations in extinction way..
anyWay.. that’s why i visit.. and can NOT reAlly cALL
that Church Catholic as truly in Catholic which
means Universal Church of God.. All Love would
be sacred and
not just
in an old book
from a desert patch
where patriarchal ignorance
sTiLL continues to rule in ways of Trump BucKs..

After all these years..
sTill supporting Roman Emperors..
Dictators.. and Trump King’s of the
Universe after A humble Yogi/Zealot
leaning dude as reported in the Gospel
of Thomas suggests around 2K years ago..
God lives
and surely
as God as all that is..
even science.. A honest
Scribe of God as honest
goeS in empirical repeatable
experiment way proves this out
as the
Good GODs News noW
And sure.. a cliP
iN eviDenTial
support thaT
we are
N A T u R E
STiLL forevemorenow..
whaT Can i say.. i WiLL i am
juSt a speck too.. a pArt
oF All that iS God WhoLe
And wE are
all that is as
all “KinGs” noW
iN oF liGht aLL aS onE GoD2…
JUst rePlace A
Word Nature
God Love
iT aLL
And God
Lives happiLY
ever after best
God Can and WiLL
within forevermorenow..
EyEs of God ArE sEEinG wHOle
UniVersaL FloW iN OCean GRoW..:)

Hmm.. and the Goddess Isis..
aka Katrina.. is somewhat intimating
that she may cut her hair shorter.. TBD
in length so ‘this photo’ may be iN posterity way
for another thouSand years or so if it were to come
once aGaiN
under the rule
of Isis.. and nah
not the head hunters..
juSt the hair cutter as it
were.. iS and may come soon..
as the
date for hair
surgery comes on
Tuesday.. jusT like
my four week to date
precise routine of getting
my remaining hairs cut too..;)

Two Macro-Verse memories.. one here
from three years ago.. unusual art..
that most males would be terrified
to do.. as when the Military and Clubs
and so-called Secrets Societies haze ya
in real life selfie way.. it’s to toughen
ya up a bit where your manhood is not threatened
if a Beauty Contestant says something ya might not
agree with
in a Twitter
night of discontent..
hmm.. problem with being
spoiled rotten.. spoiled rotten..
anyway.. i had a long history of
verbal taunting and abuse..
in youth where i wasn’t
that strong
and had
to get
much stronger
to tolerate that
and survive.. so then
i came along after living
in a deadzone for 66 months
and sure God as Nature hazed
me enough then in hell not to worry
too much about what the FucK people thought
was the different of me after i entered into the
bliss of heaven.. as let’s just say i was JOB tested
for that
iN a way
don’t even
touch as severe
hazing as torture can
go too.. to toughen
ya up.. or die
in as and
anyway.. not everyone
can stand the heat.. some
stronger and some weaker and
you can’t do this to little children
or even young adults or even older adults
and except them to survive in well being depending
on what they
can and
cannot handle
in life.. some folks
want to go back to war
and some folks are destroyed
by war.. thing is.. i’m just
having fun in Selfie of the Year
of the Selfie and you can laugh at
or with me all ya like.. thing is i’LL
be laughing
last and
first and
the ‘tween
of that as in
hell there is no laugh
aT all.. so.. i’ll continue
to laugh and play WITH NO RESTRAINT..
within the parameters of local.. state
and federal laws.. but made up rules of
culture and religion.. no thanks.. i’m FREE
and sure.. i can wear pink too without a hItch..;)

And finAlly.. from two years ago.. Masterpiece Call
of the Wild and regarding my current nude art..
it’s safe
to say
a ‘little’
somEthing like thaT..
’cause i can and ’cause
i WiLL continue to bE a
WiLD ChiLd of GoD Free
wiTh the CaLL
of God NATure..
Free and
WiLd wiTh
Fearless smARt
And UncoNditional
iN all
ways that
coMes from
dancing a new
art of dance
in the
books aisles
of Barnes and Nobles
listening to ‘Underwater’..
while reading smARt Intellectual
and Philosophical Books too.. lit up
all that
iS sEEs and
seNses and FeeLs
NoW WiTh HuMan
with no regrets..
or doubts about now GoD sAMe..
i swim.. i fly.. i dance.. i sing..
on terrestrial
land free
as any
sET FReED NoW..:)


“After the first death, there is no other.”

~~ Dylan Thomas ~~

A blessing
death is
as dead..:)

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word
is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.”

~~ Mark Twain ~~

Words.. aLL
metaphors iN
pathetic attempts
to reflect
i’M worKinG
on neW oNe’s
as find the old one’s
not nearly adequate
for all i experience iN
eVen FeeL and SensE aLLONe.:)

SMiLes.. i can/WiLL
to say.. for the last
three years the bliss
has been unbelievable
for reaSon but
iN aLL oF liFE..;)

“The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless,
unremembered acts of kindness and love.”

~~ William Wordsworth ~~

I Can/WiLL
to say too..
that labels
of words get in
the way of Kindness and LovE..
sAid too..;)

“Where the map differs from the terrain, believe the terrain.”

~~ Swedish Army Manual ~~

kNows more than word..

“Do not speak of what men deserve.
For we each of us deserve everything,
every luxury that was ever piled in the tombs of the dead Kings,
and we each of us deserve nothing, not a mouthful of bread in hunger.
Have we not eaten while another starved?
Will you punish us for that?
Will you reward us for the virtue of starving while others ate?
No man earns punishment, no man earns reward.
Free your mind of the idea of *deserving*, of *earning*,
and you will begin to be able to think.”

~~ Odo, The Prison Letters ~~

~~ Ursula LeGuin, “The Dispossessed” ~~

works so
much better
without doubt oF Do..;)

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies,
we would find in each man’s life a sorrow
and a suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”

~~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ~~

face most
often comes from
WHO HURT you..:)

“Doubt is the key to knowledge.”

~~ Persian Proverb ~~

Question.. i do..
aged well..;)

“As knowledge increases, wonder deepens.”

~~ Persian Bee ~~

A favorite
iS new smooth
moves with nouveau
fabulOUs EmoTions
And SeNSEs experienCinG

4. When you say, “I love you”, mean it.

~~ Instructions for life ~~

without meaning..
when meant..;)

“Life is not separate from death. It only looks that way.”

~~ Native American Proverb (Blackfoot) ~~

A mELltinG


“It is not the one with many possessions who is rich, but the one who has no needs.”

~~ Philoxenos ~~

SMiLes my FriEnd gigoid..
A best thing about bEinG
A LiVinG DanCinG
SinGinG BreAthInG
LeGenT CreaTuRe
now or
iS oNe
yes more
can sTiLL
be InVisiBle
to liVe FReED..
and that my friEnd
is wHeRe A lasT is
FiRst and mEek
So iN inherit the eARTh
iN Broad FucKinG DaylighT oF Night
as thieves and i spy’s WiLL suReLY juSt do2..;)

Send Murphy
no lunch money..;)

“Ignorance can be cured. Stupid is forever.”

~~ Smart Bee ~

Stupid can be iNnate
and smArt too
IQ doesn’t
get in the way
of happy.. and
be bliss
an entire
life for a cat
who does not read the paper..
or dog thaT juSt pisseS on it..;)

So.. who is sMArter..
a cat or a dog..
i saw a
lick a
tail with
love yesternow..
thaT was/is precious..
no one told him/her it
was/is against the rules..
Love Now
And reLeased..;)

heads or
i spin
A coIn alive..:)

“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations,
if you live near him.”

~~ J.R.R. Tolkein, Lord of the Rings ~~

A Serpent
lives within2..
i tAMe
WiTh SeRpent BreAtH..;)

“If you don’t know where you’re going,
when you get there you’ll be lost.”

~~ Yogi Berra ~~

i find much later
in life through
the art of
that it’s more
oF wHeRE i’M
aT thaT determines
wHat coMes neXt noW..;)

“Expect everything, and anything seems nothing.
Expect nothing, and anything seems everything.”

~~ Samuel Hazo ~~

i am all that is
that’s all for me..:)

“A belief is not true because it is useful.”

~~ Henri Frederic Amiel ~~

RelativELy sPeaKinG
TrUth and liGht
is what
other than
thaT’s juSt words..:)

“Love is not something you have;
it is something you do.”

~~ Limon ~~

Do Do Love..;)

“The improver of knowledge absolutely refuses to acknowledge authority, as such.
For him, skepticism is the highest of duties, blind faith the one unpardonable sin.”

~~ Thomas Huxley ~~

i see
it is..:)

“The man who carries a cat by the tail
learns something that can be learned in no other way.
He will never be dim, or doubtful.
Chances are, he’ll never carry the cat like that again,
but, I say, if he wants to, let him!”

~~ Mark Twain ~~

UnTil the Pussy
Grabber iS iN Charge..;)

i am A iNvisible man
NOT THE invisible man..;)







BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3.3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..

12,268img_0432 img_0433 img_0434 img_0435 img_0436 img_0437 img_0438 img_0439 img_0440 img_0442 img_0443 img_0444 img_0445 img_0446 img_0447 img_0448 img_0449 img_0451 img_0454 img_0456 img_0458 img_0459 img_0460 img_0461 img_0462 img_0463 img_0464 img_0465 img_0467 img_0468 img_0469 img_0470 img_0471 img_0472 img_0473 img_0474 img_0475 img_0476 img_0477 img_0478 img_0480 img_0481 img_0482 img_0483 img_0484 img_0485 img_0486 img_0487 img_0488 img_0489 img_0490 img_0492 img_0493 img_0494 img_0495 img_0496 img_0497 img_0498 img_0499 img_0500 img_0501 img_0502 img_0503 img_0504 img_0505 img_0506 img_0507 img_0508 img_0509 img_0510 img_0511 img_0512 img_0513 img_0514 img_0515 img_0518 img_0520 img_0522 img_0523 img_0524 img_0525 img_0526 img_0527 img_0528 img_0529 img_0530 img_0531 img_0532 img_0533 img_0534 img_0535 img_0536 img_0538 img_0539 img_0540 img_0541 img_0543 img_0545 img_0547 img_0548 img_0549 img_0550 img_0551 img_0552 img_0557 img_0558 img_0559 img_0560 img_0561 img_0562 img_0563 img_0564 img_0566 img_0567 img_0568 img_0570 img_0571 img_0572 img_0573 img_0574 img_0576 img_0577 img_0578 img_0580 img_0581 img_0582 img_0585 img_0603 img_0605 img_0606 img_0607 img_0608 img_0609 img_0610


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I like to write.
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15 Responses to NOT THE invisible man

  1. WeLL.. noW thaT the self-fulfilling prophecy
    of OvenGate has been totally blessed
    and completed with the first
    bake of Pizza
    in the
    Kenmore Oven aka
    Range by Sears.. all that is
    left to celebrate now.. since
    the ‘NOT THE invisible man’
    728th MacroVerse is now complete..
    is yes.. the 729th Macro-Verse preDestined
    to be named now.. ‘Supermoon Trinity
    Christmas 2016’.. true.. it arrives
    in the so-called time frame of
    the 12 days leading
    to Christmas but
    hell.. never the less..
    i will use any occasion for
    a feast day and celebration oF
    DancE and SinG sAMe.. so.. Trinity
    aka Triad of Supermoon is on its
    way for December 14th and so
    glad that the OvenGate
    Prophecy has/is been
    self fulfilled
    as that
    Pizza sure
    was/is better
    than the burnt
    ones in the old
    antiquated oven
    that can alWays bE improved
    as the next model has shipped iN
    and ready to bake whatever recipe comes neXt..
    and yes.. of note.. 139th Dance Week at Old Seville
    also arrives on Thursday niGht WiTh all the cool college
    age folks tHeRe.. no recipe needed.. juST DancE oN FReED..:)

    My Pet Dog Wood Tree that historically
    now for three years chronicles the years
    spent from fall leaves to spring buds
    iN Pan eYes that continue
    to DancE and SinG
    SpRing in the
    interim of
    Promise of new
    life in colorful lights
    of falling dying leaves
    soon to fertilize the ground
    for greener plants.. next year
    to sprout as well.. as i leave ’em
    wHEre they FaLL iN God oF Nature
    Rules untouched by humankind as God
    WiLL Grow without the tainted so-called love
    of human culture and religions same.. that say
    dominate and i am so disgusted that our higher
    levels of
    in executive way
    branch are becoming
    hand-picked to sell God
    off iN killing ways to make some
    more bucks to stuff Walmart stuff
    in Garages and Extra Bedrooms just
    to rot a slow death with the rest of killing
    ways of species growing extinct by larger numbers
    as ignorance grows greater horns of dark force death
    way as the
    new orange is
    surely bLack in more
    than one poTenTial
    catastrophic way
    now from
    coming back
    to Chinese bombers
    with nuclear fall-out poTenTial
    iN destructive possibilities too..
    if gridlock or closed minds don’t destroy
    more than what they can possibly bring back
    as humans can and will do.. with a greatest shot
    iN own feet oF LiFe now extending far greater than we..
    Anyway.. meanwhile.. i will continue to enjoy my beautiful
    pet Dogwood tree.. as beautiful in dying and coming to liFe..
    as leaves
    will fall
    and Bud
    SpRinG aLwayS
    now like an invisible sun
    can and will do to.. isReaL now2..:)

    WeLL.. yeah.. ‘this photo’..
    is from the Biloxi Casino
    And Beach Dance Trip..
    Dance for me..
    One armed
    for Katrina
    as noted already
    too.. anyway.. just
    beyond these harbor walls
    of concrete.. a beautiful bay
    and sands approaching sugar
    white are juST on the OtHEr side
    of this fresh hell of the human careless
    way to litter nature with fresh remnants of
    where enough
    is never enough
    as the addictions of
    emptiness siNg on a sad
    SonG of killing the living paRts
    of the Earth too.. in the next photo
    i used in the last blog post after this
    photos was/IS A sign that said/says please throw
    your trash away.. where the Earth is just something
    dead to
    throw away
    even if one
    is smARt enough
    iN FeeL and SenSe to
    even throw away the garbage
    oF liFe in appropriate ways of LiVinG LiFE..:)

  2. But what about when it gets too heavy..
    yes.. pick up your trash..
    what is dead most
    always goes
    back to
    food for the rest
    of Nature Free humans
    save the food of their bodies
    for ‘another day’ at the end of the
    days as they wish they wish tHeir life away..
    Sioux.. Cherokee.. Irish.. German.. Spanish..
    French.. English.. in my ancestry all of these are
    me and back in ’78 when my first College
    Philosophy Instructor asked me if i am an
    American Indian all blonde and green
    to blue eyed depending on
    my mood and the
    overall atmosphere
    of the environment in both
    FeeLinGs and seNsory way..
    all i could say is German then
    as my last name is a German one
    that means one who is a carer for the
    lands in feudal Lordship way.. or even further
    back variations on that same name as first middle
    east names for God that mean a mix of Earth and
    Water as sand and water become silt as life
    begins in planted soil of God all that is
    too.. weLL.. anyWay.. this Philosophy
    Instructor teacher was big into
    the difficulties of humankind
    living in a Technological
    society.. challenge number
    one of specialization and losing
    potential human intelligences that wither
    away like a vine not producing a variety of fruits..
    and how when folks get separated from the rest of Nature
    like this in physical and emotional intelligences and sure..
    Existential intelligence and so many many more of which i add
    to the philosophy here of he.. as he did not put it into terms of words
    like this.. he just said specialization but that goes so much farther than
    verbal intelligence word think way.. and this instructor who seemed so
    old to me then.. my age now.. also went into a stream of consciousness
    flow of Holy Spirit Creativity deep within from subconscious logic leap
    of way.. wHeRe he himself had no idea wHeRe this deeper voice
    was coming from as anyone who first experiences this will
    come to see and some folks even imagine it IS a super
    natural being speaking through them.. yes.. even a
    dude in a cave called this voice within Gabriel
    and another dude who went to Egypt called
    it superior civilization spirits channeling
    through him.. call it what you will..
    it is a higher potential power
    of the being named human
    and all Mr. Hunt the Instructor
    could say is.. does anyone have a
    recorder as this stuff needs to be recorded..
    he didn’t but what he said sunk into me.. and
    as i experienced this deeper emotional and sensory
    flow transferred into words when i was 13.. winning a Christmas
    Story contest back in competition of two home rooms then.. me
    having no idea where that came from as it was simply magic then..
    and waiting 5 more years to experience this at age 18 writing about
    the One Universal Force coming within then.. in that Philosophy class
    with Mr. Hunt.. a deeper human potential within that i would not experience
    again until i wrote that long side note on my blogger blogs at the end of
    February 2013.. publishing that personal message on Facebook i
    wrote in FloW iN Zone to my first Facebook Friend and only
    one then.. she said she liked to read it again and again
    on my Facebook Page and even someone on the
    Wrong Planet site said it was the most beautiful
    thing they had ever read.. and that was coming
    from the literal thinking mind of that place
    there.. and it sparked an actual feeling..
    a spark of magic inside again.. i wanted
    to explore it deeper and come to reality
    it helped the phoenix of my spirit
    rise from the ashes to actually
    make a physical reality
    miracle happen
    in healing way
    as still documented
    by professionals.. some of
    who wrote i would never recover
    to even the most rudimentary levels
    of human functionality again when my
    fresh hell started back in January of 2008..
    bottom lines.. i kept that spArk and MaGiC
    and i am not letting it go in what can come
    as self-actualization in terms of Maslow and
    as Fowler says in a pyramid similar as stages of
    Faith when one arises at the top of the pyramid of
    agape love when hope and love and all is positive flow
    with tolerance and acceptance for dARk and liGht wHeRe
    like i love to say all becomes a liFE practice of HoLY and SacREd
    all to share and give with all in whatever arT oF LiFE comes neXt
    and thaT iS StiLL here now.. and the thing is.. in that Old Native
    Indian commercial played by a rugged looking Italian dude back
    around 1970 or so.. paddling up in his wilderness canoe and
    seeing the trash floating in the river along with the smoke
    stack pollution of the air and water same as Earth
    of Water and Sand as Silt becomes tarred mud
    of human disgrace in destroying the Earth
    he did a simple thing.. this actor shed
    a tear for MoThER eARth.. supporter
    oF LIFE here in whaT iSReal God as
    the GreaT sPiRiT lives within.. inside..
    outside.. above.. so below and all around..
    yes.. the Force is with us and sheds a tear when
    the rest of the Force is harmed by an apex predator
    so-called Social Animal who has lost empathy and
    compassion as tear for the circle of life wHole.. we live
    in a trigger itch and destroying nature as dominating old
    Abrahamic tribal religion way.. same with any religion or atheistic
    culture or whatever that has an ultimate religion as consuming the
    Earth as a dead thing owning it over live God as ForcE noW.. this isn’t
    news and never will be news to those who live one with God of NAtuRE
    now self-actualized as such as Maslow says and at the top of the pyramid
    oF Faith Stages as Fowler says too.. but for those still at the bottom levels
    of A God that lives somewhere else but here.. or out of basic homeostasis
    worried about food and drink to eat.. out of mind and body balance.. constantly
    in a state of anxiety.. stress and fear same as a slow burn of every bodily system
    of health in stress hormone kill.. rarely any of this ‘higher level being shit’.. means
    anything to them at all.. as survive at all costs is what the reptilian serpent brain
    will and can do at all costs to the rest of life now.. and those my friend are
    overall the Trump of killing Nature.. discontent and fear and hate folks..
    but you see.. until their needs are met that are going to more than
    likely continue to see life the way of so-called angry old
    white men no matter what color.. nationality.. orientation
    of sexual preferences.. disabilities.. age.. or whatever
    colors tHeiR liFe in dArk and liGht.. ‘Tween sHades of
    purgatory grey.. to beYond Rainbow colors
    oF Folks like me who eScape this matrix
    of distress like an overflown camel
    iN the tighTest of needle eYes oF aLL..
    so sure.. a rational tear.. an understanding
    tear.. and a real tear for Nature not only for
    the sand and water and silt mix of God but the
    Human beings who are so lost so lost in lower levels
    of the Pyramid of Ignorance wHere seriously they are not
    in a realistic position to know what they do.. as the snake
    brain rules from
    pay check
    less in the bLack
    TaR of Green Back Dollar Bills..
    tHeRE are no easy answers but for
    each person to sink or swim and save
    themselves and loved ones same.. to expand
    that circle to all of God is the dreAm of the modern
    super-woman-man-etC.. as Fred N.. per overman said
    way back when.. when God aLL as NaTuRE liVes aTain real in TruTh and
    liGht enlightened above the frey of polluted cultural and religion life aGain..:)

    A PeNsive moment.. sitting on the Dock of the Bay..
    After what is becoming jUsT aNoTheR half marathon
    of public dance last Saturday iN Biloxi.. Hard Rock
    CaSinio way.. wheRe the Dollar is God and
    people journey far to pray to machines
    with fingers crossed for an extra
    flow of Golden coins to
    come tHeir way.. i saw
    the futility of that long long
    ago in the computer card game
    of 21 or whatever they call it now..
    an addiction for those who cannot feel
    fill no longer inside.. is it any wonder that
    is Trump business.. well fresh hell no.. not when
    your wife accuses you of rapey forceful actions be
    for after getting pissed off about your bald spot on top..
    but you see.. if you could see the Trump soUl.. so Grinch
    dArk inSiDe perHaps you too could FeeL some empathy
    and compassion for that poorest of Trump Tower soUl.. who
    WiLL be the luckiest man in the world.. not much different than
    mE.. iF ever he moves to self-actualization of HeARt and SpiRit/
    soUL the saMe wHEre a Fred ToweR and it’s worth noting in ironic
    way that his Grandfather’s name was Frederick Christ too.. that yes
    a Fred Tower iS just A barefoot fully naked free dance wiTh God as
    Sand and Water in backyard Eden as Silt comes to play once more
    alive as
    star duSt
    plUs yoU and
    i.. and mE and wE
    and uS and ourS..
    i FeeL Sorry for Trump
    and all of those who lead
    that labyrinth of Matrix cOld heARt
    SpiRit and out of BoDy and MiNd BaLanCe
    soUL of one armed bandits alive as terminator
    Machine beings now.. and the proof iS in the pudding/
    cake mix as i am the only one last Saturday on that dock soaking
    SoaKinG iN a peNsive moment for the rest of humanity who can
    not bE totAlly fILLed uP in BliSs of the public DanCinG Free Verse
    DAncE and SonG of LiFe.. the beach i walked on pristine now and
    beautiful wHeRe the only person enJoYinG it on the sand on that
    entire strip was a little girl in a pink jumper with her Grandmother
    on the SideWalk in the bliss of feeding Nature for FLiGht of LiFe..
    iT is safe
    to say
    on that
    beach was the
    only one at the Casinos
    who fully saw the Joy of God
    iN me as she provided a path straight
    and narrow curved for those Seagulls to
    come into photo view for the inspiration of
    words yEt to come.. in HolY SpiRit view of LiFe..
    tHeir are some things in LiFe thAT are so priceless
    that money will never buy that little girl was richer than
    WiLL ever
    kNoW oR FeeL
    and SeNsE in agape
    Love of all indigenous
    Indian children of God who
    don’t lose the liGht of fearless..
    trUly sMArt Unconditional Love..
    that little

    And jUSt in case anyone thinks the little girl is a figment of my
    iMaGinaTioN.. or the cAsino or just me and her enjoying
    the strip of beautiful beach along with an older couple
    who made tHeir way down as i was traveling back
    from the Biloxi Beach Visitor Center
    for a cool drink of free water
    not much different
    than the free
    root beer
    at the Hard
    Rock as i refuse
    to spend a penny on that
    vice more than free play money
    that my wife enjoys and an all you
    eat raw oysters still over priced to
    me for 40 bucks a couple.. hey.. i danced
    for free for them to the joy of all the workers
    who slave away tHeRE who always greet me sTiLL like
    a free rock star when i come in through the doors.. did
    it unscathed by management through a hill of hallway
    by a restaurant and pool there until the security
    team got gun shy over me.. after a domestic
    terror incident in the US earlier this year..
    so hey.. i worked a little bit for that
    free root beer then.. and the
    world IS A big place
    for the free God
    Dance oF LiFe…
    wHeREver i am tOld
    i am not welcoMe i juSt
    Taylor Swift Shake the dance
    off of me somewhere else on this
    wonder briGht Blue.. Green.. Brown..
    and steadily shrinking white polar cap
    ball of love while other folks sink in a self
    made ball of confusion in culture and religion
    way too.. so sweet it was to see the older couple
    taking selfies on the beach.. age teaches you if you
    are lucky enough that your life on this earth is heaven NoW..
    to appreciate if you escape the matrix of cultures and religions
    early enough to find Heaven at Hand now.. i see tHis uPon the golden
    agers at Super Walmart with sMILes of ease on faces of retirement
    age bliss.. back in the dead zone days of hell wHEre i was the devil
    and hunch back of Notre Dame locked in pain and numb isREaL
    66 month hell then.. Heaven is only real for those who live iT noW
    a taste of honey dew of Xanadu iT STiLL iS noW for those who
    FeeL and SeNSe and ExperiEnce heaVen iSREaL NoW.. mean
    while the Frowny Face Player Prayer sitting upon thrones oF
    the green bLack bAck Dollar slots prey to tHeir
    Trump GoD of GoLd not only in words but
    past too..
    As the lever
    in hell iS jusT a Trump aWay..
    like those monkeys and the levers
    for cocaine and sugar same
    life is free when
    livedevil or sAMe..:)

    Nah.. on that entire beach that goes further than that desolate strip
    there were some other indigenous folks there too.. what the
    Christian Religion calls as free loaders like my Priest
    last Sunday at church.. who need to pull themselves
    up by the laces of their shoe string addictions
    of a life in the self help hell
    made by
    and religion
    same.. those who
    don’t have the resources
    and the paper work skills like
    i do to get help when the disability
    is invisible and cannot readily be seen
    from the outside as the veils of ignorance
    about mental illness including the disease of
    addiction often from a root cause of neglect
    or abuse in youth to middle age to old age way
    as the social empathic heARt dies a hard death
    alone or jusT plain innate mental disorder out
    of balance wHere one can no longer
    navigate the labyrinth matrix
    of liFE saMe.. a last
    resort.. a bridge
    for shelter over
    head.. perhaps
    to fish for food..
    perhaps an old
    bicycle for travel
    to get fresh water..
    perhaps a blanket
    and a warm friend
    to gain warmth from.. two..
    perHaps four or five who live
    one with Nature again too.. after
    eSCaPe from CulTure lies more..
    and religious ones too.. anyway.. it
    took five cops who support the community
    ownership of what they see as human trash
    to be removed to tell these homeless folks that
    the Earth is not tHeir free home to roam and consume
    for basic subsistence as indigenous peoples of the Good
    Earth of God for free support before.. and as i walked away
    free on the Beach with the help i have personally received as
    i am
    a smARt
    crazy person
    yes holy fool
    to the fortune
    of the merit i aM
    to be free now.. the folks
    who need the most help will
    not receive it as the system is made
    by lawyers not folks witH disabilities..
    and to be honest it’s not easy to get help
    unless you know the ins and outs of lawyer
    speak too.. the system doesn’t have time to
    care to feel to sense the empathy and compassion
    and experience really necessary to help other folks who
    need help the most.. we live in insanely large populations
    of isolated humans in a matrix and labyrinth of social stress
    and insanity real in average life now.. it’s not worKing and as
    the reality of Technology taking over jobs in automation way..
    as hard as a bullet as it is gonna be for overall survival of the
    new world day.. sooner or later give and share more will have
    to be the rule of the day more less more these beaches are
    populated by the homeless five on two opposite
    from the advantages those who own the
    earth hold now.. it’s beyond sad
    when ‘the man’ says
    you can
    not be
    free here..
    but sure..
    tHeRE is sTiLL
    humanity and empathy
    and compassion left in being
    human now.. tHeRe will be anotHeR
    place for homeless to rest tHeiR head
    as long AS God sTiLL lives as love in
    a human
    oR thEre..
    aWay from
    the rules
    that own
    God noW
    away From
    Freedom noW..
    WiLL fiNd a better
    way as Love Wins when isReaL..:)

    So.. what can A Jonathan Livingston Seagull who rises
    above his counterpARt Birds bEfore Son of
    men in myths made in books.. to prepare
    ye a path of John 14:12 do more now2..
    in tHeiR own ‘little’ ways not done
    beFore as Individuals to make
    change happen stARting
    wiTh mE.. i do what i can..
    i am just that little autistic boy
    who did not speak until age 4..
    the one who was bullied by others
    in school.. named girl at McDonald’s
    by cashier by matter of fAct that my older
    Face now was just prettier in clear green to
    blue long eye lash way then.. on a wash board
    body that was flat as a board from head to toe.
    wondering if there would ever be any meat growing
    on those bones except the one pARt that grew out
    occasionally then for one sheltered too much to know
    what was going on with life’s wet dreams then.. yeah..
    iF you’ve been around my writing for more than a Macro-Verse
    or too.. you’ve heard the stories of JOB and Miracles iSREaL sAMe
    oF me.. but you see.. i have the gift.. i just have the gift to express it
    as those who may not.. have likely in all of hiStory and HerStory and
    etCstory.. been through more fresh and fresher hell and heaven respectively
    than me.. i do what i can.. cause i can and will.. and to save the world from
    more suffering and misery and pure insanity in cultural and religious way
    sAMe.. it’s gonna take army of ArTiSts of Love more than me.. i don’t
    kNow wHere i’M going exactly as the hiGher PoWEr oF God now takes
    me tHeir within as Holy Spirit Flow.. i do Know i AM 9 Macro-Verses
    beHind in the mechanical cognition activity of backing up all of
    what i do on three Facebook pages of text only now.. but you
    see that’s juSt anoTHEer opportunity for me as witness oF
    hiGhER poTenTial of GoD who even lives in the so-called
    permanently disabled holy fools among us.. who no
    longer Fit in JoNaThan LiVinGsTon ChRist way
    in What society says is the norm
    these days now StiLL too..
    separation of church
    and state is a boon
    for free aRt of God
    SpiRit iN hUman eYes
    And FeeLinGs sEt Free aS HeARt..
    iN MiNds and BoDys aS thaT BaLAncing
    coMes HiGhER PoWEr ForcE noW iN
    ALL rogue one ways aS woRks..
    THaT do work.. so.. sure.. whaT
    cOmes neXt As a BiRd of
    One FLyinG hiGher
    CaN And WiLL

    SUre.. iT can kinda gET lonELy
    now and then.. to rise above the
    fray of expected and limited ARt..
    as my God how many examples of
    thaT do wE alrEAdy kNow and FeeL
    And SeNSe in the aRt world.. now who has
    heard all the sad stories of thaT beFore.. trUth is theRE
    is nothing sad about my liFE now.. it’s opposite now from
    that but with Joy coMes the heaviest crosses too.. writing
    12 million words come ThanksGiving of this year wasn’t
    exactly a cake walk since 6 years of ThanksGiving 2010..
    And when the Seven Novels of MacroVerse categories of sorts
    came into play as of December 26.. 2016 as the New Year of Sun
    Bright in the Northern Hemisphere of this place called eArth
    stARts on or about that date each year as we celebrate the
    Sun in more than one spelling too.. coming back to liFe
    in numerous Northern Hemisphere stories of written and
    recorded collective historical evidence of
    human art intelligence too.. as myths do
    Sing a SonG of Essence isREaL too..
    As i continue to do that in reaLiTy
    sHow real time noW dreAMTime
    way noW for anyone who has
    what it takes to follow along juSt
    A Fraction iN all of whAT a New
    Age Jonathan Livingston Seagull
    WiLL do when the metaphor of Quantum
    mINd and BoDy BaLanCing ForCE iN HuMan
    Way is reLeased and UnLeashed foR now.. iSREaL
    and sure.. then came ‘GodsUniVerseNovel 2’.. last year
    too at 51K words as ‘greater’ than tHaT 41K words of
    ‘GodsUniVerseNovel’ original then on December 26th
    of 2015.. and after than at the end of 3/16.. yes the
    31st day of responding to every single prompt and
    liNk from dVerse International Poetry Pub and Club
    online for an entire year in poetic way.. ‘GodsUniVerseNovel3’
    weighs in at E-publish.. Spring of 2016 at 338, 630 words iN a
    massive effort that Micro-Soft word said would take over 3K
    pages to print.. not counting over 300 high def gorgeous beach
    photos from Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach in Panhandle.. FL..
    Sugar White Sand Emerald Water swaying sea oat Sunsets way.. then
    sure.. all captured by little old dancing Fred on the Beach as such..
    from the year before too.. would that be enough.. nah.. of course not
    coming in with a huge Macro-Verse fourth full book as such.. juSt noting
    that the entire blog efforts from 3/13 to 9/16 IS A 42 month witness for
    God oF aLL ThAT iS NaTuRe and pluS for over 3.3 MilLioN words
    that Micro-Soft Word estimates would take 10 times as such
    to print in printed way then along with 100K or so photos..
    including eXtra restricted adult links and FlicKr unabridged
    photo feed for the year.. Summer of 2013 thru 2014 of all
    i took pictures of then.. yep.. 30,000 printed pages plus
    all them photos too.. and all the videos and other stuff
    i add in newest modern age multi-media free
    verse way also recording in total multi-verse
    way as longest long form poem in the
    history of humankind.. too.. nah..
    not a centuries long multi-person
    effort.. by me.. little old Fred per say
    say.. and more say and do DancE and SonG too..
    so there is a fifth Novel MacroVerse effort combo
    as such with 9 MacroVerses in October of 2016..
    as ‘Book oF Ten Sixteen’ and the sixth coming in at
    12 MacroVerses total over 181K words as large now
    as the older version of A New Testament now new2
    named ‘New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen’
    and yeS.. inclusive too of the 9 MacroVerses making up
    ‘Book of Ten Sixteen’ weighing in at 141K words as all
    these sorts become a rhetorical exercise as whole and
    separate then.. aS iT all fits toGeTheR wHole and separate
    with each Macro-Verse.. Micro-Verse.. Micro-Micro-Verse
    and yes.. down to words with more than one meaning
    in caps rearranged Micro-Micro-Micro-Verse way and
    even smaller as each letter and number with multiple
    meaning at Micro-Micro-Micro-Micro Verse way.. all
    as pARt of Ocean WhOle Poem as witness for GoD
    oF Nature all one.. wheRe rearranging the
    Physics and Chemistry oF iT all could
    be 6000 books or 60,000 books..
    as yes the way it is put togeTher
    counts aLmost iNfinity more iN
    miX of poTentiaL Book Way..
    nah.. i could wait a long time before
    anyone else could explain to anyone else
    full of what i do here each day.. and this rhetorical
    exercises in the scope of what i do.. i do provide to
    continue the bread and water of this witness in the taste
    of all thiS iS too.. in more than bit size amounts.. 120K words
    average a month posted in real time now on Facebook each month..
    do you have time for a friend like me.. hehe.. i understand if you don’t
    completely as i wouldn’t have time for me either if i still lived in a faux
    cultural and religious imposed myth of time as slave to cLock of stArt
    and stop.. so.. it reAlly won’t hurt my feelings iF you defriend me iF
    i am just too much for you to even look at from great distance
    from where you are.. or if you kinda go the other way if
    you’ve heard my Fred Speak that one time you met
    me in the bigger world after dance hall night..
    yes.. a TsUnaMi can be little overwhelming
    as it sweeps the frEE and priSoNed lands
    BeFoRE it.. but never the less A
    Jonathan LIvingston Seagull CaN
    anD WiLL flY hiGher than ever beFore
    loSinG all companion flYheARtists along
    the way oF TrUth FilLeD and FeLT liGht way..
    2.. iF thaT iS what it takes to gET the WHole
    GoD asSiGninG joB ConTinuinG to ForeVer
    coME moRE noW.. so.. sure.. i went on with a
    symbolic Seventh Book of the year 2016 as Year
    of New Sun too.. sTArTinG back on December
    26th of 2015.. ’12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016′..
    so sure.. the rabbit wHoles of Green over red and blue
    GroW Deeper and iN aliCe and wonDerFred way too.. as
    a symbolic full unabridged 6 year effort online book including
    all my Participant Anthropologist Homework too.. on the Wrong
    Planet website coming in around 8 MilLiOn words too.. and sure..
    my blogs likely fill uP the pages of 4 MiLLiON or so words too by now..
    but hey i juST like the way 3.3 miLLiON Words pluS sounds so i go wiTh
    that for 42 month witness for God as of 9/2016 per the 11th 9/11 day then..
    so what next.. WeLL.. YNoT.. as i could make this into a Peanut Butter Sandwich
    or bake another
    cake as a baby pizza
    in that New Kenmore Oven
    that came yesterday to finish
    uP the ‘OvenGate[ story finale
    then.. sure.. the next baby book
    WiLL be titled ‘2nd New Testament oF TWelEve iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen’.. too..
    yeppers.. the 8th book in thE YeAr oF the SuN of 2016.. sure.. all rhetorical
    exercise in scope of breadth too.. the 13th MacroVerse of that 180K plus
    word effort then.. coming on December 26th of 2016.. one year to date
    from ‘GodsUniVerseNovel’ in what now seems way back now.. so how
    Deep is YouR Love in Agape Style for all that is as God noW iN aLL
    dArk and liGht and sHades of GreY.. and beYond RainBoW colors
    thaT i Paint noW WiTh WinGS of GOD as eYEs oF Y i seT FReED..
    sure.. unplugged from Terminator Machines and Matrix
    oF BeForE in 5 decades gone by before this effort iN
    my liFe in the vicinity of Hell stArTinG at the tender
    age of 50 years and about 5 months give or take
    a few days and 9 months or so from conception
    too.. how much do you appreciate in gratitude
    way.. no matter disability in either environmental
    or innate way.. color.. creed.. nationality.. plUS
    sexual orientations.. all the other bio-diversities
    and neuro-diversities that come iN human
    mix way now.. can we see the floWer oF
    God sTiLL ColoRinG our liVes WiTh
    EmotiOns and SeNSes saME and
    Different in MoVinG and CoNNecTing
    And CreaTinG way noW.. sure.. the answer
    for that iS For you.. wHoeVer you may be..
    noW iN yoUr Experience oF LiFe.. perHaps
    the most inspRinG thinG i’LL ever do to liFT
    otHeRs a little bit in the flesh and blood way is
    through the approaching 40 months of public
    dance weighing in at 6666 miles or so of 166.66
    miles of average effort spanning that cross of 40
    months in mostly joy and sure.. a little struggle of cross
    heRe and tHeRe too.. anyWay.. i do whAT i can and suRe DO..
    don’t wE aLL as A muSe oF liFE continues to DanCe and SinG
    we.. ours.. us.. me.. i.. Cheerleaders for God All that is or less or more FREE..
    cALL it GoD
    or a Blue Turtle
    iT is whAT iT is and
    we are alive wE Are aLiVe
    to eNjoy HeaVen or BeLow noW iN
    all the ways thAT comes for liFe Experience
    now give and share or take
    to do as we will
    with love over fear..
    and or owning God all thaT is..


    Moves away from connections safe..
    comfort in warm and
    tried and true..
    Anew potentials for
    Creativity come as
    bRingS DArkness
    of challenge and liGht
    for change.. change oF all
    kinds is stress of course as
    comes in self-help projects 101..
    don’t matter though how one thiNks it
    through as much of how much do comes
    before thinK in emotional and sensory ways..
    SMiLes my FriEnd.. Prajakta..
    change is hard.. change
    is difficult and
    too much
    can lead
    to harmful ways
    of bodily destruction but
    with love help comes and your
    loved ones will surely help you on your
    way of change
    away from
    comforts home..
    sMiLe.. my friEnd i am
    a home base kinda rover
    dude.. i like my wings but i also
    enjoy my common ground of what
    i am used to.. to..o in living space comfort..
    i’LL never leave that place as longs i for one
    can control it too.. is that good or bad.. could be
    both a
    as dArk
    comes liGht2..
    best wishes to you
    my FriEnd as your dArk
    become liGht on a positive ending
    note for now.. i for one feel that iT CAN and WiLL..:)


    “Love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself.”

    ~~ Antoine de Saint Exupéry ~~

    SMiLes my friEnd gigoid..
    i can somewhat sense and
    feel this happening to you..
    perHaps a sign is the
    great new
    and layout
    of your home
    page on Word Press..
    WiTh SmiLes of course..
    as change new aliGht..:)

    “Learn to see in another’s calamity the ills which you should avoid.”

    ~~ Publius Syrus — Maxim 120 ~~

    Easier said than done
    when the window
    is opaque
    and hell isREal now..
    and oh God.. purgatory
    can be so dAm confuSing
    in veil way of difference too..:)

    As science almost clearly
    views now.. a side of mind
    for yang of reason
    and a side
    of mind
    and BoDy
    ForCe for Art of Love..
    Amazing how science
    is finally catching up to
    the philosophy of liFe..
    and hUman soUL
    both pipes
    of bRain to
    full extend A gift oF liGht..:)

    “Every man is the architect of his own fortune.”
    [Faber est suae quisquae fortunae.]

    ~~ Sallustius ~~

    “Every man is the architect of his own fortune.”
    [Faber est suae quisquae fortunae.]

    ~~ Sallustius ~~

    i’LL build
    a dance
    and song
    naked and free..
    and all that will be
    left is smiles with me..;)

    “What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.”

    ~~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~~

    i cannot always say that is
    true as sometimes as i record
    it takes
    66 months
    to escape
    of weeks and
    minutes and
    second forevermore
    now numb.. pain.. and weak..
    anyWay my best advice
    from the standpoint
    of hell
    on eArth
    is don’t give
    up for heaven’s gate isREaL2..;)

    “Who combats bravely is not therefore brave,
    He dreads a death-bed like the meanest slave:
    Who reasons wisely is not therefore wise,–
    His pride in reasoning, not in acting lies.”

    ~~ Alexander Pope — Moral Essays, Epistle i, Line 115~~

    Best lesSon i lEarned
    from my son who lived
    51 days is life
    to live
    end and
    beginning story
    of birth
    he didn’t give those
    last breaths up easy even
    without ever kNowing books oF Fear..:)

    …every once in a while, you can get shown the light
    in the strangest of places if you just look at it right…”

    ~~ Grateful Dead ~~

    And the other
    lesson lEArned
    as pain
    ends tHeRE..:)

    “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done,
    you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

    ~~ W.L. Bateman ~~

    The place i lEarned
    to never really complain
    care and
    neither does most
    any one else looking
    out of Darkest place
    and perhaps
    that IS
    A Good
    in ultimate survival.. my FriEnd..
    for those who survive of course
    as liFE
    the greAteSt LeSson
    my Son taught me oF aLL Crosses
    to rock
    hell bottom..a
    noW aLLone..:)

    “He who dies with the most toys has missed the point of the game.”

    ~~ Truly Wise Bee ~~

    Hmm.. after the big
    Hurricane.. my rich
    Uncle said iT is NOT fair..
    thaT homeless person has nothing
    of a worry.. not a shirt on his back..
    oh God.. he said then in chagrin..
    i lost a
    dock on the
    bay and so much more..
    later he told me when i had
    the worst pain known to humankind
    it could be worse.. you could be a Seagull
    i fly now.. and
    sure.. i would eat
    Sushi too but for now i fry big
    fish iN
    oF liGht i Fly..
    oN Terrestrial
    eARTh Butterfly DancE and SinG..:)

    “We are, after all, professionals.”

    ~~ Hunter S. Thompson ~~

    Practice Free
    iS enough
    for mE..
    aMaTeur FReED..;)

  5. Hmm.. Karmic eYe makes an appearance
    with Meowy Christmas again this
    year in somEwhat belying
    Grumpy cat
    i spy
    too.. fashion
    style all for the
    sHow muSt go On
    iN Novel ways never ending
    story never land now.. sure.. Fred
    iN WonDerland iN Jabberwhacky form2..
    what else.. hmm.. next Facebook Profile
    Status photo slide please.. as the Video Production
    Assistant all free from Facebook is a little slow on the
    creative Toad of maKing an appearance iN Art so far toniGht..;)

    Katrina.. is getting a little bored in plaYinG the role
    of modern age incarnate Goddess Isis.. iN fAct she’s
    tOld me over and over that Goddess Diva doesn’t even
    look that attractive in that Katrina long hair and long legged..
    armed and fingered and toed Mother
    as such from
    ages of
    sages in houSinG
    oF myths as vehicles
    and vessels for Truth and liGht
    as MoTher of Horus and Wife Sister
    of Osiris putting the pieces back togEtheR
    as he too had some problems with his eYes too..
    anyway Virgin birth of Child Horus as Wisdom eYe
    too on December 25th as the actual Sun makes iTs Journey
    back toward SpRinG Equinox.. to Summer Solstice back to
    Fall Equinox as the liturgical Egyptian ’round comes back full
    circle to the Winter Solstice stall of Sun for three days then
    coming back full to BriGhter liGhts on December 25th as
    Birth of liGht once again..
    and as mentioned before..
    a common myth ‘cross cultures
    near and far.. worth celebrating as
    Essence of Sun makinG round oF liGht
    iSREal aGaiN.. whether Horus or Jesus
    or whatever other story comes next
    the Essence and Force and Power
    of God lives in all oF Creation all
    thAT iS from a gRain of SAnd
    holDinG up Mountains and
    Humans WiTh loVe the
    sAme as HoLy and
    sAcred too as the
    liFe Giving Suns
    in crucible Fire burst
    spreading more sentient
    star duST plUs like us aCross
    the UniVerse plUs more than the
    huMan Science Aided eYe can see
    alone for allone now.. oh yeah.. what
    was the original point i was trying to make
    and what does this have to do With Kate Jackson
    as pictured here playing Charlie’s Angel Sabrina from
    sweet 1976 and after that when the Katrina was jusT
    6 years old then.. yes.. she decides that perHaps now
    she WiLL BeCome anoTher Fill iN For Seville’s Charlie’s
    Angels too.. honorary member of course.. as she is sTiLL
    way too shy and sure just a little bit of TomBoy in Beautiful too..
    to make iT to the DancE Floor juSt yet.. but hey sHe WiLL Swear the
    new hair
    do with
    valor sAMe..
    coming neXt
    as Isis plays
    anoTher role
    iN the Fred Play now..;)

    the latest
    Charlie’s Angel..
    the Katrina
    role noW oN
    Facebook TheaTer foR Now2..
    and of course2.. multi-blog-Macro-Verse way2..;)

    And now to three MacroVerse Memories..
    first.. from three years ago.. and a full play of words..
    ‘The Sixth Language of LOVE..ALLAHGODALLAH’..
    per some literature
    that suggests
    there is now
    5 Languages
    of Love per..
    acts of service..
    physical touch..
    receiving gifts..
    words now of
    quality time too..
    And suRE 2.. of course
    A Sixth language of Love
    that is more esoteric and
    usually only shared at highest
    levels of both Maslow’s Self-Actualization
    top of the Pyramid of human development
    iN actually evolving in one lifetime now.. to Fowler’s
    Definition of highest level of Faith when Faith becomes
    tolerance.. acceptance and love for all of creation whOle..
    sure.. like i Love to SaY iN thaT place noW alWays reborn
    as Phoenix rises from the Ashes like i also did three years
    ago.. at the end of July with Blogger Friend LaLa Rukh as
    online witness to that.. in 2013.. same year of this MacroVerse
    here.. anyWay thaT iS the 6th Language of Love,, Pure White fAitH as LoVe aS oNe..
    other than that some Great photos of Marianna Florida’s Caverns colored in a short
    trip we made
    there to get
    some Cavern
    escape Free Fun too..:)

    Now.. two years ago with ‘Thirteen Days of the Christmas Grinch’..
    short enough here to quote at a measly 466 words or so..
    And with photos of the first on the Festival Grounds the
    St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church
    Christmas Party as surely i am
    accumulating some
    fond memories
    across nows
    iN MacroVerse
    way of fun nows STiLL..
    as sUre.. more of mY soUL
    continues to appear onLine
    jusT for FReED SoUL DO..:)


    start this blogging adventure


    March of 2013

    on the 10th..

    shortly after

    a creative



    March 1st

















































    OF LIFE!






    died in life

    and stayed that way for


    5 years…





    i knowNOW..






















































































    AND YES..








    IT IS













































































    AND NO!


    am not afraid

    to go with GOD on

    somethings that others might not




    MY GOD


































    Okay.. what’s left now
    for show and tale.. yes..
    of course.. Daddy Polar Bear
    sitting all calm and cool with Present
    for Christmas STiLL Coming AGain
    in 2014.. Mama Polar Bear who lost
    her air and fell down to the Ground on the
    Day Katrina’s Sister passed away on Christmas
    Eve.. yes.. Michelle.. and enough sadness tHeir
    wHere she couldn’t bear the replacement Mama Bear
    last year in 2015.. when no Christmas Blow-up Decorations
    in Polar Bear way got put up then.. but this year.. yes.. as already
    highlighted Fresh Mama Polar Bear in sitting way.. and since the
    Baby Polar Bear suffered a two year spout of somewhat heavy
    Mildew Disease as apparently a distraught stiLL Katrina
    put the polar baby in hibernate box still a little wet from
    early morning late December dew as much.. anyway..
    Mr. Squirrel for Christmas is up for blow uP
    Speed as juSt anotHer Welcome
    Pet too.. as such for
    Christmas seASon
    RinGinG LiFe iS Good aGain..:)


    First oF aLL.. one would hope this 70’s Burt Reynold’s style
    Cosmopolitan Male Center-Fold Spread does not offend
    anyone as it is even more tame than that as there are
    no pubes per say displayed like Burt Did and of
    course Burt had to get drunk to do his
    J Geil’s thingie and was still too
    afraid to show his wee wee..
    hehe.. male FULL frontal nudity
    still a big taboo back in those days
    and did not really come into mainstream
    view until the full Monty.. iF you will.. and the
    thing about true male confidence STiLL is walKing
    now naked in front of the world as the final frontier/
    first2 of i ain’t scared.. And WeLL on top of that this pose
    is not any more skin than one sees upon A artistically STiLL
    designed cross.. albeit a Hairy more than lean dude as the
    the JC suffering and never shown in Heaven now at hand
    on Earth kicked back in featured bed comfort like this
    all sultry and sexy as such.. heHe.. and in absolutely
    no suffering at all.. but hey.. although surely the
    struggle in life is necessary for adaptation and
    positive Epigenetic and Neuroplastic change..
    to worship suffering as the mainstream
    of a religion sAMe.. IS A great way
    to spread a Roman Empire
    if you want to make the
    suffering of the common
    man in vogue as they continue to slave
    away the for the expansion of your Empire
    in thing to do.. while you promise them
    Heaven after-life including some Hadith
    related stuff associated with the Muhammad
    dude that says you’ll get to have sex with up to
    72 Gorgeous Virgins with Perky Breasts right after
    you give your life up as a Martyr for the cause of the
    flavor of whatever we say.. hey.. if nothing else.. if you
    are a male disenfranchised from society and cannot make
    a role for yourself as a sexy beast at age 53 or whatever
    comes next.. it’s quite amazing what a human being
    will do for some kind of hierarchal social role
    status.. and for females in other Muslim
    countries where the rogue ideology
    of cutting off the organ evolved
    by God of Nature for
    Pleasure and
    nothing else..
    yes.. the female
    Clitoris.. just a smaller
    version of the pleasure
    parts of the male penis..
    is clipped off to so-called prevent
    the woman from straying any further
    than the ‘work of the night’ with the original
    owner of the marriage papers.. the male of course..
    who slaves the women away from pleasure as ultimately
    cattle to be owned.. but interestingly.. many women totally
    accept this practice and would feel a loss of self-esteem2
    if they were noT allowed to have tHeir pleasure organ cut off2
    from happy stuff as such2.. tingling all from head to toe too..
    anyWay.. in this somewhat satirical play of words in
    Macro-Verse Memory from three years ago..
    as shared on Facebook too fully including
    the example of a Happy metaphor of
    someone who somewhat reflects
    that long face look in shroud
    of Turin too.. yah.. more
    of a masculine face
    than the usual
    let’s just
    say gay artist
    R E N D I T io NS
    from those religious
    ages making the Jesus Dude
    into a woman with a beard as such
    particularly like the Last Supper Rendition
    in perhaps the most popular current day
    off of cross rendition of historical
    Roman Catholic Italian
    Rendition by
    da Vinci who by
    many historical reports
    of evidence was likely a closeted
    gay dude.. not much different than
    what is the same case that my Grandfather..
    the Irish X-Catholic Priest noted as such when
    he too was coming up through Seminary ranks
    still way back when last Century as much and
    some stuff never changes as if you only recruit
    dudes who never wanna get married to a woman
    and never have children.. let’s just say.. statistics and
    all of that too and a whole lot of homophobia of thou
    protests too much that is almost hilarious
    and impossible to hide the way i still
    document that being done in the
    church still today.. seriouSly..
    ain’t no truly straight dudes
    hating all up on gay dudes as they
    are confident enough in their own sexuality/mas
    culiNiTy to do the bear rug spread pose like i just did here..
    heHE.. and sure.. the adult restricted link of that and much
    more is available as this IS A very serious art i do that is the
    oldest and most famous art starting with the actual legends
    of art like Michelangelo and sure.. Leonardo too.. and you
    can be assured that the music leaders of many churches
    are on the gay spectrum too.. as the WHolE truth is when
    you don’t have kids you have more time to explore
    creativity in other ways of life more than the
    Bill Clinton Definition of sex.. if i had children.
    no way i would be accomplishing most any
    pArts of Arts of what i do today.. i would
    more than likely be much more conservative
    overall as to at least not have my children face
    the wrath of their bully boy peers making fun of them
    ’cause their dad is the dancing village idiot or such as that
    in full metro SPREAD HEHe.. but i got A Herman secret.. nah..
    not Victoria’s
    Secret.. Herman’s
    Secret.. and that is that
    i am fearless and not afraid
    and better yet i ain’t scared to
    show my Temple of God in all its
    God Given artful beauty in all the dARk
    and liGht oF that that could be perceived as
    art is life for me in so many ways beyond juST
    head to toe too.. and back to the title of the Macro-
    Verse as i ramble and digress as usual.. nah.. i ain’t any
    of those original dudes.. just another Sperm out of trillions
    of seeds that mix around the Human DNA gene pool of great
    similarities.. albeit some odd differences heRe and tHEre heHE2..
    And the FaCt is what all these folks are speaking of in Born Again..
    Nirvana.. Satori.. Kundalini Rising.. the Tao/Dao.. yes.. Heaven Now..
    is not a place off this eARTh oF NOW.. iN FACT as Jesus was
    reported to promise.. truly Heaven WiLL pass in your lifetime
    in this generation now.. problem is.. will it pass you by as
    an individual or it will come to you at hand now.. AND thaT
    don’t happen as gift of grace alone.. that takes seeKing..
    finDing.. and practiCinG the God Given Grace as
    STiLL iN Human Evolving now.. to live a liFe
    of Fully LiGht which does mean the kind
    of Agape Love i have fully referenced
    in this 729th Macro-Verse titled now
    Supermoon Trinity Christmas 2016..
    sure.. replace the 00’s for A and
    perHaps you get anoTher
    modern day metphor
    as more than the
    norm for now
    too as
    outliers do do
    tend to shoot aCross
    the moon… and soar around
    one with the Sun.. as Stars WiLL
    do as Sentient Star DuST PluS born
    from Crucible of Star burst Fire as we
    do well to appreciate the grace of gift now
    in all of the Struggle visible above.. so below..
    inside.. outside.. as heaven comes within noW and
    all around where lifeless planets of Rocks eventuAlly
    come to the magic of a place juSt like Now for those
    who seek and find the all natural gift of Heaven now..
    other than that.. when i laid out by the Station Pool at
    age 21 or so.. the chatter among the fairest of maidens
    back then among women who were not taking birth control
    pills and still attracted to secondary sex characteristics on a
    male.. specifically the overall animal magnetism of a very STiLL
    hairy male body.. i didn’t have to dance back then to get tHeir
    attention.. just lay my hairy body up on a lounge chair as
    such to see them smile at me.. having no idea why.. then2..
    hmm.. in fAct.. shocked i was when a very innocent
    Pacific Islander high school friend girl of
    mine looked at my open shirt
    collar with the John Travolta
    Gold chain and said
    ooh that looks
    so good.. Fred..
    i tUrned
    aBout 66 sHades of red..
    sure.. in more than one place..
    and oh by ehe way.. in reference to
    OR BUDDHA OR ALLAS1’.. it’s really not fair
    to neuter any male.. including Jesus and suggesting
    God is NOT the God of ultiMate LuSt for liFE.. i mean Jesus
    F. iN Christ.. just look around you.. sex sells life period.. OVERALL..
    IT would be AWFUL LONELY to take God and Jesus out of thAT miX..
    and basically
    neuter them
    as already has been
    done in religious rule
    to take the grace of lust
    away as science shows now
    IS A greaTest original libido source
    of all human creativity and productivity
    sAMe.. anyWay when humans are free God
    is Free within.. and let’s face it folks no matter
    how much we lie to ourselves in prayers in the
    confessional booth or in pews of churches.. both
    are getting all aired out..
    a greater free as freedom rings
    A hAiry Hard and MOiST tale of TruTh and liGht..;)

    Also of note… when choosing which tHeMe Song to go along with aLL of thiS..
    ‘tween ‘Come Get Her’ by Rae Sremmurd.. J Geil’s Band
    ‘Centerfold’ And ‘HOlding out for a Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler..
    The Synchronicity per Cledus as Snowman in ‘Smokey
    and the Bandit’ per Burt Reynolds good old
    boy Theater Production in ’77.. sealeD
    the deal in smuggling Coors way
    across borders
    too iF yA cATch
    thaT oveRAll rift and drift too..;)

    Case in point..
    if a dog and
    cat can be now
    fearless enough
    to hug each other
    as strangers totally
    naked and hairy and
    not fight at all.. tHeRe
    is some hope for the human
    race more naked and free too..
    or without
    tons of hair..;)

    (Good Cop Jesus
    Version of a Pussy
    Grabber here.. yes2..;)

    Hmm.. ATLAS Loves in Creative HIVE of GOD..
    a little reference tHeir to the Ayn Rand
    Macro-Verse from two years ago too..
    Philosophy that better reflects
    Social Darwinism aS Such..
    leaving out the
    soft pARted
    stuff not tough
    of human being
    where not only is tHeiR
    ROUGH competitive lust
    for liFe.. Love BaLanCes the
    whole shooting match out like
    any Burt Reynolds and Kate Jackson
    team can do.. as it is no secret that Burt
    had he man issues as his daddy never fully
    affirmed his as a man.. military dude away from
    the family.. silver stars and all of those kinda warrior
    rewards.. so yeah.. he had daddy issues.. which gave
    him a little more
    insight and he
    was no homophobe..
    friends with Charles Nelson
    Reilly and all of that.. as he didn’t
    exactly have to worry if anyone was
    gonna question his masculinity all splayed
    out on bear
    as already
    illustrated mostly
    fully here as there is
    even a Facebook Share link
    when you come across the original
    Cosmo photo these days as it is considered
    ground breaking human art as he was the first
    male not unlike Marilyn Monroe to break through
    as Adrianna Grande says and Jim Morrison to
    the other side aS Such heHE2.. anyWay
    human beings have been demonizing
    the Temple of God way too long
    in fully monty versions of both
    male and female and qUiET
    honEstly even with
    access to Penthouse
    and Playboy with no ‘full’
    relationship with a more than
    a friend girl until 18 years old.. i had
    no idea really the depth and pleasure
    underneath the fur displayed then.. if
    you Will in those old somewhat tame
    Centerfold spreads as yes they only
    spread so far.. hehe.. if you get the
    my mY..
    witty am i
    when keeping
    this all PG rated13.. hehE2..
    beyond restricted adult liNks of course..
    as wE go by all local.. state.. and federal laws too..
    yes.. including PG13 rated Blog and Facebook and
    Youtube and Google community rules too.. as that is
    what humans do not to offend the rest of the community
    TOO MUCH.. as sure i often SKIRT that border too and
    nah.. shoot no.. i am not the only one for for for sure.. noW
    as to each hiS own and heR when free and tearing dOwn
    walls of difference Now
    too as i am
    to do now
    as i add another
    VERSE TO uniVerSal FloW iN
    all the ways that goes and comes2..
    And yes as the social commentary in satire
    and parody way goes aLONG in the KATiE
    MiA FredericK!iI teAM liGht oF Katrina and
    Frederick yes.. Ladies first as always as
    any gentleman female sex slave for
    them all consensual aS Such
    WiLL Burt Reynolds Bear
    Rug spread do too..
    Charley’s Angels waS and
    sTiLL is trUly ground breaKinG
    TV and Theater art.. as it defied gender
    role expectations of women in pre-defined
    destinations in the 70.’s too.. no different than
    Burt breaKinG through with the old more feminine
    dominated role of Center Fold Marilyn in the 50’s as
    often it takes a generation for new stuff to spread across
    gender limitations as walls and borders to overall human
    freedoms as liGht and TruTh oF our fully FReED God oF
    Nature given propensities iN a BaLanCinG of both diVine
    masculine and feminine unleashED releasEd for greater hUman
    poTenTial in both Creativity and Productivity sAMe once
    aGaIN ‘class’.. as i love to DancE and SinG.. the original
    Def of Greek Term Apocalypse that means lifting now the
    veils of ignorance.. and nah.. this isn’t good new news..
    the same general idea can be attributed to what
    is left in the historical record as reported per
    the dude Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas
    as quoted here.. yes.. it does seem that
    Jesus was the first male stripper before
    women.. even.. over 2K years ago..
    And of course the first Egyptian
    Mythical God of Fertility MiN
    did it a little harder and longer.. iF you WiLL too..
    get the longer pARt of that story coming through aGaIN too..
    as art WiLL surely do STiLL now as 2016 gets ready for a
    more mature
    ’17 past sweet ’16..
    eYes more wIDe oPen
    and such as ThaT2..;)

    37) His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
    and when shall we behold you?”
    He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
    take your garments and put them under your feet like little
    children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
    Living, and you will not be afraid.”


    WeLL cRap.. i wished you a 43rd BD wish iN
    the online air just for the hell of it over the
    weekend.. Shawna Baby.. but somEhow
    i got your birthday mixed
    up with the old
    Brian of dVerse..
    and not my mother..
    adding 4 years then to
    your age but hey now
    ’77 is as good as ’73 i guess.. at 39..
    never the less time more when all feels good..
    left a comment on that
    time link but my smart
    phone was acting
    bat shit cave
    in the
    back yard of
    dance.. and not sure
    it took.. anyWay now..
    nice to see yA.. ’round these
    Baby.. no
    matter what
    your number iS2..;)

    Well.. nah.. it didn’t
    take as i said Belated
    HPB foR Now..noW..

    WeLL.. patiently taps
    fingers determining
    whether to make this
    rather modest out put
    here on Shawna’s blog into
    a separate Micro-Verse with
    Micro-Micro-Verses from the rest
    of dVerse Time liNks as you kNow
    i gotta do
    so i’ll work
    it if i have to
    Walkin After Midnight
    more as chocolate dreams
    continue to come trUe at lEast
    in my

    i love
    it when
    it makes
    me wide awake..;)

    WeLL… Shawna
    Baby.. i’M glad i found
    you aGain as i end our
    play date for today earlY aS nows
    go on.. and yeah.. after meaSuRing
    how long Shawna has been gone.. same
    as last year when i sAid i will make Alabama
    wiN the
    if you
    back or
    liKe thaT.. Roll
    tiDe Again Baby..
    your wish is my command..
    whether ‘they’ juSt do it..
    that’s another story..
    And as Steely
    Aja goeS2..
    iT’s aLL for Deacon BlUes..
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Baby..;)

    Shawna says i’m probably still wearing Winter Shorts..
    with thanks for the BD wishes..

    i respond..

    Haha.. haven’t
    worn pants since
    the Winter of 2013..
    much my
    BD suit
    all year
    Happy Holidays Shawna..
    to you and all your sweet family too..:)


    “When the only choices are win or lose, everyone loses.”

    ~~ Limon ~~

    SMiLes.. my friEnd gigoid.. GLad to see the
    continuing enthusiasm and
    vigor of the day
    as when
    we all
    and SinG
    iN Happy
    tuNes we
    WiN over Lose
    buTt sAdly as liFE goEs
    surEly tHeir are Winners and Losers
    aLL iN thE gAMe of liFE as liFE goeS oN..
    i wanna
    or lose
    namELy liFE mY friEnd..
    as aLL thAT
    iS DancEs
    and SinGS
    oN iN liGht
    and dARk eTc.. aS Such2..:)

    ‘Raging at Aging’ as you say
    my FriEnd.. i hold
    on loose
    ride the
    tide in and out
    and noW it’s hiGh..
    ’16 at 56 Baby and
    it’s never ever been better
    at this
    alWays noW..:)

    “We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.”

    ~~ Kahlil Gibran ~~

    aLL iS Beautiful
    never ever
    mY FriEnd noW..:)

    “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

    ~~ Zen proverb ~~

    i for one
    Do do iN DO..
    and that’s enough
    when aLL iS Beautiful
    never ever better mY

    “True fearlessness is not the reduction of fear; but going beyond fear.”

    ~~ Chogyam Trungpa ~~

    AS science shows the only
    two innate fears of
    being human
    are loud noises
    and falling.. i live
    in Florida and i am
    a Beach.. ALL iS

    “This is as true in everyday life as it is in battle:
    we are given one life and the decision is ours
    whether to wait for circumstances to make up our mind,
    or whether to act, and in acting, to live.”

    ~~ General Omar Bradley ~~

    i AM A L over
    not a fighter
    that settles thAT..
    foR noW
    with ETC..
    stuff fully iN toes
    oF DancE and SonG..:)

    “Think of doubt as an invitation to think.”

    ~~ Dubious Bee ~~

    i never

    Knowledge is gained by learning; trust by doubt; skill by practice; and love by love.”

    ~~ Thomas Szasz ~~

    KSA Knowledge Skills and Abilities..
    ISA Instinct Skills and Abilities..
    ISA.. IS A
    ultiMate dREam
    BoAT aS Such.. to
    Eternal Freedom noW..:)

    “So ends the bloody business of the day.”

    ~~ Alexander Pope — The Odyssey of Homer, Book xxii, Line 516 ~~

    i totAlly
    floaT oN..;)

  9. Now off to dVerse with a Muse
    of Time FloWinG liKe a River now
    by Alan Parson’S and of course.. Lillian..
    A nice woman.. an ex-corporate executive
    enJoYinG noW her Golden Years with plenty
    of Travel and ReJuvenation for rEtirement
    in child-like eYes aGain WiTh her Husband..
    A somewhat rare Happy Poet she is and of
    course for that one reAson wE Do tEnd to click..;)

    SMiLes mY FriEnd.. Lillian..
    first thanks for the timELy
    prompt as Christmas Now
    suRely IS A never land
    and never ending story
    oF Love
    by StiLL
    noW timeless
    iN ages oF our eYes..:)

    You kNow/FeeL it’s
    strange mY
    FriEnd.. once
    one reAlly dies
    as liFE
    iS no
    but the
    noW oF liFE
    and that my
    friEnd is why God
    Creates HeLL.. so soMe
    of uS can go tHEre and
    come BACK to tell everyone.. iT’s
    trUe.. this hAnd.. thiS tUrn oF
    A FrRiENDly
    noW.. mY FriEnd..
    forevermorenow.. noW Now..
    thing is.. and the sAddest
    pARt.. perHaps everyone has
    to go
    to finALLy
    see/feel this noW as iSReaL..:)

    SMiLes.. whether or not
    Einstein killed time
    or not..
    the wife
    is alWays
    to knock
    me back
    iN iT.. doeS
    iT work.. for
    only a second
    on a dime
    of breeze
    as a feather in the Garden of Eden
    as Lilith SinGs her Freedom’s wake..

    Best of times.. yes..
    Worst of time.. no..
    i for
    and SinG
    onLY noW
    SeNSes SinGinG
    DanCinG toGeThER iN trilLioNs
    oF peptide inter-conNecTions
    continuinG to gRoW Ocean
    Waves RiVers StreAMs wHoLe
    aS now
    eternal now..:)

    And when people ask me
    what i’M on.. Cocaine.. LSD..
    Molly.. Mushrooms or whatever
    as i float aCross terrestrial Land iN dAnce
    as any fish swum by water and bird or bee
    i SonG..
    i’M oN God..
    and they laugh
    and weigh on iN aN
    iLLusion of TiMe mY FriEnd..
    iT iS whAT iT is aS experience..
    multi-Verse ViewS unliMiTed UniVerses
    through eYes of mYriad God ViEWs.. mY FriEnd2..:)

    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
    A hardest
    oF Love
    iS LoVe
    thaT noW
    Feels the pain
    of oTherS and
    theE sAMe Love
    thaT lastS oN iN tHe
    eYes oF oTheRS noW
    wheTheR reciProcated or
    noT.. Love LiveS on iN Trial and Error..:)

    Death is a time
    that makes room
    for oTheRS
    and the
    that can
    only be
    described by otHeRs too..
    DeaTh.. A BlesSinG dePends
    as gift
    oF TiMe
    or erase
    of HeLL
    SoMe Folks
    liVe only now
    forever Happy
    yeS..iN HeaVen noW
    but tHeiR BleSsinG Now
    IS A curse iN A othER place..:)

    i am the Walrus..
    you are the Walrus..
    We are the Walrus..
    All is
    the Walrus
    noW.. it’s
    simple as
    thaT unTil hUmans
    insert written language..
    collective so-called intelligence
    and complex cultures into A miX oF
    the Walrus..
    SMiLes wiTh
    Credit to
    And Lewis Carroll2..;)

    -i am the Walrus2

    mY FriEnd..
    FEar iS alWays
    A eneMy oF aLL
    And Father oF All stuff
    Love anD
    Hope wiNs
    aLL iN Victory
    oF JuSt DoinG
    Love All
    mY friEnd.. noW
    iN Original Greek
    Definition oF New
    Apocalypse wayS..Now2..:)

    Stars of Neurons
    connect and
    of peptide
    head to toe
    mini-me UniVerses
    Fractal aLL thaT iS we aRE..
    no separation all iS wHOle
    no wHEre to go..
    as Now..
    and without
    a meadow i refuse
    to leave this eARTh anD
    noW as ALL iS heRe inSidE..
    outsiDe.. aBoVE.. so BeloW
    and aLL’roUnd UniveRSaL miNd
    wiThiN and BoDy SoUL Quantum
    unleashed reLeAsed meta-phor noW
    verse sAMe..
    God are
    all thAT iS
    eNouGh foR noW..:)

    ways oF LiFe
    and a Spectrum
    oF letters and worDS
    thaT WiLL neVer maTch
    the EssenCe of the wHOle Thing..
    aS noW
    and acceptance
    makes noW
    than TiMe..:)

    sMiLes my FriEnd..
    perHaps the only
    thing as special
    As A LoVinG
    is an
    Act of
    iN all wayS Now
    oF DancE and SonG
    thaT coMes to bE iN
    noW iN FloWiN ZoNe
    tHeir is noTiMe DreAMs
    noW LuciD FruiTioN guIDe as SAMe..
    As Mark Twain said.. do it while you do it.
    in anoThEr

    TiMe iS
    A SMeLL
    As A FloWer..:)

    Time plus
    Do it
    Do it now..;)

    my friEnd..
    A reAson too..
    i surf terrestrial
    Land.. no
    as air fly feat..
    Dance forevermore
    noW.. and.. occasionAllY A SonG2..;)

    aT hand
    noW mY FriEnd
    iS more oF ‘liGhteNinG
    iN original Greek Def
    oF Apocalypse
    now too..
    alWays heRE2..:)

    SMiLes for me
    at Least in First
    Grade it was the
    Pelican’s little league
    team.. surely
    in boredom
    taste.. last
    season for me
    iN BoRinG Baseball liFe..
    anyWay ..thanks for reminding
    me of that.. the fearless macho ATF
    dad left me with the Apron Strings too..
    and much
    than you..;)

    SMiLes.. my FriEnd
    as Truedessa
    Dreamtime noW
    no ownerships
    Now give and
    share wHEre
    Art Flows
    far and few
    ‘tween those
    who share but
    As aLL thAT iS noW2..:)

    Hmm.. that’s all for Now
    as Gym Work-out after Dinner
    coMing Soon noW2.. hmm.. perHaps
    back a little later with some Paradise Theater2..;)

    5:30 pm..
    day of the
    third of Trinity
    as Triad Super Moon 2016 too..;)

    As promised i’m
    back with
    ‘The Best Of Times’..

    10:37 pm
    Full Trinity
    Third Super Moon Day..
    and surEly niGht too..;)

    SMiLes mY
    FriEnd.. tiMe
    IN A DancE
    And SonG oF liFe
    wiTh no leSsons.. aT aLL..:)

    SMiLes.. my friEnd noW..
    iT seems from mY experience..
    stress of life.. fear
    and anxiety same
    IS A
    oF aLL
    iLLusion Now
    thAT iS time..
    For with zero
    lEft IS
    A Speed oF liGht..
    iN DancE and SonG oF hoMe..:)

    So.. TrUe Sanaa..
    tHeRE is no
    neW Love
    or Old
    is FeeLinG..:)

    JuSt waiT…..
    iF and when
    yoU reTire
    WiTh trUly
    New rubber
    oN youR WHeeLs
    tiMe WiLL NoW
    Die nOw WiTh
    Alarm CLocKs
    un-Armed and sunK..
    iN A RiVer Never Ends noW…
    No Ghandi’s heRe friEnd.. now..
    onLY neVer ends blisS….Now….:)

    Three BumpS
    and your
    wiTh no
    tiMe outs..;)

    A stitch
    iN time
    when Surgery
    Changes A hitch of liFe oN..:)

    Hello Lynn
    again.. sort
    of near the end
    for now.. and oh
    Goodness.. the freight train
    literal and metaphor has
    so many
    through tunnels
    oF liGht or NoT..;)

    you were juST
    in time to publish
    this on a third triad
    of Supermoon BriGht..
    me.. i’M
    about it for fun..;)

    sMiLes.. work
    and time sit and
    go togEThER
    like peaS in
    a pod iN
    WiTh no doors
    and even no windows..
    noW that AC rules sundials too..;)

    sMiLes my FriEnd..
    i suppose iT IS A muse
    oF art that destroys time for liFe
    and liGht
    as long as muse
    liveS in some way..
    timE no lonGer stagnate..:)

    Couldn’t help to focus on your last comment
    as a cat lover and all the time i wished
    i wasn’t allergic and had to
    wait for the neighbors
    inside outside
    ones to
    over for a pet..
    and then i fell to
    illness except for the
    one part of losing my allergies
    to cats so severe inside.. feeding
    a wild cat like you talk to above.. feline
    leukemia.. and loved too much in 8 years
    of life for time
    to take
    no doubt
    it is the love
    that keeps him
    alive and thriving..
    too bad we can’t
    be human
    like that per
    the cat woman analogy
    and sure.. man too as it is..
    as it were for Love.. timeless as fur..
    for me at least.. poetry doesn’t need
    form.. just FeeLinGs.. that move uS..:)

    i appreciate the Indian
    Summers we have been
    having lately much..
    but now.. sometimes
    a little melancholy
    of cold memories of
    Christmas past
    warm noW
    more as
    past Now
    mY friEnd..
    may you

    i’ve come
    to lEarn
    as hUman
    over many
    IS A
    iF not
    source of human time..
    and sure.. cLocks of course..

    i’M sure someone
    sAid iT more than
    once for
    i kNow
    and FeeL
    noW oNly
    timE hUmanly
    Real IS A beat oF heARt..:)

    All done uP
    at 11:50 pm..
    STiLL 12142016
    ’til 10 minutes
    And bedtime for BoNzo..
    past Super Moon Day..:)

  10. Nicely done! There are innovative ideas and new pictures this time.


    • SMiLes.. my FriEnd Hank from
      the dVerse trAil.. heHe.. juSt
      about the only
      one who
      one of my
      entire Macro-Verse
      Free Verse poems with
      multi-media fully in tow
      and Draft comments section
      for the next Super-Epic Macro-Verse
      of Ocean Whole Poem sTiLL exceeding 3.3 million
      words paRt of a much larger i spy effort of 12 million
      words since Thanks Giving of 2010.. averaging 30K words
      from top of current MacroVerse to end of Draft Post comments
      section for those folks like you with Twitter Accounts commenting who
      do have to scroll
      all the way
      to like
      or comment
      as one cannot
      just reply in Word
      Press to a comment
      with a like without ever
      reading the post written.. hehe..
      anyWay that is amazing in itself
      and to be clear while i often cover similar
      areas of the world in my photo stream as i metaphorically
      and literally upload my soul online that includes what i see
      as well as what i feel and sense down to the real all nitty gritty
      of life.. all the photos except for the dance reviews are original..
      my friend.. still exceeding 100K total since i stArted this journey in
      the Summer to Fall of 2013… in all that’s come this far and thanks for
      the compliment on what you see as nice photos of the close to 350 that
      came your way in ‘NOT THE invisible man’.. heHE.. as sure tHeRe ain’t
      not a thing invisible about me anywHeRe i go.. as i am free range noW
      in the range of all who see/feel/sense all of who i can will and am
      Now today.. other than that sure.. i understand why i rarely
      receive likes/comments from the folks on the dVerse traiL..
      i play by no cultural rules and say it and feel it.. seNse
      iT as i say it complete.. and for one who
      points out that the historical
      fActs say that Jesus never
      said he was the only
      begotten son
      of God
      and for
      me who says
      Muhammad cannot
      possibly be the last prophet
      as heAR i go witnessing 3.3 miLion
      words for the God oF ALL Nature Wild
      and Naked and FReED too.. not unlike
      King David’s promise to celebrate the Lord
      in more so-called wild and free ‘vile’ ways..noW
      and yes.. finAlly in the fActs long WeLL and prEsenTed Now
      that sure.. i did noT faLL aSleep noW iN the pARt of the Book of
      John 14:12 that says there will be those who a way ‘i’ prepare noW
      iN greater Faith Hope Belief and Love the same in agape way wHo Now
      WiLL do more than i.. as i am only teacher and sMILe when my students
      thrive higher than i as last becomes first and first is last and meek iNheRiT
      tHe eARTh
      iS FReED2..
      oh yeah.. and thanks
      for suggesting i am new
      coming uP wiTh innovative
      ideas.. and surely it noW aLL WiLL
      be never be dONe yET and that iS now
      what makes all of life a never ending
      story in never land my FriEnd as just one
      Macro-Verse and comments section per average
      of what the usual poet from dVerse does per 300 words
      average a poetic expression effort at 3 posts a week for
      an entire
      year is
      i do
      in SeVeN
      FucKinG turn of
      A FriEndly Cards
      out oF A full deck
      days.. too wiTh 300 or
      so photos/eTc.. iF my
      all new Temple of God
      Review is included too…
      bottom line my FriEnd.. i now
      continue to rise iN aLL oF whAT
      i do and so does ALL aLonG wiTh mE
      on the
      of Now2..
      And WiTh All oF thaT
      sAid on a personal sIDe
      note now from mE.. NoW Holy
      and Sacred Thursday has arrived
      with R and R activities aS Such coMiNg
      soon.. celebrating too.. the 139th week
      oF Dance at old Seville Quarter with all the
      cool college age folks.. more fun photos coMiNg
      in thE wee hours of 12162016.. somEwheRe around
      the MaGiCaL hoUr of 3 AM.. as i’LL Go WiTh Marilyn
      Monroe Christmas wishes in Centerfold flow.. sure with
      a little
      J Geils
      to make
      iT aLL humorOUs aS Such2..
      as God IS A Laugh/Love when
      all sexy
      oh.. by A way..
      And the Katrina
      does noT onLY
      have A hair
      cut like
      Kate Jackson
      of Sabrina Fashon
      off of Charlie’s
      don’t forget Trinity off of the
      Matrix too.. as surely kaTrinity is here aGain2..
      suRe.. Merry FucKinG ChrisTmas to you and all yOurs2..
      as i also am close to finishing 6666 miles of public Dance
      at the end of 2016 for an average of 166.66 miles a
      month for 40 months and hey what can i say while
      Forrest Gump was interviewed on CNN for
      doing less than that and another
      Dude has been worshipped
      on a Cross for 2000
      years or so for
      of less
      in reaLiTy
      beYond myths
      then.. as so many
      other folkS iNcluDinG
      mythological Forrest have done
      too.. per John 14:12.. unless the
      reporter for Jesus.. John.. and Jesus
      was just kidding us with the part about
      heaven promised to us in this generation
      now too.. heHE.. can’t get on CNN iF one iS
      gonna be a thief in the niGht..
      huh.. anyWay.. like i sAid..
      i don’t
      A sleep
      iN class..
      i AM noW..
      DanCinG and
      SinGinG and
      fulfilling the prophecies
      of John and Jesus sAMe..
      the real ones ya kNow and
      FeeL noW.. huH or WTF FTW..;)

      PS2.. iT bAres NoTinG too..
      tHeRe are no longer
      any duSty
      pAges oF Parachutes
      hOlding me Back..
      F iN
      For whaT iS worth..;)


    Anyway.. it’s true.. based on additional evidence from
    YouTube.. Hips..Lips..and Eyes Don’t LIE per Let’s
    All Chant and everyone move your body and
    don’t be so hung up
    on being
    of it
    too.. like
    all that exists
    is between your
    ears and stuff like that
    and while i usually only include
    Macro-Verse memories coming in
    years to date in Facebook Algorithm
    Automated Assistant way.. moving all the
    way around the seasons to Spring of 2014..
    April 17th.. to be precise on publication date..
    And additionAlly speaKing of divine feminine
    and masculine balance per anima in male and
    animus in female in getting aLL BaLanCinG out And
    sure.. iN Holy and Sacred way.. yes.. SACRED SELFIE
    aS what just happens to be the first documented dance date
    at Old Seville Quarter as published in record way on March 28th then2..
    as Pan the goat footed dancer comes out iN SpRinG of DancE.. heHE2..
    close to 120th Church Street where a portrait of old Arcadia Mill is painted2
    on building way too.. anyWay.. the originator of the dVerse poetry site.. Brian..
    through his Dead Poet Society promotion of the Robin Williams portrayed way
    of looking
    at Free
    in life in standing
    upon the class desk
    if necessary to help folks
    and students alike see a little
    farther out of the culture and or
    religious box.. per say more.. too..
    i decided to be a soon to be 54 year
    old male underwear model.. hehe.. and
    sure after that like the Ice Princess said..
    no more goody two shoes me for one..
    i let it all go and just did the Gospel
    of Thomas Verse 37 version of
    finding God all naked
    within not much
    different than
    King David
    did thiS.. even thouSands
    of years before that and how
    Michelangelo much later Portrayed King
    David too as sculpture and how he Painted
    all the rest of the Biblical crew way back then..
    up on the Sistine chapel all naturale as such2..
    A Lamp is surely lit.. now.. for ‘Supermoon Trinity
    Christmas 2016’.. and yes.. my moon is brightly shining2..
    hey.. let’s just saY it’s pArt of my convenant with God.. too..
    to shine my ass all bright and shiny aS Such as SuperMoons now
    WiLL juST Do2.. While i was inspired to do this by Brian’s moving
    out of the Box Dead Poet’s Society presentation at dVerse.. the rest of
    the somewhat traditionalist poets did not take too kindly that i becAMe
    A underwear model.. and they basically didn’t want me participating after
    that as totally naked women in visual art.. A..Okay for poetry but cross the
    gender line expectations and even go as far as partial nudity and underwear
    and no no no.. anyWay.. it was a while longer until they could get me out of the way
    and it’s just as well.. aS now i fly free higher and hiGher than ever before naked AND FReED..;)

    And hey.. as i provided evidence for in a previous blog post per screen shot.. SACRED SELFIE..
    all PG Rated too.. garnered over 300K likes on My Free Lance Stripper Blog as a Satire as play
    on words too.. as i dam sure ain’t doing any of this for any kind of material reward.. other than
    girly smiles of course as that comes along the way in all the ways it comes.. on course.. sTiLL
    sure.. mostly in totally clothed dance of course too.. albeit hairy naked goat like
    legs somewhat exposed with shorts.. will not be sharing this one photo on
    Facebook as the Burt Reynolds and Fred Hairy lay out PG rated
    not much different than what you see on a Sunny day at
    the beach are somewhat appropriate even more
    so than the headless folks ya come across
    on Facebook and all the other violent
    and gory stuff folks share and
    hell if the fundamentalists
    Christians in my area
    can elect a pussy
    grabber bragger..
    i can surely show
    a little more of my ass
    too.. just consider this my
    own little way too.. of mooning that
    philosophy of life all free and consensual
    aS Such.. as surely my ass ain’t nearly as
    sexy as my bear chest from tits up.. heHE..
    and as an extra added free perk in the Hips..
    Lips.. Eyes Don’t Lie Macro-Verse as linked above..
    more information on the science of lust and love.. would
    include it here now.. but i thiNk you probably already get iT
    neither repressed
    or oppressed as free can
    go.. other than that.. can’t
    imagine anyone too closed minded
    passing by the Burt shot from above..
    and me too.. hehe.. all furry as such.
    if you made it all the way down to my
    Super Moon too.. anyWay.. i ain’t scared.. OK..;)

    Weird yes.. but hey..
    Burt didn’t dance naked
    and i jusT do
    with ease..
    and yes that reminds
    me to truly end this current
    729th Macro Verse.. a few outstanding
    Macro-Verse Memories to date.. including
    first.. recognition of the nice Video Slide Presentation
    for the record of how i’ve celebrated the last view days in
    Facebook way.. as hey.. memories are gold when fun and re-perUsed..:)

    Godprints iN skeyes.. MacroVerse Memory from a year ago..
    highlighting more beach photos then from Biloxi Beaches.. Casinos..
    and farm living life in the First Sunday eating at the Southern Baptist
    Pastor’s Farm.. as pArt of Katrina’s inlaws too.. Nature.. alWays woRth
    shaRinG and rEshArinG iN Hi-Def way.. at lEast for me.. aS it’s all free..
    no contingencies of rewards of any kind other than GiVinG and shArinG
    as Jesus F. iN Christ.. the reward is the juST doing and LiVinG as journeys
    without worrying
    over any cultural
    and or religious limitations
    or expectations beyond local..
    state.. and federal laws per lawyer
    speak as i like to say too.. but nah..
    don’t love to say three.. and by the way
    that was the only MacroVerse to share but
    sure there are many more poetic pARtS in
    that Macro-Verse whole as paRt of Ocean
    wHole Poem as expanding my
    being hUman
    as evolVinG
    on seeds
    of wayWard bEinG light..:)
    Other than that i take one of those
    meaww Facebook picker upper laugh
    tests that says my three friends who have
    been naughty for Christmas are Glenn.. who
    stole from Santa.. Ned who fought with Santa
    and the Wife Katrina per the original owner of my
    Facebook Personal Page as Katrina Mia per her
    real name too.. where it says she hits Santa for being
    late.. ho.. ho.. true.. but i’m glad Glenn took my photos and
    shared them on his photo sharing page.. as he already knows
    i neither own Nature or my SouL as printed in E-Way as it’s all
    for give and share.. in freeway.. and i like his group sharing page too..
    and off and on add some free photos too there.. juST for FuN.. and nah..
    can’t blame Ned for fighting with Santa.. it’s kinda hard to believe he’s real these
    recent days.. elections all taken into account and recount and stuff like that in orange
    and apricot tinted way.. anyWay none of that hurts my feelings as we are all different and
    saMe pARts of the WhOle of all Nature all that is.. aka God iN my Epic Book.. groWing2..;)

    ‘i can’t save you’..
    aLL ‘A.. i can do iS sHow
    yA Now whaT HeaVen iS..
    heRe noW oN
    PlanET eARTh..
    water.. horseS and
    aLL oF thaT hiSheRtoRy too..;)

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  13. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    Good evening, i checked i believe very little part of you blog, first i was checking your posts not on word press, after i find out on word press as well, you have a happy and meaningful life i’m very happy for you, now i will go to sleep is late here, have goodnight and productive weekend guys🌈🙂🤗

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