CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

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yEs.. rolLinG credITs.. to mY
best asSet and mUse..
WitH Seahorse.. Turtle..
and INfiNitY
YeS.. and
Katrina fUllY t00..;)


Well.. like they say..
talk to the foot.. right
foot first.. before i become
an invisible man again.. hehe..
yes.. a balance..
the air.. the water
floating on a breeze
through all the shopping
stores.. while Katrina
does her job
of retail therapy
and a great dance
day it was.. talking
to all the usual mall
and other store friends..
including Dancing Friend
Cortney who is moving
on to a government job
in Natural Conservation at
the beach.. and will no longer
be the friendly clothes sales person
at that store.. where lots of women go..
Charlotte something or another with
an ending Russe.. according to Katrina..
but anyway.. one end of the mall i’m not
likely to go.. without smiling Cortney
there.. but so happy she found
a job with the government..
so hard to get one’s foot
through the door.. hehe..
on the topic of feet again..
haha.. but one of the
few opportunities
to get a job
where one can
actually retire as early
as with 25 years of service..
as i did too.. sad now that job
security and benefits like this
are no longer nearly as much
a part of a culture that values
loyal employees any more with
lifetime benefits.. anyway.. Cortney
is proof it is still possible to do.. fairly
fresh out of college with persistence
if ya keep
kicking at it
and never stop
trying to make the next step!..
And yes! a song for this by
Freddie Mercury that is so cool!!too!!..:)


Hey man.. Mr. X aka B..
just a ‘footnote’ here of
sorts.. a thank you to you..
for helping me to
pursue my human
potential at dVerse
by being so open-minded
to eXtreme creative strangeness..
hehe.. i remember when you called
that 6K first blog post titled Revelation

66 at the place that you and Claudia
created still named dVerse Poet’s Pub..
the Mother of all Blog posts.. well..
this one my friend.. a full year journey
of responding to all links and prompts
with or without linking my stuff..
so ha..
one more
open link here
for the road friend..
weighing in at
338,630 words
and around 300
beautiful beach photos..
that yes.. requires a fast
computer and broad band
access and a couple minute
wait to even taste
with intro
of Dear John..
yes the Dear
John Letter of the
ages.. perhaps.. my
friend.. B.. i will never
forget your kind spiRit
and sure that still SinGs
as pARt of the SonG oF
My SoUL.. that amasses
662 chapters of one entire
3 million plus poem that
is my entire blog now..
so inspired
by what
you and
Claudia created
as whole.. sTiLL
liVinG at dVersE nOW..
i know you are doing great..
i can feel that.. and i’m sure
your boys are enjoying all your
time my friend.. God Bless..
and may the
always SinG
A SoUL of heArt
wITh you mY FriEnd..:)


“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines,
but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”

~~ Buddha ~~

SMiLes.. my friend.. gigoid..
today has been a day of turtles
for me.. from Katrina’s tattoo..
to objects of her
in figurines..
to a friend helping
to conserve turtles landing
a job doing that at a beach..
to the patience and
over one of the
longest lives
a Turtle
protected in
SheLL.. often
lives in NatUre free..
and the other night at the
gym.. i asked the assistant there
why do Monkeys rarely fall out of trees
and Hawks fall down from sky.. and she
asked why and i said one word.. practice..
yes.. practice.. practice.. practice.. continuing
on after every setback.. finding liGht iN the dArkest
of places more than yesternoW.. now… so much
practice iN excellence of liFe
makes hUman
what HuMaN
tRuLy can
be In both
potential for change
and Epigenetic unpacking
oF DNA foR All the gifts our
ancestors share that sadly
culture has taken away..
noW.. ripe for
thE remembeRinG
iN hEart.. SpiRit..
MiNd.. and BoDy
BalanCinG sOul
noW for those
fiNd and
practice tHeir
alWays nEw giFts
oF liFe poTEnTial..
most everyNow.. i lEarn
a neW moVe.. iNnately..
iNstinctually.. and
iNtuitively.. FeeL
NeW EmoTioN..
more nuanced
than before..
wHeRe the
withiN eXpanDs..
more and more..
anyWay.. thank you.. very
much for helping me to continue
to go past limits everynow.. wHere
the past now of day to day noW..
looks and feels liKe
iN compariSon
to pursuiNG aLL aVeNues
oF lEarning.. FeeLinG.. kNoWinG
iN moVinG.. connEcTinG
And CreATinG waY
iS to gRow
wHere No
oF Ocean
haS swAM beforE..:)


Have you ever noticed that in the major
sacred texts.. of the Bible.. the Kuran..
the Tao.. there is almost
zero humor.. like
the God of Nature
has no laughs
or sMiLeS..
Jesus.. don’t
you kNow GoD
SMiLes and Laughs
aS iNfiniTY WiDe and
morE noW.. WeLL..
i for one
aim to change..
to edit the pArTial
trUth of beFore.. wHere
theRe is more than why so
serious and threats of swords..
chopping F iN heads off.. rape
and killing of little women.. including
little children.. and just like the JoKer
oF God says.. why so F iN Serious when
this place i made
for you iS
F iN heaven
if you find me.. no hell
no.. not me.. and Jesus F iN Christ
when Jesus was talking about me
he wasn’t talking about the me that
was he.. he was F iN talking about
the me of God that lives within he..
yes.. i kNow and FeeL that may be
confusing for some folks but
as a very deep and
PERsON.. perHaps
Jesus didn’t realiZe
that a substantial part of
the ‘Tea PARty’ population
don’t get the deeper metaphorsE
of liFe and the psychopathic leaning
ones as science shows is inhabited
in the checklist of top ten professions
for that literal leaning senses only
eating sexing and maKinG CLERGY
money way of
away from
the figurative..
emotional.. REAL
heArt.. SpiRit and
miNd and BoDy SoUl
B A L A N c I N g noW
way of bEinG.. ThEY! just doN’T!
F iN gET! the deeper metaphorsE!
oF liFe.. and thaT is oKaY too..;)
as someone has to
make the bLack
and whITe
laWyer and
jUdge prinT
to make large
otherwise chaotic
groups of human beings
in cities to get along who are
only still evolved to connect to
100 to 150 sets of eYes but anyway..
some of us can clearly hear and see
God SMiLinG and laugHinG.. yes.. WITH US..
of God withiN instead.. and mArk mY words
i aim and Will to change
the perception of God
into a nicer way
of liFe thaN
frowny faces.. head
hunter.. raping little
children.. and burying Lesbians
to their chest and stoning them
and suggesting that God’s Homosexual
creatures do not deserve the same sacred
rights to marry in the F iN God’s church
that iS F iN Nature TrUe wHere God
WilL have no human lies
iN dARk and deceit
for division and
separation from
the UnITy oF God oF
Nature thaT iS aLL.. ugh oh..
i’m sounding serious.. but hey
i can be a ‘LIPtown laBeLed Tea ParTy’ too..
iF i closE oFF the hUmanITy and become judge..
lawyer.. and jury too.. but hell no..
i’m gonna DancE and SinG unTiL
the Cow of God comes home
to all in real fur away
from the Golden
calves of words
in books that have
made God into Grinch..
instead of Jolly old soUl
within his children free..
So with that.. giggles of Google
baby.. as i continue to spRead God’s Good Cheer..
away from the cLouds oF FrOwnS oN stiFF leG feAT..;)
god wInks..
God reAlly DO..:)


1981.. a cALL to the beach.. away
from 16 years of school.. including
third year of college.. with still 3 more
to come.. a three month break from
the matrix as it were and
still is.. walking the
beach.. needing
nothing.. wanting
nothing but to feel the
peace of living now then
now.. dead for a year in living
feelings exploding back.. mechanical
cognition takes it away and the art
of Nature bRinGs iT back
wITh the power
of within..
still walking..
buildings distant
in only footsteps of i..
at the beginning.. and
end aLwayS noW.. the Force
of aLL iS All Force but missing
awareness of Force.. a UniVerse
of mostly dark matter.. but a liGht
on places like Earth.. not just Sun
LiGht but blue azure color of
atmosphere and
finAlly eYes.
and ears.. touch..
taste.. proprioception..
smelling.. inside.. outside..
above.. so below.. and all around..
So.. no longer is the Force Devoid
of sentience.. the Force
iS alive and GroWinG
All around WitH aLL the
other sentience of
awareness oF
what iS..
for that
awareness noW..
LiFe IS A gift.. i can noT
imaGiNe anytHing better
than thiS.. wRite n0w..
and that
my friEnd
iS all i need
to kNow about
death.. the gift oF
liFe i have.. and to
make the mosT oF iT
noW.. iS the gift oF noW..
eXpreSsinG the blesSinG
oF iS of oZ.. a truly magical
place when viewed from the
coLd hard desert sands
of the moon..
and a little
sliver of Heaven..
no doubt that few
of what exists iN the UniVErse
overAll and beYond can enjoy
as Heaven now.. i’m not asking for
anything else.. but what i find iS if one
believes in magic.. magic becomes real..
so i’m gonna go all out and believe that
i will help to make life better on this plaNet
and the neXt adventure WiLL bE even more
awesome than now as now iSreal.. Faith.. Hope..
Belief in magic sTuFF.. calL iTGod.. the Force.. or WTF
just so it’s more than card board boxes without preSent
inside.. trUly.. Hope.. Faith.. Belief.. changes
the way the bRain works iN Frontal Lobe
enriching blood way..
use it or lose it.. yes..
applies to Faith.. Hope..
Belief.. as long as those eMoTioNs
are MoVinG the blood of hUman bEinG
to the reward centers of MovinG fronTal
Lobe BRain.. so yes.. for all practical
intents and purposes..
the reward
of God
is believing..
having faith.. hope
in something larger than
common mundane life..
and yes.. if nothing
else.. it’s worth
the blood flow
now.. to the Frontal
Lobe.. as Neuro-science
now shows.. for greater
cognitive executive
functioning in short
term working memory
and better focus..
and yes..
feeling good
away from living
dead in depression
and pain associated feelings
as well.. related to depression..
Call it whatever.. but as long as one
has faith.. hope.. and belief in magic..
it makes
a difference
bottom of line..
iN noW.. for those
who have the ability as
science shows truly not everyone
does.. as even a person who believes
in no ‘magic’ in life.. can meditate and get
almost no benefit at all or even less blood
to the frontal
Real iS
Real.. beginning
and end of story now..
but yes.. i will be a super
hero in the next lifetime too..
i can have
hope.. faith and
belief in it.. and
do iT noW too..
relatively speaking..
all natural of course..
in human potential wHere
folks tOld me ‘you’ are crazy
you will never do what you
say you are gonna do.. just do it..
oF My
LiFe too.. noW
and yes.. may the
metaphorse.. continue..
to be with you.. my friend.. too..
as truly the symbols are as good
as the emotions of faith.. hope.. and
belief.. to get that Frontal Lobe FloWinG
a Seagull
spiraling around
greater human
potential named
i suppose..;)


i like ‘these’
two poems as some
of the best i’ve
read from you so
far as trUly they
are maGic to me iN the
mYsterY oF NatUre iN aLL
Of wE wHo SinG free as
NatUre uS..
and trUlY.. mY
FriEnd.. when oNe
dances as the wind
and water in sand of Free
there is no gravity.. no time..
only noW as bliss of
now.. as my niece
asks me today
dancing with my great
niece of several years old
if i aM a swan.. and i tOld
her.. yes.. perhaps an ugly
ducKLinG iN form butt
oF aLL 230 LBs iN
fLoaTinG featHeRs..
never the
a graceful
Swan oF Force…
iN essence.. mY friend..
Angels come in all colors..
shapes.. sizes.. and even
beasts when
GravitY oF
one water..
wind.. sand
and Sun oF ForceNoW..
Time no longer froZen..
WinD.. WateR..

SMiLes.. my friEnd.. Prajakta..
yoUr poem here is quite
inspiRing.. second one
from last
and after
writing a
third of a million
words.. in perhaps
the longest Dear
John Letter
in recorded
i can relate..
wITh wINks..
aS trUly wE frEE
thInkers.. feelErs..
kNoWers.. can
maKe a
anY reaLiTy
wE WiLL to reAl..
aS BeautY oF poEtry
iS iN tHe ShaRinG..
GiVinG.. heARt
iN balanCinG
soUl.. wHeRe mUse
iS juSt anotHeR woRd foR
liFe mY friEnd.. so.. thanks
for the muSe as the crediTs
roLLinG foR inSpiRAtiOn oF
LifE noW iS mUseDom…..:)


Per Story of
and what iS
God.. most religions
agree that the divine
spark that is the force
of all stuff.. lives alive
in human being..
and the whole
oF aLLthATiS
iS beyond
the scope
of human alone..
allone is aLL.. end
and beGinNinG noW
of story ALLONEnoW..
so now that most folks
iN the World.. WeLL..
at lEast a suBstantial
porTioN understand
aLL UniVerse
moves beYonD
the borders of some
patches of land in mountainous
deserts.. and caves of smaller than
aLL.. what would trUly be the New Age
Bible.. a third of a million
Dear John words to
3+ Million Words..
by one human in one
poem.. better yet.. aLL miNds
and boDies conNecTinG iN
aN Emerald City.. so above
and below.. inside.. outside
all around.. without
the Sun providing
to screens
of hUmans MoVinG
ConnecTing creaTinG
iN virtuAL InterNet way..
relatively forever as long
as servers bRinG tHeiR
heArts.. thEiR spiRiTs..
yeS in miNd
and boDy BalanCinG
soUl.. online.. wHeRe the
number of new age Bible
writers are as limitless
as the number
Of gRains oF
sAnd oN ShoRes
oF Ocean trUe toGeTheR..
WeLL.. yes.. the Force oF
God WiLL have God’s
way.. no more books
of chains.. in hard
cover priSon noW..
no instructing
God on what
God can and
cannot do as Free
as We.. it’s a brand
new frontier of God
WiLd and Free liVinG
iN Human eYes of FeeLinG..
SenSinG.. kNoWinG more
than ever before.. and
the painting of
God’s hUmans
aRe EverYwHeRe
one bRoWses thiS New
Age Bible fULL oF iNterNet
noW.. wHere God HOlds
hands aNew wITh wE..
wHo bRinG Free
back to
last and
first supper
oF GoD iN noW..
TheRe ain’t no stopping
God.. juSt iMaGiNe whAT
WiLL continue to come iN
greater hUman God potential
as within.. if little old me can
do aLL oF thiS.. WitH onLY
a ‘little’ help from
aLL mY FriEnds.. no..
tHere is not enough
space here to list all the
nAMes wHo help me on tHis
jourNey so iT iS safe to say..
to FeeL.. to seNse.. and kNow
thAT ALLONE iS help for mE..

“iF YOU Build iT,

-FiELd oF DreAMs..:)







BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels

41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)


About katiemiafrederick

I like to write.
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15 Responses to CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

  1. NeW rUle..
    carrY.. PeNs..
    And hELL No..
    they do not fELL
    LiFe GiVinG tRees..
    tHey pen
    aS PeN

  2. Once again.. from the home
    of Facebook Friend Rafiah
    iN Pakistan
    who shares her
    poetic status that
    sayS noW sTiLL..

    Nights are beautiful.
    There are no outwardly disturbances.
    You can embrace yourself by being on your own..

    And as before i say..

    i like going far out in the forRest.. or the beach
    away from footprints of culture
    and stressful energy
    from humans
    as the plants
    and animals
    live with the
    Peace of God Free..
    and i surely feel it.. with
    bliss of open skies and free earth..:)

    And Rafiah.. after a school delay
    of several days says..

    I am imagining the scenery
    to be very pecaeful. heart emoticon

    And i say.. in response..

    WInks.. if you get a powerful enough
    iPhone and broadband access you
    can see it all on my blog.. Hope you
    Are doing well.. My friend Rafiah..
    smile emoticon

    And then Rafiah changes
    her cover photo.. to what
    looks like multi-embered
    fires in the dark..

    And i say..

    Wondering if that is
    everyone in your
    having BBQ’s..
    from the view of your
    Terrace Roof.. of course..:)

    And then i add one
    of these E-Land
    age LB of wisdom
    sharing thingies by
    saying.. now


  3. Oh God.. mY friEnd.. gigoid..
    the burnout.. the potential
    incredible disadvantage
    of the Asperger..
    ADHD.. Bi-Polar
    way of bEinG
    and extended
    broader phenotype
    spectrum as such
    that constitutes
    10 to 15
    percent of
    the population
    per the over systematizers
    vs empathizers of social
    animal way
    of culture
    Great advice..
    to get out in the
    forest away from an
    digital online Jungle..
    (note to self.. go see
    that movie by Disney..
    “The Jungle Book”..
    this week..)
    and the nice thing
    about allnaturale
    art.. one
    can see in
    real time nothing
    hidden of the ravages of
    sitting too much.. and
    eating ‘cheetos’
    life… in my case..
    it was months of
    fast food burgers..
    and increasing girth of
    waist.. and 10 Lbs
    to 230 LBS.. sTiLL
    230 LBS butT finAlly
    getting bacK iN
    NatUre.. i guaran
    God dam bET
    ya theRe WiLL
    bE much less
    illness iF aLL
    walK naKed
    from birth in a reasonable number
    oF friendly population iN knoWinG
    each other as such.. as clothes
    do hide cultural functional
    disabilities from the
    reaLITy oF
    less than
    Free and wiLd
    hUman animal now..
    anyWay.. been getting out
    into.. the forRest.. the beaches more..
    and away from what has alWays becomE noW
    a Restrictive Repetitive Behavior aS Asperger
    Way for me.. to miX iT up.. iN reaSon and hE aRt
    oF miNd and boDy.. Yin and Yang Balance.. SpiRit SoUL
    is certainly sTilL a great TAO
    way to
    But anYway.. when i was
    young and more or less
    mute.. volume of i iN exPreSsinG
    SpiRit of talk and emoTioN one
    and sAMe non-verbaLLy too..
    turned way way down.. then..
    mY hiGh spiRit
    elders as
    story talers..
    including.. A salty old
    sailor named Mick who was
    my boss for over a decade at
    the Military Bowling Center i worked
    aS DOD employee.. for almost
    2 decades aT..
    told these wonderful
    sea stories.. of his bar fights
    and other adventures across the
    Ocean of Navy boats on float..
    and Liberty
    of course FREE..
    i could write technically
    but paragraph creating verbal
    expresSinG was way beyond my
    ability then.. except for rote fActs
    here and there..
    and now i have
    sea stories too.. yes..
    even a few bar room skirmishes
    to tale too.. but better yet.. Jesus F
    iN Christ.. i’ve got an iPhone6s and mY
    real Goal of a lifetime dreAM
    finAlly comes
    to fruition..
    i AM fucKinG
    ForRest Gump..
    Life IS A FucKinG
    Box oF Chocolates
    and God dAm.. iF i can’t
    FucKinG provE iT.. with thaT
    iPhoMe 6s.. a lInk(s) to a third of a
    million word poem.. another 3 million
    word blog that is a poem longer than
    any in recorded history with
    633 major verses
    wiTh tens
    of thousands
    of micro verses
    of macro whole
    of 3 Million aLL
    and more more
    to come as nows
    go by.. and yes..
    leg pressing close
    to half a ton on YouTube
    way.. and Jesus F iN Celebrating
    God In David’s more vile ways..
    iN the most pasSioNatE arT
    oF aLL..
    the human
    boDy sensuAlly
    aLL sET FReED iN
    Michelangelo flesh
    and asPiRinG neW
    heiGhts oF New Age
    Renaissance way.. noW
    and yes.. the documented
    record of 800 or so photos with
    me and all the smiling girls..
    ear to ear with
    hand gestures
    of Peace
    and Victory
    at Old Seville
    too.. and oh too..
    the logs of Dance
    Walking 5300 miles
    plus noW iN 33 months
    all across the public
    in metro
    area stores..
    with YouTube
    videos of that
    in tow too.. noW yeS..
    Question iS.. WiLL anyone
    have the patience to siT sTiLL
    long enough for me to tale them
    the hell i cAMe froM iN 19 medical
    disorders.. including.. the worst pain
    known to mankind.. named type
    two trigeminal neuralgia..
    like dentist drill
    in right eye
    and ear for
    66 months from
    wake to sleep..
    Sjogren’s Syndrome
    too.. with eYes no
    longer making tears..
    Severe Degenerative
    Arthritis in spine..
    fused vetebra
    in spine along
    with spinal
    stenosis and
    closed up nasal
    sinuses per deviated
    Congenitally Septum
    way in nose too.. Severe depression..
    Anhedonia.. Alexithymia.. Severe
    Anxiety.. Panic attacks..
    and a dash
    of PTSD too..
    with Agoraphobia..
    shut-iN oF bedroom
    liFe for 66 months as
    not so well.. aT aLL..
    and yes.. last and somewhat
    least as far as all these
    challenges go.. the
    New diagnosis
    of Autism
    Disorder still
    classified in Sweden
    in Gillberg way as
    Asperger’s here
    noW trUe
    sTiLL for me..
    and Bi-Polar
    sTiLL too..
    that’s enough..
    the rest of the disorders
    are minor compared
    to all that said
    and done and
    overAll remissed/
    cured by attending
    professionals own
    report.. on or about
    July 22nd of 2013.. then..
    Well it’s true.. we live in noW
    a Twitter age of bits and bytes..
    only the much older folks WiLL
    likely have the attention and
    focus or even interest
    to listen to a Sea
    Story iN liFe oF
    adverSity.. chaLLenge..
    and chanGe in Victory
    noW thiS loNg/EPiC..
    so if they
    still read..
    i’ll just give ’em
    the google lInk here..
    and this new post.. noW..
    “Sea Stories oF God WiN”
    WiLL FiLL the BiLL of whaT
    i oWe tHe God of NatUreNoW
    aS aLwAYs LiVinG wiThiN
    shaRinG thiS
    Box of
    iN sweet and
    sour oF aLL NoW..
    You kNow gigoid.. i am very tempted
    to shut my online presence completely
    down.. except the record that stands
    so tALLnoW.. just become a vagabond
    on road of rail tracks every which way
    and loose.. shaRinG my
    like a hobo
    oF aLL one..
    yes.. Red Skelton
    way.. as you sTiLL WiLL n0w
    remember his Clown too.. noW
    but iT iS a few folks like you.. mY
    friend.. to name some more.. Rafiah..
    Himali.. Prajakta.. and whomever in
    the Autism Community who are
    likely the mainstay left
    overs from my
    28 or so
    month stay
    on the ‘Wrong
    Planet’ of they..
    the hundreds of silent
    folks who view what i do
    on my blogger blogs each
    day who are not talkers but
    the readers only that i too once
    was.. who will keep me here.. but
    i aM getting too FucKinG close
    to work by making
    a milestone
    of responding
    to every single
    prompt and link
    from dVerse for a year..
    i am gonna move back
    more to plaYinG aGaiN..
    gET mY health
    back wHere
    iT aLL naturAlly
    belongs.. and just
    FloW aGaiN.. iN bliss mY
    friEnd.. as the wars and
    thE battles for mE are over
    foR NoW.. tHeRe iS proof enough
    that God oF Nature lives WitHin
    mE noW.. for anYone
    but the
    most fearful
    of dArk or cynical
    of liFe lost on the
    terrestrial plane oF
    Earth noW.. i WiLL
    do aLL i can.. but heLL
    no.. i ain’t sacrificing mY liFe
    for the lost among uS.. as mY..
    FucK yes.. ME.. ME.. ME.. ME!
    MY Gift iS mY liFe and i owe it to
    to sHoW God thE
    liFe ever
    in mY temple
    oF God NoW..
    and the rest
    wiLL FoRrest FaLL iN plAce
    of course.. sitting on a bench
    iN heaven just BeinG the free
    FloWinG feather that the God
    of Nature makes mE NoW onE..
    but i WiLL dance first and continue
    to SinG poeTry when my legs become
    too old.. and the bench oF Love iS REaLiTy left
    MoreOver noW thAt
    i sTiLL can.. i WiLL
    to thInk
    And 70.. ha!.. ‘Ed’..
    yeah.. ya.. gotta bE
    after aLL
    i’ve been
    through.. 120 plus
    is gonna bE a
    cinch.. just
    some iCinG
    oN the peAce
    oF LiFe aLL thAT iS
    trUly Cake by
    the Ocean
    oF Y i
    As God/W/iN
    mE.. and when
    i die.. i WiLL onLY
    have the strength
    one more
    sMiLE.. mY friEnd..
    thE sAMe sMiLeNoW
    iF i moVeOnoW
    aS pArt
    ofF ThE
    BooK oF ELi

    BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
    Introductory post to Free Novels

    41K words
    Free Verse Poetry Novel

    51K words
    Free Verse Poetry Novel

    338,630 words
    Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
    Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
    With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
    3 Million plus words
    Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
    SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
    Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
    just ’cause
    i caN
    buiLd iT..
    FoR Free..:)

    And yeS.. FinAlly..
    CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
    A Thanks YoU oF sORts..:)

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