Mother Nature Woo



“Turning our backs on God is like turning our backs on Zeus or Bahá or Waheguru or Vishnu or Ahura Mazda or Mut or Gaia or Aphrodite or Njirana or Huitzilopochtli or Nanabozho or Guan Yu or Brighid or Danu or Waaq or Xu or Ranginui or Ku or Odin or Kahless or Donar or one of a hundred others.”


unless one is a classical panTHEIST

AND OR OTHER associated theistic religions

and considers Mother Nature True as the definition of GOD.

And nah.. turning one’s back on Mother Nature True.. not a wise idea.

GODzilla has been trying to ‘tell’ us that for decades and so has Blue Oyster CULT.

“History shows again and again how NATURE POINTS OUT THE FOLLY OF MAN”

AND yes..

that does include many CULT RELIGIONS..

INCLUDING fundamentalist leaning ones

with their imaginary GOD(S)


AND Eastern Cultures.. in general..

which are increasingly creating ‘machines’

instead of humans per

AVENUES FOR deficits in physical intelligence

that drives both emotional regulation

and sensory integration

THROUGH the cerebellum of the brain

and associated physiological systems

according to modern science..


and Eastern philosophies

of healing

movement ‘medicine’

for thousands of years..

until recently SHOWN

BY modern science


NOT HOListic woo…

And anyway..

i’m more of a Honda fan

than a Mazda FAN

as the H is a symbol

for the dichotomies

seen throughout nature

and the mind of man

moving from the symbol of 11

to the interconnected whole

as balance in nature as H

and or the alpha numerical

value of H

per standing tall infinity 8

in infinite flow of unity..

per the left hemisphere

and the right hemisphere

of the brain working

in Yin and




hopefully one day

the left and right

hemispheres of the earth

will also work in balance

per the neurons of the earth

that are by continuing metaphor animals..

including human animals..





both inanimate and animate as such..

as the swirling golden spiraling electrons

continue to orbit around the nucleus

and even smaller units of golden spiral patterns

do the same per golden mean of 1.618

from below in Quantum Physics

to above in our MACRO Milky Way home…

If GODzilla could talk..

maybe he AND or she or WHATEVER..

would say something of THAT NATURE..

AND Perhaps..

i too.. am GODzilla

in ONE’s view..

in a MICRO way

and macro WAY.. of course 2.

Oops.. I mean H not 2..

So in other words..

truth can be found

in metaphors of all types..

ranging from Zeus to the

patriarchal masculine

basic survival archetype/innate instinct

IN ALL most all healthy HUMAN BRAINS

AND subconscious and conscious MINDS..

as modern science now also validates

the work of Freud..

and other social animals as well..

found in the warrior tribal GOD

of Abrahamic religions..

and all of this is part of human beings

innate need for existential intelligence

by way of all forms of human abstract language

both verbal and nonverbal



‘WE’ are all connected is the bottom line..

and there are many different human languages

and symbols for Universal and limited truths of

Mother Nature True aka GOD..

thanks to ‘our’ relatively new and still evolving way of neo-cortical


for remembering the past and making decisions on that experiential information

to forecast the future for so-called rational decisions to enhance the chance of successful overall survival.

To exclude any of them as woo.. is the height of woo per innate human nature

Governed by Mother Nature Woo..

i mean true or perhaps woo too..

as fiction is governed by human logic

per making sense..

but nature and true REALITY



only humans are small ENOUGH

AND ‘smart’ like this

to limit nature in this way..

per their ways of ‘imaginary science’.. at least on earth as far as ‘we’ know…








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27 Responses to Mother Nature Woo



    Thanks.. my father left early.. and GODzilla was like a dad to me..;)

    YES.. memories come floating back.. WAY back.. in the 60’s on the big screen of my little town’s only small ‘classic’ theater…..with an ‘upstairs’ seating area.. for the black folks.. sadly as such….

    Yes.. GODzilla RULES….AND HE OR SHE.. AS THE movie did not show all the parts of GODzilla.. IS ‘COLOR BLIND’ TOO..:)

    So yeah.. hesHE.. in A way.. i am GODzilla’s SON2. 😉

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  2. Maybe the eter of the God is whatever we can conjure.. The thought and human mind and how it blend with nature… Ha Godzilla would know for sure.

    • Ah.. yes.. and as i remember you are a physicist if i remember correctly.. (reference to answer to Gabriella’s comment below) and i too see GOD this way… as we have a very generous GOD that allows one and SOME to create GOD.. as one goes and LIVES…:)

      And i for one choose A NICE GOD. 🙂

  3. claudia says:

    mother nature is a good indicator of how well we cared for what we were entrusted with… wishing you a wonderful christmas time…

    • So true and if ‘we’ do not cherish ALL that IS like this.. we stand to lose our home.. and this is the only one we TRULY HAVE for those with space ships and cold dead planet dreams…..

      Happy Holidays once again.. Claudia.. and smiles of course..:)

  4. MarinaSofia says:

    Mother Nature Woo… I like the sound of that – and close to ‘woe’ too.
    Beautiful pictures of clouds – amazing skies!
    Wishing you the very best over the holiday season.

    • Yes.. true for some folks Mother Nature True or Woo is a beautiful sky and for others.. IT is an oppressive sky that will not allow one to ‘breath’.. as Woe…

      i’ve seen it both ways.. and OMG.. i cherish the view ABOVE now..:)

      i too wish you the very best over the Holiday Season and always WELL..:)

  5. Brendan says:

    A proper defense of poetry at the winter solstice. We are all of that great tidal ebb and return.

    • Yes.. Poetry is one Art of co-creating what IS.. and A Wave IS what i strive to be..

      reaching the shores and coming back again… to unconditional LOVE as a practice in Kung FU way..:)

      Happy Holidays Brendan.. always now..:)

      as WELL..:)

  6. Mary says:

    Ah, so true….we all need to work together, whatever our beliefs. Mother Nature is above us all!

  7. Gabriella says:

    We are all in this world together and all have the same Mother Nature, don’t we?

    • Ahh… that’s the question that fascinates me…

      Many people in the past have argued with me that i have to be an atheist to suggest that Mother Nature True is one and same with GOD…

      But my VIEW OF GOD is overall bigger.. deeper.. more complex.. and stranger than any GOD chained by science or religion….. or even words in three letter fashion….

      Quantum Physics is indicating more and more that reality which is one and same as Mother Nature True to me too.. is subjective as we can change it at least to some degree as evidenced with the observer ‘AFFECT’…

      NOW THAT’S the science part of it.. but in my life now.. through the twists and turns of a more or less metaphorical thinker as opposed to literal thinker i find it all to be even the parts we THINK are concrete.. and that is great as we can create our own life through relative free will when we go beyond book learning as such. whether that be the SO CALLED ONE bible WHOEVER HAS THAT.. or a biology book…..

      So the metaphor of NEO in the movie the Matrix holds true to me.. and whoever authored the movie must have come to these truths in my opinion……

      So it is the concrete life that is illusion and the metaphor that is real….

      So in other words Mother Nature True is Art Instead of Science….

      So in other words GOD is Art instead of Science….

      So in other words HUman creates GOD and Order and Science.. and Words too…..

      And GOD is Just ART.. And GOD does not have to have Order @ALL……

      But.. the most beautiful thing of all is chaos.. when seen as canvas and tapestry……

      So the bottom line is to create art is to reflect GOD..:)

      So in my opinion there is no such thing as an atheist artist.

      No matter what they ‘think’…;)

      ‘We’ are all in ‘our’ little or bigger words.. AND WORLDS.. whether we realize it or not..
      and to understand the fuller diversity of this.. is the potential of having COGNITIVE empathy for the psychopath and the saint.. as some folks INNATELY CANNOT EXPERIENCE LOVE AND OTHERS ARE IN EFFECT AND AFFECT metaphorical EMPATHS…

      YES..that’s an extreme example but to truly have cognitive empathy that unconditionally loves as a practice it is a necessity and rare….

      Often both empaths and psychopaths (angels and demons) fail at it as they either cannot understand the psychopath or the empath as they live in two different worlds.. and in AFFECT experience two different Mother Natures….

      I was born as an ‘affective empath’ like my mother.. and i ‘literally’ had to lose my emotions and empathy through illness to gain the ‘true empathy of 14.5 billion years’.. and i finally understood WHY ADOLPH HITLER DID WHAT HE DID.. AS HE COULD NOT innately OR ENVIRONMENTALLY LOVE…. AND THAT IS THE COLDEST MOTHER NATURE OF ALL.. TO LIVE SUBJECTIVELY LIKE A COLD DEAD ‘STONE’…..

      But to be clear the stone thingy is just a metaphor.. as to me stones are alive too.. in truly an animate core existence as the electrons of nucleuses that comprise the stone.. move as fast as the ones in ‘us’.. and there is truly never any ‘us’.. only the PRACTICE of UNCONDITIONAL love…. that we create as subjective ARTISTIC reality.. so yes.. UNCONDITIONAL Love is ART too.. and to practice it in the Kung FU way of never perfecting it and sitting still.. is to Love the most.. UNCONDITIONALLY AS LOVE BECOMES ART…..:)!

      HAPPY HOLIDAYS.. AND i hope whoever reads this doesn’t get a headache like my wife does when i attempt to relate these kinds of ‘musings’…;)as truly again IT.. Yes.. all that at core art and not science….:)

      SO i continue to ‘PAINT’ GOD.. AS GOD ALLOWS IT..:)

      SMILES.. yes GOD allows that too..:)

  8. Grace says:

    We are all connected and underneath the different colors and languages, we share the same tree ~

    Happy Holidays ~


    “Cold-hearted orb that rules the night
    Removes the colours from our sight
    Red is gray and yellow, white
    But we decide which is right
    And which is an illusion

    Pinprick holes in a colourless sky
    Let insipid flickers of light pass by
    The mighty light of ten thousand suns
    Challenges infinity and is soon gone
    Night time, to some a brief interlude
    To others the fear of solitude

    Brave Helios, wake up your steeds
    Bring the warmth the countryside needs”

  10. Quantum superposition in action – the great both/and – a metaphor for spiritual states/beings.

  11. Joseph Hesch says:

    Always shows the effort and thought you put into your strong work, my friend. Thought-provoking and intelligent stuff.

    • Thanks so much Joe for the kinds words of appreciation for what i do here.. on my little blog… and i do love deep thinking everywhere i CAN share it..:)

      Happy Holidays and happy nows always to you..:)!

  12. divalounger says:

    Mother Nature is the way I think—best not to turn your back on her1

  13. Glenn Buttkus says:

    NOTE…I am ill with a bad virus, & can barely type, so pardon me if I don’t
    comment on your poetics. All of us in the dVerse community enjoy a unique
    fellowship, & I cherish it with all my heart. Wishing you ALL a Merry Christmas
    & may 2015 bring all of us joy.

    • Wow.. so nice of you to stop by with illness in tow Glenn.. and i hope you feel much better for the Christmas and New Year Celebration days ahead…

      And also a Happy now to you always.. as i too cherish the fellowship with all the dVerse crowd too..:)

  14. grapeling says:

    I certainly hope as a species we can work together ~

    • i think we can grapeling as soon as we can BREAK THE TRIBAL BARRIER for UNCONDITIONAL love for WHOLE species as tribe…

      BUT OF course that too will come in bits and pieces until the puzzle becomes a picture of ONE..;)!

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