ToGeTHeR Fly Free Birds Wing On With SMiLes

Naked Enough Whole Complete Truth
Continuing Newly Now
Fly Free
Birds Wing
On With SMiLes

Liberty (Life Is Better Everywhere Re-Creation Takes You)

True That Used to Be Part of My Job To Insure The Military

Got Those Services With Smiles in the Morale, Welfare,

And Recreation Department of The Navy As Yes If Johnny
Or And Jill the Soldier Doesn’t Get to Re-Create

Johnny And Or Jill Becomes

A Very Unhappy

Soldier And

Or Marine
Or And Sailor too
With Smiles Dear Miriam

Yet in Providing These Services in
So Many Administrative And Customer
Representative Capacities There is One Part

in 25 Years i Forgot to Do OH NO i Left Out

The Re-Creation And Gratitude in Celebration
For me With SMiLes And Sadly It’s True my Wife
Couldn’t Drive Due to Epilepsy So She Only Got to

Tag Along
With the


of me Back Then

Oh Dear Lord Now

Every Day is Hol-i-Day iN Play
A Feast Hour New For Every Minute

And Second That Comes With Free Bird
Wings That Need No Lessons From Before

Yet Of Course A Bit of Technology and Help
From ‘A Few FRiEnDS’ Helps as Far as i am


We are All
in this Free
Bird Celebration

Yet True Some Folks Fall Out of my Orbit Hehe…

Hey Yet Look at it THiS WaY Stars Emit THEiR
Own LiGHT Free

And as Far As i

Travel i Shall

Shine Own

A Different Star..:)

SMiLes As the Great Philosopher
And Poet Dr. Seuss Once Pondered

And Still Asserts

Dear Isha THere

Is ‘No One You’er Than You’

Oh to Celebrate The New You

Every Day With SMiLes It’s

True Not Everyone Will

Stay in Our Orbit


Come and Go too Hehe
Yet What Remains is

The You That is No
One You’er Than You With SMiLes

Don’t Worry Star THere Will Always
Be At Least A Few Planets in Your Orbit..:)

Celebrate” SMiLes

A Practice of LoVE iN Peace

That Works And The Gratitude

That Warms Our Souls Even More

Love the Cover Of Your Book Dear

Cindy And Congrats on Winning

An Author of the Month Award

Too With SMiLes and i’m

Sure You Are Glad Your

Years Long Remodeling
For Your Home is Progressing

Toward A Conclusion Finally Too

So Many Books of Life to Complete Indeed..:)

Ah Yes Dear Sohair Crows Have So Many

Intelligences They Never Learn in School

Tools They Will Use By Using Them With SMiles

And Yes Do Them Wrong And They Will Remember Who

We aRe and


Appropriately So
And Then there is
The Hermit Thrush Bird

Actually A Unique One Visiting
my Sister 6 Years Now From November
Through April Migrating Back to Places

Like Canada To Breed in the Warmer
Northern Hemisphere Months as

my Sister Feeds This Bird Herman
Raisins Every Day For Those Months

And Again Somehow The Bird Finds His
Way Back to Her Yard For 5 Months each
Year For 6 Years Yet of Course That’s Not All

Other Animals Have Intelligences That Science
Has No Way to Understand Yet Like Some Species

of Worms That Will Grow A New Head yet That’s Not
All the New Brain Will Retain Memories of Learning

From the Old Head And Brain That Was Separated Before
And of Course Sharks Here Longer Than Trees Nearly Half

A Billion Years With the Ability to Produce Asexual Virgin Births

As Well And Electromagnetic Abilities to Search For Living Food
Underneath the Ocean Floor So Much to Learn in A Lifetime About

The True Amazing Aspects of Nature That We Might Have Never
Considered Before A Great Resource i’ve Found Recently is

Dr. Iain McGilchrist Who is an Oxford Literary Scholar And
Fellow, A Psychiatrist That Headed Up a Department, and

A Neuroscientist, And Philosopher Who Writes Books About

The Processes of the Right And Left Hemisphere’s of Our

Minds Taking into Account the Rest of Nature in His

Research too Writing A Most Recent Book called “The Matter

With Things’ Yet That Took 10 Years of Research And is Over

1500 Pages And Over 600,000 Words Long Yet Amazingly

He Provides Video Summaries of the Book in 29 Volumes

Including the Epilogue i Listened to Today From His YouTube

Channel All Commercial Free He Also Provides Research That Shows

The Holy and Sacred Divine Parts of Life Are Real And How It’s Impossible

For the Scientific Method to Measure All of What Existence Is Truly

A Great Resource to Expand Our Minds Finding Our Left Hemisphere

Mostly Grasps The World and Materially Reduces it With Symbols

Like the Abstract Constructs the Words We Create More

Concerned With Control And More Limited to

Emotions Associated With Anger and Hate

Also Having Problems With Metaphor

Just Reducing Life into A Matter

of Things my FRiEnD Without

What the Right Hemisphere May Bring
More of in Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual
Real Emotional And Sensory Intelligences That

The Left Hemisphere Barely Touches in Comparison

of Reducing Existence into Things Versus Putting All of Existence

Back Together As Essence of God UNiTY For All With SMiLes oF LoVE

So Much More
ToGeTHeR A Higher Way of Life..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair Continuing A Game in Play
of Catch-Up With the Conviction of Creativity

That Breathes my SPiRiT HeART SoUL So Free

Hehe Perhaps i Could
Use Some More ‘Artificial

Intelligence’ Tools to Help

me Catch Up Yet It’s True up to this

Point It Would Be Very Hard to Even Write

A Word For Someone Else to Read if Not For This
Fancy Dancy Digital Keyboard to Play on Now as Yes

my Handwriting

is Like A Doctor
or Chicken Scratch

And It’s Never Even The
Same When i Sign my Name

Unless i Make A Directed Effort
To Copy What i Do Before i Rather

Fly With New Wings Yet to Be Somewhat

Careful Not to Go

To High Or Low


With Gravity
in Balance the Game

of Life We All Seem to
Play to Some Degrees
Hot or Cold And The Tween With SMiLes..:)

Wonderful News About Your
Newborn 2 Month Old Daughter
Dear Samreen How


Are to Be Born
To Dedicated
Parents i Surely
Credit my Mother
For The Warmth i
Experience And Am
Able to
Give Unconditional
Love A Best Inheritance

And Breath
To LiVE oN

With SMiles☺️🌺🏝

Ah Yes ‘iRobot’ Timely CuLTuRaL Meme of Exploring and Fears Both in
Terms of the ‘Will Smith Movie’ and ‘The Alan Parson’s Project’ ‘iRobot’ too

And Let’s Not Forget ‘Chris Rock’ Champion of Turning the other Cheek hehe

Not Sure if Alan Parson’s Project ‘iRobot’ Is Beyond Your Cultural Memory

However Haunting the Music is to that Futuristic Dystopian

Album Indeed

The 3 Robotic Laws
In ‘Asimov’ Ways:

“First Law
A robot may not injure a human being or, through
inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

Second Law
A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings
except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

Third Law
A robot must protect its own existence as long as such
protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Zeroth Law
A robot may not harm humanity, or, by
inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.”

SMiLes Dear Mr. Gottfried Considering in the United
States one is 25 Times More Likely to Die of Gun Violence

And Considering How Well Artificial Intelligence Works
Hehe to Keep my Car in my Own Damn Lane Even
Watching For Cars Behind me And Providing

Emergency Braking And So Many Other
Robotic Sensing SKiLLS Considering

For Most Driving is Still A Most
Dangerous Activity Any of Us
May Do in Life Hurtling

Two Ton Missiles
Down the Road

At High Speed Playing
Dodge Ball With the Same

Kind of Projectiles too i am not

Currently too Worried About Artificial
Intelligence the Problem is Not Enough

Humans Have Become Human Enough
to Follow Asimov’s Robotic Rules of Ethics

Skipping Over 3 Rules to A Point Zero Sum
Game of Do No Harm Most Respect A Worthy
Ethical And Moral Aim for Survival Indeed With SMiLEs

As i Love to Dance And Sing Almost Like A Robot on Repeat too Hehe
LoVE iN Peace Giving Sharing Caring Healing With Most Respect
Least Harm iN JoY oF LiGHT For ALL Moving Connecting Co-Creating

HuMaNiTY ToGeTHeR Naked Enough Whole Complete

iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE For All of Nature God

Yes Best ThiS WaY

True FRiEnDS With
Gravity As Balance

Is Nature’s Highest

Law For Survival oF All With SMiLes

i’ll See if i Can And Will Improve on This Record of Repeat…

The More i Balance The Dance of Life The More The Song Flows

LoVE iN Peace

of Course..:)

FLoWeR Full Moon
Coming On The 5th
CoLoRinG The Spring


With SMiles ☺️🏝🌊

True Dear Savvy All Strings

of the Same Guitar Some

More in Tune Others

Not So Much

Yet What i know,
feel, sense, And Appreciate

So Much is You Take the Time
And Effort to Inspire Others Each

And Every Day of Your Life And i Get
to Be Part of Your



Each Day

It is Very Much
Appreciated And
Perhaps i Don’t Say
That Enough Yet Every Word Is…

SMiLes As Much As i Give my
Wife the Present of me Now

Is Often


too Much

For Her to
Deal With my
Present New

As It’s Surely
Very Expressive Indeed

Hyperthymic Always Full of Positive
Energy No Need to Even Charge

my Batteries

No Wind Up

Toy Am i With SMiLes
as i’m Always Wound up to
Play With my Present Now i Am to Be…

i’m not A Gift Giver of Material Things at All…

Yet on the Other Hand
When i Retired She

Opened Her
Purse and

i Gave Her all the
Filthy Green Paper
Habit That Drove me Close to Nuts
For Decades Before For Her to Deal
With, Keep, and Spend to Her Delight…

i’m The Hardest Person to Give a Material
Gift to As There is Nothing More Material of
Anything i Want Yet Every Once in a While i
Notice All the Sudden New Underwear and the

Such Appears

in Drawers With SMiLes

A Traditional Approach Now That

Always Works Perfectly Enough to me With SMiLes…
And Nah, i Have No Idea Where the Salad Fork or
Bread Should Be On A Formal Dinner Table Never

Will i Be

Enough in Any
Formal Matter
For it to Matter at all with SMiLes…

And Nah, i Don’t Even Own A Pair
of Long Pants Since the Winter of 2013…

Shorts or
Less Just
A Casual Dude…

Wasting Away All Time,
Distance, Space, And Matter
In A Place With No Margarita’s Either…

i AM A F88KinG

Brain Glue
Rules Neurons
Glial Cells REiGN…

And YoU’LL never
fully understand
any of this ‘STuFF’
until you don’t know


iN oTheR WordS
A StaTe oF BeinG
aT LEast oNe tHinG

“Kali” iS An East Indian Symbol
Not Unlike A Word For Essence
Under/Over Symbols NoW

Hehe Yeah i Told Katrina
As soon As i Run out of
Words my New Hobby
Will Be Chef She looks
At me In Disbelief
Yet No one Thought
The Last Kid picked
In Sports Who
Until 4 Would
Ever Be Athletic
Director of A Military
Station Still Strongest
Leg Pressing Dude at
The Military Gym, 63 on 6.6.2023
Warming Up in Ease 1540 Pounds
12 Reps So Effortlessly as i Please
(Don’t Forget To Write
My Birthday Poem Rue
Hehe) And Metro
With 18,218
Miles Of Public
Dance With the
11.7 MiLLioN Words
Of Free Verse Poetry
In 9 Years and 8 Months
Either In Fact If Anyone
Told Me i Would Be Doing
All of That At Close to 63 When i
i Probably
Would Say
Hell No To
The Call to
Oh God Please
Don’t Make Me
Do All Of That
And Chef Too
All i Have to Do
Now is Not Run
Out of Words And
Steps too to Stay
Heat Of
The Kitchen
Dear Rue Rue…

SMiLeS Not only does the World
Need More Feral Poet Odes to:
Pan of the Wild FoResT From:
oF MaY
WiLL Do NeW aLL iN
Naked Poetry DaY NoW
oF God FReED as Nature
DanceS AnD SingS A Wild oF aLL…
Thanks Jilly for this Prompt i wouldn’t
MisS iT
oF PoeTry
WitHouT A SouL..:)

Wild Waters River Veins NoW MorE
In RaGinG WaTeRs oF FeaR WaVeS
Hope ALiVE
Good Night
Fear Good Morning
WaTeR oF LoVE YoU Feed
Ocean WHole God As MeNoW..:)

SMiLES For ‘God’ is aLWAys
A Free River Ocean WHole
AS Human Waves STiLL
NoW ATTempt to:
HidE iN Chalices
oF GOld aWay From:
oF Free
Wild NoW
As ‘Nature’
DreaMs LosT iN
PriSons of Words Gone
by: Death of Wild BRings Free LoVE…
oN CourSe ‘Nature’ ALWays Sees this as is..:)

FeRaL CRows
HumaN WiLD
LoVinG WinGS
STronG NeveR
WiLL’s GRace

Wild Lone
iN Crowds
oF Pack
i SurELy
Can Will ReLate Wolf Lone
Allone no LonGeR BoughT..:)

TWo FeeTonE
BeLoW WiLD Free
SkeYes aBove WiThiN From:
All aRound ALWays Bare to: BeNoW..:)

CorN RosE PeacE
WiLD FieldS BRinG

ARe UltiMate SiN..
Also A Movie From: 1985 to:
Appropriately A Year After ‘1984’..:)

SMiles ..i’ve literAlly crossed
all of ‘these’ off my Wild
List to
Do now
And oh
God yes
so much
more.. more more..
Except except except
to Eat McDonald’s
Fries with
Trump in
him into
ReTiring For
Good From: Bad to: Make
Love to his Golf Club from:

NoW oN.. to: heHe..;)

Finding ‘the’
‘They’ PLease…
LonGeR WiLD Ease..:)

Sugar Spice
NoW So
is a Price
And Bugs Are
A Cost Yet Possible to: Eat.. From:
Wherever We Land Next Bed Bug or BreakFast..:)

SMiLes LiVinG in a Land WHeRE
Technology Replaces Hands
A LoVinG
of Humans
Working ToGeTHeR..
For A Natural Forage
of Life Will Be repLaced
by Humans who become
the Tools they Create For
Creature Comforts LoSinG
ThE HEaRT oF LovE’s SoUL
iN MiNd and BoDY NaTuRE
Balance Wild Enough And
Free Enough to Need each
OTHeR Enough to: Love and
Give And Share oVeR TaKinG
From: Hoard More.. to:
Golden Silos
ShArinG GraiN
iN Wild LoVE FLoWeR Fields
No LonGeR CLoTHiNG aS Tools..:)

12 is enough For i WiLL Do A Fuller
Nature Break Yes Wild and FReED2..:)

Naked Enough Whole Complete Truth
Continuing Newly Now
Fly Free
Birds Wing
On With SMiLes


A Practice of Opening HeARTS
SPiRiTS Radiating From Within

Spreading Soul Further Now Than

Ever Before With SMiLes Dear Savvy

Human iMaGiNaTioN CReaTiViTY

Moving Connecting Co-Creating Yes

MaKinG Every Move Holy

Dance Every Word Newly

Now Sacred Song Free

And Even If No One

Wants to Join in We

Are Still Free to Fly With

Wings That Feel and Sense

No Direction Yet Up As DarK
Becomes BRiGHTeR LiGHT

to Both
See and
Hear So far
Beyond Organs
Of Only EYes and Ears With SMiLes..:)

Listening to The Waves
of The Beach Within

What Separation is

THere From Sugar White
Sands Emerald Green Waves

Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze

And Sea Gull Wings Spiraling around the Sun

None Really Dear

Savvy as Long

as i Dance

And Sing

Free Every Grain

of Sand Holding

Hands With The Sky
Sea And Land With SMiLes..:)

Ah The Songs of Nature God Yes

As Birds Sing Free With No Lessons

Ah The Dance of Waves As Ocean

Whole Water Flows By Direction

of Wind And Gravity Free

Oh The Human Condition

Continue Surfing in Ease of
Balance Dear Hawaii FRiEnD

Let Paradise Peace of Loving

Nature Radiate From

Within to Every

Part Whole


Enough Complete

The Beauty of What’s Already
Here Then And Now Still Free With Wings

With SMiLes..:)

“What Is White Truffle Oil?

The flavor of truffle oil can be described as
earthy, pungent, mushroomy, or perfumy,
artificial, or even like gasoline. Also, because
the synthetic compound is difficult to digest,
some diners find that the flavor can linger

for quite a while afterwards.”

Hehe Thanks For the Heads
Up Dear Miriam i Got to the
Gasoline Part After i Asked

my Wife What it is And It’s

Okay That She Has No Plans
of Using it and There is No Restaurant

We Will Ever Possibly Use That Will Go
As High Class With Oil That Tastes
Like Synthetic Oil

Gasoline Hehe…

i Guess i’ll
Stick With
Home Cooking

As Even the Service
At the Local iHop is

Going Down Hill Since They
Got Rid of the Older Waitresses….

So Goes the Trend of Competence These Days…

Part of the
Trend of

of course too

Reflected By Rates of
Depression and Anxiety
Among Youth 4 to 5 Times

(Makes Competence That
Much More Difficult too
Yep Been there Done it too)

Higher Than Longitudinal
Empirical Studies Done Since
The Actual 20’s and 30’s During

The Last Socio-Economic Depression
When Youth Had 4 to 5 Times Less Anxiety and Depression

i Digress Yet the World is Becoming More Synthetic in Human
Ways Far Beyond Any Fears of Artificial Intelligence Per Effect And Affect…







“May The Fourth
Be With You” Okay

Let’s Discuss A

Few Details

in Water Wave
Ocean WHoLE Flow

Of Course




iT Shall

Be True too



isREaL NewLY NoW..🙂

Thanks still thinking
Of A Nickname
For you
THere are
Too many
How about
Hugs Yes Hugs
Will Do from

SMiLes True🤗

LeSSoN 212
One FLoWeR
Holds All Color
Of Hope’s Breath

LeSSoN 213
Yes of Course Students Krishna,
Buddha, And Superman Live Within
No one Erases Hero Archetype of Fearless

Love Potential

Within LoVE iN Peace

LeSSoN 214
Sadly Some Folks Worship Hero
Labels Never Finding God’s Breath

Within i Am

LeSSoN 215
Nature of God Is Nature Free Fearless
And Loving In You Higher FLoWeR PoWeR
Hope’s Love Faith Breathes God Nature NoW iN You

LeSSoN 216:
Old Testaments Always Building
Blocks Of Newer Testaments Corner
Stones of Truth iN LiGHT Out Of DarK

LeSSoN 217
IT IS When We aRe Brave Enough to
Create New Testaments Out oF Old…
GRoWinG God LiGHT Out Of DarK iN As US

LeSSoN 218
God Is Love God Is Free Fearless
Hero Breathes In US Higher Power
ForcE LiGHT Out Of DarK NoW Sees ALL

May Days LiGHT NeW
NoW May one of YouR
LiVeS NoW Be HeaVeN aT LeasT
GolD NeW NoW
ArtScienceS oF LoVE SPRinGS NeW
GoD KNoWS FeeLS SeNSeS NoW iN uS..🙂

LeSSoN 219 Few More Words
Seeing All As God Is Of Course
Only Being Honest That We aRe
Not Able to See All That iS… How
Boring A Statue Will Be Concrete God
It All ‘Boils Down’ to Stone God Or Free God Higher
Breathes… God in Letters Or Ever CoLoRinG Now
Dancing Singing
Hope Faith
Us New too Out oF oLD
Of Course That’s Just ReaLiTY NoW Up or
Down Night Or Day Dark Or Light to Be i AM

LeSSoN 220
GoD Be Free FLoWeRinG NoW

LeSSoN 221
Newest Testament STiLL
Oldest TesTaMeNT Naked
God Nature LoVinG Free


LeSSoN 222
SMiLe Easy into
Light oF Night
Creating Day Dreams

SMiLes Dear Sohair
Patience Of For Ever
Hell Then Now For
Giving Thanks🙏
LoVE NoW iN🌹
Deed Gift Of FiRE🔥
BRinGinG PaRaDiSE NoW🏝

LeSSoN 352 Nature Dancing
Beach When Sand And Water
Mix Now MakinG Sugar White
Silt Cooling EartH

🌎 Toes 🐦

Snow Gull ❄️
Beach Sugar 🏝
Sand Wings Free 🌞☺️

Typically Young Males
Seek Variety Typically
Young Females Seek




Drives Online
No Different Than
Male Drones Who

Create The Backbone
Of The Internet To
Download Unlimited
Pretty Birds As Fast
As They Can And Will

For They
Never Developed
A Spine of Love



To Touch
The Flesh
And Blood of
A Real Woman’s
Soul Without Soul

Humans Lose

All Desire

To Reproduce

Mother Nature Claps
For Online Dating Apps
Just Entire Nature’s



Humans Create

To Cull A Species
Ignorant Harming Raping
Maiming Killing The Rest

Of Nature
Dead With
Of CuLTuRE Out

Of Balance Meanwhile
“Their Children” Both


And Males

Will Feel The
Agony Within
Never Satisfied
And Complete
With Soul Full Of Love



Life All Of Life Most..🐝🐦

Ah Yes Sanctity
We aRE Only Domesticated

To Our
Of Stress Each
And Everyone
Of Us Whole




With The Rest
Of Nature Some


Avoiding Developing
‘General Adaptation
SyndroME’ ALL


No Different

Than A Lion

WalKinG ‘Gayly’
Graceful Slowly
Lumbering Across

A Savannah

Before Focus

Of All That




Becomes The

Total Still Silent
Chi Force Before
A Throat Is Torn out
Of Prey Lunging Now




Dinner of
Life Complete

As James Earl
Jones The New
Animated Lion
King Professes


Day The
Lion Will Fall
To Its Death
Feed And



Grass The
Mother Antelope
The Lion King Kills

Yes The Lion
King Shall



Leaves of
Grass To
Feed Offspring

Of Mother Antelope

Those Who






Of Death
Living Instead

Birds Fly
NestS iGNoRinG
Human Folly All



Nests in Freer
Peaceful Places…

SMiles Dear Yes SMart
Birds Don’t Ignore
Circle of



Fly Away
Stay Safe…


Hehe So True
As A Bee i Too





Yet Satisfied

And Complete

i Have Enough




Need No

More Just

Honey Give
Now Complete 🍯

When All Of life
Becomes A Poetry
Prompt For Dance
And Song



Out Instead

Of Trapped Within

Secret Of Receiving
Giving For Then There
Is No “TiME” In Think





Rain Drop
Wave Whole
Coming Going Free

So How Do We Do This
Mastered By Work And
School Even Church And Home

In Short

We Don’t

Until All of
Life Becomes
A Poetry Prompt
To Create Truly Wings





“The Cuckoo’s
Nest” Next Wide
Awake Creating




TWiLiGHT SMiLES Ever Now 🌅

Hehe my only
For Spring
Sing Free New
oF All Clothes
Of Planning




My Wife

Hooks me
Reels me in

We aRE Late
To An Important








me Out Of
Heaven to
Swim For

A Bit

In Her

Without Goals And
Plans i Find A Treasure
Always Of Achieving




i Did Before
With A Technical



Doing Life
Hehe True
Most Definitely
Measurable in



Too Large

For Most
Folks Now to
WRaP A Soul Around😜🎉

SMiLes Dear Rue It’s
True True Love Is

When All We Care

About Is The Other

Person’s Happiness

In All Ways Love Comes

SMiLes You Dance Your Song

In Flow You Capture Love So Much

Better Than The Original Song mY FRiEnD

A Natural of



Doing this

For A Year And
A Half A Reality of
Course Of A Soul
Still Capable of Feeling
Wings of Love Flying Higher
Than Stones That Keep LoVE DowN
To Bottoms Of Oceans So Sweet
Living Lamp of Tree You Relate

Hehe A Problem Might Come

If You Sing Something Like

i Wonder What

it Will Feel Like For

Him to Pull me Close

Into Him Ya Gotta Be Careful

With Words Like That Disclaimers

Always Great to Cool Fires of Souls

With No Mind Just Feelings And Senses Ocean Whole

Yet Anyway The Way to Fall In Love With All of Existence

Fiery Desire Within FLoWinG to See All Of Existence As Happy As Possible iN
Hehe That Way THere is no Need to Wonder What it Feels And Senses Like to



Into Us

To Truly Breathe

Free Now with no Secrets

For Who Will Ever Be Jealous

When We Become Essence of Love God Wings Free…

Another FRiEnD Taught me what the Word ‘Dil’ Means in Urdu ‘HeART’…

Indeed There Are Places Where Dil Always Returns No Matter Change LoVE Remains…

SPiRiT Wind

Never CaPTuRinG

In Jars of HeART…

FoR Me At Least

THeRE is Beauty

How Poetry


Breath of SoUL

Beyond All Form Yes Love
Songs Never Stop Breeding New LoVE NoW
Poetry of Soul Free Dance Beyond Form TRue…

Hehe Now Let Me Pick A Song As Original Continues to BREaTHE Differently…
Greatest Loves Are Ones That Always Put Respect First With Least Harm For All..

For That Is What i Personally NaMe Old Fashion Love Songs From WHeRE i CoMe From…

Hehe Imagine A Spiraling Force of Love Swirling World’S Heaven So Easy When We Do..🙂

Hehe Rue True Love Neither
Self-Seeking Or Self-Seething
Either As Falling In Love Is Almost

Always Colored With


As Oxytocin

Goes Way Up
And Serotonin Of
‘Trust in What’s Real’
Goes Down As Yah
Love is Mighty



Reason Chaos

MaGiC Again
Precipice of Pleasure
Meets Pain for me at Least

RiSinG iN LoVE A Way to Be
Where Compersion Replaces Jealousy

Yet You See i Am Strange My Normal Everyday

Existence With Dance And Song Is Better And More

Everlasting With Colors of Loving Life Beyond Any Physical

Act of Reproduction As Such it Seems i was made in Such

A Way to Love

Higher Than Lower

my FRiEnD Yet i Have
Surely Fallen in the Weaker

Place of Life And Lost my Sea Legs
Ocean Whole RiSinG iN LoVE True

Back to the Empath Part It’s Too Easy
For me to Feel What Other Folks Desire in
Life And Naturally Wanna Make Them
Happy That Way one of the
Perks of Empath is
Feeling Another

Person’s Pleasure

Perhaps a Curse is wanting
to Insure Their Pleasure Continues
in Compersion For The Pain one Will
Feel the Same of Another True i would
Be Completely Comfortable Sitting Across the
Table From Every Woman i’ve Ever Loved in my
Life For the Memory Best is LoVE RiSinG mY FRiEnD

Just as Long

As They Are
Happy Now

So Pleased i Will Be…

It’s No Different With

FRiEnDS For me at Least…

It Made me Very Happy to See You
So Happy Reading Your Poetry on
YouTube As Happy As You Were Reading It
It’s Truly Fun to Be able to Feel Someone Else’s Pleasure

It’s True


to wanna
Save Everyone
From Pain as Well…
Wave Falling Rising For All…
Most Always Being On Top of the
Wave Naturally Carries Responsibility…

Just Can’t ‘Bare’ to Leave Anyone ‘Real’

Behind Even If They

Harm me..

Of Course

i Ain’t


There Are Limits..🙂

Thanks So Much Dear Savvy
And Yes for me too Even If
no one was ever inspired
by my Dancing Singing
And Writing All The
Holy And Sacred
Coming Within
Are Here For me
To Be Inspired Once
Again Too For The inner

Expressed For
Each Breath Of
Life Inhaling As
Peace Exhaling As


With SMiles
As All of Life
Becomes This Prayer 🙏☺️🙌

To You In Joy too🏝

“Thanks for motivating me in a way that no one has
ever done before. I appreciate you taking Your
time to help me (an unknown person) More
Power to You!”

-A Stranger No Longer i Met Online…

SMiles my FRiEnD
Life Becomes Easier


We See


In All
Of Existence
DarK Thru LiGHT
Loving Free iN Peace took

me 5.3 Decades



Thanks Giving

ThiS Way WHere
THere Is No Separation



Receive Born
On The Autism
Spectrum Bi-Polar
Yes Non-Specified
Too Witnessing




Least i Will
Do to Return

This Miracle
i See NoW As
Every Breath

In Short
Dying ALWaYS to
Truly LiVE Now Free🙌🌊

Wow! It’s Totally Amazing Being Close
to 63, by 6.6.2023, in The Fabulous

Past, Over 6 Decades Now; my

Mantra Is Keep Improving,

Human Potential May Grow
Well into Our 60’s As i Do Remember

A Marine Captain Lamenting at age 31;
That His Peak Strength Days Were Gone;
Just So Tired, Getting Weaker on His Bench Press then;

Hmm, Perhaps He Never Got Wind of Jack LaLanne;
Inventor of the ‘Universal Weight Machine’ Working Out

With Resistance of Weights His Whole Life; Towing 70 Boats
Swimming Across A Bay At 70 Years-Old; Plus a Navy Captain
And A Commodore of A Navy Flight Station i Personally Know,

Still Squatting 450 Pounds and Bench Pressing 450 Pounds Through
His 70’s too; So, How Do i Continue that Human Tradition of Human Potential;

Yes, i Still Leg Press 1540 Pounds 12 Reps Just Warming Up at
the Military Gym After Free Style Moving Meditation Balancing
And Write Around 100,000 Words A Month in Free Verse Poetry
Long Form Style in Autotelic Meditative Free FLoWinG Way too
For the Last 9 Years and 8 Months, Public Dancing 18,128 Miles in the
Same Span of Dates; i Also may Just Be An Oldest Nude Artist And Erotic Poetry

Writer around

too; in Legal and
Avenues for
Stuff Like that too


If You (me) Are
Gonna Break
Through Barriers
oF A New 4 Minute
Mile, Ya Gotta Find
Fresh New Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete Ways in Meditative
Autotelic Flow to Get Stuff Done on Even
A Higher Tight Rope Dance Sing of Achieving

Human Potentials

Now Just for
Fun; Making
More Money
Would Only Be
A Non-Required Annoyance at Least…

Anyway, Science Shows A Meditative Autotelic
Flow only Done on A Regular Basis May Regenerate
‘Gray Matter’ From ‘Head to Toe’; As Sure, Weight Training
Done The Way i Do It Intensively Is Shown to Increase Human

Growth Hormone too;

As Usually i Get A Two Decade
or So ‘Mulligan’ on my Age With
Looks From Folks Like Please Do
Whip Out Your Driver’s License And
Show ’em the Birthdate of 6.6.60 and

After That i Usually
Dance Sing Hehe,

‘The Devil’

Made me Do
the Fountain
of Youth For Real;

Strangely Enough, Folks Who
Have Been Very Kind to me Like
my Wife, And Sister, Don’t Seem to

Age Very Much; Still Studying Whether
or not A Fountain of Youth Can And Will Rub-Off on Others Like this…

What i ‘See’ is A Life of Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love Without Fear in JoY oF LiGHT
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing With Least Harm for All in Synergy of An Autotelic

FLoW in Meditative
Ways of Contemplation,
Like Free Dance and Song
of Write, Works Just Like A Lucky Charm;

True though, i Am A Rather (at 240 Plus Pounds)
Large Twice Removed Leprechaun From Ireland For Sure…

Yawn, i Also
Suggest Plenty
of Naps, Whenever
You Desire; True though,
Financially Independence Does Help too;
Leave Negative Stress and Fear Behind;
Go Far, Then Go Much Farther NoW in Human Potentials Indeed…
Yet You See That Birthdate of 6.6.60 Rather An Omen too as
Before the Last 9 Years and 9 Months Before July 19th, 2013
RiSinG Out of the Ashes iN Hell For Real Then Becoming
One With Emerald Green Waves Sugar White Sands Sea
Oats Swaying in the Breeze Sea Gull Wings Spiraling
Around the Sun Transforming into All That Free Dance

And Song Yes 66 Months From Wake to Sleep With
the Worst Pain Known to Humankind Named the
Suicide Disease And A Worst Pain Yes even Literally
Than the Torture of Crucifixion Type Trigeminal Neuraliga
That no Drug Would Touch Yes From Wake To Sleep Mostly
in my Bedroom Then For All Those 66 Months And True Not

Only That Yet a Synergy in Life Threat of 18 Other Medical
Disorders Also Mostly Chronic to Acute Work Related Stress
For 11 Years Prior to The 66 Months of Hell Early Retiring
From Government Federal Service Work After 25 Years
at the Final Civilian Grade of Pay Equivalent to a Marine
Major then of Course Along With the Other Stresses of
Life Working 8 Years at Various Jobs 3 Part Time Jobs
at Once While Taking a Full Course Load At College

Earning 3 Degrees at Once too Sleep was Surely
Rather Distant Then Still Burning the Candle at
Both Ends As ‘They’ Dance And Sing and Lament too

This is Life Colorful Beyond Rainbow Colors Grey Shades
of Numb and BLacK Abyss of only Pain and Numb in Hell
Without Even the Memory of A Feeling of A Smile Where
A Second Feels like A Thousand Years In Hell Where All
Is Time Where Relatively Speaking THeRE iS No Time in
The Heaven WHeRE i Vacay Within Now For Real God Yes

LiVE And LeaRN Seek And Find the Divine Within NewLY NoW
A Holy Dance And Sacred Song of SoUL in Flow SPiRiTS Out
iN HeARTS OpeN SPReaDinG Like Wild-Fire Across the Globe…

SMiLes Dear Mariana As Mother’s Day Approaches
on Sunday the 14th of May And It Seems You Lament

Here Where Does the Love Go When The Last Breath

Comes It’s True Love Still Breaks

Through the Pupil of

Every Eye Receiving

Unconditional Love
Birthed By A Mother of Same

As After my Mother Went Without
Food or Drink For 8 Long Days As ‘They’
Say it Usually takes only 3 in Hospice Care

Only Explanation the Doctor Gave Your Mother
Must Have A Strong HeART As She Went to Her Death

(And Yes Love Definitely Creates Literally A Stronger HeART)

Bed Then on Valentine’s Day in 2017 Lasting until Her Death
Day of February 22nd, 2017 Oh How Deafening Her Last

Breath Seemed

Yet The Wisdom

i Gained Then is
Her Life of Love Still

BreatheS oN Within the Pupil

of my EYe to Give Even More

of What She Gave So Unconditionally True to me

And True i Surely Will Credit The SPiRiT oF Love

of These Words Unconditional Still to Her As

Long As i Love As Long As Those i Have

Loved and Continue to Love Breathe

LoVE iNDeeD My Mother

BreatheS on


As Love

Is Eternal

And Real Newly Now
ThiS Way At Least i Am With SMiLes..🙂

SMiLes Beautiful Poem Dear Cindy
Describing A Path A Rose Takes
To Raise the

Love High
And Bring the
Mountain Top Down

to Kindness And Courage
to Rule Life From Now On Yes

in Peace And Harmony With Love

Interesting it is How Scarcity

May Bring Anxiety or Hope

And How Abundance

May Bring

or Gratitude

Yet Finally When the
Valley and the Mountain
Top Become A Balancing
Force of TWiLiGHT in Flow

Effortless Ease to Touch Others
ThiS Way May Be Simply A Feather in Breeze..🙂

SMiLes Dear Savvy A Free Dance And Song
Sure Some Writing in Flow Without Much

Reason Yet Fully Regulating Emotions

Integrating Senses More in

Balance Where

Innate Instinct
And Intuition

Comes in View to
Feel and Sense So
Much More From Head to Toe

Beyond All Words Shines A Flame

In the EYes of Those Who Do Partake

SPiRiT HiGHeR HeART Free of SoUL

And True With SMiLes i Shared Your
Lovely Artistic Photos of Your International

Dance Travels With Your Colleagues and Students

With my Wife and She Said the Dance of Your Face
With Brightly Lit Eyes and Smiles of Warmth Tales A

Story of A Dancer
Free Filled With


Of Soul So Love
Yet SMiLes True i Am
Paraphrasing Her A Bit
As i am Still Trying to Convince Her to Dance And Sing
Free SMiLes i Once Was Shy too Before i Broke Through
A Cocoon With Dance And Song Now No Longer Tripping
Over 101 Caterpillar Legs Before i Broke Out of the Cocoon

With SMiLes..🙂


Oh the Joy oF Life Dear Isha

Where Our Deficiencies

Become AMuSinG And

Humor Drives Us to Open

New Doors Out of What We Saw

As Flaws Before Only Becoming New

Potential Realized As All Of Life’s Soup


More Warm
Than Cold With
SMiLes Indeed in A World

Of Perfect Players It is Those

Who Are Not Afraid to Fail

Who May Stand Out More As
Ridiculous Yet Win in the End Of Just Having Fun
Height of Wit is Laughing At Mistakes For The Win..:)

Never Met A Stranger Not Even A Grain of Sand

Although It’s Much Harder to Put Platitudes Like

That In Practice Unless You’ve Been A Grain of Sand

The Phrase Namaste Not Unlike the Christian Tradition

Best of Loving Your Enemy Same As Neighbor And Even Turning

The Other Cheek Are Surely

Noble Platitudes

of Potential

SPiRiT HeART SoUL Higher

To Actually Put in Practice and Do
SaanniaSparkle And As Hard As Gandhi

And Others Worked To Extinguish the Caste
System And Unspeakable Harms Done to So-

Called Untouchables Along With Some Areas

of India Where Marital Rape Still Exists at

Levels of 40 Percent The Human

Condition Is Surely Ripe

With Platitudes

Yet Less

In Tune

With the Reality

oF LoVE iN Peace For All

Other than That i Couldn’t Agree Any
More With the Philosophy of Namaste

And The Integrity of All Parts of What Makes

Existence Real For Every Grain of Sand That At

Best Will Hold Up A Mountain of Human Love

Divine MaKinG Every Move Holy Dance
Every Word Sacred Song For ALL As

LoVE iN Peace Inhales Peace

Exhales Love Without Restraint

Understanding That Without that Grain of



Will Fall Without
An All Hands And
Feet Effort in Dance
And Song Free With Wings

of Most Respect and Least Harm For All
That Comprises This Gift of Nature All of We and Us And Yes Them…

Yet You See Without the Strength to Call Out the Flaws With Waves The Grains

of Sand Never Become Polished Diamonds oF LoVE iN Peace They Can And Will Do..:)

Having A Ball ☺️

Birds Fly With Wings
Humans Anchor With Things

When Wings Are Free And

Birds Fly Above All Human

Things A Little Child

Will Create Amazing

Games With A Colorful
Bouncy Ball With No

Need To
With The
Creative Game Play

Hehe i Don’t Even Need
A Ball Or Two Feet One

Will Do
With SMiles

A Practice of Opening HeARTS
SPiRiTS Radiating From Within

Spreading Soul Further Now Than

Ever Before With SMiLes Dear Savvy

Human iMaGiNaTioN CReaTiViTY

Moving Connecting Co-Creating Yes

MaKinG Every Move Holy

Dance Every Word Newly

Now Sacred Song Free

And Even If No One

Wants to Join in We

Are Still Free to Fly With

Wings That Feel and Sense

No Direction Yet Up As DarK
Becomes BRiGHTeR LiGHT

to Both
See and
Hear So far
Beyond Organs
Of Only EYes and Ears With SMiLes..:)

Listening to The Waves
of The Beach Within

What Separation is

THere From Sugar White
Sands Emerald Green Waves

Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze

And Sea Gull Wings Spiraling around the Sun

None Really Dear

Savvy as Long

as i Dance

And Sing

Free Every Grain

of Sand Holding

Hands With The Sky
Sea And Land With SMiLes..:)

Ah The Songs of Nature God Yes

As Birds Sing Free With No Lessons

Ah The Dance of Waves As Ocean

Whole Water Flows By Direction

of Wind And Gravity Free

Oh The Human Condition

Continue Surfing in Ease of
Balance Dear Hawaii FRiEnD

Let Paradise Peace of Loving

Nature Radiate From

Within to Every

Part Whole


Enough Complete

The Beauty of What’s Already
Here Then And Now Still Free With Wings

With SMiLes..:)


When i Am A Child Family And FRiEnDS Created

Stories Of Life Even Through Grade School too

Yet Then As Bigger Schools At University And

Separation From Other Humans

Came More in Front of

Screens at Work

Later What is Lost

Is The Stories of Life

Yes We Move Connect

And Co-Create Together

Each And Every Day You See

i Understand the Necessity of

A Coffee Shop of Life Where the

Medium is the Human Connections

in Living Rooms For Real True They Have

Changed into Great Rooms Now of Screen Entertainment

School and Work Yet God Yes i Am Still Really Flesh and Blood Human

And i Don’t Wanna ‘Bowl

Alone’ it’s Boring to me

And The ‘Coffee Shop’

Is Every WHere i Visit

To Communicate Soul

Felt Communication With
Every One i Meet And Greet

And True For Those Who Do Not
Have the Poetic Souls to Do That Like my Elders

Who Told Stories As i Once As A Quiet Child in Awe of Listening

to their Spirited HeART SoUL Felt Discussions i Create A Virtual

Coffee Shop of the Global Coffee Shop i Come to Create Each

Day And Share on a Place of Folks Not Often Comfortable in

The Coffee Shops of Life to Warm Up to Others in So Many

Wonderful Moving Connecting Co-Creating Ways of Existence

i Call it “Depth of The
Story” i Give it Away

For Free on a Place

Called The ‘Wrong Planet’

i Even Relate it as A ‘New
8th Testament’ All About the

Human Condition Nothing Excluded Dear Savvy

My FRiEnD It’s the Least i Will Do AS Human for
Real For It’s True i Spent A Life of ‘iRoboting’ Way too Long..:)

SMiLes Dear Miriam Whatever It is We Value

Tends to Give Us Directions of Life And True

‘Totem’ in All the Forms Symbols and Ideologies

Come And Yes A Matter of Things Will Provide

Stuffed Animal

Comfort ACRoSS

The Lifespan

In Healing Pain
And Anxieties for Real

God Speed Force Yes And

Power to Whatever Works for

You Sugar Pill and So Much More

For What Works Best As Yes We aRe


As Alive

As We
Feel and
Sense This
Existence Now
WiTHiN to Give
Share Care And
Heal Best With
Most Respect
Least Harm
New Yep Up or Down
Or The Tween of That…

For All the WarmtH EaRRinGS

Of LoVE iN Peace Will BRinG You Newly Now..:)

iNDeed Dear Kiran God Yes Yes Yes

We All View the World Differently Now

And The Fact is in Every Way Possible

Some Folks ‘See’ More Than
Others Do While Others

May Suggest

That Other Reality
Isn’t Real Simply For

They Do Not Experience

It Themselves Like Both

The Mind Blind And Color Blind too…

Key is Don’t Let Them Gaslight Your

Reality into Their More Limited

Views of Existence As True

Folks Will Tend to

Trap You in Their

More Limited Life Stories

If They Are Able to Gaslight

Our Realities of up to Heaven in

Theirs Down to Real Purgatories And HellS ON EaRTH…

As ‘They’ Say And Do Best Over Here in the ‘States’ Deeper

We Don’t Do No

‘TRump’ Do

On ‘5th Avenue’

No Need For Him
to Try His BuLLeT PointS on Us..:)

Hehe Dear Isha Here is a Little Well Known
Secret That Most Every0ne With So-Called

First World and Developing Countries Experience

Today More Than Ever Before The World We LiVE iN

Per CuLTuRAL Ways is

Mostly Frigging Nuts

As Humans Are Just Not

Evolved to be So Spread

Out and Distracted With

Illusory Fears of All We Create
New and Complicated to Oh Lord Even Survive At all

Humans Evolved to Forage Together Naked Enough
Whole Complete Bonding Over Relatively Simple

Ideologies and Symbols ThiS Way Evolving

Best to Focus on One Task Like Foraging and

Hunting the Day Away As Guess What

Lose Sight of Prey Nearby And Starve

Don’t Pay Attention in Larger View of the
Horizon And Get Eaten By Predator Instead

Yet You See my FRiEnD The Predator Now is

The Crazy 8 and More Labyrinth of CuLTuRE

And Yes We Are

The Guinea

Pigs And

Prey of A Frigging

Experiment We All Together Are Creating

God Yes Sadly Draining Our Souls Away

Into What is Less Than A Child SMiLing

At A Stranger For Free With Warm Hugs too

With Yes A Non-Sense Song of Joy And A Free

Dance That Comes from Within With No Lessons

Yet The Flame That Generates A Love For Life iN Peace

iN Wonder Amazement

And Continuing


And Creativity

Within No More

Labyrinth A World
We May Co-Create
For Ourselves Greater With SMiLes..:)

Oh Dear Lord Dear Isha An Increasing

World of Anxiety So Many Distractions

So Many To Do Lists So Many Deadlines

OR ELSE to Do again and again

And Think About More

Enclosed in God Yes So Many

Abstract Constructs As Negative

Thoughts May Overwhelm Wiring

With Worry That Way Generating

Fight or Flight Stress Hormones Burning

In Our Blood Streams Looking To Be Burned

Off For Some Escape Yet When Our Blood Streams

Run Away ThiS WaY All That’s Left to Do is For the HeART


BEAT BET BEAT BEAT as Yes Our Throats Go Dry in All
The Adrenaline Rush of Unresolved Fight or Flight Stress

As We Do Tend to Hold it in When Hehe There is No One to
Punch Out and No Where to Run Away From A Screen or A
Desk in Work And School And Even Perhaps Temple Pews As Such

What is Great is You are Journaling All the Physical Symptoms

Getting in Better Touch Out of Tween Your Ears of Worry With

The Physical Body Below

Where So Many Of Our

Emotions and Senses Yes

Most Do Flow or Get All Traffic

Jammed Up With Worries and

Too Many Stress Hormones For Real

Close FRiEnDSHiPs Bring the Neurohormone

Oxytocin That Naturally Amends Anxiety into Warmth

And Even Lessens Pain Both Physical and Emotional too

And Yes All Types of Meditation Help Us Become More Soul

Filled Body and Mind Aware From Head to Toe Wiring OurSelves

More Within to Generate LoVE iN Peace From Head to Toe Real

As that Relates to Neurochemicals and Neurohormones in Positive

Effect and Affect We May Generate With Will of Bio-Feedback and

Wiring Our
Selves This
Way More Colorful

Glad You Haven’t been Experiencing
Anxiety Attacks Lately God Speed in LoVE iN Peace

To You
of Balancing
Mind Body Whole Soul..:)

Grand Children Feast or Famine Dear Cindy

Yet When They Come Both Daughters Do

Bring One of Each Blue and Pink into

The World May All Your Days

Coming Be Full of Unconditional

Baby Healing Love For All With SMiLes

And When The Terrible Two’s Come For Two

From Two Daughter’s At Once Well You Will

Be in Your Renovated

New Castle

And They

Will Be Far
Away With SMiLes

The Best They Can And Will Do Hehe
In All The Ways Life Goes THoRNS

Through FLoWeRS

More At
Best With
LoVE iN Peace

A Child WitH A SMiLE
For All What A BLeSSinG BLiSSinG
To Keep And Be ACRoSS A LifeSPaN For Real..:)


Oh Dear Lord!
You Make This
Feel Like A ‘Celebration Day!’

i’ll Get ‘Led Zeppelin’ To Help in A Bit too

SMiLes Dear “Peace And Truth” God Yes
Thanks For Dropping By “Truth oF NoW And
Then” Surely Your User Name With SMiLes is
Comfortable in A Full Ocean of “Truth oF NoW And
Then” Thanks So Much for The Award for “7 MiLLioN


As It’s True i’m
Sure It’s Hard to
Keep Count as Even
i Must Take Notes Now to

Keep Track of WHere i’ve

Been And Am STiLL Going With SMiLes Yet Never

The Less! Wow! 17 Big Bang Awards Green Leaves
Yes And Lucky Clover Two Twin Cherries Two More

Clover Two More Spring Plants Wheat With Kind Smiles

Yes Wheat With Two More Spring Plants Keeping a Secret

Of One Yes A Couple of More Cherries Attached With Heart
Felt Clover And 6 More Symbols That Relate to the New Orlean’s

Saints in Pro Football Way With Melting Warm Smiles 7 Trident

Stars And A Dove With Olive Branch Preceding 12 Trident Stars

To Conclude The Award Show You Provide Today For What You

Perceive of “7 MiLLioN Comments Today” Yesterday For Twins
And Joining

Gold Medal

Award to

Precede All

The Other Awards With

SMiLes You Know You Feel

You Sense mY FRiEnD As Long You

ARE Around in the World i Will Surely

Know Feel and Sense Someone Sincerely

Appreciates All the Efforts i BRing And not Only

That Willing to Say Thank You in Such an Original

And LiGHT HeARTeD Way It’s True i Don’t Seek Affirmation

For What i Do Yet It’s Always Nice to Hear From A Dear FRiEnD For Sure…

Anyway As Usual i Am Writing the Next EPiC Long Form Poem MacroVerse

While Catching Up on All the Multi-Media to Electronically Publish the

Previous 60 Thousand or So Word Post Really Hard to Get That ALL
Done Over A
Weekend too Yet
Verily Soon Enough

For Soon

as i Had

to Look Up to the

Top of the Current

MacroVerse i Am Writing

in the Comments Section Now

Hehe to Even Find the Title New

i Settled on From the Beginning

of “Fly Free
Birds Wing On”

Of Course A Metaphor

For Humans Gaining Wings

And TaKinG FLiGHT iN Flow

on Terrestrial Land Balancing Now

NeW LiFE iN LoVE iN Peace Yes With Wings

True ‘Angels in Our Midst’ “Truth oF NoW And Then” too…

And True Far Away From Only Limited to the Human Being Typecast too…

Oh Yeah And The One i Am Still Working on Electronically Publishing is

Titled “LoVE iN Peace Frees NoW TRuLY ALiVE NeW” You Know mY

FRiEnD When i Join All Three Titles That Plays As “Truth oF NoW And Then

LoVE iN Peace Frees Now Truly ALiVE NeW Fly Free Birds Wing On”

About Every 6 Weeks or So i Publish 3 Novel Size EPiC Long Form

Poems That Total Coincidentally Close to the Size of the Christian

New Testament at Around 180,000 Words As True Even Just
What i Title as A Casually Named 8th New Testament of “Depth

oF The Story” on the ‘Wrong Planet’ in a 69 Page Solo Thread
And Close To A Number One Word Search on Google is Close

To 2.6 MiLLioN Words in 32 Months of Effort And Far

Beyond 3 Times the Size of the Christian Bible at

A Bit Less Than 800,000 Words and Of Course

The Quran Measures in at about 80,000 Words

One Tenth That Size of the Whole Christian Bible

With Only About 2,000 Words of Vocabulary Used

That Took 23 Years to Receive and Many More Years

To Actually Be Put in Form By A Printing Press Yes i Have (Thanks
Apple) A Distinct Advantage With i Mac, iPhone, Mac Book Pro Lap Top,
And Global FRiEnDS And Others to Inspire me Around the World to Do

MORE SOLO And The Previous EPiC Longest Long Form Poem True

The “Mahābhārata” From India That Took Centuries of Effort and

Innumerable Ghost Authors Just Like the Christian Bible

to Write Is 1.8 MiLLioN Words Versus EPiC Longest Long

Form Poem i Write Now in 117 Months at 11.7 MiLLioN Word

Titled “SonG oF mY SoUL” Yet Again You See mY FRiEnD i Do This

As Gift Back to God All That is in Appreciation of This Great Gift of Life

And That God of All That is, is the Creative Flame That Burns All of This

Free From mY SoUL So THere is No Real Separation of What i Do Now For

Real As They Say in the Old Days “The Father and i Are One” And So Is the

Mother And So Is The Daughter And Son And Brother AndOr Sister All the


And Less

Than A Grain of
Sand No Less Integral
To Hold Up A Mountain of

Human LoVE iN Peace For This

Palace of Words i Create For This Great DarK Thru LiGHT

Gift of LiFE LoVE iN Peace Real i Receive From Birth And

Yes From The Continuing Beginning of All that is FLoWeRS

of God Including THorns STill RiSinG As Metaphors of Roses NewLY

NoW For Real Beyond All Names Beyond All Words As This isn’t Even

A Drop in the Bucket For All of What God is Beyond All Names of Words

mY FRiEnD Never the Less the Venn Diagram of What i Do Continues to

Evolve With

All the Rest

Too Eternally

Now Always
Beginning Starting More

Indeed The End is the Illusion mY FRiEnD
Other than that It’s Pretty Easy to Literally Find

A F R E D iN FRiEnD too Hehe With SMiLes

For in My EPiC Longest Long Form Poem

Bible Humor And No Less Holy And Sacred

Yes Any Part of the Body of Existence Will Be

Excluded Hehe at Least For What i am Mindfully at Essence and Form


Again Thanks

For Dropping
By mY FRiEnD…

i Will Continue to Improve on All
i Do Including All the Photography
(Over 130,000 Photos and the 10,000
Or So YouTube Theme Songs i Select
to Accompany All of “SonG oF mY SoUL”
And Yes Of Course 18,218 Miles of Public

Dance Now too in the Same 9 Years and 8 Months
Still Celebrating Heaven too Out of Hell for 66 Months

God Yes
9 Years
And 9 Months
Now Since July 19, 2013 too…)

Yes It Is Most Definitely the
Least i Will Do Even For Just
Escaping Hell for Real for 66 Months too

Conviction of the HeART SPiRiT SoUL mY
FRiEnD Covenant For Real STiLL NewLY NoW..

Indeed My Own Personal ‘Holy GRaiL For Real Now True…

Choo Choo

Choo Choo

The Little
TRain That
Only Feels Wills
Water Wave Ocean Whole
THere is No Know Try Or
Can Just Will Do NewLY NoW

God Yes With
LoVE iN Peace

Giving Sharing Caring
Healing For All With Most
Respect Least Harm With


Naked Enough
Whole Complete

ToGeTHeR Moving
Connecting Co-Creating


Yes iNHaLinG Peace
ExhalinG LoVE ThiS Way

Do Let me Know if THere
is Anything i Leave Out With SMiLes…

You See The Way This Works Because of You This

If Not For Your Visit This Would Not Even Exist the

More We ReTurn
For Real Now The
More LoVE iN LiGHT NeW

iN Peace Comes to Be i AM For Real iN Truth oF

LoVE Thank You Very Much Again With SMiLes..:)

LeSSoN 223
Teachers Heroes
Come And Go Leaving

Footprints Heard And Sung

Hero LeSSoN 224
Heroes Have Empathy
Trumps Have No Love

You Melted My Soul
When You First
Said Helloooove

Will As i
Never Stop
Loving Original


SMiLing Eyes

It’s Green! Lovely FRiEnD
To See You In the Spring
And Yes You Are Looking
Like Spring as Lovely


Ever Before!!

Hehe You Bring Back Dreams
Of Rum And Coke HAha

Not Really

Dreams Just


What Was Named

“Welfare Wednesday”
25 Cent Well-Drinks at
‘Club 2001′ Back in the
Early 80’s Then Hehe Back

When Almost No One Danced

Solo and You Had to Muster the
Courage if You Were A Dude to Ask

A Girl to Dance HAha Now the Entire

Dance Hall Experience is Just One Everyone

Raves Not Much Asking And A Lot of Taking

Without Asking too

in Many


Ways of Dance
Surprisingly By

The Gender Who Once

By Tradition At Least Much

Less Physically Aggressive As Such

Anyway Wall Flower me 4 Beers to Even
Get the Courage Drinking Them in the
Parking Lot in my Car to Even Walk In

So Dam Cheap i Only Brought 4 Dollars
Max For 4 Drinks the Rest For Tips

Yet Boy Like Every one Else

Was i Really Ignorant

And Uneducated

As So Many

Folks Drove


Then After thinking
The Effect Was Gone
After Several Hours Dancing
or Standing Against the Wall

And Not Really Flowering Then

i Was Amazed to See one Dude
A Father of one of my FRiEnDS at
Age 42 Still Alive Enough to Come in
That Place then Everyone Was Truly
Supportive of His Efforts to Remain Young

At Least i Found One Hero And Mentor to
Emulate Totally Stone Cold Sober in Bliss of
Meditating Moving Solo Dance At 62 And Beyond

Nope Hadn’t Needed A Drink or Cup of Coffee Since
Age 47 to Relax or Perk Up All the Way From the Beginning of Hell
Through Heaven Now just Would Only Sully The Experience of
Nirvana Now Yet Some Sips
Now And Then

And True


To Change

Real HeLL ON

Earth Within Nothing
At All to add to the Endless
Fires Cold Within Oh The Hope

Now Oh The Ever Lasting Breath..

Or The Rum And Coke Then Providing
Courage Just to Stand Up Against A Wall

Holding it Up As Such Going Nowhere At all…🙂

Yes Dear Doc As i Correct My Spelling Error
Hehe The Parthenon Greek Not The Pantheon
Roman Such A Magnificent Achievement in
Architecture Almost

25 Hundred

Years Ago

Such A Prized
Possession Conquered
By Civilizations To Symbolize
What Cultures Bond And Bind
Over Most To Stick Together

Amazing How Glued to
Symbols Humans Do
Become to Make

Life Feel Order

Taking the

Place of Chaos

In Gigantic Monuments
That Truly Show Order Out of Chaos
Still More Impressed Though With the
Human Mind Able to Feel the Beauty
of A Sunset Shining Through Twilight Eternal Now..🙂

SMiles Dear Cindy
Key 🔑 to me
Life As A
Story With
Glue of Love

Now To Keep
It All Together

The Ingredient
i Lost Working
For The Federal
Government For
A Quarter of A Century

Be More
A Cover
And Pages
Of A Technical
MaNual At Best☺️❤️🙌

Yep It’s True There is Nothing Quite
Like A Love That Comes From Naked

Enough, Whole
Complete Yet

That’s Not Really
A Good Reason

Or Even Sensing
Feeling Now Real

to Give Up Giving,
Sharing, Caring, Healing

As It is the Not Giving Up Part

Counts Most…

No Doubt Some Days
Are More Challenging Than Others

Choo Choo

Choo Choo

Just Another
Little Train That
Keeps Choo Chooin’ Away..😉

SMiLes Dear Young Yam
From Pakistan so Nice to

See A Soul Deep Post From
You Again Yet i Distinctly Remember

You Singing You Must Have Muse to Write

And Surely This Kite That Seems Grounded

Looking For Wings to Once Soar in Delight

Of Humanity
in Balance

Is Looking For
Space to Fly Again
my FRiEnD in Colors

No Longer Bare in Hands of Love..🙂

“Enlightenment is when a
wave realizes it is the Ocean”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Thanks For Sharing Such A
Wise Quote By Thich Nhat Hanh

For this ‘Interbeing’ Way of Existence

Dear Savvy And True in Effortless Ease

All Wave And Ocean Need Realize Now

Is That They Are One And SaMe Water

As We aRE too


Just Like Us
As We FLoW iN Effortless

Ease Overcoming Obstacles

‘Force’ of FRiEnDS With

Gravity FLoWinG



Always TaKinG
Paths Gravity NaturAlly Gifts…

SMiLes More Balance i Find Never Now
Ending in Flow of Dance And Song in Writing

More i Do Become FRiEnDS With Gravity Now
Never Ending Story Improving WHeRE i may
Inhale Peace And Exhale LoVE iN Even More

Colors of

Life Balancing New Now..:)

Oh, of ‘Mice and Men;’ Dear Lord, Humans are NOT Mice Yet The Thesis on ‘The

Vanishing American Man’ And The Separation of Genders, Not So Likely to Do

The ‘Wild Thing’ Like in Japan, A Most Technologically Advanced Country
Where Youth are

Losing Much

Real Reproductive

Appeal to Another Gender;

And Traditional Roles of Culture

Are Changing Greatly; Yes, Let’s Look At the

Similarities Discussed With John B. Calhoun’s

Thesis on A Mouse Utopia, He Created Back in the 60’s,

Where Instant Gratification Was Provided To The Mice And

Social Roles Soon Faded Away And the Male Mice, in General,

Lost Any Desire to Protect Their Territories And Were Called ‘The Beautiful

Ones’ As They Groomed Themselves Incessantly And Did Not Have Any Scars

From the Rough And Tumble Life of Protecting Their Own Territories AS Such…

The Female Rats Became More Aggressive With Each Other; And Almost Predictably

Yes, Soon With The Genders Divided That Way Reproduction Ceased And The Whole


Mouse Colony

Did Go Locally Extinct;

i’ve Pretty Much Summarized
It Yet Will Provide a Link For Further
Detail; As An Anthropology Observer

Participant Studying the Human Condition Intensely

For the Last 9 Years and 9 Months; And Sure Even Before (Happy ‘Cinco De Mayo Day’ By The

Way) That For A Total of 63 Years, One Day And One Month Shy of That ‘Advanced Age;’

Oh, How Society And Gender(s) Roles Have Changed Since i Was Born on 6.6.60; Right

Then, When ‘The Pill’ Was Brought on to Scene, Where Women Tend to Select Mates

Then Not Quite As Masculine With Traits as the Hormonal Changes ‘The Pill’ Do Bring on

or off; Yes, my Mother Won the Best Figure Contest in 11th and 12th Grade and Eventually

My Father’s Mother Said She Had the Most Glowing Fair Estrogen Filled Skin of Them All…

And Yes, Her Photos
From the 50’s, Do

Shine That Way;

On the Other Hand, my Father As My Mother
Described Him; She, Working as A Clerk at the Local Courthouse;
As He Was Currently Working Law Enforcement in Then What Was
Called the ‘Beverage Department’; Yes, Busting Moonshiners in The Woods

And Having to Fill Out the Paperwork at the Courthouse When Some Secretary
Or Clerk Wasn’t Doing it For Him Swooning Over His Jet Black Curly Hair and

Sea Green Eyes;

Product of A
Cajun Spiced
French Mama;

And the Immigrated, X-Catholic Irish
Priest With His Father From the Black
Forest of Germany; Yes, with the ‘Abilities’
She ‘Possessed’ AS She Woo’ed Him Out of the
Pews at Age 17; And He Was 36; Oh, the Scandal;
Oh, The Excommunication Then From the Catholic

(He Was A Noted Author From Last Century, Writing
Several Books, Most noted in His Wiki Bio For “Behind
The Dictators,” Per The Roman Catholic Influence then)

Church to Get Married And Have A Normal
‘Gender Roled Life;’ Oh the Rule Breakers Yes!

Thank God! or i Would Not Exist At All; at All;

Same With My Wife; As When Her Mother’s Husband,
Her Stepfather, Was Overseas in Germany, Her Mother Got Really,

Really, REALLY Lonely And Visited The Bars When the ‘Pacific
Islanders’ Were on ‘Liberty’ That Way From Ships; A LOT OF


BACK TO the Future
of my Mother and Father
And me in that Case too;

My Mother Said my Father Was
the Most Handsome Man She Ever

Laid Her Eyes Upon; So Rugged, Half Shaven

Out in the Woods Busting Moonshiners as such;

She Said Whoever Was Married to Him Must Be the
Luckiest Woman in the World; Yet at age 26, Back in those

Days, Rather Old For an Unmarried Women Working in a Courthouse,

He Asked Her to Marry Him on the First Date and She Accepted on The Second Date;

After They Got Married, He Almost Never Said A Word to Her; The World was Changing,

‘The Pill’ Had Arrived That My Mother had No Plans of Using; Yet Yes, He Saw the American

Get Rich Scheme AS His American Dream Along With Owning a New Car Every Three Years THaT He Did;

He Told Her to Go to Work; And She Said No, She Wanted to Raise Children in A Garden of LoVE iN Peace
(Poetically Paraphrasing Her Words; Yet She is the Published Poet By Paper Book in her 50’s, And Hell No Not Me;

As i’m All into Saving ‘Forrests;’
Full of ‘Gumpy’ Trees, Hehe)

You’ll Have to Excuse

me With a Tear in my
Eye; Mother’s Day is

(She Always Said
i Was So Special)

Coming; She’s No

Longer Here;

Yet i Have Her
Breath of Poetry
And LoVE iN Peace
Left; Yet OH NO; Yes What

An Estrogen Filled Influence She Was on me;

And God Yes; Got the Pics to Prove The Epigenetic

Effect it Had on me; as my Mother Said Before my Father

Left When i am 3, and Before i Could Speak at 4, i Worshipped The

Ground he Walked on And Wanted to Be Just Like Him, Before i Could

Even Talk; Yep, Still Have the Pic of me ALL BOY WITH TWO TOY GUNS WITH


THERE was no Doubt

All Boy, Yet Fast Forward

to A Few Years After Daddy is

Gone; And My Skin Glowed More

And My Hips Did Not Narrow Like the

Other Boys Did; True, So Full of Love With SMiLes;

Yet True, The Fearless

Father; The Rugged

One Who Looked Like

James Bond Yet According to my

Mother Was Only More Handsome, Holding A Cigarette,

Looking Like He Had Never Experienced Fear in His Life;

Indeed That’s What i Wanted From Him More than Anything

When i Tried to Do A Crash Course to Be More Like him Twice

A Year when We Saw Him; When of course, He Hardly Said More than

A Few Words in His Lazy Boy Chair Watching Baseball or NASCAR, THE REST OF HIS LIFE;

Silent, Olive Skinned, Dark Haired With Sea Green Eyes; Indeed My Mother And Father

the EPiToMe

of Social
Roles for

Man and Woman;

Highly Sexually Dimorphic AS Such;

Where Both Nature and Nurture ‘Shake Hands’ That Way;

Hmm, Yet What is the Advantage for the Fearless Father Not to Stay

Around Still Now and the Mother to Provide a Home of LoVE iN Peace;

Roses With FLoWeRS

Yet No THorns

to Provide Tough
Enough Skin to Survive

In This No Holds Barred World;

Well, It Was Pretty Much Like Hell;

And Yes Literally Ended up That Way At Age
47, For 66 Months; As i No Longer Had the
Social Capacity to Keep Up WITH REAL LIFE;

Yet the LoVE iN Peace Part Was Surely Warm;

Yet On the Other Hand Anxiety Sucks; Anxiety REALLY Sucks;

Like the Cat We Adopted, Called Big Gray Moby From Our Neighbors,

When They Kicked Him Out of the House With No Claws As the New Baby

Had Allergies And Moby Didn’t Nearly Come First in the Home Anymore;

Oh Lord, the Ignorance;

The Dude Said Moby

Was A Big Boy; He Would

Be Fine Out in the Wild With No Claws;

That’s Kind of a Long Story Yet to make it
Shorter, He Developed An Eating Disorder of
Eating too Much too Fast And Only Lived to Age 10;

With A Really Sad Slow DownFall With Cat Diabetes; Yes,
Not able to Lift Himself Up to the Litter Box in His Last Days;

His Daily Routine ALL HIS LIFE, Consisting of Laying Down and Eating;

Same Age As the Feral Cat With Feline Leukemia Living to Around 10 Years Old
As Well; Yet You See, The Feral One lived a Life Without Fear And Transformed

to a Loving Lap Cat; Enjoying All the Healing Benefits of Oxytocin; God Yes, The Rest

Of His Cat Life too; Yet Retaining The Call of the Wild in Edge of Alertness and Not Eating

Too Much, Always Saving

What He Had For Later;

(Even After He Got ‘Fixed;’
And ‘They’ Didn’t Expect
Him to Live 8 More Years;
The Vet Remarked How
Amazing His Body Builder
Shoulders for Killing Squirrels Remained)

Yes, Just in case our Budget for
Catfood Dried Up; Always Looking

For Other Sources of Water Other than
Moby’s Predictable Water Bowl; Nothing Was

Off Limits; Shower or Toilet Bowl, Either One; Just Find
Water to Survive As He Did in the Wild for A Year Before

i Tempted ‘Yellow Boy’ With A Tender Vittle Underneath Our Shed
During A Drought as He Wailed for Just A Drop of Water To Survive;


That Occasionally

Humans Leave Water Outside

And Even Food too on Lucky Wild Cat Days;

Maybe the Other Fathers Around Town Who Stayed
With Their Wive’s and Children and Religiously Attended

Church Each Sunday

Weren’t As Rugged,

Handsome, And As

(Filled With Androgens)

‘Cold’ Emotionally as My
Father of Few to No Words;

As His Identical Twin Brother

Never Even Said a Word to My
Mother; During Their Marriage Either;

Yes, There is No Doubt Where Both
me and my Sister Got Our Asperger’s Syndrome From;

And True, For Almost Two Decades, i Rarely Said A Word to my

Wife Either; See All These Words; Feel All These Emotions in Words;

They Did Not Exist During the Stress of Work Life; As True My Father Did
Law Enforcement for 46 Years and His Twin Brother Married into Money;

And Got to Work

For Himself in


And Free Lance

Detective Work;
Serving Papers and the

(He Stayed With His Family,
Softer In Every Way Human
In Loving Ways; Yet Still
Relatively Silent too)

SucH As That After A Short
Stint in the Military And Short
Career Rising in Rank as A Policeman
As Both He and My Father Started Out in the Military And As MotorCycle Cops;

Still Pictures of the Twins That Way in Historical Papers From Leon County in Florida;

It’s Hard When You Don’t Fit In; And i Guess When You Have Asperger’s Syndrome (And There
is No Diagnosis in the 60’s) And You Can’t Speak Until Four, You Basically End Up Repeating
And Modeling A Lot of
What is Around You

To Even Survive;

And of Course,

Epigenetic Effects are

Real; A World of Women

That Was All for me; And

Eventually Confused For A Girl

in McDonald’s By the Cashier at Age

12, Looking at my Long Eyelashes and

Blue to Green Changing Eyes too With Fair Skin of Course;

And God Yes, Glowing With A Smile Not Afraid to LoVE iN Peace;

Yet That Doesn’t Work Well in A Tribal ‘Trump’ Town Still Worshipping

An Old Tribal God of War; Threatening Bodily Abuse if i Dared to Smile

At Either the City Park or Middle School Halls; As It’s No CR8P, Toxic Patriarchy

Was All the CuLTuRaL RAge Then; Not Much Different than the ‘SCaRCiTiES’ of the

Desert Yet Yes Still in the Abundance And Beauty of Northwest Florida With So Many

Military Installations And Once Holding the Guinness World Record of Most Christian

Onward Marching Soldier Churches Per Capita in Yes, THE Entire World; It’s Really No

Surprise the Football Team Were Runners Up in State Championship And Champions

Two Years After i Graduated; A Place Where Warriors Were Bred Both From the Military

And Other Church Families of Warring God’s of Protection As Well; Yet You Know What,

Though, Even Now,

Around 70 Percent;
Yes, And More of the
County Still Support The

‘Trump Meme;’ YET NOW THere is A Transgender

Person; i Don’t Know Which Type; And That’s
Okay As This Human is the Nicest Walmart

Greeter The County Has Ever Had; And There

Is A Big Display Now With LGBQT+ Related Items

to Celebrate the Diversity of Humankind There; And You

Better Believe IT; It’s Corporate Protected; If anyone Gives the

Transgender Person A Hard Time or Starts Any Other Bull CR8P;

The Cops Will Come and Remove them from the Store if Necessary

in a ‘Florida Man’ Minute;

Anyway; There Are So Many

Natural and Nurturing Factors That

Come into Play For What Makes Gender Roles

What They Are; i Surely Understand First Hand;

What it Feels Like When the President of the Beta Club

Still in God Damned High School Says in Your Freshman

Year; Yes in a Frigging Club For Nerds; Welcome Ladies and

Gentlemen and Fred;

It’s Hard not to Fit In;

It’s Most Definitely Hard for

Folks Who Others Assign another Gender to;

And When They Just Decide to Do IT For Real;

THEN They MAY BE Outcast even More; Not Necessarily ‘Locally’ Now

Yet At the State Level of Politics in Ignorant States of Humanity Now;

i Finally Found the Fearless Father in me; And It’s True i had to Go to
Bars for 6 Years Starting at 53, and Get into A Few Rough And Tumble
Brawls to Finally

Get Initiated

In A way my

Youth Never Freely Brought;

Life is a Lot Easier When You Are
Able to Fit into Culturally Ascribed Roles;

And Life May Be the Best oF All When You WiLL Create

Your Own Memes And Other ‘Shticks’ Of Life When You

Rise out of the DarK into the LiGHT; And You no Longer

Have to Conform as You Beat the System for Pay AND TO FIT IN;







to find my own way; And it Ended Up Being the Best

That Way Newly Now For Sure;

it Took 53 Years;

Yet i own my

Life and am Slave
to No One Else on this

Earth Except when my Wife
Tells me What to Do, Hehe;

True, i’ve Earned the Patience of
‘Job’ For Real too;

Yes, Just Yes

Dear and
Spend the

Rest of Your Life
With Wings for Real…

The World is Not Fair;

Some Will Survive;

Some Will Not;

And Yes, Others Will
THRiVE iN A Better Place They
Individually, And ToGeTHeR DO, Newly Now,

TO Move, Connect, and Yes, Co-Create For REAL;

You See, Man and Or Woman, We Are NOT MiCE; God Yes, We
Do Have A Common Rodent Ancestor From Around 75 MiLLioN

Years Ago; And Yes, Share Much of the Same Genetic Material;

Yet Humanity Has the iMaGiNaTioN And CREaTiViTY to Co-Create

Their Own Social Roles And Will to Actually ThriVE iN Life; No Matter

How Many Other

‘Mice’ Give up

And Jump Ship;

Faster or Slower;

This Is Life; Make the
Best of What’s Still Around Or Not;

Co-Create A New Way of Living and Even Thrive…

Yet What’s True About John B. Calhoun’s Experiment
Is Instant Gratification is A Highway to Heaven to Hell…

In All Ways That Comes and Goes; You Ain’t Gonna Stay

in Heaven

On Earth

Unless Ya
Do ‘Boot Camp’ too;

Even, If You’ve Never
Been And Have to Create

Your Own Challenges to Go With the Sweet Teas of Life…

And If You Spread Yourself Out too Thin With Distractions And

Do Not Find A Way to Focus on One TasK iN Flow; Oh the Potentials

That One Will Never Create; As Some Folks Have the Attention Spans

And Focuses of ‘Blue Whales’ to Swim Across the Oceans Free and

As Science Shows

Others Have the

Average Attention
Span of God Yes; Less
Than 3 Seconds; Literally

Less than A Gold Fish; Again,
Assessed by Science; Credit Too Goes

To “The Revenge of the Nerds” From the
Old Beta Club i Was Part of Too; Yes They

Systemized the Deficits of Human Nature;

And Profit Now off of Human Nature; Falling,

Falling, Falling, FAiLiNG

YES into Potential


As Long As The Dollar

Bill Is Dancing And Is the

God of the New ‘Masses;’

The Spiral Will Continue Mostly Straight Down…

On the Other Hand, THere Are Lots of Ways to Sprout

Wings oF


Peace FREE

That Yes; GoD
No, Do Not Fall
Newly Now, So Very Low…

And to Be Clear, i Am Just
Relating my Experiences
Directly on the ToPiC At
Hand; MileAge Varies GREATLY, Depending
On Model And Make; And Yes, Vessel And Essence Of Human
Being Real; God Yes, i Am A Hybrid of Many Colors, NewLY NoW.

“Where Would i Be
Without Your Wisdom
Guiding me” Hehe

Mr. Gottfried Only
Without my “Shtick”

i Continue To Spread
Around The Globe To


Roses And
THorns Such
Is Life iN “The Garden”
Naked Enough Whole


With SMiles 🦅


Always A Pleasure
Dear Indian FRiEnD
Kiran With SMiles☺️🏝🙏

Oh Dear Lord Dear Kiran i Consume

Whatever Plate my Wife Puts in Front

of my Face With Absolutely No Complaints

i Clean
Plate too
No Left

Overs to
Worry About
Ever i Eat it All Up With SMiLes
Hopefully You May Receive Yes the
Same Satisfaction From Your Husband
As You Serve Him Full Plates of Food too…

Unless Of Course You Have An Arrangement
Where He Does All The Cooking And You Just

Do the Eating

With SMiLes
Like i Continue to Do..:)

Nope, No Monarchy in ‘The Garden’ Yep,
Coronated By Nature Naked Enough Whole
Complete Always NewLY GoD Now For Real

“Sacred song
Holy Dance
All in free flow
In the river of time.🙏”

-Savy Raj

Song That
Keeps Us Dancing
Singing Dear Savvy☺️🙏

“The present moment contains past and future. The secret of
transformation, is in the way we handle this very moment”

–Thich Nhat Hanh.

“We dance to let go, To enjoy this now. And celebrate it and find ourselves again.
In awareness is a flow, that merges in harmony to synch in with this now,
in artistry of the moves… this is the truth of what it is, to dance!”

-Savvy Raj

SMiLes Dear Savvy Love Both Quotes Will Share For Wisdom’s

Sake in LiGHT With SMiLes Oh the Free Dance And Song

of Life As Even Scribbling on A Page Science Shows

Increases Creative Output So Much As Our

Minds Both Hemispheres and All The

Rest LiGHTinG Up More With

The Novelty of Every New

Holy Move of Dance

And Sacred Word of Song

Free too With SMiLes Dancing

Presently Eternally Now All the More

of Living Potentials Do Open Up in A River

of Flow Exploring New Oceans of Human Possibilities

Birthing With
Every Move

of Holy Dance

And Word of Sacred
Song As Long As They Both
Come Free to Dance And Sing
NewLY NoW For me With SMiLes…
And ToGeTHeR of Course Moving
Connecting Co-Creating So Free THiS WaY..:)

SMiLes Dear Isha The Empty Canvas Invites me to Paint my SoUL

Yet i Do Not Paint So The Blank Page Invites A Song Free to

Escape From mY SoUL Avatars of Words my OPeN


Coloring Page

Developing A

Story Free of Soul
Not Only to Sing Yet
Dance Free And Sing Again

Dance Holds Hands With Song
Becoming Naked Enough Whole Complete

All the Authentic me Coming to Life Real

i Surely Understand Your Soul Evolving

iN Words A Joy It is to See Your

Soul Wings Lift Higher

Both in DarK


With SMiLes

Hehe i’ve Done This for 11.7 MiLLioN
Words in 9 Years and 9 Months Come
May 18th in Some Days From Now

Yet It’s True There Were So

Many Decades With No

Dance or Song

oF mY SoUL

Free At All

Then Just iRobot

Part of the Stories

of Others Told and Mastered
COG in the Machine of School Work
Church and Even Home Then Before
SouL SonG And Dance Breathes me Freely NewLY NoW..:)

Guiding Guarding Cheerleaders

With Wings Lifting Others

Higher With SMiLes

Dear Kiran Indeed

Stay Lifting Higher..:)

Erecting Taller Castles
And Or Planting More Beautiful

Gardens oF LoVE iN Peace

God Yes 🕺 Dance And 🦅 Bird
Wing Sing 🎶 Free LeSSoN 227

LeSSoN 228
Old Testaments Stay In School God Yes
Newer Ones Fly Free NeWLY NoW
to Be

i Am

FLoWeR Moon LeSSoN 229
Integral: Reflect Light
Or Go Dark

LeSSoN 230
Mind Body And Soul
Take Away One Take Away
All Full May Moon FLoWeR Be

LeSSoN 231
Key To Happiness (Heaven Within)
Is To Be Excited To See And Be It

All (God) Now….

Don’t Wait For
Any one else or

You’ll Be Left


LeSSoN 232
A Tree And FLoWeR
Dances Sings More
Than ALL Words
Separated From


LeSSoN 233
i Am A Tree
i Am A FLoWeR
‘They’ Will NOT EVER
Suffocate me in one Book

i Will Dance Naked First!

Then Sing!

i Am A Tree
i Am A FLoWeR
Solve YouR HuMaN Problems
All i Can Will Do Is iNViTE You


Home of
Is Green
LeSSoN 234

Beauty Now of
Love Never
Muse Poet’s
Artist Dream Fruition
Song And Dance True
This Gift of
Is Science
To Art… ‘Chaos

Wings of
Flutter Dance
Sing Rise From
Fall Cocoons
Heat May
Full Super
Moon Blooms…
SMiLes Orchard
FLoWeR Lillian
For A Book…🎶
Soul Breath..🌈🌺

LeSSoN 353 Multiples
Of 7 LoVE All You Love
With All Your Might Now
Life Is One Breath Deep Born

True Dear
Vrunda Mountain
Top is First And Last
Step Same Valley Low


One Top
And Bottom
Step One or None😊🙌

Me too Dear Akshita She’s
One of The Kindest
People I’ve Met Online
With Poetry

Her Soul
Will Miss

Her Yet Surely Her
Kindness Lives

On In Those She
Touched SPiRiT

Of Her Soul

HeART In Words

of Her Poetry Sing

On Yes Dear Astha🙏

SMiLes Dear Jade Dance, Song, Poetry
Of the Soul Finds Us And Connects to Us

Within in Right Hemisphere Metaphor

Of Mind Where Left Brain May

Search For Creativity
Wholeness Union

In Life With

All And

Sadly Stay

Divided And
Separating From Being All…
At 47 Separated From Soul This
Way Yet Piano Notes FLoWinG Through
My Fingers of Creativity for the Days Decades
Then Ever only Playing By Sheet Music Before

As True my Soul the Silent Right Brain Metaphor
Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Part Found a Song
Through Fingers and Notes to Communicate SOS

Soul Of Suffocating in So Much Numb And Pain
Yet No One Tells Us in School, Work, or Even
Church How This Happens to A Human Being
We Are Stuck Having to find This Unity by
LooKinG iN And Letting Silent Soul Mind
Escape As Left And Right Brain
Metaphor May Find Marriage
of Soul With Words in Poetry
Releasing SPiRiT oF HeART
Free This Way to Come to Play
No Different Than A 5 Year-Old
Child and Less Before Spirit of Soul
Is Taken Away in a Left Brain Metaphor
World of School And Work Usually to Come

Next Where
One May
Be Lost

From Child Eyes

of Play and Creativity

Potentially All of Their Life

Never Returning to Unity oF ALL

Fortunately For me i Recorded the Piano
Song on a Cheap Dictation Device in the Midst
Of All the Pain And Numb i recorded it on Youtube

To Hear Back Easily When i Could Tolerate the Sound
And Any Colors oF Light in Both Visual/Hearing And Feeling of Bringing
Emotions Back to Breathe Again In This World More Than Living Dead…

i Named it ‘Challenging Alexithymia’ as Ironically i Lost Connection of Words
Expressing Emotions And The Poetry Free Verse Found me to Marry Words

Of Soul Again



My Fingers

Again And

In the Song i Created

One May Hear A Soul
Struggling to Survive and
Fighting its Way Back Home

i couldn’t Describe the Archetypal
Story of the Hero We All Face in Life
In Words Then Rising Out of Dark Bringing
Light Back to Others Yet Now i Can And Will
And Even Share That First And Only Song i Composed
Shortly Before i Went to Hell in 2008 Back in 2007 For
Then to Return Again to Breathing Life in Colors Again for
All In Mind And Body Balancing Soul Until Age 53 on 7.19.2013…

Your Words Concisely Provide the Same Meaning to me For it’s
True i Listen With More Than Eyes and Ears too the Deeper Part

Our Soul


May get

Lost Along the

Way Just Waiting

For Someway to




Return Again
to the Part of Mind
That Does Words that
May Not Be Colored With Breath of Life..

Lost A Poet Friend From India to Covid-19
A Professor Engineer in India Pursuing Her PHD
Keeping Colors of Her Soul Alive The Same

Way As She Said “Writing Feels Good” And
“Feelings Are the Proof That You Are Rare” It’s’ true

God Smiles




And The World
Loses A Child When They
Disconnect As That Applies
to Us Within And With Others too…

The Good News Is We aRe Still Breathing
And Poetry Keeps That Breath of Life For Others to Taste…:)

Foes And FRiEnDS

SMiLes True Online

Makes Foes So Much

More Fun Than Dinner on the Greens

Yet i Will Practically

Navigate my
Way Around

A Demon And Stay
Safe True All Ya have
to Do is Write in Invisible

Ink Like This With SMiLes

And They Never Even See

Look Who Already

Came to
And Left With SMiLes…

And Even A To-Go

Tray of Goodies..:)

SMiLes Dear

Savvy Moving
Connecting Co-Creating

A Human Touch Coloring

Survival into Thriving
Each and

Day Free
in Dance And
Song Sadly Children
Often Chained to Quiet
Hands and Feet in School

Then Work Attached to Screens

True Always Another Chance to

Dance And Sing Together Free Again

Or even Go Solo

And Celebrate

This Way Come
What May mY FRiEnD..:)

Oh Dear Miriam The World Looks

So Different With Colors More Subtle

Colors of Emotion That Create New Hues

in All We Do True in the Burn Out Stages of

Burn Out Hell All Frozen For 66 Months

The Air Became Thicker and Harder

to Literally Breathe

Bodily Systems

Worn Out Not Even
Able to in A Cardiovascular

And Autonomic Nervous System

Fashion Then Move Blood to my
Brain Particularly in Warm Humid

Weather Pre-Syncope of Fainting Yes

Always Close Yet Never Fully Blacking out

Just in the Precipice of Barely Being Here Then

Grey Shades Life as i No Longer Could Paint the

Clouds With Colors of Soul Just Grey SHades Life All Around

One Thing Great About Going to the Lowest And Highest Floors

of Existence With Both A Free Basement and Penthouse View out

of the Eye of the

LoVE iN Peace

Pyramid all the
Way Up At The Top

Is Appreciation For All the
Levels in the Tween And Since

Everything in the News is Political

Of Course These Days Understanding

Why Some Folks Who Are Poor too Poor

to Get the Kind of Medical Documentation i Needed

to Stay Alive in All the Ways Life Comes in the Ways of the Living Dead

That It’s True

There Are Some

Folks Who Are

Unemployed That

Truly Need Some Kind
of Assistance to Get By

Why The Hell Do Those Who Support
The Dude Who Said He Would Send Those
Changed As Sheep to Goats Who Don’t Support

The Least of All That is Still Him Integral to All of Existence
Still Them True i For One Hope They Don’t Have to Burn Forever

For Bullying the Poor and Hungry And Those of Diversity Who Don’t
Orient The Same and Perhaps More like the Little Brown Dude From Over

THere For Whoever

Whatever Whenever

The Meek and

And Poor

of SPiRiT Were Then and Now

Oh Dear Lord To Go to Hell Yes
Enough to At Least Rise Enough
Not to Exclude Anyone From the Freedom of Breathing Free…

It’s Not that Hell is Real Just the Absence of LoVE iN Peace That’s All

For the Burning

is a Self-Fulfilling

FRoZeN Prophecy of Ignoring

The Natures That Glue Us All Together Free..:)

Catholic Mass Readings From The Wee Hours
of May 7th, 2023 Where it Goes on About Jesus

Suggesting He Has a Higher Power Within That

He Metaphors As Father Silent Navigator That

Works Without His Preplanning and Goes on

To Say If You Believe in What He Says

You May Go Through This Metaphor

And Do Even Greater Works Then Him
Of Course i Already Thoroughly Covered

This in 6135 Words Yesterday And Am Still Trying to Catch
Up NoW on All the Multi-Media to Publish What i Prepared

in Around 60,000 Words While i Am Writing Yes This One

Now “Fly Free Birds Wing On” That Will Continue Dancing
And Singing Until it Reaches Around 60,000 Words Too Of

Course The One on Cue Waiting to Be Electronically Published Already

Is Named “LoVE iN Peace Frees NoW TRuLY ALiVE NeW” And Yes i Am

Still Writing All of that in the Last Electronically Published MacroVerse

Titled “Truth oF NoW And Then” Just Covering A Trinity of Novel Sized

MacroVerse EPiC Long Form Poems at Once Juggling Around Until

All That is Left is one MacroVerse EPiC Long Form Poem to Work on
Then All Part oF 11.7 MiLLioN Word Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL”

Coming in 9 Years 9 Months

on May 18, 2023 And Yes

As Far as John 14:12 Efforts

Discussed into Today’s Readings

too Still Finding Luke 17:21 iN


True So Much Sooner Than Soon

Presently Now Far More Than Just
A ‘Representation’ Externally Yes the

‘Presentation’ NoW Is Naked Enough
Whole Complete Within NeWLY NoW For Real iN STiLL Evolving Ways

As Earth Wind And Fire Dances Sings too “LoVE iS WHeRE We’Re Going”..:)

Reading 1, Acts 6:1-7
1 About this time, when the number of disciples was increasing, the Hellenists made a complaint against the Hebrews: in the daily distribution their own widows were being overlooked.

2 So the Twelve called a full meeting of the disciples and addressed them, ‘It would not be right for us to neglect the word of God so as to give out food;

3 you, brothers, must select from among yourselves seven men of good reputation, filled with the Spirit and with wisdom, to whom we can hand over this duty.

4 We ourselves will continue to devote ourselves to prayer and to the service of the word.’

5 The whole assembly approved of this proposal and elected Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit, together with Philip, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolaus of Antioch, a convert to Judaism.

6 They presented these to the apostles, and after prayer they laid their hands on them.

7 The word of the Lord continued to spread: the number of disciples in Jerusalem was greatly increased, and a large group of priests made their submission to the faith.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 33:1-2, 4-5, 18-19
1 Shout for joy, you upright; praise comes well from the honest.

2 Give thanks to Yahweh on the lyre, play for him on the ten-stringed lyre.

4 The word of Yahweh is straightforward, all he does springs from his constancy.

5 He loves uprightness and justice; the faithful love of Yahweh fills the earth.

18 But see how Yahweh watches over those who fear him, those who rely on his faithful love,

19 to rescue them from death and keep them alive in famine.

Reading 2, First Peter 2:4-9
4 He is the living stone, rejected by human beings but chosen by God and precious to him; set yourselves close to him

5 so that you, too, may be living stones making a spiritual house as a holy priesthood to offer the spiritual sacrifices made acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

6 As scripture says: Now I am laying a stone in Zion, a chosen, precious cornerstone and no one who relies on this will be brought to disgrace.

7 To you believers it brings honour. But for unbelievers, it is rather a stone which the builders rejected that became a cornerstone,

8 a stumbling stone, a rock to trip people up. They stumble over it because they do not believe in the Word; it was the fate in store for them.

9 But you are a chosen race, a kingdom of priests, a holy nation, a people to be a personal possession to sing the praises of God who called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light.

Gospel, John 14:1-12
1 Do not let your hearts be troubled. You trust in God, trust also in me.

2 In my Father’s house there are many places to live in; otherwise I would have told you. I am going now to prepare a place for you,

3 and after I have gone and prepared you a place, I shall return to take you to myself, so that you may be with me where I am.

4 You know the way to the place where I am going.

5 Thomas said, ‘Lord, we do not know where you are going, so how can we know the way?’

6 Jesus said: I am the Way; I am Truth and Life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

7 If you know me, you will know my Father too. From this moment you know him and have seen him.

8 Philip said, ‘Lord, show us the Father and then we shall be satisfied.’ Jesus said to him,

9 ‘Have I been with you all this time, Philip, and you still do not know me? ‘Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father, so how can you say, “Show us the Father”?

10 Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? What I say to you I do not speak of my own accord: it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his works.

11 You must believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe it on the evidence of these works.

12 In all truth I tell you, whoever believes in me will perform the same works as I do myself, and will perform even greater works, because I am going to the Father.


SMiLes Dear Savvy LooKinG Deep

Within Feeling Sensing Giving Sharing

Caring Healing All Our Wings What Makes

Us More Than Some Thing What Makes Us

More Than No Thing

What Sets Us Freer

SoaRinG Than Falling

What Lifts Us Up Floating

FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing

FLoWinG Spiraling Free LoVE iN

Peace Wears Wings THiS WaY Free

Star FLoWeR Seeds We aRe Above Below Within
God Yes Inside Outside All Around SParKLinG

LoVE iN Peace So Much More Than

No Thing or Just Some Thing

We Shine Forth Best to


Free Birds

WinG oN WitH SMiLes

For All RiSinG EMPaTHY iN
CoMPaSSioN LoVE iN Peace..:)

SMiLes Dear Kiran Change The Only Constant in Existence Now Newly

Eternally Moving Connecting Co-Creating FLoWinG SPiRaLinG All Around

From Above Our Home the Milky Way To Below A Fetus Curled Like A Cat

At Rest Below Grains of Sand SubParticles Spiraling Around Nucleuses

Of Atoms The Vast Space in Flow Tween Where All the Matter That

Makes Us Together Fits in the Size of the Eye of A Needle All the Rest

Just Empty Space Above That Keeps all the Matter

In the Dark
Matter Science

Will Not Easily Measure Yet Exists

Like Our Conscious Thinking Mind

That is Only Really around Half a Percent Or

Less of All Our Potentials of Mindful Awareness

From Subconscious Darkness Like Dark Matter

Above Below and So-Called ‘Junk Matter’ of DNA

It is in the DarK That God Breathes Most it is in our

Eyes and
Ears That

We See and
Hear Least

It is in the Vast Frontier

of the Dark Like When Kali
And Shiva Dance Destruction

And Creation When God Dances

And Sings Again And Again One Big Surprise

of Change Dear FRiEnD How Sweet to meet you

On the Journey another Explorer on the Way to All that is Now Change Dancing

Truly Nothing Is Our Own Yet This Air We Breathe These Wings We Sing Now Free..:)


“If you missed the train I’m on
You will know that I am gone
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles

A hundred miles, a hundred miles
A hundred miles, a hundred miles
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles

Lord, I’m one, Lord, I’m two
Lord, I’m three, Lord, I’m four
Lord, I’m five hundred miles away from home”

The Sight and Sound And Sign of Old Telephone Line
Poles Holding Old Wires of Communication Back From

The 60’s As my Mama Led me and my Sister Singing This
Song on the Way Back From Visiting my Father in Our Bi-Yearly

Visits Yet That Place

Never Felt Like Home

Dear Miriam For Where Do You Go WHere

You Really Find Home True for me
at Least So Simple Then A Place of

Peace WHere Love Resides Within

And Radiates All Around Among

The Humans Living A Story

Clear ToGeTHeR BacK

Then in A Town

Small Enough

Where No One
Is Stranger Then

i Suppose Again That’s When
You Arrive Hehe When Everyone

Knows Your Name or What You Do in
Life As my Name is Even Shortened

From the Dancing Man to the

Walmart Man i Suppose

It could Be Worse

When my Wife Points
to A Young Man Passing by
on A Cellphone in the Next City
Over We Are Visiting And Says He Exclaimed On

The Phone Hey! i Just Saw ‘The Walmart Man!’

True it Could Have Been Something Like Hey!

i Just Saw the ‘Florida Man’ Matt Gaetz, DeSaTaNiS,
Or TRuMP, Meanwhile i’m Still INHeRiTinG Home

For Real Free All Meek Without Stuff With No Name Yet Home

Going no Where
in Dance And

Song Always

Arriving Here
And Presently Now ‘A Horse With

No Name’ No Longer Just A Representation
oF A Life Without Even A Story of Who i am..:)

Surprise! First Person to Respond

To Your Surprise! And Yes Indeed

i Wear A Deep Path into Whatever

Road i Tend to Go Surprise!!! Oh

Lord Mr Gottfried i Sure
Could Use

A Dammed
Nap or Even Longer
Sleep Yet Just Like a
Child Too Much Going
On Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing

And Yes THere’s Always A View
to A Public Killing on the United
HiGHWaY To Hell Real (Not All) States News

All Your Portraits Paint the Colors
Of Your Soul each one Masterpiece
Of Beauty just Waiting to be Told
Every Emotion and Sense
Flowing From Your Eyes
Imagination Expanding
Rising Words Still Coming
Painting An Ever Changing
Canvas of your Face Dreaming
Colors Anew Waves Sketching
Ocean Shore Emotions Senses
Storms Still Brewing Dancing
Singing Feelings So Much
More Magic of Your
Being Soul
Birthing Newer stories
Emerging Differently to be
Told yes an open Canvas
Free Painting Soul to Be
Night Dreams Birthing
Broader Lighting
Moon Beams
In Beauty More
Every Portrait Thousand
Word Story Never Ending
More to be told Priceless New
Poetry Prompt Every Portrait
Remaining Now Never Ever Black
Colors of
Your Soul
Ever Free to Be
Ever Artist Paints Anew
Flower Beauty Butterfly
Garden Bee
Always Now
Coloring Eternal
New God You Are
my Gift my Present Evercolor

SMiles Dear Jade
Felt A Need For
More than

One Finger
On A Smart
Phone to

Express What
Comes Next Yet
As Always in

Flow in
Of Souls With
Other Poets
And Artists

You Have
Already Expressed
Part of What my



In Your

Next Poem
So i Shall
Leave This

Here in Reply With one
Smartphone Finger

And Travel To
Your Next

With 10 Fingers
Dancing Singing

With SMiLes
Of Creativity You Inspire🙌😊

SMiLes Dear Jade This is
Even More Fun Than
The Decade Young
i Spent Playing
Tennis At The
City Park Hehe
So Focused in
Flow Some Folk
Thought i’d Go

Pro Yet


i Just Like
People And
Poor With Snazzy
Socially Appropriate
Verbal Skills Tennis


The Gift

To Connect
With All Who
Played in Town

No Different



Hehe The
Scale is just
Global Now

For it’s

At The


And Arts

A Lonely
Boy And Or
Girl Who Never
Gives Up Trying

To Find Someway

To Be Heard



Of The
DarK to
Shine And
Be Touched By Warmth

Oh Yeah Dance Works
Too Oldest Human


Of Life
Language Indeed☺️🙌

SMiles Dear
Jade to me
Of Heaven



Is To Be
A Giver Now
Most in This
World We LiVE iN
At Least


A Title

Of Wittiest

Fool From

All The
Others Who
Cannot Hear
A Sound Of Music
God’s Breathing Now


Beyond All
Form Essence
NoW Of Kindness




Always New
Thank You




Hehe Obviously Usually
i Don’t FiT iN A TwitterVerse Yet
I Don’t Feel Like A Lonely Boy Now🙌☺️

i am A Step

i am A Word

i Am A Dance

i Am A Song

i am


i Flow Now
This WaY iN
Total Focus
Below Above Savvy..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy

It’s True Most Every

Indian Person i Know

Tries to Do Their Best

Very Admirable Indeed…

Where i’m



Folks Try Their
Best to Fit What
Mold Others Instruct
Them to Do Sadly Substantially
Unmasked It’s Reality It’s What It Is…

People Really Could Do Better Where i am From….

So Easy What One Might Do to Save A Life Yet so Hard

for Many….

i Am Not


i See myself

As A More Fortunate

One and i Do Pity ‘Them’…

As Nothing Feels As Good to me as Caring..:)

SMiLes Dear Ava on the Day my Mother Passed
Away i Remember Feeling i Wouldn’t Mind

Being Born Again

To Her Forever

too my FRiEnD

Mother’s Birth

LoVE iN Peace That’s

Yes The Only Way i’d

Wanna Be Born yet

It’s True All Mother’s

May Be Cherished And All
Women Who Are Not Mothers

For Gardening LoVE iN All of Us Most…

Speaking of Passing away Fellow Blogger Astha

From India Succumbed to Covid-19 Along With Her Mother
A Couple of Years Ago Not Sure If She Was one of Your

Blogger Friends Yet She is Surely A Friend i would

Love to


in Every

Lifetime too

As You As Well With SMiLes..:)

No, i Wouldn’t Advocate my Own Abortion;

Yet i Most Definitely Would Advocate An Abortion

of Any God That or Who or Him Would Torture Any

Part of Creation Forever;

Fortunately That’s

Just A Story,

So i Ripped

Out All Those

Pages and Create my Own
Story as that God Never Even Actually Existed to me…

Strange, How Folks Worship Fetuses And God’s Who Torture

Living Creation Forever More Than the Sanctity of Breathing Life NOW…

With That Said,

i Don’t Advocate

Anyone’s Abortion

Who Is Real; That’s Up
To The Carrier of that Life…

And It’s Really Not That Surprising to
me That Folks Who Worship An All So-Called
Loving, Forgiving, Merciful God Who Tortures Part
of Creation Forever For Being Naughty; Yes, It’s Not Surprising

That Folks Who Buy an Evil Story Like that Where the Hero turns into
Something More

Evil than
The Cannibal’ as Villain

Also Support Little Girls
Who are Violently Raped
By Their Big Daddies to Carry

That Evil Spawn They May feel
Growing Within them to Birth to

Increase the Hell Already Delivered to them from the Start…

There is No Real Empathy and Compassion in A God Who
Tortures Forever;

is It any Surprise

Folks Imitate

What They Believe in;

Well It’s True, We All Are Born
And Die; Yet Some Folks Do Their
Damndest in Ignorance to Torture Other Folks All THeir Life…

An ‘Older Testament Story God’ Really Lives For Some Folks As A ‘Newer
Testament Wanna Be God’ Still Does too; How Different the World Might Be
Without ‘Psychopathic

Acting’ Made-

Up ‘Gods’

And People
Who Mirror
The Behavior
of Their ‘Godly Evil’ Stories…

And to Be Clear, i BeLiEVE LoVE iN Peace is God…

Yet Anything Less is Just A Cheap Knock-off God…

Like One of Those Rolex Watches Ya Buy at the Flea Market…

Seen a Whole
Lot of Folks


‘Those Watches

Lately,’ Particularly
Where i am From in a Town

With the once Most Christian
Churches Per Capita Per Square Mile

in Record Books;

And A Town That

Was Literally Called
‘Hell’ to Begin With

And After That ‘Scratch Ankle’

For the Briars on the Blueberry Bushes

on the River Bank i Grew up on Downtown

As the Ships Came in to Harvest the Pines

For a



Still to Come…

Water River indeed…


~Hehe, Wait till ‘They’
Find Out It’s Not Just A ‘Story’…

Like That Episode of the Old Fox Show ‘Lucifer’
Who Met An Evangelist On the Street Screaming

About Hell

Until ‘Lucifer’
Showed His ‘Devil

Face’ For REAL and the Evangelist
Realized That ‘God’ is More Than Just ‘An Evil Story’…

Actually i’M A Dancer, Free Verse Poet Singer; Haha, Obviously
‘The Dude’ Wasn’t Referring to me; i Think You’re Smart Enough

To See that too…

Of Course, You Know i’m Not A ‘Protestant Or Catholic’;
Although i Study All Major Religions And Visit Churches As A Hobby…

Obviously, i Really Do Protest About Any Lies i Come across As Lies Aren’t

my Cup of Life, if Your Statement is Tongue-in-Cheek; Humor Has A Place…

As i See ‘Trademark Jesus’ As Only a Story; And At Most in Actual Flesh and Blood, A Little Brown
Man Who Hung On A Cross; No More Integral to Nature Than Mexican Roofers As Such or Carpenters too;
Or Less Than A Grain of Sand too; Jesus Never Wrote A Word, Illiterate Aramaic; As Yes i’m a Realist Most

It’s Safe

to Dance

And Sing

My Reality

is Not the Same as Most…

(Autotelic Flow, Almost Always
Nirvana and Bliss, Yes Heaven Now)

So Yes of Course, The Nature i ‘See’ NeWLY NoW

Is Highly Unlikely, The Nature Most Folks ‘Feel’…

It’s A Practice of Life in Seeing More With No

Words Necessary at all…

i BeLiEVE iN Much

More Than

A ‘Three Letter
God’ That’s ‘Kindergarten’ (An Idol
Noun) As This Essence i Live Now Is Beyond
What Most Folks Can Even Fathom As Reality;

i Experience ‘God;’ THere Is No Need For Belief
When God Is Experienced As A Verb PuRE LoVE iN
Peace And God No Not

JusT A Story Book…

Or Only 3 Letter

Idol Calf Word

How Would i Know,
Feel, And Sense It…

i Lived

in the

‘Other Place’

Many Folks Still Currently ‘Visit’ For Now;

Change is Reality; Balance it Now In Bliss
And There’s No Greater Place to Go Yet NoW iN LoVE iN Peace

To Be Clear, Some of the Jesus Story makes Sense; Luke 17:21 And John 14:12, Not

Much More; Most of it is No Better Than What A Ghost Author of Trump Could Come up with…

And Really, Overall, No Less Dangerous Than Q-Anon Conspiracy Theories As Without

So-Called ‘Christianity’, the Way it is practiced in the United States, With Support for

An Obvious Man of Truly Evil Deeds, Trump, Across His Whole Life Span Already

Packaged as Such Before Getting Elected, Trump Would Have Never Been Elected

Without Support From the Pulpit; Rarely is there Really Any Separation of Church And State…

LeSSoN 354 Just As Memories
Remain In Our Mind We
Remain In The Mind That’s God

SMiLES Dear FRiEnD What i
Woke up And


In my

Mind After Writing

And Putting


Thousands of

Words Like Puzzle

Pieces Of Love Detective

To Describe God To Others

Helps So Much On My

Journey The Part

The Path You


Been An



On The Road

On My Travels

Of Truth That Lights my

Soul Colors of Love Breathing
🙏🙏🙏 😇 🙏🙏🙏

SMiLes Dear Savvy Yes Seek Balance FRiEnDS NoW With
Gravity When We Walk Every Step Naturally Becoming

A Free Dance Seeking Balance in Flow When We Talk

Even Write Every Word Becoming Not Only Holy

Dance Yet Sacred Song too As Every Move



of Life Inhaling
Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Free
For All At Best With Least
Harm So Much Fun Giving,
Sharing, Caring, Healing For All Now..:)

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD Finally
An Answer to the Age Old Question
Does the Chicken or Egg Come First

As In Your Frying Pan An Almost Perfectly

HeART Shaped Yolk So Yes This Means Love

Always Comes First And Happy Mother’s Day Still
Coming to You Soon in Hawaii
A Bit later Than it Does in
Florida of Course Yep
5 Hours Behind Us
So Nice to See Cappuccino
Siamese Kitty Looking Well and
All Comfy in Your Lap And Peppy the
Cat All Peaceful With Australian Shepherd
Panda Dog And oh my Gosh That Dessert Cake

Looks Great Yet Looking
At All the Steps of that
Recipe i Am So Glad

my Wife Does All of
Those Duties at Home
As She is Afraid i Might
Burn Water on the Boil Hehe…

Anyway That’s Her Favorite Hobby Cooking
For me And Just Taking Care of me Like a 2 Year-Old
Every Day And i Bet You Take Great Care of Your Husband

Or At Least Almost As Great Care As You Do For Every Living
Part of Nature Meeting and Greeting You in Life Such A Positive
Delightful Human You are…

Always Sharing
Paradise with
Others So Sweet..:)

SMiles Mr Gottfried
Oh How Wonderful
It Will Be Now If Your
Next Banter Republic
Post Addresses Royalty

YeS iNHeRiTinG The

Earth God Yes Surely
i Will Provide Vibes

For How The Meek


All iN
All BacK iN
The HoMe oF

Naked Enough
Whole Complete


JiVE TheNoW🫠🏝

In Return To
You Dear FRiEnD
Sunny Week Ahead
For You With SMiles

Stories Are THE RePReSenTaTioN
We aRe The PReSeNTaTioN OF God For ReaL

Thousands Upon Thousands Pics Of Naked
Evidence Of What God Looks Like Free Bird
With Wings Fins Leaves And Some Fur Left HeHe

Example Giving The Monarchial Event Yesterday
Who (GoD) Without All Regal Adorning Naked

Enough Whole Complete (GoD)

We MaY ALL Give Share Care Heal With Most Respect
Least Harm With FLoWeRS oF LoVE iN Peace To Hell

With Human Clothes Dividing

Happy 7th And Colorful
New Summer Flowers
Coming To All Your
Family And FRiEnDS
in Pakistan With


Ironies Of Nature🫠

Porcupines Love Affection
Yet They Are Born With one
Obvious Drawback Just Being
Who They Naturally Are Light

For Hugs
For Those
Who Empathize
With Their Condition

All i Wear Must Be Pure
100 Percent Virgin Cotton
Or Nothing At All i Am A

Reverse Porcupine As Most
Manmade Materials With
Super Tactile Sensitivity

Harm me
With a Feeling
And Sense Beyond
Words As This Condition

(Sort Of Like Experiencing
Both Heaven And Hell Real)

Is So Rare Yet As Empath
With my Human Touch Real
And Even Through Distances

i Feel the Pain
And Pleasure
Of Others So
Intensely i Must
Dance And Sing Almost
Always To Guard my Soul

With A Shield oF LiGHT For
i Feel The Pain of Others And
The World It Cannot Hide From


Hmm Hehe Yet There Are Other
Obvious Advantages On the

Side As Well
With Most Every
Savant Curse Gift

True too
With SMiles

Moral of my Happy
SunDay Porcupine Story

Plus 16 Celsius
Sunny Spring

Days Finally
Coming Out
Of The Curse
Of Toronto Ice

For You
Spring Hugs
Returning New!!!

SMiLes Dear Savvy LooKinG Deep

Within Feeling Sensing Giving Sharing

Caring Healing All Our Wings What Makes

Us More Than Some Thing What Makes Us

More Than No Thing

What Sets Us Freer

SoaRinG Than Falling

What Lifts Us Up Floating

FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing

FLoWinG Spiraling Free LoVE iN

Peace Wears Wings THiS WaY Free

Star FLoWeR Seeds We aRe Above Below Within
God Yes Inside Outside All Around SParKLinG

LoVE iN Peace So Much More Than

No Thing or Just Some Thing

We Shine Forth Best to


Free Birds

WinG oN WitH SMiLes

For All RiSinG EMPaTHY iN
CoMPaSSioN LoVE iN Peace..:)


So What’s Next Yes i Always Return Now

And Never Break A Promise As a Forever

FRiEnD No Matter How Thick or Thin

A FRiEnDSHiP Will Wear Two Years

Now and Three Almost Four Months

Since Your Last Visit to Your Blog Home

Dear Lala Rukh Once A Constant Companion

For Every Blog Post Still Intermittently Yet

Always Returning as i Simply Have The Will The

Way to Do It And It’s Still Interesting to See And Feel

And Sense The Nostalgia of Changes That Come Through

Lives So Much

to Adapt to For
Change Yet A Golden

Age is Always An Age

Where THeRE iS Plenty

of Room to Do Human

to Feel and Sense

The Drive

To Spread Kindness
Empathy and Compassion
Around An Entire World For
Free Now With SMiLes A Routine

A Practice of Kindness An Eternal

Flame That Either We Find A Way to
Keep And Do Or We Do Not As This is

A Practice of Loyalty of Personal Soul To Do

To Continue to Be A Higher Version Than Before…

Yet of Course it is the 8th And Not the Promised
6th As Life Gets Busy

Even For Those

Who Only

Play For the
Sake Of Play
in Freedom’s Wings of Breathing God Yes!

Better Late Than Never in Return For Yes
It is True Some Folks Wait For Thousands
of Years For Stories to Return AS Humans

Stone Statues at the Bottom of Oceans Yet

It’s Kind of the Opposite For me As The
Story Comes
Last as First



Thanks Dear Cindy
Currently Putting
Together Another
Monument Of Words☺️❤️

Ah Yes Dear Savvy Generating Happiness Within Beyond

All the Trapping of Conforming to or Wanting Validation

From Others to Even Exist As Being Human NewLY Now

For It’s True it is Possible to

Be in An Autotelic Flow on Task

Ascending Transcending in JoY

All Anxiety and Apathy too

For What We Love

To Do And Become

A Fountain of Giving Sharing

Caring Healing Free As The Giving
Water Itself Becomes The Receiving Yes to Drink No

Matter How it is Received or At All With SMiLes

Yet Yes We aRe Human Important to At Least

Give Moving Connecting Co-Creating ToGeTHeR

A Shot And Better

Yet With Thanks

Giving For Giving

to Never Give Up With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair in the Feel And Sense We All View And

Do the World Differently in All the Feelings And Senses of

Our Realities We Co-Create So Very Deep Within

Verily You Are On The Correct Path in

Successfully Finding Your


WHeRE God Comes As
A Flicker Flame Torch
Bonfire Forest Fire That

Never Goes Out Once You

Are Well Acquainted With the

True Soul Mate Within True The

Weird oF ALL oF Us The You That is

me WiTHiN That No One Is You’er Than

You to Paraphrase Dr. Seuss With SMiLes too

The One Who Will

Never Leave

Your Side

The One That

Is You Deepest Within

Indeed The SoUL Mate

That and Who Comes Reborn to BReaTHE Free…

Not Sure if the Last Comment Took Yet Yes Too
An Opportunity to Wish You Now A Wonderful
Birthday Coming on May 12th Dear Sohair

Oh No Oh Darn And Yes i Missed

The Opportunity to Wish You
Happy Mother’s Day in Egypt

on March 21st With that Day
Over Here Coming Soon This Sunday too

Yes of Course As What Mostly Happens Now You
Are Technically Still Young Enough to be my Daughter too

Let’s Do
Soul Sister
Just For SMiLes..:)

Hehe Dear Cindy Google is my Personal Slave And Assistant

Just in Case i Wanna Peruse the ‘Card Catalog’ Of All 11.7 MiLLioN
Words of EPiC Longest Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” From 9 Years
And 9 Months Over 130,000 Photos That Go Along With That i Took For
Additional Muse

or Reference

Materials For

What Comes Next


i Don’t Have to Spend A Penny MoRE ALL

At My Finger Tips Just Slaving Away For me 24-7

Continuing to Card Catalog All i Do For Free Yet Truly

It Does Help to Write All Titles Uniquely That Number Way

Over A Thousand Now Hehe

That Continue to Accumulate
Bi-Monthly Now in Anthologies

of 60,000 or So Words A Piece


Magic of What i Do Comes With No Copyrights

i Spread All i Do All Around the World to the Tune

Far Far Far Away in Lands Away From Just WordPress

of And in Literally Millions of Free Views Yet Again the Fact

God Yes That i Go to Barnes and Noble Nearly Every Sunday

Afternoon to Dance in Meditative Flow Listening to Meditative

MuSiC Reading Almost Always An Entire Book New in the Span

of One Hour Oh Dear Lord in Over 9 Years i’ve Already Consumed Over

400 Books Absolutely Free And The FAct that i am A Well Known Public
Dancer For Almost 9 Years and 9 Months All Around the Metro Area They

(i Will Never Make it Even For What i Give for What This World Brings Free)

Meet and Greet
me And Take Free
Promotional Videos of All

i Dance Free in Flow Everywhere Now For 18,233

Miles i Go to the Tune of Thousands Upon Thousands
of Social Media Videos of my Ministry of Flowing Dance Free

Hehe, i’ve Never Pursued Any Promotional Efforts At All Except the
Fact i Give it All Away Free Just to Give Share Care And Heal With

Most Respect
And Least Harm

Unless Someone
Were To Drown in
All my Words HAha

Yet Again the Secret to
Spreading iT All Around the
World Like A Tsunami is Do it
Free Give it All Away And Never

Look Back to Care For Any Affirmation
or Award At All For it is the Joy of the Act

Itself That No One Could Ever Return More With SMiLes…

It’s Really Funny In Barnes And Noble if Someone Asks Do You

Ever Talk Do You Only Dance Listen And Read And Then i Sing If You Would

Like to See A Small Sample Close to 2.6 MiLLioN Words of what i Do in Free
Verse Poetry All Themed With YouTube Songs And Photos too Just Type

in ‘Depth oF The Story’ Yes

And Find it on the Top of the

Google Search Engine Results

For Real Yet You See i Didn’t Have

to Search on it i Employed All the Folks

At the ‘Wrong Planet’ to Do that Free For Them

And That’s Key Do it All Free For Them And The Only Way Will Be Up

Wishing You the Best of Sales for Your New Book Dear Cindy Yet Reiterating

The Value

of All You
Do in Reaching
And Teaching So Many

Other Humans in All You
Do Free on Your Blog With SMiLes

You aRE ALWaYS A Best Seller ThiS WaY iN My EYeS With SMiLes…

It Really Makes me Sad The Wonderful Creativity That Has Disappeared

Online As Soon As Someone Sells Their First Book And They Just Give it All Up

As THeiR Goal

Comes to

Be Only

In the Sell

of the American
And Other Dreams

The Name You Make
is The Dreams You Awake in Others Free the Most For
At Least What i Feel and Sense Comes ReaL ETeRNaLLy NoW…

Hehe imagine the Forest it Would take to Put What i Do in Paper

i Figured it Out One Day and it was A Number of Trees Yet my Mother
Was A Published Poet We Still Have Tub Fulls of the Books She Wrote
So Many Opportunities to Write Books These Days Easier than ever With SMiLes

Men And
Or Women’
to Get
in the Way of
Creative Freedoms
Fully EXPReSSinG
iN All the Ways that
Comes Electronically New
or in the Old Papered And
Covered Wagon Ways too Hehe…

HAha True i Used to Read Hard Covered Books
Too Yet There Are So Many Already in Book Cases
in my Home my Wife Forbids me to Ever Buy Another one in Pages at Least…

i Love the Fact You Put So Much of What You Teach Free on YouTube so
Convenient on the Road to Never Be Bored At Any Stop Light or Traffic Congestion

Anywhere We
Go All the
Wisdom Arts

Sciences and




The World
Ready to Sing
in Our Ears For Free…

Dear Lord The Best of Days Always Now To Be Alive Learning Feeling What’s New

And Doing What’s New too Best Part oF All Engaging With Life Fully To Do For Real…

i Mean Seriously Most All of the Greatest Works of Art Were Never Appreciated or

Sold During the Artists’ Life As They Were Unique With No Target Audience

As This is A CoNuNDRuM of Original Creativity There is No Ready Target

Audience For What Has Not Been Done Before Yet What Would Really

Be Sad For One is If That Creative Genius Was Wasted on ‘Candy Crush’
Games At Bus Stops Without any Forrest Gump Stories to Tale For Real

Yes And If Buddha,
Lao Tzu, And Jesus

Gave Up As No One

Saw Any Value in What They (If They Really Existed According To Stories
Written by Other Ghost Authors of Course ASSiGNeD Through Famous Pen Names)

Did Alive Then Yet For Them The Dream Is In the Doing mY FRiEnD
of Course Unless They Were Born Today Consumed With ‘Candy

Crush’ Life Oh How Ironic Leonardo DaVinci Likely Painted the

Last Supper in His Own Eccentric Way of Beard and Long Hair

In His Era That Was Not Acceptable Either in Closely Cropped Bethlehem Days

And All the Ghost Authors That Wrote ‘The Book’ Leonardo And They Are

Still Worshipped

On Bended Knee

For You See It’s Not the
Names that Count in Form it’s the

Essence of the Souls Behind the Art

Ya May Copy A Name Yet Ya Can’t Copy An
Original Finger Print of A Soul As One’S Own in Art

All Ya Can Do Is Sell Someone Else’s Soul For Free…

That’s Boring i’ll Let ‘Them’ Do All the ‘Google’ Work for me

For Free Hehe…

Of Course
Dear FRiEnD
THiS iS Only
One Small View of Existence True..:)

Who NaRRates YoU

i’LL Just
Bounce over
The Moon Skip
Across the Sun and
Zoom Beyond the
Center Point
Of Existence
i Am i Be.. Hehe

This is what i see when
i look at my ‘Naked Mirror’….


LeSSoN 235
Answer is i Already AM ‘It’
i’m Forest i’m Trees i’m Leaves

Always Spring

LeSSoN 236
Below Thanks Honestly
i could Not have Done This
Without YoU Do understand
Why i still ‘Hang’ Around Now’
You Already Have an Honorary
Degree From me for What IT’s Worth🤑💝

SMiLes Humans Are
Evolved For the most
Powerful Gratification
That Is All Naturally of
Course Intermittent…
No Fooling
Mother Nature
StaY iN FLoW
Of Challenge
Dancing A
Tight Rope
At Ease of
Neither Rising
Too High to Fall
Or too
Low To
Rise Balance
Of Nature Spin
Torsion Now Move
Repose Re-Create
UniVerse Within
Day or Night..🙂

SMiles True
Love IS A
Witty Fool
Within Who Never

Gets Bored Entertaining Life

Is Enough



Even When

No One Else
Wants To Play
Sure Play With God


With SMiles🙏🙌

Listens True New
Much to Be Said
Now For Nature to Speak
Silent Thunder Lightenings

When Words Get Tired i
Dance When Steps Get
Tired i Sing Then Sleep
Then Repeat




Tired of Wings

Nor Does Wind

Carrying Flight Now
Mariana With SMiles🦅
Happy Mother’s Day Soon

In A ‘Game of Apes’, God Yes

It Doesn’t Matter How Foolish

The Play Is; Those Who Stand Together

Dominate The Game; If ‘You’ ‘Think’ So Called ‘Intellect’

Wins ‘the Game’ Over Base Classically Evolved Emotions, Obviously

You Are in

An Illusory

Game of Rationality

As Emotions Rule Human

Beings And Even The Most Ridiculous

Ignorant And Even Death Bringing Behavior

When Shared in Common Binds And Bonds of

Social (Politics/Religion) Glue Wins the Game, Live

or Die, It’S How

It’s Played


Sure, We

May Escape


And Yes i Do;

Yet those Who

Play Together, No

Matter What the Rules

Are Or How Nuts The Outcome of the Play is ‘Win’ the ‘Game’….

Or Shall We Point to the Lessons of Donald J Trump And How

Minions Continue to Follow Most Despicable Leaders; Actually “Minions”,

That Movie Series, is ‘Smarter’ Than All the ‘So-Called Dark Web Brainiacs Pasted Together’…


From ‘Reality’ Again

Is Only A Temporary Fix

And True Again i Do It too; It’ll

Probably Work For Another Decade or Two…

Yet You See, There is A Much Bigger Picture; Nature

is Slowly Purging Our

Part in All the

Current Ice
Age Humans Have Become…

Spring Will Return And Balance Will
Return Until the Next ‘Ice Age’ Comes; Whatever

It is that Follows the Fall and Rise of Waves Off and On…

True Life’s Not Fair; Party On Baby, Dance Like The Rest of

the UniVerse is Hot

And Cold Rocks…


Rock On..

While You Can And Will…

i Understand the Impermanence

And Miracle of this Smallest Sliver

Opportunity For Heaven on Earth

And Like Ferris Bueller Gonna

Twist And Shout While

The Minions Do ‘Their Thing’

As Otherwise Life Moves Pretty

Fast You Could Miss Heaven on Earth;

And Sure i’ll Vote That Much is True…

And i’ll Even Eat Some Popcorn And Report How

Waves Fall… While

i Continue to Rise…

For Now At Least

As THere Is no More

Real Than What We Feel

And Sense Now Yawn Just

Another DaY in Paradise Coloring Spring i Will Do…

In Other Words, i’ve Ascended And Transcended ‘The Game’; i only Play

Like What Will Happen if Folks No Longer Work For Pay; No Longer Consume Nature so Much…

We All Might



or Rise a Bit Longer…

Yet It’ll Never Happen

Unless Most of Us Join

Hands And Change the Current Politics oF iGnorance…

The Nature of Social Animals Is Politics; Solo or Whole; It’s All Religion…

It’s What Social


Naturally Do Do…

True It’s Nice to Rise Above That Do…

Obviously Being Financially Independent

MakeS A Difference When Money And
Consuming As MucH As Possible Is
‘God 2.0’, ‘A New Ice Age S&&& Religion’,
i No Longer Consume
Obviously, If We Keep

Our Eyes Shut Around

Folks Who Can’t See

They’ll Have to Find
Their Way to See Blind…


It’s What

We All Do Anyway…

If We Cannot Speak Our
Truths No One Will Hear…

If We Cannot Listen
To Lies That Won’t



Sticks And Stones
May Break my Bones

Yet You See i Have A Place For Words too…

Let’s Face it, Not Everyone Is The Same; Some
Folks Break Down Over Words, No Different Than Sticks And Stones…

If We Are In an Interaction Where All Differences Are Discussed in Peace

That’s Where



Most Yet only

When Mature Human

Beings Are Present Fully Developed oh
How Rare That is When Humanity Becomes A Lost Art…

When Patience Is Reduced to A ‘Candy Crush’ Game at A Bus Stop of Life…

People Who Become Secure And Self-Authenticated Complete Won’t Be Brought

Down By Words;

Yet How


Is Indeed ‘These Days’…

Obviously, the ‘Photos’ Don’t Lie…

And Obviously It’s A Bit More Difficult When Speech Doesn’t Go Away…

Unless One is Totally in Control of Regulating Their Emotions and Senses Now…



Humanity 101…

And All the Bits And Bytes Now…

In ‘A Society’ of Do Least Harm

All Concerned Must Be Taken Into Consideration…

That’s An Art And Never Ever A Science And or ‘Religion’ Alone;

A Practice of

Life and Love at Best…

Other than That Haha;
‘Symbols On A Page’ Don’t Scare me…

Only Dead Shells on the Beach
When The Living Stuff i Master Is Within ‘my SHell’…

SMiLes Dear Sohair Reptile Brains

Understands Two Ways

To Remember

Most to Survive

Fear That Brings Fight or Flight
And Lust That Brings Reproduction to Life…

This Is Reality As Associated We All May Master

Fear And Passion Yet of Course

When Society Comes

For Sale Fear

Is Used

to Subjugate and

Control Most And Lust

Is Used to Sell ‘THINGS’ Most As Well
Particularly in Free Markets Where Anything
Goes Best to Control the Masses And Sell to them too…

So How Do We Avoid All of This We Do What We Love



Of Course for

Those Who Ascend

And Transcend All the

Subjugation, Control And
Mastery Over Our Reptile Brains As Such

True There is the Limbic Brain System Where

Glue Becomes Love And True There is A Neo
Cortex As Well At Best That Sees Through Who Is Fooling

Us Keeping

Us Away

From Free

With Wings to Fly
in Mastery of this Life LoVE NoW…:)

Hehe, Dear Chaymaa i Have Been Patiently Waiting
For Your Next Blog Post Full of Inspirational Quotes

And i Might Wish You A Happy Mother’s Day Yet

i Have no Idea If You are a Mother and

Besides That Mother’s Day

in Egypt is Celebrated

on March 21st Never the Less
For Sure A Happy Mother’s Day to

Your Mother For Raising Such a Kind


Others As
You Do Freely With SMiLes

And Yes i Do Love Wild Flowers

As They Are So Patient They Break

Through Concrete

And Bloom And

True i Never

Give Up on Breaking
Through the HeARTS of
More ‘Concrete Humans’ too With SMiLes..:)

Every Mother Births A Face
of ‘God’ For Those Who Can’t
See This They’ve Lost THeiR Place

SMiLes Dear Sohair Very Long Soon Day
Early For Sunday Celebrating Mother’s

Day Dancing Singing Writing So Free
And Yes Katrina and my Sister Are Very
Happy Thanks So Much For Asking Yes

And Hehe These Days i Am Practically
Old Enough to Be Most Everyone’s Parent

i Come into Contact With
As Sure Starting Young

Enough i Could Have
Been An Age to Have
A Child Your Age With SMiLes

Young At Soul And Numbers Don’t
Matter so Much For Sure Dear Sohair

HeART Still Breathing Free MaKinG Art

Child oF Play At SPiRiT Slaying Fear More
And Prayers for Your Children and Young
Women Studying Arabic To Translate to
English You Teach

to Pass

Their Exams
Next Yes Such
A Busy School
That Becomes
Work Life Indeed..:)

All Unique EYes Nature of
‘God’ it Seems Different Within

Us Yet Similar in Some Ways
Of Communion of Humanity True

How We Perceive The World And Others
Who We Perceive Perceive Us May Be

Only Illusory
As We May

Never Know
Feel and Sense

What Another Unique
Set of Eyes Sees of this Existence Now

SMiLes An Early Sunday Happy Mother’s Day
Wish to At Least Your Mom for Bringing the
Gift of You And Sure If You Are A Mother You


USA Writes..:)

More Than A Quadrillion
Points of Stars in Day of Night
Still That Many Souls To Touch Before Going Quiet

Amazing What It Takes Dear Jade
To Make A Sunset And
Sun Rise Color Even

More Amazing It Is
That Humans Feel
And Sense Beauty
Awe And Wonder
All Around Us Now

No Separation in This Beauty
That We Feel Now the Awe
And Wonder of Twilight That
Begins and Never Ends that

We Create as Our Own Gift Of Life

This Breath This Art of Being These Days

That Lasts Forever Now WHere One Word





And Continues

to BReaTHE Eternally

Now No Different Than

Each Step of Dance

WHere Gravity



There is No
Inertia to Feel Sense

FLight Comes On Land
Touching Ground Same

Just Another Day in A Life Yet

Even More When We Think About

Super Nova Explosions Crucible

Fire Star Death Streaming Iron

Now in Our Blood Same

As Mother Earth in

Her Core That

Off Springs

Us As Now We

Enjoy Still Becoming Essence This
Spring Star Dust Resurrecting Beauty
Wisdom Even Love Out of Star Fire Death

Rather Than Fearing Embracing Beauty Of A Miracle Now

Just This Breath Just This Gift Just This Present Enigma Light…

The Beauty of Art

Every Soul Filter

Unique Absorbing

All the DArK Thru LiGHT

“Having the Time of Your Life”

Again So Far Above on A Jet Air Liner

‘Dirty Dancing’ Set Free The Nomad

Warm Alive HeART Beats Throbbing

SPiRiT Wanting

To Rise Out
of Cocoons

Or STiLL Stumbling

Over 101 Caterpillar

Legs Without a Soul of Free

THeRE iS No Time Left iN mY

Life Dear Miriam only Fly Free Birds Wing On NewLY NoW

God Yes With “Happy Feet” in “Foot Loose” Town True Hehe

A Penguin

Will Do What

A Penguin or

‘Walrus’ in

A ‘Yellow


Will Do in the
Ice and Cold
to Keep ToGeTHeR Warm

As ‘Sgt. Pepper’ or Captain Salt

For Real Dear Lord Not As Much of
A Challenge iN “Foot Loose” Town..:)

oF Soul
Deep or

Both EYeS
That See And


HeART Felt Truths
Open SoUL Windows

With SPiRiT Low or High

Dear Isha..:)

SMiLes Dear Isha Traditions Glue Us to Before

For The Comforts And The Sticks and Carrots

That Keep CuLTuRE Close Bonded Binded

And Bended Below Above Now

WHeRE ALmost Any

Meme Goes True

Yes Even Female
Genital Mutilation
In Some Countries STiLL

Horror Felt AS Self Esteem
For Some Because of What

Is Spoon-Fed From Birth Yet It’s

Also True Most Every CuLTuRE STiLL Points

Out the Insanities of the Glue of Other Cultures

Yet With Our EYeS Glued Shut From Birth Spoon

Fed The Comforts and Poisons of Ignorance Away

From Freer Soul Wings Still to Advance And Grow

Finding Real Edens in Gardens Far Beyond

Mirages in

Desert Places
of Dry Mountainous
Rocks and Snow As Well

THeRE iS No Place of SoUL

To Explore Too Deep Except For

Places FeaRinG DarK CYNiCaL

oF New LiGHT Yet to Sprout

For Free

To See
iN DarK
Far Beyond
Only EYeS
And EarS iN DarK For Real..:)

“Kindness Is Free Sprinkle It ALL OVeR The World With SMiLes” As i Paraphrase
Your Mission Statement Dear “Peace And Truth” Just A Bit And While i Guess

i Really Might Better Sooner Than Soon Get to Electronically Publishing
“LoVE iN Peace Frees NoW TRuLY ALiVE NeW” Actually Now As That

Laser Focus TasK iN Flow is Sliding By Now For Almost A Week Since

i Finished the Writing Then of That HeaR i AM Still in the Comments

Section of “Truth oF NoW And Then” Writing “Fly Free Birds Wing On”

Still in the Midst Literally NoW And Then of Juggling Three 60,000 or So
Word EPiC LonG Form Poem MacroVerses at Once The Size of A Christian New

Testament or
So in Around

6 Weeks of Dancing

Singing Writing That Just

Waiting to Publish the Last

Effort Electronically And Oh Dear

Lord God Yes Already Pushing Through

Nearly 16,000 Words of “Fly Free Birds Wing On”

Yet It’s True Dear FRiEnD One May Do Mechanical Cognition

Duties Like Producing in Mechanical Cognition The Tasks it Takes

to Put a Blog Post Together With All the Parts at Hand Any Day And

Not Really Lose Any New Creativity Yet When Creativity Flows Deep

Within it is Unique And If We Don’t Let it BREaTHE Naturally It Will

Never Return the Same As The Essence of iMaGiNaTioN And

Creativity is at Essence The Eternally Now Change of

Creativity New Loving Peace ThiS Way in Balance

FRiEnDS NoW With Gravity It’s True the Rest

Of Nature New Needs No Book of

Instructions In Advance

To Continue to

Unfold As Naturally


of Roses NaturAlly Rise too Yes in

ThiS Way God is A Continuing FLoWeR

With THorns Both Unfolding And Wilting too

Yes As Waves Go Out and Return Always Differently

As Clouds and Sun of TWiLiGHT of Breaking Dawn

Sunrises and Sunsets True All A Unique Changing

Finger Print And Toe Print of Dance And

Song Still Coming Free Now True For

Those Who Are Afraid of the

DarK oF Yin or the

LiGHT oF Yang

They May Become

Fearful of DarK And

Cynical oF LiGHT True too

Yet It’s True THeRE iS LiGHT in the

YiN For Those Who Truly See and Hear

Beyond Only Organs of EYeS and Ears

And God Yes THeRE iS Surely DarK iN

Yang As the Left Hemisphere Restricted Part

of MiND May Attempt to Grasp and Materially Reduce

Reality to Only Parts and Miss The Right Hemisphere Whole

of Understanding All That iS Weight oF Finger Tips in Balance

of Dance LiGHT oF SoNG When Poetically DANCinG SiNGiNG Free

God Yes Even Coming to Page Free NeW As Avatars of SoUL NoW Real

iN Words As Yes in ThiS Way FlesH And Blood of SouL Becomes Words Now

Yet Not Only Every Last Word Every New Word Beyond iNFiNiTY of Metaphor

Only Approximating the Ineffable Truths iN DarK And LiGHT of Reality God Now

Always More To Uncover Dear FRiEnD As All of Existence This Real God Continues

to Unfold Hand in Hand ALToGeTHeR As All of Existence FLoWeRS and THorns


Wilting Yes and
Blooming NewLY

NoW Again and Again

More Beautiful in Potentials

When All Is Set Free iN Balance

oF DarK Thru LiGHT THiS WaY With

SMiLes oh the Beauty of Spreading Kindness

Oh the Openness of LoVE iN Peace That Does Not
Exclude Any Souls Still Birthing to “Fly Free Birds Wing On”

Anyway Dear Free Angel Soul Keep Winging On Thanks For the Kindness

You Spread Announcing in Awards of Brilliant Author of the Year 100 Percent

Hehe With 3 Trident Stars And Seven Symbols For Saints 8 Big Bang Explosions

Two Flames Afire Heart Felt Big Bang Explosion Again With Twin Cherries HeART

Felt Big Bang Again With Trident Star and Prayer With Saint 100 Percent

Understanding the Loyalty of LoVE iN Peace A Loyal Dog Brings to

Those Now

They Love Most
And That’s Where the
Idea of the Stars War’s ‘Wookiee’

Came From Memories oF A Loyal

Dog FRiEnD Always By THeiR Side

An Unconditional Love Needing no

Books or Words True With ‘Jesus’

Real Reincarnated in Fur my


Peace Needs

No Words Yet We Will
Expand Our Reach With
Avatars of FLesH And Blood
LoVE iN Peace BecoMe Words to Spread
Our Souls oF Kindness ALL OVeR the World…

And Obviously ‘Yoda’ God Yes Came From Eastern Philosophies
of Seeing God Far Beyond Any Names Alone Yes Experiencing

A Balance of God iN Yin And Yang FRiEnDS With Gravity

in Total Bliss Above So Below God Within Inside Outside

And All Around ‘Seeing’ in the DarKNess mY FRiEnD

WaKinG Up to the LiGHT Free WiTHiN This

Rain All Around me Only Quenches my

Thirst For Sunshine Coloring

Clouds This Thunder

This Lightning

Returning Again Free

Outside my Window and This 27.1 Inch iMac Screen

With Digital Piano Keys Dancing Singing Words Free

i Am Alive Naked Enough Whole Complete

This Gift is Enough to Give Share Care Heal
Freely For All With Most Respect Least Harm

iN JoY oF LiGHT iNHaLinG Peace LoVE EXHaLinG

Love Thru DarK Thru LiGHT No Separation God All That is

Real Still
New Eternally Now Free…

Can’t Really iMaGiNE Any Thing

iN Existence i’d Rather ‘Think’ To Do Than Dance
And Sing Free to You THiS ETeRNaL Now New For Real

And Now Off New Namaste to Meet and Greet the Next
Face of God


Or Below
A Grain of
Sand Still Holding
Up New Potentials
of Human Mountains oF LoVE

Below A Grain of SaMe You Will
Find me i Am ALiVE i BREaTHE Free NewLY NoW…:)


The Blue Finger of Divinity

From Your Culture Dear

Kiran That May Be

Holy And Sacred

SHaRinG Around the

World in All Other Forms By Essence

NeWLY NoW For the Love That Comes
From Peace The Peace That Comes From

Love The Finger Tips of Soul That Touch

More Than SKin Deep The Dance of Toes

That Are Grounded Yet Touch The Stars

Above oF RiSinG LoVE iN Peace Even

More to Live LoVE iN Peace

iNCaRNaTE in Essence

Is to Touch

And Become

Divine LoVE iN Peace
For Real to Give Share
Care Heal With Most Respect

Least Harm iN JoY OF LiGHT

Moving Connecting Co-Creating

in DeLight Naked Enough Whole Complete

ToGeTHeR Nothing to Add Or Subtract

Love Unconditional Yes Requiring No

Worship And Fearing No Criticism

Yes All of Existence US Becomes

LoVE iN Peace THiS WAY We

iNHaLinG Peace


Every NeW DiViNE

Breath of ReaLiTY

NoW Holy Sacred

With SMiLes

Yes Keep

YouR Vibe

SoARinG Free

ThiS WaY mY FRiEnD

“Fly Free Birds Wing On”

Just Another Title And Verse

Of A SonG oF mY SouL FLoWinG Free From WiTHiN..:)

My Wife is A Very Kind and Empathic Human Being
Dear Miriam High School is Far as She Went Yet

She Continues to Travel

in the World of Soul

i Mentioned Your

Issues to Her as You

Are Close to Her Younger
Age than me and Yes You Are Younger
Than Her According to Your Chinese New
Year of Rat Like me A Cycle Removed Anyway

She Has No Idea Really Who You Are Other

Than the Psychologist Lady From New York

Whose Eclectic Creativity i Find So Inspiring

To add Some Words to Come Around Each

Day and in a Very Heart Felt Way She

Said We Must Say A Prayer

For the Lady From

New York Today

As She’s Had Some

Middle of the Ages Issues
That No Doctor Has Been Able to
Grasp As It Took Her Years to Get
Appropriately Diagnosed With Epilepsy Too

As She Looks Like She Hasn’t Had a Health
Problem Any Day of Her Life Sad Even How
Doctors With Experience Will Judge A Book

By Its Cover and
Not Even Investigate

The Pages ThiS Way

Anyway HeART Felt Concern

And Wishes and Hopes that May

Be Described As Prayers From me too

We Aren’t the Kind of Folks Who Really

Have to Know


To Feel the
Anxiety and
Pain of the World Intensely too..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy Every
Miss-Step And Miss-Word

Leads to A Potential Brand
New World of Creativity

in Free

Dance and Song

Every Fall Will Naturally

Create A New Way or RiSinG

And Staying in Balance More

True the Other Animals Don’t

Get to Go to the Doctor or Hospital

in the Wild A Fall and Broken Leg May

Mean the End of
A World to them

A Wasted Calorie

Out of Gracefully Moving

in Balance May Be a Doorway

to Starvation As Well With No Returning

Mindful Awareness in More Than Just Words

Mindful Awareness in All that Moves Us Connects

Us Co-Creates Us From Head to Toe And So Much More

Yes All that is Existence As Wherever Balance Comes We

Are in the Center of The UNiVeRSE And So Much More

Unless We Limit Our Existence Newly Now to Only Time
And A

With Things

A Larger Place

Than Yes Clock Hands

Without the River of Time

That Flows Free Beyond

The Much Narrower


of Our Minds

Consisting of Around

Half of A Percent of All of What

Total Mind and Body Whole Awareness

Does Consist of And So Much RiSinG to

The Surface of This Ocean Being

Below No Longer Trapped

on Only The Surface of

The Ocean or

Far Below

Just A Never Ending
Changing Dance And
Song Free in all We Do

So Many Doorways Still to
Open and Explore So Many

More Openings Than Only Material Form Brings..:)

CLoSinG GoD uP iN A BooK/WorD
NeVeR SeeKinG MoRE oF GoD


AcTuAlly iT ALL CoMeS DoWN to:
Who You Are Loyal to Most From:
A Father oF ALL Lies Or LoVE THaT/WHo

Gives And Shares Fearlessly

With Most Respect Least Harm



LeSSoN 237
How Do i KNoW God
Is BreatH i ‘See’ IT


LeSSoN 238
Experience of
God Breath of
Gratitude Now

LeSSoN 239
Essence of Art
Building Your
Own Ladder

LeSSoN 240
Sail Your Own Boat
Or Allow Others to
Navigate Your Sails

Spaces, Places, Faces
What Do We All HaVE iN
Common Yes A Mother
EartH Great To Always

Celebrate And
Cutest Baby
Birds With
A Mother


And Your Future

Child Who Will
Be SMiLinG At


So Happy

To Be Born
To You Feeling
Your Touch Being
Born Of God’s Face Love

As You
With The

Greatest Gift
To Shine More
Love on The World
Yes As You Your Wonderful

Mother’s Gift As Well

So Say Happy Mother’s

Day To one You Call Mom
Too For Treasure Of FRiEnD

You Who
Flew in

to my Life
On Wings of Kindness
That A Mother’s Love Brings
🐦 😊🐦☺️🐦🤗🙏

It’s Worth Noting That Birds Wing God
And Are Still Highly Successful At It
Even Evolving From Dinosaurs As Such

Humans Covering Their Wings
With Clothes Go Figure Now They
(Hint: God) Are Becoming Tools
So Very

Lost From

Nature Of

Who We aRe STiLL NoW…

Yes Life (Love) is For
Sale Dear Nan Yes
NoW iN Our Tech

World Considering
Women Still As


Birth And
Garden God
Yes Love Most

Happy Mother’s
(God) Day To



On The
i Literally See
God Still As
Mama’s LoVE iN Peace

And Yes That Song
About The Face of
God Only Being A
DUDE has Got




As Mama

Is Still Face of God
To me She is Gone


i Still
To Give, Share, Freely
Caring With Least

Harm Most


All With




Requiring No
Worship Yet

i Still

Do Love

Essence Of
All That Is




This Only



Of Loving
Existence New🌊


How Blessed We Are To Celebrate
Our Love For Life How Gifted
We aRe to Be Born to Mother’s

Who Birth And Garden

This Ability to Truly

Even BREaTHE Free

In this One Life Now to

Be So Yes Happy Mother’s

Day to You Savvy It’s truly

Hard to Fathom The Wings

Of An Angel Your Mother Wears

And Of Course All You Bring As A

Mother oF LiGHT to A World So Many People

Expressing Sadness And Pain Today Visiting Places

Around A Globe Perhaps The Closest They Ever Get to

Heaven Is Mama’s Love True It’s up to All Of Us to Spread
This God Love…

A Mother’s



to Humanity
Number One…🙂

SMiles Jade Invariably
A Song Inspired By
What i Write Comes
While Reading Poetry
SouL FLoWinG Shaping
Streams Coming Together
Flooding Banks
All At Once A
River is Always
Magic As Your Poetry
Inspires Happy Mother’s
Day to All Loving Mother’s


With SMiles😊

SMiles Jade
Your Welcome
Is Always Enough
Keep Inspiring Poetry☺️

SMiles Dear Chaymaa
Wise Words You Bring
Again With “Happy
Mother’s Day
Every Day
And All
The Time”
As Mother’s
Day Is Spelled
With Unconditional

For All
With Peace
Most Respect
And Least Harm☺️🙏🙌

i Guess You’d Have to See ‘The Pics’
to Understand ‘The Story’ Yet It Sure
Does Look A Whole Lot Like Beauty

And A Beast At Least…

So True Dear Sohair
It Seems Without
Feelings Of
And Fatherhood

Roles Identified
As Such Cold More

To Fall
And Fail 🌹 🥀 🙏

Always A Pleasure
Dear Cindy Now
All i have to Do
Is Visit Your
Newest Blog
Poem And Plant 🌱
A Moderate Sized
FRedwood Hehe☺️🤗

SMiles Dear Vrunda Nice to See
You Blogging Again Hopefully This
Is Just Fictional Yet It’s True Some Folks

Don’t Have A Very Good Relationship
With Sincerity And Truth From Their HeART

And It’s Also True Some Folks Actually Have

A Stone Cold


That Some Will
Spend a Life Trying
to Crack That Ice It’s
True Not Everyone is
Cut out to BabysiT HeLL ON EartH…

Wounds i’ve ‘Seen’ A Few
So Deep Dear Cindy From
The Women of Abuse Who

So Many Turned to me for Love
And Confided in me During My Unmarried
Days From my Experience About Half the Women

i met Had Been Abused by A Close Relative And

The Stories of the Wounded Were Too Horrible to

Repeat Here as One Ended

With A Mother, A Husband,
And Three Children,

And Then A Mother
With A Revolver in

Her Father’s Bed As

Some Wounds Are So Deep
They Just Never Heal They Just Never
Go Away Until the Human So Neglected

And Abused Can No Longer Live Another Breath
And to ‘Think’ to Really Feel and Sense Her Pain

If She was Raised Today She Might Have Been
Forced into Raising Her Father’s Children too at

The Hand of Wounds So Deep So Deep AS HeLL ON Earth

Life is Messy, Life is Way too Messy to Marginalize Human Beings

As Objects
to Be Used
And Thrown Away…

Anyway i Wish my
FRiEnD Could Have
Found a Way to Heal…

Wonderful Poem Dear Cindy
And A Topic At Hand For These Days of Dust

And Gold Where Empathy And Compassion and
Understanding Other People’s Hell is Real And No Faux Lies…

On a Happier Note Happy 87th Birthday in Advance to Your
Mother Coming in June Tis A Great Month to Be Born Hehe..🙂

SMiles Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD Oh How
i Love Eggs And
my Wife’s Sister
Raises Free Range
Chickens With Her
Husband on Their
Farm As Pets And
Only to Make Eggs

Hehe The Love
And Making
Of Eggs Has
No Start And
Finish Always

Beginning With
No End As Long
As my Wife Cooks

Them For Me aLWaYS
Dancing Singing A SMiLe
Of Love Within With No

As True
if i Am Not
Careful i Get
Too High No



me Aloha
Dear FRiEnD🙌☺️🤗🏝

SMiLes Dear Akshita At
Best DarKness Brings
A Free Dance And

Song As Birds
Do Escape

Cages ThiS
Way and Grow

New Wings Out
of Art they Create
And Share to Heal
Others on the Way of Give Care And Share…

All Wonderful Positivity Quotes Including Greats
Like Winston Churchill and Norman Vincent Peale
To A Table of Plenty of Inspiration Dear Chaymaa

We aRe All Living Trees Some With Branches

So Green Some With Flowers and Blooms

How We Light Up Our Trees With

So Many Colors Will Change

Us into Spring Trees of

New Colors Year


Wiring Our Minds
For Unleashing Releasing
Positive Energy As We Please

A Practice is In the Giving, Sharing,
Caring, Healing Ourselves For All With

Least Harm to Generate So Many Spring Tree Colors

All Year
With SMiLes..🙂

“I don’t sing because I’m happy;
I’m happy because I sing.”

-William James

Add In A Free Dance

And i’ll Sure As Fire Land
in Heaven Within Newly

Now And Never Leave
Such A Wonderful Way
to Deal With Challenges
Of Masks A Voice of Freedom

Always in A Free Dance And Song


Hehe With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Isha Your Poetic Aphorism as Aphorisms

Naturally Breathe ‘Speaks’ Truth While Consciously

Our Tongues May Be Directed to Speak Lies Yet

Subconsciously Now in Language of EYes

Non-Verbal Language

New Comes

Out in Ways Not

Easily Hid For Truth

in Gaze of Human Souls Exposed

i Believe Many People Through Experience

May Relate to this Aphorism You Freely Poetically Create

Concisely With Brevity Immediately Touching A Chord of Human

For Who
We Come to Be and See
Moreover Yes Feel And Sense..:)

Chameleon Colors 🦎

SMiLes Dear FRiEND ‘Chameleons’ Adjust Their Colors Feelings
And Senses to Their Environment Including Soul Melding With

Other Humans
Deep And Even

Physically too in
Verbal and Non-Verbal

Ways True Hehe it’s Amusing With Others
Still to See in the Selfie Photos Numbering
Over 2000 Over the Years of Public Dancing

Solo at the Metro Dance Hall Before Covid-19
Shut-it Down on March 12, 2020 As in Many of

The Photos my Appearance Comes to Mirror
Those Around me in Many Subtle Ways as

Others Have Pointed This Out to me in
Amusement too With SMiLes of Course

It All Comes Subconsciously and
my Sister Does This too Picking Up

Particular Accents Folks She
is Around From Local

To Regional Varieties

of Differences to

Foreign Countries
From Any Where Around
the World Where Accents

Come From There too Yet ThiS iS The
Way of the Empath So Closely Related

to the Environment At Hand Always changing
mY FRiEnD With SMiLes Change is Creativity at

Core When We Adapt ThiS Way Far Beyond Any

Conscious Think of Pre-Planning too Even When

i Wear Shirts With Different Cultural Memes i

Find My Self Naturally Reflecting The

Meme i Decorate Myself With

T-Shirt On it’s Very

Amusing And

Whimsical too

It’s Fun to Play
With Change From the
Deep Within of Chameleon
Fresh Colors Always New to CoMe Again…


Unique Leaves of A Living Tree We All Are Dear

Savvy True Some More Green And Colorful

Than Others Never The Less Each

Leaf is Still The



With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Miriam
i Remember my Psychiatrist

in The Dead Zone 66 Months Days
oF All Pain and Numb With No

Prognosis At All For

Recovery Then As

He Said The Brain

Does Wacky Things

When We Cannot See

Any Escape Trapped With

Our Problems in Life As i Used

To Dream i Was Swimming in Desert

Sands ThiS Way The Inertia So Great

No FRiEnDS with Gravity At All

Balancing That Way Just

Eyes Ears And The

Rest of me

Living in Desert

Sands Trying To Get

A Drop of Water to One Day

Rise Up And Float FRiEnDS With Gravity Again

For What It’s Worth i Breathed The Dark i Breath





Both A Greatest

Curse And Gift As Well

My Mother Said This Too Shall Pass

i Had No Emotion of Hope or A Feeing

of A SMiLE to Make That Happen Then

Yet Strangely Enough When LoVE iN

Peace Returned my Doctor Said Just

By Looking at me Before She

Saw my Blood Test

The Results Then

Would Be Remarkably
Better As She Developed

A Way to Test Her Intuitions
By Whether Her Patients Glowed

With Life Or Not… There Was No Glow Before
Not Even A Night LiGHT in the Ocean Deep..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair i Make it A Practice of Life

To Navigate Toward the LiGHT So Much Darkness

THeRE iS Yet i Do My

Best Free to Dance And

Sing Just Floating Above it All

TerrestriAlly FRiEnDS With Gravity

iN LoVE iN Peace Dancing Singing

The NiGHT iNTo Day THiS WaY

Indeed How Wonderful It

Will Be For Humanity

To Evolve in Practice

Toward The LiGHT

More Than DarK

Oh What A WaY iNDeeD
Toward Godliness to Sail iN LoVE iN Peace..:)

SMiles Dear Sohair
Katrina Leaves All
Sweets Except For
Her Out Of The Home
As i Am 10 Years Older
Than Her She Can’t Drive

And Will Need
my Health To
Be Best To

To Drive
“Ms Daisy”
Wherever She Arrives
This Is Sort of a Joke

Too Maybeeee Hehe


Oh to Have An Open Mind Body Whole Soul

To Explore Yes Dear Kiran iNdeed THere

Are No limits As Long As

We Find New Doors

And New Rooms in this

HoMe of Forever Now With SMiLes..:)

i like coming here Now each
Day it’s Like A Daily Favorite
TV Show that Never Gets Canceled
Like Gilligan’s Island and
You are almost Every
Character.. hehe
My Island is too far
‘Out there’ for most folks
To Visit so Happy to have
Internet Access way
Way Out Here..
Meanwhile after
A 3 Hour Tour of Sleep
Gonna Try A Nap Thanks
So much for helping me
Count Internet Sheep
Blog is
Like a Home
For Wandering
Shepherds online.. Hehe..;)

SMiLes here is a Poem
i wrote earlier in the
Years of Free Verse
Poetry A Greatfriend
Helped me Write
It All
Are Great!!!
The Poem is to
God The Y.O.U That
W.H.O. lives in A.L.L.

Marry the Night
Marry the Day
Merry The Life

Y.O.U. am i And me are You
You are my Dream my Nightmare my Pleasure
And Pain my Night And Day Most Importantly

You are me And i am Y. O. U.

You Are the Sky You Are the
Earth You Are the Moon and
the Sun and All That Is Beyond the


it is no Different
than Writing to Y.O.U..

You are the Mirror of my Tree
the Tree of my Mirror More
How do i Write A Letter to G.O.D.

For You are me and i am You and
Them are us and Us are Them forevermore now new


Bring me Pain and Tears of Sadness Yet that Never Matters
For You are Reality and They are We there is never ever Escaping


How will i ever Put a Name on Anything Everything as Beautiful

As You for it’s

True You Bring Me Joy So

many Smiles and Laughter

God Yes all the Love the Pain
And Pleasure New Beyond Rainbow
Colors to the Bottom of the Capstone
Pyramid oF LiGHT the Black Abyss of the

River Hades that

Never Seems to End

So Bright so Dark
So Cold and Warm
All the SHades of Grey
All the Colors of Home


Precious Are Souls
For Souls Live in
All of Exitence

And Yes it’s True
if i could not Quote
You and Write You
None of this Will Exist Now…

You are the One i Thank the most
You live in Everyone You are my Star
You are my Guiding LiGHT…

You are the Pleasure
my Food
You Teach
me more about
Love than i ever knew
And sensed and felt before

You are the Birth the Journey the Death and the Flower
Who Rises from Ashes With Colors Even more You are the Breath

You are My Lover Who Takes me to Ecstasy that i never Dreamed
is Possible Before.. You are my Prison Guard my Prisoner We are
Both Here to Learn from each other no matter which side of the

Barbed-Wire Fence

We Wish to escape from/to…

You are my Pet and the Cow Behind the Fence that i Love Dearly
Yet Will Be Food for my Starving Children.. You are my Enemy
Who i understand was Neglected and Abused as a Little Child

It was never about me Now it is always about You Yes You
are my Mother and Father and Sister and Or Brother You
are my Neighbor And Yes all my other Friends and Family

This is my Only Bible my Holy
Grail and i shall Never Forget it
This is my Life This is my Love This
is what God will Say if God is Human and Love…

‘This’ is one of the most
Human Hated Weeds
A primary target
To Extinguish
From Life yet
People Blow on
It and make Wishes
To come True i wish
You could Spend more
Time in Nature and
Talk to your Friends
For that is what
You told me
You Love to
Do Most i See
This Weed as
Elegant A Work
Of Art (God) i will
Not Kill it for i realize
Its Greatest Wish
Is to just live Free
And Flourish In
ItS Own Flavor
Of Beauty Best…
When Katrina Went to School
the ‘First Baptist Christians’ let
Her know she was a Weed too
Poor to Survive they told me
i Smiled too much
Like a Girl too
Thin and Weak
And ugly looking
To survive just
A Weed in
Their Way
Of Life So in
Every Way They
Spit on me too Yet
No God Yes Free
Naked Enough
Whole Complete
Now We Really
Do We Survive
We Survive Yes
New i Love You
FRiEnD please
Please Do Survive..
My Wish is
You Thrive
Within to
Give and
Share LoVE iN Peace
Always Weeds
FLoWeR to
Be Lovely
Colors WiLD iN Free..🙂

HouSinG TruTH iN/oF LiGHT

JusT A RoSE BuD i AM

JusT THRiVinG iN
Beauty’s Wisdom CouRaGE
KiNDNeSS Truth iN LiGHT Free
To Be i AM LoVE iN Peace iNCaRNaTE NoW

SMiles May the Sun
ALways SMile A Child’s
SMile in YouR EYes Happy Mother’s
Sunday New to Someone Creating
Someone as Sweet as You and
Yes Happy Mother’s Day In
Advance for
i’m Sure
You Will
Do the same🎶🌺
SuNG by a Son
Of the SaMe
LoVE iN Peace❣️
Every Loving Mother’s
Wish Best Tribute
To A Mother
And Then😇🙏

Oh! God! Yes! A Best! ‘THinG’
BeinG LoVE iN Peace Is i AM ReaL NoW!

NeWLY Yeah Yeah Yeah i Realize i AM
DanCinG SinGinG HeaVeN NoW! WiTHiN

SeRMoN On A Mountain Top On Dance Floor Steps Yes
FRiEnDS WitH GRaViTY CLouD 9 Years 9 Months ReaL

BReaTH oF A MoTHeR’s LoVE iN
Peace LiVeS oN iN A CHiLD’S EYes
Free To Give And Share Care and Heal
With Most Respect
Least Harm For All
As Any
Do For Her Child
Not only That
Yet The
To See A Child
GRoW iNTo A Tree
oF LoVE That Spreads
Even Wider And Further
Than The Mother’s Love Did
This Is the Garden of LoVE iN Peace
And The Planter Feeder of Love Still Is
Always Woman Most SMiLes Dear Sohair
NeWLY NoW FoR Me at Least God Is Much More
As Her
At Least
How Far A
Vine of Love
Will Reach and
With That Dance
And Song Happy
Mother’s Day Dear
FRiEnD Keep LoViNG
TRuLY No Greater Aim to Do and Be
Surely Worthy oF A NaME EiTHeR God
Or Allah When Life Breathes Truth oF LoVE
The Wisdom of Our Blood We Share the Most
The Drink Of Life That Is so Much More Than

Water or Wine



SMiles i am only
A Man Men Spend
THeiR Whole Life
A Woman’s Eyes…
Some Find This God
Of Love From
Others Stay
i Am only
i LiVE NoW
Sadly Even
With The Most
Churches Per
Square Mile
In Record
BookS oNly
To Find This
God This Love
Blessed From
A Mother’s Eyes…
i Understand Fully
The Gift Of
Life is Not
Fair As Others
Are Not Similarly
Blessed the only
i Seek
Find is
To Give
Her Love
Away For Free
This Gift What i Breathe🌹

🚪Doors Give me
A Word And A Story
Will come knocking🚪
At Its Leisure As
A River Streams
By FLoWinG



To Reflect

Presently Yes

Molding Shores

Ocean Whole Now

In The Rain ‘Riders

On The Storm’ Radar

Orange to Red Lit Up

Sailing Through A

Thunder Head




You A Smiling

Work Week to Feel
70 Degrees And Sunny Soon

Happy Birthday
To Your Little
Niece You
Will Have
A Child one
Day So Sweet 😇🙏

Welcome Everyone
To You Is Adorable 🙏😇

Snoopy Makes
HiS Own Joy Doc
Sunshine Clouds⛅️

Those Who Dance
Dance Who Dance
True Be The Beach🏝
Or Footprints of Trees

No Matter How Well Done Prepared
Humanity Fails Without Tenderness
Excellent Love Thesis Indeed Dear Rue

Monkey’s For Everything Bananas
Me In On Banana Wheat Bites Dear Rue

Every Door
A Room
To Thanks
Opening Again

‘Riders In The Storm’
Seeds Carrying Hope
From Other Countries
In Hurricanes Free to Breeze

Ah Yes Dear Savvy

Kindness is the Give
Share Care Heal That

Just Never Gives Up
When Fear


The Room
of Soul With
Courage Combined
With Greater Understanding

How Our Anchors and Sails of
Life in Safe Harbors and Fair And
Following Winds At Ocean Whole to

Explore All

When Little
Boats Grow
Into Bigger Boats
of Can And Will Love All

Harm And SMiLes..:)

Happy Blue Wednesday
Rhyme Life Now With No
Reason Play Slays Fear
Naked Enough Whole
Complete Yet It’s Okay

Yes To Wear Clothes True
As 17 Degrees Centigrade
Is Still A Bit Cool In Toronto


Yet Great
For A Sweater
And Spring Hike
For Play To Slay
Fear One With
Nature NoW in

Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love
And This Is Not
Only A Long LeSSoN 405
Yet A Prescription From

Fred Without
A PHD Yet An
Honors Degree
In Heaven Within

To: You From: Take
my Hand NoW And Fly 🪄

With Feet 👣 On Ground

Hehe To Keep The ‘Evil’ Eye 🧿

Checkmate♟ 🧛 🧛‍♀️

HAha Ain’t
i Crazy 8 Creative 😜
Much Love to You
And Your Family too
Dear Gibberish And
HAha You Are Welcome To

Call me Fred Although
my Wife Katrina Pictured
in my “Gravatar”
Looks More
Like She Would
Public Dance 18,244
Miles And Write 11.7 MiLLioN
Words of Free Verse Poetry
Now Than me in 9 Years
And 9 Months As of
May 18, 2023
Fix Stuff
The Home
Still Wonder
Woman At 53
Never Really
Aging too
Much it Seems
Hehe God Yes!

Opposites Do Attract!
And i Always Put Her

With Yes
Dear to
All Of Her

Hehe Dear Gibberish
i Still Leg Press
1540 Pounds
12 Reps Just Warming
Up at my “Advancing Age”

To 63 Since 6.6.60 NoW ‘Omen’ Free

NeWLY At the Military Gym

Yet Yes i Still

True Power

Is LoVE iN Peace

NoW Putting
Else First
Lasts Always Now
Winning ThiS Way
The Myth is
True Kind
With LoVE iN Peace☺️

It’s True No one Else Usually Sees it

Yet A ‘Dark Horse’ Yes the “Long Shot Rich
Strike” Smells It Feels IT First inspiring Others
to Shoot
For It All
Hehe With

Or Without
A Gun of Course

And Yes i Rather
Dance and Sing
Back of the Pack

too Still With Invisible Ink

Thanks So Much For Sharing
This Indeed ‘A Sign for The Times’
Forevermore NoW As Last Becomes


Again With SMiLes…

Although it’s True i For
One Have Seen No Chance
At All And Still Managed to

Smell (my Wife Will
Disagree with
THiS ParT hehe)

Like Roses NoW
in Victory of ‘SH8T’
Such A Colorful FLoWeR

SMiLes Dear Yeka Nice
to See You Again on WordPress

And Life Teaches me LoVE iN Peace Definitely

For Most All Wins Best Real And A Happy Mother’s

Day Coming
To You as A

is the Epitome
of LoVE iN Peace To Create
LoVE iN Peace on Earth Most..:)

Subject to Write About Dear
Akshita And True i AM A Bit

Bookish too yet it must all still
Be Free Reading A Book A Week
in Barnes and Noble Almost Every
Sunday AfterNoon For 9 Years and

9 Months Yep Over 400 Books For Free!
Of Course Dancing Also Listening to

Music Still
The Star Buck’s
Cafe of Students
Studying For College All
The Way Free! Free! Just
Free! What A Life When All is Just Free!

And It’s True Although i’ve Written the
Equivalent of Over 270 Novels of Poetry
i Am So Far From Paying Back in Writing All

The Reading
i Have
Totally Free!..:)

Kindness Thrives
Dear Savvy and Best

oF All When We Express
This Warmth For All of Nature

Our Species
Will Surely
Have an

to Spread More
LoVE iN Peace iN the Distant
Future Where COuRaGE Meets
Kindness And Love Thrives For All

With Most
And SMiLes..:)

Always A Pleasure
Dear Cindy Your
Poetry And Other
Life Gifts Always
So Inspiring


HeART Comes First Yes

Dear Savvy Naturally Will

Strengthening By Moving

Connecting Co-Creating Art

A Grain of Sand

And Less Will

Hold Up

A Mountain

of Human Love

Yes Love When Real

Is Naked Enough Whole

Complete Love When Real

iN Peace Never Runs Out of

Give Share Care Heal With Most

Respect Least Harm Love Gains Strength

By Loving More iN Peace With Most Respect

Least Harm Love Continues to Grow As the Base

of the Pyramid is The Same Distance From the Top

Love Understands

No Less or More

Love Loves

All As Love


To Grow Without

Restraint Love Frees

Birds ToGeTHeR Wings

On SOaRinG ToGeTHeR Free No

More Place Now For Fear in Peace

Love Springs Forevermore New
Peace For All Now With SMiLes..:)

Hehe Dear Sohair i Have No Fears of Artificial

Intelligence as So Often it isn’t Smart Enough

To Determine if i am

Real or Not Hehe

In Terms of Substance
And Also Speed of Operations

As i’ve Landed in Facebook Temporary

Jail Before For Completing Operations of

Applications Faster Than the Algorithm

Believes A Human Will Do Haha

Other than that Hehe

Newer Smart Phones
Don’t Even Have Enough

Artificial Intelligence Enough to Open

Up My Still GRoWinG in Creative
Potential Novel Sized EPiC Long
Form Multi-Media Blog Poems

Perhaps It Will Catch Up

After i Am Long Gone

From Earth With SMiLes

Yet As Far AS Humanity Goes And With
Science Assessing the Average Human Attention

Span of Less Than A Gold Fish Yes Less than 3 Seconds

It appears Human Blue Whales Are Becoming Rarer Every
Day Hehe

With SMiLes

The World Is still

A Big Ocean to explore

True it helps to Have Blue Whale Fins to Just

Do It As Nike the Greek Goddess of Victory Suggests

When She Has Not Been Trapped Selling Stinky Athletic Shoes…

True Life
is Good
And More too With SMiLes
Dear Young FRiEnD as i Surely
Will Say A Prayer For Your Sore Throat

too Hmm Yes Nice to Have Ice Cream too…

i Have None

Yet Seafood
Gumbo Will
Surely Do Hehe..:)

Batman’s Superpower is Being Rich;

Superman’s Super Power is Being From Another Planet;

my Super Power is Growing Up Without Many Material Luxuries,

Like Hot Water Heaters, Air Conditioners, or Even TV At All Until Age 7;

And After That Not Owning A Color TV of my Own Until Age 25 With
my First Lowe’s Credit

Card For Debt

Other than School
Loans For 3 College Degrees;

True, my Other Super Power Was Usually

Ending Up Outcast in Some Way Every Where

i Traveled in Life Yet You See Those Are Only Causes

For the Effects of Really Having No Other Choice Yet LooKinG

Within; Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses; Developing the Bio-Feed Back in Practices

Of Life Real To Expand My Mindful Awareness From Head to toe And So Much More Expanding

My Human Potentials

In Mindful Awareness

Naked Enough Whole Complete,

Where i Master My Own Happiness in

Terms of Materially Reducing That to

Neurohormones And Neurochemicals too;

Yes, Mastered Through a Practice of Art in Free Dance/

Song of Emotional Regulation and Sensory Integration

CoLoRinG All Parts of the Story of my Life Deeper Than

Only a Life of Taking Existence Apart and Forgetting Intuitively,

Instinctually, Innately, How to Put Life Back Together Again Integrating

The Whole; Balancing ALL FRiEnDS With Gravity in Grace Of Strength in Will


LoVE iN Peace
Brings Naked
Enough Whole

Yawn That’s A Poetic Way

of Putting the Common Hero
Archetypal Story ToGeTHeR of

How We May Explore our Inner Human

Multi-UniVerses Far Beyond What the Antiquated

Scientific Method May Observe, Measure, and Replicate,

In Peer ReViewed

Studies; Yes Only

in External


That May Be
Measured By

Standard IQ Too Yet Doesn’t

Touch the Depths of the Ocean

of Mindful Awareness That Consists

As Science Suggests far Below Our Being Whole in
Conscious Thinking Abilities in Abstract Constructs That

Reduce Reality Alone to Parts Less Than Integral And Whole;

Yes As it Doesn’t Come Close to the Other 99.5 Percent or So of Our Being

Beyond Abstract Constructs of Thinking, Touching Our Potential Realities Newly Now…

Some Folks Are Mind Blind to Empathy, Both Cognitive and Affective; Sure, Other Folks

Are Color Blind; As Disabilities Bring Limitations True Both By Nature and Effect Of Limited

Nurturing too; Sadly True,

Some Folks Experience

Little Proprioceptive
Abilities; Others


Any Real Interoceptive

Emotional/Sensory Abilities Either;

Others Experience Very Shallow

to Numb Emotions; All These Human

Potentials Just to Scratch the Surface of What’s Possible

Is Part of what We Are Mindfully Aware of, Body Brain Whole, Head to Toe,

And So Much More; When i Went to College (in the 70’s to 80’s) Signs Were Posted on Computer

And Engineering Lab Doors; To Get Out And Do Human Too; God Yes, The Social Empathic, Spiritual,

Emotional, Physical, Artistic Parts of Life as A Life Spent in Mechanical Cognition Activities Will Surely

Wither the other

Parts of the

Fruit Our Vines

of Mindful Awareness Away Less;

Indeed, Reason is Not Always Rational;

And Indeed Art is Not Always SMart

When it Is Reduced to Only PArts

of Materially Reducing

Art to Only Forms

That Have Come Before,

With A Ready SET Target Audience to Sell to of Course too, Hehe;

Our Shrinking Human Existence Within Fostered by A Society That

Focuses Mostly Only on External Rewards is Surely In Part At Least

Correlated With the Staggering Growing Rates of Depression and Anxiety

in our So-Called First World Problems; As Longitudinal Empirical Based Studies

Show that Youth Are 4 to 5 Times More Depressed and Anxious in Self Reports

Than During the Last Real Socio-Economic Depression in the 30’s of Last Century;

For Anyone Who Is Not Particularly Able to Understand Figurative Language Who is More

Restricted And

Limited in

Left Hemisphere

Processes that


Cognition Life Brings;

Oxford Literary Scholar,

Neuroscientist, And Department

Head of Psychiatry, Well Respected

Internationally Known, Dr. Iain McGilchrist,

Pursues the Human Mind in These Potentials

And Restrictions of What Culture in Mechanical Cognition

Ways Has Melted Away For the Joy of Life That Once Bred More Than Now;

30 Years of Painstaking Research Delivered in A Coherent and Commercially Free Way

on Youtube in 28 Volumes Covering 1500 Pages, and Around 600,000 Words With A Book

With Over 8000 Referenced Pieces of Peer Reviewed Research to BACK UP ALL THAT HE HAS



I’LL LEAVE the Epilogue

That Sort of Summarizes it

Here for Anyone Interested

With the Capacity to Understand

The Depths of Human Potential

When Reason Holds Hands With Art;

When The Divine, Holy, and Sacred, Ascending, Transcending Aspects

of Human Existence Become Common As Brushing Our Teeth

Every Day As A Practice of Coloring Mindful
Awareness in A Deeper

Stories Than

What Modern

Spoon Fed

iRoBoT Culture Brings Now For Real;

Even Famous Atheist Sam Harris Admits

Ascending Transcending Spiritual Experiences

Though Meditative Practices of Life and Humans

Coming Together in Artful Experiences of Life

Ranging From
Gospel Singing

Events to Rock

Concerts Same ThiS Way

As the Research By Social
Scientist Jonathan Haidt,

And Many Others Confirm too;

Indeed Two Folks May Be Sitting At A Bus Stop;

Just Another Forrest Gump With A Rich Colorful Story of Life;

And Sure A Nurse Going through the Routines of Life Reading
A Magazine to Buy some more

Stuff to Wear

To Church on Sunday Morning hehe…

Yet What We Will Never Understand For

Sure is Who Has the More Colorful Life Within;

That’s Subjective at Most and Objective At Least in Terms

of What the Antiquated

Human Scientific

Method Will



And Replicate

of the GREAT WiTHiN;

Other than Robots of Course;

Fascinating As Engineers Rate

Amongst The Highest Studied

to Be Fundamentalist Religious Folks;

As They Take it all Apart in Words of A Book of Poetry

Literally as Science Yet Don’t Have the Ability to find the
Essence Whole Within…

THere is No

Other REAL


The Essence Within

Out of the Dark Recesses

Of What Organs of EYes
And Ears MeASuRE ALone…

Hehe, Yeah, It’s True Even Carl

Sagan Suggested ‘Weed’ Helped
Him Achieve More of Integration For Real;

Not For me; Hehe, A sip of Coffee is More
Than i Need;

Yes A Free
of Ecstatic

in Flow

Is Surely Naked,

Enough, Whole, Complete For me

to Achieve What Folks Name as ‘Bliss’ for Real…

Of Course That’s Only A Limited Symbol that

Surely Doesn’t Color All Human Potentials Still RiSinG New Now For Real…

It’s A Bit Odd That Both Superman and Batman Wear Man Panties And Tights;

Best i WiLL Figure

It is A Longing

of Belonging

To Both Divine

Masculine AND

Yep Within, Inside, Outside, And All
Around True..:)

SandS And
Less Holding
Up Mountains
oF LoVE iN Peace
Mr Gottfried Yes
GRoWinG Birds
Wing On
With SMiLes
Surprises Coming

God Yes Sooner Than
Soon Now For Real

With New Wings
To Explore Awe

Wonder More🦅🦎☺️🏝

Yes Dear Mr
Gottfried Place
oF LoVE iN Peace

Strength Of
Will Yes FRiEnDS
With Gravity All iN All🙌🏝

Free Is No

Same to
You Dear
Kiran With
SMiles DiVinE☺️🤗🏝

Oh Dear Lord Dear Cindy
Your Client Couldn’t Have Possibly
Been Lying About Your Poem About Flowers

So Beautiful Relating the Joy of Life

Newly Now The Process aS A Whole

God Yes Not the Mechanical Elements

Alone That Materially Reduce What Life Is

And Of Course When You Enter A Contest

Based on The Mechanics of the Science of Art

Like Haiku Based on Someone Else’s

Creative Art Form You Are

Being Judged on Much

LESS Than the

Free Flow of Your

Soul Expanding Your

Mindful Awareness in Life in Art

As You Give Share Care and Heal

Freely With Most Respect and Least Harm for All iN SPiRiT HeART SoUL Free

SMiLes Dear Cindy From Birth We Are Raised in a Society Of ‘HE’ With Little

To No Art That FocuseS oN EXTernal Awards in Competition For Rewards

Even WHere Dirt Naps Are Championed More Than Life in Delusions Of

Heaven And Or Hell And The Tween Somewhere Else Yet Within Now

NO THere is No Reward Possible Greater That Anyone NeW Could

Give me Than When i am in the Intrinsically Rewarding Experience

NoW Of Free FLoWinG Dance And Song (Zen, Samadhi, Satori;
Yes, The Tao, Dao, Chi, Ki, Ka; Yes Autotelic Flow; Etc., Etc.) So

Many More Unlimited Metaphors in Form for An Experience Now

Yes New at Essence of Naked Enough Whole Complete ALL

YeS ETernAlly Now WHeRE ALL Time, Distance, Space,

And Yes Even A Matter With Things Melts Away Yes

At Essence Becoming the All in All Center Point of

Existence FRiEnDS With Gravity Balancing WHere

There is No Possibility of Adding or Subtracting Any

Part to the Experience of Being Whole mY FRiEnD

Naked Enough Whole Complete Moving Connecting


in This Area

of Life SeeKinG

to Win May Only Be a Greatest Loss
TaKinG AWay A Bit of Nirvana, Bliss,

In the Moment New
Eternally Now Yes

Beyond All Time,
Distance, Space,

And a Matter With Things

It Seems What You Teach

Might Surely Take You to this

Place Where Winning and Losing

Has No Value or Meaning at All With SMiles

As Your Bird Flies Free With Wings Securely on

No Matter
High or
Low the

Center Point
of Existence Balancing Complete

As Cindy’s Art BRings Joy Surely Whole Complete
Yes Naked Enough As iS mY FRiEnD With SMiLes…

You Need Never Doubt What You Art As It is Your
Soul Set Free



God Yes Set Free From

Only a CuLTuRE ‘Seeing’ ‘He’

As That Relates to Competition
And Wins That May Actually Become Losses in Practice
As Winning Becomes More Important in Doubt Than Faith of What
YouR FRiEnDS See As YouR Art iN Soul Value For Real Now With SMiLes…

Now of Course When it Comes to MaKinG Money And Eating That’S A Whole Different ‘Beast’

Hehe Yes Much of my Opinion May Be in Part the FAct Money MaKinG is No Longer Any Part
Of my Life Nor Status or Power As Naked Enough Whole Complete Has no Hierarchy at All

Period (.)


SMiles Dear Akshita
Glad To Hear! And As
Usual Enjoying A Golden
Age Of Retirement Still
Dancing Singing Free
Every Where i Go Now
Locally And Globally
In Almost 9 Years
9 Months To The
Tune of 11.7 MiLLioN
Words of “SonG oF mY
Soul” And 18,244 Miles
Of Public
Dance As
Of Last Night
Still “Free Bird
Wings On” With SMiles☺️🦅

Unique Leaves of A Living Tree We All Are Dear

Savvy True Some More Green And Colorful

Than Others Never The Less Each

Leaf is Still The



With SMiLes..:)


Happenstance Wings Dreams
Google Travels Afar Ocean Whole
MeSSaGeS iN Vessels ARRiVE iN
Waves Shores Expanding NewLY NoW

Oh Dear Lord Dear Kiran
If Any Thing the Last 6 Years
Now in the United States Shows
The Highest Positions in Official

Titles May Be Filled Empty in False

Truth WiTHIN By

Lowest Forces

To LoVE iN Peace

Higher iNDeeD True Yes

As ‘Yoda’ Suggested i Am Surely

Not Only This Crude Matter That

Encapsulates The Great DarK Within

As DarK Becomes LiGHT Becomes DarK

No Separation


As DarK
Will Only


If The ‘TooL’ is Used

Wisely Yes A Force Far

Beyond i Am Only With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes my Wife Always Laughs When A Group Of Folks Believe

They Have me Captured on Their Video Voyeur Machines Now While

i Public Dance And Then Suddenly Seemingly in my Own

Little/Big World of Never Ending Spiraling Free Fast Dance

Suddenly i am In Front of them

With Around A 10 Minute

Fred-Talk And Perhaps

Thousands Upon Thousands

of Fred-Story Words i Need Not Repeat

What i Dance And Sing Here Again as You’ve
Likely Heard it Before Never the Less my Wife

Says What’s So Hilarious Is Every Thing i Tell Them

Seems Completely Unbelievable Yet IT is Verifiably

True All in the Size of A 6 Inch Screen The Looks

i Get When the Evidence Comes Are

Indeed Now

When Horatio
Finds Out Ripley
Believe it or not is True New

With SMiLes of Course as It’s
Not Really about me it’s about what

They Might Still Achieve Totally Free

in LoVE iN


on Earth
Within For Free

That Part though is
Almost Ineffable to Fully
SHaRE ETernAlly Now of Course…

Yes It’s Sort of the Opposite of What
You Describe as Being an ‘Official’ Now

Others Listening to You For ‘Gospel Truth’
For Your Expertise Per Titled Position No Matter

What You Say



So Easy to Keep it
That Way Just Continue Doing More…

As True For the Most Part The Good
Old Folks Where i Come From Were

Clapping in the Audience For Trump
At the Town Hall on CNN Vicariously
From Afar Just Minion continuing to

Support Every Word that Comes Out
of the Mouth of LieS iNCoRPoRaTeD iNCaRNaTE

For Real


Like A
Come True Out
of A Non-Sense
Poem at the End of A
Book That Never the Less
Comes True Falsely AS Such

For Real…

Dear Lord
Even Stranger
Than That Fiction..:)

Happenstance Wings Dreams
Google Travels Afar Ocean Whole
MeSSaGeS iN Vessels ARRiVE iN
Waves Shores Expanding NewLY NoW

Palms Up MinD BodY SouL
iN Balance Nature
Becomes the
Space ‘tween
Hands Beyond iNFiNiTY…

Spring Summer


Down Yes
Spring Desires
Up-lifting Fall to Winter…

Dancing Romancing
Up And Fancy Falling
up Farther and
Roller Coasters Calling…

Birds who Fly Dance Sing Free
Water of Humans that Float New
Terrestrial Land Now Without Gravity
BaLaNCinG iN MiND BoDY SoUL WHoLE Dance…

A Middle

Name TaiLoReD Now
For A Lord Of Darkness New
John 8:44 Modern Trump of Ages…

Heaven Only Far
Away As Dance
Without Gravity…

Singing Free

Morning Dreams
Twilight Aire Feelings
Spring Dew Summer Felt
Winter Dreams
Warm Up Hands of Seeing..

Blooms of Beauty
One Way Up…
Failing Falling to See New
Resurrection of Colors Now…

Foot Print
Creativity of
Children Still
Living Up to
Standards of Play

Slaying All Fears Free

Easy Bake Cake Poems
Taste So Sweet Now
Best Part oF all no
Calories and
i ain’t
do the
Recipe hehe..

And This Metaphor
Will Go On Forever in Human Colors
Now With no Calories to Eat Aromas Taste…🙂

Online Learning
For a Lifetime of
Arts and Sciences
Expanding Evermore Up
Now Where She Goes No
one Really Knows Feels and
Senses Future of Human Nature
As We Become our Tools Remains Potential..🙂

Sharing this ‘River’ Song For Tonight it made me Really Fly and Float Dancing
No Gravity So Free No Time No Distance No Space oh i Wanted the Rest of the
World to Feel This Heaven for Free Particularly You my Friend you Know it’s Nice
to Have someone anyone to write to who might really listen one day and really care
For the feelings expressing them free is a Gift to Be Received as Well As Given too
my Friend for it’s True it’s Okay to Show Emotions it’s the Best Way to Color Life
Now in Flight in all the Hues and Shades they come to Be So Free when we alight
to Fly Higher now my Friend And yes it is okay to Cry as Tears are so Healing
yet True Floating and Flying in Dance of Joy is no place yet up my friend
just up and up away spiraling so High Never coming Down Just A Wave
Ocean Resting In Peace Whole No Separation again no Distance
Space or Time Heaven is Within to Enjoy.. Just Free to Be
as We Are the River Flowing Dancing Singing Flowering
Blooming Planting Future Happiness.. Ever Present
Now even more We Will Smile We Will Laugh We
Will Spring
Tears of
Joy Just
to Feel
And Fly
No Reason
To be Afraid
Floating Higher
to Be Alive Blessings
Blissings Continue We Sense
The Atmosphere of Free Yes
We all Deserve This River Gift
This Wave This Ocean Whole Free
To Be so anyway i just am coming by to Dance Sing High..
No Distance.. Space or Time Just Higher up in Flight my FRiEnD..🙂

Note: i surely don’t expect anyone yet me to Dance NeW Naked
In Public With Stars Appropriately yet True in this LiFE NoW
No one is gonna take Your Fears Away And Make You
Happy Yet You You You Yes in this Case me me me for
You See that is How the Newer Generations Look at it too
For Leadership
Is Weak without
of Love
Both in
State And
Church Yes
All They Care
About is Dollar Control
Bills Nothing Much Caring
About Human Now so what
do you do yes! F Them Fun them
Through And Through for As We Dance
Through Sing Free in Effect They Disappear
And Are Not Even HeaR.. What Is Left Our HeART Beats For Real

“You have to face your fears, no easy way out. Try, fail, learn, triumph, and grow.”

This Is So True No One Can Fully Help You Face Your Fears Yet You…
When You Face What You Fear Most And Overcome It What Is
Left is Free to Love Life More Fully in All That You Come to Do…

“Do things because it is who you are, not as a means to an end.”

A First Step Is Finding Out Who You Are…

A Step Before that is Facing And

Your Fears…

Joy is Life
Without Fear
All the Doors Open More Fully
Within All That’s Left to Do is Breathe

Everyone’s Definition of
Breathing May Be
Back to
A Second
Step After Losing
Fear Do Be You Do
You Yes Breathe You
That Way You are Slave
To No one else’s Breath…
For Those Who Are Slave Never
Find True Freedom Loving Life as ‘me’…
With So Much Greater Ability to Hug Others
and let go…
Hug Them Again..🙂

LeSSoN 241
Even through Clouds and Rain
Feelings of Sunshine Are Same
Even Coloring Clouds And Rain More!

SMiLes such a Beautiful Day
i’ll Dance And Sing Why Not!

LeSSoN 242
Dancing Singing Warriors still
Keep HeARTS Beating LiGHT

Vision Quests
Out of Books
oF ‘Fore
Without Words aT aLL

SMiLes Dear Sohair No Doubt Without
Mercy And Forgiveness There is
No Love And True Ignorance Will
Take Any Chance of Mercy and Forgiveness
Away plus
Any Chance
Of Loving Those
Who may Otherwise
Suffer in Misery how
Easy it is for some Humans
to Sweep Harms and Injuries
Under The Rug Pretending they
Do Not See the Harm They Bring
Or Perhaps True undercover in
Veils of Ignorance All
Truth in Light
may be
Hidden in
Darkness for them..
Smiles.. When everyone in the
Village is Needed for Basic Survival
in Life Making Each Pair of Hands And
Feet Necessary for the Work of the Day
And Night Complete Attitudes Change
As One Team May Thrive in Faith of Hope
And Love for without This Mercy Now And
Forgiveness for
The Entire
Village Will
Go Away and
Die in Ignorance
Away from Love that
Breathes Peace and Harmony more..
Smiles my Friend These People are connected
to Each Other they are one Force of Love they
are a
of Humanity
For the Nature
of Human who is
Love When Set Free
From all the Human Tools
That Separate Us From Love
or True With Good Use Tools
May be Used to Garden Love too..
SMiLes Sohair Hope Your Thursday
Is Full of Peace And Harmony too
in these challenging Days as We
Find Ways to Adapt to Survive and Thrive too..🙂

Smooth Sailing
WaLKinG On Water
Success Is Balancing
Yin Yang SMiLinG Yes

Chaos Magic
Be Feather Wind
Be Free Breeze Seeing🌊

SMiLes Dear
Karlien No One
Does God Better
Than Waves Dancing
Ocean Be
Wave Be
Water Do
Ocean Whole
SMiles Thank
You Dear For Waying😊

Hehe, So Many

Books So Little ‘Time’
Yet Always Now to

Write HAha
With SMiLes

Dear Akshita God Yes
All Stuff Considered
in ‘Modern Life’ It’s

Really Amazing to
Even See Someone
Read A Hard Cover Book

And That’s
Why i Visit
Book Stores
to Remind me
Now They Still Exist
in Books and Nooks
And Crannies As such

Involved in Another World Free
in Escape
One For Sure…

Not Gonna Lie in School
i Rarely Cracked A Book
i Just Paid 100 Percent Focus
On All the Teacher’s As They
Smiled And Lectured And It
Was Enough to Get me Through

3 College Degrees Close to the Top

Yet i’ve Learned So Much More on my
Own With And Without Any Books At All
For What
Even A


Cat Will
A Human
to Be Finally
Wild and Free
Again Yet That’s
Another Book Just
Another ‘Call of the Wild’ Free..🙂

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa,

“Some people look for a beautiful place.
Others make a place beautiful.”

– Inayat Khan

This Is my Favorite Of Your Positive
Quotes You So Kindly Share Today

As It’s True This is What i’ve Learned

Most In DarK to Generate my Own

LiGHT And in Our

Dreams We

Will Come to
Fruition Freer and
Happier Whether Or Not
Others Meet and Greet Us
in the Place They Currently


As Life too Yes
This Much Control
We May Have

We Generate
Within What We
Give What We Share
What We Care What We


if only


No Different Really
Than Star And Sun Above
Below Shine Becomes Now


Us Free

To Radiate Joy

Stellar iNDeeD..🙂

“Creativity flourishes in moving beyond the box stepping out of
the emerging collages in the interpretation, time and time again.

Every creative endeavour is rooted in a dance of the energy within and
around us … the dynamics of integration embodies the creative output.”

-Savvy Raj

SMiLes Dear Savvy Why Should i Quote
So-Called ‘Famous Folks’ When Your Quotes

Are So Much More Advanced in Wisdom to me

This With


As Your Quote Fits

What i Already Wanted to
Dance And Sing Free As Synergies
Come Best When We All Give, Share,
Care, And Heal For Free Dear FRiEnD


Always Diving
In ‘The Deep’

More Afraid
of A Shallow
Ending to Be
i AM Now Free..:)

LeSSoN 485 🏝☺️
CeLeBRaTE Life Spread
YouR Wings Life At Best
To ReCreate ToGeTHeR

Other Than
That Wow!

Sunny With
Temps Soaring
Above 23 Celsius

Finally Perfect Room
Temperatures Outside
For Toronto Spring You

May Not Even Need To
Bring A Sweater With You


Been Awhile
Since i’ve Seen

Your Spring SMiles
In Freedom of Nature

Happenstance Wings Dreams
Google Travels Afar Ocean Whole
MeSSaGeS iN Vessels ARRiVE iN
Waves Shores Expanding NewLY NoW


Mastering Tools From Innovation Avoiding Becoming
Parades of Human On Statue NoW AS Such Dear

Savvy Keeping A More Seeing EYe Wide Open

In the Pyramid Top of Wisdom Generating

LoVE iN Peace

Below For

Yes All to

Enough to TRuLY LiVE Free..:)

SMiLes Dear Miriam

The Bigger The Concert

The More Human Energy

To Ascend Transcend

For One Group

Force of

WitH SMiLes

i STaRT mY Own Party…

(mY Kinda Concerts Not
My Wife’s Cup of Tea
While i Drive ‘Ms Daisy’)

The Nice Automated Cashier

Assistant at Publix A Real Human

Being Asked My Wife How Long We Had

Been Married And When She Responded

33 Years

She Said

Your Public
Dancing Husband

(For 9 Years and
9 Months Real)

Yes Really Has A Name

Around Town Ironically Hehe Not Mine…
And Once Again i’ll Damned Sure Keep

It That Way Hehe..;)

With Many Disorders of Empathy
Often Leading to Personalities

Out of Balance

oF LoVE iN Peace

Usually There is an Emptiness

Within Either And Or Neglected

Or And Abused From Youth

Or After That Bringing

Those Folks to

Gray SHaDE Lives
Or Even BLacK Abyss

STiLL UNFoLDinG THiS WaY Dear Kiran

Wilting Roses Indeed Just Waiting For ‘Feed’..:)

“The Fire That Neither
Drinks Water Or Eats Food”

SMiLes.. i Do Not
‘Know’ how to write
Poetry either Or Song
It’s true my Wife
Will tell Ya Now
(At Least me)
i don’t
How to do
Anything.. i
Only Do.. Perhaps
One Day i’ll Get
Old Enough to
‘Know’.. Yet
i Don’t Think … So…
All i Know is ‘i Am Groot’

Thank My God (Nature)
For All Religious Club
Rule Breakers if not
For the tireless efforts
Of my 17 Year-Old
Spicy Cajun Grandmother
Seducing my 36 Year-Old
Irish Catholic Priest Grandfather
(Wiki Noted
Author Who
Dined With Einstein
Last Century too)
From the Pews
Of his Parish as
It appears She called
Him ‘Daddy’ instead
Of ‘Father’ i would
Not exist.. i know she
Was Spicy ‘cause
She had a ‘Love-in’
French Foreign
Exchange Student
‘Till the Day She
Died at 69..
True Story
Fitting almost
Perfect in any
Bible or Koran
If only she
Was a Bit
In the First
Marriage.. Nature
Will always have
‘Her’ Way Ain’t
No Fooling
‘my God’..😉

SMiLes.. Feeling
Safe Enough
To Express All
Fears of Vulnerabilities
Help Send Them Away…
In Environments
We Cannot..
We Feel
Not Able
To Escape Fear
Basically that
With Love…
Of Soul In Deed..:)

LeSSoN 243
Welcome to A ‘Breakfast Club’
‘We’ Play All ‘Characters’ in this
‘Truman Show’ Now
‘Black Petals’ Return…
Girl You Never Forget
From School Woman Who
Shoots Herself in The Head
Of Her Father’s Bed HeART
i Tried
To Mend
Ghost Who
Haunts me
i ReMeMBeR
She Still Breathes
Within My Soul Now
Love She Never Touched…

LeSSoN 244
Tears of Grief
Tears of Joy
Tears of Ecstasy Soul Tears Breathe…

No, It’s No Paradox;

Other Folks Have the Intelligence(s)
To Understand Each And Every
Word I Speak; It is ‘You’ who
Have Not Developed the
Kind of Artistic


That Is Required

To Understand Deeper

Parts of Human Experience;

(You Are No Victim Here)

There is Still Time if You

Wish to Try; If Not That

Is Your Choice too; And

Obviously it’s Just

Not Everyone’s

Cup of Tea;

Yet Do Not
Blame Me For
What You Do
Not Have Context
To Understand NewLY NoW

As if i Am Lacking Intelligence;


If You


What i
Do, When
i Don’t Understand;
i Figure it Out And Evolve,

Like Any Living Tree Reaching Light.

SMiLes Dear Vrunda All Emotions

Serve A Purpose


Out Of Every

Door Comes New Air


It’s Up


Us to Create

The Dance And

Song For Whatever

Room of Feelings We Enter Next

Write A New Better Story Always

If We Can And Will And Act it to Change in

Course Of Sails And Anchors That Otherwise



Us Back

Life is Change

Best We Accommodate We
Innovate And Become New And Improved

As Tears may Be A Greatest Gift to Bloom Butterfly Wings…

Other Than That So Much Out Of Our Control Indeed as

Nature is So Much Bigger Than Our Part With Butterfly Wings…:)


Indeed Dear
All Our Faith
Our Love Trust


Be Continuing
By Nature of God All
Within This Breath For




NiGHT STill Day


Reflecting Sun🙏

The Right to Breathing Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness;

Oh Lord How Is This Possible if Reproductive Rights Are Taken Away
in Some States Where Women Who Are Raped, Have All Their Reproductive

Rights Taken Away

Forced to Breed

A Child of A Dude

Who Violently Raped

Them as An Additional Sentence

of Evil For 9 More Months; Particularly,

If There Are No Months or Days Left At
All to Make a Decision to Terminate What

Verily Feels Like HeLL ON EartH For The Subject
Who Lost All Their Reproductive Rights So Violently Raped;

Problem with Most All Religions Designed By Dudes is the So-Called
‘Golden Rule’ Fails Mightily Poor When There is No Empathy of the Cognitive
Kind And Real Compassion for Do Least Harm With the Realization That Comes






YES, THE golden rule is really a rotten egg when it comes
to a Human Rule that Does Not Include Do Least Harm for Real…

Yawn, i Remember Playing the Piano and Singing For The Church Choir in the 80’s
And Then A Very Nice Singer Who Worked For the Department of Welfare For Women
And Children Who Had Seen Real Poverty; and Mental Illness; And The Suffering that
Goes With Unwanted Children For those Who Didn’t Even Have the Education or Ability
to Obtain Effective Birth Control And Other Family Planning Resources in the Real Trenches

Fox Holes
of Life AS Such;

Well, All She Could Do
Is Roll Her EYes AT the
Ignorance of The Church as it
Suggested to Take Away Reproductive
Rights For Women Ranging From Contraception
To Abortion; And Of Course the Delusion that Sexual

Pleasures only
are For Marriage
And Child Bearing
Purposes; Yes, Face Palm
Thick Forests Even More; Damned

Ignorance is Blind, it Just Can’t See;
Ignorance Still Harms, Rapes, Maims,
And Kills As A Most Deadly Real Human Pandemic

Still to Date…

Abortion is the Last
Practice i Will Imagine
Being in a 33 Year Happy
Marriage Before Barring More Life
or Death Consequences Associated

For My Wife Yet i am Human Enough ‘Both
Devil And Angel’ to Understand Both the

Dark and Light
of Life; You Don’t

Burn People More Who
Are Already in Hell, Of Course
Unless You are the ‘Trump’ of An Old New Testament
And Or All of ‘HIS’ Followers Still True to A Real Sin


As A Lesser
God than Love With Least Harm; God Yes,

This is A Matter of Ethics And Morality

Separating the Good of Least Harm
From the

Evil that
Just Doesn’t
Give A Damn

As Long as Real Evil Doesn’t
Ruffle Any Nest Feathers at Home…

i See it as Sick as Disgusting and Just Another
Part of Human Nature And Traditional Ways Closer to

Hell Than Heaven on Earth…

Like Everything

Else in the Change
of Reality; It’s All A Spectrum;
The Delusion is Life Consists
of Black And White Solutions;

So in Other Words An Only
Solution in this Scenario that
Will Possibly Work in the Long Term

of A Country With a Declaration of Independence
Proclaiming a Right to Breathing Life, Liberty and the
Pursuit of Happiness




Go Figure IT’s

‘The Condition’





Happiness, including what is Core of
Reproductive Freedoms that Do least harm…

Or Of Course We Can Devolve into a Third World
Country, WHere Women Are Treated As No Different than

to Breed,

Cattle to Buy;

And Cattle to Sell
Out And Make Slaves Again…

Sure, A Place Where A Woman
Cannot Even Walk Alone Without a Designated ‘Male Master’…

Those Places Still Exist And Sadly Some Folks Want them here now…

Yet Do Take Note, 66 Percent of American Folks, Still Want None Of

THiS Real Evil Ignorance God Yes Now

And Other Than That the So-Called ‘Party’

of Jesus Now wants to Strip Food, Shelter,

And Potential More Job Opportunities For the

Most Needy Among Us Where is God Where is

God At Least A God Of LoVE iN Peace With Mercy


And Compassion New

Real Perhaps Jesus Might

Return to the ‘Christ United Methodist

Church’ Yet Not For Those Who Paid Money So They

Could Treat the Most Vulnerable Less than Human Beings…

Apparently They Didn’t Understand What Their Teacher Taught…

Or Their


Hero Either

Sadly Just Sadly

That’s All…

Ship Dear
Akshita A Boat
Requiring Anchors
of Safety and Sails

Unafraid to Explore Change

For This Is How Life Goes And
Comes Through Storms Returning

To Safe Harbors

For It’s True

There Are North
Stars And Constants

Of Life Yet The Only
FRiEnD We Shall Ever

Truly Master is FRiEnDS to
Others Truly Anchors of Safety

And Sails Unafraid of Storms

That Do

Come and
Go And Return Again

True FRiEnDS Are Life
Savers Who Do Not Give Up

On Boats

Lost at Sea

With Neither
Anchors or
Sails Working Properly For Now

Yet Again it is Up to Us to Be That Ship…

SMiLes Dear Isha It Seems No Matter What Country

One Lives in No Matter What Culture, Religion, And

Particularly Home in Many Instances Women Remain

Vulnerable to Predation For What Views Others As Objects

Only to Use

For Selfish

Purposes No Matter

If Their Trust in Human

Nature is Erased For the Rest of Their

Life or True if They Turn it Inward And Feel

Weakness or Shame for the Offense Done to Them

And Of Course Young Or Old This Happens More Commonly

Much More Commonly That is Told About Half of the Women

i Knew Before i Got Married Had Bone Chilling Stories to

Confide in

me So Horrible

That They Eventually

Took Their Own Lives

One In the Bed of her Own
Father With A Revolver Leaving
Loving Children And A Husband Behind

Oh the Stories She Told Bone Chilling

Indeed Her Father Ended

Up Dying in a Motorcycle

Accident Taking His

Daughter With

Him So Long

Before That
As only A Child

Who Never Really
Had the Opportunity
to Be A Child in Life With Him

Glad the Person in Your
Story Escaped Without

A More Horrible Ending
Yet What Was Experienced
Certainly Enough to Impact A Life Long…

SMiLes Dear Sohair In A Feel and Sense That is Real

When Human Beings Use Their Left Brain Hemisphere

Potentials So Far Under What The Much Greater Holistic

Social Empathic Artistic Real Spiritual Emotional Intelligences

That the Right Hemisphere of Our Minds

Bring And Even Our Cerebellums Below

Our Cerebrums That Possess 4 Times

The Number of Neurons Than the
Rest of Our Brains That Not Only

Does Motor Control Yet Enhances

New All of Our Feelings Senses

NoW And Empathy too As is
Also Associated With Human

Compassion too We

Become Limited to

A Kind of Artificial


Within as Our
Other More Right
Hemisphere Potentials

And Cerebellum Potentials

Wither Away True if We Quit Singing

Free If We Quit Artfully Moving too Yes

Dancing FRiEnDS With Gravity Where We May

Other Wise Materially Reduce Reality into the

Literal in Black and White Ways of

Absolutes Missing So Much Nuance

iN Understanding More of Reality

ToGeTHeR Free Yes Emotions May

Be Limited
More to

Anger and

Hate That Comes

From A Way of Processing

The World Now We ‘Think’ We Must Be

In Control of Nature And Each Other and

Even Ourselves Not Allowing Ourselves to Let

Go And Allow the Inherited Parts of iMaGiNaTioN

And Creativity to Spring Out of LoViNG Peace With SMiLes

True the Other Side is Both More Colorful and Darker too

Expressing All of Reality Not Just Materially Reduced

Parts in Both Fear and Anger too With Even

Hate Arising From Desert SCaRCiTY SouLS

So far Out of Abundance ThiS WaY

SMiLEs Dear FRiEnD i Spend

my Life Balancing Both Parts

And No So-Called Artificial Intelligence

Either Machine or Human THiS WaY Will Fool

An Entire Human Being Not Lost in Half A Mind and

Body Soul or Less You See This Artificial Intelligence
Is Programmed By What Programming Does Best

Yes By Artificial


That Sadly Humans

Focus on Lost From A

Much Greater Expanse of Heaven

Within Not only to Experience Yet to Do Free too

Yet You See in Heaven Creativity Springs Free From

iMaGiNaTioN Rarely Does one Word Foretell the Future of the

Now With
SMiLes And of Course

For Those so Far Removed

Away From the Inherited Gift

For All Practical Intents And Purposes

It is ‘Supernatural and at Least Supernormal’

For What They Experience of A Much Smaller Reality mY FRiEnD

i Surely Understand as i’ve Lived in Both Places in Life the Artificial


Left Hemisphere

Way of Think and

The Broad Expanse

of Heaven Still Evolving
Within to Give and Share Free

With Care

And Healing

too mY FRiEnD

It’s Hard to Put this in Words

Particularly When Even Science Shows

Now That Our Word Thinking Mind Restricted
ThiS WaY Only Comprises About Half of a Percent

of All We
Are And
Still May
Come to Be More mY FRiEnD…

There Are Some Places i Go Where Not
A Word i Say is Understood And Others

Where All the Words Are Understood So Much
Deeper Within And the Key is Within mY FRiEnD

It’s Not Countries Cultures Politics Religions or Sports
And Not Even
Alone AS Such

It is Each And

Every Soul

Still Evolving

Now of Each and Every
Human Being i Meet and Greet in Life

Offline and Online too A Great Exploration

of Multi-Universes This Experience of Life Still is

Yes And Of Course i Am Always Open to Learning

More From Each And Every Human And Every Other Part NewLY NoW
of Nature Yes ‘Seen’ And ‘Unseen’ as i Continue to Evolve Truly too…

Yet When it Comes to ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Either Human or

Machine that

is Surely

Bare Bones
Existence Almost
Naked of Any Flesh and Blood Soul

Again my FRiEnD i’ve Already Rolled
Bones of Life to

See Both

And Blind..:)

Thanks Dear
FRiEnD Sohair
God Bless You
With LoVE iN


With Wings
Below Now of

SMiles Above New


Happy Birthday
Dear FRiEnD on
Your Friday off

In Egypt
🎂 🎉 ☺️🏝🌹

Mastering Tools From Innovation Avoiding Becoming
Parades of Human On Statue NoW AS Such Dear

Savvy Keeping A More Seeing EYe Wide Open

In the Pyramid Top of Wisdom Generating

LoVE iN Peace

Below For

Yes All to

Enough to TRuLY LiVE Free..:)


Live to Be ‘Some’ one And Or Some
‘Thing’ Or THRiVE NeW to LoVE
Life Truly Living Now Free For Real

Happiness Embracing Every Face Namaste

of God All the Winged And Furry Creatures

Even Less Than A Grain of Sand Same

As Milky Way HoMe All

Around SMiLes

Dear Savvy

i Verily Will Never

Be able to Control Anyone
Else’s Feelings and Thoughts About

me Yet What i Can And Will Do Is Rise

in LoVE iN Peace More my Entire Life

Till the Last Blink Of Holy Dance And

Sacred Song Coming From the SoUL

Of Integrity Mind and Body Whole

SPRinGinG From A SPiRiT oF

HeART Remaining OPeN

Through THoRNS


Same as Both

Make More Colorful Roses

GRoWinG in Depths of Whatever

Fertilizers Work Best With SMiLes

Happy Mother’s Day to A Wonderful

Human Soul and to Your Mother of Course

Too Bringing A Gift of You into The World So Happy

to Meet
And Greet
You Yes Each

Day Namaste
DeaR FRiEnD With SMiLEs..:)

Oh to Engage in The Acts of Living

Oh to Embrace Now And Let

All the Other Worries and

Deadlines Go Dear

Miriam Happy

Mother’s Day

to You With SMiLes

And Many Many More

Happy Ones Still To Come Next..:)

Happy Mother And Mother Nature’s Day Always New Now

Dear Hawaii FRiEnD as i Do Remember You Being

A Step-Mother And Proud Mama to Many Pets

And Free Birds

Just So Many

Wings And Fur
CoVeRinG FRiEnDS too

True And Mother and Keeper

Of Waves And Honu Sea Turtles True too

Staying in Balance

On Crest and

Trough of Waves

Mother Nature’s Greatest

Law Balance in All We Do With

SMiLes LoVE iN Peace Radiates For All…

Yes and i Definitely

Noticed All



Gourmet Cooked

Desserts my Wife Says

Look All Ya Want Yet no Desserts

For me as i Must Keep Great Health

‘Driving Ms Daisy’ in Her Super Fancy

Dancy New Hybrid SUV As my Wife

Cannot Drive And She is Ten Years

Younger Than me

That Just


She is All
The Sweets HeHe
That i Get to Receive With SMiLes..:)

Congrats on Your First Book Tour Stop Dear Cindy

And i Surely Agree Self Help Books Are Not

Complete Without Addressing Issues


And Shadows

Same Freely With
SMiLes And Sorrows True

Yet Tomorrow is Mother’s Day

A Great Day For You With SMiLes

Hehe And Multiplying that Benefit

By Numbers of Two In Generations

PLuS mY FRiEnD With Multi-Additional SMiLes

Too and Sure Cries to Come Along With the “Normal”

Pain Associated

With Labor

Along With
Even Some Potential

Small Big Bangs to Make

Life Come As Mother Nature Naturally

Does Birthing Day From NiGHT LiGHT From DarK

Yes Darkness Above

Holding Up All Points

of Life Darkness Below

Holding All So-Called Crude

Matter of Human Being That

May Be Measured on the Head

of A Pin if Consolidated Out of the

DarK That Births LiGHT to LiFE

Within Inside Outside Above

So Below God Yes

All iN All

DarK Thru
LiGHT ALL Around

Now Real Miracle Present Gift
of Birthing Every Breath Best

iNHaLinG Peace

JoY oF LiGHT For All With SMiLes

Of Most Respect Least Harm Naked
Enough Whole Complete Hands UP!

Hi Five! Hang 10! Moving Connecting

Co-Creating PArT oF MoTHeR NaTuRE ALL

Birthing CReATiViTY iN Cover And Pages of Your Book True Too!..:)

A Space Poetry Fills And Feels
A Space of Empty now that may
Be Souls of Life We Love How
Beautiful it is When
Words Create
Within to
Feel and Fill a
Space Loving Life
Truly A Place of ‘Midnight
At the Oasis’ Where We Will
Send Our Camels to Bed
As Words of Poetry
Are Stored
With Water of Love
Loving Hands so Sweet
And Kind Impossible
To iMagine Balled
Up in Fists
Sunshine curling
Up Lips never
To see
Sunset of
For Every Photo
Greatfriends Love
Deserves an equal
Number of Words in
Gratitude for A Human
Smile Reaching Ocean
Floor Whole Loving
Oasis At
Midnight Sun…
Truly it is Lovely
To miss someone
As Long as there
Is Rose to Feel A Space
With Moonlit Rays of Living Love…

How could anyone
Look at Your
Smile and
Sweet Body
Posture and
Not just want
To Hug You Forever
If not for your Eyes..
Those Eyes Those
Full Moon Muse Eyes
Truly what A Lovely
All About You..🙂

SMiLes Little Flame i will surely Pray for you as you always
are in my Prayers for the Best Life Will Bring to You.. i Wish
i could take You into Nature And Dance So Free Never A Rough
Spot to Wash Over You Again.. Please Take
Care of Yourself And Know/Feel/Sense
You Are Loved through
Every Struggle
And Pleasure
of Life
my Friend..
There will always
Be a lifeline for you
at the other end of this Home..
What Else will i Dance And Sing to Soothe
Your Soul There is Magic in Your Eyes for Life
Don’t let the World Take Your Light Away for i understand
How hard it will be for others to Be in Control of our Freedoms to be..
There is a Paradise
of Beach
to Warm Your Feet
in Quartz Snow Grains…
There are Seagulls Always
Flying Above you Smiling Down
on the Glow of You.. There is Soft
Sea Breeze in Gulf Style of Emerald
Green You’ve Seen this Place in many
Ways in this Way it is not Fantasy it is always
Real to Warm Your Soul so Free.. to Dance And Sing
Butterflies and Flowers in Gardens Ever more True Yellow Streams
So Golden And Cool.. Forest Green Trees Leaves Dance through the Warmth
of Spring Nature Will Bring to the Air of Your Soul Expanding your Lungs So Free to Breathe
More Now
Swimming in Waters
of Warmth at the Beach
for the Cold Water is not
Part of Your Natural Being…
Let the Waves Splash through
All Your Worries Taking them Away
to Nirvana And Bliss From Head to Toe more..
Heart Beat of Soul Free Let Nature Carry You
Away from all your worries..
And Remember
i am
Here part
of Whole All
Just Nature Free i am to Be
With You as there is Never
Any Separation in Nature ‘Tween You and me..🙂

LeSSoN 245 Naked Dance Song Is Enough

LeSSoN 246 Joy We Are Born With
Before They Speak Healthy Children

Dance Sing Don’t Stop

Sadly A First World
(Word) Problem is Life
Of Competition
And Grades if
We Have Hands
And Feet And
Tongues Dancing
Singing As A
Child Before
Key is
Naked Joy
Now With No
Clothes of
A Child Dances
Sings Smiles For
The Heaven Within…
How Easily
The Joy
When All
Is A Graded Mask…
Joy is Never A Mask
Do What You
That ❤️ Love
Love is Never
Love Breathes REAL
As Inner Truth in LiGHT❣️

LiFTinG All HiGHeR iN DarKNeSS

LeSSoN 247
Not Here To Make Money Everyone
i Dance And Sing to is my Publisher

For Copy Gifts

A Billion
Not Match
The Life
Or Even
A Wild FLoWeR
The Lesson
i Breathe❣️
NoW Beauty
Is Well Being
In Balance
In Well Being
Much Gratitude
For Having Enough❤️

SMiLes if You Are Truly
Originally Creative Don’t
Expect A Target Audience
For Context of What You Are Doing…
Truly It’s Why
It is so
We Are Social
Animals And by
Very Nature Original
Creativity Is A Solo Hobby..
But Of Course it is Lighting
Up So Many More ‘Colors of
Christmas Lights’ From Head
to Toe in the Journey of Original
Creativity That is Heaven Enough
Within Reward Now to Do It.. Of
Course Again Those Who Never
Color Their ‘Christmas Trees
Of Life’ NeW ThiS Way have
Zero Clue what any
of this
Nature of
The Beast More
Colorful or Stagnate
Continuing Ashes more till Death…
Living Death Continues even more….
It’s true There are a few who Will Relate…
Not A Chosen Few Yet Those who make their own way…
Yet Anyway when You really Live in Heaven within THere
That Count Outside…
This is What Naked Freedom Means

i Did It All
i Do God
‘i SWeaR i LiVeD’

What Would God Be If Human
Were Not Around This Art This
Bird Taking FLiGHT With No Picture

So Far Now At Least How
Blessed We Are To Take
A Photo of Art God in Flight

Yet There is A Greater Feeling
Than Taking The Pic i Find

And That Is if We Focus on
One Art For Nine Years
Every Day Just on Solid

Ground We May Suddenly
Sprout Wings And Fly on
Earth to Our Greatest Joy


The Art

Is We

Practice For As
i Continuing my Practice
Of Free Dance All Days
For 9 Years 9 Months
Becoming Wings Now
FRiEnDS With Gravity
Finding my Arms Had
Changed InTo Wings
Giving me a Feeling
Of Center



Dance Flying
On Earth Honestly
It’s So Much More
Awesome Than Walking



As Let’s

Face It Now


Hehe Dancing
Is More Fun Than
Walking And It’s
True in Center
Point Balance
With Nature FRiEnDS
With Gravity WeiGHT
oF Finger Tips All at Hand

God Yes!

Even When
We Are Sitting
Writing Poetry
Our Fingers
Free Style
NoW Are



Of Soul
On Earth Too
Yes it Was also
The Most Awesome
Experience Happening

After Writing Free Verse

Poetry Every Day For Nearly 9 Years

9 Months 11.7 MiLLioN Words Too

All “SoNG oF mY SoUL” EPiC Longest
Long Form Poem Bible Yet DeLiVeRinG ReaL NoW

So Amazing Most Folks

Dread Reaching 63 Yet

Bet If They KNeW They

Could Start Flying

On Solid Ground

With Wings

At That

Age They
Will Look Forward
To Each And Every



Glee And
This Concludes

Another Disney
Movie Ongoing

That is Truly
A Reality Show
That is All Naturally Produced

Like A Surprise Birthday



God Like
Of Mine


my Summer
Birthday In 2015
Nearly 8 Years ago too


Y.O.U. too

And i Swear Hehe
Have Pictures to
Prove it if You
Wanna Be


That’s Fine Too…

After All Is Said
And Done YeS It’s
All Still God in FLiGHT🐦

Breathing LiFE NoW
As Love Through
DarK And LiGHT
To Touch Home

New Weathers
Seasons of

All Love Best
Samreen SMiLes

Every Name

A Dance


Poem Breathing😊🙏

Now With SMiles

Every HeART


Setting Life
Free With Love on Fire
And Least Harm Dear Savvy

‘Saint Elmo’s

Fire’ in The
Distance Breathing
ReaL And ALiVE NoW
On Every Island of Life
New Still Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Freely With SMiLes..🙂

LeSSoN 406 Bucket Lists
Naturally Over-Flow With
A Life Spent on Task in Autotelic Flow

Autotelic Means the Joy of Every Moment
Doing What We Love to Do It’s Basically
A Bio-Feedback in Flow on Task of
Increasing Complexities

Fulfilling Potentials


And Neurochemicals
Regulating Emotions
Yes Integrating Senses
NoW iN Balance of A Sweet
Spot Tween Anxiety and Apathy

For Joy

Other than
That Hellooove
With Friday SMiLes
in Red Hehe as THere is Red in FRed

Just As THere is F R E D in FRiEnD For YoU

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

One Bucket List is Not
Enough For Those Who
Dance And Sing Through

DarK Meeting LiGHT



Truly Merrying
The Day In All
of What Human
Potentials May BRinG
Coming Out of Caves
iNto Sunshine WiTHiN SMiLinG…

“Saturday The 13th” is Just Another
Best Day Now For Those No Longer
FEaRinG DarK or Cynical oF LiGHT..🙂

Oh my Gosh Dear Mariana
i’m Back i Liked This Post
By Accident Before i Had
A Device i Could Use 10 Fingers

On to Reply in Flow As Oh No

Pecking With One Finger
on A Smart Phone Early

In Bed Will Bring All
Kinds of Shoulder and
Elbow And Wrist Pain

And Even Back Pain
Too Besides my Wife Says
She’d Rather i Rub Her Back

Than Go Online So What Can
And Will I Do or Dance or Sing Yet

Yes Dear
And Let
All the
Begin Again

Yeah It’s True in Life
There Are Cave Sitters
And Nomads Who Step Out into
The LiGHT And FRiEnDS Who always

to Spread
What LiGHT
They Find Out
of the Cave With SMiLes..🙂

SMiLes Dear Ava So Lovely
To Find A Post By You Again
So Creative And Today my Favorite

Quote Designed By You Is:

“Life is As Paper Be
A Brush And Write
Your Own Destiny”

-Ava Tripathy

From Her “Poetic Life”
Inspirations on Instagram

i Would Surely Follow if i Was
on Instagram Yet Hehe Any More
Irons in The Fire and i Might Just Burn Out HAha

Anyway i Love This Quote So Much And Really

This is What i Try to Advise Everyone to Do As If
We Do Not Write, Direct, Produce

And Act Our Own Plays

Of Life Someone

Else Will Surely

Master our Life

For Us So Far Away
From An Original Story
A Play of Life That is Us And Not Someone
Else’s Play And Story of Life With SMiLes..🙂

SMiLes Dear Savvy Energy Flows
Through Yes Thought Waves of

Soul Divine Indeed



As Soul Energy
Breathes Life into Words

It’s True For me at Least
This Soul Energy Deep Within
As Essence of Love Moves Every
Sacred Word of Song Every Holy

Move of Dance

Medium i Am

For Soul Energy Within

Yet i Realize Not Separate
Yet Integral of Soul Self Deeper Now

As True Not Separate Either From
All That is

Real and
Breathing Now
So Much More Than
Words Alone Will Plan

With SMiLes

Yes Beyond All
So-Called Empirical
Measures of Science
Whether Text Book or
Instruction Book MaNuaLS
For Poetry Form From Before New Now..:)

If Mother Nature Had A Face Dear Shawna Baby

Surely You Would Have Some of That Face

Some of that Face That Has Seen the

Heavenly And Hell Part of

Nature too True I Captured

A Photo of Katrina That Reminded

Me Of Mother Nature And A Living Tree

All Leaves of the Tree No Less or MoRE ALL

Leaves The Tree STiLL Integral and Whole

No Matter Green RiSinG or Falling to

Fertilize Soul Soils For New

Trees Still Tree


And Whole

Changing Yet Still Tree

Integral and Whole as Katrina’s

Eyes Became the Sky Changing

From Ebony Brown Indeed

Just A Quick Pic in a Mall

Parking Lot When

Dreams Join

Hands And

Art Captures the

Mind of God Beyond

All Human Reason and Rationality of Course

True Beyond All Distance Space and Time

And Beyond All Matters of Things as

Art Transforms Dreams Into

Reality Now With SMiles

Yet of Course Yes Literally

Mother’s Day to You The Tradition

Of the Mother Staying With the Four

Children Providing A Garden of Love

Long after the Mother’s Milk is Gone

Alchemy of Changing into Love From Peace

More Alchemy of Gardening Children of LoVE iN Peace

Trust Enough to Explore the Great Unknown As Mother’s

Love Will

Still Be Attached

In the Unbreakable Faith Trust Lasting For Prayer Real

God Yes Umbilical Cord Breath oF LiFE iN LoVE iN Peace

With SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby Mama FRiEnD With LoVE..:)

Live to Be ‘Some’ one And Or Some
‘Thing’ Or THRiVE NeW to LoVE
Life Truly Living Now Free For Real

“One Day We Will Defy
Gravity Fly Without Wings,

Or Gliders” Wow!

Superb Poetic

Freest Verse

Prompt ACross
Two Blog Posts
With SMiLes Mr. Gottfried

Oh By The Way Happy Mother’s

Day to Your Mother Seems She

Did A Fine Job of Offspring Here hehe

Also of Course to Your Wife if That Applies

Too And Perhaps Even Daughters of Grandchildren

Not Everyone

Sheds All
Their Secrets
Online Like me hAha…

True Every Last Holy
And Sacred Garment Dancing Singing

Moves And Words True too HAha Yes

Literally of Course too Yet on COurSE

Your Wisdom Here “Flying Without Wings

or Gliders” iS A Wisest Way to Deal With Gravity

As Balance Is Nature’s Greatest Law For Survival

And Not Ending Up With too Many Surprises in Negative

Effects of Actions in Life Karma as Balancing the Body Naturally

Brings Peace to Mind Body and Soul Whole And When Peace

Is Total There is No Fear and Room For LoVE RiSinG To Spring

New Blooms

of Human


To Seed Stronger Peace

in Grace of Balance and

Love As Foundation For Greatest

True Will of Strength With SMiLes

So How to Do This Dance Naked Enough

Whole Complete Become Sand Sun And Wings Sing

‘HeaR’ the MuSiC of God Within PLaYinG All Around God

Yes ‘SeeinG’ THiS WaY Above So Below Within Inside Outside

Yes All Around

Dancing Singing

Our Milky Way Free

FRiEnDS With Gravity BeCoMe HoMe

No Longer Outcast From the All iN

All Do the All iN ALL Balancing

Basically The Goal Never
Ending Now Newly

RiSinG True

With Every


With A Ball
Soccer or Basketball
Same Balance the Ball
Be The Ball Be THE Earth FLoWinG Free

Be the Milky Way Whole in Balancing
Peace in Spiraling Flow Be the Michael

Jordan in the Zone with His Tongue
Hanging Out Without A Worry Be

The Michael Jackson Moon

Walk Dance Put in The 10,000

And So Many More HourS ETeRNaLLY
NoW NeW For Crafts of Loving Living Best

It’s No Surprise For Those
New Who Understand What it
REaLLY Takes NewLY NoW Yes! To

Truly Make Peace in LoVE iN Peace God Yes Real!
NeW RiSinG HiGHeR iN HuMaN PoTenTiaLS Always NoW…

True And i Will Not Lie Always Easier if You STaRT Out This (If Barren Wheeled)
EnTiRE ReTiRinG Endeavor Financially Independent Yes Naked Enough Whole
Complete God Yes! WHere Money is No Issue or STRoKinG of Egos Either heHe..:)

Hehe Are You ‘Ready For It” A Holy SPiRiT oF CREaTiViTY God

Yes Dance And Song Free As A Practice Definitely Works For me…

Catholic Mass Readings From the Wee Hours of
May 14, 2023 Something About focusing More On

A Man’s Ego Rather Than The Wisdom He May

Give Share Care And Heal All For Free

With Most Respect and

Least Harm Understanding

That the Giving Becomes The Receiving

When Love is Real As the Poor of SPiRiT GRoWinG New

With More Empathy and Compassion For Others Coming Now

Out oF DarK ThiS WaY Reborn WHere Love Will Never Need

Worship or Fear Criticism Either As Love is All About the Give

Of Lifting Other Folks Up in Some Way At Least With SMiLes

Sadly the Message of Luke 17:21 Only Finding This Kingdom

This Queendom Fully Within Yes To Give Share Care And

Heal Once One Arrives Eternally NoW ThiS WaY For Real

Reborn So What the Hell or Heaven Does This and That

Mean Well In Most Every Culture There is A Myth

And Or Wisdom Teaching Associated With

A Paradox of Opposites Yes For Example

Yin And Yang As Both Parts Together

In Synergy Are Much More Than Only The Parts

So What Could The Father Be Surely Our Quieter Right

Hemisphere Minds That Shed Light on the Holistic Whole of

Existence Real in More Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Real

Emotional And Sensory Experiences in Life yes Divine Holy and

Sacred SPiRiT oF Dance And Song MaY CoMe Free THiS WaY

For Those Who Do Seek and Find Within Coming Up With

A Practice of Life Living iN LoVE iN Peace For Real

Fearless and Free to LoVE iN Peace Even More

For It is True Whatever Meditative Practices

Come in Autotelic Flow We Move

Connect And Co-Create

ALoNG Our Ways

Sparks A Holy and Creative
Sacred Dance And Song Divine

SPiRiT for The Great DiViNE Within

As All Comes Regulating And Integrating Free

Balancing Every Present Gift and Miracle of Now More Fully True


Be Termed As the Loyal Servant Perhaps ‘The Son’ of ‘ReaSoN” the Left

Hemisphere Serving our Right Hemisphere Larger Picture Views More

Reliable Integral God Yes And Whole Call That ‘The Father if You Like”

And Be Happy If Your Left Hemisphere Processes Serve The Greater

Understanding Holistic Right Hemisphere Of Mind The Best Indeed Look

in the Mirror And Come Out A Whole Human Being Integral THiS WaY

Not Necessarily That You Were Not Before Now You Just Have the


And Wholeness

Naked Eough

Complete to Actually

See THiS Far Beyond EYeS And Ears Alone..:)

Reading 1, Acts 8:5-8, 14-17
5 And Philip went to a Samaritan town and proclaimed the Christ to them.

6 The people unanimously welcomed the message Philip preached, because they had heard of the miracles he worked and because they saw them for themselves.

7 For unclean spirits came shrieking out of many who were possessed, and several paralytics and cripples were cured.

8 As a result there was great rejoicing in that town.

14 When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent Peter and John to them,

15 and they went down there and prayed for them to receive the Holy Spirit,

16 for as yet he had not come down on any of them: they had only been baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus.

17 Then they laid hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 66:1-3, 4-5, 6-7, 16, 20
1 [For the choirmaster Song Psalm] Acclaim God, all the earth,

2 sing psalms to the glory of his name, glorify him with your praises,

3 say to God, ‘How awesome you are! ‘Your achievements are the measure of your power, your enemies woo your favour,

4 all the earth bows down before you, sings psalms to you, sings psalms to your name.

5 Come and see the marvels of God, his awesome deeds for the children of Adam:

6 he changed the sea into dry land, they crossed the river on foot. So let us rejoice in him,

7 who rules for ever by his power; his eyes keep watch on the nations to forestall rebellion against him.

16 Come and listen, all who fear God, while I tell what he has done for me.

20 Blessed be God who has not turned away my prayer, nor his own faithful love from me.

Reading 2, First Peter 3:15-18
15 Simply proclaim the Lord Christ holy in your hearts, and always have your answer ready for people who ask you the reason for the hope that you have.

16 But give it with courtesy and respect and with a clear conscience, so that those who slander your good behaviour in Christ may be ashamed of their accusations.

17 And if it is the will of God that you should suffer, it is better to suffer for doing right than for doing wrong.

18 Christ himself died once and for all for sins, the upright for the sake of the guilty, to lead us to God. In the body he was put to death, in the spirit he was raised to life,

Gospel, John 14:15-21
15 If you love me you will keep my commandments.

16 I shall ask the Father, and he will give you another Paraclete to be with you for ever,

17 the Spirit of truth whom the world can never accept since it neither sees nor knows him; but you know him, because he is with you, he is in you.

18 I shall not leave you orphans; I shall come to you.

19 In a short time the world will no longer see me; but you will see that I live and you also will live.

20 On that day you will know that I am in my Father and you in me and I in you.

21 Whoever holds to my commandments and keeps them is the one who loves me; and whoever loves me will be loved by my Father, and I shall love him and reveal myself to him.’

Happiness Embracing Every Face Namaste

of God All the Winged And Furry Creatures

Even Less Than A Grain of Sand Same

As Milky Way HoMe All

Around SMiLes

Dear Savvy

i Verily Will Never

Be able to Control Anyone
Else’s Feelings and Thoughts About

me Yet What i Can And Will Do Is Rise

in LoVE iN Peace More my Entire Life

Till the Last Blink Of Holy Dance And

Sacred Song Coming From the SoUL

Of Integrity Mind and Body Whole

SPRinGinG From A SPiRiT oF

HeART Remaining OPeN

Through THoRNS


Same as Both

Make More Colorful Roses

GRoWinG in Depths of Whatever

Fertilizers Work Best With SMiLes

Happy Mother’s Day to A Wonderful

Human Soul and to Your Mother of Course

Too Bringing A Gift of You into The World So Happy

to Meet
And Greet
You Yes Each

Day Namaste
DeaR FRiEnD With SMiLEs..:)

Live to Be ‘Some’ one And Or Some
‘Thing’ Or THRiVE NeW to LoVE
Life Truly Living Now Free For Real


“Morning sunshine 🌄

I have arrived to read all your words of wisdom.
Mr Poet laureate for sure 😁 I wonder how strong

your typing fingers don’t fall off 😁

Wow that’s my boy 😍

Kindness wisdom 🌼”

SMiLes Dear “Peace And Truth”

How Both Lovely And Whimsical

To Find You At The “SonG oF mY

SoUL” So Very Long Again Hehe”

It’s True HAha my Hands Gently Tickle

The Keys Quickly Yet Have Also Been Known INTeNSeLY

To Yes! Accidentally Break Things Hehe Like Steel Door Handles

On Steel Doors At the Military Gym When i Am All ‘Geared’ Silently iN Peace

God Yes UP to Warm-Up Leg PReSSinG 1540 Pounds 12 Reps Per 699 Kilograms

‘Down Under’ Where ‘Men At Work’ STiLL Play MuSiC too With SMiLes It’s True

There IS A Force

of ‘Chi’ A Place

WHere Fear Does

Not Exist Only Peace

Like the Lion Silent

Yes Or the Feral Cat

Before They Make

A Strike For Surviving

Life Yet At the Expense of

Course of Another Part of Nature

Where Yes We All End Up Consuming

And Feeding The Full Snake Tale of Nature

Yet AS Human We May Ascend And Transcend

The Force of that Silence For Productivity To Lift

Others Up GoD Yes iN LoVE iN Peace Hehe or Sure

Still Leg Press 699 Kilograms With my 111 Kilograms

of Personal Body Weight Still Reaching 63 Since 6.6.60 Hehe

Yes iN Case Ya Wanna Drop me a Birthday Wish on June 6th too

Indeed i See Your Kindness and Wisdom As One of Life’s Little

Special Treasures That Only Proves God Exists Far Beyond

Only A

Snake Tale oF
NaTuRE ALL For Real..:)

‘Spoon Theory’
Excellent Psychologist
Advice As i throw my
Utensils now all in one
Drawer my ‘Odd Couple’
Wife (the ‘normal’ Daughter
as i am the Rest of the Cast in
The ‘Adam’s/Munster
Family’ TV Shows)
She sorts every
Utensil And the Bottoms
Of the Towels are
Perfectly aligned
In all the Bathrooms..
Meanwhile she is
Always Running
Out of
My Spoons
Runneth over
As i only
Fight the
Bears of Life…

And Fear is no
Utensil Sorted Reality
For me Now in File

‘This’ is a Common Fantasy
of Women as the Theater
Ticket Sales Yes of
’50 Shades of Grey’
Surely relates if more
Women could feel free
To share these Fantasies
With their Husbands
And Lovers there
Would be
Many more
Satisfied looks
On Faces in the
Typical ‘Grind’
Of a Working
Week Devoid
Of Emotions
And Sensations
Coloring Life New
Sublime in Beauty
Far Away from
Black and
White Misery
Loves Suffering’s
Company meanwhile
Others Paint With Colors
oF Endless Ecstasies
A Gift Some People
Lose as they don’t
Realize what they
may Other wise do
If they
To Color Life
Newer now and
Never be a Zombie…

Kudos my Friend..

You just might
Save A Zombie
Or Two today…

And by God help
Some Couple Create A New Life

By the
Pen of
Your Poem..🙂

It Is Not Always Appropriate
to Wear “Show me Your Kitties”
BuT THere Are Occasions WHere

It Might Save A World…

Or Two Or Three Or So

Many More So Many

DonorS iNDeeD

WHat A ‘Job’

SMiLes my Friend…
The More People
Who see Our
Nature as
Versus Ugly
In all Our
Shadows too
The Greater Chance
We Truly
Have to
Save the
Nature of
That is
Loving Free..🙂

SMiLes mY FriEnd You
Are Most Brave for You
Are Not Afraid to Touch
Every Part of Humanity…
We Share This Greatest
Gift And BLeSSinG
ThaT is
Fearless Love…
Are Called
And Actually Answer…

Fear Is What Holds
Them Back Most….

A Moon Will Always
Be Colored More than
Butterfly Wings for those
Who See A Dream ReaL

Compersion the Empathy
Of Feeling Pleasure of
Others Sadism the
Empathy of Enjoying
The Pain Of
Sadistic Psychopaths
Who only Harmed Society
In Getting off on inflicting
Pain to others Were

Pushed off Cliffs…

What A Conundrum
It is When Folks
Seem to Hoot
And Holler
In Joy
When They
Are ‘Shot on
5th Avenue’
With Poisonous’
Lies and Ignorance
This is What A Court
Jester Does With
Anger as
Doesn’t Kill
The ‘Species’
Yet it’s True Pest
Control is Easier
When The Roach
Motel is Exposed
In Broad
Day Light..🙂

Poetry Evolves
A Soul Money
Stuff Is Clothes
Real Emperors
Are Naked Souls
Still Breathing
As Poetry
Is Soul
Not For
Now Heaven’s
Breath Poetry LiveS oN..:)

SMiLes Feeling
Safe Enough
To Express All
Fears of Vulnerabilities
Help Send Them Away
In Environments
We Cannot
We Feel
Not Able
To Escape Fear
Basically that
With Love…
Of Soul In Deed..:)

LeSSoN 248
Hovering Steady
Over Darkness
Words Flow
THiS Way Rose

SMiLes Dear Vrunda

Create The Reality

Show You Love

to Star in Most

True For Now
Soothing to Watch TV too…

Give My Wife A TV And She
Is Happy And Complete Enough now

Not me Zoom Zoom Zoom Screen or Not..:)

My my Thought ‘This’ Was Gonna
Be About Orange Skinny Jeans

Very Tight Indeed Zoe

And It Ended Up

Disney World

Instead How In the

World Did You Dream

What Happened to me Hehe

It’s Not Funny Truly A Tragic

Comedy This Will Be in Vegetable

Gardens of Love Bunnies Munching Carrots…

Other than That my Wife Planted A Vegetable

Garden In A Flower

Garden Lined



Railroad Ties

In Our Back Yard

So Sad Grow the

Vegetables With No Eden Treat..:)

SMiLes Never Dismiss
Lessons of Life New


No Matter

Who BRings

’em DarK Thru




To An End

oF A Tunnel With Most LiGHT
Life is Pretty Amazing When
Whole Soul Becomes Target Audience..:)

SMiLes Dear Soni ReAlly Branching
Out in Arts Keep GRoWinG
Your Art Tree


Hehe Yes

My Leaves

Are Spreading

Almost Faster

Than i Will Catch
Them With SMiLes

Never A Dry Spell
Only A Tsunami



Every WHeRE

i Land NoW HAha..:)

SMiLes True Dear

FRiEnD Sohair


No Longer

Divides Within

When Mutually Caring

Giving Sharing HeaLing NoW

True Feelings iN LiGHT OuT oF DarKNeSS..:)

SMiLes Dear Ava FoR NoW mY Favorite One is
Talking And Not Being Understood
Yet Always Listening to Others to


As That

Is Naturally

How Souls


By Understanding

We Grow By Others LiGHT And DarK
Hope All You Love In India Are Doing

With SMiLes..:)

“Chumbawamba -Tubthumping”

Yes, Two Approaches to Life:

1. “PiSSinG the Night Away ”


2. Embrace All the Pain
And Rise to Heights Never Before

It’s Like 298 Nights of Dance Hall
Days From Age 53 to Almost 60

Since Covid-19 Took That
Experience Away in 2020 Only Making
Masked Store Dance More Prevalent for me

True God Yes Never Taking A Break Facing the

Crowd Sober the Solo of me Breaking Through

Those Who Wanted to Erase me From Their

Crowd Just

Like Middle

School Just

Like Work

Just Like Some Places
Online Embrace the Pain

Marry the Night Merry the Day

Create Your Own LiGHT And Rise
Out oF All DarK That Crowd Sources Create

It’s True i Am in A Position to Do “Jimmy Buffet”
And “Waste Away in Margaritaville” Yet What Good

Does Fortune

And or Fame
Do Now if it Only

Brings An Early Demise
Anyway What Kicked my Butt
Most Was Not Mastering myself
in terms of Emotional Regulation
Sensory Integration Naked Enough
Whole Complete True i Didn’t Need Much

Help From
Else to
Kick my Own
Butt in the Greatest
Poverty of All of Not
Understanding mY SelF
mY SoUL mY SPiRiT mY HeART iNDeeD..:)

SMiLes Dear Vrunda There is A Song Title
Called “Believer’ Where the MeMe is “Pain

Made me A Believer”

Yet It’s True Overcoming

Pain Made me a Believer in me

The More Pain We Overcome

The More Gratitude there

is For Each Breath

The More We

Embrace Night
The More We Appreciate

Day as Dark is Light in Totem Whole…
Thanks For Sharing Poems By Khalil
Gibran the Experience is

May Become Verily Rare..:)

Ah Yes Dear
Cindy What
Canvas to
Paint Next
Like “A Guitar Man”

Of Life: LoVE

Currently my “Depth
Of The Story” Solo
Thread A Top of
The Page Google
Search Item
Not Only Close to 2.6 MiLLioN
Words Yet Well Over
166 Thousand Views
In Less than 33 Months
From Only Registered
Members There on A
“Wrong Planet” Who
Told me i Make
No Sense
And Go
i Understand
Misery Loves

Yet The
Truly Wants
To Escape to
A Better Place
True i Come Most
For Those Marginalized

A “SonG
SoUL” to
Tale And Do
A Parent Bird
Does not Expect
A Bird Who Finds
Wings to Return to a

Nest There is
Always Another
Place of Soul

For A Guitar
Man or Other
Instrument of


Soul to Go
Dear FRiEnD Cindy 🎸 ❤️☺️

If It’s Not LoVE iN Peace For Everyone
All We Divide God From God
And If The Two Opposing
Sides Equal



Love Disappears
And War Replaces Peace

With Overall Fear And Hate…

SMiLes Dear
Chaymaa All
Wonderful Positive
Quotes For Believing
in Lights of Life That

Do Come New

SoWinG To Fruition
Now Yes Deserving
What We Reap So Much

And i Love the One About
Transforming Emotions as All
Our Feelings Our Senses in Synergy

May Become A Full Symphony Towards
LiGHT We Create For the MuSiC oF LiFE

Emotional Regulation
Sensory Integration Yes

The Social-Empathic-Artistic-
Spiritual-Emotional Intelligences

That Truly Dwarf

Standard IQ

In Terms Now
of What Counts
Most in Life Our Well
Being And How We BRing
Greater Well Being to Others Indeed
Hehe Yeah it’s True Being A SmARTy

Pants Helps too..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy Today i Am Going
to Count a Very Old Honor And Blessing

With You in my High School When i Was
In the National Beta Club for Scholastic
Achievement And Leadership The Administrators

Of the School Changed The Rules For the First
Time Ever in the History of the School So me and
A Girl in Our Sophomore Class Could Be Inducted

Into The National
Honor Society

For Before

Us it Didn’t
Happen Until
A Student Became
A Junior in High School…

Yes Count All Our Blessings

Every One of Them As Gratitude

For All of Life Even LiGHT Thru DarK

Brings The Secrets to Heaven Within to Life To Give

To Share To Care to Heal All With Most Respect Least Harm..:)

MaKinG More Colorful Roses

GRoWinG in Depths of Whatever

Fertilizers Work Best With SMiLes

A Little Something i Wrote Yesterday

That Just Seems to Capture the Mood

of Your Post Too Mr Gottfried Yet of Course

Humans Are Notorious

For Hoarding Their

Fertilizers in Boxes

After The Last Breath of Life

Meanwhile Worms Continue to Find
Other Fuels to Aerate The Soils Like the

Other Fertilizers MaKinG More Colorful Roses

Yet What Really Should Scare People is When IT
Comes All Over The Truth As True THere Are Roses

Of Love And Guns For Protection Yet What Is Left

When IT Comes All Over The Truth iN LiGHT Over DarK

Question of

Course Most
Already Developed
Countries Are Coming

To Find When Truth is All Covered With IT

And Not Necessarily Only An Orange Clown In

A Gutter Who is Best Friends With Church Officials

And the Such


For Real

Meanwhile Roses

Will Continue to Color
More Out of Whatever
Fertilizer They Find

To Increase

The Feel Of THeir
Natural iNtelliGenceS oF ARTS

iNDeeD So Far Beyond IT oF AI too Hehe…:)

Wings of Nature Accompanying

Us Inviting Us To Lift Our Wings

Back into Freedom With Them Dear

Isha For It is True While Humans Crawl

Low Below in All Our Constructed Abstract

Ways of Worrying

Birds Fly Free

Higher Above

Only Stopping

To Do What They Do
Upon Our Tallest Edifices

Yet Wings to Gather And Be Wind Free
Air At Lungs of Breath We May Come to Be Truer iN LiGHT OuT

oF DarK Yes By THeir Examples ToGeTHeR Free Birds Wing
On With SMiLes…

iNDeeD Happy
Mother Nature’s
Day Always Naked
Enough Whole Complete
With Wings Fur And Fins Free..:)

i Love You Too Dear
Shawna Baby
Forward To
Your Mother’s Day

Pics With
SMiles of Joy

SMiles Dear Shawna Baby
i Need Not Travel Any Further

Than iNHaLinG Peace
EXHaLinG LoVe To Find

my Mother In Every
Breath And You too

Born on Her
Birth Day
Of December
Same June Baby
i Am Shawna December

True too
With SMiles i Am
Dancing Now Every
Holy Move Of Finger
Sacred Word Of Song
Now And At Church Yes

At The Mall Food Court
At The Earth Store At
Ross Dress For Less

At Barnes And

Noble Entertaining
The College Study
Crowd With My
Twinkle Toes There
Reading The Usual
Whole Free SuNDaY
After Noon Book Listening
To Meditative Music Snapping

Pics Whole of
Katrina Behind
As Usual Getting
Her To Turn Around
Finding New
In Profiles
Of Her



Singing All
Night on More
Digital Keys Eat
Sleep Get Up And

Do Another Variety
Of ToGeTHeR Fly
Free Birds Wing

On With

Day in The
Life Of Heaven Real

Sea Turtles 🐢 Swim
Ocean Deep Becoming
Waves 🌊 Up Top FRiEnDS
With Gravity Surfing Shores
FLoWinG Water Whole Ever

As A Mother’s
Love Unconditional

SMiles Butterflies Do The
Same in Endless Flowers
Of Spring Here Are Some

For Your Mother Bringing
Dear FRiEnD into The World

And For You
Future Mother
Of The World

No Different
Bringing Love
Than Mother

Above Below With SMiles


A Most
Food Drink Above


Dawn of
Sunset Eves
CoLoRinG New

Souls In Tween



White Think… 🌅

TWiLiGHT Breathes
Forever More Now Sees…


Dear Jane
With SMiles 🌌

SMiLes Dear Savvy

iN SuMMaRY Happiness




SMiLes Dear Savvy Humans Evolved to Focus on One Task From Both

Detailed Tree View and Forest Horizon View too Not to Miss Lunch

For Foragers Or Escape Predators on the Horizon Same With

Larger Holistic

View As Our

Left Hemisphere
And Right Hemisphere

Minds Come to Play Integral

And Whole Again to Both Survive

The Forage And Thrive in Dance

Embodying A Full Moon Dance And

Song Or Less By A Campfire LiGHT


iN JoY oF Oneness
Above in Our Minds

And All Around Nature
ToGeTHeR Again Free to Dance And Sing..:)

“Everyone has a part to play”

To The Point Shakespearean

Sagean Wisdom iNDeed Mr. Gottfried

To Be Or Not To Be Part of the Whole

Whole of the Part to Play All THE ALL

As ParT

Of All That


Part Integral Whole DarK Thru LiGHT

We aRe THE ALL iN All All

Parts Contribute Leafs

Of ThiS Whole Tree

oF Life That God Yes

Even Forrest Gump+

iS SmART ENough to

Understand iN Doing IT

Feather in The BReeZE ALL

That Is Wings Free to Be i AM..:)

SMiLes Some Folks Believe Humans

Have no ‘Special Sauce’ And AI

Will Eventually Supersede

Humans on All Counts

iNCLuDinG iMaGiNaTioN

And Creativity Yet You See

i Understand the Programmers

Overall And What They Are Capable

of If They Don’t Understand my Poetry

or Yours Dear



Is Already
Lost From: iN
Endless Space To:
Attaining Special
Sauce That Is Beyond

Discrete Definitions of Soul..:)

Hehe It Cost
me $317 Dollars
A Year i Pay That

Much Just
To Say Hi
To You Dear
Hawaii FRiEnD
On WordPress
And A Huge Plus
i Talked ‘em Into

me For Unlimited
Storage Yet Facebook
And Blogspot Platforms

Free Yes i
Do Love Free
Stuff Like You
Tube Too With SMiles☺️🏝🙌

So THere iS THiS FLoWeR Unfolding
A DancE And SonG We CAll LiFE NoW
THeRe Is This Cycle That DanceS oN NeW
And There is the Seed of Never Ending NoW
THere is the Breath of All We Do There are the
SPiRaLinG PArts of Subatomic WaYS THeRE iS
LiGHT DArK And Lover’s Pulse THere are Dreams
Of Be and never be in Night Day Way EYes THeRE
Is So Much More THeRE iS Less THere Is SWiM
Love to Run Fly Climbing Floating HiGHeR iN
Place And SiTTinG STiLL NeVeR CoMinG NoW
Forever New iN LoSinG
NeW Three Letter All
LaBeLS NoW Strung
FoR All THaT iS NeW
FLaKeS of Crystals
Memories Do Shine
Yes More
GRoWinG more
Oceans Rivers
Streams never
Ending in God
TUNeD Oh i oN
NoW oN i NeW
SunG HiGH i Yes
So THere iS ALL THiS
DreAms oF NonE Yes
Orgasms Big Bang
oF ToeS iN

SoUL oF God
WiLD Free aS
YeS ToGeTHeR Fly
Free Birds Wing On With SMiLes

SMiLes Hey as Long as
Your Tears Will Sport
A Joke Like Donna
Summer Dances
And Sings
Survive Thanks
For Sharing Your
Feelings Ms. Hugs
For SMiLes Always
Feels this
Is the
Best Way
To Fire Love
Up up and
Away to
A Kingdom
Of Heaven Within
To Give And Share
More as the Sun
Of Your New
HeART Burns
BRighter Even Now
More For All to Feel..🐅🤗😇🔥😁

Trust me
Hehe if i
Can’t cheer You
Up i’ll find another
Way to tickle you
My tools
Are UNLiMiTinG…🙂

Jokes are Icebreakers
Let all Your
Cubes Fall
Out Melt
Your Soul
Into a Flood
Of SMiLes
Yes Putting
Out Frozen
Darkness and Hey
Moonlight Feels Right
Full Moon Coming soon
Saturdays Color it more
No limits Imagination
MaGiCS Gold..🙂

Did You KNoW YoU ARE A
Favorite Playground FRiEnD
It’s so Fun You are so
Shy i am ALWaYS
Yes The Curious
One Wondering
What is Behind YouR
Sweet Grin and
A Playground
Your Face Is as i
Become a Doctor
With a Stethoscope
To figure out what makes
Your Quiet YeT SweeT HeART
Tick You are Never BoRinG
YeS You are Always a Play
Ground as
Always Wanna
Be LiT on Fire iN Wonder
Of What MaGiC Will Arise
From Busy Eyes
Soul Within
Than Words Tale
Except YeS For Poetry
Of HeART That Speaks
So Magically And Deep
In Shining EYeS and
So Far Away
Close In Soul oF
LiGHT A Playground
New Is Forever Now Your
YeS Will
Be HeaR For
You Whenever
A Play Date next
Comes iN SMiLes New
Of EYes ALiVE iN Light..🙂

SMiLes it Seems A Core Problem
Is We SiT A Bit WAY too much and
Forget to Breathe as
Moving Takes
More Breath
Than Sitting
A Sickness
of Sitting
Still Promoted
From the Time We
Are Attached to Desks
And Belted-in High Chairs
to Eat too except at least that
Ain’t Most of the Day and Night
Attached to Screens that may Eventually
Make ya Wanna Scream Get up or Forget
And Keep
Much Need to
Breathe hmm.. i Wonder
How Strong a Person could
Get if they Spiral Danced 155 Miles
A Month i’ll Ask ‘Hulk’ and Get back to you on
That With Smiles hehe Walking In Nature away
from All Human ByProducts is a Nice Meditation
in Flow With All Natural Breathing on the Paradise of a
Beach without
Made Now
In Condominium
Ways of Life too hehe…
Not Breathing is a Symptom
Now of the Insanity of so-called
Advanced Civilization Sitting Still
As The Rest of Nature (God) Keeps
Spiraling Alive With SMiLes NeWeR NoW..🙂

“Soft Cool Light” Brings
A Feel and Sense to me as Easy
Love the Way that Nature Springs
Gently Flowering into Bloom in no Particular
Hurry yet
to Color
Each Day Reaching
out to the Sun and in
Gratitude Flowering even more…🙂

Streaming Waters
Filling River Loves
Traveling Farther…
Beaches Free..🙂

LeSSoN 250
THere is No Investment
WHere i Live Yet LoVE iN Peace

“In A Tailspin Chasing Its Head
Searching For ItS Heart”
True No matter How
Many Flips of
A Coin
Never one
Breath of
Soul Road Kill
More Than Gold…

Shores Come And Go
Waves In And Out
Dancing Dog Smells Remain
Seeing More Than Human Be
Moon Flower Full Super Sings Colors Us…

Pebbles Waves
Gently Rushing
Our Way Bringing
Pond Peace Harmony
Stones Sinking Calm View…

Winds Spring
Dog Wings
Game of Play…

Salt Air Smell
Dogs Taste
Free Flowing
Blood Streams Being
This Sea This
Land Is Theirs
Ours For The
Never To Separate Again…

Gratitude Anew
Springing Bringing
Happiness Whole Now
Complete Enough May

Be Growing A Tree

With All The




Rising For
Thanks Giving
For Giving Same🏝

Above So Below
Of Sky And
Sea Beyond
We Gather
To See More
Of Reality to Be
For It Is Mystery
Bringing Wonder
And Awe Sacred
Holy Divine Light to Sight


Below Above
EYes Beyond Words
🦢 🏝🌊😊🌊🏝🦢

BE A Tree Soni
Or Leaves Tree
Whole Or Endless
Leaves New



With No




Whole Grow
Complete Now See🏝

Birds Flying
Across Seas in
Ease Dropping






From Ocean Flow🌊

We are the Bees and God is the Nectar
We are the Nectar and God is the Bees
All is the Buzz
When We Fly
to Bee Free
Free is the Bee
Who Lives as Nectar
iN Buzzing CoLoRS NoW
Seeds Of LiFE
Blooming Are We
FReED ALiVENoW NeW Breath…🙂

The Story, All The Characters Are Real

First Time Ever Now Reality Bible Show

Of Course WE ARE ALL Writing New



NoW FoR ReaL

SMiles From
Creating Tools
Yes Starting With
Words Reducing
Our Realities to
Tools Becoming

Those Tools
By Them

Some Gains

So Many
Yes Still To
ReMeMBeR Back To
Our NaTuRE ALL Real



Freer Dear Jane So
Far Advanced For Real

True Dear
Jane Yes So
Many Humans
With NDD Nature
Deficit Disorder


AI Artificial




They Just
Don’t Feel
And Sense

The Difference
Perspective Lost
Or Never Even Found…

“You clever little mushroom 🍄”

“Mushrooms Can Communicate
Just like humans, mushrooms have the ability to communicate across long
distances and based on recent research, possess a level of unexpected
intelligence. They have created a superhighway of information that allows
interaction between a large and diverse population of individual mushrooms.”

Hehe Dear “Peace And Truth” Per the First Quote on A Google ‘AI’
Search on the Intelligence of Mushrooms God Yes Plus The Fact they

AcTuALLY Exist for Around 810 MiLLioN Years Now According to Science

Too God Yes Yes What A Kind Compliment Again And True Ever

Since i Was Small i’ve Been More of

A Grower Exceeding The

Expectations of

Others As Other Wise

More of A Shower Without

Having to Really work At Evolving

in GRoWinG Ways of Becoming Human

Exploring More of my Human Potentials From

Head to Toe And So Much More Hehe Some Folks

Have Related my Shapes of Poetry As Mushrooms too

And Oh Dear Lord in the 6 Years Solo of Huge Metro Free Dance

Hall Days One of the Few Adults Over the Age of 21 Sober There

As Adults 18 to Under 21 Were Allowed to Participate in Dance

Without Getting All Drunk too So Many Folks Accused my Endless

Energy And Solo Free Fearless Dance Coming From A Mushroom

Or Other Drug They Literally Begged me For to Take Them to the

Obvious Experiences of Heaven in Free Dance For me Yet You See

Yes i had to Break it to them Gently That You Might

Have to Dance 18,266 Miles in Public Like

me to Come to the Place of Heaven

Free Within Like This Along with

11.7 MiLLioN Words

of Free Verse Poetry in Song Yes
Almost 9 Years and 9 Months too

Albeit More Than A Few Words of

Free Dance and Song Less Then With SMiLes

For It’s True What Good is it to Store Material

Riches When a Free Dance And Song Will

Harvest All the Higher Mushrooms

Within For Real in Similar

All Free Neurochemical

And Neurohormonal

Positive Interactions
For Real Within That Through

Bio-Feed Back We Master For the

All in All For More Colorful JoY iN Life For Real…

QueeNDoMKinGDoM of Heaven All Earned ThiS WaY WiTHiN NeVeR

Ending Story of Dance And Song Free HeAVeN NeWLY NoW FoR ReaL

Other Than That the ‘Little Clever Mushroom’ Reminds me of the

Scene in “Guardian’s of the Galaxy Volume 2” Where the

Story That is A Metaphor for the Christian Bible

Old And New Testament Presents the Old

‘Ego’ Filled God Wanting to Dominate

HiS UNiVeRSE By Force WorKinG

‘His’ MaGiC Through Thick Poetic

Prose Suggesting That Procreating

Non-Sexually With the Woman With

A Name in Derivative of Mary Will Result

in A Kind of Plant Fungus Mushroom That

Will Spread All Over the UNiVeRSE Through

Control With Just one Glorious Embrace With

‘The Space Man’ Named Ego That Way Hehe

And They Were Playing the Song ‘Brandy’

in the BackGround She Said She Didn’t

Have A Clue What He Was TalKinG About

Yet She Sure Did Like the Way it Sounded

As She Kicked Her Heels High Up in A Glorious


To Help
‘Ego’ Expand

His Control of he

UNiVeRSE By Force

of A Mushroom Fungus Like Plant

Indeed Mushrooms Are Still the
Shape of What Will Come Next



With SMiLes

NeWLY For the Mother
Load of ReaLiTY NoW
Yet Truly An Illusion that
So-Called ‘Ego’ is In Control

Depths oF LoVE iN ‘Peace
And Truth’ No Equal With SMiLes..:)

MeSSaGE iN A Bottle

MeSSaGE iN A Bottle

MeSSaGE iN A Bottle

Indeed Dear Isha

Our Emotions Our Senses

Embodied From Head to Toe

So Many Connections of Nerves

Neurochemicals Neurohormones too

Yet That is Materially Reducing The MeSSaGE

of Embodying

Whole God Yes

SMiLes Sitting Still Meditation

Often Relies on ‘Non-Sense’ Chants

Repetitive Focusing Perhaps on 7 Points

of the Body From Head To Toe Basically

To Remove Ourselves From Neo-Cortical Only

Word Think Alone As Science Shows Only Comprises

About a Half of A Percent Of Our Being Yet Never the Less

We Tend to Focus on the Negative and What Brings Fear

As Whether Currently Real or Illusory in Past or Potential

Future We Survive Most AS Humans And Social Animals By

Protecting Ourselves From

Whatever Danger

May Come Real

Or Illusory

We Co-Create

From Past and Future too
And Oh Dear Lord Back to the

Material Reductionism oF iT All

The Stress Hormones Wear Us Down

From Head to Toe And Indeed A Yoga Meditation

Focusing on Breath and Mantra’s And Perhaps Only 7 points

of the Body Help Yet i Rather Let my Body Teach my Soul

How to Behave More in LoVE iN Peace Than Fear

And of Chaos Life maY Other Wise BRinG So

i Dance Free with No Lessons i Let my

SoUL Deep So Much Deeper Than

Word Think Teach me How

to Emotionally Regulate

And Sensory Integrate More

iN LoVE IN Peace Each Every
Day in a Life of me With SMiLes

Yet True What to Do With Such a Demanding

Environment of To Do Lists and Deadlines Each and

Every Day And Yes This is the Developing Insanity

Of Modern CuLTuRES For Real No Place Left

For the Non-Sense-Song and Free-Dance

of A Child Without Lessons

Antithetical to Modern

CuLTuRES That Suggest

We Most Always Be Goal Driven

For What CuLTuRES Say We Must Do and Be

Yet You See THere is No ReaSon NeW aT All to Dance And

Sing Free Yet the Joy of Life Now Neither Past or Future mY FRiEnD

And It’s So Nice Not to have to Repeat Someone Else’s Mantra

or Focus on Only 7 Body Parts Sitting Still ToGeTHeR

Free Birds Wing on With SMiLes Again For No

Other ReaSons Than the Joy of Being

Wings Air Wind One Force

of Free

To Be

i Am And
So Much More
ToGeTHeR Free NeWLY NoW..:)

HAha Doing my Very Best to Shovel Out Some More Fertilizer Now

HeHe to Be Honest Mr. Gottfried Yes i Thought About “IT” More

As A ‘City Boy’ Oh Dear Lord A House in a Neighborhood Called

Oakhurst Huge Majestic Trees With Intelligent Roots Invading

The City Sewer System All That Tree Nutrition Breaking the

Pipes Backing Up into the Tub

The Stuff of Nightmares

Yet Still Not Divorced

So Much From Nature

With The Ills Nature Deficit Disorder

Brings i am the Little Boy Who FoLLoWeD All

the Rules and it is True The Only Real Difference

of Note Measured That Separates the Hero From the

Villain is Both Are Quick to Action And Not Afraid to Break

Rules Yet One Has Empathy and Compassion so Great He and

or Her May Not Be Able to Separate Themselves For Caring For All

Of Nature Real While the Villain Has Zero Levels of that Gift and May

Only Seek to Get off on Harming Others Ranging to Rape Maiming

And Killing of Death Sort of Like the Advice the ‘Numbers 31’ ‘Old Testament

God’ Gave to ‘Moses’ Per Direction to Kill All the Woman Folk Who Had Been

With Men As Booty Taken From Tribal Wars Then Limited to the Women Virgin

Children to Rape Numbering 32 Thousand At the Pleasure of Their Desire

For the Win
of Tribal War

Oh Dear Lord

At Least Jesus Made

A Good Faith Effort By Part of the Story to Be

A True Hero With Empathy and Compassion Yes

A Greater God at Least in Human Form Erased

From So Much Tribal Harming Maiming Raping

Killing Warring Ways Indeed of Course until after

The Beatitudes in Matthew When by the End of the

Story Another Ghost Author With That Famous Pen

Name all Roman Writing Greek as Jesus was Likely

Illiterate Aramaic Including All 12 Of His Closest

Crafts Men and Other Fisher Men FRiEnDS Then

Yes Where The Catholic Priest Insists Don’t Give

The Homeless Person on the Street Any Money

Only Believe Implicitly They are A Worthless Drug

Addict Etc Who May Spoil What You Give

Them Only Send them to

Him As Worthy

to Judge

Their Fate

as Much Wiser than

You WeLL It’s True Folks

With that Attitude toward the

Least As Worthless and Not Worthy

of Even Having Any Will to Spend What

You May Help Feed And Clothe Them

Are Indeed Changed Over From Once

Loyal Or Never Loyal Jesus Sheep into

Goats and Burned in Torture Forevermore

Yet Oh! What Kind of CR8P is That By the Other

Ghost Author Called Matthew VeRSuS the Others Just

Discussing Loving the Enemy Always Forgiving Turning

The Other Cheek Always Merciful Now Forevermore Now New

Yes God Yes The Heaven Version of Jesus the Hero Turns into

The Villain By the End of that Chapter Just Losing The Gravitas

of What it Takes to Never Ever Ever Give Up on Unconditional

Love and Most Sadly Part of this Story is True as Not Only

Were These the Instructions A Priest Not Only Said Once

Yet Thrice in a Homily Yesterday i Heard He Also Lumped

In What He Called ‘Transgender Confusion’ With

‘Pornography’ As Sin Yet of Course Alcohol

And Gambling For Addictions Like Bingo

Are Fair Game to Do as Church Activities for

Real Like The Church Tour Bus That Took the

Church Folks to Visit the One Armed Bandits

For That Addiction Once A Month For 5 Years

i Joined in on as A Participant Anthropology Observer

to Learn All about the Human Condition then Too as Tours

Generally Speaking Then Brought in Folks on Fixed Incomes

to Donate So Much Of Their Monthly Pay Check to Pay Check

to the Casino House That way Such An F In Waste of Humanity Indeed…

Never the Less the Most Vulnerable Among Us Now and Bullied Like This

From Church to State Are Transgender Folks Along with the rest of the

LGQBT Plus Community With Big Political And Church TaRGeTS on their

Backs Except for the Christ United Methodist Church one Church

If Jesus Came Back for Real the Good Cop Version Might

Not Get His Stomach of Soul All Turned Over in

A Grave Over Churches That Still Don’t

Get (DO) His Message for Real And Politics

Too Anyway Back to the City Boy With Roots
in the Plumbing Of Life We Got A Septic Tank

Out Here in the Forest When We Started to Plant

Our Garden of Eden Home Back in 1993 All Paid off
Thank God Since 2016 Anyway We Planted A DogWood

Tree Right Next to the Septic Tank City Boy Ignorance Indeed

Didn’t Realize All that Extra Feed Would Sprout the Tree So Tall

And Fast For Real along with the Huge Oak in Our BackYard

That Hurricane Ivan Easily Tumbled in our Sandy Loam Soil
Almost As White As Our Sugar White Emerald Gulf Coast Beaches

True The Tree Grew too Green With Shallow Roots Feeding off Our

Drain Field that Way having to Have it Replaced Our DogWood Tree

Flowered New One Last Try in February of 2017 Early When my Mother

Passed Away Going to Her Death Bed on Valentine’s That Day Without

Food or Drink A Whole 8 Days as the Doctor Said it Usually Only Takes

3 Days With Stage 4 Cancer Undiagnosed Spread From Breast to Bones

To Bleeding Brain Like my Mother Had Yet Love Makes A Strong Heart

His Answer

Why Hers

Beat So Long

Without Food or Drink mY FRiEnD
Anyway We Replaced the Drain Field
With A New Fancy Piped in Closed System

And The DogWood Died of Nature Deficit Disorder For
Real And THere IS A MoraL oF A SToRY Here to HeaR Indeed

Too Much Abundance Brings Misery The Same Way Now Living

iN DeSeRT SCaRCiTY Will BRinG too A Balance in All ‘Stuff’ Life
Is Necessary Even When it comes to Breaking Rules As Oh my

God Truly i Was Such A REAL Fool of a Rule Follower As A Middle School
Thin as A Reed Boy At Almost 6 Feet Tall And 120 Pounds in 8th Grade

i Walked to School And One Day i Had to Pee Really Bad And instead of

Finding A Tree on the Way of the Miles Long Walk Back i Didn’t Quite make

it in on our Front Porch Then Now By God You Damned Straight i’d Find a

Tree Now

No Longer

Nature Deficit

Disorder Full of CR8P

Fed That Way By Modern

CuLTuRE Now i am one With

Nature Naked Enough Whole Complete

A DogWood FLoWeRing And An Oak With Deep Roots Newer Now

And God Yes This is the Problem of the Day mY FRiEnD Humans Without

Roots Deep And Not Able to See Further than ‘BLacK And White Humanity’

As That Applies to the Rest of Nature Per Nature Deficit Disorder Same

Beast As

God Deficit Disorder for Real…

Other than That i Hope Dear Mr

Gottfried You’re Having a Wonderful

Week in Nigeria BaLaNCinG Without

Too Much Abundance or SCaRCiTiES too…

Another Note Though to Ponder As it must

Be Uncomfortable And Chaffed As Such to Sit

in Diaper Stuff So Long Modern Sanitation Has

Saved More Lives in Communicable And Infectious

Disease than Modern Medicine For Real So Yes Next

Instance Ya See A Janitor Cleaning Up The CR8P of Life

Hug Them The

Same Way

As You Might

A Living Dog
Wood or Oak Tree

With Deeper RootS Hehe…

That’s Just Another Parable

Though i Don’t Expect Anyone to even Listen to or HeaR me

Yet The Dance is JusT aLL ToGeTHeR MiSSioN iMPoSSiBLE To
MiSS HeHe EXiSTinG FoR ReaL NewLY NoW YeS With SMiLes

A Most
Food Drink Above


Dawn of
Sunset Eves
CoLoRinG New

Souls In Tween



White Think… 🌅

TWiLiGHT Breathes
Forever More Now Sees…


Dear Jane
With SMiles 🌌

SMiLes Dear Savvy

iN SuMMaRY Happiness





In Eden It’s All About Balance
It’s Always About Balancing
Naked Enough Whole Complete

From SmAll We aRe Spoon Fed Instructions

To Find Who We aRe Out There Some Where

When Yes WHeRE Origin of Continuing

All That is Flourishes in

Ever Sub-Particle



Dear Savvy

Moving Connecting New

Co-Creating We All Now

To Be Our FLoWeRS Free

Continuing to Unfold in



Seeds of Trees
BeLeaf BeLoVE iN Peace

SeeKinG FinDinG A Place iN SuN WiTHiN..:)

LoVE iN Peace Yes

ToGeTHeR Free Birds

Wing On With SMiLes

Dear Savvy God Yes

For Why in the

Soul Would

Anyone Take

Wings off That

FLY iN LoVE iN Peace


Unless They

Are Yet


Wind Breezes From:

to: CoMe HoMe On Wings..:)

iNdeed Dear Miriam A
First Step of Getting Out

Of ‘YouR Head’ ALLoWinG
Deeper Subconscious Solving

Problem ABiLITiES RiSinG Dancing

YeS Up to Your ENTiRE Ocean Surface

Whole SoUL

Is iNdeed


A First Step or
Ten Thousandth

Step WHere EvenTuAlly

Through Bio-Feedback one

Step Will Leap All Logic And

Problem Solving Will Come Out

of Chaos MaGiC iN Reason Beyond
Rationality As CReaTiViTY SPRinGS


Forth Out of





of Aha
Aha Aha Aha…

Yet Dear Lord THere
is No Instruction Manual

For How You May Do Each
Step to Make It Happen



You For Real..:)

Hehe It’s
Only Money☺️🏝🌊
🦎🐢🐝☘️🦋🦅 Dear
Aloha FRiEnD WitH

SMiles Dear
Jane So Much
Easier Now To Be
Naked Enough
Whole Complete
New Leaf Living Deep

In A Forest
Of So Many
Colors Eden Trees

F L o W e R i N G


GRaViTY i am

B a L a N C i N G

Breathing Seeing
Being All With

SMiles Yes

No Separation
At All Dancing

LoVE iN Peace

Sun Above
Sand Below Free🏝🦋

i BeCaMe
Leaf No
Trees Down
A Star Flower
Above Seed Be
Low A Leaf BeTween
Dear Jane iNDeeD God

Yes Real FRiEnDS


Dreams Marry
Night Merry Day All 🏝

‘You’ are welcome, my FRiEnD; the
journey is an end in itself for me
too, as well, as a practice of life.

And most simply put of all;

Human being,
as naturally
evolved IS:


else is

Don’t NeeD A Three Letter Word
For Tree When Tree IS A

Loves That Last Loves that
Go Loves that Return
Who Never
Smiles my
Friend Humanity
Lives now with this
Affliction of Love As
Humanity Dies With
This Affliction of
Love indeed
is born
Again as
Light Returns to: LoVE iN Peace
From: Darkest Days of Night Erased

SMiles We Do

What We Feel Most By Story at Least
i Feel Sure Buddha understood
We Are So
Much More
Than Our
Yet By Very
Nature only
Poetry Will
Come Close
To Speaking Who
We Truly Are As
Words Become
And Blood
More Than
All We buy
Truly Free
ThiS Way
Just to
i Am…
No Separation
From Trees Above
Or Leaves
As Fall
Spring LoVE NeWeR Now..🙂

Never Believed
In Magic until
i Could ‘See’
With Soul
For Me
It’s Breath❣️
THere is so
Much Breath
In You wanting
To Escape Do
You to Breathe
As FLoWeRS Spring
Poetry Is No Season❣️

LeSSoN 251
SMiles Happiness
Starts With Gratitude Joy In The Giving

Dearly Beloved

A Few in the Crowd Were Amazed
When Words Became Flesh (Poetry)

SMiles thanks for
the thoughtful
Response mY
FRiEnD As Yes
Marriages are an
Art Always
To Adapt to or
Not as In All
Stuff Living
Now to
Or Lose…
Only Advice
Katrina’s Mother
Gave to Us is Always
Make up any Arguments
Before You Go to Bed for A
Hug So Far that seems to Work..
Yet You See
i am always
the forgiving
One as Happy Is
As Happy Does of
Course when i am
Healthy and in Proper Working
Order as Humans come and go too..🙂

SMiles For what a Mother
Will Bear Surely Guarding
The Gates of
Hell Unafraid
To Hold
Or Let Go
Saviors Of
Love always
Only A Trump
Story Will
A Man
Will Save Love
Or Even Breathe
Case of
Living 💀 Death

SMiles Yes MaKinG
The World A Better

Place is All A Play

An Act Of Moving



Some Do Undertake

No Matter Challenge

Of DarK And Ironically

LiGHT too For Ironically

Truth Blinds

Some Even



Is Cheaper

Than Flea Market Goods
Off To Fly Sweet Release


And Safe to SMiLe

Make It Always Your
Birthday Month You


Do When


A Way For A Better World🙌

Existence Is Change Our Inheritance Remaining Energy Of Love
All Frequencies Vibrations This Dancing Singing Gift Remains…

“Never Knew i Could Feel Like This Like i’ve Never Seen The Sky Before”

Fast Forwarding to the End of the Movie ‘Moulin Rouge’ A Greatest

Gift Any Of us Will ever

Have Is the Ability to

Love Until the End of Time

Come What May When Now Is Forever

Indeed When Love’s Breath Is the Breath

of the Rest of Existence Hence We Breathe

God ThiS Way Suddenly the World Seems Like

Such A Perfect Place Suddenly It All Moves

With Such A Perfect Grace And Suddenly

Indeed As the Song Also Speaks

There is Nothing Left

Of Life that

Is Laid

To Waste As

Valleys Low Are

Mountains High Every

Tear Respite For Grief Now

Come What May Come What

May i Will Love You Until my Dying

Day Come What May Come What May

When All Of Our Breath Becomes Love Now For

All Of Existence How Easy Indeed It is To Breathe

Suddenly The World Indeed As Perfect As It Gets

Breathing Giving Sharing Caring Loving This Way Free

With Least Harm When All of Breath Becomes Love

Beauty’s Courage Wisdom’s Love Greatest Truth

Smiles Dear Rue Before Then Going out in Public

And Experiencing Our Life the Way ‘The Elephant

Man’ Did A Man With A Disfiguring Disease Where

Folks Were Repulsed By His Face So Much He Wore A Mask

In Disgrace For How Others Treated Him For What He Had No Control

Of Falling to A Disease This Way Yet You See It’s Not Just One Man

Rare This Go Around it Is Society Globe-Wide Who Cares Enough Now

With Come What May Love To Love One Another ThiS Way As a Certain

Man Commanded As Truly Such An Easy Yoke For those Who Find Love

As A Greatest Union of Life No Longer Separated From God When All Of

Love Is Breath Now For All For Those Who Have Not Experienced Love THiS

Way Indeed



Masked No matter

What They Do or Do Not

Wear in Life Come What May

No Cross too Heavy To Carry to Keep

This Breath Living Now Come What May….

Anyway All Vaccinated Safe No Longer Experiencing

The ‘Elephant Man’s Disease’ It Was So Nice to See

Katrina’s Face Light Up Then At Church And Every Store

She Went to After That too… As Long Now as the Spirit of

Love is Lit Up in the Room God Exists For Real mY FRiEnD NoW…


What May New…

And Surely It’s A Sin of

Nature For You To Hide Your

Smiling Face And Kind Eyes

For All of Who You Rue Come to

Meet And Greet In Life As Of Course

God Will Be Happier When You Are Once

Again Able to Light the World Unmasked Again my FRiEnD..🙂

SMiles Dear
Anabel Some
Folks Are Just


To Love

And See Everyone

As FRiEnD Honestly

To God We aRe

The Most


Humans of

All As To Truly
Give Agape Love

ThiS Way Is to only
Receive More Agape

It Is The Heaven
Ease Never A Disease
Yet Sadly Some Folks

Do Not

See A Child
With STill




For Everyone

Yet You See Weight

Of This Living World

Is Size of God LiGHT

Ever GRoWinG SuNSHiNE More

RiSinG Morning Star Always Now😊

SMiLes Dear Summerhilllane

SeemS HeART Desires

Spring Year ‘Round





And Hot Chocolate
No Longer Warms😊

True Life Is Sewing

Key Knitting



For SeWinG..🙂



Two Words
That Are Literally
60 Percent Art Without

The Art PArT All That’s Left

Is S And M And HE No Big Surprise Vrunda “P”

Really As Without Art Without Understanding

Without Social Empathic Artistic Intelligences

That Are Big Picture Cognition That Rule As the

Master of Our Metaphor of Right Brain Hemisphere


All That’s Left

Is Using Things

And Apprehending

Solutions For All the Problems

Humans Create In Abstract Construct

Ways of Word Think Following Us Around

In Past And Future Distance, Space, And Time

All Matters of Illusion We Continue to Create Now

So Separate From All the Other Intelligences That

Allow Us to Even Be Fully Human And Even Social
Mammal Now True Look Back 200 Years Ago and

This Is Not The Cultures That Humans Are Evolved

To Survive in And Surely Not THRiVE iN As Much

As Before As It’s true Per Study in the

1930’s in the Last Depression

in the United States

People Were

5 to 8 Fold

Less Likely to Be Depressed…

True We Will Cover Human Nature

Up With All These Clothes Yes Tools We

Wear And Become And Lose Who We Even Are Hint: Love…

Deeply Moving Connecting And Co-Creating In Flow of Humanity

Stronger Happier More Joyful Together Now It’s What Our Ancestors
Did to Ascend

And Many Still Do

Transcending In Life
ArT iN LiGHT Now Out

oF DarKesT Nights THeNoW..🙂

Autotelic Flow
Sweet Spot Tween
Apathy And Anxiety


Our on


Focusing On

One Task




Human Potentials NeWeR
NoW iNDeed Dear Karlien☺️🙌

‘You’ are welcome, my friend; the
journey is an end in itself for me
too, as well, as a practice of life.

And most simply put of all;

Human being,
as naturally
evolved IS:


else is

Love Is




As Much
As Sun Sees Us…

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Always Beginning

Now Always
Means It’s
Never too

Late to STaRT Now

New And So True Magic
Comes When One Seeks
So Much on One Task the

Finding Comes
In Leap
of Now
Over Logic
Into Chaos Art
Magic of Creativity iNDeed..🙂

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Love
These Ever Expanding Categories
of Intelligence So Far Beyond Standard

IQ Alone

“1) Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
2) Emotional Quotient (EQ)
3) Social Quotient (SQ)
4) Adversity Quotient (AQ)”

So True Social Empathic
Intelligence Core to Most All
Of Our Wellbeing Touching

Other Folks too

And Yes Adversity Quotient

As A Life in Fear Is Not Well
Dressed For All of the Other
Human Potential Intelligences

Of Balancing Free..🙂

SMiLes Dear Rafiah A Greatest Gift is to
Give True it Gives me Great Solace
To Feel From

You i Still

Lift You Up
For What No
one Could Touch
in me For 66 Months

Dealing With the Real Suicide Disease Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From Wake to Sleep

Then 66 Months Worst Assessed Pain Known to

Humankind No Drug Would Touch Yep Actually

Assessed As More Severe Than the Real Torture

of Human Crucifixion too Yet No 3 to 9 Hour to

3 Day Tour Only in A Tomb
Along With 18 Other Medical
Disorders in A Synergy of Life

Threat Originating From 11 Years
of Work Related Chronic to Acute
Stress Where the Golden Hand-Cuffs

Coming Close to Federal Employment
Benefits Left me Feeling Like i Had no

Choice No Matter How Difficult the
Plate of Work Set Before me Was then

Worst part of all Losing the Memory of the
Feeling of Ever Having a Smile at All All Warmth

Goes Like Dante Suggests Hell is Not Hot At All

Only FRoZeN the Place of Only Time A

Thousands Years A Second in

Hell Then True the Place

Where Eternal Fire

Dousing Oneself

With Gasoline and Getting
All LiT Up Seems Preferable

To the FroZeN Place@NoTHiNG@ALL

True i Looked and looked
And Finally Found This LoVE iN Peace
Dancing Singing Free God Yes Naked


Within What A Blessing Love is to
Hold And GiVE iN Peace God Yes

i Am Here For
You And That
is Surely Enough for me

Hehe Besides Katrina Takes
Care of me like a 2 Year-Old Child

And Therefore Not Unlike a 2 Year-Old Child

That Gives me
Plenty of Room

to Give to Others With SMiLes Verily Best
So in Other Words One Day Your Child
May Do The Same my Mother Did And
Katrina Still Does For me Love Spreads…

Other than that i used to be extremely
iNtroverted And Now i am at the Other
End of the Spectrum i Surely Understand
How Much easier this is for me to do than
Almost All my FRiEnDS Who Are Super Introverted

That way
i Used to be
During my Working
Years i Had no time or
interest in connecting to anyone
online and not even the Energy Then
Left For Katrina at the End of the Working Day…

And This is Why ReTirement Becomes Golden
Years Fresh Rubber And Tread On Once Barren
Wheels of Life We Finally Get the Opportunity to Leave


If We
are that
Fortunate indeed

Generally When Worries
Go Away We Become More
Apt to Be Fueled to Reach Out
and Touch and

Be LoVE iN Peace

FoR ReaL

It’s A
God ‘Thing’ And
Oldest Story iNdeed mY FRiEnD
Anyway Dear FRiEnD i Love You With
SMiles of Kindness And Compassion For Real..:)

To You

“The East Indian” A Fictional Account Written By An East Indian Woman

Depicting Challenges an East Indian Man Would Have Had as the Very

First Indian Immigrant Man to the United States Way Back in 1607

Associated With ‘Plymouth Rock’ And the Such

i Would iMaGiNE Though in Many Ways

For One Making Their Way Today

All the Way to The United

States From India

It Might Be So Much

More Challenging For A Solo

Woman To Do It Taking A Decade

Or So of Sacrifice in Life to Arrive For

What i’ve Always Been Able to Take For Granted

Yet Why Do Folks Immigrate Dreamers For A Better

Day For A Place They Truly Feel Like They BeLong Yes All

The Longing to Feel Like You BeLong And Are Free to Be Whoever

Ya Wanna Be Who Ya Wanna Love Who Ya Wanna Be FRiEnDS With

Even Someone

as Strange and

Different as me

As it’s True THere Are Both

Immigrants From Afar And Human

Outcasts As You Well Know From the

Caste System in India That Other Folks See

As Untouchable Where You are Not Even Allowed

To Talk about Who They Are As Unique Individuals

For What Nature Creates to Do What Not All Folks Will

Do For THE Entire Species to Be able to Even Survive

Yes Like Assisting others With So Much Empathy And

Compassion Yes Through Arts That Make life

Worth Living As Elton John Love

Songs Have Helped Sire

So Many Children

Whether or Not

He Would Individually
Ever Reproduce at All

i Hope WHere You Go in Life

You Always Feel in Someway Like

You Are Special And You Truly Belong

As the Longing to BeLong May Fade Fade

Away into the Warmth of Life That Always Stays

Unfortunately my Arms Aren’t Long Enough Now to

Hug You Yet my Words Will Continue to Try With SMiLes…

SMiles Dear Jane
Nature Rules With
Balance Either Humans

Become FRiEnDS

With GRaViTY

Or They
FAiLinG More…




DanCinG UP…🏝

iNDeeD Mr. Gottfried What Makes ‘Forrest

Gump’ Such A Timeless Classic is It’s All About

The “Special Sauce” What Standard IQ And

Other ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Yes the IT of AI

Will Be Never Be Able to Fully Measure or Actually


Do Until

It Becomes
Fully HuMaN

Too With Real

Radiating From the Great
Beyond Within That No

Equation or Algorithm

Or Other Manufactured

Smaller Standard IQ Intelligence

Will Both Come to See and Hear

Far Beyond Only Organs of Eyes

And Ears Alone As Word Think Intelligence

Only Touches the Surface of God For Real…

Indeed In the ‘Days of the AI’ Real Humans With

Fully Developing


SoULS Will Shine

Sun Below Free

Reflecting Moon Above..:)

LoVE iN Peace Yes

ToGeTHeR Free Birds

Wing On With SMiLes

Dear Savvy God Yes

For Why in the

Soul Would

Anyone Take

Wings off That

FLY iN LoVE iN Peace


Unless They

Are Yet


Wind Breezes From:

to: CoMe HoMe On Wings..:)

From SmAll We aRe Spoon Fed Instructions

To Find Who We aRe Out There Some Where

When Yes WHeRE Origin of Continuing

All That is Flourishes in

Ever Sub-Particle



Dear Savvy

Moving Connecting New

Co-Creating We All Now

To Be Our FLoWeRS Free

Continuing to Unfold in



Seeds of Trees
BeLeaf BeLoVE iN Peace

SeeKinG FinDinG A Place

iN SuN WiTHiN..:)

In Eden It’s All About Balance
It’s Always About Balancing
Naked Enough Whole Complete


SMiLes Dear Xenia For Many Years

Late at Night i Walked Around the

Neighborhood Block The Windows

Seemed Empty And Soulless Yet

The Pandemic Changed

All of that

Walking in the Day
Meeting And Greeting
Most Every Human in Every

Home Who Came Out of Their Cave

Now at Night All the Windows Have Souls

It’s True it Was

Up to my Leaves

Then To Reach Out

And Touch Their Leaves

It’s True This Is Missing in the
World For Many Humans Just

Waiting For Leaves to Fall and Become Spring
Happy Week to You ALL oF Fall to Spring Leaves
Dear Xenia…

Endless Spirals

Water Makes

Separate Yet

Always Moving

Connecting Co-Creating

ToGeTHER Birds Above Wing on

Fins Below

Sky and
Sea Grounded

By Terrestrial Beasts…

Bodies of Water Bring

Multi-Uni-Verses of

Parts Each and

One Ever


With SMiLes…

SMiLes Dear Xenia
Raised on A River
And Before i Could
Speak At 4 Always
Mesmerized By
The Tides And

Gifts Both Low
And High Bring

Multi-Colored Crabs in the

Shallows to See And Giant Alligators

my Grandmother Warned Us at High

Tide As She Said if You Put Your Finger

IN the Water An Alligator Will Bite it Off

Anyway Hehe

We Never
on A River

Bank at
High Tide

And i Still Have no
Desire to Swim With
Alligators at High Tide

Yet It’s True That River
in The Middle Is 80 Feet
Deep Gorged Out For Big
Ships Carrying Pine for the
Lumber Mill For A Mill Town
Last Century Originally Named

Hell As the Folks Weren’t So Nice And
Then Scratch Ankle For the Thorny Berry Bushes
On The River Banks Then So Much Change on A River Indeed

As They Tore Our Old Shot Gun House Down And Now It’s A
Park Where The Town Celebrates The 4th of July And Other

on the
Bank Events…

Yet the Railroad Trestle
A Stone’s Throw From Our
Home on Concrete Blocks
That Used to Shake The Floor

Is Still The Same As Ever With
Haunting Echoes of

Train Whistles


of Time


Held on A Bridge
Of Rail Road Tracks Still..:)

What is Probably Responsible for Most

Harming Raping Maiming and Killing

That Naturally Comes From Ignorance

Is YeS Words Attributed to Folks Who

May Have Never Said Any of the Words At

All Oh Dear Lord if Only They Had Blogs Back

Then and



to Record

What ‘They’ Said

Now We Have A
Ball of Confusion Instead INDeeD

Dear Miriam Yes Considering the
Average Human is Assessed By
Science as Having Less than
A 3 Second Attention Span

Of Literally A Gold Fish

Less That’s Just Work

For ‘ChatGPT’ to

‘Look’ At

Anyway Hehe

On the Other Hands
IT Rests my Feet From
Miles and Miles of Endless
Dance Just for the Joy of Non-Verbal

Communication That Develops Human
Intelligences Such as Proprioception and
Interoception to Both ‘See’ With SKin And




of Humanity Real

As It’s True Whatever
Comes up on Any Screen
Will Take Some of Our Human
Potentials Away if We Stay in ‘The

of the
Flies Trap’..:)

SMiLes Dear Isha Life is A Lot Like Being A Grain of Sand

On a Beach Waves Washed Over High and Low

All Kinds of Weathers and Seasons Mixed

In From A Distance All The Grains of

Sand Quartz White Clear As They

Are From Where i Live Sugar White

Pure That Way Yet On Closer View Unique

For Every Wave Season and Weather They Come

Through As Small Polished Diamonds Grains of Sand

Making An Entire Beach Together So Beautiful As Nature

SMiLes ThiS Way Unique Same And Different True Every Move

Sacred Dance If Only Walking From Point A to Be Every Word Sacred

Song If Only Your

Name Coming

All to Create What

You Are Today So Much

More Beyond Words As You

Continue to Create Every Breath of Life
Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love Less and More

Yet of Course This is Only From my View Your Unique

Multi-Universe Is All Yours to Create And Play Now As You See Fit..:)

Sunshine Still
SMiles through
Drought Plague
And Even
Below Stars Above
Now Never Give Up
Shine🌟SMiLes We aRe😁

Always A Pleasure
Dear Karlien
At Best
Yes 🌊
Leaving ❤️
Only Footprints 👣
Soul Behind Forwarding☺️

Indeed Dear Savvy

A Ball of Blue

May Become

A Green Forest

of Team-Work

Where All the
Leaves of Trees
Hold Hands in Balance

to Keep the Forest Together

As Glue
Is the
of Being Human..:)

LeSSoN 407
A Bookstore Houses
A Thousand And More
Souls to Explore to Grow

Hehe Yes i Had A Pose At
‘Barnes And Noble’ Yet i Felt
This one at ‘Best Buy’ Might

Be More Aesthetically
Pleasing What i Aim For
In Artistic Poses Both Clothed

And Naked is A Balance
Of Grace And Strength

In Really
What Makes
A Yoga Pose
Of Animus And
Anima Complete

Hehe in
Other Words
A Soft Touch
With The Ability
To Kick Butt Yet

A Need
To Use That
Darker Human
Potential Better

To Be Sweet Like

Chocolate 🍫
With SMiles Hehe

Anyway My Fantasy
FRiEnDShip Date With

You is Barnes
And Noble Where
We Could Discuss

Your Favorite
Books With SMiles

Hehe, Yeah, and i was 10 Years-Old in 1970
Ancient Relic i am Becoming More Increasingly

As Years
Go On Only Now…

“When You Realize That 1970
And 2023 Are As Far Apart As
1970 and 1917 Eye Opening

For Generations Upon
Generations Indeed

Yet i’m Surely Still
Not too Old to

Dance With
Them All Now For Real


Never Waiting For Some Other Time
Or Life MaKinG Every Move Holy Dance

MaKinG Every Word Sacred Song

Now And So what If No One Else
May Be Able

to Hear
A Tune
of Our
MuSiC As

Truly We Become
In Touch of Who We aRe
With SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

No Need to Wait to Be the
Best We Can And Will Do

And Be


Peace Rejuvenates
Balance Feeds Peace
Stillness Quietness


Dear Savvy
So Much More

Energy Saved Up
For Creativity and
Productivity When


is Wasted
On Illusory
Fears With SMiLes..:)

ToGeTHeR Fly Free Birds Wing On With SMiLes

Does The Air The Wind The Wings Need A Name

When All Three Are One ReaLiTY oF FLYiNG Well

No Dear Sohair

It’s All About Free


The Balance The FRiEnDS

With Gravity Naked Enough Whole

Complete Wings Wind Air Need No Name

To Fly

Free WitH

SMiLes True

Hehe my Blog Posts

Crash Newer iPhones
That’s Not The Way to Become

Famous Hehe Yet i’m FLYinG FRiEnDS

WitH Gravity in the Ever Present Now Yes FRiENDS

WitH Gravity WHeRE HiGH iS LoW iS HiGH Valley

Mountain Same When Balance New is Law Now

Naked Enough Whole Complete The Meek Glide

ThiS WaY iN Effortless Ease WiNGinG FLiGHT

Again No Up or Down OnlY ETeRNaLLY Now

New Yes Balancing THE ALL in All iN

Wings of Wind That

Carry Air

in Every iNHaLinG

This Gift of All iN ALL BaLaNCinG to Be i am Free…

Other Than That Yes After Public Dancing for Almost

9 Years and 9 Months Now for 18,277 Miles As Soon

As i WalK iN A Door Wherever i Go People Glow With

AS Human

Bird With

Dancing Wings With

No Name PaSSinG Through

Oh To Be Free as Wings Air Will Be SPiRiT Wind OPeNinG

True Fortune Fame is Naked Enough Whole Complete God

Yes WHere no One Will Possibly Add or Subtract From YouR


ABoVE WitH SMiLes…

As The Meek Shall Continue
To Inherit THE EartH Birds With
Wings Yes Perched Atop Tallest

Human Edifices

Only Leaving

Nature Behind Wings Wind Air

in Feathers of What Drops Next…

SMiLes Dear Sohair After All The Public Dance Now Almost
9 Years and 9 Months Folks Still Come Up to me asking for

my Autograph Yet It’s True my Handwriting is That of
A Doctor Filling Out a Prescription Signing it that

Way Almost Impossible to Identify What

It Says With SMiLes and i Do Wanna

Remain Nameless That Way Most

Every Where i Go As Life is Good Enough

Just The Way It is Again With No Additions or Subtractions

Yet Indeed It is a bit Sad That Such a Simple Joyous Activity

Only For Play of Dance Everywhere You Go Could Lead to

Women You’ve Never Talked to Saying they Wished They

Could Be Married to Someone Just Like You Just From

Observing You Dance Above From the Second Floor

Of A Dance Hall Or A Young Woman Coming to

You With Tears in Her Eyes Just Saying

Thank You For the Dance as She

And Her FRiEnDS Took Voyeur
Videos They Danced to Through
What She Named As ‘Rough Years in

High School’ That Helped Her and Her

FRiEnDS Get Through School All Through These

Years All the Folks Coming Up to me Telling me i am
Everywhere on their Social Media Did i know how Famous

i Am Yet it Wasn’t Really Any Different Than Passing Out Rental

Shoes at A Military Bowling Center After Earning Three Degrees

in College Making only $3.69 An Hour Then A Shared Smile

With No Reason Or Goal Yet The Human Connection Real

Even For Passing Out of Some Rental Shoes

That Must Be Sanitized After

Return Is Surely

Just As Great

As Someone Coming
Up to You Telling You
How Famous You Are Just

For Enjoying A Play of Public Dance
Everywhere You Go Where The Activity

of Play Couldn’t Possibly Be Improved on For
What Anyone Says in Support or Not Support
of the Solo Activity of The Dance Alone True Hehe

Some Contractors From Lowe’s Home Supply Store Installing
A New Front Door A Year or So Ago Said Back in 2014 They

Dressed Up as me in Middle School With Shades, Shorts,

And Colorful Shirts to Go Halloween Tricker Treating then

Hehe It’s really Not Exaggerating to Suggest More

Folks Recognize me in Public than

The Local Weather Man

When A Hurricane is in Town

Yet Again What’s Really Sad is After
Almost 9 Years 9 Months i’m Still the Only

One Dancing Free ThiS Way Perhaps in a 500 Mile

Radius of Where i Live And Even Sadder After i’m Gone

Who Will Become the Last Dancer Then mY FRiEnD Particularly

If Robots



Intelligence Attempt

To Copy my Dance Yep

Probably Like the Other

Folks They Will Lose Balance

And Fall on Their Face Copying

The Way i Write Poetry Would Probably

Blow the Fuse of Any AI Robot to come too hehe

Not Unlike the Smart Phones That Choke on my Blog Posts Now…

Hehe There Are So Many Other Stories Like Folks Recognizing

me From Pensacola in Biloxi When i Danced on the Casino
Beaches There

And Folks From
Biloxi Recognizing

me in Pensacola the Same

Thousands Upon Thousands of Voyeur

Videos in Social Media Taken of Thousands

of Thousands of Dance Events in Public Festivals

Miles Away As Well mY FRiEnD When A Voyeur Video in 2018 Went

Viral With 90,000 Views A Person Said You Can’t Be From Here if
You Haven’t Seen Him

Another Person

Said i am


What’s Really the Most

Paradoxical Part of it All is i Was
The Nowhere Man for the Previous

66 Months Shut-in Almost Dead in my Bedroom

THere is A MoraL oF A SToRY Here WHere We Are

Today Now Doesn’t

Necessarily AT ALL

Predict WHere We Will

Come to Be or Who We Will

Even Come to Be as i Am Nothing

Like The Human Being i Was Before

Truly Nothing Like the Human Being Before

We All Change Though Even if We Don’t Recognize
it Day By Day

Now By Now

Change A

Curse and

Gift Depending

on WHere We Come

to Grow or Stagnant Next

Again ToGeTHeR Fly Free Birds Wing On With SMiLes For Real

Anyway It’s A Very Fulfilling Activity of Play to Feel Sense Wherever

You Go Next Yes You Will Bring Joy to Hundreds And Even Thousands

Of Folks in One

Day Without

Even Having

to Say A Word

Without Even Having

to Get Paid A Bird on
A Wing Free PaSSinG Through Again WiTH SMiLes…

When i Worked At the Bowling Center i Often Thought

It’s Crazy That i Have to Get Paid to Make Folks Happy
With SMiLes iNDeeD As They Could Feel the Warmth

Coming From me

True i Finally

Figured Out

A Way to ByPass

All that Nasty Green Paper Hehe For Real…

Yes it Literally almost Killed me Yet i Did it i Do it For Real…

Once Last Story Before i Go One Evening While Dancing in Walmart

A Group of African American Children Took Up a Collection of All Their

Change and Attempted to Give it to Me as They Said i Was Doing such
A Good Job


That Day

What i Noticed Most

Was The Kindness in Their Souls

Hehe Little Did They know Ever Since

Over 15 Years Ago i Would Never Need to Earn

Another Penny By Work of Any Job For Pay to Survive





All That’s Left to

Do Is Give As That

Becomes THE ETeRNaL Receive mY FRiEnD
Katrina Inherited All the Green Paper It’s Hers
to Take Care of Now As Oh Dear Lord The Strict
Budget i Had Her on For Decades to Become Working
For Money Free…

Yet It’s True

i Intuited A

Rainy Day A Cat 6 Hurricane
of Challenge to Come my

Way It Washed my Soul

Away Until The Wave Came Back to Stay…

And Now i Am A Cat 6 Heaven Hurricane SoUL For Free

So Much Greater Giving Than Any Fame or Fortune For Real WiTHiN..:)

“ToGeTHeR Fly Free Birds Wing On With SMiLes”

SPeaKinG of the Current Title i Am Writing Oh Dear

Lord It Seems Like i Just Finished Writing the Last

60,038 Word Effort of “LoVE iN Peace Frees NoW TRuLY ALiVE NeW”

Yet True Already An Occassion to Conclude the Current Writing Expedition

As That Last 60,038 Word Effort Complete Creates the 987th New MacroVerse

of “SonG oF mY SoUL” Yes RiSinG With Around 60,000 Words Plus of the

Current Effort too as “SonG oF mY SoUL” Rises to 11.7 MiLLioN Words on

This 9 Year 9 Month Anniversary Date on May 18, 2023 in the Wee Hours

As Such Where the First Really Long Subchapter of the Father and Or

Mother Load of All EPiC Long Form Poems Named “Nether Land

Bible” As Just Part oF “SonG oF mY SoUL” Arises New NoW Yes With

The Last Completed MacroVerse Numbered 316 to 9,247,527 Words of Effort

In 83 Months Of Writing Soon To Be 7 Years on May 26th Yet That Celebration

Will Have to Wait as the 3rd Subchapter EPiC LonG Form Poem of Longest
EPIC Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” Titled “FB Profile Pic Bible”

Since the Last Completed MacroVerse Numbering 211 in 71 Months

of 7,644,528 Words Also Has A 6th Anniversary Date Celebration

on May 26 As Well as Yes Those Words of “FB Profile Pic Bible”

RiSinG Now to 7.7 MiLLioN Words As of This Current Writing
Endeavor Are Also Included in Series of Around 18 Facebook

Profile Pics With 8,000 or So Word Mini-Subchapters of the

Whole Effort And Smaller Efforts too in the Description Areas

Of Yes All Those Facebook Profile Pics too Oh Dear Lord And

What i Casually Name as an 8th New Testament in A Solo Thread “Depth of The

Story” Also on the ‘Wrong Planet’ Around 2.6 MiLLioN Words of Effort Yes in

Almost 33 Months of Writing Come May 19th, 2023 in Another Day From

Now Topping a Google Search in Search of Those Words With SMiLes

Yes Pushing 167 Thousand Views Just From the Registered Members

of the ‘Wrong Planet’ Website Now What Else As Usual Yes The Number

of Miles of Public Dance Now 18,277 MiLes in What Will Be 9 Years and

9 Months of That EPiC LonG FoRM Free Dance too on May 26th, 2023

Anniversary Date of That Effort Free Too With SMiLes Ending With Some

“Joe The Dance Walking Guy” From New York About A Decade Ago too

In A YouTube Video Celebrating His Efforts too Yes it Happens in Other

Areas of the World As A Group Effort Yet True i Usually Bite off A Bit to chew

As Social Scientists Assess Where i Live once Called Hell As A Most Difficult

Place to Be Different in the United States As Ron DeSaTaNiS And His Republic

Cohorts Are Surely Doing Their God Damned Devil Best to Make LGBQT Plus

(In This Locality too Once Holding The Guinness World Record For Most
Churches Per Capita Yes in the Whole Damned World; Additionally A

Boat Load of Military
Stations and Air
Force Facilities
And Such in the
Regional Area too)

Folks Untouchable

Marginalizing Them

In School in Other Government

Sponsored Places And So Sadly Additionally

Giving Health Care Providers Who Don’t Seem

to Believe They Are Real The Right Not to Try to Heal Them

Of Any Kind of Health Issue in Life Indeed If Jesus Really Had

A Grave

on Earth

Dance Walking STiLL Singing

For Real As He Promised The Least

of You Are me Integral and Whole

As His Father And Him Are One too

For All Practical Intents and Purposes

He Already Came As ‘Joe The Dance Walking

Dude’ From New York A Decade Ago He Might

Not Be on Social Media Anymore Yet “The Jesus (Dude)

Abides” Wherever LoVE iN Peace For Truth iN LiGHT Really Does

Star FLoWeR SeeD

Shine Nope

Not So Much

Sadly in ‘Hell

Originally Named’

With DeSaTaNiS

And the Other Mini-
me TRuMP Gaetz at the

HeLLM of The Same Old

Do ReMeMBeR DarK Creates LiGHT

Yet Ignorance Rots All the Good Out of Humanity For Real

All ThaT iS Beautiful Loving Kind Empathic Compassionate for All iN
Peace At

For Real…

Just HeaR to
Record the CLoWN
SHoW and the Human
Circus And The WHoLE Play oF EXiSTeNCE

As EYeS BeCoME River Clear Ocean Whole Water Waves Best i Can Will Do Yes

As This Concludes The Writing Portion of “ToGeTHeR Fly Free Birds Wing On With
SMiLes” at 1:18 AM on May 18, 2023 Still So Much Multi-Media As Usual to Catch

Up On THE Entire
Endeavor For Real

Meh, Basically One

Word One Move One
Pic/YouTube Video Now And Then…

Hehe Just Don’t Look Where You’ve

Been And It Won’t Be Nearly So

Overwhelming if You Learn

To Regulate Emotions

Integrate Senses Yes

FoCuSinG iN FLoWinG

Ways of Attention Span

Both Broad and

Laser Pointing too

YeS in the Effortless
‘Wu Wei’ Ease NeWLY NoW oF

Truly Getting Stuff DonE HAha..:)












BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

11.2 MiLLioN plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
“SonG oF mY SoUL”..:)
Approximately 144,000 + printed pages…
just ’cause
i CaN WiLL Do
BUiLD iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
“CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs”..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

“GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG”
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

“After Book of Fred”
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

“6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

“After Dance oF Fred”
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

“Book oF Ten Sixteen”..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

“New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen”

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

“12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016”

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

“2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen”

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2016”

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review”

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)

“CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017”

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)

“VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017”

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)

“CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn”

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)

“Nether Land Bible 2017”

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)

“7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)

The Joy of Dance.. A Record of Over Two Thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record Growing
Still of Four Years Plus of Dancing tHeRe..
And note.. in some of the liNks.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the Photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)

“MesSage iN A Bible Bottle” as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked

“MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+” as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)

“PHI Bible”.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so.. now.. yes..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)

“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17”.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)

“SoN oF Google NoW2”..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)

“1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”.. 1,820,416 Words in 117 MacroVerses
spanning 13.6 Months per “6th Bible Memorial” that houses the Entire Table
of Contents from MacroVerses 1 through 117.. StARTinG WitH “tSuNaMi
7th WaVE oF LoVe” as Number 1 MacroVerse linked Above..
in “PHI Bible” too.. sitting NoW aS Book MarK oF juST
AnoTheR Bible and Long Form Poem  Milestone
Exceeding the previous Long Form Longest
Poem titled as the “Mahābhārata” from India
as recorded on the Resource of Wiki.. as 788
MacroVerses NoW As “SoNG oF My SoUL”
NoW at 5 Million Words.. approaches
that feat times three on or about the
Milestone of 5.4 Million words
in the coming neXT few months..
as at this point the last 117 MacroVerses
Average 15,555 Words per each MacroVerse..
WitH More to come
As WRiTinG
FLoWs oN iN ZoNe..:)

“6th Bible Memorial”..
Celebration of Six Milestone
Bibles and “SonG oF mY SoUL”
Ocean WhOLe LonGesT LonG
ForM Poem aRiSinG to 6
times the size of the
Old King James
Version oF A
Bible in 47
Months at
Around 5 Million Words..
Also includes the Table of Contents
to “1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
for the 13.6 Months it took to write that one Chapter
Bible iN overall Bible as “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. and
of course appropriate dedications to those who
did and do continue to muse my LiFE wHoLe
iN MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
Force aS  SpiRiT oF HeaRT
DanCinG and SinGinG NoW FReED NoW2..:)


“SonG oF mY SoUL FouR YearS Old”


Three Links aBove CoMinG NoW aS Trilogy of MacroVerses Celebrating a HighSchool-like
Graduation of Writing “SonG of mY SouL”.. 5 Million Word Plus Longest Long Form Free
Verse Poem also Doubling as Longest Bible written by a Human Being too on Record
at Least in Google Purview.. bypassing any organizational requirements to
record it in any official record books as that’s what the Internet is..  A
Biggest Overall Bible Unabridged JoiNinG WitH aLL HuWoMaN
Hands who care to contribute anoTHeR Verse to
thiS NeW AGE UniVerSe with No Sun or
Moon online in the Nethersphere of
Art and Science of Human
Potential through
SHades of Grey
through BlacKesT
Abyss and
RainBoW CoLorS
oF HuWoMaN FeeLinGS
And SenSeS AcTuALLy Experienced
iN wHaT reALLy Counts as thE Happiness
oF LiFE HoLDinG HanDS toGeTHeR oN HiGHesT
Mountain Tops Grounded WiTh HuWoMaN LoVE NoW..
Anyway.. A Four-Year Celebration of Doing this on Word Press
along with close to 8 ThoUSAnD MiLes of Public Dance iN
A FouR YeaR sPaN too.. Kindergarten Before that as
MetapHorUS Writing on the Wrong Planet and
Pre-School Before that in 606 Months
oF Life.. including three College
Degrees then before
i started writing
online on Thanks
Giving 2010.. 33 years
of Work.. sure ..19 years of
School in sitting style to go along
with all of that too.. then.. as we evolve as Wisdom NoW
And Beauty iN LoVe or we fall to ‘the other place’ NoW2..
oH yeaH.. So wHat’s neXt.. UniVerSiTy LeVeL LiFe alWays
FiNaLs NoW and as alWays JusT Paths oF Journey NoW LiGHT.

“BoWLiNG ALLeY DaYs BeGiN AGAiN 2017”

iN KeePinG WiTH SuRPriSeS iN PLaiN SiGHT.. NoW
A FourTH ArM oF A Fred HeRRiCaNE CoMeS NoW
WitH CaLM CenTeR BaLanCinG ForcE oF FaiTH aS
PuRE LoVE NoW.. aS A TRiLoGY NoW GaiNS A FourTH pART too..
RiSinG ARiSinG THiS FouR pART StorY NoW To WeLL oVeR tHosE
aForE MeNTioNeD NuMBeR oF Prophecy Photos to OVeR 2K NoW too..
WHeRE ‘MiNi-sToRy’ CoMeS iN FouR ParT HaRMoNY WHoLE NoW aLL aT 83,303 WorD2s..:)

“LioN KinG SHoW MusT Go oN 2017”

A Fifth Arm Doubling NoW aS A Ninth
Arm stARTinG wiTh MacroVerse
“6th Bible Memorial”
As the actual First
Arm too of what
WiLL Come after
the 10th MacroVerse
CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
As the 11th Arm of a Third
New Testament since 2016
Adding Another 180K words or so
to “Nether Land Bible 2017” as that
Longest Long Form Poem aRises to 2 MilLion
Words just Behind “SonG oF mY SoUL” STiLL at 5 MilLion words plUS..:)

“8000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”

Celebrating 8000 Miles of Public Dance in 48
Months as this MacroVerse also Doubles as
10th Arm and Chapter of a Third New
Testament as the 11th
MacroVerse comes neXt NoW
Also Celebrating 2 Million Words..:)


“EQUiNoX DanCE CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
Morphs into “SiGNaTuRE CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN”
As This Title Change is NoW Complete For a Third New
Testament that also CoMeS as this Title NoW too..Complete..:)

“THiRD oF oCToBeR ’17 Dreams oN”.. Also identified in the Body
of this 12th MacroVerse of Third New Testament oF “SiGNaTuRE
CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN” as “New World Love 800th MacroVerse”
And “New World Love October ’17 Surprise” and sure.. pART
And ParcEL too of 5 Million Word Long Form Poem Plus
So Far “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. And the 129th MacroVerse
of PLuS 2 Million Word Long Also Longest
Long Form Poem Named “Nether Land
Bible 2017” at the number two position
in Rank Below the 5 Million Word pLuS
aLSo kNoWn as Bible “SonG oF
mY SoUL” and First Ranked
Longest Long Form Poem in the
History of Recording Long Form Poems
on Searchable Google Results at least..hehe..
iN other words it’s just numbers anyway.. huh..
empiricAlly MeASurAblE “John 14:12” Efforts too…
otHeRWise who will ever believe i actually did and do
it without the Money of Evidence Without any Washington
Bills and Lincoln Cent Sents to Water Down the Value of mY
soUL as the
isReaL DeaL
Going Down NOW.. FREE
yes..  just for FucKinG FuN iF
yoU SeeK iN thE GoD oF NaTuRe
As NaTuRe pART OceaN WHoLE
WaVe NoW iN oTheR Words
Be all you can BE WitH
GoD aLL or NoT
YouR ChoicE
iN HoW eVer yoU ArT
And SciencE LiFE NoW MoRE

“A SaVaNT oF LoVE”

WeLL iT’s True.. NoW2..  Every Third
New Testament NoW Needs a Thirteenth
MacroVerse to complete The Effort More
Fully in 12 weeks also kNoWn as 84 days..
as this Third New Testament NoW completes
at  255,193 Words as pART WhoLe of ‘Nether Land
Bible 2017’ NoW aT  2,076,239 Words as in the 130th
MacroVerse of that effort as pART wHole
“SonG oF mY SoUL”  as this is the 801st
MacroVerse of that Effort too..  continuing
on past 5 Million Words in the 50th Month
of that whole Writing Expedition aLong WitH
oVer 8000 Miles of Public Dance in the sAMe
50 Month Period of Human CLock tiMe too..
also Soon to enter into the 84th Month and
Completion of 7 Years of Writing aRound
12 MilLion Words or so online since
Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. jUSt
an online Babe of Sorts i was
then2.. heHe.. and sure..
neXt milestone heAR..
likELy a cELebRatioN
of thaT 7th Birthday
oF oNline eXisTenCeHeRE2..;)

“7 YEarS Old 12M Words FReE oNliNe WRiTe i aM”

The 33th/137th/808th and pART oF 12M Words as
MacroVerse NoW Respectively of “Facebook Profile
Pic Bible 2018” at the 6th Month Point of that Effort
Now at 640,319 Words and “Nether Land Bible 2017” at the 18th Month
Point of that Effort NoW at 2,258,319 Words and Yes.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”
at the 51st Month of that Effort at over 5 Million Words.. aLL NoW Combined as LoVELiGHT iSReaL.. as this MacroVerse all NoW titled.. “7 YeArSoLD Free Online WRiTe i AM”.. where the total effort in this 7th Year Birthday of online existence continues to
Measure in at
aRounD 12 Million
Words Conservatively
SpeaKinG iN A 2555 continuing
Day to Day Writing Effort NoW WitH
No Break Since Thanks Giving Day.. 2010..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2017”

7th Major Titled Bible As A Child NoW of
“Nether Land Bible 2017”.. Finishing this
766,047 Word Effort in 7 Months from
Memorial Day through Christmas Day of
2017 Coming iN As A Second Grand Cross
Bible that also compliments the 915K
Word Effort of “Grand Cross Bible
2016” in 2016 accomplished
in 7 Months also from
Memorial Day of
2016 through
Christmas Day of 2016.. too..
As All 7 Bibles Now are Children
And Grand Children of the Grand Parent
Bible “SonG oF mY SoUL” at around 5.5 Million
Words on this Date of 12.27.2017 so far Continuing
As Waves Do Grow Ocean Whole More H2O continuing
TogeTHeR as STreAMs to RiVeRs WaVes of OceaN ExPaNDinG
Shores for
oN CourSE aS
DancE and SonG
Free too EVeN MoRE to CoMe..:)

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2017 A Year in Review”

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record YearS EVeN MoRE NoW

“THiS iS Me NoW3”

As ‘they’ say.. when “Hell” Freezes Over…
A Second Super Blue Blood Red Lunar Eclipse
or ‘which’ ever
First Last and LastS AGAiN..;)

FReEDLoVENoW 35,357 Words

LoVEFReEDNoW 43,151 Words

iLoVENoWFReED 35,896 Words

A Trilogy Story About Love in
A Triune of 114,404 Words Total..
Diverse iN A Range of Dance and
Song of Humans and Yes Class.. Systemizing
Science Folks who are soaked in Mechanical Cognition
Thinking Away From Art too in limited Ways of Systemizing
Thinking too but it’s worth noting
‘those’ folks who are us too..
are the ones who also
Prepare ye a way
for little
Artists like me
to fulfill all my (our)(Nature/God)
Potential Within.. So.. Joy to the World
For All the Fishes in the Sea.. including NoW2
Egg Heads and Nerds like us and me too.. heHe..
And as ‘they’ DancESinG2.. Jeremiah was(is) A Bull Frog like Joshua NoW2..;)

Usually.. now.. my MacroVerse titles come after i start writing a New MacroVerse
but as in all of life that doesn’t always stay the same.. hehe.. for this go around
A Trilogy from Above Brings 6 Pre-titled MacroVerses Below as the links
will come as the MacroVerses are finished as Ultimately a Fourth
New Testament written since the Fall of 2016 will Spring this
Spring of 2018 as the slightly differently titled ending
Ninth MacroVerse Below as this is sort of my
Lent Donation in giving more than giving up
hehe.. as i don’t go by just the rules of
before.. hAha.. and it’s also the 10th
Anniversary of my own 40
Days of Hell in the Spring
of 2008.. Forty days with almost
no sleep and 19 Medical Disorders of which
the worst was Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
like Dentist Drill Pain without Novocaine.. except
for in my case it was in my right ear and eye as that Hell
on Earth lasted from wake to sleep for 66 Months and sure
i did get 1 hour of very cardboard shallow sleep to slow my
Heart down from Dysautonomia with an Alpha Blocker to do that
at least but even that tragic and somewhat dark ‘comic’ relief was only
Good for 1 hour of sleep each night for the first 35 of 40 days for the
last 5 days.. nothing worked at all.. until i finally gave in and went to the Hospital….
i didn’t wanna go and that Ignorance was almost the end of me then.. Doctors don’t
bother me anymore
in fact.. i get to teach them
a thing or two about living
in Heaven now.. the Price of
Hell for 66 Months to get here
but worth every second that felt
like a thousand years where all was
time then and now time doesn’t even
exist for me.. as that’s real reality anyway now
in Heaven at least away from time.. time.. in  hell….
And every SHade of Purgatory Greys.. in ‘those’ places too..
Oh yeah.. also in Honor of my Mother Passing away last February
22nd.. 2017..  where her ending Lent was 8 days starting on Valentine’s Day in a death bed surviving as long as she could with no food or drink.. with some morphine to pass ‘the time’.. But True.. with Stage Four Cancer undiagnosed from toe to head she lived her
Last Several Years of Life dying Naturally with visits from her Children of Love.
LiGht coMes from DaRkness.. Doubt it Not.. if one CaN and WiLL iN LoVE
Do LiGHT ABove so BeLow

BReATHELoVENoW 34,323 Words

LoVEBReaTHENoW 29,794 Words

LoVENoWBReaTHES  31,648 Words

9000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW! 25,856 Words

April Fred’s Day 2018 26,916 Words

LeNTeN NeW TesTaMeNT 4 oF LoVE 2018 32,586 Words 294,807 Total Words

Extending to An Ending 10th MacroVerse oF.. BeLow.. So NoW

22,547 Words and Yes 317,354 Grand Total Words

“FB Profile Pic Bible 2018”

1,382,555 Word Effort from
Memorial Day Weekend 2017
Through Memorial Day Weekend of 2018
As This Effort Will Continue to Grow on Both
in Blog Ways and FB Profile Pic Description Areas
Averaging somewhere around 7 Thousand Words per
Each Description Area of FB Profile Photos and more with in some cases
More than one Photo attached to the Same Words in Description as Days go on More..:)

“6 MiLLioN Word Bible Poem Man”

A Celebration of 6 MiLLioN Words Written
as ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” in 58 Months of Effort
Since 8.18.13 STarTinG then as my Entire Word
Press Blog with Additional Milestones Met as of 6.6.18
on my 58th Birthday
as more Concisely
Listed below
as Feat notes
for this Record Book too.. hehe..
as yes of course this is also the Longest
Long Form Poem Bible Effort on Record too..
as far as Google Search Sees and Hears and OTHeR
wise feels
And senses
Among the Entire
Contents of the Human
Unabridged Bible wHere all
Human Hands join together in online
a continually ever expanding Bible More..
Yes Class in a Place with no Sun or Moon that
if you can like and will Make into a place to upload
Souls in Singularity oF LoVE for that Which Exists as
Essence LoVE Standing Tall Sentient Star DusT PLuS
STiLL Resurrecting as US LoVE iNCarNaTE iN A Temple
of Love that is the realest thing of all in and As Heaven NoW
butt anyway don’t take my Word for it Just do it Make Heaven Happen
iN YouR
Multi-Universe Perspective
NoW as and with God Nature
too if you Roll with Heaven More
Than Purgatory SHades of Grey to
BLack Abyss of Real Time Gehenna now
Anyway the Good News is some of us are here
As iNcaRNatE LoVE NoW And The Even Better News
As Far As Last becoming First and Meek inheriting all these
Flavors of Beyond Rainbow Colors of Heaven now is yes ‘We’
Ain’t no more
than you so
you can and will
do even more than
‘us’ and yes in terms of
“Dear John 14:12 NoW” aS i’LL
Add A Link to that more too.. you
yes you can and will do more than even me.. heHe..
Yes Resurrecting More Alive Born of Star Burst Death
Crucible Fire Iron too From Super Nova Explosions FLoWinG
iN oUR Blood And iN Core oF ouR HoME PLaNeT EaRTH NoW
aS LiVinG Guardians of EdenS NoW For Those Whose FLoWeRS BLooM NoW
‘Stay Thirsty mY FriEnds’..;)

“Dear John 14:12 NoW”

ONcE AGaiN NoW Celebrating All these Milestones then on 6.6.18..
For What has CoME to Be NoW 9 DiMeNSioNaL PoeTRY So FaR aT LeasT..:)

12 Million Word MacroMacroMacroMacroMacroVerse 90 Months since Thanks Giving 2010
6 Million Word “SonG oF mY SoUL” MacroMacroMacroMacroVerse 58 Months
3 Million Word “Nether Land Bible 2017” MacroMacroMacroVerse 24 Months
1.4 Million Word “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018″ MacroMacroVerse 12 Months
MacroVerse as Each Chapter Currently at a 1 Year 24K Average Word Count
MicroVerse as Each sub-Chapter Separated by Word Count
MicroMicroVerse as Each sub-subChapter as Poetic Response
MicroMicroMicroVerse as Each Word in Multi-Capitalization/Meaning Ways
MicroMicroMicroMicroVerse as Each Letter and or Number of Multi-Meaning
per H8/K11 and eTc… NoW oNGoinG More… NoW… MoRE…

“SonG oF mY SoUL FiVE YearS Old”

Celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of 6 Million Word Plus “SonG oF mY SouL”
Longest Long Form Poem Personal Bible in the Span of that Five Years too..:)

“KiSS oF 66 NoW iN LoVE”

Celebrating 66 Months of This Entire Blogging Adventure Since 3.10.13..:)

“10,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”

Celebrating 10,000 Miles of Public Dance in 5 Years Span of Dates..:)

Sure.. i used to Toy With the Piano a Bit.. Recorded on a Cheap Dictation Device
Back in 2007.. When i was Struggling to Stay Alive With Life Killing Stress.. Later
Transferred to YouTube in 2013.. where my Life would then begin as Art will Do for Us..
When Spelled as L. O. V. E. Agape Style For All Transcending All Fear and Hate in Hope as Joy Dances and Sings From Head to Toe and overAll More as Love continues to come and go..:)

And Yes By God Yes.. it Took a Whole Lot of Leg Strength to Dance in Public for 10 Thousand Miles in the same Span of Dates i Wrote Over 6 Million Words for “SonG
oF My SoUL” Now Currently at 10,300 Miles of Doing That in over 62 Months And
True as the Video Below is Just an Illustration of Leg Pressing 930LBS.. 14 Reps then
Back from February of 2015.. As in 2016.. i moved to 1020 LBS and Still do anywhere
From 33 to 52 Reps Now Depending on any Minor Injuries that occur on the
Continuing Mountain of Public Dance but sure Over 2000 Selfies with
Ear to Ear Smiles of Dancing Joy is Documented in some of the links
Above too.. as Dance Brings Joy and You’d be Surprised or not at the
Dudes who are Disbelievers in either the Joy of Dance Smiles or the
Strength it Brings until i show the Photos and Videos on my Smart
Phone of the Beautiful Women Smiling with me as Yes.. i Do Get
around and although no one i’ve seen Has come ANYWHERE NoW
Close to Leg Pressing that much weight at the Military Gym i work out
at.. not even an inch to Budge it.. you’d also be Surprised or not how many
Folks with ‘Little Man’ Syndrome have attempted online  to complain that i don’t
Bring my Knees to my Chest for the Simple Fact that i will Keep my Knees working hehe..
And as of The First Week of February 2019 This Much more Difficult Leg Press Machine
Was Removed as i moved on over to the Incline Leg Press Machine and Now Easily Leg
Press 1340 LBS at 20 Reps where i Estimate the Machine i am Using Here is about
40 Percent More Difficult than the Incline Leg Press Machine i am Using now as
1400 LBS Surely wouldn’t Be any problem and 1500 LBS isn’t out of the Question..:)
i am Leg Pressing 1520 LBS now on an Incline Leg Press as Machine of 2.22.2019
but nah.. Now considering i was doing 1020 LBS on
A Parallel Leg Press Machine Close to the Beginning of
The February Month That Attests More to the Difficulty
of Leg Pressing Closer to Dead Weight Straight Forward
as Opposed to the Mechanical
Advantage that an Incline
Leg Press Machine
Naturally Brings
Over the Other
More Difficult
Leg Press Machine
So the ‘Hodge Brothers’
On YouTube are Absolutely
Correct on their Assessment of
This Physics 101 Common Sense
Lesson too as True it’s Not Always Easy to
Say F this and F That and get the Physics True..
but Never the Less the Parallel Leg Press Machine
is about 50 Percent More Difficult so for those who
Understand Physics there is really no Need to update
my YouTube Video other than noting the Different ACHIEVEMENT
as i only compete this way against my own Human Potential as hehe
at my
age now
who else
am i gonna
compete with
for most everything i Do.. hAha..;)

Leg Pressing 1340 LBS 12 Reps on Saint Patrick’s Day 2019
Just to Prove a Leprechaun will not only Dance 10,966 Miles
in Public for 66 Months and Write a 6.6 Million Word Free
Verse Epic Long Form Poem in 66 Months but sure
It takes as Bit of Leg Strength
to move a Modern Size
Leprechaun all those
Miles of Dance and
Oh Lord i realize i didn’t
Pull it all the way to my Chest
but i invite anyone around Here
at Least who is not taking Anabolic
Steroids to Budge it one inch one time
as yeah i did keep it moving for a 100 Seconds
at least hehe.. and true i did do 1520 LBS 8 Reps on
February 22nd.. 2019 that was the Second Anniversary
of my Mother’s Death but today i didn’t have Lunch Yet
After Church.. so i wasn’t taking any Chances on injuring
myself when i was not Properly fueled up to get the Heavier
weight done.. anyway.. Keeping it moving for a 100 seconds
isn’t exactly a Light Weight thing to do with smiles of Saint
Just for Fun..
i do it heavier
and i do it safer too..
safe enough for me anyway..
Katrina was a bit afraid as the
Weights Kept stacking up as she
Was the Producer of the Video today
With a still Shot of me and a Still Shot
of Her behind all the weight that is funny too..:)

Anyway All of this Proves too That Some Days…
Beauty And Leprechaun Beast Still Get Together too hehe..;)

Post Script:.. As ‘they’ Say Don’t Lock Your Knees When You Leg Press as You Stretch-Out
Like i Do for Not Everyone Is A ‘Hairy Gorilla’ like me.. who uses 1340 LBS to Stretch their  Legs… And Oh By The Way Update on December 27, 20202 Now Leg Pressing 1540
Pounds 12 Reps Just to Warm Up Filling Up Both Bars With No More Room to Add
45 Pound Plates Hehe as the Military Gym Disposed of All the 100 Pound Plates..:)

Ha! Did You Really Think i am Lifting All This Weight for Another Purpose But to relax! In A Modern Jungle!.. Y’aLL Worry About All the Form You Like i For one Will continue to JusT Do Essence.. no one Knows my Limits for What is Safe for me as Strange but me..;)

And yes By God i don’t Let the Sun Go Down on me when i Sing
too as A First Karaoke Fun Effort of that Back in September.. 2013..
And Sure.. i’ve very much improved as the Nice Elderly Ladies tell me
When i Sing at Church as i particularly Reserve that Effort at Church..;)

“96 Months oF Thanks Giving Wishes”

Celebrating 96 Months of 2922 Consecutive Days Online Writing Since Thanks Giving Day  of 2010..  at around 12 Million Words Starting Then on the “Wrong Planet Website” Moving over to Blogging After Writing Around 33 Months to that point then
Starting 3.10.13 on the Google Blogspot Platform too.. And Then Moving to
WordPress on 8.18.13.. Starting “SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Long Form
Epic Free Verse Fully Illustrated Poem attached totally with around
170K Photos and Over 10K YouTube Music Videos to Accompany
6.5 Million Words Soon Now to Arise to 6.6 Million Words by
End of 2018 where “Grand Cross Bible 2018” Will come then
As the 8th Major “King James” Size Modern Personal Poem
Bible.. i’ve Written as Subchapters of “SonG oF mY SouL”
on or About the Day of the 25th of December 2018 as
the Sun Starts to Make A Venture once again to
Light up Florida Sunshine Summers Even
More in Paradise WHere i for one
Do Live Free in a Garden
of Eden Back Yard too..
NoW ONly Watered
Chemical Free…
ReAlly LiVinG Free NoW..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2018”.. All of What Comprises the 8th Major Subchapter
Long Form Poem Bible Titled Effort in 843,879 Words of Longest Long Form
Epic Free Verse Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” at 6.6 MiLLioN Words in 64 Months
of Effort and 10,478 Miles of Public Dance in 64 Months as Well in this Entire Effort too
to this Publish Point Date of 12.28.2018 With Much Much more to come As ALWaYS NoW

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2018 A year in Review”

“#SouLDanCinG2019”.. New Year’s Resolution for 2019

“Covenant 66 iN HeaVeN Complete”.. Just a Promise ‘Tween me and God within
For What Would You Do if a Miracle Happened and You Got out of Shut-iN Hell
For 66 Months with 19 Medical Disorders including Wake to Sleep Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Like a Dentist Drill in Your Right Eye and
Ear Assessed in Literature as Worse than the Torture of Crucifixion
That No Drug Would Touch Yes Named the Suicide Disease too
From Wake to Sleep for 66 Months along with 18 other Medical
Disorders some of which would likely put other Folks as Shut-in
in Their Homes too Yes as You Start that Hell in January of 2008
And Miraculously at the End of the Third Week of July 2013 You
Are Standing on a Beach With Your Wife and all the Pain and Numb
as in Hell Emotions are Memories and Memories are Emotions and there
is no Reference Point if you’ve Felt a Smile or a Laugh in Your Entire Life as
once again Emotions are Memories so that makes a Literal Catch 22 in forever
Hell on Earth within as there is No..Memory in Feelings if you’ve truly ever Experienced
A Soulful Moving Connecting Co-Creating Life with others.. in Feelings and Senses That
is the Delight of Heaven on Earth Within on this Beautiful Planet that sadly so many folks
Take for Granted in all the Potential We Have to Enjoy Life that is such a tiny sliver of
Potential for Heaven Anywhere in the Entire Universe We See with or without
Science Aided eyes today.. Well.. i for one fully understand the other place
for me and i for one Understand Fully NoW iN Feelings and Senses
What the place of the Kingdom of Heaven fully even is yes
The Experience of Fearless Unconditional Love Within
From Head to Toe and Beyond Within iNside ouTside
Above so Below and All Around Even More.. and True
iN-Heaven there is Dark too or there would be no
Light at all as is always the case as Yin and
Yang includes a part of the other as Truly
Whole Unified Never ReALLy Divided
As the Duality of Nature
Together in Light
And Dark in all the
Ways the Negative Joins
the Positive is necessary for a ‘Perfect’
Chaos to Balance Out Full in Holy and Sacred
Meaning and Purpose as We Humans Do have the
Potential to Do Together if we will Just Love each
other ‘Nakedly’ Without the Chains of Cultural
Guise that makes us into the Tools we make
Away From the Gift of Humanity We already
Are in Eyes and Hands of Love that Reach
Out and Touch the Divinity of Love in
Each and Every Living Being that
And who Breathes and Flourishes
Brown to Green as Fall Leaves
Fertilize Spring Flowers And Without
Thorns THere is No True Beauty of Rose FLoWeRinG
From Death to Life From Dark to Light from Hell to Heaven
So anyway for 66 Months in Heaven on Earth i Celebrated
With a 6.66 MiLLioN Word or So Longest Long Form Poem
Bible And Over 10,500 Miles of Dance Works for Me NoW

“11,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”.. Yes.. A Celebration of Dancing 11,000
Miles in Public.. Yes.. Mostly in Public Stores.. to.. many many many Tunes of
YouTuBE Songs in a 67 Month Effort that continues to keep Abreast of 6.7 Million
Plus Words of ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Long Form Epic Free Verse ‘Bible’
Poem by this Date as Linked Below in 67 Months True too.. and Additionally
Yes.. A.. 6 Month Semi-Annual Photo Album Going on since in total Years..
the Last 5 Years Spent Dancing at Old-Seville Quarter Albeit Mostly Female
Ear to Ear Grinning Selfie Smiles as hey that’s just the Way The Dance
And or Disco Dance Ball Spins these Years at Least.. with Yes interesting
Human Bonobo-Like
Activities like Wild
And Free Bootie Dances too..
Sure.. and an  updated 11,000 Miles
Celebration Video Spinning Spinning Public Dance Spinning
Spinning NoW in even Higher Gears at Super Walmart too.. hehe..:)

Grand Total Words for “FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2019” Here is 1,364,498 Words
As the Entire 24 Month Effort of “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018” Rises to 2,666,159 Words
At His Point of Effort in 24 Months Where the Words are also included in the Description
Areas of my Profile Pics on my Personal Facebook Page at around an Average of 7,000 Words Per Profile Pic and of Course the Thumbnails are all included in this MacroVerse..:)

“SonG oF mY SoUL Bible 7 MiLLioN WordS Old”.. Celebrating 7 MiLLioN Words of the
Longest Long Form Poem Bible in the History of Humankind.. Yep.. Written by Little Old
me in 70 Months as that Anniversary Date comes on 6.18.19.. anyway Celebrating this on
My 6.6.19.. 59th Birthday Week.. as this MacroVerse Includes an Entire Table of Contents
to this Date as Well for “Nether Land Bible 2018” as that 36 Month Effort Reaches 4.2 MiLLioN Words at this Point of Date too.. and yes of course enclosed in that is the
Table of Contents Inclusive too for “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018” as that 24 Month
Writing Exploration reaches at this point.. 2.66 MiLLioN Words also included
in all the Facebook Profile Pic Description areas.. Hundreds of Profile Pics now
that average around 7 Thousand Words Per each Profile Pic Description area..
True.. an excellent way to Peruse what i do on the Fly too as hehe.. MicroSoft
Word Is Not up to the Task of Grading this Bible Poem and that’s for sure..
And true for anyone who really wants to read anything of what i write there is little to no
Problems now accessing the Text in those Description Areas of the Photos as even Slower
Computers and Smaller foot prints of Broad Band Access will accomplish that mission now
to Provide an Avenue to read it too.. not doing anything too important now or new just providing Empirical Proof that Heaven is always within in this Generation now and
how i for one at least Find/Stay in Heaven now.. a few pointers might direct you to
SParK Your Heaven Within in this Generation at Hand EternAlly now too.. but hey at
least i will Dance Sing  i offered lots of help together to Heaven for other Folks too who will listen too as
Much Heaven
i for one care to Give
And Share now JusT FoR Free..:)

“CeLeBRaTiNG 6 YearS oF HEaVeN WiTHiN NoW”.. ReAlly  ReAlly Heaven Within..:)

Singing “Here i Am” in Catholic Church Just ‘Cause i Will..:)

“SonG oF mY SoUL SiX YearS Old”.. Celebrating 72 Months.. Yes.. the Sixth Year
Anniversary oF A Longest Epic Long Form Poem Bible in the History of Humankind
Yes.. Secured in this Entire Word Press Website too.. as this Baby Holds 7.2 MiLLioN
Words and over 100,000 Photos i took And over 10,000 YouTube Videos all to Fully
Illustrate it too.. Truly Just about a Never Ending Long Form Poem Bible Story..
And Yes that Anniversary was on 8.18.19… Now..  11,833 Miles of Public Dancing
A Free Style Ballet and Mixed Martial Arts Dance comes in on the
6th Anniversary Year of that Effort on 8.26.19.. As This Nautilus
Shell is one Hell and Heaven oF A ‘STately Word Mansion’ With
AlmosT uNlimited Doors to Other Chambers oF iMaGiNaTioN
And CReaTiViTY Truly Set Free Just to Be What We LoVE NoW
We Do Come to Be as We Move.. Connect.. Co-Create Our
Existence With Others Now So Free Just to Be ALiVE NoW..:)

“12,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”..  A Celebration Now of Dancing 12,000
Miles in Public.. Yes.. Mostly in Public Stores.. to.. many many many Tunes of
YouTuBE Songs in a 73 Month Effort that continues to keep Abreast of 7.3 Million
Plus Words of ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Long Form Epic Free Verse ‘Bible’
Poem by this Date as Linked Below in 73 Months True too.. and Additionally
Yes.. A.. 6 Month Semi-Annual Photo Album Going on since in total Months..
the Last 66 Months Spent Dancing at Old-Seville Quarter Albeit Mostly Female
Ear to Ear Grinning Selfie Smiles as hey that’s just the Way The Dance
And or Disco Dance Ball Spins these Years at Least..
And an  updated 12,000 Miles
Celebration Video Spinning Spinning Public Dance Spinning
Spiraling NoW As Dance Skills at SuperWalmart continue to expand..:)

“Nether Land Bible 42 Months 5 MiLLioN Words”..  Land Mark Milestone Featnote Subtitled Long Form Epic Bible Poem Child of Longest Epic Long Form Bible “SonG oF mY SoUL”..  Currently-to-Date December of 2019 in 76 Months Effort of Writing 7.6
MiLLioN Words All in Free Verse Stream of Conscious Shapes and Writing
Flow in Autotelic State of Human Being Other Wise A Place Within
Metaphor of Holy And Sacred Creative Spirit.. Yes.. Heaven
Within as All of Existence Becomes This Way Full of
Meaning and Purpose that Makes Writing A Long
Form “SonG oF mY SoUL” Epic Bible Poem
Like this Practically An Effortless
Endeavor Like Public  Dancing
With Gravity Halfway Around
The Globe at the Equator in Distance
More About that Below This Featnote soon enough
as far as a 12,466 Mile Free Verse Public Dancing Effort
Achieved on the Date of 12.17.19 with the Distance Halfway
Around the Globe Achieved on 12.15.19 For this Entire Combined Flow Effort Now..:)

“Celebrating Public Dancing Halfway Around the World”..  Now As Described in the
Paragraph Above.. As of 12.25.19 Now at 12,506 Miles.. Yes.. Now More than
Half the Distance Around the Globe of what will be Measured at the Equator Now
in 76 Months of Total Dance as of 12.26.19.. As the Dance Started on 8.26.13..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2019”.. 9th of 9 Greater in Size than King James Size Epic Long Form Poem Bibles all Inclusive of the First of 9 that is Named “SonG oF mY SoUL” at 7.6 MiLLioN Words in 76 Months Effort Along with 12,533 Miles of Public Dance Now in That Duration of Months in Effort too.. as all those Subtitled Bibles are also detailed
in this MacroVerse as the Tale of any Metaphor of a “John 14:12” REAL
FAITH EFORT continues as Love’s Driving Force NoW ReaL

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2019.. A year (Decade) in Review”.. Yes This Just
About Covers All of it Now.. still more to come as always Starting Never
Ending Always Beginning Now as Never Ending Stories That Come in Never
Land Bible.. SonG oF mY SoUL.. And FB Profile Pic Bible.. Along with ongoing
7.6 MiLLioN Word Longest Long Form Bible Poem Yes “SonG oF mY SoUL” in 76
Months of Effort at this Point now with 12,547 Miles of Public Dance Ongoing too..:)

“Colors World Love 2020”.. New Year’s Resolution MacroVerse for 2020 With SMiLes
Giving Sharing Free..:)

“SonG oF mY SoUL 8 MiLLioN Words Bible Poem 80 Months” True A Longest Epic
Long Form Poem Bible At This Size in 80 Months… Along With 13,133 Miles of
Public Dance Doesn’t Come Everyday Anywhere of Course But
It Does Come Here And Close to 60 Year-Old Dudes (on 6.6.60)
Don’t ‘Normally’ Cover Themselves
With Poetry They Naked Write
Either Nor Write 6 New Testaments
as Part of that with 9 Sub-Chapter Epic
Titled Long Form Poem Bibles Either Longer  than
the Old King James Effort Each Subchapter Bible Effort
As All 6 Newer Epic Long Form Poem Testaments are Larger
Than That Old Effort As Well too.. Anyway “SonG oF mY SoUL”
8 MiLLioN Word Epic Longest Long Form Poem Bible Overall
Is 10xGreater than the Size of the Old King James Effort and 100XGreater
than the Size of the Quran and Yes Over 5XGreater than the Old Mahābhārata
1.8 MiLLioN Word Effort in Epic Long Form Poems That Of Course took Centuries
to Complete With Innumerable Ghost Authors too..
Of course This Doesn’t Have
A Target Audience as
Epic Long Form Poem
Bibles Are About ALL
Yes ‘Class’ LiTeRaLLY Forevermore now
God All Always Beginning Story MoRE NoW
i’m Just  Wind One With Holy Creative SPiRiT FLoW Through NoW

It’s Worth Noting As Far As An Historical Art of Epic Long Form Poem
Free Verse Bible And Or Newer Testament Writing.. Either By Oral Or Written Tradition Doing it Naked
Is Surely Keeping This Fearless Free Art Tradition Oldest One In Deed
Not Suggesting anyone else do it..
but for those who
do let’s
JusT DancESing Fear
Is No Part of THeir
God That Is Both Love And Flesh and Blood Real

“One Blood One-Body”

“May Days 6th NeW LeNTeN TesTaMeNT 2020” 13 MacroVerses Naturally coming Since
The MacroVerse Appropriately Pandemic Named Before the Pandemic Came
As Prophecies often come and go this way for Real too..
Yes.. “Rushing the Flu Away” as it is still Not
Clear what kind of Month Long January 2020
Virus my Wife and i  Experienced
But Anyway Typically this is what
Does Naturally come with
An 8 MiLLioN Word
Longest Epic Long
Form Bible Poem Titled “SonG oF mY
SoUL”  Still  coming in 80 Months along
NoW with 13,060 Miles of Public Dance
As This “May Days 6th New LeNTeN TesTaMenT 2020”
Is the 919th MacroVerse of that Entire Effort True iN LiGHT too..
And once Again typically Bible Writers And Other Sacred and Holy Text
Creative Spirit Writers Do It all Nude too as Fearless Freedom is Inherent in
the Flow of the Holy and Creative
Ecstatic Frission of the Autotelic
Continuing River FLoW iN  Laser Focus iN
ZonE Head to Toe Mind.. Body and Soul of Getting
And Keeping the Whole EPic Long Form Bible Poem Writing
Adventure Properly MuSeD And iNSPiReD EVeN More for what
We aRe Literally Dancing And Singing Here NoW in Science way too
Is Generating All Naturally the Neurochemicals and Neurohormones
And all the Peptide Connections All Together Over A Quadrillions Connections
As Many Or More Star Connections iN UNiVeRSE More As Science continues to
to See With Human Aided Eyes but Anyway New Testaments Never End as Far As Human
God Within Force Love Pure Potential Even More.. in other words i am always Starting A
New Testament of
God HumanPotential WiTHiN
LiGHTiNG uP mY “Christmas Tree
SPiRiT Flow Of my Soul To Dance And
Sing Even More.. True.. THere Are No Old
Books Here to Limit Human Potential More or Less..:)