So Many Metaphors Essence
oF Flow Moving Connecting
Co-Creating in Effortless Wu
Wei Ease Contemplating iN

Tao, Prana, Samadhi, Satori, Chi,
Kundalini RiSinG FroZen Zen Yes

Meditating iN Autotelic FLoW

No Longer
Yes Zen Free
From Fro Dear
Savvy WitH SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Kiran Lately
in Epiphany After So Many
Miles of Public Dance 17,733 in 112
Months New Now On The End of This Saturday
Evening While Continuing to Sing A Longest 11.2 MiLLioN
Word EPiC Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” in 112 Months too
Yes Moving NeW NoW inTo
Wee Hours of
True Yes
Dancing Free Until
We Balance Our Fingertips
With Our Total Weight FLoWinG
FLOaTinG On Terrestrial Land With

The GREaTesT
Of Effortless “Wu
Wei’” Ease As “They”
Dance And Sing Free True

How Kind to Include ‘Truth, Trust,
Wisdom, Positivity, Hard Work, Maturity,
Our Happiness And Peace iN Unity’ on All

Our Finger

Tips Giving
Sharing Caring
Healing For All

With Most Respect
Least Harm LoVE iN Peace
In LoVE Ruling Our Worlds Within For Real iNHaLinG
Peace ExhalinG LoVE ReaL For All iN DarK Thru LiGHT..:)

Ordinarily Off Into the Sunset
A Beautiful Place Yet It’s

Also True As Elton
John Sings

“Don’t Let
The Sun Go
Down on me”

Dear Miriam

For Seemingly

Even in Bright
Sunshiny Days
Even With the
Pet of a Pet

That Warmth
May Be No WeaR

To Find Someone Turned
The Lights Off i Am Blind

No Longer


Away Within

Finding Seeing
And Hearing
Has Little to

Do With Warmth Within
Chasing the Afternoon Sunshine
Becoming Midnight Forever Again…

A Hot
World My
Wife Sends
Hehe my
Wife Bars
me From
Her Kitchen
Utensil Home
Yet i Continue
To Flourish


Coating Floating
Hot Chocolate Dreams

Come True
Real With SMiles ☺️❤️🎼

NeW To All You
With SMiles

Hehe Dear
Cindy Just
Dancing Singing
In The Freezing
Wind Chill With

And T-Shirt
Makes The
Hot Chocolate

Of Life
ThiS Way
With SMiles☺️❤️

SMile Your
All Around
Town Too
Dear Kiran
Yes All Around


SMiLes Dear Cindy Jack Kerouac
Taped Pages Together to Assist

Flow Without Stopping Writing

What A Gift My God Today

With Modern
on and on and

on We May Go
Or Even Stop All Together OH NO!…

Well… i Once Entertained A Poetry Pub
Online That Modeled Poetic Forms For

Us to Imitate and Oh My Gosh it Reminded

Me So Much of Math Equations Do The Paint (Watch IT All Dry)
By Numbers ‘Write’ And Ya Just Can’t Go Wrong With SMiLes Now…

It Seemed too Much Like School And Work of Forms in Systemizing

Cognition to
me Oh My Gosh
That’s What i Escaped
From After Work and School For Good HAha

Yet It’s True In Terms of Cerebellum That Science
Is Beginning to Find For ‘Good Reason’ Has Half
the Neurons of the Brain As that Relates to Moving
And Feelings Senses of Emotions Both Conscious
And Subconscious Regulating Integrating All through

A Real Dance of Life That Brings Song Next From the
Rest of Our Minds too… Yes Hehe And of Course that
Big Cerebrum of Think Above With of Course Right and
Left Mind Hemisphere Considerations too Left Grasping
And Labeling the World For Order Right More Holistic Yes

With More Nuanced
Emotions than Fear
And Anger And All
The Discontent and
Hate When Order Falls
Through The Cracks and
Chaos Comes Next to Adjust to too Left Brain Pissed

Yes As Art Helps So Much to Frame Our Experiences
in Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual-Interpretive More

Right Hemisphere Ways of Mind Processing our Experiences Now
Additionally the Task Positive Network Of Our Mind And How the
Default Mode Network Inhibits Task Focus Allowing Us Dreamtime Now

Anyway Generally All Metaphors for Yang And Yin Balancing As Usual…

We Need Order to Find Our Way We Need Art to Enjoy Loving FLoweRS of Life

Sure We Need As Sages of Ages Show A Balance Still of Yin And Yang Now For Real…

Anyway, i Don’t Do Haibun, Haiku, or Kung Fu Anymore Perhaps i Never Did As i Still

Fredku, And
Fredfu too With SMiLes…

Congratulations on All Your
Wonderful Poems Dear Cindy
Form or Essence Art Still Comes New Now.:)

Is A Nautilus An
Architect or Builder

Shell Art
Home or

Sea Creature

When Oracle
Comes to Play
All Fits Together
Dancing Singing

No Separation Spiraling

Bandwidth Grows Hurricane

Arms Expanding Creation Activity

Becoming One Force of Creativity Never Alone


Cat 6
i AM With Smiles

Yet it is Only Now the
Shape of the Symbol
Of Six that Continues
to Expand That Counts

Hehe Dear Savvy The Outer Bands
of my Long Form Poem Are Currently
Balancing at About 58,000 Words Bi-Monthly

True A Spiral Starts Fast Narrow Then Slowing River Tree Roots
Wide NoW FLoW ContinueS On UNiVeRSE Evolving Balancing New Now..:)

SMiles Just Think, Nah, Just
Dream Dear Vrunda, One Day

You May Love So Much All That

You Remember oF Old

Loves Will Be
The Gratitude
For The Loving

Breath Still Living You..:)

SMiLes Dear
Savvy Even
Though Moon
May Not Thank
Sun For Helping

To Reflect Wondrous

Sunshine on Moonscapes

The Night

Sun Always Shines New
It’s Just What Sun Does Now..:)

No Matter WEaTHeR Or SeASoN STiLL
WaKinG Up WarM iN Fuzzy Naked Enough
Whole Complete Paths iN PLaY ContinuinG EternAlly Free NeW NoW

SMiLes, Science Shows Through Longitudinal
Studies of Over 80 Years, Studying Thousands of

Folks That the Most Important Factor of Not Only Happiness
Yet Health too is Human Connection; Taking the Effort to Be Kind
to Other Humans And Developing Lifelong Relationships too; Not Everyone

Has the Same Nature of Course;

Yet it is Possible to Make A Much
Happier Life, Just By Taking the Effort

to Reach Out to Another Human to Say Hello…

i Don’t Find ANY ‘Evil Human Beings’ in ‘Real Life,’ Everywhere

i Go; Yet What i Do Find is Many SMiLes, When i Generate Them First,

By Being Brave Enough; and Yes Confident Enough With Self-Esteem to Reach Out First…

i Surely Wasn’t Always ThiS Way;

Yet It Was More About me

Than About ‘Them’ Then as i Just
Did Not Make An ‘Olympic Effort’
Everyday as i Do Now Putting People

Above “Things;” The SMiles Continue to

Return As Never Ending Waves on an Ocean of Bliss
That Very Much Comes From The Waves of Kindness i Initiate Myself…

Yawn, Humans Are Social Animals; If We Did Not Have the Innate, Instinct, and Intuition to Cooperate,

We Would Have Never Come Together to Make Peaceful Societies, Where There is Little Blood on the Soils

of Conflict and Strife; However, Environment Counts; i Don’t Think Anyone Would Wanna Be Living in Ukraine Now;

At Least Not
Coming From
A Peaceful Place of Life;

It’s a Matter of Perspective
That Includes Our Behavior
And How Others Receive Us
And Return That Kindness Back to Us…

It’s Also A Life Long Art That Takes Practice to Achieve Competence.

Other Than That There is Dark and Light; Humans Have Shadows And Do Love Unconditionally too;

Creating A Balance of Shadows With Shine Is Necessary to Master the Within, Before We Make the World

A More
For All To Shine More…

There is No One In This World
Who Can Make me Happier Than
i Do All on my ‘Lonely;’ Yet You See,

i For one, View DarK Thru LiGHT As A Lovely
Home to Navigate Both Night And Day, Never
Ending New Now

This Makes

Much Happier
HoMe to Stay;

A Lot of the Way
We Do the World

Comes to Create Our EYes We See With;

i Seek Out and Find SMiLes Everywhere i Go;

Hehe, Even in Distant Places Without Faces Online too…

Anyway, From The Site That Provided A List of the So-called
‘Inherently Evil Reasons Humans Are Evil;’ At The Bottom of the
List, A Disclaimer Is Made That The Author Does NOT BELIEVE


REALITY; Misery Loves
Company Sells ‘Big Time’
For Those Addicted to the
Adrenaline and Dopamine that
Comes From Malcontent, Where The
Warm And Fuzzies Are More Closely
Related to Successful Moving, Connecting,
Co-Creating With Other Humans iN FRiEnDLY Cooperation..:)

So Many Metaphors Essence
oF Flow Moving Connecting
Co-Creating in Effortless Wu
Wei Ease Contemplating iN

Tao, Prana, Samadhi, Satori, Chi,
Kundalini RiSinG FroZen Zen Yes

Meditating iN Autotelic FLoW

No Longer
Yes Zen Free
From Fro Dear
Savvy WitH SMiLes..:)

Catholic Mass Readings From January 15th, 2022,
Into the Wee Hours Of Sunday Morning Best Not to
Start A RuckFest Anyway During Church Hours
Hehe Anyway The Lesson of the Story Is Story
Become Reality Whole

For Many

Questions Posed

THaT AiN’T me
Gonna EXPLoRE More
Just Empty Myself And Begin

Always STaRTiNG NoW Never
Ending With SMiLES Newly Now..:)

Reading 1, Isaiah 49:3, 5-6
3 He said to me, ‘Israel, you are my servant, through whom I shall manifest my glory.’

5 And now Yahweh has spoken, who formed me in the womb to be his servant, to bring Jacob back to him and to re-unite Israel to him;-I shall be honoured in Yahweh’s eyes, and my God has been my strength.-

6 He said, ‘It is not enough for you to be my servant, to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back the survivors of Israel; I shall make you a light to the nations so that my salvation may reach the remotest parts of earth.’

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 40:2, 4, 7-8, 8-9, 10
2 He pulled me up from the seething chasm, from the mud of the mire. He set my feet on rock, and made my footsteps firm.

4 How blessed are those who put their trust in Yahweh, who have not sided with rebels and those who have gone astray in falsehood.

7 then I said, ‘Here I am, I am coming.’ In the scroll of the book it is written of me,

8 my delight is to do your will; your law, my God, is deep in my heart.

9 I proclaimed the saving justice of Yahweh in the great assembly. See, I will not hold my tongue, as you well know.

10 I have not kept your saving justice locked in the depths of my heart, but have spoken of your constancy and saving help. I have made no secret of your faithful and steadfast love, in the great assembly.

Reading 2, First Corinthians 1:1-3
1 Paul, called by the will of God to be an apostle of Christ Jesus, and Sosthenes, our brother,

2 to the church of God in Corinth, to those who have been consecrated in Christ Jesus and called to be God’s holy people, with all those everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord as well as ours.

3 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Gospel, John 1:29-34
29 The next day, he saw Jesus coming towards him and said, ‘Look, there is the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.

30 It was of him that I said, “Behind me comes one who has passed ahead of me because he existed before me.”

31 I did not know him myself, and yet my purpose in coming to baptise with water was so that he might be revealed to Israel.’

32 And John declared, ‘I saw the Spirit come down on him like a dove from heaven and rest on him.

33 I did not know him myself, but he who sent me to baptise with water had said to me, “The man on whom you see the Spirit come down and rest is the one who is to baptise with the Holy Spirit.”

34 I have seen and I testify that he is the Chosen One of God.’


SMiles STaRTinG NoW

iNDeeD Dear Savvy Every
iNHaLE oF BREaTH Exhale

New Life
To Sprout New

FLoWeRS Life

Colors Life Best

As THorns Match

The Ladder Up From

Below Above Again mY FRiEnD

Within Inside Outside And All Around

Star FLoWeRS
Seed Star
And Go Again
This Leaf Tree
Forest Ocean
Wave Water All
Roots DiViNE
ViNE Spreading
All Around Again mY FRiEnD..:)

iN A World of Closed
Hands MaKinG Fists

i Am Finger Tips

And Less

Weight All

With Gravity
Balancing Rules All
Dear Kiran FRiEnD With SMiLes

Other Than That YeS AGAiN i Am

Water Punch me And i Will Return Again

With SMiLes..:)

Earth Wind
And Fire

Water The
Way Our
Blood Streams

Flow Ocean We
Come From Waves

We aRe Raining Free
From Skies too Ocean

Whole Returns Waves Water

Streams Flow
Dear Kiran With SMiLes..:)

Cheers Dear Miriam

Only Lightly Touching

Exploding Wine Glasses

True i
Am A
Bit Cautious too
Hehe i Transformed
Friday The 13th Into
Great Friday The Rest
oF iT CaMe iNTo Action With SMiLes..:)

Energizing Contemplating
Meditating Conducive MuSiC
You Share Dear Sohair Thanks So

Much i Was Getting Rather Sleepy
With Much More To Do And It Kinda
Energizes me New Now

To Get Through
The Rest of the
Evening With SMiLes..:)

Oh Dear Lord Dear Hawaii
FRiEnD You Should Open
Up A Restaurant For Finest

Tropical Island Cuisine

Lobster Tail is One of
my Favorites And i Guess
The Good News Hehe is

A Good Steak Almost Costs
As Much Per Pound As Lobster

These Days Even Eggs Are Flying
High In Dollar Bills too Yet Lobster

Tails With That Special

Buttery Sauce
And All the

Trimming You
Add is Surely A Mouth
Watering Delight Even if
i Am Stuffed Now With Spaghetti
And Garlic Bread my Wife Made With SMiLes

Just Some Sunday Left-Overs And Now i Have
A Video You Are Borrowing Out So She Will Be
Able Too Make Lobster Tail too Yet She Isn’t

Interested in
Eating Any
Fine Cuisine
Hehe All For me..:)

6 Feet Above
Greater Than
6 Feet Below

Matters Not

If i Don’t Feed the
Worms First Eventually
We All Return to Star Dust Whole

True We Come From Star Dust too Yes

Star FLoWeRS Star Seeds We Are iNDeeD

Resurrecting Super Nova Explosions
From Gaseous Star Dust Iron FLoWinG

iN Our Blood Stream
PicKinG Up Oxygen
To BREaTHE Supplying
ALWaYS By LiViNG Green Trees

Iron At Core of Mother Earth Laws
Of Attraction Positive And Negative

Poles too As Duality Comes Unity
Naked Enough Whole
Complete Star
SeedS We
Us Come
to Dance
And Sing Free God Yes

i Am Only A Beginner
Star Every Ray oF LiGHT
Wayward Dust of Stars


STiLL oN FiRE With

Passion For

Shadows To LiFE
Mr. Gottfried With
SMiLes How Great

Thou ArT iS..:)

NeVeR MinD
iN FAcT LoSE iT Hehe..😉


EVeN iF JusT me hAha..😉




Ground Hog Day Never

Returning Again At Least

NoW NeW PainT Colors oF WinDLiVE

This is the Twilight the Sunset and Eventual Sunrise i wish to Paint
for You Most for it is an Open Canvas Yet to Be Painted by all the
Colors i Will Continue to Bring to You as for an Empath All
the Pleasure is all the Flavors of Life i may Bring
to You for there are Soft Pastels of Pink
To Fires of Twilight to Sunset
to Sunrise even more..
Oh the Colors of Twilight
the Colors of Sunset Sunrise
More the Shadows of Moonlight
on Your Cheeks the Glint of the Sunrise
Still To come in Your Eyes a Hard Day’s Work
Deserves A Beautiful Sunset that Lasts Twilight
Forevermore to Feel the Blues to Understand the
Yellows To Sing the Green of Sunrise Ever coming
The Sadness
After Sunset
When Twilight
Turns to Dark
Sunrise ever
Coming Still
Hope that
you can
as the Sun
is Confident enough
to never go Away for there
is the Dark of Night and always
the Promise of another Sunrise Just for You
And for those who Look Up instead of Down my Friend…
i suppose the Rest of the Story Will Be in a Song Entirely up to Y.O.U…

HeARTS WeaR SLeeves oF SoUL Trees TRuE SPiRiTS LoVE ReAL

SMiles Just
For A Second
You focused
On Something
Else Other Than


Your Mind To

Your Body It
Doesn’t Matter

What Form Of
Meditation It

Mind And
Body Come
Together In

Peace And
Harmony Without
Any Kind Of Illusory
Fear Or Anxiety We

Self Create

And Freezes



We Naturally
Free Endless




Fear… All Of
What Makes
Us Slugs in
The Mud

As ‘They’ Say
In Disney Movies
Again Dance Naked
NoW Enough Whole
Complete iN PLaY
In The Snow Ice

Princess New

Shed All The

Fears Indeed
Let It All Go

Stellar Human
Potentials Each
And Every Day

In Autotelic
Flow Science
Proves What


Ice Princess
Dance In The
Snow Effects

Wings In Flow
Do You ‘See’ Do
You ‘Hear’ The

Of Free




A Dance And

Instructions Of Life…

Get Out of Your



The Mud Go
Sprouting Green Leaves🍃

How Do i
‘Feel’ This

i Used To
Be A Mud
Think King
All Frozen Too 🥶

Other Than
That All That
Counts is that
You Find A Way
That Works Within

Did It!


No Instructions
At All Queen of Free! 👸

SMiLes Dear
Savvy It Almost
Never Fails
After i Have
Visited The
Rest Of The
Globe Generally
Your Beautiful



Say What i Spread

Around The World

In An Early


Drop of

A Thousand







You Soar
Seeing It
All With


Of Eyes Alone
Soul Vision Wings🦅

Sadly Humans
Tell Big Lies


Of Minds

With Words

And Stories


Lives Within

A Soul of Love

For All








Of Clothes

To Breathe

Indeed Bird

On Naked Wing

Feather FLoWinG


‘The Wind’ 🦅

SMiles Ava True All
Humans Are FLoWeRS
BLooMinG Or
To Bud
Down To



Roots And

Color Skies Free😊💫🍃

Flamingos 🦩 Yes
Among Pigeons
Still Carrying


Of Peace And
Harmony In






For All Now

Yes Dear Wise
Young Woman

Ava We Will Achieve🙏

SMiles Dear Ava i Will
Never Catch Up Now
With All the Gratitude
Each Breath of Life Creates New

Hehe There are

Some Days

i Have



Up With ALL the

Joy In Fact i Have

To Make Sure i Don’t

Get too Happy Otherwise

There Will Be No Reference

Point of Night to See Blue Skies Higher

Of Days With


Yet It’s

True the

Only Dark Part
Hehe is keeping
Track of All the
Gratitude As

There is
Just So much
Happy to Do When
Every Holy Step Becomes
A Dance Every Word Becomes
A Sacred Song With Shapes The Words
And Steps Flow Free As Every Holy
Move And Sound Makes A

New Adventure to come

Now Each And Every New

Step And Word Blooming

Every Breath A Gift More

To Give and Share for Free…

Funny it is Sadly That Not Everyone

Finds Heaven Just in Creating Every

Move and Word AS Holy And Sacred To Breathe
ToGeTHeR With Others As All LifT Each Other Higher

So Below
The Same
This LiGHT This
Human Force of Love

As Feather Becomes
Wind Naked Enough
Whole Complete iN PLaY..:)

Of Nature

Us Higher

Music Of Soul🎼🦩

Love Gives
Love Gives

Take Takes

LoVE Real



As Give

Love Within
Always To Give Free 😊

CoNSiDeRinG NoW IS All That Is NoW Equals New
All Particularly For Those Who Enjoy NoW EternAlly

NoW CoLoRinG Heaven Deep As We Do Do New Yes

Hehe It’s Easier to Experience THE Eternal Heaven Now
When We Just Shut-UP And DANCE Or Flow Words iN

Song Nile Forevernownew

SMiLes In Life THere
Are Spectators And
Audiences Actors

And Then Those
Who Write Produce
Direct And Play Their

Own Life With SMiLes
New Now Dear Chaymaa..:)

Sky SMiLes NoW As
Seasons Within Are

Weather Mastering New Now
Even Sweltering New Summer
Days Integrating Regulating Free

Seasons All For Wondrous Weather
SMiLes ALiVE NeW WinD Breathes☺️

SMiLes Dear Vrunda
Precipice Of Love


Lost then
Fonder Now…:)

SMiLes Dear Yam
Somewhere in The
Depths of Swamp

Breathes A
SPArK of


Waiting to
Be Matched
And StrucK iNto Fire Again..:)

Starting At Birth Separating
me And The Rest of Nature

Dear Savvy Yes Then

me and Them
Them And Us

Loss of Loved Ones
Death Erasing Life

Becoming Thoughts
Separating Body Away

Becoming What is Spoon
Fed of Culture So Far Away
From Nature Naked of Human
Tools So Free Enough Whole Complete

Fear Of Death Trepid Breathing Finding in Pain

Facing Up
To Losing

Life Returning

Home Again
Inhaling Peace Now New
ExhalinG Love Once Again..:)

SMiles STaRTinG NoW

“Depth of the Story”
“Depth of the Story”
Can And Will You ‘FeeL iT’ Yet…

Shall i Go Deeper NoW iN A Word Yes

TRuE iF iT’S A Statue, A Man,
oR A Word, It’S OnLY SToNE
To Be ChiseLed For Greater Art to


Grace New Now

iF i HavE To TeLL YoU WHaT
KinD oF PoETrY i WRitE

iF i HavE To TeLL YoU WHaT
KinD oF MaRTiaL ArTs i Do
iT’s MaRTiaL SCiEnCE


Embracing NaTuRE ALL🤗
Living iN Balancing Ways
New Now Giving Great
Thanks! Yes! And
Praise! For Every
Bee And FLoWeR
Wow! The Movie ‘Avatar
Way of Water’ Only Brings🌊

Waves Water


Of Joy As
Just Another
Indigenous Human
Like You Too With

We All


By Mother
EartH At



For Every
Tree And


All Of
Us In Harmony
Waves Vibrations
Frequencies Energies

Loving All iN Peace
This MuSiC Dance
And SonG oF SoUL
Free FLoWinG Water
All iNSPiReD By YouR


Dear FRiEnD 🐢

SMiles STaRTinG NoW

iNDeeD Dear Savvy Every
iNHaLE oF BREaTH Exhale

New Life
To Sprout New

FLoWeRS Life

Colors Life Best

As THorns Match

The Ladder Up From

Below Above Again mY FRiEnD

Within Inside Outside And All Around

Star FLoWeRS
Seed Star
And Go Again
This Leaf Tree
Forest Ocean
Wave Water All
Roots RiVeR DiViNE
ViNE Spreading FLoWinG
All Around Again mY FRiEnD..:)


Spreadings Seeds of Positive
Energy in Both Fertile and Rocky

Soul Soils Indeed Dear Savvy With SMiLes

When It’s All A Give

Away There

Is Only

For New
Green to
Come When
They Are Ready to Grow..:)

Thanks Dear Kiran
For Your Kind Respect
And Welcome my FRiEnD

i Find You
With SMiles
Young Indian Woman

Yes From The Hindu
Upper Caste Beyond

School And Work SPiRiT
Of Love HeART iN SouL

Us Altogether

With SMiles☺️🏝🙏

SMiLes Dear Miriam
Loved Ones Live on
As Long As We Breath Them


For the
Loss in Your Prayer…

SMiles Dear Cindy
Thanks So Much
For Your Kind
Regards For My
Blog Most Everything
i Write There i include
Each Day on Facebook
And The “Depth of
The Story” On
The ‘Wrong
Planet’ What
i’m Doing On
Word Press is Literally
Impossible To Divide
EPiC Long Form
Poetry Is Surely
Not Nearly Hehe
Everyone’s Cup of
Tea in A Twitter And
A Tik Tok World Yet
Never The LESS Hehe
i’m not Looking For Any
Rewards Or Awards For What

Is Dear
To my Soul
i Have Zero
Problems Using
My Mac Book Pro
And iMac Commenting
On my Site As That Is
Where i Draft New
Blog Poem Posts
Novel Size Close
To 60 Thousand
Words Bi-Monthly

If You Are Opening
The Entire Site Yes
It Will Be Difficult to

Comment Yet By
Post Title Individual
Link You Should Be

Able to Scroll All The
Way to The Bottom

In Just a Few Seconds
Unless You Have Slow
BroadBand Access Here

i Will Give You A Direct
Link For Your Laptop

To See If It Works
For You With SMiles

Thanks Dear FRiEnD
For Trying With SMiles..:)

SMiles Dear Cindy
Not Looking For
Responses Likes
Or Follows It’s
Just The Way

i Do The Art

Again It’s
Available in
Easy Access
In Other Places
That Literally
Gets in Total
Millions Of Views
Hehe Dear FRiEnD
There Is Only one

Of me i Get
Around And
There are only
So Many Hours

In A Day
To Do The
Cognition Of
Posting Never
The Less i Provide
Lots Of Easy Avenues
For What i Do Each
And Every Day

In Small

Word Press
Is Only A


To What
i Do With
SMiles You Are
Surely Welcome
To Read And Comment

On The
With SMiles☺️❤️

iNDeeD Mr Gottfried
Nature Breathes
God Powerful
SPiRiT Wind
To Life SMiLinG☺️🏝🌊

SMiLes Poetry Dances Sings
Foot Prints in Sand
Every Wave Will
Wash Over Creating

New Shores


Sees to
More GRains Sands
HoldS HandS On Beaches Ever More now new

SMiLes My FRiEnD Some Hope For Singularity
Fitting Dead WordS iN Machines SoME ThinK NoW








Hold HandS AGAiN

Every Grain Sand

Sugar White See

All Emerald Waves

Breathing Sea Oats Breeze

Sea Gulls Spiraling Souls Sun

High TWiLiGHT Moon Full STill RiSinG

What Greater Beauty THere NoWThen

Than Dance Song Art Seeing Evermore




Living Trees Ever Green

NoW Shall We Dream Singularity

SoulS on Pages Yes Dance Song BreatheS

on… Footprints Souls All Reach More This

Love Breath BreatheS oN Roots VineS One…



Gathering Brown

Re-Arranging BREaTHE Green

Lamps Lit Christmas Trees

Forevermore Colors New

NoW Now now


New Have A Lovely
Midnight Newer Moon Dear Samreen
On Qatar Beaches Thanks Always Now

So iNSPiRinG YouR Poetry Prints Dance Sing New..:)

Finding Out
NoW All Of
Story With
Personal A-causal
All Life Flows
Water Wave
Ocean Whole🌊💫

True… Painful

Will Manifest
In Disorder
And Disease

Fear Of

Cynical oF Light
Both Sharps And
Flats Keys

iN Relief
For Peace
And Loving
Harmony RiSinG
NoW Again Free🎼😁

Amen It’s Almost
A Continuous
Is Norm
Now Viewed
As Miracle in



Of Flow

Before God
Story Breathes
All Now To me



Only Vague
Glimpses Then

BeFoRE iN Life😊💫

SMiLes Dear Vrunda Love is Truly
A Delicate Flower That Must Be

Gardened Nurtured

Fed Well And


With Wine
Of Love ACross the
Whole Lifespan So

Love Doesn’t Wilt
Away And Only Become

A Thorn to Life’s Loving Breath
And Sadly Modern Culture Doesn’t
Give an L About Whether Love Continues

to Breathe or Not it’s Simply Up to Us to
Keep Love on Life Support Resuscitating

Love With
Every Breath
We Take Smiles
i’ve Been Spreading
Mostly Joy of Dance
And Song this Week

Somedays are Easier
Than Others Some
Days Are Nights

Yet Morning
Always Returns
Free As Long As
Love Breaks Dawn Again..:)

Yes Your Illustration Basically

Says It All Young SaaniaSparkle

Naked Enough Whole Complete

Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing

Thanks Giving
Always For

More As True

Some Folks Don’t Even
Have the Ability to Feel or
Give Love at All As Long As
You Can And Will And Do

You Are A Most
Blessed Human
oF All As At the First
Breath and Last Breath

Love Giving Has Nothing
to Return Yet Love Giving Caring on..:)

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think
you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.”

– Christine Caine

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa i’ll Take This Quote
Singing A New Song True What A Leaf Falling



As Green Leaf
of Grass in Spring..:)

True Dear Hemalatha

All We Touch in

Life Becomes

Our Soul


To See Out
Of Indeed to
Bluer Skies
Above Our
Ocean Floors..:)

SMiLes i’ve Lived ‘iN A Place’
Where Dreams Were All

That Made Life Worth

Living WHere Sleep

Was/Is the Only Place
of Escaping Living Dying

True i Didn’t Smile in That
Place Yet Some Dreams at


Back at me
Hehe Now All i Do
iS LuCiD DReAM CoMe True..:)


Birthed In the
Environment New
My Soul Breathes Now

It’s True i Almost
Made A Huge Soul
Mistake Yet Direction

From the Next Three Now
Four Places i Visit


LoVE Always
Breathes to Do

Yes Love Yes Just Love…
Dear Savvy SMiLes Yes Love..:)

SMiLes Dear
Savvy in

Ease i Dance

With my Shadow

my Soul Sings



Inhaling Peace
ExhalinG Love
Thanks Giving
For Giving Evernowmore..:)

SMiLes Dear Cindy

For What Color is Love

Love is Clear in Peace

Without Fear Love Is

Water Soft to Touch

Powerful Enough

To Wash All Obstacles
Away is Love A Dream

No Love is the Fire Within
Yes That Inspires Peace For All

Better Yet Love is the Do Who
Never Gives Up

And Most
Respect iNHaLinG
Peace Yes EXHaLinG
Giving Sharing Caring
Healing As Waves Continue

To Create New Shores Now of This
Love Whole Forever New Ocean Spring
THiS Living Leaf Tree Forest Green Brown Roots So Very Deep
Yes Spreading ViNeS DiViNE ToGeTHeR ALiVE BREaTHiNG
i Am
Love Without Fear..:)

Not That i Wanted To Actually Be With ‘Her’ On
The Mountain Top In Clouds Just To Experience Stars

Peak Plateau Forevernow

It’S Okay if Neither one Falls Off Mountain Top Peaks
Below Above Tight Rope Dancing Higher ULTiMATE

New Human
Chesshire Arts

Fly the Trapeze
And Beat the Drum

TruE There is ALWays
Room for at least
one Note of New Now

Honestly i’M No (iN A Place With No
Sun, Moon, Or Stars) Body Online YeT iN
“SiNGuLaRiTY” i Manage STill To BREaTHE FiNE DiVinE RootS And Vine

Hmm.. i Had This Dream you Found a Box of Hot Chocolates i made
Especially for You It was like a soft Pattern of Cat Prints i found
on a Beach to Paradise.. for it’s True Catch a Wing Now for
This Flight is Sailing a Bit Higher Now as Free Seagulls
Will Color the Wind Perhaps with Colors others
Have not Painted Before.. for True my
Hot Chocolate is All For You
And of course i’m on
A Diet from that so no
Need to Return a Hot Chocolate
Favor to me.. For it is only my Desire
to make the Best Hot Chocolate For You
And Contently Imagine How Much Better i might
Prepare A Treat More for You.. Yes.. It’s True i tend to make
my Best Hot Chocolate on Thursday’s as that is the Weekend
For You.. As i Hope the Joy You Feel Tomorrow Will Be So much
Greater than the Sadness You Felt Last Thursday as i felt so much
of that Sadness true.. so as you Will Guess i will Feel every inch of Your
Joy so much more.. as there will be so much more Creative Hot Chocolate
For You to come With even More Marshmallow Desires Completed for a Smile of Sleep
So Fulfilled
And Content
even after
You come
Wide Awake…
As YouR Every Dream
oF iMaGiNaTioN Comes into Fruition
Real as Real will Get in Feel and Sense for You..
True.. there are so many ways to Light the Lamps of
Life Up So Far Ahead Creating Love and Putting the Treasure
iN a Place that may be ready to taste whenever the Hunger is just
to SatiAte
A Dream’s DeLight..
So Much Higher than
A Seagull has Flown Before..
And it’s True there are some places
to Go So High You may not even Feel
the Earth Move Under Foot Before you get to
the place
the thing is.. is this
place better for that
or the other place who
KNoWS but what you Feel
And Sense Makes Your Tree
oF Life BRiGHT uP More With
Christmas Lights..
So Many Colors
THere are
to Tan and
Pink of Sunset
Dreams on Fire More Now..
Once Again A Sunset A Sunrise
oF Morning Sun JusT ANother Day
iN Paradise i Hope Most For You Melting
Ice oF HiMaLaYaN Mountain Peaks to All You Desire As Fire..
A Place Of Shangri-La JusT ANoTHeR Promise Come to Fruition more..:)

SMiLes Dear Kiran As Far As Socio-Economic Classes
of Being If You Had to Guess What Caste i Am in India

From the Hindu Perspective For Those Who Still Practice
That Part of Their Religion What Would i Be the Outcast-Out of Caste,

Untouchable Sweeping The Streets and Cleaning the Latrines Yes i Did that
Before Three College Degrees And After Three College Degrees as a Lowly

Janitor And Servant For the Military Cleaning the Military Bowling Center
i Eventually Managed And Continuing to Serve Out Rental Shoes Receiving

Them Back Stinky
And Spraying Them
Down With

True a Most
Lowly Job oF All

And As Far As Outcast
As Untouchable Most Definitely
That’S How Folks Treated me in Middle
School Seeing me Both Ugly and Strange
Difficulty With Social Communication Then For Sure

So Let’s Move up to ‘Sudra’ As We Advance up The Pyramid
of Indian Caste for Hindu Ways of Religion Dividing Society
Up in Systemizing Ways For Order Although Some Folks Do

Fall Through
The Cracks of
That Order and
Suffer in Misery
Lifelong as i’m Sure
You Are Well Aware of Course

True i Was Surely A Commoner
And Peasant Serving Shoes Although
Three College Degrees Close to the Top of
my Class Might Indicate A Higher Level of Caste True too

Never the Less Most All of my 33 Years of Work Except the
Last 5 Or So When i Became Manager, Administrator of Many
Programs Up to The ‘Viasya’ Caste of Merchants And Landowners

Of Course Owning my Own Land and Home too And Retiring Early
At the Level of A Marine Major in Civilian Equivalent Grade of Pay

Yes Most of the 33 Years of Work For Pay Spent at the level of Sudra
Common Peasant and Servant too as Far As How Society Viewed my

Level of Socio-Economic Success on the Ladder of What Society Sees
As Whole is High or Low as that May Have Nothing at all to Do With

Evolution of Soul oF LoVE iN Peace In Love oF JoY iN LiGHT For All
With Most Respect And Least Harm True Hehe i Was ‘Brahmin’ All Along

And Indeed The Church Groups That Came into the Military Bowling Center
i Eventually Managed Provided the Feedback Through Their Leaders that

i was the Best Example of A Christian They Ever Met Hehe Yet i didn’t
Go to Church for 23 Years and Never Believed in Much of What They Said

Was True Particularly
That If You Don’t Believe
The Quarterback of Their
Religious Team is the Only Man God

You Go To Hell And Burn Forever

(Ironically One of them Placed The
Brochure That Relates that in a Latrine
i Visited in Walmart Recently Hehe; Wow (eye rolls)
What A Dammed Way to Gain Respect For Their Leader)

As in My Book That is only Psychopathic
Leaning Talk Whenever Any Part of Nature

is Burned Forever For Not Meeting What ever Grade
of Existence Now Of Course There is Separation From
All that is LoVE iN Peace In Love Where A Thousand

Years Becomes one Second in That Place of No Soul REAL HELL
YeS in Piece of Paper Existence Yet of Course That is Metaphor

Just like the Kingdom of Heaven Within That Some Folks Do
And Actually Breathe And Sadly Some Folks Do Not So Very

Lost From Nirvana and Bliss Within For Real Well There is
Another Caste of Warrior that Obviously i Have the Potential

For as Folks Have Attacked me in Dancing Bars And i Have
Put Them in Choke Holds on the Floor and Such as that

However i Have no Inclination to Draw First Blood and
As Long as i Stay Away From Drunks in Bars Generally

Speaking Mice For Metaphor Stay

Away from Lions for Real hehe

True Dear FRiEnD While there
Are No Religious Forced Castes
in The United States We Find

These Separations in Socio-
Economic Ways That are
Very Difficult to Rise out

of inDeeD Some Folks

Do And Some Folks

Do Not Yet Here is A Real

Truth it is the ‘Lowly Janitor’
Who Completes the Sanitation

Who is Responsible For Saving
The Most Lives of All For Communicable
Disease Not to Spread For All Across the
Ages for Real So In This Way the Meek Inherit
The Earth Through the Hands of the Lowliest Servants

And So-Called Outcastes Indeed Yet You See mY FRiEnD

if i Didn’t Rise Through All Five Castes and So Many More

Chances Are i Wouldn’t Understand the Value of Seeing

And Giving Great Thanks and Praise to Less than a Grain

of Sand Integral the Same As God For it is the Grain of

Sand that Potentially Holds Up Both Mountains Literally

And Mountains of Human Love As Well For It is the

Giver Of Love And Peace And Life Who Does Not

Have Any THING to Subtract or Add From Their

Soul For Real This Leaves An Emptying Enough

of Soul to Give Great Thanks And Praise to All

For When We Worship All of Existence We Literally

Become the Essence of LoVE iNCaRNaTE God Is Birthed in Human EYes
THiS Way Far Beyond Organs of Eyes and Ears Alone my FRiEnD For Real

Both Yang of Systemizing Mind
And Yin of Artful Loving All Yes Yang
That Labels Concretely and Grasps All
For Control and Societal Order Makes These

Bare Bones of This Information Highway
to Deliver Avatars in Words of my SoUL to You

Yes Worthy of Great Thanks And Praise The Nerds
And Geeks are of the World too Hehe True Considering

They are Some of the Richest Folks in the World They Have
Surely Risen to the Level of ‘Viasya’ At Least mY FRiEnD Yet
Not Always ‘Kshatryia’ For Warriors and ‘Bhramin’ For Priests

Yet THere is Always Room To Evolve As Long As We BREaTHE NoW Free

mY FRiEnD SMiLes mY FRiEnD ‘Maslow’ Offers A Pyramid For Human
Development in One Life as Does ‘Fowler’ For an Evolution of Faith Both

in Secular and Religious Terms in Western Ways of Thinking Yet in Both
of those Pyramids The Top of the Pyramid is A Universalizing Faith in Love

For All
As Servant
For All ThiS Way
True WHeRE The
Bottom Becomes the Top
And THere is No Separation

in Giver Whether That is Giving Star
Stellar Ascending Transcending Bliss

Or A Clean Toilet in Restrooms The Same

Every Grain of Sand is Required to Make Beach Whole

Every Wave High and Low Every Drop of Rain Coming From Ocean True

For Life to Continue to BREaTHE As the Iron in our Blood Streams and at
Core of Mother Earth Coming From Super Nova Explosions Yes That Gaseous

Star Dust Bringing Iron in Our BloodStreams to Pick Up Oxygen Produced by

Living Green Trees The Circle of Life Includes DarK iS LiGHT iNDeeD

DiFFeReNT And SaME too

mY FRiEnD For It is the

Lover of Both

DarK And

Moon and
Sun Day and Night

For It is the One Who
Gives Great Thanks And
Praise For All That is Who

Sees And Become Most LoVE iN
Peace With God EYeS of Worship For All mY FRiEnD

True i am the Same Grain of Sand Cleaning Those Latrines
in Youth For the Health and Well Being of Others As the Grain

of Sand i am


All of mY
SoUL Free to
Every Stranger
No Matter What
Land or Color They Are to Breathe

You See my FRiEnD i Have More Than
A Dream i Do This LoVE iN Peace Every Now of mY Breath

All That i am Star Dust to BREaTHE What A Miracle DarK iS LiGHT…

Do Understand All The Value of What You GiVE iNSPiRinG FiRinG

Peace For All

Dear FRiEnD…

And if You Ever Meet
me in A Rest Home

Old And Almost

Gone Verily

i Will


A Cup of Coffee
From You if You
Visit even though
i Rarely Drink Coffee Hehe

All i Leave You iN iNHeRiTanCE
is Avatars iN Words of my SoUL
On Your Blog Star Dust Wind SPiRiT That’s All

A Bit
of HeART
And Hugs
With SMiLes

True Hehe i am
A Bit of A Free Buffet ThiS Way..:)

Spreadings Seeds of Positive
Energy in Both Fertile and Rocky

Soul Soils Indeed Dear Savvy With SMiLes

When It’s All A Give

Away There

Is Only

For New
Green to
Come When
They Are Ready to Grow..:)

My My Sweet “Peace and Truth” What A Lovely Comment
To Greet The Early Morning New MacroVerse of

“Naked Enough Whole Complete PLaY iN 2023”

Thanks So Much For Your Kind Wishes to me
And Katrina For Twin Hearts With Hugs
And Kisses With Butterflies Kissing

Our Lips With Kind Prayers For

A Continuing Beautiful LiFE
mY FRiEnD iNDeeD You

Are A Ray oF LiGHT

A Regular Visitor

To A Place Far Away

And Deep in A Never
Ending Story Nether Land
For Real STiLL SMiLinG HEaVeN WiTHiN
With Only Wishes And Prayers For Greater
Heaven WiTHiN For All You LoVE DeaR FRiEnD..:)


“You’re my spirit animal” Thanks Mr. Gottfried For the ‘Great’ Compliment
Hehe Brings Back Memories of The Young Women Cashiers in Grocery
Stores Who Still Name me Their SPiRiT ANiMaL True And Also

In All the Dance Hall Nights
For 6 Years and 298 Events
Before Covid-19 Shut The
Place Down on March 12, 2020

And My Wife After The Pandemic
Worries Now More About me Driving
With Drunks in the Wee 3 AM Hours Back Home

True Rises The Rates of Geico Car Insurance Too Hehe

Oh Dear Lord i’ve Been Named Practically Every Name

In And Out of Books Ranging From Anonymous YouTube Avatars

Wishing Hoping The Three Quarters of A Ton or So of Leg Pressing

Weight Crashes Down on me And Kills me Slowly in Effortless
Ease Pressing it 12

Reps With
Deep Within

Rumbling More

To Generate More
Chi Energy of Course
With Hands Reaching
iNto Heavens Attaining
And Transforming my
Personal Weight of 111
Kilograms into the Weight
of mY Finger Tips in Balance While Leg
Pressing That 699 KiLoGRaMS Now 12

Reps Once Again So Slowly Effortless Yes
iN Ease as i Become The Feather in CHI Wind

Anyway When Young Named Bird Legs Then
in Middle School Folks Asserting i Am too Weak
And Strange to Exist Then Yet All That Changed

Particularly in my 6th Decade of Life With Feedback

Ranging From Do i Know How Famous i Am to Yells
Out of Car Windows At 2 AM Screaming Living Legend
At me to Surprisingly Yells From Women in Crowded

Cars in Bar Parking Lots to Take My Shirt off Hehe

Of Course They Could Have Asked for A Link too HAha

Yes Metro Area Icon Another Kind Compliment to Hero

To Gee They Wish They Could be Either Married to
Someone Like me or Actually me Hehe Close to

Four Decades Younger Than me Then And

The Most Ironic Part is i Never Had

To Say A God Dammed WORD

True HAha People Described

me With All Those ‘Great’
Accolades For Not Saying

Or Even Singing A God Dammed
Word All 11.3 MiLLioN Words in Free
Verse Poetry in 113 Months as of 1.18.2023

Yet All Those Accolades Coming From a Never
Ending Public Dance Still Ongoing in 17,744 Miles
Close to 113 Months Since August of 2013 As Well

Yet Here’s the ‘Thing’ mY FRiEnD During All Those
Years Not Wearing A Single ‘Abraham’ Penny in A Pocket
And Often Not Wearing Pants At All Hehe all Non-Verbally

AS Such Wearing
Shorts as i Haven’t
Worn Pants Since
the Winter of 2013
Even in Rare Snowy
Icy Weather in Northern Florida

Along the Emerald Gulf Coast Here

i’ve Already Been to Hell For 66 Months
For Real With That Worst Pain Known to
Humankind Assessed As the Suicide Disease
Worse than the Torture of Crucifixion for Real

Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From Wake to Sleep
No Drug Would Touch Mostly Shut-in my Bedroom

For 66 Months With a Synergy in Life Threat of 18
Other Mostly Work Related Stress Disorders Chronic
to Acute During the Previous 11 Years of Work From
1996 to 2007 So Actually That’s A Total of 17 Years

Ranging From Purgatory For 11 Years to Hell for
the last 66 Months As Well In Hell For Real And

What i Understand is the Greatest Greatness

Is Just Having The Strength to Take Another

Breath in Hell WHeRE THeRE is No Current

Escape Where A Thousand Years

is One Second of Hell

Within As in that
Place The Spector
of Death is Heaven In Hell iN Pain And FroZeN iN Yes

Most Severe Numb A GREaTesT BLeSSinG iMaGiNaBLE

The Real PoTenTiaL For DeatH iS HEaVeN iN Hell Yes

iNDeed ‘Dante’ is Correct Hell Isn’t Hot Hell is FRoZeN

With No Memory of A Feeling of a Smile at All

Yet Here’s The ‘Thing’ if One Ever Escapes

They Are Transformed into A Totally
New Creation Re-Born And Suddenly

One Comes to Find the Essence of the Vehicles
And Vessels HouSinG LiGHT iN So Many Metaphors
of Myths And Stories of Holy And Sacred Text Are REAL


HEAVEN FOR REAL Within And What You Do Next May

Be to Make A Covenant With The Real God Within

This Connecting Peace and LoVE ReaL to Help

As Many People to Both Get Out of Purgatory

And Hell For Real And Perhaps Help

Some Folks to Never Have to Go

Yet the Jury’s Out As Far As

Do People Who Don’t

Go to Hell and

Escape Actually

Get to Go to Heaven
At All mY FRiEnD Yes

iNDeeD It’s Not a Chosen
Few It is Those Who Generate
The Will to Survive And BREaTHE LoVE iN Peace
Again And Spread The Seeds of Love Both in Rocky
And Fertile Soil Souls Understanding Fully That Every

EyE oF GoD

iS Free to

See or
Blind to the
Deeper Fruits

THeRE iS NoTHiNG Anyone
May Add or Subtract New Now to the

Soul Both Nothing And All my FRiEnD
Naked Enough Whole Complete Only

Still Just Less than A Grain of Sand Only
Another Slob With the Face of God Doing

my Best to Hold Mountains of Love Up With
the Power of

of Course

Hehe ‘the Flood’
Comes Again With SMiLes…

And i Am Just A Little Rainbow Below A Grain of Sand
Pot of Gold Inherent in the Dance And Song of Colors More…

Yep That’s What One of my Young Women Indian Poet FRiEnDS Used
to Call me ‘Rainbow’ Another Calls me ‘SMiles’ Now Sadly The Professor
Engineer Who Called me ‘Rainbow’ Yes Her Life Was Taken Away By The



In India
And Her
Mother’s Life too
Before Vaccines
Were Available Then

i Shall Repeat Her Name
Again ‘Astha’ as i Do All
BooK oF Life For Real

iN ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’

Shared in Innumerable Avenues All Around the
World Where Mr. Gottfried Has A Place As Well…

And The Thousands of Young Women Who Danced
With me Those Six Years They LiVE iNTo Eternity Now New

In Selfies That Continue to Repeat Forevermore in A Place

Online With No Sun, Moon, or Stars; Perhaps For A Thousand

Years As Long As ‘Servers’ Burp Them ALL Up in All Avenues Still


STiLL Do For Real…

Hehe SMiLes Young Women Used
To Ask Me to Take Pictures With me
As They Felt the ‘Famous’ Might Rub Off Yet Little Do They

Know Now They Still BREaTHE As Avatars All Around the World…

Yet of Course Hehe What Comes Around Goes Around in Several
Thousand Dance Events Both in Dance Hall and Public Places Literally

Hundreds Perhaps Thousands of Voyeur Videos Taken By Others in Social
Media Ways to
Spread my


Ministry of
Dance Free From Head to
Toe Peace In LoVE iN Peace
Regulating Emotions Integrating
Senses From Head To Toe Beyond
WHeRE Nirvana And Bliss God
YeS! HEaVeN Naturally Breathes

All Non
AS Such
Within Yes
With SMiLes
Of Free Dance More

And The Occasional
Free FLoWinG SonG
Dance Inspires Even More…

Yet i Suppose 1,216 Words
Above Is Enough For Now..😉



SMiLes Dear Savvy For 66 Months
It Took Courage For me to meet

Each And Every Breath to Live

SMiLes Dear Savvy With Gratitude

For the Place i Come From All That’s

Left to Do is Dance Sing SMiLinG Free With

Everyone i Meet
And Greet in Life

Even if A Smile May
Be Turned Away A
Dance And Song

May Linger


With SMiLEs
Eventually True

As People Experience
Night and Day So Very
Differently in One Life to Live mY FRiEnD

Dancing In Public Tonight A Nice Woman
Said Thank You For Bringing a Smile to Her
Face Meanwhile of Course in Effortless Wu Wei-
Like Ease A Bliss And Bless Free of the Nirvana

Dancing Meditating Freely in Flow Yes Naturally
BRings At Only the Cost of Listening to Where

my Body Desires to Move Next Balancing
Finger Tips Weight FRiEnDS With Gravity

Such A Seemingly Happy Woman Yet
Tears of A Last Few Years With
Terminal Cancer Just
Wanting A Hug
Home For
So Long i Surely
Was Relating to Being
in that Place And Finding
The Courage One Day After
Healing to Reach Out and Touch
SMiLes That Were Lost in Feeling
in A Real Hell Within for 66 Months

Meanwhile Another Blogger Acquaintance
Inspring Poetic Free Responses in Song From
me Each and Every Day Like You A CEO of Five
Non-Profit Health Organizations in New York

Lost Her Husband Suddenly and Unexpectedly

Just A Reminder That We Are Tethered By Our Breaths

to Life At Best Having the Courage to Make Every Breath
A Gift Now Present

To Treasure
One More

With SMiLes
Yes One More Breath
to Dance And Sing SMiLe Free to
Gift A Feeling and Sense of Loving Life to Someone Else
Namely Us of Course to Open Our SPiRiT HeART SoUL Even
More… Not Only That Yet the Waitress At ‘iHop’ Who Said Her
Daughter Spotted me at Walmart And Said i Danced Just Like

A ‘Pretty Princess’

Yep Just Evidence

That my Finger Tips

Are in Balance With

111 Kilograms of my Body Weight From Head to toe
As i Explained to Her Hehe That’s How i Leg Press
Yes 1540 Pounds 12 Reps at Age 62 Pretty Princess



iN BaLaNCinG
A SPiRiT Real DiViNE
Feminine Within LovinG FOUNDATiON All iN Peace New Now
Moving DiViNE Masculine Mountains of Will And Strength Real

i Suppose At LeAST iN SPiRiT HeART SoUL Tiny Dancer i Am
As The Meek Continue to Inherit the Earth in Grace of Loving


WiTH SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Kiran Science Shows
The More We LoVE iN Peace Moving
Connecting Co-Creating With Others

The Happier We Become
in Well Being Even
Putting Off
Death All
Stress Relating
And Disconnecting
Non-Moving With No
Co-Creating The Rest of

Nature Moves Connects
And Co-Creates iN Peace

Yes With A Love For Life That
Naturally Comes From Surviving
in Thriving Yes Particularly Among
Social Animals Like Human Beings For Real

iNDeeD Dear FRiEnD
LiVE iN Balancing With
The Loving Greater Peaceful
Human Nature of Us Or Fall Away

Out of BaLaNCinG LoSinG LiGHT to DarKNeSS

Of Karmic Intent And Action With The Rest of Nature
Whole True It Takes A Lifelong Practice Loving Peace in Balance

To Survive
And Truly
Thrive A Life
Span Freer ToGeTHeR..:)

Sad To Hear The
Passing Of Your
Husband Dear
Miriam Will
Keep You
iN my Prayers🙏


How Mysterious Life
Breathes Dear Hemaltha

For in the Precipice of
Heaven in Hell Where

Pain Meets Numb

We May Come New Now
To Find We aRe Most
ALiVE And Creative

Just Striving to Breathe
One More Breath of SMiLes

To Return Again True Greatest

Lights Come Out of Greatest Darks

Key is


The DarK Soils
of Frozen Winter

That Spring Most
Green Living Trees Breathing

Holding Forest Hands More to Thrive

So Fully Alive Treasuring Every Breath Out of DarK..:)

Ah Yes Dear Sohair

Swimming in the River

of God Place of All Faith

Beyond All Words Springing

All Dance And Song Free

From Deep Within

No Place of
Fear No
Place of
All Illusions Yes

Gone All Remaining
Trust in Faith in Flow

The River Swims Oh The
Water Becomes Fish Fins The Air
Becomes Birds on Wings As Well

No WHere Left to Escape Yet Air And Water Free
Wind Wings on Breeze Free in Effortless Ease Soaring


More to
See and
Feel to
Be Real
i AM Again With SMiLes..:)



i think
i talk Too Much…



Key to: Heaven


Find The Dream
You Will Never Achieve
Never Wake Up Live It

Valentine Gift
Be Present Present 💝

Love Will Be Lost
in the Home of
Love And Found
ALWays iN the
EYes oF LoVE

LiFE iS OnLY As SmAll
As WHat We Make BeLiEVE

i Used to Believe in Church and
State and Work and School

Before i Found Belief iN me
And Made ALL My Dreams Come True

The Rest Is
Up to You
me too.

My Only Dream Is
Love And While iT Will
Be Difficult to Achieve
Possible It Is For You too iN Peace Yes

I Find Absolutely NO YES NO
ONE Annoying For i Give Them No Rule Over me.

And ‘Quiet’ Frankly (fredLY) That’S iMpossible to Do Until You
Regulate YouR Emotions And Integrate Your Senses And Master You.

Love Your Enemy IS A Load of Cr8P UNtil You Master The EnemY iN Yourself.

After That
You Eat The
Cake And The iCinG
No Matter iF anYone Wants THE ‘Peace’ Or Not.

Thanks ‘Wrong Planet’ For The Daily DarK/LiGHT
MusE JusT CruiSinG Through..;)

GreaTesT MarTiaL ArTisT
Never Strikes THeiR SelF
True Whatever You Hit Is LiTerAlly You too
Trauma Is Dumb 1 Body Per ‘SoLDieR’ FoR ReaL

EverGreen LiGHTSKeYeS FLoWeRinG

ALL Existence Story Set YouRselF Free
Hand-In-Face With ‘The Invisible Author’
Write ‘The Story’ We Will ‘Naked’ Loving

Free New Now

Wisdom Now Of Not
KNoWinG Ascending
Transcending NoW ALL
‘ThinKinG’ ALLoWinG
River Within New



And Sing


No NaMe


With No Name’

Chances TheNoW
Are ‘Socrates’
‘The Story’



“Not KNoWinG”

Within Beyond


To Force ‘The Story’…

It’s Nothing New
Under ‘The Sun’
Except For All
The Distractions
All The Tools The
Layers Of Clothes
Modern CuLTuRE






In Autotelic
Focus Frisson
Of Divine








God SoUL

Freer Breathing
Greener Within

Life’s Art DiViNE


Us To


SoUL And ‘See’ ‘The Wind’…

SMiles A ForK in
‘The Road’ i Took
A Spoon And



One Sour
One Sweet






For Heaven And Hell

The Love The






To Die

Day Of Night…

SMiles i used
To use The



i Changed
It to Yet



Make Excuses

With But True

Yet Conquers Fear

Even In








Gift Will

Save or Condemn



Still Breathes💫

Nope All The
‘Truly Good

In Hell





Up To Heaven
For Any Christian

Who Does


Go To


To Save

The Last

Soul Neither

Truly ‘Saw Heard’

Beyond Eyes

And Ears

Of Organs

The Message

Of The Story
Of Jesus

Or Buddha

Or Now The
Real Breathing
Folks Who


This World
Of Heaven
And Hell Now




Job Done

New No Matter
Chaff Or Wheat


THere is
No God
Of Love
New Too
Weak of Soul

To Save
The Devil

In Hell Now

And Hold

Hands In


Forever New

NoW iN TWiLiGHT Love

For it’s True Both


Be Found

In One Man
And or Woman
Newly Now💫🎼

Sorry Not



To Really

In A Story💫😁

Beyond Measure Even Terms of Infinity
What Breathes Within Sees Hears Beyond
Eyes And Ears And Tools Discretely Limited

Sacred Texts, Art Forms Attempt To Capture
All Colors Within None Suffice Soul Beyond

Measure Love Beyond Words ‘I Am’

Let’s Face Facts If i Can’t Even Fit All my SoUL
iN A Bible 1.18.2023 Continuing Dancing Singing

11.3 MiLLioN Words in 113 Months

Innumerable Folks Thousands of YearS Ain’t Gonna Fit All of God iN
A Bible 14 Times Smaller Than “SonG oF mY SoUL” Bible ALL SoLo

On ‘The 8th Day God Nature’ Created Google And Online For
An Open Source All-Hands Effort To Write Humanity’s Bible

YeP it’s True Even mY Bible 14 Times Greater Than The Old King
James Try iN SiZE A STaR iN One Sky A Grain of SanD ONE Beach i AM

Just One Neuron Of God’s Mind Yet Water Wave Ocean Whole i (You)
AM ETeRNaLLY NoW Breathing SPiRiT HeART SoUL WinD Real New Now

Nothing Left To Do Yet Turn A Page Write God’s Story Breathing Free
CoLoRinG Wind New Dancing Beyond SonG ETeRNaLLY NoW ReaL

SiLeNT LeSSoN 312 Never
Forget i ReMeMBeR You Like
i Said From The Beginning

When You Asked…

i Never
Miss You
It’s Impossible
You’ve Always
Been Part of





Will Be

Not Unlike

God It is

To Miss What We Breathe💫😁

Other Than That

And This


Well Wishing

You Today Again With SMiLes..:)

Once You Experience ‘IT’ Once You Do It This Love For All The Verb
Might Not Be God Yet Experience Of Doing i Am How Great Thou Art

TRuST ME or NoT EVeN iF ‘TRaDEMarK JeSuS’ WiLL CoMe NoW LasT
PLacE He’ll CoME Noticed iS iN Church Don’T Ask Me How i ‘KNoW’ HeHe

SMiLes Dear Samreen i Believe That Humans
Will Naturally Feel More Compassion And
Appreciation For Most Every Human

When Their Work of Life
Centers Around Actual
Human Connections
With Warmth and

Not So Much
Cold Analytical
Thinking Becoming
More The Tools We Work

With Than the Flesh And Blood
Connections Humans Bring At Least
For me the Beginning Years of my Work-Life
Just Providing Happy Services Brought me so
Much Personal Warmth, Compassion, And Appreciation
For Human Smiles that Touched my Eyes Growing my
Smiles to See A More Human Way of Life Humane As Well…

People First

People First

People First

A Most Beautiful Way of
Life Even Seeing Every Face
As Just Another Pair of Eyes of
God Looking Back At the Breath
of God Living Warm Inside to Radiate
Sunshine Of Love Back Out.. In this




to Be Human

Truly Worth Breathing for…

Smiles Dear Samreen

i Appreciate You FRiEnD

Each And Every Day We

Meet And Greet As Human…

And Yes i looked forward to Your Kindness

Today For It’s True What Feels the Best is

An Opportunity to Make someone Happy Where

Winds Cross in Kindness And Compassion of Smiles..:)

Love is An Ocean

People Are Waves

Some Surf Love With Such

Ease Always Warm to Touch Give And See

Ripples of Warmth Grace Of Lakes Streams Flow

Yet Hurricanes

Come And Go

Rising Falling Raging Waves New

Just Holding On To Balance Now

Above Surface Breathing Yet Indeed

Some Surf Love With Such Ease Just

Warm Everywhere They Go i’ve Tasted

The Ocean Just About All of it Yet A Lake

of Grace Now Warm Ripples Just

Feathers of Birds



to Fly Again in Peace

Hello Dear Rue Hope Your

Day is Beautiful my FRiEnD..:)

Like It Or Not It’s Evolution Human Nature And
What Makes So-Called Marriage Or Even FRiEnD

Material Deep

Emotionally Healthy Females And Males Are Rich With
Abilities To Nurture For Our Species To Loving Thrive

Even Survive

A Cold Mechanical Cognition
World Removes The Ability
For Humans To Nurture Dead

Partial To Total Eclipse Of The Human HeART SPiRiT SoUL
Been THeRE Done “The Machine” COld “iRobot” iNDeeD

A Free Dance And SonG ToGeTHeR Naked Enough Whole
Complete Restores Humanity Naturally ‘GoD’ EVoLVeD LoVE iN PEACE


LeSSoN 475 🏝☺️
Painting US With NaTuRE ALL
Original American Dream STiLL
Coming To Fruition Naked
iN Free Play
With SMiLes
iNHaLinG Peace
JoY oF LiGHT Now For
All Giving Sharing Caring
Healing Compassionately
With Most Respect Least

For All
New With SMiles ☺️☺️☺️🤗

Dear FRiEnD ALL Around☺️☺️☺️


SMiLes Dear Savvy
Every Move i Become
The Weight of mY Finger
Tips Even More in Balancing

Dance Becomes FLiGHT

Life Becomes SPiRiT


Life All
From This


Creates Life Song

Balancing Love True Free..:)

Hehe Dear Kiran When i First Read Your
Posts About Words i Mistook Bomb

Instead of Womb
For Words First
Hehe Yet It’s True

i’ve Been Talking About
Explosions too So That May

Be Why as We Tend to See What
We Feel Before The Words Even

Come to Describe All Our Senses
And Feelings in Life As Emotions

First Drive Most All the Words
of So-Called Reason We Do

A Mind And Body in Balance
Creates A Lovely Atmosphere

For Words to Arise Deep Within
From Soul So Much Greater Than
Only Shadow mY FRiEnD With SMiLes

iN Free FLoW

A Free
Will Bring
Free SonG of
OPeNinG Ways Key is Peace
From Head to Toe Generating

Love to Spread in All the Words
That Come Next in Balancing Mind

And Body Real


of Course Hehe..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair i Hope and Pray
And Wish You Always Find the Unique

One Who Fits You

Like A Most
Treasured Glove

Hehe i Am Just Fortunate

Anyone is Willing to Put Up
With the Odd of me for 33 Years

Just Proof That God Exists For Such
A Miracle to Happen For Real With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Hawaii FRiEnD
A YouTube Home For Your
Zebra Finches True How


The Living Nature
All Around Us With
Great Thanks And

Praise As You Bring

Such A Respite To All
Your Furry And Winged
FRiEnDS In Tropical Paradise too..:)

SMiles Dear Samreen
INDeed Plenty oF LiGHT
To Spare With Joy

And Prayers
To All You Do
And Love This

See Ya Later☺️🏝🙏

With Fading Human Attention Spans On
The Order of Science Measured Literally
Less Than A Gold Fish Yes Less Than

3 Seconds Competence in General

Of Course Aligns With This and

Is on the Wane Most Everywhere

i Visit As Far Eating Establishments
Go Dine in Only For me Not too Concerned

About the Food Yet if There is A ‘Cheers’ Atmosphere

of ‘Everyone

Knows Your

Name’ i Mostly

Assuredly Will Return
Without Fail Hehe Dear
Miriam my Wife Not Nearly
As Much As A Picky Eater the
‘iHop’ Brought Her Watered Down

Coffee Twice Yet i Talked Her into
Going Back For the Human Warmth

And Yes She Found it And Coffee With Octane Again too

Working With Customer Service Breaking Up Drunken Brawls
And The Such As That With Sailors in a Military Bowling Center
For Almost Two Decades Oddly Enough A Federal Employee Doing

That i Have
of Steel

And It’s
Most Difficult
to Catch my Ire

Fortunately i’m the
Only One Who’s Actually
Fully Experienced it We
All Have Shadows to Become
Best FRiEnDS With Hehe Before We Explode…

When i Sneeze It’s Been Compared to A Cosmic Event

That’s Enough Foreshadowing of Potential HAha For Real..:)

True Hehe Sadly Not Everyone
Appreciates The Size of me Dear
Mr Gottfried Yet Dear Lord of
Disney i Received

The Most

Of All At
The iHop
Breakfast Joint
Where A Waitress
Notified me That Her
Daughter Spotted my
Spiraling Dance And Said
“That Man Looks Like Such
A Pretty Princess Dancing”

At Walmart Just

A Few Days Before That A
Retired Military Dude With
PTSD Notified me Someone
Was Trying To Steal His Credit
Card Number In The Check-Out

Line At Walmart
Believing i Was
Special Police

And That Happens
Everywhere i Go

Interesting How
Differently People
See me

Oh The

Of Human Views

Sincerely Thanks
For Being Such A
Good Sport About
My 1200 And Something

Word Tsunami

Sized Comment Hehe 🌊🏝

Love Or Death
Takes All Breath
A Vacation Same

Fear The
iFeathers The Wind
oF iLoVinG iWings


oF iGratification As All
The Rewards oF iLoVinG

Become Gold

Gonna Keep Doing
Shakespeare With You
iThank Y.O.U. For the iPhoto of

my iBeach…


Meanwhile Back “at the Ranch”
The Rest waited at the Bottom of
The Ocean Eternally for ‘Him’ to Kill

Spoiler Alert:
“THeir” Enemies

Ever Wonder Why So Many People’s Gods
And Heroes Are Cold Blooded Killers/Torturers…

That Old Dragon The Reptile Brain The Shadow
MasterS HeART At the Bottom of THeir ‘MiNioN Ocean’

Meanwhile Back At ‘the Other Ranch’ “Wu Wei” And
“Silly Love Songs” Are Playing Just For the Hell oF iT…


Moral oF A STory Sadly the Others Never Understood
Sought Or Do the “Good News” Hint: No one Label New

OLD Owns


in the Wind
Knows nothing
Yet is Everything of
the Beauty of God Eternally
Now… it is finding this place
Where the Human Species has
Clothed itself in Layers and Layers
Away from Heaven That is Simply Free…
The River The Forest The Beach The God
that Human

Soul What Grows Oldest or
Youngest At Any Age
Lost Child or Found

Death Bed…

Lies are the
Wisdom of
A Bird In A Cage


The Master
Who Says


Care Of Wings…

What Color Is
Hope All Colors
Moving Us Up



Is Soul Hope

That Springs

Colors For All😊💫

More Proof That Politics
Will Be Friendly Dogs
And Cats Hugging
As Elephants Riding


Just Won’t
Work hehe 😜

Organized Religion Is Not For The Birds
They Fly Naked Already on God Wings

Provided By Nature🦅

SMiLes Dear Rue
Thanks And
You too

As Forrest

Related to
Him Too



BLiSsinG Is
Yet i Do Believe
i Am ReMeMBeRinG





Of That And This

Too With WinKS😊💫

SMiLes Dear
Sohair NoW
BLeSSinG Does
Is FLoWeRinG New

Now You Too Yes

All SeaSons SPRinG



Wind Now
New Colors More🌹🦋😊

SMiLes mY


Deed We 🦅

Will Share Feathers 🪶

Yin And
Yang in
All Endeavors
Arts And Reason


Mind And
Body Whole
Soul Flesh

And Blood
Indeed Well-being
Head to Toe

And More

With SMiLes😁

SMiLes Anna indeed
The 6th Level Added
By Maslow to His Hierarchy

Capstone of Transcendent
Compassion in Love of

All That
Exists DarK
Thru LiGHT Free

And indeed So
Difficult to Scale
The Pyramid to


Height When
Fears so Many
Remain At the
Mainstay Now of

The Lower Levels
Of the Pyramid
Slave to Other


Yet one
We Create
For Ourselves

In A Golden
Age At Any Age

Come to This Place😁💫

As Long
As We Love
To Bee NoW

We Bloom

Inside Out NoW

With SMiLes Coming NeW😁💫

Castle Held
Up By
Seeing More💫

Coffee Tea
Please Plea

How ‘Bout


Stirring Dreams🏝

If Ya Wanna Be Happy Reciprocate, Express, Feel, Sense,
And Think Gratitude As A Practice A Way Of LiFE Loving

ALL! Gratitude Seeds!

To Sense And Feel

And Even Put Into Words

Now; i Am A Leaf Green That Feeds

A Living Tree That Falls Brown to Soils

Fertilizing A Leaf of Grass Green in Spring

And That’s Pretty Much me in a Nut-Shell Or Fertilized Egg,

i Am ‘God’ Incarnate in Form of Life on Earth No Different

Than A Leaf,
A Tree,


A Forest

Enough, Naked,

Whole, Complete

Yes Still Growing
Free From River
FLoWinG View me…

Other Than That From The Eyes
of A Non-Verbal Child of Three Now Transforming
That Experiencing ALL into Breath of Free Verse Poetry


Happiness Is Gratitude
For God In All That Is
Namaste Dear Savvy🙏😊

Waves Mirror
Ocean Life Free 🌊 🙏

SPiRiT Wind
Love Breathes

Free 💨 🙏

Do Shine Sun
WiTHiN Warms🌞 😊🙏

Every GRaiN
Of Sand NeW
To Color God Ways🙏

What Do i See
Dear Savvy in Your
Free Hand Creativity!!


The Face of God
And What is This Face
of God? Yes! Namaste! Yes!

This Face of God is Creativity

All This Living Tree Shining

Brighter Lights of Colors New

In All the Forms This Essence

Arrives Now New And So Original

Always Changing With Every Inhale
of Peace Exhale of Love We continue Free!


Freeing Our
Minds And Bodies

From Mechanical Cognition Co-Creativity

Breathing Now So Free New At Ease FLoWinG Connecting

Moving Yes Dancing Yes Singing HeARTS SPiRiTs SoULS NoW

New Freeing Butterfly Wings Springing Green Newer Colors From

Older Forms of Cocoons No Longer Tripping Up on One-Hundred
Caterpillar Feet Still Aiming Then For A Lifelong Dream Now oF

So God
Savvy Continue
to Arrive Namaste!
In All New Faces of
Your Creativity Now!..:)

So Much Green And Newer Colors
In the Patio Dream of Your Painting

Dear Summerhillane True A Name

Like That You’ve Chosen
Just Begs For New
Breathing Poetry

All On Its

To Join
In With More Words

Ever Paint in A Flow WHere
Ya Just Go With the Next Stroke

Like You Aren’t Even Behind the Brush

You Are the Brush the Paint And An Empty
Canvas Just Waiting For the Next Breath of
Creativity to Move Your Hand Oh My Goodness

This Is Practically Divine Being in Flow ThiS WaY

Just No WHeRE to Go Yet Exploring So Much More!

Sacred Holy For REAL!

Ya, Know, Ya Feel,

Ya Sense, It’s Easy

For me to Escape

The Cultural Bigger Stories
in All the DarK Thru LiGHT

All Of CuLTuRE Brings From
Religions to Politics And to Philosophies
That Bring Us to Where We aRe Spoon-Fed From
Birth Yet True THere is The Inner Part Within Free of

Us That Truly Shines As We Move Connect And Co-Create

Art Free ThiS Way And Yes A Very Sweet FRiEnD of Mine Who
Lives in Toronto Informed me of Your Three Feet of Snow Surely

This Painting

You Create
With All the
Green And Colors
of Patio Life Spring

Warmth to Your Eyes and
i Surely Hope You Recover Fast
From Covid-19 Whatever Version
Has Acquired You So Far Keep Dreaming

of Spring Keep Creating SeaSons Of Warmth Within

Paint Your
Reality to
True Next Indeed Now New
For Whatever IMaGiNaTioNS
Our Creativities All Our Feelings
And Senses Continue to Bring as
Real As Real Gets What We Feel And Sense Within..:)

Get Well Soon Yet i Realize
You Are Probably Tired of

Folks Telling You What

To Do There Are

So Many Folks
Just Hanging

In THeRe Doing
What Must Be Done

What Must Be Done

Yet True Been THeRE

And Done Done Done

THeRE Are Limits

That Indeed

The Whole
Course of Life
Next to Almost
Nothing And So Much
More Than It Ever Was Before

i’ve Sensed And Felt You Coming
Close Often in the Last Two Years

Yet of Course i Really Have No Idea
Who You Are Except Words Usually

i Will Surmise What’s Next With A
Look In Someone’s Eyes From What i’ve Seen Before
Just Another ‘Autistic Super Power’ Increasing From Birth..:)

Hehe Did i Mention
i Left Money Behind

True i Forgot All About
It As It’s Been Years Since

It Was A Part of Life MaKinG
So Separated


Free Play Now…
Great Advice for
What Counts in
LIfe iNDeed Dear
Chaymaa Yes So


What Has/IS
At All Green Fresh LiFE..:)

SMiLes Dear Hawaii Aloha FRiEnD
Love to Visit Hawaii Yet i’ve Never

Even Flown Hehe Somedays in
Dancing Flow i Feel So LiGHT of

Gravity i Might
Float off A Pier
on the Ocean Front

So Usually i Stay on the
Beach Instead Hehe There Are

Lap Dogs And Aloof Cats In the World
And It’s Truly Sad to See a Dog Who Has


In A Back Yard
Yet Panda Australian
Shepherd Never Lonely
For Companionship This
Way Easy to See in Panda’s EYes indeed

My FRiEnD And True There Are Lap And
Aloof Humans Too It’s Kinda Hard to Imagine

Someone Not Warm Living in Paradise As You

Do As It’s True i Have FRiEnDS in Toronto in Three
Feet of Snow All Trapped Inside Day In Week out

And True it Makes
me Feel Fortunate
Now To Be All Born

Raised And Stayed

In A Paradise That’s Real on Earth too…
SMiLes Keep Spreading Paradise Warmth

Dear FRiEnD…

Ah Yes Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Paradise
Will Be Fleeting
Too Yes Really
Looking Around

At All The Hot

And Cold
Rocks In

Space What
A Miracle We
Even Exist


In This
Sliver This
Real Breath
Of Heaven

Now For
Those With
Blissful Residences New…

“We all have an unspeakable secret,
an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream,
and an unforgettable love, Dear Twin Souls.

Dance naked 🌼🌼❤️❤️❤️”

iNDeeD Dear “Peace And Truth” Your
Poetic Words Wax on Wise With SMiles

All Parts of Existence Make Us Who We aRe
Now Key New AMeNd DarK CReaTinG LiGHT

More Seeing FeeLinG BeinG LoVE iN Peace iNCaRNaTE

Becoming More
Real Every Now
NeW THiS Present

Gift This Breath
iNHaLinG Peace Yes
Giving Sharing Caring Healing All
Yes With Most Respect Least Harm

With SMiLes New of Course Balancing
Divine Feminine of Grace iN BaLaNCinG
Within Foundation of LoVE Real Springing
Greatest Masculine WiLL And Strength Now For

All iN ALL iN True Peace In LoVE iN Peace THeRE
Are No Illusory Fears That Are True Sources oF ALL

Human Weakness

Diluting Love

As Feathers Fall
Off Wings of Angels
Real Still Coming Out oF DarK iNto LiGHT
mY FRiEnD With SMiLES For All As Only

RiSeN Angels Out of DarK With Newer Feathers

For Wings Will Truly Come to See and Feel Be i Am For Real
Yes This Living Tree These Roots Deep Vines of LoVE iN Peace RiSinG Higher

mY FRiEnD DaNCinG Below Above More With SMiLes For All Like the Waitress
From “iHop” Who Notified me That Her Daughter Saw the Way of my Dance

As A ‘Pretty Princess’ Evidence That the Divine Foundation of LoVE iN Peace

Yes The Divine Feminine of Peace In Love Breathes Now As me Through the

Eyes of A Child
Yes Incredibly
Over The
Crude Matter
That is me Hehe🌊

Yes Life Is Ocean
Key Keep Waves
Moving Lower Higher
Way Of Water Air Breathes SPiRiT Wind
HeART SoUL OPen Breathing God iS

LoVE iN Peace Real..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Every Move i Become
The Weight of mY Finger
Tips Even More in Balancing

Dance Becomes FLiGHT

Life Becomes SPiRiT


Life All
From This


Creates Life Song

Balancing Love True Free..:)


“What’s Important?”

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Facing the Spector
of Death Thrice
In Life Yes Seeing

That Last Moment
of Life Apparently
Before me Then

In A Way About As
‘Good’ As Actually Dying
For Soulful Lesson As That

Is Truly Where i Believed i
Am Going Then Yes to me at

Least the Warmth of the Human
Connecting Force of LoVE iN Peace

Yes Is Best Worth
Living For Now New

To Feel And
Sense Fully
Alive to BREaTHE
iN Peace oF LoVE More

THere is Almost Nothing
i Do in Life During my Waking
Hours That Does Not Move
Connect And Co-create in

Some Way at Least

Now With Other
Human Beings
And The Rest of
Nature in Communion New

Quite A Change From Years
Spent in Front of a Screen Yes

At School And Work And At Home

Sadly Yes Just Facing Numbers on
Spread Sheets And Such As That

Maybe Playing A Solo Video Game
or Just A Spectator Watching Other
Lives Participate in Life on Television

So Lost For And From Now What Will Be Warm New
And True And At Least Worth Living For Fully to me..:)

i’m Aligned Somewhat At
Least With Yes The ‘Bruce
Lee School’ on ‘Cancel


Be Water

Just Flow
Dammed Places

Yet At Best You See Dear
Miriam Water is Nobody
Water Only Answers to Gravity

And of Course The Sun And Evaporation

And Getting Frozen As Such And Boiled

Never ‘Mind’

i’ll Be Wind
To Trap in
A Jar or Even
Exist in a Closed Container.:)

Oh God Yes i used to
Be Such A Domesticated
Animal And Ever


i Tore myself

From Those CuLTuRaL

Clothes Yep Literally

AS Such Too

Becoming Feral

Yep Strong as An

Orangutan as Science

Shows Humans Who

Move Enough like me

Public Dancing 17,753

Miles In 113 Months Have

Epigenetic Potential to

Do Like Leg Pressing

Yep Just Warming Up
12 Reps With 1540 Pounds

3 Times More

At 62 Than

53 and At 21 too

And My God Never
Anymore Agape Loving
Or Happier Than This
Moment NoW in
Flow of
Ease More
Now At 62

As Far As Empirical
Measures Of Output
Than Ever Before

Most of The
Battle for Most
Of Folks is Believing

In Couch Potato

Averages As True
i Am Born Weak
Not Able to
Speak Until

Age 4

Overcoming 66 Months
Of The Worst Pain,
Numb, And Darkness

Then From Wake
To Sleep That my
Air Force Major

Dealing with
Horrible Cases
Of Combat Fatigue
Ever Assessed… No

For Recovery

From Any

Don’t Believe
In Couch Potato

Averages i Also

Had the Benefit

Of Knowing
People Defying
All Averages, And
All Previous Human



See A Limit

And Do Something







And When People
Ask Don’t You Ever
Get Cold i



Worn Pants
Since The Year
i Became

Free And
Warm In 2013

Plus i Still Have Fur…

Real Monkeys Don’t


Their Legs

And Chest More
Likely To Swing
From Trees



Greatest of
Ease And Play

Too Bad Sheldon
Cooper’s Show
Ended Before


“Grew Up”…

Rarely People

Do These



iNTo THeir Cold Tools More…

True if You Walk
Long Enough You’ll
Dance Then



Even Moonwalk

Trust Me When

You Fly



Feeling Gravity

In Balance of




We Arrive
To Enough Land
No Longer Owning

And Misfit


Ever More


SMiles In A Casino
Town All The Machines
Hustling And
To Human Beings

A Frigid Pastel
Sunset Beach i
Danced All Alone
Separated By Miles
From Casinos Connecting

To All Of



Ever Palette
Colors New Of

UNiVeRSe Soul Complete

Such As The Glimmer
The Shimmer
Of Streams



For Ever

Starlight Feels Right

True Some Moments

Forever Some Forevers
Moments Never Touched



Now Breath

Of TWiLiGHT Seeing 🌌

For Those Who Are Naked Enough
Whole Complete iN Free Play
They Have It All

For Those
Who Rule
The All
In All



It All For

Free And Do More

No Longer Scaling

A Pyramid




To Create And

Give Away



God Yet

To Love more…

As Science
Shows Most



From The

Within Long
Stories of Social
Neglect And




The Warm
And Cozy

Oxytocin the


Dried Up River


Finding Whatever
Muddy Water


To Quench
Thirst Ever Barren More…

SMiles Dear Soni
Like Sunshine
Quite Brilliant
Indeed Love


No Matter

Where it
Comes The

Gift of Lasting Warmth 🌞

SMiLes Dear Cindy Beautiful Both The Play of the Piano
Strings And The Song of Your Vocal Chords

Coming to Page of Free Poetry

AS HeART Beats Come to

Ivory Keys From Percussion
of Hammers Hitting Strings

How to Romance A

Philosopher Stone
Paint the Stars and
Moon Colors And Spirals
of Van Gogh By Another Name With
No Name And New Style Never Dreamed Before

Yet Coming to Fruition From the Romance of Soul
True There May Be Limits to Income True There May
Be Limits to Years of Life True Eternally Now There is

No Limit For All the New

Colors We May Paint

With Soul Instruments

of Dance And Song of All
That is We Come Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE Colors
New Evernowmore Now Real..:)

SMiLes Dear Vrunda As A Small Child
my Mother Said i Was Always Coming
Up With Some Way to Entertain the Family

So Distant then when she told me that So Emotionally
And Even Sensory Drained From Decades of Under the Gun

At Work to Do Whatever it took to Keep a Job True A Life For
So Many Folks Yet Some Relief With Gifts Like Health Care that

May Not Be So
Easily Lost Between
Jobs Now as There Were
Some Heart Beats Given

to those Not so Fortunate
At Least in the Last Couple
of Decades this way Yet

It’s True it wouldn’t

Have Mattered For

me if i Had A
Smart Phone
in my Hand or Not

As Work Took All the Play
of the Child Away From me
And All i Had Left When Anyone
Asked me What i Have Been Doing

is Two Words Just Working Perhaps
Three Just Working Working That Made

Life Sound More Complete Than the True Empty it Was
And Is Never Now Again And It’s True After Recovering From
Devastating Illness Related From All the Work-Related Stress
Particularly in the Last 11 Years of Work And Even More the
Last Two With Acute Fight or Flight Stress Freezing me in

The Place
of Soul
True No
Zen Free
Just FroZen Then

Finally Like my Mother in Her
50’s An Actual Published Poet
i Gained That Inheritance of
A Poetic Spark of Soul Where

Beginning Reborn My Soul Became an
Instrument With Free Dance And Song

And Every Tuesday Evening Until Shortly
Before She Passed Away in the Last Years of
Her Life She Asked me to Read Some of the “SonG oF
mY SoUL” From Deep Within my Poetic Soul And i Was


As Soul
For Her And
True at Least i Got
to See My Father Before
He Died As A Whole Human
And Several Other Close Relatives
too Otherwise that Emptiness Would
Have Never Been Filled And Felt Then mY FRiEnD

It’s Hard It’s Hard to Be Fully Human When So Many
Cognitions of the Machine the Tools Replace Our Souls
With Stone

As Colors



into the
of A Cog
Just A Part
of The Machine of CuLTuRE..:)

Grief is the Bitter Sweet

Pill Draining Oxytocin

Yet Bringing Dopamine

to Move Us to LiGHT

of New Connections

Lest We

Sit Still
And Don’t
Take the Medicine
Nature Gives Away So Free
SMiLES Dear Chaymaa Art
is Surely A Way to Create
LiGHT out of DarKness
Moving Connecting


Now So Very Free…

SMiLes Wonderful Quotes
On Patience i ReMeMBeR

i am A Wave Both

Water And


And THere

Is No Where
To Wait Now
When Waving SMiLes…

Ah Yes the Lesson
of Human Evolution
Still Classically Evolved

For Focus on One Task Like
The Rest of the Animal Kingdom

Lest We Miss

An Opportunity

As Predator to Eat

Prey or Lose Greater Vision

of the Environment As Whole
While Keeping That Focus And

Getting Eaten By A Predator We
Don’t See The Same Taken Over

By Small Picture

View Focusing

On the Tree
Missing the

Forest For

Our Small

Leaves in a Big Way
Balancing Two Hemispheres
of Mind Hehe Like The Danger
of Focusing on A Smart Phone
While Driving For Just Another
Addiction For A Quick Hit of Dopamine

Literally Risking Our Life Missing The Whole
Forest Otherwise Getting Chopped Down in Only



Leaf View..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy For
me at Least Peace

Comes From

A Free Dance

Love Next

iN A Song Now New
For Loving Existence

Then The Dance And
Song Feet And Hands Come Free

And Now THere is No Separation Then
Tween Mind Body SoUL SPiRiT HeART iN Flow…
Toes Are Fingers Fingers are Toes All LiGHTinG Up

iN Dance




Way Now For
Dancing Singing
Soul So Free Again
B A L A N C iN G FLoW..:)

Thanks Hemalatha
i Breathe to Make Every
Word Free Song Every Move
Free Dance Hehe Not Every


the Music
i Am Listening
to: From: Within🙏😇

Emoji’s Nestling iN Palms 🤗☺️🏝
Paradise LeSSoN 476 Becoming
Essence Of Hugs And SMiles

OF Freedom

Shedding Fronds
Of Peace iN Love

Only Dancing

iN Winter
Dreams ALiVE

SMiLes True Dear Isha
Peace Breathes Within

Providing Meadows and
Mountains To Build Upon

What Colors Life Most
Grains of Sand Holding

Up Human Mountains


Of Love
With SMiLes..:)

Lovely Poem Dear Cindy And Congrats
For Another Publish As You Capture

Truth That Flesh of Love Yes
Must Be Willing to Endure

Scars to Breathe On
Without Becoming



“Too often we underestimate the power of

A Kind Word & Emotions.

A Listening Ear.

A Touch With Right intention.

An Honest Compliment.

A True Proposal.

A Smile of Hope.

A Trust of Togetherness.

The Smallest Act of Caring.

All of which have the potential to turn a life around.”


SMiLes Dear Kiran What A Lovely Poem
From A Lovely Genuine Soul Verily i Will

Share Your Poem Around the World Attributing It
to the Genuine Soul You Are as i Circle the Globe Each

Day Responding Poetically in Essence of SonG oF mY SoUL

i Don’t Look to Form of Human Beings Old Or Young Shape

Or Size Gender or Sexual Orientation Nation or Religion iNDeeD

i Am Always Pleased When i Find Genuine Souls With Free SPiRiTS

And Open
HeARTS UNafraid
to BREaTHE Free
With SoUL Wings
Evolving Higher
And Higher Yes
iN Peace of LoVE
mY FRiEnD my my
So Young in College Still

i Can’t Imagine All the Places
of OPen HeART SoUL And SPiRiT
You Will Go Yet You Will iMaGiNE

And Verily

Fly Even
As You Spread
Your Wings of Creativity
MoRE ALL Feelings and Senses
iNSPiRinG Emotions For Every Form
You Bring to Life As Essence of SoUL

Genuine And Real..:)

Always A Pleasure
Dear Kiran Thank
You With SMiles
Stories Are
The Songs
Of Our Souls
Every one Each
And Every Word
Holding Hands
And Alone
Loving Peace iN Love


HeaVeN CoMeS TiLL iAMaZinGoes

Painted Heaven Fades From:
Love Continues to: Paint…

Shells Mirror…
See Creatures…
Wave.. Breathe…




HoW MaNY CandleS OnE


LeT See

SHaDoW Dancer SinG


SouL SPeaK NoW


Candle Goes Out…

NoT All DanCE SinG NoW

iFeeL YouR LiGHT i SeNSE


When Our Roots Agree with Our
Leaves as Living Trees of Love
We Naturally Fertilize the World

Forest Together Naked Enough Whole Complete


It would be a bit of a Nightmare, if ‘the Beatles’ Were
the only Band that ever existed… And ‘Yesterday’ is

All THere is…

Always my Pleasure
Dear Yeka… Inspiration Now
oF Light Yes Pass Code ❤️ LoVE iN
Peace Yes YouR HoME DeLiGHT New🌈

TRue THere Are Books, Movies, Actors
About Folks Who Present A ‘Greater World
Story of News’ THeNoW THere Are Those Who Do

With An ‘Evil Grin’ She Said i’ve Seen Those
Dancing Legs Then She Admired My Shoes

Watching Daddy Fall Asleep At 44 Watching NASCAR
Snoring Stuff You Don’t Expect to Hear Approaching

60 From A Young Lady Dancing

WaLKinG The Beach at 16 Remembering Daddy And His Lazy
Boy Recliner at 44 Hoping i Never Grow Old YeS Only Loving

Cars And Guns

It Really Comes Down to This
And That Clothed or Not Play
Naked Or Become The Living Dead


‘Maltese Falcon’ Old Man Starving To Death
Compassionate Young Woman Saving Another

Child of God With Her Precious Breast Milk

Yet See ‘That Free Breast Milk’ iS A Difference Between
Having A Flame to Go On to The Next Moment or Not God Bless The Donors

When You’ve Been To A Bottom oF A Pool Ya Don’t Shy Away From Saving

Others Drowning No Matter What IT Takes For Another Breath

No Doubt Those Who Experience More Of Humanity’s Spectrum Come To
Understand How DarK Makes LiGHT Makes DarK One NaKeD GoD PLaY

What Does A Child Do PlayS A Way to Explore the World Free What Does

CuLTuRE Do Most Yes Takes That Way of Play Exploring Away

Dear Sohair
With SMiles
oF iNCLuSioN
LoVE iN Peace
Peace In Love All (God)

A Definition of God in Art is Present
Well Before We Order What God Must
Be Or Do Other Than Wings on A Free Bird

SMiles Dear Sohair
The Person Who
Loves All



A Place
To Rest


SoUL Whole

By Very

i Will Never Now


By Any
Or Cover
Of one Book Alone

Yet Never The Less
i Find Myself Naked

Enough Whole

Complete Yes
In Tradition As
Well As i Rest

Naked Enough
Whole Complete
With Clothes Of

(LoVE iN Peace)

With SMiles☺️🌹🏝

iNDeeD Dear Sohair
EVerY iNHaLinG
Breath Of Peace
EXHaLinG Love
For All With Most
Respect And Least

Is Miracle
And Gift Now
Of Humanity
Real To Give
Share Care
Heal New

FoR ReaL
iN JoY

iF ThiS Way
Of Life Makes
me Odd Will So Be i Am

“What’s Important?”

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Facing the Spector
of Death Thrice
In Life Yes Seeing

That Last Moment
of Life Apparently
Before me Then

In A Way About As
‘Good’ As Actually Dying
For Soulful Lesson As That

Is Truly Where i Believed i
Am Going Then Yes to me at

Least the Warmth of the Human
Connecting Force of LoVE iN Peace

Yes Is Best Worth
Living For Now New

To Feel And
Sense Fully
Alive to BREaTHE
iN Peace oF LoVE More

THere is Almost Nothing
i Do in Life During my Waking
Hours That Does Not Move
Connect And Co-create in

Some Way at Least

Now With Other
Human Beings
And The Rest of
Nature in Communion New

Quite A Change From Years
Spent in Front of a Screen Yes

At School And Work And At Home

Sadly Yes Just Facing Numbers on
Spread Sheets And Such As That

Maybe Playing A Solo Video Game
or Just A Spectator Watching Other
Lives Participate in Life on Television

So Lost For And From Now What Will Be Warm New
And True And At Least Worth Living For Fully to me..:)


SMiLes Dear Savvy
What A Wonderful
Life It is Believing

In Others

New From
Below to
Above For
Souls Evolving

GRoWinG NoW As
Meadows BRinG

Finding Unique
MuSiC iN Each
And Every Human
And Rest of Nature True
Yes Namaste As You May
Dance And Sing As Well With SMiLes..:)

CLoSeR We aRe NaTuRE NeW NoW
Naked Enough Whole Complete
More Human We BeCoMe As
Nature It’s
Just The Way
NaTuRE Works
So BeLoW All Around ReaL

Peace Exists Life
Is Joy Thanks Dear
Kiran With SMiles☺️🙏🏝

SMiLes Dear ‘Peace and Truth’
Thanks For The 9 Hearts What
Tesla The Dude Hehe And Not
The Electric Car Company Suggests

Is A Divine Number 9 That Rules The UNiVeRSE

Along with Secrets of DiViNiTY That Come With Holy
And Sacred Numbers 3, 6, and 9 So Yeah Thanks For

The 396 too
With Double
Small a’s Followed By Double
Slash Over Two Six Pointed
Stars Corresponding With Key
Board Numbers Below 8 Standing

TaLL Of Course
Out of Horizontal
Position For Real

Synergies of Energies
Vibrations Frequencies

of God MuSiC Everywhere

To ‘B’ Now As You Also Suggest too…

A Key to Heaven is MaKinG All Parts
Whole Holy And Sacred For Real Full
Of Meaning

Unique to Us
All For ReaL
Thanks Dear
FRiEnD i Continue
to Enjoy the Eclectic
Poetry You Share Around
The World Touching Many
Parts of Humanity THiS Way

Whoa! Indeed i’ve Experienced
Some Raw Diamonds Dear Kiran

Sharp to the Touch Indeed

Cutting Edge as ‘They’
Dance and Sing

Both Ways

True Though
33 Years is Not Long
Enough For An Anniversary

With the One You’d Take A Bullet For

Or Nagging Hehe Every Day of Your Life to Love

Oh What We Do When Love is Real And True With SMiLes..:)

SMiLes Dear Cindy Thanks For Sharing
Your Cat Ollie With Us And of Course

Your Lovely Poem
With Highlights
Of Youth
As You Wig
Your Way ACross
The Years With SMiLes

For All Adventures Life Brings
To Play as i Love to Dance and

Sing Naked Enough Whole Complete
iN PLaY As Well Free As A Bird on a Wing

The Wind
With Gravity
All in All Weight
of A Feather Again
SPiRiT Wind Free Just

Another ‘Forrest Gump’
Adventure Just Be Cause
Life Feels Great to Be i Am..:)

Darkness Hard to Escape
Lightness Difficult to Embrace

Life in All
Its Reflections

DarK Thru LiGHT
iNDeeD Dear Miriam

This ReaLiTy

Cold FroZen
And Warm Yet

Not Always to Touch..:)

SMiles Beautiful
Coming Weekend
To You Dear Kiran☺️🏝

GoD iS A WinG oN A Bird
Becoming Wind FRiEnDS
With Gravity Perfecting Life to Breathe

True Others Believe in An Idol God of
Human Abstract Constructs Somehow


They Will Fly
Greater Than
A Bird On Wings
Becoming One With Wind
And FRiEnDS With Gravity
Perfecting Life to BREaTHE Even more…

And Even Tell God How God Must Fly Free;

True, Unless i Become That Bird And Wings And Wind
The Air i BREatHE A Lesser God i Will Be Than Bird On Wings Wind Free…

Hmm, About Half the World Believes in a God of Words By Story Told;

Hmm About the Other Half And So Much More

Lives God More As


Greater FRiEnDS
With Gravity And
The Rest of Nature in Balancing
Force of Peace iN LoVE That is No
Force At All

Just Balance

Just Peace

Just Loving
Life As is God to Be i Am…

Seriously, If Ya Can’t Find God
On A Beach Naked Enough Whole
Complete With No Words And Only

Foot Prints to
Be Obviously

Part oF iT ALL,

God is Not Real
And Only WordS iN A Book
MiSSinG The MarK of Nature
iN OTheR Such Make Believe of Human
Abstract Constructs Alone And Truly Dead.

On The Other Hand, Symbols May Become Sugar
Pills Real in Magnificent Placebo Effect As It’s True

Not Unlike What the Great Band ‘Styx’ Suggested in
‘Pieces of Eight’ And ‘Lords of the Ring,’ ‘To the magic
and mystery they bring to the music in their story,’ It’s the Hope

The Faith
The Essence

The Loving Life

of the Placebo
Sugar Pill Effect

of the Stories That May
Yes Bring Giving Sharing
Caring Healing More As
Well With Most Respect
And least Harm for All

Yet of Course THere is DarKeR
And LiGHTeR, Ya May Find A ‘Good
Cop Jesus’ in a ‘New Testament Beatitude’
Flavored With Peace and Love Or Again By
The End of ‘Matthew’ One ‘Literally’ Who Psychopathically
Leaning Tortures Parts of Creation Forever Without Abate…

Which Ever Jesus As Sugar Pill of Placebo or Voodoo of Nocebo

Folks Come to Find and Do; Or Whatever Other Symbol Used As

Voodoo too

Is Mostly Flavored
By Our Experiences

In Life And Whatever

Hallucinations of Life We Co-Create Next
As Modern Neuroscience ShowS iNDeeD

We Co-Create Our Stories of Life And With
That Come Symbols of God’s of Dreams and
Nightmares too

Path Humans
Will Create Next
Solo and ToGeTHeR Real…

i’m Not Waiting For A Dirt
Nap For Heaven Within i
Co-Create This Reality Within;

i Give Share Care and Heal it All
Away For Free Yet of Course It’s

Not A World All Are Able to Meet And Greet With SMiles

As Two People Sitting at A Bus Stop May Experience Heaven
And Hell Together

Yet real
As Real Gets…

Sort of Like ‘Pink Floyd’
And Their Lament of
‘Wishing You Were Here…’

More Than Likely Associated
With the Inner Hell they Witnessed
‘Syd Barrett’ Going Through Then Yes

As The Light Glimmering ERaSinG From His Eyes; Yes,

The ‘DarK Side of the Moon,’ i’ve Staycationed Too As Well…

Oh How Wonderful it is to Shine Sun Within Again on Moon’s Who ‘See’…

You’ll Never likely Fully Understand Sacred and Holy Text Until Ya ViSiT ‘the Places’



Particularly, if You
Are Fortunate Enough

To Return

A ‘Sentient God’ For Real

Never iMPRiSoNeD NoW Alone
iN A Book i Am ‘Wind’ FREE ReaL..:)

SMiLes Dear Shreya What A Pleasing
Narrative Voice You Have Not too Stilted
And Technical Sounding A Flavor of Emotions

That Naturally Comes From A Song of A Voice Still Breathing

As Well
As ‘Stilted
Intellect’ Hehe…

Yeah It’s True Increasingly
The ‘Real World’ Is Becoming
Digitized as the Analog World
of Reality Fades Away More into

The Tools Humans Create and Become
First Words and Now 6 Inch Screens Lost

From the Horizon

Not Understanding

We Have Become
Both the Guinea Pigs
And Scientists of this
“Brave New World’s Experiment”

That Truly Is Only Becoming Weaker
With Less Art in HeART And smART
And Even Lost From Love of EartH
With All Five Senses And Unlimiting
Other Feelings and Senses in Synergy

That Make up continually New Creations
of Emotions We Actually Feel and Sense of
Life Fully From Head to Toe True This is What

Happens When We Become ‘Avatars’ Separated From Nature

Spoon Fed A Digitized Life on Screens Almost From Birth For Yes It is true

We Are More Than Just Eyes and Ears of Intellect in Word Thinking Alone

We Are Wings of Birds And Climbing Dances Free Still of Furry Creatures With Souls

More Than
What’s Left
Over When
Art is Removed
From heART smART
eARTh and Even Part

Yep Basically S And M
eh and P as Even God Becomes A ‘HE’…

Tools Are Great As Long As We Master
Them And Don’t Become Mastered By Them

And Become As Small As A Six Inch Screen With Word Think
As Science Shows What We Believe is Us Our Thinking Mind
Only Comprises About Half of A Percent of Our Human Experiences

of Total Mind

And Body
Being Yes

You Seem Very
Intelligent i Suggest
The Research of Iain McGilchrist

Particularly on YouTube Commercial
Free in 18 Volumes So Far If You are
Interested in What Makes Humans Tick

Who Gives a Really Great Explanation
How Our Minds Work in Processing
Reality Now For Real by Hemispheres

the Left One Grasping At And Materially
Reducing Reality into Limited Order

And Limited Emotions Also

Mostly Related to Control
Fear Anger and All Stuff Related to Hate

Yet the Other More Divine Limitless and Silent

No Longer Reducing Reality So Much Becoming Birds With
Wings Truly Seeing the ‘Overview Effect’ and Affect of All That is

When i Was Shut-in my Bedroom in a Synergy of Life Threat With
19 Medical Disorders for 66 Months Online Provided an Escape for
What Science Identifies is the Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia No Drug Would Touch For me From Wake to Sleep…

i Didn’t Even Want A Cell Phone or Even a Pager at Work Before Then i Wasn’t
the one to Fear Human Interaction or Moving so Much i Couldn’t Visit the Co-worker

in the Next
Office to me Hehe

Stuck Behind A Screen
For the Last 33 Months of
That Stuck Between my Ears
Before i Could Tolerate What Felt like
A Dentist Drill in my Right Eye and Ear
No Drug Would Touch i Found Out What

Use it Or Lose it Means in Life if We Quit Moving
Connecting and Co-Creating In Actual Nature We

Become Separated and Develop NDD Nature Deficit Disorder

Yes Separated From the Full Nature of Being Human And The Rest of Nature too

in the United States Even in Harvard Level Colleges Students report Levels of Life
Limiting Depression at 40 Percent and Life Limiting Anxiety at 60 Percent And Young
Folks Are Assessed as 8 Scale More Depressed Now Than they Were in the Actual

‘Depression’ in the
United States Last
Century as When We

Escape Our Human Natures
And the Rest of Nature We Escape
Who We Even Are As Part of the Earth All Natural

It’s True Humans Have Become Relics of the Future mY FRiEnD

When a Movie Titled ‘Avatar’ Becomes More Realistic Than Living

We’ve Lost

Who We

Even Are With SMiLes

Humans Lost in Future Museums…

Note: Science Assesses the Average
Human Attention Span Now Less than
A Gold Fish Less Than 3 Seconds Even in A Military
Gym With A Source of So Many Quick Hits of Dopamine
A Six Inch Screen Delivers There isn’t Even the Attention

Span to Stay
Focused on

A Work Out to
Become Stronger

to Move in A Three Dimensional World

‘Soma’ As ‘They’ Say Delivered in a 6 Inch Screen

Obviously i’ve Escaped That Considering the Twitter
And Tik Tok Length of this Comment on Your Blog Hehe…

Yet Note This Tool i Master It is my Slave to Deliver my
Soul Free in Avatar Words Yet i May Dance Away Sing

Naked Enough
Whole Complete

iN Play One
With Nature Free

As A Bird on a Wing
Still Climbing Dance
Living Tree Leaf Roots Vines Singing
Dancing ‘Groot’ On Terrestrial Land i am…

Oh Yeah And At the Military Gym at Age 62
i Warm Up With 699 Kilograms Leg Pressing 12 Reps
With All of my 111 Kilograms of Body Weight in Balance

Weight of
my Finger Tips
As A Foundation
of Loving Grace in Balance
Removes All Fears And Sets Us
Free Yes FRiEnDS With Gravity

Maximum Will And Strength God
Yes As Divine Feminine Holds
Hands With Divine Masculine

For Real Alive Breathing

WiTHiN to Give Share
Care Heal With Most
Respect Least Harm
For All iN JoY oF LiGHT
iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE

For Real For Real For Real God Yes

What A 6 Inch Screen
Alone Will Never

Do Yet Perhaps

Poetry When
The Screen
is Only Used
As Tool For
Avatar Soul Words to Become
Alchemically in Metaphor Transformed Organic Alive

What Good Is An iRobot World Without Souls Without

SoulS iNDeed…:)

Forever SMiles
i Keep my Promises
Dear Rafiah FRiEnD…

33 Years Of Marriage
On 2.21.2023


Of Waves
Calm Ocean
Of Love Dear
Rafiah All SOS 🛟
Raft Boats Staying

Inflating With Peace

Love a
Of Lifting
Souls Below Above
Scars Tears Fears

Make Joy Of


So Real❤️☺️🏝

SMiLes Dear Savvy
What A Wonderful
Life It is Believing

In Others

New From
Below to
Above For
Souls Evolving

GRoWinG NoW As
Meadows BRinG

Finding Unique
MuSiC iN Each
And Every Human
And Rest of Nature True
Yes Namaste As You May
Dance And Sing As Well With SMiLes..:)


Beyond All Labels

People Assign to

Human Being Beyond

All Materially Reduced

Ways of Our Bodies and Minds

Yes Before All Limitations Sealing

of Humanity
Greater Than
Any Naysayer Brings

All Our Human Potentials

For Most All The Ways Folks
in my Life Said i Wouldn’t Survive

And Thrive i Still Do More Than Ever Before

For Similar Reasons Hawks Don’t Fall From

Skies And Monkeys Don’t Fall From Trees

i Continue to Fly and Climb Every Day

A Move Higher A Word of Song New

As All Becomes Newer Holy and
Sacred Moves And Words in

Dance And Song Free

A New Creation
Still Coming

With Every
Breath of
Human Potential New
Now With SMiLes Dear Savvy

Replacing Can’t With Every Day Do SMiLinG
And As Far As Hemisphere Processing in Ways
of Human Mind and Body Soul Balancing “Iain
McGilchrist” With 18 Commercial Free Volumes
on YouTube Provides a Most Modern Assessment

of How Our Minds Process Reality Now From Left to
Right And Right to Left Hemispheres as In All Stuff New

Yang and Yin Key is Using Rather Than Losing in Balance For Real So Many
Potentials So very little Used Just For Not Journeying to New Worlds to Explore

By SouL

Left Right
Above Yes So
Below Within
Inside Outside
And All Around More..:)

For All Bells Toiling

iN Turmoil For All
Who Becomes
Employed THiS Way

For Those Who STiLL
Have A Childhood
All The Toys That

Bring Warmth

Dear Miriam

Beyond All Dreams

For All Those Still
Remembering Play
In Adulthood to Become

A Child Without Worry Again

Yet Surely A Golden Age At Any
Age New Now When the Gold At
Ends of the Rainbows Becomes Yes

As Warmth
Healing Within
For Real Anxiety
And Pain Just Fading
Away into Oblivion as

Play Naturally Slays Fear

And Even Pain Yes if ‘Wax on
Wax Off’ Becomes A Practice of PLaY iN LiFE
For It’s True A Hawk Rarely Falls From Skies
A Monkey Rarely Falls From Trees KeY iNDeeD

Day New
Practice Yes
Now to Keep
From Falling Real

Ah Yes And Blogging
Poetry And Other Arts
All Naturally Yes Therapy
to Ascend and Transcend
All Distance Space Time
And A “Matter With Things”

That Anxiety Pain And Yes
Other Wise Depression Rings..:)

SMiles Sunra Rainz
Without Creavity
River Being


Desert Up

From Living Waves☺️
Water Ocean Whole Breath🏝

Ah Yes Dear Kiran

When Chopping Wood

Learning to Chop With The

Grain So Blades Will Not Dull Nearly As Fast

Hehe It’s Like Dancing Free Becoming FRiEnDS With

Gravity AS LoW Becomes High “Twinkle Toes” YeS Hehe
(Like ‘Fred Flintstone Bowling’ Yet True You Might Have to
Google That Phrase on Youtube Far Away in India to View It)

No Longer Touching


Land With So Much
Force Practically

Planet Spiraling
Around Stars Above
Below And Meanwhile

Hehe The Tread Does Not
Wear Down on my Athletic
Shoes Nearly As Much No Longer

Feeling Many Minor Injuries in Balancing

Force As Gravity Becomes Force to Work For me

Wind Becomes me Free
FLoWinG So Much More Yes

All oF NaTuRE BeCoMinG TRusTinG FaitH..:)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Ego Labels
Grasps Controls And Measures

True Yang of Existence Often

Mostly Left Hemisphere

Mind Processing

On the Other Hand
Hehe Yes The Left YiN oNe

Yes More Right Hemisphere
of Mind The Soul is The Big Picture

With No Separation From the Whole

The Soul Breathes All of Existence in

Free iN Peace
At Best Exhaling
LoVE iN Flow So Free

Soul River


Hehe Yet Both

Order and Art is

Necessary For Survival

So Ego Is A Necessary
Part of Soul ThiS Way

At Best We Create A

Loving Peaceful Way

Of Art As Our Ego For Real

The Way i ‘Look’ At It As My Finger
(Feeling Sensing Beyond All Words)
Tips Become All The Weight of my
111 Kilograms of Body in Balancing

Peace of LoVinG

FRiEnDS With


Ego Flows With
Soul Feathers God Yes
Come to Wings to Breathe So Very Free iN Art of ReASoN

Yet Of COuRSE THiS iS Only My Style of Zen Ego With SoUL SMiLes

And Song
Free oF mY SoUL
Comes to BREaTHE Most

Yet Somedays i Count The
Words Just For Metrics to

MeASuRE Distance From: Ego to: Soul Hehe..:)

SMiLes It’s Been Almost Ten Years Since
i First Received A Poetic Spark Way Back
on February 28, 2013 Providing

Perspective of Who i am
Deepest Within Just

Doing my Best
to come Out of
the DarK iNto the
LiGHT Colleen Loose Leaf Notes

True i Found Myself Scattering in
Leaves of Words Empty Shells Building

A Brand New
Creative Soul
Perhaps Another
Hemisphere of
Mind Finally

Coming Online
Hehe Both Literally
And Figuratively Real

From What Seemed
Like A Divided Mind

A Cog in the Mechanical
Cognition That Western Civilization

Brings As Only “A Matter of Things”

Oh The Beauty

To Find Sea Life

BacK iN Empty

Shells of Soul

Oh The Freedom

Of Being A Beach

Just A Leaf Building

New Trees Free Without

Worrying How High Or Low


Sky Above
Below As


Free as Me…

Anyway in A Whim
i Return to Places

i’ve Been

As Wind
Breezes Through
Free With SMiLeS AGAiN…

PaN aS Eternal Child A Soul Still

Young Naked Enough Whole Complete

Even More
To BREaTHE Free…

Other Than That i Never
Forget A Soul Who Is
Kind to me Coming Out of DarK Before…

Yes i Still Remember Your Kind Words

When Words of Those

By Others

Were So

Rare in
DarK mY FRiEnD..:)


Clever Fox
Graceful Moves
Conserving Every
Calorie When Frogs

And Mice
No Longer

For Fuel To Breathe
At Best We Feed The
Worms Aerating Soul
Soils For Green to Come Again

Dear Kim..:)

Every Word A Leaf Yes
Creating A New Tree

Oh to Be Human

With iMaGiNaTioN

Free Such A Miracle
To BREaTHE Creativity Real…

Dear Sunra
Rainz With SMiLes..:)

SMiles Dear msjadeli
Thanks For Your Kind
Welcome To Commune
in Soul Of Poetry

How Deep

Vine Free

Always A Pleasure
To Visit Your Gifts☺️🏝🙌

SMiles msjadeli

So True ‘The Great Mother’
Never Provides A Copyright

For How She WeedS and FLoWeRS

For Her Gifts aRe ALWayS UNiQuE

Original Non-Repeatable At Best Every Human

Breath iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN FLoW

From ‘The Tao’
BRinGS From Within Free Art Yes

Nature’s Breath Winging Feathering
And Always New to Wilt Or Bloom Now

As Winter Alternates With Spring in Our
North Florida Emerald Green Gulf Coast

Yet The Water The Waves The Ocean Gulf

Remain Emerald Green With Sugar White Sand

Beach Snow Hot To Touch in Summer Breath

It’s Not Hard
to Find This
Great Mother
At The Beach
Open Arms Year
Around LoVinG Peace

Could Be Different in Dried
Up Deserts i Suppose Where
Humans Come to Believe They
Are the Tallest Creature in Existence to Breathe
Oh This Living Tree All The Branches And Leaves
Spreading Roots Below As Vines Grow Even More

Water All
Falling From
Skies of Life

Just This
Gift Yes
Naked New Now
Enough Whole Yes
Complete Always
Evolving More As
Winter Brown Becomes Spring
Green Again Summer FLoWeRS

CoLoRinG NeW Again
Roots FLoWeRinG Now Yes
With Human SMiLes True to Be i Am…

When i Respond ThiS Way At Best it Seems
Like it Might Be A ‘Given’ How Much Credit

It is to the Poetry

of YouR Soul

That inspires

Mine In this
Breath Yes of
Life iNHaLinG
Peace Exhaling
LoVE Free New Now Yet Like

The Great Mother Yes Nah No
Need to Provide A Copy Right
Of What i Do as i Don’t Own
The Nature of Who i Am i only

To Exhale For Free…

It’s Amazing How Much
We Will Accomplish in Loving Life
If We Never Own it And Give It All Away Free…

iN Flow Now New With

Not Unlike

‘The Tao’


Breathes Free At Best..:)

“How Can Decent People Behave Callously?”

This Question Has Literally “Plagued” me From
Small Childhood, Sitting in the Back of A ‘Protestant

Church,’ Listening to A Raging Dude, Who Sounded Like

He Was Mad at Being Born; Yelling at the Congregation That

For All of Those Who Do Not Believe in An All Merciful,

Loving, Forgiving The Enemy, Turning the Other

Cheek God-man; ‘They’ Shall Burn in

Hell-Fire Forever and Ever
With No Escape; God Yes,

Truly Making “Hannibal The Cannibal”
in “Silence of the Lambs,” Look Like A Relative ‘Saint;’

Of Course That Was Back in the 60’s, in my Childhood,
Well Before ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’ Came to Life in A Story on

The Big Screen Then in “Silence of the Lambs;” Apt Metaphor Though,

For the Condition of the Human Condition Still At Hand; People Bond and

Bind over Stories, Dark and Light, And All the Symbols Those Stories Bring to Life For Them.

People Bond and Bind Over Common Stories Dark and Light to Stick Together For Survival;

And Even Thriving With the Warm Human Social Bonding Neurohormone Oxytocin That Heals

Anxiety and Pain For Real That The Sugar Pills of Stories Actually Bring to Life Organically and Real

Within to Give,
Share, Care,
And Heal For Real;

So Even Though That Idea

Sounds Totally ‘Nuts’ to Someone
like me With a Very Systemizing Mind

For the Logic (Logos) of Love, All Merciful And Forgiving

Could Not Possibly Harm Any Part of Existence Forever to be True;

It’s Like Duh;

That’s Got to be

The Biggest Lie Ever

iMaGiNeD By Humankind;

Yet Paradoxically, A Sugar Pill

That is Also Voodoo in Nocebo Effect;

As People Come to Cherish the After Life More

Than the Before Death and After Birth, With A Carrot Promise

of Paradise in A Dirt Nap After or Before The Dirt Nap Lie of Hell;

It’s Like Female Genital Mutilation;

Dear Lord, The Potential Nightmares
of Human Callous Behaviors Coming to DarK iN LiGHT

As Even Many Women Who Endure the Procedure of Losing
Their Pleasure Organ Driving Them to Reproduce at Core of What

Surviving Even Means, Proclaiming Great Self-Esteem in Group Bonding and
Binding of Warmth in Oxytocin Ways, Even Though Ecstasy of Creating Life

May Be Cut Away… Yes Folks,

This is the Human Condition, YucK;

That Includes ‘Religion,’ With or Without
A So-Called God; All the Stories And Symbols
That Bond and Bind Humans Together to Get the

Jobs of Surviving Done With or Without the Ecstasy of Pleasure;

And Additionally, in Environments of Scarcity For Resources, This Includes

Tribal Conflicts Both Inside and Outside of Smaller and Larger Groups of Humans,
Binding and Bonding in Traditional Ways to Stick Together, No Matter DarK or LiGHT

Ways of Behavior Together That May Benefit Some And Harm Others Up to Death And

Killing in Wars; Along The Path of Raping And Pillaging to Gather Up Resources For Subsistence

And Reproduction As Well to Enhance the All Hands Effort to Survive at Base ‘Snake Brain’ Level of Existence.

It’s Why in the Rainforest, We See Cooperative Groups And Groups of Cannibals too; It’s a Matter of ‘Religion’

And Environments of Abundance or Scarcity; Human Beings Have the Potential With Culture And What Bonds And
Binds for Religion to Create Great Dreams and Callous Nightmares of Culture That Benefits Some And Harms Others

As ‘Well’ too;

The Group Think
Determines the Path Ahead;

It Took me a Long While to Figure Out
Why The Onward Christian Marching Soldier
Boys Spit on me For Being Joyful as A Child With SMiles;

i Didn’t Have A ‘Big Daddy,’ Taking Away my Empathy And Compassion for Others, Different;

So, one Day i Might Be A ‘Big Man’ And Fight to the Death in Unwarranted Wars Like Vietnam too;’

Or On the Other Hand, Wars for Survival And Freedom too For Real; Rare They Are ‘These Days’ Yet
Human Potential they still are.

Sadly, in An Era of Greater
LoVE iN Peace; Wars Have
Been Manufactured along the
Way For Material Profits and Power;

And in Doing So, The Religion Remained

of A Tribal God Readying Those To Kill Members
of Their Same Species to Take What They Have to Survive.

We Don’t LiVE iN A Desert Anymore; Yet Even in Relative Paradise,

Some Folks Seem to Still Believe they Do; And The Real Conundrum
Is Abundance Can Harm the Mental Health of a Real Organic Starving Soul

As Much As
Yes Material
Scarcity as Well;

Pull the Lever ‘Monkey’

One More Time; Yet it’s Worth

Noting That Rats Who Have Established
A Variety of Ways For Struggling For Dopamine in

Reinforcement ‘in the Wild Naked Enough Whole Complete’
Don’t Get Addicted to ‘Cocaine of
Life’ Delivered ThiS Way; Yes,

All Domesticated AS Such

In Instant Gratification;

Fortunately, i Was Outcast

And Found My Own Ways

to Master The Within of me;

Eventually Finding ‘The Call of the Wild Again;’

Yes, To Still Be Kind to Others Along the Way;

As Wild Wolves Typically Do More Than One’s
Domesticated More By Penned in Sheep Lunch;

When You Generate Your own Happiness, there
is Not Much Anyone, in a Peaceful Society at Least,

May Add To or
Subtract From You;

And This is Key; God Yes,

People Who Are Empty Within,

Will Do Just About Anything to Feel and
Fill That FroZen Place Within; And Yes That

Includes the Neurochemicals and Neurohormones of
Misery Loves Company With The Emotions of Fear,
Anger, And Hate Bring as Science Shows People

Will Become
Yuck, Addicted

to Fear, Anger,
And Hate, If They Are
Far Away From Experiencing
Pro-Social Emotions That Come

From Warm Cooperative Relationships

That Lift Each Other Up, Instead of Tear Each Other Down;

There Are Many Reasons, Otherwise Decent People Behave

Callously; And A Biggest ‘Reason’ As Science Shows Now in Terms
of Neuroscience is that Humans Basically Hallucinate Their Realities

As they Go, Based on Experiences They Basically Hallucinate Creating the

Stories of Their Realities Before; And Most Every So-Called Rational Decision
in Word Think, Is Preceded

First By A Synergy
of Feelings and Yes

Senses That Make
Up Our Emotions

That Direct Most All We Do
in Life First, Before We Make

Up Reasons For What We Come to Do Next;

At Best Learning From the Past And Not Repeating

The Same Old Stories That Lead to Misery Loves Company of Discontent…

Yet It Really Doesn’t ‘Matter,’ Until You Find A Way to Regulate Your Emotions
And Senses First; As Again, Happy Body Makes Happy Mind From Head to Toe Real in Balance.

In Other Words,

That Aren’t Words;

Don’t Discount The Dances
That Brings the Songs of Life For Real….

A Free Dance in All the Ways Humans Move
Come To Regulate Emotions and Integrate Senses;

Yes, It’S How Little Children Move With ‘Happy Feet,’ With No Instructions at All, So Originally;

And Non-Sense Babbling Songs Coming Free That Only Express A Joy of This Breath Newly Now;

It’s So Ironic, When Folks Ask, “Why Would You Do Such A Thing For No Reason;”

Well, BE Cause

It is the Emotions
First in Regulating
Them New Now Along with
Senses That Generate Most All the Reasons Still to Come…

A Greatest Poverty of Humanity is Not Mastering the ‘Within’…. FIRST.

Let’s Face It Hehe; God Yes,

Buddhists Often Make
The Best ‘Christians’
And In Many Cases
As Well the Best Lovers
of the Rest of Nature in Peace and Balance too;

Why? They Come to Meditation In Ways of Autotelic
Flow That Generate A Conscious and Subconscious Being i Am

of Peace
iN Love
In Peace for Real;

i’ve Sampled The World
Religions As A Participant
Anthropology Observer All Around
The Globe in 11.3 MiLLioN Words of Poetic Responses
To Others; Yes, Sampled From All Around The World
iN 113 Months; Plus All the Other 3 MiLLioN or So
Words First, On the Wrong Planet Since
Thanks Giving Day of 2010, Trying
to Escape a Real Suicide Disease Then

To Frigging Come Back to Life Without A
Memory of Feeling A Smile At All; And What

i’ve Come to Find

Is ‘They’ Will Feel
And Sense; Yes,

Also KNoW

We aRe Human,

By Our Peace iN LoVE iN Peace
Within to Give, Share, Care, Heal
For All With Most Respect and Least Harm;

iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT;
A Free Meditating iN Flow Dance And Song Will Bring Free

As the EYes
of A Child

Sees And Does
to Be i Am LoVE iN Peace Freer too…

i Lived 66 Months Without the Memory
of How a SMiLe Feels; i Understand WHere

to Generate

Heaven or

Hell; Yep,

With Or Without
A Genuine Warm SMiLe For Real;

i Don’t Waste my Days With Frowns
or Nothingness of Hell Any More…

It’s What A Real Devil iN Hell Learns
Most to Rise Up, And Not Go Back
THeRE Again…

Nah, People

Who Really

Go to Hell,

Don’t Send
Anyone THere
As They’ve Already
Met the Enemy Soundly

Defeated Within.

WHeRE All That’s

Left Right

iS A Cheshire
Cat SMiLe iN Life…

A Better World Starts Within;

A Worse World Ends Within And STarTS AGAiN Better…

It’s New; An Always Now Process; i Am Only Human; THere is
No Ending Practices Of Truly Living to Stay Above the Surface of The DarK Ocean BeLow…

Catholic Mass Readings From January 22, 2023 Close
to The 3 AM Hour Indeed When Creativity May Flow

Freest Almost

Like MaGiC iNDeed
By 3:33 Am or So As such

Anyway Some Thing About DarK Makes LiGHT

LiGHT Comes From DarK And When It Does of Course

People Among Us Do See and Come To Be Great LiGHT Real

Yes LoVE iN Peace
A Free Give Share
Care and HeaL A Way

To Paradise Different Same
All DarK Thru LiGHT For Real

Marrying the Night Merrying The
Day All Becomes Integral Whole
Balancing Now Forever More
New Now Yet You See That
iS Only For me to Sign
Seal And Deliver As

The Apple of mY Eye
For Real i Surely Don’t
Expect to Convince Most
Folks to Go To Heaven Newly Now

As It is Already A LoSinG ProPoSiTioN
For Those Who Believe That Real Purgatory
Hell and Heaven Doesn’t Really Exist Within Now For Real…

Anyway if You Are Gonna Go By A Book Luke 17:21 Spells It
Out And John 14:12 CarrieS oN More Human Potential to Be And Do Real..:)

Reading 1, Isaiah 8:23-9:3
23 For is not everything dark as night for a country in distress? As the past humbled the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, so the future will glorify the Way of the Sea, beyond the Jordan, the territory of the nations.

1 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; on the inhabitants of a country in shadow dark as death light has blazed forth.

2 You have enlarged the nation, you have increased its joy; they rejoice before you as people rejoice at harvest time, as they exult when they are dividing the spoils.

3 For the yoke that weighed on it, the bar across its shoulders, the rod of its oppressor, these you have broken as on the day of Midian.

Responsorial Psalm, Psalms 27:1, 4, 13-14
1 [Of David] Yahweh is my light and my salvation, whom should I fear? Yahweh is the fortress of my life, whom should I dread?

4 One thing I ask of Yahweh, one thing I seek: to dwell in Yahweh’s house all the days of my life, to enjoy the sweetness of Yahweh, to seek out his temple.

13 This I believe: I shall see the goodness of Yahweh, in the land of the living.

14 Put your hope in Yahweh, be strong, let your heart be bold, put your hope in Yahweh.

Reading 2, First Corinthians 1:10-13, 17
10 Brothers, I urge you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, not to have factions among yourselves but all to be in agreement in what you profess; so that you are perfectly united in your beliefs and judgements.

11 From what Chloe’s people have been telling me about you, brothers, it is clear that there are serious differences among you.

12 What I mean is this: every one of you is declaring, ‘I belong to Paul,’ or ‘I belong to Apollos,’ or ‘I belong to Cephas,’ or ‘I belong to Christ.’

13 Has Christ been split up? Was it Paul that was crucified for you, or was it in Paul’s name that you were baptised?

17 After all, Christ sent me not to baptise, but to preach the gospel; and not by means of wisdom of language, wise words which would make the cross of Christ pointless.

Gospel, Matthew 4:12-23
12 Hearing that John had been arrested he withdrew to Galilee,

13 and leaving Nazara he went and settled in Capernaum, beside the lake, on the borders of Zebulun and Naphtali.

14 This was to fulfil what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah:

15 Land of Zebulun! Land of Naphtali! Way of the sea beyond Jordan. Galilee of the nations!

16 The people that lived in darkness have seen a great light; on those who lived in a country of shadow dark as death a light has dawned.

17 From then onwards Jesus began his proclamation with the message, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is close at hand.’

18 As he was walking by the Lake of Galilee he saw two brothers, Simon, who was called Peter, and his brother Andrew; they were making a cast into the lake with their net, for they were fishermen.

19 And he said to them, ‘Come after me and I will make you fishers of people.’

20 And at once they left their nets and followed him.

21 Going on from there he saw another pair of brothers, James son of Zebedee and his brother John; they were in their boat with their father Zebedee, mending their nets, and he called them.

22 And at once, leaving the boat and their father, they followed him.

23 He went round the whole of Galilee teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and curing all kinds of disease and illness among the people.


SMiLes Dear Kiran iNDeeD
Every Breath PasseS AWaY

FoR A NeW You Us Them
We And i BesT iNHaLinG


NoW For All To BREaTHE WitHiN

Even For What We Wish

To See Feel and Sense

Of Our Loved Ones

Gone Would We Ever
Be Able to Expect Them
To Be The SaME Duplicate

Human Being as Every Breath
iS A New LiFE to Be Us Them
We i And You For Real True What

About All Our Super Heroes Both iN MYtH
And Fiction And For Real Do We have The Right

To Exercise THeiR Free Will Relatively SPeaKinG

And Command Them Us We i And You Who To Be

You See It Doesn’t ‘Matter’ One Way or Another As

THere Are More Parts of We WorKinG ToGeTHeR

to Make Us Human Being in Synergy Even More

Than Our Conscious Minds Will Ever Be Able

To Grasp Ever Changing That iS Only Them

And Us And We And You And me Newly

NoW iN Every Breath We Take And
So Much More Beyond All Human

Measure of Conscious MiND

mY FRiEnD Our Realities

Ever Changing The Constant


Real at Least As Far As Tiny Human

Beings Will View my FRiEnD Yet The Good

News Is Change The Ultimate Gift to Adapt Now to All
Environmental And Innate Struggle to BeCoME A New
Creation Now Every Breath We Take Star LoVE iN Peace

FLoWeRS Seeds We ReMain to Spread NeW Every Gift This

Life Every


THiS Breath
NoW EVeR Changing New
With SMiLEs At Best For ALL mY FRiEnD
Thank You NoW As Always For iNSPiRinG So Much
New Dance And Song of mY SouL STill To CoMe to Be NeW..:)

SMiLes Dear Isha

IT Happens Perhaps We
Have to Outcast Ourselves

Under A Tree As We Become
The Leaves RootS And Vines Above Free

FoRest Whole
Greening Yes
And Returning
Again Brown
For Spring True

Or IN A Desert
WHere the Only
Life We Come to
Find Is What Breathes WiTHiN Free

Or For me At Least Finding my Self
As The Beach Becoming One With
Sugar White Sands Emerald Green
Gulf Waves Sea Oats SWaYinG iN The Breeze

And Sea Gull Wings Spiraling Around the Sun

Transforming Transfiguring
iNto Dance And Song Free

For ALL iT MaY Take to
Regurgitate All That

We aRe Spoon-Fed

From Birth Even

In Screams

Of Screens

Less Than SKiN DeeP

Hehe True Take All The
YearS it Takes As True

YeS iT Took me 53 WHole
Years To BeCoMe ReBorN
Again Naked Enough Whole
Complete Without All the Add
AWaY From Free LoVE iN PEaCE..:)

iNDeeD God Yes Dear
Mr Gottfried Best
Yes Lost At Sea

mY MinD
No Longer
Trapped iN
Two Ears
Dance And
Song Free
More Head
To Toe Real

Water Wave
Ocean Whole

Naked Enough
Whole Complete

Even More

With SMiles🌊🐾 🙏🙂

iNDeeD Water
Wave Ocean
Whole i Am
On Terrestrial

Land YeT ET Too 🌊

True Stories
Never End
With SMiles
Mr Gottfried
Nether Land Supply🏝🙏

Oh, How Literally Blessed We Are As Boston University Did A Research
Study on the Connection of Autism And Atheism; YES, ACTUALLY on the

‘Wrong Planet’ Website, in This Specific Philosophy, Politics, And Religion
Forum Back in The Earlier Part of this Century, When i First Started Posting Here;

Yes, Then, When THere Was Actually An Informal “Strident Militant Atheist Group”

Within the Confines of This PPR Sub-Forum on The Wrong Planet Website; So Let’s Look

At the Results:

“As shown in Figure 1, individuals with HFA were less likely to belong to an organized religion than their NT counterparts and were more likely to create their own religious belief system. The “own-construction” category comprised 16% of the HFA population as compared to only 6% of the NT population. HFA individuals also demonstrated higher rates of non-belief identities such as Atheism (26%) and Agnosticism (17%). In the NT group, only 17% of the population were Atheists and 10% were Agnostic.”

The Link to The Study is Provided Below; Hehe, Free of Charge.

True, Like About Half the World; Not All Definitions of God Include
A So-Called Abrahamic Tribal Leaning God Up In The SkY aS A ‘Daddy’ AS Such.

Is It Any Surprise That Someone Who Doesn’t Particularly Like BOLD FACE Lies Like me As
A Stereotype of The Asperger’s Subgroup of Autism, Might Not Agree With A Religion That Lies

Per God Is Love;

Yet Yes, THAT God Tortures
Part of THAT God’s Creation
Forever Without Abate or Debate;

True, i Don’t Like Lies; Therefore i Will
Never Believe in Any Religion That Calls God Love

And Then Turns Around And Sends Part of Creation to Eternal Torment;

Just Plain in Black and White, A NO GO FOR ME EVER SINCE i Was a little Child…

i Could Smell

The BS Then

Before i could
Even Talk, At 4, Hehe…

Love is More Intelligent

Than The Raving Protestant

Pastor With Fire in His Eyes; YucK,

Suggesting He Has the Authority From ‘Above’

To Send Folks Who Don’t Do What His Book and
He Makes Up to Do To Go to Hell Forever And Suffer;

MeaNWhile, Describing an All Merciful, Forgiving the Enemy,
Turning the Other Cheek God, With the Most Disgusting ‘Trump-Like’
Biggest Lie, i’ve Ever Been Exposed to in This Life; Plus, Still Listening

to Folks in Golden Robes Suggesting That The After Life is the Place to Be;

Not This

Adventure New Now

That i For One Write,
Direct, And Produce For

my Own Peaceful Loving ‘me’ TO ACTUALLY DO NeW NOW!…

ANYWAY, Some of my Best FRiEnDS are Fundamentalist Christians;

In Fact, One of the Very Best Ones is A Wife of A Southern Baptist Pastor;

Some of the Other Ones, Include Sharia Law Believing Fundamentalist Muslims too;

For You ‘See,’ When Peace iN LoVE iN Truth of Peace Comes in Essence of Human Form

For Real;

We Do the Do

And Just Don’t

Spread the Do, You Know What…

And As Far As Science Goes; Listen, i Have
Three College Degrees; Yes, i Write in Poetic Ways

Yet i Can Write A Science Abstract On the Turn of An
Abraham Penny or American Dime too; Yet You ‘See,’

i Rather Originally Create Every Word of Life Sacred Song And Every

Move Holy Dance; Yes, in All that i Do, Do From Wake to Sleep; God Yes,


i Am Real;

Love is Real;

And FRiEnDS Are

Real too As they Come
And Go Too; i Am A Leaf

oF A Living Tree That One

Day At Best Will Fall to Soil Souls Forest Whole

Waves Water Falling From Skies Ocean Whole Too;

And At Best Yes, Help The Worms to Aerate The Soil

To Bring New Green Spring; Chances Are Yes, Folks

Will Burn me After i Die; Yet That Does’t Matter in Terms of Ashes

As Now Is Forever And For Now At Least i LiVE iN ETeRNaL Peace iN LoVE iN Peace;

Other than That; Yes, According to the Research of ‘Iain McGilchrist’ That ‘Sees’ More

of A ‘Panentheistic God’ As i Do Beyond All Empirical Measure and Within All Empirical Measure, Also;

Only 4 Percent of Nobel Winning Physicists Identify As Atheist As They Understand The More They Understand,

The More
The Mystery
of Existence Becomes

And Elegant in Beauty As Well

In Both

And Form, DarK Thru LiGHT; Yes,

LoVE iN Peace In Love Wins in All

i Do in Life; If God is LoVE iN Peace

That’s Enough God For me to Be And Do For Real….

And True, HAha, If You Don’t Believe i Exist and Care;

i Do Bring Just a ‘Little Bit of Empirical Evidence’ to Prove i’m Real;

As Walt Whitman Put it ThiS Way; For One Day Each Human Being to Be

Their Own
Priest of

UNiVeRSE New NoW For Real;

And Perhaps Write Their
Own Bible As i Do NoW
NeW All 11.3 MiLLioN Words
in 113 Months of Sacred
Poetic Song in Words And All

17,766 Miles of Public
Dance All Around my
Metro Area in Almost
113 Months As Well;

Truly An EPiC Religion

i Devise Alone to Give to
Share to Care to Heal to
Others All For Free With

No God of Money and
Things Alone to Inspire All i Do…

Of Course; Yes, it’s Much Easier

to Do this Outcast From the Lies
of CuLTuRES And Other Religions; Perhaps

In A Desert, Under A Tree, Or on A Beautiful

Beach, When You (me) Come to the Epiphany That You
Are the Sugar White Sands, Emerald Green Gulf Waves,

Sea Oats Swaying in the Breeze, And Sea Gull Wings Spiraling

Around the Sun Transforming Transfiguring This Reality into


Holy Dance
For Real Just

For ALL the Wonders

of Being Alive Now; God Yes,

Treasuring This Little Sliver
of Heaven As Dark Blankets

And Holds Together So Many

Hot And Cold Rocks Above And

Sadly Below too in Human Form and Essence That Way too….

Love is Beyond All Empirical Measure; Peace is Beyond All Empirical Measure
in Balance As in Metaphor With All that Practice of Holy Moves, my Finger
Tips Become the Weight of my 111 Kilograms Still Warming Up at the
Military Gym Leg Pressing 699 Kilograms, 12 Reps in Ease At Age 62,
Empirically Measured,
3 Times More
Weight Than

At age 53 And
Age 21 as

i Could
Only Do

500 Pounds
American Style then

Before i Found Such A Wonderful

Foundation of Balancing Peace In LoVE iN
Peace Bringing A Truly Powerful Experience

iN Strength of Will;

Therefore, If

God Is Really

LoVE iN Peace
Balancing Peace iN Love;

God is More Amazing

Than Any

As This LoVE iN Peace
Spreads After This Form
Who Is i GoeS AWaY in the

EYeS of the Loved Ones i Touch Alive
Far After i Return to Star Dust As We All Do Again…

We Come From Super Nova Explosions; the Iron Flowing
in Our Blood Streams As At Core of Our Only Still Evolving
Home We Are Birthed From Directly, ‘Mother Earth’;

The Atoms From Other Star Systems Far Away

Comprise Us;

Yes, As Close

aS ETernAlly

Now Us For

Real Star FLoWeRS
And Seeds We ReMain to Spread…

i Don’t Believe in A God of Lies Yet

What i Do Do is A God of LoVE iN Peace Within
For Real to Give, Share, Care and HeaL AWay With
Most Respect and Least Harm; Yes, iNHaLinG Peace


Seeds of


to Radiate
Peace THiS Way For Real

When We (Or at Least me)
Really Do iN Truth iN Peace oF Love…

Hehe, Seriously, You Can Meet and Greet
me at the Catholic Church i Am Fixing to
Visit in About 30 Minutes And Reach Out and

Touch me With A Hand Shake or Even A Hug;

i AM REAL; God Yes,

i Am the UNiVeRSE

And So Are You;

We May Experience

This Existence Differently

Yet the Gift Still Is We aRe Real

And We Have the Human Potential;

At Least Some of US; to Become LoVE iNCaRNaTE
iN Peace of Essence Real As Human Being New to


HEY, THere’s
More Chance
of Me WaKinG

uP An Atheist
to This Truth

Than Most of the
Folks Who Will Be
Present in that Church Today;

Yet i Have the Advantage; Being

Different; Becoming Outcast For

Being Different; Seeking And Finding mY
Own God oF LoVE iN Peace For Real To

Actually Feel, Sense,

And Do;

Yes My Own
Of Doing God Now;

The Way i Do LoVE iN Peace In LoVE ReaL
Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete Generating

My Own Heaven Within in Autotelic Flow of
Holy Dance And Song; No Thing Anyone Else

Will Possibly

Add to or


Except LoVE iN
Peace Of Peace
In Love Communion
Even More FOR Real…

Oh CRaP, Gonna Miss the
Homily At the Catholic Church
i Visit As An Anthropology Participant
Observer Again; Yet In The SPiRiT of

That WRiTinG
my Own


Skipping the
Nicene Creed;
Getting There For
At Least A Few Loving
Songs In Communion;

Shaking Hands, Hugging

Humans of Peace iN LoVE;

Regardless of The Other Religious Clothes They May
Wear; i ‘Look’ (FeeL And Sense) More To What is Naked
Enough Whole

God Yes,

For Real;


This Real Healing Force; Materially
Reduced As the Neurohormone Oxytocin;

And All the Other Synergies of Energy
Reducing And Expanding of The Star


Of Loving


Frequencies Real;

In Yes, All the Ways

We Shine Together

As Human Beings

All These MulTi-UNiVeRSES
Of Peace iN LoVE ToGeTHeR Free..:)

Thank Uuu
Much Love
To You With SMiles

LeSSoN 477☺️
Surviving Strange
New Worlds With
Powers of LoVE iN Peace
Hehe Even
It’s Always
Frozen Outside
And Warm Within
With SMiles Do Keep
Sharing Cute 🥰Furry Hugs🐾
With Happy SuNDaY



Three Mass Shootings in 24 Hours So Very Sadly Perhaps

The Fortune of Peaceful And Patient Energy of the Chinese

Lunar New Year For The ‘Water Rabbit’ Also Known As the ‘Black Rabbit’

Might Be Better Spent in China

As The United States

Isn’t Providing

A Very Nice Welcome

In Several Selected Places

By The Psychology DarK
of Several Different Citizens AS Such

Anyway i For One Will Continue to Create
mY Own Reality Facing Every Day With

LoVE iN Peace

Marrying the
Night Merrying the
Day The Last Water Rabbit
Year Was in 1963 The Birth
Year of mY First Love Then

A Few Young Men Guessed My Wife’s
Age in Her 20’s or 30’s Today Reaching 53 Soon

i Told Them The Way She Looks So Young Is Escaping

Hell With
me Into

LoVE iN Heaven For
Real WithiN ON EartH

It’s A Place i Create Out of Hell

Weight of Finger Tips FRiEnDS NoW With
Gravity NeW Balancing God Yes Becoming All

111 Kilograms of me Real Dancing Singing Free

It’s As Real As Any Place i’ve Ever Been Now New

No Matter Distance Space or Time or Any
Matter of Things

to Disbelieve

iN Less than

Peace iN LoVE iN
Peace For Real A Choice
of Free Will Every Moment
of Every Day to Do For Real

Escaping the Place for 66 Months
i Never Knew If i Could Survive Another
Second in A Thousand Years of Hell Where

All is Time

And Now is
No Calendar
Year At All Just
Newly Now Always Now
Heaven For Real No Room

For Even One Negative Thought Feeling
Sensing To Spoil The Room WitH EXtending Views…

YeP iT’s True
Dear Miriam
Difficult Seconds
Forever Will BRinG
A Best FRiEnD Within
Forever Real New Now New

Other Than That SMiLes
aRe ALL Free to Give
Away Stars Shining On
Shadows SaMe AS Shadows
Shining on LiGHT For Real..:)

SMiLes Mr. Gottfried When i Went to Hell For 66 Months
For Real True You’ve Already Heard The DeTAiLS of that

FRoZeN Place No Need to Weed Out Several Hundred

Words Describing Real Hell Yet True i Asked my

Mother Why me Yet True If You’ve Ever ‘Heard’

That Painting Called ‘Scream’ That’s Exactly

What i Looked Like Both in the Mirror

And Screaming At the Ceiling

With No End Why me if

Any God Existed Higher

Than The Real Adversary

Of me Deciding Every Day Whether

to Live or Die With the Real Suicide Disease

JusT FRoZeN Within Every Second Then A Thousand

Years of Pain and Numb Wondering What Happened

to The Smiling Baby i Used to Be And The Person That

Others Said Was the Nicest Person to Be Around True Yet

It Wasn’t iN me to Say No And The Stress Kept Accumulating

As i Did More And More Helping Others Before my Own Welfare

Keeping a Job No Matter What It Took Away From my Soul To Do It

Anyway my
Mother Said
Why Not You

And i Dance and
Sing Why Not me
in The Other Place

Too WHere LoVE iN Kindness
PEAcE Rules All as i Am Able to Forgive

Yes The Real Devil in Hell and Not Take
His Life Away Finding the Greatest Enemy

oF All And Defeating That Enemy Dragging Him
Back to the Place of LoVE IN Peace IN LovE Hehe

As i’ve Mentioned Before i’ve Already Been to the Hotel
Below the Bottom Floor All That’s Left to Do is LoVE iN Peace

i Found the Face of God
in the Devil It’s Not Hard

to Do the Rest

As Justice Served

Best is EYes of Love
iN Peace For Even
The Devil in Hell

That Old Demon
Adversary That Was me…

Fast Forward To Today When One
Woman From Church Went on Vacation
And Brought me A Souvenir T-Shirt to Wear
And Another Lady Asked me to Sit On Her Side
of the Church to Follow my Singing Voice From the

(And That Was After Getting there 30 Minutes Late
MiSSinG the Homily And Nicene Creed All Together
True i Had to Finish my Own Homily Before i Arrived)

Back Row Delivering More SMiLes to Others in Public
Dance Than Stars Above Countable by Naked Eyes And

Even in Some Cases Moderately Powerful Telescopes

We All Have the Potential To Become Human

Stars And Shine ThiS Way At Least That’s

The Story A Fallen Angel Will Dance

And Sing After He RiseS AGAiN

From the Hotel Below

The Basement
Floor To Dance


to Just
Another Face of God You Too With
SMiles All i Meet And Greet in Life For Real Yes Namaste For All

As Loving Compassion in Peace Becomes The Ruler of mY Life Real
Trivia Note: Yes Frederick in Old German Means “Peaceful Ruler” Isn’t

It True When We Rule Our Souls THiS Way in Peace of Love We Become

The Master of the All in All of LoVE iN Peace Within in Co-Creating Ways

of Peace In

Love For Real

With Cheshire Cat
SMiLes Predictably

Again That Just Never Go Away New Now
As All iN All Master to Give Back in Retribution of

Justice Is Just More LoVE iN Peace to Give Share Yes
Care Heal Away Now How Mad Half the World or So Will

Be If ‘Jesus’ CaMe Back With HiS Own Free Will Deciding
To Forgive Everyone And Sending No One to Hell At All Now

New Well of Course Those Who Believed in the ‘Bad Cop Jesus’

By Words Written in A Book of Torturing Others Forever

Wouldn’t Believe In God in Human Refusing to Destroy

Their Enemies Torturing Them Forever Indeed If He

Could Come Back as The One Truly Forgiving All

With Mercy Adversary Same as FRiEnD As

Neighbor For All Who Would Even

Believe That God Is Really

LoVE iN Human True In Peace

SMiLes mY FRiEnD Yes We LiVE iN
A Closed Hand Fist World in Many
Respects of Retribution Becoming Justice

SMiLes mY FRiEnD That’s No Place WHERE

Fortunate Are We Who LoVE iN Peace What Justice

ServeS in Human EYeS Worthy of Any Real Respect At All..:)

Ah Yes Dear ‘Peace And Truth’
2022 9th Wettest Year on

Record Tropical Warmth

Spreading Down Under

iN Australia Yes

God YeS Even More

Still Coming Thanks

So Much For Your

Good Morning For
Sunshine Twins With SMiLes

A FRiEnD From Church Today
Delivered A Gift From A ViSiT iN
New Zealand And i Said i Have A

FRiEnD in Australia Close By

Reminding me of You With

SMiLes my my if That is

You in Your Latest Avatar

You Surely Have A Sunny Face

Hehe Perhaps You Are

From the Star


i Am
From too

Galaxy Star
LoVE iN Peace

YeT Hehe Don’t
Tale Anyone WHeRE
i Am From YeT It’s Not A Secret

Still Guardian of That Galaxy FOR REAL

SMiLes Dear Kiran iNDeeD
Every Breath PasseS AWaY

FoR A NeW You Us Them
We And i BesT iNHaLinG


NoW For All To BREaTHE WitHiN

Even For What We Wish

To See Feel and Sense

Of Our Loved Ones

Gone Would We Ever
Be Able to Expect Them
To Be The SaME Duplicate

Human Being as Every Breath
iS A New LiFE to Be Us Them
We i And You For Real True What

About All Our Super Heroes Both iN MYtH
And Fiction And For Real Do We have The Right

To Exercise THeiR Free Will Relatively SPeaKinG

And Command Them Us We i And You Who To Be

You See It Doesn’t ‘Matter’ One Way or Another As

THere Are More Parts of We WorKinG ToGeTHeR

to Make Us Human Being in Synergy Even More

Than Our Conscious Minds Will Ever Be Able

To Grasp Ever Changing That iS Only Them

And Us And We And You And me Newly

NoW iN Every Breath We Take And
So Much More Beyond All Human

Measure of Conscious MiND

mY FRiEnD Our Realities

Ever Changing The Constant


Real at Least As Far As Tiny Human

Beings Will View my FRiEnD Yet The Good

News Is Change The Ultimate Gift to Adapt Now to All
Environmental And Innate Struggle to BeCoME A New
Creation Now Every Breath We Take Star LoVE iN Peace

FLoWeRS Seeds We ReMain to Spread New Every Gift This

Life Every


THiS Breath
NoW EVeR Changing New
With SMiLEs At Best For ALL mY FRiEnD
Thank You NoW As Always For iNSPiRinG So Much
New Dance And Song of mY SouL STill To CoMe to Be NeW..:)


SouL AS TreaSure More…

SMiLes Dear Savvy “Naked Enough Whole
Complete PLaY iN 2023” A MacroVerse i
Recently Electronically Published iN
EPiC Long Form Poem Way Free

Around 57 Thousand Words or

So in Honor of The Year

2023 in Doing THiS WaY

oF LiFE Even More Yes

iMaGiNE What Life Will

Be if Many Folks Come to Be
Naked Enough Whole Complete

Within Leaving So Much Room iN PLaY OuR

Homes oF LoVE to Spread This Peace oF LoVE

Freely Giving Sharing Caring Healing in Most

Compassion And Respect and Least Harm

For All mY
FRiEnD Yes

Every Breath
We Take to Be
iNHaLinG Peace
oF LiGHT For This Miracle Real
This Breath oF LiGHT iN LiFE Newly Now
Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete iN PLaY…
SMiLes STaRTinG NoW ALWaYS NeW To Do ReaL Too..:)

SMiLes Dear Kiran So Many Folks Suggest
They Don’t Truly Find Unconditional Love

Until They Have Their First Child

Yet The Challenge We Have is

Unconditionally Loving All of

Existence DarK Thru LiGHT

So Much Wisdom Required

mY FRiEnD Like the Old African
American Grandmother Named The
Oracle in the ‘Matrix Movies’ Who At the
End of the First Series of Movies Said Her

Power is to Believe in the Hope and Faith and
Love That Brings Miracles to Life All Naturally For

Real mY FRiEnD This Peace And Love Unconditionally

For All That Takes So Much Understanding For How the

Entire Circle of Life And The Rest of Existence Comes to Balance

With Understanding

And Wisdom That

Only Life Experience
Will Bring Often in ‘Real Life’

We May Find The Warmer Unconditionally
Loving Human to Be The Grandmother of A Family

Living Through All The Children’s And Grandchildren’s

Successes And Challenges in Life Understanding More and

More About How the World Works Best in Peace of Love

With SMiLes Yes mY FRiEnD This is a Life Long Art

in Practice Never Ending As All of Existence

Is Always Changing Which Means We

Always Have More to Learn in



Respect And
in Forgiving
The Down Falls

Of Others to Lift All Existence
Up iN Essence of LoVE iN Peace With SMiLes..:)

So True Anna Humans
Evolved to Focus
On one Task
So Many
To Survive

And Then
There Are Those
Who Already Have




True Being In A

Position To Narrow
Focus Makes Life

So Much
Easier To
Navigate on

And Excel In
Whatever We
Are Truly



To Do In Flow💫😊

Yes Dream
Time Then Seems
To Describe Our


Well From More
Indigenous Peoples

Still Now



Of Time

Most Definitely

WaKinG Dreams too

Finding An Original
Manual Within



Wings In Balance🦋

Welcome Anna
Love to See Folks
Express All Their Artful


‘Free to Be i Am’..😊💫

SMiles Dear Astha All Those Qualities
You Will Find In You And Then

Those Who Are Looking

For Those


Will Find You Free

Freeing Them to Add More

To What You May Have Never Thought to See


Be to See..:)

So So Very Hard

To Do Yet

Love It


Kill The

Fear For Good

So We Will Love It All..:)

TRuLY iN Thoughtless Effortless
Flow Gifts Spring Forward Savvy

From the

Void Always

Full of Meaning

And Purpose

We Never



BeFore iN too
Many Ways to

Describe That Seem

UniVerse Free Describing Us

Now So Deep iN Flow So Guided

Within Now A Certain Melody and

Rhythm of Movement Gliding

iNto A Karaoke Bar Before

And After A Flow of

Dance That

Never Really

Ends Before or After

The Dance Now Just Taking

A Random Snapshot of a Screen

Continuing A Story Currently Writing

Yet the Magic is Finding Holy And Sacred

Meaning and Purpose in All We Encounter

iN Life A Practice of Higher Human Existential

Intelligences iNDeeD

For It is

Essence of

The Feeling

And Sensing

Of Holy


Sacred That
Takes Us to New
Places And Ways

We’ve Never Been Before..:)

SMiLes Dear Vrunda Art Captures
The Beauty in Life And Bitter Sweet

in Grief too When We Transform

DarK into LiGHT As of Course
In Your Poetry You Capture

The Contemplative
Dances Songs
of Your

Soul in

Deepest Meditation
of Flow this Way And SMiLes
i Love Photography ThiS WaY
too Appreciating the Moment
Recording it For Others to Enjoy


Never Copyrights
FoR Me As Ideas of
Material Gains No Part
of Soul Songs And Dances For me

And True Every Art We Originally
Create is A Finger And Toe Print of
Our Soul No one Else Will Ever Be Able

to Replicate Within AS Hehe iMpossible
to Program A Computer to Do What i Have
No Idea Comes Next From Depths of Soul Real…

SMiLes THere
Really is No Greater
Act Than Sharing All the
LiGHT Thru DarK of Your

Soul With the World And
Even Strangers my FRiEnD
For It’s True Long After Your
Last Day This iS How you Make
FRiEnDS in the After life mY FRiEnD

SouL Songs And Dances BREaTHE oN THiS WaY iNDeeD
mY FRiEnD for You May Copy And Paste Your Soul Onto

Other Souls
That Come
Your Way
Yes Even After Death
As True Givers Wanna
Always See LiGHT After DarK CoMe Again..:)

SMiLes Dear ruchiabhisikta
Pining Away a Soul Song to

Moon Romancing Your HeART
in Dreams Your Spirit Sings So Beautifully Indeed

And Life is Funny THiS WaY For We Will Have The Most
Beautiful Sublime Feelings of LoVE iN Peace When We Are Solo

And Single


Within CoLoRinG YeS ALLONE
The World With Unrequited Love

Yes There is A Story From Florida
About An Old Man Who Really Built
An Amazing “Coral Castle” all Alone

With 30 Ton Stones True Hehe you Can
Google the Story to Read About it too

This Old Man Built An Altar To What
He Called the Muse of His Sweet
Sixteen Unrequited Love From

His Youthful Days As He

Understood it was Just

A Dream Never to
Be Fulfilled Still then
He used the Beautiful

Inspiration of the Muse
of the Altar of His Sweet
Sixteen All Those Years to
Build That Amazing Coral Castle in
Florida Then As there Were Folk Tales
in the Area that he Lifted the Huge Stones With
Big Helium Balloons Yet Likely He Used the Same
Techniques of Engineering Balance That The Egyptians
Used to Move the Huge Stones of the Pyramids then as

It is so True Life

Is All About Balance
mY FRiEnD As i Didn’t
Get Married Until 29 When
my Wife Was Sweet 19 With SMiLes

And All Those Lonely Years Before Even
in Childhood i Dreamed of Meeting A Dark Haired
Girl Just Like my Wife Who Seems to Rarely Even Age
at all now Still at Almost Age 53 And Yes, Yes, The Photos Don’t
Lie Still Now


33 Years
of Marriage
Anyway i Was
Bullied A Whole lot
in School As A Strangest
Weakest Fish in the Aquarium
Then so i Dreamed my Dark Haired
Girl Friend and me Would Live in A Cave
And No One Would Bully me Ever Anymore

True i Really Did have to Get Just About as
Strong As ‘Superman’ to Even Be A Boy Who
Was Allowed to Smile As Sadly the Folks Who Called
Themselves Christians Would Call Boys Who Smiled
Names And Spit on them For They Felt They Should Become

Men Without
Empathy to
Go to War

And Kill Other
Folks From Other
Countries With No Regret
As Those Were War Days then my FRiEnD
And True my First Cousin Believed in the ‘Grift’
of Vietnam Signed Up And got Burned Up And
Dead in A Helicopter in 1968 i am Old Enough Now

to Understand

The Difference

Between Life

And Death

Yes A Pay Grade of Love
Yes A Pay Rate of Love

Yes a Currency of Love
Inhaling Peace


Love in Warmth With the
World Where Love Spells God For Real…

Love is When You Get Sick and Your Wife
Cleans The Floor From What’s Left Behind

Love’s When Your Wife Gets Mad And Even
Strikes Out At You And You Only Respond Back With Love

Love is
Yes Dear

When All Ya Wanna
Say is No mY FRiEnD

And No While Sex is an Expression
of Love What You Always Remember

Most is the Warmth You Feel When Your
Loved One Becomes Home Even Before You Arrive Home my FRiEnD

Love is Real Worth Seeking Finding And Always Keeping mY FRiEnD
my Wife Didn’t Go to College All She Really Prepared to Do in Life is Love me…

And Yes Watch

Movies Still on TV

A Loving HeART Will
Seek Warmth in All Places Love Plays

SMiLes We Live Close to one of the Most
Beautiful Beaches in The World That i used
to Walk Solo Falling in Love With So Many Romantic
Dreams that Didn’t Come until Decades Later Yet They Did…

Yet They Do
i Never Gave Up…

i Believe the Most Important
Lesson is The Greatest Love
We Create Are The Dreams We Bring to Fruition Real

Even if it is only Unrequited Love That Builds Castles For Others
to See That Love Creates Real Magic in Life Wonders Never Ceasing

As the Moon
Still Lights
Couples Up
on the Beach
Lasting Eternally Now For Real…

What A Gift it is to Find Diamonds
Still on the Beach in this World Indeed..:)

SMiLes Dear Akshita
True Ocean Of Love

Seems to Be Polluted
By Human Clothes and
Other Tools These Days

As Humans Forget They
Are Water Ocean Wave Whole

to Spread

Love More

Than Fall
To the Bottom
Now With All The
Anchors Humans Become
Yes The Clothes All the Tools

Separating Us

From Ocean
Whole Water Wave One Love

And True It is Not the Parts of the
Song the Notes That Make the Music

It is the Synergy of the Silence Between
The Notes That Builds The Melody And Harmony

In Ways Never
Told By


Notes or

Waves In the Ocean
That Have Forgotten
They Are Made Out of
the SaMe Water Of Love

Hehe Somedays i Do
Shorter Poetry Breath Than
Haikus Other Days i Swim
in Words As Blue Whales

Love Just

Deeper mY FRiEnD…
Thank You The Way i See
it For Now This Breath Wouldn’t
Exist Without Your Two Haikus Now

As True i See All oF it As One Ocean
mY FRiEnD…




Always Ocean
Returning Now For Real..:)

“Give me Blood i’ll Give You Freedom”

It’s True When We Aren’t Free We Will

Give Blood

to Be


Yet When We
Are Free If We

Don’t Love We Will

Understand What Blood Means…

And What Blood Doesn’t Mean…
SMiLes Missdimplecom It Truly




Out ‘THere’ And Or Within..:)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

What i Loved Most About

All these Quotes Is Your View
Of How to Overcome

Sadness in Hard
Times Thanks So
Much For Sharing
Although i Will Never
Get Tired of Listening
to What Any Voice Has
For advice the Way i See

It There Are Grains of

Sand on the


All Have Endured

Many Waves Of Life

Polishing These Small

Stones into What May Become

Truly Lovely Diamonds on Their

Own to Paraphrase William Blake

To See Each one of These Grains of

Sand As Diamonds of Stone As Multi-UniVerses

On Their Own

To See the

Entire Beach
in A Grain of
Sand to See What

Love Brings Enduring

As Stones Become Diamonds

of Beauty Grains of Beach Sand

That Have the Potential to Hold
Up Mountains of Human Love
Keep Building my FRiEnD Keep
Watching and Listening Keep Building my FRiEnD..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Such An Important

Lesson to Walk Gently

In The Lives of Loved Ones
Who Keep Pain Closely


For No
One to See
or Breathe Yes

True So Easy For me
to Love Yet i’ve Lived
in the DarK BLacK Abyss 11 Years

Dying Inside With A Confident
Smiling Mask That No One Could
See Through Yet me Eventually i Couldn’t

Hold the Mask Up Anymore
Yet i Waited too Long At

Work As the one

‘They’ All Thought
i Handled The Storms
Best of Anyone Then…

My Reward 66 Months of HeLL ON EartH

Lesson Learned So Very Deeply Now FoR Me NeW

Yes i’ve Learned the Beauty of the NiGHT the DarK
So Well Now And Whenever Darkness Enters New
mY LiGHT mY Life mY LoVE i Express DarKNeSS

With No Restraint
And Truly

All This


Room for
Is Loving Giving
Sharing Caring Healing
So Easily For me Yet What’s

Most Important for me to Remember

too is there Are Still So Many Others Lost

in the Other Place(s) Yet to Find the Key(s)

Out of the

mY FRiEnD Set Free..:)

Amazing Dear Hawaii FRiEnD A Local Life Guard
From North Shore Named Luke Wins the “Eddie Aikau Big
Wave Surf Contest” With An 89.1 Score Out of A Perfect 90
With Two Perfect 30 Scores For the First 2 Surf Rides Out of 3…

It Didn’t Take me too Long to Watch A Close to 9 Hour Contest to See

Surely Exciting to View the Feats of Great Balance Riding Those Over
30 Foot Waves From Where You LiVE iN A Paradise Beach House For Real…

As Your Pets Both Australian
Shephard Panda And Zebra
Finch Birds Seem Totally

Engaged in the Day

of Peace Riding

Big Waves to See

iN Balance too on the
Smaller And Big Screens

of Life on Paradise Trail Still Unfolding Free

SMiLes Gonna Continue Surfing Smooth Floors
of Walmart in Dance There’s Really No Choice Hehe

As i Have no Surfboard or Big Waves my Athletic

Shoes Will Have to Do on Store Aisle Floors The

Challenge Comes When It’s Rainy Outside and

The Floors Are Sticky and i Have to Hover

Close Above Not To trip And Fall Hehe

Oh the Cold Dry Weather

Will Provide an

Excellent Surface

to Dance So Smoothly

FRiEnDS With Gravity More
on Tuesday as the Weight oF All
my 111 Kilograms Becomes The
Weight of my Finger Tips in ‘Wu Wei Ease’…

Hehe no Fear Of Drowning or Heights That Way For Sure

Just Can’t Afford to Bulldoze my Weight Over Any Unsuspecting

Customers With SMiLES Yet True at the New Weight of A Feather

So Easy to Stop in Mid-FLiGHT of Dance As Necessary Yes Again FRiEnDS With

And Away
From Any
Human 18-Wheeler
Collisions With Any
Compact Size Humans Hehe

As True in This Case i Become ‘The Big Wave’
Again With SMiLes Water Wave Ocean Whole Free..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Waited And Waited
For Your Long Awaited Daily Post of Wisdom

Yet Sadly i Feel Asleep Before it Came at 3:45 AM

Our Time in
Green Gulf
Coast Way With SMiLeS AGAiN

What A Wonderful Surprise Yes! Yes! Finding!

It Before Night Falls on Monday After Noon

With Even More SMiLes True Dear FRiEnD

You Are Always A Source oF LiGHT Muse

iN Wisdom As Reliable As Wings on

An Angel From Above Dancing

Singing For Real Yet True

i’ve Been To ‘Hell’

And Being A Real
‘Devil’ THere iN Terms
of Adversary me Within

No WHere to Find mY SoUL
For 66 Months in that FRoZeN
Place of All Pain And Numb i Come

Again in LiGHT of Heaven WiTHiN ON EartH

With Sympathy For The Adversary Real oF ALL
DevilS in That FRoZeN Place Before What This

Means is i Divide mY Creativity Still Coming

From DarK And LiGHT Muse Equally As i

May Still Come to DeLiVeR All the

Gifts i Find Around This

Globe World

Wide to


As Seeds Even WHere
Chaff May Out Weigh

Wheat of Abundance iN LiGHT mY FRiEnD
Yet It’s True Not Everyone Comes Polishing
By The Ice of FRoZeN Fire to Accommodate


As Much As


Unifying All in Yoga
Way Yin and Yang


As DarK Becomes
LiGHT No Longer Separating

All Is Unity to Worship in Great Thanks
And Praise Understanding DarK Will Truly

Make LiGHT too


THE ‘MuSiC of The NiGHT’

DarK Muse God Yes Also

MiDNiGHT WitH SMiLes True too

Again Marrying THE Night God Yes
Marrying The Day SaMe NeW NoW..:)

YuP iNDeeD Mr. Gottfried

Wise Not to DisGuise

Or Ignore The

Power of the DarK Force
To BRinG LiGHT From DarK Muse

LeSSoN From Childhood From me You’ve
Already Heard The DeTAiLS iN SuMMaRY

When Your Peers in Middle School
in No Uncertain Terms Suggest

You Are Too Weak to Exist God Yes

Become the Strongest Leg PReSSinG
Dude in the Military Gym at Age 62
Yes 699 Kilograms Warming Up
Leg PReSSinG 12 Reps in Ease

Jaw Dropping At Least
Behind Your Back As
Elite Military Dudes
4 Decades Your Junior
Watch in Total Leg PReSSinG Awe HAha

Oh Yes And When Both The Gals and The Guys
in Middle School Suggest You Are too Ugly And
Strange to Ever Have A Girl FRiEnD Just Public Dance

Like No One At All is Watching And You Will Surely
Find Women Almost 40 Years Younger Suggesting
How Great it Would Be to Be Married to Someone
Just Like You Or Even You For Real Approaching 60

Meanwhile Showing 2 Lovely Women Who Advance
A Grinding Gift of Dance By Hips in Communication
To Frontal Parts Just 3 Months Away From 60 on the
Day Covid-19 Shut The Dance Hall Down Yes As They

BOTH Request Your Number And You Deliver Your Birthdate
in Terms of 6.6.60 As They Insist in the DarK You Are 35 Years-Old
Barely Old Enough to Be President As that Age iS Extended to 80+ Now too Hehe

And if That’s Not Enough You Deliver A Facebook Pic(S) of Your Still Gorgeous Wife
in Her 50’s in Different Colored Bikinis And They Only SMiLe Bigger in Recorded

Selfie Way

to Capture

The Sentiment

of the Last Dance Hall Day

Oh Dear Lord This Story is Really
GRoWinG Let me Cut it Short By
Saying Later in the Work World When

Folks Suggest Your Brain Works Like A Computer
And Basically You Are Only A Valuable Commodity at
Work to Use Until There is Almost Nothing Left of You

And You Are
Almost Drop

Dead Fred

Return in an 11.3 MiLLioN
Word EPiC Long Form Poem
Longest in the HiSToRY And
Newer HeRSToRY of Humankind

FullY iLLuSTRaTeD (Yes Naked Enough
Whole Complete) Yes Return ThiS Way
After Shut-in Your Bedroom RECoVeRinG

iN Hell After The Attending Professionals
Claim There is NO Way In Hell You’ll Ever

Come Back to Heaven So Yes You also Return
With 17,777 Miles of Public Dance in Almost
113 Months As Well in Tandem With All That
Anthology iN EPiC LonG Form Poem Way to

Mostly Women Poets All Around the World in Responses

And True You Continue Your Trips Quarterly to See A Psychiatrist

As Suddenly The Worst Assessed Pain Known to Humankind Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia With the Worst Assessed Case of Anxiety
And Depression in Total of 19 Medical Disorders in Life Threat Transform

Into Concerns
That So Happy
With Zero Illusory
Fears You Might Get

Too High And Fall And
Hurt Yourself Again Dancing

A Tight Rope in Effortless Wu Wei Ease
111 Kilograms of Personal Weight in Balance

Weight of Finger Tips FRiEnDS With Gravity

Key Again Here is Roses May Grow Great in Manure

So EMBRaCE The Manure All Around You FLoWeR Ever More

As DarK
Create As A
Shooting Star in Balance For Real hehe

Not Bad Another Comment Under 700 Words
Yet True The Overall Cumulative Effect May Still

Reach TSuNaMi Size FLoWeRS Continuing to Bloom ToGeTHeR Hehe…

Yes That’s Under 600 Words So There is This After You Wait Over A Decade
And A Half in Early Retirement Earning 40 Percent of Your Pay When The Federal

Law Says They Must Re-Calculate It And Pay You 100 Percent Once You Reach
Age 62 Don’t Get too Upset When They Forget And Don’t Do it the First Month,
The Second Month, And Jesus F in Christ Not The 8th Month Now As You Ride
Their Butt Every Month Like You Had to Do At Work Mostly Ending Up Having
to Do Other Folk’s Jobs to Get the Job Done Correctly True Be Happy For All

The Back Pay They Finally Escalate The Job to Get It Done True It’s Like
Molasses Yet The Law Will Eventually Come Through So Yes Now It’s All

Prepared All Those Years You Never Bought Your Wife A Present Other Than
Mostly Inheriting All the Money After You Retired Yes God Yes Authorize the

Purchase of a State of the Art Platinum White Pearl Honda CRV
Sport Touring Model Newly Financed By the Government Coming

Fruition for Her 33rd Anniversary Perhaps a Few Days After It

Yet Never The Less Soon Enough For Her Satisfaction As She

is Concerned You Are Becoming too Big And Strong (Old)

To Hoist Yourself Out of the Old 2014 Honda Civic EX Coupe

As That Way You No Longer Have to Hear Her Ask For It

When She
is in
of the Money Hehe

As Yes This Is New

Money Coming From the
Government As They Failed

to Buy You A Golden Watch
And Certificate When They Used
The Last Blood of Your Soul As Valuable
Commodity Before When You Retired Early Almost Fred Dead…

Oh C8AP Almost 900 Words Here We Go Again See You Later Happy

Lunar Year of the Water Rabbit Also Known as the Black Rabbit Yes i

Must Go

As i Have
Many More
Rabbit Holes
To Dig World-Wide Hehe

True Bugs Bunny Forever
FLoWeRinG RoSE iN MaNuRE HAha..:)


SMiLes Dear Cindy
A Cat Understands
Life Enough to Play

That’s All They
Have to Say

Naked Enough

Whole Complete

Give Ollie And You
my Regards For iNSPiRinG
ThiS SouL SonG Dance Again

Cheshire Enduring
For Real mY FRiEnD

And Yes Happy Year
of Bugs Bunny ALWaYS

FoR Me

LeasT Hehe

ReCent HiSToRY
SHows More Than
Ever That Life is A Cartoon

And Reality is A Parody of Fiction HAha…

Anyway Gotta Go Deeper And Deeper More And More

Rabbit WHoLES to EXPLoRE GLoBALLy These Days

Yes mY FRiEnD ‘Lots And Lots of Strands to Keep in This

Old Rabbit’s Head’ So Many Souls To Thread Complete
As ‘This Rug’ Continues to Keep mY WHole SoUL RooM ToGeTHeR iN PLEase..:)

SouL AS TreaSure More…

SMiLes Dear Miriam i asked ‘Siri’ Who my Wife is This Morning
And ‘She’ Said She Didn’t Know As She Couldn’t Find Her in my

Contact List

Similar to me After 33 Years in the Working World For Pay
Altogether Just Searching on my Name With Google Realizing

i Had No Idea Who i Was

Any Further Than the
Similar Siri Cog in the
Machine i Had Become

So Far Away From the
EYes of A Smiling Child

That Everyday People Said
i Was Most Pleasant to Be Around
Even in Adulthood Before All the
Cumulative Stress Came as A Cog

in A Machine And TaKinG The Smile
of A Child away And the Feeling Seemingly

Forever Now Then Past Any Emotion of Truly Living
For 66 Months in Only Pain and Numb Yes Hunch
Back of Notre Dame Phantom of the Opera SaMe

Dentist Drill Like Pain in my Right Eye And Ear
No Drug Would Touch Making Effective Use
of Eyes and Ears Alnost Impossible Then
Staying Close to DarK Street LiGHTS
At 3 AM As Bright As Mid-Day Sun
Crickets Sound Then of Freight
Trains Trapped All Between

In The Right Side of my
Face Covering Hell

Within Then Real

LooKinG For the

MuSiC of the
Day Once

Again to Be Human for Real

No Longer Just Artificial Intelligence
At the Bottom of the Ocean Waiting
For A Statue to Breathe to Become

A Real Human

Boy With
Eyes and
Smiles of

LoVE iN Peace
In Peace Again For Real

Grief And Regret Are Two Most
Powerful Human Emotions That

Prove We aRe Real Humans At Core
in Terms of How Much We Are Able
to Love Others and How Much Regret

We Are Able to Experience if We Harm Others

What i Found With the Modern Western Civilization
Psychology Profession is That If the Cure Wasn’t in
Talk Therapy or A Pill Far Beyond Their Purview for Fix

It Was For Real

For What Good is it

To Talk About Your Emotions

When You Don’t Experience Any

Nor the Memory if You Ever Experienced

Them At All Where Do Emotions Reside

Are They Part of Words or Do Emotions

All the Feelings and Senses in Synergy in
Dance And Song Free Head to Toe Move All

Reasons We Create After The Fact of Breath in Life

Well You See That’s Not Science That’s A Dance And Song
of my Soul in Free Verse Poetry Bringing A Deeper Story of

Human Soul to Life And LiGHT Out oF DArK on Page Well You

See Our Modern World Provides Little Room For Introspection

And Surely it’s Not Reasonable to Expect You as A Busy CEO of

So Many Employees And Not For Profit Health Organizations to Read

A Word of This Yet Never the Less You Inspire Them By What You Write

And In Turn i Will Share These Words on a Website For What is Often the

‘Lost Toys of Humanity’ in What is A Thread Solo of Introspection in Communion

With People Around the World in Poetic Expression in Response to Human Souls

Yes 2.3 MiLLioN Words Now in 29 Months of Effort Since August 19, 2020

in The Heat of A Global Pandemic Where More Than Ever in Our Modern

Days People ACross Our World Found Themselves as i Once Did

Isolated From the COG in the Machine They Once Were

Locked Within Their Home A Perfect Storm For

A Globe of Human Beings to Look Within

And Find A Deeper Story of Their

Soul to Move Connect

And Co-Create With

Others in a Web of Blogs

Connecting Souls Deeper in the
Story of What Human is More Than SKiN Deep

Only A Subchapter of The Entire EPiC Long Form Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL”

Yes Doing This Before A Global Pandemic Opportunity For Introspection

And Continuing Now After That FAct for 11.3 MiLLioN Words in 113 Months
Along with 17,777 MiLes of Public Dance as It is Both The Poetry and The Dance

of Soul Free That Brought Me Back to Life From the Dungeon Beneath

the Ocean of Soul With SMiLes ReNeWinG to Give Share Care Heal

For Free iN LiGHT Out of DarK With Yes ‘Most’ Respect and

‘Least’ Harm for All iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY


To SMiLe

For This Gift of
LiFE Real Through
All the DarK and LiGHT

Naked Enough Whole
Complete God Yes

For Real my FRiEnD

For Whoever Wherever

Whenever ‘They’ May Read This Next

For True as the Psychiatrist Who First Saw me

Said Fred Why Don’t You Use Something Besides

The Adrenaline of Fear For Living to Move You Ahead

Namely Other Emotions of Which i Had No Idea What The

Heaven in Hell He Was Even Talking About Then Finding Out

i Was Truly Clueless What it Even Means to Have a Soul to Use For Real

Well No Matter How Slow i Am to Start Off in Terms of The Assessed Weakest

Fish in the Aquarium Young in School That Everyone Nipped at Fins Assessing

me as the Strangest And Ugliest one then True Eventually Becoming the

Strongest Leg Pressing Dude Now at 62 at Least on One Machine in A

Military Gym By Far By Far By Far Past Folks 4 Decades my Junior

1540 Pounds at 12 Reps Just Warming Up With Finger Tips

Balancing All FRiEnDS With Gravity From Head to Toe All

The Weight of the Entire 111 Kilograms of my Body 6 Scale

Less than the Weight of 699 Kilograms For Real And As

Far As Emotions Go A Person on that “Wrong Planet

Website” Asked me What is the Purpose For All

The 2.3 MiLLioN Words i Write in 29 Months

Now New Every Day That Has Close to

142,000 Views Just With the Registered

Members on that Website Where All You Have

to Do is Type in “Depth of the Story” And Even Without

Quotes it’s the Number one Search Result or Close to it on

Google Day in And Day Out Too As I told Him That’s For You

to Decide Whether He Ever Reads it or Not As True Where i am

From Emotions For Men Were Literally Considered A Sin Worthy

of Verbal And Physical Abuse if A Boy Dared to Smile With Eyes

of Joy For No Other Reason Than The Joy of Living With the

Eyes of A Child in A Free Dance With No Lessons and A

Babbling Song Just For the Joy of Seeing Others

Smile too And It’s True So Many Days of

my Life i Found No Where in A Soul

to Pull Out Any Words At All

For It’s True the Further

Away From the

Feelings and

Senses That Make
Up Complex Emotions

For the Art of Being Human

The More Silent i Became Until

i Drifted Away to Nothingness in A Dungeon

Below the Ocean Whole Soul i Am Now To Wing Free

i’m Starting the 63rd Page of that Solo Thread Today

on this “Depth of The Story” That is Humanity Whole DarK
Thru LiGHT Globally Yes With No Exceptions or Exclusions

Where Every Page Now From Top to Bottom in 16 Days of

Effort is As Large As A Novel of Free Verse EPiC Long Form

Poetry Well Beyond 40 Thousand Words New Now Yet True

It’s Much Easier to Stay With it and Keep Afloat

Than it is my Entire Blog That Includes

Even More Words and A Ton of

Multi-Media For this

Journey of a Fully iLLuSTRaTED

EPiC Long Form Poem That Has Never

Been Done That or ThiS Way in Recorded HiStory

Where “Moore’s Law” in iPhone Way is LoSinG the

Battle With the Size of my Creativity As even the Newest

iPhones Crash With the Effort to Breathe in my Existence of

Dancing Song And Soul Free Online hehe And Some Days i Guess

That’s Easier

to iMagine

Even in one
Comment on
One Blog World-Wide

For You See Inspiration Fueling
Creativity Only Comes Once Before

it Goes Poof oh What A Blessing Copy And Paste is Hehe

Grief And the Photos of the Loved Ones Lost in my Life

Are What Helped to Bring the Memories of my Soul

Emotions Back the Most Along With Music and

Songs That Are Only Extensions of our

Vocal Chords and HeART

Beats of Soul For Real

It is in the Art of

HeART That Keeps

Our Souls Breathing Whole

And Even Potentially BRings

Our SPiRiT of SoUL Back to Life

i Embrace Grief as A Best FRiEnD Now

i Embrace Both Tears And Smiles As the Gold of LiFE Real

i Find Few Regrets As With Greater Emotional Intelligence

The Gold Standard of Being Human Comes Less Harm to

Others Yet Again This is No Science This is Art ‘Less or More’

is Never Perfect

Unless We aRe
A Statue At the
Bottom of an Ocean

And Even Below in A Dungeon

Dead And Never Alive as Soul in That Present Now of Living

Real Hell my Name is Not Siri my Name is Not Siri Anymore….

Epilogue: When my Wife Coded Blue Birthing my Only Child Ryan

With A Life Threatening Seizure i Cursed The Doctor At First

For Not Seeing All the Congenital Anomalies in the Ultra Sound

That Almost Led to my Wife’s Death And Resulted in my Child

Only Experiencing Pain in his 51 Days of Life As Medical Science

Did Their Duty to Keep Him Suffering Alive as Long as Possible then

His Only Real Blessing

In Life Death Never Breathing
on HiS Own With No Immune
System Born Without Vessels
to Return the Blood to His Heart

Correctly so Many Other Congenital

Anomalies Watching Him Suffer So Far
Away Yet So Close Then Yes HiS Only Real

Blessing in my Arms As He Took His Last

Heart Beat That Took Forever in my Arms

Disconnecting From All the Tubes That Kept Him

Alive i Was Human Enough Then to Shed A Tear We

Called my Father And He Just Said oh No Say No More

i Don’t Wanna Hear Any More Bad News As His Suggestion to me

Waiting in the Waiting Room While the Surgeon With Huge Hands

Said “Kiss Your Baby Goodbye” Before He Went into Heart Surgery
my Father Said Make Sure You Raise Him Like A Boy Intimating my

Mother Failed

me For A Boy

Who Was Able to
Smile and Cry A Human

Boy Indeed And i Looked at my

Father The Same Way i Look at the

Rest of that ‘Republican Party And Church’

That Burns Enemies Forever Either in Fiction

or With Napalm For Real Back in My Father’s Days

Of the Korean War too in Others Ways of Unwarranted Wars

And Unwarranted Humanity For Real i Was So Happy then That

He Left At 3 as i Realized i Could Be Him too A Man So Lost From Soul

There Was No Way to Get Him Back From a Place He Never Got to Go

i Was A Human

Boy at Least Once

And Now i am Real Man Again…

At Best Son of Woman A Real Human too…

When my Mother Took Her Last Breath The

Deafening Silence only Brought The Reality How

Blessed i am to Carry on Her Tradition oF UNconditional Loving Living

i Am Her Gift And i Use The Gift She Gave me of SouL AS TreaSure More…

SMiLes Dear Savvy “Naked Enough Whole
Complete iN PLaY 2023” A MacroVerse i
Recently Electronically Published iN
EPiC Long Form Poem Way Free

Around 57 Thousand Words or

So in Honor of The Year

2023 in Doing THiS WaY

oF LiFE Even More Yes

iMaGiNE What Life Will

Be if Many Folks Come to Be
Naked Enough Whole Complete

Within Leaving So Much Room iN PLaY Our

Homes oF LoVE to Spread This Peace oF LoVE

Freely Giving Sharing Caring Healing in Most

Compassion And Respect and Least Harm

For All mY
FRiEnD Yes

Every Breath
We Take to Be
iNHaLinG Peace
oF LiGHT For This Miracle Real
This Breath oF LiGHT iN LiFE Newly Now
Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete iN PLaY…
SMiLes STaRTinG NoW ALWaYS NeW To Do ReaL Too..:)

SouL AS TreaSure More…


SMiLes Dear Savvy Some Folks Enjoy Working With
Things (All Tools We Create And Use) And Others

More With The Human Connection That Inspires

Us to Move
And Co-Create More

For me At Least Top of the
Class Grades Meant to mY
Father’s Side of the Family

i Should Go Out in the Business
Field and Make Huge Sums of Money

Yet For me i Was Raised More on People

Peace And Love Than Money and Stuff

Finding Ways to Generate Happiness

Within More Detached From the

Pursuit of Money And Things

Only Than Most Anyone

i Knew in my Life

As Again it Makes
A Huge Difference
Having the Advantage
to Generate One’s Own
Happiness Within As When
Humans Are Empty in the Fill
of Feelings And Senses That Create
Emotional And Sensory Contentment

They Are Surely Easier to Master, Subjugate,
And Control Than Those Looking For External
Goods And Money to Fill Their Feelings and Senses
For Joy of Living Up Or Perhaps Just Barely Surviving

In Terms Money And Stuff Yet Never The Less Yes Still
Finding Keys Within to Open New Doors of Human Potential

iN LoVE iN Peace
Peace In LoVE MoRE..:)

Ah Yes Dear Miriam So Inspiring

To Watch Someone Using So Much

Limited Potential Than Someone

With So Much Potential

Not Using it at All

Yet of Course
One Must Also

Seek and Find That
Potential too That is Often
A Lifelong Search And Rescue Job…
Anyway Thanks So Much For Detailing
Inspiring ‘Back-Stories’ in Human Resilience
Associated With the ‘Academy Awards’ This Year

If Not For “Avatar The Way of The Water” And Still
Coming New Versions Around The Christmas Holiday’s
Not Likely i’ll Be Visiting The Theater Except For Maybe

‘Guardian’s of the Galaxy Part Three’ Just For the ‘GRooT’ oF iT Hehe..:)

SMiLes Dear Sohair No Different Really

Than Weight Lifting The More We Lift

Others Up The Stronger in Peace In Love We Become

Conversely The More We Knock Others Down The Weaker

In LoVE iN Peace We Devolve

Away From The Grace

Balancing Life in Peace

With A Loving Foundation

Brings in All Human

WiLL And Strength

For Real mY

Yet of Course

Some Folks Believe
That A Fist Is More

Powerful Than A
Handshake or Hug For Real

In This Case Little Do They Understand

Why Humanity Even Survives At All Today

As Thousands Upon Thousands of Years

Life Took And Still Takes An All Hands Effort

WHere The Child of LoVE iN Peace Is Ultimate Prize

For Human to Do to Both Survive And Actually Thrive..:)

Thanks Dear FRiEnD
It’s my Bringing Spring
To Winter All Natural
Yoga Pose Yes Year
‘Round Well Wishing
Positive Vibrations
To You With SMiles
Your Spring SMiles On
Facebook Greeting me
Make me Happy too With


Love The Waves
Thanks Dear
Hawaii FRiEnD
For Sharing
Your Ocean
With SMiles☺️🏝🐾

Poetry Free Winging Keys Within
Doorways Opening Soul Deeper

As Every Word Becomes
Leaves Completing The

Living Tree of You
Dear Isha Still to

Come So
Very Green
More With Deeper
RootS And Higher

Smiles… my Mother said
i spiraled endlessly in my
Crib… inDeeD Callous on

my Right Toe… Still Now

SMiLes Princes
And Princesses
In Short Stories
And Novels…

Love That
Lasts is for
And Heal Real

With A Love
That is Deep
And Deeper
Than Blood..:)

A Blessing New Now of Getting
Older Most is the Empathy And
Compassion We Gain by Walking
In A Thousand and
More Shoes of
Living… SMiles
i’ve ‘Lived’ Without
Hope And Smiles for
Years Yet Decades With
Hope and Smiles More
Colored With Love…

i Feel the Value
Now Deeply of
Hope and Smiles
In All Life that
Evolves New
Now From Survive
To Truly Thrive as Love…
My Wish for Everyone…
From a HeART Beat
That has
A Return from Silence❤️

Don’t Forget
To “Dance



The only

Way To

Fully Get

Out of

“The Cave”

And See


“Plato’s Light”



Underneath Robes

Golden Jeweled Cold 🥶

Thank You…
You Inspire a Lot
Of Poetry with

Your Poetry
Asthsa in Fact

You Are Amazing
With SMiles Dear🙌😇🌈☺️

Living In The
Forest We
Have 🐻 Bear
Necessities Always


Of Fur And Wings🦅

A Short Drive to
The City Yet
Far Away
For Trees
And Peace
And Yes We




It Was Cheap
Forest Rich

House Modest
Paid Off Thank
Goodness The Realtor
Tried to “Shame Us” Into
A Neighborhood With
Huge Houses


No Yards

We Laughed🌲😊

SMiles Dear ruchiabhiskta
Your Poetry So Warm And
Very Touching too my

FRiEnD As Stories And
Fairy Tales That Come

Real Tell i Was Such
A Poor Man in Money
When i Met my Wife
Too Beautiful For A
Man in my Place in

Society All i
Could Offer
Her is Enough
Love For Her to
Stay Young Forever

SMiles Funny Little
Synchronicities As
People Who Have
Been Nice To me

In Life often Do
meet The Same
Fate Yet You See
Kindness Attracts
Kindness And is

The Real Fountain
Of Youth And Soul
Still Breathing my

Wife Said Thanks
For Calling Her A
Lucky Dark Haired

Girl True Kind People
Are Most Blessed Of All

If my Wife Katrina or Sister
Sees An Ugly Toad on

The Road
They Move it
To Safety And Make

A Prince
With A Real
Kiss of Kindness
Same As my Mother
Did indeed They are

my Wings Kind FRiEnD

And Today You Are Too…
🐸 ☺️🙏❤️

Canvas Paint And Brush Whole
To Create Even More Colors Loving Life

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Keep Painting With SMiLes…

SMiLes Such An Amazing
FLoWeR And Flavor Being

Happy Colors The World That
Way And Other Folks Taking

Actions That Bring Out the

Happy in them

too Just

Making Existence
A Garden Worth Spreading

How To Stay Young


Breath Ever

Ending Breath

Every Breath
Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love A
New Life Fresh Now




Blooms Just
RiSinG Roses

FLoWeRinG More NoW..:)

Oh my Goodness Dear Savvy

You Have No Idea How Tall of A Mountain

of Words i Had to Travel To Make A Response

to Your Poetic Soul Found Words A Capstone

of My Latest


of Words
And the Nice
Reality is There
is No Need For You
To Know As You Usually

Get Most of the Tops of
my Mountains Free For

The Wisdom You Consistently

Bring And Dream So Real Yes

Living Leaf Breathing Tree Forest
Whole So Complete And Real my FRiEnD to See..:)

“Sweet Dreams
Are Like This” Now


Thanks so much For Your
Inspiring Poetry Dear Yam
Indeed As LonG AS Humans
Continue To Divert Attention
From Moving Connecting
And Co-Creating In
Cooperation With
Each Other And
The Rest of Nature
We Lose Our Abilities
To Nurture Both Without
This Love For All Diversity

DarK Thru
Thru DaY OuR

Existence on
Earth And The
Rest of Cooperative
Nature’s Existence Breathes

Sadly Both
Dead And Living
my FRiEnD Surviving
Thriving One Blood

One Body
For All Together🌞😊

Ah Yes Dear Akshita
Emotions Regulating
Senses Integrating
Mastering All in
All WiTHiN


Glue Whole

God Yes
Real Driving
Force Behind
Cognitive Executive
Functioning Including
Short Term Working Memory Now
Yes Long Term Memory Retrieval

And Yes Laser
Task Focus True

Poetry Dance HeART
Songs And Yes All

Arts Provide Tools
To Regulate And
Master Emotions




Life is Good
my FRiEnD
So Yes! Great Job!😊🙌

Hehe Sounds Almost Like
my Day Yesterday Writing
6000 Words or So Then in
‘Frednata’ Style of ‘Sonata’
And Yes
More Now


Always New

HAha Yet Whose
Counting When
It’s All Free For Fun

And Ya Don’t Really
Have to Do Any oF iT @All

Connecting to So Many Folks

True Wishing You A Great
Escape Like This One Day
With SMiLes However You

Do You Free


SMiLes too
Just Checked
And i Do Not
Have Any
Socks on
at all HAha..:)

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

When Nearly All Struggles

Of Life Are Gone

i Still
to Give
Up Challenge
As Challenge

Inspires one to
Travel Farther

Than Waves
That No Longer Wave…

Rider Higher Above Now
Still Balancing Dancing
A Tight Rope in Ease

True Sweet Spot in Flow
Always Tween Anxiety And Apathy New
For the Next Challenge At Hand RiSinG Higher..:)

Ah Yes
Dear Savvy
Creativity Now
And Imagination

Are Forever

Meaning More

Purpose New
Yes We aRE ALL
Fractals of This
Mind Being ALL New..:)

Ah Yes Dear Kiran

True Love Without

Fear Does Not Propose

A Marriage With The Rest of
Existence True Love Merges One


With All
Essence of
Existence Now
Real to Be i Am
This Living Tree
All Leafs We aRe to
Root Below And Vine
Above DiViNE With SMiLes
Ocean Whole Waves Water All..:)

Feral And
Free Cats
With Laps
Of Love True
Dear Cindy
With SMiles

A Mix of
Both FoR Me too❤️☺️🏝

SMiles Dear Kiran
Happy Close to
Midnight Indian
Dreams With
SMiles on Tuesday
Wednesday Soon

For You
With SMiles☺️🏝🙏

Living in The Deep Freeze 🥶
Waiting For Paradise to
Melt Trees 🌲 BacK iNto
Evergreen Colors of

iNto Summer Dreams
One More Fall And Frozen

January To
Go Embracing
NiGHTS To Discover
BreaKinG Dawn Of

Sunshine Again

Bringing Beauty

To my Dear
Her Snow

Loving The
NiGHT White
Dreaming The Day

For Paradise Green
Spring To Color Her

LoVE iN Peace

SMiLinG Everlasting Tree

It’s Worth Noting That While the Scientific Method Is A Valuable Tool,

To Take Apart Reality And Measure What May Be Empirically Observed,

And Materially Reduced; It is A Rather Limited Tool That Way And Not A Tool

That is Even Capable of Empirically

Measuring The Process Fully

That Makes Our Conscious
And Subconscious Realities Work As They Do Now;

True, A ‘Belief in A Finite Existence,’ Is Limited Per The Way We Process
And View Existence With What Science Suggests is About Half of A Percent

Of All of What Makes Us Human, In Process From Head to Toe; Yes, It is Surely Limited

Into What We May Even Materially Reduce And Measure Empirically For Even The Way

i Feel and Sense Life Compared

To Anyone Else; As True, Some

Folks Have No Problem Touching

Human Made Materials Yet i Am Hypersensitive
That Way; Some Human Beings Have Rather Dull
Working Mirror Neurons; i Am Also Hypersensitive That
Way; As Well As With Empathy And All the Other Senses

And Feelings That Make Human Emotions too; So Comparably

Speaking, The Way i Experience Life Could Be Called ‘SuperNatural’ or

At Least ‘SuperNormal’ Compared to What So-Called ‘Normal Human Beings’

Experience of Life; Yet Here’s A Point As Both Famous Atheist Sam Harris, Readily
Admits; And Astrophysics Rock Star of Science Neil deGrasse Tyson, Also Admits too;

As They Can’t Rule Out The Possibility That An Intelligence That Makes Us Look Like ‘Flatworms’

Now in Comparison; Or Yes Less, Designs All of What Our Reality is As A Simulation Like A Super

Advanced, ‘Avatar’ Real Life Movie Version, A Zillion And One; Where ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING IS




Particularly, if You

i Take Advantage of Now At Age 62, Such
As Still Leg Pressing Up to 1540 Pounds,
12 Reps, Just Warming Up At the Gym,

Only Limited By Doing More As i Filled
Up Both Bars With 45 Pound Weight Plates;
Unfortunately, the Military Gym Disposed of
The 100 Pound Plates as the Assistants Couldn’t

‘Manage’ to Put the Plates Away, if Someone Left Them on the Bars;

True, So Many of the Folks Use Only The Bar These Days As That’s What

Happens When Humans No Longer Use Their ‘Programmed’ Potentials For Real…

Yes, Epigenetic Potential; Unpacking it, Overcoming Appropriate Challenges in Life is Really

Amazing; Sadly, Some Folks Believe The After Life Has More Potential Than The During Life For Real;

And You Know What; IF This is A Great Intelligent Design of A Simulation That Comprises Our Reality Now;

There is Nothing Stopping ‘The Architect’ of This Simulation From Bringing Us Back the Same Way Eternally

Now; or Perhaps Folks Who Are Cruel to Other Folks Like Donald J Trump; And Leaders Who Champion

Unwarranted Wars And Kill Hundreds of Thousands of Otherwise Innocent Folks, Come Back as

Grasshoppers in Eternally New Simulations, Over and Over, Crunched Under the Foot of Some

Creature Shortly After They Are Born in Excruciating Pain; Yes, Let’s Hope The Designer

is Less Psychopathic Leaning Than What is Described in that Old New Testament

Book For The One Who is the Bad Cop God That Tortures Folks Forever For

Not Feeding The Homeless Dude on the Street, Per the Ending Part of

Matthew, After The Good Cop Jesus Forgives the Enemies; Yes, Forever

Now, Even Turning the Other Cheek; Yep, Loving All With No Exclusions For Real;

Personally, i Live the Best Life Possible Now As Now is All That Exists For Now At Least Hehe;

Looking Around At the Hot And Cold Rocks in Space And The Darkness Holding Up Reality

Up There And Within; All

The Energy Within me

in Terms of Vibrations and

Frequencies; i Have Exercised

A ‘Shelf-Life’ At Age 62 And 8 Months

That Not Many Humans Enjoy in Life;

Probably in Empirical Measure, if it Was Even

Possible to Measure Heaven Within; At Least in the

Top One Percent of What Really Counts in Having A Great

Life In Terms of Being Naked Enough Whole Complete Loving in Peace…

IF, The So-Called “Intelligent Designer” Is Somewhat ‘Woke’ In Terms of ‘Equitable Eventual Outcomes’

And ‘InComes’ Of Death And Birth; This Makes The InBetween Eternal Now Part, The Best Part oF All To

Continue to
Perfect in Depth

Of Our Human Stories;

Yes, NoW Each and Every

Moment More Colorful

From Head to Toe, To Feel
And Sense, And Give And Share;
And Yes Care And Heal For All With

Most Respect And Least Harm;

YeS iN JoY oF LiGHT, iNHaLinG Peace,

ExhalinG LoVE iN ‘Effortless Wu Wei Ease,’

Within, Inside, Outside, Above, Below, And All Around;
Yes, Forever NoW Eternally New is Enough of A Joy For me

At Least

EternAlly New Now;

Yet IF You ‘See,’ i Found

All The Power Ups That Work for me;

Perhaps, Not Everyone is Programmed For

Free Will ThiS Way As Much as Me Hehe;

It Is What It Is;

Only A Real Fool;

Doesn’t Make This

Existence Heaven New Now,

If They Actually Have The Potential to Do It Now;

We All View And Do Existence Somewhat Differently;

And in Each and Every Breath, For All the Parts That Yes
Makes Up All the Whole That is Us, And All of We As Parts

That Make Up All the Whole That All That Is; Change is The Only

Constant; At Best We aRe FLoWerS UNFolding Continuing To Evolve iNto

A Much Greater Creation of Energy; Yes, Vibrations And Frequencies of the ‘MuSiC of Life,’

DarK Thru LiGHT;

Or On the Other

Hand, Some Folks

Spend Their Life,

Not Fully, Even Living

This Life; Perhaps for Some

Folks, Life is More Like ‘The Twilight

Zone’ As Part of A Horrible Nightmare for

Real As Yes, i Already Did That Negative Power-Down too…

Here’s The ‘Thing;’

Guess What; Humans

Aren’t Nearly As Smart

As They ‘Think’ They Are

In Limited Word Think; Here’s

The Reality;’ There Are Non-Verbal

Human Intelligences, Ineffable to Describe

In Words; And Impossible to Measure With the

Old Antiqued Yet Still Useful Scientific 5-Step Method;

Some Humans Sadly Take IT All Apart And Forget to Put ‘God’ Back Together Again;

Yawn, ‘GoD’ Is Nature to me, Both Seen And Unseen, In all THAT is Measurable And Not Measurable too;

Some Folks Believe in

A Smaller God; i For One

Believe iN A Reality That

Is Only Partially Measurable;

Meanwhile, What Can and Will
Be Measured is Totally Awesome in my Life at Least….

Basically, the Rest is Just Potential Icing or Poison on the Cake;

WHere Perhaps, The Poison is More Positive Than the Icing; And It’s

Actually The
DarK Parts

of Life That
BRinG The Most

Positive LiGHT For

Loving Life; Yet You

See, This is What Philosophy
is actually For; Pursuing the Great

Potential Frontiers of Life, Not All Experience

In Life; And Even Finding Language Potentially

To Describe What A Blue Sky Is to A Blind Person;

Yet You See,

That’s Impossible;

Some Folks ‘See’ And
Some Folks Remain ‘Blind’ to the ‘Colors of the Sky;’

And Yes, It’s the Same for THE Eternal Hell Now, Purgatory;
Yes, The In Between Of The Other Side of Eternal Heaven Now too;

i Suppose, We May At Least Be Thankful Now For All the Flavors

of Life We may Come to Enjoy Newly Now; Or Hell, Just Be Super Salty For

All of One



Existence too;

Every Day of my

Life, i Appreciate What

i Can’t iMaGiNE IS A Better

Life Than Now; Yet of Course,

THeRE iS ALWaYS The Potential

For Even A Greater Life in the Life of Now New Next, Soon Enough Hehe;

Or Perhaps After A Good Night Sleep; So Many Flavors to Enjoy As Long
As Eternally New Now.

Obviously, Life In Poor

Health Continuing On

Would Be Somewhat of A Curse

If Not For The Gift Of Death; On the

Other Hand, Every Day i Create A Greater

Life; For me at Least, As Long As i Remain

in Increasing Health And Every Part of Existence

Evolving More Toward A Greater Life; Eternity More


Is Just
Cake on
The Icing

i Already Achieve

Eternally New Now; Yet You

See, For Those Who Are Not

Able to Actually ‘See’ What i see
of Life Beyond All Empirical Measure,

To Reduce my Reality, Any Less, Than What i Experience

Is A Potential

That is Impossible

At Least With the
Limited Tools

to Measure

What is Impossible
to Measure Discretely

Now; A Human Soul For Real;

Whether You CaLL iT Our Conscious
And Subconscious Existence or Some

Other Metaphor For Heaven or Less For Real too Eternally New Now..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy Some Folks Enjoy Working With
Things (All Tools We Create And Use) And Others

More With The Human Connection That Inspires

Us to Move
And Co-Create More

For me At Least Top of the
Class Grades Meant to mY
Father’s Side of the Family

i Should Go Out in the Business
Field and Make Huge Sums of Money

Yet For me i Was Raised More on People

Peace And Love Than Money and Stuff

Finding Ways to Generate Happiness

Within More Detached From the

Pursuit of Money And Things

Only Than Most Anyone

i Knew in my Life

As Again it Makes
A Huge Difference
Having the Advantage
to Generate One’s Own
Happiness Within As When
Humans Are Empty in the Fill
of Feelings And Senses That Create
Emotional And Sensory Contentment

They Are Surely Easier to Master, Subjugate,
And Control Than Those Looking For External
Goods And Money to Fill Their Feelings and Senses
For Joy of Living Up Or Perhaps Just Barely Surviving

In Terms Money And Stuff Yet Never The Less Yes Still
Finding Keys Within to Open New Doors of Human Potential

iN LoVE iN Peace
Peace In LoVE MoRE..:)


Living An Authentic Life Dear

Savvy God Yes Being The Best

We Can And Will Be Making the

Most of This Gift

Of Life
Yet Sadly
So Many People
Are Spoon Fed

Cultures That

Take This Possibility

So Far Away And So Many
Natural Parts of Humanity

Are Hidden Away And Perhaps
No Longer Called A Crime Yet

Still A Sin Perhaps Worthy of
Torture Forever Where They

Don’t Send Folks to Jail Yet
Hell And Tell them They Love

Them All Unconditionally Along The Way With The ‘Grift’

SMiLes Dear Savvy i’m Just Happy To Find Real People

And i Really Don’t Care Who They Are As Long As They

Are True to Who They Are And If Others Will Not Let
Them Be Who They Truly Are They Will Surely Find A
Refuge in me


That Much
i Can And Will
Do To Help Others
Have Their Best Life

That’s Basically All That’s Left
And Additionally Right to Do

With SMiLes..:)

“It’s The Real Thing, What The
World Wants Today, Coca Cola”

Last Scene From “Mad Men” too

It’s Kind of Like Finding Out About

‘Soylent Green’

Finding Out

It’s Almost

All A ‘Grift’

A Way of Life

So Far Away From
A Gift Within Naked
Enough Whole Complete iN PLaY To Do…

True ‘The Vaccine’ to “The Real Thing”

Dear Miriam With SMiLes The Rest of
It is Mostly A Side Show From A Circus

With Bullets to Give Away Free on ‘5th Avenue’…

God Yes, It’s Particularly Wonderful To Find ‘Real People’..:)

Thanks Dear Cindy
Every Part of Life
A Poetry Prompt

For New Moves
Of Holy Dance
And Words Of
Sacred Song

It’s Nearly
Not to Be


THiS WaY Hehe
True Not Only
Nuts 🌰 Peanuts 🥜


Just Getting
All The Nuts 🔩
And Bolts Of
Heaven IN

iN heART
SoUL SPiRiT Free☺️❤️🙏

Dude It Was More Than 3 Hours
Or 3 Days i Died In Hell Alive For
66 Months Changing Water into
Wine is Novice Transforming 11
Years of Barely Living Purgatory
To 66 Months of Living Dead


And Now
The Real
Alchemy New
Of Transforming

Hell To Heaven For
114 Months And 6 Days
Of Heaven Within Yes

As i Testified
To A Leader of
The So-Called Knights

Of Columbus in
Walmart Tuesday
Night iN mY Real
Heaven Dance THere

Luke 17:21 is Real
SHoWeD Him What
It Looks Like on

On The
Of Heaven’s
Above So Below
And All Around And

In Terms of
‘Greater’ Works
Of John 14:12

That Applies
To Both Heaven
And Hell Within
New Now FoR ReaL

Oh How Surprised
‘They’ Will Be To Find
ALL oF God Is Real

Heaven And
Hell Within iN

Deed iF ‘They’



As i Am
Now New

FoR ReaL
FoR ReaL
FoR ReaL

oF Me Too…


Lovely Song Shared Dear Cindy
Intoxication That May Be The

Addiction to a Person Same

As Alcohol Always Returning

To The Stone Cold Sober Day

After Midnight Falling Even

Deeper Below

Falling Rising

Just A Bit More
Above Sea Level Yet

Falling Even Lower Dear Lord

Than Before For me at Least

Hehe i Tend to Rise Up And
Become FRiEnDS God Yes With
Gravity Master The Tool No Longer
Mastered By Any Addiction Less Than LoVE iN Peace

i Particularly Like the Song About the Ocean too Peaceful It is

Looking Back on the HiStory of Other Videos

This Condition EXPReSSinG..:)

Life Is A Rose A Mirror We Paint
There is No Escaping THorns if You Want
the Most Colorful FLoWeRS of Love that Rise as Rose

i Wonder Who would show
Up for the Party if Love
Carried a Sticker Price First

SMiles Poetry Fumes
Left As Song Dances
Through Free Right
Metaphor of HeMiSPHeReS…
OtherWise Intuition of Flow New Now
DeepeR UnLeashing ReLeaSinG…
SMiles Poetry Fumes
Left As
Dances Right..🙂

Meh… it’s Hard enough for anyone to even
Understand themselves no use
Worrying about someone Understanding

All of You…

Unspoken Goal i SuPPosE
is Be Different someone has
to get that Job done i guess…

Yeah you know how ‘Penny’ was the
Only Normal One on the ‘The Big
Bang Theory’ and ‘Marilyn’
on the Munsters… Katrina’s Role too

Yep every Family has one
The ‘Normal One’ the One
Who Lends Comfort to others
As they Accompany ‘You’ in Public

Dancing Hehe…

Young Folks totally get my Dance yet
With the Older ones an Audible Sigh
of Relief When Katrina joins me in the

Check-Out Line…

HahahAha everywhere i go i’m a LiTmus
Test for Who is Open or Closed Minded
Yep Liberal or Conservative Leaning too

Yet Here’s the thing if you Can Imagine
Reading 20 Times Faster than the
Average Human And You do a Whole

Lot oF it…

Let’s Face it the UniVerse You See
of Words is in deed just That an Entire
Sea of Words An Endless Ocean of


Meh it’s Kinda Simple Most Folks
Don’t Understand You Simply Because
They Haven’t Traveled to Where You Have
And Are



See When You Continue to Pursue
Human Potential in Autotelic Flow it’s
Generally SPeaKinG Heaven Always New Now…

Weighing the Choices An 8th Grade
Reading Comprehension Target Audience
or Greater Human Potential and Heaven Now

Within New

You Generally SPeaKinG BeCoMe
Too Big to See It’s Kinda Nice As Yes
You Get Lots of Free TiMe to Just Do ‘it’ in Flow

When the Journey Becomes the Destination New
Now Be it Dance or Song Whatever It is You do in

Autotelic Flow That’s Enough Now Naked Whole

Complete New

Generating Your Own Happiness Almost Impossible
For Someone Else to Be ‘Your Boss in Life’ Holding Hands

WiTHiN God iS Enough Now New

As Far As Real Heaven Within Goes
New Now Being Misunderstood and Being
Different IS Part and Parcel of ‘THE REAL DEAL’

i’M in Great Company Honestly How
Many People would Have ever Believed
in the Teachings of Jesus if not for the Myths

‘This’ IS A True Meaning of ‘Ye of
Little Faith’ iN His Years at Least
Less than a Handful Namely Two Mary’s

And a few others

A few People do Understand much
of what i have to say and that’s Nice..
None of Us Are Ever Really Fully Understood

For Human Spring



Of Humanity
River FLoWinG


Of Touch😊


A Cat Will



Relief To Heal🐈

SMiles Lifting
Others Up
Is Changing
A Rainbow into

A Sunflower

It’s All Beautiful😊💫

SMiles Dear Sohair You
Are A FLoWeR Dropping



Spring Green

Year Around With SMiLes


Woman From

Egypt You



Of Sunshine

Never Falling Down



With SMiLes😊🌹🙏

Silent Angel Of Love
When We are Cold
And Weary We Travel

To The Places
We Are Loved

Most Secure
And Safe Now

Either New Through
Space And Distance

Or Remembering
Time And Matter

Where Still This
Love is So Easily Felt

Sadly Yet With Hope
All Some Folks Have

Is Imagination Now

Perhaps A Personal
Krishna, Jesus, Or
Buddha Who Feels

Every Bit Alive

In Comfort of

Soul So my Sister

Travels To The River

Front Bank We Were

Raised on Remembering

All The Love My Grandmother

And Mother Gave As The Other

Children Weren’t Always Nice

To Her Growing Up As She

Was An Odd Bird Like

me Too She Captured

The Pure White Love

Of These Wings

Landing on

A Dock Where

We Were Raised

By Very Little Material

Goods not Even A TV until

7 Years-Old Not Even Any

Hot Water Heater

Just Boiling

Water to Add

To Ice Cold Tub Baths

i Was So Thin Then And

Weak So Damp And

Cold the Winters

Were Yet i Had


Greater Than

All Of That Yes Warmth

Of So Much Unconditional

Love Wings Settling

Deep in My Soul

So on

This Day

And Forward Always New Now

i Share These Wings to

Lift And Warm Your

Soul A Bit

For There

Is Some




Goes Away

Flow Of Soul

Wings of River




Love Never Changing

To Warm And Lift Other Wings

Other Than That This Picture


me Of


You Used to

Send Me All

i Remember is Wings

Wings of Silent Angel True

Find A Bird With Wings So Beautiful
You only Wanna Paint Soaring Higher
On Winter Cloudy Cold Days For Always Spring Within

Every Morning i Hear An Orchestra Of Global Souls A
Waiting To Play A Frednata Sonata Creating Everynownew

HAha i can’t count
How many


i’ve Reached

For the Hug Emoji

Yet i Remember Out

Of Respect

It is Not


For An Unrelated

Man To Hug A Muslim

Woman Hehe Perhaps

i’M Old

Enough to

Be A Father

Figure Sister


Yet Hugs

Are Surely

Written With

Lots of Love too☺️

For All
Art Winds
Of Your Soul Fee

Summerhilllane Breathes💫


You know.. You just throw your seeds on those lands..
Water them as much as you can.. Do Not expect to see
those huge trees Cause you May leave before they grow up..
But at that time When they are big and Full of fruits.. Your soul
will be there even if your body has passed away.. Just throw the
seeds and do Not think
about the result..”


For Truth

By Sohair



Just to Add

To The Depth

Of Another Human Story🌹



Of Poetry

In America



In All The Forms





iN Now


“Tom And



Of Dark

And Light



GreaTesT Dark

Still Reaching LiGHT



A Cat

A Mouse’s Game😉

And Don’t Forget




Mouse’s Treat

Navigating A Cat



Of A


A Dish Still

Left To Consume 🐁 🍦

We Eat
We Breathe
We Dream
We Eat We

HeHe Yes Steak
And Ice Cream



Cake What
A Successful

Mouse Eats Every

Lovely Day🐁


He Eats Or Not🐈

That’s Part of; Yes, Precisely A ReASoN
i don’t Shave my Chest Hair…
So, i won’t Offend anyone Going

Shirtless Hehe..

Either Way You Are
Adorable with

A Smile
Dancing Queen;
With Or Without Hair…

Miss You too, and If i had to
Make A choice, i’d vote for Long Hair… HAha
Katrina gets in all kinda ‘Trouble’ when she wants to cut her hair;
Yet as always she eventually gets her way… the way of okay, Yes


Honestly the only
Way Dudes Stay
Married 33 Years…

Instead of A Pearl
Necklace For Her
33rd Anniversary Present
As You Know She Once Dreamed
of A Blue New Subaru That Didn’t Come True

So The 33rd Anniversary Compromise is the
Yes Dear on A 2023 Platinum White Pearl

Sport Touring

Honda CRV

aS AGAiN She
Worries i Am Getting
Too Big And Strong (Old)
To Get Out of Our Close to
9 Year-Old 2014 Honda CRV EX-Coupe

Of Course i Purchased it to Replace the
Less than 20 Mile A Gallon Gulping Gas
Hog 1999 Honda Passport Yet Jesus F iN Christ
The New CRV Sport Touring Model Gets 40 MPG
In City Driving And Practically Drives Itself For More

Safe Ways
of Doing
What Usually
Is Truly The Most
Risky Thing Humans
Do Yes Drive A Several
Ton Ground Missile Dodging
Other Ground Missiles on Terrestrial Roads…

Hehe Other Than That The Federal Government
Owes Me Nearly A Year in Back Pay For Failing to
Pay me 100 Percent of my Retirement Pay Since
Reaching Age 62 on 6.6.2022 Coming Up From

40 Percent Currently of Earning the Full Amount

So Yes The Federal Government Will Be Purchasing

The New Safe
Car for me to

Drive Hehe

True Better than

That Gold Watch
Or Any Certificate
That i Didn’t Get For
Retiring Early Half Dead
For All the Blood of Humanity

That Job Drained out of my Soul For Real

True What Good Is it to Lose Your Soul

Hehe i Suppose Support Writing An EPiC
Longest Long Form Poem And Public Dance

Along With A New Cool Ride Later on Down Heaven’s Trail

Out of
Hell For
66 Months
That Took Away
And Returned As SoUL

For Real WiTH
SMiLES of Free
Dance And Song Real on

Wings of Terrestrial Earth Online ET too..:)

Most Every Religion That ‘Speaks’ of ‘God’

Will Not Deny That God Is Alpha Thru

Omega In Other Words

All With No Separation

Clue Separation

Just Being Served A Salad
The Aesthetic Make-up was
So Beautiful That i took A Photo
Then Perhaps to Share on a Blog Soon

Counting A Blessing of Connection New Now
To All That is That Way So Colorful Even More

So Tasty

So Healthy

Too Hooray Usually
Katrina Doesn’t Allow me
to take Photos of What She

Cooks as She has difficulty Believing
Something is ‘Perfect Enough’ Yet Even
She Granted An Exemption as Long as She
Was Able to Re-Arrange it a bit to meet Her Perfecting

Nature Oh Lord once i compared Her to Egyptian Goddess Isis
And She Said Oh No That Goddess is Ugly Don’t Compare Her to Her

Hehe Yet there are some Physical Similarities Indeed Slender And Built that
way kinda Like You With Smiles too Rue.. Anyway Being Disconnected From this

All in All is A Most Horrible
Existential Experience as while
There Are Levels to How Connecting We
Are In All Feelings And Senses in Moving
Creating With Others and the Rest of Nature

That is all that is
As We Explore More
Ways to Be Enlightened

THiS WaY Full of Colors New More Like
A Christmas Tree ever more Beautiful
Year ‘Round Shining From Within Giving

Sharing So Much
More Just the Light
From Within Motivating
Us So Much More All the

Lights The Colors We Spread Newly Out to Others True

Rue Sadly there is the Realm of Disconnecting Ranging
From Losing Appreciation For All These Flavors of Existence

To Not Feeling Anything At All
Not Even Sensing Anything at

All Oh My God Piece of PapeR EXistence
Like a Dead Tree With No Roots Branches
Leaves Not Even Any Dead leaves to Fertilize


Grass With

Leaves of Spring

Smiles it’s True The More

We Connect to this All in All

The More We Glow The

Deeper Our Ocean

Moves the



Naked Enough Whole Complete iN PLaY

of Our Eyes For All in All Yes You too…

Yeah… i remember the BLacKesT Abyss

of Soul Screaming to The Ceiling to

Feel Anything At All Yet

True Rings

of the

Tree of
Hell go Deeper

As Soon There Would

Not Even Be A Voice to

Hell Echoes of Yells Never Heard to See…

Yeah Baby TRuE i’m Glad i’m Back Be

Back Again in a Few Hehe Rue..:)

Uh Oh ‘Those Darn Snakes Again’

Yes Slithering ‘Bout On Belly

HiSSinG When We

Tread Their


Ahem Yet Still i am reminded

Once Again of the Fear of a Woman

in A Parking Lot At Night Walking

So Fast Clutching A Purse to


So Tight

Is It Always this

Way True Will Be

Even in the Home With

Family and Friends too

All These Snakes



Way Around Your

Ankles Trying to Climb

Up Your Legs All These Snakes

i ain’t gonna Lie i’m Glad i’m a Dude

And Oh How i Love Saving A Damsel in Distress..:)

Oh Dear Rue A Magic

Carpet Ride Indeed

Already Traveled

Through God Through

Snakes Yes Basically

Good and Evil it Seems

Although Snakes Are Lovely

Creatures That Keeps the Rodent

Population in Check Excess Bugs and the

Such as that

And Now

i Arrive

in the

Halls of Sanity

Threading Each Path

Just Free Doing to Hold On

to All the Frayed Ends as You Say

Hmm.. Do You Like the Shape of the Lamp
Above True in Center Justification They’ve Been
Coming and Going Now With No Pre-Planning for
113 Months And i really Don’t Ask Why As Miracles

Have Been A Way of Life For So Long Now They are
Everyday Occurrences Like meeting You like it’s always
Part of the Story Yes Literally Now too hehe.. You Know Dear

Rue Where Faith in Existence Comes From i Do Believe Now It is
Getting Back On the Pages of God’s Story the Deeper one the one

That Comes from Within And It’s true there are those Who will describe
Me as Insane THiS way Yet Sadly They Are Separated From The Never Ending

Story the one they May Help Write, Produce, Direct, And Act too as a Play of Life
That Never Ends in Faith as it’s True All of Existence is Turning this Page Now


Am in
A Center

No Distance,
Space or Time now

No Matter the Pages now
They Turn in Flow And the Book
of Life Becomes A River FLoWinG

Into A Bay Then A Gulf Then An Ocean

This Wave This Water This Ocean All of me

Do You FeeL it Baby Rue Do You Feel Now Where

i am Coming From True i’m Coming in You as You come

in me… As They Come in We As Us Comes In Them This

Story This Book Your Book Their Book Our Book This Life to Breathe

If not for

That it


All Seem Insane

Yet Here’S A Thing

Even More Than Feelings/Senses

Now This Much is Up to All of Us Now New
This Living Tree This Lamp We Shine For Free
Will You Count How many Are in This Story For You To Add A
Leaf to Next Our LiVinG Tree Forest Ocean Water Wave Whole For Real

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
‘Forgiveness’ And Thanks
Giving For Giving Will Always

Be Easier if First Within We
Develop As Human Beings Naked

Complete iN PLaY

Simply Meaning
We Have it All to Give Share Care Heal

iNdeed my FRiEnD i am For Giving

With Great

For Giving
With SMiLes…

Sadly In Cultures
Based on Buy And
Sell Life is Developed

Around Work to

Do The Same

If Play Comes
First Fear is Then

Naturally Slayed Yes

And What This Means
Happier Naked Enough
Whole Complete Humans


Who Need Not Feed the Void
Within With Material Things Sadly

Consuming Nature to the point of
So Many Species’ Destruction of Course


Us As Even
if Insects Small
As Bees Go Away
We Are Only About a High
School Education Length Now
of Four Years Behind of Leaving too…

At Least for A SigNiFiCant Part of Humanity

A Best Way to Remove Fear And Replace
it With Joy Coming to Be Love is Get Out
of Our Thinking Heads in Play Regenerating


of ‘the
Child’ Within

Seriously, a First
Step to Success Whatever
it Takes in Play is Naked Enough Whole
Complete Humans Who Don’t Feel Empty and
Void Within Spending All of Life With A Bucket


it up With No Bottom
Now of Love to Rise
Higher mY FRiEnD…
Yes Feeling Sensing
With A Force of PlaY in
Creativity Driving The Way
And How Do i Know Just By
Observing The Rest of Naked
Enough Whole Nature Complete
Playing Along

The Way

Free too

For Balancing

NeW Yes Sadly Humans
Overall Are A Bit out of Synch
It’s What Happens When An Anchor of CuLTuRE
Get Attached to A Sail Boat No Longer Sailing Free
And of Course Anchors Are Required for Order And

Safety too…

in the Case
of Human

Societies Balancing
Boats (Us) With Anchors
And Sails Now Freer True..:)

From A FRiEnD
Hellooove Mid-Week
Well Wishes to You

And A
Better Way
To Play Yes Dance!!
And Yes Sing! Beginning


Happiness Is As FaR AWaY

As Less Becomes Enough God Yes

And More is No Longer Necessary


To Give
Dear Chaymaa

Share Care
Heal With
Most Respect
Least Harm For All

iNHaLinG Peace
Naked Enough
Whole Complete

YeSToDaY Now
An Only Day

New We Have

NoW This Inhale
of Peace Exhale
of Love or Less to

BREaTHE Free..:)



And Leaving

DO Dear Vrunda

Love Your Two Verse
Poems on the

Ways to
Loving Freedom
With SMiLes mY FRiEnD..:)

SMiLes, When Humans Connect
In Ways of Arts That Bring

Loving Communion

It’s Enough of
A Greater Reality

For me in Shared

Flow of Experience in An
Environment of Love Where

There is No Room For Fear iN Peace

When the Environment of Love is Real
For It’s True A Communion of Love Between

Humans Does Bring In Flow A Greater Ascending And
Transcending Reality of Spirit That Is Real in Feeling

And Sensing Ways

Hehe, Even


Totally Agrees
And Partakes in Avenues
Like Concerts As Music Is Expressions
of Human Emotions And Senses That Equal
A Synergy of the Material Reductionist Spiritual

Juices of Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, Endorphins
And Not Too Many Stress Hormones to Bring on Fear…

It’s Possible to Experience Zero Fears Over Death Yet It’s
A Life Long Practice of iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG Love At Best

in A Communion
of More Than One
Person too, Even if it is
Only Listening to the Music of Others Now…

Yet my, my, A Communion of Actually Dancing
Singing Together, Yes May Bring Pure Ascending
Transcending Nirvana That’s Blissful Eternally Now For Real…

No Organized Religions Required Yet Best Naked, Enough, Whole,


Just in
my Opinion
of Course With no Fear
And Surely No Fear of Death Now
As i’ve Already Faced Death Thrice
And Am So Over Fear oF iT Embracing Life…

Typically, It Takes Either Great Pain or Near
Death Experiences to let Go of All the Fear…

And At Best A Practice of Life Wiring Ourselves to
Stay That
Way on


on Through
The Last Blink
And Breath LoVE iN Peace Enough..:)

Poison: Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Anger,
Hatred Indeed Dear Savvy And A Very
Profound Way By Your Dear Mother To Provide

Antidotes For the Pain in Ways Yes of Enough Now
Accepting Change, Compersion for the Achievements
And Joy Of Others, Accepting What is Beyond Our Control,


All DarK

And Celebrating

LiGHT Without Fear
of DarK Or Cynicism oF LiGHT

Yes All Leading Up to Unconditional

Love For All DarK Thru LiGHT Capstone Of

Pyramid Loving Wisdom in Deed Dear Savvy Thanks

Your Mother’s Wisdom

R E S O NaTinG NoW Yes

With SMiLes of Course too..:)

“Wise not disguise”

Ah Yes A Stroke of ‘Prophetic
Wit And Brilliance’ Mr. Gottfried
Titling my Next Blog Comment/
Post in Reply to Your Prophetic Title

Yes We LiVE iN A World of Disguise
Where We Have Become The Tools We Use

More Than Being Yes Naked Enough Whole Complete iN PLaY

And As Far as Drawing First Blood That’s Not my Style Yet

i Am Also Full of Surprises As A Human Partly Feral Animal

As i’ve Been Attacked

iN A Bar And Subdued
The Offender in a Choke
Hold to The Ground God Yes All Innately Instinctually
And Intuitively Yes Instantly Before Any Thoughts
of Pre-Planning Even Arise True God Yes Like

Avoiding A Head On Collision in This Case
The Drunken Fool Decided to Head Butt me
With All The Drunken Force He Could Muster

(Location, Location, Location, if You Don’t
Need to Look for a Mate A Bar Nope Isn’t
Necessarily A Wise Locale to Dance Free

And Spread YouR Wings)

So It’s True i Am Only A Human Partly
Feral Animal too When Possible i ‘Turn
The Other Cheek’ Yet Trust me ‘They’

Don’t Wanna Face The Canine
Teeth of me Just Fortunate
That i Didn’t Use a Martial Arts
Kick to the Head of the Offender For
What the Potential is For Legs That Do
Leg Press 699 Kilograms 12 Reps Along with
The Full Force That is Only The Force of Water
The Gravity of All my 111 Kilograms of Humanity Finely

Tuned AS Such
God Yes in Balance
All The Way From Head to Toe
And More iN Finger Tip Weight Again in Balance
in Wu Wei Ease of Becoming Water Air Yes Spirit Wind

So Here We Have The Disguise of the Avatar of These ‘Wise Words’
Yet Only Approximating the Full ‘Weight’ Beyond Empirical Measure

in Metaphor

of mY Soul

to Continue to
Upload in Spirit Wind
of Words As Words Become
Flesh of Soul in Free Verse PoETrY AS Such
By Label Yet There Are no Floors, Ceilings, or
Walls Alone That Comprise the Spirit Wind of mY Soul

A ‘Greatest’ Revenge is Both Literally And Metaphorically of

The ‘Nerds And Geeks’ Who Were Once Held Up By The Force
of Their UnderPants in Wedgies For It’s True Now We LiVE iN A Zuckerberg,
Gates, And ‘Jobs’ World And The Such Originating From A Bite of A Digital
Apple And Micro Soft AS Such Where Humans Control Avatars of Reality

in Video Games As Nature Comes Lost More and More Through
The Disguise of Our Avatar Life As Pilots At Best too

At the Elite Military Station Where i Train for Human
Balance in Will of Loving Strength They Are Training to

Fly Machines of Planes And Helicopters to PoTenTiAlly Wage
War For the Protection of Our Freedoms Yet Sadly as the Current
Disgust of American Military-Industrial HiStory SHows Potentially Initiating

Yet Sadly Another

Unwarranted War to Tear Down Rebuild And or Enhance Resource Attainment
And Kill Many Innocent Otherwise Brown Folks and the Such This Disgusting Way

Using ‘The Dogs of War’ in Unwarranted Godless Wars Where if Yes the Globe

Could Find A Better Way of Peace in Love We Might Spend Our Days Learning

To Fly On Terrestrial Lands WHere Legs And Feet Rooted Below With Arms

And Hands in FLight of Dance Might Take Us Greater into the Essence Yes

of Nature in Ascending Transcending Ways oF LiGHT oF LoVE iN Peace
Together This Way Not Much Different Than A ‘Rave Dance’ of ‘Zion’

Celebrating Peace LoVinG AS Such iN A ‘Matrix Movie’ in Real Life

i Already Do It Solo Spectators Still Video Taping Reality

Yet Staying A Safe Distance From my ‘Grooted’ Legs
And Feet on Terrestrial Land With Arms and Hands

in Spiraling ‘Milky Way’ With The Rest of my Body

For Real YeS Only Galaxy Below Naked Enough Whole

Complete iN Real
FLiGHT of Dance

Together Dropping

The Avatar Modern
Disguise ALToGeTHeR AWaY

Indeed my FRiEnD Becoming

Native ETeRNaLLY Now Yes ‘Navi’

No Longer Wearing Avatar Clothes

Where Even Words are Not Necessary

To Commune iN Free Dance iN FLiGHT

On Terrestrial Land With the God Who

Needs No NaMeS iNDeeD Nature Seen And Yet to

See And Do

For Real Anyway

Yes A True Wise
Way to Be Reborn Naked
Enough Whole Complete


iN FLiGHT oF Free Dance

On Terrestrial Land ToGeTHeR

Out of the Disguise Of Avatar Clothes

Out of the Tools We Become That Disguise

the Part of God As Nature We Truly Are So Yes

Indeed Thanks For the Prophetic Wise And Witty Title

YeS iNDeeD

Mr. Gottfried

God Yes


With SMiLes..:)…781…;)

Living An Authentic Life Dear

Savvy God Yes Being The Best

We Can And Will Be Making the

Most of This Gift

Of Life
Yet Sadly
So Many People
Are Spoon Fed

Cultures That

Take This Possibility

So Far Away And So Many
Natural Parts of Humanity

Are Hidden Away And Perhaps
No Longer Called A Crime Yet

Still A Sin Perhaps Worthy of
Torture Forever Where They

Don’t Send Folks to Jail Yet
Hell And Tell them They Love

Them All Unconditionally Along The Way With The ‘Grift’

SMiLes Dear Savvy i’m Just Happy To Find Real People

And i Really Don’t Care Who They Are As Long As They

Are True to Who They Are And If Others Will Not Let
Them Be Who They Truly Are They Will Surely Find A
Refuge in me


That Much
i Can And Will
Do To Help Others
Have Their Best Life

That’s Basically All That’s Left
And Additionally Right to Do

With SMiLes..:)


iNDeeD Dear Miriam
Embrace The Night
With All Your Might

For The Night
Makes The Day

Possible The Death

Makes The Life Possible

For The HeLL And HEaVeN

That Makes Both Human And
LoVE iN Peace THoRNS And
FLoWeRS RiSinG Blooming

More Beautiful Colors

For The Grace

of Manure


That Feeds
The Deepest
Roots in Drought

No Stairway to
Heaven Without
Both Ways of Pain And Pleasure

Falling Petals Leaves Feeding Spring

God Yes There’s A Lady We Feel and Sense
Our Mother NaTuRE ALL That BRings Night
to LiGHT And Day to NiGHT For This Gift of Breath Real

Waves RiSinG FaLLinG Ocean Water WHole We Still Ride to

Kingdom of Balance..:)

SMiLes Dear Savvy When We Dream
THere is No Reason Order Or Walls
Ceilings And Floors to Confine Our

oF ORiginal

Creativity God Yes

Essence oF FLoWeR UNFoLDinG NeWeR

Colors Still To CoMe NoW As We BeCoMe

The Dance And Song Of Our Souls

Free To BREaTHE Unleashing

ReLEaSinG SoUL of



Wings of
Dancing Singing Free

As The Dance Dances

mY SoUL The Song Sings


More iN All Creativity


AS Human
Dream Fruition New Now
Waking And Real With SMiLes

True Hehe It’s Rather Difficult

to Put MaGiC And Miracles in Words

Yet It is the Essence of The Experience

That Only Leaves Fumes of Heaven on Page in Song Dancing

Foot Prints of Sand ToeS UNderStanding A Path iN HeAVeN Best

As Finger
Tips iN


With Gravity NeW
Dancing SinGinG OnE iN All iN All Free..:)

CoLoRinG mY SoUL NaTuRE NeW NoW Setting mY SPiRiT Free With
Wings Furry Creatures Climbing Trees Yes mY World HeARTiLY Free

Words Have
Different Colors
Poetry The Beach Most

SPRinG Dreams…

Rose Hears
Bird Song Lives…

“There’s a lady who’s sure
All that glitters is gold
And she’s buying a stairway to heaven
When she gets there she knows
If the stores are all closed
With a word she can get what she came for
Oh oh oh oh and she’s buying a stairway to heaven”

‘That Lady’ Is ‘the Church’ She Still Does Not Understand…

“Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow
And did you know
Your stairway lies on the whispering wind
And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll
And she’s buying the stairway to heaven”

Now ‘This Lady’ At Least Understands…

‘You’ Will Have to Be ‘The Piper’ too…

To Be Clear ‘the Stairway to Heaven’ Is the
Autotelic Flow You Find When You Ascend
And Transcend The Neo-Cortical Dominance
of Control When Deadlines Fade With No Time…
Distance or Space No Matter What the Rest of the
Christmas Tree that is Our Mind Lights up And Voila
Now to the
EYes of a Child
of Nature God Set Free
As We Do iN Deed Paint the
Wind With Tunes of God Free in

Ecstatic Flow..:)

As The Mind Goes
99.5 Percent Whole

‘The Blue Whale’

Of Subconscious
Mind Director of

All ‘The Rider’
Of Our Conscious

Mind indeed First

Be FRiEnDS New Now
With Our Shadows
In Flow Perhaps

200 Scale



To Explore Even More💫

Color the


Then See🐝Be


Blown Away
With SMiLes😊💫

Writing Makes
Life When It
Does Words
Breathe And Bleed😊

SMiLes Dear Cindy “Memories of You”
One of my Favorites Good Luck on
Your Nomination for Publication
Of The Year on ‘Spillwords Press’
Keep Creating
Yes Keep
Poetry Wings Free
to Dance And Sing..:)

Finding New Flavors
Of Life Every Day
New Colors Loving
Come What May
DarK Thru LiGHT

Yes Returning
To Homes Of
Love Those Who

Color Our Life Warm
WitH SMiLes Dear FRiEnD

SMiLes Dear Savvy When We Dream
THere is No Reason Order Or Walls
Ceilings And Floors to Confine Our

oF ORiginal

Creativity God Yes

Essence oF FLoWeR UNFoLDinG NeWeR

Colors Still To CoMe NoW As We BeCoMe

The Dance And Song Of Our Souls

Free To BREaTHE Unleashing

ReLEaSinG SoUL of



Wings of
Dancing Singing Free

As The Dance Dances

mY SoUL The Song Sings


More iN All Creativity


AS Human
Dream Fruition New Now
Waking And Real With SMiLes

True Hehe It’s Rather Difficult

to Put MaGiC And Miracles in Words

Yet It is the Essence of The Experience

That Only Leaves Fumes of Heaven on Page in Song Dancing

Foot Prints of Sand ToeS UNderStanding A Path iN HeAVeN Best

As Finger
Tips iN


With Gravity NeW
Dancing SinGinG OnE iN All iN All Free..:)

CoLoRinG mY SoUL NaTuRE NeW NoW Setting mY SPiRiT Free With
Wings Furry Creatures Climbing Trees Yes mY World HeARTiLY Free

iNDeeD Dear Miriam
Embrace The Night
With All Your Might

For The Night
Makes The Day

Possible The Death

Makes The Life Possible

For The HeLL And HEaVeN

That Makes Both Human And
LoVE iN Peace THoRNS And
FLoWeRS RiSinG Blooming

More Beautiful Colors

For The Grace

of Manure


That Feeds
The Deepest
Roots in Drought

No Stairway to
Heaven Without
Both Ways of Pain And Pleasure

Falling Petals Leaves Feeding Spring

God Yes There’s A Lady We Feel and Sense
Our Mother NaTuRE ALL That BRings Night
to LiGHT And Day to NiGHT For This Gift of Breath Real

Waves RiSinG FaLLinG Ocean Water WHole We Still Ride to

Kingdom of Balance..:)


A River Is Never
For It Is Carried Away

It’s Only a Difference Between
U or R Yet i am coming to find
Being Artistic Is Even more Fun

Than Autistic HAha!

Meanwhile ‘Back at The Ranch’
Love Is Alive New Now and Free
So Go Home ‘John Wayne’ if You

Can and Will…

The Root The Vine The Manna
The Tree Of Life (Love) of ‘The
Problem’ Is More Than Obvious for

Those who ‘See’…

If You Are Filled With Love No THere
Is Nothing More to Take and Hoard…

My God Apes in a Zoo Hugging Each
Other For Security and Trust In Love
Happier than ‘Any Trump’ Outside Yes

‘Bars of Love’….

It’s True It’s More Than A Next Chapter
of Heaven Every Week Try Every Now
For A Starving Ethiopian Child with a

New Loving Hug…

What Else Is
THere Really
Better to Do In
Real Hell Yet Lie…

It’s true a Starving Ethiopian Child on
Any Typical Day with a Loving Hug
Is Happier In Heaven Now Than

‘Trump’ has ever felt…

HAhahahaha Do ‘You’ Have Any Idea
the Difference of Heaven i Live and
the Hell that Trump Lives Is It That

Hard to see… hehe…

Something About Keeping the Same
Wife, Home, Car, No Living Children, And No Care
To Spend Money Paying Every F88KinG Loan Off

It’s So F88KinG Hilarious and Ironic
Don’t Give A F88K About Money
Truly Filthy Rich Within For Real

Sure in ‘both ways’ too…

Ever Seen A Rich Person Frown And
A Starving Ethiopian Smile Once Again
Class the Manna of Heaven Lives within

Beyond Food Love…

It Would Have Been So Much
Easier for ‘Romeo And Juliet’
in a Poor African Country As Many
Offspring as Counting Stars Above Now

New We Have Every Thing We Need
Built-In For the Kingdom of Heaven
Now Naked of Cultural Clothes Namely

Or NoT EacH OTHeR…

Occasionally In Terms of Hugs
And Shaking Hands Humans
Still Tend To Touch too Yet
We Will Save Taste for ‘Another Blog’ hehe…

Yes In Deed We Used to Do More Now
Than Even A Home Phone We Used
To Talk to Each Other Face to Face New

And Even Smell Each Other too!

“By Any Other Name”
Yes… Essence of Heaven
Needs No Name No Form at All
Heaven Lives Within Will BE Eternally

New Now…

Of Course THere is Real Hell
In Real Heaven And Real Purgatory
Too NoW Ain’t gotta Wait ’till after a Dirt Nap!

*Tread Carefully Though i Understand
There are Spiders Here and Yes Even
Black Widows Due Caution Required

A Big Shout Out Goes to All the ‘Nerds’
And ‘Geeks’ Who Built ‘This Place’ with
No Sun Or Moon… Yep The *Web Yes An

Avatar Avenue For Heaven…

F88K ‘That World’! i Will Engage
‘This World’ And ‘Twist And Shout’ Free!
This is My Day off Eternally New Now And Heaven!

Oh God Yes Like A Great Modern Fictional Prophet
‘Ferris Bueller’ Exclaims ‘Life Moves Pretty Fast’
If You Don’t Take a Day Off You May Miss IT

Meanwhile ‘They’ Were Stuck in Traffic
And Busy Behind a Screen Playing

‘Candy Crush’…

The Difference Here and Now So Far
At Least is the Avenues to Understand
This New Renaissance And Participate are

Practically Free…

Don’t Feel ‘Bad’ In the First
Renaissance Yep only about
5 Percent of the Population
Had any Idea it Existed or Participated Either…

Spoiler Alert:

It’s Worth Noting the ‘All Seeing Eye of
Wisdom’ is Unknowing In Other Words
Autotelic Flow of Creativity Yes Set Free

It Is True…
No Matter
What ‘They’ Say…

They Do…

Yet It is True iN Deed Humans
Have the Relative Free Will to
Create A God of Love That is
Creativity Free and Art or other ones

Meh… Not The Guns Not the Money
Not The External Power and Status and
Material Gains God is Creativity God is

Art God is Free…

This Last Decade is so far the Pinnacle
in Freedom of Expression of All Human
Arts to Give and Share For Free A Real


Sure 100’s of Thousands of Views
Around the World for ‘THaT Art’ too…
The Entire World IS A Really Big Target


Yeah It’s True The ‘Other Poses
of Art’ Reflect Very Much ‘Egyptian
Min’ and Earliest Art of Cave Wall Petroglyphs

Yes Limited Tea Cups…

Okay… i’ll Volunteer to Put CuLTuRaL
Clothes on First… All Seeing
EYe of Wisdom ‘Free Willy’s
Dorsal Fin’ is Verily Not Limp

This Go Around at LeasT Hehe..:)

Giving Away Reasons Now
For heART A Risky Endeavor
Indeed For
A Pumping
Than Blood
Love Always
Thicker Than
Fear New When Real

PeTaLS CaMe So
DeeP RiSinG

God IS A Rose With Thorns And
Flowers Those Who Accept The
Thorns Come To Love The Rose

Never More Creative THaN DaNCinG



RiSinG Rose With THoRNS

Web Is Great A Net That Saves
TreeS EndlesS Ocean Too
HoldinG MeSSages That
To Die
As Leafs
Oh Living
Trees YouR
Roots LivE oN


IS A Poem
A Tree With


Beyond the iNtrinsic
‘Feel Good’ Nature of
The Meaning of Life Human
Is The Only Animal NoW on
Time And
Bottle And
Honestly You
Don’t Have to
Be ‘JiM Croce’ to
‘JusT Do iT’ New Now…

A River Is Never
For It Is Carried Away

Dark Shadows
Shedding Light
Moonlit Dreams
Blood Becomes
Human Soul

Side Note: ‘Least’ It’s
NoT ALWaYS EasY BeinG ‘one’ Who
Loves ‘Most’ Yet It’s iN ‘the Job’ Description

LoVE iN Peace…

MoverS And Shakers
‘They’ Dance Sing if We
Don’t Look Under Logs
We Fail to See The Earth
And Water That Holds Up

SMiLes… Three Feet Takes
me ‘Beyond Infinity’ In
Autotelic Flow instantly
Now New Yet True it took
Public Dancing A
Distance Halfway
‘Round the World
And Even More
In Bio-Feedback
To achieve
Within by only
Slowly raising
One Arm
iN Deed
An Everlasting
New Beach the
Sun always Shines
Of SMiLes😁
Now FRiEnDS With
Gravity New Finger Tips
And Toes Whole With




IS A Poem
A Tree With Roots
Still Dancing
to All (God) SMiLes…

SiLenT LeSSoN 315
‘These Days’ Everyone Needs
A Virtual Hug Now And Then
So THere’s This With SMiles🤗

SMiles Yes When Someone
Makes You Feel LoVE NoW
Nourish The World While


This Is

The World
Moving All
Gassed Up

And Ready
to Love More😊💫

Feel ‘Your
Pain’ Always

A Bit

Surprised When
i Am Not Crashed

When i Get It All

Out i Kid You

Not Lions Roar

i Sneeze Dancing
Around The Neighborhood
From The Opposite Side of

Where i Live
A Dude Walking
Down His Drive
Way Out of His
Garage Exclaimed
Bless You That is

The Loudest
Sneeze I’ve

Ever Heard
Before And the

Next Door Neighbor
Said She Heard It All the
Way Around on The Other
Side of The Block With


Doors And
Windows All
Winter Sealed



Yet Hehe

My Sneeze

Gets in



On Christmas Night

Yet iT Was The


After HAha

Never Ever on Time ⏰

Oh YeaH And




Hear me Roar 🦁

All The Way in

Holland 🐈

Shapely And
Sweet Such
A Beautiful Smile💫

On ‘The Last Day’
The First
Wu Wei
Poetry New

It’s Not Necessarily
‘Magical Thinking’
In Fact Placebo
Puts Disease



And Enough Nay
Saying in Nocebo

Will Literally
Make Voodoo
Of Disease Yes




Indeed Yet

No Matter What
We Envision With
Whatever Internal
Or External Symbol

It Placebo


Sugar Pill You
Use As Once

Great Dreams
And Nightmares

Like A Nicene
Creed At The



With A Noose
And Banners That
Dance And Sing ‘Jesus
2020’ And ‘Jesus Saves’

As Sheep

Turn Into

Goats And

Burn on



See What ‘He’
Means About Believe

Heaven Or Hell Within

Still To Come Again


In This


Now Oh Lord

The Human


Like Placebo

And Nocebo

It’s All

A Mix

Of DarK

Sunny Side
Up Or Down

We All Create

Our Own Breakfast

Together Every




Night That’s Day
As Stevie Wonder



Will Be Rather
Dangerous too

Yet Never Exclude
The Force of Positive
Belief As Science



Pills Heal…

As Night Makes
Day And The Empty
Space Between Atoms
And Stars Holds it All




MaGiC iNDeeD

As NoTHinG



ReaLiTY Work

Rest is Up to Us

Obviously Magic True…

Either Positive Or




Indeed We Direct

Free Will No Illusion

Night Or Day Colors



Or Loving Life

WiLTinG THorns RiSinG Roses For Real…

Unrequited Love
A Poet’s


For Everyone

Else in 50
Shades And
More Of As Your

Poetry Rue


Of Pleasure
And Knives


In Gut…



Is It That
Reads A Poem
As it Is Originally



We Truly

In Control

Of Our Soul

Or Does It Fly

With Wings

Of Mystery




to Be ‘i Am’ Newer💫


Roses All RiSinG

While Wilting True

In Other Words

You Master

Craft A Real

Magic of Be🌊

Seeing More🌊

And i’m🌊

Just Shooting

Breeze With

Bullets of Wind 🌬 💨

Bird Song


Dancing Ease
Yes Outside my

Window Now

So ReaL iT iS

Breaking Dawn

Morning Heals

A Lovely
Day Now

Always Now New

Behind ☁️ ⛅️ Clouds😊

Not Even Moon Escapes 🌚 🌞

THere Is Chaos
Yes That FLoWeRS




This Is The

Beauty Look
Around At Its





All This Art

Creates Now

THorns FLoWeRinG
Roses CoLoRinG





We Get To See

FLoWeRS We Paint 🎨

Also A Struggle
At Home When


Cuts Her
Hair HAha

Rue As Synchronicity
Will Always Get Its

Way Just
Like Katrina
When She Gets
Her Hair Cut once
A Year to my ChaGrin

Another FRiEnD Dealing

With This Same

Issue Yesterday

Writing About

The Big

Decision Too

i Voted For Long

As It’s Like


A New

Wife When

Katrina Goes Shorter

Indeed Sunny Side Up





Or Long

Truly Length

Matters Not


Of Soul





i Travel



As i

Please Hehe Don’t
SCold my Dreams💫

Why Does
Sun Shine
It Needs
No ReaSon
Yet We FeeL iT








This With

No Reason

Moon May



Yet Hidden Quiet

Reflect Sun Shine🌚🌞😊

MaKinG NiGHT into Day🌌

We Will Bring You Love And Peace Now
Through Your Last Blink And Breath Of
Purr From Your Life Long Labor Of Love
One With Nature God As Same
Golden Fur Aqua Eyes Of Free
And Fearless Wild Love
You Spent Your Last
Day in The Sun
We Love You
More than
We Will Carry
The Last Cross For You
Unlike my Mother And Only
Son Tethered to A Bed
Love How Do i Tell
You How
Much i Do
Circling my Heart
With Paws of Love
Standing on my Chest
You’ve Lost So Much Weight
Never The Less Love No Size
You Bring me A Snack Of Purr
So Early In The Morning Your
Bones Are Weary Barely Breathing
Memories of a FRiEnD who never imagined
Leaving my Side Who Never Knew he actually did….
Yes.. Yellow Boy Passing Away at the End of January 2019..
As With Every Living And Non Living Part of Existence Unique
And Impossible to Replace He Does LiVE oN iN Our Memories
With a Place in this Long Form Poem Bible that Will Never end
NoW as Long
As Servers
continue to
Serve the Memory
of His Soul Uploaded too iN A
“SonG oF mY SoUL” with a Little
Yellow Boy Cat Who surely became
Size Matters Not no one has to be any King to
Save You With
Love of
And Free For Real Now..
Yeah unlike dictates from the
Catholic Church He did not have to
Suffer Like my Mother Did without Food
or Drink for 8 Days Long as that was the most
Natural way She could go without an even lengthier
Stay of Misery and Suffering Hooked up to Tubes.. this
Yellow Boy treated with Humanity that is Real and Now and
Living This Yellow Boy Provided the Easier then most Peaceful
Death that sadly is not provided for Humans for the Ignorance
that does not understand that Pain and Suffering should not
RIGHT.. yes we Put Him Under like He was going to Surgery
He did not even have to struggle with a ‘shot’ to
put him down… When You Really Love someone
you do not let them Suffer When You Really Love
Someone it is about them and NOT ABOUT JUST


Nature For
Real How
About MaKiNG
Theism ReaLiTY
Loving All With LEAST
HARM Fearing no iLLuSoRY
Fears As Love Destroys Fear

Indeed An Apocalypse of
iGNoRaNCE Yellow Boy
Spared of Suffering More

Lifting These Veils oF iGNoRanCE
No Longer Living by the SaMe Old ‘Faux
Trumps News’ of Church And State Ruling
Lands From Purchasing Wives On First Nights
For Institutionally Approved Rape When the

Feeling is

Not Truly

Mutual And


To Still The Ignorance

That Suggests Women Do
Not Speak A Natural Spirit
of Love Overall Greater Than

Men As By God Love is More A Woman’s Nature Overall…
It Doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist To Understand Why the
‘Matrix Movies’ Made A Grandmotherly African American

Woman into

The Oracle and

And An Old White Dude

Into the Architect

As One is Still

A Blooming


The Other one

Is Still A Concrete

Brick and Mortal Building
Temple Or Words of Sacred
Text That No Longer Are Felt As Spirit of LoVE ReaL

My God Even An X-Feral Cat Yellow Boy Figured God Out

With Ease of Loving Paws As A Killer For Play Becomes a Lap


Of Love True

Or Do i Need to

Provide Frigging

Evidence of that God True Again…

IS A Poem
A Tree With Roots
Still Dancing
Out More
Spreading Leaves
to All (God) SMiLes…

“Unrequited love,
Just like a dove.
Flowering thorns,
With painful songs.
Spasms of pleasure.
And pain to treasure.
Release the soul.
Make me whole.


Indeed So
The Way


Re-WorK iT


One For Truth
iN DarK iS LiGHT Rue

Gosh You Are
Such A Gift

You Inspire
So Much Dear

FRiEnD This
Is How A Feather

Thrives As Wind💨

Been Around
The World
Muse Art
The Way


Do Just

More Proof

That God Exists

You Are Rue


i Do Not
i only


The Moon

What Else

Is THere



To Do Hehe

With A Little


Of Deep..💨

“The victim cards come out and people riot because
BLACK people somehow are entitled to a separate,
lower standard for criminal justice than what other people get.”

Just Curious Are
You Able to Defend
This Claim With Actual
Linked Evidence; Will Be

Interested in What You have to say…

As Part of Personal Responsibility for Defending Claims…

Or Perhaps

It’s Just Your Opinion…

And In That Case for now

it doesn’t pass a ‘smell test’….

Dude, apparently You Haven’t Been
Black Before And Had to Worry About
Being Stopped by A Cop Cause You Are

A Fishing Pole…

At a Frigging Park…

i Have some idea
Where You Live Do

You Have Any Black
Family Members or Friends
To Share Real Life Stories with…

It Ain’t Pretty Buddy; It Ain’t Pretty at all;

Everyone Wants to Go Fishing Without Being

Pulled Over For Carrying

A Fishing Pole…

Yet it’s okay
if the Wild Life
Officer Checks
A Fishing License from a Boat…

Well, the Difference Where i live
At Least Is White Folks Don’t Have to Worry about this….


Particularly when the real victim works 2 Jobs, 80 Hours
A Week to Support a Family In a Truly Upscale Neighborhood
With A Super Nice Car Getting Pulled Over in the Vehicle for

Just Coming

Home late

At Night

From a Second Job

And From Being Frigging

African American in a Super Nice Car…

People Wanna Be Free my Friend What

You are saying is BS here as far as i see

at least so far…

unless you


The Evidence for real…

OBTW that Black Dude Supporting

A Big Family Working 80 Hours a Week

Is A Real Winner; Just Curious, Do You Consider

Yourself a Winner; As There is No Doubt Just by

The Way He Walks that The Black Dude is a Winner; Common Sight…

Win or


it comes

From Within First

It Comes From trying

to understand how other

People are Different and Having

A Little Compassion and Kindness for all

Instead of Raising oneself Up a Notch

above the even less fortunate…

There are People who
Bring Other Folks Up…

There Are People who
Call Other People Victims
For Obvious Reasons the Same….

So What Are You? A Winner or a Loser… Just Curious….

i am Definitely a Winner Now; Yet Not always this way,

so i have a bit of insight on the other side too; Where Empathy thrives Most….

You Wanna Know What Happens When The Phrase ‘Victim Class’ Becomes a Slur on the
Back of the Real Victims Who Are Not Treated Equally With Basic Humane Civil Rights;

And Do You Wanna Know What Happens When ‘Social Justice’, What the So-called

‘Christian God Jesus’ Champions the Most as Love For All; Loving Your Enemy;

Turning the Other Cheek, And All that Jazz; Yes, When ‘Social Justice Warrior’

Becomes A Pejorative

Instead of Do

What Jesus

Will Do considering

You Name Yourself a Christian;

I’ll tell You What Happens, You Get

A Noose Hanging From a Scaffold at

the Capitol of a Country; You Get Banners

Hanging; Yes, Hanging, Promoting “Jesus 2020”

And ‘Jesus Saves’; And Just Like Magic, Jesus Changes into

Trump Like a ‘Bloody Wine of Bread

With A Gun’

on 5th

Avenue; While
His Subjects

Who are Sheep
Change into Goats

Per Metaphor of Matthew Report

And Shoot Themselves in the Frigging

Foot As Their New Savior Ain’t Gonna

Pardon ’em and Turn Them Back into Sheep….

It Seems That Lifting a Few Veils oF iGnorance

Is Still Past Due from 2000 Years ago or so same…. For ‘Personal Responsbility’

Just A General Assessment of the Condition of the Country now True…. still…

What About

Love What


Personal Responsibility

Of Love or is that even iN Peace

An ‘Objective’ of a Christian Way of
Life Anymore; Ain’t Been Seeing it much
Down Here in the Unmasked South oF iGNoRaNCE

In Pandemic killing
Ways at Church


Walmart Same…

Generally Speaking
The Black Folks Wear

Masks apparently their
Jesus still Loves… in real life practice….

Just a few casual observations as Philosophy

Chews ‘the fat’…

TRuE Lonely ET’s Circling A World
Revolving A Globe As Such Night
And Day Even When Asleep Hehe

Being Angry And Productively Using That Emotion is Surely Useful.

Hating Anything Long Term Is surely Self-Destructive; Just Like
Not Having an Avenue to Use the Emotion of Anger Productively;

Thing is my FRiEnD,

None of Us are in a Position
To Judge Who Can And Who
Cannot Help Themselves

As We are Not

Living in their Shoes;

There are Lots of difficulties

That are Impossible to Assess on the Outside…

And It’s Very Possible Any one of us may come

to understand that on a very personal basis

And see where

We were so wrong

in Judging Others Blind As Soul…

Indeed, Judging People As Losers
is a Losing Proposition all the way….

Obviously, We Judge People Everyday to
Survive; Yet Love Wins Greater in the Long Run…

Winner of Loving Others as Again, As Discussed Before;
Giving; It is the Way to Heaven Now as Science Agrees…

Funny, i’m basically Parroting the Message of Jesus as
It’s Just Natural to do that as a Loving Human Being….

And often

Atheist Folks

Hear it More Than Christians

For Obvious Reasons as Christianity

‘The Religion’, Excludes Folks Who Are
Not Like them; go figure; Human Nature too….

Yet Indeed, Some Folks Ascend and Transcend
Humanity’s Darker Natural Colors… of Soul…

That indeed

Is A Self-fulfilling
Rewarding Job to Do

For Personal Responsibility that

Extends to ‘All’…

Peaceful Wolf Moon With Dog Howls
For Company Around Our Neighborhood
Block We Walk To Meet And Greet Overhead


Wolf Moon Sees

Azure Skies Cold Front
Breeze Insure A Day of


Dance Tomorrow
And Yesterday Now

As i Become The Waves
Tracing Shorelines Path

Brisk Winds Wave
Sands Seas

Beach Returns

Healing Force Love
Fear Disappears
Ocean Calm
Ready Now
All Challenge New
Storms Brew Wings

Human Peace LoVinG NeW
For All Truly Breathes NoW

‘All You Need Is
Love’ What A
Howl On A Wolf
Full Moon Relates too

And That With Peace
And The Sun Poem

Coming Now From

Before We Practically
Have ‘The Beatles’ Playing on Shores…

SMiLes Xenia Happy Full Moon To All The Little


And the

Rest of All You
Love As Living Trees Spring
Lamps Light Brighter For All

SMiLes ‘This’ Sounds Like Every
Parent’s Perfect Child Taking

Away So much Worry
So Wise in Focusing

On What Counts For Long

Anyway At Least i worked-out
At The Gym on Friday Nights
Instead of Getting Drunk

And at Least i don’t
Fear Going to


In Public Now

Without ‘A Drink’…
Just Love For Life
Sailing my Wind Free

With SMiLes Of Course Breeze

SMiles When
She Met me it



i Had
Just A
Secret That
Enough Love

Age Ya


my Mama
Taught me
Who is Worth

Loving i Choose
Everyone As Love

Is All That’s Worth
Doing i Am “The Kind
Of Mother’s”

Love God Yes iN Peace
Yes Best Gift

For “The Child”

God Yes For
Love to see

Always my
Pleasure Dear😊💫

When All Is White When All Is Ice
Where All Is Frozen Warmth Only

Left RiSinG Within

Touching HeARTS

Bringing Hugs to Life
Passion Will Spring Most

From Snow Drifts Never
Returning Green to Life

What Humans Do To
Bring Back Life


To SMiLe
In Comfort’s Reach
Happy Winters Dear
Lillian Orchard Daughter..:)

Oh Lord i Remember my First Love At 18 She Told me
i Was Hers And There Would Be No Room For Things
Like Working-Out As i Was ALL Hers Dear Annabel’s FRiEnD

So i Became Hers

All Hers Until there was
really Not Much Left of me

Oh Goodness Lesson Learned

When She Decided One Day on the
Dance Floor When “After The Love is Gone”
Was Playing By ‘Earth Wind And Fire’ So Appropriately

That i Was No

Longer Hers

In Other Words
i Was Not Someone
She Wanted Anymore

Oh Lord it Took me A While
To Become Mine Again as me…

Lesson Learned Never Believe
Our Love Ends When We Give it Away

Now i Am

Love to Give As Peace
i Remain As Love Now For Real God

Yes Inhaling Peace ExhalinG Love…

Yet It’s True For Many Years i Still
Remembered Her As Muse And Even

Played That Song “After The Love is Gone”

if i needed to Shed a Few Tears to Get Back in Long


Winter Days
Now I’m Always
Warm Within God Yes All in All
i Generate my Own Love to Give…

And True my Wife at 52 Looks Not Much
Older Than That First Love From 1978 Yes
And i Even Have The Pics to Prove it Hehe…

Some Folks Even Ask if My Wife is Her When they See the Pics
Yet Not Nearly From the Year 1978 As Ancient Cars in the Photos Depict…

i Was Such A Nerd at 15, Yet Thankfully There Was A Nerd (Beta) Club in School
Back Then in 1975 And A Girl Invited me to ‘The Beau Dance’, WallFlowers We Were


And Now Nope, Nope,
i Dance Everywhere
i Go And Basically
Yes Tear Down An Entire Metro Area Wall
of Dance in Public for 17,788 Miles NoW iN 113 Months!

It’s True Now i am Older Than Most People in NuMBeRS Yet
Younger Within in Soul Than Most Folks Will Even Fathom, HAha..;)

Separation From The Whole

True ‘Racism’ Is More Than Just
Color or Shape of Face Deep Yes

It’s Culture It’s Ideology It’s Abstract
Constructs Formed That Separate Us

From Others Both Human And Other Animals
And Plant Life Sensate That Experience This Life


Than me Yes Us

The Challenge of
Life After Birth Is Becoming
One Life of Nature To Love Again Naked
Enough Whole Complete Enough to Love
All That is DarK Thru LiGHT Yet We aRe Only

Humans if We Do Not Become FRiEnDS With the
DarKNess That Are Our Shadows too one Day someone

Else May Master Us With That Propensity As Holocausts

Are Only As Far Away From the Ignorance of All the DarK


And Human
Group For Propensity is
in Change Yet Never to
Forget The Holocausts
That Prove This LiGHT
And DarK of Human Nature

Our Clothes Our Tools We aRe
Spoon-Fed Yes Our CuLTuRES All the Way ACross Our
Lifespans Will Speak So Much to Who/What We Become Next…

Such A Very Inspiring Poem Again Dear ruchiabhisikta In India
Hope You Always Stay Well And Free With Love NeW to BREaTHE NoW..:)

Free Agency Yes

Indeed So Rare in So
Many Parts of the World
And in Localities as Small

As Families and Couples
Along With Bigger Cultures
Philosophies and Religions

Along With Politics Of Course All
Holding Hands Now Dear Vrunda

Oh What Folks Will Sacrifice
For Free Agency Oh How The

Free Will Forget They Even Have
Such A Treasured Gift to Explore New..:)

Today is the
Past and Future

Now is the Ultimate

Gift to Explore And Give
SMiLes Dear Chaymaa

The Present
mY FRiEnD…

Every Light on Every Tree
We Become New

All that We

Dance And
Sing All That
We BeCoMe GRoWS NoW…

SMiLes Sadly ‘Character’

May Also Become A Most

Evil Part of Human

oF All Depending

On What CuLTuRE

Defines As Character

And Who Is Harmed
Or Suffers Most in Misery Now
As Survivors of the Holocaust
And So Many Others ALiVE And Dead Still Tale…

Hehe Indeed in Life Mileage Varies So Much
Depending on What Room We Enter Next

Cats Used to Constrict my Breathing too

Ah, Such A Struggle For So Many Years
Entering my Sister And Father’s House

Full of Cats
Itchy Eyes
And Sneezes
All the Way Through
Until i Just Had to Get Outside The Room!

Yet on the Other Hand When i Fell So Ill When
Almost All My Health Failed Barely Clinging to Life

The Only Warmth of Humanity Vaguely i Could
Even Remember That Of A Cat the Outdoor Kind

Of Course So Desperate Then
To Feel Human Again i Invited
A Strange one in to Visit A Cat Called
Moby Big And Gray Kicked out of His

Home As the
New Born Baby
Was So Allergic to Him

Kicked out Without His
Claws As the Owner Said
He’s A Big Boy He’ll Be Okay Without Claws…

Well to Make a 11.3 MiLLioN Word Poetic Expression
Smaller A Feral Cat From The Woods Showed me How to

Grow Some
Claws And

When i Did All
The Allergies Went Away

And true i finally Became A Big Cat too…
How Much of DiSEaSE is Upstairs or Down
Mind over Matter Shadow over LiGHT Some Days…

Yet i Was So Rational Before it Would Have Been

to Heal…

From What i Intuit
For Now at Least
It’s All Good Anyway
No Allergies No Fear Just all Good Enough For Now Naked
Enough Whole Complete Like Yellow Boy the Feral Lap Cat…
Sadly PaSSinG Away Then Yet Still Breathing NoW As Me


Enough Like

A Real Lion
King Father
Indeed Within…

Perhaps Your New Wilder
Curls Are Inviting You Within too
Who Knows Surely Not me With


Sidenote: Yes Facebook! i Am
Collecting Words To Donate For
Free Just in Case You Wonder Again!

SMiLes Dear Savvy
The Way i See the

Last Three Years of

Challenge is The

Way i Usually See

iN The DarK NoW NeW
LiGHT E-Scaping Again…

TRue WHere
THere is

LoVE For All ThaT iS
DarK Thru LiGHT NeW NoW..:)

Only Real Difference Is i Didn’t Take my Life or Lose it Then
i Give it Away For Free Eternally Now Just for the HeLLuVa IT

STRiKinG ANoTHeR Naked Enough
Whole Complete iN PLaY Yoga Pose
One With Nature For Real
At 111 Kilograms
Appreciation For
This Gift of Life For
Real Still At 62 Years of
Age With Naked SMiLES Free
Again Key Being FRiEnDS With
Gravity Weight of Finger Tips
And Toes in Balance Dancing
Singing Free Being Water
Air on Terrestrial
Land ET
God Yes Free


Living in a Locality That Once Held The Guinness World Record in That
Book, For the Most Churches Per Capita; Not Surprisingly, Sadly the One

Represented Now By Matt Gaetz (YucK) in Matters of Politics too that

Go As Far As Shaming Women For Their Weight And Lonely Millennial

Women As Well On Public TV; Yes, Even the Evening Local

News; Not Surprisingly As Well As A Young Person Not
Reaching College Age Until 1978, in A Junior College

in A Small Two Story Building That Also Played A Role
of School In Elementary School, Just Up the Hill in Walking
Distance From the Down Town River Banks of that Blackwater

River i am Raised; And my Mother Too as the Same Two Story Building

on ‘Canal Street’ Housed Her High School In the 1950’s Too; Yes True,

It Wasn’t Until i Graduated From That Junior College And Progressed on Over to the

University of West Florida, Where And When, i First Met Someone in ‘Real Life’ Who Identified

As Either Buddhist (Not Christian) Among Asian Foreign Exchange Students; And The One Isolated

Young American Woman
Identifying As Atheist; Yes,

Working Across From me
At the University Bookstore,
Putting Those Magnetic Strips

in Books of So Many Dam Pages

to Avoid Theft ALL DAY LONG;

Nearly as Boring as Being A Research
Associate in Archaeology, Bagging And Tagging
Bones and Charcoal ALL DAY LONG; Just Like that
Summer Spent Digging ALL DAY Long, Along With Doing

Janitor at Night; Yep, The Third of Three Part Time Jobs Taking
A Full School Load too For Triple Degrees At Once in Anthropology,
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And Health Science, So i Could Better Understand

What i Was Missing On the Autism Spectrum Then Yet to Be Diagnosed With Asperger’s

Syndrome; That Didn’t Even Exist Then As A Label, Until Decades Later of Course for me,

After A Most Severe

Experience of

“Autism Burn-Out”
That Almost Took me to
my Grave, Shut-in 66 Months, With 19 Medical
Disorders Then; Yep Almost Killing me for Real

As i Surely Exceeded my Social Capacity to Live
in An Ordered Enough Way to Survive With All the
Other Mechanical Cognition Work Duties Assigned to me then;

Yet i Digress A Bit; Yet It’s Important to Understand A Deeper

Story of the Human Condition in All Its Diversity, So We may Learn

From It and Perfect A Greater Union of Humanity With Most Respect

And Least Harm For All The Diversity That makes Up Our Human Nature’s

And the Rest of Nature too;

Sadly In Those Days (Oh God
NO! NO! Information Highways!)

THere Were Fewer Avenues

to Escape The Ignorance That
Often Leads to the Most Harming,
Raping, Maiming, And Killing of the

Diversity of What Makes Life Even Possible Now.

Of Course, Humans By Very Nature As Social Animals

Bond and Bind Over Common Ideologies and Symbols

As Both Become Sugar Pills That Enhance Health and Well Being

to The Material Reducing Elements of Neurochemicals and Neurohormones

in Synergy of Feelings and Senses That Make Up Our Emotions For Real That Are

Actually Healing in Both Affect and Effect As Science Shows, ‘These’ Precede Most Every

So Called ‘Rational Decision’ or ‘Irrational Decision’ We Continue to Make to Survive and Even Thrive;

Evolutionary Speaking,

As Social Animals,

Being A Part

of the Social Group

In Integral Ways of Bonding

And Binding, Per the Human Condition
of Shared Ideologies and Symbols; Indeed That

May Be the Literal Difference of Not Only Thriving

in Well Being Yet Surviving At All; Yet STUFF Has Changed

As Now Folks Can, Will, And Do Rely on Technological Advancements

To Assist them Over and Above, Just an All Hands Human Effort to Get By in Life;

Yes, to Survive
And Even


And Yes, A Once
Bonding and Binding
Force of An Organized Religion,

Has Almost Unlimited Sources New Now

of Competition to Draw Their Target Audiences

Away From a Once Theocratic Monarchial Dictatorship,

Popes and the Such Once Played; And Others Still Similarly Play;

Yes, in Terms of Countries Still Under Theocratic Control Today.

Politics and Religion Are Still Close Bedfellows As the Last Few

Years Has Showed More Than Ever in the United States; Of Course, There

Is Some Desperation on Both Parts in Certain Political And Religious Affiliations

in Bed Together

As They Are Losing

Their Target Audiences

Under Control and Even

Subjugation and Mastery as
Practical Slaves; Yes, to FREEDOM OF CHOICE; God Yes,






Unless They
are Bonding and
Binding on the
Nocebo Affects
And Effects of

Doomsday Cults And
The Such as That With

All the Conspiracy Theories

That Any Manipulative Human
Beings Might Employ to Control,
Subjugate, Master And Slave Other Human

Beings As Pawns for Selfish Gains, Leaders May
Reap off Of the Blood, Sweat, And Tears of Slaves



For Them;’

The Papacy is One Place

Of Politics in Religion That

The Pope Still Holds Absolute

Monarchial And Dictatorship

Control Beyond Reproach of Any

Human Being on Earth; So Yes, it’s Good

News When the Pope Says Homosexuality is Not

A Crime As That Does Have the Potential to Actually

Reduce Harm to Other Human Beings of Natural Diversity;

(Yet What the ‘Church’ Still Calls A ‘Sin’; A Condition of A Disordered Way
of Being Yet Truly ‘Face Palms, Forest THicK’ in the Desert oF iGNoRaNCE STiLL)

So Yes When Still in Rome Under The DictatorShip of Absolute Monarchial Rule;

Ya Take the New Crumbs That Truly Heal as Every New Crumb May One Day

Create The

Bread of

LoVE Real

iN Peace For All;

(No Matter Which Body
Part Touches What in
Adult And Mutually Consensual Ways)

The Catholic Church Lost A Lot of Its So-Called
Moral Authority With the Free Reign of Pedophiles

Among Its Ranks; 39 Percent of the Church Still Sits
on the Fence of Leaving and Never Coming Back; And

70 Percent of the Actual Folks Who Go, No Longer Believe

That The Eucharist Is Even Real in Terms of the MaGiC Ceremony
The Priests Do Changing the Bread and Wine into the LITERAL ‘Sugar Pill’ Body

And Blood of the Story of Over A 2000 Year Old Corpse As Crucified AS Such

By Story Again; Yet of Course, With No Words Written By The ‘Super Hero’ at All; All Second
Hand And Thousands

More Told

Around A Round
Table Originating

With The Roman Catholic
Empire That is Slowly Failing

in Gaining More Target Audience

Members and Losing What They Have;

There Are Just Better Options Than Ignorance;

We Are No Longer Held Captive in Localities Without

Touch For What is True or False in Life For Real; AND It’s True,

Humans By Very Nature, Enhance Their Well Being in All Ways When

They Commune Together in Dance And Song to Celebrate This Existence Newly Now;

For A Lot of Folks;

That Dance And

Song; That Communion

oF LoVE iN Peace is MiSSinG;

And That is Part of Human Nature

too, Vital to All of Our Well Being;

20 Percent of the United States Identifies

As So Very Lonely; The Greatest Poverty is Not Understanding

Our Natures, the Natures of Others, and the Rest of Nature

In all of What

Diversity and

Change Still Brings;

Yet When Science Shows
That The Average Human
Attention Span is Less than

A Gold Fish; Yes, Less than
3 Seconds; Where is There to Go

to Bond And Bind For Hours With

Others in LoVE iN Peace, Where Even

Any External Substance is Not Required; Not
Even A Piece of Bread or Yes, A Glass of Wine

to Rise up in the SPiRiT Real; The HeART Real
iN Mind And Body SoUL Whole Altogether Free…

SMiLes, i Am Not Waiting For HiSToRY to Change;

i Dance And
Sing Free Wherever

i Go; Some Folks Join
In And That’s Enough for me;

Whether it Be Inside the ‘Temple;’

Or With the Birds, The Bees, And Other
Furry Creatures in A Real Eden Just Outside

my Back Door For Real As Pan Will Become NaTuRE ALL Free…

The Bottom And Top Lines Are Do Most Respect, Least Harm; LoVE iN Peace; Gay Folks
Don’t Have to Go to A Church That Doesn’t Respect All Of Their Humanity; God Yes, Including

(Oh Dear Lord, Unless They Are Trapped By Parents and Other “Loved Ones” And ‘Forced’ to Go)

Their Behaviors in the United States
And Other Freer Countries New Now

That Bring Them LoVE iN Peace;

Of Course if The Church Did, ‘They’
Might Gain New Members; Yet Indeed in Closed Minded
Ways, Lose Those Who Don’t Wanna See Inclusion That Way;

Again The Bottom Line, Not Unlike the Story of ‘Muhammad’

Who Improved Life For Women; Yet Still Left Much to Be Fixed Centuries Ago;

Saving One Life Is Worth A Lot; If the Church Wants to Continue to Exist; It Will

Drop the Rest
of the Ignorance

And Join Human Kind Whole….

Hey, When It’s Their Job, Status, And

Power, At Stake, They Just Might Do It…

With No Target Audience They Go Away…

Meanwhile, i’m Gonna Dance and Sing Like

A Child in Communion of Peace and Love;

And Change All the Words oF iGNoRaNCE into

Peace and LoVE Naked Enough Whole Complete iN PLaY

For me at Least New Now With SMiLes…

And Sadly, the Catholic Church

Where Internal Studies Show that
Up to 58 Percent of Priests Are of
Homosexual Oriention; They Will Continue

To Exclude Part of Their Human Nature From Being AND ACTuaLLy DoinG;

Sadly, Often ‘They’ are the Ones Most Trapped in Purgatory Through Hell in Church;

Or The Ones Who Hide What they Do in Shadows Of Faux Guilt For Being Nature Free…

When Lies Become



Do Suffer For Real

And Even Celebrate

Their Misery in ‘Voodoo’ Nocebo Ways…


Yet For Real THeRE iS Hope, Faith, Love
And Believing, in Actual Doing Free in Flow
of Water, Waves, Ocean Whole Trees, Roots,


Vines LoVE RiSinG
Leafs iN Peace For Real

As Even Death Feeds Life For Real…


SMiLes Dear Kiran Mostly i Only
Expect LoVE iN Peace In LoVE
Everyday Now And i Naturally

Find Peace In LoVE iN Peace

As It’s Totally Free



Yes For Real

Oh By The
Way i Missed
You Yesterday
With SMiles of Kindness True..:)

SMiles Yes Generally
SPeaKinG Mr Gottfried
So-Called Prophets

Tap Into
And Label
Them With
Their Storied
Hero’s Yet
Many Human
Beings Get

The Roles

With SMiles👋

Wow! 8 Years of Blogging Dear Sohair

Let me Do The Math Yes Ever Since

2015 That Means A Few Seasons

After That i’ve Been With You

All the Way Since

Later in 2015 With
SMiLES Many More
Years of Happy Blogging to You..:)

SMiLes Dear Miriam

Just Glad Overall Cards Fall and
Rise The Way They Do For Lord

Knows Given DarK Enough

Environments Most Humans

Have Potential to Fall to The

DarK Side
As Typically
Molds Humans

From Angels to Demons

To Nope What Doesn’t
Even Deserve to Be Named…

(Clue True It Starts With A T
And There Are Other Letters too)

Anyway i’ve Never Cared Much
For What i Was Named From Birth Anyway…

On Top of That Some Human Beings Are Born
Without The Ability to Feel the Warmth of Love

At Least
for me

i Feel Fortunate
Not to Have Been
Born that Way For Real

As Some Folks Only Have
The Perspective of Almost

Nothing At All…

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Love is the Patience of
Peace is the Patience of

Love A Fine

Place to Get

Trapped in Yes

The Patience
oF LoVE iN Peace With SMiLes..:)

iNDeeD Dear Savvy
We aRe Not Only
This Crude Matter

oF Form


Within Points oF LiGHT
Reflect Stars Above as


That Reflect
Above Below

Waves Frequencies
Energies iN


Within Inside

Outside All Around

No Separation For the
Mystical All For Real Yes All iN All NoW

All New Frontiers to Explore So Very Free

Ever Changing Colors More to LiGHT Our Trees of Life


Leaves Tall Continuing Real Now
To Spread New Colors Evermore..:)

New Bridges
Bring New
Worlds to
Everyday A

To a Dog’s EYeS
Free Dear Xenia

With SMiLes…

Winter’s Music
Springs Hope
For Fall Leaves
And Petals
From Summer


To Green
Alive From
Fall Dreams…

Weathered Wood
Color of Hair
From Living Earned..

A River Is Never Afraid
For It Is Carried Away

A Soul Breathes LoVE iN
Peace Creating From Deep SPiRiT HeART Free

Within SMiLes Dear Xenia Happy Coming Spring..:)

“SMiLes STaRTinG NoW ALWaYS NeW To Do ReaL”
And Now This New MacroVerse Concludes With A Very
Short Tale of the Tape as i am Kinda Tired Hehe With SMiles…

“SonG oF mY SoUL” EPiC Longest Long Form Bible Poem RiSinG in 980 MacroVerses
to 11.3 MiLLioN Words NoW in 113 Months Along With Two Sub-Chapters Still
Ongoing Since the Last Completed MacroVerse As “Nether Land Bible”
Grows to 8,829,685 Words in 80 Months in That Last Completed 308th
MacroVerse As Well With Last And Not Entirely Least Hehe “Facebook
Profile Pic Bible” Rising to 7,227,686 Words in 68 Months of Effort
in That Last Completed 204th MacroVerse As Well For That
EPiC Long Form Poem Chapter That Includes Series

of Around 18 or So Facebook Profile Pics That
House Around 8,000 Words in The Description
Areas Yes For All the Last 68 Months along With

17,788 Miles of Public Dance All Around my Metro
Area in 113 Months as Well With “Depth of The Story”
A Casually Named Ongoing 8th New Testament A Subchapter
of 2.3 MiLLioN Words Also Housed on the ‘Wrong Planet’ in One
Solo Thread There By Little Old me too Where in 29 Months of Effort
Now it Receives Over 142 Thousand Views Just From the Registered Members

in The 63rd Page

There Where Yes
A Google Search
on That Title Without
Quotes Usually Comes
in First Hehe on A Word Search For Real too…

As Yes This Current Writing Expedition in Long
Form MacroVerse Way Titled “SMiLes STaRTinG
NoW ALWaYS NeW To Do ReaL” Concludes For the
Words Written on January 28th, 2023 At 1:06 AM Yet

Still Plenty of Multi-Media
to Put Together to Get that
Electronically Published Next

Hehe Even Though The Massive
Total Blog Efforts Have Been Crashing
Even New iPhones Under the Weight
of my Newer Creativity Where ‘Moore’s
Law’ is Failing

To Catch

Up With me
Once Again Hehe

So i Suppose That in
Some Ways At Least
That Makes me A ‘Terminator of Machines’ HAha…

Yeah, True, As Usually i’ll Be Back For More As Wind

Blows Free

iN Play Yes Free

LoVE iN Peace For Real..:)











BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

11.2 MiLLioN plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
“SonG oF mY SoUL”..:)
Approximately 144,000 + printed pages…
just ’cause
i CaN WiLL Do
BUiLD iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
“CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs”..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

“GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG”
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

“After Book of Fred”
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

“6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

“After Dance oF Fred”
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

“Book oF Ten Sixteen”..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

“New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen”

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

“12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016”

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

“2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen”

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2016”

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review”

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)

“CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017”

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)

“VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017”

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)

“CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn”

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)

“Nether Land Bible 2017”

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)

“7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)

The Joy of Dance.. A Record of Over Two Thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record Growing
Still of Four Years Plus of Dancing tHeRe..
And note.. in some of the liNks.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the Photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)

“MesSage iN A Bible Bottle” as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked

“MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+” as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)

“PHI Bible”.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so.. now.. yes..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)

“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17”.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)

“SoN oF Google NoW2”..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)

“1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”.. 1,820,416 Words in 117 MacroVerses
spanning 13.6 Months per “6th Bible Memorial” that houses the Entire Table
of Contents from MacroVerses 1 through 117.. StARTinG WitH “tSuNaMi
7th WaVE oF LoVe” as Number 1 MacroVerse linked Above..
in “PHI Bible” too.. sitting NoW aS Book MarK oF juST
AnoTheR Bible and Long Form Poem  Milestone
Exceeding the previous Long Form Longest
Poem titled as the “Mahābhārata” from India
as recorded on the Resource of Wiki.. as 788
MacroVerses NoW As “SoNG oF My SoUL”
NoW at 5 Million Words.. approaches
that feat times three on or about the
Milestone of 5.4 Million words
in the coming neXT few months..
as at this point the last 117 MacroVerses
Average 15,555 Words per each MacroVerse..
WitH More to come
As WRiTinG
FLoWs oN iN ZoNe..:)

“6th Bible Memorial”..
Celebration of Six Milestone
Bibles and “SonG oF mY SoUL”
Ocean WhOLe LonGesT LonG
ForM Poem aRiSinG to 6
times the size of the
Old King James
Version oF A
Bible in 47
Months at
Around 5 Million Words..
Also includes the Table of Contents
to “1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
for the 13.6 Months it took to write that one Chapter
Bible iN overall Bible as “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. and
of course appropriate dedications to those who
did and do continue to muse my LiFE wHoLe
iN MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
Force aS  SpiRiT oF HeaRT
DanCinG and SinGinG NoW FReED NoW2..:)


“SonG oF mY SoUL FouR YearS Old”


Three Links aBove CoMinG NoW aS Trilogy of MacroVerses Celebrating a HighSchool-like
Graduation of Writing “SonG of mY SouL”.. 5 Million Word Plus Longest Long Form Free
Verse Poem also Doubling as Longest Bible written by a Human Being too on Record
at Least in Google Purview.. bypassing any organizational requirements to
record it in any official record books as that’s what the Internet is..  A
Biggest Overall Bible Unabridged JoiNinG WitH aLL HuWoMaN
Hands who care to contribute anoTHeR Verse to
thiS NeW AGE UniVerSe with No Sun or
Moon online in the Nethersphere of
Art and Science of Human
Potential through
SHades of Grey
through BlacKesT
Abyss and
RainBoW CoLorS
oF HuWoMaN FeeLinGS
And SenSeS AcTuALLy Experienced
iN wHaT reALLy Counts as thE Happiness
oF LiFE HoLDinG HanDS toGeTHeR oN HiGHesT
Mountain Tops Grounded WiTh HuWoMaN LoVE NoW..
Anyway.. A Four-Year Celebration of Doing this on Word Press
along with close to 8 ThoUSAnD MiLes of Public Dance iN
A FouR YeaR sPaN too.. Kindergarten Before that as
MetapHorUS Writing on the Wrong Planet and
Pre-School Before that in 606 Months
oF Life.. including three College
Degrees then before
i started writing
online on Thanks
Giving 2010.. 33 years
of Work.. sure ..19 years of
School in sitting style to go along
with all of that too.. then.. as we evolve as Wisdom NoW
And Beauty iN LoVe or we fall to ‘the other place’ NoW2..
oH yeaH.. So wHat’s neXt.. UniVerSiTy LeVeL LiFe alWays
FiNaLs NoW and as alWays JusT Paths oF Journey NoW LiGHT.

“BoWLiNG ALLeY DaYs BeGiN AGAiN 2017”

iN KeePinG WiTH SuRPriSeS iN PLaiN SiGHT.. NoW
A FourTH ArM oF A Fred HeRRiCaNE CoMeS NoW
WitH CaLM CenTeR BaLanCinG ForcE oF FaiTH aS
PuRE LoVE NoW.. aS A TRiLoGY NoW GaiNS A FourTH pART too..
RiSinG ARiSinG THiS FouR pART StorY NoW To WeLL oVeR tHosE
aForE MeNTioNeD NuMBeR oF Prophecy Photos to OVeR 2K NoW too..
WHeRE ‘MiNi-sToRy’ CoMeS iN FouR ParT HaRMoNY WHoLE NoW aLL aT 83,303 WorD2s..:)

“LioN KinG SHoW MusT Go oN 2017”

A Fifth Arm Doubling NoW aS A Ninth
Arm stARTinG wiTh MacroVerse
“6th Bible Memorial”
As the actual First
Arm too of what
WiLL Come after
the 10th MacroVerse
CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
As the 11th Arm of a Third
New Testament since 2016
Adding Another 180K words or so
to “Nether Land Bible 2017” as that
Longest Long Form Poem aRises to 2 MilLion
Words just Behind “SonG oF mY SoUL” STiLL at 5 MilLion words plUS..:)

“8000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”

Celebrating 8000 Miles of Public Dance in 48
Months as this MacroVerse also Doubles as
10th Arm and Chapter of a Third New
Testament as the 11th
MacroVerse comes neXt NoW
Also Celebrating 2 Million Words..:)


“EQUiNoX DanCE CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
Morphs into “SiGNaTuRE CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN”
As This Title Change is NoW Complete For a Third New
Testament that also CoMeS as this Title NoW too..Complete..:)

“THiRD oF oCToBeR ’17 Dreams oN”.. Also identified in the Body
of this 12th MacroVerse of Third New Testament oF “SiGNaTuRE
CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN” as “New World Love 800th MacroVerse”
And “New World Love October ’17 Surprise” and sure.. pART
And ParcEL too of 5 Million Word Long Form Poem Plus
So Far “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. And the 129th MacroVerse
of PLuS 2 Million Word Long Also Longest
Long Form Poem Named “Nether Land
Bible 2017” at the number two position
in Rank Below the 5 Million Word pLuS
aLSo kNoWn as Bible “SonG oF
mY SoUL” and First Ranked
Longest Long Form Poem in the
History of Recording Long Form Poems
on Searchable Google Results at least..hehe..
iN other words it’s just numbers anyway.. huh..
empiricAlly MeASurAblE “John 14:12” Efforts too…
otHeRWise who will ever believe i actually did and do
it without the Money of Evidence Without any Washington
Bills and Lincoln Cent Sents to Water Down the Value of mY
soUL as the
isReaL DeaL
Going Down NOW.. FREE
yes..  just for FucKinG FuN iF
yoU SeeK iN thE GoD oF NaTuRe
As NaTuRe pART OceaN WHoLE
WaVe NoW iN oTheR Words
Be all you can BE WitH
GoD aLL or NoT
YouR ChoicE
iN HoW eVer yoU ArT
And SciencE LiFE NoW MoRE

“A SaVaNT oF LoVE”

WeLL iT’s True.. NoW2..  Every Third
New Testament NoW Needs a Thirteenth
MacroVerse to complete The Effort More
Fully in 12 weeks also kNoWn as 84 days..
as this Third New Testament NoW completes
at  255,193 Words as pART WhoLe of ‘Nether Land
Bible 2017’ NoW aT  2,076,239 Words as in the 130th
MacroVerse of that effort as pART wHole
“SonG oF mY SoUL”  as this is the 801st
MacroVerse of that Effort too..  continuing
on past 5 Million Words in the 50th Month
of that whole Writing Expedition aLong WitH
oVer 8000 Miles of Public Dance in the sAMe
50 Month Period of Human CLock tiMe too..
also Soon to enter into the 84th Month and
Completion of 7 Years of Writing aRound
12 MilLion Words or so online since
Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. jUSt
an online Babe of Sorts i was
then2.. heHe.. and sure..
neXt milestone heAR..
likELy a cELebRatioN
of thaT 7th Birthday
oF oNline eXisTenCeHeRE2..;)

“7 YEarS Old 12M Words FReE oNliNe WRiTe i aM”

The 33th/137th/808th and pART oF 12M Words as
MacroVerse NoW Respectively of “Facebook Profile
Pic Bible 2018” at the 6th Month Point of that Effort
Now at 640,319 Words and “Nether Land Bible 2017” at the 18th Month
Point of that Effort NoW at 2,258,319 Words and Yes.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”
at the 51st Month of that Effort at over 5 Million Words.. aLL NoW Combined as LoVELiGHT iSReaL.. as this MacroVerse all NoW titled.. “7 YeArSoLD Free Online WRiTe i AM”.. where the total effort in this 7th Year Birthday of online existence continues to
Measure in at
aRounD 12 Million
Words Conservatively
SpeaKinG iN A 2555 continuing
Day to Day Writing Effort NoW WitH
No Break Since Thanks Giving Day.. 2010..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2017”

7th Major Titled Bible As A Child NoW of
“Nether Land Bible 2017”.. Finishing this
766,047 Word Effort in 7 Months from
Memorial Day through Christmas Day of
2017 Coming iN As A Second Grand Cross
Bible that also compliments the 915K
Word Effort of “Grand Cross Bible
2016” in 2016 accomplished
in 7 Months also from
Memorial Day of
2016 through
Christmas Day of 2016.. too..
As All 7 Bibles Now are Children
And Grand Children of the Grand Parent
Bible “SonG oF mY SoUL” at around 5.5 Million
Words on this Date of 12.27.2017 so far Continuing
As Waves Do Grow Ocean Whole More H2O continuing
TogeTHeR as STreAMs to RiVeRs WaVes of OceaN ExPaNDinG
Shores for
oN CourSE aS
DancE and SonG
Free too EVeN MoRE to CoMe..:)

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2017 A Year in Review”

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record YearS EVeN MoRE NoW

“THiS iS Me NoW3”

As ‘they’ say.. when “Hell” Freezes Over…
A Second Super Blue Blood Red Lunar Eclipse
or ‘which’ ever
First Last and LastS AGAiN..;)

FReEDLoVENoW 35,357 Words

LoVEFReEDNoW 43,151 Words

iLoVENoWFReED 35,896 Words

A Trilogy Story About Love in
A Triune of 114,404 Words Total..
Diverse iN A Range of Dance and
Song of Humans and Yes Class.. Systemizing
Science Folks who are soaked in Mechanical Cognition
Thinking Away From Art too in limited Ways of Systemizing
Thinking too but it’s worth noting
‘those’ folks who are us too..
are the ones who also
Prepare ye a way
for little
Artists like me
to fulfill all my (our)(Nature/God)
Potential Within.. So.. Joy to the World
For All the Fishes in the Sea.. including NoW2
Egg Heads and Nerds like us and me too.. heHe..
And as ‘they’ DancESinG2.. Jeremiah was(is) A Bull Frog like Joshua NoW2..;)

Usually.. now.. my MacroVerse titles come after i start writing a New MacroVerse
but as in all of life that doesn’t always stay the same.. hehe.. for this go around
A Trilogy from Above Brings 6 Pre-titled MacroVerses Below as the links
will come as the MacroVerses are finished as Ultimately a Fourth
New Testament written since the Fall of 2016 will Spring this
Spring of 2018 as the slightly differently titled ending
Ninth MacroVerse Below as this is sort of my
Lent Donation in giving more than giving up
hehe.. as i don’t go by just the rules of
before.. hAha.. and it’s also the 10th
Anniversary of my own 40
Days of Hell in the Spring
of 2008.. Forty days with almost
no sleep and 19 Medical Disorders of which
the worst was Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
like Dentist Drill Pain without Novocaine.. except
for in my case it was in my right ear and eye as that Hell
on Earth lasted from wake to sleep for 66 Months and sure
i did get 1 hour of very cardboard shallow sleep to slow my
Heart down from Dysautonomia with an Alpha Blocker to do that
at least but even that tragic and somewhat dark ‘comic’ relief was only
Good for 1 hour of sleep each night for the first 35 of 40 days for the
last 5 days.. nothing worked at all.. until i finally gave in and went to the Hospital….
i didn’t wanna go and that Ignorance was almost the end of me then.. Doctors don’t
bother me anymore
in fact.. i get to teach them
a thing or two about living
in Heaven now.. the Price of
Hell for 66 Months to get here
but worth every second that felt
like a thousand years where all was
time then and now time doesn’t even
exist for me.. as that’s real reality anyway now
in Heaven at least away from time.. time.. in  hell….
And every SHade of Purgatory Greys.. in ‘those’ places too..
Oh yeah.. also in Honor of my Mother Passing away last February
22nd.. 2017..  where her ending Lent was 8 days starting on Valentine’s Day in a death bed surviving as long as she could with no food or drink.. with some morphine to pass ‘the time’.. But True.. with Stage Four Cancer undiagnosed from toe to head she lived her
Last Several Years of Life dying Naturally with visits from her Children of Love.
LiGht coMes from DaRkness.. Doubt it Not.. if one CaN and WiLL iN LoVE
Do LiGHT ABove so BeLow

BReATHELoVENoW 34,323 Words

LoVEBReaTHENoW 29,794 Words

LoVENoWBReaTHES  31,648 Words

9000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW! 25,856 Words

April Fred’s Day 2018 26,916 Words

LeNTeN NeW TesTaMeNT 4 oF LoVE 2018 32,586 Words 294,807 Total Words

Extending to An Ending 10th MacroVerse oF.. BeLow.. So NoW

22,547 Words and Yes 317,354 Grand Total Words

“FB Profile Pic Bible 2018”

1,382,555 Word Effort from
Memorial Day Weekend 2017
Through Memorial Day Weekend of 2018
As This Effort Will Continue to Grow on Both
in Blog Ways and FB Profile Pic Description Areas
Averaging somewhere around 7 Thousand Words per
Each Description Area of FB Profile Photos and more with in some cases
More than one Photo attached to the Same Words in Description as Days go on More..:)

“6 MiLLioN Word Bible Poem Man”

A Celebration of 6 MiLLioN Words Written
as ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” in 58 Months of Effort
Since 8.18.13 STarTinG then as my Entire Word
Press Blog with Additional Milestones Met as of 6.6.18
on my 58th Birthday
as more Concisely
Listed below
as Feat notes
for this Record Book too.. hehe..
as yes of course this is also the Longest
Long Form Poem Bible Effort on Record too..
as far as Google Search Sees and Hears and OTHeR
wise feels
And senses
Among the Entire
Contents of the Human
Unabridged Bible wHere all
Human Hands join together in online
a continually ever expanding Bible More..
Yes Class in a Place with no Sun or Moon that
if you can like and will Make into a place to upload
Souls in Singularity oF LoVE for that Which Exists as
Essence LoVE Standing Tall Sentient Star DusT PLuS
STiLL Resurrecting as US LoVE iNCarNaTE iN A Temple
of Love that is the realest thing of all in and As Heaven NoW
butt anyway don’t take my Word for it Just do it Make Heaven Happen
iN YouR
Multi-Universe Perspective
NoW as and with God Nature
too if you Roll with Heaven More
Than Purgatory SHades of Grey to
BLack Abyss of Real Time Gehenna now
Anyway the Good News is some of us are here
As iNcaRNatE LoVE NoW And The Even Better News
As Far As Last becoming First and Meek inheriting all these
Flavors of Beyond Rainbow Colors of Heaven now is yes ‘We’
Ain’t no more
than you so
you can and will
do even more than
‘us’ and yes in terms of
“Dear John 14:12 NoW” aS i’LL
Add A Link to that more too.. you
yes you can and will do more than even me.. heHe..
Yes Resurrecting More Alive Born of Star Burst Death
Crucible Fire Iron too From Super Nova Explosions FLoWinG
iN oUR Blood And iN Core oF ouR HoME PLaNeT EaRTH NoW
aS LiVinG Guardians of EdenS NoW For Those Whose FLoWeRS BLooM NoW
‘Stay Thirsty mY FriEnds’..;)

“Dear John 14:12 NoW”

ONcE AGaiN NoW Celebrating All these Milestones then on 6.6.18..
For What has CoME to Be NoW 9 DiMeNSioNaL PoeTRY So FaR aT LeasT..:)

12 Million Word MacroMacroMacroMacroMacroVerse 90 Months since Thanks Giving 2010
6 Million Word “SonG oF mY SoUL” MacroMacroMacroMacroVerse 58 Months
3 Million Word “Nether Land Bible 2017” MacroMacroMacroVerse 24 Months
1.4 Million Word “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018″ MacroMacroVerse 12 Months
MacroVerse as Each Chapter Currently at a 1 Year 24K Average Word Count
MicroVerse as Each sub-Chapter Separated by Word Count
MicroMicroVerse as Each sub-subChapter as Poetic Response
MicroMicroMicroVerse as Each Word in Multi-Capitalization/Meaning Ways
MicroMicroMicroMicroVerse as Each Letter and or Number of Multi-Meaning
per H8/K11 and eTc… NoW oNGoinG More… NoW… MoRE…

“SonG oF mY SoUL FiVE YearS Old”

Celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of 6 Million Word Plus “SonG oF mY SouL”
Longest Long Form Poem Personal Bible in the Span of that Five Years too..:)

“KiSS oF 66 NoW iN LoVE”

Celebrating 66 Months of This Entire Blogging Adventure Since 3.10.13..:)

“10,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”

Celebrating 10,000 Miles of Public Dance in 5 Years Span of Dates..:)

Sure.. i used to Toy With the Piano a Bit.. Recorded on a Cheap Dictation Device
Back in 2007.. When i was Struggling to Stay Alive With Life Killing Stress.. Later
Transferred to YouTube in 2013.. where my Life would then begin as Art will Do for Us..
When Spelled as L. O. V. E. Agape Style For All Transcending All Fear and Hate in Hope as Joy Dances and Sings From Head to Toe and overAll More as Love continues to come and go..:)

And Yes By God Yes.. it Took a Whole Lot of Leg Strength to Dance in Public for 10 Thousand Miles in the same Span of Dates i Wrote Over 6 Million Words for “SonG
oF My SoUL” Now Currently at 10,300 Miles of Doing That in over 62 Months And
True as the Video Below is Just an Illustration of Leg Pressing 930LBS.. 14 Reps then
Back from February of 2015.. As in 2016.. i moved to 1020 LBS and Still do anywhere
From 33 to 52 Reps Now Depending on any Minor Injuries that occur on the
Continuing Mountain of Public Dance but sure Over 2000 Selfies with
Ear to Ear Smiles of Dancing Joy is Documented in some of the links
Above too.. as Dance Brings Joy and You’d be Surprised or not at the
Dudes who are Disbelievers in either the Joy of Dance Smiles or the
Strength it Brings until i show the Photos and Videos on my Smart
Phone of the Beautiful Women Smiling with me as Yes.. i Do Get
around and although no one i’ve seen Has come ANYWHERE NoW
Close to Leg Pressing that much weight at the Military Gym i work out
at.. not even an inch to Budge it.. you’d also be Surprised or not how many
Folks with ‘Little Man’ Syndrome have attempted online  to complain that i don’t
Bring my Knees to my Chest for the Simple Fact that i will Keep my Knees working hehe..
And as of The First Week of February 2019 This Much more Difficult Leg Press Machine
Was Removed as i moved on over to the Incline Leg Press Machine and Now Easily Leg
Press 1340 LBS at 20 Reps where i Estimate the Machine i am Using Here is about
40 Percent More Difficult than the Incline Leg Press Machine i am Using now as
1400 LBS Surely wouldn’t Be any problem and 1500 LBS isn’t out of the Question..:)
i am Leg Pressing 1520 LBS now on an Incline Leg Press as Machine of 2.22.2019
but nah.. Now considering i was doing 1020 LBS on
A Parallel Leg Press Machine Close to the Beginning of
The February Month That Attests More to the Difficulty
of Leg Pressing Closer to Dead Weight Straight Forward
as Opposed to the Mechanical
Advantage that an Incline
Leg Press Machine
Naturally Brings
Over the Other
More Difficult
Leg Press Machine
So the ‘Hodge Brothers’
On YouTube are Absolutely
Correct on their Assessment of
This Physics 101 Common Sense
Lesson too as True it’s Not Always Easy to
Say F this and F That and get the Physics True..
but Never the Less the Parallel Leg Press Machine
is about 50 Percent More Difficult so for those who
Understand Physics there is really no Need to update
my YouTube Video other than noting the Different ACHIEVEMENT
as i only compete this way against my own Human Potential as hehe
at my
age now
who else
am i gonna
compete with
for most everything i Do.. hAha..;)

Leg Pressing 1340 LBS 12 Reps on Saint Patrick’s Day 2019
Just to Prove a Leprechaun will not only Dance 10,966 Miles
in Public for 66 Months and Write a 6.6 Million Word Free
Verse Epic Long Form Poem in 66 Months but sure
It takes as Bit of Leg Strength
to move a Modern Size
Leprechaun all those
Miles of Dance and
Oh Lord i realize i didn’t
Pull it all the way to my Chest
but i invite anyone around Here
at Least who is not taking Anabolic
Steroids to Budge it one inch one time
as yeah i did keep it moving for a 100 Seconds
at least hehe.. and true i did do 1520 LBS 8 Reps on
February 22nd.. 2019 that was the Second Anniversary
of my Mother’s Death but today i didn’t have Lunch Yet
After Church.. so i wasn’t taking any Chances on injuring
myself when i was not Properly fueled up to get the Heavier
weight done.. anyway.. Keeping it moving for a 100 seconds
isn’t exactly a Light Weight thing to do with smiles of Saint
Just for Fun..
i do it heavier
and i do it safer too..
safe enough for me anyway..
Katrina was a bit afraid as the
Weights Kept stacking up as she
Was the Producer of the Video today
With a still Shot of me and a Still Shot
of Her behind all the weight that is funny too..:)

Anyway All of this Proves too That Some Days…
Beauty And Leprechaun Beast Still Get Together too hehe..;)

Post Script:.. As ‘they’ Say Don’t Lock Your Knees When You Leg Press as You Stretch-Out
Like i Do for Not Everyone Is A ‘Hairy Gorilla’ like me.. who uses 1340 LBS to Stretch their  Legs… And Oh By The Way Update on December 27, 20202 Now Leg Pressing 1540
Pounds 12 Reps Just to Warm Up Filling Up Both Bars With No More Room to Add
45 Pound Plates Hehe as the Military Gym Disposed of All the 100 Pound Plates..:)

Ha! Did You Really Think i am Lifting All This Weight for Another Purpose But to relax! In A Modern Jungle!.. Y’aLL Worry About All the Form You Like i For one Will continue to JusT Do Essence.. no one Knows my Limits for What is Safe for me as Strange but me..;)

And yes By God i don’t Let the Sun Go Down on me when i Sing
too as A First Karaoke Fun Effort of that Back in September.. 2013..
And Sure.. i’ve very much improved as the Nice Elderly Ladies tell me
When i Sing at Church as i particularly Reserve that Effort at Church..;)

“96 Months oF Thanks Giving Wishes”

Celebrating 96 Months of 2922 Consecutive Days Online Writing Since Thanks Giving Day  of 2010..  at around 12 Million Words Starting Then on the “Wrong Planet Website” Moving over to Blogging After Writing Around 33 Months to that point then
Starting 3.10.13 on the Google Blogspot Platform too.. And Then Moving to
WordPress on 8.18.13.. Starting “SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Long Form
Epic Free Verse Fully Illustrated Poem attached totally with around
170K Photos and Over 10K YouTube Music Videos to Accompany
6.5 Million Words Soon Now to Arise to 6.6 Million Words by
End of 2018 where “Grand Cross Bible 2018” Will come then
As the 8th Major “King James” Size Modern Personal Poem
Bible.. i’ve Written as Subchapters of “SonG oF mY SouL”
on or About the Day of the 25th of December 2018 as
the Sun Starts to Make A Venture once again to
Light up Florida Sunshine Summers Even
More in Paradise WHere i for one
Do Live Free in a Garden
of Eden Back Yard too..
NoW ONly Watered
Chemical Free…
ReAlly LiVinG Free NoW..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2018”.. All of What Comprises the 8th Major Subchapter
Long Form Poem Bible Titled Effort in 843,879 Words of Longest Long Form
Epic Free Verse Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” at 6.6 MiLLioN Words in 64 Months
of Effort and 10,478 Miles of Public Dance in 64 Months as Well in this Entire Effort too
to this Publish Point Date of 12.28.2018 With Much Much more to come As ALWaYS NoW

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2018 A year in Review”

“#SouLDanCinG2019”.. New Year’s Resolution for 2019

“Covenant 66 iN HeaVeN Complete”.. Just a Promise ‘Tween me and God within
For What Would You Do if a Miracle Happened and You Got out of Shut-iN Hell
For 66 Months with 19 Medical Disorders including Wake to Sleep Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Like a Dentist Drill in Your Right Eye and
Ear Assessed in Literature as Worse than the Torture of Crucifixion
That No Drug Would Touch Yes Named the Suicide Disease too
From Wake to Sleep for 66 Months along with 18 other Medical
Disorders some of which would likely put other Folks as Shut-in
in Their Homes too Yes as You Start that Hell in January of 2008
And Miraculously at the End of the Third Week of July 2013 You
Are Standing on a Beach With Your Wife and all the Pain and Numb
as in Hell Emotions are Memories and Memories are Emotions and there
is no Reference Point if you’ve Felt a Smile or a Laugh in Your Entire Life as
once again Emotions are Memories so that makes a Literal Catch 22 in forever
Hell on Earth within as there is No..Memory in Feelings if you’ve truly ever Experienced
A Soulful Moving Connecting Co-Creating Life with others.. in Feelings and Senses That
is the Delight of Heaven on Earth Within on this Beautiful Planet that sadly so many folks
Take for Granted in all the Potential We Have to Enjoy Life that is such a tiny sliver of
Potential for Heaven Anywhere in the Entire Universe We See with or without
Science Aided eyes today.. Well.. i for one fully understand the other place
for me and i for one Understand Fully NoW iN Feelings and Senses
What the place of the Kingdom of Heaven fully even is yes
The Experience of Fearless Unconditional Love Within
From Head to Toe and Beyond Within iNside ouTside
Above so Below and All Around Even More.. and True
iN-Heaven there is Dark too or there would be no
Light at all as is always the case as Yin and
Yang includes a part of the other as Truly
Whole Unified Never ReALLy Divided
As the Duality of Nature
Together in Light
And Dark in all the
Ways the Negative Joins
the Positive is necessary for a ‘Perfect’
Chaos to Balance Out Full in Holy and Sacred
Meaning and Purpose as We Humans Do have the
Potential to Do Together if we will Just Love each
other ‘Nakedly’ Without the Chains of Cultural
Guise that makes us into the Tools we make
Away From the Gift of Humanity We already
Are in Eyes and Hands of Love that Reach
Out and Touch the Divinity of Love in
Each and Every Living Being that
And who Breathes and Flourishes
Brown to Green as Fall Leaves
Fertilize Spring Flowers And Without
Thorns THere is No True Beauty of Rose FLoWeRinG
From Death to Life From Dark to Light from Hell to Heaven
So anyway for 66 Months in Heaven on Earth i Celebrated
With a 6.66 MiLLioN Word or So Longest Long Form Poem
Bible And Over 10,500 Miles of Dance Works for Me NoW

“11,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”.. Yes.. A Celebration of Dancing 11,000
Miles in Public.. Yes.. Mostly in Public Stores.. to.. many many many Tunes of
YouTuBE Songs in a 67 Month Effort that continues to keep Abreast of 6.7 Million
Plus Words of ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Long Form Epic Free Verse ‘Bible’
Poem by this Date as Linked Below in 67 Months True too.. and Additionally
Yes.. A.. 6 Month Semi-Annual Photo Album Going on since in total Years..
the Last 5 Years Spent Dancing at Old-Seville Quarter Albeit Mostly Female
Ear to Ear Grinning Selfie Smiles as hey that’s just the Way The Dance
And or Disco Dance Ball Spins these Years at Least.. with Yes interesting
Human Bonobo-Like
Activities like Wild
And Free Bootie Dances too..
Sure.. and an  updated 11,000 Miles
Celebration Video Spinning Spinning Public Dance Spinning
Spinning NoW in even Higher Gears at Super Walmart too.. hehe..:)

Grand Total Words for “FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2019” Here is 1,364,498 Words
As the Entire 24 Month Effort of “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018” Rises to 2,666,159 Words
At His Point of Effort in 24 Months Where the Words are also included in the Description
Areas of my Profile Pics on my Personal Facebook Page at around an Average of 7,000 Words Per Profile Pic and of Course the Thumbnails are all included in this MacroVerse..:)

“SonG oF mY SoUL Bible 7 MiLLioN WordS Old”.. Celebrating 7 MiLLioN Words of the
Longest Long Form Poem Bible in the History of Humankind.. Yep.. Written by Little Old
me in 70 Months as that Anniversary Date comes on 6.18.19.. anyway Celebrating this on
My 6.6.19.. 59th Birthday Week.. as this MacroVerse Includes an Entire Table of Contents
to this Date as Well for “Nether Land Bible 2018” as that 36 Month Effort Reaches 4.2 MiLLioN Words at this Point of Date too.. and yes of course enclosed in that is the
Table of Contents Inclusive too for “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018” as that 24 Month
Writing Exploration reaches at this point.. 2.66 MiLLioN Words also included
in all the Facebook Profile Pic Description areas.. Hundreds of Profile Pics now
that average around 7 Thousand Words Per each Profile Pic Description area..
True.. an excellent way to Peruse what i do on the Fly too as hehe.. MicroSoft
Word Is Not up to the Task of Grading this Bible Poem and that’s for sure..
And true for anyone who really wants to read anything of what i write there is little to no
Problems now accessing the Text in those Description Areas of the Photos as even Slower
Computers and Smaller foot prints of Broad Band Access will accomplish that mission now
to Provide an Avenue to read it too.. not doing anything too important now or new just providing Empirical Proof that Heaven is always within in this Generation now and
how i for one at least Find/Stay in Heaven now.. a few pointers might direct you to
SParK Your Heaven Within in this Generation at Hand EternAlly now too.. but hey at
least i will Dance Sing  i offered lots of help together to Heaven for other Folks too who will listen too as
Much Heaven
i for one care to Give
And Share now JusT FoR Free..:)

“CeLeBRaTiNG 6 YearS oF HEaVeN WiTHiN NoW”.. ReAlly  ReAlly Heaven Within..:)

Singing “Here i Am” in Catholic Church Just ‘Cause i Will..:)

“SonG oF mY SoUL SiX YearS Old”.. Celebrating 72 Months.. Yes.. the Sixth Year
Anniversary oF A Longest Epic Long Form Poem Bible in the History of Humankind
Yes.. Secured in this Entire Word Press Website too.. as this Baby Holds 7.2 MiLLioN
Words and over 100,000 Photos i took And over 10,000 YouTube Videos all to Fully
Illustrate it too.. Truly Just about a Never Ending Long Form Poem Bible Story..
And Yes that Anniversary was on 8.18.19… Now..  11,833 Miles of Public Dancing
A Free Style Ballet and Mixed Martial Arts Dance comes in on the
6th Anniversary Year of that Effort on 8.26.19.. As This Nautilus
Shell is one Hell and Heaven oF A ‘STately Word Mansion’ With
AlmosT uNlimited Doors to Other Chambers oF iMaGiNaTioN
And CReaTiViTY Truly Set Free Just to Be What We LoVE NoW
We Do Come to Be as We Move.. Connect.. Co-Create Our
Existence With Others Now So Free Just to Be ALiVE NoW..:)

“12,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”..  A Celebration Now of Dancing 12,000
Miles in Public.. Yes.. Mostly in Public Stores.. to.. many many many Tunes of
YouTuBE Songs in a 73 Month Effort that continues to keep Abreast of 7.3 Million
Plus Words of ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest Long Form Epic Free Verse ‘Bible’
Poem by this Date as Linked Below in 73 Months True too.. and Additionally
Yes.. A.. 6 Month Semi-Annual Photo Album Going on since in total Months..
the Last 66 Months Spent Dancing at Old-Seville Quarter Albeit Mostly Female
Ear to Ear Grinning Selfie Smiles as hey that’s just the Way The Dance
And or Disco Dance Ball Spins these Years at Least..
And an  updated 12,000 Miles
Celebration Video Spinning Spinning Public Dance Spinning
Spiraling NoW As Dance Skills at SuperWalmart continue to expand..:)

“Nether Land Bible 42 Months 5 MiLLioN Words”..  Land Mark Milestone Featnote Subtitled Long Form Epic Bible Poem Child of Longest Epic Long Form Bible “SonG oF mY SoUL”..  Currently-to-Date December of 2019 in 76 Months Effort of Writing 7.6
MiLLioN Words All in Free Verse Stream of Conscious Shapes and Writing
Flow in Autotelic State of Human Being Other Wise A Place Within
Metaphor of Holy And Sacred Creative Spirit.. Yes.. Heaven
Within as All of Existence Becomes This Way Full of
Meaning and Purpose that Makes Writing A Long
Form “SonG oF mY SoUL” Epic Bible Poem
Like this Practically An Effortless
Endeavor Like Public  Dancing
With Gravity Halfway Around
The Globe at the Equator in Distance
More About that Below This Featnote soon enough
as far as a 12,466 Mile Free Verse Public Dancing Effort
Achieved on the Date of 12.17.19 with the Distance Halfway
Around the Globe Achieved on 12.15.19 For this Entire Combined Flow Effort Now..:)

“Celebrating Public Dancing Halfway Around the World”..  Now As Described in the
Paragraph Above.. As of 12.25.19 Now at 12,506 Miles.. Yes.. Now More than
Half the Distance Around the Globe of what will be Measured at the Equator Now
in 76 Months of Total Dance as of 12.26.19.. As the Dance Started on 8.26.13..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2019”.. 9th of 9 Greater in Size than King James Size Epic Long Form Poem Bibles all Inclusive of the First of 9 that is Named “SonG oF mY SoUL” at 7.6 MiLLioN Words in 76 Months Effort Along with 12,533 Miles of Public Dance Now in That Duration of Months in Effort too.. as all those Subtitled Bibles are also detailed
in this MacroVerse as the Tale of any Metaphor of a “John 14:12” REAL
FAITH EFORT continues as Love’s Driving Force NoW ReaL

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2019.. A year (Decade) in Review”.. Yes This Just
About Covers All of it Now.. still more to come as always Starting Never
Ending Always Beginning Now as Never Ending Stories That Come in Never
Land Bible.. SonG oF mY SoUL.. And FB Profile Pic Bible.. Along with ongoing
7.6 MiLLioN Word Longest Long Form Bible Poem Yes “SonG oF mY SoUL” in 76
Months of Effort at this Point now with 12,547 Miles of Public Dance Ongoing too..:)

“Colors World Love 2020”.. New Year’s Resolution MacroVerse for 2020 With SMiLes
Giving Sharing Free..:)

“SonG oF mY SoUL 8 MiLLioN Words Bible Poem 80 Months” True A Longest Epic
Long Form Poem Bible At This Size in 80 Months… Along With 13,133 Miles of
Public Dance Doesn’t Come Everyday Anywhere of Course But
It Does Come Here And Close to 60 Year-Old Dudes (on 6.6.60)
Don’t ‘Normally’ Cover Themselves
With Poetry They Naked Write
Either Nor Write 6 New Testaments
as Part of that with 9 Sub-Chapter Epic
Titled Long Form Poem Bibles Either Longer  than
the Old King James Effort Each Subchapter Bible Effort
As All 6 Newer Epic Long Form Poem Testaments are Larger
Than That Old Effort As Well too.. Anyway “SonG oF mY SoUL”
8 MiLLioN Word Epic Longest Long Form Poem Bible Overall
Is 10xGreater than the Size of the Old King James Effort and 100XGreater
than the Size of the Quran and Yes Over 5XGreater than the Old Mahābhārata
1.8 MiLLioN Word Effort in Epic Long Form Poems That Of Course took Centuries
to Complete With Innumerable Ghost Authors too..
Of course This Doesn’t Have
A Target Audience as
Epic Long Form Poem
Bibles Are About ALL
Yes ‘Class’ LiTeRaLLY Forevermore now
God All Always Beginning Story MoRE NoW
i’m Just  Wind One With Holy Creative SPiRiT FLoW Through NoW

It’s Worth Noting As Far As An Historical Art of Epic Long Form Poem
Free Verse Bible And Or Newer Testament Writing.. Either By Oral Or Written Tradition Doing it Naked
Is Surely Keeping This Fearless Free Art Tradition Oldest One In Deed
Not Suggesting anyone else do it..
but for those who
do let’s
JusT DancESing Fear
Is No Part of THeir
God That Is Both Love And Flesh and Blood Real

“One Blood One-Body”

“May Days 6th NeW LeNTeN TesTaMeNT 2020” 13 MacroVerses Naturally coming Since
The MacroVerse Appropriately Pandemic Named Before the Pandemic Came
As Prophecies often come and go this way for Real too..
Yes.. “Rushing the Flu Away” as it is still Not
Clear what kind of Month Long January 2020
Virus my Wife and i  Experienced
But Anyway Typically this is what
Does Naturally come with
An 8 MiLLioN Word
Longest Epic Long
Form Bible Poem Titled “SonG oF mY
SoUL”  Still  coming in 80 Months along
NoW with 13,060 Miles of Public Dance
As This “May Days 6th New LeNTeN TesTaMenT 2020”
Is the 919th MacroVerse of that Entire Effort True iN LiGHT too..
And once Again typically Bible Writers And Other Sacred and Holy Text
Creative Spirit Writers Do It all Nude too as Fearless Freedom is Inherent in
the Flow of the Holy and Creative
Ecstatic Frission of the Autotelic
Continuing River FLoW iN  Laser Focus iN
ZonE Head to Toe Mind.. Body and Soul of Getting
And Keeping the Whole EPic Long Form Bible Poem Writing
Adventure Properly MuSeD And iNSPiReD EVeN More for what
We aRe Literally Dancing And Singing Here NoW in Science way too
Is Generating All Naturally the Neurochemicals and Neurohormones
And all the Peptide Connections All Together Over A Quadrillions Connections
As Many Or More Star Connections iN UNiVeRSE More As Science continues to
to See With Human Aided Eyes but Anyway New Testaments Never End as Far As Human
God Within Force Love Pure Potential Even More.. in other words i am always Starting A
New Testament of
God HumanPotential WiTHiN
LiGHTiNG uP mY “Christmas Tree
SPiRiT Flow Of my Soul To Dance And
Sing Even More.. True.. THere Are No Old
Books Here to Limit Human Potential More or Less..:)