Nether Land Bible 2017


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Hi Leah.. great to hear from you..
and thanks so much for providing some visual
images of your new home in the Netherlands..
i suppose when i hear that word
it most reminds me of the
Song Nether Lands
that i used
to play
on the piano
by Dan Fogelberg..
and sad to see he passed
away at my age now with prostate
cancer.. living in a small place as you say..
hard to meet interesting people.. i have so many
interests in life.. it’s hard to restrain myself when i
meet anyone new.. where i for one always see an
opportunity to not only mind mELd with them but
soUL meld with them as the empathy i can
be in not only knowing them in
interests but feelings and
senses as well..
i am surely
a people
person and
also just as surely
most often too deep after
a few minutes of speaking
for most anyone to stay around
for the end of the fredtalk.. hehe..
anyway.. the great thing about writing
is.. folks can turn me off with just a few key
strokes.. and that’s okay as Lord knows during
my work years there were days that the only words
i uttered much past thank you and drive through working
at a Bowling Center and handing out shoes was putting in our
military style pass down log each day as a record of what i did.. one
word and that word was routine.. although the human connection then was
there and felt good in happy and joy of smiles.. the intellectual aspect of
my mind had gone to mush.. as all i had to say in sidewalk each day was the
in a blog
life of routine..
kinda sad.. huh.. after
graduating from college
with three degrees but that’s
the way the Autism Spectrum goes
when one is still more in input mode than
getting the words of reciprocal social communication
out.. when computers came and i played that first little
game of the worm swallowing its tail.. a sudden infusion
of problem solving dopamine and the other side of my brain
started working again in the most rudimentary ways
of problem solving then.. thing is.. though..
i went the other way and started
losing the social empathic
part where at least
i could talk
getting folks
signed up for
tournaments and
making dry jokes on
the intercom and such as that..
i made a lot of folks smile as i could
be the class clown in every which way to
the strange way i walked and ran
down the middle of the
Bowling Lanes
as a significant
portion of my life then
was chasing dead wood pins
and sliding them down
the gutter..
public dance
is so much more
fun in a mind and body
both stimulating way of
connecting both hemispheres
of brain together through head to
toe as well.. anyway.. haha.. what i meant
to say.. is.. i too wanna meet deeper thinking folks
to play bRains with.. and that’s part of the reason i liked
the Wrong Planet.. but on the other hand it was killing the social
empathic part of my being even more than it was already dead from the
get go.. after life killing chronic stress.. in doing a zillion things at one time..
mechanical cognition against social supervision and helping every one from
A to Z.. i do much better at least focusing on one way of communication brain
at a time.. ALL of Nature does a BaLanCinG act to survive.. human
beings are not much different in this way than planets
that orbit stars like our Earth around the Sun..
they don’t have complex language..
collective intelligence and
complex culture different
the same
to get
all Trump
FucKeD uP as
we see around our
country now.. as i hear
the inauguration foreplay
on TV now in the background
in my wife’s life in TV Land where
she has mostly stayed for decades now..
and if it was not for computers i might
be sitting on the couch too.. if it
didn’t hurt my neck so much
to sit less than
straight up
or make
brain go to mush
while waiting for the next
big thing on TV.. what an opportunity
in a little sliver of heaven’s bRains we have
to fulfill human potential greater in so many
ways of sharing human experiences in so so many
more ways than the past could ever imagine in human
eyes.. so yeah.. thank God for Computers.. a window out of
small places and mind funk.. as in all stuff life.. use or lose applies..
so happy to hear you are working out again.. as hey.. physical intelligence
and emotional intelligence and the existential intelligence that as you relate
with the Ron Perlman Amazon Series.. in Hand of God can get so far out of wHack
as we humans in the movie ‘Contact’ as inspired buy Carl Sagan.. says.. we humans
have the potential to move.. connect.. and create such horrible nightmares and
heavenly dreams to liberally paraphrase as i always do freely to go
to another place in words in life.. as you know.. words used
to be my entire life without effective use of eyes and
ears.. trapped in a mind verbAlly navigating
A world after living one
so much
in visual
navigation for
so much of my life..
and the beauty of epigenetics
and neuroplasticity as a human can
even become words if necessary to survive..
my dreams used to consist of scrolling words every
which way.. now there are no limits as i see and hear
the value of both ways of thinking now and so much more
in sensing and feeling life.. like ‘they’ say so commonly..
you don’t miss ‘it’ until it’s gone.. problem
is.. some folks never experience
‘it’ to begin with.. the
conundrum that
some folks
on the Autism Spectrum
substantially experience with
deficits in the ability to think with
images and other symbols beyond verbal
language.. to navigate tHeir world.. and oh my
Goodness.. the human nature that allows almost a quarter
of the world’s population to trust a man’s words in a cave
where he himself wondered if he was mad when he heard a
voice of angel in the translation of another world of the
Gabriel already created in other books of
mythology to house vehicles
and vessels of deeper
truth and liGht
that can
to nature
and human nature
all as life.. and that is what
the social animal human does most..
group think.. for gaining and retaining
social acceptance when the task at hand
ranges from female genital mutilation to what
they do to little baby boys too.. and when the folks
who espouse a Golden rule of doing to others kindly
as you would have them do to you.. consuming no others
with harm.. vote for what would be an anti-christ except that
‘they’ already made A man into an anti-christ by suggesting he was
a King of the Universe instead of humble giving and sharing love.. in
doing no harm to others in at least parts of both sections of the bible now..
but then.. there is the slaying of others.. swords over peace and hating family
members if they don’t agree.. apologists scurrying like rats to justify the dark
as light and the light as dark.. as far as Golden rules go.. and that’s the square one
root problem.. my friend.. culture is the virus.. butt the more innate way of the human
bonobo.. is one who lives for pleasure and love as yes a lust for all stuff life.. in happy touchy
feely ways of being.. while humans continue to walk straight on whomever created the
cultural sidewalks of before.. thing is.. the liGht parts of myths and religions and all other
arts are just as important for a healthy and well BaLAnCinG liFE VERSES the Isis head hunting
Trump stink stank stuff.. that sucks that sucks that harms and maims and kills
some more.. so my personal bible of life continues as i escape the
past and move to now.. always now.. and hey!.. i’m up towards
1.025 million words since Memorial day oF 2016 in my latest
effort of that as of the 69th MacroVerse celebrating now
still what is my own personal ascension into
Unison of miNd and BoDy BALanCinG
Force with the rest of Nature
and always more..
that i for
as God in a bigger
way than most folks
do restricted to books oF old..
there is no bible big enough for
me.. hehe.. so i create my own in making
all of life a continuing state of nirvana and
bliss in making all of life Holy and Sacred existence
now overrunning a chalice of life beyond form of letters
alone my FriEnd.. i suppose.. i was a poem waiting to sprout
as a little boy at age 3.. i kNow for sure by the date
of July 22nd 2013.. i came out of a cocoon
like my newest Psychiatrist commonly
relates to as butterfly human
being for 42 months now too..
coming up
on this
the 22nd of January..
2017.. see that’s the thing
the more meaning and purpose
we can create with imagination fully
in tow of positive liGht liFe as Love now..
the more our neurochemistry sets fire a sun
light inside.. and that’s the part of all myths.. art..
and religion that rings trUe mY friEnd.. the greATest..
and that is the way we experience lifE iN FeeLinG and
seNSinG ways.. when all is liGht and we are not weighed
down by negative emotions and unhealthy senses.. ranging from
a couch potato life to iSil ways of insanely cultural created ways
of thinking and doing life.. as well as Trump you gotta be dollar
bitch rich with golden walls and fundamentalist Christian
literal taking Revelation golden and emerald
floors and ceilings and pearly gates..
JuST get naked heHe.. i DancE
and SinG
my friend
with a good
book as unabridged
bible of all that lives
and breathes online in a potential
otHeR pARt of Heaven with no
sun and moon to light
the neurochemistry
of liFe within and
then spray
our hoses and otHeR
butterfly paRts aLonG
WiTh other stuff will reach out..
like a lamp aLL LiT with no FucKinG
Walls and Ceilings aT aLL.. Life is good..
mY FriEnd Leah.. my wishes and hopes now
is for life is good for you too my FriEnd in
Golden years with no walls and ceilings too..
And winks.. my FriEnd.. i supPose i live in Dan Fogelberg
Nether Land never ending never land story of life now that
not too many folks visiT iN liFe.. the aMazing thing iS.. it’s Heaven and isREaL2..
And the most hilarious thing oF all is when naysayers say i’m crazy to liVe iN Heaven now..
butt of course not to my
face as something about
leg pressing 1020 LBs
33 times now..
it harder
now for folks
to approach me
in those bully ways of past..
Different for the Win my friEnd
when different no longer CONforms..
And hehe.. a week ago a carload of young
female women asked a 56 year old man for an autograph
for doing nothing more than dancing free.. you kNow.. i told
those stick in the mud dudes like i used to be at the Wrong Planet
back when i lived 66 months as a hunch back of Notre Dame shortly
after my personality transformed from INTJ to ENFP.. and my Autism
Quotient Scan went from a high of 44 to 45 on a scale of 50 down
to an 11 and my Emotional Intelligence quotient went from
the mid 50’s to a 95 out of 100 in a matter of weeks
during that July month of 2013.. soon to
move from shut-in to dancing
6666 miles in precisely
40 months of Dance
Public all around
my metros area.. now..
with over a thousand
selfies with young women
like those in the car last week..
and after writing a 3.3 million word
plus free verse poem with 740 MacroVerses
as of this one now tHeRE would be no limits in what
i would continue to do with my human potential then..
i got to be too much for them so i left.. i got to be too
much for the poet folks in the opposite end of online communities as well..
thing iS.. it’s not too much for me.. and i no longer find walls and ceilings
to hit my head up against as concrete steel like i did in never ending Another
Ground Hog Day AHOGDAY aS a shut-in of same for 66 months then.. like i
said.. NoW
Life is GOOD
for those who win
without even a FucKinG
Trump Green BLack Dollar Bill..
Cheap thrills.. are all mine.. my friend..
iN Nether Land NoW that is aLL miNd and BoDy noW aS BaLanCE..
i suppose A theMe Song
has run out by now..
Love you Leah..
best to
you alWays..
yoUr friEnd Fred..:)


Trump.. signing paper work..
you kNow.. all the required stuff
of Government AKA as systemizing
society and culture and yes.. religion
same.. truly.. life is politics when two
or more folks
some folks are
successful like me
and the Katrina for
close to 27 years now
and some cannot power
broker tHeir way to unity
of success.. in other
words.. we
let it
out and
tolerate the dArk
and liGht as oh my
God.. holding all that stuFF iN
CAN result in poTenTiaL nasty explosions
eventually.. and i have to say.. yes.. now..
while Trump is surely rude and uncouth
down to potential abhorrent rains in snow
and swimming pools.. tHeRe is a certain
endearing quality to me of his.. oh my God
surely Munster-like family as diversity sings
her sweet song.. while Trump nonchalantly
says FucK the rules here and bend the shit
out of them as any successful power broker
will do to get the job at HAND done for
dARk or liGht
as EmoTioNs
of the HeARt
from dArk
to liGht
us to adapting
to challenge and maKing
change for either dARk or liGht
and ‘tween the all of that as sHades
of Grey come waving in like some stubby
middle finger saying i FucKeD the rules..
and now i am a Billionaire and the Leader
of whatever the FucK i wanna make the world next..
and that’s the thing.. go by the rules slow or jump all around
the obstacles to gain success in all of liGht or the road to dARk
one brings nexT.. anyWay… our entire new age of Robot mechanical
cognition ways of getting jobs done is a brand new experiment where
nobody really knows what is gonna happen next.. Trump IS A Microcosm
of reALiTy as theRE is much existential angst in suffering and pain wHere
the majority of folks are trying to make ends meet.. as half the adults in the
country on some kind of pain killer show for sure.. folks are holding the shit
within like a time bomb ready to protest explode on both sides of the
political aisle now.. meanwhile.. the artists in all liberal arts will
thrive with the muse of Trump and his whole supporting
Cast as Munsters and it’s not too hard to find
the similarities in his family but i will
not pin the roles in any of
the individual
are currently
in charge in Munster
way now.. thing is.. if you
take shit too serIOUsly.. it will
wHack you out from head to toe
and more.. i am gonna make as
much artistic fun with this as i can..
in hopes that most everyone will get
through the next four years in substantially
ONE PEACE.. meanwhile.. lots of real problems
are exposed that have been somewhat swept across
underlying the statistics of growing Walmart dead end
jobs where everyone is as happy working there as Lurch
behind the crowd.. and the best part of all the proceedings was/is
when that little boy from ‘home alone’ said.. i wanna go home.. Jesus
F. iN Christ.. he said it at least 5 times.. i think.. yes Dorothy or Dan or
whatever his/her/eTc name is.. thiS ain’T Kansas anymore.. but it’s home.. might
as well
and do
a Matrix
Dance before
the Machines control
you too.. on the home front of Robot tiMes..
and yes.. there is definitely some broader Autism
phenotype stuff going on in his family and as my
anecdotal experience shows that is both an innate
and environmental issue too.. as people get wrapped
up in their ‘special interests’ and the children kind of
fly by the seat of what ever happens nexT..
anyWay.. healthy and happy the kids seem
at least but poor Trump’s wife..
it’s more than obvious
she didn’t sign
up for
this shit
as hey.. this
is a job where you
eventually serve or get kicked out..
and a very dangerous one too.. poTenTiaLLy
more so.. than the beauty queen circuit of before..;)



So.. my little birdie friend.. winged over what leads
to the Federally protected Lands/Waters of Navarre Beach..
says.. President Bane.. hmm.. sure.. i mean Trump.. who
is Bringing back the power to the people in America.. his
first initiative is to revoke the rules that provide
protection from the rape of
God’s Lands/waters
to ensure
human dominates
nature to cloth hiMself
with Dinosaur remnants
and to further pollute the air
and water that is all our home..
yes.. folks all around the world that
depend on the blue atmosphere of Love
of God to breathe clean air.. and drink clean
water.. and while conservatives decried the Raping
of Indian protected lands this is the same dam thing
they support in a new President here for as hypocrisy rains
down in acid like ways continuing with change for the dark
dollar bills to kill mother earth and destroy the future
for the children’s children etc.. of Human.. eT aL.. for
a place of breathe and drink wHere
we must have both
to live
just the April Fool’s Month
of January in the LA.. Lower Alabama
Trump Panhandle oF Florida wHere
Spring Azaleas now commonly
bloom in the so-called
Coldest months
of the year
and ‘this
seagull’ reminds
me that when i first got well
from the insane ravages of culture
that make human into robot mechanical
cognition thinking creatures instead of socially
empathic touching feeling people.. yes.. back on
the third week of July of 2013.. standing upon the Navarre
beach one with emerald green waters.. sugary white sands
swaying sea oats.. and the wings of a seagull spiraling the Sun/
AKA almost juST like ‘this’.. for a few moments and a rant on Twitter
that is rather difficult for me.. hehe.. as you might imagine.. haha..
with 140 character limits and such short shit as that.. i wished a
flood to come and wipe all the cancer of condominiums away
like sores from the distance of human footprints removed
first from the sand.. but of course it was just a satire
and not serious as yellow boy is included
in that group of terrestrial by
products and beings
who/that cannot
afford a flood
now to
continue life.. and seagulls
eventually must land too..
anyWay.. it’s still disgusting
when folks take almost total disregard
for the home that feeds both their stomachs
and lungs.. and blood stream as blood
to flesh.. but that’s the way of the
world.. win the lottery of
one’s own life to
everyone on earth
who depends on this home..
and it’s true.. if humans go away
and even their nuclear power plants
melt down.. in a few million years not even
the pyramids will be left to prove we were even
here and the next intelligent species to arise in 300M
years or so.. perHaps WiLL live longer Without Bane of Intelligence..
if not.. don’t matter.. as God continues to exist alWAys noW iN those/who/that/what survives..
our friend the
roach and
will likely continue
to smile above bane refrains..
nothing is your own except your life..
all the rest eventually goes away to pyramid duSt..
so i dance and sing while alive and celebrate what is alive and free per GOD alive2..:)


WeLL.. back to the past a little bit now..
hehe.. all the way back to Thursday
night dance that for me came
shortly after midnight
as there were
400 photos
to download complete in
two blog posts.. one G rated
and the other.. let’s just say
rated passionate per
se in all legal
ways noW alloWed
oF the greaTest USA
first amendment rights
STiLL to express oneself
fully aS Such.. anyWay.. then
dance came and dance went
and dance cAMe aGain.. and all
the lovely very intelligent women on
Thursday night college night from my old
Alumni..School UWF.. made the niGht one briGht muse oF LiGht
thaT alWays iNsPires the appropriate levels of neurochemistry now
as any fully human holy praise dance WiLL do to reach ‘the other’
side of deeper ways of creativity also known as the Holy Spirit
unleashed and released in Quantum metaphor
of HUman mINd and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL super-tuned as far as
hUman Ferraris can
speed alway
aS liGht
oNe iN Yogi UniSoN
WiTh God and yes..
daughters and eTcS..too..:)

And now as what most often
comes at the end of Dance
on Thursday night as this week
at Good Old Seville Quarter iN P’Cola
will number 145 DanCinG weeks since
close to the Spring Equinox of 2014.. yes..
only one week missed was with an intestinal virus
that would not go away and sadly kept me running
aS Such to
the porcelain
throne and i
blessed this
year to stay away from
any severe bugs like that..
And the dance experience i have
with all the young college folks reminds
me of the book by Mitch Albom named
“Tuesdays with Morrie”.. about a dying man
doing it gracefully with a full life of living joy
and pARt of what that young man at heARt
and SpiRit and SoUL who was a little advanced
as far as numerical age goes.. is dance freely.. in yes
sort of a free verse dance like i do with all the college folks
and beloved for his free spirit there.. couldn’t imagine doing
solo dance in a crowd back in the day i saw that movie and
surely i have advanced to Morrie-like Happiness now.. by
the spiRit of
so free now..
and while i got a little
grief from folks who tend
to try to eliminate different from
the crowd when i first danced there
like stuff on the Twitter big screen feed that
said that guy thinks he is Neo and he is rolling
on drugs and stuff like that.. i get a lot of love now
as that is what WiLL of perseverance in being free
will eventually do from ridiculed at the first of this by
a few Southern Baptist types that suggested i was just
drawing attention and being dark while i was lighting my
lamp up so briGht and now to legend and can i have your
autograph and metro area icon and stuff like that.. and as i love
to say.. considering i was the hunch back of Notre Dame for all
practically no intents and purposes and meaning as a shut-in in
my bedroom in my uniform of white underwear for 66 months..
of this
yes.. every
bit of This
is an isReaL
miracle of an
isReaL God LiVinG
within me StiLL noW
fully alive and RiSinG aS
enLighTeNing even more now
iN aWakeNiNG ForcE even MoRRiE than thAT..
now while ‘this’ all free Facebook Algorithm video
slide presentation documents isREal miracles now..:)

AnyWay ‘that’ wall of shut-in pain and numb for 66 months is all
gone now.. and i continue a rise of liFE that moves.. connects
and creates further than ever beForE iN my liFE as dimensions
of consciousness iN MiNd and BoDy BaLAnCinG ForcE continues
to GroW now..WiTh aLL oF heART.. eXpResSinG SpIRit of heART
iN miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG.. SoUL.. eVen moRe.. noW aLIVe..
And surely a substantial pARt of my Freedom was from the stArt
of the increase of my physical and emotional intelligence as well
as existential intelligence in the art of movement all the way down and
yes.. up to Body Art in what would eventually become male renaissance
new age arT thennow.. wHere most men my age would be terrified to go
in any restricted public art forum in life for adults.. so sure.. in a way i got
my ass FReED in PG way iN this blog post’ titled “Freedom of Expression1”..
and as ‘they’ say too.. in Virginia Slims commercials i’ve come aLong way baby
NoW iN un-domesticating the more extreme divine masculine side of my nude
art from what started out as a more softer divine feminine reflection that surely
is harder now in many ways that art can come.. a lot of work goes into it.. truly
hard work.. and the thing is.. i am the one who benefits most from exploring my
human poTenTiaL.. but hey.. without the proof.. how can i say that miracles are isREal..
as any barefoot King David going to war without clothes and dancing the same in more
extreme Hallelujah ways of Praise and Glory to the God oF aLL that needs no clothes at
all to express the wild and free innate.. instinct.. and intuition that makes up the drive for liFE..
all Free as
free can
or not..sTiLL NoW..:)

And here is a ‘similar post’ that moves a year past the last MacroVerse
memory from three years ago.. 2014 to 2015.. named ‘Finding LIGHT
Force in ART and GRACE’.. which trUly spEaKS IN LiGhT more
to what i am saying here.. as there is alWays ‘MoRRiE’ to come
aGAIn.. as WilD and FrEE over domesticated pain
and numb of disorder and disease and other iLL
LiFe NoW..:)

And the last Facebook Memory shared Macro-Verse..
for now is.. “DanCinG FloWers WiNter THorns”.. as i make
the final laps of completing poetic responses to
all of dVerse Poet’s Pub poetry links for
an entire year of thousands and
thousands of MicroVerse
Poems written in
response to
forms of ART
and essence oF arT noW too..
and now for nite nite now too..
as the eyelids juSt ain’t
gonna hOld
much longer
after hardly any sleep
iN LAST NiGht of Dance..:)

Butt.. before i go.. one of my last
dances in discussing differences
of opinions about God and religion
with friend Soheir from Egypt.. last year..
before we made a sharp break in irreconcilable
differences PER the sanctity of the life of Lesbian
women getting covered up with dirt to chest so they
cannot cover their eyes and getting FucKinG Stoned to
death in Iran.. but that was another last dance that came
after ‘this’ Micro-Verse about fear in religion.. as my God don’t play
games NoW
in any shape
form or fashion
of only God men
or so-called last
prophets and tHeiR
minions still living in
caves of yesteryears with
voices that have labels beyond
essence oF GoD WiThin.. so.. here
we go with anoTHeR hoLy spiRit tune
by me and God WiThIN all NoW sET
FREE thennow..AS FucKinG LOVE..
as tHere are no first or last dances iN Essence
LiVinG NoW yes!
by me.. beside me
within me to always
guide me and hold me
and sure.. if i don’t follow
the rules of human nature
and the laws of Nature all..
scold me again like
a new age
JOB.. aS
i DancE and SinG
soMe morE noW
now.. OK.. or not.. i
caN and juST WiLL Do iT!..;)

SMiLes.. my friend.. Soheir.. i have read much about how
Muslim people interpret fear in Islam.. and as in all
religions the opinions vary in accordance with
how individuals interpret the metaphors of
the sacred text..
so sure.. as a Muslim
it is for you to study and
interpret the sacred text
to arrive at confidence within
your own beliefs.. and of course
i would not expect you to agree with
any of my opinions on this.. as you know
while i believe that Muhammad was a messenger
of God and a powerful and influential one certainly then..
quite frankly we are all to some degree.. the eyes.. ears..
and mouths of God.. some more effective and influential
than others.. some more helpful and harmful than others..
but of course.. at the end of the day.. that all comes down
to the filter of human understanding and how human
will understand the metaphors and so-called
concrete realities of life within the
scope of how large or small
their eyes.. ears and
mouth of Allah are..
but no.. while i believe
that Muhammad was an
incredibly successful warrior
and leader.. Muhammad falls
as lesser among the many prophets
of humanity who became famous or perhaps
never famous at all.. if they were weaker.. and
not warriors.. politicians.. or priests… The warrior
often makes a great case for tribal strength
and fear in others.. but the Love is not
as great as it could be
without fear
my friend..
and only
and Kind..
but alas.. humans
are born with only two
innate fears.. falling and
fear of noises.. all other fears
are learned.. and when there is aggression
and violence.. one must learn to protect themselves
in defense and offense if one is going to be able to
Love God with all their heArt.. without the fear
that will Naturally limit love.. as the state
of mind of fear… is one that
inhibits Love..
as it is
for base
survival in fight
or flight means
of hand to feet
combat or
so naturally like in the
wilderness.. the Tom Cat
is more fearless.. courageous..
and even kinder to human beings..
’cause he is confident in his ability
to both defend himself in warring
ways with other Tom Cats..
and capturing both
prey and
for reproduction..
but no.. not all Tom cats
are equal in this natural
ability.. nor or all
female cats
there is even a spectrum
of differences in behavior
of Cats.. and humans that are much
more complex than that as a human
being has reasoning abilities to remember
past details in abstract constructs of language to
forecast the future.. and live in an almost constant
state of rationally constructed fear.. that is extremely
truly illusory and irrational.. as they live in almost
constant.. unrelenting.. limiting fear to
move.. connect.. create.. or
even love other human
beings.. and the
rest of allthatis
It takes not much time
to create a fearful human
being.. spoon-fed with fears
from birth.. that can be both
cultural and religious in
illusory fears..
it took
me years
to lose all my illusory
fears.. and sure.. at times
they come back to me in
spurts of memory way..
but God gifts human
beings with
the ability
to pray..
yes.. to pray..
some folks call it
cognitive behavioral
therapy but it is truly
no different than Muhammad’s
soldiers who feared before they
went into Battle and prayed to
Allah for fearlessness for
the fight.. to find
the power
of hope
and fearlessness
inside.. and even science
now provides the scientific
term placebo.. to show
how powerful
belief is
positive change
in behaviors and effective
results in life for as you say
in the blessing from Allah
to gain Prosperity..
and Hope..
and if anyone
thinks that material
prosperity will bring
happiness alone.. of course
we know and feel they are
incorrect.. as it is often fear
of loss of material goods or
even owning other human
beings as material goods
that brings human
great anxiety
in fear..
of losing
that control my
friend.. and the greatest
way any culture or religion
can control other human beings
in subjugation.. through fear for gaining
selfish desire for power.. status.. and
material gains.. is to institute
a reign of fear.. as we
see in America
where we
have false
fears in exaggerating
terrorist attacks
and as we
see in
ISIL controlled
territories.. where there
are threats of extreme physical
punishment.. like beheadings..
and crucifixions and the
such for not following
extreme interpretations
of the sacred texts in
all of this is why
i discount religions
and or cultures as providing
all the answers for me to Loving
God with all my heArt.. and of
course respecting God with
all my heaRt too..
’cause psychopathic
leaning humans with little
fear or love in their heart will most
always twist anything they can around
to put their subordinates into a state of fear
so they can control them.. and sadly these individuals
as long as they are in that state of fear will never ever
meet God face to face… my friend.. or gain the Holy
Spirit of God inside to do incredible amazing
positive miracles in
life my friend..
both individually
and collectively as a society
of God that moves… connects
and creates as free.. and i understand totally
my friend.. that you and i may never see life completely
eye to eye.. but that is how God makes all of God’s
children with different eyes.. so God will
never get bored my friend..
and that is just
another metaphor
my friend.. the prophet
that God makes me and infinite
numbers of others throughout infinity
now.. as you kNow… the way i feel that it is
no less blasphemous toward God to suggest
any human no matter who they are.. as either
the only begotten son of God or
the last prophet of God…
in my opinion those
words whomever
they come from
come far
far away
from the God of
Infinity my friend..
as no one has the last
anything on God ’cause God
has no endings or beginnings
and this is far far.. from any human
being or science abilities to get their
pin head brains around.. but never the less
in God’s world that is complete.. a grain of sand
is no less important than the mountain it stands
upon.. and these are just grains of sand i am
speaking for God now
my friend..
through God’s eyes
small and large and infinitely
many in our sensual organs of
eyes.. ears.. and mouths.. where God
may create other beings on other planets
of God’s Universe.. with ways of perceiving
GOD.. that we cannot even fathom on
this speck of dust
named earth..
but never the less
even if we are the only
one’s with this potential
we all have unique gifts
my friend as messengers
of God.. none last.. or
only.. ever in eYes
as infinite
as God’s
so many..
my friend..SOHEIR..
Anyway.. i am looking forward
to hearing your opinions on fear
on your blog one day my friend..
and who knows or feels.. my
message may be different
then.. as i am only
of God
and.. now
realize i know
and feel nothing
compared to God..
so sure.. i have due
respect for God.. but no
fear of God as long as God
tells me in God’s voice now that
is never recorded in text now that
i stand in the balance of God’s Graces
now my friend.. just now.. God.. will take
care of aLL the rest.. in God’s scope that is
beyond all human and science understanding
as grains of
fearing any of THAT
is just a waste of Love..:)

Anyway.. just to be clear i have
much respect for all the prophets
of God.. regardless of what God tells
me now.. is both their accomplishments
and failures my friend.. and one of my
favorite verses attributed to Jesus..
of course removed from the modern
versions of the New Testament as
it would give power of
fearless Love to the
human and
away from
rule is
the following..
recovered around
the area of Egypt my
friend.. with other gnostic
texts recovered around
1959.. the year
before my
birth.. so
sure.. as they
talk about resurrection
of Jesus.. in someways
perhaps he was uncovered
and resurrected in 1959..
through the discovery
of those words..
but we will
never know
for sure if we
have any of Jesus’
words for sure as even
top scholars suggest that
only 18% of the New Testament
words.. come from Jesus.. so sure
i can never really say for sure if he is
correct or incorrect in all he says as
much is reported through second
hand.. and perhaps
a thousand hands
of degrees of
from his mouth..
but truly that matters not
as again.. all humans are
God’s children and all
children of God iN
some degree
are messengers
of God.. even
if they have no
mouths.. no ears..
or no eyes at all..
as we see with the
Great woman Helen Keller
who could not speak.. hear..
or see my friend.. never the less
she knew God true.. no less than
i at age 3 before i could speak my friend
what a gift that was to both me and Helen
Keller where she was provided sign language
and when i once again.. could not effectively
see.. hear.. or talk in my environment to
participate in the flesh and blood
world.. that God through all
God’s messengers
on earth holding
hands in efforts
provided me
this tool
of keyboard
that i still use as
a messenger of God
with Keyboard my friend..
as the truth is.. all of human language
is sign language.. that approximates a
gift of communication from God.. the
keyboard is just an extension of
that my friend.. no different
than a piano.. or other
musical instruments
in essence now..
that carry the
voice of
emotions of
God as manifest in
uS.. far far through
space too.. on the
airwaves of
too.. perhaps
there are others
who are listening
and have
far far
more to
say than
me or others
here on Earth
my friend.. but i am
never too large to listen
to more my friend.. as i know
and feel all of creation belongs
to god ONE AND SamE as NOW..:)

Psalm 37..
as reported
from David
in the Old

1. Do NOT fret.. etc..

that’s how it starts off..
the rest of it in 40 verses
is consumed with political..
and base tribal oriented fear..
so i for one do not
as God
is no politician
alone most certainly..
all though we humans
are certainly instinctually
tribal in Nature with
cognitive abilities
to overcome
that.. now..
in ways of
praying in
for unity
instead of
the separation
and the division
of the old testament
then.. with a new
of Courage
and Kind

Jesus as reported
in the Gnostic
Gospel of Thomas..

Verse 37:

His disciples said, “When will You become revealed to us and
when shall we see You?”
Jesus said, “When you disrobe without being ashamed and take
up your garments and place them under your feet like little
children and tread on them, then [will you see] the Son of the
Living One, and you will not be afraid”

Jesus apparently did everything
he could to tale his disciples
over and over again..
that he was just
another son
of man..
no more
than anyone else
and God exists in
us with no cultural
clothing at all..
but sadly
rarely does
any Christian even
understand the most
important and truly
good news of Jesus
that we are all children
of God no less or important
in all of God’s eyes than
the other my friend
or the grain
of sand
that holds
up the Mountain
my friend.. to come
to truly Love God with
all one’s heart.. one must
escape all the clothes
of religions and
to become
And seriously dancing naked
or almost naked like King
David did as reported
in the bible is a great
way to become
fearless iN Love
with God..
there are
relatively few of
us left that have
that type
of courage..
but yes.. there
are still many in
numbers alone
out of 7 billion
or so humans
as such..
particularly in
smaller so-called
primitive cultures that
live ONE with God whether
there is a word for God to
trap God in or not as
smaller than
Infinity and
my friend..
anyway.. back to
the Gospel of Thomas
Jesus also suggests that one
must hate one’s father and mother..
brother and sister.. for their
ways of the past.. and he did
not come for peace but
with a sword..
so no.. i do not
agree with all
of what Jesus
has to say there
either.. as i will
continue to
Love my
and Father
no matter how much
i disagree with them
on their views of
limiting God my
friend.. and
that includes
everyone else
who i may feel is
misled or misguided
now.. as we are all grains
of God’s sand equally important
to God always and forever now.. worthy
of Love and Respect that comes with
understanding more of both
human nature..
religions.. and
cultures now..
and Jesus didn’t have
Google.. or 18 years of school..
so sure.. he was correct to say
of course.. that others will do much
more than he in the future.. as God
does not create humans
to stagnate
and never
fulfill their
greater.. much
greater human potentials
in mind and body balance
my friend.. and Jesus was
humble enough at least
to understand
the truth
and liGht of that
as of course reported
but those words ring
Truth iN liGht no
matter what
of God
them first
and continues
to write them now
in many other metaphors
of Truth and liGht just now.
or many times then.. in history.. now..
SMiLes.. my friend.. i realize.. you asked
for none of this.. but aS alWays God
that lives within
my Pen
and i am
not an easy
friend to keep..
as theRe iS a
of God
iN me
that continues
to spread more now..
but yes.. i am only
human and
i Love
who Love God
with all tHeir
heARt too
no matter
And so am i
for now

Oh.. yeaH.. and one
more dance with
Penniewindfall iN
a Facebook Memory
shared MicroVerse memory
from last year as well.. as
hey.. it’s all free..
now to go..
all the way.. per say..;)

Thank you.. my friend..
penniewoodfall.. i was thinking
you wrote ‘that’ and i truly believe
there is a UniVersal Poet inside of all of us..
Just waiting to escape the science of culture
and return to Art as the core of Nature is truly Art..
whereas.. modern cultures are increasingly changing
Nature into an illusion of science away from the
Nature of Art that is more a river
than a sidewalk.. My friend..:)


Organized religions are full of structure and organization
as much as any Government ruled by politicS.. And generAlly
speaKing.. human spiritualLiTy as a metaphor of course as tHeRe
are aLmost infinite paRts of thaT wHOle of Human experience and
much different intelligence than what comes from religion and or
politics same.. yes.. Spirituality is free with a free verse expression
of life that needs no rules and regulations from the past as the wings
inside of God fly free without any words aT all from whatever source they
are sAid to come from as we are all from the source of all that is that one
can term God or a Blue Turtle or a starry night that has no end or beginning or
finish.. onLY stARt noW for more eternAlly as now..
we are bound to nature and human nature in
many ways.. and through what one can
term as the laws of Nature and
hUman Nature same looKinG
from a distance as we are
pARt of what may seem
like an insane game
of life at times
when we
wear more comfortable
shoes than others in different
ways of feeling and sensing life
with eYes of God sAMe and different
too.. one can somewhat predict the directions
society will go when scarcity or abundance is viewed
more or less as a way of life.. as scarcity brings fear brings
anger brings aggression brings violence brings overall hate
for the state of life.. and what happens next is often predictable too
as a Bane or a Trump and if we really want to look deep at hiStory
and the way it goes still now.. sure.. a Muhammad too.. who suggests
a strong hand of God while bringing a mighty sword to surely kill
now to protect the tribal interests of food and drink and
reproductive mates.. and yes.. shelter.. material
goods.. and trade of such and what
it takes for a society to survive
in continuing elements of
scarCity in deSert
lands to
Mountains to
snow covered hills
dominated by the same kind
of patriarchal defense of life to
kill others for vital subsistence resources
if necessary as the snake brain above love
becomes the rule of the day once more and surely
Trump is a microcosm of the same elements coming to
the forefront.. as Technology is taking away jobs and Technology
in a Free Market Capitalism State of Affairs is tHeRe to make more money
at the lowest costs with little to no respect now for any real ethics and or moraLiTy
of who loses out but the winners of bucks.. bottom line.. this equals an environment
of scarCity and is ripe for the Banes and Trumps and Muhammads of the future to rise
up with a patriarchal message of both strength and a God that/who reflects this
philosophy of win at all costs at the blood of other folks slain as slain goes
in many more ways of taking human freedoms away besides just
draining blood from living flesh.. for death in living per the words
of give me liberty or death as well.. as we see
hundreds of thousands of folks.. mostly
women.. who do NOT want to get
in tHiS situation again
tHaT many
still face
at the face
of Trump/Bane
patriarchal rule in other
countries who wear a God of
Fear and Patriachy same.. yes it is
the cooperation of Matriarchy that is singing
her song with pink pussy caps that says you canNOT
possess me with your right hand aS Such in grabbing ways..
or even kiss me without my permission or even fucking tell
me what to do against my own free will as a child of God who
can love whoever the FucK they wanna love no matter what
you believe is good or bad in life.. and that’s the thing.. while i listened
to people bring false witness against Obama.. for almost a decade as
they feared the different among he.. so-called Christians who even demanded
sterilization for women on welfare after they had one child.. who said that they
would refuse health care benefits from Obama even if it meant tHeir OWN family
members dying at the hand of disease.. all of that was full of fear and anger and
hate and lies in false witness.. including the lies of birther conspiracy theories led
by the so-called man at the top of the heap of these minions now.. thing is.. the dissension
we see now.. is not led by false witness… it is led by the truth of the disgust at the man who
brought the false witness already against his predecessor who left office with a 60% approval
rating as compared to the lowest approval ratings of any President since the 70’s at about 40%
coming into office.. and that my friend(s).. is the consequence of action also known as Karma
as Obama was a man of integrity and character who didn’t fall to the weakness of trying to
bring other folks down to make himself look bigger.. as Obama achieved what is kNoWn
and felt as self-actualization as a man who was bullied in life and took the route of
victory over vengeance.. male self-esteem.. true male/female esteem.. doesn’t
have to bring other folks down to make it seem taller as that strength comes
from within in a Disciplined way of excellence iN miNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG Force of LIFE.. Super Heroes and Villains are
very close in nature as both are willing to break
rules.. are somewhat compulsive
and do what ever it takes to
get the job done.. thing
iS in the theories of
science what
sets a hero and
a villain apart and what
sets a Villain and the traits
of psychopathy and malignant narcissism
the same is the common difference of the hero
who cannot set himself apart in empathy from the rest
of the human race and the villain who does whatever it takes
to fulfill self-purposes to fuel his need for power and status as he
can feel and sense little of the overflowing essence of chalice that
is the power of love.. and that’s the thing.. the pink pussy cap folks have
behind them in numbers of hundreds of thousands marching on Washington
today.. the power of love.. that bring abundance to scarCity/gothamS in life.. thing2 is..
the power of money is the God of this material world as far as human by
products at the hand of complex written language.. collective
intelligence in standard IQ ways of assigning folks
to tHeir place as cogs in the complex culture
machine to keep the wheels oiled for creature
comforts to come more.. and that’s
the problem as abundance
becomes a dollar bill
and stuff
abundance of spirituaLiTy
that stArTS with love within that
becomes liGht to give and share with
the rest of the human race set FReED
and that takes not only fearless Unconditional
Love but smARt Fearless Unconditional Love
so in the rest of my ‘little’ bible story that continues to
GroW in what i will name now “Nether Land Heaven 42 Months 2017”..
in 69th MacroVerse of a new age personal bible that reaches past last
MacroVerse way of 1.025 Million words.. these are some of the things that
need to be said out of the liMits before of closed books that became the unabridged
versions of what were named God’s word’s in chains of priSon then.. as SpirituaLiTy
doesn’t even
have to
to exist
in God’s eYes as
And in HuWoMaN NoW
Freed on a Desert Isle
today.. funny.. how life gets
trapped in Books and Trump/Bane words same..
and that is the way of the Minion Social animal who
lives in fear and finds the most despicable leader to
follow who drives illusory fears and empty promises same..
thing is.. for a metaphor that sings its Song in the expression
of Trump’s wife and the joyous smiles and giggles she prEsented
twirled as a free bird once again.. by an Army Staff Sergeant by
the name of
a first name reminiscent
of Mexico and a second
one reminiscent of a place
where Muslim folks cherish..
Karma.. action.. consequence..
it is what it is.. and sure a little humorous
when God SinGs A SonG of Free SpirituaLiTy
iN HeaRts and SpiriTS who/thaT ExpreSS liFe
Free iN MiNds and BoDies twirLed in spiRals oF God
set free more than a Trophy wife of emperors and such as that..
it’s true.. the TruTh and the liGht WiLL set you naked free with sMiLes..
if you are clothed from head to toe with a frown.. it’s simple.. it ain’t the trUth or LIGht..
new age
now to
the rescue
of Trump
inspiRed frOwns
and crOwns as thE
tHrONE oF SpiRiTuaLiTy
DanceS and SinGs hEr SonG
And DancE Free wiTh sMILes oF liGht..
i would love to dance with Trump’s wife.. just once..
i promise you.. she would sMILe and i wouldn’t even
have to tOuch her in a sLow dance oF liFE or even
twirl/spiRAl her as she would find a way to do that on her OWN..;)

So now back to the Fred/Soheir Dialogue coming
from my end and yes there are references to
these full discussions in the comments
sections of past MacroVerses
before these newer
age Bible
Start to appear
in first MacroVerse
publish of this now
MiLLioN word plUs
Bible on Memorial
day of 2016..
and yes ..
those Macro-Verse
liNks from pre-bible
way sTiLL pARt of Longest
Long Form Poem in the history
of human kind in plUs 3.3 miLLioN
words Style sTiLL approaching or exceeding
4 MilLliON words on three of my public blogs and
other more private blogs and many other public places online by surely
my 4th anniversary of blogging on March 10th of 2013.. as this IS A Nautilus
sheLL A reflection as a SonG of MY soUL that has no liMiTS or expecTaTions FReED
within me
with spiRiT eXpreSSinG
HeART iN MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG ways..NoW..FREE..:)

Hi SOHEIR.. i appreciate your quick research
for a source that describes Fear of God in Islam
well it seems..

And there are two particular quotes that caught
my eye.. one of which i was able to trace
as a Hadith quote
Abdullah ibn Masud

“Paradise is nearer to you than your shoelaces. So is Hell…”

I was almost sure that quote was not directly out of the
Kuran.. as it is a better one than the one from the
New Testament attributed to Jesus that
clearly states that Heaven is NOW..
and not a place one has to
wait until after life..
and while it doesn’t
clearly state Hell is also
a place in life that one does not
have to wait to enter until after life..
as discussed already on your site here
and mine.. i for one am 100% sure it is..
and i have described that place i entered
in detail both here and on my site.. my
friend SOHEIR.. anyway.. yes there is
good reason to fear Allah in terms
of the Hell that is real on this
terrestrial plane.. and i for
one respect
Allah to the
degree that
i give 100%
of my life to Allah
so there is no fear
for me now.. but as
the other quote
that i could
not find
a resource as to
who originally reported
it… as i am assuming it is
part of a Hadith.. as quoted here..

“If the believer had known the amount
of the torture and punishment of Allah,
nobody would have hoped for Paradise.
If the unbeliever had known how much
the amount of the mercy of Allah was,
no one would have given up hope of His mercy.”

This is also a quote that rings true to me.. that i
for one have described in similar metaphors
in language.. as i have been to both
places.. and i for one can
say for sure.. that
in Hell..
there is no
hope.. and in
heaven all there
is.. is hope my friend
and truly paradise now..
and as a person who had
glimpses of heaven from
age 3.. and sparks after that
as culture and religions i was
exposed to took it away.. now that
i live there always now.. one can certainly
see and feel.. in Allah’s eYes.. that Allah is
all merciful.. even when one cannot perceive
that if they ever enter hell on earth my friend…

So yes.. there is good reason to stay in balance
with Allah my friend.. but this heaven is a place
that starts within.. as well as the hell that becomes
reality when one goes far out of balance with Allah..
And while there are laundry lists of do’s and don’ts
in culture.. some of which help in gaining and
maintaining balance with Allah.. neither
Christianity or the Islam religion
or many others address one of
the most important parts
of gaining and
that balance
my friend..
as that relates
to actual physical
movement in balance..
as we are temples of God
on this terrestrial plane now..
heaven is now and hell is now..
and in truly knowing and feeling
this.. one can gain great strides
to peace of mind and body
balance through
the art of movement..
even the Buddhists and
Yogis speak to meditation
as only a sitting still
where all of
God’s Nature moves
around us.. and in deciding
that human is somehow different
in this respect than the rest of Nature
Humans ends up separating themselves
from God more so by sitting still away
from the reality of God in Nature
that is always moving
now my friend..
it is easy
to get stuck
in one’s head when
living in our modern cultures
in school.. office work and such
but what this does often is
separate ourselves
from the
Nature that
is God in us as
a Temple of God..
and in the United States
the effect of this is one
moving toward a life
of empty
and empty
empathy for
other human beings
as emotions run through
our bodies.. when freely
moving in balance and
are not something
limited to
our ears
people are suffering
greatly in separating themselves
from Allah’s Nature manifest as us
as moving feeling connecting creating
creatures.. as reflections of God of
Allthatis.. as us my friend as
well.. anyway.. the
results of this
in terms of health
is empirically measurable
as in the U.S.. morbid obesity
is sky rocketing.. school age
children.. are assessed type two
pre-diabetic.. at rates of 33%..
close to half the adult
population is on
some kind
of prescription
pain killer.. for
chronic pain that is
often somatic in nature
from a body that is repressed
in human emotions and full
of tension.. treating symptoms
of pain.. instead of addressing
the root problem.. of a mind
and body out of balance..
where sitting still
stagnating and
rotting still
in front of screens
is a mainstay of even
children’s lives who also
have skyrocketing rates of
psychotropic medications..
treating symptoms now..
instead of treating the
root cause of
mind and body
imbalance as well..
but no my friend.. no bible
addresses this adequately as
there is still much to learn about
a new human condition that is a result
of modern technology ways of life that
were not present when either the bible
or the Kuran was written.. and this my friend
is why there will always be new prophets with
healing messages from God.. as this experiment
of culture is ever changing.. and truly an experiment
with no precedent in history.. we can no longer rely on
just the politics.. religions.. and philosophies of the
past alone.. as if this human species is going to
survive as whole.. without much more
suffering and misery approaching
that place of hell on earth..
even science and
medicine will
have to
to address
the root causes
that are truly human
beings out of balance
with God of All my friend..
all that is seen.. unseen..
felt.. and unfelt now.. or
on the other
stay with the
prophets.. politicians..
scientists.. priests..
teachers and only
books of the past..
go no further..
and just
misery my friend..
Nah.. God didn’t give us
brains.. to shut them down..
after this book or that book..
not to adapt to change of the
future.. God gifts us rationality..
innate instinct.. and intuition to
adapt to the challenge to live
in heaven now..
as this place
is real
and i prove
it everynow of my
life my friend in
sMiLes.. an open
in Balance iS
A path
to heaven now
and seeing and feeling
so much more of God my friend..
Signed your friend
of God..

Thanks my friend.. and i will
end with a little story here..
there was once a woman..
a troubled woman..
very poor.. with
a religion named
Christianity.. that like
Islam.. suggests that
adultery is a sin.. worthy
of hell fire.. this woman..
innately instinctually and
intuitively was empty inside..
with a husband off in another
land with the military.. so empty
inside.. she was looking for something
to feel that emptiness as many humans
do.. who are empty inside.. most often it
is a troubled childhood with parents who
are not there to give touchy feely love to
their children.. and perhaps they have
smilar problems of this vicious
cycle too..
of emptiness
my friend.. so this
woman.. has different
fathers of different children..
adultery was her escape from
all encompassing emptiness
likely each and every time
she strayed.. but it was
her innate instinct
and intuition
of finding
to feel that whole
that was behind her
straying too.. so no one
to blame at this part
but her nature
as gifted
by God..
so this woman
did what she could
to survive as is.. taking
care of her children at
hand the best she could
that eventually numbered
6.. including 8 or so
with miscarriages
and such.. yes..
she was a
real reproducing
machine.. getting
the job done..
as best she
to the humans
of earth.. and her children
a diverse group.. with different
fathers of course.. the last two children
half Pacific Islander.. only photo of their
father.. in Arabian clothes with cover
on head.. in some kind of costume
party clothes.. deep black
eyes.. and extremely
youthful face for
a man he
was then..
those children
of that man were
boy and girl.. twins..
some folks in the local
area commented that the
little girl looked like an
American Indian Princess..
and that little girl grew up..
left home..
and found
a nice poor man
to marry.. who eventually
went kinda crazy from stress
himself.. but even when he didn’t
wanna stay here on this earth she stood
by his side.. never leaving it no matter what
as the gift of her father.. she never knew was
Unconditional Love.. and from her Granny
too.. as her mother was very troubled
when she was young..
of course..
anyway.. the fact
is.. if she was born in many
Muslim Countries of that
time.. early on a decade or
so before those twins then..
Because of her mental illness
related condition.. and her open
adultery.. she would have potentially
been imprisoned.. or at worst stoned
for her behavior.. with no doubt.. so
what this means.. is that beautiful
young Indian American looking
princess would have never
been born.. and
God’s plan
for the young
man after he
recovered from
his problems would
have never met fate..
as he would have never
survived his illness without
the help of his Wife with no
legal or Christian marriage father..
So that man lives today my friend.. as a
result of that Mother who looked for Love
to fill an empty space.. whose only reward
was having a child who would never age.. at
least until age 45 as is proof and evidence in
her photos today.. from the time she married
that man.. at age 19.. a miracle of God is she..
and proof.. of who is right or wrong.. God or
of old
God works in mysterious
ways.. people who
do not continue
to listen
to those
ways and
for the
face the
of hell here on earth
my friend.. same story
as always..
now.. my friend..:)

SMiLes.. thank you for your story
my friend.. and i understand
the different ways
that the Islam
religion is
depending on the
political structure
and understanding
of the religion.. and
obviously a kinder gentler
version where you live.. but
truly there should be a book where
there are no confusions my friend..
humans.. many of them..
just do not have the
and or the
to understand
the simplest of human
metaphors in poetic way
of heARt speech.. even some
poets.. even some technically
popular poets too..
in the online
i find..
anyway.. always room
for a kinder gentler
courageous way..
but it does not
come with
the sword..
or back
of hand
or whip..
it comes
with Love
iN HeARt my
friend.. the other
place away from
human hell now..
some folks need the
trUth and liGht spoon
fed to them like little
children.. and some folks
never get that as children
on an individual
and societal
lies the
start of
the lies my
friend.. from
early childhood..
and the sins of the
fathers and mothers
who were once misled
and misguided children…
It takes constant never ending
work to even scratch the surface
of that
cycle of
on earth..
but we Must
try if we hope..:)

SMiLes again.. my friend SOHEIR
and thank you for all the inspiring
discussion here on your site..
Aggression.. Violence.. and
Wars have a place with
tribal ruled humans
but never ever
a place
WheRe Human
iS ruled by LOVE..
The place of no
fear and hate..
related emoTioNs..
And true that place
did not live as
religion or
or Jesus
or many
places around
the world now..
i for one now.
need no sword
but hands and
feet to walk
and strong
with the gift
of Kind and Courageous
Love.. Swords are for
weaker children
of God whEre i
live but of course
i am blessed as such..
differently than either historical
reports of Jesus.. Muhammad.. and
many others.. then and now.. in other
words.. perhaps then.. i may have been
very handy with a sword too.. but for now..
no swords necessary.. just feats of feet and hands
that can kick some butt.. with ease.. if need be
in small skirmishes for freedom.. my friend.. but
wHere i live
walking tall
and strong
with courageous
Love.. is the only
sword i’ve ever needed
really.. with a few skirmishes
of hands and feat.. and the stronger
i get.. and taller i walk.. with kind
and courageous love wHere i live at
least.. the necessity
for actual
to retain
my freedoms
becomes less and
less.. if all men and
women were like me..
in this regard of training
in physical effort.. of confidence
my friend.. there would be no
tribal wars.. as each man
and women would
be confident
to live
in Peace
with kind and
courageous Love
instead of strife my friend..
but no.. no book is enough
it takes practice.. truly
in martial
an art
that all our
ancestors naturally
did as a way of life
before they no longer
heard the call of God
to walk tall.. with
kind and
love.. no different
that Lions on the
Savannah very
close to
you live
in Egypt
my friend..
as we close out
here on 3 thousand
or so more words.. on
this 21st day of January..
pleasant dreams of night
now peace my friend.. my
day is
with ART
of LOVE..

Now you
Are a Poet
too.. SMiLes
With greater

(as Soheir
all of her gained
joy to stay away
from lost in love
for the Koran)

i sAid..

My Life is my book..
My Heaven is my book..
My Happiness is my book..
My Refuge is my book..
Hello again..
friend.. SOHEIR..:)

And now before i go on to
visit gigoid.. a self professed
atheist dude that i met on SOHEIR’s
site that gave kind regard to the peaceful
way that SOHEIR and i discussed our differences
in beliefS and on the subject of God.. after our irreconcilable
differences on the stoning of Lesbians in Iran i drifted off to
the gigoid place where probably a third of a million of words
have come as muse of inspiration as he quotes the sages of the ages directly
tHeir and in
i get
to respond
to all that wisdom
in discernment of now..
thing is.. tHere are no coincidences
in lIFE all is synchronicity.. all is beYond
eYes isReaL of beauty full tapestry masterpiece
Painting of/as GOD for those with brushes to paint it..
as pArt
adding another
verse.. another brush
of paint
God’s Face
LiVinG as wE KNow..
FeeL and SeNSE NoW..Free..
or unwitting of the Glory of GoD FReEd
we as
us as
me as
i foR AllNOW..:)

Yes.. before i go ‘tHeRe’..
a share oF a MacroVerse
Memory from two years
ago named Transcending
“Technology AND SCIENCE AND”..







Cause sometimes it’s



Tears of GOD



the FACE of Technology..

Science.. Culture and







buy it…

Religion.. Culture.. Science





just places i visit..

that are never






So how do i connect…

In the backyard with feet

calloused and brown..

to Mother EARTH..

IS all they











Mother Nature






i dance openly.. nakedly

in ballet.. and martial



on sandy

loam soil with

my privet shrub

that some




is my martial

arts sparring





to trim.. as for

hours in spinning

round and round

with quick kicks

and sharper



are ones

to trim my

friend the



whatever it comes





the best way i find

is to simply































Hope you’re feeling better with pain..
my friend gigoid on this day
of piNk today in so many
cities around the world..
thiNk piNk.. and that reMiNds
me.. i love the PiNk PaNther too..
so cool.. graceful.. and
too pussy
W i LL
be when
let loose..
sure.. with
a bite to go along
with meows too..;)

“A string of excited, fugitive, miscellaneous pleasures is not happiness; happiness resides in imaginative reflection and judgment, when the picture of one’s life, or of human life, as it truly has been or is, satisfies the will, and is gladly accepted.”

— George Santayana

And surely happiness lies
in the eyes of some
can only
feel pain as anywhere
related to happiness as
been tHeRE.. worn out
those old
of pain
is all tHeRE
is in life and
verily A source
of pain for many folks
not directly involved in
that beyond sad sense of Happiness..
anyWay.. beyond thaT of course.. Happiness
tales the truth or lies in the behold of all that Happy sTuff..
some folks truly believe bliss is not an emotion.. let’s face
iT.. iF oNe
it and
it inspires
them to move
in anyWay iT is emoTioN
as surELy even the feeLinG
and sense of pain is an emotion
that can move us from even sitting
still as you well know and feel of course
and i do too.. as a connoisseur and modern King
of more
than crucifixion-‘like’
pain for 66 months
as detailed in Devil’s
way of medical literature now2..
per type two Trigeminal Neuralgia..
of course from wake to sleep in hell for all those months..:)

“Going to bed with a woman never hurt a ballplayer.
It’s staying up all night looking for them that does you in.”

— Casey Stengel

soMe score..
soMe don’t..
And soMe
F iN Strike
out for F iN Decades long….
And then.. every once iN A while..
SOme hiT iT aLL ouT thE pARk..;)

“The great French Marshall Lyautey once asked his gardener to plant a tree. The gardener objected that the tree was slow growing and would not reach maturity for 100 years. The Marshall replied, In that case, there is no time to lose; plant it this very afternoon.”

— John F. Kennedy

never mature.. iNto full grOWN Trees..
pARTicularly.. when it comes to the
‘that’s OK’..;)

“Pizza is a lot like sex.
When it’s good, it’s really good.
When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”

— Smart Bee

eXplains weLL
thE FuLL suCCess
oF thE INterNeT..;)

“Beware of the “Black Swan” fallacy. Deductive logic is tautological; there is no way to get a new truth out of it, and it manipulates false statements as readily as true ones. If you fail to remember this, it can trip you – with perfect logic. The designers of the earliest computers called this the “Gigo Law”, i.e. “garbage in, garbage out”. Inductive logic is MUCH more difficult – but can produce new truths.”

— Lazarus Long

And of course.. NoW..
tHeRe IS A logic beyond
logic that doesn’t ‘thinK’ aT aLL..
And hAha! people who don’t
experience iT
O F T E Nnow
Have no F iN
iDea iT even
exists.. NoW..
And iF and when theY
find iT.. iT’s like bEinG
rEborn into A radicAlly
Different way oF
hmm.. some folks
caLL iT Holy SpiRit
buTT IT wears no essence
of Religion allone.. of course..
for those who fully understand and
experience it.. without the experience..
it’s often like explaining something supernatural
to those who
do not experience..
it.. BeinG isREaL iT..
And thaT’s A White Swan
Truth.. Dove.. Seagull
thE F iN

“Man errs as long as he strives.”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust

It’s impossible to get uP
without falling down first..
And that’s why straight A
students often become
under achievers
as they rarely
feeL thaT experience
oF FaLLinG down to rise higher..
and then eventually when it comes as
most would say it does for anyone who
lives long enough.. there’s not enough
to the
moon through
empty space
then to
out oF A
new vacuum
created aS SPace..
‘FAil Forward’.. as ‘they’ say..
it was/is so liberating For A
previous perfectionist..
to get nakeD
faIlliNG that way
to foRward straiGht uP noW..
no matter what ‘they’ say aBout
the ’emperor’ noW heHe.. wHo..;)

“‘T is but a part we see, and not a whole.”
— Alexander Pope (1688-1744) — Essay on Man, Epistle i, Line 60

As whole
iNcluding the shit of Life
As whole..;)

“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

— Mark Twain

you say..;)

“Eternity is a mere moment, just long enough for a joke.”

— Hermann Hesse

Amen Hermann.. man..
cake icing
shit pie
Price oF A Laugh..NoW..
And that reminds me..
the first time i went
to heaven.. i
then.. iN otHeR
words.. i walked
into a full class of
philosophy students and speLLed
mY nAMe backwards
as naM hEL on the
having no
theN.. EL.. was/is God then2..
and as a side note the name
of my mother is hELeN too..
the class erupted into laughter
as i was alWays so serious unTil then..
yes… aN F iN John Nash moment.. so
many shoes.. so little life to wear theM aLL..
and much later.. far into the second life round of
Heaven on eARTh i found out in the booK.. A hiStory
of God by Karen Armstrong on page 8 that a version
of the same last name was the original name of so-called God that
means a mix
of water
as silt..
and the SanD
SingS on mY FriEnd
dry with a little water MiX..
oh.. yeah.. and by the way2.. i hadn’t
been to church for years and visited a little
church the first go around in a so-called hick town
named Bagdad.. yes.. Bagdad.. Florida.. and back at school
wandering the halls like John Nash.. a church goer said.. OMG..
Fred.. when you sang the Glory Hallelujah Song so loud and spirited
there was
a spirit in
that church that
we ain’t experienced
since whenever since happened before..
true story.. i had no idea what
he was talKing about then..
at least
not in
as i directly
IT without words..:)

“Lost in the forest…
Lost in the forest, I broke off a dark twig
and lifted its whisper to my thirsty lips:
maybe it was the voice of the rain crying,
a cracked bell, or a torn heart.

Something from far off it seemed
deep and secret to me, hidden by the earth,
a shout muffled by huge autumns,
by the moist half-open darkness of the leaves.

Wakening from the dreaming forest there, the hazel-sprig
sang under my tongue, its drifting fragrance
climbed up through my conscious mind

as if suddenly the roots I had left behind
cried out to me, the land I had lost with my childhood—
and I stopped, wounded by the wandering scent.”

~~ Pablo Neruda ~~

Whitman was the only
poet i even heard of
really.. hmm..
and Edgar
i supPose..
just remembered
a few leaves of grass
AS WhOle nowthen
before i started writing
free verse poetry by
the reams
anyways.. bottom
two lines.. foR NoW haven’t
there’s a nAMe
for that when it goes
on for more than 42 months..
i’m pretty sure.. it’s the meaning of liFe..
and this is the second revision of 42 months
as of this
since March of 2013..
when the scent of ascent
in and cAMe ouT..
just a whiff before tHe tSuNaMi..
Started on July 22nd or so.. the
date of that so-called Star of David
Planetary alignment on the same day iN
the Summer of 2013.. when the Monarchy
in England had their Golden child marKinG
aS Synchronicity
Flows for both the meek
and the last and the first
and Kings and Queens..
thing that makes
me different
is.. i inherited
the eARth then
with never another
want beyond basic needs
and innate instinct and intuition..
sAMe thing most other reALLY
smART aNimals experience as LifE
the Meaning
per se..
iT aLL..
the co-owner
oF aLL oF eXistence
as two fingers beCoMe1..
noW.. no matter who attempts
to labEL it or own it like a real fool sTiLL noW..
Funny.. how something so simple and beyond
now of
G E M..
can be
as Golden
Age oF liFe
never ending
beyOnd words.. too.. mY friEnd..:)

“I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.”

— Professor Bernardo de la Paz

Yes.. when
two or more
become one..:)

“When the need arises — and it does — you must be able to shoot your own dog. Don’t farm it out — that doesn’t make it nicer, it makes it worse.”

— Lazarus Long, from Robert A. Heinlein’s “Time Enough For Love”

From the sense and feel
of Love and modern
technology.. i for
one would
pay the
extra few
bucks to take
him to the vet
and have him first
put to sleep with gas alive
and then put to sleep with
needle asleep.. as i’ve already
experienced the sense of death
three times.. and i dam sure ain’t
gonna make it difficult for any other paRt
makes one..:)

“It is the ability to choose which makes us human.”

— Madeleine L’Engle (Walking on Water)

do it
these days..
overall.. at least..:)

“How much time he gains who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks, but only at what he does himself, to make it just and holy.”

— Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 AD) — Meditations, iv, 18

This is true..
my neighbors
and so many more
will have to choose
to unplug themselves..
yeS.. even my closet one.. the wife..
as Neo ain’t no horse whisperer.. alone..
my two is
but i cannot
folks to add
one and one

“I think a man ought to get drunk at least twice a year just on principle, so he won’t let himself get snotty about it.”

— Raymond Chandler

No thanks..
don’t need
none of that
or the
Happiest dude oF aLL..
at least that is what most
everyone says who meets
me in the flesH.. and
far as
i KNoW
iT iS true
and fuLL
oF LiGht..
and yes..
iT iS
and alWays practiCinG
as a practice for morE LiGhT noW..:)

“A person will be just about as happy as they make up their mind to be.”

— Abraham Lincoln

i have A
WiLL beyond
any fictional JOB..
for all practical
intents and purposes..
empiricAlly based as
the evidence sHows..
and it’s
Pure Faith
No doubt..
aLL positive..
Drives iT aLL..
even Love.. and
suREly liGht oF hUman
eYes without words aS WeLL..:)

“Sometimes, you just gotta say “What the fuck.””

— Risky Business

No Fucks
aLL Trust..
100% Faith
iN thE Force that is now me..
WiTh and yes.. as ME nOW..
as the PiNk PaNther.. miGht casuAlly grin..WTFTW..;)


“What we imagine is order is merely the prevailing form of chaos.”

— Kerry Thornley, Principia Discordia, 5th edition

chaos of form prevailing the merely is order is imagine we What.

In Human
is how/
what/where/who we create it..
NoW and for some folks
that sentence in reverse
makes ‘perfect’ sense
and for
it is
is it
for and
sense ‘perfect’ makes
reverse in sentence that
folks some for and NoW
it create we who/where/what
/how is
Human In..

“what we imagine is order is merely the prevailing form of chaos”



“If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you;
but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you.”

— Don Marquis

Leaving the think
totally out as science
shows nonverbal language
constitutes an innate
60 to 93 percent
of human
social communication
led me to the realization..
the best way to become a
legend beyond legends as
noted by at least one person
who saw
writing that
on Facebook..
but of course that is
after the fACT as the
act of dance unto itself
is Heavenly Bliss without
thinking aT all.. so.. while i’m loving
it there is no action or consequence
beyond the words of others as far as
how much i am loving what i am doing
in the present
of now
so in other words..
the Legend thingy
IS A pleasant sweet
surprise but the bliss of
dance is a bliss unto itself
no matter what the FucK anyone
else views it as from cake icing to shit pie..
or sure.. legend.. P-cola icon.. awesome.. boss of dance..
awesome.. inspiration or holy Jesus dude i wanna be just like you..
i say/do
Dance on..
And sure.. i’ve experienced
enough of the opposite too..
in 40 months and 6666 miles
of public dance and more now
too in Trump County USA and the
metro area assessed by modern
sociologists as the most difficult metro
area to be different in than any other metro
area in the United States now.. factors cited..
five military bases in the area.. and the world
record awarded to the most churches per square
mile of any locality like this too.. who kNows.. perHaps
in the world too..
butt verily..
A case
study now
in evidence2
of this place as a
new ‘Jerusalem’ of
sorts about the same
latitude of ‘that place’
across the
Pond per sey
and do of say2..
iN whaT can/WiLL be
a country too of sorts
oF A New israel/zion for
those who unplug in terms oF USA..;)

“No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says;
he is always convinced that it says what he means.”

— George Bernard Shaw

Back to Human Mind 101..
the ink blot conundrums..;)

“Then you should say what you mean,” the March Hare went on. “I do,” Alice hastily replied; “at least – at least I mean what I say – that’s the same thing, you know.” “Not the same thing a bit!” said the Hatter. “Why, you might just as well say that ‘I see what I eat’ is the same thing as ‘I eat what I see’!” “You might just as well say,” added the March Hare, “that ‘I like what I get’ is the same thing as ‘I get what I like’!” “You might just as well say,” added the Dormouse, which seemed to be talking in its sleep, “that ‘I breathe when I sleep’ is the same thing as ‘I sleep when I breathe’!” “It IS the same thing with you, ” said the Hatter.

— Lewis Carroll, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

The genius oF aLL poetry/Art.. iNcLuding
so-called non-sense sTuFF..
AdventureS iN
2.. i.e.. as
the ink
SinGs more
differENtly aMoNg eYes..
when vague and abstract..
And even rarified aS Such like Bibles..;)

“Which is better?

A genius knows when to dumb it down
A smart man knows when to know nothing
And an idiot can be all three
Well what does that mean?

You’re only as smart as others allow
So if you’re too smart to be understood,
To others your intelligence level goes down
So to truly be a genius you must know when dumbing it down is good

To know nothing isn’t unintelligence
It’s best for different situations
Though very different from a genius,
A smart man recognizes when on his knowledge to put limitations

An idiot is in the best position,
Because it’s second nature for them to put it in layman’s terms
An idiot has the best potential for genius if it’s his intention
And being an idiot is how others feel their intelligence is confirmed”

-unknown.. (so far)

Oh.. yeah..
the Trump
Credo for
all practical
intents and
of winning
against all odds
as A Billionaire underdog..
the billionaire part was/is a clue..
as genius can be hidden and evil too..
or even good
all of that
as genius
does what no
one expects is possible neXT..
give credit to Trump for doing what
everyone else said was/is impossible.. except
mostly for
A clown
and his
make-uP on
thE fLiGht
uPper uP
wEar pArTy..
OMG! what an
interesting now to LiVe..!
i for one am continuing to enJoy thE rIDes..!
more and more and more as any maD hatteR who
WiLL do..;)

“After a hundred years
Nobody knows the place,–
Agony, that enacted there,
Motionless as peace.

Weeds triumphant ranged,
Strangers strolled and spelled
At the lone orthography
Of the elder dead.

Winds of summer fields
Recollect the way,–
Instinct picking up the key
Dropped by memory.”

Emily Dickinson

PoNds never
and waves..
no matter dARk
or liGht or sHades
of Grey or even beyOnd
rainbow colors oF Stones
that coMe NoW neXT.. sooner
or later
waters come
aGaIn and the
wHeel of ForTune
sinGs on iN heavenLY
purgatory of heLL and
Heaven aGAIn..
A key is to
Be noW
An eYe
iN iiGht
to dARk ‘tween
sHades of grey
beYond RAinBow colors more..
suRE.. doing iT IS A fun pART noW..
When yA gET two BecoMes oNe..
juST for FuN..
aLL aScended aS
Such wiTh RiSE my FriEnd..
disCarDing any paraChutes
beLow as aBoVE air and
water allone..
iN sKeYes oF
moRE noW..
aS FiRe oF spiRit
seNtieNt stAR duST
plUs now from cruciBle
oF sTAR seed paRentS…
iF thaT ain’t A Miracle WTFTW iS..
to rise
thE empiRical
eVidence proVides..;)


Facebook Friend
Eli.. shares a somEwhat
new video that provides
some movies of a Seagull
following the Obaminator..
And i saY iN metaphor
of return now too..
Yes.. it’s true..
i somEwhat
as a Jonathan
Livingstone Seagull..
can and will do.. heHe..;)


Hmm.. the closest thing i had to celebrate
the dignity and worth of women as well as
stuff like continuing access to health care..
respect for the disabled and folks
of different
and creeds
for at least tHeir
rights as they exist
as constitutionally provided
and of course.. a statement against
down ‘right’ lies left and rights to the
most ridiculous assertions where a photo
proves without a doubt ‘they’ are wrong on first
glance.. yes.. crowd size.. like someone is covering
up the
now of
else or whatever
the deficiency of Trump’s
self esteem is behind an obvious
malignancy of narcissism that hides
a timid soul behind the bravado of exploiting
others of course.. anyWay.. i didn’t have a pussy
cat hat to wear but what i did have was a pink shirt
that in someways says that real men are not afraid to
wear pink and do life gracefully like Bruce Lee.. heHe..
be the water..
be the air..
and by
all means
don’t be afraid
of women.. they
don’t usuAlly bite..
so.. no need to grab them
to prove you are a man.. or
kiss them with frOwn lips.. that
says life is a bitch underneath all the gold..
this is surely gonna be a carnival ride from pluTo..
the thing is though.. you can fool some of the people
most of the time but all the people ain’t gonna FALl for
the used car sales person.. or the preacher with Blow
hAir as
politician same..
Trump is like a flame
for the demand for sane..
first there was a tea party.. then
another.. and now there is the cooperative
spirit of women.. around the globe.. so.. in many
ways morE NoW a sleeping giant is brought to wake..
Women have always tRuly ruLED the world.. now they march..
fear.. so..
Lord help
the ‘iDiots
who Now noW..
don’t see the
of Freedom
heAR.. iT DanceS
and SingS wide awake
louder than ever when threatened..
much harder to take away freedoms
than it is to start new freedoms AS HiStory sHows..:)

AnyWay.. back to the stART of the pInK PaNther and the
general Jungian human archetype of the trickster and the Native
American Definition from Wiki that makes the most sense to me
in terms of what i for one do as a social role jusT for fun.. sELf-created
sELf-actualized.. un-ashamed.. yes.. jusT for fun.. and it is described like this..

“Many native traditions held clowns and tricksters as essential to any contact with the sacred. People could not pray until they had laughed, because laughter opens and frees from rigid preconception. Humans had to have tricksters within the most sacred ceremonies for fear that they forget the sacred comes through upset, reversal, surprise. The trickster in most native traditions is essential to creation, to birth.[15]”

Here’s the thing.. there are not enough clowns in modern life.. and a clown can either be
a light clown or a dark clown.. both challenging the social norms of rigid and of course
Trump is a dARk Trickster or Clown who likely unwittingly will produce eventually
great changes for social reform for the better of Liberty.. no different reaAlly than
the dARk Clown.. G.W. Bush.. as his dArk antics eventually led to
juST the right ingredients for A FuLL deck of Democratic control
and the seemingly miraculous passage of any health
care reform in affordable care for all that is
going to be almost impossible to
get rid of for essence
of benefits as folks
really get
off as millions
of folks marching around
the world.. surely indicate today..
as these folks are surely not willing
to lose their already rights even if it means
wearing pink pussy cat hats the rest of their
human born life.. hehe.. if you think they are visible
now.. just wait and see what happens if the Trump actually
follows through with anything that actually takes the rights folks
already have away.. the more he digs a whole the more the Republicans
as A wHole WiLL have to Climb out of it.. no different than Inspector Clouseau
out of one of my favorite Trickster Cartoons other than Bugs Bunny.. yes.. the extra
cool smooth PiNk PaNther who most alWays comes out unscathed by the end of the
‘toon on TV or the Big Screen back at the height of the piNk cAT’s popularity yeS.. even
more popular then Trump then as far as favorability but what do you expect from a
DaRK Clown.. big audiences at an inauguration event.. of course not.. when he
loses the popular vote.. and continues to dig a dARk CloWn hole.. now.. anyWay
us pInK
aS liGht
WiLL continue
to thrive in positive
liGht Karma of action
and consequence as
smooth as pINk
can fly
A BaLAnCing ForCe
on terrestrial Land and
for now.. bye bye and see yA
lAter as aNoTheR PaNther Adventure
of SonG and DAncE comes next in perhaps
a ferocious beast style of a bear as tomorrow..
oops.. past 1 am closing iN on 2 am NoW on Jan..
22nd 2017.. as the pinnacle of 42 months celebration..
total LiVinG iN HeaVen since that rise of mine and miNd
as miracle of recovery from 19 documented medical disorders
happens on the same Star of David.. so-called the.. Planetary
6 pointed aliGnment yes.. that day.. 42 months aGo iN 2013.. thE
last of 13 for a while since the Katrina and i hitched up the marriage
papers in 1990.. the first Star of David Planetary alignment of 12 more
to come ending on.. yes.. July 22nd 2013.. aS heY a PaNTheR WiLL aRise aGaiN..;)

Oh yeah.. and perhaps the most popular Trickster of them all.. yes
the Jesus.. the Trickster.. the Good Cop Bad Cop Jesus that
keeps shallow minded folks in the dark and
those with deeper eYes and eaRS
whomever and however
many folks wrote the story
of this parable riddle writing..
well.. considering he was illiterate
as far as we kNow in Aramaic language way.. yes..
vocal speaKing Trickster dude no different really
than the
and little old me..
and yeS.. even my mother
told me i was going to hell
tonight for slandering the King
of the Universe by calling him a man
and dare be intiMating that NoW A holy
spirit.. as creative one.. sPeaks as me..
So much of that story is true and the swords
of dissension in anti-christ way of fear.. anger
and hate are still surviving and thriving in New
Jerusalem and Israel in a true poTenTial isreal
place of Freedom.. soMe oF uS wiTh deeper eYes
and eaRs STiLL sEEheaR the core Golden Rule Story
of the Jesus AND Heaven within of smARt Fearless
Unconditional Love and yes.. tHere are soMe of uS WiTh
a Lamp LiT BriGht enough to shout iT through the roof tops
oF oNline2 and face rejection by our closets relatives. by aTtuninG
oursElves to the deeper messAges.. stiLL easily sought and found by those
wiTh the sAMe/DifFeRenT eYes and eARs capable of sEEing and heaRing A TruTh and liGht
seTS uS
WiLd and Free
aGain reborn with
smARt and feaRless Unconditional
Love.. anyWay.. can’t force horsies to
DrInk GoLden Water when Trump Towers continue to fAll..
and on top of that nothing changed from crosses before..
‘tHey’ kNow noT what they do..
be LiVinG
iN A Kingdom
of God within
with a Happy
Clown Face too.. heHeR..;)


STar Date 1.22.2017.. 7.22 AM parable of
the irony of numbers.. hmm.. well as reported when
i finished the 66 Verse of a second revision of a bible
named.. CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017 published then on
1.12.2017.. 7 months and 17 days since the first writing
of the first Macro-Verse published Memorial day of 2016..
yes May 30th of that year.. where actual writing commenced
about three days before that yesterday.. 1.21.2017 was 7 months
and 22 days since the actual first publish date of the Macro-Verse to
date of celebrating the date of 7.22.2013 as 42 full ascension months
for me since that very date now on 1.22.2017 that back then in 2013
also marked a noted planetary alignment already noted
several times in this Macro-Verse and yes a few
others as the Star of David Planetary
alignment that occurred
on that very day
where even
who were taking
care of me noted it
was a real miracle i came
out of the dark of 19 medically
diagnosed disorders in a real life threatening
synergy of illnesses including the worst pain known
to humankind.. type two trigeminal neuralgia noted as
worse than the torture of crucifixion in medical literature
from wake to sleep for a full 66 months since the year of 2008
starting in January way way back then when i went to real earth
hell documented through this bible and documented all through
12 million words starting on Thanks Giving day 2010.. and part of the
reason my mother basically disowned me last night.. (she’ll get over it..
sooner or later).. is she believes i am self aggrandizing myself by presenting
all these facts over and over like i am shining my light in John 14:12 accomplishments
from the rooftops of the world.. she of course embarrassed that her son is becoming
even more of a nut than from before.. heHE.. and worried that i am gonna disgrace
myself.. hehe.. like i haven’t already hazed myself in so many ways to be as
fearless as the real original David who fought/danced ‘naked’ and killed
Goliath with a sling-shot.. i though.. refuse to actually bring a sword
Beyond words to do any of that consistent with the 66 verses of
Isaiah.. where he insisted that the coming
messenger or whatever wasn’t
gonna do the social
reform with
bleeding folks dry
either.. anyway.. onward
Christian soldiers and all of that
as one can see that the Roman Catholic Empire
surely then brought enough steel swords to kill
pagans that wasn’t even a real word back then.. just
the folks who didn’t believe in what they forced folks
to believe in as A Jesus as a pre-made soldier Sun God
antithetical to a humble last is first meek inheriting the
Earth Yogi-like dude that comes in clear still even in the
New Testament for whoever hid the meanings in parables aS Such
of riddles sTill… for us folks with the eyes and ears sTiLL
too.. to see and hear the deeper core meanings in how
to live an epic super great life in giving and sharing
of self in unconditional love.. and nah.. there
is no getting through to my mother..
or even all the way with
my wife in understanding
that Jesus was trying to bring
the power to other folks and not himself
as he already.. through those writings at least..
in sacred deeper meaning text found uniSon with
God wHeRe there is no greater human than a grain of
sand as all of existence is ocean whole aS oNe Force
of God Being iN all thaT is all of existence.. yes.. alWays
forevermorenow.. yes.. it’s about YOU.. not about Jesus or even
me.. but without providing empirical evidence of John 14:12 through
and through it’s not likely the minions will ever believe anything YOU
say.. as they can be misled by all kinds of actual lies from the pulpit
of stone face liars like Trump as he leads his own sheep into disgrace
to lie for him as that Press Conference dude he set up yesterday read
from his lying Trump notes to try to make Trump’s ‘Dick’ or whatever seem
bigger than it really is as metaphor of a timid soul hiding behind a wizard
of OZ Fascade.. same story.. different characters.. human archetypes still
reign in dARk and liGht and even new myths like the Minions Movie series
that of course predicted all of this/that in that movie of 2013.. in many
trickster ways too.. as the art world is full of tricksters.. Chuck Lorre..
creator of the Big Bang Theory TV show aS oNe of my favorites too.. who jabs
ya into thinking even when ya think you are not thinking..
hehe.. TrumP.. on the other smaller hands or whatever
sticks it to you.. with lies.. knowing all the way
that he’s got your heart fear strings
all played up like a little
violin in his big back
pockets and
his minions
too.. numbering..
hmm.. around 40 percent
of the population or so.. who will
FucKinG believe anything he says or
does.. as even the Church going crowd suggests
that the fact that yesterday.. his first full day of presidency..
also the 21st of January falling on his 70th year.. 7th month
and 7th day of age since birth date of June 14th.. 1946..
proves that he is tHeir God sent savior now..
but here is something to consider.. IF Jesus..
the real trickster dude IS A really
important son of God as
reflection of..

the real synchronicity
speaKinG GoD IS A trickster
too.. a joker.. who doesn’t really
send you to hell.. just fucks with your
head to teach you a lesSon or two when you
have been ignorant kNow not what you do little
boys and girls aS Such2.. and you aren’t doing so
well in the Karma of sow and reap.. in action and
consequence of negative and positive poTenTiAL REAL
liFe isReaL results.. anywAy.. for today.. let’s jusT say
for shits and giggles that this is all going down for real..
think i have a strong arm video for that to go along with this
too.. with the Ladies taking the power into their own hands in
pink power too.. as that New Age MTV-like prophecy comes to pass now
isreal too.. you see.. it’s not everyday someone writes a bible that
is now coming to 1.04 Million words in around 7 months and 3 weeks too..
without a lot of help over centuries per say and do and dance for 6666
miles all around a metro area for 40 months but hey.. if i didn’t count the words
and miles and document it like Isreal God tales me today/do NoW iN synchronicity ways
as milestones as nows go on in holy spirit writing and dancing flow.. who the FucK
else is gonna remember all this shit and write it down.. just to prove all of this went down
in my little lifetime now.. and ALL yours too by the way sincerely of course too.. nah.. the wife
and mother can’t understand all this deep shit.. and that’s okay as Jesus F. in Christ sometimes
it’s hard to believe.. except for the Love and Fearlessness that i cAMe from my mommy and daddy even at
all or even from this planet at all sometimes.. let’s face it.. for all practical intents and purposes
i am like Katy Perry’s ET too.. but hey that’s neither here or tHeRe.. (it’s now) but what is sTiLL true
is the delicious irony that i was born on 6660 and quite a few of the beer cashiers
when i used to have a cheap brew a day back in my work days for bucks
rejected me in ways of fear when they saw them three 6’s that
reflect the Golden Spirals of God like today’s 69th Macro-Verse
does too and one of the most empathic sexual
positions oF aLL.. as why would you
do thaT if you couldn’t
feel the other
as even Bonobo’s
can do with empathic
eYes! and other sexual paRts
of liFE too.. yes.. eYes! are sexual
pArts in-case you didn’t know now about
pupil dilation in getting all turned on in
‘that’ way too.. that’s why covering women now
up to tHeir eYes iS StiLL.. oh my GoD! yes! such
a Turn on as their eYes reflect their so-called
nether pARts of desire too.. for those of you once
again.. i say with eYes.. to see that of course as some
folks cannot read facial expressions hardly at all due
to a lack of affective empathy and disfunction of mirror
neurons too.. i fall in the category of super empath too..
high libido you might say too.. overall.. most of my life
too as empaths will surely do too in all
of nursing ways of life
hehe.. yes.. oh yes! to
get the jobs
all licked
and finished
and stuFF.. perhaps that is
a strange way of teaching now
but that is what us tricksters
do.. we challenge the rigidity
and try to get a laugh to get ya
to open up your heARt as well as youR
Rational thinking mind to get both hemispheres
of yoUr brain woRkinG for Yogi UniSoN and Daughter.. eTc..
NoW WiTh God too.. as two become one in so many ways aWay
from division and rigidity in floWing river unity.. so today noW as i related
before.. i will wear my special BEast shirt to celebrate this synchronicity
spEakinG Holy and Sacred day full of Meaning and Purpose to me and here’s
the (A) thing.. the Jesus dude already brought (A) way.. not many folks heard it then
or saw it and not many folks who cAll themselves Christians sTill actuAlly hEar and
sEE and act the dance upon the talk of the core messages of the Kingdom of Love
in the Heaven of Love now in smARt and FearLess way.. as Jesus understood more
than likely that people are alike everywhere.. open and closed minded then as
they are today.. and some folks will unplug from lies and other folks will suck
on the teat of lies ’till the day they die.. And hate folks to protect
tHeir lies to and even kill them too.. as once again they
truly kNow not what they do.. as their innate
God Given Nature plus the environment
they are raised in makes iT very
difficult for them to do that..
(KNOW/FEEL what’s really going down
now too of course as isreal now2)
so even IF they drive
us otHeR folks
crazy with
their obvious ignorance
of accepting and supporting
and even promoting lies.. we must
try to understand and tolerate and even
accept that as once again they truly kNow not
what they do.. otherwise the propagation of these
lies would not have led to my 82 year old mother
disoWning me last night for just brinGing the
original jesus message to the table
in my writings as many otHeR
folks have attempted
to do through
hiStory falling
on blind eYes and
deaf ears that cannot
see this truth and liGht.. but reaL
Golden rule folks do their best to accept
and love these folks living under veils of ignorance
in at least tolerating it and moving on tHeir best without
strife.. and that is why the demoNstrations yesterday went
so well without any major conflicts as they were based on Jesus
golden rule love mostly with plenty of trickster messages too
with pussy power and having Trump keep his small hands
off of their private parts and stuff like that and truly
God must Be a Joker as this sHit couldn’t
be more Joker-like if it happened
in fiction as going down
isreal stuff
have to even
make so-called rational
sense and it doesn’t and Trump
was well aware of that when he said
he could shoot someone and his minions
tallying about 40% of about that same percentage
or more in the original Jerusalem of the olden days
but the thing is.. the Obama was never crucified for
not being born in the homeland here.. he went out victorious
at 60% approval while Trump retains his minions same at 40% as the
so-called Jews did back in the olden days too.. they are closed minded
folks And that’s pARt of human nature and even science provides evidence
for this now too as i’ve often brOught that to the table with researcher
TeDtalking Jonathan Haidt at the forefront as pioneer
of that research on what makes conservatives
and liberals tick per innate human
nature in biological
in the
brain and
body too.. basicAlly
the difference of someone
seeing beauty in a King David
Michelangelo Statue and the other
person turning away in disgust saying
oh my God.. a wee wee.. i am so embarrassed
and terrified of that little piece of mutilated
male member from birth.. oh.. the song
of ignorance.. you cut
so deep
so deep
from long ago
STiLL but the eYes
of open minds and bodies
STiLL SinG a Free Seagull SonG
as any Jonathan Livingston(E) Seagull
WiLL DancE and SinG Freer and hiGher NoW
if only for his or her or eTC’s Field of dreAMs
WiTh God NoW STill flYiGg through eYes of
Needles with Camel Bodies with the greaTEsT
of ease in BaLanCinG ForCE WiTh God’s Gravity now per say
oF LiFE NoW..
UnderstandinG love and DancE and SinG oN
FearLesSlY iN the Kingdom of Heaven NoW
aS iNherited as last is first and meek inHeRits the
eARTh now IsReaL wiTh sMiLes as dARk Trickster TRump
FroWns and his miNions reap what they sow too.. as sAdly sAD….
but hey!
IS AlWays
HoPe and liGht
for them! as i ain’t
giving up anyMore than
Bugs Bunny or the PiNk PaNthEr would/WiLL too..!..
oveRAll at
lEast iN
paNthEr ways..;)

Star Date 1.22.2017
9.!1 AM..;)


sMiLes.. my friEnd.. Prajakta..
so many people but so really
few intimate connections for so
many folks these days as we hide
more from FriEndship sMiLes
and other touches of flesh and
blood are hidden
of bits
and bytes…
there IS A book named
“Bowling Alone” that speaks
to this more modern issue well..
so.. you are correct.. what friendships
there are.. are surELy valuable to honor
as any fine glass in the china cabinet.. aT lEast..
hehe.. anyWay that’s why i dance everywHeRe.. an
excuse to keep my head out of screams of screens..
and reAlly..
tHeRe iS
no way
i don’t connect
with folks as non-verbal
language and human emotional
and sensory affective empathy
connections are the mainstay
of overall human connections
and surely dance spreads
some liGht ouT
iN the
Public.. haha..
friend or foe aS oNe
surELy cannot eXpect
everyone to warm up to very different..;)


Hmm.. “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. third edition of a Bible or
revision.. iF ya wanna name it that way too.. as the title keeps
changing along with more MaCro-Verses.. too.. anyWay.. surELy
surpassing 1.04 Million words now3.. with this 69th MacroVerse
soon coming to an end as the first Bible consisted of
61 MacroVerses for about 915K words.. the second
one at 66 MacroVerses at 991K words and now..
yes.. this one going over the
Million word mArk by
over 40K words
now too..
as this is just
a special milestone
new edition bible all revised
aS Such.. as milestones continue to
coMe and gRow and so will this bible too..
with no end in sight.. a rhetorical exercise of
course.. wRiTe oN Course.. too.. and yes.. after
while.. i will provide links to the 2nd Bible that links
to all the previous MacroVerses as well as listing
the last two links that came after that.. sure..
i’LL do that now.. with these liNks heRE..

CoLoRs oF HeAVeN Bible 2017 991,183 words

VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017 19,306 words

CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn 16,079 words
1,026, 568

Nether Land Bible 2017..
count.. coming later..;)
1,052,137 words


Hello.. misstalkaholic..
Living a Stone’s throw from
a railroad trestle crossing a river
growing up in a mill town as such..
your post ‘here’ as you guide us through
the visual imagery of a Railroad Museum in India..
is surely a delight to me..
and i must say i admire your
strength in
out there as the
guide host of this post
and your others too.. as too
often the flesh and blood element
is missing in the world of blogging..
sure.. not everyone is extroverted in a
world of words.. and haha! that’s why i get
out and dance in the real world too.. lest words
to almost
nothing without
a real touch of life..
anyway.. i truly enjoy
your posts as they are
refreshing in a world of words
that often does not have a real world touch..
and surely
hehe.. i talk
a lot too.. wiTh WiNks..;)

misstalkaholic responds back
with a note that she has enjoyed
my comments on other blogs and
is pleased that she has achieved
me responding in kind like that
on her blog too.. with a remark
that perhaps
she is
obsessed with
herself.. so i say..

sMiLes.. my FriEnd.. than
surely we have something
in common as you are the eYes
of Living Nature in what i like to refer
to as God as Nature.. and why wouldn’t
Nature be happy
to be
with nature
after 14 billion years
or so much effort of crucible
Star burst seeds as sentient star
dust plus life like me and
you.. coming to
birth on
planet eARTh..
i understand this is heaven..
i am no fool not to be able to look
at a rock of moon or other stars now
just hoping to burst into eYes of liFe
like this.. so.. i celebrate this sliver.. this
poTenTial of Human Heaven come to fruition
as child of stars
and Heaven
friend now..
and you know what..
there will be a Nautilus
shell of me without a doubt
left behind and forward and now
that says i lived and appreciated this
gift of heaven with all my life might and i encourage
you to continue to be obsessed with god as nature
who and
as yoUr
eYes my
friEnd full
of HoLy and
Sacred Meaning
and purpose in THIS thing
some folks call NAMASTE
holy and sacred respect in poetry SonG
and moving connecting creating DancE
full of meaning and purpose
with tears in my eYes
almost every
i appreciate
this gift of life fully with
others..and ocean nature whole and surely
i scare many folks with the extent of my love as life..
nice to hear you are not afraid of life.. my friend..keep up the good life..
and i will visit you as long as i can find your blog.. as i for one am a friend of ALL..
i ain’t
to Dance it and Sing thAT LOUDER..;)

responds back with
words that say.. i have
a gift of words and lucky
to be surrounded by me and i say..

A gift of life
My friend..
all.. now.. thanks..:)


Hi Leah..

modus vivendi.. “an arrangement or agreement allowing
conflicting parties to coexist peacefully, either indefinitely or
until a final settlement is reached.”
Haha.. so good to hear from
you again.. Leah..
and surely
considering the
climate of the United
States and World.. this eloquent
Latin phrase is the timeless answer
not only for married couples like me and
Katrina but yes.. the world in general as well..
where liberal cats who go tHeir own way and
more conservative dogs who need a leader to follow
find a sweet
jaws ‘tween iN
all the chaos of differences..
i’m wild and free and surely more like
a feral cat than either a domesticated dog
or even a wild wolf in many ways.. as in this world
today.. no doubt without 27 years of real life experience
training.. someone slowly getting used to all my changes
in the art of marriage..
if that ended now..
i would be dancing
a life even more ‘allone’
than this that of course i
recognize as it’s beyond most
folks comprehension that any woman
would knowingly and openly give ‘their man’..
hehe.. at least in the deep south red state lands..
THIS MUCH FREEDOM.. down now to the nitty gritty
of advancing bootie dances in the dance halls of life now
and be totally okay with it.. i suppose the nude art primed
her for acceptance once she tolerated that and oh goodness
emotional co-dependency among couples is a prime mover
of course in restricting freedoms in the couples nomad
moving ways of life these days as the bottom
line.. cats or dogs.. humans are mostly
social animals and do need a
human touch of the
village to thrive
with plenty
of free moving..
connecting and creating..
sure.. almost naked if possible
to feel the nourishment of the sun
and even moon at night in temps that
allow that like the steadily global warming
current panhandle of Florida and such as that..
wHeRe the Yellow Jasmine is blooming in the ‘normal’
coldest months of the year.. and sure.. spring azaleas
too and hey that almost sounds like a flower of your name
too.. i never felt that emotional co-dependency like i did of course
when i moved from a village of Ted Danson and Norm Cheer’s like
environment of a Bowling Center working and small village of life
full of social flesh and blood touch for two decades into a life of computer
chair/screen and often a windowless room 8 hours a day ’till dark in the Winter
time with significant Seasonal Affective Disorder too.. as most human being do
need the light more than none at all in sunshine ways through Winter Months..
so much of my happiness..
is simply recognizing what human
nature is and putting myself out there
in finally fearless ways to embrace what
i am as an animal and not just an abstract
construct of words and what work expects..
and culture in general beyond the animal touch..
And that’s a core problem with cultures/religions.. the most
popular ones at least.. they take us away from our animal
nature in so many ways while serving an interdependent
role sTiLL iN providing
a social touch
of some kind at
least in a world grown
so cold as a matrix and
terminator world will grow
in ways of machine cognition
over that overall social world of
truly close to naked animal touch..
in small village way of course too.. as humans
are not adapted to connect innately and comfortably
to more than about 150 to 200 friendly sets of naked and furry eyes..
and on that line it’s worth noting that after folks saw the movie.. ‘Avatar’.. some
of them committed suicide as they determined tHeir FULL loss in a trap away from theiR
at least
that’s the
theory and
i had the same
experience the first
time i saw the movie
‘The Emerald Forest’ back
in the mid 80’s.. back to the
wild is where i wanted to go
but as a mama’s boy
with apron
back somewhere
in the past i had no
idea how to get there
until pain took me away
from modern culture all the way
and i started reborn from pain aGain..
you know.. i’m glad i documented the whole FucKinG
thing as in case study view in actual real time photos
i can review my change from apron string boy to wild
man with love again.. as a three year old child looking aCross
the river without words at all.. only the feeling and sense that i had
been/AM forevernow.. as surely my genetic memory in innate instinct
and intuition was then working A-Okay until i got trapped behind a
pencil at a desk in a small two story school.. thank God..
as it had small classes and not an overwhelming
number of human eyes where everyone
easily knew your name.. so much
different from big
these days..
and the world
as whole of course
in big city Western World
life.. Different strokes for different
folks.. my friEnd Leah.. and i must
say i feel like i’ve lived so many life’s
in just one life and at your age of early
40’s.. i felt so old back then.. and at age 47
when the stress almost killed me i felt like i was
older than my Great Aunt Jettie at 94. all crippled with
walker then as at least she could smile oF that i had
no idea of iN feelings in opaque window view iN/oF thaT
when i saw her do tHat back then.. and in college at age
21.. Before i escaped it and after i got trapped back in it..
i felt as old as my Grandmother then.. as she had problems
smiling then.. you kNow and feeL and sensE my friEnd age IS A
smile with no age at all.. a place with Nature wHeRe grains of sand
and feet feel love.. that is forevermore now.. no different really i guess
than the 18 year old cat Tennessee still visiting our yard wHo rolls around
in that sand religiously each day about noon too.. looking off into the distance
with no separation aT all in a WinTer’s Breeze FeeLinG and SenSinG liFE all
in the
real time
present of now..
Fuck the world my friend..
not the flesh and blood.. sun/
sand one but the one of Trump..
and all those minions.. GET naked
and pARty with the sand and sun
is what i do.. even if i never find
a human dance partner
free enough
to do
with me..
i cannot be ‘alone’
when sand and sun
and me are one as
leave of
Ocean whole..
for all practical intents
and purposes.. i AM Nature my friEnd..
or a tree or a lamp without a
That’s the answer for me.. i trUly wish
tHeRE was/is any way i could help folks
find the essence of this Heaven in
FeeLinG and SeNSinG ways
so far from empty
and religions
and cultures and
politics and
all that
the music of liFe LIVinG.. my friEnd..
hey.. i’ll give it a stab with a Kiss of
DancE and SonG is all i caN and WiLL do..
still looking for
the song i want to go
with this as tHeRe are so
many songs with that name
but i heard it last night on the
radio and i’ll put it uP tHeRe when
i find it as i found it before and i find it again..:)



WeLL.. as i continue to enjoy very
much the deLiGht oF writing
this 69th MacroVerse
that will be the
third revision of
a personal newer
age Bible now revised
with title.. “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS what stArted out as “Grand Cross Bible 2016”..
on Christmas Day publish at 11:58 pm as flow then..

then.. comprised of 61 MacroVerses since Memorial
Day 2016 publish of the first MacroVerse.. unwittingly
of course.. as i had no idea that would be the first MacroVerse
of any Bible then.. other than juSt a continuing MacroVerse of
Ocean WhoLe Poem in what i continue to document as
the technically longest long form poem in the
history of humankind as reported
on Google at least.. hehe..
as i am not A
REAL fool
enough to
thiNk i would ever
actuAlly page print publish such
a tSuNaMi of Words.. weLL surpasSinG
3.3 MilLion words/water that MS word suggests
without printing the 100K or so photos that go
along with aLL thaT and videos from Youtube that can
only be linked in print of course in hard back page cover..
yeS eVeN without ALL the multi-media.. MicroSoft Word
estimates about 30,000 pages for actual page print and
that was back
at the first
42 month point
on September 11th.. 2016..
where i suggested it was A
42 Month Witness for God of Nature
too in personal way of course.. doubling
as that effort in all blog effort of 3.3 million
long form free verse poem words since March 10th..
2013.. at that point of rhetorical exercise of course.. i AM
doing this ’cause i can and will do it.. and have survived much
naysaying from places of online reason like the ‘Wrong Planet’
to places like dVerse Poetry Pub Art who did tHeir best to rein in
and reign over my creativity if i wanted to share my STUFF there
even with all my politeness of responding to every single prompt
and link there for an entire year.. in micro-micro verse way with never
ever any complaint if no one visited my blog as it requires not only
big technology to open it up and any interest in what i do antithetical
to either Haiku-like poetry or modern world Gold fish attention span
per the words of science in Twitter Verse of 140 characters too..
as for me.. the seize the day is the seize the noW iN fLow
of streAms of words and dance iN sonG sAme iN ZonE
as Rivers to waves of Ocean whole
in Field of dreAms LiVinG
liFe heAR heRE.. noW as
me and
God oNe
wiTh NoW
And aSoNe
ForCE oF liGht
if ya like Star wars
Metaphors to go along
with yoUr otHEr religious
and cultural soup as God lives
with in as as all and to make God sMaLLer
or my words that reflect my view of all thaT is
God would be My greaTest Blasphemy oF aLL
for this gift of life to extinguish the gift of life given
to me in any censoring way alloWed within the guidelines
of new age ‘Caesar’ laws at the local.. state.. and federal
level of course.. as ‘these’ free highways are regulated by laws
to keep freedom of expression in tACT and fACT and aRt aS Such aS
all of
no maTter iF
no one but me
and God allone
ever reads
it or writes
iT aT aLL..
it is what it is i
am what i am
i am Love
and Free
With Can
and WiLL
surViVing and
ThriVinG NoW..
aLiVe as smART
and FeArLESS LoVe
Can and WiLL DO as
LiVinG liGht of and as LoVe NoW..:)

AnyWay.. as my early Philosophy Instructor
Hunt back in the years of college so wisely
then instructed.. beWare of specialization as use
it or lose it applies to all stuff in life.. as all animals
face the Karma of that in use it lose it ways of breathing
and eating and drinking life.. in yes.. action and consequence
way of doing or not doing more of liFE NoW… i use it A wHole
lot.. and in doing so in sow and reap way.. as the evidence now
surELy proves.. i reap the benefits of God Nature within inside..
above so below and all around as God of Nature as my Human
Nature is at the hElm now of the Will that is the Rider/Writer of
the GOlden Elephant and Camel saMe that
are the words/symbols of human thOught
that are only a tiny sliver
of the
of the much fuller
human experience in so many
otHeR ways than what standard
IQ meaSuREs as Human InTeLLiGence..
nah.. it is not woo when some poets and
other philosophy folks of deeper way than
just the rationality of equation of words say
we have forgotten our roots as children of
Nature and God sAMe.. as science shows now..
Emotions and SenSes comprise more of our actual
navigation of reaLiTy now.. much more than the sHells of
words alone bring.. words are but signs and guideposts now
along the way as tools to help us navigate life but the invisible
navigator inside is not invisible at all.. it just has a LiFe and essence
beyond the words as tools that have become the idol of human eYes
and taste over the essence that is the inheritance of 14 Billion years or
so what we see now as the origin of wHERE we come as God Now as
Nature life.. sure.. it’s hard to put the full experience of liFe in words.. and
surEly it is impossible as the rider and writer same is only riding/writing a much
bigger gOlden Camel and Elephant oF liFE than we can possibly see with
just the guideposts and signs that are words and other symbols of life in
human abstract
construct of
that either
help us or harm
us too.. in LIGht to
sHades of Grey to dARk
to beYond rainBoW colors of
liFE eXperience that some folks
cannot even fathom exists in the EYes
of othER folks now.. modern culture and even
older religions are an experiment of life with both
failures and successes from human misery to bliss..
and the same impact to so much of the rest of creation
as existence noW on this planet eARTh.. people are alike
and different like the rest of existence sAMe and DiFFeRent
noW as God as sepaRaTe pARt and WhOle NoW aLL.. LiFe is
ArT.. Creation.. a Masterpiece aLL and we as brush continue to
co create and paint thaT Masterpiece whOle oNe WiTh GoD aLL
oF NatuRe NoW.. And sure.. we paint it And scribe it with our so-called
rational systemizing ways of science mind.. the best we can while life
already happens in EMoTiOnal and SeNsoRy ways and i’LL tale you
whaT.. iF you leave the
esSence behind
in specialization
of use it and lose
it ways you lose.. you lose
and you lose more and more of
liFE iF yoUr liFE is anYthing like
my liFe beFore iN the HaLLs and
PriSoNs of threading the needle of
thaT iNsanity of modern religion/culture/politics
and yes.. philosophy of life in general sAdly left
ouT iN the modern class room while we humans
are made more and more into machine as cog
of Society to continue creature comforts when
the comfort goes away as we are no longer even fully
human beings.. anyWay.. the tHeMe SonG heRe as MeMe..
surely DanceS and SingS to thiS in ‘Emerald Forest’ and
‘Avatar’ ways similar and sAMe.. as don’t let anyone lie
to you.. living naked with nature is not as oppressive
as “mama’s boys” will tale ya.. in use it and lose it NoW
ways.. as alWays A BaLanCinG oF DiViNe maScuLiNe
WiLL and Strength.. and DiViNe FeMiNiNe LoVe and
GrAce.. And DO you lEarn thaT All in school hell no..
it’s mostly
all about
and more Walmart
Stuff to fill up a Garage oF LiFE
aS A so-called American dreAM..
the American Dream is the Declaration
of Independence for the Right to Life and
Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness ..
be careful
what you
for.. i’Ve
and FeeL/SeNse
aLL to weLL the
innocence lost of
use and lose LiFe
as Nature as
as GoD’s
Nature free
or pRisON so far
aWay from the call of the
WiLd of GoD thAt is born
Naked and Free and best liVinG
that way as metaphor for MoVinG
and CoNNecTinG LiFe reBoRn as child as God LiVes aGaiN..
in wonder and amazement as a gift oF liFE caN and WiLL DancE
and SinG liFE from dARk to liGht.. ‘tween sHades of Grey.. And.. BeYOnd
in an
of Heaven
NoW oh so aLiVE..:)

And i will now share Six videos of reaSon
from youTube heAr thaT provide a Great
core iN understanding toGeTheR what
the problems of modern liFE are..
the ironies oF all of this
are both incredibly
sad and
if we can juSt
gEt oUr shit togeTheR..
and if nothing else.. a few
folks can matrix un-plug aLonG
the way and set tHeiR sElf free
iF they live in a culture and or country
WiTh a Declaration like the U.S. has that
sTiLL cAN and WiLL work Now for them..
noW as IndepEndence oF Free..
iT works
for me
as all
the case study
I N T E N siVe
evidence heAR sHows/
Proves to any courtroom..
L A W Y e R oF LiFe NoW
judge.. and jury thAT/wHo
can see and heAR it..NoW..;)

And sure.. a couple of MacroVerse Memories to
share as Facebook so FReeLY provides iN
robot algorithm way..
as hey..
minds and even
“Mama’s Boys”
a prepared
way on the HighWay
‘straight’ to Heaven too..
as i spiRAl FReED noW
with a quote of this
“Pizza Man Playing”
somEwhaT shoRt
ago NoW2..:)



of GOD

fully expressed in

Yellow Boy..

And patterned Nautilus























MEAN OF 1.618…

The Dark side of Nature And..

And.. the All Seeing Eye.. i mean.. the LIGHT side of Nature..

And.. finAlly Wide Awake…


i must have

too much time

on my hands.. that’s

five Facebook profile status

photos in only 9 hours.. an all-time

record for Katie Mia..aka FRED… What

can i say.. i like making FACES! he.. HE!

and the so-called tough guy crazy eye

with the Don’t FWM look

is one of my favorites to

display JUST



IT’S ONLY an act..

as IS ALL OF EGO to me

orchestrated by the director

and producer of my own

play of ego.. that is

i making I reality..

however.. i does


to wHere i’m GOING NOW!..


So what’s



i never wanna




the mysteries of life

is what makes IT ALL

amazing every now to me



i used

to plan

it out

day by day

decades in advance..

looking forward to this day or that day

or the end of all



retirement too..

but no.. life is always work for those

who truly RE

TIRE wheels

with no rubber

TO graces of human being

to simply be FREE child of Mother






i am born with the ability to see the patterns of GOD

through and through almost every abstract and natural




And i share that here..

is all i do..




blessings of ALL

this Pizza

man in


is for



And with all that said..





‘Tonight’ is my 43rd RAVE DANCE CELEBRATION






























i and I and !

for spirit!





the creator






And now.. from a year ago..
“WeYes oF God”..
as A FReED
verse NoW
oF liFe..
iN HeaVen
noW.. aT lEAst
for me as afTer
aLL iS sAid and
thiS GiFt
oN eaRTh..
use it noW as A
GreaTest GifT aLL
GoD GiVes NoW as
FeArless smART Now
UnCondiTonAL LoVe
FloWinG StreAMiNg
Rivers Waves
dArk to
liGht to
Colors noW..
iLiVeS oN..:)

Hi.. Noorain.. thanks
so much for dropping
by and
i stumbled
into you and
your blog as WeLL..
as aLL can/WiLL be art thaT flows..
and not
at aLL..
SMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
And have a liGht filLed NoW..:)

SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. thefeatheredsleep..
i followed your site here and
never got any new
and have
found it again
through a Google
search and i see you
have been just as busy writing
here and i will be back to catch up
as liGhteNinG fast reading can and will
do and haha! one of my posts as long as
A 40 thousand word Novel depending on the
muse and inspiration of the day SaMe.. so what
to say about disappearing foot prints in the snow
from the grief of life that grow so cold and numb
with or without pain wHeRe numb now is worse than
pain.. i kNoW and FeeL/SeNsE tHeRE was/is once
a day and so much more that
i dreamed of falling into
the Gulf and
a gAIn..
a huMaN
BeinG WinGinG DeeP
far above a bLack wHOle
SuN sOuL and suRE that’s the way
iT iS for neuro-diversity and bio-diversity
whoLe even from BiRth iF bOnes roll in dARker
roles of liFe… one.. i WiLL say are the footprints of liFe
i live and lived not much different from that other book
of ONE by Richard Bach who wrote the Seagull Story of
HiGher FliGht too.. ONE one wHOle so diFfeREnt so sAMe
so driVing warm to cold to ice HoT stArs as hole of Whole..
Experience ..mY FriEnd.. a masterpiece painting.. we.. A brush..
iN sHades of Grey.. RAinBoW coLors more
than scenes bEfore.. diMeNsioNs
oF FeeLinG and SenSinG
never foretOld that
words cannot
at lEAst
my FriEnd
for more oF LiGht ‘tween
DaRk oF aLL ThAT iS.. anyWay.. glad
i found you today for some ending words
foR just aNoTher Bible oF thiS Thing cAllEd Life..
as hey.. it isn’t ofTen.. i find folks like you… iN liFE.. mY FriEnd..

And to honor a couple more
blogging friends who have
been instrumental inspiration
of muse for my continuing
StreAming Free Verse poetic liGht..

SMiLes.. my friend.. Zee..
the greaTest Love/Empathy..
iN my opinion.. does come from
the challenges of life.. the stress..
disorder.. and even the bullies of life..
who will tell us.. we do not deserve
to exist.. sadly.. some folks
turn to darkness..
when these challenges
come.. but for those who never
give up.. even if.. there are no little
voices from Loving people who can
see the liGht iN a homeless person
from this earth of cultures
that no longer
the eYes
of Wisdom that
can come through
the victory instead of
vengeance over life’s
dArk.. with LiGht.. the
human SpiRit to survive
is great.. and pARt of why
the greaTEst liGhts of human
often come from the dArkest
challenges that
we all face
to some degree..
and perhaps the greaTEst
challenge is not being challenged
enough.. as there is no bliss as great
as the Victory of liGht that conquers
dARk.. wheRe one even understands
and forgives those who continue
to ignore or transgress
the survivors
among us..
die hard
and are still
energizer bunnies..
with greater liGht
than ever before..
you are a liGht
my friend.. now
who continues
to grow.. and
wheRever i
see this
i for
not let
go of that
iN liGht.. my
friend.. Zee..
and sure.. sometimes
i have to travel literAlly
thouSands of miles iN a
split second to find iT
great fortune
as well.. and
that’s the best
thing about online..
it is a big small
to find those
who can at least
relate to different
now in liGht..:)

And.. finally A MacroVerse
inspired here by friend Lala Rukh
from three years ago.. that i’ll quote
again.. as what are another hundred words
or so.. at this point.. only more as more goeS oN..

The Child’s Dream

THere IS A time when children ARE born with no matter
of who the father IS as the village raises the children..
and everyone IS family..and people reAlly connect as their
very survival dependS ON tHIs connection…

IN THIS WORLD women ARE the leaders as well as men..
sometimes more so..than even….

Everyone love IS necessary to survive….

This IS before agriculture…

Then agriculture..comes..and time to be still..and yes a
stagnant mind and body..can make an illusion of evil..for all of mankind…

Well..then comes the idea that wealth IS important..and yes my friend..this
is where the Dowry it becomes insure that wealth..
in collecting ..or whatever..IS THE GOAL IN LIFE…


YA SEE.. Muhammad and Jesus..come to deliver a message..that this IS not a way to go..that simply illusion..that IS not true human happiness of divine love..sharing..caring..and even what wild wolves share in the snow…

But OH MY GOD..NO ONE REALLY LISTENS…not many at least…

THESE new agricultural..patriarchal ways of control and dominance..over others..for material gains..continue and even ARE PUT FORTH..AS TRUTH..TO SPOIL THE WORDS OF THESE TWO PROPHETS….

But NOW..people are listening to TRUTH ALL OVER THE WORLD..









This is about how long agriculture..has been around…

Moving .. hunting… gathering.. sharing… loving..

is the way of the little child….to continue to live life…

in the Heaven

Your story inspires my words dear..this is nothing personal for any hope of anything i can do for ya now..

But it is truth..simple and plain.. as my wolf friend in the snow…could tell ya..

if hOWLing could SPEAK words..2ya

I cannot tell ya how sad i feel for i can not give this to ya..

my truth th@IS…

It is always for ya to find..dear..and I WISH you the best and weALTH OF LOVE…

And i only wish the light of your wedding dress..IS IN yOur eyes..on your wedding day..

for simply being love my dear is all…

DIVINE LOVE..the eternal spirit..

that lives



So DIVINE love.. and my tears free flOWLy for YA…
As you did help to open up my soul..and
what seems like ten or twelve thousand years ago now…
As divine LOVE is reAlly eternity…
To live in IT IS nowforevermore…in HEAVENOW..

To live out side of IT…




Peace to ya friend..and blessings come yOUR way….

Note: often created

to deliver deeper meanings..

of the ‘supraorganism..

of mind’.

th@IS described..

as the spiritual mind

of overall human kind…

The eye of symbolic of many things..

Along with the mythology of ISIS..the mother

of HORUS..and OSIRIS..the father


HORUS… the story goes..the matriarchs..per ISIS..or the

GODDESS in effect before Agriculture..

in the days of sharing of Hunters and

gatherers ..that is still a way

of life in primitive



And OSIRIS or the Father the way

of Patriarchal rule past agriculture..

to collect ‘things’ and dominate..

and control other folks..




other material gains… the story continues..the

NOW is a time for the emergence of a NEW

WORLD ORDER of HORUS and the ALL seeing

Eye of Liberty..Freedom..and Justice

for all Human


The human child once again..







Okay.. weLL.. now that this
is FinAlly Completing what surely
is A Million and about 42 thousand
words oF A Newly Named third revision
of A Bible named Nether Land Bible 2017..
here is an easy short-cut too to the bible as
sure.. just start with the first verse and move
on.. if you can marathon read like that hehe.. yes..

“tSuNaMi 7tH WaVe oF LoVE”.. A First MacroVerse.. of Nether Land Bible 2017
at 19,904 words spArKinG this New Bible oFF continuing to GRow too..
NoW at this Ocean whOle Poem MacroVerse as number.. 740.. too..
by name of
this Bible at
the end instead
of the beginning for
now and for now beginning
for some more words as i say here too..

SurEly.. A forecast of what would evEnTuAlly come next
here.. as a celebration of not only a New bible.. all
personal as such but also a full 42 months of
recovery from hell for 66 months in An
Ascension of Heaven on juST anothER Manic
Monday.. about three
dayS iN
Phoenix ashes
on Beautiful Navarre
Beach.. with my wife then..
yes.. more fully on Manic Monday..
July 22nd.. 2013.. wHeRE A 6 pointed
Planetary Alignment named the Star
of David came to eARTh too.. a fEast
for every now for holy and sacred
meaning and purpose as we
and as
GoD’s eYes
toward liGht or
dARk.. i for one.. Now..  continue..
A Row for OceAn FuLL oF liGht WhOle noW..:)








BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)

51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)

338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3.3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)

Grand Cross Bible 2016

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)

CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017
991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)

VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017
The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)

CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn
Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)



WiNks.. Shawna.. yOur
sTar is missing
A point for 6
iS misSinG a Petal…
bE back lateR iF
A WhoLeNoW
doeS not
or beCoMe
A Re: Wolf Flower RatS Star..;)

Shawna says and i quote her directly..
“Hey you. I tried to visit you a couple of days ago,
but your awesome blog takes so long to load..:)
I hope I’m not a rat’s star! Ew.
Now a re-wolf flower,
I can definitely
get down with.

(I love palindromes and anagrams. So thank you for
always bringing toys with you when you come visit me, Fred.)

Hey.. as ‘they’ say.. rats and us have a common
Rodent ancestor.. some 75 million years ago..
and we share a majority
of the same
DNA and
Lord knows
and feels the
crosses those rats
carry saving our lives
in all those science experiments
too.. but it seems they started
sharing the grain in our
silos and the
folks who
wanna share..
got pissed off at
our hungry rat cousins
and then came the importance
of the cat.. hehe.. anyWay.. Shawna Baby
i haven’t had a day off of writing in almost 74 months
and i do mean 7 days a week.. first 33 or so of that in
hell writing and the 33 before the 74 months without a
word or even a photo or gosh even a song to be tolerated then
with right eye
on Terminator
fire and right ear too
in dentist drill pain
without novocaine
too but i must say all that
work to survive brought me to this
point today where i am publishing the
third revision of a Bible since Christmas
Day of 2017.. started the whole now 1.052 Million
word effort noW in 69 MacroVerses since the first MacroVerse
published online of course on Memorial Day of 2016.. didn’t
know i was writing a bible ’till close to Christmas Day as Lordy
that’s how the holy spirit creativity thingie works.. you do the work
first and then
you or someone
else gives it a label
later on.. hmm.. yeS and
i write all this on Facebook in
realtime too.. so what that means
is 15.252K words per MacroVerse and
130K words on average a month for 7 months
and 3 weeks too.. moving into the fourth week now..
as this is an open source bible too..
that will continue until
whenever.. with
help from
others too..
if they like.. of course..
to go along with the rest of the
3.3 million plus word long form poem now
comprising 740 Macroverses in this 74th ending month
of writing now.. overall since Thanks Giving Day of 2010
as hey.. i had to get some on the job training in both
reason land and poetry land for homework enclosed
in over a total of 12 million words too..
Jesus.. this John 14:12 stuff is
a really
Job.. i think
most folks fail
to realize that you
can do greater works in
anything that Jesus did in
his life including writing another
bible as he did say greater works
are possible with basically Luke
Red hot laser focused faith
all 100 percent full
re-born as such too..
hmm.. i think the only
online person who has agreed
that this is along the lines of that
is that nice lady Lynn from dVerse..
other than that last weekend my mother
told me i was going to hell for saying this
all was holy spirit inspired and that i was a
bragging witness for God with all the facts
and numbers for evidence of doing this too.. as hey..
who else
is gonna
the words
except for word
press and me.. hehe..
anyWay.. the last 25K MacroVerse
in a comments section that i am
fixing to publish after i add you to the
mix in honor of course per the muse you
provide too.. to inspire more spirit of words..
the 69th MacroVerse will be finished and then it’s
on to more more
more tomorrow..
and yes.. it’s true//i am
getting much too large to see..
except for the public fancy dancy
stuff where i just met 6666 miles
all measured up of doing that on December
27th in precisely 40 months since start of that
on August 27th.. 2013.. and documented in a first You
Tube Video at Best Buy on that date.. anyway.. since
you have a Daughter with Asperger’s syndrome and you
probably have as much of that along with the Bi-polar
thingie as me.. know you won’t mind me sharing.. as honestly
but me
and God and
a few other people
give a FucK about this..
and hey.. par for the course as
they say in the history books and other
bibles and stuff like that.. one day technology
will overall catch up with my Fredenstein Brain
and perhaps
will be able
to see more
than the non-verbal
stuff i carry on as a way-ward
son.. as Kansas might say too..
oh yeah.. on the topic of the number 74..
740.. etc.. and i just the love the number 69
too as it’s like the Golden Spiral Phi mean of
1.618 and sure.. oTheR STuff too..
to reduce
the population
and all of that
so the other species
of animals will get a fair
chance to survive and thrive
in Heaven on eARTh
oh yeah.. i finished the 74th
Verse of my first blog before i moved
on to 740 more MacroVerses on Word Press…
so sure.. it’s
a day
74 i guess
and 69 is always
good.. and Shawna
baby is alWays cool..
as i drive through and
say thanks for coming
by and
nice to me today..
oh.. i really love people..
and SonG..
people tend to
like me so much more
when i keep my mouth shut..
hehe.. a car load of young women
asked for my autograph catching me coming
out of my car in the Bar parking lot.. while driving
down a side road.. spotting me from the distance and
after i gave them a selfie as they circled the city block
and stuck their head out for one.. they drove
away asking (yelling at) me to
take my
shirt off..
i could
have given them
a link but i am too
modest for that..
likes me
a little
at least
without all these
words that make me
like a thief in broad daylight online..
as i row
waves more..
eniGma.. i’ll GRoW..
hehA.. seen or unseen..
and an iPHone6s and plus that edition
me up..
by the way..
and see ya neXt
go ’round Shawna
baby.. got a midnight
deadline to get this shit
all published as that little birdie
of the holy spirit keeps taling
me to
iF yoU SeeK IN God
get the job dOne..
FucKinG now OK..
as the holy spiRit don’t have
to play
human rules
only on this planET heRe..
ha.. and
oh yeah..
a Valentine’s
bLow kiss
too in
i don’t see
yA aGain unTil
sweet heART
and smArt
ass days..
oh.. yeah.. and the
name of the third
Revision of the Bible
is “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
yep.. the numbers and names keep
reMains isREaL2..
i wanna call God a Flower
change it to a verb like FloWer..
but now that i proved two Flowers
can make a werewolf in reverse letters
and words no one will probably ‘by’
they’ll change
tHeir heARTS
in new
of FlowErs too..;)


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I like to write.
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8 Responses to Nether Land Bible 2017

  1. All of Nature both seen and unseen
    is sublime in terms of
    God all thAT iS NoW
    and Merriam
    number 1
    Adjective definition too..
    A.. B.. and C aLL..

    “a : lofty, grand, or exalted in thought, expression, or manner
    b : of outstanding spiritual, intellectual, or moral worth
    c : tending to inspire awe usually because of elevated quality
    (as of beauty, nobility, or grandeur) or transcendent excellence”

    Nature Deficit Disorder seen and unseen
    AKA as NDD
    and GD
    yes NoW..aLL..
    God Disorder sAMe
    too.. out of BaLanCinG
    from Uni-DaughterSoneTc..
    Force oF One when Division
    Bells are no longer heard..
    and yes.. got just
    the sublime
    for this
    too by piNk Floyd
    as surEly MaGiC
    and Sublime music
    and yes.. a day in the beautiful
    Clear Creek Forest in Saint Rose
    of Flowers County in the State of
    Flowers Florida.. yes.. Santa Rosa County
    here in Florida makes all of sublime coMe to
    fruition in human eYes too as wE continue to
    DancE and sinG A SonG oF GoD iN FeeLinG
    and SeNSinG way beyond words too to celebrate
    this wonderful and yes.. sublime gift oF liFE wiTh NatuRE/
    GoD eYes too.. as our Indian ancestors LiVinG as NaTuRe
    never ever separated from God as Nature then.. Wing of a Prayer
    of liFe always now then now.. when i am iN Nature/GOD aWay from clothes
    of Trump Towers.. i fly.. oh.. i fly so hiGh WiTh WinGS of God/NATURE so far aWay
    from the
    oF eARTh
    bound misfit i used
    to be tied to Mother’s
    Apron Strings of Love that
    while Flower took me away
    from the dirt of life that
    feeds A Tree
    of liFE
    in ways
    of GRains iN sand NoW
    that hOld uP Fearless smARt
    Love STiLL noW iN Unconditional
    Love that sees and feels and senses
    thE liGht ‘Tween DARk BeyOnd seen and
    unseen RainBow Sublime Colors of GoD FliGht..
    or God speed or let’s jusT say when one beCoMes one
    WiTh GoD iN moVinG coNnecTinG creaTiVe ForCe iN
    GiVinG.. ShaRinG Ways of HeARt expresSinG SpiRiT NoW
    oF FeeLinG SeNSinG heARt and SoUl BaLanCing as MiNd
    And BoDy diVine maSculine WiLL and StrenGth wiTh diVine feMiNinE
    Grace and Love as once aGaIN Gift oF HuMan BeinG poTenTiaL from
    BiRth that can be exercised into Force of HiGheST hUman PotEnTiaL
    iN eYes LiVE on this beautiful blue.. green.. brown.. steadily white snow capped
    poles.. yes.. steadily melting over out of BaLAnCE iN Nature Deficit Disorder of holding
    all this home of eARTh sAcred in GiVinG back to NaTuRE whOle more than TaKinG
    in all the ways
    that comes
    in the
    DancE and
    SonG oF LiFe iN
    shArinG ways too..
    if the alarm cLocks are not
    going off yet.. hOUston.. we have
    A problem.. Tom FucKerY has come
    to a town with a tallsmall symbol of a phallic
    reality now that has become a man.. low below
    the sublime Nature of GoD as NatuRE as Love
    Can DancE SinG a SonG greater than taking taKing
    A B O V E
    away from
    bEcomes a way
    oF liFe for a country
    held hoStage and NatUre
    same by a Tower over liFE
    and home of NatuRE
    GoD sAMe
    respect and never
    raping again out of BaLAnCinG
    ForcE NaTuRE’s/God’s Guiding liGht Free NoW..
    And really it’s all so disgusting how could anyone be
    any paRt oF God not to see it butt ‘they’ are STiLL pArT
    oF liGht of God and Nature sAMe even daRkESt Trump beLow Love..
    Yes.. Love Trumps Hate when isREal and not a stone Tower of DArk..:)

    Do not siNk to Levels of Censorship as hate..
    As Free SinGS a SonG beyond a Lunatic
    fate of frowns beyond crazy aS liGht now
    the dARk Side of The mOOn has
    come to fright.. how ever
    we receive a communion
    of dARk WiLL DancE
    and SinG
    A Song
    oF LiFe..
    so yes.. i continue
    to be disgusted by a total
    disregard for honesty and integrity
    and the restrictions of liberties and
    Freedoms same.. but all i can say is i for
    one am Glad i am no longer on any active
    payroll for the Government as i do not work for this
    ‘man’.. i work for the all that is as Nature now aka GoD
    who/that is Free that/wHo liVes iN and aS mE.. no more
    Government Golden Handcuffs and mouth muzzles or any
    at the helm heAR
    and sorry for those who
    are even more handcuffed now
    from the DARk Force that has
    noW enteRed and stays
    iN thEir
    of Work now.. to ugh
    ugh.. yuckie.. FucKeRy FaiL..
    yep.. iF wasn’t for fear of the
    back lash of the 40% of Minion
    True who would back the Trump
    no matter gun shot wound to innocent
    human or not.. in ‘his’ own words to that affect of course..
    no doubt.. the impeachment papers would already be in the works..
    but hey.. what ya gonna do when ya answer to Minions of Ignorance
    over TrUth
    and liGht..
    do what
    they say.. huh..
    if you are not a billionaire
    and still need a job.. oh.. the
    Golden Handcuffs of isREaL SiN..
    And politicians lunatic tRAins oF dARk..
    side oF
    Hmm with that sAid
    in defense of MOTheR
    NatuRe Seen and Unseen
    as GoD one from the
    rape of
    small and
    drafty creaky
    like a haunted house
    with Apricot colored sKin
    and comb over tHERe iN HeLL..
    yep.. once again.. Love Trumps Hate!..
    with a little DaRk Side of the Moon
    to Lunatic

    Now..for a few Facebook all algorithm
    FReED MacroVerse Memories to also
    reLaTE aGaIn.. beginning now with
    from three wHole pARt years ago..
    and oh.. the relief to escApe the
    priSons of culTure
    to spring
    up iN the dayliGht
    and surE niGht niGht now
    too.. to free oneself from the
    repressions and oppressions
    of cultuRE bEfore to haze away
    all the fear and further eXplore the
    diViNE feminine and masculine liGht
    and DArk of DaY AnD niGht too..
    as any bird as HUman NoW
    aWay Free
    from cAges of the past..
    and yes.. a little to a lot of
    silly can and will
    set ya free2
    too as
    A liGht2
    heARt FLYs and
    A Hard ass falls more to dARk fAiL
    thAn LiGht oF FliGht.. oH.. so free and hiGh..:)

    Now.. a MacroVerse titled Alien Wisdom from two years
    ago.. while i was still attempting to help the folks on the
    Wrong Planet with a little bit of my Nature
    lEarned new innate..
    beyond text
    books led
    hard resistant
    to change in halls of schools..
    but the thing is.. a closed mind
    sadly refuses to open to new
    highway and path potenTiALs
    of liVinG hUman LiFE i try i cry
    i cry i try.. is all i can and WiLL do..
    no longer pARt of thAT community online..
    dusting my feat of feet and hands more off
    OtHeR places to generate mY own liGht and liFe
    the dARker
    corners of Internet web liFe..;)

    Ah.. yes.. WrecKinG bAll of Fearless Love from a year ago.. A MacroVerse
    soon to double then as a first MacroVerse and 1st chapter of 5 MacroVerses
    too.. in sequential 5 Chapter order compriSinG a new GodsUniVerseNovel2 of 51K
    words back in February of 2016.. while simultaneouSly also writing a GodsUniVerseNovel3..
    comPriSinG A Novel of 338,630 words at the end of April of 2016.. for an entire year
    of poetic expression from the stArt of April 2015 through the end of March 2016..
    precisely on the 31st.. fALLing behind a little.. catching up more in April and publishing
    then at the end of the month in April.. 2016.. wiTh juST another Record of Record years
    oF wRiTing in 2016.. as the next stop at the end of May on Memorial
    Day.. 2016.. the 1st MacroVerse titled tSuNaMi 7th WaVe oF LoVE that

    now doubles as the first MacroVerse of three bible revisions WiTh latest
    Revision as “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. all 69 MacroVerses and 1.052 milLioN
    Words for that big personal bible.. and more to come as every MacroVerse from
    now on tacks some more on.. sure.. a rhetorical exercise in bible writing and symbolic
    of holy and sacred purpose and meaning iN liFe as i co-create my life with and as
    God LiVes WiThin me.. but hey.. that’s how ya get to HeAVen.. create more and
    more liGht eTErnAlly now and watch the milesTones turn into even more
    special snow fLakes oF Heaven noW streAMinG RiVers wAVes Ocean
    even more wHole wiTh and as God DanceS and SinGs iN hUman
    eYes i for now.. and yes.. like i love to say.. also.. not juST a 70th
    MacroVerse i am writing here for a continuing “Nether Land
    Bible 2017” butt also a continuing 741st MacroVerse
    of Ocean Whole Longest Long Form Poem
    as recorded on Google at plus
    more than 3.3 Million
    words with
    also a 145th
    Dance WeeK Celebration
    with all the Kool College age
    folks on Thursday Night with even
    more photos coming to the end of this
    post after the 26th of January 2017 ends
    for my 74th Month Anniversary of writing a
    total of 12 Million words as the Ocean Whole
    Poem started toward the end of August of 2013..
    BrinGinG that effort up to around 41 months now
    from Word Press stARt of 740 MacroVerses so far
    to date with this 741st MacroVerse yet to be named
    after “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. yep.. here comes that
    42 sacred and holy purpose and meaning number of life
    as sure.. i am already into the 42nd month of writing the
    Ocean WhOle Poem noW.. soon to approach around 4 Million
    words too.. likely by the four year anniversary in a couple of months
    of blogging altogether on March 10th of 2017.. and then after that comes
    Saint Patrick’s day..3.17.17.. 7,000 miles of Dance Walking to celebrate soon
    after that and 3 full years around the Pan Equinox Spring of 2017 too at good old
    Seville Quarter with another 6 month documentation of doing that in all photo
    way too.. as i collect.. copy.. and paste all the sweet smiling selfie photos with
    all the nice women there and me too… and fit all that iN one MacroVerse2..
    hey.. this is an auto-biography ongoing long form poem and bible now
    across several million word and step milestone maRkers now too..
    And pARt of that includes keeping track of the wHoLe as paRt
    of the entire effort DanceS and SinGS oN Free foR All NoW2..;)

    So.. yes.. as Beyonce DanceS
    in the YouTube Music Video..
    and yes.. SingS too.. per
    711.. yes.. i kick iT2..

  2. A SigNature pose wHerE
    Strength and Grace
    of Divine Masculine
    WiLL and
    Love hold
    within and as me..
    innate.. instinctual and intuitive
    pose wHeRe words come next NoW
    iN PoeTry to express in form an
    essence of human life in balance
    and the hiGhest innate.. instinctual
    and intuitive pART of hUman Art
    at core is the hUmor
    the division
    bell sings
    now when
    is no longer
    sepaRate pARt
    oF Fear.. Doubt..
    Anger.. and Hate..
    uniTy becomes one
    in one human being
    at lEast with no needs and
    wants as me in this moment on
    this Target Ball of Life.. thing is.. how
    many people can relate to this freedom oF
    aLL iNnate.. instinctual and iNtuitive human fLiGht
    when sidewalks and walls in general of systemizing
    science liFe oF Form are taKinG away the freedom of bEinG
    one with gravity of Nature and God sAMe when DiVision
    Bell brOught
    OwN SinGs
    New SoNG
    oF UniTy NoW…
    Not many it seems as
    who would understand A PiNk
    Floyd SonG and Video as deep
    as ‘this’ when Division Bells are currently
    ringing louder than ever in the United States now..
    so.. we move from a leader nominated for the Noble
    Peace Prize in just 11 days and now rewarded for wHo
    the delegate ‘pre-visionary’ clause of the voting process
    provides for those who gain what they wished for now
    as the reality of a country that is now viewed
    worldwide as the Tom FucKeRy of
    honor and integrity now of
    who and WHO will
    never be
    again.. WeLL.. the
    country came back
    from the lies and killing
    Empire strikes back then
    fields of the Bush Years and
    those years of the Vietnam era too..
    so.. sure.. we need more PiNk Floyd SonGs
    noW as the artists are alWays the prophets of
    the age at hand as human emotions/senses rule
    the rationality of the human and the world at Feat…
    Even science sHows the reaLiTy of this as our word mind
    is only the rider and writer of the camel and elephant sAMe
    that is the emotional and sensory and autonomic subconscious
    greater being that we are as pARt of God as Nature whole.. so.. i do
    my little pARt.. if for no other reaSon than to express my personal emotions
    and senses sAMe.. words are art that can be used as well as all otHeR forms
    of human created abstract constructs to change the HeARt of Grace and
    WiLL of Strength among all humans who liVe and daNce and siNg on
    thiS eARTh NoW.. in what one would hope for the audaCity
    of thaT emoTion and seNse in the SpiRiT oF Love
    thaT bRinGs spRinG of HeARt year ’round
    eternAlly now.. so.. sure.. i.. as the
    very nice customer
    at Walmart
    told.. me.. now
    then.. i bRinG SpRing
    iN thAt priSon of garage
    over-filling stuff.. year
    ’round.. i will do my little
    Art and DancE of flesh and blood
    liFe WiTh a voCal SonG oF heights with
    Saints iN SonG aT Church.. and the poEtry
    SonG of a little Ocean WhoLE poem of 3.3 million
    words plus StiLL RoWinG Ocean WHOle now aLong
    with a 1.052 miLLioN Word sTiLL GroWing ‘Nether
    Land Bible 2017′.. in this 70th MacroVerse.. sTiLL yeT
    unnamed Bible MacroVerse.. “Division Bells oF uNiTy’..
    now.. so named and if you thiNk i am DeMon possessed
    heHE.. for being this free as
    the Division Bells of
    religion have
    my moThERS
    eYes and heARt
    in fundamentalist side
    walk.. road.. and wall ways of liFE..
    i understand as the veils of ignorance per
    original Greek Definition of the word apocalypse
    in lifting those very heavy veils of ignorance do
    stARt on the home front now.. thing is.. i refuse
    to hate ‘you’ any less than i refuse to hate my mother
    for falling for all that cRaP of right wing faux news now
    and yes.. religious faux news as generated by all the rulers as
    Constantine/other Trump Emperors of 325 AD+/- and all the blow
    haired Evangelists/politicians after thAT and all the dusty tRail
    desert ones before thaT2 as i once too was
    a division bell priSoner of sidewalks..
    asPhalt roads and walls
    and words the sAMe..
    i fly free now..
    the writer
    and the
    and the
    camel and the
    elephant are a needle
    eye of laser Focus LiGht Truth
    Force of Chi Faith as Love WiLL GroW
    poSitive synergy oF ALL rise eterNaLLy NoW..
    sure.. i love you too and more than anything i wish
    you could live in a place as nice as the Heaven at hand isREalnow..
    i’m juST AnoTheR lucky one.. got unplugged and am now free.. aLL
    i can wish and hope as i DancE and SinG aGAiN is thaT
    for you.. but if i can’t bRinG and RinG it in my
    mother or wife’s eYes now even when
    they see it and feeL iT iN
    me for the fear
    it BringS
    to them
    oF dARk and
    Cynicism oF LiGht noW..
    sure.. it’s a real JOB of hELping
    otHeRs reach liGht now.. and
    suREly the JOB of JOB
    for me
    i mAKe the graDe.. NoW..
    perHaps WiTh WiLL/LoVe/LiGht..
    somEoNe else reGAiNs an inheRiTance
    from a spArk of Torch fLaMe
    so.. sAdly.. A most difficult of places for
    for those who live in the closet asleep as closest
    to my heArt oF Flesh now.. SpiRit DancES and sinGS wiDe aWaKe.. NoW..
    louder and liGht blinds dArk.. so sadly.. towards doubt.. anger.. fear and hate….
    been to hell
    i can’t
    shut-up about
    heaVen as DanCinG
    and SinGinG HeaVen iS
    no division beLL.. heAR..:)

    AnyWay.. wiTh ‘thaT’ sAid.. a Facebook Algorithm
    all Free Video Slide Show PresenTation now
    shared here of my uniTy witH NatUre and liFe
    in general oN juSt anotHeR Tuesday of BLiss
    And NirVana heRe iN DancE SonG FReED..:)

    And juST anotHeR Seagull and
    Shadow who lives the sAMe…
    one with bEach.. liFe never
    nOW A B88ch agAin.. NoW..
    And yeah.. nOw.. i got 60K or so
    words in the last three MacroVerses
    thaT comPrise the third reVision of my
    ‘Nether Land Bible 2017’ efFort of the
    current now to back up on three Facebook
    pages for text only effort now.. yep.. just three
    MacroVerses noW and the third one named as last
    chapter before of bible sAMe.. close to 26K words..
    requiring 3 Facebook Statuses to fit in tHeRe.. aLL iN
    A day of the life aS someone wHo CaN WiLL hoPe to bRinG
    any spArk
    oF Heaven
    at Hand now
    and feat too..
    to someone..
    now.. anyone
    else.. as hey..
    can’t hurt
    to try
    i cry
    i try some more.. ynot..
    as the gifts come.. the gifts they go..
    circling the globe from the ciRcus i DAncE
    And SinG forevermore now heAR aS Servers serve..;)

  3. WeLL.. as the piNk Floyd Parade continues to flow
    on with colors oF A Money Invasion.. i must say.. isn’t
    modern technology wonderful per say as not only was i
    three MacroVerses Behind for 60K words.. butt.. farther behind
    nowthen to A 2nd Revision of the last Macro-Verse that houses a title
    NoW iN vehicle and vessel sAMe as ‘Nether Land Bible 2017.. for a catch
    up in text only back-up on Facebook.. already.. of course.. written and copied
    and pasted back and forth to blogs in real time.. sometimes.. several times..
    depending on the music
    video or photography
    media to lead
    the words
    on in
    media for folks
    who don’t give a
    FucK about words more
    than 140 character twitter style
    or 50 or whatever it is to get the
    big type Gold Fish 8 second science
    assessed attention span of our modern
    divided attention for a zillion ways to go at
    any such moment as now.. on Facebook.. yeS iN
    big bold type.. yELperS on my personal Facebok Page
    and now two other pages administrated by me.. that makes..
    add it up Fredendstein Brain.. yes.. approximately 231K words
    as i didn’t add all the hundreds.. scoreS and single digit extra ones
    that make 77K words for 4 MacroVerses on one Personal Facebook
    page now.. and i really loved how the symbol of Yellow Boy in A thumbnail
    fetus-like sleep-curl and Nautilus shell symbol printed on bed comforter in
    the last “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. MacroVerse.. in three pArts all lined down
    the Personal Facebook page makes what looks like the symbol of a 96 diagonally
    per Golden PHI 1.618 spiral.. seen through Nature and God the same and sure.. heaRD
    in patterns of Word Flow VisuAlly seen in pyramid form on the written page too.. yep.. kinda
    like what this comes out to be.. before the innate.. instinctual and intuitive Flow goes on itS on
    wHeRE iT cares to go neXt innately.. instinctually and intuitively
    too like a stream and a river and the waves of Ocean
    SpRinG Flow too.. toGeThEr as a larger picture
    of water and shores one..
    fractals of the whole
    of Nature
    God too.. saMe..
    anYway.. the wife Katrina
    still asks me if the algorithm automatically
    makes the shapes of my DancE and SonG FloW
    for me appear Centered then on page.. and i sTiLL tale
    her.. nah.. dear.. it is the nature of all that lives within me
    all free.. you know and feel and sense that stuff ‘they’ Call..
    God the Father and the Holy Spirit going through A Son of
    Man as human too.. juST different metaphors dear wife
    now for the same
    dAM thing.. now
    God lives within
    dear.. as Holy
    Spirit Flow
    spiRiT expreSsing HeARt
    iN A MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
    soUL of FeeLinGS and SeNsEs too..
    as EmoTiOns and SeNsoRy BlisS and
    Nirvana continues to GRoW Ocean whOle
    NoW FloW iN ZoNe.. so iN short.. yes
    Dear now
    is God
    as Spirit NoW
    as Son of Nature..
    yep.. juST one that is
    me in these words noW
    as PaRT oF WhOle but never
    the less one with one wHole WiTh
    aLL oF God wHOle too.. ‘Capice’.. WeLL..
    dependS on one’s abiLiTy to keep uP with
    mY HuMan GoD PoTenTiaL PaRt of aLL of GoD
    wHOle noW.. i could reVert back to Twitter and 50 character
    or whatever Bold type word demands of Facebook too.. but hey..
    the world is still free as God within me.. and so far.. no one has taken
    this freedom of Speech and Expression away.. and as long as i am too big
    to see.. haha!.. no doubt i will be overlooked and keep my place more than
    a ‘1984’ non-person as Orwell did say.. in ‘double speak’ and ‘alternative fact’
    Trump speak now.. Money sucks.. don’t need to make it anymore.. that makes me now
    freer than most.. but the part that makes me freest of all is now not having any desire..
    need.. or want to make anymore money now.. that comes in sizes ranging from
    unused boats and campers in the back yard.. garages filling bigger homes
    in terms of Walmart ‘stuff’ and the so-called more upper class marts with
    little aRT of sOUL aS Such.. too.. but hey.. if i can make Walmart
    into an online art exhibit per do and photo and
    copy and paste too.. i suppose i am
    getting true scotsman off
    the hook
    of money
    bait and stuff
    for priSon more time
    in cLocks and walls and
    sidewalks of time.. anyway..
    always like to give credit to
    all the muse that comes my
    way and pARt of this
    is also inspired
    by Facebook
    FriEnd Cortney
    who shares a FucKinG
    Ridiculous 1984-like quote
    from Trump’s double speaking
    alternative fAct speaker along with
    another one of his serving minions
    who continue to follow the most
    despicable leader so far
    in United States
    history so
    far second
    to Bush as at least
    the Trump Administration
    is not indirectly responsible for
    any deaths yet.. but hey.. misery and
    suffering and mental anguish and overall
    reduction of trust per Existential iNtelligence
    of the Cultural Environment now.. hard to meaSure
    those ‘casualties’.. but one thing for sure is more to coMe
    now on that.. perHaps.. LesSon LeARned that no matter what or
    who ‘you’ vote for next.. nah.. be careful of the devil you kNow
    who will FucK you uP.. no matter what your ideals may be.. NoW
    reaLiTy is cold and hot and warm froZen sTuFF too.. and the areas
    of grey.. so-greatly exceed the ideals of bLack
    and wHite thOught.. it’s reAlly hard to
    say wHere this experiment
    will go next..
    but StILL Now..
    A GREAT! Opportunity
    to unplug and be free does exist..
    that’s enough for me.. so i art on
    iN DancE and SonG more..
    money ain’t my
    as the
    God oF Trump
    and Trump of God same..
    this Trump theme and meme
    is gonna travel a long way from here..
    and you kNow what they say about kids looking
    for attention.. sometimes.. A Joker.. “wait unTiL they
    get a load of me”.. goes a long long way
    doesn’t knoW the name of someone like Hitler.. no one..
    i know.. And that’s the thing about empathy-less people..
    anything beyond Love.. can and will go.. the beast we are
    fighting is both us and human nature and oveRAll NatUre..
    God and sAMe.. Trump is proof that tHeRE are surely
    so-caLLeD ‘bAd apples’ sTiLL oN GoD’s Tree NoW..
    And sure.. minions and more minions folLow
    hiM to faLL the sAMe way his
    apple does.. down.. down..
    dOWN iN A place
    so far
    from A
    LoVe oF liGht NoW..
    meanwhile.. i for one.. WiLL Fly
    wiTh and as DancE and SonG oF LiGht..:)


    SMiLes.. my FriEnd gigoid..
    glad you felt good enough
    to create this post and
    be by later
    to catch
    up on
    the historical
    re-blogs as hey..
    the sages of the ages
    have just as much to
    say noW in differences
    of opinions and so sAid
    faCt of Before more than
    NoW iN
    fActs one does
    continue to wish.,
    so.. off to the pearls
    of quotes i go with a
    work-out coming
    soon before
    too.. For more after thaT..:)

    “Life, like a dome of many-colored glass,
    stains the white radiance of eternity.”

    ~~ Percy Bysshe Shelly ~~

    True.. WhitE LiGht
    compRises aLL
    RainBow coLors..:)

    “Truckin’, like the do-dah man
    Once told me “Gotta play your hand.
    Sometimes your cards ain’t worth a dime
    If you don’t lay’em down.”
    Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me;
    Other times I can barely see.
    Lately it occurs to me
    What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

    ~~ Truckin’ by Garcia, Weir, Lesh, Hunter ~~

    iDo.. noT

    “A life without cause is a life without effect”

    ~~ Barbarella ~~

    Words come after that…
    as simiLar

    You can be happy or you can be miserable –
    the choice is yours.

    ~~ Subtle Bee ~~

    Yes.. the Environment
    plays A YUGE
    Trump ways too..:)

    “We turn not older with years,
    but newer every day.”

    ~~ Emily Dickinson ~~

    And Youth
    wiTh positive Change..!
    oF EmoTioNs
    for adaPtaTioN
    to continUing Stuggle/Stress..
    Positive Ways!..:)

    “Fear is the lock and laughter the key to your heart.”

    ~~ Steven Stills~~

    PerHaps.. A greaTeST proof NoW
    that most sacred texts fAil to deLiver
    heARTFuLL aS sucH WiTh SpiRit
    of MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL
    the beef
    noW oF
    beBoLd beYond
    so-called hUman eYes teXt wisdom BeForE..
    Wisdom aLL withOut huMor noW IS A hUman lie..
    And sure..
    lust too..
    the homo
    sapiens sapiens
    innate.. instinctual.. intuitive
    TruTh oF liGht seT aL..L FReED..
    NoW iN laugHinG
    ForCE WiTh LoVe
    of course.. as horse
    SenSE and FeeL too..:)

    “For water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow.”

    ~~ Plutarch — Of the Training of Children~~

    Be water as
    Bruce Lee says and air
    me out aS FliGht as
    i do…
    holLoW noW..;)

    “If you cannot find it in yourself,
    where will you go for it?”

    ~~ Confucius ~~

    FeeL LiGht
    from anoTHeR…
    for now that’s what
    mirror neurons do.. do..
    And soMe otHeR sTUFF+
    oF LiGht thaT Science
    has not yET discoVered
    wiTh A method and
    instruMent noW…
    See/feel/sense more
    And do ‘this’ morE Now..:)

    “Death is every man’s final critic.
    To die well you must live bravely.”

    ~~ Edward Abbey ~~

    Fear is die…
    As liVinG lifEFuLL..:)


    WeLL i am behind on four with
    three to go.. looks like i’LL need
    a 17 minute or so Animals..
    more specifically
    Dogs Song
    Pink Floyd
    of 1977 era to
    accompany the folloWinG
    words like Pigs or Aghogday
    on a Wing.. ah.. reminds me of
    high school days when i rarely
    slept nights and edged my
    way through days..
    with lids
    that strained
    to liFt much higher
    then.. laser focus listening
    to the teacher as my greaTest
    fear then was maKinG less than
    a grade of A.. now.. i find tHeiR are
    no labels at all for success only bliss and
    nirvana within as surely a wolf or a dog’s
    moon full hOwl met iN
    Force wiTh
    Nature now
    comes nexT…
    anyWay.. the best
    thing about music like
    this is the trip they were on
    when they made the song
    comes through in EmoTioNal
    and SenSory Response through
    deeper and slower waves of bRain relay..
    anyWay.. off to the quotes of pearls i go and surELy
    this SonG can be played over from any pARt and the
    FloW of bRaiN ReiGns on as ReinS more of timeless streAMs
    Ocean more
    oKay.. enough
    FloWinG heRe i guess
    for even more to coMe hehe..;)

    “Authority has every reason to fear the skeptic,
    for authority can rarely survive in the face of doubt.”

    — Robert Lindner

    authoritY aS
    Force NoW
    WitHin.. INsidE
    outsiDe.. aBove..
    so belOw.. all aRound
    directed by i of I WiTh
    SpiRiT! oF EmoTions!..
    DanCinG and SinGinG!
    as heARt iN MiNd and
    BoDy BaLanCinG soUL
    morE as directed By WiLL over
    fearless smART UnConDiTioNaL
    LoVe thaT FeeLs and seNses more
    and more NoW SeNSinG FeeLinG
    never now
    LiFe isREaL..:)

    The good want power, but to weep barren tears.
    The powerful goodness want : worse need for them.
    The wise want love; and those who love want wisdom.

    — P.B. Shelley, “Prometheus Unbound”

    Once aGaiN
    Force as Faith
    as all or half
    on and off..:)

    — How many assholes does it take to change a light bulb?
    None, assholes never see the light anyway.

    — Smart Bee

    SurELy so
    aS TrUth is WiSdom
    And liGht is Love..:)

    “A shelf of classics for our young adults:
    Tolkien, Hesse, Casteneda, Kerouac, Salinger,
    Tom Robbins, and “The Last Whole Earth Catalog”.

    — Edward Abbey

    If never heard
    on Facebook..
    Twitter do
    aS Such
    by most..:)

    “How can they say my life isn’t a success?
    Have I not for more than sixty years got enough
    to eat and escaped being eaten?”

    — Cindy Adams

    an ultiMate
    success for now
    however.. without living
    life not much success about that..
    and FeLT..;)

    “The wise man can pick up a grain of sand and envision a whole universe.
    But the stupid man will just lie down on some seaweed and roll around
    until he’s completely draped in it. Then he’ll stand up and go, “Hey, I’m Vine Man.”

    — Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey

    i ratHeR
    do boTh..
    alWays NoW..
    gRaiNs oF ViNe
    rEaChinG sAnds..;)

    “Whenever anybody says he’s struggling to become a human being
    I have to laugh because the apes beat him to it by about a million years.
    Struggle to become a parrot or something.”

    — Jack Handey, “Deep Thoughts”

    Seems the
    Bonobo these
    days is mosTly
    moRe hUman
    modern culTures..:)

    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

    — Confucius

    oF symbols

    “A man’s gotta know his limitations.”

    — Dirty Harry [Clint Eastwood] in “Magnum Force”

    And FeeL and SenSE
    More than
    KnoWn bEfoRE..:)

    “The road to a friend’s house is never long.”

    — Danish proverb

    end oF
    OF MiNe..;)

    “Trouble rather the tiger in his lair than the sage amongst his books.
    For to you Kingdoms and their armies are things mighty and enduring,
    but to him they are but toys of the moment, to be overturned by the flicking of a finger.”

    — Chinese proverb

    Fiction to reaLiTy
    metAphor oF
    and BoDY
    ForCe unleAshed
    relEased aS FREE..:)

    “My Teacher said that that
    that that
    that man used is incorrect.”

    — Smart Bee

    Hmmm.. wonder why people write such
    long lines when A mouth refuses to do that
    aS Such
    aS StReAMs
    FLoW Rivers
    Waves Ocean wHole..;)

    OKay.. off to 3 of 4 now..;)

    “.. hubub,
    hubub, HUBUB,
    hubub, hubub, hubub,
    HUBUB, hubub, hubub, hubub.”

    — Zippy the Pinhead

    Hub Hub
    Hub Hub Hub
    Hub Hub Hub Hub

    Ub Ub
    Ub Ub Ub
    Ub Ub Ub Ub



    without ubu
    and the other MiNions..;)

    “A little experience often
    upsets a lot of theory.”

    — Cadman

    Yep.. for instance
    one is strongest
    at 30
    or so
    as the
    evidence for
    me proves incorrect
    with an additional anecdotal
    example of the cost of couch
    per science
    and tedtalk
    and stuff like
    that that
    too much
    in one place..;)

    “If the King’s English
    was good enough for Jesus,
    it’s good enough for me!”

    — Ma Ferguson, Governor of Texas (circa 1920)

    Jesus F. iN Christ
    iF oNly ‘tHey’
    Jesus’ back
    iN A DAy..

    “Life is always like high school.
    Which is interesting, because high
    school is nothing like life.”

    — Jon Carroll, SF Chronicle, November 17, 1995.

    Hmm.. standard
    school IQ tEaches
    how to become
    paRt of a machine
    that works now buTT
    rarELy A wHoLe

    “It is not a fish until it is on the bank.”

    — Irish Proverb

    True.. juSt
    oF A
    as water swims fish..;)

    Where the Sidewalk Ends

    “There is a place where the sidewalk ends
    And before the street begins,
    And there the grass grows soft and white,
    And there the sun burns crimson bright,
    And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
    To cool in the peppermint wind.

    Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black
    And the dark street winds and bends.
    Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow
    We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
    And watch where the chalk-white arrows go
    To the place where the sidewalk ends.

    Yes we’ll walk with a walk that is measured and slow,
    And we’ll go where the chalk-white arrows go,
    For the children, they mark, and the children, they know
    The place where the sidewalk ends.”

    ~~ Shel Silverstein

    Places NoW
    wHeRe TRumP
    M i N i O N S
    rarely roll off
    borders of
    priSon iNsiDe..:)

    “Beware the lightning
    that lurketh in the undischarged capacitor,
    lest it cause thee to bounce upon thy
    buttocks in a most untechnician-like manner.”

    — The First Commandment for Technicians

    “Is the printer plugged into the wall power socket?
    Is the plug wire from the wall plugged into the back of the printer?”

    — The First Two Questions for the Printer Help Desk Technician

    “Did you try to reboot the computer?”

    — The First Level Help Desk Question

    Hmm.. and people
    wonder why they
    can’t hardly
    off the
    chair once
    Computer Screens..:)

    “Work thou not on energized equipment,
    for if thou dost, thy fellow workers will
    surely buy beers for thy widow and
    console her in other ways.”

    — The Seventh
    for Technicians

    not likely
    if there is
    still video
    at home..
    oR A Basement aS Such..;)

    Hmm.. now..
    foR foUr..
    oF FouR..;)

    “Worriers spend a lot of their time chasing smoke.”

    – Claude McDonald

    And i do

    “The no-mind not-thinks no-thoughts about no-things.”

    — Buddha

    Writer and Rider of Camel
    and Elephant sAMe
    and DiFFeREnt
    of subconscious
    miNd and BoDy
    aT LiGht…
    After that..
    MiNd words
    are as reaSon miNd/BoDy..
    And foRm of so much MoRe..:)

    Scots, wha hae wi’ Wallace bled,
    Scots, wham Bruce has aften led,
    Welcome to your gory bed,
    Or to victory!
    Now ‘s the day and now ‘s the hour;
    See the front o’ battle lour.

    — Robert Burns (1759-1796) — Bannockburn

    Great scotsman true
    toilet tissue..
    in the last
    of both
    and itching..;)

    “When you slithered out of your hole that day, and you spewed your venom all over this defenseless 12-year-old girl, you made this court’s top 10 hit list. In a way, the best sentence this court could give would be no sentence at all, because if you left this courtroom I don’t think you would be alive 10 minutes. You are nothing but a weed, a weed among wheat…And when we have a weed, it’s my job to eradicate the weed, because if you don’t you will choke the wheat. Therefore, I’m going to take you off the streets for just as long as I possibly can. It means you aren’t even eligible for parole until you’re 92. That leaves only one more count, aggravated robbery. ..You stole this little girl’s bra as a souvenir, probably to brag about it to your friends later on. Well, I’m going to give you a souvenir of Trumbull County justice. And that is, you will receive a maximum sentence of 10 to 25 on the aggravated robbery for the stealing of that bra. And I hope that if you last 25 years in prison that you remember that souvenir.

    Get this scum out of here!”

    — A sentence passed by Judge W. Wyatt McKay of Trumbull County, Ohio

    Hmm.. only souvenirs
    i have are dancing
    18 plus
    year old women..
    hmm.. alWays
    too oF
    sigNificant oTheRs..
    as Mine doesn’t ever worry..
    uP NoW..;)

    “I love to go down to the schoolyard and watch all the
    little children jump up and down and run around
    yelling and screaming…
    They don’t know
    I’m only
    using blanks.”

    — Emo Phillips

    Sad how ‘no one’ really
    worries about
    disEase and
    quiet hands
    and feet
    iN aLL
    of Desk..
    even without a gun
    or blanks at all now..
    a slow burn in HeLL..;)

    “Hanging is too good
    for a man who makes puns;
    he should be drawn and quoted.”

    — Fred Allen (Sarcasm is the sour cream of wit.)

    it’s aLL
    KA (spiRit
    oF eSSence
    esCaPinG aS fORm..;)

    “A poet who reads their work in
    public may have other nasty habits”

    — Lazarus Long (Robert Heinlein)

    HeHe.. that’s why i Dance
    in public wiTh no words aT aLL..
    i’LL worK iT tHeir iMAgiNAtiON foR iT aLL thAT iS..;)

    Ode on a Grecian Urn

    by John Keats

    “Thou still unravish’d bride of quietness,
    Thou foster-child of Silence and slow Time,
    Sylvan historian, who canst thus express
    A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme:
    What leaf-fringed legend haunts about thy shape
    Of deities or mortals, or of both,
    In Tempe or the dales of Arcady?
    What men or gods are these? what maidens loth?
    What mad pursuit? What struggle to escape?
    What pipes and timbrels? What wild ecstasy?

    Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard
    Are sweeter; therefore, ye soft pipes, play on;
    Not to the sensual ear, but, more endear’d,
    Pipe to the spirit ditties of no tone:
    Fair youth, beneath the trees, thou canst not leave
    Thy song, nor ever can those trees be bare;
    Bold lover, never, never canst thou kiss,
    Though winning near the goal–yet, do not grieve;
    She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss,
    For ever wilt thou love, and she be fair!

    Ah, happy, happy boughs! that cannot shed
    Your leaves, nor ever bid the Spring adieu;
    And, happy melodist, unwearied,
    For ever piping songs for ever new;
    More happy love! more happy, happy love!
    For ever warm and still to be enjoy’d,
    For ever panting, and for ever young;
    All breathing human passion far above,
    That leaves a heart high-sorrowful and cloy’d,
    A burning forehead, and a parching tongue.

    Who are these coming to the sacrifice?
    To what green altar, O mysterious priest,
    Lead’st thou that heifer lowing at the skies,
    And all her silken flanks with garlands drest?
    What little town by river or sea shore,
    Or mountain-built with peaceful citadel,
    Is emptied of this folk, this pious morn?
    And, little town, thy streets for evermore
    Will silent be; and not a soul to tell
    Why thou art desolate, can e’er return.

    O Attic shape! Fair attitude! with brede
    Of marble men and maidens overwrought,
    With forest branches and the trodden weed;
    Thou, silent form, dost tease us out of thought
    As doth eternity: Cold pastoral!
    When old age shall this generation waste,
    Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
    Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou say’st,
    ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty’–that is all
    Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
    (and beYond this too..;)
    Good night
    as George
    Burns sigNed
    off to his wife too..for fOur..:)


    WeLL.. i suppose this will be five in a
    row and after all tHeRe IS A little
    space left on that
    Pink Floyd
    Dogs’ Song..
    anyWay.. this is
    surely a uplifting
    view my friEnd and no
    doubt i will continue to
    complement iT NoW
    a evilive
    eYe of starats
    liGht per say.. hehE..
    so surELy.. Bravo mY FriEnd
    gigoid as liGht shines through
    yoUr hands and computer piano today..:)

    “What I am is what I am.
    Are you what you are, or what?”

    ~~ Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians ~~

    Hmm.. i thiNk i’LL change
    the tHeMe
    noW.. too..;)
    And by a way
    LeSson LeArned
    by me.. use the YouTube
    Auto-generated SonGS by
    the big hits less the copy-right
    strikes erase them in the future
    unless available by the original
    artists although some folks
    obviously ain’t
    in art
    for the
    of money no
    different than
    a nude spread
    of Trump’s Wife.. hehe..
    oops.. that reMiNds me..
    my sister said check her out..
    back from that and in my estimation
    her best asset is her face as now the
    rest of it stands out as a liTiTle fake..
    what can i say.,
    i love Nature
    all miley cyrus real aS Such..
    and it was really cruel what that
    SNL writer did to ‘her’ son Barron
    really cruel as surely that boy
    is taking in so much
    of his
    in extra stimulus
    way.. been there done
    it.. diagnosis or not it’s so hard..
    but hey.. once you put it out their
    for pay
    it’s all
    out thEir for say..
    and perHaps she went
    to hell first to get to THeRE
    too to be as free as that for pay or not..
    strike one up for human freedoms.. what better
    way of life.. selling yourself as art or being a prostitute to work for pay..
    anyWay.. becoming first lady is surely a way to promote her nude erotic art..
    Love ya BAbe..;)

    Moral oF A STory
    tHeRe is aLWAys
    more than one
    sLiver oF
    siLver liNiNg..;)

    “Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.”

    ~~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~~

    No doubt NoW
    A Source oF

    “The map is not the territory.”

    ~~ Alfred Korzbyski ~~

    Oh Lord.. back
    to square
    roads too and
    walls and ceilings
    from beFore as afTer..
    and floors without grain
    of God as Nature sands
    to connect to as free anyMoRe LiVinG FuLL..;)

    “Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul.”

    ~~ Mark Twain ~~

    Free.. now..
    A first erotic
    nude first lady
    go girl agAIN.. you go..
    nothing hidden all out in the
    open except for ‘those hands’
    the neTheR
    land noW as
    otHeR pARt..
    buTT i admit
    i haven’t looked
    that deep yet for thaT…
    Two key words.. ‘Melania
    Nude’.. a passport to
    art for pay/play..
    And of course i am
    alive serious that i support
    her art 100 percent and prove it..heHe..
    everything the Trumps do make what i do
    so tAMe..
    juSt thiNk oF aLL
    the come
    i’LL have
    iF any of my Southern
    Baptist/Catholic Folk friend Trump
    Voters complain about my arT FReED..
    like i sAid…
    is alWays
    more than
    one sLiVer
    oF A SiLver liNiNg
    iN darKesT of places
    shining slivers of silver liGhtEd Melanias
    Go Freedom of Expression and Speech that’s A
    Freedom we can afford to fiGht for with all of life’s nude art..
    yes.. at
    the very
    top of
    oF A Grand Dad Old USA NOW!..
    with a Trophy Wife who proves she
    can work her way up to the piNnacle of political success2..
    she did
    it her way..
    hooray! for Melania!
    go girl.. you go.. aGaIN!..
    but sTiLL my preference.. babe..
    is all natural.. even with no make
    up on and women coveRed to tHeir
    me on
    the very most..
    as that is my
    favorite pARt
    of you too.. Melania Babe..;)

    “Something we were withholding made us weak
    Until we found it was ourselves.”

    ~~ Robert Frost ~~

    It’s true.. like the Gospel
    of Thomas by the so-called
    Gnostic reported words of an
    illiterate Aramaic Yeshua sAid in
    vs 37 of that sacred text that is as
    true no matter
    who wrote
    it then
    or now..
    translated from
    the Greek of then/N
    me2.. strip your clothes
    off.. yes.. all the clothes
    of culTure.. under a tree..
    in the desert.. in a cave or
    yeS even on a beach and tread
    on them without shame.. then you
    will find the living one fractal of Nature
    pArT/as/oF/iS/God whole
    that is
    you and
    it’s not just
    about me GaDAM iT..;)

    Nah.. i really didn’t need
    the first lady to come
    back with
    one in
    of God
    ALL naked IN/as me2..
    Temple of God aS Such2..;)

    ask a
    child how to live..
    Before you clothe
    them in a diaper and
    make them hold in
    all the
    and pissed off TrumpShiT..
    Go Melania.. Go.. you go girl..;)

    In memory too of the time in middle
    school when walking back the usual
    trail around the woods home i had to pee
    so dam bad but was too afraid to break
    the rules
    a tree..
    oh.. culTure..
    you suck you
    suck big city
    from village
    free and Nature/
    God that/who ain’t afraid of
    F iN Human fertilizer either..
    anyWay.. i peed my pants on the
    front porch of my home.. truly freeing that
    i sAid
    fuck all the clothes
    and just let it FucKinG go..
    but only for a moment as i went
    back to cultural priSon and stayed
    tHeRE wandering in STRAIGHT ARROW it for 40
    more years from age 13 to 53.. hell yes.. for all practical
    most modern
    humans are modern
    Moses too.. baNisHed from
    the freedom of peeing FReED..
    and yeah.. yeah.. science.. i know sanitation
    rules like this have/do save(d) more lives than
    all medicine combined.. like i sAid.. a big silver
    LiFE sLiVer lining in the DaRk of holding piss in too..;)

    “Immortality lies not in the things you leave behind,
    but in the people your life has touched.”

    ~~ Sagacious Bee ~~

    One of the best
    things about
    in general.. iS
    that/they touch(es) more
    NOW than Trump Towers..
    and yes.. techNicAlly.. TRump
    Towers are art2 and tOuch folks too..;)

    “All I know of love is that Love is all there is.”

    ~~ Emily Dickinson ~~

    Pay no FuLL attention
    to ‘those’ books
    in the
    of Lust too..
    aS SurELy without
    one the other doesn’t come as easy..
    and yes.. science proves this in the science
    of lust
    and love..
    Oxytocin.. eTc..
    social cooperation
    and the origin of most
    creativity and productivity
    yes.. A hoLy GrAIL oF LuST and LoVe..
    as both genders
    A HeALThy
    oF DiVine
    And FEmiNiNe too..;)

    And haha! old ‘uNcle’ Aleister
    Crowley named iT sex magicK
    when it’s about the all natural
    birds and
    bees and
    aLL deeper
    sHit NoW iN
    the bRaiN and
    vagal nerve and
    trillions of peptide
    connections in cells
    of body.. neurochemistry..
    including neurohormones
    as the miNd and BoDy isReaL
    BaLanCinG soUL of SpiRit of/AS
    HeARt exPreSsinG liGhter poSiTiVE
    FeeLinGs and EmoTiOns oF BeiNG MoVinG..
    CoNNecTing and CreaTinG iN as LIfE iS/aS SurELy
    and hey
    that was
    that man’s
    point as a psychonaut
    from the get go unTil he fAiLeD
    to the savages of addiction to life
    stealing drugs from the freedom he thOught/sOught..
    as a
    of liFe
    above.. so
    below and
    all around
    to unCover
    mysteries STiLL heLd
    in PriSons of Fundamentalist
    Religions/Cultures in Victorian sTiLL way..
    by A way.. once aGain.. Victoria/Melania’s
    is/are wide
    out in
    the open
    NoW for both
    play FReED..
    Thanks God for Google
    who/that scribes more of a bible iN HUman eYes/ears
    so free and wild iN uncovered ways too.. ah.. so free..;)

    Truth/light is for those who understand
    Aleister’s writing deeper that man through
    all his hyperbole as left a bigger mark
    on culture than most folks see in art
    the way
    it still
    through pop-culture
    even more so now than ever..
    sadly.. at core spRead too.. propagation
    of life stealing drug addiction too as he
    made that
    way of life
    out of
    balance too..
    per folks like
    Jim Morrison and the like..
    bottom line/words.. WiLL and Choice/Lust/Love..
    and be careful of who one idolizes as ‘perfect’..
    no less/more
    Jesus.. Buddha..
    Lao.. Mythological
    Krishna.. eTc.. aL.. most
    they weren’t
    the final authority
    except for one as so-called
    sacred texts seem to sHow..
    and sure.. we see the continuing
    death and destruction of that too..
    Aleister said
    there was
    only one
    over Love..
    and surely
    iN faCT and
    continuing Acts
    that puts his freedom
    well over the covered priSons
    of Muhammad.. eTc..aL.. stiLL.. life stealing
    drugs or not.. better than swords for sELL..
    so yeah..
    “the beast”.. A
    great hyperbolic
    way to touch some
    lives with at least naked
    freedom.. iF noThing else..;)

    And the sad thing is.. most folks
    are too glued to science and
    religion same/DifFeREnt
    to study
    move this
    far out
    of the
    cultural/religious/science box…
    Fear of daRk.. Cynical oF LiGht..
    both pre-occupations sTEaL the liFE..
    but at lEast science is finAlly catching up to
    the so-called woo/occult/mysteries reLaYed IN thE poeTry of BeForE..
    in so many
    DaughterSoN/eTc.. aL
    wayS NoW oF LiFE..
    Nah.. my friEnd..
    tHeRE are no
    ends and or
    oF THE
    iS NaTure/
    GoD that we
    are juST A Tiny
    flea uPon the
    Dog we
    from for Free as/iN/is God..;)

    “You thought, as a boy, that a mage is one who can do anything.
    So I thought, once. So did we all.
    And the truth is that as a man’s real power grows and his knowledge widens,
    ever the way he can follow grows narrower:
    until at last he chooses nothing,
    but does only and wholly what he ‘must’ do.”

    ~~ Ursula K. LeGuin, “A Wizard of Earthsea” ~~

    FLoW iN
    oF TrUE
    WiLL over Love
    smArt and Fearless too..
    for me
    at lEAst
    NoW iN
    ways aS WeLL oF LiFe..:)

    “If you do not understand my silence,
    then you will not understand my words.”

    ~~ Subtle Bee ~~

    That’s why i DancE..
    tHe eXpreSsinG oF aLL
    First tHeRE
    IS DancE
    IS SonG
    to motiVAte
    thE LiGht STiLL
    that coMes from dArk..
    anyWay that’s the way
    all of God that is explains
    it to me in short oF eXistence NoW..
    as is
    aT LeASt
    and MoSt
    i FeeL and
    SeNSE and kNow..
    my FriEnd and yes.. i’LL do EveN BaLanCinG
    more.. ’cause i Can and TrUEWiLLiTaSliGht..
    with even
    aT aLL..
    as DAncE
    LIGht oF SonG..
    TruTh or NoT i DancE Be
    DaRk or liGht.. i DancE.. Am..:)

    And here is what was/IS A beginning
    response to gigoid’s concern that
    i might be missing some of his original
    views in as whole of construction in
    the pearls he borrows and brings as art..
    and yes.. reason too..

    So i say.. in return..

    SMiLes my friend..
    Nah.. i didn’t miss
    Any of your points..
    A different view is
    Not evidence of
    Missing an
    Original View
    WiNks my
    As surELy
    At core my
    Greatest fAILing
    in life WAS
    Art compRises
    60 perCent
    Art IS A
    River my

    And as i’ve sAid
    before.. it’s also worth
    noting sTiLL that HeART
    and eARTh are also
    words and reaLITies
    thaT are both literAlly
    and metaphoricAlly comPriSed
    oF at leASt 60 percent art if you
    narrow it just to the literal count of
    3 out of 5 literal letters of words to
    make that crystal clear for folks who don’t
    do math like they breathe the air as art around them too..
    and that’s the problem with the world general as folks
    have shrunk the art out of those three words of smART
    and heART and eARTh the sAMe and DiFFeRent
    EsSenCE isReaL..
    as pART oF GoD
    75 percent tHeir..
    as eARTh and
    HeART and
    that lives
    iN and
    as wE
    as fractal
    pARt NoW
    of the whOle
    GoD DaM thing..
    yep NoW the wHole
    eNchildA per say
    of SonG
    PoETry too..
    thing iS even science
    proves this whOle thing
    allone out as isReaL NoW
    too.. we are all connected
    even in
    but if we lose
    art we lose our living
    life as the living one within
    as God as and is we and i and
    us and ours lose out on the greaTEr
    liGhter NaturE thaT cAN and WiLL bE uS am i..
    iF wE
    iT FiNd
    it aLIVe once
    aGaIn.. it’s what is
    increaSinGly miSsinG
    from the world.. essence
    oF aRt freed oF Form including words alone
    and other hUman Abstracts that come to be
    of Trump
    over the
    ArT of Love..
    A reAL deal of
    eARTh iN smART oF heART..
    add it.. divide it.. multiply iT.. subtrACT iT iN anyWaY iT sTiLL
    nOw coMes out to aT LeASt 60 perCent ArT of FeeL.. NoW
    isReaL ouT..NoW..:)

    Additionally during the course of all this
    writing Facebook Friend and poet Blogger
    Rafiah from Pakistan shares a status that says..

    Roamed in the city in this rain after so long that too wearing high heels.
    After smashing water puddles and walking through them in this sandle
    I feel like a queen. Lol I can do anything. #momentofselfappreciation

    And i say in return

    *admiring colors of the dress..:)

    Rafiah says

    Yayyyy thanks..:)

    And i also say in remark
    that the very tall wooden
    heels of her sandals
    are impressive
    as follows..

    And the Heels
    Of those Sandals could
    Be Dangerous
    In A Bond Movie ..$’P..;)

    AnyWay.. i honor friendships
    in all the ways they come in
    my personal bible and long form
    longest form Ocean whole poem
    as long
    as this
    goes.. in freeSt
    Verse way noW..
    sharing Now also
    a Facebook MacroVerse
    Memory from three years ago..
    starTinG my more G-Rated
    Art of Body then
    in underwear
    sort of like
    the G-Rated
    street version
    of King David too..
    worKing in some shadows
    of clothes too.. as art will do
    when yes.. totally FReED
    with more
    to come
    on that
    of course
    as art grows
    more and more
    in all the ways that comes..
    yes.. “Temple of GOD in the TWiLIGHT”
    even more to come aGAIn hEre.. worth noting
    i was only 222Lbs back then and have added 11
    sense then..
    as let the feminine all
    out first in grace and love
    and the masculine so much more
    follows even greater in strength and will..
    and yes.. most females can do the reverse too
    as Innate
    and Flows..
    Free morE too as God
    IN and as we all wHole all that is Now..:)

    “Ghost WINGS WIND”.. MacroVerse from two years ago
    as a memory and a reminder of the darKness
    from liGht that hELped BRinG me
    more to

    And also a MacroVerse Facebook Memory provided
    as “Zen to me THANK you”..
    from two years ago
    that gives
    more to
    the LiVinG
    GoD as wHoLe
    who that lives WitHin
    as Fractal pART oF A whOle HUman
    Temple of God NoW aS weLL aLL paRts
    HoLY and sAcred of GoD as whOle and
    suRely that includes all the natural functions
    and forms of the flesh and blood of the human
    essence even more so than the abstract constructs
    of words and other metaphors of symbols we create
    as tools
    to describe
    to share
    more now
    for social
    and a greater way
    to survive and thrive in liFE..
    as that is what the social altruist
    animal and super hero Human does best
    togeTher as UniTy
    away from
    oF FaiL
    aS SepaRate..
    wiTh surELy room
    for the individual to eXcel
    from the propensity of group
    thiNk and conservative control too..
    as alWays A BaLanCinG ForCe oF aLL AKA GOD..:)

    Hmm.. and with ALL that said it’s after all is sAid
    and dOnE now to dance more than SonG
    on HoLY and Sacred Thursday
    as created and
    me as wE SurELy
    can MoVe.. CoNnecT
    and Co-Create oUr reaLITies
    alone allone WiTh GoD FReED
    out Free
    like thiS..
    suReLy WiTh
    feArlESs and SmARt
    UnConDitiONal Love
    oF FaiTh ForCE
    and power
    and all natural
    Part oF GoD whOle too..
    yes YOU are God too paRT of wHoLe NoW
    daRK through sHadES of Grey to RaiNBoW
    colors beYond the liGht of White.. NOW aS WeLL
    GroWinG streAMs RiVers wAves OceaN whoLe noW..
    back later in this MacroVerse and the neXt WiTh cool Dance
    photos with all the Kool College age Folks celebrating my 145th
    dance week with them tonight on Thursday Night.. at old Seville Quarter for FReED2..;)
    AnyWay gave
    yA A chance
    to sTEaL
    and BoDy
    aT least as
    BaLanCinG soUL aLL FReED1..:)

  7. SpeaKinG of MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soULs.. yes.. now
    HUman Bio-Diversity and Neuro-Diversity too.. a little
    pep talk i came across some time ago as far as cLocks
    go that popped up as a reminder in the YouTube Algorithm
    Suggested videos after that Fractal of God thingie played..
    so yeah.. here is some inspirational
    spirited talk in support
    of those who
    are different
    per NeuroDiversiTy
    and a little more FeeLinG
    and SenSinG of the Environment within (God)
    inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around
    per the Vibrations of existence and UniVerse and
    GoD sAMe and of course different too as thAT
    SonG of God continues to DancE and SinG
    from dARk to sHadES of Grey to beYoNd
    Rainbow colors of white too.. just
    some metaphors ya KNow and
    FeeL/SeNSE or not but never
    the less tHeRE
    are the more
    and bodied
    folks aMonG uS
    that/who can and wiLL/Do relate
    WiTh aLL of This deeper stuff of
    HUMan eXistence eXperience FeeLinG SenSinG
    more of poTenTiaL liFE now.. hmm.. yes.. now.. keepers
    of the flAMe2.. as ‘the Video’ says and iLove to DancE and SinG too..
    hmm.. what neXt.. WeLL.. tHEre are East Indian Traditions associated
    with Kundalini RiSinG wiTh Meditation practices and specific verbal SonG
    of Mantras to go along with focusing on so-called chakras of the body but for
    me.. sure.. i Love the chanted song unintelligible to me in semantic way but STiLL
    inNaTE iNstincTual and IntuiTive registeRinG NoW of EmoTionAL and SenSory
    Hertz of Frequency plaYiNg from lower slower stronger will/survival hertz
    to hiGher faster more refined loving graceful HerTz so far above
    base survival for existence as i hum close to
    the 1st Chakra SuNG Frequency as provided
    in the fOllOWiNG Kundalini Meditation
    YouTuBe Video in raiSinG CHI
    of positive focus before
    i leg press
    LBS.. 33 reps
    or so on a very difficult parallel
    leg press free weight machine with
    arms raised like a ballerina in the air
    when grace meets powerful force of Strength too..
    in a hum of survival at the hertz of a LioNs grOwl..
    key is.. not putting ourselves aBove the oThER animals
    that are our close cousins too.. sure.. clothes set us apARt
    but as far as mammals go.. we bleed the same color and
    leave similar fossil bones for recovery later.. wELL..
    WE HUMANS lost in the neo-cortical rule
    of past and future miNd and BoDy
    BaLanCinG soUL or not can leave
    a little more than
    a Nautilus sheLL
    in remembrance
    of Our HoLy SpiRit KA
    FloW of HeARt and SoUL
    eXpreSsinG that in symbols
    and metaphors oF art trUe and
    liGht spReaDinG our HoLy Spirit
    of connection WiTh more folks to come
    even after we leave this beautiful opportunity
    to give and share Heaven at Hand here whiLe AliVe as FeLT/SenSed
    NoW in MoVinG.. CoNnecTing.. CreATinG ways WiTh otheRS and by A
    way all multi-Trillion peptide connections of cells all through
    the huMan body are spirALing WiTh almost inFiNite chakras of sub-atomic
    FloW bEyond science view too.. PowErinG A ForcE of co-creation US/GOd
    now.. but hey.. if you are an empath like me.. you are concerned
    not only for your life and your three feet of space and immediate
    family heAR.. that goes to eternAllY forevernow for more to come for
    those who work to share and give a little more of tHeir HoLy SpiRit FloW
    NOW.. anyWay.. for my Kundalini riSinG Chi/Dao Satori HoLY Spirit aWaKeNinG
    EnLiGhteNing coNtinUinG eXperience.. no sitting still meditation or strict
    guidelines of preformed written words in any other language necessary for
    me.. as Music as liGht positive way IS A great way2 and my body flowS iN all iNnate..
    iNStinCtuaL and iNtuitiVe way.. yeS iN ZoNE i go and FLoW soMe more.. sure.. me and God make
    up the dance steps as we go.. and surELy.. you likELy can too.. if like the Ice Princess
    from froZeN..
    you just
    lET all
    the cultural
    illusions of worries
    that you Can/WiLL go.. yes2
    now2.. not an easy thing to do2
    when one is slave of the cultural/eTc aL/
    religious matrix isReAL2 noW2 but hopefully2
    yA WiLL Find HeaVeN oN this Earth Plane
    forevernow aT LeASt once as trUst me tHeRe
    ain’t nuThing better i KnoW/FeeL/SenSe more
    delightful than the saMe Kingdom oF Heaven NOW
    promised in theM Gnostic Jesus aS Such naked
    teXts of liFE too.. Shed yoUr Matrix clothes and
    fLy hiGher as any caped crusader naked out of a Dr.
    WhO phone booth WiLL too.. or don’t make thAt choice..
    thAT is uP to you.. i jusT Give and Share mY Heaven for
    FReED as that is what Heaven iS at core.. wiLd and Free
    WiTh FearLess smARt UncoNdiTional MoVinG.. CoNnecTing
    CreaTinG LoVE heART of SpiRit expreSsinG HeARt Free FlowinG..
    mInd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL juST FaBuLouS aGAIN.. HeHe.. yeS..iN zONE..
    to laugh2
    as tHeRe NoW
    is no fear iN
    A BelLy LliFE thAT isrEaL2..:)

    Okay.. now to get this 70th MacroVerse titLed “DiViSioN bELLs oF UniTy”
    all published of the NewESt MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”
    per 1,052,137 words so far as 69th Verse as last MacroVerse..
    and juST to add.. addiTioNAlly.. a 741st MacroVerse
    to a 3.3 Million Word pLus Ocean wHOle poem
    same as this 70th MacroVerse of here too..
    doubling as a MacroVerse
    in both labeled
    now.. to be clearer..
    and off to the 145th
    Dance Week NiGht i go..
    wiTh more cool dance
    around 3am
    on Star Date
    1.27.2017 that juSt
    so happens to be the
    742nd MacroVerse of Ocean
    wHole poem neXt in the morning aLonG aS A
    71st MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. too..
    chaRTinG iNto my 42nd month too.. Since this Word
    Press experience of Ocean WHole Poem StARted too
    on 8.27.2013 and the 42nd Month of Public Dance
    StaRts out too.. and ending the 48 Month of writing
    at the end of the Month in Holy SpiRit Flow overall
    at the end of February 2013.. too.. when my first blog
    post per my perspective of life came
    in a casual PM to my First Facebook
    Friend2 iN juSt anoTheR Day iN the liFe of me..
    heHe.. beForE public publish day on 3.10.2013..
    too.. as the FLoW continues to go mostly effortless
    with little to no preplanning STiLL DocuMenTinG HoLY
    and SacrEd MilEsTones every which way and loose Full
    of Meaning and purpose as CreaTinG them sAMe iN A FloW of ZoNe
    too.. as hey.. that’s how this Holy Creative SpiRit workS iT.. no religious labELs
    required from specific books.. sure.. many labELs houSinG as vehicles and vessels nOw
    the essence of the HiGher HoLY/SacRed CreaTive SpiRiT as more of the subconsciousness
    FloW NoW iN HuMan PoTenTial eVen beYOnD words rises to the creAM for the crop NoW
    oF our perSonal eXistence/eXperience noW.. as sow and reap for NoW more fuLLy
    AliVe AwAke
    oF HUman BeinG
    DanceS and SingS oN..
    A WonderRuL aDvenTure and
    eXperience oF LoVing LiFE as TrUth and liGht.. FReED..:)

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