iN A Shadow oF Michael FoR NoW

SMiLes.. Sohair.. always nice to Hear from you too.. well it’s true.. as i remember
i am almost Old enough to be Your Father and i really didn’t write much of
anything but a Technical List until my 50’s as i guess with 12 Million
Words of Practice now that should make a Difference from before
too as i Just finished my Milestone of 10,000 Miles of Public
Dance in the Same 5 years that i have been
Writing my Long Form Poem ‘SonG oF
mY SoUL’ in Free Verse Style
Where Letters to Friends
i have met along the way
are a Majority Source of what
i’ve come to Write in these 6 Million
Words in 5 Years too as Friend Sohair is
a Major Friend Star in my Long Form Poem so
Far as Sohair is always nice to me and it’s true my
Friend most people can’t understand the depth of Metaphor
i use in Writing or the Creative Style in Free Verse Shapes that
is more than some folks can accept over the rule of lines that go
From one side of the page to the other side of the page with no
gaps in between for it’s true this is Art without instruction same
as the Dance when i Float in ease of all 240LBS of me at the
Dance Hall as folks often ask me to tell them the Truth of
What kind of Drugs i am on that will power me
through all that Marathon Dance for 3 Hours
without even a Water Break but it’s
true if i was walking in a straight
line in less than a Mile my
Legs might go numb
and i might have
to start
walking in Reverse
in a break to Bring Feelings
Back in my Legs for true my style
of Free Verse Dance is literal therapy
for my Back and for regulating emotions
and integrating senses and in the feel and
sense of that this Dance on this Keyboard of
Letters and Words has the same Meditative
and Therapeutic Effect in a Trance of Heaven
on Earth now as Brain Waves soothe to
Theta Frequency and Vibrations
of Mind Energy too and
around my Body
sitting still
playing this Keyboard
of Words as this is mostly
still Meditation too except for
Fingers that continue Dancing Free now..
anyway since you are still many Years behind
me in age perhaps one day when you are my age
you will even write more than me.. as change happens
as when i was your age i never imagined either Dancing
in Public or even writing a Free Style Creative Paragraph then..
Life is one to Evolve to Greater Human Potential and if we keep on
Going the Reward of Potential is Intrinsic in Joy within of making God
to Be this
Free inside us too
outside us too above
so below and all around us too..
Anyway.. just another Letter to my FriEnd
Sohair my Pen Pal online From Egypt a Wonderful
Muslim Teacher of Young Women too as i am Very
Happy to Have you in my Life and a Record of Your
Friendship that Lives on in the Fossil i make of my Soul Uploaded too..:)

Hmm.. it’s still 6:01 O’clock on Your Computer Desk Alarm Clock
but never the less… Lala Rukh.. Happy October 6th.. 10.6.18
as it is as i do Love the Golden Ratio PHI Number of 1.618
Rule and that Date today is enough to make me wanna
Celebrate it as that is Key in Life Making all
of Life into Light even recognizing the
Greatest Lights come from DArk
maKing the Dark
Essence too
For Gratitude
more specifically
In Material Reductionist
Science Views Raising Healthy
Levels of the Neuro-Chemicals in
Serotonin for Self-Confidence and
Trust in the Environments of Life we
Navigate as we adjust our Natural Innate
Biological Propensities of Happiness in Light
And the Other Potential Parts in Dark as Dopamine
is the Pleasure NeuroChemical that Novelty of Gratitude
for even more Beauty of Life will Bring to Fly our Souls even
Higher to a Real Heaven Within now that is no Myth or Fairy Tale
but the Essence of what Myths and Fairy Tales and Even Bible Stories
Speak to of the Inner Universe of Being Human that was almost impossible
to other wise understand until Science Measured the Material Reductionist Parts
of the Neurochemicals and Neurohormones including the Social Bonding Neurohormone
Oxytocin that gives one that Warm and Fuzzy Feeling of Hugging Grand-Ma’s too.. hmm.. Well
Anyway.. while some folks delete me when i go on about Heaven like this or scramble my words
for they say this is all Word Salad that makes no knowledge they have a Context for now in the
Housings of Human Emotions and Senses that make Vehicles and Vessels of Fairy Tales and
Myths and Bible Stories too.. hey.. you don’t delete me and you still let me come and visit
you and you even come back by to say Hi when the Spirit moves you and that is
Verily enough
for me
feels and senses
what i would be able
to do if everyone tolerated
and accepted the Differences
of me like this but it is also true
We Humans are only evolved
For Intermittent Reinforcement
so in this way the DArker
PArts of Life for those
who cannot or
will not
the Deeper Holy
and Sacred Full of
Meaning and Purpose in my
Words of Free Verse Poetry
And Dance Steps now exceeding
6 Million Words and 10,000 Miles of
Steps in Free Verse Poetry and Public Dance in 61 Months
too it is even more True that Dark just explodes more Light as me..
For it is True too the Breath of Life.. the Living Water of Life and the Light of the
World is Love as that applies to all Humans now once one moves to Incarnate Love
And it’s true there is a story about this in a Bible but sadly the Man who was
telling this Story About Incarnate Love as that Potential is Possible for all
Humans has been relegated to one Flesh and Blood Human as only Idol
of Love
in Flesh
and Blood
for it is true when
Human becomes Love
Incarnate there is toleration
and acceptance for all Humans
now and in whatever Behavior is
Related to Giving and Sharing Love with others Free..
No Walls.. No Immigrants.. No Humans to Own and Neglect and Abuse
As Love Conquers all DArkness when Human Becomes Light of Living Love Truest Blue SkeYes
oF God.. Anyway.. My FriEnd.. Some Folks Understand Poetry and Parables Now and Some Folks Unfortunately Have yet to Develop the Greater Human Eyes and Ears to Understand What and Who Love
Really is as US.:)


i Do Agree with Sam Harris; there is nothing Conservative about Putting a Judge
Under Oath Proven in Basic Common Sense to Lie Multiple times to Senators. And i Suppose the
Good News for Liberal Concerns is it appears as is the Case With Trump there is nothing too Conservative
Still About Excess Drinking and or Womanizing; so, in other Words, those who support the Right to Choice
and Gay Marriage and the such as that don’t really Have any thing to worry about there as in that Case
Susan Collins Gave a Reasonable Opinion; however, the Fact is the Republican Party of so-Called Conservatives
Will Be HiStorically Stained in Legacy
For Putting a Person who lied
Under Oath on the Supreme
Court; and it is highly Unlikely to Pan-
Out that Trump’s Main Wish to somehow
Side-Step now what is coming his way Soon
Enough from a Fair and Equitable Investigation
From the FBI and Team Mueller as such as the
Trump Stuff is most definitely going to implode
Rather Sooner than Later as most of this now
is Just a Distraction from His coming
Downfall and the Misery of
Minions Following
Around all
his Commode of Lies
in the Trumpian Era
of Gaslighting
30 Percent
or so who can’t see through all his lies;
as it’s True, Kavanaugh Followed the Flatulence of Trumpian Lies;
And he will never escape that Flatulence he showed the World as His ‘False’ Colors As Such.


Hmm; the First Time I encountered so-called “Social Justice Warriors” was on this Website, studying a ‘Very Strange
Phenomenon’, where a Non-Profit Organization to Raise Money to Remedy the Deleterious Symptoms of Autism
was turned into an ‘Evil Empire’ as People with the Diagnosis took up the Identity Politics of Associating their
Diagnosis with their Human Identity. People do this; that was no surprise, and also Proof that Autism is
no more associated with Logical thinking than any other Human Condition As Science shows Humans
are ruled by Emotions First and Reasons, next; Yes, As Science Proves now this is the Human Condition.

The Next Time I Encountered so-called “Social Justice Warriors” was in Autism Communities,
More Majority Ruled by Females, where if one said the ‘R Word’ they would be Deleted From the
Community and if they used Basic Logic to suggest that a Non-Profit Organization really wasn’t
a ‘Nazi Group’ whose main Aim was Eugenics they would be Banned for suggesting such a Logical Assertion.

I didn’t Have a Problem not using the ‘R Word’ but Libeling a Non-Profit Organization with no Basis in Fact then
that I Proved with Facts, as is still on Record, made no Logical Sense to me but Plenty of Emotional Feel for Folks
using it to the Advantage of fulfilling the Basic Human Tribal Instinct of finding Common Binds and Bonds, often
Dark and Constructed with little to no Facts to back it up; but never the less, as ‘they say’ on the ‘Planet of the Apes’
Movie, “Apes Stronger Together” and in our case as Humans; Humans will bond over the Strangest Things to get that
So-Called Warm and Fuzzy Group Cohesion thingy if a Human is able to Feel that Feeling of Comfort at all as some can’t.

This ‘Social Justice’ Warrior thingy is Part of the Human Condition as is and Group Politics in Identity way even amongst
So-Called Folks on the Autism Spectrum as the Record Still Shows. And Ironically and Amusingly the Bond and Bind
over and against So-called ‘Social Justice Warriors’ as a Newer Pejorative Since around the ‘Gamergate’ Controversy
is just another Social Justice Warrior Group Fighting against a Commonly Constructed Enemy in a Newer Invention
of Ideology; in this case, Remarkably Translating the Human Condition into a Pejorative while those Folks
who Name other Folks as ‘Social Justice Warriors’, Predictably Pursue this Battle in ‘Normal Human
Social Justice Warrior Ways’. It’s really Amusing, when So-called ‘Incel’ and or ‘Dark Web Intellectual
Hero Worshipping Internet Mostly Video Game Playing and Keyboard Warrior Dudes’
use the term ‘Social Justice Warrior ‘when they are Doing precisely what they ‘think’
they are Emotionally Making Fun of Against. But Again; it’s Human Nature;
and something any Anthropologist Participant Observer will watch just for fun too
as Human Nature is rather Predictable in Dark and Light; and Gray; and Pretty Rainbow Colors more too.

I’ll track with the Social Justice Warrior ‘Modem’ of Human Empathy, Sympathy, Compassion, and Advancing
Cognitive Empathy too; but it’s not Hard to See the Pot calling the Kettle Black and or White as Identity Politics Sings
on as it ‘normally’ does in so-called ‘Logic Land’ too; Yes, it does the Same thing in ‘Poetry Land’ too; People are Alike
and Different everywhere as that is what continues to make us Human in Moral Relativistic Post Modern ways of common
sense in Human Fashion as even Neuro-Scientists readily admit we all Hallucinate our Realities; some with a firmer grip
on what’s actually going down in their reality; and some who miss the Boat and the Ocean they are currently Navigating.

Oh yes, and by the way, when Writing Poetry to a Cherished Female Friend of Mine from Across the Ocean she was
impressed enough to Provide an Emoticon of a White Knight in Reciprocal Communication Expression of my Kindness
to her as she Calls me an Angel as I call my Female Friend an Angel too. It’s a lot easier to Have Empathy, Sympathy
and Compassion and even Cognitive Empathy for folks when Women Smile by Your side in Joy of Dance Selfies
each and every week too. Currently, My Wife is assessing which Female has the Most Objective Beauty in the
Photo Album from the Last 6 Months. And while it’s True a Group of Folks at the Bar, after I Danced Last
Week Night for the 231st Week doing that Named me Legend as that can and will Happen when someone
Public Dances 10,000 Miles in their Metro Area in 5 Years, never even knowing what my name is or even
hearing a Word from me; I don’t let that go to my Head; I keep Dancing for the Inherent Joy of Life,
Instead; For it is true when a Person reaches the Capstone of Maslow’s Pyramid in
Self-Actualization and Agape Love for all in Transcending way they become
the highest Models in Empirically Measurable ways of both Social
Justice and White Knight Human too. I Believe there is a Song
for that and it’s true there are still many Real Women Looking
for a Hero as the HiStory of my Life with HeRstories still shows.
It’s A Best in success in Life, i find, to Impress Women over other Dudes.
And no doubt that is a Major Source of ‘Angry Old White Man Dude’ Life too.
Some Men have to Force their way to Love and other Men; we just learn how to Charm and the Honey Flows Freely.
That’s what all of this is about anyway; Whether or not the Dudes and or Others are successful with Women as I had
to earn my Stripes as a Real Man who Women Love too. After that life is easy; Women Smile at You and all is Success.

But of course if ‘Big Daddy’ didn’t tell the Young Dudes they couldn’t Smile; chances are Women would have smiled back
and there wouldn’t be nearly as many ‘Butt Hurt Social Justice Warriors’. I’m Glad my Father Left as Women Loved me more. And Oh Lord when I became my own Father in the Old Archetypal Hero way and Fearless the Honey is Flooding
as the Evidence still shows. ‘The Social Justice Warriors’ here didn’t like me providing the Evidence of that but it’s easy
enough to find as the Human Story continues where there are a lot better things in life than Group Identity; Namely,
Dancing to Your Own Drum Beat and getting a Strong Enough Back Bone to Push someone out of your Face if
Necessary too. For me at Least, Life is a Balance of Martial Arts and Ballet in Free Style Way; Yin and Yang
Balance; Divine Feminine Grace and Love as Foundation of Divine Masculine Will and Strength to do
incredible Featnotes and Milestones of Life. But you See, Chances are; I’m actually one of very
Few folks who Doesn’t have a Group Identity more than just me. True; both Whitman and Nietzsche
Predicted Folks like me; there are a Few; but overall; we are relatively Thriving And not well known by Name
as of course ‘the Group’ Bans us as we continue to Grow our Wings on our own in White Knight ways of Independence.
So Far, the United States Provides that Freedom Still as originally DeSigned in Our Declaration of Independence; but
ha! when someone gets that Free; it really Pisses other ‘Social Justice Warriors off’ but hey I’m only Human and A Social
too; I just
Drum my own Beat;
make my own Philosophy,
Religion, and Politics too.
That Scares the Hell and Heaven out of People too.

Anyway; this is my Wife’s Choice as we apparently have the Same Aesthetic Appreciation for Women.
But to Be Clear, she’s More My Intellectual type as she was Attending my Alumni College and we would have probably
been just Good Friends in Class, close to 4 Decades ago, when I was Close to Her College Age now. Dance doesn’t get old
to Women; I Highly Recommend it as a way to gain Success in all Avenues of Life if done Freely And Generously for others.

It’s just another Hobby; for there is always the Neo-Political/Philosophical/Religious Identity Bonds and Binds With ‘Dark Web, so-called Emotionally Driven Intellectual Folks’ against so-called ‘Social Justice Warriors’ where the Pot calls the Kettle Black and or White; Meanwhile, the Pop-Corn is Cooking in the Other Room; I’ll ask my Wife if it is ready yet.

Oh no; almost running Late to Catholic Church; I only go to Improve my Singing Skills as that Impresses Women too..;)


Hi.. megaeggz.. Thanks So much for Dropping By with the Kind
Congrats on 10 Thousand Miles of Public Dance From what
Lately has been Climate Change of Summer Where Fall
Seems to Have Been indefinitely Postponed down
here in Florida in the U.S… anyway.. if
i can change enough
Minds and
Bodies to Dance
where i Live Perhaps
the Environment will become
More Important to Address too in Living
Ways.. Meanwhile.. i Dance to Live and it works…
Have a Wonderfull rest of Your Sunday with Peace and Joy..
Thanks again.. megaeggz..
At the Mall
Dancing now..
With Hurricane Michael
coming in on the ‘Tail’ end of
New Associate Justice of the
Supreme Court Kavanaugh
while though through the
Words of Susan
Collins doesn’t
Seem to
the Trump
Traumatic Danger
to Gay Rights for Marriage
and Abortion Rights for Women
so we don’t devolve into Third World
Country Status where Back Alley Abortions
come back as in the Case of Catholic Illegal Mexico Abortions
are just as Prevalent as in the US and in Fact with Greater
Family Planning Education Abortions are actually less
Prevalent now than they were before Safe Medical
Abortions were allowed and Fewer Women
Died or became Permanently
Disabled with Bloody
Remains of
unwanted in
more Trash Bins
and the such as that
Human Torturing and Suffering
for those too ignorant to understand
Abortion is common in the Animal Kingdom including us
still.. so-called Legal or not just like Pedophiles reign
as Catholic Priests whether or not that is so-called
Legal or not.. yes.. address the core reality and do
the Least Harm is much better than
causing more Harm in Misery
and Suffering and Death
that is the Wish
of the
Ignorant who have yet to discard the
Blinders of the Veils of Ignorance of the Facts involved
at the Reality at Hand for True the Catholic Church can Peacefully
Protest Abortion at Centers for Abortion and Perhaps change the Direction
of a Choice but there will be no Pre-announced places in Back Alley Abortions to
Protest Abortion there in Peaceful Ways as the Blood Will Flow Freer as will Death
And Permanent Disability and Slow Torturous Deaths of Living Beings.. so.. sure.. be careful
of the Hell you wish for next for tHere are rings of Dante’s Hell that are deeper and shallower too
and there are many in life worse than Death the Blessing from Misery Loves Suffering more..
anyway.. what is DasTurdly True About Kavanaugh is he supports the Trumpian Ideology
that the Rights of Business Supersede the Balancing Ecosystem.. Our Home in which
We Live.. and no it won’t be Hard to fix the Paris Accord once the Trumpian way
is flushed away in more 2020 Views of Reality coming in.. for there is a new
Factor now in Politics that has never come to play before and that is
the Internet and Freedom of Information and the Younger
Generations now that do not play a Fool’s Game away
from Love.. and Love of Nature too.. in terms of
our Home Earth at Least as that applies
to enough understanding of the
Circle of Life we live..
so it’s true
this Old White Man
Rich Materialistic Angry
way of Being is Gasping for a Last
Desperate Breath of Air where Younger Generations
aren’t buying such a Materialistic World where their Joy and
Self-Fulfillment isn’t as bound to Commercial Desires for Life..
for you see i hang around these Folks as they are not Distant entities to me..
i read what they write on Facebook.. i am in tune with the Way they think for they will
not be Chained to Golden Handcuffs as Slaves to Government Work as i was for a Full Career
Finding out that Life is not as Hard now when one is not chained to Material Possessions too
for True the Reality is Happiness is now Generated From Within and one will be even Happier
Valuing a Free Dance/Song in Life and Generating the Happiness within All for Free where a Politician’s
Life is
in Comparison
to Nirvana and Bliss within..
So True the more folks i will encourage
to Dance the Happier they will be so even true that’s
taken 10,000 Miles of Dance to do that so far now.. as is…
will my words matter.. Ha! this is to expand my Human Potential
For it’s true Horatio we never really die now whether we are cognizant
of it in shallow Words or not.. our Souls Live on now whether they evolve Deeper
in Ocean Whole God or not.. this is my Soul Evolving now and i Leave a Fossil of it but i have
no expectations now of anyone Following Sharing or Liking this Further Larger Expression of my
Soul as my Soul Grows on even Larger to bring the Gifts of who i will be in Deeper Soul Next
now always now.. for if you have been to the DArk Side of Soul the Soul i’ve seen as Numb and
Shallow of Emotions for 66 Months wHere Emotions are A Source of all our Physical Health
And Well Being you understand the Beauty of Art more in how things are put together in
Big Picture View than the details of what House and Car one Purchases next..
for this is what Lasts and this Energy of Force Human Being is what
Lives on Forever now.. and in Material Reductionist View every
Peptide Connection of Light or Dark remembers in all
excess of a Quadrillion or so Points of Light thru
Dark Connections from Head to toe as many
Stars that are Visible with the
Science Aided eye for
the UniVerse all
at Hand
for we are a Reflection
of this Cosmos this God all of Existence
we are part whole of now.. and while those who
would Destroy our Home now for Material Reductionist
Goods of Life in Business ways of making Dead Money now..
they are the Dinosaurs who will soon enough go Extinct too for
Greater Understandings of the Realities of Being and the Core of Happiness
of Soul who comes from within Are Swirling Around the Globe in Hands of Human
Connections of Now as the Boat Keeper of the Ocean Soul (God) is You and there are many
You’s Who are lighting up their Christmas Trees within.. for that Message is real and true
always for Heaven now all inherited all just waiting to be Greater EXPreSSinG from the Genetic
Material From Our DNA as Programmed by all that is other wise understood as something NoW as
Small and
as all
a Three
Letter Word
God for some who
See a Larger God than words..
anyway.. the Clock is Real and Ticking
on Climate Change now as we have about
18 Years of Paris Accord Intelligence to
Prevent a 1.5C Degree raise in Tipping Point
of Environmental
for True Michael too
has a Voice in 85F Degree
October Gulf Waters with Breath
of Winds and Waves on Pan Handle
Shores where the Saving Grace wHere i live
in Panhandle way is a First Cold Front to come our way..
but True in Years to come that ‘Cold Front’ may not come to ‘save us’ next.. now then..
MeanWhile it’s A Pretty Big Task to change the Voting Direction with Dance where i Live
heHe.. but don’t discount the Beauty of the Butterfly Effect Particularly when a Butterfly’s
is a
Boat Keeper of Hell..
A Place where the Ocean
of God is Shallow and Painfully Numb.

10.8.18 9:11 AM


SMiLes, where I live in the Deep South in the US, there is Really no one to join in on this Hobby, still, of Dancing Walking Everywhere I go in Public ; sort of Like Epic Long Form Poetry in Free Verse Style too; hehe; exceeding 6 Million Words in that Span of 5 Years of 10,000 Miles of Dance in Public Too; as It is literally seen as ‘Crazy’ to do this where i Live by most; but there are some of those who are least; who at least see it as fun and joy; Anyway; gives me something to continually write about at least and as far
as my Play List as that goes
for Dance, i Document the Songs
as i Dance the Writing Freer too; i don’t
do Twitter limits and that sets me apart from
the Potential for Most Human Attention these days too;
And i noticed the other Big Group of Dance Walking
Enthusiasts on Facebook Died away back in 2014
when a Spark of this Came True in the United
States; Quiet Hands and Feet are the Sad
State of Affairs of so-called advanced
Modern Human Beings glued to
Screens; sort of like a Fly
in a Lord of the Flies
Book caught
in a trap
increasingly spoon
fed from Birth these days as
there are More Colors of Human
Emotions in Dance than there is far
far beyond As A Real Rainbow Pot of Destination Gold;
For every New Move is an Angel Wing of Love Re/Born.
When i Meet Angry Old Men at my Age of 58 when they
Question the Validity of what i Do; i usually show them
A Few Martial Arts Kicks as 10,000 Miles of Dance has
Added 30 LBS of Muscle at 240 LBS now on a 6 Foot
or So Frame and then I show them if they were a ‘Real
Man’, they would Learn to Bring the Joy of Dance
on a Woman’s Face that is all Free and innocent
ever more now in Smiles ; and if they really don’t
believe me, I show them the Smiles and then not
so Surprisingly, Befuddled a bit they change their ‘Tune’;
in other words, all the Dismissals are more than worth it.
Dancing Solo is never truly alone; for it is allone in Tune
with the Nature of Being Human Free Flying no longer
Attached as PriSoner to the Gravity of Terrestrial Earth..
“Dance Walking Lovers”.. A Group on Facebook Established after an
African American Dude named Joe Started Dancing Walking in New York
City Back in 2012.. as i came across this Video about him close to the End of
2013 as i was approaching about 400 Miles of Public Dance then in Gulf Coast
Deep Red State Lands of Majority Greater Closed Minds and Bodies here as true
this is a Mecca away from Open Minded and Bodied more Liberal Folks as Social
Science does assess the particular area where i Live with Several Military Installations
and once what was the Record Holder of Most Churches per Square Mile of Locality too..
yes.. Social Science Describes where i Live as the most difficult place to attempt to show different
Human Colors than Group think and do of any place in the United States so yes.. 10,000 Miles
of Public Dance in 5 Years where i Live is not only rare i am one of a Kind in this Kind of Human
Freedom Freely Given and Shared with others whether they wanna see it or not Given and
Shared Freer as i continue to expand on my Skills Navigating Terrestrial Gravity at Ease
Feather Light as 240LBS and 6 Foot or So of Body Floats through Super-Walmart
Center Aisle Grace of Love’s Foundation with Will and Strength that knows and
feels and senses no Fear to Be.. anyway i Haven’t Shared anything with
the FB Group “Dance Walking Lovers” as i didn’t think it would be
appropriate to link since at that point in 2014 i started
doing Nude Art linked to my Blogs then appropriate
with Adult Warned Artful Material but never the less not appropriate
really to share in avenues who have not been warned for what i do fully
in the Art of Human Being unleashed and released with Few Boundaries
of Prison of Human Freedoms Trapped within inside outside above so below
and oh God yes all around too.. so now that i’ve gone even further in this Art of Writing
Very Free Erotic Free Verse Poetry to go along with the Art i continue to Bring in that way
of Expressing Freedom of Expression too as Constitutionally allowed in appropriate Art
Avenues for that and now that i no longer link that to my PG Rated Blog i figured i would
Share what has increased of my Dancing in Public Hobby with that Public Group on Face
Book now as i shared what i wrote above before i started writing the Phrase “Dance Walking
Lovers” as the Title of that Group Page.. anyway the Share didn’t take as perhaps they have
Moderation turned on and that’s fine too for there verily are not many places i will fit in now
and that is to be expected when one no longer runs with overall group Think and group
Body restricted in Stagnate ways less than free.. particularly when one Dances now
of even
in Repetitive ways
From Head to toe
like a Human Machine
where in other Words A Free
Dance is both a Meditation and a Fountain of Youth
that Science even assesses now to Regenerate Health Anew..
i’M Not Really ‘the’ so-called ‘Crazy one’.. i just reMember DoinG wHat it Means to Be Human Free..
anyway.. mY Wolves Balance iN DArk and LiGHT oF Human Soul As A Shadow A Shark of my Soul no longer
bites as it never really did that much.. mY ShArk SMiLes Free to Be as me Lighting uP eYes iN SouLS
Now of Those
Who Matter
Most to Joy Free..:)


Meh; Ideas of What Social Justice is Varies.

Human Beings Vary.

Some Human Beings Master their Emotions and Senses through
Regulation of Emotions and Integration of Senses through Practices of Still and Moving
Meditation or Perhaps Just Long Walks in ‘Forest Bathing’ and become Impervious to so-called
Perceived Slights by others; truly Free to Be, Generating Feel and Sense Good Human Emotions
from Head to toe at Relative Free Will, in what it really Means to Have Faith In Trust of a Foundation
of Human Love in a Balancing Grace of Human Emotions and Senses within, inside, outside, above, so
below and all around in the Environment too as Given and Taken and Shared now too; A Story of my Life at Least.

But not all Humans are like this as some Humans have not looked within and Found a Practice of Life that works to
Achieve this Kind of Human Nirvana and Bliss as Heaven Generated all in ‘Autotelic Ways’ of Being Moving into areas
of ‘Transient Hypo-Frontality’ in Escape from Beta Wave Mind Neo-Cortex Past and Future Worries of Time Illusion as Problem Solving Becomes more important than the Joy of a Smile in a Dance and Song of Life that Lasts forevernow as Real.

True; some Humans have not Developed a Focus of Control in Relative Free Will as any Real Yogi who comes from
Monk School up in the Mountains or Just another Middle Aged White Dude like me in the United States who does
Heaven all Free Verse through Innate, Instinct, and Intuition Just Free to be in Free Verse Life with no others
Controlling me but the Ocean Whole God Living Within as Image of the UniVerse Whole Reflecting
As A
of i
to Be.

Empathy, Sympathy, Compassion; and most importantly Cognitive Empathy in Social Empathic
Human Intelligences understands what it’s like to Live Less in SHades of Purgatory
Grey thru BLack Abyss of the DArk Nights thru Months thru Years of Pain
and Numb of Soul less as more. Jesus F in Christ it’s Harder to
understand the Pain of others unless one has traveled in
Similar Shoes in SHades of Grey thru BLack
Abyss of the
Soul Dead as Life.

Some folks are more open minded and liberal; some folks are more Empathic and Caring and actually
Sensitive to the Feelings of others that and who really count as Living Being Human. Say a word out of line
to try to help someone and you risk losing a potential or Real Friendship that seemed real before at least.

Thing is; when you are FeeLed and Filled up for Free overflowing with a Love For Life it doesn’t Hurt Nearly
as much to try to Help someone out of the Darkness one may have seen before. But True Tough Love Hurts too;
so, where is the dividing line; where is the border; where are the Guidelines that Make and Break the Will to Live;
That’s an Art that continues from Beginning until end of Life; That’s an Art with Success and Losses as that
Art Makes and Breaks Potential and Living Friendships still. Those of us who are Strong enough in Love and
Joy are willing to help more for truly we have nothing to gain but the real potential to lift a soul up away from down.

The Truth is People see the World Differently and what is Politically Correct to say and do will always be
Moderated by Group Think and Do as is. Everyone is a Social Justice Warrior with Different eyes of View;
that’s what Social Animals Do as Even Dogs and Wolves do this too. Some of us are more Alpha in
Soul; Some of us are more Beta in Soul; and sadly some of us are close to the Bottom of the
Heap in SHades of Grey through BLack Abyss of Soul More as Omega Less. SJW is just another
Acronym to Hate up on others; just another Political correct Ideology that
Suggests what is or is not viewed as Politically Correct in the Moderation
of Human Emotions that Help or Hurt more in all the Constantly
Changing Cultural Ways of Being as a Group Larger comes to be in continuously
Different and Complex ways. The ‘Problem of SJWs’ is not one that is going away but this
Problem is an Art more than Reason to Solve in Terms of Human Love that counts at Depth of Human Soul.

I’ve Had 35 Years Old Dance Friends De-Friend me on Facebook just for suggesting they tolerate as slight
for someone failing to Like a BirthDay Wish. The Truth is though that is just a Reflection of how Fragile and Empty
that Person’s Soul was is to be. Thing is too; it mattered not whether or not she decided to Be my continuing so-called
FB Friend or not for i Have Mastery over how Great i Feel; this gives me the opportunity to Be Brave enough to help
another Soul up without Fear of Loss to me. For it’s true; for her at least; it was what she learns from Friends to Fill
Her Self up Better and others too much more than any Objective Numbers of Friends on Facebook now.
There is not much of a Plunge to attempt to Help others Help others more in Life when one
is already Living in the Capstone of Maslow’s Pyramid of Human Self-Actualization
and Transcendence for Unconditional Love for all but true
Tough Love Hurts as Growing
Pains never
from Death
to Birth more now as Life.
I Dam sure ain’t gonna get butt hurt
over someone’s so-called Politically Correct
or Incorrect Views of Life; but i will offer advice
Freely as no one has control over my Happiness in Life.
It really pisses some folks off when they can’t make you unhappy.
Key is; they could be that way too, if they Believe/Do Work for Happiness rather than Welfare Happiness after Death.
Imagine the Freedom to Be as Happy as you Relative Free Will to Be; True, Imagine is a First Step oF A Dance to Be Real.


Per what is Naughty or Nice;
The Golden Rule Needs Revision Per Matthew 7:12, too:

“So whatever you wish that others would do to you,
do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

In other Words, Depending on how Open Minded/Bodied a Person
is; one Person’s Perception of what I perceive as Nice may be Naughty; and another
Person’s Perception of what I Perceive as Naughty may be Nice to Another Person. This is Also
In Accordance with Jonathan Haidt’s ‘Moral Imperatives of Liberals and Conservatives’ too; and in other
Words, according to the Movie, ‘Guardian’s of the Galaxy’, some Folks Dance and Some Folks Do not; some
Folks are Open to New Experience and others, back to the evidence Linked Below and Social Scientist Jonathan Haidt’s
Research; some folks see Nice Beauty in the Whole ‘Photo’ of Michelangelo’s David; and other Folks are Disgusted over
the Detail of the Much Smaller Perceived Naughty Part in between; and this is Rather Predictable Depending on if they are open minded/bodied or not, at least, according to the Research done by Social Scientist Jonathan Haidt as linked below.

So, in still other Words Like Most things in life, what is Perceived as Nice or Naughty has a distinct and evidential
Origin in Human Biological Innate and Environmental Bred Differences. I don’t get that Butt Hurt over Closed minded/
bodied Folks for I understand I am Different; and they are more likely not to like Progressive Change. Some Folks Feel
And Sense staying in the Cave with the Same Art is Nice; and other Folks Like me say Yuck Yuck Yuck that Yucks
And Move out of the Cave in a Nice way for me where my Home Within always Changes as well as Art i Create too.

People with Advanced Levels of Cognitive Empathy who understand Folks are Innately and Environmentally Bred
Different Like this Adjust to the Audience at Hand and Make Changes necessary For Peace and Joy more and
this is what is so important about White Lies in the Sense and Feel of Acting Life Different to get along with
Folks who see Naughty as Nice or Nice as Naughty, depending on the Moral Relativistic Views at hand.

Wow, this is really complicated and even more so than a Math Equation with Black and White Answers.

Nice and Naughty as that applies to overall Human Nature both Born and Bred is a Colorful and very Complex
Artful Masterpiece of Existence with Never Really Any Black and White Answers; unless one is rather Disadvantaged
in seeing More of the Colors in all the Differences within the Universe of Human Emotions and Senses now; So, True
Rather Short Aphorisms like “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets” is rather Convenient for those who are rather More Literal in Black and White think; but in the ‘Real World’;
the Much Bigger World of Multi-Colored and Flavored Human Being; what’s Perceived as Naughty or Nice is
Just not Black and White and takes a whole lot of Art in Social Empathic Cognition to Figure out.
In Fact, a Life Long Art for those who even care enough to Figure out what someone really
Feels and Senses in Life that is Naughty and or Nice; true; there is no one answer in Human.

But it’s true, too, if ‘the Grinch’ Can Change other Humans can and will Figure this Stuff out too.
Some folks cannot understand how Poor Folks without Presents are so much Happier than folks with Gifts;
True, some folks cannot see deeper than ‘stuff’ and that includes Idols of Words too as far as what’s Naughty or
Nice in Life now too. It takes more practice for some folks than others in actually feeling what’s Naughty or Nice;
Stepping out a little from ‘Your Matrix’ and seeing a ‘Green Pill’ more than Just a Red or Blue Pill of Naughty or Nice now.

My Green Pill Is Extra Tasty And Flavorful For I Love It All.
That’s Rather Odd; but in Agape Love Now at the Highest
Capstone Levels of Maslow’s Pyramid; That really Happens too;
Ascendent and Transcendent in an Autotelic State of Being with
Plenty of Transient Hypo-Frontality and Nirvana to Go along with all of that Alpha to Theta Mind Wave
Experience of Much Greater Human Potential coming Fear Free with Laser Focus even more; but true
some so-called Fundamentalist Christians I know see all of that as Naughty and Lord, even so-called Satanic too;
but true, considering that there is No ‘Real Devil’ in the Christian Bible or even any Real Hell other than a Garbage
Dump of Gehenna out of the City Limits in that Book of Stories too; true, Perhaps I do seem like a Literal Adversary
to them too; for I challenge their Home of Cave Art they refuse to move out of from Carrots for A God who then Brings
Welfare Heaven after Death; with ‘Eternal Torture’ that no one truly believes who believes in ‘turn the other Cheek’
Now and ‘Love Your Adversary Enemy’; yes, Literally Satan and the Devil as Metaphor for Enemy as Adversary
too; and Lord knows when it comes to Narcissists like that Old Testament God Before a Living Lamb
of Love and coming again as Fearless Lion as all Super Heroes do in Archetype way, once
they get over their ‘Daddy God’ Issues and become their own Father within; Yes, Father
and Son one as the Nature of God as Existence all with some Holy Creative Spirit
in ‘Autotelic’ ways in ‘Transient Hypo-Frontality’ as Escape from Neo-Cortex
Mind in Illusion of Past and Future Clock Time of Worry Mind Stuck
in Beta Wave Mind Overall Distress away from the Animal Homeostasis
as Alpha Wave Mind Travels to Theta Wave Mind more as any Cat at Rest
will do in Cat Naps Wide Awake too in Existence Ocean Whole With GodALL never
Separated ALL Warm and Fuzzy in Life is Good. Anyway; that’s really Nice to me; took
a Long Days Now Spent in Neo-Cortical Word Think Worry Mind in Beta Mind Wave Ways to Surf my
way to Ocean God Whole Within now; but Jesus F in Christ it’s worth it no matter how Naughty my opinion may seem to
others; but you see that is neither her nor there as Heaven is always now and real for any Camel who escapes through
A Pin Hole of a Statue
of David
and who
is real now.
Open Minded and Bodied
Folks; Truly Open Minded and
Bodied Folks dismiss no Different Opinion
as they understand totally that Dark comes From
Light and it makes total feel and sense Good Intelligence to put that in Action to Evolve
one Soul that is ours in accordance with this one Life to Live that is Forevernow Real best
Spent Nice as
And in Incarnate
Love that and who is A Most
Real Nice Now; at least to me.
Yes, I have Deep Opinions now on what’s Naughty or
Nice as I see all the Value of Heaven and Hell too that is Real within, too.
In other Words;
Good/Nice in my
Capstone Hood, at least.
Anyway; thanks for the Rather Simple
Question that was and still is mostly open ended
as that does bring the deepest responses when totally free
and uncensored with even
a Million
Dreams so
Nice Colorful
and Flavorful as Real Life NoW iN HeaVeN.
My Green Pill Is Extra Tasty And Flavorful For I Love It All.
That’s Rather Odd; but in Agape Love Now at the Highest
Capstone Levels of Maslow’s Pyramid; That really Happens now
Ocean Whole God Living Within NoW as Image of the UniVerse
Whole Reflecting As A
Mirror From:
Of i
To: Be i AM.


SMiLes Frank and thanks so much for Visiting my
Celebration of “10,000 Miles oF Public Dancing” for it is also
True in Regard to Human Levels of Empathy including Sympathy
And Compassion and Even Cognitive Empathy in Terms of Social
Empathic Cognition Greater that a Free Dance or Even a Free Dance
of Poetry will Better Regulate Emotions and Integrate Senses and all
Naturally Enhance
All Before
Labels of
Human Empathy too..
True ..i Believe every Student
in School as Actual Homework
would increase their Levels of
Empathy if they were to
Do as i also Love
to do and
Respond to their Best
Ability of connecting to
Poetic Thoughts in
Free Association
Ways with
Grades or
Competition just
what the SpiRiT oF HeART
as SoUL is More Free to BRinG NoW..
True not everyone would become an Incarnate
Empath of Love but in the Spectrum of Love Overall
there would Most Likely be Significant Progress of Love at
Hand for it is True Love in all the Ways it comes is a Human
Muscle overall in use it or lose it Abilities as all Human Potential
Intelligences Come and Go Stronger and Weaker now mostly depending
on a Practice of Do in Environmental Challenge or Do not missing the Potential
Epigenetic Positive Change in Unleashing Releasing and Overall Unpacking more
of our Potentials of what our Ancestors Struggled to Bring in ways of DNA in Genetic
Material Potential even more now with Concerted and Orchestrated Efforts Free to Just Be.. NoW.. anyway.. speaking of other Human
Potentials in Intelligences
yes to be fully
Utilized my
Sister will just
about Correctly Identify
Any Insect and Butterfly as the
Nature Photographer she has come
to Be in Study of Birds.. Plants and yes
Butterflys and other Crawling Insects too..
but me.. as strange as it may seem after Writing
12 Million or so Total Words online now in Close to
95 Months.. i’m really Not a Name Person or a Word Person
More of a Face Person and Visual Image Person i am still and if not
for the Effective Loss of Eyesight and Hearing through Pain and Numb
in those 66 Months of just that from Wake to Sleep.. Chances are none of
these Words would exist at all and i’d likely still be working somewhere doing
something different now.. Funny How Hell Eventually makes Heaven more Free
More Real
than I ever imagined
Before but True there is still
Plenty of Potential to Learn the
Names of More Butterflies.. Plants
Insects.. Animals and People too..
that’s what i Love about this
New Word Best in
Shared and Given Freely
Never ever Bored Never Ever Bored
now always something new and exciting
to Learn About and Practice in Do more too.. Particularly
Even More Colors and Flavors of Love to Give and Share Freely too..
all in
yes in Be Here NoW too!..:)


HmM.. unDeRoverTones oF Pop SonGS oF oH! So! Distant Past Yes Now..!
Gaslighting Reality With Heroes Who Never Existed.. Particularly Kavanaugh
and Columbus while some were lying about Flatulence others were Slaughtering
Pregnant and Older Indigenous Peoples of what we now Call South America while then
a so-called Murderous Hero that and who never set Forth Feet on what we Name North America
Now was vaulted into Hero by an Italian Sect of the Catholic
Church who then named themselves the
Knights of Columbus
Still wearing
that once
Killed Pregnant Women..
and Old Folks back then too..
rather ironic if you catch the Truth
in Honest ways of what really happened
with Flatulence and other Devil’s Triangles
where Rape and PiLLaging is Piled on up too
in ways of Alcohol Abuse and Pedophile Priests
with the Rapes of Young Children.. yuck yuck yuck
yucky Humans can and will be really yucky.. particularly
if they are too ignorant in knowing not what they do then in
Vaulting a Murderous Leader of a Regime into A National
Holiday Friend.. anyway.. even Poor Immigrant Catholic
Italians need a bonding and binding Force to raise
themselves up from Being Discriminated against
as Immigrants in the Past Relegated to
only Manual Labor as the Irish
Potato Farmers were too..
not to forget that
my somewhat
Famous Grand Dad Ex-Catholic
Irish Priest Native of that place
who was excommunicated from
the Catholic Church for his eventual
Desire to Sire me and my Sister.. two
Cousins and Identical Twin Father and Uncle too
as he even has a Wiki Page of Identification that doesn’t
even include the trivia of 15 Minutes of Additional Fame that
he dined with Einstein Last Century in New York, New York
Socialist Circles as rather outcast from the Mainstream of Society then
as far as all Politics goes and still comes today.. so yes through the Ages the
so-called ‘White Man’ has Raped and Pillaged ‘his’ way through Indigenous Peoples
of the World taken their Home as Earth By Force and attempted to own it as these same
sadly token back then too onward Marching Christian Soldiers do what we say or you die too
‘White Generated’ Folks.. yes including me even though i am somewhat Sioux and Cherokee
too and if the Donald doesn’t Believe it.. i will show him how even though i am Green to Blue
Pale eyed Black Forest from Germany Irish Smiling eyes too.. yes.. i will show him a link
where i tan very Brown and not just Orange like him.. hehe.. and yes from Heads to
Fully toes too.. with no Pale Shades around my eyes even though i do wear
shades nearly all the day and night now.. anyway.. the Politics of Raping
and Pillaging and Killing the Living Sphere of our Home Planet
EartH is a really Dum Dum Yuck YucK Ignorant thingy to
do.. total ignorance total Fail as you Don’t Wanna
FucK with Mother Nature God for she will FucK
YoU Back-uP in her own version of
Karma that you will not like
at all when she
as well as
Nurturing Home..
hmm.. yes.. as i’ve been commenting
lately as i am rather a Pattern Thinker and Remember
too this Fall this July Fall that is coming to a sudden end at the
End of this Week thanks to a Cold Front that is somewhat Brushing A
WAY the Darker Hurricane Angel Michael who is redistributing the Heat of
the Earth as contributed to by Humans where the Gulf is Several Degrees in F
Higher that so-called Normal in Early to Mid-October Days.. well it’s true you
don’t Get any Free Supreme Court Lying and Gaslighting Votes when it comes
to the God of Mother Nature as she don’t take any Human BooFFFing Gaslit Crap
When it comes to the Karma of Heat of Gulf MaKinG Stronger Archangel Michael
Hurricanes to Re-Distribute the Wrath of Heat.. true look what we all make Mother
Nature God do as tHere really is no Separation as we are all PArt of Mother Nature
God True.. in both DARk and LiGHT as it is already bad enough where Nature sees
no Bad or Good in Catastrophic Dances of Nature as after 600K Years or So now YellowStone
Park will Blow when Nature Gets Good and Dam Ready to Release the Next Global Extinction
including us.. except for Dragonflies and Roaches and the Such as those Hardy much Longer
Term Warriors of Life than US for when that Eventually Happens unless Government Determines
Long Term Survival is more important to Fix with 37 Billion Dollars to Moderate Nature’s coming
Volcano Breath in YellowStone Ways.. yes.. more important than Welfare in 1.5 Trillion Tax Breaks
for the Rich we will all pay an ultimate Price in a slow and tortuous Death of only 74 Days
Left of Food to Share around the Globe.. and i can already Guess who the Cannibals
will be First as Empathy and Sympathy and Compassion surely already plays
a role in that in all the ways Human Zombies of the Current Apocalypse
when Bragging P Grabbers and Devil’s Lying About Triangle Promoters
Are Promoted to Highest Trusted Levels of Government that and
who rule the World now and next.. but don’t forget
Mother Nature is truly unbiased as
she will Fuck everyone
if you
attempt to
Rape and Pillage
and M U R D E R
her First just ask
Michael as he expands
his Breath of Nature’s Heat..
Cat 3 Cat 4 or Cat 5 we will come to see…
And for now at least where i live the Cold Front
i have been waiting for since September will be Nature’s Savior First.. for us at least now..
True.. be Careful of the Luke Hot Angel Michael you wish for next as Cold Fronts Save too..
oh yeah.. and to Taylor Swiftie Baby.. thanks for the Shout-out now to all my Democratic
Millennial-Age Loving Friends as you are surely Blowing up the online Voter Rolls of
and Hate..
iN A GaSlit ReaLiTy
For Those oF MorE Than MiNioN Fate.


So.. what’s in a Name.. True.. a Current Prompt on the International Poetry Scene
at dVerse as my First Name Frederick Means Peaceful Ruler and verily i am Peaceful
and i lead myself at least.. with Middle Name of Arthur that Technically Means Strong
but sort off Sounds like one who Authors Art if you look at it that way and while i don’t Strongly
Advertise my Sir as in Last Name all over the place like everything else i do it is very Similarly
Listed on Page 8 of Karen Armstrong’s
History of God as a mix of Earth
as Sand with Water then as Silt
as the Very First Name of God
and true i do Love to
Dance Free
my Bare
Sandy Loam
Wet Mix of that
after Storms come through
And Light Rain as such.. but anyway
overall that Last Sir Name overall means
Keeper of the Land.. as True i do Love my
Home the EartH as Whole as folks don’t respect
And instead seek to dominate it in Taking more than they
Give for they have been taught this isn’t ‘the Real Place’ and During
a Dirt Nap is the Better Place as it’s true some folks will buy whatever Carrot
or Stick of Used Car they are sold on next.. and if that isn’t heir apparent more than
ever Before now that ‘Trump’ and alike Cohorts Wrote the Old Testament and even parts
of the New Testament in Biblical Lore too well perhaps you are living in that other
part of the Matrix too.. and that’s okay for in Nature as God there is no
Separation We all Stand Tall together lifting the Veils of Ignorance
or We
in Division
of Discord more..
so what’s in a Name
Like Matthew an M Storm
From October Aimed at Florida
on the East Coast But Just Skirting
it arriving a little Further North a Storm
where then Folks who See Patterns in Photos
Viewed a Creepy Looking Skull in the Satellite
Imagery of the Storm and of course the Religious
Significance of the Name Matthew is a Ghost Writer
And Potentially more than one Writer taking up the Pen
Name Matthew.. Particularly notable for the Christian Beatitudes
too.. as this Storm Arrived Shortly Before Trump was Elected President
And true some folks still Believe that Trump is a Wonderful Sign of a Man
Sent from God.. to Eradicate the Marriage Rights of Gay Folks Even Though
then he Bragged about Grabbing P as a Hobby of his through the Years in so-called
‘Big Man’ talk.. true when ‘they’ come to you.. you will be bigger than small but people
who pile on top and fall off aren’t very big at all.. but anyway.. never the less and a little
Bit More Matthew Came Back Before Trump went into office as Hurricane that go around at least..
so now ‘Michael’ the Head Archangel in Revelation at least in the New T coming Back to lead the Battle
Against Evil for stuff like Mocking a Woman who has been Sexually Assaulted and the Such as
that at least in New Testament ways of Basic Golden Rule Love Behavior that isn’t supposed
to Happen when Heaven Comes in the Right to Life and Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
in a New Israel Free as that is truly what the Founding Fathers Did as somewhat of a ‘Good
Job’ on Doing all that though they left Slaves and So-called Indians out of the Freedom
Mix of what they were still calling Naked Savages then out of the Ignorance of
Clothes of Culture
Separated from
And Intuitive God
All Free Naked Within
per the Gospel of Thomas
Verse 37 as that is the suggestion
there to Shed your Clothes and Tread
and or Dance on them without Shame or
Regret at all Moving for the Living God to Be
Released So much Greater AS Free From: Within…
Anyway.. Michael is Mother Nature and Michael is Driving
by the Heat of Gulf Waters as Humans Continue to Contribute to
that as Once in a Century Disasters or more continue to ‘normally’
occur each year now.. Michael.. Currently.. the Strongest Hurricane
on Record predicted to Hit Close to Panama City anywhere in the Area
Of the Florida Panhandle in Strength to Date.. where my Uncle’s Dock
on the Emerald Coast Bay Near Destin is already Under Water.. and my
Cousin’s Home is already without Electricity Hours and about 50 Miles
from where the Storm is Predicted to Hit where all the way to Alabama..
Dauphin Island.. is already getting deluged under Storm Surge there as
this is no Ordinary Storm.. This Is Michael Fully Armed in October with
The Wrath of Heated Gulf Waters real as real as real will get on Earth and
Sure Michael’s Satellite Image as M Storm in October comes now more
with a Creepy Looking Patterned Image of an Omen Skull now too.. Yes
As this is our only Home unless you are waiting for a Dirt Nap for
as sure there
is probably a Used
Car Sales Person somewhere
that will convince you that death
is better than life too and sadly that is why
some folks don’t evacuate as they say it’s all in
the Nature of God’s Hands as that’s True that God is Nature
but it is also true that you are God as Nature too.. and if you don’t take care of
the business of Living now you just die as that is how Living God Nature in You Works too..
and after that you better have blind faith as you need that when you are living now as sight..
in other words Fearless Loving this Gift of Life with all your Might other wise how the hell
do you
the Nature of
God for real for real for real now..
okay.. i get it.. i’m a smARTy Pants and
i was gifted with that Eloquent Series of
Names that make 22 Letters and with a Birth
Date of 6660 at least for a Numerology Report suggesting
that my life Challenges Start with 0 for the Number of the Tarot
Fool for Free Will to do whatever the F i Love to do and then the Next
Three life challenges are.. 1 and 1 and 1.. which means all i have to do is
Affirm what the Hell i Love to do.. as true i am doing that now too.. with or without
the Guidance of a Numerology Report as i’ve been doing for 5 years now.. as it wasn’t
so easy when i was a Slave to Work and the Dollar Bill but hey the reality is you have to
make a living too.. and that part is done so now for the Free Will Relatively Speaking and
Dancing and Singing at Ease somewhat Effortless but never ending as overall Fun now with
a Few
of DArk to
make sure
that i don’t get
Tired of Steak and
Ice Cream every day and
the same Beautiful Women to Dance
with every Thursday Night too with the
Wife who hasn’t really started Substantially
Aging still Reaching age 49 soon enough in April
as i continue.. to Get Stronger.. Empirically So in
Strength Training too.. at age 58 now too.. so is it
Luck or is it Work as well it’s true i was born rather
Fragile without the ability to Speak until age 4 and
yes.. Bi-Polar Stuff and Asperger’s Stuff inherited
respectively each from Both Sides of my Family
too.. would by label at least seem to negate
that Numerology Report From Birth
Based on Name and
Birth Date
but you see those are Labels that Humans
Create that Brings the Dark along with the
Light in all the Gifts of Positive LiGHT and Curses
of Negative DARk that Life as Nature and God all Naturally
Brings now too.. as let’s face it there is no Light without Dark
as Light would be taken for Granted too without Dark and when you
get Sick your Body Tells you in Symptoms you Need to get Help and Recover
whether that is Self-Help or what comes from Social-Cooperation and when Society
is Sick you Get Obvious Signs too like when a Used Car Sales Person not only becomes
your President but is vaulted into Messiah Status too.. to save your World from Conspiracy
Theories he Creates as Used Car Sales Folks rarely tell the Truth and the Whole Truth now.. real
to make the sale a success in the Art of the Dirty Deals of Life ‘they’ make still now too as real..
true.. there are Rampage Murders by Barely Legal Aged Children as Adults come to be and Now
that’s just Society for what about EartH and the living Environment in the Circle of Life as
Ecosystem we depend on for Basic Subsistence.. Shelter.. And the ways We Work to
Reproduce and Carry on in Co-Creativity.. Productivity.. and Social Cooperation
even more.. well True ‘Folks’ Like in This Case.. A Metaphor of an Archangel
Hurricane of Strength and Force of Wind and Water Against the
Sands of Earth gets a Huuugggee say so in what Happens
next too with a Message that does come in Messiah
way that the Gulf is Hot and God as Nature
with God’s Hurricane Servant Michael is
Here now to more fully Cool ‘things’
off with
Help of A
Cold Front Savior
that is Saving for now
all the Trees in my Forest Yard..
True.. that Cold Front has been waiting
ever Since when ‘Normally’ Cold Fronts first
come in September in Fall of State of Florida
Panhandle Autumns with or without Falling Leaves..
as True at least my DogWood Tree has been doing that..
And the Passion Flowers of Red are finally Blooming too..
late but still on ‘time’ enough for Beauty for me and others in Photo way to see..
Part of Being Awake in Terms of the Original Greek Definition of Apocalypse that
Does Mean Lifting the Veils of Ignorance until a Human Driven Conspiracy theory
suggested it was the End of the World instead.. Changing the Word to mean something
entirely else but never the less and still Greater More is doing just that Lifting These Veils
of Ignorance now as this is What Makes Freedom of Expression A Most important Constitutional
Amendment to Do JusT That still now as That Opportunity is Greater than ever as we connect
Holding Hands online Globe-Wide wHere of course it is still a matter of Intellectual and
Intuitive Discernment as to who the Used Car Sales Person next is or not.. and to Be
Clear Used Car Sales Person is just a Metaphor and a typical Stereotypical
Metaphor for there are many Used Car Sales Folks who are Saints and
Angels compared to Trump and Folks like Kavanaugh who Lie about
the Simplest
Face Palm Stuff
to get their way as
they Grimace and or
Cry along their Jimmy
Swaggert.. Jim Bakker
And Tammy Faye Painted Face ways..
for True Whoever Said there is a Minion Born every
MiNute All ready still to Follow the Most Despicable
Leaders was/is truly Illuminated and Awake in this way
no matter if they Swear they will shoot someone on the Street and still gain Your Support..
Meanwhile Michael is Breathing down ‘their’ neck.. yes Our Neck as We either All Stand Together
to fall to what
the Karma of Mother
Nature same as God Brings
to us next as we work ToGeTHeR or apArt to Seal our Fate next..
True.. if ‘You’ Want Category 5 You/US JusT might get That too..
With Deaf and Blind ears for EartH
FaLL NexT.


Well.. Fueled by an additional couple of Degrees in F of 87F Gulf Waters close enough
to Panama City Beach in State of Flowers Panhandle way is verily enough to
meet the Millibar Status at 919 for that of a Category 5 Hurricane as
Dark Angel for Cooling The Earth Archangel Hurricane Michael
With 155 MPH Winds assessed so Far is surely enough
to be the 3rd Lowest Millibar Pressure Hurricane
Ever Ever to hit the United States as the
other two hit more ‘normally’ close
to the Beginning of September
as 87F Degree Water
in the Gulf
is just not ‘normal
on 10.10.18 as far as
Historical Reports of Gulf Water
Temps as not even a Category 4 Hurricane
has ever Hit these Panhandle Parts on Record
in Florida until now literally Just now a little After
Noon Central Daylight Savings so-called Time
well true considering this MacroVerse will
be TitLed “In A Shadow oF Michael
For Now” that takes Care of
what this Most Powerful
October Hurricane
has done so
Day to Date
as verily the Name Michael
as Far as Metaphors for Archangels
in Revelation Ways coming on the TAil
End of ‘EVil’ at Highest Levels of Government
in DArkness too as surely in what’s ‘normally’ other
Wise to Be A Tale to Share in a Newer Age Bible in somEthing
Like a 6 Million Word Plus ‘SonG oF mY SoUL”.. Yes at least
NoW as hey we Humans naturally will look to find Patterns in our ReaLiTies
Perceived and in Synchronistically Meaningful Ways in Purpose and Meaning
for our own Psychological Views of LiFE NoW in Holy and Sacred NeuroHormonal
and NeuroChemical Feelings and Senses of Life more now too.. and on the topic still
of Meanings of Names in Holy and Sacred Ways Full of Meaning and Purpose as Abstract
Constructed Symbols Humans Co-Create in Highly Productive Ways too in Social Reciprocal
Cooperative Communication now too even more off to Visit the dVerse Place to check
out the Waters there of the Prompt about Folks Describing in Meaning and Purpose
what they Describe
as these Labels
to them
as Names by
Loving for the Most
PArt one still would and will
Hope is Parents who Love them Most..
For it is True the Core of our Human Reality as
Being Human is finding Meaning and Purpose in Life
Best for all oF LiFE DArk thru LiGHT iN A Best Case Scenario now
of Holy and Sacred Feelings and Senses of LiFE NoW Real and it is
True we do the same in Dark as somEone if Science Text Convinces
us that all life is.. is a Material Reductionist Random Soup of Chance
Where Nature has/is no Holy and Sacred Meaning and Purpose at all
Huge Face Palm for even Scientists who Forget We are the Cosmos
Unto itself as UniVerse WhoLe NoW For What Science Sees as Aided
EYes of ReaLiTy MorE Than What We CaN and WiLL Objectively
Empirically Measure with our Unaided Feelings and
Senses now but you see that is the External
Universe of Observable and Repeatable
Measurements of Reality that will
be confirmed by others same
now in non-biased ways
that is close to
Impossible and PerHaps
Impossible to Do for the Entire Multi-Verse
View of Every Human Label from Joe to Plumber Joe now too.. more
And that’s the Real Mystery of Life to be solved the Best We Can and Will
Why Some folks are Living in Heaven Now.. Some Folks are lost in Space
of Grey SHades of Living Discontentment and other still are on the Bottom
of the Beyond Rainbow Colors of Heaven in BLacK Abyss Soul of Pain
And Numb even More as Less for Seconds for Minutes for Hours
for Days and Nights and Weeks and Months and even more
like me as i’ve been tHere and done Hell for 66 Months
From Wake to Sleep too.. without even the respite
of Dreams Nicer than Hell Back then.. but now
is now and now is all that’s really
now and that’s the Nice
thing about Leaving
Hell as Hell
is then
and Heaven can
and will be now forevermorenow
within whether others Have Access
to Heaven within or not as that changes
nothing about the Lives of those who Do Live
Incarnate Love As Heaven A KingQueenDoM Best as LiViNG iNCaRNaTE NoW..
anYWay i Have/Am Faith iN Heaven As Real As Heaven coMes to Be ReaL MoRE ReaL NoW..:)


Lord this Hurricane Michael Outskirts Gentle Breezy Moist and Cool Air
is verily making me more Theta through Delta Wave State of Mind as i am
not going to take another Nap today as the Gym is Closed for
the Hurricane that means an off day for that to
Catch up on Thursday Dance Morning
for the 232nd Dance Night Week
Celebration coming for that
too after another
Nap after
out tomorrow
in what should be
Sunny and Cooler
Days and Nights coming
After Cold Front Way passing
through more but still in somewhat
of that Groove of Theta to Delta Sleepy
2 AM always Creative Holy Spirit State of
Mind and Body Waves Being BaLanCinG SoUL
ForcE NoW yes off to dVerse now to do just do it next..;)

Hi Mish.. And Thanks for the Very Interesting
Prompt as the More Meaning and Purpose
iN All Things Holy and
Sacred in Life
We Seek
and Find
the more
We Love iT aLL
So for now as far as
Definitions of Names
Go Go NoW Peaceful Ruler me MeASuring
in As Strong And Keeper of the Land Living
A Nice Day..
Oops.. it was someone
else who came up with
the Prompt but thanks
Anyway as it’s the Meaning and Purpose
We Co-Create
NoW No Matter wHat
That /Who ReAlly Counts…
Oh by A Way Ruling me is WHolly enough..;)

Hmm.. Speaking of Bearing Names oh so True it is for
so many Male Names Defined as Warriors so far away from
Love in Tribal
to Conquer
and even
Pillage too..
in Desert Scarcities of
Old where even Water is
Hard to Find.. hmm.. True
More Lover
Boys now
and less
of the other ones
whoever they may Be
Away From: Love to: Fear.

A Name For All
A Name For Love

SMiLes Frank.. i asked my Sister
and the Name of that Butterfly as
in Butterfly Affect and Effect
is Giant Swallowtail
in Particular
the Male
Form of that Insect
and i found it interesting
that my Desire to Learn more
About People Names too
came True
Here at
dVerse after
i commented that back to
you but true a similar thing
happened with Yuck too for the
Monday Prompt but with the Third
Strongest Hurricane to Ever Hit the US
And never to Hit the US in October down
the Road where Michael Usually Means
Close to God as my Wife Katrina whose
Name Means Pure with the Middle
Name of Mia that is a Form
of Michael too i suppose
God Works in
Michael now too
with the Dow Dropping 800
Points in tandem with 919 Millibars too..
anyway.. i like Patterns as most Humans do too
by Name of Being
or not too..:)

Well of CourSE
K i am
Be Gold As Ki’m..;)

True too.. Augustine insisted
On Being First even
When Second
As Pensacola is First
hehe.. anyway that’s the
Newest Claim of City Eminence
by Name and Label in the USA
Fame and
Fortune now
And Power and
Status is verily
now too
as yes
we surely
see now at
the so-called top…
YeP.. Meek Inheriting the
EartH Greater with no names too..;)

Truly Sad No Matter
Mary Jane
Or Tarzan
Rose Loses
The Essence oF THorn..:)

True You
Of No Rib..
As A Helen Reddy
Song Plays on the
Loud SPeaker More than ever ‘fore..;)

I am Thinking
Volcano until
i get down
As True tHere
is Fire and Grace in
Spring Living too..
No Matter
Fall oF Initials From:
Who comes next now.. V.J..:)

True.. Vivian is a rather
Vivacious Name
For Living
As tHere is No
Snack to be Had
About LiFe oNLY A
Full CourSE Buffet
Meal From:
to: Last BLiNK As ReaL..;)

i supPose Glenn.. Names Do Change
As Life goes on and we evolve in
one lifetime to more and
or less than
was and
still is expected
And or limited for
And as us.. hmm..
Perhaps we should all
Name ourselves too
Again when we
more than less..:)

THere Are No Sufi Dancers
wHere i Live.. REvolving
iN Ascending
No Name…
True.. verily it wasn’t
That easy doing it on
my own iN 10,000 Miles for
5 Years In Public So Free to Be
iN Deep Red State Lands of
Gulf Coasts with Hurricane
Names like Michael As Sadly
True Still now not many folks
Truly it
to Be A
Human with no Name But All
When one Dances A Milky Way For Real..:)

Finding Gifts From God
In Names Like Dora
Seem to come
So Magically
This way
For True at Gold Core
All Of reaLiTy is What
We NamE It
Of What We
Feel and Sense is Real..:)

Zen Art of Masks so much more than
nothingness All We choose to
Art of Ego
of Soul Names
Many Molds More
Than From: Stagnate Moldy
Cobwebs FAiling Past PreSent More to: Be..:)

TearS iN
iT iS iN
all of this
EncloSinG oPeNinG
NoW iN BeacH ALivE TidE..:)

Check Check Check
Check Check
Check Check
YouR BucKeT
LisT aS Named
ComplETeLY Mined
ShawnaliBaby FoR NoW..
anYWay never the less i’ve been
thInking deeper about you lately
You too..
Nice to See You
For SurE At LeasT aGaiN..;)

ALReaDy did the Taylor
Swift and Hurricane
of Cool
Panhandle Michael
Dreams For ReaL NoW..;)

And ‘they’
in Dance
Seeing God No NamE
So Clearly Within
Or Fears..:)

I Love Visiting You..
no matter
is Next
for no one
will ever trap
CreativitY iN A LabEL
Or God FReED iN A WorD
Of FLesH AnD Blood Less Than Whole..
Don’t You JusT Love Hurricane Days i Do
As Long
As i Will
Them With You..
True.. i Could be
Talking to God Now too..
No Matter What i Still AM NoW..;)

Ah.. i Love Music that changes
Mind Waves on Cue All the
Way From Alpha to Theta
Back to Beta
and Even
And no matter
Name Doors will
Surely Bring those
Places to me for
What is Life
but a
Journey oF LiGhT From:
no rules or rulers to: Breathe The Free…
As Lana Del Ray Poets too Living Life Like Jim Morrison
Even Better
So Sober
oN LiGHT..:)

Priests Politicians Pastors
All Statisticians with rules away from God Free…

TruE How Did ChristInA Ever
coMe Be A Rule
or Ruler
Than Free
For And As From:
ALL WiTHIN to: LiVE..:)

Hi V.J.. So Nice and
Friendly of you to ask..
Thanks so much for this
Reciprocal Communication
hehe.. in formal Speak as such..
my Real Name Now Means Peaceful
Ruler First.. Strong Second.. And Keeper
of the Land Last as Sir Name Given At Birth..
My Pen Name Means Pure And Close to God
And Or Family And Peaceful Ruler as ending First
Frederick Name
And it’s True
Katie is Short
for my Wife’s First
Name Katrina that Means
Pure too with Her Second
Name Mia for Close to God
as Family too.. and sure
She has that Land
Keeper name
as Last
As True isn’t it fun to
Give and Share more
Than Take and Hoard..
So Nice to See LiFE iN A NamE
oF Love Free With No Fear FoR NoW At Least..:)

Hi Again, V.J.; Thanks Again for the Continuing Conversation. And Smiles; your Question now of what my Original Language is made me Laugh; with no Offense Taken of Course as not everyone Writes Stream of Consciousness Free Verse Poetry in Free Verse Concrete Form that is rather Oxymoron in the Sense that most Folks Plan the “Concrete shapes” First; like the Lamp i Just Drew in Automatic Write, without any Reason but Rhyme without intent; if that makes sense to you.

I Retired from the Federal Government with a Quarter of a Century of Work there, including “Technical Write”;
where then the Way my Mind Worked So precise in Analytics that Folks wondered if I was Human and Perhaps
a Computer instead. In other Words, I did not have a Creative Bone of Magic in my body From Head
to toe then; but stuff in Life Changes as Humans Beings can and will and Do tap into what Science
Names as Epigenetic Potential with Newer Challenges and Adaptations for Substantial Change.

I also Graduated close enough to the top of my Class at 11 in High School and finished
Three College Degrees, while I worked up to 3 Part time Jobs in 8 Years of Work
Before I Started my Federal Work Career; Yes, my Original Language is English
as i had no problems making Straight A’s in those Classes; but if the
Assignment was Creative in Nature, I was lost without Firstly This;
Secondly That; and Whatever Came Thirdly After that; in other
Words I had to have a Plan to Write; and that has Changed
as Free Verse Poetry in Stream of Consciousness Writing
Flows Naturally like a Stream into A River to A Bay
and Gulf to Seas and Oceans as the Wave
Remains the Same and Different as Free
Throughout the Journey of Being
Water as FloW iN ZonE Will Come to Be so
True, I am sort of doing a Hybrid Mix here
for you now moving thru Commas and Semi-Colons too;
to perhaps make it easier for you to Follow me as i Write now for no Target
Audience as My Soul is Free to be me as i’ve compiled a 6 Million Word Plus
Free Verse Longest Epic Long Form Poem in the History of Humankind in 5 Years
Span of Dates; and also Danced 10 Thousand Miles of Public Dance now throughout
A Very Conservative Area where no one else does that but me in Deep Red State Southern USA;
in the same Span of 5 Year Dates as a Free Spiraling Sufi-Dervish-Like Dance, actually bringing me to more
of an ‘Autotelic State of Being Within’ (Heaven, Nirvana, Bliss, etc.) Moving Brain Waves Closer to Theta
from Alpha Waves bringing a “Transient Hypo-Frontality” move away from Restricted Neo-Cortical Past
and Present think where the Majority of our Being as far as Subconscious Mind of Being in Real Time
Now Flows coming out to play Greatly Increasing all Human Potential Intelligences much further than what
alone as this is
what Epigenetics now
Does Best Expressing more
of the Genetic Material From our
DNA when unleashed and released in total Focus
In a Metaphor of Quantum Way much more now with
Fewer Limits or Expectations of what is learned before.
It’s true; this Language is Original and Created by A Soul Within who has No
Name no Label or Restricted Language too; some folks call it A Holy Creative Spirit Language
Do Agree;
And when other folks
have done the similar
it’s true, too; it’s not always easy for others still
to come now to New Dimensions of Reality
not yet experienced; and yes expressing this
now in Newer Dimensions of Language too.
i guess that’s how we went from A to Be
in the Alphabet too; But I really don’t need
to know now as i Just Do it now to Borrow a
Phrase from a Shoe Company too With No Brand Name now, too..;)

Smiles; Thanks For Asking; this in deed has been an Interesting Exercise;
As That is How i See
All of Life Now..:)

Ha! she deleted that response;
but hey; she asked; and i responded
Totally and Honestly to her Question; hehe..;)

Yep; i believe tHere is Also a Song for this Named ‘ET’ by Katy Perry, too;
Perhaps, i’ll find something to use with that later now before all is said and done again..;)

Butt for now let me discard all those Nasty Clothes of Commas and Semi-Colons As Such as that..;)

Well yeah..
at least
Baby has
what it takes
to Dance and
Sing on my Wave Length.. hehaw..;)

Hmm.. i usually go elsewhere as soon as i get deleted or banned
anyway where i go but for now. i will finish up the prompt just for Shits and Giggles
and other
As Such..;)

Smiles.. i always felt it was a little strange that
‘they’ didn’t give Jesus back his original Aramaic
Name when ‘they’ Found Yeshua again
Away From Roman Empire Greek
Speak back then…
it was almost
then Like the
New Greek
Name was
more Important
Than A Living Water
A Breath of Life the Bread
of Life that is Love at Essence
for and as all of us as some folks do
Arise to the Capstone Level of Self-Actualization
And Unconditional Love For Absolutely all There is as Agape Love
Now Cross Culturally
seen still
as Essence
Above all Names
as of course even in the
10 commandments that Law
States that calling God by any
name is taking God’s Name in Vain
but of course Labels have Meaning and
Purpose as Names do too in Holy and Sacred
Feeling Ways of Being for all of us now in Religious
Bonds of Binds too.. True.. Namaste is A Best Religious
Name i’ve come across yet and i do believe the Essence
of the Love Story of Jesus Does agree.. sadly though as
Group Think Goes in Tribal Instinct those who Love
Everyone without fail and all of existence as is
as God with No Name but all that is Loving it
True in LiGHT Free Will be outcast from ‘those’
Groups which
now anyone
Truly like the Story
of Jesus might have only
A Couple of Friends or Just
A Mother Named Mary and a
Friend Named Mary Standing All
True to Love through the Very End and
it’s True you might be amazed how many
So-Called Christians Delete this Story still
as i tell
it still
no Regret or
Shame Just Love Long And True
but it really Doesn’t Hurt as Love
Conquers All Doubt.. Fear.. And Hate Still Now..
allone alone..:)

SMiLes.. yes.. Beloved John
Who in ‘that’ Book
Was Humble
to Admit
that those
who try Harder
will do even more
than His ‘Master’ strangely
enough as very few people who
Follow John 14:12 even believe it’s possible..:)

Smiles.. i guess the Best thing about
Giving Great Names as even Science
Suggests through
And Neuroplasticity is
We Humans through the
Force of Making Imagination
A Fruition of Art as our Human
Being Full of Belief in Positive
Intentions Have the Potential
to Mold ourselves into
something New
we might
Never have
been able to do
if someone named
or told us less of any
limitation or expectation
Diminishing us than more of
All of what we will create next as us..:)

SMiles.. Hi Hank
for mE at least
i’ve never really
identified with
my Birth Name Then
And still never miss it
Now As few people see
me as It As mostly
i’m just identified
in Real Flesh
And Blood
as the
Guy like
off ‘Cheers’
Without A
Given name
As Being
am Doing
is Dancing
Singing JusT
Enough All For mE..:)

SMiles.. So Much Evidence in Life
We have the Potential
To Co-Create in
Relative Free
Will So
much of
Life now
as Meaning
and Purpose
if the Essence
is what we come to
Believe As Real.. So
Yes.. what’s in
A Name
it’s all
Life the
Meaning and
Purpose Holy
And Sacred
in Feeling And
Sensing Life We Do Apply or not..:)

So Fortunate i am at
Least to Live
where day
to day
means nothing
nothing at all but me..:)

Smiles.. best
Are Those
With An OPen Dictionary..;)

With Names
CowGirls With Bangs
way it goes..;)

Born to
Be From:
EssencE Love to: Be..:)

Interestingly.. now.. I like the Name Katie Mia Frederick
Better than Frederick Arthur with my Given Sir Name too
As it Reminds me how important
A Loving Grace
in Balance
of Foundation
is to All Will and
Strength Secure
As Steady Path
up Maslow’s
of Self Actualization Ascending
Transcending in as US Agape Love
For All too For true what is tHere to
Be Afraid of Different When All is Viewed
aS LoVE NoW..
Hi.. Lona Gynt..
Nice to See
You on
the dVerse Trail Again..:)

Truth Will Set US
Free Such
A Refreshing
so Lost
so so
the Very
Top of Country
Now.. Founding
Fathers Turning
Over in tHeir Named Graves
And Religious
Story Writers
to Truth
oF LoVE True
Fearless and
Unafraid to SPeak this LiGHT Free..:)

Well that takes care of 31 with some extra
Credit at the Poetry Place of Shawna Baby too
Along the dVerse Trail way and with V.J. too for as much of me
that she
as i do go a little Deep too.. heHe..;)

With a Re-Visit with Shawna Baby again..

Hi Shawna Baby just
A Fresh Breeze
off the Gulf
For us
and oh
God am
i looking Forward
to the 50’s tomorrow
night as this July
has been way
too Long
who knows
could have
Hot Chocolate
by December too..;)


An example I often use in Reference to what Science Measures Versus what Art Measures is that Even Rock Star of
Science, Astro Physicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Readily Admits that the Inner Universe of our Human Being is
Relatively Uncharted NOT Measured territory Versus the Observable Empirically Measurable Universe
in Material Reductionist Ways outside of us. He even Admitted to Katy Perry that Her grasp
of the Inner Universe of Being Human is Much Larger than His as that relates to what
she can provide of Her Inner Universe and that of other Artists who Provide Works
of Art to Express what otherwise might not be experienced More of the Human Emotional
and Sensory Experiences of Life if not for the Music and other Arts all Artists Bring to Enhancing
our Subjective Experiences of Life that often Defy what Science says about the overall topic of Life.

One Example is the Power of the Placebo Effect that is real and all about the Vague Word and Very Real
Essence of Human Belief. When that Force is Large enough and yes, Real Enough, for what otherwise that is
Defined by Medical Science as Incurable Disease is on the Record of going into Unexplainable Remission at
the Measure of Science. The Tool of Science is a rather simple one; just a number of steps from Hypothesis
to be Measured and Repeated and Confirmed by other unrelated Scientists and it is restricted to what may be
Observed Empirically so and Measured in a way that can and will be replicated and Confirmed by other Scientists.

Human Consciousness does not Comply with Measures of Science. In Fact, Scientists who use the Scientific Method
can measure some Material Reductionist Parts of how the Brain Works but the Synergy of how we Navigate our LIfe’s
Experience in Broad Scope of Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind is better Relegated to the Expression of Art than
any tiny Small View of Scientific Method. In other Words, Science has the Parts, the Notes, the Letters, the Numbers
for Metaphor; whereas, the Human Soul as Metaphor is the Symphony for the Entire Orchestra it Plays of Life
Experience as it is more Advanced than any Scientific Tool can and will Imagine for of course Science is no
Imagination at all as Science is only a Concrete Tool; whereas, the Human Experience in even every
Word we Co-Create is Metaphor at Essence as the Definitions of Words at Essence Change at
the Whim of Human Imagination and The Fruition of Co-Creativity we as a Species of Human
Create in Artful Ways together. In Fact, Social Scientist Jonathan Haidt refers to a Rational Delusion;
as Humans as Modern Neuroscience Shows are controlled by Emotions and Senses in our Older Brains
of Limbic System and Reptile Brain as the Neo-Cortex is actually Servant and not Leader of those two much
Older Brains on the Scale of overall Animal Kingdom Evolution for Basic Survival in Subsistence gaining activities
as well as the Strive for Reproductive Success as in our case is very much Driven by Social Cooperation in Limbic System
Measure of Warm and Fuzzy Holding Hands and Hugging inspired by the Neurohormone Oxytocin that for some folks
doesn’t work ‘normally’ and for those who cannot enjoy this Deep Comfort of Warm and Fuzzy; for all practical intents
and purposes that experience of life is ‘Super Natural’ to them for it literally does not exist in their Multi-Universe
View within. Our Universes in Reality are those of what we Hold in the Experiential Inner Universe of being
Human in each unique Multi-Universe of what we see in regard to all our feelings and senses now.

Some folks experience a Much Larger Multi-Verse View of Existence; for some the Metaphor is beyond Rainbow Colors
of Flavors, Tastes, Smells, Sounds, Dances and Songs of Life they touch with their Soul Deep Deep down and
Express to others who have enough Context in Experience to relate Mutually and Consensually to their
Multi-UniVerse View of Life. Other Folks Live somewhere within the Realm of Shades of Grey, just out
of the Grasp of the Black Abyss Night of the Soul and so far away from the Depth of Feeling and
Sensing Life that makes a word Like Heaven dull in a response to relate. For those of us now
who have explored life more with Right Brain Metaphor of thinking and feeling and sensing
Life versus Left Brain Metaphor of Collecting words and spitting them back at other
Folks with as close to the same concrete meaning that we can relate as the Multi-Universe
Views of Life in metaphor are for all practical Intents and Purposes now Natural Versus Super-Natural
for those who see life in more Black and White and Shades of Gray Shades of Life Versus Multi-Color Beyond
Rainbow Views. But it’s True, Social Scientists Like Jonathan Haidt are starting to Navigate this World that Artists
Have Related to others Receptive to Larger Multi-Universe Views of Life for the Ascendent, Transcendent Altered
Consciousness Views of Life; as I will Link that below for those “Horatio’s” who have not explored their much Greater
Epigenetic and Neuroplastic Potentials of Life in unpacking more of their Potential Genetic Material as DNA expressed
thru Appropriate Positive Challenge and Adaptation and Change in Life as it’s true we are limited by the Environment of
Learning we are exposed to and what we limit of ourselves too. This Life is one of Sitting in the Cave and Sticking
with the Same Cave Art or moving out into the Light and Creating New Light Art whether there is an Old Cave
Target Audience for it or not as that is what the Right Brain Metaphor of Think and Feel and Sense does;
It Moves out of the Cave into the Light to use more Colors of Imagination and Creativity as that comes
to Fruition of the Art we Make, yes; Ah, but yes, the Challenge is to Articulate that back to those
Still Living in the Cave with the Old Cave Art that might tempt them to walk a few steps
out and then a few steps more until Life becomes a Dance and Song that is never
Felt and Sensed or even Imagined or Thought of Before. How Beautiful
This Great Adventure of Life is when we are no longer Afraid of
Change or how others Experience so much more of Life in Colors than what
We Feel and Sense and Think now. Is it possible? Yes, it is as I have documented my Entire Experience
From Stuck in Left Brain think of Collecting Data and Spitting it back out like a Robot and a Computer
to Heights of Art where i have to Travel Around the Globe to find folks who have the Contextual Experience
of Life to even understand where I Exist on the Spectrum of Art and Creativity now. But only if you See, I can and will;
I understand through History that this is nothing new. You cannot expect to go on an Expedition in Exploration
of Human Potential and expect anyone to follow you there. Some Folks Move out of the Cave and Some folks
are either too Terrified or Apathetic and stay. What I do know and feel and senses is this; I used to
Live in
Hell and now
I live in a new Dimension
of Inner Universe as Multi-Universe
of Human Being that I as an individual
had no idea existed before; and if not for
the Art to even attempt to explain this place
that exists within; I would be otherwise very
Selfish not to do my Best to Show folks this place most definitely
Does Exist; and for all Practical Intents and Purposes although it is very
Natural and Real it is more than Real for all practical Intents and Purposes
for most
Supernatural, now, still.

For Just another Quick Example, Research shows that some Autistic Folks have Deficits
in the Functioning of Mirror Neurons in our ability to put ourselves in other People’s shoes
as that relates to Basic Human Affective Empathy. Whereas, in other Research, the Studies show
the opposite for another Group Studied where they have Extreme Functioning of Mirror Neurons
where watching someone’s Arm get touched is like having your Arm touched as sure if you use a little
imagination, even if you don’t have that real Human Potential, you might see how that might be extremely
Pleasurable or Extremely Uncomfortable if around enough Negative Stuff; where a person now might have
to Socially Withdraw themselves; not because they have too little Human Affective Empathy; but because they
Have too much; as the Quintessential Example of a Real Life Empath now; The Same applies to Tactile Sensitivity
too for I as an Individual have such a heightened sense of touch, I cannot stand to touch most Man Made Materials
as such; It’s not hard to see how that would limit one’s Social Experiences too around Man Made stuff as the Difference
between being able to Sweep a Carpet at Work or it being literally Intolerable to do for this is a kind of Sensory
Empathy too, where even imagining doing it is intolerable too. This Explains a lot about the DSM5 Criteria
And how it clearly states some Autistic Folks are Hypo-Sensitive to the Environment and others are
Hyper-Sensitive to the Sensory environment and how that relates to all Human Senses and
Feelings too.

So yeah; You’ve seen one Autistic Person and you’ve seen just one; some may be extremely Empathic
in all the Colors and Flavors of Life as that comes; and others may be almost Numb to the Experience
of the Multi-Universe Views of other Folks now. And it is also true, this Human Potential, overall, is not static
and only innate and inborn; for even Science Shows that Empathy is a Human Intelligence that may be learned
for a much richer experience of Life as well as the Artistic Versus Science Mind Experience and Expression of Life.

Otherwise, it’s not likely that I could have remedied my Robot and Computer-like Mind back into the World
of Social Empathic Mind as Expressed in Art as Neil deGrasse Tyson Describes is what Katy Perry does in
Genius-Like Intelligence that he currently has no road to take at this Point in his life. Meh; I come here
as an Anthropology Participant Observer to see how the ‘other side’ as I did once lives to remind myself
of where I came from; and just how far I’ve taken my Potential in the last 5 Years and in some small
or yes larger way Help those who are stuck in just Half A Globe of Mind Exploring their way out
to a place
they might
Define as
Heaven one Day
they Master in a Regulation
of Emotions and an Integration
of Senses that Works for them. Free Verse
Poetry in connecting Words Back with Emotions
has worked as a Meditative Free Verse Flow of Life
in Art that takes me more toward the Alpha through Theta
Mind Waves of Life. And also for those who Study this Flow and
Expanded State of Mind and Body Being, the Phrase that is used to
describe it as even Brain Scans can measure it in limited view is “Transient
Hypo-Frontality” where the Neo-Cortex is dampened and the Rest of the Brain
Lights up out of Past and Future Worry Clock Time Illusion of Existence into Open
Ocean View Wave Life. And for those who find an actual Mind and Body Practice in
the continuing Greater Potentials to Master this Expanded Mind and Body Awareness
in our Potential of Being Human; they arise to what is known and felt and sensed to an
“Autotelic” State of Being where they develop the Literal Potential to raise the Levels of all
5 Basic Positive Neurochemicals and Neurohormones at Locus and Focus of Relative Free Will
as the Synergy of that and other related Neuro-Chemicals and Neuro-Hormones is still beyond
this Point;
And yes, NeuroScientists For Real
also suggest now that we Basically
Hallucinate our Reality in Subconscious
way with our Feelings and Senses Driving
with Neo-Cortical and Rational Support on
A Tier Below the Driving Force of Emotions in
All of what we do as the Neo-Cortical Mind Works
Best as Servant Opposed to Slave of Addiction for those
who do not Master in Relative Free Will the Good Feelings and Senses of Life Generated from within.
I’ve gone to a Great Deal of Effort to put this into words where someone somewhere at least will understand
it now and take advantage of it as they do now for real. And while 6 Million Words of Free Verse Poetry in Epic
Long Form Poem Way has taught me much for putting the otherwise ineffable into Arts and Sciences of Words;
The Major Driving Force and Muse has been a Spiraling Golden Mean Ratio of Free Style Public Dance now for 10,000
Miles in the Same 5 years now that I wrote those 6 Million Words of Free Verse Poetry that I have shared around the
World in 7 Blogs where Hundreds of Thousands of Folks in just one of the Archive Blogs have Viewed my Human
Potential as it increased in real time there. Yes, it’s true, it’s not often true that one can view an Astronaut on the
Entire Trip
to their
Star Uncovered
but I intuited where I
was going Long before
I got tHere to the place I exist now
as that is the Metaphor of a Right
Brain Intelligence that can and will be expanded now too.

It’s really hard for some folks to understand that it is The Journey that counts most now;
Not the Dollar Bills, or the Likes, or the Follows, or even the Smart Phone Video Voyeurs
who have filmed my Public Dance Free to Spread that Free verse Ministry of Dance around the World
where i Live in Flesh and Blood now; but it’s true; they have yet to arrive and Perhaps one day ‘they’ will too.

Some Folks Call my Dance Crazy;
Some Folks Call it the Stuff of Legend;
Some Folks Just Stay in the Cave and Look Away.

But Never the
Less it is real and exists.

And as I also often ‘tale’ folks; just to avoid any potential
Future Confusion; I’m not ‘the’ Batman’; i am Just ‘A’ ‘Batman’ with Winks.
Bottom Line here is if one pooh pooh’s what one doesn’t understand one may never arrive for now
in places
like Heaven;
and this verily is
No New Human Story;
but yes, it’s true for some it is
that which is not of their World, at
least not yet; as sure; i hold out hope for ‘them’/’you’ too..:)

An ‘Adversary’ comes with Apathy and an eye roll and i reply:

Smiles; Just a Quick Note; Fnord.

You are Not the only one in This Audience;

Large or Small as A Receptor.

And I dam sure wasn’t directing this at you, Specifically;
but tHere’s still Hope wHere tHere is Love That’s Real
and Not
Four, Five or Six Letter Word of ‘Stuff’ starting with L or J or S;
Dude, not to get too far off Topic now but as I remember now
You’ve Suggested here in the past that Jesus is a Real Dude where
the Scientific Evidence Conclusively Suggests that’s Just a Story
And very little of him left still exists in Actual Story Form
where the Story now is More Real Than the real Human
then; so it seems you are the one here who believes
in the Super Natural while i Follow Science Closer
than you in this way.
And sure as far as
that Story goes,
the less;
A Great one to still
Relate for Real too
and sure, this one too
me at least.



any reason
why you make
you posts look pretty,
is it a conscious
effort. Do you
do it as you
go along
or type
your posts
then edit them
to look pretty”

Smiles, thanks for asking.
It’s Like Magic and Even the
Supernatural for those who
Cannot Relate; Art Flows
most Folks
See as Ration
when original at least.

But sure, I can Force myself to Write in A Straight Line but it doesn’t FEEL like Heaven; and i ain’t going back to HELL..;)

In other Words, I don’t
Literally Write the Shape;
I Metaphorically Feel and
Sense it Beyond all Words, specifically..;)

But hey; that’s the Beauty of NeuroDiversity; Something New And F in Refreshing at least to me.

Again, Thanks for the Reciprocal Communication in Fashion of Wonder, instead of ButtHurt Confusion..;)

The Difference in some of us is; We don’t give up trying to figure it All out; And Then we Just Do It New With No Fear.

And Per the other concern related, by that ‘other’ person; Jesus F in Christ, if it Hurts to Look at it than Just Don’t Look; unless one can’t help themselves, at least and or most.


SMiles,”SaveFerris”; You are Very Welcome and Speaking of “Ferris” that is one of my all time
Favorite Movies as that applies to Overall Life and the Joy of Spontaneous
Creativity in the Moment of Life; the Real Present Now which is truly
A Real Magic in Life that is also for all practical Intents and Purposes
Super-Natural for those who have Yet to come
to a Place of Joy in Novelty of Life
like this and for me at least; there
is also “Forrest Gump”, where the Lesson there is; it’s
not so much about IQ; but Will and Never Giving up and Plugging
Along at Whatever one is Doing Their Best to Improve about Life; True,
with Enough Ping Pong Practice one might Become a Champion Ping Pong
Player too regardless of Higher IQ; making a Mark in the Record Books for Years to still come.
Sure; Dance Legend is Possible too but I’ve already done that and there is always something new to do;
I Believe in a Mix of
both; yes, ‘Ferris’ and
‘Forrest’ too as it’s true just
Replace a U with an R in Austistic
and with Enough Epigenetic and Neuroplastic
Real Magic one Moves from AUtistic to ARtistic as the
‘Other Side of the Mind’ is more Fully Engaged in Metaphor
of Social Empathic Artistic Mind versus Systemizing Science Reason Mind;
the best
of both
is the Magic
that Works for me, best.
I didn’t come here to be Average; i came here to Just Be me;
And Like My Wife says, “You Are Something; But i’m not Quite Sure What”;
that Says
to me at Highest
Levels of Creativity And Just Doing it now;
On top of that every Novel way of Life, and not just
in words in all we Do from Steps of Dance through Words of Song,
actually according to Science as Long as it is done in a Positive Novel Way
Lights us up in almost innumerable new connections from Head to Toe like A Better Feel/Sense Good Christmas
Tree that is more than Super Natural for we can and will reach out and touch it as us now real.
Smiles, my Friend;
i’m just an Ocean and
These are my Waves as the
Ocean and Its Waves, one and same and different too;
as every Drop of Water within need not offer a Reason for Being now.
in one other Word;
i am A Beach
as i move far far far
away from the other Spelling of B88CH;
Or ‘the Principle’ of that School ‘Ferris’ went to;
who I must admit, kind of reminded me of me;
Before i grew into more of me as Beach.
When Butterflies come out
of Cocoons that’s
Magic for
who have not
Forgotten the eyes of A Creative Child.


Smiles, my Friend, Bether3, I appreciate the Fact that you Have the Kind of Intelligence that allows one to understand
A Creative Write that is not limited to linear think; better reflecting a Spiral Reality that’s really not Hard
to See for any Pattern Thinker who moves out of the Box; and out of Left Brain Think Metaphor of
Material Reductionist Detail thinking so far lost from ‘The Ocean’ of Larger View Life.

Einstein Could See it in PArt; but of course he understood the Force of Imagination and Human Intuition
and also the Benefit of Deeper Thinking; yes, Actually Deeper Thinking Escaping from the more Restricted Book think of the Day.

As Far as the Speed of the Force of Mysticism and how Folks who are not trapped in the Metaphor of Left Brain Think,
using my Wife as a Prime Example of someone who has showed amazing Psychic Skills off the Charts of Book Think;
Back in 2006, After about 9 Years of Chronic Related Work Stress and how that goes with Down Sizing and
Continuing Automation, Even in Federal Service Employment; my Perception of Time Suddenly Sped
up which was probably associated with My Brain and what was going on with my continuing Adaptation
To Accommodate what was increasingly becoming a Catch 22 Situation of what Seemed like Do or Die then.
Eventually, General Adaptation Syndrome After Close to 2 Years of Flight or Fight Syndrome took me down with
19 mostly Stress related Disorders. The Most Difficult Disorder to Accommodate was that of Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia that in my Case was A Dentist Drill Like Pain without Novocaine that went on For 66 Months from
Wake to Sleep; most folks experience Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Sporadically; but in my case it was
Chronic and Acute and never ending for literally 66 Months from Wake to Sleep. And in My Case the
Pain Was Focused in my Right eye and ear making effective usage of eye sight and hearing
almost Intolerable and Impossible; particularly for the first 33 Months as a Shut-in
in my Home for the Entire 66 Months, except for trips through Severe Pain to
the local Walmart as my Wife cannot Drive with a Condition of Epilepsy; for
me additionally, ‘Stuff’ like Dysautonomia, where my Blood Pressure no longer Synched with
my Heart Rate and I almost Passed out whenever I stood up; and my Heart Raced when I tried
to Sleep to Accommodate Lower Blood Pressure in Keeping the Blood Flowing to my Brain was difficult
along with Fibromyalgia; and Sjogren’s Syndrome where My Eyes Quit Making Tears; and Fibromyalgia;
with some Spinal Stenosis, Severe Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD; Anhedonia, as I almost totally Lost my
Emotions too which was really in some ways worse than what Science Assesses as that Pain as the Worst
Pain known to Humankind assessed in Literature as actually worse than the Actual Torture of Crucifixion as
that Still Occurs in Pockets of the World; and sure, Severe Depression to go along with that with some Mood
Lability, and Severe Degenerative Arthritis in my Spine, and Overall CoatHanger Pain around the Neck and
Shoulders that comes with Dysautonomia, where really a Diagnosis of ADHD also then as Part and Parcel
of Asperger’s Syndrome; where in my case that included an experience of being a Non-Speaking
Child until Age 4; and getting Bullied for both my Smiling Empath Nature and Androgyny in
a Toxic Patriarchal Place of the Deep Red State South where Boys are Beat-up and called
the F Word and Not Fred in my Case if they dare to Smile at the City SoftBall and
Tennis Court Park where the Back Board never Refused to Play with me
Threatening Potential Physical Abuse if one Dared to Express the
Giving Emotion of
Love; as yes that was a F in
Piece of Cake Versus what I
would Suffer with for 66 Months then
with the Suicide Disease as it is called
Paramount amongst 19 Disorders as
i am probably leaving a Few Minor
ones out in that Soup of Living
Hell on Earth then that
did include in
the Beginning a stint of Insomnia
when the Pain Grew to Cat 6 Status as far
as Hurricane Storms go Within of Pain and Numb
and it took an Alpha Blocker to put my Heart Rate Down
enough with the Dysautonomia to Sleep just one hour of Card
Board Shallow Sleep for the First 35 Days of 40 Days in my own Personal
Lent Period of Life, in the Spring Beginning that Hell in 2008; where the Last
5, I could not sleep at all; where at one point i Had no Senses or Feelings where every
Second was beyond any Hell Fire Dream of Forever as every second i perceived to be
Real in Hell for a Thousand Years in so-called Real Hell that was ‘more than Real’ for me.
Anyway, back up a couple of Months when I first had to Leave Work and my Wife and I were Walking
around the Block, and her Name is Katrina, by the way; As I suddenly experienced Time Slowing Down
for the First time then, I had ever experienced as a Sober experience of Substantial Perception in Time like
that and my Wife, Immediately Said without a Word from me that “Oh that was Weird it Feels Like Time Just slowed
Down”. Yes, it was strange enough but probably explainable in some Material Reductionism Neurological reason
associated with Severe Stress mixed with Chronic Stress for 11 total Years that was related to that and all the
other Disorders of course; but the Fact that my Wife Intuited what I experienced too in a once in a lifetime
Feeling for me then; has no explanation at all in Science; no clue, just like when Folks Believe they will
Get Well from an Incurable Disease and that Disease does go into Remission as Science Records
with no Explanation too; just naming it a Seven Letter Word Titled, “Placebo” Effect; So Big.

Okay, Now Fast Forward about 2 Years from then in the Spring of 2010, where there was
a Certain Name of a Road Close enough to Travel to on a Forest Country Road on a Bicycle
where and with what is named as this Suicide Disease that i Had been Struggling
with for over 2 Years; where after that 40 Days with almost no Sleep, in 2008,
somehow, I made it to a Bridge in my Car to Jump off but
miraculously my Sister Drove and Found me there
as I didn’t have the Strength to Get out of the
Car and Jump off; So, I Put a Metal Chain in the
Basket of my Bicycle and started Planning that I would
Find a Tree on that Named Road as I wasn’t going to Screw that
Up as I was already ‘the’ ‘King of Pain’, and i wasn’t going to Hell any Further
now than I already was then. I Figured, if I went Deep enough in the Woods only
the Vultures would Find me; and at least my Life would mean something to Give them
a Meal of my Remains; and all the other Scavengers just making a Living Naturally with Nature,

The Next Morning as my Wife and I woke up; keeping in mind that this is the Spring of 2010; my Wife said,
she just had the Strangest Dream; that she and her Granny (who was deceased) were in that Forest on that Named
Road; as she never mentioned that Road to me before or even after that; and then she said that they were Hanging
Christmas Ornaments on a Tree Deep in the Forest. I didn’t tell anyone that I remained severely Suicidal
During that Two Years, since I first wanted to Jump off that Bridge; as it’s true, I wasn’t even diagnosed
until an appropriate Test that will Diagnose Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia was done almost Four
Years, since I first started having Symptoms of the Disease as the First Symptom was I couldn’t
Tolerate Colors on a TV Screen Back in 2006; and to be clear, Doctors still have no real Clue
what Causes this; what Starts it; or what makes it go into Remission too; as I’ve been
in Remission since July of 2013; as that is another Story of a Real Life Miracle that
Doctors also identify as just that as Suddenly in July of 2013 all the Pain
and Numb went away. And After that I found Myself on a Beach;
Named Navarre Beach with a Distinct, Ascending, Transcending
Experience of Being one with All That Is; and after that the Free Verse Poetry
Came in 6 Million Words to Date from 8.8.13; And 10,000 Miles of Public Dance
in 5 years too; where I went from Shut-in in my Bedroom for 66 Months to assessed
as Dance Legend a little bit more than a Year into that Endeavor in a Deep South Red
State Place in a Mix of Free Style Ballet and Martial Arts where now at age 58; where
My Leg Strength as Doubled from about 500 Lbs of Leg Pressing Strength to 1020 Lbs at
up to 52 Reps continuing to Increase in Strength; where Science ‘normally’ ‘Dictates’ that the Weak Fish
doesn’t do this in the Aquarium, where the Deep South Southern Baptist Onward Christian Soldier Little
Boys wanted to eradicate me from their Pond; in no uncertain terms back then; Yes now, i Do in Concrete
Evidence of Strength More in Leg Pressing Strength than Elite Marines, now on that Specific Parallel
Leg Pressing Machine, close to 4 Decades My Junior now, in Measures of Hundreds of Lbs Below what
I am able to do now; after a Steady Dance in Public for 10,000 Miles in the Place that Social Scientists
Assess is the most Likely Place to Be Bullied Still, in the US even now if one is Different; with Factors of the
locality at one point on the Record Books with the most Churches Per Square mile in a Metro Locality in the U.S.;
And Several Military Installations of very Regimented More Closed in Mind and Body Thinking and Feeling
and Sensing Life too; where A Smile is not Nearly as valuable a Commodity as it is where Love Lives Free
and Fearlessly
too; You my Friend
are a Breath of Fresh Air Here;
As it is true there are Savants of Autism
in Math for the Science Assessed Percentage
of College Age Folks who do go to College where
only 33 Percent of Higher Functioning Autistic Folks
actually do the STEM Major Stereotype thingy; the Rest
are in the Humanities; for is true there is another Kind of
Autistic Savant who is not often as Diagnosed to those Numb
in Empathy who cannot easily get along with their Peers. There is the
Autistic Savant Empath who is the Psychopathic Leaning Person’s worse
Adversary in Life; for this Person will not be Fooled by any Religion; any Politician;
Any Priest or Pastor for what passes the basic Litmus Test of Ethics where the Law
of Love; the Grade of Love; and the Currency of Love is all that is of Real Intrinsic Value
in accordance
with the
of Soul in Mind
and Body Balance
in what Spirit
Brings of heART
both Feeling and Sensing and in
Expressing that Love to others now
that is Real and True and Free. But you See my
Friend, now that i am no longer an Androgynous
Looking Frail Boy down here in the Deep Red State Gulf Coast
South; now that I am no longer 120 LBS at Five Foot Ten in Eighth
Grade with Long Blonde Hair with the Long Eyelashes and Pale Green
to changing Blue eyes as Irish eyes tend to do; per story at least; as my
Grandfather was an X-Catholic Priest Born in Ireland with a mix of Black
Forest Germany in his Heritage; Marrying a Spicy Cajun Mix of Woman out of
his Parish; she at 17 and he at 36; such a Scandal it took for me to eventually get
born; hehe; and then my Father Meeting a Woman with enough Sioux and Cherokee
to bring
a Ghost
Dance in me
in ‘times’ of Trouble
to attempt to Bring a
Zombie Apocalypse of Humans who
have lost their Souls in a try a; concerted Effort
of A Spark to wake them back up out of death as life.
I touch the Younger Generations with my Dance in many
ways; but the Older Generations are deep deep and lost in sleep.
Anyway; now Standing over 6 Foot or so with 240 LBS of Ballet Muscle
Mixed with Martial Arts Muscle and Lightening Quick Kicks an inch or so
from any Target; if anyone Questions my Grace in Balance as Weakness; I have
my Stripes well earned now
For real for real; yes, for real
And the
to Love
Without Restraint
in a place with so many
Churches; but so so lost overall
from the Force of Agape Love; the
Law; the Grade; and the Currency; the
Force of Love that Defeats all Doubt and
Fear in Misery Loves Suffering Away from Joy Loves Company more.
Anyway; considering my Perspective of Life, when ‘those folks’ Like Fnord
Here ridicule my Spirit, my Heart, my Soul, in how i express that Freely as Love
Fearless without Restraint; going as far as the record shows here of taking my Words
and Twisting them around, actually taking the time to attempt to suggest that my Reality
as a Savant of Soul as Love is somehow Deviant and what ‘they’ name as Crazy too; well it’s
true, as an Empath I have Great empathy, sympathy, and compassion for ‘they’ simply are ignorant
in the Facts and Feelings and Senses that they know not what they do; as yes, after writing a Similar Philosophy
as it is still on Record, a Moderator did a Mock Exorcism on Me; egged on by another Bully here who then did not
have the Intellectual Facilities or Soul to understand the total Context of My Education in both Arts and Sciences
of what I was speaking of then on a Thread then dedicated to Mysticism and Esoterica too; with yes, some Occult
Leanings too. But again, I understand the Nature of the Beast that is Human; As Science shows when the Systemizing
Science Reasoning Mind in metaphor is used to the exclusion of the Social Empathic Artistic Mind this Metaphor
of ‘Right Brain Mind’ Withers away like a Garden that is Starved in Desert Drought and this is verily not
Restricted to
Folks on the
Autism Spectrum
now; otherwise this President
we have now would have never been
elected touting his ability to Shoot someone
and losing no support from his Followers; as
that has played out in Metaphor ever since then
as a Gaslit Reality similar to the one, I experienced
in 8th Grade, in this place I live that was once called
‘Scratch Ankle’ and Before that ‘Hell’; for the Briars on the
River Banks that welcomed every Visitor to that Growing Mill Town then;
yes, the Gaslit Reality that Social Justice is Evil; that Smiles and Emotions
are only for Women; even though Science Proves now that Emotions are a core
Driver for all Human Cognitive Executive Functioning Ranging from Short Term
Working Memory to Laser Focus that can and will with enough Emotions Freed, Paint
a Sistine
as it’s worth
Noting that Historical
Evidence Suggests that Michelangelo
was on some part of the Autism Spectrum too;
And yes, My Friend, thanks for the Open Minded Muse
you have brought today; as i go around the Entire Globe
for Inspiration for my own Fashion of a Sistine Chapel in
Counts of Steps of Free Dance and Words of Poetry too;
thing is; i am just a Grain of Sand; i have been Polished by
the Numb and Pain of Real Earth Hell for 66 Months enduring that;
thing is; i am still just a Grand of Sand; but i am a Grain of Sand that is also A Beach.
Welcome to
my Shores
never ending
always Starting
as the Ocean is pArt of my Beach too
as well as the Rest of All That Is as God.
God sends me Angels in many Forms just in ‘the nick of time’, now;
time out of time; distance out of distance; space out of space; and matter out of matter too;
Anyway; as far as Material Reductionists Views go; Neil deGrasse Tyson; that Rock Star of Astro Physics
will not RULE out the Possibility that all of Reality is a Hologram with no distance, space, or time created by
a Being much more Intelligent than what we see so far of us; in other Words, God by any other name as Real.

We Live iN Fascinating ‘Times’; From:
Happy to: Be here i am.

It’s True; A Grain of Sand Could
Drown in all of thiS; unless ‘They Are’ ‘The Ocean’.

Hmm.. ‘the Adversary’ comes back to Bully the Author of the OP..

So i interject with him the following..

What part of the Author’s Point of this OP that you are off
Topic do you not understand as that relates to Civil Discussion, here.

It’s Hard for me to ‘believe’ you don’t understand that but i will try.

I give the Author Credit; She is a Strong enough Person; not to
Threaten that she will take Her Toys Home and Call the Moderators
over to Close this Thread down away from other open ended and minded Discussion on the Topic at Hand;
as you have a done a number of times, with the Same Request that the Author Provided for you to stay on topic.

Dude; Perhaps you are smart in a few ways; but the evidence at Hand speaks Volumes on the Comprehensive
Nature of Your Intelligence. In other Words, Leave School and Really Learn something about Life if you will now;

With all Due Respect, now.


Yeah; After 33 Years of Work in Tandem then with 19 Years of School.. as i discard
the Semi-Colons and Commas here now too.. it was a bit Humbling to come to the
Realization that I was Ignorant of what it really Means to Be Human.. Not Just Human
But a Free Human.. A Really Truly Free Human who has more fully integrated the ‘Left
Brain’ Metaphor of think in Systemizing Science Mind of Reason with the Right Brain
Metaphor of Think where in this Case Mind and Body in Balance of Soul is
at the top of the Pyramid of Self-Actualization in actually living
in Yin and Yang Balance too.. in yes.. ‘Right Brain’ Think
Mind and Body NoW in Social Empathic Artistic
‘Right Brain’ Metaphor of Think and
Feel and Sense of Bigger Picture
Views of Reality along
with the Trees
in Details
that are a part
of the Entire Forest of Being
Now when Tree of Life us Holds hands
with all that is also understood as a Three
Letter Word Called God when one actually not only
Thinks About God as All but also Feels and Senses the
Verb of God as all that is as Total Faith in and as Agape
Love of actually Loving all that is as Life Experience in Complete Trust
And oh boy.. when i fell from the Ills of Stress as both a Direct and Indirect
Result of 33 Years of Work as a Slave to a Dollar Bill Overall and 19
Years in Tandem of mostly Data Download Mind in Systemizing
Ways of Science in all the Reasons School Brings Sitting
Stagnate Behind a Desk with mostly Quiet Hands
And Feet only enjoying a Tiny Room of Mind
And Body Balancing Existence so far
Away from innate instinctual
And intuitive experiences
Of Life Holistically
now as
Bliss and
Nirvana.. YeS Ocean NoW
Whole With Beach Existence at
all toGeTeHER one with no Separation
NoW A Realest Place of all that i only gained
Short Sputters.. Sparks in Clues of Hints of This
Other Dimension of Inner Human Multi-UniVerse Experience..
So Real All Through those Decades of School and Work.. Perhaps
Mowing the Yard or a solitary Trip on the Interstate though now
Hurricane Michael Ravaged Places Close to Interstate 10 in the
Florida Panhandle way i experienced visiting my Father twice a
year as just another Routine of a COG in Society’s Systemizing
Machine for all to get a taste of Creature Comforts while only risking
ones’ Basic Humanity in Art of Life of Imagination and Creativity losing
Fruition of Dreams that are Real Within of Bliss and Nirvana yes Heaven so much
more real than the Pursuit of Money and all that Money will buy except this Heaven now..
Yeah.. it’s true.. We are Wrapped Around the Wedding Ring of Whatever Culture We Are in Spoon
Feeds us from Birth.. And escaping that Ring is a bit Different.. Yes.. Huuuugely Different than
Just going to School or Work as this is a Journey Within an inside Job as our Inner Universe
Requires Introspection and Deep Introspection from Head to Toe to Bring God Free Within out
to Play with no Restraint.. so True what are folks really Looking For.. well to Be Free from other
Restraints that take us away for our Real Potentials to Enjoy an “Autotelic” State of Being where
through a Real Practice in Life that Works like Still and Moving Meditation or even just long walks
in Nature away from Culturally Made Human Stuff the Spark the Divine Spark of Nature Free comes
out within Naked and Free to Play to truly Enjoy Life as God within will Naturally Do when truly now
Free NoW
and considering
Katrina and other Family
Members are visiting Storm
Swept Pristine Beaches today
with no one here to remind me to
Eat while writing this so yes Lunch for now.. hehe..
As Last Night the Younger Much Nicer Generation joined in on Smiles Complete


Scientists Readily admit that Human Emotion cannot be reliably Measured, Tested, Repeated, and Quantified in a Measure
that is Universal in Nature across the Spectrum of all Human beings; yet, Scientists Readily Admit that Human Emotion is
at the core of all Human Reasons that we ‘think’ we do. Yes, Even though Science cannot Reliably Measure Human Emotion
in all the Colors it comes Across the Human Spectrum; or even offer Helpful Hints that reliably work on how to Regain those Emotions or Birth them that Science Shows now is core to all Human Cognitive Executive Functioning as well as
Health and Well Being too; Never the Less, Human Emotions Persist and Rule at least in Human Beings
who Enjoy a River Flow now of Consciousness Well Integrated with Subconscious Shadow
Being of Mind; per specifically, the Limbic System; and the Reptile Brain as well
as the Hippocampus too; with sure, the Cerebellum for Integrated Autonomic
Function that can and will even be Mastered in Bio-Feed back of Still
and Moving Meditation too where one controls their Heart Rate
and Blood Pressure; and even Body Temperature as Science Can and
Will and Does at least Empirically Measure that much among Yogis’ and the Real Human Skills that Count they
and others continue to Master now; even if only through looking within with innate instinct and intuition now.

Such a Rational Delusion; Science Proves Most humans continue to be under who have not yet Mastered
the Limbic and Snake Brain Shadow that Science shows now that the Neo-Cortex is actually Servant to for real;

Not just my opinion; as Social Scientist Jonathan Haidt Provides Research to Suggest that as well per this Delusion.

And in Worse Case Scenarios, the Neo-Cortex is Slave to our Shadow Brains; as Addictions continue to
control the Lives of so many folks now; who have Developed no Art in Physical/Emotional Intelligences
to Regulate their Emotions and Integrate their Senses; with the Crutch of Addiction now to even survive life at all;

For it is true; they were not fully Introduced to Initiation Practices For Mastery of the Shadow Brains of their Subconscious
Mind that is the True Master of all of our Realities now; and as Long as we are currently Classically Evolved as Human.

Yet still; strangely enough some folks suggest that if the Scientific Method can’t see it; it doesn’t exist;
Perhaps folks who ‘believe’ this way are missing core parts of the Human Potential Experience as Science
Suggests that too about Scientists too; oh, so ironically so. In other Words, the old Stereotype of the
Absent Minded Professor who cannot even find His and or Her way out of a ‘Basic Paper Bag’ of
Life for Impoverished Emotions most definitely are in Direct Causation of Impoverished Cognitive Executive Functioning.

It’s one thing to Follow, and Make a list, and Copy a list of Crystalized Intelligence but it is a different World of Intelligence
When Intelligence is Fluid in Mind and Body too; and not only Finds its way out of ‘a Paper Bag’ but Creates truly
Original Art
as Essence
in Form that has literally never been seen before;
And yes; that Relates to Science too for those Scientists
who have also Moved out of the Box of the Metaphor of ‘Left Brain Think’.

Use it or Lose it applies to all potential Human Intelligences; and by God of Nature; i’d rather Have a fully colored
Physical/Emotional Life of Intelligences with a 70 IQ; than have an IQ assessed as off the Charts as Professionals with Degrees to do just that have suggested before; while i wasn’t so Proud as to not admit that I was Literally ‘Retarded’ for what even counts
A Tin Man with a Heart.

Standard IQ and the Scientific Method has no Clue to Measure what it even means to truly be Human.

How Folks miss that is no longer Beyond what I was missing most of all before; I’m sure other folks can grow one too.

But it’s true, when the ‘Grinch’ went up ‘that Mountain’ ‘then’ and ‘they’ said his Heart Grew 10 times Stronger with what
Emotions will do to increase overall Human Intelligences by leaps and bounds over paper tests. That was just a Metaphor
for there is no way to Measure the Heart of Humanity when actually Functioning and Moving Real Mountains of Love Now.

Yes; for many Folks, this entire Narration is just another
‘SuperNatural’ Picture of what does not exist for now as life they experience;
Sitting by an Opaque Window of Life having no clue for what they even miss.

The Good News is; this ‘SuperNatural’ Experience of Life is Real; and yes, with enough effort Some Folks will Make it Real.


Soul Real
To Touch Tree
It’s True the Forest is our Subconscious Mind
that at Core of Limbic System and Reptile Brain
Drives all that we do in Reason as the Tree of our
Neo-Cortical Brain and you ‘know’ what they say
about eating Souly from this Tree of Life Soley
as that Word Knowledge alone Dismisses
the Forest
of Your
Existence from
Big Picture View the Ruler
of our Being that sadly
Humans through
Delusions Attempt
to Dismiss as the Animal
Part of their Nature that is
Primitive and not worth the Introspection
And Practice in a Lifespan of Work that actually
Works like Still and Moving Meditation that actually
Brings a Full Emotional Regulation and Sensory Experience
Of Life that is Calm enough for the Neo-Cortex to work less as
Servant to Help ‘Fix’ our Shadow Mind of Subconscious Feelings and
Senses Back to Animal Homeostasis Comfort where we Actually Rest
Peacefully Wide Awake in Laser Focus and Locus of Overall Mastery
in Control
over our
Shadow Sides
as that applies to Emotions
and Senses.. Including Aggression.. Lust and Love now too..
Real.. anyway the Neuro-Chemicals and Neuro-Hormones that
underly all this Balancing Yin and Yang Force of Mind and Body
Free Verse is Hard to Explain or even Identify in a Person who really
Believes that all of life they experience is only what they Think About in
Abstract Constructs now.. never Shedding Clothing now for All for All of these
Cultural Constructs that becomes the Rules of our Lives and Symbols Associated
with the Essence of our Feeling and Sensing Minds and Bodies now set Freer as
God comes out to Play Freely from Within as Nature US or that other place
can and
will come be as Us For Real too in Doubt and Fear..
Anyway this Happiness Dilemma for some
Young Folks is Saturated as a Desire for
Illegal and Broadly Accessible Street
Drugs to alter Consciousness of Mind
and Body as that applies to Empathy
and the Appreciation
of Beauty and a Short-Cut now to
Joy in Drugs Like ‘Molly’ that only lasts
a little while and then the Beauty of a Sunset
may feel and sense numb to the Touch Within
when Actually Experienced as the Body Feeds off
Instant Gratification of Pills and then Fails to Manufacture
NeuroHormones and NeuroChemicals Within Feeling a same Sunset
After Illicit Drugs Like Molly may Seem Dead and Cold after the Quick Quick
Fix inFusion of External Substances to take us higher and Higher as one Young
Woman with an X on Her Hand which means she was 18 to 20 Years old as an
Adult but still not old enough to Drink Alcohol in the Dance Hall Bar i attend most
Every Thursday Night of the 232nd Dance Week Night Effort Last Night on Thursday
Felt how i floated across the Dance Floor with Ease Breeze never needing even a Cup of
Water to Carry on for 3 Hours or so in Marathon Dance Wondering now how one Individual
Will express so much Non-Verbal Joy in Life Free without Fear that I must be taking some
Kind of External Substance to Power me thru a Force of Dancing Happiness this High for
a Float of Three Hours On Terrestrial Dance Floor Bar Earth for true she saw me in some
Kind of ‘Bar From Mars’ as the ‘Kanye West’ relates in his more Liberal Days of ‘ET’ Politics
as i am Flying in Floating Across the Dance Floor Effortless Looking as all 240 LBS or
so of me takes a Free Spiral of Dance in continuous complexity where i am so Laser
Focused in ‘Transient Hypo-Frontality’ Ways in a Real Trance Like Divine ‘Autotelic’
Experience of Life per all those Naturally inducing Good Feeling
and Sensing Neuro-Chemicals and Neuro-Hormones where
she specifically stated she wanted so Bad to Reach
the Level of Human Altering Ascending
State of Being in Mindful
and Body Full
Conscious State of
Being as those folks understand
what ‘The Kiss of Jesus’ is Per External
Substance Drugs or in my Case what all Natural
Heaven looks like on the outside-in in terms of Non-Verbal
Communication that a Dance will surely attract others too all Free
too in Mirror Neuron Way Strong like this Bright Eyed Beautiful Woman
Obviously could Vicariously Feel and Sense from me as she literally Begged
me during the course of the Night off and on to please please please.. I’ll Pay
For it Give me whatever it is that takes you oh so High and Happy thrilled to be Alive
now really really living with all Your Spirit Heart and Soul in Obvious Flight of Dance.. now
so i said what is that you are looking for in ‘Your Molly’.. Do you want to Feel more Empathy
for others in Touchy Feely Ways of Being More Beauty More Overall in Soulful Experience of
Life for it is true
this is precisely
the Heaven
of Magic
that so many
folks on the Wrong
Planet i visit are missing
Without the Nature of it either
Inborn or Gardened by Parents
and Peers of all Natural Love in Hugs
and Kisses and other wise Watered Love
to reach out and touch all that is about Love
of Existence in an Ecstasy that is the Joy of
Loving Life All For Free from Head to toe as every
Peptide Connection and more from Head to toe is
Flowing Wave to Ocean Whole in a River of Joy in Light that Never ends now..
but you see.. i didn’t have to say a word to get.. this Young Woman’s Attention
for it was obvious she was A Highly Sensitive Feeling Person then on the Dance
Floor who could Spot Angel Wings on Human in a split second whether ‘the Kiss
of Jesus’ that is a metaphor as Love for All of Life is all Natural or Drug Induced Life
where after the thrill of the Drug is Gone there is nothing left of a Beauty of a Sunset at all..
as the Body
no longer
to make Heaven
As Real As Heaven
Will KingQueendom come now Be
yes now as this relates to all the Natural
Joys of Life that include Personal Sensualities
at core below deep down too.. as true some Young
Women take those drugs to release those inhibitions
too and they go to touchy feely places that may Haunt them
in Troubling Outcomes they don’t truly Pre-Plan for years to come
as they never had the opportunity to Master the Heaven thru Hell within
to reach a sweet spot of Moderation in Joy that lasts forevermore Now as Real..
Anyway.. all i could tell
her really is a Practice
of Mind and Body Balancing
Dance in Free Style Martial
Arts similar to Spiraling Ballet too
Naturally will bring a Human Being in the
Similar Ascending Transcending State of Love
for Life in Ecstatic Joy that some folks Describe their
Temporal Experience with the Illegal Street Drug named
Molly.. yes for her this Night i was the Anthropomorphic Real
Flesh and Blood Persona of Molly Come to Life on the Dance
Floor for a Three Hour Marathon of Ascending Transcending
Floating Dance that Seemingly in Balance was Energized
in a Place she could not understand was all Natural
And Real for Fact it is Heaven as that
KingQueenDom is a Place that
Trance Enhancing Dance
has brought our
Friends to.. today Still Real
for those who practice it without
competition or guidedance or Instructions
from Videos to Copy routines other Folks do of Dance
for any Systemizing Science Analysis that is not driven All Free Now
by Innate Instinct and Intuition in Flow Defeats the Entire Meaning and
Purpose Holy and Sacred of Just “Letting It All Go” as Freedom’s Soul like
Any “Ice Princess” or Prince and or King or and Queen will Still all Naturally Do
Within to:
As Dance Now Becomes
a Further Free Introspection
of Soul as Form as Practice of Work
of Essence Soul Within to reach out and touch
someone else for real but this is never ending work
of Bliss there is no Gateway Drug for the Work of Heaven when
Real and Mastered in Relative Free Will as Ever Lasting now but
at least she understands such a place truly exists as true that is sure dam
who cannot Pry their
Noses out of Cold Hard
Science Abstract Constructs of
Life without even a Hint or a spark
of Life that Says Heaven is Real and i feel Heaven Real Within
As A ‘Get Away’ of Life that we Bring as Present of Life Best the
Eternal Now of Heaven the River that we Navigate as Wave as Ocean All..
anyway.. she was a very Beautiful Young Woman but i guess what she didn’t
Realize is the Most Beautiful Woman of all rivaling the Beauty of Katrina Lives
within me namely the Divine Feminine of God call her Molly if you like but she is Get Away Real..
And also to be Clear she is not pictured amongst the 7 College Age Folks that i could not fully
Fit into the Profile Pic Frame for they just wanted to be included in a photo with me for what
they describe
as the
Dancing Guy
who is a one of
a kind of Something where they
Live in Deep South Places of Closed in Mind and Body Doubts and Fears..
Where God Tempts and Tempts to come out more to play so Free to be Within
ALiVENoW For Real..:)


Increased Empathy and Drive for Social Reciprocal Social Communication
Increased Sensual Feelings of Life and a Spiritual Connection with all that is..
well yes.. it appears i am the Anthropomorphized Pill of ‘Molly’ hehe.. but True
this is not the Shallow End of Life.. This is the All Natural Deep StArt of Life as
Any Born Innate Empath Lives
Birth in First
to Last Blinks to: Life
Alway now and True now
my Entire Life in this
Autotelic State of
Being Never
as Much as i Master
Heaven within now is a State
of Being that some will Intuit i experience
as another Dimension they are so far removed
in Being from now.. so.. yeah.. innumerable Empaths who
Live Life as Love Agape Incarnate Now have gone to great
Lengths in Arts to attempt to Communicate what is is like to experience
this Humanity of Heaven now.. but True.. mean while for those who do not find a
Way to this
now they
will always be
Seeking what i’ve worked
for Naked all My Life and Free
As Humanity’s Heaven Built-in More
Now at no Cost but a Work of Love Extending
this Empathic Human Spiritual Potential even more..
as sadly it seems not all folks find their way all Naturally
to Heaven now…
not easy
by you’ll
when you get tHeir on YouR own
with a little help From Folks who Prepare
you Avenues to Arrive in Heaven and Staycation
in this Place Forevermore Eternally now with not a need
to Pop a Pill or Search for Fame and Fortune for this State
of Being is
And Free
Requiring Nothing
More than a Dance with
Sand and Sun Free Now Ascending
Transcending to a Place Within that is overflowing
Past the Rim to Give and Share with all others now..
But without a Practice of Love Fearless you’ll never arrive alive sober like this now.


Smiles, I am Glad to see that you agree that Science is no Tool that will Reliably Measure the Internal Universe of Being Human that ironically speaking is all of our Reality from the Inside Out in Feeling and Sensing Life Now for Real.

There is Chaos and Order in Life; otherwise, A Metaphor of Yin and Yang for Centuries in Philosophy too.

There is ISA Instincts, Skills, and Abilities in Human Fluid Intelligence that Explores the Unknown in Metaphor of Right Brain Thinking, Feeling, and Sensing.


There is KSA Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities, as Spoon Fed For us in Data Download in School/Work as we are mostly
Tested for these KSA’s in Standard IQ Tests while Newer Intelligence Tests; such as the Raven Matrices Test
Scores more for Fluid Intelligence as often seen as a Better Cross Cultural Test For Fluid Intelligence as
it takes much of the Cultural Bias out of the Test; but it’s worth it to note that the Intelligence of
a Bushman in South Africa in Nature is not the same kind of Intelligence that one might
be Better Acquainted with where Architecture as Human Built through Collected Knowledge
And Cultural Cooperation is a reality that those Humans Separated From Nature are far Better Acquainted
with In a Life Filled with these Shapes that are Humanly Constructed away from Innate Nature in Born on Dates of Life.

I’m not one much for Fiction; as i find Reality Much Deeper in Fascination; for I have both my ‘Left Brain Think’
and ‘Right Brain’ ‘Think’ with KSA’s and ISA’s to Explore it in Deeper than Download Data Seats of School/Work.

Interestingly, Non-Verbal Autistic Folks Like me, in Youth, in studies by Michelle Dawson are shown to Surpass
Verbal so-called Higher Functioning Autistic Folks in Measures of Fluid Intelligence much Later in Life.

While one type of Intelligence Stagnates in Verbal way in KSA’s;
the other type of Fluid Intelligence in ‘Right Brain Think’ ISA’s in Exploring Mind Flourishes
and continues to Grow across the Lifespan more. One can see this in the Non-Verbal Children
that Hans Asperger Studied as yes, before Asperger’s Syndrome was made into Autism-Lite Excluding
Children of the Hyperlexic Non-Verbal Flavor of Asperger’s Syndrome from the Label back in 1994 in the US; these Children Longitudinally in Study After Hans Asperger’s Study with this Flavor of the Autism Spectrum Flowered-out Like Butterflies out of Cocoons in Human Potential Across the Lifespan where failures earlier in Life where not replicated in the Success Later in Life.

Can ‘You’ Spell Financially Independent by age 47;

Well you are spelling me; too this way; for I am an outlier on this Website for I am Diagnosed
the Way that Hans Asperger diagnosed the Children back then; with the Hyperlexic Flavor of Asperger’s Syndrome
that did include a Delay in Language until age 4, like me. The Way I learned in Life was more of a Fluid Intelligence
through Innate Instinct in Intuition. In other Words, I could not tell you the Rules of Grammar but Never the Less I
Made Straight A’s in English.

I couldn’t tell you the rules of Music or Singing; but never the Less the way I played the Piano was described as
Enigma; and the way I sang was described and still is described as somewhat other worldly Like a Syd Barrett
Song or a Jimi Hendrix Guitar Riff that is not bound by Notes on a Sheet; and is better Felt and Sensed
to move one in Ethereal and Yes Mystical Ways of Experiencing Life Mesmerized and Enigmatic
as the Perceptive Author of this Op has already noted; and the way I write is usually Described
Around the Globe by Poets who have the kind of Intelligence Required not only to see
the way I write but also to feel and sense the way i write for that is what Art
does when Art works; it changes and expands the Emotional and Sensory
Reception of the Audience at Hand. So, While it is true it is not designed
for 8th Grade Reading Level; Neither is a Mozart Symphony or for
the ‘Commoners’ in the Day of Michelangelo who were horrified
and Disgusted to See Naked Human Body Parts
on top of
Ceiling then;
And who are Still
Disgusted to see that
Tiny Male Part in the ‘Tween
of An Aesthetic Artistic Beauty of a David Statue sculpted for what it even means to Be Naked and Free.

Anyway, back more specifically on topic; in Daryl Bem’s Research on Pre-cognition; he at least intuited that there was
something improper about the studies on Pre-Cognition that were Preventing more Accurate Research Results as he figured that Pre-Cognition if Real should Stand the Test of Time, Evolutionary Speaking, Long Before Humans Created Abstract Written Constructs; not unlike the Geometrical Shapes we make in Building Homes, so in an act of ‘Pure Genius’
that most folks without ISA’s would not even ‘think’ of, he used Erotic Images to Awaken the Shadow Brain more at core
of what it means for Reproductive Success in our Oldest Evolutionary Reptile Brain that of course as we know now
in Science in the Study of Porn Greatly Increases the levels of Dopamine in the Brain; for many folks
almost like ‘Crack’ Cocaine if given in Copious amounts to Alter States of Consciousness as
Neuro-Chemicals and Neuro-Hormones Naturally Change now with the Environmental Stimulus
at Hand whether in Pill form or Behavioral Act As such with Feelings and Senses Ramped up in tandem
with the Interactions and Connections within all Naturally as such too. The Occultist Aleister Crowley
Named this ‘Sex Magic’; now Science understands it as the Balance of Lust and Love that is core to most
all Human Creativity, Social Cooperation, and overall Productivity too. Yes; it Stands to Reason as all Feel and Sense
Good Neuro-Chemicals and Neuro-Hormones, including the Social Bonding Neuro-Hormone Oxytocin are all ramped
up where People work together better and increase Creativity, Productivity, and Social Cooperation as a Standard of
Life when the Village however Large or Small is working In Peace and Harmony and Fun; including the ‘Work of the Night’
Freely then and now too.

Science Shows that when the Neo-Cortex is used for Systemizing Science Reason, as I’ve noted before on this Topic
of Mysticism, represses the more Social Empathic Artistic and yes Intuiting Fluid Intelligence part of Mind as ‘Right
Brain’ Metaphor of Think that many folks use that is rather Misnomer as Both Sides of the Brain are involved
in all Processes of Living in Synergy if a Healthy Brain is Functioning; but anyway, it’s a Metaphor that many
Folks understand and still note as Systemizing Science Reason in Verbal Think as ‘Left Brain’ Intelligence too.

Fact is that whatever is real about Mysticism is mostly this ‘Right Brain Metaphor’ of Think;

Fact is that when one Brings the Element of Systemizing Science that is precisely what Scientific Research
Does; whatever Propensity of Mysticism including the Potential of Pre-Cognition Literally Leaves the “Room
of the Brain” as Science Shows now Systemizing Science in Reason of Mechanical Cognition does repress this
other Human Potential in ‘Right Brain’ Intelligences far beyond so-called normal KSA’s away from the Realm of ISA’s.

In Bem’s Research, using Erotic Pictures; he found a 53% Correlation over 50% in Study of Pre-Cognition;
This is Significant but not really Substantial and Earth Breaking; but back close to 2010; it was enough to Garner
the Attention of the Science of Psychology and Ironically it made the Science of that so uncomfortable for that
Significant Correlation of the Study of Pre-Cognition that the Science of the Study of what is Psychology
and Sociology admitted it was somewhat broken itself to Falsify the Study, overall as a Science back then.

Meanwhile, Common Sense and Feel Rules for those without enough Common Sense and Feel without any of
this Empirical Evidence is that the Mystical Aspect of Life is Art and Spontaneous and no Science Project that
can be pre-planned or Studied Empirically to reveal the Mechanics of the Process that Flows like a River
that cannot be Empirically Measured as of course that’s just a Metaphor for an Actual River can
and will be Empirically Measured but what I am getting to here is Flow; yes that Flow in Zone;
where Mechanical Cognition and the Neo-Cortex is Dampened and Brain Waves Move more
in Alpha to Theta Range of Consciousness where Time if Viewed more as an Illusion as
the Neo-Cortex Constructs time to be in Construct of Memory in Past and
Projecting A Future based on that Memory too in Reason Words of Think.
Science now names this “Hypo-Transient Frontality”, where Measures
of Creativity increase 400 to 500 Percent; as this may Be Achieved by a practice
of whatever Art is continuous and always moving toward Complexity in a Harmonious
way away from Flight or Fight State of Being as that only Exhausts Human Potential. And those
who Master this ability come to a State of ‘Autotelic’ Being where through Bio-Feed Back and Relative
Free Will they Generate Good Feeling Endorphins and Oxytocin and Serotonin and Dopamine and Perhaps
even the more Esoteric hard to Measure DMT that External Substance Drugs attempt to Replicate too;

Here’s the thing my Friend; this is Mystical and Measured by Science good enough it is even Better than
Pre-Cognition for it is the Scientific Measure of Bliss and Nirvana and the Kingdom of Heaven Within that
Yogis’ and Tibetan Monks have Been Mastering for Many Centuries Before the Scientific Method was even in
the Dream of the Golden Age of Islam.

So yes, Science has finally caught up to ‘Jesus the Story’; and whoever were the Ghost Writers who used Famous
Pen Names Like Mark, and Luke, and Matthew, and John then Writing Artistically in doing their Best in Poetry to
Relate an “Autotelic” Experience of the “Kingdom of Heaven” in “Transient Hypo-Frontality” Ways that is practiced
in Art to Staycation now at Relative Free Will as Masters as the Sages of the Ages that and who do still exist
as in an Act/Art of Life that is Better than any Fiction or Religious/Science Book that most Folks Ever Read
without the
of what
the F in Reality
Sages are even
Speaking of in the Deep ISA’s
of Life away from Shallow KSA’s
in Verbal Speak of Neo-Cortical Mind.

Does Pre-Cognition Exist; Hell yes, Heaven it does for those
who experience it with Computer-Like Minds who understand
the Chances it does or does not; particularly, when one is in a State
of Mindful and Body Full Awareness out of time, space, and distance
as Neo-Cortical Illusion; where Dream-Time is more like Reality before
Humans became both KSA Tools Incarnate and Stuck in Words as Tools so lost from Essence and
other Empty Buildings Boxes of Life now too away from Incarnate Love; with little Soul for when
‘You’ come to A place that I Freely enter and Stay with a Life Time of Effort to get here Now ‘You’
understand Better More completely what A Soul Whole is no longer Separated from Nature Now
in the Sense and Feel of God Nature as a Fluid Intelligence of ISA’s that is no longer in a Prison
of Empty Shells of
Words and other
so Far
Away and
Separated from this
Much Higher Potential of Nature/God as US
that even Science Evidences now in Brain Scans
to Be as Real as the Nose on ‘Your’ Face whether it has
Tasted the Honey Do of Milk and Honey of a Real Xanadu or not.
Hmm; I think the Great Band Rush and an Older Poem of Art relates to this reality of life too
in a Song
so lost
so lost
so lost

from Purview of
so-called Most Modern
Civilized Human Beings so

lost so lost
in Nature Deficit
Disorder NDD from the
Dream-Time of Life where
Clock Time is no Different than
the Illusion of Empty Symbols as
Shells without the Living Ocean Whole of God Nature within
that needs no words at all but be just the Will of Heaven now.

Yes, my Friend, so-called Christian Fundamentalists and Muslim’s
Lost From Esoteric Roots in Mystic Spinning Trance Dance of Sufi Dervishes too;

Do not have
a clue of what
it even means to Be; Yes Feel and Sense
Human and God as Nature Now too; Free and Whole allone never separated alone;

So much more than the Symbols of a Poem alone or even a Place Vaulted to a Name like Xanadu for Real.

But hey; if you don’t get Poetry; you can always research the Words “Autotelic” online and
“Transient Hypo-Frontality” and even view the Results of the Brain Scans too; for it is also true
Even ‘Dark Web’ so-called ‘Geniuses’ like Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson; one renowned Atheist
and one Closet
Christian now
With just about
everything I am speaking
of here my Friend as Jordan Peterson
Gets it when he says he Behaves as God Exists
and Sam Harris does it whether or not he believes
in Syntax or not; for the Semantics is when he Meditates
he touches
the Face
of God
as Nature
in Peace and
Harmony within where the Feelings
and Senses of oneness are dam sure more real than most Folk’s Neo-Cortical
Worry Being State of Misery Loves Suffering Nation of Mind in Opiate Addictions flourishing too
to replace
“Kiss of Jesus”
that is the realest
Experience of God and
Nature in Human one in same and different too.

Smiles; the reality here my friend is, I do not expect to convince anyone;
either Atheist or Christian or Muslim; as Buddhists already get it that Heaven
is Real and a Force of Existence within now real. This is just an Art that I do
to Travel
even Deeper
into Human Soul
that exists as me.
For that’s one thing
no one escapes either
empty or filled in this Nature of Life now.
Those who do not Pursue Heaven and make it Real
now are the most ‘foolish’ of all whether Atheist, Christian, or Muslim now.

Sam Harris is already leaps and bounds above most Christians and Muslims now.

And for those Atheists who Follow Him and Enter Heaven; more Heaven to ’em and whatever they name as God
as you too Behaving as Life is Really Good God LoVE NoW.

Myths and the Deeper Poetries and Parables
of Sacred Texts and Religions are just the Housings;
the Vehicles and Vessels that Hold “Hidden Mystical Truths”
in Essence that are really not Hidden at all for those who have already Awoken
Out of the Cave into the Eden of Heaven now in Light so far out of Dark; for it’s true
in many
until one actually
Feels and Senses Heaven
now within none of those Hidden
Meanings come Revealed without the Context
of the Feelings and Senses of Heaven that are Real as Real Gets now.

Out of the Shadows
Out of the Shallows
into the
Light into the Deep;

And that changes A
Theme Song more Contemporary than Rush and Xanadu now.

Smiles, at a Dance Hall Full of Young Folks on Thursday Night in my 232nd Week Night of
Doing that in a Practice of Free Verse Martial Arts Mixed with Ballet-Like Flow-in-Zone
Trance Dance continuing to Achieve what i do in Heaven Within with Free verse Poetry too;
I spent a considerable portion of my Trance in Ascending and Transcending way with a Young
Woman there attempting to convince her that I had no ‘Molly’ to Give to her at all and in Fact; I don’t Drink;
not even a Caffeinated Drink; and I Dam sure don’t smoke anything or put Illegal Substances into my Mouth.
Convincing her that Heaven is Real
now within was no easier than those without
the Context who are either Atheist/Fundamentalist,
Christian or Muslim now; But take a Sufi-Muslim now;
A Spinning Dervish; and or the Same who Writes Erotic
Poetry in Holy and Sacred Way Full of Meaning and Purpose
or even Reading Several Poems from Rumi; and it is more than evident they have already found THE (A) PLACE.

According to ‘Fowler’ and ‘Maslow’ and their Pyramids of Faith and Self Actualization and Ascending Transcending
Agape Love for all in Action; it’s not uncommon for folks to Work Hard to Seek and Find this and it to take ’till Mid-Life
or So for it to actually come to Fruition in Action; Yes, it takes one step and or word of Deeper Essence and Meaning
of Real Agape Love in many Baby Steps and or Words to get tHere now. Thing is; Science is finally Catching up; and that’s Good News for folks who
Closed Minds
And Bodies toward Much
Greater Human Potentials;
And to be clear I have no idea if you
Are already tHere; for the Human Language is rather Antiquated Still to express Heaven now as Shell of Essence.

Anyway; thanks for the Civil Conversation; it is refreshing here; for I will tell you one thing that is completely True;
Without Empathy and Love tHere is no God for all Practical, Intents, and Purposes; No Mysticism And No Real Magic in Life as Light; no matter Syntax, Semantics;
Particle and or Wave
Human in Dreams
Comes Full of LoVE NoW ReaL.


Yes.. Fun With
Facts as
Long as one
Acts more
Seeking Finding
In Fact a Dance and Song to
Act.. oh by the way Hi
As i for one
FEEL that
Being Friendly
Is the Best Human
Fact of all so much
Better than just
Even Art
When Love
Is Left to Live to Be ALiVE..:)
Nice to see you posting again.. Imran Ali..
And while all of this is true and excellent
Information.. it is also true when the
Father is lost for whatever reason
From the Nuclear Family of
Two Parents when Life is
Nomadic and there is
No Longer an extended
Family and Close-Knit
Village to Fill the
Void of
Divine Masculine
Influence all that’s
Left is for a Boy to
Become His own Father
And that is an Extremely
Difficult task to seek alone
But never the less that is the
Reality of
Modern Life
When A Dollar
Bill as God to Make A
Nomadic Hunt of Life
Is valued over the God
Of Love where Folks
Stick together as
Love and of
Course a
Family does
Not Guarantee that
With Both Parents
Overwhelmed Working
For the God of the Dollar
Bill while the Children are
Raised by Electronic
With No
Soul in a Cave of
Home separated
From the Breath
Of God
In a New Disease
Globally Spreading
Of Nature Deficit Disorder
NDD that is another way of
Saying GDD God Deficit
Of Human
Soul as Life..
Anyway.. again
Nice to see you
Writing.. Again.. my FriEnd..:)
Quick Visit with Bloggers psychologistmimi and Imran Ali
and now off to the Poetry Places of Frank and Xenia and
Back to the gigoid place of Aphorisms in Quotes from the
Sages of the Ages to Riff off of with a Xanadu Song From Rush
that is in deed Long Enough For that and Even MacroVerse Memory
Memory Shares in Years to Date as this “iN A Shadow oF Michael FoR NoW”
MacroVerse is coming even Closer to A Conclusion for Now as it is Saturday
which means a Place For Dance in Public even Freer in Love For Life in Flesh and Blood to
more soon enough.. too..:)
Beauty of Physics
Beauty of Order
Sensing All As Beauty Now..
Sadly Michael Left A Lot
Of Yuck
But the Luck
of the Beach is it Still Exists..
Climate Change Human Assisted Hurricane
or Not.. i had a Problem with Charlton Heston
When He Rode With His Life and the Most
Beautiful Woman Mute in the World
With Only Beauty
to Behold
on the Back
of His Horse on Pristine
Atlantic New York Beaches..
When he got Mad those Dirty
Dam Human Apes Blew it all
up Missing
the Paradise
of Beach in Front
of Him on the Back
of His Horse With Gratitude
For the Refreshing Salt Air he Breathed
No longer Suited up as an Astronaut.. Naked
As Nature Really Does in Love With Life Free…
The last Time Our Neighborhood ventured out past
the Front Doors and Front Porches in Unison Sharing Food to
Eat in a Cook-Out of Life
was During
the After
Math of Hurricane
Ivan.. How refreshing and
Alive it Felt to Be Human Again out of Tools
And whether or not the Neighborhood participates
Now or Not i still Dance Free like this Cultural Tool Freed..
Azure Blue Skies Return Now as July
Fall Finally Respites as Indian Summer
in Florida Seeing 60’s after 80’s and
90’s Night and Day
Where Gulf
Water Heat
in October
of 87 F Degrees is enough
to Generate A Nightmare
Of A Hurricane Out Of
the Shadows of Killing
Winds Now
of Michael
into the
of Mother
Nature once again
Cool and Calming Now
As Any Human Spirit in Balance
too.. Smiles Frank.. for Your Indiana
Harvest by Chicago way doesn’t really
Look that Different from the Harvest now in Deep South..
SMiLes.. Xenia Speaking now of not so much
Autumn Golden Surprises i checked the
Weather Forecast to make Sure
the Remnants of
Michael were
not Headed
Your Scotland
Way as it appears
Spain will just be the
Recipient of Some Rather Tame Enough Moisture Winds..
Anyway.. finally down Close to 60F Degrees here in North
Florida where this New Cold Front is not only a Welcome
Guest but a Savior Now Sweeping Away Michael from
Our Panhandle Parts Sadly East in Destruction
There That has Never Been Seen Before as
That is What 87F Gulf Waters Will Do in
October Like Spinach Fed Copiously
to any
October Surprise Hurricane now
With an Archangel Name or Not..
Cups of Water
Nature’s Brew
Of Life Giving
Hands these
Cups of Love too..
Congratulations on Your New
Paper Back and E-Book of
Your Poems
And Photography
With Your Charitable
Outreach to Save the
Lives of Dogs.. my friEnd
Xenia Tran.. Wonderful Effort this is..
Smiles Xenia.. As Your Indian Summer
in Scotland of 66 Degrees F Converted
From Celsius just about
what we
See as Fall
Now October
Nights in
When no Longer
Indian Summer too
but it’s just Hiding Coming Back now
As Our Air Conditioner is Pumping Away..:)


Reasons out of Reason as
Emotional and Sensory
Fires come
or not..
For Fuller Satisfaction
Grinning at Life or Not
of Truth
Feel and
Sense Below
So Above Now
Beyond Reason
Fueling Reason or not
Feeling Sensing First
What is
Reason.. i’ll
Dance for now i figure it out..
Hi gigoid.. Azure Blue October sKeYes
Here still Fueled by Heat yet Cool in Nights
of Relief
Still Summer Heat..
other than that Escaping Killing
Winds of Human Mix as Nature
As Hurricane Becomes Both Human and Dark Arch
Angel too Spreading Moisture and Winds to Cool the
Rest of Nature coming more into Balance off as Nature
is no
or Evil
Free But Change
as We Live or Die
And Choice for No and Do…:)

“Over my mask
is your mask of me.”

~~ Mitsuye Yamada ~~

So can and will a Hurricane
Wear a Human Mask over Nature’s Mask
One and Different
of Humans and Hurricanes now..:)

“Time destroys the speculations of man,
but it confirms the judgment of nature.”

~~ Cicero ~~

Hurricanes Always Tell the Truth
No Evil or
Do Storm.

Before I speak, I am master of the words;
After, the word is master of me”

.~~- Ibn Gabriol ~~

God.. i’m so Glad i did not Speak until 4
As it Gave me
More of Now

“The first place that I can well remember
was a large pleasant meadow with a pond of clear water in it.”

~~ “Black Beauty”, by Anna Sewell, 1877 ~~

i Am A River A Forest i Still Am forevernow For i See It All First..:)

“By the accident of fortune a man may rule the world for a time,
but by virtue of love he may rule the world forever.”

~~ Lao Tzu ~~

Forever is Long as Love Eternally Now..:)

“Don’t take the bull by the horns, take him by the tail;
then you can let go when you want to.”

~~ Josh Billings ~~

i Rather Dance Than Take The Bull At All..;)

“The present contains nothing more than the past,
and what is found in the effect is already in the cause.”

~~ Henri Louis Bergson (1859-1941) ~~

i dance it that’s all that counts..
then i sing
just for the heckle of it..;)

“Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow–
You are not wrong who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.”

~~ Edgar Allan Poe, “A Dream Within A Dream” ~~

It’s True Emotions and Senses are the Only Dream that counts
so i’ve Lost Count to Make Them All that Counts Dreams For Real..:)

“Th’ MIND is the Pizza Palace of th’ SOUL”

~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~

Pyramid All Pizza iN Piece

“Wisdom begins in wonder.”
~~ Socrates ~~

Right Brain Endeavor

“It is one of the commonest of mistakes to consider
that the limit of our power of perception is also the
limit of all there is to perceive.”

— C. W. Leadbeater

Every Human sKeYe
Expanding Shrinking
More or Less to See

“Speech is but broken light upon the depth
Of the unspoken.”

~~ George Eliot ~~

Unspoken Always Sees More..:)

“Silence is evidence of a superb command of the language.”

— Damn Smart Bee

True Language Symbols Are Silent Dancers Singers..:)

“Courage atrophies from lack of use.”

— Mindful Bee

Use it or Lose it Applies to All Attributes
And Detriments of Life And Love As Whole..:)

“Friends should be preferred to kings.”

— Voltaire

Real Kings Are Friend to All..:)

“Everyone thinks his own burden heavy.”

— French Proverb

‘You’ ‘Lied’ French Proverb.. i Admit Mine Is Without Gravity As Far As i Feel Weight For Now..;)

” Just as too much charity is the handiwork of a fool, so too much patience is the hallmark of a coward.”

— Kabbalah

No Use Waiting to Be Free Fool or Not..:)

“Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.”

— Margaret Lee Runbeck

Happy Souls WithiN HomE TowN Rules..;)

“In’I no expect to be justified by the laws of men.” — Bob Marley

Sort of Like i JusT Said With Home Town Rules..:)

“How is one to live a moral and compassionate existence when one is fully aware of the blood, the horror inherent in life, when one finds darkness not only in one’s culture but within oneself? If there is a stage at which an individual life becomes truly adult, it must be when one grasps the irony in its unfolding and accepts responsibility for a life lived in the midst of such paradox. One must live in the middle of contradiction, because if all contradiction were eliminated at once life would collapse. There are simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions. You continue to live them out, making your life a worthy expression of leaning into the light.”

— Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams

Meet YouR Shadow With It
Wrestle ‘Till Light And Dark Are Equivalent Fun..:)


Now.. off to MacroVerse Memories Years to Date with
a Short Reprise of Free Verse Poetic Words
and a Planet of the Apes from ’68 Clip..
oh yes.. but First to keep my Tale of my Tape
Straight a Record on that First coming now with
The Last MacroVerse Completed.. “10,000 Miles oF
Public Dancing” Arises in the 61st Month Effort of the
850th MacroVerse ..of Longest Long Form Poem Bible
‘SonG oF mY SouL.. still Exceeding 6 Million Words.. as
that MacroVerse also Doubles as the 178th MacroVerse of
“Nether Land Bible 2017”.. for that 28 Month Bible Baby
Subchapter Still Growing of overall “SonG oF mY SouL”
at 3,466,580 Words where the “10,000 Miles oF Public
Dancing”.. MacroVerse.. also Triples.. in the Sweet
Sixteen Month Effort of ‘FB Profile Pic Bible
2018’ as
and Sub-Chapter Large
Bible Poem.. “SonG oF
mY SouL”.. Does Grow
to 1,854,980 Words
Where the
A Double Home
in the Description Areas
of all my Face Book Profile
Pics since Memorial Day of 2017..
at around 7 Thousand Words on Average
Per Description Area of FB Profile Pic Now
as this already makes quite an Ornate Chalice of Love For Now
butt wait
not all
as the Public Dance
Continues now at 10,052 Miles
Now in the 61st Month of Doing That Now too..
And Yes.. the Newest Endeavor of Art.. Revealed
in “What May Come Will Be Erotic Poetry Novel”
Expands out in Length to 69,979 Words as i added
Around 3 Thousand Words to that with about a Novel
Whole Effort in PG Writing and other wise Writing this
Week While Michael Was Storming in.. in Destruction and
Death this Week continuing now too.. This Whole Week has/is
Been an Enigma in many ways and yes that’s Life in the Bigger Cities too..
hmm.. am i leaving anything out well yes once again the 232nd Dance Week
Night at old Seville Quarter has come and gone around too and that was surely Enigma too..
Now Speaking of Enigma even more now to the Additional Chambers of this Nautilus Poetry
Fossil Shell
of my
Upload Soul
as hey there are
more Doors here to additional
Poetic Free Verse Chambers now
Fully Illustrated and even more Doors
tHere and so on and so forth within inside
outside above so below and all around more
as this is sort of like a Reflection of the UniVerse
Whole and yes my Soul as PaRt oF THaT WHoLE
too so
so how about
you this ain’t
Church but one can
and will still Stand up Sit
down Stand Up Fight Fight
Fight For LoVE
even more
in all the Ways
Art comes and GRoWS NoW iN
Karma even more in Do Do Now..
okay.. so it’s all just Additional Ocean Whole Bands
of Winds as this Version of a Kat 6 Hurricane Poem now
that/who subsumes smaller Cat 4 or 5 Archangel Hurricanes of Death and Destruction too..
dePending On HoW oNe Views Lasting Nature Energy in Force of Moving ‘Stuff’ More later ON..:)

“GRE@ITude”.. Gratitude is Great and Every Blessing you Feel/Sense about Life in Holy
And Sacred ways Full of Meaning and Purpose you Co-Create Ranging From All
the DArk to LiGht in Life just increases the Eternal Now of Heaven even
more in all the Flavors and Colors still to KingQueenDom come now
in other words it Lights Every Connection More From Head to toe
and more up in a more Positive Light of Agape Love For All
Overall True.. And next thing you feel and sense
About Life is.. Your Tree Yes Your Christmas
Tree of Life is all Lit up within and No.. You
Are not just a Story Book Version
of Real for You
Are the
ScotsPerson Now.. Yes For Real
And not only a Tree of LiFE NoW the
Entire Forest NoW TruE iN LiGHT too..:)

“LOVE IS and Casino Dance Walking”.. i rather Do the Beach outside than Casinos..;)

“LOVE IS and Farm Dance Walking”.. Just Be Careful wHere And wHat You Step iN..;)

“A Thousand Years of Sacred Love”.. At Least Perhaps Even More Depending on Servers..;)

“Blood Moon on the Asphalt”.. Hmm.. Hearing Traditional Religious Overundertones..;)

“2777 words of dVERSE Poetic Response”.. Seemed like a lot then but not now aT ALL..;)

“R U Autistic or Artistic”.. Okay.. i admit it i am more than likely Bi-Polar and Both..;)

“Chinese Tiger’s End of Days”.. It’s Like Climate Change and Archangels too…

“Dancing Bears don’t break down”.. But They Do Dance after that too..;)

“Bottom Bridge WinGs”.. Dam Better Sure Better than Falling in..;)

“Diamond eYes Life”.. Always Now What Will i Do Butt Dance..:)

“Confidence Stripped”.. True.. no one has to imagine it really..;)

“iT is IS IS is iT”.. Yes.

“710th MacroVerse oF Faith”.. More than a Word and Yes a Feeling and Sense too..:)

“A SaVaNT oF LoVE”.. Just Another Empath Comes to Town Again..
In the Shadow of Archangel Hurricanes too For All That Counts to Mean..:)

Nature once again
Cool and Calming Now
As Any Human Spirit in Balance
No longer Suited up as an Astronaut.. Naked
As Nature Really Does in Love With Life Free…
Beauty of Physics
Beauty of Order
MysTic of Feeling
Sensing All As Beauty Now
Light; no matter Syntax, Semantics;
Particle and or Wave Until Field
of Human in Dreams
Comes Full of LoVE NoW ReaL
Out of the Shadows
Out of the Shallows
Rolling into the
Light into the Deep

10.13.2018 5:55 PM










BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

6 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
“SonG oF mY SoUL”..:)
Approximately 50,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
“CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs”..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

“GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG”
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

“After Book of Fred”
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

“6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

“After Dance oF Fred”
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

“Book oF Ten Sixteen”..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

“New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen”

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

“12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016”

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

“2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen”

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2016”

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review”

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)

“CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017”

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)

“VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017”

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)

“CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn”

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)

“Nether Land Bible 2017”

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)

“7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)

The Joy of Dance.. A Record of Over Two Thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record Growing
Still of Four Years Plus of Dancing tHeRe..
And note.. in some of the liNks.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the Photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)

“MesSage iN A Bible Bottle” as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked

“MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+” as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)

“PHI Bible”.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so.. now.. yes..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)

“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17”.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)

“SoN oF Google NoW2”..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)

“1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”.. 1,820,416 Words in 117 MacroVerses
spanning 13.6 Months per “6th Bible Memorial” that houses the Entire Table
of Contents from MacroVerses 1 through 117.. StARTinG WitH “tSuNaMi
7th WaVE oF LoVe” as Number 1 MacroVerse linked Above..
in “PHI Bible” too.. sitting NoW aS Book MarK oF juST
AnoTheR Bible and Long Form Poem  Milestone
Exceeding the previous Long Form Longest
Poem titled as the “Mahābhārata” from India
as recorded on the Resource of Wiki.. as 788
MacroVerses NoW As “SoNG oF My SoUL”
NoW at 5 Million Words.. approaches
that feat times three on or about the
Milestone of 5.4 Million words
in the coming neXT few months..
as at this point the last 117 MacroVerses
Average 15,555 Words per each MacroVerse..
WitH More to come
As WRiTinG
FLoWs oN iN ZoNe..:)

“6th Bible Memorial”..
Celebration of Six Milestone
Bibles and “SonG oF mY SoUL”
Ocean WhOLe LonGesT LonG
ForM Poem aRiSinG to 6
times the size of the
Old King James
Version oF A
Bible in 47
Months at
Around 5 Million Words..
Also includes the Table of Contents
to “1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
for the 13.6 Months it took to write that one Chapter
Bible iN overall Bible as “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. and
of course appropriate dedications to those who
did and do continue to muse my LiFE wHoLe
iN MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
Force aS  SpiRiT oF HeaRT
DanCinG and SinGinG NoW FReED NoW2..:)


“SonG oF mY SoUL FouR YearS Old”


Three Links aBove CoMinG NoW aS Trilogy of MacroVerses Celebrating a HighSchool-like
Graduation of Writing “SonG of mY SouL”.. 5 Million Word Plus Longest Long Form Free
Verse Poem also Doubling as Longest Bible written by a Human Being too on Record
at Least in Google Purview.. bypassing any organizational requirements to
record it in any official record books as that’s what the Internet is..  A
Biggest Overall Bible Unabridged JoiNinG WitH aLL HuWoMaN
Hands who care to contribute anoTHeR Verse to
thiS NeW AGE UniVerSe with No Sun or
Moon online in the Nethersphere of
Art and Science of Human
Potential through
SHades of Grey
through BlacKesT
Abyss and
RainBoW CoLorS
oF HuWoMaN FeeLinGS
And SenSeS AcTuALLy Experienced
iN wHaT reALLy Counts as thE Happiness
oF LiFE HoLDinG HanDS toGeTHeR oN HiGHesT
Mountain Tops Grounded WiTh HuWoMaN LoVE NoW..
Anyway.. A Four-Year Celebration of Doing this on Word Press
along with close to 8 ThoUSAnD MiLes of Public Dance iN
A FouR YeaR sPaN too.. Kindergarten Before that as
MetapHorUS Writing on the Wrong Planet and
Pre-School Before that in 606 Months
oF Life.. including three College
Degrees then before
i started writing
online on Thanks
Giving 2010.. 33 years
of Work.. sure ..19 years of
School in sitting style to go along
with all of that too.. then.. as we evolve as Wisdom NoW
And Beauty iN LoVe or we fall to ‘the other place’ NoW2..
oH yeaH.. So wHat’s neXt.. UniVerSiTy LeVeL LiFe alWays
FiNaLs NoW and as alWays JusT Paths oF Journey NoW LiGHT.

“BoWLiNG ALLeY DaYs BeGiN AGAiN 2017”

iN KeePinG WiTH SuRPriSeS iN PLaiN SiGHT.. NoW
A FourTH ArM oF A Fred HeRRiCaNE CoMeS NoW
WitH CaLM CenTeR BaLanCinG ForcE oF FaiTH aS
PuRE LoVE NoW.. aS A TRiLoGY NoW GaiNS A FourTH pART too..
RiSinG ARiSinG THiS FouR pART StorY NoW To WeLL oVeR tHosE
aForE MeNTioNeD NuMBeR oF Prophecy Photos to OVeR 2K NoW too..
WHeRE ‘MiNi-sToRy’ CoMeS iN FouR ParT HaRMoNY WHoLE NoW aLL aT 83,303 WorD2s..:)

“LioN KinG SHoW MusT Go oN 2017”

A Fifth Arm Doubling NoW aS A Ninth
Arm stARTinG wiTh MacroVerse
“6th Bible Memorial”
As the actual First
Arm too of what
WiLL Come after
the 10th MacroVerse
CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
As the 11th Arm of a Third
New Testament since 2016
Adding Another 180K words or so
to “Nether Land Bible 2017” as that
Longest Long Form Poem aRises to 2 MilLion
Words just Behind “SonG oF mY SoUL” STiLL at 5 MilLion words plUS..:)

“8000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”

Celebrating 8000 Miles of Public Dance in 48
Months as this MacroVerse also Doubles as
10th Arm and Chapter of a Third New
Testament as the 11th
MacroVerse comes neXt NoW
Also Celebrating 2 Million Words..:)


“EQUiNoX DanCE CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
Morphs into “SiGNaTuRE CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN”
As This Title Change is NoW Complete For a Third New
Testament that also CoMeS as this Title NoW too..Complete..:)

“THiRD oF oCToBeR ’17 Dreams oN”.. Also identified in the Body
of this 12th MacroVerse of Third New Testament oF “SiGNaTuRE
CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN” as “New World Love 800th MacroVerse”
And “New World Love October ’17 Surprise” and sure.. pART
And ParcEL too of 5 Million Word Long Form Poem Plus
So Far “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. And the 129th MacroVerse
of PLuS 2 Million Word Long Also Longest
Long Form Poem Named “Nether Land
Bible 2017” at the number two position
in Rank Below the 5 Million Word pLuS
aLSo kNoWn as Bible “SonG oF
mY SoUL” and First Ranked
Longest Long Form Poem in the
History of Recording Long Form Poems
on Searchable Google Results at least..hehe..
iN other words it’s just numbers anyway.. huh..
empiricAlly MeASurAblE “John 14:12” Efforts too…
otHeRWise who will ever believe i actually did and do
it without the Money of Evidence Without any Washington
Bills and Lincoln Cent Sents to Water Down the Value of mY
soUL as the
isReaL DeaL
Going Down NOW.. FREE
yes..  just for FucKinG FuN iF
yoU SeeK iN thE GoD oF NaTuRe
As NaTuRe pART OceaN WHoLE
WaVe NoW iN oTheR Words
Be all you can BE WitH
GoD aLL or NoT
YouR ChoicE
iN HoW eVer yoU ArT
And SciencE LiFE NoW MoRE

“A SaVaNT oF LoVE”

WeLL iT’s True.. NoW2..  Every Third
New Testament NoW Needs a Thirteenth
MacroVerse to complete The Effort More
Fully in 12 weeks also kNoWn as 84 days..
as this Third New Testament NoW completes
at  255,193 Words as pART WhoLe of ‘Nether Land
Bible 2017’ NoW aT  2,076,239 Words as in the 130th
MacroVerse of that effort as pART wHole
“SonG oF mY SoUL”  as this is the 801st
MacroVerse of that Effort too..  continuing
on past 5 Million Words in the 50th Month
of that whole Writing Expedition aLong WitH
oVer 8000 Miles of Public Dance in the sAMe
50 Month Period of Human CLock tiMe too..
also Soon to enter into the 84th Month and
Completion of 7 Years of Writing aRound
12 MilLion Words or so online since
Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. jUSt
an online Babe of Sorts i was
then2.. heHe.. and sure..
neXt milestone heAR..
likELy a cELebRatioN
of thaT 7th Birthday
oF oNline eXisTenCeHeRE2..;)

“7 YEarS Old 12M Words FReE oNliNe WRiTe i aM”

The 33th/137th/808th and pART oF 12M Words as
MacroVerse NoW Respectively of “Facebook Profile
Pic Bible 2018” at the 6th Month Point of that Effort
Now at 640,319 Words and “Nether Land Bible 2017” at the 18th Month
Point of that Effort NoW at 2,258,319 Words and Yes.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”
at the 51st Month of that Effort at over 5 Million Words.. aLL NoW Combined as LoVELiGHT iSReaL.. as this MacroVerse all NoW titled.. “7 YeArSoLD Free Online WRiTe i AM”.. where the total effort in this 7th Year Birthday of online existence continues to
Measure in at
aRounD 12 Million
Words Conservatively
SpeaKinG iN A 2555 continuing
Day to Day Writing Effort NoW WitH
No Break Since Thanks Giving Day.. 2010..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2017”

7th Major Titled Bible As A Child NoW of
“Nether Land Bible 2017”.. Finishing this
766,047 Word Effort in 7 Months from
Memorial Day through Christmas Day of
2017 Coming iN As A Second Grand Cross
Bible that also compliments the 915K
Word Effort of “Grand Cross Bible
2016” in 2016 accomplished
in 7 Months also from
Memorial Day of
2016 through
Christmas Day of 2016.. too..
As All 7 Bibles Now are Children
And Grand Children of the Grand Parent
Bible “SonG oF mY SoUL” at around 5.5 Million
Words on this Date of 12.27.2017 so far Continuing
As Waves Do Grow Ocean Whole More H2O continuing
TogeTHeR as STreAMs to RiVeRs WaVes of OceaN ExPaNDinG
Shores for
oN CourSE aS
DancE and SonG
Free too EVeN MoRE to CoMe..:)

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2017 A Year in Review”

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record YearS EVeN MoRE NoW

“THiS iS Me NoW3”

As ‘they’ say.. when “Hell” Freezes Over…
A Second Super Blue Blood Red Lunar Eclipse
or ‘which’ ever
First Last and LastS AGAiN..;)

FReEDLoVENoW 35,357 Words

LoVEFReEDNoW 43,151 Words

iLoVENoWFReED 35,896 Words

A Trilogy Story About Love in
A Triune of 114,404 Words Total..
Diverse iN A Range of Dance and
Song of Humans and Yes Class.. Systemizing
Science Folks who are soaked in Mechanical Cognition
Thinking Away From Art too in limited Ways of Systemizing
Thinking too but it’s worth noting
‘those’ folks who are us too..
are the ones who also
Prepare ye a way
for little
Artists like me
to fulfill all my (our)(Nature/God)
Potential Within.. So.. Joy to the World
For All the Fishes in the Sea.. including NoW2
Egg Heads and Nerds like us and me too.. heHe..
And as ‘they’ DancESinG2.. Jeremiah was(is) A Bull Frog like Joshua NoW2..;)

Usually.. now.. my MacroVerse titles come after i start writing a New MacroVerse
but as in all of life that doesn’t always stay the same.. hehe.. for this go around
A Trilogy from Above Brings 6 Pre-titled MacroVerses Below as the links
will come as the MacroVerses are finished as Ultimately a Fourth
New Testament written since the Fall of 2016 will Spring this
Spring of 2018 as the slightly differently titled ending
Ninth MacroVerse Below as this is sort of my
Lent Donation in giving more than giving up
hehe.. as i don’t go by just the rules of
before.. hAha.. and it’s also the 10th
Anniversary of my own 40
Days of Hell in the Spring
of 2008.. Forty days with almost
no sleep and 19 Medical Disorders of which
the worst was Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
like Dentist Drill Pain without Novocaine.. except
for in my case it was in my right ear and eye as that Hell
on Earth lasted from wake to sleep for 66 Months and sure
i did get 1 hour of very cardboard shallow sleep to slow my
Heart down from Dysautonomia with an Alpha Blocker to do that
at least but even that tragic and somewhat dark ‘comic’ relief was only
Good for 1 hour of sleep each night for the first 35 of 40 days for the
last 5 days.. nothing worked at all.. until i finally gave in and went to the Hospital….
i didn’t wanna go and that Ignorance was almost the end of me then.. Doctors don’t
bother me anymore
in fact.. i get to teach them
a thing or two about living
in Heaven now.. the Price of
Hell for 66 Months to get here
but worth every second that felt
like a thousand years where all was
time then and now time doesn’t even
exist for me.. as that’s real reality anyway now
in Heaven at least away from time.. time.. in  hell….
And every SHade of Purgatory Greys.. in ‘those’ places too..
Oh yeah.. also in Honor of my Mother Passing away last February
22nd.. 2017..  where her ending Lent was 8 days starting on Valentine’s Day in a death bed surviving as long as she could with no food or drink.. with some morphine to pass ‘the time’.. But True.. with Stage Four Cancer undiagnosed from toe to head she lived her
Last Several Years of Life dying Naturally with visits from her Children of Love.
LiGht coMes from DaRkness.. Doubt it Not.. if one CaN and WiLL iN LoVE
Do LiGHT ABove so BeLow

BReATHELoVENoW 34,323 Words

LoVEBReaTHENoW 29,794 Words

LoVENoWBReaTHES  31,648 Words

9000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW! 25,856 Words

April Fred’s Day 2018 26,916 Words

LeNTeN NeW TesTaMeNT 4 oF LoVE 2018 32,586 Words 294,807 Total Words

Extending to An Ending 10th MacroVerse oF.. BeLow.. So NoW

22,547 Words and Yes 317,354 Grand Total Words

“FB Profile Pic Bible 2018”

1,382,555 Word Effort from
Memorial Day Weekend 2017
Through Memorial Day Weekend of 2018
As This Effort Will Continue to Grow on Both
in Blog Ways and FB Profile Pic Description Areas
Averaging somewhere around 7 Thousand Words per
Each Description Area of FB Profile Photos and more with in some cases
More than one Photo attached to the Same Words in Description as Days go on More..:)

“6 MiLLioN Word Bible Poem Man”

A Celebration of 6 MiLLioN Words Written
as ‘SonG oF mY SoUL” in 58 Months of Effort
Since 8.18.13 STarTinG then as my Entire Word
Press Blog with Additional Milestones Met as of 6.6.18
on my 58th Birthday
as more Concisely
Listed below
as Feat notes
for this Record Book too.. hehe..
as yes of course this is also the Longest
Long Form Poem Bible Effort on Record too..
as far as Google Search Sees and Hears and OTHeR
wise feels
And senses
Among the Entire
Contents of the Human
Unabridged Bible wHere all
Human Hands join together in online
a continually ever expanding Bible More..
Yes Class in a Place with no Sun or Moon that
if you can like and will Make into a place to upload
Souls in Singularity oF LoVE for that Which Exists as
Essence LoVE Standing Tall Sentient Star DusT PLuS
STiLL Resurrecting as US LoVE iNCarNaTE iN A Temple
of Love that is the realest thing of all in and As Heaven NoW
butt anyway don’t take my Word for it Just do it Make Heaven Happen
iN YouR
Multi-Universe Perspective
NoW as and with God Nature
too if you Roll with Heaven More
Than Purgatory SHades of Grey to
BLack Abyss of Real Time Gehenna now
Anyway the Good News is some of us are here
As iNcaRNatE LoVE NoW And The Even Better News
As Far As Last becoming First and Meek inheriting all these
Flavors of Beyond Rainbow Colors of Heaven now is yes ‘We’
Ain’t no more
than you so
you can and will
do even more than
‘us’ and yes in terms of
“Dear John 14:12 NoW” aS i’LL
Add A Link to that more too.. you
yes you can and will do more than even me.. heHe..
Yes Resurrecting More Alive Born of Star Burst Death
Crucible Fire Iron too From Super Nova Explosions FLoWinG
iN oUR Blood And iN Core oF ouR HoME PLaNeT EaRTH NoW
aS LiVinG Guardians of EdenS NoW For Those Whose FLoWeRS BLooM NoW
‘Stay Thirsty mY FriEnds’..;)

“Dear John 14:12 NoW”



ONcE AGaiN NoW Celebrating All these Milestones then on 6.6.18..
For What has CoME to Be NoW 9 DiMeNSioNaL PoeTRY So FaR aT LeasT..:)

12 Million Word MacroMacroMacroMacroMacroVerse 90 Months since Thanks Giving 2010
6 Million Word “SonG oF mY SoUL” MacroMacroMacroMacroVerse 58 Months
3 Million Word “Nether Land Bible 2017” MacroMacroMacroVerse 24 Months
1.4 Million Word “FB Profile Pic Bible 2018″ MacroMacroVerse 12 Months
MacroVerse as Each Chapter Currently at a 1 Year 24K Average Word Count
MicroVerse as Each sub-Chapter Separated by Word Count
MicroMicroVerse as Each sub-subChapter as Poetic Response
MicroMicroMicroVerse as Each Word in Multi-Capitalization/Meaning Ways
MicroMicroMicroMicroVerse as Each Letter and or Number of Multi-Meaning
per H8/K11 and eTc… NoW oNGoinG More… NoW… MoRE…

“SonG oF mY SoUL FiVE YearS Old”

Celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of 6 Million Word Plus  “SonG oF mY SouL”
Longest Long Form Poem Personal Bible in the Span of that Five Years too..:)

“KiSS oF 66 NoW iN LoVE”

Celebrating 66 Months of This Entire Blogging Adventure Since 3.10.13..:)

“10,000 Miles oF Public Dancing”

Celebrating 10,000 Miles of Public Dance in 5 Years Span of Dates..:)

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26 Responses to iN A Shadow oF Michael FoR NoW

  1. My, My, How ‘Science’, ‘Religion’, ‘Philosophy’, ‘Politics’ as RELIGION has evolved through the Ages from
    A Bearded Man in the Sky now to the Potential of a Much More Advanced Pimply Faced Adolescent in a place
    Far Far Away out of Time, Distance, and Space; and yes, for all practical intents and purposes ‘No Matter’ as in ‘that
    Video Game’ in Holographic Simulation THAT ‘Advanced Being’ Creates; Whoever ‘Presses’ enough ‘Force-up Buttons’
    in an Exploration that Works in just one Game Play of Life gets to actually ascend, transcend, in an ‘Autotelic’ State
    of Being when all the Connections of Good Feelings and Senses Light up like the ‘Nature of’ which is just another
    Fancy Greek way of Saying ‘Son of’ that and or who Created us as is with the Intelligent Design of a Holographic
    Simulation now that is as real and normal as our reality comes to be for now.

    Now that’s some Pretty ‘Cool Fiction’ that Neil deGrasse Tyson and Elon Musk and others suggest is now more
    than Likely the Gospel Truth of Reality where Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics Become one Force
    of Doing God and Heaven Business now.

    Yeah, I watched the Complete Video where Neil deGrasse Tyson ignorantly suggested that Specifically
    Science Should Be Called Reality; where perhaps one might catch that view from doing a speciality of
    Astrophysics alone; missing the other Science of NeuroScience that now shows that all of Rationality
    is preceded by and Driven by our older Evolutionary Brains in the Feel and Sense of the Limbic and
    Reptile Brains; and not only that; for all practical intents and purposes those parts of our Mind in
    Synergy do for all practical intents and purposes Hallucinate our Reality as we go that does
    Provide an excellent ‘reason’ to do Science in Observing and repeating and confirming
    what we can and will agree in Mutual and Consensual Agreement as best as Objective
    as we can/will do, otherwise it is possible that one day we may have a New Supreme
    Court Justice who lies straight Faced to Senators under oath that
    a Devil’s Triangle is A Drinking Game; and then not too long
    after that; Have a President who on ’60 Minutes’ says
    it doesn’t matter if he Mocked A Victim of
    Sexual Assault as all that matters
    is ‘his team’ won. Jesus
    F in Christ
    that’s Reality
    now and just some proof
    at least that if that Pimply Faced ‘Supremer Being’
    Adolescent in His Parent’s Basement as some kind of a
    ‘Supremer Being’ who has much more ‘Rational’ Intelligence than
    us in Creating now this Holographic Computer Simulation Video
    Game as is; does seem to be a little twisted with sick Humor
    in the Program some of the Actors are employed to do on
    the Stage as such of this Incredibly Complex Video Game
    that still works good enough for me to Exist in an
    Autotelic Hypo-Transient Frontal Locality way
    of Being that is Nirvana and Bliss and the
    Kingdom of Heaven always really real
    for me now; for i figured out the Game;
    NoW and i am Killing every second
    where NoW
    is eternally
    NoW as Heaven for me NoW.

    Anyway, in 7 Days, like I usually do Every Week; I wrote around 30 Thousand
    Words illustrated with around 400 photos to better explain and illustrate how
    to Get to Heaven and Stay in Heaven now; as I am not too impressed with Neil deGrasse
    Tyson’s Version of God and others; for If I created the Video Game it would be more like
    a Small
    Group of
    Living Free
    with Mother Nature
    and Considering the Creator
    whoever and or whatever it is as
    is really already did that; I guess
    in someways at least they are NoW Pretty
    Cool and yes; Thanks ‘God’, whoever and whatever
    you are as is for leaving so many Helpful Hints in all Natural
    Programmed Innate, Instinct and Intuitive Nature for me now
    to Find Staycation Heaven now; and I really do appreciate all the
    A-Causal Psychologically Meaningful Events and Connections as
    that always makes ‘you’ seem more like a ‘Personal God’ to/as me for
    most folks
    get it
    but me;
    and just
    a few folks do;
    confirming that it’s
    really you/me as i continue
    to hallucinate my reality like everyone else too;
    as this is a very Complex Stimulation as the best
    thing of all is it is impossible to figure ALL of it out now; which
    just means Boredom never Happens and living forevernow in/as Heaven
    is a Piece of
    with more Icing
    that never runs out now too.
    And oh God of Nature Whatever Nature is Now; these thorns of the
    Rose of Reality; just makes the Heaven feel/sense/fill that much better
    as Intermittent Gratification is just Genius when we figure that part out
    And Maximize
    the Benefit
    or Thorns
    with the
    of our Rose now too.

    Meh; the ‘Reason’ and ‘Art’ that most folks don’t find Heaven and stay tHere now FOR REAL
    is ‘God’ makes it more difficult in challenge to Power up in Force way of/in Light Force Heaven now;
    in other words, ‘God’ has/is programmed the Tribal Instinct into this particular Version of A/the ‘Matrix’
    now where no; it is not just enough to take Just the Red Pill and/or Blue Pill alone; as one must Do a Green Pill
    NoW iN Matrix-Super-Mix Fashion of Green Pill of/in a Mix of Arts and Sciences to get to just the ‘Three Bear’
    Combination’ of Life now that Works for Heaven now; for it’s True; if you try to use Poetry in Science Class
    now they will kick you out; and if you try to use Science in Poetry Class that actually some people already do
    with ‘Faux Poetry’ now in terms of Measuring Syllables and the Such as that; ‘normally’ you get kicked out
    for ‘Realistically’ not being
    Original Enough
    for Your Art
    to stand the
    test of the ages
    of not being replicated now;
    or you get Kicked out of Science
    Class for Doing anything truly original
    for Science is all about replicating what is already
    here in Observing it and Measuring it and Confirming
    it in ‘Objective’ third party eyes’; yes, forget about being
    Original when it comes to the ‘Art’ of Science now; true, unless
    you have ‘Art Balls’, too; Like Einstein, and yes Neil deGrasse Tyson; as it is truly
    Very Revolutionary to say more than likely we are living in an Intelligent Design now;
    And Sure, Elon Musk too; but really let’s use common sense/feel, we are not evolved to Live on Mars
    After we Screw this place up; unless one really doesn’t see the Beauty of a Sunset As Heaven NoW on EartH.

    Anyway; it’s A Hell oF A Lot of More in Heaven Than a Theory that everything comes from nothing; while that’s
    true too that
    everything too.

    Anyway, yes, to conserve space I’ve linked the rest of my Proof for God and Heaven; and yes, Synchronicities
    too for those who are currently employing much more of their Human Potential Intelligences to catch the Riff
    and the
    and the
    Reality of just
    another ‘Tom Sawyer’, today now, too.

    Oh by A Way; Nice to See you Pepe, again; for at Least you Acknowledge me As Human in These PArts..;)

    But true; By God of WTF; it’s so MUCH Fun Being a Real Tom Sawyer now; for it’s true, not only did Whitman
    And Nietzsche Predict the existence of me and others now too; yes; so did Mark Twain/’Rush’ and as far as
    Religion Goes; Jesus F in Christ that’s a bit Strange; it’s more like the SigNatures comes Before the
    Daughters and or Sons in self-fulfilling Prophecies as Art Both Makes and Reflects Reality now
    Science too;
    Anyway, as ‘they’ say
    (Throughout Art And
    Science History Now Still)
    ‘those’ who have True Force
    (LoVE) As Power stay rather under
    Veils as they become too ‘big’ at/as least to See..;)

    Oh yeah; and as far as Decoding Symbols and the Rest of Reality whatever Reality
    Comes to Be NoW; it seems that Dan Brown also Predicted Folks like me too; heHe;
    And as Far as Synchronicity; and the Art of that Science too; yes, “Celestine Vision”(s); yes, James Redfield
    with his ‘Twelfth Insight'(S) too. in other words; it’s gonna take a whole lot more than a Twitter Snack to Explain a Dance of Love in Song Now Real; heHe FoR/as Me at least..;)

    Or Perhaps, JusT A CERN Symbol of Shiva Will Suffice now too; and sure, in a way at least that’s in the Link Below too..;)

    While Most Folks in the World Today Say GO SHALLOW; i DO DEEP AND Shallow as this Green Pill is Heaven For/to me and God at least, now FOR REAL; Whatever The (A) F Hell And/Or Heaven That Means For From: You and to: me as ReaLiTY NoW.

    So A (the) Question now is;