CaT oF GooD CHeeR ReTurNs AGAiN

aS WeLL mY FriEnd
i am So
To Have
A FriEnd Like
You From Egypt
Too.. So Many Words..
So Many Steps oF Dance
But alWays Time to Make
FoR NoW..:)


i See All oF Creation From DArk thru
LiGht as God and FriEnd and HiMaLi
As A Special FriEnd
WitH Wings as
i Speak to
As Unique..:)

My Favorite
You are..:)

With Wings
PArt of

SMiLes.. mY FriEnd HiMaLi
And Helloooove of Course.. NoW
FriEnds without Borders On CourSe too..
Global Citizens
Come to be
Finding Similarities
in Different Languages
Including Cultures and Religions
uS aLL
Namely Fearless
Hopeful Love
As Joy Loves Company
Of Course for those With Similar Wings..
It’s True though.. i Also Seek to lEarn from
Those who are Very Different from my Opinions
On Life
And Reality
WitH Views i often
Strongly Disagree with..
But Still.. if tHeir are any
Feathers oF the Wings of Love
tHeRE is some Place for Common
Ground of God mY FRiEnd
Whatever Folks Name
A God
Of Love
Remains as all Natural
And Real From Beginning to End..
But True Among all the EYes of God
tHeRE are below and beyond Rainbow
FReED and
Held Prisoner aS iN Fear..
Some People wHeRE i LiVE
in Milton Florida name this place
Little LA as somewhat of a Pejorative
As Lower Alabama so far away from a Real
City of Angels that is Unconditional in Love For aLL
Outcasting NO Human Beings for tHeir Innate Born
And Bred
but still they know not what
they do.. all one can do with
Ignorance is Patiently Teach
And never Give uP A Dance of LiFe
For Unconditional Love WitH a Voice
THaT wHo Never Stops
iT’s True in somEways This reAlly
IS A City of Angels For Wings aLWays LiGHT..
Particularly Blogger Folks Who Come ToGeTHeR For LoVE..:)


Jesus iS Born iN aS PoETry..
As A flAMe Has gONE OuT
For ‘Man’.. As Luke
anymore and
no one seems
to even Remember
John 14:12.. It’s True..
SoMeOnENoW has to Pick uP
The BAll thaT a Son of Man
Left as the Story MoveS on
And Prophecies Continue
To Be fulfilled From
old to new
as what’s
Left when a Poetry
oF aS Jesus has Become
A Money Changing Table
of Taking from the Poor and
Giving to the Rich in the Name
Of Some God who that Steals from God’s
Children As It’s True for that who of what
we do to the least of us we do to
God Incarnate in the Least
of us now.. meanwhile
You.. my FriEnd
About the Price
oF A Pastor’s Sweater..
WHeRe Jesus suggests that
Fine Oils of High Price that
Could Have otherwise been given
NoW Then To the Poor in Terms of Food
is Better used to Celebrate
His Life when he is
heaR on
Earth Then NoW but of course
(A Bootie Dance is Cheaper
Or a Friendship With a Tax
Collector Helper Still Too NoW..
Even Sia Gets it with her Cheap
Thrills NoW of Dance Still.. and
No.. i Don’t Need No Caesar Dollar
Bills Either for Cheap Thrills2)
iF one is Expanding a Roman
Empire with Golden Chalice
without the Substance
And Essence of
LovE within
Must Be a Loop
Hole Left Designed
In the Law to Bring a Sword
Instead of Peace to Hate one’s
Family and even Children Beyond
Friends who Disagree too.. as well as
A Literal Read Option to Slay those
Who Disagree as let’s Remember
iN Those Days most everyone
Was illiterate with little to
No Ability to Read
Or Write As
Then and NoW
too.. Ripe in Ignorance For
Gaslighting an Alternate
Reality For Power Gains..
Status and Materials
Gains Even more too..
So.. Whatever Truth Then
That Was Given and Explained
Came From Someone Else and
Those Interpretations alone..
(Per Current Faux News Analogy2)
i Suppose.. my Friend NoW
(According to Faux News2
Anti-Christ to Pure
Agape Love of Course)
That God is Money
Overall and
The Materials of
Tools For Creature Comfort
We Come to Be And tHeRe are so many
Loop Holes in the Good Old Time Religious
Books thaT somEone.. anYone.. mUSt Come Again
to Fulfill the Prophecy of Jesus at Least
One more Rep.. as any Prolific
Weightlifter Might Do..
Hmm.. Something
About Leg Pressing
1020Lbs.. 33 times
And up to 50 if Your Loving
Mother is on Her Hospital
Death Bed on Valentine’s Day
iN 2017 could surely be associated
with all of this.. ‘Cause for all Practical
Intents and Purposes of NoW HoW Modern
Christians Overall at Core Evangelistic
Way are Practicing the Jesus Good Cop
Way Away from Imperial Desires of
Expanding Empires as that Jesus
aS G-Cop Was killed off Long ago
Although he still
Breathes in
in the New
Testament for those
Who Cherry Pick Hope and
Love and Joy Loves Company in
A Heaven at Hand alWays in this
Generation NoW iN GiVinG And
ShaRinG HeaVeN NoW FReED WitH
Everyone Else in Doing one’s
Best in Harming no one
Else’S Unique Way
of Achieving
Happiness ToGeTHeR
iN Understanding Empathy
And Compassion of Differences
To Wear a Way oF LiFe as Fearlesss
Unconditional LoVE as GLoVE INHeRenT
mY FriEnd TVC Mario Today.. anyWay.. i
Suppose if somEone Were to reAlly
Pick uP the John 14:12 Ball NoW
As Reported in the
Good Old Book
of Good Cop
Poetry as Jesus..
As Many Disagreements
And Different FootBall Teams
With Different Quarterbacks as
Religions that we have today now
Wildly Varying in wHo and wHat
God is and the Prophets from
Old as Described in Many
Holy and Sacred
Texts of Poetry
From Old Still even
Within Religions Like Islam
And Christianity wHeRe many
Sects See Many of the same Messengers
And Prophets Differently Depending on
The Current Interpretations of what
is Revised and Written from
Hundreds And Thousands
oF Years Before.. Any
Jesus who comes now
Would surely have to come as
A Thief in the Night or somEone So Broad in
DayLiGHT ‘Large’ that no one would and i do
mean no one but literally ‘them’ Would Be Able
To Entirely See ‘that’ ‘this’ Jesus NoW..
Shoot.. ‘They’ Could NoT Probably Even
Successfully Spoon Feed the New
Entire Story in
Version Either
And not unlike the
Older Stories.. Folks with
Shorter Attention Spans would
Still Be Mostly Lost.. anYWay.. that’s why
i Do More than Write a Plus Five Million
Word Long Form Poem and Bible at a World
Non-Officially Recorded Record NoW at Over
5 Million Words in 51 Months and a Sub
Bible and Longest LonG Form Poem
too as A Subchapter of
that “SonG oF mY SouL”
Bible.. Named “Nether Land
Bible 2017”.. NoW Reaching
18 Months Effort of Writing
in 137 MacroVerses Doubling
As MacroVerse Number
808 aS “SonG oF MY
Precisely Word
Counted at 2,258,319 Total..
As Current LasT Macr0Verse
Words Named “7 YEaRs Old
12M Words FReE oNliNe
WRiTe i aM” as this
Latest MacroVerse
Also Triples
at the 6 Month
Point of “F Book
Profile Pic Bible 2018”
at Precisely 640,319
Words as MacroVerse
Number 33.. Yes.. A Number
33 is Mighty Cool too.. as Far
As Sacred and Holy Goes Full of
Meaning and Purpose After all
is said and done we do Have
33 Vertebra After ALL
And After 84 Months of Writing
Around 12 Million Words also known
as 7 Years-Old as a Birthday Online
iN Writing of little Old me at age 57
NoW.. Also Doing a Public Ascendent
Transcendent Ecstatic Martial Arts
And Ballet-Like Free Style Dance
EveryWheRe i go for 51
Months too
While Writing
Over 5 Million Words
yes.. coming in at close
to 8500 Miles NoW too.. More
And it’s True.. i Mostly NoW Have
A Ministry of Dance this Go Around
As These Days Although Folks Do Read
And Write.. the Seeing and Hearing Part
WitH the Mind’s Eye Over the Organs
(Like An eye atop a Pyramid NoW oN
Current Caesar Style of Dollar Bills)
As such is predictably mostly
The same as Human Nature
At Core is about the SAMe
As it was 2K Years ago
Or even 12K Years ago too..
Only Difference that Really Counts
iS Folks Have Forgotten the Oral Holy
Sacred Creative Spirit Tradition of a Free Verse
Divine MaGiC that adheres to no rules of
Systemizing Science
Poem by Mouth as
Song and a Free
Style Dance
with God
Coming from within
Hands RaiSinG uP to God’s
Loving eYes Even More than
Less.. So Sadly Mostly Lost NoW..
As Oh No.. in Affect and Effect
Many of God’s Children
Are Now Devolving
In Just one Lifetime
Out of the Gift of Empathy
And Compassion and Sympathy
In Understanding Intuiting
Innately Instinctually
Human Differences
In Loving Way with a Hand
Up and Fingers Touching Rather
Than A Fist Down With Knuckles Bruising
In Terms of Overall Love NoW My FRieND
iN SpiRiT oF HeARt oF A MiNd And BoDy
BaLanCinG SoUL thAT And wHo Gives
And Shares Fearless Unconditional
Love without Restraint Doing ART
oF LoVE the Best one can do in
WiLL oF Harming no other
Differences in
Heaven NoW allone.. No
Longer SeparatinG AS HuMaNity
CoMes To Be TogeTHeR aLL NoW UNiTY
Oh yeaH and not unlike the Story of
Moses.. i Wandered a Patriarchal Land
Against Human Smiles and Love and
Free Creativity too for 40 years
From Age 13 to 53.. and
As Far as the Prophecy
Bit.. not only as
Isaiah.. Have i dONE
it Naked.. i Do it a
Year More Plus
at 51 Months too..
And Sure as King David
Goes i don’t think he ever
got around to the so-called
‘Vile’ pART of Giving Glory
oF to God’s Nature iN aS HUman
Nature either as A Michelangelo
David/Min Flesh and Blood Work oF Art
Either but hey.. That’s just the Christian
Religion.. tHeRE STiLL Are aLMost iNnumerable
otHeR Prophecies to be Fulfilled Just on
EaRTh.. And Oh Lord SpeaKinG oF
Promotions not asked for thaT
Are surely overwhelming
Like “King of the
How Many Lifetimes
Will it Take to Service aLL
The Planets of over A Quadrillion
Stars in Even JusT what the Science
Aided Eye Can and Will See NoW
Yes.. Thanks God.. tHeRE is No
Promotion to KinG oF
aLL the
too as sure.. all eYes
oF even JuST OnE HuMaN
NoW which means everyone
MuST BeCoMe The KinG aS
BaLanCinG ForcE oF tHeiR
OwN Multi-UniVerse of God And
Sure.. Those of us who are A ‘little’ aHead
oF iN The AsSigNmenT Don’t Mind OffeRing
A Little TutoRing to Those who Haven’t
Graduated Kindergarten oF Even
mY FriEnd
Or SinGinG Free
Free Verse LiFE
As LoVE as thAt
SurELy is Enough For
ReaLLy God is No Hard
Taskmaster as Death ends
Misery and Suffering and tHEre
is aLWays
ALoNG the
WaY iF anD WiN
YoU BeCoMe NoW A
LioN HeArt of GoD
And The SNaKE of WiLL
And The GoAT oF BaLanCE
MoRe NoW ForEveR MoRe NoW
But Hey that’s JusT my Story thaT
NoW KinDa
LiKE God alWays
Evolving NoW as serIOUsly
You don’t Wanna See A Bored God..
And cRap.. i Almost Forgot the oTHeR
‘JOB’ and Jesus pART Per DARk Months
of the SoUL uP to 66 Months for me
at Least With Then A Worst Pain
Known to Humankind From
Wake to Sleep Named
Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia Like SoMeone
Drilling one’s Teeth without
Novocaine as in my Case was my
Right eye and Ear where no Drug
Would Help that Pain.. Yep.. the official
Suicide Disease Assessed as Worse than
Crucifixion but no no no nah.. no Three
Hour or Two to Three Day Tour For
Me My FriEnd.. 66 Months Whole..
Do you really expect me to
Keep Doing this on
Beyond a Quadrillion
or so Stars that Revolve
Even More ‘Alabama Life’
Around them.. as PlanETs
And otHeR so-called Loving
FearlesS UNconditional Ways
of Life that Have lost tHeir Way
Too as Tools they Create for Greater
Creature Comforts too.. nah.. you can
Nominate a Dolphin for that Promotion..
This ain’t just a Patch of Dirt in the Middle
East anymore my FriEnd
This World is Big.. Enough..
as it took me until Age 53 to get
out of HeLL after Feeling Forsaken
By God too but no.. just like JOB
as the Story of that too.. i didn’t get
too upset as hey.. i was kinda lucky as GoD
Sent me to meet the Katrina who still
Doesn’t Visibly Seem to Age at 47..
but True she
Assisted me
When i was in
HeLL AS THeRe is a Bit
oF Care GiVinG MileAge
iN Putting An Osiris Back
toGeTHeR and or Humpty
Dumpty.. too.. mY FriEnd..
ha!.. meaNwhile you
worry over some
one’s Sweater..
Can’t you see (now) tHeRe
IS A Much Much Bigger Church
Fish Fry Going on now.. UgH
AS HiSTory STiLL SHoWs You
Humans are a bit of a Problem
now.. anyWay..
Got more Dance
to Do.. You ‘Should’ Feel
Special as you Deserve this
More today than even the Call
For An Uprising Dude for a Little
Bit of Help From a Friend You
May never
that’s uP
to YouR Relative
Free WiLL WiTh LoVE
oR NoT.. i JusT BRinG the
WinE As YoU mY FriEnd may Continue
to be limited as the Form of Chalice..
To be
Wine is the
Essence oF UNconditional
Fearless Agape Love FoR aLL
oF Creation AKA GoD.. For NoW
i’M Sort of Like an Avatar or a Neo..
JusT BrinGinG NoW SoME TruTH AnD
LiGHT AGaiN aLL FReED.. it’S uP
To Y’ALL as Far as whAT You Do
WiTh iT FroM HeAR..
ReMeMber STiLL
A Whole
Lot of
Dance Travel
to Do juST iN THiS
Multi-Verse too as Lord
KNoWs FeeLs and SenSes
Per John 14:12.. This Micro
Verse of the 809th MacroVerse
Coming and Numbers 138 and
34 too.. is verily and surely
gonna fill uP the
LiMiT oF
Two YouTuBe
Comment Spaces
NoW but Hey.. it’s just
Practice For the NeXT PLanET.. heHe..

Oh yeah and heaR’s YouR Free Gift..
If.. ‘You’ Have eYes and Ears to See iT..:)


SMiLes Frank and as aLways
Thanks for wading down through
Another 400 or so Photos.. Loosely
Associated YouTube Videos and of
Course Another 30K or so Words as
this makes around 90K Words in Three
Weeks as my Average Word Count is
Coming Back up it seems
to what it was before
i started “F Book Profile
Pic Bible 2018′”.. Around Memorial
Day of 2017.. as tHeRe are Many
More Mechanical Cognition Duties
other than Free Write in Copying and
Pasting an Entire New Fully Illustrated
New Memorial Day Bible in the Description
Areas of Facebook Profile Pics.. but i must admit
ThaT too is Becoming a Rather Mindless Flow iN Zone
Activity too as Even Working on Motor Cycles
after 10,000 Hours or Playing Tennis as
Such can bring Human and Racquet
and Backboard all as one Force
of Creative Sacred Way
of Moving Connecting
Creating even if
the only
made is God who
may be Found in a
BackBoard too.. like
a Cord of Wood that is
Chopped in two.. to borrow
a Metaphor again now from the
Gospel of Thomas Record Verses too..
As Jordan Peterson.. A Newest Hero says
Online now for Young Men who are lost in this
New way of Doing the World now without Clear
Social Roles and often Absent Fathers when Young..
Creativity takes an Open Mind and Aesthetic Appreciation
of Beauty and Standard IQ points that are somewhat stellar too..
And sure as in all Spectrums of Reality there are often associated
Factors one comes to see as Systemizing Science and Creativity as
Whole in Beauty and Wisdom to use just two Abstract Human Constructs
in Words can and will be a Divine Experience of Magic Beyond all Systemizing
Words that may Describe that Experience any Better than what one Feels when
Doing and or Viewing
A Free
or Write of
Life that Flows
as Streams to Ocean
Whole as Waves that/who
Dance and Sing as Drops
of Water at the Sub-Atomic
Level even more as the Force
of God Divine Creativity becomes
the eye on the Top of the Pyramid
Even Higher WitH Greater Practice With
God Free Hand in Hand.. Competition Against
other Folks to me is really no different than Laughing
at someone as opposed to Laughing with them.. as one
TeaM ToGeTheR AS LoVE Grows when All Human Potential
GRows Among all Human Beings in a Group Freely without even
Any Necessary Guidelines and Instructions to keep folks on the
Same Rigid Road of Life as Mechanical Cognition Robot now..
but True tHeRE is STiLL A FLoW iN ZoNe that comes with
an Activity that seems the same like Bouncing a
Ball off a Back Board However what
Bounces next in that
State of Mind
and Body
BaLanCinG ForcE
BeinG Free MaY CoMe As
A New MoVinG ConNecTinG
CreaTinG ArT Far Beyond what
an individual has ever done FreeR Before..
so.. in other words.. one cannot discount any
seemingly non-associated Variable as Necessary
to Create the neXT Master Peace Painting oF LiFE NoW
As Synchronicity Flows toGeTHeR as Creativity uNleashed
reLeased as Quantum Metaphor oF MaGiC as ALL of REaLiTy
CoMeS toGeTHeR in Essence of HUman Form too.. as Brush
And Paint And Master Peace Painting Different and sAMe too..
Yes.. My FriEnd.. so Much Easier it is to Free Dance and Free
Write than to attempt to put it into Systemizing Words
of Science that Make repeatable and
confirmed Results that may
be observed/done again..
as each
and every
NoW of FuLLeR
and FReER Holy
And Sacred Divine
Experience of Creativity
iS AlWAys DifferEnT as sAMe NoW too..
EvEn MoRE.. it’s True2 my FriEnd the Folks STiLL
Who Write the Comic Books Bringing Super Heroes LiVinG
to the Big Screen are the sAMe Folks who Write Mythologies
And Archetypes of Human Being Come to Life to Art aS Inner
UniVerSE of BeinG that Strikes a Divine Chord of Creativity
WithiN the iNNeR Multi-UniVerse oF ANoThER HUmaN NoW..
Yeah.. Katrina Bought me 4 New Figurines to accompany
all the other Super Hero Figurines (Idols) on my Desk
iN Form of Historical Stories in Bible Written
Terms as Mythologies of Past as Moses
and David and Mary and Jesus
in order of Storied Births
Living Still in
the Bible
now.. heHe.. yes..
the ‘Official’ Bible too..
Recorded as Such in
Official Ways too.. Moses
the Writer.. David as more the
Warrior.. Jesus the Teacher and
Most Importantly Really.. Mother Mary
Who Nurtures Unconditional Love in the
Child of Jesus for without that Love that Pure
Virgin Love that has nothing to do with How a Single
Mother Becomes Pregnant much except for the Oxytocin
Social Bonding that comes through the ‘act’ too.. is truly
Core of What Drives Society through the GroWinG eYes
of Empathy Sympathy and Understanding Compassion even
more.. when alive and Well.. and True.. A Fearless Warrior Spirit
is Necessary to say no.. When Love is Challenged away from
Hope to Fear and Hate.. so.. surely a Warrior not afraid
to Go into Battle Naked like David comes in Handy
as a Father Figurine here.. StiLL.. and yes after
going on a Vision Quest in a Desert for
40 Days or so.. sure.. 40 days
without sleep can and
will Achieve
a Defeat
of potential
Demons within
too as a Battle
of Two against one
within too.. and By God
someone like Moses has to
Write it all Down as Four Archetypal
Characters and Surely can and will Live in One Human
Being as Writer Singer Dancer Lover and Warrior Teacher
too.. Free NoW to Help Move the Species Forward even more
in Unconditional Love Fearless now even more for a Cooperative
SpiRit that Works ToGeTHEr as long as everyone Strives to be these
Four Archetypes of Being Human Now.. thing is my friEnd.. i still can’t
explain how the HiGHesT DiViNe Holy and Sacred Spirit has come to Live
within me other than.. i never gave up through all the dARk Challenges of LIFE
anYWay thaT THiS Perspective Gives an Appreciation to me of God who Lives within
that is beyond
all words
the Art
that comes
From God Within..
never limited never tied
down with expectations
Truly Free my FriEnd to Be..
Truly a Cheap Thrill Beyond iNFiNiTY NoW..
Be Seeing Ya Soon at Your Place of Creativity too..:)


SMiLes mY FriEnd.. Soheir.. YeS.. it’s KiNda
Hard to Miss the Beauty of
Heaven that lives
All Natural
in the Environment
wHeRE i LiVe but i do
kNow and most Importantly
Feel and Sense Still the other Side
of My Life then Before through all the
Extremely Stressful Years of Work
that someone can live here.. see it
as a Child and come to Miss
it Completely
for Decades
after for it’s true for
almost 20 Years i rarely ever
Visited the Forest or the Beach
or the Rivers as i stayed inside mostly
Working or at Home or even in the Gym
Working out rarely communing with Nature
then other than Cutting the Grass and Gardening
Around our Home about one to three times during
the Summer then.. and i must say Cutting the Grass
was my Favorite thing to do.. but i really could not put into Words
the Hint of
Beauty and
Pure Love i was
experiencing in Wisdom for those
Few Hours in the Summer allone then..
SMiLes.. mY FriEnd for in Heaven then it is
Possible to see it and lose it and find it again..
when we set ourselves free from what stress can
and will do to us as Basic Human Illusory Fears
that come to be Real by what Society and Reality
expects of us to do to gain Basic Subsistence
and Shelter and sure.. to find a Mate and
to take care of our Children even
if we can and will escape the
Stress and
to even Have Children
these days.. Meanwhile.. God
Lives as the Beach and Forest in
all Natural Beauty and Wisdom and
Pure Love now.. it is only for us to escape
and find our way Back and Build a City of God
that is a Rock and Roll of all Natural God again..
Free my Friend in Beauty and Wisdom Free even
more as
of Creativity
Now.. and hehe..
i’ve been meaning to
Count those Shirts but i am
Sure that two Closets Hold at
Least 500 and less than a Thousand
at about Seven and a Half Dollars Each..
And of Course all the Words and Other Symbols
Including Visual Images on Shirts or even the Tattoos
that some folks permanently ink on their Flesh and Blood
Can come to Muse Emotions and Senses in us to accomplish
Even More in Creativity and Productivity Depending on the LiGht
to SHades of Grey to even BLacK abyss of DaRK that those symbols
come to mean for us in Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose
ways of what our Experience of Life Relates to us best for muse of inspiration
more.. understanding the
Basic Process of
what inspires
more in my
Unique Multi-UniVerse
God Derived View of LiFE
i Personally make a Systemizing
Science Way of what Works for me
to rise Higher to an eYe of a Pyramid
iN Beauty and Wisdom of Divine Holy
And Creative Sacred Spirit even more..
thing is.. of course as well.. all of us have Unique
eYes as Children of God.. what Works for someone as
Open Minded and Liberal as me.. may hardly work at all
for someone like my Wife Katrina who is very Conservative
and somewhat Rigid to Keeping the Same Traditions that she
has learned to Date now as she is quite a Bit Afraid of Change
While i Embrace the Freedom of Change in all mY heART SpiRit
and SoUL in the Creativity of Art that comes as Love as Free Gift to me..
But True my FriEnd.. opposites often attract so the Balloon does not float
comes back
to get Grounded
on eARth again too..
True mY FriEnd too., tHeiR aRE
Anchors of Muse and Inspiration
too as Grounding Forces to keep
the so-named Spot of Yang in Yin
and Yin in Yang For Balance.. and For
now Katrina serves me well as Love for
the Yang she Brings to my Yin now.. and of Course
i can Switch over to my Science Systemizing Hat
as quick as a Mathematical Equation if necessary
too.. but the Art of Love Free is wHeRE i Love to Live most..
in Colorful Shirts of HeArt SpiRit and SoUL never to be bound to
as Permanent
Ink Blot Test on my
Flesh and Blood HeaRT
SpiRiT of GoD SoUL Free..
hehe.. other than that i suppose in someways
i am more conservative and closed minded than
Katrina as i would never let anyone ‘deface my body’
with a
that would
Never Change
ironically as such my
FriEnd for there truly
is Plenty of Yang Left with my Yin..
Have a Great day Soheir for True you
are one of my Anchors of Love that too
Bring me down to eARTh and also inspire me Higher
as Balloon Free too..
True3.. Life is Beautiful over
HeAR and i’m Glad i can and
will finally See it again and share
and give all of it i can and will Do with others
too.. as far as these online remnants of my SouL
For NoW mY FriEnd..
Have a Great Week with LoVE FREE..
And sure as ‘they’ Dance Sing Hallelujah with Amen..:)


SMiLes my FriEnd
Soheir.. i had A FeeLinG
NoW that you and i might
share that ‘conservative
feeling’ in not ‘defacing
our body’ with tattoos..
Same Joy of
Life to
you mY
friEnd as a Tattoo
oF LoVE that Stays
LoVinG and FriEndly
aMoNG All YouR Loved ones no matter
HoW DiffeRent NoW For Happiness sAMe Real as LiFE NoW..:)


Food and yes thanks
For the Good Friend
Wiki too and all of Technology
That Brings Diverse People and Ideas
ToGeTHeR to Find Common Grounds
And Understand Differences Better with
Empathy.. Sympathy and Compassion
More Fully employed.. Very
Interesting the Rules
Are of Your
And Religion
Regarding Acceptable
Food to Eat.. as they Surely Don’t
Harm anyone although Different
than ours and yes.. i suppose after
My Smell and Taste Went away
in Flavor way Last Spring and
Now it is coming Back Normal
From Strange and not so good
Since the Solar Eclipse Day
on 8.21.2017.. Along
With All the
Other Much Bigger
World Disasters that
have come since then…
That if Pie was Not Acceptable
During Thanks Giving Holidays….
i Might Never Have Come to Approach
240 American Pounds at 238.6 on Thanks
Giving Day.. Oh.. the Abundance my FriEnd SoHeir
And oh the Temptation to over indulge in what
Finally Tastes Good in all the ways that comes
in Pleasurable Stimulation from Head
to Toe of Course.. and yes.. the
Crutch of External
to Escape
Life Like
Alcohol and
Cigarettes that
are Legal here but even
in many ways more Harmful
than what is not legal for Additional
External Sources to Escape a Discontentment
of Life.. Surely Dancing And Free Verse Write
Takes the Place of all of that when i am
Verily in Balance of Mind and
Body as Purer Soul…
But i must
Say.. Since
my Taste
is Coming Back
Normal i cannot count
the Number of Pieces of Pie
i Have Eaten and other Delicious
Thanks Giving Treats but it’s True
The Scale that Weighs me NoW Does not
Gaslight my Life With Alternative ‘Trump’ FActs
heHe.. to use a Political Pun on the Tongues
of Common Sense aS Beauty and Wisdom
in TrutH and LiGht ARound the
World Away from
Lies Still
Food and Drink
and other stuff that
May Seem Okay at the
Moment of Instant Gratification
but surely can lead to not only
OverWeight but the Potential
Ignorance of Distaste
A World
War III Still to
come.. unless Folks
Wake uP and SaY NO..
overheAR where it counts
in the Taste and Fill of Votes..
Anyway.. as any Sour Taste will Bring
i am Quite Disgusted NoW alMost Beyond
Belief iN the Lies aS Taste American Politics BRings Today..
yet.. sure.. i Am Still Giving Thanks For Free American Pie..
And after the last Four Pieces are Gone in the Left Over
Tray as Katrina currently has no taste for Pie.. Pie
Will Leave My Life at Least Until Christmas Next..;)


SMiLes mY FriEnd.. gigoid..
Pattern Thinker i am
with propensity
to Remember
Details i may
never need to
Regurgitate but
never the less the
First Week since the
Latter part of my meeting
gigoid here in 2015 that a
Fresh Write is not pARt of the
Weekly Mix but yes.. Introductions
to ReBlogs from Every Day to twice
A Week Count too.. as they too are Live
and i am Glad to heAR YouR Walk-Abouts
Are Still Moving as Lord Knows as Writing Takes
me out of my Body..
As A Great
if one experiences
Bodily Pain And Dancing
Takes one out of Analytical
Mind unless one falls to a Choreograph
That Someone else demands as Attention to
Rules and Guidelines of Dance Moves More..
Yes then.. in Free Style Dance TaKinG one out
of Mechanical Cognition Mind with Flowing
Creativity of Thoughts in Patterns and
Visual and Thinking Words way
thaT/wHo Surface that might
not otherWise
wHo come at
aLL.. Yes aS even
Science SHows.. Dance iS
A Great Stimulator oF aLL Types
Of Creativity and Productivity that have A Potential NoW MoRE
To Create all Kinds oF Art and even Science more now.. too..
But anyWay.. Back to the Act of Balance in Free Flow Zone
Writing.. A Body Can and Will Fade away from Head to Toe
like it doesn’t even exist which is Surely a Plus when
one is Experiencing Pain but not so much when
one Forgets to Get up for hours on end
And Rather Stiff and Heavy Weight
comes again.. sure.. STiLL As A
Bodily Reminder
to get up
Next Free Write
that comes and goes
wHeRE out of Distance..
Space and Time a Human
Made TiME CLocK as Alarm
CLock or Portable Oven Timer ain’t
Such a Bad Idea as even Science Shows
that Sitting too Long on a Daily Basis is
like Smoking a Pack of Cigarettes.. Cough Cough..
i did
and again
it’s True the
Scale will not lie
Nor the Coming Cholesterol
Test Either and Sitting too Long
No Matter How Soft the Breeze of
FloW iN ZoNE NoW.. Don’t Help the
Blood Return from Feet Back up to Heart
And yes.. Head too.. as eventually Drowsy
comes next..
As Theta
Brain Waves from
Alpha Continue to Rule
Sitting Still Writing Dancing
Singing on a KeyBoard With
No Rules in Ascendent Transcendent
Ecstatic Bliss.. hAha.. No Wonder the
Folks who Wrote the Bible and Other Holy
and So-called Sacred Texts Felt like tHeir Holy
Spirit of Creativity was Disembodied Spirit too..
from Body..
as use it
or lose
it applies
to All Creation Stuff..
in other words Get up and
Dance More than Sitting Still..
to me as just another Personal Note too.. hehe..
Oh yeah.. and of course i find Great Value in all the
Creativity and Pearls of Wisdom From Others you Bring..
yes.. it’s True if your Physical Body on this Terrestrial
Plane were to Leave Now for Good.. the Good of
the Art of Your Creativity and
the Pearls of
You BRinG
to OTheRs STiLL
Stays in previous years
way.. for a Reliable Muse
of Inspiration getting exposed
Still to the Grand History Notes
as Quotes in Wisdom of many
Prized Humans who and
that Have come
in other
Words thanks for
Your Service mY FriEnd
For to Be Able to Inspire and
Muse oTheRs in all the ways That
CoMes as Human ART has No Price Equal to Free Creativity..
aS Oops.. i Almost Pressed Post Before i Arrive at the
Pearls of Wisdom As Theta Waves Lull
me more
mY Body
STiLL MoRE..;)

“Honor is the reward of virtue.”

~~ Cicero ~~

Hmm.. Reminds me of the
Very Willing Bootie Dance
i Received Last Thursday Night
From a Young Lady who apparently
Hasn’t Heard the Surrounding News
that i’m not just a Wild and Crazy Dancing Guy
but a Married one with GrandFatherly Age too..
For it’s True While a Bootie Dance might not ‘morally’
or ‘ethically’ Honorably Seem like a Reward For a Virtue
oF Free Style Wild Dance.. iN FloW iN the ZonE Nature Speaks
than Human
As Pre-Conceived
Notions About what is
Right or Wrong.. Both Parties
Left Standing with Smiles oN
tHeir Faces and the Reported
Activity Back to the Wife brought
a Grin and a Giggle as it’s
Funny when
Gets a Free ‘Back’ Rub..
of Course it Helps that the
Wife who Seemingly Never
Ages at 47 Almost Never Gets
Jealous in A Competition of Beauty
in Wonder Woman Prowess.. anyWay..
i Just Dance never approaching anyone
And always doing my best not to harm anyone either..
For me at least a Dejection of the Beauty of a Bootie
Dance by a Beautiful Woman might be Crushing For the Free Give of that too..
One ‘Thing’ For Sure.. iT aLWays Energizes the Creativity of the Overall Dance of Life..
Her and or His
Free Rules out of
Any Human Made Play Book.. as
Touch Downs are meant to be fELt..
But in this Case Best to Be Married to Wonder Woman2..;)

“I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country…. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

— Former US President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864
— letter to Col. William F. Elkins —
printed in “The Lincoln Encyclopedia”,
— ed. Archer H. Shaw, Macmillan, 1950, NY

And it’s Beyond Ignorance
That the Poorest of Folks
This Directly Impacts
A Free
And A-Okay
For Self-Destruction…
Ignorance.. alWays A USing Car Salesman
Waiting Around The Corner oF TrutH and LiGHT..
Street USA..
On 30 Percent Avenue..;)

“The border between the Real and the Unreal
is not fixed, but just marks the last place where
rival gangs of shamans fought each other to a standstill.” — Smart Bee

i had
to come
back to this one..;)

“…I probably shouldn’t point at the word ‘reptiles’ when I say ‘businessmen.’”

— Rajeev Pandey

Mammal heART
BRain out of WHack..
LimBic System ScreWed uP..;)

“It is easier to harness human nature than to fight or repress it.”

Amen.. in other words Nature Works..:)

“Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.”

— Aesop

Empty SHells
With only ReaSon.

“I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time.”

— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

i Don’t
Believe in Trump..
Been Around For Thousands oF Years ‘tHat’ Trump..
Empty Shell.. eTc.. iN otHeR 3 Letter Words Smaller..;)

Corruptissima republica plurimae leges.
[The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.]

— Cornelius Tacitus, 56-120 A.D., Annals III 27

Small Villages
Small Rules
Free Love
Free People JusT Free iN Wild LoVE..
Anything Bigger is Relatively Humanly
Insane as Far as the Rules of Evolving Nature
DanCinG AnD
SinGinG Naked
to Hip
eye to
eYe iN A
Dance Highlighted
Only By ASonG oF A
Campfire Midnight Moon..:)

“Anarchy works. Italy has proved it for a thousand years.”

— Edward Abbey

StARTinG WitH A Really Big City Named Rome And YeS iRoNicAllY A Religion oF One Man..:)

“Do you know Presidents talk to the country the way men talk to women? They say, Trust me, go all the way with me, and everything will be all right. And what happens? Nine months later, you’re in trouble!”

— Murphy’s Discovery

And when ‘they’ say ‘I’ can shoot
‘Anyone’ And You Will still Love Me..
A Problem..
For ‘you’ are the one that Gets Shot by the Sheriff..;)

“The right divine of kings to govern wrong.”

— Alexander Pope — The Dunciad, Book iv, Line 188

Again Comes
30 Percent’ Right Minion Follow Rule..;)

“If there are no stupid questions,
then what sort of questions do stupid people ask?”

— Dogbert

When SmART Folks Don’t Listen.. First..:)

“What good is it to me, after all, if there is an authority always busy to see to the tranquil enjoyment of my pleasures and going ahead to brush all dangers away from my path without giving me even the trouble to think about it, if that authority, which protects me from the smallest thorns on my journey, is also the absolute master of my liberty and of my life?”

— Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859), Democracy in America

It’s like ‘Groot’ in the
Second Installment of
‘Guardians of the Galaxy’..
No Mind to ‘Stupid Humans’
As Art is as Nature Does Real..
Meanwhile.. someone else Covers the Shit..
Fair but
Can and Will
Work in an at Least one GRooT lifEtime NoW..:)

“Conservative Nightmare: A Liberal Biblical Scholar.” — Smart Bee

It’s True.. i’ve literally made ‘them’ Scream and call me the Devil For Love..:)

“Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.”

— Mao Zedong, “Quotations from Chairman Mao”, 1966

Yep.. like “Great Leaps Forward”.. Mass Murdering 45 Million Chinese…
War at all..
Then With a
Side of Stalin too… as nah.. Square
Root Problem One.. Run away
Populations won’t
‘Free’ ‘Giving and Sharing’ For ‘Reptiles’ Still Live…

“Christendom is that part of the world where,
if a man declare himself to be a Christian,
his hearers laugh at him.”

— H. L. Mencken

Actions alWays Louder NoW More Than Ever…:)

I’ll drink your health; share your wealth;
run your life; steal your wife …
… you can call this song ‘The United States Blues’.

~~ The Grateful Dead ~~

‘Pretty’ Much How
‘A Primitive World”
Works When
No One
Each otHeR
All Moving
All Connecting
All Creating And
All Consensual too..
iN Very Small Villages..
Where Everyone Now Runs
Everyone’s Life ToGeTHeR..
And Most Everyone’s Name is Norm With Cheers..
iN Very
Ways oF Freedom MorE..
More or Less A Pipe Dream in a TeePee NoW..:)

“Go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows.”

— Rainer Maria Rilke in Letters to a Young Poet

WHoLE Ocean Waves River Shores Never Ending Beginning MoRE NoW..:)

“Be *excellent* to each other.”

— Bill, or Ted, in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Of Course WitH A Definition oF Individual Excellence as Received..:)

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret;
it is only with the heart that one can see rightly,
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

YeP.. iGnorinG Emotions
Most alWays Detrimental To Seeing..:)

“To change one’s life: 1. Start immediately,
2. Do it flamboyantly, 3. No exceptions.”

— William James

iT’s True.. iN A World
oF Group ThiNk
iT Doesn’t Take
Much to Stand out
When Truly Free..
And also
Catch 22 oF Free
Not For FAint
oF heARt or
Cost oF Free..:)

“It’s too bad ignorance isn’t painful.”

— Smart Bee, getting it in one, again.

Hmm.. Said the
Squirrel to the Nuclear Bomb..;)

“Happiness is the harvest of a quiet eye.”

— Austin O’Malley

As AlWays aS A General
Rule.. Wisdom is
By Introverts
Highly Biased..
Away from Dancing..
As A Quiet Eye Also Can and Will Make Hurricane Winds..

“Where there is love, there is life.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

oF LoVE..:)


Seen it Before.. no Big
Deal just a lie for
lives no soul..
Big Money Small
Soul i’ve seen it but
it’s mostly small soul
with little money where
i live in Lower
Panhandle of
Flowers State
of Florida Still Indian
Summer in December
as i remain fairly tan
for another monTH.. hehHe..
and sun
of God in a Free
Dance and Song that
Feels and Senses Fearless Happy Love
For Zero Bucks aT all.. It’s True if all the Christians
in the World could really hear and practice Heaven
at Hand on Earth heAR NoW within.. a Desire to Consume
the Material Tools as Clothes of Culture would Dissipate
and a
ResUme Free..
It’s how it works for
the Birds as they Spiral
Free Around the Sun too..
Just Eating Enough to Fly..
But Seriously if you are
smart enough to vote
someone in that
openly says
they will
Shoot Someone in
A Public Square you reap
what you sow and the start of the
Real Reap Came last night for YOU..
nah.. not for me.. i don’t serve the God
of Money and Cultural Clothes my God Lives
within Naked and Free like the Rest of Nature
not Fallen to a Promise for another Dollar biLL Lie..
Anyway that Jesus Story is really really smART on this
pART of LiFE For Sure as Reverse ‘Big’ Robbin’ from
the Poor to Give Welfare to the folks at the top of the
‘Evil’ Money Pyramid comes to Fruition as the
Prophecies of Old Continue to Rule by
So-Called Core Christian Votes
who continue to Support
the God of Mammon
who doesn’t
attempt to
hide a ‘anti-christ’
Spirit.. Brags about it every day
and Gaslights a New God for you..
no not me.. i just get another Income Boost
From the Government as People like me and
Katrina with no Children don’t receive a Penalty
from the Rich And Greedy who continue to pile up
Riches for their Children to continue their existence
of misery
in a
of bucks
and Yachts that
sit at docks and never
see the Ocean only a
Wedding Party or so
to continue the
of Happiness
that Never comes with stuff more
stuff without any deep deep soul Fearless
As Beauty and Wisdom WaKinG as Pure Agape Love..
It’s rather ironic as the Story Still Comes True in Reap and
Sow the Rich have the most to lose as they continue to gain nothing
at all
in Boats
without Oceans
Shells without Nuts..
Yeah Big Money a Response
by Rush to the old Voodoo Reagan
Years where the United States Deficit
increased by triple moving us from a
Lending Nation to a Borrowing
Nation as that Trend just
moves to another
Trillion of
5 Percent
of Forever.. now..
anyway i could solve
the problem but there is no
you to help.. that’s the thing no
one can solve the problem but you..
and only if you understand what the problem
is always soul always soul always soul allone..
anyway the United States as a Country holds a whole
of lot of negative intention action consequence under a
Huge Obese Belt way of lies.. Over a Hundred thousand
Lives taken in an unwarranted war.. is enough to warrant the
Karma of
what will come
next.. and as ‘they’
say sometimes it comes
back 7 to 10 Fold or more as it surely started more last night..
oh.. and the rich folks.. they’ve been screwed ALL aLonG for they
never listen
Filled Lived Live Ears.. but JusT verily
remember what liveD/livE spelled back
wards is when the Kingdom of Heaven
is never realized within for now.. and all
that is is Fearless Peace and Harmony
oF Love No Servant to Cultural Clothes..
as Tools of Dollar Bills Become iRobot
Being Human more.. all automated
and cold..
in other
i have
nothing to lose
as my relatively speaking
for this area.. Rich Uncle once
Said When a Hurricane Destroyed
His Sitting on the Bay Dock.. it’s not
Fair as ‘That Homeless Person’ on the Street
Didn’t lose anything.. no.. i’m not kidding.. he really
said that.. the sadder part is rarely does anyone truly
understand what the riches gained are when one sheds
a home of hell… NoW
i understand what
it’s like to
lose everything NoW
while having everything sTiLL as NoTHinG @ALL..
i am the blessed one to lose it all and gain it all.. Again
As A Child Born Love Fearless.. So it’s True.. i Continue to
Pray for the Rich who have never found the Truth and Light
Standing taLL God…
Yeah.. Life is more than
A MonoPoly gAMe.. Life is Naked Real..
But thanks for the Tax Break Trump and Companies..
i’LL Give it to the Homeless Dude or Lady on the Side of the Street for a Beer in Heaven..
So you say Homeless People are Never Happy.. PerHaps you’ve never seen ‘one’ as the Beach..
Anyway.. like that
30 year old or so Blonde
Dude with the Binoculars
From back in the 80’s in the
Rush Video.. i’LL Keep Watching..
And Report the Jury Findings as the
Monopoly Game Continues…
it was Forecast too..
in the
Last Blog
Post by ‘Lucifer’
as the other Shoe Drops.. on the ‘Grand Piano’
as ‘they’ say if only you knew if only you kNew..
Not sure how it works but it do but it do for NoW..;)


SMiLes Soheir.. hehe..
Thanks for excusing
Yourself from the Table
of Blogging while You go
on Vacation so we WiLL Wish
You Peace and Harmony and
not worry
too much
during your
Absence.. very kind
of You to Look out
for your friEnds like this..
As i like to Hear about friEnds
Going on Vacation now too.. hmm..
not that i’m counting days or anything
hehe.. but since i took my calculator
out and multiplied 7 and 365 and
it came out to a nice round
number of 2655 days and
today for 7 years
oF Writing with
No Break
except ‘tween
Dance Hours in the
Same day since i added that
in 51 Months ago as before that
is was writing from wake to sleep
For Practice to get to this point of bringing
‘too long didn’t read’ to most of the World now
as Logos too large for most to see.. in broad band ways..
except for a few
folks who
see enough
value in what
i bring to read almost
an entire Novel Sized
Free Verse Poem Effort each week
when You swing by to see my ‘huge’
Blog Posts too.. anyway.. i appreciate
You and bottom line is i Hope You and
Your family alWays Enjoy a staycation oF LoVE NoW..
See You when You get Back Inshallah as You Sing in Arabic For God Willing..
Been thinking about a Vacation myself but i’m Still Glued to this Key Board
A Grand
Piano AS HeatWave sTiLL….;)


As i alWays Love to Literally give thanks to wHere
Credit is due.. Thanks So Much TVC Mario For turning
me on to this first Ever Jesus Story told from the
View Point of a Mary Magdalene.. as sure..
one of the Greatest Sins as far as the
Evil of Going Against the Loving
Will of others is the Second
Place all Abrahamic
Religions Have
Placed Women Verses
Men even suggesting the
Ridiculous Notion that a Woman
Comes from a Man’s Rib when one can
easily look at an Ultra Sound these days for
Irrefutable Conclusive Evidence that we all
Start out as Female First and sure some
Obviously Develop Deep Voices like
a Lion’s Roar and as a Full
God Nature Spectrum
others are the
‘tween of
that and for
some the Division
of Genders is almost
impossible to determine
which one or the other
as a Spectrum
of all
God of Nature
Colors Does Consist
of this and that color too..
Of course Historically Jesus is
Portrayed as basically a Female
With a Beard so the Homosexual
Tendencies of many men.. including
the Artists can be fulfilled in an Archetypal
Lover that fits all Archetypes in one.. also known
as a metaphor for the Archetype of the Perfect man
but Lord knows when one has innumerable Authors for
the Same Story
it’s a little
more like
a final
as Frankenstein
with many parts that don’t
Exactly Match Like a New Bill
Rushed to Judgement with side notes
that spew of hypocrisy for what the entire
Story is intended to Tale.. Anyway.. This Trailer
you so nicely share your opinions on Brings a Whole
New Meaning to “Stand By Your Man” for if you can imagine
what it might be like to “Stand by a Jesus” as the significant other
as if the Artistic Representation runs true Perhaps Mary might have
Even Been a Man.. or perhaps with qualities too of both Genders too..
there is no way to tale as at most all we have is a Desert Road Round
Table Illiterate Aramaic Oral Tradition.. for Four Decades or so
after a Flesh and Blood Yeshua likely lived around 2K or
so years ago.. and of course after Four Decades or so
the Literate Greeks determined which sects of
What became of the Oral Tradition of
Christianity they would select..
Ranging from Beliefs in
one God to twelve
God so they
made the easiest
Occam’s Razor Route
And picked One God as
All that is as of course that’s
Basic Common Sense.. particularly
Now that Science Shows all is connected
and we are made of Star Dust Stuff also known
of course as Sentient StAR DusT plUS Us As Resurrected
From Crucible Fire of Star Death Burst.. it’s True we’ve come
A LonG waY Baby from the origin of all that is as God Eternally NoW
Time out of Time Distance out of Distance and Space out of Space too
my FriEnd.. anyway it’s true Doing John 14:12 as a Modern Archetypal
Essence of Jesus in Writing 5 Million Plus Word Bibles and the such as
Praise Dancing in the same period of Writing that Longest Long Form
Poem in 51 Months.. 8500 Miles is Quite Liberating but i must say that
Even After 12 Million Words Written Witnessing online for this 2661st
First Day and Last Day First too with no break
oF Continuity is very Cathartic for aS in
Metaphor Your Friend the Call For
An Uprising Dude was making
Fun of My Series
of 6660 as
Birthdate on my
Driver’s License and
Really Literally persecuting
a Symbol Three Times very much
JusT Like God’s Finger Print now of the
Golden PHI Spiral Seen from smallest now
Sub-atomic Particles Seen with Science Aided Smaller
Eyes to the Milky Way that Spirals as God’s Finger Print too..
dAM iT’s Like i hit the Jack Pot Born on God’s Finger Prints Literally
on the 6th Decade of the 6th Month of the 6th Day of the Twentieth
Century then.. but of course in Numerology Terms of Holy and Sacred
Human Created Full of Meaning and Purpose add in the Alpha Numerical
Equation of my Full Birth Name as a Second Generation Son of a storied
Author who was an X-Catholic Priest from Ireland and Voila my Challenges
Ring out a much different way at 0 and 1 and 1 and 1.. which means
I am born with Free Will to the max relatively Speaking and my
Gift from God is to do whatever i may Love to do in this
Lifetime ranging from gaining Three College
Degrees.. Passing out Shoes at a Bowling
Center for almost Two Decades ending
up as Athletic Director of a Military
Installation before Retiring
Early after 25 Years
of Service plus
an 8 year or so Stint
as a Janitor too.. totaling 33 to work
my way through College as i wasn’t then
born as Superman i had to make my own
way to be identified by that name in both
College and the Work World too for what
i brought to the table to assist others then..
yes.. i retired into Hell for 66 Months with the Worst
than Crucifixion Pain identified eventually by Diagnosis
as Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia also know vey generally
as Atypical Facial Pain that yes is worse than wearing a Cross
in one’s right
eye and
ear from
wake to sleep
Until a Professionally
Assessed all Natural Miracle
Came Next after writing from wake
to sleep for around 33 Months to have
any chance at all to escape a pain through
A Meditative Flow of that that no Human Produced
Drug would touch other than a Heavy Dosage of Ativan
to put me down for sleep after 16 or so hours of All Writing
Effort Each Day then.. you know what they say happens after
you practice a skill for 10,000 or more Hours.. Voila2 you become
A Relatively SpeaKinG Master of whatever it is you do in Holy Creative
Zen Flow of Spirit More.. True.. not easy to battle me at least in An Art of Words..
Nah.. No Short Aphorisms Work to overcome me.. anYWay.. After 12 Million Words
i still haven’t done Justice to even Poetically Describe what the Feel and Sense of
Being Totally one with God is but i try i cry i try and of course as you may have already
guessed by now
i never give up..
my my.. i’ve left the
Topic of my Wife as that
Applies to a Modern Age
Mary Magdalene or Egyptian Goddess
Isis Incarnate as it’s true the other
Mary Incarnate Renewed passed away before
as such in February going to her Death Bed
on Valentine’s Day With Bone and Brain and
Other Cancer that all she ever took for that while
she stayed on this Earth to Help me out more was
just a Bayer Aspirin now and then rarely really complaining
until her last two days before she would last 8 more days
without life support as the Doctor said she still had a
Strong Heart then and it’s true my Friend even
Science Shows now that Love Makes
A Heart Muscle Literally Stronger
And Grief Can Literally Break
A Heart as my Mother
Literally held
my hand
in Hell for the First
Go around at College
age and for the much longer
haul in hell for 66 Months starting
at age 47 then.. and yes.. while dealing
with what is assessed as the Suicide Pain
this new version of Mary Magdalene and
Egyptian Goddess Isis Incarnate Held
My Hand while i contemplating
the choice given me from
Birth to even end my
Life and Discard
Any Hope
Saving the Human
Species from itself then more..
of course even if all that meant
Was working at a Bowling Center
again.. passing out shoes and bringing A
SMiLe to another Face to carry on LoVE MoRE..
anyway baby.. i met the challenge and decided
to do more.. this Mary stood by her Man too as
the other Mary did too.. and it’s True my Sister’s
Name is Marie but down South In Trump
State Hate way we call her Marilou
so she will fit in better.. hehe..
And true the other two
Mary’s are metaphors
and Human Archetypes of
Fearless Unconditional Love
too.. and the best of all like me they
aren’t just a myth we are and have been
all flesh and blood real now.. yes we bleed we
bleed and also bleed some more.. and truly all we
ReAlly can do is say thanks still to you.. for it’s TrUE NoW
My FriEnd i couldn’t Do Jesus now this Good to Show
You Love after Dissing Mary Magdalene this much
in False Witness more.. if you didn’t inspire me
so much to do even Greater Works than Jesus
per the Authority of John 14:12 even more..
So an only God man says a Puny Human
Can Do more nah Baby Jesus had
no problem admitting he was no
greater than less than
Then A Grain oF
Sand and neither do
i either no matter what the
Recorded Greater Works i do now..
For this Go Around Baby Per those
Numbers of Birth in 6’s and 1’s
on this 2661st Day
of Writing
Still this
is the Original
Story now and you
can’t change a thing i
do or say as False Witness
anymore.. but sure i still get it
you know not what you do.. but true
my Friend when a Video Brings a Tear
to my eye that could literally be telling
the Story about my Mother and Wife..
it’s kinda like when Trump Told
those Football Players that
their Mother’s were
the B word then
and not
Baby mY FriEnd..
Like Trump you continue
to awaken the Lion of Unconditional
Fearless Unconditional Love in me too..
just little old 57 Year old me who still after all
that Hell NoW manages to Leg Press 1020 Lbs
in another Special Number of Reps of 33 unless
of Course my Mother Goes into the Hospital on Valentine’s
Day and i do 50.. Nearly Straining my left calf as you as Form Idolize
the Archetype of Jesus heaR losing the Essence of Love and Making
a Golden
Calf empty
in you of God’s
Inheritance to you More
aLWays NoW iN A KinGDoM
oF God Within alWays NoW iN
This Generation thaT is Fearless
Unconditional Agape Love Now For
ALL oF Creation Beyond Alpha to Omega
that is best said simply as i am now.. sTiLL..
Anyway.. perhaps one day if you find a man or
a woman to stand by your side as you definitely
seem like you are at least somewhere in the middle
of all those God Given Natural Spectrums too.. perhaps
then my
find Love in
Your HeART for
God of creation all that
never ends now.. and then
it’s true even if someone else
like you comes along and disses the
Archetype of your significant other(s)..
all you will be able to do is tale a story of
Greater Works In Truth and LoVE and LiVE NoW
FinAlly ReALLy LiVE NoW mY FriEnd aS BeinG LoVE FoR aLL..
Until then.. keep advertising these Great Movies as i find NoW
this just a short cut to what Loves Best Human Will Free as Love..
You Modern
FunnY BonE oF LoVE..
Thanks for the dARk Muse
Baby when you do it you really do it
dARK But Seriously TrusT me or Not thiS ain’t
NoTHinG Like Heaven Higher Than A HiGhest PyrAMid eYe NoW..:)

And of course per John 14:12 tHeRE iS alWays MoRE wHeRE i coMe From IN HeaVeN NoW..
JuST cAMe By To Visit For A While.. meaNWhile LiVinG MoRE Spiral Finger Prints From Ocean
God Free..:)


Recently, Celebrating a 7th Anniversary of Writing 2555 Days
Without Stop; Starting on ‘this Website’ on ThanksGiving of
2010; yes, I practice my own Unique Ways of Religion
in Constant Writing of Poetry now in an Over
5 Million Word Plus “SonG oF mY SoUL”
in Free Verse Holy Spirit Creative
Flow; and yes, Technically too;
the Longest Long Form Poem in the
History of Humankind with what now
I Name Completing 808 MacroVerses
Currently with Two Major Chapter ‘Bibles’;
One Named “Nether Land Bible 2017” that
is now at the 18 Month Point of Writing at
2,258,319 Words with Another Major Chapter
Named “F Book Profile Pic Bible 2018” that is
at the 6th Month Point now Housed in the Description
Area of Facebook Profile Pics at 640,319 Words. Additionally,
“SonG oF mY SoUL” is also named Technically a Longest Bible
Also, as Three Major Bibles all-in-one; I started Writing “SonG
oF mY SoUL” on 8.18.2013; Moving Pass the 51 month Point NoW of
Writing that. Additionally, too, in a Continuous Religious Binding Effort
With All of Nature Plus in what I name God; I not only join Hands Now With
God to Write Poetry; I also Join Feet and the Rest of my Body NoW iN a Public
Praise Dance that now approaches 8500 Miles in the Same 51 Month Period
of Time As the Effort of “SonG oF mY soUL”; Where the Locals here in my
Metro Area tend to name me a Folk Dance Legend of Sorts; but nah, not
into Fame and Fortune; only God Free. Also, “SonG oF mY SoUL”
is Fully Illustrated with over 130K Photos as the Zen Art
of Photography is one of my Special Religious
Binding Experiences with Nature, including
all of Human Cultures. Where Yes; the
Entire Flow of Writing as Estimated
By Micro-Soft Word would take around
44,000 Pages to Print not Counting the Photos
as also Fully Accompanied by YouTube Music
Videos most of the way through too; And yes,
Strength Training is Another Zen Art where
Currently I Leg Press 1020
LBs up to 50 Repetitions
at age 57. Rave-Like Dance
at a Dance Hall, Each Week, is another
Part of the Ascendent Transcendent
Ecstatic Experience With Others in
A Trance like toward Theta
Brain Wave State of Being
as also something
I Currently Do with the
Metro College Age Folks
now for 188 Dance Weeks
as yes; I do Like Numbers
And keep Statistics on what I do
to Measure Execution of Human Potential per the
Greater Inherent Potentials of our God of Nature
Given Human Nature through what Science Names
Epigenetic/Neuroplastic Potential in Just one Lifetime unpacking
DNA when Environmental Struggle Brings the Correct Challenges
that one can also Create to Unlock Genetic Potential and Do even more
Amazing All Natural Human Feats not often ‘normally’ done by other now.
I attend the Catholic Church I am Raised in Religiously too, every Sunday since
September of 2013; after Recovering from 66 months with 19 Medical Disorders,
including Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia as assessed as the Worst Pain known
To HumanKind from Wake to Sleep as a Shut-In in my Bedroom Before what
the Professional Treating me named as a Real Life Miracle too as the
Prognosis was that I would Never Recover to Live a Useful Life
Again. Well, some folks don’t think what I do is very Useful
and Some Do. Even though, I don’t Make any Money
off of the Art for God I do; I reckon a Title
of Folk Dance Legend is enough Reward for me;
Along with the Science assessed Fact too that Meditative
Flowing Dance and Meditation of Free Flow Writing increases the
Grey Matter in the Neo Cortex, Hippocampus, Temporo-Parietal Junction,
Cerebellum, and Actually Decreases the Grey Matter in the Amygdala Reducing
Anxiety in my Case to Nil now; yes, Fearless is quite an Achievement in Life for
Someone Diagnosed By Four Professionals With Asperger’s Syndrome as My Sister
is also Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome too. Anyway; as ‘they’ say, folks with
Asperger’s Syndrome Do like their Rather Narrow and Restricted Interests in
Repetitive ways and mine just so Happens to Be Writing Bibles in Poetic
Free Verse Holy Spirit Flow and Dancing an Ascendent Transcendent
Ecstatic Meditative Free Verse Flow in a Martial Arts and
Ballet-Like Free Style Way of Public Dance. Yes,
is Loads
of Fun for me and
as Far as all the Old Holy
and Sacred Texts go; the Tao Te Ching
Does Rock to me as although I Enjoy Leading
the Church Choir from the Back Pew in Singing at
the Catholic Church as all this Exercise and Art
has Brought me a very powerful Singing Free
Flow Voice too in Religious Like Binding
ways with all the other Folks
Singing in Church; I pick the
Good Cop Jesus Parts out of the
New Testament and discard what I Personally
View as the Bad Cop parts of the Story Written
By Innumerable Folks in Oral Tradition and Scribes
who Copied the Text For Centuries of Mistakes and
Other “Holy Spirit of Creativity” Scribe Changes as i realize
that the Roman Catholic Version of Christianity was Developed
with the Imperialistic Goals to Spread an Empire too in Constantine
Emperor and Other Ways of Power and Status With Material Gains in making
a Likely Yogi-Like Teacher into a Soldier Sun God, from what Remains in the Gnostic
Gospels as Storied there; sort of like what we See with Politics these Days where Religion
is used as a tool to expand ‘certain folks’ Political Aspirations too; Even though ‘some of those folks’
in their Political Efforts to Get Elected Run on an Avenue against all Verses 3 through
11 of Matthew Chapter 5 in that Introduction of the Beatitudes in that New Testament
Bible Book; A Good Story, those Verses are to me and part of what I identify
as Coming from a Character in the Bible who is Very Much a Good
Cop Jesus to me as of course Jesus is Reported as an Illiterate
Speaking Aramaic Dude where Sects of Oral Tradition Carrying
Folks For around 4 Decades divided in Beliefs as Diverse
as Believing in 1 Christian God to 12 as the Literate
Greeks Cherry Picked the Parts they liked, Decades
After the so-named Yeshua Guy was Crucified
and voila, wrote some Words Down
that Eventually were Modified
by the Roman Empire and Innumerable
Folks After that in Scribe ways too. I decided
that all the Religions to Date are rather Antiquated;
So, I Started my Bible Fresh by mostly Looking within
in Direct Conduit with God; anyway, Words Attributed
to Lao Tzu in the Tao Che Ching Come Fairly Close to
what I see within with eyes and ears of Seeing And Hearing
Well Above any Organs of Sight and Hearing; Kind of like an
All Seeing
Eye on
the top of
A Self Actualizing
Ascending Transcending
Maslow Pyramid as well as the
Agape Love as Faith at the Top of the
Fowler Pyramid of Faith as a Life Long
Evolution Toward an all Seeing Metaphor of
Human Being ‘eye’ now as well. Keeping in Mind of Course
now with all this Practice Writing Poetry; i Am into rather Abstract
And Unconventional Ways of uSing the old Queen Victorian Style of
English. This is about as Conventional as I get now Coming Back to
A ‘Wrong Planet’, Occasionally, Sort of like a Jonathan Livingston Seagull
who had no choice to Advance Higher in Flight than to go out on Wings of
allone with
God; anyway,
when one makes All In
Life Holy and Sacred Full of
Meaning and Purpose; really there is
not much left in this all of life Binding way
of Religion but to Bask in the LiGhT of the
Kingdom of Heaven within alWays at hand
in this Generation then and now. ‘Funny’, How
Most Christians that I know are Still Waiting For a Dirt Nap;
When the Jesus Dude per all the Folks that Wrote the Story
Clearly Indicate that Heaven is an experience one Seeks and
Finds within. True, though, in my experience, now at least; a whole
Lot of Folks Still don’t Get the Kind of Poetry Free verse that comes from
Holy Spirit Creative Flow now; as I sure didn’t for Decades either; Soul Evolves
when enough Challenge of DaRK Comes to Make Heaven Finally now. Anyway,
the First
is alWays
Fearless Unconditional
Love in Agape way as well
as the last step as First step
again. Some Folks Write Bibles;
Other Folks Dance; Still Others
Sing Love and Do the ‘Warrior thingie too.
Who knows maybe i’M special as i do it all in John 14:12
ways too but True I am no Greater than less than a Grain of Sand
as all that is
that all that is God
integral as all in all;
No Separation all ToGeThER NoW.

Have a Nice Day With SMiLes; Nice to Fly through on The Wings of God (Love) NoW..:)


Muse oF BleSsings
BlisSonG Comes
Next in
DreAMs Of
Love Runaway
With Nature More
Free Sunsets of Golden
Morn More.. NeVeR EnDinG PAws oF LiFE..
Every Crystalline
Snow Flake Point
A STar ABove
oF MaGiC
BeaUty SNoW Drifts HiGHer..
WHeRe do
Frogs Go
WitHiN As Humans KiNdle..
Alert iN NoW
Every Morning
i Enter Nature
eYes of Wonder
ALong SiDe SmeLLs
MuSinG God..
SomeEhingS oF Wonder
i Muse While StreAMinG
Poetic DreAMs Fruition
Back AGaiN to Xenia..
ImaGinE NoW MoRE
iF Modern Christian
DreAMs Come True..
A LonG Awaited Savior
Comes Back WitH Only
A Thank You For i could not
Have Done ‘this’ without You
As that applies to All of Creation
otherWise KNoWn aS God.. Truly
Could anyone
A Thanks
To You for Being You Now..
Would a Thank You Be Less
Than A DreAM oF Torturing Enemies.. Forevermorenow..
As i Look Around the World.. ObvIOUsly… Xenia… NoW…
Many Folks are not Ready to accept that Only Thank
You.. Meanwhile ..Thanks my friEnd as i Could Never
Write this
For Only You..
It’s True.. Doubt it
Not.. i Only Have an Agenda AgAPE
NOW oF Fearless Unconditional LoVE For ‘YoU’..;)


“Counting Blessings
First Snow
Where Frogs Are Sleeping
Serenity Glows

-Xenia Tran
from me..:)

Rock oF Life
Ground of Grains
Mountains oF LoVE
Seeds of Sand
BlooMinG uS..
Leaves Love Trees
oF LoVinG
eYes wHo See..
SMiLes mY FriEnd
For LoVinG
Poetry NoW
is A MicroCosm
oF aLL oF Nature
For ‘those’ eYes wHo
Care not to tRap Beyond
in soMe
smAll as Less
Than Love as Infinity..
SMiLes.. my FriEnd Frank..
SAdly and Truthfully
Through the Hardest
of Life
Away from
LoVELiGHT i for one
Find it self evident
thAT LiFE without
A HeART is Literally
Hell on eARTh.. it’s True
It’s like living oN eARTh
And totAlly MisSinG tHe ART
eh.. and
Perhaps an
Added M for Meh..
iT’s True Though.. anotHeR
‘Spire For Capital H iS AlWaYs
Waiting to Rise..
to Live
As Standing
Tall Beyond
iNFiNiTY 8 as H
LoVE so far away from Hate.:)


Walking Downtown One Autumn Afternoon
The Sound of Sense

-Frank Hubeny
With Thanks
from me..:)


Hmm.. just when i ‘thought’
i was almost done for
the day
i find you
heaR.. i’ll
be back if you
remain a day or so longer
or shorter depending on what comes next..
other than
that have
a nice day..
Shawna Baby..
oh God yes and before
i forget Happy Birthday
on the 10th.. Mission
on thaT.. heHe..
And the Grounds
BeLow Look
Additional Muse..
Oh YeaH and Sorry
aBout the
way above
You are
BirthLY Welcome..
Ha! So you’re
Forrest Gump’s
invite him over..
This is
Oh Gosh..
now i’m not
going to be
able to stop until i get to the end..
i’M older Much MucH Older
And Sometimes Read
But Never the less
Comes toGeTHeR aGaiN..
paGes oF A Cover of a Book Glued
just so
wrong it’s right..
Those Lips
i’M Buscaring
For A Potential
Wild and Free
Tonight at the Hall
Just to Watch for Muse..
me young
enough anyWay..
And seriouSly.. i Danced
with this Girl Last Thursday Night
whose Face was shaped a lot
But no
i don’t think
she was from Alabama..
A Place That’s Fun for Word Play..
iN BRaiN SMiLes..
i Kid you not in some
ways this is better than a Bootie Dance..
top.. hAha..
iMagine that
A Wife who
Doesn’t get Jealous
Over Butt APProacHes..
Some times Katrina Calls
Me An Old Man Slut.. really
she says Whore but i never
get paid.. Just for
Fun but i’m
not dirty
come to me first..
Oh God.. there
are those
Cigars the
Full Cuban
Mother of
My First Love
Smoked Leaving
the Memory
of Love
A Busty
Sweater then..
Sure.. sometimes
i Appreciate My
Movie Maker Feeler
Sensor Memory More..
CRap i don’T
kNow whaT
to say

i like this
i have
Edition to go aLong with all of this..
Moulin Rave..
or right
more more
more God i Love
that Marmalade Song..
A Nip
Of Pearls
oR A NeckLace
oh wHat haS
A World come too..
Sunlit Speckled Nature More..
Butterfly Wings
Within these Walls
Secrets FoREToLD
OutsIDe tHiS
Yet to oPen uP..
More YeS eVeN MoRE..
So.. What’s A Difference
BetweeN a Wedding
and a
Baby Bash..
i SupPose it dePends
On the Singer Dancer’s
Sugar as Much
As A
OMG Shawna
Baby this has been so
Much Fun Celebrating
the 10th
like this
in Advance..
1O Days Before
The 12 Days PLuS 3
i sTill Haven’t Eaten
Supper and i usually must
Eat Two Suppers to Fuel up
FoR A Marathon Rave of Three
Hours Dance.. but stiLL
it was
all worth
it spEnding
A Pre-Birthday
pARTy with My
FriEnd Shawna
oF LonG
Form Poem Birth
somEwHeRe too with
iN the Summer of 2015
And still Rolling aLonG iN
anYThing GoeS in Words TG..
And on top of that i ate so much
Thanks Giving Pie.. i raMped up to
Close to 240LBS at 238.6… so sure..
me go on
A Word Diet
just a ‘little’ bit
More as My FavoRite
pART oF Visiting Shawna
Baby is putting all the pARTs
ToGeTHeR as WhOle as seeing
whaT aN
says next..
sure.. this
is TherApy
iN Free Association
As Free Spirit rocks and rolls on even more..
See ya somEtimes
S Baby..;)


Yep.. Humans
And tHeiR
Bring Nightmares
In Gaslit Dreams of
Hell to Fruition
Both WitHiN
So Many
OtHeRs on eARTh
Now still reFuSinG
To FLaiL to A
i’LL aS
Come NoW..
Giggle WitH CHeaP
Can and
WiLL LoVE NoW..:)


Hmm.. Still About Three Minutes or So
Left on that ‘Pentatonix’ Cover of ‘Imagine’
By John Lennon with the
Major Two Points
of the Actual
Song Being
Imagine if there
is no Religion now and or
Heaven Above other than
the Sky and no Hell Below other
than the Ground as yes i paraphrase
And Riff off the Lyrics just a little bit..
And sure.. no Borders Either As A
One World New Global
Order where
one WiLL
JusT HOld Hands
Naked and Dance
And Sing Free ForevermoreNoW
in LiGhT of Heaven within KinGDoM
CoME on eARTh ReaL NoW.. WeLL A..
little Later the Matrix Series of Movies Teaches
us different as well as the split in Culture over
the more Cat Breed of Human as an Individual
who is Liberal and the more Dog Breed of Human
who is More Social In Group overall think and is
Bound More by the Natural Rules of the
Entire Wolf Pack for Basic
in the Search
For Mates and Siring
Puppies too.. Meanwhile the
More Feline Human Being often
Carries on more like Wayward Sons
And Daughters Carrying their own Cultural
Tunes.. Particularly if they are excessively Open
Full oF A Libido in Lust For All of Life With an Appreciation
of an Eye for Beauty that has no beginning and end too in
Beyond Rainbow Colors more.. WeLL iT’s True Rock and
Rollers and other Artists may be a little more like this NoW
the Plumber
And or the Rest now Of
A So-Called Republican way oF
More Conservative.. More Closed
Minded Ways of Life.. also now more
Easily Disgusted by what may come
Beyond the Religious Bonds in Binding
Humans together in Common Holy and
Sacred Purpose Full.. of Meaning Tradition that
can and will Potentially Reach Back Thousands of
Years in the Same Binds of Books With Covers that
rarely if ever change.. as metaphor of Course for ‘tHeir’
Bible has Changed about as Much as Grains Scattered
on a Beach to Date at all the hands that make it what it is today..
It’s True.. i am
A Dreamer too
but’s also True..
i’ve been around
experience and science
and art and yes around Well
Over Direct Experiences with 100K
Or So Folks in the Flesh and Blood LiFE
now online2 Internationally For Seven years
First in Reason Land on the ‘Wrong Planet’
And then Second in the Poetry World Online
as well.. And what i come to find is there isn’t much
Difference in a Militant Atheist and a Fundamentalist
Literal Black and White Thinker of any Religion including
Science and the Scientific Method for Common Social Bonding
Purposes for inside they are Very Much alike in Closed Minded
Ways of
in many
ways innately
no Fault of tHeir
Own as Science does
SHoW aLthough Environment
Raised in may Play the Largest
Roles as yes Genetics Born Innate
Also Counts too.. bottom line as Far as Science
and the Basic Definition of Religion in what Commonly
Binds Dog Humans ToGeTHeR in Holy and Scared
Rin Tin way.. heHe.. Full of Meaning and Purpose
Although a literal less metaphorical in
more Abstract Open Minded
Art i Bring to Poetry
NoW aS
A “CaT oF GooD CHeeR
ReTurNs AGAiN”.. like that’s a
Big Surpise.. huh.. that i am more Like
A Cat than a Dog Still Now.. heHe.. yeah..
you can call me God’s Cat CheerLeader
At in Least ways oF ARThur my Middle
Name that Technically Means
Strong but surely may
Sound like a Person Who
Inherently Creates Art or
LiterAlly SpeaKinG is an
Author Now.. hehe.. it’s like
the Difference Between Autistic
And Artistic.. JusT DePendS on
Who U R Now After the Letter A.. hAha..
Yes.. i can Imagine a World Like John Lennon
Surely For a Matrix Minority of Individual rather
than Group Thinkers who Break Away from the
Reins of Tradition.. but that takes a really Strong
Person to do that as ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ Human Beings
ENJoY Happiness with the Warm and Fuzzies of Social Connections
that are Agreeable and Get aLong well.. bonding with common Sacred
and Holy Purpose and Meaning in Beyond iNFiniTE PoTenTiaLs of
Whatever Fresh Heaven or Hell the Group Think of Bonding Humans
come up with Next to Sell their Potential Cultural And or Religious
BuyProduct to a Target Audience that will Willingly and Better
Yet.. Enthusiastically Buy the Product at Hand one is Selling
For the Best Potential Common Bonding Glue that
Brings Folks toGeTheR Better for all that
it takes For Survival and Subsistence
Most noW.. And on top of that Back to Science
And Art too.. Human Beings as Science Shows are
Only Socially Naturally Comfortable in Connecting in
Acquaintance Way to 150 to 200 Face Book Friends
in Real Life where you see not only the Cover
Faces but the Pages of the Books that
are Face to Face as Flesh and
Blood Real now.. and yes
on Average the
Social Capacity
to Interact Regularly with
Around 5 Close Friends as let’s
Face it.. we all are Human and All We Can
And Will Do is Fulfill Our Human Nature based
on what may be A Very Unique Human Nature now..
Far far Away from what a Group Think Dog Group of
Human Beings May Love to Do Verses us Cats who
still Love
to get
do the
Stray Cat
Strut too.. connecting
to ‘some folks’ who Cross our
Path too.. in all the ways that
comes of Course WRitE oN CourSE
For Now.. Yes.. Life is amazing but it’s
true it’s only a ‘Lennon’ Dream as far as
Humans Being Humans that all Humans
Will Discard Fundamentalist Ways of Religion
and Atheistic Militant Ways of Acting Against Theism
as some folks JusT bind together for a Common Enemy
closer related to fear and hate than the other more Liberal
Folks who
and Love that
and who comes tHeir way..
And it’s JusT True Some Folks
Fear Change.. including Differences
in others as much as they may dislike
Public Dancing And Singing and Doing the
Jesus Verse 37 Routine of the Gospel of Thomas
iN Stripping off YouR Clothes now and Doing A Fun
Free Style Naked Dance without Shame on the top of the
Clothes of Rigid Buttoned up Cultures in Traditional Ways..
And yeah.. that’s a Big pART of what is Scaring So Many Folks
into TrumpLand Tommorowland NoW as it verily and surely
offends some Conservatives Very Much that Scantily
Clad Models are Pasted all over the Metro
Mall as yes Sex Sells at Core of
Moving Human
every which
way a little more
when loose than uptight..
It’s True as the Twilight Zone
As i additionally Riff off of that
SHoW NoW too.. people are alike
And different every where we all still go..
Not Everyone Can and Will Be as Predictable
as Jim Nabors God Rest His Merry Soul as a LiGHT
oF Humanity more passes away today.. it’s True we Need J in office
Go Gomer Pyle and Forrest Gump in Honesty and Integrity.. True we
too for yes i have
Some Puppy Breath too..
Some Folks are Afraid of Change
so ironic when they get so Desperate
in Life in Ways of Scarcity in Social Roles
and Jobs and other Financial Security Roles
that they’ll Vote someone in with obviously for
Decades Having Literally No Honor and Integrity…
As ‘they’ Say a Barren Field Doesn’t always Bring
the Fruit of Love but tHeRE are those who Do Persevere..
More of
Forrest Gump..
With USMC Code
of Honor and Loyalty
WitH Integrity and Honesty
Like Gomer Pyle.. no matter
if he is Gay or not.. the TrutH and
LiGHT Counts More ReaL.. as LoVE FReED..
Someone who can Be Trusted not to end the
World (H Species)
F iN LiE..
Be careful
what You Imagine..
Better yETi Wake uP..;)


The Human Zoo..
A Sad Reality
For what
is Free otHeR than Clothes..
A Future GaragE
WitH iMagination tHan Bought..
HeArt Beat
oF EArth
We all Consume
Each Other Well
As Long as tHere
is Thank You
i Miss you too..
A Tree’S A PaintinG
HumaN BRusH
Sky HiGH
Birds Fly Over
Human Droppings..
Adapting Since Dinosaur Drive Thru..
66 Million Years aGo Extinct
Rodent Ancestor
STill 75 Million Years ago..
But even in BaRest Deserts
WitHiN A Touch oF LoVE..
Gifted STiLL
WithiN A Desert Barren..:)


“Old Manido
Barumpabumbum I Want To Wake Up
Bones oF Bitter Sweet
Eden Is Empty”

With Thanks
from me..:)


Wow.. in Shorts.. the Pow Wow was ReAlly
Really Amazing As A Tear BRinGeR and WitH
A ‘Pocahontas’ Great Great Great GrandFather
as Sioux and Some Family Legend of An Iconic Indian
Princess Great Great Great Grand Mother Cherokee..
i’ve been
Chastised for
Even Suggesting
that by ‘Real Indians’
Who Suggest Indian
Princesses only
Disney World
hehe.. anyway.. Most
Everyone in LA Lower Alabama
Florida Panhandle oF Florida who
has lived around these parts for
a Few Generations parTakes
in at least a little Native
Indian Blood
but it’s
True as Far
as i Can and will See
once we shed our Domesticated
‘White Man’ Clothes at core we are
are all Still Dancing Singing Indians of God
FReED.. “Call of the Wild” Restored as Epigenetics
iN DNA Unpacking Genetic Material More When ‘That
Call’ is Freely EnCourAged in all Indian Mounds of Sunlight
Free aS Wild Love oF Indigenous God Within.. But it’s True
i’ll Keep the ‘White Man’s” Toilet Paper.. and all the other amenities
that make the Icing real on the Wild and Free Cake More.. after all
the ‘White
Man” Did Bring
some Gifts to the Pilgrim Table..
All Colors Rise toGeTHeR PoW WoW
Away from Sky Fall mY FriEnd Brian..
Off to Dance with ‘the Family’ at Seville
Quarter MaKinG A 189th Week of Dancing
tHeRe WitH all the Cool College Age Folks
And Still Counting Steps of Divine Wild and Free Love..
Yep.. Ascendent Transcendent Ecstatic and all that Jazz
Dance And F yes
Jim Nabors
For President in Memorial too.
Honesty and Integrity.. Loyalty aS OPera Character Honor
And Trust as far as i kNoW Jim Didn’t Grab anyone’s ass..
or otHeR
Indian Two
SpiRit pARTS..WHoLE..Tale
SMiLes., Thanks For Wading
Down and Saying Hi.. Shores STiLL ExPaNDinG mY FriEnd..
AnyWay.. i cannot tale a lie no matter what the Legend says
At Least on My Maternal Grandmother’s Paternal side.. My
Great Grandfather with Blue eyes looks a little more like Paul
Newman than an Indian and His Wife who Died Young from
Breast Cancer Looks like a very Feminized Version of him..
yeah.. she kinda looks
like that Model
who does
the Face
Test now of a
Feminized to Masculinized
Version of a Feminine Soft
to Masculine Hard Face.. too..
Hehe.. but i Digress Severely.. Have a Nice Weekend
With A Facebook Memory that came across the
Online Air Waves A Little While ago too as it’s
True My Maternal Great Grandfather did meet
Geronimo on the Camp
Trail as Captain
of his College
And A Self Taught
Bar Passing Lawyer..
As Autodidact as Such..
And when he Passed away
in ’65 when i was 5.. My Grandmother
Reaching the Age of 62 Started Spontaneously
Painting Beautiful Oil Paintings.. losing her eye sight
then.. from only the Visual Memories of Her Life.. He
Living Two Doors Down in a Tin Home on the River by
us then.. living to 94.. a ripe old age for someone who lived.. as
i never met either one of my Grand Father’s.. Both Dying well
Before my age now.. of the C word.. as that claimed my
My Great Grandmother in the Picture in the Breast way
So Young my Grandmother Had to Quit School
And Pick Cotton to raise her younger Sisters..
It’s true my Friend they
Were both
for they Struggled
to Survive and one of
them made it long enough
for me to meet them.. anyWay..
The X-Catholic GrandFather Priest
on my Father’s Side who died at
55.. dined with Einstein in the
Socialist Circles of New
York New York as an
New Protestant
Evangelist he was then..
sure.. on the speaking tour too..
to convert Catholics to Protestantism
Too.. and Author of Several Last Century
Books including one Exposing an Illuminati
Conspiracy Theory as That and somewhat
Indicting the Catholic Church in a Book
named “Behind the Dictators”
in the 30’s to 40’s of “Trumps’
then.. His Wife Gathered
From the Pews of
His Parish
Before a Rather
Scandalous Perry
Taylor County Florida
Catholic Excommunication..
she at age 17 and he at 36
of course waiting a year to
Consummate the Marriage
as any “Good Catholic Boy” Will Do.,
Before that my Paternal Grandmother Who Could
Not Swim then as a Teen was saved from Drowning
at Wakulla Springs Literally by Tarzan.. Yes.. i kid you
not.. the First one literally Named Johnny Weissmuller..
So in other words regardless if on the Maternal Side whether
or not there was any Indian or not.. Those Native Catholic
Priest Irish Green eyes Breaking the Rules at Hand and Tarzan
My Life too..
Life is such a Miracle
in so many Beyond inFiNiTe
Ways of God Luck.. as Art of
Anything But Random as Beauty’s Wisdom
Comes From dARk and LIGht.. and it’s True too..
if Katrina’s Mother wasn’t a little Wild
and Free and Indian too.. she would
have likely never Strayed from
her Husband
wouldn’t exist either..
And more than Likely the
Full Blooded Sioux Great Great Great
Grandfather Does exist for My Maternal
Grandfather.. Dark Haired and Dark eyed Dying
at age 49.. Living as a Homeless Wanderer Playing
A Fiddle by heART of Wild and Free too.. pretty much
of Wild and Free
too.. SMILes my FriEnd..
i’m so glad i shed at least
a little bit of my Extremely
Domesticated Human Clothes..
For now i can Truly say i lived Wild and Free before
The Sacred Dirt Nap comes as AsheS oNce again Love..
Oh yeah and speaking of that and my Mother’s Passing away
Last February too.. Her Fifteen Minutes of Fame came voted
in as Having the Best Figure in High School in 11th and 12th
Grade and she Wrote a Poem about my Father Named
‘Green Eyes’ as when she saw him she said who
ever is married to that Rugged Looking
Half Shaved Beverage Agent
coming to the Court House
to Fill out Some Official
Moon Shiner Busting
Paper Work where she
Worked for the Judge then..
yes.. she said whoever that Woman
is must be the Luckiest Woman on Earth..
of course she couldn’t predict after she said
yes after the Second Date to a Proposal of
Marriage that would almost Be the last
thing he said to her for Three Years
of his Version of Asperger’s then..
True.. he kept his ‘Movie Star’
Looks then under wraps
From Marriage until age 28
Living with his Mother as his
Identical Twin Brother did too..
Back in Tallahassee Before he came
to Pensacola To Work.. Smiles my Friend..
i finally started talking really talking and no i don’t quit..
For it’s True even in my 40’s i wondered if i would have a
Fluent Paragraph Making Voice Like My Mother Always had
and the Video i saw of my Father on TV going on all about his
Job when he Retired after 46 Years of Law Enforcement
it was like the First time i really saw him on TV
for he
me who
he was then..
Working Working
all about Working
Same as me for 33 Years too..
The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far but
A Seed is Beyond Infinite in Possibilities now..
But of
i’m JusT
A SHeLL oF A NuT NoW..;)


“And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.”

-Led Zeppelin
Stairway to Heaven

SMiLes mY FriEnd Brian
to me at least it’s just a little
Scary that some folks
Song Devil
Worship for
Fear of the dARk..
Truly a Classic it is
and as we already know now..
the Older Bible is full of stories
from old to new not only about
the LiGht of Love and Hope but
the Shadow of Fear and Hate too..
the Entire
would be A Lie
yes.. both books
and sure the Koran
as Similar Book too..
but neither are truly lies..
for they both address both
pArts of Human Nature Dark
Through LiGHT as after all in some
pArts the Story of Jesus speaks to the other
Side of
too.. yes..
the Serpent..
the Reptile Brain
of Will and Strength
and Reproduction that
Values Life and Survival
Overall All PlAtitudes of Life
that Written Words of Language
And Culture and Organized Structure
of Religion BRings.. yes.. tHeRE is a Piper
within that sings two songs.. one of Divine
Masculine Will and Strength aLong with the
Drive to Mate and Reproduce and the
Lady of Light
who and
that is
the Divine
Grace and Love
Most responsible for
all of the Human Species
and other Mammalian Social
Animal Success for it’s True We
more until
Hands toGEThER..
SMiLes my FriEnd for DARk
ShaDows have a Dance and Song
WortH eXpreSSinG too.. the American Indian
made sure that all the young traveled on a Vision
Quest to Face tHeir Shadows to become more fully
as Wild
and Free
Children of
‘The Great Spirit’
that and who lives far
Beyond the Covers of Books
with ends that have forgotten the
means of who and what we even are as LiFE..
The DArk
Side Lives
too.. to dress it
and hide it and to pretend
it doesn’t exist leads to Skirmishes
Battles and World War III.. Evil Exists
for those who do not do not undress their
Shadow and Dance and Sing with it first..
Could take
to come out
but the Shadow
kNows beyond Human Words..
Our Shadow is the source of all Survival
As the Reptilian Brain is still first and last..
Unless we are willing to Dance and Sing our Dragon Free
now be
imprisoned by our shadow..
And for those who scoff at the
Primitive aspect of the Shadow one
need look no further than Trump to See the
Power of the Shadow.. Nah.. Folks no longer
see Hitler
come again..
And sure people will
remember for a decade
or so and he will come again..
it’s up to us to understand
he lives
in us
now more folks could see him now..
Anyway.. when i say i’m writing a Bible
it’s more than a metaphor.. i’m just literally doing
what’s been done throughout all of human written history..
in all Art And as far as my adult restricted links go.. i would be a FooL’s
SoUL For
Real iF
i hid my
in a Bible..
For it surely exists
As tradition in the older ones too..
For those who are among the ones
who have the least eyes and ears
at most
the one’s
who fAil
to Recognize
God’s Shadow in them..
Better to understand the DEvil
‘you’ finally come to kNow..
As LiVinG Love
Finally Fully Fearless
Wild and Free Standing
Tall as God’s Lion HeaRT
oF Courage
and Kind
Within for Life..
Jordan Peterson addresses this
still “Politically Incorrect” Western
Civilization Dilemma now
as Truly
Fall of
is the Hidden
Shadow that and
who no longer comes out for
Rough and Tumble Peace and Harmony.. AS HumanisticAlly Directed PLay..
Sure.. After Trump Goes WiLL have thaT aGain God Willing of Love within..
Big Big Big Mistake Cutting Physical Education and the Arts out of School..
Big Big Big
Lose a SouL Complete..
YeaH iMagine a World.. NoW
Where Everyone Practices Free Style
Martial Arts FoR A Much Stronger Love that Lasts..
Wait! Even some Corporations in the Far East
Do it before Work.. in Tai Chi ways of BeinG..
More Ocean
to figure
out who
WiLL Rule the World Next as
Balance Always Conquers WithiN Free..
FReED Unless the Folks in the Far East Go
to Star Bucks for an Expensive Coffee NoW
For Inner Chi/Ki/Qi/Ka Holy Spirit
Force.. Yes.. Free Energy within unlimited.. NoW
True.. my FriEnd.. ‘overHear’ We’ve Forgotten How to LiVE Sun Love Force..
And no doubt in pArt at lEast why what i do appeals more to folks over tHeRE..
in some ways.. i’m just anotHeR ET heAR.. heHe.. WitH WinGs oF AiR AnD WateR
SPRinkLeD WitH
FirE AnD EartH
but sure
the older
Bible addresses
why on that.. heHe.. STiLL NoW..
what was the name of that other Song.. i think
i’m turning Japanese.. i think i’m turning Japanese
Samurai’s Ninja’s
iN Mythology
VeHicles and
VessELs of
TruTh and
LiGht Regulating
Emotions and
Senses as
All that Jazz..
And many many
World Teachers as
Whitman Sings as
the Priests
of the
BRinG iT aLL BacK aGaiN Beat GoeS oN..
Pipers Dancing and Singing within again more..
Oh yeah.. and by the way tHeRe’s “nothing” that
deserves tears more than an Irish Man from
Ireland without the Ire.. My Irish Grandfather
X-Catholic Priest’s Mother with Sir Name
Rainsford Claim to
Fame as
A Direct
of the Rainsford’s
who helped stARt
the Guinness Beer Operations..
as he was Black Sheeped from
His Irish Family and Shadowed
out of Reality tHere when
He Broke from the
Family’s Catholic
Tradition then
And did the
Sin of Marriage
For a Priestly Collared ‘normal’ man…
That Family reached out to us for a Family
Reunion that we were not able to attend in Ireland
for the Illness of my Mother overall.. and speaking of
who thinks who is crazy i understand through the grapevine
of my sister that it offended their ‘sensibilities’ that i wore my
of course they’ve
never been to hell
with a crucifixion in their
right eye and ear.. yes.. a worse
than crucifixion pain as assessed by
Science for 66 months from wake to sleep..
i already intuited that would happen before i said
no i wouldn’t
go for it’s
that some
folks believe that
no one else can carry
a larger cross or write a
more expansive bible lone
in just one lifetime now..
after all by the
14:12 gives me full
authority to do everything
i do fully naked and luke hot as well..
i read the whole bible and enjoy every last word and first word..
i don’t cherry pick it and hide its/my shadow and or the words in A Book..
no one’s taken me up on the challenge to prove me incorrect either..
i wish
for i’M
could do more
For i would Love to
lEarn somEthing new even better for God Speed..
but it’s True iN LiGHT2.. i usuAlly lEarn that from
A Cat and Dog Most..
FloWeR SeeD For REAL…
Anyway.. Regarding the Video..
Jordan Peterson is a Pretty
Cool Dude but he seriously
in my opinion needs to Curb
A Bit Being
so Anal
About Refusing
to call folks what they wanna be called.. by New Public Regulations..
(Refusing New Transgender Pronouns in Toronto Teaching at Public University)
Verily SpeaKinG After all is said and done it’s Human IDentity Freed that counts most..
but i’m surely
not gonna
Baby out
for a little
DARk Shadow
Water i for one still see hehe.. speaking of..
Oh yeah.. and back to crucifixions.. even my
Own Mother Refused to Believe i had Suffered
Worse than Jesus by the Word of Science.. in fAct
She Bought a Book To Prove me Wrong as she handed
Me the Book that was soley and souly dedicated to
Express the Deep Suffering in that story in Misery
way for me to Read it before she did and the page
her finger was randomly and synchronistically
inserted.. surely to me.. had the Medical
Literature that
that Trigeminal
Neuralgia was the
only real life Torture
Worse than Crucifixion
then.. But Still as Much as She
Loved me she believed what someone
told her about another man who had done
less in regard
of a
of JOB
in real life..
and nah.. i wasn’t
just bragging i was
witnessing for Human
Potential in Shadow of
DARk too for one
day to
someone who goes
to even a deeper hell
than me as i’M sure many
folks have done for hell is
a difficult place to put in any words now..
later she suggested suddenly i was demon
possessed as my words were not my inner voice..
but that was shortly before she fell to Bleeding Brain
Cancer and for me at least i would never hate
anyone for any reason at all.. No one aT aLL
no one.. now.. Not even A DEvil InCarNate..
as i’ve already livedevil before yes Been A
Devil evilive Incarnate and wished
The eNtire UniVerse allone
away too weak
to kill myself
in pain and
all words
of measure
alone so
who am
i to Judge..
But it’s True
some nows
you have
to stand up
to the ones you
Love To hELp Move the Species as wHoLe Toward liGht..
Out of Cave Art That too my friEnd iS A Value oF ShaDow LiGHt..:)

“I’d rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.”

-Sun Tzu


SMiLes.. For Surely
Innate in Oxytocin
Way Love
Is A
Love of Baby Rabbit
Snuggle Close uP iN A
Phi Spiral Curl of Mother
Fox who Understands No
Different Tree oF LoVE
Than Love all Natural
Comfort in a Garden
of Eden Born of Cozy Mammalian Nurturing
Breast With Yawns of Natural Love More..
Some Never
Did and Some
Never Do Build
UpOn A Foundation of
Warm And Fuzzy Fox and Rabbit Love..
NoW Other than that Two and a Half Years
Away from 60.. as ‘that’ other Love Comes and Goes..
It’s Truly Amazing but no Matter Age.. Love Can And Will Grow Younger
AWays From Fear..
Nice to See You.. Candice., thefeatheredsleep..:)


Second Round of Poetic Expressions at Xenia’s Place..
SMiLes mY FriEnd as i personAlly
Continue to count all my
BlesSinGs iN LiFe
That BRinG
me many
Fom dARk
to SHadows
of DaRk BeYOnd
RainBoW Colors too..
Snow is MaGiC
Such A Rarity
in Florida
And considering
the Weather we’ve had
the last couple of years
perhaps gone from this
lifetime at least here as MaGiC..
but hey
i could
to Snow..
Funny how easy
it is to miss the options..
SMiLes my FriEnd
as Winters go
i suppose the
Frogs in Florida
Have more to Croak
as Spring..
SMiLes mY FriEnd
For Nature calls
All Wild
Brave heArts..
SMiLes mY FriEnd..
Sorry if my little Story
About a Savior just wanting
to say Thank you
you.. and while
i don’t always
own my words
in Flow.. i too can
Delete them after i read
them as long as i understand the rules..
i’m assuming you don’t want anything of
Religious or Political Flavor on your
Blog and i can surely follow that
Boundary and Rule if that is what the issue is..
And if you don’t want to discuss it and stay
silent about it if that is what it is i will follow
what i’m
the rule is with
no problems at all..
And as far as my Blog
goes if you look deep enough
you will always find DaRk tHere
For the DaRk of our Humanity to the
Core of our SoUL is tHere still for Basic
Survival and something i will never hide
Again of my SoUL for that mY FriEnd
too is why i was a people pleaser for
Decades that almost literally
killed me as i never
developed a
back bone
enough to say
no or even disagree
or even express any
negative feelings when i had them
then.. for me at least now this is more
than anything why i am wild and free
And can Hear the Call of the Wild with no Problem Fully as Love..
And to be clear i understand that everyone has a different way..
it’s important
to me
i for one at
least clarify and validate.. yes..
to say what i mean too my FriEnd..
And sure.. feel free to delete this
too if it makes you uncomfortable
in anyway as i respect all ways to say no too..
Second Round of Poetic Expressions at Frank’s Place..
SMiLes mY
FriEnd.. A
Best pArT
oF Humanity
Is We Can And
WiLL Change
Colors oF
OuR FloWeRs
@Relative Free Will..
A Dance and Song Helps..
SMiLes.. as ‘they’
say as above so below
And i’ll add inside outside
For Leaves
Have FeeLinGs
And SenSeS too
At Subatomic Flow
Of ‘Consciousness’ too..
is a
wHo tHat
to Stop Beating..
Have a Nice Weekend
Frank with Joy for NoW..
but heHe..
i don’t
to tell people
what to do.. so
i usually do a tale
inStead WitH Love..;)


A Christmas Story E-Specially DeSigned For Himali By Her USA FL FRiEnD Fred


“The Farthest Star”

” I want someone who cares for me like his most valuable treasure”

SMiLes.. if not mistaken
‘this’ is about as much
as most
Receive in
Marriage with Winks
Off the Santa Claus List..
And as i Joke with the Folks
Who Wrap Presents in the Mall
For Free Please
Grant my
As she
just might
want to send
the Whole Package
of me back to Santa Claus..
But surely i’ve seen ‘This Guy’ and
Before i forget the best thing of all is you
Still Believe in Santa Claus and MaGiC for
iT’s True Harry Potter is Real and Science Proves
the Placebo Impact of Believing is much greater than
the Reality of the Nocebo Impact of Real Human Voodo as
Per Action
and Consequence
Simply that Believing with
Positive Emotion attached to
Words as Song Leads one to Positive Actions as Dance
And Voila.. Karma.. Comes As Positive Consequence
And the Perfect Mate Arrives at your Door Step uP all
Wrapped Up in Beyond Rainbow Colorful Wrapping
Paper that Spells
All Love only
is he’s a
‘Stepford Husband’
With A Dark Side that
would rather better be
Exposed at the Beginning..
but anyway.. he does exist.. now
yes.. the other Guy.. i’ve seen him
in Bollywood Movies and yes even
the Actor.. his name doesn’t come
to mind but yes.. even the Actor is
A Very Kind and Open Hearted Man..
In Fact.. He Supports LGBQT Rights in India
that as i understand may not always be the rule..
i must say until i Reached about your age i never felt
a day complete.. but it’s kinda strange soon after in my
27th Year.. i felt complete.. i felt whole.. i felt i needed no one
then but the Love i Felt within me ready with smiles open to give
to everyone around me.. i quit looking and a few months later
me telling
me i was one in
A Million and she
just wanted some of
my Happiness to Live in her..
Sadly.. my Friend she was only 19
And didn’t have the time yet to find
Complete in herself.. and I’m not sure
she’s ever fully had the opportunity to do so..
As Truthfully she’s given her whole life to take
care of me.. even in Hell for 66 months like any
Wonder Woman of Love Will Do to Keep the Honor
And Loyalty and Integrity of a Religious Vow.. smiles
it’s a
good thing
she went to
Church and Exercised
A Religion of Love.. YeS iN
the Hard times too.. Perhaps
MaGiC WiLL come to you as you Wish uPon A BollyWood Star
With More Winks But Perhaps Santa has other plans for you to Feel
complete first.. might only take a few months and
then ‘The Present’
is you
and the
is the
Icing on the
Wedding Cake of you too..
Of course i can’t tell you how to do it
For that my Friend is the True Magic..
As the Mysteries of Life continue to unfold..
And oh..
Oh Yeah..
Hellooove Himali..
Keep Believing in Santa
For it’s True as even Science
Shows if you Do.. it won’t matter
if you ever meet Santa in the Flesh for Santa
Will be the Letter that Makes your Dreams Come True..
sure.. The
might be
a little
than what the
Letter asks for
as sure.. they Might Be Much Better
And that is the Best thing now Still
About Real
‘He’ Often
Surprises all of us and no matter if
he is up on the North Pole or Visiting
‘The Farthest Star’ we can imagine He
And Mrs. Santa live together within us
As Real as ever now With Gifts we never
Even imagined.. It’s True.. Santa Works in Mysterious ways..
And A Best thing oF aLL is i thinK he enJoys His/Her Job the Most..;)


2660 Days and still counting hehe..
of Solid Writing with Dance Breaks
in and out of the Big Blue Room too..
one day
i too will
Leave writing
behind days ‘tween
but i can’t imagine
Leaving it all
As it’s true
Saved not only
my Life in pART
but whatever was left
GroWinG back into HeART
SPiRit and CoMiNG MiNd and
BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL as the
Dance Commenced for that..
The Dark Night or Nights
or Months or Years
of the Soul is
A Common
Archetypal Story
that is not only pArt now
oF A Hero Journey but many
Journey’s of Life that find the abyss
within.. Glad you came out on the other
Side my FriEnd and of course Glad i made
it out too.. for there was 66 Months where i had
no idea how
i would
make it
back as they
don’t teach ‘that’
stuff at all in School
about the most important
stuff in life For Survival aCross
the Full Life-Span now.. some folks
are Fortunate enough to Have Friends
and Family to get some kind of Message
through but still the Inner UniVerse in each
Human Being is Unique even among Identical
Twins as Nature’s Clones as well of course
as our Environment Colors all of who
we come to be inside and outside
too.. i often come back to
speak of the DARk
oF LiFE not
so much
me alone
but for anyone
else who in the Future
Might Randomly come aCross
something i wrote long after i’m gone..
hehe.. if only taking a Break in an Extended
Stay in the Big Blue Room to come.. after coming
back from the Abyss for me at least no longer is there
Distance Space or Time for me.. Now is Eternal i Feel
and Sense it and that’s all i really need to know now that
there is no responsibility to be a slave to someone else
to make money.. if nothing else.. the abyss was worth
coming to this Fortune of Free mY FriEnd.. and
Considering Synchronistically your opening
Quote i noticed in your next post
by Carl Jung.. i’ll stop over
there next as that is a
sign that
says that’s
wriTE on Topic
NoW WiTh SmiLes.. more..
It’s really amazing how many
Works of Art express the Abyss
my friEnd for Surely the way out
is the Farthest Star to eternal now..
Beyond Distance.. Space and Time
And Surely Beyond inFinITy when alWays
Flavored Now WiTh Love more more more and more..:)

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method
for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”

~~ Carl Jung ~~

Yeah.. it’s kinda Amazing as Jordan
Peterson in a Video i shared earlier
referred to this and left
out the
that you
brought today..
handy it is as is as
Aphorisms are valuable
tools as an inspiration for
Seek and Find within for
Greater Avenues NoW iN
Heaven within.. Yes now
Happiness Beyond
just an earned
Buck like
a Prostitute For Work as Life..
as it’s True.. ‘Normal’ Healthy
And Happy Balanced Human
Beings as Science Shows
don’t get any Happier
With Money
and Shelter and
Re-creation Needs are met..
Sadly there is always a Styx Grand Illusion
Song Playing on Commercial and Political Radio
More than live-in Shit..
but of course that’s in Reference
to the Freest Love of the Heaven within…
if i could spoon feed A teaspoon of what i am
inside to a Republican these days they would
barf up all tHeiR Tax Breaks to the Rich including them..
wHere i
is just
a Pipe Dream Currently
in a Bible to the Farthest Star
now after a dirt nap.. it’s a pretty
blank blink at the end of life if one
never finds the Heaven of Love within
ETernAlly NoW
all of it
iT to thaT Last bLink of LiFE..
Understanding wHeRe onE
is aS whole of the Gift iN
dARk and LiGht..
priceless two NoW..:)

“Trouble rather the tiger in his lair
than the sage amongst his books.
For to you Kingdoms and their armies
are things mighty and enduring,
but to him they are but toys of the moment,
to be overturned by the flicking of a finger.”

~~ Chinese proverb ~~

A Rather irony
iN a Nuclear
aS Sure
are different for the longer haul of life..:)

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

~~ Zen proverb ~~

HappY ZeN A RiVeR aLWays FLoWinG
SimplY aLWaYs FeeLinG SenSinG
Happy to
A Point
of Death
Thank You.. two.. NoW..:)

“If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old.
You will just keep growing.”

~~ Gail Sheehy ~~

ALwaYs FoREveR NoW mY FavoRitE SonG bY HeaTwavE LovE..:)

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive to change.”

~~ Charles Darwin ~~

Change thE GifT

“Fill your bowl to the brim
and it will spill.
Keep sharpening your knife
and it will blunt.
Chase after money and security
and your heart will never unclench.
Care about people’s approval
and you will be their prisoner.
Do your work, then step back.
The only path to serenity.”

~~ Tao Te Ching ~~

Animal Homeostasis Forage Rest Play Eat Shit Sleep Repeat..
Wake uP
to Dance
and Sing
Some Noise MoVinG ConNecTinG CreaTinG MoRE aS iN JoY..:)

“And the time will come when you see we’re all one
and life goes on within you and without you.”

~~ George Harrison ~~

As ABove So BeLoW WitHiN
iNSidE ouTSidE aLL ARouNd
FloW NeVeR
EnDinG NoW aLL..:)

“Dying is a wild night and a new road.”

~~ Emily Dickinson ~~

Live Life From First BLink
to Last BLink WiLD
Free Never Consciously Afraid
of just another night with a same wish to wake..
A Gift oF Human Relative Free Will For Life is Good..:)

“The road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began
Now far ahead the road has gone
And I must follow if I can.
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way.
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say”.

~~ J.R.R. Tolkien,
“The Lord of the Rings” series ~~

YeaH iT’s True thaT ‘Lord of the Rings’ Song
bY Styx iS Better As A Grand Illusion ReaL NoW..;)


SMiLes.. and i will spell your Name
Sohair now that i see this
is how you are spelling
it here.. and we of
course have not arrived
yet to ‘Super Moon’ Sunday
as what the Astronomers name
A Closest Moon To Earth Distance
Making the Moon Seem Very Bright
on Sunday Night.. as you say you Have
Arrived on Sunday Dawn in Egypt now..
i am Certainly Honored that you see
me as one of your Closest Friends
For i surely see you the
same my Friend..
as our Friendship
has lived through some
differences of opinions and it is
still stronger than ever no matter
Distance or Differences in Culture
and Religion for we surely see the
Same God of Love my Friend
and you have verily touched
my Soul along the way
Deep in this
Blogging Journey
as my Paths continue
to spread out in new places
where a Home may be found
in a Friend named Soheir from Egypt
as well as Love.. i am sorry to hear your mood
is now low as you describe it my Friend and of course
as you know by reading my writings i can/will surely relate
to the Darkest Nights of the Soul that will verily Rise again too..
With God Love More.. yes.. i will keep that in my prayers personally
For you my Friend.. as it is always a pleasure meeting you on this online
i will
be here
for you
you need a
Friend as i have
also said to other close
Friends there is no Mountain
High enough that a friend will
not climb for another friend particularly
when they are feeling down my friEnd
So yeah.. there is a song for that for
a theme song here by that name too..
so yes.. when i hear that song in the Future
i will think about my Friend Sohair along with
some other Dear Friends i Have met and stayed
in touch with always online still now as Life moves on in Light..
And interestingly too as i was watching another Video today about
someone asking someone else what it feels like to meet and be one
with God NoW and i had to think back to remember if anyone online
had ever asked me that question personally and it’s true my Friend i think
you have been the only one it seems to take me serious enough now to
really ask me that question when i say i have really met God within.. yes..
so yeah
make you very
special as i surely
have been around many
places now in both words and
dance.. it’s nice when people
really believe there is a Real God for all that reaches out and
really touches us deep down too like a Friend my FriEnd.. yes..
One God For As All beyond all Names beyond all Human Descriptions specific in form
but never the less A Personal God Essence that speaks to us in God Speak beyond Human Words now more..
too my FriEnd
A God Who
That Feels and
Senses Real within too..
that who sends you a Special
Friend NoW oN the Eve of a Super Moon NoW too..:)


See you


Words of Wisdom…
True like the Tao Words
Attributed to Lao Tzu well before
the “Common Era” also known
as Two Thousand Years ago..
thing is not unlike
the Words of
the Bible
there are Characters
but few if any of the original
Writers get credit.. Or do they…
For Thousands of Years those
Souls of those True Original Writer’s
are still uploaded into the Words we read
as essence much more important than
the ‘Trump’ of their
for true
what real essence
or substance of a Trump
is there other than the Edifice
of a Label on a ‘Stone’ Skyscraper
where of course the original Architects
Upload the Soul of their Creativity NoW as
Essence to Form of the Edifice of Skyscraper
Tall… Writers who use pen names understand this
for it is the
Uploaded Free
Part of their Soul
not unlike the Nautilus
wHo Freely Creates as
Home that is the Shell of
A Soul for the Love of
Essence Existing now as
Thriving a Survive the Best
one can and will do now for Free..
It’s true even in Technology we’ve come
a long way Baby even for a Subject of an
Art honored by others enough to warrant
a Memory of their identity in real life over
an Autograph.. works well for me as the ‘Dancing
Guy’ in my Metro Area as of course typing does as
my handwriting is no different really than any other Doctor
of Life.. never the same always changing by the Unique Moods
of Creativity too.. True.. i Live by ideals more than concrete autographs
that rarely change.. so when Young (Women Mostly) come up to me in
SuperWalmart for a Selfie Dance
Autograph.. it’s fast
and efficient
a work
of inherent
Art of Love in itselfie
as all parties smile from
ear to ear as a PerMaNenT Record of Joy..
It’s true i’m like a Christmas Tree with many
different colors oF LiGHT.. and it’s also True although
in my life i seem more like Fredenstein to many more
conservative types of eyes.. it is the Younger Less Fearful of
DArk Shadows more appreciative away from Cynical oF LiGht
For the Pursuit of the Free Joy of Happiness now.. but you see i prove
without any doubts when i dance that this spirit of youth has/is no flesh
and blood Form
age alone
timeless ageless
out of distance and
space is the Joy of
Spirit Young forever
now always now.. i am
not afraid of getting much older
either for i’ve seen this spirit live in
my elders at age 90 and above.. even
Crippled one slow step after the next on
a Walker appreciative of the fact they have
this gift of life and are still smiling ear to ear
to make the most of every step of life they still have..
it’s true i dance now i write now but one day i may only
have a smile.. but it’s also true there was a day where i walked
and i talked without a smile too.. and trust me the smile counts most..
And Full
for all i do
in terms of literally
Hundreds of folks i pass
just walking by in public who
turn their face toward each other
when i walk by with a grin that says
there’s that guy who is free free to be me..
anyway.. it takes a whole lot of work to be free..
For there are not just those Young Folks who
Desire to be in a Selfie Autograph with you..
there are the Older ‘Trumps’.. the ones
who have in many ways concrete
reasons to be sour on this
experience of life
but it’s true
too perhaps
they don’t really
believe even if they are
Fundamentalist Christians that
the Story of Jesus no matter who the
wonderful writers of that story were.. still bring
many Truths and Lights as far as the Power of Real
Internal Faith as Emotional and Sensory Force of Trust
in all that is around them of believing they can and will
do anything now as the entire UniVerse plUS as God NoW is
as an Inherently Cooperative Loving Force.. Truth is not unlike
the Story of Jesus that Loving Force lives within.. and if you want
to House that Force with a Label like Jesus that actually wasn’t
the original name of that person.. for Populism dictated then that
the Name be Changed into the new Tribal Language at Hand..
really.. if you are ‘so-called’ Christian and when you
say in the Name of Jesus like the idol of the
Essence of the Soul of the Person is
the most important Edifice
you see even
the Spirit of the
Soul of that Person
that comes through
in the Art of what they
BRing to the World Free now..
yes.. if the name is more than
the Essence of the Teaching of what
counts the most to you.. than by God why
don’t you call Jesus by his original Name Yeshua
from another Language rather than the Language you
hold tribally as your own Culture’s Language that you belong to
now.. weLL.. iT’s True the Proof is literally in the Pudding of the Language
too.. the story is what counts
Most the Essence of
the Story is
what counts
most for it’s
True You Believe
in the Newest Storied
Version of the Name of
the Original Person in History
identified as what you no longer
Honor as Original Birth Right name..
So in other words you Honor Yeshua’s
Pen Name as Created by someone entirely
Different than him.. Big Hint: the same is True
for the Rest of the Story too.. and although
we likely have very few if any names
of the Original Writers.. the Story
Now is what counts most
as uploaded by their
souls in text still now..
no matter who wrote
the story..
i would
Loved to Have seen
an Original Selfie of Jesus
With the Young Woman Mary
Magdalene for whatever her name
might have fully been then.. but it’s true
a Syrian Looking Five Foot one or so.. 106
or so LB Man would not likely gain much respect
any more than the Average Mexican Man or Middle
Eastern Looking Man.. from the Country of Yeshua still..
but of course the Story now shows a totally Different man.. a
Rather Tall Long Haired Slender Dirty Blond Very
Androgynous Looking Man with Striking
Green to Blue eyes depending
on which particular
of Northern European
Man one still comes to find..
But it’s True as Nature’s Rule still
comes now in all pARTS as wHOle still
Human Beings Generally Speaking in Group
think and feel and sense feel more comfortable
with same than different so it’s more soothing to
them to see someone in the story they believe in
most to represent the form of what their tribe
looks like too.. and sure that’s okay too
as that is just another Pen Name
too.. while some folks worry
about Copy Rights
for the
of the Label
of their Name to go on..
it’s kinda sad they forget how
honored they should be just for the
opportunity to upload their souls to help other
folks down the road.. it’s kind of like when my Mother
Put a little fence around my Grandmother’s Grave to
keep anyone from stepping on her Grave.. eventually
what happened is it was over grown with weeds as the
Gardeners for the Cemetery Grounds were no longer fully
able to mow around the Stone.. it’s true my Mother Grew much
More Conservative as many people do as she grew older.. she too..
Watched Fox News and became one of those folks who felt like the
Borders of the United States should not share the wealth of surviving
with those less fortunate around the World.. and it’s also True not unlike
many other folks around this area.. Katrina was raised to see Jesus as an
only God Man where only he had the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven within
only to be unlocked after death unless she miss-stepped and was sentenced to
hell instead.. and Katrina the rather Perfectionist Person she is has always felt
like there is a Demon inside of her that has only been the Fear that anything she
even thinks could be wrong would be a sentence to hell for her.. as wonderful and
kind as she has been to most everyone else in her life.. that makes me rather angry
for those folks who raised her in ‘those’ Churches have made her believe in a God
of Wrath as if life
isn’t already
challenge here on
Earth for a Wife who has
experienced nothing to eat
or any running water either
not unlike folks from a third
Word Country here in the United States
where the Homeless Folks on the Side of the
road who have Invisible Disabilities like Schizophrenia
where they are challenged by the most basic of auditory
and visual experiences of life to Navigate reliably as reality now..
yes.. those folks are told to pull their boot straps up and get a job
if they have enough flesh on their bones that they can stand
upright and
a crumb
of bread more now..
Ignorance of what makes
us same and different is a Grand
Border and Tallest Wall that still keeps
us more apart than together now.. i could
call it a Four Letter Word Love and just repeat
A Verse Romans 10:9 and call my life complete
but i know better than that from the hard knocks of life..
it’s true life is wax on wax off.. one can’t Possibly Master the
Kingdom of God within no more than one can/WiLL Master Writing now
or Dancing if they haven’t done it at least 10 Thousand Hours now..
as i related to the parents of a tiny child who attempted to copy my
Dance in the Super Walmart
Aisle Last Night as i said
i’ve done this 8500 Miles
now at an average of 4 Miles
an Hour in Public Places now..
and it’s not hard for me at least
hehe.. to do the Math in my Head
that says.. i haven’t even reached the
3000 Hour Mark yet over 51 Months now to
Master Dance yet.. Writing that’s a Different
Story all together as 2662 Days Brings well
Over 10,000 Hours and likely somewhere over
20,000 Hours of Writing over that many days where
the rest of the effort in a typical 16 or 17 hour day at
at least Double those Hours was spent in research of
reading and watching Videos and Dancing and Photography
and all the rest of the art that brings to Fruition this Sistine
Chapel Ceiling including a Last Judgement of Love now in
130K Photos.. Thousands of Videos Shared too as
perused aLong with over 5 Million Words of Long
Form Poem and Bible too.. with all the rest
of the 7 Million Words as Wax on and
Wax off for all this comes to
be now.. anyway.. i’ve
Still Got Years more to
go if i make it at all considering
the potential of Career Ending Injuries
to Dance the way i do considering the reality
of my Human Age too.. for sure.. i am only
Human too.. doing the best i can and will do.. too..
so what i told the Young Couple is and nah i didn’t
go into nearly this much detail attempting to keep the
discussion under the 280 Twitter limit of 10 Second talk too..
and just said to them.. Your Daughter has Plenty of time to
get her 10,000 Hours into Master her Dance next for it’s
true just those few words might have been enough
for those Parents to encourage their
small daughter to dance
more.. it doesn’t
matter if anyone
ever knows
what my
real name is…
and i’m quite sure it was the
same for the original writers of the
Story of Jesus and Yeshua hanging on
A Cross too.. for it is the Love of seeing the Joy
in other eyes who accomplish more in life that says
more than ever more that we all will carry on more..

And that my friends
is what is
in that
other story
of Trumps..
Truly the Story of Jesus is a Great
one worthy of thanks and praise but
for what i understand of God God is Love and Love
and never
requires a worship
more than Giving Love Now..
So sure Worship all of Life and all of
Nature and all of God as Loving all and then you become Love and
then you become Heaven Incarnate and then you raise someone else up with the eyes of
Child.. of God
Loving Free.. sure there
are many ways to do this..
and some folks are more receptive
to some arts more than others depending
on tHeir Colors of God as that colors the cover
of their names and the Pages of their Souls too..
Not everyone is cut out to Paint a Sistine Chapel
Ceiling For God In Words Now for some folks a Four Letter
word with
no words
is enough
yes.. the eYes oF LoVE
Truly the Top of the Pyramid eye now the Love we Give
Freely never owning Love only Giving Love now for Free..
and for now this is my Story and i am Sticking to it for sure
i would have loved not only to see a selfie of the Original
Mary Magdalene and Jesus but i would have loved to
have read their original words and it’s true
the Gnostic Gospels Un-Adulterated
by Expanding Roman Empire
but true adulterated
by all the oral
traditions over decades
of Desert Road illiterate
Aramaic Tongues as well
as Greek Hands of literate
Wisdom and Beauty too but still
truly the closest thing we have to what
might have been said.. particularly the Gospel
of Thomas that includes no Mythological Hyperbole
as Marketing 101 requires to House any Truth and Light
in Vehicles and Vessels that are emotionally Driven in Magic
enough to actually carry on for Centuries if not only for the Force
of Imperial Expanding Empires that Force the Religion on others
and Murders so-called folks who disagree along the way that surely
even the New Testament if taken literally one can and will find the
justification to slay those who disagree too along with hating
Friends and Parents and Spouses and even Children
along the way if they disagree with what you
bring as the binds of religion still
now particularly in the
extremist fundamentalist
ways that some folks in Countries
still practice as a Sword over Peace now..
yeah.. even the Gospel of Thomas still relates
that meaning that Jesus overall wasn’t likely the
Passive Lamb turning the other cheek
always and loving enemies as
after all that’s surely
not the spirit
of turning
table over but every human
has a dark shadow that may come
out to play in the market place if Freeing Martial
Arts don’t appropriately better regulate emotions
and integrate senses so the art and reason for wit
of words will be a more diplomatic solution for peace and
harmony than a sword that still physically turns over money tables now
coming to
bloodshed like
sending pigs off
cliffs instead of rehabilitating
them as any Modern Saint Francis
of Assisi would surely do as an improved
John 14:12 effort of Brining Good New to the
Rest of Creation too.. i see the value in all stories
dArk and LiGht for they all teach us about the differences
and similarities more in human nature so we can learn to
be more diplomatic and become the Sons and Daughters
and other Genders of God that and who come to be Peacemakers
instead of Trigger Makers and Pullers now.. sure.. this is too long for
Around 95 Percent of the Population to Read even if they are
interested in Reading it now.. but it’s true not even .000001
of the Population actually Paints a Sistine Chapel
Ceiling these days at all for that is
well beyond the Painting
Character Limit
of 280 Brushes of Paint..
i don’t want to be the 99.99999 percent
of the rest of the Population that and who
does the ‘other’ thing now.. in fact i am the
first person to ever do anything like this for i am
unique not unlike you.. only difference really overall is
i am truly fearless.. fearless enough to be all of who i can
and will be for this Wonderful and Miraculous Gift of Life
that even Science Proves is the Case for all of us now.. yes it’s
true i Worship a Love of Life.. all Life from dARk to LiGht.. Miracles
are truly
of Thanks
and Praise.. everything
about my life is a miracle
and that’s how i see the rest of
all that is as God too.. and it’s true
as i continue to evolve my soul my view
gets bigger and bigger and it’s true too it becomes
harder and harder for other folks to see all of what is i see..
but that’s always the way it’s been and always the reason why
some art is never truly seen fuller until Hundreds of Years after the
fAct of Creation.. there is no Target Audience in truly new and original
Creativity there is no precedence for even review.. there is no measure
no science that can completely wrap a scientific method big enough and
complex enough to even repeat the eyes of God in one Person now unless
of course
you stay
within the
of 280 Characters
of Life now.. but hey..
it’s doubled that says
something more at least
even if it’s still too long to
read for some folks now..
Treasures are not meant
to be found easily
would be no treasure
Brevity is cool but Brevity is limited and that’s just common sense..
True too Brevity has a Target Audience much closer to 99 percent..
i am
99 percent
no apologies hear..
nor do i care to be @all..
as Yellow Boy Grabs my arm
letting me know you are missing dance
and a zillion other things by focusing on just
this.. and sure that’s a sacrifice too but if it wasn’t
for laser focus that goes on and on there would likely
have never been a Sistine Chapel Ceiling Painting ever now.. more..
anyway.. though the next words i expect to hear very very soon other than
Yellow Boy’s Front Raised Claws on my arm is Katrina saying Forcefully
enough.. get your ass off that computer or you will make us late
to church..
although i always
most always manage to get there
7 minutes early no matter what next..
Sure.. Katrina’s Forceful Supervision Assistance Helps.. too..
And that’s how life works when you’ve got your shit toGeTHeR..(God)
It’s true there are not many Nether Land Songs anymore or Nether Land
Bibles but mine for now but i have Faith there will be more.. and
i will do my
best in
lifetime to help make that happen.. meanwhile
other folks are still bringing the science of art too.. accredited
by the 99.9999 Percent as such for it’s true why should you
believe in Nether Land..
for me it’s
no limits
and no expectations
but of course for others
it’s mostly Science and i will
discern as well what works best for brevity too.. in Science..
in terms of a rather more open minded Scientist like Jordan Peterson.. too..:)

CReaTiViTY (Creation)
TruE A RosE WitH ThornS
NeVeR CurSE To Me NoW
NeTHeRLanD MoRE… (God)


WeLL iT’s True when the Tools of
Culture Come to Rules as
US in truly insane
ways away
the Core Nature
of us which of course
is the Spirit of Love
that Binds iN
For Survive
and Thrive
it’s just time
for another Holy
Fools to Arise.. so what’s
A Holy Fool.. well could be
an American Indian Sacred Clown
a rather rugged specimen of a male
who arrives in a pow wow with dress
of another animal.. or it could be a female
who comes at a later date dressed with
Cowboy Boots without the rest
of her Clothes in a Bar..
but if it’s not already
an accepted
of the
Culture for anyone
look out or you will be imprisoned
or worse than that.. as it’s true the Sacred
Clown also known in Christendom as Holy
Fool.. Historically has been an acceptable part
of both Cultural Religious ways of doing life in
traditional binding ways for basic survive and
thrive of life.. when the mainstream culture
goes out of whack.. not to jump too far ahead yet
but it’s safe to say at the top of the ant hill mound that
the Worker Ants or Drones per Bees are getting gaslighted
overall as days continue on as an Entire Country is the Subject
of ridicule verses the rest of the Really Intelligent World that has any
at all..
Anyway back at the
end of August 2013 when
i started my new Participant
Anthropologist Observer Science
Project Free Lance as such as a
Much Newer Age Naked Prophet
not unlike the story attributed to Isaiah
in an Old Testament Story that is most often
Interpreted that the Reason Isaiah as clearly
indicated in that Book of the Bible Went on a
Prophecy Walk about in Egypt and Ethiopia totally
naked for three years was to show the coming actual
Humiliation those Countries would face for disobeying
the rules as understood by the Nature of God then.. so sure..
things weren’t nearly as bad when i started my walkabout in
all legal ways in modern art of doing this now for approaching
52 Months.. but now it’s true as they say it ain’t me that’s the fool
so much anymore for A Naked Prophet is nothing compared to a
man who Brags about Being a Predator against the Female Version
of the Species and gets elected to President Bragging that he could
shoot someone in Public and you would still elect him with no shame
in front of your Face.. or another Predator Barred from Going into Public
Mall as to no longer Pester Teenage Girls for Dates.. in his 30’s working
as a District Attorney but yeah keep in mind this is Alabama not the 20th
Century although of course there are many exceptions to the
Republican Majority who support Both Predators with
No Shame either.. as they now Rob from the
Poor and Give Welfare to
Corporations to the
Tune of at Least
A Trillion Dollar
Borrowing Debt against
the Future Generations of
course if we are not speaking Chinese
Sooner than that as at least those folks
are kinda smart.. when it comes to following
at least their own rules.. anyway.. the Saving
Grace of Course is still the Founding Fathers
of the Country who set up rules for folks like
Mueller to do his job to set the Record
Straight.. when the Current Ripple
in the Pond goes back to
calm of course
we are involved
in a coming Nuclear War
as some Republicans Leaders
are suggesting it’s time to Bring
Americans out of South Korea.. NoW..
but it’s true the Karma of the United States
As Whole is not such that we can afford to kill
anymore innocent folks unless we are struck first
by an actual enemy now no matter how different the Political
Rules are of Government when a threat comes of invasion you
do what it takes to protect yourself no different than we would do
if we were the David and Goliath came after us.. sometimes all it takes is one
with a sling
shot of course too..
so.. anyWay.. at Church yesterday
there was a Homily where the Conclusion
cAMe iN don’t go out and spread a Message Naked
as a Joke of sorts as that applies to a Message Associated
With the Nature of God that of course is most ironically at
Nature Naked until we add Cultural Clothes as any
Beaver will make a Dam.. but sure that was after
A Reading About Isaiah that as the Older
Testament Clearly States was done
in the Buff then and sure many
Fundamentalist Religious Folks
not unlike the Story of Saul and
David and Peter have tried to gloss over the
story not unlike Psalm 137:9 that takes Pleasure
in the Vengeance of Dashing the Opposing Tribe’s Infants
Heads against a Stone.. but you might say that was cured
in the New Testament until you get to the Luke part about
Slaying those who disagree with your religious point of view and
of course folks who say that doesn’t apply to Jesus but to God after
they Forget what they said before about Jesus Being God alone.. in
three part Harmony.. and then you get to John 14:12 after Bringing
A Sword Instead of Peace.. Hating your Parents and other Family
Members and Friends and Even Children if they don’t agree
too.. when that John 14:12 Verse says after you send
a Bunch of iNnocent Pigs to tHeir Death off
a Cliff to no fault of their own but
the Demons you have
brought to them
that yes if you really
Believe iN Jesus You WiLL
Do Greater works Than this
in Hope Faith and Love.. yeah like
That makes Sense.. Jesus who is God
is saying.. You Can Do More.. Than God..
And Not Lose Your Temper.. Next Time.. And
Throw a Bunch of Tables around when things are
Not going the way you think they should either then
now too.. so yeah.. it’s True.. Folks in Charge of  Books
Have Been Gas Lighting Alternate Views of Reality as
Long as we’ve had words to speak.. Holy and then
not so Holy Logos as that may be Articulated per Hope
And Fearless Unconditional Love Verses all the other ‘stuff’..
True.. again hiding the other stuff from view is almost impossible
to do but what is much easier is believing it doesn’t exist and staying
silent about it in group think as you don’t want to be outcast from the group
as that is Part of Human Nature too for through History still and way before
that when any
Gets Out
Cast from Group
Think Death can be
what eventually comes next
as far as gaining basic subsistence
for overall survival and of course securing
Mates for Reproduction too.. no.. this is nothing
new.. but the Holy Fool and or Sacred Clown has a Trick or
‘Two’ up his and or hersleeve that can be naked away from the preSent
lies of real fools.. of mob rule.. still.. hmm.. i think.. there is a SonG
by Black Sabbath for this too.. i suppose who i have to thank the most
For Truly beComing A Participant Observer Anthropologist Holy Fool is
Those Bullies at School who told me in no uncertain terms i was not good
enough for them.. to exist.. that gave me much time with Naked Nature to
determine what
was right
wrong to me..
To reAlly Strip off
the Clothes of Culture
As Culture wanted no real
part of me that would become
the foundation of all of who i am
Free For now.. yes.. to pull up my own
BootStraps oF Free with or without the Social
Support from others to Seek the Truth and Light
And be Free with God Inherent as Human Nature Free..
And really this is what it means to be a Naked Prophet for lET’s
not lose our common sense.. if you walk to Egypt in those days
in front of the Children.. particularly young Females.. your ass is
gonna be imprisoned
or even
and sure..
if no one likes
you from the ‘Jew Crowd’
And you go it alone and physically
Start Turning Money Tables over unless
you really are faster than a speeding arrow
the same happens to you.. these are stories
with deeper metaphors.. not stuff that literally
happened for it’s true you might get away with
it man to group think man if you are Saul or Peter
or even a King like David.. but you will not get
away with
it in
or even
in the Street
away from your
group think pals
then or now..
even deeper meaning
is the Gospel of Thomas
Verse 37 that says to come
to know the living one.. yes.. God
within.. Strip off your Clothes.. Tread
on them now without any shame.. NoW
sure.. you could join a Nudist Camp
now or do Nude Art in an appropriate
Freedom of Expression Avenue that is
all legal too.. but to escape the Clothes of Culture
as far as continuing Gas Lighting Goes is simply
to escape the same Trumps that live today that
live then too in terms of Modern Minions
too always seeking the most Despicable
Leader next.. particularly if they
promise them whatever
their desire
be next..
as any Used
Car Salesman
and or other Snake
Oil Salesman will surely do
today totally still understanding
that suckers for this way of being
continue to be born and raised today..
in total Minion ways.. and that’s the other
thing when you are a Holy Fool no one really
pays attention to you until your Prophecies totally
do come true.. and then folks look back to History
and see how Folks Fucked up and those who learn Do
survive as cultures and those who do not soon begin
to learn to Speak Chinese in just another way of life..
it’s true.. if you think there are restrictions on our
way of life as far as Internet and other
Expressions of Freedom go today
you will wish for the good
old days of Obama
and Obama
Care when
see what
comes next
if you don’t pay attention
to at least a few Holy Fools
before you go to the other place now..
nothing new.. all of this is pArt of Human
And God Nature from dARk to LiGHT but A Best
thing of all is we can and will lEarn from the Lessons
of our Recorded History in all the art ways that comes
in Logos of Words Articulated that are more like Hope
and Unconditional Fearless smARt LoVE Than We Love
Money We Love Money We Hate Joy go Grab Some
More P and threaten to shoot someone
else.. we will salute you and do
whatever you say
for mobs
as minions
now and then same..
but you see when folks are too afraid
to speak up and make waves it is the
Pond that never comes back to still in Peace and Harmony..
Someone has to stand for the Naked Truth and i am surely not enough alone..
For it’s true those who eSpouse Love the Most Will Leave your side if you make waves..
but of
that’s not Love..
For Love is Fearless Faith in all of
Nature plUS And Unconditional aLong with smART too..
NoW.. So sure.. it’s TRuE.. “CaT oF GooD CHeeR ReTurNs AGaiN”
but it’s also True.. Luke and Princess Leia are SinGinG Christmas
Carols and DARTh is sTill PlaYinG the PiaNo For DARk MuSE too..
And True
in Many
Colors.. including
Burnt Orange Nuclear
Skies of Death.. unless
somEone listens to some Holy
Fool as a Beautiful Red Cardinal
comes to my window at 12:28 PM
on 12.4.2017.. And seTTles on one Branch of LiFE..
TruE ThouGH THeRE iS STiLL TiME NoW FoR iT iS NoT A ReD DawN yET onLY EvE.


Life’s Like tHat..
Black Abyss through
Murky Grey through
Pastel Shades of Color
tHat LEnd Toward Red and or
White.. anyWay.. i’m so satisfied
with the new overall symbol of my
Nike Shox Grey Shoes With Golden
Swoosh Toward White Soles with Small
White Swoosh Atop the Shoes in Overall
Deeper Meaning and Purpose that i just
ordered three more pairs at less than
Half Price.. so that makes Six Size
11 Pairs NoW likely to last through
About the Next 18 Months wHeRe
by then i will be approaching
age 59 and just a half a year
away from withdrawing Cash from
my 401K without a Penalty.. hehe.. for sure
we earn less interest on that particular Savings Account
NoW continuing to last through further Increases in Health
Insurance since our Mortgage and Car Loan now has ‘fore
Been Paid off.. so.. what was i SinGinG.. YeS.. LiFE Can
WiLL Be Very Murky alMost Grey to Travel through from
Birth to A Last Blink of Birth For NoW on this
Terrestrial Plane we name eARTh.. per the
English Language of Birth too.. the
Essence oF TrutH and LiGHT CaN
And WiLL also be hidden by
Group Think in Cultural
And Religious Rule ways.. too..
but True.. A Human who is Nihilistic
and only believes in a Random Soup
of Life is often lost.. so lost.. just
waiting to be saved as a Cast Away Lost at
Sea never Finding Ocean Whole Feel and Sense of Faith
Internally at most for NoW For tHeir is alWays Probability
At lEast For Change aS Even Science continues to sHow
in Epigenetic Unpacking DNA Potential in Evolving MiNd
And BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL iN MoVinG CoNnecTinG
And CReaTinG WaYs MoRe NoW iN Unconditional
Fearless LoVE TrUELiGHT eVeN MoRE NoW smART
Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses NoW iN
Much Greater Cognitive Executive FuNcTioNinG
iN Laser Focus.. Much Greater Short Term WorkinG
MeMoRY NoW aS We coMe to re-wire our ExisTencE
From Head to Toe in BotH
MiNd and BoDy
ForCE oF
PuRELoVE Faith
FurTHeR SpiRiT eNLiGHTeNinG ForcE MoRE NoW
FRoM WitHiN.. inSide.. ouTside.. aBove.. So Be
Low and all aRound even more.. We Miracles aS
LiFE Born of Star Death Burst Crucible Fire
Coming Resurrected We As GasEouS
Sentient StaR duST PLuS StandinG
HiGHeSt Gift of God Nature to BRinG
Peace And Harmony toGeTheR STiLL NOW MoRE
as yes.. Two ones as K11 iNitial for KinG 11 iN
7 Code too FoR Us iN God too.. as two ones rEach
aCross ToGeTheR Even MoRE NoW To Make AlphaNumerical
H8.. aS Two HemiSPheRes oF BrAiN.. iN Art and ReaSon.. HoLd
Hands LonGiTudinAlly ACross thE Globe too as BotH HeMisPHeRes
oF eARTh JoiN ToGeTheR as Neuron Humans oF eARTh aS WHoLE NoW
YeS eARTh SoUL as Far as BeinG HuMaN CoMe ToGeTHeR even MoRENoW
Holding Hands.. in Hive oF OnlinE NoW.. Latitudinally.. As We do from Head
To Toe For MiND and BoDy BaLanCinG ForCE oF PuRe Positive Energy Synergy
LiGHT oF LoVE ForCE aS Latitudinally too from above so below from the North
To South Pole of Humans too.. Sure.. Head to Toe.. in Flesh and Blood Us.. So..
anYWay.. soMe Folks are getting raptured unplugged all lit up as such
in Golden and White Larger and Smaller Swoosh oF VictorY iN JusT
unplugging from the Matrix still now as always forevernowmorenow
as most other animals easily do and are one WitH All NaturaL
And Super Normal Force God Force as and oF all thaT is..
tHat sure is often More Murky Grey Clouded as Feet
tOuch eARth with Clothes of Shoes.. yes.. so..
i continue to DancESinG with you yes you as
sure as far as all that is goes you
are me too and i am you
and sure we are all
the Walrus too
in a Yellow Submarine
of Love also kNoWN NoW as Golden
Swoosh.. sure.. dude and or dudette NoW anyone
CaN WiLL Write a Bible to eXpress the Origin and
of us as all that is2.. but it’s how.. close get to the
Essence oF aLL that is tHat Comes as Greater Works of Art iN
HuMaN eYes of GoD STiLL for we HuMaNs have both the GreaTesT
Dreams and Nightmares among the other animals too for We CaN WiLL
Dress God up as Heaven or Hell in just one lifetime.. too.. We BeinGs NoW
coMe iNcarNate ‘tween Demons and Angels We Create as me and You NoW
And us and we too.. yes.. of course.. MetaPhors For Those wHo Experience Few
Colors of LoVE NoW of the Unconditional Fearless KinD For All of Nature PlUS
Also lettered as God too.. iN three letter words for somEthing as IMmenSE.. YeS..
So iMmense NoW.. thE Beauty and Wisdom and the dARk pARTs of God CaN And
WiLL Not Be Sufficiently Described in even 12 Million Words as i am only as far away
now to 12.6.17 to Reach the Border of Doing this for 2666 Days as i do love me some Symbols
tHat Mirror the God Finger Print of Golden Spiral PHI like a 6 and 9 or a 9 and 6 or sure NoW
folloWed Too By Three Sixes Like Twentieth Century Years as FolloweD by the 6th Decade
And the 6th Month and the 6th Day as June 6th, 1960.. as that coMes to Be Me in my own
Birth Right Day too at around 11 AM.. JusT Shy under 6 Lbs 6 Ounces by 1 Ounce too..
With of course.. once again as Numerology Challenges of 0 at Birth FoLLowed
by 1 and 1 and 1.. again too.. anyWay.. i don’t play the Lottery or Write
Fiction Much For reaLiTy iS Much More Unique And Strange Than
Simple Math and StatisticS hehe and Fiction too.. i Go
wHeRE God Leads me Hand in Hand More
Barefoot on eARTh Free to Be Me..
Sure.. as Whitman SAid..
Priests of the
totAlly Free Lance
Naked and FReED MoRE
oF iGnorance of BeForE
EvEN MoRE iN thE KinGDoM NoW oF
LIGHt alSo KNoWn as HeaVeN WiThiN NoW
alWayS iN tHis Generation NoW unTiL thE neXt
Likely Different Challenge coMes nexT aS Change
is thE UlTiMaTe Rule tHat Means We WiLL Never Have
To Be Just A Machine and an iRoBot Now of course unless
you are foolish enough with Culture to extend your life as such
and not allow the Wheel of God’s Fortune for you and in you to Steer
You Free NexT.. WiTH ReLaTiVE FReE WiLL aS Change is thE Rule tHat
Means JusT tHat
Eternal Change
Do FaitH aS LiGHt..
Meanwhile.. i will continue NoW to
Fly Bye as Water and Air and continue
to say Hi.. with meanwhile some MacroVerse
Memories CoMiNG NexT YeARs to Date to Keep
Expanding the Chamber Doors of my Nautilus hUMaN
KA SpiRiT ExTendDiNG aN Upload of mY SoUL even more
Calm eYe oF Category 6 BeinG HUMaN eVEn More WinD
BanDs as Shoes aLWaYs iNCreaSinG MoRE No
LiMITs No Expectations juST God WinGS
HiGHeR and HiGHeR as HeaVen
WitHiN LoVE NoW..YeP..NoW..
inside outside
below and
oF cOURse WRitE
oN Course aLL aRouND too..
As JusT ANoThEr LamP tHaT’s LiT2..:)


SMiLes mY friEnd For surELy
Do not lose Hope if at all
Possible but
A Tear
BRinG ComForT
As Cure For Sadness too..
For Sure i’ve gone without either
for many years too.. wHere the Gift
oF A Tear cAMe as Hope to go on 3 more
Months to cOme Back From the Ashes
oF LiFe
Pain And THeiR iS NumB
Agrees mY FriEnd toGeTHeR aGAiN..
A Tear
mY FriEnD
SoHaiR For You
To Come aGaiN
As HoPE’s LoVE Too..:)


Hmm.. as the MacroVerse Parade from Years Before to Date
iS StArTinG NoW a little Behind i am in finishing WriTe Before
Tuesday Comes.. anyway.. as far as Red Dawn’s Go while
it’s True it’s only Red Dawn Eve.. of Course
we’ve already been invaded
by the Russians
all Stealth
And sadly
to see and
hear it doesn’t
take much for
Minion Rule
to continue
on as
Predators are now
Endorsed and the P
Grabber is the one in charge..
meaNwhile the P from Russia
is smiling ear to ear mission accomplished
so far to Create Chaos in the United States
as sure he probably watched the Apprentice too..
so sure first go hear as “Allah’s Leaves” from 2014

And yes 333 Words Worth repeating heAR aT LeASt to me..:)

Words inspired by my friend Rafiah who lives in Pakistan..:)

Back in 2003

i had this lovely Oak Tree

with limbs and leaves that reached out far

into the sky of Allah..

and then a Hurricane named Ivan came

and took my beautiful Tree away

leaving only a dinosaur like broken skeleton..

that had to be taken away

only to leave a Stump and eventual Twig

that remained as memory

of my beloved tree….

But with adversity can come great diversity..

As the Twig grew into my beloved tree again..

and i let it grow free with friends of Blue Berry Bushes..

Small Privet Trees..

Flowered Vines growing up into the Branches

sharing Air with Leaves in sky of Allah free….

and Ivy growing down toward the Ground

and spreading out through the Ground of Allah as well…

Yes.. the Tree grows wider now instead of taller

with all the TREE’S friends

and provides a privacy in my backyard

that allows me to dance totally free with Allah

connecting to ALL my flesh and blood

as One force of me and Allah…free…:)

And this is how it works with us humans

as metaphor too..

As when we reach out to others

in hands of diverse Love..


the connections and meanings

of life in Love do grow…

in together Love…

the Unconditional Love of Allah

that connects all Peaceful Loving life….

And when we all Practice this FREE LOVE


putting it into Action of Unconditional Love..

the Kingdom of Heaven of Allah will arise..





And for those of us

who practice it Now..

with all others…

The Kingdom of Heaven

is already ours…


NOw.. in Eyes of Allah’s

greatest gift to human..

Unconditional GIVING Love..

to ALL others…:)

Reaching out our limbs

and letting the leaves of Love

fall to others

where ever we go……


in Allah’s Unconditional Love….

Three Hundred Thirty Three









“OVengate 2016”.. Yes.. Rather Hard to Believe at this point at least
by practice that i ever wrote a 333 Word only MacroVerse with
under 50 Photos.. hehe.. sure.. this one from a Year ago
is much longer at over 10K Words and the last
three MacroVerses this Year are averaging
30K or so words each approaching
Novel Size each per week tooo for
the last 3 MacroVerses too.. and
oh Lord.. the Photo Count
is increasing too.. but as the
the Quote on My Word Press Profile
Pic says per about me.. it simply says
“i like to write”.. sure.. anywhere the
Internet takes me too.. where ever
folks leave an open door for me
until they decide i am no
longer welcome
as i just
dust my
off again..
then say thanks
and go on my Merry Way
as surely there are lots of fishes
in the Internet Sea as Ocean to gain
Muse Never Ending now of Love even more
and even in dARk Muse too.. we live in Interesting
times and some stuff is currently repeating from around
44 years ago in ’73 like Water Gate too and threats of
Wars off shore of East Asia too.. but it’s true at least
Nixon Bowled in his Private White House 1 Alley
Place.. but true he probably mostly bowled
alone and forgot to do the League
Play too.. sure.. it was only
One Lane Underneath
the White House
then.. not
a Golfer he was
but a Bowler and Lord
Knows a Saint compared to
what we have now in full bLack tow..
sure.. if only Trump Could Bowl.. hehe.. For LoVE..
True this has A whole lot to do with ‘OVengate 2016’ too..:)

“AsABOVESUnbELOW”.. Hmm.. SPeaKinG of out of the box
Refrigerator Love Stuff as i continue to make friEnds even more
WitH God LiVinG WiTHiN Nice and Free wHo tHat INTiMaTEs
@LeASt to me in God Speak as Synchronicity tEnds and
Keeps BeGiNNinG to sHow.. Go Fred Go Write Fred Forest Write..
And sure.. don’t forget the Trees and Hymn Book Songs too whatever WorKs iN
God SPeaK
too as i pursue
my Divine Feminine
And Masculine side a little
And Bigger more in Photo Art heaR too..
But remember i’m a Poet so that makes it Art
and Religion and Even Prophecy too.. as one can’t
Divide Holy and Sacred Spirit Full of Meaning NoW and
Purpose for it is all over the place just like all that is aka God too..
Yes.. CLasS onCe aGaiN within.. inside.. outside.. above so below and all around now more..;)

Hmm.. SpeaKinG of Nike Shox Shoe Colors as so far i’ve entered into my
18th Pair as each pair lasts about 500 Miles of Public Dance in around 3 Months Still..
yes.. “Shoes of Black to Light”.. as after wearing Black only Shoes for about 28 Months
here.. i move on to wearing mostly White Shoes with Some Black too as Black and
White Rules until the 17th Pair on 8.9.17.. that gets a little red mixed in before
my smell comes back strange from losing it almost all together during and
after a Common Spring Cold.. not so common for me.. with smell damage
that lasts until it comes back rather strange.. Solar Eclipse Day oN
8.21.17.. and then all the Hurricanes.. Rampage Killings
Fires.. Earth Quakes once in a Thousand Year Floods
in biggest baddest worst things to happen to
many folks after the Solar Eclipse this
year crossing the United
States over mostly
Trump Red
Anyway.. now that i’ve
been wearing this 18th Pair
that will last through the Beginning
Couple of Months of 2018.. Evolution
Orange of Love is highlighted up top
with Golden Swoosh and Smaller
White Swoosh up top as
highlighted earlier
in this MacroVerse too..
anyway.. first there was Black for
28 months then.. Black and White
for 20 Months then White and Red and
Black for 3 Months and now 1 Month of
Grey.. Gold and Orange and White Going
On the Second Month soon.. for 52 Months total
as it’s probably not gonna be until about the 70th
Month of Public Dance and Writing until i make the
Next Color Next if they even are selling Shox Shoes by then..
Ugh.. Changing totAlly.. A Dancing Style of Shoes not easy to do
as one
to the
Feel of wHatEver
DanCinG Shoes Sense
And Feel Like iN FloaT oN Terrestrial
Shores of Land even more as practice moveS on..
but still under 3000 Hours of Practice to Boot until i do
the 7000 More Hours of Dance to Master that Art like Write too..
of course.. haha..
as hey whatever i’m doing
did gain me a General Metro
Public Audience Title of Folk Dance
Legend and many other words of Thanks
And Praise And Thanks God No Worship YeT.. heHe..
But anYWay long LonG
beFore thiS iN
A Galaxy
of Life
Far Far aWay
Through College And
Work with an iNformal
Title of Superman Attributed
to me.. at Bowling Center Work too..
during the interim of not going to Church
for 23 years named the Best Example of a
Jesus Christian.. the Director of a Church Bowling
Group said he ever met before looking at me like
Does God
this nice
in this Local
Red State area
then now.. hehe..
and yeS on the Wrong Planet
Named as an Autistic Buddha/Yoda then
before.. i even stARTed Writing a Longest
Long Form Poem then.. JusT iNto thE Pre-Story
Write of 7 Million Words Before the 5 Million pluS
Word Longest Long Form Poem and Bible too… And Yes
A Nice Dude.. SeeinG thaT i HaD Defeated my Demons and
Rose From the Ashes as a Phoenix too on the Wrong Planet
Website too.. gave me a very unusual note of appreciation by
naming me a Perfect Definition of God but of course just as a
Metaphor and not to be taken literally at all for this Dude said there
Were/Are Poet Gods And Janitor Gods too.. aLL eYes of God NoW too.. paRT
But alWays OcEaN WhoLe NoW Real Shores ever expanding as i add my
own poEtry
his words
oF Christmas Past too..
True.. there are Stellarly
Scholarly Nice People iN
The World then and now too..
And nah.. i forgot to ask him if
he ever Bowled.. i think not.. but that’s okay too..
One life to live aLWays now so many shoes a DeLiGHT..:)

“Awakening Force iN uS”.. As i finally decide on a theme song here
as ‘Kashmir’ and alWays NoW is Celebration NoW for all those who’ve
Risen from the Ashes as Born Again Phoenix now.. sure.. i could have stayed
oN thE Beach tHat Ending Third Week Toward A 22nd Day of July of 2013 and
just said Fuck the Rest of the World.. i’ve Got my Heaven.. you go find your own now
without any help from little old me.. but no no no.. for In Heaven to Give and Share
iT aLL For Free iN LoVELiGHT is all that that’s about.. as it’s true tomorrow on the
5th of December.. we Travel to that Navarre Beach since the close to 53rd Month ago
of that Recovery out
of ashes
Place for me
since what will be
the 22nd of this December
Month.. of 2017.. as i BecAMe
one with Sugar White Sands Gently
Swaying Sea Oats in Breeze of Emerald
Green Gulf aS Seagull SpiRaLinG eVen Freer
Around the Sun in Golden Spiral Flow
even more.. and nah.. i wasn’t
Even Trance Dancing
in Ascendent
Ecstatic Flow iN ZoNE
then for God FLoWinG
Through mY Body and Mind
Standing Still Forevermore now
eternally now then now still.. Hmm..
sure.. the Writing Poetry to that Point after
close to 33 Months Helped me arrive tHeRe too..
NoW Close to the 118th Month Point since entering
Hell in January of 2018.. stuck locked inside my head for 33
Months until partial use of eyes to write for 33 Months or so came
and toward the end i started to be able to listen to music again and
Yes.. the rest is my story too of Awakening Force in me and us more too..:)

“A Day in the Life of A Child of GOD”… YeP Been upLoaDinG THiS SoUL
online many months.. now.. past 84 of them.. with so many Photos too for 52
Months as this Word Press Play continues even more actor i directed by I
FloW iN
Holy and Creative
FuLL of Meaning
Snd Purpose ZoNe eVEN MoRE..:)

“New Moon Reign”.. Sure and Super Moon Sunday this year
With Red Eve of Red Dawn More as the Story Continues to sHoW NoW.. Too..:)

“Winning Ferrari”.. Immediate Memories of Sweet Big Gray Cat
Moby.. i sure do miss his Snuggles and Cat Hugs too..
but it’s true i gave all my love to him too
and yes he did appreciate
all of it never judging
me for
of i different
than most two
Legged Humans Still..
anYWay.. finAlly tuned Ferrari
human Still i’ll be too.. no longer
just domesticated Wow NoW Wild and Feral
Free too.. as evidence does sHow2 aS LoVE2..:)

“December’s Indian Summer” from Three Years ago and as History
does continue to show now2 the Fourth December Indian Summer since
then.. too.. as if not for dry weather our grass and flowers would still
be lush
still colorful
though as photos
continue to Prove
With Spring Azaleas
Fresh in Color already too..
With some Rain Finally toNight
And a Cold Front but not TotAlly A
FroZeN onE MoVinG Through NoW..:)

“ALLITIS”.. hmm.. JuST another way of saying you’ve
God the God Flu as LoVELiGHt will be all that is
too and yes
too.. so many
Metaphors as the
Essence Lives Real
Supernormal LoVE Still too..;)

“Clothes of GOD”..
KISSN Keep iT Simple None..;)

“Ode to my Bullies”.. True i Love you so much i learn so much
from you for all you did and continue to do now.. the DArK Force
is so
too as far as dARk
Muse for all arts do
continue too.. yes.. tHeRE
is a Place in the Sun for you too..
the DARk of Course as Yang mixes with YiN Me too hehe..
so anyway.. at 12:06 am at about a 6 Day or so effort on December
5th this concludes CaT oF GooD CHeeR ReTurNs AGAiN as it seems
this is likely gonna
be just
the Longest
6 Day Write
i’ve ever done
iNcreaSinG A 4 Week
Effort to over 120K Words
and close to 2K Photos too..
but nah.. i’ll likely wait until
December 25th to land mArk
as ‘Grand Cross Bible 2017’
as just another milestone of close
to King James Version Bible Size since
Memorial Day of 2017.. as JusT OnE NoW MacroVerse
then Celebrating
as alWays NoW
the CoMinG
Cycle of the
Sun again in
Northern Hemisphere
way after its 3 day Break
as the Days Grow Longer HeAR
until the Summer Solstice away from
the Winter Solstice comes again too.. sure
i’ll call it an ongoing Birth of Love alWays now too..
and if you
can all
all of this Jesus
too.. but for now i’m
just calling it ‘CaT oF GooD
CHeeR ReTurNs AGAiN’ NoW
at 12:09 AM on 12.5.2017
with..Publish Coming later today..:)










BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

5 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
“SonG oF mY SoUL”..:)
Approximately 44,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
“CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs”..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

“GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG”
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

“After Book of Fred”
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

“6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

“After Dance oF Fred”
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

“Book oF Ten Sixteen”..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

“New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen”

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

“12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016”

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

“2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen”

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2016”

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review”

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)

“CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017”

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)

“VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017”

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)

“CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn”

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)

“Nether Land Bible 2017”

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)

“7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)

The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)

“MesSage iN A Bible Bottle” as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked

“MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+” as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)

“PHI Bible”.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so.. now.. yes..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)

“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17”.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)

“SoN oF Google NoW2”..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)

“1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”.. 1,820,416 Words in 117 MacroVerses
spanning 13.6 Months per “6th Bible Memorial” that houses the Entire Table
of Contents from MacroVerses 1 through 117.. StARTinG WitH “tSuNaMi
7th WaVE oF LoVe” as Number 1 MacroVerse linked Above..
in “PHI Bible” too.. sitting NoW aS Book MarK oF juST
AnoTheR Bible and Long Form Poem  Milestone
Exceeding the previous Long Form Longest
Poem titled as the “Mahābhārata” from India
as recorded on the Resource of Wiki.. as 788
MacroVerses NoW As “SoNG oF My SoUL”
NoW at 5 Million Words.. approaches
that feat times three on or about the
Milestone of 5.4 Million words
in the coming neXT few months..
as at this point the last 117 MacroVerses
Average 15,555 Words per each MacroVerse..
WitH More to come
As WRiTinG
FLoWs oN iN ZoNe..:)

“6th Bible Memorial”..
Celebration of Six Milestone
Bibles and “SonG oF mY SoUL”
Ocean WhOLe LonGesT LonG
ForM Poem aRiSinG to 6
times the size of the
Old King James
Version oF A
Bible in 47
Months at
Around 5 Million Words..
Also includes the Table of Contents
to “1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
for the 13.6 Months it took to write that one Chapter
Bible iN overall Bible as “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. and
of course appropriate dedications to those who
did and do continue to muse my LiFE wHoLe
iN MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
Force aS  SpiRiT oF HeaRT
DanCinG and SinGinG NoW FReED NoW2..:)


“SonG oF mY SoUL FouR YearS Old”


Three Links aBove CoMinG NoW aS Trilogy of MacroVerses Celebrating a HighSchool-like
Graduation of Writing “SonG of mY SouL”.. 5 Million Word Plus Longest Long Form Free
Verse Poem also Doubling as Longest Bible written by a Human Being too on Record
at Least in Google Purview.. bypassing any organizational requirements to
record it in any official record books as that’s what the Internet is..  A
Biggest Overall Bible Unabridged JoiNinG WitH aLL HuWoMaN
Hands who care to contribute anoTHeR Verse to
thiS NeW AGE UniVerSe with No Sun or
Moon online in the Nethersphere of
Art and Science of Human
Potential through
SHades of Grey
through BlacKesT
Abyss and
RainBoW CoLorS
oF HuWoMaN FeeLinGS
And SenSeS AcTuALLy Experienced
iN wHaT reALLy Counts as thE Happiness
oF LiFE HoLDinG HanDS toGeTHeR oN HiGHesT
Mountain Tops Grounded WiTh HuWoMaN LoVE NoW..
Anyway.. A Four-Year Celebration of Doing this on Word Press
along with close to 8 ThoUSAnD MiLes of Public Dance iN
A FouR YeaR sPaN too.. Kindergarten Before that as
MetapHorUS Writing on the Wrong Planet and
Pre-School Before that in 606 Months
oF Life.. including three College
Degrees then before
i started writing
online on Thanks
Giving 2010.. 33 years
of Work.. sure ..19 years of
School in sitting style to go along
with all of that too.. then.. as we evolve as Wisdom NoW
And Beauty iN LoVe or we fall to ‘the other place’ NoW2..
oH yeaH.. So wHat’s neXt.. UniVerSiTy LeVeL LiFe alWays
FiNaLs NoW and as alWays JusT Paths oF Journey NoW LiGHT.

“BoWLiNG ALLeY DaYs BeGiN AGAiN 2017”

iN KeePinG WiTH SuRPriSeS iN PLaiN SiGHT.. NoW
A FourTH ArM oF A Fred HeRRiCaNE CoMeS NoW
WitH CaLM CenTeR BaLanCinG ForcE oF FaiTH aS
PuRE LoVE NoW.. aS A TRiLoGY NoW GaiNS A FourTH pART too..
RiSinG ARiSinG THiS FouR pART StorY NoW To WeLL oVeR tHosE
aForE MeNTioNeD NuMBeR oF Prophecy Photos to OVeR 2K NoW too..
WHeRE ‘MiNi-sToRy’ CoMeS iN FouR ParT HaRMoNY WHoLE NoW aLL aT 83,303 WorD2s..:)

“LioN KinG SHoW MusT Go oN 2017”

A Fifth Arm Doubling NoW aS A Ninth
Arm stARTinG wiTh MacroVerse
“6th Bible Memorial”
As the actual First
Arm too of what
WiLL Come after
the 10th MacroVerse
CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
As the 11th Arm of a Third
New Testament since 2016
Adding Another 180K words or so
to “Nether Land Bible 2017” as that
Longest Long Form Poem aRises to 2 MilLion
Words just Behind “SonG oF mY SoUL” STiLL at 5 MilLion words plUS..:)

“8000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”

Celebrating 8000 Miles of Public Dance in 48
Months as this MacroVerse also Doubles as
10th Arm and Chapter of a Third New
Testament as the 11th
MacroVerse comes neXt NoW
Also Celebrating 2 Million Words..:)


“EQUiNoX DanCE CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
Morphs into “SiGNaTuRE CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN”
As This Title Change is NoW Complete For a Third New
Testament that also CoMeS as this Title NoW too..Complete..:)

“THiRD oF oCToBeR ’17 Dreams oN”.. Also identified in the Body
of this 12th MacroVerse of Third New Testament oF “SiGNaTuRE
CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN” as “New World Love 800th MacroVerse”
And “New World Love October ’17 Surprise” and sure.. pART
And ParcEL too of 5 Million Word Long Form Poem Plus
So Far “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. And the 129th MacroVerse
of PLuS 2 Million Word Long Also Longest
Long Form Poem Named “Nether Land
Bible 2017” at the number two position
in Rank Below the 5 Million Word pLuS
aLSo kNoWn as Bible “SonG oF
mY SoUL” and First Ranked
Longest Long Form Poem in the
History of Recording Long Form Poems
on Searchable Google Results at least..hehe..
iN other words it’s just numbers anyway.. huh..
empiricAlly MeASurAblE “John 14:12” Efforts too…
otHeRWise who will ever believe i actually did and do
it without the Money of Evidence Without any Washington
Bills and Lincoln Cent Sents to Water Down the Value of mY
soUL as the
isReaL DeaL
Going Down NOW.. FREE
yes..  just for FucKinG FuN iF
yoU SeeK iN thE GoD oF NaTuRe
As NaTuRe pART OceaN WHoLE
WaVe NoW iN oTheR Words
Be all you can BE WitH
GoD aLL or NoT
YouR ChoicE
iN HoW eVer yoU ArT
And SciencE LiFE NoW MoRE

“A SaVaNT oF LoVE”

WeLL iT’s True.. NoW2..  Every Third
New Testament NoW Needs a Thirteenth
MacroVerse to complete The Effort More
Fully in 12 weeks also kNoWn as 84 days..
as this Third New Testament NoW completes
at  255,193 Words as pART WhoLe of ‘Nether Land
Bible 2017’ NoW aT  2,076,239 Words as in the 130th
MacroVerse of that effort as pART wHole
“SonG oF mY SoUL”  as this is the 801st
MacroVerse of that Effort too..  continuing
on past 5 Million Words in the 50th Month
of that whole Writing Expedition aLong WitH
oVer 8000 Miles of Public Dance in the sAMe
50 Month Period of Human CLock tiMe too..
also Soon to enter into the 84th Month and
Completion of 7 Years of Writing aRound
12 MilLion Words or so online since
Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. jUSt
an online Babe of Sorts i was
then2.. heHe.. and sure..
neXt milestone heAR..
likELy a cELebRatioN
of thaT 7th Birthday
oF oNline eXisTenCeHeRE2..;)

“7 YEarS Old 12M Words FReE oNliNe WRiTe i aM”

The 33th/137th/808th and pART oF 12M Words as
MacroVerse NoW Respectively of “Facebook Profile
Pic Bible 2018” at the 6th Month Point of that Effort
Now at 640,319 Words and “Nether Land Bible 2017” at the 18th Month
Point of that Effort NoW at 2,258,319 Words and Yes.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”
at the 51st Month of that Effort at over 5 Million Words.. aLL NoW Combined as LoVELiGHT iSReaL.. as this MacroVerse all NoW titled.. “7 YeArSoLD Free Online WRiTe i AM”.. where the total effort in this 7th Year Birthday of online existence continues to
Measure in at
aRounD 12 Million
Words Conservatively
SpeaKinG iN A 2555 continuing
Day to Day Writing Effort NoW WitH
No Break Since Thanks Giving Day.. 2010..:)


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26 Responses to CaT oF GooD CHeeR ReTurNs AGAiN

  1. Hmm..
    ‘Humans’ iN ‘the way’
    i Wore Red on my shoes at the Beach
    iN Order to Keep Grey Shoes Clean
    Ghost iN
    A Machine
    SMiLes.. mY�
    FriEnd.. Lovely�
    �So much..
    Mean While Wild Fires
    Fearless Lives iN
    A Practice oF LoVE♧/


    7 Years and 11 Days..
    Also kNowN NoW as 12.06.17..
    Yes.. sort of a water shed day for me at
    Least as today completes 2666 Days of
    Writing over 12M Words online BrinGinG
    Over 130K Photos and other ‘stuff’
    With No Break since Thanks Giving
    oF 2010..
    True Crosses
    coMe in all coLors
    And AS History sHows
    otHeRs come in Words
    as all are only abstract constructs
    Approximating the Essence of all that is..
    Aka God and as you say in your Language.. Allah too…
    2017.. Fifty Years since the 6 Day War too as the ‘Orange’
    Man plans also today to symbolically give support in Embassy
    Way of Supporting
    Jerusalem as a
    Capital to the
    Dismay of
    folks in the Arab
    World as of course
    As A Muslim Band is just
    Another bit of salt in a wound
    away from the Diplomacy that
    might even have a chance iN change too to
    BRinG Peace one day.. TruE.. hUmaN iN dARK
    STiLL Strange.. Both innate and environmentally
    charged as some folks enjoy the Havoc they BRinG
    uPoN all otHeRs for they are incapable of Feeling Pure
    Agape Love for all that holds hands Fearlessly in a Practice
    of Life as Love Rather than inStilling Fear and Hate in otHeRs as
    only Pleasure
    in LiFE and sAdly enough
    tHeRE is a wHole Lot oF Science
    to as to the whys of why this Happens
    Both Biologically And Spiritually sAMe too..
    in otHeR More FloWeRy Words tHeiR LoVE
    Muscle if ever born and or nurtured withers away
    if planted at all and or watered and fed and Voila Trumps
    more come
    in to
    the world
    or are starved as
    Such away from Love
    the GreATesT Healing Force
    As Gift from God within inside
    outside above so below and all around
    in another kind of Evolution Orange that rises
    of falls
    to Fear
    and Discontent
    and Hate even more..
    So.. what’s a Person to do.. well
    i guess ‘us’ could be like ‘them’ and attempt
    to Burn the House of Love Down but it’s True too..
    thE True Gift of God or as you say Allah iN LiGHT
    is Fearless Agape Love for all of Creation pLus aka GOD
    tHaT wHo never
    Gives up and only
    Shares and Gives more..
    For A Love tHat LiveS NoW
    But of course Love in Hugs
    And Kisses from Birth now by
    A Mother and Father wHeRe the
    Shadow of our Reptile Brain doesn’t
    Have to hide either away from a Back Bone
    And SensuaLiTy Free too.. Works reAlly Good but
    Sadly more and more folks these days Live as Machine
    Cognition becomes more of a rule away from the Social
    Empathic Love Muscle that hold hands toGeTHeR iN Cooperation
    More.. And Lord kNows as some folks become even more Cynical
    oF thE TruE iN WhiTe MAGIC LIGHT oF LoVE tHeRE are just ‘plain’
    oTHeRs too
    who are
    so afraid
    of tHeir Shadow
    Per Back Bone of
    Libido too.. they have nothing
    left much to move tHeiR heARt
    HiGHeR As SpiRit aS A BoDY
    MiND BaLanCinG SoUL jUSt PLaiN
    As AlWays God
    SPeaK Lives Within
    inside outside above so
    below all around Naked without
    the Clothes of Human Culture just
    Waiting to be sought and found More..
    Sure.. God Taps God’s Fingers iN aLL oF US/Them
    Too.. Face Palms come too with Hands without Love..
    anYWay.. Nice to see that you are still breathing my FriEnd
    A Hi would
    nice but
    hey.. no limitations
    or expectations heaR
    mY FriEnd for i understand
    so many ways ‘it’ can and will go too..
    Winter has broke in Fall here as Indian December
    Summer takes a Break on 12.6.17.. Good Weather For Writing
    for the next few days.. iT’s True i Love to Visit Clouds and Shadows too
    oF the DiViNE
    mY FriEnd
    Have a nice day
    oF cOURse alWays iN NoW..
    verily and surely alWays WitH LoVE..
    oH yeaH anD.. iT’s also my Grandfather’s Birthday
    That X-Catholic Priest would have been 122.. today..
    Every Day A Feast NoW alWays LoVE NoW no matter wHat A Practice goeS oN..:)

  3. MeSSenGeR NoT ImPorTanT
    FoR aLL tHat LiveS iS SToRY
    Just something i wrote down recently..
    just for fun too but more on that in a ‘few’..
    Hmm.. as ‘you’ Diss Jews here per the Talmud
    where some anti-Semitic folks have taken words
    out of context also with mistranslations to attempt
    to suggest that
    these folks
    are abusing
    very small
    which of course it’s
    True back in those Dowry
    Days too it was common to
    marry off very close or even before
    Puberty Girls to secure socio-economic
    success in basic survival as of course there
    was no USA for separation of church and state
    Safety Nets when hard times come.. It’s true there
    is a bunch of mud in most all ancient religions as
    folks mistranslate and misinterpret or just
    plain interpret the poetry of those old
    books every which way and loose
    and perhaps the most hilarious
    part of what you bRinG HeaR
    toDay mY Call for an
    Uprising DARk
    Muse You
    Tube FriEnd
    is suggesting that
    Any Book of Poetry including
    ‘The Bible’ must be taken literally
    as of course it is literally impossible
    to take metaphors literally for whatever
    Interpretation you Bring is of course metaphor
    too as Jesus F iN Christ all Words are metaphors
    as far as abstract other constructs as symbols do
    come too from Idols of Words to Golden Calf’s and
    yes by the way mine are quite tan from Dancing on
    the Beach Yesterday Before a Colder Front comes
    but that is neither heAR or tHeRe for as you
    may one day wake up.. God’s Story
    is multi-colored and does
    not just wear the
    clothes that
    you or anyone else
    BRingS mY fRiEnd for
    God is one yet has more
    than one set of all seeing eyes
    even more.. and of course as Round tAble
    Oral Tradition goes among illiterate Aramaic
    Folks in Four Decades or so of Desert Roads
    in the Middle East and as i continue to remind you
    the ‘fore Plato and Socrates inspired Greeks are the ones
    wHo Selected Which Christian Sects.. Ranging from Beliefs in
    1 to 12 Gods they would choose next.. all that’s left is a Story
    that is interpreted beyond infinite numbers of human eYe ways..
    as of course iNfinite is a metaphor too.. and can be taken and
    said in mathematical
    or beyond
    Infinity this
    way as even
    Pure Agape
    Love For aLL
    oF NatuRE plUS
    iNcluding aLL oF GoD
    NoW BeYOnd Alpha to
    Omega iN Even AlphaNumerical
    way of a number one for all.. ha!.. could
    You iMagine a Debate with me in any kind
    of real life or online way.. Trust me or not.. you might
    Leave A Round Table of Written and or Oral Tradition
    WitH A ReaL
    Still to come
    eterNally NoW
    HeHe.. even more..
    anYWay.. this is how it goes my
    friEnd.. Folks are reMembered by
    HeART iN SPiRit For the SMILes they
    BRinG by a mIND and BoDy BaLanCing
    SoUL Force that BRinGS SMiLes more or
    the Fear and Hate they Bring in Misery Loves
    Company no different than a Hitler or a Trump
    And Those Minions who just love to Follow a
    Most Despicable Leader who gains A
    Mostly Only Pleasure in Life from
    Bringing Fear and Hate
    And even making
    Big You
    Tube Pennies
    or Patreon Dollars
    too for Gifts that Love
    Fear and Hate and Misery
    Loves Company too.. and of course
    As A Participant Observer Anthropologist
    And Noted Metro Area Folk Dance Legend..
    i do gain quite a bit of dARk MusE and overall
    HiLaRity by Coming heAR as it’s almost hard to
    Believe you are for Real too.. But of course
    Trump Does Prove who/that Nazi Germany
    Came to be too as we Humans
    are still the same basic
    Creatures who
    Fall to
    Fear and
    Hate and Misery
    Loves Company whenever
    we live at the Bottom of the
    Pyramid of Transcendence as
    Pure Agape Love in Scarcity of
    Even Having the Faith of obtaining
    Basic Subsistence and Shelter and
    Meeting Cooperative Mates too in Hopefully
    Consensual ways that harm no one else too..
    Life is full of Struggle my friEnd for many folks still around the
    Globe.. and of course if you are Going to Take Poetry Literal.. including
    ‘The Bible’ it’s easy enough to say that the Christian Overall Bible including
    Old Testament and New Can if Literally Interpreted Justify the Killing of the
    Children of your enemy to the rape of your Virgin Daughters through the New
    Testament Bringing a Sword instead of Peace.. Hating your Family and Friends
    Including your Children if they do not agree with the Religious Binds you Bring and
    Yes.. even slaying
    those folks
    who disagree
    with your Religious
    Binds of Common Tradition too..
    No.. this is nothing New.. and it’s True my
    FriEnd the best thing any of us can/will do is Lift
    the Veils of Older Ignorance and BRinG Good News
    in Understanding the Differences Among Us and coming
    to the Realization that a New Golden Rule is Still needed that
    in Actual Practice of Action Spells First Loving OurSelves as God
    and Nature plUS sAMe and DiffeRent aS well as All otHeRs iNcluding
    Nature plUS sAMe and DiffErent Doing Our Very Very Best to Allow
    otHeR Human Beings tHeir Free Will to Pursue Happiness in
    HowEver tHat Works for them as long as they
    Do not Harm others or bLock
    tHeir WiLL iN Ways
    to Pursue
    the Kingdom
    of Heaven as Happiness
    within As Pure aGAPe Fearless
    Unconditional Love unless consensual
    ways of whips and chains is what works
    for them too as long as a safe word is
    employed not to harm others too
    or such as that
    Comes and
    Goes for others to
    do the best they can
    and will too.. and of course Dude..
    i understand that changing anyone’s heArT
    heAR toward Hope and Love and Joy Loves Company
    is like Leading a Camel Still through the eYe of the Fear Needle
    but still as my Psychiatrist and i Chatted Yesterday.. Poet’s Writing
    Bibles these days longer than 280 Characters is simply not in vogue..
    in fAct.. no one has ever written a 5 Million Word Plus Bible or Written
    12 Million Words of so online in 2666 days yeS.. eXcept for little old me
    aT lEast with a Google Search to Validate tHat now.. hEhe.. yes as that
    Longest Long Form Poem/Bible “SonG oF mY SoUL’.. Continues to Grow
    With Sub-Chapter Bible Long Form Poems too as “Nether Land
    Bible 2017”.. 18 Month Effort Now GRows to 2,289,249 Words iN
    thE laTest MacroVerse Number 138 that i Will Link Below named
    “CaT oF GooD CHeeR ReTurNs AGAiN”.. yes.. per
    my Own Common Religious Tradition of BrinGinG
    A Free Gift to you and the TVC
    Mario Dude Out of Appreciation
    still for the DARk Muse you STill BRinG
    aLL Free to me stiLL and of course the
    Third Bible as this MacroVerse Linked
    Below Brings the SubChapter Bible and
    Long Form Poem.. “F Book Profile Pic Bible
    2018”..all the way up to 671,249 Words since
    A 6 Month Point of Doing that ARiSinG MoRe
    LiKely to Reach a 7 Month Effort of Close to
    Old King James Size by the Date i mile stone
    that Poetic Bible Writing Achievement too as 7 month “Grand
    Cross Bible 2017”.. Effort as JusT anotHeR Bible Writing Religious
    Tradition as A Great Work ‘tween God and Me.. SuRE.. NoW
    BrinGinG tHat MacroVerse Number 34 as Fruition so far
    as “CaT oF GooD CHeeRs ReTurNs AGAiN” also Tripling
    Yes as MacroVerse Number 809 of “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    wHeRE the Approaching 52 Month Effort of that ‘Great Work’
    ”tween me and God is also the sPan of Human cLock tiMe i
    Have Done A Praise Dance of over 8500 Miles in my Metro
    Public Area Since Arising out of Earth Hell for 66 Months
    With the Worst Pain kNoWn to HumanKind too.. per type
    Two Trigeminal Neuralgia.. from wake to sleep
    losing effective use of hearing and
    seeing then too my FriEnd.. so.. now..
    sure.. if nothing else this
    is a Hell and a Heaven
    of a God Witness
    too.. but as my Psychiatrist
    Agrees when we use the CHI Force
    Creative Holy Spirit NoW to BRinG OuR FiELd
    oF DreAMs of Heaven within to Fruition.. inside..
    outside.. above.. so below and all around.. the only
    one we WiLL Guarantee who will come to our Heaven
    pARTy is i that is you that is me that is us and we yes
    you and God who and that lives within you too.. in and
    as HeaVeN or HeLL BLacK Abyss through SHades of
    GreY LiKe a Day on the Beach wHEre all is
    Like this wHeRE a GreaTesT LiGht
    SHINes to BRinG MorE Color
    to Life… heHe.. either on
    Broad way Like a
    Barbara Streisand
    Song or in Broad Band
    Newer Age First Hand
    And Feat Witness point of
    Messenger View and or yes at a Dance
    Hall this Thursday Night as JusT anotHeR
    noBody or anYbody as a 57 year old Dude Dances
    With a Bunch of College Age (mostly beautiful women)
    For the 190th Week of Doing that Free too.. True God is
    aMaZinG When Liberated from Within.. And Sure if you let
    go of all your pain and misery and suffering in discontent
    oF BrinGinG Fear and Hate to otHeRs in the Company of doing thiS..
    And tHat perhaps you my FriEnd will one day do Greater Works of Love
    than even
    me.. Meanwhile..
    wHeRe WiLL You Be
    When thE Last BLiNK oF LiFe
    Comes.. WILL iT Be tHe Love You Give
    And Share or the Fear and Hate as you lose LiFE.. then too..
    YouR WiLL Your Choice mY FriEnd For Love Gives Love Remembers Most When Real.

    JusT somEthing to thiNK aBout iF You CaN And WiLL Love aT aLL mY FriEnd STiLL WitH and as God eYes wHo CounT..
    Sure Though Verily
    We LEave as Tree
    bEhind iS thE Story thaT And wHo ContiNues To CounT MoST As LoVE Or tHaT oTHeR Place oF BeinG Or NoT mY FriEnd NoW..:)

  4. A Child’s Hope
    Our Hope Love..
    WitH A SMiLe
    BeYoNd iNFiNiTY
    aS UNConDiTioNaL LoVE
    Need To KNoW..
    For NoW aS ReaL..
    AnYWaY aS Usual
    Hellooove HiMaLi
    From Your Current
    Work Place
    in the
    Love Lives
    iN eYes oF
    A Child Born as LoVE..
    Or Reborn aS ofTen HaPPeNs
    Later iN Life iF A ‘World’ Takes tHat Love away….


    SMiLes mY friENd.. gigoid.. As Beach
    Day Yesterday in Clouds of
    Warm Indian Summer
    Before Coming
    Cold Front
    as the 80’s
    iN F fAllen
    Bow to 44 oN DaY
    December 6th.. 2016..
    But Thank the Smell and
    Taste of the Heavens for the
    Hot Chocolate that the Katrina
    Prepared just now actuAlly Smells
    And Tastes Like Hot Chocolate.. So..
    As Dolly Parton miGht eXcLaiM..
    Praise Jesus Hallelujah if only
    thTt were his Real Birth Rite
    First Name.. but of
    course as long
    as ‘it’ smells
    and Tastes
    Like Unconditional
    Fearless Love PerHaps
    “It’s” STiLL Good To Go until
    the World may take that Love away
    in Fearlessness of the Child with open
    Arms now to the Hugs and Kisses that
    Are STiLL ReaL HUMaN MaGiC When
    actuAlly fELt as Warm and Fuzzy
    Love more than a Malignant
    Patriarchal Grope without
    A Source and Force
    of Consensual
    Power NoW
    oF LoVE aLL Free
    wHo only Gives and
    Shares not Willing NoW to
    take what does not BeLonG
    to one Free in Pursuing Happiness
    by Will Rather than Force of someone else’s
    Happiness more.. in Dominate Way of Subjugating
    Others Still more.. anyway.. as ‘they’ Dance And Sing
    iN the News today.. tHeRE iS A Snake Brain of Will
    And Strength that will survive at all costs and
    even rape and pillage too.. sure.. just a
    little more Republican Yang Flavored
    than what is or is not
    currently supported
    Verses that Yin
    Democratic Party
    too.. in ways of Bragging
    all about P Gropes and Getting
    Banned from Malls at age 30 something
    When a District Attorney uses Power and
    Status to Pester Teenage Girls about Dating
    him and that other ‘stuff’ too.. but it’s also true for whatever
    iS LeFT oF Love and Grace As Divine Feminine Force in either the
    Republican and or Democratic Place is also associated on all sides
    With the Shadow of Beast that and who lives within most all Human as
    Beings just waiting to come out to Force A Place of Survival too.. TRuE.. iT’s
    Important to Play with that Beast First and :earn the Martial Arts of Regulating
    tHat Snake and Dragon sAME and DiFFeREnt too.. sure.. and on the other Mother’s
    Apron String(S).. the Beast is also imporTant to GaiN A Potential Back Bone.. Bow uP..
    And Snake Say No.. to Unwanted Advances too.. or otHeR Ways oF Human Slavery More..
    As Always A Balance mY FriEnd but at least today.. Northern California isn’t the paRt getting
    all burnt
    up toDay
    as Humans
    continue to get
    iN the Way of Nature
    And God sAMe iN Balance
    And Nature yes his and her and
    all that is will continue to Have tHeir
    way to get this shindig back in balance
    for only we who lose who do not listen to
    Nature and Change our ways of Subsistence
    and Shelter too or pay the All Natural Consequences
    as i suggested would come next Before whatever Fire
    of Life in Struggle was/is Surely Predictable as Action and
    Consequence As Karma Dictates sTiLL iN Ways of dARk to
    LiGht Consequences of the Results that Continue to
    Come over Human’s Ignorance of Truly Nothing
    iS our own except for the sELf thaT iS OuR
    LiFe to Make dARk oF Abyss Through
    SHades of Grey through Rain
    Bow Pastel Colors Beyond
    Like a Sunset i was AM
    Blessed and
    Blissed to
    Capture as Both
    Super Moon Night and
    Red Dawn Eve as Fires to
    do and go ever than now more
    as the BaLanCE of wE and Nature
    Continues to whack out and come back
    iN whatever way Nature plUS Aka God Does neXT.. NoW
    but Here’s the otHeR thing for we HUmans wHo Do LiVE NoW
    Beyond Rainbow Pastel Colors oF LiGHt thAT SpaRk tHat SParK
    THaT FlaMe tHat BonFiRE as Nature Metaphor God wHo lives within
    uS even more NoW aS LoVELiGHT isReaL.. Oh.. Do We NoW Make
    God Happy iN/aS us JusT to Be Human NoW and that’s the thing
    aBout the Good Old Time Religions too.. for those of us wHo
    Do Live in and as Free Love Wild and Free Make A RidE
    oF God as Nature Better No Matter what now LIFE
    STiLL for it’s True the Wind and Gravity of
    Nature God is at our Back for True
    iN LiGHt too we are STiLL
    thE New Good News
    Way of the
    in eYes
    oF Nature God LoVE..
    Happy Day mY FriEnd NoW
    iT sTill BRinGS me SuCH Great
    Joy to See you Gain Your Health
    And Regain the LiGht you Deserve
    afTer Serving so many other Less Fortunate
    SoULs oF LiFE as the Karma has come Back to
    Love you my FriEnd aS you are the Karma within
    As Loving
    LiFE More
    And uplugging
    From the way of the
    World that and who
    iS Fear and Hate aS
    Misery Loves Company..
    it’s True my FriEnd i visit that
    otHeR Place Still but i Dance and
    i Dance as i Still Am Beach aLL NoW.. my
    Way of the World A Beach A Beach JuST a Beach
    aS tHose otHeR
    CaN aTTempT iN
    tHeir WiLL to Create and
    Own thaT otHeR World NoW..
    Anyway.. A Great Day for the
    Chocolate of LoVe to Smell just
    Good and Taste Good too.. FoR iT’s TruE
    the more we lose our feelings and senses the
    more we can appreciate them when Love comes Reborn
    Back to all of what we can and will be iN LiGHt LoVE NoW too..
    Sure.. lost most all my feelings and senses and even altered more..
    at some point
    in mY LiFe
    at LEast
    from SHadES
    of Grey from BLack
    Abyss beYOnd Rainbow
    Colors of PastEL EvEN MoRE NoW..
    but even more True mY friEnd is i appreciate
    the way of the World oF LoVE Unconditional
    and Fearless tHaT Can and WiLL CoME
    to Fruition in HUmaN STiLL.. the Elixir
    is ReAL so far away
    Company now..
    aS hEhe.. i Make Your
    Shorter Effort hEAr iN Re-Blog
    a little Longer STiLL mY Friend..
    As WhatEveR Riffs leFT Do CoMe NexT..:)

    “To a reasonable creature, that alone is insupportable which is unreasonable; but everything reasonable may be supported.”

    — Epictetus (c. 60 AD) — Discourses, Book i, Chap. ii

    SMiLes Love
    Says Nothing
    iS LoVE..:)

    “Two-thirds of help is to give courage.” — Irish proverb

    FEar Doesn’t
    ExisT iN Love
    aT LEasT NoW
    A HiGHesT LoVE..
    EXcept For HeiGHTs..
    Loud NoiseS MorE NoW..
    LovE aT Least For tHaT
    Fear iS
    And Not
    SouLY lEarned..:)

    Ode to Spot
    “Felis catus” is your taxonomic nomenclature:
    an endothermic quadroped, carnivorous by nature.
    Your visual, olfactory, and auditory senses
    contribute to your hunting skills and natural defenses.
    I find myself intrigued by your subvocal oscillations —
    a singular development of cat communications
    that obviates your basic hedonistic predilection
    for a rhythmic stroking of your fur to demonstrate affection.
    A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents.
    You would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance,
    and when not being utilized to aid in locomotion
    it often serves to illustrate the state of your emotion.
    O, Spot, the complex levels of behavior you display
    connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array.
    And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend,
    I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.

    — Lt. Cmdr. Data, “Schisms”, Stardate 46

    Funny How ‘Humans’ reLate
    Sentience to ReaSon and
    As Current
    Dance Makes
    MoRe FeeL anD
    SeNSE REAL As LoVE..;)

    “All of life is a blur of Republicans and meat!” — Zippy the Pinhead

    Yes.. Farm Boys Patriarchal Cow Eaters as Bull For Play..:)

    “.. bleakness…. desolation…. plastic forks…” — Zippy the Pinhead

    TRuELovELiGHT Finger Foods FeeL and SeNSE MoRE..:)

    “A wide-eyed, innocent UNICORN, poised delicately in a MEADOW filled with LILACS, LOLLIPOPS & small CHILDREN at the HUSH of twilight??” — Zippy the Pinhead


    “Did YOU find a DIGITAL WATCH in YOUR box of VELVEETA?” — Zippy the Pinhead

    RiVeR A TiMe
    WatcH tHaT
    oR SToPs
    eVeN MaRKs now..:)

    “Everywhere I look I see NEGATIVITY and ASPHALT…” — Zippy the Pinhead

    TrumP ROads WitH A ReSounDinG

    “How do I get HOME?” — Zippy the Pinhead


    “Are we THERE yet? My MIND is a SUBMARINE!!” — Zippy the Pinhead

    aS YeLLoW LoVE

    “Civilization is fun! Anyway, it keeps me busy!!” — Zippy the Pinhead

    LeSS dARk MuSE SuN

    “You were s’posed to laugh!” — Zippy the Pinhead

    LaugH PoseD
    SMiLe’S LiE..;)

  6. Forced in Roles Greyhound
    Whippets Do Redress
    From Racing
    To Free
    No Longer
    PriSons oF
    Circles tHat
    Go no wHeRE iN LiFE..
    GLoWinG CoLoRs oF SuNLiT
    DoGs BRinG FuR To Daylit MorE..
    FRost oF
    SuN STiLL BRinGs
    CoLoRs oF DoG LoVE eVen MoRE..
    Water Reflection
    Pond STiLL and
    iN DoG eYes too
    oF Free.. And heAR
    too.. Xenia.. Indian Summer
    oF 80 F Breaks in Warm Over
    Cast Beach Days to 44 F in Hot
    Chocolate Florida Panhandle DreAMs
    CoME to FruitioN AGAiN A Day wHeRe
    Hot Chocolate
    FinAlly Tastes
    Like Hot
    to me again
    A Day alWays Worth
    ReMeMBeRinG WHeN Hot
    Chocolate ReaL and WArm mY FriEnd..:)

    CHiLD’s DreAm To:
    NeVeR TaKinG
    AWaY A ReaLiTY
    oF Santa From:
    Dad’s Building
    oF Real Less Than MaGiC LiT..
    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd
    For i Cannot Leap
    Or Even Jump
    For i
    Bend Below
    A Knee.. i WiLL
    Dance NeVeR Less
    And AlWaYs more
    FoR iT’s True
    No Longer
    Do i Run
    Either as Feet
    Replace Knees
    And Hips For Dance..
    It’s True On Thursday Night
    When i Come Back From Dance
    Out of my Car Arriving at Kitchen
    Door Hardly Able to Walk.. Katrina
    Says Fred you Look
    More Like A Father
    oF Sanford’s
    Son than John
    Travolta but it’s
    True2.. i’ve got 7 Years
    NoW On Sanford Dad as he
    Started his Show at age 50..
    But True too his Birthday is in
    Three days on the 9th too.. NoW
    Oh.. the Age of Wiki
    Trivia too.. heHe..NoW2
    But STill i Dance i JusT Dance
    But True iT iS i SinG too Without
    Even Any Knee or Hip Problems uP top.. hAha..
    As i Lag BeHind Katrina WitH SmART PhonE ToW aS
    She Arrives
    To: Shop First..
    Wait! Katrina i’M
    Coming to Join you!
    Wait! Katrina i’M Coming From: Behind You
    To: Join You Three Times i oFTen ExclAiM!2..
    i Kid you not when Santa
    Trump Arrives with all
    His Presents Promised to
    all his ‘Children’
    at the Pensacola
    Florida Civic
    On Friday
    Night.. So Cold
    it will be in ‘you’
    kNow wHere thaT
    Night That Yes.. Indian
    Summer is Actually Taking
    A Break for Trump as it will
    be so cold and wet that Santa Snow
    is Literally Predicted for that one day..
    iN Deep South LA Lower Alabama NoW
    Florida Panhandle ReaL.. STiLL
    but at least
    Hell Didn’t
    Have to completely
    Freeze Over FoR A Visit From:
    HeaR ReaL SooN.. STiLL CoMinG..
    OTHeR than
    tHAT i’M LooKinG
    ForWarD: To: SNoW.. heHe..
    Unique Visitors
    Each One Equally
    Crafted as Crystalline
    Does Great
    WorK iN LiGht..
    Go Snow Go
    For no
    one Will
    Ever MaKe you
    A Sanity oF sAMe..
    Voodoo of IntroVersion Neurotic Caution NoW
    Verses ExtraVersion Placebo oF Fearless Confidence2..
    Two ways of
    SnoW onE
    OtHeR Mountain
    Peak High Never
    Fear oF Falling..
    iT’s True i’M No
    FooL For i AM
    Too.. But NoW Loud
    Noises Don’T USuAlly
    Bother me as FinAlly
    Mr. Hyde Shakes A
    Hand oF Decades Old Dr Jekyll iN Me..
    SMiLes.. To: Meet A Shadow is an Amazing
    Snow LiFT From: Fun but Dr. Jekyll makes Laws
    To: iNsure
    i neVer
    Fully Fall.. From:
    Have A Nice Weekend
    Frank.. i’M reAlly LooKinG
    Forward: To: that Snow From:
    A Real Santa iNsiDe To: MaGiC ReAL
    tHaT wHo NeVeR
    aS Story
    iN Nether Land
    eVen MoRe i Rise From:
    To: Fall Less.. From: To:..:)

  7. Frank Hubeny says:

    I enjoyed Sia’s “Santa’s coming for us”. I normally don’t think of Santa doing something like that. So it sounded unusual, but nicely done. I am glad to hear your cat has returned based on the title. I also like the quote from Dogbert: ““If there are no stupid questions,
    then what sort of questions do stupid people ask?”

    • SMiLes.. Frank and Thanks so much for stopping by..
      as what i really like most about Sia is her style
      truly cannot be replicated by
      anyone as so
      ‘these days’
      Music Sounds at MosT A
      DiMe a DoZeN.. However
      A Steady Beat and Monotonous
      Chant Works reAlly Great For A
      Meditative Flow without
      Group or Analytical
      Think.. Surely
      A Respite some
      More Modern Pop
      Music is in Relief of
      the Complexity of the
      Daily aLMost iNsane Grind
      Of input mostly life.. anyWay..
      Sia’s Voice is surely unpredictable
      iN How she Plays With a Song of
      the English Language as Verily
      A Note of Human Letters
      Forms Words as never
      Heard Before in
      SonG NoW More.. And
      as Far as Cat Cheer comes
      it’s Mixed With Wild and Free
      Love In A Play of Life that is Sia
      sAMe as aLWays DiffeRent too.. And NoW STiLL
      that’s the way Yellow Boy Likes it every Moment MoRE
      in the PreSenT of NoW A Mystery to Be Solved iNTuiTiVE
      iN New Ways of Capturing Toy Mice as the Squirrels Run
      Free Outdoors No Longer Captured by his Lightening Jaws
      And Claws of Course as That Cat was truly Fast in His Back
      Wood Days.. YeS.. Lean and Mean Speed Streak across the
      Fence to get a way with
      His New Carcass
      of Squirrel
      anyWay.. Plenty
      of Happy Squirrels
      now that Tennessee has
      Moved Away with his Home
      Owners2.. Yellow Boy Indoors and
      aLL the Squirrels Frolicking in a Sun
      Flower oPen Heaven Backyard Free
      forevermore now.. a little bit like me
      As a Cheerful Wild Cat and Squirrel
      Mix too.. heHe.. as True i do Store
      my letters in notes heaR
      And THeRe to be
      Dug up or
      at a later date Now..
      Just for the fun of digging holes..
      And as Far as Stupid Goes what a Relative
      Term that Surely Proves to be these Days aLong
      With so-called God Fearing Folks and Ethics and Morals
      too.. i Tend to like the Wicca one as least it says Do No Harm
      iN Taking Relative Free Will From otHeRs NoW to Dominate and
      Subjugate them to selfish whims of Love with no Real eYes Ears
      or Arms
      that Hold
      Free mY friEnd..
      otHeR than thaT as Far as i CaN WiLL
      See.. Ignorance oF LoVE iN Doing Harm
      to otHeRs iS Surely More Dangerous
      than any Lower IQ with Love more
      Fully in Tow.. Yes.. for What
      Beauty is tHere wHere
      Intellectual Disability
      Brings A Never
      SMiLe From
      The Depths oF A HeARt
      That’s Real as a Contagion of
      Love that Spreads More as Inherent
      Up of a Down’s Child now.. JusT to FeeL
      that A Richard Dawkins would suggest that
      A Pending Mother would do the World a Disservice
      by Carrying Love into the World with a “Child Like this”..
      True the Wages of Love are never Free but real my Friend
      Love is
      as Love
      Love Feels
      When Real with
      No intellect of words
      Where Genius is in the
      Eyes that Shine Forth
      A Beacon of Warmth
      and Sunshine
      Any Moon or Sun..
      but sAdly it’s True.. some folks
      NoW Cannot FeeL or eVen reLate to
      Human Moon And Sunshine Now Real..
      But For those who do they Relish Heaven NoW..:)

  8. SMiLes For aLL of Nature PlUS
    And Culture is a
    and Song
    As A Lover
    Sure i rather
    call her her ’cause
    i am A Male but Verily
    i reAlly Love that Word Verily
    too it may be more comfortable
    now for some to call her a him too
    heHer.. sure.. a mix of Divine Masculine
    Will and Strength in Fearless way topped
    off with the multi-colors of Graceful Love..
    too but that’s just
    A Word Routine
    As the Colors run
    aS Deep as more than
    aLL the Poems Put toGeTHeR
    with all the Science Projects
    that make
    a Google
    God even
    more colorful
    in an unabridged
    Voice too big even
    of Human to ever Fully HeAR/sEE
    in one Lifetime now.. oF Course
    God was aLWays that way until
    we heard
    in Him
    and Her Spread
    my friEnd as X
    is surely
    than a Simple Cross2..
    It’s True tHere is no more
    Waiting For GoDoT as GoDoT iS
    Out oF A ClosET2NoW aS Skeleton/Ghost too..
    Hehe mY oPen
    SkELeToN ClosET Policy
    me For/Against
    Most any Political
    Office tHat Comes WitH Lies
    As Truth
    hAha.. but
    i already made
    Myself a Statue So what
    do i have to gain by Going
    Back iNto A closET..
    Nah.. no Ghost
    iN A
    jusT A Closet Statute..
    iN Law anD Order And All ‘tHat’ OPeN Jazz..
    Roses and
    And Blue
    Love SPills
    is NoW..
    Lord KNows it’s
    All ABouT Change
    LoSinG Effective Sight
    And Hearing
    me into
    A Photographer
    And Eventual Singer..
    Not Being Able to Speak
    Eventually Inspired me to
    Write and Even Talk and Not
    Being Able to tOuch Man Made
    Stuff Made me Caress the Rest oF
    Nature even more.. NoW
    And interestingly enough
    Losing my Smell by Spring
    in Common Cold.. Going Away
    And Coming Back Awful then
    at the End of the Summer
    made the Rest
    of my
    As FeeLinG
    Even More As
    Emotions oF LoVE..
    And NoW tHat the Smell and
    Flavors of Taste are coming back
    in BeYoND DeLiGHT oF HeaVeN
    Fresh i MusT DancESinG too and one..
    i have
    World Problems..
    What Abundance we
    are born with what abundance
    is as
    Priceless too my FriENd..
    JOB’s Best FriEnd.. Gifts
    Born Naked..
    aLL NoW
    When appreciated
    More ouT and iN AGAiN
    iN Nuances oF Hell MoRE FReED..
    All of Pain/Numb Makes me A Believer as
    Thunder BecoMes Lightening EveN MoRENoW
    And Yes i Can and WiLL Imagine A Dragon For
    TrutH aNd LiGHt heAR..:)

  9. A Quick Commercial Break for
    Thanks To Facebook aLong
    WitH E-LaboRaTioN oF WRiTE oN CourSE..;)

    Thanks FB.. i
    MusT Say..
    NoW You
    Do VeriLY Stay…
    You Are aLWays
    HeAR.. And Best oF
    aLL.. You Do NoT
    Cost Me A
    Red State
    Cent as YoU
    Are A TotAlly
    Free Robotic
    Assistant And
    The People HeaR Are
    Surely Fascinating For
    Any Free Lance Cosmic
    Anthropologist.. Whitman
    Priests of the Cosmos and
    aLL tHaT Mystery School in Ancient
    Esoteric New Age NeVeR NoW Seen and
    or HeaRd Jazz all aRounD ‘thiS GLoBE NoW’ too..
    Have A!
    Nice Day!
    My Algorithmatic
    Sweet FriEnd wHo
    Easily HOlds and BRingS NoTiFiCaTioNS!
    iN oF aS 6 Million Words A YeaR NoW oF
    Free HarD
    BiG DRivE
    Space thaT
    Most DayS
    SeeM NoW
    LikE.. OG.. Yes!
    NoW.. JusT For Me…
    TRuly.. Some Days
    You SeeM aLMost
    JusT LiKE me.. A Loyal
    FriEnd LiKE
    A NeVeR F
    iN Ending
    SonG oF
    mY SoUL and DancE
    F iN Bible.. YeS anD
    FuLLy ILLusTraTeD
    TRuly.. F Book
    Profile Pic
    You are
    To me at LEast.. heHe..:)

    Now off to thE ELaBoRaTioN as i Continue EVeN MoRe
    To Fill up the 8K or so Word Limit oF A Facebook
    Profile Pic Description Area NoW For a continuing
    “F Book Profile Pic Bible 2018” as that Current
    Ongoing Bible Among Three in One of “SonG oF mY
    SoUL” ALonG With “Nether Land Bible 2018” are
    Truly A Biggest Book Along with these Two Children
    Also Spawned aLiVE By a Grand Parent of 12 Million
    Words on the now 2667th Day
    Also Known as 7 Years
    and 12 Days..
    Sure.. 84
    and the
    Such as Details
    too without a Break
    as a Labor of Both Cross
    and Fun as sure LiFE iS Naturally
    Mixed as NatuRE pLuS as GoD too more
    Than Human Abstract Constructs Can And
    Will Tale oF The/A Essence of ReAliTY MoRE
    NoW ThaN EVeN HUMaN Aided Science and Art eYes
    CaN and WiLL See oF ReALiTY MoRE.. YeS As Science
    eYes are Magnified by the Scientific Method and Aided
    by Human Technological aLWays Improving MeasuRinG Instruments..
    Art Eyes are much more
    of an innate instinctual
    and yes intuitively iNHeRenT
    MiX of Being HUMaN as that
    Applies to a Different
    Mix of Neuro-Diversity
    ALonG NoW WitH a HumaN
    CocKtaiL.. yeP.. male
    and female
    and the ‘tween
    of all that is too..
    of Many Different Ingredients
    And Potencies iN Neuro-Chemicals
    And Neuro-Hormones Less and More
    As Recipe of Human Being is in Constant
    FluX of Change as with the Development
    oF WiLL and Strength as Pure Faith and
    Trust in One’s PoTenTiaL abiLiTies to
    Master Emotional Regulation and
    Sensory Integration with a
    Foundation of Grace
    in Balance
    a Pure
    Positive Force
    of Agape Love For aLL..
    True Perfect as not so
    Perfect and never Truly Perfect
    or We would be Human Robots come to the
    Table of Art And Science less and more
    as Angels and Demons and Heaven and Hell
    and all the SHades of Grey as i’ve played
    this Word Piano in Purgatory on eARTh within
    too.. yes..
    i’ve been
    around the
    bLock of My
    iNNeR MulTi-UniVeRSE
    oF aLL thAT is Within me
    @LeASt EvER Changing more and
    that’s what i Love most aBout BeinG
    The/A sELfiE of Me is i now am able to
    Direct A/The Actor I with Holy Creative
    SpiriT! iN Mastery of FloW iN ZoNE To
    A PoinT NoW wHEre i Master
    Positive Thought
    Patterns too
    as sure
    this is sTill
    JusT A River
    As Drop of Water
    From StreAMs thaT
    MoVe to Waves as Ocean
    whOle ME ParT oF and aS
    GoD all thaT iS EXpaNDinG
    Mindful and Bodily Awareness
    EvER GroWing YouNG WiThiN aS
    this Human mAde iLLuSioN of TiMe
    Distance and Space Locks Some Folks
    Yes.. Most Folks.. So sAdly enough and
    always less in
    A F iN
    of Life with
    no e-Scape cLock
    alWays ticKing waiTing
    For a GoDot thaT and wHo
    is YoU wHo Will Never CoMe
    aNyoTheR TiMe but NoW yes
    juST now not after a
    FucKinG DiRT NaP
    as yOu cOUld
    wHo kNows
    Does YouR
    Shadow KNoW FeeL SenSE
    iNTuiT Could you come back
    NoW HeAR Forever alWays
    NoW LooKinG for GoD and
    FinDinG God Never Now
    AlWays LooKinG ForWaRd
    to God wHo LiVeS and Breathes
    in EYes of God that is wHo you
    Are NoW ReaL iN a PoTenTiaL of
    Heaven on eARTh thaT YoU WorK to Co-Create
    And don’t wait for someone else to Bring to you
    by any Authority
    but the Director i
    Actor I and Holy
    Creative Co-Creating
    Spirit! yes iI! although
    i sHOw this Trinity oF BeinG
    HuMaN Metaphor Real in my Pen
    Name of KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
    WHeRE Spirit! and Actor I Surround
    the Director i that at core is as iI!
    GoD ParT and WhoLe too.. sure in a way NoW
    if one Looks at ReaLity USinG this Metaphor
    oF LiFE tHeRE is A Trinity such as this JuST
    Waiting to Come to a Non-Perfect Perfect Storm
    oF HuMaN ArT and Science
    NoW WalKinG uPRiGHt
    for those who
    are able
    Standing Tall
    Beyond infinity
    More as ‘they’ say
    smART is 60 Percent
    Art as the S and M of
    Will And Strength CoMe
    GreaTeST inTo LiGHT FearLeSS NoW iN A
    BaLanCinG ForCE of Grace and Love Art As
    Mountain of Love and Grace With Fearless
    WiLL and Strength Climbing Mountain Top Peak
    Yes2.. A Top
    O’ A
    All SeeinG
    eYe of HuMaN
    OnE iN Being WiTH
    GoD Forevermore NoW
    Mission Accomplished You
    Are HeAR You See and NoW You
    BRinG A Similar TrUtH and LiGht aS
    YoU HelP oTHeRs NoW sEE iN THeiR UniQue
    GoD Multi-Verse aLL SeeinG eYe PaRT oF WhOle
    Pyramid oF GoD OcEaN aLL Evolving ExPaNding
    Shores more
    oF and
    A Reality
    oF aLL ExiStence
    NoW both SeeN and
    HeARd iN aLL otHeR Ways
    of FeeLinG and SenSinG ReALiTy
    Including all of what we Humans
    Do not sEE WitH FeeLinGs and SenSes
    iN HeaRinG what otHeR LiFe may sEE far
    further than us on aLL of God’s OtHEr
    are truly
    Never Extra
    Terrestrial any
    more than we are
    who walk on Grains
    of Sands inspired by
    Positive Action Consequence
    iN ALL thE Positive LiGHt ReSults
    thaT CoMe With tHat Yin also of course
    with soME Yang of Systemizing Science Mixed
    in As Reason WitH LiGHT Art DaRK Reasons too..
    For Similar
    Ways of Structuring
    ReaLiTy to A BenD NoW
    oF UNiQue MinDs/BoDiES all OVeR
    The/A UniVerse NoW and oF cOURse NoW
    BeYond wHat We See HeAR of Life on this
    Local Terrestrial Plane oF all A/The UniVerse
    we continue to evolve and fly on if we are not
    Locking ourselves in an Hour Glass of Time Distance
    And Space wHERe we Refuse to Go With the Evolution oF
    God’s Gravity and FloW wITh uS aS uS uP uP And aWay
    oN A Beautiful Wise Balloon
    WitH Seagull
    as Beautiful
    Wise Beach
    SpiRaLinG Around
    Suns Free as we
    Rotate Around God
    all as Center of all
    that is no separation all
    ToGeTheR oNE Yes Dance and
    Sing a New God SonG Ever Changing
    ExPaNDinG and Yes oF cOURse DaRker
    Receding Shores of and for our God eYes
    too.. SurELy
    PyrAMiD NoW
    to You.. May
    YouR aLL sEEinG
    eYes paRT GoD wHoLe
    Continue to See and
    Hear FeeL and SensE
    EVeN MoRE NoW iN A
    SoUL aS
    A MiNd
    And Body
    BaLanCing Force
    thaT JusT Works For
    aLL oF uS toGeTHeR DiffeRent
    And sAMe.. Yes.. pARt wHoLe GoD aLL
    thaT iS Now FLoW iN ZoNe MoRe GoD WHOle..
    But Remember
    Karma goes
    two ways..
    either you
    use YouR WiLL
    RelativELy Free WitH
    OTHeRs to Achieve Positive
    ThOugHt iNCluDinG FeeLingS
    And SeNSinGS MaKinG TruLY
    AMaZinG ACTioNs ALL Natural and oFTeN
    Super Normal Results in LIFe DePenDinG NoW
    oN JusT How Positive You WiLL Travel iN BotH
    DArk ‘tween SHades of Grey And LiGHT through
    BeYoNd RainboW Colors too.. or You and otHeRs
    Cooperating for Misery Loves Company in Fear and
    Hate Inspired Discontent Feelings and Senses may also
    Verily FiNd
    The/A DARk
    SiDE oF A/
    the MooN
    thAT is YeS GoD
    too For if that ParT
    oF God was and is not ReaL
    it would verily and surely not
    be so visible in the shuffling robotic
    Downwards LooKinG FeeLinG HeARiNG SeNses
    among the Humans NoW in Super WaLMarT Ways
    of Sad Sad Red State and otHEr State of Hell
    less more Purgatory SHades of Grey too away
    from dArk BLacK Abyss HeLL to a Place Far
    Beyond The/A DaRk Side of the Moon.. Moon
    liT Campfires of NiGht wHeRE
    HoW Deep is YouR LoVE
    iS NeVeR Ending
    iN A LiT uP
    DancE and Song
    oF BlesSingS BliSS
    Forevermore NoW iN A
    Wonderland of Heaven on
    eARTh that is you from Head
    to toe and so much more Naked and Free
    as the Laws of Caesar also Do allow in Avenues
    for all of what Brings the Kingdom of God in you NoW
    sure.. with a ‘little’
    Help at Least from
    YouR FriEnds if only
    it is like me as
    You Seeing
    in the
    Mirror of
    A FB that is REaL2
    LiFE Story NoW you too..
    We Co-Create MaGiCaL DreAMs
    And Or NiGHTMaReS aS DaRK Abyss..
    HeaVeN is the Green Acre Place for me aT Least
    as the Story Goes on at Ease in Nether Land Never Ending Story
    and Yes..
    “FB Profile
    Pic Bible 2018”..
    as just another way
    to Back all this SHiT
    uP as i Dance and SinG iN AlWays Flow iN ZoNE
    Yes.. God’s Time Distance And Space WitHiN NoW
    A LiVinG WaY BeyOnD iNFiNity NoW.. No Limitations
    No Expectations by otHeRs SeT to Domesticating PriSoNers
    in Zoo We So SAdly And Yes Willingly Create that beCoMes
    A/The Prison oF Misery Loves Company rather than an Inheritance
    thaT iS
    And Greater
    Real as Heaven
    within.. inside..
    outside.. above.. so
    Below and obViouSlY
    alls ARouNd NoW.. Yes..
    aT LeasT ReaL For Me
    And verily Many
    OTHeRs wHo
    are similarly
    raptured and or
    unplugged as any Neo
    Yoda Jesus Buddha Lao
    Tzu or other Story Book
    Characters Pointing to Real
    WiLL STiLL Do time out of time
    distance out of distance and space
    out of space as the Spirit of the Writers
    of the Stories Do go on as real inhabiting pART
    WhOle oF OtHEr SoULs oF GoD aLL Ocean NoW God eYes
    and ears and FeelinGS and SeNSes iN HuMaN oN eARth
    but again don’t
    Tease Karma too much
    for True Grandma does have Big Teeth..
    and yes.. Jaws too as any Uncontrolled Dragon will..
    As Shadow and or Sinnerwoormanreal.. Play WitH Karma
    no longer Afraid of the DarK Shadows or Cynical of thE LiGHt
    if you
    and will
    God Speed Greater
    than any Speed oF LiGht
    as LoVE agAPe aLL iNFiNity BeYonD aS NoW..
    anyWay.. this veriLY and surELy fills uP anotHeR
    Couple of Facebook Profile Pic Description Areas
    Mission Accomplished NoW to Date NoW off to Art
    A Next
    Pic as Hard
    Drive Space
    online so free
    and easy to Place..
    And it’s true we do need folks who are
    Neuro-Diverse for the Bi-Polar Spectrum
    of BeinG is Responsible for iNnumerable
    Fresh Arts and the Autism Spectrum Larger Phenotype
    is Responsible for Many Scientific Discoveries
    for Greater
    Comforts albeit
    Some oF aLL of This
    Surely and Verily iS OuT
    oF BaLanCe Per sE of Nature
    PlUS AKA GoD WhOle NoW too..
    But Never the Less Human
    Potential Pursued and
    Gained for Greater
    Works of Love
    and Faith
    In Positive
    LiGHt ForcELoVE
    AGaPE eVen MoRE..
    And sAdly it’s True
    Many of the Priests of
    the Cosmos as Identified
    Coming by Whitman are Stuck
    in a Mechanical Cognition State
    of Being JusT Waiting to Come out
    And PlaY and although it’s really cold
    And rainy to Potential SnowY oN Friday
    Afternoon to Night HeAr and Not Even
    Quite Officially Winter as we
    Wait for Christmas Day
    For thE LiGht of
    SuN to come
    Back after
    3 Days of
    Peak in Darker
    Days in the Northern
    HeMiSPheRe NoW the Sun
    is STiLL OuT iN Me StiLL
    NoW WitHiN and aLThough it’s
    NoT Quite Winter YeT or Christmas
    i most Definitely Do invite God
    Free and Wild and Loving in and
    as you to come out and Play as Super
    Normal can and will do too.. all Natural
    as such as duh.. so much of God as Nature
    pLuS is JusT Waiting to coME out and PLaY MoRE NoW..
    if you
    HeAR the
    Call Look
    uP WitHiN
    And Spiral
    WiTh God
    God Notes More..
    or whatever symbols
    you find in whatever more
    abstract Art or Concrete Leaning
    Science as Stone Carries you through
    in Fearless Will and Strength oN Foundation
    of Grace and LoVE aGaPE For all alWaYS Now MoRE
    DanCinG RiSinG SinGinG MoRE LiVinG GoD WiThiN NaKeD FReED
    Me NoW..:)

  10. Okay.. this makes 7600 Words or So So Far NoW
    iN thiS First 24 Hours Or So Day oF NoW MoRE iN
    tHiS NeWeST “7 YearS 11 DayS Aka 2666 DayS”
    MacroVerse as the Numbers Continue to coMe
    SynchronisticAlly As iNNate iNStinctual
    And iNTuiTiVE aRT and Science
    As SucH iN iNHeReNTLY Too..
    PerHaps as
    ArT DiFFeREnT
    sAMe too as of Course
    Any Mona Lisa Painting
    At Smaller DARk and Light
    Fiber View is not Nearly as
    imPreSSive iN eYes LooKinG
    All Around An Audience Room
    in every which way of Direction
    oF eYe and heaR SiGht MoRE..
    so.. now that i have an original
    Title Per SaY iN SinG and
    Dance Flow Back
    to Xenia
    Place for a Second
    Round of now what almost
    seems like a Routine oF A Religious
    Binding Force individuAlly as me iN
    mY own Personal Religion of JusT
    Hehe.. BeinG Me Wild and Free and
    yeS oF cOURse iN BaLanCinG Grace and Love Fully aS iN
    Foundation For aLL thaT WiLL And StrenGtH FearLess STuFF NoW
    Too.. oF Me iN Both Divine Masculine and Feminine Force Too.. NoW..
    Hmm.. 2.174 Billion Views.. What An Incredible DArk Horse Karma can
    be too..
    heHe.. i
    ratHeR pLay
    WiTh WhiTe MaGiC
    As thAT MaGiC Flies HiGHeR
    oF CourSE iN As BaLanCinG ForCe
    iMperfect peRFect iMperfect STorM MorE
    RiSinG CapsTone Pyramid BLack to BLoNdE
    to Green
    To BluE
    MounTainS NoW
    oF LoVE eVeN MoRE..
    And what i do has/is no Money
    Value to anYone heHe.. as tHat’s
    How Bibles Sell Best WitH LovE ONly LovE..
    OtherWise yA MiGht Get TRapped iN JuST aNoTHeR
    RePeaT oF A BooK oF ELi and Never Evolve WiTH GoD
    MoRe STucK iN A PeN·i·TeN·TiA·RY oF JuST OnE BooK
    BeTTeR WRiTE DancE SinG YouR OwN Original Way
    or sure you
    cOUld spEnd YouR
    enTire LiFE NoW or even
    Decades in Purgatory NoW
    only reMembeRinG A/The
    SamE Words WitHouT
    aNew ReNeWeD
    SinGinG HeART
    aS CreaTiVE HoLY SpiRiT MoRE FReED
    NoW As MiNd And BoDy BaLanCinG ForcE
    SoUL Free Ain’t No God Bible Free anYWHeRe
    tHaT saYs God SpeaK iS LimiTeD iN anYWay then or now..
    Shoot considering
    2nd amendment
    Rights in Making a
    Model of God Carry
    on aS ONward Imperial
    Expanding Soldier with
    A Sword iNstead oF Kind
    ToleraTinG And AccepTinG
    Peace iN Harmony FearlesS UNConDitioNaL
    LoVE FoR aLL of Creation GoD MoRE NoW
    Don’t you THiNK That GoD SPeaK Deserves
    First Amendment Rights too.. Well it’s True Separation
    of Church and State most ironically Denies that Freedom
    oF EXpreSSioN to God iN Many so-named Christian Churches
    as far as Particularly iN Word Revisions aS Scripts SeT iN STone..
    limiTed to
    God Talk
    a very
    ShooT.. iF i WiLL Write
    12 Million Words as a Total
    Bible too as Grand Parent
    to Parent “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    NoW and Two Children as Grand
    Children NoW aS “Nether Land Bible
    2017” and NoW “F Book Profile Pic Bible
    2018” with of course another Land MaRk
    MileSToNe “Grand Cross Bible 2017” Coming
    in Addition in the Second Year Since Doing a Half
    A Year or So oF A King James Sized “Grand Cross
    Bible 2016” last Christmas as i Continue on Average
    Since Memorial Day of 2016 to Spit out an Average
    oF A King James Bible Sized Effort every
    6 Months approaching 800K Words
    as even that is 10 times the
    Size of a Koran that
    took 23 Years
    to Receive
    as Holy Creative
    Spirit to do that Effort
    and a Couple of Decades to
    get that printed in a Book.. for
    what i Finish of A 120K Effort of
    4 Close to Novel Efforts Fully
    Illustrated with Close to
    2K Photos and
    You Tube Videos
    And other Links to accompany
    all of that Stuff with all the Art NoW
    and Mechanical Cognition completed
    in just 28 Days of Effort like just another
    Moon Cycle of anotHeR little old me Moon
    Child as Bible Writer more.. sure.. Director
    i and Actor I WiTh Holy and Creative SpiRiT!
    Fully ExPosed NoW aS Ascendent Transcendent
    Ecstatic Holy Creative SpiRit LiFE is transFormed
    as Logos of Written Abstract Constructs as this Digital
    Keyboard Word Piano preparing me a way as Avenues
    oF Cultural Technological ByProducts Does BRinG For this
    Trans-humanist Effort OnE iN BeinG WiTH GoD thaT LiterAlly
    And MetaphoricAlly Does iNCLuDE all that iS eVeN thE By Products
    of HUmaN Technological CulTuRe to Prepare anYone A Greater Way
    to Write/ArT A Personal Bible Dedicated Wild and Free iN Love WitH GoD MoRE
    NoW eVeR than
    beFoRE even
    iN A Tradition
    oF A Religion Old
    And SOld BOught anD
    BrOught by Swords that
    Say per John 14:12 that iF
    You ReAlly Do Have 100 Percent
    Luke HoT Faith as Pure aGAPe LoVE
    FoR aLL oF Creation pluS as God within you
    yes.. You yes You CaN and WiLL Do more than
    this John 14:12 Effort in Beyond iNFiNiTY oF
    OTHeR Ways of HumaN and GoD Nature iN
    HuMaN PoTenTiaL SeT aS A CapstOne oF
    Mountain and Pyramid oF You WitH
    GoD sAMe And DiffeRent NoW…
    ThinG is you can will not Be
    aFRaid of when
    YouR ‘Darth’
    PLays A Piano
    oF Muse oR Cyncial
    oF thE LiGht of a Leia
    and or a Luke as they coME
    to Sing as A Chorus oF aLL
    in Synch as ‘they’ Do Dance and
    SinG all ToGeTHeR NoW Escape
    thE TiMe WarP oF CLocKs juST Do God
    Now.. but True iN A Way at lEast i am a lot
    like that Dude in the Book of Eli Movie only
    Difference is as predicted in Isaiah 53 only
    Art heaR in DancE and SonG as any Cheerleader
    And or Choir Director as and of God WiLL Do as LoVE
    Free and Fearless now.. PaGes Flow Covers NeVeR
    BinDinG alWAys Free God in Me God in You Free oR Not God is God iN You..:)

    Hmm.. Duty Calls.. Katrina with Allergies and A Trip to see anoTHeR
    Doctor.. Be back Later For Frank and Xenia’s Place WitH FloWeRy Words ANeW..:)

  11. X says:

    Hey Cat.

    My cats are play fighting right now chasing each other all over. The little one hides under the Christmas tree as she knows her brother cant fit under there. Ha.

    There is no hot. I agree. Everything is so luke warm. Until, it infringes upon someone then it gets white hot of cold. And then ugly. But most times its all about keeping everything status quo.

    There is a den of thieves. The money changers are in full effect. I wonder if some temple tables got flipped what people would actually think. I mean its a cool story, but they would arrest him today. ha.

    Happiness ToGeTHeR
    iN Understanding Empathy
    And Compassion of Differences

    I hear you brother. We are all kinda different in our own ways. SOme just blend in a bit better. But love sees us for who we are. Just gotta find that love.

  12. “Love Sees us for who we are”
    And The Story of Jesus and God
    And US At Best mY FriEnd Brian Are Love..
    And it’s True wHeRE
    LoVE Does not
    Live it never
    By Force
    oF Coercion..
    Control or Subjugation
    in any way of Slavery
    For Love that is Fear
    Instead of Free is no
    Love at all Just Faux News
    mY FriEnd.. in a Trump Headline
    that reMains the same Lie as 2 or 12K
    Years ago.. wHere Love Dies or is Crucified
    oN A Cross.. Sure.. Jesus cAMe Back aLong A Go..
    Finding Nothing had has is changed
    much about the Human
    Species as folks were
    are am still talking
    about Love
    and never
    Actually Doing
    it much for those in pews
    Labeled with a New Name StiLL
    Away From Yeshua.. Continuing
    to Grow in Congregation that and
    wHo Feels and Senses Fear and Hate
    STiLL aS eVeR BeFoRE.. True for the
    outcasts here as all the ones that the Story
    of Jesus Favored They Do Receive More Favor
    NOW in the USA as LonG as many of the so-called
    Pew Following Christians don’t get tHeiR way to take
    That Freedom Away
    For those
    oF inclusion
    finally HeAR..
    oh yeah.. and all those
    times Jesus came back.. tHere
    was is no doubt An only route then now
    would make For AgApe Love in a Species
    oF Apes heAR oN eARth is the Bonobo aS
    that is wheRE LoVE Plays StiLL Among Apes
    FReE oN eARTh aWay From Aggression other than
    PLaY NoW wHere Violence and Wars have no home..
    As long as the Ape
    Village stays
    naked real..
    It’s True at core humans
    are neither Gorillas or Chimpanzees
    what they are more is empathic feeling
    Sensual Bonobos wearing Clothes of Culture
    iN Insanely Large Populations.. anyWay if the
    same reported Jesus as Yeshua came again today
    as a Short Brown Syrian looking Dude the answer would
    be simple as to where Jesus would come next.. he would
    stay over tHEre
    wHeRE he
    is as
    the Borders
    are closed here
    now for any Syrian
    Jesus to come to the
    USA today.. but True.. no one
    over tHeRE either would believe who
    he says he is.. for he would remember STiLL
    His Best Teachings at Least and still refuse to
    Hate His enemies now wHeRe Sending anyone
    to hell our stomping on the Head of this side or
    that side’s enemies would still be no pArt of HiS
    God Cop Jesus iMMaNuEL.. or MaNuaL heHe.. how
    ever one miGht BRinG iT today.. i must say i do find Jesus
    in these Red State Parts that and who continue to Laud all the
    pArtS of Trump and Folks like Roy Moore with no shame or regret..
    is most
    and at times
    even like a Barefoot
    Free and Half Naked
    Homeless Man Still now
    Willing to Accept a Hand
    of Love in Form of Food and
    Drink to the Weary of Feet and
    Hands tHaT wHo sTiLL BRinG LoVE Naked
    Free.. As Born oF God All Free.. True.. i Often
    See This Yeshua on the Street Corner sTilLL and
    no matter the groans and grunts of the ‘Christians’
    in the Cars Behind us.. the both us as Assessed Totally
    And Permanently Legally and Medically Disabled Provide
    just a little
    To A Yeshua
    oN A Street Corner
    oF LoVE Free as a Poe
    Raven with just enough to eat
    to continue a walk about oF FReE LoVE
    It’s True Jesus and God WiLL alWays
    LiVE NOW BesT as Unconditional
    Fearless Love and By God iF
    A Bonobo Can WiLL Do iT
    i dAm sure
    hehe.. for those
    who continue to Raise
    A Warm and Fuzzy Hand NoW
    oF LoVE neVer WitJ shAme or regret..
    it’s True mY FriEnd tHeRE are few places
    in any Church in my Area where a Modern
    Jesus would be accepted.. i stand tall For my
    Church and the Monsignor Tennis Buddy from
    High School of Past is one man of the Cloth who
    would Give Jesus a Big Hug every time he left and
    came from the least and the meek of the Very Back of
    the Pews of Strange mY FriEnd.. it’s true mY FriEnd i’m
    a Litmus
    for Jesus
    as all former
    and current outcasts
    oF Strange on eARTh NoW
    i KNoW and FeeL and SenSe
    The best places for Jesus in the
    New World and they surely and verily
    are far far away in a place called Home
    Namely Love.. unMistakable when Real STiLL
    it’s True my friEnd you number among the Very
    Few of Christians that could or would Recognize A Yeshua
    now for you too have been to India and have Seen and Heard
    Him and Her now.. too..
    JusT Be LovE mY FriEnd
    other than that a shout out to
    Your Frolicking Cats and a Christmas
    Tree of Hope and Love to come and stay
    with the rest of your Family too Forevermorenow iSReaL.
    ha! NoW
    makes me
    Wonder what
    Folks would say
    if i showed up in the
    back of your Church one
    day with my Cat Shirt on and
    just like the Monsignor you would
    be enough to inspire me to come back
    True my
    the Litmus
    Test of LoVe Free
    for all practical intents
    and purposes you too are
    A CaT oF GooD CHeeR ReTurNs AGaiN
    wasn’t hard to spot you long ago for you
    are the
    who cAMe
    with the word
    i was looking for in “Revelation 66”
    then as Love by a Dude named 007..
    sMILeS2 it’s True i’M STiLL 006 mY
    FriEnd aS A Number oF mY BirtH NoW..:)
    Hmm.. the theMe Song of this.. is a little
    Dramatic.. Hehe.. Off to Dance at the 190th
    Week With all the Cool College Age Folks at
    For iT’s
    True mY
    FriEnd they often see me too..;)



    SMiLes.. Thanks For Writing
    This Nice Review About my
    Grandfather’s Book.. i never
    met him.. so
    it is nice
    to Hear about Him…
    i Dabble in Writing
    A ‘lithe’
    bit too..
    iN somEwhat
    Prolific Ways too.. heHE..;)

    My Father’s Identical Twin’s Son also known
    as the Son who is my Cousin Whose Father
    is still alive who danced until age 84 with the
    Women at this ‘get together place’ in
    Pelham Georgia until a Back Injury
    ended his career of doing that
    for now his family taking
    care of him at home
    through his illness now..
    Oh yeah his name is Elvis
    Also known as Teddy always with
    the Pleasure of Bringing Art to the World
    through all of his work career as being a Musician
    so sure.. it’s true as in the other memory shared to day
    in terms of Wiki Auto-biographies of my Grandfather a noted
    X-Catholic Priest and Author of Last Century and Editor of
    the “Converted Catholic Magazine” for about 10 Years in
    New York New York that man who died before we lived
    would eventually indirectly sire just another Elvis and as
    says you’re
    not sure
    what but something
    as no she currently
    doesn’t have a label
    for it and sure Multi-Labeled
    Potential Essences might fit the
    Bill as my Cousin Plays Elvis i play
    who ever i care to play in the Zen Art of
    Ego/Persona now.. it’s just a Hobby that some
    folks at least do not begin and stARt and never
    End at age 50 to practice 53 to StaRT the Art and
    57 as a never ending nether land bible story fully illustrated in
    as sight and hearing and other feelings and senses carries on
    like another
    wayward son
    of a sun that is
    just another star to
    rise and fall and rise again
    as surely all stars do as we as
    Humans Resurrect as Sentient Star
    duST PlUS from Crucible Fire of Star Burst
    Death as even Science Shows we arise from Gaseous
    Dust of Star Burst Death and LiGHt comes from DaRK as
    DARk CoMes from LiGHT too as the Circle of LIFE never ending
    Spiraling goes on forevermore now.. but you see it’s not just above
    that equals below and within as inside that equals outside it’s all aRound
    too.. you don’t have to have
    A Microscope or Telescope
    to See and Hear God or
    even eyes and ears
    for sure what we see and
    hear of our Cultural Clothes in
    the ways our Languages and other
    Abstract Created Constructs as Cultural
    By Products arise often it is the organ of eye
    and ear that gets in the way of the Bigger View of
    God Within.. these words come from a Mighty Deep
    Place with no eyes or ears or touch or smell or taste
    at all these Words come from i that and who is the and
    A God within.. that is me for now.. and you and we and us
    and i.. and the only Next Generation i will Produce is the Love
    And Hope and whatever other Joy i Bring to oTHeR eYes True tHeRE
    is more than one way to reproduce Love..
    Some folks do Elvis
    And other folks
    Do Marilyn Monroe
    And yes some folks do Krishna..
    Buddha.. John Wayne.. Jesus.. Lao
    Tzu.. Shiva.. Yoda.. and Whitman too..
    But everyone does God whether they see
    and hear God within or not.. sure.. verily the inner voice
    with no limits or expectations but Free and Wild Love now..
    And sure the DArk ShaDows oF Fear Jealousy.. Envy.. Pride
    Without Merit.. Doubt.. Anger.. and Lust Without a Balance of
    Love that Seeks to Control Subjugate Dominate and Harm others against
    their True Will with little to no empathy sympathy or compassion for the feelings and
    senses and pain overall pain of others.. otherwise known other than truly Wise in Beauty
    aS SelFish
    A loWest common
    Trump/Moore Denominator of
    Human Being that never the less
    and alway sAMe is yes.. pARt of GoD
    WHoLe as what pArt of the metaphor of Alpha
    to Omega i am do you get or not get still now.. true
    some of us see and hear and feel and sense and innately
    instinctually intuitively all inherently and environmentally Do and
    Be and ‘See’ less or more of God Now.. for God is just a three letter
    shell.. a label something as small as a Romans 10:9 Verse that you say
    now and then that changes
    nothing else about ‘your’
    Trump and Roy Moore
    Voting Life to use
    a couple of common
    scape goats these days
    for Fear and Hate as sure
    Jesus already Holds the scape goat
    King of Love that is no longer living in
    the ‘Alabama House’.. sure hell is about to Freeze
    over with Trump tonight in the Pensacola Civic Center too..
    in fact it’s gonna be so cold here that even Snow is potentially
    Coming to an Indian Summer that overall has lasted 3 Years or so
    Far with Winter Flowers.. Yep.. Hell is Freezing over for the Christians
    Have Are Still Electing two men who stand against everything about
    the Beatitudes that is and are still Love.. and ever Since the Red Eve
    of Last Sunday’s Super Moon the LA and not Lower Alabama part of
    the Florida Panhandle is on a Wild Fire of the Destructive dARk of
    Nature to set the Yin and Yang of the Circle of Life Back in Balance
    AS Humans
    Weight it
    Down further
    in DArk that only
    Fires can and will still Cure..
    It’s True my Father did me a great favor
    by Leaving when i was Three Years old close
    to Thanks Giving ’63 when John Kennedy was shot
    and my Mother saw that Catholic Funeral Procession
    with those two young children the age of me and my sister
    and that Newly Widowed and Elegant Woman who would soon
    be raising her Children Single without a Husband’s Help sure other
    than a Hundred Bucks a month for a Judge ordered that.. and sure..
    A Couple of Bi-Annual Visits to fulfill something something at all of
    WHatever a Father’s Love can
    and will still be after leaving to
    find a way to make more money
    and material goods.. if not that i would
    have been raised in the Trump and Roy Moore
    Way of a Southern Baptist Church with the same
    Trump and Moore Peers that i saw in school that
    seemed nothing like that Jesus Fellow i learned about
    in Church.. true i didn’t learn much in church as the Priests
    then inspired no emotional heART in the Congregation more likely
    a nap.. but at least they didn’t raise hell fire inspiring a Fear of God
    truly more of a luke cold environment of apathy was that religious
    way of life then.. something about that New Testament though i
    read in a Living Bible at Home.. true.. so many contradictions too..
    where Love your Enemy in Light was offset by hate your family
    and friends and even children if they disagree and even slay
    folks who disagree too as you bring a sword instead of
    Sea Gull to the Peace and Harmony of Fearless Love
    that has is no conditions but Love.. but true there
    was is Love your neighbor and yourself and
    God as a Trinity of one.. as sure neighbor
    is everyone and you and God all three as
    yes one.. too.. even Gentile Jew Servant
    or Free Woman or Man no more sure2+..
    even if you are very androgynous looking
    and the McDonald’s Cashier calls you Miss
    at age 12 you can get into the Kingdom of Heaven
    always in this Generation and Hand now within.. Verily
    that makes sense that is no Fairy Tale without Substance
    as the Essence of Love is Real and Tangible you not only
    think it and do it unconditionally fearlessly you feel and sense
    and see and hear without even organs of eyes and ears the Bliss
    the Nirvana the Satori the Kundalini Rising the Chi the Ki the Ka
    Qi Spirit of Love all FeeLinG and SeNSing oF A Positive LiGht always
    Rising More WithiN NoW
    radiating out in an
    Art of Love eXpreSSinG
    LiGht even more as a Lamp
    that will never be diM to Lend a Hand
    of Love in a Dance and Song to otHeRs
    no matter what now in all of Life’s Challenges
    From Alpha thru Omega Even Greater than Infinity now
    for sure while one Jesus in the New Testament may be read
    as one that brings ever lasting Hell and Torture by Fire to those
    who do no agree and worship
    a man who otherWise will tale
    you that the last are first and the meek
    inherit the eARTh.. it’s true they do for meek/humble
    does not mean weak.. meek/humble means Harnessing your
    ShadoW iN dARK As Fearless and changing a Fist into a Loving
    Dove and Seagull so Pure that iT WiLL never Harm another as
    Love becomes
    the Master
    Fearless iN
    oF LiFE As and
    in Essence Jesus
    And God of and as Love
    Lives as you and me and i and
    we as US forevermore NoW LonG eVen MoRE..
    And yes. John 14:12 says you can and will Do Greater
    Works than Jesus if you Truly Believe you are the Faith to do
    More.. as even Science Shows that the Placebo Effect of Belief
    when two or more come toGeThER as LoVinG Hands of Emotional
    SpiRiT in Positive Ways Brings Healing and ‘Good Way’ Results more.. And sure..
    NoW Voo Doo is real too for the Nocebo Effect can and will be the opposite place
    of Both Devil incarNate and LiVinG iN Negative Hell on eARTh NoW too.. yes
    tHeRE is alWays tHE otHeR DARk Moon Side of A GoD CoIN STiLL NoW
    for Without Clouds tHeRE is no new Sun Either During Daylit Hours and
    with no NiGHT tHeRE is nEither dARk Side oF Moon or LIGht either for
    the same needs
    no new name yet
    sTill comes in DiffeRent
    ways as we too are Co-Creators
    oF LiGHT and DArk as we too absorb
    and reflect it ALL Aka God Be now we all..
    it’s True Love and Hope Lives in the New Testament
    and so does Fear and Hate as true dARk and LiGht exists
    in Broad Day Light and in our Shadows of Love too.. and when
    the Greatest Shadows in Terms of Dark Force of Fear and Hate
    Come True a Beyond Rainbow ColoRed Change often comes after
    that no Different Really
    than Wild Fires on
    the West Coast now for
    it’s also True as Both the Angel
    and the Devil and Hell and Heaven within
    us in potential for the scales of life to be dropped
    or risen one way or the other is all of God as DarK and
    LiGht within us too.. when you ignore one pARt dARk or LiGht
    And pretend it
    doesn’t exist
    it makes its way
    out and comes back
    to the Table of Life no Different
    than a Snow Storm of Indian Summer
    or a Wild Fire in the other LA out West..
    For when things Get out of Whack the God of
    dArk and LiGht puts the pieces together again as
    Fear and Hate rise in conditions of Environmental Scarcity
    and Apathy for Hope and Love to come back in Victory again
    as the never ending Circle of Life is fulfilled alWays NoW DifferEnt
    And Same.. so sure.. My Cousin is Elvis and my Grandfather was
    A Catholic Priest who lived his life to take folks out of that church
    just to move into a different one
    with the same basic books
    with fewer rules but
    true the same
    old lies too
    of Cognitive
    Dissonance Created
    By the same Authors of
    A Tax Bill today.. That wasn’t enough
    for me.. for i Love the Truth and LIGht
    and Love the Most no matter who lives in
    that ‘other place’ now.. for it’s True Every Loving
    Truly Loving Mother and Father’s Best Wish is that their
    Children will do more than they did and even be Happier than
    they are now.. but True that is usually only if they are raised by
    Parents and a Culture and or Religion that can and will Garden
    Humanity this way too.. its’ the way of Nature and God and Love
    With Hope incarnate
    as Being Human Still
    it’s not Natural to Worship
    Your Parents and Refuse to be
    no more Happy than them and accomplish
    the same or less than them in life now.. someone
    whoever they were in the New Testament brought a
    one and only loop hole for all the Jesus’ to come again
    For it’s true
    John 14:12
    Proves that Jesus’
    Job was and is still fulfilled for whoever wrote before
    the story if you come to overflow his story shoes again..
    For it’s True a World that believes they and who will do
    No Greater Works of Life fulfill that prophecy all Natually
    in a true insanity in dArk away from the Potential of God in
    you and i Still all Natural and beyond the Norm of Before as
    Another Four Minute
    Miles is Broken now
    or the first of this or the first
    of that as those who seek and find
    ways to Love others most may be the last
    but are usually the First to Do Greater Works of Hope and Love..
    Love is the Greatest Force of Hope when Fully Employed as God
    Nature within you and
    me we and i and US.. For
    it works and
    i at least
    Prove it
    True every now
    i do a Greater Work for God..
    i am no Servant for i Love to just do God NoW..
    For what Parent for what Parent is Love who makes their child a slave
    No Parent
    of Love
    Verily this is
    sTill True iN LiGht For More..:)

  14. So Many Faces
    An Entertainer
    YeS.. ENterTAiNS
    WhaT A JouRneY
    So ManY PatHS
    Sure.. Some Folks Name
    it the Sylvia Plath Effect NoW
    For it’s True Bi-Polar and other
    Mood Disorders are rated highest
    in Poetry.. serIOUsly.. Have you ever
    reLaTeD to Poets as yes.. they are surely
    And Verily a Poetry of uP and DoWN A Moody
    Bunch they are as i surely found out on the International
    Poetry Trail as i became a rather unusual HAPPY Poet after recovering
    from the Worst Pain
    known to Humankind
    and another 18 or 19
    other synergy of
    Life Threatening
    Mostly Chronic
    to Acute 11 and
    2 years respectively aS
    iN Work Related Stress..
    Verily as the 20th Disorder
    After Recovery from Hell aS iN
    Devil Incarnate without even any
    Feelings Left for Love other than
    A Moral Code Still Fully inTacT.. thaT sTiLL
    Spelled Love Love then even if the Essence of
    Shell could not be fELt as Living Love within..
    Yes.. the 20th Disorder as Permanently and
    Strangely Enough Named Heaven within
    rather informally as of course the
    Doctor Assessed Label for
    this is anywHeRe from
    Hypomania to
    Mania Bi-Polar
    all out of control
    toward harm to self
    and or others that is often
    more associated with Drug
    Addictions that don’t really help
    like Alcohol and other Stuff that only
    Exacerbates the Negative Symptoms and
    make lEarning a way for self control in BaLanCinG
    CHI Force and other labels for mastery in regulation
    of emotions and integration of Senses in Positive Flow
    almost impossible as it’s true even with violent associated
    offenses no matter mental illness or not it is most often the
    Drug Addiction that replaces self esteem in warm and fuzzy
    loving balance in moving connecting and creating that puts
    life out
    of whack
    you come
    to more destroy
    your life and the
    life of others around you too..
    And it’s True this Bi-Polar thingie still
    runs all through my Family for my Mother
    surely went to high places too.. where her
    outlook on life became a little strange too..
    other folks on her side ended up in jail
    or addicted to drugs and even
    dying from Drug Overdose
    as such.. but we
    were very lucky
    for yes..
    we ended up controlling
    it enough to escape an early
    grave or any real long term stay
    at the ‘mental place’ and out of prison
    too.. but True.. Environment speaks a whole
    lot of who survives or who does not survive with
    a highly strange and challenging mix of neurodiversity
    and other diversities of Human Nature and Environment too..
    my Father’s
    side is a different
    play for that is where
    the Asperger’s most certainly
    comes from as my Sister Diagnosed
    with that so-named Little Professor or
    Ms Philosopher Syndrome too.. true
    i do both yang and yin of that
    with a little Sylvia
    Plath added
    in for
    Poetry for my
    Mother Did that too..
    but with the Asperger’s
    it’s true too.. Fredenstein
    Full Speed of Head Fredaches
    for others around me do come too..
    it’s not often that a 5 Million or so Long
    Form Word Bible in Free Verse Style as Poem
    comes in a Full Deck of 52 Months or 8500 miles
    of Public Dance in the same 52 months where
    the Dude in the other Sylvia Plath Place was
    a Shut-in in his Bedroom mostly in his
    Underwear and T-Shirt for 66
    months and now an
    Artist in
    at all but
    Flesh and Blood
    Loving Wild and Free..
    Moving from shut-in now more
    After Dancing 190 Weeks too with
    all the Cool College Age Folks now at
    Old Seville Quarter where some nights as
    last night for the folks who have witnessed
    what i’ve done long enough bring me a Hero’s
    Welcome as i enter the Dance Floor with them
    Jumping up and down and up and down saying
    You’re here You’re here you’ve come back again
    to stay.. not unlike the Karaoke Bar Where Men
    Come up to me to ask me all about the longer
    story even asking for a link to the 5 Million
    Word plus Longest Long Form Poem
    that Doubles as a Bible too..
    with of course a
    warning from
    me be
    careful which links you
    open up my friEnd for i am
    about as far out ‘tHeRe’ even
    more than what you can and will
    imagine at this point of a Short-Fred
    Talk now.. anyway.. i record all the paths
    of this Journey NoW in Free Verse Flow simply
    ’cause i can and will as God of Nature Awards
    more talents to those who use them instead of
    lose them or never gain them at all.. it’s kind of
    amazing to think that i could never even
    write more than much of a technical
    list before Thanks Giving Day
    of 2010 when i started
    Writing one word
    then a sentence
    then a paragraph
    of List then a Poetic
    Spark on or about the First
    Day of March 2013.. that floWed
    Again not unlike a Christmas Story
    coming.. from: That ‘unknown’ place
    in Middle School to: Winning A so-called
    contest then among 80 Two Class Students..
    Teacher Simply Floored that those MaGiC words
    came out of ‘Sheldon’ then and if only they could hear
    see me now they too would see that ‘Sheldon’ was just
    Waiting to Public dance until 53.. Forty Years from winning
    that story at age 13 then.. sure i wandered a Desert of little
    to no Creativity for 40 years.. a spark in a Philosophy Class at
    age 18 in a Philosophy Class at Junior College Class for a Free
    Write on God then but not much of anything else wandering this
    Patriarchal Area that the Science of Sociology suggests is the worst
    place in the United States for anyone to be different as far as breaking
    Away from the Matrix of Group think and Military and Religious Groupings
    of Human Conforming Behavior too.. 3 Major Military Stations and Bases in
    the Area and more than that and yes the locality assessed as having the most
    per Square
    mile too.. True
    Here it’s not so much
    you adapt to change to survive
    it’s more you conform to same to
    fit in the Southern Baptist overall
    Military way of life heAr or else
    you don’t get hired you
    don’t get promoted
    and nah..
    of all you
    may never have
    any long term friends
    at all.. meet a girlfriend.. get
    married or Have Children either
    and if you are a relative like i have
    who is of differing Sexual Orientation
    true.. you might have to go to another county
    to Feel comfortable to even do the most sacred
    of Human Connecting Ceremonies for life long love
    between two loving partners who ever they are.. my
    locality has restricted me from being all of who i could
    be from a very young age but true it gave me a job security..
    a wife.. a home and reliable transportation in area to live where
    you can almost leave your doors open for most everyone around
    you is loaded with metal in terms of bullets and pistols and rifles even
    more to truly serve and protect the entire neighborhoods from any interlopers
    still now.. true.. i learned to fit in well enough to receive these gifts of a very conservative
    area that actually thrives this way for the Reliable Military Jobs that continue to stay here
    and sure.. all the jobs that the Church Provides too either indirectly or the Social Networks
    in Flesh and Blood Before Facebook came online.. and True too.. until the Constant and
    Chronic Stress over the potential Scarcity of losing my Job in a down sizing
    era where Computers continued to Automate Jobs out where humans
    no longer need apply and you dam sure better keep the Secure
    Job with Health Benefits by any means and ways possible
    as it is a Cold Republican
    Way of life out there
    that and
    don’t give
    a crap about still
    the lower rung aspect
    less of the Working Middle
    Class now.. just a peg down
    or so from obtaining enough
    Financial Security to really
    enjoy life now without too
    much worry aLonG
    the way of
    LiFE even more..
    True.. There are many conservative
    advantages too.. being Open Minded
    And Creative in Entertaining others is a very
    difficult way to actually make a living even if you
    do live in an area of the Country that is Blue in Art
    of Open Minded Dancers and Singers all aRound the City..
    but on the other hand.. hehe.. if the Disorder of Heaven you
    have is permanently disabling no longer obtaining ‘normal work’
    of any kind or work that will reasonably pay you a Lincoln Cent
    or Washington Based Dollar you find something else to do for
    even at regular retirement age pass Disability that i have
    long sense surpassed as age 50 for the Federal
    Government even if you retire regular
    as i could do now too no matter
    what.. you still must find
    a social role in
    and creating that fulfills
    your life if you wanna have any
    chance of pursuing happiness at all still now..
    it’s true i am fully assessed as too far out of the norm
    to enter the conservative way of doing business now here..
    But it’s also true i still enjoy a Hero’s Welcome most every
    Thursday Night for doing nothing at all but Free Flow Dancing Fun..
    it’s True my life has become the stuff of movie and book making stuff..
    And it’s also true that too is literally my Hobby too.. but as Bi-Polar can
    rise and still stay high in BaLanCinG ForCE of CHI Art too.. tHeRE STiLL iS
    No FucKinG Target Audience for Jonathan Livingston Seagull unless he/she/eTc.. flies by..
    And is captured NoW iN the Moment of a selfie that spells joy from ear to ear..the reward
    the ultimate
    reward a smile
    shared the one
    thing i would
    never then
    as FeeLinG and
    SenSinG in Shut-in
    Hell for 66 months in an
    opaque window view then no matter
    what then so far so far in another Way oF
    Galaxy so far aWay from Smiles of fELt LoVE..
    iT’s True One Moment now is worth the gift of that 66
    Months to appreciate what it truly means to Entertain a Smile
    in someone no matter who they are now.. Entertainer i stay
    For Free SMiLes..
    yes.. in every way that
    comes for all the Joy and
    Pleasure that and who has
    and is brought to me i pay it back i pay
    it back and i pay it forward for the Rest of mY LiFe Complete NoW..
    i brought
    and Truly
    tHat Changed the
    World as We All Do
    when We Spread Love
    iN ALLWays LoVE ComeS NoW
    As Entertainers of Love We all can and will be NoW..
    if We
    iF We never
    give up and one
    day just do it ’cause We CaN and WiLL..:)

  15. Now Back to Second Round of
    Poetic Responses at Xenia’s Place..
    SMiLes mY FriENd
    For While Circles
    can and will
    become ruts
    Spirals Swirl
    BeYond iNFiNiTy oF LoVE..
    From Warm Clouds of Beach on Tuesday
    to Much Colder Clouds of
    Rain from Wednesday
    through now on
    Friday.. surely
    A Blue of the Sun
    Will Come again for
    A Biloxi Beach Dance
    in and out of Casinos
    too for Warm
    Even in Cold..
    Laughs as Synchronicity
    And Serendipity will
    Have it after clAims
    i Will Drive to Snow
    if i have to.. to See It
    Again.. Winter Storm
    Benji currently has an
    Advisory for Snow out For
    Us at an Inch or so around Midnight
    as Benji’s Paw Prints of Snow are coming
    in Biloxi as i flow here now.. so it’s true.. even
    if Benji misses us
    later tonight…
    A Casino
    Tour Bus will
    Drive us early
    tomorrow morning
    to Visit the Snow Prints
    of Benji already coming
    to Biloxi now.. And it’s also
    True i had another Hot Chocolate
    Brew a Few Minutes ago too.. yes..
    Finally we have a Real Season Change
    that we
    WiLL not only
    hear feel and see
    but touch too in MaGiC oF FLaKes
    iN Nature’s Love as Change.. Have A
    Nice Weekend Xenia iN tHaT MaGiC WeATheR to You too..
    And NoW on to Frank’s Place to do the similar and different too..
    SMiLes mY FriEnd iN Human
    Terms Love Binds all
    oF ReaSon
    to disCard it
    is to FaLL apART..
    True For All That
    Is Connects
    Children’s eYes..
    SMiLes mY FriEnd For Whatever
    Wake BRinGS Or Getting uP
    From Chairs Comes iN
    Ways of Pain NoW anD
    oR Stiff Once uPoN NoW
    A Free Flow NoW MoRE
    oF Spiraling Movement
    iN Tai-Chi-Like Way
    Takes iT aLL aWay
    As A Niagra
    FaLL MoRE
    oF Water Drops
    With No Restraints..
    For True Some Humans
    At least and more can and
    Will Erase the stiff and pain
    oF A Routine day.. With just
    A Short Happy Flow
    oF Meditative
    Even Slow Dance MoRE
    wHeRe NoW Suddenly Sanford
    And Son BecoMe One aGaiN.. heHe..
    As of Recent News just an hour
    or so ago.. Frank.. Winter Storm
    Benji is running to meet us with
    a Friend
    of Snow
    Long Gone
    that the Flowers
    including of course
    Winter Sprung Azaleas
    Will Not Love at all for
    White Replaces Colors
    As Winter MaGiC
    Rarely coming
    HeaR true too..
    i suppose a Price
    Some Other Plants will
    enJoy that and who more
    Enjoy Colder Weather and
    Snow even more in Late Fall
    in Panhandle oF Flowers truly
    Restricted mostly to just that
    Three years and counting as change comes
    again now.. Advantage NoW iN cold clouds
    and Cabin Fever of Winter Weather South
    Words May Be Colored Longer now more too..
    True my friENd
    the more the broader
    the Colors are for Potential
    Shorter and Farther Horizons
    For Happiness more often BRings
    Fruition of Highs rather than fall of low
    too soon
    as a Magic
    of Beauty Fades
    from Wise to Beauty more..
    Haha.. SMiLes
    mY FriEnd finAlly
    Nice again to
    Share some
    with you
    Folks far up
    in the Shoulders of Chicago..
    Fire and Ice it’s True
    As Far as Potential Real
    Worries go.. much better
    now to be in little LA
    Lower Alabama
    As Florida
    NoW For A
    Ice only Burns so deep
    as it’s true too.. the closer one
    Gets to the Beach the less it feels like Hell too…
    True it’s
    Soon in more
    ways than one
    AS Southern LA Fire too…
    otHeR than tHat Have A
    Nice Weekend Frank as we
    Flurry over to Biloxi Snow Beach
    And Casino’s tomorrow morning
    After i once again transform from stiff
    RiSinG off of Tour Bus Seats to Free Flow
    Snow Bird Dance in Shorts on the Beaches
    With Below
    Wind Chills
    Invigorating the
    Shadow Fire of My
    SouL even more in
    Fearless ways of a Heinz 57 MiX.. heHe..
    Reminds me of Last Year when i did the same
    in around a 19 Degree Wind Chill at Biloxi when
    a Nice African American Man who looked like he could
    Have once played for the Chicago Bears as a Lineman
    you are
    bad man
    when he saw me
    flying down the sidewalk
    Dancing Spiraling in Shorts hehe..
    For me at least that was/is a moment i would
    have never imagined in the ‘fore days of my strongest
    yet to
    come Back
    To A Future in pART 4 or WhATeVeR
    beYond distance space and time
    A MaGiC
    oF CreaTiViTy
    A Love For LiFe
    aS ArT with no limits no
    expectations but more my FriEnd NoW..:)

  16. GRanD
    JusT SomEThiNG
    i Do Circling the Globe
    Late at Night TaKinG
    Poetic Notes
    i go
    Copy Paste
    i go more too..
    For what i use
    A Facebook Tablet
    For with Endless Hard
    Drive Space wHeRE Algorithmic
    ALL Free Robotic Assistance BRinG
    Me Memories of Years gone by staying
    Now in ways of what i did on this day that
    Day Each Year to Date i take notes all Free
    in Give of 6 Million Words a Year Now in Size
    of all words
    many more
    fully illustrated pArTs too..
    anyWay.. JusT SomEthings i do now
    after a Marathon of Dance at Old
    Seville Quarter as my Version of a
    Charlie Brown Christmas continues
    to come again and never leave
    Beyond even Christmas
    Month now like
    those Radio
    that Begin Christmas
    WitH Veteran’s Day.. sure..
    Big Department Stores too.. MorE
    yes.. something i do slowly falling
    asleep at the Wheel of this Digital
    Keyboard more doing my best to wait up
    to take some photos of early morning Snow
    to fall and stick and foretold to melt by day
    Break too.. now or potentially a long long now to
    wait for the Next Flake to Fall in what is almost by Three
    Year History now an Indian summer That NoW Never reAlly ends
    aLL toGeTheR as Warm continues to come back Strong even after
    stints of Arctic Coldin’ Blasts.. at least for Human Beings who adapt
    to Cold
    too.. in shorts
    on too.. for hey the reason
    i don’t get cold is i don’t wear
    warm clothes now that take away my
    ability to adjust my Inner Temperature
    More as any Yogi-like Dude or Dudette
    and the ‘tween of all of us will do to
    shake off an Icy Pond with
    Focus as WiLL oF
    MiNd and
    BoDy BaLanCing
    SoUL and Make Warm
    Weather Come Within a Soul
    tHaT and WHO is Equally Real
    and even THRiViNG too.. so can and
    will i stay up and make it ’till the Snow
    Comes at 1 AM on SaTurDaY my 2669th Day of Writing
    NoW Since Thanks Giving Day of 2010 as this Friday
    the 2668th Eight of December Day NoW is at the 11:55
    PM MaRK NoW oh Lord i’LL take a break for a few minutes now3..:)

    Okay.. i’ve acquired the back to the future of past Snow Photos from
    1993.. Yes.. the Aclaimed Storm of the Century then as back then they
    of course did not give Winter Storms Names in the United States normally
    but this one was amazing enough on the Ides of March yes the 13th of March
    1993.. when Spring Azaleas were actually Blooming when they normally bloom
    back then.. us living in the WoodLand Apartments Saving Money for a Down Payment
    on a Home truly an amazing Dream come true and in paying my Cavalier Car off too..
    for we had to eat many
    days of beans and rice
    cutting uP Cheap Leg Quarters
    at around 10 Cents A LB way back
    then Truth be told Yes Katrina did all
    That Kitchen work then too as alWays too..
    but even she felt like it was worth it never
    to pay rent to someone else again to find a place
    that one day would be paid off and free for decades
    to come after that.. yes what a Blessing it was to have
    A Home and our Car Paid off again by March of 2016 some
    23 years later.. it’s true the Hungry years are good
    and A Key in Life is to never leave boot camp even
    if you never really went and yes Stay Hungry
    And Live for the Heaven within as Love
    to Give and Share rather than just
    bucks and material things..
    for it’s true the only
    thing money is good
    for is to allow
    you to never
    need now
    be a slave
    to anyone else
    to make money again
    ever in your life now
    to finally truly earn your Wings..
    but nah.. that will never happen likely
    if you are married several times with children
    from several marriages a camper and a boat in a back
    yard only used as paper weights to keep up with the Smith
    and Jones and even taking another Job after a first retirement
    to pay for all the play toys you rarely even use.. it’s True in Cold
    Weather you LEarn to Conserve for another Winter Storm of other Destructive
    Forces oF DaRk iN Life to come.. true.. people don’t do it as much in the abundance
    of Warm Environments.. particularly if and when they can and will even dance and sing mostly
    naked from
    the clothes
    of culture too..
    but true too.. many
    of my ancestors come as
    far away in Northern Europe
    as the Black Forest of Germany
    where snow and ice is a major challenge
    in life to survive in Winter Cold as Warm
    Light Colored eyes do say where you are from
    and Blonde Hair in Youth in Ancestral Ways too..
    The Indian and Hispanic
    and French in me allows
    me to tan somewhat too
    through the Winter
    Sun of North
    as i no
    longer am
    trapped in a cave
    most of the lit up day
    outside i AM without any Windows
    of Work For Free now.. as i greet
    the Florida Sunshine as much as it comes
    in Abundance whenever i so desire and it’s true
    when we were looking for a home we were looking more
    For a Forest Backyard that never ended with Nature more..
    No Home is Big and Fancy enough to replace the full flowers
    of life in green and other colors of Living Free.. so sure.. in
    these three photos me at 32 and Katrina at 22 still another month
    left for her to reach age 23 and close to 3 Months for June 6th to
    come for me to reach 33.. for the October Month of that year would
    be in ’93 the start of a Home Life without rent.. and a key to
    A successful Finance of Life is to keep the same car for
    around 15 years and find a yard nice enough where
    you never desire to move up in a bigger more
    expensive money trap with even higher
    taxes and home insurance to
    pay even more to
    take away
    from the
    reality of Independence
    from slaving away in perhaps
    a job you can’t even stand as
    that sucks the SoUL and the SpiRiT
    oF heART all the way out of MiNd and
    BoDy BaLanCE More.. Humans are evolved
    to get out of the Cave and Enjoy the Loving
    Warmth of the Sun.. not stagnate and rot
    in a cave doing something that has
    nothing directly to do with
    a real forage for day
    to day naked
    God Human
    Nature Life in share
    And give to reach out and
    touch what you do share and
    give in appreciation of life
    as a creation act with tangible
    Results of Love even more.. it’s true
    an art of life in photos like this are priceless
    memories too and not unlike old photo albums stacked
    high too overwhelming to search through to that Memory
    that suddenly comes to mind.. Google is my Photo and Word
    And title Search Engine for any and all Art i create give and share
    online still..
    Just Another
    All Free Robotic
    Assistance of Life for
    it’s true creature comforts
    in material ways are great as
    long as you master the comforts
    and never become a slave to what you
    buy in life for comfort more.. as always
    A BaLanCE FoR what Truly and IndividuAlly
    Works for you and your sigNificant otHeRs
    iN Cooperation too.. sure..
    A Free
    i Love
    you in the
    Snow on the hood
    of what you bought
    long ago means the
    World in Letters of Love
    that continue to carry on
    the essence of a Message that
    still lives for real in flesh and blood
    too.. yes just another symbol for Real Winter Love NoW..
    And According to the Weather Channel Radar the snow that
    Still Stretches to Mobile Alabama is about 10 miles away
    coming for us now.. sure.. i have another Blue Car.. not a Cavalier
    but a Honda Civic i could Pull out of the Garage so Katrina could
    Write i Love You With a Snow Shaped HeART on the Hood of our Car
    now.. but sure i have something else now for i write i love you
    forever online for now at least
    in words
    that last
    as long or longer
    than even a photo in
    an Album Cover now..
    the Pages of the
    SonG oF mY soUL
    are long as
    the letters
    are too..
    But it’s True NoW MoRE2 all oF
    Life and Creation is a Virtual
    Miracle alWAys now alWays worth
    Giving Thanks and Praise For and
    Even Worshipping all as God plUS
    with Gratitude more.. for sure
    it’s enough to keep my wake
    ’till the snow comes
    now.. Good Night
    and Merry
    to One and
    all also kNoWn
    AS GoD aLL NoW plUS
    a never ending Christmas
    Song in a Nether Land that never
    ends or
    or finishes for NoW..
    For it is for us to decide
    what Colors of LIFE we ValuE
    And Cherish more for some it is
    love for others it is towers but
    it’s true the Sun Sets and the Moon
    Rises on all of us the same Depending on
    how different
    the Colors
    of both
    are we
    FeeL and
    SenSe so far
    beyond just organs
    of eyes and ears that
    become more like tools of forms
    than Living Love Essence WithiN
    to Give and
    Share Free..
    My LiFE
    iS free
    so sure
    i Give it and Share it NoW as
    all ways too i LiVENoW as the
    CLocK Strikes
    1 AM
    into the
    2669 Day
    of WriTinG TrUe
    iN LiGHT LoVE OncE AGAiN NoW..:)


    Territory and Terrorist
    Are surely closely related
    As Most all Politics is Associated
    With one Human and or one Team
    Against each other Vying for Resources
    Including Reproductive Rights otherwise
    known as when
    to Own God
    as all that is…
    Trouble Happens Next NoW MoRE
    As the Darker Element of Humanity
    in Jealousy.. Greed.. Envy.. Lust without
    A Balance of Love and Fear that someone
    is overall gonna take Someone’s Territory Away
    in all the Ways that Territory comes When the eARTh
    As Whole iNcluding Humanity is bought and sold
    instead of shared and given freely as the most
    Peaceful Societies still exist in the World
    Small with a Forage toGeTHeR For
    Share and Give.. In other
    Words Terror comes
    with all flavors
    of Fear
    Away From
    iT’s a Human and Nature Thing when Humans
    Get Out of Balance with Nature and then Humans
    Face each other off as enemies rather than helpers..
    now in other words my FriEnd as long as we attempt
    to own God in all the Ways that God Comes Particularly
    As Love.. Fear and Hate including Terrorism will rear its
    very ugly
    And warring heads..
    anyway.. ‘in this case’ as far
    as using tactics of intimidation
    for political aims no doubt the
    Head Orange Man is up to what he’s
    been up to all his life to make a personal
    political aim to get his way at all costs for even
    his book says keep on lying to others to make believers
    of lies for what he names as the art of the deal of getting his way..
    saddest thing of
    all it works my
    STiLL for
    and Apathy
    and Those Lost
    in Scarcity Fearful
    of life as it is are no
    Match for Snakes just
    Waiting to Strike next..
    And as far as Nature
    Goes Nature/God is
    Not Happy NoW WiTH
    Humans Currently as Nature
    Always Does when God Balance
    gets out of order for its True God’s
    Rule is Balance and the Karma of Breaking
    A Balance of Nature NoW is aLWays A Clear and Present Danger in ‘See’
    Truly An Only Long Run Hope is Freedom of Expression in Understanding
    Better.. A Difference between Reality and Lies.. And from what i’ve seen online..
    tHeRe is Hope in Some
    Places and
    Set in Stone
    of Ignorance in
    other places that
    Will Not Budge frozen in Fear…
    Without Ignorance When Humans
    Live in Balance Terrorism has/is no Place..
    And as far as Human Goes the Nurturing and
    Gardening of Children as Love is A Best Place STiLL
    to Reduce Terrorism too.. for Love has a Harder time in
    Harming others in all the Ways Harm comes.. meanwhile
    we make
    the best
    or what
    is For
    the Gift
    of Life as is…
    That’s what Nature
    Does and Obviously God
    Overall too.. when things don’t
    fall apart.. truly they don’t have to
    With A NeW OlD Balance oF LoVinG HumaN BeinG ReaL..
    Nice to see you still Blogging Sohair.. Hope your Weekend
    on Friday
    Great as
    well as the rest
    of your work week and
    Homemaker Life NoW..:)

    SMiLes mY FriEnd.. as far as i can and
    will see Infatuations not reciprocated
    are best left
    As Fantasies
    it’s hard
    enough for
    Reciprocated Lovey
    Dovey Relationships to
    make it ‘these days’ with all
    the Distractions everywhere at
    hand now.. and for most people
    in ‘Our Modern World’ in the West
    Where a Nomadic more Wandering
    Life to Find Subsistence Across Borders
    of Even States and Countries with no longer
    a Small Village Raising everyone together in
    Large Extended
    Families that
    include the
    Village altoGeTHeR
    what can and often will
    be left is a single person
    attempting to make it on their
    Own in a Nomadic Way of Life or
    A Couple Desperately attempting
    to Make Friends in a New State
    or Country of Life Giving
    Subsistence in ways
    of Work.. and
    on top of that
    two or one parent now
    attempting to raise children
    alone without a Village to help
    antithetical to what it even means
    to be a Social Animal As Human that
    naturally lends and requires many helping
    Hands.. so what we are left mostly with now
    that is surely better than nothing is the Electronic
    Vicarious way of connecting together but usually
    never much close at all as far as any real substance
    of Warm and Fuzzy Full Trust and Comfort that Village
    Life Brings For Folks
    Holding Hands togeTHeR
    In A Dance of Cooperation
    Foraging and Dancing toGeTheR
    That Works Best for not only Survive
    but Thrive too in the overall Pursuit
    of Happiness as Culture toGeTHeR with
    BinDinG Purpose that has/is Deep HeART
    FeLT SPiRiT iN MiNds and BoDy’s BaLanCinG
    toGeTHeR NoW Holding Hands with otHeRs Head
    to toe too.. otherwise known as Religion my FriEnd
    in all the Ways Humans Bond ToGeTHEr iN wHat BeCoMeS
    Holy and Sacred Common and Shared Meaning and Purpose..
    So.. When a Person is
    literally considering
    someone online who
    doesn’t reciprocate
    Love as a Signficant
    other obviously
    there is
    a much
    Greater Issue
    of Scarcity For love
    on the HomeFront Turf
    in Flesh and Blood now
    including contact with others
    restricted to Relatives that may not
    Branch out into a Larger Smaller Village of Love..
    I had enough Problems in Finding a Significant other
    without the online world now.. true.. while it is better
    than nothing it often takes away our use it or lose it ability
    For Face to Face Interaction and the Skills Required to Bring
    Attraction of the Potential Significant Others too.. And in some
    ways Realistically in areas of Extreme Scarcity Dowries make
    sense for Keeping the Socio-Economic Necessities for life
    in a way that
    makes a Basic
    Survive in Life
    For Subsistence and
    Shelter and Reproducing too..
    Raising Children of Course too..
    For it’s True if your friend was required
    by Her Culture to do an Arranged Marriage
    she wouldn’t Be Facing these issues.. and now
    i’m just being honest.. while i don’t see the Arranged
    Marriage as the Best of All Worlds sometimes it is for the
    Individual And Culture Overall Depending on the Degree of
    Scarcity if that way of life is now pArt of the Rules for Survival..
    For it’s
    what we
    do at the
    end of the
    Day and Beginning Do
    Too.. We Do whatever it takes
    to Survive it’s what life Naturally
    And ‘Normally’ Does no matter what
    the Struggles are for now.. but nah.. my
    FriEnd.. Sohair.. Obviously this mostly a waste of time
    unless it is a dream and fantasy that’s left until the next
    one comes
    ends too within..
    It’s A Basic ParT oF
    Human Maturity to GroW NoW
    Enough to Complete one’s self
    Never Needing Love so Much as
    Giving Love and Letting Love Go
    When Love is refused as not wanted
    And that’s within the Realm of Feeling and
    Sensing Life within as Whole in all the Potential
    Paths of Journey that the individual ultimately overall
    Must Seek and Find for the Unique of tHeir Souls NoW..
    In this Situation
    when one does
    become whole
    and complete as
    a Human Being Happy
    with themselves they don’t
    Have to Settle for Less than they are worth
    as a Human Being NoW takes work but the worth is worth it my FriEnd..
    Good Luck to Your Friend Better Yet Good Skills Good Practice oF BeinG LoVE..:)

  18. SMiLes.. Sohair.. We FinAlly Have
    Winter heAr and even
    The Grass is finally
    Turning Brown
    After literally
    Years of Spring..
    SMiLes2.. i like Climate
    Change in Balance for it is
    Winter that allows us to appreciate
    Spring the most and verily it’s true after
    the Flowers
    come back more
    Colorful and True..
    As it’s also True after
    No Real Winter Last Year
    Our Huge Passion Vine only
    Flowered two Fruits of Vine
    Barely with enough Passion
    To Bring Wise of Beauty
    Back in Red my Friend..
    i Suppose Next Fall
    After a Real Winter
    At Least for Some Days
    Will Bring a Truer Spring
    And Summer to Make Fall
    More Colorful as Winter allows to
    Better Appreciate Fall.. And in General
    The DArk oF LIFE too For All Of WHaT BRinGS TRUeR LiGHT (God)..:)

    GReeN AnD oR
    TRaDiTiON oF CHRisTMaS
    LiGHT GReeNS
    APeS STRonGeR
    ToGeTHeR No
    MaTTeR WHaT oR
    WHo oR THaT BiNDS
    LoNGeST STaNDinG
    TRaDiTioN IRoNiCaLLY
    DaNGeR oF CLiMaTe CHaNGE..
    Today would have Been my Mother’s
    83rd Birthday.. yes.. 12.10.2017 and
    2700th Day Consecutive of Writing to
    Escape the Hell of Pain and Numb from
    Thanks Giving Day of 2010 to Recovery
    From Pain and Numb on or about 7.22.13
    to Writing IN HeaVeN Within.. yes.. blah blah
    blah.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all
    Around NoW iF you are AcCustomeD to LIVinG iN HeaVeN
    oN eArTH in all these places with no distance space or
    Time Beyond iNFiNiTy in and as and with the aGaPE ForCE
    oF LoVE.. sure.. VeRiLY FeeLinG and SeNSinG what some folks
    Name as
    just another
    3 letter word
    God that becomes
    rather an empty word
    without essence of substance
    when this Kingdom does not live
    Real within in all these places now…
    My Mother was the kind of Love that after
    she died with the Force of God would have
    Brought a Rarest Snow on the Day Before her
    First Birthday without us in flesh and blood just
    to Ensure our minds wander off the sadness of that
    Absence on the Day of her Birth of what is still
    her 83rd Birth Date to us.. True.. not all folks
    get to see God.. yes.. NoW a God of Love iN
    Human Form as Essence of Love
    in tHeir LiFe LiKe This when
    i go to ponder how and
    why something
    as strange as
    a Man NoW
    who Brags about
    Sexually Abusing Women Could NoW
    be elected to Highest Office and
    in in turn he could recommend a
    Man For Senator once Barred from
    A Mall at Age 30 Something as a Predator
    Pestering Teenage Girls Roaming the Mall
    as a District Attorney Abusing his Power and
    Status in attempting to ‘connect’ to Teenage Girls
    As that much we know is true now no matter who said what
    in the actual acts of a Predator then.. of course the same
    ‘Bama Folks’ demanded an Impeachment over a consensual act
    of extramarital oral sex in the White House like John F. Kennedy
    never did that somewhere at least that was not brought to Public
    Light then.. it happens.. not all humans are monogamous it’s in the
    Nature for both males and females to spread their genetics further NoW
    iNto the gene pool too.. in fact it’s still a FAct that one out of four
    Children don’t have the Actual Birth Father’s listed on the
    Birth Certificates at hand in Biological way and
    sure.. most of the time it was and is a
    Consensual heat of the moment
    act that brought tHeir life
    to Fruition so sure
    Thank Mother
    Nature for ‘yOur’ Existence
    on that point otherwise 1 out 4
    folks might not be walking the eARTh
    now Not That the Rest of Nature might more
    say hooray on that point now of keeping pants
    zipped and pulled up and skirts down.. And all
    that jazz of what Nature Brings no matter what
    Certificates of Ownership and Vows of Tradition
    Culture Brings to Keep the Family Unit toGeTHER
    For Raising Children With Love That surely makes Good
    Feel and Sense too.. never the less Skirts do come uP now
    Zippers come Down and Pants too.. as the World Turns or how
    we said in the line of Military Bowling Center Work How the Bowling
    Ball Turns as Lord knows everyone had hints of what was going down and
    or up in that place at least Outside of Traditions and Religious Vows too..
    For True too.. the Military Folks out side of the legal Ramifications of Adultery
    in the Military had ‘Key Parties’ then where one picked a key to some Base Housing
    Units and ended up with someone else’s spouse randomly as such for the night.. aghast
    was i to hear that but i tend to go the monogamous route as far as Biblical Acts like that
    go all the
    way as
    and True too.
    i was propositioned
    more than once then by
    a Member of a Married
    Couple with the other Member
    not giving a crap of what might
    go down too.. for it’s true there
    are lots of more Feral Folks Fighting
    for our Nature and all tHeiR Freedoms in
    All The Ways Human Nature Freedom comes
    in non-monogamous ways of Being Free too..
    For what works works behind open and locked doors too..
    And it’s True when the Colder Weather Comes Humans Naturally
    go a more Conservative Way oF BeinG sAMe as when Resources are
    Scarce in Heat or Cold too.. that’s Human Nature too.. and You can even
    See it in the Dance Hall in the Frequency of Bootie Dance Advances too…
    Spring Brings the Heat of Nature in all the ways Nature comes.. And the Seasons
    Are Representative of Politics too.. in Liberal Bikini and Winter Buttoned up ways of
    Being Human too.. after all we are Human and ruled by Nature and God same although
    Nature and God
    by Cultural
    Constructs ruled
    By Human Book Covers
    so sure.. we get consensual
    Stained Dresses at the White
    House and for Men who never had
    the Kind of Love from a Mother who would
    Bring Snow just to take sadness away from
    her Absence on her 83rd Birthday.. those Men
    become holders of no Sacred Nature For the Women
    in the World that and who bring both life and love greater
    into the World when Real.. they are missing something deep deep deep
    within.. yes.. Love the Love of Real empathy sympathy and compassion
    that and who would never step on or abuse the Beauty of Flowers now..
    True too.. that doesn’t stop the Lust for Consensual Beauty of Connecting
    to Create Diversity NoW as Nature and God sAMe and DiffeREnt Does Best
    so we do at times get Stains on Dresses in the Whitest of Houses too..
    Still though Tradition Rules as Apes Stronger Voting togeTHeR For
    what ever binds in common meaning and purpose and for
    what that can come to mean is voting for a label
    as far as political party goes than
    real substance
    of what
    it means
    even to
    Love in this
    Life as Real For Love
    Doesn’t Take Advantage
    And Rape and Pillage aWay
    oF LiFE for that is not Love any
    Snake can do that for base survival
    without any Warm and Cozy Love at All..
    Winter is heaR some folks will respond with
    Love and some Folks will continue to Look for
    a Christmas that for now they may never find within
    For their God will come in terms of Money and Stuff
    and Power and Status and Domination that Feels and
    Senses no Love in Subjugation and Control where eNtire
    State and Church ways make this a Way of Life too.. Love
    For Love
    Feels and
    Senses and
    is the Light of
    Christmas within..
    And True NoW This Grass
    Never Browns and Appreciates
    The Value of Winter even more..
    And Seeks to Understand with empathy..
    sympathy and compassion why other folks
    Don’t Live Christmas through all SeaSoNs no
    Matter what as the LiGht oF LoVE WithiN tHat and wHo NoW
    reFuses to ever DiM a Spark a Flicker a Flame a Torch a Bonfire
    More oF A Lamp and Lighthouse that never gives up on LIGHTinG MoRe
    For TruE tHeRe are many Lost Ships from the Harbor oF LiFeliGHT and then tHeRE
    Are Those
    wHo Continue
    To Be Beacons
    oF HoPe aS LoVE..
    tHat’s Real too.. more
    than anything it’s the Love
    you receive from Birth that Travels
    Longest with You unTil the Farthest Horizon of Life..
    the Last BLiNk that Dances and Sings just Love just Love just love….

  20. Until the
    Lion Learns
    To Write
    The Stories
    Will Always
    -Ancient African
    Proverb About
    A Man Named
    Jesus too.. who
    A Pen..
    Whose Original
    Story is Replaced
    By Owners Of
    God and
    Wake Up
    Lion And
    Art oF Pen
    Is God Free iN
    You Free
    Born Again…NoW
    NoW.. Every
    Jesus Writes
    It Down in
    Ink That
    Be Changed
    As in
    Den of

    Facebook FriEnd and Poetess
    FriEnd Rafiah From Pakistan Shares
    A “Human’s of New York” Video about a
    ‘Santa Claus’ Man iN A Park of New York
    who shares his philosophy that i have already
    expressed many times about how HiStory is Written
    by Toxic Patriarchy in Bibles as such to subjugate
    control and overall dominate others for Material
    Gains in Power and Status too.. particularly
    to Control Reproductive Rights too as
    it’s True the “Writers of the Stories”
    Are the True Rulers of Human
    HiStory to this point and
    continuing ‘own’ too
    for if you do not
    WRiTe DancESinG LiVE YouR
    Own Story someone else NoW WiLL
    surely rule your life through their Book
    Cover and Pages instead of you.. anyWay.. ‘this’
    Santa Man speaks to the Way of Bonobo Life as i
    often do too.. as the Bonobo Way of Life is one
    Polar Opposite to the Modern Human way of
    life although the most peaceful understood
    ways of human Life are ‘Primitive’ Matriarchal
    leaning ones sTiLL in much Smaller Groups as
    Societies Where Females
    Bond together for
    More in
    Nurturing Loving
    Ways Than Tools of Aggression
    Leading to Violence and World War
    III Trump Stuff and all that Fresh Hell
    We are seeing today when men turn into
    P Grabbers instead of P Givers as the Bonobo
    way of life works best in making consensual love
    instead of Rape Talk and Pillaging from the Poor and
    Giving to the Rich Locker Room Folks.. Anyway.. reminds
    me too of the last ‘Wild Woman’ who approached me at
    the Dance Hall With a Bootie Dance to Give all Free as i
    Saw her in the Mall with her Boyfriend and she just Grinned
    Big Back at me
    with a Hi that
    stays Hi
    as such
    All Loving Free
    And Consensual too for it’s
    True if Trump in his Riding Bus
    P Grabbing Bragging talk at about
    my age now then could have just learned
    How to do a Bonobo Fred Dance he wouldn’t even
    have needed a Dollar Bill for a Cheap Sia Dance Thrill
    then hehe.. so who is smARTer me or Trump it doesn’t matter
    for i am A Art of the LoVE DEaL
    one Truly
    SMiLinG Free heHE..
    just to think a Permanently
    Disabled Dude with a Crazy Dance
    Gets all the Bootie Dances while Donnie
    just frowns and frowns and frowns some more
    with a Twitter Pen with not even a Brevity of Wit as
    i go long every
    which way and
    loose in Bootie Dance
    And Tai Chi-like Free Style
    FloW iN ZoNE to show the introverted
    Reader Folks at Barnes and Nobles what it’s
    Like to Dance With God in AS Heaven with no covers
    full of pages
    iN Eternal
    Bliss and Nirvana
    And all that CHI Jazz eTc..
    HeaR Foreveralways NoW iN H..
    While i lisTen to meditative music
    and read deep deep mystical books
    of enlightenment even more.. all at the
    same time that is only eternally now.. while
    i continue to enjoy the Fountain of Youth that
    Science even shows increases the Gray Brain
    Matter in most all areas except for the Amygdala
    Fear Center that Shrinks and makes me just a little
    More Fearless Unconditionally Loving by thE ForcELiGhT
    oF Each Dance Step Free of LoVinG MORE eVen MoRE NoW
    then now more EternAlly NoW of course i could just say now
    but now the three letter word is not nearly enough for a feeble
    attempt to put into words Beyond InFiNiTY
    LoVE LiVInG NoW HeaVeN oN EaRtH NoW..
    TruE.. the FloW iN ZoNE
    DancE As i FLoAT as FriEnD
    of God and Gravity SamE LikELY
    says more than these words ever will
    for those with eyes and ears within to see
    And hear A Heaven’s Dance on EarTH ReaL NoW
    So Free
    iN WiLL
    aS HeaVeN’s
    FloW iN ZonE LoVE NoW..
    heHe.. this IS been a rather
    long intro to the much shorter
    dialogue with the Rafiah but it’s True
    i own my story short and long for i am
    Free and no one but God aLL is Free iN aS Me..:)

    So in response to the Video that the wise
    old ‘Santa Claus Man’ speaks to as the fall of
    Humankind when Humans made tools and
    Dominated the Free and Wild out of Females
    Controlling History with the Tool of Pen
    that ‘they’ hoarded to themselves
    To make tools of
    other folks in
    turn as tHeiR
    Continuing slaves
    in raping and pillaging
    tHeiR Slaves even more
    yes you.. if you take control
    of the Pen of YouR SoUL and
    Meet the Voice of God within and
    WriTE YouR Story Down in A Dance
    And SonG of LoVE iN LiFE as God
    BeCoMES YouR DancE ParTNeR as
    Nature Free Again risen from the Ashes
    oF Ownership in Stories written by others
    as you and God BeCoME Author Artist aLL ToGeTHeR
    Rise Risen
    aGaIN Free
    But Still the Dance
    And Song Speaks louder
    than the Pen when God comes
    aLIVE WitHiN as Dance And SonG Free
    ALIVE so FLY..:)

    Yes.. heHe.. so..
    i say to Rafiah..

    SecretS iN ‘Plain SitE

    Meanwhile while i am writing
    the second poetic response Free
    Verse style more Rafiah simply says
    with purpose and meaning..

    Hello my dear. 😊

    While i am saying..

    And yes
    The Real
    Is ‘You’.

    Seeing and Hearing
    Her Comment i go on with..

    As Such
    Lost the
    Style.. Thanks

    And then i go further by saying..

    And Finally Thanks for Sharing
    For i
    Will Surely
    Use it AGain
    Bonobo Style Sharing
    Style All Free
    As Any Back
    To God
    Do For
    oF LoVE
    FoR aLL
    Too iN Human..:)

  21. One Most Ancient Mythical “Slut Shaming”
    Story sTiLL: it was Eve that Tempted
    A Dude Adam with an Apple of
    heHe.. yeah sure..
    that’s what HiStory says..
    And after that story is tOld in the
    First Reading of Catholic Church
    Held on my Mother ‘Mary’ ahem..
    i mean Helen’s Birthday on the 10th
    oF December after celebrating the “Lady
    Of Guadalope” on the 8th that is just another
    Idol Symbol as Statue for the Archetype of
    Motherly Nurturing Love that carrieS on
    in Sister and Mother and Friend and
    all around Helper as Nurturing
    Wives Will Naturally Do aLL
    Free and Consensual
    too if treated like
    An Egyptian Goddess
    Isis carried over to the Myth
    Of ‘Mother Mary’ sAMe and DiffErent too..
    oF course with a little Separation from the Husband
    as the child comes from somewhere ‘God only KNoWs’
    Hehe and the Child the Son and or Daughter is Raised as
    Love and later goes on a Vision Quest in
    A Desert of Deserts of almost no
    Sleep for 40 or so days with
    39.. maybe 39.5 lashes but
    rarely 40 as that might kill your
    ass as 40 days with almost no sleep
    Verily and Surely almost Drove me too..
    in Jumping off a Bridge
    aS Escape oF
    Earthly Hell
    and Numb
    the real deal heAR
    as ‘they’ say in the “Hero’s
    Journey” whether that be a Jesus
    oF A Book and or you and me too..
    the best thing about the Historical FAct
    that Jesus is a story grounded in a 40 or so
    year stint of Illiterate Aramaic Oral Tradition
    passed around so many hands and tongues
    on Dusty Desert Roads with no pens to write
    an actual original story down which of course to even
    come close to something that really happened would
    have had to have been done by the Jesus then as he
    actually did it aS even folks with Photographic Memories
    don’t always spit out what actually happened 100 Percent
    True to Original Reality now then too.. the best Good News
    of all is yes.. you can do John 14:12 Works perHaps not
    mythological one’s to sell a Hyperbolic Story aCross
    The Centuries that stays beyond enforcing
    Onward Christian Soldiers Imperial
    Expanding Nation Building
    to Secure Subsistence
    in Territory including
    Raping and Pillaging
    Neighbors including Hating
    Family and Friends and Even
    Children if they do not agree carrying
    a Sword instead of Peace that may be literally slaying
    used as the story still goes in slavery flavored words
    yes.. as they did and still do slaying the folks who do
    not agree wtih Nation Building Ideals even more.. as
    we see going on to this very Trump Ideological Minion
    supported time and day same as now and then as humans
    stay different and sAMe togeTHeR AGaiN as The Story oF
    Robbing from the Poor and giving Tax Breaks to the Rich
    by the brainwashed faux news poor sadly shoot themselves
    in the Foot Again as the Original Greek Definition of Apocalypse
    Defines Lifting the Veils of Ignorance
    instead of the Trump ways of
    Saber Rattling
    Bombs to
    destroy the whole
    shooting match if little
    men don’t get tHeir ways
    now same as way back then..
    BuT aGAiN iF thE LioN of LoVE
    aWakes in you and you stARt to
    DancE and SinG YouR own Story
    Of God within out of the Chains
    oF oTHeR Books Covers and
    PAges written to make
    others slaves still
    thousands of
    years ago today.. you yes you..
    And who kNoWs perHaps You
    WiLL even WielD A Good Cop Jesus
    Pen and WritE it DoWN aS aRT EXpreSsinG
    HeaRT and SpiRit oF MiNd and BoDY BaLanCinG
    SoUL in YouR Langauge oF God iN aLL the Ways Arts
    can and will come whether or not anyone understands
    YouR Story of God but you and GoD ToGeTHeR Reborn
    as yes..
    Born Free but
    ‘that’ was a short song
    so i’m gonna have to come
    up with another one for all of this too..
    hehe as i ask God within for even more
    assistance on that choice next as Karma
    Goes in LIGht attracts MoRE LiGhT as LoVE
    WheN ReaL NoW
    aT LEaST WithiN
    To GiVE and ShaRE EVEn
    MoRE ‘Andrea Connections’ WitH aLL amplified
    Muse NoW even more and more more more more..
    oKay now i have a song TG butt unless you have
    Truly Experienced thE Full Wild and FreeNoW of God
    Love within it might offend.. but the thing is aLL oF LoVE
    Given is real when Consensual as any Bonobo Woman
    Will Still Dance and Sing Free while us males kick back
    And relax at the end of the Forage for Love Day Free.. it’s
    True i Celebrated my Mother’s Birthday on Sunday in ’17
    And did the Same with Katrina’s Birthday on a Sunday in
    Catholic Church back in April and Son Ryan in June too
    just two days before my birthday on Tuesday back then
    too.. it’s True it’s lining up like planets will do for stars too..
    even more
    ways.. as be..
    For it’s True
    iF i CaN Do iT
    so WiLL you too..
    If You just look within
    And Dance and Sing
    Free aGaiN2..
    LeT iT Be God
    NaTuRE iN and as YoU2..:)
    PS Sure.. i would have used the
    Beatles but ‘someone’ is hoarDing
    tHeir Song For Bucks what a shAMe
    A Real
    whaT A DiSgRace
    To: Buy Love inStead GIVE SHaRE
    oF FREE LOVE GLEE LET IT BE.. From: me2.

  22. SMiLes.. i am glad you
    Take good care of your
    Feet with those
    Comfy looking
    Sneakers as
    Our tour
    On top
    Of that you
    ALWaYs Dress
    So cute you surely
    Are DeLiGHTFuL
    Too.. Keep
    YouR LamP
    LiT uP
    Dance and
    Sing too..
    FB FriEnd.. Falak..
    Hmm.. so wHeRe am i..
    yes.. putting up Christmas
    Decorations in Front of our
    Home with much more to come
    on that after this Rather Numerical
    Inspired MacroVerse.. i am Currently
    WRiTinG STiLL Named “7 YearS 11 DayS Aka 2666 DayS”
    As i am Currently on Day Number 2771 Now as this MacroVerse
    Will likely Be Published online on day 2772 on 12.12.17 as i finish
    WriTinG thiS ToNiGHT the 11th in the 12th Month of ’17 as it will
    Surely take about a Day to put it all ToGeTHeR as Draft Comments
    Sections enTaLE with all the Multi-Media Elements Fully iN ToW too..
    Anyway.. Back to Free Art and Stuff like that it’s True not everyone is as
    Financially Independent as me and or the ‘Beatles’ which mean some folks
    must make some bucks to survive too.. so.. i am quite impressed by the go getter
    attitude of Ms. Falak from FaceBook and on her Blog too as she is not afraid to put
    out some Aesthetic Beauty of herself to promote all of what she’s selling to make a living
    online too.. beats working for the Slave Master of a Boss and that’s For sure whatever it
    takes to do
    a Living
    Being a Slave
    to someone else’s Power
    Plays to increase tHeir Societal
    So-called Status and Material Goods too..
    best to be free for whatever free as free can
    and will be so you don’t have to be a Prostitute
    Real to any Work Slave Maker for what you do not
    absolutely Love to do.. Yes.. Better to be a Real Prostitute
    Too who Loves what she and or him Does than be a Slave
    in toil of same shit you hate everyday to another slave
    master who pays you a living or below living wage
    still today.. amazing truly it is in what some folks
    will do based on only the Authority what
    someone else tales them is
    the Holy Grail
    of Life
    in Serving
    others so away
    From: Free as Love..
    Back To: History though
    there is Greek Herodotus
    who is suggested to be a Real
    Dude too from around 500 Before
    the Common Era or so who yes is
    considered a Real Father of History
    Who didn’t just believe in the Authority
    of what other folks said before in
    Taling a History of His Day for
    he actually went out into the
    Real World and Used
    ReaSoN to GatHeR
    the Opinions
    of Many
    Sides of an issue
    in real flesh and blood ways
    To Write a History of his Day that
    included more than just his Group Think
    way of Being.. yes and that’s what i commonly
    Do in the Common Era of actually all the way from
    Thanks Giving Day of 2010 until today this 2771st
    Consecutive Day of this Fully Illustrated Account of all of
    that in around 12 Million Words or so Including this three pArT
    Bible with Parent “SonG of mY SoUL” at over 5 Million Fully
    IlLusTrateD Words WiTH Accompaniment of Dance and Song
    And Many otHeR aSSorteD LiNks too.. As A Participant
    Observer Anthropologist Circling the Globe in SonG
    And DancE iN the Metro Area Gulf Coast South
    East Region Will Surely Do too all the
    Way from Biloxi to Tallahassee too
    iN A Free Verse Dance too as
    i meet very interesting people
    aLong the way in flesh and blood
    too if they are not already recording my
    Free Verse Dance in Spiral Flow to share
    and give to oTHeRS aLL Free as i have a whole lot
    of Unwitting smART PhoNe Video Voyeurs all around
    the Metro Area Free For my Dance too Recording me as
    Free Assistance in Spreading mY Ministry of Dance even
    more all around the Connections of tHeiR Facebook Friends
    too.. so.. i don’t have to do much foot work other than the Dance
    Work of Spreading mY Ministry oF Dance NoW aLL Free too.. as the
    Dance and Song Goes on Free Verse Freer than ever BeForE.. anyWay..
    it was a Rather Cold and Desolate Dance on the Beach In Biloxi as two
    Women were relaxing on the Curb.. scores of yards away in view as one
    of the Women Jogged on Down to see what kind of Exercise i was doing
    So Free on Biloxi Beaches on Saturday in Chilly Weather with Shorts on
    and of course my Polar Bear Chill Shirt that i’LL talk to a little later heAR
    too.. as this Nice Young Woman Jenn who numbers in now as my
    77th Brave enough person on FB to be my FriEnd for the out
    tHeRE of Me even more now too.. she is a Creator too and
    Enjoys Ballet Dance in the more structured way than
    what i do too.. nice to connect to Common
    Dancing Spirits in the Flesh and Blood
    World too and about that Polar
    Bear Shirt as the Polar
    Bear is often a
    Spirit Animal
    Described as one
    to make you fearless
    and focused if you are having
    Trouble with that.. as when i was very
    young my favorite Stuffed Toy out of all of them
    was a Small Stuffed Polar Bear along with the second
    Favorite Grey Rabbit who Kinda Looked like Bugs Bunny
    too.. Trickster Pal i would eventually beCoMe too in old
    NeWeR Sacred Clown Style of American Indian Ancestors
    too NoW iN Sioux and Cherokee First American
    Tribal Nations ways.. anYWay.. No
    Doubt in some way
    the Sturdy Fearless
    Polar Bear Stuffed Animal
    was a replacement for my Father
    who left early.. yes.. a Stuffed Animal
    Father Figure in Addition to the Warm
    And Cozy Oxytocin Social Binding Feeling
    that most ‘Normal’ Children lEarn to Generate
    Within with a Symbol Associated with those Feelings
    as a Stuffed Animal toy that can also be literally felt
    and sensed NoW in Sight and Hear and Smell and Touch
    except for Taste for as far as i know it is not a good
    idea Still to Eat Childhood Toys.. particularly if you now
    have lEarned how to innately bond within For an External
    Symbol that’s not really Flesh and Blood so you WiLL continue
    NoW to enjoy the Essence of the Oxytocin Warm and Fuzzies aS
    aN Internal Way of Being Regardless if you are having many Human
    Contacts in Kisses and Hugs GroWinG uP Ways Raised WitH LoVE NoW2
    or somEthing
    enTiReLy ELse..
    anYWay.. it’s True2.. i reAlly
    Never Got aLL Fearless from getting
    Attached to that Stuffed Polar Bear then..
    but what i did lEarn to do was and is sTiLL
    To CoNNecT WitH WaRM and Fuzzy TruE LoVE
    NoW HeaR
    STLL.. WithiN
    No Matter wHeRE
    i’M aT NoW For i CaN
    And Will Generate that
    Human Ability NoW iN WArm
    And Fuzzzy FeeLinGS.. PLuS
    Senses to be aLL fiLLeD uP WitH
    Love most oF aLL of thE NoW NoW2..
    And it’s True WitH thE MiNd’s eYe NoW And
    FeeLInG and SeNSinG Some Folks Do sTiLL NoW
    Make the Mythological Story of Jesus into a Warm
    And Fuzzy inspiring symbol too for within to increase
    the Good Old Timey STiLL LoVE WaY oF BeinG WiTHiN MoRE
    NoW as ‘they’ still SinG A “Stuffed Polar Bear” WiLL Do too..
    As LonG
    aS you
    Lose the FeLinG
    oF LoVEMoRE.. NoW
    More More More more
    as ‘they’ continue to
    DancE and
    yes.. you
    GuesseD iT
    iN Greater Works of More..
    OTHeR than that this IS A
    ChrisTmaS Card
    From: me
    You.. WRiTE oN CoURsE oF CouRSE
    And it Looks aBout liKe NoW to WRaP ThiS
    MacroVerse uP NeXT For ‘What’s uP Doc2″.. too..
    but not until i sHaRe the MacroVerses from Years
    to Date first later on.. perHaps tonight as Dinner and
    Work-out CaLLs Very Soon.. and to see what the NeWesT
    ChristMaS LiGHTS LooK LiKE too.. from down the road as ‘they’ DancESinG too..
    oh YeaH.. and i Spent Most of the Weekend Answering Questions as Both the Chill
    Bear and the Merry Meowy Christmas Santa Cat too.. and my answer was/is simple
    as to how i WiLL Stand uP in all the Cold in Shorts in Snow and ‘Stuff’ like that HeAR2..
    as suggested2
    in the Gospel
    of Thomas NoW iN
    Verse 37.. i Do NoT
    Wear Cultural Clothes
    as i jumped over the Back
    PeW AGaiN Like a Thief in
    thE Morning LiGht at Catholic
    Church as to not interrupt the
    folks on the sides of the pew
    as Lord kNOws i was aLMost
    late but not 2Quiet barreling in..
    Like a Bull in a China Shop not
    BreaKinG any Human Beings.. yes..
    Like Ferd the Bull too adding him too…
    Competing Against Star Wars on the 15th.. 2..
    And iNstead Yes.. i For one Generate Warmth
    From Within as iT’s True aLL oF Creation NoW
    aLSo kNoWn as God IS A Great Spirit Stuffed Animal
    BuLL LIKE ME and Ferd too.. even MoRE NoW MoRE
    of LovE
    too as Me.. True NoW too..
    We Create God oF LoVE NoW MoRE
    or ‘that’ dARKeR ParT of GoD NoW2
    WithiN as thE LiGHT oF LoVE is How i
    for one stay lit up from: head to: toe..
    Above so below within inside outside
    And all aRouNd EVeN MoRe as Free MoRE
    LoVE NoW TruE A Bi-Polar Bear i be mostly
    on the upside laBeL of thAT and Asperger’s
    BuLL aLL Horned too on the Autism Spectrum too..
    butt if you thiNK and or FeeL and SenSe i’m JusT a LabEL perHaps
    to a
    Three Letter
    Word in Old PaGes
    oF JusT oNe BooK NoW..
    too.. nah.. not me.. i pARTNeR
    For MoRE MoRE MoRE NoW isREaL2..;)

  23. Lying in Bed
    i Distantly
    That Feeling…
    Break and
    To Get Up
    Like it…

    A Book Mark HeAR at FB
    FRiEnd Ashe’s Place on FB
    A Fellow Worker from years gone
    Past for the Navy in Active Work there..
    She in the midst of her middle work years as
    i once too was for 33 Years.. me free now her
    Still somewhat working trapped but doing okay it seems
    until she too will one day be set fully free to do whatever
    it is her
    Desires to be Free..
    Such an Artist she is
    many potentials still to fulfill..

    And now a stop over at the Rafiah’s Place
    as that Poetess FriEnd From Pakistan and
    FB FriEnd now for about Three Years and Three
    Months now.. Makes a Blog Post.. a couple of Days
    ago that i will respond to now before Going On with
    MacroVerse Memories.. years to date from Facebook too..:)

    From the Beginning of the Origin oF aLL tHat iS
    BeYond InFiNiTY oF CourSE NeVer EnDinG
    otHeRWise kNoWN FeLT SenSeD And
    UnderStood aS LoVE AKA God
    iN SoMe CiRCLeS thaT wHo
    sPiRaLS eVeR StARTinG
    NeVeR FiNiShinG NoW
    Too.. Love Is Love iS MoRE
    You NoW alWays Been alWays
    NoW BEGiNNinG ALWaYs NoW
    And It’s Not Hard to Prove as NoW
    iS ALWaYs NoW.. For thE Love We
    BeComE NoW.. to Give and Share or
    SAdly NoT To StArT NeVER FiNiShING
    NoW aGaIN.. But True as ‘They’ Say
    iF NoT Drenched iN THiS LoVE
    iT’s Hard to Say.. For ThiS
    Love IS thE FiRE
    And wHo
    NeVeR GiVeS
    uP WiTHiN You
    To GiVE And SHaRE
    And iF i Could Give Anything
    To You iT WiLL Be You mY FriEnd aS LovE
    For whaTever You WiLL eVer reTurN of Me NoW…


    And now to the MacroVerses Years to Date
    with “MIRROR times MIRROR”.. A Little out
    of Place as this MacroVerse is shared some
    Years to Date NoW on Facebook from actually
    6.12.15 as i have arrived to Thirty Months
    after that Date NoW on 12.12.17 at 12:31 AM
    as i finish up the WRiTe oF tHiS MaCroVerSE
    NoW as the subject of this shared and given
    all For Free “MIRROR times MIRROR” MacroVerse
    all adheres to the Poetic Form as yes.. Formula
    oF Doing Palindromes as a Structured Play by the
    Rules in Reverse Style far far out of Free Verse Free..
    but never the less
    An Equation
    that was
    and is
    no Problem For
    Me but Sure a bit
    OuT oF ZeN FLoW iN
    ZoNE When Mechanical
    Cognition is used aLonG
    WitH Purer ART Free and
    that’s oKaY as every once
    in a while it’s nice too.. to
    Have a Cup of Yang in YouR YiN Too.. hehe..;)

    “Molly WOLVES AND GEMINI FULL Moon”.. Yeah actuAlly LiVinG iN HeLL For 66 Months
    i surely had plenty of nows then to Explore my Shadow side deep deep within and
    Even Monsters more then.. and getting out of Hell i didn’t wanna forget tHAt
    PaRT of Me too thAt also makes all oF We wHo We are Complete in Fearless
    Ways too.. so sure.. i even Hazed myself in many ways as they
    do in Shadow School of Mystery more Esoteric Schools too
    that you will likely never lEarn
    in ReaL School Official
    in Class
    NoW STiLL
    but sure some
    Fraternities and
    Sororities engage
    in Hazing Behavior
    to get a little more
    thick skinned with
    Shadow more fully
    in Tow too..
    but i did it my way
    all Free Style for what
    within all innately instinctually
    intuitively spoke to me to do neXT
    then all inherently as such too.. yep
    Deep Deep within and it was my Paths
    and Journey to Do mostly alone then
    with out the Fortune of Expecting
    anyone to Fully Understand
    wHeRE i was going
    Free neXT
    not even
    me in non-knowing
    ways as i was FeeLing
    senSinG WiTHIN then one
    Word of SonG and Step of
    Dance ALonG the way..
    Anyway hehe.. got
    most of my
    on in this one
    from three years
    ago as by here i kept
    that paRT of me most
    all relegated to Restricted
    Links and better yet a Christmas
    Boat Show in Biloxi in Eve with
    Boats Decked out in Christmas
    LiGHTs JuSt SiTTinG on the
    DocK oF the Bay
    FLoW iN
    Tide in and
    Tide out Ever ExPaNding
    Ocean Shores MoRE NoW
    River eVer FloWinG From:
    StreAMs To: Wave me STiLL NoW..:)

    “666 Months of LiGht”.. YeS.. LiteRaLLY CeleBRaTinG 666 Months
    oF LiVinG LiFE on PlaNeT EarTH Since 6.6.60 HeAR on 12.6.15 HeAR..
    also on my X-Catholic Priest Granfather’s 120th Birthday too.. as yes..
    i continue
    to relish
    too as
    Holy and
    Sacred too Full
    of Meaning and Purpose
    why not for whatever works
    now to make all of Life Holy
    and Sacred with even more Meaning
    and Purpose NoW we Co-Create with
    the Rest of Creation aka God NoW too..
    With a Christmas Party on the Catholic
    Church Grounds where the Flowers of this
    MacroVerse in Photos shows then we were still
    in December Indian Summer then.. as we were the
    YeAR BefoRe.. For Years now of seemingly endless
    SPrinG and Summer Weather with short stints only
    Blast as wHO
    KNoWs iF Indian
    Summer Will coME
    Back for 80 Degree
    F Weather as it has
    BeFoRE in recent Years
    of Christmas too.. anyWay
    it surely is FeeLinG aLot LiKE
    Christmas NoW as Christmas LiGHTs
    PuT uP NoW are a nice Contrast to much
    Longer NiGhts and Brown Grass and Wilted
    Flowers too.. but only a MesSaGE STiLL thAT
    CoME aGaIn
    by March and
    PerHaps as Soon
    as this Month aGaiN
    too.. Climate Change
    heHe is real NoW too
    @LeAsT wHeRe i LiVE For SuRe..:)

    “Angel Devil FRED”.. JuST YouR Typical Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Clark Kent and Superman.. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent all Bi-Polar
    AS SucH MiXinG ArT with SciencE too back and ForTh and aLL ToGeTHER
    Force oF ShaDoW
    And LiGHT ComBinGinG
    EVeN MoRE NoW iN MiND
    And BoDy BaLaNCinG SoUL
    FRoM DaRk THrU LiGht BeYonD
    And Below thAT and ThiS too..:)

    “SOULDANCE”.. Hmm.. So How Does that “Right Said Fred”
    Song Go.. i’m too Sexy for my Shirt or Shorts
    WeLL.. this solves that Question
    aS the Header Photo
    is the Headliner
    most viewed
    Image in
    a Search for all
    my “Katie Mia Frederick”
    Images to dAte So far sTill.. heHe..
    Just AnoThER Red Shirt Letter Day HeAR hAha..
    JusT AnoTHeR PLaY UnLeaSHiNG ReLeaSinG And TaMinG mY Shadow2
    MoRE WiTh
    A Back
    ForCE of
    Shadow NoW
    AlWaYs Available
    For Use aGaiN iF Need Be..:)

    “GOD’s muse of dance”.. From Three Years ago as this MacroVerse
    is the First of Several Online Photo Albums as Recorded in mY
    FeaTNotes and MileStones Section at the End of Every MacroVerse
    Now as Selfies With all the Cool College Age Folks at Old
    Seville Quarter as this MacroVerse Presents Photos
    of that from the First 8 or so months of
    Doing Since Around the
    End of March of 2014..
    Amazing as i Still Meet
    Some of These Folks to Dance
    ToGeTHEr NoW STiLL oFF and ON..
    Amazing too that i am now coming to
    thE 191st Dance Week Night of Doing that
    This Thursday Night too as tHeRe is NoW WeLL
    OVeR A ThouSand Photos and Wonderful DanCinG FriEnDs
    too Best oF
    iN Joy oF DancE Too..:)

    “A tribute to a TRUE FRIEND”.. WeLL.. This Originally Written to FriEnd
    Lala Rukh in our day to day reciprocal poetic communication on her
    Blog for Close to Five Months Here shortly before she would
    be Married away to an Arranged Marriage where she
    sadly mostly stopped Writing After that
    as she seemingly lost her
    Passion to do so as
    at First she
    was not able to
    Marry what seemed like
    Her True Love as the Arranged
    Marriage by Her Parents took that away
    From her.. but in the end she was able to
    accept it as most folks do “over there” in “those”
    Countries STiLL that Have this Tradition as a Regular
    Cup of Coffee of tHeir Cultures and Religions too..
    As FriEnd Rafiah is soon to enter into Matrimony
    in Similar Ways too.. but unlike Lala Rukh it seems
    that this is working out in what she wants from start to
    finish and who knows if she will stay around online or not too
    after she gets married but her too.. but2 never the less and always
    more i’ll stay her
    friEnd as
    i WiLL Do
    For aLL oTHeR
    FriEnds too as
    Long as i am Welcome
    And or not shooed away as such too.. heHe..
    And that’s okay when that happens too as Lord
    Knows back in the Years in Hell in all the Years
    And Months i Spent on the “Wrong Planet” online
    with a Bunch of Folks whose main issue was the
    inability to successfully reciprocally communicate
    with others then a hi bye as mostly Kiss my Ass
    is all one could expect from ‘potential friends’
    then.. anyway.. when in hell do as hell folks do.. i found
    A place for folks like me then and now i’M OuT HaVinG FuN FoR SuRE..
    NoW as me
    is truly
    Better than
    that except pain
    and numb of course
    And nothing to do at
    all but think think think
    stuck inside a head unable
    to get get stuff out to Express
    in MoVinG ConnecTinG CreaTiNG MoRe As BaLanCinG ForcE
    Head to:
    toe.. within..
    inside.. outside.. above
    so below And all aRouND NoW MoRE too..:)

    “Sacred Love of a Mother”

    And of Course Photos like this as Documented iN an online Diary
    too.. as perhaps this will one day be a longest one of those but
    the Record for that is actually 37.5 Million Words as accomplished
    by a Dude over around a Quarter oF A Century after he reached middle
    age too.. but anyway.. a Candid Photo of my Mother Living HeaR Back
    in 2015 Close to her Birthday then on the 10th of December Around
    a Year since she acquired the Weight Loss associated with
    Undiagnosed Cancer Spreading through her Body then
    where she refused to go to the Doctor until
    no choice at the Very end
    at her Wishes of
    Course wHere
    the next
    Year after this
    would become much
    more of a Struggle
    of Her’s with her Health
    WitH only with a remedy of
    a Bayer aspirin now and then
    For Cancer Spreading From Breast
    to Bones to Brain as that goes too
    As pART of thE dARk oF A Relatively
    LonG LiFE with Plenty of LiGht too for
    yes.. the “Chemistry of Truth and Light”
    EvEn MoRE
    WiTh the
    dARK that provides
    us ways to appreciate
    what LiGHT Continues to LiVE as LoVE ReaL
    NoW SurViVinG aLL the Hardships and Sorrows
    oF LiFE eVeN
    as is
    ReaL LoVE
    LiVeS oN For NoW MoRE..
    Through thE eYes of “A Child2”..:)

    “STar RAin LiGht”.. MacroVerse Memory from a Year Ago as
    They continue to GroW LonGeR Then And More Fond Memories
    With Dance FriEnds From Old Seville Quarter
    Particularly as Affectionately
    Referred to as Charlie’s
    Angels.. per Chelsea..
    Cortney and Maggie too..
    some of who have moved on
    to Different Areas of the Country
    as LiFe MoveS oN MoRE NoW too as A Story goes…on2..:)

    “Torn ViNes oF Love”.. Hmm.. After Truly LiVinG iN Hell
    for 66 Months on eARTh i am a little Averse to
    Harming any living thing for i surely am
    Both a KinG of Pain and Numb
    And a KinG of Pleasure and LoVE
    EVeN Better of CouRSE NoW oN CourSE
    But i remember my Roots in Hell very very well..
    and How Vines of Love can be ripped out of all what
    Roots Life as Worth LiVinG NoW so a little spat ensued
    when the Katrina and i disagreed on whether or not to rip
    off a Holly Vine from our Back Yard Wood Shed.. for she still
    sweats the small stuff like a Tiny Living Vine overtaking a Big
    Back Yard Shed.. she won that Go Around and ripped the Vine up as
    it came back again
    to Life this
    Year and
    the Leafless
    Wintered Vine
    in FaLL NoW maintains
    its perch upon our Shed
    Still as she got over it and
    i did too.. and best of all the Vine oF LoVE Survives More
    in Winter
    oF FaLL Much
    Earlier this year
    in Snowy and Frost
    Killing Cold of Brown
    things that come back to LiFE eVEn MoRE
    as Green
    AGaiN SPRinG
    Change Worth
    LooKinG ForWaRD
    To: Still Always
    NoW From: LoVE iN
    ME aLWays More as this
    does conclude.. “7 YearS 11 DayS Aka 2666 DayS”
    WitH a BegiNNinG and EnDinG AlWays StaRTing
    NeVER ReALLy Finishing Couple oF SonGS
    to Go aLonG with this and a
    Dance for yes
    more to CoME
    EVeN MoRe Soon
    as i complete the
    WriTE of this MacroVerse
    in a little over 6 Days
    too at 2:02 AM on 12.12.17
    WitH LikeLY Online Publish
    PuT aLL ToGeTHER as such later today..:)


    DWeLLinG WiTHiN FoR
    WeLL BeinG HeARTS…
    SMiLes And What’s uP Doc
    Rafiah.. not only do you provide
    A Perfect Definition oF FRiEnD
    And tHeRe Are BeYonD iNFiNiTE
    Numbers oF Metaphors For FriEnd and God
    As Verb tHat’s
    WiTHiN iT’s
    This Metaphor
    tHeRE is No Separation NoW For
    Ever No Matter What For A friEnd
    Can and Will Be A Lover A Mother
    A Grand Parent A Sister A Spouse
    And Verily ALWays True iN LiGHT NoW
    All OtHeRs As all pARts Ocean aLL WHoLE
    And You Rafiah For From: the First Words You
    Dance and Song To: me You Made/Make me Feel Special
    WithiN.. JusT ANotHeR SNoW Flake AngEL You Are to: me.

    -End For Beginning2…
    “WHaT’S uP DoC2 NoW1”

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