Allah’s Leaves

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Words inspired by my friend Rafiah who lives in Pakistan..:)

Back in 2003

i had this lovely Oak Tree

with limbs and leaves that reached out far

into the sky of Allah..

and then a Hurricane named Ivan came

and took my beautiful Tree away

leaving only a dinosaur like broken skeleton..

that had to be taken away

only to leave a Stump and eventual Twig

that remained as memory

of my beloved tree….

But with adversity can come great diversity..

As the Twig grew into my beloved tree again..

and i let it grow free with friends of Blue Berry Bushes..

Small Privet Trees..

Flowered Vines growing up into the Branches

sharing Air with Leaves in sky of Allah free….

and Ivy growing down toward the Ground

and spreading out through the Ground of Allah as well…

Yes.. the Tree grows wider now instead of taller

with all the TREE’S friends

and provides a privacy in my backyard

that allows me to dance totally free with Allah

connecting to ALL my flesh and blood

as One force of me and Allah…free…:)

And this is how it works with us humans

as metaphor too..

As when we reach out to others

in hands of diverse Love..


the connections and meanings

of life in Love do grow…

in together Love…

the Unconditional Love of Allah

that connects all Peaceful Loving life….

And when we all Practice this FREE LOVE


putting it into Action of Unconditional Love..

the Kingdom of Heaven of Allah will arise..





And for those of us

who practice it Now..

with all others…

The Kingdom of Heaven

is already ours…


NOw.. in Eyes of Allah’s

greatest gift to human..

Unconditional GIVING Love..

to ALL others…:)

Reaching out our limbs

and letting the leaves of Love

fall to others

where ever we go……


in Allah’s Unconditional Love….

Three Hundred Thirty Three









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31 Responses to Allah’s Leaves

  1. ^^^

    “Muslims killed Hindus on the name of God.
    Hindus killed Muslims on the name of God.
    God must be so annoyed up there.”

    Yesterday you noted a photo on Finland that tells the story of many homogenous Scandinavian countries that share their subsistence, including territory freely even by government control as they see each other as similar and as brothers and sisters, even without any religion or name for GOD by many who live there as truly when Unconditional Love reigns as leader there need be no name for GOD or ALLAH but LOVE.

    So Allah reigns wherever Unconditional LOVE rules whether or not it is the Christian, Muslim, Hindi or even Atheist who calls GOD by A name.

    But sadly that is changing too as African Muslims who are migrating to Scandinavian countries and see their free ways of living with GOD as not something of GOD and those people see them as something less than brothers and sisters as their color is not bright white, blue eyed and blonde.

    Another gift that Allah gives human other than the potential for Unconditional Love is the Instinct for Survival along with the ability to Reason with Neocortical Control to master the past and future with analytical clarity to enhance the chances for survival.

    To see greater than skin deep or all the languages for GOD that are similar, even for the Atheist like Steven Hawkin who now names GOD as a force of Gravity instead of an anthropomorphic characterized entity is to potentially and eventually exercise the will of Allah for us WITH US to ALL see greater than skin or language of religion deep and treat the earth as a brother and or sister too and no longer destroy the greatest gift of subsistence Allah gives us for survival per the only real home we have and must all share to survive when people can see the bigger picture using their gift of reason to survive for the longest RUN of LIFE for the Human Species if we are to be meek enough like the roach and dragonfly to extend our place in terrestrial plane existence….A LITTLE LONGER…IN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AS HUMANS MUST USE THIS ATTRIBUTE OF GIFT FROM ALLAH IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE MUCH LONGER IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF ALLAH’S TIME…  (Sorry that last sentence was just a ‘little’ too long..but……;)sometimes that’s the way i run…as i think you know by now.. friend…:)


    Hmm, suggesting that there is no place for Witchcraft and or Religion per a belief in GOD in the world as it is only human construct is not much different than suggesting there is no place for scary movies as they are only human constructs and have no real life consequences.

    Well they do as they move emotion and emotions move humans.

    And ‘they’ includes religion per a belief in GOD, Witchcraft for a belief in things like Voo Doo that per the scientifically proven effect of the Nocebo effect and AFFECT (opposite from Placebo effect/AFFECT) where a person makes themselves ill simply with the belief that they will become ill.

    The science of the full power and nuance of human emotion is still in its infancy.

    Only recently has science discovered that the eastern philosophy of TAI CHI is truly healing as the cerebellum has control over sensory integration and emotional regulation as well.

    AND OF COURSE now science shows that STRESS REALLY DOES KILL HUMAN beings through the slow and tortuous destruction of the nervous, respiratory, and circulatory system by chronic high levels of stress hormones in the human body.

    So anything of positive belief that reduces human stress has the potential, no matter how small, to save human lives.


    Religion through parables and other human abstract constructs do spark Human Emotion to Heal Human Beings and Witchcraft through I’m gonna make a doll of you in Voo Doo and convince you that you are gonna get sick WORKS THROUGH POWER OF HUMAN EMOTION THAT CHANGES physiology on a moment to moment basis.

    That’s one powerful human construct, yes, both Religion per a belief in GOD and Witchcraft per a belief in VOO DOO.

    JUST BECAUSE YA can’t put it in a TEST TUBE YET AND MEASURE IT, yet, DOESN’T MEAN IT DOESN’T HAVE REAL world consequences.

    So in effect Nihilists are shooting themselves in the foot by attempting to REDUCE REALITY TO MATERIAL REDUCTIONISM.



    1 X 0 = 0 in terms of the human emotions of WILL, BELIEF, FAITH, AND HOPE THAT CAN MOVE METAPHORICAL MOUNTAINS.

    AND YES, I have incontrovertible evidence of it documented in my own life as once when I lost my emotions and almost died from my human construct of illusory fears that led to great human stress I could barely raise my arms after eating without passing out.

    NOW, AS PER MY youtube account and blog account per incontrovertible evidence I CAN LEG PRESS 810 LBS at age 54, 12 times, per more than any Marine in my Military Gym, on a Free weight Parallel Nautilus Leg Press Machine.


    BUT AGAIN, my doctor doesn’t understand how I healed myself of 19 medically documented disorders cause she doesn’t UNDERSTAND THE TRUE POWER OF HUMAN INSTINCT, INTUITION, PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE AND EMOTION FOR HEALING.

    SHE laughs at my methods and I sail away barely experiencing gravity as I walk with legs that can lift more than three times my weight of 226LBS.

    And nah, that ability to float on land doesn’t come just from muscular strength, it comes from the ART of TAI CHI TOTALLY INTUITIVE AND instinctual with no lessons or instruction required but seeing, listening, and FEELING WITHIN, THROUGH THE TRUE higher POWER OF God aka Mother Nature True.

    It’s the same stuff that religion and witchcraft has been talking about for thousands of years.

    I’m JUST putting it into the language of GOD that an even an Atheist can potentially BELIEVE IN.


    And here’s just one example of 1 rep of 810 LBS and a 54 year old man, who was a almost a complete shut-in for 5 years, just a little over 1 year ago.

    It’s just the higher power of Mother Nature TRUE aka GOD, too, PRACTICED AS SUCH. 🙂

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    A fascinating topic and one that science is coming closer to explain in REAL LIFE.

    IT’S A PERSONALITY ISSUE REALLY, as some folks operate more in an intuitive and instinctual FEELING WAY OF EXPERIENCING THE WORLD, and some folks operate in more of an analytical reasoning fact finding way of experiencing the world.

    Interestingly, the folks who analyze their way through life often need an instruction manual, be it science or dogmatic religion to figure out how to get what they perceive as the best out of life.

    And of course there is a spectrum of being per experience of life, that CAN go in either direction depending on the environment one is exposed to in life.

    I am free, simple as that MAY BE, with relative free will and understand the Atheist language for GOD and the one that the dogmatic religious person has as one and same, OVERALL, as simply one who looks for guidelines in life, rather than looking inside through instinct, intuition and FEELING TO MAKE THE MOST OUT OF LIFE.


    Generally speaking, the folks who use analysis and reason to get the most out of life ARE either Atheist SCIENCE leaning or Dogmatic fundamentalist religious leaning folks.

    Some folks who use feeling have a hard time with reason and vice versa, but to truly KNOW BOTH WAYS OF EXPERIENCING LIFE AND TAKING THE BEST OF BOTH WAYS OF LIVING LIFE IS simply Wisdom.

    I choose enlightenment AND AWAKENING WITH A totally open mind AKA WISDOM.

    And that means simply seeing life with BOTH EYES OPEN, as metaphor for A FULL BRAIN WORKING AS SUCH FULLY AS POSSIBLE.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    THE fact of the matter is some folks have empathy for their fellow human beings and respect them IN that way as PEOPLE WITH FEELINGS THAT CAN BE HURT with objectifying them as just another piece of meat in A ‘MEET’ MARKET WHETHER that is on a dance floor or on the sidewalks of life.

    And some folks DO NOT, AND WILL NEVER GET IT, UNTIL THEY DEVELOP BASIC HUMAN EMPATHY, if they even can as science now shows that HUMANS that are not given copious amounts of flesh and blood human nurturing in the first two years of life NEVER DO, SADLY as this is as It is True.

    It’s why you often see this behavior more in areas of socio-economic distress where children do not receive nurturing as much in the first two years of life, or in highly ‘privileged’ areas where the parents are so far removed from their children in gaining ‘gold’ in life, that for all practical intents and purposes they do not exist.

    And no, this is not just my opinion, this is the the state of the art opinion of modern science.

    And this is where the science of psychology is going, in restoring basic humanity, AKA HUMAN EMPATHY, IF POSSIBLE.

    LIVING a life in mechanical (machine) cognition does nothing to improve it. And science now evidences this as true too.

    And this in part is why the Internet can be such a cold hard place for humanity as it truly CAN discourage the HUMAN ART OF EMPATHY, through anonymity where even faces no longer exist.

    I choose empathy and Love and HELL YES IT WORKS IN EVERY WAY FOR ME in real life for SURE.

    And the girls in REAL LIFE, DO LIKE IT TOO, and I HAVE REAMS OF EVIDENCE FOR THAT, for any of the naysayers out there that say good guys finish last, in the REAL GAME OF LIFE THAT IS unconditional LOVE.

    And hell yes, I’m passionate about this, as truly it CAN BE A REAL LIFE SAVER IN the REAL game of life for those who CAN hear (t) it.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    I haven’t seen that video but it’s probably the non-verbal language that is the issue and not a respectful hello or your hair looks nice.

    It’s a matter of respect and what is wanted or not wanted behavior.

    It’s complicated. And there is definitely room for error whenever humans communicate emotion, including passion for others.

    Sometimes the errors are simply misunderstandings and sometimes there is attention directed in an aggressive manner per forcing one’s will on another.

    That’s the part I do not agree with, when a person uses their size and strength to get their way over someone else’s will, even when done as verbal abuse only.

    It doesn’t work with me, so I have a privilege in life that many women and men in some cases do not have.

    But as mentioned earlier in this thread that doesn’t keep some women from trying, as they can see that a guy with “$700 shades” is not going to strike back at them, generally speaking.

    If i were an African American 226LB 6 Foot dude in the bar, it would likely never happen, as it is a matter of pre-conceived notions of what MIGHT HAPPEN, WHETHER REAL or imagined.

    Yes, money, color, and gender, and of course sexual orientation, and even size and strength does still count in this country, whether some folks want to admit it or not per real life consequences.

    It’s just human nature per the light and dark of all of it but ‘we’ do have ‘reason’ to potentially modify ‘our’ behavior, thank goodness, in the mix of reality as is per dark and light. 🙂
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  6. Glenn Buttkus says:

    God, dog spelled backwards, has many names, Allah is one, AllThatis is another, & Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, & Joseph Smith are their prophets, their messengers; You really got wound-up in this one, sir, & what I take away from it is that Love is the common denominator for them all, for all of us.

    • Yes.. Glenn.. so many metaphors for all that is.. but true in my opinion Unconditional Love is the treasure to seek..:) Thanks for stopping by and be by your place soon.. as today has been one marathon day of dance walking while my wife shopped until she almost dropped from shopping exhaustion.. 😉

  7. scotthastiepoet says:

    Yup my friend, the tree of unconditional love and oneness is the one to have, to plant, to nuture and to believe in… For sure – After all what else of true value is there to do, while we are here? With Best Wishes Scott

    • Yes.. Scott i agree and the true value of life gets no better than seeking and keeping unconditional Love alive in one’s life with all others as time goes by as well..:)

      Thanks for coming by and hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving..:)

  8. Mary says:

    So thankful for God’s unconditional love! And, hey, I am a bit jealous of all the GREEN in your environment. Sigh. We won’t have green now until April.

    • Yes, here either in my part of the woods.

    • Hi Mary.. the first picture that has the most green is actually a much older picture in the early 2000’s of my first tree before Ivan came and took it away..:)

      But yes.. although the grass has turned brown here.. there is still much green around but little color of flowers left and none at all left in my yard.. where so many vibrant colors live until the first hard freeze that we got rather early this year in November..:)

      And yes i am so thankful for God’s Unconditional Love as well..:)

  9. brian miller says:

    love the metaphor man…we had a tree that we loved that was taken out by an infestation…but then once we took it out, another began to take its place…maybe a child of that tree, waiting right underneath the earth… is a beautiful thing, especially when unconditional

    • Interestingly.. by the time Hurricane Ivan came in 2004 our beloved tree was suffering from some kind of mold as well so perhaps it was fortuitous that the Hurricane saved the Tree from anymore suffering.. and allowed it another go.. from stump as it were..:)

      But yes.. that seems the way darkness and the light of life works.. where the silver linings are not always visible at first..:)

      And yes Unconditional Love is always the Love i seek and hope to keep..:)

  10. kaykuala h says:

    You opened up to ease the conscience of man in bondage. Man is all the more divided for insisting in their beliefs and may even propose to impose their will upon others. Then there are those not satisfied with what they have but to kill and maim just so they can grab what rightfully belong to others on the flimsy pretext of acceding to stories of biblical times.It will not end. Greed and power may work now but later will succumb to good sense and righteousness.Though in the process there will be sufferings! Great write Katie!


    • Yes.. sadly so it seems as our instinctual nature for tribal ways can mute the similarities in our genes that make us one happy species that can potentially one day get it more together than separate.. but oh yes.. as you say through the process will be suffering as has been the case throughout history as humans evolve greater or lesser toward Unconditional Love.. But i do hold out HOPE THAT LOVE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN HATE..:)AS I continue to live in LOVE..:)

  11. Prajakta says:

    Unconditional love… rare and beautiful it is. I love the way you framed the poem and the voices that you used.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Prajakta and i do hope and pray that one day Unconditional Love will the rule instead of the exception.. as if a dead heart soul like mine could make it back tHere.. i do have hope for everyone else.. to grow alive in love..:)

      Have a great day!..:)

  12. Do think when tree send saplings forth to embrace the ground work very well as unconditional love. Do interesting that the big tree has to be broken first…

  13. Ha-ha.. in that case i guess i was the big tree.. but a weak one i was when broken..truly..:)at that..per yikes…;)

    Thanks for stopping by Bjorn and hope you have a great Swedish day in whatever light is left UP THERE..:)

  14. How we love our trees. I really miss the lovely lime tree that took centre stage in the view from our old house. I haven’t yet found a replacement.

    • Hi vivinfrance.. i hope you found a most beautiful tree to replace the one that took centre stage in the view from your old house…

      My favorite currently is the Dogwood that i most often use in ‘selfies’ of me in my yard as a backdrop of nature with me..:)

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a wonderful day..:)

  15. Gabriella says:

    Isn’t wonderful how life triumphs, even after a hurricane? Thank you for all the green photos.

    • Oh my GOODNESS.. it certainly is wonderful how light shines through the darkest and longest of life’s storms.. and that IVAN Hurricane was certainly a long one as it lasted almost 24 hours with winds of around 100 miles an hour or so..

      It was as if the winds of Hell were unleashed upon the earth.. and then of course there was Katrina where the waters of the GULF swallowed up the gulf coast.. particularly in Mississippi where there are absolutely no dunes left and just flat sand beaches..

      Anyway i do love reminiscing about hurricanes as they were always one of my many special interests from the time i was in elementary school..

      And strangely enough i was excited about experiencing one until OMG! WE ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED ERIN, OPAL, IVAN, DENNIS AND A LITTLE OF KATRINA ALL WITHIN THE SPAN OF A DECADE IN TIME….


      Only nice thing about them is we finally got to meet our neighbors and have a block cook-out.. another silver lining..;)

      But anyway..Hope you are having a great day..too..:)

  16. God, dog spelled backwards –> Reminds me of Deathbird, a fantastic story by Harlan Ellison.

  17. Bryan Ens says:

    Love… Yes, our world would be a better place if we all had a bit more.

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