Shoes of Black to Light

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IMG_9511 IMG_9512 IMG_9513 IMG_9514 IMG_9515 IMG_9516 IMG_9517 IMG_9519 IMG_9520 IMG_9522

Well.. i Love

writing stuff that is as applicable
a thousand years ago as a thousand years in the future..
but that’s just me.. smiles.. there is no old news in good news..
particularly truly good news of the Heaven of now.. JUST Now..
as far as i know and feel.. it doesn’t get any better than that..
overall.. for humans in this life.. at least.. and sure that’s
what we know now and feel
now too.. now.. just now..

i’LL Just say the
potentials in Heaven now..
are limitless with no cultural or so-called religious
sidewalk expectations.. for those who gain entry from within..
as encoded in our DNA.. all naturAlly by GODAllthatis.. same
stuff Jesus is talking about to help other folks gain entry too..
before other folks make him a God.. three centuries or so
after he dies.. to worship.. instead of a man who finds
an internal path to Live in the Kingdom of God AKA
Heaven now.. So hard to relate.. but true.. as now..
for those of us who live in Heaven now.. the other
dimension on this terrestrial plane.. far
from the Camels needle..
of small…

So i’m driving to
Catholic Church yesterday..
and the song ‘Gloria’ by Michael W. Smith comes on
and i imagine.. yes.. just imagine.. that instead of a
Congregation pointing toward a man
on a cross
the congregation finAlly hears the true message of
Jesus that God lives within and the Kingdom of
Heaven lives in us now.. when we finally
gain the same Mind and Body Balance
that Kundalini Yogi brings to
successful practitioners..

Or just so-called naked savages gain dancing with each
other freely around the moonlit campfires of night for hours
on end in waves of continuing ecstasy with God.. no different
really than me doing my freestyle TAI CHI in Barnes and Nobles
yesterday evening.. for an hour or so.. while reading a book
about Kundalini.. and listening to Chicago’s “Chicago IX”
Album.. with iPhone 6s ear buds.. seeing freely that this
needs no instruction at all.. it is simply a matter
of regulating emotions and integrating
senses like all the other free animals of the
earth do with the art of movement.. when yes..
free and wild..
like me.. smiles..

And sure.. as Jesus..
the real man Jesus.. escapes religion and culture
of his time.. and takes his 40 day walk in Nature of
the Desert there.. he finds the same experience
separated from religion of his day and culture then..
that is patriarchal and restricts human emotions and sensory
experiences.. basically comes back to the rest of his tribe..
and says it’s a lie (current cultural and religious ideology
then same as today in many parts of the world)
and gets to God’s Nature for human within..
through innate instinct and intuition..
with the Higher Power of God
gifted to all of God’s animate
inanimate creation who live
free and wild…
And the saddest part of all..
is yes.. he is made into an earthly King..
where all he was saying is all of this lives within you..
this peace and harmony of internal bliss.. the nirvana..
the Kundalini Rising.. the Great Spirit.. the CHI.. the KI..
the QI.. who knows.. a trillion different metaphors for
any being that may live on any planet who has found
the same Universal Reality of Peace of Mind and body
iN BALANCE now.. JUST emoticon..:)

Well.. ANYway.. my dream is for the congregation one
day to experience the Heaven of now.. and to
share that experience in song
with all others
with how
God will have uS
as free again
as Loving
come again..
as free and wild
before the apple
of Lies.. propagated
by cultures and religions
for subjugation and control
over other human beings with

SMiLes.. one may not ever truly Love Unconditionally
until they embrace the gold of dark.. and are no longer
afraid of the dArk nor truly cynical of the Light..
for many folks who insist on controlling
other folks through illusory fears
to subjugate human sensory
and emotional freedoms..
including reproductive freedoms..
it is the fear of emptiness..
of their soul..
that truly is
the emptiness they

DO NOT FEEL.. that can be without fear..
at all.. but emptiness is much worse than fear..
therefore what is commonly referred to as psychopathic
leaning folks with little to no pro-social empathy attempt
to rule other parts of God’s Creation.. often namely other humans..
to pull their heart strings to see them jump with fear
and emotional pain.. this is all some can feel power..
status.. in the control of other
parts of God’s Creation..

Love is the binding social force
that cures all of this.. for those who feel..
pro-social emotions and empathy.. there is no such thing
as jealous Love for someone who is fearless in tough and
passionate unconditional Love.. and that’s A science
of the art of the human heArt as
emoTioNs expresSinG SpiRit as such..

And miNd and BoDy BalanCinG in moving
with feedback in cognitive regulating of emotions
and senses.. integrating for soUl of human being..
yes to look within.. to balance with this relative
human free with the power of Love is to be
set free with Truth and Light..

As Wisdom and Love holding hands
as one human together.. both hemispheres
of brain connecting and holding hands together
in synchrony.. in reason and art.. with other human beings..
in peace and harmony as both hemispheres of the
electrons of atoms.. neurons of human
mind and body.. as yes..

People connecting and holding
hands across the world no different really
in spirit of core atomic forces of celestial bodies
that orbit each other in peace and harmony to hold
the Universe together with some forces that
scientists may never ever fully see and
measure.. even with the aided eye..

Never the less the magic of science is
ART and we all of God’s creation when in harmony
and peace hold hands together as one force as GOD Alive now..
moving singing a song of God’s voice together now..
in Art of moving dance as well.. Infinity lives
on for now together always again and again..
now.. as the cycle.. falls and springs..
in Summer and Winter of Dark and light
move on.. and sing for now.. smile emoticon..:)


Good morning.. i mean afternoon to evening in Pakistan.. friend Rafiah..
and truly when we sing a song of science and bring emotion into the mix
of a literal symphony of science we bring God’s magic human Nature of
Infinite nuanced emotions into the mix of reality now..

And the best thing about human emotions..
sometimes sadly misSinG with fewer emotions
expressing by monotoning voicing scientists is
that emotion is the glue of human memory and decision making..

So.. sadly some scientists can hardly tie their shoes as the
emotions of movement in mind and body balance with human cognitive
executive functioning abilities.. including focus and short term
working memory may not work well in a sitting or standing
still position of either listening or giving lectures..

in what can be boring monotone voices of robot style
of being in mechanical cognition mind so far away from
fuller human being as gifted by Allah.. so much higher
in overall human potential.. where human becomes
not just a robot but a Ferrari of emotional
heat in electro-magnetic radiation as well..

As the human body literally can heat up
with moving human emotions with a warm
heart literally and metaphorically as is
with the magic song of human emotions that even yes..
can impact the static of the remnant song of Allah..
in big bang band way.. between those TV stations..
of static reflecting the big bang as well..
when human roars a heat of emotions changing
static as voice of roar of human emotions in heated moving ways..

So yeah.. static in someway.. is the song of Allah.. the remnants
of the roar of God at the beginning in moving ways of song in dark to light..
and we are a reflection of that as well.. in stars ourselves when we live
with a balance of emotions and reason expresSinG as well..
but if not.. we can become a black hole sun..
where other folks rotate around our negative energy..
and are inspired by it.. to generate their own Suns and
daughters of God’s energy.. from within.. to outside..
above so below and all around as they reflect more of all of GOD as IS..

But perhaps instead of scientists.. they should have sent a poet to sing
this song as well.. ’cause Richard Dawkins is dead incorrect alive when he says
humans are not evolved to understand this without the aid of science..

the patterns of God are all around us to discern totally innately..
intuitively and instinctually as above so below.. in senses.. feelings..
and reason as art.. inside.. outside.. and all around.. some of us with
God’s eyes of art will need no tools of science to understand this..

And some of us with science eyes alone.. will never see it through the
Art eyes of God.. but still they have half the pie of God..
as God has eyes of Science too.. but sure.. a full pie..
instead of half a brain.. is infinitely greater in
light for now.. for sure.. my friend..

We have to guard.. seek.. and find..
more of our Art of Allah as gifted in our minds
and bodies in balance.. less science.. the darker part of Allah..
takes the Light of Art of Allah in human emotions expresSinG HeArt
of human being as spiRit.. in miNd and body balancing soUl..
my friend.. for now.. As iS God in us more fully..

I learn this from studying human beings..
science did not have the tools to help me bRinG
back my human being in balance but the Art
of God within.. is Infinitely more powerful
than Science my friend..
As that Art
is a Universe
as expansive outside
as is within.. the human
miNd and BoDy balance
in symphony
of harmony
and peace
of courage
and kind
AS Wisdom
AND emoticon


Himali presents a woman covered
up with clothes.. with just
a place for a straw to
drink.. for the
cold natured
among us..

Katie Mia says..

Ha! smiles.. i am never cold..
even when it is cold
but yeah..
i used to be
cold too.. in 100 degree
heat where a breeze
fills/feels a chill of me..
so i have sympathy
for that
state of
being too..
but i must
say warm
is cool..wink emoticon

Himali says..

Woww !!! Katie I haven’t lived in cities
with extreme winters so I feel really cold
at times tongue emoticon
I guess Florida has
amazing weather

Katie Mia says..

Yes.. we do have amazing weather
here in North Florida.. but still it gets
around 18 degrees F.. in Winter time..
but i just don’t feel cold anymore.. smiles..
no long pants in over two years for me..
just shorts.. or less .. smiles again..:)

Himali says..

Amazing !!! I think I would
love Florida smile emoticon

Katie Mia says..

Oh.. yes.. it’s probably why i don’t desire to travel much..
i already readily admit this is heaven over here..
i wish everyone could live here.. smiles again..
if more space of course..wink emoticon


Well.. the nice thing about the plot of land you are raised on becoming a public park of sorts.. and eventually a River Restaurant.. per the New Owners of this Sand.. Grass and river front.. sand the place the once shot-gun one-hundred year-old home.. exists.. before another owner buys it an puts it up on power poles.. in case another catastrophic flood the size of Ivan’s wrath of Hurricane Wind and Water comes…

But seriously it is never the house in my estimation that is the gift but the Nature that surrounds the home.. and in this case it just don’t get much better than River Front Living.. except for the Beach.. another place i wanted to go in blessings and thanks today as well.. but Katrina shopping takes precedence as Christmas approaches.. and there is always interesting stuff going on in the mall.. if just for interesting people.. to the tune of thousands walking together.. not often connecting in words but yes.. most definitely in non-verbal communication.. as all so-called ‘normal’ human beings do…

Anyway it’s always nice to go back home..
When it is a pleasant one..
And the River is always
a harmonious..
and blissful
place to be..
at least to help
generate that peace
of mind and body balance
within free now aS BALANCeFreeall..:)

Okay.. and as to why i make the
unusual poses i make in photos..
nah.. i don’t just do it in photos..
they are the equivalent of Yoga
Postures that bring energy in the
way of relaxing tension.. increasing
sensory integration.. and regulating
emotions.. what truly can be explosive
human energy.. metaphor of course as i
ain’t blown up yet.. haha.. well.. not lately
@least.. smiles.. Kat says i have crab claws..
and i say that perhaps i am an Antenna now like
Battery Cables.. to gain iN electromagnetic energy
wherever i go for now.. and surely the cup or chalice..
is of upmost human importance as human archetype..
for the simple reason that humans cannot live without
water for long as it comprises around 90% of our body
constitution and weight.. so yes.. perhaps my arms are
the human archetypal symbol.. of chalice as in temple
of true God as us.. that needs no gold plated cups to
connect to God as simply us.. and yeah.. i guess my
head in this case.. sticking up in the middle of
my Chalice of Temple of God is the
FLamE of enlightenment in
potential i can be too..
in mind and body
balance as WeLL..
no cup or chalice
required.. just iN
the flesh.. inner
and outer.. above
so below.. all around
stuff that constitutes
my Universe and
for emoticon

Oh yeah.. and by the way.. in regard
to today’s signature T-Shirt..
two Cat friends celebrating
with paws up and
together as they
simply ignite
the big bang..
with cLaws
of Love in
Art of LiGht
and DArk of
Science.. as WeLL..:)


From Friend Rafiah’s Facebook Page..

Rafiah says..

Tabla + Sitaar= Witchcraft

i say..

Well.. i remember.. the Sitaar as an instrument
used in one of the Beatle’s famous songs named
“Within you Without you”.. and didn’t remember
that the percussion for the drums instrument..
used in that song is named the Tabla..

So i look up a song on Youtube that is
supposed to be a famous Tabla and Sitaar song..
named the best one ever.. by Rivi Shankar and
another person… and there is no magic there for me..

While the Beatle’s manage to get emotion into their song..
it sounds monotonous to me without hardly any emotions
at all in the traditional song.. but the idea of Nirvana for
some folks is escaping emotions all together..
which i personally feel is antithetical to
human nature as emotions are
what moves human beings..

For me Nirvana
is a constant state of bliss
in pro-social emotions otherwise
known as the place of Heaven is Now..
through the words attributed to the man Jesus..
take Love out of the equation to get nothingness..
is just nothing.. yes.. escape from anxiety as the
emotion of fear can be escaped through the
experience of no emotion AKA nothingness..

But nothingness as far as i can see is just as much
of a hell as fear.. all things considered of course..
and whenever i hear a monotone
voice.. it is a sign that someone
has escaped human
pro-social emotions..
and that
is not a
sign to me at all..

In fact.. i might be more
comfortable with an angry voice.. as at least i feel it is alive..
in AFFECT.. THE STUFF that moves humans through emotions..
and without it.. there can truly be little human Love expressed
for each other for positive EFFECT.. in social bonding ways..

Anyway.. no witchcraft or magic here for me..
as true magic is in emotions namely the expression
of the feeling of love.. not just an empty word or ideology.. smiles..

And as a side note.. interestingly.. modern science theory related
to a quantum theory of mind.. suggests that the electrical activity
of the mind.. in measurable sound.. is similar to the
a-harmonious sound in how folks play the Sitaar
instrument.. but perhaps the mind that
was being measured was in a
state of not much emotion..

i’ll have to research that further.. i guess..
interesting it is.. as most often scientists try to separate
all stuff emotion from science.. which is a little crazy for
anything associated in science with humans..
as ‘normal’ human beings are
emotional beings first and foremost
over science beings.. the irony goes on..
and on.. away from the source of what we are..
in some areas of science.. sadly.. still..

But truly science still wins over human
ignorance over how the Nature of God works in us..
for sure.. i for one see.. my friend.. Rafiah.. including
superstitions.. of course.. as well.. but hey.. even
Voodoo works per the Nocebo effect and affect
in science terms.. for those
who believe in evil stuff..

Love is the way over all negative stuff..
the conquerer of fear and hate.. Love IS..
STILL NOW in Human Terms and many other
animal terms as well.. in this Life now.. toward
a Real Kingdom of God as Heaven now..
just our Life NOW..

And sure the
best way to control human beings..
is to take pro-social emotions away from them..
as pro-social emotions.. namely Love.. iS
what truly empowers human beings..
for success in Life as is now..

And sure.. a state of fear or nothingness
to subjugate and control other human beings for control..
is an AFFECTIVE and EFFECTIVE WAY to reduce the
affect of human beings in this life now.. for total effect of success..

Anything associated with fear and hate.. is the real devil now..
and sure nothingness motivates nothing but nothingness
while nothingness exists now.. a no brainer really..
that should be.. a no brainer.. unless someone
convinces someone otherwise.. through superstitions
of the past… and present of lies… away from
what Human Nature reAlly is as gifted by
God all Naturally through
innate instinct and intuition..

Sure.. go to a cave.. a desert.. a beach..
or under a tree in the forest.. without the footprint of lies..
and the truth and light of pro-social emotions will come again..
in simple bliss of being human.. now just now.. with God
as Wild and Free.. with real Wisdom of Love..
as Truth and Light in Feeling.. my friend..:)


In general.. human societies
directed by woman..
per evolutionary
history of that
work better..
for the simple reason..
and yes.. FEELING NOW
women matriarchAlly motivate
with the Power of Love then and now
overall.. and Men with PATRIARCHY
..the power of fear.. OVERALL..
WITH misery and suffering
in all stuff hate associated
with the power of Fear.. AS with
Love comes Grace and True
Strength within to power
us for more
success in Life..
but just ask A
how that
works and she
will tale ya..
in power more
of strength
as Love
my friend(S)..


Smiles.. Glenn.. thanks for visiting me over here..
at ..a place of faster downloads..
without the equivalent of several more thousands words in the comment section..
with that new one coming here shortly.. as i will include your words back over
at Word Press in consolidation for poeTry wordy purposes.. haha.. and yes..
i think technically 11 million words is around 13.6 bibles in length..
but yes.. it does seem like 35 sometimes too.. hehe.. and i enjoyed
your BLACKTHORNE.. saga very much as the Wild and
Free Appaloosa story.. i can relate to.. too..
of course.. on the trail of mind and body balance
so far here..
and still haven’t
gotten around to doing recitations..
but yeah.. there’s always something new now..
as far as i can see for now..:)



Well.. my friend Suzanne.. sad to see you go.. but happy to see you go where heArt will follow in writing another Novel.. and for me this current short story of dream you bring here.. about a girl named Katrina.. who will escape the lies of culture she sees.. to embark on a journey and paths of new ways of thinking and doing.. is certainly a similar journey and path i embark on.. after being subsumed by culture and work outside of myself for several decades too.. and truly after all of that.. i have the challenge of recognizing that i have truly learned close to nothing about life as Nature intends it.. for me.. by doing what is expected of me by both work and culture.. religion is something i had left far before in organized and structured way.. and truly not much light for me there until much later now recently.. when the deeper metaphors finally make sense to me in feeling.. as i too am able to create these metaphors finally too.. after five decades of life… so freely iNOW..

Anyway.. it’s nice that you are leaving
this blog up.. as truly i see much
truth and light in your words..
and zero weirdness
or strangeness
here at all..
as you
from heart..
spirit and soul..
the real place of
human expresSinG more
than external influences of
whatever is the flavor of now..
my friend… so.. best wishes to you..
and may Truth and Light remain as ALLY..:)








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17 Responses to Shoes of Black to Light



    Smiles.. Soheir.. the patterns and signs of God’s Creation is encoded in all of reality.. from the Golden Mean Spiral of 1.618.. easily observable in Hurricanes.. SunFlowers.. Galaxies.. Curled cats sleeping.. Nautilus Shells.. and the Human Fetus resting and feeding in Mother’s Womb.. and of course those are only tiny examples that fit from the largest observable phenomenon to the smallest theoretical phenomenon as well.. as science shows…

    And of course.. these truths and lights of Allah are well illustrated in the Quran but they are also pArt of the tapestry of signs.. design.. and patterns of full tapestry.. throughout all of reality.. limited to no one number.. letter.. word.. book.. or other abstract human symbol alone.. or human being as well.. of course.. in reality now..

    But as far as humans go.. here is a very interesting and comprehensive look at how this fits across human history in almost all aspects of secrets in plain sight for those with eyes and ears to see the synchronicities of God’s fuller signs and designs of patterns in tapestry of the Art of Allah that is inside us.. outside us.. above so below.. and all around us..

    To the infinite of all
    that is all that is ALLah..:)

    And the evidence mounts
    as all of human cultures
    share what
    they know
    and feel of GOD now..
    a wonderful place for
    believers to live but truly
    a hell for the cynical ones
    of light who would attempt
    to restrict or chain Allah of ALL
    in any shape way
    or form through
    fear and hate..
    in DArk now..
    alone.. AS
    Allah IS Allone
    and never
    my friend
    with US
    as ALLone
    as WeLL..:)

    True my friend..
    Soheir.. and the examples
    are limitless in all of distance
    and space where Allah lives alWays now
    iN iNfiniTy and beYond..
    for sure.. smiles..
    Allone iS Allah..:)

    It’s nice to have friends..:)

  2. SOHEIR says:

    Goodmorning in Egypt
    And a new day in US
    Have a great day Fred

  3. From Rafiah’s Facebook Page..

    Rafiah says..

    ‘Don’t give up the hijab. Don’t give up the niqab.’
    Alarmingly women are harassed here in home as well.
    They are commented and ogled at and asked for explanations.
    One simply can not expect being appreciated when doing some good.
    Sometimes it is easier and smooth enough to do good but people do not let it. ‪#‎enoughwithbeingbullied‬

    Katie Mia says..

    Well.. I for one worship God.. Everywhere I go..
    And no one bullies me to my face anymore..
    As that dance with God is what makes me fearless in Love..
    Strength.. And courage to face the rest of the world naked
    with God behind me.. #nosacrificetoolargeorsmall ..
    clothed fully or not.. The bottom and top line is
    God.. And no one can defeat that..
    My friend.. emoticon

    And anyone directly harassing a woman
    where I live with an Hijab or any women
    outside of bars is looking not only for legal
    troubles but to get their butt kicked by
    someone who cares.. In public.. At least…

    Rafiah says.. sometimes one
    is not bullied directly, but there is a
    constant nagging and
    remarks and questions
    just to tease one.

    Katie Mia says..
    That would fall
    under my definition of direct
    verbal bullying.. and seriously people
    respect people with the hijab here when
    interacting with them.. but there are fools
    who have the nickname of ‘redneck’ that still
    say discriminatory stuff about black people
    behind their backs.. but nah.. they will
    NOT SAY it to their face anymore..
    as getting a butt kicked hurts..
    smiles.. #cowardsbehindbacks

    A real man.. raised with the Love
    of a real mother and or father will respect
    a woman no matter what she wears..
    This is a non-issue where I live
    where both men and women
    are respected as equal..
    Period.. Beginning and
    end of story.
    #realhumanshaveempathyforotherhumans .

    Rafiah says.. Its a half an hour video.
    You watched it already? tongue emoticon
    It is just not about getting respect from a man..
    or a woman or a community. The purpose is solely
    for the reason as to observe dress (or any other life aspect)
    conduct as Allah has commanded as He knows better.
    And that A person trust Lord’s Wisdom. smile emoticon

    Katie Mia says.. Smiles yes.. just finished the video..
    and while i do not agree that the Hijab serves any
    purpose to reduce the male desire for a woman..
    which trust me it doesn’t.. from the male perspective..
    #allittakesiseyes .. whatever a person uses as a
    gateway to worship God is fine with me..
    fully clothed or not clothed at all..
    as all animals worship God
    without any need for human culture at all..

    And additionally.. the people of the rain forests..
    who worship God now still.. as seeing clothes as
    a sin of separation from God.. different strokes
    for different folks.. different languages
    and religions to worship God
    but the bottom and top line..
    once again.. is God my friend..
    and God plays no human cultural
    or religious games.. as God is free and
    so are God’s children.. wild and free..
    that far out number human beings by far..
    far far.. my friend.. emoticon

    Rafiah says..
    #ilikethatabovehashtagofyours wink emoticon

    Katie Mia says.. emoticon
    And here is a free movie.. no charge from me..
    or youtube if you can see it there.. might not be available
    on paktube.. but it is the most beautiful movie describing
    what God is truly that i have ever seen in my life friend..
    in how much human when free is connected to God
    and each other as emoticon

    Rafiah says.. There’s always a male perspective.
    Then there is a woman’s perspective. And then
    there is Lord’s perceptive, and no man’s or
    woman’s or a community as whole’s
    perspective can surpass the
    wisdom of Lord. Smiles..
    smile emoticon smile emoticon

    Katie Mia says.. True and that includes
    any messenger with human skins as well
    my friend as God wears the skins of Infinity
    and beyond.. smiles emoticon

    Rafiah says.. God is great. (Allah hu akbar).
    But we are lame. tongue emoticon end of story.

    Katie Mia says.. True DAT with Amen sister..
    daughter.. friend… human..
    ..wink emoticon

  4. Well.. today’s prompt at dVerse
    online Poet’s Pub is about
    secrets of the Universe
    like i wouldn’t ever now
    write about that.. hA!
    but.. aha.. aHA!
    that is a secret
    of the Universe
    unto itself.. the
    synchronicities as
    such that flow higher
    and higher among human
    beings who connect to the
    Universe with positive energy
    of tough and passionate unconditional
    Love.. Leaving no pArt of Creation out
    of the soup of reality all around us.. above..
    so below.. and inside and outside of us write
    now.. as it were when writing.. dance now as
    it is with dancing.. And the Light of Love of
    God as it is always now
    when living in us..
    US.. expresSinG thiS
    All Natural mysterIOUs
    magic of God in
    heARt of EmoTioNs..
    as SpiRit WitH a
    mind and body
    in positive
    iON balance
    for now my
    anyway here or theRe
    i participate free and the further
    i align myself with positive
    energy the
    further i
    fly for
    on God’s
    so if anyone
    comes here.. as always
    i will respond in poetic
    expression to every poem
    that comes to my current
    adopted place of dVerse that
    once is a place named
    the Wrong Planet
    too.. this is
    my contribution
    to the secrets
    of the Universe
    as iS

    So off i go..
    to sing a few.
    new.. then off to
    dance i go
    Katrina shops
    again.. and back
    again later to continue
    free again.. now..
    just sMiLes..

    SMiLes… on almost
    every train alive..
    at least a little..
    theRe iS
    a free
    just waiting
    to share some
    feathers to fly
    again.. now..
    for those
    not yet
    and lost now in
    yelLowEd fAll…:)

    TRains.. pLanes.. bUses.. and even
    cArs are lost coffins for
    where even radios..
    IT.. and all the luxuries
    aboard cannot feel
    the place
    as FREE..
    and OPEN..:)

    SMiles.. a world of pressinG
    buttons.. moving machines
    and mechanical
    takes aWay
    a UniVersal
    of sImply
    living now..:)

    Sidenote now
    by me.. now..;)

    God iS UniVersal
    Dancer.. Poet
    and Singer
    now.. is
    it any
    the archetype
    of Apollo is the
    sAMe.. lost iS free..:)

    Like a cigarette break
    without a cigarette..
    and back to

    Smiles.. to live a thousand
    vicarious lives in one
    live even beyond
    other incarnations..
    always possible in a life
    of movies.. never
    alive again
    and again
    of life playing
    more and different..
    as i as me as us as we spin..:)

    A book of poetry never
    ending externalizing
    thinkinG now
    coming words..
    skyScRapers now
    spaceShips now
    when interNal
    world iS alWays
    magic emotions
    senses.. being..
    just waiting to
    never ending
    never beginning
    for now.. alive.. just aLive now
    bReatHing underoverinwaterfree..:)

    i for
    one live
    as Christmas
    Santa of Dance
    everywhere i go..
    where the dance
    of Christmas never
    ends.. and sure with
    ballet like moves it can go
    on to 60.. 70.. or even 80 to
    90.. and beyond now for
    to dance
    again.. alive
    and free.. so sad
    that for some it ends
    at the age of 7 and below
    but i for one will
    leave the
    for children..
    at least..
    that a
    dance of
    life can
    and will
    last for more..:)

    Taking change of
    clothes iN stRide..
    Laundry Baskets
    spRing fresh
    As fAll
    lines hang
    clothes of
    loving Sun
    kisSinG free
    Autumn breeze..:)

    WheRever Nature
    frees Angels sing..
    wherever culture

    Home Porkchops
    are the best
    of all
    on Pleasant
    Street.. for now..:)

    As above so below..
    Heaven’s kiss
    so far
    alive as
    well.. a
    sCent.. of Air..:)

    All for now
    at 3:47 pm..

    Yep.. it’s
    that Tuesday
    Time again.. now
    as Rampage Poetry Writing Spree..
    starts again.. and now off to
    dance while
    Katrina shops..
    in all her favorite
    local stores..
    back again..
    to write

    Back at 8:21 pm..

    Well.. Lynn again..
    and while you may be
    enjoying Christmas-like
    weather where you and
    mouse friend are..
    no such
    weather here..
    a balmy 80 degrees
    and still room for
    sunburns for
    the fair

    Smiles.. death a reminder
    for the living of us.. along with
    suffering.. misery.. and all parts
    of life’s darkness where
    Sun after the
    storms of life
    for the
    among us..:)

    Smiles.. then..
    the now i learn
    to write my own
    palms.. instead
    of reading
    them.. iS
    first hand
    iN Free for me..:)

    Oh.. I the ego.. a place of dealing
    with all of external reality
    in culture.. people..
    language and
    same.. but
    oh the
    of i now soUl
    directing I of ego..
    the source.. the force
    of us.. the observer of all
    of what we do as prisoner
    and free.. i lives to set us free..
    with spiRit of heArt’s exclamation point!iI..:)

    Finished for now at 8:44 pm.. as this is all dVerse
    has to offer so far..
    at least..:)

    Back again.. 10:42 am..
    12022015.. now.. and in my
    coming themed shirt..
    for the next blog
    post with a
    group of Red
    Santa clothed
    MonKey’s and
    way.. that
    says ‘Welcome
    to the Jingle’..
    i just know this
    song will fit in
    somewhere and sure
    this is the place for
    that.. kNow.. i also have
    “Running with the Devil”..
    but hey the real devil
    is human fear.. and
    hate and all stuff
    with selfish
    uncaring ways
    of being..
    so sure.. i’ll
    find somewhere
    for that song..
    later no doubt..
    but the so-called
    devil that many
    people call
    free is
    no devil
    at all..
    free is
    to see for those who
    have caring giving
    naked-free Angel’s
    eyes as Angel WinGs
    to see.. and hear..
    smiles.. for now.. heRe..
    ‘Running with the Devil’
    will come later.. per
    Devil Angel aGaiN..;)

    Back on course with dVerse..

    Roads of human beings..
    asphalt hard
    and heartless
    when it comes
    to beings other
    than human.. oh
    the trees.. oh the
    furry friends who
    fall by the wayside
    of roads of human
    but roads
    are prisons
    to unwitting
    who cannot
    see further
    than the
    we make..
    ‘We’ are the roadkill now..:)

    SMiLes.. decades.. so far removed from
    the Homeless man on the street..
    Destination.. so far removed
    from the homeless man
    on the street…
    So like the
    homeless man
    on the street..
    whose home
    is lives within..
    wheRe questions
    are answers of
    being sAMe in
    now.. liVinG
    a bridge with
    in a fall
    out escape..
    Homeless eyes..
    sea.. a home within..
    Ocean iS uS ALive..:)

    story ever
    told is no
    story at
    it is
    Love and as
    Long as REAL
    Humans live..
    a true
    tale that
    never ends
    in Love of
    eyeS of True
    that live on as
    Now connecting
    Human Love.. SO
    SURE.. gift of eYes..
    when Love lives as
    spARKLe LiGHt..
    story of
    who sees
    further than
    material gifts..
    Oh.. Christmas

    Sidenote here..
    Truly it bRings
    a tear to my eye
    when 6 or so folks
    from dVerse delete
    sweet comments i make
    like this from their
    site.. as i am
    not the
    my heARt
    still grows
    from Grinch of
    pasSinG.. oh..
    to include
    is to
    the Grinch
    of HeArts..
    in us
    and that is
    the practice of
    Unconditional.. Tough
    and Passionate Love..
    letting the
    to open
    the blinds
    of life a
    but no.. i will
    not force anyone
    to let
    me in..
    but i am
    and no hell
    no.. i am not
    afraid of any
    frigGinG liGHt
    bRinGerS.. cAll
    me the deviL
    or whomever
    but i come
    with liGHT
    and diffuse
    the dArk
    i come
    or go
    so sure..
    it’s time
    for that other
    SonG.. and WiLL
    you run with me..
    sMiLeS aGaiN

    Okay.. return now.. to dVerse..;)

    It’s sad to think that some have almost
    no imagination at all but it’s
    true as to image
    is to imagine
    and some
    think with
    images.. hardly at all..
    stuck in concrete concepts..
    alone.. a most difficult
    challenge of life.. but
    escapable i’m sure for
    folks who
    need to
    get out of
    words into
    playground of
    limitless fruition
    of gifts iN reality
    as well..
    Yes.. Life
    can be magic
    with Imagination’s
    eYes truly set free
    in possibilities
    that never end
    iN a reign
    of Life as Free..
    and an escape from
    the machines of culture.. as WeLL..:)

    SMiLes.. perhaps
    the greaTest
    of aging..
    is no longer
    hearing the
    tick tock of
    the clock..
    and finAlly
    birds Sing
    a Free Song..
    My knees will
    no longer allow
    me to run.. but
    i adapt by dancing
    from middle core of balance..
    oh the Joys
    of aging.. now
    bRing iT..i..own..
    iT.. ain’t afraid
    of liVinG
    to whatever
    struggle may
    come.. to bRing
    new liGht in my
    soUl that i never
    kNow or feel now
    exists then or now
    before.. iNheArtsPirit..
    Grace.. before beauty..
    or hearing.. my friend..
    My grandmother starts
    painting beautifully after her
    father dies.. in her late 60’s.. and
    beyond.. as she loses her eyesight..
    After i dance.. perhaps.. i will fly..
    iN fact..
    i fly now..
    on terrestrial
    LAnd.. sMiles..
    i’LL have to
    do something
    else.. then.. wInks..;)

    DArk and liGht for what
    we wish for may
    come in
    liGht or
    DArk.. and
    for those of us
    who are
    the challenge
    can be so
    much greater
    coLors dArk and LiGht..:)

    SMiLes.. aLL of language
    is siGn language from
    non-verbal language
    to vocal words.. to
    on screens
    of Internet
    Lore.. Love..
    and or fact..
    to connect
    is real..
    to not
    is not
    simple and
    or complex but True..
    with all that SAID..
    i’d rather dance
    than write..
    seem less
    afraid.. more often..
    to connect.. now..
    when they leave
    their dancing
    but never
    the less.. or
    and more..
    i WRiTE
    and PraNce..
    as WeLL.. as FREeD..;)

    Smiles.. the wolf of us lives wild
    and free.. no less truly..
    than the half breed wolf
    of Jack
    myth is
    is free and kind..
    wild is both
    courage and
    kind.. the wolf..
    is mad when
    and so is
    one need look
    no further than
    TV.. to see what
    happens.. when
    humans are
    and locked
    of Lies.. both
    metaphor and literal
    as clothes hide free..
    So may the wolf
    inside you sing free..
    always with Kind and
    from Alpha
    to Omega..
    the free wolf
    lives with
    and meaning
    always now..
    in Love
    and Kind
    of Courage..
    Life is FREE..
    Call of the
    Wild no
    less and know/FEEL
    more of God’s Word(S)..:)

    Well.. this is all that dVerse
    offers for me for now..
    time to sand dance
    free in
    cloudy breezes
    of Panhandle
    back to check
    if theRe are any
    latecomers to dVerse
    later after working-out..
    and then to post my next
    for all of
    this and more..
    titled soon..
    “Clothes of GOD”..
    with 87th week
    of Rave Dance
    Night coming
    and further
    in that
    blog post
    in the
    moon hour
    of 3 AM
    on Friday
    as i build
    up to my
    666th birth
    month from
    June 6, 1960..
    also the posthumous
    120th Birthday of my
    Paternal X-Catholic Priest
    Grandfather Leo.. on December
    6th 1895.. so sure.. 666 will
    be in the title of that Sunday
    post for sure.. as we go
    to a farm.. on a
    home.. after
    Catholic Church
    and then attend
    the Annual Catholic
    Church Christmas
    party on the
    that around
    4 pm on Sunday
    too.. yeah a
    real HOLY
    666th BIRTH
    ME AS WELL..
    HELL NOW..
    OF 6660 AND MY
    OF 666
    ME NOT
    IN THE
    least.. as i fly
    totAlly free with
    God iN Zero doubt
    and Fear.. as i for
    one have
    and seen
    both sides
    now.. and
    trust me..
    ya don’t
    wanna either
    go to hell or
    be the devil..
    if that ain’t
    already the sum
    of being already..
    for earthly now..
    Angels in Heaven
    have all the best
    of Living
    JUST NOW..
    anyway.. this should
    be enough words now..
    to end WitH the SonG
    ‘Running with
    the Devil’..
    WInks again..
    Ironies are
    delicIOUs iN
    all the sHades
    and hues they
    come in for
    in Dark
    and Light
    of reaLiTy
    as always.. NOW..:)

    1:28 pm..
    as Well..
    Meaning and Purpose..
    if one can find it
    in all places..
    that my
    is heaven
    now in
    of course
    iN dArk and LiGht
    and all the other

  5. Glenn Buttkus says:

    OK, Fred, another epic journey into the mind of You & the images of Katrina, over 4000 words, 40 images & 7 videos later, my mind lingers of some of your photos, the flag rising in the center between the eagle’s wings, how the trestle became choked with a long train for 7 shots, a striking shot of Katrina dead center at the bottom, at the mall, beneath 7 palms beneath cotton candy clouds in a cerulean blue sky, 2 shots of yellow boy, several phases of sunset over ghost cars in a parking lot, & 3 red leaves (trinity) lying over naked footprints in the white sand.

    • Hi Glenn..
      without the
      photos gifted to
      me by the God of All
      the magic would not fully
      exist of God of All that is
      in synchronicity
      truly secrets
      of the Universe
      in plain sight
      for those
      like yOurs..
      no random
      in Creativity..
      my friend..
      free of all

  6. Victoria’s comment.. copied over from Google Plus..

    Could not navigate to read anything, but the title is intriguing.
    The content just kept jumping all over. Thanks for being
    so good about reading my stuff, though, Fred.

    • Smiles.. Victoria.. next time i suggest you try the .. link..
      as it has less extraneous data in it.. and will open quicker.. and the jumping just means
      that the photos are still loading if you have a slower computer.. with less memory
      to load the photos.. sadly.. older computers do not work well with what i do..

      The newer versions of iPads and iPhones have finally caught up now..
      thank goodness.. as i used to have problems opening up my
      own posts on mobile before getting an iPhone 6s…

      Smiles.. thanks for trying.. and i always
      enjoy your inspiring poetry.. friend..:)



    Smiles.. Suzanne.. while i visit almost any church and feel at home..
    i do not consider myself as a strict follower of any
    religion.. except
    for the one i create
    from myself.. wheRe..
    i take the liGht pArts
    and leave the
    behind after
    i am finished


    iS Real..
    A Powerful Emotion..
    Human Force of Positive
    Action and Consequence..
    And Heaven will always be
    Real with zero doubts and fears
    for those who Find it.. Practice it..
    And live Heaven now.. A Universal Message
    from the sages of the ages and truly good news
    for all whom are concerned and achieve this Blessing..
    iN a Balancing Life..

  9. Well.. considering for 66 months
    i could not feel a smile..
    and could not remember
    what it was even like to
    smile.. and after
    losing effective
    use of my
    eyes and
    i could not
    even remember
    what my face looks
    like when i am smiling
    before in life.. and cannot
    remember if i ever even truly
    felt a laugh.. as the pain
    of type two trigeminal
    neuralgia will
    take all
    and memories
    of emotions away..
    perhaps the best compliment
    i ever receive to date.. is from
    someone who has never encountered
    the positive spirit of my flesh and blood
    of dance.. but i attempt to carry
    on what is the
    energy of
    positive light
    and action inside
    as expresSinG
    both courage
    and kind
    in myriads
    of selfies here
    as i for one believe
    there is no full substitute
    for the flesh and blood human
    connection and the driving
    force of all my nows
    around 4500 miles
    of dance
    all places
    i go in public
    in 27 months..
    so i get ‘this’
    comment on Facebook
    from my Friend Himali
    a full half a world away
    who only knows and feels
    me of what i present here
    in the Information Technology
    E-World.. and the best thing of all..
    is it is
    that i live
    again.. truly
    as a connecting
    human being.. where
    my soul is alive both offline
    and online
    too.. greaTesT
    sMiles are the
    soUls giVing..
    liVinG on in the
    heArt’s emoTioNal
    ExpresSinG spiRit
    eYes and BalanCinG
    MiNd and BoDy soUls
    of other folks.. and
    tRuly Technology of the
    recording information
    kind and courage now..
    bRinGs the ability to share
    this with folks we may never
    meet in flesh and blood in
    this life.. both..
    when.. we
    are alive
    and pass
    this earthly plane..
    So what a gift it can
    be to continue to share
    Love whether we are
    or not..
    Yes.. a simple
    comment that travels
    to the heArt of thousands
    of miles..

    Himali says..

    Your smile
    travels miles and
    brightens my day..:)

    i say..

    Smilezz.. my friend Himali..
    no limits to distance and space
    with your smiles that always brighten
    my day.. as emoticon!

    Force of Selfie
    can be
    and Love..
    and Courage
    as well.. sMiles
    again and again..:)

    And for the folks in poetry
    land who insisted
    i shut my face
    up.. i say..
    a resounding
    smile.. no more
    Grinch here..
    i Love
    with Faces
    of Kind and Courage Now..:)

    And yes.. obviously Sia has
    been to a place like me..
    she gets it..
    and for folks
    who have been
    to this emotional
    hell of empty..
    we say
    Thank you.. Sia..
    for not being
    afraid to
    relate the
    dARk pArts
    of Life that do bRing
    the greaTesT liGhts
    of Love and yes..
    Sia is
    an Angel
    too.. like
    my other
    Angel Friends
    i find now in this
    life.. as Angels will
    find each other in a world
    of real devils.. if they keep
    searching and never
    give up..
    to survive is the
    goal.. to Love
    is the
    of God
    iN us who
    are tRuly free
    in Truth and Light..
    of Wisdom and Love..:)

  10. i suppose a major source of the internal
    experience of aging..
    is becoming what
    we do instead
    of who we are..
    So.. who are we..
    Better yet..
    what is
    a squirrel..
    a part-time arboreal
    tree dweller.. who
    shares a common
    rodent ancestor
    with human
    75 million years ago
    or so.. a social animal
    as well.. who competes
    for food and survival..
    as humans
    do too..
    Do Squirrels
    worry about aging..
    hell no.. they are not
    ‘blessed’ with developing
    illusions of worry.. anxiety
    and fear over existence as is..
    in illusions of past and future..
    As life is about living
    and.. sure
    reproducing too..
    so what do humans do..
    they do those two.. but sadly
    they also expand to whatever the
    culture of the moment tales them
    to do too..
    And we live in a state
    of culture that worships
    money.. stuff.. and ideals
    of perfection in beauty..
    but no..
    the squirrel
    just practices life
    from day to day..
    and does the best
    he or she can
    to get by
    to the
    innate.. instinct
    and intuition.. combined
    with the practice of life..
    is all the education
    the squirrel needs
    to survive alive..
    and even
    Squirrel Being..
    Anyway.. watching Nature
    is a favorite passing now..
    now for me..
    as what i see..
    is clear proof that humans
    make up so-called
    evil and
    good stuff
    to pass
    the nows
    OH GOD
    with so many more
    complications to live..
    track.. and get a handle
    on to survive..
    and all stuff
    related to books
    and ways of writing…
    Anyway.. for folks who worry
    about getting old in tHeir twenties..
    i say.. 55 is younger in feelings and
    vitality to me than even
    16.. and 20-21 feels
    like 80 something..
    as old as my Grandmother
    then.. 22 to 47.. is ageless
    and timeless again..
    47 could be anywhere
    from 100 to a THOUSAND
    YEARS OLD in stress and pain..
    and back to something better
    in age to 16 now..
    for ages 53 to 55..
    So sure the subjective experience
    of aging.. is relative at least
    for me..
    and truly
    for me.. now
    it is a subjective
    state of up or down
    that no longer exists..
    as i am always balancing..
    practicing being.. just wHere
    i wanna be.. a practice.. a work..
    from within.. no secret really.. just
    live now..
    and forget
    about the
    of Life..
    Young people
    these days are often
    terrified to grow old..
    but the fact of the matter
    is in internal feelings if they
    have any stress or
    anxiety at all
    they are
    older than
    i am..Now Living
    in a state of Love..
    Courage.. and Human
    Kindness Free.. of discrimination
    of anyway of living that does not
    equal sAMe
    as me..
    Yeah.. my father used
    to say.. just wait to you get
    my age at 55.. well.. i’m there
    and i’ve never felt younger.. but
    the deal is.. it is a state of mind
    and body balanCinG creaTinG by me and the
    all natural help
    of God.. now..
    that is neither
    here or TheRe..
    it is now..
    and NOW.. it
    doesn’t get
    any better
    than now..
    as far as i can see..:)

    Yep.. cloudy and cool..
    fine weather to
    ruminate about
    life.. passing
    present and
    And that reminds
    me of those 66 months i
    fall so far behind cultural
    ways.. without effective use
    of eyesight and hearing.. shut-in
    home with barely any emotion and
    all physical pain then of the
    dentist drill like pain in
    my eye
    and ear..
    and what i understand now too..
    that i did not understand before..
    is why folks like Peter Lorre and
    other creative folks from David
    Letterman of the left
    and even
    Bill O’Reilly
    from the right..
    as far as political
    liberal or conservative
    orientations go avoid
    innovations in social
    media.. as it is
    any mechanical
    that will
    the creativity
    away from the zone..
    the flow.. the alpha
    to theta flow waves of
    creative mind..
    sure.. some folks
    call it the Holy
    Spirit but the
    essence of greater
    flow in human creativity
    is essentially the same.. zone..
    this kinda intelligence as
    no cultural reign or
    reins to control
    rain now and then
    of creativity
    truly set
    stream of consciousness
    intelligence is beyond any
    scientific measure today..
    and truly not many people
    have it.. as they
    used to.. before
    and mechanical
    problem solving
    ways of thinking comes..
    wheRe will the next Beethoven..
    Einstein.. or Van Gogh come from
    if they are lost
    in the
    robot brain..
    well.. sure they could
    lose their sight and
    to the
    larger Universe
    of creativity
    or on the other
    hand.. like Peter..
    David.. and Bill..
    they can just never
    turn it on..
    turn it off.
    or like me
    change the..
    channel to
    and just
    it there
    as long as
    possible as i am
    doing write now..
    as WeLL..
    it is a Nautilus
    of creativity that
    truly has no beginning
    or end.. just catch
    a wave with me..
    and surf
    you find my
    wave again..
    there is already
    an ocean of
    me online
    that truly
    has no
    or end
    in structured
    of organization..
    and that’s the way

  11. Great photographs and words, kiddo….and thank you for your WONDERFUL and much appreciated message on my poem.

    • Smiles.. again.. Sherry Blue Sky.. and thanks so much
      for dropping by this evening.. and making
      it through all these words to this point
      in scrolling fingers now.. and
      i find your poetry
      always inspiring
      and a
      to visit whenever
      i find you on dVerse
      links of poetry
      peace and
      blessings to
      ya friend
      now as

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