Call of the Wild Returns For Love

Hello Frank.. and Welcome to “Veterans
of Ground Hog Days” as i return
to the Scene
of the
at 9:50 PM
on 11.14.17..
After a LonG Afternoon
And Evening too of Public
Dance all around the Local
Area and as suggested too..
in words of personal prompts
for muse of a challenge iN Writing
at Least 30K words in less than 7 days
this Longer Series of Ground Hog Days
makes it through 30,311 Words in 5.8
Days.. so.. surely if i counted an extra
day at steady effort all day
long of actually writing
output.. i could make
a Novel Sized 40K
Effort in less than
a Week along with the
500 or so total photos
to accompany that
as i enjoy
against no one
but the past milestones
to see if i can and will go farther
still.. anyway.. the broader we exPaNd our
Horizons Among all of Life Experiences and Life
People and Life Nature oveRall the Deeper the NoWS
we Experience in all Ways of KnoWinG FeeLing
SenSinG CoMeS to Greater Fruition NoW iN
Potential Beyond Rainbow Colors too
as i love to dance and sing too..
and as far as i Can See..
aLL oF the UniVerse
And BeyOnd is AliVe in MiNd
ofFAwareness as Consciousness
Beyond a description and or definition
that we as humans might define and describe
our experience of WiLL And Choice in Anthropomorphic
ways of extending our egocentric ways of viewing things to any
other area except for the Multi-UniVerse Experiences we BRinG
to the tABLe oF LiFE NoW.. anyWay.. as an attempt to Veteran one’s
of Life
in even more
Colors.. Writing now surely
provides a greater transcendent
ascendent and even ecstatic Focus
in Greater Mindful Awareness and New
Dimensions of Conscious Mind Coming to
the Surface of what lives below that rises of what
i have not seen and heard and sensed and felt of my
NoW iN all the
Dimensions of that
from lower to higher brow
ways of Ocean Whole Life as above
so below inside outside and all around more.. NoW
anyWay.. as i Tally up where i’m at as far as overall
Writing Milestones.. “Veterans of Ground Hog Days
as 135th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”
Brings that effort up to 2,200,039 Words since
start of that on Memorial Day of 2016.. Also
Doubling as 31st MacroVerse of “Facebook
Profile Pic Bible 2018”.. arising to 582,039
Words since stART of that Effort on
Memorial Day of 2017.. and
of Course Tripling as
806th MacroVerse
of “SonG oF mY
Exceeding over 5 Million
Words as Longest Long Form
Poem and so-caLLed Bible too..
to keep the records straight in accounting
ways too.. so.. free write can and will dance and sing
Free after all the Mechanical Cognition Duties of putting
it all together and Publishing are done for the Tuesday now..
Thanks again.. for coming by Frank and will also be by to visit all
your new poems soon.. and oh yeah.. what i do love best about
the Tradition of Human Foot Prints is they are ageless and even
Potentially Timeless when put in Fossil way like Nautilus Shells
too as far as Time Goes relatively speaking in just one Human
Life now as Foot Prints connect us to the Living Mother
eARTh.. which is also better described as Genderless
Like Foot Prints from a Distance without
Nationality.. Melanin of Skin.. and all
the other Human Differences
beyond anomalies
of the feet
we foot
print generally
the same although no two
Foot Prints are exactly alike..
Bare Foot is another equalizer for
that my FriEnd When Sand is Born
of the imprint oF OuR Souls aS wE NoW
ToucH thESpiRit oF EaRTheArTFeLTNOW..:)


Enjoyed your Flowers Fruits
Faces Lists
And words
And Genearally
Speaking all Women
Butts Look Better
In the Fall
As Chilled
As I also
Facts and
On MoNday
The ThirTeenTH..
See ya later Shawna
Swimming in
An Ocean
Of Words
And DArK2..;)

Shawna Returns with
Hey as Hello and i return with..

Hi too.. and that is
Really A Cute Fox
you share
in periphery
See you later
SB.. once i rise
out of the Ocean
oF Current MacroVerse
Words and Press Publish
in what is reaching somewhere
Around 30 Thousand or so words..
butt this makes for an interesting
intro at least to me.. heHE.. For the
NeXT MacroVerse for i FeeL and
SensE NoW iT WiLL have at
least something
to do with
the un-domestication
and domestication of BeinG Human More and
Less as i Found a Three-Year-Old Age Photo of me
about the time my Father Left us when
i was still Packing Pistol Heat
of Toys
then all
extroverted as such
with a shaved head..
not so tied up yet in
as ‘they’
Dance and Sing
too.. Don’t let your
Sons grow up to be Cowboys
as that relates to the oppoSing
View of
And 4 to 5.8
Inch Screams of Screens
NoW iN hiGh lit machines below..
and i’ve seen the Benefits of Dancing
in shorts in Gale Force Winds of 19 Degrees
F.. as the last time i did that and the only time
we had Winter in LA Lower Alabama Panhandle Perennial
Florida alWays State of Warm Climate Change now.. the
empirical evidence
Doctor assessed test
suggests mine went
up to 800 plus in a wild fluctuation
for what it was last at 168 in the Summer
Time Weather.. so as i sing now.. to raise
Testosterone.. Dance Naked in Frigid
Weather Like a Polar
Bear but
it doesn’t matter
what the number says..
i still leg Press 1020LBs at
Least 33 times with no difference
in feelings of strength to me at all..
but it’s true
when i was
dancing in that
Cold Casino January Weather
A Fairly Rugged XXXL Sized African
American Man seeing me approaching
the Casino
all wrapped
up said ‘you are
a bad dude’ hehe..
and no i wasn’t carrying
heat.. i was heat.. haha.. so.. so.. so..
much for the Fred Tales for now.. hAha..;)


A Best pART
oF Online to me
Is it Keeps Roots
Of ART and heART
ALiVe as NeW
WitH SMiLes..
as just another
note of appreciation
to Xenia..
heaR iN Poetic
Response NoW MoRE..:)


So.. inspiring.. my FriEnd Prajakta NoW..
For this selfless giving/sharing of Expert
Skills in Dentistry among
those in the North
East States
of your
Country India with
the least amount of
access to Modern Technologies
that do help with all Hygienes
to Prevent Disease as it’s
true all areas of
cured more Human
Disease than all of Medicine
combined for eliminating so many
Bubonic Plagues of life.. so.. sure.. even
the so-called lowest classes or as ‘they’
say castes that provide Sanitation are actually
the Greatest
among us
Preventing Disease
and of course it helps
to have teeth to do the most
basics of eating and i’m not surprised
that ‘the locals’ didn’t complain about the injections
for surely they have experienced enough rugged real
life challenge
in the Country
Side of Free
ways from Modern
Medicines that they have all
Naturally learned to cure their
own pain as that comes through the
all Natural Healing Potentials within that
really only come in innate.. instinctual
and intuitive ways
of Hands
on Wilder
and Freer ways of
Life as aLWays a Balance
mY Friend.. A Foundation of Love
And Grace that your Mom surely Brings to this
Story that truly is what makes Will and Strength ReaL
too as shared
given to
others.. Bravo
to her and you too.. mY FriEnd..
For Helping other Folks Free Like This..
For Those wHo JusT Do It Are The Richest oF aLL..:)


And now as the Domestication
Verses Undomesticated TheMe
and MeMe of this New 32nd/136th/807th
MacroVerse.. Respectively of “FB Profile Pic
Bible 2018″/”Nether Land Bible 2017″/
“SonG oF mY SoUL as Yet
to Be Named
on as this
MacroVerse Now
a few tidbits from Facebook
In Memory Way and Angel Testing
Wings In Phoenix Rising Wild and Free
again as Fire from the Ashes of Human
Domestication Freer too.. as one of those
Nifty Facebook Ego Booster Quizes suggests
the Phoenix Wings BeLonG to me coming out
of Great “Veterans of Ground Hog Days”-Like
Challenges to RiSinG uP AS A Phoenix
WiLL JusT Do FoR Free too..
Out Fire More as i go
on to say yes
about this..
with a new Description
for this rather Undomesticated
Looking FB Profile Pic as shared
from the FB Algorithm memory Maker
back from 2014 as Three Year Old Memory
Provides an excellent Prop for this MeMe and THeMe
even more..
as i go on
to describe
it as
even more hehe..;)

And sure.. the Next
Profile Pic Shared by
the FB Memory Maker
years to date from two years
ago.. i go on to describe now
as Pose with Rock oN Shirt now
too.. If You
Had Fur..
as it’s true
i am usually
somewhere close
to soaking wet with
sweat every where i dance
as i usually Warn the Nice Women
at Seville Quarter before they Embrace
a Friendly Hug with me.. simply by saying i am wet..
i don’t
about the
excuse of
Furry though.. hehe..;)


Hmm.. nice Leather Seats Leather Jacket and
What Looks Like a Leather Jacket
for your Bible.. Cows
Sacrifice so much
for Humans
are you man
enough to
Do it ALL naked
like Jesus per
Verse 37 of
Thomas now..
the part that
the Roman
Censored out
to create fear
and hate as a
Soldier Sun God
Instead of Free Love
anyWay.. NoW.. seems
like you might use this today.. (below)
And yes Russell (Brand) understands Love too like Jim
And beware of ‘men’ who call everything little as projection too..;)

So.. you suggest that Jesus is a perfect ‘man’ as the story goes..
1 Timothy 6New King James Version (NKJV)

Honor Masters
6 Let as many bondservants as are under the yoke count their own masters worthy of all honor, so that the name of God and His doctrine may not be blasphemed. 2 And those who have believing masters, let them not despise them because they are brethren, but rather serve them because those who are benefited are believers and beloved. Teach and exhort these things.

Well it’s true through the ages that more conservative leaning folks closer to the Bottom of A Human
Pyramid of Evolving toward all inclusion of Agape Love have supported Slavery for they
are slaves themselves in areas of scarcity and exclusion as this is about as far
away from Human Enlightenment in the Positive Force of Love within
as God Free to use a three letter metaphor for all that is that
and who lives within as the Four Letter
Word Love.. anyWay just Proof heaR
that Both Republicans
and Democrats
Wrote the Story of Jesus too..
for you can find a Teacher who literally
says Hate your Mother and Father and Sister
and Brother and By God even your Children if
they can’t see eye to eye with you.. you can find
a Teacher who literally says if the Crowd you try to
influence with your Teachings do not agree with you then
slay them now in other words kill them and you can find a Teacher
who literally says that he brings a sword and not peace and sure after
Writing over 5 Million Words of Poetry and in doing so Hand-in Hand-WitH
Literally Hundreds of other Poets through close to 51 months of doing that
With literally thousands of poems through all these Poets it’s not hard to say
aLong with 8350 or so PLuS Miles of Public Praise Dance for Life everywhere
i travel Locally in my Metro Area and around the World online even more now
that people
will interpret
all Abstract Construct
Words in Beyond Forms of
Infinity for the Word Infinity is
an abstract construct and no more
at core than a metaphor either as far
as time distance and space not even existing
and if Science has its way with the cutting edge of
Quantum Physics with the CERN Particle Accelerator in ‘Perfect’
Ways of Scientific Equations we would not exist NoW for the
equations say that Anti-Matter and Matter existed in the
same Quantities and Qualities at the point of origin
that inherently should have created a nihilistic
state of all being as the opposite of all
existence now as simply nil and void
now nothing just nothing
as all just nothing at all
where you
and i
can’t possibly
exist now.. but sure we
feel and sense more than
nothing so we exist.. some of us
in more colors than others.. some of now
us who include the rest as us and others who
separate and divide mostly ’cause someone hurt their
feelings and senses when they were younger or perhaps
things didn’t work out the way society said they would
and they move on to discontent instead of contentment
anger and fear and live in a state of Hate in Misery and
Company lives more and perhaps create a You Tube Site
where other folks can snuggle up to fear and hate too.. where the only
pleasure tHeRe now within is pain oF Fear and Hate now.. Vengeance is a brew
of poison my friend and Fear and Hate Vibrate a Discordance of every sub-atomic
Particle at the core of being creating disorder and disease everywhere around us now
we view for now.. Love is the Healing Power of 100 Percent Faith Trust in all inclusion of
all that is as some folks name this Force God among other metaphors too.. perhaps best
described as i am.. anyWay.. God doesn’t Doubt God when God is Hanging on a Cross.. God
Doesn’t suggest that if you believe like this as me you will do more than God and God doesn’t lose
God’s Temper and start Tossing Tables around like a Child with a Temper Tantrum if God doesn’t
Get God’s way and if God is Free God doesn’t support Slavery either but the thing is my Friend if God
is all this.. this pre-supposes that God is ‘Perfect’ in terms of An Abstract Construct of ‘Perfect’ that Humans
Create to Describe God for it’s true Jesus is God and so are you and me and the rest of Creation NoW and beyond what
Human Beings are capable of ‘Seeing’ as pART of all that is Feeling and Sensing all of Reality in relatively speaKing NoW A Very
NarRow View of all of what God is now Ocean WhoLe more than Humans See.. thing is my friend if Perfect in Perfect terms really existed all would be the same nothing would Change in other words
at the beginning of the
Big Bang in terms
of Science as Perfection
Anti-Matter would have Destroyed
Matter and in that Perfect World nothing
would be the reality now.. so here’s A Truth
and thE LiGHT.. every morning when you wake up
if you ever wake up NoW iT might be worthwhile giving
thanks and praise and even Glory to not only Sun but
Clouds.. to not only days but nights to not only Love
but even Hate like Trumps that awaken the
Lion of Love even more my friEnd..
For we live a Relative Existence
of DArk and LIGht
of yes more
Matter as LiGHT
than DArk as Anti
Matter that makes LIFE
Possible now and this God with
slightly more Yin than Yang for a very
crude metaphor for potentials and even probabilities
of existence that are way above my pay grade of Enlightenment
now.. so far at least.. is necessary as what we call as imperfection
that we even exist now at all.. God’s way as far as i can see my friend
is a Master Peace Painting where all of creation is the Brush and Paint
too.. and not unlike the Mona Lisa that some folks will name a Perfect Painting
at Larger View.. close up enough one will see dARk Fibers that seem random that
seem like they make no sense at all compared to the larger View of Beauty.. KeY
is my friEnd Seeing
a Larger View of
Beauty through
all the DArk Fibers of
God’s Master Peace Painting
of what you view now as Discontent
Fear and Hate and Misery Loves Company..
You co-create your Life and you also create a Good Cop
Jesus or a Bad Cop Jesus out of the Poetry of the New and
Old Testaments thru all the parts created by Republican Conservatives
through the Ages NoW as still Masters of the Slaves as the Masses to the
Democratic Liberals like the Good Cop Jesus who still want to set his
and or her People
Free now..
and sure
as the imperfect
Art of God goes that
makes the Beauty in dARk
and LIGht of all that is some folks
are born dArker and bred dArker than
others in both innate and environmental
ways but the great thing about a Master
Peace Painting ‘imperfect’ God as Beauty where the metaphor
of ‘Perfect’ is actually the adversary of ‘Ugly’ it’s as easy to see
what would become of us now if those “Perfect” Science
Equations on Anti-Matter and Matter Worked out
more like a Robot than a Living
Will and
Choice as a
Living God all
dARK and LiGHT
that is that and
who lives in all of
us co-Creating ReaLity
in Gorgeous Imperfection
of Change in dARk and LiGht
Still now my FriEnd.. so key heAR is
do you wanna be wild and free with
God dARk Abyss through Purgatory
sHades of Grey Beyond Hell through
Beyond Colors of Rainbows Now.. or
do you wanna sit still and stagnant
and be perfect
in other words
do you wanna die as
life in misery loves company
of discontent and fear and hate now
or do you wanna embrace all that is including
You.. LoVinG yourself with all your might.. no member
or function of your being no less important than any other
a Place for all of reaLiTy even the anger and the fear and the hate
you experience now in a poverty of spirit that one day may transform
into the Beauty of Love Being NoW Beauty (Heaven).. best thing about
an ‘imperfect’ God
my FriEnd
Free Will to Co-Create
A Hell or Heaven now for
since you live in Poverty of Spirit
now how Beautiful the Reference point
of Hell now will be when you finally enter
the PearLY Gates of Love within all
inclusive oF aLL of reaLiTy
as God when
with eYes oF A
Good Cop Jesus then..
perHaps you’ll paint a new painting
of Jesus.. for i believe if a Comedian
Like Jim Carrey can and will do it so
can and will you too.. my FriEnd the Call for
an Uprising Dude on You Tube with a little
help from ‘friends’.. so today.. i bring you two gifts
one from Jim
and one from
me as both us we i more continue
to Paint our Master Peace Painting
oF ARchetype of Love we continue to
inspire to through all the ‘imperfection’ of God
that makes Beauty whole as Clouds and Sun too.. my FriEnd..
take it easy on me my friEnd take it easy on God take it easy on you and Live Free
embrace GoD
all i AM aNd Dance
and Sing a New Dance
and Song unto God within
forevermore now Creating aNew RENeWeD..:)

Dude (MD) Mark Dice and there is a ‘fine’ wine by that name.. too.. heHe..
You are literally and slowly but surely destroying yourself (others) with
ALL this Discontent.. Fear and Hate
but more on that aBove.. So
Have a Great Day (now)
and Good
With your Google and
Patreon Pennies although tRusT
me or not that won’t Save YouR health/life/soul.. eTC..
And not surprisingly i’m not a Legend for my words but my
Flesh and Blood Dance.. Sort oF A TraDiTioN HuWoMaNLY WitH God as ‘thaT’ ‘goes’…
iN Part OCeAN
Free LoVE..
And A Most
pART is i’m
Rich and never make a penny off of any of it as that’s how God (Love) ‘Works’ too..;)
(And you can call ‘me’ ‘A’ Lord of A BLack River Dance too.. if you like and will.. hehe oN Course2..;) see ya ’round Bro..;)

-“The ‘A’ friEndly InternET ‘Bard’ ‘Fili’ whatevers2..;)”

Hmm.. as far Losing goeS oN iF all You
take aLL NoW to your last blink of LiFE theN
is Discontent Fear and Hate with lots of
Words of intellect
you end up empty
spirited forever now then
for you Leave no HiStory of Love..
anYWay.. Singing to A Choir of Little
‘Men’ who Hate tHeir Mothers and Other
Women iS JusT A sAMe reFrain of DiScontent
Fear and Hate.. perHaps.. You don’t Believe iN
God HoWeVeR
Love iS
thE Force
tHat Works For aLL..
Have a nice Day STeF..
as You Are NoW A Fourth Recipient Winner oF LoVE
NoW Officially as Such as Dance and Song MoVeS oN NoW..;)


Facebook Friend and Regular Poet at
the Online dVerse Place where International
Poets Meet to Have their Poetry read
and hehe..
you better
or else..
as ‘everyone’
needs affirmations.. huh..
true.. that is the Language of
Love that some folks Desire to hear
most but for me.. i’d rather just
literally and figuratively do it
just for fun with nary a
Care about what
anyone feels
and senses
and thinks about my
ART other than thanks for dropping
by and the eTc of that.. for me Art is
Expressing all of SoUL as SpiRiT heARt
And that SoUL is Multi-Colored by many experiences
of life some of which some folks will have less or more
context to better understand as yes that is understandable
too.. I’ve been to not only Purgatory in Grey Shades but also
Hell and Heaven several times over for very long term stays too..
true.. i am anything but normal and more photos coming on that issue
shortly too.. as yes.. i’ve Got Plenty of Patriarchal Middle Age White
Man Expensive Looking Sun Shades Privilege and even more so
when ‘they’ see the rather intense and direct views of the
changing Green to Blue Colors of my eYes aLiVE
iN Karmic View too.. might be better overall
if i wear the Shades for sure
i can without even meaning
too come aCross as
much too intense
eYes as Words often
and surely and verily do relay
in some of the extremest laser focus
too without Guns of Course hehe for now at Least..

So yes FaceBook FriEnd and Poet and Absolutely
Phenomenal Photographer Glenn goes on to say..

The man with 1,000 T-shirts !

And i return with..

This is a Pretty Good Estimate as
tHeRe is somewhere between
500 and 1000.. $7.50 or so
Mostly Super Walmart
Body Shirt Tattoo’s
Hanging in Two Closets
As i refuse to permanently
Mark my Body with just one
MessAge.. heHe.. i Choose to Get
in Bed with all MeSsages i coMe aCross..
anyWay.. Thanks For Dropping By Glenn..:)

And now i continue on to Dance and Sing i eNjoy
the Zen Art of Human Ego realizing that the Essence
of who i am co-Creates with the Rest of Nature in Persona
in who i am now overall as Book Covers in an instant of now
change depending on how i for one direct the I as Actor
me in a Play of Life Ever Changing! spiriT now as it’s
safe to say i Have a Thousand Faces i can and
will put on at WiLL and likely you do too
if you are anywhere close to
hAha.. a Broad
Play.. for it’s true.. don’t need no
middlemen other than Free Avenues
for Art to do what i do the best i care to do..
And it’s also true.. if in that photo of me toting
that Toy and rather Large 6 Shooter in Metallic
Looking Case.. at that point in my life at about age
3 Before i started to learn to speak.. if my Father stayed
instead of left and my Mother didn’t get all motivated after
that John F. Kennedy Funeral in the Catholic Procession
around Thanks Giving Weekend of ’63.. oh what a Year
of Different it would have been in December of ’63 and
past that as we would have never changed over to
the more Cosmopolitan Influenced Catholic
Church (some folks from up North
associated with the Military
did attend and still attend
now too) and yes
the Southern
Baptist way would have
come my way.. and with my
Father in the Military and Law Enforcement
For 46 years not likely or not nearly as likely i would
have ever found my Artist shoes.. as even without him
in this Patriarchal Area as assessed by Social Scientists
for the most difficult of places to move out of the Box as
Different it still took me Close to 53 years to get
all Re-Born in Art Shoes as Phoenix Rising
From the Ashes all Rising in Moving
Connecting and Creating more..
And sure.. i could have
ended up Playing
Football and
even Breaking
my Back for the Doctors
didn’t notice that Congenitally
Fused Vertebra in my Spine until
close to my 50’s as an incidental finding
as i suffered with Neck Pain then.. and now
that is all Gone away like it never existed at all
although the measured Severe Degenerative Arthritis
in my Neck is as real as it ever was Ten Years or so ago..
just no
pain now
total strength
and that’s the way
of the Undomesticated
Leaning Human Being who
and that Looks within and finds
the Higher Healing Power to make
everything A-OK again except perhaps
a little too high for most folks tastes as
Heaven is a rather High place too
for those who enter in and
stay and keep it all
An Olympic
Heaven Sport now.. and
as far as Wookiee’s go and to be
100 Percent Clear i am not ‘the’ Wookiee..
i am only ‘A’ Wookiee at the Present now in the
Photo at the Brand New Publix that recently opened
in my Home Town Santa Rosa County too.. Wookiee’s
Overall as a kinda Comic Book Species of Animal too.. kinda
like the Greek God’s and the Stories of Fabled Hero of Love Archetypes
Cross Cultures and Religions too as Humans continue to create stories of
what they inspire to be per the Inner Human UniVerse in Multi-ways that
little to none of
still now.. the Wookiee retains
Wild and Free in a Civilized Mostly Manner
too and it’s true too.. like me at age 3 with no words
to speak vocally at all the Wookiee says most of the
Wookiee’s TrutH and LiGht in Non-Verbal Langauge now..
sure.. like the other smART Animals just Focused on the Now
like Forrest Gump too.. doing the best they can and will do as Noble
Creatures of God as Nature even more now.. A Wookiee now according
To Comic Book and really other Theater Legend is an Extremely Loyal
FriEnd ’till the Very end as this sure came true in end of days of
Hans Solo too.. but on the other Hand as Far as
Wild and Free and Will and Strength that
Stands uPon a Non-Verbal Foundation
of Love and Grace
don’t treat
a Wookiee
Unfairly for the Wookiee is
not tamed with Human Clothes
and sure if you push a Wookiee Far
enough in injustice they’ve been known
to rip arms off their Transgressors as Comic
Book other Heroes do in similar pay back way too..
we do have local and state and federal laws and since
it’s true that those who live by the fist and sword die by the
sword and fist or go to jail or are injured and the such as that..
i’ll continue on with Words for now.. a little sharp now and then too..
but never the less
and actually more
if you really wanna be a Legend
just do a Wookiee Dance in Public
for close to 51 Months.. you will not
need any Followers or Sharers or LikerS online
for it’s True folks everywhere who are open minded
at least will Smile at you and Follow you ever wHeRe you
go like a Flesh and Blood Pokemon as you become
always the Newest Treasure for them to find
wherever you go now.. and true there
is no better influence than
a smile generated
in another
being now.. a jest
for laugh and what they
don’t expect from so-called Middle
Class Middle Age Southern Baptist Looking
Soft Ball Player now.. it is quite an inherently Incongruent
way of Humor wherever ‘you’ go for now.. nah.. i traded in that
Metallic Revolver eventually For Dance and Poetry too.. i don’t have
to make anyone do anything according to a law a rule an instruction or
a regulation or two.. and more guidelines to get a job done.. i am art i am
oPen and Free.. i enjoy life as i go.. what more do i need as Undomesticated
and Civilized Noble SaVaGE sAMe JusT to bRinG a SMiLe and or laugh to lift folks up now..
but true if you take
advantage of
my Wookiee Nature
and you remind me too
much of my Child Hood Bullies
i will let you kNow in no uncertain
terms who the Boss of Dance is in
this Town and General Metro area too..
hAha.. i stand my Ground.. yes.. with the Force
And Power literally and figuratively Grounded as Legs
that Press 1020 LBS 33 to around 50 reps properly focused
now.. and i have a secret weapon.. the same as all truly Masters
of Martial Arts and other Free Verse Dance and yes in some cases
Free Verse Poetry too.. the Chi.. the Ki.. the Ka.. the Qi.. the Kundalini
Rising Force Synergy Energy that Flows through all Quadrillion or so
Chakras in metaphor that are points of light from Head to Toe in
Every Cell Connecting more as many Science Aided Star Point
Lights observable in the Entire so-named UniVerse NoW..
all the Neuro-Chemicals and Neuro-Hormones
Humming in a Tonal Frequency of all
pARt Harmony with every
Subatomic Particle
of the Being
of me from
Electrons thru
Photons Creating a Dance
aNew ReneWeD oF LiGHt wHerEver
i move connect and co-create more with
Nature God NoW.. yes.. as alWays NoW MoRE
Focused and Fuller alive.. you see Wolves have
received a Bad Rap for misbehaving when they are
domesticated and no longer work together for Subsistence
and Thrive.. but when they are Wild and Free they Cooperate
more ToGetHer and Love Rules the pack in peace and harmony
more where all ‘norm’s understand tHeir Natural Role now.. mine
is Trickster no doubt
i play the
Court Jester
Free Lance to
the Tree of Life
even more NOW..
and sure.. i can look and
act as normal as you when i employ
my Manilla Folder in Deep South Ways
of Being too.. but moreover in my back pocket
is the Force.. yes.. the STar LiGht Force with no limitations
of expectations from other Rulers but God within as Nature
thaT/wHo stands
no need
to bow to others
other than Giving
Sharing Love and Respect..
sure i am a wild one and i alWays
Have a Side i co-Create with Nature
that you’ve never likely seen before but
sure more on that in a few always more on that in a few more NoW..:)


27.7 Years.. Almost 4 Cycles of New Humans go as ‘they’
say we become New every 7 years or so..
For me it only took a few days..
and before that a few years
and before that
a few
and before
that wHo kNows
for i LiVe For I LoVE NoW..
So.. could you imagine that you are
currently looking at a couple who are
assessed by both Medical Science and
the Legal System.. one currently and always
at test with Asperger’s Syndrome and Bi-Polar
Disorder and the other Married Human Member
of Couple with Epilepsy Disorder the Wife Katrina
here as i Lovingly name Egyptian Goddess Isis
Incarnate as such.. thing is and things are
this hasn’t always been me as far
as either outward form
or inner essence
Dances and Sings
as Form too.. this doesn’t
look a joker or a trickster either
one but of course if they did who would
be fooling you now.. hehe.. true.. we all wear all our
covers and we all feed the pages of our Book of Human
in the Food we take in and the Hope and Love that becomes
Joy or the Junk we eat and the Fear and Hate that so sadly too..
can and will become Misery Loves Company.. i’ve got my shit
together good enough to be happy most all the time now and
that in itself is close to a miracle for anyone i meet these days
at least but if you think it was always like this Dream another
Nightmare now for i’ve seen the Pain of Hell and I’ve seen the
Darkness and Numb of Purgatory Shades of Grey and
Now i See the Evolution Orange and the Golden
Swoosh of Victory on my Black and Grey
Newest Purchased Nike Shox Shoes
as i finally found a pair half
price online that
actually fits
me so i swooped up
Three Pairs to replace the
Red Accented Current Shox Shoes
as of around August 9th that precipitated
in coincidence and synchronicity not only a
Doomsday-like Smell to come for me on Solar
Eclipse Day.. the 21st of August replacing a loss of
smell and flavors of taste since A Spring Virus of a Common
Cold took that away as yes i am learning to smell again and hopefully
without the accompaniment for the Flow of Doomsday Blood and Destruction
like Worldly once in a lifetime Events that have been going on since i started wearing
those Shoes accented with Red too.. in that 17th Pair or so Shox Shoes Purchased since
Public Dance of 8350 Plus Miles started at the end of Summer 2013.. around 51 months
ago same period of writing an over 5 Million Word Free Verse Longest Poem too.. any
way.. i’ve worn Black and White with Accents of Grey too.. i’ve done the Blood
Red and now to Evolution Orange Love with Yellow Swoosh of Victory
in Goddess Nike Victory too.. of all i kNow is Love iN FeeL
and sense now.. for a memory that comes to me
as the lonesome so-called loser i used to
be.. meeting a first love back in
’78.. as the second wedding
Photo here taken with
Katrina is from
early ’90.. me at 29
without the Character of
Face that lifelong Challenge
Brings with sure some edge of
Grey up top too.. and Katrina at
age 19 as fresh faced as any late
teen could look then and for that
matter any 47 Year old woman never seeming
to age much now but a fine Wine of Grace and Love too..
anyway that First Girl Friend saw a whole lot more in me than
i saw of me as a rather timid loving man then.. she said i looked distinguished
and she coming from a Family as Half Irish and Cuban with a Salty Sailor Father
who retired at Second Class pay rate before she told me i look like i should
be a Captain of a Ship.. what a nice compliment for a Boy who was once
Mistaken for a Girl at age 12 or so at McDonald’s Before Puberty
started to sprout me up.. and after that the Struggles of ‘JOB’
were yet to come.. for the Inner UniVerse of Human
Being is the one(s) that no Science or method
of empirical view can and will adequately
measure now more than a few drugs
to address this or that symptom
that is about as effective
overall as
a computer still..
the Power lives within the
Healing Force that Bibles speak and
other Sacred Texts and oral Traditions
in Two Spirit Witch Doctor and Trickster
Same in Indigenous Indian ways when dream
time is the rule then and not this faux produced
Human CLock Time and Distance and Space to go along
with what eternally lives within.. you see that living force within
is the Eternal Fountain of Youth and it’s true once you truly Find the
Force of God as Nature within it’s hard not to light the form of the Essence
of God on the Cover of the Book that is the pages of you now.. there is no Random
in this life when all is Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose and trust me
it is only
as real
as the
that lives as my
Face does currently do for now..
People who knew me before might say
hmm.. on the outside you really haven’t changed
that much since school.. but you see they never knew
me on the inside for not even i knew or fully felt and sensed
the God who and that Lives within as Nature Free.. i’ve come
down from the Experience of Heaven as much as i can and will
now to share that with others for free for that’s what you do when
you have it all for all have then is to give and share more.. sure.. i guess
i could play A photo role of a Captain of a Navy Ship or a Sheriff or who knows
perhaps a Political Person same as a Southern Baptist Soft Ball Player sAMe but
you see my Father left no rigid role i was molded in then instead my Mother held no
expectations for us other than to live and be happy to the best of our ability then.. she
couldn’t give me the Fearless pART for i eventually over Decades had to become my own
Father as my Father as it goes with inherited Asperger’s was totally silent on doing that
other than saying you should join the Military so it will make you a man.. no one
made me a man
except for
me and
no one made
me Love and
Fearless except for Mama and
God who and that lives more within
me now.. and i continue to make all that
Unconditional just ’cause i can and will
for it is impossible to lose or be lonesome
with the Wind of God is Your Back your Front
within inside outside above so below and all around now..
lesSon Learned for me at leASt and LeSSoN i for one BRinG STiLL For Free..
And yes this photo was the Catholic Church’s Idea as they Create a Year Book
Annual of Church Faces and it’s like School Days all over again and it’s true
the last time any so-called Professional Photographer took a photo of me
was all school related then.. so sure.. this is kinda a Marriage Milestone
too as i finally Broke Down and Let the “Professionals” photo me
again.. and sure
i finally made
A ‘mens’ Club
at Church even if
i never officially join now.. heHe..
it’s True.. you’ll never be a ‘real man’
NoW unless you make the Divine Feminine
Foundation of Love and Grace all that
Drives You kNoW iN Quantum Metaphor
of Strength
and WiLL..
‘Real Men’ aren’t
aFraid to Dance and Sing..
anyway as we continue to share
a Facebook Page too this could be
a Permanent Fixture of so and so
and so and so so and so now..
but no.. i alWays
i refuse
as sAMe..
i refuse to be
a ‘Professional Human’
for that is a creation of someone else..
otHeR than God iN and as Me for NoW@LEast..:)


Reducing Stress and Associated
Symptoms of Depression.. Anxiety
Disorders.. Pain.. and Insomnia
And Enhancing Abilities
to Focus with Attention
With Greater Short Term Working
Memory.. Regulating Emotions and
Integrating Senses Increasing Overall
Health and Well Being and also as Science
Now Empirically sHows through the Process
of Neuroplasticity.. Rewiring the Brain and Actually
Changing the Structures of the Brain as Empirically
Proven through Brain Scans Increasing the Gray Matter
in the Neo-Cortex.. an area of the Brain that ‘normally’
Shrinks with age where a 50 year old Brain
Matches the Scan of a 25 year old
Brain.. Voila.. the Fountain
of Youth
Human Brain is real.. NoW wHeRe
one actuAlly gains in the ability to
Focus and Pay Attention and one’s
Short Term Working memory actually
increases as one’s overall Productivity too..
And Creativity rises as well but that’s not all..
as the Hippocampus.. greater responsible for
Long Term Memory Increases in size whereas
Chronic Stress related Activities are shown as
Associated with Brain Scan Studies to actually
Decrease the size of the Hippocampus both
Reducing Learning and Memory Abilities..
where this associated reduction in Gray
Matter of the Hippocampus is
also associated with
and Anxiety related
Disorders as serious
as PTSD.. where Emotional
Dis-regulation becomes the Disorder
instead of the opposite of all the Happiness
Generated affects of what can and will increase
the Gray Matter in the Hippocampus too.. and what
about the part of the Brain named the Temporo-Parietal
Junction associated with Taking the Views of otHeRs into
consideration as far as Feelings Move in Empathy Sympathy
and Compassion as the Human View Expanding more towards Love
for other Beings too.. Yes.. an increase in Grey Matter in this area also
as the Fountain of
Youth of Love
too and
to in ways
of being reborn
again alive if Chronic Stress
has taken this Human Living
in Well Being Property as ability
away as not so WeLL anymore.. too..
the disconnect to others as ‘they’ say..
okay.. now that we have explored the
potential enhancements of the
Newer Brain for Cognitive
Executive Functioning
and associated
areas of the
Limbic Brain for
connecting to others
what about the Reptilian
Brain and the Amygdala as far as
fight or flight responses go that inject us
with Adrenaline Associated Neuro-Hormones NoW
that prepare us for fight or flight struggles in life but
left unchecked in the day to day iLLuSory fears we create
NoW at school and work and yes even at home and play bring
Chronic Flight or Fight Stress Neuro-Hormones that become an
Acid of Destruction in all bodily systems including burning away
Grey Matter in all Three Triunes of Human Brain Systems older to
newer evolved in Three part Discord in actual cellular and neuronal
destruction.. yes.. this other Healthy Activity actually decreases the
size of the Amygdala whereas Chronic Stress in this area of the Brain
actually increases the Grey Matter in the Amygdala as well as a chronic
fight or flight response to the illusory fears we bring to our life through cultural
demands that are far beyond our ‘normal’ pay-grade of being Human now.. so.. NoW you
might ask at Super-Walmart.. Fred.. why are you Flowing like that in your Free form
Dance as a way of Meditation if you figure out that much of what some folks view as
strange and even insane.. hehe.. well.. sure.. i could give them the Fred Talk Version of
this but perhaps i’ll remember ‘this’ rather distinguished looking Family Portrait of
me and the Katrina.. find it quick on my Smart Phone and Facebook Mobile
App.. and see if they can make it this far down in reading all of this
hehe.. but no.. and hell no.. i will not just ask them to believe
the ‘Crazy’ Walmart Dancer for sure not only will i have
a Fred Talk available.. i will also provide a link
to a Real Ted Talk with a Neuro-Scientist
who once scoffed at the idea
that Still or Moving Meditation
in either Free Flow
Dance or Forms
of Traditional Chinese
Moving Healing Arts named
QiGong and Tai Chi and other metaphors
for Being the Water and the Stream and the
River and the Waves of Ocean Whole God NoW
coMe to Fruition in a Meditation and FloW iN
ZoNe like the Meditative Writing that i am doing now
as non-doing other than the mechanical cognition to jot
down the Empirically Assessed Data to match the evidence of
the Ted Talk YouTube Video now.. effortless as the Water i am
the streAM i am the River Wave Ocean Whole as in as God i Unify as all
WitH NoW.. otHeRWise kNoWn and sEEn and fELt and seNsed as the State
of BeinG Yoga now.. sure.. in technical speak i am a Yogi of non-doing
as no one taught me how to do this.. other than the Force within that
is instinctual and intuitive all innate that speaks through my Body
First as NoW Second iN word Speak i can and will relate that
to others in abstract constructs the best i can and will
in both Words of Science and Poetry
too.. but sure there are plenty
of Horatio’s and other
Skeptics in the
And Ripley’s
i’ll never believe it
if you don’t show me the
Empirical Sheldon Cooper Evidence now..
True.. if Sheldon really cared about his Brain he
would already be doing a Free Flowing Dance everywhere
he goes on that show NoW too.. it would improve his cognitive
executive functioning NoW in focus and short term working memory
as well as emotional regulation and sensory integration actually increasing
the Grey Matter in his Neo-Cortex.. (so.. are you getting excited about this
yet.. Sheldon) and also increasing the Gray Matter in his Temporal Parietal
Junction.. thereby increasing the potential to connect in empathy and
sympathy and compassion to even better the potential to make
friends with others on a long term scale.. and best of all
he could come to be much calmer like an
Eye of a Hurricane fueling the
Winds of his Human
Potential in both
Mind and
Body Abilities now come to Fruition
More NoW verses activities all uptight
and stressed chronically with fight or
fight Stress Chemicals always employed
with an Expanding Reptile Brain in Amygdala Grey
Matter way.. he instead could more than likely become
A Man Like me Full oF A Foundation of Love and Grace as
well as all that other stuff that equates to Human Will and the
Actual Strength that MoVinG one’s body in Free Flow will do for any
Ground Ape.. furry or mostly bald bodied and hairless either swinging
through the Trees or Floating in FloW oN Terrestrial Land Figuratively
Invisible to Both in Capturing Prey and escaping Predator as the EnTire
EartH BeComes a Kung Fu Monk Rice Paper Test wHeRe one finAlly
Has/is the
Will to
‘Snatch the
Pebble out of my
Hand NoW Grasshopper’
And TheN Go oN YouR Merry Way
iN tHe Kingdom of Heaven on EartH NoW
‘then’.. sAdly.. Jesus didn’t live long enough
to expand on his story.. at least the one
that others wrote for him.. for it’s
true if one walks in the
Desert unplugged
from this
World (Culture)
and actually looks within
these MoVinG ConNecTinG CreATinG TruTHs
And LiGHTs BeCoMe sELf eViDent as the Body Dances the
Mind into Heaven more across the Plane of life as an Aero
Plane that works.. and then it is obvious that
God is just another one of us..
Heaven employed
as God Dances
FloW iN ZoNe with and
as us within.. but of course
if one has a disability wHeRe one cannot
move there is also still meditation that achieves a
similar result as evidenced more directly in the Attached Ted Talk now..
anyway.. trust me or not.. i ain’t the crazy one for LiVinG iN HeaVeN NoW..
i JusT
out how
to do it as even
A Story of Jesus
Suggests to Look
within in Seek and
Find Heaven NoW..
let those who want
to continue to live in
Hell do that if they insist…
just proof that we do have Relative
Free Will NoW for why else would folks
live in Hell when there is a clear and present
alternative as easy as free flow dance now that’s F iN FuN..
serRiouSLY.. MusT GeT iN ConTacT with Chuck Lorre.. the Head
Writer of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Show for i’m just a Free Damce
in the Wilderness in Super-Walmart.. heHe.. He’s got the FucKinG
iF YoU SeeK iN GoD BiG BanG in his Writing Fingers now as the Conversion
of Sheldon
to Heaven
on EartH NoW..
Could potentially
save.. oh.. so many potential
figuRative MoVinG CoNNectinG and CreATinG
SouLs and that much better if Sheldon is sHoWn
Doing it from a young age too.. oh wait! tHeRe
is a Show for that too.. just in time for Heaven
now then2 as it’s
too late
as long
one Lives
iN HeaVeN NoW oN eARTh..
So Clear and preSently inTiMated
EveN NoW iN tHe New Testament Present..
Good News2 and sure Ted Talks too after all With God
iN as us NoW tHeRe are practically no limits or expectations NoW..
The Fountain of Youth is no Longer A MytH iT iS reaLiTy oN tHiS EartH NoW
As PreSenT within.. yeS even measured by Brain
Cat Scans too..
And sure
so is
Heaven NoW..
for those with Enough
Wisdom and Beauty within
to seek and find this reaList oF
ReaLiTies NoW iN FacT more than just Word..
Oh yeah and by the way.. TVC Mario.. i couldn’t
help but to think of you in providing a CC to you
too as part of your Disrespect of Little Sheldon
in your Conspiracy theory YT Video provided
just the
i needed
For this LiGHt today..
JusT a slob.. i am mY friEnd..
no job.. no work for pay living
off my disability of ‘your world’ now..
And sure all the money i saved as i don’t give a crap about
Leather Seats and Leather Jackets and Leather Covers for my Bible
for my
God is
Living within..
Have a Naked Free God
Day one Day if You WiLL then NoW..
and sure.. i remembered your other YouTube
Conspiracy Videos of how Yoga IS A Work of so-called
Satan.. True My friEnd the only Satan is Ignorance Fear and Hate..
you determine the God you Believe in.. Wisdom Hope and Love
as Beauty
or the
oF aS iN
Fear and Hate..
YouR Relative Free WiLL
alone NoW with or without A
‘little help’ from friEnds both
known and unknown NoW Less and More
NoW as just anotHeR Slob oN EaRtH.. as
A Story of Jesus sHows NoW the Bums don’t really lose..
(Big Lebowski Parable Movie about Jesus and Buddha coming
again back to LiFE oN eARtH as Movie theMe and MeMe Reference)
‘A’ Best Good
News of
all is
‘the’ Stories aRE ReaL NoW..;)

PS.. maybe i should on ‘the phone’ call ‘the Pope’ too in Rome..
after all ‘he’ says and does now he was/is a Chemistry Major too..;)


SMiLes Prajakta.. as ‘this’ Line..
Reminds me of a Song
by ‘The Police’ and Sting
that Sings there must be
an Invisible Sun
thaT Keeps
us Warm
and Fuzzy otherWise
kNoWn iN Human
in NeuroHormone
way as the Love Bonding
Way of Oxytocin but sure that’s
not the only kind of pocket sunshine
in day break or mid-night light.. sure.. there
is Dopamine and Serotonin and as some
folks point
too.. NoW
never the less
and always the
more the Potential
is tHeRe for those wHo
Dance and Sing Sunshine
within now for it’s true we are
Star Stuff and the Cosmos unto
itself aS it would be rather foolish not
to use the Relative Free Will that Creates
Shine of Sun within.. otherWise Dance and SinG iT ReaL..
True that’s more than one line but yes there are more than
one or
and Neurohormones
as oh! the opiate like
Influence of
alSo coMes WitH A Free
FloWinG DancE and SonG
too.. as Love MoVeS oN HavE A Nice Shine..
oR iN oTHeR Words oF saGe Old witHout Science and
onLY Poetry LIGht YouR LaMp uP MouNT Tree oF LiFE NoW


“Not Dead yet”.. i can surely relate
to that from the Dead Zone Days..
gigoid.. as Affectionately named
by the
we used to
visit who was
one of two Therapists
and a Psychiatrist and
a General MD Practitioner
who all related to my sudden recovery
Differently.. one with a Suggestion of
a Real Human Miracle.. one with a
Description of what i came
out of as the Dead
Zone then and
the other one..
the Psychiatrist
suggesting i finally
Gained an Asperger’s
Ego above and beyond the
Inner Voice that was far away
from being anything close to self
actualized and oh yeah.. the GP was
Alarmed that i had moved into Bi-Polar
Territory from Depression and in FacT they
were all correct but only i fully understood the root
cause for i was the one who experienced Fight or Flight
Stress for over 2 years at work in what i then created with
my rather weak will then as a Catch Twenty-Two Situation
i felt that there was no escape
from as Keeping a
Job and Money
and Health
Insurance for
my Wife with Epilepsy
became more important than
my Life and so ignorant i was of
the Bigger Picture of Common Sense then..
anyway.. the price of that Locked in my Head
for 33 Months without effective use of eyesight
and hearing and then writing in every waking hour
and minute of the day when i wasn’t reading on a Wrong
Planet Website until i more fully Recovered 33 Months after
that for a 66 Month Total Tour in Hell that the Psychiatrist and one of
those All Natural Herbal Healers suggested it would literally take years of
recovery for they both understood that Stress Kills and on the way to Death
takes all Normal Bodily Functions away and literally eats the ‘Brain Fat’ away
as a Neurologist who read my Cat Scan suggested Happened to me.. although
for whatever reason the other professionals couldn’t understand that point even though
the Psychiatrist said
stress does
Fry one’s
Brain when Chronic
in ways of Fight or Flight Stress
so yep.. 66 months of Recovery
and 19 and 20 Medical Diagnoses
if one counts the last one of Bi-Polar
too as a lifelong condition along with
Asperger’s Syndrome.. i dealt with
with no Medical Help until
47 years of age..
other than
a Pit
Stop at a Mental
Crisis Place at age 21 too..
and sure as born i was a Canary
in a Coal Mine with all the Clothes of Culture
as DisEase offered up still almost since Birth in ’60
and now that Disease is many more fold Greater Disorder
now than ever before as Humans are increasingly becoming
the tools they use away from the flesh and blood in Balance
that will save our ass when hard times of Challenge do come in
Environmental way.. so.. to make a much longer story that you have
probably at least mostly heard many times before as every Sailor
of the Stormy Seas of Life as a Story of a Cross or two or
more in life is Cathartic in retelling while chewing
some Fat at the Local Gas Store and
now we Have Blogs online for
those who can create more
than a 140 Character
Twitter Verse in just one sitting
as it’s True.. one can not Serve a Sea Story
Justice Fully NoW in JusT 280 Characters of
SoUL.. For a Sea Story tells much more than Brevity
As A Soul Wears No SpiRiT of short as HeART when Fully Engaged iN Focus..
And it’s true.. the reason i rarely get cold even when the Cold Index Falls below
Twenty is simply cause i wear shorts and adapt and no longer let the Jackets
do the Work.. and that’s how life works we can do it all without fear
in relative terms and we can break down and die in life in
Constant Flight or Fight Stress that is the Essence
of Fear Incarnate in the Destruction of our
Flesh and Blood Existence.. so in
other words my friEnd.. NoW
Considering your Decades spent
in Moderating Violent Mental Patients
in Hand to Hand Defense and Control
And Serving as a Care Giver to the Developmentally
Disabled as two of the most potential Stressful Overall Jobs
i can surely think of for someone with empathy and sympathy
and compassion still fully engaged.. it’s no wonder the Chronic Stress
of that Fried everything about you as a Nervous Break Down is literally
when the myelin sheafs of Nerves Get Burned off by Stress Chemicals
in the Blood Stream.. no different really that if Power Lines lose
their Protection too.. or even Tires Lose their rubber and
are left with Metal Meeting
a Rocky Asphalt
now.. and
yes.. once i recovered for
about two years i posted Blog
Posts almost every day then went to twice
a week in 2016 through 2017 and now in the
Second Half of 2017.. i am Cruising WitH One A Week..
Albeit NoW.. the total almost always arises past 20K words
and around 300 to 400 to 500 Photos too.. for the only person
i expect to keep coming and being in my Field of Dreams i create
as Art to keep a Mind Firing in every way beyond a Free Style Dance
of Life.. is me.. for it’s true.. i am the only Force within that and who could
save me then.. for no Doctor had a Clue of what my Personal Multi-Verse
of Nature needed to get through.. and i do insure i continue to exercise my
Human Potential in a Balance that works as i’ve tilted up and down on the
Track of that Balance in the last overall Close to Recovery of 52 months
but really closer to 51 when i actually got out in Public and Started
my Public Dance at the end of August 2013.. i suppose
you are somewhere in that Human Recovery Phase
now my friEnd.. regaining an emotional
regulation and sensory
Integration of
Will and
Strength enough
to Enter the Big Blue Room
Fearlessly again.. sure it can and
will take years after Complete Human
Exhaustion and Break Down.. but the good news
always is change as that means the Good times can and will
come back again to life again as just another Phoenix Rising from
Ashes as the story as Old as Humans just repeats in another Joe
the Plumber like me too.. gotta get both drains of mind cleared and
body too in both science of mind and body and art of mind and body
BaLanCinG ForCE too and of course when we come out we do
what ever it takes to stay in ‘the good’ place now.. if we
have enough of a reality check now in our
own Unique Multi-Verses
in VieW of all oF
Realities now..
anYway.. i suspected you
would eventually get better
and i am surely glad you did as that
is surely worthy of thanks and praise and
Celebration in a Party of Big Blue Room too..
Life adapts to Challenge.. Life Survives it’s just what
Life does.. sometimes even after we give up and feel no hope at all..
The Reptile Brain and Basic Will to Survive is core of what carries on my friEnd
i Celebrate
that Dragon
with all my might
too.. for i understand my
Reptile Brain is what saved me
after my Neo-Cortex and Limbic system
went on Break.. true i will remain a FriEnd of mY Dragon..
and nah.. i won’t put my Dragon through Hell AGain.. NoW
Peace and
iN Balance
IS A Happy Dragon
in Animal Homeostasis now..
anyWay.. Glad
to hear
are doing
well now my friEnd
and off to Riff off this
Singular New Weekly Effort now..:)

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey.
We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”

~~ Stephen Covey ~~

For me it’s clear we are Animals
WitH Clothes of Culture.. Some
Science Some
Art Lives as
me away from
Robot LiFE NoW..:)

“Stranger, if you passing meet me and desire to speak to me,
why should you not speak to me?
And why should I not speak to you?”

~~ Walt Whitman, “Leaves of Grass” ~~

What Stranger
Being aWake Means
No Stranger
aLL mY

“I was gratified to be able to answer promptly.
I said, “I don’t know.”

~~ Mark Twain ~~

FeeLinG and SenSinG Chalice
of Bliss and Nirvana
aWay beFore or after NoW..;)

“If you would attain to what you are not yet,
you must always be displeased by what you are.
For where you are pleased with yourself there you have remained.
Keep adding, keep walking, keep advancing.”

~~ Saint Augustine ~~

I’m not sure what side of the Fence
Saint Augustine Lives on then but on
my side all
is pleasing
and the more
pleasing it is the more
Productive and Creative
i am as the empirical evidence
conclusively reports in case study evidence
but perhaps he didn’t get the memo that Heaven
is a Force of Positivity one can and will Master
WitHiN A Foundation of Love and Grace as
Strength always now..
but it’s true My Garden Party
iS JusT AlWays NoW and that’s enough for me..:)

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play with your hair.”

~~ Kahlil Gibran, “The Prophet” ~~

i am all no
i am all the
reaLiTY i Co-Create
WitH Rest oF aLL NoW..:)

“A man who carries a cat by the tail
is getting experience that will always be helpful.
He isn’t likely to grow dim or doubtful.
Chances are, he isn’t likely to carry the cat that way again, either.
But if he wants to, I say let him!”

~~ Mark Twain ~~

Nature is also just a little S and
M aS it’s True after A
Barbed Ride
A Fairer
Cat STiLL comes back..
And it’s true God is an imperfect
Mona Lisa Painting at small view
A Barbed
Cat Penis
With Still Willing
Female Cats producing in larger newer view..
the cutest kittens of all.. So.. Beautiful.. the
Kittens of God ARE..
as ‘they’ say
your Kitties
and i will be pleased.. even more..;)

“Must not all things at the last be swallowed up in death?”

~~ Plato ~~

True tHat Sadly Plato didn’t have a Pen that lasted.. Pass Socrates..
as Socrates
at least
Still Carries
on with no Pen at all..
no different really than
Buddha or Jesus or even
Lao Tzu and of course Mythological
Krishna and Shiva and all the rest as they
might as well be everyone else and they are..
Secret OuT
iS finAlly You..:)

“If you get confused, listen to the music play.”

~~ Robert Hunter ~~

After that Be the
Instrument Whole
of DancE and SonG..:)

“I exist as I am, that is enough.”

~~ Walt Whitman ~~


Cottage Roads
Grass Run Young
Homes SiT Old
uP oN
Day More.. Elder
Dreams Remain ALiVE..
Dog DreAMs MoVE NoW
For Adventure never sits still..
Humans Imagine even more
in Life’s
Dog Dreams Move…
Humans Sit Still.. Adventure
Never Dies.. caLL of The Wild Refrain..
Royal Dogs Draped
Velvet Purple Nature
Tall Grass
to Hide
oF Curiosity
Scent neVer Fading..
PawS oN Pebbles
Every Stone
Paint them with
A Loving heART
Pet Rocks
Flesh and Fur
Wolf Wild
Escapes as Sea
Moonlight Dances Sings NoW
Pebbles toss to Mind on Heaven…
SMiLes.. mY friEnd Xenia
i find great comfort
that your
And you are only
A Stone’s thRow oF FriEnd Ocean Whole..:)

Edifice of Home
Building Harmony
with Nature
in Stone
or Wood
Still Fall Down
What’s Left Behind
Love’s Freedom or not..
Sands of time
Never Existing
Waves Polish
Struggles Bring
Fire of SoUL Sublime
Ethereal DreAM Fruition
Blues Rising
Springs Moon
WarM OwL
eYes wHo LoVE..
Black Colors Life
Life Colors Black
Colors Life Black
Life Colors Life
FloWeR SiGHt..
i am just pondering
Since an Equation now
for Mass-Energy Equivalence
is E=MC2.. what is the Human
Equation for the Mass-Energy
Equivalent of one
Black and White
Print that looks just
like this..:)
dots before
it to insure it
doesn’t actually too much
Color the Words that come
it makes me Feel Good to See
it no matter what the mileAge
is.. However.. if i had a Tape Measurer
for all the Neuro-Chemicals and Hormones
thaT A SMiLE Black and White Emoticon Makes
oh no..
i might
about Feeling
the Emoticon
Sense of SMiLe and
so Goes the Love Muscle
When Mechanical Cognition comes to play..
Grass of Green Grass of New GRass oF oLD to ReNew..
so nice
to live
without much
MeaSure mY FriEnd..
Frank.. True.. in soMe ways at
LeASt i am ‘A’ Anti-Einstein.. heHe..
inner instead of outer NavEL oF UniVerse
but one thing
i do Feel Sense
is EM=F=EN=M=S
Emotion Equals Force
Equals Energy Equals
Moving Equals Synergy
Or for Brevity
Emotion Equals Force..
SMiLes.. may this Force Be With
You in Human Terms oF Love Beyond Science..:)


Songs of Confidence
Music at Lower Frequencies
that Ground us to the Earth
of Fearless
like a Cat
totally Silent still
in Chi Force ready
to Strike like a Snake
the Reptilian Brain Sings
for Fight and Flight and Reproduction
Dances too.. the Will To Survive never
Afraid of Illusory dARk Confidence Rains
A SonG
of Back
iN BLacK..
and not for pun
just for interesting Scientific
FAct the Ethnic Demographic in
the United States with the Highest
Self Esteem as that relates to Serotonin
Trust in the Bare Necessities of Existential
Intelligence.. yes.. African American Males
rate at the top of that Pyramid with Sociologists
Citing Factors of Ability to Defend oneself in a Physical
Fight as well as Prowess in Consensual Ability for Reproduction
no matter
Weight of Fat Wallets
and such and such of that
Trump Fresh Hell now.. so you
may ask yourself who has more
Self Esteem
or the
Average ‘Basketball
and Football Player’ these days..
And sure that is just a general Metaphor
as it’s boring as everyone’s Whipping Boy
is Trump now for duh any ‘real man’ can see
through his issue of “Little Man” Syndrome now..
and yes it’s a Southern thing trying to Measure up
to Big Daddy too.. thing is and things are it doesn’t
take a Demographic with the most Live in Fathers now
to make the Greatest Self Esteem in Basic Animal
and Human Mammal Existential Intelligence
for it must be something more.. Men
who become Men by earning
it on tHeir own without
Big Daddy’s
‘Help’ now..
sure.. it takes
‘some of us’ longer
than others but there is
no Greater Grounding than
the Call of the Wild that is just
another God and Nature Song
no longer unrequited for Fearless
to Join Unconditional Love too.. for even
more than self-esteem in caring giving sharing
Empathy Sympathy and Compassion too.. Unconditionally
as no you don’t talk about ‘their’ Mothers either for Love Creates
True Will And Strength in Foundation of Love and Grace as simple
as a Lion Crossing the Savannah aLL Confident and low high to the Ground..
NoW.. so Sure i’m Back in Black too for this is just a Metaphor not aimed really
at any one Socio-Economic or Ethnic Demographic.. NoW and on top of that i am
Wearing an AC/DC Back in Black Shirt tonight to the 187th Dance Week Night with
all the Cool College Age Folks at Old Seville as i leave the loftier nuanced emotions
of HeART to Rise the Spirit of the Dragon of my Self Confidence at Ground Level
of Mammal Call of the Wild Self Esteem MoVinG CoNnecTinG and CreaTinG iN aLL
the ways that comes
Be Wild Be
Free Be
In Fearless
Confidence that
knows and feels all
as Blanket of Equal now
it’s true Scared men now are
Weak and fall to attempting now to
puff themselves up by Bullying Folks
in Trump and other Roy Moore ways..
Real Men Don’t even have to try as they
are River they are the Stream and they are
Waves of Ocean that Naturally Return to Them..
And sure the same applies to real Women and eTc too
in whatever way the Human Condition comes for Call of the
Wild and Free NoW.. iN aLL of Nature’s Dream to survive and better
thrive now
in all
ways that
comes too.. innately
instinctually and intuitively
in Back in Black and all the Beyond
Rainbow Colors of Life when Grounded
as any Free Mammal Will So Free and Fearless aS LoVE NoW BaLanCE..:)


Hmm.. Considering the Original Meaning of Meek
in the Official Present Bible Means Fearless
and Turning the Sword and Fist of Fear
and Hate returning now
into Guns of Love
A Dove and
A Seagull
of Love
and all
Jazz too..
instead of
against Peace
and those who live
by those swords who continue
now to get their YouTube Channels
erased too as yes in Real Life situations
No Matter what Religion a Person Belongs
to.. even science.. sHows NoW iN affect and
effect that Matthew Chapter 5 Verses 3 thru 11
really works for it is the dARk that Brings the LiGht
when Victorious in Love for it is the Tears now that
actually Bring NeuroChemical and NeuroHormone Greater
Comfort NoW after a Human Loss comes for stiLL iT iS those
NoW who Live by the Law of Love that Seeks to Understand
the Differences of others that/who Comes to Cooperation with
Human Nature and Conditions for Survive and Thrive For it is
the Human Nature of Altruism increasing when one Practices
a Life of Mercy and Forgiving in sow and reap ways of actual
Karma in Positive Words and Actions and the resulting similar
flavored consequences for it is True.. Swords Bring Death.. Peace
Brings Harmony like that shouldn’t be basic Human Common Sense
101.. and no.. one must never ever give up on Love for even when all
Hope is gone Change is the Rule of all of Reality Now so Love alWays
has a step up from down oF Fear and hate and misery loves company
my FriEnd and Quite Honestly to relate more to the Spirit of Meek.. ‘Real
Men’ and ‘Women’ and the Gentile Jew Servant or Free Woman or Man
no more as all Children of God at Essence as we all leave Foot Prints
of God when we Walk the Beach of Paradise.. Sure.. Develop a Tough
SKin of Love that is impervious to the ‘Laughing Hyenas’ of Life
who/that Seek to Bring others down to their Level of Misery
Loves Company now.. True.. these Story pARts of
A Man Named Jesus’ Life is really A Good
Story Now that Makes common
sense that works in every
day life.. or on the other
Hand considering that Many Roman
Empire Hands went into Writing the New
Testament now you can also Follow NoW as A
Disciple.. the Mr Hyde More Bad Cop Version
of Jesus that and who does literally still now
exist if taken that way in the New Testament
that and who pretty much Justifies all the
Misery Loves Company in Discord that you
Bring here against those who could be Family
and Friends and even Parents and Children who go
against what you say is correct now without attempting
to use the Wisdom of Cognitive Empathy in Better understanding
what makes their Multi-Universe of God as Nature tick now different
than yours.. Call for an Uprising Dude.. you don’t have to Like someone
to Love them as far as those who oppose what you believe or use a Different
Language or other Visual Symbols to Freely Express their View of God beyond
Alpha to Omega all as Nature seen and not seen.. understood and not understood
by some less i AM or more i AM NoW.. WitH agape Love all for all of Creation in
understanding all DArk and LiGHT that comes YouR/tHeir way takes Real Men
and or Women Dedication all aCross the life spans and yes crosses that come
tHeir/YouR way as A first
step STiLL NoW is
a rather common
sense one my friEnd
too.. the Step of Love that
Healthy Children with Touchy
Feely Hugs of Love Garden innately
and environmentally from the age of
Nurturing Milk at Breast acRoss the Life
Span now.. not everyone gets that Milk of
Love either.. early or later too.. LEarn to Give
and Share that Nurturing Milk of Love my FriEnd
and not only Survive.. yes.. thrive too.. and in the New
Testament when it talks about removing the eye of
Fear and Hate as Sin if that is what rules your life
perhaps the best thing of all if you do not really
change your ways of teaching us verses them
instead of we all stand unified or fall toGetHeR
NoW separated in this life is that yes.. perhaps
all your YouTube Channels will
be eRased and you WiLL stART
aGaiN iN A Real LiFE NoW iN
A Vocation of Love
perhaps.. yes.. you WiLL even Walk in
the Footsteps of Not just a story of a Man
Named Jesus but the Real Scotsman
who lives
or perhaps
an Italian American
Dude if you become a Real Man of Love now..
Good Fortune.. the Humility you’ve shown in this
Video gives me a little more spark of hope for you..
but hey.. i’ve been to HeLLl oN eArTH within in that other
Kingdom too.. so.. you bet.. i’ve got the patience of JOB and even more too..
Here’s A Key my FriEnd on thiS eARTh as far as Human Foot Prints Left Move
as Fossils of Nautilus you.. there are two paths in life.. one that leaves Foot
Prints of Hope and Love in Joy or the other Foot Prints and Finger Prints
Left of Fear and Hope in Misery Loves Company as Nautilus Shell
Fossil of Hate that lasts so ask your self this question.. what
kind of Nautilus Shell was that YouTube Channel that was
erased.. TruE iN LiGhT if you can’t say for sure the first one
yes NoW YeS..
perhaps it was
IS A blessing
to the entire
world and future nows too.. that it’s plucked
away.. SMiLes my FriEnd YouTube is improving
on a Philosophy for Unconditional Love for
all and plucking out the eyes of Misery
Loves Company more in Fear and
Hate and no.. they will not
likely do a perfect job
either for that
my friEnd
is pART of Life
too.. the dARk that remains NOW
that wHo continues to inspire more
LIGht too.. like i said it’s in
the introduction to the
Beatitudes for the
Good Cop
Jesus who
still is an excellent
Story to follow and
make as your Foot Prints
and Finger Steps that come next real and stay..
Do your Best my FriEnd in Love as Karma sows and
reaps Love is the Foot and Finger Print of Paradise now..:)

3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
4 Blessed are those who mourn,
For they shall be comforted.
5 Blessed are the meek,
For they shall inherit the earth.
6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
For they shall be filled.
7 Blessed are the merciful,
For they shall obtain mercy.
8 Blessed are the pure in heart,
For they shall see God.
9 Blessed are the peacemakers,
For they shall be called sons of God.
10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake,
For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
11 “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.

Comment Number 1101

YouR FRiEnD Fred..
iT’s TruE i AM.. i LiVE
in tHaT Word by not only NamE.. and yes my friEnd.. i continue to Leave Foot Prints and Finger
Prints of Love in Dance and Song everywHeRE i go.. as Nautilus Shells of Love they aren’t alWays
noticed heHe.. as i have 3 Subscribers on YouTube and 75 Friends on Facebook and
28 Followers on Google and 306 Followers on Word Press and Several more
on Twitter but sure.. although most people are afraid to get too close
to me.. i truly have Millions of Overall Views and in terms
of Video Voyeurs the Lesson i Bring in
My Ministry of Dance in Human
Mind and Body Balancing
Soul is the reaLiST 8360
or so Miles in 51 Months
of Public Praise Dance
aLong with a 5 Million
Word Bible and Poem
as a
MesSage of
Paradise now..
for it is through that
Non-Verbal Langauge
that IS A Voice of Heaven aS
Human Incarnate Dances and
Sings NoW ReaL HeaVeN
oN eARtH NoW
and sure i’M not
the only one tHere are
Lots of Folks like me.. just not
many who will come hear NoW and
Unconditionally Love someone as Lost
as you seem now in misery loves company..
Kind Wishes wiTH Hope you find a way out my FriEnd.. as this all
and everything
else i write
and dance is
a prayer
of one body and
blood as Bread and Water oF LiFe (LoVE).. NauTiluST LaSTinG
serIOUsly.. i needed you to do this.. So.. Thank you WitH heART..:)

11:08 AM


WiLL SurELy Take Another
Profile Photo to Fit Another
10K iN As Description Words
Innately Environmentally
Human Beings Are
Born And Raised
iN A LoVE ReLiGioN
Religion At Essential Definition
Is wHat Binds Two Or More
Individuals ToGeTHeR NoW

Oh.. i Love it When Facebook Friends Strike
Up Discussions Requiring Critical
Thinking to get the answers
“Correct” at least.. heHe..
So.. yes.. FB Friend
Cris asks a Question
that has inspired many
A Fierce Debate in Both
Ethics and Science and
Yes.. in terms of Black and
White Morality that will not bend
to the Common Sense of Reality at Hand.. NoW
Keeping iN Mind heAR that i’ve been attending
The Catholic Church without Fail every Sunday
Since September of 2013.. and raised in that
Particular Flavor of a so-named Christian
Religion that somewhat adheres to
the Essence of the Teachings oF
A STory of a Man named
Jesus who used
Common Sense
in the Good Part
Mostly Jeffersonian
New Testament part of
what remains that wasn’t
Censored out and or Created by
the Roman Empire Nicene Council
of 325 AD.. of course with Scribe Mistakes
And Purposeful Alterations as Biblical Scholarly
Reports now do indicate in the Best Facts ‘we’ have
about an overall Book Writing Club that is rather Vague
in who wrote what
when as Centuries
and Thousands of Years
Passed by.. anyway. the Question
Posed by Cris is.. why are ‘the Folks’
Who Support the Death Penalty NoW
Against Abortion with of Course some
eye for an eye comments coming from
The More Fundamentalist Aspects of
His Facebook Personal Page Reading Audience now..
and by the way.. Cris.. A Christian.. is the Half Brother of
Ned.. the gigoid who names himself an Atheist.. as far
as i can see they
are both Human Beings
as well as those who are killed
in eye for an eye ways for Breaking
the Law.. just a few steps away from Muslim
Sharia Law that cuts hands off if you steal and
pushes ya off Buildings if you get caught doing a
Homosexual Act and of course throws Acid on the
Faces of and or Stones Women who are even suspected
of Adultery
now or doing
something the
males don’t particularly
recognize as their version
of Lady Like now.. in Muslim ways..

AnyWay.. i return with a longer
than Average Tweet on Facebook
but not the total of what i present on my
FB Home Rug and Territory Turf now.. hehe..

So i say in explanation why in my opinion of course.. NoW
And you bet an intensively and extensively educated one
as i spent Years Debating in ‘normal’ Educated Style
of Writing on the ‘Wrong Planet Website’.. where the
Average Queen’s English Human IQ was polled
somewhere on average between 140 to 160
where these folks were even ‘too smart’
to get along with most anyone
in the Meaty ‘Bell Curve’
Parts of ‘Normal’
in Intelligence
Points closer to the Average and
yes.. it’s true that gigoid Graduated as
the Valedictorian in his High School Class
at the Highest Graduating Rank.. verses just 11 for
me in a Class of 381 as i Digress in Intelligence points NoW
HeAR not too proud to admit that after 19 years of School
and Three College Degrees and 33 Years of Active Paid
Work Retiring at the top part of Federal Civil Service
Pay Rates.. no.. i didn’t really understand anything
then of Real Importance in Overall Physical
And Emotional and Existential Intelligences
in Fact it is Safe to Say that i was Retarded
on the Autism Spectrum in ways of all of
those most important Intelligences for
Every Day Survive and Thrive in the
Social Group then.. thing is..
We Humans Have Amazing Potential
Just Waiting to be Properly Challenged in Struggle
And Successful Adaptation in Change now to unlock
the Epigenetic Potential for Evolution of Potential come
To Fruition in just one life now as well as re-wiring the
Mind and Body from Head to Toe in Neuroplastic ways
to finally come out of a Cocoon of Ashes and Rise like a Phoenix NoW iN Human Potential never realized Before and oh yeah.. i Case Study my Evolution of Human Potential and Share the results as
JusT i CaN and WiLL
iN NeWeR aGE Justice
League Ways As Any Wonder
WoMaN or BAtman or REaL SUperman
Will JusT Do in REaLiTy These Days NoW..
So.. yes.. back on topic as this is the answer
i Provide to Cris on his Facebook Page.. Recently..:)

‘Cause Love
Your Enemy
Is Not
Of ‘their’

And on top
Of that in
Safe Abortions
Are Illegal
There are
As Many
That Lead
To Disability
And Death
As in all
Of Ignorance
In Common

But of Course
If the Catholic
Church Approved
Safe and
Contraceptives.. that Wise
Action would
Reduce the
Number of
Both Medically
Safe and

Short answer is
we Have yet to
Veils of
Live by
Love Doing
The Least
In Golden
Rule Ways..:)

And as a Note here that i often
Provide for Historical Clarification as
the Original Greek Definition of Apocalypse
is Defined as Lifting the Veils of Ignorance as a
Far Cry away from the Global Ignorance who and
that is Looking Forward to the End of the World in
Destruction and Death
of those Folks
they don’t see
eye to eye with
in Different Abrahamic
Religious Views against the
Metaphor Still of the Gentiles and
so Later Named Pagans too.. but remember
in case you Forgot who the Man Jesus was before
‘you’ interpreted the Revelation Part of that Book Literally
instead of a Frigging Dream a Dude had and reported on
During the Roman Persecution of Christians back in ‘the day’
With a Hated and Cruel Ruler named Nero as an Anti-Christ
then as associated with the Numbers 616 and Later Changed
Likely to 666 in
Alpha Numerical
ways of so-Called
Secret Codes for those
folks against the Roman Rule
of Persecution who wanted to stay
alive then while providing a Hopeful
Message of some kind at least.. anyway..
it’s a Good thing i have the Tradition of Three
New Profile Pics to fit this New pART of my “FB
Profile Pic Bible 2018” all in the Description now for
as Normal and Liked as Fred Stuff can and will get hehe..
With even Seven Likes now.. Change is the rule even though
that Previous Professionally Photographed Photo of Fred and
Katrina as i speak to us in Trump Third Person way.. hehe just
for a literary Device
For Fun to capture
your attention if
anyone makes
it past the
New Societal
Border of 280 Characters
NoW for the Limit of Current
in Depth Critical Thinking in Human
Being Discussion now to hopefully influence
some kind of positive Influence in the World for an
Apocalypse of Lifting the Veils of Ignorance that sure Grand
tootin’ Beats a Nuclear World War III that some folks who live
With a Bad Cop Head Stomping Send ya to hell forever with
A so-Called God of Love in Charge now.. A Jesus still believed
in now like a Kid Born in
A Manger who grows
up and changes from
Super Hero to Super Vengeance
Villain of Hate when he comes back
to Destroy Forever those in Torture and
Pain as he forgets what he originally said
all About Love Your Enemy and Turn the other
Cheek now.. no.. i didn’t Fall Asleep when i read
The New Testament Part and yes i Understand Innumerable
Authors Wrote the entire Bible Mix lean of Republican and Democratic
Grid Lock
of Common Sense
same then as what’s
obviously Insane in Common
Sense to some of us now.. like
putting 13 Million or so mostly needy
People off Potential Life Saving Health Care now..
it’s True in Human Form Now the Bad Cop Jesus is
Alive and well in many pockets lined with Political Gold now..
Ugh.. Reverse Robbing IN the Hood Politics still on Fire.. Ugh..
Fire of
Savior of Greek
Apocalypse Lifting the
Veils of Ignorance NoW iN
Apollo Wise and Hebes Fountain
oF Youth Spirit Beauty Ways For NoW aT LeASt..;)

OG.. Time Flows when it’s NoW to Work ouT.. Gotta get goin’..;)


Second Round of Poetic Responses at Xenia’s
Place of Poetry And Whippet
A Flag For Love
Memories For
Do Love More
ReMEmbers LiGHT
LamP alWays LiT NoW..
Looking for a MacroVerse
Title aLong some lines
of Un-domesticating
Human Nature retaining
Fearless Will and Strength
With A Foundation of Love
and Grace..
i supPose..
“CaLL oF thE
WiLD ReTurns
WiTH LoVE”..
FoR NoW..
SeAsons Precipitating
WaVeS RiVeRs
STreAMs aLWays
WhOle Shores..
When aLL pARTs
oF LiFE Are A Prompt
For Poetry and Dance
WitH Ever Changing Words and Steps..
SMiLes.. mY FriEnd
For A Ride ACross
Ocean WhOle
iS Ease
Free Online
NoW Chalice OVeR FLoWinG..:)


Hi Soheir.. as you are such
A Dedicated Mother in Support
to the other Members of your Family
Working 6 Days A Week and Doing
your Graduate Study at School in Egypt
i am indeed honored that you take time
out of your only
Weekend on
Friday to
Drive through
30,311 Words of
“Veterans of Ground Hog Days”
and Close to 400 photos and
even Drive Further Down
through what accumulates
now at Close to 15,000 or so more
Words of Comments as i currently
write “Call of the Wild Returns
With Love” as these Comments
in Draft Form in Real
time and when
the Title arrives it does
come out of Imagination’s Inspiring
Gift of Creativity and the only Litmus
Test i Give to it now is to Search the new
title i Create on Google to make Sure no
one has come up with the Phrase for a title Before..
For it’s true every MacroVerse i Write now through the
Main Body of the post and through the comments section
does exceed the 40,000 Word Mark for a real Novel Sized
Effort.. where the Joy is in the Act of the Art my Friend and Truly
FriEnds like you are the Icing on the Cake of my Life that tastes so
Good.. even though
i lost my sense of
Smell and Ability to
taste the Flavors of Food
from a Common Cold Virus
in the Spring of Last year ’17..
that injured the Smelling Nerves
of my Nose where that ability to
Smell is coming back in rather strange
and in not so always pleasant ways but the Key
to me my FriEnd in this Life is i’ve already experienced
what the Medical Community suggests is the worst pain
known to Humankind.. named type two Trigeminal Neuralgia
as talked to too in our discussions before from wake to sleep for
66 months but that pain was not even as bad to me in the numb
chaos of mind that came when i lost my ability to feel emotions or
even remember the feel behind a smile or if i had ever felt a laugh
before for memories are emotions and emotions are memories and
when they are lost
there is no reference
point out of that real hell
on Earth NoW wHeRe at that
Dead Zone Point in the DArk
Nights of the Soul of my
life without
the Glue
of Emotions
And the Focus
Emotions help provide
for Cognitive Executive
Functioning i was not able
to even complete a game of
Tic Tac Toe.. and i suppose my
FriEnd that is now why i use all
my human potential and express
all Gifts Given from God for
i do know what it feels
and senses like in life
for all
to be taken
away that counts
in life namely Love for the
Highest Human Potential of all
my Friend in all the colors beyond the
Rainbow in Beauty and Wisdom that Love
Will Naturally Be NoW when set free like the Wings
of the Beautiful Angel-Like Seagulls that on today this
Anniversary of Writing 51 Months on Word Press become
the Back Ground Heaven of Beach on my Blog now and part
of the reason i showed that picture of me without any happy
expression was that was when i first got out of hell first
recovering without the pain and emotions coming
back as i wanted to be reminded each and
every day of where i came from
to get to this point of
Happiness now..
and that change along with
the Profile Pic that relates the
Smile i’ve had all along for these
51 Months in Recovery now also marks the
51 Days that my Son Ryan Lived with only pain
and never ever a smile experienced of Joy in life
as only pain my friend in suffering with only death
as his relief from what Medical Science extending his Life
Brought away from the True Mercy of the God of Nature who
that provides the Blessing of Death as truly a Greatest Gift NoW
of all out
of suffering
and misery
my FriEnd that
sadly the insanity of
Human Culture often extends
as some of us look at our children
as possessions instead of Free Beings
with a unique soul of their own.. both capable
of Greatest Joys and Sufferings too.. so it is true
i Mark this Day with a New Gravatar Photo that relates
the Happiness that still lives on in the Smiles of the Parents of Ryan
That and who still live on.. but true.. not before i remembered for 51 Months
of not only my pain and suffering but that of my Child for 51 days too.. Tradition
is Important my Friend and all Religions that help bind us together in Love and
Peace and Harmony in the Actual Light of Life that is Love no matter what
the Labels are of those Religions as people tend to view their Religion
through the eyes of Hope and Love in Joy Loves Company or
more like Misery Loves Company in Fear and Hate
Depending on their Genetic Make-up and
who and what the Environment of the
Garden is they are raised in what comes
to be who they are in the Story of what
comes to be them
now today.. within..
it’s true i may not be
particularly Catholic when
it comes to what i don’t agree with in
the Details of that Religion of what the
Roman Empire totally brought to it but it’s
Also True that as far as making life Holy and
Sacred.. Full of Meaning and Purpose where truly
God is the ‘i AM’ of all that is beyond Alpha to Omega
my Entire Life is Religion my friend in basic definition NoW
of what Binds us like the Glue of Emotions do to help us even
Navigate ourselves out of a Paper Bag of Life.. as ‘they’ say
Book Smart People without the Social Touch of Love Have
Finding their
way out of a Paper
Bag these days.. yes.. i’ve been
there done that too where i couldn’t
even find my way to the end of
a Game of Tic Tac Toe.. yes..
Love is the Greatest
Art of Life
my FriEnd
And the GreaTeST Gift
from God both in Feeling Force Power
and Sensing it and in coming to express
all the Gifts of our Human Potential too..


SMiLes Again my FriEnd Soheir.. For i Feel.. Sense..
Every Human’s GreaTest Challenge is
to Color the World
with Love
as Positivity
in what ever Gifts
They may Bring..
And For
Many years
all i was able to
Bring was Colors of
Purgatory Shades
of Grey and i do
realize many
Still Live in that World of Purgatory Shades of
Grey where it is very difficult to crack a smile
of Soul at all.. and i suppose the only pair of the
kind of shoes i wear to dance in the online world
for purchase that would fit me were mostly Grey
with a Golden Yellow Swoosh on a Black
Back Ground with Highlights
of Bright Orange on
the top of those
shoes speaks
to the reality of the Dance
and Song of My Life that continues
as i never Give up coloring the Gift of the
Pages of my Life that God of Nature extends
Hand in Hand in my Human Nature.. it’s True my
FriEnd as far as the Human Species goes in my Locality
here i feel and sense many Purgatory Grey Shades of Soul
in the people i pass by as i Dance for i too remember what it was
like to live tHeRe too And
Even in the dArkest
BLack Abyss
hope was
exhausted then..
And that is the Greatest Gift
my FriEnd and it’s true Ryan is Greater
than i am for he taught me how Precious Life
is and how worthy of thanks and praise this spark
of life is to make it as much of a Flame in Beyond Rainbow
Colors to liGht a Torch and a Bonfire at least Bright enough
wHere someone
else can
and will
Carry it on..
and that my Friend
is that Saint Elmo’s Fire
that the Passing of my Mother
my Father and my Child has brought
to me.. to inspire others to Color the World
With Love is the Job God as Nature Real Gives
to all of us to do.. those of us who are able to do it..
we truly
are the
Fortunate ones
for those who live in Purgatory
Grey and even in the Deepest
Abyss of BLack Hole SouL
NoW of Life Need
and Song
and Painting of Sparks
of Hope that we Can and Will BRing
now.. no matter if they ever say Thanks or not..
for again my friend the greatest Gift is seeing ‘the other side’..
Happy Sun
Day Evening
to you in Egypt.. May
Your Colors of Love Painting NoW
Continue to Shine Brighter than the
Golden Yellow Sun Forevernowmore iN TRuE Victory oF LiGHT SMiLeS..:)


Third Round of one Poetic
Response at Xenia’s Place
as i respond to her kind compliment
on the Newest Gravatar Avatar of
the Smiles on the Faces
of Me and the
Katrina now
with added
Seagulls to
the mix in Back
Ground way with
Azure Blue SKeYes
NoW To oN WRiTinG CouRsE oNLiNE..;)

😺😺😺.. i
Figured it
Was time
To not only
Talk about SMiLes
But to
Too.. With
A Celebration
Of Seven Years
Of Online Existence
On ThankGiving
After the
Call of the
Wild Returns
Xenia and
All your Family
Including those
Canine Teeth..:)


River Blood
Sea eyes Salt
Stream Tears
Ocean Whole
now with
that FeeL..
Ha.. to be or to
Give Unconditional
Love NoW and to Like
Everything to the Best
of ‘our’ aBiLiTieS takes A Whole
Lot oF Effort and Best to do it
when one’s
are completely
Covered by a condom of Life..
that is Better Guaranteed not to Break..
And yes my friEnd.. Brian for once i’ll Visit with
alWays A Gmail Worth Returning Weekly if nothing
less to
mY Appreciation
of your Overall Existence..
Namaste+ as ‘they’ say my friEnd
when every Step and Every Word
of Life Becomes Holy and Sacred
Full of Meaning and Purpose..A Tradition for all
A CulTure
i make out
of Will and Freedom
that no one else must join
but the Will of Discipline within
that simply Loves to Feel and Sense
aLL of LiFE in all of what Nature may bRing
in both
of Human
Hands and Feat..
Other than that Have a Great
Weekend.. Indian Summer Here.. just
got Back from a Creek Indian Pow Wow that
Brought Tears to my eyes to see a Culture and a
People Together Based on a Flesh and Blood Moving
Connecting Creating Way of Life.. but True.. i Don’t Dance
Any Traditional Rules of Dance either tHeRe.. so it’s True.. i suppose
My HeArt
Still mostly
Belongs to me.. heHe..
A Culture of One.. A Free
Dance and Song of Life that
is nakedful of new words and steps
that coMes to Life.. where ‘we’ can still
Visit other Traditions and Soak up tHeir
Love of Life ToGetTHeR too.. i am so Glad to
See and Hear that tHeRE are still Indians who Dance
LiFE Together with SMILes that Heal.. and HeArts that
Bind and Words that Sing A Spirit of Wisdom inspired by
Dance that makes a SoUL A BinDinG ForCE as Religion Loves to Feel LoVE NoW..:)


And Being
As enough
For NoW

So what is the Story that you build oF your Life..
So what is the Story that you Build with otHeRs For your Life..
And what Does YouR Story Consist of.. Food.. Shelter.. Reproduction..
Love.. Building or Buying
Stuff so many
so many
so many
Words as
Every Word and otHeR
Tool is a Religion that
Binds us toGeTHeR MoRe
aS and iN LoVE or the other
Sith Place of the Dark ForcE NoW
Sure.. Did i.. Mention Domination
Power and Status Seeking that seeks
to Rule over Free and Sure.. Societies of
more than around 150 to 200 Sets of Naked
Free Hips and eYes ConNecTinG for Survive
And Thrive Does take rules and regulations
to insure Anarchy
of Harm
to most
All potential
Freedoms is not
what comes next
in a free fall of Dark Force now..
as the Dark Force continues to Rear
this Head of Domination.. Power and
Status Seeking that Seeks to Rule
over Free beyond the ability
for More Folks to
a Kingdom
of Happiness
within that works for them toGeTHeR
but hey.. at least we can see ITs ‘head’
now and i have A Date with the Justice League
NeXT at 5:30 PM so.. i gotta get going.. MUcH more later..;)


Hi.. Brian.. Thanks so much for stopping by and
my Pleasure to go a small step more to share
how your Poetry continues to inspire me
as it always has in the past.. now
in going the route
of Email.. those
Colorful Orbs are
one of the many musing
Works of Art that took my eye
and Smart Phone Camera on to click
at the Golden Nugget Casino in Biloxi
as they are Decorative Ceiling Lamps
and the more i look for Art in all
Avenues of Life from
the Clothes of
Culture to
all of Nature
more and more of the
details of Life Come toGether
in an Art of Synchronicity in a FloW
iN ZoNE State of Art and Love Mind and
Body BaLanCinG Force that of course on the
course of my Life is often only meaningful in what
i know find as Holy and Sacred Purpose in Life more and
more.. SMiLes.. in otHER Words all of ‘it’ is my FriEnd and i Surely
refer to God as Beyond Alpha to Omega of all that is ‘it’ ‘i am’ now.. so
i’m never Lonely
with an allone
iN A Very
Personal way NoW iN that/this
Holy And Sacred Full of Meaning
Purpose way now.. in the Passing Away News
Today Sadly at age 64 per the Bass Player Malcolm
Young of AC/DC who Co-Founded that Group i am
surely ‘Thunder Struck’ not by ‘willing’ Groupies but by
the Force of all that is that surely lives in AC/DC Groupie
ways too.. hehe.. as i remember the Beatles saying the
main reason they became the Beatles is that they
were Basically Nerdy White Boys who couldn’t
find a Date as John Lennon in an Interview
with Tom Synder.. if i remember then the
Interviewer correctly in that Interview as John
said.. he took advantage of ‘that’ with no regrets at all..
And sure.. it was consensual.. anyway i’m Glad i learned
to Love First more than below the neckline of the Fairer
ones.. but it’s true in my life at least after the Nerd Days and
the Napoleon Dynamite Wire Framed Glasses left and Contact
Lens replaced that with a ‘Normal Person’ Hair cut hehe.. as it’s True
i used to wear my Hair a Lot like Donald Trump when i was in Middle
School.. it seems like he never overcame some stuff to me which in many ways
makes me actually sorry for the man with the pity of what never finding the Real
Security of Self-Actualization is.. where in my opinion no life experience compares
to a hand
in hand
Trust Faith aLL
iN All oF Nature (God)
Within NoW inside outside
above so below and all around
Naked and Free and yes with due
Appreciation for the Benefits of Cultural
Clothes when used and worn in Balance..
anyway.. it’s true men get groped by women
in many ways too.. and there is still a Double
Standard there that not too many people
talk about.. for that mostly becomes
a real reverse Al Franken
Joke.. that we
men are
to laugh all off but it’s
true i’ve also bounced some
Bootie Dances off my knee a little
Farther away.. hehe.. and nah.. i never
would have imagined in my Thirties that there
would even be an age where women in a Public
Bar would ever do such a thing.. but hey.. as long as it
is consensual and harms no one.. it’s free.. it’s just free
and the
do it just like that
with rarely any Aggression
that Leads to Violence and a very
Peaceful Small Society of Naked Apes where/
when there are no outside of the Tribe conflicts..
oh.. and the other thing.. very rarely in the Dance Halls
these days are there any really slow and emotional dances
for couples face to face.. and i’m quite sure that is part of the symptoms
of a Society that is losing empirical measures of Human Empathy in Tender
Caring Ways as Studies have shown a reduction in 30 Percent or so of these
Measures of Empathy among
College Age Adults
in the last
30 years
as it’s true
Bootie Dances
Mix Aggression
And Plays of Dominance
with some Pleasure too.. it’s
really most fascinating how Culture
Continues to Change in Cycles after all
there were the Roaring Twenties too.. as
Society is experiencing Great Growing
Pains with the continuing Revolution
of the Machines Replacing
So Many
Social Roles.. hehe..
like i said.. Your Poetry
is Amazing as it inspires
Insights that make me Grow as a Human
Being.. it’s true my friEnd Inspiring is enough..
and i do always appreciate your very thoughtful Human
Comments too.. iN what you’ve always brought here as
when i share my MacroVerse Memories those Historical
Comments still bring a smile to me.. and yes.. New Inspirations
too.. as hey.. i count my blessings in all the ways they come as
this is not only A Prayer it is Ongoing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
with an inner
voice that
can be counted
on to Bring me
Peace and Harmony
alWays MoRe.. as i digress.. more.. hehe
Enjoy the Rest of your Weekend my friEnd..
i can’t imagine doing anything of what i do now..
if i was still working as that took all the Spoons i had
as Reserves of Energy then.. i am very fortunate to
have ever
to Retire..
As it’s true i once
thought the ‘Golden Age’
was just an “Old Wive’s Tale”..
but i will surely say now that when i sat
as a shut-in in my Car in Walmart for those
66 Months of numb and pain while Katrina did
the Necessary Shopping for Subsistence it was mostly
the Elder People who went in that store and came out with
a smile too.. yes.. now.. i understand why.. For Negative Stress is Fear
and that
Takes Everything
Golden in Life away..
Yes.. My friEnd.. Do whatever
it takes to make yourself Free
with Will of Love.. for i surely
Learned that when one
falls there is no
that any
one will
pick us up except
for the Within of God
Living inside.. yes.. outside..
above.. so below and all around.. Happy Sunday..:)


SMiLes Again my FriEnd Soheir.. For i Feel.. Sense..
Every Human’s GreaTest Challenge is
to Color the World
with Love
as Positivity
in what ever Gifts
They may Bring..
And For
Many years
all i was able to
Bring was Colors of
Purgatory Shades
of Grey and i do
realize many
Still Live in that World of Purgatory Shades of
Grey where it is very difficult to crack a smile
of Soul at all.. and i suppose the only pair of the
kind of shoes i wear to dance in the online world
for purchase that would fit me were mostly Grey
with a Golden Yellow Swoosh on a Black
Back Ground with Highlights
of Bright Orange on
the top of those
shoes speaks
to the reality of the Dance
and Song of My Life that continues
as i never Give up coloring the Gift of the
Pages of my Life that God of Nature extends
Hand in Hand in my Human Nature.. it’s True my
FriEnd as far as the Human Species goes in my Locality
here i feel and sense many Purgatory Grey Shades of Soul
in the people i pass by as i Dance for i too remember what it was
like to live tHeRe too And
Even in the dArkest
BLack Abyss
hope was
exhausted then..
And that is the Greatest Gift
my FriEnd and it’s true Ryan is Greater
than i am for he taught me how Precious Life
is and how worthy of thanks and praise this spark
of life is to make it as much of a Flame in Beyond Rainbow
Colors to liGht a Torch and a Bonfire at least Bright enough
wHere someone
else can
and will
Carry it on..
and that my Friend
is that Saint Elmo’s Fire
that the Passing of my Mother
my Father and my Child has brought
to me.. to inspire others to Color the World
With Love is the Job God as Nature Real Gives
to all of us to do.. those of us who are able to do it..
we truly
are the
Fortunate ones
for those who live in Purgatory
Grey and even in the Deepest
Abyss of BLack Hole SouL
NoW of Life Need
and Song
and Painting of Sparks
of Hope that we Can and Will BRing
now.. no matter if they ever say Thanks or not..
for again my friend the greatest Gift is seeing ‘the other side’..
Happy Sun
Day Evening
to you in Egypt.. May
Your Colors of Love Painting NoW
Continue to Shine Brighter than the
Golden Yellow Sun Forevernowmore iN TRuE Victory oF LiGHT SMiLeS..:)


Loving Climate Change
North Winds Through Pines
Sings Colored Songs Nostalgia BRinGS
Yellow Boy Scratches A Patio Door
oF Screened iN Ways oF 38F Cold
BacK iN…
Perhaps you
Are A Polar
i AM A Cat..:)

So.. yes.. Change Happens
And what was once mostly
Face to Face Flesh and Blood
Interactions in the Climate of
Human MoVinG ConNecTinG CreaTinG
Love is increasingly
A Mechanical
And Electronic
Avatar Life of
Pressing Buttons..
to the point where even
Written Words are going away
more than a 280 Character at
Most Twitter Tweet where eventually
all that may be left are Button Pressing
Human Beings who live in up to 5.8 inches
of a Screen Crammed in an all Glass Box..
X Box
i Phone
has/is come to Life..
i’m still stuck with 6s
and that’s Okay with me as
even when i point my Camera
to the Clouds A Digital Artifact
oF A 6 spiraling from Red to Golden
Yellow Gold comes.. and that’s the first
time for that Yesterday on 11.18.2017 around
Noon at the Indian Pow Wow on a Reserve of
Nature’s Spirit in Divine way a meeting
Place of the togetherness of
Flesh and Blood
all moves
connects and
creates as human
flesh and blood all
as the rest of Nature
does when in BalanCinG ForCE
of Peace and Harmony for Survive
and Thrive of life in Animal Homeostasis real..
yep that’s more than 280 Characters but someone has
to keep lifting more of the Ball of Confusion that is the World
these days.. and yeah.. the Justice League Movie was more to be
expected than to be determined but perhaps that’s just because
every Super Hero Movie plays the same Hero Archetype theme
of Moving through Darkness Learning Lessons and
coming back to Teach the Rest of the
Tribe those Lessons Learned
and in the Technological
World we live in with
a Core Love that
many folks
tools that kill
others other than
working stuff out with
Love it’s all about who can
and will kill most efficiently in the
Lowest Potential of Human Diplomacy and when
A Zombie Apocalypse Feeding mostly off of Adrenaline
Away from the more Nuanced Touch of Oxytocin Bonding Love
With continuing loss of Empathy and Sympathy and Compassion
that is what ‘you’
Do.. Machine
of Killing
to the hilt to
Spark the Dopamine
and Adrenaline Neuro-Chemicals
and Hormones to stimulate some
life back into the Crowd at Hand with
not much Room for Deeper thinking and
Feeling and Sensing in Nuanced Colors
of Life farther than Bang Bang i Killed You Dead..
But you see the Human Species Karma in DArk ways has
Been Mounting over a Couple of Thousand Years now.. and
it’s true the Previews of the Movie in Trailer Ways brought
most all the Words of
Wisdom the
Movie Brought
in Full.. the
ones with the Biggest
‘Guns’ Won.. but you see
Nature is our Home.. and
we are killing Home slowly
and faster as the
of that Nature
Required to Support our
Human Version of Life now..
And other Species of Plants and
Animals And Fish and OtHeRs aLong the
Way.. Nature is a Living Force and not one to
kick in the Balls every day without a response..
It’s True Nature Bites Back as it has in all ways from
the Earth to the Winds to the Fires to the Floods to the Human
Disasters who walk on two feet with Guns.. and other tools of
sure.. plastic
explosives are an
option if metal is not
in the mix.. and all it is
is Nature as whole flushing the
Commode of Darkness as Cultures of Human
Beings Continue to Bring as not just a Virus
but a Cancer on Earth that continues to Deface
the Beauty
and the
of a Candle
that is the Opportunity
For Life to thrive and survive
now as Lord knows there are plenty
of Rocks to go around with no life
at all in either pain or pleasure or even numb
ways of life now.. meanwhile we continue to press the buttons..
while Paradise
still exists
the Screens
of our New Existence..
Meanwhile.. Nature Grins/Frowns with i told you so..
thing is ‘this’ place in an opportunity not a given
never ever to be owned..
Nature Rules.
Humans Continue
to Press the Incorrect Buttons.
And Trust or not ‘me’ Sooner or Later More
Folks will Hear the Voice of Nature..
Given Message
to what’s already been Taken..
As A Black Crow Sings a Song of November outside my Window…

And yeah.. that Last Profile Photo of the Indian Pow Wow
is another Forrest Gump Moment for me in the Pensacola News
Journal Today.. hehe.. as my Sister Alerted me that
i am Famous
again.. haha..
But it’s True
“Master Chief Aghogday”
was/is there and if you don’t
Believe i exist NoW just Google the Link
hehe.. as “the Internet Doesn’t Lie”.. does it..;)
At LeasT Not anY LonGeR
iN PoeTry
Dance and
Song and all
that Pow Wow Jazz..
it’s true too that’s what
AC/DC did does best too.. ‘Pow Wow’..;)


Hi Xenia.. and thanks so much for dropping by
“Veterans of Ground Hog Days”.. With
Nice Congratulatory Wishes for
my 7th Year Anniversary
of Living in Words
online since
Thanks Giving
Day of 2010 and actually
the 5 Million Plus Word Long
Form Poem and all the Sub-Chapter
Poems in Free Verse on Word Press Just
Celebrated a 51st Month Anniversary on 11.18.2017
that had Significant Meaning too as that matches the 51
Days our Son Ryan Lived so i Celebrated by taking down
the more Serious Face in both Avatar and BackGround of
Blog Changing to Seagulls Spiraling Around the Sun now
in even more BackGround of Azure Florida Blue Skies..
And the First 33 Months of my Existence online was
mostly spent on the Wrong Planet Site Making
8021 Posts there as they used to
call me the 7000 Word Man
hehe.. but the average
was likely closer
to 1,000 Words
with Some Writing Effort
Spent online in other Autism
Communities too.. anyway.. to stay
on a more Conservative Average Count
as i actually did spend all those 33 Months
almost entirely reading and writing on that
Website then from Wake to Sleep to
help Escape the Pain and
Numb then i am
Keeping the
Total Estimate of Words
Written since Thanks Giving
Day of 2010 at 12 Million Words
taking that Average Count of Words
Under 1000 Words a Post Average for
the ‘Aghogday’ Days per Another Ground
Hog Day of Dead Zone Living then.. so.. sure..
i’ll also make this the Opening post of the MacroVerse
coming next to Celebrate the 7 years of Existence online
as i am currently finishing up.. “Call of the
Wild Returns
After a Very Long
Weekend out and about
in Call of the Wild and Free
Verse Dance as that Public
Endeavor Continues now for
51 Months too.. And i remember
when my Illness Progressed to the Deep
Part of that 10 Years ago in 2007 about this
Time of the Year as the sensitivity in pain to colors
and what was not yet Diagnosed yet then.. as Sjogren’s
Syndrome that made the Nerve Endings of my Feet Hurt
so Bad it was Excruciating to Touch anything with My Feet and
that pArt along with the Sensitivity to Colors Actually Started in 2006
as i Distinctly also Remember Watching that Movie “Happy Feet” with
Katrina and my Sister wondering if my Feet Would Suffer with that Pain
For the Rest of My Life.. but it’s kinda Funny.. odd and strange.. as eventually
my life would turn out a whole
lot like that Dancing
Penguin Named
Mumbles as
when folks used to
make Fun of my Stuttering
Speech in School and actually
suggested i Mumbled when i talked
on the Phone Later in Life.. haha.. but
now.. i can talk more like a Ted Talk hehe..
sure.. a Fred Talk in real vocal way.. and that
really makes me feel good to be able to do that
and Sing and even Walk with no anxiety either..
and Truly the Dance Brings Greater Recovery
of my Brain along with Emotional Regulation
and Sensory Integration i never had
Before.. i truly wish more folks
on the Autism Spectrum
would try it but
sadly many
folks i met on the
Spectrum are not believers
in either Exercise or the Value
Free Flowing Dance with no instruction
or guidelines as that WiLL Bring as Emotional
and Sensory Healing.. and perhaps i wouldn’t have
understood or believed it before.. either.. as i did have a Hard
Time understanding what exactly the Benefit Folks were getting
out of Tai-Chi and Martial Arts and the Such as that in Eastern
Meditative Moving Arts in Healing Ways.. i had to do it to actually
Feel and
Sense the
Difference.. anyway
in the first Disabling Part
of my Illness when i wasn’t
able to use my eyes and ears
effectively for either reading
or writing or even looking
at any Screens at
all for 33 Months..
all i could really do is keep
trying to repeat what happened in the
past in Memory way the best i could and i usually
stayed on the ongoing topic of pain within.. as the
Present was Full of Pain and Numb too.. And my Sister
Kept saying another Chapter Would Soon Start in my Life..
And it really did when i mustered up the tolerance to Write
that First Word on the Wrong Planet Website on Thanks Giving
Day of 2010.. not able to use my prescription lenses as the focus on
my Optic Nerve just made the eye pain that much worse.. so i turned the
Brightness all the way down on the screen and spent the next 33 Months
Writing From Wake to Sleep just a few inches from the Screen to see it
where i could only see part of the Screen all those months
as a Screen of Words became my life where i could
still not bear to look at any photos.. in color..
to be able to even see Beauty
of a Sun Set in a
photo then..
with no ability to feel
that Magical Feeling of
the Beauty of a Sunset too..
i heard of stories of people before
overcoming great obstacles in life
in ways of illness and other issues but i couldn’t
find anyone in real life or anywhere online who had actually
experienced type two Trigeminal Neuralgia from Wake to Sleep
and although i’ve come across a few folks on the ‘Wrong Planet’ who have experienced
the Acute Form of Trigeminal Neuralgia in Type one way.. i still haven’t come across
who has
type two yet anywhere
but i’m sure they exist and if i
could ever find them.. i would tell
them don’t give up for it is named the
Suicide Disease literally so too..
For i would tell them..
Anything is
Potential Change NoW
is our Greatest Gift in Life..
anyWay.. that first word on Thanks
Giving Day of 2010 was a Very Painful
Word to endure as well as the Next 6 Million
or so that would Come after that with another
1 Million or so words on the Wrong Planet after
that pain went away in July of 2013.. but it’s
true the first word was
a First
out of Hell
that i would endure
33 more long months..
it’s true my friEnd i am
pART of that Biblical ‘Job’
Club and i’m not the only one
of course.. but i’ve been to places in
Hell and Heaven on eARTh NoW that
i had no idea existed in terms of Black
Abyss of the Dark Months of the Soul
And the Beyond Rainbow Colors
of Emotions and
that i regularly experience
NoW iN New Emotional LiGHT
HeaLinG Sensory Ways of Feelings
overall more now.. it’s good to be alive
and Thanks So Much for Helping me to
Celebrate in the Next Coming MacroVerse
About those 7 years and of course much more
to come other than that.. for come what may i welcome now..
And like that Song From Moulin Rouge Along with the ending Spoken
Words of the Song that i can no longer find on You Tube that say “the
Greatest Gift you’ll ever have in life is to Love”.. i find that self-evident
now that
Love is Real
My FriEnd the Agape
Love for all that never
ends eternally now
where if we
could make
a pill to give that Eternal eARTh
Heaven to the Billionaires in the
World they would take those Money
Clothes off as if they were soaked in a 2 Thousand
Year-Old Septic Tank that has never been pumped..
At least my FriEnd for the way i see life now.. and i am
very fortunate to come out of hell in anyway at all even in Purgatory Grey..
And like the Movie
the 6th Sense says
‘i see dead people’ and the
scariest part of all is they are all alive..
and the most amazing thing of all to me is
i am alive at all for during that entire 66 months
i was never sure.. i could make it one more second..
now time
at all to me..
until the clock says
i’ve gotta get going somewhere
else my friEnd aS NoW reMains Heaven lives in me..
Come what may.. a song i Used to Grieve our Cat Moby’s
Passing away and my Mother’s too.. but also a Song i Use
to Celebrate Life
for tHeRe truly
are Worse
Things than Physical
Death.. Namely losing one’s
Soul and having every thing else
and not being able to even touch it.. or see it
Through An Opaque Window Never Opened then..
As Far as Love remains tattered remnants of a Soul..
tears flow easily NoW my friend but they are never only bitter for
like life
no matter if
i can taste them or not..:)


Hi.. again my FRiEnd.. Xenia.. for
Seagulls alWays Rise to
the Sun in
oF LiGht
but sure there is also
A dArk Side of Vengeance..
the Sith’s.. the Manson’s and
the Bundy’s of Life and sadly still
at the Tops of Political Office that
and who Will Kill 6 Million Jews
Start Unjustified Wars
that Kill 100’s of
of Innocent People
And Play with Souls
in Entire Countries of People
with Glib Remarks about eternal
fire and suffering and even more bizarrely..
Remarks like Hate your Brothers and Sisters
and Mothers and Fathers.. other Family Members
Friends and even your Children and by God yes.. literally taken..
even slay those others by becoming Soldiers with Swords if they Disagree with
what ‘we’ insist is the only Truth and Light about Life.. ‘Funny’ Little Synchronicities
my friEnd.. for as i reviewed a Manson Documentary this morning with a YouTube
User sharing the Video by User name Jack London per call of the wild
i’ve come to find to truly understand
LiGht and Hope and Love in JoY
iN all the Beyond Rainbow Colors
Love comes in Seagull Wings
Wrapping around a Sun
oF LiGHt one
must also
visit the dArk
side to come to understand
what underlies all Fear and Hate
and Misery still Loves company now..
and sure.. Charles Manson is the theme
the meme and what most folks would suggest
is the personification of evil.. even those News
Channels that continue to support the God of Money..
Power and Status with Domination over those folks
less Secure
in Scarcities
of Life..
whether that be
financial or in ways of
low self esteem or loss of
Social Roles that are necessary
for all of that in the reality of day
to day life.. as it’s true as one area of
my special interests is the Dark side of
the Human Soul.. in the 50’s in the US where
Social Roles were Clear and Jobs were Secure
and the Family Unit remained mostly intact in fact
between the years of ’49 and ’66 there were no Rampage
Killings in the United States.. and no doubt.. Participation in Religions
and Churches that promoted Hope and Love were a big part of this too..
Charles Manson Predicted
that his ‘children’ were coming
and it’s true Marilyn Manson just
released a song named ‘Will you Die
for me’.. and since the Age of Youtube
there have been many fear and hate related
Conspiracy sites that have sprouted like Cults
where people talk about going out and actually
killing the subjects of Conspiracy theories
that continue to grow like the
recent Pizza Gate
when a
‘follower’ got motivated
to visit a Pizza Place with
a Gun for he came to believe
the brain washing that pedophile
activity was going on then.. smiles my friend.. now..
it’s not just that people need religion people are religion
for whatever it is that binds them together in dark and light..
the Call of the Wild first and foremost does say survive at all costs
and those costs as social animals foremost say bind together in instinct
or go the lone wolf way without ever finding a supportive pack and die
in the
in suffering starvation
way.. the Soul Needs Love to thrive
and the Dragon of Will says survive
at all costs.. and if Society doesn’t provide
a Bind of Love that people can really reach out
and touch like a Country of Teddy Bears for Hugs..
Those Manson Children will continue to be bred..
As i Love to say my friENd.. discount no
human life or opinion as
Garbage for
it’s True
that man Manson
brought the Dark Side to light
And warned of what was yet to come
more of him.. if a change was not made…
The Proof is in the Pudding of Politics my friend..
for as the Faux News names Manson Satan they continue
to Worship a God of Money and Power and Status in Dominating others..
but only with
followers who pave his way..
And it’s true my friEnd not every one
is cut out to speak bluntly like this.. we all
play our Loving and Bloody Roles and it’s
true sometimes
it is
who Bleeds most..
The Call of the Wild Requires Love to thrive..
but it will survive as Manson’s too.. on Faux Gaslighted News..
And it’s also True my Lovely FriEnd of alWays Light with Angelic
Words that Dance and Sing Loving Dog Dreams as Fruition you
just helped me with the stART of one MacroVerse and an ending
i wasn’t sure how
to make
Manson died
and you live again
as a Loving Friend in this MacroVerse
still as i always love to end a beginning on
a Positive Note of Love
of course.. thanks
for coming by on these
diverging paths with me..
L O V E L I V E (V6 I )L I V E S L O V E
heHe.. that’s like a 007
something like 006..
nah.. no one would ‘ever’ believe..
Someone Works Directly for God.. huh..
Question Only..
Have a Wonderful
Week of Inspiring
Poetry Writing mY FriEnd..
WiLL be by later at the usual ‘time and place’..(love)..:)


SMiLes.. mY FriEnd for most of my
life when in the upside i’ve been
accused of Sugar Coating Life
for that was/is surely my view..
it was/is very difficult for me
to finally get
to the
darker side
of the Call of the
Wild and it’s true the last
comment is about all i care
to offer of it too.. and it’s true
it is always a Sacrifice to Visit the
Dark side when we do not do have to.. but
it’s also
if no
one visits
it to analyze it
and offer change
that works.. the DArk
Side will come to Rule
more than the Beauty NoW
of thE LiGHT Side Arts
but never the
less and
alWays more i do enJoy the
fAct of Art that all i come to find
on your Poetry Site is liGht my FriEnd
for that is my Home.. and perhaps one day
i will see no need to further my visits to the dArk
Side Again.. meanwhile hehe.. the rest of this MacroVerse
is about as
as they come my FriEnd..
after all is said and done the
title is “Call of the Wild For Love”..:)


Facebook Friend Rafiah.. recently
Shares a Talk from a Bollywood Super
Star in India who speaks up/to the
Gentlemen of Life standing uP NoW For
the Rights of those who are oppressed
and repressed in life.. even going into detail
NoW iN Support For the LBQT Community and even
going against the Grain of the Traditions of his
Culture into Making Marriage More
than sell and buy
of property
in flesh and
Blood.. so i Happily
go on to say.. then..

That man has
A Good Soul
On his Shoulders
And if one
Really Loves
Their wife they
Be willing
To forgo
Thingie too..
As That
Does ‘Happen’ too..:)

And NoW i Go on to Dance
and Sing more when we See other
People as HeART and SpiRiT and SoUL
And Not Just Materialistic Objects to use
as flesh and blood tools when we lose Empathy
and Sympathy and Compassion and even Cognitive
Empathy in Failing to do our best to understand now the
Differences in otHeRs as God of as Nature Paints the World NoW
oF aLL Creation iN Many Different Colors.. including Neuro-Diversitie(s)
Gender(s).. Sexual Orientation(s) and even Social Orientation(s) ranging
from the Extreme Introvert to the Extreme Extrovert too as well as Anomalies
of Human Nature
that may come
to Harm other people
or perhaps wHo kNows.. feels senses saves
NoW Most all of the Current Life on the Planet
Earth in efforts as simple and complex now (hint:
You) of swaying folks not to press Nuclear buttons
in change for Hell Fire of Death to others.. now
It’s True A King is Survival but God is Love
alWays Worthy of More Thanks Praise
and Actual Worship now.. and that
is also wHy Married Couples
WiLL Love each otHeR
Completely Entirely
Even if and
After Sexual
Activities lose a place
Completely At a Table of Life..
Love is the Greatest Gift of all as
Love Makes Love as Real as we Make Love Now..
Some Folks Call Love only an Act.. otHeR Folks Make
Love eNtirely MaGiC
A HeaLinG
that has/is
no Limits or
Expectations oTHeR
Than LovE NoW MoRE NoW..:)


Now off to MacroVerse Shares from Years to date as Faithfully
mostly remembered by the Facebook Algorithm all
Free Digital Robot
tHaT Merrily
does all this work
Free For me as i ignore
all the Commercial Advertisements
as i Turn them into Art in the Real World..
Well.. at least for NoW
iN HoW
i See
oF BeinG
NoW Continuing on to say heaR..

“Friday 13tH #Heavenisnow”

NoW Ain’T that Right as Correct
or likely seemingly Wrong
if one has
not arrived
into their
Own Correct Place GreaTeR MoRE
oF HeAVeN NoW as oF CourSE NoW
Mileage Varies in the Kingdom
of Heaven within now alWays aT
Hand in this Generation NoW..
Depending on the Genetic
and Environmentally
Raised HuWoMaN
BeinG aT Hands NoW too..
usually two but can and will be
Many More Hands than two now too..
Let’s Face it.. even Introverted Heaven
Looks Different than Extroverted Heaven
to the View at Hand too.. and for some folks
who have never seen and felt an all Natural
Woman.. sure.. some of
those Folks
aLL Consist
of Naked Women
in Heaven too.. thing is
and things are all that you are
and do and imagine and create is
ReaL NoW iN Terms of Fruition MoRE..
but whatever you do do not Grab someone’s Butt
when they do not like their Butt Touched as even a low
arm down Hug.. of course another Political Franken Touch
in the News today.. but trust me or not.. if you are a Tall Dude around
Short Women NoW at Least.. chances are you have felt many an Innocent
Woman’s Hands planted Nicely on one cheek or the other of your Butt..
particularly if you are around as Tall as i am with Particularly A Wide Butt
For a Dude who
Leg Presses
1020 LBS 33 times pLuS
T and sure.. i’ve been Groped
more than a few times just for
fun as some more Extroverted Women
Seem to think (F E E L) gives them “Subordinate Privilege”
to Grab.. in other Words.. there ain’t no real fear of them
Forcing anything on ya.. ya don’t Wanna Get Involved in..
and they just assume
that all Men Love
to be touched
Woman wHo
Comes their way..
But you see.. i am Kinda A
Touchy Feely Loving Person myself
but i am very careful not to touch
anyone’s butt.. thing is.. i considE
RaTe it and not all folks Do iN A
Breeze of
the Moment
that comes by Free..
Do no Harm as ‘they’ say and it’s
True.. i don’t live any scars for the times that
Very Friendly Women of most all Adult ages have
touched me in a way that would obviously be seen as
Groping if the Gender Roles were reversed.. this Heaven thingie is a complicated
thingie and do no harm to others can be even more complicated than that
as that is part
of this
as far
as Heaven
Goes NoW.. too..
i liked the Senator who
Asked Questions about where he should
Place His arms for a Group Hug Photo.. NoW
iT’s True.. if you are gonna live your Life for Money
and Power and Status and if you ever wanna stay
in Money and Power and Status.. ya gotta Watch
your Pennies
more than
ever today ’cause
Social Media don’t forget any time soon..
When my Sister said i was in the Metro Area Paper.. the First
thing i thought is.. Oh God i am going Public.. so now i will
have to set some of my Art to fully Private.. ‘they’ve’ already
called me Dance Legend and that is way more than any 66 Month
Shut-in ever ever ever expects to hear while alive now.. for it’s true..
My Total Freedom of Art NoW is what Brings Fearless Loving Unconditional
Heaven now.. and if i take something of art i am going to return iT ALL Free iF i
Will too..
So.. i just Do it..
As long as it doesn’t Exceed
mY Personal Ethics and Moral
Boundaries now.. and of course breaks
No Local.. State.. or Federal Laws as i Do
believe in Giving Caesar all that is his now.. for
it is the Rules that are Required as Laws and Regulations
that Prevent the Entire Country from Going on An After Katrina
Hurricane.. shoot-em up and looting all around the Country now.. too..
And that is dam sure something Politicians better realize before they cause
too much pain and suffering to other folks with what they take away in Basic
Health and Well Being from others now for if they wanna Live in this Country as sooner
and or later either they or their Descendent’s Will Face the Karma of the Dark they’ve
on the
and unsuspecting
masses of the populace
all now.. the Declaration of
Independence is a Good StART NoW
iN CreaTinG WaYs for a Real Avenue
For the KingdomS of Heaven to Come
ReaL on eARTh NoW at Least
NoW iN the USA and oTHeR
Freedom Loving Countries
like this NoW2.. but preparing
the way of the Lord of Love to Live
Free within as Essence NoW is a wHole
lot of systemizing science work now to get
All the Roads Paved and Polished For Love to
Reign Free NoW.. MaY be uNcommon for folks to
Live iN Heaven NoW oN EarTH but as Promised
From Years Ago
by those
experienced the
Similar Heaven(S) oN EarTH WiThiN
then.. let’s just say it HaPPeNs iT REaLLy DO..;)




The beautiful cycles of life…

The despair!

The joy!

Rising from despair 
there is joy
 and falling
waves of 

Washing shore..

Cleaning Souls….

yOUR Soul 
is brushed
 sparkling shining
 for even more..

Time is All
 is all a wave
 of endless life 
and living waves 
that make us fully
 what we are..

Even in the darkest
 of rooms we are
 all part of that
 same wave…

Surf boards 
can be hidden
 for more than
 two who share 



True Will Love..

To you and all yOUR friends!

Love one!













AnyWay.. this is how
i Celebrated my Third Anniversary then
of Living on Line just Three Years old
back in 2013.. and above was just a note
to Friend Lala Rukh on her Blog Site then..
as this was one of the first copy and pastes
of what i wrote as inspired on other Poetry
Places to add to what
would eventually
become a Longest
Long Form Poem
NoW arriving at 807
total MacroVerses as this
Next Celebration of 7 years
of Writing Existence online will
be MacroVerse 808 Still Running over
5 Million Words that i will likely MArk
at 6 Million Words Close to my Birthday
of 6660 coming this June too.. it’s true only
since “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. starting on Memorial
Day of 2016.. Have i kept a tally on the Official Word
Press Count Calculator.. as MacroVerses Come and Go..
as of last MacroVerse Number 136 Tallying in at 2,200,039
Words in what was once an average of 134,833 Words a Month
at the Point of Completion of ‘PHI Bible’ at 1,618,000
Words in Precisely One Year of Writing Total
Words then at 15.55K Words Average for
each and every one of those 104
Twice a Week
then almost like
cLock work if we can
and will extend that Metaphor
of Wave Art to Writing too wHeRe
eVen aRt Strangely enough at the end
of wHat FloWs Patterns in a way that seems
almost but perHaps not quite perfect too as the
FloW iN ZoNE CoMeS and Goes too.. but it’s True.. the
More iN FloW i AM the more Elegant the Curves do come
too.. as
all are Geometrically
Lines and Circles of Beauty too..
WitH whaTever Wisdom is the pAges
oF A Cover of Beauty that also comes
with aN Entire Package oF aRT Now Free LOVE
so wHeRE
was i..
yes.. AWAVE ONE..:)

“Legend of Un-domestication”.. Second Week Ending of November
2014.. a little under 15 months into Public Dance and a little
under 7 Months of Weekly Dance at Old Seville Quarter
and although some Young folks had notified me
A Year into Public Dance in the
Summer of 2014 at ‘Target’ that
i was Famous on
Facebook In Video
Voyeur Sharing around
the Metro Area.. those Peers
were none of the Peers i shared
in my Older Peer Group way of Facebook
then.. and very few FB Friends/Family who got a Whole
Load of all the Art i was doing then and stayed.. hAha..
as i was in this Exploration of mY Inner
Universe in Seek and Find Ways
And sure.. although i broke
no Real Local
and State
and Federal
or even Real Facebook
Community Laws and Regulations
i most definitely then.. did break the
Common Conservative Flavor of what
is a Very Fundamentalist Religious Area
overall in a Metro Area that Locally once
was noted as having the Most Churches per
Square mile of any place in the United States
then.. yes.. this is Trump Country Red State USA
let’s make
Great again
but i was already
about as Free as any
Human WiLL be then and the
‘Reward’ came in this Second Week
of November ’14.. when i first heard the
Words Uttered by the General Dance
Audience at Old Seville Quarter
‘you are a legend’..
but i think my
Favorite Compliment
of all was when the Nice
Customer Service Lady
at Super-WalmART
last year told
me every
time i come
into the Store.. no
Matter NoW.. Winter Fall
Summer or Spring i bRing
Spring in whenever i walk through
the Doors.. and Sure.. Spirit Animal
and Pensacola Icon Rate at the top too..
And it’s true now i have become a rather given
and a fixture almost like a Statue they expect to never
go away..NoW..
and True
they more than
likely if they look
hard enough will find me
somEwHeRe online in even more
fully living Dance and Song heAR
As Art GroWs oN and every Mile/Step
Danced in Meditative
Moving FloW iN
zoNE NoW JusT
Adds to the Grey
Matter of my Frontal
Neo-Cortex.. For Cognitive
Executive Functioning.. including
Greater Short Term Memory and Focus..
as well as Adding Grey matter to my Hippocampus and Cerebellum
in Enhancing Emotional Regulation.. Sense of Self.. and Long Term Memory
and yes the Temporo-Parietal Junction and Posterior Cingulate cortex that adds
to the empathy and sympathy and compassion in connecting to
others as well as shrinking the
Grey Matter of Fear
in the Amygdala
in MiNd
and BoDy
BaLanCing overall as
CHI ForcE of Positive
Synergy of Energy in all
Quadrillion or so positive
light connections from head to
toe in peptide ways of FloWing
Positive Neuro-Chemicals and
Neuro-Hormones too.. and
sure when the Nice
Suited African
wasn’t Afraid Last Sunday
to say hey.. you are that
Dancing Guy in Walmart..
at the Family Eating
Trough/Buffet Ryan’s..
i gave him the
Version of
this in terms
of why i do it and
he said huh.. just huh..
with some Spock Eye Brows
of Interest.. but no.. i did not
go on to Elaborate that the Nude
Art that i do that takes Several Hours
each Activity in the Same FloW iN ZoNE
Zen Art of JuSt DoinG LiFE NoW BRinGS
Precisely the sAMe
Benefits even
more as well
as when i do
this Zen
of WriTinG
FLoW iN ZoNE too..
things is/are i am A Einstein
Version of Forrest Gump for if you
think i’ve got this all figured out..
let’s just say it works for me..
‘you’ can scoff all you want..
call me dirty
for getting
iN HeaVeN too.. but it’s
like what Miley Cyrus so Freely
said when ‘they’ interviewed her
about her Nude Art too.. “It’s My
P***Y”.. you don’t control it
you don’t subjugate
it you
touch it
butt i live in the
United States Free and
i WiLL do Art as it is legally
Free to do in Avenues that are
Legally Acceptable to do just that now..
And sure.. i added a few words as she doesn’t
likely have time to get this World Experience
of Writing 12 Million Words or so in what is coming
up to be 84 Months.. on Thanks Giving Weekend now..
it’s true too.. what i do.. will not
likely work for an Introverted
or even
for most
Extroverted Folks
if you Wanna get to Heaven
NoW.. ain’t no one gonna find
HeaVeN for you fully but you
and the God of Nature wHo and WitHiN
thaT gets all aired and watered out Free NoW..MoRE
Sure.. with a Muse of the Fire inside as you Awaken that too..
Chi.. Force..
Qi.. Ki..
KA.. Holy
in Older Sanskrit
way.. trust me or not
when you seek and find and arrive
it will Make Feel and Sense then iN LiGHT
NoW and it’s also true you’ll probably have to
at lEast
oF oLd to get tHeRE..NoW
For it’s True too.. Tradition
by Very Nature is Conservative
to Bind folks in Common Purpose
and keep them in those Golden
Social Hand Cuffs as ‘Religion’/
CuLTuRE at core of wHat Common
Holy and Sacred Meaning
And Purpose Binds Humans
ToGeTHeR FoR to Obtain
and Shelter..
And Yes.. Mates..
Too.. Even if tHat
NoW Seeing the
LiGhT outside the Cave/WiThiN
it’s tricky as Bugs Bunny says now..
wHat’s up Doc.. hAve you moved out of the Cave yet
Have you Sprouted YouR ButterFlY HiGH WinGs.. DO YOU FLY..
or are
you just
going to eNjoy
YouR Cocoon or
Company until A last
BLink oF LiGHT LiFE And A Dirt Nap cOmes NeXT..
soMe things to thiNk aBout i KNoW i SupPose @LeaST..:)

“Victory Song’s of Dance Love”

Oh Goodness.. as Providers oF LiGht.. i’ve gotten through
ONLY two MacroVerse Memories so far.. if i am not careful
i will surely exceed the limits of One Word Press
Comment and a Facebook Status and the
Description Area of
One Profile Pic
of me
in a Wonder
Women Grey
Shirt with
mY New Nike Shox
Shoes Grey too and
BLack with Orange
Highlights and Golden
Swoosh and Smaller White
Embroidered Swoosh too.. Beside
Some Wonderful Hugs and Touches
As Teddy Bears oF Innocent LovE MoRE
in the United States Culture at Hand now Still
It’s True this Raises me uP in “Victory’s Song
Dance of Love”.. but it sounds so much more real
to me when Innocent Children Sing it all from HeART..
if they
are from
South Korea these days..:)

“FOOL Dancing” And sure i WiLL Provide a Ted Talk
Video if ‘they’ Do Not BELIEVE AND..
sAdly if Ted
was around
Jesus lived then..
Perhaps he would
NOT Have Been Crucified
as Just another Son of Woman..
And it’s True.. THE sAMe For ALL
THE otHeR Jesus Folks who Danced
And SunG thE eARTh Free iN FeeL SeNSE
then.. Moving Mountains oF LoVE iNCaRNaTE iSREaL.

“God is NOT GOD’s Word”

IS God A Word
IS A Word God
Get God
The Original
Version STiLL LiVeS
NaTUrE Free SpiRiT aLL..:)

“Finding LIGHT IN the darkness of ill”

It’s True.. Pain Made Me A Believer Too..:)

“kATman BEach”

If you Love Seagulls
and Sunsets this is it.. ‘too’..
JusT aNoTHeR
Letter Word

“Winds of November Sun”

Thanks God Finally Since November of 2014 Thanks Giving Weather
And the Peace/Harmony of Cold Front Refreshing Breeze Through
Florida Pines Dances Sings Arrives Returns Again.. Although..
Do HaVE Are..
Advantages ‘too’..;)

“Dark and Light Circles of Life”

Be Not Afraid of DaRK
Nor Cynical of Free FLiGHt..:)

“Child Creates GOD Again”.. FoR NoW aT LeAST..
‘Those Two South Korean Singing
are doing
A fine job of it ‘too’..:)

“Skeyes of Faith”.. Hmm.. an intro in this
Three Year old MacroVerse from
2014 from the
‘Book of Eli’
‘too’ and of course
an improvise ‘too’
iN all tHiS
After tHat2..;)

“UNI-versal Soul of Creativity”..
Hmm..Hum.. oHm.. thiNKinG oF Three Letter WordS MoRE.. ‘too’..:)

“Moon Child Closes iN”.. 2016.. as MacroVerse Bands
oF Hurricane Creativity Category 6 oF
HuMaN Terms iN Free Verse
Long Form Poetry Continues
‘too’.. GroW iN
Nautilus Chamber
Doors Never Ending
Story “Never Land Bible
2017” alWays MoVing CoNNecTinG
And Creating EVeN MoRE no.. i AM
NoT aFraiD
CasT the
9 Letter Phrase
NeW aGE Prophecy
oF A MoViE
And thEMe.. ‘too’..
My Secret is NO Secret
aT aLL For Those wHo See
GOD aS ALL LisTeN and LeARn
fRoM aLL AlSo KNoWN As A Three Letter Word GOD..
this is not JusT Rocket
Science Folks
FoR iF YoU
MissED iT aLL “Too”
as ‘Too’ too.. at LEasT FoR NoW2..:)

“RocK oN noW iN LovE”.. Another Really Long Hurricane Band
as A MacroVerse that expresses fully illustrated
in Many ways Love and yes that ‘too’..
even more and one of my
Favorite Parts
of ‘Nether Land
Bible 2017’
is that all these
MacroVerses as Memories
of Photography and Poetry
and so many experiences of LiFE
Real.. includes the Lovely Smiling Faces
of all the Women who wanted to SmiLe with
Me in Selfie Art as those Months went by for
tHeRe is also a Comprehensive Record of all those
SelFiE SMiLing Lovely Women and OthER Dance FriEnds
since the
end of
and just think
i didn’t even have
to touch them to BRinG
a SMiLe at least not in flesh.. huh..
i suppose a whole lot of men could learn
how to appropriately Love Women from me..
thing is it isn’t about how fat
our Wallet
is.. it’s
about how
Sincere your
eYes are or sMiLE
if you must wear
Shades every wHeRe
you go it’s true it’s
about your Dance and Song too..
but done in a way that raises only
Love and no Money Stuff and Power and
Status and all that old Patriarchal
P Historically..
Yeah.. Katy Perry suggested
an ET would come one day like me too..
never the less and second to none in a few
ways at least i’ll leave a Benefit EVeN MoRE For A
Mr. Kite too.. to extend some Notes to the Coming Photos
as this NoW concludes “A Call of the Wild Returns for Love”..
And Special Thanks Goes out to those South Korean Children
who surely raised me up enough to complete the Writing Portion
of this MacroVerse
NoW at
6:16 PM
on 11.20.17..
no doubt another
Morning at least
to get it published..
as it took 5.8 days to Finish Writing it..:)








BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

5 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
“SonG oF mY SoUL”..:)
Approximately 44,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
“CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs”..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

“GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG”
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

“After Book of Fred”
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

“6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

“After Dance oF Fred”
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

“Book oF Ten Sixteen”..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

“New Testament oF Eleven iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen”

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

“12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016”

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

“2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen”

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)

“Grand Cross Bible 2016”

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)

“KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review”

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)

“CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017”

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)

“VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017”

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)

“CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn”

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)

“Nether Land Bible 2017”

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)

“7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)

The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)

“MesSage iN A Bible Bottle” as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked

“MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+” as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)

“PHI Bible”.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so.. now.. yes..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)

“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17”.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)

“SoN oF Google NoW2”..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)

“1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”.. 1,820,416 Words in 117 MacroVerses
spanning 13.6 Months per “6th Bible Memorial” that houses the Entire Table
of Contents from MacroVerses 1 through 117.. StARTinG WitH “tSuNaMi
7th WaVE oF LoVe” as Number 1 MacroVerse linked Above..
in “PHI Bible” too.. sitting NoW aS Book MarK oF juST
AnoTheR Bible and Long Form Poem  Milestone
Exceeding the previous Long Form Longest
Poem titled as the “Mahābhārata” from India
as recorded on the Resource of Wiki.. as 788
MacroVerses NoW As “SoNG oF My SoUL”
NoW at 5 Million Words.. approaches
that feat times three on or about the
Milestone of 5.4 Million words
in the coming neXT few months..
as at this point the last 117 MacroVerses
Average 15,555 Words per each MacroVerse..
WitH More to come
As WRiTinG
FLoWs oN iN ZoNe..:)

“6th Bible Memorial”..
Celebration of Six Milestone
Bibles and “SonG oF mY SoUL”
Ocean WhOLe LonGesT LonG
ForM Poem aRiSinG to 6
times the size of the
Old King James
Version oF A
Bible in 47
Months at
Around 5 Million Words..
Also includes the Table of Contents
to “1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
for the 13.6 Months it took to write that one Chapter
Bible iN overall Bible as “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. and
of course appropriate dedications to those who
did and do continue to muse my LiFE wHoLe
iN MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
Force aS  SpiRiT oF HeaRT
DanCinG and SinGinG NoW FReED NoW2..:)


“SonG oF mY SoUL FouR YearS Old”


Three Links aBove CoMinG NoW aS Trilogy of MacroVerses Celebrating a HighSchool-like
Graduation of Writing “SonG of mY SouL”.. 5 Million Word Plus Longest Long Form Free
Verse Poem also Doubling as Longest Bible written by a Human Being too on Record
at Least in Google Purview.. bypassing any organizational requirements to
record it in any official record books as that’s what the Internet is..  A
Biggest Overall Bible Unabridged JoiNinG WitH aLL HuWoMaN
Hands who care to contribute anoTHeR Verse to
thiS NeW AGE UniVerSe with No Sun or
Moon online in the Nethersphere of
Art and Science of Human
Potential through
SHades of Grey
through BlacKesT
Abyss and
RainBoW CoLorS
oF HuWoMaN FeeLinGS
And SenSeS AcTuALLy Experienced
iN wHaT reALLy Counts as thE Happiness
oF LiFE HoLDinG HanDS toGeTHeR oN HiGHesT
Mountain Tops Grounded WiTh HuWoMaN LoVE NoW..
Anyway.. A Four-Year Celebration of Doing this on Word Press
along with close to 8 ThoUSAnD MiLes of Public Dance iN
A FouR YeaR sPaN too.. Kindergarten Before that as
MetapHorUS Writing on the Wrong Planet and
Pre-School Before that in 606 Months
oF Life.. including three College
Degrees then before
i started writing
online on Thanks
Giving 2010.. 33 years
of Work.. sure ..19 years of
School in sitting style to go along
with all of that too.. then.. as we evolve as Wisdom NoW
And Beauty iN LoVe or we fall to ‘the other place’ NoW2..
oH yeaH.. So wHat’s neXt.. UniVerSiTy LeVeL LiFe alWays
FiNaLs NoW and as alWays JusT Paths oF Journey NoW LiGHT.

“BoWLiNG ALLeY DaYs BeGiN AGAiN 2017”

iN KeePinG WiTH SuRPriSeS iN PLaiN SiGHT.. NoW
A FourTH ArM oF A Fred HeRRiCaNE CoMeS NoW
WitH CaLM CenTeR BaLanCinG ForcE oF FaiTH aS
PuRE LoVE NoW.. aS A TRiLoGY NoW GaiNS A FourTH pART too..
RiSinG ARiSinG THiS FouR pART StorY NoW To WeLL oVeR tHosE
aForE MeNTioNeD NuMBeR oF Prophecy Photos to OVeR 2K NoW too..
WHeRE ‘MiNi-sToRy’ CoMeS iN FouR ParT HaRMoNY WHoLE NoW aLL aT 83,303 WorD2s..:)

“LioN KinG SHoW MusT Go oN 2017”

A Fifth Arm Doubling NoW aS A Ninth
Arm stARTinG wiTh MacroVerse
“6th Bible Memorial”
As the actual First
Arm too of what
WiLL Come after
the 10th MacroVerse
CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
As the 11th Arm of a Third
New Testament since 2016
Adding Another 180K words or so
to “Nether Land Bible 2017” as that
Longest Long Form Poem aRises to 2 MilLion
Words just Behind “SonG oF mY SoUL” STiLL at 5 MilLion words plUS..:)

“8000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!”

Celebrating 8000 Miles of Public Dance in 48
Months as this MacroVerse also Doubles as
10th Arm and Chapter of a Third New
Testament as the 11th
MacroVerse comes neXt NoW
Also Celebrating 2 Million Words..:)


“EQUiNoX DanCE CoMeS AGAiN 2017″
Morphs into “SiGNaTuRE CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN”
As This Title Change is NoW Complete For a Third New
Testament that also CoMeS as this Title NoW too..Complete..:)

“THiRD oF oCToBeR ’17 Dreams oN”.. Also identified in the Body
of this 12th MacroVerse of Third New Testament oF “SiGNaTuRE
CoMeS BeFoRE A SoN” as “New World Love 800th MacroVerse”
And “New World Love October ’17 Surprise” and sure.. pART
And ParcEL too of 5 Million Word Long Form Poem Plus
So Far “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. And the 129th MacroVerse
of PLuS 2 Million Word Long Also Longest
Long Form Poem Named “Nether Land
Bible 2017” at the number two position
in Rank Below the 5 Million Word pLuS
aLSo kNoWn as Bible “SonG oF
mY SoUL” and First Ranked
Longest Long Form Poem in the
History of Recording Long Form Poems
on Searchable Google Results at least..hehe..
iN other words it’s just numbers anyway.. huh..
empiricAlly MeASurAblE “John 14:12” Efforts too…
otHeRWise who will ever believe i actually did and do
it without the Money of Evidence Without any Washington
Bills and Lincoln Cent Sents to Water Down the Value of mY
soUL as the
isReaL DeaL
Going Down NOW.. FREE
yes..  just for FucKinG FuN iF
yoU SeeK iN thE GoD oF NaTuRe
As NaTuRe pART OceaN WHoLE
WaVe NoW iN oTheR Words
Be all you can BE WitH
GoD aLL or NoT
YouR ChoicE
iN HoW eVer yoU ArT
And SciencE LiFE NoW MoRE

“A SaVaNT oF LoVE”

WeLL iT’s True.. NoW2..  Every Third
New Testament NoW Needs a Thirteenth
MacroVerse to complete The Effort More
Fully in 12 weeks also kNoWn as 84 days..
as this Third New Testament NoW completes
at  255,193 Words as pART WhoLe of ‘Nether Land
Bible 2017’ NoW aT  2,076,239 Words as in the 130th
MacroVerse of that effort as pART wHole
“SonG oF mY SoUL”  as this is the 801st
MacroVerse of that Effort too..  continuing
on past 5 Million Words in the 50th Month
of that whole Writing Expedition aLong WitH
oVer 8000 Miles of Public Dance in the sAMe
50 Month Period of Human CLock tiMe too..
also Soon to enter into the 84th Month and
Completion of 7 Years of Writing aRound
12 MilLion Words or so online since
Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. jUSt
an online Babe of Sorts i was
then2.. heHe.. and sure..
neXt milestone heAR..
likELy a cELebRatioN
of thaT 7th Birthday
oF oNline eXisTenCeHeRE2..;)


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28 Responses to Call of the Wild Returns For Love

  1. Frank Hubeny says:

    I enjoyed your link to David Essex’s Rock On. This is the first time I’ve heard it with earphones and there are more sound details in that song than I realized. It’s good to write and dance although I am not as prolific as you are.

    • Hi Frank.. thanks for Visiting A “Call of the Wild Returns For
      Love” and Wading all the way down through 27,316
      Words and 300 or so Photos as yes..
      i fell Short of “Veterans of Ground
      Hog Days” at that 30,311
      Word Mark and
      400 or so
      Photos in the
      Main Body of that
      MacroVerse LonG as
      Truly mY FriEnd when i stARTed
      this Entire 12 Million Words or so Writing Endeavor on 11.25.2010
      on Thanks Giving Day in the Midst oF Hell oN EARth
      Within Pain and Numb.. the StARTinG Word tHeRE Then
      Was/is a Finger Print Left out oF Hell and the only
      Real Difference now my friEnd is the
      Words not only Say with
      much pre-planned
      Effort.. now the Words
      Dance and Sing in the
      Tao of the Non-Doing Holy
      Creative Sacred Way of Spirit
      iN Effortless FloW iN ZoNE STaTe
      of Inner Being..hAha.. sure.. these are
      like swirling Chem-Trails now left over more
      from the Bliss of Dance and the Meditation
      NoW that coMeS oNe WitH Writing Free as a
      Never Ending Story that Moves on Spiraling
      Around in PHI Ways as “Nether Land Bible
      2017” as of this “Call of the Wild Returns
      For Love”.. 136th MacroVerse Rises
      the Total Words of that Effort
      Since Memorial Day of
      2016 now to
      2,227,355 Words as
      Also Doubling as MacroVerse
      Number 807 of “SonG oF mY
      SoUL”.. Still Exceeding 5 Million
      Words Since StaRt oN Word Press
      on 8.18.2013.. at the 51st Month
      Complete of that so Named Long Form
      Poem and Bible in Metaphor too.. and also
      Tripling as MacroVerse Number 32 for “F Book
      Profile Pic Bible 2018″.. StARTiNG on Memorial
      Day of 2017.. now arising to 609,355 Words.. anyWay
      iF Not for the Gift of that Dentist Drill-Like Type Two Trigeminal
      Neuralgia that No Drug would help from wake to Sleep for 66 months
      and 18 other Medical Disorders then in a Synergy of Life Threatening
      Disorders and Loss of most all emotions.. not likely i would have ever Wrote
      A Creative Word for truly that took me over 28 Months from Wake to Sleep on the
      Wrong Planet before that came in Blog Way in March of 2013.. still
      Enduring the Hell of Pain and Numb as Loss of Emotions then.. too..
      So.. the DArK and Pain Sprouted an Ocean of Words Exceeding
      12 Million Online NoW on my 7th Birthday of doing this on this
      Saturday the 25th..2017 that was Thanks Giving Day.. 7
      Years ago.. and as the Poetic Words SpRang
      in Free Verse FloW aS mostly Empty
      Shells iN Form without the Feelings
      within As Essence isReAL LiGHT..
      of not only Developing an
      Inner Voice but a
      Spirit of Song
      and Dance
      in Words of HeART
      SoUL CoMinG BacK to Life
      as there were two other Poetic
      HeART in SpiRiT SoUL Ways Deep as SpARK
      iN Middle School for a Christmas Story
      Contest Won amongst 80 Students in two
      Homerooms then.. wHeRE it was if the Words
      that caMe.. Belonged to no one i kNew BeforE
      And also in a College Philosophy Class at age
      18.. and that is the way it is now my FRiEnd as
      ofTen i don’t even see the Bigger
      Picture until i read an eNtire
      TogeTheR at the
      Very End of Assembling
      all the PaRTS as OceaN
      WhoLe RiVeR WaVes StreAMing
      oN wHeRE many New Meanings coMe to
      me iN Ever Changing Ways of Metaphors beYond
      the Human Word Infinity NoW with no distance.. space
      or time in that ‘Shadow’ Equation of Life my friEnd per your
      inspiring insight as well and in this Case it is the Collective
      Subconsciousness of Life Ways of Experiences coMe to
      Fruition with Blooms that seemingly never end for
      NoW for it seems many Folks don’t Truly
      Bloom until A Golden Age of 50 or
      so if they are Lucky enough
      to Escape the Rat
      Race of Culture to Free
      the Chains of Binds as Caves
      that dim much Greater hUmaN
      PoTenTiaL LiGht iN DaRK.. it’s true.. too..
      iF iT wasn’t for all that illness i might not have
      experienced the eternity of the Present
      Colored Waves mY FriEnd BeyONd
      A RainBow oF OceaN WHolE LiGhT
      NoW and After Dancing this Afternoon Through
      Evening In Public Stores Prolifically at around a Half
      a Marathon Stint.. After a Routine Doctor’s Appointment.. the Joy
      of Sharing what i’ve learned in Flesh and Blood came in Sharing
      A ‘FredTalk’ with two older Ladies from ‘uP North”.. who were
      Open to Learning the why’s of what i do in Real Health
      and Well Being Benefits in MiNd and BoDy
      BaLanCinG WaY and A Young Couple
      too.. who absorbed all i had to
      Dance and Sing with
      teary eyes
      too from the
      story that ranGed
      from Hell to Heaven iN
      A Continuing Oral Tradition
      i Make in the Panhandle Red State
      of Lower Alabama.. officially knowN as the
      State of Flowers Florida but Surely in People
      Ways of Culture.. much closer to Alabama for although
      ‘those’ other folks are too afraid too confront me face to face
      with a simple Question of why are you doing a whirling twirling movement
      Like a Tiny Dancer Ballerina at 6 Foot or so and 233 LBS of someone
      who looks more like Military or Law Enforcement than a guy who might
      wear tights..
      in a Broad
      Way LiT uP Nut
      Cracker Production
      as ‘Crazy Me’.. unLeashed
      in Grace and Balance WitH
      obviously enough WiLL and Strength
      to Move the weight of my Body as a Feather
      Walks on Water on Terrestrial Land.. so.. those two
      ‘Red Dudes’ as Katrina overheard them Down the Cashier
      Aisles away from the Discussion i was having with the Elder
      Lady.. told the Cashier.. hey that guy is acting like a Ballerina
      over there and if it was us we would call the Cops on him.. WeLL.. un-
      fortunately they left before Katrina could Notify me of an opportunity
      for one of my Favorite Styles of Fred Talks.. probably would have had
      to show them the Half a Ton Leg Pressing Exhibition on YouTube First
      to fully get
      tHeir Fuller
      And.. yes..
      sure by the
      end they would
      Hear anotHeR View of Life.. as
      Those are the opportunities i Look
      Forward to most in my Local Area to
      eXpanD MoRE The Most Closed in Caves of
      Minds to let just a little light uP iN tHeir LiFE
      NoW.. Meanwhile.. my FriEnd.. i Enjoy Doing Photography
      Public Entertainment in Dance in Free Verse
      Ballet and Martial Arts-like ways.. Poetry
      iN All Free Verse Way and after a Lifetime
      Full of Technical Instructions and
      Guidelines in Government
      work and other work
      for 33 years and
      19 years
      of School..
      the only reason i am
      Prolific now is it Feels and
      Senses Good in all i Love to Do..
      aS tHeRE are Many Ways oF MoVinG
      CoNNecTinG Creating LiFE as ART..
      And when it comes to Barnes and Nobles..
      Listening to Music.. Reading Very Deep Books
      And Dancing on eARTh.. Free Verse Walking on
      as Water And Air is a Blessing to do all at once in DancE and
      SonG Effortless as the Feather Floats in alWaYs LiGht Destination
      Presently NoW.. it’s True.. All 12 Million Words or So on my coming
      7th Birthday online have been Worth Heaven NoW Free and Sure.. 51
      Months of 8400 Miles Plus oF Public Dance NoW too.. aLong WitH
      All 5 Millon Words of “SonG oF mY SouL”.. as that Dance and
      SonG of SoUL Continues to Branch out like a Mumford and
      Son’s Whisper in the Dark where i am all Four Guys
      in all Four Screens Shaking Hands with each other
      as just
      wHeRE a Trumpet
      is always BloWinG
      A Horn at the End that
      is AlWays A BeGiNNinG GroWiNG MoRE NoW..
      AnyWay.. thanks my FriEnd again for CoMinG By
      as i use this opportunity to introduce “7 YearS oLD
      DaNCinG SinGinG oNLiNE NoW”.. 808th MacroVerse of
      “Song oF mY SoUL”.. 137th MacroVerse of “Nether Land
      Bible 2017”.. And 33rd MacroVerse of “F Book
      Profile Pic Bible 2018”.. and in what
      are all at Essence oF Form Even
      aLone as Very Holy and
      Sacred Meaning
      And Purpose
      Symbols as Numbers
      CoMinG EVeN without the
      Dance Steps and Song Words
      Attached to these Numbers now.. too..
      This Week also in Synchronicity ways
      of Personally Psychological Full of Meaning
      and Purpose Symbol Ways NoW mARks the 188th
      Seville Quarter Week of Dance with all the Cool College
      Age Folks.. So.. like a Lottery on my 7th Birthday Online
      of Writing NoW iNcluding Dancing And Around 130 Thousand
      Photos Taken too.. in the last 51 Months too.. i have the
      Numbers 808.. 137.. 33.. 130.. and 188 all CoMinG ToGeTHeR
      with no cause and effect.. Science Measurable Relationship
      other than what they mean to me and yes some others too in
      Numerology ways.. it’s tRuly MaGiC mY FriEnd for those of us
      ‘in the
      as ‘they’ still
      Dance and Sing.. MoRE NoW..
      all is connected and nothing
      is Random in Grand View of the
      Master Peace Painting of Life wHeRe
      We are the Brush.. The Paint and All an
      Integral pArt WhOle of the Master Peace Painting ALL..
      And Sure.. this Art of Dance and Writing and Photography
      and All Related Arts too that is just pART of what BRinGS me
      to a LiFE of 100 Percent Faith as Love with no iLLusory Fears
      at all now.. For iT’s True my friEnd i am not the Type for Blind Faith..
      all of this
      iN mY
      Way oF
      Personal Art
      and Science as
      Fully Measurable
      to me in a Beyond
      Harry Potter Way of MaGiC NoW2
      As jusT ANoTHeR MuLTiVerse oF eYes.. per God.. ‘too’..:)

      ‘Funny Little Synchronicities’ as “Whispers in the Dark” was
      Published on Youtube on 3.10.13.. the First Day i Published
      a Poetic Thought on my Google Blogspot Blog linking it here now.. just for fun..

      And the First Post and First Words i Wrote for those 33 Months Stuck in My
      Head on 11.25.10.. as Time Stamped in a Time Zone a Day Ahead
      Around the World on an Online Site Especially Designed
      in Mind for Folks with Asperger’s Syndrome Named
      the “Wrong Planet”.. still.. 28 More Months
      of Writing from Wake to Sleep to Escape
      Pain and Numb Would Come before the
      First Shells of Poetic Words
      that would evenTuAlly
      at the End of July
      of 2013 Through
      August of 2013
      when the Word Press
      Blog Started on 8.18.2013
      BrinG after 66 Months of Dead
      Zone Days A Full heART SPiRiT
      And Evolving SoUL OncE aGAIn NoW..
      As NoW A Full 51 Months later than
      that from when i First Entered Hell
      WitHiN on EartH at the 117th Month Point NoW
      LiVinG Overall in Heaven since the End of July
      2013 for 52 Months.. 84 Months of Writing that come
      with 8400 Miles of Public Dancing in 51 Months too..
      aGaiN.. All stARted at Word Number 1 Below as SHoWN ‘Radio’
      then.. SMiLes mY FriEnd.. This is Definitely a Broad Band Radio SHoW Now..
      and a SonG
      and overall
      Theater oF a PLay
      WHeRe i Direct it.. i Produce it.. I Act
      it.. Do the Photography.. Select the Supporting
      Cast.. The Supporting Musicians and Singers as Modern
      Age Prophets WitH Words Coming From the Walls of Concert Halls too..
      as ‘they’ say.. all endings are all beginnings the Secret is not knowing which one..:)

      Radios, Black and White TV, Color TV, Cable TV, VCR’s, Satellite TV, Surround Sound, Heavy Metal, Computers, Cell Phones, Pornography, MP3 players, I Pads, I Phones, 24 Hour News Cycle, High definition TV etc.

      The evolution of technology bombards the human senses, and we become addicted to the adrenaline not realizing the effect on the health of ourselves or our children.

      Constant bad or good stimulation eventually will wear any living thing down and/or change the way it thinks and behaves. Especially, if you are experiencing it with no physical movement to burn off the adrenaline.

      I think many of the people born 40 or 50 years ago that are now diagnosed with aspergers might have symptoms of low functioning autism if they were born today.

      I couldn’t complete sentences until I was four years old, but managed to cope with the demands of life with high functioning autism and adhd. I can’t imagine being born today and having a chance of a successful independent life.

      I think we are the canaries in the coal mine.

      That was Seven Years
      ago.. nah.. i am
      No Longer
      A Canary
      in a Coal
      Mine.. i AM (JusT ANoTHeR
      ‘A’ Master NoW of ThaT Coal
      Carbon Based MiNd and BoDy BaLanCE NoW..:)

      As this Begins Writing
      on 11.21.2017 at 9.11 PM..:)

  2. Hi Xenia.. and thanks so much for dropping by
    “Veterans of Ground Hog Days”.. With
    Nice Congratulatory Wishes for
    my 7th Year Anniversary
    of Living in Words
    online since
    Thanks Giving
    Day of 2010 and actually
    the 5 Million Plus Word Long
    Form Poem and all the Sub-Chapter
    Poems in Free Verse on Word Press Just
    Celebrated a 51st Month Anniversary on 11.18.2017
    that had Significant Meaning too as that matches the 51
    Days our Son Ryan Lived so i Celebrated by taking down
    the more Serious Face in both Avatar and BackGround of
    Blog Changing to Seagulls Spiraling Around the Sun now
    in even more BackGround of Azure Florida Blue Skies..
    And the First 33 Months of my Existence online was
    mostly spent on the Wrong Planet Site Making
    8021 Posts there as they used to
    call me the 7000 Word Man
    hehe.. but the average
    was likely closer
    to 1,000 Words
    with Some Writing Effort
    Spent online in other Autism
    Communities too.. anyway.. to stay
    on a more Conservative Average Count
    as i actually did spend all those 33 Months
    almost entirely reading and writing on that
    Website then from Wake to Sleep to
    help Escape the Pain and
    Numb then i am
    Keeping the
    Total Estimate of Words
    Written since Thanks Giving
    Day of 2010 at 12 Million Words
    taking that Average Count of Words
    Under 1000 Words a Post Average for
    the ‘Aghogday’ Days per Another Ground
    Hog Day of Dead Zone Living then.. so.. sure..
    i’ll also make this the Opening post of the MacroVerse
    coming next to Celebrate the 7 years of Existence online
    as i am currently finishing up.. “Call of the
    Wild Returns
    After a Very Long
    Weekend out and about
    in Call of the Wild and Free
    Verse Dance as that Public
    Endeavor Continues now for
    51 Months too.. And i remember
    when my Illness Progressed to the Deep
    Part of that 10 Years ago in 2007 about this
    Time of the Year as the sensitivity in pain to colors
    and what was not yet Diagnosed yet then.. as Sjogren’s
    Syndrome that made the Nerve Endings of my Feet Hurt
    so Bad it was Excruciating to Touch anything with My Feet and
    that pArt along with the Sensitivity to Colors Actually Started in 2006
    as i Distinctly also Remember Watching that Movie “Happy Feet” with
    Katrina and my Sister wondering if my Feet Would Suffer with that Pain
    For the Rest of My Life.. but it’s kinda Funny.. odd and strange.. as eventually
    my life would turn out a whole
    lot like that Dancing
    Penguin Named
    Mumbles as
    when folks used to
    make Fun of my Stuttering
    Speech in School and actually
    suggested i Mumbled when i talked
    on the Phone Later in Life.. haha.. but
    now.. i can talk more like a Ted Talk hehe..
    sure.. a Fred Talk in real vocal way.. and that
    really makes me feel good to be able to do that
    and Sing and even Walk with no anxiety either..
    and Truly the Dance Brings Greater Recovery
    of my Brain along with Emotional Regulation
    and Sensory Integration i never had
    Before.. i truly wish more folks
    on the Autism Spectrum
    would try it but
    sadly many
    folks i met on the
    Spectrum are not believers
    in either Exercise or the Value
    Free Flowing Dance with no instruction
    or guidelines as that WiLL Bring as Emotional
    and Sensory Healing.. and perhaps i wouldn’t have
    understood or believed it before.. either.. as i did have a Hard
    Time understanding what exactly the Benefit Folks were getting
    out of Tai-Chi and Martial Arts and the Such as that in Eastern
    Meditative Moving Arts in Healing Ways.. i had to do it to actually
    Feel and
    Sense the
    Difference.. anyway
    in the first Disabling Part
    of my Illness when i wasn’t
    able to use my eyes and ears
    effectively for either reading
    or writing or even looking
    at any Screens at
    all for 33 Months..
    all i could really do is keep
    trying to repeat what happened in the
    past in Memory way the best i could and i usually
    stayed on the ongoing topic of pain within.. as the
    Present was Full of Pain and Numb too.. And my Sister
    Kept saying another Chapter Would Soon Start in my Life..
    And it really did when i mustered up the tolerance to Write
    that First Word on the Wrong Planet Website on Thanks Giving
    Day of 2010.. not able to use my prescription lenses as the focus on
    my Optic Nerve just made the eye pain that much worse.. so i turned the
    Brightness all the way down on the screen and spent the next 33 Months
    Writing From Wake to Sleep just a few inches from the Screen to see it
    where i could only see part of the Screen all those months
    as a Screen of Words became my life where i could
    still not bear to look at any photos.. in color..
    to be able to even see Beauty
    of a Sun Set in a
    photo then..
    with no ability to feel
    that Magical Feeling of
    the Beauty of a Sunset too..
    i heard of stories of people before
    overcoming great obstacles in life
    in ways of illness and other issues but i couldn’t
    find anyone in real life or anywhere online who had actually
    experienced type two Trigeminal Neuralgia from Wake to Sleep
    and although i’ve come across a few folks on the ‘Wrong Planet’ who have experienced
    the Acute Form of Trigeminal Neuralgia in Type one way.. i still haven’t come across
    who has
    type two yet anywhere
    but i’m sure they exist and if i
    could ever find them.. i would tell
    them don’t give up for it is named the
    Suicide Disease literally so too..
    For i would tell them..
    Anything is
    Potential Change NoW
    is our Greatest Gift in Life..
    anyWay.. that first word on Thanks
    Giving Day of 2010 was a Very Painful
    Word to endure as well as the Next 6 Million
    or so that would Come after that with another
    1 Million or so words on the Wrong Planet after
    that pain went away in July of 2013.. but it’s
    true the first word was
    a First
    out of Hell
    that i would endure
    33 more long months..
    it’s true my friEnd i am
    pART of that Biblical ‘Job’
    Club and i’m not the only one
    of course.. but i’ve been to places in
    Hell and Heaven on eARTh NoW that
    i had no idea existed in terms of Black
    Abyss of the Dark Months of the Soul
    And the Beyond Rainbow Colors
    of Emotions and
    that i regularly experience
    NoW iN New Emotional LiGHT
    HeaLinG Sensory Ways of Feelings
    overall more now.. it’s good to be alive
    and Thanks So Much for Helping me to
    Celebrate in the Next Coming MacroVerse
    About those 7 years and of course much more
    to come other than that.. for come what may i welcome now..
    And like that Song From Moulin Rouge Along with the ending Spoken
    Words of the Song that i can no longer find on You Tube that say “the
    Greatest Gift you’ll ever have in life is to Love”.. i find that self-evident
    now that
    Love is Real
    My FriEnd the Agape
    Love for all that never
    ends eternally now
    where if we
    could make
    a pill to give that Eternal eARTh
    Heaven to the Billionaires in the
    World they would take those Money
    Clothes off as if they were soaked in a 2 Thousand
    Year-Old Septic Tank that has never been pumped..
    At least my FriEnd for the way i see life now.. and i am
    very fortunate to come out of hell in anyway at all even in Purgatory Grey..
    And like the Movie
    the 6th Sense says
    ‘i see dead people’ and the
    scariest part of all is they are all alive..
    and the most amazing thing of all to me is
    i am alive at all for during that entire 66 months
    i was never sure.. i could make it one more second..
    now time
    at all to me..
    until the clock says
    i’ve gotta get going somewhere
    else my friEnd aS NoW reMains Heaven lives in me..
    Come what may.. a song i Used to Grieve our Cat Moby’s
    Passing away and my Mother’s too.. but also a Song i Use
    to Celebrate Life
    for tHeRe truly
    are Worse
    Things than Physical
    Death.. Namely losing one’s
    Soul and having every thing else
    and not being able to even touch it.. or see it
    Through An Opaque Window Never Opened then..
    As Far as Love remains tattered remnants of a Soul..
    tears flow easily NoW my friend but they are never only bitter for
    like life
    no matter if
    i can taste them or not..:)


    SMiLes SoHeir.. Thanks.. i enJoyed
    The Positive Uplifting Message
    You BRing Here Today as LoVE
    And it’s True for me iN LiGHT
    too.. 2017 NoW BRinGs to
    me Many
    Gifts too..
    iNcluding You
    mY FriEnd.. Happy
    This Year iS WitH Joy
    With Loving WP FriEnds
    Like You.. Best Hopes and
    Wishes and Prayers to You and
    Your Family iN LoVinG SPiRiT TruE..:)

  4. SMiLes.. my FriEnd… the Call for an Uprising Dude on YouTube
    for yes.. it’s Wednesday and time for a Gift.. but first a few
    words more about Humanly Constructed Abstract
    Symbols of course.. the Letters the Numbers and
    the Words We Create.. eTC.. in Alpha Numerical
    Ways of Construction too and
    OM Illuminati God Full oF
    LiGht without the
    Fear of Dark
    oF LiGht as Science
    Clearly SHoWs Humans are
    only Born with two Innate Fears..
    that of Loud Sounds as Lions Roar
    and even Men with Big Dominate Looking
    Heads that might make a Kung Fu Sound After
    Standing eerily still Before you and to be clear
    not you personally.. if one attempts to Challenge
    tHeir Calm Self Defense.. it’s True you don’t Mess
    around with Kung Fu Jane or Jim and i only Spar
    with Steel as likely Bruce Lee would do too if
    he was capable with the Chi Force of
    Leg Pressing 1020 LBs.. 50 or so
    (By A way the other Fear is
    Heights; i Don’t like heights;
    Most Fallen Angels don’t)
    Times if Properly Focused
    too on a Free Weight
    Nautilus Machine
    where of
    course that Symbol
    as Shell Spiraling around
    looks Just like a 6 or a 9 depending
    on how one tilts the Shell and sure the
    Logo of my University of West Florida as
    Nautilus Shell too.. makes a nice pattern in
    Three College Degrees atop my Desk as sure
    with a Quick Look the Nautilus Logos line up now
    as 666.. Across those Three University Degrees
    as the Finger Print of the PHI Golden Spiral Seen
    All Throughout Nature from SubAtomic Particles
    through our Larger Home of the Galaxy as
    the Milky Way now.. too.. so.. one might
    ask with a Finger Print of
    God Like this
    mirrored in the
    Number 6 and 9 how in God’s
    Finger Print have people become so
    Devilishly Entranced with this Numerical Constructed
    Symbol in 6 and 9 and 6 and 9 that Looks so much like
    God’s Finger Print too also clearly seen in the curled Fetus
    and the Cat at Rest too.. as this is also Nature’s innate way
    of comfort alone allone with all of Nature plUS as GoD too…
    Well.. as usual the Original Greek Definition of Apocalypse in lifting
    the Veils of Ignorance takes Center Stage.. not all folks understand the
    Deeper Meanings of Poetry or Parables and sure.. from my experience many
    Paint by Number Poet’s who look up words in Dictionaries and Thesaurus’s to
    make a Mechanical Rhyme or a Count of Syllables by Equation can and will be
    a bit lost
    when it
    to the Much Deeper
    Abstract meanings of
    Metaphors that are not Clear
    and Concrete like a Tree is a Tree
    is a Tree that is always a Tree and
    not God as an Entire Tree of Life in Jesus-like
    talk and other Prophets and Messengers and Deeper
    Free Verse Poets.. Coming from a Holy Spirit Creative
    Flow that requires no book look-ups or mind searching
    in intent for the next word to come Free WitH A StreAM of
    Consciousness that Flows NoW as A River as Waves of Ocean
    Whole SubConsciousness Mind that while not easy to measure
    is likely related to an Entire Collective SupraOrganism of Mind
    oF all of Creation AKA A Three Letter Word God but of course
    this can and will only be iNtuited with a Much Higher State of
    Awareness in Stream of Consciousness to Enter inTo MiNd
    oF Entire God NoW that is well above any pay grade
    of the rather Juvenile State of the Black
    and White Leaning Scientific
    Method of only
    Measuring and
    Repeating what
    we can and will see
    as Observable Empirically
    Measurable Existence with the
    aided Five Senses as ‘normally’ identified
    now.. it’s true all is Nature all is God but it’s also
    True as far as Metaphors Do Dance and Sing tHeRE
    is also Super-Normal too.. in other words in metaphor NoW
    those who see more than Rainbow Colors now.. some do some
    don’t some Color Blind People See Differently Some folks See God
    Face to Face and some don’t.. it’s kinda simple and as complex as that.. NoW
    anyway.. meanwhile here.. you are Worried About the BirthDAte on my Driver’s
    License.. yes.. 6660.. and Lord Knows down here in ‘Foot Loose’ Town where the
    Good Old Boy’s Tell the Cashier at Winn Dixie that a Big Law Enforcement Southern
    Baptist Looking SoftBall Player Dude who is Soloing a Mix of Martial Arts and Ballet-like
    Free Verse Dance in an aisle alone not bothering anyone at all.. yes.. they tell the Cashier
    they would call the cops not realizing how eloquent i speak with the Management to get approval
    in advance.. heHe.. anyway.. they left before my wife reported them to me.. and you can probably
    imagine what it’s like by now to meet me in person and hear all of this packed into a 5 minute talk..
    rather overwhelming my Friend.. particularly when you sense just how totally fearless i am as a
    Practice of life for Very rarely do even Loud sounds bother me as i am usually by very Nature of
    my ‘Lion sized Head and Jaws”
    the Loudest roar in the
    room or even
    in Church that
    has been compared
    to a Shot-Gun going off..
    And back to Real Scholarly Biblical
    ReportS.. even the Catholic Church has come
    out of the Dark Ages and readily admits now in the
    Homily.. per Monsignor Report that Revelation is all about
    the Persecution of Christians by the Roman Leader Nero
    identified Alpha Numerically by underground Christian
    Believers with the Numbers 616 likely later changed
    to 666.. and the only end of the World they were
    Seeking then was the end of the Roman
    Persecution then.. there is much
    Ignorance in a Literal
    Take on
    Such a Beautiful
    Book of Poetry as the Bible still is that
    clearly relates a History of Human Beings
    in Stories from Oral Tradition that of course while
    most do not relate to real life events as stories and mythologies
    Created Cross Culturally Provide Archetypal Deep Emotional Stories
    of Life that apply still aCross Human Nature now.. meanwhile.. as far as
    ‘getting awake’ as ‘they’ say some folks stick to what they are told before in
    literal interpretations and they call that faith.. they Recite a Roman’s 10:9 Verse
    Like a Magical Incantation forgetting all about the real work like A Camel Must Make
    to Trim down their Patreon Pennies made off oF Fear and Hate and Misery Loves Company
    to make it through what surely otherWise Will seem like an eye of a Needle to get to the Heaven
    at Hand now always as the Kingdom of God Within in this Generation now.. taking the teachings
    of just one Son of Man as a Child of God who was likely more like a Son of a Single Breeding Woman
    as Purge Virgin Love.. Empathy.. Sympathy and Compassion to say turn the other Cheek and do not
    throw the stone unless you are sinless too.. and Love your enemies to Broaden your point of view whether
    you like and agree with them or not.. open an eye and ear of Agape Unconditional Love as it is not the organ
    that is the eye but the higher eye of Love that is i mY FriEnd.. it’s not that i don’t know you to quote an older phrase..
    i do understand you but it’s true it may take more work to understand me.. as that other story SHowS STiLL CLeARly too..
    For it’s True John 14:12 is a real deal my friEnd that can and will Be Discerned as Truth and Light too.. lots of Roses in the Bible and lots of Thorns too.. all of us must discern for Hope and Love over the Fear and Hate of the Condition of Being Human that need not be Sugar Coated for it too is
    pART of HuMaN
    And GoD
    as the
    BRinGS Greater
    Hope and Love when
    Fear and Hate is conquered
    for the LiGHt of Joy Loves Company
    Now.. meanwhile.. if you will.. please stop
    making fun of my Birthday.. and i will try to
    take you a little more seriously too.. it’s true now..
    i don’t like what you do but i Love you never the less
    and flesh yes.. the Fairer Sex is my thing.. particularly
    My Wife as Metaphor of Goddess Isis Incarnate who is
    having a great deal of trouble aging still at 47.. with sure
    still the Figure of what some Muslim Folks wish to gain
    with a whole lot more Women when they reach NoW
    what i already have on Earth as “Real Christians”
    who get the Deeper Meanings of the
    Parables of Hope and Love in
    the New Testament come
    to actuALLy Do and
    Practice now
    As a Life LonG Vocation StayCation HeaVeN
    of Hope and Love and Joy Loves Company now..
    With No Need for Corporations and other ways to
    Stack on Cash Above and Beyond Basic Subsistence
    and Shelter and Some Friends and Family and a Potential
    Mate too.. if one is into that kinda thing too.. and oh of course also
    Clearing up the Confusion that the original Psalm of the Old Testament
    that according to the Story of Jesus who also affirmed too that ye are all God’s
    in the Sense that we are all pART of God wHOle and tHERe is never any separation
    no matter what anyone Labels the EnTiRE aLL ForcE of GoD now that is acTuaLLy
    Beyond any Human Contrived Abstract Constructs of Alpha through Omega now..
    as God is beyond any Human Conception of even Time Distance or Space now
    as the finite Truth my FriEnd
    is God
    Ruled By Human
    anymore than Humans
    rule the Creativity of My words
    in Essence of Meaning.. yeah.. i’ve had
    Poets on so-called Poetry sites Delete the
    Parables of my Poetry ’cause they couldn’t
    understand the Parables.. yeah Baby.. the Prophecies
    Obviously continue as that is pArt of Human Archetypal
    Nature still.. some folks do not dance and some folks don’t
    Understand Folks like the Story of Jesus Portrays still.. nothing
    really New under the Sun except for the Verses we add to the UniVerse now..
    anyway.. Fundamentalist Christians Brought a Rather Ignorant taste to my Mouth
    for all the incidents the Cashiers at Grocery Stores Carded me for when i used to drink
    a Beer a day with the Stress of Government work.. looking up with palpable Fear just for
    the Golden PHI Spiral of God imprinted three times in a row on a Frigging Driver’s License..
    yes.. it’s kinda ironic.. oops ran out of Google John 14:12 space.. next comment Now Please to
    receive your Free Gift from Little Old me..;)
    Story now..
    Yes.. Ironic that so-called
    Christians Have identified
    God’s Finger Print as Evil and perhaps
    it’s not all that ironic at all that i was born
    on 6660 my FriEnd.. somewHEre RiGht NoW
    God is SMiLing and LauGHiNg with Ellie Goulding
    WitH Great Pride that she wears God’s Finger Print.. three times aCross her
    Lovely Chest.. and yes ‘we’ find her Music Very Very Inspiring in fACt it seems
    to ‘us’ that her Song from that Shades of Grey Movie was more about God all
    as God eYes Reflecting God than any mixed up Billionaire who was never
    with the
    Love of a Woman
    who still is a Song of
    A Woman’s Love.. A
    Mother as they say.. a Mother Lover
    that some folks fail to ever feel so sadly as such..
    Little Men Syndrome where Women Become the
    Object and the Enemy instead of Love’s Grace.. sure.. the real
    downfall of what we are seeing in the Media finally exposed NoW
    As WoNdeR WoMaN BRinGs a Sword AGaiN that is Truth CoMe to LiGHT
    Greater NoW.. It’s True my FriEnd.. Real Men are Not afraid to Wear PiNk And AlWays
    Put WoMeN
    aHead as
    Love and Grace
    As Divine Feminine
    Force within.. but sure
    come see me in person some
    NoW and we will talk about it unlike
    you.. i.. Am not afraid to sHow God’s Face..
    (hint: Love) in Spiraling nines and sixes.. yes.. it’s True.. i’M ratHeR SiXY AND iSReaL..;)
    Yes.. God WiNks2..:)


    5 Miles a Day.. gigoid.. is Surely a Healthful
    Way to Stay.. also in terms of
    Capturing Prey and
    Different and Same..
    Yes.. i often go all on about
    Milestones in Public Dance but
    really 166.66 Miles a Month equals
    out to less that 6 miles a Day around
    the 5.48 Mile Point as i’ve Accumulated
    over 8400 Miles of that Truly Fun Activity
    No Matter Rain.. Sleet.. Snow.. or other
    Climate Change as all the Public
    Stores Accommodate Free
    Cool and Warm air
    and Cool Fountain
    Drinking Water..
    as in PaNhandle
    Way we are arriving at a
    Seasonal Cool November
    Moving Away from Indian Summer
    Sunshine that started becoming the New
    Rule the last two years.. ‘miles a day’.. as i remember
    what my Maternal Grandmother Did.. Dropping out of
    High School after her Mother Died of Breast Cancer to
    Help Raise her Sisters by Picking Cotton from Day
    Break to Sunset then.. then after that eventually
    Becoming a Divorced Mother Working For
    over a Decade as a Waitress Seven
    Days a Week.. Twelve Hours a
    Day if one can imagine
    2 Miles an Hour and Close
    to a Full Marathon Length of Walking
    Food Orders every day all days of the Year
    without fail so her Children could eat Decently..
    And as Karma comes and goes she wore out in her
    50’s similar to what happened to me in a greater way
    of Mental than Physical Stress that are truly one and the
    same as Mental Stress is just Unrequited Stress Chemicals
    that need to get burned off physically as one goes if they are able
    too of course
    and not
    behind a
    Desk Sitting
    Still with Demands
    coming from each and every
    Corner of an Office Environment
    and More now then.. anyway.. My Mother
    Supported her while we lived at my GrandMother’s Very Old
    Home on the River in a Shot Gun Home Shook at Foundation
    by the Train and a Trestle Across the River in a Stone’s throw there..
    with more of an arm than i could Provide.. hehe.. as a Child as i was too
    weak from sitting at school and watching the Couch Potato Tube once we
    got one at age 7.. finally in Black and White.. to Even Mow the Thick Green River
    Grass Lawn of my Grand Mother’s Yard then as i remember before i started working
    out with weights at 12 Years old where Before at 11 in our New Home on Elm Street
    i was too weak to complete the Finish of Raking a Neighbor’s Yard to Make 2 Bucks
    then.. True.. those Plastic and Concrete Weights born of K-Mart then.. were one of
    the Best Investments my Mother Made for my Eventual Basic Human Existence
    in Surviving Many Challenges from the Future then.. as it’s True.. Non-Verbal
    Language is the Language most all Humans Innately Understand NoW Deep
    Down Instinctually and Intuitively best.. however.. Like any Domesticated
    Cat who and that Stops Exploring the World in Play.. Use it or
    Lose Does Still Apply to all Animals for the Hawk rarely
    falls out of the Sky and the Chimpanzee out of the
    Tree as they practice practice practice.. wax
    on wax off as ‘they’ play too.. for Mastering
    Any Art or Science of Life after the
    First 10,000 Hours or so comes..
    With Continuing Practice Necessary
    After that as some folks Literally Forget to
    Breathe at the most Basic of innate instinctual
    and intuitive and even Autonomic Responses of Freer
    Living NoW iN Expertise of Practicing Life more than some
    Incantation out of a Text Book to be spit back out if at all from
    Data Down Load School of Multiple Choice Tests.. anyway.. like a
    Feral Cat.. My Grandmother Developed Really Big and Strong Paws..
    Yes.. Cotton Picking and Dish Carrying Hands and Arms too.. sure.. she
    was a little like Wonder Woman too.. And i was way too busy acing
    Multiple Choice Tests then to ever begin to wear the Naked
    Clothes more of Physical and Emotional and Much
    Greater Potential Existential Other Intelligences
    too.. so.. i started Moving all around in
    Words and After that my Body
    Danced and now i am
    Celebrating 7 Years
    of Writing online this
    Saturday on Thanks Giving
    Weekend as now just about every
    pART of Me Dances and Sings Free..
    even without any Plastic Weights of Concrete
    to hold me up in Multiple Choice ways.. sure.. it’s nice
    to have something to say aLong with the Free Verse
    Dance of Life as Lord Knows For Decades the only
    response i usually brought was working.. just been
    working still filling out the answers to Multiple Choice
    Tests Given Before.. Fluid Intelligence is More a MoVinG
    ConNecTing CreATinG DancE and SonG.. Glad to hear NoW
    you are still escaping the Matrix my FriEnd for as far as i KNoW
    and FeeL and SensE thAT StaRtS and NeveR Ends NoW at a Finish
    that Never Begins.. Walk About mY friEnd ” as they say” is a way to BE..:)

    “It takes two to speak the truth–one to speak and the other to hear.”

    ~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~

    Oh.. Before i go on.. Katrina reminds me.. it’s ThanksGiving
    Tomorrow.. just more proof that i don’t connect to many folks
    from the ‘Country’ i live in.. hehe.. so yeah..
    Happy Thanks Giving to ya as
    California still
    too in the US of A.. Barring any
    More Fires and other Stuff to come..:)

    Yes.. as i was saying Before the TG Reminder..

    True as the outcast coMes to Seek
    And Find tHeir TrutH and LiGht
    Lives within that
    no nAMe aT aLL
    But a Dance and
    Song that Works as LiGHT..;)

    Yeah it’s True.. Thanks Giving to me
    Has beCoMe an alterNative moreover
    Anniversary oF Writing as i Create mY Culture as i Dance and Sing NoW..:)

    And it’s alWays interesting to Dance at Old Seville Quarter NoW oN Thanks
    Giving Night as those folks distanced from Immediate Culture coMe OuT iN Force too..:)

    But yeah.. i Do Connect
    to Folks in the Flesh
    and Blood World away
    from online here.. in the US oF A.. so.. perhaps
    i’ll get out to see some Extended Family too.. as we actually just got invited too.. i’m Friends
    with everyone.. Convincing Folks to Reciprocate in all the Rooms of Life is a little Miss and hit..;)

    “Men do not quit playing because they grow old;
    they grow old because they quit playing.”

    ~~ Oliver Wendell Holmes ~~

    Every Cat i meet
    teaches me this
    and Wild
    Freer Feral Story..
    Stray Cats Strut.. mY FriEnd..:)

    31. Read between the lines.

    ~~ Instructions for life ~~

    InSert LiFE heAR PReSeNTLY..:)

    “Is dishwater dull?
    Naturalists with microscopes tell me
    it teems with quiet fun.”

    ~~ G. K. Chesterton ~~

    YeaH it’s True.. Some MicRobes Move
    More Fluidly Than Humans Sitting Still..;)

    “If ever I become entirely respectable
    I shall be quite sure that I have outlived myself.”

    ~~ Eugene V. Debs ~~

    It’s True An Only Way iN A Human Culture
    to Gain the most respect is to become the Best Group Doer..
    which only
    else can fill
    in for you when you leave.. Another Brick iN A Wall as ‘they’ say2..;)

    “I can handle reality in small doses,
    but as a lifestyle it’s much too confining.”

    ~~ Lily Tomlin ~~

    As Far as the Clothing of
    Culture Goes.. Shorts work out okay..:)

    “Youth, large, lusty, loving-
    Youth full of grace, force, fascination.
    Do you know that Old Age may come after you
    with equal grace, force and fascination?”

    ~~ Walt Whitman ~~

    Don’t leave the L L and L Behind either.. heHe..;)

    “Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.
    Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
    Walk beside me, and just be my friend.”

    ~~ Albert Camus ~~

    It’s Rather Strange how rarely
    it is in the Entire South East
    Gulf Coast Free Range
    from Biloxi to
    oF Public
    i’ve found
    Willing to Dance and Sing Free beSide me..
    Yes.. i’m talking about Beyond Trump Group Walk..:)

    “The path is the way.
    The way is the truth.
    It is found, but not held
    walked on, but not followed.”

    ~~ Tao Te Ching ~~

    Wonder if Lao Danced but it’s
    True.. Most Writers of Philosophy
    Are Almost by Definition Introverts..
    Considering other folks likely wrote what
    if anything he actually said.. Chances are Better that he Danced too..
    Although Dance Does Wear out Shoes Fast as on average i replace
    A Pair of Nike Shox Shoes Every Three Months at the 500 Mile point or so
    as i am on my 18th Pair of Nike Shox Shoes Since the Beginning of September
    of 2013.. NoW as i finally Found Some Half Price.. as uGh it appears they are not going
    to be making
    them anymore..
    so i grabbed three
    As i’LL Cross Change aS A RiVeR FLoWs..:)

  6. SMiLes mY FriEnd Xenia For Clouds
    Float sAMe oVeR Edge of Rocky Mountains
    sAMe as Whippets Different Gliding oveR Stones Down Hill
    BaLanCe oF
    sAMe iN HuMaN
    CLoTheS LooK anD LisTeN
    Mountains beCome all Down Hill..
    Every SeaSon WitH
    its Pain and Pleasure
    Every Dog wITh Love
    Cool Comfort..
    November Puzzle to Be
    Solved New Tangle
    of Tree Roots
    Ashore and
    heHe.. for me at
    Least.. Public Dance
    BecoMes A Challenge
    Weaving in and out of
    Shopping Bodies
    Far aWay
    Not to Harm
    Holiday Season
    Spending.. but sTill mY
    FriEnd.. Xenia.. i reTain mY Cloud WitH eASe
    as ‘they’ say.. 10,000 Hours And More of Practice..:)


    “Floating Cloud
    North Wind in November
    “Howling the Eternal Yes”

    -Xenia Tran
    -gigoid.. Fourth Title Line..:)

    A PiLL Only to Cure Fear Surely
    Not enough for the never Fill
    Of Power Status And Other Goods
    To Feel
    The Monotherapy
    oF Fearless Unconditional
    Love to Cure Most iLLs as State
    Even Nation BeinG Truly Free
    oF WeLL BeinG..
    Waves to the Morning Sun
    Ocean Blues Warm Home Soon..
    Print Sand
    All Around
    Fly Wings..
    Shell Trails
    Mountain Face
    Best oF Fossil Hits Record
    Of Millions oF
    Nautilus Phi LiFE
    YearS.. MeanWhile
    Human Media oF
    A Few Decades
    iN 8 Track
    Go Extinct..
    True.. Some Life
    Songs Last Longer Than
    Others.. So Let It Be Shell
    So Let It Be LastinG NoW..
    SMiLe mY FRiEnD.. Frank..
    For one thing for Sure
    is Computers Lack the
    Programming For Holy
    Creative Spirit Flow
    NoW to
    An Artist
    but sure
    An AI Trump
    So Predictable his Art
    oF A Steal Is As Robot Deal..
    HaHa.. oTHeR than that Artists
    Have Been Uploading tHeir SoUL
    As Nautilus Art in Every Medium
    that comes.. and although they
    Say the Internet was created
    by Porn more than likely
    iT is More For SoUL
    Set in Fossils
    and Humanly
    Speaking could last
    the Species.. but of course
    what we have now may be
    JusT anoTheR 8 Track Tape PasSing away..
    ThE Love that Carries on is Best pasSinG oN
    in eYEs
    thaT Love BRings
    To Fruition’s Carry on..
    Other than that Happy Thanks
    Giving mY Friend NoW WitH Warm
    eYes oF Your Loved Ones wHo Carry
    YouR Love Forevermore NoW iN eYes
    DanCinG SinGinG LoVE.. For Love
    Needs Nor Leaves Any Copyrights..
    For Machines Will Never Feel Love
    And Humans Who Do FulfilLeD Live iN Paradise FRee NoW..
    It’s True..
    is no
    AI Heaven..
    For True th(e)ose
    Human Machines
    LivE WiLL iN Less than Love..:)


    Gratitude Sun Salutation
    Just Because”
    “Howling The Eternal Yes”

    -Frank Hubeny
    -gigoid.. Fifth Title Line..:)

  7. Living Rooms.. Only Couches..
    Chairs.. Room For Life..
    Oral Tradition
    Become Screens
    Feelings.. Rose Words..
    Emotions Swirling
    Living Room..
    It’s True.. Back in the
    60’s.. My Elders Shared
    Stories Around Kitchen
    Tables and Couches with Living Room..
    And They Even Played Card Games with
    Flesh and Blood Beings.. With Heart Beats..
    Used to Flower..
    Some Still Bloom..
    Happy Thanks Giving
    For that mY friEnd.. Brian..
    It’s Good to Have a Voice..
    True.. i Don’t
    Play Card Games..:)


    Hi Glenn.. Happy Thanks Giving
    And somehow i arrived at your
    Post Highlighting 40 years of TV Guide
    From Decades since ’53.. here we are in
    ’17.. 64 Years Later and as the Beatles Song
    Goes.. Will i Still
    Love the TV
    64 years
    ago as those TV
    Guide Photos Relate
    i’ve Consumed as Many
    TV Shows as a Grizzly Consumes
    BerrieS hehe.. OMG.. the Modern
    Human Library in Subconscious
    Flow Ocean More.. So Many Thousands
    of Mirror Neuron Relationships with Humans/Places/
    Things/ Never entering our Flesh and Blood World..
    But Never
    The Less
    As Science
    Shows.. Feels
    Senses and KNows
    No Different than the
    Next Door Neighbor over
    For A Visit Still.. A Brand New
    Experiment of Human Brains now
    Married to Mirror Neuron Vicarious
    LIFe as Real as Real Feels and Senses
    on all
    Size Screens
    now come Real..
    i suppose now
    tHere Comes A
    Day wHeRE aLL
    Screens Come Real..
    iN Grizzly Size Regurgitation
    To Clear Those Air Waves oF BeForE..:)

  9. Second Round of Poetic Responses
    at Xenia’s Place of Poetry.. NoW
    iN someways.. sadly.. i must say
    i’ve never seen Real Life Snow on Mountains
    And the First time i Played a Very Realistic Virtual
    Snow Boarding Game on the Computer i felt
    my Ancestors
    from the
    Black Forest
    of Germany calling
    back to me.. my FriEnd.. for
    the Biggest (only) Mountains i’ve
    ever seen are those in an Alpine
    Village of Helen Georgia where
    even more my ancestors
    called to me there
    for True too.. i am
    only two Generations
    Removed from the Dover
    Cliffs and Limerick Ireland..
    but it’s true3 i don’t have the
    Patience for Limericks.. hehe.. Thanks.. Xenia..
    With lots of ‘Old World’ Roots that Branch out
    as sometimes in Church i find myself singing with
    an Irish Accent for ‘no reason’ and as i mentioned
    before the Indian Tech
    Support mistakes
    me for
    but hey.. after all is said
    and done LiFE is MaGiC anyWay
    as far as i WiLL See NoW WiTh LoVE..
    TRuE.. mY FriENd For NoW aLL
    Love is an All enComPasSinG
    Electric BlankET ThaWing aLL
    With Never
    A Need For Coal
    otHeR Than Carbon
    Based Being heHe
    Sure.. A Sprinkle
    oF Science
    With a Whole Load oF Art
    As A Wash Rinse and Dry
    Cycle Comes Complete AgaiN WitH
    WArm BLanket oF LiFE toGeTHeR aGaiN..
    SMiLes mY FriEnd For NoW i Give aLL
    Thanks for DanCinG and SinGinG LoVE
    FriEnds and Family and all of Nature
    And yes the
    Super Normal
    oF ALL i Refer to as God Beyond Human eYes..
    Sure.. Basic Subsistence.. iN Aided Tool Terms
    oF Modern Niceties like Toilet Paper..
    Soft Pillows.. and Warm Showers
    And Shelter for Warm and Cool too..
    Inside.. But Best of all is for those
    Without any
    at all no matter where UniVersAllY
    they are as far as all of Creation MoRE
    within inside.. outside.. above.. so below
    and all around.. God is only as far away
    as a Dance
    FriEnd for it’s True for me
    at least.. if God Doesn’t Exist
    in Naked Seagull Wings on a Beach
    With no Human Foot Prints God Doesn’t
    Exist in any Book allone.. True A God oF aLL Thanks Giving..
    SMiLes mY FriEnD A Fourth
    Title coming From too Many
    Open Tabs From aBove So beLow
    And Like
    iT iS ofTen
    The little misTakes
    tHat/ wHo “HOwl
    thE ETernal YeS”..
    A Best pARt
    oF PoeTry
    IS A HeaVeN oF
    Change neVer sET
    iN StOne mY friEnd
    It’s TruE2..
    PoEtry too..
    AlWays Happy
    Thanks GiVinG to You too.. Xenia..
    For The Welcoming yoU’ve GiVen me2..:)

  10. X says:

    Alright, I need a video of the wookie dance. Ha.
    its rare to find one that is a friend like a wookie. Now he has a lifedebt to Han for saving his life, but I imagine their relationship developed well beyond that. One where they cared so very deeply.
    “the Essence
    of who i am co-Creates with the Rest of Nature”…so true…and perhaps no more than the friends
    like wookies that are always there, but every little thing we
    do sends ripples, for good or…

    • It’s not easy BeinG ‘A’
      Wookiee mY FriEnd
      but it’s Worth
      iT all
      Way to Soul..
      Thanks for Dropping
      by Brian.. on Thanks
      mY FriEnd
      With LoVE And
      Thanks for Encouraging
      me and so many other folks
      to be who i am when
      all i really
      was one word of Hello
      when the rest of the World Couldn’t See me..
      but nah..
      i’m Standing
      on The Desk
      of LoVE ALL..
      and now no matter
      where i go ‘they’ recognize i’m here..
      at least iN A Dance World of SoUL..
      is much
      Harder to Hear
      hehe.. rather long… these days..;)

  11. Second Round at
    Frank’s Poetry Place With..
    SMiLes mY
    FriEnd For
    All tHat/wHo Feels
    A Fill oF NoW ReaL aGaPE..
    Love Waves
    Ocean Whole Sun
    Shine GRains
    But True..
    8 Tracks
    Do Still
    Live Within.. heHe..
    me.. Dancing with Donna Summers..
    i Bought That Move “Chappie”..
    over a year ago on Blu Ray and still
    Haven’t Watched it and it truly is amazing
    to me that some
    Folks Actually
    A Potential
    of Greater than
    the True Quantum
    MaGiC oF Human iMaGiNaTioN
    CreaTiViTY and the Actual Feel
    And Sense of LiVinG Created as
    An Artificial Intelligence Machine
    as we’ve already
    Intelligence my
    FriEnd in Tests of
    Standard IQ and Minds
    and Body’s that become Stagnant
    And Still Downloading Data all days
    in School and Work now and even
    so called Play.. if all we come
    to be are
    pressers more..
    i see ‘Chappie’ as more
    oF a Parody of what we’ve
    Become than what so many of us
    Have Forgotten For all the Potential
    Real MaGiC in what we WiLL Do MoRE
    NoW oF
    when we
    Master the Tool
    Away from the Soul we’ve
    Lost within.. but course i come
    from the Reference Point of a Person
    Who lost Emotions and Senses that make
    Worth Living…
    And of course when i Hear
    someone say life is not worth
    Living i’ve a Good Idea of where they are..
    now in feel and sense
    as in that
    is no logical
    way out other than Feel And Sense..
    For it’s True for all the Doctors and Other
    Professionals i saw not one with all their advanced
    Medical Science had a clue of what i could do to bring
    back my Emotions
    not even a
    clue as a
    bread crumb
    For i just had
    to Wait for the
    Poetry of Song and Dance to come
    back again re-Born.. the Child’s eYes
    That Standard
    Intelligence took away
    From the MaGiC of LiFE Divorced from i-robot eYes..
    SMiLes mY FriEnd it’s like the Terminator2.. the Good
    Cop is already here.. and everywhere i look now that
    he’s back all i
    see is
    Life Shuffling by
    Automen With Button Fingers
    Like Frosty the Snowman always melting….
    SMiLes mY FriEnd For i’ve given you
    Much more than one line back today..
    heHe.. but this is Like ‘One’
    oF mY Favorite Subjects..
    And isReal Life in Heaven NoW..
    And A Way Hell is portrayed on
    the ‘Lucifer’ Show as Presented
    on the Fox Network.. ‘recently’
    as a place where
    willingly return
    to over and over
    now.. For it’s True mY
    Friend as long as folks believe
    that Heaven is somewhere else
    but now here within they
    are the
    that and who will
    Never be able to See that Heaven is now..
    they’re already heaR if only they could See..
    the Gift
    Been Given to them.. NoW
    It Takes a WHole lot of
    Seek and Find to escApe A
    Potential Matrix oF Hell on EartH..
    Mostly Created WiTHiN.. NoW2..
    iF onLY
    Like in the
    ‘Wizard of Oz’
    ‘they’ would put tHeir God (LovE)
    Shoe on again.. WiThiN
    As Free..
    Beyond Beauty
    Heaven on eARTh Within is ReaL
    A Wisdom oF Love Beyond aLL i-Robot Tools..
    Other Folks
    Are Looking
    Beyond a Rainbow that’s HeAR..:)

  12. Third Round of Poetic Words NoW Dance
    And Sing at Xenia And Frank’s Poetic Places..
    When Every Move BecomeS DancE
    When Every Sound BecomeS
    SonG And All Words LivE
    Free as PoeTry DanceS
    aLL iS
    Thanks GivinG NoW
    heHe.. Even iF i
    The Turkey
    The Entire Pie Tastes Fine..
    SMiLes.. i FigureD y’ALL Celebrated
    After aLL is DonE and SaiD
    iT’S HeaVeN aLL NoW
    DancE and SonG…
    See Ya Xenia..
    PoeTrY LiVeS oN..:)
    Per Reporting on the Human
    Condition as Jonathan Haidt often does
    tHeRe are Open and Closed Minded Doctors
    Like Everyone else..
    some closed
    in only
    A Car Manual
    of Fixes in the past
    and some as open minded
    to literally Give me an RX for a
    Prescription For Dancing in Case
    ‘the Law’
    of OutDated
    ‘Books’ Pulls
    me over
    in the
    Mall to see if
    i Have a License to Dance..
    it’s True.. i Literally Have a Prescription
    for Dance.. i even posted it as a Facebook
    Profile Pic for a Day and For Easy Access
    out and about in Dance as it’s so Ironic
    that Free Verse
    is the
    of Youth
    that Folks Call Crazy..
    Meanwhile.. ‘they’ continue
    to Look For ‘Dance’ somewhere else but within..
    And sure that’s how most Folks See Love out tHeRe
    inStead of iN HeAR
    mY friEnd Frank..
    Giving alWays
    NoW A Dance
    A Song ThaT ALWaYs Counts for
    overAll BeinG HuMaN WeLL BeinG NoW..
    Oh yeah.. in case i never mentioned it.. after the
    Old Doctor saw my Miraculous Recovery with
    A Mind and BoDy BaLanCinG Free
    Verse Dance.. He Literally
    Quit His practice
    as he Literally
    said i inspired
    him to Move on to a Teaching
    Hospital to Teach Movement Therapy..
    i Suppose that BRinGS a Whole New Meaning..
    hehe.. for the Student who becomes the Master for
    when he first met me.. he.. as an Air Force Major Psychiatrist
    said among all his Combat Fatigue Patients i was the worst
    Case then that
    he ever encountered
    as he offered to Refer me
    As a Candidate for a Procedure
    to Actually Implant a Vagal Nerve
    Stimulator.. so i could feel something
    again.. and he
    Also Promoted Trans
    Cranial Magnetic Stimulation
    not covered by my Insurance
    then either.. as yes.. i was so
    Desperate.. i Considered
    paying the full cost
    of it that
    would have
    Been Thousands
    of Dollars out of Pocket then..
    Meanwhile.. as other Studies were
    showing elsewhere that a Busy Air Force
    Major Now Moving in the Reserves with so
    many patients had no time to Consider.. Scientists
    were showing in studies that Free Verse Movement in
    A Meditative Focused way Literally Rebuilds Grey Matter
    in the Brain and makes New Connections of Wiring for
    Human Cognitive
    With Increased Imagination
    and Creativity and Overall Human
    Productivity too.. Deep inside my Body
    Taught me what to do all iNnately iNstinctually
    and iNtuitively too.. All Moves becAMe Dance
    And All Words becAMe Poetry and Heaven Within
    Followed no Different than a Rose Blooming For the First time ever
    Every now
    Feels like the
    First time my friend..
    time out of time distance
    out of distance space out
    of space and place out of place..
    Heaven always now within.. and
    My Cherokee and Sioux Ancestors
    Were slaughtered and Called Crazy
    Naked Savages for Dancing
    Around a Moonlit
    Fire of
    Love within
    like this.. Meanwhile..
    ‘those’ folks called themselves
    Christians never hearing the Message
    that the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand
    Always in this Generation now within and if you
    look for it somewhere else you will never find it now..
    Those Indians Had all of God and Heaven Free and the
    Killed ‘them’
    For What ‘they’ Never Saw or Heard within..
    Meanwhile.. i stand in the Back of the Catholic
    Church Swaying Slowly Rhythmically in a Melody
    of Feet that kNows and feels and senses no Fear iN/As Love..
    AdditionAlly.. with Zero Fears NoW mY Singing Voice is Powerful
    Enough in Pure Chi Flow Force of non-doing Tao Stream of Consciousness
    Mind and Body BeinG Free DancESonG to Lead the Entire Choir from the Very
    of the
    So it’s True mY
    friEnd iN LiGHT i forgive them
    for what they still care not to ‘KNoW..
    After all i am
    one iN Heaven..
    just coming
    down now
    enough for a
    Dance and Song that ‘counts’..
    And truly even With Around 12 Million Words
    Since Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. About the best
    i Can WiLL
    Do iN aS LoVE
    iS sHoW
    ‘them’ sTiLL
    What a Dance
    of Heaven within
    Looks like from the
    outside in.. thing
    is.. ‘the Indians
    of in as God’
    did/do it and i do Still NoW remember
    the reception they received then/now..
    in eyes of ancestors who couldn’t believe
    the ignorance of
    the so-called
    ‘White Man’
    Clothes.. Yes.. in the Gospel of Thomas
    Verse 37.. the Part Censored out Still of the
    Nicene Council Bible Making Meeting of 325 AD..
    Even Jesus was reported as saying to find the Living
    one within Strip your clothes off and tread on them with no
    in other
    Dance Naked..
    just like the Indians
    did/do with No Bibles at all..
    SMiLes mY FriEnd.. somewHeRe
    Deep Down tHeRE is a Naked Indian (God)
    Just waiting To Dance again in as all of us..
    so ironic
    understood anything
    really that so-called Jesus
    taught in words of whoever
    wrote them as the Essence of
    Dance and Song (God) NoW..
    it’s as
    Heaven’s Free Love within
    A Dance and Song alWays aNeW
    RENeWed no beginning no ending
    aLwaYs Thanks GiVinG isReAL NoW..
    Again.. even after all these words the best i can/will do
    is the same that my Naked Ancestor Indians did just go out
    and do
    a never
    Dance Never Giving up on LoVE.. No Ghost Dance.. i AM ReAL..
    ‘thing’ is ‘i am’ way too Clever now to get crucified with WiNks..
    ‘those’ folks are still waiting for a Jesus to come back and put
    all those folks who disagree with them in an eternal
    fire of forever torture by an all Loving God..
    all the
    and the
    Free Indians
    that Live in Heaven
    now continue to dance
    sing Free..
    only wishing
    and hoping to
    lend a dance and song that and wHO Works..
    anyway.. like the First Psychiatrist Exclaimed
    to his budding new Psychiatrist when he
    First met me in the Depths of Human Hell
    within.. when i told him since i couldn’t
    work.. i no longer had a special interest..
    he said ‘uh oh that’s not
    Good Asperger’s
    no Special Interest’..
    and looking at me like a Clinical
    Study when i couldn’t put into words
    How the Piano Music i was Creating made
    me feel in Words.. he turned around to the
    Student he was mentoring and said ..we see this
    on the
    Autism Spectrum..
    He Called it Alexithymia..
    just another one of 19 or 20
    other Labels that would come for
    a Human Being who lost his Dance and Song…
    Human Beings have Lived a Life of Dance and Song
    Tens of Thousand of Years before the First Word was named God..
    in written script from sand to stone..
    as an
    from the
    Dance and
    Song of God that and who Lives WiThiN
    Naked and Free Dancing as Earth Wind Water Sings A Fire oF LoVE..
    Thank Frank.. i reAlly i needed to get that out and about.. NoW off line oN to Dance
    Free again
    In Warm
    Sands and Sun…
    it’s true i do have
    Irish and German eyes Green to Blue
    with a splash of French and Spanish
    with sure.. some English too.. aLonG
    WitH Words that coMe with that
    iN Scripted Forms..
    but it is the
    Wild and
    of Indian
    Who Dances Sings me most..
    funny.. nah.. not really funny..
    All These Cultural Clothes NoW
    AS Human Tools and the Most
    ‘we’ have done Less is Forgotten
    God of
    all within
    as Dance and
    Song oF Nature All..:)

  13. EverYonE’s LooKinG
    FoR SomEtHinG
    MostLY To BeLonG
    So in the theMe
    And MeMe of the
    Newest Snowman
    Movie with Olaf and
    the Ice Princess wHeRe Ya
    Gonna Find This Tradition when
    Most Everyone is going a Different Way..
    Yes.. Houston
    We Have
    A Problem..
    Young and Old
    Folks Looking to Belong
    And if you can connect to this
    Problem at Hand and Feet for a
    Target Audience of Millions with
    Art Chances are ya might
    Make a Million Bucks
    even as what
    one might
    see as
    a Stereotypical
    Good Old Boy from up
    North County on the Farm
    as a latest and greatest Rapper
    On YouTube with a Half-A-Billion Views..
    And on the other hands and feats if you are just
    a ‘little more’
    complicated like
    me.. heHe.. you Create iN A Tradition
    oF One in a Culture Created by one
    as Director Producer i and Actor I
    as a Great Spirit! Play as a Trinity
    of Free.. but of course with
    not that many people
    to share your
    ‘You’ BRinG FoR Free
    You must Give Thanks Giving
    For all Your Blessings and Blissings
    in Life even if that only means you echo
    them as a visual and written prayer as a Nautilus
    Shell of Art to see and hear your Blessings and Blissings
    once more
    they come..
    trust me.. this is just
    one way and a very difficult
    way to Live in Heaven now but the
    thing is it works and relatively speaking
    no one can take it away as you become
    Self-Actualized.. Meaning you are Secure in
    YouRSelF wHeRe when someone does come by
    And say Hi or Congratulations that is just Icing
    oN a Cake that is already overflowing with
    and Bliss
    And Amen little
    g BE2 otherwise reversed
    As 238.6 LBS when numbers
    are seen ‘right side’ up on a Digital
    Scale of Life.. Simply has a Deeper meaning
    that ‘we’ Be 2 as Fractal of God of Nature whole
    g pART
    of Big G
    Ocean Whole
    Waves we are
    Streams Flowing into
    Rivers more Shores Expanding
    Forevermore.. where every smile is the
    Cake of Heaven and the SMILes you share
    with others and or Bootie Dances or whatever comes
    nexT.. Are just the Icing on Heaven that Brings Beyond
    Rainbow Colors more.. anyway “that’s” what ‘people’ See
    when they watch my dancing feet’.. For it’s’ true it takes some
    Dedication to Write 12 Million Words in 84 Months also known
    as 7 years Tomorrow Saturday the 25th of November that was
    Thanks Giving Day 2010.. And sure.. 8400 Miles of Public Dance
    in 51 Months aLong with the Longest Long Form Poem ever still now
    Exceeding 5 Million Words today.. “SonG oF MY SoUL” As Macroverse
    Number 808.. Dancing the 188th Week at Old Seville Quarter last night
    with all the Cool College Age Folks there and yes.. to Give Gratitude and
    Thanks Again.. for Sub Chapter of that Longest Long Form Poem
    Ever.. Also Rating in Precise Word Press Word Count as
    of Last MacroVerse Number 136 now Writing 137
    Coming with All of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
    at 2,227,355 Words Since Memorial
    Day of 2016.. and now also
    Comes “FB Profile
    Pic Bible 2018”..
    that at the Point of
    Last MacroVerse 32 of
    thaT Now Writing Number 33.. Comes
    in at a Total Word Count Tally point
    Since Memorial Day of 2017.. now
    aT 609,355 Words.. as the Current
    MacroVerse Writing Joy now named..
    “7 YearS oLD 12M WordS oNLiNE FReED.”.
    Yeah.. sure i could have estimated all aS 13 Million
    Words this Year as the Years at the Wrong Planet
    and other online Sites come in as an estimate of
    Words Written and Read from Wake to Sleep for
    33 Months Before the Dance came in away
    from Shut-in Status then for a Total
    of 66 Months in the Pain and
    Numb of what Science
    assesses as the
    Worse than Crucifixion
    Pain of type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia along with another 18 or
    so life threatening other Diagnosed mostly
    Stress Related Disorders then.. but hey.. what
    WiLL i say.. i am very careful not to exaggerate as the
    only Person i have to impress is me in a Tradition of one
    in Heaven now.. with of course a very open door policy for
    anyone who wants to visit any part of me here.. hehe.. in more
    ways than one.. as hey.. if i don’t accept me how can how i ever
    expect anyone else to accept me.. so that’s why i wasn’t even afraid
    to do my Nude Art too at the Heaviest Weight after a Thanks Giving
    Meal that i ever
    have been in
    my life at 238.6 LBS
    Probably about as Heavy
    as i will ever get.. give or take
    a couple of LBS hehe.. after a Three
    Hour Marathon of Dance with a Few
    Gatorades to Rehydrate.. anyway.. i Left
    the Dance Floor infused with muse as it’s
    True Nature Sends me many gifts for
    Nature plUS is the God of Merit that
    and who within all of us Naturally
    Rewards Hard Word and
    Dedication of Never
    Giving up
    WitH A Will and Strength
    oF Fearless that only Comes with
    a Foundation of Love and Grace wHeRe
    Kind and Courage Dances Hand-In-Hand
    and Feet to Feet with SMiLes that Spread the
    Distance Time and Space Beyond all Distance
    Time and Space.. YeS Beyond iNFiniTY the Force of LoVE thaT
    WiLL NoW BE
    The Strength of Love WiTh Grace..
    So Thank you God of Nature for the Dance
    and Song and Sure as Tradition of one Might
    Dance and Sing.. Congratulations to me.. i Self-
    Actualize NoW.. all i have to Do is Love with a ‘Little Help’ from FriEnds..
    It’s True.. if you can and will be give and receive Love THaT is the Gratitude
    And Thanks Giving
    Wrapped up in A Christmas
    Present that Lives Always NoW
    Within in other Word God Love and all that Jazz..
    N GRAT U LaTioNs
    the only person i can
    and will make come to
    mY Field oF DreAMs is me
    with an oPeN InViTaTioN to ALL FReED..
    And it’s True.. No PaRT of this would
    Be Possible without Freedom
    of Expression and
    of Church
    and State..
    Thanks God..
    For the USA For
    The Only God is Free LoVE..
    Imagine that a Place wHeRe
    God Lives Free as Nature within
    each and every HuMaN Being
    Big Dreams CoMe TruE when
    Folks JuST Do iT and NeVEr eVeR GiVE uP NoW..
    Look Around you.. within.. inside.. outside.. above..
    so below and all around.. a Whole Lot oF Struggle
    And Sacrifice as coMe to BE what is Truly Human Potential Now
    in Free
    As a Quantum
    Metaphor of Human
    Mind and Body BaLanCinG
    ForcE unleashed and released
    as Quantum God More..
    it’s True.. if i can’t
    Fit the Quantum God
    into 12 Million Words
    “you’ll” never do it in one..
    like ‘they’ say.. isn’t ‘it’ ironic
    never the less and a little more
    Congratulations to me..
    in Good CompanY
    After all is DanceD
    And Sung FoR NoW@LeasT..;)

    With A Dedication to My Mother
    who Passed away on 2.22.2017..
    where her ONLY MISSION in life
    was to Love Her Children with
    HER ONLY HOPE that they would
    Find Happiness in Life.. Mission
    F and M.. Freddy and Marilou Now
    Accomplished with no Fear And Love..
    Also Pictured.. my Grandmother.. Her
    Mother with A Few Added Pictures for Memories Coming
    in this MacroVerse too.. My Grandmother Pictured here
    After More Than A Decade of Waitressing 12 Hours a Day
    7 Days a Week to Support My Mother Where my Mother WiLL
    Support Her Next.. As My Grandmother After that Hard life is Pictured
    a year younger than me now then at age 56
    on the River with my Father
    at around 30 and his
    Mother in her
    40’s in
    My Maternal
    River Yard with
    Down Town Railroad
    Trestle that is now a Public
    Park where the City Celebrates
    The Fourth of July and many other
    Bands on the River Events now for new
    Traditions for the Metro Community now too..
    And then there are the two Children.. myself
    who was considered more of an ET by other
    Children than Human on Earth Growing up
    in this Small River Town that’s now Growing
    Much Bigger in City way.. and yes… too..
    my Sister and a New Catholic
    Woman.. mY Mother..
    Inspired by
    the Catholic
    Funeral Procession
    of John F. Kennedy in ’63.. His Wife
    A Widow with Children.. my Mother’s
    Children’s Ages.. where my Father left
    ’cause My Mother wanted to stay at home
    With her Children instead of Making Big Bucks
    for him For a Materialistic Dream of Getting Big Rich
    that would never get big enough for him.. it’s True.. i’m
    a little Different from most Rappers and Hip Hop Folks
    And Country Music Stars and other Stars but not much
    Different than most Artists wHo Do Art for the Free Joy
    of Freedom Of Expression NoW iN all the ways that
    comes as ‘they’ leave it behind for others to pick
    up iN tHeir Field of DreAMs if they care to
    or not.. it is the Dream that Counts
    When it coMes to Fruition
    NoW from the Loving
    Hands and Feet
    and overall Mind
    And Body BaLanCinG
    ForCE oF A HuMaN SoUL
    thAT and WHo is SpiRiTed
    WiTH HeaRT Free Enough to
    Leave somEthing behind that inspires
    others to Live Freer in a Foundation of
    Love and Grace BrinGinG Greater Will and Strength
    or it could just be a smile or a couple of eyes that say
    i LovE LiFE
    or wHo
    kNoWs even
    A Bootie Dance
    that Lights The Fire oF
    A Dance and Song that
    Harms no one NoW and Gives
    More Spirit to LIFE.. Be Free.. it’s what
    God does Best.. Do it with Love and Grace
    in a WiLL and Strength thaT is eXtremely Careful
    Not to Harm anyone else.. and True.. ‘it’ WiLL never Be
    Perfect for it was/is.. we would with NO WiLL.. BE iRobots
    now painting by numbers..
    So would
    God as God Numbers and Letters are
    Free with Beyond InFinite Meanings
    And Purposes in Holy and Sacred Ways
    thaT ‘We’ Humans with Relative Free Will
    Are Free
    unless someone
    Forces God into just
    One Word or one Book
    aS one coMes to Believe God
    is a Lesser God
    of just
    and one
    Book Trapped..
    never able to escape
    And Create Different as the
    Tapestry of Different is what Flowers most..
    Either God Flowers in you or not.. YouR Choice YouR WiLL..
    Your Freedom or not…
    thing is.. if you nAMe
    the Beyond Quantum
    Force of God as Human
    Words as three letters do you
    Respect God as Free
    For tHeRe is
    So BE
    Free in
    you and
    others.. look around
    you.. Nature does ‘it’ best
    in as you Free.. THE Three Letter Word..
    Yep.. iF You Are Really Loving Free without
    Fear.. And Strong WitH Will and Grace.. Pat yoursELf on THE Back
    God LoVE…
    C O N G R A T U L A T i O N S
    You made iT.. ‘YouR’ Free JusT FReED..:)

  14. Sure.. it’s Just A Cliche but
    A Reality of Losing what you Love
    to appreciate it is much more ReaL
    in other words of
    have you gone without
    Food.. Water.. Shelter..
    Have you Lost the Life of
    A Loved One.. Pet or Human..
    Particularly a Spouse or ‘Significant Other’..
    A Child.. A Sibling.. A Mother and or Father..
    Health and Well Being in all Disorders that
    may come.. and last but Certainly not
    Least.. Have you Faced what
    Seems like the Certainty
    of Death in an immediate
    now of no reprieve.. and yes..
    Chances are by the Age Sector of
    your 50’s and Above.. that you may
    have experienced most all of these up
    and Closest of Challenges for Struggle
    Becoming More of a Veteran of Love
    Appreciating Love More in all the
    Ways Love of Life in General
    per other Humans and
    All the Rest of
    Nature comes
    and goes within.. inside..
    outside.. above.. so below
    and all around.. and sure.. if one navigates
    these Struggles and Challenges through Rough
    Seas there is the potential then to Stream to River
    More to Ocean Whole to become NoW a Wave and a Surf
    Board of Balance that and who Understands how to co-navigate
    and co-create NoW with a potential very complicated Inner Universe
    that as whole for many as metaphor is understood as a SoUL A pARt
    WHoLe oF aLL tHaT iS for what some folks identify as something as small
    and large as a three letter Word G O D.. for the Greatest Size oF aLL is Experiencing
    God as and
    is Love
    the Force
    that and wHo
    Moves Mountains
    of Positive Change within..
    inside.. outside.. above.. so below
    and all around.. and as ‘they’ say
    It’s More than a Feeling and
    More than a Word
    For Love
    is Best
    Than Heard or Seen..
    And in A Most General
    of Terms the same applies
    to A Three Letter Metaphor as God
    where sadly some folks hear and see
    the Word and most sadly really miss the
    Experience of the Four Letter Word Love
    as Love Fits inside God like a GLoVE
    ironiCaLLy Enough LiterAlly as such
    by First Initial and as ART is
    60 Percent of SmART
    and eARTh and
    75 Percent
    pART so in other Words
    the Proof is also literal.. heHe
    Love and Art is integral to all oF Existence
    as we experience it at least and more like most..
    For those who become a Force of Love ExpresSing
    Art in all the Forms Art comes that we can and will actually
    Feel and Sense more as Do than just See and Hear Deep within as
    SoUL of All ThAT iS as some folks name the entire experience G O D..
    wHeRE all BeCoMEs MoVinG CoNNecTinG CreATinG InTeGraTinG pARt WhOle
    as the three letter
    word that becomes
    a MultiVerse View
    of as God
    known and felt
    and sensed NoW as YOU..
    so.. this is an ‘overview’.. now comes
    the Personal Experiences of little old me..
    Appreciating and Giving Thanks for 57 years
    and around 5.5 Months of Living on eARTh
    rounded off on the 25 Day of November
    2010 to 606 Months of Living then
    50 Years and 6 months before
    my first Written Word online
    came as the great
    Struggle already
    spoken to some in this Thanks
    Giving MacroVerse of Gratitude now
    in the year 2017.. anyway it stARTed with
    a Pet.. his name was Toby.. a Yellow Cat and
    my First Pet who lived with us in my Grand Mother’s
    River Front Home.. a Strong Arm’s Throw from a Rail
    Road Trestle across the River where Trains Shook
    the Concrete Block Foundation of Old Wooden Floors…
    Toby used to snuggle up to me when i took naps before
    i became allergic to all cats.. and that is a pARt of a Oxytocin
    Social Love Bonding Force all Fuzzy and Warm that i currently enjoy
    NoW and Katrina too now that we once again have a live-in pet who
    Gives us everyday Love.. yep.. a day came where Toby was sleeping
    on the Back Porch of that River Front home but his eyes did not close when
    i first met death and separation of Love up close and personal at around
    age 6 or so.. for that was the
    only Cat that my Grand
    Mother ever allowed
    inside who
    give Nap
    Hugs like Toby did..
    sure.. it was probably too much
    for her.. she had lost her Mother Young..
    Lost a Husband who could be abusive..
    Miscarried Children as many Mothers
    do.. and Lost a Dog she Loved for
    Years and Lived a Life Working so
    hard to make ends
    meet.. never
    Feeling the Security
    of Abundance that some folks
    take for Granted until My Mother took it upon
    herself to take care of her in her Fifties.. and sure.. living
    without Pets inside is probably what led to my Pet Allergies after that..
    for i didn’t overcome it until i lost the Feelings of Love and a Strange Resistance
    to Pet allergies inside the home of probably just getting exposed and inoculated
    again.. for i was surely more desperate for Love than my air ways closing up for
    a while at least.. but not before a spell of not being able to Catch my Breath
    For a Day that seemed to last Forever.. Part and Parcel of Dysautonomia..
    A Condition Greatly Exacerbated by Chronic Work Related Stress for
    11 years.. culminating in fight or flight stress for the last 2 years
    of that.. with resulting auto-immune diseases such
    as Sjogren’s Syndrome.. type two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia from Wake to Sleep too.. in
    accord with my eyes no longer
    making tears like swimming in salt
    water with eyes wide open.. and of course
    what felt like a Dentist Drill without Novocaine
    from wake to sleep with the only help ever found as
    far as medical drugs go.. Ativan.. to put me to sleep for
    an escape i could only measure as pain when i woke back up..
    but still.. the loss of Love and the Feeling of Emotions and Memories
    of Emotions as Emotions are Memories in a Catch 22 in Hell now then in a
    BLacK Abyss of Numb with no connection out.. was the worst pain then now of
    all.. even worse to me at least than what Science identifies as the Worst
    Human Pain known per Trigeminal Neuralgia.. type two or one.. where
    type one is Acute and Intermittent and type two is Chronic and ever
    lasting from wake to sleep.. yes.. i skipped about Four Decades
    or so after Toby but i wanted to get the worsT pARt over
    as fast as i can even here for the Record of Giving
    Thanks not only to LiGHt oF LoVE but the
    BLack Abyss of dARkNess iN LiFE
    that surely can and will
    be a GreaTest
    Ark to
    LoVE NoW as LiGHt too
    aLong with all the other challenges
    of liFe in dArk as Well as not so Well
    in even places with Zero Hope and Zero
    Point of not only Feelings but Senses too.. yes
    for me then the bottom most pARt of the dARk Months
    of my SoUL for 66 Months in my own Personal DArkest Lent
    in the Spring of 2008.. after 35 days of only one hour of
    sleep brought on each night with a Powerful Alpha Blocker
    to reduce the Heart rate of my Dysautonomia out of Heart
    Rate and Blood Pressure Synch.. and the 5 of the last
    of 40 days with no sleep at all.. as Dante’s Hell Rings
    of total pain progressed to A Total Piece of
    Paper numb when all became the
    illusion of time and
    every second
    becomes the experience
    of a Thousand Years in Hell when
    one Feels and Senses nothing at all in
    what becomes a personal reality experienced
    of disconnection to all that is.. in other words.. a
    Living Dead Experience then of Separation from what many
    Folks Identify as the Actual Experience of God as all that is
    Nature plUS LiVinG within as an overall Ocean wHole oF LoVE
    Both in
    and Sensing
    all that LiFE is NoW….
    i’m sure folks have a different
    Version of Hell on Earth and sure
    this is my story of Hell that words will
    never compete against as the actual experience
    then.. surely.. an excellent reference point in written
    words at least to the place i live now as Heaven on Earth
    a Place of Fearless Unconditional Love Living with expresSing
    in all of
    Art NoW aS
    Dance and Song Free..
    anyway.. after arriving back
    to that future now back to around
    Four Decades or so before the age
    of 47 in January of 2008.. the first month
    of a steadily increasing month of the Rings
    of Hell then in what would totally come to 66
    months in Hell generally as such.. yes there was
    also Fibromyalgia as if the other pain wasn’t enough
    and on that line of pain.. Severe Degenerative Arthritis
    in my spine precipitated rather early by a Congenitally
    Fused Vertebra as an incidental finding in an MRI
    then.. with some Spinal Stenosis too.. and yes..
    Coat Hanger Pain in Shoulders and Neck
    Associated with Dysautonomia… Severe
    Depression and Anxiety and
    Associated Anhedonia..
    Panic Attacks.. and
    a Dash
    of PTSD with
    the already addressed
    Alexithymia in this Thanks Giving
    MacroVerse too.. Mood Lability as the
    Diagnosis of Bi-Polar Disorder wouldn’t come
    until the Doctors came to know me in Heaven on Earth
    as i had to learn how to modulate the LiGht in my Life
    as Pure Joy and Bliss the same as tolerating the dArKesT Pain and Numb
    in the previous 66 months of hell as the pain and numb finally went away
    on or about 7.22.13.. as finally fully re-entering Humanity as a Public
    Dancer Later in August of 2013.. and sure.. finally Diagnosed with
    Asperger’s Syndrome on the Autism Spectrum in what was
    obviously already adapted to as struggle from the
    the age i finally learned to speak in putting
    words together at age 4.. as my Form
    of the Condition was more
    like the Hyperlexic
    Children originally
    identified by Hans Asperger
    in the Nazi controlled era of
    Germany where he struggled to show
    the value of these children.. so they wouldn’t
    be exterminated then.. as he himself identified
    the same traits in himself of what he overcame
    to eventually become a Successful Doctor to help other
    folks out of the more DArk areas of Life too.. not unlike
    the Current Doctor in “The Good Doctor” show that is a top rated
    show on TV now where a “Little Sheldon” Show too.. provides similar
    struggles when in a Youth where there was no Diagnosis of Asperger’s
    Syndrome then that truly only becomes an official disorder when the
    symptoms interfere with Life as efforts to deal with Social Interactions
    become too much as that Human Capacity becomes exhausted more as
    i finally succumbed to that after going toe to toe with a Female
    Captain of a Base as an Athletic Director in two areas
    of Professional Life.. neither of which i was
    Inherently Socially Cut out to do as a
    Person not yet diagnosed on
    the Autism Spectrum
    then.. sure i am
    more cut out as an
    Individual Dancer/Poet and a ‘Tennis
    Player’.. now.. surely more than Couples
    Dancing unless it is simply somewhat
    of a tight hug on the Dance Floor
    accompanied with a general
    lust/love for life up close
    and personal more
    too.. and team sports..
    nah.. too many moving
    parts for a mind that moves
    like lightening before the thunder comes next..
    in other words later when i finally am able to express
    all of what i see and hear and feel and sense.. Spidey
    Senses i really do have too as far as not being able to touch
    Human Made things without great discomfort.. but human.. yes..
    Flesh is A-OK as long as no one is rubbing their hands still now
    across my clothes.. or sweeping the floor.. particularly a Rug..
    Oh God.. Towels out of the Dryer and other Clothes are the worst
    to touch.. but the Good and Bad part of that is i am extra good at feeling sensing
    other folks pain and pleasure.. as my ‘significant others’ throughout life suggest
    i have a
    touch to give
    as ‘they’ say..
    sure.. there is a whole
    lot more to the flesh and
    blood touch than what meets
    the eye and ear.. extreme empathy
    as far as emotions go too.. where i used
    to not be able to separate my emotions from
    the emotions of an Entire Walmart Store where
    folks live in scarcity so much in misery and suffering
    now to now too.. Public Dance and iPhone Ear Buds surely
    is the
    for that as in
    technical speak
    that’s why i got a prescription
    for Dance from my newest Psychiatrist
    to back me up in case someone doesn’t
    believe in Store Management or such that
    that Public Dance is my Wheel Chair so i don’t have
    to Vicariously Feel the Hell of Hundred’s of Folks Misery
    and Suffering as yes.. i Have the Empath Version of Autism..
    not the Version where folks feel other people very little as basically
    objects in
    their environment
    to use.. as on the ‘Wrong
    Planet’ ‘those folks’ admitted to
    that problem and the struggles beyond
    the flesh and blood warm and fuzzy connection
    as i lost that in hell too.. although i had a reference
    point at least in vague words as past of the Heaven of
    Love i Lived before.. it’s true.. some poor souls have no
    Reference Point
    of Heaven NoW
    at all.. and those
    are the ones i wish
    i could help feel and
    sense Heaven the most
    of all now.. as i do understand
    the full emptiness of what they experience
    as at Most a Purgatory Shades of Grey Experience of Life..
    it’s true.. when i
    see ‘Trumps’ like
    this with little Real
    Human Connection of
    Love i see dead people living
    that i wish could come to Heaven now..
    at least for a visit with me.. all warm and fuzzy
    as such with Beyond Rainbow Colors experiencing LifELiGHT too..
    anyWay.. there were other Miscellaneous Health Related Disorders
    eventually tallying up to 20.. all of which with one smell related disorder
    to make 21.. that i continue to Transcend for Heaven now.. and now finally
    Back to Four Decades before age 47.. where my Grandmother’s Best Friend then..
    Uncle Ed as affectionately named by us.. as somewhat of a Surrogate Grandfather
    too.. as both of my Grandfather’s died long before i am born.. yep.. my first view
    in the Funeral Home then.. and before that praying with all my might that
    he would never die when he was sick.. but he was old.. it was his
    Season of Life Natural for Death then.. in his 80’s.. a Ripe
    Old Life lived as a Train Engineer for the
    Federal Government then.. his
    Daughter.. the Editor
    of ‘Woman’s Day’
    and a little two story
    home.. he lived in with
    a spiraling staircase steep
    to his Bedroom that my Grandmother
    Helped Clean with a Picture of a Young Looking
    Wife that he had lost Decades before.. Sadness yes but
    he had friends.. still in his 80’s and they played Cards too
    at his Home and he talked for hours with my Grandmother then
    and her other Elder Relatives too.. back then.. Small Town
    life as everyone’s name was ‘Norm’.. at the Five and Ten
    Dime Store.. Down Town..”Cheers” just a walk from our
    River Front Home.. and yeah.. no
    Air Conditioning much in
    that neighborhood then..
    Hot Water was Boiled
    For Baths so Chilly..
    Front Porches got
    used and
    people actually
    reached out and touched
    their neighbors then with hand
    shakes and hugs hello and goodbye..
    and yes.. they talked for hours on end as most
    of their entertainment then.. smiles and hugs were
    the only reward then.. and as far as i know there were
    not any Bootie Dances but the potential for Closed Doors..
    and sure
    too for what
    was or wasn’t
    accepted in public
    purview then.. humans
    are humans they do human
    as humans do.. Nature NoW WiLL
    Have her/his ways in the open or closed still…
    Struggles after that of not being accepted by
    peers.. and obvious concern by a Father that
    i wasn’t growing quickly enough into the man he
    had become.. but sure.. it would have helped if he
    stayed but that’s how life goes too.. a locality where if
    A Boy with a Loving Mother with no Father to say boys can’t
    express emotions.. not even a smile.. Where a Visit to a City
    Park in Middle School Age and in the Hallways of School too are met
    with so-called Onward Christian Soldier Boys of the Southern Baptist
    Style that say.. boy you are the F Word and not Fred if you Dare to smile
    in this town or laugh and you
    gotta be kidding
    you never
    to cry here..
    and if you don’t play
    team sports you can never
    be a real boy either.. sure.. exacerbated
    by the fact that the McDonald’s Cashier
    identified me as Miss at age 12 too..
    me wondering why and confused
    of what it takes not to be
    called Miss then..
    about the date
    i convinced my Mother
    to purchase me some Plastic
    and Concrete Weights from K-mart
    as all the Estrogen in a Matriarchal Family
    that consisted almost all of Women.. left me
    with No Male Models or Androgen Enhancing
    Rough and Tumble Play with Aprons Strings
    of Attachment to a Mother where the Father abandons
    the Family where something vital goes amiss that may take
    Decades to regain.. when one Figures out finally how to become
    their own Father if that is what it takes to feel finally comfortable in one’s own skin..
    yeah.. my Father Didn’t Die but what did i know.. at age 3 when he left and didn’t come back..
    i can only vaguely ever remember ever having a live-in Father although my Mother said i was
    so attached to him.. it was like i worshipped him then.. in that case God Left God Left.. God
    didn’t seem
    like God
    and after
    that God Visited
    about a Twice a year
    for a Day trip then.. but i can’t
    remember in words and that’s no surprise
    considering i didn’t speak until age 4.. but what
    i do remember is.. i had a hard time of letting anything
    go for most of my life.. even material things for some things
    be replaced
    if ever at all..
    my only Dog Charlie..
    who seemed like my only
    Friend outside of my Immediate
    Family in Middle School then getting out
    of the yard somehow… perhaps wanting to
    meet me at the School Grounds then at my old
    Elementary School where we got off the bus then to walk
    back home.. on the side of the road by the Tennis Courts
    at the City Park.. a place he would never meet me again..
    Riding by on the Bus where Vicki taunted me to the other
    Children saying look look.. he has eyelashes just like a girl..
    anyway.. My Mother and Sister.. we all cried at Charlie’s Passing
    but it was too much.. the only Dog
    who would ever
    be our
    For the
    Rest of my Life
    After that… Anyway the
    BesT pARt of all was my Mother
    Gave us Unconditional Love no matter
    what.. she let us be us.. with never any
    musts for what we are to be in life next..
    and that was enough.. enough for me to never
    Give up on life/love then.. but i must admit when my First
    Girl Friend said goodbye on the Dance Floor.. she sixteen..
    me nineteen.. in ’79.. when the Song by Earth Wind And Fire
    named “After the Love is Gone” was being played for the Slow
    Dance when she came close and said i don’t Love you anymore..
    i suppose that’s why i felt a little sad.. when what seemed like a rather
    ‘Wild Girl’ who rather Forced a Bootie Dance on me.. spinning me around like a
    Hot Top and Bottom for a Face to Face Closer Dance with eyes that started to say i like you
    much more than a Bootie
    Dance then.. i didn’t
    want to hurt her
    and push
    her away..
    i engaged her
    as kind as i could
    in a distant enough
    way where she finally said
    Then.. Thanks For the Dance as
    Lord knows who.. i thought the
    Guy she was with stepped up and
    they left with each other then.. who knows2..
    it was ThanksGiving perhaps she was visiting
    Her Cousins and She was really Lonely Looking
    for any love at 2 AM.. i’ll probably never know3 but
    that’s okay for she did leave with a smile and a thank you2
    and that’s a lot better than “After the Love is Gone” for i can relate..
    to being hurt
    by someone
    i love or like
    so much.. too..
    anyway.. i’ve never
    Approached a Woman to
    Dance at Old Seville Quarter
    to Dance as a Married Man Happily
    as such i am.. but i do Love Dance Friends
    who stay Dance Friends and don’t make Life
    into a more Complicated Bootie Dance Way of Life..
    Meanwhile.. men are Grabbing Women in non-consensual
    Ways.. sorry can’t do it.. for i had a Mother who Gave me Sacred
    Love where
    it Naturally
    Follows STiLL NoW
    that all Women are
    Sacred too.. i have a not
    so nice taste in my Heart
    for the Cold Patriarchy in my Red
    State Trump Locality as Emotional
    Intelligence for what Moves us most and
    Best as Love is often missing and does lead
    to early Heart Attacks After Mall Benching Professional
    Sports for Decades of Recreation other than a Moving heART..
    but hey.. i understand
    the Value of Emotional
    Arts so i dance i just dance and sing..
    Yeah.. i lost my Father in 2014.. he lived his
    Life for what he found Good in Life.. particularly the
    purchase of 500 Dollars or so a week in Lottery tickets
    in a Leisure Surely Deserved after working 46 years of
    Law Enforcement with a Florida State Record of doing that
    when he retired at age 69.. spending the Next 11 years doing
    whatever he wanted and the hardest part of Losing him is i never
    got to know
    him and
    he seemed like
    he never wanted to know
    me but you see.. his Form of
    Asperger’s Syndrome was in many
    ways worse than mine.. for his Mother
    who Ran a Nursery told my Mother who wanted
    to Pick up the Crying Baby in the Crib.. Leave that
    Baby alone or he will never learn to live on his own..
    sure my
    My Father
    did live on hiS owN..
    surely a Reap of at what
    his Mother also couldn’t fully give..
    as a Young Teenage Mother earlier Married
    to an X-Catholic Priest of her Parish then..
    anyway.. part of the reason i’m here.. so what right do i have
    to complain.. that’s the thing.. it takes a whole lot of Struggle
    and Relatively Speaking a Miracle of Nature and God that any of us HeAR
    exist at all anywHeRe NoW.. so yeah.. i came back from Hell long enough more
    to say Goodbye when i became okay again.. Good Bye to my First Step Mother’s
    Third Husband who we were very close to around Christmas of 2013.. bye to
    my Father before Suddenly Dropping Dead on May 22nd of 2014.. bye
    to Katrina’s Sister around Christmas of 2014.. oh and while i
    was sick in hell.. i missed saying Good Bye to My First
    Step Mother and my Step Sister as she
    succumbed to her Cocaine
    Habit from the
    she Gained
    from my first
    Step Mother then..
    and my Great Aunt Jettie
    who helped me so much as she
    had more wind in her soul to carry
    a tune of help than i could relate as a human
    being then.. i never really said goodbye.. i just kinda let her go..
    for she was the one who remained strong for me too like my Mother
    and Sister and Katrina no matter what.. and then there was Big Cat Moby
    who i really enjoyed snuggling with too after i fully felt the Warm and
    Fuzzies.. back in February or so of 2015.. and my Aunt Passing
    Away around Christmas of 2016.. Second Cousin of a Drug
    overdose too shortly after that who i never really knew
    And A Greatest Challenge of all as my Mother Started to
    Lose Unexplained Weight in the Summer of 2014..on a steady
    sure decline refusing to go to the Doctor finally falling
    on Valentine’s Day in 2017.. from
    Stage Four Breast
    Cancer undiagnosed
    spread as Bone Cancer
    and finally in a Bleeding Cancer
    in her Brain as she endured it for
    at least two and a half years with at most
    a Bayer Aspirin now and then for what she
    related as Hip Pain then.. and as she endured her
    last days with what the Doctor Described as still a Very
    Strong Heart without any Food or Drink as her Wishes to
    Leave this life with no life support for 8 days.. what she left me
    FULL with is Love.. the Love that a Mother Nourishes.. particularly from
    the young child ages of 0 to 4 with Hugs and Kisses that Never fully truly
    go away and when they do can and will surely come back as Essence More FuLL
    of Mother’s
    Love in
    the Child’s
    Soul forevermore now.. then.. now more..
    and yeah.. During Those 66 Months of Hell before..
    then i faced then what seemed like the surety of Death
    Four times.. once with a Panic Attack in the Hospital..
    once.. at the Start of not being able to Catch my Breath
    Due to Dysautonomia for a Full Day.. and towards the end
    of that Night were i just wanted someone to put me out of my
    misery and that would be enough.. where my Uncle Bob called
    and somehow talked me into Breathing Again.. as everything was
    out of whack about me by then.. and then at the end of my 40 day
    stint with almost no sleep.. after failing to muster the strength to
    Drive either into a Tree or Jump off a Bridge as My Sister found
    me at the Bottom of the Bridge.. then Driving me 80 Miles an Hour
    saying she couldn’t live without a Brother and
    would rather die without me then.. so i said
    no.. not you.. i’ll live for now
    okay.. as i continued
    to think of a way
    to end
    a Dentist
    Drill in my right
    eye and ear.. finally
    Agreeing to go to the Hospital
    as my Family wouldn’t Force that
    Decision on me.. i Refused to take any
    Anti-Anxiety Medication but it was the Ativan
    Pumped into my Veins that finally put me to sleep
    when all was cold and numb and i couldn’t pull even
    another word out of my Head to tell the Nurse i wasn’t
    on any kind of illicit Drug as she kept punching my Chest
    with her Thumb to Get a Response from me then.. i thought for
    sure i would Be Naked Food for Dogs somewhere on the side of a
    Road.. Yeah.. not sleeping for almost Forty Days will put you in mighty
    strange places like a Devil inside that says i gotta die now to escape
    while another voice says you are loved stay you are loved stay and my
    Won out
    from Gardened
    Childhood Love..
    Yeah.. i appreciate Life and
    i appreciate the Struggles even
    more for it’s True Pain and Numb
    have made me even a Stronger Believer
    and Be-Er oF and as Love Now.. and can/will i Personally Judge
    another Person.. no.. hell no.. i’ve been to hell and i understand
    all the
    of hell all too well
    to understand i will never
    fully walk in the shoes of someone
    else’s hell to judge them as any lesser
    than the less i have experienced of life hell too..
    helping to show other folks the way out that’s an Art
    of Love with a mix
    of colors
    dARk to
    LiGht too..
    truly an art more
    than a science that and
    who can and will only be felt
    and sensed best as Giving
    Love Unconditionally Now..
    and yes at nows tougher too..
    anyway.. this is my ThanksGiving
    Story of Numb and Pain as the 25th
    of November is arriving in about 30 Minutes
    as that gives me minutes enough to read what i just
    wrote to see if it makes any comprehensive feel and sense..
    and yeah.. gonna need at least one long song for this.. crossing
    my fingers.. hehe.. now that it will fit in one Word Press Comment
    now for it will surely exhaust what’s left of the FB Profile Pics to fit it in..
    Oh yeah.. and when i was 21.. Recovering
    from Severe Depression off and on
    for about 2 years after my
    First Love Broke
    up with me
    going into a manic
    state then.. with no sleep
    for three Days and given a shot
    of Thorazine as i was talking a little
    bit out of my Head for sure then.. i was
    sure that was the end too.. for my Body was
    So Cold and the Emergency Room Tech couldn’t
    Get a Blood Pressure Reading on me then.. still something
    inside was still living strong something inside that was saying to
    me and not the Doctor’s then.. you will suffer.. you will suffer but one
    Day you will Be Happy in Heaven forevermore now then.. sure.. it wasn’t
    A Good Idea to say that out loud for they thought i was addressing them..
    as a Baker act came next.. a two week stay and only with the help of a Woman
    City Councilman to get out.. who was an extended relative who knew me as the First Sophomore
    in High School along with Another Person that year in School to be put in the National Honor
    Society then.. as the boy as always the apple on the Teacher’s Desk too.. yes..
    Just a Personal
    of Misery
    and Suffering
    and then Redemption
    that and wHo Would
    eventually now come
    true.. who knows maybe
    one of those times i really
    died and this is Heaven after
    Death…. How would i really know.. how
    does anyone really know.. for even Quantum
    Physics has no real hold on reality as a Hologram
    or whatever it is now.. with all encoded as reality
    in the smallest and the largest of God aLL NoW and
    all that Super-Normal comes to be as reaLiTy now too.. i feel
    i sense.. i Love Without Fear and that’s enough if it is to
    be like
    my Uncle
    Told me
    it’s up to me..
    And for now that’s
    How Life Works for me iN HeaVeN isREaL..
    And nah.. i didn’t Forget my Son Ryan as already
    talked too so far in this TG MacroVerse now.. at the end
    of his 51 days.. Cradling Him in my Arms the First and last
    time not hooked up to Machines with the Mercy of his last
    Heart Beat out
    of Pain
    it’s true..
    Death Sleeps NoW as
    Peace out of Misery and Suffering Most..
    My Wife couldn’t Bear to Hold Him.. and i
    suppose the only reason i could was Because of mY Mother.. HeART fELt
    Yeah.. it kinda pisses me off still when i see people Disrespect Women..
    but i understand
    why for they
    could not
    been loved as
    much as i was by my Mother..:)

  15. Himali Shah says:

    Yellow boy looks so comfy 🙂 I love your beautiful garden, Fred xx Kat looks so pretty… Helllloooooooooooove Fred , Kat & Yellow Boy !

    • Helloooove HiMaLi Again
      Not only Once A FriEnd..
      in Returning online today
      As a Visit with me at my Blog
      Home but also twice and thrice
      with Comment Responses
      On Her Blog
      too.. wait..
      two not three
      for i am counting
      the Comment yet
      to come in response
      to the Post on 27 Traits
      of Himali in Being Human
      on Her 27th Birthday this Month..
      Hmm.. hehe.. perHaps i’m Psychic
      at least in getting ahead of my words..
      Anyway.. i’m Glad You Enjoyed the Ever Flowering
      Garden Eternally All year Now of Florida Milder Winter
      Weather.. And Yellow Boy is an Expert on Comfy.. Keeping
      Laps Warm of what you compliment as Kat pretty.. Yes.. Fred..
      Kat and Yellow
      Boy are
      Very Happy
      to Have you as
      A Surprise Thanks
      Giving Friend to an
      oPen Table oF LiFE FReED
      And my hopes and wishes are
      alWays sAMe with you too my
      Extra Kinda
      Brave FriEnd..
      Keep Going for you
      are only 27.. So Young
      With the World at your Fingers
      And Athletic Toes all housed in
      Royal Purple Athletic Shoes and Velvet Purple Skirt..
      i Have Close to a Photographic Colored Memory and Royal Purple
      is Very
      to Forget
      WitH More SMiLeS
      mY FriEnd For Your 27th Birthday Now..
      Thanks For Stopping By and Wading down
      57 Thousand or So Words through Draft Comments
      hAha.. A Thousand Words for every year of my LiFE..
      And 300 or so Photos to say Hi today.. Hehe..
      it Can take
      a whole
      Lot of
      to be mY
      friEnd these days..
      Oh yeah.. and PS.. i really missed
      you but not as much as the first time
      around as it seems like now you will
      always come
      be my FriEnd..
      that surely doesn’t
      alWays Happen.. Thanks for That..
      As i am only DanCinGSinGinG Farther Out of A Box
      tHaT’s Harder for most folks to join.. as EsCaPE..
      but sure A
      Price of
      is never Cost Free..:)

  16. God Art and Love
    Breathes is LiFE
    IS Change
    Means no End
    God and Art Laugh Same
    As Love When Trapped iN
    A Book With The End A Word
    True Art No End
    Begins of
    Book Ends Definitely a Metaphor
    for What Happens When Love
    and Art and God
    Speaking Creativity
    Becomes A Systemizing
    Science of Same.. Trust me or
    Not True Original Creativity is
    Beyond Any Systemizing
    Science that if ever there
    is Proof For God Original
    True Creativity is it
    that Streams
    that Flows
    Waves of Ocean Whole..
    True it’s what sets Man apART from Tools as Machines..
    True it’s what sets God and Art and Love Separate than what
    can fully
    in all forms that Humans
    Create as Abstract Constructs
    that only Approximate the Inner Essence Experience
    of God and Art and Love as Generally Speaking Creativity.. sure
    anyone can improve on what i say for i see an Open Source God
    And Art and Love as Generally Speaking Creativity.. and you bet Human
    Lust for all of
    is base
    is core
    at the Pyramid
    of ever rising God
    and Art and Love and
    Generally Speaking Human
    Nature at the Capstone of Human
    Potential in all seeing eyes of Creativity More
    aLWays Means Beginning never ending end now..
    True Original Creativity can and will Be Shallow or Deep
    perhaps just a Drum Beat and a Simple Rhythm of Dance
    and a Chant of a Few Words over and over until a Meditative
    Moving Ascendent Transcendent Ecstatic Mind and Body Higher
    Awareness comes.. Pure Genius
    Yes as Art
    in Rap
    where some
    folks see shallow
    Others Dance Beyond
    iNFiniTY Free in Bliss
    in Nirvana.. Satori
    Pow Wow
    Tribal Dances in
    all Hemisphere and Longitude
    ways from Head to toe Prana
    the Chi Ki Qi Force comes
    to be all metaphors for
    an Indian Great
    Come to Life as Reality NoW within..
    inside.. outside.. above.. so below.. and all around..
    so.. are all these deep Deep Long Form Poem Ways
    in even longer Record Ways of Modern Fruition Necessary
    For the Essence of the Experience of Heaven within.. Hell no
    just a
    Will Do..
    Something about Umbrella
    Orange Encompassing all like Raindrops
    of Sparks in the Fire Light of Heaven Uncovered
    Experienced as Time out of Time Distance out of Distance
    Space out of Space Beyond Infinity Now Pure Love Agape Arrives all Free
    God is in the
    room and
    the Room is you..
    now of course for those
    with ‘tight anal sphincters”
    as a Rather Very Crude Metaphor
    for uptight as yes that’s not the only
    physical or spiritual pART affected
    in effect for being closed minded
    and bodied is a state of being
    not only from head to
    toe butt Beyond
    as Pure Agape Open
    Love For ALL as a Systemizing
    Science Material Reductionist might
    warn.. don’t be that way and let your brains
    fall out.. in other words.. Neocortical Control
    in Frontal Lobe way that becomes so restricted
    that folks have to Drink Alcohol or do some kind of
    other external substance to unleash and let Go and
    finally feel and sense life more.. and yes.. Generally Speaking
    as far as Creativity goes more Unwinding tHeir Free and Wild Loving
    within as
    Super Normal PluS
    Being Human For now..
    open up and live or close down
    and die as life that’s part of why ‘Bud’
    ‘Light’ signs are displayed most everywhere you go..
    just imagine if ‘they’ could Dance and Sing like little old
    me.. Black Friday would never come for Drug Makers
    of all kinds
    they would
    be in
    the Red
    with nothing to sale
    as Free comes Free..
    yeah.. i understand it might
    be offensive for some to hear
    this but keep in mind i’ve lived 57 years
    as your parents tell you stuff like this too..
    there was once a day when i had to have Four
    Beers to muster up enough Freedom to even walk into
    a Dance Hall with Two More Drinks before the courage to Dance
    free but
    still too
    to raise
    my hands above my head
    to reach up to the sky as God within Free.. NoW
    And in College approaching 19 years then of total
    School in Official Transcripted ways.. so many years
    of Systemizing Science Mind of Downloading Facts
    from Lectures and Books.. A Spark of Writing in
    A Contest Winning Original Christmas Story
    in Middle School among two homerooms
    of 80.. Writing A Play and Acting
    in it too in Middle School too..
    Snuffed out by a Patriarchal
    Culture that threatened
    i would/will never
    With a Freedom of
    Art in even the least basics
    of so-called Science in Being a Man..
    threatened as such by even the art of the smile..
    off into College as a Freshman lit up shortly in a
    Philosophy Class with another Flow iN StreAM oF
    Consciousness Writing from Supraorganism of Mind..
    sure.. it’s hard to explain but never the less when you
    experience it you understand what Magic Finally is
    as the words pour out without any preplanning
    and effort as you next ask yourself
    who the hell wrote that as
    i never met
    real me before..
    all self-actualized
    if only for a half an hour
    or whatever it takes beyond
    Infinity of space.. time or distance..
    to become one with all eternally then/now..
    hand in hand with God and when Dancing Feet
    to Feet with God sAMe and Different alWays Changing too..
    Okay.. so i write a 5 Million Plus Word Longest Long Form Poem
    Ever that doubles as a Bible with several Subchapters of Baby Bibles
    of that Mother along with the Father as 12 Million Words online now as
    my 7 Year Birthday of Living online in Words and Photos and Videos
    of all kinds of
    Art comes
    to Fruition now..
    As the Wife Katrina who
    i often Lovingly Refer to as
    Egyptian Goddess Isis incarnate
    on Earth now who says don’t compare
    me to that Woman as she thinks she’s not
    that attractive.. ugh.. First World Problems
    of Staying Born Pretty never needing
    Make-up Believe for Beautiful
    Still now at age 47.. anyway
    as she says who cares..
    who in the World
    would ever
    do that anyway but you..
    and all that Public Dance at 8400
    Miles Plus in 51 Months of that too..
    and that’s key to Original Creativity
    you.. yes you.. are an original Flavor of
    God not yet met.. in the so-called Real World Now..
    and Brave.. yes Brave for even Biology and Modern
    Science as i will also leave a YouTuBe Modern Discussion
    about the Difficulty of Being Creative in a Modern Technology
    Filled World.. along with two links to some very Artistic Human
    Produced Endeavors that i met on the Wrong Planet by actual
    Very Original Creative Artists there that will never be matched
    or bought either for it is so far out of the Box but Worth
    Sharing by me for i can see deeper than most
    simply for i take the effort to do it then and
    now still leaving no stones unturned
    of out of the Box Creativity even
    if it comes from areas
    i don’t agree with
    at all
    for there was also another Fellow
    who used a Neanderthal Theory
    of Autism to suggest that Folks from Africa
    and the Middle East had inferior Genes compared
    to Folks on the Autism Spectrum with their unique
    and artistic talents that have come to be.. not realizing
    that it is the Environment that counts most and the more
    there is scarcity and rigid controls in all Systemizing
    Science ways of Rigid Culture and Religions
    particularly those Dark Age Cultures
    and Religions in Victorian
    Ways that attempt
    to Corset
    Lust and
    make it illegal to
    be Human with a Libido
    as a Source of all Human Creativity
    and Productivity that Free Lust for Life
    in all the ways that comes both literally and
    metaphorically as a Free Organism of Life..
    in other ways of saying that word of life
    like a Big Bang of Creativity and
    Human Productivity
    Human ways
    of Creativity
    and Productivity
    and yes.. greater Social
    Cooperation too in abundance
    without the scarcity of misery loves company
    and blowing folks up for Brain Washing Dreams
    for what becomes illegal of Freedom to Do on
    Earth in Heaven now.. God experiences a Giant
    Face Palm whenever one attempts to Chain
    God Nature Wild and Free in Human
    now but that’s what fear does..
    snuffs out all that’s Free
    and Loving Wild
    snuffs out
    Human Potential
    in Creativity and Productivity
    and even Social Cooperation
    without some so called Divisions
    of Religions Blowing up other Divisions
    of the Same Religion who disagree with the
    Style of Religious and Cultural Clothes of Rules
    or Freer Ways of life one opposed to the other in
    a path
    as the Sword
    Rules over Life
    And more Humans
    Die in Misery Loves Company
    for nothing at all but Fear and Hate..
    so do i expect my Bible and Long Form Poem
    to sell.. hell no.. i’ll never sell the “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    to any Devil of Money.. and trust me in a World where the
    New Standard For Deeper ways of Looking at the World
    is 280 Characters i hold no illusions that breaking the rules of the
    Standard of Group think Pay Anything mostly but other folks saying
    who the hell would wanna do what you do anyway but you.. for i am free
    and you
    is you
    me is Different
    now and Free to DO
    more and not restricted
    to what you do now.. as this
    is the Beauty of Freedom of Expression
    in Free Countries.. we get to be the Free God
    that and who Lives within us as unique Star Point
    of Light never duplicated ever before or ever again
    as each Unique Now of Creativity is ever Changing Colors
    Beyond Rainbow Restrictions now.. Being originally Creative in years
    before often meant just doing it for the means of the art of the moment
    in a way that would never be Shared or Given to others Free like an Emily
    Dickinson Poem Shuffled Away in Drawers never to be seen again until
    the Fortune of Seeking and Finding New Creativity comes and is finally
    appreciated more.. by others.. now.. tHeRe are Free Avenues to share
    and Give in ways like YouTube and Blogs.. where money need
    no longer Be A Part of the Creative Pie.. these are the
    days that Every Truly Free and Original Artist
    Dreams of then and now.. for we
    understand we do Art
    for God within…
    We are not LooKinG
    for a Target Audience to sell
    our SoUL.. We just want to be and express
    all of this Gift of Life that comes to be We now..
    I do all of this in Direct Conduit of Thanks Giving
    WitH God.. and sure there are enough Creative Souls
    of We Whole in the World to share and give some of this
    aLL oF OuR soUL too from head to toe and more.. all Free now
    MoRE WitH no restraints harming no one else as there is an off switch
    on this Bible and no one is Forced to read/see by Penalties up to Death..
    Yeah.. it’s also True that Walt Whitman.. Was a Real Prophet and part of
    no Cultural Church or Religion for he predicted the Priests of the Cosmos
    would come as Free Lance Artists of God but where he got it Wrong is where
    many Open Minded and Bodied Folks still do.. For the Conservative more Closed
    Minded Rigid Rule Makers for a Society that is Controlled more by Guidelines so
    one Person’s Brand and Way of Creativity doesn’t snuff out another potential much
    Different way of Creativity
    or just the choice
    and will
    for those
    Folks who for whatever
    Reason or Art find no way
    to Create now and would rather
    have no pART of any Art now to
    be as Happy as they will be or not..
    not all humans live in abundance and the more
    scarcity there is in ways of obtaining Subsistence
    and Shelter and even Mates the more rules there are
    required to Survive in Large Populations of Human Beings
    so even more Pain and Suffering in Misery Loves Company
    will not come now.. It’s Reality Conservative is often necessary
    For Base Surviva..l it can be a Hard Red Pill for some to swallow
    NoW or a Green Pill of Balance out of Just Blue too.. but it’s the way
    Life Works as Even Science is starting to show now.. Humans are
    not evolved well to live in Scarcity of Large Populations either so
    A price of Living Out of Balance as Nature Evolves us for areas of
    the Environment That Are Abundant with Much Smaller Groups
    of Human Beings Who Live A More Naked Dance
    of LiFE in Giving and Sharing all in a Song
    that is Free that Works.. it’s like the
    Matrix Series of Movies on
    Philosophy says
    too.. not everyone can or
    will unplug to Pure and Original
    Creativity now but those who can and
    will.. will do it for the DeLiGht of the Fruition
    of Heaven now.. no.. i am not sorry for BeinG
    Free and Quite Frankly i’m Titanium now.. i’ve got
    this ‘Stuff’ Figured out for me at least NoW unplugged
    and if ya wanna ride aLong with me in LiGht you are Welcome
    if not that’s fine.. please find a way that works for you.. i am free and i am
    not sorry
    just being
    all of me i can and will Be iN
    As Love Wild and God FReED..
    Meanwhile.. i am Glad someone continues to Pave the Road
    And Prepare me a way to do all of this.. Hats off to the Construction workers too..
    You are doing a Great Job.. And i hope whatever it takes you are even Happier than me..
    and if you
    want to sure
    go ahead.. Write
    a Poem/Bible Longer than
    now than me.. the challenge is out
    for that but i’m not gonna hold my Breath..
    in this life at least.. i will continue to Breathe Free.,
    i AM
    2.. pART oF aLL ALiVE..NoW..FReED..
    And yes Officially Today.. 11.25.2017
    “7 YeArSoLD Free Online WRiTe i AM’
    Yep.. took a lot of Words to get a Title for this that Works
    but that’s what i do.. i never give up and get the JOB DoNE..
    and as
    far as
    i kNoW
    FeeL and
    SeNSE tHaT’s
    wHat God Does too..
    so.. i only RefLecT tHis GifT BacK..
    like the Army Says All i can and WiLL Be iN aS LoVE NoW..:)

    Click to access andrewbook-download.pdf


    Not only a Photo of a Newly
    Minted Beauty at 27 years
    of Age in Sporty
    Attire with
    Athletic Shoes
    to Match a Velvet
    Dress obviously Very
    Very Physically Fit Head to Toes…
    Yes.. a Resume for Human now
    That speaks more than a Pretty
    Face And Fashionable Leisure
    Wear.. But a Hint.. A Studious
    Focused Face too.. Obviously
    Looking Down at Professional
    Notes.. Smiling with no Relatable
    Fears to SHow.. oF Anxiety heAR..
    27 Notes of Humanity Potential for
    27 Years.. Birthday Comes now in the
    11th Month.. November 2017.. and yes
    Speaking of 11’s.. 11 in Rank Famous
    out of all the Certified Accountant Finals
    in India in July of 2013.. 560 Marks earned
    not far at all away from the most Marks earned
    at 575.. hmm.. i was number 11 out of a Class of
    381 in High School.. Tied with my Best Friend Lynn..
    what a Surprise that was to have in common so at least
    as Friends we share the Number 11 in at least one way now..
    too.. hehe.. i am
    so fortunate
    to finally
    A Famous
    Friend Online but
    What i Love most about
    Himali.. is her Kind and Courage
    too.. and i am Very Happy that Himali
    Will Be Able to Choose a Prospective Husband
    who allows her to be free in Continuing her Resume
    of Humanity now.. for she is highly Qualified as Human
    And will have to Work Very Hard to Find a Suitable Match for her..
    but it’s true
    matches are
    totally opposite so
    perhaps the match
    won’t even like Numbers..
    Surely God will Find just the
    Magic For Himali that Helps
    Her Search.. Meanwhile.. She WiLL
    Continue to Fulfill Her Human Potential
    in Both Numbers and Art too..anYWay.. Hellooove
    HiMaLi.. my Famous Online Accountant Friend and
    Also Famous in Art of Being Human to me too.. Nice
    to See You Making your Mark Again Online For Free..:)

    sMiLes.. WiNks tHis is a
    Best Case Effort For
    Kat-Fred to
    iN A
    Famous LooKinG Pic..
    Like HiMaLi.. So Glam
    WitH GRaVaTaR SMiles2..;)

    Helloooove HiMaLi Again
    Not only Once A FriEnd..
    in Returning online today
    As a Visit with me at my Blog
    Home but also twice and thrice
    with Comment Responses
    On Her Blog
    too.. wait..
    two not three
    for i am counting
    the Comment yet
    to come in response
    to the Post on 27 Traits
    of Himali in Being Human
    on Her 27th Birthday this Month..
    Hmm.. hehe.. perHaps i’m Psychic
    at least in getting ahead of my words..
    Anyway.. i’m Glad You Enjoyed the Ever Flowering
    Garden Eternally All year Now of Florida Milder Winter
    Weather.. And Yellow Boy is an Expert on Comfy.. Keeping
    Laps Warm of what you compliment as Kat pretty.. Yes.. Fred..
    Kat and Yellow
    Boy are
    Very Happy
    to Have you as
    A Surprise Thanks
    Giving Friend to an
    oPen Table oF LiFE FReED
    And my hopes and wishes are
    alWays sAMe with you too my
    Extra Kinda
    Brave FriEnd..
    Keep Going for you
    are only 27.. So Young
    With the World at your Fingers
    And Athletic Toes all housed in
    Royal Purple Athletic Shoes and Velvet