RISE ALL Ye Cats of Good Cheer



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Graceful Power

moving through

the Savannah..

thousands of years ago…

Killers in majestic jaws of ferocity..

to possess this power IS the dream of humans..

but there is a greater power..

and that..



The grace of Love is a greater power

than any jaw and tooth


One day these majestic cats

true prey WILL be

lost Humans as Zombies


But to bring LOVE

and not killing

to what can be



of all species..

even more lonely than cats..

the human separated from nature



is where the cat’s at in bringing Love to humans…

These cats prowl in the shadows.. waiting for their sad prey..

























As the world can be much too dark..











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25 Responses to RISE ALL Ye Cats of Good Cheer

  1. brian miller says:

    my cat def teaches much of love…he is a snuggler…he likes to crawl right up under our chins when he lays with us…and be it through the cats or otherwise our world could use a revolution of love…though i do hope it is not the zombies…their love could be…awqward to say the least…ha….

    • Yes.. smugglers of snuggles are they..

      And for me i was extremely allergic to cats most of my life.. with only a few moments in a house with cats and my airways closing up…

      Just another miracle in my life.. that cats are permanent furniture fixtures of love in my home.. and i will always have a cat no matter how many tears come from cats of love of times gone past… as they truly are magicKal creatures of love to me…:)

      And i battle Zombies everyday.. and am winning that battle as i go on with the dance of Love..:)to the dismay of Zombies in the perimeter of shadows.. inviting them to dance…always.. and never giving up on the dead of soul..

      as i too once…

      was Zombie….but no longer am i as i too..
      am now..

      Cat of Love…:)

  2. claudia says:

    smiles… i usually fall in love with dogs quicker than with cats… friends of us got a pup and he’s just so sweet and def. spreads a lot of love

    • Yes.. i do love dogs too.. and your words bring me back to the memory of my one and only dog friend as pet friend in middle school.. named Charlie.. and what seemed like my only friend then.. outside of home.. and outside of school.. .

      i suppose when i lost him it might have been too much.. for me to ever take another dog friend again.. as that was my first and last dog i ever had…as cats and dogs don’t mix well enough for my comfort.. as even the two cats i have can get at each other’s throats..at times.. as they do get so jealous of each other when it comes to human attention..:)

  3. I can so easily fall in love with a cat.. and I now that love spells food for the feline friends… 🙂

    • Yes.. and from an evolutionary standpoint i think that the food sharing and love connection is hard to separate among all social animals…

      Dinner for two or more is usually the pathway to friendship and romance.. after all.. is said and done..:)

  4. Prajakta says:

    I am a dog person 🙂 but I warmed up to this cat very quickly!

    • Thanks for stopping by Prajakta.. and there are some cats that even dogs warm up to.. 🙂

      But my Yellow Boy is not one of those cats… as an ex-feral one he only warms up to humans..:)and not even other cats….

      So i guess perhaps he appreciates the subsistence a little more that we gave him since he was almost totally responsible for himself in the wild..before he found us…:)

  5. Mary says:

    Well, like Prajakta I am a dog person….but if dogs and cats both would go about bringing good cher to all humans, what a wonderful world it would be. (But, in actuality, they do that, don’t they?) Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    • Oh yes.. cats and dogs are bred to love.. and so are humans innately.. and the real message here is that MOST humans CAN Love like this too.. if they put their best effort forward in what MOST humans are innately as Creatures of LOVE too!..:)

  6. Gabriella says:

    I once had a cat that followed me everywhere, just like a dog. Pets are such givers aren’t, they?

    • Yes and as mentioned above in another comment human beings are mostly innately GIVERS too.. if we can just escape the trappings of culture that divide us instead of SET US FREE together..as ONE Species of LOVE..:)

  7. Glenn Buttkus says:

    When our old dog passed on several years ago, our cat, Keezie Moto, has picked up the gauntlet of love, & he does a fine job of providing purring portions of it as needed; which is often. People who do not have pets, especially cats, are missing something significant in life. I know that God is Dog backwards, but cats were domesticated first, & they maintain their mystery & dignity for me. Congrats on the cohesive 169 word poem; you are learning to say much in fewer words.

    • Oh i love the name Keezie Moto.. a wonderful name for a cat..

      And YES!.. having a pet and living with them.. can tell us so much about ourselves as social animals that we might Ordinarily miss.. in the day to day trappings of stress in living in an increasingly complex society..where the simple things like just sharing food and having companionship with others takes second fiddle to where it COULD BE FIRST..:)

      at least more often…:)

      And THANKS.. i am really trying hard to say more with less!..:)

  8. I love the message that love is a greater force than power. Though in world affairs, it does not seem to be on the rise, smiles. In the hearts of most of earth’s people, though, I believe it is.

    • True.. Love is not always the friend of power.. and this shows in the worldly affairs of world drama..

      And truly to believe it is in the hearts of most of earth’s people is a first step i think.. TO FEEL IT IS..:)

  9. I’m allergic to cats, but still love em (just can’t pet them). Rabbits are my babies – so cute and loveable :))

  10. wolfsrosebud says:

    so true… love is a great power

  11. kaykuala h says:

    Cats can be so personal curling up without promptings. Their purrings are therapeutic. All will start with love certainly! They will scratch and bite if pulled up without love! Great lines and pics Katie!


    • OH YES.. and if i do not give my Yellow Boy the Love and attention he demands.. he will take his paw as i pass him by.. and swiftly swipe me with a brush of his claws saying get back here now! and give me LOVE!..:)

  12. Cats are insightful. Wonderful creatures. Love the t shirt (chortles!)

    • Thanks Cressida de Nova.. it’s been a rather dreary November here lately in North Florida and recovering from a little bit of a chest cold myself.. and not quite my usual bushy tailed way.. even though the shirt is Xmas themed.. i thought it would brighten up my day.. and make the children laugh when i dance walked in Super-Walmart yesterday.. and it certainly did the trick and treat!..as i love playing the dancing ‘SERIOUS’ CLOWN in public that brings incongruent laughter to all!.. who DO NOT take me too serious..;)!

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