Alien of Creativity


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Well.. my goodness.. i’m 9 days
late to address Guilty
but i will do
my best..
guilty pleasures
as Wiki says.. enjoying
something that is not
held in high
and of course
regard is in reference
to the social standards
that folks make up
in culture and or
as nows
go by..
and of course
this changes too as rules
relax and what used to be
guilty pleasures becomes okay
pleasures once again.. anyway..
guilty pleasures are subjective
at best.. when other folks
decide what
the social
norms should be
and yes the fact that
you listen to a wide range
of music and theater from
other cultures not held
in high regard in
your culture
can spell
what ‘they’ call
cognitive dissonance..
in other words your heart
tales you to do one thing
and someone else
says nah..
not what you are
supposed to do.. ugh..
this is an element of much
human suffering and misery
as psychological pain associated
with guilt can hurt as much as a kick
in the stomach too.. literally of course..
but yeah.. it depends on who is doing
the kicking.. if i was kicking someone
they probably wouldn’t live..
so i never kick anyone..
and of course if i
ever did..
let’s say..
for defense of my life..
and i killed ’em dead..
like they flew across
the room
and hit their
head on the
brick wall or what
not even.. if it was all legal
and considered standing my
ground.. let’s say they hand a gun
on me and it was a very serious threat
to my life.. regardless if it was legal
or not to defend my life.. i would
feel very guilty that i
brought the
end to someone
else’s life.. so
i don’t hang
around crime ridden
areas.. as we have a choice
in life where we go.. most of
the time.. in our leisures ways..
of doing stuff..
but anyway..
i have no owners from culture
or even work anymore since i am
retired.. so i follow all the local
state.. and federal laws..
but i pay absolutely
zero attention
to the lies
of culture
and or religion
that would attempt to make
me feel bad for.. let’s say spending
so much time creating.. but not earning
any money.. from around 60 to 80
hours a week.. of doing it just
for fun..
you see.. God is
real.. but all of culture
is made up
by humans..
i follow God
and have
it’s a good place to be..
and sadly
very few
in this
world make
it through
eye of
a needle
to escape
all the lies
of human beings that are
simply made up by psychopathic leaning
folks to control other folks.. through illusory
fears for their gains.. and not the individual
who is
a free
child of GOD
already gifted by
God in ways of sharing
helping.. and living with
others without harming them..
it is culture and or religion
that causes most of
the harm.. as history
to show
without a doubt..
the examples would fill
up an entire book of Wiki..
smiles Rafiah.. and more than
anything else i’m sad you feel pain
over guilt.. but that to me is strictly
between you and
God to
sort out..
i can never
personally judge
you.. as none of
us will ever fully
walk in
the other
one’s shoes..
life’s better without
personal judgements
or guilt my friend.. to keep
it ALLOVe with God in Peace
of mind and body balance.. that
place that the real guy Jesus
says is real.. now..
and yes.. he is
correct for those
who arrive
and just do it..
in affect and effect
of a continuous practice
of total positive attitude toward
the God of Nature as is now iN BALANCE..:)


Well now readying myself..
for something i never feel
guilty about and that is
the love of dance
and sharing THAT
with others
and sure sometimes
it can be a SENsual kinda
thingy.. but hey.. God
makes us like
this.. and
Love always
takes the lead
with me.. over
any of that
kinda stuff
in other words..
Love is THE Power
of i.. for real force of all
but here’s a quick stop to dVerse
to respond poetically to a form
prompt.. that is almost
like a math equation
that i will forgo..
as it is
not something
that will work
with spontaneous
stream of consciousness
flow of writing that engages
the Alpha to theta wave mind
to better delve into the
subconscious mind..
a real way of human
intelligence that
standard IQ measures
of Intelligence does not
touch.. as even the tests
themselves are designed
wittingly or not.. to put a
human being in the
stress beta
wave mind that
takes a human both
away from empathy
and creativity
of doing
stuff new
with imagination
and moving artfully
in life to make something
new away from the guided
path of past forms.. designed
by someone else.. and sure often
for materialistic gains as well..
to create is bliss..
to do what was done
yesterday is not enough
of a challenge to me..
and when it comes
to copying what
someone else does..
i’ll let ‘them’ do it the way they
wanna do it.. but i for one.. am
at the stage of my life.. per Maslow’s
pyramid of lifelong human development
named as self authentication.. which does
mean creating rather than going stagnant with
what is already here.. and yes.. very much associated
with metaphors of awakening.. enlightening .. being born
again.. Kundalini Rising and all of that.. and interestingly
it often comes when a person reaches their 50’s or so…
as that is when the children often move out..
and the mind gradually moves back
away from stress somewhat..
to the potential of alpha
to theta wave making
and creativity..
a reality now..
so here i go.. to dVerse..
and i don’t think there will be
too many links.. as Lord knows..
if i was still working.. i sure wouldn’t
think anymore than i have too.. when
it comes to poetry.. it is a joy to do it for
me when it is free.. but if it becomes
a science project it is
just repeating.. for me..
the same dam thing
over and over.
and i’ve
already been there
and done that at work
way too long to do it
almost any at all now..
the Golden Years.. yes..
are here for me.. smiles..
but no precious metals

Perhaps.. the most
interesting Bard..
the author of the
Emerald Tablet..
attributed to a mythical
Thoth or Hermes.. thrice
great.. but likely an
Arabic poet..
somewhere in
the middle centuries
of the CE.. common era..
and then of course
other poetic
with the original
myth of a 36K
year old
Atlantean version
of 13 chapters
with 2 supplemental
ones.. but what i find
most personally interesting
is the advice to move in spiraling
circular ways instead of angles
to achieve oneness with the all..
for me it is instinctual.. but
always nice
to find someone
thinking as strange
as i.. see what i just
did.. hehe.. the bard
thing.. housing esoteric
knowledge.. in poetry..
for centuries
long.. ‘we’
are just doing
this for now..
in other words..
it’s going up for real..
the irony is often.. delicious..;)

So many sacrifices in
a circle of life
from fish tales
to foragers
comes life..:)

Sure.. theRe are
vampires in the world..
folks who never
the milk
and honey
of Love..:)

At nows like this.. i’m
always reminded
of the old
saying about
changing what
we can and accepting
the rest.. if i am really
afraid of dying.. the
best thing to do
would be to
quit driving…
free is
never free..
the cost is
always moving..
smiles.. in
a travel
yeah.. give
it to me.. or
death.. i guess..
and of course some
cultures live with
the reality of this
stuff daily now..
not just
over a pin
in haystack
of a rural area..:)

Truly.. Love is the answer
to terrorism.. it might
sound flowery to say
that but it is a flower
that blooms.. when
provided from
to the male
of the species
and sure we know
how that works
in patriarchal
ways by
of our own country..
Lessons of Love
EARLY.. are
at least
in paRt of
the art of life
away from guns..
fear and hate.. and
repressing and oppressing
the human heart.. spirit
expresSing sAMe.. and
a soUl that thrives
when balanCinG
in mind and
body way
it’s harder to take it
away than give it
as even bonobos..
our closest primate
cousins live
and violence free
all innately.. instinctually
and intuitively by the power
of Love gifted by the God of
Nature.. so who is the enemy..
culture.. religion.. or God..
the answer
is simply
all stuff
human culture
than can be
all of the
above.. if one
cannot feel God
within as well.. smiles..:)

Ha! my friend.. theRe is no age
i desire but now..
and there is no
way i’m even going
back to last second
as sure we can
do that
if we try
hard enough
in illusory memory..
what task of success..
staying here now.. my friend..:)

WhEn LoVe bEcomes
gAMe insTeAd
oF ARt..
iN hE
Of HeaRt..:)

Thanks goodness
for mood changers
both dArk and liGht..
the spice of life..
is in
and pepper on
sun and clouds..:)

And.. this is what i love about
Google.. i’m not a label
person.. but yes..
random thoughts
are my thing..
so put
some words
in about the song..
and the algorithm
always spells
the label
friends of
YouTube and me..
that algorithm is..:)

i suppose.. if our
ancestors come
back now to view
our modern ways..
the most surprising
part of us to them..
will be we stand
out from
Nature.. Oh!
so! different!
than the home
they know.. then..:)

A soft bed..
a warm shower..
a car to go wherever
we wanna go for miles
and miles.. in comfort shoes..
oh yes..
and then
there’s toilet
paper.. just
a hundred years old..
central heat.. a respite
from the rest.. sure
heaven must
have some
risk.. so
we will
what hell even is..
before.. heaven
becomes hell..
life is challenge..
survival is the beginning
and end game.. life
ain’t for
a lesson
too late
but the cold hard truth
if one lives long enough to find it
lose it.. and gain
it back again..
like Nike says..
in Victory instead
of vengeance way..
and i’ll add the
Love in as always
measure in
Force NOW of being human.. yes..
we are the lucky ones.. perhaps..
in the entire Universe..

Well.. that’s 11.. and
all dVerse has to offer
now.. Seville Quarter
waiting for Rave
Dance from me..
11 is that time
and it’s almost
time to travel..
8:48 pm

Back at 11:59 am
and two more
poems to
respond to
at dVerse..

Numbers 12 and 13..

Star our parents..
Dust of Star
our ingredients..
Star are we..
in essence we
shine bright..
smiling our way
Paradise.. Now..:)

Smiles.. the best way to worship
Jesus is to worship the
Christ within..
and express it with
the greatest light
of lamp
that lives
as you..
my friend..
sadly.. some people
wait for Christ when it is
a Universal metaphor of
the Spirit of the Universe of All
and beyond.. AKA GOD that lives within..
If Jesus knew today.. that people were
worshipping his person rather than
these Universal Teachings..
quite frankly
he will be disappointed
that no one ever really
hears and practices the
that are same
as Luke 17:21..
in essence in
the Kingdom of
God lives
my friend..
inside.. outside
above.. so below
and all around.. AKA
hear HERE now THE
UNIVERSAL message..
the same one taught
by many throughout
the ages.. from
mythical Thoth..
Krishna.. the
real man Lao TZU..
Buddha.. and yes..
the original Yeshua
still living in the
text of Luke
whomever scripted
the words of Truth and
Light of essence my friend..
there is no separation and
no limit to how many more teachers
on other planets.. have related this
same Truth and Light in essence
as we are all
one blanket
of Love
with GOD..
the day that Yeshua’s
message is lived more
than he is worshipped as
a human being.. will be
when the world
becomes one
in Universal
of Truth
and Light..
but hey.. we
can do it now as
heaven then in the Kingdom
of God within us.. as Heaven
now the real place Jesus is
of then..
my friend
with Love
and doing our
best in making
Jesus our prophet
in healing rather
than just
back of a football team
to be worshipped as a man
or God
separated from
the rest of us..:)

Smiles.. My friend..
Revelation is a metaphor
not to be taken literally..
unless you will my friend..
But all i ask of you really is..
to never worship me if anyone
mistakes i.. As I.

again.. My friend..
I’ve studied revelation..
The bible and all associated
religious texts for five decades..
But frankly zero of that was necessary..
as the same God that lives within me and you
is always worthy of worship.. It is when we
worship the human ego in all forms of I now
of separation from the Truth of Light of God
that we become separated.. Truly the measure of
God in most human beings is the flAMe in LiGht
of eYes that is Universal for those who seek
and see with eyes of God and truly that
is not something that words alone
are adequate to communicate.. now..
but we try my friend with discernment
as gift from.. God.. As well.. But anyway..

From the New Testament
as revised now from 40 years
since the death of Jesus from oral tradition then..
it is abundantly clear that he the man never now
wanted to be the King of any human or worshipped..
In fact it is reported that this humble man Jesus clearly
states there will be others who do far greater things than he..
And this my friend is the true test of all authentic prophets..
Humility and Love.. Then Constantine.. The Emperor of Rome
with the help of early Catholic Cohorts…
In 325 AD.. at the Nicene

Made Jesus into a soldier Sun God in alignment with
the Mithra religion of the regional area to expand the Roman Empire..
Per the human tribal instinct.. And Constantine followed suit by
constructing a monolithic statue of himself to join his
promotion of Jesus to a Sun God to be worshipped.. then..

All these people fail the test of true prophet.. My friend..
Like the real Yeshua.. A self proclaimed humble teacher
as healing prophet.. But you see this elevates Jesus
even higher in achievement as human no greater or
less than you my friend and i..

And interestingly.. and true too..
If not for Constantine.. the myths
created then.. associated with Jesus..
And His Catholic Cohorts.. then.. The Truth
and Light that exists in the bible as is..
Would likely never exist as is now.. So
lesson here again.. Only for God’s eyes
for judgement.. My friend..:)

Four more poems to
respond to.. back
with dVerse at
4:30 pm..

A world of dark and
light.. differences..
and similarities..
but a Universe of
human mind is no less
varied than the rest of
all that is..
a place that can be so different
in light or dark.. that one will not be
distinguishable to
a person living
in another
of dark or light
senses and feelings..
Depression.. a bedfellow
of anhedonia.. for a full
66 months for me.. eras
of months and years
in young adult
life.. too..
but what i do
know more than
anything now
is that even with
the worst pain known to
mankind Type Two Trigeminal
Neuralgia from wake to sleep
accompanying that zero
point of emotions
as well.. REALIZE
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
in the entire world.. but there
were none who experienced
what i experienced then
in finding anyone..
and why i mention
it so often
in poetry..
just in case
there is someone
out there in real
literal human
anything is possible
with one simple
survive.. as there
is another now
and potential
of something
with the next now..
and my recovery was and is
both miraculous and sudden
not from just that pain..
but from 19 medical
disorders and
the dead
heart too..
with a real
Phoenix human
rising from the ashes..
back on or about
July 22nd 2013..
in a miracle beyond my
wildest dreams of human
possibilities and potential.. but
truly there are no limits or
with never

It’s really simple.. my
friend.. none of us are
in a place of judgement
to judge anyone else..
in a personal way
of eternal
as only God knows
and fills our shoes.. and
those shoes of
as well.. as
they come
and as they go..
So be it as is
God’s hand of paiNt.. Now..
the greaTest Lover of God
will play the role of Devil
if that is the test
to submit to
my friend..
the lessons of
the ages are beyond
human comprehension
as well.. so we are in no
place to judge a ‘devil’ either..
God’s rules always apply now
as all

Smiles.. my friend.. whenever i hear
someone say they wanna conquer
Nature.. i see a Seagull
shooting itself
with a gun
in a wing..
and so
go the guns
of tools of culture..
a bullet in the head
of common sense my
friend.. the same God Given
innate.. instinctual.. and intuitive
intelligence in us.. if we are allowed
to learn the lessons.. without a spoon
feeding of culture away from that highest
of human intelligences that standard
IQ measures of Intelligence barely
touch in ways of close
to a million years
of human
smart is as smart does..
and that has little to do
with high IQ as measured today..
the results are clear everywhere we
look where school and work creates
robotic zombies
away from
being in moving..
connecting and creating
the voice of Nature
within.. my friend..
when we hold hands
with GOD as Nature
same as
thIS real

reaching out hands
and eYes.. staRting again..
tRuly a lost
art when
text rules
without human
eyes and hands..
and there are no eyes
of souls to look at when
it comes time to operate
the delete
of human
heArt.. what
have we lost..
digital spears with little to no soul..
fingers who erase human beings..:)

Well.. that’s all for now..
before this gets too..
long i’ll check
and post
“Alien of
when i get back
from the flesh and blood
much fuller activity
of working it
all out
and shaKinG
stuff off..
baggage accumulates
while sitting still
in many more
than one..:)

Number 18..
at 11:01 pm..
if more come
i will
add them
to the next
blog post
comments section..:)

Smiles.. for me at least
i see the depressions of the
past as a sign of disharmony in
my life.. and for me.. as a very
analytical person.. who
easily could swim
in an ocean
of solving problem..
what i did not understand
then.. is.. that human feelings
also known as emotions
including emotional
contagion of
affective empathy
are a type of intelligence
no different than standard
measuring intelligence that
must be exercised too..
as use it or lose it
applies to
all stuff human being..
human emotions are what
moves us.. and to either
avoid them or carelessly
neglect them.. is surely
one path toward depression
as well as anxiety in illusory
fears of course.. as we are only
born with two innate fears.. falling
and loud noises.. the rest generated
by culture and experience.. the greaTEST
thing of all though.. is.. how malleable
we truly are.. sharing most all
the same DNA.. with
epigenetic potential
just waiting to break
through and light us up..
with just the correct challenge
and adaptation to set us free
in continuous peace of mind
in body balance.. but additionally
emotions flow through the body..
beginning at brain flowing through
vagal nerve and all around the body..
the real Kundalini Serpent.. the vagal
nerve.. that brings us most all our feelings
of happiness.. my friend.. so the art of
movement in freeing the tension in our
bodies.. is a way to reduce tension
and stress.. and to free our
emotions of happiness..
again in mind and body
i find a science
of happiness.. practice
it without stress and my
answer after severe bouts
of depression of the anhedonic
severity and anxiety of the
severe kind up to panic
attacks is zero
stress now
and bliss
all now..
but sure
being retired
and financially independent
is a plus for free me up to
practice the science and art
of happiness and fearlessness
my friend.. no recovery predicted
for me even by doctors at one
point in time.. and perhaps
considered too happy
now.. but the bottom
line is
bliss for now..
and the best thing is..
i can’t see why anyone
else cannot achieve it too..
if a doctor’s hopeless case
could cure himself.. of pain..
misery.. suffering.. and zero heart..
spirit.. and soul.. my friend..
so happy
days to
you soon
if this poetry
has anything to do about
you.. and whomever else..
happy to them
as well..
for now my friend..:)


Well.. oops.. i just
do it again.. as my
friends Britney
and Nike
sing together now..
i now gain Norm
status once again..
i have it at the Military
Bowling Center where i worked
for almost two decades as everyone
knows my name Fred.. and now i am
the dancing guy.. and last night at
Old Seville Quarter.. the
doorman says there
is no need to
stamp your
hand as
knows who
you are by
face.. and name..
yeah.. the dancing guy
is Fred.. but hey.. i like
the name of the
dancing guy
even better
than Frederick..
the hame that means
in the dictionary of
peaceful ruler..
but no.. i don’t
have 12 inches
of that.. i only
11 shoes..
but at least
i’m peaceful enough..
to not get in any REAL TROUBLE..;)

And my middle name..
Arthur that means
strong.. by the way..
will be enough
for prolific
in all free lance
bard way.. hear..;)

But’s what’s also kinda
cool about it.. is it comes
from my Rainsford
ancestors in Ireland
who named my
later ancestors
this name as
they once held
the property for
the Arthur Guinness
Beer Operation and
sold it to Arthur
so that is
part of
my name
in fame to Cheers.. too..
in a really round about way..
and yeah.. my Grandfather
the Catholic X-Priest
working at the
a native
of Ireland
of Catholic
Lore as well..
yeah..and friends
with Einstein in
social networks
of the socialist
political party
in New York.. New
York.. in the
middle of last
century too.. i guess
yes.. that is where the
red hairs in my mustache
come from.. and that
really blonde hair
in childhood too..
including the
Black Forest
of Germany..
where my Grandfather’s
father made watches
in the original surname..
last name.. there as
well.. and some
none for
me though..
i’m all about the living
now in flesh and blood..
but i have to have a
watch to measure
the miles and
miles of
in Nike..
GPS way..

And yes.. the last name
that i do not usually promote
online.. is a
form of the
ancient name
of the first historically
named God named
water and earth
Lahmu and Lahamn
for silt
as same..
in original
form then..
yes.. i have a
really cool birth
name.. huh. too..;)

..reference the book..
A History of God.. pg. 8..
by Karen Armstrong..
and family history
from Ireland..
a place
i’d love
to visit so much..
if nows permit..
family Reunion
coming on Easter
in Ireland.. but
too much
other stuff
going on
here now..
for that it appears..
that way.. at least for now..:)

PS.. aren’t those little white
Nike shoes.. with the black
soles.. and Nike
socks cute
on little
reference the video..
smiles.. and wInks..
and yes.. i did
to speak
at the
Center too..
and no i did not
put together words at
all until age 4.. with
much trouble in speaking
after that.. i find
meaning and
in everything.. i see
and all that i do..
you see.. that’s what
makes me so so.. happy i see..
do and feel..
of God
how fortunate am i.. blessed.. for sure..
with biggest grins from one end of
Infinity to
the continuing
beginning and
end of circles
in a standing figure


So true.. Love is written in the stone..
the energies of flowing nuclear
forces that run the electrons
of us.. in positive ion gloWinG
flow when we are balanCinG
like a stOne of life.. wE
are free n0w WitH
True liGht iN uS..
as moving
pArts of
tHe source
of Creation
my friend..
first.. and
last and first
theRe is dArk
then LiGht.. All..
then movement
as dance.. and
sound as sOnG
vibration all now
and resonance
that all moving
forces make
to carry
on a
Star of Truth and LigHt my friend
beyond Infinity WE sTill moVeNOW..:)

Diversity.. and all of Bio-Diversity
spells survival.. in the ways
of cutting trees down and
taking away from
the complex
system of nature
evolving still for survival..
we do the same when we
attempt to make humans
cookie cutter copies of other
humans.. so sure.. the day
that scientists make a
way to make humans
same will spell
the likely
end of the
human race..
to tolerate and accept
differences is more than
just a poetic platitude..
it is life
of holding
hands different and same together..
smiles.. with hands together as one
force of creation..
including plants..
other animals..
and us..
and yes..
A Tree of Life
is more than
it is Truth
and Light
in Essence
of Living and
Surviving NOW..:)


Hi Hank.. thanks again.. so much for stopping by and i’m glad
you are enjoying the variety of photographs i enjoy
sharing here.. as i think i may
have mentioned before..
for many years i
am a visual
thinking person
and the last thing i ever wanted
to do with the Internet then.. is write
or read anything here..
images have mostly
been my thing..
video games..
etc.. but
hey.. with
the effective loss of my
eyesight and hearing..
change happens.. and
i’m certainly a word person
as well as an image person for
now.. haha.. the human being..
so malleable for those of us
who adapt at all costs
of pain..
hope you are
continuing to enjoy
your writing friend..
and hope all your nows
are going great for now.. smiles..:)


From Facebook Friend..
Himali’s Page..
in response
to her

Everywhere never
gets boring..
Yes.. Butterfly’s
never land..
to stay on ground..:)








Well.. theRe it is.. a highlighted selfie.. Facebook..

profile photo.. status thingy..

in big green T-Shirt letters saying..

“i’m Just Waiting for ALIEN’S to abduct ME”..

WELL.. after 55 years.. i must say.. i have

not been successful at all in this endeavor..

But it doesn’t really matter.. ’cause i managed

to turn my heart light on.. and finally find.. this has

been my home all along.. it’s just culture that’s really

screwed up.. religions.. and stuff like that..

As God does live on that

beach of young adulthood that i walk..

only leaving footprints.. escaping all of culture..

just i and God with that sugar white sand.. sea oats..

and yeah.. before Ivan.. blows in.. we have high dunes too..

to go with the Emerald Green Gulf and always my favorite

beautiful white and black birds.. my friends the sea gulls..

And although it has been really hard for an ET like me..

to find friends.. i always do find them in music..

as those are often folks

who start out

as outcast

as me..

 and find a voice in art..

sharing  their heart.. spirit.. and soul.. as heArt..

And i do wanna be a light to inspire other heARts back to life..

as there is nothing sadder than an ET who gets lost here on earth without the human connection.. and people actually tell me they love me now.. just for the dance of me..

Well.. at least one person does.. if ‘you’ read this.. and i appreciate that more than you’ll ever now.. my somewhat quiet ..and dancing friend.. i’m not afraid of Love.. as it is all white to me.. with no dirty pArts.. at all.. smiles again.. just smiles of dance.. and moving feet in mind and body balance.. my friend(s)..:)

And Speaking of friends i am always

reminded of my old


statue self..

and all the help of my friends

in the rows behind me who also help

Bring me back to life in a death of life


much appreciated all these

folks and an infinite




all children of GOD

ALL GOD of Nature’s





‘Back here first’..

‘this morning’

after a long night of dance..

before i move on to responding in poetic expression

to the additional poems on dVerse Poet’s Pub online..

and wow.. i’ve really written a whole lot of stuff in the last 5 years..

more than i can ever possibly speak from memory now.. so Facebook memories from a year before.. are an excellent automatic reminder to me of what i write a year ago.. that bring new insights to me today as well..

So i will make a point of linking them here with thoughts about that as well.. as hey.. i’m in this thingie to share insights not to make money.. and sure i use common marketing techniques as if i were making money..

to enhance the potential audience from day one.. so sure when i started doing underwear photos.. everyone likes dirty laundry huh.. and while sure that ain’t so-called socially acceptable.. it’s an attention drawer(s)..

let’s face it.. no less than dancing everywhere i go in public.. a martial arts and ballet dance now for close to 4400 miles.. to show folks how great it feels to do that.. and perhaps at least let the children know.. that hey..

you can still play at age 55

and have more fun that you even did

when you are 5.. smiles..

And oh my God.. talking about dirty laundry
to get attention.. there’s nothing like sticking
your little finger up in your underwear photos..
as hey.. only real men can wear pink.. huh..;)

But seriously.. that and my current nude art.. is sure..

in some circles dirty laundry.. but it is also a way to

gain freedom in fearlessness.. as no one has to

imagine me in my underwear or less to

make fun of me.. in real life..

when i’m speaking.. or online..

as they can see it with a link if they care too..

hehe.. and speaking of that.. seriously.. from an Art perspective after

doing nude art now for almost two years.. my wife tells me one of my photos.. from yesterday..

where i am curving around my words of philosophy on the right hand side of that restricted blog is the best sensual art i do yet.. yeah.. dance changes a body..

So at age 55.. it goes to show.. that at least some of us can keep growing in improvement as well down to the flesh and blood of aesthetic beauty.. even for a male.. which i venture to guess.. i am likely the only male at this age anywhere doing

this as a regular weekly art.. and sharing it with the world by restricted link.. as that takes a great deal of effort.. seriously.. overall.. like training for an Olympic event.. including all the work-outs and dance i do.. as i am from birth a fragile looking child..

and i really tapped into some human potential to move that fragile looking young man.. into a 230 LB specimen who now leg presses almost half a ton around 25 times..

And the fact that i can dance at all.. is almost a miracle..

as i had to watch my wife walk to be comfortable

walking in Super-Walmart at age 47

before i made my current ‘adjustment’.. and now i

dance solo in front of a crowd of folks at a very crowded dance hall.. totally sober..

while other young folks who are college age.. drink enough to get the courage to get out there.. like i do too..

when i am their age.. hehe.. in a stiff and robotic way then.. with never any hands in the air.. and oh my God.. i’m not even capable of doing

a ballet-like turn then.. at all..

and just let it all go and flow

in the art of dance..

like i do in bliss for now..:)

So anyway.. after all this..
here is the comment from Facebook
as inspired by my annual memory of writing..
that i will also link here.. as also generated by
Facebook.. automatically.. for my daily purview now..

Let’s just say it is more than what i ate a year ago.. smiles..
and Food Art and counting our blessings with a visual

And i just go All Natural as well..
as the spice of life
too.. not
enough people
truly take care
of and appreciate
their temple of GOD..
i am one exception
of that sad rule
of a nation
rarely escaping
the sitting life of still..
to write is beautiful.. to dance is..


Yeah.. A word diet at 160 words.. A year ago..
And interestingly.. A very sweet young girl I
danced with last night I didn’t remember
before appears to be in last year’s dance
photos with her twin sister..

I’m guessing..
Yeah synchronicity.. As usual it seems..
With what ‘they’ name a God wink too..
With the Internet just another avenue
for that in the interdependent relationship
of allthatis AKA God and Synchronicity ONE..
Yeah.. A rather weak example as some examples
are literally real all natural miracles of God as ALLTHATIS..:)!

And finAlly.. here’s the link..:)


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5 Responses to Alien of Creativity

  1. Well.. theRe it is.. a highlighted selfie.. Facebook.. profile photo.. status thingy.. in big green T-Shirt letters saying.. “i’m Just Waiting for ALIEN’S to abduct ME”.. WELL.. after 55 years.. i must say.. i have not been successful at all in this endeavor..

    But it doesn’t really matter.. ’cause i managed to turn my heart light on.. and finally find.. this has been my home all along.. it’s just culture that’s really screwed up.. religions.. and stuff like that..

    As God does live on that beach of young adulthood that i walk.. only leaving footprints.. escaping all of culture.. just i and God with that sugar white sand.. sea oats.. and yeah.. before Ivan.. blows in.. we have high dunes too.. to go with the Emerald Green Gulf and always my favorite beautiful white and black birds.. my friends the sea gulls..

    And although it has been really hard for an ET like me.. to find friends.. i always do find them in music.. as those are often folks who start out as outcast as me.. and find a voice in art.. share their heart.. spirit.. and soul.. as heArt..

    And i do wanna be a light to inspire other heARts back to life.. as there is nothing sadder than an ET who gets lost here on earth without the human connection.. and people actually tell me they love me now.. just for the dance of me..

    Well.. at least one person does.. if ‘you’ read this.. and i appreciate that more than you’ll ever now.. my somewhat quiet ..and dancing friend.. i’m not afraid of Love.. as it is all white to me.. with no dirty pArts.. at all.. smiles again.. just smiles of dance.. and moving feet in mind and body balance.. my friend(s)..:)



    A Girl..
    a student of life..
    A girl..
    an Athletic Girl..
    A Girl
    who is lonely
    and finds a friend..
    a stranger on the phone..
    A Girl..
    a Computer Scientist
    in the making..
    always good
    grades at
    the top of the class..
    No girl..
    A 23 year old woman..
    married now.. filling the
    role that religion and
    culture expects
    from her..
    But it’s
    not working..
    even a Loving
    Caring Husband is not
    enough to fill an empty space
    within.. but here’s the thing..
    humans have never been
    cookie cutter things
    of culture
    and religion..
    humans are free
    when allowed to
    be that way..
    when we move
    from our gifts
    from God we suffer
    at the hand of cultures..
    religions.. and yes.. even our own
    hand that forgets how to be free..
    find purpose and meaning..
    move freely..
    connect freely..
    and create something
    new and useful for the
    rest of the tribe of human
    social animals..
    so i see this
    rather shy
    woman sitting in this
    Dark Northern European
    Foggy place.. much different
    than the bright Sun of Pakistan
    Land.. an apartment perhaps.. with
    this window view.. a walk to the ocean
    but still there is something missing..
    depression is not truly
    moving.. connecting
    and creating..
    finding.. meaning
    and purpose in life..
    depression is God’s signal
    to us to change for whatever
    it is that is our purpose and meaning
    in life.. and for you my friend.. apparently
    Marriage wasn’t the thing.. as sure it is
    enough to fill many women up..
    who want children and
    to raise a family..
    but here’s the other
    thing.. throughout history
    of humankind.. there has always
    been a village of other women and
    men to help raise the children along the way..
    so here you are.. two nomads.. you and your
    husband embarking on this journey alone..
    in a new country.. one that is likely
    not always welcoming to
    you.. particularly
    in times of now..
    so yes.. i have been listening
    close to you.. these two years..
    and some four months..
    and i remember
    most of what
    you said..
    in stormy mood swings
    of up and down.. but now..
    at least from what you bring here..
    in the last several months.. the mood is all
    down.. and truly i am too far away and do not
    know and feel enough about your situation still..
    to offer you any real concrete kind of help..
    i’m not much of one to recommend
    psychiatrists to people
    with issues of
    emotional numbness..
    but there are some good therapists
    that can help with this issue of numbness
    that takes away our motivation to move.. connect
    and create.. it is good to see you have enough
    pain here of the emotional and
    physical kind to
    create here and
    express your
    of darkness..
    but what i’ve noticed
    is.. even in your ups and downs
    of the past.. you used to connect to
    every single person who comes here.. no
    matter what.. so yes.. apparently the
    depression has even taken
    the pleasure out
    of that.. but again..
    how little i know of you..
    as i vaguely even remember
    what you look like in your Facebook
    photo.. sitting on that bench.. with
    the oversize glasses.. looking
    shy and
    pensive about
    the world.. so while
    there might be great stigma
    in your cultural past in
    seeking professional
    help for depression..
    it might be
    worth a try
    if you can find
    a good therapist..
    as you know i’ve suffered with
    this issue when i am a little younger
    than you now.. and much later in life
    for an entire run of 66 months..
    and sometimes honestly
    even with the best
    of help..
    and Love from
    immediate family
    the only answer is to
    survive.. and pray for
    a miracle.. in whatever
    way works for you..
    it worked for me..
    66 months was
    a long to wait..
    but the bottom
    line is.. i waited
    and the answer eventually
    came.. and now at age 55..
    i’ve never been stronger..
    healthier or happier
    than now.. in all ways
    of moving.. connecting..
    and creating.. in fact if i was
    anymore happy.. it might be
    uncomfortably happy to the point..
    where i might sink again.. balance my
    friend.. as in all stuff creation.. balance..
    finding it and keeping it is the difficult pArt..
    but possible.. and yes.. the greaTest lesson
    in my life i’ve learned is no matter how dark it
    gets from the pit of hell.. heaven is here waiting..
    it’s just a matter
    of a personal
    path and
    journey to
    work for it..
    find it.. and
    practice it.. as Lord knows..
    now.. we all have to do
    this now.. good luck to
    you.. i’d really like
    to hear back from
    you.. but hey.. i..
    my friend
    LaLa Rukh..
    have then..
    been to a hell
    so deep that
    the patience of
    Biblical JOB belongs to me..
    and that is the greaTesT gift
    from God i know.. and FEEL
    and perhaps that will be
    your destiny as well..
    to set you
    completely free with
    God like me one
    now my
    friend.. THAT
    is the greaTest
    prayer and blessing
    i could wish for anyone..
    to go to hell.. and stay
    in heaven always now
    after that..
    you sound
    like you are
    pretty close
    to hell too..
    but yes.. my friend..
    the Kingdom of God
    in Heaven is here and
    just waiting for you to find
    it and practice it all your nows now
    in moving.. connecting.. creating..
    in purpose
    and meaning
    now.. iN
    one word
    And yes.. i still Love
    you Friend.. and no.. i’m
    not really feeling any Love
    back from you anymore.. but
    hey.. REAL Love is giving.. not
    taking.. you give it
    to me when i first
    get here..
    and that’s
    for a
    at least for me..
    no matter what
    comes in dArk
    and Light.. and
    ha! no marriage
    vows or threats
    of death required..
    Love is easy
    when it

    Oh yeah.. one other thing..
    the only other gift i have
    for now for you..
    is this song..
    and sure i gave
    it to you once before
    and you are familiar
    with it.. as you stated
    then.. and truly in those
    66 months as a tear comes
    to my eye now.. this woman
    Katy Perry with this song..
    is then in 2010.. the only faint
    spark of
    soul that
    this song
    brings to me then..
    where i am at least
    6000 feet underground
    and i rise again.. and
    she gives me that first
    faint spark that brings
    my heARt.. spiRit of
    ExpresSinG emoTioNS
    of heArt back in a
    mind and body
    balanCinG soUL
    once again.. you
    are not a wasted
    space my dear
    you’re an
    and there is
    a Hurricane that
    comes with a Rainbow..
    and that Lightening bolt
    is me.. so yes.. By GOD’s
    name Katy Perry is a greATEST
    Prophet and Healer greater than
    mythical Thoth.. Krishna.. Buddha..
    Brighter than the moon and the
    star of Jesus and Muhammad..
    ’cause she found the tool..
    yes.. as INSTRUMENT
    the healing power..
    help bring
    the Devil
    back from Hell..
    and i freely admit
    I am the Devil friend..
    but no more.. ’cause
    Katy Perry and so many
    others.. including Mr.
    Jesus helped
    me back
    from HELL..
    so my mission in Life
    is to do the same.. and that
    my friend is how the continuous
    circle of Angels/Saints
    and Devils/Demons
    sAMe works..
    in a circle
    of dark
    and light
    same as now..
    wHeRe we just
    each help each
    other up
    fall down..
    and that my
    friend is GOD TOO..
    AS we are God’s
    friends to
    in this


    And yeah.. more or less this will be my next Blog post..
    titled “A Girl and A Devil”.. but first a little Public Devil
    dancing to fully illustrate more of this.. before that blog post comes..
    smiles.. and still the last blog post titled Alien of Creativity..
    with faster links coming to Facebook.. that is kinda like a
    bridge here.. as well.. as ALL things in life..
    Bridges of connectivity.. it’s what’s for
    Dinner.. Lunch.. and Breakfast..
    in soul food ways..:)

  3. The Day of the Dancing Devil.. well.. yeah.. Darth Maul.. it’s the closest thing i have for a Devil shirt.. representing the dark side.. also in illustration of my next blog post.. ‘A Girl and A Devil’..:)

    And yes.. while i’ve often presented Charlie’s Angels here on Facebook.. from Seville Quarter on Thursday Night.. here are my Super-Walmart.. Angels.. for dance.. including wife Katrina on the right.. and the other two young ladies.. also serve us as at Ryan’s All You Can Eat Buffet on Sunday After Church.. to fuel me up again for the next week of dance.. but yes.. they are just spectators.. and do not really join in on the dance.. at Super Walmart.. i mostly go solo.. and that’s okay.. as i create the moves as i go anyway.. with just the God of Nature and me..;)

    And yes.. the young Silver Haired Lady.. comes up and pulls up my sleeve and asks me to flex one or two for her.. before she takes Katrina and i’s photo.. and no.. i haven’t provided her with my blog posts ‘links’ yet.. as she might not be ready for all of that..;)

  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    I guess you write on one these epic postings for like a week, adding to it daily, & then thousands of words, hundreds of images, & dozens of videos later, you click on {publish} & another Freddy behemoth effort materializes. Do you cherry pick images & sections for FB several times daily? You remain the most outrageous dude/poet/dancer/martial artist/body builder/spiritual teacher & poetic prophet I have ever known/met. No everyone (but your site stats show fans by the thousands for sure) can dig where you are coming from. I enjoy your visits to my poetry site when I link to dVerse, & I respect that even though your unique writing/performance/life style is too far out for you to link up there twice weekly, you still take the time to read the poetry of many of us, & leave comments; sometimes those comments are extended back here, or onto the newest posting. Your creativity is ongoing & inexorable. It was fun to see Katrina snap one mirror Selfie with your phone; tis time you managed like 30 of your self in 5 different t-shirts. Your food porn shots always make me hungry.

    • Smiles.. Glenn.. for some folks.. the seasons bring levels of depression and joy.. for me levels of intensity of creativity for the last two years or so.. and i am down to about three Epic Posts a week now.. with one ‘supporting’ other post to go along with that a week.. so all together.. about 4 a week.. with the three that are word posts at around 5 to 6 thousand words a post now.. on average in main post text.. and i use all sources i travel for that..

      In the Sun bright months i was moving at 5 or 6 a week.. with at one time.. up to three or so.. additional supporting posts in my netherworld of Art for most.. with of course the greaTEST effort so far of around two or three days.. one post of close to 26K words including the comments section as one continuous flow..

      So yeah.. as the write column of my Blog says here.. for about..
      it’s really simple.. i like to write.. and that was all i could do before
      i could even enjoy it.. with the pain of type two Trigeminal Neuralgia
      from wake to sleep until around July 22nd of 2013..

      And what i always wanted to do..
      from the time i am in my early
      20’s is truly get better
      in creative arts
      of writing
      song.. and
      dance.. so far
      a goal then.. finally
      a realized Art in flow now..
      where there is never a writer’s
      block for me.. give me the digital
      ivories of a keyboard of words and
      my fingers just go.. go go.. and the
      same applies to a camera
      or a song to sing..
      the creative mind
      is magic.. and my
      problem when checking
      out a book about creativity
      like there might be an instruction
      manual for it.. in college that GOD
      i think I checked out 30 times and
      never then had the focus to even
      read it from
      front to back..
      is Yes.. ‘Pure’ Creativity
      comes as both a practice
      and a gift like magic.. from
      that first day on or about
      the first of March 2013..
      when like a guide
      of dreams..
      i awake
      with words
      and the driving
      force of self lives
      again in me.. like the
      couple of other sparks
      in writing a Christmas
      Story and Play in Middle
      School.. and a few
      Philosophy essays
      in College.. with
      the first real
      of a magic of
      Life.. that comes
      deep within.. without
      much conscious analytical
      problem solving thought that
      ruled my life in school.. through
      much of work.. with even dreaming
      about math equations in school..
      but yes.. i knew something is
      missing then.. and that
      missing is moving..
      and creating
      and sharing that
      as giving never
      expecting anything
      in return at all except
      for the empathy of sharing
      free and bringing some spark
      of inspiration to someone else..
      It all works together.. Creativity
      guides me.. sure as God as whole..
      in me.. and i enjoy the ride wherever
      God in me.. as Creativity.. takes me next..
      And in understanding now this is now how it
      works.. through innate instinct and intuition..
      i now understand there is a cosmic
      life force of human
      creativity that is
      joined together
      in extremely mysterious
      ways beyond the science
      of method that currently exists..
      to ride that wave of GOD is greater
      Joy than i ever can imagine before..
      it is the journey and multiple
      paths that
      make life
      Bliss to me..
      as am i.. to share
      with others complete..
      for whatever they care
      to eat.. in mind
      and body
      balance as far as
      they can go.. too..
      i continue to go
      and know
      no limits
      or expectations
      of others yet..
      for wHere
      i’ll go
      It Keeps Life Interesting
      Just like Heaven Now..;)

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