Friday 13tH #Heavenisnow



Spring dreams
live cocoons
of tulips now
us.. seasons
tale forecast
sweet refrain
us too..
colors bright..:)

Black whole
of clouds
mini sink
rising dreams

Two last
links for
Tuesday dVerse
poet’s pub Weather
prompt.. Thursday
prompt coming
later but
for now
freest dance
for me.. as
grains of sands
smiles.. sans
all but


Sand dancing
coming next yes.. but first
a quick stop in Pakistan to
visit Facebook Friend
Rafiah.. just for fun..;)

Terms of endearment..
A to Z possible and baby for me and
my first love way back in the late 70’s..
i think the female mostly comes up with it first..
and the male replies and it then becomes a mutual
term of endearment.. i didn’t find another one after
that one ended.. a year later.. until the late 80’s
with Katrina as she develops the endearment
term sugar.. so she is sugar.. the one before is baby..
and if something ever happens to Katrina.. i guess it will
remain me.. as it takes me over 20 years to train sugar
to get used to someone as howling at the moon as me..
smiles.. i suppose i would have to get married to
a she-wolf next.. winks..
so maybe then
the new term
would be Wolfie..;)

Rafiah says..

Some one should tell Sugar about your future hopes
and may be she kills you. tongue emoticon

i say..

Smiles.. sugar almost kills me almost everyday..
she is fierce sugar.. more than she-wolf..
and i better watch out ’cause it’s
Friday the 13th.. too..wink emoticon..;)


Developing will is an internal
process.. not an external
process alone..
and all forms
of school.. will not
work alone.. while
providing helpful hints..
the navigator.. the flAMe
lives within as metaphor
director.. producer.. yes
creator now of being
i of actor I.. WitH
exclamation point! spirit!
as emotional heArt
seNses wheEe
tHe iNterNal of hUman
beInG and the eXterNal
of environment becomes
balance as well.. no different
than a galaxy spinning around
a black whole.. force winds
of hurricane spinning
around a clear
blue eye
and poeTry
in just another
hint along the
journey and
to center
balance of
in a full play of Life!


A cup of steeping
tea.. a chalice of
me is water
in mirrored
silver and golden
platter roses.. yes.. a photo
will say an infinite number
of words in imagination and
creativity of us.. more than
words alone..
as images
are infinite
in meanings
blessings are us..
gift from God
We are

Smiles.. my friend Soheir..
my pleasure to accept
your gifts of

What an innovative
way to respond
to some
a picture
for some thoughts
and some heArt
spiRit and soUl
along a
a journey
a path as free..:)


Somenows here before
travel to my 84th Rave dance
comes in about an hour
to start responding
to dVerse open
link Thursday
night in
tandem with
the dance..:)

Smiles.. i suppose a dreadful
frozen winter is just
’cause to appreciate
the other seasons
so much more..
where memories
perhaps are more
likely stored in change
of seasons instead of
just two or less seasons
where i live.. smiles again..
there is only one for me
now in
no matter
where the
band of me rings..;)

A wise 94 year old great aunt named
Jettie teaches me the lesson
of the ages.. that age is only
emotional heart of spiRiit
expresSinG that
heARt of sOul
in mind and body
balance.. she at
94 bent and crippled
at around 4 feet 9
and 80 or so LBS
could tell her
headaches to go
away and back
pain too upon
her command
and a smile and
chuckle is hers
no different
than a school
age girl.. the
spirit can be
always spring
for those who understand
the real message of Jesus
that heaven is now.. and
to defeat death is to
simply live life alive..
in balance
my friend
with no illusory
fears.. including
death as there need
never be any real death
in a person’s life until
it is totally over
as flesh..
my friend..
sadly some folks
look forward to
death to get to heaven
then when they will never
see it anywhere else but
nowforevermorenow as
that is what life
is truly
meant to be
and how my cat
lives it always now..
Humans are ignorant
in this way.. many of them..
all cats are smart in this
KAT am ie..
yes in example
of Jesus my friend.. too..:)

Young men raised
on fear then rising rage..
daddy’s telling them boys
never cry.. learning from
peers and pornography
that to meet a girl
is all about
a meat
and more
not much
else.. but
an urge..
poverty of empathy
and human connections
is the real disEase of human…

Culture.. a human experiment
us the guinea pigs
witting or not..
to escape the
is instinct
and intuition
in DNA away
from culture..
KISS keep
it simple
stupid is
my motto..
as i do not think
when i write or
dance smiles
all generated
from within
and culture
too that
no one
escapes but wild animals.. my
goal partially complete.. wild again..:)

Smiles.. Glenn.. one of my favorite
chapters here continuing
about the Appaloosa
who refuses to
bow to anything
less than wild..
i suppose
there have
always been these
trouble horses.. who
refuse the rein of others..
wind carries manes of free
and there’s a song for that
from Gino Vanelli now as
well.. smiles again for now..:)

That’s all for now at 9:42 pm.. it’s
now to fly like an eagle of dance..;)

Back again at 9:47 pm.. and a side
note related here.. from my Facebook
page where i shared these 5 short
poetic responses and a couple
of my Facebook friends.. Greg
and Himali.. enjoyed that
particular poetic
expression enough
to do the like
thingie.. there..;)

Smiles.. Hello Himali..
yes Aunt Jettie was my personal Yoda..
and yes.. she still is.. and interestingly..
the woman’s whose poetry
inspired this comment
about Great Aunt Jettie..
recently.. deleted it..
funny how Unconditional Love
scares hell into some people..
winks.. but the bottom line is no matter what..
i get inspired.. and keep getting inspired..
to torch my flame higher and higher as
Unconditional Tough and
Passionate Love..:)!

Back at 9:55 am now
on Friday the 13th..

And no i’m
not Freddy
at least
not all of
me.. heheX2..
but i did uSed
to live on Elm Street..
true story tHere.. wInks again..;)

Smiles.. often just for fun i’ll listen to a song
and make my own lyrics up as i go..
it drives my wife crazy..
but i’ll never
my creativity
go.. and i love
to collaborate
with all stuff
life that
me too.. and
what a sweet voice
you have too.. my friend..
i hope you find someone
who will provide that same
sweetness back to you.. smilesX2..:)

Smiles.. this message reminds me of
the original message by the man
Jesus who tells us heaven
is all around us just
waiting for folks
to see and
hear with
eyes and ears
of God within us..
sadly that message
has been twisted into
hellNheaven somewhere
else and the message of a
humble teacher and healing
prophet has been twisted into
a soldier god ideal of idol now
where the now cool refreshing
breeze of heaven.. like still
waters of an ocean that
never storms is
just a place
for us to
walk on
if Jesus
comes back today
very few Christians
will hear and act on
this message now..
in fact.. as a fact
if Jesus were to
come online
on a blog
and attempt
to spread that same
simple message that
heaven is now..
and the Kingdom
of GOD is at
our hand(S)now..
he would be deleted
and or banned from
many Christian Blogger
websites.. not much has changed
except for those who have changed..
smiles.. and hear that Universal
message of truth and light
that all the great
teachers of the
world have
been singing
from the dawn
of humankind
and courage too..
anyway.. banning and deleting vs crucifixions
is much easier on modern day examples now..:)

Side noteX2..:)

Yes.. back again..
on a rampage poetry writing spree..
and seriously from the time i AM a child..
this is the message i receive from the New
Testament and am always amazed then that
i am almost always the only one who hears
it like this.. through my life.. so clear
and true in light.. there are others..
but few in Christian Churches that
i visit through the years.. and i
find that as one of the saddest things of all..
as some so-called atheists live more by the message
of Jesus than modern Christians.. actions can and do
speak more than labels and words alone.. #justbelikeJesusandDOIT ..
yes! live in HEAVEN NOW..! #actionsspeaklouderthanwords #DANCEJESUS message!..:)

Yes.. same message of David..
different now.. SAME NOW..:)!

AND YES.. different

Yeah.. ya get it now.. everything i do online..:)!!
JUST ONE huge trojan horse to spread
this message.. at #whatcounts ..
and no it’s NO maNurE it’s
man you are E..
and man is woman
and all between NOW
and E is the nameless
alpha to omega.. A through
Z.. and beyond #allthattoo..:)!!
and H that part of E of
HE that so many folks
suggest is God in
patriarchal rather
than balanCinG..
yes!.. Christ as
US in GOD NOW as
form.. is a metaphor
for when two sides
of the number 11
as metaphor of
human hemispheres
of brain.. and hemispheres
of the earth as well come together
with a middle bridge of 11 to make
H a reality both in Human and Heaven
YES.. like a synergy of human consciousness(eS)
this real rapture of balance and harmony is NOW
yes! happening now.. and some of us can sense
and feel it all around us with GOD eYes and ears

Side note ends
and beGiNs he HE and back
to dVerse poeTry
for NOW!..;)

Build it and they will
come.. they is Jesus
as metaphor for
the same
of the metaphor
of Christ Conciousness
as light in human
cocoons transforMinG
into buttERfly
bEiNGs.. and
theRe is a
match point
of flAMe
when enough
Jesus’ as metaphor2make
this change now on this
terrestrial plane of earth
THat a true cosmic Christ
consciousness in synergy of
empathy flow between human
beings.. and in form of
words like this online
and all other
human manufactured
abstract constructs
that relate this
truth and light
no different
than the prophets
who also sing the
songs linked above
Appaloosa and FLY
the truth and
light of GOD
lives in
as flAMe
and tHis caNdle
of humanitY is burning
brighter and brighter
now as earth in balancing
hemispheres of human
and earth
as whole
living planet
reality.. in
balance with
nature truth
and light.. and no..
no religion necessary
it could be as simple
as an 11 and an H
to get
through as
any symbol
that will work
to spark this flAMe
to truth and light
in human and rest
of earth nature
okay.. real end
of side note
now and back
to dVerse poeTry

Oh.. Love and lust.. bedfellows
at least.. and hope’s
Love connections
at most..
as always
IT ALL works
in balance
for those who dance
a faith of harmonious truth
and light.. oxytocin.. the social
bonding neurohormone that
also connects us as love of
nature in receptors on
bottom of bare feet
dancing on bare
earth sans human clothes as
cultural limitations too.. is pArt
of lust as senses and emotions
hold hands in lust and Love
as one force gifted
to us by Nature’sALL
Lust and Love
for Living

Oh.. conform or be cast
out.. an acronym/
for the
of life.. but
the milky way
is different.. tHe
milkY WAY accepts
US all and
tosses none
of us out
black hole
Sun comes
we might
as well tolerate
and accept all of it
ALL and just enjoy
the path and
on this
spiraling ride
for now.. just now..:)

Quick side note..
Life’s little

Smiles.. a beautiful
earth is A Namaste
one where the
see who
they truly
are as part
of tHe whole
now just now..
and then existence
becomes heaven now
beyond words
as traps
human being..
sadly.. humans with
all their complex
written language..
recorded intelligence
and cultures are stunted
this way.. below all
the other animals
by concepts
than just
living now
at peace beyond
the fight and flight
for the struggle of survival..
simple or complex.. happy
is both simple and free for
those who learn to
of fear
in all the colors
of culture and
religion that
come in
now as not
so well.. yes.. now..:)

And if this Love ever
leaves as companion
Love.. if it remains in
A human.. A Path
of Joy
lives on
in eYes
of one.. best
wishes as Love..:)

i think humans overall are a lot
like moths.. if they see the
light they are attracted
to it.. sadly now
so many humans
are still blind moths
this way.. but
light is more
powerful than
dark after dark..
and i suppose
that is
silver lining
of hope still..
for me at least..
smiles.. iNow..:)

12:50 pm
now for lunch
and sand dancing
break with
of course
bear and
can be
for now..:)


From Rafiah’s
Facebook Page..
as i continue to put a
spell on her here.. hehe..;)

More great Southern US.. soul music.. Rafiah..
and if you ever visit the US.. you might enjoy New Orleans..
lots of soul there.. smiles.. and yes they say there is a way
to put a spell on someone like this too.. but truly it should
only be done like white magic.. not black magic in trying
to acquire someone who does not want to belong to
someone else.. smiles again.. i enjoyed the song..
and i think i heard it somewhere else before too..
but i did not let that woman
put a
spell on me..;)


Freedom isn’t free

and whenever terrorism of cowardice speaks..

and ignorance of extremists of culture and religion.. that message is sung clear by those who would extinguish the real God freedoms from the rest of us who are free if they could.. but ya see.. they cannot.. as human liberty and freedom as well as justice is an innate power that only culture and or religion can take away..

Irony is in ignorance always for the tribal instinct..

where a soccer game is a better way to express that

human tribal instinct instead of killing other folks

to prove their God or Quarterback of their God is better than the rest..

God just is justice as is.. and these ignorant fools will never see the God that innately.. instinctually and intuitively puts love in to the hearts of humankind if allowed to express it freely in a full range of human emotional and sensual freedoms in heart of emotion.. spirit expressing free emotion and senses in a mind and body balanced together with others as one force of tough and passionate unconditional Love..

Truly free folks move on and honor those who have

fallen for freedom’s stake.. the greatest stake of all..

that always stands upon the flesh

and blood and bones of those

who have stood for it.. both as warriors and victims of

human ignorance of cultures and religions gone truly insane..

Quarterbacks in football bleed but rarely does anyone kill in their name for greed.. in power and status of zero in REAL GOD STATUS IN THE EQUATION OF HUMAN LOVE.. SO WHAT does that have to do with the T-Shirt of the day..





And i play by the rules of the God of Nature..

no lies for me from cultures or religion i can see

through them as clear as blue eyes..

on a crystalline fall day

on the 13th.. a Friday where not everyone gets out alive..

as always for the price of human freedoms.. to live is risk..

but a great gift never the less.. from God Justice as is.. FORnow..:)







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9 Responses to Friday 13tH #Heavenisnow

  1. Smiles.. Revels1.. All of Allah is music.. Even science shows the earth and the sun sings as they dance and the origin of the Big Bang as forecast by the Bible and Quran is music.. Only human twists and makes music and words evil like terrorists who kill in the name of Allah.. Allah’s greatest felt and known human force is the song and dance of the universe..

    The real hell is to stop dancing and singing as when the sun and angels stop singing and dancing they will fall from the heaven.. Discordant music can bring one down.. Other music lifts spirit no less than planets.. Allah is almighty song and dance..:)

    Smiles my friend.. acoustic tools of musical instruments are simply extensions of the vocal chords that allow us to express emotional heart and spirit as emotion in mind and body balance.. To fear music.. as music is expression of emotion no less than human vocal chords.. is to fear both human and Allah.. instead.. oh Love.. Allah’s greatest song of emotion gifted to us..

    ‘Evil humans’ have been attempting to subjugate.. Oppress and repress emotions of humans for centuries as humans can be controlled better for greed in this weakened state of heart.. And science proves this now.. And allows some of us to awake to the truth and light of Allah and yes.. Song and dance too..

    i serve no human.. Culture.. Or religion but Allah as truly evil humans who support fear.. And greed.. Will attempt to silence the song and dance of Allah and Allah’s free children.. And that’s what i know and feel.. My friend.. from facing Allah face to face and song and dance.. No human words reQuired.. Only music of Allah as truth and light and song and dance if Allah as same..:)

    Another person asks me to provide evidence..

    And i say..

    Sure my friend.. I dance and Sing the song and music of Allah..
    11 million word now in five years online.. all you are welcome.. to listen or not..
    Sincerely.. with the unconditional tough and passionate love of Allah and
    to be crystal clear I am a prophet of Allah in how we define that
    in the west as a humble teacher who can be any human..
    God is an EEO employer for those who
    submit it all as instruments of Allah..:)

    And of course ‘they’ scoff with
    an icon that relates that..;)

    And i say..

    Smiles my friend..
    Rumi is instrument too..
    Laugh all you like and
    the tears can be real too..:)

    Quote.. as the signature quote
    at the beginning of this
    nice blog.. authored
    by Revels1..

    by Rumi..

    “When you do things from your soul,
    you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

    i say..
    The river is balance of human
    emotion and senses
    as a free
    iN being..:)

    i say again.. now..
    away from
    the blog
    as well..

    I have
    relatively few friends..
    as i serve only one

    And that’s
    totAlly oKay..
    as God is the
    greaTEsT ALLy
    and yes.. TEST2..
    and THE MASTER

    And as a footnote.. here..
    if the ignorant Terrorists who are brain washed
    to believe God is an evil being that supports killing
    of other human beings for greed.. power.. and status
    could just hear this song.. once a week for 18 years..
    perhaps they would not be able to pull triggers of AK47’s
    and kill hundreds of innocent human beings.. if they just
    can find God on their shoulders instead of devil’s
    of human beings…and sure they could kill me too..
    for saying this but God will only raise me up to
    face them again.. AND AGAIN..
    face to face..
    no less than what i see fully
    of the face of Allah
    as well or
    not so well….

    And the song
    moves on..
    and my words
    dance and song..
    will live on too..
    regardless of what
    to my flesh..
    my soul lives..
    On line..

    Oh yes.. and sPeaKinG
    of Masters hear..
    another worth
    sharing that
    music and
    dance as a Song
    of God with zero
    words.. can
    it.. no
    evil hear
    my friend..
    no see it..
    no speak it..
    Dance it.. SinG
    it WitH zero words..

    And speaking
    of trees

    TheRe is that temptation to stray
    from Humble.. but it is the
    only H sWORD that will
    work with
    the tribal
    human instinct..
    people will rarely
    use rationality.. a
    gift of reason
    like Love from
    God if the
    red of
    the white
    of Love.. and
    if i just say
    ‘you ignorant
    fools’ a
    of pride that
    is also part
    of the human
    tribal instinct..
    yes.. gifted from
    God too for historical
    protecting of subsistence
    resources.. that
    ain’t gonna

    Mix rationality
    with Love
    and Magic
    can be
    the empirical
    and poetic result..;)

    Someone has to
    step up
    and sure..
    i have Zebra
    like a Jack Rabbit
    set free in fields
    of God

  2. Well.. i’ve only finished 12 of 38 responses
    to dVerse online Poet’s pub Thursday Open link
    with such a wonderful variety of
    open minded and hearted
    poetry.. and considering
    that takes up almost
    2000 words
    side notes
    from me..
    i figured i would
    go on somewhat of a
    word diet and limit
    the last post to
    3000 words
    hehe.. if it keeps on
    going on at that pace
    10K plus is gonna come
    from just in that part of
    my free verse
    anyway.. a few
    detours in Pakistan
    today.. a prophetable
    experience for sure..
    and now just for fun..
    a detour again
    to Pakistan
    on Facebook
    to see friend
    Rafiah.. to keep
    the lighthearted going
    in small talk too.. just
    to prove i’m a human
    and not just
    an imitation
    and yes.. perhaps
    later tonight i will continue
    on to complete the 38 or so
    poetic links still to come that
    will measure at least 26 for
    me more.. before all of that is
    said and done..
    but i do also
    have a lifelong
    now covenant
    with GOD to
    dance this message
    in flesh and blood with
    zero words or audible music
    too.. and that sign language is
    coming to public stores after
    i relate my connection
    to Rafiah and
    warm my bare
    feet in the sands
    of dance in
    my back yard
    as bare with God
    as bear can be..:)

  3. S says:

    “Spring dreams
    live cocoons
    of tulips now
    us” … Gorgeous poetry; I love the layered meanings added by the line breaks and the varying ways in which the words can be stacked on top of each other.

    “Black whole” … I cannot believe this brilliance has never occurred to me!!! Fantastic.

    “mini sink” … So much meaning slammed into this phrase. Many [people] sink. Girls in mini skirts sink. (Themselves and/or others.) And then there’s the tiny sink! Maybe a small bathroom sink, or maybe seriously tiny … like a dollhouse sink. So maybe this has to do with children, living or not. Imagined or real. Or maybe it has to do with missing childhood, or still feeling like a child. Or just deciding to remain a child, no matter what. Regardless of the haters. Despite the people thinking she’s an idiot … she CHOOSES to act/talk/think like a child … because frankly, it’s the smartest way to go. Also, Jesus said to do it that way. So there. 😛

    I love this:
    “Sand dancing
    coming next yes.. but first
    a quick stop in Pakistan” … This is totally a poem, if you ask me.

    Also this:
    “Terms of endearment..
    A to Z possible and baby for me and
    my first love way back in the late 70’s”

    In fact, everything about the ’70s is poetry. 🙂

    Ha ha ha. I love this:
    “it takes me over 20 years to train sugar
    to get used to someone as howling at the moon as me”

    So perfect. “She-Wolf and Wolfie.” LOL. You crack me up. This is a great post.

    I actually love the number 13 and don’t believe in Friday the 13th being an unlucky day. But sheesh, yesterday tried to prove me wrong!

    “she is fierce sugar.. more than she-wolf” … Hee hee. This is awesome.

    Oh, man. This is a gorgeous photo:

    Beautiful: “mirrored
    silver and golden
    platter roses”

    • WeLL smiles.. my real S friend..
      and so good to see and hear
      you visit here today..
      as you truly know
      and feel how to
      connect with other human
      beings as i see and here
      you do it.. everywhere i go
      online.. and ha!.. from my memory
      of seeing you in the photos.. there
      is a woman who looks almost just
      like you at Old Seville Quarter
      last Thursday Night and i am
      remembering your note
      about you and
      your husband
      and the
      Subway buy
      one eat one
      sub free.. then
      and i’m thinking
      nah.. that can’t
      be Shawna.. she lives
      miles from me.. but nah..
      that girl lives in my heart too..
      and i’ll see her sometime online
      i’m sure..
      as there are
      some things
      in life one
      can truly
      faith in
      and that is
      friends my friend
      Shawna na na na
      no yah.. still now..
      you are always theNOw..
      a gift and blessing to me
      when i see you hear nowTHEn..:)

  4. From Rafiah’s
    Facebook Page..

    Rafiah says..

    Amrood. heart emoticon

    i say..

    All tropical fruits.. Tasty..:)

    Rafiah says..

    Amrood is guava in urdu.
    Google helped you,
    right? wink emoticon

    i say..

    Slowly and painstakingly..
    I am learning the language..;)

    Rafiah says..

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy grin emoticon
    grin emoticon grin emoticon

    i say..

    And of course you are
    my inspiration..heart emoticon

    Rafiah says..

    My ‘yayyyyyyyyyy’ vanished somewhere.
    I did comment it? Or i didn’t? tongue emoticon

    i say..

    I am still seeing and feeling it..
    It never disappears for emoticon

    Rafiah says..

    Now i see it as well. Lol what
    witchcraft is this? tongue emoticon
    facebook is trolling me. tongue emoticon

    i say..

    I am the magician..
    He hex2..wink emoticon

  5. ^^^

    Shirt of the day says ROCK ON..
    and i role wherever i go.. like hmm..
    something.. different..
    all the nows that
    i go on now..
    Music is a drug of Love..
    and i find out today..
    there are some
    people in the
    world who are literally
    terrified of it.. and still
    think it is the work of the
    devil no less than Kevin
    Bacon’s old home..
    of Footloose..
    where folks
    are afraid
    that music
    will make them sinners..
    well.. i got news.. it’s not likely
    that anyone will become a terrorist..
    who listens to music that lifts the spirit..
    as why else would they be willing to give
    their life.. if they could truly hear the
    song of Allah in their heArt now..
    and God is the most
    beautiful song of
    all in all that
    is for now..
    and humans
    reflect God in all their
    instruments that reflect..
    the emotional heARt
    of spiRit in a soUl
    that dances
    and sings..
    a song
    of balance..
    the music of
    God within us
    rule of Life..
    And sadly with the way
    the human tribal instinct
    works.. people will believe
    anything to avoid being
    cast out of the tribe..
    no matter if it
    is female
    genital mutilation
    for self esteem taking
    away the gift of pleasure
    as provided by God in
    reinforcement for
    the act of survival..
    or fear of a magic flute..
    that simply takes us now
    further in expressing our
    connection with other folks..
    Nature and GODAsonEfORCE
    OF LOVE FORnOW!..GROWinG..:)



    Smiles.. Suzanne.. generally speaking
    there are two ways to attack
    the darkness that comes
    in life.. one being Victory
    that the Greek Winged
    Goddess Nike nicely
    represents as metaphor
    and myth.. and one as
    Vengeance.. that is truly
    a devil’s tool of fear and hate..
    the answer is simple.. Love.. and
    these young men who are recruited
    and brain washed to do these horrifying
    acts to other innocent humans beings are lacking
    in the human empathy of Love that will naturally
    avert humans from harming other humans.. sadly
    tools of killing break that aversion weaker as
    there are no hands on throats to suffocate
    the life of others.. struggling slowly..
    but most all there is little
    to no empathy
    that even
    relates as
    human being..
    the medicine is Love..
    and the challenge is a prescription
    of Love for young males in countries
    feeling they have nothing to live for
    other than giving their
    life for an ideal
    of fear and hate..
    where truly they could
    give their life for Love
    and see Allah now..
    and see women
    more than
    just property
    where 72 virgins
    have more than firm
    breasts and a heart to
    love more than an object
    to rule and use like a steak
    from a side of beef.. or
    a little female child to
    be raped
    in the name
    of GOD/Allah..
    humans are capable
    of beautiful dreams and
    also thank God more rarely
    incredibly horrifying nightmares
    of a human heart
    injected with Love from
    birth.. particularly in the
    formative years where
    those heart
    strings become
    an instrument
    of beautiful
    to truly
    connect to other humans
    as precious and worth keeping..
    All of them.. from A to Z as one
    tribe of
    human being..

    Hi again Suzanne..
    The four directions
    of east.. west..
    north and south..
    move farther than
    sidewalks of life..
    in one direction of life..
    the sacred drum of the shaman
    will take us further in the present
    of now and dance in moving in all
    directions three dimensionally
    will connect us better
    to the Universe
    and feel it
    all over
    the vibrations of reality
    resonate at all levels
    and places of
    reality now
    as hawks wings
    or seagulls spiral
    around a Sun now
    reality more expansive
    than sidewalks of life..
    where a note of
    music.. a number..
    a letter.. or a word
    can both hold
    the Universe
    as fractal
    and describe
    it as one force of ONE..:)



    Smiles.. my friend Soheir..
    the illness of the
    heArt that
    never grows
    Love is the issue
    here and no specific
    religion or country
    as this is a Universal
    human problem
    wherever love
    does not grow..
    there are many humans
    living in the U.S. who feel
    this way about their own
    country who would Love
    to see the government here
    fold up and go away..
    not realizing the
    teat of survival
    they hold
    to their mouth
    everyday.. but these
    poor folks in spirit..
    also have little
    true Love in
    their heARt or they
    would be promoting Unity.. like
    you are doing here my friend.. instead
    of division… strife.. all stuff relating
    to fear.. hate.. aggression.. violence
    and warring ways of life.. sadly science
    shows that humans who never learn
    the Love of Empathy may have no
    cure at all.. i hope for more.. but
    from what i see in life..
    these barbarian acts
    are just a symptom
    of Barbarians..
    who have
    no heart..
    the best cure for
    terrorism of all kinds
    including all types of slavery..
    subjugation.. control.. repression
    oppression.. for greedy rule is to
    Love our children and the children
    of other folks.. the best we can
    to grow a garden of human
    Love Stronger and
    with less truly weak
    weeds of human beings
    who would rather kill
    and die
    than Live
    with Allah now..
    Allah is here now..
    and with heart now..
    there is no greater
    reward than
    the gift now..
    the connection
    with all others
    and Nature for those
    who grow a soul in Life
    of a empty
    wish after
    Love lessons now.. is the cure
    to all these human nightmares
    of fear.. hate.. misery.. of human suffering..:)

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