GarDeN oF LoVe NoW2

Nah.. not a Dance
SELfie.. a “Love Chant”
Trio Photo SElFiE as i am recruited
to SinG after i Finished DanCinG
and the audience
got an improvisation
as i never did
the SonG
but i do
remember hearing
“Love Chant” on the
Radio and i’ve done it too..
AnyWay.. NoW STiLL getting
that last MacroVerse finished
and that’s gonna wait ’till
Friday Morning later as
this day and night
has been a
Long one..
worthy now of Sleep..;)

Hmm.. yeah i know at 10:31 am on 5.5.17.. i am continuing
to put off the Mechanical Cognition Activity of putting
all the pieces together NoW to online publish another
18,166 words oF A Number 98/769 MacroVerse but hey!
no one’s paying me for any of this which means
i’M totAlly Free unto me and the Force
within.. yada yada yada blah blah blah
as i Love to DancESinG iNside.. ouTside..
aBove.. so beLow and all aRound
iN Staycation Heaven that
wouldn’t be nearly NoW
aS AmaZinG iF iT wasn’t
reAlly ReAlly ReAL and
Heaven didn’t reAlly ReAlly
exist within on EarTh NoW
all around like this and iF all
of that and more wasn’t reAlly
reAlly reAllY A Force that didn’t
exist that many cultures ‘cross ages
refer to as A labELof Human Abstract
Construct to LaBel a Force so much bigger
as all of existence NoW as folks have attempted
to put something as big as this in just a three letter
word named God.. Jesus F iN Christ.. i’ve just scraped
an edge of a lab slide about this thing ‘they’ call God and
crap.. i’m gonna have to look at that last MacroVerse i’m working
on to tale you the Word Count of the continuing aRiSinG Bible
named “Nether Land Bible 2017” as i accidentally erased the
number off my iPhone6s Calculator so i go tHeRe and
coMe back aGain NoW and say.. 1,495,020 words
is the New Grand total of this Bible reaching
two times the size of the Old King James
Version soon at close to 1.6 Million
words by Memorial Day of 2017..
yes.. on the 29th.. 365 days
since the stARt of this
Bible on 5.30.2016..
more to come..
of course
‘we’ have
folks WoRkinG
all around the cLock
all around the World
HolDinG Hands ExPloRinG
much more of Existential Intelligence
WaYs of SeeinG FeeLing and SeNSinG
more of the reAliTy of NoW and FindinG
ways to Artfully and yeS iN some Systemizing
Science ways express more of the ineffAble that
to date Science in the small scientific method has
not been able to see and SenSe and FeeL aLLonE
and of course there is bullshit and folks just
doing this for Trump kinda money along
the way too.. but as ‘they’ say..
one must discern the trUth
anD LiGht for themselves
as Nature IS A Democracy
for those who use or lose it
now as alWays in Merit wayS too..
jusT because there is an opportunity..
don’t mean you get a Free Ride to Heaven
now and get to meet more of what ‘they’ name
as a much smaller God too.. yep.. those who think
that all of God exists in John 3:16 and Romans 10:9
in mainly just one so-called Son of God.. WeLL.. my FriENds
per the ongoing topic of MiNioNs thaT iS MiNioN thiNk.. yeS
TaKinG the Authority.. no matter how illogical or ridiculous
or juST FucKinG Plain Trump Anti-Christ Against all of what
is eloquently described as what the NaturAlly Altruistic
hUman Being does.. in Matthew.. of the.. BeaTTiTudes
Chapter 5.. Verse 1 through 11.. STiLL NoW.. and puts
a Tuxedo on with the Same FuCkInG kinda political
ConTroLLinG Constantine.. 325 AD Nicene Council
Catholic Cohorts just with different Republican
Names and Priestly Robes of Tuxedo now..
to celebrate the domination of those
they can easily control.. per the
first Level Maslow po’ folks
and Elderly Folks who
are in similar
of Pyramid living
who won’t be able now
to afford Health Insurance
but the thing is.. it’s just bullshit..
as those are mostly the Minions2 who
watch Faux News who put them in.. in
the first place.. don’t bite the hands that
extends your power and status is the law of
God in Devil evil ways too.. a Fine mix of dARk
and LiGht it takes even for a Devil to thrive too.. now..
Sure.. Nero was an AntiChrist of the first few Centuries
too.. there will always be Anti-Christs as long as there
WiLL AlWays be political folks who have little to no soul
for those less advantaged than they.. and those psychopathic
leaning folks who have few cat purrs of HeART.. WiLL FucKinG
lie too until they kill you or you vote them out.. which ever one
goes or comes first.. yes either dump the Anti-Christs in
political office or pay the real time consequences
now of Minion Following the most Despicable
Leaders ever sTiLL.. just like Bush and
Crew who killed through their
Administrative Actions
well over 100K
folks who
then had no hand
at all in who attacked
us on 911 then.. Evil is as
old AS the Bible and more..
of old timey way.. and there will
always be another bible written always
now to Chronicle Evil of the past or in real
time now.. it’s disgusting but there are reaSons oF
NaTuRE and HUmaN in General and God of all that is
Nature too.. we live in a world of DARkNess and liGht
wHere there is fear and hate driven stuff and Hope and
Love Driven stuff.. the difference is folks with a heART..
Raise enough
Love and
the Hell
that Lives around
us down and eventuaLLy
you too WiLL Rise uP like
‘those’ folks who liVE iN Heaven NoW2..:)

And SpeaKinG oF AnGeLs.. this ‘tween
the ages of 18 to 21 Young Woman..
yes.. totAlly Sober and Drunk on
the sPiRit of Love.. yes..
FloAtinG WiTh Terrestrial
Wings of Hope too.. came
BreeZinG through Old
Seville Quarter last
NiGht like a
Breath oF
and yes..
it seems she may
have been Hispanic..
or other Foreign National
Immigrant Blood Line as
of Recent as she has the
taste of Freedom in
HeR eyes..
it’s all
about counting
the BLeSsinGS and
BeInG A BleSsing toOtHeRs
And these two Women cAMe through
oN a HaRP oF LoVe and HoPe.. iF only
folks like this could run the country but by
varied HUman NAtuRE Definition of Bio-Diversity
and Neuro-Diversity and Environmental Driven Epigenetics
and Neuroplasticity too.. these two Young Women were born
and raised
iN ‘A
oF LoVe NoW”..
that does not seek
to subjugate and
dominate others
through power plays..
of eviL.. and that my FriEnds
NoW alSo inspired by this AngEL’s
eYes who i only met aS discerning
soUL SeeinG eYes behind the sHades
of me.. in less than A HeaVeN Minute
oF Eternity now.. yes.. similar eYes
i see heaR as AnGel FriEnd Rafiah
from Pakistan too.. are alone
allone enough to inspire
half a anotHeR NoVeL
of Bible in this 99th/
770th MacroVerse
oF Both Bible
And 4 Millipon pluS
Word Longer Bible as
SonG of My SoUL too.. yes..
eYes enough as soUL to iNspire
“A Garden oF LoVe NoW2”.. beats
Trump as Love Trumps Fear and Hate
when Hope and Love rises as JoY MoRe..:)

And let’s just say these Women in duplicate
SinGinG A Love Chant with mE iN photo as
so sweetly and passionately requested
by the woman with a similar hiGh
SpiRited SmIle like me.. although
now.. i go naked without drink or
other ‘illicit’ drugs.. anyWay..
nether the less and more
as ‘Nether Land Bible
2017’ and ‘SonG oF
mY SoUL’ continues
to get uploaded all for
Free online too.. in real time
NoW of course on FB too.. juST
in case there are any witnesses who
care to see this shit is going down for
real in real time NoW too.. it’s true there are
Well over a Thousand Women Selfies from Old Seville
Quarter NoW who i hold all dear to mY HeART and SoUL
as they have been powerful muses as Greek Gods DancE/SinG
to too.. to make all of this even possible no matter how many
new trans-humanist tools are at my Fingers in Computer and
Broad Band ways now.. scientifically and historically and
FucKinG in common sense ways.. Women have always
inspired the art of man and are the main source oF aLL
LiFe and CreATivity STiLL NoW too iN HUman terms
all Women are Goddesses to me.. no matter.. age..
size.. shape.. pigment of skin.. disability.. sexual
orientation for they are A main source NoW
oF aLL hUman LiGht.. And iF you wanna
put one thing on my TombStone
heHe.. as this is gonna be the
only one i have online
that i’LL wRite right
NoW anyway
as my
PlUs eventuAlly
goes back to the
neXt Big Bang of Stars
noW and More pLuS too.. “i Love
Women”.. and that’s enough of liFe for me..
no.. i don’t have to use or abuse them.. i just
put them on a pedestal and worship them from
birth to death as i view a Flower same of any color
now.. yes.. i Worship Women.. all of them from wife to
more.. dam sure don’t worship any man.. as i have already
seen enough
of those
lies for sure..
sure.. i can love them
too.. but worship them..
FucK no.. ain’t worshipping any man
now until they show me they have a Woman’s SoUL.
And nah.. real men with Divine Feminine Grace along
With Strength and WiLL don’t use brute force to turn
Money Tables over or make peace with a sword..
real men use WiLL and StrenGth and Love
and Grace and FucK YeS WiT too as
any Trickster WiLL do with
words and other acts
of misChief that
harm no other one
now in Aggressive
and Violent Acts of
World War III mentality
in ending the world ways now2..
anyway.. per John 14:12 even Jesus
admitted there will be those who do greater
works than he who just believe in me too now..
but nah.. ain’t going the road of the sword more now..
And with that said i have A beginning and now to finish the BeForE..:)


Oatmeal is multi-talented….

SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. gigoid.. way bEhind
on doing what i’m doing wRiTE NoW
but reALLy nothing matters but NoW
you are absolutely correct on thaT..
and over heAR in the Panhandle
State of Florida with Flowers and
all of that and the mentality
over all of Lower
the MiNioNs
heAR in Fundamentalist
Church and Military rules..
it’s trUe too.. the Blue Room is Best
and this online stuff is just a creative
outlet for me.. and mostly i just wanna
be able to ZinG iT back to the folks who are
Fundamentalist Christians who give me the
most bullshit when i dance as the fACT that i
wrote/write a FucKinG Bible two times and
much much more too as five times one as
big as the one they go by to
worship men.. or shall
i say just one man
tHeir entire life..
my point is to Worship
Women as they are the ones
i kNow and FeeL and SeNSE MoST
who gave/give me A Garden oF LoVe NoW2
Standing TaLL Now.. yes.. and in my Bible.. yes2..
the Longer 4 Million word plus one all online now
too.. there are more than A Thousand Women’s
Faces that show Love Now too.. don’t need
no books for
Love or
or WiLL or
Strength.. the
sMiLes of Women
WiLL SeT my SoUL’s HoPe/JoY
on Fire for Love Forevermore now..
And sure ..i can prove it in tons of words
and photos and so much other ‘stuff’ too..
as sure.. the ‘big’ fundamentalist religious men around heAr
are welcome to open all of me up on line if they can handle that too..;)
Main thing is
i can back uP every
thing i say/do and i know/feel/sense
see their little book better than them too..
never fails.. for NoW ain’t found one person yet
who can tale me what John 14:12 says butt yes..
i can show ’em.. hehe.. and that moment is always priceless
my friEnd.. true after they mAiMeD A SoUL of LoVe when YouNg
in boTh CreATiVity and yeS even an art oF A sMiLe that those fundie
Christian Boys said Boys can’t wear.. FucK iT.. i wear a Naked SMiLe NoW
for all to
heHe as me..
and all of this is
worth that moment too..
hmm.. after i get to the double/quintriple+
Bible point in words in a few weeks now2..
who kNows.. i miGht sloW down a little too..
anyWay.. maybe not as i wouldn’t be doing
any of this shit if i didn’t enjoy it as much as being
in the BiGGeR
room NoWw..
the Blue Room
Lives within me2 as
Beach no matter where i go..
but hey.. it’s true i need fresh air too..;)

“The Soul is born old, but it grows young;
that is the comedy of life.
The Body is born young and grows old;
that is life’s tragedy.”

~~ Oscar Wilde ~~

That’s the average buTT
i’ve yet to play by average
rules as my Body and Soul
Still Feels younger than 16..
the form don’t
as long as
it floats high Now..
And it’s true both my
soul and body fELt like
80 at 21.. and.. 22 at 22
and 105 at 47 and younger
than 16 now approaching 57
on 6660.. could be paRT of the
Bi-Polar.. no doubt it is.. but use it or
lose it in Grace and Love and Strength
and Will are pART and ParcEL of the Merit
in LivinG
too FReED..
Younger STiLL.
At Essence iSReaL..:)

“…all life is only a set of pictures in the brain, among which there is no
difference betwixt those born of real things and those born of inward
dreamings, and no cause to value the one above the other.”

~~- H. P. Lovecraft, from The Silver Key~~

“Get out of
your head
dude and dance
and sure.. Sing too”


“Everything has two handles,
one by which it may be borne; another by which it cannot.”

of Life
counts most..:)

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past,
not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles,
but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

~~ Buddha ~~

The folks who wrote
that Buddha Story NoW
got all tHeir ShiT toGeThER NoW..
butt don’t
the transcendent
ecstasy of Now that
takes Dance and SinG
too for HighER ways of BeinG
wHeRE Desire pales in compariSon
to the
oF A
SuNliT SoUL..
wHo thaT LiVes
morE ThaN ‘tween thE eARs..:)

“When we try to pick out anything by itself,
we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”

~~ Muir’s Law ~~
~~ John Muir, “My First Summer in the Sierra”, 1911, page 110. ~~

True.. the illusion
is we aren’t a hitch
and no more or less
important that a hitch
as grain of sand that hOlds
uP Mountains of hUman Love..:)

“A man of genius makes no mistakes.
His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.”

~~ James Joyce, “Ulysses” ~~

When all becoMes NoW HoLY
and sAcRed FuLL of Meaning
and Purposes as A worK oF Life
As Art.. trUe..
tHeRe is no
LiFe NoW aLL
buT LiGht ‘tween
sHades of Grey
BeYOnd Rain
Bow Colors too..
And dARk andA
A MisTake is juSt
anoTher word(S) for A
path noW to greaTer liGht..
And poTenTial NoW BeyOnd
RainBow Colors oF LiGht too..:)

“Rock gives reality to the otherwise
abstract notion of transhuman time.”

~~ Edward Abbey ~~

Rock of Ages…
MEtapHORS EteRrnAlly NoW..:)

All’s fair in love and war – What a contemptible lie.

~~ Lazarus Long ~~

No doubt..
‘men’ wrote that..;)

iN pLaME buLLsHitE..:)

“Some days the dragon wins …”

~~ Subtle Bee ~~

And wears
a Tuxedo
on a Boat
with his
on eARTh
to Celebrate
the greater potential
for Human Suffering
and Misery
for the
oF A SoUL(S) STiLL noW2
never born and or raised Now
aS.. A GarDeN oF LoVe NoW2..
empty alWays dRaiNinG NoW iN
A dArk PlaCe oF eGo wHEre tHeRE
WiLL never be eNougH PoWeR and
StaTuS to FeeL iT uP.. and thAT my
FriEnd is why i Worship Women most
iN my version oF A Bible.. as they mostly
to the
GifT of LiFe
oF ALL.. a FiLLed
uP SoUL wiTh
more than
GOld of DeATh as Life..
sTiLL NoW NoW..
as thAT is NOW aLL
tHe ReAL PoTenTial
for the Love and the
Hope and the JoY liT
uP as HeaVen within..
inside.. outside.. above..
so below and all around
as A LiGht that WiLL never
be dimmed by little big Men with little
heArT SpiRit and SoUL oF BeinG HeaVen NoW..;)

otHeR than that.. thanks for the inspiration and
enjoy your trip to the Mall and the Big Blue Room too..
wish you could dance too and give ’em a link to your
two/five+ times bigger
as SonG
oF thAT too..
but hey.. BeinG
heAR iS alWays now
the BiGGeST GifT my FriEnd
gigoid as the Miracle of Life that
even Science Proves all oF LiFE juST iS NoW..:)





Hmm.. Pre-Workout Game fAce heAR..
for exXtreme Strength Training.. Martial
Arts and Ballet Free verse too..
to exercise my hUman
PoTenTial more
than juSt ‘tween
the ears stuck in Neo-
Cortical way in the Front
Lobe Seats as ‘they’ saw
although Creativity oF aRT
gets all around in the bRaIN Man
or Woman too.. wHeRE the CamEL
and.. or.. ELePhanT oF Subconscious
Deeper ways of mINd in Astrocyte way
Directs the wHOle show as paRT aS WhOle..
AboVe… so beLow.. insiSe outSide and ALL A
’round as ‘they’ SinG and DancE too.. IN BraiN
and or ExisTEnce pART and wHole too.. as hUman
symPhonies pLay Farther when Freedom RingS too..
iN oTheR WordS not trapped iN JuST onE paRT oF
bRaiN.. ouT of BaLanCinG FoRcE WiTh BoDy
and MiNd whOle too.. as reALiTy sOUL
WhOle as pArT oF BeYOnd UniVerse
MoRE NoW tRuE and LiGht
we hUmans Be.. kinda light



Poet Blogger FriEnd
Victoria Young Inspired
the Last FredKU parT
oF FredBun heAR as opposed
to tightly controlled Haibuns and Haiku too..
sure Martial Arts too.. as i go Free Verse FredFU oN thAT too…;)

AnyWay it’s tiMe for the
Katrina to put me down for
a nap that lasts ’till daylight @LEAst..;)


Life IS A Beautiful thing
NoW Standing alWays beforE
A Blank PAge for noW it coMes
ouT of mE.. knoWinG not whaT to SinG
A heART LiGhts
WiTh Fire
for LiFe
A FlAme
A Torch oF
LoVe GroWinG
BriGhter.. A Word
A Flow A StreAM A
RiVer GroWinG MoRE
as WaVes of OceaN WhOle
sHoRes eXpaNSinG NoW GrAins
of SAnd DanCinG moRe FeeLings
And SenSes SinGinG eVeN MoRe
As GoD
to sPeaK
NoW iN Words oF
hUmaN eYes iN
TorCh as Hands
to.. oTheR eYes..
oTheR thaN thaT…
Hi FriEnd.. Lala RuKh..
jusT Air jUst wAter juST
Me BreeZinG by on the 6th
As Love never dies as hUman WiNds FReED..:)


“A GarDeN oF LoVe NoW2”.. surELy Needs soMe Rain
and WiTh RaIN CoMeS ‘LiGhTeNinG and ThunDeR’.. too..
So.. beFoRe i aDDress the FB ProFiLe StaTus PicKs..
A TheMe SonG WiTh a CerTaiN MuSe ofF
EmoTioNaL and SeNsoRy FoRce
added by iMaGiNe DraGoNs
too as we as a sPecies
heAR on eARTh
to prepare
aLL oF yE
pAth to LIGht noW2
wHeRE saDly SheeP
FaLL BeHInd or are iN
a DiFFerenT DiMENsioN
WHeRE the greATeST liGhts
oF LoVe Pass them buY neVer
sEEing ‘LIGhtEninG or HeARinG
ThUnder without the deeper organs
oF PLaY WiTHiN.. yeS inSidE.. outSidE
aBoVe so BeLoW and aLL aRouNd NoW
aS RainBoW CoLorS coMe RaINinG DoWn
aS GoD aLL thAT iS NAtuRE plUs cOMes
ShINinG DoWn uP iN eSsEnCE oF FoRm
bEyONd what meets the CoVer oF
hUman skIN.. in oTheR Words..
the Sheep sKiN oF Culture
all wooly and itchy
wiThout esCape
from Purgatory
NoW and yeS..
HeL..L to enter
into a KinGdoM
oF liGht forevermore
NoW.. oTheR than thAT MoRE
the couple that yes deAR plays wiTh
MarTiAL arTS aWaY NoW from Money
Changing tAbLes iN Casinos keeps enough
MOneY never to have to work again.. of course
uSinG Free PLaY MoNEy as GatHeRed BY Church
Groups for a little Free WiNNinG oNly WiNNinG Casino
Bucks from Trump ToWers DwiNdLinG GoLd and for me..
i’M juST tHeRE for the Free Root beers and to meet interesting
FoLks frOm oTheR LanDS aRouNd the Deep SouTh and CoMInG
NoW A Story BooK aS Such more of mY Extraterrestrial Witness to
them in the DiMension oN eARTh of HeaVen i currently exist iN allone…
in oTheR WordS oNe WiTh NaTurE plUs.. sure.. the Star Wars ForCe for
Analogy for God too.. within as hiGher DanCinG and SinGinG PowEr oF
ForCe thAT heLps Ya Float on yA 233 LB HuMan FraMe NoW wHeRe
the oNly Gravity oN A FaLL SpRinG DaY aZuRe BluE staRTinG waY
ouT aT beLow 60 Degrees.. iS thE WiNd thaT CaRRiEs YA.. yeS..
NoW HiGhER and HiGhER NoW iN a TranScendental BLooMinG
EcsTasy NoW oF hUmaN FliGhT on yeS.. NoW.. heAR oN
Terrestrial Land NoW thaT fOr aLL aRouNd MoVinG
CoNnecTinG practical aBoVe So BeLoW iNtents
And Tennis CourT PuRposes..
And OTheR purposes nowALL
maKes yA aN ExTra Terrestrial
hUman to the surrounding sHeep
FoLks as they haven’t taKen FLiGht yET
aWay from Gravity as our iNvisible ancestors
alWays did.. to escape predators and capture
pReY aS InVisIBLe PeOples oF rAin
ForesTS who haven’t had
tHeir hOMes cut down
per NatuRE Free..
STiLL Do NoW..
not any different nOw
reALLy thAN our ClosEst
ApE CouSiN.. tHe BoNoBo too..
wHo FiGhts oFF aLL aGGression and
VioLence and no FucKinG WaR3..
WiTh SeNsuaLiTy and FucK
yeS.. SeXSuaLity oVer
FeAR and HATe..
thaT leads to the beFoRE
MeNTioNed TrUMp SHiT iN
Aggression Violence and Talk
of World War III.. Hmm.. Looks
like aNoThER TheMe DancE SonG
is NeeDEd HeAR NoW to Go aLonG
WiTh that NiCe POeM aBout FriEnds
shared by a nice Lady who hapPened to
take my seat that i have been religiously
sitting in since September of 2013.. as we
rarely ever miss an R and R opportunity with
the Church for me to get out and about a little Further
in my SouthEast MiNioN Reach to SHepard the surrounding
FuRTheR Sheep a little more out of thEiR Natural Born and
RaiSEd TrUMP Red StaTE Habitat all around the SouthEast
aT LeASt in this Region heAR.. oThER extraTerrestrial BeInGS
LiKe me are HeLpinG out all aRouNd the ReST of the World NoW..
hmm.. need aNoTher TheMe SoNG and OMG3.. i’M Getting Sleepy
NoW after 8 MiLes of Dance in uP to Deep Beach Sands too.. to MusE
AnD NoW CaPTuRe the Interests of Surrounding Folks on the MaGiCaL
MYsTERY TouR of DancE and SonG i continue to spread all free for Now
IsReaL GoinG Down.. from Nice Older Lady in the Tour Bus who shared
Donald Orr’s Friendship Poetry with me.. a Retired Chief who recently
succumbed from the old timers Disease of escaping MiNd and BoDy
who did retire from Whiting Field where i worked in ’95.. iF
he BoWLEd/played tennis.. i probably Handed him a
pair oF shoes then and his family too..
no doubt too on that
Military Station
at Whiting
FiEld then in
Go Navy way and..

(it appears that Lorde and the imaGine
DraGons are also from pLaNEt
X for hUMan Transformation
and Transcendence..ETc..
Ascension.. LiVinG iN HeaVeN
NoW anD all thAT MaGiC JAzz2..
GoinG BeYoNd NoW too..:)

from tHeRe a nice young African
American Couple at the Casino Restaurant
sitting the next booth over wHeRE the Young
Woman was brave enough to ask me if i was
from the DanCinG Man at the Pensacola Walmart..
so.. i said yes and proceeded to tale them
the entire New Testament and
Witness from the
FredericK!iI Story
to date and then DanCinG
mY way DoWN to the Beau
Rivage Casino.. a nice Millennial age
Couple stARTed Video TaPinG mE at
the Cross the Street electronic device thingy
in my usual Floating style dance and interviewed
me while i took them over to take a photo of me in
front of the Big Gold MGM LioN too at the
Baseball Park across from
the Beau Rivage Casino
and they agreed
FUN than TRuMP MenTaLity NoW ugh..
stuck in cardboard places aWay from fullER PoTenTiaL
hUmaN heART.. SpiRIt.. and mInd and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL.. to sImply Ascend the way iT’s been DoNe NoW iN all oF
HUman FooTprints leFt on Pristine Beaches away from Condos now..
and then there was a middle age.. obviously free spirited and open minded
couple that exclaimed a hand out of friendship just apparently over the creativity
of SpiRaLing Cats exhibited on my T-Shirt as purchased by Goddess Isis also NoW
kNown aS IncARnaTe in this Generation too.. Katrina.. aS SuCH.. and they asked
me who i was and i replied.. WeLL.. i’M kinda a Dance Legend Back HoMe and yes..
this is two out of three Casino Trips that random folks recognized me aS Such
for my main Drag of Dance in the Pensacola Metro area too.. so sure..
if Famous Means the Audience Norm Cheers kNows yA and
the young folks pass around Ya photos at High Schools
as a folk hero too.. it’s kinda safe to say
you are Cheers Norm KNowN
all around town at LeASt
in free style LegenT
NOW without any
cash and
carry money MaKinG
Deals wiTh that to go eiTher.. NoW..
and other than that the dude who said
he was 52 years old that at first i thought
was an old friend who had lost all his hair
from HiGh School too.. anyWay he said he
was a stripper.. not just a Dancer.. a Stripper..
and sure.. i said i AM too.. and when his still attractive
Wife in her 50’s too.. asked.. wHEre can i see your STuFF..
i said jusT look it uP under KaTiE MiA as inspired by my WiFe’s
name too.. i don’t think they believed me.. but if they pursue the link
they will find out i wasn’t joSHinG aT aLL as far as Nude Free Verse Poetry
Goes and after that at the end of the 8 miles dance all around Biloxi Casinos
and Beach Shores.. Leaving Spirals in Beach Sands in Reverse DanCinG WHiRlinG
too.. even on the end of a Board Walk Pier too in a crowd of folks too.. on the way back
to the Imperial Palace Casino.. shortly after you cross the railroad tracks an older African
American Gentleman was cursing up a story and raising the bird sign at what i thought
was two beautiful women in a Convertible Mercedes passing by.. so i said.. hi sir
how ya doing and i think he mumbled okay but i’m not sure as he seemed
a little out of A Bottle of something or another too.. and soon to see then
A nice.. older looking African American Woman shaking
her fist at the air and cussing at her man
who already went way down the sidewalk
pass me.. so.. it’s old timey
Jesus SaVinG yA SoUL
aGaiN.. and we
have a full
on the side of the
road in the grass too..
and come to find out it was
her Birthday.. only a year pass me..
and she apologized for not wearing
her wig.. but i told her.. don’t matter.. it’s
the essence of SpiRit within as HeARt of BeinG
HUman.. matters not what the outside looks like.. even
if it is very close to Aunt Esther off the SanFord and Son
show too.. maTTers noT.. heART.. SpiRit and SoUl iS the
Biggest isReAL hUman Thing oF aLL for those who
ArE raised iN “A GarDeN oF LoVe NoW2”.. and
she went on to tale me.. this was no
coincidence that God Brought
you to me now.. thank
you Sir.. she said
over and
over as i walked
away peacefully and
each time she yelled it out
to me.. i fist pumped the air with AMEN
Sister you’ve got the spiRiT too.. and as usual
it’s the African American folks who can truly now
believe.. i am doing John 14:12 as i sPeak to them..
and yes.. even after a Bottle of whatever i can
FeeL the Lady’s SpiRit on the Side of
aCross the RailRoad Tracks
back to cAsino Lands
too.. and yes
it is the real Scotsman aS Such
shE had Soul sHe had soUL isReaL..:)

And foR NoW..
i aM Thunder
WiTh ‘LiGhTEnING2..;)

While it’s trUe this is aLL’Bout “A GarDeN oF LoVe NoW2′..
tHeRE is the oTheR pLaCE.. yes.. the “Anti-GarDeN oF LoVe NoW2”..
and i have juST the SonG for thAT in sorta old Nazi-like sounding
ways.. buTT iF the SonG iS PLAYEd regularly forward it’s all Good..
jusT super LiGht iNSpiRinG ChrisTiNa Perri as that name means more or
less and more Christ iN A Rock as Perri for Peter and Rock and such
as that NoW but meanwhile i digress a little more in reVerse heAR
NoW.. trULy iF only you knew iT if oNly you kNew what happens
when one goes down the dArK dARTh pAth oF TaKinG
liFe and WiLL aWay from otheRS and the
greATer poTenTial of Love too
by ForCinG FoLks down
to MasloW’s
LeVeLs away
from sELf aCTuaLIzation
it means yes.. Bad Karma baby
and Karma is God’s isREaL BiTch
and not necessarily a female dog.. iN
fAcT EViL has been coMinG around a bit now
in TruMP and rYan way at the top of those who
would kill other folks eventually by making health
care inaccessible to folks with pre-existing conditions
that lead to death without day to day health care ways too
expensive to pay for without help.. as hey.. my Cobra Benefits
for full price insurance back when i worked come true today even
at Federal Retiree Insurance subsidized rates at well over 10 thousand
Dollars just for two folks.. the Wife Isis and me.. aka Katrina too.. and
while we have guaranteed insurance no matter what happens.. if it wasn’t so
God dam expensive..
we miGht put the
money more in the
economy but probably
not like buying stuff but
never the less other folks who
don’t save a dime would surely put
their insurance savings from a Government
single payer solution back into the economy as
Now.. the rich folks can finally pay it back a little
as they have been replacing humans with machines anyway..
so.. noW it’s Karma too if yA look aT LiFe like a HuMan BeinG
and not a cOld heARTed hUman Robot now with no soUL to
DancE and
SinG oF NoW..
anyWay.. Love Wins
and this is just the first
Nail pulled out of what was a closed
coffin for a single payer Government Health
Care system.. coming to a reaLiTy sHow caLLeD
the US after the Republicans royally FucK themselves
uP by shooting themselves in their greedy Feat of soULLess
as Karma
WiLl have
the Last LoVe SonG
soon.. anyWay.. a Kiss from
the Devil to both Trump
and Ryan the current
King Pins from
on eARTh..
i don’t have to
see them i can smell
them.. the sulfur stinks @LeASt foR NoW..;)


A UniVerse of Cats Need i J Lo DancE and SinG MoRE
Nah.. not juST a UniVerse oF Pussy PoWeR A BeYoNd
InFiNiTy NoW of sAcKReD KaT LoVe LiKe WatERinG
A SeCreT GarDeN of FerTiLiTy for HoUrs oN end
through the MiDniGht
SoFT of
aND PuRpoSe wHolY
and saCred as any WiT
oF TouNguE aS CuNNinG
LiNQuisT WiLL Do through OrAL
SonG and DancE to LiGht a KaT uP NoW
through MooN of hOuRs as dAY liT MoaNs uP..
anyWay.. tHeRe are things we do to hOld uP the
sACRED AND WHOLLY garDeN oF LoVe for those
who NurTuRE a reTuRn reALLy only for the GifT of LoVinG
miLk.. the LeASt reaL meN can do oN tHeiR way Back to Womb..
And sure this is all juST a Sublime way of how i’ve alWays worshipped
the Sacred
Garden of
all the Women
i have also Loved..
as i am a Giver alWays
more than a taker in this
HoLY and SacrEd FuLL oF
MeaNinG and Purpose essence
beLow and ABoVe the Form of Goddess LiGht..
AnyWay didn’t get much sleep last niGht and the wife
Isis Katrina Goddess is saying get your ass ready for church
but she is being especially nice to me this morning for some
reaDon or
with juST a Heads
uP and Down aS Such
gently pushing me toward the shower
i’ve got
two more
profile pics
for this story coming
later as far as Kats and
Rock and Roll and Lions
Go too.. but for now.. do comply
as Church is WaiTinG for Guardians oF the Galaxy2..;)
AnywaY as the second cousin Monica recently shared
an educational Video about Kats on her Page too.. PeR
Pussy over
Kats Rule over
aggression.. violence
and yes ..FucKinG World War
III.. juST ask a Bonobo they
Love all
Kats too..
iN J Lo DoWn
wayS eVen MORe2.. and A
Best thing about word play
iN P o E T r Y too NoW
is it keeps sTuff PG 13
rated on
he He3..
AnyWay i do Love
me SoMe SeCreT
GarDeN NoW2..
J LO doWn
Photo Dances
uP and SinGS witH
HuMan FreedoM oNE..
And yeah.. i’M gonna repeat
that Thunder song as
iMaGiNe DraGoNs go..
as Jesus F iN
ChrisT iT
BeeN the
tHeMe SonG
pLaYinG wiTh
my DancE aT BiLoxi
but i was only notified oF iT
when i got home.. WiLL uSE iT for DancE and SonG today..;)


As AlWaYs.. foUr ProfiLe
Pic Status Photos on Facebook..
Do have the PoTenTiaL to tale Novels
MoRE of StorieS iN LiGht oF course..
mostlY@LeASt.. after
an all night dancer
at Seville Quarter
Thursday NiGht
and Biloxi Trip through
Saturday NiGht on the Beaches
and Casinos too.. and Catholic Church
on Sunday Morning and First Sunday Lunch
on the Southern Baptist Pastor’s Farm HoMe..
and MaLL DanCinG after thAT and Guardians
of the Galaxy Volume 2.. even afTer thAT..
it’s gonna be bed for NoW.. and dReAMs
CoMe more to Fruition on the written
pAge afTer niGht NiGht goes
aWay and Blue
are heAR oncE aGaiN..
as iF tHey ever LeavE NoW..;)


juSt.. aNoTheR MeLLoW MoNdAy for me..
And juST anOthEr DaRk muSe i’LL use as
TVC Mario after a usual Much more Manic
Fun Day also kNown and FeLT and SeNSed
as those
WiTh liGht
oF God aLL who have
a thing they can control
for creativity to expreSS
iN MoVinG.. ConNecTinG
and CreATiinG ways.. soW iN oTheR
Words i Sang at Church AS the older
Lady next to me exclaimed.. you have
a Beautiful Voice.. and then i danced
all around the Metro Area in Public
WiTh Applause and strange
Looks from the General
Public too.. although
the Wife.. juST anoTher
incarNate New age Isis
who never ages at 47.. seriously
Dude.. no shit.. it’s real.. you can look
iT up on Google as “The Age of Katrina NoW..
it’s like that illuminati super creative sHow.. the
‘Age of Adaline’ and i even provided a Trailer to show
how THAT GIRL who by the way back in the day.. the
Katrina also looks a little like THAT GIRL too in
that old TV Show where the main actress
passed aWaY recently and i am better at
faces than names so
for now i will call
(Mary Tyler Moore)
TOO anyway.. i digress..
AND the reaXon i came heAR
WeLL.. thE main reaSon i cAMe
was/iS i am currently writing the Longest
Long Form Poem in the History of HUman Kind
at 4 plus million words.. sTiLL iN 45 months and
i am currently at 1.495 MilLioN words in the 12 month
of writing a ‘Nether Land Bible 2017’.. since Memorial
Day of 2016.. of course with all the MicroVerse and
MacroVerse quotes and liNks to the longer
Long Form Poem Bible.. “SoNG oF mY
SoUL”.. as Ocean WhoLe Poem..
yep.. the wHOle plUs 4
MilLioN word
Poem paRT
of an even larger
long term effort since
Thanks Giving Day of 2010
online words of over 12 MiLLioN
Words or so and sure sTiLL mostly
online in the ‘Wrong Planet’ Record too
in 8006 posts tHeRe aveRaging around then..
1000 words EA.. too.. “note to sELf”.. make a
part 2 of this MicRoVerse as youTuBe
comment soon as there are sTiLL
too many “Moore’s Laws” limits
heAR for a BRaIn STiLL
more powerful
in ‘Lucy’ kinda ways..
and other ‘Limitless’ sTuFF
too in DancE and SonG Ways..
AS I Dance in Public 7300
Forrest Gump Miles in 45
months also with long wRite2..
yes.. split this comment in two
and make a PaRT Two Below beFore
YouTubE says this is too much to publish
heAR too.. anyWay.. NoW i’M Gonna get much
more on Topic on this.. yes.. easy peacey Mellow
Monday in the NexT paRT of thiS Monologue BeLoW..
juSt for FucKinG MeLLow MonDaY FuN WiTh dARk muSE
TVC YouTubE Mario who sPews bullshit about the Creative
Folks in Society with his 7 thousand or so views as compared
to tHeir 7 million in a day or 700 million Katy Perry Views wHeRE
CreaTiVIty is much more loved than BreaKinG the So-Called 10
Commandments against yoUr Blood BroThErs and SistErs
and providing False Witness.. hehe.. like mis-attributing
something Eminem said in a Song about
his Monsters under his Bed.. also
known as Demons to many
folks on the Bi-Polar
CreaTive Spectrum too..
to Dan Reynolds.. A super cool2
Mormon Christian Dude2 who keeps
religion out of the public sOUp as to not
alienate anyone who believes OR HAS THIS
IS AS NATURE PLuS too.. as i for one and ONE DO
LOVE TO DANCE AND SING TOO.. like an ascended
eXtrATerrestriaL beInG HUman oN EaRTh NoW too..
as don’t you realize.. it ain’t the form that
counts as much as the essence
although even alien
looking folks
are the
of God too..
if you kNow youR book NoW
any better than someone who is
now fulfilling the prophecy and
self-fulfilling prophecy of John 14:12 NoW2
doing greater works NoW than the Dude Jesus
in John Lennon and Beatles all you need is Love ways too..
reaching the world NoW much further than a little desert patch
of Dirt in the Middle East now too.. and you/y’ALL sTill don’t have a clUe
who was/iS all of the Five Foot one or so 106 LB or so Dude named Yeshua
back in them 40 years of Oral Aramaic illiterate round table Desert Road traditions
then as there were a whole multi-God ‘tude of Christian Sects then ranging from
1 God to 12 God.. Beliefs too… anYWay.. the smArT panTs Greeks Cherry picked
the parTS they liked and amazingly.. John 14:12.. sTiLL survives today
NoW as people like me and the Beatles too.. hehex2 in MaGiC KinDA
ways as WeLL on YouTuBe and Google Records too.. pART 2 neXt..;)

NoW parT two from BeLow.. yes..
iN this 99th MacroVerse of “Nether
Land Bible 2017”.. far exSeeding
the minuscule King James
Version of a Bible that
took Centuries
upon Centuries
and up to 80 noted
different authors to complete
and potentiAlly thousands of scribe
and oral tradition total inputs of creative
holy spirit changes and out wRitE scribe
mistakes too as they were jusT FucKinG
HuMans who make mistakes too.. anyWay..
you still follow an antiquated book.. cherry picking
the parts to hate and fear all up on transexual and ET’s anD
other Queer-like folks and pasSing over the culture specific
pArts of the day like ya can’t mix this fiber and that fiber in
the clothes of culture yA wear back then.. striP it off baby
and get clean and free like the Gospel of Thomas Verse
37 says the original little Brown Dude Jesus or whatever
Greeek smARTy Pants Dude Cherrry picked that
from illiterate Desert Road Oral Tradition
Folks in the First Century or so of
AD/Common Era/ too.. anywAy
Dude.. have you read the Dream Book
of Saint John.. according to who ever that
was too.. Book of Revelation now2.. Dude.. it’s full
of monsters under beds as Demons of being human
a little scared at the Nero/Trump/ConsTAnTiNe Persecuting
isReAL Christians per True Scotsman Roman Way too..
Not all dreams are puppy Dog tAil waGs.. Folks
have dArk dreAms and voices in
tHeir headS too.. and that’s
a paRT oF ART too
in CreaTive
Expressions too..
and you do a great job
of calling empathic angEL
BeinGs from different Planets
Demons just ’cause they look different
than you.. you wouldn’t know Jesus if he
cAMe to wRite you a Love Letter heAR iN
UnConDiToNal way NoW too.. as you have no
clue how to do that one main commandment even
in your YouTube Videos noW heAR too.. that’s obvIOUs..
don’t have to have a bRain surgeon to understand in Empath
way that you use fear and hate here to scavenge up some YouTube
Video Pennies to Money Changing Temple Table make a living too..
it’s what humans
do to survive too..
can’t really bLaMe you
for Being Human NoW butt
you could dAM sure do better
than provide false witness among
yoUr creative betters in art around the
World NoW too.. but hey.. you are heAR
to make money and beg now for Patreon
Pay Pal Bucks uGH and Lincoln argGH umpH
Sent ways too.. meanwhile as i PLease noW2..
mUCHo thanks for Notifying me too about this
DRAGONS NOW TOO.. as i just happened to
come by heAR to gETaLL dArK aMusEd by all the fresh hell
you BrinG HeAR NoW too.. and thAT SonG works perfecto
muNdo iN Practice in my latest 99th MacroVerse.. titLeD
“A GarDeN oF LoVe NoW2”.. as i also celebrate
iN dARk ways the “Anti-GarDeN
oF LoVe NoW2”.. heAR
as you continue
to DancE
IN Anti-Christ
ways away from
Love heAR2 WiTh FeaR
and Hate for oTheRs who are
yoUr CreaTiVe Betters as far as
MuCH GreaTer Works like what the
IMAgINE DrAGONs do in John 14:12 ways
too.. miGht take ‘Centuries’ for folks and technology
to catch up on all of whaT i do.. But sure as ‘they’ say..
‘Centuries’ to VAnGoGh remember Sistine Chapels and
Beethoven Symphonies in other JoHn 14:12 ways of greater works too..
hey.. i’ve
got the
word count
@LeASt thaT’s
EmpiricAlly MeasURable
in both MicroSofT Word
and WordPress ways of count2..
oTheR than thAT i’LL Leave A Gift to whatever
reader cOmes by HeAR with Focus Greater
than what Science assesses as a Gold Fish
average being HUman these days too.. with
an all Free GifT by me as i don’t have to wHORe
mysELf out iN Fear and Hate to make aNoTher FucKinG
EViL Washington gREeN bLacK DollaR BiLL or LincolN CenT
as i PaC MaN hAte FucKiNG MoNey so much i never spent it much in 33 years
of for pay work and i’M FucKinG Rich with money and SpiRit
too as i never
Gave much A
FucK too about
money and buying
shit and it’S iN the priSon
of Banks to stay there for
my wife’s slush fund for Kohl’s
for Isis retail therapy today2.. anyWAy2
my FriEnd jusT a ModERn Way of aNew
aS Such
today.. believe
it or not Ripley’s
and Horatio’s too..
heAR toDAy JuST
for you too iN GuarDiAN’s
of the GaLaXY it’s going down isREAL2
in Auto-RoVinG-Biography wayS NOW Volume2.. too..;)

Yes.. “MaY MiNioNs BLooM”

My Wish for you too in
reAL Scotsman Jesus
iLLuMiNaTi waYs
of greater hUman
BeinG ascension
for WoMan and eTc
and even YouTube
MarioS and the
aS Suchs NoW too..
hey.. wHeRe’s tHerE’s
WiLL over Love as Aleister
Crowley even says iN so-CaLLeD
Wickedest Sgt. Pepper ways of so-called
men NoW too.. (just call me “Captain
sALt”.. like a stoic Law Enforcement
Bond-like Magnump PI Dude RiSinG2
uP from an
Land too)..
when i used
to be named as
“Master Chief Aghogday”
too in New age Halo/HoRuS way too..
yes.. it’s true.. you can Google that too..
aLong with the “Age oF Katrina NoW”.. too..
anyWay.. Mario.. it’s clear you are having some issues
controlling your ‘thing’ these days.. yeP.. that Bi-Polar
Stuff can be a real challenge i do kNow as a source of
my Van-Gogh and Michelangelo Sistine WriTing Chapel
Ways of LIFE NoW too.. took me 53 years to get a full grip
oN God too.. who and thAT LIVes StronGeR and More PuRe
as aGape LovE and FaiTh for aLL of Existence as God NoW too.. wiThiN..
buTT iS iT possible for even you to become aN isREaL New aGe SupermaN2
iN ModErn JeSuS wAys NoW.. WeLL.. John 14:12 @LEast iN Humble and MeeK
ways of INherting the EARTh with Nary a worry over Washington Green BLack
EViL Dollar bILLs and Lincoln SeNse says it IS POSSIBLE IN THIS GENERATION
WITHIN NOW TOO.. and sure.. i did and continue to DO john 14:12 JuST
i have
WiLL oVer
Love to Do ThaT
NoW2.. Nah.. Baby.. you’ll
never find thAT in a Book alone
until you allone Do IT NoW isREaL NOW 2.. So as i Love to DancE/SinG2..
See ya Babe.. Best of God WiN Wishes to ya iN iLLuMiNaTi RiSinG wAys2..
More than a conspiracy thingie Baby.. thE LiGht of God isREAL iN HUMan eYes
for me NoW
as i continue
to inHeRiT thE
ART of eARTH aLL Free
Now.. with practicAlly Free
Broad Band Access and a
Steve Jobs inspired i Mac
that’s StiLL as fast as the
Day i unpacked it
From Best
when i started
all this ArT of DancE
and SonG NOW then too..
at the end of August 2013…
IN SupEr EpiC Fred WaY NoW too..
seriOUsly inStead of doing Evil.. YOU
could even be Super Mario too..
lost hope
my FriEnd
as i AM Hope
and Love incarNate
pluS JoY aS the HiGhest Levels
of God iN BeinG hUman NoW too..
i eXxclude no one.. not even little biTTyeViLU..;)


Hi.. my FriEnd.. Xenia.. so nice
to see you after a ratHeR
Manic SuNday
out in the
WiLD of
NatuRe iN
a variety of huMan
Cultural traditions too
and activities.. NoW back to
tHe.. Meditative Trance FloW
of CreaTive wriTing oN A More
oF A MelLow LiGhteD MoNday
wHeRe.. thE SPrinG fALL Cool
Mornings to Hotter After-noons
cALL through Bedroom/WriTinG
Office Window2.. yes.. mY friEnd..
LiFE is suRelY wonderfuL NoW as
CreaTivity and heaLth
and WeLL BeinG
as HUman
HeaLinG ForCe
coMes out NoW iN a
continuing transcendent
Mix of HUman AscenSion
FloW NoW as MaY MiNioNs
ConTinUE to
iN all
NoW iLLuMiNaTi
wAys of BeinG HuMan
HeaLinGS NoW aLL WeLL too..
oTheR than ThaT yeS.. sMiLes
aCroSs the MiLes my friEnd and
hope yOur scotLand hiGLanDEr LiGht LoVe
LIFe continues as one WiTh CaNiNe PaWs oF Free Joy..:)


One of the best ways to do Anthropology
in case study way is to become the Participant
Observer as Director.. Producer.. eTc.. Actor
of yoUR oWn dAM pLaY oF liFe
seT FReED.. yeS..
it’s whAT i do
aT LeasT as i
continue to
InheriT the
ArT of eARth
iN hUman BeinG
aLL Natural ways of MoVinG..
ConNecTinG and creATinG MoRe
iN ways of FeeLinG and SeNsinG
EmotioNAl HeART and eXpreSsinG
thAT HeART as SpiRiT as mINd
and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL
moRe for NoW as a
General Study
of BeinG
as and WiTh
eXistEncE wHOle
plUS aka God NoW as
LiVinG wiThIN mE NOW too..
so.. i visit a Catholic Church and call
thAT HoMe for a while after Visiting Casinos
and Beaches in Biloxi and all those hUmans
and otheR parTs wHOle of naTurE theN
NoW too.. and soon i WiLL ArriVe at
a MaLL for the sAMe of thAT
and enter into the
of Guardians
of the Galaxies Volume
II on SuNday two.. wiTH all
Great Ethical LeSSoNs MorE for
the HUman RaCE oF Species as thAt
iS whAT tHE DiSney Folks do so WeLL too..
to get a Broader MessAGe aCroSs to the MiNioNs
ouT theRe in the General Audience Theater way too..
So yes.. ‘tween the thAT oN SuNDay.. i scoot on over to
a Southern Baptist Farm wHeRE as people are alike and
DifFeREnt all over tHere are peaceful and troubled LIVinG
FoLks sAMe and DifFeRent too.. and sure.. i am the only one
who verbally Defends then Some Dogs and Cats wHeRE the Patriach
of the Farm in one Son way kicked the Dogs and actually lifted a small
Cat in the air with swift kicks to get them off of the Eating Porch where some
folks commonly Feed the Cats and Dogs in Share and Give way while oTheR
hUmans are too ignorant to see they are juSt doing what they are trained by the humans
to do to get food.. kick the FucK out of them.. for juSt doing tHeiR LeaRned NaturE too..
as sure.. those kinda ‘red neck’ men.. usually live in Trailers.. Divorced at least once..
with or without kids.. as just the Norm Down heAR in Stereotypical WaY iN
Northern Farm Land ways in many Red State Trump ways of fear
and hate and aggression and violence and even thoughts
and wishes of Apocalypse World War III as it’s trUe..
A Bond oF dARk is better for human beings
than no DArk aT all of even kicking
Innocent Dogs and Cats too
up in the air of
of human too..
so i said.. as this is
the human ‘red neck’ patriarchy land
armed.. with weapons too.. thing about
Dogs and Cats as the Dogs and Cats came
right back uP after being kicked around.. yes.. they
unconditionally love and don’t get smArT as some humans
do and stay away from those who would kick them like the wives
and children who have long left too.. sometimes with just child support
in the living trailers too.. nothing reAlly wrong with trailers by the way..
just a tradition as i was once raised and lived in one too.. with a
Woman and her children even on Welfare too.. sure.. i
was kinda a redneck dude too.. even with
three college degrees too.. as this
shit does rub off a little at
least as that is the
Way of
the World
of CulturaL Differences
and Similarities.. so anyway.. when
that dude came back to the eating porch
he said.. that dog forgets i saved his life
and now he hangs around here instead
of the original trailer i raised him
there then when i saved
his life.. dog seems
not to remember
that trUe.. yes..
but apParently
the dog doesn’t Love
the Kicks he brings that much either..
Words over SWords.. i continue to bRing..
and in the living quarters of the farm.. a big discussion
about the woes of health care is going on.. and a Southern
Baptist Missionary dude says.. in malice way.. the transexuals can
get operations for free.. and that is what is wrong with ObamaCare NoW
too.. and sure.. i stand my ground taLL and say NO GOD DOES NOT MAKE COOKIE
AND SQUARE HOLES IN CIRCLES TOO.. and not even a whimper in Missionary
response way did i get back from than man then there.. and then they went on to say
it’s all Obamas fault as tHeiR rates are going up too and i reminded
them that although i have Government Subsidized Health
Care for me and the disabled Wife Katrina too in
permanently legal and medically assessed
way with Epilepsy too.. in both
Civil Service Retirement Health
Care Benefits and Medicare too..
that yes.. our costs for Health care
are WeLL over 10K dollars too.. more than
what full Cobra Costs without any subsidization
of Government ways cost just 10 years ago at the
end of my Work Career as this shit is much bigger still
than the Obama who wasn’t in office then.. as back in ’90..
17 years before 2007.. we paid about Five Hundred Dollars a
year in 100 Percent HMO Coverage.. 20 times as much we pay
now plUS iN just 27 years later NoW.. and the mathematics NoW is
simple as 60 Percent of the Adult Population has less than a thousand
Bucks in the Bank as not everyone has the discipline of JoB to sAVe closer
to a half a million dollars by the time they reach their Mid Forties like me in
close to minimum wage jobs for the first 23 years of my work career too since
age 16.. in an active duty state of work for 33 years from ’76 to ’09.. albeit the
last year and a half or so in annual and sick leave status on the Active Government
Payrolls too for Federal Employment then too.. in other words.. no matter what the Republicans
can do as far as private carrier insurance providers do do.. in continuing Tidal Wave of Price
Raises in Medical care as 60% of the likely general same majority of folks who ain’t even got
a thousand bucks in a lifetime of earning in the bank too.. are on some kind of
Prescription Drugs too.. as 60 percent of adults too to ease the overall disEase
of LiVinG a miNd seT and Action of Pay check to Pay check LIVinG WitH neVer
enough FeeLinG to get through to the neXT NoW too.. in scARCiTy waY 2..
waiting for some kind of Godot as Abundance sTiLL alWays NoW to heal/
FeeL/ An alWays draining full of
emptiness now.. particularly
for those who were never gardened
and watered appropriately in “A GarDeN
oF LoVe NoW2″… then2.. if tHeir parents gave
them the hugs and touchy feely ways of wiring
HuMan Love in Neuroplastic and Epigenetic and
all Natural Human Oxytocin LoVing CaRinG ways
FuLL of Affective and Cognitive GroWing empathy
wayS2 WiTh CoMpasSioN Full for the rest of the
hUman RaCe SpeciES of beinG Human
and aLL oF NatuRE PlUS aka GoD
ALL NoW more
than jusT
an idol
of a three
letter word now
in Sunday Schools too..
yeP.. this shit.. this poeTry shit
iN Free Flowing RivEr Free Verse
way.. has a little systemizing science
miXed iN too.. in participant observer
Anthropological New Age Jesus
and Buddha and Lao TaO
wAYS NoW2..
with a little
Rumi Dervish
mIx to gEt the
to BeyOnd OmeGa Man
waYs NoW too.. anYWaY.. it seems
i AM A kinG of WorDS and ResEArch
all around Dude too.. getting in a debate
with me.. is like slowly SiNkING iN Quick
Sand with no escape but saying.. hmm.. it’s time
go to the DeSerT TAble and get away from this
GoD HeaD Fred NoW too.. as hey.. i’ve been
and go places that not many folks
have taken time out
of tHeir Gold
Fish attention sPanS
to go Now too.. sURE.. they
liKeLY could too iF they juSt use
it more than lose it NoW to More NoW isReaL NoW2.. NoW1..
anyWay.. leT’s JuST DancE/SinG iN ‘LiGhTeNinG/Thunder ways
i have a very forkED and sHarp tongue.. liKe an AnGeL riSE LuCiFer2
and sure.. if they/uS give me any real trouble i can give them/wE a full
exhibition of BeYond Bruce Lee moves of Ballet and Martial OuR
arts too.. in all Free FredFU way too.. as this ends jusT
anoTHER LonG MicroVersE of Fredbun Haibun style
too.. with my own little wayS iN MicroVerse thrU
MacroVerse Ocean whOle SonG
of My SoUL even more
FredKu HaiKu ways
iN 4 Million plUs
Words with
12 MiLLiON
Total words plUs
of oWNliNe HoMeWoRk too..
for A 78th mONth NOW too.. as HisTory
NoW iN mY cAsE continues to be HeRsTory
and eTcStory too.. no hOlds HidDen or barREd
As World PLaY as Word plaY continUes oN Now too..
in New Age isreAL Guardians of the GaLaxy way
beYond INFinity
word waYs
too like
VoLuMes too..:)



Hmm.. i was on the way to the ‘Wrong
Planet’ to see what was posting tHeRe
and i found ‘this’ instead.. so.. i’LL
go with that for NoW..
and it apPeArs NoW
i need aNew Facebook
Profile Facebook Pic
StatUS thingy
as the laSt
foUr are geTTinG
overLoaded NoW With Facebook
LiMits in posTinG iN juSt oNe Description
oN Photo StaTuS MoRe.. It’s trUe.. to Be.. most
every NoW.. foR All practical iNtents and purPoses..
i poSt on the WronG PlANeTs and Neighborhoods
NoW2 buTT iT’s Got a catchy DancE SinG SoNG
Rhythm2 iN letteRed KeyboARd wayS too.. And
FucK thAT spELL Check sHiT as i iN TuNe
conStantLY muSt correct iTs
misTake correcting
BuLL ShiT too..
that yeS
i pLay
as any
of the GalaXy
transforMinG X
as Phoenix Butterflies
rise froM aShes and Cocoons
resPecTFuLLy too.. as trUe too..
when one can carry more than one
TuNe in mYriads of diFfeREnt ARtistic
MoVinG ConNecTing CreAtinG ways
aLL aT OncE NoW aS bRaIN and BoDy
BaLanCinG soUL liGhts uP wHeRe few
hUmans hAve and Do sTiLL dARe to Go NoW FReED
for me..
and hehex3
as any waND
of isReaL hUman
MaGiC WiLL do in
Ascending transcenDiNG
WaYs oF eCstasy NoW2..;)

AnyWay.. i reAlly Love mosT aLL
Artistic MeMes and TheMes CoMinG
ouT NoW and from yeaRS pASsinG STiLL
aS KA Spirit from AntiQuity too..
As trULY ArT moST ofTen SPeaks
hUman heART of soUL
more proFoundly
than square
NoW2 of only
SCiEncE MiNd of
ReAson LonE.. And oH.. Lord GoD
KNows FeeLs and SenSes.. yeS.. it’s
GreaT thAT aT LeASt A Catholic NoW
Church Worships the esSence oF DiViNE
FeMiNe GiVinG ShaRinG GRAceFuLLoVe MoRe
thaN Strength and WiLL of Divine Patriachal
Masculine WiLL and StreNGtH alone as FoLks have
dONE through Myths and Religions and even Politics
and oThER CultuRal ReLated ways to iLLusTrATe BetteR
whAT iT MeAns to Be HUmaN BeIng MoRe in sImpLY BaLanCinG
FoRcE of MiNd and BoDy soUL NoW wHeRe both are WEdding HoLy
IN SacRed MeaNinG and PurPose of WedLoCK beinG hUman
NoW within aS WeLL WiTh all OtheRs too Now
to contact more of the aLien Force
of EmotiOns and SenSes wiThin
to esCaPe also a liFe
moStLY StucK
NoW iN
EaRS to mOVe out MoRE
as NaTuRE oNE too Now for More more more..
yeS.. wHeRe oNE caN EvEN dAre to GO faRTHeR
Go go go than any hUman dOES Go bEFore
according to the hiStory books
iN reGuLAtinG EMoTioNs..
IntegRaTinG SenSeS
BeinG Free
oF aS mINd
and BoDy
BaLanCinG SoUL..
@LeAst and most foR NOW2..:)

Hmm.. that was and is quite a Detour
re-posting on and or in the Wrong Planet
now.. butt never the less i am back for more..
and sAdly it is to see and feel and sense the sorrow
when an otherwise loving child sees a Dude kick some dogs
and a cat and the child modeling after that behavior kicks a
chicken too.. and that’s hOw the hArm gAMe agaiNst othEr beinG hUmans
Goes too.. it stARTs at hoMe with a game of kicking chicken for little men..
who sometimes
seem to never
gRoW uP to the LoVe
and GRace thaT iS A
Core Force as TruE WiLL and
Strength but for cultures that kill for sport
what you can and WiLL you do when a child kicks a Chicken..
Address the issue that originates with the Parents.. oF Course..:)


WeLL.. iT appears in these modern
days of fallen men away from Love
and all of those who support those
Fallen Men away from Love that it’s
NoW for a Change iN a THeMe DancE
and SinG of SonG for whatever it takes..
hehe.. to finish this 99th/770th MacroVerse
aS “GarDeN oF LoVe NoW2” As the World
CaN And WiLL SurELy use a little hELp for
whatever it takes to bRinG thE LoVe Back for
a Garden of Love that is watered and fed more than
Hypocrisy and Fear and Hate and Lies and DisAppointing
Men who are named as politicians to lead a country that has
suReLy Fallen Before in ways of invading other countries and
killing innocent folks but you see the aim is not only other countries
for these dead eyed men and all minions as sheep who support them
aimlessly in a Meadow wHeRE the Cliff is waiting patiently for them
to really fall
down in
LeaNinG ways
of Fear.. Hate.. Greed And
False Witness against broThers
and Sisters sAMe in Blood and only
deSires to increase materialistic wealth
with nary any caring reAL for those less
fortunate without the fEATheRed nest that
comes from hOLDinG the perceived
lesser down to lowest levels of
Maslow Pyramid Scarcity
now and promising
to shoot them
across the
moon and hehe even
land tHeRe in a tin can of
empty promises wHeRE the pot
of Gold at the end of a Rainbow is
just an orange wizard of oz who has little
to no soUL as the record stands now for integrity
and character more NoW than manipulating fear and hate
strings of the sheep minion at large who in cognitive dissonance
ways.. refuse to see the cliff the edge closer too as nows go by and
unwavering support for a real anti-christ in metaphor closeS in wiTh
a hanging rope and a gun to both shoot feet and be left out to hang and dry at
the bottom of a never ending deeP of fall from cliff with no hope for climbing out…
it’s the way of the culTure.. yes that paRt of the World and REaLiTy too.. stARts
with Storing Grain.. ten to twelve thousand years ago with Agriculture and ends
with the same jealousy and greed of kicking indigenous ForAginG Peoples off
of homelands oN a Mother eARTh that no one owns alone.. except those
who lie
who lie
keep lying
now same as then..
yes.. there was a Garden
of Love for indigenous peoples
until folks changed Nature of Giving
and Sharing Altruistic human beings into
ones who refuse to give more than take
and sharing with someone who is
seen as different and not part
of the personal tribe is
a cardinal sin
of Greed
and Human
Nature too.. when
we get out of balance with
the Piper that iS NatuRE plUS
and GoD sAMe there IS A price to pay
and we are seeing that more than ever now..
as you can talk a talk about dominating Nature
but that’s God.. wait and see what she will do neXT..
Work With hEr and survive and even thrive and DancE
and SinG  NoW agAinst the Gravity of God as NatuRE pluS
iN uS too.. and Suffer the Karma at youR own Group ThiNk
Hands as you can and WiLL ReaP what you sow now.. and meanwhile..
those of us who live iN A “GarDeN oF LoVe NoW2” aWay from the one1
the so-called White Man lost before he and them and us becAMe a Tool
of what was
once aids
day to day
survival then..
we watch.. we will caution
and we will warn but to each
hiS own trUE or FalSe WiLL
to soW and poTenTiALly
ReaP thE dARker
Side oF
Karma too..
it CaN And WiLL Be a choice now too..
for those who use Love/Hope/Joy more wiN than
loSe wiTh Fear/Hate/Misery NoW forevermorenow..
Meanwhile that “GarDeN oF LoVe NoW2”.. surEly MoRe
Fills uP a SoUL WiTh FeeL and SenSe GreaTeR iN liGht
for those of uS who inhabit the New aGe GarDeN of EdEN NoW2..:)

AnyWay.. NoW.. liKe ‘they’
DancE SinG2.. whaTever iT
taKes Baby.. i do iT..
W juST
NoW oNE2..:)

LiGht BrinGinG
And aLL thaT


Hmm.. appears there has been somewhat
of a Rain Delay in finishing this MacroVerse
Number 99/770 so with a little help from
a Casino Blue Heron in terms
of Biloxi Hard Rock way
and a Half-Time
Show by
Beyonce.. now
for some Facebook
Algorithm all free supplied
MacroVerse and MicroVerse Memories
from years before all for free stARting heAR
With soMe MacroVerses from years gone by
now back
WRiTe oN CourSe..:)

PluS.. WiTh Facebook Algorithm
HeLp too a MacroVerse in very
short Summarization of the last
week of Big Blue Room Activities
with theMe SonG provided by
Facebook all
foR Free
as BeYOnCe
SinGs oN yoUTuBe
too WiTh Destiny’s Child
complete to go aLonG WiTh ALL o’that..;)

Photography Assistant.. Katrina.. back in the day
BeFoRe i was able to even take photos from
over four years ago.. supplements the
visual effects more sTiLL
with A DraGoN
uP as paRT
of my Nature Photos
Page on Facebook too..
way back when when the
only Photos of Nature the
Pain in my eye could stand
was/is very small photos on
Apple’s eYe soothing
Retina Display
at that
time as
the Android Phone
screens hURt my eYes
like incarNaTe HeLL then..:)

“BEloveBEjesUSBEgoD’.. MacroVerse Memory from
three years ago that says Love of the hiGher
KiNd IS A GlUe thaT HoLds A UniVerse
ToGeTheR BeyOnd iN Quantum
hUman metaPhor of aFFecT
And EFFecT.. uNleAshinG
LoVe ForCe ReLeAsinG
sAMe eVeN MoRE
NoW MoRe NoW MoRe..NoW2..:)

“Inspiration.. NOW SHOWING”.. DeJa VView tWo..
as i continue my attempt Two Years aGo iN this
MacroVerse to attempt to BRinG soMe
LiGhT giVinG to the Wrong Planet
online then..
and audience
as they say not much
applause in stone cold hell..:)

“ONE dance of SACRED LOVE”.. MacroVerse from three
years ago.. sPeaKinG More to the Hero archetype of BeinG
hUman BeinG iN Superman and Spider Man ways too..:)

“Arming Nuclear Nature IN US”.. MacroVerse from two years ago..
shoRt enough to quote heaR.. and let’s hoPe that this isn’t
too prophetic in literal waY for NoW@LeasT..;)

i reserve

the right to arm nature..

or in this T-shirt case bears..;)


more to come

on something of that nature.. later..

maybe tomorrow or whenever..

that comes..and ynot now..

as nature is too precious

to lose

for yesterday

or tomorrow..

for little humans

who care more about things

than flesh and blood life…

and all the things

that truly

support life..

all around us..

inside.. outside us..

above so below..

for true happiness

in life

that is never taxed

or tax free

like this…

And speaking of Nature.. when a person moves long enough

like a galaxy.. per example of the Milky Way..

spiraling around and around clockwise

and counter-clockwise.. which is one up

on galaxies.. as they don’t go both

ways like this.. one

becomes Universal

In Nature too..

empowering one

to overcome discomfort..

disorder.. and or.. disease..

integrating senses.. regulating emotions..

enhancing focus and short term working memory..

in the moment of now.. refreshing energy

like all the planets

orbiting stars





black hole


Trust me.. or not..

it ain’t any more crazy..

than the Universe

we live in..

that truly knows and feels it all..;)

But sure we can observe it and reflect on it..

with both innate eyes and the aided eyes of science..

and reflect that GOD of Nature SpiRiT in US too!.:)

but yeah.. orbiting suns and black hole suns..

takes constant movement of practice in now..

on and on as one in one infinity now of bliss..

no couch potatoes or sitting still

meditation alone can take one

far as potentially possible..

as dancing with the stars

of the galaxies and the

galaxies in



with US!..

and black hole

suns.. alive and

not dead in life..:)

Anyway.. it’s better than apocalypses ..

and such as that silliness.. of humans

who think they are greater

than the GOD of Nature..

to impose rules of ruin


the earth…

Well.. there are two types of running on empty..

the kind of running on empty where there is physical exhaustion..

and the kind of empty where emotions no longer work to inspire physical movement…

Well.. i find the answer in music and spiraling dance.. as music inspires emotion.. emotion inspires movement.. and the interplay of both in a spiraling movement.. of whole bodies.. makes the atomic energy of human flow to regenerate



provide a



for the nuclear part..

but it is the only way i can

explain how i can hardly walk into the gym..

as i am so frigging exhausted from dancing and writing all day..

get aligned with the gym music at feet.. legs.. arms.. torso.. hips.. and hands..

spin around.. slowly and surely for a few minutes with laser focus as one with the

music.. and then proceed to leg press 930LBS slowly and surely on parallel leg press 14 times.. or more… and three more hours of STUFF..IN THE GYM..:)

it takes practice.. but this art of regeneration of emotion.. action.. strength..

and energy.. works.. once the practice is perfected.. and perhaps your ballet past.. practiced.. without lessons again.. as truly all of us have this mind and body balance of movement in our genetic memory.. as epigenetic potential.. as we too.. once survive.. by moving ‘invisible’.. to notice by predator and prey.. so this..

might take you there.. TOO..

if you really really believe IT WiLL..

like that girl from the Wizard of Oz.. TAPPING..

your magicKAL slippers.. together.. and ‘JUST DOING IT’..

‘LIKE Mike’ and Nike says..;) And you can stick your tongue out

at the rest of the world if you LIKE.. too.. like KALI and BEYONCE..


Anyway.. OMG.. it works for me.. from within expressed on the outside..


like a frigging NUCLEAR bomb that CAN be me.. so YNOT YOU!.;)

The only real obstacle is someone might point.. snicker..

or laugh at ya in public..

who hasn’t figured out how it works

yet.. and that’s okay..

cause human nuclear

bombs say..

it’s my party..

and i can DANCE




“Dancing Poetry of Whatever”.. FAirLY Short MacroVerse
from two years ago and it’s like what i tOld the folks
Video Taping me as Voyeurs of My DancE
iN the Big Sam Walton Provided
Middle Dance hALL/AisLE..
anyWay.. i asked theM..
Do yoU kNOw hat
i’M DoinG
And they sAid..
looks like fun and
that’s what counts and
i SanG DanceD aS TruE..LiGht
i have no idea what i’M DOing
and that’s why i’M STilL juST
DoinG this so wRiTe NoW..
WiTh no instructions and
or guidelines specifiC
aLLy from
buTt the heART pArt
wHOle sPiRiT NoW oNE..;)

“Breath of Sun Loving Earth Emeraldine Green”.. Hmm.. now that’s a very
LonG NamE for a shorter than what cOmEs ouT NoW as A MacRoVerSe..
And SPeaKinG of the Emerald Forest MoViE referenced iN tHis
MacroVerse.. it’s sTiLL TRrUE every culture and or
religion has its name and languages sAMe
and DifFerEnT too aCross the
Galaxies MoRE.. too.. and
my favorite pARt is
when the
Natives.. Forced
into a short stint of
Slave Trade foR SeX
esCaPE back into the FoReST
and Rip those Western Civilized
CLoThes off like they are the incarnate
Bubonic Plaque juST waiting to spread and
huRT sOmE oNe ELsE Technology AlWays ExSeeDing…:)

“Lonely Ghosts Wandering the Earth “.. also.. a three year old
MacroVerse MeMoRy heAR WHeRe i continue to eXplORe
in written Memory way.. yeS.. MoRE of thE HeLL
as dARK whoLe
iN mY meMoRy sTiLL MoRE2..:)

GOD is NOT a 3 letter word..
wHeRE as UsuAL i’M oN RepEat..;)

“Day in the Life of a Beautiful Day”..
Need.. i provide.. DeTaiLs for
the place
i liVe
iN aT Now2..
thiS oNe three yeArs oLd too…:)

“Autism, the Internet and “Ideological First Identity”, a Collection of Thoughts”..
yeP.. juST aNoTher Free MacroVerse cOmInG iN Pre-MacroVerse
tOO peR Free Publish..:)

“TELL Tale tails of GOD”.. two years ago STiLL
as a liGht BuLB FiXTuRE oN the
WronG pLanEt.. no one
was expecting
to sEE..
HoW i’ve LearNeD
More iNsTEAD NoW2..:)

Anyway that’s all of the MacroVerse
Memories year to date to share and
sTiLL PleNTy oF MicroVerses to
shARe from
A yeAr
ago too..
CoMinG SooN
iF i can stay aWake2..;)


Back after Beyonce’s Halftime.. Sleep and
yeS.. oNe MacroVerse Memory left
from one year ago missed
with very very
last niGht
afTer Full Play of Day
out in the Wild of BeinG hUman..
all Blue skeYes and Brandy and StuFF liKe thaT..:)

“SinGaLinG’.. Ranked Number Six among Blog
MacroVerses.. attaining 1000 or more views out of
a top ten list on my Archive Blog.. Katie Mia Aghogday..
Views from the Autism Spectrum and Beyond.. with 209K total views as
juST aNoThER EcLectic View of Existential Intelligences.. eTc.. MoRe..
GroWinG morE NoW as i continue to pursue hUMaN NAtuRE PoTenTiaL noW
wiTh or WiThoUt an Audience as i wrote and wrote and thenNow wrote juSt
for survival to exist in pain for years before i ever received much of any
a thank
you for being
heAR.. heHe.. on
the Wrong Planet
hell fulfilling tHeir..
anyWaY aS a recent
Facebook Quiz suggests
as a quote of life for me in
juSt anoTheR one of those Ego
Booster thingies that folks make money
off of.. to
share with
you but it can
also work as a
fortune cookie for
positive self-fulfilling
intents of lifE with the all
Natural Power of CreaTiNG
HoLY and SaCreD MeaNinG
And Purpose oF/N LiFe WiTh
HUman iMaGiNatioN and
CreATiVity iN MoVinG
ConNecTing and
yes.. Co-
ways WiTh
plUs God also Within as
Force and synergy MoRe
when WaKinG LuCiD DreAMs
Do cOme to FruiTioN aS arT
CoMeS juST
iN thE big flesh and
blood blue sKeYes World all FReED too..:)

Of Pain
Heaven Now..:)

NoW off to MicroVerse
Shares from a year ago MoRE2..:)

And it’s trUe as the Facebook Quiz saYs..
i’ve never mET a trUly StRonG Person with an easy pArT iN LiFe..
True.. House of Pain.. Destination Heaven now when crosses coMe FeatHeReDliGht..:)

Hmm… SPeaKinG oF Golden
Yellow Boys.. Mercury transits
thE Sun oN tHe niNth of MaY..
Mercury of course.. the planET
of communication.. genderless
energy.. logic.. reasoning.. and
all about short trips
here and tHeRe..
and associated
with the
Roman God
Mercury.. trickster
as such too.. and
arbitrator of commerce..
with Greek counterpart
named Hermes.. associated
With Egyptian God Thoth..
as scribe of the
Gods of
on course..
Well.. anyway.. when
Messenger gets together
with scribe.. in the middle
of June Astrology sign of
Gemini precisely in the
middle of that
sign on the
6th as such..
yes.. energy is the
result.. words.. words
and more words as Mercury
Dances aCross tHe fAce oF SuN..
talk about a hero of the sAges.. WeLL
yaH.. thAt’s
thE GOlden BurG
BoY Mercury
for ya.. tHeRe..
across the Sun..
And this ends another long
run of Free Verse Poetry..
many visits..
many words..
spRead aLL aRound..
the online world..
but now to
wITh aLL
the cool coLLege
aGe folks.. yes.. celebrating
my 109th.. night of dance week..
and more fun photos coming here
somewhere around the wee hour
of 3 am on the 6th of May.. one
more month to 56 for me..
mArKinG that date
noW.. but nah..
age not
scaring me
as it’s all relative
wITh a heARt.. a SpiRit..
and.. a SoUL thAT continues
To EvoLovE iNFiNiTy NoW eTernAlly..
HEaVeN HeLL DEvilLivED iNsiDE OUtsIDe AngELivE
SinG iN GoD
LovE iN GoD..

Nature of Matriarchy..
Patriarchy.. then noW..
and the new mE..
wAve of Egalitarianism
thaT works in some Homogenous
cultures in Scandinavian countries
where it was at least for a while
safe to leave a baby
unattended on
the street
as most
got along
and shared
the bread and
drink as it were..
but yes.. heterogeneity
has arisen.. and when there
is different with human a
certain pARt
gets scared..
the conservative
part.. yes.. the one’s
who never went nomad
so much.. my friend.. StiLL
Sticking close to wheRe we aLL
come from.. in general but of course
the conservative and liberal element
of human is tied into
androgens.. estrogen..
neurochemicals.. all yes..
a complex stew of human
being very much brewed by
the arms of culture and societal
stress that is mounting as
we speak..
less in terms..
of teenage pregnancies
these days.. which means
that and the fact that unless
Hell Boils over we are gonna
have a female Prez.. for the
U.S of A.. anyway.. was
gonna publish my
new blog post
until i came
here.. and the womEn
of the decade and new
2000 years of common era..
aRe the one’s who have got tHeir
divine masculine attributes of StrenGth
and WiLL.. balancED wiTh diVine gRace LoVE
and F iN.. men are too frigging afraid
to get the grace.. empathy.. Love
and other associated Pro-Social
EmoTioNs stronger ’cause
they are afraid it’ll
make ’em weak..
be further
from the Truth..
Just ask a Graceful Loving
Dude who can leg press
close to half a ton.. 30 or so
reps.. now.. with the testosterone
levels of a 75 year old man at 55..
i don’t drive 55.. ’cause of my noW
eMoTiONal sTELLar liGhTeNIngNoW
gRace iN INteLLigenTce..
noW.. Jesus
i could live forever
noW wITh thiS much
Love and Grace
that drives
the real
IN dArK HoruSE..
Way… hehe.. haha..
i Love to play with Words
and do all the strength
with grace
and EmoTioNs
mY friend as
tHey are the
oF the
GalAxY oF
i ain’t got no
t a
t c l
i t or
is.. as
iS.. iS..
mE tHe hArLoT
oF aLL aGes heRe
to get a rise ouT oF woMen..
and that reMINds mE.. LuciFer
oN thAT neW TV sHow.. tHe oNly
thing he is is afraid of iS MoM..
getting out of hELL f0r thE
and i AL
Y..f Y i..;)

(PreSent note..
yeS.. heLL boiLed
oVeR and A dEvil iS heaR..
Biff from Back to the Future too..;)

SMiLes.. gigoid..
yes.. i’VeNoWbeen
pRAncing all around
my metro area since
i gave up shy.. and quite
honestly.. one of my many
milestones.. to bring the statue
oF Apollo.. literAlly and physicAlly
to liFe iN the flesh.. yes.. the mature
version closing iN @
age 56 on June 6th..
but seriously.. what is
better.. a role model oF liFe
as money.. or one of athletic
youth.. poetry.. music
and healing..
not to mention
the darker side
oF destruction
iN case things
get out of hand..
as there must be a dArk
pArt oF aLL human archetypes
to muSe the liGht aS iT were and iS noW..
strangest thing though.. Apollo.. perhaps
the most common of ancient human God Archetypes..
through out cultures.. seems to be played by the
same nude model.. who does the
David statue.. and even
the Statue of Liberty
in drag of course..
in the harbor as such..
with a torch.. not unlike that
of the flame of Olympic Victory or Nike Swish
sTiLL to carry on across the ocean of poTenTiaLs
in human progress iN lands oF freer.. at least.. noW
anyway.. i’ll choose the Sun over a green back anyWay…
sAnd.. poetry.. music.. and dance.. so yes.. on the dance
pArt and away from destruction.. i’ll one up Apollo
with the assistance of modern technology
of course..
where by
noW.. anyone
whose been paying
attention… some of
anyone.. at least.. should
achieve the Apollo human
archetype iNow as folks who
have been shooting aT iT.. to be
as free as free can be in the pursuit and attainment
of happiness… otherwise known as heaven now..
Go Apollo.. Go.. and
never look back
at the folks
who chopped
off an almighty pen
is writing now as free..
iN only mythology real.. my friend..
FucK thAT bowInG sHit.. God doesn’t
liVe iN LioNs that way free or i foR Now..
poeTry iN SonG and Dance as music
bRinGs a bELL..
FReED.. juStiCe..
aS Liberty foR All..
And ps.. as talkED to iN
latest poeTry volumes
Mut.. Nut.. and Isis..
all played by
that same
woman who
looks almost
just like my wife
down to ear lobes
and shape of breasts..
who would have figured
life could be this strange..
Mark Twain was correct..
Fiction has to make
sense but FucKinG
reaLITy is no hOlds
barRed wHere
when a wish
is repeated enough..
sooner or later a self-
fulfilling prophecy
comes true..
and that’s
all prophecy truly
is.. careful what ya
wish for.. as that is the
crux of action-consequence
the desire
one and same
in idols of symbols
no matter word or statue
what comes may WiLL..:)

The frog of life
only jumps never
knowing pond

Yes.. per that specific
FredKu from two years
ago.. like Socrates sAid..
Freedom is
in the
and more
of the jusT DoinG..:)

Now back to MicroVerses
from a year ago even moRe..:)

Hmm.. kind of a midnight
photo.. but that is the first
of Charlie’s Angels..
of almost two years..
Chelsea..on lower
left bottom.. one
of the very nice girls
from the Earth store..
who is now Chelsea’s
friend.. yeah.. small world..
and all of that too.. and their
other very nice friend on the right
she and me… hehe.. fun night foR All..
Hmm.. except for another girl i was casually
dancing with after she approached me.. and
after i started dancing with Chelsea and
friends.. still trying to give her some
dance attention too.. like ham
in the middle of several slices
of bread all fair as such..
she shot me a bird..
and left with her
nice friend
after that..
if i had a chance..
i would have let her kNow..
i am almost old enough to be
her grandfather.. and married 26
years to a woman who never ages..
but i was just there to dance anyway..
and just make friends with everyone..
every which way and loose.. toGeTHeR..:)

And back to a note heAR.. the Difference between
a Narcissist with little empathy for others who mostly
wants to get as take from others in ways of admiration
empirically measurable in terms of stuff like tips for dollar
bills and likes and follows and stuff like that.. views is enough
for me for i already have it all as far as Heaven within.. in other
words my cup stays over FloWinG and i FeeL and SenSe so Deeply
my oWnLy Desire
is to give and
share beauty..
and Wisdom too..
take my Free Verse
Nude Poetry for example..
in doing that i have beCoMe very
comfortable in my own sKin and practicAlly
impossible to shame for the less brave stuff NoW
i do in the flesh and blood world of dancing in public..
for i kNow and FeeL and SeNSe i AM Brave enough
and Free enough to stand Naked Before the World
with no shame for any BoDy PaRtS of wHole
or Functions thereof associated
WiTh PleaSure
or PaIN
As Natural
PaRts of LiFE wHOle too..
And Lord KNows and FeeLs
and SenSEs i have consumed plenty
of the Art of the Beauty of Human as shared
and Given Freely or not in oTheR avenues of Nude
Poetry that is what the human body is sET FReED..
some folks don’t understand that Empaths can FeeL
PleaSuRE and Pain so deeply of othERs that the Joy
cOmes in Imagining and actuAlly FeeLinG and SenSinG
the PleaSure one BRingS to otheRS as not seeing oneself
Separate from the HuMan Race.. so in oTher words iF an
older Woman who i MiGhT not Personally be attracted
to pleasures hersElF at My ArT iN anyWay of
inSpiraTioN rAnGinG from a SmIle
To MORE.. moRe PowEr to her
as i have suRely PleaSuREd
mysELf at the ART of
Women who
miGht not and
likely would not be persONAlly
attracted to me in a flesh and blood
real life scenario.. but as long as that
Art is Consensually Given FreeD and
Shared from A Distance to Pleasure oTherS
iN all inspiRation Ways iT iS liGht aS iT inCreases
the PoTEnTial for hUman Production and Creativity
therefore iT iS trUth for thoSE who Benefit over any
costs associated with BeinG Free enough to do thaT
to insPiRE the rest of the hUman Race as Brave and FReED
cAN and WiLL do MoRE NoW iN FliGht oF BeiNG hUman NoW…
i see all of the hUman
BoDy as HoLy and
saCred and all
the FuncTiOns
sAMe.. saD
when folks
see the
form of God
WaLkinG tALL
N A K E Dfree..
as 8 H InFiniTy
MORE BeinG hUman
as anything less than Holy
and Sacred FuLL of MeaNinG
and Purpose aS our Fear and Hate
Mongering over-bearers in Religion
Politics and Culture have done through
the years to make us Domesticated Farm
Animals to subjugate and Control through
iLLusory Fears and Empty promises sAME..
i ain’t feeding from tHeir Pig Trough as Pigs are sacREd and HOLy
Children of God too.. they juST don’t mInd the eARTh of God’s Hands Free..:)

Now back to the year old Microverses again..:)

WeLL.. Lala Rukh.. Five months
almost since you’ve visited your
blog and as of.. never any broken
promises from me now.. at least..
here i am again on the 6th of May..
and hmm.. this makes close to 33 months
that i have been communicating on every
post you’ve made through several bLogs..
and i remember the first now i saw the
White Pearl back in the Summer of ’13..
coming to miraculous recovery for all
my illnesses and finding you on
Mind Retrofit’s site..
while that friendship
seemed to take
an abrupt end
for me and
Retrofit there
Or at least trickling
off after that to eventually
silence.. it seems that God always
brings me just the help i need to deliver
the best message i can from A to Z and
beyond back.. and truly it started on
that Wrong Planet and my first
Facebook friend who chooses
to be anonymous in matters
pertaining to the stranger
of i.. really helping
me when i was
on my last hope
to belong anywhere..
with encouraging words..
then to Retrofit.. to you..
to Rafiah.. and several other
Pakistan and Indian.. friends
as of late.. including good
friend Himali.. but truly
you helped me in
my recovery from
aLL mY illnesses
in inspiRAtioN..
so thanks and
come back
when ya
can.. as ya
kNoW.. i for one..
WiLL bE theRe NoW..:)

Poetry never grows
old and neither does
artist when art and artist
become one Force WitH God..
Science as the scribe thereof when
And architect
join hands in reaSon
and science and scientist
and artist are one Force WitH God..
God within.. God outside.. God above..
so below and all around.. moving.. connecting
creating hUman and God become one ForCeNow

YuP.. i supPose iT
iS saFe to say.. noW
briGht eYes
have turNed
are back aGaiN..

Facebook Friend Glenn says..

cool shot with the light, Fred.

And i say.. in return..

Thanks Glenn.. back then.. my motHeR
tOld mE neVer lOOk The SuN iN tHe eYe..
but i told her.. Mama.. thaT’s wHeRe
aLL thE fUn iS.. as the Boss says.. iF
yA gET the oRiGin.. oF tHat.. SonG..
per Blinded by the
liGht.. by Manfred Mann
and the Earth Band and
the original writer of thAT SonG..
yes.. tHe E-Street.. Blues..

DO yOU eVer seE God noW Play
guiTar.. serIOUsly.. iT’S FucKinG
iF yoU SeeK in God FriGginG
aMaZinG.. aS tHeRe iS iNfiniTy
more Strings.. particles.. waves..
fields.. of all that is..
And the F iN
SonG iS a Perfect
Practice oF Art and
Science.. balanced..
As Oracle FloWsWitH
Architect REALnOW
iN zOnE SonG oF liGht
And dArk miXed.. WitH
aLL then colors of AiR
EARTh WinD FiReMoRe..:)

next slide please
iN FAcebook ProFile
Photo Status thingie format please…

And.. as next slide appears..
via last Facebook Photo
profile status thingie..
Yes.. Rose..
Desert Rose..
adversity and beauty
go hand in hand.. dArk
and liGht and aLL of that..
iS and the thinGiE i liKe
perhaps most
about a Rose
is it reminds
me of a
Art of the
female beauty
as such.. and sadly
some males are scared
of something as beautiful
as that.. but instead of getting
into a battle of the sexiest today..
i think i’ll take a victory
dance for personal
excellence in
as Beyonce
might SinG
and DancE.. iN
fAct and YoUtuBe
Video.. both Vince
and Beyonce WiLL
join in on my Victory
SonG and Dance simply
’cause the egg heads from
Bill Gates and moving from nerd
to Geek with Steve Jobs.. helped
build the field of dreams that prepare
ye a way.. for all my endeavors now..
in modern IT Info Tech way.. haha.. hehe..
life is great when Robots are the slaves..
and ya.. ain’t gotta worry ’bout maKinG
no more bucks as such
as slave to the
dollar as much..
as little as THAT’S
TO A HeARt.. A SpiRiT
a SoUl.. gONE to Waste
without moving.. connecting..
and creating aneW iN hUman bEinG
way.. ha! whomever said this
salvation thingie is a given
from loSinG
THat and thiS
stuff of human
soUl.. didn’t really
even do tHeir
iF yoU SeeK
iN GoD Homework
as such in do and does
too now as less.. sadly as such
no longer such much of the excellence
of our animal fore bearers as wE free foragers
in free abundant Forests.. Rivers.. Lakes..
teaming with fish and all other wild
life iN balance oF thE Circle Of
liFeNoW.. so anyway.. i wasn’t
quite finished with the
crux of the achievement
i am engaged in
as team
mate iN
action with
the God oF aLL Nature..
when i danced last night
with all the pretty Forest nymphs..
innocent as such.. like fAiR Angels
too.. but matters not.. as the
desert in my backyard
and most beautiful Rose
both inside and outside
is always waiting for me
in my very modest
purchased home
in ’93.. at 60K then..
and seriously.. if ya wander
what i feed my Roses to make
’em look that pretty.. including the
one inside.. not a dam thing..
they feed themselves with
Nature at hand in roots..
and when the drought
comes they adapt
to challenge
change and grow
even more beautiful
in heat or cold.. and hell
no.. i don’t use no frigging
pesticides.. herbicides..
fertilizers or any
other man
in effect of
Nature balance..
as by God that is how
the Rose of i has grown too
in the harshest of desert soils..
now in rainbow colors beyond
the Sun and Moon.. and what
folks who have never been
to real hell.. and won
the trip back
to heaven
may not
grasp until they
make that dArk
journey and liGht back..
and then say.. oh that
was what that crazy Fred
was going on about on Facebook..
we didn’t really realize hell and heaven
exists now.. but oh my God it does..
i wished i had taken some
helpful hints back then.
but yeah.. sure i sTiLL
KNow hoW
the purgatory
of our current
culture works..
Rats on treadmills
never ending.. yes…
purgatory.. always looking
forward to a better now.. wHere
trUly the best WON can bE NOW..
AnyWay back to Beyonce and Lombardi..
the 47th SuperBowl.. and i’LL continue
to pursue hUman excellence
wITh thE WiNd oF God
fUlly at the humiLITy
oF bare feet iN
hot sand
in Paradise now..
When aLL iS sacRed All
iS heaVen.. beGiNNinG and
enD oF stoRy noW.. wHen Halos
coMe inTO vieW Of uS wonONEnoW..:)

Okay.. this is kinda complicated..
but since i never make anything
complicated.. hehe..
i’ll try..
this is Katrina’s Sister..
the older one in the photo..
and Katrina’s Sister named
Kim + baby.. whose name
is Candie who is Katrina’s
niece.. and Katrina’s
niece Candie has
a daughter
Antaya who is
Katrina’s great niece
and Antaya is pregnant
with Katrina’s soon to be
great great niece in a couple
of months or so.. so that is the
story of this young woman waving
here at the Facebook Audience
with baby daughter
at ya
too.. named
Candie as such..
yes.. still sweet
first generation niece Candie..:)

Sister iN Law Kim so
nicely provides a photo
of her current status as
Great Grandmother with
Child Grace in tow with another
Great Grandchild for her and
Great Great Niece for Katrina
CoMinG this Summer
by another one
of her Grand
Children as
off-sPrinG too..:)

Now back to MacroVerses
aGAIn from a year ago to date
as Provided all free as Facebook
Algorithm Assisted Memories NoW too..:)

Okay.. now that we have the family
tree thingy straightened out
and per last
profile photo
status thingie..
about the desert
rose inside and out..
here’s the inside
one.. the soon
to be
Great Great
Aunt with the
Daisy Dukes
iN heR
doubling as
not only wife
but house wife..
accountant.. hunter..
gatherer at Super-Walmart..
etc.. yard worker.. cat caretaker
for both Yellow Boys.. and let’s
see yes.. extra credit for washing
my XXtra sweaty Dance clothes
that come that way day and night!
as such.. as much.. and more..
and let’s see.. what else..
she does..
else.. but dance..
write.. and write
and dance for
me.. sleep eat repeat..
and yes.. she does the rest..
It’s kinda like that Osiris..
and Isis Egyptian
myth thingie..
as mother..
sister.. wife..
and assistant who
puts humPty dumPty
back toGeThEr aGaiN
when all the King’s men
and Horsemen.. including
Doctor’s of suit as such..
couldn’t do a dam
thing for
me.. so yes..
Isis.. Rocks on
Mother’s day..
with surviving
child or not..
liFe goes on
in epic and
legenDaRy waY.. aT lEast iN mY
MiNd..iN thiS hOUse moLDofOLd..:)

are be
are are
are are
be are..
tHoSe.. the words
to tHeMe SonG
from the
of the Third Kind”
by a way are be..:)

Yep.. and sPeAkinG
iN WiLD Male Reindeer
tongue.. a free video for the
show of Human Enlightenment..
Awakening… Satori.. truly Born
again.. by work over race..
and yes.. Kundalini
natuRaLLy RiSeN

*works over grace
makes more sense
than race
when typing
too fast
at the
end of the night..;)

Mother’s Day CoMinG Sunday with sadness of course in loSing
my Mother as she fell ill to her death bed in the Hospital
on Valentine’s Day and my Aunt.. her Sister pictured
here a year ago that would also be her last
year as she passing away close to Christmas
of 2016 at age 89.. i suppose my
Mother could have had
some years in
a Nursing
home too
if not for
undetected Cancer
but that’s not how
she wanted to go out
her wish was to go away at
home as her family became
her home at her
in Hospice
Care at her Bedside..
in Hospital way Dying
slowly with love without
Food or Drink for eight days gone
NoW iN flesh and StiLL aLiVE and BriGht
as Love within those she touched With Love..
And it’s true it’s the sMiLes you give to otheRs
that last far longer than Trump Towers of Stone.. Fear.. and Hate..
With all the illusory Fears of Hell and empty promises of Heaven away from liFe2..:)

Okay.. after that
side note.. back
to the future
of one year
old MicroVerses too..:)

SPeaKinG of Be per tHe last Facebook
status heHE.. a ‘few’ words HAha about
Bey.. yes wITh Y after Be and bEforE oNcE..
oNce noW for BeYonce.. now MoRe woMaNoW
peR ReBirth.. KuNdalini Rising.. Born aGaiN..
Ascension.. Satori.. lots of metaphors
for this archetype of hUman.. includinG
the Star of David for upward
pointing triangle for
Divine Masculine
for Divine Feminine..
where the softer.. Loving
Graceful Feminine side of
human being in most every
human being joins up with
the harder.. more aggressive
Willful and fearless side of
human being potential..
and sparks
uNite iN bRain aNd
body balance soul..
and tHe dARk and liGht
of Yin feminine and
Yang masculine
oF hUman bEinG when both
hemispheres of brain are working
bEtter toGeTheR as when East and
West Hemispheres of Human beings..
North and South Latitudes.. converge
in macro view CoMinG ToGether oNline
sharing sciences and arts of
to raise each other
up.. and thaT iS Nature..
my friEnds.. God working
through uS wHole aT bEst..
ending the repressing
and oppressing
Force of the
Patriarchy started in the
Agricultural age of human..
some 10 to 12 thousand
years ago.. where humans
started storing more than one
needs as foragers.. and greed..
jealously.. control of others through
illusory fears and empty promises of early
religions become the norm for control of larger
human populations where humans are no longer
smaller groups as evolved to connect.. friendly..
and dancing naked around the camp fires of the
garden of human eden way creating Art of Body
back then.. and still
in some primitive
rain forest
cultures down
South America way..
where clothes are the evil
and not F iN NaKeD.. so here’s
the thingY.. when a person becomes
independent enough like Beyonce.. and
sure.. money helps if you don’t let it become
the guiding force instead of moving.. connecting
and creating.. there is the epigenetic potential
of regaining our truly free roots in masculine
and feminine balance as Super men and
women in comparison to domesticated
cats and dogs.. fed in the
cat and dog bowls
at the
dinner table..
And truly Beyonce’s Dancing performance
iN thaT 47th half time show says everything
about what true human ascension in potential
reAlly is.. when the spiRit of human
archetype anima
and animus comes
toGetHeR in an explosive
potential display of what
thE heARt.. Of emoTioNs..
tHe spiRit oF expreSsinG thAT
SpiRiTual energy no less than rays
of Sun that warms us from morn to dark..
can energize us briGhter than thE moon
through tHe dArkest oF new moon
and liGhTest Of Full Moon
NiGhts..wHere one
bEcomes yes..
more sensual..
more powerful.. more
resistant to the negative forces
of life.. sure.. more potentially aggressive
if need be to defend one’s life in action..
and yes.. more graceful.. more
Loving.. with fearless energy to
Love Like Angel liGht
set on fiRe
with diVine fearless
Love of the Living God iN
Balance iN eYes that do more
than yesternows Do.. and beYonce
is one of those Angels of God walking
free as God WiLL Be on the fAce of thiS
Earth now.. and sure sHe’s MiSSunderstood..
as not everyone has F iN Worked for tHeir
place iN heights of sKy hiGh
with WinGS of Angel
Fire God
soaring with
SuN and above
as below as ONE..
And yes.. like many
artists who shine briGht
as Stars on stage.. Beyonce
raised religious.. in her case
Catholic.. retaining her faith
in God and wearing
a halo of
balanCinG God
inside.. outside..
above so below and
all around with thE aRt
oF SpiRit iN DancE SoNg
and PoeTry of Lyrics BE
she stand out for
balanCinG reAson
and Art.. a phenom
oF God
oh yeah.. and how
do i understand this so
weLL and eloQuentLY..
BEeN tHeRe AM heRe..
Be iT
once aLL toGetHeR noW..
i AM2 halves come wHolE..
sure most of this stuff goes riGht
over the head of folks until they too..
become one with God.. i Love to eXplain
it juST
i can.. i WiLL
to bE Y
wITh thE
power of God
inside.. outside..
above.. so below..
and all around as the
DancE and SonG of i noW
explodes iN aLL Directions..
Super men and women are
wE when fully engaged and
empowered by tHe Lord God
ONE Force
of hUman
bEinG noW..
and that’s all YeShua
was saying too reAlly..
but he didn’t have a Super
Bowl 47 and a court reporter
like i to more fully illustrate
it like
mE and
BeYonce are doing
wRite now.. totAlly
not KnoWinG each
other but wITh Universal
spiRit alWays noW.. no matter
iF the Video was from 2013.. or not..
HeLL.. sHe miGht have even put enough
energy out for me to feel a spark from it
here iN Florida.. as shortly after that is
when i felt my first spark then.. anything
is possible with the REAL POWER
OF GOD.. when thAT poTenTiaL
and Ascension
bEcoMes Real..
but trUly if you do not..
seek it.. find it.. and practice
iT alWays like Beyonce amazingly
stARting.. doing noW.. phenomenally
briGht on the stage.. at only age 21 or so too..
when.. i got my first spark that died away until
53.. you WilLL never find iT.. iT is no giVen.. iT takes
WorK.. iN FucKinG iF yoU seeK iN God noW.. and
folks like me and beYonce WiLL try to help sparK ya..
to do juSt that.. but only A dArk horse who lives
iN liGht WiLL dRink
the Water
when iT
available as liGht..
with or without the Be Y oF otHeRs..
and hell no.. no religion or
ideology of other
words owns
this experience
no words are
even required
as the liGht
of God iS Wordless
the liGht of God is Essence
that lies bEneath.. BeYonD
symbols/idols of hUman BEinG..
But yes.. sure.. words work
as signs to help get tHeir
no less than
of triangles
pointed up
and down
in pyramid
of God way uP
to the capsTone oF ONE..
So yes.. Beyonce is not the only
one.. one can see these signs of help
clearly in music Videos.. like Katy Perry’s
‘Firework’.. and ‘Wide Awake’.. and yes
of course wRite on topic
her Video Dark
horse too..
but for now
since we are sPeaKinG
of BeYonce and i Am Celebrating
her gift of God that comes through
working with gravity as liGht
of God instead
of going
the negative
dark way..
of repressing
and oppressing
human feelings.. senses..
and hell yes.. seNsuaLiTy
too.. as some would
drive You away
from God
oh.. that
kinda stuff
is evil in illusory
fears away from
freely moving.. connecting
and creating like Katy
and Beyonce do..
a little luck
is available
with the song

711.. if the spark
comes and you practice
the work of God within in
moving.. connecting.. and creating
until the rest of death comes and
ya do iT all over aGaiN eternAlly
in God’s liGht or not noW and
that is wHere relative
free will comes in..
we can either SinG..
DancE in liGht
or bE dARk as
it is just the
way it works
in dArk and liGht
balance.. wE LiGht
workers are inspired
by workers in tHe dArk
and the daRk workers CAN
bE inspiRed by the liGht ones
too.. and the balanCinG Force
of liGht and dArk goes on
but truly..
the greATest
gift oF liFe
iS iN Dancing
free WiTh a
SonG oF liGht and LiFenoWONE..
Yup.. tHe folks in the rain forest understand
and juSt do aLL of thiS wITh zero books @ALL..
God lives
books.. HeR
ReAlly Do bE FREE..:)
TrUly SkeYes hiGh
oF God iN hUman
eYes are greaT..
sAdly though..
folks who walk
iN dArk will do so
many things to take
that away.. but tHeir
IS A liGht iN hUman
bEinG that GroWs
as briGht as Sun
and moRe..
that can
be taken
away.. as Long
As thAT flAmE FiReS liGht..:)

iN CelebraTiON oF Mother’s
Day.. my mother Helen..
at age 17.. wading
aT Navarre Beach
and trUly
thE UncondTioNal
LoVinG Force thaT
iS sTart Behind
aLL Rose Star
iN PeN oF i..
Every Rose
wITh SeeD liGht
Rose oF Mother
iN Pen oF Y i.. aGaiN..:)

Well.. mY friEnd.. Prajakta..
i wasn’t a father very long..
but long enough
to kNow and
FeeL for sure
that i would
lay my life down
then for anotHeR
little one.. noW
and hold that
little one until
his last
did come..
iT wasn’t something
my wife could do and
it was a mother inside of
the father i.. that i never
fully knew the potEnTial
for noW.. NoW.. so faR..
unTiL then.. As fatHeR
trUly tHeRe IS A mothEr
In most every fatheR and
a FathEr iN most every MotHer..
And while single parenting..
although not the optimum
arrangement for
a child.. iT sTiLL
noW can maKe
a child botH LoVinG
and Fearless too..
iT iS different
my friend..
but too
for those
who balance the
best of Love

And Presently i SinG..

People are funny.. when
it comes to Mother’s Day
and passing around roses to
Mothers around that day and
honoring Fathers around tHeiR day too..
for those who have a child who died
young it doesn’t often
rate the same
as those who
continue to
LiVinG Children…
trUly those who have
lost children and have
none understand the value of
liFe of Children at leASt as much
with recognition and admiration or not..:)

Back to the one year old MacroVerse Memories NoW2..
as sure.. this ‘bible’ is a child too of
Wisdom too..
for those WiTh
eYes and eaRS to
FeeL and SenSe thiS
Child liGht NoW and thaT
was paRT of my promise for
the sacrifice of my Child’s
short life as life is alWays
a sacrifice for lifE as NoWs Go ON..
yes.. a promise to do more with the
inspiration of an only Son
who never had
the opportunity
to even
as i
for hiM as
hiS eYes liVe
on as those SMiLes NoW2..
iN TeXT.. Photos. VideoS.. and or Flesh..:)

Well.. ‘you’ probably didn’t notice..
but alarmingly the green man
went missing in my
last Super Hero
assistance Squad
helping with my writing..
stationed usually on the side
of my computer.. but as talked
to in a recent blog post.. Katrina getting
frustrated dusting all the details of my
desk arrangement.. kinda slung all the
Super Heroes around the room..
and apparently the
Incredible Hulk..
said this
lady is
out of control..
i’m gonna save my
own green skin and
ske·dad·dle out of
her way..
so anyway..
The Green man
and i reunite in the
dancing sand box free
of boarders in my back
yard.. and he is back in
his place of help.. and that
explains why he didn’t come
to help Captain America’s
team effort in the
civil war
all about Vengeance
at the Theater today..
as viewed.. and i think
he went to a nursing home
or something like that and
more news about that at 10 pm..
or a little after on 5072016..
as a Facebook News Report coming
live to you.. in a few moments now..;)

Oh God.. before i get on with that
live News Report.. reference last
Facebook Profile photo status thingY..
there is yes.. other important news to
report.. my Aunt Teenie’s 89th birthday
on Mother’s day.. yes the 8th..
so we went to visit..
and yes..
a very nice
AS photoed here..
okay now back
to the
coming momentarily
in my next Facebook
Profile photo status ThinGy
now.. after a long day of dance too..:)

Reference.. my Recent Facebook
photo Celebrating Mother’s Day
with a 17 year old age photo
of my Mother..
yes.. my mother
was voted as having
the best figure as a Senior
in high school that year.. and
Katrina says that’s where i got
my curvy figure.. and nice
round butt.. as my
father had
one of those
flat ass
butts if you’ve
ever noticed that
kind of man butt
as such cracking..
fixing stuff
and Jesus..
holding a pose like
that is almost as difficult
as walking on water.. on land of course..
and yes.. i know that’s quite a few
profile status photo thingies..
in a row.. butt.. please
i was born
in the precise
Center of the Gemini
Mercurial twins on June
6th.. and since Mercury
is FiXinG to cross the
Sun on Monday..
the 9th of May..
first now since
2006.. yes.. a 10
year dry spell in this
intimate relationship
as such.. between Mercury
and Sun.. it is rubbing off
on me.. just a ‘little’ bit
and i am
kinda ramped up..
or as one Medical
Doctor and one Licensed
Therapist said this week..
mildly manic.. to put it
kindly.. hehe..
yeah.. baby..
it’s surely
gonna be
Just Another Manic
Monday.. but trust me..
not only is Sunday mY Fun
Day.. every day is the
F iN
4th oF
July aS
Day oF Y i set freeNoW
Isreal.. truly iT iS iNoW..
and yes.. ‘Prince’ wrote thE ‘SonG’..:)

YuP.. aNd tHeRe hE
iS.. tHe oriGinal
GOlden MeRcUry
RoMan BoY
iN thE flesH..
AKA HerMes..
iN GreeK fORm Too..;)

WhY aM i so Happy.. Fearless..
Confident.. Full of Love.. and
aLL of ThAT.. WeLL yeah..
sImply ’cause.. i’Ve..
alReaDy ascendED
if ya reAlly kNoW
and FeeL what
thaT iS as
too oFIsrael..
and that’s just
a couple of cardboard
box in print heroes behind
me while i am surrounded..
inside.. outside.. above.. so below..
and all round by Super Heroes noW..
GoD oF aLL..:)

Carl Jung and some of his contemporaries were pioneers
in exploring the inner Universe of Human
collective unconsciousness..
Ranging from personality
types of the introverted.. intuitive
thinking.. judging.. INTJ type that
i used to iNhabit to the Extroverted
Intuitive Feeling Perception ENFP
type that i personally suddenly
changed to over the course
of a month in July
of 2013..
ha! perhaps
the text book version
of a bi-polar change then
from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde..
however if you don’t know.. the
Superhero archetype.. and generally
speaking even the Superman comic then
and other originally based theatrical
productions are
in alignment with
sTiLL noW the
same basic
hero archetype of nerd
changing to super hero..
derived from Jung where
Jung was also influenced
by the Renaissance Artifacts
in art of ancient Greece and Rome..
where truly only about 5% of the population
then was exposed to the ‘higher’ thought of the
day as of course there was no Google of
the United States then.. spreading
Globally.. just the elite had
access to the
high brow stuff
then.. nows have changed
drastically where the poor shy
boy.. can get a Pell Grant.. get
three college degrees and eventually
Move mountains of words.. in metaphor only
please.. but yes.. human archetypes are real..
it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see the patterns
through recorded history and even the artifacts of
prehistory.. to see the common sense of this..
and yes.. some folks interpret patterns
with right brain thinking
like Jung and other
like Dawkins
and Hitchens can’t
see much further than
cold empirical repeatable
science while the human’s
emotional.. sensory..
moving.. connecting..
creating inner Universe
is a work of Art of
the God of Nature
as sTiLL evolving
and still recorded
from the origin of
all in our DNA as such
as Creation Dances and
Sings in moving continually
inspiring and inspired by sound
from the end to the beginning of
now and all around again..
in the cycle of all
that is.. noW.. yes..
aka God.. noW noW onE..
so as i spin around too..
here and spiral.. know that
God is speaking to you.. noW
haha.. in “Layman’s” terms
here.. and according to the
Pauli Effect that empirical
based only scientists pooh pooh
but respected Jung and Pauli applauded
when actually experiencing it as high
energy.. highly intuitive and pattern
thinking feeling folks.. so yesterday
at high energy levels the alarm
went off after i danced in
Dick’s Sporting Goods..
my iPhone froze up 3
times when i attempted
to take pictures.. and
as my wife can tale ya..
there was a stretch of so-called
coincidences that yes.. are synchronicity
that really happens when human energy flows
and is unrestricted by analytical worry mind..
as five store computer registers in a row locked
up in the course of two days.. while i could
sense my high energy then.. and yes..
whenever i am on a dance
spree.. there are folks
who tale me they
can feel the
positive energy
when i come into the
room and there are other
stiff brow literal thinking
INTJ types like i used to be
who just frown and say he is
F iN Strange.. well yeah.. baby
per my last comment to Rafiah
call me Dr. Strange..
yes..tHeRe have noW
been many Dr. Strange’s
in history and while Buddha
was truly more of an empiricist..
the reported Jesus and Muhammad
in terms of moving mountains
don’t get much more
Dr. Strange than
and now that science
has finally established empirical
evidence for the voodoo effect of
negative thinking and consequential
negative results per the nocebo effect
and the power of belief and positive consequences
otherwise known as the placebo effect.. while one might
say it’s only a sugar pill.. duh.. it ain’t the sugar pill
that does it.. it is the associate power of human belief
that some folks who are yes.. magical leaning
thinkers can manifest in their
life.. but the
literal thinkers
remain in a black and
white world.. truly removed
from this alternate inner and
outer action consequence of magic
humans.. baby.. who can have more than
the colors of the rainbows generated
yes.. in terms of human Force in all
the potential colors that will
come to liGht.. depending
on the bell curve of what
one is born innately with in
terms of DNA.. and develops in
nurturing the human mind.. body..
heart of emotions.. spirit expressing
emotions.. senses.. and sensuality and
true it all moves together in human potential..
M i N D a n d B o D y iN B A L A N C Enow..soUL..
AS sexually repressed folks generAlly sPeaKinG
do not charge as much energy in either emotions
or senses as does the free one’s among uS
without the human restriction
and actual physical
tension of NOT
AS THE FROzEN princess
says when sHe iS ascending
too.. and getting free and exploring
hEr human potential too.. there is an aMaZinG
Art to God that science iN juSt five steps..
are baby steps compared to what the truly
self-actualizing human can
do.. and even studies
of pre-cognition work
best when the visual images
are sexually stimulating away
from the mind of mechanical cognition..
but sure.. sexual stimulating activities
And HeLL no.. not just the bill Clinton Def..
as science shows now. as well.. are a source
of both creativity.. productivity.. and a driving
force for human cooperation.. as studies of our closest
primate Cousin Bonobo also show that sensuality freely expreSsinG
in flesh and blood contact are A way to peace.. noW so the Beatles..
Jung.. Pauli.. and F iN Greek And Roman Renaissance thInkers and
arTists.. THEN were on to the trUth and liGht as even science iS
coming around to show.. NoW THaT thE art of Dance and other Art..
can cure emotional illness.. other psychological maladies..
and even F in
PTSD.. as the body
keeps score.. in a
recent book by a medical
doctor with case studies..
as per the method of Carl Jung..
as empirical studies cannot be
appropriately done because of
ethical issues of using
human beings
as guinea
well.. what i fiNd noW
iS BaLanCinG elements oF
aLL the human archetypes..
iS what raises my energy
the hiGHest.. as i continue
to explore my PoTenTiaL.. so all i can
say iS look out computers.. alarms.. and
all other electronic devices.. including humans
who can sense the energy of other folks..
as i may.. heHE.. be coming your
way.. so here’s a storm
alert for THAT above..
so below..
inside.. outside..
and all around.. simply
cause i BelieVe.. i WiLL..
i CaN.. i jUSt F iN Do iT..
and lET the naYsaYeRs.. continue
to steep.. in bLacker tea.. than
Rainbow tea that i continue to brew..
in colors more noW As biGGer RainBow too..
and sure that happens when tHe