Dancing Poetry of Whatever

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Death is a child that never sleeps.. death is a lock of hair that never feels.. life is the curl of a girl or boy beneath a hood.. that will live on.. as long as we honor that in words of song..:)

Ah.. the dog of love.. lives in the cold and barren leaves.. in death of trees.. that no longer exist in hues of grey.. that January brings.. to souls that grow cold.. in SAD ways of dim light days.. of hearts no longer red.. with pale pink that cannot breath in and OUT..

BUT THAT dog lives on in growling growing love..

that cannot be put away for ever..

no matter rotten leaves..

or empty limbs.. of love..:)

Ah.. yes ..the boundaries of life..

a yes or no can bring.. a brief solitude..

of peace.. before the run goes on..:)

Funny.. for me.. with steps of dance free flowing.. without words.. leads to flow of words later.. greater.. with or without words of thought.. as dance continues.. in free flowing fingers of flow.. and human connection as well.. of water let go.. and free..:)

Yes.. it’s funny how grown men and so called boys.. yes.. including me.. laugh at poetic expressions and dance.. until they find out what works with the fairer sex.. and the greatest surprise of all.. is when that love comes home.. and becomes tHeir own..:)

Ah.. love.. the best of flow.. in painting.. writing.. dancing.. all arts of life.. is the moment.. all emotions and senses living the moment full.. and to let the art go for another day.. is another present of now.. to enjoy more fully.. as well.. in new art for now..:)

Ah.. God.. i miss all those poets.. and truly the only poet.. and line of poem.. i ever pay attention to in decades of life.. as poetry is gibberish.. to me.. more or less.. then..

is a few short words about ‘leaves of gras’s..

that tell the story of life..

whole.. from brow to sand..

to truly loving life as flesh and blood..now..:)

Yeah.. Walt is literally the one and only poet i know..

then at least.. No.. tHere are no high brow poets wheRre i’m from..:)

i know nothing about poetry.. i think Socrates says something in reason..

like that too.. other than heArt.. and i’ll keep it that way.. to come..for now…:)

i don’t know about poets in formal ways.. but i suppose here one shows that poetry works best for finding wholes of emotion of life.. seeing loves that are lost.. and seeking love in a heArt.. that can only fully be expressed.. in spirit of poetry flow.. from one.. heart.. in true..:)

Ah.. yes.. to love the dark of night.. is to love twilight in sunset.. the best.. as to love the dark.. is to better know the light.. with never fear.. of the other side.. of twilight’s life..then and now..:)

i think the lesson in green eggs and ham.. is a most valuable one from Doctor
Suess.. as in a NUTshell.. it tells us.. we do not have to be literally real..
as imagination.. can color the egg of life.. however we like..:)

So take that reality.. i own that egg for now..

nutshell or not!..;)

Non-fiction is a desert of life..
Fiction is a way of life..
Prose is a step between..
And Poetry says it all
in words of less..:)

Truly.. the whole bible is a book of mixed free verse poetry.. in no certain order
of rhyme.. never meant to be taken literally.. but like formal poetry not
all can see it.. or the freest verses of the bible either..
often locked in walls of literal.. for those
with eyes that only see little of far..:)

We live in a world mostly of mechanical cognition not conducive to the art of heArt..
so sometimes i think.. it is more likely to gain art.. when the escape from the robot brain
of work as is.. allows us to come home to heart again.. for me at least.. and my mother..
the middle-age poet flowered away from work.. as well..:)

The advice of Jesus to turn it all off and look within..
works as well today.. as it did for then..:)

Ah yes.. the Rorschach test of Poe’s clouds in skies..
delivers the demon of the soul to conquer for heart..
and poetry is the music of what lies beneath..
all the wings of angels and fiery devils above..:)

To describe nature as a lover is human’s highest prize..
and to be in love with nature like a lover is to
never be alone..:)

i’ll be the devil’s advocate
and say.. that’s sad as
moss is delightful in gray..:)

The frog of life
only jumps never
knowing pond..:)

Truly fascinating.. to consider neurosis vs impulse of action..
as neurosis never stops thinking.. and impulse never stops doing..
i think i’ll just do it.. like Nike says.. impulsively with
and leave the thinking
to neurosis.. while i feel
the balance of impulsive

Ah.. a love of life.. as we become directors..
producers.. and actors of our own play with GOD..
that no one can play but
And the greaTEST thing of
all.. is it requires no
stage.. by
others at
Yes.. just..
innate instinct
and intuition..
born again..

Freedom is my cat..
he knows no different..
Freedom is me as cat..
losing thoughts and
being free
always NOW

And tRuly
it is

Well.. time flies in the midst of several hundred thousand words..
and that’s what i’ve been up to.. since the 6th of last month..

You haven’t been here for two months now..
but at least i know you are alive and probably well..

as you come back long enough to approve
that one ping back of mine down tHere…

Yeah.. i don’t miss either the small
or big pictures of life anymore…
and sometimes that can be hard..
as well.. it can hurt to know
too much.. as well as little or less..

You write so lovely.. and i still pray for you
and hope you write again.. as you make a difference here
to many folks.. who follow along with your heart.. in words..:)

But alas.. I write a little bit when i am young.. and never come back to it..
until decades later.. and who knows by the time you come back later.. perhaps after kids are grown..

and affairs are in order or not.. you will come again then..
after i for one.. am long gone dead..
with a billion words or so..

left behind..

by then..


And then if you have time..
you can get to know me again..
as who knows who i will be.. before this
life of mind is gone.. or after.. perhaps..
in words online..:)

But anyway.. at least for me.. friends are forever..

the greaTEST lesson of life

is to keep giving love

no matter


Well.. hi there again.. and I am certainly not expecting a response so soon..

but you know me.. always full of words.. and retired with time to spare..:)

I love the story about your grandfather.. and before reading it i just
finish writing a little bit about my grandfather too..

He too.. is all caught up in his work… and keeps
up with it.. until his dying day with cancer around
my age now…

Yeah.. i’m in poet mode.. and am still moving
through ellipses and words shapes
for now.. hundreds of words
here and there..

without much planning of mechanical cognition to go along..
And I love the song you provide.. and i can certainly relate to
it in years gone past.. i like to reminisce where i’ve been.. to
more appreciate now.. and I dance a ballet flow
in Super-Walmart through the obstacle course
of clothes racks in and out of the main aisle
flow.. in the heavy traffic of Mother’s day
cards of purchase.. with some swinging
cuts of martial arts arms too.. listening
to flow of your music with that.. too…

The world is a place of heaven and hell..
and perhaps the worst place of all
is purgatory too.. as not going
up or down.. can be
a scary place to be…

The heaven for me is now..
but I will never forget hell
or the purgatory of another
ground hog day per
for now.. to
keep me in
heaven for
never ever
going back..
to either
of those places
again in life..:)












Celebrating my 57th Rave dance week

tonight in recorded photos

with all the cool college

age folks at Old

Seville Quarter

in the dancing


of whatever..

and more of the daily

dance walk of life for me!..:)



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32 Responses to Dancing Poetry of Whatever

  1. kanzensakura says:

    I’d love to see someone dancing through Walmart, maybe even a pasa doble and ax always, your cats makes me smile.

  2. My wife cannot watch my more intense dance routines as it makes her dizzy; but in the few videos she has been able to stomach watching me; i’ve toned it down, per the example of the one above she takes at Super-Walmart; where she has the iPhone for video with the music; and the earbuds are just props; so i am more or less dancing with air instead of music.

    Literally hundred of people have videotaped me in my local area; and every time I dance the style is different; like my poetry; haha! And after 3500 miles in 20 months, I am recognized almost everywhere I go as the dancing guy; with genuine smiles and happy laughs; that is my greatest accomplishment in life; making anyone smile or laugh. And the greatest thing of all, as a financially independent person; NOTHING OF WHAT I DO is for commercial interest; all free all the time for FREE IS ME.

    MOST PEOPLE do not understand why a person would go to so much effort; but perhaps they have not lived without a smile or laugh or without even the memory of a smile or laugh for five long years to understand how important a smile or laugh is, in terms of frigging human dollars.

    I live in what is described in sociological research as the hardest place to be a hippy OR DIFFERENT IN GENERAL, per the new term hipster; it is extremely patriarchal with a number of air force bases and navy bases in commuting range; and fundamentalist in ideology; also noted in record books as the locality having the most churches per square mile; The Pensacola Florida Metro Area; where thank goodness I live away from the city in GOD’s COUNTRY.


    I love to liken the U.S. as the new ‘Israel ‘for human freedom for the children of the God of Nature; and with that analogy where i live, it is like the old patriarchal Jerusalem, in many ways or even an EXTREMIST Muslim area, in a few ways.

    I am born an ’empath’ and with that comes natural joy and smiles for human connection. Where I am raised emotions and grace among boys is not allowed to the result of bullying and homophobia.

    And grace always comes with empaths as well as strength against those who harm others; and where I live the bullies do still come in so-called Christian colors; who are more or less the same personalities of closed minds that work together to ‘crucify’ anyone like REAL Jesus who choses to be a maverick for human freedom.

    I do not buy the idea that Jesus is a Pacifist and modern uncovered historical records shows him as more of a fiery zealot than pacifist. And pacifists DO NOT go into a temple full of patriarchs and turn tables over without getting locked up OR WORSE; pacifists just don’t do anything like that; so there is clear contradiction, even in the New Testament. Bruce Lee is likely more like Jesus; and Gandhi is more like what people show as Jesus in modern days.

    And to be clear I do not have anything against being a pacifist but it truly is not part of usual God gifted animal nature; including human being for basic survival. Strength and Love is human nature, like all socially cooperative animals, in my understanding of animal nature.

    But anyway, I have developed what are described as the same flavor of be the water instead of the form martial arts skills along with amazing strength that comes from CHI and not size alone; just like any other person who can ‘look’ within and find the power of GOD within for either dark or light purposes in life.

    I choose light; but I am no pacifist; I teach budding Christian and non-Christian bullies lessons everyday where I live; and the purple macho man shirt up there is to stir them up; and put them in my trap for lessons; So yeah at close to 240LBS now of muscle, now; no one bullies me to my face in real life anymore; but I have eyes in the proprioception of my skin; so there is no snickering behind my back.

    I approach them with a quick lesson about what it really means to be a man; free to express the power of grace and expression of all human emotions intense with graceful peace, as well.

    And then I show them what that grace can do in terms of real human physical power with my iPhone and me doing this:

    And then it doesn’t take long for them to imagine the power that is behind my martial arts kicks that can kill any human being with one strategically placed kick; which nah; I do not spar with humans; I spar with metal; as no human can withstand my kicks. And NO I am NOT bragging; as many people do suggest when I discuss this in matter of fact ways; i am just stating bio-mechanical and physics facts.

    And yes, when I make mistakes the metal hurts; but I rarely make mistakes now, and continue to grow as water rather than form in all things I do.

    This is the way I live my life in ballet, martial arts, poetry, singing, piano and everything I do; as the art of water; which truly is simply FREEDOM IN MY BOOK.

    AND that is how Yellow Boy who will always be a feral cat at heart; lives his life too. He still hears the call of the Wild that is GOD; and I once again hear it too, in fuller ways.

    And by the way, it’s hard to see but Yellow boy is sticking his tongue out in the next to last picture before he turns his back and stretches his toes; haha! enjoying the quiet life of the freedom of cat in tandem to the song my friend contributes to my effort today. I smile a little bit when the song talks about ‘straying’; haha! And it amuses me more to think of Yellow Boy with the deep male voice with accent…;)

    And yeah; we do share that KAT, huh; in pen name, at least..;)

    Sorry, I wrote so many words on your blog; last time and vented just a ‘little’ bit, And I totally understand why you moderated the comment out; per reference of your focus on the topic at hand; and not my issues. But that message was truly only intended for you, anyway; out of respect of why I did not honor you by linking something in your effort there, as you have been gracious enough to visit my efforts here; that truly not many people do in terms of comments, and totally understandable to me, as I am an outlier for sure; and if I didn’t know me as well
    as I do, I might ‘scare’ me; a little bit too. But haha! it doesn’t stop anyone from
    looking, as 1.1 million views on my google plus page clearly attests to,
    in the last two years since I started blogging,
    with three of my 6 blogs listed,
    as yes I go far far beyond this
    page online, with over 10 million literal words
    since 2010, online, when i first started writing
    anything anywhere.

    I am gifted with the ability to read 10 to 15 times faster than the average human being with my hyperlexic form of Autism; and do type close to 130 words a minute, as a lifelong pianist, when properly focused; so I have no idea what it is like to be a normal human being, in many more ways than one. So in exaggeration and metaphor, a few seconds pass for me; and a short story becomes the result.

    But I will not restrict who am; at least not here, as I’ve never ever been able to fully express who I am anywhere but here; without getting moderated in metaphor, from the time I am in middle school; smiling brightly like the sun all the time and the bully boys calling me the homophobe F word and not FRED; and I do not plan to lose that freedom in a country that does still allow that; at least on blogs and Youtube..:)

    Yeah; but I did leave off the my nude art adult restricted link on this one; as I am not going to give anyone any ammunition to try to moderate me today.

    As Bruce Lee, the real new age Jesus says; to truly FULLY express oneself, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS IN OPPOSITION, is to TRULY be free; and that is what I do here; FREE..:)

    Have a great now, and see you on the dVerse trail later, my friend, with fewer words of brevity; I promise..;)

    And here’s a song that describes fairly well what it’s like to be me; from the time I am born in ‘old Jerusalem’, now.

    I am more or less not from this cultural planet; and that is my gift in life and curse;

    I make it only gift now; to the discomfort

    and learning of many to understand

    different, at least a little more

    for now.

    But no; there is nothing ‘dirty’
    about GOD’s creation
    from head to toe to action..:)

  3. https://theordinarilyordinary.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/ab-hum-qareeb-aa-chukay-hain/


    So true the grave is not the goal and the best of all lives are lived in all we know for sure exits as now..
    And truly animals never fear death in thinking ways as they are not cursed that way
    and only live in what can be the peace of now.. as truly the present of the presence
    of now..:)
    Humans think they are better than animals and that is where the first illusions
    and lies of human cultures start, AS HUMANS ARE LESSER ANIMALS

    Other mammals experience a full mindful awareness of living in both
    emotions and senses in body and mind balance totally free to live.

    Humans have to meditate or do Yoga or such as that to
    even approximate the gift of heaven naturally bestowed
    upon other animals who live freely in natural ways.

    AND they sit back and enjoy life when they
    are not escaping predator and no longer
    having to chase prey with no prayers.

    And we tend to
    often think that
    we are something
    special ’cause we
    can write all these
    words and make stuff
    and unwittingly escape
    the Kingdom of Heaven
    gifted by the real GOD and
    TO ANIMALS in the simple gift NOW
    OF LIVING life in bliss of only living NOW.

    Death exists for many human beings but AS JUST,
    only life exists for the other animals who truly have their
    crap together and in many cases are more so-called human
    in loving each other than humans even dare or care to be anymore.

    You come from a humble background and do carry aires about you; and that in KIND..
    i suppose is why i can get along with poor black and white folks and Muslim folks so well
    as they are not ruled by a country and GOD of money no matter where they live as GOD becomes
    tHere GOD and not the material things of words and faux golden treasure away from living love and
    STRENGTH. And by the way, the form of this is Alpha K; which is the balance of love and strength.

    (;And nah, it is not a planned form; and not sure if it will form this way, in the margins limited here;
    when I press post; God lives with or without human plans and sidewalks of restricted talk and walk:)

  4. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=284556&start=15


    I write for the joy of writing; but as 1.1 million views on my google plus page; just listing three of my six blogs directly attests to, in a little over 2 years of doing that now;

    many people; yes, do read what I do,

    and look at the rest of my art in photography too,

    from head to toe, three..;)

    I lift more than any elite military member of the marines at my elite military gym at age 54; much more; and that is enough details I guess for now; but yeah I can bore anyone with details all day long; as that is still both the detail and big picture thinking guy I am now.

    I am proof that GOD exists; I don’t care how ‘small’ ‘other eyes’ may be to read that here or ‘there’..;)

    And life as far as human beings GO OR DO NOT GO, is only limited by folks who shoot themselves

    in the foot, with details rather than feeling emotions and senses
    to make life as amazing as I do, IN MUCH GREATER PHYSICAL
    INTELLIGENCE, evidenced as such everyday
    I do it, all the time


    AND IF WRITE all the words I write in just standard walls of words all across the page; not many in this Twitter world of bits and pieces of information could
    possibly get
    through it.

    It pisses people off more that they get through it with my style of
    writing in discomfort, than seeing A wall of text and just giving up
    from the get go;

    in Twitter, TL;DR minds


    I think out of the BOX; dude, always.

    And the result of that, my friend,
    IN LIFE,
    MIND ALONE..;)

    l am sorry that you suffer.

    But trust me, almost anything is possible in your life if you don’t
    give up, and I know from experience with the worst pain known
    to mankind for 5 long years (type two chronic trigeminal
    neuralgia) what suffering is all about; along with 18 other
    disorders, including zero pleasure Anhedonia to go
    along with that; when someone sticks me in the
    eye with a screw to keep what ever tears are
    there, as a result of Sjogren Syndrome,
    where that auto immune system issue
    stops all almost all my tears;
    that is the best feeling in five years,
    as it takes my mind off the other much worse pain
    for just a second; and for that brief second my appetite
    almost comes back, the only time again; too. And then
    there is one tear generated by a beloved cat dying; and just
    that emotion of sadness feels better than anything else for five long years.

    Yes, there are worse things; much worse things in this life than dying; but yes, even
    without the emotions of faith, belief, or hope in one’s own life experience; with will to survive
    there is always the possibility
    to come out in a brand new day
    from suffering;

    For me it’s an all natural miracle from the GOD of Nature;

    And for others it’s a miracle from an anthropomorphic GOD;

    but never the less, I am expert in suffering, and I will not wish the suffering I experience on any other human
    being, no matter how much of a butt they can be. And I work to do anything in real life to take folks away from
    their suffering, for just a second, no matter how foolish folks may THINK I AM TO DANCE EVERYWHERE I GO IN PUBLIC;

    BUT THE greatest thing of all, is emotions reside in the body; and with free flowing motion of non-lessoned dance comes
    both the regulation of emotion and the rebirth or birth of new emotions never ever experienced before; at least in my case, as I cannot promise the same results for anyone else; but it works as a principle of TAI CHI, as written about
    for thousands of human years; so the possibility of change could be as simple and complex as taking that first
    dance step of new life; in escaping a life of a potential still and suffering soul and heart; that no longer expresses
    the spirit of emotion that can be kindled within; and shining brighter when the emotions of hope, faith, and belief
    in ‘me’ grow to

    all others
    in so many other
    yet, to be experiencing

    And nah; they don’t teach this in school; as this is the ‘science’ of the emotions
    of the human heart, soul, and spirit; that no scientific method, alone, will ever
    repeat in the unique being of
    human potential
    MORE fully expressed
    forever now; where all the
    discomfort, disorder, disease
    or death do not exist, for all
    practical intents and purposes

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  5. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=283996&start=45


    Let’S face facts and common sense together as one happy family, if we can.

    And to be clear, facts and common sense as the happy family;

    As ‘happy families’ do not exist in ‘no eyes and faces’ online.

    God IS NOT A FRIGGING notion of an anthropological form
    named as human.

    God IS FORCE; and we as little bitty humans can observe
    in action, both with eyes of nature and
    aided eyes of science that is a byproduct
    of that
    same nature.

    God is the entire FORCE that includes entropy.

    But let’s get REAL;
    only an infinite FORCE
    greater than entropy, ALONE, can make
    the real deal of entropy real
    at all. So obviously, what
    we see as little bitty
    humans with
    our science
    eyes on;
    is just part of the whole real big
    deal that is THE FORCE OF GOD
    cannot see farther
    than eyes of
    without frigging

    And honestly, if one does not
    have GOD GIVEN common sense,
    will never
    ever get

    SO IN THAT CASE; SORRY, either
    the force is not strong with ya;
    or the force is weaker
    without it in ya, as well,
    as ya could be
    IT IN


    Yoda and
    or someone
    very much

    Just a note, by the way;
    this is also ‘proof’ that
    humans either add or take
    away from THE FORCE NOW through
    relative human free will of human energy
    as force2; How that impacts the full Force is
    an unknown at this point; but DO NOT UNDER-
    HUMAN BRAINS and the rest of THAT BODY
    AGAINST IT..;)

    LET’s JUST SAY; i’ve seen some of THAT
    AND EVEN evidenced hints of THAT HERE; FOR THOSE
    WITH enough FORCE
    TO ‘SEE’

    SO YAH, that makes me proof that the FORCE OF GOD
    EXISTS IN ME; but first one must understand more FULLY
    THAT GOD IS FORCE AND NOT some little anthropomorphic
    illusion, alone.


    has the force
    within, IN METAPHOR
    AS THE
    INSTEAD, of against ALLONE


    “Entropy is not the same thing as disorder:”


    aghogday writes:


    ‘She is just waking up’..;)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  6. Life is too short not to feel; and too long to make it hard..:)


    Good afternoon, Abhra, the greatest thing I feel about dVerse, is a collection of diverse minds, hearts, and souls of poetry expressed in free spirited different ways of living; and my greatest joy here is reading and getting inspired by those different Uni-verses of being…

    But meanwhile, duty calls today for an elderly relative birthday.. getting ready for Mother’s day, Rave dance, surrogate mother early day dinners, stores my wife must shop; and a ‘thousand other routine things’ that all folks do these days..

    Most of which would not be possible at all; including being here, if I still worked a money job.

    So hope to get back sooner than later to do what I love most; to read, to get inspired, and to flow more words of living for now..:)

  7. Myrna says:

    I read some of your post and a little of your comments.
    “the greaTEST lesson of life

    is to keep giving love

    no matter


    To me that’s the most meaningful of your statements. Am impressed at your poetry writing, I too admire Walt Whitman and I do hope you stay happy. Love.

    • Hi Myrna.. thanks for coming by and i’m glad you could relate to that statement that truly keeps me going through the trials and tribulations in life.. as i cannot control the love i receive but with freedom i have the power to give as much love as i can possibly give and increase ways of doing that all the time now..:)

  8. I love how you weave the inspiration of those poets into your lines.. the green ham and eggs .. wonderful..

    • Hi Bjorn.. and it is a great pleasure of mind to watch creativity join hands before eyes that only see part of what i do.. before i go back and vision what is envisioned in subconscious flow of creativity.. and when I see those hands of creativity enjoined in love.. i feel that light in my heart and soul.. and regenerate to express that again and again in a flow inside a chalice that never runs out.. for now.. at least..in love and strength..:)

  9. Glenn Buttkus says:

    I find it ironic & interesting that you wrote recently at dVerse that “I know nothing about Poetry”, since nothing could be further from the truth; for poetry is a linguistic vast universe, & there is room between the asteroids & black holes for every voice, every dance step, every soul. I always find several distinct poems within the body of each of your posting; & like your dancing, you utilize no forms & yet all forms, piece-mail, in odd & unique mantles. For instance, your opening stanza is a brilliant poem in itself: Ah, the dog of love
    lives in the cold & barren leaves
    in the death of trees
    that no longer exist
    in the hues of grey
    that January brings
    to souls that grew cold
    in the sad ways of dim light days,
    of hearts no longer red
    with pale pink that cannot breathe
    in & out.

    Damn, sir, that is part e.e. comings & part pablo neruda; dig it.

    • Interesting.. how all the pieces of human being can come together when broken apart.. sometimes glued together better than before.. and i guess that is.. how it is with me.. going to the darkest of dark.. and growing again.. as human once again… in light.. and yes brighter in a personal way for me.. than ever before..:)

      I am just happy to be alive.. and each gift of creativity i receive and share with others stays a gift to me.. and truly all I do here is a prayer for life.. both for me.. and all others i know of and do not know of as well… Affirmation.. blessings.. and life for me.. and hopeful to touch that darkness in someone else that could only be touched by the brightest lights of others.. in the darkness before that is me..

      There are dark voices in the wilderness and bright ones and all in between.. and truly all i wanna be is another verse of the whole verse that is..:)

      I love biographies.. so i look up the two poets.. Cummings rings a bell.. but no words.. and the other poet.. does not ring a bell.. but i guess.. the environment that makes us.. can also make the voice that is the poet in us.. as often when people relate me to some poet.. i do not know of.. i look and see their life struggles are similar to mine…

      But of course the dark makes the light and the light makes the dark.. and the balance of heart.. soul.. and expressed spirit lives on in waves of high and low and middle balance.. where haha! i tend to go on the high side.. these days for now.. and try to keep away from still waters.. and tidal waves.. but yah.. a TsunAMi will be…

      I always appreciate your encouraging words Glenn.. you are an artist to rise the spirits of others for sure..:)

  10. awww…your cat is so cute. And as for the poem, excellent execution and fanatically written.

    Beautiful my friend. 🙂

    • Ah.. to reach the fanaticism of zealotry is an art of passion i continue to pursue.. as to keep the ‘Jedi and Sith’ in me balanced well.. as one force of peace and energy true and tried.. and truth for now..:)

      Yellow boy.. is often the star of this blog show.. since he becomes my avatar in 2013.. for blogging and before that in random Internet discussions.. THAT YELLOW BOY CAT has most definitely been around the world now.. more than he will ever now.. and truly he WILL be glad..

      just to escape out into the backyard to hug the midnight grass.. or roll around in the midday white sands of our backyard higher elevations without grass.. but nah.. with feline leukemia his place will remain in the home..

      and i feel sure that he is loved well enough to keep a compromised immune system strong with or without the compromise of disorder.. as love is always the greatest medicine.. to make a life alive..:)

      Thanks for coming by Charlie.. and be by your place and the others who comment here.. tomorrow.. as rave dance time is approaching momentarily for me.. and i must get rolling to the big city of Pensacola with all the cool college age folks.. to inspire them to dance HIGHER.. as fantastical and fanatical as i love to do.. in a perfect practice ..in storm of loving dance that explodes in the rave of life..:)

      Like the Terminator says.. I’LL BE BACK..;)

  11. C.C. says:

    “Death is a child that never sleeps”—such an interesting statement and so thought-provoking, especially since the typical thing is for death to be compared TO sleep. Very interesting and unusual approach here. I like it.

    • I am quite surprised to see that flow out of my fingers in words too.. but in reflecting on it.. per my past bout of severe pain with Trigeminal Neuralgia and a heart rate and blood pressure that is no longer properly controlled by autonomic nervous system.. per Dysautonomia..

      Sjogren’s syndrome and no more tears.. Fibroymalgia and a host in total of 18 or so disorders.. the worst part of that beyond the dentist drill like pain in my right eye and ear during all waking hours of type two Trigeminal Neuralgia.. is the 40 day insomnia that is the result of that perfect storm of catastrophic human disorder…

      The human record for going without sleep completely is 264 hours, which is precisely 11 days.

      I did not break that specific record of torture.. but my personal torture is 35 days of 40 with only one hour of extremely shallow sleep each night.. in the Spring of 2008.. with the aid of a powerful alpha blocker.. and no sleep even with the aid of that Alpha blocker.. for the last 5 of 40 days.. yes… truly that is a fate.. not imaginable to me before then.. in innate human torture.. with a body that cannot sleep…

      Each day past three is a vise grip of Dante’s rings of hell.. tightening in torture.. each second.. until i pray for death.. with all that IS NOT left of my heart and soul..

      So now i see the value of death as only a blessing.. can never fear it again.. and in knowing there are children who likely experience similar torture in life.. yes.. the death in life.. that is the child that does not sleep.. is a torture beyond what most people can imagine of death.. who actually ‘see’ what life without sleep can be.. to the extreme..

      But of course none of that rationalization is present when the words flow out of fingers.. but somethings the human soul.. never forgets.. in this life.. and perhaps the last.. and the next.. if there is validity to an infinity of now.. and all possible combinations of life experiences coming to ‘us’.. sooner or later..

      If that is the case.. i want my soul.. to not forget.. to take good measure.. to keep the treasure of life.. and do what it takes.. to stay away from ever experiencing.. Dante’s rings of hell again.. as forever in now.. without sleep.. is a long time to experience real life hell..:)

      After that nothing is left of me.. no smiles.. no laughs.. not even a reference point that any of those emotional parts of life or any others.. ever exist for me.. in memory.. truly a zombie i am then.. with death in a slow ghost walk of life.. in what i can only describe.. as 5 years of hell…

      So yeah.. i guess in a way.. now.. i am both an expert in human misery.. suffering and all things happiness and bliss.. i choose to stay on the topside of that.. with will and much practice in activities that i have learned well will keep me there.. no matter what.. without fail.. and yes.. i freely share that too.. in the dance of life.. wherever i go…:)

  12. othermary says:

    Whenever I read your stuff my head is all over the place. Love the kitty! And this is sort of random, but I noticed that with your poem center aligned it looks a bit like a torschach test dancing down the screen!

    • Ah.. yes.. the head of ADHD freely expressed here by this head.. that goes all over the place.. and a monster brain in someways.. before i finally find the mind and body balance to regulate the emotions of home base that is me along with associated senses integrated as well.. through greater physical intelligence in mind and body balance…

      And now.. haha! i fly in first class mind and body balance.. with ease.. letting it all flow out.. instead of trapped in repression of all i can be.. when alternatively let loose..:)

      Peace inside the eye of the storm.. but the winds of the storm continue to blow.. wherever reality.. as created.. takes them next!..:)

      Thanks for dropping by the other Mary.. and hope you are having a great now!..:)

  13. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=284807


    Click to access procrsmed00338-0007.pdf

    Yes, John Calhoun’s Universe 25 IS a valuable lesson, and interestingly in countries that are becoming vaguely ruled by social roles in work that have no connection with the product verses the work, in truly satisfying forager ways of sharing in social cooperation; the analogies in human behavior are clearly those one sees among the ‘beautiful ones’ in John Calhoun’s so-called rat utopia.


    Young males in Japan are losing interest in the actual physical act of reproducing with the opposite sex. And males, in general, in South Korea are grooming themselves with the same cosmetics to look literally beautiful as women do. Both countries rely on the tech industry greatly for subsistence where the worker is often far removed from the actual product of work in terms of touch and feel in senses and emotions. And of course, folks are at the height of enjoying virtual reality electronic ways of play over flesh and blood connection, in those high tech countries, as well.

    When work and play does not include the real flesh and blood social roles of human connection; trouble ‘lies’ ahead with or without the truth.

    Humans and all social animals naturally seek social roles for survival; and when that potential is taken away, regardless if subsistence is plentiful or not; evolution apparently does not know the difference, whether that be rat or human, IN TERMS OF MISERY AND SUFFERING.

    And yeah, one sees reflections of this in United States culture, where there are ‘full forums’ of males who are no longer aggressively pursuing women and instead complaining about the whole gender as something not worth pursuing; but the real deal is, the women do not want them as they are no longer, overall, evolutionary speaking, ‘viewed’ as good reproducing material, by the opposite sex, as they generally have become ‘worms’ who cannot defend themselves against other ‘worms’, in a nation that is growing softer behind screens than the rough and tumble evolutionary reality of survival.

    Nature is our master; to understand ‘her’ innately, instinctually and intuitively and comply or go the analytical route and use what other masters of human nature gifted by mother nature do, is simply to fail in the real game of life, MORE LIKELY than not; it appears, from both the Universe 25 of the rats, AND IN A Universe each truly weak human
    experiences, who loses their evolutionary social roles, AND APPEAL IN SOCIAL ATTRACTION TO OTHERS, IN no longer THRIVING.

    Nah, this does not just apply to poor African Americans in urban areas; this applies the same to the white privileged upper class male; who sits all day in the bedroom or basement playing video games, OR BEHIND a computer at work, with no real social roles; instead of getting out there and finding a role with the natural gained physical strength and prowess to find a mate; which for MOST folks, is an innate, instinctual AND INTUITIVE requirement or life; OR pay the consequences to the ‘piper who sings’ the ‘song of nature’.

    And for people who THINK, with the more current epigenetic adaptations of one lifetime in modern written language, collective intelligence, and all the ways of making a living that are separated from connecting to other human beings; and THINK that’s real life; they are sadly mistaken, in many cases, at least, and eventually do pay ‘the piper’ in terms of human chronic social stress, misery, suffering, disorder, disease, and potential earlier death from simply not thriving to put all this in one succinct phrase:

    “Thrive alive; or do not; but to find the way that is evolved nature; is always; and will always be the overall, best way to go.”

    Universe 25, is a valuable lesson; humans evolved with rats from a common rodent ancestor around 75,000 years ago; AND are still genetically speaking, basically, still, the same social animal.

    We have a prehensile thumb, making written language, collective intelligence, and all our twice removed cultural byproducts from evolved nature; however that does NOT MEAN IT IS SMART FOR survival, on a case by case, basis.

    It just works, overall, so we do it; and rarely ask questions; no matter how much it hurts; or how much we hurt, and don’t have a written language witting clue; ’cause we do not realize that culture CAN BE the enemy, same as Mr. Calhoun’s experimental witting culture imposed on the rats.

    So yeah; many humans are in an unwitting experiment where culture is Mr. Calhoun, and the humans are the

    LIVE AND LEARN OR DO NOT; the rats did NOT have that CHOICE, IN one lifetime, through the collective intelligence of options; just like this.

    Humans do; but the question is, will they put their really big boy or girl ‘NATURE pants’ on, and feel the truth of Nature, from within.

    Nature is the real GOD; to listen to Mother Nature is TRUE animal intelligence, no matter if that comes in rat form or human form; we all come from the same star stuff, to paraphrase Carl Sagan, ‘beautiful ones’ or not.

    And no doubt this has much to do, generally speaking, with the overall rising rates of Autism, when the often ‘over-privileged’ human becomes the ‘canary in the coal mine’, of ‘Universe 25’.

    White upper class or poor African Americans in Baltimore; it makes no difference; rats are rats and humans are humans with the same color blood, AND evolved need for flesh and blood social roles and socially cooperative flesh and blood connections.

    I understand my human nature, so I thrive and can evidence that.

    Before I did not; and in the long term it almost kills me, even in a fancy job, with no
    real satisfying social role where humans ARE the goal; and the not the end product
    of a spread sheet.

    I look to evolutionary human history; to my Indian ancestors; and I find the role
    of sacred clown/warrior/shaman, to ‘fit my genes and shorts’, just fine; and let the
    naysayers cry out; THAT is old school all they want; ‘CAUSE
    old school baby, WORKS, in mighty fine ways;
    and I’ve already evidenced how WELL IT WORKS

    AND TO BE CLEAR, back in 2013; the research
    of John Calhoun that I am no longer allowed
    to link here; per my blog analysis, for the
    fear of moderators that I am
    promoting myself, rather
    than helping other folks;
    is what in part,
    leads ME to
    recovery from 19 medical
    disorders; all chronic social stress related.

    I create my own naturally evolved social
    role that I CAN do NOW and WiLL work
    for ME; the rest of my life; to the chagrin
    of the naysayers, both here and in
    real life, down to my immediate
    family, in some cases; but the
    bottom line is THIS, AS
    local ‘SACRED CLOWN’,
    with a mix of ‘SACRED
    in my little patriarchal town;
    MY role may seem crazy, as the
    dancing guy showing the hypocrisies
    of the rest of culture and their sidewalk
    ways of robot life; but I am the one who wins
    overall, as i connect to the truly ‘SMART’ ONES AND
    FREEDOM WE HAVE NOW; to move out of the box and move back
    within human innate, instinct, and intuition can be TRUE GENIUS RATHER
    someone else’s making.





    And nah, of course, only a few ‘chosen’ ones of Nature, are cut out to be Sacred Clown, Warrior, or Shaman; but there are many other paths that work; the key though, is a path where a satisfactory ‘touchy feely’ product is produced that will make a difference in social flesh and blood sharing connections.

    Before I eventually become ‘a clown’, after surviving the ‘spread sheet wars’ of five years of higher grade federal administrative positions; I work a job at a Military Bowling Center for close to two decades, where I connect and provide services I CAN touch with other flesh and blood human beings to the tune of hundreds of human beings a day.

    Toward the second half those two decades, ‘rising up’ to Bowling Center manager; those duties eventually become replaced by computer duties too; and the farther I go away from humans, the closer I get to so called ‘Autistic Hell’, for me at least, and eventually close to death disorders produced by chronic social stress, in that administrative position from ‘military hell’; aka as ‘Autistic Burnout’; that I pursue as a real human disorder; that can produce a potential shorter human life; and certainly at least a long extended period of human misery and suffering.

    I cannot directly link that here; but it is simple to find with a google search per ‘Burnout on the Autism Spectrum’, and ‘Autism and the Behavior Sink Experiment’.

    What else can I say; I do NOT wait for plan B, C, D, or F;

    I make THAT happen with my own will.

    If I wait for some other person’s research project to cure me;
    I will simply likely be dead; and not here to help anyone else;
    clown or not;
    dead is dead.

    This is a great video that explains the issue in layman’s terms;
    that should be easy for most anyone to understand.

    When society becomes a place where automation rules
    and humans no longer need apply;

    John Calhoun’s EXPERIMENT BECOMES reality reflected in masses of folks
    who are either in misery and suffering loudly or more quietly DOING IT IN WORDS,
    on online forums like this.

    African Americans are just fighting for survival; and using whatever mechanism is
    available to survive in these urban areas, where poverty is at 33% among that
    socio-economic demographic. The point is, they are still fighting for survival,
    no matter HOW ugly that gets in terms of aggression and violence.

    Giving up is NOT ANY better than that; however, beyond one’s control,
    in many cases, where humans no longer need apply to make a life,

    The problem in the first place is humans have to APPLY for a social role;
    instead of growing in one from the time of youth; like the foragers
    we are naturally evolved AS, ‘simply do’, with a ‘little help’ from the
    village; instead of frigging school and


    But perhaps, the greatest problem is the death of human empathy overall, growing to
    this extreme, in research that shows empirical measures of college-age adult empathy
    decreasing around 30 Percent, in the last several decades; and continuing to go
    the way of the machine, instead of the full souled, hearted, and spirit expressed
    human in empathic affective emotional response to others,
    as well as cognitively learned and expressed empathy.

    Single mother families rule African American Socio-economic demographics,
    in urban areas, approaching 70 percent. It takes a village to raise a child
    with proper and loving empathy; not a single parent alone; without
    cooperative social help. And nah; throwing money at this issue
    alone will not fix it; humans are not machines that CAN EVEN
    OVERALL. And No, I do not have the
    answers, but from an innate,
    instinctual, and intuitive
    perspective, as well
    as modern research
    to help me out;
    the problem
    is clear, SEEING reality in other human shoes,
    AS a child without either fully developed human
    empathy OR no future in a social role to grow
    from youth.

    Going back to foraging, is obviously not a solution either;
    But sharing and understanding is; however, IS CATCH 22;
    AS THERE are too many of us; to go extinct
    anytime soon; so misery and suffering

    in terms of social animal cooperation

    PAY attention to Nature AKA GOD
    or PAY the consequences of the
    action of not even being
    human to
    with, in terms
    of social animal
    evolution of what
    it even means to
    be a social
    animal or
    human social
    animal in general;
    with empathy and LOVE

    NO, actually I’m not forgetting that thingy about powdered male faces in the 17th century; and that too is the same general issue of an upperclass losing social roles to abundance, and clear defined different gender roles fading away.

    The common folks are not getting all powdered up anymore in the 17th century, than 95 percent of the population during the Renaissance is enjoying poetry and great works of art.

    Today, the Internet is the great equalizer to join in on the know in both art and science in free flow of knowledge,
    for the well to do; and common folk alike.

    Of course, over-population leads to problems in all subsistence competing species, where subsistence runs out.

    However, in the case of social animals, like humans and rats; the instinct is in social cooperation, and that REQUIRES CLEARLY ‘UNDERSTANDABLE’ SOCIAL ROLES, WHETHER IT IS sniffing another animals butt; or finding a job;
    where automation of machines sadly growingly fills that human feeling living flesh and
    blood connecting and sharing in making usable product roles for subsistence evolved
    way of life.

    Rich people who no longer have real satisfying social roles to produce a product they can touch and feel and share with other flesh and blood human beings everyday; are often the most miserable and suffering folks, in emotional health around; and yes, suicide can eventually be their friend to escape; when they can no longer figure out how to arrive alive as just another social cooperative, sharing feeling mammal named as human being.

    And their children face the same consequence even earlier, for the rich folks who make their way, instead
    of inheriting it out of the crib.

    There are great truths to be found in biblical text; both old testament and new; in relationship to human nature.

    And truly this stuff about the eye of the needle being really small and the camel of the rich being really big is the real natural GOD of Nature truth about us human beings.

    And truly Universe 25, is just an example of that particular biblical wisdom that is the truth and light of human nature, expressed in rat form too.

    The sad thing about the bible is that it suggests we are dominate over other species; when in fact we rely on other species and the rest of the environment of the earth to live. And the sad thing is, when we as humans do not understand that we are subject to the same laws of nature that other animals are; misery and suffering will be the same rule of the have nots and have too much; who are no longer even human or rat, per evolved nature, fully utilized and expressed, in real life now.

    Ana, have you actually met really rich people to assess their over emotional health.

    I rarely come across ‘one’ with anything that can be considered close to peace of mind.

    But across the railroad tracks, in the little wood houses there are still smiles on front porches both black and white.

    But that’s just an anecdote; the research about human abundance without purpose is clear and that is, IT IS a major source of human misery and suffering.

    And to be honest; it’s just part of nature too; there are enough human beings overpopulating the earth as is; and if they cannot figure out the basics of living according to nature; what will be will be; in terms of misery, suffering, not reproducing, and a shorter overall life.

    The patriarchal folks in Muslim countries and Christian fundamentalist parts with all these rigid structured roles of gender and other ways of living life are a clear result of the GOD of Nature instilled in the manifestation of human social animals as well; and truly it makes overall natural common sense to do that; with human causalities, for those who are different and cannot conform for overall survival, when number of humans greater makes sense for overall success in survival.

    It no longer makes sense, overall, in the world of human beings, per overpopulation; but humans as classically evolved learn relatively slow in ‘small tribes’; and stay with the rules of yesterday that work, overall, as the same creatures of habit that live in other species.

    So the bottom line is this; as always; adapt, change, and survive, or else.

    Fortunately, we live in a culture where technology and the rest of culture provides many more options, than
    tribal lands that still exist, greater in Muslim countries, in particular; but to actually change them, is in
    part screwing with their innate human nature; and no matter how unfair the way they live is
    to some folks in the culture; so far, it works, overall for the only game that really counts;
    and that is propagating their species. And they do a mighty fine job of that; with
    little respect to what does not suit their immediate needs for survival; And that’s
    only evidence they are human; and clearly why they do not want to bend to
    our new free rules in revolution of epigenetic change in just one generation
    to make the species as whole across the global world more viable in reproducing
    less instead of more; and producing more for subsistence; with all the catch 22’s that
    go along with that; But life’s too short to spend in a catch 22; do as thou wilt and try not
    to harm others, is about all we can do under the unconditional love that is also possible
    in epigenetic effect and affect of increasing human potential for all variables of difficulty
    that do exist, now.

    Ana, in our country work is defined as identity (social role) traditionally among men for over a century now.

    And it now is becoming the same for women, increasingly.

    When men quit working they often lose their sense of purpose, and often don’t even have the
    motivation to take care of themselves and die an earlier death than those who stay in a
    job that they find purpose in. Now of course, men who find another social role after
    work can thrive as well as anyone else; but many simply do not find that
    and fade away. It’s particularly bad in military cultures that are so
    rigid and together in ideology, when they retire and move into
    the free world, where they have to determine there own
    purpose in life, rather than having that determined
    by someone else.

    Women who are are naturally greater nurturers who
    have extended families find purpose there; but in an
    increasingly nomadic modern culture, rather than village
    oriented one; this same issue is growing harder for women
    as well, out of the work-force, with no clear purpose in life either.

    There are many older people I know from work, who have the money to
    retire; but the thought of leaving to be free to find their own purpose terrifies them
    for good reason;

    according to the science of Universe 25; and general demographic sociological study of
    an aging population, faced with no social roles in this culture; after retiring from structured jobs.

    As humans GROW older they often become even more rigid as creatures of habit; finding a new role can be

    WELL, generally what you are speaking of here IS social roles and purpose. TO quote many philosophers and sacred texts, man does not live by bread alone. Yes, ya gotta have bread and water, a shelter over ya head; but ya also gotta get the flesh and blood human connection right, if one is gonna have peace of mind and body in balance with others.

    Even exercising itself, in mind and body balance can make purpose, if shared with others to make other folks feel good. Rats don’t think in words like that; but still they seek to cooperate and survive innately, instinctually and intuitively.

    And to take those rats away from an environment of the cues for survival in obtaining subsistence per the natural intermittent gratification that all animals are motivated by to survive day to day; is a take away from the natural
    social roles that are reinforced by the fight for life.

    Humans are no different; cats are really no different either.

    The difference between a feral cat, as opposed to one who has received a free meal all their life can be measured in time sleeping and laying around awake, with less vigor for life than a feral cat; even a feral cat introduced into a home environment, for years.

    And while domesticated cats can certainly be beautiful cats with no scars; don’t ask them to go outside and catch any mice as they won’t be very good at it; without practice, practice, practice of the feral cat. And they may not even find
    their way ‘home’, if one can really call that their ‘home’ as a kind of prison or human zoo, too.

    The same applies to soft human beings; they survive on the teat of technology but put ’em out in the wild with no clothes on and they can be the weakest among animals in what really counts in day-to-day survival.

    Seriously, the human experiment of culture without a great deal of cognitive AND PHYSICAL effort in mind AND BODY BALANCE, staying ‘wild’, is a huge challenge to stay away from, in terms of misery and suffering.

    One need look no further than clinical assessments of around one-third of school age children who are type two pre-diabetic; about half the adult population on some kind of pain killer for chronic never ending pain of some kind, usually stress associated somatic pains; and last but certainly not last overall, the skyrocketing rates of psychotropic drugs for mental illness associated with chronic social stress among children and adults. Anxiety and depression are the leaders in that area of human misery and suffering.

    Universe 25 is already here in Japan, South Korea, the United States, and all places where humans are becoming more machine than human. It will not work for peace in mind and body balance with others. It may not lead to extinction for thousands of years; but to live a life of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and poor physical health in diabetes and a myriad of other out of mind and body balanced fostered ways of human disorder and disease, is the price of the RAT IN UNIVERSE 25 IN THE CAGE THAT IS ALSO

    and not
    in prison in a frigging man made
    machine oriented

    And this all is absolutely the direct cause of all my seriously
    disabling symptoms of Autism that I have cured through my own
    research and my own adaptations to become wild again and free;
    with peace of mind and full human flesh and blood connection with
    others in my own personal designed social role.

    Not everyone has over a 130 IQ like me; financially independent;
    supportive spouse who helps me; reads 10 to 15 times faster than
    the average human being; and types up to 130 words a minute as an
    accomplished lifelong pianist, when properly focused; so I understand
    why not everyone gets these truths of light, and often i feel sorry for them;
    as truly the answers are out there, for folks who have the ability to find them,
    and use them; not everyone does; but that is just the law of the jungle no matter;
    how hard I try to explain to folks that overall, autism, is just a cultural construct and
    the real cause of many cases; but of course not all cases of high functioning autism is
    strictly one, overall, per real reciprocal social communication difficulties, AS a reflection
    of culture that is no longer in balance with innate human animal instinct and intuition. This
    IN real flesh and blood LIFE.

    Not always easy; but yes, possible for those who JUST DO IT, AND NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

    AND everyone must find their own path to survive like this in balance; as different
    strokes work for different folks; always then
    and always

    But it’s much more than an issue of food and water; it’s an issue of truly
    living, as opposed to a life spent dying in emotional and sensory
    spirit in physical intelligence balanced in mind and body
    animal homeostasis bliss, as opposed to a life
    full of rife stress, discontent,
    and human disorder,

    THE CURE for many cases, per remediation of the reciprocal
    social communication difficulties of Autism can be
    found by looking no further than
    UNIVERSE 25.

    Well, in removing excess mice when reaching lower numbers of excessive rat population; that is where human cultural means intervenes to help in another way to alleviate the environmental stresses of abundance and no social roles for the rats; as they run out of motivation to successfully socially cooperate, and continue established innate instinctual and intuitive social roles; without the reward of intermittent reinforcement to keep them going stronger, than instant gratification provided by Mr. Calhoun, and his research friends.

    While generally speaking, rat social behavior and human social behavior are comparable; they certainly are far from identical, per much greater human potential.

    Really smart humans can figure out their human nature better, as gifted by the GOD of Nature, and work with it for amazing results; rather than falling to the pitfalls of a human nature unrealized through the obstacles of our modern cultures.

    For instance, I know that when I go out and dance with a bunch of beautiful girls; although I am not going to mate with any of them; since I am happily married; never the less, beneficial neuro-hormones and neuro-chemicals are going to run through my body to make me overall stronger and happier; and of course the actual exercise in the dance itself to make me physically stronger in both emotional regulation and sensory integration, as well as greater sixth sense proprioception to see with my skin, if you will;

    THROUGH the obstacles of human beings all around the dance floor interacting in physical dancing balance. IN other words; not good to run into much smaller dancing 21 year old females, when a person weighs close to 240 LBS and leg presses 930LBS with their legs; severe injuries could occur; so that is why I have developed the grace of a fluttering butterfly on land, as well; as I don’t want to hurt any of those innocent 21 year old female dance partner friends, who are like dance daughters to me; with due respect of their ‘flowering’ natures..:)

    So I let those feelings and senses run free and get stronger and stronger by doing natural activities like this; that some people could not regulate in getting themselves in personal relationship troubles, when they are surrounded by several beautiful girls at a time, to choose from, if they like, to try ‘that kind’ of stuff.

    If the rats develop human relative free will, which of course is not in their potential skill-mix as rats, through the kind of greater physical intelligence mixed with cognitive reasoning that humans have they could have invented their own social roles through imagination and creativity to continue to survive and thrive into old age; just as I am doing now, and empirically measuring down to the nitty gritty details that are all my humanity in thriving into my mid 50’s with the energy, strength, and virility, evidenced as a 21 year old male in the prime of their life.

    Human beings have amazing potential above rats; however, some folks use less of their human potential, than rats, as far as I can see, in even gaining basic animal homeostasis, for mind and body balance and peace of mind, at the lowest levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of human development.

    We can learn some of the basic pitfalls from these Universe 25 rats; potentially applied to human cultures; but we can learn more from advanced humans who have mastered their minds and body, in relative free will; to ‘run around’ the obstacle of
    UNIVERSE 25,

    Yes, most definitely a paradigm shift of cultural induced change is well underway as we speak.

    Humans are becoming more ‘selfie’ oriented, if you will; and that’s a good thing for the survival of the world; as generally more self obsessed folks looking within for answers aren’t as much in a rush to reproduce. Overpopulation, is the major issue now in the world for long term human survival, so all the activities other than reproduction are healthy ones now; opposed to reproduction and greater numbers of human population to survive as a species in the distant past.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean there will not be a great deal of human discomfort, misery, and suffering as this change happens and folks become more disconnected in flesh and blood relationships, like Japan; but never the less, less flesh and blood relationships means less sex, overall; and less sex in terms of reproduction is a goal; the world needs to greater accomplish to survive.

    No easy answers; but exciting to be a part of it, for hopefully a few more decades to see the results from my ivory tower of comfort.

    Change is happening; and it’s fascinating to watch as a participant Anthropologist observer in the real life action of it, as well..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  14. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=284556&start=30


    FIRST, I cannot believe anyone is even arguing the issue with you Oldavid, whether or not evolution and common ANIMAL ancestry is real, as we can see it now, IN fetuses, JUST LIKE YOU AND ME, who grow a tail first and then lose it.

    So yeah; friend, at one point in your life AND MINE, you have a tail just like the other animals, WE all evolved together with, with common genetics and DNA.

    I have a girlfriend onetime who relates a tale that she is BORN with a tail; so they just cut it off, like they do with that foreskin thingy that we naturally share with other animals too.

    It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist who looks at that REAL TIME EVIDENCE TO SEE THAT WE HAVE COMMON ancestry;
    that’s JUST COMMON SENSE FOR ANYONE WHO IS NOT TOO AFRAID TO BE human and just another animal too, with their ‘tail stuck between their legs’ of good measure in metaphor of FEAR OF THE EXISTENTIAL intelligence of the OBVIOUS RELATIONSHIP TO THE REST OF NATURE.


    Otherwise, explain where the human embryo tail comes from; is your imaginary GOD separated from nature responsible for that; or is the devil with a ‘tale’ that made that reality that WE CAN SEE NOW.

    THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD; THE GOD OF NATURE; clearly visible and clearly evidenced everywhere humans go in life.

    And the fact that we all share the same origins of evolution is only cause to celebrate as that makes all the other animals, and even inanimate objects that carry the same frigging atoms in constant movement; as our ‘closest relatives’ too.

    People go through their entire life imagining a fake GOD; and imagining a FAKE HEAVEN AFTER DEATH, WHEN WE ARE ALREADY BLESSED BY THE GOD OF NATURE TO EXPERIENCE THAT IN THE HERE AND NOW; as now IS ALL THAT EXISTS.

    YOU ARE BLINDED by ‘your simple minded religion’ to no longer even have the ‘eyes’ of Nature that is GOD in you that can be more FULLY EXPRESSED IN THE METAPHOR OF EMOTIONAL AND SENSORY SPIRIT.

    And truly that is not stupid; that is plain sad; as someone spoon feEDS you that non-sense just to control you for materialistic gains, and repress and oppress your GOD GIVEN HUMAN NATURE,

    AS JUST ANOTHER FRIGGING ANIMAL ENJOYING LIFE; to the “real devil’s” rule of imaginary GOD and DEVIL,

    AS TWO FRIGGING SEPARATE PARTS OF A GOD OF NATURE THAT IS TRULY WHOLE; that we cannot separate from, even in death, as we just go back to the whole of where we come, as dust to dust as star stuff is.

    And if that is not what you believe, ‘be a man’, and tell us the truth of what you do believe; or hide behind it and never let us know; there is no way this foolishness of not believing in the simple truth of classic evolution happens; without the lies of a religion that wants to dominate others for selfish needs,



    in all the forms that comes in, for now,
    and in the past, that makes now what it is,
    in full cultural reality.

    This ideology promoted by religions that humans are separate and special from NATURE AS GOD, AS a fairy tale somewhere ‘out there’, and there are 72 virgins awaiting after death for accomplished suicide bombers, or some pearly gates with golden floors is for ‘real fools’; who are too afraid to use their own GOD OF NATURE GIVEN innate, instinct, intuition AND INTELLECT TO SEE THE REALITY OF THE ONE GOD OF NATURE inside them, outside them, above so below, ALL AROUND THEM, LEARN ABOUT IT; AND LIVE IN BALANCE WITH IT, AND SIMPLY THRIVE.

    BUT FOR ‘closed minded folks’; which is another genetic associated thingy of way of ‘human conservative thinking’; ‘they’ will find any excuse possible; to see something other than the truth AND LIGHT ; as ONE OF the most powerful of all human normal healthy instincts, is that for social acceptance; and people will believe almost any frigging lie, from female genital mutilation to martyring life; IF someone says goodbye, instead of being part of a lying or telling the truth group of socially cooperative human beings with dark or light intentions as part of that natural consequence of action.

    We live in a society today, where it IS possible to go one’s own way,
    with the interdependent relationship of modern culture and technology in tow;
    and become once again, overall, what we are naturally evolved to be as just another wild,
    and in our case partially domesticated animal.

    If we cannot convince you why you have a tail THAT MEANS YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER FRIGGING MAMMAL, FROM The TIME YOU ARE A FETUS WITH SIMILAR ANCESTORS; THAN you cannot see far enough between your own legs, to even know what you are; And that is sad my friend; but a sad truth it seems; that you may never overcome until you

    ‘BOW DOWN TO THE GOD OF NATURE’ and truly hold your ANIMAL head high; like a Lion on the Savannah; with the grace of GOD of wings of seagulls who do not read frigging lies IN ‘big black books’,


    INSTEAD, of the lies of other humans propagated for some 3500 year now, or more, IN BIBLES OR SCIENCE THAT can NOT evidence the whole emotional and sensory truth AND LIGHT of the synergy and ‘quantum’ nature of the human mind unleashed and released for greatest human potential in mind and body balance.


    “It takes a hard head and a soft heart to appreciate it”

    aghogday writes:

    That sums it up in a nutshell. But not a crazy one; smiles.

    And trust me, the Zen ART of writing I put on the Internet,
    is little of the flesh and blood that is me; always grounded
    to earth in feet that are bare with sand in peace and passion.

    There are three kinds of cats:

    The inside cat that is pampered, spoiled, and FAT; and is mostly ‘Jedi’ Peaceful.

    The outside cat that is ‘SITH’ IN NATURE, and fights with PASSIONATE WILL to survive.

    And a mix of the Jedi and Sith CAT; THAT IS the inside outside cat.

    I am an inside outside cat in balance; hard in physical nature
    and passionate in spirit; with the ability to have a soft and
    peaceful heart

    Jedi Sith am i..;)

    And more….;)

    No.. no.. i’m a FREE VERSE poet..
    so don’t read me literAlly..;)

    And to repeat.. i never said i am A ZEN master..
    Someone else tells ME THAT TO MY FACE..:)
    by observing my martial arts in action in a gym…
    And above and beyond the alliteration of the
    Sith JEDI APPROXIMATION thingy..
    there is no label
    for me, friend..i
    am am i…

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  15. Wow! Blown away. I especially liked the metaphors for death.

    • Well.. thanks for those exuberant words of appreciation.. like the middle aged version of the frozen ice princess in male form.. i just let it go and flow.. haha!.. and speaking of flowing.. i am flowing all around the Internet today.. and yard in free style words and dance.. and still have yet to go back to dVerse to pay some delicious poetic respect back and forward.. so see ya later friend.. there later tonight.. and hope you are having a great day in now..:)!

  16. Alex Dissing says:

    Your love of life is evident in your words, & it’s contagious, I must say.

    • Yes..! mission accomplished.. my world plan of domination.. haha! is to start a love of life flu!..;) or maybe
      word Tsunami..;)

      Hope you are having a great time in now, Alex; and see you later on the dVerse Trail to comment on your work there..:)

      I am STILL on my way to get there today.. in other ‘floods’ of what I hope are
      encouraging words.. as well..:)

      I hopefully will float over.. soon.. on a life boat.. or something of that nature.. in good nature.. of course..:)

  17. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=284648&start=15


    Well, it’s not so much that the church has it backwards; the church is backwards; and yes, particularly the Catholic Church and how saints are honored in the distant past.

    No one’s really paying attention to them, other than St Francis and a few other statued folks around the church, as statues are about as much attention they really get these days. And the young folks are usually sitting in the pews gazing at their iPhones anyway; when they can steal a glance, at something more interesting than the homily and such as that; anyway.

    But OH MY GOD, with Whitney, well after her death she receives 148 million or so views of her singing at the pinnacle of her miracle career to inspire folks for perhaps as long as Youtube exits, no matter race, religion, creed, or most national origins, at least.

    And that’s truly power that speaks beyond the grave my friend; with freedom of information in Google and YouTube; churches do not get to own people or creativity; the playing field is equal enough where even the relative unknowns like PSY generates over 2 Billion views on Youtube; that is astronomical compared to who gives a crap about this or that saint in old book and statue history.

    There will be many miracles of real life saints on Google and Youtube for years to come; far outstretching any recognition the Catholic Church could hope to offer, to recognize miracle-like accomplishments in real life, except for YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE, I GUESS; so yeah; maybe the Catholic Church can get the next saint, to make a recording date, before they die.

    That will be super kool, I guess..;)
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  18. How beautiful it is to weave the love of human.. in nature and the parking lots of modern culture.. the same.. wherever eyes of love exist.. the environment no matter what.. can become a song of love and worded bliss..:)

    Ah.. yes to live in all the elements of life.. are all the elements to life of us.. to become one with all of this.. is certainly to never lone.. without purpose of a sunset day.. that never ends.. in hues of colors.. instead of black and white..:)

    Ah.. yes.. the respect of wild of nature in the tame of us in the team of that love and wild we share.. and bring to each other.. with mares and golden manes of love.. wild and free..:)

    Yes.. always best to identify.. name.. address and face the enemy of fear in no uncertain terms.. that it is not welcome and will NOT be accepted in life.. and truly perhaps the hardest with the real adversary of cancer…

    Ah.. yes.. a world of images lived well.. released in words.. intermingling the way those images work together in tapestry of life.. to free those images in words.. unbound with pages of books of order.. is to see and please the mind as free..:)

    Ah yes.. the quiet moments of harmony of emotions and senses that come with a mind and body in balance in the most wonderful animal present of now..

    And we humans are so truly distracted now.. by a full platter served up now.. almost from birth.. of cultural noise and images that keep us in the plays of someone else’s directed life instead of creating our own..

    ADDITIONALLY.. as life is recorded in associations with the past through material goods and other cognitive symbols of the mind AS well as constant worry over what can be multiplied by all the illusory fears we feed our minds.. for an illusory mind of the future THAT IS often steeped in FEAR…

    For me the practice of dance and creativity in all ‘free verse’ forms takes me into the peace of present but truly to escape mind distractions are easiest for me with free flowing dance.. where emotions.. senses.. become regulated.. and integrated.. as a ‘wholistic’ human animal rather than a life spent in head with a disconnect of the body that is mind too..:)

    Oh yes.. the changing color of mixing social norms.. where different most often seems to be the enemy of same.. so sad that different is not honored more than it is.. but when all of it is mixed together enough.. perhaps a smoothie species will exist..:)

    Ah.. yes.. the rambling legs of frog.. skipping.. jumping.. smoothing.. until no obstacle prevents.. moon-lit skies in choirs of green..:)

    Truly the time of clocks can be etched in stone.. when one.. faces a reality
    that sleep brings no comfort life of rest.. the digital display beside the bed..
    becomes a static display of the purgatory of a time spent without rest or

    The death of human intellect of past and future is difficult yes..
    but the sameness of a life not felt.. is a time spent only in time..
    and never river of now.. so yes.. this life you speak of..
    is likely like that.. a purgatory of death in life is not..:)

    Ah.. yes i can truly say now with heart.. soul..
    and spirit fully in tow and expressed that there
    are worst things in life than losing intellect..
    like imagination.. creativity.. and feeling life..
    and as long as those exist.. even if.. they do not
    make sense.. a heart.. a soul.. and spirit is still set free..:)

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