IMG_6149 IMG_6150 IMG_6151 IMG_6152 IMG_6155 IMG_6156 IMG_6159 IMG_6160 IMG_6161 IMG_6167 IMG_6168 IMG_6169 IMG_6172 IMG_6173 IMG_6174 IMG_6175 IMG_6176 IMG_6177 IMG_6178 IMG_6179 IMG_6180 IMG_6181 IMG_6183 IMG_6185 IMG_6186 IMG_6187 IMG_6191 IMG_6192 IMG_6196 IMG_6199 IMG_6200 IMG_6201 IMG_6205 IMG_6207 IMG_6208 IMG_6210 IMG_6211 IMG_6212 IMG_6213 IMG_6214 IMG_6215 IMG_6216 IMG_6217 IMG_6218 IMG_6219 IMG_6221 IMG_6222 IMG_6224 IMG_6225 IMG_6226 IMG_6229 IMG_6230 IMG_6232 IMG_6233 IMG_6234 IMG_6237 IMG_6238 IMG_6239 IMG_6240 IMG_6241 IMG_6242 IMG_6243 IMG_6247 IMG_6250 IMG_6251 IMG_6252 IMG_6253 IMG_6254 IMG_6256 IMG_6258 IMG_6268 IMG_6269 IMG_6270 IMG_6271 IMG_6273 IMG_6275 IMG_6276 IMG_6277 IMG_6278 IMG_6279 IMG_6281 IMG_6282 IMG_6283 IMG_6284 IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6288 IMG_6289 IMG_6291 IMG_6292 IMG_6293 IMG_6294 IMG_6295 IMG_6296 IMG_6297 IMG_6298 IMG_6300 IMG_6303 IMG_6307 IMG_6309 IMG_6310 IMG_6311 IMG_6312 IMG_6313 IMG_6314 IMG_6316 IMG_6317 IMG_6320 IMG_6321 IMG_6322 IMG_6323 IMG_6324 IMG_6325 IMG_6326 IMG_6327 IMG_6328 IMG_6329 IMG_6330 IMG_6331 IMG_6332 IMG_6334 IMG_6335 IMG_6336 IMG_6337 IMG_6338 IMG_6339 IMG_6340 IMG_6341 IMG_6343 IMG_6344 IMG_6345 IMG_6346 IMG_6357

Ah.. the streets.. even the streets of a small
town can be difficult to re-enter
when away for
what seems
and i have
to say that reminds
me of that number
15 tarot card shaRed
iT surely can
bE a dark archetype
oF liGht Bringer too..
iN Freedom’s liGht..
outcast.. lonely..
and shut-in
but oh the balance..
and truly hobos search
for freedom often in this
dark my friend.. the hermits.. too..
my Grandfather on the maternal
side.. hobo sure.. full blooded
Sioux Grandfather of his..
my Granddad.. wanderer
oF niGht dArk..
but surely as a symbol
oF Nature wholeness..
Baphomet.. A symbol
for balance of dArk
and liGht..
iN masculine
and feminine of
hUman iS similar
to the Cern Indian
Yogi Dancer too..
is fascinating
to me.. end and
beginning oF story noW..
and glad you are getting out
in the streets.. my friend.. and
i have come to gain an
for the
niGht liFe
theRe.. Born
to bE WiLd and
Free iN DArk and liGht
oF DaY and niGht sandsmanwoman..
And it really kinda pisses me off.. no one
in the family has ever had a photo to share
of my Maternal Grandfather.. oh the
the liFe of the
bLacK FooT SheeP..
so misunderstood..
so outcast.. so
Strong to
bE a
And finAlly.. alWays
do Love a happy hobo
like Red Skelton.. and
the movie.. the Big Lebowski..
comes back aGaiN wHere
the F iN
Bums WiN
my FriEnd..
iN simple Balance
of being free from THE MAN..;)

i mean Jesus.. Jesus.. too.. was a wandering
barefoot Hobo.. and all his friEnds sponging
subsistence and shelter of off Loving share..
increasingly noW
as reported then..
his friEnds.. noW..
TruE ones..
are winning
a war against
priSon.. albeit
it’s mostly iN
Mom and Dad’s
home… BeinG Free..
ain’t a job for soft Angels..
iT takes a little Devil to get the JOB
iN Angel FiRe
WinGs oF cLouD deLiGhts..:)


4:57 pm.. and i feel
like poeTry once agAiN!..

WeLL.. mY Goodness..
been since the 14th poem
linked to Open
Link Night 169..
at dVerse
Poet’s Pub
last now..
i visited there
after the original
date of that prompt
on March 31st.. i’m liking
M months for now.. so i’m
gonna Skip wRite on over to
the current May 2nd.. 44 word
form titLed Quadrille wHeRe
so.. the subject
tHeRe iS about
the word SKiP..
as prompt for noW..
So April Flew by in a
breeze of 338,630 other
words for mE in the Epic
Year long Free Verse Novel
effort of capturing all my poetic
efforts to every single prompt
and link for a year theRe
from April of 2015 though
March of 2016.. so with
all that said..
per and about
it’s now for a little
dVerse poeTry
witH work-out coming
fairly soon for me.. First
and last WiLL bE free verse
words and steps for gym liFe too..:)

Not too familiar with skip to the Lou
in memory direct but after discussing
Red Skelton.. a little earlier today
i kNoW he skipped
as Freddy
the Free Loader
wanderer for sure..
but i’m not sure
if he had anything
to do with Lou at all..:)

Hi Lillian.. i may have mentioned it before..
but in April of 2015.. i set a milestone
to respond in poetic
micro-expression way
to all the dVerse prompts
and links through March
of 2016.. meeting
the milestone.. a
little late..
i compiled
it all last
week into
one Free Verse
Stream of Conscious Novel
writing practice that ended up
much larger than i expected..
titled “GodsUniVerseNovel3”..
third for me.. just for fun..
and this one weighed
in too large for my
blogger blogs
and just
fitting in
Word Press
noW aT literally
338,630 words
and truly my entire
blog is one poem
with now 664 macro
verses at over 3 Million
literal Words.. in poetic
way of course.. hehe..
Microsoft Word says
the poem i finished
as Novel the
other day
would take
3,000 pages to
print.. not counting
close to 300 gorgeous
photos of the surrounding
Panhandle Beaches
where i live.. so..
the entire blog
would likely
take 30,000 pages
to print.. so yes..
like my about
section in
my Word
Blog says..
‘i like to write
StiLL.. so trUe.. my friend.. in ePic way.. and
perhaps one day technology will catch up
to me.. as even with my fast broad
band access and big iMac
computer.. a couple
of minutes to
me up..
it takes..
wITh BiG wInks..:)

Oh Lord.. skipping steps
not easy for me aT aLL..
Skipping actually
not easy
at all..
but FloWinG
that’s the way
i roll.. and mY
knees thank me for
iT in gRins oF Dance..:)

And as a side note.. i’m not using
asterisks this year to denote..
anyone.. who is not allowing
my participation
on dVerse
that was last
year’s story line..
New Year Summer New May
day..noW alWays a neW
waY of maKinG Lemons
into ‘Beyonce’
LemonAde noW..;)

SMiLes.. some
stONEs end uP skipPinG
aCross wateR
and the
SinG a SoNG
oF Fearless Love..
OG.. i just then
wRote a 338,630
word Free Verse
Novel.. truLy
thiS shorter
Poe story
try stuff
iS sO
top to

It makes my heARt
so happy to see parents
and children skipping together
iN Super-Walmart..
oh to
is to stick
in warm
and fuzzy
dance shoes of LiFe..:)

OmG.. to skip the exercise
of the heARt muscle in
empathic way..
is a sure
way to
drain moving
wRite out oF liFe..
trUly we need more
Scientists and Doctors
wiLLinG to cure the heARt
with PoeTry.. in SonG and
DancE.. like the
of mythological
Gods used to do so
WeLL when symbols
to better
exercise heARt..
as SpiRit way
of symbolic
eXpreSsinG a more
balanCinG miNd
and boDy
SoUL so LiVe..!..:)

sMiLes.. Skipping
lies.. eYes of Dogs
do dance
a SmiLe..
a SonG..
a Dance oF LiFE..
iN TrUth Of liGht..:)

WeLL.. for me.. mY
first grade girl then..
brain friend.. JiLL..
could have probably
skipped a grade.. matters
not.. as she Still Rose
to the top 10
oF FloweRinG
a smArt
shE StiLL iS..:)

i find more
i Love ingredients
oF aLL.. more i see
no pArt

SMiLes.. i have a confession to make..
Linda.. FriEnd.. mY entire blog is one poem
that is over 3 million words
long.. with 664 macro
verses.. some folks
call ’em chapters..
and tens of thouSands
oF micro verses for
macro whole.. and
the other day.. i finished
one macro verse.. comprising
noW.. aLL mY dVerse poetic
responses to ALL dVerse
links/prompts from a year’s
time from April of 2015
through March of 2016..
truly having no idea of
what i accomplished as wHole
and that “GodsUniVerseNovel3”..
yes.. my third free verse Novel..
just for fun.. as i’m financiAlly
independent and would
never ever now
accept money
for art anyway..
particularly.. associated
with God.. but yes.. i understand
i’m fortunate in that way..
and yes.. the entire
poem ended
up at
338,630 words..
like ‘they’ say.. faith..
hope.. and belief can
move mountains more than
swords my friend.. words
oF Love
go farther
and i WiLL
witness for
that until the
end of server days..
dead or alive.. IT matters not..
who kNows perHaps a thousand years..
oR moRe..
sMiLes oF
FearLess Love..:)

Oh.. Gosh Lynn.. you must
have been reading my mind..
i was moving to number 9
saw you here at
sweet 16
at the end..
just thinking
about you..
here now..
and oh my
Gosh.. the entire
month of dVerse
April.. i skipped too..
so..i just had
to say hi..
and sHow
my proud peacock
feathers with you..
friend..hehe.. to let you
kNow i finAlly finished
that dVerse Novel of
commenting in poetic
expression.. from April
of 2015.. all the way
to the 14th lInk of the
169th open prompt
night of
March 2016..
31st.. and oh
gosh.. the entire
googable.. yes.. but not lInking
it around for peacock featheRing..
is yes.. Oh my Gosh.. 338,630
words.. as perhaps
the longest
Blog post
Free Verse
Novel ever in the
history of poeTry now..
and guess how it starts
yes.. with Dear John.. didn’t
plan it.. it’s just how the marbles
roll my friend.. and no.. of course
God does not
play Dice
with his
children either..
anyway.. Love your
Poetry and nice
to skip April
and come
to May..
sorry that was long
but i guessed i missed
you.. and that my friend
is the true message of Jesus

And now for Dinner
and Work-out
5:48 pm..
be back

Now back to dVerse
after morning global
1:41 pm..

Gravity holding feet to earth..
EmoTioNs SinGinG hiGheR
a SonG
oF SkippinG
Feat Of SoUl iN Balance..:)

SMiLes.. skipping reaLITy
a sadDest SonG some
WiLL pLay looking
to death
and never
even liVing aT aLL..
anD OMG.. imagine
iF reincarnation iSreal
and liFe is onLY LiVinG..
and those
who look
to death
never ever
find heaveN NoW..
trUly thaT WasiS thE REal
mesSage oF tHe reportED
Jesus.. juSt aNotHeR NatURisT
iN ReaL oF hUwOmaniStiC pleaSure..:)

Sorry.. that’s 60.. but sometimes limits
a fuLL

BiG wInks.. i skipped
War and write Peace
and come to find out
juSt Peace is 6 times
bigger @over
3 Million
664 noW
macro verses
oF UniVerse aLL
And yes.. it’s no
joke.. it’s liTEraL..
reAlly iT iS
but takes
to get

SMiLes.. mY FRiEnD..
Keep SinGinG.. never skip a note..
Keep DanCinG.. never skip a step..
Keep WriTinG.. never skip a word..
Keep LiVinG..
Ocean WHoLE..:)

IT’S trUe.. mosT
deliCATe colorfuL
rareLY skiPpinG neCTar..:)

Skipping Dance to work
work to Dance Skipping..:)

sMIles.. so many
invisible disabilities
that folks
to see..
To judge
human by
cover.. as
looking is weakest
and weakest looking
is strongest.. and
diseases of
the mind
are often
one of the most
difficult things in life
is having an invisible
disability and it is most
often the
who have
out and outcast
from their families
for this very reason..
And sadly it is often
those with homes
who have
at all….
a game oF
togeTheR iT iS..
whether wE see iT or
not.. aS
mY frEnd..
my greaTest
gift was pain..
more than most can
even imagine beyond hell
then.. as it truly grew Love
that sees no covers.. or limit..:)

i never skipped
school or work
i LiveD..:)

Skipping rhythms
of Life..
of SinG
of SteP..
Lost rhytHM’S LiFE..:)

SMiLes.. i skipped the
Doctor for 23 years..
and made up for
it in
and now i never miss
the doctor
ever noW..
and i do have
a 4 pm appt.. for real..
thanks for the reminder..
poetry is over for now..;)

2:44 pm..

OG.. so many detours
as will be ‘nicely’ illustrated
below.. all the way from heaven
to hell but anyway.. back
to dVerse and the
Quadrille prompt
for Monday..
44 words
for them
and whatever
flies shorter
or longer here..
in terms of skips
of course.. so
here i go
at 9:00 am..
and i like
the skip to
that that
rings in
050516 fashion..

Oh Lord.. Candy.. i skipped
all of April.. at dVerse..
as i drown
in 338,630
of Free
in what
i name
as “GodsUniVerseNovel3.”.
and it took me a while to
re·sus·ci·tate iN
a ting
me.. so here
i am again..
all fresh
like a rose
and this
one is for
you and its
real.. and no joke..
as you are always
nice to me.. and i appreciate
that very much.. my friend..
i’M a rEaL wHitE kNiGht
but fuLL
oF liGht
and tesT iN dARk..:)

Haha! my friend.. with the
wonderful poetic purple ink..
i’ve been on staycation
in what i can only
name as heaven
for hmm..
33 months
now.. and
even took
a one month
skip from
while finishing
a Novel project
of mine just for
fun of a one
year journey
from April
of last year
through March
of this year poetically
responding to all prompts
and every single link through
that period of nows.. and the
Free Verse Novel i wrote
measured in at 338,630
words in the
and all
and sharing this
joy with the folks
on the trail like you
who have been so
nice to me
on the journey
and all the paths
as truly i am the
good kind
of strange
hehe.. misunderstood..
but with the best of poetic intent..:)

Joyful skips.. animals
iN sPrinG oF liFe
SinGs Summer
Breeze through
faLL WiNter
skiP Of
SpRinG aGaiN..
frisKy dancE
iN eYes
oF heArt..
yes sPiRit
yes SonG
oF SoUL liGhts UP!..:)

Chasm UniVerse
eYes do tale..
broken windows
oF heARt beneath..
childRen spiRit
oF Love..
bRinGs hoPe
for eYes
of SoUL
go by..
Spark oF LiFe
chiLd groWs
adulT hEart..:)

Sadfunny.. how life works..
i could never determine THEN
how anyone could ever THINK
about taking their own life..
OMG.. life.. so precious
beautiful in all
the dArk and
pain.. and
grief.. suffering
and rebound.. through
Loss of child.. Loves..
and all the rest..
still and
true.. then..
but that was
not enough.. as
i came down with the
literal suicide disease.. a
pain worse than dentist
drill in teeth WITHOUT
novocaine but for me
in eye and ear for 66 months..
from wake to sleep named
type two Trigeminal
Neuralgia.. literally
assessed now in
medical literature
as a pain worse than
the torture of literal
crucifixion and 18
other life
synergy of
disorders too..
hell no..
not even
THAT pain
was the worse
pain to me..
i lost my
and even
my sensory
feelings at one
point.. and what i kNow
now.. is what is possible
to overcome.. but what i also
kNoW now for sure.. it is
the silent
pain.. the
that can
be worse than
any fire imaginable
than no feeling at all..
so.. i never judge anyone
for anything.. as no one
can truly see a soul of
dark.. in how
can be..
bottom line.. i tale
this story every opportunity
i have.. as there could be someone
in the listening audience somewhere
who might gain just enough spark
for what i truly miraculously
overcame.. to go on one
more now for reality
that even
at the
of piece of paper
existence.. there
is another now..
a change
matter even if..
as in my case
the doctors give up hope
and tell you just go
home noW.. Now..
and suffer less
however you can
as we have no pills
that will bRing you back..
anyway.. been there.. done
it.. reams of hell.. but yes.. after
the deepest hell.. now.. the greaTesT
liGhts oF Heaven ARE POSSIBLE..

Two ways of liFe..
VeNgeance or
ViCtory Now..
oNe sweet..
thE otHeR
K A R M A KnoW..:)

Ah.. the ingredients
of liFe.. my friEnd
Hank.. a pinch
here.. a
load there..
and hehe.. i like
to write.. and take
photos too.. as you
kNow and sharing..
giving.. ha! no
money for
me.. done that
got iT aLL iN
my other
lifetime then..
now then noW..
skipping April
of dVerse after
a year of poeticAlly
responding to every
single prompt and
link thereiN.. and
hehe.. writing
the freeST
dVerse wHole
iN Novel MACRO
micro Verse(S)weighing
aLL iN “GodsUniVerseNovel3”
aT 338,630 words and aRound
300 gorgeous photos of
Panhandle Florida
beaches.. googABLE
yes.. but iT takes
close to a
and broad band
bRains to open
iT uP and eat the wHole
tHing.. seriously.. i can’t
beLieVe.. i wRote thE wHole
ThinG.. but no liMits.. aS yoU
WeLL kNows mY friEnd as you
are one of the brave
few of ventuRed
inTo thE
siDe oF
and i’m only
shaRinG thiS wITh.. wInks..
folks noW wHo thInk maybe..
i miGht not be ALL THAT craZy..
HAHA.. HEHE.. YES i am.. sMiLes..

sMiLes.. FuNnY
hoW soMe folKs
onLy moVe soMe
hiPs.. tAp
anD dO a jiG..
tHe MilKy Way saYs
spiRAl baBy wITh
aLL yoRr aRms.. fEEt..
hAnds.. aLL ARouNd
wE SwiRL aLiVe
SUns oF HUmans
weiGhtleSS rEVoLVinG
aRoUnd BLack wHOle
soUls oF liGhTnoW..
CreaTinG FReED!..
TriEd tO dO 44 butT enDeD
uP wiTh A fuLL deCk oF 52..
64 enD noW

mY toEs..
aLL CoLoRs..
aRe proPpED
uP toO wITh FiT..;)

Oh.. Walt..
thiS.. iS beautiFuLL..
seriOUSsly.. i would
liKe it 10 times
more if i could..
men with
wE neeD
moRe oF THAT
TRuLy tHey dO..:)

and WInks Viv..
i am like a little
girl skipping rope
in a man’s body at
all 230 LBS now yes..
close to 56 who leg
presses half a ton ..
30 times now
more than
elite Marines
at my military
gym.. but here’s
the thing.. got heARt
too and jUst finished
a Free Verse Novel
nAMed “GodsUniVerseNovel3”
at 338,630 words.. problem
with some men..
they don’t get..
ya gotta exercise
the heArt more than
F in AerobicAlly..
noW moving
wiTh Language
A K A poeTrY Now
is thE naMe of the
heARt gAMe.. and
yes.. Dance to flow
iT aLL from head to toe..
Meanwhile men walk
strong and stiff
and die
of heart
attacks at
60.. i’LL liVe
to 120 in terms of heARt..
mArk mY grave site noW WitH
iT iS WriTten TrUe WiLL With Love bE dONE..
ps that very long poem form i did iN all free verse
stream of consciousness writing was actually
a full anthology of every single prompt and
link in responses of poetic expression
by me.. from April of 2015 through
March of 2016..
and i’m only
shaRinG this
with folks i remotely
think would be interested
in the journey.. but hell no..
to open it up and read it
takes a monster brain..
computer.. and
band access..
reader digest version
wRite heRe wITh WiNks
and bigger SMiLes mY
friend as i
work for
far far behind
me now.. hehe..
Yes and i skipped dVerse
April.. to giVe aLL of iT ThE REST..;)

My friend.. iN thE eYes
oF naTure and
trUe maGic
thaT iS iN tHe
SpRinG oF stePs
iN hUman bEinG..
thOse wHo continUe
A reAl dAnce oF liFe
diE onCe
aNd liVe
alWays noW..
neVer trUly dYinG
aT aLL aLiVe NoW..
To stoP danCinG
trUly iS tO giVe uP
heArt anD i fOr oNe..
WiLL aRt leAst DancE
eYes To 101
And moRe
mY FriEnd..:)

And this ends the
skipping prompt until
i skip back to it as
it is a week long prompt..
but i’ll save that to another
Blog post Macro Verse..
as what lies below
a much
greater trUth..
as the “SonG oF mY
soUL”.. AkA “KATiE MiA
FredericK!il.. GRows
further as WHolE Long
Form Free Verse noW
moreOver 3 MilLion
Words now as PoeM
665 macro
of wHole Long
poEm Verse noW..:)

11:06 am


So.. an apparition of the
Earth with a water-
like connection
to the rest of the
UniVerse maNiFests
like a ghost in our
great room tonight..
more on that
in my ‘next’
blog post
‘in a couple
of days.. with
apparitions to be’..:)


And.. OG..
almost forgot
to mention.. up..
up.. and aWay
iN mY Beautiful
Blue striPed Belk’s
BalLoon wITh tHe
hidden message
on bottom
E.. of course..
within.. wRite on
course foR NoW..:)


i say again on Rafiah’s Blog
i no.. have
no idea
what this
means.. but
have been
missing you..
so just
by to
say hi..
and since theRe
are the words
Insomnia One Liner
in the title hope you
are sleeping Well.. my
friend Rafiah.. for sweet dreams..:)

Rafiah says..

You are always in my thoughts, Freddy.. smile emoticon..
You too have the best sleep in the world
heart emoticon..

And i say..

WiDe aWaKe

And i respond to another
one of Rafiah’s Blog Posts
in Urdu.. completely
to me..

Hi again..
WiLL flY
On a beautiful BalLoon..
Yes.. A crazy one too..
Where Love needs
No words
In fearless
eYes oF WinGs
Of GoDnOw..
Note.. CompoSed
iN Garden
iPhone6 S
For Hope..Dear..:)

Rafiah says..

You should not have mentioned
about iPhone 6s, as I too want
it now. Tongue Emoticon

And finally i say..

It’s the
Only computer
That will
Open me
Up now..
With LTE
i suppose
For liGht..;)


When the SpiRit of Love Lives
in one.. it’s true.. magic
tHeRe iS thiS
Love that has
no boundaries..
colors.. beyond
the rainbow.. liGht
beyond Sun.. liVinG
witHin uS thaT iS trUly tHe
esSeNce oF God aNd thE heiGhts
oF hUman experience.. God that
lives within.. no space.. no time..
no distance..
onLY senSinG
wHeRe past
and fUtUre come
together as a blissful
noW that lasts forever iN
a moMenTouS noW IN
a place that
few arrive iN
noW.. and whenever
someone expresses tHeir
trUe desire to mE.. i WiLL
do everything i can to
help them
to A
place oF Desire..
and Rafiah tales me..
and i WiLL never forget
thiS beSt compliment
any hUman can
receive.. is
to see liFe
liKe onE WiLL
make liFe worth
liVinG noW.. WeLL yA
see.. i lived through the suicide
disease the literally assessed
suicide disease named type two
Trigeminal Neuralgia..
from wake to sleep
for 66 months..
and yes.. literally
assessed in medical
literature as worse
pain than the torture
of crucifixion.. this
pain is like a dentist
drilling teeth without
any novocaine… and
for me it was in
my right
eye and
ear.. and
the rest of
that side of
face.. and when i miraculously
recovered at the end of July
2013.. i went to a place of
heaven and stay
tHeRe since
then noW..
and yes..
i WiLL do everything
iN mY personal power
to take Rafiah and everyone
else uP iN SpArK oF Wide
AwakE as floating as the
stars.. the moon.. the
air and
wE.. iF noT
in a poem.. in a dance
aT Super-Walmart wHere
floW oF i.. flOaTinG
Force iS onE with God..
yes.. thE
seen and
unseen beyond
aS iNfiniTy more NoW..
this is no competition of whose
Quarter back God or so-called
last prophet kNows or feels
more than the
last one or
one after
that in Kingdom
Come.. yes.. alWays
n0w.. Beach of God
lives within.. And sadly
we forget thaT in seNsorY..
eMoTioNal.. and kNoWinG
way.. But Free as God
lives as
breeze.. as water..
winGed birds
of air and
FiNs of sea..
To open one’s eYes
and eARs to tHe aLL oF GoD
iN dArk and liGht iS to hOld hAnds
WitH aLL iN Unconditional Love
oF MoVinG.. Connecting and
Creating iN fearless noWs
GiVinG.. shaRinG wayS..
and after watching
another National
Geographic show
with kind and open
minded actor Morgan
Freedom.. on where iT aLL
beGins for uS.. the beGin message..
is truly noW an endless one wITh
no beginning or end.. we are
loving duSt iN AiR
of God’s eYes.. noW
thiS liFe iS gift
and we have the
Relative Free WiLL to
trUly take this opportunity
of LiFE.. to make iT.. noT
only HeaVeN for uS
but to liFt
aLL oF the rest
of creation we see..
feel.. and kNoW.. uP!
hiGher and hiGher! and
as we do this the Natural
Rule of creation is that our
WinGS gRoW and GloW
greaTer and greateR
thiS gift..
thIs poTenTial
oF Human Nature
thaT iS the greaTest oF
aLL places to liVe withIn
iN Love WiTH aLL.. yeS.. dArk
and liGht WitH no exclusions Now..
a place Of peace oF miNd iN HeaVen
noW.. no end or beginning eternalOVEnOW..:)


SMiLeS.. mY friend.. gigoid..
theRe iS no perfect
but onLY
perfect soUls
are poets who
spend tHeir
lives taLinG
stories.. as when one
disagrees one can then
now juSt say.. don’t yoU
kNoW iT’s juSt a poeM
alWays.. jUst a PLay
oF liFe.. wHeRe dARk..
and liGht.. Good and
Evil.. Lies and Truths
make whaT iS iS..
reaLITy Is sO
i RoBot
i Art.. jUst
to geT aWay
fRom reAson.. anD
to visit ArT iN stayCaTioN
way.. and by A way.. trUe..
thE emperor has no clothes
but the MEeK trUly inheriT thE
earth while others die to own
iT with cultural clothes oN..
trUly.. iF God
weRe to
coMe iN
God BLends
iN.. God reAlly juSt Do iT..
NaKeD IS A J Bird CoCkinG
hOLdinGaLinGinG FuCkinG sMiLinG
wITh oF course.. hAnds wRite oN course.. w/InK..
So.. God comes to Earth in human form.. finds the
women so attractive
he her leaves
them with
a gift..
and while he’s
HeRe heR finds
ShE’s other
ever after..
iN A GardenoW
of Eden.. and ha!
‘they’ thought the story
was about ‘them’.. it’s noW
alWays abOUt mE alWays Now
haS bEen and as soon as noW
otHeRs FiNd Me.. iT’s aLL God..
Good.. i
juSt do..
alWayS WiLL

SMiLes.. definitely agree.. indefinitely..

The rich
Man saw
Poor weeds..
That’s all
My yard
Has Lovely weeds..
Hehe.. To

Imperfection is
perfect.. i see..
And if i
Wasn’t in
The doctors
Now.. this
Could inspire
Some more epic



NoW.. won’T yoU Agree..
thaT IS A very interesting
juxtaposition of the
up.. up.. up.. and a way
place with my beautiful balloon
song.. singing that song.. yes… along
the silver skies.. but oh my God that
F iN Silly Dingaling SonG comes BACK!
and drasticAlly changes
the mood
into the
Joker thaT
iS the reaLITy
oF NoW aS trUly
iT onLY makeS seNse
noW thAT tHe Dingaling
SonG comes before
balloon SinGinG
saiLs iN liGht.. iT’S
A Balance.. LuSt
and LoVe.. yeah ..
like Austin Powers
says.. yeah.. BABY..;)


Yes.. i’m pArt
of the Metro Area..
Bare unleash..
by human beings..;)

MUtual oF FiN
OmaHa WiLd
KinGdoM.. MiXed
wITh YoGi..
aNd KaTrina saYs i’M
tHe F iN
anD cRap..
cUts OuT
hAiRy LeGs
iNmY proFiLe
statUs phoTo
i’LL pLay
A SonG
aboUt LeGsZZtop..;)


WeLL.. as promised yesternow..
another apparition in the Great
Room noW.. and no..
not nearly
as happy
as Flowing
Water from
God to Earth..
but yes.. God oF aLL..
has a dArk Side too.. yes..
oF aLL.. but HeLL no.. not
an outside dEviL anymore
than GoD iS outside of uS..
the DeViL inside and or
Demon.. psychopath..
and yes..
some folks
like to call
iT animalistic
beast.. but actually..
aLL.. social animals..
even wolves.. have
a kind.. nurturing
empathic side..
of Nature..
unless they
are abused.. neglected..
outcast.. particularly
in the early pArt
oF LiFe and
tHeiR bRain
never gets
wired for deeper
pro-social emotions
and associated empathy
And compassion as a so-called
‘normal’ Social Animal WiLL.. and
yes.. in a relatively small portion
of the population.. it is an
innate brain structure issue
that causes a person to
basiCaLLy have
no heARt in
ways of FeeLinG
other folks Love..
Pain.. with associated
impulsive behaviors noW..
ugh.. like strangling the
person one is robbing
as they have zero
ability to feel
the other’s
or even
one’s own humaNitY..
heARt of BeinG..
and yes.. pARt oF
HaVinG Un-Conditional
Fearless Love iS
empathy.. and
sympathy for
those poor
soUls.. who
have little heARt..
either through circumstances
of nature or nuture.. understanding
that iF noT for the Grace of Nature
AKA God.. it could be uS iN those
eviL.. shoes.. oF harming
other folks..
And when i became
ill and lost almost all my
emotions and affective
empathy for those
66 months..
although i still
had my strict moral
code.. i lEarned what
it feels like to be a real
hUman Demon and or Devil..
And truly to lose the FeeLinG
of hUman.. And at one point
to lose all emotions.. feelings..
yes.. of emotions and sensory
ways of FeeLinG LiFe too
at one point of less
than piece of
i lEarNeD what
real HeLL iS beyond
any HeLL FiRe imaginable..
wHere it trUly FeeLs like one
is totAlly separated from
NAtUre.. AkA God noW
wHeRe every second
beyond torture
iS an
like a ThouSand
Years wHere aLL
iS tiMe.. and the
River of Life iS
totAlly dry
words to describe
this real HeLL that
went on in Dante Levels
for a total of 66 months..
and HA! folks ask me
why i dance every
where i go..
and do all
the other
stuff to count
my blesSinGs
in total hUman
Heaven noW..
Been to HeLL
dONe iT aLL nOW..
tHis SpiRiT riSeN.. from the
asHes oF
HeLL.. heARt
liKe a Tsunami..
SLowLY circling the eartH
iN SpiRiT oF MiNd and BoDY
soUL BalancE.. i ain’t afraid
of no Demons and Devils..
iN fAct i have empathy
and sympathy
for them..
as trUth liGht
iS liKe Jesus said..
they know not what
they do.. as they are
already in Living Hell..
and Yes.. they WiLL
continue to pay
a price for
that.. with a potential
for change.. as some folks
with this innate issue of psychopathy..
demon.. and or devil mind.. have healed
themselves.. almost miraculously.. noW…
Hope iN coming back..
i muSt believe
iT iS possible..
as i do kNoW REAL
OR A phoeniX
riSinG from the
asHes of ReAL HeLL inNoW..:)


So God comes to Earth in Human
Form.. So God holds hands
with other Human
Forms.. So now
there are more
God purrs..:)


When i was a smAll child..
yes.. way back when..
age 4 or so..
in ’64..
while the other
boys wished for
Fire Trucks..
and Indians..
i wished for a machine
and a button i could press
that would answer all my questions..
God.. i reAlly wanna know.. God.. i really
wanna know.. it don’t make sense that
there is a just one man hanging over
my bed that is you.. so then
God said..
Let there be
Google Fred..
and no longer WiLL
the Psychopathic leaning
controlling F iN Subjugating
Folks trap God in Trump
chains iN onLY priSons
of Bibles.. Kurans
and other sacred
texts that say
GOD can
go no
than thAT
AS human form
speaks more of
God’s eYes and ears
and yes.. senses.. feelings
and knoWinG much moReNoW.. So
here’s the thingy.. PanDora’s BoX
iS open now.. and God has E-scaPed
iN hUman eYes and eArs.. more than
little F iN BLack Books
thaT HA! hOld God
iN Words aS
sMall as
only 2000 iN
in a little FiN bLack
book named AS Kuran
with 80 thousand words
HE! i just wrote a blog post
with 4 times more words and
limitless wisDom iN compariSon
to THAT.. hoW.. WitH God’s help..
thaT iS aLL oF uS WorKinG
ToGeTheR NoW frEE
iN bRinGinG each
otHeR UP! instead of
GOD IS iF yoU SeeK iN God
FREE noW and tHeRe iS
notHing YOU CAN
NOW.. no.. YOU didn’t understand
what God said through Jesus when
hE said he was coming back.. DuH..
God’s Love iN uS
iS a much more powerful
FORCE and when God SinGs a SonG
oF Love iN uS.. outside uS.. Above..
so Below and ALL around uS.. wE too..
SinG Free
wITh eYes
and eArs oF
A heARt.. A SpiRit
as SonG oF SoULnoW..
No Verse turned away..
No HuWOman turned away..


Oh yeah.. and as a reminder..
this is what i looked like
shortly after i escaped
August of 2013..
notice what looks
like shark teeth
in the right eye
that was all hell
in pain for 66 months..
4 or 5 shark teeth as symbol
perhaps and even Muslim folks
can relate to the metaphor.. of
dajjal.. with eye issue similar
to that.. and yeah..
the ‘Terminator’ too..
before he too..
morphed into
the good guy2..
perhaps through
a process similar
to epigenetics as
well.. or have ya already
forgotten that God woMaNiFests
as both art and science in human
BeinG ForM.. and trUly iT’S reAlly sad that
the culture of Islam that actually developed
the scientific method in the Golden Age of
Islam takes the frigging Kuran so F iN literal
down to an actual play by play of what God
will have to do in the future.. God don’t
play by any human words
alone.. no matter
what pARt oF
God sayS iT..
including aLL oF uS
and any one Of Us noW..
Yep.. back in them days..
i could have scaRed the
pants off even THAT apparition
iN mY great room last night.. yA
hA! even my testosterone then
was measured at 666.. i F iN
kid you not.. got the medical
records to prove iT..
and noW in Angel
form iT iS back
but yeah.. F iN
Stronger than ever..
Leg Pressing close to
half-a-ton now.. F iN 30 reps..
Power oF Love baBy.. iS noW
wHeRe iT’s aT NoWoNeNoW..
And ps.. notice my eyes are
very pale blue in that photo..
in my case.. the change
to pale green eYes..
dam sure ain’t
no siGn
of wiTch


Have you ever seen the Sgt.. Pepper’s
Album Cover.. WeLL.. for the sake
of Epic Long Poem Sea Stories..
as truly the paltry 2000 or so
words and three photos
in my latest blog post
titled.. “Sea stoRies
oF God WiN’.. iS
short oF aLL the Glory
oF GoD aLL thaT iSnoW
and quite honestly.. while
i enjoy the poetry books of
Kuran and Bible.. and yes the
Tao book too.. sTiLL not reAlly
imPressED.. when it comes to EXpresSinG
aLL o’ God.. even when written in somewhat
of a group effort as is then.. so that is why i for
one continue to increase the witness effort as such
since around March 1st 2013.. thAT now totals aT NOW
WeLL over 3 MiLLioN Words as SonG oF mY SoUL
otherwise kNoWn as KATiE MiA FredericK!iI..
So yes.. back to Sgt. Pepper.. i’m kinda
like Capt.. Salt.. if you get the deeper
meaning there.. the album
cover is all about
a lonely heARts
club band that
inspires aRT
oF human BeinG
that trUly iS the eYes..
eArs.. yes.. seNsinG.. FeeLinG
KnoWinG pArt of hUman as
GoD NoW.. and noW that we
have a much larger voice of God
in way of Google and such as that..
combining free copies of Kuran.. Bible..
Tao.. and unlimited rest of God’s voice
of Nature iN hUman.. tHeRe is no more limits
of hUwoMan eXpreSsinG SpiRit oF heArt.. iN
yes.. MiNd and boDy soUL.. BaLanCinG allone.. yes in TEAM
EFFORT.. kinda like they do in that first supper metaphor
in Lorde’s Video by the sAMe name team.. and yes.. the
call has been put out.. in mY metaphor terms now.. of course..
Keep in MinD this is sTiLL pArt of a Free Verse Long Poem
free style of writing.. continuing on in that 3 MilLion words
plus effort.. and tens of thousands of photos and
hundreds of videos too.. to more fully illustrate
what i eXpRess here iN eYes.. yes.. senses..
feelings.. kNoWinG all about all that iS
aka God of nature.. in new age
IT way.. all online of course..
now somewhat easily
accessible with
iPHone 6s.. but
haha.. i’m kinda
like a thief in the
night of the new age..
of sleeping.. as by God
ya.. Gotta be WIDE AWAKE
AND God of Course too.. geNeRAllY
sPeaKinG as such now.. yes.. juSt noW..
oKay.. quick copy and paste to my blog here..
as i don’t wanna strike the wrong key and
accidentally delete it all out.. and ugh..
have to sTart aGaiN even though
i WiLL continue on.. no matter
what.. hmm.. less than one
minute to open my site
up.. must be
’cause so
many folks
are sTiLL on
their lunch break
speeding up the
Internet.. as Lunch
is of eating of course..
and work is for mostly being
online.. hehe.. in smART phone way..
oH.. a mind is a terrible thing to lose..
the Internet helps build it back
up.. but the heARt.. SpiRit and
soUl.. tRust me that’s heLL to lose..
and that’s wHere all forms of art
from poeTry to SonG and
Dance build heARt
back up too.. in
moVinG.. connecting.. creaTinG
way.. as ya see i ain’t gonna
just law down some law.. i am
gonna illustrate to ya.. in OMG..
so many ways.. to get to heaven
now and FriGGinG stay Here
and never F iN have
to wait!..
No sHITs
that’s what i’ve
dONe and WiLL nOW..
continue to do in epic
sea story long form free
verse style poem.. as tHeRe
are many views of the way
reaLiTy rolls and if ya WiLL
and FeeL and kNoW GiVinG
and ShaRinG aLL i kNoW.. FeeL..
and SeNse aBouT aLLthaTis is
dam sure more than jUst
a Tall TalE Now..
as soon as folks
wake up and
all the thieves
in the night who
are wIDe aWakE WeLL
beYonD what i do here!!..
anyWay.. iMaGinE a continuing
Sea Story Poem here. wHere God
Lives for centuries with no end..
watching F iN hUmans harm..
maim.. and KiLL each other
in the name of GOD thenoW
when these three letters
trUy spELl FREE
end and beGinNinG
oF meaning Of Never
ending story now.. so
let’s juSt say paRts oF
God get HOT.. HeLL
overaLL the misery and
killing in the name of Free..
just a moment here.. the wife
is asking me to help her make
up the bed.. finished and back again..
makes me wonder if Mose’s Wife made
him take out the trash.. WeLL i for one
dam sure do it.. as Katrina reminds me
of course.. and that reminds me too..
‘this really cool picture’ comes as
a direct result of Katrina
getting frustrated..
AND tosses
all my Cpt..
SAlt super heroes
and other friends..
all around the room..
and that actuAlly insPiRed
all of this and more now..
oh.. the dARk of MoVinG
Life i Love you in demon
and or angel form..
oh yeah..
and remember
that show Lucifer..
yes.. the wife is kinda
like his assistant too..
but unlike he.. i retain
the flesh way of
monogamy of
course.. and
find other
ways to play
safe and sound
as it were and is..
in matters of Lust and
Love free of course as
any angel and or devil
WiLL do.. yeah.. a bad
and or good boys..girls
gotta do what
he and or noW
she’s Gotta do
to keep the muse
going in full oF aRt
way in good smell
or great taste all
the way
HeLL to
Heaven now..
and i am so glad
that the Lucifer show
next season is taking
a direction different than
the Sandman comic it is noW
based on originally goes then..
and that’s the problem with sticking
to the same dam old thing.. FREE AS
in God WiNS goes neW and inNoVaTiVe
alWays iN trUe NoVeL way now as Change!..
so wHeRe was i.. yes.. heRe of course.. and
after God watches all the Misery.. Suffering..
and Killing in the name of free.. God decides..
we ain’t going by that Kuran.. or Bible story
anymore.. and you guys after all that
Killing and continuing stuFF
like Stove top burning
wives over there..
and crap like
telling my
children as meS
who can and cannot
be free to marry whomever
the FucKinG Free they WiLL..
means.. i’m keeping Jesus and
Lucifer in Heaven and instead i am
gonna send my FucKinG Secret
Special Agent.. Fred
Stone to
get the bigger
job done.. through
words instead of swords..
remember now this is just a poem..
and i must determine what song to go
along with this in my comments section
of my poem titled “Sea stoRies oF God WiN”
as a somewhat perfecto mundo.. complement
to juSt THAT!.. AND OF course noW not many
folks WiLL read it.. but of course.. THAT
makes seNse.. as Fred Flint
Stone and his
newest Arrow
head are sTiLL
iN Stealth tSunAmi
mode like a FucKinG
thieF in the night.. special
agent.. Secret soldier oF
God.. yes of course.. the
picture is perfectly muddy
as how dust WiLL be
somewhere along
the course of
dust to
in Now..
so anyway.. this
secret thief and
agent of God iN
Stealth soldier way
must complete a very
very very difficult mission
FoR God from now of Birth..
ha! ironicAlly on 6660.. that
keep those nasty nasty fundamentalists
guessing on both sides as such if they
ever catch up with this.. but hehe.. that’s
God’s Secret Agent protection..
a Frankenstein Einstein FucKinG
bRain to go along with
yes.. a pretty
hot devil
body for
close to
a 56 year
old soldier
secret oF God
thief now.. so..
born with Autism..
not able to speak until
age 4.. this young boy then
will have to be the weakest
looking among the other young
men and eventually become the
strongest one in the room.. with
three college degrees too.. and
like the cool movie.. the Big
Lebowski.. he will
work in a Military
Bowling Center..
passing out shoes
to smelly feet and
such.. for almost
2 decades to lEarn
all about the colors of
human being well beyond
A to Z.. and along the way..
he must marry one of the
most beautiful angel/demon
girls as remember Fred is
Devil/Angel too.. and
she will never age
as that iS
pArt of heR
Agreement wITh
God all to take up
this particularly difficult
mission in this lifetime now..
by the way you never die..
but you are gonna have to
work reAlly hard for God
iN ALL nOW Fearless Love Way..
to gET thAT FuLL understanding
now.. 100% more than
even the word
faith alone
can understand
now.. no escaping
Nature as God iN iNFiniTy
noW and don’t expect me to
prove that to ya.. thAT pArt
WiLL aLWays be between you
and GodONE.. and when yoUr
Kingdom comes and stays..
you too.. WiLL most
definitely more than
infinitely live in
REAL F iN Heaven now..
are you still with me.. sorry..
i kNoW sTiLL how cold
HeLL can be..
it’s FucKinG
nothing in
tHeRe but
never ending
time wHere the
neXt second of NoW
alWays heaven never
comes now then..
but hopefully
you will not
go there
as i truly
bLack wHole
soUL.. but iF you
do and come out noW..
smelling like God’s Roses
like i.. all though at nows Katrina
disagrees with that notion after
i dance a solid 8 hours of sweat
and crotchy smells and stuff
like that.. you kNow the
musky man scent
and all of that..
remember now..
God iS Good all the now..
and that includes smelly
crotch after dance
reaLITy too..
yes.. i kNoW..
i am a fool for laughs..
and a sacred one too..
hmm.. what now.. yes!
there is that nude poeTry
stuff.. WeLL ya see.. back
to the point on God iS Good
alWays noWin dArk liGht
ways iF ya gET the wHole
liGht of God iN eYes..
ears.. and yes..
believe it or
not Penis
and vagina..
no matter what
size the pen
is or
the va
a is..
oh even how
that looks.. including
all other senses.. feelings..
kNoWing all that is aka God
NoW.. it’s all God.. yes God you
Heaven is alWays noW like an erecTioN
of spiritual liFe that never ends in heaven..
kinda like that beautiful Kuran metaphor similar
to that.. wHere some folks interpret
pArt of that as perfectly
perky female breasts..
but virgins.. hell no..
women have to
practice to
get better
as they age
at sex too..
and trust me
forever now..
is a long now..
without a turn
on below here
and now..
yes.. people
used to tale me
i talked like a computer
so i grew some sensual
humor.. laughs.. giggles..
and just plain.. Robin Williams..
and Jim Carey.. Wit aS iT were..
and is now.. OH God.. the
challenge.. but OH
God it’s all good..
another challenge would
be to write the longest
free verse poem.. now at
3 million words.. per
663 Verses noW aS
SonG oF mY SoUL..
starting out in
special agent
secret soldier
thief style..
as KATiE MiA
FredericK!iI.. after
writing 8 million or so
words on the FriGGinG
last resort for outcasts in
online earth hell.. for somewhere
y e s S T i LL named Wrong Planet..
around 2 and a half years or so.. then..
ALL FOR THIS.. heaven now..
and yes.. there is the
leg pressing close to
half a ton 30 reps..
kinda hard to do when
ya used to be a shut-in
for 66 months in ya
bedroom.. stumbling
out into the back yard..
barely able to make
a TV dinner.. and the
over 5300 miles of dance
WalKinG everywhere ya
go in public for close to
33 months now.. and
10 thousand or
so naked selfie
Poetry Nude Art
photos.. as you must
develop a flesh body
oF Art like David.. Apollo..
and the FriGGinG statue
of Liberty in draG oN too..
ha! and now the only
question iS WHO
WiLL play me
in the movie
that iS
already did it..
as Katy Perry says..
in her song wide awake..
Story never ending finishing
LIKE THE ULTiMate waves of A sEa story
WiTh God
now thief of
Real i Live now..
only secret for those
as thief.. who do not ‘see’..
or work or have a slow
internet connection
or computer..
getting that
pArt up
to speed..
ain’t my
FucKinG JOB..
already did JOB..
noW it’s juSt FReED..
FucK.. the few folks who
sTick by my side deserve
more than living forever but
trust me or not
the forever
iS alWays
a dONe DeaL..
iN HeaveNoW..
and anything less..
FaLLs short of the
Glory oF Ye GOD..
noW iN needle
continUes gRoWinG..
HoPe fLows OceaN 8 WHOLE
StatUe oF hUman stONE coMes liFE..
Oh by a way..
Fox got LA
wrong on the
Lucifer show..
LA don’t stand
for Los Angeles
LA stands for Lower
Alabama.. Also known
as Flo
in PAN
man way..
yes.. remember
11 joining hands
to make 8 iNfiNitY H
standing taLL as
two hemispheres
oF bRAiN man-
like dude
becomes one..
and the rest oF
Earth follows
suIT wHere
East and West
HemiSpheRes.. North
and South LaTiTudes..
joIn hAnds oNLine
and become
tUrnED oN..
yes.. obviously
for now the dude..
off of the Big
WILL alWays
bE an inViSibLE
thief.. man.. but
yeah.. i’M
just to see
the two hemispheres
continue to join online
with or without my F iN
Superheroe(S)helP iN NoW..
but trust me.. this ain’t
just a prayer.. this ain’t
just a wish.. this wHole
FucKinG tHinG IS A MaGicK
FucKinG inCANtaTioN
HAiRy Fred
mE on thAT
SaLt never ages..
never ending noW..
iN Cpt sAlT SEa StorY WaY..
And yes..
i feel
much better about
that celebrating the Glory of
God thingie.. as this Facebook
status thingy.. weighs in at
2367 words plus
this.. close
to a thousand
words more than
the blog post it
resides in but that’s
just pArt of doing all
that is this.. as no sHits..
serIOUsly.. when i’m out and
about the southeast dancing
like a Forrest Gump.. i will
seriously tale ‘thEm’ they
can just Google
“Sea StoRies oF God WiN”
and read all about my Sea Stories
in quick smArt Phone Google search..
if they will and like of course.. as hey..
i’m just here for the sMiLes.. the
laughs.. all the giggles
of google..
to spRead REAL
that heaven CAN
trUlY bE a relative
noW Forever noW..
iT juSt don’t get any
better than that.. as far
as i for one pArt of God
of NatUre.. feels.. senses..
and kNoWs iN HeavenOW..:)


“Destiny feels a shameful portion of guilt,
for a thousand sand castles, never built.”

That’s a fruitive poetic thOught written
by you gigoid..
and one that remains
true for those stuck
the ages..
wHere newer more
colorful Sand Castles
are the pyrAmids that
never got built.. or the baby
who was never born.. or whatever
comes next.. that one put off from
doing yesternow..
now.. so easy
to get
in a rut
of same..
when culture provides
all the sugars and fats for
close to free.. wHere Moving..
Connecting.. and Creating.. becomes
vicarious mirror-neurons in Soap
Opera.. drama.. cop show
or even Kardashian
reality show way..
TV team sports
replace softballs
on the grass.. and
cooking shows are
watched but never have
time to come real on table
and chairs iN sitting together
more than one foot from a
4 inch
So.. i for oNe continue
to build alWays new
Sand Castles
as ya gotta
go wHeRe the
birds migrate if
ya expect to remain
a bird of a feather toGeTheR asOne..
but hell yes.. miss those 2 Decades
of Cheers Bowling Line Work..
never a dull a moment
when 100 or so
eYes of God
noW and heLL
yes.. after hours
we used to watch X
rated movies as a community
together.. Jesus.. one day i’ll
have to make a special blog
to relate all those old
sea stories
if only the
Cold Terrazza
Floors could
And yeah..
of course that is
why one of my favorite
movies is the Big Lebowski
Movie for me.. the whole
dam thing
for REAL.. wITh mE..
Saddest pArt oF aLL
my friend.. is when folks
no longer move.. connect
and create as REAL.. AND
AGAIN that’s the real
i dance
now 5300 miles
in 33 months.. liVe
iS to short NOT to livE REAL
Bowling Alley LiFe iS Truly
Beach LiFe
when Nature
SinGs Free
as uS and
them.. aS One F iN BoOWLinG
League toGeTheR iN Ten pIN WaY..
but yeah.. Old Seville Quarter Cheers
wHeRe everyone kNoWs mY nAMe
now.. increasingly
as DanCinG LeGenT..
thAT mY
friend iS an
honor earned
and never F iN bought
wITh Trump Green
back comb overs..
followers or
likes.. shares
or WTF on
or Word
i FucKinG
my bald
iT is
mY onLY CRoWN..:)

Every now i come
here i iNnately iNstinctually..
iNtuitively.. sense.. feel..
and kNoW that GOD
iS iM here
as nows
go on..
iN how
GoD oF
Nature per
voice sPeaKs..
now just goes
to show.. ‘Atheists’
can be the FucKinG
greaTest Christians oF aLL
iN manners of the REAL HeArt..
spiRit and soUl.. my friEnd but noW
thAt is earned moreover by worKinG
with people than things or books alone..
perhaps more clergy should volunteer
at Bowling Alleys.. Mental Institutions..
or Caregiving Facilities for the
before they
earn the right
to say any FucKinG
thing about what GoD
is or was back then in
noW a F iN Book alone..;)


sMiLes.. my friEnd.. Candice
some stuff in hUWoMan way
continue to stay the same as
change through all the ages in the
greatest wAr oFall.. and that mY
friend is yes.. the battle
of the sexes..
core of what we
are as masculine
feminine whole iN
balance.. per egalitarianism
and the privilege oF RiGht to
be FRE AS mE.. or the matriarchy
of the primitives at 10 to 12
thousand years ago
and some small
world pockets
sTiLL noW..
in hunter and
ForAger ways..
where not unlike
the Bonobo.. our closest
primate couSin stiLL in Ape
way.. Women have the
power iN GaTheRinG
and males
are hunters
and sex slaves
more and more
yes.. give me more..
seriously.. i have degrees
in Anthropology.. Social
Sciences Interdisciplinary
and Health science albeit
my school mascot was
only the humble
but oh
does the
shell grow
long and young
new in fossil way
hehe.. like me i guess..
as dinosaur young i go..
anyway.. in Patriarchy Ways
of liFe generated by lower resources
in less hospitable environments the size
ratio between men and women becomes
dimorphic more so as protectors as such..
and next thing ya know ya got Jehovah Witnesses
and all of THaT.. covering all the free up.. ugh..
that sucks.. meanwhile.. women suffer
at the hands of the
larger sex..
but times are
a changing my friend..
and the best of all stuff
is when the me generation
gets Free Egalitarianism alloWinG
noW masculine and feminine balance
in just one individual free.. but OH NO!
NOW.. AND WHILE Hillary has got
her man down..
frigging Donald
ain’t got a clue
what the
Divine feminine
Power iS STiLL noW..
truly the macrocosm of American
Politics is a symbol of this global
changing way.. as Nature WiLL
have her way in grandest macro
view now.. there are enough F iN
Folks.. so time to put down the
baby tools more..
or do whatever
Nature says
to make
Balance a
Piece of cake
where we all get
to lick the frosting off the Cake..
ha!.. couldn’t resist.. this is one of
my favorite old egg head things to
discuss free and putting
iT iN Free Verse
Science F in ART..
and it smells good to me..
i guess.. ’cause i juSt diD iT.
F in
See ya over at
yoUr next post..
as F in religion
is all about
the battle
of the sexes too!..;)

SMiLes.. my Friend aGaiN..
Candice.. all or nothing
certainLY rings trUth
iN dArk and liGht
oF and to mE…
Oh.. the
human archetypes.. hUwOman
religion without words..
action and inaction
dArK and
or liGht..
and reaSon
rHyMinG mORe..
i neVer kNeW aLL
unTil i experience
iT iS fAiRly
easy.. noThing
iS thE oppoSite
oF FeeLinG.. SeNsinG..
InteRdepenDent noW
MoVinG.. conNecTinG
creATinG aLL nOW..
butT i’m a reaList
besT oF aLL
mY friEnd.. thE rest
of iT iS juSt words..
Dance over Words
Fearless FREE
NatUre uS aSonE
iT’S MaGiC ReaL
EnOuGH FoR mE..
As HeArt.. SpiRit
and SoUL gRows..
young is Young noW
aS THat aLL GRowS
Ocean WhOlE
Arts liVe
iN liGhtnOW..:)

Candice a poet
broad minded and
heARted who really
gets me in the online
world of what seems to
be mostly restricted poets
overall of what is possible
when one sets themselves free
of the parameters of forms before..
And here.. i quote Candice’s nice comment back..

“I think YOU say it best! Do you publish these
incredible responses? As poems? You should! Wordage!”

And then i say back to Candice..

Ha! Copy and paste..
My middle Name..
When every word
Visual image
Sacred with
Every step..
Icing.. yes
On my cake..
My entire
Blog is
A multiVerse
Poem of
664 macro
Well over
3 Million
Words.. Scores
Of thousands
Of photos.. With
My latest one Macro
Verse Novel just
For fun.. Named
At 338,630 words alone..
For 40 years.. i was creativity
Dry.. Practice oF Art LiFe
i LivE noW.. Love your
FiGhting SpiRit.. My friEnd..
Candice.. thefeatheredsleep..:)

Candice says..

“I’m hunting frosting as we speak !..;)”

And i finAlly say..

We can


Just another
Yellow Boy photo..
or turn around briGht
eYes from dArk to liGht..
hmm.. and that reminds me
of two very strange and interesting
videos.. i think.. i feel.. i CAN SHARE..
iN fAct.. i
WiLL.. i dO..
yes.. Wilt thou
WiLL be dONe..
wITh FearLess
Love iN NoW..
and that reminds me noW
too.. a vote occurs tonight
between the wife Katrina..
and the two gym girls..
one Pacific Islander
Like Katrina.. and
the other Mexican
kinda like Katrina
too.. at least
in noW somewhat
Hispanic Look..
okay.. NoWiNoW..
yes.. the choices
of shirts to wear to my
109th dance week.. Thursday
niGht at Old Seville on Cinco
De mayo night.. the 5th of
May.. yes Thursday niGht..
was/ IS A competition
between three
shirts.. that
WiLL motivate
the most dance
selfies with the
much fairer sex
as it were and sTilL
does seem to be.. noW..
one.. a shirt of Red Sith..
Another Shirt of #Beast noW
per logo white on black shirt..
And the other.. a Blue shirt..
with Logo of Jesus Loves you
with pointer fingers.. but i’m
his favorite of course.. the real
O’Neal now.. wRite on course..
true scotsman
or whatever..
but anyway..
under unanimous..
sweet female helping
friends and wife.. the
Jesus wins so Jesus WiLL
be my dance MO JO noW on
Dance niGht Free and naturAlly
hiGh as that is how the Jesus
and me do it.. oh.. so sKy FLY!..
And no.. i am not a ventriloquist..
i am more like a parrot that’s hiGh..
and that reminds me of my friend
Cortney who has parrot(s)..
but that’s another
dance or sea story
at Old


Hmm… SPeaKinG oF Golden
Yellow Boys.. Mercury transits
thE Sun oN tHe niNth of MaY..
Mercury of course.. the planET
of communication.. genderless
energy.. logic.. reasoning.. and
all about short trips
here and tHeRe..
and associated
with the
Roman God
Mercury.. trickster
as such too.. and
arbitrator of commerce..
with Greek counterpart
named Hermes.. associated
With Egyptian God Thoth..
as scribe of the
Gods of
on course..
Well.. anyway.. when
Messenger gets together
with scribe.. in the middle
of June Astrology sign of
Gemini precisely in the
middle of that
sign on the
6th as such..
yes.. energy is the
result.. words.. words
and more words as Mercury
Dances aCross tHe fAce oF SuN..
talk about a hero of the sAges.. WeLL
yaH.. thAt’s
thE GOlden BurG
BoY Mercury
for ya.. tHeRe..
across the Sun..
And this ends another long
run of Free Verse Poetry..
many visits..
many words..
spRead aLL aRound..
the online world..
but now to
wITh aLL
the cool coLLege
aGe folks.. yes.. celebrating
my 109th.. night of dance week..
and more fun photos coming here
somewhere around the wee hour
of 3 am on the 6th of May.. one
more month to 56 for me..
mArKinG that date
noW.. but nah..
age not
scaring me
as it’s all relative
wITh a heARt.. a SpiRit..
and.. a SoUL thAT continues
To EvoLovE iNFiNiTy NoW eTernAlly..
HEaVeN HeLL DEvilLivED iNsiDE OUtsIDe AngELivE
SinG iN GoD
LovE iN GoD..


Nature of Matriarchy..
Patriarchy.. then noW..
and the new mE..
wAve of Egalitarianism
thaT works in some Homogenous
cultures in Scandinavian countries
where it was at least for a while
safe to leave a baby
unattended on
the street
as most
got along
and shared
the bread and
drink as it were..
but yes.. heterogeneity
has arisen.. and when there
is different with human a
certain pARt
gets scared..
the conservative
part.. yes.. the one’s
who never went nomad
so much.. my friend.. StiLL
Sticking close to wheRe we aLL
come from.. in general but of course
the conservative and liberal element
of human is tied into
androgens.. estrogen..
neurochemicals.. all yes..
a complex stew of human
being very much brewed by
the arms of culture and societal
stress that is mounting as
we speak..
less in terms..
of teenage pregnancies
these days.. which means
that and the fact that unless
Hell Boils over we are gonna
have a female Prez.. for the
U.S of A.. anyway.. was
gonna publish my
new blog post
until i came
here.. and the womEn
of the decade and new
2000 years of common era..
aRe the one’s who have got tHeir
divine masculine attributes of StrenGth
and WiLL.. balancED wiTh diVine gRace LoVE
and F iN.. men are too frigging afraid
to get the grace.. empathy.. Love
and other associated Pro-Social
EmoTioNs stronger ’cause
they are afraid it’ll
make ’em weak..
be further
from the Truth..
Just ask a Graceful Loving
Dude who can leg press
close to half a ton.. 30 or so
reps.. now.. with the testosterone
levels of a 75 year old man at 55..
i don’t drive 55.. ’cause of my noW
eMoTiONal sTELLar liGhTeNIngNoW
gRace iN INteLLigenTce..
noW.. Jesus
i could live forever
noW wITh thiS much
Love and Grace
that drives
the real
IN dArK HoruSE..
Way… hehe.. haha..
i Love to play with Words
and do all the strength
with grace
and EmoTioNs
mY friend as
tHey are the
oF the
GalAxY oF
i ain’t got no
t a
t c l
i t or
is.. as
iS.. iS..
mE tHe hArLoT
oF aLL aGes heRe
to get a rise ouT oF woMen..
and that reMINds mE.. LuciFer
oN thAT neW TV sHow.. tHe oNly
thing he is is afraid of iS MoM..
getting out of hELL f0r thE
and i AL
Y..f Y i..;)


WeLL.. Lala Rukh.. Five months
almost since you’ve visited your
blog and as of.. never any broken
promises from me now.. at least..
here i am again on the 6th of May..
and hmm.. this makes close to 33 months
that i have been communicating on every
post you’ve made through several bLogs..
and i remember the first now i saw the
White Pearl back in the Summer of ’13..
coming to miraculous recovery for all
my illnesses and finding you on
Mind Retrofit’s site..
while that friendship
seemed to take
an abrupt end
for me and
Retrofit there
Or at least trickling
off after that to eventually
silence.. it seems that God always
brings me just the help i need to deliver
the best message i can from A to Z and
beyond back.. and truly it started on
that Wrong Planet and my first
Facebook friend who chooses
to be anonymous in matters
pertaining to the stranger
of i.. really helping
me when i was
on my last hope
to belong anywhere..
with encouraging words..
then to Retrofit.. to you..
to Rafiah.. and several other
Pakistan and Indian.. friends
as of late.. including good
friend Himali.. but truly
you helped me in
my recovery from
aLL mY illnesses
in inspiRAtioN..
so thanks and
come back
when ya
can.. as ya
kNoW.. i for one..
WiLL bE theRe NoW..:)


Poetry never grows
old and neither does
artist when art and artist
become one Force WitH God..
Science as the scribe thereof when
And architect
join hands in reaSon
and science and scientist
and artist are one Force WitH God..
God within.. God outside.. God above..
so below and all around.. moving.. connecting
creating hUman and God become one ForCeNow


YuP.. i supPose iT
iS saFe to say.. noW
briGht eYes
have turNed
are back aGaiN..
Facebook Friend Glenn says..
cool shot with the light, Fred.
And i say.. in return..
Thanks Glenn.. back then.. my motHeR
tOld mE neVer lOOk The SuN iN tHe eYe..
but i told her.. Mama.. thaT’s wHeRe
aLL thE fUn iS.. as the Boss says.. iF
yA gET the oRiGin.. oF tHat.. SonG..
per Blinded by the
liGht.. by Manfred Mann
and the Earth Band and
the original writer of thAT SonG..
yes.. tHe E-Street.. Blues..

DO yOU eVer seE God noW Play
guiTar.. serIOUsly.. iT’S FucKinG
iF yoU SeeK in God FriGginG
aMaZinG.. aS tHeRe iS iNfiniTy
more Strings.. particles.. waves..
fields.. of all that is..
And the F iN
SonG iS a Perfect
Practice oF Art and
Science.. balanced..
As Oracle FloWsWitH
Architect REALnOW
iN zOnE SonG oF liGht
And dArk miXed.. WitH
aLL then colors of AiR








BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..:)



IMG_6620 IMG_6622 IMG_6623 IMG_6624 IMG_6625 IMG_6626 IMG_6627 IMG_6628 IMG_6629 IMG_6630 IMG_6631 IMG_6632 IMG_6633 IMG_6634 IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6637 IMG_6638 IMG_6639 IMG_6640 IMG_6641 IMG_6643 IMG_6644 IMG_6645 IMG_6646 IMG_6647 IMG_6648 IMG_6651 IMG_6652 IMG_6654 IMG_6656



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21 Responses to SinGaLinG

  1. Desert..
    next slide please
    iN FAcebook ProFile
    Photo Status thingie format please…

    And.. as next slide appears..
    via last Facebook Photo
    profile status thingie..
    Yes.. Rose..
    Desert Rose..
    adversity and beauty
    go hand in hand.. dArk
    and liGht and aLL of that..
    iS and the thinGiE i liKe
    perhaps most
    about a Rose
    is it reminds
    me of a
    Art of the
    female beauty
    as such.. and sadly
    some males are scared
    of something as beautiful
    as that.. but instead of getting
    into a battle of the sexiest today..
    i think i’ll take a victory
    dance for personal
    excellence in
    as Beyonce
    might SinG
    and DancE.. iN
    fAct and YoUtuBe
    Video.. both Vince
    and Beyonce WiLL
    join in on my Victory
    SonG and Dance simply
    ’cause the egg heads from
    Bill Gates and moving from nerd
    to Geek with Steve Jobs.. helped
    build the field of dreams that prepare
    ye a way.. for all my endeavors now..
    in modern IT Info Tech way.. haha.. hehe..
    life is great when Robots are the slaves..
    and ya.. ain’t gotta worry ’bout maKinG
    no more bucks as such
    as slave to the
    dollar as much..
    as little as THAT’S
    TO A HeARt.. A SpiRiT
    a SoUl.. gONE to Waste
    without moving.. connecting..
    and creating aneW iN hUman bEinG
    way.. ha! whomever said this
    salvation thingie is a given
    from loSinG
    THat and thiS
    stuff of human
    soUl.. didn’t really
    even do tHeir
    iF yoU SeeK
    iN GoD Homework
    as such in do and does
    too now as less.. sadly as such
    no longer such much of the excellence
    of our animal fore bearers as wE free foragers
    in free abundant Forests.. Rivers.. Lakes..
    teaming with fish and all other wild
    life iN balance oF thE Circle Of
    liFeNoW.. so anyway.. i wasn’t
    quite finished with the
    crux of the achievement
    i am engaged in
    as team
    mate iN
    action with
    the God oF aLL Nature..
    when i danced last night
    with all the pretty Forest nymphs..
    innocent as such.. like fAiR Angels
    too.. but matters not.. as the
    desert in my backyard
    and most beautiful Rose
    both inside and outside
    is always waiting for me
    in my very modest
    purchased home
    in ’93.. at 60K then..
    and seriously.. if ya wander
    what i feed my Roses to make
    ’em look that pretty.. including the
    one inside.. not a dam thing..
    they feed themselves with
    Nature at hand in roots..
    and when the drought
    comes they adapt
    to challenge
    change and grow
    even more beautiful
    in heat or cold.. and hell
    no.. i don’t use no frigging
    pesticides.. herbicides..
    fertilizers or any
    other man
    in effect of
    Nature balance..
    as by God that is how
    the Rose of i has grown too
    in the harshest of desert soils..
    now in rainbow colors beyond
    the Sun and Moon.. and what
    folks who have never been
    to real hell.. and won
    the trip back
    to heaven
    may not
    grasp until they
    make that dArk
    journey and liGht back..
    and then say.. oh that
    was what that crazy Fred
    was going on about on Facebook..
    we didn’t really realize hell and heaven
    exists now.. but oh my God it does..
    i wished i had taken some
    helpful hints back then.
    but yeah.. sure i sTiLL
    KNow hoW
    the purgatory
    of our current
    culture works..
    Rats on treadmills
    never ending.. yes…
    purgatory.. always looking
    forward to a better now.. wHere
    trUly the best WON can bE NOW..
    AnyWay back to Beyonce and Lombardi..
    the 47th SuperBowl.. and i’LL continue
    to pursue hUman excellence
    wITh thE WiNd oF God
    fUlly at the humiLITy
    oF bare feet iN
    hot sand
    in Paradise now..
    When aLL iS sacRed All
    iS heaVen.. beGiNNinG and
    enD oF stoRy noW.. wHen Halos
    coMe inTO vieW Of uS wonONEnoW..:)

  2. (photo coming to next blog post)

    Okay.. this is kinda complicated..
    but since i never make anything
    complicated.. hehe..
    i’ll try..
    this is Katrina’s Sister..
    the older one in the photo..
    and Katrina’s Sister named
    Kim + baby.. whose name
    is Candie who is Katrina’s
    niece.. and Katrina’s
    niece Candie has
    a daughter
    Antaya who is
    Katrina’s great niece
    and Antaya is pregnant
    with Katrina’s soon to be
    great great niece in a couple
    of months or so.. so that is the
    story of this young woman waving
    here at the Facebook Audience
    with baby daughter
    at ya
    too.. named
    Candie as such..
    yes.. still sweet
    first generation niece Candie..:)

    Okay.. now that we have the family
    tree thingy straightened out
    and per last
    profile photo
    status thingie..
    about the desert
    rose inside and out..
    here’s the inside
    one.. the soon
    to be
    Great Great
    Aunt with the
    Daisy Dukes
    iN heR
    doubling as
    not only wife
    but house wife..
    accountant.. hunter..
    gatherer at Super-Walmart..
    etc.. yard worker.. cat caretaker
    for both Yellow Boys.. and let’s
    see yes.. extra credit for washing
    my XXtra sweaty Dance clothes
    that come that way day and night!
    as such.. as much.. and more..
    and let’s see.. what else..
    she does..
    else.. but dance..
    write.. and write
    and dance for
    me.. sleep eat repeat..
    and yes.. she does the rest..
    It’s kinda like that Osiris..
    and Isis Egyptian
    myth thingie..
    as mother..
    sister.. wife..
    and assistant who
    puts humPty dumPty
    back toGeThEr aGaiN
    when all the King’s men
    and Horsemen.. including
    Doctor’s of suit as such..
    couldn’t do a dam
    thing for
    me.. so yes..
    Isis.. Rocks on
    Mother’s day..
    with surviving
    child or not..
    liFe goes on
    in epic and
    legenDaRy waY.. aT lEast iN mY
    MiNd..iN thiS hOUse moLDofOLd..:)

  3. are be
    are are
    are are
    be are..
    tHoSe.. the words
    to tHeMe SonG
    from the
    of the Third Kind”
    by a way are be..:)

    Yep.. and sPeAkinG
    iN WiLD Male Reindeer
    tongue.. a free video for the
    show of Human Enlightenment..
    Awakening… Satori.. truly Born
    again.. by work over race..
    and yes.. Kundalini
    natuRaLLy RiSeN

    *works over grace
    makes more sense
    than race
    when typing
    too fast
    at the
    end of the night..;)

  4. SPeaKinG of Be per tHe last Facebook
    status heHE.. a ‘few’ words HAha about
    Bey.. yes wITh Y after Be and bEforE oNcE..
    oNce noW for BeYonce.. now MoRe woMaNoW
    peR ReBirth.. KuNdalini Rising.. Born aGaiN..
    Ascension.. Satori.. lots of metaphors
    for this archetype of hUman.. includinG
    the Star of David for upward
    pointing triangle for
    Divine Masculine
    for Divine Feminine..
    where the softer.. Loving
    Graceful Feminine side of
    human being in most every
    human being joins up with
    the harder.. more aggressive
    Willful and fearless side of
    human being potential..
    and sparks
    uNite iN bRain aNd
    body balance soul..
    and tHe dARk and liGht
    of Yin feminine and
    Yang masculine
    ONE UNiVERSaL Force
    oF hUman bEinG when both
    hemispheres of brain are working
    bEtter toGeTheR as when East and
    West Hemispheres of Human beings..
    North and South Latitudes.. converge
    in macro view CoMinG ToGether oNline
    sharing sciences and arts of
    to raise each other
    up.. and thaT iS Nature..
    my friEnds.. God working
    through uS wHole aT bEst..
    ending the repressing
    and oppressing
    Force of the
    Patriarchy started in the
    Agricultural age of human..
    some 10 to 12 thousand
    years ago.. where humans
    started storing more than one
    needs as foragers.. and greed..
    jealously.. control of others through
    illusory fears and empty promises of early
    religions become the norm for control of larger
    human populations where humans are no longer
    smaller groups as evolved to connect.. friendly..
    and dancing naked around the camp fires of the
    garden of human eden way creating Art of Body
    back then.. and still
    in some primitive
    rain forest
    cultures down
    South America way..
    where clothes are the evil
    and not F iN NaKeD.. so here’s
    the thingY.. when a person becomes
    independent enough like Beyonce.. and
    sure.. money helps if you don’t let it become
    the guiding force instead of moving.. connecting
    and creating.. there is the epigenetic potential
    of regaining our truly free roots in masculine
    and feminine balance as Super men and
    women in comparison to domesticated
    cats and dogs.. fed in the
    cat and dog bowls
    at the
    dinner table..
    And truly Beyonce’s Dancing performance
    iN thaT 47th half time show says everything
    about what true human ascension in potential
    reAlly is.. when the spiRit of human
    archetype anima
    and animus comes
    toGetHeR in an explosive
    potential display of what
    thE heARt.. Of emoTioNs..
    tHe spiRit oF expreSsinG thAT
    SpiRiTual energy no less than rays
    of Sun that warms us from morn to dark..
    can energize us briGhter than thE moon
    through tHe dArkest oF new moon
    and liGhTest Of Full Moon
    NiGhts..wHere one
    bEcomes yes..
    more sensual..
    more powerful.. more
    resistant to the negative forces
    of life.. sure.. more potentially aggressive
    if need be to defend one’s life in action..
    and yes.. more graceful.. more
    Loving.. with fearless energy to
    Love Like Angel liGht
    set on fiRe
    with diVine fearless
    Love of the Living God iN
    Balance iN eYes that do more
    than yesternows Do.. and beYonce
    is one of those Angels of God walking
    free as God WiLL Be on the fAce of thiS
    Earth now.. and sure sHe’s MiSSunderstood..
    as not everyone has F iN Worked for tHeir
    place iN heights of sKy hiGh
    with WinGS of Angel
    Fire God
    soaring with
    SuN and above
    as below as ONE..
    And yes.. like many
    artists who shine briGht
    as Stars on stage.. Beyonce
    raised religious.. in her case
    Catholic.. retaining her faith
    in God and wearing
    a halo of
    balanCinG God
    inside.. outside..
    above so below and
    all around with thE aRt
    oF SpiRit iN DancE SoNg
    and PoeTry of Lyrics BE
    she stand out for
    balanCinG reAson
    and Art.. a phenom
    oF God
    oh yeah.. and how
    do i understand this so
    weLL and eloQuentLY..
    BEeN tHeRe AM heRe..
    Be iT
    once aLL toGetHeR noW..
    i AM2 halves come wHolE..
    sure most of this stuff goes riGht
    over the head of folks until they too..
    become one with God.. i Love to eXplain
    it juST
    i can.. i WiLL
    to bE Y
    wITh thE
    power of God
    inside.. outside..
    above.. so below..
    and all around as the
    DancE and SonG of i noW
    explodes iN aLL Directions..
    Super men and women are
    wE when fully engaged and
    empowered by tHe Lord God
    ONE Force
    of hUman
    bEinG noW..
    and that’s all YeShua
    was saying too reAlly..
    but he didn’t have a Super
    Bowl 47 and a court reporter
    like i to more fully illustrate
    it like
    mE and
    BeYonce are doing
    wRite now.. totAlly
    not KnoWinG each
    other but wITh Universal
    spiRit alWays noW.. no matter
    iF the Video was from 2013.. or not..
    HeLL.. sHe miGht have even put enough
    energy out for me to feel a spark from it
    here iN Florida.. as shortly after that is
    when i felt my first spark then.. anything
    is possible with the REAL POWER
    OF GOD.. when thAT poTenTiaL
    and Ascension
    bEcoMes Real..
    but trUly if you do not..
    seek it.. find it.. and practice
    iT alWays like Beyonce amazingly
    stARting.. doing noW.. phenomenally
    briGht on the stage.. at only age 21 or so too..
    when.. i got my first spark that died away until
    53.. you WilLL never find iT.. iT is no giVen.. iT takes
    WorK.. iN FucKinG iF yoU seeK iN God noW.. and
    folks like me and beYonce WiLL try to help sparK ya..
    to do juSt that.. but only A dArk horse who lives
    iN liGht WiLL dRink
    the Water
    when iT
    available as liGht..
    with or without the Be Y oF otHeRs..
    and hell no.. no religion or
    ideology of other
    words owns
    this experience
    no words are
    even required
    as the liGht
    of God iS Wordless
    the liGht of God is Essence
    that lies bEneath.. BeYonD
    symbols/idols of hUman BEinG..
    But yes.. sure.. words work
    as signs to help get tHeir
    no less than
    of triangles
    pointed up
    and down
    in pyramid
    of God way uP
    to the capsTone oF ONE..
    So yes.. Beyonce is not the only
    one.. one can see these signs of help
    clearly in music Videos.. like Katy Perry’s
    ‘Firework’.. and ‘Wide Awake’.. and yes
    of course wRite on topic
    her Video Dark
    horse too..
    but for now
    since we are sPeaKinG
    of BeYonce and i Am Celebrating
    her gift of God that comes through
    working with gravity as liGht
    of God instead
    of going
    the negative
    dark way..
    of repressing
    and oppressing
    human feelings.. senses..
    and hell yes.. seNsuaLiTy
    too.. as some would
    drive You away
    from God
    oh.. that
    kinda stuff
    is evil in illusory
    fears away from
    freely moving.. connecting
    and creating like Katy
    and Beyonce do..
    a little luck
    is available
    with the song

    711.. if the spark
    comes and you practice
    the work of God within in
    moving.. connecting.. and creating
    until the rest of death comes and
    ya do iT all over aGaiN eternAlly
    in God’s liGht or not noW and
    that is wHere relative
    free will comes in..
    we can either SinG..
    DancE in liGht
    or bE dARk as
    it is just the
    way it works
    in dArk and liGht
    balance.. wE LiGht
    workers are inspired
    by workers in tHe dArk
    and the daRk workers CAN
    bE inspiRed by the liGht ones
    too.. and the balanCinG Force
    of liGht and dArk goes on
    but truly..
    the greATest
    gift oF liFe
    iS iN Dancing
    free WiTh a
    SonG oF liGht and LiFenoWONE..
    Yup.. tHe folks in the rain forest understand
    and juSt do aLL of thiS wITh zero books @ALL..
    God lives
    books.. HeR
    ReAlly Do bE FREE..:)
    TrUly SkeYes hiGh
    oF God iN hUman
    eYes are greaT..
    sAdly though..
    folks who walk
    iN dArk will do so
    many things to take
    that away.. but tHeir
    IS A liGht iN hUman
    bEinG that GroWs
    as briGht as Sun
    and moRe..
    that can
    be taken
    away.. as Long
    As thAT flAmE FiReS liGht..:)

  5. ANd witH aLL thaT sAid..
    i celebrate tHe dArk and liGht
    pARts oF aLL Religions.. cultures
    and other mythologies.. celebrating
    all the human archetypes that are
    as real as real can be
    iN noW.. aLL the hUman
    poTenTials.. thaT God
    oF Nature makes real
    as Us.. when wE
    seeK.. FinD and
    eXerciSe thEse poTenTials
    in NoW.. So yeS.. i WiLL Celebrate
    Egyptian Mythology.. Christian
    Religions.. Buddhism.. Islam..
    ETc.. Xtoo.. respecting tHe dArk
    and liGht that has
    the potential
    for what iS noW…
    But trUly DanCinG
    and SinGinG iN thE liGht
    of God beST as thaT iS mY
    waY oF BEinG noW..
    and wITh thaT sAid too..
    Mercury iS CoMinG noW
    aCross thE FAce of Sun
    on 9th day.. May 2016 noW
    anD iN thaT sAMe Mercurial
    Messenger spiRit i Do the
    sAme.. symbols tHeY are
    no less.. than idols
    of words..
    howEver tHe
    patH to liGht
    thaT coMes.. pays no
    miNd to who thInkS they
    own the essence under aLL
    symbols that come as human
    abstract concepts now to relate
    the essence of trUth and liGht
    above.. so below.. inside
    outside and
    all around..
    tHe Force oF aLL..:)
    whaT Facebook
    gets for asking
    me the question
    ‘what’s on your mind’..
    hehe.. never hear that from
    anyone else.. as i suppose
    a tSuNaMi.. spRead oF miNd
    is Not everyone’s noW aGenDa..;)
    And speaking of THAT THAT reminds
    me of this SonG hear and look
    wHere an iron fist of God
    FroM SpAce..
    caN bE
    A TsUnaMi oF SaCreD
    LovE spReaDinG
    aCross thE SUn
    oF fearless Love
    Love Wins
    for those who
    Dance and SinG fearless.. Love
    iN Star liGht sKeYes of GODnoW..
    EnDinG note.. i understand Captain
    America.. and some Civil War
    thingy of dArk
    and liGht
    Has arrived
    at the movie
    theater this
    weekend too..
    perhaps i’ll
    go or perhaps
    i’m already tHeRe
    iN ‘CaPTaiN SAlt’ waY..;)

  6. iN CelebraTiON oF Mothers
    Day.. my mother Helen..
    at age 17.. wading
    aT Navarre Beach
    and trUly
    thE UncondTioNal
    LoVinG Force thaT
    iS sTart Behind
    aLL Rose Star
    iN PeN oF i..
    Every Rose
    wITh SeeD liGht
    Rose oF Mother
    iN Pen oF Y i.. aGaiN..:)


    Well.. mY friEnd.. Prajakta..
    i wasn’t a father very long..
    but long enough
    to kNow and
    FeeL for sure
    that i would
    lay my life down
    then for anotHeR
    little one.. noW
    and hold that
    little one until
    his last
    did come..
    iT wasn’t something
    my wife could do and
    it was a mother inside of
    the father i.. that i never
    fully knew the potEnTial
    for noW.. NoW.. so faR..
    unTiL then.. As fatHeR
    trUly tHeRe IS A mothEr
    In most every fatheR and
    a FathEr iN most every MotHer..
    And while single parenting..
    although not the optimum
    arrangement for
    a child.. iT sTiLL
    noW can maKe
    a child botH LoVinG
    and Fearless too..
    iT iS different
    my friend..
    but too
    for those
    who balance the
    best of Love


    Adrenaline.. the stuff of fight or
    flight.. cats use it
    and immediately
    go back to
    all other animals
    too of course.. except
    for caged humans in a lightening
    storm and yes the cage is very metal
    and cold
    and dark
    and tinged
    with energy
    never ending
    to meet the tasks
    assigned by illusory
    cultural expectations..
    enforced by the mighty
    dollar.. a boss.. or illusions
    of limits and expectations now
    that we humans make real..
    R and R is the way
    to heaven..
    Work in flight
    or flight is truly
    what science now says
    is battery acid on the brain..
    and all other body systems..
    and yes.. the only way
    to attempt to escape
    it is to repress
    all emotions
    to get
    away from
    fear.. but emotions..
    just move to other places
    as fear becomes pain in the
    body in a never ending cycle
    to escape the onward slaughter
    of adrenaline on every F iN Body
    system from head to toe..
    and then unusually sounds
    are too loud.. lights
    are too bright..
    feet get colder
    hands get colder
    palms and forehead
    no longer even sweat
    when nervous..
    the body
    is breaking
    down all systems
    this is more than just
    an F iN Nervous breakdown
    this is the real physiological
    process of stress hormones
    destroying the body
    in a slow burn
    torture that
    is real
    as H
    2 O but
    in this case
    a slow fire in hell
    of human being..
    WE are animals
    rule number 1..
    rule number
    two we must
    rest sufficiently
    or suffer the inevitable
    deterioration into entropy
    that can make living a death
    like Zombie Real in apocalypse
    of our own hells now.. and truly
    when all dims.. emotions go away..
    the pain body is all that’s left..
    the warm and fuzzies..
    smiles.. laughs..
    are all gone..
    and there is not even
    a reference point back into
    the liGht of Human Emotions..
    senses.. sensuality.. in FeeLinG
    all of what animal joy can be
    just to roll in the sands
    of the mid-day sun
    and hug the
    grass of
    the moonlit
    Orb of Full Moon Night..
    as any free cat WiLL do
    when not metal encaged in
    A ThunDer aNd liGhtening
    storm of seNsory and
    EmoTional input
    and output..
    We too can be
    Free cats too.. but my
    friend.. sometimes when one
    is encaged in adrenaline hell
    too long.. it takes years.. and years
    to truly fully recuperate back to animal
    homeostasis.. and Maslow was correct
    if that is not taken care of.. it’s hard to go
    up to the capstone.. of self actualization
    or even to the 6 step above.. to being
    One WiTH the UniVerse Whole
    in ascension real..
    fully awakened..
    where above
    galaxy below
    we and me
    are one
    i’ve been to the
    battle field of adrenaline
    fired hell.. two years of stuck
    in the on position and eventually
    to hell for 66 months for all the
    destruction flight or fight
    stress did
    much in the
    whole of 19 medical
    disorders.. and while
    i lived much of my life in an
    up and down cycle of adrenaline
    frenzy to keep up with the demands
    at hand.. now this cat.. baby.. sleeps in
    grace.. as truly the real power of limitless
    energy.. strength.. and potential lives in grace
    away from any anxiety.. flight.. or fear in general
    away from peace.. and really unless one escapes
    as far as i can see.. from the now demands of a
    functionally disabling culture as home..
    the matrix is real.. purgatory..
    and real hell too..
    slowly torturing
    a human
    to less
    and nothingness
    in hell as not well at all..
    And hell this is more than
    just a poem of truth and liGht
    empirical science now shows..
    stress and the deleterious impact
    of associated stress hormones F iN
    Kills in terms of misery and suffering
    and an eventual premature death..
    and no job or dollar bill
    or other commitment
    is worth
    any of that
    hell my friend..
    so i always lived with
    less.. spent less.. did less
    that my other peers did.. and
    now i reap the reward of no spending
    and having enough to never ever
    have to
    go back
    to the matrix
    of human cultural
    hell of limits and expectations
    straight to A others.. and self imposed
    on a briGhter note.. pet your cat for me..
    and may you
    purr too..
    my friend..
    iN Sun and Sand
    of liGht.. wITh Grass
    moist at night
    the fires
    of hell
    mY friEnd.. gigoid..
    resting peaceFuLLy iN liGht oF HEaVEN noW..:)

    And sPeaKinG of R and R.. tiMe for a cool
    change.. i’m thInKinG..FeeLinG Beach and
    or CapTaiN America/sAlt..
    aT thE theATer..
    eitHeR oNe
    i..iT WiLL
    BE joY
    as i dAM
    sUre kNoW hoW
    to have fUn and
    keep iT going alWayS Now..
    moRe iN balance than uP and dOwn..;)

    noW YeaH..
    And tHeRe’s
    A SonG for thAT
    wITh thanks for the
    continUinG inspiRaTioN..


    WeLL.. as SeAsons.. the God of Nature
    and the way God speaks in Signs of Nature
    including culture and all the by products of
    that that are pArt of God two.. change.. the last
    4 poeTry Free Verse Blog Posts sAMe change..
    iN synchronicities..
    shared All from thE
    saMe day..
    May 7th
    aLL sTiLL noW wRite
    oN topiC.. heRe wHere
    i NoW make one Ocean
    of Blog post instead..
    of several streams and
    or Rivers FloWinG separately..
    as they say iT all comes out when
    the rinse.. wash.. and dry cycle
    moves.. connects..
    and creates
    and or comes
    back to liGht
    wRite oN
    and now off to
    R and R for mE..
    Thanks again to Facebook
    for being such a great
    free secretary
    in algorithm
    go go way..
    as Synchronicities
    continue to flow in ocean i..wE..:)

  10. Well.. ‘you’ probably didn’t notice..
    but alarmingly the green man
    went missing in my
    last Super Hero
    assistance Squad
    helping with my writing..
    stationed usually on the side
    of my computer.. but as talked
    to in a recent blog post.. Katrina getting
    frustrated dusting all the details of my
    desk arrangement.. kinda slung all the
    Super Heroes around the room..
    and apparently the
    Incredible Hulk..
    said this
    lady is
    out of control..
    i’m gonna save my
    own green skin and
    ske·dad·dle out of
    her way..
    so anyway..
    The Green man
    and i reunite in the
    dancing sand box free
    of boarders in my back
    yard.. and he is back in
    his place of help.. and that
    explains why he didn’t come
    to help Captain America’s
    team effort in the
    civil war
    all about Vengeance
    at the Theater today..
    as viewed.. and i think
    he went to a nursing home
    or something like that and
    more news about that at 10 pm..
    or a little after on 5072016.. as
    a Facebook News Report coming
    live to you.. in a few moments now..;)

    Oh God.. before i get on with that
    live News Report.. reference last
    Facebook Profile photo status thingY..
    there is yes.. other important news to
    report.. my Aunt Teenie’s 89th birthday
    on Mother’s day.. yes the 8th..
    so we went to visit..
    and yes..
    a very nice
    iT WAS
    AS photoed here..
    okay now back
    to the
    coming momentarily
    in my next Facebook
    Profile photo status ThinGy
    now.. after a long day of dance too..:)

    That’s it.. That’s the reason
    the Incredible Hulk couldn’t
    help Captain America
    at the Theater
    today.. he was
    busy visiting
    Captain SAlt’s
    Aunt at a Nursing
    home just to tickle her a little..
    reference her non-verbal
    facial expression.. of
    course.. anyway..
    Happy Mother’s
    day to all
    PERHAPS the incredible
    Hulk WiLL come visit some
    of you
    or at
    least check
    up on what you
    are doing now
    on Facebook..
    and maybe like
    for whatever..
    or no
    at all
    but FeeLinG..:)

    Reference.. my Recent Facebook
    photo Celebrating Mother’s Day
    with a 17 year old age photo
    of my Mother..
    yes.. my mother
    was voted as having
    the best figure as a Senior
    in high school that year.. and
    Katrina says that’s where i got
    my curvy figure.. and nice
    round butt.. as my
    father had
    one of those
    flat ass
    butts if you’ve
    ever noticed that
    kind of man butt
    as such cracking..
    fixing stuff
    and Jesus..
    holding a pose like
    that is almost as difficult
    as walking on water.. on land of course..
    and yes.. i know that’s quite a few
    profile status photo thingies..
    in a row.. butt.. please
    i was born
    in the precise
    Center of the Gemini
    Mercurial twins on June
    6th.. and since Mercury
    is FiXinG to cross the
    Sun on Monday..
    the 9th of May..
    first now since
    2006.. yes.. a 10
    year dry spell in this
    intimate relationship
    as such.. between Mercury
    and Sun.. it is rubbing off
    on me.. just a ‘little’ bit
    and i am
    kinda ramped up..
    or as one Medical
    Doctor and one Licensed
    Therapist said this week..
    mildly manic.. to put it
    kindly.. hehe..
    yeah.. baby..
    it’s surely
    gonna be
    Just Another Manic
    Monday.. but trust me..
    not only is Sunday mY Fun
    Day.. every day is the
    F iN
    4th oF
    July aS
    Day oF Y i set freeNoW
    Isreal.. truly iT iS iNoW..
    and yes.. ‘Prince’ wrote thE ‘SonG’..:)

    YuP.. aNd tHeRe hE
    iS.. tHe oriGinal
    GOlden MeRcUry
    RoMan BoY
    iN thE flesH..
    AKA HerMes..
    iN GreeK fORm Too..:)

  11. Faceboook Friend Rafiah shares
    information about a
    movie with
    Benicio so and
    so in it and i say..
    as she Loves the
    Sherlock Show..

    That reminds me.. Benedict Cumberbatch
    is gonna be playing a really cool part
    in the comic book based movie..
    Dr.. Strange.. this fall
    at the big Theater..
    a movie all about
    how belief can change
    a person’s reality.. looks like
    a good movie to me.. if you like
    that kinda thing.. SMiLes and
    Happy Future Mother’s day.. Rafiah..:)

  12. WhY aM i so Happy.. Fearless..
    Confident.. Full of Love.. and
    aLL of ThAT.. WeLL yeah..
    sImply ’cause.. i’Ve..
    alReaDy ascendED
    if ya reAlly kNoW
    and FeeL what
    thaT iS as
    too oFIsrael..
    and that’s just
    a couple of cardboard
    box in print heroes behind
    me while i am surrounded..
    inside.. outside.. above.. so below..
    and all round by Super Heroes noW..
    GoD oF aLL..:)

  13. Carl Jung and some of his contemporaries were pioneers
    in exploring the inner Universe of Human
    collective unconsciousness..
    Ranging from personality
    types of the introverted.. intuitive
    thinking.. judging.. INTJ type that
    i used to iNhabit to the Extroverted
    Intuitive Feeling Perception ENFP
    type that i personally suddenly
    changed to over the course
    of a month in July
    of 2013..
    ha! perhaps
    the text book version
    of a bi-polar change then
    from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde..
    however if you don’t know.. the
    Superhero archetype.. and generally
    speaking even the Superman comic then
    and other originally based theatrical
    productions are
    in alignment with
    sTiLL noW the
    same basic
    hero archetype of nerd
    changing to super hero..
    derived from Jung where
    Jung was also influenced
    by the Renaissance Artifacts
    in art of ancient Greece and Rome..
    where truly only about 5% of the population
    then was exposed to the ‘higher’ thought of the
    day as of course there was no Google of
    the United States then.. spreading
    Globally.. just the elite had
    access to the
    high brow stuff
    then.. nows have changed
    drastically where the poor shy
    boy.. can get a Pell Grant.. get
    three college degrees and eventually
    Move mountains of words.. in metaphor only
    please.. but yes.. human archetypes are real..
    it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see the patterns
    through recorded history and even the artifacts of
    prehistory.. to see the common sense of this..
    and yes.. some folks interpret patterns
    with right brain thinking
    like Jung and other
    like Dawkins
    and Hitchens can’t
    see much further than
    cold empirical repeatable
    science while the human’s
    emotional.. sensory..
    moving.. connecting..
    creating inner Universe
    is a work of Art of
    the God of Nature
    as sTiLL evolving
    and still recorded
    from the origin of
    all in our DNA as such
    as Creation Dances and
    Sings in moving continually
    inspiring and inspired by sound
    from the end to the beginning of
    now and all around again..
    in the cycle of all
    that is.. noW.. yes..
    aka God.. noW noW onE..
    so as i spin around too..
    here and spiral.. know that
    God is speaking to you.. noW
    haha.. in “Layman’s” terms
    here.. and according to the
    Pauli Effect that empirical
    based only scientists pooh pooh
    but respected Jung and Pauli applauded
    when actually experiencing it as high
    energy.. highly intuitive and pattern
    thinking feeling folks.. so yesterday
    at high energy levels the alarm
    went off after i danced in
    Dick’s Sporting Goods..
    my iPhone froze up 3
    times when i attempted
    to take pictures.. and
    as my wife can tale ya..
    there was a stretch of so-called
    coincidences that yes.. are synchronicity
    that really happens when human energy flows
    and is unrestricted by analytical worry mind..
    as five store computer registers in a row locked
    up in the course of two days.. while i could
    sense my high energy then.. and yes..
    whenever i am on a dance
    spree.. there are folks
    who tale me they
    can feel the
    positive energy
    when i come into the
    room and there are other
    stiff brow literal thinking
    INTJ types like i used to be
    who just frown and say he is
    F iN Strange.. well yeah.. baby
    per my last comment to Rafiah
    call me Dr. Strange..
    yes..tHeRe have noW
    been many Dr. Strange’s
    in history and while Buddha
    was truly more of an empiricist..
    the reported Jesus and Muhammad
    in terms of moving mountains
    don’t get much more
    Dr. Strange than
    and now that science
    has finally established empirical
    evidence for the voodoo effect of
    negative thinking and consequential
    negative results per the nocebo effect
    and the power of belief and positive consequences
    otherwise known as the placebo effect.. while one might
    say it’s only a sugar pill.. duh.. it ain’t the sugar pill
    that does it.. it is the associate power of human belief
    that some folks who are yes.. magical leaning
    thinkers can manifest in their
    life.. but the
    literal thinkers
    remain in a black and
    white world.. truly removed
    from this alternate inner and
    outer action consequence of magic
    humans.. baby.. who can have more than
    the colors of the rainbows generated
    yes.. in terms of human Force in all
    the potential colors that will
    come to liGht.. depending
    on the bell curve of what
    one is born innately with in
    terms of DNA.. and develops in
    nurturing the human mind.. body..
    heart of emotions.. spirit expressing
    emotions.. senses.. and sensuality and
    true it all moves together in human potential..
    M i N D a n d B o D y iN B A L A N C Enow..soUL..
    AS sexually repressed folks generAlly sPeaKinG
    do not charge as much energy in either emotions
    or senses as does the free one’s among uS
    without the human restriction
    and actual physical
    tension of NOT
    AS THE FROzEN princess
    says when sHe iS ascending
    too.. and getting free and exploring
    hEr human potential too.. there is an aMaZinG
    Art to God that science iN juSt five steps..
    are baby steps compared to what the truly
    self-actualizing human can
    do.. and even studies
    of pre-cognition work
    best when the visual images
    are sexually stimulating away
    from the mind of mechanical cognition..
    but sure.. sexual stimulating activities
    And HeLL no.. not just the bill Clinton Def..
    as science shows now. as well.. are a source
    of both creativity.. productivity.. and a driving
    force for human cooperation.. as studies of our closest
    primate Cousin Bonobo also show that sensuality freely expreSsinG
    in flesh and blood contact are A way to peace.. noW so the Beatles..
    Jung.. Pauli.. and F iN Greek And Roman Renaissance thInkers and
    arTists.. THEN were on to the trUth and liGht as even science iS
    coming around to show.. NoW THaT thE art of Dance and other Art..
    can cure emotional illness.. other psychological maladies..
    and even F in
    PTSD.. as the body
    keeps score.. in a
    recent book by a medical
    doctor with case studies..
    as per the method of Carl Jung..
    as empirical studies cannot be
    appropriately done because of
    ethical issues of using
    human beings
    as guinea
    well.. what i fiNd noW
    iS BaLanCinG elements oF
    aLL the human archetypes..
    iS what raises my energy
    the hiGHest.. as i continue
    to explore my PoTenTiaL.. so all i can
    say iS look out computers.. alarms.. and
    all other electronic devices.. including humans
    who can sense the energy of other folks..
    as i may.. heHE.. be coming your
    way.. so here’s a storm
    alert for THAT above..
    so below..
    inside.. outside..
    and all around.. simply
    cause i BelieVe.. i WiLL..
    i CaN.. i jUSt F iN Do iT..
    and lET the naYsaYeRs.. continue
    to steep.. in bLacker tea.. than
    Rainbow tea that i continue to brew..
    in colors more noW As biGGer RainBow too..
    and sure that happens when tHe synErgy oF a
    color wheel Of enErgy coMes ToGeTheR.. tHeRe
    are nuances of colors
    never seen
    SpeaKinG oF course..
    as Einstein miGht say.. noW
    juSt ’cause yOu doN’T experience
    iT in yoUr inner/outer UniVersAL diMEnsIon oF liFe
    don’t mean miracles are not real in a UniVerse
    wHeRe they
    NOW.. iNOtHeRs…
    iN A BOOK
    J 316..
    iN A BOOK.. AND HE SAID then
    iN HUMAN’S ways WHO NoWoNoW
    ARE LIKE HIM doing MorEnoW
    iN CaVES
    OTHER HuMANS… noW oNe
    FREE and MoVinG.. DanCinG
    SinGinG PoeTrYinGYanGinG
    ouT oF thE cAVe alWaYs noW
    A MiSSioN statEment Of FReED
    iN trUth
    AnD liGht..

  14. WeLL.. trUly it’s not easy to be Superman..
    the White Knight.. the Prophet..
    the messenger.. as history
    and even the latest
    Captain America
    Civil war show
    shows.. as ya gotta
    break the rules of the cultural
    norms.. after you do ascend and
    find greater trUths and liGhts to give
    and share.. and yes.. as history shows..
    a path of little thanks or even notice at nows.
    even ostracizing.. up to F iN Stoning.. Hanging..
    Burning at the F iN Stake.. and sure
    cruxifixion.. but hell NO.. i ain’t afraid
    as God already damned me
    to HeLL for 66 months
    with a pain worse
    than Cruxifixion
    in medical literature
    real identified as type
    two trigeminal neuralgia
    from wake to sleep worse
    than dentist drill without
    novocaine.. in eye and
    ear.. and when you
    truly go
    to hell
    there is no way
    but up.. and no way
    but fearless.. and no
    way but appreciation to
    the one who sent you there..
    the God oF aLL.. as it’s just the
    way iT iS.. and the path to liGht
    does come from dARk.. as science
    shows.. and my history does too..
    So sure.. at nows.. i feel
    a little like the
    dude in the next
    video.. and as his comic
    book history shows.. he too..
    was a bit of a hell boy too.
    perhaps not born on
    060660.. but
    maturing slow
    not reaching real
    adulthood in
    uNtiL then
    my age
    of ascension iN
    at age 53..
    as yes.. noW
    WiLL have iT
    and yes.. my assistant
    would have been identified
    as a demon back in those days
    of burning at the stakes.. with
    her form of grimacing faces
    in complex partial
    seizures that
    come and
    goes on a day
    to day basis..
    where she looks a little
    bit like she’s in hell fire
    when experiencing this
    dArk of liGht.. as liFe
    as well.. and sure
    at other nows
    i just wish
    for a backyard
    and some more
    rainbow tea.. and sure..
    it would have been nice to have
    a couple of kids.. but in my case
    the two of me.. in balance of dArk
    and LiGht.. Masculine.. and
    feminine.. yes.. anima
    and animus
    one.. and my path
    is longer and more
    intense in liGht than
    most.. but one WeLL traveled
    by others as history shows.. so at
    least in vicarious way.. i am never alone
    and truly for many of ‘those’ folks like the
    one who was crucified.. the really truly
    only real reward was/iS the
    intrinsic eternally
    reward NOW
    of Heaven NOW
    NOW directly coming
    from the God oF Nature
    that iS aLL noW.. and
    thaT iS the cup
    of beyond
    rainbow tea i continue
    to drink.. with out extended
    family of children..
    my offspring..
    is the liGht i bRing
    to others.. and yes.. the
    DArk oF iT that may be perceived
    by those who have not already been
    to HeLL to understand the necessity
    of dArk to the journey oF liGht iN respect
    that aLL oF God iS trUly good in ways that
    we little flea human bEinGs SucKinG thE
    blood of liFe that doGod gives
    and shares have no
    idea truly of
    how Great God
    is as compared to
    human fleas.. but again..
    iT’S useless to get angry at
    God or even other folks in hate
    lasting ways.. as We onLY hate our
    selves ultiMateLY by doing thiS..
    as wE are aLL pARts oF
    GoD wHoLE iN noW..
    so WitH all thAT
    sAid HeRe
    is a little
    Barry ManiLow
    and HeLLboy2..
    with a fiery girl very
    much like Wife Katrina too..
    just another day for Super Hero liFe..
    in aLL the dArk and liGht thAT
    comes @HanD
    WiTH God’s
    And yes..
    i can’t sMiLe
    wIThoUT YoU..;)

  15. YuP.. somenow
    juSt oNe sMiLe
    iS worth an
    eternity in hell
    now just to get to thAT
    sMiLe aGaiN.. so happy
    Mother’s day to Katrina..
    truly Mother to aLL for mE..:)

  16. So.. anyway.. per the last Facebook
    status in appreciation of the Wife Katrina
    as super assistant.. sorta like a
    guardian of AngEL..
    the fire of i..
    does occasionally
    scorch her bRain.. iN terms
    oF Mercurial Spirit in the continuing
    mood of Mercury crossing the facE noW
    of Sun on Monday.. Mother’s day is sTiLL
    alWays kinda sad for Katrina considering
    we lost a child and do not have any
    other flesh and blood children..
    so.. we go to Kohl’s
    so.. she can use
    her Kohl’s gift
    to buy me
    four more super
    cool themed T-shirts
    to dance.. and quite frankly
    i am as about as spirited as i’ve
    ever been.. since i finished the year
    long task of building a third of a million
    word poem.. and continuing the three million
    word Plus Free Verse poem overall that is coming
    to fruition as i type.. to the scale of 666 MACRO verses as of
    the next blog post that is this..noW.. anyway.. so i’m dancing
    A NUTcracker like suite.. to a couple Rock and Roll FAST
    Songs.. in an open aisle area at Kohl’s for around
    an hour or two.. and keeping my distance from
    the other Mothers who are coming
    in to use their gift certificates..
    and a concerned older
    Lady.. approaches
    the customer service
    desk then.. on the other
    side of the store.. as she
    has spotted the man twirling
    in the aisles on the other side
    of the store.. in concern.. as after-all
    is said and danced.. the dude is rather
    large and has Shades on in the middle
    of the day.. so she is doing her civil
    duty in case someone gets
    hurt in ballet
    by the charged
    uP strange dancing
    dude who is me.. then..
    anyway.. little does she
    know my guardian.. Katrina
    is standing at the counter finding
    out if she has any more Kohl’s
    coupons and such as that..
    and tells the concerned
    older Lady.. THAT’S
    DANCING.. the demon in her
    arises.. and hell fire surely
    comes out of her eYes.. a little..
    as yes.. i for one
    have seen
    THat before..
    and the sweet customer
    service girl.. just so happens
    to be one of my Seville Quarter
    dancing fans.. unknown to me though..
    just from the distance.. and she tales the
    older lady.. yes that man dances every
    week at Seville Quarter.. the older
    Lady then scurries away..
    and did say she has
    a relative with
    Autism too..
    so a little
    was displayed by
    her too.. and the nice
    young custom service female
    assistant says to Katrina..
    yes.. sometimes i just want
    to sit there and watch him dance..
    he is so much fun to watch dance.. and
    just another day in the life of a public
    dancer comes to the end.. after traversing
    close to 30 miles over two days.. increasing
    performance skills as always.. coming into
    new moves.. and bringing greater levels
    of mindful awareness.. focus.. nuanced
    new emotional spiRit of heARt and soUL
    Balancing as miNd and BoDy..
    increasing greater
    short term memory..
    and in general
    executive functioning
    in moving.. connecting.. creating
    ways and Jesus… WOW.. i am
    ascending so high in heaven
    within.. outside.. above..
    so below.. and all around
    in the equal metaphors across
    cultures termed as Kundalini Rising..
    Satori.. Bliss.. Nirvana.. and yes.. once
    again.. the same general ascension experience
    that Jesus is reported to have
    yes.. in general per even
    what they talked at Church
    about in Luke’s New Testament
    Gospel today.. for do not look up
    to heaven.. as heaven is within..
    God Lives within.. and for those
    who experience real ascension
    the Kingdom of God
    is more fully
    here as wE
    iN much
    overall human potential..
    so when people often ask me how
    you do that.. the answer is simple
    and truly it’s not a new human experience..
    it is the Kingdom of God that most animals
    experience except for human beings where
    culture has separated us from the innate..
    instinctual.. and intuitive way we
    are evolved sTiLL noW..
    to be with God
    ONE FREED.. noW
    with winds like a
    Hurricane.. and a calm
    eYe Center as God And wE
    sMiLE as Wide as InFiniTy and
    more ToGeThER aGaiN and in this
    way as metaphor Jesus continually
    comes back again.. in yes.. hUman
    archetype waYs
    noW oF
    FREE at
    the right
    hand.. Now
    left hand..
    noW.. AnD
    oF GODnOW.
    NoW E A LL..:)

  17. SOP.. Standard Operating Procedure
    for a dancing SHIVA.. (Nataraj)
    the CERN
    Cosmic Never
    Ending noW Dancer
    oF East Indian Origin..
    with original photo below..;)

    OH God.. that loNG
    liGht thAT i aM
    grasping wITh
    my riGht hand
    is red
    on Fire..
    but yes.. i
    retain a Cheshire
    Cat Smile.. and sure..
    after i die it WiLL remain
    forever online or when servers
    die first.. in literAlly tens of thousands
    of selfies.. plasterED frigGinG everywhere
    in E-Land.. haha.. who needs statues..
    when the real
    flesh and blood
    lasts.. and lasts..
    and lasts.. in online
    form.. and yes..
    the SinGulaRiTy
    iS alReaDy heRe..
    iN terms of hUman
    BeinGs uploading
    more than tHeir brain
    and body.. hell yes.. the
    heARt.. the SoUL.. and
    SpiRit.. that comes aLL
    nAturAlly and noW with
    the aid of Technology
    in human terms..
    relatively forever
    noW.. and haha..
    i am the
    only one
    doing it in terms
    oF poEtrY soUL onE..:)

    Best Advice ever.. NoW
    And thiS Now.. thank God noW
    i AM noT tHe first one to say iT!..
    i swear.. n0w.. i swear.. sWEar..
    LiFe iS FucKinG MaGiC
    iF yoU seeK in God..
    and yes.. i AM
    first to say..
    aLL oF thAT..
    And mArk mY
    words noW.. iF
    Jesus weRe to
    come back hE wOUld
    bE alMost juSt liKe mE..
    ’cause God taLes mE So..
    iN God’s waY.. oF SynChroNiCiTy..
    And yes.. remember.. per T-shirt
    theme.. size matters not
    and i is me as
    Yoda too noW..
    and iMaGiNe
    whAT iT would be
    liKe noW iF tHe Hulk
    and Yoda bEcoMe oNe..
    noT much different.. reAlly
    than Sith and Jedi.. bEcoMinG
    onE.. perHaps iN StaR WarS noW..
    oR DanCinG WiTh staRs.. foRm matterS noT..:)


    “People see what they have been conditioned to see;
    they refuse to see what they don’t expect to see.” — Merle P. Martin

    That’s truly a pearl that i particularly
    find in fruition trUe iN deep red state
    South Land..
    to be aLL
    too trUe..
    but that’s the way
    iT goes.. tHeRe iS
    a biological basis
    for iT.. iN folks who are
    more scared of change to
    the nomads among us who
    must have
    moving.. connecting..
    and creating change
    to inspire liFe greater
    and greater as it can bE..
    i hold no illusions that i can
    change human Nature.. except noW
    for the reaLITy that i have already
    changed me.. however that change then
    TooK A 66 month jAunt to hEll.. a bleSSinG
    then BeYonD aLL otHeR blesSinGs i for oNe
    kNow to bE truE noW.. after aLL iS donE..:)

  19. So.. iT’s.. 7:40 am.. 5092016.. And Mercury
    IS A fixin’ to enter the transit noW
    aCross fAce oF sUn.. and MaGiC
    iS here for me.. no..
    iT’s not 6:12:19 am..
    back then when
    that is ‘pose
    to begin..
    i am 12..
    skin and bones..
    the boys are calling
    me queer ’cause i smile
    too much.. the girls are
    calling me skank as back
    then i have oily looking
    puberty hair.. yes..
    on my head..
    and black
    four eyes
    to do all
    the homework
    that i rarely
    read.. apple of
    the teacher’s eye
    only am i then..
    with straight A’s..
    as i mind meld with
    them in lectures then..
    the kids laugh at me too..
    when i speak ’cause i think
    too fast and my mouth can not keep
    up with my mind.. and my hand writing
    will always look like kindergarten noW as
    hands cannot keep up with mind of me
    either.. but no.. no matter what
    i will not give up..
    ’cause i can
    my dreams
    at night
    and go wherever i want..
    hehe.. even see naked girls
    in locker rooms.. haha..
    then.. and although
    i have no idea what
    sex is.. until age
    16.. oh DO..
    i Love Girls..
    and dream one day
    that a dark-haired girl
    and i have a desert isle
    all to our selves.. we live
    happily ever after and she
    never ages.. and i stay
    a free spirit too..
    so i get some of
    those cement weights..
    skin and bones lay down
    on bench looking up at Starving
    African looking string bean arms..
    no matter what i eat.. it matters not
    string bean arms stay.. but i have this
    vision of a rainbow around me taller.. stronger..
    than ever before.. and after all.. my father is like
    James West.. only taller from the Wild Wild West..
    or James Bond from those movies.. and
    yes.. the Six Million Dollar
    man at least in looks..
    as the law Enforcement
    man.. so it’s Nature
    like when our
    cat killed
    the bird
    on the river..
    my sister cried and
    i said please don’t
    cry Marilou.. that is
    only the Cat expressing
    his Nature and the cycle of life..
    yes.. i said this shortly after i
    could speak at age 4.. and shortly
    before when i could not speak
    and could feel and sense
    that i had been
    here forever
    with the
    God of Nature
    in no words at all..
    looking across the
    river at age 3 where
    i lived then.. and when
    my mother lost her keys
    under the bed.. and was
    looking for them.. i just
    tugged on her dress and
    lead her to where the keys
    can be found then.. anyway..
    it was hard.. but i survived..
    and one day in high school.. when
    my legs were no longer string bean
    and they are tanned from years of
    playing Tennis in Indian
    Summer Florida way..
    and the girl
    who used
    to make fun
    of me named Gracie
    said we are proud of you
    Fred.. kinda like she was saying
    welcome to the human race.. acknowledging
    that i was human.. and yes.. i am only
    human so that felt good..
    so.. anyway.. i have some
    friends that are girls
    then in high school..
    who are just friends..
    crushes on this girl wishing
    i could be with her for ever and
    that one.. and another one too..
    as nows go on then..
    and finally at 18..
    i meet a dark
    haired Cuban/
    Irish girl.. with 10 months
    of what i wished was forever
    with her.. and then a Guamanian
    Friend.. who eventually commits
    suicide.. as she confides
    in me.. that her
    father was
    sexually abusing
    her at the now i knew her..
    and yes.. when she has two
    kids and a loving husband..
    she takes a revolver
    to her head in
    her father’s
    bed and
    pulls the trigger..
    ’cause some things are
    hard to forget in terms
    of PTSD ways of being
    sTiLL.. as i imagine
    for her then..
    in empath
    of REAL..
    and then a dark
    haired Italian girl..
    who asks me to the prom
    to make her real crush
    a little jealous
    it seems
    from what
    i hear from
    others after that..
    and she says i scare her
    with my intense stare across
    the table at the restaurant then..
    and at the beach.. after prom.. i just
    smile at her.. and don’t try anything..
    and i guess she thought that was
    weird.. as later.. years
    later.. she told me
    i really respect
    how you were about
    all of that..
    as she says
    child was
    born blind.. yes.. years
    later.. and a result of
    ‘what she did’ and is a
    nurse for my wife.. when
    i’m 36.. in ’97 for two days
    more when our child is born
    on June 4th.. when she
    tales be all about
    this then.. two days
    before my
    June 6th.. then..
    yeah.. i can remember
    that still like a motion
    picture in my head.. same
    as when that first girl friend
    broke up with me dancing
    while the song ‘After
    the Love is Gone’
    by Earth Wind
    and Fire..
    me seeing me
    in the dance mirror thinking
    oh no.. no one will ever
    love me again like that
    as they never did before..
    but that was a mistake..
    because it was
    no longer
    to bring reality
    of heaven into fruition
    of greater things to come..
    so i went in the other direction
    for a while.. and eventually broke
    down.. and eventually rose up to
    a couple of decades of relative
    happiness.. and even met
    that dark haired girl
    who would never
    age on
    our desert
    Isle.. now..
    so yes.. there was
    a reason in dArk for
    the liGht of that break
    up too.. that would be almost
    precisely 10 years from that
    date in September of
    1979 and Hurricane
    Frederick.. to
    when Katrina
    and i consummated
    what would be a marriage
    in 1990 in February the 21st..
    of September 21st in
    1989.. a cycle
    of happiness yes..
    yet to come greater
    than i could ever
    imagine before…
    and it was
    when i first
    met that Cuban
    girl.. a spark
    of intuition told
    me she wasn’t THE ONE..
    and the other one looked
    like her i was looking for
    and yes.. they do look very
    much alike.. and that reminds
    me of that collage of photos of
    all the the other girls i speak
    of in this free verse poem here..
    and my Dog Charlie playing then at
    the feet of my high water pants..
    and the day i saw
    him on the side
    of the road coming
    back home on the bus
    from middle school..
    and no.. he would
    never come home
    again.. and
    he was like
    my only friend
    outside of family
    then.. and yes.. the
    way my mind works.. it’s still
    like it is now.. when the movie
    plays in my head.. and i never had
    another dog after that as it felt
    like i was dying then.. the same
    way it felt like i was dying
    when that Cuban/Irish girl
    said i can’t
    do this
    with you..
    but the thing is..
    i got my magic back..
    i started believing that
    dreams come true again.. and
    they did.. and even though much
    more darkness would come.. through
    that break down.. a baker act..
    an escape from being
    for the rest of
    my life at
    age 21..
    ’cause our
    prominent in-law
    stood up for me as Savior and
    told them back then.. saying.. yes..
    how much i had accomplished before
    at the top of my class in school
    and volunteered in youth groups
    and stuff like that.. yes..
    the God oF aLL was
    over me
    and sent
    help to save
    me then.. and
    God always has.. even
    when he plucked me out
    of my work life.. showed
    me hell and brought me here
    to date.. and heRe’s the thing
    about Mercury.. Venus.. Mars.. Earth..
    Jupiter.. and Saturn moving.. yes.. aLL 6
    aCross the fAce
    of SuN wRite noW..
    it doesn’t matter what
    the F iN reality is.. what
    i believe iT is.. will impact
    all of what i do AM.. aLL oF what
    i attract or do not attract as the
    history of my life shows to date..
    and even the observer effect
    of Quantum Physics
    shows what
    we observe
    changes reality at
    that small level too..
    but here’s the thing.. before
    science can prove a sixth sense..
    a seventh.. and a zillion more..
    past the physical one’s
    empirically measured
    now.. that do exceed
    way past 6 in terms
    of all we sense
    in empirical
    way.. i ain’t got
    the time to wait on
    science to prove it for
    me to believe and use it
    for all i do.. i look within
    and find the answers all innate..
    instinctual.. intuitive.. from God
    of Nature theNoW.. and while just a speck
    of rock passes across the face of Sun today..
    the magic has already come in measurable empirical
    life experience blog way.. and Jesus F iN Christ..
    iF i wanna be Jesus..
    the REAL JESUS.. i can
    be him too.. and so can
    you.. or you.. and you..
    and you.. be whomever
    you wanna bE iF
    You juSt believe
    iN NeverLAnd liKe
    thE Peter Pan of i..
    jUst DO iT as Nike
    says in Victory
    wITh God
    i can prove my magic
    in living color and i can
    prove God exists in me..
    and i can share it..
    no matter if
    cares to
    listen or not..
    ’cause i AM
    wITh God
    from the now i looked
    up to the rainbow oF Y i..
    noW Mercury
    oF GOD..:)


    Memory from a year ago..
    in Facebook Algorithm
    reminder way.. and
    just more
    for A way

  21. So Flash back to 1981 again..
    and truly a rise out of my breakdown
    of depression that was seen as too manic
    then too.. but not an experience i had developed
    the cognitive ability through gRoWinG experience
    to control noW.. in Kundalini Rising.. Satori.. Nirvana..
    Bliss.. yes heaven iN noW KinGdoM of God ascension noW
    as such as reported across cultures and histories of humankind
    same as human archetype of vision quest in American Indian way
    too as the journey to self-Actualization in Maslow.. and beyond mY
    terms too.. noW..
    Well.. yeah.. the Father
    of that Italian girl a member
    of the Catholic Church too.. among
    the older male elders as sure.. if you
    go to a church and are a member of almost
    any religion and or culture there is a pecking
    order of Patriarchy authority strength in elder
    male way.. so recently mused by movies
    Oh! God one and two.. with George
    Burns as God in metaphor
    and his student
    John Denver2.. in 80’s then..
    i come up with a somewhat
    naive plan.. yes.. a sketch of
    a positive ion escaping negative
    flow in atomic way.. as i attempt
    to bRinG science and God and Art
    and reaSon toGeTheR then.. EVeN too..
    but it is a rather rudimentary sketch
    of an iOn then.. iN positive flow way..
    i oN iN ZoNe way and oh yes.. the
    Italian girl friend’s father then
    says.. Fred you can’t be serious..
    they will never believe that God exists
    by a sketch as simple as that then.. he says..
    look at all the Catholic Church does to make
    folks believe.. and i think.. that’s the problem they
    try to MAKE FOLKS BELIEVE.. and FEEL they doN’T let them
    find God in Nature.. all innate.. instinctual and intuitive
    like i find God walking down the Beach all day and night
    then.. staying awake.. for three days in Ecstasy of BeiNG
    one with God first Real noW wHolE then.. in Bliss and Nirvana
    beyond belief in a relatively short Forever now then.. and then
    he and his friends say.. as i have dropped out of school to get
    recuperated from working since i was 16 in jobs.. taking full
    loads of school.. isolated from friends in College that i used
    to have in high school.. better.. and all of that.. and they
    tale me.. your Mama’s not gonna live forever.. you better
    pull up your bootstraps and get your shit together now
    and if you did already perhaps i would have felt
    better about your relationship
    with my daughter
    too then..
    in words to
    that effect as
    spoken here now..
    So.. anyway ..this whole poetic
    Free Verse Stream oF Consiousness
    writing Novel away from the rules in
    Robin Williams Dead Poet Society Style
    iS mY proof of God in 666 macro Verses
    of A ONE largest poem ever written at well
    over 3 Million Words in recorded hU
    man history now.. and perhaps
    even pushing 4 MilLioN by now..
    per my measurement
    of onLY a tiny part
    of last year
    in my latest
    Novel poem
    of 338,630 words
    now.. i FucKinG am one
    of many messengers of God..
    From Egyptians.. to Mayans..
    to American Indians.. and
    East Indians too.. and sure
    the reported dude Jesus
    was a messenger then too..
    and Muhammad who piggy backed
    On the Abrahamic religions and comes
    up then with some new stuff too.. and even
    Yes.. Aleister F iN Crowley.. who so many
    folks in Hollywood.. do follow in MagiCk inspired
    ways for fame and money.. instead of Love THAT noW
    creative energy.. sharing.. and giving.. in FreeDoM
    can do too iN WiLL.. the real magic of Quantum physics
    that is the human mind and body balance unleashed
    and released in Quantum physics way too.. and more
    of course.. as Science hasn’t even touched the way
    this impacts human potential in empirical way.. as
    i aM F in JuSt DoinG iT noW iN bigGER VieW MACRO case
    study mE waY.. wE arE onE teAm with God wHeTher noW
    thE material reductionists.. in culture.. religion..
    science or whatever the F.. sanskrit
    of alphabet.. and collective
    bRinGS noW..
    and this is juSt a tiny
    3 or 4 million or whatever
    word poem in iNspiRaTiON..
    yes i
    of God
    and 4
    and iNFiniTy
    moRe.. but hey baby..
    mE anD GoD FloW iN
    FearLess LovE Now..
    wE thE sTREam.. noW
    the wAveS.. the drops
    of water in particle
    to waVe and
    FiEld oF RiVer
    to ocEan iNfiniTy moRe
    noW.. thE hUmAn potential
    noE in singularity oF onE eARth
    Collective Cosmic Consciousness
    is not just a vague concept anymore..
    it has huWOmaNifesT in Technology noW iN
    Google and other onLiNe hiVE
    so diP iN.. thE
    water iS noT juSt
    LuKe warm.. iT iS reD
    noW hoT iN Gods arms noW
    Free Now are wE when thE
    FoRce of God SinGs as oH..
    “SonG oF mY SoUL NoW..hEHE
    AKA kNoWn as the blog on
    Word Press WhoLe named
    “KATiE MiA FredericK!iI”..
    and it’s coming and
    is here noW..
    i am far from
    the first or last
    who WiLL upload
    tHeir soUL too.. to Love
    as Nautilus Fossil share sHeLL
    oF reAL noW in a new city Now
    wHere even the Sun and
    Moon are not necessary to
    SpReaD moRe liGht..
    strange as it may
    seem.. revelation
    in the Bible
    can be
    correct too…
    and anything else
    associated with belief
    come to fruition as WeLL..
    and yes.. either dark in blowing
    up the World in destruction apocalypse
    way as many fundamentalist Muslims
    and Christians are insanely looking
    forward to make fruition as now..
    but nah.. tHeRe is AnotHeR
    path.. the original
    Greek meaning
    of Apocalypse
    noW that means
    lifting the veil of Ignorance
    and progressing far far in
    human poTenTial noW..iN
    StILL MoVinG far far out
    of tHe
    of yesternow
    paintings then..
    there is Will.. there is
    Love and there is Fearless
    too.. but unTil tHeRe is a trinity
    of Real human heARt.. of EmoTion..
    SpiRit iN EXpeSSinG thAT emoTioN
    in miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG waY soUL
    of MoVinG.. ConnecTinG.. CreAtinG
    waYS.. in thIS multi-dimensional
    multi-verse of UniVerse
    each hUman noW
    perceives.. some WiLL
    live in Heaven.. Some
    in HeLL.. and others
    sTiLL in purgatory
    now.. but the thing is..
    this is as real as real gets
    noW juSt Now.. action folloWinG
    consequence and Karma iS noW aLL..
    DoinG as thou Wilt wIth Fearless Love..
    DoinG no harm to others as even noW what
    Aleister Crowley miGht still say.. per yes..
    the Golden rule of the sages of ages.. thAT
    is the same as what Jesus.. Buddha.. and
    so many others say then and now too..
    The essence is forever noW thE
    words.. and fAces of form
    do change.. GoD iS
    rEaL.. wE are too..
    and the rest of creation
    too.. and liFe is Good when
    ya get all yoUr threes balanced
    into oNe Regulated emoTioNal
    and Integrated SeNsory waY noW
    aS miNd and Body SoUL noW onE noW..
    all religions have dArk pArts and liGht paRts
    too.. but what i find is no religion has all the answers
    one and true.. but study them all and take the best
    pARts for you.. including the rest oF God’s bible
    in manifest form that is the Google of the USA
    noW spread worldwide too.. along with
    all the resources of God’S oNe bible
    online fuller now too.. in yes.. juSt
    a tiny patch of brown
    sand.. green stuff..
    and blue orb oF liFe EARth
    too and beyond the rainbow colors
    of liFe and aLL Creation too.. yes.. this
    is mY F iN so-called metaphor for a
    Nicene creed too.. i suggest you
    too.. peruse all you can of what
    there is to lEarn.. sense.. and
    feel too.. and perhaps you
    too.. WiLL onE day
    upload yoUr
    own ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’
    Creed.. then noW too..
    share iT.. and perHaps
    bRing oTheRs uP too.. and
    what i promise you is thiS.. no
    matter iF you get thanks or not..
    they aLL are are God and so are you..
    including even a grain of sand and less..
    There is no real separation of existence
    noW.. even science has moved far to reaLITy
    in magic REAL as empirically meaSured noW rEaL..
    and yes.. this creed is perhaps too long to recite
    in a church.. or even for you to read now.. iF You
    even get through a third of this above too..
    but here’s the thing.. when i went to
    heLL what i found out it was
    just God and me..
    and i was the
    only one who was
    gonna get out wITh the
    help of God as ExpReSSinG
    within me then.. and i had a few encouraging
    words from others through hell too.. drops of
    water on Lazarus tongue of hope then come
    too.. there is no word of inspiration
    that iS too sMall to help
    spark the liFe of a hUman
    heARt.. SpiRit of SoUL..
    hiGher.. hiGHeR HiGHeR..
    aLivE noW even an
    thAT saved
    thE soUl oF
    me then
    as i flY aCross SuN
    wITh greATest eaSe nOW..:)

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