Breath of Sun Loving Earth Emeraldine Green

Inspired by the Poetry at this link:

Lush Emeraldine

How lovely..

it reminds me of two of my favorite movies..

the Emerald Forest..

and Avatar..

and the message entails a oneness of us with earth..

And i have to wonder if for those who live in nature..

if there is the same prison of past..

as the environment is always changing into now..

Never becoming stagnant like a living room couch..

that can be attached to a time past…

And of course no photos..


or even words to record the past….

But there are people..

but they change too..

second by second into NOW..


i’m convinced that living with nature..

brings a greater present of presence that is NOW…

It’s not surprising..

that the Heart chakra..

is the color Emerald green..

as it reflects the green..

that is the color of living forests of mother earth..

loving life..

that the breath of Sun turns living as such..



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