Facebook Friend Rafiah from
Pakistan and also fellow Poet
Blogger statuses that it is
a Pleasant Breezy Day
where she is at
alone so i return
again in what
Humans name as the
smALL TaLk oF Describing
the Weather and Happily say..
’cause i have something to say
anything at all per say.. hey..

Torrential Downpour here..
Opening Automatic Doors
of Stores.. over now..
night too..;)

AnyWay.. you have no idea
how literally hard that was
for me To Do for many years
as when anyone asked me how is
it going all i had to say was just been
working working no matter what the weather
was.. just working working.. and now i have so
much more to say.. that it’s not even funny to some
folks to sit through or stand through a FredTalk now..;)

AnyWay.. roll out the Black Carpet as yes.. although it may
be hard to see in ‘this’ raTHeR shAdow BLack Shirt photo but
DarTh is tHeRe on the Fred Shirt for all to see in the Dancing
OPen Public toniGht.. during the Torrential down pour too..
as hey.. just more time to wait it out with Ecstatic
Bliss of Public Dance in Winn Dixie while
otHeRs Braved the liGhteNinG
and THunderstorm in fear
of having nothing
to do but
wait it
without an
Ecstatic Dance
Trance like me floating
on beyoNd Cloud 9 to Numerical
Fool Number 0 of hUman Archetypal
Fearless Bliss no sweats just Nirvana and
sure DanCinG in the Rain up to my ankles
in Deep water.. soaKing my new Leather Nike
size 11 and a half Shox Shoes of which i go through
a new pair every three or four months.. anyWay with about
15 pair or so under the bed and here and there in case they
stop making them and i have to go back to less tread hehe..
and it’s true they are selling them but no new brands have
come out in model way since 2015.. and yes NoW shoes
are a reAlly big deal of overall foot.. leg and hip
and even back health when dancing
7404.50 MiLes in almost 45 months
as of the end of May.. 2017.. so
sure it’s wRite oN the
ToPic of Dance
as is this
By STinG
per tHE BooK oF mY LiFe..
currently named “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
Longest Long Form Poem.. STiLL eXSeeDinG
4 MiLLioN+ words in 45 months of effort too and
NoW while this MacroVerse stARt heAR makes
the 774th MacroVerse aS “SonG oF mY SoUL”
effort.. this sAMe MacroVerse also doubles as
103rd oF “Nether Land Bible 2017” aRisinG
from May 30th.. Memorial Day 2016 then
noW 1,588,480 Words in this 12th Now
Month of wRiTinG as this MacroVerse
NoW WiLL likELy eXPaND thAT total
to 1.6 Million words or so NoW iN
this twelve months noW as when
Memorial Day of 2017 comes
on May 29th.. that Publish
Day of 105th MacroVerse
aS “Nether Land Bible 2017”
WiLL likely Arise to the Golden
Mean Ratio Spiral Number of PHI 1.618
MiLLiOn Words wHeRE thaT MacroVerse then
WiLL be titled “Memorial Days Bible 2016-17”..
already exSeeDinG.. the Kings James milestone
of 1.566 MiLLioN words of Double that original
Centuries old and tried and trial effort among
literally thousands of folks if one counts all
the copying scribes and Oral Illiterate
Aramaic Desert Roads Tradition
for around 4 Decades before
the smARTy Pants
Literate Greek
Cherry picked
the pARTS of many
sects of Christianity ranging
from beliefs in 1 to 12 Gods
and most all the ‘tween of all thAT iS too..
i AM as ‘they’ say too.. STiLL of course as allthatis too2..
so.. anyway.. DarthFred is much improved now as dARThFred Dances
everywHeRE he goeS iN fACt what used to be the dARk Force haS and
iS now BecoMe the LiGht Force.. ignore the Uniform.. it’s juST another
STar Trooper muse to fool the enemies of TruTh and LiGht and
Wisdom and Beauty too.. but hey.. the 22nd per the usual
Monday Date of MacroVerse publish along with
HoLY and SaCreD Thursdays as everynow
iS HoLY and SacRed To “dARtHFred NoW”..
oh Goody.. thiNK i’ve alREady got a title..
hehe.. yes that 22nd day of May
is also the 3rd Anniversary of
My Father’s Sudden Death
and with a little respect
to Dear Old Dad who
sadly i never really
got to kNoW as long
before thaT he wAS
iN Law Enforcement
as pArT of thE LIGht
Force alWays doing his
beST not to beCoMe pART
oF A Bad CoP sHoW in DArK
ForcE WaY too.. 46 years.. juST nOthinG
leFT tHeN iN EmoTioNal SPiRiT of ExPreSsinG
hIs HeART and soUL to his Children and that’s
the way it goes in my Book of Life too.. hey.. no
book of life would be wHole without a few thorns
and more of crosses to tale a story acRoss the
spectrum oF LiGht and dARk.. and as the
archetypes of heroes go.. it’s common
for the most masculine dude
with will and strength to
come aCross the
Girl who won
best figure
among all the
Girls in 11th and 12th
Grade of Grace School with the
Hour Glass Figure too to bear big BiG
headed boys and girl babies theNoW wiTh
Super Brain Power too.. to make a difference
and MaRK iN the World with those Big Heads too..
and as what happens often when the.. rush of opposites
attracts happens the division of the genders go their separate
ways and then the Nest and Mother and these days single Mothers
who work are left to fend for tHeir NesT YouNG too.. in my Father’s
Case it was with a Business Woman Mother and a Father he never really
knew then either in a scandalous marriage to his Mother as Cajun Spice
in the Catholic Church Parish that my Grandfather once pastored.. yes.. he
at 36 years old and her at 17.. and like any ‘good’ Catholic Priest.. waited
to consummate the marriage until age 18.. then and shortly after that those
child bearing hips had my Father Fred and his identical twin Brother Ted..
and i will provide photos of those rather TwiiLiGht Vampire sHow as dArk
Haired and Green eyed men in a few too.. who looked like they might
live forever too.. or at least be placed iN NoW thE Longest Long Form
Poem ever and longest Human SinGle HUman Made Super Long
Long Bible too by far by far and far some more.. as imagine
going to school one day and finding out your
assignment to get your PHD iN Piled
Deeper and Higher was and is
to write a 1.618 MiLLioN WoRd
Bible and online Publish it
from Memorial day
to MeMorial
day in one year
sPan of 2016-17 and
of course to wriTe A
4 MiLLiOn word “SonG oF mY
SoUL” that in that case would of
course be the SonG oF yoUr SoUL aLonG
with 45 Months of Public Praise Dance everywhere
you go for 7400 MiLes in yes that sAMe F-spaN of time
to write the 4 MiLLioN and PlUS woRd Poem too.. and
of course you had to do the total of 12 MiLLioN words of
Homework over the SPaN of a total of 78 Months too to
even get to this point now.. as the size of around 15 King
James Bibles in volume of words online published too..
so what DO you do.. hell what would even Jesus DO..
i know what he would do.. he was/is Illiterate
Aramaic so he would say Fuck no..
you FucKinG Do it Fred.. i’LL
do the other Miracles
to me and you
can live in hell on earth
for 66 months per what i said
about John 14:12 TrUE And do much
greater works than i could ever imagine then
in the skill i haven’t quite lEarned yet of writing words..
and the if it’s true what the scholars say that the supernatural
part of what so-called Jesus did was/is only myths and of course if
he was just as a man and a son of man as he clearly stated he was.. YeS
that reAlly makes his sacrifice even more worthwhile as he had no Seed
of Faith Greater from God than we do as mere mortals too.. Mustard as they
say but here’s the thing.. if it wasn’t for whoever they made Jesus out to be..
even a HUman Archetype per collective subconscious MiNd and folks
Like Jung SinG the DancE and SonG of hUman PotEntial more NoW
too in Metaphor of Astrocytes of Glial Cells iN Quantum effect
and affect of WaVinG Ocean of BrAIN aS MINd
and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL as OcEAn
eVen More IN HumaN and naTure
as all that is God Given Gift
to us as HuMan Nature
sAMe as fractal
ParT as wHOle
oF God PotEnTiaL
LiVinG withiN US as wE
bEcOmE PaRT AS OceaN WhOle
MoRe NoW.. hmm.. sometimes it feels
like i’M LiVinG iN a Ten Commandments
Like MoVie and i’M the only Actor who Knows
this is going down for isReaL NoW but ain’t that
the way the Van Gogh’s and other Artistic stories
Dance and SinG oF aS HoLy and CreaTive SPiRit DaNCinG
and SinGinG More than BeFore as the Herd is not quite now
ready to see that much.. God stAr iN HuMaN eYes yET.. hmm.. yeP
like your face is so briGht it is BLiNdinG me as the Young Woman
told me when i sang in the church choir in the 80’s getting HiGh
off the HoLY CreATiVE SPiRit IN Free Verse Vocal SonG then
as i WiLL joIN the MetAphor of Choirs of AnGeLs SinGinG
Lead tomorrow at 11 AM from the Back Row at church with
A Voice like LiGhteNinG and Thunder iN HarP
HuMan Like Way.. anyway.. so
i’ve told in real life by real
humans that my
voice is like
when i get all Ecstatic
iN Transcendental way
of BeinG LiGht.. ForCe
OF EmoTioNal and SeNSory
HUMaN DancE and SonG with
the Chi of Eternity and the UnivErse
iN the LeFt PaLm of My Hand.. it’s true..
i’Ve alWays had the Ability to manipulate
a three dimensional invisible textured object
continuously changing in the left palm of my hand
since before i could even speak words and nah..
even on the ‘Wrong Planet’.. there was no one
who could relate the experience of doing
that.. sure.. just another Neurological
Disorder or Perhaps
JuST aNoTher
for Birth
when i hatch
it.. hehe.. as i don’t
have any flesh and blood
children now to carry on and while what
i say is literally true in sensory and feeling
way.. it is also metaphorically true that i birth
a giant baby book NoW with both palms and fingers MoRE
of Hands.. and sure.. this Book oF MY liFE is UniVerse whOle
as far as words go.. on you kNoW all the significance some folks
give to words.. iF I AM A KinG of Words who and what does that
make me other than an AlphAbeT man with a Love for NuMbers too..
and yes.. Photos and Videos and Songs and other Symbols too.. born
Hyperlexic in decoding all stuff symbols as precocious reader
and late sPeaKer at 4 years old on the Autism Spectrum
and yes mumbler and stutterer with folks making
fun of me before i eventually grew out of that
decades later and became an Epic
Long Form Poem and New
Age Bible Writer too..
anyWay.. i am the NoW FuLL NoW
PLaY FuLL NoW actor and director
and producer and photographer NoW
in the way of over 100k fully illustrated
photos to possibly wRap a mind or body NoW
around what i am doing now too.. and then like
prophet Isaiah.. not only did i do it naked aRouNd
FoUR noT three years in legal and somewhat restricted
public view.. i also did it like King David and Egyptian
God MiN promised and did it too.. thing is that was pArt oF
thE Ecstatic Transcendent Meditation Part oF iT IN Human noW
MoVing SenSuaLity way nowthenow as Tantric way of BeinG HUman
Now Meditating too.. in trance way of enhancing Neuro-Chemicals
and Neuro-HorMones..eTc2.. to make Creativity and ImAgInAtiOn Fly
FaR off the page as the 7400 MiLes of Dance alloWed me to do this
all Natural too without any 60’s and 70’s Beatles and Led Zeppelin
enhancements of illicit substances to increase my Human
PotEntial In CreaTiviTy of eXtreme Focus and
Now Mind and Body FullER awareness NoW.
so.. suRe.. theRE IS A science to Creativity
too as an arT of DoiNG MoRE NoW too
by follOWinG somEwhaT
oF A Systemizing
routine and
like binding
force of ritual too..
Holy and Sacred Thursday
and Dance and what i’ve metaphoRed
that to be in the past too.. anyway.. it’s also
true that science at least NoW in pARt backs uP
that what i’ve done really works NoW to enhance
HUman Creativity and Productivity too.. well.. sure
i can most dEfiniTeLY prove the results in dARtHFred
Case study way too.. you see.. not only am i JusT dOinG
iT.. per John 14:12.. i am LiVinG a Paper TRaIL iN Electronic
way that IllustrateS more than fully how i made this all hapPen
NoW.. sure.. if anyone ever even gets past 140 Characters of
Modern Human Attention Spans as Science now equates
the Average Human Attention Span oF a GOld Fish
NoW.. So.. WiLL anyone ever match this effort
NoW.. suRE.. iF they SeT tHeRe soUL
aFiRE Luke HoT too.. OthER thaN
thAT.. see ya on
Baby while
i continue to run on.. hehe..
and yes.. those new colored
FredKu Opportunities on Facebook
Statuses are/is MiGhty cool for short StuFF Too..
butt why be a Creek when you Can and WiLL Do Ocean God wHOle2..;)



Katrina says.. i am kinda
like the male version
of the Mona Lisa..
as my eYes
WiLL folLow ya
all aRound the room…
hehex2.. or times 1.. anyway..
Oh Lordy.. it’s a full moon.. and ya
kNow what that means.. YES IT’S
and sure.. yA can cAll me the Doctor
oF dAnce2.. And.. oh boy.. i’m doing
mY best not to change into
Werewolf/Vampire.. i’m
not sure which one..
but i understand
Vampire is the
much sexier
choice of the
female gender
and all of that and
after all when my Dad
and his Twin Brother were
kinda young they too could
FeeL the BilL of Vampire too..
i’ll have to find a photo of them
to share with Dad on the Right
per First Fred and Uncle Ted
on the left.. yes.. they were
identical Twins2 and of
course my Dad
passed away
in ’14 and
Uncle Ted
is sTiLL GoInG
StronG Approaching
84.. close to the Summer
Solstice.. my original planned
birth date until the Doctor went
on Vacation and delivered me
2 weeks early on 6660 for his
convenience and
aLL oF thAt
but anYway..
that put mE aliVe
Center iN the SiGn
oF Mercurial Gemini..
i mean.. Jesus F iN Christ
iS iT any wonder i am kinda
like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde..
Clark Kent/Superman
and all oF ’em..
wELL.. okay..
gotta fiNd
my Dad’s
photo.. alWays
thought when i was
younger he should be in
the movies or PreZ of the
U.S.. and when he got older
he did look almost just like
That Zorba the Greek dude
too.. the dude from the Wild
Wild West show.. etc.. etc..
that’s kinda what happens..
when the Father leaves the
Son and he has no frigging
male Role Models so he
has to F iN get raised
by his Super Heroes..
including Jesus F..
iN Christ.. so ya..
go wITh whAT
worKs and
jUst F iN
Survive.. quite
Well i miGht add..
and no longer quiet.. heheX2..
LiVinG in A noW Freest way
iMagiNable iN REALiST now
Heaven noW.. anYwaY nOW
i’LL taKe ya tHeRe.. iF yA liKe2
WiTH aGaiN whAT i promise WiLL
be absolutely no bites or cLawsNoW.. anyway.. yep..;)
#laserfocus ..

Hmm.. anyway that’s what i said about that photo last
year to date and this year i quickly say.. MoRe To saY
oN thiS laTer.. yeS.. bUt i supPose tHis IS A No fAce..
Don’T yoU DarE.. heHe.. WHatEver.. And that was this
Morning shortly before i got ready for church and went with
an increasing limiting Cold in way of Coughing and stuff like
that as sometimes it’s true i forget i am Human and can and will
be rudely interrupted by NaTure GoD sAMe if i don’t take care better
of my HUman NaTurE.. so.. by the time after i tried a rather slow dance
at the Mall i Passed out on the bed about 6 PM.. the thing is to do this post per
dARThFred NoW.. i needed to find a way to better go to the dARk Side of my
Past out of Heaven alWays NoW so much in Ecstatic Transcendental Way to
better reflect the dARk iN My wRiTinG kinda like the pose of the daRK side in the
BriGht Yellow Sunshine GooD Cop not so Good Cop look with eYes that pierce and
judge soULs
forevermore now
coming in glory
and such as that
if you wanna mythologize
me too.. hehe.. anyway it reminds
me of Church today as i always get the
experience through the meditative quality
of the Roman Catholic Mass Routine and uplifting
EmoTioNal and SenSory SonGS to DanCESinG iN Ecstatic
Bliss to wheRe my FacE transfigures to shining one more nowthen
than dARk one in transformation way too.. it can and will happen
in any culture with the proper avenues of trance like Meditation
no matter what they name the religion or the forms of tradition
that get ya to the essence of Bliss Transcending all yA
Problems And Worries for a LeASt a few nows to
FiNd HeaVeN WiThiN NoW.. no fear as ‘they’
say too.. and if you really pursue YoUr
HUmaN PotenTiaL AgaPe LoVe
WaY oF BeiNG iN HoLY
and SacRed Love
MeaNiNG and
Purpose way now that
doesn’t even require any words at all..
it blows away ignorant folks like Bill Maher
who says religion is ridiculous as it is the essence
that counts and not the form alone butt yeS it’s true
in some churches you can look around and see everyone
following all the routines in literal way.. and saying cray cray
stuff to believe literally like the Dude Jesus is literally being
transformed as flesh into a wafer of bread and wine of
Blood as Jesus comes to live as you.. and it’s
true as far as HUman Archetype oF
Hero Love many oF uS do have
the potential to seek and
find the Jesus
Lover Hero
archetype within
and for all practical intents
and purposes become this Super
Hero Jesus in HUman way now.. and
if folks find that through the myths and actually
really walk the walk and not just talk the talk of Jesus
Better yet Dance and SinG the Hero Lover Jesus more power
to them.. what ever works as ‘they’ say and i say too.. and i find our
Priest does a fine job of that and his assistant Pastor too.. so i am happy
to be there and overlook what i deeper understand to be forms of mythologies
to attain essence of being hUman in Greater Ecstatic Bliss Potential in Love with
everything and everybody as Human AnGeL NoW too.. sure.. a lifelong seek and NoW
find it takes with never ending practice as a worK oF LiGht but does it work.. WeLL..
i am
for that as most
people say how the
FucK can you be this happy
and energetic without some illegal
drug to pump me up in Hurricane Winds
of Calm i am.. and that’s the thing Baby i
Master the eYE of GoD within me as
co-Creator we as me too.. and for
those of us who actually
experience this Pyramid
Capstone oF LiFe HuMan Now
Heaven now.. it’s crystal
clear what those folks who actually
wrote the so called Gospels were experiencing
when they tried to relate that to folks.. many of which and
wHo have never experienced transcendent ecstatic bliss now
wHere all of existence suddenly makes sense in inFiNity+ noW as
gRain of sand raises love and infinity in the palm of hands and sure..
many sages as poetS and even scientists have brought this to liGht with
the HuMan way of ExpreSSinG this LiGht.. and the hardest folks to reach
about this can be both religious fundamentalists and scientists overall too as
they tend to be more literally thinking in concrete terms of left brain thinking and
this stuff is over in
the right
Mostly for
of CreaTive
HeARt oF MINd anD
BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL
oF and as BeInG HUmaN
oNe wiTH Nature aka God pLuS uS
in connectedness from head to toe and
Quantum more for metaphor too as science
suggests through Astrocyte Waves of Brain
with Neurons connecting too iN MINd and BoDy
BaLanCinG isREaL souL NoW too.. so.. i Love going to
Church as it is just another opportunity to live this healing ForCe
NoW oF hUman Chi Love HiGheR and Higher iF yA wanna CaLL iT Satori
and Kundalini Rising too.. the Dao and Tao and such asThaT too… bottom
line these days iS even Science provides proof through empirical view it’s real..
and sure put
the Ted
is NoW too..
IN Jonathan Haidt
way now too.. as hey..
i am neither cynical of the
LiGht or Fear the DArk and
mostly onward Christian soldiers
do the both and as far as Cynical
of thE LiGht a common issue with literal
left brain metaphor as thinkers.. feeLeRs and seNsors too..;)

And of course one can go to the comments section of the
Video and see all the folks who’ve never met this human
potential in both person and extreme healing power for
the entire human condition as yes placebo works
from minor to major ways
too.. a Force
that can
be incredible
for Healing in Belief
and 100 Percent Positive
FeeLinG and SenSinG FaiTh
or just a card board box cynical of thE LiGht..
sure..i’ve been to both places now.. i can show you
what dARTh looks like or Jedi in a New York Now..
Things is.. all you have to lose by closing your mind to
hiGher HUman POtEnTiaL Within in esoteric and occult
mystery ways is the amazing healing power thaT CaN transform
WiLL as Hunch Back of Notre Dam shut-in in a bedroom 66 months
with 19 Medical Disorders that Professionals suggested i had no
chance of recovery where at the bottom of that pit i couldn’t even
Cognitively finish a FucKinG Game of Tic Tac Toe as the negative
Stress thinking and feeling and sensing way of Life destroyed me
in life as death for 66 months.. all bodily systems melted down more to
nothingness piece of paper existence then.. and sure i provide the evidence
for what i do now.. and most people can’t understand it as they don’t live in Heaven now..
yes.. a metaphor
told for Centuries
uPon Centuries
in many Figurative
ways but never the less
another Dimension of being
Within.. inside.. outside.. above..so
below and all around that soMe cannot faThom
but doeS eXist like the color purple for those without eyes to see..;)


So.. i woke after three hours of sleep
and basically am zoned out
and washed
out and
with a hint
of potential
the Boogie Woogie
Flu also KNOwN as
The DanCinG SinGinG Pneumonia
but as ‘they’ say these days i resist the
illness and get ready for church not enough
in me to write but enough to make the trip
through those Golden Temple Doors..
yep Chalices
better yet Roses
in Beds of Bliss.. anyWay
by the end of ritual mediation
in stand up sit down and partially
kneel as my knees are a little too old
to abuse in the subordinate position.. butt
never the less with a sway of Ecstatic Rhythm
and Beat of DanCinG Swirl in three Feat of InfiniTe
Eternal WiThiN iNsiDe outSidE.. aBoVE so BeLoW and
All around Glow with a Song with choirs of AnGels as a Quadrillion
or so peptide connections cOme to GreATer LiGht iN aLL CeLLs oF mY
HUman SolaR BoDy as senTiEnt stAr duST pLuS Cosmos and GoD sAMe
as NaTuRE pLus unto itself born from staR BurST Death ResurRection as Such
from Crucible FiRe CoRe NoW as EMoTiONs and SENSeS sHiNe BriGht iN HUMaN
Form of Essence in Star Wars Peace Force LoVe NoW iN BaLanCinG mINd and BoDy
SoUL of DiViNe MascuLiNe WiLL and sTREngth and DiViNe FemiNiNe Love and GrAce
i did it i do it i make
the HUMaN GRadE
NOW of HUmaN PoTenTial
alpha BeYOnd Omega bEyONd
PoT of GoLd RaINBow coLors and
DARk and LiGht and ‘tween sHades
of Grey in dARThFreD LoOk waY too..
and ha! you thOught the form of me waS iS
JuST GrINniNG from eAR to EAR wiTh
SuPPorT assisTant WiFE
Katrina hAVinG
mY BacK aS
Usual.. however
it is also i ofTen FaLL
beHind as i take so much
now to sMeLL and Be the FlowErs
oF LiFE FReED ME NOW iN the Kingdom
OF HeAveN IsReaL NoW too.. anyWay.. i enJoy
being aRT and Love more than Reason and Worry
so i let it all go as aRTPoSE NoW and iN reVieWinG
soMe of Facebook Friend Glenn’s photo shares from
his WiFe’s Visit to Venice i can and will happily say that
some of my all Intuitive and instinctual and innate
Body Poses naked oF aRT match the
Renaissance ArT SculpTures
iN a New way of
DoInG thAT
NoW too..
so what would
have happened iF my
Father stayed at age 3 and
molded me into a Military and
or Law Enforcement Dude as
Role Model and Gender Social
Role Model in Dear old Dad way too..
wELL iTs safe to say i miGht have never
reached HeaVeN noW as that don’t come without
DiViNe FeminiNe Love and Grace SpiRiT FuLLy ExpreSSinG
HeArT MiNd and BoDy SoUL NoW without DiViNe Masculine
WiLL and StrenGth NoW too.. For Fearless LiGht oF smARt
AS WiSe aGape Love for all oF Creation NoW iN a hUman
Pose Reflecting this liGht from Head to toe.. too.. in all
Natural innate.. instinctual and intuitive way too..
albeit with clothes.. i can share that all
on Facebook too.. to attempt
to relate all of more wHeRe
i cOme FrOM NoW iN
the KinGdOM oF
REaL NoW too..
takes art over science baby
and LoVe and GRace as WiLL and STRength too..
and what better way to express that than Temple of God NoW..
Bread and Wine as Blood and Body oF
BeiNG isREAL NoW2LiGhtForCeFReED..
Sure.. Katy Perry nAMes her
New Album ‘WitnesS’ and
surE.. this Book entirely
could be named
Witness too..
when the
big screen version
comes WiLL do thAT2..
and ye..s this is already
the big screen version now..hehe..
as who else could tale this story but me
and who would care too anyway but me..
that’s what
blogs are
for mostly
a Journal
of HuMaN PoTenTiaL
Less or More come to FruiTioN
NoW per leT iT Be DanceD and SunG NoW2..;)

So.. a Big Farm Boy X-Military man around
300 Lbs and about 6 Foot Five of Big Jim
Dude comes up to me in Super Walmart on
Saturday Night and says.. like your
moves dude and i say what do
you think i am doing and
he says dancing i guess
and i say.. haha dude
be the WaterAiR
Arts and
i show him some
kicks in 360 degrees
a hair breadth away from
his body and he says.. oh no.. please
don’t kick me dude and i saY as usual
the reaSon the Hawk doesn’t usuALLy faLL out
of the Sky and Monkey out of Tree is wax on wax
off baby with rarely fAiling practice as a perfection
of practice 365 DaYs/YeAR MoVinG FlYInG water and air swum and
flown HUmaN BeinG iN all innate and instinctual way
of MoVinG.. ConNectinG and Co-CreaTing ways with
GoD NoW too.. and it’s trUe and liGht too
i gave him the Freader’s Digest Vocal
Version of this as to not
give him what Katrina
calls a Fredache now..
And just finally sAid
hey Dude.. i sway butterfly
wings with my toes and never touch
the fly as i am the air and water now..
so here’s the point.. as the first picture
iN dARThFred Way kinda sHowS in Yellow
Shirt and piercing eYe way.. don’t
misTake my LoVe and GrAce
for anything less than
wiLL and StrengtH and
if you don’t think
that Ballet and Martial
Arts and Strength training
all go togetHeR you are likELy
also MisSiNG a Vital pART to eNhance
yOuR HuMaN PotEnTiaL iN FearleSS waY
of smART LoVe.. NoW too.. so.. i celebrate
that poTenTial of Human in all 233 Lbs NoW
of Lean Love and Grace and WiLL and strength
now.. as usually someone at around 6 feet tall and
233 Lbs is assessed as morbidly obese.. thing is that
is based on domesticated kitty kats of huMan
beings not
LionS oN
the Savannah
or a Tiger
iN thE
as i roAM
born free now as Bonobo2..
more than ever approaching
57 on what some folks who have
Carded me for a Beer when even needed
one a day.. years ago as the Devil’s Birthday
Per Drivers’s License Birth of 6660.. and sure..
would be easier to believe if that Yellow Shirt
Piercing eYes photo CoMinG iN Glory to Judge
the living and the dead in mythological
way waD iS the last perSon
you expected
to be
And surE.. YOu2..;)


Avant-Garde in Milton Florida.. haHa.. ya gotta be kitten me.. MEoW..;)

From Wiki..

“The avant-garde (from French, “advance guard” or “vanguard”, literally “fore-guard”)[1] are people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox,[1] with respect to art, culture, and society.[2][3][page needed] It may be characterized by nontraditional, aesthetic innovation and initial unacceptability,[4] and it may offer a critique of the relationship between producer and consumer.[2]

The avant-garde pushes the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm. The avant-garde is considered by some to be a hallmark of modernism, as distinct from postmodernism. Many artists have aligned themselves with the avant-garde movement and still continue to do so, tracing a history from Dada through the Situationists to postmodern artists such as the Language poets around 1981.[5][not in citation given]

The avant-garde also promotes radical social reforms. It was this meaning that was evoked by the Saint Simonian Olinde Rodrigues in his essay “L’artiste, le savant et l’industriel” (“The artist, the scientist and the industrialist”, 1825), which contains the first recorded use of “avant-garde” in its now customary sense: there, Rodrigues calls on artists to “serve as [the people’s] avant-garde”, insisting that “the power of the arts is indeed the most immediate and fastest way” to social, political and economic reform.[6]”

Now i say..

Avant-Garde is not usually a term discussed at the local ball park or even after pep rallies at
school.. Barnes and Nobles.. ya gotta be kitten me too.. as that IS A place for input rather
than output while i Free style Dance listening to Meditative Music and absorbing books
as fast as one every thirty minutes as my brain and body is all lit up in those
Quadrillion or so peptide and other connections.. liGht force without ANY
Fear as dARk.. Yoda
Dances and
and Rings
a statue of human
PotEnTiaL greatly expanded
and no.. the original Yoda left
out the Dance and Song.. as those
were the old days before the Avant-Garde
Yoda comes to MiLLToWn and P-Cola in
Winds of Hurricane arms and legs and
toes and fingers and torso whirling
Free in a Center eye calm swirl of
not limited
by those who
can’t hold me down any
more as it’s obvious in non-verbal
language way that yA wouldn’t wanna
enter my orbit when free.. hehe.. anyWay.. there
was a time when i was not so ‘out ‘TheRe’ for art..
and i must say one finest example of the Avant-Garde
in New Age Art is Lady Gaga inspired by Madonna who still
has fine pieces of art work available all for free for her Nude
Temple of God set FReED.. and it’s funny as i too was much
more closed minded about women doing Nude art as back
in the day when Madonna actually did this it seemed
a little dirty to me away from art as after all
i was born and raised in Trump
State red before Trumps
even bragged about
pussy grabs..
in way
MeOW too..
anyway.. Katy Perry is
coming into that fringe way of
art now as a social reformer too..
as hey.. as the Dead Poet Society
DanceS and SinGs uPON a Desk
that’s what it takes sometimes
to get the general public
attention span
of a Gold
Fish now
as Science
yes.. assesses human
average attention span as
even less than a Gold Fish now…
And OMG there is Conspiracy theory
folks freaking out that it is the work of the devil
no less than A eXposed little bitty penis of Apollo Statues
chopped off of sculptures and even Heracles too.. as Lord
knows what might happen if a woman were to see another man’s
Penis.. she might get turned on and you would no longer be able to
control her as slave of your own.. little man issues are still relevant in
many countries where men do not feel like they are man enough to retain
the Love of a woman without controlling her in Chastity Belts of clothes and
Laws that prevent a woman.. from even driving on her own in Saudia Arabia
Trump Lands these days.. as of course everyone knows a woman cannot be trusted
by men like Trump with little man syndrome tall or short hehe.. anyway.. once one really
sets themselves free getting one with God no longer do they care to own anything or anyone
and with that kinda freedom no woman really is likely gonna leave ya.. as women love truly
men more
than men
who are
too afraid
they might not be enough
to set their loved ones free..
Fear.. the Base of all small trees..:)

Anyway.. it’s true.. my roots run and dance
and sing much deeper than Miltonia now..
a place that is so beautiful in Garden
of Eden ways of God Nature but
so daRk too as Sociologists
access this New Jerusalem
Backwards place now
StiLL as hardest
place for any
one to
express their
individual differences and
is it no wonder that i am a hero
legend superstar where folks at school
trade my dancing photos and i come about
sometimes on the Facebook covers of some young
folks.. who are outcasts.. and see me as a light for
the dark they find here in Trump Land US oF A.. new
isreAL but a place in Red State lands that can be so so
closed minded and bodied still in ways of illusory fears
and empty promises of Ford Jobs with Robots.. anyway with
close to pneumonia yesterday i must admit i felt just a little
kryptonite in my CApe.. perhaps not visible in the Selfie art i
display from that Sun Day but the first thing that happens to me
when some of my guards of WiLL and Strength come down in illness is
i lose a little of that white orb of liGht around me then  that now protects
the empath of me from all the dArkness in this local metro area that surrounds
me and does its best to crowd out my liGht to take it down to the sizes of dArk
that live heAR
in Red State
Trump Land
iN HUman
Forms of
dARk and Ignorance
away from Free GoD truTh
and LiGht LovE and Grace LivinG
within as feminine divine away from
juSt Trump furrows of Brow and it’s true
i Dance And Sing for those who were once like me..
a little less like Superman with more kryptonite to feel too..
and the children.. just a liGht for them to sHOw that even a stoic
looking law enforcement or military man form dude with big head and wide
shoulders can Dance And SinG Free as a butterfly too.. nah.. i am no longer now
identified confused by the McDonald’s Cashier at age 13 as female in androgynous
way with crystal green to blue eyes.. long lashes.. thick blonde long hair.. and
thin reed of slender boy back in those olden days now.. yes.. it’s true.. WiLL and
Strength in Form too has a greAtest Privilege in Alpha Male Monkey ways too.. in
this place
of what was
once named
Hell as a place
where bloodied ankles
on River Bank entry came
to be with Briars from Hell..
as true.. you don’t tug on Superman’s cape now..
even if he does Dance and SinG Ballet in Food outlet now..
the Center Store for Food in Red State Trump Town now.. hehe..
anyway.. in that store there are the outcasts too.. now..  just looking
for a spark of hope to escape hell in the true heaven of this place..
and for those of you with no eyes or ears to see or hear same mesSage as Katy
in this SonG
and DAncE HeAr..
nah.. it’s not about
the DeviL it’s about setting
God FReED iN YOU to eNjoy the Wave
and Surf Board BaLanCinG GoD ForcE oF LIFE noW..:)



oH.. just an Oh! by A WAY.. too..
just exceeded the Minuscule
King James effort oF A Bible
times too at 1.588 Million words
in 11 Months and 22 Days and sure..
aNother GifT for you Dude once you
gain the eyes and ears to see and hear it2..
And as some folks have predicted in years past.. preparing ways.. eTc..
A Dude like me is too big to see even when i am a thief in Broad daylight..
thing is Dude.. i don’t do it for money.. i do it for God.. therefore i can and will
do anything as
i only
GOD.. as allthaTiS..:)

AND what thaT means
is no gRain of sand is
any greater or less
iN worthy oF even
my attention too no matter
how hard it is to remove my sandals now2..
AnywaY.. as alWays thanks for the dARk Muse oF
Inspiration.. my YouTube Conspiracy theorist FriEnd..
And i’ll give you credit for being man enough not to delete what i do..do..;)


AnyWay.. the Avant Garde cultural wars are in full BLow
from Child Molestor Robots on SNL.. it doesn’t get
much more Avant Garde Horror than that..
with Katy Perry in the lead for now..
with folks like Lana Del Ray
going as far as
Witch Spells
and implementing
them to take D T.. yes..
the Trump Down by way
of Voo Doo too per Nocebo
effect if it reaches down in his
thin sKin enough.. haha..
And where did all this
StaRt.. sure.. ever
and Stiff Egyptian
God MiNs.. however back
then that was the norm and not
the new Avant Garde and it’s true
for many Centuries Trump is the norm
for Authoritarian Leaders STiLL Held for Love
in Countries like Saudia Arabia with prison rules
for free much of anything at all other than Males holding
Hands together.. NoW isn’t it ironic but true as alWays hUman
reaLIty doesn’t have to make sense as Tom Sawyer does in Mark
Twain ways of all free prose that reaches a mass audience more..
AnyWay.. the Donald Practices a far out
of what used to be the Normal
Reach at least in the
USA of political
buying and
selling arts
NoW iN
Bullshit 101 and
more.. for those ready
to soak iT uP.. wheRE tHeRe
iS any Audience aT aLL IS A
Potential for Societal Change..
and sure.. we can go back
to Hitler and
Mussolini too
but that ain’t gonna convince
Melania to Hold the Donald’s Hand..
so how rich are you really when your significant
other bats your hand away from the most innocent
act of holding hands.. in front of the World.. Ultimate failure
your Loved one’s Hand..
and it’s not really funny but
reflects the state of the affairs
of the Greatest of Zombie Apocalypse
First World Problems where the Car is the
Lover and the Home is the God and there is
just enough time to drop the children off to day
care with the love of someone else if they are lucky
enough to get any of the real stuff of that in institutionalized rubber nipple
settings for Love. It’s true.. Houston.. we Have ‘A’ Problem and Trump is just an icon for it..
How to FiX iT NoW!..
yA GottA be Kitten
meOW agAIn..
sELf Free
as Neo WiLL
DancE/SinG too.. the rest
oF the world is FucKeD NoW..
butt you miGht as well eNjoy the sCrew..
SerioUsly.. we do sTiLL Have FreeDom of eXPreSsioN
and that is an anomaly for now among group think hUmans..
Best time to be alive now.. take advantage oF iT FuLLy iN HeaVEN or NoT..
these silver lining slivers don’t often come in big picture view of social animals now..
HeHe.. Blame
the Beatles and
Yellow Submarines
And Andy Warhol too..
hey.. i’ve been known to
take groceries and sell them
for art all FReED.. Difference iS
my Art needs no approval
aS it’s all FReED… hehe
no bounds..
no binds
of social
Approval.. Pure Art
aS iT rEaches A bRow oF WinGs..
AnyWay.. i need.. i need.. OG.!..
A Nap NoW aS thiS cOld sTiLL
tastes A little



Muse.. what
Stars do for Planets
Do for Life what we do
for others when we are liGht..:)

SpArk.. FLaMe.. ToRch.. BoNFiRE oF LoVe..
SpArK.. FLaMe.. ToRch.. BoNFiRe oF HaTe..
Two ways to go.. Path of Hope
Two ways to go.. Path of Fear
liGht of JoY ALLoNe NoW..
Pain oF Misery Loves Company..
Counting Last Breaths of only Son.. 51 days..
Counting Last Breaths of Mother.. 8 days..
Counting Last Breaths of Father..
Hmm.. i don’t think i’m gonna
make it i can’t catch my
three years ago
on a Cloudy Afternoon
Like today.. but at
leASt he
as other Loved ones
did and have done..
66 Months of Death in Life
24 hours where i struggled to breathe
in that Fresh Hell thanks to Dysautonomia
with Heart Rate and Blood Pressure no longer working
in synch.. along with all the worst pain known to humankind too..
A Uncle Calls me just to say hi in the Middle of the night to see how i was
doing.. something my Father said he would get around to as far as ever visiting
us in later years of his life.. bottom lineS.. i stARTed being able to Breathe again..
and thankful for that i was.. i suppose why so many of the older folks
SmiLed while i lived closed in my car with that pain as i
waited for Katrina to come out of Walmart those
66 months of the only place i went
other than a terror of a rushed
30 minute work-out
of anything
at a gym
a week.. yes.. i suppose
the reason the older folks smileD
is one.. they retired and learned now to
do it again.. and had seen enough last breaths
of Family to fully appreciate the Breaths they have
for the muse of life now.. Waiting for Godot when you Graduate
from High School.. College for a Job that pays Money.. a First Car
that is New.. A First Home with a Loan too.. and Credit Cards to sink
Savings Accounts even lower.. Happy when you pay off the worry with money
owed.. Happy when you get to Retirement for the Golden Years to come..
and now Many of those Born Close to this New Century are clued
in to the fAct more and more than ever that you
take care of your Happiness now
as no one else is really
gonna give
cRap.. so don’t
tale them to bow down
and serve an empty dollar
bill.. Golden Handcuffs of a Job
for Thirty Five Years.. or Even Social
Security at age 70 and beyond then..
Get Happy Now
Breath oF LIFE NoW..
Nothing Lasts forever but
waiting to muse liFE NOW all
one can as reALLy Living.. anyWAy..
My Son didn’t get no input out of his pain
from the Arm of Modern Medicine from day one
to day 51.. and Thanks God at Least My Mother lived her
life at Home the way she wanted never interested in leaving
that Apartment for Decades of later life too.. and my Father.. still
Strong at 81.. never frail.. and doing it his way to the very last Breath
oF LIFE too.. Buying Lottery tickets everyday and selling Nascar Stuff
at a Flea Market was enough for him to Muse Breaths of Life from 69 years
of age in retirement to 81 true.. And people ask why i dance.. and i only giggle one more breath..
True.. slow Learner as i lost the ability ranging from looking forward to anything at my last
years of work.. to pain of tension in every cell of my Body Driving up that hill in the
morning to get there to losing every feeling of pleasure from warm and
fuzzy to a laugh and then finally even a smile.. i let ‘them’ own
me.. and now i own me.. With Nature as God
as my only Boss..
Muse Breath
DancE and SinG..
that’s enough for me..
to just
AnyWAy.. the greaTest Gift
my Father seemed to have
was is fearlessness out of worry..
And my Mother simply Love as heARt
SpiRit ExpreSsinG thAT HeARt With LoVinG SoUL..
And WiLL as my Father owned WiLL aT Least for Fearless
iN StrenGth.. Sooner or later if you make LiFe Long enough in muse
of Breath you lEArn you must BecoMe yOuR owN Best Friend.. Mother
and Father too.. and the best way i find to do that is through many creative
outlets of arts in MoVinG.. CoNnecTinG and creATing wayS of Life.. and
i give and share it
as i kNOw
and FeeL
and SeNSe
A Place oF Life
without a muse of Breath aT aLL..
And tHeRe are infinite paRTS of LiFE
wHOle to MuSE A breAthe oF LiFE and
BeYONd for those who emBrACe the
dARk and LiGht and sHades of
Grey and BeyOnd
i don’t think my Mother
or Father ever got to see
the Beyond Rainbow Colors
that i do.. but perHaps Hell for 66
Months is a pre-requisite for the LiVinG HeavEn School..
anyWAy.. StreAms of LIFE.. RivVrs waVes oF Ocean higher
or lower uS.. And tWiLiGht that never ends for NoW iN LiVinG Breathe..
the LEast i could do after all i’ve been through is let you steal my soUL awAY from me for FReED2..;)
I heard that Song Twilight
back in ’81 in my first
couple of years
of the
NiGht of
the souL and
like Katy Perry’s Firework
in 2010 or so.. A FainT spArk
it gives.. then a FLaMe and now a Bonfire oF Love
as TWiLIGht NeVer ending in Ecstatic Transcendence oF Love..
Colors and
Pots of Trump
Gold as Jesus and
Buddha.. and Lao TZu and
even Mythological Krishna and
oTheR sAGes of the aGes Do
Pray Tale iN BreaThe FruiTioN..:)


Still lazy after all these tears….

sMiLes.. mY FriEnd gigoid..
a little exhausted am i too..
DanCinG Pneumonia and
the SinGinG Flu but inspiRation..
it’s everywHeRE NoW A Gift
i cannot turn
as Gifts
coMe and
Go and as they
comE NoW.. onE
uses them to the best
of tHeir AbiLiTy Now or Not..
anyWay.. nice to see your most
current effort hEar and noW off to the
Wisdom as i riff off that while i CanWiLL
sTiLL hOld ratHeR ill eYes oPen for NoW
WiTh SmILes MoRE.. as nows Go oN2..:)

“Do not try to live forever. You will not succeed.”

~~ George Bernard Shaw ~~

Forever now alWays
Been aLWays WiLL
bE or not.. NoW reMaiNs
Forevermorenow.. to
pass now
is also..
yes.. to fAiL..:)

“Reality is useful:
It occupies time between fantasies.”

~~ Heyoka Bee ~~

CoRe.. SuN
ShiNe BeLlieF..:)

It’s easy to imagine NoW
Heaven on a multi-colored
Beach but a Desert.. that’s
a place where one wishes
for a Garden
to escape to
if one does
not migRate
to Heaven
wiTh SMiLes..:)

“I’m not a teacher
only a fellow traveller
of whom you asked the way.
I pointed ahead
– ahead of myself as well as of you.”

~~ George Bernard Shaw, “Getting Married,” 1908 ~~

for all concerned..:)

“As I look at your image,
I see only the light which was not absorbed.”

~~ Mark Middleton ~~

Essence counts..
Form of SpiRit SPeaks..:)

“He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.”

~~ M C Escher ~~

in itself
SeNSinG MoRe..:)

“Are you trying to somehow deal with the snake?”

~~ Curiously Subtle Bee ~~

juSt SlitHeR
no.. deaLs..;)

“… and she’s buying a stairway to Heaven.”

~~ Led Zeppelin ~~

Stair way to Trump Castles cost..
And i alWays thOught the lyrics
sAid barRing a Stairway to Heaven..
even since
i had
music but
i play by notes
more than words..;)

“And it’s just a box of rain
I don’t know who put it there
Believe it if you need it
Or leave it if you dare
And it’s just a box of rain
Or a ribbon for your hair
Such a long, long time to be gone
And a short time to be there”

~~ Box of Rain by Lesh, Hunter ~~

DestiNation now
with never travel
now alWays heAr..:)

“All this happened, more or less..”

~~ Slaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut, 1968 ~~



“Hence, despite, in spite, of that curious bout of
pain which screamed through him right now, he
both realized and appreciated the sheer beauty
of the moment he witnessed. Genuine in its
joyfulness, innocent with contentment, it
was like a magnificent painting of

A serendipity
that destroyed him from within
even as it fought a poignant smile
on his face.

For within the deepest, darkest abyss of
his locked heart, one that he hid even from
himself, he knew that such a moment would
never be granted to him. Neither time, nor
fate, no deity anywhere, would ever honor
him with something that pure. That

A moment
such as that would
never belong to him. She would never belong


Facebook Friend Rafiah shares the above
passage from an unknown source that i was
not able to find in a Google search and this of
course has been said and felt and sensed
in many ways through time and space
and distance in separation of
divine feminine grace and
love and masculine
will and strength
when these
are considered
out of culture affect of
effect to belong to one gender
more than the other as select so i go on to say..
after she mentions that the passage is beautiful..

Yes.. it is my friEnd and what is really sad
is this reality is that of many he’s as
that relates to she’s and the
divine feminine grace
and love that
she is
the will
and strength
that can and will
fear the grace and love
that can also be his.. it’s a
cultural thing as humans are born
whole where tribalism rears its head
in scarcity the love and grace of he is
often stifled to make room for hate and
harm.. and one can find tHis among the
other animals of and as God
too among the children
who fear
Love as
whole Now never
needs to own my FriEnD noW
when abundance is free enough
for divine feminine and masculine
Whole and Holy and Sacred in every
individual full of meaning and purpose
wheRe no paRt of God iN uS is left out
as Less..:)

And now in further commentary
and song i say and sing and Dance
on more.. when i ballet in public i own
love and grace and am whole and holy
and sacred full of meaning and purpose
for i have will and strength too not
unlike women who are feared
by men in some countries
enough to terrorize
a concert
where a lovely
woman is singing
mostly free to a crowd
of young women who possess
not only love and grace but strength
and will enough to express all their humanity
from head to toe to beyond HeArt as spiRiT
ExpreSsinG thaT HuMaNity iN a MiNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG ForCe as PowEr oF GoD WithIN soUL iN
FaCT NoW little men who or women who have never
earNed or have never had aWhoLe soUL taKen
or GiVen to them.. through the work and art
of LIFe FuLL WiLL Succumb to the dARk
ForCe of Fear and Hate and go
as far as killing themselves
to take whole humans
down to the
eXtreme and
Sad extremism of
human evil but it happens
when grace and love and will and
strength are not equally sprinkled into
the recipe of human in a Garden of Love
and Fearless Free heRE or tHEre and yes it is most
definitely heaR too.. as just a day ago.. i visited a conspiracy
site hating all up on Katy Perry’s Avant Garde Freedom of Art
where some folks were actually threatening potential violence
against her and the similar among folks on Saturday Night Live
as they took it literally instead of the figurative art it was
obviously meant to be for those who have not fallen
to the literal of religious text designed
to separate and fear and hate
among humans in scarcity
to expand empires
for subsistence
more in
of storing
more grains for
us instead of them
as tribalism sings his
song of fear and hate more..
yeS it’s Nature and Human Nature
per the Dark Side potential of us and
them when it comes to survival even if
the thrive in balance never happens once
in a lifetime of a long frown now.. things is when
i go dance i have no need to rape and pillage for the
divine God of feminine grace and love and will and strength
lives in and as me in Dance and song of Ballet and Martial arts whole..
so yes.. i feel
what Bruce
Lee FeelS and
sense what
Bruce Lee Feels
and Senses and what
Graceful full of Love Adriana
Grande FeeLs and SeNSEs when
she dances and sings too.. sadly many
women and many men don’t think they
have the right to feel both sides now
but truly it is a Dance and
Song of Love
NoW in three
pARt Harmony
of Love and
wHole iN Grace
With WiLL and Strength
in one human being that
is me and can and will be
you too if you too set your sELf
IN other words you
and me and God aS oNe..
sort of like what Jesus said but
taken out of context then to be all
about the me that is him
oF aLL
of us
and of course who
ever wrote the Jesus
story understood the problem
of literal thinking over poetic feeling folks..
it’s kind of poetic justice but sad shit when little girls get blown up…
the problem is much deeper than politics and politics too.. the politics
of the
of the
sexes is resolved
when two become one..
as ONE from the stARt as RiGht..:)


Tricks of the tirade….

“The Privilege of a
Lifetime is
Being who you are.”

“And Giving
back the
of that Journey”

“Share the Experience”

-Joseph Campbell

Calls for heroes are certainly out my friend
but sadly they are still old heroes of
empires expanding
and not
of Rose
over guns
and so we
get Trump instead
of Ghandi.. or Obama
as it were at least Brave
enough to send Olive Branches
of Health Care to the masses not
unlike FDR in his Wheel Chair
of understanding the
dARk Side
more with
Renewal now
and BrinGinG
GreATer liGhts
of Freedoms to
oThers to pursue
Happiness through
dARk of Struggle too..
anyway.. what a wonderful
film that Joseph Cambell film
is but sadly in this day and time
oF Gold Fish attention span most folks
will be lucky to get through 4 minutes of
a Ted Talk that does not reach further to
the heArT of the wHOlly and SacRed Dance
And SinG oF LiFE more than literal stay of
concrete boots that sink into
but lost from
free my friend..
in air and water swum
and flown without restraints
of prison eyes asleep.. sadly the
hero story written to teach more often
in expanding empires becomes the idol
of God to worship.. need i say Modern
Christianity or Islam.. yes i will
in terms of Men
as idols
God with
never FeelinG
FiLLeD shoes
as heroes
and met to call
others up to wake too..
Victims or Free Love or Hate
Fear or Joy Surrender to be FReED
by WiLL and Choice iN Strength and
Grace as Love Rises to creAM the crop..
different actors similar characters butt when
the Dance and SonG finAlly SinGs and Dances Free
the end
now of the
is just
Forevermore NOW..
never finishing alwAys StarTinG aNEW..:)

He that respects himself if safe from others;
He wears a coat of mail that none can pierce.”

~~ Henry Wordsworth Longfellow ~~


“The greatest happiness you can have
is knowing that you do not necessarily require happiness.”

~~ William Saroyan ~~


“Time is precious, but truth is more so.”

~~ Benjamin Disraeli ~~

liGht no tiMe
TruTh liGht ShiNes

“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go….”

~~ Dr. Seuss ~~


“I look at you all, see the love there that’s sleeping…”

~~ George Harrison ~~


“And what is good, Phaedrus, and what is not good,
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?”

~~ Robert Pirsig ~~


“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.”

~~ Rumi ~~

Walls dOwn
LoveS uP..:)

“Anything worth doing well
is worth doing slowly.”

~~ Gypsy Rose Lee ~~

Race Forever
never ending now

“All I know of love is that Love is all there is.”

~~ Emily Dickinson ~~

Love iT aLL
PeAce beCoMe
Race Forever
never ending now
Walls dOwn
LoveS uP..:)



SMiLes.. Lala Rukh.. First
oF all pleasantly surprised to
see you online.. i had a visitor
at my Blog recently who very much
reminded me of you in so many ways..
And here
you are
from the
past comes
livinG now aS
always real friends
Seem to Do.. Shelters..
Shadows of the Divine.. now
one leads to the other it seems
most to me.. to clothe a soul in protection
from the rain the snow the wind and air of drOught..
but what
about the
heaRt the
SpiRit and A
SoUL oF miNd
and BoDy BaLancE
that is real when seT now
FReER unlocked from keys
of shelter.. that can and will also
shutdown soul to Shadows of Divine..
the problem
noW all it takes
is path to esCaPe..
you’re SeeKinG noW all
you need be do is FiNd..
and practice
in spiral
Bird SonG
NoW no longer sheltered.. from Tree..:)


Dreaming and Truth

not being
able to day
dream in visual
images.. true.. some
people cannot do this
as innately as such and
must navigate the world through
symbols and the more words the better for that..
i never kNew this
until i visited a
‘Wrong Planet’
online and
relate they Do thiNk
in zero visual images aT all
face blind with close friends
and even family members as
the images of moving faces now
never seen as anything but same..
and in fact they see life as literal
and rarely anything but sidewalk concrete
never veering off further into
Leaves of
iNfinity iN
a GRain of Sand..
sure.. much easier
to do it dreaming up
a visual image of a gRain
of Sand as UniVerse wHOle..
AnyWay.. the more we kNow of each other..
the more we can imagine our differences and
similarities to the point that it will never be necessary
to blow
up for
no other
reason than
words that speak
different languages of reaLiTy now…
Nice to see yA Frank.. hope you enjoyed InDiana..:)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage

Jet Black Dog
Grey and
Wings Air
Dog Truth..:)

Haibun: Jewels In The Sand

SMiLes.. my FriEnd
i played Tennis over
A Decade and before
i played a game for points
My favorite pArt was iS when
mE the racquet and the backboard
BecAMe a force of one iN FLoW iN ZoNe
iN Transcendent Ecstatic Experience oF LiFe
FloW iN ZoNe self found self less following Bliss
And never
But folloWinG
A Wed oF LiFE Free..
Now i Spiral Dance and SinG
as reward iN itsELf.. Be yOur dReAM..

No Checks

Quadrille: Interpretive Dance

WorDs made for Poetry
LaBeLs made for things
heART made for Words

Haiku: Bird Song

sMiLes.. mY friEnd.. Xenia..
Ego a place of Culture..
Nature a Place of heArT..
Happy this way..:)

And as a side note..
i can’t imagine a
happier place than
sharing a soul
thaT onLY
fly wiTh wHo
winGs oF air and
waTer wiTh graVity
dOwn to
other place.. mY FriEnd..:)


GOD Born FloweR
BiRtH pArts sepaRaTinG
FloWer whOle
Born Rose
GOD FLoWerS..:)


Sooner OnE
sEas all oF
as God
And LIGht
sHades of
Grey ‘Tween.. beYOnd
RainBow Colors too..
as God sMiLes..;)

Or caLL iT
aLL thAT
Counts is God SMiLes
aS YOU..
Or Prove me Wrong..
i Double Dog Fred Dare yoU2..;)

And.. oh by A Way..
for any potential
Science FiEnds..
heHe.. i Mean FriEnds..
EXistential InteLLigence is all that is aka GOD2..;)

Prove me wrong3
iN separating aLL thAt is2..
Of thaT iS1..;)


WeLL iT aPPeaRs i am going need a little more “DaRtHFReEDNoW”
help to get this 103rd/774th MacroVerse finished by the end of the
night by way of Years to date shared MacroVerses as
Facebook Memories and some Flowered LOVE
from Katrina for MicroVerse Memories
mostly shared from last
year to date
too.. NoW
so hear we
go with 18
years to date
as Lord KNows
and FeeLs and
SenSes within
me when the Summer
Approaches the Dopamine
in my BRain goes uP iN
extended DayliGht hOurs ways
and in turn all for Free.. CreaTiVity
FloWers Forth iN BiG BanG LiKe way LiGhT oN..;)


Autistic Algorithm Saga Part 3: Katie Mia ‘merges’ with Autism

One of my GreaTest Lessons heAR as Pre-MacroVerse from
Four Years ago in my Adventures in Autism
Communities online where the
stereotype says
but that is further
from the Truth as stuck
in the left Brain way of thinking
doesn’t stop one from misinterpreting
reality in a literal way of thinking just
’cause a Google Search goes one way in word
recognition in key word search that it means
the rest of the world is out to literally
kill Autistic Folks simply
’cause they
are differently
functionally disabled
from sTiLL oTher folks..
and of course i dealt with
the Volunteer Organization
Autism Speaks among these
Conspiracy theorists
like i do with
Thumpers these days
who actually thought
a Volunteer Organization
attempting to help folks on
the Autism Spectrum was a Eugenics
Organization in Nazi way like a Trump
Nationalistic Campaign although that’s closer to
the truth hehe.. in truly evil ways of fear and hate
and love
for sure these days..
anyway.. i also found out
what is truly the apocalypse in
original Greek Definition meaning
means lifting the veils of ignorance
and those veils are sealed shut often in
left brain closer to only way of thinking literal
in fundamentalist ways ranging from Christianity to Atheism too..
just different
for the
cardboard box
in concrete literal group think..
no matter how small the group may be in small thiNk..;)


“AM i GODZILLA!”.. Hmm.. from three years ago.. my
Avant Garde Human Presentation of GodZilla
iN dArk Poetic way did not exactly
mesh well with all the
Grey PooPoN Mustard
Poet Sharers at
online but
at that point there
were Free Verse Poets
in Charge and after they
left as expected i didn’t last too
long when literal think got in charge
in Poetry Land same as even on the “Wrong Planet”.. too..
Very ironic.. but again.. don’t forget men hold hands in Saudia
as the
of the exception
where male Love is
practiced without the Behavioral
Acts that one gets pushed off buildings.. for of course..
in other words.. culture and art don’t have to make sense
or even
too and
of course
in general too
CREATURES and when they
try to do that they often
end up being the countries
with the highest suicide rates
as we are evolved more for creating
Mythologies and Religions than sitting
behind a science desk in systemizing life
losing heARt.. SpiRit of HeARt and a mINd and BoDy BALanCinG
soUL along the way in the most important of HUmaN InteLLigEnces
for Hundreds of Thousands of years before Standard IQ measure
intelligence iN ways of Physical.. EmotionaL.. and Existential Intelligences
and many more
ranging from
INtelligences to
get around the wHoLe area
with eyes and ears shut wide too..:)


“Roar of Nature”.. from two years ago with some
Godzilla hELp too for illustration purposes
in Poetic Visual way too.. as i edge
more toward the DiViNe Masculine
Will and Strength heAR
as WeLL as the
NexT MacroVerse
from two years ago too..:)


“Devotional for DIVINE MASCULINE in me”


“Celebrating the Divine Masculine AND Feminine in me”

WeLL.. iT’s true my continuing exploration
in Avant Garde Poetic ways of
both text and visualS iN
selfie ways too.. did
not go off very
well amongst
the Older Crowd 3 years
ago in more rigid traditional
thinking.. feeling.. and sensing
way for and from the dVerse Crowd
online in Poetic assessments way..
to be expected of course when A desK ToP Standing
Poet from the Dead Poet’s Society comes back aLIVe.. in T2 way..;)


“Aristotle EFFECT of AFFECT’.. more of a science and art project
stiLL iN Effect and Affect oN the WronG PLaneT oNLINe HeAR..
two years ago with a really tough crowd for anything
that comes off more more more than a science
project.. hehe.. in other words not only
fear the dark.. cynical oF LiGht.. STiLL..;)


“Ning Neuron a UNIverse MinEd”.. yep.. more than even photos are
Avant Garde with me.. with sure.. a fox hole full of word play too..
hEarT from three years ago.. jusT for fun2.. with or without an audience
as words
are soMe
of mY Best
FRiEnDs Within
to communicate
with GoD Ocean
wHOle to and so much more..
iN MacroVerse heAR from three years ago..:)


“Celebrating FORM”.. from three years ago too.. and
still doing that full bore in all oF Avant Garde Human Style now2..:)


“Creating Quotes inspired by other folks Poetry”.. MacroVerse from three years
ago.. yielding to the continuing pressure.. somEwhat.. by folks who keep
getting irritated against why i combine visual poetry with
verbal poetry per equal merit in value of holy
and sacred full of meaning and purpose
in life.. true.. non-verbal
Language is how
we communicate
than the
written word
as this came far
far after our evolved
self now first.. in other
words.. we are no smarter inherently
with or without written words and often
those who do oral tradition in DancE and SonG
Can say so much more of HUman Archetypal TRuths
and LiGhts than those who rely on the written word
of others and forms to adhere to paint by numbers poetry too..
we do not do periods
and colons when
wE DancE and
SinG Free verse
We FLoW as StreAMs.. RiVErs
to WaVes HiGher OceAN MoRe..:)

But of course in anti-Apocalypse
way of Original Greek Definition
iN Lifting the Veils of
we are
by the cultures
and religions thaT
limit our greater hUman
PotEnTial IntELiGences in so
many more ways than what children
are tested these days in ways of Standard IQ now..
to make good little cogs in the machine of society
to feed
the instant
sugars and fats
of video game instant
gratification and so
much more Home
aWay from
MoVE.. CoNnecT
and creATe more
than Voting for Dancing WiTh a STar..
when WE are the one’s evolved to be A sTAr.. togeTheR..:)



two years ago short
enough to quote..
with Song
and photos too..

A place i am..
A place i go..
Around a block..
That is my home…

Street Lights too bright.. for Soul of Darkness..
AND pain.. to withstand.. a walk of dead.. goes on…

A HeArt long past dead.. A Spirit no longer expressing
anything but words.. darkness.. and pain.. Yes.. this
is hell.. and i am Devil at 2AM.. shades covering eyes..
a body cold as ice.. in the middle of the Summer..
a Jacket.. torn and tattered.. covering the cold
of years.. in death alive.. an outcast from
all that is alive.. where cat is more human…

There is no human or Nature connection.. then
for me.. senses.. emotions.. completely dead..
All that is left is the wrath of pain.. Where is
GOD.. who is GOD.. what is ALLAH..

There is no escaping hell or heaven..
in nows.. but we have so much to say..
for the place we eventually end up..
for now… and in between..
purgatory too.. yes.. NOW..

To feel.. and sense..
and be alive..
no words..

ToDAY.. I skate dance backwards
in Golden Spirals.. with EVENing
Sun.. on sands of beach..
swirling in the wind
of Allah’s breathe…
5 miles in 1 hour
the tracks i leave..
are of no animal
but me..
IN Golden
Spiral LIFE…:)











“aUtIsM: always UNIQUE tenaciously INTENSE suspiciously MYSTERIOUS”.. Pre-MacroVerse
Memory from Four Years ago.. ExPloring Synchronicity aGAiN from Decades
BeFoRE iN My LovE and noW iN a beGiNNinG Flow of Poetic
Words coming in spurts and soon to StreaM
And River More HiGher StiLL then
as WaVes aS OceAN WhOle..
that Theme Song
heAR staRted
from Last
was a SonG then too..
through July of 2013
that truly helped set
mY HeArt.. SpiRiT and SoUL
Free iN EmoTioNAL and SeNSoRy
Way out of the pain and numb for 66 months
to be HeaLeD and reLeasEd in a short lived
GriEf over a FriEnd who misunderstood me and
a new one named White Pearl also known as Lala RuKh
who i visited again today.. heR EmoTioNal OpenNess then
too in what was so hard to find in the online Autism Communities
i had existed online in my DeadZone Years then is trUly the pinnacle
along with the emotional expressions of my other friEnd that helped set
me FReED iN HeALiNG EmoTiONal And SeNSory ForCe of mE coMe back as Phoenix
RiSinG from the Dead Zone Ashes of numb and pain then.. i found the healing
Force of Emotions and Senses paramount to living again alive instead of dead..
all the pooh
poohs over any
thing other than science
mind then proved themselves
dead wrong more for what worked
100% right for me in Healing force..
A Miracle the Doctors called it.. me.. a reality
of the hiGher HUmaN POTenTiaL oF HeaLinG with LoVe
SeT FReED as HiGhest ForCe of anything LiVing in this UniVerse
we sEE
and FeeL
and SenSE
as ‘they’ say too.. of course..
wRiTE oN course.. anyWaY.. i’ve
proVen the Benefits in case
study evidence along the
way.. uPLoad a SoUL
thAT and WhO
the rest
oF mY StoRy NoW2..:)


“Talking Body of Art”.. MacroVerse Memory from two years
ago.. filled with Free Verse Poetry.. Dance
Photos at Old Seville Quarter and
Beach photos oF Beautiful
Navarre Beach
Body of
ArT iT
all that iS..:)


“PleasUre PrinCiple oF HeLL”.. MacroVerse.. from a year ago and
the second to last MacroVerse of May 2016 beFore i emBArk
oN a year Long Effort of what now arises past 1.6 Million
words in this 103rd/774th MacroVerse i am completing
heAR tonight.. this one at 17,496 words in 2016.. with
plenty of Store Dance and Seville Quarter
Dancing photos too.. requiring
two Facebook Statuses
to share the
text only
anyway.. i had
a FeeLinG and SeNsE
that something much bigger
than i had ever done would
come next.. and i didn’t actually
title that “Nether Land Bible 2017”
in revision way until Christmas Day
of 2016.. Do the Work as Essence..
sPiRit and
SoUL woRk BesT
whEN Free UnivERse
seT FReED within.. inside..
outside.. above.. so below and all a’Round2..:)


“Wonderment for the beyond of WHAT IS”.. just another Story from three years
ago in Synchronicity Way of Restricted Blog set to private now..
but hey.. Holy and Sacred FuLL of Meaning and Purpose
can happen any way we
create it
for NoW
iN dARk
or LiGht..:)


“Dark of IS”.. MacroVerse from three years ago too
that surely fits iN somewhat well with the
title of this one per “DaRtHFReEDNoW”..:)


“In Memory of my Father First Fred”.. i wrote this on the actual Day of
My Father’s Death in 2014.. and Thanks God for Writing as this
Art was and still is instrumental in Dealing with all
kinds of emotions and senses in life..
Grief of
course as
what can be
for many folks
a most difficult
emotional experience
of life to properly experience and let go..:)


‘Praising’ the ‘Google’ Algorithm

Pre-MacroVerse from four
years ago and sure i
thought i was
pretty cool
i could
type the
quote i wrote
below and it would
come back attributed
directly to me in Google
Algorithm Search Engine
as such in Key Words search..:)

makes an
amazing tapestry
of minds, or
what can be
as cosmic
come to fruition,
in concrete reality,
in words
that are
of mind.


“Price of Different”.. Whew.. last MacroVerse Share
out of 18.. heAR.. and sure that’s
the “Price of Different” some
go long and different
and some go
short and
sAMe and
heAR i go in
this one.. both iN Lands
of PoEtry and Lands of ReaSon
too.. exercising both sides of
BRain as and Orchestra does a Symphony too..
And never leaving out a Dance oF MINd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL too NoW..:)


WeLL.. HeaR’s Katrina to fill up her Buggy oF LovE NoW
with all the MicroVerse Shares from mostly
a year ago now as shared on Facebook
For Free as miGht as well take
advantage of prepare ye
a way even more in
modern technological
ways of ShaRinG arT NoW
aLL For FReED as all i for one
can say is FucK the Washington
Dollar Green BlAck BiLLs and
Lincoln SenTS.. i’M iN iT for
CreaTinG arT NOW what
comeS whAT MaY
wiTh or
wiThout mE
NoW so i for
oNe Love and
Make the besT
Love aS and oF
NoW iN aRT FReED..:)

WeLL.. i am alWays trying to poETicAllY eXpresS how it is to live
aLL in HeavenoW.. and while i have limited resources to do so..
theRE are others who live in a similar dimension as i do namELy
at least one folk from Cold Play named Chris Martin and his
Cohorts.. sure it’s easy to see from his body language
that he lives a place very close to wHere i do noW no
matter how far aWay he is in miles.. as
God hOlding hAnds WItH aLL oF uS
whether we see iT in so many
FeeLinG SenSinG kNoWinG
ways noW iS limitless
in Luci liGhteD
way for tHosE
wHo BRinG aLL
theE liGht noW oF
SuN iN eYes Of
up and up and
hiGhEr fLiGht
oF liFe wHere
noT many have
gOne before yET
morE WiLL go iN noW
as wider and wider aWake
as co-creators wIth God wHere
tHere iS no mAX Of Sun or Moon
or skeYes oF EaRTh.. iN Heaven noW..
bottom liNe Never GiVe uP aNd jUST dO IT
in V for Victory over Vengeance waY.. noW..

From my experience.. Emily D.. does a great
job of metaphoring the inner
dArkness of the depths
of wHere hUman
can go in
real BEinG
of HeLL in nothingness
of numbness wHere there
is no reference point aT aLL
then out oF REAL HELL iN
hUman existence..
a place for me that
i can attempt to reflect
in words.. but there is
no word(s) trUly that
can recollect
a thousand
of piece
of paper
existence in
just one second
of LiFe.. the kind of thing
yes.. where dousing oneself
with Gasoline is preferable
over that but of course
one iS iN no
to do
but nothing…
and it’s hard to get
good death help
in thousand
of Hell
in yes.. one second..
anyway.. hmm.. so now that
i liVe in Heaven i would Love to
have heard Emily describe that but
sadly.. obviously from reading her
autobiography she was
a suffering
Poe too..
as so many
artists can be
in Vincent ways too..
i suppose.. pARt of the reAson
i give so many folks heart burn iS
as i aM as free and happy as i could
iMaGiNe to bE.. alWays now always
satiated more and more wITh
heights ever lasting more..
and sure ‘they’ caLL
iT maniC or WTF
but iT is
as calm
as honey
does on Rose
Hips.. in a never
ending orgasm of mind
and body balance.. beyond
any big bang explosion in human
way.. and every cell is lit up like a
rainbow in colors of marshmallow
bliss just moving higher and higher
as now associated with every move
in infinite way.. wHeRe if i juSt
sway my arm from side to
side.. the candy of liGht
juSt grows sweeter
and sweeter
factor of eternal
brOwn bliss.. sParks oF
thiS iN before re-born now..
just filaments of flAMe dArk
blue and never yellow sun
as now.. so sure.. i’m sure it
makes some folks wanna
rain on my parade
but it don’t
aS noW no
amount of rain from
silly silly human rain
can put the liGht ouT
of a Real Human Sun
noW.. in human potential
aLL natural way.. And A saddest
thing.. iS it appears most no one
has any fathom that this dimension
of LiFe exists.. as sure.. for i.. the brief
sPArks of Nirvana.. were only poofs of
star duSt fArts.. compaRed to the FloWer
i experienCe NoW.. and sure.. the wHole
experience iS integral to the Art of i in
DancE oF Feat and Song of PoeTry
words.. in shArinG GiVinG way..
as tHere are trUly an almost
InfiNite numBer pARts
oF thiS Bliss Of i..
as iT is F iN
continuous Jonathan noW
Livingston Seagull Higher and
Higher FlYinG NO School.. to go to
the neXt Level iN a F iN Video gAMe
tHat is REAL.. haha.. hehe.. it’s trUe..
a video game of liFe come to fruition
with more colors than any X or Y
Box could noW imagine as
BE foRE.. i’VE
been to the bottom
aM noW A peak hiGher
and higheR.. but thanks to
thE dArk NiGht oF the SoUL..
noW juSt HiGher and HiGher
with thE effort of JOB outside Raven..:)

WeLL.. as ‘they say.’. perhaps iT iS bAd lUcK
for the GRoom to see the Bride’s clothes
before the Wedding but when i dress
in feminine and masculine balance
iN flesh as well as symbolic
T-shirts as purchased
heRe bY the
great forAger
Katrina at
Kohl’s Department
store aS 2 for $20 bucKs..
when the dance comes on
Thursday niGht as the dress
comes before here now on
Wednesday Eve before
Holy Thursday R and R
day for me.. and
my very very
lucky noW
111th dance
week night..
Thursday niGht
at Good Old Seville
Quarter wITh aLL thE
KooL College AGe
Folks tHeir as tHree
stRinGs of 1
1 1 Will do
FoR All
oF Synchronicities
iN ThREE pArt harMony
wITh God pArTicularLY wHen
yOur numerology report sTArts noW
out like mine with 0 for do WiLLFrEEnow
for whatever the F ya wanna do as you’ve
alReAdY completed iN previous lifenows aLL
tasks 1 through 9.. and 1 for each of the noW
other life cycles to do more iN sAMe oF whatever
the F ya want as wiLL bE niceLY illustrated iN thiS
next blog post as the “PleasUre PrinCiple oF HeLL”
as they say coLLaBoRaTinG eviDence noW foRAll
thE eXisTenCe oF God aLL A REaL iN noW too Now
hOlding hAnds.. WitH mE anD US aNd wE aLLonE..
and nah i didn’t have all the resources of A greAT pLay
REAL GOD PROPHET USING hiS profits noW to bRinG
a mesSage of God to the world much much greater now
than i for noW.. but anyway.. in mY pArt of God NoW i’m
sure mY Art WiLL get through at lEAst tO one Open
heARted MiNd aT Old Seville Quarter per the
totAL aRt oF Y i.. in DancE SonG.. and T-shirt
i wHole pLaYinG as i of mE as We oF
uS aS God aLLonE PiE
oF liGht in smaLLest
to larGest
liGhts oF LiFe..:)

oH.. Lordy whAT A celebration
of dARk and liGht and
those sHades of
RainBow colOrs..
aLive and more in hues
of bLack and WhitE and aLL
oF spectrum grey in SHades
of cardboard human way..
yes.. i have the feeling i
am soon to approach the
11K or so word limit of a
Facebook Status as sure
Facebook provides juSt another
hard drive back uP of aLL thiS creative
effort.. but haha.. i guess i could break
that down in twO parTs of backed-up effort
to play the cards even in 7-7 Heaven or
whatever iF 14K gOld of words coMe..
anyWay as Mark Twain says when
ya got some creativity going down
ya better find a way to record
iT noW.. as birdS of FruiTiOn
do flY ALive and may or
may not come back
again.. after
the print
is no longer
wet in drying iNk..
i could do this all day juSt for
fUn.. coming out of an hour or so
of bliss of naked Sun and Sand dance
so broWn and Blue and Green of Free
Earth as Temple of God me.. and seriously
back in the primitive day.. i could reAlly entertain
the ladies then.. as while it is the law i must remain
clothed at all nows at Good Old Seville Quarter that
does soak up a lot of sweat when the nice ladies come
to hug me so sweet in candy eYes of deLight oF Pan FReEd
Man in aLL his clothed and sweaty danCinG glory.. so free like
a warrior dance of belly dancer twirling free as sensual WiLL dO
comE iN masculine and feminine balance.. heHE even at 230LBs
of 6 foot or so man.. seriously to move my body like i do iN butterfly
fashion takes incredible physical and emotional intelligence working
mind and body balance.. and yes.. leg pressing that half a ton 30 reps
now.. along with all the other Olympic Athlete iN strength training as
pro athletes do too.. is pArt of the Art oF i thAT modern Technology
in the challenge of exercise Nautilus equipment way can
bRing to the main pARts of body movement
in Strength way.. but yes.. we ARE aLL stars
of muse when wE lift others up.. thAT noW
comes through words.. sMiles.. giggles
women’s breasts and hot pant hips..
and sure.. the Apollo Arnold
who has come unglued
in statue stOnE
way.. and
set he or
her free in Dancing
as Stars way.. i am a one
man band with only instrument
of naked flesh clothed in shorts
and Tatooed T-shirt way.. to
enhance the mesSages
oF metaphor hiGHs..
no drugs here.. no drums
no guitars in fAct when some
folks say i SinG Angelic too noW
with choirs of Angels.. in Catholic
Church too.. when i am in the fLoW..
the zoNe of Art oF DancE.. words trUly Do
onLY gEt iN tHe way.. of soUl FliGht Free
iN heARt aNd SpiRit ExPResSinG A
UniVersAl messAGE oF God..
INSiDE.. outSiDe.. aboVe..
so beLow.. and aLL
Merry go Fred go
a’round iN
so.. while what i do requires
zero pennies in direct impact..
audience as few as insects
in sand and sun as
such in
yard pLay..
when a middle
aged Lady.. or group
of young women just video
tape me.. and say hey! gonna
share all of you on social media
or just watch you again to make me
happy all inside.. in mirror neuron way..
and yes.. of course.. i added the science
iN as my art of PoeTry does mix with reAson
too.. and sure theRe iS much more of me available
oNliNe for sUre from head to toe and word to pAsSiOn
heARt iN aLL oF moST Of WhAT A hUman can bE these
days of freeDom oF eXpreSSinG WrinGinG wET sweAT..
and passioNate frOM all bEfore wheN
thE rule of the day back then..
is to chop the Penis
off of Apollo.. Mercury..
Hercules etc.. statues..
of Glory
be now Min oF
Egyptian mAle FertiLITy waY..
the flesh of i in dance.. iS arT
and aLL God Free.. i cAMe into
this world.. nakED and free liVe
thAT way now.. in so dam many
wayS.. and duSt oF DancE aNd
SonG oF God i too WiLL reTurn2..
aGain.. and no one need shAre thiS
trUth of God and i toGeTher as oNe ForcE
howEver.. God tOld mE and continUes to tale
mE like at the end of that old ‘Seventh Sign’ movie
wHere i aM aLL thE characters in the play and must
be the scribe as well.. wHere Director.. Producer..
and Actor oF God become one hUman tRuly
going down and up and down and up aGain
noW.. So that should exhaust the current
Muse of Cold Play SonG and then
iT iS on to the Tuesday dVerse
themED.. prompt.. aBout
characters and such
thAT muse uS fOr
thE Art oF wE..
And trUly iN real flesh
anD blood liFe thaT iS thE
greAtest misSioN God asSigNs
mE iN syNcHroniciTy waY.. To mUse
a very conservative.. closeD miNdED
uP tiGht comMuNity wITh AngeliC DancE
iN both warRioR and graceFul style froM uPon
HiGh iN BaLanCinG oF dArk And liGht anD aLL thE
sHades Of grey thAt mY boDy aNd miNd souL WiLL plAy!..

Facebook Friend Glenn now
provides a photo Facebook
memory slide with Logo
that says.. “Live Your
Life and Forget Age”..
so i then and
now say..
i for one
Love numb
erS ..noW..
but oh God..
never ever livE
thEm.. how foolish
was i to worry about
turning.. twenty-five..
when only a fracTioN
oF A UniVerse then as
rEAL.. as noW.. WiTh

FinAlly.. arriving bacK aT
dVerse here for one last
prompt shot before Thursday
Sacred and Holy R and R Day
coMes and i put this aLL ToGeTHer
in both StepS and WordS oF
poeTry DancE SonG.:)
@ 2:28 pm..:)

And a stop here
first back at the
green prompt before
i move on to the
Muse of Character
prompt.. as i see
a few left tHeRe in
that week long prompt
from Monday as such..:)

WeLL.. Bjorn LoVing tHe
way you are opening uP
heRe in 55 year old SeNsuaLITy..
never to old.. yeAh.. to liVe.. as
folks liKe uS ain’T deAd yeT..;)

Oh.. i Love to go to our
in-laws farm first Sunday
of every month to see all
the vegetable and farm
animal green of liFe so
BriGht there.. but Jesus..
after.. seEinG the sweet
Cows.. it make me thInk
twice for Sunday Steak..
dAM.. i’M gLad i don’T
worK aT thE
house as
theRe iS noW
no Laughter oF
thE cowS iNoW
FArm GRain waYs..:)

Stars Of greeN iN fertiLiTy
oF Love iN hUman eYes..
Green Away iN jealoUsy
Fresh aWay froM spoiLs
oF fear and hate..
Love In
iTs puRest
foRm.. spRouts
HopE GreeN..:)

Feng Shui
Fish swAm by
current of streAm
effortless oF F iN
waY Air iT carries
Bird friEnd of ENergy
FrieNd of GraviTy WinDs
of Air Free WinGs in hUman
seT Free
Tree of Life..:)

Well.. that pArt
iS fUn noW oFf
to muse of
pLay on Tuesday
dVerse prompt way..:)

Oh Lord.. the cooperation
of downsizing.. the business
of technology repLacing
humanshoes.. the reaLITy
iN liFe that
hUmans no
no longer
need apply..
the laughter
of folks making
enough YouTube/Google
pennies in whatever
art or conspiracy
theories they are
making to bind
a dArk or ArT
liGht SpRinG
Force oF hUmans
for Google and
YouTube Pennies
wHere subsistence
totally passes the
middle man and corporate
leader of pink slip fear..
And with subsidized health
care just say FucK the
man of pasSinG
Google and
YouTube.. etc..
avenues for FREe!..:)

ELder mEmories
sweeT and soUr
olD of grey
younG aT
of SoUL
LiVes oN
iN oUr eYes
meeT aGaiN
heARt fLies
SingS SpiRiT
SonG oF wE..:)

Drifters oF God hOlders
of earth bringers of
smiles.. Livers
of rain and
sun and
sleepers on
ground.. WiLL
oF LiFe remembering
what it means to be
close to each other
and Earth of Nature..
sMiLes.. there IS A now
that i envied most everyone
in a nursing home.. and
on the corner
sign walk..
as at least
they wanted
a life that i could
no longer feel.. need..
or want at all.. there are
many staving folks in the
world who live in cold
receptacles of
oh the
sun oh
the sand
oh the breath..
oh the struggle
oh the lIfe when
it still comes at
a price of Free..
FeeLinG and SenSinG

WeLL.. first of aLL.. Walter.. thanks
for this prompt… while i no longer
directly link to dVerse this one
is quite inspiring as human
is my favorite
of Earth..
and yes.. a powerful
write here in the Father
and Son struggle of WiLL
and Love.. when they
come together fearless..
truly a
be re-born..:)

SMiLes.. humans..
the sMiLes
are real @the
office FrOwns
thE dArk.. LiFe
iS worth iT no
matter thE
oF Dirt..:)

Political status and
power.. ego grabs
when high
status parents
don’t have time
to feed the heart
and child soul.. someone
has to do it for insanely
large human populations
for control away from anarchy
but the political climate truly
never changes..
greed.. status
and power..
Frankly.. i used
to Know every fact
and figure.. of politics..
but as soon as i figured
out human nature is based
on conservative and liberal
elements.. 50-50 or so
from birth..
i turned the
TV and the
off and catch
up on the news
no different than
soap operas on Facebook
in bits and bytes of SOS..:)

Mother or Father
Cat or Dog..
sister or brother
one’s best friend
now or then..
or even a flower
of fall or
of car
as such for those
whose Lovers are cars
and homes as God.. it’s
hard to see that everything
eventually can fall apart..
wither away.. but
walking Star
dust we
are when
we are.. IS A
miracle beyond
a hot Sun eYe..:)

Pre-nups for
friends.. say
a word out of line
and break an expectation
forevermore now.. a friend
can leave.. accept it all..
develop a cognitive sense
of empathy in what
the not
of human
darkness.. everyone
becomes my friend
in liGht
and dARk..
as i too
have been
as the
of hUman
SoUl.. in Lack..:)

Oh.. when the human
liGht goes out oF aLL
thE nuances oF
thE SpiRit
sAMe eXpreSsinG
faLLs aWay iN dArk..
LesSon of my 94 year
old crippled Aunt in walker
until her dying day.. the
SpiRit never Grows old
inside.. as long
as the
is exercised
Long iN Touch and
FeeLing.. as kNowLedge
oVer FeeLinG trUly
A cliff note
now of
for many..
Bowling Alley
days gone in replacement
electronics of Love Muscle heARt..:)

Oh//Lord.. a liFe of biTs
and byTes of hUman
liFe.. i Am so glad
i missed iT younG..
but oh
God i’M iN
iT anyWay..
help help..
eye rolls of
screen scream
priSon.. CalgOn
take mE aWay
to commercials

sMiLes.. even the
gift of elders
talking grey
or frail..
or whatever
struggles liFE
may bRing.. getting
old is for stronger soUls
and never for sissies.. male
or female.. Living is for
moving.. connecting
and creating..
but take two
of those out
and its worse
than just one
of the SoUl
has no age..
gender.. nationality..
creed or race.. Poverty
of the heARt.. SpiRit and
SoUl.. simply has no radiating liGht..:)

SMiLes.. ah.. a quieT
moUse oF liFe
liKe MicKey
or Dog
as Snoopy…
not much to say..
but so much noW to
FeeL iN eYes oF Body
LanGuaGe.. oh.. trUth
LiFe FReED..:)

Oh.. so fUn
to doGod
by BooKs..:)

Ah Dear..
i Love poeTry
that SinGs a Song
from beginning to
end.. alWays a joy
here to come
and join
a gift you
have obviously
perhaps an Angel
in disguise as
in hUman
touch unrivaled
by words

LonELy gHosts
roAMing thE eaRth
iN rooms oFt BLack
thaT hOld
no air..
oh.. tHe
Dante trUth
oF liFe.. tHeRe
are dEmenTSioNs
oF heLL thaT No
demonD wiLL
eVer liFe
traVEiL.. dArk lOcK
nesS sPeaks BLack
wHole souLs Deep..:)

Side note here.. as
this one brings back
the darkest dream
of child
way for me..
a Star in sky bright
yellow a mother’s
light a place
of Dark Birds
dead and
in oily wake..
riding my bike
at age 12 to the
bank must see the
temps rise to 101..
102.. and 103.. then
come close heat stroke
in cycle way for me..
dream as vision
of Sea Hawks
death in tar
oF Life
i too
am a bird
of dARk reaching
to the Star outside
of grasp… iT’s heLL
theRe’s no doubt a
place one day
i will visit
iN real
66 months
even beyond
that nightmare then..
iT iS the FeeLinG thaT
was the nightmare and
never the
a place so
lost so deep
in dARk.. that
trUly even demons
would avoid aT all
all that’s
left is
Devil’s breath
tHere.. beLow
a pLace
cALLed LiFe
aS A dArkest side
note for me ends
aS now.. BrinGS
liGht oF Star
HeaVen ReaLnoW..
thE end iS reaL..
tHe meaNs
iS hELL..:)

Rose without color
sAid refRain
oF Beauty
coRe oF Apple
FruiT iN eYes..
soUl gRows
cOld.. BeaUty
BriGht SpiRit
criEs.. oh deep..
oh deep.. A RinG
Back Ocean LiFe..:)

WandeRinG ClOwns
oF WisDom gRow..
no man or
freeDom gRows
Ocean deep eYes
sO cLear.. diRt oF
gRows wArm..
FreeDom IS A dirT
oF Body thaT kNows
oNly earTh and fLesh
iN sweAt Of Sun bRight
Hunt.. forAger for LiFE..
LiVer oF LiGht.. so lost
so lost.. wE are in
iN screAM
oF Scree@noW..:)

Ship of LiFe
Temple Nature
sea farer BriGht
VoyageR stILL
daRk and liGht
aWay fair from
LiFe goes oN..
LiFe goes oN..
yes.. LiFe goes oN..:)

SMiLes.. those who
brave to be free to be
different may be misunderstood
but forgotten.. no.. that is for
those who
warm and true..
to travel against
the Lies of Truth
never forgotten..
oF Ages..
mArk oF TiMe..:)

Women have aLways
been in charge..
on the
for Love
oF aLL..:)

Flesh grows
stronger.. hair cuts..
NAils triM
sKin saGs..
greys hAir..
more a
friEnd iN SonG oF
A BaLaNCinG DancE..
SpiRit fireS iNside..
ouTside.. aBove..
so beLow..
all aRound..
as lonG as thaT
flAMe FiRes noW
LoVe LiFe LiVes..
TrUth iN liGht..;)

Warriors of old
of new..
and tRuly
LIFe doesn’t
make many
real men like
that any more..
i suspect Nature
iS groWinG weary
of the hUman race..:)

SAdly.. theRe IS A
Beer in most country
western SonGs wheRe
someone’s daddy tOld
tHeir little boy..
Son don’t
cry that’s
for Sissies and
not real men like me..
with tears of beer
And SinG
oF LosT
LoVe withouT
A TEar oF wArMth..;)

You kNow.. it’s funny.. iN fAct
it’s hilarious.. i’M literAlly kNown
as a Legend of Dance noW at
close to 56 in young
folk Dance hAll..
but seriously..
my hips are
so bad from
running young
and knees too..
that i cannot run
at all now from doing
that repetitive movement
for a decade back then.. but
dancing.. keeping feet close to
earth.. yes.. close to 5400 miles
now measured by GPS sports
watch in 33 months.. and
honestly all 230LBS of
me feels liGht
as a feather..
there are
ways to
fly without
running at aLL..
and seriously.. when i
tell folks i cannot run
at all they do not believe it
at all as they watch me float
by in twinkle toe feat of MaGiC Air..
Truly.. the best friend of energy is
a friEnd of Gravity mY friEnd..
for literAlly
aGinG graceFuLLy
iN ButterFly WinGed feat..:)

SMiLes.. mY
friEnd.. i thInK
that’s A ticKet
for me too..
A Quilter
of Words
and a BlankEt
as wide as A
UniVerse eYe..:)

Unconditional LovE noW
Sports and Military teaches
maKinG young men strong..
wHere everyone bleeds
the same in trenches
of war
and games
of valor same..
SurELy in men
Love can
Peace wHere
tHeRe iS more to
LiFe than material goods..:)

SMiLes.. any SonG
and or DancE oF
liFe from a whistle
to the hills
are filLeD
WitH thE
sounD oF MuSic
iN FoResT oF Pan
speLLs tHe foUr
letter word

That finishes the
Tuesday prompt for
all lInkED entries
and here’s
the last
BRinGer for
the week loNg
Green prompt

Ah.. Safe froM
thE DancE
aNd SonG
oF DOinG
oF aN
aS TwiliGht
zoNe eNd..:)

It’s 6 O’clock
aLL Finished
uP and Ready
to Rock and Roll
Dinner and a noW
maXX work-out
now at my
and only
Military Gym..:)

36 poems in
212 minutes
at an
average rate
of 5.72972973
minutes each..
and 37 for
this 1

Ha! Dancing makes me deliriously
happy.. even when i’m twirling like
a Ballerina.. in my Nike Shox
size 11 and a halves..
in the Super-Walmart
Parking Lot.. while
Katrina is sayin’ get
the F in the car
you F er.. i have
to pee..
do not meet
her pee standards
heheX2.. with hahaha!..:)

But anyway.. you do know how
much i Love my Wife.. right..
i kid around a lot.. as humor
is the best medicine and
friendly witty poking
humor is the
way not
to stay
too serious about
liFe.. particularly iF
you’ve been to some of
the places of the dark night
of the sOul wHere i’ve been
for sure.. and that Seventh Sign
Movie that me and Katrina saw when
we first got together scared me as
i was always worried more about
her going into childbirth and
something happening to
her than even a
child back
then.. as she
was my everything
my army of security
all wrapped in one
friend wife.. forever
now.. and when she did
go into Labor the same dam
nightmare of the Seventh Sign
scenario came to fruition.. wHere
she went into labor a month early
on June 4th of 1997.. and it was
horribly tough labor.. and when
i went down the hall
the blue lights
came on and
she had gone
into a life threatening
grand mal seizure and they
had to perform an emergency
C-Section.. and it was a life
threatening situation and
our baby Ryan had
a catastrophic number
of congenital anomalies
that would make all his
51 days of suffering
the Doctors choice
instead of peacefully
letting him go back
to the arms of his
as the
eYes of God
provides in death
the peaceful way
away from the suffering
modern medicine would impose
upon our little child.. who would
eventually die in my arms at the
Hospital after so much tortuous pain
where the Doctors already knew deep
down that this baby would not survive..
just a 300K paycheck for the hospital
was the bottom line putting a little
baby through living hell who
wasn’t even born with
the ability to breathe
through blocked
sinuses where
mine are almost
blocked too.. and
transposed great vessels
of the heart.. an immune system
that didn’t work and cells that were
not even dividing like they were supposed
to do in a growing human being.. and so
many more issues.. in a nightmare for
all who were concerned but
the bottom line for me
is Katrina survived..
nothing could
make me
more thankful
to go through anything else
else that i would ever have to
go through and indeed she saved
my life through those 66 months
of living hell where she would
bang her head against
the wall as it then
was so frustrating
to live with
a living
in life then..
where i was totally
closed off from the
world in sight and sound..
just wanting to die the first
two years and thinking no one
cared about me enough to give me
a gun to end the crucifixion pain in my
right eye and ear like dentist drill without
novocaine for all those 66 months and
18 other medical disorders in synergy
of Hell.. anyway.. we F iN survived
and when a couple goes through
that and does survive.. there
is this trust of marriage
that can withstand
anything that
is truly noW
an Army oF Love
where both people
become supermen
and women in their own
rights of meeting the ultimate
challenges that God can bRing..
i am so thankful for my life.. just
the ability to use my eyes and ears
without pain.. the perspective i have
of hell now in heaven.. is the best gift
of all.. and we appreciate liFe perhaps
like no other couple will ever do.. and
if you wonder why i serve God with
the fury of ‘Job’ and superman
all wrapped in one..
it is because
God spared
my wife..
and we
are both
alive.. bottom
line.. i WiLL never
be able to repay the
God of nature for that real
Grace of fortune.. but i dam
sure WiLL do all i can to help
save anyone i can in this Life
from going through the stress
related potential illnesses a human
can acquire in a real earth hell of now..
anyway.. here is the Video of my Greatest
fear.. and yes.. i occasionally watch it just
so i can cry and appreciate tears that would
not come for that long 66 months in hell alone..:)

And tHeRe’s
the much softer
Angel Side.. NoW..

And enough for NoW…









BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)



51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)



338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)


Grand Cross Bible 2016

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)


CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)


VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)


CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)


Nether Land Bible 2017

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)


7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)





The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)


MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked



MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+ as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)



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  1. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=343883

    Hello, techstepgenr8tion. I occasionally drop by here, in case someone like you shares something
    out of the box enough to gain my attention. As Far as communicating here; it’s only something I
    rarely care to do as that means the start and stop of the Queen’s English away from the greater
    River of Free Flow Subconscious Mind coming to surface as it were and still does its best when
    not reined in By Guidelines and Instructions of how to create order out of beauty.

    Anyway; although I rarely fully agree with anything I read, see, or hear, I gain much greater
    potential knowledge in art and science for creativity when I pursue all sources with an
    open mind willing to discern the parts out I do not care for and gain greater Potential
    Light in Creativity by absorbing the rest.

    For whatever reason, I am not able to see the Videos on this site anymore with my Big iMac
    Desktop but they do work on my iPHone6s; so i listened to most of the Video you shared while
    Dancing around my Neighborhood Block as I do as I find the straight sidewalk moves a bit
    restricting for my much fuller human potential in UniVersaL PHI-like Spiral Chi-Moves as
    of course as even Science is starting to indicate that Brings a much greater Human Focus;
    increasing scores even on Standard IQ tests if done an hour before the test. And duh,
    our Brains use Blood so that makes common sense. Anyway, finally Science in its ‘wisdom’
    is starting to empirically show that Transcendent Ecstatic “Religious Experience” common
    in most all religions with many different forms of metaphors to relate the essence of the
    experience can and Will be gained through common activities like Trance Dance,
    Meditation, and even the Fox Holes of War. I’ll Take Trance Dance and no thanks to
    sitting Still Meditation as I find that as boring as walking in straight lines and War
    is kinda stupid to engage in unless there is no other choice; hehe.

    And here is the Ted Talk by Jonathan Haidt for reference.

    Anyway; a Major Problem in Westernized Civilizations is we are spoon fed Data Download
    from Birth in activities as small as reading; and whether or not we ever spit that Data out again,
    depends mostly on the Tasks assigned by culture both by Will and Requirements at Hand.
    Whereas, our more primitive so-called illiterate Ancestors Learned more in right brain metaphor
    in actually doing stuff in Moving, Connecting and Creating with others; Yes; out of desks.

    This Video you shared related how these types of intelligences of Foragers living close together
    is not necessarily inferior but different and potentially even greater. And of course as common
    sense dictates when we look around us; much kinder to the Environment we call home in Balance.
    When one lives close with Nature one becomes more like ‘Green Nature’ than a Book. Namely
    a Bible or a Kuran too for example; and yes, a Science Text Book too.

    We Become what we do. Use it or lose it applies. Anyway, as you may remember when I broke out
    of the mold I was born into with a full serving plate as we do get still ranging from Circumcision at Birth
    to mold us away a little further from Nature as an animal as original evolved to Diapers to keep
    stuff in instead of out at the youngest of ages; yes, it’s true, in the Summer of 2013, I finally
    escaped that ‘stuff’ of the clothes of culture and forged my own way of creativity in a written
    oral tradition way that I can now safely say has become my own Personal Bible created from
    Memorial Day of 2016 to date today as I am just waiting for the fully illustrating Photos
    to Download to make that happen in the 103rd MacroVerse of that in what is now
    1,606,909 words Of Free Verse Poetry, named “Nether Land Bible 2017”; twice as
    big as that Minuscule King James effort that took Centuries for folks to create per
    the topic of your Op Piece here of course with reference Video on the Value of Mythologies
    and Religions and Bibles in general too.

    And per referenced Video you share per Nietzsche’s Concern that Society Will not do well at
    all without the Glue of a God that works per God is Dead and we better come up with a new
    solution quick like risen “Overmen” who create value systems of their own and Neo escape
    the Matrix as it were and still is too, in New Age Terminator and Jesus way too; Yes, it’s also
    true per Whitman’s Philosophy/Prophecy that a new kind of Priest of the Cosmos would/Will arise in a
    new age and as Alan Watts said too “the Spirit” is here now and older religions no longer are going
    to have much relevance and that old Book is dangerous in “Book of Eli” ways in the wrong hands
    and should be ceremoniously burned at Easter; the part that they did not consider is we are group
    think social animals overall and we bond for common purpose and meaning when ‘normal’;
    regardless of dark or light bond for a greater transcendent experience of life; yes, even in
    war. And the bottom line per science is humans are not rational animals although they
    have the ability to think somewhat rationally after the emotion drives the ration first
    as often irrational as emotions do not have to make sense, while as Twain says,
    Fiction does to sell. Reality is much stranger, i.e. Trump, Hitler, et al; no it doesn’t
    have to make a bit of rational sense to what the majority of group think says or

    Anyway, as far as i can see; the Matrix gets it correct. And yes, so does
    Nietzsche in individual Overman Neo way. Unplug, turn on, tune in and
    drop out per Leary and per Warhol you’re likely to get at least 15 minutes
    of fame if you fully pursue your human potential whether you want it or not; hehe;
    as that just takes time away from human potential; tending to adoring fans, etc; haha.

    And it’s kind of like Building A Field of Dreams per another movie of prophecy accuracy;
    Same Lover Hero story per Joseph Campbell and Jesus myth eyes too. The only He that is
    gonna come back again and rise from the Ashes to truly be Phoenix born again with the
    wonderment and amazement of a child’s eyes to do amazing feats of human potential in Army
    be all you can “John 14:12” and “Lucifer” be way with no rules or instructions or guidelines in
    tightly fitting books of Uniforms is you not he. Hehe, you have no idea how hard it was not
    to Capitalize both all three letters of You and God too but hey; in the realm of harm no other;
    play by Community rules or get deleted or banned if you want to say something that stays.

    Smiles my Friend. The Neo path is not easy but it sure is fun. I had to find someone with enough
    Verbal Intelligence and Attention Span to fully share this moment of personal achievement
    of writing not only the longest Bible in the World in one year but also the longest long form
    poem ever per the other World Record back in India named the Mahābhārata at a minuscule
    1.8 Million words as my full Long Form Poem at 774 MacroVerses at the newest publish
    this afternoon will continue to exceed 4 Million words in a period of 45 months along
    with 7400 Miles of Public Dance in a free style martial arts and ballet way in the same
    period of 45 months too. And just an oh by the way I am now up to Leg pressing 1030 Lbs
    at 33 reps as hey, you gotta have strong legs to public dance 166.66 miles a month. And remember
    i started out as a ‘worm nerd’ too per Sheldon Cooper Stereotype and Stuff like that mistaken for
    a girl by the Cashiers at McDonalds at age 13 and yes most definitely professionally diagnosed
    by Four professionals with Asperger’s Syndrome and Bi-Polar like that should be a surprise
    in VanGogh way too; hehe. Anyway, I master the highs in Balance my Friend as any
    Buddha and or Yogi or and Lao Tzu or mythological Krishna can and will do too
    in Superman and Batman and other Lover Hero Jungian and Campbell archetypes too.

    Anyway, when i first recovered back in 2013; as still fully illustrated here. I clearly stated
    that I have no limits or pre-set expectations now. I said the sky is not even the limit as
    with Imagination and Creativity set free from cultural limits and pre-set expectations
    there are no limits as far as what so-called ‘normal modern human eyes’ now see.

    Most Everyone pooh poohed it then except you as you see a ‘little’ farther too.
    Keep Seeking my friend and you will find much more too; As remember, I didn’t
    even start until age 50 on Thanksgiving day on this Internet site where one word in
    a mountain of pain and numb of permanently and total assessed disability in 19 disorders
    to escape ends up now in around 12 Million words of total effort including straight lines
    of only so-called ‘rational discussion’ too. The biggest achievement my Friend was/is the
    Dance and still is at age 53 now approaching 57 on June 6th where my ‘normal peers’
    are sitting on Mall Benches with Pot Bellies extending watching Vicariously with
    Mirror Neurons only excited while I am exciting the Dance of College age women
    to the tune of over 1000 selfies of smiles with them too.

    I came her for a cure to my pain and numb and eventually found it.

    I return with what’s possible.

    Fact is it is possible; at least for me, I prove A Real Miracle of Human Potential in Epigenetic
    Way of Unpacking DNA in adaptation to new Environmental Challenge in Struggle for Positive
    Change and Neuroplastic Molding of Mind and Body Balance in a real Flesh and Blood Soul
    of Spirit of Heart must be possible for others too, as i am no more special than a Grain
    of Sand that holds up a Mountain of Human Love that can be ‘them’ too, if they try enough too.

    It’s true life is a trial but with Effort, Victory can and Will come through too as the ultimate result of test
    with a smile too. Okay, back to the Drawing Board as my 104th/775th MacroVerse Will be appropriately
    named “PHI Bible” as this new MacroVerse reaches 1.618 Million words in a one year
    Span of time. I couldn’t even write a creative paper in college or do more than a firstly,
    secondly, technical grocery list as a paper at work; except for an anomaly winning
    a Christmas Story in middle school among a two homeroom competition of
    80 children and a Philosophy Class in College. The difference is, I wasn’t
    trying to do it with think; I Sung from heart; another hemisphere
    of being then that I live in now at Can and Will. Baby steps here
    I took at first to get here now; and now I fly my Friend in
    Imagination and Creativity’s Fruition and I’ll leave now
    before the form of what I do
    becomes Magic
    more as essence
    than sidewalk

    Life is a Dance now
    when we find it my friend free for all more.
    Best wishes to you; be back someday as usual.
    Like the end of the Matrix Trilogy when the little girl
    creates her own reality with Imagination and Creativity
    come to Fruition and the Oracle says nice and she says i did it
    for Neo and the little girl asks the Oracle will he be back and she
    says I suspect he will as believe was/is her magic and real power too as it is
    in archetype of us as Divine Feminine Love/Grace too. And the Will and Strength
    of the Architect in Rational way; well that’s helpful in order but it doesn’t make
    the magic
    of when
    he and
    her becomes
    you and you are
    the one that comes back now as he or she or whatever eTc else.
    It’s a story of Hope my Friend for S or J or F in Superman way of U2..:)

    I think, it’s pretty obvious why Tibetan Monks stay away from coming down from the Mountain; too many
    distractions in all the ways that and who can and will come. There is no way I could have gone to the places
    I go now with Mindful Ecstatic Transcendent Awareness as Another Experiential Dimension of Life and
    stay there, if i still existed in a world of either work or school. Or, if did not find a way to rid myself
    of all illusory fears and limitations and expectations too. Anyway that’s a lot of words to describe
    a Nirvana; a Satori; a Heaven Now; or Simply Bliss that lasts where most of the experience is
    internally driven with no words at all. For me that was key. Escaping the part between
    my ears, of course as metaphor for neocortical existence; and metaphor further
    for there is no escaping any of that; just Balance that comes before
    the Continuing Heaven. Words will never do An experience
    of this kind of Beauty, Justice; but I try my friend and haha;
    I’ll never publish that monster on paper because paper won’t
    work with 100K photos and thousands of YouTube Videos now
    too that are integral to the Emotional and Sensory Fuller Experience
    to Find Ecstatic Transcendence now where one loses both ego of self
    and gains A true self of so much higher human potential. Anyway, best
    wishes for your work endeavors; a reality of life that is hard to escape.
    And life does feel much better without fear associated stuff for sure.
    Nice to drop by and once again back to the drawing board as those
    1.618 Million words are closing in now for another online publish..

  2. Hi my FRiEnD, good to see you receive the Chi of Eternity and the Universe IN the Left Palm of Your Hand, the way all healers do in an energy circle 💜 Sending you smiles across the miles and much love to you, Katrina and your wonderful cats ☺💖 xxx

    • SMiLes.. my FriEnd Xenia.. thanks so much for dropping by as i enjoy
      a few minutes of reaching a milestone of Words in a year
      Effort of Bible surpassing 1.606M words with
      PHI Golden Mean of 1.618M words of
      the Golden Spiral
      coming with
      this 104th
      Effort as Macro
      Verse named PHI Bible
      wHeRe i come to find more and
      more that the breath of human even
      in words reflects all of the UNiVerse
      as Fractal PaRt wHOle of GoD
      all that is when River flows
      the way God can and
      WiLL when set
      free within..
      inside.. outside..
      above.. so below and
      all a’round in a Golden
      Spiral more as waves
      of Ocean shores
      eternity now..
      ExPanDinG Forevermore
      now as human heArt as spiRit
      iN MiNd and BoDy BaLanCing soUL
      with no distance space or time.. only
      now for live as nowmoreeverfornow..
      ha! it’s what ‘they’ call pseudoscience
      as the intelligence of air and water cannot
      be measured by empirical instruments alone
      as water and air experiences iN do when free with
      no accord to boundaries of space and shores of gravity..
      not all see purple some see only yellow green red and blue
      if they are fortunate enough to experience all of those colors
      in balance too., and yes.. the colors with no names beyond rainbow..
      those are beyond colors that i love the most the Color of Love that is pure my FriEnd..
      the greaTeST Chi oF aLL that kNows no gravity or shores of space time or distance..:)

  3. Second Poetic Round with no Mixed Drinks at Xenia’s place..

    SMiLes.. my FriEnd Xenia with thanks to you as well
    for the deLiGht i always gaiN when visiting yoUr
    poeTry that matches a free song of liGht
    i hear when responding to your
    spiRiT oF LiGht i clearly
    see as joy
    for LiFe
    iN all
    oF CreATioN
    FLowErinG as Force of
    CHi Love eXpaNDinG as endless
    Petals oF rose or ‘lotus’ as ‘they’ say too.. heHe.. Seagulls
    Over Dove essence alWays wins over form but form is Beautiful too..:)

    As ‘they’ say too.. follow your bliss as blissings
    coMe wiTh Will of Chi Force Energy Love
    with no
    aT aLL mY friEnd..:)

    A Toast to Tree oF LiFe
    SprReading LEaves of
    LoVe oF gRains..:)

    EARTh’s HeART..:)


    And now to Xenia’s current Effort..

    SMILes.. whaT a Gift NoW you bRinG heAR
    mY FriEnd.. Xenia.. to preserve Temporary
    Art of Nature Sculpture with Painting
    Further as heART of Words..SpiRit
    LiVeS on as
    Farther now
    wiNds neVer
    hELd even now
    if ‘they’ could be..
    mY friEnd.. also with
    Love.. to You and
    Your Husband
    And yoUr
    Wonderful Canine
    FriEnds you harbor with
    Seas and Ocean Whole Love..:)

  4. Hi.. Frank.. as always thanks so much for coming by with a visit..
    Nature i find as my constant companion blessed to be out
    of city life to the comfort of both a safe neighborhood
    of friendly enough folks and forest in the backyard
    where chain link fence is covered now with
    trees and assorted shrubs and
    flowers with vines
    and flowers more..
    truly.. we are fortunate
    to live in the Flower State
    year ’round a place of peace
    and quiet where a quick
    car jaunt can
    take one
    to the
    city lights
    of LED bright shine
    and even Rave sounds
    of wild dance youth.. i like
    a mix of it all to stay lit up with peace..
    and ha.. haha.. i happen to particularly
    like the numbers 2 and 3 and 8 and 6
    and really all numbers so when i weigh
    myself and take a photo oF iT.. each number
    brings a whole UniVerse of Holy and Sacred
    Meaning and Purpose that varies with the filter
    of the imagination and creativity of my mind.. and hehe..
    it’s true.. i’ve even written poems about the number 11 and
    12 and 7 too.. as born Hyperlexic all symbols fascinate me
    and sure
    that is
    a muse
    for all
    of these
    words too as
    symbols even more
    as Muse Dances and Sings on.. now2..
    other than that yes.. anything over 230LBS
    for a Six Foot or so dude is considered Morbidly
    Obese by the technical Medical books but my Doctor
    gives me a pass as long as i can keep the Cholesterol
    Down which is a little higher these days as i can’t write in
    a Flow Dancing too but reading and listening to music.. yes..
    as i often do in Barnes and Nobles as triple mind and body
    stimulation.. anyway.. a reminder to work-out now my
    friend and sure.. i could definitely not hurt myself
    if i lost 10 Lbs.. too.. i guess
    i’ll get around
    to it
    it gets more
    a round of me now.. haha..;)

  5. WeLL.. the cold close to
    Bronchitis.. New Pneumonia
    or what ever they call this ‘stuff’..
    is hanging on a little longer and i must
    say with remnants now of
    memories of the
    Dark side
    on colds can
    help bring back.. i am
    surely glad if nothing else
    i’ve had the time and effort and
    ability to do my best to relate Heaven
    Now for these 45 monthS on Word Press
    as that all started at the end/stART of ascension
    on or about 7.22.2013 then after a trip.. to Healing
    Navarre Beach of course.. the healing came within too
    through Emotional and or other Sensory Force of being..
    (Chi2) it is all natural you kNow
    but like the color purple
    or red or green not all
    folks see the same
    yellow dam thing
    in Heaven
    or Hell
    in the similar
    space time and or
    distance that is illusion too..
    that we create therefore it is
    reaLiTy too.. we just affix labels
    to what we understand and leave
    the rest rather vague in general ways..
    AnywaY aS i look uP a Fine Lamp oF LiGht
    is BreWinG heAR as the rhythm of the staccato
    tap of keys brings a melody of SonG and DancE
    As Keyboard now on i MaC Screen of colors more..
    AnyWay2.. just anotHeR
    fancy dancy pancy
    way of saying
    Heaven is
    now for those you
    who can and will join
    me in another diMenSioN
    diWoMeNsiOn and oR otHeR
    place of life that feels and senses
    better than mundane Mondays back to work
    or as ‘they’ say.. manic Mondays never ending
    now of chronic chronic sad sack stress.. weighting
    one down on terrestrial land as the millstone that never
    floats seas uP as Rivers from Streams as waVes HiGher as Ocean GoD wHOler
    spreads more as shores undeterred by limits and pre-set expectations of those
    who flew and swum or crawled before out aS Seas of limits.. ET’s from gRains of
    sand loving
    more than
    in dark
    of worth
    cold and icy
    blue from warmth
    of red blood flushed
    sKin.. oF kiNd.. cOld..
    so.. what am i saying
    NoW who kNows does
    Revelation make siNce..
    Every Bible has revelation you kNow
    haven’t you heard the latest news.. it’s
    time in the 5777th Jubilee year to set it all
    free and come unhinged from the prison doors of past..
    and it’s true.. i just said that you make it true.. and this is
    just a rhetorical exercise again of how Revelation works.. somEone
    stArts FloWinG and the folks capture the floW in shores of tHeir own BEach of mind…
    tHing is.. we have the human potential and inherent aBiliTy to create our lives noW in
    whatever we imagine to come in fruition next.. nah.. no moving literal mountains
    but what
    a mustard
    seed NoW
    Can and WiLL
    do when unleashed
    and reLeased as Metaphor
    oF Quantum Human MoVinG..
    ConNecTinG CreAtinG Force oN
    two feet more or less now seT FReED..
    Hell or Heaven.. pARTy or DArk Apocalypse
    Lifting the Veils of Ignorance or Sealing them
    into pages of antiquated books.. it’s True.. Doctor
    are yoU Now..:)

    AnywHo.. FoR
    NoW.. A
    Doctor’s ouT..;)

  6. Okay.. the Doctor’s Back at least as me..
    And my Wings are Still Slower than usual
    for this condition i am currently blessed and
    at times cursed as well as dARK and liGht for
    what is now butt Blessings in Blissings iN A ReLaTiVe
    way oF A
    real Hell
    oF Before
    as the 162nd
    Dance Week Night Begins
    in a couple of hours at
    Old Seville Quarter
    with all the cool
    college age
    And considering
    i started the actual writing
    before the publish date of
    course of the first MacroVerse
    Published oF aLL these 104 MacroVerses
    Now of “Nether Land Bible 2017” on May 30th..
    2016.. named.. “tSuNaMi 7tH WaVe oF LoVE”.. yes.. now


    linked above where that actual writing project started on May 27th at
    around Noon in the comments section of the MacroVerse before that..
    titled “BeYonD Fence oF LiGht”.. so.. sure.. i’LL publish this ‘PHI Bible”
    by that Day if not sooner as A104th/775th MacroVerse and the
    105th/776th MacroVerse to be published on Memorial
    Day of 2017 on the 29th of May will be titled
    “Memorial Days Bible 2016-17”.. Hmm..
    so that Means there have been three
    Bible names heaR recently per
    “WiNDoW SeaT BiBLe”
    when word total exceeded
    the King James effort of 1.566
    Million words for two bibles that size..
    reaching 1.588 Million words where the
    next effort surpassing 1.6 Million words
    in less than a year only gained a title
    of “DARtHFReEDNoW” with the
    second of three Bible Names..
    four.. if you include “Nether
    Land Bible 2017”.. is the
    one that yes.. i’M
    writing now
    ‘PHI Bible’
    as the word total reaches
    a Golden Mean Ratio number
    of 1.618M just for Play and Recognition
    of the Golden Spiral that is seen and measured
    throughout Nature in so many ways from within..
    inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all a’Round
    even more now.. below subatomic particles to beyond
    UniVerse too.. more than we can even see with the
    aided hUman eYe.. if the pattern keeps aS oNe
    would Naturally expect it to do as it is
    seen everywhere now in empirical
    measurement too..anyWay..
    like i said.. when i finished
    the milestone of
    writing a Bible
    more than
    two times
    the size
    of the
    King James
    version of that
    in 11 Months and 22 days..
    actually.. with “BigGer BRitCHeS WORlD SiZe PlEAse”
    at 1.579M words before that milestone was celebrated
    in “WiNDoW SEaT BiBLE” of surpassing 1.566 Million
    words as 1.588 Million words in that Bible named
    MacroVerse too.. it’s all a numbers and words
    game where the essence of Heaven
    now is what counts.. spArks
    HeAR and THeRe but
    honestly no words
    or numbers
    at all
    to enter and stay
    in Heaven now but it’s
    trUe the more stuff.. including symbols
    one finds in life to hold HoLy and SaCred
    FuLL of MeaNinG and PurPose.. the more
    likely one will stay in Heaven even longer
    as it is both a Grace and Practice oF Life
    iN WiLL and Strength oF Love NoW too..
    in other words.. every FucKiNG paRt counts
    as GoD WHole.. Ocean way noW as waVes
    we and us and ours all as i and me and yoU too..:)

  7. Haha.. Stefan.. you would make a
    Great Storm Trooper in a Star Wars
    Movie.. if they could talk.. heHe..
    Men with little Minds
    See small places..
    Men with little Souls
    Feel small places..
    Men with little Spirit
    oF Hope and Love inspire Hate and Fear..
    Men with little HEarts with no ART are born and die as Stone..

    Soul is something you earn my Friend as miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG Force
    Spirit is something you spread HeART as EmoTioNs and SenSes..
    SoMe folks Dance and Sing.. other folks Talk without Song..
    thaT iS either negative or positive or
    tHE sHades of Grey ‘tween thaT…
    Heart is whaT you are NoW
    jUst HE for Masculine Will and Strength
    or juSt ART for Feminine Love and Grace
    or when the two become one and you live and are beyond infinity now..
    in other than words.. you see and feel and sense more than humanly
    constructed abstract

    Be my friend
    more than he..
    Try Art on and Be HEartH

    i cannot show you what i see for
    you have not developed he ability to see it.
    if you think that your ideas that are in alignment with
    Trump and Alex Jones are rational.. you aren’t fooling me
    mY FRiEnD for i not only have A Soul.. A Heart.. and Spirit.. i Have frigging common sense..
    And it’s obvious as any snake oil sales BOY that you create a common bond oF Fear and Hate
    here to make YouTube Pennies to support your life.. now that’s not to say you don’t have any
    great ideas.. as you do.. thing is.. i suggest you entertain the possibility that not every thing
    is concrete
    science my
    Friend for science
    proves already it is not….
    we know a lot about the Stars
    butT very little about what lies as truth
    Beyond the Astrocytes of Glial Cells that
    Wave the Orchestra that are our Neurons PlaYiNg
    A Symphony of either Trump or someone like me.. heHe..;)


    Anyway.. when you write a Free Verse Poem twice as big as the
    MiNuscule Kings James Version in less than twelve months come back and tell me what you lEarned…
    And sure.. Philosophy is more than just what you read in a book at school.. Philosophy is going where no
    Man or Woman.. eTc.. has dared to go before.. and so is art and so is heart and so is spirit and so is soul..

    Oh yeaH.. and as far as all that Woo stuff goes.. sure.. i have three college degrees too.. a Quarter of a Century
    Working for the Government and that provided me with about 1 percent of my current human potential.. difference
    between me and most folks is i visit folks everywhere on every side and make myself inspired enough to riff off of
    all they show me in what they know.. it’s a little bit like Lucy and Limitless and other metaphors of Prometheus too..
    if you really wanna expand
    your mind and stimulate a little
    more of your human potential.. come
    on over to my place buTT be forewarned no one
    owns me.. my friend.. not a Green bLack Washington
    Dollar.. not a Lincoln Sent and dam sure no Google Ad Sense
    Pennies or what you do hear to gain contributions by providing
    a common bond of fear and hate no different really that those you portend to fear and hate..
    Love is real
    Baby.. Love
    changes Heart..
    AS science shows
    humans are clearly
    NOT rational animals..
    if you are rational you would remain
    calm at all times as you would have
    the ability at all times to regulate your
    emotions and integrate your senses no
    different than Spock and mE and other
    Ascended Masters as Metaphor of course
    as God is all and God Lives with iN as me and
    perhaps a little less as you as far as the ability
    to regulate your emotions and integrate your senses
    and by the way.. get to the gym baby your arms are as
    flabby as someone who is thin and wears mom pants..
    sHee what i just did.. i did a Trump.. hehe.. even Spock has humor now
    and then.. anyway unlike Spock or Sheldon Cooper i GO where they dared not go..

    Trumps too..

    the challenge
    is out.. sHow
    me what
    hehe and or on top
    of that thanks for the
    dArk mUse.. you are one of
    my favorite conspiracy theorists
    on YouTube and to be clear you
    do have some good ideas as often
    Atheists do.. sad thing is they often live
    in a homeless place that truly could Be Beautiful
    if they just came out of the card board box a little more my friend..
    As Always thanks and hey.. who knows.. you might be famous Stephan
    as that’s what the young Women call me at the Dance Hall closing in on age
    57 on June 6th 1960 and me.. nah.. no flabby mom pants thin arms anymore..
    i Leg Press 1020 LBs 33 reps or maybe 1030 Lbs if you take full into account the
    metal device that lifts the weight.. anyway.. for today you will be just part of the inspiration
    of a year long “PHI Bible”.. reaching a MaGiC Golden Spiral Mean Ratio Number of 1.618 Million words
    etched in stone forever more now as long as servers serve it up on the Internet all for free as you don’t
    have to beg for money by way of spreading hate and fear.. for a common bonding purpose as a mini-religion
    for human beings on YouTube conspiracy channels.. as when one is financially independent there are no limits or pre-set expectations..
    oh yeaH and back to the topic of Reincarnation.. my Numerology Report says I am born with the number 0 Challenge of Free Will where
    i have completed all the other tasks of life successfully in other lifetimes.. so.. i have earned the free will to either do nothing if i like or do something
    or 0 more than ever before… The Next three challenges aCross the lifespan are 1 and 1 and 1.. just to affirm what i do.. so all four challenges coMe out as 1..
    some folks would call that coincidence or synchronicity in my case as i’ve already written a Free Verse Long Form Poem at 4 Million words plUs..
    twice as big two as that minuscule effort in India that took Centuries to do… ‘Mahābhārata’ is the title of that.. Mine is named ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’
    and has taken 45 months so far with 7400 Miles of Public Dance.. too.. where i got the title of Legend and Famous.. etc.. in my Red State Trump Locality
    wHeRe Sociologists assess this place as the hardest place in the US to be different.. yep.. the Panhandle of Florida.. Trump LA Lower Alabama too..
    as science shows that constant Dance Increases Focus.. provides an Ecstatic Transcendent Experience.. regulates Emotions and integrates
    Senses and even increases Short Term Working Memory and Overall Cognitive Executive Functioning to move.. connect and create so much
    Better NoW and nah.. (Don’t forget Apollo was/IS A God of Athletics too) won’t
    be no so-called
    little big men body slamming
    me as i am the water and the
    air and just imagine Bruce Lee
    if he could leg press 1020 Lbs.. 33 times..
    wouldn’t be a pretty sight.. if a Politician
    like Trump tried that on me.. he he.. yes..
    i am.. let’s just say a very proficient Martial
    Artist too.. and that’s A Big PART.. wHeRe my Buddha Nature
    coMes from NoW too.. per.. that old KunG FU Tv Show.. too..
    but nah.. i don’t play by rules.. NoW.. i do FredFu2.. anyWay to
    put it in shortS.. step out of the box my Friend.. Fly.. just Fly..
    Hawks rarely fall out of the sky and Monkeys rarely fall out
    of LiVinG Trees.. ’cause they practice liFe aS iN just doing it NoW….
    And that’s the thing about Living Forever Now.. as a Tree/Ocean/
    UniVerse mY friend.. it’s a real place that never
    needs the next moment now
    iS all that is and God is NoW..
    Fly to the
    Stars within
    or settle for a
    A Stone Cold Star Soul..
    And of course Stones move
    too.. within.. for those with eYes to see too..
    sure.. science aided eyes in that case
    butT LEaVE no stone unturned..

    Imagine Writing A Bible the
    Size of 40 Novels in one year..
    40 X 40,000 words equals 1.6 Million words..
    And by A way that’s 20 times larger than a Kuran..
    it’s reAlly not hard if you try.. HeaVeN thaT iS NOW..
    Won’t you joiN me.. perHaps thE iNvitation WiLL LiVe
    OnliNe @LEast for a ThouSanD Years..MORE..NoW..

    and you
    thOught Woo is silly..

    Who do
    you thiNk
    i AM..

    Don’t thiNk Me..
    FeeL Me SenSe mE.. BE..

    And oh by A way.. Stefan.. YOU
    DO live beFore noW as forEver NoW and i FeeL and SenSE
    who YOU were.. NoWthenNoW.. YOU are Me and i am YOU.. STiLL NoW..
    YoUr UniVerse mY FRiEnD iS JuSTone Seed/Leave of Many.. Can’t you see…

    i AM
    thE Walrus
    And YOU are the Carpenter too..

    Jesus F. in Christ thiS iS ALL
    ThaT iS dAM FuN.. NoW..

    And by all means iF yoU WiLL
    by choice.. DO continue to provide
    this DArk mUse to me.. your support
    is not essential for what i do but IT IS so much FuN..

    As always Thank you! with Bravo! and sure
    all that Bravado you attempt to use with
    your thin flabby arms

    And don’t feel bad..
    i once was a Man Worm too..
    a little man too.. the last time i
    visited.. one of your minions suggested
    i write retarded and should kill myself..

    me giggle so dam much..

    Ha..!”Little Men Land”..
    thE Home of Trumps..;)

  8. ‘All those other things’ are Beautiful too for
    Beauty iS iN the eye of the beHolder and
    some folks are overAll Blind in that way.. 
    Be Beauty
    See ALL
    See God
    aS iN ALL Be
    -Me aKa God and You2

    A rather simple and small
    Free Verse Poem as inspired
    by Facebook Friend Candie
    who also doubles as Katrina’s
    Niece and Grandmother of one
    child so far and three coming in the
    oven as buns as ‘they’ say.. hehe.. so
    yes that makes me and Katrina a Great
    Great Aunt and Uncle four times over soon enough..
    Will we make it to Great Great Great Great Uncle and
    Aunt.. well if we last until age 77 and 67.. chances are
    excellent at this point as it is not too often that the women
    in her family do not reproduce by age 20 at most.. happens
    yes.. but not often as history shows.. anyway this is the story
    of Five Portraits too.. the first one is a rather official and formal
    one that has been parodied to illustrate the rather Dark Joker
    Nature of Trump that is his natural style of being now and
    the Pope and Melania and Ivanka in rather funeral
    looking attire and facial expressions too.. a
    rather stoic looking male child and a normal
    twin girl with a rather manic Trump looking
    Twin is added in for creepy appeal..
    and there is a Movie Meme that
    goes with it but the
    photo shared by
    no original source..
    but obviously it is a parody
    of the grim reaper and the Reverese
    Robin Hood Taker of Trump and all his iLK
    so.. the challenge is out.. somehow find beauty
    in Trump and his ways of Men.. mostly of course in
    Malignant Patriarchal ways.. well.. not hard for me as
    the Force named Hope and Love is much stronger than
    Fear and Hate and in this case a strong dose of Fear and
    Hate is just what we need to more fully awaken the Lion
    Nature of Hope and Love to.. where the dialectal Nature
    of dARk makes liGht and FeAR and haTe makes HoPe
    and Love more coMes to LiGht even more out
    of negative dARk as Positive LIGht and
    soon to arise are Eggs of help
    to others all newly hatched
    like Universal Single
    Payer Health
    care as
    it’s long over due
    for that anyway in Country
    where the top parts can finally
    pay their way for the humans they
    have replaced by Robots to make a World
    where humans no longer need apply for jobs
    that are meaningful to them in producing and
    Creating Products and Art they can feel and
    Sense better to do more like Humans than Robots too..
    So.. in this way the Parody of Trump and his family as
    Funeral Like Grim Reaper and Scrooge alike.. comes out
    Roses instead of Guns to take health care away and do not
    feed the poor and the homeless and children for After school care too..
    it’s only a matter of time before Hope and Love wins.. we just needed a
    little Trump in our coffee to set our asses on fire.. hehe.. Thanks Mr. Trump
    we really
    do need
    more than
    ever you are
    just what the world
    overall needs for a most
    valuable Adolph and Stalin
    Like Message that Hope and Love wins
    over Trump StiNk stANk STuNk Grinch Stuff..
    Sure Tree of Life for Free in Give and share
    and all that Jesus Jazz BeAtitudes oF LoVe STuFF too..:)

    Next Family Portrait Facebook Profile Pic of me and the Women from
    Old Seville Quarter Please as they are all my Dancing Daughters
    and Muses too for the Longest Long Form Poem now
    and a PHI Bible too as SonG oF mY SoUL
    continues too.. now.. these are not
    Trump Photos
    Bared to
    sink them into
    taking blood away
    from Health and Well
    BeinG.. these are smiles of
    Joy.. Excitement.. yes transcendental
    Ecstatic Bliss on the Second Floor of
    Humanity SoUL.. and general creativity
    mixed in as Selfies allow one to Master
    the art of Human Ego and Personality
    too.. in Zen Form too.. when one gets
    really good at it and doesn’t even have to
    think.. juST FloW iN ZoNe With SelFies as
    the group becOmes oNe SpiRiTual ForCe
    oF EmoTioNs and SenSes when two or more
    Humans BecOme ONe ForcE of SpiRiTuaL HeArT
    Power now.. yes.. Girl Power as ‘they’ say and Boy Power
    too and eTc2.. in Super Selfies and all the sHades of Grey that go along
    WiTh Trump Funeral Family Portraits too off of the Adam’s Family Show too..
    And it’s a shame reAlly as Pope Francis has such a Lovely Smile without the Devil
    standing at his side in Red Tie Fashion State straight from the Bonds of Hell.. in Bind of dArk..;)
    Anyway.. these Women
    photoed have Lovely
    Excited Spirits
    and they
    me up
    as ‘they’ say too..
    oh yes.. turn the Radio on Fred.. don’t forget the SonG..;)

    Now.. the next photo… pictured heAR as Facebook Profile Status
    pic too.. is of a Lovely Child Bearing Hips and Breasts young
    African American Woman from Seville with eyes and
    smiles that say i am and was raised with Love..
    Watered that way and Fed as
    Beauty comes to
    be as
    soUL FReED..
    and she was Brave
    enough to ask me for
    a Dance and capture it with
    a smART arT phONe Video
    that will be a Kodak Moment
    to last relatively humanly forever
    on Social Media when she gets home..
    anyWay.. i made point of touching her shoulder
    and saying farewell before i left that night for i
    was her only dance and she raised a liGht oF sMiLe iN me as Love2..:)

    NoW as the first two Lovely Young Ladies full of Spirit and Excitement for a
    Dance likely came from the University of West Florida and probably
    the African American Women too.. a very studious and
    Lovely Group of Women came next who
    it was easy to see were
    gradually gaining
    the Nerve to
    me too..
    And the Lovely Young
    Woman in Glasses said
    would you like a drink.. do you
    drink.. and i said no.. and she was
    just being kind as perhaps she thought
    i was poor as she didn’t see me with a drink..
    or perhaps then she had seen me dancing for almost
    three hours nowthen.. straight.. and a little concerned2
    i might soon pass out from heat prostration too.. haha..
    yes.. that’s happened before too.. but it is not often i am
    offered more than a drink of H2O.. although i’ve been offered
    a shot at least once before too.. nothing beats the Bottle of Gatorade
    in my car.. that will be like Heaven even more when i get back in my car..
    and to be clear.. i’ve never passed out although i have gotten a little faint..
    per out of mY Mind in Ecstatic Transcendent Dance on the Stairway to Heaven..
    and i particularly Loved the Wild and Free Devil Face the Blonde makes.. i do it
    all the time in my Standing Statuesque Full Body Yoga Poses but it’s noT clear if
    i am Smiling or Doing the Devil Face as my eyes are covered with SHadeS hehe..
    trust me/NoT
    NO Republican
    Politician or Southern
    Baptist Preacher who hates
    up on anyone who doesn’t fit
    tHeir idea of cookie cutter human..
    would wanna see the GLeAm iN ‘those’ eYes..
    serIOUsLy.. roTTweilers run away from real Devil
    eYes.. wHo sAid i’M not the whole package1.. OK2..;)

    And as i finish heAR with a larger portion of the last Crowd of Women from
    the University of West Florida.. i tried to explain to them that they would
    also be included in a Longest Long Form Poem and PHI
    Bible too in a year’s time in the MacroVerse
    named PHI Bible as such in the
    104th MacroVerse and
    775th MacroVerse
    as SonG oF
    MY SoUL
    Form Poem
    too surpassing
    4 Million words now..
    but i lost ’em after the word
    PHI.. simply ’cause the DancE
    SicK BeAT was pounding everyone’s
    ears..but anyway..they heard the word
    Book and screamed for glee as any opportunity
    for 5 seconds or 5 minutes or 15 minutes oF fame
    relatively forever is alWays a PotenTiaL NoW iN
    a neW aGE wHeRe everyone BecOMes Artist
    Brush and Painting too.. so colorful i miGht
    add too.. Go Art Go Girls and Go
    HUman ForcE overall too..
    Art is the
    oF heART thAT liVes
    oN as Egyptian KA Spirit
    too.. juSt Do iT Free Style
    Baby and the UniVerSE WiLL
    CoME MoRe iN and As yOu as God too..
    Anyway it’s 3:03 Pm on Friday the 26th
    the Day after Ascension Day as the Roman
    Catholic Church Dictates.. and i must say
    this go around they get it correct
    so Risen Last niGht iN aS LiGht
    i waS and
    be FoR NoW@LeASt..
    and now for some all Naturale
    Sun and Sand Dance With God aS iN ME RaiSinG eVen HiGher.. at 3:06 pM..:)

  9. https://gigoid.me/2017/05/26/elemental-key-lime-pie/#comment-21913

    Hmm.. i suppose the reason i have always been so much fascinated by PHI per Golden Mean Spiral Mean Ratio of 1.618 per number too.. is my Birthday of 6660 as Displayed on Driver’s
    License and taken as Devil Evil by some Carding Cashiers iN Trump Red State.. LA Lower Alabama.. State of Flowers shaped like a Gun in County or Roses otherwise known
    as Santa Rosa Florida in a Milltown with first School
    Kindergarten Years at Saint Rose of
    Lima Parish Catholic
    Church too.. yes..
    also Nautilus
    Logo for three
    at the
    of West
    and Nautilus
    formed machines
    to gain strength
    in work out
    ways now2..
    6 and or
    9 as a
    pattern and
    portrayal as the
    Pattern seen all through out
    Nature through Sub-Atomic particles
    Below and Within inside.. outside to Above
    as Spiral of Galaxy to all around as the fetus
    and cat comfortably curl and Hurricane arms
    Spiral around calm center eYe FloW iN ZoNe
    as Nature waves heR and hE and etC Spirals
    all around as far as human and science aided
    eYes see too.. wonderful symbol that 6 and 9 trUly
    are and 9 and 6.. if one wants to avoid over-populating the
    earth more now too.. in ways of human cultures and or religions
    that have become the virus humanifest in Malignant Patriarchal
    Fashion of not only dominating each other and those ‘normally’ naked
    below us on the Food Chain now.. but the tool for Creature comforts or the
    Devils Brew in-concert as Cancer taking away Life on this eARTh now in the
    Beauty of Bio-Diversity that still exists so far and as Long as Trumps do not rule
    the world.. it’s a will and it’s a choice but moreover it IS A hope and love that cares
    that will move the World to true Strength and WiLL under the Force of Hope and Love..
    anyway.. the Hope
    to take away from the
    Story is humans are not
    ruled by words alone in books
    of veiled ignorance.. altruism all Naturally
    Born and Bred as a Garden oF Love counts
    too when GroWn that way more.. and that’s the thing
    that helps in countries who do offer Parental help to
    raise children more with love and meals that help a
    growing body Mind and Soul with plenty of Heart and
    Spirit to set the world on Freer.. PlAtitudes.. yes.. Sentimental
    Mush as ‘they’ say too.. but the world always runs on the Love of
    a Mother and Nature
    or not as we are
    more clearly
    now.. the
    only Best Choice is Love
    but one must make love for that to Happen..
    so.. anyway.. reaching the milestone of 1.618 Million
    words today as i started out with needing about 2070 words
    at the first word heaR.. i FeLt and SeNSed.. iT would only be fitting
    to come here last as my first inclination to write any book was inspired
    heaR first.. and i really don’t know why other than the muse of inspiration
    more i found and find here.. my FriEnd gigoid.. it’s not every year someone
    writes a 1.618 Million Word “PHI Bible”.. in fAct it’s next to never on Earth so far
    in just one year for sure.. yep.. 40 times the size of a Forty Thousand word Novel..
    20 times the size of an old timey Kuran and more than twice the size of the King
    James version of a Bible that took Centuries and many folks to create and revise
    over and over and copy so many times by hands of scribe2.. this is a brand new experiment
    since the mid 90’s when computers became more available for personal usage to wider
    spread of broad band access in the 2000’s.. to the first iPhone for Hand Held perusal
    of the world’s science and art knowledge in 2007 as we come to celebrate
    the 10th anniversary of that with a likely iPhoneX as name to honor
    that achievement too.. technology overall per that other “Moore’s
    Law” is catching up to the speed and Flow of my brain overall
    with the transhumanist tools i use as i continue to
    branch out more.. in faCt.. this race against
    man and machine where the machine
    initially enhances the mind and
    the mind overcomes matter
    has been going
    on with
    me ever
    since.. i bought in ’95..
    my first Quantex Computer
    with what was a big CRT Screen
    then at 21 inches and with Printer
    at Four Thousand Dollar Purchase in
    debt for everything else too.. thing is
    before that everyone else was ahead of me..
    long past college rotting in a close to minimum
    wage job.. as far as intellect but not soul as it was
    all about serving other folks by heARt of Giving and
    sharing for practically nothing as has always been the rule
    of my life anyway.. so far.. and that’s the way i like it even more..
    Be all you can be.. ‘they’ told i would not be enough.. i say thank you..
    ‘you’ are correct for there are no limits or expectations in my life that say
    this enough.. and then they said ‘you are too much’ and i say FucK you
    very nicely as get ‘your’ story straight.. first you said i was not enough.. hehe..
    it’s kinda hilarious if you think about it and even more when you personally feel
    and sense the all paths and Journey of the Archetypal hero as you kNow and
    FeeL and SenSE WeLL too my FriEnd.. nothing new.. similar characters different
    actors in the Grand play of LiFe iN DaRk and LiGht and sHades of Grey and Rainbow
    Colors too.. as this puts me up to about 1000 words away from the PHI Golden Mean
    Number of 1.618 Million words.. in a year of writing now.. thing is.. the most number of
    inspired words came from here as well as additional Wisdom from the Sages of the
    Ages that you provide under your own volition in style of personal creativity too..
    and that’s how we got heAR in the first place now.. people with different
    Knowledge Skills and Abilities in KSA’s and Innate Instinctual Intuitive
    Skills and
    in ISA’s..
    the way the
    equation changes
    iN beyond synergistic
    ways now as we connect
    now with Global hands and eyes..
    it’s never happened before and the synergy
    of Human Intelligence of both Science and Art
    in Human Potential has never been measured or empirically
    assessed before as no one has tools big enough and small
    enough to do that now.. in repeatable way of experiment
    with controls now as everything is connected
    and there is no way to separate
    all the variables that
    play in the

    Potential now..
    so my revelation is this
    in the ending words of this
    PHI Bible now as i will go on
    to describe that whole Process of
    getting to this point now.. in the coming
    “Memorial Days Bible 2017-17” to be published
    on May 29th accordingly and in thanks to the blood
    and bones i stand upon of those who did/do most definitely
    fight and die for my hUman Freedoms as without Freedom of Expression
    and the ability STiLL to Parody the failures of Politicians and be all we be as
    human beings NoW iN greater more available and accessible avenues to create
    Science and ARt.. all of this would be a ‘mute’ point now.. and life goes backwards
    without Human Freedoms at the most base of Freedom of Expression now in First
    Amendment Rights.. this is a tiny sliver of Heaven for all of what existence can be seen
    through Rocks of no liFe to Dead Seas and places that ‘Demons’ WiLL fear to tread..
    so i take full advantage
    of this opportunity
    of what has been
    both a curse and
    blessing as an
    experience of life
    in both Suffering and Bliss
    Beyond and as my Wildest
    Imagination and Creativity come to
    Fruition still now soon to reach that age
    of 57 that i once thought was the end of
    life for old men on Mall Benches for
    those who do not fall
    to early
    as i did too..
    recovering all the way
    back to more than i ever
    could possibly imagine then
    could be possible for anyone and
    most definitely including me who was
    not even comfortable in my own skin at
    the smallest heights of Maslow’s Pyramid of Self Actualization..
    bottom lines are most of us can and will do more than we thOught
    possible if we can and will eliminate all the negative feelings
    and senses out of our lives.. and yes.. that’s Yogi Territory
    and most people do not live in Ivory Towers
    separated from the Stress of Life..
    but yes.. some people do..
    and yes.. they are
    the lucky
    ones too
    with so
    much effort..
    but if nothing
    else ‘they’ prove what’s
    possible in case study way
    as Lord knows.. even if there were
    empirical ways to measure it those would
    be considered unethical as Human Science too..
    anyway.. i know and feel and sense no better day
    to live my FriEnd than now and i suppose that is key too..
    Now too..
    AnyWay. around 150 words
    more to go kNow wHeRe riffing
    off of Pearls as Wisdom now
    Will likely Bring PHI
    Mean Ratio
    in Metaphor
    more of 1.618 Million words..;)

    “The deeds you do today may be
    the only sermon some people will hear today.”

    ~~ St. Francis of Assisi ~~

    So i dance.. as it’s the
    one iN thing i do that people hear
    as far as the masses go.. heHe..
    iN the
    of the
    and Mother’s
    of DanceSonGs
    too.. Whitman is my
    Daddy and so is Elvis
    and Mother Nature plUs
    TrUth and LiGht as God
    as an archetype of the
    Good Cop Super
    Marilyn now
    and Jesus too..
    i left John Wayne
    way behind too..
    as i paraphrase
    Lana Del Ray in Tropico
    also Sitting on the top of the
    HollyWood H8 as two ones
    as 11K join toGeTheR as two
    HeMisPheRes of BrAIN and
    eARTh as 8 Standing tALL
    Me and HuWoManITy rest more too..
    iN LonGiTude and LAttitude too.. close enough
    to Medina Lawn Sod aS iN the ending scene
    of the Big Lebowski Movie when the God
    of Long Handle Bar Mustaches wishes
    just another Dude.. Hope for the Love Finals too..:)

    “i sure hope ‘he’ makes the finals”

    and you
    and us
    and we and ours too.. heHe..
    and sure.. even odd John Wayne and Trump too..;)

    “Bother!”, said Pooh, as time unraveled around him.

    ~~ Anonymous Bee ~~

    And Mad Hatters
    wear no Alice
    Hands of CLocK
    noR even gLock..;)

    “All, everything that I understand,
    I understand only because I love.”

    ~~ Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace ~~

    i kNow noThing
    i am Love
    i am Faith
    i only
    FeeL and
    SenSe NoW
    Positive Energy
    Synergistic LiGht ForCe.. i am God 2..
    Never separated alWays pART aS WhoLe..:)

    i am the
    and Piano oF LinUS..


    It’s all PeaNuTs afTer the Dance and Song is alWays now..:)

    “Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing,
    of just going along,
    listening to all the things you can’t hear,
    and not bothering.”

    ~~ Pooh’s Little Instruction

    Book, inspired by A. A. Milne ~~

    No matter how hard
    you work at it

    “He who is unable to live in society,
    or who has no need because he is sufficient for himself,
    must be either a beast or a god.”

    ~~ Aristotle ~~

    Clever how Aristotle
    Left out AND for or a..;)

    “Without the difficulty of being hemmed in,
    the tree in the forest would not be forced to marshal its power
    to grow toward the light.”

    ~~ Deng Ming-Dao ~~

    UnLesS oNe Loves PriSon dARk..;)

    “If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.”

    ~~ Things We Can Learn From Dogs ~~

    Unless it’s already uncovered in plain site
    and one sTill has to dig to find iT iN the Mirror..;)

    “In human intercourse the tragedy begins,
    not when there is misunderstanding about words,
    but when silence is not understood.”

    ~~ Henry David Thoreau ~~

    Moans of
    Sexual Humor
    are/iS oNe of my favorite jokes for real..;)

    “Heaven embraces the horizon.
    No matter how jagged the profile, the sky faithfully conforms.”

    ~~ Deng Ming-Dao ~~

    Fractals STiLL Love aS wHOle paRTS as GoD..;)

    “All men should strive to learn before they die
    what they are running from, and to, and why.”

    ~~ James Thurber ~~

    Or A And A 1 2 3 juSt Dance
    And FeeL and SenSE LiFe.. NoW..
    And iF You’re Lawrence Welk.. Conduct the Orchestra
    and Enjoy the Symphony While you are Writing a Bible2..:)

    “Down, down, down into the darkness of the grave
    Gently they go, the beautiful, the tender, the kind;
    Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave.
    I know.
    But I do not approve.
    And I am not resigned.”

    ~~ Edna St. Vincent Millay, “Dirge Without Music” ~~

    So i
    rise even more..:)

    Considering the overall
    relatively speaking most
    painful event of life as ‘they’
    say is losing your first Love Can
    and Will be.. i was first gonna use
    the Song my First Girl Friend and
    i were Dancing too at the Disco when
    she broke up with me in 1979.. first depression
    over the loss of a Human Love can be a hardest
    Depression of all.. little did i know then that was just
    a cake
    was yet
    to come..
    so instead of playing
    After the Love is gone
    by Earth Wind and Fire i choose Rise
    by Katy Perry as her Fire work song helped
    Save my soul in 2010 too.. after all we’re all reLated..
    And i suppose i could dedicate this whole thing to my
    Dog named Charlie who was hit by a Bus in Middle
    School and was my only real friend out of school
    it seems like then.. but he didn’t decide to
    Leave me on purpose and Sonia
    did.. thing is i have a lot to
    Thank Sonia for too..
    as that grief never
    fully resolved
    enough to fully love
    again is what helped bring
    me back from the Dead Zone in 2013..
    when i wrote a story named Autistic Love Letters
    and put up her photo and the pain i blocked out for
    decades i didn’t know still existed came back and i finally
    got over her and the Love came back as just a block in my head
    created in a juvenile Love as heart.. if it wasn’t for that reservoir
    of grief that existed i might still be living in pain.. but no i cannot
    dedicate this
    to her
    as for
    my Mother
    i would have
    never Grown
    in the first place as Love
    but anyway here’s another
    toast to that 16 year old girl Sonia
    And a Song that goes along with it into the night..
    that just so happens to be Katrina’s favorite song
    as she remains the eternal teenager who was the
    one i have always been looking
    that’s what built
    Coral Castle you know..
    a Hundred Lb Man lifting
    30 ton stones by himself building
    a Castle over the altar of a 16 year girl who
    didn’t even exist anymore.. it’s all about muse
    my friend the essence of the muse no matter the
    or created
    or real form..
    as the essence is muse..
    There’s this one sweet young woman
    who came in last night at Seville and
    who has come in before and
    she could
    be Sonia
    and Katrina’s
    Daughter too..
    something about
    the eyes and the smile of
    an Angel that’s eternal.. mY FriEnd
    and yes there are many others too..
    it’s all i ever see.. the eYes and sMiLe oF SoUL..:)

  10. WeLL it’s TrUe and LIGht
    MicroSoft Word counter doesn’t
    always match the Word Count of
    Word Press so heAR comes 155 words
    to get up to the full 1.618 Million Words iN
    just a year of WriTinG this Nether Land Bible
    2017 now doubling again as ‘PHI Bible as letters
    GroW iNto the NiGht
    for Day tide of
    Moon and
    of mid-day
    sands as the
    cat Basks Freely
    as Sand as God now as
    He.. if the Cat now Happens
    to be a Boy cat and the female
    Feline Hugs.. the Dew of MidNiGht
    Leaves of Grass until that Medina Sod
    of PHI Latitude is wHeRe ever the SoUL
    SpiRiT oF HeArt Dances and SinGS MorE Now
    aS Bliss whoEver whaT Creature BlesSinGs MaY be
    NoW oN A Free PlaneT eaRth for all to not only survive
    iN rise butt to rise even HiGher as A Thrive oF LliFe NoW..
    Love American Style.. A New iSReAL NoW
    WiTh saDLy STiLL iN PaRt aN Old Jerusalem.. STiLL NoW2..:)

  11. Pingback: PHI Bible | KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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