A place i am..
A place i go..
Around a block..
That is my home…

Street Lights too bright.. for Soul of Darkness..
AND pain.. to withstand.. a walk of dead.. goes on…

A HeArt long past dead.. A Spirit no longer expressing
anything but words.. darkness.. and pain.. Yes.. this
is hell.. and i am Devil at 2AM.. shades covering eyes..
a body cold as ice.. in the middle of the Summer..
a Jacket.. torn and tattered.. covering the cold
of years.. in death alive.. an outcast from
all that is alive.. where cat is more human…

There is no human or Nature connection.. then
for me.. senses.. emotions.. completely dead..
All that is left is the wrath of pain.. Where is
GOD.. who is GOD.. what is ALLAH..

There is no escaping hell or heaven..
in nows.. but we have so much to say..
for the place we eventually end up..
for now… and in between..
purgatory too.. yes.. NOW..

To feel.. and sense..
and be alive..
no words..

ToDAY.. I skate dance backwards
in Golden Spirals.. with EVENing
Sun.. on sands of beach..
swirling in the wind
of Allah’s breathe…
5 miles in 1 hour
the tracks i leave..
are of no animal
but me..
IN Golden
Spiral LIFE…:)










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    Great prompt Anthony.. the night is always an interesting prompt.. for me to write about.. both friend and foe in the past.. and only friend now.. thank goodness.. when 2AM before.. is only a cold place of hell to be.. for me.. but ah.. nah.. not now.. where all is light i see..:)

  2. Ah.. the Calla Lilies of a lonely soul..
    reaching out and touching memories..
    with all of sensual hold.. and the death
    of dreams do bring back.. the CALLa
    liLies Black…

    Yes.. to lose a dream of wonder..
    is a place of much regret..
    no wonders gained..
    no wonders lost..
    no wonders be..
    when they are lost…

    But there is always
    morrow night..

    With more dreams
    coming in delight..:)

    Ah.. yes.. the best time for Love..
    IS when life is not a clock..
    tHere is no time for Love
    and no Love for time..
    when now rings Truest..
    in Freedom’s Way..:)

    Ah.. so much to think of..
    in a modern night of rest..
    Ah.. so dreams do wither..
    when.. problems do
    come first..
    instead of
    as real..:)

    Ah.. but what is love but no words..
    when scarves do tickle nerves of love..:)
    Ah.. but what is words but no love..
    when nerves of love do starve to tickle..:)

    Ah.. the mind of a life on rewind.. a mind that absorbs
    all still recalled.. ugh.. an escape is what i make as
    great.. as ugh.. oh my GOD.. this is the mind of
    mine i finally lose.. a couple of years ago..
    not precisely.. but in general effect
    of ‘too much information’
    running through

    Yes.. the tune of life in all the jazz..
    and rock it comes and rolls with.. is best taken..
    i believe.. in waves of now..
    as particles in fields..
    of oceans..
    in Art..:)

    Yes.. the hunger of passionate midnight lamps do come..
    to instill a love of light.. in path of human truths
    come pleasure.. pain.. in tween..
    life.. is real.. in passion play..
    when all is love as
    night and

    Ah.. the co-pilot of 2am creativity
    always a willing navigator..
    to life anew.. in
    come true..:)

    Ah.. the cure of mind wandering in roads of angst..
    in past and future of interest yet to come..
    the stilling oceans of movement..
    sometimes practiced well..
    takes mind away from words..
    finally into body..
    a feeling of peace and rest..
    yet.. not.. accompanying words of life..:)

    The owls song of 2 am too of hoo am i..
    second time around the clock of life
    is wHere.. i am at 2 am i..:)

    2am and bars of life.. is a drunken brew of hopes of life..
    sometimes the flowers of girls live.. in hopes of young men’s dreams..
    but the drink goes on.. as long as 2am.. comes again..:)

    Yes.. the earth is a human dream.. of i am and zam of i dreams..
    when 2 am.. comes delivering as earth.. where dreams of human..
    are never the

    90% of school is truly a personal waste of time..
    a cultural product to keep the whole of society
    running automatically with same as robot humans..
    to get in the know truly.. is to eventually escape
    the know of school.. and cultural byproducts of time now..
    infinity more.. as free verse human experience..:)

    Yes.. the impermanence of sky at night.. is perhaps a Universal
    understanding.. that all changes.. and nothing.. not
    even stars.. remain
    the same..:)

    Ah.. snow.. the transforming power of silk lattice angels
    falling on the rust of barbed war fences.. does bring
    a peaceful delight to the soul of human..
    perhaps peace as well.. in not warring ways..:)

    Yes.. night of 2am.. is soul-lit muse.. singing dark hymns of bliss..
    light whole mares strangest.. in all of hope.. 2am imaginary creation…
    in life.. is where i stand.. wHere 2am can be anytime..:)

    So true.. the clock never knowsNow..
    twilight of lucid dreaming.. awake lives in 2am hours..
    of witness brew.. that no one sees.. but the artist true..:)

    The freedom of the night is a wonderful brew.. of coffee beans unshelled to
    a life won true.. ugh.. without limits.. nightmares do sizzle.. ah.. without
    limits.. the artist does.. come alive.. in 2 am hours of imaGiNary deLight!..:)

    Yes.. when rest of world is quiet.. art comes alive..
    in creative subconscious factory.. of imaginary
    toys.. of human mind and body.. in illustrious
    tears.. of life in light.. of sad in bright..
    of all of life.. in colors of rich..
    moon-lit lair.. of fair..
    in life..:)

    Yes.. the eyes of Yogis..
    never sleep in darkness..
    are wide awake in repose.. of always
    recovering in light that never grows old..
    a spirit living forever.. in mores of now.. a life of
    love that is strong yet never attached to death
    of knowing love only grows
    death of other
    than living life..:)

    The moon of eyes of living love.. the depth
    of craters that are no sand..
    the iris of color..
    the pupil

    The night fears.. the human mares..
    the horse’s courage..
    can still..
    the dreams..
    of demon’s

    Ah.. to be alive and sober
    at 2am.. in bars of life..
    and strong in focus
    of nightlife love..
    is truly an
    advantage over
    others who
    imbibe to
    live free..
    where sober ways come
    too.. as human free.. even in
    bars of life.. where free’s alive..:)

    An elf am i.. at 2am..
    tall or short.. i play..
    as elves..:)

    Ah.. the purr of cats.. in Tai CHI rhythm.. can be
    the best sleep medicine.. of all of night..
    in all of dark.. of light of night..
    of day.. as well..
    in well of life..:)

    Words become friends at 2 am.. willing lovers..
    who can never turn away.. to others sides of beds or covers..
    yes! words are my friends.. and fortunately.. oh my GOD yes..!
    they keep coming and never go away… sometimes to the dismay..
    of others now.. so haha! is what i say.. as words love me with
    unconditional love the same.. and oh MY GOD.. truly! is me in the words..
    the whole time.. hidden as me..forevermorenow.. my words live as me..:)

    The circle is ocean field.. the spirit ! of i..
    the wire is wave.. the I.. as Zen ego I..
    the pin point.. in middle.. is particle as i..
    yes.. the seat and seed.. as soul i..
    ‘who’ directs.. the heArt.. as ego I..
    and the spirit !.. expressing the actor I..
    ‘who’ is wave of i.. and the best of all..
    is when soul.. heArt.. and spirit.. become one..
    as i…ONE with the rest of Nature of ALL THAT IS

    Ah.. the threes in life..
    they do come in pairs..
    but when they join and become one..
    there is never anything.. but bliss
    in now.. as 3 in 1.. the magicK human
    form.. becomes magicK LiGht
    in living

    Ah.. yes..
    for some 2am is darkness..
    for some it is light..
    for some it is work..
    and for some it is play..
    for some it is the termination
    of an electric chair life.. for others..
    it is a cue.. for sensual delight..
    ah.. 2am is certainly a metaphor

    Ah.. yes.. a busy life knows best..
    awake at dawn.. work of life..
    in practice does come..
    and rarely does the time of 2am..
    ever break sweat of a midnight brow..:)

    Ah.. if young can taste old.. the nows will be grand..
    for the now of life.. ah.. yes.. the spring of young..
    when living old.. is a delight of life..
    but the crevices of dark..
    do slip between tangles
    of brain still alive..
    and only partially
    here for now..
    in greys
    of still
    gone past…

    Yes.. lovers gone past..
    in times come present..
    always a delight when love..
    does come

  3. The word devilived really come alive with night.. and even a walk around the block becomes an adventure.. I think the memories of warm sand would help me too through the night.

  4. X says:

    Skate dance backwards…sounds like you have upper your game even more. I dont think the night is any more evil than the light. Perhaps people think in the shadows they will get away with more, but…there are so few awake and out, the middle of the night can be a great time, close to god.

    • Oh.. I do love the night too.. as well as dark.. and the greatest thing about becoming the Devil.. is one comes to understand that there is only created human evil and no real innate evil, in substantial way.

      To walk in the devil shoes is truly to be able to unconditionally love.

      And through all the myths established by Emperor Constantine and Catholic Cohorts to expand both the Roman Catholic Church Congregations and Roman Empire by way of promoting a humble yogi-like naturist zealous so-called modern Jesus, in metaphors and nature to a warring soldier God of the Universe, leaves behind many metaphors of REAL truth; like separation from the Interdependent relationship with the GOD of Nature and other human beings are the real devil’s shoes and if evil can exist innately IT would be just that.

      However, it’s mostly a culturally environmentally produced thing; this thing called evil as well as devil’s shoes in all the colors and hues of grey in shade or light that comes in human life.

      And to use the newest movie Dracula as metaphor; the sacrifice of life is only a small sacrifice as compared to the sacrifice of soul, heart, and spirit for love.

      The easy way out is suicide or harming others.

      The hard way in is to survive and love again.



    There is a time in my life, as a straight A student, graduating 11 out of a class of 381; going on to graduate with three college degrees, one in Health Science, one in Anthropology, and one in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, and graduate school in social sciences; before working three part time jobs putting myself through college necessitates the economic reality of finding a real job, and moving through a government career to upper federal pay grade level of service; that I ‘think’ my type of knowledge is somehow superior to those who surround me.

    It takes me almost five decades to come to realize how wrong I am to believe that crystalized knowledge and the mechanical ways of cognition to obtain that knowledge, while useful, is not nearly as important, in this thing called social mammal cooperative life; as either the merits or rewards of social cognition, which includes all ways of living with human empathy, both cognitive and affective; as well as all things human related to imagination and creativity; as well as all things related to human being, by way of physical intelligence, including regulating emotion; integrating senses; and gaining greater REAL cognitive executive functioning through greater focus, short term working memory; as well as the expanding of the science recognized sixth sense now of proprioception, where one not only sees the environment but feels it throughout the body, in mind and body balance.

    The truth of the matter is, our culture through the interjection of mechanical cognition leaning activities, served up on a full cultural plate almost from birth; rather than the social cooperation that grows a human as being in flesh and blood human interaction with a tree of imagination and creativity growing through an environment of little as opposed to overload of senses in TV and other electronic ways of input of human; rather than output of human in kind and loving social cooperative ways, as humans truly are naturally evolved to live is creating an epigenetically cultural environment produced being that is less human, more and more as time goes by.

    And yes, science shows this is becoming truth in at least some empirical ways of measures of empathy of college students, with empathy dropping off at around 30% over the course of the last several decades. And then there are studies that show that the average attention span of human beings is at around that of a gold fish; that means the chances of anyone reading this well thought out and deep analysis here of mine, and actually getting this far, is closer to Zero than 10 percent, among the average reader, with the attention of a gold fish, in shallow waters of thinking.

    The ‘Twitter World’ is a sad one, a world of snippets of related information here and there. The ability to free associate many topics of deep information and consolidate that into one tapestry of deeper ways of expression is an art I refuse to leave behind, in a culture that is growing shallower and shallower as we speak.

    While it is nice to be able to spit back facts and not much of anything else;

    That’s not human life; any computer can do that.

    Human life is the art of connecting to other humans being as evolved for social cooperation in flesh and blood ways, where non-verbal communication is the core of reciprocal social communication as evolved for all social animals, including human beings anywhere from 60 to 90% of total effective reciprocal social communication.

    And Art is the way human beings have always expressed the existential comfort of understanding they are one with other humans and the rest of nature, flowing with it, and not a static object separated from it, in illusory lies of both general culture and Abrahamic religions understood as science, rather than metaphors of free verse poetry in both the new revised Bibles and the Koran.

    The height of human ignorance is no longer functioning as a human being.

    The height of human ignorance is a society looking for a quick fix pill and diagnosis of one over-reaching label like Autism to explain away a culture gone insane, overall, in mechanical over social cognition ways of learning in negative epigenetic impact making humans more machines than caring, yes, unconditionally loving creatures, as evolved as such when in mind and body balance with nature.

    So yes, one thing about my college experience, where I truly excel, is my innate understanding that something really horrible that I cannot quite put my finger on is going in my life; a stop of plans to go into a more lucrative major of money making power, to attempt to find out why the lives of my much ‘poorer’ peers in terms of a standard IQ like mine of over 130, live so freely, easily and happily; while my life is so frigging complicated and empty as compared to theirs.

    Yes, those majors of health science, anthropology, and social sciences interdisciplinary will eventually be in part, and art, what saves my life, to return from a robot life, back to what I am simply evolved, for, as human being, in mind and body balanced way with flesh and blood humans and the rest of Mother Nature aka GOD.

    So yes, in my case at least, the height of human ignorance is turning into an Autistic person as mechanical cognition leaning robot; rather than a highly evolved social mammal with excelling ability to connect to other flesh and blood human beings, and truly thrive in unconditional love life.

    Really, more or less, this is truly what all enlightened and awakened philosophers, who escape cultural ways of mechanical cognition in lies of robot ways of life are trying to tell their counterparts in history.

    But from my experience when one lives in that ‘other place’ of what truly can be literal human hell, as compared to ‘NORMAL’ touchy feely life of human being in love with both other humans and nature as whole; that is REAL ignorance; and whether or not Mr. Oldavid understand the P’s and Q’s of evolution; the greatest loss of human intelligence is in emotional intelligence everywhere we look in life, for those of us with new age old age eyes of evolution to even see it.

    This emotional intelligence is fluid intelligence, an intelligence much greater, overall, for human survival, as classically evolved; compared to crystallized intelligence that is largely a byproduct of written abstract recorded language; collective intelligence; and complex cultures; that as we speak are having the negative epigenetic effect and AFFECT in just one life-time to make otherwise normally evolving human being into social lacking mechanical cognition robots; and in at least some cases, this thing called Autism is a direct result of culture in negative epigenetic impact, rather than an innately produced issue as human being is born to be.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  6. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Lovely juxtaposition of darkness & light, & I agree that in primordial times the night held more predators, but today only the thugs can frighten us, that & our imaginative repressed socialization & zealous religiosity. No parking lot, backyard, cat or wife images; no clouds, no dance clubs or restaurant pics; but hey, you are still Lord of the Dance, Prince of Iron, heart of gold.

    • Hi Glenn.. thanks for stopping by with those words of appreciation of what I do here last night.. and interestingly this prompt serves as truly the response to a Muslim friend of mind posing a question on the problem of ‘sin’.

      So it is a multi-purpose prompt for me, existing in other forums of prompts as well..:)

      Oh and yes, all the other stuff is still coming too; but on Thursday when free for all open link comes where all seems more welcome there. I am attempting to conform to the norm here a little, as I do have a heart; that sometimes must clip its wings a little free or not, to get along, as heart must connect to stay alive as WELL..:)

      SMILES and hope you are having a beautiful now.. as truly WELL..:)



    Breathing is a physical manifestation of all mammal life.

    Some humans are serial killers and some unconditionally love.

    There are a synergy of innate and environmental factors that lead to both.

    Numbers are much more than chemical/biological/physical processes of the brain.

    You seem to be missing the environmental boat here; there is no chance that Algebra
    happens in just one life; without human abstract language, collective intelligence and
    complex cultures. That’s a huge boat compared to innate physiological processes, alone.

    It takes a village to produce numbers; and a very big village and environment of collective
    abstract written language to ever get there. And the issue truly from the get go is, are numbers
    even important to truly living life. Numbers; the obsession with them in mechanical cognition;
    can drive almost any truly sane human being, insane; if they escape the condition of human being.

    There are many examples of that through history; and chances are if it isn’t for the numbers and school;
    those folks will just be enjoying life in animal homeostasis, otherwise known as the heaven of now; as a freely
    associating socially cooperative mammal. Sometimes the stuff we think is the most important is what is killing
    us now, slowly surely, as suicide of human being. The spiritual life of human emotions in self awareness in mind
    and body balance of soul, and heart of feeling, and expressing feelings and senses through cognitive and affective
    empathy is real. Numbers are more or less cardboard boxes of labyrinths straight to human hell; with stops in
    illusions of what is real. To view them as tools is great; to view them as real, as human socially cooperative life

    CAN be death of human being; if too much time is spent there in mechanical cognition land; and yes, science
    shows this as truth as well now, as a life spent in mechanical cognition represses social cognition, and is
    a leading cause of the death in metaphor of human being social cognition being in mind and body
    balance; including the loss of physical intelligence that science also is beginning to show
    regulates emotions, integrates senses, and enhances cognitive executive functioning
    through greater focus and short term working memory. Numbers and all other
    ways of mechanical cognition are far removed from naturally evolving human
    being. Moreover, these cultural processes are human death rather than
    true human spiritual nature alive and well in emotions, senses, and
    mind and body balance. Eastern Philosophies have all naturally
    understood this with little empirical science for thousands
    of years. Science is just now catching up of course as
    science has neither human senses or feelings to
    even understand what human being is
    naturally evolved to live and
    thrive as, in human
    mind and

    A leading Neuroscientist determines he has all the biological markers
    of a psychopathic potential serial killer. The difference between him
    and his other murderous relatives is he is raised Catholic and has
    the unconditional love of a mother. Neither the mother’s love
    or the specific benefits of religion can be measured here
    by empirical science; but the common sense of IT for
    those who have it IS the difference between
    Lizzie Borden and friends; and a highly
    respected Neuroscientist, at least in
    part, of truly human being
    socially cooperative
    life, as is for

    Humans cannot be reduced to MRI’s, or other medical scanning equipment of modern medical science.
    The simple reason is epigenetics and neuroplasticity; humans are not science projects they
    are ongoing works of art who do flow with the environment both upstream
    and downstream in just one lifetime, depending on both innate
    and environmental issues. And the greaTEST lesson of all
    in life is learning innately and environmentally to
    master one’s mind and body in balance
    through the real synergy of human
    emotions and senses known
    as relative human free will.

    Some folks master their
    minds and bodies in
    balance, in light,
    and some
    folks continue
    to be mastered
    by the cultural
    and biological
    environment as
    a force of dark

    The difference between a neuroscientist and a serial killer
    is the power of both the cultural environment and
    the relative free will of the human mind when
    potential innate villain becomes a rock
    star of neuroscience

    Or a potential serial killer
    becomes a real rock star,
    or just another
    savior of a
    species or

    The sum of human will always be greater than the parts.

    Only a ‘real fool’ could be limited to thinking anything else, who as even lived
    this life fully to a small degree, as more fully human

    And to be clear all of this is just general information, not directed at anyone
    personally here, including you of course, friend; but science is way too
    limiting to understand the spiritual stuff of life.

    It’s just a tool;

    Nothing else; and a very small one at that; in coming close
    to understanding each Unique human Universe in emotions
    and senses of mind and body in balance
    or not, as soley in one soul
    perceived as
    Universe within,
    outside, above
    so below,
    and all
    as an entire Universe
    of individuAlly perceiving Spiritual life large
    or small as ant of human being;
    not much of
    more fully
    alive and VIBRANT
    in human spiritual
    energy of emotions
    and senses in synergy
    of real human
    as such.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Truly the statement that ‘real art is produced by people with too much spare time and not enough gumption to get real jobs’ can only be made by an individual lost in an illusion that humans are machines instead of art at core.

    The most beautiful thing about the ‘robot minds’ who create the Information Technology revolution is the price of the palette required to produce art now is pennies on the priceless nature of the human soul, heart, and spirit alive verses dead in life.

    Now one can write limitlessly almost for free; produce tens of thousands of photographs only dreamed of before and shared with millions of folks world-wide.

    In my artistic efforts I spend around $3,000 on T-shirts with artistic symbols to portray many faced actors of my own play of art of Zen ego produced life in digital art on blogs and YouTube way.

    I spend about $500 dollars or so on three Nike GPS Sports watches to carry me through 3596 miles of dance walk in martial arts and ballet style-like way to measure this in empirical way to prove what I do is what I do to the naysayers of life, as well.

    AND I spend around $1000 dollars on 8 pairs of Nike Shox shoes of soles in soul, to last these 21 months of dance to get where I am today, along with the feats of strength in extreme weight training getting me to the power of leg pressing 930LBS 14 times slowly on parallel leg press machine with my arms raised in air, for what it takes to be a real life metaphorical superman to move like a terrestrial butterfly on land.

    Since 2013, I literally output 5 million words of all types of prose, epic free verse poetry and all things in between; now reaching over 10 million words since Thanksgiving day of 2010, starting here on this website, to escape physical pain of what is described in modern medicine as the suicide disease, type two Trigeminal Neuralgia, during all waking hours, like novocaine-less dentist drilling in right eye and ear; starting with laundry lists of words in 2010; with pain starting in 2008 to extreme extent and lasting until the end of July 2013, in what doctors describe as an all miraculous recovery of a total of a life threatening synergy of 19 medical disorders.

    In the last two years, on average, I spend 16 hours a day, 7 seven days a week, dancing and writing, and imagining new creative ways of living life and putting the in action in flesh and blood ways.

    I do not make a penny off of all of this.

    But you see my friend, GOD is Art, and when humans become art they do reflect the God of Nature as Art.

    To become an instrument of Art is to reflect God and in tandem to become an instrument of imagination

    And creativity with, instead of against God, in what can commonly be described as the potential darkness
    of mechanical cognition verses social cognition ways of thinking and living life in or out of mind
    and body balance.

    My reward is the all natural one provided intrinsically by the God of nature, from hundreds of smiling gorgeous girls ear to ear attached to me from the muse of dance I bring to them documented on all on my blogs; to the over 1.1 million views now of of my art, just on the Google plus source, inspiring people globally wherever my art goes in eyes of other human beings with the potential to enjoy it, frustrate them; but at core to challenge the way they view life, as is, for now.

    There is no greater achievement in life, whether rewarded by western ideas of material wealth or not, than becoming an instrument of God that is truly instrument of creative imagination of human being creatively expressed as spirit of human mind and body in balance as soul, and feeling human heart.

    And to never understand this, my friend, is the saddest of all realities; and truly it only hurts those who experience life with not ever knowing the God of nature at core value within the Art of human being or expressing that nature of God as Art with other human beings, in human evolving spirit, in just one lifetime, as humans are naturally evolved to do for both social cooperation and much greater existential intelligence, in peace of mind and body in balance.

    I am here to help. But there are few ears who can, are willing, or with patience enough to truly hear and see what I am attempting to say, in every way possible of suggesting people can both be free and reflect the GOD of Nature in more freely connecting to other human beings and the rest of nature, as we are simply evolved to be for now as work and practice of human Art; rather than than the lies and blinds of a culture that believes that money and material comforts are the reality of life.

    Life is reality.

    Art is truth.

    Money is just a lie propagated by
    folks with little to no soul,
    heart, or connecting
    human spirit in

    The way of human life as foragers is art of hunting
    and art of gathering and art of loving each
    other in SHARING socially cooperative
    harmonious ways with nature as Art
    in a more matriarchal leaning way
    of life. Most human
    beings sadly escape
    this Art of life for now;
    but to be reborn in Art
    is truly
    live again
    in NOW.

    Truly in practice that sounds the same.
    Creativity of Art comes in many forms. When it comes free without
    planning is when I enjoy it most, without instruction or lessons
    from others, on free practicing

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  9. billgncs says:

    2:00 am finds you dancing ?

    • IN someways at least.. all hours of waking finds me dancing.. and i do
      dance in hours of sleeping.. in dreams as well.. but of course in my
      way of thinking and feeling.. dance is just a metaphor.. for the
      free flow of life.. in emotions and senses balancing..
      always in practice.. of life for now.. enjoying
      all that is.. in mind and body balancing.:)

      No forcing really.. just flow.. in letting
      go of what is false.. and living
      truth of real.. force of life
      in Now.. as Un-



    No problem Mike; you speak well enough for me; and very interesting to, in impact as well.

    The mind is an incredible ‘Quantum’ tool, for metaphor in human healing;

    Much more powerful in potential, than any drug, in balance with body.

    And truly my life, as documented, is proof of that in the real medical
    world that has assessed me through my healing process, with
    mind and body balance and human relative free will,
    fully utilized on my part to make this human healing
    real, and yes, some professionals see it as miracle.

    I document this human all real life natural miracle
    for good reason; for proof that ‘real-life’ natural
    miracles are REAL, and the power of the
    human mind and body in balance
    mastered by relative human
    free will, is the most
    powerful human

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Excellent analysis of what counts the most about art to me.

    Seeing more and reporting it to others, in hopes that others may
    one day see more too..

    It’s worth it; no matter how many folks
    cannot see it. Just one inspiration
    can make the difference between
    life and death.

    There is no cost or price of value
    adequate for inspiring life;
    in all forms, both
    real and imaginary
    in creation that

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  12. Mary says:

    Ha, a devil at 2 a.m.?? I suppose better than during the daytime…smiles. Dance on!

    • In my lengthy experiences as Devil at 2 a.m… and after dark hours of that.. most humans do find Devil scarier in dark of darkest shades.. creeping around.. a block of sleeping life.. when folks come home in pick-up trucks from the late night shift.. and do become concerned.. for their love ones.. asleep in a lair of love..:)

      And yes.. I am dead serious about that..

      been there done it.. in real time 2 a.m. now..

      as well as not so well at all…

      Trust me.. Angel life is a breeze..
      compared to roles of

  13. Gabriella says:

    Dancing outside at 2 am is an ode to life!

    • Thanks for coming by Gabriella.. and now that i dance at 2am.. in halls of dance.. and roads of block.. around homes of sleep.. all of life is dance.. and dance is all of life for me..:)



    Numbers; as imaged symbols,
    remembered by brain states; highly likely.

    Numbers produced by brain states, alone; absolutely no.

    Numbers are produced on the back of written language in
    collective human intelligence, and centuries of hard work
    by many humans working interdependently
    together to produce the abstract symbols out
    of nature that we now remember as numbers, as is;
    again, very likely a byproduct of brain processes in visually
    remembering the symbol; not unlike what a flower looks like.

    The only innate parts of culture for humans are verbal language
    and non-verbal language; the rest is culturally derived, and math
    is a rather complicated part of culture that much interdependent
    work of centuries, once again, going IN work to make what we
    know today in collective intelligence even possible as we ‘see’
    in modern

    Put a human naked, as a child out in the woods; before school;
    and ‘you’ just have another wild naked animal; that does have the
    potential of getting stronger; than the humans I do ‘business’ with
    everyday; if they survive; which is very unlikely, as most other animals
    out resource humans, in potential to survive in the wild, without complex
    culture. Humans are connecting social animals who do the wild thing a whole
    lot to survive. Other than that; there is extremely complex culture that is the
    tool that makes humans the apex of stupidity, in living out of balance with the
    rest of nature. Once again, humans are not the virus strangling the earth;
    but manufactured tools of human culture, most definitely are, including
    numbers that also lead to nuclear tools of potential mass destruction.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Ha! I don’t agree. But that’s okay; different strokes and all of that..:)

    Humans create their reality as they go; as clearly indicated in science; and that’s
    a fact my friend; that you may not be aware of; but never the less, it IS Scientific
    method derived FACT. Perhaps, you have some reading to do.

    If you like I can provide scores of links in research that prove my point;
    without doubt. But somehow, I do not think you will read them.
    And that my friend comes from my advanced form of cognitive
    empathy, with smiles and winks, as well..:)

    Seriously, if you see something you know is not there, like
    something out of the corner of your eye; on a sleepy
    night on a dark road; that should be evidence enough
    that what you perceive as reality, is not close to
    whatever objective reality, if any objective
    quantum reality, actually

    That’s just common sense;
    Humans have been getting by creating
    their own best reality for survival for
    much longer than text has been available
    to suggest they

    The truth lives in
    flesh and blood.

    Text often lies;
    wittingly or NOT.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  16. I guess the long dark night of the soul peaks at 2AM …

    • Oh gosh.. if only one night.. but for me.. the dark night of the soul peaks for around 66 months.. during all waking hours.. until July 2013.. so i suppose that makes me a veteran of the long dark night and DAY of the soul.. but it’s over.. and worth every moment of it.. to understand life.. more fully.. the way i do.. for now..:)

      Thanks for coming by.. and i go by your user name all the way… ‘justjoyfulness’.. is most definitely a way for me..:)

  17. That photo at the beginning of your neighborhood at night is a poem in itself. I like to look out at my neighborhood during my nightly excursions (inside the house) and wonder at all the lives in those home that are so close geographically and yet so far in many ways…it seems a time when we are most in touch with the commonality of our lives.

    • Oh Victoria.. isn’t that sad.. and it seems to be almost a Universal experience in western society.. middle to upper classes today.. most all the way…

      The best thing about Hurricane Ivan back in 2004.. is that it knocked out the power to our neighborhood for 5 whole days.. and oh my goodness.. neighbor’s faces SHOW UP.. in sharing BBQ food.. and all of that outside life finally comes true..

      But with the return of power.. comes the separation of humanity.. in little private size brick caves.. as such..

      Ah.. the days of front porch river life… in the 60’s.. is an Andy Griffith way of life.. that is true and connecting humanity.. hurricanes or not.. when a jaunt down to the five and dime store.. even at age 8 or 9.. is a sure way to find a safe friend in a stranger.. for any time of day..:)

      I miss those days.. and do my best to connect by ‘Standing on the Dead Poet’s Society Desk’ and dancing my way all over town.. perhaps no one else wants to connect.. but I make connection a priority of dance walk.. and truly it works.. for me.. as friendly faces meet me now.. most everywhere I go.. with autograph selfies.. for the metro dancing guy.. i am recognized now.. in my local metro area.. yes.. almost everywhere I go..

      Perhaps one day.. here in North Florida.. there will be more than one of my ways of dancing life… not holding my breath.. of course.. but still having hope…:)

      Humanity is truly too precious to lose.. and i suppose losing it all the way.. is what it takes to make someone like me..:)

  18. Sumana Roy says:

    love this contrast of darkness and light that lessens the nightly mystery a little…i’ve found joy in this piece…a lovely write…

    • Yes.. to open the mystery of the night.. is a welcome relief.. to love the dark and light and to understand the purpose of the mix.. is to let go of all of anxiety and fear.. and once again.. just be.. just be.. the way life can be evolved to be.. in peace and harmony.. like the other animals.. in homeostasis of life..:)

      Thanks for dropping by Sumana.. and so glad you can see truly.. the joy in my darkness here.. that is light of dark.. in truth..:)

  19. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    What an amazing prompt this was for you! Your 2 am so rich in associations!

    • Thanks Snakypoet.. and oh.. do i love.. the 2am effect and affect.. particularly in high school.. the night owl i am.. dreaming of mathematics.. needing a break.. and listening to Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd’s album Animals.. and specifically the song Dogs.. to escape mechanical cognition of mathematics and science school.. to break free.. in a style of song attributed to Syd Barrett.. that is truly free verse too.. in music.. following no established traditional style of music science… And with that.. here’s some ‘Dogs’.. to accompany this.. smiles.. and have a great now..:)

      And yes.. Syd Barrett.. is a fascinating fellow with documented stories of folks visiting him.. and him responding to what they are thinking about in a precognition way of being that amazed those so-called ‘sane’ folks around him…

      IN a synchronicity way.. seeing a little more of the tapestry of reality.. Syd does.. than most folks.. do not.. that in his.. case.. eventually.. he falls prey to.. instead of master.. in relative human control… as co-pilot.. of a free verse poetry of reality..:)

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