Price of Different




For any of my middle aged peers that are male

the price of different cannot possibly look costly

by viewing the photos above..

It’s ‘every’ middle aged man’s

dream to still attract any attention

from the younger generation of the female form…

And if they tell you different they are simply not a feature

of God’s male nature..

However i am there not to attract..

but for a now lifelong mission to assure the younger

generation that the cold heart looks on faces of the older

generation is not a trap they must fall into IF THEY KEEP THEIR






the ‘older crowd’ is mostly a lost cause

i find with looks of disapproval when I’m OUT on THE







from mall benches..

they can even get stronger as they keep

challenging their mind and body

in balance
























with me at Old Seville Quarter who inspires me by she

and her friend who lets me know in direct terms how much

i inspire their young lives to express freedom in dance..

the young man pictured in the group with all his lovely

friends.. who expresses appreciation for what i do

by giving me the ultimate compliment I can

imagine anytime anywhere in the term ‘legend’

and the angelic sweet redheaded young woman

in the last group photos who calls me a ‘hero’

and even at the tender age of 23, expresses

appreciation for the insights I provide

beyond the dance in blog

words here..

Seriously.. there are people like this who make the cost

of all the behind my back ridicule.. naysaying..

cynicism.. and online cowardice of saying

stuff to my face that will never happen

in real life.. in the world

of consequences

for non-empathic

























And NO ‘they’ doN’T think my nude art is perverted; ‘they’ are raised

in a land of freedom of expression down to the flesh

and blood of life.. like me as well…

Thank GOD the human body

is no longer a hidden



as the most crude of all ideology

is to make one of the greatest works of

heArt from head to toe.. to yes..

tip of penis.. and flower of vagina

a dirty dam




















Truly sad to be slave of love and never love alive…

Ah.. yes.. messengers of love need no clothes of culture to
spread a feeling of love.. or even words.. as love is
of the expression in bodies of love..:)

OH GOD yes! a spoon of mechanical cognition in worry
and caution over living.. does not make the
medicine of love.. ever come up.. as human

Ah yes.. guns and monsters.. go hand in arms..
in dark soul night..of bruise and batter
dryfuLL tears.. makes death a gift..
to fear again..:)

The wilder Indian Spirit flows with fists of fury..
the rage lives inside.. the pride of living..
the cost of survival.. is truly often
holding back.. so i suppose
the Sheriff is correct..
that the first person
to throw a stone should
not die for that.. as well..:)

The older I get the more I realize most of us are foreigners of our nature..
And that’s a had place to live in nature.. in most any culture the same
time.. my passport has no cultural clothes.. but i am always welcome
among others of nature who are free..:)

Ah.. the heat in India of windows with no
air conditioners.. is certainly a humid
steaming treat.. in Florida days of
swelter too.. as AC pleases..
but what i find
is to stand the heat is to appreciate
the cool of Summer night.. as
well as flowering smells of
living life.. and it takes
a Hurricane named Ivan
to provide that living lesson..:)

Ah.. i too.. love the sprinkles of rain
on tender green.. where green
is brighter.. with crystal
drops of light..:)

So true there are some human places we never
go and some that others come from we
can never visit.. sometimes
the only answer is
to be there.. as is..:)

Yes.. the greatest thing about lilies.. roses..
bees and birds.. is they only live
and never die.. as die..
is not

Ah.. the rising gator from marsh of grass..
never lingers away from life..
the gator knows what’s
real is at the
edge of
sharp and ready teeth..:)

A cold.. easy night for blood of hound
A sniff.. a wait.. the prey awaits..
The time for chase is coming soon..
Yes.. the jack rabbit darts away..
But hound too slow.. in bowl of food..:)

The rain drops of life do shower.. so
much.. of living life.. sad that we cover
ourselves from this great glory..
of tears of GOD.. come down..
in tender stories..:)

Ah Rip Van Winkle.. the hero
of insomniacs snoozing round
the world.. where sleep is life..
and worries.. no longer intrude..:)

Ah.. the wilted flowers of life gone by..
and 15 minutes left of the first anniversary
of my father’s death.. and he already teaches
me about death as that’s how it goes.. so i
dance when he dies and I dance again.. alive..:)

Ah.. yes.. a life experienced in breadth
of dark and light.. is a light well
mixed.. as worth living now..:)

Well.. truly it likely comes down to love..
love well given.. and received.. by a village..
is the best medicine to requite the violent
of hearts and minds.. never wired for love…

Sadly the villages are gone
away with love…

Hate stays where love
goes that never changes…

Ah.. and as the ‘King’ does show ‘Memphis’
can become a way of life.. with or
without the blues of shows
as YouTube brings it all to life..:)

Ah.. the seasons do change and
so many challenges of
change do come.. but
funny how when we
weather challenges
they often disappear..

Weather used to master
me.. but now I master it..
but that’s a practice and not
a gift.. alone.. is part of my lesson..:)

Ah.. the chalice of love.. is a never
ending story.. where love never
gives up.. and keeps growing
even.. in torrents of strife..:)

Ah.. yes.. DNA expressed in words as coded..
is fabulous in genes or not.. and what
i enjoy the most.. is interplay
between S and Mia..:)

The best thing i love about life now is..
i don’t care if folks hear me or
not.. life is too short to
worry about folks hearing us..
in the toilet rooms of life..:)

Truly it’s amazing how much of darkness and
light in way of human emotions and senses
become the environment itself.. in associations..
of feeling life.. and more amazing when we
control those associations in mostly light..:)

Ah.. the dust bowl in depression of spirit..
can come in any dirty way.. of living away
from heart and soul.. it is often the
robot of keys that take us there
away from expressing spirit..:)

Ah.. a world where elders do still inspire young.. and young
feed elders light of wonder that does inspire wisdom
in growing older.. but never weaker in spirit way..:)

Ah.. the fury of nature.. is a valuable human lesson
sizing us down.. and where i live it is certainly
the power of Hurricanes that brings
that lesson home.. they leave
in 2008.. and haven’t come back..
and I WILL HOPE AND pray they stay

When the grass goes in my back yard..
The sandy loam beaches come back
once again..:)

Ah.. yes.. the emotion of condescending can certainly take one
from the task at hand.. and a good cop will always be
able to stay in the moment without these
darker emotions..:)

Ah.. to keep up with trendy culture is to know the
crocs of life.. i know nothing of trendy..
but i make my own trends come alive..:)

Stress.. worry.. and debt.. are sure tickets
to an earlier grave.. best to separate
early.. as to live a life in balance..:)

Ah.. the mystery paintings are the ones I love
best.. where the artist often has no clue
of the significance of that..:)

Ah.. the blues of eyes and hearts and souls..
do relate poetry.. like this..:)

Yes.. the child of creativity comes and goes in the
best of artistic eyes.. but growing with elements
of innate instinctual and intuitive creation activity..
creativity can stay alive..:)


Well.. that’s 1016 words of free verse poetry..

and some of my greatest inspiration comes from

folks who stay stuff like..

‘Your creativity is lost in a torrent of photos and words’

Hmm.. i find it here.. and hard to believe folks do not

see the art of all i do.. whether they understand all the

devils of details incorporated into big picture






























And I am top busy to video tape

myself while dancing..

and my wife is too

shy to stand

it when

i dance


as it makes her wanna

pass out.. from dizzy..

so you’ll have to look me

up on Facebook to see all

the videos other folks are

documenting me dancing IN..

over 3600 miles in all public places

!i go in 21 months for NOW!

But they don’t know my

name so no FACE tags attached

to my



i come and go and folks capture me on the way



And i like it that way.. as thinking about anything associated

with dance like how am i performing takes the NATURAL












great! as THAT’S BRUCE
























Well, I’ve never met a militant Atheist,

until I come to ‘this

Internet site;

but the article

certainly reflects all

of what I’ve seen here, online.

Mosts Atheists in real life, just talk about it, if asked, with a simple answer of I don’t believe in God. And yeah, considering how Abrahamic religions describe and define God that is the majority religious voice in the U.S.A. that’s totally reasonable.

However what’s not reasonable is not understanding the value of what the human social animal naturally does to bond in social ways over common goals and purpose, whether those goals or purposes are of dark or light nature.

Sometimes it’s female genital mutilation and sometimes it’s an Emperor of Rome named Constantine and his Roman Catholic Cohorts who promote a oral tradition of a Yogi and Naturist leaning dude into a Soldier GOD/King of the Universe, as so-called Jesus.

And yes; that too is understandable as human beings have been using hyperbolic statements flared with emotion, then and now, to sell a product whether it is religion or pantyhose that makes a person look like a Super Model.

It’s just human nature.

To suggest human nature

is ignorant or stupid

is the height of

innate ignorance

and stupidity itself.

Well, I fully recognize that

great historical philosophies;

whether they come from the Buddha, Gnostic Jesus,

Lao Tzu, Krishna myth, or American Indian Great Spirit tradition;

all recognize GOD as the force of Nature, including that force AS experienced and expressed as human being inside, outside, above so below, and all around as one force of Interdependent Relationship of All Stuff seen and unseen, as a beautiful tapestry of Art that is all the Universe and beyond, seen and unseen, now and then, and for all infinity to come for now.

God IS ALL, per whatever metaphor is used to replace ALL or GOD is the same stuff of reality experienced by humans in common sense, when not blinded by illusions of abstract language, collective intelligence, or complex cultural blinds of lies; that suggest humans are somehow superior or separated from the rest of social animal nature and nature in general, by removing some foreskin and covering the skin that connects to nature with clothes, which is kinda sad too, as any true naturist like Yogi-leaning Jesus in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas promotes in verse 37, which says to know GOD is to strip naked, tread on one’s clothes and not be ashamed of one’s nakedness, which truly is the metaphor that we are just another animal of God; nothing special really; but the really great thing is we are connected, all the same together as one beautiful tapestry of all that is for now.

I am so glad that I am not

separate from the rest of Nature

and science does show now that we are all connected too,

by the ‘God’ of Nature,

as illustrated nicely by

a philosopher-like scientist

known as Carl Sagan and friends.

And it doesn’t take a genius, truly,

to understand if one

replaces the three letter word God

with the seven word Nature, in this video;

that the same passion and exuberance expressed

by these scientists over the Nature of

all the connection of the

Interdependent relationship of all that is;

is no less mysterious, beautiful, or wonderful than the

mystery, beauty, and passion folks express over the

three letter smaller word describing

something called God,

which more less is the same dam thing.

Problem is, folks get attached to material idols, which truly are all the tools of modern culture from language, to collective intelligence, to culture; and frigging forget that the essence is the truth and not the semantic differences in abstract symbols; whether they are words or a golden calf or the word Nature to express the same essence of truth that we ARE ALL



science shows,

general speaking;

there are two types of folks;

those who are closed minded to new experience,

and those who are more liberal in considering and experiencing new stuff.

I hang with Fundamentalist Christians, as well as Militant Atheists, as well as Liberal minded folks.

And truly the only thing, in general that separates a closed minded Atheist from a closed minded Fundamentalist Christian, is the word GOD. The general closed minded attitudes are the same. And it is a fascinating phenomena to experience as a participant observer Anthropologist on ‘this site’,

where Militant Atheists

are not afraid

to let their

true personalities

that are often

as non-empathic

as the fundamentalist

Christian folks in my area.

They are often closed minded and cold hearted

in terms of thinking their world is the only one that exists.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We ARE all connected; but each human is a ‘galaxy’ unto itself, in perception of a
Universe that is unique in emotions and senses; both experienced and expressed in non-verbal and verbal language.

So yeah, in a nutshell, Militant Atheists and Fundamentalist Christians are the same basic animal; one with science with an extremely limiting tool of the scientific method that has no consistent method to measure the internal experiences of emotions and senses in human mind and body in balance.

And the other that does precisely the same thing with biblical text

that is limited by words as idols, rather than a scientific method of observation and repeatable experiment. Humans, once again, are as unique as galaxies and non-repeatable experiments, neither understood fully by the scientific method tool or the bible tool, literally as such.

The humans experience is almost all metaphor of emotions and senses. That is out of the pay grade of science and truly more in the pay grade of even a 3500 year old book, and the new testament that includes both myth for hyperbolic PR, and truth for living and prospering alive, as free.

In the Catholic Church I attend regularly

many of the ‘science’ (systemizing)

structured traditions and routines I tolerate and do not accept as truth.

However, when the priest clearly states that the teacher Jesus comes to extinguish the instruction guide of 613 Jewish commandments to just one Rule of Love; that is human truth as a socially cooperating mammal for survival; in both science and New Testament truth.

In the Fundamentalist Southern Baptist churches, I visit with friends of that way of thinking, all the talk is about Jesus the GOD and hell fire brimstone eternity of torture, and a mythological devil.

So in other words, overall, my Catholic Church Priest equals truth.

And the fundamentalist ways of both non-empathic militant atheists and Christians equals false;

when the REAL TRUTH of human nature and Unconditional Tough Love for Survival makes the grade.

It’s fascinating; the dude Jesus who some folks do equate as King of the Universe, and the famous
Occultist named as the wickedest man in the world last century, Aleister Crowley, both promote
the same Universal Law of Love as any other philosopher with common sense.

And truly that truth neither requires a degree or a clerical collar. All it requires is social human
animal nature expressed as Unconditional Tough Love, as innately evolved.

I mean, duh, why do folks get so mad over differences of semantics.

Well, haha!, again, science shows that some folks are more closed
minded and some folks are more open minded, so that part
is here to stay; there will always be disagreement
between the closed minded folks who live a
life of caution verse the wild and free
open minded folks who live the
life of
a free bird
with wings,
or an
Angel, haha!..;)

Communities, in general, vary in size and are identified by name both online and off.

Now defunct, out of lack of interest, at one point, The ‘Wrong Planet Strident Atheists’ who identify by this communal label do exist here.

And, overall, a cheerful lot, they are NOT then, with only ‘sick joy’ expressed in making fun of religion.

More or less this will be considered anti-social behavior by real life flesh and blood society, and quickly squashed by majority rule in workplace politics, etc…

At least, in the US, religion still rules the reality of social life, overall, behind closed doors; seperation of church of state or not.

Generally speaking; don’t ask; don’t tell; applies for overall social success and survival, in flesh and blood life, unless one makes a living at it, like ‘Dawkins’ and a handful of other outliers…

People are wired for religion in terms of social bonding.

And yes, on a micro online level,

the ‘wrong planet strident atheists’

ironically meet the definition of religious practice,

as religion can range from football to book clubs,

depending in social bonding human needs

met by religious type activity.


‘Reality is what it is and completely independent of anyone’s emotional or ideological fancies.’


Humans experience emotions and senses and that is all that is truly REAL about human being.

All the rest, is just abstract concepts AKA illusion my friend, in ‘thought balloons’,
without the sensory or emotional experience of human being.

To live fully, is to feel THIS.

To know this alone, without
feeling this, is death in life;
same stuff Jesus speaks to;
same stuff Buddha speaks to;
same stuff Lao Tzu
speaks too.
I dance and speak
IT two, too; and
that my friend,
makes me the
truly advanced
speaking, in
metaphor of course..:;)

It’s truly interesting to see folks go to extreme measures

to objectify reality as separate from their human experience AKA frigging LIFE.

And in doing so, they never truly learn to master their emotions; senses; focus; short term working memory; and so much more that is truly necessary to even enjoy one moment of life fully without senses and emotions associated with human existential angst also known as general anxiety and related general depression.

You know my friend, I have zero anxiety;

I have bliss all the time; and it is actually observed

as such by professional clinical analysis.

In fact there is a term for it named as hypomania;

but in my case this bliss is totally controlled

and measured by diagnosing professionals as consistent for almost 2 years now.

But here’s the thing; this bliss is an going work of human mastery over emotions, senses, focus, and short term working memory in the present of now. Now is all that exists in human reality; correct.. well it can be, as truly now is reality and all that is same as GOD; however, most folks through neocortical brain, live in an abstract constructed illusion with ‘thought balloons’; that keeps them out of the present; that most animals without this level of neocortical placement in the past and future, in a manufactured reality of literal hell, do not have to spend most of their life in a state of constant anxiety and fear over, and associated depression; never even living one moment with true peace of mind, as is the case with many human beings, by their own admission.

And the more complex society gets with more variables to worry about, the tourniquet of chronic stress gets tighter and tighter, until it leads to an ultimate early demise of human life, as science shows now, as fact, as well.

If I rely on the prognosis of medical doctors that I will never get well from a catastrophic synergy mix of 19 life threatening illnesses, and agree with them that there is nothing that can be done for me to improve my life, as is, by terms of medical science, then my fate is sealed friend, for the rest of my life in tortuous constant waking painful illness, beyond most people’s imagination, specifically, per the type two Trigeminal Neuralgia I am ‘blessed’ with for over 5 years.

And Ha! when I am much younger and if

I believe the prognosis of peers that I will never be strong,

be a ‘man’, find love or be financially successful in life;

that will be the fate I seal for myself, as well.

The power of human faith, hope and belief in the synergy of these human emotions as human relative free will is mighty powerful stuff, my friend, when utilized to become a real life ‘superman’.

I learned along time ago; that the answers lie within our innate instinctual and intuitive minds of emotions and senses; without the interference of the naysayers of life; who heard it through the grapevine; or medical doctors that tell me I am basically screwed.

I thrive, ’cause I learn to master my human emotions, senses, focus, and short term memory that allows me to excel in all things associated with cognitive executive functioning, and overall physical functioning in life.

And that my friend is what life is all about.

Thriving in the moment is what is important;

not some silly argument over who gets

the correct crystalized intelligence fact,

as slightly more correct or less correct.

When a person focuses within and

develops the relative free will

to master life on a moment to

moment practice of bliss;

that’s where reality truly tells the truth or lies

for human being in this thing called human being life.

Most all headaches are caused by tension of a mind and body out of balance, where emotional distress in the body becomes tightening of muscles rather than balance of emotions.

The answer to most headaches, stomach aches, and all other chronic somatic pain that most people take over the counter or prescription drugs for, rising to around 50 percent of the population in the U.S., is truly a simple one; and that is the one of mastering human relative free will in mind and body balance through much greater potential physical intelligence.

It is also recognized by science as possible to control one’s body temperature and brain waves through bio-feedback and I do the same, with greater potential physical intelligence, where I am more wild than domesticated now in animal homeostasis, my friend.

Eastern philosophies understand this practice

of greater human intelligence through the physical intelligence

of mind and body in balance for thousands of years.

The reason most disease is illusion, is most disease is chronic stress related, and with a practice of the physical intelligence of mind and body balance in regulating emotions, senses, focus, short term working memory, brain waves, temperature regulation, and overall human happiness with the power of the mind and body in balance, this same majority of potential human causal factors for disease, as chronic stress, is almost completely conquerable with greater physical intelligence in mind and body balance.

So medical science doesn’t have an answer why I am fearless; happy all the time; dance walk 3596 miles in 21 months; have incredible strength as evidenced here time and time again, leg pressing 930 LBS, easily, 14 times; why I easily connect to the opposite sex with women decades younger than me to the tune of hundreds, as evidenced here time and time again; why I wear shorts in 18 degree weather; and all the other stuff that makes me into a real life metaphor of ‘Superman’, in terms of the ‘new age’ definition of that by ‘Nietzsche’ and others.

But guess what, I have both the answers and the documented evidence, on a case-study basis of course; as truly I am the only person recognized to do much of the stuff I do in ‘real life’ now.

I am a non-repeatable experiment friend.

And that means that only I can explain the reality of the life that is me.

If I did not do it; there is no way it could be done by scientists, alone.

But I believe that I am just a human being; and anyone else who strives the
way I do to have an amazing life, with human relative free will can do the same.

That’s the good news for the believers my friend.

But for the folks here who wanna stay in depressed and anxiety land;
that is the choice they make with their own relative free will; with
or without the positive or negative assistance from others.

This place is a little like ‘hell’, as far as the inhabitants own
reports go. And yes, in terms of human life
hell is truly the ‘Wrong Planet’
and not a normal
of animal life
in simple homeostasis.

People spend all day arguing over negative
crap and never even truly live a moment
of what LIFE REALLY can be,
if they just set their
mind and body
balance to
Just DO It,
my friend.

And that is the saddest of all
realities I recognize in the faces
at Super-Walmart, and all the
emotionless and uninspiring
words here in ‘Hell’ aka
the ‘Wrong Planet’,
in metaphor
of course.

And yes,
this is perhaps
the most challenging
place in the world to help
folks who insist they do not
need their own help to get over
their issues in life, as it can be
miles and miles better
on the ‘right planet’
as is for just

No human controls my life
but me. There are literally
thousands of people here
who believe that other
folks are the cause
of their problems.

That too, can be a
self-fulfilling prophecy
for sure, as I for one can
get along with almost anyone
in ‘real life’ now. It is only ever
an illusion before that I cannot.

And truly no reason, why it may not
be the same answer for many folks here,
to have an amazing life all the time now,

as amazingly well human being with the

of now.

That’s so wonderful, that your medical doctors where ‘you’ live suggest practices of mindfulness as a cure for illness. And truly you must live in a much more advanced medical culture than we do here in the U.S, in terms of human well being.

A visit to a general practitioner here in the U.S.,

with a complaint of chronic headaches

will usually result in the prescription, of a choice,

in a laundry list of psychotropic drugs to attempt to treat symptoms, instead of addressing the causal issue of the number one killer that is chronic human stress, per almost constant fight or flight anxiety about so many imagined possibilities of bad stuff happening in either the past or future; along with impossible demands of a creature that is

NOT evolved to multi-task social cognition activities with mechanical cognition activities, per example as ‘simple’, as the McDonalds Cashier operating a cash register expected to give human connecting customer service with a great big smile.

An additional problem though, is, many folks ‘think’ that mind and body balance in mindful awareness is sitting still saying a prescribed mantra, or specific lessons of movement in

TAI CHI to achieve a state of mindfulness in mind and body balance. While it will eventually work when folks actually STOP thinking about what they are doing in practice, an even better and quicker way to achieve mind and body balance is to do it all innately, instinctually, and intuitively.

Problem tHere is, folks believe that everything in life must come with a prescription of lessons, guidelines, and instructions, as that is the way they are led to believe in a life of spoon fed culture, in instructions.

To learn how to be human is to do it by innate instinct and intuition; same as other animals not trapped under the guise of abstract complex written language, collective recorded intelligence, and the STRICT sidewalks of walking, in straight lines culture.

To look above is to see the truth, so below. And with science we have the ability to see the Golden Spiral PHI Flow in galaxies, as well as nautilus shells, orbits of planets around respective suns, sun flowers, fetuses, and the curled cat resting in bliss for 16 hours or so a day.

To move like a galaxy in golden spiral flow, is the natural way humans are evolved to move, like other mammals to capture prey and escape predator. To do it in public today, can be considered delightful or insane.

But trust me, I do not do drugs and neither does ‘Tove Lo’, as stunning visual artistic representation of this Universal truth of human being in golden spiral flow of ‘invisible’ movement in total mind and body balance awareness in proprioception, emotional regulation, sensory integration; and greater focus and short term working memory, to make real supermen and superwomen of the ancestors of our past come truth again.

The old age is the new age way of human bliss.

The truth is only forgotten.

And modern humans devolve negatively epigenetically,
who become guised with blinds of culture to miss
the truth of what it even means to be human being.

Chronic negative stress is the illusion of culture.

The same heaven in now; nirvana and bliss; that the real historical Gnostic Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and mythological Krishna speak to as the Holy Spirit, CHI, KI, TAO, DAO, QI, Atman, and American Indian Great Spirit are the same basic animal truth of homeostasis, and true power as unconditional love’, for survival, as mind and body balancing human being living in harmony and peace with other human beings and the rest of Nature aka GOD.

And to be clear, unconditional love is tough love too, as nature (GOD) dictates time and time again.

I just get it sorted out, for amazing results.

To believe it and just do it; can be to get similar

I explain this in hundreds of ways to reach an
audience of over a million folks so far, documented
as such in empirical evidence, from ballet and martial
arts mind and body balancing dance of 3596 miles, in
21 months; to amazing strength training feats of foot, up
to 930 LBS of leg pressing power; to epic free verse poetry
ranging from one line or two lines of Haiku to 11,135 words,
as the record of one sitting so far, and over 70 thousand
synchronistic photos in the art of free verse dance
photography, as well, to dance a life
in always Now, Free Verse Poetic
expression of Tough
Love As

I am only
just beginning a
Now, of doing much,

That’s a good point.

Religions attempt to confine GOD as a word;

an abstract term, without a clear definition.

And by very definition something that

exceeds the purview of human being cannot be

adequately defined or described with abstract written language, alone.

So in other Words God MUST be incomplete as viewed by human. Fortunately we now have the eyes of science to show us just how little we do know of the Universe from small to large that God encompasses more fully than human eyes and ears can see and hear alone.

It’s not surprising that someone living in an arid desert has a limited view of God as an anthropomorphic being, when there are few mountains, and human is seen most often as the biggest thing on the landscape.

Truly, if telescopes are available then; Abrahamic religions will likely never get off the ground; particularly in a paradise like the Florida Gulf Coast where I live with sugar sand beaches, emerald green gulf, sea oats waving in golden spiral flow with waves; and seagulls ‘following’ along in golden spiral flight around the Sun.

It’s easy to see God for those with larger eyes

than words as human alone in REAL paradise

I do NOT NEED Faith to see God,

as God is inside me, outside me, above so below, all around me.

It’s sad when people limit God to human skins and skeletons of forms of a three letter word, or big black book, when God is SO much more than what most humans see of God with text eyes only and human skin in terms of just a three letter word.

And honestly, for someone who lives with life out of a desert of both environment and soul, heart, and spirit in terms of what these human attributes are in all REAL Natural life; it’s not hard to ‘see’ that God is the Interdependent Relationship of All That IS that we all depend on; cannot escape in life; and with the purview of Infinity looming; perhaps not in death, as well. THAT is beyond the pay grades of all humans, scientists or not, forevermore now.

To live in balance with other humans as socially cooperative animals and the rest of Nature is to thrive and prosper.

In terms of what is really real, per evolved human being; anything else from math to science is pure abstract nonsense, and insanity as well; literally speaking, too.

Humans who become machines by living a live of mechanical cognition are truly no different than folks who value material success and riches over being human.

In “Layman’s” terms; per heart, soul, and spirit; ‘they’ most definitely can literally lose their mindful awareness in mind and body balance aka Soul, ‘tHeir’ broad rich nuanced emotional life aka HeArt; and the ability to express themselves in reciprocal social communication with both cognitive empathy and affective emotional empathy fully in tow and expression; both verbally and non-verbally in flesh and blood connecting life with both humans and the rest of Nature, aka GOD aka Spirit.

Honestly, all this, is just human common sense 101; a faculty of human gifted to ‘us’ from birth from the God of Nature; for those of us who find a way back to Nature and God, one and same.

OMG, ‘human beings’ make life so much more complicated, stressful, ignorant, and truly repetitively insane, than it can be, when simply understood of what life really is, per balance with Human being Nature and General Nature aka God.

Forage, eat, drink, reproduce, and as importantly, ‘dance’ Life in ART aka GOD.

And yes, by all means do sleep a restful day or night in peace.

A move away from mechanical cognition is human being.

A move toward mechanical cognition is well;
just that; mechanical cognition
‘Robot Life’.

You know ‘Goon Squad’; it’s funny, truly,
‘people all over are alike’;
and yes; that’s truly sad too…

And with that said, I ‘must’ include my favorite ‘Twilight Zone’
show clip that illustrates that in the Art of Theater so well..:)

The same behaviors here and limitations of open minded folks verses closed minded folks are alike everywhere I go on the Internet and flesh and blood ‘real’ life, and even in the International Poetry circle I hang in, which shouldn’t be unexpected as many poets are extreme introverts who use the medium of poetry to express emotions that are repressed in real flesh and blood life, as I did at first, before I am able to connect language and emotions in both verbal and non verbal ways in flesh and blood life.

For me I use poetry as a stepping stone out of text; and obviously some folks only live their emotional lives in real life in their arts, whether that is writing, poetry, painting, dance, singing, martial arts, theater, and a thousand more arts that people escape the flesh and blood world to find a soul, heart, and spirit as expressed in art.

My cousin is a 33 year veteran of the Rock And Roll world, as a noted local musician who sings, drums, guitars, and does most everything with music on a stage. However, he is an extreme introvert and likely on the Autism Spectrum as my sister and I are diagnosed in mid-life with the same characteristics among identical twin brothers who sire us all; and of note, one who passes away, my father, last year on this day, for my personal recognition of that personable fact.

My cousin tells me even though he can do everything he can on stage, he feels invisible when he walks in Walmart, which is certainly indicative of a mind and body out of balance, as when one does have mind and body balance ONE with the rest of nature aka GOD, one never feels invisible or alone, as one is connected to Nature always, never separated or alone.

Some folks call my poetry unique and extremely creative, rich in meaning like old adages come anew, and some folks never can even find it, who call themselves poets, as well, who would love to limit the poetry and art of others to reflect their own Universe as limited as that may be; as of course all our Universes are limited to our innate potentials and what we adapt in challenge to in life, as experience, to grow in mind and body balance or not in the metaphors of soul, heart, and spirit, for this real life internal and external expressed human stuff.

But anyway, you say it better than I do, according to my narrower minded Poet friends who love brevity over breadth, and according to me you said it just as good as I did, in two lines, rather than the 100 I do that some folks think should be eliminated from their Universe, just ’cause it exists in mine, and not theirs, sadly and strangely enough to me, as I live in a different Universe too..:)

So with ALL that said I will quote what you say for truth, as well, again:

“People who use science to prove God are wrong,

in large part because they are limiting God.

People who limit existence to what

they can see and prove by science are limiting themselves.”

As truly these two simple lines of truth apply to all things in life,
otherwise known as what I understand as the Interdependent
Relationship of All Stuff, ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’, aka GOD..:)

Have a great day friend; I love people with open minds dearly.

I love people with closed minds just as much, but OMG sometimes
they CAN make it oh so very hard, to keep that strong;
but Unconditional Tough Love is worth it as anything
ELSE is just shooting oneself in the
foot and eye


“Well, I cannot take credit for that all by myself. I’ve spent many hours studying Epictetus’ Enchiridion and Marcus Aurelius’ diary. The Roman Stoics are absolute masters at packing the most wisdom into the fewest words.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with the way you express ideas either…”

Thanks. We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

Even the old philosophers do…

It’s kind of a tradition of human being.. smiles..;)

The greatest Gift and Law of God for human being is LOVE.
And truly the greatest way of that Love is both Unconditional
for social cooperation and Tough for survival alive for now, AS IS.

Hate is a black hole sun generated by abstract human language,
collective intelligence, and complex cultures that attempt
to separate human from human being and the rest of
Nature, and beyond the seen, with human eyes;
everywHere we go and are..:)

This hate comes in many flavors
from Fundamentalist Christians
who will suggest that God
given homosexual nature
seen throughout the
rest of nature is evil,
to militant atheists
who suggest that
all is science,
all is random,
and life has no
inherent meaning
but dust and nothing
else; that yes, we do
return to; but never the
less, dust is as important
to GOD as US in all ways
GOD exists for now. And yes,
for fair and balanced coverage
all other extremist fundamentalist
ways of life from ISIL, to terrorist groups
in India, to the same in Africa and all places
where culture becomes separated from the
Law of GOD of human social cooperation in

PEOPLE get lost; life’s not easy; but understanding the
differences and the similarities and working toward Unconditional

Ah.. the earthy struggles of life.. and the prize
of intermittent gratification into the
prize of love of life.. yes.. there
is much loss without the struggle..
and often it is the fuller being
that can

Breathing is a physical manifestation of all mammal life.

Some humans are serial killers and some unconditionally love.

There are a synergy of innate and environmental factors that lead to both.

Numbers are much more than chemical/biological/physical processes of the brain.

You seem to be missing the environmental boat here; there is no chance that Algebra
happens in just one life; without human abstract language, collective intelligence and
complex cultures. That’s a huge boat compared to innate physiological processes, alone.

It takes a village to produce numbers; and a very big village and environment of collective
abstract written language to ever get there. And the issue truly from the get go is, are numbers
even important to truly living life. Numbers; the obsession with them in mechanical cognition;
can drive almost any truly sane human being, insane; if they escape the condition of human being.

There are many examples of that through history; and chances are if it isn’t for the numbers and school;
those folks will just be enjoying life in animal homeostasis, otherwise known as the heaven of now; as a freely
associating socially cooperative mammal. Sometimes the stuff we think is the most important is what is killing
us now, slowly surely, as suicide of human being. The spiritual life of human emotions in self awareness in mind
and body balance of soul, and heart of feeling, and expressing feelings and senses through cognitive and affective
empathy is real. Numbers are more or less cardboard boxes of labyrinths straight to human hell; with stops in
illusions of what is real. To view them as tools is great; to view them as real, as human socially cooperative life

CAN be death of human being; if too much time is spent there in mechanical cognition land; and yes, science
shows this as truth as well now, as a life spent in mechanical cognition represses social cognition, and is
a leading cause of the death in metaphor of human being social cognition being in mind and body
balance; including the loss of physical intelligence that science also is beginning to show
regulates emotions, integrates senses, and enhances cognitive executive functioning
through greater focus and short term working memory. Numbers and all other
ways of mechanical cognition are far removed from naturally evolving human
being. Moreover, these cultural processes are human death rather than
true human spiritual nature alive and well in emotions, senses, and
mind and body balance. Eastern Philosophies have all naturally
understood this with little empirical science for thousands
of years. Science is just now catching up of course as
science has neither human senses or feelings to
even understand what human being is
naturally evolved to live and
thrive as, in human
mind and

A leading Neuroscientist determines he has all the biological markers
of a psychopathic potential serial killer. The difference between him
and his other murderous relatives is he is raised Catholic and has
the unconditional love of a mother. Neither the mother’s love
or the specific benefits of religion can be measured here
by empirical science; but the common sense of IT for
those who have it IS the difference between
Lizzie Borden and friends; and a highly
respected Neuroscientist, at least in
part, of truly human being
socially cooperative
life, as is for

Humans cannot be reduced to MRI’s, or other medical scanning equipment of modern medical science.
The simple reason is epigenetics and neuroplasticity; humans are not science projects they
are ongoing works of art who do flow with the environment both upstream
and downstream in just one lifetime, depending on both innate
and environmental issues. And the greaTEST lesson of all
in life is learning innately and environmentally to
master one’s mind and body in balance
through the real synergy of human
emotions and senses known
as relative human free will.

Some folks master their
minds and bodies in
balance, in light,
and some
folks continue
to be mastered
by the cultural
and biological
environment as
a force of dark

The difference between a neuroscientist and a serial killer
is the power of both the cultural environment and
the relative free will of the human mind when
potential innate villain becomes a rock
star of neuroscience

Or a potential serial killer
becomes a real rock star,
or just another
savior of a
species or

The sum of human will always be greater than the parts.

Only a ‘real fool’ could be limited to thinking anything else, who as even lived
this life fully to a small degree, as more fully human

And to be clear all of this is just general information, not directed at anyone
personally here, including ‘you’ of course, friend; but science is way too
limiting to understand the spiritual stuff of life.

It’s just a tool;

Nothing else; and a very small one at that; in coming close
to understanding each Unique human Universe in emotions
and senses of mind and body in balance
or not, as soley in one soul
perceived as
Universe within,
outside, above
so below,
and all
as an entire Universe
of individuAlly perceiving Spiritual life large
or small as ant of human being;
not much of
more fully
alive and VIBRANT
in human spiritual
energy of emotions
and senses in synergy
of real human
as such.

Numbers; as imaged symbols,
remembered by brain states; highly likely.

Numbers produced by brain states, alone; absolutely no.

Numbers are produced on the back of written language in
collective human intelligence, and centuries of hard work
by many humans working interdependently
together to produce the abstract symbols out
of nature that we now remember as numbers, as is;
again, very likely a byproduct of brain processes in visually
remembering the symbol; not unlike what a flower looks like.

The only innate parts of culture for humans are verbal language
and non-verbal language; the rest is culturally derived, and math
is a rather complicated part of culture that much interdependent
work of centuries, once again, going IN work to make what we
know today in collective intelligence even possible as we ‘see’
in modern

Put a human naked, as a child out in the woods; before school;
and ‘you’ just have another wild naked animal; that does have the
potential of getting stronger; than the humans I do ‘business’ with
everyday; if they survive; which is very unlikely, as most other animals
out resource humans, in potential to survive in the wild, without complex
culture. Humans are connecting social animals who do the wild thing a whole
lot to survive. Other than that; there is extremely complex culture that is the
tool that makes humans the apex of stupidity, in living out of balance with the
rest of nature. Once again, humans are not the virus strangling the earth;
but manufactured tools of human culture, most definitely are, including
numbers that also lead to nuclear tools of potential mass destruction.

Humans create their reality as they go;

as clearly indicated in science; and that’s
a fact my friend;

that ‘you’ may not be aware of;

but never the less, it IS Scientific
method derived FACT. Perhaps, you have some reading to do.

If you like I can provide scores of links in research that prove my point;
without doubt. But somehow, I do not think you will read them.
And that my friend comes from my advanced form of cognitive
empathy, with smiles and winks, as well..:)

Seriously, if you see something you know is not there, like
something out of the corner of your eye; on a sleepy
night on a dark road; that should be evidence enough
that what you perceive as reality, is not close to
whatever objective reality, if any objective
quantum reality, actually

That’s just common sense;
Humans have been getting by creating
their own best reality for survival for
much longer than text has been available
to suggest they

The truth lives in
flesh and blood.

Text often lies;
wittingly or NOT.

The mind is an incredible ‘Quantum’ tool, for metaphor in human healing;

Much more powerful in potential, than any drug, in balance with body.

And truly my life, as documented, is proof of that in the real medical
world that has assessed me through my healing process, with
mind and body balance and human relative free will,
fully utilized on my part to make this human healing
real, and yes, some professionals see it as miracle.

I document this human all real life natural miracle
for good reason; for proof that ‘real-life’ natural
miracles are REAL, and the power of the
human mind and body in balance
mastered by relative human
free will, is the most
powerful human

Excellent analysis

of what counts the most about art to me…

Seeing more and reporting it to others, in hopes that others may
one day see more too..

It’s worth it; no matter how many folks
cannot see it. Just one inspiration
can make the difference between
life and death.

There is no cost or price of value
adequate for inspiring life;
in all forms, both
real and imaginary
in creation that
















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10 Responses to Price of Different

  1. kanzensakura says:

    And at the truly dinosaur age of 63, I look younger than women of 40 because I keep happy in my heart and a spirit of insatiable curiosity along with innocence and not being afraid/ashamed to dance in the rain or make necklaces of cloverblossoms. I posted a video you might like Friday by one of my favorite groups, a Japanese group of some reknown – World Order….good message there – your life is in motion, don’t look back, believe in yourself….you will find the choreography as interesting as the words, I think.

    • Hi Kanzensakura.. regardless of age it is our spirit that shines through that truly makes us young.. Honestly as far as this young thing goes.. i never feel more vibrant and youthful than I feel now.. and your lovely spirit certainly shines through.. regardless of your age as well..

      I learned this lesson well from the beauty of the spirit of my Great Aunt Jettie.. her at 94 full of spirit.. even.. at crippled.. and barely able to step one foot in the front of another.. and she out-speaking me at age 47, wounded by culture and so exhausted I can barely raise my arms up without passing out with 19 chronic mostly stress related disorders…

      But she too.. tells me in midlife that she has a similar experience.. rebounds.. and there is the hope that while taking 5 full years to recover.. does come true for me.. so the ‘Jettie Spirit’ lives in me too.. now.. smiles..:)

      I did see the video on your website and looked at it briefly.. and I will most definitely take the time to enjoy all of it.. now.. that my writing is done for a while.. with 8888 words enough for now.. haha!.. and yes you are a very fast reader noting your finish here reading not long after I finished the post..

      Some folks are talkers.. some folks are readers.. at one point I am only input.. but blessed finally with the gift of verbal speech.. as honestly.. even in my 40’s I wonder if I will ever be able to creatively string more than a few sentences of written words together other than facts like ‘Sheldon Cooper’, off the Big Bang show.. but the truth is with human being we are all connected and I for one know that much is possible in human potential.. when one lives life as a full art project across the lifespan.. always looking to the next great adventure in a life of wonder unafraid to grow.. in love and creativity..:)

      Thanks for stopping by and hope your Memorial weekend is both exciting and fun..:)

      • kanzensakura says:

        Happy and safe Memorial day to you and don’t forget to thank a veteran!

        • Ah.. yes.. Kanzensakura.. busy working on my annual tribute to Veterans and Memorial day as i dance the weekend away.. but it will most definitely be photo intensive.. and full of what Veterans do fight and die for in Freedom of Expression.. hopefully by Monday morning..:)

          And as a quarter of a century federal civil servant for the Navy.. i literally thank 10’s of thousands of veterans for their service… in providing morale welfare and recreation by the blood and sweat.. of my body and mind.. ending as Athletic Director for the military installation and arranging for the purchase of close to a million dollars of New fitness equipment.. to make the warriors stronger… both active duty and retired…

          THAT.. I continue to do as the military station is still a big part of my life.. in morale.. welfare.. and recreation ways of inspiring young military men, women, and older veterans new ways of improving well being.. by both talk and martial arts.. and strength training skills..:)

          And I do love that video.. very inspirational.. thanks for sharing it..:)





    ‘merely an expression’.

    Yes, ART IS an expression;
    but that is
    is all
    Far, FAr, FAR
    from ‘merely’.


    “Loneliness doesn’t come from having no one around you,
    but from being unable to communicate the things that are important to you.”

    -Carl Jung

    Without art; human being is less than human being; history shows this truth
    over and over and over again. And truly mechanical cognition leaning ways of
    life takes away human soul in mind and body balance with the rest of nature;
    human heArt in terms of feeling a full range of nuanced emotion;
    and human spirit in terms of communicating emotional and
    sensory feelings to other human beings; and the rest of
    Nature aka God. More or less this interconnecting
    purpose of ART is reflective of the creating
    Force that is one and same AS Nature

    To put it in
    ‘layman’s terms’
    ART is GOD Now, As Is,
    as total connecting Force
    of All that is; again aka GOD.


    ‘Fred you have said this far better
    than I could have done. Thanks.’

    You are welcome, Mike; my pleasure;
    only part of a mind and body, out of balance
    is a horrible state of being human
    aka human being
    in my humble
    I aim to help
    others get whole…
    It’s not always easy…

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Ah, you’ve already answered your question by the art of the human that creates reality rather than being ruled by the order of science, in systemizing scientific method that attempts to make a human being that is art in nature, logic instead, by this tool of science.

    That’s already failed. The little bitty scientific method is good at observing the same things over and over again. But that my friend is the very definition of human being based insanity, per the words of Einstein.

    Einstein is not only a scientific method based scientist. Einstein is genius AND ARTIST, as he readily admits that creating new stuff is impossible without HUMAN imagination that is certainly NOT bound by the little bitty scientific method; that is good at measuring stuff and repeating measurable STUFF.

    The human mind and body in balance in ways of imagination and creativity in greater physical intelligence, incorporating the emotions and regulating them along with integrating senses that do exist in the corporeal body are real. There is no ‘logical’ reason to believe that human soul is any more than a balance of mind and body that feels nuanced emotions as heArt fully; and has the much fuller ability to fully express emotions and senses through Spirit to connect to other human beings and the rest of nature.

    This is all flowery talk; sure; but you see, humans are all flowery communicating social animals; when properly mind and body balancing; feeling a full range of emotions and senses, without repressing some emotions through the emotion of fear; and fully letting go, and flowing, just like that Ice Princess from ‘Frozen’; letting go all the negative con-social emotions; and connecting in flow of spirit as emotions and senses in all arts of expression from verbal language, non verbal language, and internal nuanced emotions and senses with the rest of humans and nature aka as the interdependently connecting relationship FORCE of all EXISTENCE, both animate and inanimate;
    and to be clear inanimate is only a relative term, as even in rocks,
    electrons are spinning around nucleuses same as human being.

    The bottom line is GOD exists now. The three letter term God is just an abstract construct. To understand God is to define God properly. God is the Interdependent relationship of all stuff seen and unseen that is connecting force as yes, as Ana says, energy. Energy takes many forms but the bottom line is there is action and consequence.

    God is action and consequence in terms of force.

    Some people house God in little bitty words, and anthropomorphic ways of thinking.

    Other people see the big picture God like the Gnostic Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas, not included
    in the so-called bible that clearly states that the force of God is within us, just naked, without
    systemizing science ordered clothes of culture and God is outside of us, above so below, and
    all around us. I mean duh, God is everything seen and unseen now. Jesus cannot get folks
    to believe it 2K years ago; and it makes too much frigging common sense for either
    Militant Atheists or Fundamentalist Christians to get this simple frigging truth that
    is frigging clear as noses of faces, lips of mouth,
    tips of penises, and
    ‘flowering’ vaginas.

    Yeah, the ‘real Jesus dude’ seeks human potential, not fairly tales and lies to
    control other folks through fear for materialistic gains, and to control
    reproductive freedoms for some illusion of selfish gene gain when
    we all share the same basic DNA, and human potential, overall.

    How any scientist doesn’t understand this is really simple;
    Ego, and being little bitty nerds as kids where the
    athletic boys with mind and body balance
    who get all the girls put ’em in
    their little bitty all natural
    animal weak

    The truth is in Nature about GOD.
    Just look around; God is in you,
    outside of you; above so below;
    and all around you, and me too.

    If you strip naked and spend
    40 days in the desert
    with scorpions and
    lizards; the tough
    unconditional love
    of that reality becomes
    impossible to not see;
    no matter what
    abstract term
    one uses

    God is more like
    Godzilla; let’s face
    facts; God is one
    tough M F;
    CHILD and
    yeah in
    the case
    of humans God
    is Love too;
    What a
    Gift Love can be
    as Love creates
    as beautiful
    of child of Godzilla.

    Humans are ‘miracles’; created
    from star dust; to paraphrase
    Carl Sagan; generously, I will add.

    And God is more like Jack Nicholson
    in the metaphor of this short video
    clip if you can stretch your God given
    gift of imagination far enough to see it.
    Creativity is a ‘muscle’; just like the ‘guns’
    of my legs that leg press 930LBS, 14 times,
    with hands raised over my head like no
    other human can on YouTube.
    Use or lose it baby; as in
    all stuff
    created as

    I create 11K word free verse epic
    poetry in one day; cause
    the muscle of my
    creativity is
    than my legs.

    And no one does
    it like me baby;
    as I understand
    what GOD
    is and use
    it to my
    every advantage.
    ‘Godzilla’ will be
    proud of me if
    ‘he’ can

    And who kNOWs,
    maybe ‘he’

    In some

    And in closing, thanks again,
    ‘Aspieotaku’ for another
    brilliant thread idea..;)

    ‘Here we go again…’

    Well.. like ‘i’ said;
    ‘you’ cannot fathom
    the responsibility ‘i’ have..;)



    ‘Nothing unseen exists unless you believe in it..:D’

    And true, without the ability to believe;

    Not much really

    That’s sad;
    beyond emotions
    and senses….

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Art and God are human abstract constructs.

    Both are three letter words
    used to describe whatever humans
    define as essence of truth.

    Nature is GOD; that’s not a new idea; that’s the oldest
    religious idea that exists, my friend. The first Egyptian
    God MIN is representative of the fertility aspect of the
    Nature of GOD, as manifest in human being.
    Fertility is a big deal, when humans must
    reproduce to make enough folks to make
    a village big enough to make subsistence
    a working solution to live, per the sweat of the brow;
    and the work of the night; otherwise known as having sex.

    Stuff gets more complicated after that; and generally speaking
    that starts with a prehensile thumb; some sticks and sand;
    copying connections of nature including imaginary connections
    between stars of skies; and to be clear not dreams; just imaging
    connections in lines between actual stars to make ‘sacred’ geometrical
    shapes that will one day become buildings as well; and stuff like that.

    And yes; that stuff eventually becomes a sanskrit alphabet, written
    language, collective intelligence, and religion/culture in attempts
    to share stuff to help make folks lives better in making subsistence
    a reality for overall survival. Then eventually folks get ‘fat’ and happy;
    and then there are folks who wanna sit on their butt and let stronger
    folks do all the work; and yeah wives still love the ‘construction, firemen,
    and garden workers’, then; so ya gotta put a stop to that; by keeping the
    wives all in order by suggesting that lust is a bad thing; instead of A
    now scientifically understood originator of human creativity
    and productivity,
    in general..

    So yeah, fire and brimstone is a cure for ‘girls gone wild’…

    And boys gone ‘fat’, like chubby domesticated worms
    with no more guns (biceps), and general virility
    to get the ‘work of the night, done.

    Anyway; that part hasn’t changed much, as some
    research still suggests that even with birth control;
    around 25% of birth certificate fathers ain’t the
    biological sperm thing.

    God and or Nature wins tHe game of life most
    often with illusory religious fears or not;
    GOD IS KING; yes, nature is king and queen;
    Same stuff of truth; always

    Art starts as human dance and human dance
    is manifest from Nature aka God manifest
    in human; therefore GOD is art, as ART
    manifest as human being in dance.

    First there is dark; then light;
    then movement aka
    Dance; then there is
    sound aka music
    to fuel the dance
    of movement in
    infinity loop
    of now;

    So to make little abstract words
    to attempt to metaphor reality;
    is a nice hobby; but to dance
    free in the innate instinctual
    intuitive way of movement,
    as ART, is to tRuly reflect
    God of Nature and
    can be described as
    the metaphor

    Truly, to reflect nature
    like the planets revolving
    around respective suns;
    is to live in mind and body
    balance in the same golden
    spiral phi flow of movement in dance
    that planets, suns, and galaxies do as
    the movement of now. And on top of that;
    our ancestors move this way to stay invisible;
    escaping predator and capturing prey to stay
    alive in mind and body balance through much
    greater physical intelligence in regulating emotions,
    integrating senses, and increasing cognitive executive
    functioning, by way of enhancing focus and short term
    working memory.

    All the secrets of bliss/nirvana in the animal homeostasis of the
    heaven of now, are not secrets at all for folks who remember
    their innate instinctual and intuitive ‘eyes’ of GOD aka Nature,
    Manifest as human being, cats, dogs, and even the electrons
    spiraling nucleuses of stones and a grain of sand.

    I tried to explain to a fundamentalist Christian tonight
    in Super-Walmart that Jesus is no greater than a grain
    of sand; after he told me if I didn’t believe he is the
    king of the Universe; I ain’t gonna make the grade.

    And Oh yeah; I give him the run down on how
    Roman Emperor Constantine and his
    Catholic Cohort friends, in 325 AD,
    promote the Yogi/Naturist
    leaning gnostic Jesus; ‘who’
    is ‘uncovered’ in Egypt
    in 1959;
    as verses 38 to
    114, in the Gnostic
    Gospel of Thomas;
    to the King of the frigging
    Universe that is much smaller
    then, without the eyes of science, now.

    I tell him Jesus turns the promotion
    down from the ‘grave of words’, in
    the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas,
    by Jesus
    or NOT.

    Trust me or NOT;
    IF the real dude
    Jesus is here today;
    ‘he’ will tell that dude,
    give me a break;
    GOD is a grain of
    sand and I am no
    greater than
    a grain of
    similar electrons
    similar nucleuses;
    tHere is NO separation,
    in either God or

    HA! I think you missed the meaning of the wink icon at the end of all that; friend.

    This is a little metaphor, a little poetic expression, and just a quick run down on the history of reality as it comes to now; and yes this too.

    It’s not a science project. It is ART. To understand God is to have a creative mind; and not just in 3d techno stuff.

    Not that that’s not art; it just doesn’t include flesh and blood connecting life (not online stuff); and is restricted to mechanical cognition.

    Life inherently is feeling and sensing ‘stuff’; and truly thinking in abstract terms is a ‘new age brain thing’ for neocortical control limited to a few animals here and there, on earth, including homo-sapiens.

    Never the less, the only innate intellect humans are born with, as far as communication, is verbal and non-verbal language; none of this written down collective intelligence stuff that makes most everyone all uptight and anxious about life.

    Nature as God is still widely practiced in all forms of pantheism, and in pantheism the Universe is GOD; in other forms, God is the seen and unseen; but never the less, God is the ‘WHOLE ENCHILDA’, including a grain of sand manifest as the same GOD of all that is.

    And yes; the Gnostic Gospel of Jesus definitely indicates he is a pantheist; not really different than Spinoza and Einstein, in broad and narrower terms, per just one example of foreskin is provided by God and humans take it away falsely as a product of religious out-of-whack beliefs, and such as that.

    If the real Gnostic Jesus Dude really lives back then, he has amazing street (Nature) smarts for a ‘semi-rabbi’ dude, with just a little satire added in there, with all due respect to my ‘many’ Jewish friends..:)

    And trust me; I am the most open minded liberal person you will ever come across; and hell yeah, I can prove that in flesh and blood easily on my blogs, in irrefutable evidence.

    Just ’cause I’m writing about the history of narrow minded patriarchy in puns and metaphors, and a little satire to make fun of it the way it deserves to be made fun of; certainly does not mean I condone ANY PART OF IT.

    BUT AGAIN, that is what the wink is for, at the bottom of the post.

    I used to put in parentheses (metaphor alert) and started to think that might be a little condescending; but perhaps
    a wink is not enough to clearly indicate PLEASE DON’T TAKE what I am saying literally.

    Some Autistic folks are very much black and white thinkers, in literal style of expressing themselves as well,
    with little emotional affect in written words or flesh and blood life.

    And some are literally and metaphorically the human archetype of empath; and that’s what I am friend; don’t judge a book by a cover. if you see a big man who looks like an ‘FBI agent’ who can leg press 930LBS, 14 times slowly with their hands raised over their head as a ‘narrow minded jock’. The women love me; but it’s cause I’m a nice dancer; not one to take them home… hmm.. if you haven’t heard that I am literally considered a dance legend in real life, in my metro area; that also belies my law enforcement/military looking 230LB muscular exterior.. smiles..;)

    But anyway, Nature is the same dam thing as GOD to me; seen and unseen; and the first thingy about art and god and abstract concepts up there, is just a general statement about any metaphor in life.

    It’s up to ‘us’ to create our reality; with the help of the GOD of Nature; all natural of course..:)

    And if you cannot see Nature as art; trust me something is missing in your life; whether you as an
    individual can see that or not; but I am assuming you can see Nature as ART and just can’t see
    Nature as GOD; and if not; different stokes for different folks; however, a definition of GOD as
    Nature is both a valid religion, widely participated in modern culture, as well as a valid belief
    throughout the history and pre-history of humankind..:)

    I belong to no religion but GOD aka Nature.

    And I dam sure don’t belong to science;

    It’s just a pass-time and a ‘little’ tool; that
    yes, I am as proficient at as art;
    when I shift my brain.. just
    a little bit to the metaphor
    of ‘left hemisphere’ thinking,

    I have mastery over
    mind and body balance;
    And that’s a mightY
    natural higher potential
    of the GOD of Nature
    manifest in my human
    nature being
    that allows me to
    have ‘superhuman’
    strength and the
    title of ‘Dance Legend’
    in my local area;
    among other
    stuff like
    professionally assessed
    Kung Fu expertise;
    and stuff like THAT;
    all gained with
    all natural human
    innate instinct, and
    intuition straight
    from the GOD of
    Nature, without a
    human lesson;
    and for the naysayers
    of life; all documented
    in irrefutable evidence
    on my blogs; as I do hope
    other folks can one day
    gain ‘supermen and superwomen’
    capabilities in all natural higher
    power human nature manifest in
    human being
    by the GOD
    of Nature
    in co-creating
    FORCE, just like
    Star Wars,
    my friend..:)


    Yoda with
    a BIG

    With all due respect, please; Let me spell it out:

    M E T A P H O R

    Art is normally considered as creation activity by human beings, and of course the three letter word ART is an abstract concept developed by human beings through the development of alphabets copied from Nature’s natural patterns, as such as that.

    The God of Nature exists well before humans come onto the scene, so obviously to use Art as metaphor for the creation activity that is the ongoing reality of Nature aka GOD now is metaphor, and Art ironically enough, in itself.

    I’m sure your standard IQ is stellar; but that does not measure the social cognition aspect of mind that allows a human being to feel and sense God as Nature. Whether or not you can do that in flesh and blood life is beyond the purview of the words here; but never the less, 3d tech art is not a part of that, specifically my friend. So yeah, I am kinda being literal tHere..;)

    I clearly state I belong to no religion; so obviously if I am saying there is some kind of benefit to religion over no religion at all; I am suggesting that I am not one of the chosen folks that your are suggesting I am here, as associated with religion, as I clearly state I AM NOT, per NOT belonging to one.

    I visit them as a participant observer Anthropologist just for fun, on a regular basis, I might add, ’cause I’m also noted as a fabulous singer by the listening crowd, and OMG, the Catholic Church Temple-like building has frigging amazing acoustics whether or not I agree with the ‘creedy’ thingy or not, smiles..:)

    If you don’t believe in GOD that is your prerogative; many Agnostics and Atheists are more GOD believers to me than the run of the mill so-called modern Christian; and no I have no idea how creative you are in real life; and did not suggest the social cognition thingy associated with 3d Tech art has any association with your way of creation activity, other than it ain’t part of social cognition my friend, from what I understand of it; if so, do please clarify, and validate that it is or not; and that’s OK too; I’m easy that way…:)

    I’m happily married to a woman who has a strange disorder at age 45, where she stays as gorgeous as she is when I marry her at age 19. And, yes, per photos or it didn’t happen; I can prove that on my blogs too.

    Women love me; for my dance; and that’s a fact; and listen carefully, again; I ain’t in the pick up game at all, so whatever my personal achievements are in that arena has no association with the FACT THAT they love me for my dance, and I have literally hundreds of personal ‘autograph’ selfie photos with ’em to prove that too, upon request..:)

    I like to dance. Whether or not the girls wanna come dance with me is totally up to them; as I have not approached a strange girl to dance yet; in this all encompassing special interest of mine, friend..:)

    Again, all the evidence on my blog for that very purpose, for folks who wanna play Internet chicken and say nah, you’re just talking S. And not directed at you, Personally, my friend.

    I am a real happy flesh and blood human; and I for one, can prove that online, as well in real life; along with all those amazing accomplishments to inspire folks who don’t get all jealous or defensive and stuff like that; and to be clear that is not directed at you, personally; you are obviously just not understanding my communication that is often metaphorical and technically difficult for many Autistic folks to understand, per clinical study, not necessarily you on a personal basis, either.

    However, I speak freely as I am who I am, and do not water down my communication to appease anyone; no matter how different or difficult it may be for others to understand.

    This is not a frigging journalism site for me. This is a support site for folks who are different.

    Trust me baby; it just don’t get any different than me; and that’s a fact that I can link and
    quote by others, as well, for PROOF AS USUAL UPON REQUEST..;)

    OTHER than that; Happy Memorial Day! with great big smiles, as life is frigging fun
    when ‘ya’ don’t take it so serious, and seriously just lighten up and have
    some REAL FUN.

    AND OMG, again; that’s a general statement not directed at you personally,
    my friend..:)

    Do as you will; I ain’t arm chairing ya today or anytime, in a frigging serious way;
    as that is impossible to do, without even frigging seeing your face, fully, at least..:)

    But I am honestly, a very visual person, so I usually imagine what folks look like when
    I talk to ’em with these avatar thingies. I’d draw ya a picture here; but the software
    here is not advanced enough for that; and yes, I know, you are not interested and
    that’s okay too..;)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  5. ^^^

    Well.. this is my favorite Memorial Day Edifice.. per ‘In Honored Glory of a Soldier Known But to God’.. over at Milton’s River Front Veteran’s Plaza.. as truly there are so many more folks who actually enlist or volunteer.. or are drafted in the military.. who serve the task of insuring freedom continues as the purpose of the country.. the good old U.S.A… in continuing the vision statement of ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’.. as the American Dream… And yes.. many do give their lives however shortened by this truly often MONUMENTAL TASK.

    Like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, just for two examples..:)

    But as far as this goes.. it goes much further than country.. world.. all the way across the Universe.. as all life seeks to be free from restrictions that hinder development of the creative force that is life in all stuff.. animate.. inanimate.. seen and unseen.. and yah.. that last part is only innate.. instinctual.. intuition.. as that is every bit as important in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.. as cold dead mechanical solving and tool making mind.. where tools become human instead of flesh and blood life in mind and body balance.. to celebrate LIVING FREEDOM IN NOW! AND TO BE CLEAR.. I DO THAT LOTS IN ALL THESE WORDS.. TOO..;)





    So nice to let all that go.. but as far as I am concerned now..
    pre-retirement life that I always relish before
    is really a bitter pickle
    compared to that imaginary
    come alive..
    in gaining new tires

    Honestly I forget all about
    what it feels like to be five years
    old until I become five years
    old again.. before the fast
    track to all of
    illusions does
    come then..:)

    Anyway.. i visit the river
    of 5 years old where i live
    today.. in the same
    patch of dirt that is
    long since torn down
    home.. then…

    And yes.. truly

    And now I’m big
    enough to do
    whatever hell
    I want..
    on top

    With not even a bully
    in Kindergarten

    And thanks.. Adrianna.. you just
    provide the inspiration
    for my own form
    of Memorial day
    ending back

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