Wonderment for the beyond of WHAT IS

As part of the beauty of regaining my sight this year..
after five years of non-effective use of my eyes..
to see beauty..
from perspective of a pain disorder..
that did last over five years..
i capture over 40K photos on my iPhone camera..
in flickr feed as such..
since September 2013..
sight regained..
in the end of July as such..
by the way…
 The scientist thinking minds i consult..
all mark it up to digital light artifacts as such…
i think IT IS worth noting..!
that Quantum physics tells us..
per the science only leaning folks..
that there is an observer effect of beings..
on what is observed..
no matter how small the effect may be…
i get stuff like planet looking orbs behind the Sun..
Lion figure in street light..
demons looking faces in pool water at night..
stuff like that…
But in my art of self portrait nude photography..
the most amazing thing..
is when experiencing Kundalini rising..
in my meditative dance like trance routine..
and doing this..
nude photography!
three events..
wHere my right hand changes..
into what looks like detailed photo..
of angelic like being robed as such..
then is an event wHere a lamb hoof of sorts..
is projecting out of my left leg..
with clearly discernible letters including the word WE..
on a cap from listerine bottle..
that is solid white without this photographic light effect…
And then finally as my wife verifies just today..
for my photos done in celebrating form as such..
tHere is a clearly discernible detailed image..
of an infant on my little finger..
i did have a child that died after 51 days..
significance associated i do not know..
and of course science would pooh pooh this…
but i suspect with extremely easy access..
to capturing more of reality..
that modern digital photography provides..
in one button access smart phones..
Sooner or later..
someone is gonna capture something!
significant enough!
in raw photos..!
that brings the vanilla packaged atheist
a belief in something
more than
science knows…
But anyway for those of ya..
who aren’t into
seeing how my full
body does respond
from the end of
to beginning
of March
middle of May..
three road stops..
the super part
of human
to be
for me…

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I like to write.
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