Aristotle EFFECT of AFFECT

Well, while science is nice

and all of THAT for increasing material comforts.

Science has no method that will work for the


that is each unique human
in terms of Soul, Heart, and Spirit

that are ONLY metaphors

FOR THE EMOTIONAL life of human beings

in mind and body balance as SOUL; FEELING a full RANGE of nuanced
emotions as HEART; AND EXPRESSING mind and body balance with regulated emotions, integrated senses THAT

greater human focus and short term working memory AND CONNECT TO OTHER
FLESH AND BLOOD HUMAN BEINGS often in inspiring ways for survival and life in general.

Often THE RESULT OF THAT IS ART; which again science has no scientific method to measure in terms
of intrinsic value in beauty; and sensory and emotional inspiration of human being.



AS the not only the only ‘Wrong Planeteer’, who is evidenced

in a unique technique of leg pressing 930LBS

with their legs, slowly, on a parallel leg press machine

that bio-mechanically speaking is almost twice as difficult,

as a vertical sled leg press machine that one often sees folks

pressing around 1000 LBS in so-called great feats of strength on Youtube;

BUT NO ONE; AND I DO MEAN no one does it with their arms raised up, ANYWHERE ON YOUTUBE, which puts all the weight on legs, without leverage provided by upper body; as one often sees these ‘steroid-head dudes’ pressing their legs with hands to get more bio-mechanical advantage.

And yes, FOR ALL the naysayers who suggest that this is an extraordinary claim; for me as shut-in for 5 years, as documented on this website with 19 medical disorders well before recovery;

YES, NOW AT AGE 54, FIXING TO TURN 55 on June 6th, I DO WHAT NO elite Marine military dude can come close to doing at the ELITE MILITARY GYM THAT I WORK OUT AT; ALL DOCUMENTED ON MY BLOGS, AS WELL.


WHEN ONE WORKS in mind and body balance WITH the GOD of Nature, REAL LIFE ALL NATURAL MIRACLES can and DO OCCUR; NO different really, in general, than Jack LaLanne towing 60 or so boats, swimming, at age 60 or so.

Human potential is much UNDER-RATED by the cynical

‘SYSTEMIZING SCIENCE’ naysayers of life;

suggesting with demographic statistical data that folks get naturally weaker beyond the age of 30; but of course that is based on a sedentary, overall, extremely epigenetically weak human population WHO are basically ‘domesticated worms’, IN THE COURSE OF THE ENVIRONMENT OF JUST ONE lifetime;

IN comparison to the strength of mind and body balance THEY CAN HAVE IF THEY JUST FRIGGING DO IT; INSTEAD OF SITTING ON THEIR BUTT; MOST hours of the day, behind a computer or a video game, OR WHATEVER STAGNATES THE VITAL STATISTICS OF A HUMAN BEING in what CAN be MUCH GREATER OVERALL HUMAN POTENTIAL in mind and body balance.

And to be clear, I am just providing the video here,



In reference to a ‘Wrong Planet’ moderator

who is attempting to control my communication

to make ‘some’ other folks more ‘comfortable:

What we obviously have here is your opinion.

WHILE ‘you’ are listening to the complaints,

which are truly few in number, you are not listening to the

THANK YOUS for the advice I bring to this forum that has been extremely helpful to AUTISTIC folks in real life. Okay that’s my three capitals.

And seriously, if you apply these rules evenly to every Autistic person in the scheme of different ways of posting all through this forum; for all different ways of Autistic thinking all you will have left is perfect nt communication like you.

I will be as perfect as you; but I choose to express my Autistic Nature in a way not enforced by nt culture in real flesh and blood life. That’s 10 lines. ocd = death.

Okay ‘that’s just proof up there

that your suggestion is neither

well thought out or reasonable.

This forum is full of personal attacks that should never be allowed for the health and welfare of Autistic folks, like constant attacks on anyone who communicates out of the box that they are doing word salad or are schizophrenic or whatever is the belittling or personal attack of the moment.

When people are personally attacked like this,

including me, I use satire as defense

rather than going off and tattle telling on them. As words do not hurt me.

However for the more fragile folks on this forum those words of hate could be the difference between life and suicide that I have seen callously disregarded here time and time again.

My question to you is, if I leave the satire off for defense, including all the proof that I am not insane or proof there is more to this life possible than sitting in front of a computer, which precisely is what the videos of me doing incredible stuff are, are you willing to put a stop to folks calling other folks insane or needing their meds, when their style of communicate or ideas seems too out of the box for others.

I even heard you directly tell someone

they needed mental help,

instead of appropriately discussing that with them in a PM.

We are dealing with human beings on this forum; not mechanical objects.

And while I certainly understand why the moderators here

overlook stuff like that as there are too few

who work here to do it, even if they could.

What is your response to this.

And to be clear

I can leave off the personal videos

if that is what you are enforcing me to do,

and limit my conversation to enhancing only three words with caps.

But your request that I limit my communication to 10 lines is totally unreasonable, as there are other Autistic folks like me with a real hyperlexic form of Autism who simply cannot do that and there is no way there can be an Autistic forum for all folks on the spectrum with a rule like that. Truly that is unfair.

I have always been wordy here;

and it was never a problem until I suggested

that there is more to life than science in this forum.

To me that is the thought police in action.

And truly it doesn’t take any real effort

to just scroll past someone’s post if one does not want to really read it.

That’s just a cop out, and an excuse to limit freedom of expression, anywhere any place online, in my opinion.

And if you still insist that is reasonable, (limiting posts to 10 lines) I will weigh my decision whether or not to continue to post here at all, as I have done here in the past, for folks who refuse to listen to my reasons on this issue,

and make unreasonable demands on my Autistic communication in a forum that is supposedly here to support folks with different types of communication and not herd them into some kind of English 101 box of perfect spelling, grammar, and concise communication that will make the ‘English Teachers’ happy.

So to summarize,

I am willing to limit the caps to three per post,

and no longer post any of my videos.

But are you willing to compromise

on not limiting the length of my posts,

as there has never ever been a rule like that

imposed on anyone here, except for me,

obviously by the empirical evidence of the sentence counts

that still occur here by some folks on a regular basis.

And on top of that I rarely post here to more than around three posts a week, mostly limited to folks who are bullied for communicating ideas different like Ana, Inventor, Oldavid, and this new guy Grebel.

When Fnord and others go on about people being crazy,

who think different with his word salad stuff; that is when I do the satire defense.

But yeah, truly he and others are not even worth it, in my book; those are the people who are poison here, as that is what the whole disorder is mostly about; a mind stuck in mechanical cognition refusing to see the colors in a life that is much more than science alone. And yes, science is starting to recognize this as well. It’s clear to me, at least here, in analytical analysis; not just creative art.



Next response back from me:

Well this is certainly a breath of fresh air for a moderator here. You have empathy for other human beings, and truly that sets you apart from some of the other moderators we have had in the past here. But truly, in scientific terms, that is the nature of the condition of Autism.

Some folks are close to the human archetype of empath and some are truly close to what is commonly described as zero empathy by Simon Baron Cohen.

Perhaps, not politically correct in online Autism Communities to point out the science of that; but never the less, science.

I come to the philosophy section here, truly to relate to out of the box thinkers.

The person here that impressed me the most

when I first come here,

only able to write a few lines

of a grocery like list, is Inventor.

I recognized Genius in both his communication

and abstract intelligence that most people took for insanity,

and bullied him as such, over and over; but nah he is much too strong

for that to bother him at all, too.

He overall, is probably the most valuable resource

of out of the box thinking on this forum.

But then we move full circle back to the condition of Autism.

Truly there are some folks who have difficulty with reciprocal communication and are labeled by diagnosing professionals as Autistic because they are too literal and have very little affective or cognitive empathy for other human beings.

And then there are the ‘right-brained’ folks who think so abstract in a genius way of looking at the world, really no different than Einstein or any other artist ahead of their time in social norm; that no one understands at the time, are socially isolated, bullied and thrown away for trash, until one day when someone looking through their ‘refuse’ finds the gems of genius come back for fuller perusal by greater thinking minds of the future.

Perhaps, in modern cultures, in the Twitter world we live in, where seriously science shows that humans now have the attention span of a gold fish; that potential is lost forever, in humankind of realizing fuller potential.

So in others words, if that is true,

there will be no more Einstein’s or Beethoven’s.

But the truth is; genius does not bow down gracefully.

And while I truly am a humble person and find real attention in life,

uncomfortable, for the efforts I do, when folks do call me legend,

awesome, or young women say ‘Oh my God I am so excited

to meet you cause you are the Boss of dance in the metro area’;

never the less, it is the thinking and doing stuff out of the box,

and the courage and strength of not bending down

and wilting to the norm around me;

that has created what elder published poets

do call genius in a style of writing

that is strata beyond what has been accomplished today in poetry.

And I am totally honest here in everything I say, and can link and quote that; but I do think you have enough cognitive empathy to know I am serious when I state stuff like this.

But the point is this; before I developed artistic abilities, my personal life is one of depression, anhedonia, and a difficulty going on each day in illness, to talk my self not into killing myself, then.

What I am missing in my life at that point,

is even being the human being in wonder I was as a child.

Einstein never lost that. And I am gaining that again. And truly there are older folks here that I attempt to restrict my conversations with like Inventor and Grebel, and younger folks like Ana, who naturally understand this.

I already, mostly restrict myself here,

to folks who have the potential of understanding me.

The link above is an example of where I like to post. Now obviously that holds little interest for 90% or more of the folks who post here; and obviously that conversation per the deeper ways in communication of life, cannot be restricted to an average of 15 lines to even possibly be effective in gaining new ideas about life.

I hope my friend that my own restrictions of what I do here, mostly with folks who think like me, will be enough for the moderators here to allow what is truly described as genius by folks in the know of the areas I discuss, to continue to be allowed here.

And yes, I will restrict that further

to just the open minded folks posts here;

as yes, I know I blow the minds

of the ‘left brain’ oriented

autistic folks.

But to be honest they bore me.

And no it’s not hard to avoid their posts,

as I would much rather communicate with a genius

like Inventor than read the same stuff I read in textbooks, 30 or so years ago.

This is a forum about philosophy and philosophy cannot reasonably be reined in with limits of sentences.

And seriously maybe 1 percent of the entire population of the U.S., gives a crap about any philosophy greater than what they hear in church every Sunday morning.

Please do not make this into a church service friend; although I do understand your intentions as moderator are based on empirical rules of normal etiquette in online discussion.

This is autistic land though; my friend,

and while some of us write short lists;

others of us express philosophy in epic poetry way.

I can do that without caps and without video assistance for proof;

but please allow this to be the one place I can continue to find minds of genius and communicate as such with.

I will try not to be too much of the outlier in the discussions, and will do my best to stay in a general limitation of format like the post linked above.

But reasonably, I think in that parameter and

context of philosophical communication

what I am doing here is reasonable.

I will just avoid the other folks who hurt other people,

and allow you to do your job on that without me being the ‘crazy clown white knight’.

My IQ is still well over 130; and I can match test scores with anyone here in all areas of knowledge, skills and abilities in schools, except those ‘visual spatial block tests’. I am still no car mechanic, smiles..:)

But the thing here is; this forum is a

potential budding forum for genius my friend;
and genius has no boundaries when allowed free.

The death of genius is the death of freedom of expression.

And truly freedom of expression is the life or death of human being,

in the coming future of humankind. It is worth dying for and truly I do want to potentially help other folks like me to stay inspired to do that and stay alive, as well, not blocked in much greater human potential.

So to sum it up; concisely; what I am going to do is not use caps excessively if at all, not use anymore of my videos, and I already use no more of my blog links as requested by another moderator here recently.

And also, I will try to restrict my comments here to folks who are posting threads who do have the potential to both understand what I am saying and appreciate the depth of what I say, in wordy ways as well, within a reasonable length of speaking in relationship to the depth of where other folks are going in wordy ways.

And I already have restricted posting

any threads ‘here’ of my own,

as requested years ago by Tallyman.

So really, I think that should be enough.

I have never ever directly personally attacked anyone here, for the sport of it. I have been subject to literally thousands of personal attacks and have never reported one to a moderator, as I’ve already been to literal human hell; and after that nothing else hurts.

I truly hope that’s enough; I am just different friend; but recognition of that different by neurotypicals as genius in art; is good different; at least in those places in life.

And yes, I have already been recognized as such, on this site as well, even by the critics who hate my style of creative communication. But you see my friend, not everyone can appreciate true human genius.

Not close to everyone; only those who can see it.

And in terms of science history repeats that truth time and time again.

And truly I’ve always known that; and the fact that I understand science so
well puts me in the ‘same league’ of the ‘Einsteins’ of the world, as well.

As metaphor of course; I am only a grain of sand in real human ego.

Hell teaches that well.

Smiles, truly, and I appreciate your respectful comment back.

Tallyman in the past just called me insane, over and over
and would not listen to anything I had to say. Nor Cornflake
as well.

And truly I am not an aggressive or violent person in real
life; but I would have loved to have discussed it in real life
with them; as nah; they would not have been a bully
then. That’s a valuable lesson. We are just animals.

And to be able to defend oneself in real physical
life spells courage in all other areas of life.

I’ve never had to raise a fist or kick in
serious fight against others; but
I am strong enough not
to have to,

my friend..:)



i let it flow and try not to analyze it..

and am often pleased by the results after the ‘Art’..

and sometimes am amazed by what comes

without conscious planning or thought…

But that is poetry to me..

and art that I do believe

should have as many ways..

as there are cells in a human body..:)

And there is nothing wrong with planned structure.. it is the innate human way to eliminate anxiety.. in a world that is truly art instead of science.. in big or smaller picture view..:)

We have rectangular and square buildings in the U.S. that are overall angular along with standard typed print language; and other countries have spiraling building structure and cursive looking standard typed print language.

All representative of course.. with cultural ways of living

and reflective of the way the cultural minds work together…

And that is fascinating to me..

as with all things associated with dVerse minds/cultures of human being..:)

Well.. the nice thing about poetry in the freest sense.. that it starts in as an art form.. before it becomes labeled with different styles.. is to allow one to freely express what lies and tells the truth.. beyond cultural restraints.. of what ever time is ‘occupied’ by other folks in idea formed culture…

Nice that Whitman.. Kerouac.. and other poets bring that back in the middle of last century.. along with the Beatles.. and so many others in music free verse freedom.. in the west.. as it is already living in the East then…

In other words.. poetry and art.. in general.. breaks cultural barriers and is a necessary pArt of successful culture… It’s why communism and other ways of enforced life just do not work.. as at core.. all humans are special snowflakes.. if allowed that freedom of expression.. in all ways it paints life.. as unlimited colors.. of rainbow lies and true…

That’s why I can never find fault with anyone’s poetry here.. as for me it is dissing their soul.. and heart.. expressed at deepest levels.. of human spirit.. but that’s just me.. other folks have totally different outlooks on this.. and that too.. is part of the beautiful diversity.. in all the challenge that can bring too..:)

Ones person’s clouds are another person’s Sun..

and that can be literally true too.. of course..

as some folks love clouds and some folks love Sun..

Sun is too much for some folks.. and clouds

are the perfect three bear brew of life.. as is..

And i too.. used to live in the skies of night..

with even streetlights too bright

for eyes that see only dark then..

in clouds and nights of light..:)

And there too.. is perhaps the greatest experiences of life.. in walking in so many different human shoes.. if one lives long enough.. to understand that the game is complicated.. but worth tolerating and accepting in all ways.. of differences that come..

As one day we too..

may walk in those other shoes….

And tRuly understand WHY..:)

Aristotle makes a mistake;

and it is the actual generations come after him that respected all of his other accomplishments so well that they refused to believe this human then, is capable of making a mistake.

However; that does not either lessen his remarkable achievements, noted by many cultures, as exceeding what most people accomplish in just one life.

It’s easier to make philosophical mistakes, historically speaking, without the much greater eyes of science provided out into the future.

And of course, we still see this with the mythological worship of the early Constantine Catholic Church promoted Soldier King of the Universe GOD Man Jesus; instead of just another humble leaning Yogi Naturist guy, whose insights are not much different than philosophers come before him.

However, although there is myth mixed with Truth in the New Testament, still; and believed as such, now; it still does not outweigh the significance of the same Truths held as Universal in other philosophies and religions prior to the life of the so-called historical Jesus.

Hmm, that is the ‘whole’ reason I provided the Wiki link; for proof, in regard to Aristotle.

No; the earth is not the center of the Universe; Science has proof enough of that now.

I could have quoted the passage but I am thinking folks can read it, if they want to.

But anyway, thanks Janissy, for literally quoting what I linked, nice of you to do that.

And yes, in terms of Quantum physics, observed with ‘Quantum’ Human leap to
human mind; and with greater eyes of science today; it is a well known FACT
THAT humans manufacture their reality more than what they ‘see’ as reality.

However; all folks do not. Some folks recognized as Autistic and Schizophrenic
can neither recognize close faces of relatives from strangers or see common
illusions that the mind manufactures based on what it ‘sees’ in the past.

The human mind is a fascinating work of art and truly there is very little
that science can measure of it; in terms of each human being’s experience
compared to another human beings experience in direct comparison.

And that may friend is why you cannot understand much of what I am
speaking of here in this forum; as you simply have no reference point
for it; and for all practical intents and purposes it does not exist
in your subjectively manufactured and perceived Universe.

And that’s okay; obviously by the way you communicate here, you
are young and have much to learn, and much more to ‘see’
of the Universe here in human potential, now and after.

And if you keep an open mind to all potential realities in life;
More will come. With a closed, and yes narrower mind
blocked off from human potential in mind and body
balance, your fate is sealed by you, yourself, friend.

And greater human potential
is a win-win scenario.

When you get
there friend;
if you get
you will

Or not.


“Probabilities are real things rather than
heuristics painted by human lack of data

in a sense:

Wagging the Newtonian dog by the tail.”

A ‘perfect’ metaphor for
‘that’ ‘QuantumFT’


And to tell a tale
of life, as what is is,
as well, for NOW..:)







Ha! Angelina Jolie

ain’t got nothing on me..

(lips metaphor).. but Mick Jagger still wins..

But anyway.. Angie is one bad A**** woman

who is a real terror in the movie Maleficient..

moving from the light to the dark

to the light.. not unlike Darth Vader…

I’m quite sure Angie has got the force behind her..

both dark and light aspects.. and she uses it to her full advantage…

But seriously.. the FORCE of Star Wars is the same dam

and light thing.. as the metaphor for Christian Holy Spirit

and Chinese CHI force.. different words for different folks..

but never the less.. this power of the GOD of Nature..

manifest in human being.. is ONE and saMe…

And let me tell you and show you this..



IT IS A TOTALLY positive flow of GOD force energy

manifest in human that can allow a 54 year old dude.. like me..

yes FIXIN’ to turn 55 on June 6th.. ABLE to leg press the 930 LBS I do..

and oh Goodness when that force gets revved up.. be careful furniture.. as I bring back an old repetitive tennis injury in my right shoulder.. then use my left arm to quickly lift my body out of my four-hundred dollar or so.. Cadillac of computer chairs the QUANTUM 9000 SERIES MEGABUCKS TASK CHAIR.. AND THE CHROME PLATED THICK METAL ARM BREAKS IN TWO! JUST LIKE THAT!




SO we go out and BUYA $100 DOLLAR HALF

price off replacement from Office Depot..

until we can get my Cadillac Chair

and Arm welded back together…

But truly this stuff happens to me much earlier in life..

when I connect to this powerful Force of the GOD OF NATURE IN ME..

and do not understand where the amazing strength comes from.. and yes.. this means destruction to a door at McDonalds on the way to the University of Alabama to see a friend in 1979..

YES!.. a lightening FAST push on the metal and glass McDonald’s front double door.. in Alabama.. takes it off the hinges.. and my friends haul butt into the vehicle.. and we move on to UAB.. and that’s just another ‘legendary’ story of Fred..

And yes.. in high school they used to call me Car Banger..

as once on a trip to a Beta Club convention..

I am running down the sidewalk with my friends

and run into a car on foot..

and dent the front end of the car..

and i am uninjured..

and the folks in the rather small car say.. i am sorry..

and i say that’s okay i’m okay you’re okay.. okay.. every thing’s okay..

okay.. and as you might imagine i say this very.. very very fast..

and they are just relieved that i am okay.. okay..!..

And yes.. i am dead serious..

all this happens and there

are still eye witness friends

who are there at the scenes of the




AND the broken arm of my Cadillac Chair

just reminds me of the FRED FORCE..

AND AS my Katrina can tell ya! now!..

IT ain’t always easy living with a real life ‘Superman’ ..but yes.. it has at least some advantages too.. and I will leave it up to her.. to make some of those advantages up.. when she sees ‘you’.. as when I ask her.. she has a hard time coming up with an answer..

It’s ALL SO complicated.


Perhaps the marriage

counselor tomorrow

will help…








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3 Responses to Aristotle EFFECT of AFFECT



    ‘Talking Body of Art’

    For me ART is the human mind set free, in body balance, as well.

    And what I mean by set free, is the human mind set free from a ‘land’
    of mechanical cognition, and restricted body balance in ‘sidewalk’ moves.

    And just to talk about mechanical cognition is mechanical cognition limiting;

    However, to lay out mechanical cognition in Art is of course a work of ART.

    For me ART has a ‘mind’ of its own. The Art leads me; I do not lead the Art.

    My main Arts are from Childhood Piano and never freeing myself fully to
    create unique with piano until age 47, and a composition free does come.

    And then comes writing; first strictly logic and mechanical cognition starting
    in 2010; then emotions start to flow; then finally in 2013; I ‘knOw’ longer have
    to think to express the energy of writing Art; and the writing becomes Free
    verse poetry instead of ‘mathematical’ writing with ‘Queen Victoria’ as such.

    Ah, and eyesight is restored; the smartphone is a perfect companion to
    cherish the moment in the Art of photography, capturing synchronicity
    flow wherever I go; making visual poetry a reality in new technology.

    And then the words ‘tell me’ to dance; so I dance and the dance becomes Art;
    without a thought; as the creativity in dance guides me through every step;
    and move of body Art until my mind and body becomes balanced as one
    force; with emotions regulated, senses integrated; and focus increasing,
    along with short term memory enhanced for steaming cognitive
    executive functioning, as one human force in tune, as living life.

    And then comes Martial Arts to offset the divine feminine ballet-like flow,
    in Sacred Warrior Spirit; Oh, and there is always singing, as with the
    synergy of all these Arts the words in song do start to flow higher
    and higher to reach the ‘Temple’ top of Catholic Church with ‘Choirs
    of Angels’ in Unison.

    For me, the point of Art
    is to for Now,

    literAlly become
    the metaphor of Art,
    as human being.

    For me, Art is the creative force of the God of Nature; and
    inherent potential in most of humankind just waiting to
    be awakened and enlightened, as human Chi Force energy;
    what the Christians call Holy Spirit; or what ‘Anakin Skywalker’
    calls the Dark and Light Forces of the Universe; Yes, Art can be
    Dark and Light too, and all shades of colors and hues of grey,
    as well. And there is no limit to Art, as long as it comes from
    Human soul in greater mindful awareness in mind and body
    balance in Feeling heArt expressed as human emotional
    Spirit Flow
    A Human
    Force Fully
    Alive and

    Yes, finally my middle
    name Arthur, takes flight..;)


    Human sensuality is A Core
    originator of
    All Human
    And yes, even science
    shows this now,
    in the creative
    and productive
    Art of

    Art is more than a talking head.
    Art is a ‘talking body’, as well..:)

    I enjoy being part of an International Poetry group that shares poetry and other related arts online.

    The best part of the experience is commenting in poetic expression to the poetry of others and seeing
    how everyone relates differently to the poetry in their unique expressions of their humanity of
    perceived Universe.

    Art is a microcosm of human reality in this way; in the fact and art that we all see reality different.

    There is no ART that stands alone. Art is always a collaborative effort from the time
    we humans

    are born as healthy social animals in cooperative effort to inspire each other to


    And truly human without Art is illness at the core of what human even means
    as being.

    I AM sick, very sick, in a mechanical cognition oriented culture for 40 years.

    And Now I am well, very well,

    in deed
    and ART
    of Human Being.

    Overall, Life Itself,
    is a Prompt for Human
    Art. To fully live, is
    with it..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !




    “If a thing or its effects cannot be consistently measured in a quantitative way, then it is safe to say that the thing does not exist. If the alleged existence of a thing consistently has the same effects as its non-existence, then it is safe to say that the thing does not exist.

    ‘Spiritual’ things are mere concepts. While they may exist in the mind, when one ceases to dwell upon them, they cease to exist as well. Thus, they are ephemeral, as well as imaginary.

    Believe in unprovable and immaterial things if you will, but demanding that I share your beliefs will be a waste of both your time and your effort.”

    ‘Human Emotions and Senses 101’.

    Science can ‘talk’ about ’em; but the scientific method has no reliable method to
    measure the internal and connecting human emotional and sensory force
    of being in consistent quantitative way.

    So in other words, by your logic;
    Human Being does not exist.

    This is the problem with
    Science; believing that
    science exists by
    itself, and is
    more than
    a frigging

    Humans exist. And ‘spirit’ is just a metaphor
    created in biblical times to express the
    reality of the internal and connecting
    force of human emotional and
    sensory regulated and
    integrated forces
    of being.

    And Oh my God; if science still
    cannot get a handle on it,
    more than throwing
    some psychotropic
    drugs at it
    with little
    more efficacy
    than the placebo effect;
    the biblical folks did not
    do such a bad job of ‘metaphoring’
    the emotional life of human being
    into stuff like the SOUL for self awareness
    in mind and body balance; the HEART for
    the emotional experience of human being;
    and the SPIRIT for the emotional and sensory
    connecting force of human being in expressing
    this all encompassing human spirit, if it lives much at
    all, in human beings with other human being, as socially cooperative
    little bitty mammals; not unlike cats and dogs; or raccoons; or bears..etc….

    The height of all human ignorance is the illusion that human being does not exist.

    And that my friend, is either precisely what ‘you’ are suggesting, or where ‘you’ are at.

    But I am not going to make that personal judgement, alone, with just words online.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


    A place i am..
    A place i go..
    Around a block..
    That is my home…

    Street Lights too bright.. for a soul of darkness..
    AND pain.. to withstand.. a walk of dead.. goes on…

    A heart long past dead.. A Spirit no longer expressing
    anything but words.. darkness.. and pain.. Yes.. this
    is hell.. and i am Devil at 2AM.. shades covering eyes..
    a body cold as ice.. in the middle of the Summer..
    a Jacket.. torn and tattered.. covering the cold
    of years.. in death alive.. an outcast from
    all that is alive.. where cat is more human…

    There is no human or Nature connection.. then
    for me.. senses.. emotions.. completely dead..
    All that is left is the wrath of pain.. Where is
    GOD.. who is GOD.. what is ALLAH..

    There is no escaping hell or heaven..
    in nows.. but we have so much to say..
    for the place we eventually end up..
    for now… and in between..
    purgatory too.. yes.. NOW..

    To feel.. and sense..
    and be alive..
    no words..

    ToDAY.. I skate dance backwards
    in Golden Spirals.. with EVENing
    Sun.. on sands of beach..
    swirling in the wind
    of Allah’s breathe…
    5 miles in 1 hour
    the tracks i leave..
    are of no animal
    but me..
    IN Golden
    Spiral LIFE…:)

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