SMiLes.. Himali.. droppinG bY
uP i’ll raise yoU a Somewhere
WiTH yOur SomEdaY iN a New
Way of LiVing wHeRe Standard
IQ becoMes MaGiC IQ MoRE
PuRE FearLeSSly
iN a place for all oF uS
WitH Peace and Quiet
And Open Doors
to Nature
but of course
i Visit Paradise
today so i have
NoW the edge
oF LIGht
NoW iN A
And State oF
BEach of LiFE
wHOle.. aLL WiThiN
NoW GiVE and ShaRE..
SMiLes.. whether or not it is
ever returned or even received
the giving is the receiving alWaYs NoW..:)

As BLeSsinGs…
To YoU WitH LoVE..:)

A Machine hEhe..;)

Seriously.. Currently tHeRe is an
Invisible Facebook
Status Option in the Color Bar..:)

INViSiBLE Facebook Status
Bug Changes Rock On/Peace
Signs to Invisible WordS Hehe..;)


His head and his hairs were white like wool,
As white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire;
And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace;
And his voice as the sound of many waters.
And he had in his right hand seven stars:
And out of his mouth went a sharp two edged
Sword: and his countenance was as the
Sun shineth in his strength.

Last night.. while finishing a
very sweaty public dance at Super
Walmart.. after that a Woman i went
to high school with.. unafraid to
fully hug the fully sweaty me
that even the wife says yuck to
on ‘that hug activity’.. witnessed
‘these words’ to me from a so-called
Revelation in the KJ Bible as a Prophecy
as such.. so.. serious question.. Now.. who is
Gonna man/woman/eTc-up enough to fulfill this prophecy..
as you
at least
from the
Bible History
Books that’s how
prophecy works.. someone
out tHeRe steps up NoW and
just does it as Nike sayS iN Victory..
Funny.. how people don’t GeT FULLY how we write
the future of our lives in the history herstory and
or mystery of mystory NoW hehe.. just thought for food..
somedays my hair is blonde.. somedays it is snow white
and other days it is more brown.. depends on the smoke
and mirrors and light of course..
the strength
of my Snow White
hairs CoMiNG iN MoRE NoW.. aGaiN..
As Wisdom beYond BeaUty.. perHaps too..
One thing for sure is.. if so-called Prophet
Saint John Lived today in the USA he would be
Medicated with something for having ‘visions’ like that..
i prefer reaLiTy as it is stranger than either fiction or visions..
i’ve never
had a
but never
the less and more i see…
some people name it Bi-Polar
and Hypo-Mania.. Perseverance
in Focus.. a Certain Impulsive
Nature to get jobs done.. now
and a propensity toward
a certain sensual
in mind
AND Body
Nature too..
A FeeLinG NoW
of oneness with
all of Nature that
verily does Feel and
Sense like REAL MaGiC..
Naming that Force a Higher
Potential oF God ON course iF
one is raised with that highest
PoTenTiaL as worship for A three letter iDol
Word to describe the ineffable of LiFE more
NoW that is so far far beyond any human words..
but it’s true too it is no Delusion of Grandeur
that i write a Five Million Word Long Form Poem
“SonG oF mY SoUL” Longest in History of Humankind in 47.5
Months and a “Nether Land Bible 2017” Bible by title noW iN
Chapter oF 14 Months.. Writing that 1,861,207 words to date iN
A Last 120th/791st MacroVerse named “1HuRRiCaNeSoUL96”.. as every
paragraph of those 120 MacroVerses is empirically measured NoW in
Number of Words by WordPress Automated Count Function too for any
‘non-believers’ out tHeRe of this particular kind of laser focus
Human Potential of Art and Science holding hands together in
words GroWinG MoRe
NoW as i speak
a little
oF ‘Fore..
i understand oral tradition..
i understand the religions that
sprout from that and better yet
i don’t understand the full human
condition and the as of yet unforeseen
potentials but never the less i do it with
100 Percent Faith as Belief in the Joy of smART
Love Unconditional and Unfettered by fear related emotions
of jealousy greed envy and the real
devil and demon and
evil of
any thing is
possible with 100%
belief as faith as Pure
Love and you can pooh pooh
that as much as ‘you’ want to
as either Christian Atheist or
of God
to just
get the
DoNe with or without
an assigned label of
ignorance in fear of dArk
or cynicism oF LiGht as it’s
worth noting that the same
‘Saint John’ wrote in ‘John
14:12’ that those who
truly believe
do greater
works thaN
a so-called prophecy
of a dude named Jesus
whether or not that dude/dudette/
ETc has ReALLy lived ‘yet’ or not.. and sure
that’s a drink for thOught too without any ‘additives’..
So sure.. thanks to FB Friend John who celebrated his 66th Birthday
today for inspiring the Gray Hair Fredku (Haiku) and
to Hurley the Woman last night
who witnessed
all her
heart and
spirit and
soul to me
as true
i am
first and
last so far to REALLY listen..
NoW could be the ADHD acting uP aGaiN..
as i don’t listen and see with ‘normal’ eyes and ears..
iN never ending story
alWays freer
than senses and
feelings bound in idol
books oF ‘Fore in PriSon
never esCaping now i am Free HeAR..
But it’s true.. i’ve studied what makes
an ecstatic real transcendent experience
of life possible in Human Intuition ways
as studied by out of the Box Psychologists
and Philosophers as recent as
Carl Jung and others
in ways
too as 7800 miles
of Public Dance most
definitely does in 47 months
NoW and sure.. tantric arts and
‘stuff’ like that in ‘Raves’ More than
Dance with a multitude of Beautiful
Young Women too.. yes.. i am just
a human like any other human
man too.. things is.. i am
neither afraid
of my
as Human Nature
fully ExpresSing as
SpiRiT of HeArT NoW iN
a MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
SoUL nor fear the dARK or am
Cynical of poTenTiAL Much Greater
LiGht iN HuMaN PoTenTiaL NoW.. sure.. call
me FucKinG Crazy as that is pArT and Parcel
of what
me Free..
and yes it is
A FucKinG Disorder
for the priSons i see
all around me as empty
shells of being human far far far
away from an unlimited Nether Land
of Human Potential with no expectations
below of what can and will come as more..
as “John 14:12” and so many other cross country
and cultural and religious prophecies that say
the same dam human potential Essence thing.. YOU CAN/WiLL DO
A SpiRiT
of PuRELoVe NOW..
yes.. i challenge you
to do even more than me..
might take a thousand years
in this one speciality
of human potential
but never
the less
and always
more someone
who really
do even
more than me.. hehe..
if they are not drugged into
a zombie by all the vices of
Instant Gratification ways of life now.
either by substance or behavioral addiction
oF iN gOld
as assessed
by science as
A New True attention
Span of modern iRobot Humans Now..;)

Branch Out Leaves
Make Greater
Roots or Not


Ah.. ‘The Secret’.. well..
not really a secret as
joy loves company
and the saddest place
of all.. misery loves company..
Two ladies in Wheel Chairs reached
out to Hi Five me with a smile.. while
i was public dancing last night free verse
And in 2006
while actually
reading the book
titled.. ‘The Secret’
and even purchasing
the DVD.. one thing i remember
aLong these lines of Happiness..
Gratitude and Thankfulness now all
practiced as Joy in terms of word
thinking ‘tween the ears.. there
was also a literal step that
said.. appreciate each
and every
one takes
for the wonderful
gift of being able to walk..
hmm.. i thought to myself
in steps of Dance iF Walking
Becomes Art in Balance of Left
and Right Feat of Foot as one Force
toGeThER one NoW the MiNd Follows
As A BaLanCinG Force of Regulating
Emotions and Integrating Senses
and Voila.. every cell in
our bodies
electrical synergy
As Energy Force LiGht
in Human Terms oF A FInELY Tuned
Lamborghini.. 12 Cylinders
roaring at Green LiGHT
Speed up and
except for restful sleep iN
Peace and next thing NoW.. Ya
KNoW FeeL and SenSe automaticAlly
like a DreAM oNe hOlds beYond iNFiNitY
wHOle as one simply raises both palms to
sky so above and below Happiness becomes
our Hands/Feet
truly hard to put this
into words my FriEnd.. Himali
as sadly overall ‘tween the ears’
has become KinG over what grounds us..


Hi Zee.. A HeART IS A Muscle
that can/WiLL be exercised
aS Olympic
Sport iN
or left now
dead RoTTinG staGnant
iN nightmares
As tar oiLed
pit of dead
birds now
who will
never know and
see fLiGhT heART LiFE aGaiN..
aS ever true tHeRe IS A Star of Nurturing
Love that is no bounds of darkness
away from light.. and true there is
the other place that only
sees an opaque
heART wHo
thaT never lives now
as death that is entropy LiFE
whatever the case more than
likely as long as you love you
don’t live with/as the tarred birds now..
i’ve been to
that other place
those NoW who
give/share love live
in a much better place..:)


WHaT coMes WitH A StorY
StayS wITh A StorY NoW
INiF ThE Kingdom oF God IsREAL
everYone gETs in Countries
Rated AccorDinGly A tHru Z+
Gentile Jew Servant Free Woman Man
Hispanic Speaking Mexican
Muslim.. TG.. ETc..ET AL
So iF iT HapPenS..ANd Jesus
Lives in Mexico speaKing Spanish
A Wish never comeS HeaR
FB Rock On With Peace Signs
Status Bug Works on SmART
Phone And LiveS oN Desktop
Hmm.. Highlight Invisible Words
On FB Desktop Rock oN
With Peace
Sign Hand Signals

“Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
MOTHER OF EXILES. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.”

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

— Lazarus

Statue of Liberty
Off Ignorance
Religion Of Old Timey
If God Is Hate
Worship Fear As
Misery Loves
If God Is Love
Worship Hope As
Joy Loves Company
You Asked
DeviL AnD
AngEL WitH
RafiaH @6:16 AM
Other Than
Hello Rafiah!
Rock On
“You’re someone’s Crazy
Ex and you have no Regrets”
FB Quiz also says
my “Eyes are 200% Mysterious”
And my “Smile is 111% Sexy”.. too..
Human too
i’LL go with that too..
As Witty Bunny analyzes
me standing
on a
Bridge and says i’M ‘oNly 23’..
Crossing Free WiLD iN aS LoVE
iN jUSt aNoTHeRSiGNaTuREPoSE..:)


One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

MoraL oF A LonGeR
WaiT FoR SomEonE
ELsE To WRitE iT JusT Do IT

SeeKinG SainT ELmo’s FiRENoW
DoN’T JusT FinD A SpARK Do EntiRe BoNFiRE NoW iN ViCToRY

So.. i’m at the Gym doing all ‘my things’.. WitH mY “Trust Me i’M A Ninja Shirt” on and after sharing a recent selfie taken at Old Seville Quarter with the nice Gym Attendant.. Vida.. and Her Friend.. And after completing ‘my thing’.. i go back up to her to relate that back in the early part of April 2014.. when i wore ‘tHat Shirt’ to Dance at Old Seville Quarter.. a Young
Woman who offered me a Drink
of Water on the Dance
Floor after non-stop
Dance for almost
3 hours asked
me.. seriously..
if i was a real Ninja..
hehe.. so i went on to giggle
sharing that ‘the Ninja’ is just
a mythological story and not
something that really happened
in hiStory.. and as i walked off.. i said
but sure there is always a first ‘time’
for the
Myth Written
shared ‘fore in Oral Tradition
as somEthing greater iSreaL
ThaN A Prophecy oF ‘Fore..;)

Evidence.. Words.. Numbers..
Photos.. eTc ET AL oR iT DoESN’T HaPPeN..;)

JesuS F iN CHRisT it
SeemS i aM AN

True iT’s Possible that iF ‘You’
Danced iN Public 47 Months
7777 Miles YouR ‘Feet’ would
Turn ‘Bronze’ too.. anyWay.. it’s..

Meanwhile at the Facebook
Ranch while i am writing
this down to up
in Reverse
Himali Drops by to SinG..

Dedicated to Kat ????..;)

i SMiLe Back..

SMiLes.. ‘You’
is everYone.. HiMaLi
tHaT’s how i See LOVE..:)

In Refrain Himali Sings..
superbbbb !!!!

Refrain back
i SinG..

And as alWays
FriEnd Himali..
Thanks for the
Superbbb Muse
oF inspiration WitH LOVE..:)

HImali KiNdLY Replies..

Hugs to you and Kat !..<3

VeriLY i Add..

And it’s true it’s about
Yellow Boy and the
Rest of Creation too aka GOD..
And i do kNow you Love Yellow Boy too..:)

Himali continues her SonG..

Hugs to yellow boy toooooo !!!

SurELy in Refrain of SonG i SinG back aGaiN..

Verily i’LL DO.. Pass tHat on to HiM.. toooooo!!!!..;)

Himali affirms..

thats great to know !!!..:)..:D

Considering Himali
has Tests for
CPA Soon.. i say
Quickly for coming rest..

:) hard..;)

Himali replies…

Thanks Fred !!

i return and end for now..

Welcome and nite nite..:)

Himali returns a wow
emoticon meant
as yawn it
seems with a smile..:)

i continue nite nite with..

Haha.. i guess that’s a yawn
emoticon up tHerE too..;)

Himali quickly states..

lol !!!..:p

i wow emoticon that
with anew yawn
and for completion
of discussion say..


Now back to the
regularly scheduled
somewhat continuing
MaGiC point of ToPiC..
i continue on to ‘you’ with..

SerIOUsly HaVE iT aLL
SiNcE 7.22.13 NoT
iT’s YouR WORlD i’M
JusT A FLYiN SquirrEL
SainT ELmo

And it’s also true
that Katrina’s Great Nephew’s
Nice Girl Friend Named Kat is
Currently Birthing.. Laela Rae..
who will be another Great Great Niece
so.. sure.. i guess ‘we’ can.. yes.. will.. dedicate this
to Kat
too in somEwhat
timELy Clock Fashion too..
as Katrina just NoW gets the text message..
from the Great Grandmother Sister named Kim..
And that’s how the whole human story continues to propagate iN Essence2..;)


Hi.. Candice.. nice to see you writing on Facebook again and i am sorry for the Medical problems and Insurance issues you are having as i surely can relate to the Health Care Dilemma in the US.. true.. i am fully covered with the wife and even subsidized under Medicare and A Federal Employee Aetna Program that even with a 66 percent or so Donation by the Government.. our Health Care Premium parts reach close to the 10K mark each year.. hmm.. and with the Medicaid Part D for Prescription Drugs.. if we were to Drop
the Aetna Coverage for that Drug Benefit and another close to
20 Percent Coverage for the rest of the
close to 100 Percent Coverage
the so-called Medicare
Prescription D
Doughnut hole
would swallow up close
to all that savings and leave us
with only 80 Percent Coverage that
we know so well as a couple of what that
can be with a child in the Hospital for 51 days
and a 300K Bill for that with full Coverage as opposed
to our across the Street Neighbors back in ’97.. yeah.. now..
do the math today at closer to a Million Dollars for the
Bill and those ‘Cross the street Neighbors with a
similar situation with a newborn lost their
Home in the process and kept their
child surviving.. anything can
happen to anyone
and anyone
can face
illness that doesn’t
reach the standards for a
Permanent Disabling condition
for Medicare.. as costly medical
conditions play by no legal rules as
shit happens as most folks with any common
sense know.. obviously.. the answer is charging those
who can afford it in the future as a form of taxes for Universal
Health Care and to make that eventuality happen.. two things must
occur.. one ..enough pain for the folks who actually vote and two.. a terrible
enough Republican President where the Republican Party comes apart.. NoW
there is
A God anyWay..
but i still give it about
A Decade before those who
consistently and reliably vote feel enough pain..
Meanwhile.. Take Care of your Health.. my Friend..
Best wishes to you on that pArT as
the Current
Best and
Greatest Investment
for those who can and will
do their best with fortune unwitting..
Oh yeah.. although we likely wouldn’t spend
an extra 10K or so in the Pocket a year.. about
95 percent of everyone else would.. so.. yeah.. Universal
Health Care would effectively be a tax cut for most people
and a boon for the rest of the economy too.. need a little more
i guess
for all
for everyone involved..:)


Hello.. my FriEnd Soheir..
i surely have missed you NoW
in recent study for your University
tests and hope that all goes well with
that as if i remember correctly it was
at the end of July that those tests were
scheduled to come.. thanks so much
for the blessings you bring and
i Love the iconic
bring too
in the ways
of meaningful
symbols to relate
more than words alone..
in terms of some of my favorite
symbols too in stars of 13 and bells
with ribbons of 1.. 2 Trumpets that
signal 17 trophies for the year ’17
perhaps planned or not but
never the less very
to me
as this
is how God
Speaks through
us too.. mysteriously
in ways that only make
feel and sense to us as personal
relationship as such as theorized in
the Science Fields too as a-causal
Connecting Principle named Jung’s
Synchronicity Signs as the Paint
and Brush we share as
with MasterPeace
as of all that is
and it’s true i Love all
Numbers and Words and
Music and Lyrics and Dance
And other Songs and Dances oF LiFE too..
so.. i’m not hard to please with gifts like this with sMiLEs oF Love..:)


SMiLes.. aGAiN my FriEnd
SOHEIR as you browse through
the last two MacroVerses that usually
equal close to Novel Size in breathe of words..
hehe.. and i will just take in the Beauty of
the Work of Art you BRing as it is
your original
heAR as Gift
for me and today
mY FriEnd that makes
me feel very special that
i have a Friend like you
from Egypt who cares
this much about
me as just
Face from the US oF A
that currently is not a very
kind place but as you know
not all of we reflect what the
Government looks like
presently in
Take more
Give Philosophy
sadly enough.. although.. if i could give
one TeAspoon of the Heaven on eARTh
i FeeL and SenSE to all the people like the
Trumps in the world who are all about the taking
more than the giving.. more than likely they would then see
the true dark of taking over the joy of Giving in Heaven Free..
and probably insist on providing not only Health Care but also
A Universal Basic Income to all those in Need as that is what
True Human Love does in the so-called real Loving Jesus way..
as just a humble teacher as healing prophet iN A Golden Rule Way
of Giving
and Sharing
as the Bliss
of life over the
power and status
perceived in connection
with material wealth and
owning other people in all the
ways that comes paid and unpaid too..
perHaps.. there will come a day when more
folks are reborn to be to what it even means
to be Human as Love..
i’LL Keep
on ‘that medicine’
per special recipe oF LoVELiGhT
as you muse that more for me today NoW..
true.. sometimes ‘you’ have to go to Egypt and
Pakistan and India and Scotland and even now the United
Arab Emirates to get this Jesus Kind of Love but never the less
‘that’ LiveS oN..
iN eYes that care
enough to say Hi in MoVinG
CoNNecTinG CreaTinG Ways oF LoVinG MoRe..:)


Bridge to Island.. Castle
Stones wrapped with
Life SpRings
sMiLes aGaiN for
Both Dog and Human
BeinGs.. sMiLes my FriEnd..
i too.. recently Find a Bridge like
this WiTh NaTuRe too.. Core
oF BEinG BRinGs
oF LigHT
Yes.. Nice to see
you.. aGain.. mY friEnd.. Xenia..:)


TrUe Vines
And FloWeRs
with no LiGHT
Never LooKinG
BacK oR ForwarD iN
GreeN SWeLL CoLors oF
LiFE oVeR AnY otHeR MilEstonES NoW..:)

Human Place

Pies Country
Roads MoonLiGht
Kiss BRinGinG Back
A Memory of ‘Moonlight
Feels Right’ and that
Sweet Southern
in the
back seat slapping
my hand away when i just
touched her leg in friendship..
yes.. she sitting next to my Sister
With My Mother Driving the Car
i’m not sure if it was the Song as
Moon AlwAys BRinG Back tHat MaGiC SonG..
So glad i lived
in an era
at that
so naive
and innocent
away from knowing now..
why it was.. she slapped my hand…

Ah..all Days
When A Dance and SonG
oF Moonlight FeeLs Right..:)


Hello.. gigoid.. getting out..
for me at least.. leaving walls
of prison for 66 months
in the trappings of pain
and numb in a mind
and body so far
out of whack
for most
intents and purposes..
i didn’t exist.. particularly
for the first 33 months or so
where not even online was
an option to get out
of my head..
was good
to get out and
i always appreciate
getting out as a gift
now as once it was a curse
as Chronic Fight or Flight stress
for 2 years Decimated all my bodily
systems as death as life for those 66
months.. Healing Slow as the Professionals
did warn with some saying no recovery possible..
a Herbalist almost hit the nail on the head estimating a
Healing Period of around 6 years necessary to come down
from a Cross assessed in Medical Literature per that Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia as literary worse than the pain
of so-called crucifixion from wake to sleep.. of course
you have heard that story and all about
the other 18 Medical Disorders
as suggested by professionals
as suddenly
and miraculously
recovered from a little
over 4 years now.. anyway
it sounds like you are potentially
finally recovering from similar issues
of a lifetime in state of Chronic Fight or
Flight Stress.. and yes.. for sure if you can
tell that now is the time to get out and rewire your
mind and body for happiness as the entire human
shooting match is malleable for hell or heaven.. depending
on R and R and Operator Manual within expertise as BaLanCinG
Force alive.. hard to describe what works at times even when it works
but when one comes back the joy is practically inescapable for what i for
one see and feel and sense of and as life now.. i pray to Nature to stay
that way my friend.. i am Nature to be that way my friend as the
practice is a naked one as Lao Tzu says in the next
quote you provide as wisdom in a similar
Balance in skies of night
one finds
Broad Daylight
on a pristine sugar
white sands emerald
green gulf waves as
seagull spiraling a Sun
oF LiGht NoW as full rePose
as Phoenix rising Peacefully
from the ashes that
fire a
then to the better
Place as Beach understatement for more..:)

“Do you imagine that the universe is agitated?
Go out into the desert at night and look up at the sky.
This practice should answer the question.”

~~ Lao Tzu ~~

“What each must seek in his life never was on land or sea.
It is something out of his own unique potentiality for experience,
something that never has been
and never could have been
experienced by anyone else.”

~~ Joseph Campbell ~~

Some folks are afraid of

“Sometimes it takes great effort to discover
that life was meant to be effortless.”

~~ Anonymous ~~

Becomes Practice

“The tragedy of life is what dies
inside a man while he lives.”

~~ Albert Schweitzer ~~

A Child’s
Live Naked Joy..:)

“Failure is instructive.
The person who really thinks
learns quite as much from his failures
as from his successes.”

~~ John Dewey ~~

Every Failure an opportunity to move
Every Success an opportunity to stop

“Be careless in your dress if you will, but keep a tidy soul.”

~~ Mark Twain ~~

Naked Fearless makes a man and a woman one soul..:)

“It is by not always thinking of yourself,
if you can manage it,
that you might somehow be happy.
Until you make room in your life
for someone as important to you as yourself,
you will always be searching and lost …”

~~ Richard Bach, Spoken by Leslie Parrish, “The Bridge Across Forever” ~~

When all of Creation
is the most important person
you all..:)

“Warned you have been.”

~~ Yoda ~~

Been have you warned..:)

“Therefore search and see if there is not some place
where you may invest your humanity.”

~~ Albert Schweitzer ~~

Give and Share
it’s what truly
Apes Do iN LiGHT
As only Prayer as Love..:)


Hi Frank.. thanks for stopping by
in what is seeming a little
more like a Tropical
Monsoon Season
this Summer
in Panhandle Florida
Flowers way.. And i find the
Process of Creativity amazing considering
the way i think and the way i speak used to
be akin by others to the way a Computer and
or Spock Operates before the Mind Meld becoMes
Art Expressing Extroverting hehe.. out of introverting ways..
in other words of
course ‘Spock’
‘has’ a high
propensity as
a human empath..
just didn’t show it on the
inside out for others to often see..
when i free verse dance and listen
to music as even science shows now
new and old connections of the brain
fire in a much larger symphony and
orchestra of Astrocyte Waves
Directing Neurons as
many Stars
in the
Milky Way
and a Quadrillion or so
other bio-chemical-electrical
connections as many stars as
estimated in the Universe too
from head to toe below as humans
so above as the Physical Seen Universe too in
Stars of LIGHT.. hehe.. StarryStarry NiGht Secrets
In Broad DayLiGhT iN HuMaN Multi-Universe
perceiving feeling sensing intuiting life
more than the Standard IQ of
Thinking and Judging in
just word speak
of thought..
bottom line
really is i now not only
see interesting and new
art connections in this FloW iN
ZoNE lit uP Multi-UniveRse
State oF MiNd and
BoDy BaLanCinG
SoUL.. the empirical benefits
that come in health and well being
range from the ‘Yogi’-like ability to control
my body temperature brain waves heart rate
blood pressure and even melt pain away and
yes amazingly waking up with numb hands from
Decades of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from both playing
the piano and sure.. typing around 12 Million Words now
in the 81st month of Doing that with never a full of break
of even one
yes.. waking
up with totally
numb hands i can
bring them back to full
life of feeling with will alone..
instantly.. thing is will is a rather small term
now for all will can be when relative free will..
when all of life becomes meaning and purpose
when all of life not only makes sense but becomes
sense and feel and joy that one directs from within
Fully Holy and Sacred
and is no longer
events true
the Yogis come
down from the
Mountain under
the Tree.. Desert
and Beach NoW
doing his or her
or ETc’s ET aL besTesT to share
NoW this Human Potential of a Real
Heaven where God literal wakes inside
of us in terms As Potential of the mini-me
Universe within.. sleeping giant awakes
in those who seek and find and see more
than a black and white life of nothingness compared
to what is possible for human potential still now.. i am
amused by people who emphasize the importance of
Standard IQ.. speaking the English Language and
where the
true retardation
of life is the inner life
never waking as God..
a place where greed and
envy and jealousy and hate other illusory fears
and owning ‘stuff’ is only diversion from what
truly lives within as potential light.. as ‘they’
Clothes Stellar
Cops my friend..
Sure that Homeless
Mexican Person on the Beach
wHo NoW has a home so much
Greater than a Tower of LiVinG DeaTH..
No matter what FucKinG Country ‘they’ live outside of Heaven..
Nah.. if there was is reAlly a Jesus a Buddah a Lao Tzu a Krishna a Kali
and moreover a Cosmic Dancing Nataraja.. A tear and a giggle for ignorance living now..
In all the
ways ‘that’
comes in just
‘Standard IQ NoW’..
So.. every time i try to
get angry i end up giggling
for only if ‘they’ ‘kNew’ more than ‘that’..
but sure it brings a tear as ‘they’ may
never truly ‘know’ ‘now’..
for now..;)


SMiLes.. mY FriEnd Frank.. Plants
aS iN hUmans bElow so aBove..
DaRK gRounding nOuRishes
Us to eARTh
aS sKeYes
As GrounDinG
BRinGs uS LoWer
yeS.. AGAiN.. thE Yin
And Yang of Leaves and Roots
Fertile Soil DArK RooTs LiGhT
RisE GreeN LeaveS iNTuiTioN WinGS..:)


A Drink Rafiah..
To Ages
Of Gentle
Art of Love
Over Games Of War
In Slower

Rafiah returns again with..

Yeah me and my sister Hadia were moving and
grooving on this song and it was so much fun.
Shades Emoticon Big Smile Emoticon

In Terms of Monkey Do See
Speak and Hear i tag..

#Noscarymovies ..;)

And then i come
back to say more..

PS.. Glad to hear
the two shy sisters
Are DancinG NoW..;)

And yes.. more..

As i remember the
other one does
Flash Dance
in the
Rain on
your Terrace..
oh.. the photographic memories..
hmm.. We are having Monsoon Season now too..
And yes..
i Dance
iN the Rain too..
As Gentle MeN WiLL Do2..:)

And in conclusion more too..
for continuing appreciation
for three plus year
Online Shy and
Muslim Friend
i do mean..

Can you ‘tale’..
i missed you yet..:)

Now back to the
regularly scheduLed
MicroVerse of MacroVerse..
Named NoW as 121st/792nd
“Secrets Plain iN Broad Band Word SiGHT”
as 121st MacroVerse of “Nether Land
Bible 2017”.. now exceeding
1.861 Million Words in
14 months and
Of “SonG oF mY
SoUL” entering
NoW iNto the 48th
Month of 5 Million
Words as Longest Long
Form Poem too as the former
a Chapter of the Latter.. True.. too..;)

And i come to the realization now that in the Last
MacroVerse WiLL i WAiT.. i lost count of
total MacroVerses by a count
of 10 so i’m back up
to 792 instead
of 782 hehe..
and anyway while
figuring that out
Rafiah comes back to say..

All three sisters get to have
all the fun of the world when together.
Red Heart Emoticon

And Rafiah adds..

We have monsoon here. There is too much excruciating humdity in air.
But then the season has its charm too.
Rosie Cheek Smile Emoticon
So i try to complain less.

Happy to Hear from
Rafiah aGaiN i go
on to eLaBoRaTe MoRE..

i Love iT aLL.. Better
Put i continue to
to LEarn to Love
All oF iT Better But
Katrina doesn’t care much
For Hugging a Continuously Sweaty Freddy
But some of my Dancing Friends don’t mind..
with Brief
oF Friendship..
iN Sweaty Freddy Ways..
Must be the Moment of
Dance that makes the
Difference and
Dance and
it’s True Opposites
Attract For Life Better too..
As She BRinGs me Down to Ground..
A BaLanCinG ForCE i VeriLY and surELy Need2..:)

And reading this again makes me smile
and reminds me i really have
some friends now
who care
so yes
all 12 Million
Writing Words of Looking
for a Friend then outside
of Family Back on November
26th of 2010 Escaping
a Hell of
is veriLY
and surELY WortH
iT for the GifT
oF LiFE and
and Belly
Laughs and
Hugs in Dance and SonG..
iN MoVinG ConNecTinG CreaTinG
as i continue PlaY
To DancE and SinG
iT WiLd and FReED..:)



You KNow.. it’s funny reAlly.. Soheir..
i’M not really a word person at core..
if not for losing effective eyesight and
hearing for 66 months.. i might
not have ever written
more than
an official
or technical
problem solving
text at work.. true.. i am
more of a visual thinking
person as words used to
bore me severely to the
point that i rarely
could pay
to read
in school before
a screen became
lit up as a graphic
user interface with plenty
of prettier neurochemical
dopamine stimulating bright
colors.. true.. straight lines tend
do bore me too.. hehe.. and so does
walking any different than a spiral of life
now.. ah but the mind meld with the teachers..
i would gaze into their eyes rarely blinking absorbing
their entire brains and everything about their body language
in school.. remembering it all acing all the multiple choice tests
in almost
of data download
‘Spock Mind’.. anyway
that is part of the reason
i am loving the visual presentation
in the art of graphic visual symbols
you bring beyond and above black and
white written text and it’s also true i used
to love taking photos before i wrote words as
words were the only escape from the pain without
effective eyes and ears to see for those 66 months but it’s
true too.. i developed
the ability
eyes and
ears beyond
the organs of both
alone as sometimes
the greatest gift in life
is to lose the other effective
organs of sight and hearing…
God wakes up inside no longer
drowned out by the noise of Human cultures..
now i use those cultures to my advantage as
master over ignorance..
the Gift
of God
and yeah.. i sometimes
wonder what you look like
as i can immediately see a person’s
soul in their eyes no matter still or moving
picture.. but your words do paint a loving picture..
interestingly.. i saw a Muslim Woman in the Star Bucks
Cafe observing my public dance with interest .. And i WiLL
say she
of the Beautiful
Woman in the grey
scale art with pencil that
is currently your avatar and yes
i do see a beautiful heart and spirit and
soul in your written words too.. Arabic is so much
More artful than the English Language that’s why i find it
i move
out of robot
western ways of
thinking and writing..
and yes.. feeling and sensing too..
in a spiral
more than a straight line of
bored robot life dead heART NoW..:)


“It gives you a very special connection knowing your ancestors had a castle here and part of your DNA will remember what it looked like back in those days. Imagination and deep cellular memories often intertwine.” -Xenia Tran

SMiLES.. mY fRiEnd Xenia.. aGaiN.. Gonna
Save your Words of Both Wisdom
and Science And Beauty
heaR.. trUe We
are not
for We
hOld the
Beauty and
Wisdom of Star Burst
Crucible Fire Death
STiLL in the
Memory and much
Greater potential
of the Star DNA we are
and of course before i could
Speak at 3 three looking aCross
the River aLL to FoResT wHoLe as a late word bloomer
at age 4.. i fELt and sensed this intuitively in the eternity
of now
iS NoW
As BlanKeT
oF Creation and
Existence wHOle
iN every HuMaN
eYe that awakes in the
Memory of the Inheritance
of Star LiGHT LiFE ALLnOW..
And A GreaTesT
LiGht oF aLL is We CaN and WiLL
MaKe LoVe GroW even more for
We Star DuST ChiLdReN LiGhT uP Greater than
a Sun
WitH eYes..:)


SMiLes mY FRiEnD XeNiA
FoR We ArE onLY aS
YounG aS oUr eYes LiGHT

AlWays Hard to SpeaK NoW iT’s Easy 4 years ago..
44 years ago i am accused of Walking like a Robot
33 years ago i am accused of Thinking like a Computer
5 years ago i am accused of Writing like a Computer

on all
three counts..
And i appreciate
the input so much more
NoW.. AnD True iN all three counts
i fELt so much older then even at
For Art
iS what
Rises HE
NoW iNto
more then
than He CaN
A DancE and SonG..:)


It’s trUE NoW
Biology at BirthLiGht
eXpresSinG tHeN NoW
is not the only destiny NoW..
For We all shAre tHe STar oF DNA..
SoUL PolisHinG Waves aS Ocean WHoLe MoRE..:)


Hi.. FriEnd Xenia.. aGAiN..
toDay and So nice to see you
over heAR at ‘WiLL i WAiT’..
Wonderful to see too that
you enjoyed
your Castle
Vacation so much
BRinGinG LiGht
Back from that Experience
to share too mY FriEnd and i’m
ReaLLy LoVinG these Close to
Dog Days into Sirius Sunsets
Lately from all around my
MystiCaL iN ImAgiNATioN’s
MaGiC oF CreAtiViTy When aLL
the iNk BloT TesT of LiFe beCoMes
Wisdom and Beauty BriGhTer and
Yes.. ShiNinG LiGHT NoW Dancers
And Singers AngEL Choirs
iN Clouds ofF
Bliss now2
Ah.. to Create
LiFe this WaY iN
ART.. wHaT A BlesSinG
And BliSSiNG NoW iT iS JuSt
to Be aLiVe WiTh GoD sKeYes
liKe thAT.. so sure i am this exists
As i’ve been to the oTheR PlACE
Too iN iNK BloT TesT Perspective
NoW and LiGhT
FriEnd.. Happy
iN leFT
Hand jUSti-
fication Key2
iN PoiNT


WeLL.. wHaT A Wonderful
Day spent iN talking
with online Friends after
A very very busy all Nighter
of Dance at Old Seville Quarter
for the 172nd Week of Dance
WiTh all the Cool College
Age folks.. Photo
with the rest of
today’s fun online..
WitH Himali coming
in after a long
Day’s Work
A Facebook Status
that says.. “Sometimes all
you wish is a friend to talk to,
at the end of a super long day !..
So.. i return her Facebook status with a simple..


Himali returns and exclaims..

Omgg! This is incredibly sweet of you, Fred !

In two words i say..


Exclaiming with Sweetness again Himali SinGs..

Thanks a million ! You made my day today with this sweet gesture..;)

Four more words from me..

i am
Your FRiEnD..:)

Two from Himali..

#REaL friend..:)

And finally
6 from me..

You aLways
mY heART..:)

As ‘ET’ SinGs
And DanceS too..
Sure.. Earthen Vessels
oF INterplanetary Craft too as
all of us who see and hear2.. ‘thE caLL of Love”..:)

Now to those Dance Photos and More about SMiLinG LoVE..
somEtimes no words are necessary aT aLL FoR SMiLes tHaT wHo DancE AnD SinG LiGHT..:)


SMiLes.. Victoria.. one oF
My FaVoRite pArts
Of WRiTinG iS
oF aLL
For oPeN
heART NoW..:)


Beautiful�Gift in symbols�Of God’s Nature�Tears Leave Bee�For Rose of Yellow�HeART.. Star�Green SOHEIR�Sunshines Clouds..�Hehe.. and SMiLes�To Be or not to Bee that’s the�First time i’ve�BEEn included�With Mr. Shakespeare�in a same line�With Bees..;)

Bug Be or
Bees SychroniCity..:)

Gift in symbols
Of God’s Nature
Tears Leave Bee
For Rose of Yellow
HeART.. Star
Sunshines Clouds..
Hehe.. and SMiLes
To Be or not to Bee that’s the
First time i’ve
BEEn included
With Mr. Shakespeare
in a same line
With Bees..;)

And before the Bee Bugs
that’s how i ‘originally’ write it
or not
to be it jUSt IS..
Make the best of is
as ‘they’ say or is is not to be..
‘William Shakespeare’ was/is not a very
Happy man into his later years.. only if..
the be
of he
to Dance
Free Verse
And Sing more than words…
No matter HoW Beautiful tHe words..
A Poverty of Spirit if only lived ‘tween ears..:)

Sing Life
more than
Abstract Constructed Human
Symbols tHaT becoMe Idol of LiFE BE..:)

It’s True STiLL NoW most Women Love Poets
But it’s also True More Women physically
SHow tHeir Love for Dancing Men
wHo are both Fearless Free
In Will and Grace
And Love
sure.. i could be
wrong but tHeRE is and
are reAms of evidence in
empirical way wHeRe i Dance And SinG this way WiLD
And Free.. ‘Vampires.. Werewolves.. Pirates.. and Surgeons’..
While men look for Pictures of Women for Porn Women Look for Men.

Bottom Lines
if ‘you’ have forgotten
You are a Loving Wild Fearless Free MoVinG ConNecTinG
Creating Animal too.. Full of Passions and Desires for Live..
With more than just a Basement Video Game of Lore..
And as Studies in Sociology Clearly show with
Major Factors Cited.. the Demographic
Ethnicity of Highest Self Esteem
Measured is African American
MEN.. and no.. it’s not
money or other
standard IQ
Idol Word Intelligence
that makes it.. noThing’s REaLLY
changed in the last 100K or so years
of Human Animal Evolution.. Confidence
iN BeinG Able to Defend oneself in A ReaL Physical
Fight and Prowess in Reproductive abilities are the factors
cited.. once again.. the Werewolf Vampire and Pirate wins..
and sure
Ability and
Skills to Save Lives too..
as a Surgeon who heals..
No need to thank me i’M complete
more than just BE iN Words..
so in other words.. if you are really
a ‘man’ sHow me more than a talKing head
or anonymous Avatar of Words without a
Body BaLanCinG SoUL
Better yet if ‘you’ are even Human.

Note this is also a letter
to my

When one truly
Loves sELf
wHo Sleeps
iNTo Place
As SoUL aLLone
Mate for Rest of Creation
mY FRiEnD..:)

Good to see you finally out of four
walls ‘Stephan’.. that’s a step forward
literAlly iN LIGht.. as far as Intellectual
honesty.. the fAct you support Trump and
his ‘status’ as ‘ethical’ Human Being and appear
on shows like Alex Jones says
all i need to hear
that not unlike
Alex and
Don and
and the
Dude who runs
Russia you suffer the
sAMe from the oldest
manhood maLady in humankind
still.. yes.. as ‘they’ say down South..
‘little man syndrome’.. in other words
you are still in search of the Will and
Strength that comes with not only
smART buTT Fearless Love and GrAce
that is Unconditional
for all of Creation..
as is BE
of Pyramid
iN Maslow’s Self-Actualization
and Fowler’s top O’ tHe Pyramid
of Faith that is transferred aS and iNto
AgApe Love for ALL oF Creation iN MoVinG
ConNecTinG and GiVinG ways eVeN More
iN and as Creation Activity.. as ‘they’ say..
sHow me more than a talking head…
a little
my FriEnd
WiTh a SonG ANeW..
Meanwhile.. the other ‘little
men’ will come online heaR
And incessantly name each other beta cucks as usual..
singing to the choir still my FriEnd Stephan.. i suggest some
Free Style
to go
aLong with your Ballet..
Works for me at least..
Yang and Yin as
tHat BeaT STiLL
GoeS oN… NoW
And as a Fellow
‘Creative’ Philosopher
i Hope you can and will
appreciate my willingness
to use you today as a dARk
Muse in Free Verse Poetry AS i wRite
Bibles and Longest Long Form Poems
iN A Mystory of HuMaNKinD NoW JusT FoR
Peter Pan FuN as i am no slave to any Dollar
bILL.. like.. follow.. or share.. Or Target Audience
to raise funds for whatever
it takes to live away from
and by the way A
Best pArt is all the Beautiful
Women Smiles and Words in
7800 Miles of Public Dance in the
sAMe 47 Months it takes me to Write
A 5 Million Word Longest Long Form
Poem in 791 MacroVerses..
where this is just
a tiny
for all that is NoW..
And sure.. with all due
intellectual honesty.. i left iN empirical evidence..
all the documentation as usual per BiGGeR LiNK..;)


HAha.. my FriEnd Xenia.. i am having so much fun
writing and taking photos and dancing and singing
living with and in as Nature..
i’M WO(a)NdeRinG NoW
iF i’LL eVeR “SonG
oF mY SoUL” AnD
“Nether Land
Bible 2017”
to E-publishing
aS 792nd/121st MacroVerse
As i lose count then iN “WiLL i
WAiT”.. misTaKiNGLY aT.. 780..
but as long as i Wo(a)(U)nder
FuLL oF Curiosity And A
MusEment.. MorE
i live wild and
‘Pan’ CaN
And WiLL WitH
NoW A Cooperative
Wife iN Free.. no “Wendy’s”
HeaR.. just a child oF Free as “Katrina’s” too..
Thanks.. so much for dropping by and NoW as alWays
LooKinG ForWard to mY NeXT ViSiT at Xenia’s Place too..:)




Or do ‘him’

‘Short’ Commercial Break
And iF tHis IS A secret.. ‘someone’
is not


Now.. off to Years To Date MacroVerse Memory
Shares as the Facebook Algorithm Personal
Free Digital Assistant BRinGs them
all that way to me
Free as i don’t
buy into any
nah.. not any.. iN fAct
i give/share them for ‘mY great work’
inStead as any TrUE and
Free and WiLd Animal
Entrepreneur CaN
and WiLL do
no cost and all benefits
hehe.. and ‘you’ ‘thoUght’
Trump was/is smART as i don’t
even have to make any money to
continue to get richer every now and
every NoW iN totAlly Free CreatiVe ARTs
trUe beNefit oF LIVinG iN tHe USA Declaration
of Independence iN MoVinG ConNecTinG NoW
CreAtinG Ways of GiVinG and ShaRinG NoW
A Right to life liberty and the pursuit
of Happiness perHaps to spARK
someone else’s Declaration
of Independence too
away from lies
of past
say bucks are now
the only way to be Happy.. hehe..
sure.. if ‘you’ become a dollar bill or
Your Home NoW Becomes God and your Car or Boat..
Vehicle and Vessel BecoMes yoUR LoVeR. ugh.. jusT ugh…
SuRE.. Do Heaven or that other place of Hell in Materialism Instant Gratification iSReAL..;)

Yoga Trance Dance with ‘Shiva Rea’ to accompany a mix of 8 MacroVerses and 1 Pre-MacroVerse..
no word or move rules for me totAlly BaLanCinG LeFT and RiGhT FooT aS ONe FeAT oF LiFELiGHT
Synergy Energy Force iN somEwHeRe aRound A Quadrillion or so Bio-Chemical-Electrical
Connections from Head to toe jusT WaiTiNG FoR FiND and SeeK and DO
As GoD
wHoLE WiThiN too..
aS oNe’s BoDy cOMeS BrAiNMiNDONEMoRENoW..:)

“Whispering MinD of ART WiLd! homeLess FREE!”.. Haha.. so ‘you’ think and feel
and sense limited with expectations that the only full of meaning and
purpose holy and sacred texts.. eTc..ET aL.. are only included in
whatever bounds of books and other abstract
construct symbols
you have
exposed to/make
in life and all
else is the way
away from TrutH
And LiGht.. hAha..
chain God
more.. even the
so-called Saint
John Version of Jesus
in 14:12 will totAlly
disagree with ya on thAToNE for sure..;)

“Magick Musick Poetry of DANCE SAVES GALAXIES”.. and while trUe this too came out..
A Year before “Guardian’s of the Galaxy”.. first came to the Big Screen then.. too..
never the less and more.. both are real LiFE Creative Prophecies in
more than
heHe.. verily for SuRe..
as the wife NoW just sAid..
i lost track of time and i
am not fulfilling my prophecy
to go dance in public on time while
she takes advantage of Tax Free Weekend
in Florida.. then/now calling me the Biggest
Story taLer ever.. hehe.. and yes.. pain NoW iN
the (butt) ass as she relates that in real time now2..;)

“i set out to serve the LORD stripping!”.. hmm.. perHaps the Good News iS HeaR..
onLY the WiFe is photographed 3 years ago in Beach Wear in this MacroVerse at lEast..
as i strip words down a little more too.. to please her iN Store Expectations NoW MoRE SooN eNouGH i’M GuesSinG..;)

THaT’s aLL ThAT iS
WiTH DancE and SonG FReED..
with lots of pretty pictures too..
from two years ago in MacroVerSe hear..:)

“6FinREAL”.. Hmm.. yes.. some Farm Photos to go
along with 6FinREAL”.. And Poetry and other stuff too..:)

“Grandfathers never met but heard and felt”.. A little Ancestor Appreciation
heAR and it’s true that my Paternal Grandfather died at 55 and
my Maternal Grandfather at 49.. my Father was sure that
would be his destiny too.. but true he lived
almost another 26 years
more than
his Father
did.. and if i
continue that Ancestral Tradition..
i’ll make 107 coMe true.. as after
all some parts of the Maternal Side
to 94.. true..
in ways of Great
Uncle Charles and Great Aunt Jettie too..:)

“418”.. Numbers and symbols as these/those do relate
Four One 8 Infinity Standing TaLL HeAR TRuE.. and other stuff more..
in this
From Four Years aGo NoW…
oh yeah.. empirical assessment
of “KaTiE MiA/Aghogday BlogSpot
Views now an archive blog for what
i Do on Word Press too.. currently exceeding
aRound 215K Views on that one Blog NoW aS verses
recorded in this Pre-MacroVerse Four years ago as
19,997 Views of Blogging only there at that point..
5 Months into Blogging since March of 2013 then..:)

“i AM A JesuS2 HoW ‘bOuT yoU2”.. YeS.. it stands for and is STiLL A Special
Way of Love LiFE TruE.. no forcing anyone to Join TeAm LoVELiGht iN FearLeSS
Holy and Sacred
Full of Meaning
And Purpose
And aLLThaTJaZz..
Duke Nuke’em Good
Cop Version with
all the Beautiful
WoMeN NoW AnyWAY NoW TrUELlGhTisReaL..:)

So yeah.. off to Public Store Dance
while the Wife Katrina Does
Her Tax Free Shopping..
perHaps puTTinG
this aLL toGeThER
bY afTer
on 8.6.17..
as ‘they’ DancE
And SinG TrUELiGHT too..:)


Hmm.. Still working on ‘tHaT’
‘clothed’ Version oF
A Yin and Yang
Tree Human
iN front
Mall by
or on top
of ‘the Fountain’.. hEhe..
aS Well NoW as thE
Modern Duke Nuk’em
4D Version online too as
true.. no matter what ‘they’
Do you WiLL to Be a Statue
iN Front of Cordova Mall
oN Top of the Fountain
NoW iN 4D Land of
no Moon
or Sun NoW
iN E-Land NoW too
eARTh2 so aBove.. yes..
so beLow2 and sPeaKinG
BRoaD BAnDSiGHT” is coming
later and sooner as E-line Publish
too in a place with no distance.. space
or time online too.. hehE.. deeper meanings
alWays in plain site for those with sublime
see and hear
a little more.. NoW.. So.. lET’s
juST DancE and SinG as RefRain
aGaiN.. aS Katy Perry WiLL Do too..
anyWay.. while i’m WoRKinG oN thE
‘oTHeR’ one this is it for the 793rd/
122nd MacroVerse CoMinG too..
respectively as “SonG oF mY
SoUL” at 5 Million words or
so as Longest Long Form
Poem NoW iN the 48th
Month of Writing that
And the Chapter NoW
of that titLeD VeriLY2
“Nether Land Bible
2017” approaching
surely and VeriLY3
in a little
over 14 months
WriTinG TiME too..:)








BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

5 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 44,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)

Grand Cross Bible 2016

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)

CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)

VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)

CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)

Nether Land Bible 2017

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)

7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)

The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)

MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked

MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+ as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)

PHI Bible.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so.. now.. yes..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)

Memorial Days Bible 2016-17.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)

SoN oF Google NoW2..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)

1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN.. 1,820,416 Words in 117 MacroVerses
spanning 13.6 Months per “6th Bible Memorial” that houses the Entire Table
of Contents from MacroVerses 1 through 117.. StARTinG WitH “tSuNaMi
7th WaVE oF LoVe” as Number 1 MacroVerse linked Above..
in “PHI Bible” too.. sitting NoW aS Book MarK oF juST
AnoTheR Bible and Long Form Poem  Milestone
Exceeding the previous Long Form Longest
Poem titled as the “Mahābhārata” from India
as recorded on the Resource of Wiki.. as 788
MacroVerses NoW As “SoNG oF My SoUL”
NoW at 5 Million Words.. approaches
that feat times three on or about the
Milestone of 5.4 Million words
in the coming neXT few months..
as at this point the last 117 MacroVerses
Average 15,555 Words per each MacroVerse..
WitH More to come
As WRiTinG
FLoWs oN iN ZoNe..:)

6th Bible Memorial..
Celebration of Six Milestone
Bibles and “SonG oF mY SoUL”
Ocean WhOLe LonGesT LonG
ForM Poem aRiSinG to 6
times the size of the
Old King James
Version oF A
Bible in 47
Months at
Around 5 Million Words..
Also includes the Table of Contents
to “1.82M WorD LOnG FoRM BiBlE CoMeS AGAiN”
for the 13.6 Months it took to write that one Chapter
Bible iN overall Bible as “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. and
of course appropriate dedications to those who
did and do continue to muse my LiFE wHoLe
iN MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
Force aS  SpiRiT oF HeaRT
DanCinG and SinGinG NoW FReED NoW2..:)



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36 Responses to SeCrETS NoW iN BRoaD BAnDSiGHT

  1. Hmm.. Still working on ‘tHaT’
    ‘clothed’ Version oF
    A Yin and Yang
    Tree Human
    iN front
    Mall by
    or on top
    of ‘the Fountain’.. hEhe..
    aS Well NoW as thE
    Modern Duke Nuk’em
    4D Version online too as
    true.. no matter what ‘they’
    Do you WiLL to Be a Statue
    iN Front of Cordova Mall
    oN Top of the Fountain
    NoW iN 4D Land of
    no Moon
    or Sun NoW
    iN E-Land NoW too
    eARTh2 so aBove.. yes..
    so beLow2 and sPeaKinG
    oF ThAT “SeCrETS NoW iN
    BRoaD BAnDSiGHT” is coming
    later and sooner as E-line Publish
    too in a place with no distance.. space
    or time online too.. hehE.. deeper meanings
    alWays in plain site for those with sublime
    see and hear
    a little more.. NoW.. So.. lET’s
    juST DancE and SinG as RefRain
    aGaiN.. aS Katy Perry WiLL Do too..
    anyWay.. while i’m WoRKinG oN thE
    ‘oTHeR’ one this is it for the 793rd/
    122nd MacroVerse CoMinG too..
    respectively as “SonG oF mY
    SoUL” at 5 Million words or
    so as Longest Long Form
    Poem NoW iN the 48th
    Month of Writing that
    And the Chapter NoW
    of that titLeD VeriLY2
    “Nether Land Bible
    2017” approaching
    surely and VeriLY3
    in a little
    over 14 months
    WriTinG TiME too..:)

  2. Himali provides
    words from the
    Online Word Porn
    Generator on FB
    that very nicely say..

    “Never be ashamed of
    how much you love
    or how quickly you
    fall. Love fully, love
    completely, but
    Love naturally-
    and don’t you ever
    apologize for it.. Don’t
    ever be sorry for loving
    the way your heart knows.”

    So.. i return the
    sentiment with..

    That’s how i for one
    particularly fELt.. then..
    when my Mother took her
    last breath as it was easy for her
    as that
    is the
    lived all
    her other breaths…
    Happy Friendship Day Himali..
    aGAiN mY FriEnd.. WiTh Love..:)

    Meanwhile Rafiah provides some what
    of a cynical sentiment on the hooray of
    Friends Day but never the less tags
    three of her friends.. hehe.. four
    including me so i go on
    to say..

    SMiLes.. i
    For one feel
    Honored to
    Be Mentioned
    As one of
    Your top
    is Friendship
    Day with

    And seeing my mistake i
    return and quickly add to correct..

    Oops.. mis-count.. number 4…;)

    Rafiah returns again to say that there are
    no number counts for quality of friends
    in quantity as such so i return again..
    elaBoRaTiNG as USuAL WiTH..

    True.. Like i Said BeforE..
    Rafiah.. NoW
    above so below.. inside..
    And all a
    Round.. wheNever
    Holds Hands
    With Words
    Around the
    Globe.. God
    oF FriEnds..:)

    And as far as ‘that ET’
    SonG goes with Katy Perry..
    not reAlly appropriate for a tHeMe
    SonG for all of this but never the less
    the Katrina and i were just discussing how
    it fits wRiTe iN with so much stuff that is going
    down for real now beyond and above and below
    and inside and outside and all around for NoW@TLeaSt..
    i Have to pass my Cholesterol Blood Test in the Morning..
    Fasting and all that stuff so i better get some rest as
    tHeRE is so much more to coMe afTer
    juST AnoTHeR
    as Katrina
    randomly passes/stops
    too through Isaiah 22 then
    44 and now stopS HeaR on 53..
    four years ago to date NoW like
    Katy Perry ‘Rises2’.. i sort of
    transfigured and
    iNTo A
    And Butterfly
    at age 53 then.. too
    CoMinG WaY ouT oF
    Mechanical Cognition
    PaRTS finaLLy RiSinG
    HeARTS HiGHeR than
    Dead ZoNe Days of 66
    Months.. oh.. ‘you’ didn’t get the
    memo.. anyone can be a prophet..
    if they move out of the box of organized
    life enough in systemizing ways.. for ‘you’
    Horatio’s and those who do not entirely fReaders digest aS
    A OcEaN WHole RipLeY’s BeLieVe iT or NoT ReaLiTY NOW..
    It’s oKaY.. ‘you’
    aS aLWaYs
    you have eternity
    NoW to leArN yOUr WinGs..
    while meanwhile the plain clothes cops
    to Greener
    LiVinG MeaDoWs
    WiThIN NoW as ‘they’
    DancE and SinG ALiVe..
    yeS.. oNce aGaiN Class..
    inside.. outside.. above..
    so below and all around..
    And VeRiLY and surELY
    BeyONd aLL ThAT JaZz too..
    Yes.. BeYONd RaiNBoW CoLoRS
    TrUELiGhT and any poT of GOld beYoNd thE HeaVeN WiTHiNoW2..:)


    It’s a small
    SMall World
    When i
    And the
    Play Ground
    is full of friends
    i actuAlly FeeL
    And Sense
    Each And
    SailS oN
    WitH Hello HiMaLi..
    Happy Monday to you..:)

    Himali Returns on her Blog.. Celebrating Happy Days with..

    Hello Fred, Happy Monday and belated happy friendship day to you.
    Saint Halo Headed Face Emoticon and Smile Face Emoticon

    i return again with..

    To FriEnd..

    Himali Says..

    Two Flavors
    of Red Heart Emoticon

    FinAlly i saY iN ConClusion..


  4. DuH wHaT DuH yA EXPeCT
    iT’s NoW A PiCTuRE ACTioN
    BiBLE FoR Memorial Day 2018
    iT’s True “Facebook Profile Pic
    Bible 2018” less than 1.618M
    “PHI Bible” Words…
    BoTH VeRSioNs oF HoRuS
    CoMinG ALonGeR As
    “SonG oF MY SouL AnD
    NeVeR LanD BiBLe 2017”
    SAdLY.. Katrina iS NoT EnJoYinG
    thE Goddess ISIS tHinGy
    nEarlY aS MuCH BuTT….
    PLeasE Don’T SeND
    Me YeT tHiS eARTh
    HeaVeN iS SO! Much! FuN!
    THiS SHiT is GeTTinG
    Too Easy i’M Ready for
    thE NexT PLaNeT BuTT…
    iT’s liKe ‘tHiS InVisible WRiTinG’
    cAMe ouT wRiTE oN TiME..;)
    iF yoU reALLy FucKinG
    Wanna Do Jesus/Osiris
    Ya Gonna Do Martial
    ArTist AND BAllerina
    NaH NoT smart
    FucKinG CRay
    CRay smART
    WiTH heART..;)

    THaT’s onLY 38..
    Need FouR MoRE
    FB PRoFiLE PicS FoR
    MeaNinG oF LiFE 42..;)


    “God is very big..Bigger than the skies…bigger than the earths …And his place is over there in the hearts of the believers …So our hearts are bigger than anything in the whole universe!”

    –SOHEIR Omabdalrahmaan

    SMiLes.. mY FRiEND SoHEIR aS
    yOuR Picture Story
    as WriTTeN
    Words you provide
    Does SaY iN Question?..
    wHeRe iS GoD as GoD iS
    LoVE and YoU HaVE ALLaH
    iN A HeArT oF LoVELiGHT
    AwaY FroM DaRK
    oF FeaR
    ALLaH HeAR
    DeLiGhT foR All
    to GiVE and SHaRE
    And yoU and mE mY friEnd
    have somEThiNG ElsE iN
    CoMMoN for you are onLY
    HeaR to GiVE and SHaRE
    So.. heir.. tHeRE are no
    wHO and
    wHaT anD
    wHeRE CopyRiGhTS
    GoD any less thaN GiVE
    And ShaRe but HUmans Lost
    iN miRE of WasHinGToN BLacK
    DoLLaR BiLLs LiNCoLN CeNts
    SenT aLonG WiTH MoDerN
    VerSioNs of ToKeN
    fAMe and
    iN Terms
    of LiKes Follows
    Shares and oH Lord
    eVen Views but iF we
    arE GiVinG anD SHaRiNG
    oUR LIGHT suReLY ShiNeS
    LiGhTHoUSe FuLL WitH No ReGrETs
    For BLiNdS oF LiGhT MoRE tHaN sOme
    are ready to accept.. so sure.. i’ll share YoUR
    Words as LiGhT GoeS oN iN PicTURE TaLe WaYs
    aLonGeR WiTh WordS Per sAY iN DancE and SonG
    Too My FriEnd and surELy and VeRiLY thiS FiTS wRiTE
    iN FoR Me Inshallah as yoU SinG too iN DancE of iF
    aND aS GoD
    UNiVerSE oD LoVE
    LiViNG iN anD aS uS..
    TrUE EveRY PiCTuRe tALes
    A HuMaN Story BeyONd Distance
    Space and TiME BeYOnD iNFiNiTY Too Within
    as SPiRiT
    FoR NoW mY FriEnd..:)​

    i Love
    Your Art
    GoD ArT
    oF All..:)


    Ah the left
    oh the right
    right the oh
    left the ah
    PerFect as
    PracTice WitH
    iMperfectionS BeaUty..
    otHeR thaN tHaT hiGH
    LiLLiaN WiTH SMiLeS NoW
    oF oNe crooKed bottom left tooth…
    Having theM all IS A plUS of HappiNess

    litteRally kilLed mE iN
    i DancE
    And SinG
    NaKeD aS A
    ChiLD As PaN ALiVE..

    NaYe KNoW Haibun
    HeaR Fredbun LiVeS oN FReED..
    WitH Fredku And Fredfu iN Martial ArTS2..;)


    GreaTest Poem i FeeL and
    SenSe and yeS.. Zee.. KNow
    IS A Peace oF
    MiNd and
    ForcE thaT IS A soUL HeART SpiRiT
    BLiSS CAlm CeNteR eYe oF A Hurricane
    iN WiNdS WitH No LiMiTs oR ExpecTaTioNs
    Total Peace witHin BRinGs aS BReeZE oF FiRe
    PasSioNs WitHiN.. ReST HiGHeR BLoWs PEace StaRTS
    WitH A DancE Ends and BeGiNs WitH A SonG oF LoVE iN Free..
    stART LiVinG WiTH A NeVeR
    EnDinG Story Land
    Book of Life
    one mistake..
    NoW aLL the Chaos
    iS BeaUtY aS onLY
    within was is
    truly the
    i made as
    iNK BloT TeST
    oN FiRe CoNTrOL OdE.. NoW
    Thinking about my Father today..
    46 Yrs in Law Enforcement exercising
    James Bond Cool through every day
    of my existence knowing him and never
    knowing him tHeRe.. one thing i do kNoW anD FeeL
    is he was/is human just out of practice iN Words of Love output..
    iN Words
    caring feeling
    sensing more than ‘fore..
    MoVinG MaKinG tHaT CoNNecTioN
    MoRE CreaTinG WiTh LoVE mY FriEnd..
    what just one poem from him could mean
    but true
    in his
    eYes too..
    and after i faced
    the breath of Death
    three times i WILL to WiN the gAMe
    oF Love no longer Spectator Sport
    NoW i Dance and SinG..
    oF Death
    three times
    over and a Father
    with few words for his son..
    as finAlly i am NoW ‘that’ Father
    with words that shine on more than
    to blue eYes
    liT UP to SMiLe..
    God took my eyes and
    ears away for 66 months to
    lEarn to BRinG Words aLiVe as SMiLes..
    i would
    Been ‘tHat’ oTHeR Father..
    that as the wife Katrina reminds
    rarely spoke for almost two decades at home..
    as you might imagine Zee that’s no longer ‘the’ ‘Fredache’..;)

  8. WeLL.. yeah.. considering there were 42 Pictures and i’ve literally taken
    close to 120K photos in Four Years of what’s uP getting better at it
    like when one writes 12 Million Words in 81 months or
    5 Million Words in 47 months or
    1.871 Million Words
    in a little over
    14 Months
    And VeRiLY Dances
    In Public for 7777 Miles
    in 47 Months too.. life’s a Numbers
    and Arts gAMe of incReaSinG all types
    of HuMaN iNtelligence from head to toe
    And BeYoNd what Science can repeatably
    experiment and confirm with the same
    confirmed human results when humans
    are as varied as
    And SinGinG
    Mini-Me Gods kNoW
    And FeeL and SenSe foR NoW
    @LeAST.. And then aLonG WiTH
    HuMaN PoTenTiaL AS A aGaPe LoVe
    with no bounds of limits or expectations
    sET BeYoNd iNFiNiTY NoW as Colorful
    as Painting MoRE with all the Waves
    of Astrocytes BRains
    in more
    iN BoDY than
    BraiN of as Many
    Stars as Neurons that
    are in the Milky Way and
    head to toe of cells so far
    seen in smaller particles too
    than electrons spiraling
    Nucleus of Life
    iN around
    A Quadrillion
    or so number of
    Connections as many Stars
    as there are noted in Seen UniVerse NoW..
    it’s incredible BeinG A HuMaN when we all share
    these MoVing ConNecTinG CreATinG eYes around
    the Globe GiVinG Hand iN Hand oF Art and Science NoW
    even more as nows go on.. trUlY.. it’s nice to kNoW NoT NeXT
    as ‘we’ are the ones wHo CaN and WiLL Create MoST oF oUR ReaLiTies
    Free with
    a little
    hELp from
    FriEnds of Past and
    PreSeNt and the Rest of
    Creation too.. the Human Hero
    Archetype in verses of old testament
    and new testament and most all human
    cross cultural and other religious language
    essence is basically same.. rise up past dARk iNto
    LiGht and GiVe and ShaRe ETernAlly NoW iN HeaVeN MoRe..
    trUe.. it’s not like a goal with just a huge cross it happens it happens
    and when it really happens it GroWs as EtERNaL SoUL as BLiSS thAT
    FReED as HoME..:)

  9. STeps aS DancE
    WOrds As SonG
    NauTiLusT LoVE GRoWs

    It’s true.. in Rod Stewart’s Prophecy every
    Picture tells a story repeats 24 times
    reverse it and voila.. ya get “42 Picture
    Prophecy” as title NoW for
    oF oNce aGaiN
    i DancE and SinG
    “Nether Land Bible
    2017” and “SonG
    oF mY SoUL”..
    aS WoRD CouNT
    FloWs oN iN ZoNe
    As DancE and SonG
    SeT FReED WiLL
    VeriLY continUes
    to do at
    PAce in
    Creativity of Comfort’s
    Ease as it’s like delivering a
    Baby.. if you want it natural you
    lET the Baby come when the Baby
    is Good and GoD DaM ready to
    BReaK Free from a wOMb
    oF DaRK to
    LiGht NoW
    senSe FeeL aND
    KNoW more less
    nothing aT aLL aLL
    N aLL.. hmm.. one day
    i’LL RaP iT but FoR NoW
    i’LL DancE iT SinG iT NoW
    a little gangsta too aT LeASt..
    anyWay.. back to all 42 of them/those
    Photos.. NoW i faiLed to honorably mention
    my friEnd Greg from old Bowling Alley Days.. he..
    Engineer by College Trade Bowling Alley Mechanic
    By Night aS HeY.. the days of underemployment iS NoT
    NeW NeWs in rural Red State Trump underdeveloped places..
    for fancier pancier jobs if one does not work in the Health Care..
    Industrio-Military Complex and generally speaking places and things
    to do that pollute the FucK ouT of the EnvironmentAlly SPeaKinG iN
    all the ways that STiLL cOmes now albeit improved much since the
    70’s as Trumps would like to take us back to a place
    where Pace Florida Consistently is the
    place one takes their
    girl friend to kiss
    in the
    of smoke
    stacks higher
    in Yellow plume bloom..
    like the place i was raised in
    P-cola in a Trailer while my Father
    Chased down moonshiners as a Beverage
    Agent then for the State of Florida in camouflage
    Busting under age sales of Booze to minors in bars too..
    getting chairs broke against his back.. true if he stayed around
    probably would’ve made me into a Man’s man instead of a Ladie’s man
    hehe.. anyWay.. Good to run into Greg again still working for the Government
    where i worked too.. he’s been there now 32 years since ’85 where i officially
    early retired on disability after 25 years in 2009 since Summer of ’84 where
    i spent the last year and half on sick and annual leave as i rarely took
    either and when i stood to lose annual leave as an employee
    working most every Holiday day in the perk of
    Double time Pay as a Government Worker
    too.. with 33 years in official pay
    status as an active employee
    since age 16 as Janitor
    to stArt.. then Book Store
    Stock Clerk then Archaeology
    Research Associate doing too
    all three part time jobs at one time
    point at the University of West Florida
    Burning the Midnight Oil in every which
    way and coming upside with three College
    Degrees in Anthropology.. Social Sciences
    Interdisciplinary and Health Science to boot
    too in Health Leisure and Sports Department too..
    with the Admissions Assistant saying what in the World
    are you gonna do with all that knowledge Fred and as Interviewed
    by the Pensacola News Journal as My Mother and Sister and me all
    Graduated in ’83 and even had a Sociology Class named ‘The Family’
    all togeTHeR too.. and oh Lord.. such an outcast i was then.. at that point
    in life coming back from ‘a vision quest’ of sorts that my Friend Greg
    shared of his own at his University at around the age of 21 as that
    happens to Nash-like folks in all the ways that can
    unusually come with Fredenstein-like Brains
    too.. yep i was pArt of no human
    club then and eventually when
    i reached the tender age of
    22.. i sprouted Bi-Polar
    Happy Wings aGaiN
    and off to
    Dance i
    go.. a rather still
    stiff but shake your
    Fred Butt Dance at “Club Disco
    2001”.. i went in the 80’s and played
    the Piano for the Church Choir and used
    to run in 10K runs as i raised myself back up
    to Humanity until the DArk came aGaiN in 2008
    After Moving from Bowling Center Manager.. to
    Support Assistant.. for a Captain of another Base
    to back to the Old Station and Community Activities
    Director.. And then.. last kid picked on sports teams
    Back in School Grades as Athletic Director then at the
    end and the wash and rinse cycle and getting hung out
    to dry finally came clean in LiGht aGaIn after 66 months
    and 19 medical Disorders iN DaRKest HeLL shut-in.. in my
    Bedroom then with the Literature assessed worse than Crucifixion Pain
    of type two Trigeminal Neuralgia too from wake to sleep.. Dysautonomia..
    Fibromyalgia.. Sjogren’s Syndrome.. Severe Anxiety.. to go along with Anhedonia..
    Severe Depression with that too.. Alexithymia.. Spinal Stenosis.. Severe Degenerative
    Arthritis along with other stuff and the worse numb of all worse than that assessed worst
    pain known to humankind of losing my emotions and not even a reference point to what a
    smile or a laugh felt like and if i had ever really laughed before as when one really
    loses emotions they lose all reference points to emotions as memories are
    emotions.. yes.. point of no return it seems then in Hell with no way
    to get back and no Doctor with any pill to bring ’em back
    butt wait and see if you ever go pass Death iN LiFE
    LiFE aGaiN as Humanity iSReaL BeinG
    HuMaN MoVinG ConNecTinG
    CreaTing agAiN and yeah..
    almost 40 days with
    no sleep in the Lent
    Spring Period of 2008..
    And God Dam right i counted
    every day as that’s all i could do without
    effective use of eyes and ears and only then
    pain and numb.. 1 hour of Alpha Blocker Assisted
    Sleep to get my Dysautonomia run away Heart Rate
    and Blood Pressure under control enough for a card board
    shallow.. less than 1 hour of sleep for the first 35 out of 40
    and none for the last 5 of 40 where i found the hidden
    keys and couldn’t drive past 55 to run into a
    tree to end it all as i had followed
    the God dAM
    of my
    life and sure
    that reaSon saved my
    life too and pArt of the
    ReAson the Spock parT
    of me still lives on NoW iN ReASON
    too.. As Yang with the Crazy Yin too in BaLanCinG
    ForCE NoW.. ah.. the pleasure of Asperger’s Syndrome NoW
    to mix with Bi-Polar too.. it’s true i’ve been to hELL and LiVE iN
    HeaVeN NoW.. and if my life doesn’t fit Isaiah 53 no other one
    does either as it is a story as ancient as the illusion of time..
    just the Human Archetype of the Hero Journey from
    dARk to LiGHT but never the less
    a pretty dam good
    story from
    stArt to
    end to
    stART aS NOW..
    hehe.. aT LeAST the
    Legend pART of DancE
    assessed by the Metro Audience
    WitH sMiLes of Young Women Greeting
    me now most everywhere i go sets a balance
    VeRiLY Sure with shut-in John Nash Life for 66 months..
    trust me.. better to have a beautiful dance and song then
    grown then
    to Stressed out StoNE..
    anyWaY.. as ‘they’ say.. i continue
    oN to ‘Great Work It’.. as NoWs oN..
    Reverse and Forward iT too aS LiGhT
    From dARk ForcE NoW too Sort of Brilliant2..
    And yeah.. Back in University Life when the News
    Paper interviewed me about what my goals were.. sure
    it was a bit of a pipe dream that i too could fulfill the University
    Motto of Oliver Wendell Holmes.. ‘Build thee more Stately Mansions’..
    but then as i told the interviewer.. the ultimate goal as Anthropologist..
    yes.. i study people now.. big time as ‘they’ Dance and Sing too MoRe..
    never the
    less i KNeW
    My Destiny iN
    the last few days
    on that campus
    was.. way back
    in ’83 thaT
    i would WiLL
    accomplish later
    what no man had dared
    to do before.. and yes that was
    my Father’s Twin Brother’s Quote
    in his Senior Photo too.. and my Father’s
    was don’t do today what you can put off until
    tomorrow.. as twins go.. i did both putting it off until age 53 through 57..
    and by the way that was his age with mine now 57 at 29 in the photo from ’89..
    but never the less and alWays more.. mY prophecy did DO and is truE NoW..
    Be aLL YoU Be
    LoVE ALL
    Ye WiLT
    No OTHeR
    eXcept for the
    Occasional buttHUrToN Course..
    Yes.. mY butt presses half a ton 33.. times too..
    And i CaN and WiLL Prove iT as i alWays BacK iT uP..;)

  10. WHeN A HoMeLesS WO/MaN
    BeCoMeS A KinGQueeN oF A
    UNiVeRSe Multi-Verse MoRE

    Rafiah says on her FB Status Wall..
    It translates as mediocrity
    hurts an idealist more.
    In return i explain..
    SMiLes.. Rafiah..
    i was/am trying to
    Relay tHaT FeeLinG
    WiTh iDeaListic Word Play..
    as i translate that the Juxtaposition
    of ‘those’ two words is enough for me to
    feel the iDeal
    of what mediocrity
    does to idealism more
    as less than 140 Character Life..
    hehe.. As i’ve lEarned to embrAce
    medioCrity to
    BoReD HiGHeR
    off oF iT for the
    EVoLuTioN oF mY
    soUL DanCinGSinGinG
    SPiRiTHeARTHiGHeR than words alone WiLL
    ever DO feel sense as KNoW more than words…
    In school.. i learned all the words in the world
    i see.. when i graduated i left the words behind..
    NoW putting THaT into words is really a JoB of JOB
    iN Biblical
    terms for the
    MunDane of words..
    alone as empty shells of noTHInG..:)
    Rafiah Literally returns again with again..
    It translates as mediocrity hurts an idealist more.
    And as usual as is my Nature now i ElaBoRaTe MoRe..
    Hehe.. i think i ‘see’ what you are doing hear.. Rafiah..
    to me at lEAST.. Hmm.. wHeRE to SpRinG boARD NexT..
    oKay.. Yang
    makes Yin in
    other words we
    Need Mediocrity
    to SPRinG BoaRD Idealism..
    And opposites attract for this very ART oF LiFE
    in both directions
    of conservative and
    liberal too for the Green
    Pill of LiFe over just the Red and Blue
    Matrix options
    of such as
    only Yin and
    Yang without the
    Cool Center Peace of Green..
    Hehe.. i need you
    for you help
    FeeL Green With Rafiah..:)
    “the quality or state of being mediocre.”
    “heroes rising above the mediocrity that surrounds them”
    Well.. Rafiah i am mediocre smART for years and almost
    all my life most no one cared to be my friend more than
    what i could do for them.. when i left work
    i was no longer worth anything to anyone
    in touch other than a stone weight and
    sure the family who lived with
    me who saved my life in
    illness.. and coming
    back from hell
    and even being nice now to
    people relatively few will actually
    sit and listen to me who have the time
    to hear and see what i fully say.. today it was
    a Black Homeless man from Houston riding his
    Bicycle doing odd jobs as a Carpenter and Roofer and
    Yard Work to make a meal.. leaving his home with empty
    pockets and relying on the kindness of strangers to make his
    way.. he understood the Healing of Emotions through Movement
    Intuitively as i do and the Sensory Integration and the Peace NoW
    that comes from that as he does not spend his time
    away from Nature becoming the tools that
    Humans make in machine
    mind cognition..
    thing is.. i feel and
    sense and kNoW better
    for what it means to have
    A HeART express thAT HeaRT
    iN SPiriT as MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
    soUL wHeRe none of my words have any value
    as compared to that DancE as i did this as a shut in without
    a Body Mind oF Feel and Sense of Alive many years.. with no
    reciprocal communication from others.. you are not mediocre..
    in fact as i told you long ago.. Rafiah is Special.. Rafiah is my
    Personal Hero for then now Rafiah is one of very few Human
    Beings who saw/see me and kNew/fELt/SeNsed Sees who
    i was/am deep within when i left Hell on eARTh and
    Entered Heaven aGaiN..
    oF HeART oF SpiRiT
    oF SoUL iN MiND and
    BoDy within.. see.. the ‘thing’
    is Rafiah.. you see not all people see..
    in fAct very few see like you do and that
    makes you far from average as you are super hero too..:)

    SinGS iDealS oR NoNE..:)

    WHen SHade beCoMeS
    mUse aLL tHaT’S
    oF hELL
    iS EL..LiGHT
    YeS.. SMiLeS
    eVeN iN HeLL
    AS HeaVeN SHiNes
    AnD trUe tHeRE iS
    No hUmaN aRT
    aBoVe thE
    FoR tHosE
    wHo FeeL anD
    SenSe liFE MoRE..
    OuT oF Words aS eMptY
    sHeLLs iN dARK NoW
    CloTHeD oR
    Not DeSiRinG LiFE
    MusE BUrNs BRiGhT NaKeD
    FreeDconStraining RuLes CulTuRe LoReS..:)

    LamP LiFe..:)

    StraighTest WhiTest
    RarELy SMiLes Tooth
    Metaphor ‘Modern
    Civilized Life’ Truth

    — Reformed Spock

    It’s True i
    Used to be

    Left Foot Right
    Foot Balance OnE ForcELight

    When you re-tire..
    You can figure it
    All out.. at least
    For self.. i CaN
    WiLL DancE and
    Now and Yes..
    Fearlessly with
    Bi-Polar and Asperger’s too..
    But Never without a DancE
    And SonG as Cognitive
    Behavioral Therapy
    IS Shells of Empty
    Words compared
    To the
    Of Free
    Dance and
    Song that and
    Who regulates emotions
    And integrates senses
    To cure the inside
    Of Human
    My Psychiatrist
    Initially said no recovery
    Possible and eventually
    When i cured my
    Self.. he quit
    His practice
    To teach
    In a Teaching
    Hospital in South
    Florida so in this case
    Arts like Tai Chi beat
    Medicine and
    Hands up and is
    Most Definitely used now
    To treat children on the Autism
    Spectrum too now that Science
    Is understanding that our
    In a Body
    Balancing at
    Center point Bliss..
    No lessons even required..
    Left foot right foot Balance
    One Force
    i don’t
    Charge a i
    Thing when
    i teach ‘them’..;)

    Be aLL YoU Be
    LoVE ALL
    Ye WiLT
    No OTHeR

  11. iF oNe looks real hard at the photo of my
    Maternal Grandmother Holding me as
    an infant.. the same RailRoad Trestle
    in Today’s Photo is the same RailRoad
    Trestle in 1960.. the year of my
    Birth tHeRe at the Home
    of my Grandmother
    who born in
    1903 is
    my same
    age now
    at age 57 then
    as the age of my Father
    is in the photo with Katrina too..
    in front of his Snow Covered Roof
    In Tallahassee at Christmas 1989..
    first trip Before Marriage with Katrina
    to his Home then.. surely raising up the
    value of me to him as normal human
    son a little more with the
    Katrina at my
    Wife who never
    really ages since 19 years
    of age then in 1989.. in fACT
    more a fine wine she is now as
    LiVinG through someone’s Hell for
    66 months will surely do in John Nash-
    like Wife Beautiful Mind ways too except
    in this exception unlike his real life story the
    Wife stayed with me as strong is as strong does
    when hell comes with the Marriage Package
    And A Real DEvil on Earth too before
    A change back to a Real
    Angel on eARTh
    oNce again
    mY Birth right
    as AngELs carry
    in LefT Hand MiNd
    oF BeinG LiGHT before
    they fall and rise again more..
    these are metaphors for Human
    Archetypes for any right hand literal
    thiNKin’ Minds wHo can’t see passwords
    as sHells with nary a LiVinG SoUL WiThiN
    SpiRiTinG HeArT HiGHeR than Death as Life..
    as the killer’s rumble of little man weakness sings
    its Nuclear Refrain from the White House today
    as Sheep of that timid Feather all Bark and
    no real bite of
    as MaN
    CaN and
    WiLL Be
    little man
    NoW WiTh WiLL
    And Strength PoWeRed
    by Grace and Love more than
    dArkNeSS Breeds Misery and Company
    out of Joy WeLL.. a little water and bread iS iN-Store
    but no.. not just a little wafer and wine the LiViNG oNE WiThiN
    coMes back
    or not
    a die or re-birth
    as LoVE aS LiGHT NoW..
    WiLL See wHeRE tHeRE aRe
    GoD sKeYes Hope STiLL Drizzles
    over Killing eARTh Stature of little man dreAMs
    so small so small so small a soul grown to bLacK HoLe soul..
    And yes.. SpeaKinG of ToWeRinG SoULs NoWTHeN my Grand Mother’s
    SoUL ALTerNatELY Rugged Hands and Demeanor from raising two sisters..
    she dropping out of school to pick cotton for a Father after her Mother
    Died with Breast Cancer at a young age.. the two sisters going off to
    College and Graduating where the Older Sister stays home as wife
    and cotton picker as daughter sister same to raise the younger sisters
    for thrive of
    life as
    Do when
    LoVE.. is real and then
    first woman to wear slacks
    in Rosie the Riveter World
    War II Days in town selling
    Auto Parts and then Waitress
    for Decades Working 7 days a week
    twelve hours a day.. in case you think
    my 6 miles or so average Dance per every
    day of the year in public is any real big deal
    if you can imagine the miles that come with Waitress
    feet 12 hours a Day Seven Days a Week for Decades then
    true by about this time in her life she is worn out and that same
    Love Bred to raise her Sisters after her Mother Dies comes back to her
    as My Mother Supports her soon after this when my Father Leaves my Mother
    for the fact that my Mother would rather raise children than do what my Father’s
    first love is to make money and one day fulfill an illusion of an American Dream
    to get rich that means
    at all
    a Kingdom
    of Heaven NoW..
    that he could have had
    then but he didn’t know
    but he didn’t know and so many
    people never feel and sense a Never
    Ending Story Nether Land oF HeaVeN isREaL WiThiN
    NoW more real than any brick and mortar home or car one will
    ever touch as glass and metal more than HuMaN SoUL ALiVE as GOD
    anyWay at age 3 this became my Home after My Father left the Trailer
    that at that time was moved to Bagdad Florida.. a Shot Gun River Home..
    Wood Floor raised with concrete pads.. Home Shaken to core every time
    a Train came by signaling the time of gone.. the time is now and no
    longer time for
    me for in this
    of Heaven
    within the same
    one that THE Homeless
    Man ON the River lives as a REAL
    JESUS TOO.. per Christ oF LiGht NoW oF
    Love within with no time at all but beyond
    inFiniTy oF Love.. oNcE aGaIN uPOn
    A TiMe thAT NeVeR LanD NeTHeR
    FaLLs foR NoW.. iN NeVeR
    EnDinG NeTHeR
    Land Stories
    And TrUE NoW
    too.. this Love is Real..
    this Love is ReaL this LOVE ISREAL..
    the real place thaT God’s sKeYes LiVe WiThiN..:)

  12. Destroying
    the Earth
    Closing the
    Doors of Freedom
    Turning the Different
    Away And taking Health
    Care too and Sending the
    Disabled Home to die.. if he could
    if he could if he can he will.. shall i for
    one have Sympathy for this Liar for this
    Human with little to no integrity and honesty
    and loyalty and character more than a wish
    for status and power more for even the potential
    for him
    to love
    people don’t
    do this fresh
    hell who love themselves
    the only people who do this
    fresh hell are the people who deep
    deep down hate themselves rotten
    to core.. yes.. little man or woman
    and or eTc Syndrome from any
    PLaNeT NoW for
    a root rot
    God thAT UniVerSaLLy NoW MorE Less
    FeeLs No hoME wiThiN as LoVEGOD..
    thE Lamp is Dead Long Live tHE LiGHT..
    Sure Lucifer as any LiGht BrinGeR fer
    or ferd of even fred NoW WiLL CoME
    KinGDoM aS Such is cool enough for me..
    LuKE HoT already KNoW wHeRE the DEvil Lives
    Been that
    and can’t
    even fathom
    what it’s like to be
    A Devil without even
    experiencing Angel First..
    TrUE.. i have loads of empathy
    and sympathy and compassion NoW
    for Trumps NoW as they have no reference
    point for Angel or God or Devil Be NoW LiGHT
    aLiVE.. trUe.. dAT.. thE Judas often Bleeds Most..
    Poor Trumps Poor Trumps perhaps the poor of Spirit
    as me
    as me
    out of heLL
    out of dEvil
    into risen angEL
    once again in HeaVeN
    oNlY HUMaN afTer aLL N aLL. BeFoRe NoW..:)

  13. WeLL iF oNe can/will remember thaT first time they
    were/are really ‘touched’ and Hear See A
    Deep within
    then now
    no refrain
    only pulSing
    toucH of Virgin
    Hand.. hmm.. well now
    it’s true Don’t Look Back
    HeaVeN SinGs more than
    Virgin Touch sure entry level
    ground floors to Heaven butt
    never the less just entry
    LiGHT from
    as above
    more aS LiGht
    hmm.. 18 year old
    dreAms fulFilLed in ’78..
    33 rpm’s of Boston
    Don’t Look
    Back aHead
    moRe eNgorging
    DreaMs oF GoD isREAL
    no more cliffs or sorrow NoW onLY
    tEars of Strength See Ocean wHoLe LoVE
    MoRe ShoReS ExPanDinG BeYoNd iNFiNiTy
    NoW anD sure i remember thaT Virgin Hand of Love
    thaT is aLways Fresh Love exPaNSinG MoRe aS DanCELiGHTNoWSiNGS..:)

  14. OnE THinG TwO THinG
    ThreE THinG MorELoVE
    PoEtrY…FLoWinG… ‘ToWeRs’
    ‘Building More Stately Mansions’
    iT’s KiNDa siMplY
    Lose yOUR HuWoMaNitY
    Do somEthing ELsE Hmmyn..
    Thing Missing from Church..
    Dance and Love that’s why
    i Go to Old Seville/Stores..;)

    Hmm.. well.. consideRinG
    Science now suggests
    We create an ‘illusion’
    Of Life as
    We go
    Based on
    Our previous
    Experience wHeRe
    The real nurturing
    Bond of Love
    Exists in
    Life’.. tHeRe
    Is no SeNsecor
    FeeL or need to
    KNow Chaos wHeRe
    Two come togEtHeR
    In this Bio-Chemical-
    Electrical Connection
    Of Love.. ha.. no
    Wonder ‘they’
    Call this
    As Yellow
    Boy Worships
    Katrina attached
    To her lap
    In Praise
    Of all the fear
    Of the unknown
    It takes away.. nah
    ‘Those’ religious folks
    Who see Love as God
    And all ‘dat Love Jazz in
    Blanket of existence comfort..:)
    Bull shit..
    I don’t wear pants..
    iN thE FaMiLY..
    7/24 at most..;)

    Just for example… given..
    If only Trump was assigned
    And Sucessfully completed a
    Waitress job for a Decade or
    So.. perhaps
    He’d have
    A thicker
    And not
    Worry so
    Much over
    Different Views
    Of Life that are Broader..;).. NoW..
    Hymmmn.. three minutes left one thing
    two thing three thing more Cat in the
    Hat four and Children to raise without
    Fear iN smART CaT Unconditional LoVE.. ugh..
    Jobs going away to machines temperatures rising
    around the globe.. once again those who are different
    are turned away.. People becoming tools more even machines
    even big screens even small screens in block letter text and
    emoji shits for smiles.. wHere to go wHeRe to gRoW iN LoVe when
    all of huwomanity is gone same and insane.. well yes of course
    as any gentle cat will go play feral play live Dance and SinG
    aWaY fRom BAlls oF
    ConFusions Fires
    Nuclear Wars
    oF Fury
    more than
    Die NoW
    alone.. heads
    stuck in screen
    And text of scream
    hands over mouth
    ZonE DreAMs..
    haha is that enough
    naH it’s never enough CaT iN HaT
    For Human PoTentiaLSinGS F u N o W
    WitH MoRE DanCE NoT jUSt joTs oF
    140 Characters and less
    aS TwiTTer
    And giVes
    oF LiFE iN GOld
    Fish St(R)uck Aquarium
    atTenTion as less than
    more as less than more..
    aS God Dam Straight lines
    eVen Science sHows thiS trUe
    iN LiGHT oF daRk iN less and
    less human
    every which
    way but laser focus
    noW iN Beethoven Symphonies
    And Mozart Orchestra DancEs and
    SonGs of Einstein’s DreAm of no longer insane
    as different comes in life time now milestones of more..
    oKay.. thiS sHit is GoinG deeP Back to DancE and SonG sMiLes FoR AiR..;)

  15. Butt beForE i go somEWHeRe ELsE
    So MucH LIGHtER iN aRea oF PoEtree..
    A Word or two about my Maternal Grandfather
    Dying at age 49 from Stomach Cancer never
    Pictured anywhere in Family Photos for he
    with Great Grandfather Full
    Sioux Indian Heritage
    as only
    by the
    one family
    Member still
    mentioning his life
    worthy of living and
    My Mother who admitted
    that she was embarrassed of
    him when he came to visit her in
    school all unshaven dirty wandering
    Homeless man once from a rich family
    book keeper by profession fell off a roof
    with traumatic brain injury stayed in
    bed for ages she said.. and
    ended up living
    in a home
    a dirt
    floor with
    a woman my
    Grandmother referred
    to as a Hermaphrodite
    then as she was probably
    just an older Hispanic Lady
    with a little more Beard than
    usual for a female then..
    he played the fiddle
    on the road
    wanderer for
    so long too.. saving grace
    perhaps but who really knows
    he too could have been A Jesus that
    Black Dude on the River Board Walk set free ’till
    within then
    too by the very
    end of stART as Love too
    one can iMaGiNe one CaN Hope
    one can Create liGht out of hiStory
    told of dARK.. but see if one only kNew
    we never reAlly die one miGht FeeL and
    SenSe tHat he is somewhere else truly
    alive in flesh and blood playing
    the Fiddle
    as Love
    WiLL do
    iN HuMaN Form..
    kinda sad no one can even
    describe him ever more really
    than unshaven and dirty.. true i’m
    blessed with eYes that see so much Deeper than Adam of Dirt..
    And speaking of that my wife who if she had her way would take
    all cats and homeless folks in to take care of if her OCD would allow
    her germaphobia to do that sadly as is the case of human differences
    with even ‘Isis’ too.. yes.. the HuMaN Condition alWAys as Clouds
    make Sun and Night makes Day and Fear makes Hope
    and Hate makes Love
    and numb
    a believer
    ouT oF Fear oF
    Dark and cynic NoW
    of LiFE even more too
    as poor of spirit iNheRiTs MoRE
    Love And Meek inHeRiTs NoW A
    Kingdom of Love WiThiN.. as riches
    beyond any form of human tool.. even
    words away from this Living Love within..
    it’s kinda sad to grow up without a Father without
    a Brother without any rough and tumble playmates
    in the home that bring the edge with the soft.. we sons
    and daughters with no home of Father end up raising our
    selves up that way perhaps with Lee Majors and the ‘6 Million
    Dollar Man’.. Robert Conrad and the ‘Wild Wild West’.. and as Far
    as Katrina and other Women who never even met tHeiR Father.. perhaps
    a Man who will never ever leave them never at all.. smiling eyes that say
    love and never mean.. My Father at least had Brothers and a Grandfather
    in his farm home.. there are so many children without a Father these days
    and so many children truly with parents slaves to jobs both and electric devices
    too.. along with children being raised by Purple Dinosaurs And By Folks who
    get pay
    Love that
    an entire
    village of men
    and women did and
    do even if the original
    Father is out of the family
    photo of flesh and blood life..
    Riches of things Poverty of Love
    Mario in a Video game Never touchy feely
    hugs and eyes that say i will be heaR NoW even
    after the game and movie ends.. and Nature what
    about Nature and NDD A neW AGe disEase and
    Disorder of Nature Deficit Disorder NoW.. Be all
    you can
    be but
    thE Love
    of Nature
    And God sAMe
    LiVinG within inside
    outside below and as above
    as touchy feely hugs from Loving eYes isReaL..
    tHeRe is no Medicaid or Universal Health care ever
    Love For thE
    heART thAT SPiRiT
    DancES and SinGS iN SoUL
    eYes oF LoVE MoRE THaN
    TooLs BrinG cOld iN meTal eYes
    oVer HandS NoW
    ARms tHaT Hug
    Tree oF LiFE LoVE..:)

    After Driving home from the
    River Walk and the Nice Black
    Homeless Jesus Man who drives his
    Bicycle from Houston to Florida every
    Summer for the last Decade or so.. spending
    his Winters Helping his Sister who is also around
    67 Years of age or so.. With Her Skating Rink in Houston..
    the stories he told of kindness from
    strangers as those who appreciated
    his Carpenter and Roofer
    skills in
    but sure.. the screams
    from windows of cars for
    those who despise anything
    different from what they live
    in and with and go to Church
    with still in what
    Nature and
    God sAMe
    Gives to
    eyes of closed
    Minds more too afraid
    of Different rubbing off too..
    on same to make same Different too..
    oh.. the fear thaT BRinGS iN hateful eYes
    and Screams from Car Windows too.. true too
    i dealt with that most of my life but pain then
    and outcast status brOught me strength of
    VictorY iN Love over any Vengeance now
    other than an eYe hidden
    by sHades
    that just
    says don’t
    even thiNk about
    it for i am one fully
    prepared for what comes neXT..
    alWays NoW NoW iN Fearless eYe
    of Karmic Wisdom TruELiGht NoW..
    but of course i don’t ride a bicycle..
    i Dance face to face with all of REaLiTY NoW it can not
    esCape.. anYWay.. Katrina relayed that in Pensacola on a Street
    by a Veteran’s Cemetery.. a homeless woman peed on that Street
    and ‘a good samaritan in veteran christian clothes’ took a
    Video and shared it with police men to arrest her ass cold..
    Fortunately.. the Good Cop Crew were on duty as they truly mostly
    DO in honor and integrity same as any Marine who is Good will do..
    too.. iN ServE understanding
    the human
    a little
    as any
    waitress will.. too..
    still a lot to leArn now
    as we all do in a gAMe
    oF Life WitH Never Ending Colors NoW..
    i don’t think Katrina’s germaphobia would
    have alloWed me to stop to see what’s wrong but
    i can only imagine NOW a Trump with A Camera to sCold..
    so sad
    Leaves the room COLD.

  16. Spoon feeding is fun.
    i Finished A
    Hardest Burrito.
    i’m going outside
    to Move in more than
    one direction.
    DeCaDes i sPent FiLLinG mY HeaD
    WitH daTa dOwn LoAd cRaP
    FeeT A GReaTesT ASSeT
    NoTHinG NeW uNDeR A SuN
    oF HAppY ReaLLy STiLL NoW
    Oh GoD NoW My BurriTo
    iS COld anD HarD dAM iT
    Fred’s ReCiPE FoR GEt
    QUiCK LeGeNT StatUs ALWaYs
    MoVE iN MoRE THaN OnE Direction
    FaMouS iNviSible
    FooL tHaT’s ThE
    OnLY WaY i LoVE iT
    THinGs i tHiNk aBouT
    HeaTinG uP A FroZeN BuRRiTo
    Katrina Beading WitH Older Ladies
    Crazy Ass Dancing Fool = Famous
    Most Prolific Poet Ever = Invisible
    DeLecTaBLe iRoNy

    “Tom Sawyer”

    “A modern day warrior
    Mean, mean stride
    Today’s Tom Sawyer
    Mean, mean pride

    Though his mind is not for rent
    Don’t put him down as arrogant
    His reserve, a quiet defense
    Riding out the day’s events
    The river

    What you say about his company
    Is what you say about society
    Catch the mist, catch the myth
    Catch the mystery, catch the drift

    The world is, the world is
    Love and life are deep
    Maybe as his skies are wide

    Today’s Tom Sawyer
    He gets high on you
    And the space he invades
    He gets by on you

    No his mind is not for rent
    To any god or government
    Always hopeful, yet discontent
    He knows changes aren’t permanent
    But change is

    What you say about his company
    Is what you say about society
    Catch the witness, catch the wit
    Catch the spirit, catch the spit

    The world is, the world is
    Love and life are deep
    Maybe as his eyes are wide

    Exit the warrior
    Today’s Tom Sawyer
    He gets high on you
    And the energy you trade
    He gets right on to the friction of the day”

    — Rush

    PRophEt’s SonGs
    ConCerT HAlls

  17. Hmm.. before i run on over to Xenia and
    Frank’s Place and oh yeah.. gigoid’s place
    too.. considering when i told my Psychotherapist
    who spent many of her days with me since 2011
    in the Dead Zone years that ended at the end of
    July 2013.. with
    skyrocket moods
    after than relatively
    speaking after the worst
    pain known to Humankind..
    type two Trigeminal Neuralgia
    ended true.. i was out of balance
    not harming anyone or myself
    but still not able to sleep
    more than 2 hours
    a night four
    4 months after that..
    yes.. Balancing Bi-Polar Disorder
    with Asperger’s syndrome has and
    still is an Olympic EveNt my entire life
    that is real of survive and thrive in the Kingdom
    of Heaven within that is real and Love now.. thing is
    when i told her i just finished writing a Bible one specifically
    named PHI comprised of 1.618 Million words in precisely
    365 days.. per the Golden Ration Mean Number of
    1.618 too.. her eyes lit up kinda like a 2 alarm
    fire delusions of Grandeur of the Religiosity
    kind one might and surely see in
    labeling human behavior
    in textbook ways..
    thing is with the Asperger’s
    Syndrome i have a finest or shall
    i better put a fine pen and pencil for
    Accounting of Numbers and details
    of all kinds now with the much larger Bi-Polar exPaNsiVE
    View that Naturally comes too with infuse of Neurochemical greater
    and Neurohormone edge on the high tide side of roaring waves of fun..
    and yes.. while it’s true i am the most prolific long form poem writing E-publishing
    Dude on Blogs in a 14 Month Period of time now approaching closer to 1.9 Million
    words soon.. more specifically as of last MacroVerse again.. 1.871 Million words as
    with all these photos the average word count of Blogs with all the copying and pasting
    to Facebook Profile Pics and such as that is gonna naturally go down and that’s just as
    well.. and although i estimate conservatively speaking 5 Million Words of “SonG oF MY
    SoUL” in now this 793rd MacroVerse as such since 8.18.13.. it’s true i didn’t actually
    take the tedious and never ending effort of adding them up as i go until Memorial
    Day of 2016.. but true.. i can prove every word of that in empirical analysis
    straight in repeatable way.. so.. since i’m kind oF A Numbers guy
    will just say most prolific ever in writing the Longest
    Long Form Now.. “Nether Land Bible 2017” in
    the Fourteenth Month of that not published
    for even a red Lincoln Cent for
    making money off of any
    of that even if
    in any kind of
    fee based value on
    what i do.. but you see i started
    out Financially Independent and even when
    i worked to serve people in the Service Industry
    in every job as servicing the needs of someone else
    in assistant way for 33 years of active work pay.. i always
    thought it rather stupid to have to work for money to help other folks
    live a Happier life.. reality of course says different so i complied the best
    i did successfully as such enough to do whatever the FucK i wanna do now..
    that’s success Doing whatever the Fuck YouR True WiLL DEEP DOWN WITHIN
    says just do now with the WiLL and the Strength that comes with Pure Grace and Love..
    that’s having it all to me.. and that’s wHaT i SpRinG Board off in Gratitude now in every now
    in Heaven
    NoW it’s a best
    place to be i for one
    can and will imagine for do
    iN MoViNG CreaTinG ConNecTing
    Free For aLL ways.. yes.. i’m strange in
    ways that work very well for me.. way too strange now
    for those who are afraid of different and way too strange
    for anyone to put limits and expectations on what i do other
    than defriending me or blocking me or de-following me as sure
    i could just be dancing on a Beach Twirling in Bliss now and doing none
    of this at all.. thing is it rests my feet and gives me a similar bliss in
    the Zen of Nirvana now Free Falling Up with no ceilings floors or
    walls to contain me.. and when one attains this new NeO
    way of BeinG WaY.. let’s say ‘we’ built this city and this
    word MaNSioN
    is Far
    from over
    NoW RocK On
    with Peace LoVE SiGns
    forevermore NoW.. no delusions
    of Grandeur heAR and it’s not my fault
    if it is the young women where i go dance
    that smile at me and follow me around in
    video voyeur ways.. could be that
    i am a fool they see or their
    of what
    could be in
    a version of their
    own free man but never
    the less and more smiling
    faces i see.. wherever i go of
    the female flavor of free.. getting hi
    Fives from Guys is a rather new thing for
    me always seen as a Lady’s man you don’t wanna
    get too close to as too soft in grace afraid of Love much more..
    too.. but the edge i employ Fully of Martial Arts now Yang and Yin
    all one with a ballET Poem free verse life now.. anyway.. considering
    i lived in hell side my wife for 66 months in no attention at all but an all
    everlasting pain and numb beyond the imagination of most and now i am
    used to a level of smiling attention and joy everywhere i go that most people
    in all of the years
    of their life.. it’s true
    people like to be close
    to people who are having a blast
    of free life.. try it.. i promise the smiles
    will come after you too.. hmm.. and wHo
    kNows.. maybe even the smArt Phone
    video voyeur cameras but first of all
    you have to earn your AngEL Wings
    through the fire that makes
    fearless with no
    or shame
    or any other illusory
    fears means you might
    have to find a way to stand
    naked in front of the entire world
    in all local and state and federal legally
    accepted ways too.. what ever it takes for Heaven is worth it..


    Yes.. “Close to You”..
    IS A Mighty Fine Wine NoW
    Fountain of Youth isREaL WitHiN.. Kingdom of Heaven
    As ”they’ DancE and SinG2.. particularly nice when shared with ‘close to you’ sMiLes..:)

    SeriouSly NoW.. iT wOUld
    WiLL be crazy to take
    FuN SeriouSly.. too..
    OxyMoron as ‘they’ saY iN LabEL WaY too..;)

    AnyWay.. Thanks God.. The Katrina
    is Back Home Made Egg Rolls
    say bye bye To Frozen BurritoS NoW..;)

    It’s Like Katrina’s
    still young
    shirts alWays
    STiLL Say NoW
    Life is Good FucKinG Period Now..:)

    Oh yeah and those weren’t the bottom lines
    for tomorrow is the 53rd Month Anniversary
    of Blogging Poems with the very first
    Pre-MacroVerse of
    my original
    KATiE/MiA Aghogday in
    Google Blog Spot Platform
    way.. as linked here now
    too that also serves
    as a revised edition
    for my About Section
    on Word Press too..
    and of course
    what one
    sees on
    the side
    bar of my
    Numerous other
    Google Blog Spot
    Platform Blogs too..
    4 of them are active and
    two are set to private as risqué
    beyond public limits too.. of my own
    choosing Will now.. let’s just say that
    number 53 keeps popping up today and it’s
    kinda interesting that just for Personal
    Synchronicity sakes considering i am born
    on 6660 and the actual Comic Book Hero
    Hell Boy didn’t start his super
    hero career ’till age 53
    either.. hehe..
    and oh that wife
    of his.. dark hair with
    the Demon Spouts of Fiery
    Hell.. a little ironic that
    what the Catholic Church killed
    women for as demon possessed with
    Epilepsy my wife has too.. and as far
    as a home with a big yard and plenty of room
    to grow for two babies.. well there is the “SonG
    oF mY SoUL” and the offspring child of that as
    “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. yes.. tHeRe are signs
    like this available for everyone.. just have
    to get yoUR sELf iN thE HeaveN
    NOW alWays
    of MiNd
    FinDinG SeeKinG
    NoW to See thiS
    State of FloweRinG
    LiFE beyond EveN A
    State of Florida Beauty NoW
    beHold ForeTold iN whatever
    Meaning and Purpose Holy
    and Sacred you for one
    GiVe all WiTh GoD
    NoW Free
    MoRE Colors than
    ever before.. sure..
    Father is hear NoW..STiLL iN aS Me..
    And while Katrina cut her hair short while
    i was/aM iN Hell.. i’m glad it’s much longer in HeaVeN now..
    even though she did/does kinda look like Kate Jackson of Charlie’s Angels too..
    but it’s true in Youth i had a recurring dream of being married to someone very
    Goddess Isis
    then and even
    noW iN an underground Cave/
    River wHeRe Styx ran through too..
    Grand Illusion Aku Aku and Pieces of EiGHT and stuff like tHaT2..;)

    And it’s also true i’m a bit of a mix of that Bowling
    Alley Guy.. the Dude in Lebowski way.. Sheldon Cooper
    before i became Fly… Forrest Gump.. except i danced
    the width of the U.S. three times in terms of miles
    done.. yes.. just ’cause i still feel like
    doing it too.. eNjoy the practice
    FucK the goals relate
    the milEstones as
    they coMe
    and go
    in Bus Stops
    of Life and so many
    more experiences of the
    Human Kind as related in Fiction
    FAct that we should all be able to
    relate too.. duh.. common sense.. we
    share the same DNA.. what sets us apART
    most is how we accommodate and change for better
    or worse to the environment we are dropped in and move
    to next.. in other words you can do more than you know and do know..
    just NoW MorE NoW A
    Matter of REMemBeRinG
    iNnatELy iNstinctuAlly
    iN iNtuitivEly getting
    iN touch WitHiN as any
    Lao Tzu
    and Yoda Does too..
    yes.. marketing 101 too with
    Hyper Bole Surrounding TrUtH
    And LiGht is/has alWays Housed
    And VehicLeD and VesseLeD ThaT Manna throughout all
    time.. NoW just pull away the chaff and voila one is
    EaTinG DrinKinG DanCinG SinGinG wheatwine aGaiN.. NoW
    only bread
    as the
    of hell still do say..;)

    And now after wearing Black to Black to White
    Nike Shox Shoes with some Grey trim and after
    purchasing an informal count of what seems
    to be 16 Pair in almost Four years
    of Public Dancing
    the next
    thing in ’17
    is hear NoW HeAR
    Nike RED SWISH A
    Color Nike Shox
    Avenue NoW Shoes..
    And not unlike that
    Dude in Guardian’s of the
    Galaxy after his Mother Died
    of Brain Cancer if you remember
    that ‘letter’ she wrote too and
    After the Death of Forrest Gump’s
    is just stARTinG
    now.. yep.. Four
    Years of Writing the
    Longest Long Form Poem
    at 5 Million Words waS iS oNly High School..
    and the 8 Million or so Words on the Wrong Planet then..
    Kindergarden and the 50 years before that FucKinG Pre-school
    NOW NeVeR ENdinG
    OceaN WhOle UniVerSe pLaY..
    and nah.. no different than
    the dude no jobs hear true i am
    the craziest laziest busiest dude you likely
    see on eARTh
    unless somEthing
    changes that i may hELp Make.. too..;)

    It’s about time
    And it’s not about time now..;)

    Bottom LiNe NoW..;)

  18. “Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”

    –John F. Kennedy

    Franklin In The Gulf
    Mr. Kennedy
    Please Come Back
    TWo LittLe MeN PLaYinG Too
    iN CHicKeN BaT STuFF AiN’T
    No NuRSeRY RHYmE NoW…
    LeT’S PRaY/HoPE/WiSH NoW
    ReD IS A NiCE CoLoR BLooD
    oF LiFe VeRSeS PEnDinG DEaTH
    Oh Lord Side-tracked again with
    the Circus of Politics as the big 70
    year old blonde top.. par for the course
    of impulsivity reined in a little TG by the
    betters lower than higher as usual intelligence
    doesn’t necessarily rise in politics and of course love
    as millstone more than float of LiGHT anyway not funny
    at all if one lives around the Japan and Guam areas to be
    taken a little more serious than a real estate deal as this go around it’s real..
    Putting empathy on Trumps is like putting Lipstick on a Pig for eyeliner admires..
    have no idea what that means but what FucKinG makes Sense at the top of politics these days..
    the circus
    is still
    in town
    the big
    top continues to fall..;)


    Hello gigoid.. hmm.. i’m particularly
    tired tonight could be a ramPage
    Writing spree today i’m guessing.. hehe
    after being out a long day yesterday in the
    Big Blue Room as you say.. necessity of a regular
    blood test for normal check-up purposes a day later than
    we originally thought it was always celebrating with a bad
    for ya Breakfast
    at Hardees
    ’till the next
    Cholesterol test
    comes as i if it gets
    a little high i ain’t gonna
    take any drugs no more than
    the insistence of high blood pressure
    medicine the day my Mother was deathly
    ill with normally 110 over 60 something
    Blood Pressure when no one
    is dying close to me
    as such..
    we live in
    quick diagnosis
    quick label and quick
    fix society where all is neatly
    sorted as science and the greater
    arts of life in all the other ways of human
    intelligences potential are left to dry out and shrivel
    up to dust to dust NoW wHeRe humanity often leaves the room
    and yes
    the big
    room too..
    the River is my
    Home the Sky is my Breathe..
    the Lands are my feet and my Home is alive..
    other than that glad to see you feeling up lately.. heaR.. my FriEnd..:)

    “I saw Eternity the other night,
    Like a great ring of pure and endless light,
    All calm, as it was bright;
    And round beneath it,
    Time in hours, days, years,
    Driv’n by the spheres
    Like a vast shadow mov’d; in which the world
    And all her train were hurl’d.”

    ~~ Henry Vaughan, “The World” ~~

    Eternity is a place
    with no illusory
    fears as
    are the
    Prison that
    shuts life down
    into a cLock of illusion outside of NoW..
    i only caught short glimpses of this place before age 53..
    once in the back yard.. once on a trip to Tallahassee
    and often on the Beach after a long walk.. i quit going
    for about 23 years and now as i’ve said i am the Beach NoW..
    in a pocket
    with no cultural
    clothes at all NoW..
    Fearless Free as Love GRoWs
    Ocean wHole more waves exPaNSinG
    DanCinG SinGinG even more spiral BRiGHT..:)

    To grow old is to pass from passion to compassion.”

    ~~ Albert Camus ~~

    i find one is better
    for the other and
    the other is one for the other better..:)

    “A heart is not judged by how much you love
    but by how much you are loved by others.”

    ~~ The Wizard of Oz ~~

    i suppose A final
    judge IS A
    of life that loves.. or not..
    One thing i FinD out iN life.. best for me..
    is it is more important to love than be loved..
    a given or
    forget me not..:)

    “There are only two ways to live your life.
    One is as though nothing is a miracle.
    The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

    ~~ Albert Einstein ~~

    of Pantheism
    when all aRound is FReED
    Love without A human dog chain for Dog..
    C A T..:)

    “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

    ~~ Zen proverb ~~

    tired as shit..;)

    “Tomorrow never comes! It’s all the same fuckin’ day, man!”

    ~~ Janis Joplin ~~

    Do it
    more than
    any words NoW…

    Do not stand by my grave and weep.
    I am not there. I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am a diamond glint on snow.
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle Autumn rain.
    When you awake in the morning hush.
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circling flight.
    I am the soft star-shine at night.
    Do not stand by my grave and cry.
    I am not there… I did not die.”

    ~~ Prayer of the Makah Indians ~~

    Die is relative
    to all of existence
    whole we are alWays pART.. NoW
    Forests or not clapping WitH A LeaF oF FiG..:)

  20. oNe

    Facebook Friend Sherri Drops
    by ‘tween tWo and tHree and
    says.. since i’ve made
    the last/first
    three insights
    of twelve
    word as
    1.. 2.. and 3..

    Yes.. she jokingly asks..

    Are you counting how many licks it
    takes to get to the center of a Tootsie
    Roll Pop?…LOL…..One, two….LOL

    i return again for the interim here with..

    Well.. hehe.. per metaphor actually according to some
    bibles One all with no name is what God is and two
    is the power of love when two humans come

    i prematurely press enter
    and the next FB comment comes
    and i come again here continuing with..

    together and
    three can be
    a tree of life
    two ones
    hold hands as H..
    i’m kinda deep and
    so is God but sure
    we can metaphor God
    less in three letters or one number..;)

    And i add..

    Some people use 3.

    Now back to the
    regularly scheduLeD
    Twelve Insights..

    LovE To
    YoU Too
    mY FriEnD
    A CHiLD’s
    EYeS GRoW
    LoVE HiGHeR
    ROaR NoW
    WordS oF LoVE
    SWordS CaUTioN
    BeST iNSiGHtS
    UPoN MoRNinG
    SHoE aToP TWelFtH iNSiGHt
    ReD WHitE GRay AnD BLaCK
    APoLLo HeBeS ToWeRinG aBoVE
    oF MiNDs
    HuwoManitY sPeaKs
    CReaTiViTy OnE VoiCE


    The Gate Cooling
    In the Forest
    Textures Journey In Time
    Sea Levels Sacred Geometry

    -Xenia Tran

    SMiLes mY FriEnD
    Your Home is a Castle
    And the Bricks are Titles of your Poems..:)

    MoVinG ResTinG
    DanCinG SinGinG
    A SMiLiNG
    BeD LoVE
    BoATs aRiSinG..:)

    Geometry of Nature
    Without Hard
    Step HiGHer
    Dog Paws Sure
    Holy and Sacred
    FuLL of Meaning
    And Purpose
    Puppy FuR
    Fuzzy WArm
    TruELighT LoVE..:)

    SmeLLs oF Green
    BlUe AiR SCenTs
    oF DoG
    NaTUrE LoVE
    Empty Bed Boats
    FiLL SuBliMe MaGiC..:)

    FisHeRWoMeN oF HeARTS
    SoULs oF OCEaN WHoLE
    SMiLes mY friEnd Xenia
    you reMiNd me
    how much
    i miss
    thE GulF NoW
    aWay From Ocean
    i am but Gulf BaY
    RiVeR StreAM
    WaVes WaTer
    AiR iS
    Enough for me
    i BreAThe i BreAThe
    ALive is aLL i Need..:)
    SmeLLs oF Green
    BlUe AiR SCenTs
    oF DoG
    NaTUrE LoVE
    Empty Bed Boats
    FiLL SuBliMe MaGiC..:)
    Geometry of Nature
    Without Hard
    Step HiGHer
    Dog Paws Sure
    Holy and Sacred
    FuLL of Meaning
    And Purpose
    Puppy FuR
    Fuzzy WArm
    TruELighT LoVE..:)
    MoVinG ResTinG
    DanCinG SinGinG
    A SMiLiNG
    BeD LoVE
    BoATs aRiSinG..:)


    Changes all aRound
    Nature Dry to FroZen
    Soft Live
    iN Sun
    shines within..:)

    HalF time less
    WHole time
    MoRE NoW..
    Before i forget
    time Hi Frank now..;)

    Birds Fly and GaTHeR
    toGeTHeR NeVeR
    tHeir feet
    or wings
    rest as Beach…
    They do LonGeR
    Practice MaKinG
    Fearless Rest iN FliGht oN Land..
    ConsideRing tHeiR Ancestors are
    Dinosaurs they have more
    even changing for
    eScape 66 Million
    years ago from Gulf
    MaKinG Asteroid Dinosaur DeatH And
    ANew Changing RodentS unTo Human LifE heHe..
    We Arise From rodents and birds Arise from Dragon
    but the
    and the
    and the
    UltiMate Survivors
    iF Humans Press A
    Red Asteroid Button
    And Roaches eat tHeiR
    spiny leg
    bEats gRay MaTTeR anTeNNaS uP NoW..;)

    CoLLaboRatinG PoemS FReE NoW
    LIKE TeXT oN A sMaRT pHOneShare
    MetaPHorUS For Human Success
    WiNteR thAw
    ComeS oNline
    FrEEzes Copyright no
    mORe foR All To SeE heHe..
    Copyrights or Not NoW hAha
    SpRinG aRiSes SumMers FReED..
    KinGDoM oF HeaVeN neVer NoW A CopyRight
    iN priSon sAMe FrEE HoRuZioNs evermorenow..:)

    “My Imaginary Friend’s Three Imaginary Fears
    The End
    Oh! How Big You Are!
    Blaming the Moon
    What Flowing Water Makes Possible
    The End
    Big Stuff Small Stuff”

    — Frank Hubeny

    His Titles Poem

    It doesn’t matter how
    one paints as lonG aS
    one sees the Painting

    — God



    Hmm.. NoW the
    eNtire Masterpiece
    And tapestry aS Such
    WheeL oF NoW iLL WeLL
    DArk fiBErs sWirLinG eVeRy
    wHicH WaY WitH liGHT fiBErs
    beYond Rainbow Colors coMe To PLay.

    (Sort of like the ‘Wizard of OZ’ beginning scenes)

    i supPose the purPose
    is to continue to see more
    of it my friend and play
    with it
    kiTTen WiLL
    WiTh Fuzzy
    WArm Love
    than Stone BeFoRE..;)

    All the Gray Matter
    iS Hear
    C A T
    as dust long gONE..:)

    THeRe’s No Place Like Home
    Furry CaT Paws.

    And toTo oF cOURse Be.
    CoLLaboRatinG PoemS FReE NoW
    LIKE TeXT oN A sMaRT pHOneShare
    MetaPHorUS For Human Success
    WiNteR thAw
    ComeS oNline
    FrEEzes Copyright no
    mORe foR All To SeE heHe..
    Copyrights or Not NoW hAha
    SpRinG aRiSes SumMers FReED..
    KinGDoM oF HeaVeN neVer NoW A CopyRight
    iN priSon sAMe FrEE HoRuZioNs evermorenow..:)
    Birds Fly and GaTHeR
    toGeTHeR NeVeR
    tHeir feet
    or wings
    rest as Beach…
    They do LonGeR
    Practice MaKinG
    Fearless Rest iN FliGht oN Land..
    ConsideRing tHeiR Ancestors are
    Dinosaurs they have more
    even changing for
    eScape 66 Million
    years ago from Gulf
    MaKinG Asteroid Dinosaur DeatH And
    ANew Changing RodentS unTo Human LifE heHe..
    We Arise From rodents and birds Arise from Dragon
    but the
    and the
    and the
    UltiMate Survivors
    iF Humans Press A
    Red Asteroid Button
    And Roaches eat tHeiR
    spiny leg
    bEats gRay MaTTeR anTeNNaS uP NoW..;)
    Changes all aRound
    Nature Dry to FroZen
    Soft Live
    iN Sun
    shines within..:)

    HalF time less
    WHole time
    MoRE NoW..
    Before i forget
    time Hi Frank now..;)

    FisHeRWoMeN oF HeARTS
    SoULs oF OCEaN WHoLE
    SMiLes mY friEnd Xenia
    you reMiNd me
    how much
    i miss
    thE GulF NoW
    aWay From Ocean
    i am but Gulf BaY
    RiVeR StreAM
    WaVes WaTer
    AiR iS
    Enough for me
    i BreAThe i BreAThe
    ALive is aLL i Need..:)
    SmeLLs oF Green
    BlUe AiR SCenTs
    oF DoG
    NaTUrE LoVE
    Empty Bed Boats
    FiLL SuBliMe MaGiC..:)
    Geometry of Nature
    Without Hard
    Step HiGHer
    Dog Paws Sure
    Holy and Sacred
    FuLL of Meaning
    And Purpose
    Puppy FuR
    Fuzzy WArm
    TruELighT LoVE..:)
    MoVinG ResTinG
    DanCinG SinGinG
    A SMiLiNG
    BeD LoVE
    BoATs aRiSinG..:)

    The Gate Cooling
    In the Forest
    Textures Journey In Time
    Sea Levels Sacred Geometry

    -Xenia Tran

    SMiLes mY FriEnD
    Your Home is a Castle
    And the Bricks are Titles of your Poems..:)

  23. SMiLes.. my FriEnd Frank.. thanks so
    much for the detailed explanation
    of how you and Jilly are ‘legally’
    cooperating in the
    of the written
    words of your poetry..
    the word play i make here
    is a little coded and tongue in
    cheek for the disdain i’ve always
    had for really attempting to own
    anything on the Planet Earth
    attached to the label
    that is issued
    to me
    at Birth
    for the Essence
    of who i am yet to be
    as the evolution of human
    soul continues as me.. the fall now
    of the Ecosystem on the Planet Earth
    stARTed when humans turned the earth
    over and over again and then began storing
    grain like wheat away from the continuous move
    of Hunting and Gathering in Aubundance
    as Mammal Ape omnivores
    will Naturally
    Do.. then
    came words
    as sketched as art
    in sand then collection
    of that art and eventually
    repeatable science that works
    for creature comforts and after then
    eventual cultural byproducts then now
    becoming a Cancer on the Earth accelerating
    the Death of Balance as we know it.. ‘copyright’
    to me personally is the same as storing grains but
    of course my grains are already stored in abundance
    so money
    is no longer
    an object
    of play
    or work.. sure..
    that’s a nice place
    to be my friend but
    yes.. i understand that other place
    of Silo Storing Grain and Copyrights prison.. to me..
    someone could share my soul of what i put in words
    but to actually imitate it would be quite the feat..
    Target Audiences require
    generally what comes
    is what comes next..
    it’s why poetry is next to impossible
    to sell and a pipe dream at most for folks
    who think they’ll make a living off of it same
    as any school lot next NFL Player.. but it’s a good
    thing for the creativity that usually appeals to smaller
    if any
    is what grows
    the individual soul in creativity so much
    larger than silo grain or a copyright alone..
    ‘Trump Towers’ as ‘they’ say ‘big and small’
    empty of souL only
    A form
    Little man name..
    Life is Fascinating just
    Fascinating and so sad
    and joyful too
    Silo Tower life..:)

    And of course i respect copyright law.
    I approved Government Publications as part of my Government Career.
    I could have been a lawyer; would have been a breeze. Eventually, then I did
    Personnel, Accounting, and Financial Management at work after passing out
    Shoes at a Bowling Center for close to two decades after three college degrees.
    Sure; I was the Manager too but my favorite part was meeting eye to eye with
    others; just for the Joy of ReCreation in the Sport of Bowling I never learned.
    Handing out Soiled shoes my
    friend; getting them
    best part of
    my life; my Humanity;
    only giving sharing;
    ha! i’m the only
    person in an
    area of ~300K
    LA Lower Alabama
    Panhandle of Florida
    Folks who Dares to Dance
    in Public Close to 8K miles in 4 years coming.
    The only people who really try it are little children.

    The Lesson
    of Handing out shoes
    And getting them back dirty.


    Why would i
    hoard my soul.


    To each
    hiS owN
    And ReaP
    less and more..:)

    It’s the way of Nature aka God.

  24. Frank Hubeny says:

    I liked the nature photos on your walk and the oval leaves right outside framed by your window. This quote from Lao Tsu impressed me:

    “Do you imagine that the universe is agitated?
    Go out into the desert at night and look up at the sky.
    This practice should answer the question.”

    ~~ Lao Tzu ~~

    • Hi Frank.. as always Friend.. thanks
      for stopping by.. glad you enjoyed
      the Nature Photos
      and oval
      with window…
      Stars so far between
      in the night sKeYes human
      imagination so much larger now
      than stars we see.. what humans
      can do when they hold and share
      neurons and bio-chemical-electrical
      connections toGeTHeR NoW that’s not just
      Beauty and Wisdom truly that is MaGiC
      When used to liGHT the hoMe uP within
      instead of going dArk.. reminds me
      of my Old Sociology Teacher..
      “Ray Oldenburg ..American
      Urban Sociologist who is known
      for writing about the importance of
      informal public gathering places for a
      functioning civil society, democracy, and civic engagement.”..
      back in ’82 when he was 50 he truly seemed old to me and
      yes.. his real name is “Oldenburg”.. Hehe.. my Sister and
      my Mother and me all in a class he taught
      named “Sociology Of ‘The Family’.. the only
      College Class we took together
      as a Family.. interestingly..
      graduating all together
      in ’83.. anyway.. Ray
      said he couldn’t
      wanting to live
      forever for most of
      his friends were bored stagnant.. now
      things have surely changed.. i’m quite sure
      he at 85 is not likely bored now.. when
      i was young and bored about 5 or so..
      i wished for a machine that
      had buttons that
      i could
      any question
      to.. a Dream.. a
      Computer then.. hmm..
      ‘someone’ was listening
      in their garages eventually
      And now Boredom is a Multi-Verse
      of Humans Holding Hands away in
      never land forever online now.. no way
      to learn it all and that makes me happy as i hated
      at age 5..
      never ending story now..
      57 is a thrill a second NoW iN
      A Wonderland of never ceasing
      NeW LiGHT to be within all lit up even more..
      funny how life works as we become what we pay
      attention to and experience in life.. My Mother Loved John
      F. Kennedy back in the days that at least in Public a President
      acted like ‘a man’ then.. too ..when my Father Left around the time
      John F Kennedy was assassinated in the Thanksgiving Period of
      1963.. my Mother.. so moved by the Catholic Funeral that
      she moved from a Good Old Southern Baptist Church
      to the Catholic Cosmopolitan Faith comprised
      of mostly Military Families from ‘up
      North’.. so.. sure.. i guess
      in some ways
      and her ‘Good Catholic
      Children’ saved my Soul as
      Lord knows what would have
      come of it if i became ‘a Trump Voter’ good old boy
      then.. it’s where ‘they’ come from ‘you know’.. ‘church’..
      how ironic that is and at least Catholic Folks were kind.. then..
      a little quiet but never the less.. little prejudice actually expressed..
      anyway.. don’t have to worry about locking my doors.. all my Christian
      Neighbors are loaded to the hilt with Guns.. the whole area protects me.. hehe..
      true.. there are quite a few advantages still of living in the back woods.. Now a
      it all now
      of what it is
      it just is i make the
      Best of it in the all the
      Glory of Happiness that comes..
      meanwhile.. ‘the Bowling Ball turns”..
      and we all have a front row seat to watch the Circus..
      in more
      than what
      we even have
      time to see and
      hear now.. and
      yes of course
      that’s a
      as in the case of Ray
      Oldenburg’s ‘Third Places’..
      Without a common bonding ideal
      human societies fall apart and sure
      that’s what we are beginning to see now
      and the Earth says thank you humans as
      ‘you’ are becoming a bit of a thorn in the eARTh BAll..
      Church is ‘A Third Place’ and it’s true that Gives ‘Trump
      Voters’ around the globe a growing edge of cohesion..
      it stands to reason and it is happening as evidence
      in ‘plain site’ with a Muslim
      Mayor of London.. now
      as Caesar
      in ‘The Planet
      of the Apes’ Series
      Movies.. ‘Apes Stronger
      Together’ for what ever it is
      ‘they’ share in common and bind over..
      a lesson for Liberals like me who don’t understand
      just how important a common ‘ideal bind’ toGeTheR is..
      all i can think feel sense
      of for me is
      WiLL oF
      And SonG
      And alWays
      Love but now
      true that was
      is only enough
      in small
      Being Human..
      Brave New World it is.. coming more..
      no place for ‘sissies’ and that’s for sure..
      My Religion would be and is be..
      A True WiLL of Reaching
      The Will of Human Potential..
      Consuming no other with willful harm..
      Under the Power and the Strength of Love and Grace..
      Schools that incorporate free style martial arts and ballet
      for all children together no matter what their skills are to bring..
      i have
      a dream
      a new way
      of beings full
      of free style
      and ballet
      and poetry whenever that comes freely next..
      but of course hehe.. that’s just the ‘old world way’..
      Renaissance as they say and as History shows only
      about 5 Percent of the General Population Participated then..
      as Neo
      Free as one
      can and will
      or not
      stay plugged up..
      hey.. if Adrianna Grande can do it so can ‘we’..;)

  25. Hi my FRiEnD and thank you for sharing the beautiful forest trail with stones of love and the Bear Lake with dragonflies in the clouds, the squirrel leaping and all those wonderful flowers with your breath of words :o) I loved these lines ‘And his voice as the sound of many waters.
    And he had in his right hand seven stars’ especially. Sending you sMiles across the miles and wishing you a wonderful weekend with much love for you, Katrina and Yellow Boy too :o) xxx

    • sMiLes.. my friEnd Xenia.. first of All a wonderful weekend with much love for you and your Husband and your Wonder Dogs too.. and as far as beautiful lines coming out of human
      mouths that we all give and share the quote of.. “And his voice as the sound of many waters. And he had in his right hand seven stars”.. is not one i can personally
      take credit for but true i ofTen sPeak of Holding Beyond iNFiNiTY iN
      thE PaLms of my hands when i raise them up after
      the tedious and en joy effort of close
      to 8K Miles of Public Dance
      now closing in
      on 48
      and painting with
      beyond colors of the rainbow
      as i for one humbly feel all humans
      have this capability and ability once they
      lose all iLLuSory fEars and tUrn to LoVE WitH
      Center Balance iN MiNd and BoDy SoUL
      aS oNE ForCE of Strength and WiLL
      in Fearless Unconditional
      aGaPE LoVe Grace for
      all that is
      GOD.. anyway
      those lines as you may
      have noticed were ‘witnessed’
      to me in my Public Dance at
      Super Walmart Last WeeK by
      a High School Mate named Hurley
      and then i looked them up in Revelation
      of the King James Version Bible and found
      them there in Chapters 1:15 through 1:16-17
      NoW and surely i have seen the same essence
      in the Poetry you and many others
      write too of the Beauty
      And the Wisdom
      oF Life
      Lived in Positive
      TrUE LiGHT LoVE
      NoW.. and from that day
      as far as Celestial Objects
      to hold in hand those Seven original
      ranging from the Sun to Saturn and always
      the Significance of the Water of Life particularly
      for those who live in Arid Desert Patches of Scarcity
      as the Old and New Testament folks did and still do
      along with the peoples of the Muslim oriented religions
      too.. our view of God as a species is often colored by the
      environment most.. where there is scarCity and flatlands
      where human is seen as the greatest thing on the
      Horizon other than the 7 Celestial Moving
      Bodies that are not fixed as stars in
      sKeYes.. and then when one
      travels to lands of
      Abundance like
      the North American Continent
      Virgin and untouched by hands that
      attempt to own and dominate the Earth
      to escape the Scarcity of their Environment they
      live for those sitters who stayed instead of roving their
      way to a New World of Abundance.. yes.. once North America
      every creek teeming with fish to eat.. in the moderate climate
      parts.. the buffalo roaming wild for high protein and fats that
      last to Hunt along with Abundance of Berries and Nuts
      to pick and gather to eat like my Squirrel Friend
      who comes to my Computer Room
      and Bedroom with a two foot
      wide window view
      to remind
      me of this
      and gathering
      way of Natural Life
      of Abundance.. yes.. the Indians
      like me and my ancestors thereof as
      Sioux and Cherokee saw a great spirit
      of abundance they named as Love in all of
      Nature Free in eYes of skeYes of GoD aLLoNE..
      and SMiLes wHeRE i live only a ‘real fool’
      could miss this God with Azure sKeYes
      eYes and tanned bodies
      from head to
      toe that
      we are alive
      we survive
      we thrive for those
      who do remember God alive..
      God is a Beautiful Feeling And Sense
      to Hear and See my FriEnd NoW i am the
      Beach and the Beach is God unmistakable
      for those who do fly with GoD sKeYes STiLL NoW
      BeYOnd RainBoW Colors BeYoNd Science assessed
      Infinity for this place of Love within in Beauty and Wisdom
      has/is no distance
      no words
      and SinG
      A Breathe oF Love
      aS GoD aS SaMe wHOle
      And DiFFeRent A ForcE oF
      GoLDeN OceaN wHOle..
      The River and
      time The
      and TiME
      FLoWinG Forevermore NoW
      some folks believe runs out i am diffeRent
      i am a wave that never ends….
      i fall
      i rise aGaiN..
      SMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
      we need more
      with or without time.. NoWNoW..
      You kNow.. my friEnd that Song ‘Time’
      Was my Mother’s Favorite Song and my
      Mother was loyal to the tradition she lives
      with until the very end.. and my sister played
      that Song in her ear over and over in those last
      8 days.. and to soothe myself i played the Gnostic
      Gospel of Thomas that makes it clear that God is
      a living Force that lives within
      when we are alive
      and Heaven
      is a place
      we seek
      and find
      within that is
      real when we live.. NoW
      i found that place and more
      than anything i wanted to give and
      share it with my Mother.. i failed to do it
      in words but in a way i was able to do it
      by sharing and giving this Song of Time to
      her.. to cherish what we have is to live
      and surely when she listened
      to this song a little
      bit of
      touched her spirit heart soul i wish
      only hope and Do WiLL Believe
      she heard a DancE and SonG
      of Heaven in her last 8 days..
      SMiLes again this
      IS A rather
      my Friend.. the last
      two have been around
      10K words as this one now approaches
      closer to 20k as they do come Naturally
      sometimes as now flowS oN without restraint..

      “EVerY PictUrE TaLeS A THoUsAnD PRoPHeCiES”

      That’s a rather large picture overall to capture in one
      MacroVerse but i do have the muse of my Mother and
      you and by the Grace of what is a substantial number
      of others too.. NoW.. this year’s Milestone for Memorial
      Day of 2018 is a “Facebook Profile Pic Bible 2018”
      And this post kind of accentuates that as
      82 photos in honor of the 82
      years my Mother spent
      on eARTh WiLL
      be housed
      within the
      body of the MacroVerse
      as they all come now in new
      MacroVerses as well more..
      with all these words housed
      within the social media home
      as description of those photos
      coming as Number 122/793
      of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
      and “SonG of MY soUL”..
      Respectively.. and
      with Millions
      of Words
      of SonG
      and Thousands
      of Miles of Public Store
      Dance i had forgotten that
      the first MacroVerse of “SonG
      oF My SoUL” named hehe appropriately
      for a never ending story for all practical intents
      and purposes was is “THE END AND THE BEGINNING”
      and while the Word Press Anniversary of ‘SonG oF mY SoUL”
      as that continues to move past 5 Million Words is 8.18.17 before.. i
      published that first Blog post first on another new Blog Spot Blog then
      as linked below just for my reference at this point.. and yes.. published
      on 8.11.13 four years ago today.. and as mentioned earlier in this
      coming post as ‘High School Years’ go i graduated last night from
      High School Writing ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’ Poetry four years and
      the clock time spent writing on the ‘Wrong Planet’ was Grade
      School.. and the 606 months of my life
      before i started writing online
      was Kindergarten then
      and preschool same..
      hehe.. yes at age 50 and
      about a half a year or so
      plus the 600 months for 50 years since
      birth.. and after all born on 6.6.60.. i do love the
      Number 6 and when one has a title of a MacroVerse
      with the term “Prophecies” as Synchronicities without any
      limits or expectations of time.. distance or space it kinda fits in.. hehe..
      but ‘see.. i feel comfortable chewing on your ‘ear’ ‘a little’ for i Feel you don’t
      see life as repeatable black and white science alone and sure.. ‘those other’
      people scoff at the healing powers of our hands as they touch other humans
      afar too.. in how you do Reiki where any science of mechanical cognition
      to repeat the effectiveness of it ruins the reality of what it takes to make
      the healing force work out of mechanical cognition mind same reason
      that the only scientific studies done that can show some correlation
      of pre-cognition is done with cards with sexual stimulating
      photos as voila that takes one out of the mechanical
      cognition way of thinking .. those of us who
      practice ‘iSREAL MaGiC’ ALREADY
      KNOW that science
      takes that
      MaGiC away..
      i am rather effective
      as the Katrina takes care of
      all the household science hehe..
      ironically then MaGiC is Science too
      for those who understand the deeper pARTs oF art that are Science too..
      no drugs for me though all natural ectastic trance dance and tantric
      ways of raising my Heaven and Art Creative MiNd and BoDy
      BaLanCinG SouL too.. and as always it’s clear i’m
      tHere on the Dance Floor with at least a few
      dancers begging me to ‘come clean’
      of what i am ‘taking’ to make
      me fly on terrestrial land
      ha!.. the practice
      is what
      takes of LIFe
      to FLoaT aNd
      FLY aS Butterfly Bee eYe of the Tiger Direction.. and sure this is like
      gibberish too most people but i have a feeling you’ll be able to feel it..;)

      Anyway.. i got some New Shoes to Celebrate my Graduation last
      night and some Dance Friends from the last 3 years
      serendipitously showed up almost immediately
      when i walked through the door as two of three
      of “Charlie’s Angels” as affectionately
      what i name them in a ‘Fatherly
      way’ as ‘they’ say.. but
      they do call me
      Fred hehe..
      ‘Norm’ if the
      show were Cheers
      or perhaps ‘Ted’ hehe..
      but no not “Charlie” too
      if you are familiar with ‘that’
      show as ‘Bartender’ of Dance
      and all of ‘that’.. NoW.. too.. hmm..
      yeaH a ThoUsanD Prophecies IS A lot
      to keep track of in ‘the now’ as ‘they’ say
      Synchronicity not witting until that comes too..
      a lot of strands as ‘they’ say too with now one of
      my favorite humorous video strands to illustrate that too..

      Hehe.. bottom lines my friend as i refuse to take life seriously
      ever again as that almost killed me with a pen and pencil set
      way too fine for sanity same.. as the following Video illustrates
      nicely i made the finals and in this case they come after High School
      Graduation.. i started Wearing Black Nike Shox Shoes in my Freshman
      year progressively moving to more White and Black and now i am in
      the living
      Nike Victory
      Swoosh oF LIGht
      WitH BLack and WHitE
      AnD SHadE of Grey too..
      thE Beyond Rainbow Colors are more
      than shoe and sKiN Deep.. iT’s aLL FiNaLs
      NoW aT UniVerSiTY LeVeL liFE thaT Still
      never ends
      or begins
      now jUSt
      Do iT LiVeLovELiFENoW
      that’s my only prophecy after all of that is….;)


      • Thank you my FRiEnD, I can feel how this Light guides you and shines through you into this world as Love 💜 Thank you for the video clips and the beautiful Song of Time by Alan Parsons Project. There is something very powerful about playing this song to your mother during her final days and it would have carried her spirit on her journey in the most beautiful way. I can see why you love the number six and it is a lucky number for us too. Congratulations with your new family member great great niece Laela Rae – another ray of sunshine in our world. Have a wonderful weekend and much love to you, Katrina and Yellow Boy too ☺💖 xxx

        • From Wiki:

          “Xenia (Greek: ξενία, xenía, trans. “guest-friendship”) is the ancient Greek concept of hospitality, the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home and/or associates of the person bestowing guest-friendship. The rituals of hospitality created and expressed a reciprocal relationship between guest and host expressed in both material benefits (such as the giving of gifts to each party) as well as non-material ones (such as protection, shelter, favors, or certain normative rights).

          The Greek god Zeus is sometimes called Zeus Xenios in his role as a protector of guests. He thus embodied the religious obligation to be hospitable to travelers. Theoxeny or theoxenia is a theme in Greek mythology in which human beings demonstrate their virtue or piety by extending hospitality to a humble stranger (xenos), who turns out to be a disguised deity (theos) with the capacity to bestow rewards. These stories caution mortals that any guest should be treated as if potentially a disguised divinity and help establish the idea of xenia as a fundamental Greek custom.[1] The term theoxenia also covered entertaining among the gods themselves, a popular subject in classical art, which was revived at the Renaissance in works depicting a Feast of the Gods.”

          So in other words my Friend
          generally sPeaKinG
          too your
          means Namaste
          in First name way..
          Tran of course is grounded
          as Long Term Dynasty Name
          in Vietnamese History.. anyway..
          it’s your first name that verily fits you too a “T’ as ‘they’ say..:)

          Not sure of course if that is your actual name or not
          but it matters
          not as
          fits you as you are..

          My Name is Frederick First
          which in Books means Peaceful
          Ruler.. for me Handing out Bowling
          Shoes and receiving them back soiled
          with a smile of eyes shared is all i needed..
          i remember breaking down devastated with disorders in 2008
          sitting in my back yard in a place that has is no words but a look
          toward the South and after being promoted up that Government Latter
          to Administration and Management and Supervision all i wanted to do
          as i looked toward the Beach some 20 miles away due South was is
          just to be the Beach again and serve others in Peace and Love WiLL
          and Strength Joy Grace that is what
          Rulers do
          as KinGs
          and QueeNs.. ‘they’
          truly serve everyone
          else my friEnd.. and then
          there is the Middle Name
          Arthur that means Strong.. sMiLes
          i would rather do it more as art and author now
          of my own personal story to give and share too..
          and the last name although i keep it away from
          my Pen name “Katie Mia Frederick” is one
          that actually means the same
          as the original
          of the
          oldest essence
          of the form of what a God
          to humans in environment speak
          is and that is a mix of sand and water
          as silt Land NoW as Keeper of the Land
          as described in Karen Armstrong’s book
          “A History of God” on ‘Page 8’ of a ‘bigger book’.. too
          oF aS and from the original owner will surely STiLL Do too..
          Servant my Friend Servant to those With Namaste and Xenia Alive..:)

          • Thank you my FRiEnD Fred for all this illuminating name research 💜Xenia is my one and only first name and Tran is my married name. My husband was born in England in a city with strong Irish connections. We found the family name originating from County Kerry in Ireland and we are aware it is a well known name in Vietnam in its own right. It may well be that the two strands tie in together somewhere. Frederick is a beautiful name and any Arthur who uses his strength wisely will always be a force for the highest good ☺💜🌞 xxx

            • It’s funny Xenia.. as an African American Woman was liking my posts
              on somewhat of a regular Basis who had your
              Whippet Wisdom Blog in her
              Profile Information so
              that is part of how i
              started connecting to
              you more than i would normally
              do with anyone at ‘dVerse’ on a more
              personal level as far as visits here as
              what i do is ‘just plain too much’ for people
              ‘to mess with’ to put it in ‘Layman’s terms hehe
              for a different spelling of how my last name sounds..
              that is of German origin as my Great Grandfather is
              part of ‘that crew’ who sells diamonds and watches
              still in Germany.. he more specifically from
              the Black Forest and as i’ve probably
              mentioned more than once
              before that you’ve read..
              my Grandfather.. Irish
              Catholic Priest
              Born in Limerick
              that might explain
              my inner poetic Nature
              hehe.. in Bard and Fili ways..
              GrandMother on Paternal side..
              the Priest Husband ex-communicated
              soon after that.. She Cajun with French
              and Spanish Roots and my Mother
              with the Cherokee and Sioux albeit
              mostly English too.. anyway..
              somehow i sensed
              you were not
              but was
              curious anyway..
              so i guess i did all that
              research honestly as i am
              a very curious person as you might guess.. haha..
              Fascinating.. thanks for sharing my FriEnd and i’ll
              bring it down to exclamation point reciprocal social
              communication at this point and get to putting
              all the strands together of what is
              this is a
              complicated case..
              this one is for sure..
              and meanwhile i’ll
              ‘let’ you get back to your life.. hehe..
              Hope you have a wonderfully fun Weekend Play..:)

  26. WeLL now after the share of another 14 Photos of Dance Friends and associated
    School and Hero and Call me on my Homephone in original
    Red Phone Dial a Ring Fashion now to conclude this
    Rather complex MacroVerse with a mix of 17
    Facebook Algorithm Free Provided
    MacroVerses years to date
    but still as many
    as there
    are years
    in this new
    Century and
    Millennium too..
    it seems i’ve already
    collected too many photos
    of what will fit on my Blogspot
    Blogs Platform limitations and will probably
    have to trim some of the photos on those
    archive blogs but the entire photo Library
    for this very special MacroVerse for me
    at least will be included in the
    Word Press Version of this..
    “EVerY PictUrE TaLeS A THoUsAnD PRoPHeCiES”
    too also be included in the “FeatNotes” Section of MacroVerses
    to KinGDoM CoME as it’s not everyday one finishes High School
    of Writing a Four Year Old “SonG oF mY soUL” at around 5 Million
    Words of Free Verse Poetry Longest Long Form Poem and Public
    Dances a Free Style Martial Arts and Ballet for close to 8K miles
    in the same period of Years arising soon to that currently
    approaching 7900 Miles.. and yes.. oh by A way..
    these Dance photos are from the 173rd
    Dance Week Celebrating Life of
    Dance with all the Cool College
    Age Folks from Seville
    Quarter and
    sure a few
    who have
    even moved
    past College age
    like Sweet Dancing Friend
    Cortney as she recently identified
    on Facebook that her DNA testing
    came back as 47% Jewish entitling
    her to a free trip back to Israel if
    she likes in original
    homeland way..
    and yes she
    is now finally
    getting married
    to her close to Decade
    Boy Friend Mason from
    her High School Days too..
    Haven’t seen her in a while nice
    to see her again and the other
    member of a trio of “Charlie’s
    Angels”.. Chelsea while
    Maggie is moving
    to the
    of Florida in pursuit
    of a career as a Dentist
    while continuing her Modeling
    Career in Glamour shots of sensuality too..
    it’s true you meet interesting folks at Old Seville
    Quarter as Cortney this Summer worked as a Park
    Ranger at the Beach for the Government too using her
    Natural Resources Degree from the local Branch of University
    of Florida too anyway these Dancing Friends for three whole years..
    and if it were not for Katrina’s Sister’s struggle with Cancer and eventual passing
    away… in 2014. i probably would have never started as Cortney once said when i
    related this to her.. yeah there would not be us if not for that and that’s how in general
    the dark makes life.. NoW another door opens and you go through if you are brave
    enough in fearless love to just do it.. as Nike says in Victory too.. these Women
    have been great muse for me in all the art i do.. i carry a smile while
    i dance with them and into the next day of writing and other
    arts of life too.. and yes that includes everyone i
    interact with in all forms as essence of Fearless Unconditional Love now..:)

    Yeah.. starting off three years ago around the time the whole
    “Charlie’s Angels Dance Gig” Started in free verse too with
    “Adventures in Dance Walking with Bob Marley!”..
    and as the included empirical evidence
    as documented says.. a little
    early on in my
    Public Dance
    Career then at
    not even across
    the United States
    in F. Gump way at
    only 1844 Miles of Dance
    in close to a year then local area
    but sure tHeRE was much more
    to come and trust me you ain’t seen
    nothing yet and you’ll probably see that sign soon
    enough again.. hehe.. if you are around for my Next
    MacroVerse after this.. as Mississippi and Biloxi
    F Gump Dance coming next on Saturday
    in Casino and Public Beach
    and Boardwalk Sidewalk
    Free Dance as i
    the area
    all for the
    Free of Love without Fees fearless
    Free as Art.. Yeah.. Marley Free Style too..
    Funny how life works be all you can be and some
    people will do their best to fit you in the size of their
    Personal Sycamore Trees as i found on/in the dVerse Poetry
    Site Crowd and among some of the ‘down home folk’ in this
    local area too.. and Jesus F iN Christ even on the ‘Wrong
    Planet’ online too and it’s true eventually i scared the Bejesus
    out of the Security Crew at the Hard Rock Cafe with some
    of the Terrorist attacks in the United States in general
    making them ‘gun shy in public dancing ways’ to
    ask me to take it outside same
    as they initially did at
    the Cordova Mall
    Halls limiting
    me to
    store management
    stores which they do all cooperate now..
    only the halls were afraid of me.. hehe..
    and it’s kinda funny as i used halls that
    weren’t being used by anyone else
    and moved out of the way
    for other folks to use
    them.. but as
    ‘they’ say
    scares the timid among us
    and that too is part of doing no harm..
    letting the scared be comfortable in their scared..
    remembering of course that i too was a shut-in..for 66 months in
    my Bedroom too scared to even go into Whataburger in numb and pain..
    sure.. i do have empathy for the Devil and the Scaredy Cats i used to be too..:)

    Memoir of a transcendent Time IN NOW
    as quote now in short of 166 words
    MacroVerse from three years
    ago as letter written
    in response to
    Lala Rukh’s

    The memory is distant..

    thousands of lives..

    thousands of manifest beings..

    all the same..

    at core..


    The fish..

    the sharks..

    the whales..

    the dinosaurs..


    the rodent..

    the monkey..

    the LION



    the Medicine Man..


    the Lover..

    the husband..

    the wife..

    the philosopher..

    Arabian veiled dancer..

    the list goes on and on..

    thousands of incarnations
    in this fictional memoir of alternate dimension..

    it comes in vague..


    comes in clear…

    At times transcendent reality it is..

    The promise from the beginning..

    THE chain of life goes on..


    and on..

    and on…

    and on…..

    IT COMES to
    wRite now!

    HEaRe now!

    i am here..
    wHere ARE ya..
    are ya here…

    The answer is clear..

    Believe in IT ALL


    IT ALL


    Inspired by

    Love too!


    And this part of the reason i include the
    MacroVerses as memories for years to
    Date in the Chambers of Nautilus ‘SonG
    oF mY soUL” i continue to generate
    in ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’
    for when i write in
    a transcendent
    Holy Spirit
    BoDy BaLanCE
    ForcE of BeiNG
    it’s the kind of mind
    and body that neither
    pre-plans what is writing
    now in stream of consciousness
    flow nor necessarily remembers what
    is written if one lets it go to the next creative
    moment of transcendence next this state of
    mind is fostered by the continuing practice
    and focus that comes with never ending
    writing and what this practice means
    is volume of words and
    Dickinson Drawers
    of Letters
    come out
    to play by the
    heART that sees
    and hears the value of
    the Art that coMes aGaIn
    in Nautilus Chamber way NoW
    and in the World we Live in today
    if we manage not to Planet of the
    Dum Ape Version of humans Blow
    this place up what we do now could
    relatively last in pristine condition
    of art even longer than
    longer than the
    of the
    that eventually
    comes of that if
    not renovated by human hands..
    with years there are enough eyes to
    see all i do but not likely enough memory
    not to read something fresh read before
    like it was never written at all.. and that my
    friends is what makes this a never ending story
    with no distance space or time in a nether land now
    much longer than a Bible Written in 2016-17 or a ‘SonG oF
    mY SoUL” at 5 Million Words and 793 MacroVerses now written in just four years..
    true some folks have written almost every day for 8 decades that’s 11 plus times more
    head start than i have now.. give it time as ‘they’ say but always do it now without restraint..
    of time
    if we don’t
    blow this FucKinG
    Place up for someone else
    to pick up the humpty dumpty
    Pieces for their ‘Farthest Star’ too..
    And now to break for workout/eat/drink
    as Lord KNows i ain’t finished yET with this Bread and Wine Fred Nautilus
    NoW2 yeah..
    more on that
    in a few hOURs too..;)


    “UM am i Element of Confusion?”.. Yes i have just the shirt for this
    three years ago in this MacroVerse sort of letting some of
    all of it hang out too and some picture paRT
    Notes on the Gospel of
    Thomas Verse 37
    too as
    do more
    than words of course..:)

    “Never Ending Story of NOW”.. MacroVerse from two years ago..
    hehe need i say more well sure i did and i do as words GroW
    LonGeR in totals.. a trip to Beautiful Navarre Beach
    with Sunsets and our Marriage Counselor
    Moving away and in general
    talk about the
    Legend of Coral
    Castle too as with
    the Appropriate Muse
    and TrUe WiLL in 100%
    Faith of Belief iN Strength
    of Love and Grace yes generAlly
    SpeaKinG oNe Can MoVe Mountains
    WiTh Mountains of HuMaN EmoTioNs
    And SenSeS iN MoVinG ConNecTinG
    CreAtiViTY SpiRiT ExpresSsinG HeaRT
    oF EmoTioNs NoW iN a MiNd and BoDy
    BaLancE ForcE oF LoVE SoUL beYONd
    the Science of INFiNiTY WiThIN
    also kNown and FeLT and
    seNSinG as the
    LoVe aLliVe
    WiThiN.. yes the
    HiGHeR oF GoD Nature
    within we are gifted as Grace
    too for those who seek and
    find and use tHeiR innate
    instinctual and intuitive
    inherited hUmaN
    per appropriate
    and successful adaptations
    as Positive LiGht Change to
    the EnViRoNment at hand
    even if one has to make up tHeiR
    owN Struggle to be all they can be more NOW
    iN SeLF Actualization of Maslow’s Capstone Pyramid
    way and Fowler’s Top O’Tower Pyramid Agape Faith Love foR All..:)

    ‘Dog Day Afternoons of Ivan’.. All about Gulf Coast Hurricanes
    in the last few decades but in small form as dictated
    by dVerse online Poetry Pub growing restricted
    rules.. yes sadly as it seems then directed
    specifically to shorten the
    Sycamore of Tree
    i am BeCoMinG
    theN taller
    iN ART
    leaving when the
    chop chop chop became
    a little mosquito annoying
    but hey as much as i love to
    do Fred Ku Haiku.. i’m a Bible(s)
    Writer and that doesn’t come in
    shorts unless i wear them.. hehe..
    or go bare as bears do all warm and fuzzy too..;)

    “i of me”.. how do you find yourself.. well..
    DanCinG Feats of Feet and SonG of heART
    SpiRiTeD MiNd and BoDY BaLanCinG SoUL
    for the
    “i of me”
    StiLL and
    even better than before..
    as wax on wax off continuously
    Broadens one’s horizons and proficiency
    in all arts of life too.. sure.. even science too..;)

    “BIGGER Katrina Dog Day Afternoons”.. yeah.. i would comply with dVerse rules
    on shortening every thing up in their specific prompts and although open link
    night use to be a free for all.. eventually they forced my multi-media out
    there through the rules too.. yeah.. specifically directed at me
    as the administrators didn’t wanna take the time
    to peruse it all even though they could
    have just ignored me and
    let me be..
    but that
    wasn’t enough
    so they worked me out
    of their picture and it’s just
    as well as all the rules they were
    making.. became that little mosquito
    nipping and biting at my Creative Potential
    to shorten the height of my potential Sycamore
    SoUL then.. nah.. you don’t FucK with my SoUL
    if you
    me to
    some folks
    did like what i do
    not most but some
    and even if one does
    it’s nice to make one sMiLE
    even if it is only God who and
    that Lives within Freer with no restraint
    Happiness and Creativity too expanding
    without dog collar imagination too.. Free as ‘they’ say..
    and sure.. the “Field of Dreams” when he is ‘you’ is enough
    that and who coMes to play.. even without any cultural clothes at all..:)

    “i’m like LUCY”.. if one can see and hear what i am doing heAR in Fuller
    ways and actually saw the Modern “Lucy” Movie.. it’s kinda clear
    i’m doing the same thing now..
    just don’t do any
    drugs to get the
    entire ‘Lucy” Job done
    now in LiGht BRinGeR
    Ways cOMe to Fruition
    too and i couldn’t help but
    notice that Kesha who i choose
    for the ‘Rainbow’ themed opening
    Song had Luci on the back of her
    BLack Jacket too with a Rainbow
    of Colors too and sure the song
    came out on the 11th of the
    8th Month of year
    ’17 of 2K
    in just
    wRiTE foR NoW
    although it doesn’t
    look like this MacroVerse
    WiLL get Published until
    the twelfth but smART folks
    do not rush creativity when the
    baby of art comes it comes let it come as i
    earlier said when it is good and GoD dAM ready NOW..;)

    “000 SeCrET AGenT oF GoD” Butterflies.. Phoenix Birds and all of that..

    i’m coming out still coming out again.. true it’s still no secret now for
    who see
    and hear
    what i do..;)

    “Sixty Nine ONE Ninety Six”.. well yeah.. true too.. this one is kinda Prophetic
    from 4 years ago in both liGht and DArK Apocalyptic ways too and
    not just the Original Definition as such of Apocalypse in lifting
    the veils of ignorance.. yes.. tHeRE is promises
    of Trump really Blowing up stuff
    now.. so look
    Back in town
    playing a game with human lives
    just for sport as they trophy head humans for status and power
    even without a trophy head for wall mount as such as some folks
    just love to kill for the sport
    STiLL NoW..
    humans are different
    and alike all over too HeaR..:)

    “Hurricane ART am i”.. Moving WRiTE aLong i can almost see the light
    of the 17 MacroVerse Memory Years to Date Tunnel and sure a little bit of a
    Warning too..
    plus extra cool Dance
    Photos with real Charlie’s
    Angels now then and not
    just an
    F iN
    TV ShoW of Bore
    away from beating heART LiFE..:)

    “DON’T WALK! DANCE the walk of LIFe!”.. Beautiful Biloxi Nature
    Beaches and some Casino Dance too back shadowing and
    Foreshadowing what tomorrow will be like too
    if we escape an All
    Day Deluge
    of wet
    from the
    sKeYes ABoVe..;)

    “Dance Walking with Jimi Hendrix..Rainbow..Beach..and SuperMoon2”.. can you say
    dance and sing doing more than one different thing still now too.. sure.. say is enough too..
    Peace and Love..:)

    “TRUE beauty of Thomas 37:. once again i Dance and Sing
    the talk aGaiN bare of the cultural clothes that otherwise might bind
    of me nude..
    both in metaphor
    and more literal than
    one might like to view as art too..
    yes.. to
    each hiS
    owM soW and
    Reap as i Dance
    And SinG that aGaiN too..:)

    “Facebook Resume Joy”.. BasicAlly An all one can eat Buffet
    of Fred FB Profile Pics as many as i can
    fit in then
    two years
    ago in this
    Fun MacroVerse
    then for those who
    find me just a little a muse too..;)

    “Sweet Sixteen Castles of Love”.. More about Coral Castle
    and the F iN Tree of Life more Fully illustrated in at
    least one
    heAR HeRe
    too CoMinG
    NoW too more fully illustrated too..;)

    Hmm.. “SuPeR WoMeN oF GoDoH”.. Did i mention Women as
    a Gender Group are worthy of thanks and praise
    and even worship
    too like
    NoW A
    Katrina NoW
    Isis2 in the modern
    Egyptian Brick Home..
    true i love them all too but
    it’s also true as the coming song
    dance and activities show after this.. this
    go around it’s not about me it’s all about ‘YOU’..
    let the
    Fred bugs bite..;)

    Anyway.. Florida is strange it’s shaped like a Gun
    and named the Flower State and i live in
    the County of Saint Rose and go
    to Saint Rose of Lima Catholic
    Church off of mile marker
    33 on Interstate 10
    West as such
    into town..
    and we have a county
    tag size identifier of 33
    too.. and when i put on those
    New Nike Shox Red Swoosh Avenue
    Size 11 shoes that finally fit good
    for the first time in the last couple
    of years as the old then before the new
    Avenue style was two tight in 11 and yes..
    just a little loose in 11 and a half now
    i’m back fully secure in size 11 and God
    Dam if it didn’t feel like i was floating on a Yacht
    as a Boat on the Ocean Whole when i walked in at 11 pm
    iN Old Seville Quarter last night i’m free in red swoosh
    Red Blooded
    Man way of Living
    and i don’t mind admitting
    that i love God within and have
    it all that a man could possibly wish
    more and still GroWinG as Heaven NoW MoRe
    but you see the True Happiness is HaVinG
    it all
    to give
    and i do
    Nice all to give..
    and sure share too
    as i Dance and Sing it
    is about you with “Statue
    of Liberty DanCinG and SinGinG
    NoW” NeXt after this Wooly Mammoth WHoLe
    Fully gets its stuff all toGeTHeR for publish
    perHaps tomorrow too.. as it is now 11:33 pm
    on 8.11.2017 which means i did at least finish
    writing it on the 11th night
    33 minutes
    past that on the 17th
    Year of 2K in the 8th Month..
    and for now that’s enough with more to CoME aGaIN..:)

  28. “Statue of Liberty DaNCinG SinGiNG NoW”
    STaTuE oF LiBeRTY
    SelFieS Old anD NeW Free
    ReVeLaTioNs oF hUmaN
    iN YouR
    For Me To Be
    Love You
    Hehe.. it’s impossible
    For me
    To be
    With SMiLes..
    And this
    Cool Creativity..
    How could
    i or anyone
    Else not
    This is MacroVerse
    Number 123/794
    At this Point NoW
    TheNSTiLL PuTTinG
    ToGeTHeR Number 122/793
    aS PaRT oF “Nether Land Bible 2017” and
    “SonG oF mY SoUL” Respectively
    CloSinG iN oN 1.88 Million and 5
    MiLLioN Words RespectivELy too2
    oF CaRds
    As Such iN
    Esoteric Ways too.. heHE..;)

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