Memoir of a transcendent Time IN NOW

The memory is distant..

thousands of lives..

thousands of manifest beings..

all the same..

at core..


The fish..

the sharks..

the whales..

the dinosaurs..


the rodent..

the monkey..

the LION



the Medicine Man..


the Lover..

the husband..

the wife..

the philosopher..

Arabian veiled dancer..

the list goes on and on..

thousands of incarnations
in this fictional memoir of alternate dimension..

it comes in vague..


comes in clear…

At times transcendent reality it is..

The promise from the beginning..

THE chain of life goes on..


and on..

and on…

and on…..

wRite now!

HEaRe now!

i am here..
wHere ARE ya..
are ya here…

The answer is clear..

Believe in IT ALL




Inspired by

Love too!


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26 Responses to Memoir of a transcendent Time IN NOW

  1. claudia says:

    smiles… it’s cool to believe in dreams and some of mine have come true indeed… some need a little work to help them come true – some just need patience and the right timing…

    • Hi visualize dreams in now..for me is dreams come true in future too..

      And the blogs are kool..

      as they document my path in future now..2!

      But yes..patience can be for years..

      Truly for those who never ever never give up..

      on dreams

      and worth
      for true dreams

  2. Believing is the essence of all that’s good, but alas to a lot of bad things too… but still the dreams, where would we be without them?

    • As i grow older and surpass my 54th year..what i come to realize is all my thoughts are dreams..and oh one time all my thoughts and dreams are complete in other words my waking reality nightmare in comparison of now to dream in bliss….

      From the depths of my physical those days..the attending psychiatrist..that then is doing his best to bring feelings and thoughts of anything else to me to transcend the horrific physical pain that does exist in me then in all wake of hours..tells me now..that no you do not have an ego then..and develop one now..too..along the wake of renewed scientific interest in Freud’s psychoanalytic archetypes in human the ‘business’ per se…of healing minds….

      i reflect and understand my truth as the I of now something the Captain of i creates beyond subconscious awakes and makes i known to me as one creative force of above so below..inside outside..all one of me now as ONE WitH ALL…the guide of waking now i…

      For decades my thoughts or fragmented ego chaotic way of life is almost all controlled by the chaos of reality i see all around fact if ego is is the world around me not the i of me..behind the ego i create Captain of my heart..soul..spirit..and beyond with allitis..with my body and mind as instrument i play in tandem in guide with ALLitis…

      instead of robot controlled by the direction of others..instead of i

      For me this is enlightenment the inner i wakes and once again becomes a LIVE..

      The same inner i..

      i knew at age 3…

      is once again me…

      Set free to live


      Relative free will..

      is now..

      finAlly me….

  3. brian miller says:

    i def believe dreams can come true…
    and in the parade of characters as well and our inter-
    connected-ness /// beyond our broken-ness

    • mentioned above in the i of me..

      The i of me..

      is an incredible visitor of i to come…

      When this i awakens the intuition and instinct of me..

      expands anew..the uncoordinated clumsy child way of a 53 year old..
      becomes a VIBRANT dancer..a martial artist..a warrior at heart too..

      with control of loving enemies 2…

      And yes.. for whatever reason..sometimes there is the veiled Arabian dancer
      gamingly (new word) seducting ‘other’ girls for ONLY play AND NO REAL action in connecting in dance
      in real dream too..of seemingly distant days…am i a lesbian under
      all this hair and muscle covered outer body of manifest current soul..may be i am…2…veiled Lesbian Arabian

      So i look to epigenetics and genetic memory to at least spark hope of something more than reality now for my cyclical cynical science minded ‘friends’…

      And i entertain..reincarnation..for me 2..and even if it is just imagination..imagining greater reality..and the infinity of me multiple characters in the greatest transcendent play of parade of LIVING life…

      Is yes ..intriguing too!..;)



  4. Sumana Roy says:

    “thousands of manifest beings.. / all the same.. / at core.. / ONE..”…this is an absolute truth…and also the power of ‘now’…very well said…

    • Thank you Sumana and it is something that is core of understanding before i gain words at age 3..Words are illusion..reality is essence of one of CORE WE ARE TRULY ONE..i of me..yes TOTaLLy agree!..have a great day..friend..of WE..:)!and yes..overALL smiles2!once again..:)!

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  6. Mary says:

    Yes, true. One should never give up. And I do believe that dreams can and do come true. Sometimes one has to wait a while…but eventually they come to pass.

  7. Gabriella says:

    There is truth in the idea that at core we are not all that different. And we should definitely never give up on our dreams.

    • too..i do agree..Gabriella..a grain of sand is at element same as me..and in knowing so..i cannot believe i am greater than thee grain of sand below my feats of feet..on diamond like orbs of crystals that root me to free!smiles to ya 2 and hope yOur dreams DO come true!..:)

  8. The point you make about living in the NOW is so vital, I find as I grow older. Whenever I ‘m anxious I know it’s because I’m either looking back or forward. And those dreams only unfold in the now.

    • My mind..all the details of past and present it collected for so many years..running a treadmill..of problems forecast or lived…

      That truly is one thing pain cured me of..

      Appreciating the TRUTH of now without pain..

      There was no choice but to look to the past and imagine joy then..

      but ah.. now.. i celebrate every now of now!

      And truly i think one of the exacerbating problems of living in the past
      in modern that nature changes with us in now as now changes too..

      But our materialistic goods..we collect stay static and attach us to memories
      gone past….

      i embrace the seasons of change of now…

      and only find joy in the change of now!2!

      Smiles! Victoria and hope ya have a great rest of the night!

  9. arushiahuja says:

    you can do anything as long as you dont stop believing – palmer
    living in present can also be dreamy though!

    • Yes so true..and i think you are referring to the book by Palmer which i do think is a very insightful book..form the Wiki condensed version..that i may pick up at Barnes and Nobles next time i do my celebration of now in TAI CHI dancing free while reading;)

  10. billgncs says:

    right – we only fail when we stop getting up from falling

    • True as long as there is a step forward or in reverse..;)..i find hope in that next step true for now! matter how small or painful it may be!..smiles Bill and thanks for stopping by..:)!

  11. Grace says:

    I believe in dreams and working hard for it ~ Our mind is most powerful when we use it positively and abundantly ~ Wishing you happy week ~

    • Yes.. i agree..and a very important aspect you bring here is the work.. work.. work.. practice.. practice.. practice..dreams coming true are truly never free as far as i see..

      Nor would they be worth it to me…

      for free…

      but i see that as the built in mechanism..

      for them to be worth it all

      the work is the real dream..coming true..

      never the my opinion..:)2 i think..:)and smiles..again….

  12. Eminently readable – there is so much going on, often in one word. The start…true…true true…the ONE..yes! The Arab veil -beautiful, on and on and like a guitar chord, struck again, then again, same chord, like in ‘Born to be Wild’ here its born to be One. Great read.

    • Hi.. From my Forest..thank you so much for this deep and thoughtFul comment…

      IN my mind born to be a synonym for born to be ONE..

      To be free and wild is to be one wITh ONE in my mind and beyOnd!…

      Hope you have a great rest of the day..friend..:)

      And my plan IS to keep strumming away..

      at the Gift of life…:)and smiles again…

  13. kaykuala says:

    Apparently dreams are manifestations of what the sub-conscious is craving for. It can serve as a guide to what one desires. If only one is clever enough to zero in on to the right thing that many failed to recognize. Life would have been much simpler and more satisfying. Great thoughts Katie!


    • Yes..i agree Kaykuala..the subconcious is a vast ocean..and the concious is relative drop in that ocean of fullest reality..i do believe in dream control both in sleep and waking..and do give dreams both sleeping and waking as much concious and subconcious attention i can learn and instinctually..intuitively guide as one of a much greater force of ONE..

      Thanks for stopping by Kaykuala and i hope you have a very nice day..with smiles of course 2..:)!

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