300 YEaRs FReED FLiNtSTOnEs GoNe

AnD NoW that i’ve
‘Proof’ Read ‘this’ at
lEAst once as hey hey hey
MicroSofT Word HELper cannot
Possibly hELp the way i JusT Do iT
FReED out of Grammar and Spelling Locks
and up Tight Collared Victorian Suits yep
now that this is finished for now at 9:18
AM on 6.24.2017.. yes on to E-lINe Publish
and neXT COMes ‘300 Years oF Fred FliNtstOnes’
As i incorporate Bowling Free Masonry in Lodge
Life and the American Dream all into the 300
Year DreAM of what is the God oF Nature
SuPreMe BeInG GiVeN RiGht to Relative
Free WiLL oF LiFe Liberty and
THE Pursuit of Happiness
NoWwHeRE without
even all ‘that’
Success of the
Shiniest Cars
and Biggest Homes
and Hell you can even
Go Full Bore Naked without
EVeN Victoria’s Secret Attached
but NeVer the Less a Place wHeRE
New aGE Neo’s and folks like Jesus
And Buddha and Krishna and Isis and
Osiris and Horus and Bonobos can thrive
too.. myth or legend real if you get the dRiFt..
And yes this will also be and is the Introductory
Lines of MacroVerse 113/784 of “Nether Land Bible
2017” and “SonG oF mY SoUL”.. Respectively with
yes the somewhat Nostalgic and Affectionate
Name of “300 Years Fred FliNtstOnes” as
i also hELp Celebrate the 300th
Anniversary of the
Westminster London
Grand Masonry
Lodge of
which i AM
Absolutely no
pART of but as Whitman’s
Prophecy comes true the
Priests of the Cosmos ARE/IS
Arrived and ShiNinG FuLL BriGht
and not only that a “Bowling Reunion”
from wHere i worked for the Military
as An Actual Dude from A Big Lebowski
Bowling Center for two Decades and no
i am not saying i am THE DUDE OR
THE BIG LEBOWSKI just ‘A’ dude
ok.. yeP juST AnoTheR
oNe sTAnds
the SentienT
StaR DuST plUS uP
From Crucible FiRE NoW
oF StAR Death Resurrection
Standing H8 INFiniTy tALL
as two ones BridGE 11K ME
NoW too.. and sure you can and WiLL
Do iT too with enough Seek and Find
and NeVeR EveR NeVeR GiVinG aNythIng
DoWn BuT uP FoR NoW as NoW is AlWAYs
NoW Forevermore NOW so sure juST Do it NoW
as folks with much more money and prestige
and sure fancy short pancy Running Shoes Say2 that
i am currently going to have to move from
Nike Shox Size 11 and a half as they
run a little small and go
to a new model at regular
size 11 again as
they are
longer making
Shox of which i currently
own about 15 or 16 (lost
count) Worn out Pairs in
46 months NoW and A FreeDoM’s
Free verSE Public Dance of 7600 MiLes..
And yes NoW that’s close to 500 dollars of
shoes each year worn out but better than wearing out
the soUls
oF ouR
by SiTTinG
STiLL wiThouT
a DAncE and SonG
Within oF GoD LiFE eXposEd
As GiFT and Share WiTh aLL oTheRs
NoW iN the proximity of DancE and SonG
both offline and on.. Feats NoW FeeL and SenSE Great!..;)

9:39 AM



TheFeatheredSleep.. a place
and person Candice i continue
to receive so much poetic inspiration
from… a prolific mINd and HeaRt of Poetry
thaT and wHo never ceases to go on as
River More.. alWays a PleaSure
to visit you and at times
i heaR youR poetic
Free Verse
Style Echo
in my Words
too my very KiNd
And Passionate FriENd..
Glad to see you today and
So Happy you enjoyed the Pics
i alSo BRinG iN Free Verse StreAM
oF Consciousness Photo taking ways NoW
wHeRE aLL oF iS BeCoMes a spArk.. a FlaMe
A TorCH.. A Bonfire of Saint Elmo’s FirE NoW..
IT’s and exciting time to live.. i cannot iMaGiNe
anYthinG Better NoW unLess i cAN and surE WiLL NoW
too my FriEnd WiTh Continuing Creativity sET Free FoR All..:)


Hehe.. sTiLL WorKinG HarD
on the heART thing my
friEnd Candice..
i wish
i could
get your
to works as
my River Flows
so far out without
notifications but
i will continue
to find
as StreAms
go on totAlly
Free and i appreciate
you dropping by with some
lines my friEnd as again you
do alWays inspire me in all
ways of our connection
in ‘real time’
or after
of your Poetry too..:)


SMiLes.. mY FRiEnd.. Xenia.. thanks now
So much for coming by to share “TeNNeSSee
SAnDs FREeDOMs Dreams” WitH me NoW oN this
300th Anniversary Day of the Free Masonry
Premier Grand Lodge in London’s
Westminster area of England
from the Days
RinGinG for
the U.S. of A too
iN FuTurE DreAMs
oF LiFE Liberty.. And yes..
the Pursuit of Happiness now
With Yes.. Separation of Church
and State so folks with a Common
Share oF A Universal God for all.. or
eVen JuST NATure pLaY WiLL find tHeir
Own Customs of Religion.. And Language
to Express thAT Free as eVery Human View
and Language is Multi-Universe Different and
sAMe Within in Share of FearLess smART and
Unconditional LoVe and GRace WitH WiLL and
StrenGth too.. to LoVe ThE LiGht and yeS.. gET
Through thE dARkeR PARtS.. oF LIFE NoW
Too aS Divine FeMiNiNe And
MaSculiNe BonDinG
BriDGinG YiN
and YanG Force
too As trULy aLL oF
Free Folks NoW WiLL
Share.. tHe paRTS oF
Religion alReaDy made
too around the World
thAT SuitS uP tHeir
SpiRiT of HeARt
iN A MiNd
LiFE thaT Works
thE Sweet Spot of the
Pursuit of Happiness aLonG WitH
tHe BaSiCs oF LIFE and LiBeRty too..:)


Hi.. FriEnd Xenia.. Word Press can
get kinda whacky now and then
with Algorithms Extrapolating
Differences Incorrect as
Spam and such as that
hehe.. with all my Word
Play the Google Blogger
Algorithm Marked one of
my entire Blogs as Spam
when i started out so i had
to prove that i was hUman and
another time with the Speed of
Typing and Brain Processing
in making Google Searches
once again the Algorithm
Captured me as
what could
iRobot and not HUman2..
hehe.. and anyway that’s
how many folks viewed me
at Work Before the Tin Man
With HeARt and LioN
of Courage cAMe
Back on Board
with a ScareCrow who had
a Very Big Brain with a Pipe
of Intellect so big.. then from 19
years of Book School that shrunk
my HeART and CourAGE
Down to A Mouse Brain
and Body of Book Sense
without A FULLER
Rest of miNd and BoDy
Human PacKAgeD SoUL.
anyWay.. to Make a much Longer
Story somEwhat shorter i couldn’t
find your first comment in the Spam Folder
but i did approve and like the second comment you
registered under your Name of Xenia and of course
sense it wasn’t registered under your Gravatar User
Name you didn’t get a Notification on that but thanks
so much for providing the nice words heAR again
and i surely and verily wish the entire World
Could See an Entire Creation aS and
oF/iS God as no Immigrants or
Aliens so perhaps
it will take a
Visit of a Real ET like
me and otHeRS now to
show ’em a DiffeRent way
of LooKinG at STuFF as
Since we are all made of
Star Stuff now why go
to the Moon when the
Moon lives heAR in
Desert Soils
of Arizona
hehe too and hmm..
And perhaps production
crews of Tin Can Spaceships
as i’ve visited the Museums
that house those actual
Space Ships and it
does make it
kinda hard
to believe they made the wHole
trip.. hehe.. hmm2.. an entire
country too was convinced to
kill over 100K innocent folks
in Iraq.. nah.. i don’t believe
everything i hear for i understand
the cOld Places the hearT can go..
And sure FeeL iT iN oThER eYes DiM..
anyWay.. A copy and paste below
of the comment i made back
to your very nice Xenia
comment on the
MacroVerse that also
Houses Great Aunt
Erline’s Poem and She
and My Maternal Grand
Mother Riding a Horse..
i’ve never rode a Horse
or rode an Aeroplane..
so many bucket lists
Still as hey the
most alien
of all we See..
Live in the Deepest
Oceans on eARTh mY
Friend in terms of LooKinG
Different NoW with the sAMe
Star Stuff too.. NoW2.. hmm3..
the Human Race is sTiLL
struggling with LooKinG
MoRE than Skin Deep
for we human colors too
and that too is pART of
the BEast that is our
Nature that can only
be tackled with
the gift
Intellect that is also
shrunk in many folks too..
and or NoT more fully Developed
too.. hmm4.. this second level
comment reply is getting
very long so back to the
copy and paste of the
first level comment
reply back
to your comment
from the Aunt Erline
Post NoW too.. before
this becomes forevermore
NoW.. MacroVerse More..;)

Hello.. aGaiN.. mY friEnd
Xenia And WitH Double Effort
Thanks so much for CoMinG to
the very end of Two MacroVerses
Traveling all the way Down around
30K or so Words eACh MacroVerse
WiTh ComMents Draft Section iN
FloW too.. yep NoW tHaT’s a lot
oF ScroLLinG to Say
HeLLo.. heHe
for me
so.. yes..
NoW.. i reAlly Do..
Appreciate NoW aLL
the time and effort too
you take to say Hi.. WitH
alWays Kind Words aBout
mY Closest Family Members
and Pets too.. when i See LiFe
i see iT STiLL EVolVinG alWays NoW
WiTh HoPe for GreATer LiFE as Love
To FeeL and SenSE More oF tHe Beauty
and Wisdom oF Life NoW thaT Need no words
moRE than Puppy and Kitten Paws of Comfort
Hugging TouCHinG Warm and Fuzzy LoVe aLL
FoR Free.. So Much.. i leArned from
Mr. Tennessee in his Joy
and Peace of Life
as he
Nature as we all
do in Give and share
way whether we can more
fully see it or not.. to yes.. Give
BacK AlWays more than we take
So the BaLanCinG ForCE NoW oF ALL
Natural Love oF aLL a’Round.. above.. so
below and inside.. outside continues to GRoW
OceaN wHole as WaVes thaT Go ON and NeVeR
as Tide
Ebbs and
FloWeRs way
of CoMinG aGaIN
as Shores are Reborn
More aS a Beach of LiFE
with No Empirical way yeT
aLL FeeLinG and SenSinG
ways to see so much more
oF LiFE PoTenTiaL
NoW.. so glad
to be
with pets and
friends and family
too.. MY FriEnd.. it’s enough
WitH Food and DRiNk And A
Word oF ThanKs and SuRe moRe tHaN two2..:)


Best to you too
mY fRiEnd
iN Love
and Peace
and Paws of
Harmony too
in Scotland
FriEnd from
over ‘tHeRe’..;)


Lovely photos..
Please continue
To Share… All
Is Poetry
For it
Images our
HeART Sees..:)


SMiLes.. mY
Not uNtiL
All Humans
See A Religion
Of Love Within
No Borders
oF Fear
Hate Of
As A Never
Ending Practice
OF LiGht iN LoVinG
Differences As LiFe..:)


Ocean Deep
Blue Status
With and Eclectic
Mix of LiVinG
and Non-


SMiLes.. mY FriEnd.. SOHEIR..
on this 25th Day
of June
and the Video
You Provide heAr
is my Favorite so far
as it speaks to what Holds
Love Back from eXPaNding more
the most and that is a Lack of ‘Reason’
in Understanding the Differences in all of
Creation that are also the sAMe.. in otHeR
Words tHeRE are no aliens or immigrants
or colors of skin or age or gender
or sexual orientations or
disabilities or
and all other Differences
Melt away as we NoW are All Star
Stuff aLL of Creation NoW we curRently
See as Stars are FloWeRS of LiFe jusT
Waiting to Explode and Pollinate the
UniVersE wHole with More Seeds of
LiFe From Crucible Fire oF Star
Burst Death which in reALiTy
iS jUST the BeGiNninG
PoTenTiaL oF LifE
including our
MY friENd
as Star DuST
Gaseous Clouds
we come from and
return as Sentient StAR
duST STanDinG plUS HuMaNs
NoW STiLL WiTh the LiGht oF
ALL CreATioN that is GoD LiVinG
within the sKiN of our Temples of God
that is our Flesh and Blood and Bones
And moreover our heArT and SpiriT and
MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL thAT NoW
And wHo wE FeeL and SeNSE aLL oF GoD
within.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below
and all around as trUe we are all LiVinG
Stars now as what yOUr NamE SOHEIR
Means as both literally and
metaphorically star
child now
alL sAMe
WaLKinG uPRiGht
NoW WitH eVen SMiLes
oF Love translated in
symbols to share
aCross the
oF A HeaVeN oF LoVe
without a Moon or Sun
LiT uP WiTh the PoWeR and
ForCE of MoVinG.. ConNecTinG
CreATinG hUmaN Love with yes..
reason of intellect too for the bones
NoW oF WhaT SuPPorT the FloW oF oUR
HeaRt and SpiRit NoW moRe FuLLy SoUL..
So wouldn’t it be nice if we reAlly could put on a Pair
of Glasses that would show us not only Emotional
Contagion of how people FeeL in Affective
Empathy but also why people FeeL the
way they do with the ReaSoNinG
Power and Force
of Cognitive
Empathy too..
for the addict who
was verbally or physically
or sexually abused or simply
and Cruelly Neglected as a Child
and now even more as screens take
the place of eYes and arms and otHeR
Hugs of Warm and Fuzzy touching Love..
as technically Dopamine takes oxytocin
comfort away from FeeLinG to the BriM
oF overFloWinG MoTiVATioN to MoVe
and ConNecT and Create
WiTh oTHeRs..
yes.. iN a
Free Verse
DancE and SonG
oF LiFE iN Flesh and
Blood away from Books
and now Screens although
sure when the communication
comes from HeART oF Love as
all text influenced by HeART
is PoeTry NoW and
aLL the imaGes
we take
including sELfies
NoW are Flavored as
aS PoETry beCoMes Words
WiTh heART and DancE beCoMes
MoVinG WiTh HeART and iN DoinG So
wE haVE the beTTeR Opportunity to oPen
uP our HeARTs and try to Communicate and
Understand Differences Better to Develop a Much
Greater Human Intelligence of EmoTioN in Cognitive
Empathy NoW.. but nah.. no symbols alone whether
shades or words WiLL WoRK aLone unTiL we Open
the ART of our heARTs aLLoNE to DancE and SinG
A Bigger Dance and Song oF LifE
WiTh oTheRS toGETheR
aWay from Borders
and Boundaries
and other
the DancE
and SonG oF LiFE
ToGeTheR DoWn awAy
From KiNd and Courageous
Understanding Love NoW.. THiNGs
iS ARE mY friEnd.. NoW tHeRe are many
more intelligences thaN what is NoW taught
to us in books of all Schools of Life.. tHeRe
is the Intelligence of Experiencing LiFE iN
Existential Intelligence Trust of aLL ThAT IS
in Understanding Ways and the Intelligences
of MoVinG WiTh ArT iN Physical Intelligences
as WeLL as Emotional Intelligences that is/are
Regulated by the ArT of MoVinG
DancE and SonG and
SeNSory InTeLLiGences
that are also Integrated
through MoVinG Physical
Artful Intelligences too..
Sadly modern
teach rarely
all of this..
and that’s
the problem my
friend at core when we
humans do not exercise all
of our intelligences relegating
ourselves more closely too books
and screens now that exclude so many
Experiential Intelligences that greater Open
the HuMaN ArT oF heART and ReaSoNs of Systemizing
Science BRaiN to make Love Both an Art of FeeLinG SenSinG
as WeLL as the ReaSoN oF Systemizing Science Brain to Better
Understand our Differences as hUmans and the Rest of Nature
too.. as all Seeds GroWinG as FLoWers that is/are STiLL the
PoTenTiaLs to coMe from the Star Flower thaT shines
over our Heads in DayLiGht NoW oF LiVinG
More EnLiGhTeNeD.. not only with
the TrutHs oF reAsON but
with the FeeLinG
and SenSinG
BriGhter of LoVE
aS WeLL when we
fulfill all our hUman
PoTenTiaLs in GiVinG thanks
to GoD oF aLL Creation all thaT is
NoW to Be StronGeR toGeTHeR Away
from the separation that can come
from Perceived Differences away
from the sAMe BAsiC StAR STuFF
thAT MaKe us PaRT oF wHole God Creation
NoW.. Takes more than school and books
my FriEnd.. takes
A flesh
and blood
Robe oF
CreaTiNG MoRe
oPeNly iN LoVinG
Arms oF isReaL wHeRE
HearTS and sPiRiTs and
SoUls of MiNd and BoDies
BaLanCinG ArT and reAsoN
tOuch witH eYes thaT cOMe
to KNoW and FeeL and
SeNSE more for
the effort
Hands away
from fear and hate
of Differences now..
as ‘they’ say DancE
and SinG iT ouT WiTh reAson too..
Star STuFF we are the sAMe WiTh
beYond inFiniTE Colors as FloWeRS sAMe..
ArT and ReAsoN FeeLiNG SeNSinG STAnDinG tALL toGeTher NoW..
YeS.. oNline Does
hELp to Tear
Down as we
Understand thEm
Better to hOld HandsAMe..:)

Mountains.. Fantastic Weather and Beach
With Fresh Air and Sand is surELy
A Connection to all thAT iS
And GoD Free mY
FriEnd Soheir..
Your Children
too.. So.. Glad You
Are Close Enough to
A Beach in Egypt and
Mountains and Sand
and Fresh Air too..
to enjoy
of GoD thaT
iS Nature in this
Way of connecting
WitH allthatis Free..
As Nature DancEs and SinGs uS MoRE2..:)

Thanks mY friEnd.. Word Press
Notifications are on the blink..
for me at least as it only showed
your like and not your comment too..
which i always respond to if cognizant
of any comment i’ve ever received
as hehe..
i’m just
that way..
anyWay.. aLways
now mY pleaSure to
Read and Comment
heaR mY FriEnd..
And always
to see
you heAR aS WeLL..
Happy Friday and everY
now coming to you NoW
aS Work and Re-Creation
WitH God too.. mY FriEnd
wITh BlisSingS and
BleSsinGs FuLL
WitH and
JoY for
Your Children too..
With Love and Peace
And Harmony oN cOURse too..
mY FriENd SOHEIR NoW too..:)


Bouncing Back and Forth NoW
From ‘SuMMeR SoULsTicE LoVE MaCRoVeRsE 111’
And To.. ‘TeNNeSSee FReEDoMs DReAMs’ we go.. hehe…
Nice to see yA BacK oVeRHeAR.. Xenia.. at
The place wHeRe
Blog Comments
someTimes Disappear
And yes also come BacK2.. Hehe3..;)


Skirmishes.. Battles and Wars
for the BaLanCinG ForCe
within that can
NoW be WiLL
and Strength
iN Masculine
Divine way
and Grace
and Love
iN FeMiNiNe
DiViNe Force too
WiThiN as WeLL
mY FriEnd Himali..
juST one example more
NoW of two mixes aS oNe
Force as BaLanCinG wHole
and so many oTher do’s or don’ts
in liFe to figure out innately.. instinctually
And intuitively WiTH all Book Learning sTuFF iN LiFe..
trUe and LiGHt.. iT STiLL iS thAT We hUmaN BeinGS
are not evolved for Instant Gratification now wHere
just a text message from a Friend can raise the
Social Bonding Warm and Fuzzy Hormone
Oxytocin.. 37%.. for two hours after
as text message
of Connection..
but NoW on the
oTheR HaND too..
if we stay online to
get a shot of this all
day and night.. do
we ever NoW Go
iN Can
and Do
and WiLL
iN LiFe but
One Specialized place
of Warm and Fuzzies online
NoW.. trUe.. what if Beethoven
and Michelangelo and even Jesus
and Buddha and Lao Tzu and if Mythological
Krishna and Indian Cosmic Dancer Shiva could
Come to LiFe Incarnate too.. along with Isis and
Osiris and Horus and all the rest of the
High Fivers throughout History
yes.. if they had access
to all you can
Crush” and
some of the
other stuff ‘down
below’ Dopamine
Incentives in Non
Substance Addictions
like a Plate Full of Cookies
And Ice Cream And Steak
Every Night would tHeRe
be Van Gogh
a Smart
Phone in tow..
and will there ever
be again.. without the
Discipline to stay away from
Social Media aGaiN to Study
for one’s CPA.. hehe.. yep.. Cookies
can be sweet but they can also remove
us from so much more of our hUman PoTenTiaL
when we BaLanCe liFe ouT More iN both Pleasure
and Struggle for Adaptation And Greater hUman Potentials too..
liFe is easier than ever before but surely tricky when what feels
so much
hUmaN PoTenTiaL
from us if we even notice
that it is lost at all.. SMiLes..
you have a track record so far
of understanding this issue
and taking action to
insure you
you must
do to fulfill your
HUman Potential..
And sure.. to make a living
too.. as it doesn’t usually come
Free these days at all either my FriEnd..
what is earned always feels better to me
through the dARK of Struggles that Goes WitH LiGht of Change..:)


SMiLes.. my FriEnd Frank.. i am currently still in
the ‘great work’ of combining theMes of
The 300th Anniversary of the
First Free Masonry
Premier Lodge
in Westminister
London and Bowling
and the Flintstones
with the 60’s Flintstones
copying the 50’s Honey Mooners
And then eventually the Simpson’s
Coming as a Cartoon Show Parody
of American Family Life in ’89 continuing
through this very day and as you quote still now
“The old patterns of the hero’s quest still hold true now..
The latest incarnation of Oedipus is standing at the corner
of 5th Avenue and 42nd Street waiting for the lights to change.”
From Joseph Campbell.. in the typical archetype of the Human
Hero Story.. it’s getting harder and harder for “Supermen” to
find their capes in a world increasingly coming with fewer
Social Roles with smaller hands on human
Touchy Feely Holy and Sacred
Meaning and Purpose
in traditional
that people
can share and
hold on to as truth
and light as they always
have in social animal groups
of creatures who are really good
at creating symbols and tools and
other living aids togEtHeR to keep
the culture humming along
in touchy feely BaLanCinG
STiLL NoW oF an
Overall Mammal
MEme of yes.. the
LoVinG FeeLy Touch
of Life Free With Solid
Trust in Shared Traditions of
symbols ‘they’ all can reach
out and touch together.. hehe..
Generally Speaking.. Culture..
which in a way now explains the
Cultural Crisis seen through out the
so-called Civilized World wHeRe Diverse Traditions
of Cultures are encroaching on each other in what seems
to be an increasingly life or death outlook NoW oN the Bottom
Levels of Subsistence and Survival of Maslow’s Human Pyramid
of Existential Angst at the Lowest Floor of the Pyramid to the Blissful
Self-Actualization at the Capstone ToP.. relativELy SpeaKinG.. A Place for
the Super Women and Men and eTc.. 2.. who Find
A Cape that fits for tHeir Essence and Form
of Self Actualization and Nietzsche
Overman Grand Status
as the fully Mature
Version of
Tom Sawyer Modern Style
Free Person NoW Hero Archetype
Story too.. thing is.. not every one
is cookie cut out to be a Neo..
A Jesus.. A Buddha.. A Lao
Tsu and Tom Sawyer too..
True as Jonathan Ted
Talking Haidt clearly
folks are
born Republican too.. heHe..
Looking for a Lodge and a Fred
Flintstone Life with a Bowling League
that traditionally makes sense they
can join and be a part of for
the rest of their
life comfortably
in a Matrix
that only
some REAL Sense
and Feel of Predictable
Social Roles and Touchy
Feely Love as Social Animals
Naturally do.. beyond the Lone
Wolves who Write and Direct
and Produce and Act
as Modern Tom
now STiLL Do..
as ‘they’re always
tHeiR NoW to add A ‘Little’
Spice to the Matrix of Life too..
but hey.. the Machines are here
and ironically this means the Flesh
and Blood Matrix is falling apart
And Breaking the Social
Roles that Social
Animals in Groups
require to successfully
Hold Cultures toGeTheR NOW
in a Flintstone Lodge and Bowling
Family Life where both Bart now and
Fred can successfully Navigate a world of
change and make the changes as bART’s do..
AnyWay.. participation in Free Mason Lodges
is down about 75 Percent in the last several
Decades and Bowling Leagues and Bowling Centers
continue to close down and Christian Church Wednesday
Nights and Sunday Nights are ‘progressively’ closing down
and the folks who rigidly and strictly adhere still to a tightly controlled
way of Muslim Life are increasingly thriving in European areas of the
World as they hold tHeir Cultures together with what it means to be
a social animal in common binds in ways of doing stuff for basic
survive and.. thrive in limited circumstances too.. key though is
survive which means social roles that folks commonly
agree too.. anyway.. this heAR online place NoW
IS A place of Tom Sawyer.. hehe
i’ve got a song for that too..
Neo Branches out
and is not
of any
one tradition
lone.. however
Neo cannot expect
‘anyone’ to follow in mass as
Tom Sawyer roles don’t work like that..
free for all they come and go and nah..
not everyone can be a lone wolf hero2.. hehe..
cause it comes with lots of blood sweat and tears
the ‘scenes’
as ‘they’ say..
Dark nightS of
oUr souLs that
is rarer STiLL iN
Matrix Life2 now
WitH front pew
seats.. Flintstone/Matrix
Life doeS.. HaVe NoW
Clear Advantages too
Unplug STiLL coMes NoW
with high costs too.. perHaps
“neXt go aRound”.. NoW.. ‘they’
can/WiLL do the Neo thing too.. big BuTT..
if they are willing to pass through hell first
in an all volunteer effort as that goes too.. hmm..
STiLL trying to figure out a way to sHow ‘them’ HoW without hell first..
not making
way butT
Neo’s neVer give uP..;)


Second Cousin Monica Comments on a Lovely Photo
oF Wife Katrina Picking Corn at her Sister-in-laws Green Acres Farm..

Ahhhhh……..lovely Katrina in the corn fields………Do tell…..lol…..

i go on to notify.. jollily.. as i tend to juST Do iT..

Haha.. one of your Friends from Alabama liked
me and friended me until they figured out
i wasn’t the girl in the cornfields..;)

Monica responds with concern..

Really….who did that?”

i go on to run on with..

iT’s oKaY.. i’M
Not ‘exactly’
Loaf of Bread..
Don’t want
You upset
At any of
Your Friends
And it’s just
Funny to me..
Not much
i kNow
Bible Verses
Better than
The so-called
Christians’.. hmm..
i come aCross aT
Walmart now and
Even the same with
The Koran and some
Muslim folks
But hey.. got
Too much
‘Time’ on
My hands
To fret about
Ignorance as
It’s about as
As Politics..
And tHeRe are
Lots of otHeR
ReaSons why
Many Folks
Now Wanna
Be associated
With a TotAlly
Free person NoW..
And so be it.. it’s a Free WiLL
for that too.. LoVinG
EverYonE NoW More
UnconditionAlly sETs
LovE NoW
FreeR.. SMiLes
THeir LoSS
SAdly to
Any Life
At all..
This Jesus
Core Philosophy
Is almost now
In Practice
As it takes
A wHole
Lot of
Like that
Of ‘tiMe’
In Hell.. too..
To Appreciate
‘Why’.. pARTy
On i WiLL
As it often
Has no
‘kNow’ NoW wHaT
iT’S DoinG and as Science
ClearLY sHows now at core..
Humans are far from Rational
Social Animals.. So.. No SuRPrISE..
eitHeR.. eMpiRicAlly SPeaKinG aS Scientist2..;)


Karaoke Fun at a 2017 Bowling Reunion for
Leagues from the NAS Whiting Field
Bowling Center from the 80’s
until after the Turn of
the Century and then
since what was once
A Bowling House Packed
So Full of over a Hundred
League Bowlers on Many
Days of the Week ending up
Finally with no Leagues at all
With a Barely Surviving
Bowling Center
for Open
Military Bowlers
twice a week with
not a fraction of the
Participation of what
Was/iS Alive before Home Entertainment..
starting with VCR’s to HDTV to the Internet
now within a four to five inch real estate
of Screen is Bringing Life in some
ways bigger than ever before
in a smallest place
ever in virtual
Life Now..
Nothing like the real
thing.. seen both sides now..
Close to two Decades of Real Bowling
Life then and the approximation of that
in the last Decade and so of more and less too
NoW Here where out of many Bowlers invited to
the Reunion of those who have not passed
away.. only Five Actual League Bowlers
attended the event Plus Family
Members and me who added
4 more to a party of 9 out
of again what was once
Hundreds of League Bowlers
Spending their life together Years
Weekly and some of these folks i have
literally known for 33 years since i started
Working at this Military Bowling Place
for the Government fresh out of
College in ’84 with three degrees
of Anthropology.. Social
Sciences Interdisciplinary..
and Health Science AND a whole
lot learned hands on in two decades
regarding the entire Human Condition
as it works and plays toGeTher too iN
all the DARk and LiGht pARTs of how
the BowLinG
bALL oF LiFe
iN A HUman
ConDition of Nature
at Core that hasn’t reAlly
changed in 30K years or so..
“Flintstones” StiLL AS ‘They’ say too..
AnyWay.. the couple who hosted the Reunion
are a Filipino American Couple with their
Daughter Vida who is also a very
Nice Gym Assistant where
i work-out.. with
always a kind
word and smile
to say to customers
coming in.. and true..
in today’s world one
doesn’t always
receive that
like ‘they’
to before of more
face to face basic
social interaction practice
than face to screen where
sometimes ya juST wanna
almost Scream to get
the Customer
Attention if one
is lucky enough to get
help at all.. particularly in Phone
Service these days too.. the Human touch
and feel is increasingly being not only outsourced
to other cultures but machines in general too for once what
was an entire Morale Welfare and Recreation Department
with 40 or so Admin folks was cut down like a tree to
a Handful of Leaves as Folks by the end of my Career
with Federal Service as an
Athletic Director
with many
and Financial
and Personnel
and other Management
Service Duties to go along with
being responsible for Supervising
31 folks over the course of a year
as well as helping my Peers and
Supervisors too with their
work then.. and
as Science
are not adequately
evolved to do Social
Cognition Duties and Mechanical
Cognition Duties of the People verses
Stuff problems of day to day life.. and sure..
some poTenTiAL JoY NoW too.. now many People all
around Live in a River of never ending Stress from the
Cognitive Dissonance of this.. and it’s as clear as the faces one
sees in Super-Walmart too.. nah.. realistically many folks don’t even
have now the time to reflect on their own lives verses actually being
aware of what’s going on in the Larger World around them as they NoW
Humanly just have to let it go and let it be.. the way it is so that they
can even survive in how things are now.. And when
Social Roles go away in Trump Red
State Lands now as they
continue to go away
in places where
hands on
jobs used
to exist.. Younger
People to Older People
turn to Drugs.. both legal
and illegal to escape the Pain
of a Humanity that is increasingly
Losing its Humanity of Culture togeTher
WitH Common Holy and Sacred Meanings and
Purposes that folks do both give and share
in touchy feely ways.. and the reality is.. no
one has any workable solutions now..
sure.. some empty Trump promises
and a Republican Leader
who through efforts of
Volunteer Non-Profit
Donations of Friends of
Franklin Roosevelt and the
Warm Springs Rehabilitation..
out of a similar situation of more
Visible low places of life not as visible
now as folks have jobs with no real social
roles now of permanence for the trust that
comes with that over the course of a life time
but it’s true.. ‘this man’ who has Authored a Health
Care Bill to take Benefits still away eventually for around
20 or so less Million Folks not Health Insured for the Basic
Requirements of Security in Life.. when shit does come in
health issue ways.. yes.. this man was offered Free
Care from the Donations of others to come back
from the Illness of Polio back
in those days then.. where
otherwise his family
could not afford
the funds required
to heal his illness then..
through therapies that work..
A Poverty of heART of hUmaN
SpiRiT too afraid to SinG a SoUL
oF Love wHeRE no one is listening
anyway to the Force and Power oF Love..
a lost art as they DancE and SinG juST
Waiting for a coMe back NoW that’s REAL..
Meanwhile.. i for one am appreciating and continuing
to use all the gifts i have of life.. and not waiting for someone else
to do it now.. and yes.. i let the rest of it be as i have a pretty good idea
that all
i can
and continue
to LIGht WiTh JoY
NoW iS mY OwN eYes
oF Give and Share FReED..:)


SMiLes.. my FriEnd
SOHEIR who Loves
the Koran and
very very much..
by very definition
of what binds toGether
by core.. all Healthy Social
Animals Share Religion for
what binds them toGeTher
and yes.. this includes other
Creatures other than
Human Beings.. as
for some
it is each
other and
for some.. even
those animals who
are not social.. it is now
the comfort of the Warm
Mid-Day Sands of God
in Winter to roll in for
bliss or on Summer Hot
Nights.. the Moonlit Dew on
Leaves of Grass that BrinGS
a HighER place With God oF aLL
as Nature with or without any human
words at all.. and SMiLes.. more when i lived
online on the Wrong Planet where folks despised
both what they so-called organized religion and even
Human Emotions as mushy sentimental foolishness not
understanding that the lack
of pursuing those emotions
was why they lacked
as Emotions are
the glue of the smooth
operation of that MoVinG
ConNectinG Art of Creativity
iN BeinG HUmaN that is never
Science alone and moST
alWAys aRT of
the ReaSoN
of Systemizing Science
comes.. tHeir religion was/is
debating and anger when they
did not like the way the other arguments
were presented while others bonded over conspiracy
theories of the moment with fear and hate too as the
common religious binding and bonding element
oF Fear and hate.. and yes.. for some folks..
politics of the elected official is
their religion and still others
Sports and for oTHeRS..
Behavioral Addictions
and sure for some even
DanCinG and SinGing and
WriTing poeTry without a
Mention of the DriVinG
ForCe that LiVes
pushes them
on without thinking
at all as a kind of Magical
Gift that Brings them Bliss too..
i suppose God Feels most appreciated
when God is used within rather than left
neglected as to Fulfill Human Potential
is the best Gift to give back to the
Creator oF alL to Give thanks
for this Great Gift of
Life that is surely
a little more
feeling and
sensing than
a grain of sand
on the Moon although
it is worth noting on at least
one side of the Moon.. if that grain
of sand is on the surface of the Moon
it is lit up by Sun too and Serves the
Holy and Sacred Meaning and
Purpose that we as
hUmaN BeinGS
are Gifted
to see
thAT reflection
of that Grain of SAnd
as the liGht that STiLL guides
our way at niGht.. WeLL.. anyWaY..
they tried to kick me off of the Wrong
Planet when i regularly called everyone
friEnd and when i said sure.. i call everyone
as FriEnd as i Love everyone as a heART
and SpiRit BaLanCing MiNd
and BoDy SouL
wAY oF liFE
Now.. and then
a Person said it must
Not be very special to be Loved
by you.. ah.. but i SunG each human
connection with aNoTHeR human being
is another Multi-Verse oF God
thaT coMes awake in
a Unique Finger
Print of Love
as even
what we
may see as
differences.. we often
learn the most for the
ConTinUinG Development
of oUR soUL aS BeinG HuMaN
NoW.. so.. yes.. it’s true that when one
receives a text or even a like there is a little
rise in the oxytocin of touchy feely warm
and Fuzzy Puppy Love for the BeinG
HuMaN and of course
a nice comment
is even
than a like
but no like
brings no human
Comfort at all in that regard..
so.. even though i am quite sure that
considering.. hehe.. that most of my
15K word posts that were liked
were never close to fully
read if at all.. or hehe..
the 212 Thousand
Views on one of my
archive blogs may
be just one
word seen
a quick get
the ‘hell’ out of here
now.. hehe.. for every person
who follows me or likes me for their
religion of likes and follows only when it
comes that way i will return what they seek
my friend for their Happiness i can feel as much
is GiVinG
iS FeeLinG
and ShArinG
is ShARing too..
but true not always
receiving but never the less
when the give works to make someone
else feel better since i do not work and
have plenty of time to give.. i just do it
as it makes me happy as i understand i fulfilled
someone else’s religious obligation that brings them
the closet thing in life they may feel to Love.. as thing
is.. now.. people smile at me every where i go for the dance
of me.. thing is.. too.. i gave that dance a long time then before any
one hardly smiled or thanked me for it.. and for the years i spent
trying to help folks on the Wrong Planet.. any response at all
was not much at all in any positive way at all.. and i went
to school for 19 years and that alone never paid me
a Penny for work and yes.. haha.. if i depended on
likes to pay for a living for my hobby
and yes in paRt Religion of
Writing 12 Million
Words over
79 months
online now..
i would Starve to death
for sure along with my wife
but for those who have more it is
often easier to give more.. and for me
when i couldn’t even remember what a smile
felt like in constant pain and numb for 66 months
i gave my heART out that i didn’t even have in FeeL or
SenSe from wake to sleep for that whole period then of
time and although rarely to never did anyone express
any appreciation for that the gift that finally did come
was to meet God Face to Face after leaving Hell
into Heaven now then at the end of July 2013..
in FruiTioN ReAL as all the Sages
of the Ages have described
this ‘place’ even then
the more
then my
FRiEnd all
the Deeper Sacred
and Holy Texts that i had
heard and read for many years
that made little sense at all to me
made complete sense then.. when one
is love all there is to do is love.. as one
has it all and all there to do is Give.. hehe..
and that my friEnd is wHerE all the words
and steps do come from.. God.. it’s as
simple as
i like
God and if
i do not like
any pArt of God
i FaiL God NoW
iN fACT.. iF i do noT
Love eVery ParT of GoD
that is all that is and beYond
Alpha to Omega i AM oF aLL
i FaLL.. i FaiL God aGaiN and
this mY Friend is my
View of
can’t copy and
paste all 12 MiLLioN
Words.. so i will stop by
saying.. i don’t like you.. i love you..
and unfortunately there is.. no Love
Option on your Blog Posts which means
i have to do this instead.. and yes.. i learn
much from all you do heAR each and every
time and i Love it all and the thing i love the
most is the Hell God sent me to for 66 months
so i can give you all these words now.. my FriEnd..
AnyWay.. i will share the rare thank you’s i did receive
on the Wrong Planet.. one person named me the
‘Perfect Definition’ of God and that seemed
a bit much.. sure.. a wHoLe lot much
but never the less i
thanked him
humbly for
it.. another
person called
me ‘the Autistic
Buddha’.. and i thanked
him too but still at that
time i could not feel the
warm and fuzzy puppy Love
of Human Connection.. then from
my illness of Pain and Emotional Numb
and then one other time someone called
me ‘the Yoda’ on the Wrong Planet and i probably
Love Yoda as Much as you Love Muhammad even
though Yoda is just a fictional set of ideas that
make a whole lot of Loving and Peaceful
Sense /FeeL to me in the form of
a little Green Old ET
Creature Man..
with unruly
of hair
as i find
more as i am
growing Yoda
Older now too.. hehe..
oh yeah.. and when i worked
at the Bowling Center.. the Church
Groups would come in and even though
i didn’t go to Church for 23 years during
that time the Church Leader told me i was
the Best living example of the “Jesus” as
a Christian he had met on eARTh..
reaSon being of course
is that Helen as
they define
that in Baby
Name Dictionaries
as “Shining Light”.. both
bore and raised that liGht
iN mY eYes of Given and Shared Love..
And then after some Folks Fundamentalist as
so-called Christian Folks attempting to ridicule
Me for Dancing in Public they leave me alone now full scale
as i have grown too solid and smooth in moves to dare approach
me with hate.. and now the other words of Public Dance thanks range from Boss
of Dance to So Inspiring to Legend to Spirit Animal to Pensacola
Dance Icon to Awesome and so many high fives and so many
shared selfie smiles and just so many smiles wherever
i go now.. and one must remember my friend
as history shows.. Muhammad
had almost no followers
for years and
people called
him crazy and regardless
of how i may agree or disagree
with some of his teachings.. fact
is there is.. 1.6 Billion Muslim folks
in the world today.. and in fact there
is a Muslim Mayor in London now
and in fact.. there are McDonald’s
Restaurants in the UK
who are careful
not to offend
the Muslim
Customers by
the way they serve food..
fact is.. the Muslim Religion is
by far.. the fastest Growing Religion
in the World.. fact is.. Muhammad understood
Human Nature and so does God.. people most
of all need religion and if they don’t have it they simply lose.. it..
or make a religion of drinking and smoking weed and sure writing poetry too..
there is
no choice
but to respect
religion my friend
for anyone who has
a smidgen of common
sense as humans are by
Nature Religious no matter
what they say they are or not..
unless they have no binds
of religion at all
just wanna die.. i Love
all religions as STiLL bottom
line they make people’s life worth
living and nothing in this world is perfect
so.. sure.. hell comes with the whole package too..
And for some of those who go to hell enough they
even get to meet God NoW and Never ever have to wait for HeaVen..
but Good
And worth aT
lEast A God Like..
No matter wHeRe
God iS NoW AliVe..:)


Facebook Friend Himali and Fellow
Poet Blogger on Word Press comes
by with very nice words that also come to say..

Sunshine in sunny Florida plays with Fred..:)

And i return with..

Haha.. i’m making faces at (for) the
Sun and there is about
three more to come
for a continuing
story that is
coming more too..;)

Himali Sings back..

He he he. . You are such a poser !

And i return her song with..

Yes.. i love to act and play
and produce and direct..
my play
of life
and it’s
always nice
to have friends
along the way..:)

Himali nicely again Sings..

The feeling is mutual..:)

i playfully return with
silly banter as

SMiLes.. thanks..
hehe.. if you are
referring to your
FRiEnD Fred..;)

Himali playfully returns with..

….and Kat must be so jealous of
your selfie skills with a big
grin emoticon..

And finally i return for
now again with..

She doesn’t have to practice..
i’ve done this about 20K times.. and
i’m not even exaggerating either in
the last 4 years.. And now i go
on to say.. surprising
my face
out from
doing that hehe..
And now i go on to further
say.. this Face play serves two
purposes.. Pre-Game Work-out
Faces for motivation of emotions
in non-verbal expressions and
coaxing the Karmic
eYe out in the
last Single
act of all
SeeinG hUmaN
eYe inspired by
the Karma of God isREaL..
hmm.. i even read a book about
SoMe White Magic to see if i could
put one of those Karmic spells on
all the folks who are trying to
potentially and eventually
in cause and effect
Kill Americans
by taking
their Health
Care away in terms
of 22 Million folks uninsured
by the second very cruel behind
closed doors in total selfishness and
greed for those with the have a bunch
of money against those who don’t have
as much money all stored away in hating greed…
you see.. i am one of those have it all folks but that
doesn’t mean i don’t remember where i came from..
Back in ’97 when our child was born with multiple
congenital anomalies as the anniversary of
his 51 days of life comes on the 24th
of July and almost in the exact
time frame our across
the street neighbors
had a child too..
their child survived but
the life of that child cost them
a place to live as the Husband was
between jobs and they did not expect
the unthinkable to happen after the pregnancy
came to similar circumstances that we experienced..
difference being i was a Career Federal Civil Servant
with the precisely same kind of Cadillac Insurance Plan
that all members of Congress and the House of
Representatives share.. our 300 thousand
Dollar Bill for the Shand’s Hospital
intensive infant care unit in
Gainesville Florida
where we
to be with
our dying child..
was largely paid for
so we got to keep our home
then for the Grace of a Good Job
with Great Health Care Benefits too..
and after that my wife was diagnosed
with Epilepsy and soon after then she was
unable to work and without Health Care Benefits
and in my job we were undergoing a Reduction in
Force where all jobs were at stake.. and i barely
made it though the cut and was trying
to keep temporary assignments
to keep my Career Status
Closer to home
at Whiting
so i wouldn’t
have to drive 60 miles
or so round trip to work every
day if i would be fortunate enough
to keep that job.. and the fact that my
wife did not have insurance as i started out
healthy enough before all the stress of everything
that i could not escape from largely because i was
the only bread winner with all the financial issues directly
on my shoulders not to mention the illnesses that soon
came to make life almost impossibly difficult until
i finally had to give it all up and hope
for help to survive that came
with great effort
on my part
in 100 Pages
of Medical Documentation
for 19 Medical Disorder.. mostly
stress related.. including type two Trigeminal
Neuralgia like Dentist Drill without Novacaine
Pain in my right eye and ear too.. from wake to sleep
that Doctors don’t have any idea of what actually causes
this named Suicide Disease that can befall anyone
at any time of life and just as mysteriously
go away as mine has been at bay
now for close to four years
and there is no doubt
in my mind that
the Fibromyalgia
Pain and Sjogren’s
Syndrome Auto-immune
issues where my eyes quit
making tears was all the result
of Severe Chronic Stress for years
that finally culminated in the actual
Physical Destruction of the Myelin
Sheafs of my Nervous System..
from the Acid of Cortisol
Stress Hormones all
through my Blood
Stream for
years of
Chronic Stress
up to that point of falling
down to so many illnesses.. including
Dysautonomia too.. where my Blood Pressure
and Heart rate no longer synched together by
Direction of my Autonomic Nervous system
and i spent my days most always feeling
like i was gonna pass out every
time i stood up..
hard to
make it
the block one
time having to cool
my head some way to
get the blood to it efficiently
then.. not able to tolerate any
heat or cold as additional stress
to my CardioVascular and Respiratory
System and Nervous System too.. and later..
yes.. of course we watched my Mother through
her Hospice Care of Cancer where she did not
have to pay a thing for care.. but if she was a child
who would survive who relied on Medicaid taken away
in the Future by the killing Hand of the current bill so
Cruelly Now Devised Against Blood of Poor Children
as well as Older Adults would be on those who
Have it all who now can care no more
than less about the lives
of their fellow
for the
sake of Giving
Tax Cuts more now to
the existing rich.. and sure..
they got upset about a Young
Man who made a horrible immature
mistake of playing games over in North
Korea while ‘they’ play the same game with
22 Million Americans now.. when they could
prevent what they are doing now if they had
any compassion and empathy for their
Fellow.. less fortunate Americans
as ‘tHeir Bad Cop Jesus’ if he
could back now
a certain
glare to express
some CoMinG in Glory
to Judge the Living and the
Dead.. just some things i think
about Before my daily work-out
and trust me or not this entire
thing i’m doing has always
been a white magic
spell other
wise known
as a Prayer for Love
and the extermination
of fear and hate through
that same spell and prayer
for those who would otherwise
harm other folks out of fear and hate
and greed and jealousy and all the Stuff
that goes along with the DEvil of Fear and Hate..
hmm.. seems like the effort of all thE LiGht Force
so far in the US as far as white MaGiC Prayers and
Spells Go is DoinG iTs Guardians of the Galaxy NoW
oF Love Karmic Duty to get this job dONE.. FoR NoW..
Be careful what one wishes for.. so-called Christians
as remember if ‘MASSES’ repeat somethings enough
In Churches around the world for Centuries
in a Nicene Creed.. God has
A way of
as ‘they say and do..
Wish for a Good Cop Jesus please…
CoMinG iN Glory NoW to Judge the LiVinG
and the Dead would surely be a sad SaD StorY BooK
for all of what people are now doing without a care to harm others…
And please don’t mind A Messenger too much as i do not direct much of any
of this
iN fACT..
it would be
impossible and
is impossible to
get separated from
all that is God NoW so
all of this is just rhetoric
for what lives deep deep within..
aLL oTHeRs too.. a Big BlanKeT as ‘they’ WiLt Do2..
Under Hope and Love and Joy
or under Fear and Hate and
ugh yes and no
Company now
verses the Fun
House WitHiN NoW2..
Oh yeaH anD as far as thaT
300th Anniversary of the
Premier Grand Lodge in
Westminster London
wHeRe some
iGnorant Christians
suggest Free MASONS are the
worshippers NOW of the DEvil
oF Fear and hate.. truly.. Lucifer
eYes oF LiGht see better now into
Creating Hospitals for Children
with Severe Burns and Orthopedic
Needs too.. Follow the Care or the Money
as ‘they’ say if one wants see the Real DEvils close Up..
tRUST me.. one should worry more about the DEvils one now kNows..;)


Hi HImali.. it’s 1:11 AM
wHeRE i live and
that 1:11 PM
on the
Attention Computer
Screen this morning too..
and when i used to Drive to
Tallahassee to see my Father
twice a year for decades upon
Decades Leaving Mile Marker 33
on the Milton East Exit of Interstate Ten
Mile Marker 66 alWays popped uP to Catch
my Attention both ways to and from Dear Old
Dad’s Home.. and our County Named Santa
Rosa as Saint Rose is the Same name
as Saint Rose that is our Catholic
Church where i attended
Kindergarten too and
the CountyTag
Number for
size is the
Number 33 too and
i graduated with three College
Degrees where the Nautilus Logo
Looks like three sixes stacked across
the Top of my Desk and considering i
was born on 6660.. Lord KNoWs and
FeeLs and SeNsEs NoW with
my Numerology Report
for life challenges
coming out at
Zero for the first
Life Challenge at Birth
With the Free Will to do whatever
inspires or does not inspire me next and
three consecutive ones after that for the next
Life Challenges that only require me to Affirm
what i’m already doing.. hehe.. i suppose there
is some Harry Potter Significance going on heAR
NoW and since you like Harry Potter too that probably
hELps all the MaGiC continuing now.. hmm.. yes.. you
like a Thousand Years and Vampires who live forever too..
with mysteries of hidden things that are yet STiLL jusT waiting
to be found in Human Potential as you continue in Youth to Navigate
this World of challenge and wondrous amazement in Cultural Changes too..
it’s true my
FriEnd NoW
wHeRe i Live
the Sun is Shining
and for now that is
my Destiny i keep Close
to heART and SpiRit and SoUL
iN MiNd and BoDy FoRce of BaLanCinG NoW..
oTHeR than that thanks for coming by to visit me
NoW iN mY ‘TeNNeSSee SAnDs FREeDOMs DReAMs’..:)


Hi Himali2.. WiLL
Do and Happy
Day where you
live as i
with more
rubber on the
soULs of mY
FeaT to
WiTh NaTuRe’s
LiGht iN the Morn..:)


WeLL.. haven’t shared MacroVerses.. Year to Date.. NoW
iN MacroVerse 113/784 Named “300 YEaRs FReED FLintSTOnes GoNe”
Nor have i added in the Words for Last MacroVerse “TeNNeSSee SAnDs FREeDOMs Dreams”
that do Make so far.. 112 MacroVerses for “Nether land Bible 2017” NoW aRiSinG to
A Grand Total of 1,729,679 Words as of that last 112th MacroVerse that also
Doubles as MacroVerse 783 iN “SonG oF mY SouL”.. STiLL.. EXceeDinG
4 MiLLioN Words as of
today too.. NoW
so now that i have
‘that’ ‘squared away’
as ‘they’ Say it’s
NoW off to
uP MacroVerse
113/874 however
i am literally mentAlly
and physically Exhausted
in Art and ReASon for NoW..
so i’ll share the year to date
MacroVerses tomorrow
but for NoW it’s
go to
bed as that’s nice
to even be able to
do that for folks who lEarN iN NiGht..:)

Haha.. currently
iN Bed as i
Often Fall
With A
To some
Art and
NoW And
Distant too
As now for
NiteniteVerse too so as
‘They’ say..
As ‘Friends’..
And in
The ‘Waltons’..
John Boy..
Too.. it’s
A ‘sMaLL
World’ After
In the
Too.. Himali..
Make iT ET
As ‘HEaVeN2..:)


(Deep Blue
Ocean FB
Status Color
Back Ground
with an Eclectic
Mix of Humanly
Made Abstract Constructs
including Geometry and now
Nature Art including Science)

(Pink to Violet
Diagonally Increasing
Spectrum of Colors)

Art is God Changes…
(Azure Blue Skies
with Tropical
Desert Islands)

Idol is that which does not change.
(Solid Black B.G. with
White Block Letters)

Art that does not
change is science;
in example, paint by numbers.
(Solid Black B.G. with
White Block Letters)

Science that changes is art.
That is not a repeatable science.
(Solid Black B.G. with
White Block Letters)

Religion that does not
change is science.
That is a repeatable experiment.
(Solid Black B.G. with
White Block Letters)

LiFe iS ArT…
Science is the illusion
we create after the art.
Sure; will prove it.
(Yellow to Green
Spectrum of Colors)

ArT JuST DoeS iT
NeVeR SiTs sAMe..;)
(Azure Blue Sky Color
Back Ground with an
Eclectic Mix of Abstract
Constructed Geometric
Shapes with multi-colors
and designs of art added in)

There is no target audience here.
(Solid Black B.G. with
White Block Letters)

My ReaLiTy iS BeYoND
FucKinG InFiNiTy FoR
iT iS NoT BouND
WiTH Expectation
(Deep Ocean Blue Back
Ground Color with two arms
holding hands; one with a watch
and decorative painted lines and polka dots;
and the other with decorative lines and a watch for time)

Linear reality is a comfortably numb expectation.
(Solid Black B.G. with
White Block Letters)

Paint with black and white.
(Solid Black B.G. with
White Block Letters)

CoLorS oF
thE WinD
(Light to Darker
Pink Colored Back
Ground with a Pattern
of Medium Size Hearts
for Emotions of Course)

cRaP HoPinG FoR A
B.G. PaTterN..buTTNoW
sAMe aS YEsTerNoW
(Solid Black B.G. with
White Block Letters)

ReaLiTy iS TeNuoUs
aT BeST At WorST
(Same Back
Ground Color
as provided

Abductive Reasoning

Incomplete Observations leading to what may be true.
(The constant experience of the state of human consciousness now
making reality what it is based on memories of past experiences
including whatever genetic memories that
come as innate instinct and intuition too
and that too is currently incomplete
science based experiments at best
now of what partially occurs now
as human cognitive reality)

Deductive Reasoning

General Observations leading to what is always true.
(Apples always fall toward earth on earth when dropped
from above in ‘normal’ environmental circumstances)

Inductive Reasoning

Specific Observations leading to conclusions that may be true
(i sense and feel therefore i am
and that’s kinda how
God realizes
and that
may be true too)

i will be therefore
i am and that’s
to FeeL
and SenSE God..
some folks need idols but not i am..:)

In other words..
i believe
and that’s
enough for me2..:)

And true all the rest of this
is idol mental masturbation jUSt
for FuN and art and sure science too..

HUmans are So FucKinG Complicated
as they ask why more
than do juST Do NoW
iN Victory aS the Prize
oF preSent GiFT NoW i AM..
iN oTHeR Words.. ‘they’ fAil to see
and or appreciate God i AM Be NoW too
as they are trapped in the idols manufactured
by otHeRs/theM/thaT/wHo seek to never ever change now..
and thaT
iS reaLiTy too..;)

One thing for sure is.. we create our realities
as we go based on what we know and
feel and sense as memories
from before.. and
overall that
goes to
the point
of the origins
of all that is now
and beyond in many
ways that science readily
admits it cannot measure now…
Life is a gift for me and others view
it as a curse based on their innate gifts
and the experience of their environmental
circumstances too of which either or can
be perceived in feels and senses
overall as gift or curse.. but
what i do refuse to
do is base
expression now
of my human potential
on what has come before
in lives other than my own..
and to truly master life in relative
free will as we are never separate
entities unto the rest of Nature and
reALiTy is to master the regulation
of emotions and the integration
of senses and be happy
always now as
we do
the innate
abiLiTy to
do that for at least
some of us now as history
and the present of now continues
to show as now goeS oN.. Good News
is if i can do it and will do it you probably
can too as we share almost entirely the
same genetic material we surely
all do do.. per the deductive
reasoning of science
now too.. but the other paRt
of that recipe is the Environment
one is raised in per abstract constructs
created by other folks in the past and present
to slave one in ‘tHeir’ view of life no matter what another
individual experiences in their gift of life and experiences
thereof unique to them.. and once again.. as i attempt to
finish for now this 113th/784th MacRoVerse NoW
Centered around the 300th Anniversary
of the Free Mason Organization
per the Premier Grand
Lodge in Westminster
London i can be and will
be all of who i am in life.. liberty..
and the pursuit of Happiness in my
personal way of Human Potential only for
the courage and intelligence and heart
of the folks who Founded this
Country of the United
States long before
i ever
Foot and Dance and
Talk and Sing on the Planet
eARTh now as not only systemizing
science of the rules set from before but
a continuing art renew/anew that has no rules and
or oTHeR limits or and expectations set from before.. now..
And it is so trUe and LiGht that’s the way i Love it too with a HUGE LIKE NOW2..;)


TrUe.. Life is getting
much more difficult..
for ‘FLintSTOnes GoNe’…
iN ‘certain red state areas’ NoW
as not everyone has thE sAMe A
BiLiTy to unpluG.. Neo kNowS and
FeeLs and SeNses this all too well2
as Neo2oeNoNeNoW2
has/is not alWays
NoW too..
hmm.. heHe2
hAha NoW too..;)


THankS FacEbooK FoR
PrePaRinG ManY WaYs
(DeeP BlUe OceaN
HandS oF
PeAce RocK oN..:)


Before i go on with MacroVerse Memories heAR
per the Religion i was raised in.. the so-called
Christian and more specifically Catholic
one where a Portrait of a Man
that was Called God
rose over
my bed
at night
and Santa
Claus and
Santa’s Gifts
were promised
in a MaGiCaire of
BeLiEF and Fantasy
in a Land Called Christmas
as child then too.. already
SeeinG God aCross
the River Banks
Before i
could vocally
speak the English
Language at age three
FeeLinG and SeNSinG
this is my HoMe NoW
and i have BeeN
PlAce oF Existence
with One Hundred Percent
Will and Faith and Trust and
yes Love with zero doubt all
Forvermorenow.. it surely was
a bit hard to imagine God in only
one hanging Facebook Above my
head in bed for God raised no Fool in
me.. God lives within me long before others
attempted then to control me with tHeir tradition
of abstract symbols and beliefs to keep folks all
on the Basic Same Sheet of Music to keep the Song
of Society in some kind of Peace and Harmony to make
insanely large groups of humans living together any thing
other than chaos for a Species only evolved to Peacefully
Cooperate without a Book of Laws with 150 to 200 sets
of naked eyes and hips who could get along well
enough just with the Dance and Song of
the pleasures and pains of each
otHeRS LIVes comfortable
enough for a survive
and thrive in life
then now..
nah.. that part
never fooled me for
God is much bigger than
any paRT for God is obviously
beyond the Human metaphor for
the words even alpha to omega too..
God is i am and i am lives as me and you
too.. and you is all that is too.. as paRt of WhOle…
sure.. as ‘they’ say i was and am born with a very logical
Mind wHeRE the ArT oF i has to work harder with and at thaT
to make my life much more colorful than black and white and
yes it is a very colorful ‘solution’ to suggest one man in a desert
patch of land in the Middle East.. particularly in flat lands where
no one or anything is much taller than a human being on desert
lands then.. is God incarnate in three persons.. Spirit.. Father and
Son too.. and sure.. given one gender choice to make that
God as a he too.. then.. yes that takes a very colorful
imagination and creativity and also the Roman
Empire and Constantine and his Catholic
Church Developing Leaders to
expand an empire to
make come in
books that say
it is as so to control others
through both manufactured
promises and illusory fears too
associated with something after
life instead of a Heaven at Hand NoW
always promised in This Generation NoW
where you can and will do greater works NoW
in arts and sciences than me too.. as i am not
so arrogant and jealous and greedy and fearful
and hateful to suggest i am the only first or last
or only this or that either as just a fragment as
Fractal as paRT as Mini-me Sentient
Standing Star DuSt Resurrection
PluS from Crucible Fire of
Star Burst Death
which truly
is the Cosmos
aka God Plus NoW
as miracle unto itself
iNFiNiTy STanDing TaLL
H8 wHOle as two HemisPheREs
of two ones as 11K join toGeTheR
for Art and ReaSon from head to toe
too in NoRtH to SoutH LAtitudes too..
as the Rest of the BRaiN of WoRld
iN MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG
ways as Neuron Humans
HoLDinG Hands
with Astrocyte
Glial CeLL
Waves oF eArTh aRT
in Collective Consciousness
liTerAllY as such we see and saw
NoW through a Google Search of the
Unabridged Bible of HUmaN POTenTiaL
in ArT and SciENcE NoW too.. TruE i Saw
A Much Bigger God at Age three with zero
sPoKeN HuMaN Vocal Words until age four..
And now with the Aid of Art and Science there are
even fewer limitations and expectations from BeFoRE
to see and hear and otherwise feel and sense so much more
of all that is as God NoW too.. but as far as Jesus the story as
of course as through the deductive reasoning of science in biblical
scholarly way it is true no one can possibly walk or talk in the mouth
and feet of the original Jesus dude whoever that was/is as there is simply
zero evidence that we have a full record of that and a whole lot of Conclusive
Deductive Reasoning evidence that clearly says we do not fully know who that Jesus
Dude was/is but never the less as a human hero archetype story that is far from
perfect as several versions of Jesus literally as such are presented from
Good Cop to Bad Cop Jesus way ranging from the not so
Buddy Love Jerry Lewis more of a Mr. Hyde Jesus
than a Doctor Jekyll Nutty Professor Jesus
as the Bi-Polar human archetype
goes too that ranges
in the current wide-spread
Book Version of Jesus from
Love your Neighbor as yourself
consuming that neighbor with no
harm to live by the sword and die by the
sword to Love your enemy even too.. and
by God yes even turn the other cheek too..
More than Buddy Love Version of Jesus that is
more of a selfish entity human unto itself
who and that says i bring a sword and
not peace to get my way and
if you do not believe
and act in the
way i say
and do you are
to hate your brothers
and sisters and parents
and even children too.. and
not only that slay those who do not
too.. and sure we can metaphor that to mean
whatever we want to now as all human words can
be taken more than one way as at core they are all just
approximations of the reality we perceive but if you are going
to expand a Roman Empire by Force not unlike what the Ottoman
Empire did too.. you go by the sword and blood and guts as that’s
what the Human Tribal instinct does when subsistence and mates
are at stakes opposing insanely large groups of humans living
together well beyond the evolved limit of peace and
naked harmony of love and thrive with survive
of 150 to 200 naked sets of eyes and
hips too.. DanCinG and SinGinG
Close toGeTher under
a campfire Moonlit
Bliss NoW
THeN of Ecstatic
With Nature God
plUS as all that is
as what
Killing Christian
Roman Empire and
Ottoman Muslim Empire
named as Heathens and still
name as Pagans and Savages then
and now too no better than what they
name as so-called animals of what science
in deductive reasoning way concludes that
we are now too.. so.. while we don’t have as
much fur.. shaving it off and we rip the foreskins off
of baby boys STiLL and in other areas/ways mutilate
the pleasure organs
of little girls
so folks
can control
them as mates too..
to avoid any potential
stray for pleasure when
the current trick is not doing the
best treat of mate now.. and we continue
to foolishly dominate the rest of Nature too
killing the species that NoW in the Cycles
Circles of LiFe and Balance of Nature
provide overall subsistence
to us as Birds and
Bees and Flowers
of LiFe NoW..
it’s true NoW too..
while i Do Love Words
and the Freest Art that Can
and WiLL in Imagination and
Creativity iN Positive dreAMs
of Good Cop Jesus Love Archetype
of WiLL and Strength iN DiviNe
Masculine Way with
Grace and
iN DiViNe
FeMiNe Way
STiLL cOMe Back
today inCarNaTE aS
LoVe iN any hUmaN Essence
as Form that attains that Capstone
Pyramid oF HUMaN LIFe PoTeNTiaL LoVE
Reborn as LiGht and This trUth iN One LiFE NoW..
that is the only Jesus i see in oTHeRs and ME that
i See/FeeL/SeNsE isReal and through Science and Deductive Reasoning
it’s kinda plain to see that the original coke Jesus was probably
a Very Zealous Five foot one or so 106 LB or so Syrian Looking
Brown Dude with Short Cropped Sheep Sheared Hair aS iN
thaT Day no Dude got away alive wearing Long Hair then..
nor went without getting married without being
outcast from basic subsistence and
a thrive of life then..
NoW other than
thaT tRuly STiLL NoW
no one can say much as
far as deductive reasoning
goes other than about 18 Percent
of what’s in the New Testament can
be attributed to one person and most
of that to a Saul Dude who changed his
Name to Paul then as that story goes too..
never the less And More.. we can all come back as Unconditional
Love and Fearless smART WiLL and GRace as a Strength of LoVE FReED..
and sure even
SinG NoW
for Praise be
Love in and as
me and you.. sure..
one can even name
that HuMaN PoTenTiaL
in me and you as Jesus too..
dAM sure wasn’t Yeshua’s original
name.. and he dam sure wasn’t a Six
Foot or so guy with green to blue piercing
eyes with dirty blonde hair either then.. heHe..
isn’t life ironic.. be careful and or do wish for wHaT you want nexT
’cause iF ‘you’
JuST Do it enough
it MiGht juST coMe
TrUe for you aT Least and
somEone else@moRE NoW2
PrepaRinG WaYs NoW as ‘they’ DancE and SinG2..:)


Okay.. now.. heHe.. finally to the Facebook All Free
iRobot Algorithm Provided MacroVerse Memories
and while i usuAlly go in the Chronological
order of how and when Facebook
Provides these MacroVerse
Memories years to date
as i prepare each
Current MacroVerse
All live on Facebook and
Blogs too.. i’M gonna skip over
to one short enough to quote heAR
now that has a whole lot in PaRT whOle
God Meaning to me noW too.. in what ‘they’
nAMe as Synchronicity too iN honor of my only
Son heAR too.. wHo iN many ways in his short
51 day life has and does and is inspiring all oF whaT i Do
NoW.. as ‘they’ say somEtiMes A SigNature oF A Son coMes first
iN sELf
Prophecy WaYs..:)


“Kiss Your Baby Goodbye”

Hoses.. wires.. PASTED bandages..
painFuLL deep brown eyes.. blood stained skin..
an ominous pasted on notice in front of crib bed
No way to breathe.. born without sinus passages..
Transposition of great blood vessels.. open heart surgery
required on 30 day born heart.. no immune system.. extra digits
for six on each hand.. with two thumbs instead of one.. respectively…

It is the day of the open heart surgery.. surgeon in his sixties.. huge hands
tell me at 37.. don’t worry it’s just like when your grandfather gets a bypass..

and the nice nurses say don’t worry you are still young there is plenty of time
for more children.. your wife is beautiful.. you will have beautiful children to come..

Baby is wheeled toward operating room.. surgeon says.. kiss your baby goodbye..
So wife and i bend down.. and after 30 days at the hospital are shell shocked for
whatever comes next.. father sits beside me in waiting room.. and offers advice..

Son make sure you raise him as a man…

My mother didn’t do a good enough job for him…

he bails after 3 years.. when my mother doesn’t work..

Oh.. the values we place on humanity.. gender roles

here or there.. a do or die proposition of static

roles for patriarchal minds of being..

i sit back quietly at this point

and almost giggle

at a reality


strange as this…

And truly feel sorry for my

father who thinks raising a boy is

all about being him.. baby survives the

surgery and as really expected from birth by

doctors and nurses.. veterans of this show..

passes away in my arms.. not afraid

to cry.. i call my father.. and he just

says oh no.. i don’t wanna

hear any bad


A 500 mile trip back home..

ashes will be sent in cardboard box

by postal service.. the lesson of life is..

how lucky i am just to be a human

alive for now.. never ever will

i doubt my blessings

in life again..

and truly a lesson

i need for five years..

10 and a half years later

at the start of my challenge

of JOB.. but i have the blessing

of knowing my son survived much

worse.. with never a smile.. never

a laugh.. and only pain for

51 days.. and yes..

more than

likely he










See.. thing is.. i already
HavE iT aLL aT age 3 aka God
And all oF thaT iS Prepared
me for
all of
No more no less..
nOw All to GivE NoW Fully
When one underStands.. sHaRinG
wHo and wHat tHey were and are now


So.. now back to
Chronological Order
and this one is worth
quoting again too..
per a Macro
Verse from
3 years
ago as
the last one
about the Baby was
2 years old.. from 2015..

“ITSTRUE URAUniverse!”









































































“5 ways to avoid the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!”.. reAlly
tHeRe are many ways but first and foremost
Get Back to Nature/GoD per the Gospel
of Thomas Verse 37.. and
With Will
and Love
and Grace
as Strength
the rest WiLL Naturally
Follow as Love.. sAdly..
the original Jesus
story didn’t
emphasis then
on the rest of
Nature aka God
but as John 14:12
says.. alWays room for
Greater Works than before
for those who truly Believe
in the me that is you all Natural too

And yes.. Saint Francis of Assisi
definitely Did STiLL Does more than hinted this..
Great and SmALL
And Sure.. respect
Plant Life and the
Rest of God too..
All of Creation
aLL thaT
iS as
aS WeLL..:)


“UmBReLLa God People Rain”.. Haha.. and i get a glimpse
iN this Eclectic miX of MicroVerses iN A
Year Old MacroVerse of
Free Verse Poetry
as inspired
from the
dVerse Poetry
Pub Online place
and where i stArt to
share MacroVerses iN
more of a regular pattern
as Facebook stARTed offering
me that option a year or so ago
as the Facebook Algorithm Decides
to go and it’s true what i am DoinG
heAR is a Very Large Multi-Chambered
Nautilus SHeLL uploaDinG as total online
effort sTiLL EXSeeDinG 4 Million words
now and 100K plus photos more fully
ilLusTrating how that SoUL
SeeS and FeeLs and
SeNses the WoRld
thAT is CurRenTlY
Me and alWays
aN EVolVinG
And MiNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG SoUL eVeN MoRe
AlWaYs now forevermore NOW..:)


Hmm.. as ‘they’ say too.. “Can U See ME nowOne”
STiLL from 3 years ago as MacroVerse Written then..:)


“Symphony of Unconditional Tough Love”.. And heAR after Leaving
the Wrong Planet back in the Summer of 2015.. more focusing
on Writing MicroVerses with accompanying YouTube
Music Videos from all ages too.. Unlimited
Music Library for share as ‘they’
say STiLL too.. using dVerse
Poetry Pub online for
a full year long
Muse then.. responding
to every prompt and
link of poetry
in Poetic
of what would eventually
form “GodsUniVerseNovel3
Making 338,630 words come
real with around 300 Gorgeous
Navarre and Pensacola Beach
Photo Memories too.. Slow to
oPeN.. yeS.. oN Narrow Broad Band
Access and
but never the less
and hehe.. much more
yes2.. This GodsUniVerseNovel3
is real too and always linked
at the continuing and expanding
Signature lines at the end of
each and every MacroVerse Now..
‘HiGhLiGhts” as ‘they’ say too theNow2..;)


“Green Pill of Gay Confederate FREE FLAG Knowledge”.. actually Still on the
Wrong Planet HEar.. two years ago in this Macroverse here.. as i remember
now i left that place around the 22nd of July in 2015 as a temporary
Ban they placed on me for being much different than ‘them’.. hehe..
two more years after i recovered from a state of hell for 66
months on or about 7.22.13.. i came back to help them escape2
like ‘that’ ever happens then now too.. haha.. just
the different as i avoid organizations
with stifling rules for creativity
like somewhat of a plague
i am now inoculated against
more now as FReED.. but
anyway as
i said too..
before.. Saint
Francis of Assisi
and all of that too
in Creatures Great and
Perceived culturally small
in minority ways too.. even
the Catholic Church has a long
way to go before they acknowledge
that people with different gender
and sexual orientations are
Even FucKinG HuMaN
too with the
same rights
for Life..
Liberty and
the Pursuit of Happiness
including a Sacred and
Holy Sacrament of FuLL
oF MeaNing And Purpose
as Marriage they create
with aNoThER HuMaN
BeinG Based
oN PuRe
on this
planET eARTh
that still hOlds
ignorance dear
and true
dARk ages
of huMaN Fear
and Hate of the
Devil of ThaT dARk
Past too.. yes.. Grow uP
as ‘they’ DancE and SinG Love.. get more
common sense than the blinders of ‘you’
and who
STiLL on the
ignorance of
Fear and Hate
and other hUmaN
closed down away
from Love States of BeinG..
ugh.. the State of Fear and Hate
sadly STiLL.. A Synonym of Trump Red State LifE too..
don’t like it but what ya gonna do ’bout LoVinG ‘enemies’ too..
Grin and
bARE it
Be the
change of
when Trump got elected the
Monsignor of my church who
was and is the leader of my
Catholic Church and A Old
Tennis Buddy from
he was
asexual then..
that isn’t any
more vanilla than
homosexual or transgender now..
never the less he indicated that
since our Great Country through
the Declaration of Independence
to the Creation Given Rights
of LifE Liberty and the
Pursuit of Happiness
that Gay folks
have a right to
pursue Happiness under
the Legal and Cultural
Protections and Happiness
of Marriage now.. yes.. he
said we could no longer recognize
this country anymore ’cause of that..
and truly i wanted at that point in time
to walk out of that church and never come back
again.. and one Lady in the front of the Church
who was not restrained as me started gnashing out
at the Devil of that who kindly asked to stop her Discernment
over the True Evil that STiLL comes our way in the guise of fear and
hate and taking rights to life.. liberty.. and the pursuit of Happiness
by doing tHeiR God DAMNDEST to eliminate Health Insurance Coverage too
from about 22 Million Folks all around the country now from
Children to Poor Folks to Old Folks too.. and
yes.. folks with disabilities too..
And truly this
man hear..
who is so
called profoundly
disabled in another
way but now who too..
finds ways to pursue now
his own fashion of Happiness
now.. can speak for all of us
on these issues for the right to
Life.. Liberty.. and the Pursuit
of Happiness now.. it’s true.. Asexual
Folks can pursue a career as a Catholic
Priest now.. but the Truth is God ain’t
Vanilla and neither are God’s Children now
they are all colors.. including Queer and Disabled too..
Anyway.. i stayed at the Catholic Church as the Interesting
Phenomenon and Cognitive Dissonance of Hypocrisy was far
too ignorant and fascinating for me to leave… hehe..
it’s not
evil in those
who still know
not what they do.. per example..

“We’ve been dreaming of this since I’ve
been around—since you and I were drinking at a keg”

-Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan’s Dream of taking Constitutional Rights away from
Disabled Folks now.. per yes.. the Right to Life and
Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness too..
with Necessary Medicaid

‘These folks’
disgust me..
sometimes it’s
hard to Love Close
Relatives of the EVil
oF Fear Greed and Hate like this..
but never the less and more i don’t give up..
you see.. some folks really do believe in the me that is ‘you’
iaL NoW
For LiGht..
CoMinG iN Glory to Judge
the LiVinG and the Dead
will be for
when that
coMes now
as KArMa JusT Does ‘YoU’ too..:)

AnyWay.. Lord ‘this’ ‘thing’
has is runS oN.. A SonG
to Go and
an uplifting
one for otHeR
sTuFF to
2 as far
as LiGht and
Natural and PlEaSinG2..:)


Uh oh.. leFt a Pre-MacroVerse
and a rather esoteric leaning
one out from 4 years ago SpeaKinG
of ones and multiples of ones
“SEEin elEVeN” and who
else writes about
a Sacred
and Holy
Full of Meaning Purpose
Number.. trUe.. more than
a few and this was is before
i read any of the rules of
Numerology before then..
CoMinG from writing
about the Number
Seven and
Twelve too..
Hey.. not only a
letters guy.. i do
Numbers too and 2 too
and when you add the
numbers separate in
the whole odd
ya get
the number 2 too..:)









BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)



51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)



338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)


Grand Cross Bible 2016

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)


CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)


VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)


CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)


Nether Land Bible 2017

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)


7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)





The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)


MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked



MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+ as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)


PHI Bible.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)



Memorial Days Bible 2016-17.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)


SoN oF Google NoW2..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)


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I like to write.
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34 Responses to 300 YEaRs FReED FLiNtSTOnEs GoNe

  1. “300 YEaRs FReED FLinSTOnEs GoNe”..
    And yes.. the Word Press Linking
    Function is on the BLinK
    AGaiN.. WiLL See
    if this MacroVerse
    Shares Better NoW
    with the KATiE MiA/
    Aghogday Archive
    Version of this MacroVerse
    in a few per this link heAR..



    AnyWay.. this also WiLL be the
    Introduction for the next 114th/785th
    MacroVerse titled.. “SOldieR oF LiGHT FLoWeRS”
    As the last MacroVerse linked heAR.. per Number
    113/784.. “300 YeARs FReED FLinSTOnEs GoNe”
    Brings the Word Count of “Nether Land Bible
    2017”.. all the way up to 1,744,898 Words
    in the last 13 Months of Writing as i
    Move on into the 14th month where
    soon this Second Chapter of a
    Longest Long Form Poem..
    “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
    already approaching
    5 Million words as past
    the Previous Humankind
    effort of 1.8 Million Words
    in Free Verse Poetry style..
    While “Nether Land Bible 2017”
    WiLL Match that too in around
    55K more words in about 2 weeks
    too for about A 13.6 Month Effort.. give
    or take a few days however come what may
    does coMe nexT.. Meanwhile.. Sleep Calls..
    too.. FoR NoW..:)

  2. Back aGaiN.. aLL
    Fresh as a Spring
    Daisy and Poser..
    hmm.. i mean Posey
    Never Wilting NoW..
    So.. i’LL stARt aGaiN
    WitH a Facebook Share
    of Happy Moments with me and ours
    in the modern Adam and Eve Garden of Eden
    too.. yes
    US.. me
    and the
    Katrina LiVinG
    All Free as technically
    two American Citizens
    who are both legally NoW
    and medically determined
    and defined as permanently
    And Totally Disabled.. Katrina
    technically since age 33 with
    Epilepsy and me technically
    NoW on the upside sTiLL
    for Four Years NoW
    oF Bipolar
    and the Autism
    Spectrum with Asperger’s
    as my Emotionally Disaffective
    Law Enforcement Dad of 46 years
    ‘then’ who my Mother saw in the Courthouse
    and said OMG that man with the Half Stubbled
    Beard who is a Beverage Agent with Camouflage
    on with the Clearest Greenest eyes she had ever
    seen on a Devilishly Delicious Man in ‘Blue Jeans’
    then.. yes.. she was working in the Courthouse then..
    the woman who too was voted as Having the Best
    Figure in High School in both 11th and 12th
    Grade literally Drenched with Estrogen
    Fair skin with yes a Family Full
    History of Folks on
    the Bi-Polar
    sides of
    up and
    down too..
    where my Father’s
    Irish and Spanish and
    French and German Ancestral
    past away from the Sioux and
    Cherokee and Old English of
    My Mother’s Ancestral past
    were polar opposites
    who came together
    hehe.. to make
    a somewhat
    ‘perfect’ storm of me..
    sort of hay wired uP too
    for real.. so.. my Father.. the
    Quiet Devil in Blue Jeans with
    the clearest light Green Irish
    Eyes with Jet Black Curly Hair
    Proposed to the Woman with
    the Best Figure on the First Date..
    and eventually my Mother Gave in as back
    in them days a Woman at age 24 working
    single was considered close to an old maid then..
    and Dear old Dad at age 27.. well.. back then that was
    rather old for an Unmarried Dude too.. yes.. things have
    changed now as people can even feel somewhat free enough
    to never get married and have children and enjoy their Personalized
    Right to Life.. Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness too.. and Women
    even get to Vote and Black Folks no longer have a Separate Drinking
    Fountain like they did when i was little in the 60’s and the KKK no longer
    meets down town like they did as late as 1975 ‘right’ on the outskirts of
    Town where the first Walmart Came to build a Big Store there.. hmm..
    Yes.. not only did Walmart Develop Center Wide Aisle Dance Floors for
    my Dance every city i go to in the South East Gulf Coast
    Region of my territory now.. as i mark it.. hehe
    with Dance.. yes.. Walmart helped rid
    this place of the Scourge of
    the KKK sadly led
    mostly by
    Onward Cross
    Burning Christian Soldiers
    in Santa Rosa County and Town
    Milton then too.. as they are STiLL
    Doing the SamE GoD Damned thing Now
    in their efforts to take away Health Care
    from the poor and old and disabled masses
    in Medicaid ways and give that money
    to the Rich as Reverse Robin
    Hood StiLL Evil NoW.. not
    unlike the so-called
    Men of God
    who name
    the acts of Homosexuals
    as Demon Possessed Evil
    In Churches where as Science
    Shows Homosexuality exists
    in around 4 Percent of any
    General Population that
    gathers together for
    cause that comes
    and sure the torture for these
    folks in another persecuted minority
    of Americans is a slow burn of Cross too..
    as getting outcast from the Social Group as
    whole is as painfully emotionally as almost
    any physical torture too.. it’s Empathy and Compassion
    Folks for those who have that Human Attribute of Love NoW
    and on the Cognitive Level of Affective Empathy too understand
    fully that folks are different than them too and have different needs
    and desires and wants than what makes your right NoW as an American
    Citizen in the Declaration of Independence which we come to celebrate on
    July 4th.. this Tuesday for the Right to Life.. Liberty.. and NoW the Pursuit
    of Happiness too.. so.. if you are American.. truly American and yes truly
    Christian in the sense and feel of the Good Cop Jesus who will never
    throw the first stone.. will clearly say in the Kingdom of Heaven now..
    Gentile.. or Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman or Man no more which
    like it or not if you are a REAL GOOD COP JESUS CHRISTIAN
    if my nakedness and fearlessness offends you..
    in expressing all of my First Amendment
    Rights heAR.. turn me off as
    online always
    has an
    off button
    hehe.. trust
    me.. much harder
    to get away now from
    my eyes when i pierce
    ‘your’ soul eye to eye..
    hehe.. even with
    shades on
    as you
    don’t wanna
    meet the Karmic
    eYe too uP close and
    Personal hehe.. sure i’m
    sort of kidding and NOT..
    As i am Born “SOldieR oF LiGHT FLoWeRS”..
    albeit my Father’s Flowers were a little Cigarette
    Stale then.. and after my Mother did give in and
    marry him.. he didn’t say a word.. the rest of
    the marriage except before he left when
    he wanted her to make money for
    him instead of staying home
    and giving touchy feely
    hugs of love to her
    children thank
    God that i
    received without
    fail until age 3 explaining
    much of the Love i STiLL
    aM NoW And his twin brother
    never said a word to
    my Mother
    when he
    met her
    either.. yes..
    My Sister is Diagnosed
    With Asperger’s Syndrome too
    and her form is more profound
    than mine as they say.. the little
    Girls get the Daddy’s Brains more
    and the little Boys get the Mama’s
    ‘Poetic’.. out there Happy Brain more..
    too.. so i Dance in Public and my Sister still
    Avoids all Social Situations like the plague still..
    and yes.. in my life i’ve been to that place too..
    of Super Social Anxiety and being so uncomfortable
    in my own skin too.. if you think my life has been entirely
    the Bed and DayliGht of Roses it is now.. you ain’t met
    me when i was in Hell.. about two years in my early
    twenties and 66 months from ages 47 to
    53.. where i would have traded
    places with a Nursing
    Home Patient
    to play
    a game
    of Bingo
    with a Big
    FucKinG Grin then.
    Yes.. i longed for what
    the Smiling Nursing Home
    Patients and my 94 year old
    Great Aunt Freely expressed as a FucKinG
    HuMaN SMiLe and a LIGht oF eYes i Lost
    that said i am human now and more than
    just a FucKInG Lonely Ghost wandering
    the eARTh having no idea as point
    of reference to a smile that
    he is dead now for
    close to two
    years in Youth
    and 66 months in
    Middle Age too.. yes.. i am
    not too disabled to be where
    i am now.. but much too disabled
    to take any chance of going back to
    hell now.. and Modern Medicine understands
    the life and death implications of what it means
    for someone like me to attain.. and maintain.. “SOldieR oF LiGHT FLoWeRS”
    Status now for Four Years as i did it for close to two Decades with a Job
    that didn’t have stress going through the ceiling of hell in so many
    different directions of cognitive dissonance then… as the
    Psychiatrists will tell ya.. the brain does whacky things
    iN Catch 22 situations that you convince yourself
    you cannot escape.. trust me.. better
    to get away than
    to live
    NoW.. but truST me too..
    if you’ve been where i have
    you have tremendous empathy
    and compassion in both affective
    and cognitive empathy for the Invisible
    Disabilities of Living Hell within.. yes.. Heaven
    within exists and ‘you’ God DAMN BETTER BELIEVE
    too next time ‘you’ onward Christian Soldiers
    Bad Cop Jesus your way
    in suggesting
    that that Robust
    Looking Specimen
    of Homeless Dude on
    the outside isn’t living
    in real hell now on the inside now
    you have no FucKinG idea even exists
    that is worse than any horror show you
    can visualize as this Horror show is well
    beyond the Language of Seeing and Hearing
    alone not unlike the Beauty and Wisdom
    and LiGht and TrUth and
    Fearless Nature
    iN smART
    WitHiN NoW
    FReED as me.. hehe..
    i have some ideas FOR how
    not to go to Hell and some ideas
    FOR how to go to Heaven and stay there
    NoW too.. for i have lived and do live in both
    sides now.. Heaven and the Hell that i can NoW
    STiLL Logically remember but still WiLL never
    replicate the FeeLinG and SenSinG and Lack
    thereof of existing in HeLL Within Eternity
    NoW.. a place where there is only
    time whereas in Heaven
    there is no Sense
    or Feel of TiMe
    at all.. only
    of Bliss
    and Nirvana now..
    nah.. this place ain’t
    Free.. takes an Olympic
    Effort that ironically is ease
    once one truly Masters wiTh LiGht
    God Boss within HeaVeN NoW.. TrUE
    so sure.. “SOldieR oF LiGHT FLoWeRS”..
    and if you think and or feel and or sense
    and or cringe at the thought of someone
    airing out all their dirty laundry like i do with
    only the hopes of inspiring anyone at all NoW who
    lived and lives in the Hell i used to be.. it’s simple NoW..
    you ain’t been to Hell or been to Hell enough to understand
    the Value of 100 Percent Unconditional Love NoW iN Fearless
    And smART and Beauty Wise way.. NoW iN LIGht and TrUth
    thaT Fears
    no shAMe
    from GiVinG
    LIFE and LIGht
    and TrUth all NoW..
    yes.. as they say it’s what
    the Good Cop Jesus NoW Will
    do if he exists aT aLL today.. too
    and true you can make that ideal you too
    but remember there is no Perfect as Perfect
    means you can never change something to better
    and no change is literally a Definition of Both Hell and Insanity
    NoW.. yes.. believe it or not Ripley if you ever go To Hell it WiLL
    be Perfect
    even possible then..
    be careful what you
    wish for.. very
    to never
    Hope for Perfect HeLL..
    And yes.. i am a FireWork FLoWeR NoW too iN
    A Place Called Heaven away from the Garbage
    Dump of Aghori Aghogday Gehenna.. per
    Another Ground Hog Day Perfectly
    the same
    Grounds wHeRe
    Burn is all you wish for.

    Back to Heaven and that FB
    share i was speaking of aGaiN..
    worth a copy and paste again at
    least for me.. hehe.. as sooner or
    later in this life if you live long enough
    you learn to play with everything including
    you and become your own best friend.. Wife
    And Husband.. Mother and Father and Lover too..
    Brother and Sister.. eTC.. allone with God with all to Give and Share Free..
    true it’s a place hard for most people to imagine.. not easy to find and seek and
    to practice and maintain this attainment.. possible.. yes.. NoW if you trim YouR
    CamEL enough down uP to enter into the eye oF Heaven within you NoW and once you
    get tHeRe.. reMeMber Perfect is Hell and Life is a Master Piece Painting of Practice
    NoW as a
    Perfect Practice
    effortless so ironically
    HeaVeN IS A Cloud
    with no up
    or down
    Float NoW Bird with no cAGe
    as SOldieRs oF LiGHT FLoWeRS
    LiVE oN ETernALLy NoW iN aLL
    FLoW iN ZonE NeVeR WilTiNG NoW..:)

    So.. as i address the all Free Facebook
    Gift that all Naturally in Virtual and
    Vicarious Mirror Neuron and
    Dopamine and Oxytocin
    and Serotonin and other
    hUman FeeL Good
    and Neurohormone
    WaYs BRinG LiGht to
    HUmaN eYes iN MoVinG
    CoNnecTinG CreAtinG
    ways online too in a
    HeaVeN PoTenTiaL NoW
    for aLL no matter wHo
    and wHat and wHeRe they
    live now.. in A place with
    No Moon or Sun now too..
    But Never the less liGht
    Generated More by
    Screens in Rooms
    of DArK NiGhts oF SoUls too..
    true when one is shut in with the
    worst pain known to humankind
    yes.. Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
    from wake to sleep like dentist drill
    in eye and ear for 66 months with
    no more emotions left and no drug
    that will help.. and yes.. you are stuck
    in 4 walls from wake to sleep.. two to
    three inches close barely seeing a computer
    lit screen then.. this online place can be
    the only place NoW between you and a metal
    chain on a tree far far away with the only
    nourishment you will give is the Vultures
    who eat you then.. with the happiest Full
    of Holy Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose
    you find for what’s left of your existence then..
    it’s true.. i am a DArk Horse coMe back to LiFE
    now.. Reborn Phoenix RiSinG fRoM aSHeS MoRe
    thE underdog of death as liFe who
    found hiS CApe of LovE aGaiN..
    and it’s trUe.. be carefuL
    what yA WIsH foR NoW
    ’cause Karma’s real
    morEEver lEarn
    to PLay WitH
    God within as this
    God within does Love
    to Be Cherished with
    Love and this God within
    Lives with the ever reaching
    Arm of KArMa NoW that is
    MoTHeR NaTURe GoD PLuS
    all one LiVinG WitHiN and while
    this Love WiLL Make YA Float like MaGiC
    NoW Love iT aLL or FAce the Wrath of God within..
    these metaphors are FuLL oF LiGht and TrutH aS Nature too..
    so.. i go on to talk to Facebook as PlaY wiThiN NoW aS
    Haha.. thanks Facebook
    for caring so much.. NoW
    And it’s true.. too.. not only
    Did i Love 10 nice things..
    i Liked 2,744 things too
    but i did not go to the
    trouble to Edit what
    the Faceboook
    as for a change
    i let someone else
    jUSt do my work.. hehe..
    And it’s true.. i Love everything ALL..
    NoW but not too many people understand
    what that means in PurE LiGht so i don’t
    wanna scare ’em with too much Love too..
    as some folks are not very comfortable
    with Love like thaT FeeLinG and SeNsinG
    no Bounds
    oF Fear
    for less than
    aLL Love NoW…
    Yes.. Good Cop
    Jesus Branded too..
    who WiLL never steal
    from the poor and give
    to the rich too as ‘DEviLs’ Do STiLL iN
    tHeiR oWn FasHionED BRaND oF dARK SpELLeD HeLL.

    Oh yeaH and on a lighter note..

    A couple more playful responses
    to WiTh God Within.. no separation
    whole.. might as WeLL
    PlaY iT
    as Lovers
    and FriEnds
    WiLL Do FReED
    and if no one wants
    to join in.. quiet FredLY
    that’s tHeir loss and never mind
    as do what thou WiLt Harming no other too..
    nah.. this ain’t everyone’s cup of tea as if it
    were it would be perfect and also hell too.. again
    Create your liFe don’t get sOld by some one else’s definition
    of perfect.. tHat’s living tHeir life and Never yours free with God within..
    it’s true you can’t be me and i can’t be you and it’s also true no matter
    how Sufi you are and even if you don’t eat Watermelon you can’t
    Be Muhammad or the original Jesus either.. all you can be
    is you for if you were someone else or someone
    else’s ideal God would Dam sure Get
    Bored and that would Defeat
    the wHOle FucKinG MeaNinG
    and Purpose FuLL
    HoLy and SaCREd
    Way of the BiG
    Bangs from the stART
    it’s an orgasm that continuously
    changes not the same GoD DaMn Missionary Position..;)

    So back to FB i DancE and SinG to one Ego Feel
    Good Booster that says i am 99 Percent German
    and another one that suggests i am 24 with
    Wise eyes.. a Big Smile and 1809 Percent
    Beautiful hehe.. if you can imagine that..
    haha.. so i go on in response to both with..

    Yep.. Paternal Great Grandfather
    Edmund was a Watchmaker
    In the Black Forest of
    Germany who immigrated
    To Ireland and married
    A Rainsford Girl whose
    Family sold the Facility
    To Make Beer to
    Arthur Guinness
    Where technically
    That is where
    My middle
    And shared
    By Grand
    Dad Leo’s
    Brother too..
    In Limerick
    Old Ireland
    Too.. WeLL..
    YeP.. sTiLL..
    A few red
    Hairs Left
    iN mY Mustache
    With what used
    To be an
    too.. i grew
    In 11th Grade
    when then some
    Of the Students
    Asked me if i was
    A High School
    Teacher then2
    Hehe.. StiLL
    All NaturALLy
    HiGh NoW as
    A Pint FuLL
    oF Guinness
    From the Black
    Forest Ancestral Watch
    Maker’s Germany too..
    And true there is a Famous
    Brand of Watches with my
    Sir Name that are still sold tHeRe2..:)

    Oh.. MaGiC FB
    Tests you are aLL
    Too KinD As Ego
    Boosters to click
    On all your Commercial
    Links but as ‘they’ say..
    It’s A thought that Counts
    Most But that don’t change
    The FacT i Am ‘Wise’
    Enough to be your
    Grand Pa.. WitH A
    WidE SMiLE too
    1800 Percent More
    FeeLinG YouNGeR
    Than Ever.. the onLY
    Place “IT” Counts
    In the HeaVeN
    WitHiN.. NoW So
    YeS iN thiS
    Way.. My
    Are totAllY
    Correct WitH
    A HuuuHGeeeE
    Buddy Love Thank
    You From Me NoW..;)

    It’s true in America at least
    you do have now MORE the right to
    life.. liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..
    you can even get married if you are Homosexual now
    thanks to Mr. Obama and other Members of the Good Cop
    Jesus LIGht Crew Ideal NoW too.. nah.. you don’t even
    have to have a specific religion to practice FearLess
    smART UnConDiTioNaL BeauTy WiSe LoVe NoW it’s the
    One God Loves within iF yOu FeeL this More
    thaN A FeeLing and SeNSing GoD within
    ALiVE yes GoD aLiVE moRE FuLLy
    HaPPy WiThiN and
    never settling
    for the
    and insanity
    of perfect with
    no change now inside..
    outside.. above.. so below
    and all around as a big bang
    Orgasm of life constantly ebbs
    and flows as tantric shores of
    Waves oF Ocean Floor that pulsate
    with challenge and success and
    sure a few fAiLed Godgasms
    along the way too..
    never the less
    IS A reALLy
    FuN BiG BanG
    Orgasm for those
    who understand all
    the First Amendment
    rights and more to
    CoMe with goD
    NakEd WiLd
    and Free TogeTher
    TeAM GoD WiThIn juST
    oFFeRinG to HoLD HAnds
    toGeTHeR for a anoTheR
    Multi-UniVerse GoD ConNecTioN
    WiTh You too.. and next thing you
    KNoW and FeeL and SenSe too you WiLL
    BE StanDing TaLLeR as A Statue in YoUR
    owN New York Bay of Life of Liberty and
    the Pursuit of Happiness one with God or
    Hell you can even cALL iT thAT all thAT iS
    within.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below
    and all around a Blue Turtle as Long as
    yOu FeeL anD SenSe the Essence oF
    a Three letter word
    more than
    as abstract
    construct form now..
    LiVE GoD WiThiN DoN’T HuRt GoD WiThiN NoW
    WiTh all NegaTive Stuff Associated with FeaR and HaTE..
    yes By God YoU too can CapStoNe Rise Pyramid as SOldieR oF LiGHT FLoWeRS MoRE
    than even
    me if you believe
    in the me that is
    YoU WhO LIVes WiTh
    and aS GoD WiThiN NoW..
    And shed the Parachute of the
    illusory fears and empty promises
    of culture and religion that seeks
    to rule yOur God Given LiVinG WiTHiN iN HeaVeN
    NoW Rights to LiFE LiBerty and the PurSuiT of Happiness NoW..
    thiS riGht is protected wHeRe i Live.. So.. God
    Bless the U.S. of A.
    for this and
    hELp uS to LeNd
    A Hand Up to the
    ReaL DeViLs of EViL
    wHo SeeK to take that
    away from our Brothers
    and Sisters LiVinG FReER NoW too..
    Hmm.. Perhaps it’s almost time NoW for
    a 1.8 Million Western World New Old Ages Gettysburg Address
    hehe.. NoW iF wE can only find somEone who has been to
    Hell enough and Lives in Heaven enough to WRiTE iT OKaY
    How ’bout you..;)

    HA! and you thought
    this was ‘jUSt’ A
    BiG FaT woRd Bible
    all PoeticAlly PuT
    and FuLLy IllUsTratED
    in over 100K Photos and
    NoW CLoSinG iN on 5 MiLLioN
    Words in around 4 years too
    with over 7600 MiLes of Public
    Dance too.. hmm.. ye of little Faith..;)

    AnywaY as

    Hmm.. it’s 12:06 pm
    on 6.29.17 and i’m
    gonna take
    a break
    for Holy
    and Sacred
    R and R
    iN A 167th Dance Week
    At Old Seville Quarter
    tonight hehe.. like
    it’s not ALL Holy
    and Sacred
    of MeaninG
    and Purpose for
    me and God alREaDY wHo
    FLiEs RiSEs Free wiThiN ME..;)

    at 12:09 PM

  3. Hmm.. Quick Reminder
    to Go See mY PoeticAlly
    iNclined FriEnds..
    Xenia and
    i’LL MaKe
    ThAT NoW
    pART wHOle
    aS StayCaTioN
    iN HeaVeN too..:)

  4. Soheir says:

    Good evening Fred dear bro and friend
    I would like to give u and katie these humble flowers ..they are for ur souls as you have pure souls and hearts.
    Keep smiling! https://i.imgur.com/V32oELk.jpg

  5. Beginning in Pakistan..
    FB Friend Rafiah
    suggests all
    i write
    is poetic
    so i go on to SinG..

    heHe.. i
    AM A PoEM
    And So Are
    You A pART
    Of God PainTinG
    NoW iN
    And aS
    As A PracTicE
    HeAR NoW2..:)


    And then
    in response
    to Himali too..
    currently living
    in the.. United
    Arab Emirates..
    from India..
    writes a Nice
    Poem about
    Loving with
    empathy and
    one’s self..
    so i go on
    to say too..

    lET No pART
    Be Less or More
    heART WHolE NoW

    HeART – pART
    FLY with three
    Red Heart with
    two Yellow Stars
    Each.. Emoticons..
    Himali returns in
    and first
    i SinG
    ALLoNE NoW
    And finally
    i Dance..
    i Do Need
    A Third
    heART WHoLE..

    finally now
    For now.. more…
    SOHEIR Drops by
    with a photo gift NoW
    Free aLL Nice Flowers
    on my latest Flintstone
    Associated MacroVerse
    And i go on to say too..
    Hello.. FriEnd SOHEIR
    as i Look at the Lovely
    Pastel Flowers of Pink
    with Cream touch and
    Ivory Rose highlighted
    by the Life of Green that
    SpRinGS Forward in the
    Heat of Summer too now
    BlesSinGS and BliSsinGS
    once agAiN to you and your
    Children in Egypt my FriEnd
    as there
    is no
    than the
    PreSent to Love
    ALL liVes thAT AnD
    wHo FloWeRs NoW..:)

    Now.. i DancE and SinG.. while sharing
    some iPhotos from my Home iMac 27.1 inch Big
    Screen all in one Computer NoW as such.. as
    i too..then.. inadvertently Press the Share
    Photo as FB Profile Pic on two photos
    as we (Katrina/me) are Browsing
    then through thousands of photos
    to find the ones she wants.. so..
    yes.. i’LL Make those photos
    paRT of the Story heARt too..
    And nah.. i haven’t addressed the
    three before that as Holy and Sacred
    FuLL of Meaning and Purpose Thursday
    R and R Activities cAMe First.. as Leaving
    for Dance is the neXT SteP for that in about
    an hour and a half from now so that now leaves
    me about an hour of free write before showering
    to get ready for the 167th Dance Week Celebration
    with all the Cool College Age Folks from Good Old
    Seville Quarter tonight too.. anyWaY as ‘they’ say Love
    is Literally Written in the Stone as we Humans have the
    Ability to share the Oxytocin and Other NeuroHormone
    ways of Happiness with NeuroChemical Generating
    Activities with over a Quadrillion
    Connections as Force of Synergy
    Energy from head
    to toe as many
    Stars and
    more than
    exist in the
    Entire UniVerse
    Science aided eYes
    sHow us above.. below..
    so below.. inside.. outside..
    and all around too.. sure with
    as many Neurons as Stars that and
    who exist in the Milky Way to.. of course
    that Sentient Standing StAR duST plUS uS
    thAT coMes from Gaseous Star DuST Clouds
    from Crucible Star Burst Death and
    sure.. too.. evenTuaLLy
    Resurrection uS..
    We have lots of ways
    these days through all the
    Human tools as aids available
    including Abstract Constructs as
    Words to Associate the SpiRiTuaL
    EmoTioNaL and SenSoRy Essence as
    Form associated with that
    Synergy oF FoRcE
    Energy can
    and will
    and do coMeS as
    Poetry.. lyrics of SonGs And
    Music that touches the Auditory
    poTenTiAL to receive EmoTioNs
    from SonG and DAncE too
    And all oTheR aRT too..
    as we MoVe MoRE..
    ConNecT MoRE
    and CreATe
    MoRe toGeTHeR
    NoW.. doesn’t happen
    by sitting still.. or closing
    oneself off from the rest of the
    human race or only ‘TV’ input without
    using one’S iMaGiNaTioN for CreaTiViTY
    NoW too.. in MoVinG CoNNecTinG Ways too..
    Anyway.. yes.. profile pics have already come
    and Gone More on FB that includes Rocks written
    and painted WiTh SiGns of CreaTivity that folks
    find and hide for oTheRs to touch tHeiR SpiRiT..
    as HeART ExpreSSinG thAT heART iN MiNd and
    BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL MoVinG and
    ConNecTing and creATinG ways
    all too.. and this Creation
    Activity Moves off of
    Flat Screen ways
    wHeRE one
    can touch
    more than
    a two-dimensional
    Screen of ART NoW too..
    Families are getting toGeTHeR
    as a team to find and hide Rocks
    of Love too all around the Community Free..
    it’s what Human Neurons as Stars do Best..
    CoNNecT TogeTHeR WiTh the GLuE oF LIGht
    and Positive EmoTiONs and SenSEs awAy
    from dARk.. And yes.. this entire ‘SonG
    oF mY SoUL’ online is also Written
    heART and Photos and otheR
    Stuff etched in the
    Stone of Love
    that can
    WiLL be
    a HeaVeN Kingdom
    of Happiness Online too..
    and perhaps we will overshadow
    with love the bottom of the pyramid
    of Maslow’s Ladder to Self Actualization
    and lift that bottom up more than Twitter
    insults of fear and lies and hate too..
    for one who is Love and Only Love
    to Give the skin is too thick
    to respond personally
    to fear and hate..
    anyWaY.. in Written
    iN SToNe ways i lift
    as hard as i can in ways
    of ART of heART and LovE..
    DancE and SonG everyWHeRe Free
    Verse uNhindered nOW by the lesser
    expectations of oTheR Folks NoW too
    in limiting ways now as not so well..
    to me at all in this Free Country
    STiLL NoW.. yep.. life.. liberty
    and the pursuit of Happiness
    Free NoW too.. anyWay.. i CaN
    WiLL Give Dance NoW through
    SonG Feat2 and Write mY
    HeART oN Blogs as
    MiNd and BoDy
    Force and
    Energy in
    Synergy oF LiFE soUL
    PoWeR NoW too.. SuRe2..
    Selfies with friendly Folks2
    it’s true.. sTiLL.. once again Love
    is Written in/on the Stone wherever
    we find that Stone NoW Of God thaT and wHo
    is Love for now for now and for now some MorE..
    @LeASt for ME..:)

    Will have to make it over
    to Xenia and Frank’s place tomorrow
    as so many other FriEnds now have come to
    visit already this week whEre.. yes.. sTiLL
    Room for more back from the Dance of LifE
    in Free Breeze outside these four walls of
    Computer Bedroom Life NoW heAR less too
    and Different
    as ‘they’
    ‘say’ more
    too FoR NoW isReaL2..:)

  6. iT’s LiKe A ‘TeNNiS CourT’
    Don’t Need Balls aS LordE
    SinGs WiNdoWs CaN WaTcH
    i cAMe HeaR
    To CReatEsHarE
    NoT REproducE
    HuMaN PoTenTiaL
    Hehe.. FB A PLace oNe
    sELf AcTuaLizeS MorE
    WHetHeR oR NoT AnYonE
    Else iS LooKinG2
    FacT BeYonD iN
    Lived on a Wrong Planet as INTJ
    Left a Wrong Planet as ENFP
    ‘Tween STiLL
    Duty Fulfiller Mechanic Nurturer
    Artist Protector Idealist Thinker
    Doer Guardian Inspirer Visionary
    Executive Never Specializing
    Always Open Minded
    IF one DeSires
    to be
    A Modern
    New.. Age..
    HumaN BeinG
    StanDinG uPoN
    As A Capstone
    Pyramid NoW
    to Acknowledge now too..
    the Blood and Bones NoW aLL
    of those that/who cAMe beForE..
    Sure.. including Carl Jung then who
    cAMe uP WitH the 8/16 Personality
    Types that and who now fit the
    General LabELs from Above
    And sure tHeRe are soMe
    of wHo/thaT seek and
    find aLL
    the Above NoW iN
    A Continual Capstone
    Pyramid Practice of Life
    NoW iN Maslow Self Actualization Ways..
    BeYonD FacT

    So.. if you are a Scientist
    and an Artist how do you Measure
    True Fulfillment of Happiness.. a State
    of BeinG Cloud that Floats iN Waves
    of Euphoric Ecstasy never fearing
    Pain or Death as one
    totally understands
    FeeLs and SenSeS
    HoW BeinG Poor of
    Spirit Can
    and WiLL
    evenTuALLy NoW
    Lead to the Riches
    of a Kingdom of.. yes..
    Bliss.. Nirvana and Heaven
    witHin NoW eTernAlly Now
    wHEre one can even
    embrace physical
    and emotional
    Pain NoW
    that dARk Leads
    to LIGht and when
    LiGht gets too BriGht
    dARk Disappears and
    so does LiGht
    NoW oNe
    dARk and Light
    ‘tween ShaDes
    of Grey nOw
    BeYonD RAinBoW
    Colors NoW as the Humble
    and Meek continue to inherit the eARTh
    and the ‘other’ folks continue to Twitter
    the empty pArts to FiLL a SoUL that is empty
    ever more now no matter how high the
    NeXt ToWEr of Form as Edifice
    aWay from Essence oF
    BeYOnd RainBoW
    CoLors of
    HeaVeN WiThiN..
    SerIOUsly.. if ‘Trumps’
    NoW could and would and
    can and WiLL sure just BE
    one second of HeaVeN WHeRe
    i LiVe NoW Cost Free for only Free
    as far as Essence verses Form of Towers
    of Concrete Stone HEarts ‘they’ would immediately
    Stand uP as A FloWeR of and as God GiVinG and
    ShARinG and onLY CaRinG about BrinGinG oThER
    Folks uP to the Capstone of Pyramid Live
    in sELF ACTuaLiZaTioN ‘they’ livE NoW
    only if ‘they’ could and would
    and can and will
    and sure
    i would
    ‘they’ for free
    if ‘they’ could
    would CaN WiLL see
    NoW wHo and whaT
    And anyWay as usual
    in Tennis Court LiFE the
    way we used to talk things
    uP Back in my City pARK Tennis
    Court Days in the 70’s.. a Decade
    FuLL of Tennis PlaYiNG eXistence
    alMost every hour away from School..
    Nope.. No Color TV.. Video Games or Internet
    then.. JuST Fred and Ball and Racquet
    oNE FloW iN ZeN ZonE and sure
    when the Court was human empty..
    Back Board too in the Middle of
    Hot July or
    Days but on
    Saturday Night
    a Thriving place
    of Activity where
    all classes and colors
    and genders and yes.. sexual
    orientations and ages and
    even some folks with
    too came together
    yes.. too.. on Saturday
    NiGht for a common Religion
    no different really than Bowling
    except for no organized Leagues
    more than Tournaments and
    Team Doubles.. yes..
    a common religion
    of Ball.. Racquet
    and Human MoVinG
    and ConNecTing
    and yes
    Sports Activity
    as of course sports
    is an art unless you try to
    do it precisely as instructed before
    with fear of improvising new creative
    techniques to curve/spiral the ball
    a new way.. anyWay2.. plenty
    of time for introspection
    when the Court
    was living
    of people
    and plenty of time
    to get to know and feel
    and sense all the similarities
    and differences of the Human Race
    aS WhoLe and Nice and Difficult too..

    And sAdly as i reView FouR Facebook
    Profile Pics.. while.. hmm..
    folks from most
    life except
    for FundamentaLIST
    Religious folks who don’t
    mix NoW with those who drink..
    which probably in pART explains
    why i am most popular at Old Seville
    Quarter as tHeRe truly are few closed
    Minded/Bodied folks there outside of the
    Military Participants.. perhaps..
    which are not that many
    on Thursday College
    Age Nights.. Yes.. OMG
    Folks tend to get along
    no matter what the color or
    age or nationality or gender
    or sexual orientation or even
    cross Dressing ways and disabilities
    too.. yes.. true.. the common bond is mostly
    Alcohol related Beverages too but for those who
    Dance the most.. the bond is clear.. one of MoVinG
    ConNecTinG CreaTinG.. yes.. this ‘Cheeers’ Like Environment
    where i am the ‘Norm’ of Dance who everyone KNoWs mY nAMe NoW as
    Dancing Guy by NoW iN 167 weeks completed of Dance on Thursday Night
    is what rRplaces School and Work and Tennis Court and Bowling Center
    Life that was also Work for almost two decades from the 80’s to
    the turn of the Century too.. truly People who don’t get
    toGeThER in Flesh and Blood Suffer much for
    what HUman BeinGs even are evolved
    to do/be STiLL NoW iNnaTEly
    iNstinctuAlly and
    iNtuitivELy from
    Birth.. yes..
    DancE and SinG
    Even Babies do that..
    Sadly.. folks forget who
    they even are.. often by
    the time they finish Kindergarten
    Stuck behind a Desk in Data Download
    Mode now extending to Electronic Devices
    all that and who continue to replace Tennis
    Court and Bowling Alley and even Church Life now..
    but oh.. LorD yes.. that Alcohol Solution to escape
    the Locked iN State of Stress in MiNd and
    BoDy imbalance is a big enough draw
    sTiLL to Pack Seville
    Quarter as much
    or more
    it has
    ever been
    packed before..
    true.. it takes all kinds
    NoW and i do enjoy theM all..
    And true.. if you don’t understand
    ‘Trumps’ Live in Hell you ain’t
    Heaven yet..
    i lEarned
    not to do the
    Shit ‘they do when
    i AM A Baby.. poor
    ‘they’ never lost ‘they’ diaper true.. buTT NoW
    Still ‘they’ welcome for a free counseling session with
    me.. but you see.. first ‘they’ gonna have to NoW be Brave
    enough to stand before the World Naked with no possessions
    at all
    but oh
    a SoUL
    to have
    any clue
    what the
    FucK i’M oN
    For and as God NoW
    MoTheR NaTure plUS wHo/tHaT never
    ever NoW needs a Face Lift or Bloody
    Long Red ties to make up for ‘manHood’
    never fully developed in Divine Feminine
    Love and Grace and TrUE LiGhT Masculine WiLL and
    Strength thaT/wHo needs nothing but flesh and blood to be a
    man or
    the’tween BaLanCE
    that coMes iS/oF THaT..
    i have great Pity for the
    Trumps of Life as they haven’t
    stARTed LiVinG yeT iN this GiFt oF LiFE Free..
    Seriously.. Trumps
    if ‘you’ could
    just lEarn
    to Free DancE
    NoW and FreeSinG
    PoEtry tHeRE WiLL
    Be a HeaVeN of Female
    Smiles and Male high Fives..eTC..
    everywHeRe you go.. haha.. never
    FucKinG MaKinG one Trump Red Cent..
    God Hates not Being Free God Hates not Being Free..
    oh yeaH and if you are truly Logical and a Scientist..
    duH.. it’s jUSt FucKinG ComMoN SenSe little me and big ME
    Above so Below and all around.. inside.. outside.. above
    so below.. the Capstone is the sPiRiT of CreATiVitY
    And the all ‘SeeiNG’ MiND/BoDY of Me and God
    too.. not something
    ‘you’ even need a Word
    to understand for those NoW
    WiTh ‘aLL’ SeeInG eYes wHo
    and thaT See GoD Face
    to Face iN the
    NoW FReED..
    OTHeR than
    tHat i had A
    Great Great
    and SonG
    Last NiGht
    and hehe.. some of
    the Dudes thought i was
    27 as you tend to age
    with wHo and wHaT
    you do now
    or Saturday
    NiGht Fever alWays NoW..
    trUe.. if they saw me with
    ‘The Church Crowd’ i CaN
    reflect the ’50’s aGaiN..;)

    SaTuRdaY NiGhT
    FucKinG FeVeR
    ForEveR NoW



    LoTs oF RHyMe
    LiTTle ReaSoN

  7. IT’s worth noting that about
    85 percent of reality as we
    don’t see it and can’t measure
    it is Glue that Holds All the Celestial
    Objects in orbit including us wHeRE we are NoW..
    No.. not Dark ‘Matter’ that is a Misnomer as
    Dear ‘FriEnD’ Neil deGrasse Tyson Better
    Terms as Dark Gravity simply as what
    is invisible to measurement
    Accounts for keeping
    ‘stuff’ in orbit..
    and sure as above
    so below we can go
    further with this as hUmaN
    BeinG paRT and WhOle inside
    outside and all around too.. for
    it used to be that Glial Cells were
    Considered not much Different than
    empty space in relationship to the
    Gravity Whole of Life Processes
    NoW and come to find out
    there are Astrocytes
    within Glial
    Cells that
    are actually
    large in parT the
    Director and Conductor
    and Wave Maker in Force
    and Synergy of Energy that
    makes life what it is NOW iN terms
    of Conscious Awareness.. including
    Body iN BaLanCE WiTh what we
    nAMe as MiNd.. so those Glial
    Cells are more everything
    than nothing for the
    hows and whys
    and whats
    of wHo
    we are/do today
    NoW.. and the similar
    applies to so-called “Junk
    DNA”.. once considered inert
    Matter of our Genome and now
    considered active in the continuing
    Processes that consists of our ReaLiTy
    as LiVinG Organisms Now more than even
    Dreamed before.. so in other words NoW just
    ’cause you can’t empirically measure ‘REaLiTY
    never the less and more that does not mean what
    you cannot measure does not exist and the same
    too is applicable to our DNA that is identified with
    cause and effect wHeRE that sAMe Genetic
    Propensity from Birth in DNA Can/WiLL
    Radically change with
    Environmental Challenge..
    Adaptation for that Very Change
    in switches of DNA that are suddenly
    turned on and it’s like a Human BeinG
    Reborn more so as wilder and freer NoW
    out of a Cocoon with Newly Grown Buttefly
    Wings.. However.. bEware as Negative
    Change in unPacking Genetiics as
    low as hate and fear can and
    WiLL continue to Grow too
    as opposed to thE LiGhT
    ForcE EnerGy thaT Births
    and is the Force that continues
    to Drive us through Positive Change
    in liFe with over A Quadrillion Number
    oF LiGht and dARk Force ConNections
    from head to toe.. too.. AnyWay.. i’ve got two Videos
    oN This For Evidence of the Empirical kind for
    what i say heAR in ComMoN Positive SeNse
    FeeL Big Picture thInKinG with Visual iMages
    iN dARk and LiGht too.. WeLL BeYonD
    the once step two and more
    Scientific Method that
    kNows not what
    it does
    as it
    rarELy to
    Never repeats
    the hUmaN InNeR
    UniVerse NoW thaT coMes
    MultiVerse HuMaNs NoW too
    as we becOMe more HUmaN aGaiN..
    HoLDinG HandS and YeS MorE ToGeTHeR
    He Her eT
    eTHeR To GeT
    CReaTeS O U ReaLiTY

  8. https://whippetwisdom.com/2017/06/23/tanka-treasure-the-moment/

    DoG’s HeAr MoReMoMEnT
    HUmaN’s See BeYonD iNFiNiTy
    tHeY Do


    SMiLes.. mY friEnd.. Xenia..
    reMinds me afTer a lingering
    Cold of the Virus kind as wHat Can
    Happen it DamAged the Sensing
    of Smell and resulting Rich
    of Taste..
    what was once
    BeYoND iNiFiNiTE
    in Taste is
    to sweet and
    sour and bitter and
    salty and sure as ‘they’
    Also nAMe for Delicious too..
    Funny thing is.. i often forgot to
    eat before i lost that Rich Taste at Home
    as the Taste of Food is not all that Feeds..
    Interestingly what might devastate some
    folks is just a passing experience as sure
    eventuAlly i WiLL be able to taste rich again..
    MoRE When thE Sensory Nerves ReGeNeRaTE..
    than ever
    little to
    no smell of what
    is Beauty more with poor taste
    wHeRe AsHeS Don’T SMeLL..:)


    When liGht becomes
    the Enemy and dARk
    BecOMes the Savior..
    nah.. just respite for
    More intense pain.. 66 months
    LiVinG as a Vampire.. mY FriEnd..
    Street LiGhts briGhter than the Sun
    at 3 am Walking Around the Block
    Building Strength Back Slowly
    to make it one time
    around without
    out.. now
    true.. thick
    skin is relative
    my FriEnd.. i Love
    the Sun for i can see it aGaiN..
    And losing Smell/Taste IS A Peace of Cake
    as it
    hurt.. iT
    No.. NoW
    doesn’T hurt
    like Dentist Drill
    in right eye and ear
    Without Novocaine..
    True.. i couldn’t use my
    ears without intolerable pain either..
    thE LesSon of pain never complain..
    And when it leaves A P P recite LiFe..:)


    oF SuN
    Dogs retrieve
    Be Lost..:)


    ExPanDinG NoW
    Shores oF LiGht
    Dog Waves
    oF More..
    Ocean Goes
    DancE and SonG..
    SMiLeS NoW
    iN NoW..:)

  9. https://frankhubeny.blog/2017/06/22/menu-filtered-reality/

    SMiLes.. SenTiEnT StaR DuST plUS uS FLoaTs
    WiTh MaGiC oFiMaGiNAtiONcReaTiViTy
    iN the Wind
    oF Words mY friENd..:)


    War of Weeds
    i See Flowers
    Rules say
    Order i Sing Free
    Frustrated Wife Makes
    Flower Beds WitH Border Bricks..
    Before.. Ugh.. She pulls my Shrubs uP..
    Then tosses My Border Bricks iN A Pile..
    i Say.. oh.. No..
    i mUSt have
    aLL My
    Order then..
    Now i Dance
    And Wife
    My Gardener..:)


    Perfection PlAtes
    Room to Give..
    Share and GRoW
    NeVeR EnD


    SMiLes.. War Games
    Explode.. Bedrooms
    Grow Cold..
    iN A World
    Killing Games
    More Fun Than Reproduction..
    True.. Reproduction often
    takes A place
    Creativity too..:)


    A FlAMe
    NoW oF
    PLacE witHiN
    Walls oF Love
    FLoW iN oPeN Arms zONe
    BoNFiREs No CeiLinGs SoULs..:)

  10. frankhubeny says:

    I liked that first Jerry Lewis skit and the pictures of the flowers. This popped out which I think was nice: “Cookies
    can be sweet but they can also remove
    us from so much more of our hUman PoTenTiaL”
    I think that is true.

    • SMiLes.. it’s Funny.. My FriEnd..
      as we grow older ‘we’ reMeMber
      our childhood more than
      what the hustle
      and bustle
      of course
      Severe and
      Chronic Stress
      of Work distances
      us from in terms of
      Happier AnD Nostalgic
      Memories.. Oh Lord.. i was
      so addicted to Sweet Sweet
      Carbonated and Caffeinated
      Soft Drinks and Potato Chips
      when i am in Grade School..
      yes then.. i even dreamed i
      was then swimming in
      Oceans of
      Dr. Pepper
      Mixed with endless
      Emptied Bags of Potato
      chips then too.. hmm..
      Years of enjoying
      all one can
      eat /drink
      then.. fats and
      sugars and oh Lord
      i was such a weak little
      boy with no shape but
      long board skeleton
      like Body And
      when the
      neighbors hired me
      at about 11 years old to
      rake their yard before i started
      lifting weights in a seemingly life
      or death scenario to put meat on my
      bones so bullies wouldn’t eventually
      kill me anyway for the strange i
      was away from tHeir particular
      Land of Group think
      then.. anyway2
      i didn’t have the
      strength or stamina to
      finish raking the yard.. i literally
      couldn’t do it and was very humiliated
      by my lack of ‘normal’ male boy being..
      per the Gender Models all around me.. anyway3..
      somehow through the Real Force and Power of Epigenetics
      and Neuroplasticity.. i unpacked and turned on some Gene Changing
      Potential through self-imposed Environmental Struggle to increasing
      weight lifting exercises and not unlike the Hell Boy Character in that
      Comic show .. i never attained Fuller Maturity in Strength until Fresh
      out of Hell for 66 months at 53.. and of course i would have never
      been admitted into the Military then for weakness or
      now for the Diagnoses of Asperger’s
      Syndrome and somewhat
      Moderated Bi-Polar
      as i’ve been able
      to do with that
      through most but not
      all of my life.. i did manage to
      pull off what most Science Studied
      Averages say is impossible to do in many
      ways as i refused to believe that real HUMaN
      MaGiC iN WiLL PoWeR as BaLanCinG Grace NoW
      and Love with Strength and WiLL and Grace is
      not possible
      then.. now
      so.. sure.. i went
      CoMinG from the Weakest
      Boy to be picked on then
      to the Fish in the Aquarium
      who finally found his Mojo trUe
      iN LiGht too.. in the Bi-Polar Opposite
      too now as the Strongest 57 year old lifting
      Man in many Mechanical Nautilus Bearing Exercises
      overall in the Gym now among early 20’s.. so-called
      Elite Military Folks now.. thing is.. even though i never
      joined the Military.. albeit worked as a Federal Employee
      for the Department of the Defense for a Quarter of a Century..
      i leArned A Key to hUman success is never to Leave Boot Camp NoW
      even if one never officially goes.. and yes.. i walk right pass that
      ‘Plate Full of Cookies’ and never look back as i already have it
      all within in terms of Love and Grace and Strength of Will..
      Lord knows it took a whole Lot of practice
      to get there at age 53.. worth every
      drop of sweat tears and
      blood dropped too
      my FriEnd
      as i’d
      be a real Life
      Apollo New Age
      Renaissance Dude
      than a myth alone my FriEnd..
      anyWay.. you inspired all these words..
      just by coming for a visit my fRiEnd Frank..
      so as alWays.. Thanks as i continue to River FloW oN..;)

  11. SMiLes
    As.. ‘they’
    DancE and
    SinG GoD
    Lost and
    Found iN
    As A GRaiN

  12. MoNeYAin’tSHiT
    ‘ToP’ ProvesthAT
    NoW@Very BotToM PiT
    aS MEeK RiSeS uP 7.1.17
    (Deep Blue Ocean Facebook
    Status Color with Multi
    Colored Human
    RocK oN
    WitH PeAce
    GoD SPeaKs LoVe US.:)

  13. Nature(GoD)School
    Catholic Kindergarten School
    Canal Street Primary School
    2nd Grade Private Catholic School
    Canal Street Primary School
    Oakhurst Elementary School
    Hobbs Middle School
    Milton High School
    (Graduated 11th tied with
    My Best Friend Lynn out of 381)
    Pensacola Junior College School
    (AA Degree 3.81 Average President’s List)
    University of West Florida School
    (3 Month Baker Act Cray Cray Vacation)
    University of West Florida School
    (3 College Degrees earned in ’83
    in Anthropology.. Social
    Sciences Interdisciplinary..
    and Health Science too)
    University of Bowling Center School
    (also known as Working For the Federal
    Government for 25 years in Active Duty
    Civilian Status Leading up to Bowling
    Center Manager.. Support Assistant
    for the Captain of NAS Pensacola..
    to Community Activities Director
    Back at NAS Whiting Field
    and Finally Athletic
    Director mostly
    as valuable
    with Computer
    Skills recognized
    mostly for my
    to write
    long lists
    of technical facts)
    66 Months of Dead Zone Hell School
    (Inclusive of 40 Days of almost no sleep..
    19 Medical Disorders.. including the worst
    pain known to Humankind.. Type two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia from wake to sleep.. Sjogren’s
    Syndrome where eyes quit making
    tears.. Dyautonomia where
    Heart Rate and Blood
    Pressure no
    Anhedonia including
    Severe Depression.. Severe
    Anxiety.. Panic Attacks.. PTSD..
    ADHD.. Alexithymia.. Asperger’s
    Syndrome.. Mood Lability.. way
    way way too Dead inside to
    be Diagnosed with Bi-
    Polar then.. what
    else.. yes..
    Severe Degenerative
    Arthritis in Spine precipitated
    early by Congenitally Fused
    Vertebra in spine.. Coat Hanger
    Pain associated with Dysautonomia..
    yes just more pain around shoulders
    and neck.. Congenitally Closed up
    Sinuses from Severe Deviated
    Septum as ENT asked how
    do you breathe through
    the mouth and
    that’s the
    least of the
    way back then..
    and total loss
    of emotions
    where i couldn’t
    even remember
    if i had ever
    smiled was
    the worst
    of all as
    that was all
    numb numb numb
    in God.. yes..the Dead
    Zone HeLL from 2008 ‘until
    July 22nd or so then of 2013..
    Miraculously Recovered by
    literal words of some of the
    Team of Professionals working
    to save a life for years with
    no drugs that would work
    for any of the pain and
    other related misery
    and suffering
    in JOB
    on Earth)
    Wrong Planet School
    (inclusive of years spent
    in Dead Zone Hell starting
    a Writing Hobby to escape
    pain on that website on Thanks
    Giving Day of 2010 arising to close
    to 6 Million Words by Recovery Day
    on or about July 22nd of 2013 and
    continuing on then through July
    of 2015.. adding about another
    2 Million Words to the tally
    on that website.. in
    8011 posts there)
    dVerse Poetry School
    (just write a poem back
    to every poem read then
    and start writing the Longest
    Long Form Poem ever in the
    History of HumanKind starting
    at the end of August 2013 on a
    Word Press site as now that Long
    Form Poem arises to approximately
    5 Million Words Celebrated today
    on 7.1.17.. inclusive of a ‘PHI Bible’
    of precisely 1.618 Million Words completed
    in the time frame of Memorial Day 2016 through
    Memorial Day 2017 as just one chapter of ‘SonG
    oF mY SoUL’.. Ocean WHole Long Form Poem.. yes
    aRiSinG to Approximately 5 Million Words today that
    is also inclusive of ‘Netherland Bible 2017’ arising with
    the 113th MacroVerse out of a total of 784
    MacroVerses to 1.744 Million
    words in 13 months too
    as just another chapter
    included in 5 Million
    Words as ‘SonG oF
    mY SoUL’..
    oh yes.. and not
    to forget starting
    an approach of 7700 Miles
    of Public Dance in the Regional
    Southeast Gulf Coast Region since
    the end of August 2013 through the
    47th month in July of Doing that now
    and of course the feat of Leg Pressing
    1020 Lbs 33 times on A Very Difficult
    Parallel Free Weight Nautilus
    Leg Press machine with
    arms raised to the
    Heavens in both
    Martial Arts
    and Ballerina
    Balance as this
    Free Verse style of Public
    Dance incorporates both
    Ballet and Martial Arts
    Move in all Free
    Style as
    the Body
    tales the mINd
    what to do in all
    innate.. instinctual
    and intuitive ways all around
    ‘town’ as ‘they’ say and sure
    100K FULLY and oh GOD yes
    Humanly illustrated photos to go
    along with “SonG oF mY soUL” including
    over a thousand photos with Lovely Young
    Women over the span of Dancing 167 Weeks
    with all the Cool College Age Folks at Old Seville
    Quarter in P’Cola town addressed commonly
    as Legend at that place after a year or so
    effort of Dance there in 2015 to
    the ‘applause’ of the
    online then
    as shared by others
    from all over the area
    in Social Media from
    Tallahassee to the
    the Casino Gulf
    Shores of
    Bioloxi too
    and the Best
    FucKinG thing of
    aLL is not MaKinG
    A FucKinG Trump
    Long Tied Red
    Cent actually
    so-called working..
    since January of 2008
    not a FucKinG Red Trump
    Cent never ever now NOWtheN)

    Heaven School
    (Starting on or about
    July 22nd 2013 the main
    Driver of all the ‘Good’ dONE)


    # Stillalistmakingdudeiamnow2


  14. Second Round of
    at Xenia’s Place..:)

    Free CreativELy..:)

    CareS iN LiGHt..:)

    SMiLes.. Good
    Old Yellow
    NoW iN
    sTiLL trYinG
    MeanS To
    HiM NoW..;)

    DoG SMiLes
    mY FriEnd.. Xenia..:)

    Hmm.. it
    i AM
    uP oN Shore aGaiN..;)



  15. Hi My FRiEnD, your back yard looks beautiful in the images with all that is growing towards the Light and there are so many purring new friends for you to meet too :o) I enjoyed your karaoke fun at the 2017 Bowling Reunion and the beautiful words ‘enjoy the SigNature of GOD that iS Nature’ especially. A very happy 1st July and a wonderful weekend to you, Katrina and Yellow Boy with many sMiles across the Miles and Love as Light :o) xxx

    • Hello.. friEnd Xenia.. as alWays
      So.. Happy to See you
      over here at
      my place
      too.. aS Hehe..
      i alWays have an
      open door policy for
      all the general public at
      hand and i would Love
      to offer you something
      out of the Refrigerator
      if i could hehex2
      but sure..
      i left
      you with
      some Karaoke
      Fun just for fun too..
      as it’s the moment captured
      of friends that is so much more
      important than whether or not the
      Equipment was/is working correct
      even including the Tool of Words..
      or how off key my attempt at a
      high voice was to do
      you are the
      of my
      life too as
      i have always
      loved that song so much
      so.. the sPiRiT was tHeRe
      at lEast my FriEnd.. hehex3
      And of course STiLL HeAR2
      WitH you mY FriEnd as you do
      BRinG an AiR of the Highlands
      oF Scotland Sunshine when you
      come to visit too.. And yes.. the
      Wife Katrina is BeCoMinG quiet
      and loud the Master Gardener these days
      for Front and Backyard Beauty too mY friEnd..
      Give a paW kiss to the Dogs please and say Hi from me
      to your Husband too.. BLisSingS alWays wHeRE yoU Live NoW mY FriEnd..:)

  16. WeLL iT was a close race until
    i saw your Last Hate speech
    all uP oN God’s Children
    who are remarkably
    the same
    as you
    from the
    Sound of your
    Voice.. those who
    protest the most now yes
    and all of that stereotype Stuff
    too.. just Looking for a Social
    Role where you cannot even
    fit into what you innately are
    and that is plain to see and
    i’m okay with you just
    really sad that
    you are not
    you as
    it seems
    heAr hating
    all up on your
    ‘cousins’ and ‘stuff’
    like that but anyway
    back to the race i am currently
    Fulfilling what ‘they’ nAMe
    as a John 14:12 Mission
    iN faCT.. i alReaDy
    it long
    ago already2
    with both the Longest
    Long Form Poem and
    A ‘PHI Bible’ to yes
    set the record
    on all
    the lies
    in a one year
    effort of 1.618
    MiLioN Words..
    EDiT as they say
    of that last one too
    for the iLLusory fears
    and empty promises of
    deceit that aims with that2
    to Trump Control otHeRS WitH
    Fear and Hate and yes of course
    illusory promises so you hate the
    blessings of the life you have now
    to serve who ever is collecting
    the Dollar Bills or whatever
    is the currency at
    hand.. and
    no matter what
    Book now of Holy
    and Sacred Text NoW
    he may read and i hear
    these days that he thinks
    the Buddha is pretty cool but in
    terms of a Good Cop Jesus who says
    clearly Love is the Law with consuming
    no others with the intent of harm and sure
    even turn the other cheek and love your enemy
    too.. gentile or jew.. servant or free.. woman
    or man no more.. and Heaven is at
    Hand now within as
    promised unless
    it was a lie
    that it
    in this generation
    at hand now too then and
    no.. don’t use a sword as
    you will surely die by what
    you use to harm otHeRs2
    and yes.. now too.. And in this
    Heaven everyone will be as the
    Spirit of Love where even Marriage
    Will NOT be necessary for that.. so.. so
    much for Hating all up on Gay Marriage and
    Stuff like that.. remember class once again repeat
    gentile or jew servant or free woman or man no more
    everyone and particularly the meek and humble and those
    previously who have overcome as poor in spirit are entitled
    the Riches within of the Kingdom of Heaven NoW.. meanwhile
    literally everything you are doing here today is antichrist against
    that Good CoP Jesus and just like Politics and Trump you can
    find the Bad Cop Republican Jesus in the Bible too.. in terms
    of bringing a sword instead of peace.. hating all up on your
    brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and
    oh Lordy even your children too with words
    about even going as far as slaying
    those you disagree with
    if you thought
    a Trump
    ban was even too much
    and taking away the potential
    for 22 Million Americans to
    have Health Care for Life too..
    so.. yes.. it’s understandable
    that you follow the AntiChrist
    Bad Cop Jesus as he is already
    still living in your antiquated bible
    thingie now.. but still NoW it’s a pretty
    Good Book as the Good Cop Jesus.. yeP
    the one i follow NoW and aim to be as
    metaphor of human archetype Love
    now.. too..
    and could
    be you too..
    if you could just
    let go of all this
    hate and fear and
    conspiracy theory crap stuff too
    and spread the Hope and Love and
    Joy that is the Metaphor of the Good
    Cop Jesus verses the Fear and Hate
    and Misery Loves company that
    still exists of the Literal
    Bad Cop Jesus one
    can read into
    if one
    the dARk
    instead of the LiGht
    oF liFe in New Testament
    ways STiLL NoW.. aS Sure
    you can’t expand a Roman Empire
    or an Ottoman one for that matter
    without swords and blood and guts huh..
    it’s a Land of Free Speech as long as you do
    not incite harm to others with that speech NoW
    and you are razor thin in a community now heAR
    Named YouTube with a New Army of Specialists
    just like Facebook who New Cop Jesus whether
    or not they have heard of him/her yET are focused
    on eliminating hating up speech on
    God’s Children who are
    FREE NoW FOR the
    unalienable rights
    to life.. liberty
    and by God
    yes if it is what iT takes
    them to be Happy NoW iN
    the Kingdom oF Heaven within
    now.. sure.. they can get married too..
    to their best Sacred LoVinG saMe Sex Friend now..
    for the F iN United States NoW Guaranteed Declaration
    of Independence rights for all citizens to pursue happiness
    now as long as it does not harm anyone within the perimeters
    of the Law now as it stand for FREE.. so wHaT/wHo were you expecting
    to encounter.. a reAlly Nice Effete Bearded Female Jesus or someone who looks
    More like Magnum PI with a Mix of Chuck Norris in Martial arts skills like Bruce Lee too..
    true.. my friend
    you do look
    a lot
    of Jesus now.. thing
    is God doesn’t have to
    paint any Jesus the way
    you think Jesus is now..
    no one has ever heard
    Jesus talk.. no one
    has ever heard
    Jesus walk..
    No one
    has ever
    Seen Jesus either..
    hehe.. unless you make
    Jesus the archetype of Pure
    Love in Good Cop Jesus style NoW..
    otherwise my friend you are just another
    Bad Cop anti-christ Cop Jesus as that
    list continues to run on.. trust me folks
    like ‘me’ and Zuckerberg dont’ come around
    JuST consider NoW
    this a home improvement
    plan as i just recently celebrated
    300 Years since the Premier Grand
    Lodge of Free Masonry in Westminster
    England was founded then with those same
    Basic Ideals that are still a large part of our
    Constitution and Declaration of Independence
    to DaTE sTiLL mY FriEnd.. and truly it doesn’t matter
    how effete your voice sounds.. you are cool with
    me as
    no more
    and eTc.. yes
    even EXtra TeR
    ResTrials Do yes
    also get in too Now..
    with or without words..
    funny isn’t.. no matter how
    hard you work out it doesn’t
    change who are inside my friEnd..
    Be who you are whatever you are but yes..
    we live in a free country NoW and yes your great
    Country of Canada is even freer in some ways too
    with Universal Health Care that promotes even better
    the Pursuit of Happiness too.. thing is baby this is YouTube..
    a privately owned community who sets their rules and if you
    don’t stop hating up on folks who are different than you in terms
    of hate inciting speech your days are now numbered here as
    Lives agAIN
    in Zuckerberg
    and his friends
    and all the YouTube
    Freedom Fighters for
    the Rights to Life and
    Liberty and the Pursuit of
    Happiness too.. that yeS includes
    consuming no others with harm as
    you attempt to do here
    as the
    sin that
    you still promote heAR NoW2..


    AnyWay2.. jUSt anotHeR GiFt for you..
    And this new MacroVerse titled “SOldieR
    oF LiGHT FLoWeRS” oF “NetherLand Bible
    2017” now at 1.744 Million words in writing
    13 months now fits with all this just fine NoW
    aS i never give up on lost lambs my friend too..
    and sure.. on top of that you are still now one
    of my Favorite Dark Muses for PoEtrY NoW2..
    And hehe.. you can find me on Facebook too
    Created For a New World Order of Peace
    and Hope and Love and Joy Loves
    Company too..
    by the kind of
    Nerds i used
    to be too..
    A Lamb
    becAMe a LioN NoW2..
    just iMagine… i wRite the
    Equivalent of almost A Bible
    every 6 months now and include
    all of that NoW iN what is now well
    over 2K Profile Pic Descriptions in terms
    NoW of 130K words on average a month..
    sure.. i give great thanks to Zuckerberg and
    all his other Nerd friends around the World
    for preparing a way for me and so many oTHeR Good
    CoP Jesus Folks NoW2
    to THE New
    Age Baby NoW
    Paved with LoVe
    for Different and even
    sAMe too.. Hope and
    Joy Loves company even in
    a place with no sun or moon online
    where a person like me can live a thousand
    years or more as long as iRobot servers don’t get tired of me..
    as Andrew Gold once said thank you for being a friend.. meet me in Heaven NoW2..
    As it’s true dARk MaKeS liGht and too much liGht can even make dARk.. so what
    tHaT/tHiS means
    my dARk
    is you
    a way NoW for
    me too2.. now2..
    reAlly.. the New Testament
    is mostly good sTuff Still and
    mY FavoRiTE OT oF aLL is Isaiah 53
    StiLL PrePaRinG a Way for
    A Human Hero
    mY fRiEnd
    i.e. at age
    53 for me
    too then..
    sELf fulFiLLinG
    Prophecies is what
    Art alWays does as
    Art coMes first as the SiGNaTuRE oF
    GoD and then coMes reaLiTy mY FriEnd
    iF NoW yoU can see It and NoW heAR HeRE
    iT NoW WitH moRe tHan jUSt eYes and eaRs..:)

  17. https://omabdalrahmaan.wordpress.com/2017/06/30/vacation-2/

    SMiLes.. My friEnd SOHEIR.. i aM
    so glad you offer yourself Flowers
    for your accomplishments continuing
    in School of the University kind in your
    Arabic studies there.. A Beautiful Language
    it is and
    Be to
    God i
    Do Love
    Arabic Numerals
    so much that i see
    each and everyone as
    a reflection of God and
    the Order that is also
    pART Ocean WhOle
    of GoD aLL
    thAT is
    this year of
    2017 added
    together for
    10 and without
    the Zero as a Number
    1 Arabic Number Year..
    To make all of LiFe Holy
    and Sacred FuLL of Meaning
    and Purpose is to Respect this
    Gift as Miracle oF Life that we
    DancE and SinG NoW WitH
    Words of Poetry too..
    or just
    a word
    and all powerful
    as Love my FriENd.. you
    See.. Love is not random.. Love
    is full of holy and sacred meaning
    and purpose that we create with each
    otHeR Stronger and more Powerful a Force
    all 7 BiLLioN PoTEnTiaL of uS when WE get to
    DanceSinG A Chorus of Love Respecting the Biggest
    FloWeR oF aLL mY FriEnd thAT is the whOle oF
    GoD aLL thaT is and the beauty that we too
    are paRt and ParcEL.. A Reflection oF the
    FloWeR oF GoD oN eARTh Terrestrial
    Plane NoW as we DancE
    And SinG
    sKeYes More..
    i have 100 percent
    Faith and Hope/LoVe that eventuAlly
    everyone WiLL see the GoD oF LoVe
    as FloWeR of both Beauty and Wise
    My Kind and Industrious FriEnd
    SOHEIR as you continue to
    Single Parent your
    Lovely Children
    in Egypt
    yes.. my Mother
    went to University
    later with US and we
    all Graduated in 1983..
    i have Great Respect for Single
    Mothers who do it all now.. true
    you will never be alone single as
    LonG aS LovELives as yoU/God TrUE LiGht aS LOVEALLONE
    Best of Fortune to you for you Break for School mY FriEnd…
    God WiLLinG oF Nature i WiLL be heAR WaiTinG for you when
    you come back aGaiN..

  18. SMiLes.. My FriEnD
    For i did not
    This Love
    Language ’till
    Age 53 for
    The Written
    Word.. You are
    Young.. so Much
    More to Come..:)

    The Language of Love
    Doesn’t Age and even
    gets better for it is more
    than words it is SenSinG
    and FeeLinG as Essence
    oF MoVinG ConNecTinG
    and CreaTinG ToGeTheR OnE
    To Practice Love in all its Artful
    Nature is to liGht the BeinG HUmAN
    uP from Head to toe a Christmas Tree
    that lives NoW and NeVer juST an empty
    promise as someone else or Illusory fears
    of what cannot be taken away once gained
    and practiced as a life long Vocation oF LoVe NOW..
    True.. a New Day AlWays comes now with the Force
    of more than one who and they join in and as LoVe..
    to practice this is to give and share never taking
    more than giving to live this is to live
    never needing or wanting..
    to BrinG A Love oF liGht
    as never BeFoRE.. yes
    more to come
    as BliSS
    of MoRE LoVe
    as LiGht so BriGht
    Love.. A New Day Comes
    NoW.. anyWay.. Love is anoTHeR
    World of Hope and Joy aWay
    from Doubt and Jealousy
    and Greed all negative
    attributes of human
    emotions touched
    with Fear over
    AngEL oF LoVe
    yes.. Demon oF
    Fear that makes
    all STuFF related to Hate..
    A New day comes NOW for
    those who join hands.. A new
    day for breathing liGht.. A new
    day comes now.. Breathe Breathe
    Touch Hug Arms SMiLinG eYes
    and words Now without
    restraint trUe
    Fear and Hate
    A New Day Rises NoWLoVE..:)

  19. When the Katrina was pregnant if not boy
    for Ryan we decided on Elaine for girl..
    What Love Can be What Love WiLL
    Do when unconditional
    and perhaps
    that is
    some folks
    Never Learn
    about Love
    until there
    IS A
    Love to give than
    take.. a child is often
    key.. particularly for
    men.. in the
    but truly
    more a cultural
    disease that says
    Men are not men
    who express emotions
    Tender that care and of course
    Women must not be strong for
    they are not men but true Strength
    is Love and Hope comes from
    A BaLanCinG ForcE of
    Grace.. True too..
    a Gift
    but not
    Free.. one that musT
    be Practiced forevermore alWays
    NoW.. a way in the middle.. ReaCHinG..
    SpreadinG LiGht from Peace.. a Nurturing
    Gift to Love all that is as ‘they’ say God too of
    Nature all that is seen and unseen and felt and unfelt..
    sensed and not sensed.. yeS.. eveN Faith iN the unknown
    NoW Leaps of Logic as ‘they’ who have experienced this Love
    WiLL jusT DancE and Sing Too Free WiTh a SMiLe NoW Never
    Ending Breathing Love inhaling exhaling LiGht more discarding Negative
    As Con-Social Emotions of dARk until there is no other way to travel on
    Any Path of Life Journey but the PurE LiGht oF Love that flies HiGher as
    Sun as Flower just waiting to die to BRinG Seeds of LiGht in Crucible Fire
    to what
    comes as
    Seeds GroWinG
    iN and as LoVe NoW..;)

    Love Wins
    Love Wins


    Love Wins
    Love Wins


    Love Wins NoW..:)

  20. And now for some MacroVerse Shares
    year to date.. Holiday Obligations
    BRinG Less time to write but
    hehe.. more time
    for Photography
    and Dance..
    So.. STiLL it’s aLL
    A Wash for Happiness
    And Giving and Sharing
    Happiness no matter what…
    Anyway.. Word Count is down..
    Dance Steps are up.. thumbs aren’t
    sore from clicks and points in Mouse
    ways but sure.. the Big Toes that spin
    me are a little ready for rest as
    write goeS oN.. and hey
    hey hey.. i’ve
    completed the
    Intro to the next MacroVerse
    and even come up with a title
    for that MacroVerse which WiLL
    also be pART of the Ending
    And the Beginning of
    this MacroVerse
    Share HeaR..
    Years to Date as i SinG
    Again as the Facebook
    Algorithm iRobot coMes
    in to play.. so that pART
    First beFore the MacroVerse
    ShareS.. HeaR noW with the
    same accompanying Dude in Front
    oF A Transformer WitH A Sword coming first..
    and sure just wordS HeaR and Naked ones too..:)

    Hmm.. CoMinG to a TheaTeR
    aGaiN SooN eNough iN
    TransforMinG Ways
    Without A Steel
    Sword and
    onLY Words
    oF SonG and
    Steps of DancE
    howEver.. foR NoW
    STiLL a 114th/785th Macro
    Verse to E-LiNe PublisH as thAT
    GoeS oN aS “SOldieR oF LiGHT FLoWeRS”
    For both “NetherLand Bible 2017”.. NoW
    SurpaSsinG 1.744 MiLLioN Words
    WitH Grand Total CoMinG
    SooN Enough and only
    For Hear.. yes.. also
    DouBlinG aS
    Effort oF noW
    Around 5 MiLLioN
    Words ToTaL NoW aS
    SonG oF My SoUL..:)

    Bless A Right to Life Liberty
    And A Pursuit of Happiness
    More than Paper Words OK
    One Hundred Trillion
    Dollar Current BalLoon
    StatUS oF US Happiness
    FinD U HobbY
    Naked Happiness
    Within No Lincoln
    Dollar BiLL
    No Guarantees
    PoP ComeS BalLooN
    “DeCLaRaTioN oF iNDePenDencE
    DReAMs oN” HeAR NoW2
    TiTLE CoMinG NoW HeRE2

    Now to Year to Date MacroVerse Shares..
    JuST foR FuN And ALL For Free Y NoT..
    i Dance
    and SinG..:)


    “F**Universe”.. Yes Fun Universe from three years
    ago.. hehe.. Need i Dance and Sing
    More iN my own Personal
    Staycation oF
    Ferris Bueller’s
    Day off and hmm..
    anoTheR SonG NoW
    CoMinG to iLLustRate
    the CurRenT issues
    where Dollar
    are changing
    into emoticons
    likes shares and
    Follows more now
    no different really
    for currency of Social
    Acceptance.. hmm.. Dance
    and Song has been around
    so much longer in the Face
    to Face and Hips to Hips
    and other Naked
    Flesh and
    ways of Love you ReaL
    iN human connection
    old school way while i try to
    uPload the FeeL and SenSE
    oF thAT too.. heHe iN more than
    a few words too.. as SonG GoeS oN
    More than a take down of Freedom of
    Expression by Trump ways of Aggression
    Leading to more Violence and Wars aS Such
    iN A Twitter Style of Platinum Blonde Lies more..
    Fear and Hate Mongering limited to 140 Characters
    too on
    STiLL oF
    course ugh
    repeat fear
    and hate sucks..:)


    “ONE Arch of Colors’.. Yep Real Life Love You in Real
    LiFe so is this real.. hmm.. as real as substance
    one finds in symbols whether that be a letter
    or a grain of sand that one sees
    as God or a Like or Sure..
    a Follow Share and
    even a heart
    of Love
    but still
    not hips
    and eyes
    next to each
    other FeeLinG
    and SeNsinG A ReaL
    DancE and SonG oF LifE
    YeP.. Flesh and Blood as evolved
    for around a Hundred Thousand Years
    or so but if one had no body at all sure
    a Great Tool to accommodate or make
    Functional Disability as in all stuff
    Life and Existence use it
    or lose it applies.. in
    other than
    Move Connect
    and Create and sure
    words work too for those
    even without eyes and ears
    to say as Helen Keller and Folks
    like me who once had no effective
    use of eyes and ears WiLL surELy Love
    to do and even continue on as a Hobby
    to Give and Share for Free if ‘they’
    get effective use of their eYes
    and eaRs Back aGaiN
    to GiVe
    ShARe Free
    what they learned
    when blind and deaf
    so much deeper within
    as sure.. “ONE Arch of Colors”
    too.. as that’s the wayS iT GoeS oN
    in SiT or DancE more than Stagnate STiLL
    MacroVerse from two years ago HeaR and


    “FREErUlesS”.. from three years ago that DanceS
    and SingS the sAMe MoRe than Less in Flesh and Blood..:)


    “DELIVERANCE From Ignorance Into LOVE”.. just waiting for the day when
    so-called churches practice what ‘he’ preaches.. particularly the so-called
    Catholic one that means a religion of God for all.. Universal
    as ‘they’ say but will never Be Fully unTil the TruELIGht
    Meaning of Gentile or Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman
    or Man No More is Fully Practiced
    wHeRe even so-called
    Folks can and will
    Get married in the Church
    And sure.. Divorced Folks too..
    Do ‘you’ even now kNow the Good
    Cop Jesus wHo SeeS and FeeLs
    And kNows God Naked Within
    As Kingdom of Heaven
    now.. sure the
    oPen as Deliverance
    from Ignorance into Love
    from two years ago sTiLL too..:)

  21. http://katiemiaaghogday.blogspot.com/2013/04/autism-and-nautilus.html

    “Autism and the Nautilus”

    Back Again.. Gym Closed early as
    Declaration of two days for
    Federal Holidays
    of Independence
    Day.. July 3rd and
    4th days this year..
    so.. sure.. fitting that one
    MacroVerse Follows aNoTheR
    WiTh a usual theMe and MeMe
    of the Right to Life and Liberty
    with the Right to a Pursuit
    of Happiness too..
    whether that
    means following
    one’s own particular
    rituals and routines
    of Holy and Sacred
    FuLL of Meaning and
    Purpose iN Life Binding
    togEthEr uNder ComMon Hopefully
    Positive Shared Symbols for Hope and Love
    WitH yOUr Family Members and Friends
    and sure.. even Pets and the Rest
    of Creation for those who
    nAMe thaT God Seen
    and Unseen..
    fELt and
    UnfELt.. kNoWn
    NoW and unkNoWn
    EitHeR God or a Blue
    Turtle and even Nature
    too or nothing at all NoW for
    whatever allows one to pursue
    tHeiR StaTE of Happiness within..
    inside.. outside.. above.. so below and
    all a’Round NoW.. too.. Different Languages
    for the Experiences of liFE many similarities
    in Essence once the Form of Languages for
    Religion are shed.. and this takes an original
    Founding Forefathers way of open-MiNded
    BeinG.. not all folks Biologically
    and Environmentally iN
    Both Nature
    and Nurture
    are liberal
    for progressive
    Change in Differences
    among others.. yeS.. Hehe..
    believe it or not some folks are
    very conservative and averse to
    any change outside their already
    Environmentally and Genetically
    Learned Paradigms of LifE
    LiGht for Survival
    And even
    NoW too…
    Anyway as the SonG
    and MacroVerse from
    Four Years Ago STiLL
    DanceS.. yes.. sKeYes
    of GoD Closer to the heART
    as thaT iS wHeRE hUmaN Happiness
    comes from or some lower level way
    of BeinG aWay from this LIGht in the
    dARk oF Fear and all stuff related to Hate now..:)


    And nah.. Not everyone’s cup of Tea to.. “i celebrate! my Body ECLECTICElectricAlly!’..
    hehe.. nah.. that surely is not what the new T-pARTy expected now for sure from
    a 57 year old Dude in the flesh and blood FULL Nude Art in New aGe
    Selfie Michelangelo Flesh and Blood Selfie Photography ART
    or at age 54.. three years ago.. for this MacroVerse Share..
    but in this country we live in for now at least that
    Form oF Freedom of Expression is protected
    by the First Amendment
    Rights of the Constitution..
    as yes.. Speech is more than
    words.. in fACT as Science sHows..
    NoW Non-Verbal Communication is
    anywhere sTiLL from 60 to 93 Percent
    of so-called ‘Normal’ Human Reciprocal
    Social Communication and ‘the Nude’
    iN Days gone by and sTiLL Days
    to coMe Free have and is
    been a best way
    to ART
    Experience FReED
    particularly for me NoW as
    tHis Art juST so HapPens to
    Be Closer to mY heART Free
    not much DiffeRenT ReALLY
    iN Synchronicity ways now
    of the Rush Album
    Cover for
    thaT Art too..
    yes.. and Private
    Online Communities
    like Google Blogs pave
    the way for this art through
    Restricted Adult Blogs that house
    an appropriate Avenue for this Art
    where folks who are much less
    open minded for this kind
    of hUmaN ArT WiLL
    be forewarned
    not to enter
    tHeRE as
    for some folks
    A Live Status NoW
    of David in Michelangelo
    and Egyptian Min Selfie too
    New Age Renaissance ART
    is ART and for others anything
    but the perception of what they
    see as ART closer to the heART
    And that’s okay.. not any Different
    than belonging to another
    religion as these
    are the
    of BeinG an
    American Citizen
    and if you’re feeling so
    down that it is legal there
    are now other countries that
    are much more conservative
    that enforce the wearing of clothes
    all the way from head to toe.. in other
    words.. be careful what you wish for.. for those
    of who go raw in ART protect your rights from not
    being totally covered up now.. too.. so
    An option is clear.. don’t
    go to places
    you don’t
    go.. now
    you Don’t have
    to see the fur of
    Miley Cyrus at Younger
    Ages or the Beast of me FuLL at 57.. as
    Heinz 57 Variety.. stick or sit with your version
    as you wilt to do.. doing no harm to anyone else
    as the Laws of the United States Currently AlloW iN
    4th of July Independence Day Way.. all togeTHeR this
    Art i do and share in several avenues gains over 100K views..
    not everyone’s cup of ART Tea in the full nude way butt yes it is for some..
    anyway.. it surely meets the Standards set forth by a man called Jesus in
    A Gospel of Thomas Verse 37 that says to find God within and
    the Kingdom of Heaven now in words to that affect and
    effect.. strip your cultural clothes off and
    tread on them with zero
    JoB DoNe..
    AnotHeR MiSSioN
    And Great iDea accomplished too.. NoW..
    Celebrate YouR Temple oF God ECLECTiCally
    if yoU WiLL to Do.. for Freedoms DancE and SinG NoW..
    yes.. this is pARt of My Religion Also Protected by the
    Constitution of the United States too.. oh., yes..
    i can even provide a link to the
    religious text for this
    as already
    for thousands
    of years as i ain’t
    the only one who’s read
    it fully believes it and is doing
    it even partiAlly as we speak
    on Instagram now too..
    not everyone
    has read
    it/does it
    but some
    folks are fully
    aware and understand
    the ecstatic and transcendent
    oneness WiTh God thAT Total
    Naked Freedom iN CelebRating
    Naked God Given Form and Function
    BeinG in Tantric ways of solo ART too..
    Yes.. CoMinG Closer to the HeaRT NoW..
    And yes.. my Nude Fully Displayed ART Poses
    are some of the most vitAllY FuLL oF Holy
    And Sacred Meaning and Purpose
    Art Activities i do in ART
    fuLL ways to give
    and share too
    for those
    who appreciate
    this kind of art.. NoW
    once.. again.. not everyone’s
    cup of tea but this IS A much bigger
    World than a Tea pARTy in the Sahara FoR NoW..:)


  22. https://katiemiafrederick.com/2015/06/29/wrecking-ball-rule-of-hate/

    “WrecKING Ball rule of HATE”.. MacroVerse from two years
    ago that goeS on to Dance And Sing on the
    Merits of Freedom away
    from closed
    and MiNds
    WaYs of BeinG..
    We create our life iN
    Many ways of silent
    and loud LuCiDiTY
    in guiding our
    of LifE sAMe and
    DiFfeReNT too.. iNk
    Blot Test as ‘they’
    Dance and
    when i see patterns
    of shapes in Linoleum
    Floors at Friends homes
    while sitting in the Bathroom
    i see loving images.. nothing
    scary at all.. as that is how
    i’Ve tRained my
    in consume
    no eviL eYes and
    hEars and sPeaKs way
    in do no hArMiNG otHeRs NOW SaNe..
    Hmm.. and that reminds me too of pain..
    all the pain and misery and suffering i’ve
    seen and yeS enduRed in this liFe of existence
    in this form of essence on this plane of life now..
    so much Mental Illness and Drug Addiction and
    Problems with the Laws of the Land on
    My Mother’s Side and mostly
    rule followers on
    my Father’s
    but not
    all of course..
    some Bi-Polar
    and ADHD and
    of course many
    Asperger’s Trends
    as that is where i got
    that paRT of the Expression
    of My Genetics in Environmental
    ways too.. so.. yeah.. one of my second
    cousins called for a ride on Sunday morning
    to somewhere in Pensacola.. come to find a
    17 year old addiction to Prescription Opiate Drugs..
    too poor for Medicaid and with enough Money provided
    by Boy Friend for a trip every two days to get around 16 dollars
    ‘worth’ of Opiates.. Car Broken on this Day.. so sure.. me and the
    Katrina stepped up for a three hour Clinic trip to help her
    out and we bought her some breakfast and
    all was well as she thanked us and
    we were happy to help her
    until the next
    morning where
    we couldn’t do it again..
    and she said she would understand
    if we couldn’t but never the more she
    posted that her family should go to hell
    for saying no to her the next morning and
    Defriended me on Facebook.. but you see.. i understand
    her Mental Illness of Bi-Polar and her Anger Issues and yes..
    i totally expected this to happen.. so i have no hard feelings
    at all.. for just ’cause i live in balance and am financially
    independent doesn’t mean other folks with similar
    issues can and even have the will to accomplish
    that now.. it’s true.. if Governor Rick Scott and
    Republicans hadn’t been so cold hearted to
    push away Medicaid
    Benefits for
    the very
    she could got
    the help she needed
    to get off the opiate addiction
    that only exacerbates the other
    Mental Health issues she has that
    runs all through that Maternal side
    of the family through Criminal Activity
    to Overdose Death too.. common element
    is Drug Abuse whether prescription or illegal..
    and in crime it is most often the element of Drug
    Addiction that is the Driving Force of Criminal and
    particularly Anger issues too all out of balance but
    again.. no help for neediest of us all when it comes
    to Medical Care and even harder for them
    to get Disability Benefits as they don’t
    often have the Sober Analytical
    Skills/Patience it takes
    to Navigate
    the Legal
    to get in..
    either.. and the
    True Evil now aS iN the
    Republican Law makers
    and Administration wHo wants
    to take the Misery and Suffering
    even further for up to 22 Million
    more folks.. just a reMiNder..
    Karma is real
    sooner or later
    Laws of Attraction
    LiGht and dARk to
    Tween aS sHades
    of Purgatory
    RainBow Colors
    iN Heaven NoW2.. sure
    poison or rainbows WiLL
    of Choice and Wheel oF Fortune too
    Fortune of Love away from Dollar iLL..:)

  23. https://katiemiafrederick.com/2016/06/27/pan-at-the-apollo-theater2/

    “Pan at the Apollo Theater2”.. From a year ago as “Nether Land
    Bible 2017” and “PHI Bible” Chapters of “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    come into Full Swings at the End of June 2016..
    All MacroVerses togeThER oN Average
    15K or so words a piece running
    up towards 2 to 3 Hundred
    photos too with
    restricted Nude
    Art Links and other
    You Tube Music Videos
    And intellectual enlightening
    ways of eclectic information..
    liNk2.. trUe i create this Holy and
    Sacred FuLL of Meaning
    and Purpose life
    with the
    Force of God
    wHo and thaT LiVes
    within me.. not everyone
    on this terrestrial plane of
    LiFE is LiVinG in the
    ‘Good Place’
    i feeL and
    SeNse that dArK aLL2..
    if i don’t Create ArT
    NoW iN LiGht to Counteract
    thaT DarKness iN HuMaNs on the PlanET
    eARTh NoW.. “SOldieR oF LiGHT FLoWeRS”
    is more than a Job it IS A Covenant With the
    Verb of God wHo and thaT LIVes within as
    Force and trUe.. i’ve been heAr forevernow
    moRe juST liKe you whether you
    Love it or not
    it is to
    be i am
    is you too NoW..:)


    “TWELVE”.. Pre-MacroVerse from four years ago
    as i cereMoNiously in MaGiC ways
    oF iNner Search SeeK anD
    coMe closer
    to Recovery
    from Pain
    and Misery
    to FinD/Be Sacred
    Love within oneness
    Ocean wHole wiTh God
    oN Navarre Beach as waves
    sands sea oats and emerald
    green gulf are i as allone
    WiTh GoD too..
    spiraling as
    Sea Gull
    you see
    i carry NoW oN
    God as Beach iN
    as me wherever i go
    NoW iN Peace and
    Harmony.. come Rain
    or HiGh Low Hell NoW2..:)


    “No way of encouragement! too small”.. Gratitude for all the encouragement
    that comes my waY iN all the ways of three years ago in this
    MacroVerse and all the ways it still comes in all of liFe
    now too.. Friends Himali and Soheir
    offline again to pursue
    their real life
    for bettering
    tHeir life in work
    and school.. a second
    cousin with problems gone
    away who was very supportive
    too in her stay with me on Facebook
    before she got mad that i could not take
    her to an appt. for a second
    morning day.. but sure..
    still Folks like
    Frank and
    long term longest
    online friend Rafiah
    of three years with a Word
    of Happiness to Give and Share
    heAR and tHeRE for what is mostly
    a Monk and Hermit like writing endeavor
    as Covenant ‘tween aS oNe of me within
    WiTh Force of God Verb LiVinG NoW
    as Love.. WithIN BRiGht LiGht
    Shines through DriVinG
    Words of Free
    too.. NoW
    in the flesh
    and blood life of
    closing in on 7700 Hundred
    Miles of Public Dance in this 47th
    Month too of Writing 5 MiLLioN
    “SonG of mY SoUL” Free
    Verse Longest Long Form
    Poem NoW iN aS Poetry
    Words in this 7th
    month of the
    of 2K.. so..
    NoW.. i have
    Zero complaints
    as my biggest wish
    oF aLL was and is then STiLL
    to FeeL A SMiLe aGaiN And NOW wherever
    i go in Public Dance i Generate iN OtHeRs
    NoW2 thAT SMiLe that caMe back to me lost
    for 66 months back on or about
    July 22nd of 2013.. since
    January 2008.. NoW..
    lasting STiLL
    NoW in
    48th Month
    of Recovery NoW..
    to be Clearer.. the Dance
    And Word Press “SonG
    oF mY SoUL” stARted
    A Month Later
    of August 2013..:)

  24. https://katiemiafrederick.com/2014/06/30/true-friends-never-pass-away/

    “True Friends never pass away”…. VeriLY i DancE
    SinG NeVeR Changes through Ages
    NoW oNe SeekS and
    Finds God
    LiVinG WitHiN
    WitH HeLLo
    Good Bye
    NoW and yes..
    SeeinG thAT TrutH
    And liGht forevermore
    NoW iS FinDinG A Peace
    iN Harmony oF GoD SkeYes
    ThAt aNd wHo DancE anD
    SinG iN aLL of CreaTioN
    i am FoR NoW
    CreAtinG LiGHT NoW

    AnyWay.. this MacroVerse shared from 3 years
    ago to date is Celebrating our Cat Arthur
    the Noble Brown 20 Year Old Tabby
    who lived his life his way
    from beginning
    to end..
    almost not
    making it toward
    the beginning with
    a life saving urinary
    associated operation
    that left him with a
    didn’t slow him
    down.. Alpha King
    Cat of the Neighborhood
    for all of those 20 years
    never receiving a visible
    injury from scratch
    or bite.. with
    that posture
    at the very end
    even at 7 Lbs of
    Bones and Fur that
    and who said in non-verbal
    Language you don’t mess
    around or tug on Super Cat’s
    Cape.. yes he was in a way a Father tHaT CAT..:)


    ‘ONE World is Enough for ALL of US’.. Perhaps if everyone CaN and WiLL
    sEE and FeeL and SenSe God aS Flower oF ALL Holy Sacred
    Meaning and Purpose aLL oF Creation
    LiVinG WitHiN as pART oF
    Ocean WhOle
    Love aLL
    aGaiN as Globe
    oF HoLdinG Hands
    oNline aS onE LiGHT
    oF LiFe LiVinG i AM
    iN uS aS Love
    for now
    sure as CoMinG
    MacRoVerSe DanCinG
    anD SinGiNG GoeS oN
    DeCLaRaTioN oF iNDePenDencE DreAMs oN..:)


    “Staycation Breeze” at Navarre Beach and as Beach
    lives within me too as Free never the less
    Photos of Paradise Beach
    and Word
    to SinG
    a DancE
    oF aLL tHaT iS FReED.:)


    “NO one Definition of FREE or GOD just RIDE!ONe!..”
    trUe but “FloWeR” too kinda says
    iT aLL
    MoRE aLiVe..
    and with too
    now with this
    MacroVerse too
    from 3 years ago
    following one from
    2 years ago and
    the one before
    that as
    Memory from 4 years ago2..:)


    “MagicK Beast XXL”.. Sort of a take off meMe
    And theMe oN tHe MaGiC Mike
    thingie as sure.. furry two
    years later now too..
    And with
    all these
    4th of
    Eat Digs
    Close to
    236 Lbs over
    The Weekend.. so lots
    of exercise coming soon..
    butt wait.. already did at least
    26 Miles of Public Dance WalKinG
    over the weekend.. including the
    167th Dance Night Marathon
    at Old Seville on Thursday
    NiGht at close to
    where one
    dude asked
    me.. when is the
    ‘Acid’ gonna wear off..
    heHe.. i could have told HiM
    then all about the Higher Power
    oF GoD within but instead i told him
    i am a free style martial arts
    ballet Dancing Dude and
    gave him a FeeL
    of whaT
    does when
    under the Force
    of GoD Chi Kundalini
    Rising.. Satori.. Ki.. Qi..
    And the Heaven within now too..
    somEtiMes Non-Verbal Language says
    iT aLL GoD ACiD aLL NatUral as BLissNoW oN CLouD 10…:)


    “RoSe BeYonD SuBliMe”.. WeLL thE MuSiC Video
    by Rihanna sorT oF sHoWs iT aLL FoR NoW
    those WitH
    to HeAR
    GoD sKeYes..:)

  25. Pingback: SOldieR oF LiGHT FLoWeRS | KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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