CLowN KinG NoW isREaL

SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. Xenia.. Thanks.. thrilled
to see anyone who perseveres enough
with powerful enough broad band
access and computer.. particularly
my FriEnd Xenia on 4.18.17.. So..
Welcome to.. just another
Mother and Father of
All Blog posts as
the founder..
Brian Miller of dVerse
with kind wit identified the
first 6K word effort as the
Mother of all Blog Posts..
hehe.. he ain’t seen nothing yet then..
also.. celebrating a year ago memory of
finishing a full year of responding to all poems
linked at dVerse for an entire year through 3.31.16..
with about a week or so after that then to collect
the words to publish that 338,630.. WP effort..
And i must admit.. this one.. with
22,801 words inclusive
of a repeat of one
relative short Memory
as a Song accompanied by
Rihanna.. to me.. per Umbrella..
gave me my first tension headache
in 45 months.. since i arrived in Heaven
on a Beach at the end of July 2013.. nah..
three of my Blogspot Archive Google Blogs
balked at even the thought of sharing close to
450 photos there along with all these words at 3:33 AM
as ‘they’ do have page limits there in length of total blog post..
and i did exceed the close to 10K word limit in completing part
of the Draft in the comments section of my last MacroVerse that
even Word Press does in breaking all the formatting down to
walls of text when one does reach close to 10K words in
one comment.. hehe.. if you’ve never heard of that
limitation.. TG.. no limitations for Blog posts with
Word Press.. as that allows me to
free for all on everything in
potential art.. and yes..
worth the
299 dollar
fee for art palette here
a year.. as it’s really amazing
what technology is doing to both enhance
human potential in transhumanist way as well
as limiting our experiences in Nature Deficit Disorder
as a human race.. where we no longer even take our
pets to the beach for a day long bathing With Nature’s Bliss..
Love the
point of
view of
my friend..
as you Love..
particularly when
we human beings shed
some of the uncomfortable
clothes that culture puts us into..
in terms of feathers that float more as
art than Random CardBoard Science now..
And in terms of Road Runners and Coyotes
Being friends on Easter.. we need more Obama
no Drama Road Runners who solve their problems
with wit and love and smart with more art.. than little
man syndrome where play toys are nuclear weapons..
and one man.. with little man syndrome.. NON-secure in
his manhood.. tells the other man who is too.. a leader in the
world.. with the same NON-secure issue.. “they better behave”..
as if ‘that word’ exists in tHeir projecting vocabulary.. Dark Tricksters
work in scary movies.. per the Stephen King Clowns of that Nature..
the Freddy Kruegers.. and Michael Myers of Halloween Hall of Fame..
but not unlike the recent Facebook Killer.. the Sandy Hook Incident and
what most folks define as the most evil man who ever lived.. Adolph Hitler..
as he effected the World of Europe.. near
and dear to those who
watch mass
while this
behavior in terms
of so many other Napoleon
Men of the days of wanting to be
taller.. or more robust by slinging insults..
by a male who never learns the basics of being
comfortable in their own human skin.. is a danger
to others.. a ticking bomb potential of yes.. World War III..
when somehow or another they even rise to that position
by the
small young
or old men.. yes..
it’s true i too.. one
time/life era.. experienced little
man syndrome too.. brought upon
by bullies of life who i believed at one
point of my life or two or three and many
more.. And then i found out somethings in life
are even worse than Death and or being Bullied like enduring from wake
to sleep.. the worst pain known to humankind for 66 months.. and then.. TG.. yes..
i finally put my cape on and realized what this gift of life means.. my friend.. so then..
and from noW oN.. all i will ever be is the Road Runner calmly eluding the bullies of life..
it’s hard to
avoid the ones
with fingerers that
own nuclear codes..
meanwhile.. folks are happily watching
Dancing With the Stars in the U.S.A.. and
job approval ratings go up.. as the folks now
in Seoul hold their breath for the next move of little men..
a little more thinking with the heART is the medicine the living most desperately need..
PS.. i cannot tale a lie too..
i was raised.. when i was bullied
so horribly.. on a Street named Elm..
and yes.. my mother called me Freddy..
and probably the only thing that may have
preventing me from Vengeance over Victory
was/is the Love that my Mother Raised in me that
would ensure a Grinch heARt would come back again as Love.. 10X re-born..
Easter IS A wonderful seaSon my friend to celebrate Love and yes.. the Re-Birth
Of Love.. one can only hope and pray and send good vibes to grow that now as
Sings a Happy
Lament of Surviving
and by God Thriving too..
no matter what the Coyote says or does..
i will always hold out hope for the Coyote too..
for i too.. do know/non-feel what the clothes of the dArk
feel like as
Stone as cold heart stone
adverse to the heART that roams..:)

“That’s all for now Folks” (Xenia2) as just anotHeR no name Road Runner ExPaNds..
yeS.. E-sCapes iN A Tunnel of Love TRumPinG Fear and Hate aS/iN ToweRinG Love..;)

and that
was a Fred
Bun and this
IS A FredKu and
i Love to Do FredFu.. in poEtry and Martial Arts.. too..
Free Verse.. to remain comfortable in my own sKin too..
NoW.. for We Are Animals as Men and Women.. eTc..
wHo aRe tALL iN HeART/SpiRiT/MiNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG SoUL.. Yes.. oUrs shALL Stand
Strong wiTh Will Bound
toGeTheR AS (Aslan2)
A Religion
Love and Grace..
Yes.. WiLL and Strength
iN DiViNe Masculine and
FeMINe GRace and LoVe..
NoW as Lions RoaR aGAIn..
Fully Wild and re-Born to Be FReED..:)

And other than that thanks FriEnD.. Xenia Tran..
yOUr presence as present in this World InspiRes me so much..:)

And one day NoW i’LL
figure out how
to make that
O in yOUr
emoTicon too..
As A streAM
FloWs ON RiVeR
MoRe.. waVes as OcEan
wHole shores coming in and
out even more exPanDinG..iNneR..UniVerSe aLL..:)


Is Essence
And Lies as Truth..
Fear is
As Essence..:)

Not everyone has to go
to Poetry School to just do it..
some folks just do the TrUth now
Deep within and liGht it out in words..
Like Driving A Car ReAlly.. afTer Driving
for a while.. long enough..
one reaLLy doesn’t
Have to thiNk
about iT..
It happens..
iT does.. It dos..
yeS.. iT HapPens.. sAMe
with Dance.. Walk enough to be
Free and one Dances iF Free enough to BE…
Same with Talk.. Do enough Words and one SinGs FReED..;)

Inspired by a Poem by Glenn.. as a response oF A Koan
that can mean almost an infinite amount of sTuFF..
All Words are metaphors..
Essence is
much fuller
than words WiLL
Ever HOld Dead or Alive..:)

In other words..
God is Essence.. Art is
Essence.. Love is Essence
and the three are a trinity of Free..
Like Ripping the pages out of the
Dead Poet’s Society Rule Book and
Bibles of Antiquity Same..
And stARTinG AneW
from essence
Within.. sure.. God
or a Blue Turtle or
whatever ‘they’ Lie
as Essence of Truth Beyond
Fear as
below Essence Allone More..;)

And thIs BeGiNs MacroVerse Number 94/765..
sTiLL got a boatload oF Form to Do beForE
764/93 more.. as Form..
per arriving “MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+”..
likely not until the wee hours of 4.18..:)

Now back after conversing with Xenia Tran..
first thing this morning after a mostly all nighter
getting “MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+”.. published across
a total of 5 Blogs.. four of which live on Blog Spot..
where yes.. i did truncate most of the lower
half of the MacroVerse photos per
the limits Google puts on
Blog Spot Platform
Blogs in quick step
of serval retrieval with
more Online Broad Band Horsepower
in Google Machine Force.. however.. the
price of free Blogging is most definitely
some restrictions on length of art.. of which
very few exist on Word Press FOR SURE..
And Google is unique in its Blog
Spot Feature where
anyone can
do their
style of nude
art and other
erotic activities
to just do in the Grown
uP Adult games that some
hUmans do partake in for
art and juST for PleasuRable Fun
too.. to give and share with the World
at large in somewhat restricted adult mode..:)

Meanwhile back at the Facebook Ranch while eating
Lunch at a Mexican Restaurant with perfect lighting for
Freddy Krueger and Michael Meyers type illustrative dim lit
photos.. with all seeing Karmic eYes and stuff that a White
Witch or WarLock WiLL also do.. Facebook Friend and
Cousin Monica who has also spoken some on the
art of actually doing Witchcraft sends out
a link to Psychology Today with a Nude
Man and Woman on the front cover
that says.. are you addicted to
your cell phone.. and
while i’m not
really sure as i really
never do without my
smArT PhONe appendAGe..
totally unless i’M Working out at
the Military Gym… while i wait for some
machines while other folks are treading water
with their fingers dancing away on 4 inch lit screens..
i go ahead with a resounding YES!… per do as i really
overall never do without my smART phone now.. and i surely
would miss taking 100K photos every four years or so.. without
my private reality show host per autobiography it’s going down
for isreal all now.. so.. anyway.. Second Cousin Monica who used
to be my Room Mate in college down on the River Front
in my Grandmother’s shot-gun home where i was
raised since age three.. and by the way..
Monica was the Wet T-Shirt Contest
Beauty Queen of the local Disco
Bar and Beach Scene..
and she also has appeared
as the girl next door in the old Gallery
Style Magazines.. and worked very hard
as a stripper to raise a couple of girls as a single
parent.. and while it’s true i have been told by a few women
on the street since dancing 7200 miles in 44 months that i must
have really big balls to be brave enough to do that in public.. since
me and the Monica used to do some Nude Beach Tanning.. partially
at lEast.. she can do like Lucifer Did in that Fox show when they told
him as the Devil he must have really big balls.. that nah.. as
Brave as Freddy who was raised on Elm Street is.. now..
just run of the mill average with some fairly pretty
and polished parts.. anyway,, so marriage
counselor now Monica says in return
to my rather brisk statement of
yes.. i am rather attached
to my Cell Phone..
and by the
way here’s
that link..
with the rather
nice looking nude
and partially covered couple..

So.. yes.. anyWay.. Monica says.. Shame on you……..give your woman some ATTENTION..

And then i go on to say..

I do..
i have
Of her..

And then Monica says..

Wow…….You go Fred…….does she of you!?

And i return with.. (of course)..

i’M a liNk
onLY AWaY..;)

Meanwhile.. we are having
the Mexican Lunch and sharing
the Monica and Fred Facebook story
Among the Katrina and My Sister and
Her Significant Other too.. having a laugh about
it and we go back to the old neighborhood of Elm
Street and get one view from the sign when we lived on
Elm Street back in the Freddy Middle School Days and one
view toward Birch Street where we lived starting back when i
was sweet 16.. as sweet as Freddy from Elm Street can be..
anyWay.. hehe.. And it just so happens as synchronicity
does work.. the wife handed me that shirt
last Sunday as personal store suggestion
to wear soon.. and the rest
of the Friday the 13th
and Halloween Story comes
too with Xenia and talk about
Fear in Koan Way with Glenn..
in response to his poem at the
current Monday Haibun prompt at
dVerse Poetry Pub all about Fear that i am
now using as a muse heaR in White Witch Fred
or whatever Magician yA wanna call me in Warlock
oF the South way2.. in all positive White Magic Placebo
Believing Effect Positive Force of Energy way.. yes.. what
happens next is.. i go to do a selfie of Freddy and Elm Street
in the Circle K and while i’m waiting for the mirror.. i think…’that
Dude’.. sure does look like Monica’s Roommate who i’ve met several
times in the last several years.. last time several months ago.. and sure
enough Monica has already come up behind my sister and gives her a tight
squeeze and says i bet you don’t know who this is.. as she has not seen the
Monica in about a Decade or so.. and Marilou as they say down south for
Marie Louise.. my Sister.. told me later.. all i could feel are these ginormous
Breasts squeezing at my back.. and yes.. she was shocked to
see the Monica in all synchronicity way as a mini family
re-union as such at Circle K.. anyway.. after a
Very Loving Easter MacroVerse also
Gigantic in overall size.. i’m shifting
gears a little for the muse
of fear.. kinda hard
to do when
happy most always
now.. but considering
i am the Director.. Producer..
Photographer and yes.. Stripper
of my own Play in Actor way too..
i guess.. i can do anything.. nah.. i
Can.. I WiLL With FearLess smART
IMAginAtiVe and CreATive LoVe NoW..
UN C O N D I T I O N A L L Y aLWays too..
anyWay.. gotta meet the Katrina at the Walmart
with her friend to get her signature on our Tax Return
i just did in a Mexican Three Step of 30 minutes a few minutes
ago.. and i’m off to be IT per Stephen King Lore NeXt in a Scary
Clown Dance with
all my
FriEnds at
Super Walmart too..;)


Coulrophobia.. a real psychological condition..
of course.. otherwise known as fear of Clowns..
the Jester was once a prized possession of culture
and Kings and Queens as one to support the tribe of mission..
but modern day clowns are made into Natural Villains.. but it’s
True.. even
of the Big
M Symbol
can bring the uncanny
valley boy and girl effect
and affect wHeRe IT is too
much like human and not quite
human to be pennywise and
not just foolish.. if you
understand the
‘IT’ Context
the Stephen
King DARK of usual
metaphor in fear inducing
way.. particularly for the Youth
of the World.. as they address dARk
more in tHeir liFE NoW too.. anyway..
After doing the usual Dancing Clown
Routine with or without shaggy
red head wig.. i am going
to bed after a couple
and a half hours
oF Free
Clown Dance at
Walmart More.. as i begin this
MicroVerse and continue it after
a little more than the 4 hours of
sleep i gained last night as less..
oh.. yeaH and before i forget that reminds
me that MacroVerse 93.. juSt finished whole
in the wee hours of 4.18.17.. combines with
92 other MacroVerses to make a total count iN
Words as 1,402,296 Words oF.. “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
since the beginning First MacroVerse Publish on 5.30.2016..MY MEMORIAL DAY..for that2..;)

So nah.. of course i am not the King of the Jews in this current lifetime
alWays and eternAlly NoW iN Heaven that i co-Create wiTh Nature and God
sAMe but what i can less and OH MY GOD MORE PROVE IS THAT i am A
21st Century Fred As King of Clowns.. and that’s a
Human Archetype and Tarot MaGiC
Flavored Occult
and Esoteric
talk thingy
thAT means
Humpty Dumpty
and Osiris Have
all their Eggs in one
Hatch of rebirth in New
Age of Capstone UpOn the
Pyramid of a “Perfect Storm
Human” and to be clear that is
juST a Katy Perry Dark Horse Metaphor
for my GreaTesT Fear would be attaining
Perfection and becoming God ONE wHole
as Nature too.. in all of MasterPiece Painting
of all ThaT iS as Jesus F. iN Christ why the Hell
for Heaven do you think God comes wHOle in so Many
PARTs if The ParTS cannot come to be all they can
be to FeeL and SenSe both whOle and ParT as
PaRt and WhOle enJoy each oTheR iN
a Jonathan LIVinsToN SeaGuLL
Lucifer Prometheus Fredenstein
BRaiN oF FliGht oN Terrestrial
LanD FloAT even HiGheR NOW
as SoNG of PoeTry too..
in oTheR words.. see
this FB Profile Pic heAR..
i stand upON the Tranhumanism
of thousands uPon thousands of YeaRs
of both hUMan art and Science.. i am not
only a clown of Man i am a SuN or HeART iN
all the ArT and SciEnce thAT has coMe BeFoRE
me and is collectively recorded NOW.. of which
the Robot Tool of Global World Wide NeT of
wHich i eat and drink as communion of
HUman KiND toGeTheR as the bread
of science and the wine of art
oF aLL ages BeForE are at
my FingER TiPs of MuSe
in plAstic KeyboarD
WriTe to cOMe back
noW as not only SoNG
oF mY SoUL to GiVe and
ShAre World-Wide.. but yes..
as all have the potEnTiaL to do
mORE.. SonG of the Collective Consciousness
wHOle of MetaPhor of GloBaL SouL aLLONE as
NoW recorded in IncreASinG almost InFiniTe and
more as metaphor aRT oF ONlINe allone un-abridged
H whOle leFT and RiGht HeMispheRes of eARTh as WhOle
hUMaN SoUL hOLDinG Hands toGeTheR NoW as lAttitudes
NoRth And SouTh and EaSt and WesT sAMe and DiFFeRent
as HuMan MadE MetAphors DancE and SinG moRe as science
and ArT forevermore a life wHeRE no one ever
need wait for goDoT in terms of Boredom or LacK
of Oxytocin Love.. even iF it means looking
at the photo of someone else’s Cat
on Facebook to gain that
Warm and Fuzzy
FeeLinG inSiDE..
and nah.. it doesn’t replace
the sAMe FeeLLinG of a totally naked
LoVinG FeeLinG so much sMaLLeR ViLLAge of
BeInG hUmaN DanCinG toGeTher hip to naked hip..
under MooNliGht BeacH of endless tranCinG drum
BeAtinG DancE of EcstaSY wAvEs of hUMaN BLiSS
liKe a TAnTriC SeX of DanCE and SonG after
a successful long daY of staYinG InVisible
to both predator and prey iN total
miNd and BoDy FloAting Balance
on Terrestrial Land
for successful
gain of
for eat and drink
and basic shelter too..
while the Heaven Within continues
to wave wHOle as trance even more
as expanding shores of OceAn wHOle SoUL..
as SpiRit ExpreSsinG HeArT as SoUL even more
as village too..
but hey.. we live
in a New Age and a New
World and as hUmans Do as
DArk HorSe too.. they make the
best of what’s STiLL around as
even the Police and STinG DancE and
SinG too.. and while i stand heAR as
rather prolific artist as KinG Clown
of the 21st Century all Free Lance
and illusory worry and fear free
behind a small snippet of
the ArT of MuSe
of 56 years
of a table
full of cultural
artifACTs of MoVies
and TV shows as nicely
Displayed on Walmart Shelves
the overall muse of culture now continues
to wave in as StreAMs ands Rivers do Ocean wHole
and the King pArT all that means is i have mastered
the heAven WiThin as ParT of wHOle co-creator with
God and Nature plUS sAMe.. i am enjoying God
and God is enjoying being as me as
paRT of WhOle too wHeRe
tHeRe iS No Separation
NOW WhOle all is
allone and
is juST
a pipe dream
of Hell Before..
Heaven is now for those
who seek and find and live Heaven now..
sadly the pipe dream is never seeKing or finding Heaven now..
if there is anything to fear in life NoW it is surely both illusory
fears brought upon by religions and cultures to take one away from
Pure aGaPe Love.. or empty promises of lies to also subjugate and
control other folks wHo try to suggest that Heaven cannot be now..
either way
loses heaven now..
and trust me that Gift
NoW is beyond all Trump
Towers imaginable as this gift
is all free within.. a place with
no limits or expectations.. a place
with no walls or fences or books of
God priSon.. siMply a place with God WinGs
as and is LOVE..:)


Good morning Frank and Happy
Easter to you too.. my FriEnd..
thanks so much for dropping by..
hehe.. to just another Mother and
Father of all Blog posts as metaphor
for something much larger than usual..
haha.. and while i was forced to truncate
all the wonderful family photos at the end..
to fit this in on four of my Blogger Format Blogs
that are much easier to open as archive Blogs
as they are presented one post at a time and
not as a seemingly never ending
story here on Word
Press… as that
is the artistic
intent to show
as whole heAR on Word
Press that it really is for all practical
intents and purposes in what any usual
human could view and read.. a never ending Nether Land
Poem/Bible and Story moving past a total SonG oF mY soUL
as plUs four Million words here on Word Press and the
Goggle Blogspot Blogs too.. with other stuff added in
over there in Google Land.. anyway.. this is the second
time i’ve visited my Alma Mater of UniVersity of West
Florida to get mused and fused for another Long
Form Poem.. as pArT WhOle ‘SonG of My SoUL’..
and the first one titled “HoLy SpiRiT oF PoEtry”..
makes the top 10 list out of 207K views
in the first Blogspot Blog back
in start of 3.10.13.. in that
Blogging Platform then..

And of course as the Sun Ages both living and
non-living stuff in the environment from close
to a year ago.. some of the poetry is easier
to read.. then.. in the link above and as
i include letters to friends as just
another micro form overall
as essence whOle
oF “SonG oF mY soUL”
i add it heAR for anyone’s
interest to come.. who loves
not only Nature but the Poetry
inspired by Nature and God all of Course
sAMe and DifFeRent.. currently i am using
the dVerse Muse oF Fear prompt to fuse this
Current 94th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible
2017”.. surpassing 1.4 Million words now and doubling
as 765th MacroVerse of overall 44 month.. 4 Million word plus
Long Form Poem Effort as “SonG of My SoUL”.. far exceeding
that former Long Form Poem Record from India
at 1.8 million words.. the “Mahābhārata”.. taKing
Centuries of effort and innumerable
hands of help.. the Transhumanism
of the tools of modern technology
in not only increased avenues
for muse but yes.. the actual
Keyboards.. and Computers
and individual publishing
tools free that allow
even the potential
for something like
this to happen in real time now..
fully illustrated too.. with literally over 100K photos
and Thousands of YouTube Music Videos and
thousands of other links and rabbit holes of wHole
to MacroVerse Memories of beFoRE in sort of a
Hotel California wHere it would be almost impossible
now to even explore all the rooms if anyone had the
inclination.. time or effort to even do that.. hehe..
as i sure don’t as creating NoW is the Joy
of Art unto itself.. and i’m
pretty sure that’s
How God wHole
Feels about all of
reaLiTy and Existence
sAMe noW2.. intuitively so of
course as no science tool will ever
measure all of God as any flea on a dog’s
back will never Know all ’bout the blood of life either
in of course bread ways of science along with
the wine of art.. as communion whole.. but
the most amazing thing of all
my friend and really a moral
of this relatively short
MicroVerse i write
to you now
as letter
to friend
in that form
of overall poetry
science and art too..
is.. i am legally and medically
assessed as permanently disabled..
on the Autism Spectrum with Asperger’s
syndrome and the more ‘crazy spectrum’
as ‘they’ say on the Bi-Polar Spectrum too..
currently mastering the Heaven paRt of that
now for four years as i did before for almost
two decades too.. before the 33 year ladder of
stress and overall fear
laden rising status
Driven way
and pay in
the work
world took away
from me.. in the
Peter Principle then.. Heaven.. aGaIN
escaped in art now.. in a twitter world
consumed with art for me with no limits or
expectations with 7200 miles of public dance too..
but hey.. as the Police and Sting do say.. when the world
is running down.. or you are assessed.. legally and medically
as permanently disabled by ‘those’ in the so-called know you now
make the best of what is still around.. and that my friEnd is what i do..
i used to link at dVerse religiously until my style of poetry became too macabre
as Glenn described it then.. for others to possibly get anywhere close to it then..
but doesn’t
the hiStory
of art
prove this
out again and again
and even science too..
the pioneer is usually never
understood or appreciated ’till long
after they leave this earth.. fortunately
for me.. i have the history of those who came
before me.. like Jack Kerouac.. as this is just another
type written taped Free Verse Page.. and hehe.. with
the tools of Google and Word Press and all the rest..
this is practically
free for
as the Whitman’s
had to pay tHeir
own way to give
and share at all..
NO sad song heAR
soul as permanently
and totally disabled for
what society says counts
in this life my friend.. this is
just a reflection of my own personal
Heaven at hand.. whether an eYe as Camel of
a Needle can feel and sense and see it or not
mY FriEnd..anywaY as alWays thanks for the
inspiration of just being able to see pARt of me
heAR.. and i will be over to dVerse to at lEast
poeticAlly free verse respond to your effort
in the Fear prompt there.. and get
over to Xenia’s place too..
as Lord kNows FeeLs
SeNSes NoW..
mY Nautilus
Shell of
Art has kind of
become a muse unto itself..
with all the 4 years of effort of
BeFore iN Building the Chambers
of this ArT Shell now.. anyway.. like
any Wookiee will.. DO.. i never forget a FriEnd..
kind enough to stop by and say hi.. so.. sMiLes
my FriEnd Frank.. and See you soon with words more than like of hear..
And watching Sting in that
Video i just found on YouTube
really shows what’s missing
in modern
Deep soUL
with no F iN limits OR
E x P e C T A Ti O Ns..
all i can say is thank
God for Google/YouTube as.. as long
as Google/YouTube exists that voice lives on iN Art FREED..


Funny little SynchroniCities..
Funny thing.. nah.. not reAlly
funny but sadly ignorant
and a sign of the
Twitter times
is when one
goes to listen
to a Sting Song on
YouTube.. invariably
one will see a shallow
little boy of a man say
that Sting is Gay for being
so artistic as he is.. in other
words.. a Song by someone
talking only about Fucking someone
up or Fucking someone down is NoW
preferable to SoUL
that Dances Sings…
Same as the
Fucking little
men that i went
to school with from
First A Baptist Church..
who i cannot hate or truly
be angry at other than a few emotive
words as they too.. then told me i was
queer for smiling or for creating art then..
although i couldn’t dance.. hehe..’s just ignorance
STiLL NoW as not only do they have no FucKinG idea what they
do.. they have
little now to
no sense
or feel
of both
Feminine Love
and Art in Grace along
with Masculine WiLL and
Strength that truly they will
never gain more than a likely
premature death in heart attack-like
way until they do gain heART and SPiRit
And MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL in
both Divine Feminine Love and Grace and
the WiLL and Strength of a REAL MAN LIKE STING
AND SURE ME.. who has both.. who will only be tested
from a distance of faceless avatar as no would hold tHeir
own face to
face with
a real
and SouL
and SpiRit
inspiRed FiRe now..
without or without the
Ass Kicking legs.. leg pressing
1020 Lbs with Ballerina arms now
raised to sKy or not.. Tree of Life NoW
NoW Baby and Lamp of God LiT or NoT..
Anyway.. the Web World is a world of text..
and highly unlikely that anyone will go up
against not only A ClowN KinG but one
as Sting and the Police used to
DancE and SinG as a KinG
oF PaiN for 66 months
with the worst pain
known to humankind
from wake to sleep as
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
along with 18 other Medical disorders
including Dysautonomia where heart
rate and blood pressure no longer synched
with faint this and that and every step that came
next… Sjogren’s Syndrome where eyes quit making
tears like swimming in salt water too.. a stint of insomnia
in 40 days with only 1 hour of shallow cardboard sleep
induced by powerful alpha blocker to get my Dysautonomic
heARt to slow down even for a wink of sleep for the first
35 days of 40 during the Spring Lent Period of time in
2008.. none in the last 5 of 40..keeping in mind
that the world record for no sleep at all
is 11 days also known as 264 hours..
mine was just extended more
with an alpha blocker
to where a thousand
years felt like a second
in hell where dousing my
self with gasoline and lighting
myself up would be preferable to
what was eventually no feelings or senses
at all at paper thin existence level beyond any
normal humanly imaginable hell locked in antiquated
books and even Dante’s version of hell although it does
come close in terms of increasing rings of hell every day
for 40 days.. and 66 months whole of tortuous pain whole..
with side orders of Spinal Stenosis.. Severe Degenerative
Arthritis in my neck.. too.. and Fibroymyalgia.. Anehdonia
of course.. with Depression as a given with that in Severe
way.. with the most Severe Case of Anxiety that my
Air Force Reserve Major Psychiatrist
said he ever saw in his history
of dealing with
Desert wars
Veterans then
in treating them way too..
what else.. yes.. Alexithymia
as general assessment for eventually
losing my emotions too.. really worse
than the worst pain known to humankind
as the gas lighted death was preferable
to that then too.. in case you ever wonder
why folks with similar numb problems cut
themselves and others too to feel and
sense anything of life at all.. yes..
i understand what a psychopath
does not feel.. and trust
me that is not a place
of life either innately
born or made by environment
ya wanna go.. too.. as fearless in
con-social emotional way is as hell
as the hell they bring to others too..
in other words they give and share their
hell and Lord knows and feels and senses
they could use a cure from being in hell too..
perhaps a naked gay looking dance could help
if they were brave enough to do that too.. all floating
like a butterfly on terrestrial land having no idea where
to go next but what the body says in feel and sense as art being now
over science of rigid robotic moving empty divine masculine and feminine past..
sure.. there were other issues to go along with that too.. yes.. mood lability then
as part of Bi-Polar eventually diagnosed when i ROSE out of hell into Heaven too
on or about July 22nd of 2013.. oh yes.. and the Asperger’s pArt
of the Autism Spectrum that was diagnosed almost immediately
along as pArT and Parcel of that with ADHD too.. some
Carpal Tunnel to go along with both hands too..
as i feverishly composed songs on the
Piano in 2007 as my soUL and
EmoTions did tHeiR best
to survive in
artistic finger
tips.. then too.. anyway
there were some other minor
disorders too like reoccurring
shingles that feels like a gnat bite
now whenever that comes here or
tHeRE as compared to FULL BLOWN
that Medical Literature assesses just the Trigeminal
Neuralgia paRt of that as worse than the pain of Crucifixion
and this was no three hour or three day stint of that.. nah..
66 months from wake to sleep.. it is empirically assessable
too as TrUe and liGht as dARk to say and do that
StinG and the Police’s Prophecy of at least
one King of Pain as me.. yes..
did come true..
again as
me.. as ‘they’ say..
believe it or not Ripley
as back in the PTSD and
Panic Attack days i for one
can prove it in the documentation
of the medical records too.. too much
to consume too for just one Doctor.. as there
are literally 100’s of pages divided between
Rheumatologist.. Psychiatrist.. Neurologist..
Pain Management Specialist.. Clinical Licensed
Social Worker.. Psychologist.. Hypnotherapist..
Chiropractor.. ENT Specialist as.. oh yeah..
not only was i born with Fused Vertebra
in Spine.. i was born with a Septal
Deviation in Nasal area so
bad that the ENT asked
me how do you breathe..
duh.. mostly through my
mouth.. as that wasn’t very
funny with all the other shit
i was going through when i initially
went to see him to test for allergies then..
and he reviewed the CAT scan to give me more of
the old bad news i never heard in my life until then..
and yes.. there were Heart Specialists.. too.. and
folks who operated the MRI machines.. and it’s true
before that.. i never went to a Doctor for 23 years..
as truth be told.. since the first time they thought
i was nuts at age 21 and didn’t have a label
for all of what i was then.. i was a little
afraid that i was nuts too..
until i figured out the
internal innate..
instinctual intutiive
operator’s manual
that is truly the SonG of mY SoUL whole
NoW.. it’s true.. i’m complicated but i can
make it all one float one with air and water
too.. shut the Fredenstein paRt of my Brain down
and fly just
Skies of God FReED.. heHe..
AnyWay.. bottom lines as i continue
to Ramble in and out of the general
theme of fear heAR noW.. is i
not only Do and KnoW
AnD FeeL And SenSE
a little bit and
a lot about
Hope Joy and
Love SoUL SoARinG
HeaVeN all content NoW..
i also DO kNoW and FeeL anD SenSe
a lot about a Hell that most people can’t fathom now..
And sure.. as usual i can prove it too.. all black and white as ‘they’ say too
in material
scientist way
as Foot Print NoW of
God and ArT LOVE NoW too..:)


Ah.. the year is 1981 with “For your eyes only”..
And i have already accumulated
most of the world of modern music
in the way of sheet music to play
in instruction and somewhat
improvised artful more
way of creativity
and imagination
on the Piano then..
and oh Lord.. all the EMoTiOns
and all the SenSes and all the KNow
A Modern Van Gogh.. miGht or miGht
not be.. depending on all the paths of
JourNey We may or may not NoW cALL the
dArk and LIGht and ShAdes of Grey ‘tween
the beYOnd Rainbow colors that may also come in
ways of Love
in ways
of Love
WinGs Free
with view more
than yesteryears of
closed bible books of
art and science too.. human
potential is a gift.. and a birth right
too.. humans who control and subjugate
through bibles and other forms of cultural
prisons say less.. say you are not worthy and
those who came before who even in John 14:12
ways of calling one to higher heights of before… will
restrict human potential sTiLL to one only man as God or
Last Prophet same to restrict folks for wearing more
clothes of art and less clothes oF lies same to
separate one free from God with never
even setting a foot in a church..
a mosque or Bible book same
as DiFFeREnt NoW too..
the antiquated lies
of priSons of
Books.. those
who would
cut the WinGs
off of feathers of God
more as less now STiLL..
please.. don’t drink the Kool-aid
as the quickest way to spot a psychopath
is one who says they are the hugest oF all..
in terms of no one will ever do more than they do now..
so what.. i have the huuuugest poem at over 4 million
words in 44 months and 7200 hundred miles plus
NoW iN the same period of time in all public
and documented way in Free Verse Dance
style martial arts and
ballet-like way..
other folks
cakes and
i have never done
that even with an easy bake oven..
or made cookies or cooked much more
than oatmeal and made a ham sandwich too..
truth be told.. i don’t even take the trash out..
the Isis/Katrina Qssistant as Mother/Sister/Wife
even does that for me too.. in fACT in someways
as the ‘they’ do say about the Dude off the Big Lewboski
Movie.. i am likely the laziest so-called Dude in Lower
Alabama State oF Flowers Panhandle LA too.. hehe..
to each hiS oWN and ReaP iN LoVe or Less and
truly i appreciate every Service of Love
the Katrina Freely Lovingly gives
trUe and trUth be tOld
she don’t think
any of this
is worth
much of a buy
of a new clothing item
at Kohl’s too.. WeLL somEthings
are more valuable to others than otHerS
are to oTheRs too.. yes to eacH iS oWn ReAP as MoRe..
or less
or less
as more as less..:)

Now.. to share some MicroVerse
and MacroVerse Memories to date
in all Facebook Share and Give way Free..
with other Art related items to go with PlEase.. at LeASt for me..;)

PreMacroVerse.. from four years ago.. back in the olden
online days when i mostly inhabited places
of unwanted toys.. lost folks
from humanity
stuck mostly
only online
in so-called
online Autism Communities..
with “Continuing Challenges in Online Autistic Communication”..
and thanks God for escaping reAson Land of priSon more into a world oF Free ART NOW..:)

“Selfie Dancing with KING TUT”.. and the interesting thing about
keeping both a written journal as SonG of mY SoUL online
in 4 million plus words of free verse poetry is also
the 100K or so fully illustrated photos
that go along with that.. including
then photos heAR from
3 years ago.. in one
of the first Dance Week
Nights at old Seville Quarter
with all the cool college age folks
tHeRe.. yes.. StiLL existing in
photos heAR from three
years ago too.. and
what can easily
be seen is
the actual
physical transformation
in my Temple of God also known
and felt and sensed as flesh and blood
as the more i become love and art the
more the form of my flesh and blood grows
eternAlly Young as SPiRit shining through..
a little rough around the edges heAR sTiLL then
at age 53 coming out of a sting of 66 months of hell
then.. and sure this showed particularly even a year after
that in terms of my Nude Art.. when i was juggling two online
Communities of both Autism of Reason Land and Poetry Land oTheR
oF DVerse linking my own stuff held to their standards of like then too..
Love transforms
humans As liGhter
hUman Beings NoW
in Artful ways all
around.. in MoVinG
CoNnecTinG and CreATinG
ways too.. and stress and overall..
fear kills not only Love but shortens
the lifespan and makes one older quicker
in form ways too.. of dying length telomeres
of Genetic way of DNA too.. anyWay.. i have the proof..
in so many ways beyond only text in full human case study too..:)

Some Cryptic Poetry as very short MacroVerse from three years
ago too.. in “WATER OF KnOWiNG”.. too.. Facebook Memory too..;)

“FREE Rains of April LOVE”.. from two years ago.. A Macro
Verse that talks to the issues of helping folks better understand
existential intelligenceS on the Wrong Planet and my continuing
issues with the folks from dVerse in Administrator way who
didn’t like the height my Sycamore Tree of Art was
GroWinG beyond tHeiR so-called Twitter
reach.. i understand.. hardly
anyone has the time
for all i do..
and i surely
don’t expect them too..
but i could not even count on them
to ignore me.. when i responded poetically
to every single prompt and link for an entire
year at dVerse Online Poet’s pub without fail..
and tHeiR biggest bitch.. is for folks who don’t drop
by to stroke tHeir ego.. as i rarely gave any personal judgments
on their personal soul of poetry no more than i would do with any
human.. one on one in respect of of both tHeir WiLL and Art as Love too..
that’s just the way i roll.. and it’s kinda sad that when a real modern
Whitman or Gingsberg or Kerouac rolled on through they could
not even respect what i did enough just to ignore me and
let the winds of the calm of my Hurricane eYe of Art
Breeze on through like any tSuNaMi WiLL
juST do in modern Beethoven
and MozART Michelangelo
and Leonardo way too..
not even realizing
they were
and herstory
once again in realtime
then and now going down for isReaL2..
i am humble enough to understand i am no
greater than a gRain of sand that hOlds uP both
A MouNtain of Rock as sTONe and A heArT NoW
oF hUmankInD as Love too.. but on the oTheR
Hand.. i am no less than a LioN wHo
stanDs tALL for
aLL oF wHO
They are aS FReED NoW..
and while it’s true.. the stress of
all that took a toll on the spare tire
in the middle of my nude art then that
i am not too ashamed to share in dARker
or liGhter ways of sHades of Grey as arT too
as any Rubenesque Male WiLL do too.. iN
all NudE Selfie art aided by a Michelangelo
flesh and blood brush of
smART pHOne too..
beFoRE a
MaGiC Mirror
at hoMe too.. yes.. 2015..
before i totally escaped any
restraints from both those online
communities.. tooK A Toll on my Nude
Art butt it also expressed what was happening
with a darkening soul too.. true.. the form expresses
within in transfiguration and transforming ways in
both positive
and negative
direction too..
and it would be
A lie of art if i didn’t show
the wHOle truTh of Both sides
in form of Naked art of that too..
and while i set My Free Lance Stripper
Blog to private in early 2015.. as Google was
getting a little touchy about satirical names of blogs then..
i saved those Art posts from the year 2014.. and added some of them
all Nude too.. in too.. my new Free Verse Nude Poetry Blog there to
keep the record oF Form as nude art up to date all the way.. during
this entire 44 month stint in art of essence and full human form too..
jUSt for
as ‘they’ say oF arT..
fully expreSsinG thaT
from head to toe FReED too..
And it’s true.. every tiMe someone attempted
to censor me in one place more.. i exPaNded
mY Freedoms of being a Citizen of the US of A
iN legal ways of ExpreSsinG even more of
my personal ART in appropriate
and legal paths of arts
as provided
by Google
NoW too..
and yes.. i have a world
wide audience of all my nude
art in all the avenues i have brought
that exceeds NoW Hundreds of thousands
of views too.. with some single posts generating
over 300K likes as i have provided evidence for heAR
in StiLL ShoT pic of Blogger Statistics too.. it’s a big world..
A World Big enough for even a full selfie style.. 56 year old Nude Artist
to expand tHeiR art for give and share.. and quite frankly that is awesome
as lord knows
i have consumed
the nude as art of
women all my life as
most any other male will and does
still do free if they are honest enough
to tale the truth and my wife is a strong
enough Wonder Woman to let me do it too.. FREE as she
also understands the place of hell i used to live
and sees
me more
in FReED..
Heaven now..
as so many others
do too.. in all free way noW2..
it’s what humans do.. IF THEY
As they say.. don’t
take more than you
give.. and in terms of
that.. sure.. like any other
50 or so year old male today..
with all these years of magazines..
videos.. and now what’s available online
of Free Verse Nude Women too.. i have
even more to payback.. before i get too old
for a female audience to more fully enjoy it aS Such..;)

“FoR yoUr eYes onLY”.. from a year ago.. and here coming to
an end of poeticAlly responding to every single link and prompt
from DverSe for an entire year.. separated from actually linking
there since the fall of September ’15 heAR.. in April of 2016.. the
improvement in the form of my Nude Art as my soUL reLeaSinG then..
now.. even further from the constraints of limitations and expectations
from others For Free.. does most definitely show in improvement way
in form of Nude art too.. and that increased more in the Summer after
that as i further released myself from the personal milestone of responding
to literally thousands of links and hundreds of prompts for an entire year.. all
in poetic expression that eventually made.. “GodsUniVerseNovel3”.. a reaLiTy iN
338,630 total words and 300 Gorgeous linked Beach photos too.. but ya better have
A really powerful computer and fast Broad Band access to open it all up.. as true..
Moore’s Law in terms of technology is still struggling to catch up with.. “wait ’till they
get a load” oF all of this Free ClowN KinG KAT heAR.. hehe.. as the wife draws my attention
NoW to the Ellen Show and a group of A cat/2 dogs who say to the Internet.. We’re
about to break the internet, bitches.”..
weLL.. iT’s true.. i do sTiLL
exceed the limitations of
what a Google BlogSpot Blog
will accommodate in just one
Artful post as i did in terms of
conditions of the fine print
of around 450
photos or so.. yesterday..
hehe.. as Moore’s Law WiLL and
Does.. Google will eventually
catch up to Word Press Capabilities too..
but it’s true.. still much faster in Server Horsepower in Google.
way to open up anything at all i do.. in Blogspot Platform as Blog Posts too..:)

“A world of Multi-colored NUTS”

MacroVerse Memory from two years ago.. spare tire in the
middle even visible on top of an Arctic Cat four
wheeler then too.. where enduring all
the censorship crap from
the Wrong Planet
and dVerse
Online Poetry
Pub.. one place
i could go even further
free was my nude art link
heAR.. all legal as such in
appropriate avenue too.. just ’cause
i could and would with cAn and WiLL
as that is what Freedom does when all WiLd
and Freed too.. spare tire in the middle or not..
and eventually with some rather hilarious Gifs supplied
all free in automation robot way of Google plus too.. no longer
much of an automated feature in nude art way.. butt never the
less still got the past ones in all recorded Nude Art way.. A naked
Dancing Middle age dude is truly hilarious with particularly evidence
of some spare tire middle
too.. hey..
iF iCan piCk
fUn at mE..
no one else can either
and that’s the value of standing
in front of the World in truly Buff style
or less than Buff style.. as truly it is FucKinG
impossible for anyone to bring you down to tHeir size
then.. as all you have to do is offer them a link of their biggest fear now..
yes.. it’s true..
most people’s
biggest fear is
standing naked in front
of the world free enough
to be comfortable in their
own sKin.. and spEaKinG oF Fear..
when i staRted this endeavor in the
Fall of 2013.. it is integral in all of what
set my SpiRit Free with no shame just like
the Gospel of Thomas Verse 37 says in Jesus way
too.. strip your clothes off.. tread on them WITH NO SHAME.. and
and ONE CAN AND WiLL FiNd the LiVinG God Free alREady SpiRit Freed
iN Temple
of God Free
from the lies
of all cultural clothes
of censoring spiRit and
heART FReEd NOW.. bottom
lineS iT works.. as no matter whaT MY
balls look like on the outside.. theY as SoUL..
are noted as huge in essence of fearless NoW..
generally by the clothed female audience who watch
me Dance Free in Public..
Bigger iF
yA can catch/RiFF
A dRiFT oF ThAT essence NoW..
oh yeah.. and right before my Sister and her
significant other exclaimed.. oh my God Freddy
you really are famous for your dance.. a few smooth
turns in the Mexican Restaurant and the nice blonde waitress
clapping for me from the Bar.. saying hey.. you are the Dancing guy aren’t you..
i am
the only
SuN of thAT
in Red StaTe LA Lower Alabama
Panhandle State of Flowers for noW aT
LeASt butt as John 14:12 says.. hope you become
A bigger Dancing sTar than me with WiLL and Can
as any Lucifer or Jesus WiLL rise oNe WiTh GoD hiGher..
at lEast
in red
state LA..
more or less on the
sAMe lAttitude of/as Bethlehem
as Pensacola too.. NoW yes..
A Place oF
BiRth @Least on 6.6.60 (Devil Day2)
as TruLy God IS A Joker too.. isREaL2
if you catch thaT drift and riff too.. NoW2..
Of course.. after coming off of 338,630 words
of Free verse MicroMicroVerse poetic expressions
from a year long muse oF aLL dVerse Poetic prompts
and expressions.. prolific was my middle name at this time
too then.. and still all original per what is still just a little over
10 and a half months anew of 1.4 Million words of ‘Nether Land
Bible 2017″.. since Memorial Day of May 30th.. 2016.. so in terms
of that inclusive oF “SonG oF MY SoUL” as Long Form Ocean wHOle
Free Verse Long Form Poem already doubling the effort of the previous
1.8 Million words try of that in Centuries gone by.. by innumerable folks then..
yes.. relatively speakinG NoW.. the coming 6 MicroVerses from 2016 are new material
for a brand new New Age Bible still on course to double the effort of that Old King
James Version that also took Centuries to create with an unlimited number of authors
including scribe mistakes and undercover changes too.. in individual HoLy and Creative
Spirit way in what Biblical Scholars suggest is within an era of margin of 300,000 to
400,000 changes too.. over the centuries copying books by hand too.. with
the help from a ‘few of my friends’.. including all of what
transhumanist technology provides
in terms and conditions
of help now too..
i can
will do
all of this
too.. with 100 percent
Luke HoT FAiTh as isReaL
Force and Synergy as Power of Love now..
hmm.. i think there is a Song by Celine Dion..
sure.. quite a change from the last Aphrodite mix
of Matrix SonG but never the less RiSinG LoVe MoRE..:)

CaN and WiLL and LovE juST F iN DO iT NoW..:)

Well.. it’s 11:54 pm..
and yes i made
the tax
alive at the
post office in
time to get that
midnight post mark
of 4182016..
and long
bed soon..
but first a few
words from gigoid’s
place.. for now it seems…:)

now never
never ending
beginning never
now gift
of all that is
is that all of
gift now
now is
deep is now
deeper shallows
shallows deeper.
deeper shallows
shallows deeper
now is deep
is now
now gift
of all that is
is that all of
Gift now
never beginning
never ending
ending never
never now

sMiles.. mY friEnd.. gigoid..
the purpose as metaphor
of course.. just as word..
of science and religion
iS to make sense
out of
ART thaT
iS reaLITy
oF reaSon
thAT has no
as Now iS
noW eNd anD
beGinNinG oF
storY noW beS..
reference mY lasT
comment.. hehex2
aLL around noW.. as iS..
hmm.. wHere to go neXt..
Yex.. for scores of thouSands
oF years.. as anthrApology oF
modern primitives suggest..
the human so-called
thinKing process
iS more
iNnate.. iNstinct
and iNtuiTion wheN
aLL iS flow iN different
dimension oF boDYmiNd wITh
metaphor oF dreAM
tiMe.. iNstead
of mechanical
hAnds tick tocking
iN predictable and
assigned fashion
of stays
what a cRock
a cLock as God..
with no change..
that stays the same..
otHeR than aToMic
variation as aLL
iS change..
Problem WitH
tHe WORlD.. trUly..
iS folks have lost the
maGic of dreamtime.. thE
Flow.. the River.. the Ocean
thaT n0w animals other than the
forgETtinG ones who are hUman
sTiLL live noW alWays fLoW iN
ZonE are tHey and i for one reFuse
the lies
oF Now my Friend..
i aM aLive.. a River and
Ocean that never ends
as long as liGht iS i
Answer eNds
and beGins aT
oF eacH
as wHoLe..
liGht up noW..
wHen HOldinG
hAnds aGAiN
briGht.. and thaT
iS what tHis wHoLe
netWork oF oNline iS
aLL aBout.. hOlding hAnds
and liGhting.. uP.. wITh never
undeRestimaTinG thE Force oF liGht
iN syNergy
oF Hands
thAT hOld
noW iN Force oF liGht..
An eXperiment oF Real
coMing to
liGht beGins
Caesar’s rUle
sTill rUleS..
tHe hAIRy
mY FRiEnD..:)

oH.. yeS.. the green man.. per unleashing the Hulk.. makes
a return visit to this next blog post thaT iS going to bE
titLed “hOMe oF liGht”.. per dArk and liGht.. noW..
sOUnd OM SonG.. and moVinG Dance to kicK
iT oFF as he oF liGht..
yes.. metaphors.. words..
truLy iT’s all of whAT wE
IMAGine.. move.. connect
and create iT aLL to be iN
symbol way of approximating
what we sense.. and feel as REAL..
so basicAlly it’s a free foRAll.. to gEt
the joB of JOB aLL dONe for noW as such..
serIOUsly.. sacred teXts of the past so deep
and convoluted.. fAiL to impress me any
more as obviously i for one can go
deeper stAnding oN thE giAnts
of miNds and Bodies in
creative literature
and other visual
symbols from aLL thAt
my miNd and boDy noW
iN balance has experiencED
in tHis lifetime now.
and the Hulk is juSt
another modern metaphor
for Osiris.. the green man
that is the husband of
the mother sister wife
by the name of Isis.. later
suckling chiLd Horus like Mary
out of the bible.. from
Virgin birth too..
Osiris resurrected
into something new
not unlike Jesus
from myth of
death and
rebirth too..
human potential
iS whaT iT’s trUly
aLL about.. the patterns and CHANGE
oF Nature iN human cultures/mindbody
as eXtendED now by products of human
language.. collective intelligence and
oF all whAT lAnds us heRe on earth
iN current predicament aS iS..
but ha.. if yA thInk yA are
gonna get iT aLL lEarned iN
school.. college.. etc..
yA are sAdly
mistaken as
school.. iS mostly
curricula deSigned
by those who choose what
yA lEarn and what yA don’t..
dictated by whatever cultural
norms are the reality of the
now at hand..
but oh.. the modern
world of online.. is different
now.. as the curricula for those
who have uncensored access is
beyond what those who control
with church.. state.. and school..
and rein with binds of
books and desks
And for someone
like me.. and i’m sure tHere
are others like me.. sTiLL lOOkinG..
hehe.. it’s a brand new experiment
of human and global myriad
cultures hOlding hands aNew
and iT’s trUe thIS iS a brAnd
new eXciTinG HUman
story that iS gOinG
places that no
one has
imaGinED bEforE..
iN trUly a hUman
singularITy oF hOlding
Anew hAnds like never ever
beforE iN recorded hiStory.. the
tiMe iS now.. and the Enigma iS
trULy uS.. when set Free iN the
liGht of NatUre.. that wE aLL can
be when wE unleash our human potential
as extra-terrestrial from what we were
iN yesternow.. new iS eXciting.. old
is boRing FOR those aVerse
to change.. yET..
thAT iS hUman NatUre
too.. some wiLL go Green
and otHeRs
choice iS now..
WiLL so beautiful
wHen shaRed aS liGhtiNTruth
noW giVing moVing.. ConnectinG
and creaTinG REALitY LOVeNoW..
those wHo pArk iN pASt.. WILL neVer
sinG iN preSenT
oF dreAMs
iN REAL..:)

WeLL.. anY truE hOMe oF liGht requires
more than juSt trUth and liGht..
a featUre of Fearless
iS fear oF
dArk caN certainly
set one back from
LovE NoW
as cynical
oF liGht
can bE Action to
dArker coNsequence
iN emoTion oF Fear
noW.. so what to
do.. sUre.. a
practice oF
miNd and
boDy balanCinG
Art of moVinG.. connecTinG
CreaTinG iN giVinG shaRinG
ways.. is certainly a way to
Fearless LoVe nOW..
hmm.. so
Godzilla iS
one of my favorite
mythological ways
to go too.. as Godzilla
gets the job done.. with
as little collateral damage
as possible.. with laser focus
and fire breathing mouth.. rarely
failing to complete the mission noW..
Fire breathing.. yes.. laser focus now..
And no.. Godzilla don’t need no lesSons
to geT NatUre back iN balance.. as God
of Nature provides the Zilla pArt fuLLyiNoW
God floW oF zONE noW.. so.. Go Godzilla.. Go
Godzilla.. Go Godzilla noW.. as Nature shows
the folly of hUman when NOT BalanCinG
noW and
and the rest
of what Blue
Oyster Cult
said.. but trUly..
the Film Monster
Godzilla.. originates
in Japanese mythology
to battle with human existential
Angst.. when the so-called Apex
Predator.. becomes the first predator
dum enough to potentially destroy
everyone’s home on the planet
through Nuclear Winter..
but in Japan..
it was already
the end for
100K or so
folks on
an Island..
Oh.. hUmans..
Karma can be
hell to pay..
and the result of
human ignorance in thinking
they are above the other pArts
Of creation.. are ringing iN meaSure
oF misery and suffering around the
globe.. action.. consequence
Karma iN action..
to move away
from balance
iS to
from liGht
to dArk in otherwise
poTential Heaven oN Earth..
Fearless without guns iS A
REAL God animal way to
go.. and that takes
wax on wax off
baby more
triggers and
pushing buttons
of darker way of LiFe..:)

SMiLes.. so true.. tHere iS more
to paying taxes in life than
spitting back out
backs or
whatever color
they are noW
in India.. Friend
Prajakta.. yes.. oh..
the Flow.. the ZOne..
rids the animal.. hUman
or other.. from illusion
iN greaTest tax
oF all
iN deadline
liFe restrictions
aWay from ZoNeFlow..
SMiLes.. mY wiFe is mY
clock.. she nudges me
when it’s now to
pay her
i’ve forgotten about
death and green backs..
onlY now iS Flow iN ZonE
taXes due
from yesternows..
Culture has surely
changed from free
flow ForAger days
but surely priSon
oF cLock tax
iS not
too advanced
for Freedom WiLL..
i never realized i was
always paying taxes until
i totAlly
got aWay from
the cLock of LiFe.. wHere
hands of time taxes every
second rule

Ah.. Free Write oF folks like Jack Kerouac..
taPing pAges toGeTheR iN type writer
way to keep writing stream
of consciousness writing
no matter
may.. oh..
W O R D S..
now oF noW..
wHere blogging
and forms like this
comments section
now up to 10K or so
space to keep going and
going before the formatting
breaks down.. trUly.. wE live iN
interesting.. nows.. wHere almost
anything goes.. but only problem miGht
bE for someone like Jack Kerouac or me..
iS the trap of culture.. the diversions from
focus on a lifelong art.. to trUly
excel in.. from other’s ways..
who are doing
other stuff
different ways
as then as now..
but.. with social
media.. and the norm
demand way of conforming
to the social group way of
get with us or get outcast
away from us wRite now..
how many folks WiLL
take advantage of technology iN
aLL the poTenTiaLs that did not
exist in the day of Kerouac and
those who came before and after
him.. like Walt Whitman in the previous
century.. and who else after that would
dare to stray from the norm
of likes..
or such..
to do iT oNly
for the Love oF arT..
noW.. no matter what the
naysayers oF different miGht
say then or now.. as get the hell
out of our town.. ya dam Maverick NOW..
i for one kNow and FeeL the pitfalls of TrUly
frEE.. but considering the ultiMate reWard
oF liFE iS Heaven noW iN aLL the Colors
that comes iN noW for sure..
yes.. the effort
and reward iN onE
noW iS worth aLL the
naysaying i and others
have heard at the end
and beginning of NoW
iN Heaven
the flow
the ZonE.. many
paths oF journeys
to get heRe
but thiS
sure works for mE..
bottom and top line


I guess that says a lot.. but perhaps this picture and the next
picture even says more of the gift of life and love as
Beauty in the eyes of the Beholder that is
the Love oF i for the Wife as Katrina..
as photo above.. from the
Nuts.. my wife at
age 19 then and
her Mother.. just
a year older than
her at age 48 then..
and then coming.. a photo
from Easter Day..2017.. where she
swings with Children there.. and NoW..
As i remember… President Obama saying
something about the book and movie.. “The Life of PI”..
as evidence for the Existence foR God thaN what is all
of this.. something more or less or sAMe.. you decide..
i already have 100 percent Faith iN And isREaL God
wHo jUSt keeps GroWinG even more within me NoW
As ArT soUL eXPreSsinG od NoW.. trUth is like
God LiGht.. sAdly.. mY ArT iS too Big too see in
MasterPiece aRT ViEW.. for most..
but as Vincent
once sAid
A SonG oF
OthERs.. perHaps
one day more WiLL
See and FeeL and SeNSe
moRe oF BoTh me and God isReaL NoW2…
And most imporTanTly More.. YOU2 now.. nah.. you more than me..:)

BottoM liNe
i Love God
as withiN YOU too..:)

And it’s trUe..
i for one DO

At Essence..
GrowS old
Or Dies..
As Essence
Love iNspiRes..:)

And that last pARt iS
inspiRed by a Poem
of Beauty by jusT
anotHeR Muslim User Named PoeT online as Identity17..Revels1..
Matching a year of LoVe NoW STiLL CoMinG 2017.. TrumPinG Hate..:)


WeLL.. while i set out to make this a MacroVerse mostly about Fear
as usual Love is winning however.. ‘this Theme Song’ that starts out on
this current MacroVerse Number 94 now named “A CLowN KinG NoW”..
begs a little more attention to the Subject Muse oF Fear and the Dark Horse of
Karma and current cultural and political events.. namely the slow and pleaSinG
Destruction of Faux news as the Pussy Grabber in Chief’s like continue to fall in
O’Reilly and Aisles way.. and all that’s left is the Orange Clown on top thaT has
been inspiring dARK to come out and Play.. but tHeRe are Laws of the
Land and a Declaration of Independence that sets out to protect
oTheRs in life.. liberty.. and the pursuit of Happiness..
so as the world turns and evil is inspired
and falls further by laws
of a land made
to protect
others and
commerical assessments
in Good of Freedom over Evil of Harming
others with power and status.. the tides are
a changing even more now that the DarKeST
Clown iS iN charge as the dArkness comes
Braves out of Caves.. finally to be captured
whole and put out
of ways of
others as that
is the way of Karma as
DarKness eXposed and
put out as liGht arises true…
the Victor is Love and those who
harm will face ultimate loss of face
for power and status drained away with
nothing left but empty soUL Green bLack
Dollar Bills.. Billions will never save the Face
of disgrace and loss of power and status as all
that’s left is draining egos.. who have no soUL of sELf
Actualization wHOle.. so.. which of us is worthy and which of
us is weak.. which of uS is prey and we are the victors over those
who succumb to the Vengeance of yesternows dARk out oF liGht..ExPOSED..:)


SMiLes Frank.. ya gotta love the Social
hi·er·ar·chy of the Petting Zoo Animals..
All Domesticated.. including Human and Dog
same.. hehe.. except for those who are dominated
of course
by the
alpha dog more
NoW iN kind or cruel
ways oN course with
Due Love to continue
providing Dog Chow to
A Good Old Dog named Fred..
namesake2 as i feel back in the
Day that i also wore the Golden Short
Chains and Cuffs of Government Work..
truly.. IT IS A wonderful FeeLinG to BE
A Alpha Dog.. NoW.. standing tall FReED..
never now having or needing
to heel.. no longer
Fear of chains
and cuffs
Promises of retirement later on after hell..
and do whatever we say now more.. then.. too..
Or lose that Golden Pot of Rainbow.. then/now2..
as it’s true.. Waiting on Heaven can Be A GreaTest
Fear of aLL.. while serving no master but Free NoW..
IS A Howling Good NoW.. aS long as Kibbles and Bits
are served all up.. in my case.. by Dog Owner and Mastriss Katrina…;)


Post Cards from
DArk Shadows..
Places forget..
Shadow’s Post
days before..:)


Dogs never lost..
liGht hoMe
lives within..
HUmans guided
bY liGht oF Dog sAMe..:)


Life alWays An Adventure
Life alWays A Mystery
LiFe alWays LiFe
through a Dog’s
eYes more.. LiFe AlWays..:)


SWirLinG iN an oPen
ploWed oVer Field..
large enough to
house the
of biggest
MOAB too..
DanCinG SWirlinG
Clouds above.. me below
iN tandem.. FoResT Breathes taLLer
HoriZoN.. BatHinG sPiRit deLIGhts..:)


i never kNew beauty sad
until i could shed
no tears
of any
and then i found
the strength of Atlas
in one tear that finAlly
made weak
legs strong..
a death now..
made a tear
a dear cat..
then.. a tear
now made a
human again..
if only for a moment
and the tear birthed
the first spark of hope
in five years.. truly the
first flame to rise up
from five years
of Ashes
in July
of that 2013 year..
so.. sure the story of the
strength of sorrow and joy
inspires me certainly and
bRinGs that strength
even greater
in the
present of
now by reinforcing
it again and again through
the art of fingers in song
of creativity iN
and later
dance again..
until ever cell in my
body receives joy in
sure.. neurochemical
receptor way
my body..
in this greater way of understanding
how dArk and LiGht work for joy
and hope.. as well as challenge..
it is great to know and feel
that the UniVerse as is
innate iN uS.. iS aS
merciful to allow
a tear
sMiLe.. do
i need to
reAlly.. i feel
therefore.. i
F E E L..:)


SMiLes.. my friEnd..
as alWays nice to visit
and as alWays Fear a Foe
leFt Far Behind.. stARtinG
at 5 at
with photos of
Devil and Pitchfork
and vivid dream of devil
Forking throat all the way
through to air.. thing is.. it
didn’t hurt at all.. thing is..
later.. i learned the real
devil is pain and
numb.. any
it always smELt
like bullshit.. no way innocent
i would believe in Trump then…
Other than that in celebration of
Adolf Hitlers’ birthday today on the 20th
in irony way of Celebrating Trump liFe today
in dARk DEvil ways too.. as Aisles and O’Reilly’s
fall through DeeP cracks of dArk from LiGht.. Nah.. Fear
is no hero of mine.. in church of pews.. or work gone past..
Fear is my bitch that i train on a short lease.. just in case i
need him.. to serve fists and feet of fury.. other than that fear
is just a
as pet
i master
And animal saMe ME..too..
to be set free when needed..
other than that chained underneath Hell..
now off to the rest of your gigoid story today…:)

“Do every act of your life as if it were your last.”

~~ Marcus Aurelius ~~

Hmm.. that’s LiFe..
pArt of that thingie
i keep on a leash..
for me.. it’s
as first..;)

“I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand.”

~~ Charles Schulz, aka Charlie Brown ~~

Sorry Chuck..
i gUess yoU
mY MotHeR..;)

The evidence of the emotions, save in cases where it has strong objective support, is really no evidence at all, for every recognizable emotion has its opposite, and if one points one way then another points the other way. Thus the familiar argument that there is an instinctive desire for immortality, and that this desire proves it to be a fact, becomes puerile when it is recalled that there is also a powerful and widespread fear of annihilation, and that this fear, on the same principle proves that there is nothing beyond the grave. Such childish proofs are typically theological, and they remain theological even when they are adduced by men who like to flatter themselves by believing that they are scientific gents…”

— H. L. Mencken

throw the
talk away and live..;)

“I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleges, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”

— Tolstoy

Dancing as
Air NoW and
Water of Beach
solves iT aLL
mE noW
as i am Beach..:)

“The spirit is fascinated by the future, wants to know the meaning of everything, and would like to stretch, if not break altogether, the laws of nature through technology or prayer. It is full of ideals and ambition, and is a necessary, rewarding, and inspiring aspect of human life. The soul is… embedded in the details of ordinary,everyday experience. In the spirit we try to transcend our humanity; in the soul, we try to enter our humanity fully and realize it completely.”

— Thomas Moore

All is emotions
All is senses for
those who experience
either as fully or less
or close
at all as abyss
in hell now.. and
yes.. words often
screw the rest of life uP..
as human chArm of creating nightmares isreal..:)

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;
the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

~~ Plato ~~

Just to imagine
that humans lived
in the dark at night
for thousands and
thousands of years
a candle
more than
moon or stars..
only knoWing the
sounds of night as scary.. WiTh
liGht alWays WeLcome as comfort..:)

And on top as thaT i’m a little
wary of folks who stArt a sentence with
we.. usually an indication of absolving
personal responsibility
for some
of hidden religious/
political/sportS agEnda..;)

“Birth is the beginning of death.”

~~ Realist Bee ~~

UnlesS oNe LiVes..:)

“A fiery soul, which, working out its way,
Fretted the pygmy-body to decay,
And o’er-inform’d the tenement of clay.
A daring pilot in extremity;
Pleas’d with the danger, when the waves went high
He sought the storms.”

~~ John Dryden — Absalom and Achitophel, Part i, Line 156 ~~


“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

~~ Sir Richard Steele (1672-1729) ~~

*When the FucK
did they
ShiT uP..;)


“An age is called Dark not because the light fails to shine,
but because people refuse to see it.”

~~ James Michener, “Space” ~~

sOme sit
iN aLL iTs Darkness..:)

“He does not seem to me to be a free man
who does not sometimes do nothing.”

~~ Cicero ~~

UnlesS oNe
now goes to
the real abyss
of nothingness
where feelings
and senses disintegrate
as alive
dUst breaTh..:)

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

~~ Philip K. Dick ~~

i hELp maKe
One.. AnD
IT works..
at core oF
what’S real
iN feeL anD senSe..;)

“Around existence twine,
(Oh, bridge that hangs across the gorge!)
ropes of twisted vine.”

~~ Basho ~~

YeS.. bY aLL
EnDs Do
A Mean tWist..
As VinE oF LoVe..:)


AS the Big Lebowski of cult-famous
Movie Lore says in smALLer dude
way.. lots of strands
to keep
my head
man.. or
as it were and
sTiLL iS.. so what
is Clown so what is
King.. well
is occult per
esoteric mysteries
of life sPeaK iN symbol
way of
and perHaps i
made that uP as
thAT is what human
does in symbol ways to
express now what science
cannot easily saY iN terms
of repeatable experiment that
can be empirically measured among
the heARd of HeRd whOle on Average
being hUman.. iN other words.. the outlier
who experiences.. let’s juSt say.. a little more
NoW of what most folks observe of what they emote
is empirical reality first and second in rational analysis..
yes.. the outlier.. must go a little further to express the more they
see of so-called reaLiTy.. the best they can with human made symbols and
in terms of 7 of what used to be the empirical observable space land of planets
Sun to Saturn then without telescope of visible eye.. so amazing to even see with
juSt visible eYe iN wonder then that 7’s becAMe Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning
and Purpose down to a full deck of 52 weeks for a year in single digit days
of 7 day weeks.. or perhaps ‘God’ did all of that too.. as pArt as wHole
we as eYes and eArs pArT as WhoLe GoD all thAT is.. for comMon
sense FeeLs seNses kNows And sPeaks oF BeinG hUman NoW..
you see.. this is not jUSt twitter speak.. this is dreamtime
WeLL.. in deeper way of me.. and sure.. you have
IT too.. if you seek and find it
as art of you.. sure2.. what
‘they’ name in soMe
circles as Holy
Spirit and
circles as
creative state of
alpha waves approaching
theta waves of brain in wide awake
guided lucid dreams in what human always
did/does before trapped in books of words and other
ways of data download analytical problem solving
mind as spoon-fed by the culture of present almost
from breath of life NoW and liGht above that is not the
sun but a fluorescent light in a Faux
world stArting manmade in
Hospital way..
true.. this
is the twilight
zone too.. as any
wild and free naked
human dancing and trancing
in bliss would see what we do
behind screams of screen and lecture
hall sitting steel prisons of sitting still seats
NoW as truly insane from head to toe and whatever
concrete illusion of life we hold in mind and out
of body balance.. no longer invisible to predator and
prey.. for a successful forAge of liFe iN the day and the now..
oh.. God.. Yes!.. thaT trance dance naked bliss stuff at night
under moon on top of the
HoLly Wood
for a lUSt
of liFe.. and Ms.
Delray.. getS iT.. she
really doeS and attempts
to drive a few human archetypal
hypnotic suggestions to extend a hand towake the
masses up more to more than data download brain..
anyway.. back to 11.. the number past 10 digits
of hand or toes.. two feet.. two hands multiplied
NoWtheN by holy and sacred number 5.. 11 is the next
Transhumanist step.. yes.. when prehensile
thumb of 5.. two of 10.. grasps
a pick up stick
and sketches
angELs of stars
in sand and voila
sanskrit alpha bits
and bytes eventually
come in all digital way
of keyboards and text and
visual and audio art and science
across the wave lengths shorter/longer of life
to give and share.. sorry if i lost you.. but i
AM an 11 Dude continuing to increase my human
potential and you may watch me do it behind
the safety of your glass wall if you so choose
to follow the rabbit me.. in the holes of soUL
i continue to dig in multi-path way of Journey
never ending story.. of my liFe@LeASt heAr..
anyWay.. 11 is kind of the next Step past the
G of 7.. in smaller God View of thousands of years gone
past.. really hard to break the habit of sitters who wanna
stay in the cave or in the desert as it were and still is to worship
NoW A Tribal God to demand subsistence in/with aggression and violence
and even World War III.. to prove once and for all that never changing
is the reality when change is all around to see.. unlesS oNe gets too caught
up in desert sands that never grow new life.. so.. yes.. those of us like Ms. Del
ReY iN Artistic ways of GroWinG soUL.. go the neXT steP perched upOn the standing
TaLL 8 H Infinity symbol as pArT of the HolLywood Sign.. wHeRE two hemispheres NoW
of 11 as symbol of left one side of Brain for reason and right one side of Brain for
Art join hands toGeTher H as Neurons and aCross the Globe HandS iN all lAttitudes
and LonGiTudes to get the lusT and LoVe ShiT toGeTher iN MoVinG NoW
and ConNecTinG and CreaTinG ways more as pArT of God wHole..
and sure.. they.. per Ms Rey.. the Witch.. and her other
practicing White Magic Artists who mix the
scientifically assessed placebo
effect as a kind of positive
voodoo with the
effect as scientifically
assessed too.. are just hoping
that Trump hears about the spell they
are creating for his fail of harm to others
lesS.. oN three consecutive waning CreScent MooN
NiGhTs oF SprinG.. sTill continuing now.. and no.. no..
NO.. tinfoil hates.. you can Google it.. they are actually
doing it.. And if the Trump is susceptible NoW to the power
of suggestion.. which obviously he is as he has little internal
control evident in emotional ways of regulation or integration
of senses as his 2 and 6 am rants on Twitter most definitely
prove he is about as irrational as ‘they’ get in terms
of really weak ego WiLL without the director ‘i’..
in self actualization as that wHo that
makes a persona with mastery
of WiLL as any
with what ‘they’ nAMe
as WiLL.. and folks wHo
have that can even avoid
turning money tables over as
they defeat others with wit/charm and
never swords as dying by same.. in terms
of blowing shit up with nuclear bombs and
other fresh MOAB hell as that.. so.. sure..
the WitchCraft Spell could impact
him a little if he lets
it get under
his skin
that obviously
is about as thin as skin gets..
with red face liFe of constant worry
that is only absolved in terms of power and
status in illusory way away from self actualization
where the 11 in 7 comes as co-creator with God..
no longer mastered by other humans alone..
greater emotionally regulated and
sensory integrated
in Chi
of WiLL
all positive
as pure white
Agape Love for all
of Nature plUs well beyond
G for God.. sure.. the H.. standing
tall infinity.. and when she talks about
her Boy Friend in the Song and eTernal
Blue Skies as Captain of her SoUL that’s
another symbol for her favorite light bringer.. sure..
Lucifer and Baphomet and all those other symbols of human
uNitY iN and as liGht as God’s eYes sHiNe through us finally
and Free
WiTh a LuST
and Love For LIFE
to thrill God as LiFE
as uS every second
aS SpiRit heArT
soUL eternALLy
YounG defeating
death in life at lEAst NoW..
oh.. so bright.. as LiGht BrinGeR
wE aLL can bE to the rest of the
HUman RAce to thriLL God who lives
within and as us now.. now to spread A
LusT for LIFE iN Eternal Love NoW jusT NoW
all that is plUS God as OuRs Free..aLL FReED..
so in other words.. the K
G is the
one who has WiLL aS
mastery in Regulating
Emotions and Integrating
Senses as Chi of Positive
WiLL as Pure Love coMes NeXT..
With a ClowN as juST a metaphor
for the Director i as soUL to create
Actor Ego in whatever suits
the day of now.. one
WiLL Hope
to GroW
A Much Greater
hUman RAce GarDeN oF LoVe..
on top of the H standing tALL inFiniTy 8 as ‘they’ say..
Oh yeaH.. and she says take all your clothes off.. repeatedly
as just a respectful phrase that goes back to the Gnostic Jesus
as her so-called make believe friend in Ms Rey’s YouTube
Video all about Tropico.. with her parents
Marilyn Monroe for all Natural luST
and Whitman as deeper
poeTry Free Verse
Daddy.. as Verse
37 does relate to strip
the lies of clothes of culture
off.. to get back to HoLy and
SacRed Dreamtime SpiRiT NoW..
And Sure.. John Wayne plays the Patriarchal
version 2.0 of God after the first 1.0 Elohim of
Egalitarianism iN DiViNe Archetype of Feminine
and Masculine BaLanCinG ForCE wHoLe.. CosmiC
DancEr2.. as that Baphomet symbol does reLate2..
And sure2.. to relate the findings of that with
othERs in crude attempts of symbols2 thaT
may or maY noT spArK A BrinGeR oF LiGht
iN oTheR eYes and eARs beyond jusT the
organs per saY iN more oF A Dance
and SonG of liFe that
waXes morE NoW
oN poetic esSence
LiGht than concrete
labELs of dead things
that stand as Towers..
thing is.. TrumpS don’t understand
the full PowEr of the dARk Side for LiGht..
nor do myriad oTheR psychopathic leaning individuals
all the way to clergy.. Pastors.. Ceo’s.. StockBrokers.. Priests.. yep
you the kNow the tyPe iF oNe can FeeL and SenSe the dARk SidE NoW..
And please remember.. NoW2..
this is jUSt anotHeR MicroVerse
poetic response to her PoeTry SonG
aS iT can mean an infiNite+ numBer oF OTHeR
sTuFF1..2..eTc.. as MetaPhoruS are/iS liKe
tHaT NoW iN eternal LiGht to dARK FloW2..;)

Word.. MaN..
‘they’ say..;)

Oh yeaH.. anD that’s
A FredKu at the end oF
mY FredBun and thiS
is jusT a Footnote oF
feAT oF liGht..:)

JuSt caLL mE
CaPtain SAlt.. oKay..;)

Or ‘CLowN KinG NoW’
WHaTever tHis FredKu2..;)

And remember NoW2.. this is
just my Hobby.. Anthropology..
can’t make a living aT iT for bucks..
as WeLL
And TruTh..
as tHaT
@LeASt foR mE..;)

And sUrE.. yA
can caLL iT
aLL PoeTry or WTF..
Moon Child Cheese Don’t Care..
And oR “CLowN KinG NoW isREaL”..;)

And all of this iS juST MaGiC..
suRe2.. thINk aBouT thAT 6 letter word..
iF you
as any
CLoWN WiLL Do..;)


WeLL.. now to slow things down ‘a little bit’ perHaps
with another favorite aspect of miNd iN
Continuing Free Verse
Anthropology.. Nicki
Minaj.. taking
Breast worship
in areas of scarcity
back to baby’s got butt
of abundance.. nary too
shy to go panty-less with
all natural fur somewhat
exposed off and on
through the video
sort of like
all chant
more coming on
that soon.. too.. i might
add as this is Holy and very
Special FuLL of Meaning
and PURPose Thursday
wHeRE as i say.. multi-
mately i will be
Free Verse too
WiTh sMiLes of
all the Cool College age
Folks in my 157th week of
enjoying that too.. with more fun
photos coming to this King Clown
related 94th/765th MacroVerse and
the 95th/766th MacroVerse stARting
tomorrow then2.. on the 21st of April
after 3 AM.. per the witching hour
of 3 PM that NicKi amply
does reLate2 iN
her Video
too.. seemingly
not to be confused with
her so-called Hip Hop battle
with Remy whatever her name is
yes.. Remy Ma.. as that story goes too..
hmm.. doesn’t occult for the rest of the
esoteric symbolism in the Video as those
Holly types do in artful ways too.. but anyway couldn’t
help but to think about the Beatles and a Day in the Life..
when the Bird spiraled above the Clock Tower too.. hey it’s
mysterious and weird kinda like me.. so i’ll go with it as it has
a steady beat and rhythm along with Chakra Frequencies
of Strength and Power as everyone knows why
African American Males have the
greatest self esteem..
two factors of the
all natural ability to
defend themselves along
with sexual self confidence esteem too..
and sure.. NicKi Queen is tapping down
below iN a Rap oF ThAT too.. as Strong
QueeNs WiLL do like KinGs too..
don’t forget WE aRE human
NOW2 if one pursues
11.. 10 did come
first and 12
inches of
and half
a dozen or
6 less or more
of the other average
human thingie too..anyway
got some MacroVerse and
MicroVerse Memories to share
as Lord kNows and FeeLs and SenSEs
the BRiGhter the SuN Grows in SpRinG to
Lana Del Ray Julys too.. the more my Dopamine
Generated CreaTiVity SpRinG and SuMmeRs more
too.. in total out put of aLL The aRT i jusT Do.. hey..
that’s how Sistine Chapels are painted too.. go go go
Michel go.. and in my case usually i only get that when
i dance.. much harder to even catch up to fingers of words..;)

‘HEAVEN is for REAL NOW”.. sure MacroVerse Memory from
three years ago too.. besT paRT for mE@LeASt iT’s sTiLL TrUe and liGht too..:)

“CALL of A Wookiee” as a loyal FriEnD too.. to those
in need of a little bit more LiGht from TrUth iN
LIFE too..trYiNG my best to stir a little
Occult and Esoteric Mystery
Color of hUman
in the
SoUP area of the Wrong Planet
LiFE online.. ugh.. they banished
me from HeLL.. now Lucifer
is totAlly on sTaycation
Heaven considering
they did the
to me
iN Poet
Community Land too..;)

TruE i geT aLL ArOUnd.;)

WalmARt Synergy of
dARk and LiGht
Force iN
oF aRt..;)

And now to 7 theMeD.. MicroVerses
from a year ago.. as CreaTiVity
was STiLL eXpLoDinG
iN and as KinGdoM
of HeaVEN WiThiN
TimELy SonG i
miGht add too..
with even some Occult Symbolism
iN Esoteric Mystery way of 666 in Ghost
in the Machine Clearly Visible on the MirroRed Album Cover..:)

SMiLes.. my friend.. gigoid.. Morpheus and
the Matrix.. per thAT trilogy
are excellent
for what
iS missing in
life.. iN exploration
of the inner Universe..
as while Astronomers have
the external Universe mapped
out well.. and if seen at smallest
levels is obviously art per the
observer affect and effect..
the inner Universe can
only be mapped
through art
as it runs
on emotions..
senses.. including
sensuality.. that is a
non-repeatable experiment
in detailed scientific method..
as compared to the observable
quantifiable measure of what
scientists are credibly
able to measure
now.. oh.. so
the voCaTion
oF poeTry..
DanCe and
aLL other Arts
that DO the greaTest
work of liFe iN exploRinG
what iT even means to BE
or not to BE.. my friend.. and
oh the soul.. wHere i for one
adhere to the Whitman school
of Real soUl oF hUman beInG..
along with yes.. the Yogi.. the
Buddha.. and all who search
for answers within
through a poetic
soUl.. that
these answers
within.. and provides
the only semblance of this
reality of our Multi-Universes
wE within.. changing alWays from
now to now.. wiTh wE as walking star
dust with Imagination.. Creativity and
WiLL through Bio Feedback and reAson
to make our realities what they are iN pARt
through the relationship of Nature whole iN
uS.. and WiLL oF We iN Biofeedback of REAL
soUL.. iN Relative Free WiLL to make noW
what noW iS overALL nowonorlost
iN this way as Nature
oF aLL iS God as REAL..
aLL poetic heARts oF EmotiOn..
senses.. including sensuality..
are anointed by Nature AKA GOD
to seek and find the answers..
and such a treaSure the
answers to the
UniVerse within
for a more balanCinG
liFE they are that we humans
consider these poetic answers as
sacred and holy.. but sadly then as often
has been the case as is.. the exploration ends
and someone says.. one cannot add to this ‘Bible’
Book of poetry.. this theatrical play.. this painting.. this
language.. this grammar.. this way of seeing
the world now.. in religion/politics/philosophy/
culture.. so the evolution of mapping
and understanding/feeling
the inner UniVerse
oF hUman BeinG
and we
head hunters
in the middle east..
homophobes as Catholic
Church Deacons.. and ideas
like desire and oxytocin attachments
are bad.. when they are just a natural
pArt of liFe.. wE aLL have to pull uP our
biG hUman britches one day.. and face
the dARk and liGht toGeThEr.. but
to ignore the reality of
Nature evident
within uS..
iS truly
the reality
that most folks liVe
in our modern societies..
i for one.. a great example of this..
straight A’s through high school.. three
degrees from college.. over 30 years at
work and a quarter of a century with
the same Government
battle tested
and worn.. with
only brief stints of
introspection.. visiting
my father in a three hour
assisted introspection… bi-
annually on
the Interstate
else forced
on me to do
at the moment
then.. mowing the
grass once or twice a
month.. and finAlly wHere
the stress of iT aLL BRings
me down to a synergy oF
19 life threatening disorders..
including total loss of my
emoTioNs too.. yes..
i.. total lost
who the
FucK i even
AM.. no inner voice
to navigate the world..
no regulation of emotions..
no integration of senses.. no
art of moving.. connecting.. and
creating my reality through the
biofeedback of human..
relative free WiLL..
INcluding such
abilities now
gainED.. as
dance.. martial
arts.. poetry.. song..
sensory integration to
the point i never even get
cold in the winter for long
pants.. enjoying a full range
of human emotions..
all regulated
my control
of bliss alWays
now.. in other words
heaven now..
and emotTonAlly
regulatED heARt
iN SpiRit oF ExPreSsinG
that emotTonAl Force
oF liFe iS REAL.. as
miNd and BoDy
balanCinG soUL..
by God oF Nature
i finAlly got
mY shiT
Free and aM
trUly FReED
noWoNoW.. hmm..
but heRe’s the thing..
i am onLY mE.. WilLL
anything i say/do.. help anotHeR
person who is lost out oF tHeiR
REAL HeARt… SpiRit.. and SoUl..
WeLL.. for thiS i look to science
and considering wE
aLL share the
overAll same
i’m thiNkinG
the answer iS
at lEAst partiAlly
yes.. so i keep plugging
along.. mapping the inner
UnivErse through the ArT
i feel WiLL worK through
Dance and SonG/poeTry..
mY friend..
but i went
to hell first..
the Wrong Planet
online wHere the outcasts
of the World come as last
resort.. to find
any answer
out of tHeir
i looked around
at the fallen ones
and truly they helped mE
to come back as human being
wHole.. iN heARt.. SpiRit and
soUl.. REAL.. but only one or two
could understand mY neW gained
language/ART.. to map the hUman
UniVerse oF
i within..
every path
and journey unique..
but alWays hope..
no matter iF one
can FeeL it or
not through
and adaptation
to what’s real mY friEnd..
iF i can come back.. i muSt
have hope for others too..
to come to this
that i do
the iNheritance
of NatUre FReED
tHe trUe liGht gifT

sMiLes.. mY friend.. yes that last
paRt of the trilogy of the Matrix
is my favorite part.. as it
provides an excellent
theatrical metaphor
for the human
wITh the hUman
archetype of oracle
in innate.. instinct and
iNtuition oF miNd and
boDy balance.. as weLL
as the architect of reAson
that wE humans are gifted
and cursed wIth sAMe.. iN
so many ways.. wHere the color
full rainbow-like sky over the peace
fuLLy newLY meadoWed ciTy iN
the morning liGht oF enLiGhTen-
MenT iS the gift of thE
young INdiaN
as portrayed
and created through
the way she feels and
senses the world as child
aNew oF Nature Free.. witH
the archetype of reaSon admitting
he’s not human and the archetype
of oracle admitting she knows nothing
and believes her way through to the
truth and liGht of LiFe.. or something
like that.. smiLes.. as in all ‘biblical’
plays of art.. interpretation is
open to the
moon and
back and
farther than
the sun shines
in human imagination
and creativity in maKing
the cultural byproducts real
that make this life heaven and
or hell and purgatory REAL ‘TWEEN..
other than that there is the evolution
of the human brain as metaphor
of archetype.. the ancient reptilian
shark brain of survival as
ultimate predator.. and
the heARt of emotions
of mammals like uS..
Bonobos.. and
Porpoises too..
and of course
the neocortical
bRain wE share
as pArt of brain wiTh
Dolphins.. wHere we are
set apart.. by our hands and
prehensile thumbs for written
language.. collective intelligence..
and all that makes culture dArk and
liGht.. in shades of grey away from
black and white.. and colors beyond
the Rainbow too.. of human moving..
art of imagination and creativity too…
Anyway.. culture makes something now..
relatively simple.. nightmares and dreams
and the all between.. so that is why there must
be a counter balance of art that is just as complicated
or more.. to Bring the insanity of control back to balance
of Yin and Yang arT mY friEnd.. so no.. one Buddha.. a so-called
last prophet.. or only Son of God is not enough.. fine poets
they were in all the dARk and liGht of human bEinG then..
there is.. but a whole world-wide army of poets
painters.. dancers.. and all the rest of
artists/prophets/sacred clowns
and all the other metaphors
iS now required more..
for setting uS free
iN hAnds
oF help noW
to get the job
oF balancing out aLL
the human intelligences..
so lost.. so far far away
in another
from Maslow’s
of human needs and
evolution in one life now
from Physiological Animal
Homeostasis to safety to Love/
Belonging to Esteem to Self Actualization
and the unnamed sixth destination of being
ONE with the rest of Nature.. iN truly feeling
and sensing iT.. per the metaphor of God as
ALLTHaTiS.. sadly most people are in a state
of worry/anxiety/fear and or pain most everynow..
and sadly my friend..
many people do
not even
rise out
the first
level of human
evolution in just one
life now.. wHere the
indigenous primitives
often live their entire
life starting and ending
at level six of being one
with nature and never
separated in
the REAL
where morpheus is not
even a potential human
archetype of dreamtime now..
Oh ZiOn.. yoU are reAl as iS
FREE.. wheRE
wE are warmed bY
the Sun and return
that warmth so free
as Stars are we
noW in
liGht iN trUth
and fearless Love
now.. wHere the Shark..
the Lover.. the Priest..
the Politician.. and
the Architect wiTh
Oracle Hermit
Artist.. ETc..
hOld hands
toGether iN
a feminine and
masculine balance
oF juSt beinG noW..
but trUly great effort iN
SeeKinG.. FinDinG.. and
practiCinG tHe answers noW
one finds.. iS alWAys required
to stay matrix free Now.. truLY
the camel of culture and the
i oF uS
yeS.. Neo lives..
in i’s oF FReED..
from ocean wE arRisE
aS floWinG WaTeR
wE cAN

ALL seeing left eYe eXpoSeD..
Superman Emblem oF Hope
emBossED wITh American
Flag.. trUly thiS country’s
ideaL iN Declaration oF
INdependence iS
baSed sTiLL noW
oN Free MaSON
idea oF Truth
and liGht under
an aLL SeeinG
eYe oF God as
metaphor for aLL
Creator Nature noW..
aWay from priSons oF
barbarians iN crusades
of Killing.. and impriSoNinG
humans in the rule of Culture
over the God of Nature.. as the
unalienable right to Life..LIberty.. and
the pursuit of Happiness.. yes.. a dream
come trUe iN tHe New Zion of iS RA EL
that iS the United States.. for those oF
uS who are successful in thiS God
given riGht of hUman noW
and trUly aLL the rest
of creation when
set free too..
in however that
may come within
the parameters oF
aLL oF Creation’s existence
noW.. anyWay.. iT works for mE
God has aLLready BleSSeD America
Free for those who are able to unplug
from the
matrix of Lies
inherent in any
hUman system
of cultural norms
sTiLL.. the point iS
iT iS possible here.. and
next to impossible in countries
far far from the POTENTIAL OF
iN Fearless Love as TruTh and LiGht..
And Hell no.. i have nothing to do
with the Free Mason organization
and everything to do with tHe
All Natural God thaT iS creator
within uS noW.. wITh Zero rules
requirED by culture other
than to share resources
to get the
Job oF
Free dONE..
Freedom trUly
iS never tax free..
aS iT takes SeeKinG
FinDinG.. and pracTiCinG
tHe tax oF enliGhTENmenT
alWays noW iN Heaven ReAL..:)

Doorway to
Heaven or Hell..
or Purgatory noW..
theRe’s onLy oNe
way i kNow and
FeeL that iS
uP noW.. a friEnd
asks me for a gift
at the beginning of tHis
“hOMe oF liGht”.. bLoG poSt..
so iT iS written so iT WiLL bE dONE..
first step.. seek.. second step.. find.. third
step uP as practice oF Fearless LovENoW..:)

WeLL.. yes.. the power of suggestion
in form of words.. or other signs and
symbols.. is a powerful human
emoTioNaL.. seNsorY..
and yes seNsuaL
force of bEinG
wHere liFe iS more
than step one.. step two..
three four five six.. etc..
a synthesis in synergy
of allthatis.. is tHeir
in helping
yes iT is
difficult to put into
words but less and much
more than that 6 am affect
of effect when one becomes
alarm clock hUman one iN same..
this force is a weak force for some
folks and beyond the wiLdest imaGinATion
more fully iN tuNe wITh thIS real at lEAst
partiAlly empricAlly meaSuReD pheNom
now.. and yes.. most definitely related
that is much
more than
a sugar
piLL alone.. allone
iT iS in hUman poTenTial
iN maKinG HuMan REAL
for now.. and for the naysayers
out there who thInk that voo doo..
devil.. and hell.. are not a pARt oF
this reaLITy too in dArker ways
of liFe perHaps one should
take a geese or
a gander..
and watch
the empiriCally
science assessED
Documentary Video
on the Nocebo emoTioNal
Negative power of emotions
associated with words and
other symbols of neGaTiVitY
yes.. hell yes.. including now
a voo doo doll too.. depending
on one’s influence under the power..

of suggestion real.. SO.. SO.. SO..
SO.. ya kNow or ya may not kNow
that the power of attraction noW
is a proven science thingY too..
per that “Secret” book and
other philosophers too..
per full examples of tHis..
so yes.. be careful what
ya wish for iN aLL
the syMbols
and sHades
of grey from
white to black
to colors over and
under the rainbow too..
aS it Could be hell or
standing heaven to
pay or geT
iN and out
oF purga
tory too..
when ya
true in black
and white and
aLL the shades of Grey
And over the Rainbow Colors
liFE oF reaLITy can come for NOW..
So in summary.. some folks are not inFluencED..
much by the power and force of Hope.. faith
and belief.. but others on the bell curve uP
can shoot to the moon and back
and around the
Sun iN metaphor
of what the dude
Jesus was talKinG
about when he said
tHere would be others
who do much greater works
than he.. from what iS reported
oF him.. in New Testament and
gnostic texts.. as well as so many
other folks too.. he kNew/feLt tHis
deep within.. innate.. instinctual
and all intuitive too.. the way
of seeing and feeling the
world as gift oF God
Inherent within..
just waiting for the
works of others like he..
yes.. all natural as such.. as
each person finds tHeir own
trUe WiLL best iN fearLess
Love aS Piper SinGsSonG FrEE!…:)

Royal Blue Shirt that says..
with laser focused
left eYe that
says.. yes..
get the
JOB dONe..
AKA pre-
work-out game
face.. yes.. this
one and next.. One2..
in Facebook profile pic
status thingy coming next..;)

WeLL.. a few notes..
here.. as one may observe..
per determined look on face..
vein on left eYed side of forehead
protruding in bulging way.. and also
yes.. of note.. it seems when the sun
strikes my fur.. just wRite.. the color of
it is unmistaKinGly Yellow Boy Golden
blonde.. as it were
and is at least iN
this afternoon photo
approaching evening
in central daylight savings
now.. of 7 pm.. on April 20th..
yes.. getting to the nitty gritty here
too.. but in free write.. ya kNow any
thing goes.. as iT iS just pArt oF the
Art of hUman Flow oF zONe as yeS..
another pARt Of thaT heaven of now
thingy.. gold and true in trUth and liGht
of fearless Love.. but additionAlly
have ya also noticed that aLL
comic book and video portrayals
of super dude.. depict the man
of steel with dark hair and never
golden fur now.. in fact.. rarely
does Superman.. iF ever
have any body hair
other than visible
stuff on the
top of
his head..
hmm.. must
change that
now.. hehe..
or hahax2..3..4..5..6
pick up Styx.. Led Zeppelin
and other Band Aids to lead
the way iN prophet analysis as such..;)

And now a note currently yes.. on April 20th..
2017.. from Facebook Friend Greg as yesterday
or so.. he shared one of those Facebook Tests
that suggest what red neck name one should have..

i already took the test last year so
i improvise with a FB
Micro Autobiographical
short story.. instead..;)

WeLL.. when i was in middle
school the Good Old Boys
called me a Dog named Fred..
And the Southern Baptist also
Good Old Girls called me Skank..
hmm.. sounded like skunk to me..
and i did
at least back then..;)

Back to now.. as i say now..

AnyWay.. at leAST they were honest..
they said what they felt and i would either
swim or sink as that is how the young primate
Aquarium goes in uP or doWn.. crueL iT is but
TrUth and LiGht be tOld iN dARk2.. hUmans are
not evolved to go to school with strangers
numbering more than about 150 to
200 sets of Naked eYes and
hips.. nor shop
at Walmart
either where
there is no time
to do anything butt look
down instead of forming
cliques of tribe to outcast those
who are different from whatever
group think tank comes.. change
the song Fred PleASe NoW too..
yes.. a Window Seat WiLL Do Fine..
as sure i offer one too.. aLL for FReED..;)

The advantage.. the outcast has is lEarning NoW
to look within and.. yes.. developing skills to get
by to survive and even thrive.. often in hermit
like way too.. often finding a fond connection
WiTh Nature all FReED and one WitH GoD sAMe
iN FeeLinG and SenSinG way FReED too.. oh.. the
WinGS of the outcast Do DancEs and ofTen SinGs
hiGher aWay from Group thiNk.. iN eVen poTenTiALLy
aS ‘CLowN KinG NoW iSReAL’.. too.. as capstone of the
Pyramid iN KinGDoM CoMe aS HeAVeN NoW.. perHaps
Nicki was TaLinG uS somEthing Deeper as she ending saT
and beginning AlWays in her Yoga Meditation SiT of Trance
Peace.. eXpanDinG MiNd FuLL Conscious awareness wHeRE
God within Nile Floods.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below and
all around.. sitting sTiLL too F iN BoRinG to me.. i’LL liSTen
to Nicki’s SicK Beat and Rhythm after observing more
of the furry paRt of heR aLL Natural Queen way
And FertLiTy Goddess Stance too.. what
else.. oh yeah.. i do admire honesty
as at least those bullies
inspired me
to become
as ParT of wHOle
Pyramid ‘Superman’2…
iN Nietzsche overman way too..
Fried Rich too.. as ‘they say.. NoW too..:)

Hmm.. that’s a nice chalice apPeaRinG
AboVe NoW muST leaVe iT tHeir allone FoR NoW..:)

UsuAlly when thaT HapPens iT Means God within
Has soMe tHinG Very Special to reLate Now@LeASt
and then
yes.. after
discussing an
issue of buying
some poetry books
from a fellow blogger
who makes it no secret in
honesty that he is really out to
make a buck for his poetry books
online by sharing tasty snippets of that
poEtry Free.. i’d rather hear shameless
honesty of promotion for bucks than
no.. i’m not promoting this for
money and doing it
even more than
him.. just
be honest..
it’s what i do..
And my fear is actually
fame and fortune as no longer
would i be free in my modest home..
with enough for basic shelter.. subsistence
and Love for the rest of my eARThly Days..NoW..
and hey.. having a Beautiful Blonde Bar Tender
clap for me.. for just a few smooth moves for
a mysterious type of Batman Fame as
actuAlly A LiVinG Red State
Dance LeGeNT NoW..NoT
MaKinG a FucKinG
BLack Dollar
or Lincoln SenT
from Hell is the way
i Free Role and Roll Best
iN all the aRT i do.. yes.. meek
inherITinG the eARTh with the ART
pARTs Free.. and hey.. all the naked
women online i would ever care to look
at before i get bored in one day and end
up on that photo of my wife aS besTeST sexieSt
LooKinG one oF all.. at least once a week to take
care of that Natural way of LiFE too.. and to enhance
my Creativity and already be satisfied that way before
i go to dance with hundreds of gyrating female young and
legal and tender hips.. me at almost 6660@age 57.. every
Mall NFL watcher sitter Dream at any age close to mine @LeaSt..
yes.. mostly the Bill O’Reilly type too.. thAT make the sKin of women Crawl..
get away get away from me now.. you old perv.. hehe as i never approach
a strange woman to dance.. married man am i.. but i’m too nice to turn any
dance away.. nice guy i juSt haPpen to be.. and if the bootie dance
comes i do it as soft as i can too.. but hey.. i’m Human too sTiLL
and male enough for that too.. of course oN Dance Course..
anyWay.. a wild and free man even at middle age
who seems like he has it all and needs nothing
from anyone.. must be at least a ‘little oldie hot’..
anyWay.. i’m an Anthropologist
and Participant Observer too
in the Dance Halls
of FReED too..
hey.. yes..
Window Seat
Baby.. Naked and Wild
iN a DancE and SonG oF LifE
Free as GOlden rule never intentionally
harming anyone else and doing my best
to forgive folks like the Aisle’s and O’Reilly’s
and other Adolfs and Trumps too noW as celebration
of dArKeST hUmans on this April 20th as A’s.. Birthday too..:)

AnyWay.. for
NoW.. Let’s aLL Chant..;)

With a Back-up SonG too.. as that one has already been removed
from YouTube Once.. And iN Honor of the South Korean College Age Folks too..:)








BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)

Grand Cross Bible 2016

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)

CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)

VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)

CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)

Nether Land Bible 2017

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)

7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)

The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)

MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked

MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+ as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)



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13 Responses to CLowN KinG NoW isREaL

  1. Single Charlie’s Angel at Old Seville
    tonight by name of Maggie..
    and Lord KNoWs.. haven’t
    got thaT “CLowN KinG NoW
    IsREaL”.. MacroVerse
    at close to 20K
    words published
    yet.. more to do
    to get that done SooN..
    AnyWay.. back to the subject
    of Old Seville and Dance.. Maggie
    here as part of Charlie’s Angels per
    original other duo of Chelsea and
    Cortney are now long term
    dancing friends for
    almost three
    time doesn’t
    exist in the free
    verse flow of Dance..
    oKAy.. back to work now..
    to get that nexT LonG ThinG Published..;)

    For almost three years
    Maggie and her FriEnds
    have brought sMiLes to
    my Face..
    more than
    that can you
    ask from any
    hUman from
    as trUly as
    even the Cheshire
    Cat says noW it is the
    sMiLe that liveS oN..ow
    As SunShiNe

    TACOCAT Spelled
    backwards is
    TACOCAT Spelled
    backwards and evil
    Spelled backwards
    is live and devil
    Spelled backwards
    is lived and rats
    Spelled backwards
    is stars and stressed
    Spelled backwards
    is dessert and
    A Secret
    to LiFE iS
    seeing the
    second pART as
    liGht over dArk and
    also not falling into the
    trap aS SeeinG thE SiGNaTuRe’s
    oF Nature like Nicki Minaj’s little
    Taco pART peaKinG ouT of hose
    as anything less than holy and sacred..
    full of meaning and purpose like worshipping
    Big BuTT’s and otheR paRTs of HuManiTy aS WHole
    as jusT anoTheR Appreciation per FerTiLiTy for the Gift
    oF LIFE toGeTheR aS oNe hUman Race.. anyWay.. consideRinG
    thaT and the Women off of.. ‘Let’s ALL Chant’.. similarly arTFuL iN
    FuLL DisPLaY of tHeir woHUmanity Free at lEast aS LonG asYouTuBe
    leaveS it uP beFoRE anoTheR Copyright strike on that really reAllY YoU
    Tube wonderful shared video and nah.. you can’t call me mi·sog·y·nist
    for tALk Like thaT iN Taco Ways Metaphor and Analogy as i give Back
    almost as much as i take in terms of all freeST hUman aRT.. And
    on top of thAT iT juST made me Giggle in Synchronicity way..
    WiTh a little inner
    sMiLe that
    no once else
    could see.. hehe..
    With Nicki teaSinG
    WiTH A Dance the sAMe..;)

    No ‘FraudS’ HeaR..
    TruTH anD
    LiGht FReED.. NoW..:)

    Yes.. it’s Earth Day tomorrow on the 22nd of April
    And it’s also true that the first Profile Pic from
    Thursday Night at Old Seville Quarter
    Did not fully capture what i define
    as the DiViNE.. Holy and Sacred
    Full of Meaning and Purpose..
    not something one only understands
    in terms of Purpose and Meaning but what
    one FeeLs and SenSes as Beauty in this LiFe
    NoW on the Planet eARTh.. yes.. the ART of EartH
    one does not only FeeL and SenSe WiTh Organs of
    eYeS and eArs but the deeper SpiRit oF ConNecTioN
    that makes LiFE a Wonderful Adventure.. and the Dance
    SPiRiT of Maggie captures what that more than a FeeLinG
    iS.. yeS..
    A Simple
    Joy oF LiFe
    iN a DancE and SinG oFFree..:)

    So.. it’s trUe Nature aka God
    Sends me Angels to muse the liGht
    of EYes and eaRs that see deeper than
    organs aS Such alone.. allone more NoW..
    A-Causal Connecting Principle of Synchronicity
    even more.. as the PalETte of LiFe becomes a Master
    Piece tapestry Painting of aRT more and More uNTiL
    the overall
    Gift of LiFE
    iS EvEN WoRth
    DyInG for and NeVeR
    coMinG baCk even iF that
    were possible as it is not..
    nah.. i can’t prove that juST
    like you can’t prove why me
    who was born with Autism
    without the ability
    to speak words
    put toGeTher
    until age
    4.. who stuttered
    through life and staggered
    like a Dizzy Fly with no
    compass in comfort of
    human SKiN Dances
    Free with one
    of the
    Most Beautiful
    Girls as FriEnds
    at Old Seville Quarter
    in the 157th Week OF DoInG
    thAT NoW.. and you go ahead
    and taLe me HoW iN ProLiFic
    way that in just a WeeK’s TiMe
    as hUmaNs cLock iT.. the “MOAB EasTeR 2.0+”..
    MacroVerse at 22,801 words wiTh Comments
    Section of “CLowN KinG NoW isREaL”..
    MeaSuRinG in at MacroVerse Size
    of 19,347 words comes out
    around 42K words of
    effort in juST
    a WeeK of
    tIme in actual
    NoVeL LenGth wHeRe
    iN juST two weeks at
    thiS WRiTe of Rate what i
    do equals the size and very
    far surpasses iN HoLy SpiRit
    CreATiVE FloW of Free Verse PoeTry
    WriTe.. the KoRan in around 2000 or so
    words of Vocabulary and 80K words.. sure.
    a Koran Size
    HoLy Book
    two weeks..
    why Not WiTh
    the HiGher PoWeR
    oF GoD and Nature
    sAMe ReLeaSed NoW..
    and add iN MacroVerse
    Number 94 to that 93rd
    MacroVerse Easter Effort
    and the words oF A “Nether Land
    Bible 2017”.. aRise to 1,421,643
    words.. yep.. rounded off to 1.42
    MiLliOn Words iN Less than 11 Months..
    it’s not that God or Nature sAMe is under
    InVeSTiGaTioN.. this is juST A Testimony
    and Witness FuLLeR For the GiFT oF LiFE
    thAT at EssenCe
    iN MirAcle
    is the
    MoST as GoD sAMe
    LiVes Within aS eveN
    the New Testament and
    Jesus sPeaK says iF you
    get iT aT aLL at Hand
    in HeaVen NOW iN
    this Continuing
    Generation STiLL
    as any Animal inheriting
    thIS Gift fRee from and
    as Nature God sAMe CAN
    and WiLL do iF and WiN FReED..
    @lEast i DancE and SinG LiKe ME..
    AnyWay sure.. this new MacroVerse
    WRiTinG thAT heAr is Number 95 of
    “Nether Land Bible 2017” and also
    doubles as MacroVerse Number 766
    oF Ocean WhOle Long Form Poem
    aS “SonG oF mY soUl”.. sTiLL
    surpaSSinG 4 MiLLiOn Words+
    oF Effort in 44 months
    along with over
    7200 MiLes
    of Free Verse
    Dance iN Public
    as empirically measured
    by Nike GPS Sports watch too..
    for any material reductionists out
    tHeRe who cannot see a bigger wHOle Picture View..
    iN other words every word must be MeAsured.. like
    you can do that
    with words
    form and
    essence metaphors
    with almost unlimited
    interpretations NOW as
    iMaGiNAtiOn and CreATiVity
    has no hUMaN LiMITs or ExpEcTAtions
    wHen set Free.. iN oTheR words as Rihanna
    Says.. BeYONd a Star Trek Space Ship and Spock alone..
    as science
    does have
    as any scientist
    worth his or her.. eTc..
    weight WiLL TALe yA as TrutH anD LiGht too..
    away from fraud that would chain potential
    in both bibles and science books too..
    yeah.. like folks who told me
    i would never amount
    to anything..
    guess what
    i can
    too.. like
    any accountant WiLL
    as the 4 MiLLiON Words
    plUs iS eVen a sMaLLeR
    parT all inclusive of
    12 MiLLioN Words
    online in
    Thanks Giving
    Day of 2010 now
    arriving at the 77 month
    point of that fuller homework
    effort to get wHeRe i AM NoW
    as any SycaMoRe WiLL
    continue to GroW..
    yes of course
    iN HUman
    that is AweSoMe
    iN HIGheR PoWeR
    when fuller sOUght
    and FoUnd NoW and even MoRe..
    anyWay iF i don’t MeaSure all oF thiS
    who can and will.. ‘Fly Like and Eagle’ as ‘they’ say..
    And sure.. don’t forget ‘California Dreamin’ MaKinG
    oF dARk..
    no tiMe
    likE the
    no tiMe but NoW..:)

    And now for some MacroVerse
    and MicroVerse Memories as so
    deLiGhtfuLLy provided by the
    Facebook Algorithm all for free..
    yes.. A Wonderful Robotic Secretary
    And Personal Assistant at the Hands
    NoW of TransHumanist assisted Technology..
    to get the JoB ALL dONE.. prepare ye a way as ‘they
    say’ too
    iN Rush
    10” ways too..
    more on that in a few..:)

    Parts 1 and 2 of an ongoing study of whether or not Vaccines are
    associated with Autism.. mostly not of course but
    sure there are always rare exceptions
    of side affects and not many
    actual physiological
    specific tests
    for Autism..
    yes.. mostly
    A Behavioral
    Assessed Disorder STiLL
    but mostly proof too of how
    politics is pARt of all Human
    Nature.. even in so-called communities
    where folks are not normally considered
    very communicate in reciprocal social communication
    ways.. just give ’em a liGht or dArk BiNd iN FeeLinG
    and SeNSinG ToGeThErness for common meaning and
    purpose and voila.. Religion and Politics
    lives.. no matter if it is Muhammad
    or Jesus or Old Joe Namath
    who is the Savior
    of yOur TeAM NoW..
    HUman Nature as
    art and science too..
    pretty predictable overall
    in Minion Group think way..
    no matter what clothes the species wears
    as far as Medical Disorders too in Disability ways2..:)


    MacroVerse.. juST a year later and OMG how things
    change.. once you put yOur ArT cApe on wiTh
    YoUr Science CaPe on too WiTh
    DancE and SonG iNtegral
    to reBirth
    as FuLLer
    SpiRit And
    mInd and BoDy
    BaLanCing soUL wHoleR
    BeinG HUmAN NoW iN hiGher poTenTiAL..;)

    And NoW..
    A Couple
    oF MicroVerses
    from a year ago..:)

    Oh.. the DiviNeNoW..
    thE reality that aLLis diVine..
    Black and White.. tHe sHades of Grey..
    The RainBow bElow and colors hue above..
    Oh.. the liGht iN.. seeing a gRain of sAnd as
    hOldinG uP tHe hiGhest mouNtain of fearlesS Love..
    Unity oF divine.. iS the prize.. the reward.. the ulTiMate
    HeavEnoW for those who come to see reaLiTy as oNE
    Force oF Nature ONE.. yes.. mY FriEnds.. the experience
    of God.. enLiGhTENed iN uS as FORce 10.. yes.. of
    course.. 10.. the sacred number of digits on hands
    and toes too.. and take away the zero
    and one only
    Symbols inFiniTe iN poTenTial
    oF expreSsinG tHiS DiVinE Truth
    once one drinks and swims wITh
    water of God within.. outside..
    above.. so below.. and
    all around.. liGht..
    but the darkness mY
    friEnds iS trUly words..
    greedy words that become
    Idols to chain tHis fearless Love
    of Truth and liGht within.. wHere this
    human or that human.. or this religion
    or that culture or holy sacred text portends
    to own the essence of Truth and liGht noWiN
    fearless Love oF aLL that iS God away from
    others considered lesser now from what
    ‘they’ chain as truth away from other idols
    of symbols that are also vehicles and
    vessels housing the sAMe essence
    when hUman sees aLL
    oF creation AKA
    GOD as
    mY FriEnd noW..
    the beauty of seeing aLL
    thAT is iS diVine.. iS never bEinG
    lonely.. alWays bEinG iN BliSs as
    aLLoNe sees iN dArk and liGht
    ranging from black to white to
    shades of grey and
    beyond hues
    of rainbow
    and below
    too.. has meaning
    and purpose iN diVine
    Nature oF DArK and liGht
    as Force to get tHiS wHoLe
    JoB Of ExistenceNoWdONe..
    Yin and Yang oF liGht and dARk
    and Love’s freedom and control
    of order away from what freedom
    can be in chaos.. iS aLL pARt
    of the Art of God iN the
    ulTimaTe pLaY oF
    liFE oF aLL
    wE sense..
    feel.. and kNow
    of LiFE.. iT is the
    cognitive and affective
    empathy.. sympathy.. and
    compassion.. for aLL tHat iS
    iN sCience terms that sets one
    free from con-social emotions like
    doubt.. greed.. jealously.. hate.. and
    aLL the dARk emoTioNs that imprison
    uS away from LiGht emoTions and seNses
    of Peace iN regulation of emotions and
    integration of senses iN eternal bliSS
    NoW.. and that My FriEnds iS whY
    mY dAnCe and SoNG WiLL never
    end.. tHere is alWays more
    to understand and
    Love wheRe the
    sAnd iS we gRains
    oF water hOlding hAnds
    to hold uP the DArk and
    LiGht oF aLL thaTis wHere
    wE finaLLy determine thAt aLL
    are priests.. prophets.. and kings..
    as messengers of God IN dArk
    and liGht ways.. wHere
    balance oF aLL reigns
    the rein of rain..
    wHere at
    the drops
    of water that
    are God make
    an ocean what
    iT iS iN rAGinG waves
    iN SuN to StILL seas wHere
    MoonLiT glimmers iN Peace
    unTiL the neXt wave and
    dayBreak beGins..
    waves oF uS
    shores to
    Yes.. mY friEnd getting
    to Heaven.. iS certainly
    a job of JOB continuing
    noW.. but shaRinG that
    is not a job but gift that keeps giVinG..:)

    “But my dear man, reality is only a
    Rorschach ink-blot, you know.”

    Alan Watts.. truly worth the ‘price’ of Youtube..
    just to get access to his audio casts
    of wisdom.. and when one
    comes to understand that
    thiS rUle of reaLITy
    applies to aLL..
    per yes the
    in artful
    it becomes
    now a little
    easier to forgive
    the different among
    us for not conforming
    to the oxYmoRoN oF
    Rorschach inK
    blot concrete
    cultural norm sets
    that cannot possibly
    pLease the entire crowd
    oF Rorchach ink-bLOT people
    in aLL above.. below.. inside
    outside.. Rainbow hueY
    all around2
    like a Spinning
    UniVersAL hELitoP..
    and haHa.. mY forM
    oF poEtry iS aLLfreeSTylE
    Rorschach.. mUlti-VeRsAL..
    anD iT iS fascinating to share
    It WitH otHeR folks to see whAT
    tHe shapes mean to them.. different
    than i.. often.. but of course that also
    to most
    LEtTeRs i
    aS FRiEnD oF WoRdS..:)

    And that doeS iT FoR NoW..
    For the Wife and Her FriEnd
    in sort of Synchronicity way
    of “California Dreamin” are
    TaKinG me to a
    GosPeL SinGinG
    i continue
    A SonG oF ForcE 10..
    iF yA catch a drift NoW
    And riff oFF thAT2.. nOw..:)

    WitH A Short story nOw2
    from “BE SUPERMAN..yNOt”..
    BeFoRE i go.. YnOT
    as ‘i say..NoW2..
    be BacK2
    as i AlWays
    say after thAT2..;)

    Back in the 70’s

    i have to say..


    every nerdy boy’s






    I guess some people celebrate the Resurrection

    of JESUS



    by going to church and having Easter Lunch

    with family..

    and yah..

    did that..

    But what i also am doing
















    (aka as a son of God AKA superman)








    it ain’t just coincidence

    with the S changing to HOPE

    this go Around..

    and his

    age of

    33 and..


    the folks that

    made it

    have IT








    all of that…


    YES !







    i have to say i agree..!



    not easy to dare to be different

    and forge a NEW


    for change in one’s




    Humans fear the different!

    Those who are fearless!


















    CHANGE THE super HERO!















































    The top photo is me at 13 making a stab

    that year in spreading the GOOD NEWS!



    by playing the song..

    ‘Jesus Christ

    Super Star’!

    on the Piano

    in my middle




    The Christ Consciousness IS

    powering me throughout!

    and not able to walk





    the crowded

    room roars in snickers….

    i.. having to hold on to PiLLARS

    Holding ceiling to make it off stage…!


    now at 40 years later in wandering the desert

    of the illusion of cultural hell..

    i am doing



    finding a way out


    40 days of hell

    of sleepless nights..

    in 2008..

    and returning NOW!













    i am no one..

    without ElOHIM


    with ELOHIM




    ya can be



    As if you MAKE the LEAP of FAITH!

    to believe ya can..!

    one day!












    OR MAN!





























    i WILL

















  2. Okay.. as always promised.. i’m back on
    this Earth Day.. 4.22.17.. beautiful
    day it is.. iN A new IsReAL USA..
    And sure.. New Jerusalem over
    heAR iN MiLLToWN Panhandle
    State of Flowers iN SainT
    Rose County of LA..
    sure.. Lower
    ParT wHole
    oF Florida Too..
    but first i made a stop
    at my Old FriEnd Cabrogal’s
    place yesterday.. the Australian
    guy who shares a label of Asperger’s
    Syndrome and also somewhere around
    the label of Bi-Polar too.. not much different
    really than my FriEnd LaLa Rukh.. a Computer
    Scientist Student from Pakistan who had her ups
    and downs too.. where
    yes.. mine stays/ways
    up for decades
    at a time
    coming out alWays NoW
    of the lower parts of HeLL..
    Decades forevernoW iN
    Heaven as any Lucifer/
    Jesus Light BrinGinG
    Dude WiLL jusT
    do NoW
    as Victory
    over Vengeance too..
    nah.. no Swords baby.. only
    words Now from my view heAR..
    in LamP LiT MoRN oF LIGht way NOw2..
    WiTh a K for KinG 11 iN 7 oN top wRite oN CouRse2..:)

    Anyway.. so Cabrogal says as i quickly reblog quote him NoW on FB/Blogs..
    heAR.. “If you lack the ineffable your universe must lie within your language.
    How impoverished.”.. So.. yes.. obviously Cabrogal SwiMs iN the clear and muddy
    waters somewhere around Socrates as does my Green shirt last night for Walmart
    DaNCinG and Fundamentalist Southern Baptist Gospel SinGinG says.. “i’M Smiling
    because I have no Idea Whats’ Going on”.. in other words as Socrates said..
    “i Know Nothing”.. that’s like a Koan and can be taken many different
    ways but basicAlly.. the more one experiences pure emotions/senses..
    particularly positive emotions/senses without the trap of
    words NoW iN the moment as present.. like
    smiles of Joy.. the Healing.. yes.. the real
    scientific proven HeaLinG PoWeR..
    oF Positive hUman EmoTioNs
    and SeNSEs Associated NoW..
    YeS.. iS ForCe even to the point
    NoW of Clear all positive
    Chi Energy that OG yes..
    powers legs NoW.. hmm..
    like mine.. to leg press.. yes..
    half a ton 33 times now with mY
    arms raised high to the Heavens..
    AKA above.. so below.. like a miX
    oF Ballerina.. iN DiVinE.. FeMiNine
    Flow and Balance in Love.. and yes..
    Grace.. And Masculine Will and Strength
    NoW as i throat the Sound of a Crocodile
    to keep the WiLL and Focus even Stronger
    as a mix of modern Superman in my case as
    Women and eTc.. Can and WiLL DO2 iN Strength..
    WiLL.. Love.. and Grace do even greater Feats now of
    Science and Art than mE.. sure.. per John 14:12 if one
    Wants A particular religious metaphor to express A Drive
    for all to increase tHeir human potential for Greater works
    of both aRT and SciEnce to BRinG the HUman Species UP
    iN aN agApE foRce of toGeTheRNeSs iN Cooperative Strength
    and WiLL with a touch of Grace.. yes .. in humble way of Altruism too..
    so yes.. it seems i have a 95th MacroVerse title of 1.42 Million Word Bible
    Since Memorial Day stARt of that on 3.30.16.. doubling as a 766th MacroVerse
    of Longest Long Form Poem sTiLL oN Record in Google way.. far exceeding that other
    Minuscule effort from India at 1.8 Million words spanning Centuries and innumerable
    hands of effort.. yes.. mY Effort STiLL eXseeDinG over 4 Million Words since sTart of
    that at the end of August 2013.. WiTh PreMacroVerses coming iN Since 3.10.13 in
    Public Blog Way and originating on FB on 3.1.13.. with first written Pre-MacroVerse
    at the end of February 2013.. in a casual Private Message to the one and only
    Person Brave enough to wanna be my Facebook Friend then.. A Girl
    named Mags.. the only one left who had balls enough to support
    me and sure.. empathy and compassion enough in online
    Autism Communities then.. too.. iN spaces of heARTless
    touch for those who strayed from the norm
    of whatever Facebook Page or
    other Discussion Board
    as exhibited..
    in other
    Tribe rules
    of course like in the
    Big World too.. wHeRE the
    Maverick is not usuAlly welcome
    among the heaRd of HeRd then or now..
    sure.. like a dude with a thorn of crown with
    a fool sign affixed to a cross that laughs at him
    calling him the King of the Jews.. hehe.. i already
    coMe as “CLowN KinG NoW isREal”.. and Dance Naked
    in all legal adult semi-restricted blogger links.. so fool me
    once.. never fool me again.. @LeaSt for me as i come as Fool First
    and Second too.. NoW for NoW juST now.. okay.. if it isn’t more than
    clear than now.. i play the role of a modern Jesus.. Buddha.. Lao Tzu..
    and sure.. Socrates too.. a little mix of Sheldon Cooper.. Magnum Pi..
    and Chuck Norris too.. WiTh whatever addS on are necessary
    as i meaSuRE the ARt of relative Free WiLL in creating
    whatever Personna i WiLL/care.. too.. in the preSent
    of the moment oF the giFt of NoW iN mY
    personal Version of the Kingdom
    of Heaven within for me
    @LeASt that i
    NoW iN2 wiTh a Hand
    extended out to spARk
    oTheRs poTenTiALLy uP
    to their Version of Heaven NoW
    too.. as Lord KNoWs and FeeLs and
    SenSes.. not everyone’s VerSiON of HeaVen
    includes Dancing Naked in front of the entire world
    or neither Dancing a Martial Arts and Ballet mix Free style
    in public Stores for 7200+ MiLes in 44 months either.. or even
    Dancing Solo in a Crowd of College Age Folks for 157 Weeks
    NoW at Old Seville Quarter or the total of 12 Million Words
    since Thanks Giving Day of the year of ‘our Lord” of 2010..
    i have Written on the Internet mostly still recorded except
    for what was banned and/or deleted of me as i carried
    that cross ‘cross the web oF Freedom we
    currently enjoy in First Amendment
    Rights per what community
    rules allow in private
    ways.. too..
    sure too..
    for some folks
    the closest version of
    Heaven they get to on this
    Earth is Worshipping a Man Named
    Jesus in a Gazillion Songs that say
    basically the same thing that Jesus
    is our favorite Joe Namath Quarter
    back of our God.. named a three letter
    word.. to go along with the New name Jesus
    from the other Aramaic Versions.. in only
    oral tradition that include something to
    the tune of Yeshua too.. and sure.. if
    i told ’em that per John 14:12
    Jesus is their Lucifer
    too.. as hey..
    who else
    if you name
    them God could tale
    ya.. you can do greater works
    than God.. logic fail.. major logic fail..
    face palm of Jesus iF he came back
    in Glory.. Judging the Living and the Dead
    from the Back Row pew with his lovely incarnate
    sister/wife/mother Isis in Katrina New age form2.. sure2
    like those old philosophers that said the God’s came dressed
    in casual clothes and judged the unsuspecting masses behind
    Cool Maui Jim Thief in the Night undercover Shades as any
    Mercury and Hermes will do all fleet footed in 7200Miles/
    44 months of Silent Dance with metaphors of images and
    wordS oN shirts carrying deeper hidden messages and
    secretS iN Plain siGht iN FeeL and seNse to unsuspecting
    homies.. never imagining who
    they might actually
    be sitting
    next to
    in Southern Baptist
    Gospel Singing on Friday Night..
    And i must say.. lots of positive spirit in
    that Pep Rally for Quarter Back Jesus last
    night.. in FAcT i cannot Tale a lie.. much more positive
    SpiRit than what one typically finds in stand up sit down
    kneel and rarely fight fight fight in Catholic Church in Saint
    Rose of Lima Way in New Jerusalem Milltown now.. but see the
    negative pART.. that i must humbly judge in righteous Jesus iNdigNation
    if i am going to properly play that new age rock and role now.. is Gentile..
    Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman or Man no more.. means that Buddhists..
    Muslims.. Queers.. yes.. Lesbians.. GayS.. and Transgenders are all inclusive
    aS WhOle of God too.. as ya big dummy.. God lives within everyone including
    the Vaginas that tend to me more attracted to Vaginas than angry
    old and young white men.. can ya blame ’em.. no.. i cannot
    Bill ‘O Reilly blame women at all for finally giving
    up on men with little man syndrome
    now who have lost the underlying
    Love and Grace that truly
    powers all real men
    still.. in WiLL
    and STrength
    ways and perhaps
    the BiLL O’Reilly’s too
    will have to Dance Naked in Front
    of the World sTripping their clothes off
    and treading on them with finally the Grace
    and Love with no shame.. to truly gain the
    WiLL and Strength of a REAL MAN NOW..
    And sure.. THE SAME goes for women who finally
    gain the WiLL and Strength to speak for themselves
    and God DAM sure show snippets of their Nicki MInja
    Tour Songs with their Taco fur parts coming through
    clear enough through DArk Hose.. for all to see
    clear that A Queen is back and
    Egalitarianism and a God/AS
    for all IS A New
    Age Global
    way of
    NeW EartH DaY NoW..
    yes.. this IS A rather lengthy
    eARTh Day Prayer/Spell in
    White Magician/Warlock/Wiccan
    Way too.. but that’s the way i role
    really long with Divine Grace and Love
    thAT PowErs WiLL and Strength oF aN isReaL
    man now.. and i guess long enough for my wife
    at least in the PaN aGe of Nude arT too.. in all original
    God of Fertility MiN way too.. Rock and Roles Baby
    as Austin PowErs per Gold Member way miGht
    Dance and Sing Furry and FReED too.. iT is
    whAT iS iS and
    Free.. yes NoW!
    WiTH a ResounDinG
    Gospel of Thomas Verse
    37 Naked Dance oF FReED..
    And oh.. yeah.. back to my original
    point on Cabrogal’s Koan of Wisdom
    too on his extra cool Blog Site named
    NeuroDrooling too… and yes that was way
    up tHeRE so i’LL repeat his quote above so
    below heAR NOW agAiN Back AgAin HeRE too..:)

    “If you lack the ineffable
    your universe must lie
    within your language.
    How impoverished.”

    i say in return..

    And even
    Now More
    That Essence

    Note.. i added in
    the two NoWs iN
    since the original
    response back then..

    And now i say.. YES as far as
    coming back in Pose of Glory
    in the back pArTS wHOle oF A
    Southern Baptist Church somewhat
    incognito in expensive shades and
    Four Dollar and Ninety-Seven Cents
    Super-Walmart Silly Logo Shirt.. with
    A Mushroom that talks too.. sure.. hard
    to miss when i come in late with shades on..
    somewhat imposing as 233LBs of 6 Foot or
    so looking BeeF Cake too.. in other words hard
    to miss2.. just to make sure i ain’t a real bad man too..
    thing is.. as any rock and roll player can and will do too..
    after writing 12 million words in 77 months now too.. with
    perfect pitch as just another one of my Autistic Super Powers
    in SinG SonG way oF DancE and SPeaK SonG too.. the SonGS
    are rather uplifting discounting the same old boring words.. and phrases
    as they are so predictable now still too.. and that doesn’t matter ’cause
    the FeeLinG and SeNsinG pArT of a HoLy and CreATivE SPiRiT is what
    counts over the words yA
    Need noT kNow
    to catch
    and Spread
    A DAnCinG
    SinGinG HolY SpiRiT
    W/CreATive wrists raised
    up in the Dance Hall.. Pep
    Rally.. FootBall Game and Church
    Pews sAMe way.. as even NicKi
    MiNaj sayS in her New ‘No
    Frauds’ SonG and by
    the way i think
    this spell
    checker might
    be racist as it don’t
    know how to spell
    Nicki Minaj’s name.. surely
    jusT a mistake i hope.. too.. but anyway heHE..
    when ‘they’ get to the part where they move out
    of the realm of Gentile.. Jew.. Servant.. or Free.. Woman
    or Man no more.. and suggest that Buddhists and Muslims
    and anyone who isn’t an old white man or women angry or
    not in a Southern Baptist Church is gonna burn forever in
    an eternal Hell.. i am very tempted to say i don’t know
    them but the fact of the matter is no matter what
    role i am currently rocking and rolling in
    DancE and SonG lAst niGht and NoW
    too.. they have no clue
    who i
    as i continue
    to inherit the eARTh
    as Meek and humble enough
    i guess in my Cheap WalmarT T-Shirt
    but the the thing is.. innately and instinctually
    and intuitively as such.. it’s kind of hard to mistake
    that i come with power and glory in my nude art NoW
    with just my God Given FuR aS RiSinG uP STiLL all FReED NoW too..
    anyWay.. i forgive them for they FeeL and seNse not what they never kNew now..
    in other words.. they lack cognitive empathy and sympathy and basicAlly Love for
    tHeir fellow human beings who were/are born and raised different than them now too..
    so.. is tHeir anyway i can come in as a thief in the NiGht and raise a Mount of Olives
    at the front of the church in lightening and thunder liKe voice last niGht to
    change their minds at all that they too are no greater than a grain
    of sand that is Jesus whoever that Five foot one or so
    Hundred or so Pound Syrian looking Brown Dude
    who their newly elected Anti-T-Love would NOT
    let over the Ocean border to
    speak to them
    even if
    he tried to
    come back from
    there again.. now in
    original little brown man way
    with great human spirit now STiLL
    as size matters not in hUman sPiRit
    and NaTuRE GoD sAMe way.. WeLL ..
    considering that my Mother who was all about
    Love.. in her older more conservative ages managed
    to get brain washed by Faux News too.. And Bill O’Reilly
    Heavy Breathing Priest like Molestor ways through phone
    lines too.. in Cable TV way too.. and no matter what i did she
    would never agree that a World of One Love is greater than one
    Nation with borders closed off to on eARTh of HUman Love now..
    not likely.. not likely even a thief in the NiGht could Force them to Love like
    a New
    Jesus now.. YeS..
    iN all eARTh agAPe
    NeW age way NoW too..
    so it’s true While i kNow them
    they don’t kNow me.. and perHaps
    it will be another lifetime before Jesus lives as them..
    i’LL let Nature and God sAMe determine that in judging
    way.. but it’s clear these folks have no idea what Love can and
    iN TrutH anD LiGht
    for NoW.. i CaN and WiLL
    Hope and sure pray without
    even words.. aS positive Force
    of emoTiOns and SeNses they WiLL
    change Now.. the eARTh could sure use
    a BAnd-AiD like that NoW too.. the Medicine
    is Love.. aS Sure it works for the Congregation but the rest of the world
    needs a shot of it too.. from those who would exclude and from those
    who would take more of the resources of the eaRTh and Humanity and never give back..:)

    The Message is
    easy in form as a
    four letter word LOVE..

    The Essence oF Love
    worK iN UNconditional

    cRaP.. i Never tOld yA the
    title of this MacroVerse 95/766..
    yes.. all i had was a SMiLe then
    and NoW i HaVE aNoTheR Title/labEL..

    eARTh DaY hUMaN PoTeNTiaL oVe..:)

    And now to the second Profile Pic of the
    NiGht as fully disPlaYed on Facebook too..
    but first a note.. as Facebook FriEnd and Super
    Nice and Beautiful Woman Maggie drops by long
    enough yesterday in on our FB Dance Profile Pics..
    AS Dance Friends we continue.. to say and i quote.. her..

    So glad to still have you as a dance partner, 3 years strong!!

    i return with..

    Love it!!.. NoW
    Dance need
    Never Grow
    Old.. DFF..

    (i added the
    now in now by a way)

    And now i say2.. you see.. really
    NoW anything that binds folks can be
    sports.. religion or politics as religion
    too.. and yes.. that includes dance without
    even any words.. as i’ve really never sat down
    with Maggie to have much of a conversation at all..
    but sure.. hehe.. everything about me as far as uploading
    all of my soUL.. yes.. from head to toe too.. i jusT a click a way..
    no secrets to withhold.. so when i have A Facebook Friend i truly
    have a Facebook Friend.. as folks get a load of all of me.. in Joker way too..
    as this kind of leads up to the next muse of FB profile pic too.. but regarding the
    last so-called ‘i smile’ FB Profile pic at the Southern Baptist Church.. obviously
    i am not really smiling i am just baring my primate and canine teeth.. as a
    wild and free animal will do to greet you.. sort of letting ‘it all out’.. without
    turning any money chaining tables over.. yes.. in other words it is
    a Yoga Pose that in due affect and eventual effect regulates
    emotions and integrates sense.. voila.. the Kingdom
    of Heaven comes now or comes again iF
    it ever came before in your life
    then or now.. in other
    words Peace
    of Mind baby..
    Bliss.. Nirvana.. yes..
    the kind at Hand that is Heaven
    in this Generation always NOW for
    those who SeeK iT FiND it and NoW aRE KeePinG
    iT in a Unity Yoga WiTh NatuRE GoD sAME.. yes..
    NoW.. butt you see that sounds too much like the
    real Gnostic Version of Jesus not adulterated by
    the Trump Constantine and his Catholic Full oF
    Swamp friEnds way back then in 325 AD too..
    same basic characters.. just new political
    actors and clothes of camels now
    far far away from the ultiMate
    SMiLeStoNe oF Heaven
    LiVinG WiThin
    aS GoD
    TrUE and LiGht NoW2..
    so no.. i did not turn any money
    changing tables over last night either
    when little men judged greater works
    of MaN as Buddha and Jesus and
    Lao TZu and such last
    niGht iN
    lies of KnoWinG
    NoT the FucKinG
    CluE of what they do STiLL lasT niGht2..
    never the less and yes.. i did come back in Power and Glory
    a little more too.. with a Non-Verbal MeSaGE AS SucH iN PlaIN SiTe for
    those wiTh eYes and eaRs to see deeper than thaT dude is FucKinG NuTs..
    and yes..
    if they
    to kNow me
    FeeL mE
    SeNSe ME..
    better i could
    have given them some LiNk(S)..
    but of course.. they kept a safe distance… HeheX2..;)

    Okay and about that second FB Profile Pic and iN a
    continuing New age Bible and Parable story way too..
    in closing in on double the size of that good old but
    yes antiquated old and new testament version
    of the King James Bible in just a year
    of completing time coming
    this Memorial Day or
    so of 2017 too..
    compared to the Centuries
    and 3 or 4 Hundred thousand
    Scribe Mistakes to Bring a Good
    and pArTly Bad Cop Jesus archetype
    of human to the Book we have in Pews now too..
    Andrew.. my newest Facebook Friend of a total now
    of 68.. even brave enough to be associated with someone
    as uncanny boy and girl valley way as me.. you know Katy
    Perry ET and all of that way too.. yes.. Andrew comes up to
    me in the Walmart Parking lot and says with a real human sincere
    smile.. did you have fun at Seville Quarter last night and as any new
    age Sheldon Cooper will empirically measure events i immediately
    report yes.. i’ve actually done that for 157 times now except for
    deaths in family and runs from intestinal bugs in a couple
    of weeks in three years missed too.. and go on to Sheldon
    Cooper explain too.. i’ve written 1.4 to 4 to 12 Million
    Words on the Internet and how physiologically
    the Dance BringS the Focus and
    WiLL to accomplish
    that human
    potential too..
    and next he says my
    children love to watch you
    dance.. what’s your Facebook name..
    and i hesitate a bit.. as if this nice bearded
    young man is anywhere close to the Pace
    Assembly of God Church as far as a Jesus
    photo in every other Profile Status on FB..
    there is a very good chance that
    what i do on Facebook
    is gonna seriously
    offend him as
    truth and light be told
    what i do in life doesn’t make
    many real friends or acquaintances
    as usually i piss off Christian and Atheist
    folks in equal measure of that dude is FucKinG
    Zealot Nuts.. a little ironic i might add in Both
    Zealous Nature of Einstein and so-called
    Jesus too.. but never the less and more
    i cautioned him that i am way way out
    there and what i do is only adult
    friendly too.. as even though
    that part is adult
    restricted not
    all folks
    make sure
    their kids Electronic
    Devices are set to kid friendly..
    but obviously to this point it is more than
    evident and clear that Mr. Andrew is a free
    spirited and kind gentleman too.. and in reviewing
    what i found on his Facebook Page.. all is love all is
    kind.. hmm.. maybe i met the real Jesus dude last night
    without still any clues if he goes to church at all.. and truth
    be told in effect and affect of Love and very Loving looking
    family.. and everything he does as a Barber for Peaden’s Barber
    shop.. the place i went for over a Decade to See the original owner
    Howard who gave me my first California Concept Hair cut in about
    the year ’75.. this dude seems as Good Cop Jesus as any dude i’ve
    met iN New Jerusalem yet.. ya never know i guess and truth is all you really
    need to do
    is feel
    spirit of the
    person standing
    next to you.. good feels
    good bottom line.. and anything
    but love doesn’t feel as good.. top line now..:)

    And that ends today’s New Bible story.. foR NoW..


    ‘they’ say..;)

    AS thiS Bible growS EvEN BiGGEeR.. NoW heHe..


    “eARTh DaY HuMaN PoTenTiAL LoVE NoW”.. aLL thE WaY bAbY..;)

  3. Happy Earth Day.. with yes.. much Love
    as the previous Photo indicates.. before
    the EclipSinG bY the eARTh heAR with the
    17 year old Version of Katrina.. only difference
    reAlly is.. she wore make-up then in High School..
    And went all natural after that sTiLL until today with no make-up too..
    Hmm.. alWays thought she looks older with Make-up on anyway.. and
    TBH.. when we first got married.. she at 19 and me at 29.. i couldn’t wait
    for her to get older to get that fine wine aged look as Women do with years
    of Love.. what!.. you’ve never heard of being aged by Love.. it hapPens aS WeLL
    As MaGiCaL Love SpeLLs by Husbands with certain potions.. hmm.. as the
    evidence indicates at lEast.. WeLL.. we were going to do one of two things
    to Celebrate eARTh Day today.. and that was going to be either Nude
    Beach Day out or in.. i gave the Katrina her choice.. as that goes
    to retain a healthy glow of Youth iN Sun And Sand FReED..
    after all.. as ‘they’ say.. Humans from dust and formed by
    clay are yes.. according to science shows.. actually
    even Star Stuff too in Sagan Cosmos way unTiL
    Star Burst Death comes and from duSt
    Of Crucible Fire.. eveNTuaLLy SeNTieNt
    StAR DuST pLuS uS arrives iF A Star Burst
    FloWer theNoW Successfully Seeds us
    NoW2.. as we eventuAlly Seed oTheRS
    iN StAR BurST InsPirATioNs too.. noW..
    noT uNlike the Birth oF uNiVerSes Now
    too.. wHo kNows and FeeLs anD SenSeS
    PerHapS iN BeYOnd InFiniTE cycles oF BirTh
    too as wE sEE iN pArT aS WhOle aS NaTuRE
    pArTS oF NaTuRE whOle NoW on EaRTh NoW2..
    AnyWay.. yeS.. wE are the Cosmos StanDinG TaLL
    H InFiniTy as eARTh and WhOle paRT too.. as i do Love
    to say.. yes.. we are the beST we CaN Be and even MoRE iN
    what ‘they’ caLL John 14:12 ways of liFE in aT leASt one area
    of Global collected Sacred Texts do date in Google way.. when
    yes.. the K oF 11 iN Alpha Numerical way.. Bridges as two ones
    tOGeTher and BeCoMes thaT H8 StanDinG tALL BeYOnd H InFiNiTy waY foR
    US NoW as juST anoThEr HoLy and SacRed DiViNe Symbol FuLL of Meaning
    and Purpose created JuST for yoU and FuN too.. as hUmans continUe NoW to
    joiN Hands as Neurons around the Globe iN BoTh HeMIsPHEres of 1’s and
    all ARouNd LonGiTudes and LaTiTudes for meTaPHoR too.. iN Quantum
    UnLeasH and ReLeaSe of BeinG hUman PoTenTiaL as MiNd and BoDY
    BaLanCinG ForcE oF wHole SoUL and WorLd soULs SoUL oNe Force2
    As CreAtioN too.. anYwaY as Katy Perry SinGs that’s the way we do iT..
    FuN FuN FuN FuN NaKeD SanD anD SuN DancE and SinG too.. aLL
    NoW oN
    eARTH Day2
    And more on thaT
    iN a FeW oF CourSe
    As LeAVe no FB Profile Pic
    Description Section less than
    TSuNaMi FuLL of Words NoW too…:)

    Preparing another Free Facebook Algorithm
    Special Video Slide Presentation of Weekend
    Dance Activities.. ETc.. And the Facebook Algorithm
    Automatically Tagged Dance Friend Maggie.. so.. since
    i haven’t figured out how to turn that off.. so other Facebook
    FriEnds WiLL not also be deluged by word play in Ocean WhOle
    Poem way.. i am gonna cut this short.. as no one probably wants
    on their
    Facebook Page
    hehe.. for all to see..
    enough said over HeAR
    iN Ocean wHole Poem way
    in terms of 130K FB words a month..
    too.. and Jesus.. i’ll never get as many
    views on my FB Video noW as Maggie
    gets.. in terms of 1.2K views of that
    Fabulous Pensacola Beach
    Princess Leia-like
    bathing suit
    in all
    Bathing Beauty..
    Glory too.. anyWay..
    once again.. now from the
    Southern Baptist Back Pews
    of Gospel SinGinG thaT stARts
    oUt this Dance Weekend Extravaganza..
    as usual.. off to do something else somewhere else..
    now.. oh.. the joys of ADHD four views at once.. and more..;)

    Oh yeaH.. and sPeaKinG of more Beautiful Women.. per the
    Katrina in uncanny valley looks of 30 years ago sTiLL today
    at 47 past 17 since then.. i’ll CaLL iT what iT iS.. yeS ‘TiS MaGiC..;)


    True No Fear

    6 Word

    Yes.. NoW aS inspiRed
    by Poet Blogger FriEnD..
    Victoria.. originally meeting this
    Nice Woman on the dVerse Poet’s
    Pub Trail wHeRE she was one of some
    wHo were and sTiLL are open to my poetic
    method of responding to all prompts and links
    tHeRe as wax on and wax off WiLL Do iN InCreASinG
    hUman PoTenTiaL sTiLL.. forevermorenow.. more now more..

    So.. AdditionAlly.. Victoria responds back with encouraging words oF..

    I always love your comments – thank you, you’re an inspiration..:)

    And i return aGaiN.. wiTh..

    Thanks.. my FriEnd..
    And i alWAys
    Love it when
    The Poetry
    Of your
    Shows up
    On MyBlog..:)

    She says..

    Red HeART EmoTiCoN…

    And finAlly.. i say..

    Regular UnLeaded.. SMiLe EmoTiCoN..:)

    And regarding the Grey DancE T-ShirT for
    Saturday NiGht Public Store Dance that says..
    “Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come”.. Hopefully
    i WiLL be on time enough NoW to relate thAT much more..
    On Sunday Morning.. BeForE Roman Catholic Church.. so for now.. nite nite..;)

  5. “eARTh DaY hUMaN PoTeNTiaL oVE”.. A Title of a 95th/766th MacroVerse shadoWed
    HeaR by A “Guardians of the Galaxy II’.. Promo at the MaLL with mE iN
    a T-Shirt in the forEground that says.. “I’m Not Lazy, I Just Really
    Enjoy Doing Nothing”.. and sure.. that’s A way of the world..
    if whatever you are doing in our Western Civilizations
    does not earn actual money in terms of
    spendable stuff on consumables..
    it is considered nothing or
    as one of my Gym
    FriEnds i like
    a whole lot
    except for unavoidable
    ignorance on how important
    play is… feels that if play is not
    earned through rules of before.. it is
    just play and meaningless as it is out of
    order in what was done before.. that’s really
    sad as i am the one who enjoys constant bliss
    through a play of life.. including.. writing 42,000 plus
    words last week.. Dancing in Public for 42 Miles in those
    7 days ending on 4.20..too… Building a 10 and A Half Month Bible
    to 1.42 Million words.. by George with all these forty-two’s.. i must
    have got in touch.. somEhow.. with the Meaning of LiFe.. at lAast as a
    Hi-Jacker of my own perSoNal UniVerse.. anyWay.. on the World Wide Web
    Free.. beYOnd the SAndS oF Earth and sure.. A PaRt aS WhoLe originating
    from Silicone Valley in furthering this do nothing for dollar ills.. shall i say bILLs
    as Zero Green BLack Washington Dollars and Lincoln Cents of copper stuff
    that makes me ill the way Money runs the world and ruins people’s human
    poTenTial/heART too.. along with all the stuff.. like words and made
    up only God men and last prophets and other limiting stuff like
    that.. that yes.. reduces human potential
    to keep us in the dARk ages of
    caves iN the GreAtEST
    GiFT oF ALL and
    that mY
    FriEnds IS A
    Naked and AGaPe
    Love for All ThAT iS.. AKA
    YeS.. GoD wHOle excluding no paRT
    of Creation as less/more important than a gRain
    oF SAnD that as i Love to say over and over iN A Galaxy
    oF the Guardians DancE and SonG.. sure.. Version 2.0 or so.. too..
    Yes.. the GRain of SAnd that HOlds uP.. Both Mountains and Mountains
    of hUman Beings FiLLeD WiTh and ExPreSsinG HoLY SpiRiT oF aGaPe Love NoW…
    it’s a far cry and sadness too.. worth tears for those who exclude others as present
    ears of me.. hears that against the Buddhists and Muslims separate among uS iN excluding
    ways from the Southern Baptist Church and where a man who no one really knows for
    sure what he even said in life according to science more than Belief and Faith in
    the Authority of Trumps before expanding Constantine Roman Empires.. no
    Different reAlly than MOAB ways of LiFE noW too.. as the one who has
    the biggest bomb influences whatever folks Do.. STiLL NoW
    in large enough pockets to win.. National Elections
    at LeASt.. now too.. And yes again.. as usual..
    per this morning.. the Roman Catholic
    Church proves itself.. a much
    kinder and gentler
    way of doing
    at least
    some Good
    News to Spread..
    but if you wanna really
    learn some at least positive lessons
    about life in teaching way.. you’ll probably
    have to go see an Osteen way of preaching
    more in light than ignorance still.. although..
    10 million dollar homes is usually an
    indication that one hasn’t
    really found A Kingdom
    oF Heaven within..
    yes.. of course at Hand NoW
    iN tHis Generation STiLL promised..
    by whoever the Original Greek Scribe was
    who cherry picked whatever Good PaRTS he
    Liked from Decades of Illiterate Aramaic Oral
    Round Table Desert Road Tradition of
    passing whatever flavor of the
    story sells each day
    to those who
    will or not
    listen.. depending
    on if enough EmoTioNal Hyperbole..
    is added in the mix as HouSinGs of Myths
    as Vehicles and Vessels of MesSaGEs to
    geT some TrUtH and LIGht FuLL to
    whatever uneducated or better
    educated folks are still
    around then and
    now too..
    anyWay.. the Catholic
    Church does some stuff correct
    butt as far as leading folks to Heaven
    NoW.. the one at Hand.. not much to say
    but Love.. Love Love.. without hate butt not to keep your
    shame for not being Good enough from Birth to be Happy
    now without unwavering belief and faith in so and so said
    it was true too.. when the answers lie as truth WiThiN.. oh yeah..
    and so rare are even wavering hips of DancE WatcH Spotted at Church..
    MoVinG.. ConNecTinG.. Co-Creating WiTh and aS NaTuRE wHoLe..
    trUe.. wHo has time these days in camel way to enter
    into aN EYE of HeaVeN isREAL NoW..
    WeLL.. TrUth is.. since i’m Lazy
    enough to be laser focused
    on what i do do.. 24/7/365
    for zero Bucks.. i
    found the
    time as
    so-called Lazy
    to come to Heaven NoW..
    in works works works and more works
    as Dedicated Covenant.. juST BeTWeeN
    Me and NatUre aka GoD and all the somEtimes
    Erie CoINcIDeNCes iN ACausal ConNectinG Principle..
    otherWisE KNoWn as Snchronicity II.. hapPeNs noW too..
    IT iS whaT iT IS as All ThAT iS for folks who experience
    And exPreSS Allthatis as God too..NoW iN Synchronicity
    WaYs oF LiFe’s all Fortune NoW2.. AnyWay.. getting
    to Heaven NoW And.. SaVinG a real flesh and
    Blood soUL that may be out of EmoTioNaL
    And SeNsoRy BaLanCInG ForCE iS
    HoW i AiM To hELp oTheRs too..
    As any Guardian
    A GaLaXY
    WiLL try and cry
    as ‘they’ say to do thiS NoW..
    AnyWay.. bed is CaLLinG agAiN
    after more than 40 MiLes of Public
    DancE iN JuST three days too.. as hey..
    i have an answer foR iT aLL @LeASt FoR NoW iN Lazy way..
    meek.. and humble.. with never MaKinG A Penny oFF mY soUL2..
    THeRe is Mercy
    And it is the Mercy
    thAT Lives within.. the Lord
    and Savior that is our real flesh
    And blood soUL.. a PlAce that has
    no one name only NoW as Energy Synergy
    EmOTiOns and SENSes tHaT fLaMe A LiFe TorcH
    ForCE thaT SPiRiTs HiGher iN MiNd and BoDy BaLancinG HeaLinG isREaL Power
    more than any book or phrase but Music as Force can relate more fully NOW..AFAIKFS..
    yeP.. As Far aS i KNow FeeL and SenSE iN DAncE and SinG oF LIFE aLL FReED NoW2..:)


    Good Evening.. FriEnd SoHeir from over heAr
    iN A Morning State of Flowers iN Panhandle
    way over HeRE in the U S of A.. And this
    Video you share on our
    still antiquated systems
    of schooling children IS A bit
    of a deeper problem too as those who
    make rules STiLL for the Schools to operate
    are naturally rule makers and resistant to change..
    And sure.. we have A Vice-President who doesn’t believe
    in Evolution and both guys at the head of the class of political
    rule who don’t
    give Climate
    NoW A
    Grain as
    salt of attention
    as science proves it is
    a real thing without a doubt..
    Grades one through twelve for me
    were great as far as acing multiple choice
    tests and achieving rank 11 out of 381 students
    but it left me with no creative ability to express myself..
    no school of emotional and physical artful intelligence.. in otHeR
    words.. right brain desert school.. where analytical thinking was mostly
    math and algebra that’s good for solving the problem of a check book now..
    And that’s about it in the real world of living life out of school jail prison
    of sitting still and rotting behind a desk.. while a third of school age
    children are assessed these days in clinical studies with
    pre-type two diabetes.. a third of the adult population
    actually addicted to Opiates and Skyrocketing
    rates of Psychotropic Medications
    for Children who no longer
    even play in the
    Natural World
    glue tHeir eYes
    and all of what’s left of
    a body and mind that miGht
    otherwise be BaLanCinG in A Play
    after the ending bell of school.. yeS.. oN
    scream of brightly lit screen that has little
    to no MoVinG CoNnecTinG CreATing ways of liFe
    in the Face to Face World that includes grass and
    dirt too.. and trees and flowers and imagination more
    in developing the ability to critically think now other than
    what is data download brain.. in left brain thinking ways..
    Poverty of the hearT.. mY FriEnd.. PoVerTy of the SpiRiT that
    no longer NoW has the abiLiTy to say more than 140 characters
    of either oral verbal or Non-Verbal Language of Attention.. oF looK uP
    inTo my eYes and connect as being human.. yes.. hugs and handshakes of
    greeting left..failed as arms hung to concrete floor.. A Zombie Apocalypse NoW
    not only within desks of priSon schools.. yes.. designed to make humans nice little
    cogs fitting in with the machine of society that no longer even resembles what
    the rule makers had in mind as the video you share.. so nicely shows.. humans no
    longer even need apply for jobs unless it’s what’s left of Walmart and
    Health Care for all the Sick Humans out of MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG..
    Sure.. an epidemic of Zombies.. and a Brave New Experiment
    of Culture out of whack as the World of Capitalism
    is not human and a buck made and a human
    put out of work with a Robot
    Information Technology
    replacement is
    still a buck
    and that word
    that rhymes with buck
    about the rest of humanity..
    who is not in charge of the machines
    that replace the rest of humanity so far removed
    from what humans once did for thousands of years..
    pretty simple really.. forAge For Subsistence.. and Love
    each other hand in hand in a flesh and blood coopeRation
    that means life to Death.. LiVinG.. wHeRe every second was/is Hands
    and heARTs oN FuLL oF Holy and Sacred meaning and purpose as to live
    means toGeTheR holding hands in what we are evolved to be as Altruistic
    BeinGs.. hELping each other day to day.. second to second iN a Breath of life..
    it’s true.. one can’t reAlly much effectivELy fiGht
    city hall or the folks
    who vote city hall
    in as they insist
    on not changing
    and that is also part of
    Nature as science shows too
    among the sitters of us.. comfortable
    to safely sit inside desks and screens of life..
    but sure.. tHeRE are the Rovers leFt who invented the Internet..
    who moved outside the cave.. who look for greener meadows NoW
    and LiVe A Garden of Eden nOw.. iN otHeR words.. A Solution is iN the
    iNdividuaL AS The system is broke by those who refuse to change..
    Save yOUrsELf
    as ‘tHey’ say
    as rules
    no heArt
    and those who make
    them are the problem unto itself..
    AnyWay.. A short term individual solution if tHeRE
    is any long term solution ever in a hUmaN woRld STiLL TurNinG into a RoBoT..
    other than that.. Hello SOHEIR.. with much Love iN A World of Being Human..
    And over heAR
    Home Schooling
    is an option one can
    still do in the back yard
    and at the park at least avoiding
    type-two diabetes if one can unplug long enough to move..
    unlike Computers.. Human Tin Cans STiLL require Oil that moves..
    and nah.. not only side walks in repetitive ergonomic injury way..
    yeS iNvisible
    the way
    we used
    to escape predators
    and capture prey.. not
    a leaf moved and never
    a step in the same direction
    as leaves move and humans continue to fall..
    And.. oh yeah.. berries on bushes and fruit on trees
    requires a stretch of arms and a twist of torso more than
    and sitting still..
    We are both God and
    UniVerSE wHOle when we
    Swirl like Galaxies aS means to be..
    sure.. those Sufi Dervishes had/have a clue
    other than doing it the same way in uniSon
    as Stars
    Fire and Shine Free..
    wearing clothes now
    without them..
    BreatHing MoRE..
    LiVinG LiVinG NoW..:)

    Dedicated Effective Meditation
    is proven by science as 27% more
    Effective in Yoga way than Opiates..

    ONE CAN Internally in much greater PoTEnTiaL..
    God Given as HiGheR PoWer of Nature
    And HUman Nature sAMe turn off the
    Thalamus and bypass pain all together
    FREE and the otHeR examples of LooKinG
    witHin sAMe/DifFeREnt as the original
    Gnostic Jesus said to find the
    hiGher PoWeRs
    of God/NaTuRE
    tHeir are aLmost
    InFiniTE for those who SeeK
    and FiNd InNaTE.. InSTinCtual
    all INtuitive HUman Nature
    iNtelligenceS NoW as otHeR
    ReaLLy smARt Animals alREady
    Master to Heal themselves Free..

    It’ll never happen over heAR unTiL
    folks move out of books that help them
    still say.. it’s the work of the Devil or such non-sense as that..




    As alWays..
    Thanks for the
    insPiRaTioNs.. Dear.. SOHEIR.. wiTh Love..:)

    As FriEndshiP
    ExPreSsinG LeTTerS WiLL juST DO.. NoW2..;)


    Common eYes
    Common Love
    ComMon BeinG
    hUmaN LovE..:)

    OtHeR thaN
    thaT Hi Frank..
    Hope you are eNjoYinG
    SpRinG FloWers thATwHo oNly DancE and SinG LoVe..:)

    i’Ve been TrYinG to write Facebook Statuses
    LatELy thaT fiT iN A New formaT
    oF BiG PRinT FredKu2..

    So.. sure..
    Thanks for the
    iNspiRaTioN too.. mY FriEnD..;)


    Seaweeds of LoVinG eARTh..
    Dogs smell more hear more
    than Clothes
    of hUman
    Culture.. NoW HeAR..
    Seas RiSinG FaLLinG
    WiTh Ocean and RiveR
    tIdes.. streAMs oF GiVinG
    MoRe.. RiVerS of TaKinG BaCK
    Cycles iN and ouT.. ShorEs DAncE and
    SinG.. EVeNinG RiSe and MoRninG FaLL..
    SPRinG WiNteRs MoRE SuMmeR FLowErs
    Bee A
    SonG oF Birds….
    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd
    iN CeLeBraTioN wE
    HUmaNs as DrOp oF
    WatEr AiR.. wE
    StAR duST plUs
    From CruCiBle FiRe
    ResurrecTinG aLL from stAR
    DEaTh BirTh uS WiTh eYes oF DoG
    to Sea.. EaRth DaY aLWaYs NoW..:)

    OtHeR than thAT..
    Hi.. With Love..
    FriEnd.. Xenia Tran..:)

    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
    Xenia.. remiNds me
    of Childhood with First
    TV.. then at age 7 or so..
    all bLack And White too..
    beFoRE that only NaTure..
    pLay and DreAms With Land
    Kids on the River.. yes.. Children
    with that last name too.. soon after
    TV.. i imagined Brutus and Popeye and
    Olive oiL too.. Under RaiLroad Trestle Play2..
    Funny.. how TwiLiGht DanceS and SinGs2
    foreVernoW as thaT point
    foRever is
    TwiLiGht LiFe..2
    And it’s also true
    eventually i married
    Olive Oil and became Popeye too..
    just visualize it.. write it down.. so let it be2
    FruiTioNs DreAM LuciD GuidEd WaKinG pLaY1..:)

    To be eARTh
    To be ART
    To be SeA
    Below To Be
    A GRain oF Sand
    aLLone BeHOlds
    MounTaiNs.. hUmans.. Love..:)


    Ivory Tower
    PoeticAlly Free Verse
    Including Dance per Do iT..;)

    SMiLes.. my FriEnd.. NoW
    alWays inspiRation HeAr..
    And consideRing just one of
    mY MacroVerses to read is like
    reading the average poetic output
    of a year.. hehe.. perHaps one day.. i’LL
    come around and poeticAlly
    respond to every
    thing you’ve done
    heAr2.. but please..
    if i ever do..
    me.. haha..
    as i give my
    wife headaches
    when i let iT aLL out
    in vocal verbal SonG too..
    hehex2.. anyWay2.. i’ll find some
    way to pay you back for just visiting
    one of what i do NoW oN anY giVen three
    Day Desert Island Tour.. Gilligan’s Island
    Paradise for me at LEASt as the Act of Art
    is aLways
    Divine FeeLinG DaNCinG FinGeRs FeaT
    And SenSinG to me2.. my friEnd.. Xenia..:)

  9. JuSt AnoThEr Neo-liKe Classic
    Fred Pose of Divine Feminine
    Grace and Love with
    Strength by the
    Reddy alWays Reddy
    Freddy Ice Machine By
    A Six Pointed Star Logo
    of SuperWalmart Middle Wide
    Dance HaLL World… with unsuspecting
    normal herd juST ouT of HeARd Reach
    of me around the corner of entrance
    way.. it’s trUe.. juSt AnoTher
    Lazy i don’t wanna
    Do nothing
    me to
    do.. Peter Pan..
    with an Assistant
    Isis Katrina sister mother
    wife enabler to get the job oF Peter
    Modern Pan all done to T of ART iN WalmART more..
    yes.. of course it’s trUe.. i Live in an Ivory Tower that’s isREaL..
    And sure.. i invite oTheRs to cOMe ouT and DancE and SinG Free
    Verse FReED too.. buTT iT’s not so hard CoMinG ouT of the Ivory Tower
    FReED as iT iS TaKinG
    Folks uP to wHeRE i LiVe
    iN much greater HuMaN PoTenTiaL
    InTeLLigenceS moRe than eARTh Bound Misfit
    as i continue to jusT Do IT Fly.. oH.. Free.. as
    NAtuRe GoD WiThiN Me.. yes.. oN cOURse..
    iNside.. ouTside.. aBove.. so beLow
    and all around forevermore
    NoW iN Never Land Never
    Ending StorY aLL
    juSt for Now
    butt more
    coMe NoW2
    eVEN MoRE NoW2..:)

    Facebook Friend Sherri and
    Dancing partner from way back
    in the mid 80’s.. reMarks.. regarding
    the Dance Photo from Walmart.. as pose..

    LOL…..I’m thinking the Santa Claus Is
    Coming to Town cartoon…..LOL…Great pic, Katie Mia!!

    And.. i return.. with..

    cRap.. i forgot
    mY HaT and BearD..
    SMiLeS and Thanks.. Sherri..;)

    Sherri.. clarifies..

    I was talking about
    the Abominable Snowman….LOL…Reminded me
    of that with the ice in the background, but then
    again “Ice, Ice Baby”…LOL…Yeah, you could do
    Vanilla Ice!!…Have a great day!!

    i return.. once agAin.. with..

    Haha.. now you’re taking
    me back to 1984..;)

    Sherri.. says.. back too..

    Gotta keep ourselves young!

    i say.. in affirmation..

    Amen.. whatever it takes..;)

    Sherri.. returns again.. with..

    Yes! All of a sudden, I’m feeling like an old woman!…
    Kids are grown and now, my “thrill” for the week is
    going to the grocery store and the mall…LOL……Oh Lord,
    let me go to Disney World soon and be a big kid again!….LOL

    i go.. even further.. with..

    Haha.. my wife calls me
    Disney World.. nice to
    visit like a ride but
    much harder
    to live with
    year ’round..;)

    And finally.. Sherri.. says..

    Agreed! Just need an escape from time to time…
    Imagination and creativity there!

    And finAlly iN Summary of
    Dance and SonG i go..

    DanCinG And SinGinG FReED2..:)

  10. frankhubeny says:

    Nice quote by Plato of children being afraid of the dark compared to men being afraid of the light.

    I liked these lines of yours:
    “BottoM liNe
    i Love God
    as withiN YOU too..:)”

    I also enjoyed the Coyote finally getting that Roadrunner.

    Best wishes!

  11. Hi.. Frank.. thanks NoW as alWays
    for stopping by and Cartoons Do say
    so much more in ease of non-verbal
    communication that
    can and will
    be lost
    in a World
    of Science away
    from SpiRit of HeART
    yes.. more ART as hUman
    soUl NoW FeeLinG SenSinG..
    MoRe.. REguLaTinG InteGraTinG
    than just FiLLinG uP WiTh excitement
    of Video Games and the such aWay
    and Blood
    MoVinG ConNecTinG
    CreATinG sTreAms NoW
    iN RiVerS WaVes RiSinG
    HiGher and LoWeR as TiDes
    exPaNd OceaN ShoRes aS WeLL
    as reCeDinG dARk aWay from LiGht moRe
    for LIFE oF LiGht HeAR NoW Today.. oTheR
    than that Hi aGAin my FriEnd.. as wAveS RoLL oNger.. heHe2..;)

  12. Frank.. remarks at his blog
    that he is finally enjoying
    Beautiful Spring Weather
    where he writes and lives..

    And i come back.. to say..

    Haha.. interestingly..
    Fall 60F Temps in FL..
    Today.. And OBTW..
    Enjoyed your
    With Sabio..
    Never had
    With him..
    As Poetic Comments
    Were among those not
    Allowed to his taste…
    Hmm.. Without a little
    Holy MaGiC iN
    Life.. iT iS
    Rather stale..
    And just anoThER
    Side of existence..
    i for one FeeL..
    WHole alWays
    From Separation
    SenSinG all as
    One.. even
    More than
    A FeeLinG
    As ‘they’ say..
    Sad A Separation
    iN A Word as WHoly..:)

    Frank goes on to say
    is it great being whole
    and therefore he can
    see himself
    in Sabio’s
    Views and
    i say further..

    As ‘they’ say..
    Namaste.. to
    exclude no one no
    thing and include nothing
    iN A MiX of everYthing is Bliss..
    Can and
    WiLL FeeL iT..
    With DarKneSS
    And Pain as
    LiGht OnE Can
    And WiLL FeeL anD
    SeNSe to Better Understand NoW
    HoLy as wHOle CaN and WiLL Be..:)

    aS Whole..

    No Pun
    juST FuN
    For NoW@LeASt..;)

    But with all seriousness.. Castes
    from where even Namaste
    coMes From iN Hindu way..
    CaN and WiLL
    oF aLL liGht..
    iN LiFE Archetype..
    And sure as Nature..
    when that happens..
    usuAlly an ‘Aghori Trickster’
    coMes to set the Castes Free.. sMiLes
    mY FriEnD.. LiVe.. trULY LiVe WHoLY
    LonG enough and iT beCoMes more than
    clear thaT aLL oF eXistence at core is Meaning and Purpose..
    Follows as uS..
    iN A Humble Lead too..:)

  13. This is a very difficult pose
    to keep and as the wife/
    Isis says.. my figure is
    stARTinG to
    look like
    in Hour Glass Way..
    but remember.. it’s true..
    My Mother was voted with
    the best hour glass figure..
    iN 11th and 12th grade.. hmm..
    Good thing.. i got my Head from my Father..
    at leASt
    the pARt
    outside it Seems..
    Anyway this MacroVerse
    aLL aBouT.. eARTH Day
    hUman PotenTial is FiXinG
    to get hOur glAss LonGer afTer
    A MiX of Martial Arts and Ballet-like
    Military Gym Dance and Leg Pressing
    1020LBs as pArT of EXtrEME Strength
    Training too.. and if i am ever gonna
    moRe fulFiLL thAT MiLeSToNe more
    as 8th SoN as David in terms
    oF STAnDinG tALL H8
    InFiniTy as hUmaN
    i muST
    BoNE uP
    as they say
    a little more iN
    MicheLanGeLo Pose Style too..
    Sure ‘they’ say.. work iT.. Baby too..
    With so many MacroVerses and MicroVerses
    And oTheR relaTEd STuFF to ShaRe from Facebook
    Memories from Algorithm Art years.. GroWiNG pAss
    CoMinG BAcK agAIn SooN as aLWays proMiSinG too..:)

    Hmm.. 9 Earth Day Weekend MacroVerses and associated
    MacroVerses coming from years ago now in Facebook Memory
    way along with 4 Pre-MacroVerses as well and a variety
    of MicroVerses from a year ago too.. as again as they
    say work what ever it is yA GoT.. StePs or Words WiLL
    Do iN DancE
    and SinG
    SinGinG waY agAIn..

    “Burnout on the Autism Spectrum”.. kind of a Gateway All Natural Drug in
    Google Search way to my old Katie Mia Aghogday BlogSpot Blog aRiSinG
    toward 6 thousand Single Pre-MacroVerse views out of 207 or so
    total thousand views on that whole archive blog too.. so far
    aS iNtroduction to what Autistic Burn-out is and how
    to poTentiaLLy Avoid it too.. to save your
    isReaL MiNd And BoDy SoUL all out
    of whack out of BaLanCinG
    ForCe too.. and sure..
    a few more million
    words available
    free at the
    touch of
    all the links
    as nows and days
    and months and years go by..
    anyWay.. it rates toward the top of
    Google Search way on this specific topic
    per the Canaries in the Coal Mine who BRinG
    a warning to the rest of So-CAlled Neuro-typical
    Society.. heHe.. like tHeRe are any so-called Normal
    BeinGS HUman.. anyWAy.. HeLp is on the way iN so many
    ways of
    LiFE NoW
    too as we Give
    our Joys and MiSeries
    and find ways to Share the
    Joy and overcome the miseRies too..
    for those who are Altruistic enough
    to JuST gET thE wHOle JoB dONE NoW..:)

    “AWESOME Power of GOD MANiFEST wITh GOD”.. bottom and top lines as moving from
    four years ago to three years ago heAR.. Any MacroVerse.. NoW or then.. stARTinG
    ouT with Katrina.. in a Black Bikini.. has to be a keeper worth visiting aGaiN..;)

    “true.. LOVERS only..”.. Rather Modest size MacroVerse
    from three years ago too.. as alWays doing my best NoW
    to insPiRE and MuSE oThER Bloggers/Poets/People too..:)

    Again.. Small MacroVerse from only two years ago.. yes..
    small enough to quote again heaR.. as “Farthest Star to Earth day”.. ThenoW2..:)

    Yes.. tomorrow is Earth Day.. April 22nd.. and i seriously do not think that human is God’s favorite animal.. considering how many species no longer live here now.. as a direct result of human cultural byproducts…

    In fact.. when re-entering the atmosphere.. when coming back from space.. those cultural by-products.. from a distance.. do look like.. a cancer upon the earth…

    If humans are not careful.. to live in balance with GOD given Nature.. as they used to in hunter and gatherer days.. as foragers and sharers.. rather than laying claim and ownership.. in rule over Earth and GOD too..

    God may place an iron fist.. in a place.. that is not very comfortable for humans.. at all…

    But alas.. i am human too.. so if i do not become the change i want to be.. i too.. am
    just as guilty.. as the other species killers.. of cultural byproduct way…

    On that note.. in a brighter.. lighter way.. Love ya..:)

    And hope one enjoys humans.. for the rest of the day..:)

    AS best ya can.. on Earth day.. too..:)








    “LOVING Mother Earth DAY”.. also celebrating eARTh Day from two
    years ago.. as longer version with Wonderful Beach Photos too..:)

    “E-scape” and the Tree”.. Celebrating eARTh through a Tree
    from four years ago in Pre-MacroVerse Fashion FReED too..:)

    “hOMe oF LiGht”.. MacroVerse from A Year ago..
    wHeRE i WiLL Borrow a Theme SonG to add heAR too..
    with lots of Free Verse Poetry and Dance Photos too..:)

    “DANCING FOR EARTH DAY!”.. Festival Band at Pensacola Beach.. three years ago..
    Starring my First Cousin Teddy.. as a Blue’s Brother.. while i accompany Free style
    in the
    of course.. WiTh DancE..:)

    “FAREWELL to the Wrong Planet!”.. First time ‘they’ kicked me out
    of Hell and i went all StayCation Heaven.. then went back to
    Hell after three months and basicAlly said
    FucK that place a year later.. wHere ‘they
    said’.. basicallY.. A Lucifer LiGht BrinGer
    iN aLL WhiTE MaGiC
    SpeLLs was
    per my Style
    oF BeinG FReED..;)

    “April Sunshine Vines”.. MacroVerse from two years ago.. as aLways poEtry
    and PoeTry iN MicroVerse to MicroMicroVerse size with
    DancE Photos sure
    iN end
    ways too..:)

    Pre-MacroVerse from four years ago… per “Autism and the Broader Biological Gender Spectrum”..
    as it’s true.. even science shows higher rates of androgynous folks who are HiGher
    Functioning ..
    Autistic Folks too..:)

    “Autism and “Neuroextraterrestrialdiversity”..
    A really long word and i bet if you Google
    it.. the only result you will find is all this sTuFF HeAR..
    as also Pre-MacroVerse from four years ago too.. from.. Katie Mia Aghogday Blog..:)

    And now as far as Getting back to eARTh Nature Within
    we.. BeinGS HUmaN.. “KUNDALINI dancing!”.. from three years ago.. heaR..:)

    And now off to the MicroVerses from a year ago.. with a little
    Madonna “Frozen” to accompany thAT too.. iN KUNDALINI dancing! ways too..:)

    Arriving at the dance hall tonight..
    with my psychedelic Kitty
    shirt.. and as promised
    by wife Katrina.. it
    brought ‘my friends’
    out and these very nice
    under age.. yes.. somewhere
    between 18 and 21 year old
    girls.. by mark of X that prevents
    them from buying drinks.. were
    yes very nice to dance with.. and
    at one point.. i was dancing in the
    middle of somewhere between
    six and nine girls.. but i lost
    count.. somewhere
    in heaven.. as usual..
    yes.. even for
    me.. it was a little
    overwhelming as i did
    not want to show any favoritism..
    providing equal attention.. i don’t
    think i would ever survive a real concubine..
    with sMiLes.. and WiNks.. one woman is enough..
    anyway.. more fun dance photos coming to my
    latest blog post.. titled.. hOMe oF liGht.. and
    OMG.. plenty
    of iT galore

    Well.. it’s Earth Day and first of note..
    when composing words in free verse
    stream of consciousness writing..
    it is so much easier to do that..
    in the post section rather than
    the comments section on
    Facebook.. as you do
    not have to
    do that crappy
    shift and enter thingie..
    and the opposite applies
    for Word Press as when
    you compose stuff in
    the comments section
    there.. you don’t have to
    do that crappy shift and
    enter thingy to
    get the dam
    lines to
    single space and
    as one might guess
    with my style of short line
    long line and the ‘tween writing
    anything other than go go go in
    flow flow flow.. disrupts the stream
    as iT flows in to rivers and becoming
    ocean whole.. oh.. isn’t poetry beautiful
    when iT flows away from structure and becomes
    as free as God iS when form becomes essence
    one as free.. to use an old metaphor in reverse..
    yes.. the word becomes a living thing instead
    of the flesh becoming word but yes..
    it’s truly the same dam thingy
    one way or the other as
    the essence of
    my spirit
    becomes sign
    language online..
    in so many ways..
    including the art of i as
    i sees the Earth and Sky
    around me in living color
    of photography too..
    and in doing this..
    true my
    soul is Epic
    as it has experienced
    so much of the daRk and liGht..
    shades of grey.. and yes rainbow
    hues of colors above.. below.. inside..
    outside and all around.. and today is Earth
    Day as the dam Facebook Algorithm attempts
    to auto put in one of my favorite bands ManFred
    Mann’s Earth band and of course if ya kNow what
    my real last name is.. much synchronicity in that one..
    including the silly rhetorical argument on the Big Bang
    TV show last night about manbat or batman.. in who
    would be called what if one came before the other
    and no that will not make sense unless ya have
    a brain like me and
    frigging Sheldon
    Coooper.. hehe..
    and yes.. i can relate
    to the Dark Knight as
    dark night of the soul..
    as of course Batman dropped
    off the face of the Earth for five
    years and came back in synchronicity
    way during my shut-in days too.. coming
    back when his mentor of martial arts tales
    him the highest honor is to be Legend over
    fame.. and in a relative few months into my
    dance at Old Seville Quarter i was named
    that by the viewing audience within
    a year of start.. so on this Earth
    Day as Facebook does that
    dam auto like thingy
    again.. and i have
    to space before
    the flow of
    i continues
    in art instead
    of mechanical cognition
    per se.. i wiLL celebrate
    my most favorite part of Earth
    yes.. Katrina’s rear view..
    as it is mY favorite form
    of Earth/God currently
    now generated first
    from the remains of Star
    Dust Explosions.. the Water
    of the Oceans Earth and trust
    me if i could provide the naked
    view of this beauty.. i would have
    millions of hits.. on Facebook and
    my Blogs alike.. compared to the
    hairy creature i am to compliment
    as beauty and
    the beast.. although
    one nice African American
    girl smiled at the End of the Night
    as i was making my photography
    ’round the Seville Complex last
    night and said hi Gorgeous..
    and for a man fixing to
    turn 56 years
    old from
    a beautiful
    young woman..
    My Favorite pArts
    of Earth Day do Ring
    true in the Art of uS Free
    together riSinG when we
    continue to make the most
    of our living God Given human
    potential across the life span..
    and do not just sit
    and rust in front
    of the TV.. as Wife
    Katrina.. is the only
    one per female
    at age 46 who can
    get away with that
    and retain the same
    dammm ‘perky’ body
    of a 16 year girl.. if you
    get my Earth Day Drift..
    yes.. her body looks even
    younger than her face if that
    is even possible and true it is..
    and looking over the joyous faces
    of all the positive energy of female
    faces last night.. including even some
    of their male friends.. in my dance photos
    life is magic when free.. bold and expresSinG
    all of life from head to toe.. noticing the youth
    fuLL breasts of one young free spirited absolutely
    gorgeous young woman.. going without a bra.. defying
    gravity.. all natural silicon free.. as yes..
    somehow God given
    Nature of God still
    allows the Goddess
    of Sky.. my wife
    Isis to do.. now..
    as so often portrayed
    in images of her too..
    let’s face it.. a human
    body.. like Jane Seymour
    too at even 70 stays beautiful
    when upkeep stays beautiful
    in respect of God’s Nature
    that lives within the
    Temple of Earth
    and human
    who walks
    OUT of Ocean
    waters.. in brilliant
    smiles and body mind
    from head to toe FREE
    iN sKeYes.. and hips of God
    that do not lie.. taLinG the Truth ALIVE..
    this art should be shared free.. and that
    my friends is why i do Nude photography
    in the most ArtfuLL of PaSSioN WaYS noW
    plus yes.. haha.. my middle name is ARThur..
    too.. to celebrate God
    who lives within
    i free
    as Temple
    oF God mE..
    and i have to say..
    i am moving toward
    those works of art now
    on the Sistine Chapel ceiLinG
    Free noW As iN the flesh
    oF God
    head to toe..
    inside.. outside..
    above.. so below
    and all around..
    blesSeD bE
    Earth Day
    when iT
    lives.. God
    Free as WE..
    Free FloWinG StreAMs
    Rivers Oceans toGeThEr..
    are wE.. to give to share
    iS to bRinG everyone
    up wITh tHe graViTy
    oF God sET FREE..:)

    “Once you’ve seen the face of god,
    You see that same face on everyone you meet.”
    ~~ Deng Ming-Dao ~~

    Well.. Lord.. truly
    the Golden
    Rule in Reality
    is we all are the
    face of God and all
    the rest of creation
    real.. seen and unseen
    too.. and last night celebrating
    the eve ’till morning of FuLL
    Moon Earth Day the female
    form of God in Dance
    was shining extra
    briGht as
    fuLL moons
    WiLL bRinG
    to the water
    oF us.. my
    friend Gigoid..
    here on a forecast
    Rainy Friday.. wHere
    Sun has replaced that
    lie of potential truth..
    as reality
    wITh God
    eYe oF Sun2..
    If and when folks
    finally figure out that
    Nature is God more.. then
    perhaps.. more folks WiLL
    finAlly recognize God iN Each
    other as the naked FucKinG TrUth..
    as so many pioneers ranging from the
    Gnostic Jesus.. to Buddha.. to Lao Tzu..
    and sorry i have to discount Muhammad
    as truly he did NOT despise human slavery
    in keeping God as human slave.. and that
    slavery continues on through nearly
    half of the world wHere women
    do not even retain
    rights to
    who they
    choose to have
    children with.. wHere
    marriage is instutionalized
    rape when not consensual
    as such.. a bone of contention
    of mine that has been groWinG
    greater as i have friends who have
    been driven down by human slavery..
    pasted in words of religious lies.. so i
    WiLL continue to champion the free oF
    Women’s eYes wherever i go and freely
    Love them in whatever consensual way
    that my wife agrees to in shaRinG
    hehe.. the liGht of mE..
    with the fairer
    Love of
    the human
    God iN Species
    REAL.. but anyway..
    as a child at age.. 3 i saw
    the face of God in Nature..
    Religion tried to take that away
    but the naked beach of i brought it
    back.. and last niGht celebrating Earth
    day.. God.. sHe sMiLes back to mE in so
    many myriad ways of beauty and liGht of Truth..:)

    Oh.. Tree oF LiFe.. you greet
    me with Rainbow colors of
    hope thaT iS reAl.. theRe is no
    pot of Gold at the end of the
    Rainbow but now.. story
    of a majestic Oak
    felleD by
    a Hurricane
    Named Ivan.. trULy
    grounding me to the
    real God of Mother Nature
    and Earth trUe of Heaven
    nOw.. when one becomes
    free of the Hurricane stresses
    of Life that are also all too real..
    but no.. not the earth inherent.. as
    after every storm comes a potENTial
    Rainbow of Hope that iS real Now.. and
    no illusory prize at the end of the Rainbows
    of hope that are death instead of Life..
    sadly.. close to half the World’s
    Population are looking
    forward more to
    death in sacred
    text way..
    but of course
    most who have
    any sanity make the
    best of what iS reAl NoW..
    regardless of religious text
    as that iS what the God of Nature
    who lives in uS demands iN relative
    free wiLL more than pain and suffering..
    yes… animal homeostasis.. in balance..
    pleaSure.. and even JoY..
    iN sMiles oF hUman
    bEinG.. WeLL.. anyWay..
    after Hurricane Ivan made
    once what was a Beautiful
    Oak into a skeleton of a Dinosaur
    iN Bones left standing.. and the tree
    folks came home.. cut the rest of the
    bones down.. and hauled them off
    to the graveyard of tree
    remains across the
    hometown here..
    a stump was
    and then a leaf..
    a twig.. and another
    Tree oF Life grew from
    what was left of that stump..
    free with whatever seeds of liFe
    in addition to that stump that GoDWinds
    would blow tHeir as the magic of Nature’s
    eYes WiLL do for Tree of Life.. Wife Katrina..
    also a Tree oF LiFe for mE.. saving me from
    utter destruction from the Tree of Culture that
    is empty knowledge far far from what Living
    even means in empathic sensing hUman
    way.. putting the shards of almost
    infinite broken back together
    as 66 months would
    be the sPaN
    of i
    to come
    back aLive
    on that end of
    July 2013.. day
    oF bliss.. once again
    feeLinG the waves of
    God in the particles of Water
    i had become now long ago..
    in Rain Drops separated from
    Ocean fuLL.. i liVe then..
    once aGaiN.. noW and
    that Oak
    that was once
    only one thing before..
    iN back yard beauty lone..
    there is the dARk.. LiGht..
    the shades of Grey.. and aLL
    the Black and WhiTe oF RainBow
    Hues that color mE real and DiVErse
    foR noW.. Earth day inspires mE because
    iT iS mY Real HeaveNoW.. Real hOMeNow
    oF liGht NoW.. and iF oTheRs WiLL Love the
    God of Nature wITh aLL tHeir heARt liKe i do aS
    noW wITh No exception.. eitHeR felLed by Hurricanes
    Of Life.. or new groWth oF liGht nOW.. tHeRE iS tRuLY
    Hope for more folks to liVe iN thE Heaven oF NoW Real..
    a Rainbow of liFe.. with trUly no end or Beginning beyond
    INfinIty noW.. as broad as the SMiLeS oF God oN a Dog’s Face
    or a cat curLed in comfort.. oNe wITh GoD oF NatUre TruSt NoW..
    iN LoVinG
    KiNd oF
    HUmaNoW.. oh..
    And yes.. honorAble
    mention goes to Katy
    Perry too.. iN Tree oF Life
    as thiS SonG of SoUL named
    Firework then.. was/iS the
    only faint whisper mY
    heARt.. mY SpiRit.. mY
    soUl of Spark
    hear that
    day in 2010.. sTiLL at
    the bottom of Hell then..
    so sure.. tHeRe iS some water
    iN HeLL for me then.. namely
    Katy Perry.. as droPLet and that man sTiLL
    tattooed on her wrist.. wHo lives as mENoW..
    noWin metaphor iN Fearless Love oF NatUre TrUe..
    iN liGht.. as Root and ViNe oF i.. Spreading FReED..:)

    eriously.. taming a feral male cat and having him as a house friend..
    is truly no different than taming a Panther/Cougar/Mountain Lion/Leopard..
    except for the difference in size..and of course the operation to remove
    the super reproductive drive that certainly mellows most any male
    out of course.. in Animal Kingdom way..
    but so much of his Nature stayS in the
    wild sTiLL liVinG
    Free iN noW..
    and this cat
    iS a Natural
    iN God’s Balance..
    and in finding comfort
    within his own arms.. as
    God Lives in those arms of
    he in paws wITh cLaws of
    oxytocin comfort too.. no
    different than a young
    couple’s Love..
    except his
    iS free
    and never ending
    noW wITh the God oF
    Nature iN comfort of God’s
    fur oF he.. and yes.. the other
    technical.. science related explanation
    for this Yogi-Like pose.. is.. Yellow Boy..
    like all other Cats.. cools his internal
    body temperature.. by raising his
    soft side to the air
    all around him
    above.. so below..
    spelling greater comfort
    inside and outside real iN hiS
    view oF his own UniVerse noW..
    but when a cat snuggles up to ya..
    or even other cats when raised together
    with furry Love.. it is truly no different than
    a child and mother’s Love.. or young romantic
    Love.. as it is normal to social bond with the nurturing
    neurohormone oxytocin.. for greater potential of survival
    in cooperation.. rather that without help from the
    other cats and human beings.. in giving sharing
    way… Cats.. no friend to Yellow Boy.. too many
    fights with other males for reproductive
    rights in his WiLd Forest back yard
    past.. but when it comes to
    humans.. he is aLL about
    touch and hugs
    of paws in
    and additionally..
    a lesson many adult
    humans could learn about
    keeping on moving.. connecting
    and creating.. as a play iN dance
    oF LiFe.. wHeRe every move iS sacred
    and holy iN God oF Nature way.. invisible
    to both potential predator and prey.. and
    the only way to move Now without making
    a sound.. truly starts with one foot balanCinG
    with the other now.. or in his case.. four paws
    oF skill iN real Ninja Balance sKills.. no myths here..:)

    SMiLes.. blesSed bE..
    the pain.. the sorrow..
    the outcasts lonely.. for
    they may
    become artists
    and change the world
    in a lonely heARts club
    band of genius that not many
    share.. and yes.. folks Like Prince..
    Jimi Hendrix.. and the movers and
    shakers like the Beatles.. and folks
    like Rihanna and others today
    with never a dance
    but a way
    to move folks
    that many others
    cannot do..
    a blue personality..
    they call it in Simulated
    Society Leadership classes
    in counties.. painters like Vincent
    Van Gogh.. in troubled soUl.. and
    there is the Yellow bird perched..
    Personality.. the cautious.. the rule
    makers.. judges.. then green.. the
    social.. the sales person.. the
    politician.. often
    with a mix
    of Yellow
    too.. and
    then the Red..
    the enforcers of the
    laws.. often with smaller
    amounts of Loving colors
    that come with empathy.. yes..
    stop what you are doing in the
    name of the law.. and then there
    are the multi-colored nuts among
    us that share all colors.. and
    entirely different..
    in Princes.. Kings
    and Queens.. oF
    Elvis.. Marilyn.. oh..
    Freddie Mercury
    and yes
    again.. Princes
    who change the world..
    Oh.. by A
    way.. theRe
    was/is nothing
    ‘short’.. noWin the
    liGht of that guitar
    W I S D O M
    solo by Prince..
    iS even too long..
    too deep.. for words..
    and that my friend..
    iS why i dance
    A message
    than words..:)

    WeLL.. wiTh all that said noW..
    i’m sTILL celebrating Earth
    day all year now.. all nows..
    including all the wild stuff
    that goes along with that
    and with Katrina
    ready for
    a baby shower
    or something like
    that noW i’m going to
    the beach and finding
    the wild things about liFe
    alWays now.. no matter iF
    that comes in Human form
    or only A dance oF
    liFe iS great
    WiLd and Free
    any other thing
    other than that
    is not
    to me.. perhaps
    it is more of a lonely
    route 66 but it is wild and
    Free no less than Yellow
    Boy and others who have
    tasted true freedom at least
    once in tHeir life.. and truly
    to taste iT iS to juST DO aLL
    ya can
    to give iT.. share
    it Free aS weLL..
    no matter iF theRe
    are no other takers
    or givers in the vicinity
    oF Heaven NoWreAL..:)

    And this reminds me.. i was a
    very cautious boy and young
    man.. totally domesticated i
    was and surprisingly
    enough.. i had a
    couple of
    friends who
    were the wildest
    ones of all in high school..
    at one point talking me
    into buying beer for
    them.. me
    at age..
    16.. as back
    then ironically
    enough i looked older
    than my age.. with
    a mustache.. and
    even mistaken
    for A
    at times
    at high school..
    and no.. i didn’t drink
    at all then.. either nor was
    there any possibility then of
    me breaking any rules at all..
    except for buying the beer as i really
    liked the idea of having at least some ‘friends’..
    and yes.. i believed in the standard
    story of Jesus being an actually
    only begotten son of God..
    while my two friends
    were relatively
    atheist about
    all that
    stuff then..
    but one of them
    went to Jail after
    selling some LSD.. then..
    and got converted over
    in there.. stayed wild for
    a while in some ways and now
    is a total fundamentalist stiff
    collared ‘Christian’.. along with his/
    my other friend.. and no.. they are ‘too
    good’ to even be a casual acquaintance
    friend with me on Facebook..
    but it’s quite
    to me..
    as although
    one of ’em really
    screwed up for selling
    drugs.. they were happy
    and free at least
    one point
    in their
    life with
    not too many
    worries.. with
    a lot of heart left..
    at least in passionate
    wild and free spirit of
    feeling the wind in their hair..
    and truly this happens to many folks
    when they age.. and it’s not really even the
    age so much.. as the worries of a modern
    technological society
    that will take away
    the free
    and even
    parts of
    human beings..
    as stress is a cumulative
    assault of acid like cortisol
    impact on all the systems of
    the body.. day in day out..
    now to now.. and for some
    folks like me.. close
    to fight
    or flight
    type stress
    of being in a
    frigging Lion’s
    cage who is not all
    too happy about tHeir presence
    there.. but overall.. Lions in
    the Wild do better.. and
    so do so-called
    human beings
    who retain tHeir
    all natural God of
    Nature given spiRit
    of heARt in MiNd and
    BoDy BalanCinG SoUl..
    expreSsinG emoTioNs
    and seNses FREElY..
    so while my
    are laid
    up on their
    couches.. easy
    chairs.. or watching
    TV.. etc.. today.. i will
    be dancing at the beach.. or
    like Thursday night in a crowd
    of Joyous female sMiLes.. It’s truly sad
    when a domesticating culture takes
    all of this away.. as i didn’t have
    much of it to start with
    after age 3 and
    when Kindergarden
    started for sure..
    and after.. but dam..
    if i can get it back..
    and OMG more more more..
    it’s truly sad to see
    some folks who had it so
    strong and lose it almost completely
    in pews of truly lost from wild and Free with GOD
    Day Nature
    alWays noWiN uS
    and trUly WiLd and FreeNoW
    okay.. it’s afternoon enough
    wHere i can roam the beach
    now.. without
    frying the
    on my
    face.. Sun and
    God screen FREe..;)

    STiLL trying
    to teach dance
    to Batman and
    Superman but difficult
    it is as both are
    kinda stiff

    Affection.. peace.. compassion.. and mercy..
    aka Aloha.. from the so-called primitives
    of Hawaii.. before the modern
    world conquered
    it with the
    way modern Christianity
    practices life through the
    Materialism of Trump over
    the words of the humble similar
    Pan Jesus of the desert of Nature..
    sadly in the middle east that did not
    include the Natural Abundance of
    Hawaii.. before the buildings
    became more of Nature
    than beauty…
    Truly the Golden
    age is imprinted in the
    breast of human.. the eyes
    the hips.. yes.. the soft breast that
    provides the milk of life.. and hips
    wide bearing children with ease
    yeah.. the year of the
    butt is back again..
    but plastic reins
    stIll faux news
    now in bottles
    of rubber
    where even
    nipples are considered
    dirty and something in females
    that warrants a restricted rating
    in videos where blood freely flowing
    from violence is considered viewable
    by all but a nipple shown will be evidence
    of evil.. rather than the message that sex
    is sold rather than shared consensually
    with affection.. peace..
    compassion and
    mercy.. like
    our closet cousin
    the Bonobo does..
    to ward off the guns of
    modern humans.. where most
    people miss the deeper message
    of artists like Rihanna who is nothing
    like the art she presents about the
    darker side of culture
    where the nipple
    becomes an
    object of
    rather than just
    a fact
    of feeding life..
    and sacred as such
    instead of an object
    to buy
    or F iN
    Victoria’s secret..
    anyway.. as predictable
    in the comments section
    of YouTube.. some of ‘these’
    more ignorant folks of social
    messages in art.. totally missed
    the forest for the trees of what they
    see as evil nipples.. where life becomes
    for sale instead of free the way it is on
    beaches around the world where
    the Golden Age
    of the true representative
    of the God.. the Naturist Jesus
    from the Gnostic Gospels.. and the
    mythological.. true representative of
    God man of the Forest.. Pan.. in affection..
    compassion.. mercy
    and peace
    lives free again
    for those who freely
    enter back into the Golden
    Age of human.. where the fertility
    associated with human being was
    sacred and not reduced to a frigging
    dollar bill in a strip
    bar… When
    the human body
    becomes holy and
    free in all its reproductive
    functions.. and shared as
    such consensually in arts of
    culture as once was the case
    when humanity was valued over
    tools.. the golden age will come
    back again.. yes.. the Kingdom of God will
    rain.. Gold.. in peace.. compassion.. mercy
    and true
    of sacred human
    flesh again.. where
    every day is Earth Day..
    Human Day.. and God day
    one in same.. and Gold Finger
    is from
    head to toe..
    where no longer
    will the Anti-God folks
    call Rihanna’s life giving
    an evil
    F iN THING..
    over even guns..
    violence.. and the
    spilling of human blood..:)

    And for now and more.. “Where the Wild Things Are”..:)

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