LOVING Mother Earth DAY

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Yes.. today is Earth Day.. April 22nd.. and i seriously do not think that human is God’s favorite animal.. considering how many species no longer live here now.. as a direct result of human cultural byproducts…

In fact.. when re-entering the atmosphere.. when coming back from space.. those cultural by-products.. from a distance.. do look like.. a cancer upon the earth…

If humans are not careful.. to live balance with GOD given Nature.. as they used to in hunter and gatherer days.. as foragers and sharers.. rather than laying claim and ownership.. in rule over Earth and GOD too..

God may place an iron fist.. in a place.. that is not very comfortable for humans.. at all…

But alas.. i am human too.. so if i do not become the change i want to be.. i too.. am
just as guilty.. as the other species killers.. of cultural byproduct way…

On that note.. in a brighter.. lighter way.. Love ya..:)

And hope one enjoys humans.. for the rest of the day..:)

AS best ya can.. on Earth day.. too..:)


Ah yes.. the snake is
the reptile brain of us
in style of cold heard
hearts of survival wHere
nary a line of escape can
be found whEre trials of
error do iLLude humans
under trails of lies from love..:)

How easy it is for choice
to display ignorance over
knowledge.. a place of death
for so many more animals
than us.. to share a place
of love.. in surrender to
survive together as ONE
race of animals as ONE..:)

Bones and blood and
Blood and bones.. a case
For peace is a place of
Weeds to grow in stone…
Ah.. the freedom is culture
Undressed to feel the love
Of soldiers who dare to free
Hate from stones so cold…:)

A map inside for humans
is already drawn.. and
then comes culture to
take that map away…
To study life is to know
innate instinct.. and now
intuition alive..as one
force of God asONe..:)

Ah.. yes Nature is
all about the business
of life.. while we worry
over burned out cookies..
Nature moves on to
the next rooftop of
only worries in survival
for now.. as is real..:)

Ah yes.. the trusting eyes
never seen or not in the
lines of Internet lore or
Truth.. the eyes tell tales
that words will never tell
in lives of lies or not
for hate or love in truth
of cyber not living at all..:)

HA HA! so true
all the lies of bleached
blonde hair and tight
skirts on hips of Southern
Baptist 60 year-old girls..

Ah.. yes the unfettered
freedom of eights that
flow and go wherever
creativity without thots
does thoth’s truth come
true.. without thoughts
of boundaries that sew
heart and soul locked8..:)

Yes.. the children of dinosaurs
those feathered sung ones do
sing.. to fly above the rainbows
of knowledge always known…
To sing below the feathers of
what we’ll never know to earth
bound ever fly wHere dinosaurs
do challenge and adapt to flow..:)

And yes.. but ynot write
an octet as a limerick..
or a triolet as a violet..
or a violin as a viola or
a keyboard as a typewriter
of ebony and ivory flow
or am i getting close enough
to end this now at eight..:)

Ah.. yes the flower does peaK
up through the stones of weed..
and you know what i think.. i’m
getting used to this Octet thingY..
in fact this is 11 of 8 now for
lucky 7 before this one of 11..
and now all i have is two lines
for this one to see ya later at 8..:)

Ah.. yes GOD does
know now.. as tHere
is no escape from life
as is in living loving it
as well as we can for
now.. as one race of
human beings joining
in on living life as is now..:)

Ah.. the skunk does not
make that road to stink
with sweat of asphalt
killing way of mammal
too strong to stay dead
without hate of smell
to remind us what we
all have done to them..:)

Ah.. the house of nature
will never be destroyed
by those who love their
greaTEST Mother of ALL..
but then there are the others
the snakes without a heart..
who live for a life so far
away from SOIuLS love..:)

Yes.. “Bill’s” alternative to
‘sex’ is a cheaper.. easier
way to get along these
days.. Perhaps more will
learn in countries afar
before over frigging
population destroys
more species to come..:)

Ah yes.. the Ocean is our Love
and certainly pArt of our Mother..
the connection of salt water
runs through our veins in
arteries pumping blood as
well as rivers attributing Love
in connection to others in
well of watered love asONe..:)

Yes.. so true the connections of
before connect us to what is
come of now.. and tHere is
no escape from planing this
existence on-board terrestrial
soils of feat so bare of too often
disconnecting eyes evolving no heArt
of sOul expressing SpiRiT connections..:)

SH** really happens
IT really does.. but
when it happens all
there is to do.. is cry
and do a dance for
the next days dance
in living loving life..
until the next time IS..:)

OK it’s time
for now to
18 Octets
for the next
number nine
that is sure
for now to
make this 19 and nine lines too..:)
but KATS do have nine lines after all.. don’t they..10..now..;)

Yes.. perhaps a new form..:) the LIVEKAT9LIVESWAY.. TO MAKE 11 LINES..

PLUS 12.. THE 18X8 ‘OTHERS’ FOR 156..:)

To be the water for Bruce Lee..
to be the air for me..
to live in soils of earth..
feet planted in feat of love
is a way for me to live
as tree of love as well..
as leaves of grass
standing tall alive..164..:)


ONE Sixty-Six









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4 Responses to LOVING Mother Earth DAY

  1. othermary says:

    Wow – great energy! I am still trying to remember to be awesome! Happy Earth Day to you. Let’s try to do better (as a species).

    • Thanks so much.. the other Mary.. i hope to transfer some of that abundant energy to others.. and i think at least.. in real life.. i do with dance.. but not as easy in online ways of course..:)

      Oh.. and particular thanks for visiting the unabridged version of my Earth Day celebration.. AS.. the one before.. per abridged.. is more light weight.. for slower computers and Internet access.. Haha!

      But @any rate of weight have a great nOW! as YES..! ONE species on course.. under Unconditional Love and relative human FREE WiLL!ARRIVINGALWAYSNOWALIVE!..:)

  2. Wonderful pics as always!

    • Thanks so much Madeleine.. as a visual thinker losing effective use of sight.. words have little interest to me then.. before getting forced into a life of text.. as escape from the misery of related pain..

      Visual imagery is still my first love.. and perhaps it is strange how i communicate in words.. but I will never leave the beauty of nature behind..

      Nature is real beyond words.. and expressions of words.. there of..

      But haha! words are now my friends..with literally over 10 million words
      written since i gain the strength against horrifying eye
      pain to tolerate a dim-lit screen to escape that pain
      in November of 2010.. .

      Words are now organic and living for me..
      as symbols for emotional and
      sensual life…

      Whereas before they are just tools..
      and not much of anything
      else of worth
      to me…

      So yeah.. i am happy to be both
      a visual and word thinker now..
      to have the best of
      both worlds possible
      i guess..
      AS much as i care
      to share
      with ALL others..:)

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