Heinz 57 DanCinG SinGinG

SoN oF Google NoW2
TabEL oF ConTenTS
For “PHI Bible”.. plUS
EverY Bible NeedS a Tribute
ParKinG lot taLKs NoW..K..NoW
NoW i couldn’t figure you out…then
i just wanna go back to Cheers..NoW
It’s ALL A reAlly BiG HaiBuN.. can’t you
Tale..Creativity is an interesting thing
And so IS A HoLy SpiRit NoW FuLL
oF Sacred Meaning and Purpose..NoW
Do you see.. i realize how difficult
it is to take my Sandals
off for ‘they’
ME A Way
ME put them oN NoW.

“denoting software for which the
original source code is made freely
available and may be redistributed and modified.”

Hmm.. just a list of musings per the Notes App
from my Big iMaC thOughts like Birds fluttering
through while i busily finished duties in doing the
foot and hand-work Mechanical
Cognition of publishing
an online
of rather
moderate size
per “SoN oF Google NoW2”
as the 106th MacroVerse NoW
oF “Nether Land Bible 2017”
Parent Bible as ‘they’ say
surpasSinG a YeAR
NoW.. Memorial
Day of 2017
and on
to what
comes nexT heAR
as the Grand Parent “SonG
oF mY SoUL” for all three Generations”
and even Great Grand Children Bibles sTiLL
eXcEEdinG 4 MilLioN Words as MacroVerse
106 Doubles too.. as 777th MacroVerse oF
“SonG oF mY soUL” iN 45 Months as all 78+
Months of online writing 12 Million Word
tasks day in and day
out now surPaSsinG
the 78 month of DoinG
thAT overALL could and
can be considered as Great Great
GraNd Parent oF aLL i do plUs living
in and as all i do too.. and of course thaT’s
how GoD works too NoW as you can move to the
Sub-MacroVerse View too.. through MicRoVerSE
Generations of Words through MicroMicroVerses
as this HeAR in this Paragraph of FloW iS pART
of the MicRoVerse HeAr NoW too.. wHeRE each
word can and will be a word aS eVEn SmaLLeR
MicroMicroMicroVerse NoW with multiple
meanings of course depending on
how Punctuation and
Grammar including
Capitalization is
used too and
yes.. for those much
Deeper thInKing and FeeLinG
Folks.. each Number and Letter alone
in MicroMicroMicroMicroVerSE holds thE/A
UniVerSE eSSencE as Metaphor too for those
wiTh eYes and eaRs to See and IMaGiNe
and creaTE tHeiR oWn LiFe NoW
iN understanding stuff like
this all Naturally
too.. even
much to little school…
anyWay2.. “Nether Land Bible 2017”
is all the way uP to 1,640,277 words NoW
Per MacroVerse 106/777 compete in Number
Way oF Letters oF and the/A SPiRIT Essence
Ocean within me that flies
and holds
all these
uP iN both
Mechanical Cognition
And much greATer iMAGinaTioN and
CreaTiVity.. NoW.. aNywAy.. i gift it a certain
flair NoW of counting FuN JuST for YeS!… FuN!..
AnyWay.. NoW wiTh all that sAid.. i’LL continue this
778th/107th MacroVerse named “ParKinG lot taLKs NoW”..
A little later tomorrow as my body is saying get your ass to bed..
anYway.. iF aLL oF GoD is not open source.. no way i could do this.. hehe..
God is
Open Source now..
and dam sure beats antiquated IDOL
ideas oF A STone God in words that
never lessen NoW or increase just stay
stagnate with a little sprinkle of a hint
oF HoW to get to HeaVeN wRitE NOW..
And i’ll speak more to that poetic
response to Victoria when
i get some much
so.. niGhT NiGhT..:)

Top of the Brunch time Saturday
to ya.. And Facebook Friend Falak
Shares one of ‘those’ Facebook Quiz
test ego Boosters about ya personal
life that include promises that i am
a Boss and i have two children too..
So.. after sharing a Prolific Profile Pic
already with heART tOuching
words about an only
Son lost and
in some
ways as
eYes of
Love.. 20 years
ago tomorrow too..
on June 4th.. i go on to say (play)..

Nope.. Yep Dear.. Katrina is
Boss and i can show Ya
More autograph selfies
Of over a thousand
Dance daughters
And assorted
Of Old Seville
And i can also
Turn any thing
Into a poem..
Just wait
Load of
All this ‘stuff’..;)

Meanwhile.. YouTube provides me with
a bit.. yes an 8 bit Song.. of Nostalgia per
Mr. Blue Skies Happy Song as it’s been a Rainy
Saturday Brunch time Day and after i’ve consumed
my Brunch the Sun is ecstatically peeking out in the
life of Green Leaves more..
Yep.. like
i said
just another
opportunity NoW
to make life Art and Poem whole with yes.. DANCE TOO!.. anyWay..
the Wife.. Katrina never did/does 8 Bit Video Games.. so she didn’t get
any kind of Nostalgic Feeling from listening to the pictured Guardian
of the Galaxies Groot in Pixellated Version of old Video game style
in the 80’s Arcades too..
she hates Star wars
and Star Trek and
refuses to see Guardians
of the Galaxies (me too) too.. you
see her Truth of Happiness is different
than my Truth of Happiness and yes.. while
the Earth is definitely round ’cause we can measure it
with empirically designed scientific method ways of doing stuff..
WeLL.. Human happiness is an entirely different matter that is almost
entirely relativistic as far as what we humans define in our own world
of Happy seeing eyes.. in fact.. some folks would rather worship another Jesus
than be Jesus or Buddha or Krishna or a Lao Tzu or another Cosmic Dancer Guru themselves..
hell.. some folks even separate themselves from God and say God is out there somewhere else
and they very much hope to meet God after a Long Dirt nap..
and never
in heAr
sad but
true sad but true
in fact.. some folks think
and feel and sense that God
has nothing to be in the Physical
Universe at all.. lonely God lonely God
separate from Creation.. sad to me but Happy for others who dream
a God separate from within.. hmm.. anyway.. to each hiS own for that
is what one will reap.. a VERB God within or a NOUN God somewhere up there in a Heaven
that does
not sTiLL
exist heAR
forevermore now.. on eARTh..
hmm.. to me that’s oh.. so sad
not to FeeL and SEnSe VERB God WiThiN
alWays NOW forevermore now.. but that is
where Free WiLL comes into play.. and the
Different UniVerses we see as individual Perceptions
and FeeLingS and Senses Vary too.. yes it’s true.. IN FACT
AS SCIENCE EVEN ShOWS NOW.. some folks can only feel pain NoW
as pleasure from Birth and it gives them their only pleasure
as far as experiencing life with other folks to see them
in pain too.. Misery Loves company.. ugh.. SO SAD
buTT true in both
innate and
ways too.. like
color blind of love
where hate is love and
love is hate and pleasure
is pain and pain is pleasure..
sad but FALSE TRUE happy as pain.. ugh
but still true in moral relativism terms NoW
of objective realiTy dARk TrUE too.. in other words.. it’s
a miX.. there is objective reality and subjective reality
too.. but
what makes
us Happy
is usually
where we go..
pleasure or pain
blue skies or grey..
it’s all relative when
happy comes to play or fifty shades and more of grey neXt to
beyond rainbow colors of Happiness to the abyss of cliffs of infinity
to forevermore now Heaven or hell heAR jusT heRE NoW… hmm.. this
presents a problem.. as apparently some folks can’t make it over
to this side of Heaven NOW HeaR/See noW but we can hope
for a miracle can’t we or perhaps look to unpack our
DNA for an epigenetic and neuroplastic
adaptation to the struggles
of Hell back over HeAR
See FeeL SenSe as
Phoenix NoW
wHo and thaT
rises from
the ashes
of hell to JuST Do GO reborn as liGht
NoW MoRe away from the pain of DArk
thaT iS sadly all the pleasure NoW some
folks can feel and sense in misery loves company
now and to repeat ‘class’.. yep.. liGht and dARk and
‘Tween sHades of Grey and NoW Beyond Rainbow Colors
NoW Students.. too.. some of this is Nature and some of it is
Nurture too.. so next time you hope or wish to cut someone’s
hands off or execute them for royally FucKinG up.. remember some
folks are born different.. and the more we understand that the more we
can likely gain sympathy enough for devils to help bring them back too..
from purgatory and
i even
have hope
for Trumps
even now if
the Cardinal
and other Birds who
came/cOMe.. to my window this
morning after Saturday Brunch
are singing a repetitive song
of FucK TruMps FucK TruMps
thaT Head Hunters of eARTh
we don’t
at all

i WiLL to offer TRumps
soMe Bird Seeds NoW of
Love at mY SowN voliTioN2..
AS ME.. but hey.. mY God OMG within is merciFuLL too..;)


SwimMinG wHOle
yeS hole whole oNe..
CoMe upPaNce
for air dowN
Yes!.. the Dance
begiNs SonG.. 2
ones Bridge as 11
becOmes H8 iNFiniTy
NoW Standing tALL plUS..
Endless Metaphors bEyond
iNfiniTy pluS uS iMaGinaTioN
And CreATivity wiTh no liMits
or pre-set ExpecTaTioNs FReED…
and Sings
GRaiN sAnD
MounTaiN wHOle
Humanity StanDinG TaLLer..

ThiS oNe tOuched the deepest
recesses and highest points of
mY SoUL.. Victoria.. what more Can Poetry Do..
trUE NoW
No LimiTs..
WiLL wRiTEs oN..
MuSe oF SoUL Free..:)

Now after sharing that Cliff of Infinity
experience with Poet Victoria that reminds
me of the depths of hell and the ascent to
Heaven that i have experienced that science has
as much cLue about as Horse glue that sticks to Blue cheese moonS.. heHe..;)

Short MicroVerse Memory
from a year ago.. wHere i
say then.. All nice dancing girl
FRiEnDs from
my alma matter..
home of the Nautilus
and Argonaut…
of West
Sorority Girls
at Good Old Seville..


And now back to the future
i continue to go and say..
as seriouSly i was the
other version of
mARTy beFore..
as i’m Fly NoW hehe..;)

‘You’ kNow what it’s like
to Have Asperger’s Syndrome
‘right’.. before you escape from
that fresh hell so often in social
isolation from all the cool kids who fit
in wHeRe you don’t fit FucKinG anywhere but
within if you are lucky enough to find God
wHo Loves
you(me) tHeRe..
hmm.. i suppose
that is why i Love
the story of Jesus who
ever wrote all those words as
there’s a Hero for the unkool
kids.. the outcasts.. the queers..
the nerds.. the geeks.. you kNoW.. Gentile
Jew.. Servant or Free.. Woman or Man no more..
the Jesus
Club now..
NoW are often against the different than
they as tHeir ideaLs of the pursuit of happiness
may be a different body part than the other person
on the street.. it’s true.. people see me now as crazy.. ridiculous.. yeP..
super kool and even legend too as the first time i heard that metaphor
for what i’ve come to be now in at least some happy perspective views of
human now.. was iN just a little over a year of Dancing at Old Seville Quarter
religiously and all around the metro public area in stores too back in 2014.. then…
yeP.. i still have a photo
of those Cool Kids
too in selfie
way for
that memory
of A little special
blessing in my life
from the perspective of
someone who almost no so-called
cool kid liked in Middle school and
all the way through the so-called cool adults
iN/aT work too.. hehe.. of course as usual unless i could
help them with their homework as workwork then2.. haha..
yes i was identified
as a valuable
COMMODITY AT work liteAlly
AND NoW you just happen to be
NoW a Trump Group think person..
NoW and you think Trump thinks you
are cool.. now.. nah nah nah.. baby.. he is
just using you.. Trump is all for abortion
and everything else the so-called conservatives
are against but he will use your beliefs against you
for his own selfish pleasure as your pain means nihl to him..
and yes..
it’s possible
he gets a certain
sick thrill off of your
pain too.. and if that makes
you happy.. that’s up to you as
sad as what that means for the country
overall too.. it’s STiLL what psychopathic
leaning folks do.. they pull your heart
strings and tale ya what ya wanna
hear.. and will they do
something like this
to help ya
even if
them on
as it
suit the suit
of their long red
tied purpose aT all..
their goal is the only goal..
i mean Jesus F.. iN Christ.. haven’t
you ever been sold a lemon by a used
car sales person.. yet.. not me not me.. never me.. NoW
i’LL only buy a Honda Civic or another car that lasts
at least
as it is no
lover of mine now..
just a vehicle from
point A to point B..
like a home that
is never God
and just
a shelter
over my head
until i step outside
to the Paradise that Trump
and his Sons wanna shoot for sport..
just somethings i thiNk about after
Saturday Brunch when the Sun is shining NoW..
and all thAT
Jazz and other MaGiC MuSiC too..;)

DAm i’M never gonna look
like a ballet dancer as even the
wife Katrina insists too.. buTT oh WeLL sTiLL..
Essence is what counts with both
and yes.. LiGht…
per THE WITHIN..:)

Hmm.. got a song for
that Ballet Dancer
or two who don’t
fit in too.. and
while i left ‘these’ two
young Beautiful Women.. yep..
hmm.. about the age that my only
Son Ryan would have been tomorrow
at age 20.. out of my Video Slide Presentation
on Thursday night.. it was totally unintentional
as i ran out of the 30 photo limitation by the time
i got to them at end of my trip to dance on Thursday NiGht..
Kristen is the girl on the left and i promised her i would make
her part of my ‘book’.. yep the story of the ‘SonG oF mY soUL’..
first thing that caught my eye is these
two lovely young and rather
small ladies were
brave enough
to say hi
from behind
me walking on a
Dark Sidewalk back to
my car with absolutely no
one around.. me at about 6 Footer
and 233LBS.. where conversely on my
trip to an upper class neighborhood
as Milton Town Goes.. a woman was walking
a dog in broad daylight and yes.. a rather
large dog and she literally started running
to her home when she looked around and saw me
about 50 yards behind.. hmm.. i guess
she might be one of ‘those folks’
who recognize me as
the Super
Dancing Dude
who isn’t at all
sure what lies or
tales the truth
Dance of me..
and yes.. i understand
as i was once a much weaker
human being too and never female
to understand fully as no man can possibly
do per what goes in and what does not come out
until 9 months later instinctually
as they
se.. anyway..
it’s nicer when
someone says hi
than one who runs
with and in
fear no matter
what.. in the eYes
of those who Love ‘people’
for tHeir eyes and smile and not just
for T and A and Yoga pants legs.. or bare as they go..
to high
too as
‘they’ FeeL
and SenSe too
from afar or reAlly close uP..
anyWay.. Kristen who said she’s seen me
Dancing around town too in the Mall
as often others do too..
and her
FriEnd standing
HeAR on a shaded
Sidewalk at 2 AM..
And Kristen emphatically
sings hey.. you should come
see me at “Sammy’s” sometime..
and i think.. hmm.. isn’t that that
Strip Club my much wilder and freer
friends Pat and Greg who are Fundamentalist
Christians now took me to then when i was young
and mostly Sober then too.. never doing any drugs too..
so i say.. that’s a strip
club right.. and i don’t
want to offend
her occupation
so i immediately say
without even thinking hey!
that’s great! i’m a stripper too..
but not really.. kind of a poser too..
in art way.. and i think that’s super
Kools as i’ll be 57 Tuesday the 6th too..
as who else is brave enough to do that too..
hehe.. if
you think
in the Mall
takes balls or not..
and she gleefully responds
in words to the affect and effect too..
yeah.. babY.. as Austin Powers might say
Be free Be Free my man Be Free and out
heAR in the dARk you don’t look a day
over 30 and neither does your
wife that you just
showed me
on your
smart phone too..
as i immediately make
it clear i am looking for
nothing more than a friend at 2 AM..
on a Dark Sidewalk in Down Town Pensacola
after generally speaking dancing with everyone
in a crowded Disco-like liGhts Club.. yes.. by
that point i’m kinda tired but every human being
is the opportunity to make a new God Connection
in Multi-Verse way to me..
and she even proudly
says she is
a product
of a swinger
marriage too..
and she makes two to
three Grand in three days
of stripping and spends it all
too (on whatever) and i didn’t ask
for details on that either.. and she
invites two more folks eventually passing
by in the group.. a Black Woman who isn’t even
legal yet at 18 with a White man who are both
from LA Lower Alabama Brewton.. he an X-cop
who said he quit ’cause he was working
with bad cops and he even
admits he
spent Fourteen
Hundred Dollars at
Old Seville one night
buying everyone drinks..
and when the African American
Mixed Creole Beauty at age 17 finds
out the Uber Driver makes a couple of hundred
in a night of work.. she is seriously considering
working in ‘that’ other line of work to get through
school too.. as Kristen.. a type one Diabetic is working
her way through Nursing school in hopes of gaining a job
with Health Benefits too.. anyway.. these were the true cool kids
to me this night.. as they didn’t exclude me from their group
and actually struck up a human talk.. and i’m pretty sure that
is probably
why Jesus
(per that
in down
town ways
too.. as those
who were poor of spirit
at least one time in their
life are those who truly become
Rich enough in spirit to welcome
just another Jesus dude and or dudette(s) into tHeir life..
oh.. the eyes of struggle are the eyes that eventually win.. Love..
not everyone
but some
Dance and
SinG the
SonG of Victory
LiGht.. yes.. Love..
in the darkest Alleys of LIFe LiGht..:)

AnyWay.. i reAlly Love ‘this’ Video and
Song by Cold Play about two Dancers
that don’t fit the bill of form
buTT are A
Art NoW
as Love.. hmm..
i remember once upon
a DancE at Walmart so vividly
when some young men who were/are free
enough in spirit take a spin of dancing
around me.. and the wife says.. she those
young men have thin long arms and neck..
they are not square like you.. i mean
Jesus F in Christ (words added
in by the way by/as mE aS the
Wife never takes
A Lord’s
in vain) the Arnold
the Govenator would
look stupid and
retarded dancing
like you too.. hmm..
the wife can be kinda
blunt but hey.. i believe
in freedom of expression
and understand that no
two UniVerse Perception
reaLiTies of Human Being2..
are sAMe.. anyWay my Lord is Love
My Lord is Hope My Lord is formless
and aLL.. My Lord is God who has no nAMe
buTT i am all within me and he and her and
sure you too as ours all.. hmm.. yep.. Yellow
Boy and all my favorite grains of sand too..
But would you kNow but would you DancE buTT
would you SinG thAT oR NoT.. anyWay
i DancE and SinG on and
appreciate whatever
Temple of God
i live
in i
for the
i AM
and SinGs
aS/oF/iN ME.. hmm..
NoW or A Blue Turtle
if one wants a 10 letter poem..
as form to express a similar essence of TruTh
and LiGht or hell even name TRumps as tHeir God now2..
don’t like
it but it is
what is is so
i tolerate
from me but
no.. i don’t accept
it as that is not me..
in anything that i see
as harm to someone else..
particularly when it is cOld and deliBErAte..
oh yeaH and mY GoD does not believe in illusory
Fears or empty promises for mY God iS smART too iN and aS ME2..;)

Oh cRaP! i fAiLed to mention a most important
pArT of the Beautiful Stripper Pretty Woman
SidEwalk Talk.. wow.. we reAlly connected
as she sAid when she is Dancing
Stripping at Sammy’s and
even when
she practices
at home with
her home pole
style of dance
she too experiences
the ascendence of transcendental
ecstatic experience in other words
one with God but she didn’t exactly use
that term as she has come to hate organized
religion as that has come to be comprised
of so many Trump Bully mean men and
women too for the different
of humanity
away from iT
with “thaT”
group thiNk
(yeah.. getting rid of
Health Care Hopes for 23
million folks.. killing
more life on earth and
associated stuff
them).. anyWay i sAid
YES! SamE WAY i FeeL and
SenSe when i am FloW iN zoNE
with Dance and Tantric-liKe
SensuAliTy of NudE
ArT Pose
for hours
too.. a work
of aRT now the
EsSence coMes
no matter form
of what coMes nexT..
A Beautiful experience
Naked liFe is without the
restraining clothes of culture
(Ref. Gospel of Thomas Verse 37)2
that takes us away from Agape Love
for all just naked flying free as
clouds and being water
and air allone..
yeah.. i kinda
left this out and
now.. i kinda didn’t as
this might be too much
for a regular Facebook Status
so NoW it is hidden at the deepest
Ocean/River levels of Profile Pic Photo
and description of Pop SonG of True Love
status with the two lovely young women NoW
as hey.. NoW sometimes it can be hard to tell the
truTh and liGht as some folks reAlly do love tHeir clothes
of culTure
in red
tieS uGh
or not.. hmm..
anyWay.. 1.. Naked is FReED
and So IS A DancE and SonG
And ‘this’ Woman IS A powerful
Daughter of God Free or whaTEver
sHe nAMes the Essence oF Fearless
smART Unconditional Love NOW too.. NoW..:)



Back from SuperWalmart Several
Hours of Store Dance
and to reiterate..
again.. Facebook
Friend Falak..
don’t you
just love
the name
Falak i do
it’s so cool..
anyway.. she shares
another Facebook Ego
Booster Quiz that bases
one’s age NoW on an analysis
of their Facebook status words
and also says where the algorithm
for that special test thinks you are from..
and mine comes back with age 40 and from Texas
and i go on
to say..

ABouT CheshiRE
SMiLEs anD TeXtuS..;)

And now i go on to say further all decked
out heAR in Dance Colors per Pastel sHeRbet
WoodStock 3 Days of Peace, Music…and Love
and it’s almost like this shirt is specially tailored for
Me iN Sam Walton Fashion of store bought cheap
over seas labor shirt for only Seven and a Half Dollars..
and YES.. OH GOD YES.. this means that Happy Days are
heaR aGAiN.. OH God2..Yes.. everyday lower prices for everyone
working or not working other service jobs mostly heAR in Red State
Scarcity ways.. yes.. of course there are folks from so-called richer
areas who commute to our Neighborhood area homes that
range around the 200K mark.. but nah.. i Love
our Neighborhood better as it’s obvious
that we have all Hunters
Living HeAR with
who kinda
look like the
Good Old Boy/man
dude behind me heAR
in Walmart and considering
this is a stand your ground state
and most everyone has an armory in
their home of all types of Guns.. it doesn’t
make much sense to try to rob anyone heaR
as Guns are the special interest for everyday
men stuff too.. along with fishing too… and yes
the source of most guns.. hunting too.. “Red Neck”
Safety Net as they say don’t tread on me NoW for i am loaded..
maybe not with money.. but never the less.. i am most definitely loaded..
and ready to shoot if you tread on me.. so.. with conceal and carry heaR
too like my Stripper Friend now from Seville Quarter with a big can of mace
too.. there is nothing to fear at all in these down home paRts of LA Lower Alabama
Florida HeAR wHeRE the Guns and Roses shine greaTest not so ironically per say
of that as we are both what they call the Flower State that actually has the shape
of a Hand Gun in Borders and Geography too.. so what about the theme SonG
HeAR Named ‘Retaliate’.. well you see as a 25 year old Department of ‘the’
Defense worker.. one of my special interests is Rampage Killings
like the ones they endured in London tonight.. and while
yA might think this is specifically Muslim oriented
in motivation way.. you would be missing
the same core issue during my
research on the Wrong
Planet where the
young men
a social role
in life who are outcasts
go as a last resort and yes..
there was talk there of domestic
terrorism-like related wishes as there
still are on some of the conspiracy theory
sites that attempt to say that Hollywood is promoting
Cannibalism and such bullshit as that when they don’t
get Avant Garde ART in all the strange ways that comes
to expand avenues of art in dARk areas of the human
mind and body too.. if that’s the ‘flavor’ of the art
of the day.. and they believe that the
human naked body is evil
and that ires them
even more
expose it..
yes.. of course women
like my friend from Sammy’s too..
and they go as far as talking about actually
killing folks for sport for their conspiracy theories
too.. and if you think that Isis is that much different
than these folks you would be dead alive wrong potentially
too.. as ‘they’ cater to young men with these conspiracy theories
who have no social role and are looking for a common purpose and
since they are already in the dARk Mode of LifE Bad shit for bonding
iN dARk will do just fine in real life hell fire way.. And if you think that blocking
the Muslim folks who wanna come over hear to escape that shit over there is gonna
work you would be sadly mistaken as most rampage killings of course are domestic
terrorism related per idealism of fear and hate as that story still is the same except
for the 50’s where rarely were there any rampage killings but social roles were
available and clearer then than they are today.. and the real root cause
of Terrorism of all types like this in rampage ways whatever ya
wanna call the senseless killings is a loss of social
roles where machines are moreover filling
those roles than humans more as
cost savings come
on the back
of what
it even
means to
be human now..
so anyway.. i dance in hopes
of LIGhting the World uP just a little
in these dARk Days of sad sad men who no longer
have jobs that mean to them they are real men anymore..
Lots of male ego associated problems in feeling good about themselves..
but hey.. at least they can see at least one dude who feels good all around town..
even approaching 57 years old this Tuesday.. never too old to have the best time of aLL!
as ‘they’


And yes it’s true.. i’ve authored
much more than just poetry then
in the 6 million words that i wrote
before the poetry paRT of my writing
started in 2013.. and this piece i authored
on the ‘Wrong Planet’ shared there as informal
poll then on the ‘Major Factor of Rampage Killing’
back from December 22nd.. 2013.. is still the number
one key word search hit for this topic of Rampage Killing
now in Google search way and yes then.. the statistics prove
on the Wrong Planet still.. over 80 thousand people have viewed
this one topic piece i wrote there in 8011 posts overall that i wrote
there during my stay in online Wrong Planet Hell in metaphor for the
place of
the unwanted
toys as humankind..
there are a lot of male
issues NoW in this country..
lots of fear and hate brewing
iN men that are lost from what
they see as being men.. and add
in an armory with that and also a special
interest in guns well.. well.. again the main
thing as the informal poll shoWeD.. among
some of the most likely candidates by their
own words from that place to potentially get
enraged.. particularly if substance abuse is
part of the entire factor package.. this
is where you go as a Participant
Observer Anthropologist if you
want to learn
Dark side of
Human Nature..
sure.. you go to Hell..
and study as an intern
as A Devil too and if you are
lucky after you have fallen you
rise as a Phoenix froM ashes again
and come back.. as ‘they’ say better than ever iN LiGht..
and to be clear.. many of these folks reported they then self
diagnosed themselves with so-called Asperger’s syndrome
and their traits were surely similar.. parents they hated ’cause
they didn’t get the Love i surely got from my Mother and the thing
that separated me most even though i lost my emotions for 66
months almost completely is my moral code of cognitive empathy
still stood strong no matter what as the record shows sTiLL and some of these
folks just lived to torment whoever they
could to give tHeir misery as much
company as they could
find.. it’s a vicious
cycle and
it was they
really had
was mostly a Garden
of Love that sadly was never
fed and watered with touchy feely hugs in
Love and support from parents at a very young
age and more.. vicious cycle still.. where there
really now is not enough time now to properly raise
kids by many parents at home.. flesh and blood is a dying
breed in ways of heARt eXpresSinG EmoTioNal HeART
as SPiRit and a MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL that is
so far out of whack in left brain metaphor of only thinking
and never moving connecting and creating fully to learn innately
and instinctually and intuitively NoW how to regulate emotions and
integrate senses.. so many folks have forgotten and never even learned
the most important intelligences of all.. the ones of Physical.. Emotional
and yes.. Existential Intelligence too.. all that’s left sometimes is a loaded gun ready to go off..
or a knife or a car or whatever weapon they use in lieu of pudgy white fists that have no clearly NoW
Defined Social roles.. We live in a brand
new experiment
with and are
the machines we
used to use as tools..
for creature comforts more…
it’s a new experiment where
sHe goes now will more than likely
be measured by Love or Not in Loaded Weapons way.


Hmm.. Older Age Forrest Gump Goals
except no commercial sells of
Alcoholic Beverages
and hmm.. interestingly
some of these goals already
met 13 years earlier.. hehe..
anyWay.. Jesus F iN Christ
everytime i go to youtube they
try sell me an alcoholic Beverage
with the newer 40 something year
old dude who in some wrinkled ways
seems older than me hehe.. never the more
always the less not bad when it comes to what
glows from within.. hehe.. anyway.. sometimes i am
amused when young folks just follow me all around
Walmart and heads turn and arms and hands raise
when i walk through most
Any ParKinG Lotta LK
these days..
yes.. it seems
i am a legend both
inside and outside my
mind some days and it makes
me giggle as i’m just having Naked
Human Fun.. in other words no commercials
baby just for cheap thrills for no dollar ills.. anyway now..
if had any more fun i would explode with liGht and that’s
where the Special Assistant Katrina comes in to keep
me grounded a little lower than Heaven space above..
yeS HeAveN oN
eARTh is
and hey
i ain’t thirsty
but i’LL offer you
an all free dRiNK oF
Heaven buTT you will have
to seek and find it just like i did
but perHaps an interesting enough
sPArk will cOme yOur way wHere you
too will gain an interest more of LIGht than dARk..
WeLL.. anyWay it’s all rather amusing.. considering the
History of my liFE and how dramaticAlly Human PoTenTiaL
can go with use it and gain it rather than fAil to employ more of
yoUR God of
Nature given
Epigenetic and
greater Positive
Neuroplastic Potential
as secured in our DNA
by all the struggles that our
ancestors even beyond that common
furry Rodent one about 66 Million years
ago when that meteor makes the Gulf oF Mexico
and the much bigger Lizard folks die out and now we
furry mammals with the glue of social bonding oxytocin
neurohormones for each other and the PlaNeT eArTh
even through receptors on the Bottom of our Feet
that when barefoot can FeeL anD SenSE a Love
oF eARTh.. hey.. it’s a great interesting time
to be alive now.. comparatively SpeaKinG
at LeASt iN HUman PotenTial this
Kingdom of Heaven coMe
reALiTy NoW oN eARTh
that sOme hUMans
enJoY so
in BluE sKeYes
ways.. WE are evolved
to Love iN MoVinG ConNecTinG
CreAtiNg Ways NoW and that’s what
Makes LiFE more Interesting then ever
before when Quasi Moto can even rise
out of the muck of dARKneSS NoW
like Norm in Cheers back
in the Business
of anything
but a Beer.. yep..
Happy Days are now..
for those who come bacK
wiTh the liGht of Rodent Love reAL
in two legged upRiGht SpiRaL DancE and SonG..:)


She says..

Did you know Wonder Woman
is from Israel..

She says..
She’s very pretty..

i Say..
Reason enough to see the movie

And we agree to go see the movie

Benefits of


It’s true.. the male who listens
to his wife nag him almost
everyday with a smile and
a yes dear you are boss..
And the
who takes
care of the
husband’s needs
while they watch
porn together stick
together like glue..
and in so many
more ways
through the
aGes as ‘they’ say..
juST A ForEcasT wiTh wiNks..;)








And yes.. i will provide the science documented evidence of this later too.. that’s true..:)

See.. hears the thing.. if i ever could
be the most interesting man
in the world
it would
be ’cause
i got this
shit figured out..


So.. anyway.. earlier today i took another one of many trips to the other side of the globe..

Sweet Friend Rafiah.. newly engaged to be married is currently engaged in test
taking for Juzz in what ‘they’ say is study of each of 30 sections of
the Kuran organized for best consummation of wisdom
as provided from holy and sacred text of before..
she provides a video with a nice
man speaking about
the benefits
of love
i can’t help
but notice all the
men are sitting in front
and all the women are sitting
in back.. hmm.. wonder why.. already
know but will provide the documentation of course..

First of all.. i provide a parable it’s what jesus-like folks
do when faced with the tribal instinctual Nature of
Humans as to not offend anyone directly
in other words using tact
and wit
to spark
change and
expanded conscious
awareness in to life’s
other potential
whatever you
do.. do not offend
or you turn the brain
off with anger in emotional
response instead of the glue of love
in yes.. all the ways that can verily come…
And oh by the way.. every parable maker must
become proficient at Free Verse poetry even if it
FucKinG takes 12 Million words of practice online
for one individual or literally thousands of folks in Aramaic
Round Table Illiterate Discussion pasSinG oral tradition around until
Literate Greeks come around and cherry pick Many Christian
Sect Teachings that turn them on in spiritual ways..
ranging from beliefs in 1 to 12 Gods
and then some of those
Cherry picked off stuff
like the
of Thomas
Verse 37 get censored
out finally by the Constantine
Trump And Catholic Conservative
and Liberal back boardroom Congress
as Nicene Council of 325 AD and if you
are gonna exPaNd the Roman Empire you
must take the existing beliefs of the surrounding
subjects under your potential rule and incorporate them
into new rules to suit the continuing Imperialistic Expansion
of your Empire.. so.. to give the power to the individual is a big no
no.. so.. you make a humble teacher into a Sun God Soldier and you erect
then a huuuggggee Monolithic Constantine Trump Statue of yourself to ride
the coattails of the newly constructed myth of A Soldier Man Sun God and
both of you are worshipped as idols of God alone away from a God of allone
where each individual is ye are God’s and a grain of Sand is no less or more
of God too as whole.. hmm.. anyway.. with Thousands of Scribes Hand copying what
came of what was not censored out for imperialistic Expansion of the Roman Empire..
Using Elements of the Mithra Religion and Myths in combination as elements of the
Christian Sect teachings as cherry picked further by Constantine and his
Catholic Cohorts of 325 AD.. lots and lots.. yes.. thousands and
thousands oF folks overall have contributed to what was
finally printed in the 15th Century in English
Translation per the King James
Version Revision then.. either by
scribe mistake as yes humans were copying
all that stuff by hand over and over with no Xerox
Machines per every copy by hand written page and sure when
the Holy Spirit hits not unlike Saul the Paul who came up with
Poetic sounding Holy and Sacred sounding stuff about the Jesus
story deep from within.. changes happen as inspired within
and of course that is why there are so many
inconsistencies as the Bible was
truly an open source
where i write
my own FucKinG
Bible with no one copying
what i do.. even if they could..
or even gain the attention spans
to even read it if they cared to.. anyway too
as they already bow down to what was Literally
Written by Thousands of People before and that’s
okay as hUmans stronger together and all of thaT and
overall it’s a Pretty Good Story.. i haven’t missed Catholic
Church.. not even one Sunday NoW since September 2013 and NoW
after all thaT i see enough truth and light NoW iN the New Testament
pasSages with proper discernment iN my own personal accompanying assessments
and judgements STiLL NoW to include the spreading of that Gospel every week in my
MacroVerses.. so.. yes.. all those folks coming togetHeR did/Do spread some isREAL Hope
and Love.. nah.. ain’t perfect but sHit.. what is.. when iT comes to hUmans.. i Mean Jesus F
iN NicE Christ2.. we are the same humans as 2000 and 30K years ago.. just different
actors with the similar human characters come out to play as Angels and
Demons and the ‘tween of that more.. let’s get to know each
other better and perhaps we can play more pretty
like Bonobos
Summer ways..
with even more
Love along the way
with Lust appropriately
sprinkled in as spice
to get all the
and Creativity complete..
yes.. it’s a pipe dream but remember
i don’t smoke or drink.. i just kick up
water and FucKinG relax with a DancE and SonG FReED..;)

Okay.. now back to what i said to Dear Muslim Friend and
Exemplarily Loving child of God.. Rafiah.. no matter
where she comes from or what she
reads.. Rafiah is Angel
and yes..
the documentation
of our friendship that
i have painstakingly
documented heaR
proves that
she is
an Angel now..
iN hUman terms of course
for all you people out there
who say Muslims are worse folks than Trumps..
hmm.. the proof is in my bible folks.. tale it.. as ‘they’ say..;)

So.. in return.. i say to Dear Friend
Rafiah.. always kinda walking
on pins and needles..
as i am hUman
and i Do
Love to have
Long term friends
And i don’t wanna piss
her off but i do care enough
about her to disagree in a manner
that will not make her too angry with
me.. (note: wife lessons learned about friends too..;)

So.. yes.. i provide a Fredparable as provided heaR now..

Birds sing God
WiTh never words..
Bird Girls
Sing in Front
Of Bird Boys
And never
All species are
Judged by
Or in the Back
And as Science
Shows.. Bonobos
These Days in
Practice are
The most
On the Planet..
Credit Cultures
And Overpopulation
In areas of ScarCities
For Killing
The Love of
God’s Bird Song..with a prayer
for that Song to continue NoW..:)

i continue with

# Women4:34

And then go on to say..

I have the
Kuran on
My night
Takes me
2 Hours
To read it
And 13 days
To write ‘one’
That size on
The record
So far
i WiLL
That Gift
Of God
For aLL humans..:)


So.. yeaH.. i reAlly do have the
Koran on my Night Stand
spelled of course in
different ways
and revised
and translated
in different ways
but when opening the
book after this i come directly
to the Verse of 4:34 in the Women
Chapter of the Book that says and
i quote here as Rafiah should already kNoW
it by HeArT one would/WiLL Believe by her devout Nature and
Love for her religion as following heaR in words of English Translation…

“Men have authority over women because God has made
the one superior to the other, and because they spend their
wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They
guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As
for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish
them, forsake them in beds apart, and beat them. Then if
they obey you, take not further action against them. Surely
God is high, supreme.

If you fear a breach between a man and his wife, appoint
an arbiter from his people and another from hers. If they
wish to be reconciled, God will bring them together again.
Surely God is all-knowing and wise.

Interestingly.. Smaller Groups of hUmans
And Bonobos living in Primitive
Societies are Matriarchal
Leaning that Science
still assesses
overall NoW
As the most Peaceful
Loving Giving and Sharing
Small Societies in the World
of past and present didn’t get
this ‘memo from God’ and you now
can see how that is working out NoW
in all Modern Civilizations where men
attempt to take the rules of love away from women..
Fail but the issue
is at root cause.. hUmans
are not evolved to Live naked
and peacefully together in a Garden
of Eden Just like the Bonobos and more
if more than about 150 to 200 sets of
naked eyes and hips get togETheR
as One Group of Friendly
hUman BeingS LiVinG
in Abundance
aS Moderation oF LiVinG Free..
aLL Naked as such without NoW.. the
Clothes of Culture that are very strict
to maintain order Away from Anarchy in iNsanely
Large Packed Groups of hUmans togetHeR iN Environments
Like Deserts and Snowy places they are not as well evolved
to Live in as the other more abundant Places of floWers
And Creeks teeming with fish like the Indians
from China migrated to.. too.. as they
were Brave enough
to go Seek
of sitting
still in the desert
or snowy areas more to
grin and bear NoW the deep
do do of life they continued and
continue to live in as sadly NoW thaT
Reality of Human eXistence continues to be..
aGaiN Root Problem.. not Religion buTT hUman
Nature.. we just don’t get along well with people
when overpopulation comes in areas NoW of scarCity
wheRE folks Fight for Survival with Aggression and
Violence and Strict Rules of hUman culTural clotHiNG
with even Deadly Wars.. just to gain subsistence for the
next pay check to come in red state ways too.. remember NoW
Class.. same humans as 2K to 30k years ago.. just different Cultural
Clothes and the same Basic hUman nAtuRes with Needs of luSt and loVe
in BaLanCinG ForcE NoW2..
out of
and the
trouble coMes
more as we even
see now with the reDuction
of social roles replaCed
by machines
that make
the other
even worse thaN beforE..
iN this situation the individual
smaller human group units NoW must
find a way to be free with the environment
and country and politics and religion they
find themselves in a full plate from birth now..
but we folks who have risen up as Neos and
Jesus’ and Buddhas and other continue to do..
do our
best to
kiss of love up
instead of down down down..:)

AdditionAlly.. Rafiah expresses
she doesn’t like the way
India’s Crickets Troll
on Twitter
and other
social media
sites with a
tag that says
words to the effect
of Pakistan verses NoW..
India.. so.. TheN i offer A OliVe
Branch of sorts that NoW says.. then..
WeLL.. America sure ain’t dAm perfect.. either..;)

WeLL at least..
They aren’t trolling the
Entire World
Like Trump’s
On the phone..
And rather


The wife is saying get your ass off
that computer as i want
my back
row seat..
you sing too
dAM loUd and
you ain’t gonna
drown out the church
from the front.. so.. see ya later..





HeLLo ..my FriEnD.. Xenia..
Life is like a Rorschach InK
Blot teXt in Clouds and Sunshine
oF LiFe from Birth to Death and of
course the more essence
of Love
as US NoW
the more Form
comes as total
trUst and FaiTH
in what is noW LoVe
iN Beauty and Wisdom
And it’s true i too see the
Kind and FriEndly SpiRit
Guides in the Clouds
thaT wHo sHow
me a
oF LiGht
iN dARk and
also a way to Discern
DARk iN so-cALLeD LiGht
too And i muSt admit that my last
sky photo for the coming MacroVerse
nexT was is at most Angelic and at less Sublime more
as ‘they’ DancE and SinG in Beauty Wisdom PLaY too
now.. anyWay.. Ryan’s Birthday was/is celebrated today by
Honoring that Birthday as a sort of twist when i announced
mY Birthday on Tuesday at age 57 insisting that on
that date i will FeeL no more than 21 in essence
no matter form of sHeLL and Temple
oF GoD sAMe too.. And TheN
i SanG on NoW iN
sWay of Free Spiraling
Dance in Back oF Church
Pew seats.. “My Son’s
Birthday is today.. he
WOULD have been
20 years old”..
And sure.. it tOuched
thE heART and SPiRiT
And SoUL of the Audience aT
Hand as i use his liFE as Love
more than sorrow forevermore now..
you see.. no one else has ever done that
in the church before since i’ve been going and
no one else has wished the United States a Happy
Birthday on July 4th like i did in Church on the 240th
Birthday of Independence day then.. as Love of Love NoW
And Love of Freedom is too Loud to be silent when isReaL. mY FriEnd..
Silence is Golden but it doesn’t move HeARTs and SpiriTS and SoULs NoW
like the Big Boom of Love did toniGht on the Big Screen Wonder Woman Film too..
oF Love
as ‘they’
DancE NoW
SinG.. mY friEnd
when CLouds coMe
aLiVe for what we believe
to see in liGht or dARk.. i’M
pretty sure it was is puff the MaGiC
Dragon i see iN the CLouds today..
NoW anD thaT Dragon from Galilee
surELy Lives as Love
iN me.. no different
reAlly NoW than
Wonder Woman too..
And it’s True.. Peter.. Paul
and Mary Called it different
and i don’t speak Aramaic either
in Desert Land Road Oral Tradition..
but it’s true.. in the eYes oF A Child or
Adult who and that doesn’t lose iNnocence
the Dragon LIvES oN aS a Jolly oLd SouL of Love
no matter age.. and coMe to find out.. i have a photo for that too..
A DragoN LeaDinG A DancE and SonG of Pose that says yoU aRE never too old
as Love
Nah.. Love
never ages but
hate is as ancient
as fear away from hope.. Verily i DancE
And SinG witH A REvoluTioN to Change the World WitH LovE2..:)


It’s ironic my FriEnd for the
multi-Verse ways i touch people
through my plus 45 month Journey
iN 7500 miles of Public Dance from a 57 year old
Dude tomorrow at 6 Foot/233Lbs or so
arts-like Free
Verse Style Dance too..
i am literAlly a Rorschach InK
Blot test everywHeRE i Dance
in Public my FriEnd.. BrinGinG
out the Art and the confusion
and at lEast
see someone
a ‘little’ different than
wHat and thaT and wHo
they are used to seeing in
LA Lower Alabama State
of Flowers in Florida Panhandle
in a state that is also literally shaped
like a Gun in so many ways of irony more too
my friEnd.. Xenia.. anyWay.. our Church Audience
is largely comprised of Stoic Military types who in
their careers have had to compartmentalize the
right brain HeART side of life more as verses
eXpresSinG the SPiRiT of Love
and Grace under
the WiLL
and Strength
required as warrior
true.. and of course
the best Warrior Leaders
combine the two in BALanCe
but anyWay tHeRE are the ‘grunts’
as ‘they’ Dance and Sing too.. mostly
with fisti-Cuffs away from Grace and Love..
and the only reaSon i reAlly kNow i touched them
is for the time ever ‘they’ looked me in the eye unafraid
and actuAlly touching my broad shoulders in and as
of what
and lost
and Can and
Will gain back agaiN2..
no longer Fearful to Love
in Broad Daylight.. it’s true
they can NoW love more than Jesus too as ‘you’..:)


Moral of the
WoNdeR WoMaN
Story WitHiN NoW
When God oF Hope
Destroys God oF Fear
And God oF Love Lives
Then ‘They’
WiLL ‘See’
‘the KinGdoM’
Woman BecoMes
Man NoW
Then ‘They’
WiLL ‘See’
‘the KinGdoM’
When God oF Hope
Destroys God oF Fear
And God oF Love Lives
Moral of the WoNdeR
WoMaN Story WitHiN NoW..:)

114) Simon Peter said to Him,
“Let Mary leave us, for women are
not worthy of Life.”
Jesus said, “I myself shall lead her in order to make her
male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you
males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the
Kingdom of Heaven.”

From the Gnostic Gospels of Jesus
Written by some Greek Person(s) somewhere
around the First to Second Century Common Era
And Attributed to Jesus and while it’s true this
Verse did not make it into what was
censored out By Constantine
and his Catholic Cohorts
in the Nicene
Council of
325 AD
as they simply
Cherry picked what they
liked out of the rest of the
text as written and scribed
by the SmARTy Pants Greeks
after a multi-Tude oF Oral
Tradition in Christian
Sect beliefs
in beliefs as
wide as beliefs in
one to twelve God’s
named Christianity then
depending on who you spoke
to in illiterate Oral Tradition Aramaic
on Dusty Desert Roads of Middle East then..
never the less Comic Book Writers.. mostly male
of course and Directors of Movies yep.. mostly
male of course in Super Hero Direction
Historically as such and even the
Gnostic Gospel of Thomas
left out the explicit
converse of
quote that for the
Man who will make
himself female will enter into
the Kingdom of Heaven NoW too..
in other words.. it’s a secret in plain
site and the same God dAM thing that
folks in many so-called mystery schools and
the occult practice too.. and you can see it in
art now that we have progressed that far
at least in art unafraid of a Balance of
Masculine Divine Will and Strength
and Feminine Divine Hope
and Love Living
in each
Human NoW heAR
Being as A Kingdom
of Heaven that clearly
spells Love and Strength
as Grace of Hope and Love
Living within as WiLL FOR LOVE
And as far as Captain Underwear goes
and Secrets in plain sIGHT goes.. the root
OF Supermen’s Strength as far as Root below
Cape are the colored briefs and tights ‘they’ NoW
obviously STiLL wear in full display of Love and Grace..
MoRE but of course no one calls them Queer cause they
have the obvious abLiTy to kick tHeiR ass if necessary..
Secrets in
Plain site per
Repetitive Public
Pose in Broad Day
LiGht Thief iN A Night too..;)

Also Dedicated to a Boss
i once had who was named
Fr*** who was a little man
who bullied bigger men and
called folks who were smarter
than he was.. pointing to the Janitorial
Folks who worked on Base.. naming them
as ‘retarded’ like ‘them’.. and he told me one
time i wear pink underwear and it’s true i could
have kicked his ass.. even then.. but of course he
was my
Trump too..
he left his loving
wife for a younger
woman and i’m sure
he’s doing great now..
and that’s great too but
he will never be man enough
until he is brave enough.. now to
put his pink underwear on.. too..
and.. yes.. LEarns to Love as he
wasn’t too ashamed to say
that his son was a wimp
’cause he didn’t
play sports
and i
remember the day
his wife brought in Flowers
for him as she was trying to
save their marriage and it’s true
she was about Katrina’s age then
and aged as warriors of living Mother’s
Do through the trials and errors and successes
of raising children.. and i remember when ‘he’
told me casually that his Mother Died like it
was a Football score on a typical Saturday
afternoon where if Notre Dame had
lost at least he would have
expressed some kind
of Grief.. anyway..
i’m using this F person
and sure.. i still have Friends
from Work so i am making it clear
who he is in case someone mistakes
him for someone else.. and nah.. i wouldn’t
want this to ever get back to his son at least
as those words said behind his back could likely
crush him then as i know what it’s like to have a Father
whose casual words to me when my 40 or so year old
Day Son was in the process of open heart surgery that
was just one of many problems he had that would soon
kill him obviously as just a waiting game then while
Modern Medicine prolonged an agony.. Ryan just
waiting then for the Mercy of Mother Nature
God plUS Gift of Death.. anyWay..
My Father’s only words
for me were
make sure
raise him like
a Man.. as if he were
strong enough with will to
stay around long enough to give
those masculine gifts to me back when
i was three years old.. and you better believe
it’s true that every little girl and boy desperately needs
that from a Father as much as they need the Grace of
Love and Hope from a Mother as gift too.. on the
PlanET Wonder Woman on eARTh the Women
learned to do that for their daughters as
in my life all i had was my Grand
Mother who tried to do
that for me
as she
sold used car
part with pants on
if you get the same metaphor
for Women during World War Two
for the first time as a Wonder Woman
Sword and Shield she wore in public too..
And yes.. she could clearly see i was missing
something too.. in literally how i was being raised
too for one day someone would see too much Mother’s
Pink and not enough Father’s Blue in me.. and that’s okay
as a gay attitude
of happy is
a sour puss that
never mates with
Wonder Woman like
Katrina who has always
wore pants in this family STiLL
these metaphors of God as Man
and Woman and Woman and Man
as God LiVinG in the Kingdom of Heaven
noW as a balance of Divine Masculine Will
And Strength with the Grace of Divine Feminine
Hope and Love iN a Nature Force of Human Potential
Fulfilled on a Kingdom of Happiness iN Heaven on eARTh
in the heARt and SpiRiT and SoUL of smART Fearless Love
Baby and
it’s not something
you lEarn alone through
books of science or poetry
or the theater of Comic Book
Super Heroes alone.. it’s a liFe
long Journey with many paths
as we either raise each other up
in Hope and Love allone wHole
or BRinG each oTheR doWN
NoT togeTheR in Fear
and Hate.. you
see i’m not mad at
First Fred.. not even when
he said those ignorant words
or the other F who didn’t understand
the Power of the Grace of Love that was
missing from his missing pink underwear of life..
Anyway.. Superman and Batman FeeL and SenSe
Better.. they wear briefs and tights and Fly and climb
higher with CApes of DiViNe branches and leaves as Tree of Life..
NoW thaT is as HiGh as HeaVeN LiVinG KinGdoM Within NoW..:)



iT’S NoT
tHaT i’M
JesUs juSt PLaYinG
AtTeNTioN iN CLAss..;)


WoNdeR WoMeN DanceS
SingS Don’T MisTake mY Love and
Grace as WiLL and Strength coMes NoW.

WoNdeR WoMeN DanceS
SinGs Don’T MisTake mY WiLL and
Strength as Love and Grace coMes NoW.

WeLL.. while i Verily in many MORe ways (John14:12)
wRite NoW the style of a Modern Jesus Dude.. And
i CaN could somEwhat fit A form of the Historical
Artistic Depiction iN a Tall and Slender form NoW
theN at 22/33 with at least a full thick head of hair/beard
tHen2.. alBeiT not FloWinG down the shoulders then/now
as absolutely no man would
have survived that in the
ACTuaL Aramaic
Speaking Tradition
of the real Jesus Dude
as no man wore long hair
then any more than went without
getting married.. and if they did they
would either get outcast or even worse
in injured from the rest of the Village and Tribe
and ha! yA gotta be kitten me.. no one would give
them even the time of day as it existed now.. then
of course by anyWay the depiction thaT somewhat
Leaning homosexuals in ways of art and the clergy
in the single only closeted areas of the Historical
Catholic Church in approved ways of a ‘perfect’
Blue Eyed Sandy Blonde Slender Dude that
without a Beard would look more like
a Dudette still then.. as is the
common way we
and even
today view A NOT androgyne REAL
Five Foot one.. 106 LB.. or so short
likely short cropped curly haired
Brown Syrian looking Dude named
Yeshua then as the rest of the country’s
sons of men came too by way of Mother’s
Womb.. or in the case of Jesus.. his Father
who was not readily seen as the story goes
in mythology ways no less than the converse
of the newer story of the Woman of Love and
Fearless named Wonder Woman and Diana
Daughter of Zeus.. Twin Sister of Apollo then
too by waY aS Huntress of the Moon
miraculouSLY clay sculpted
Virginal Birth and it’s
true as it’s hard
to see all the
WiLL and
Strength in Divine WiLL/
Strength Masculine of Katrina from
STiLL first soft clothed image of Pure
Virginal Mary waY as even the nAMe
Katrina as Baby name means pure and
sure too.. she is kinda the ideal of every
man’s secret desire of a wife as an eternal
teenager of pure that serves his every secret
desire too.. hehe.. reAlly.. i’M NOT kidding.. you have
NO IDEA FuLL REaLLy how fortunate i am to be married
to a REAL flesh and blood Goddess NoW staying aS Isis
too with an Osiris through the depths of the Styx River
for 66 months and helping to put all the GOlden pARts
lost togetHeR and yes as Austin Powers Dances and SinGS
too.. even the so-called GOld MEmber too risen and ascended
UpwARds towARd HeaVeN oN eARTh agAin.. heHe.. and yes
sure.. i can prove that too.. uPon demand of Empirical Photo
Documentation VieW as reMEmber no secrets heAR IS A STiLL
best policy for mE.. even if i have to tale it in Parable style
STiLL NoW2… anyWay.. trUth is.. no current Popular Artist
Depiction haS even A slight resemblance of the real
Syrian looking J-Dude that even TRumps would not
let over ‘the Border’ NoW2 if he fully had and has
‘his’ way.. NoW2.. Good News is JesUs coMes
NoW as far as the archetypal story BacK.. NoW
yeS iN many forms now.. Goes.. yep.. NoW
STiLL iN forms oF arT MoRe NoW and
too.. iN aLL
of Jesus story
Essence NoW2..
And HeLL yeS and
Heaven more WonDeR
WoMeN MoRe too..NoW3..;)

“Oh, ho, ho
It’s magic you know
Never believe, it’s not so
It’s magic, you know
Never believe, it’s not so

Never been awake
Never seen a day break
Leaning on my pillow in the morning
Lazy day in bed
Music in my head
Crazy music playing in the morning light

I love my sunny day
Dream of far away
Dreaming on my pillow in the morning
Never been awake
Never seen a day break
Leaning on my pillow in the morning light
I had my pants off in the morning LALALALALALA
Oh, oh, oh
It’s magic, you know
Never believe it’s not so
It’s magic, you know
Never believe, it’s not so”


Verily i find this TrutH and LiGht
by ‘the Pilot’ and of course co-Navigator too..
to be Beauty and Wisdom isREaL2.. see through
all my years of River Life in Down Town Milton
Before School.. 19 years of school.. close to Two
Decades WorKinG the General Public as Bowling
Center Humble Shoe Bringer to Manager to Support
Assistant for a Captain of a Military Installation to Community
Activities Director and Athletic Director of a Military Installation
too and now 78 Months plus of LIVinG oNlinE too and DanCinG
pluS 45 Months in Public for over 7500 Miles NoW too.. and yes
over a thousand selfies with Lovely Young Women now moving
toward the 164th Dance Week Night of Doing that too.. LiVinG iN
Earthly Hell for 66 Months as shut-in too.. while visiting literAlly
and Directly interacting with over A Hundred thousand folks
in all my years of life with the general
and specific Demographic
Members of the Public
ranging from Warriors to Poets
to the Nerdiest and Geekiest Sheldon
Cooper folks on the “Wrong Planet” with
IQ’s informally polled in the range of 140 to
160 average too.. yes.. it’s true as even the Guardian’s
of the Galaxy Dance and SinG too.. tHeRE are two types
of folks in life.. those who DancE and SinG and those who
do not.. those who DO or DO not Believe that MaGiC iS LiFe
and Never Seek and Find the Magic of a REAL ALL NATURAL
BEiNG NOW.. SURE.. call it the power of expanding
MinDFuL and BodiFuLL AwAReness through
MoVinG ConNecTing and CrEaTinG
waYs sTiLL NoW of HeaRt
of EmoTioNs and
SenSEs expreSSinG
SpiRiT MorE iN MiNd and
WAYs OF SOuL NoW too
in Neurohormone and Neurochemical
And other Subatomic particle ways
iN a Synergy oF LIGht liFe Love
aS metaphor of Quantum MiNd
anD BoDy BaLanCinG ForcE
WiLL coMe to liFE liGht Love
Fruition evEn morE Grace
and Hope Strength
noW.. caLL
iT aLL a BlUE TurTle
or juST MaGiC NoW but
the Bottom liNeS is God lives iN and
as ME isrEaL and i Can and WiLL
continue to prove this all Natural
MaGiC FORcE no matter how many F iN
Horatios and never believe it or not RiPleY’s coMe mY way..;)

And it’s true.. the OldER Dude i was TalKinG to in the pews of
church yesterday couldn’t see this potential in everyone.. namely
the Muslim Folks he use to live next to with a different Language
back in his Michigan days of living.. recently then.. and when i told
the Southern Baptist folks at a Farm on the Grounds Dinner/Lunch
At the Church Pastor’s home
yesterday that i wrote
a “PHI Bible”
1.618 Million
Words in the sPan
of 1 year from Memorial
Day of 2016 through Memorial
Days of 2017.. one of the Good Old
Boys said it sounds like Black Magic to me..
and i showed him my most recent Free Verse
Poetry in Facebook Profile Description way highlighted
NoW as Facebook uses a Black Background with pure white
words.. i said yes.. heaR it is.. would you like to read it on
my sMaRT phone now.. and if he waited a day he could have
read the story of him in my continuing never ending story
iN a Never Land as “Nether Land Bible 2017” STiLL NoW
too.. but nah.. he wasn’t interested reALLy
in any MaGiC aT aLL..
not even
of Creativity
in Free Verse PoeTry isREal
And that’s the thing about Horatio’s
And believe it as NoTTer’s.. they’LL
never Find REaL Natural God until they
reAlly SeeK and
find an
Natural BeLieVe oF
MAGiC aS liFE NoW..
And if and when they DO
they WiLL SMiLe wiDER than
iNFiniTy As GoD cOMes more
Fully aWake iN US/THEM NoW too..
anyWay.. one muSt reMaIN thirsty
to both seek and find
and stay
iN this
oF HeaVeN MaGiC NoW..:)

No liMits or pre-set
juST sKies
sKeYes Now..:)


As You mY Dear FB Fiend Rafiah says.. NoW.. Blogger Poet Baby2..
Happy dancing. Happy eating. Happy loving. And happy living.
Happy Face SMiLe Emoticon Forever. yes.. Forever NoW Period.
HeHuH.. Rafiah.. NoW
NoW2 wiTh a Generous
Serving oF Appropriate
Struggle so all of these
WiLL reMain
aS Ecstasy
And Euphoria
iN An Abundance
oF liFe WeLL proportioned
iN liGht AND dARk NoW
as dARTH Vader and you
have sAid.. iN the past2..
Do not underestimate
mY Powers as
says STiLL
oF tHe DarK
ForcE noW..
Every Sun
Needs cLouds..
TrUE liGht Shines
From BeHinD to ForWard NoW2..:)

Hehe.. per yoUr words.. Your interpretation give a lot more
meaning to my very few words sometime. Happy Rosie
Cheeks SMiLe Face Emoticon2.. mY friEnd Rafiah..
We are all born as Trees
And Branches
are the Sons
and Daughters
of our Imagination
And Creativity iN
Colors more oF
LiFe NoW
wE paint by
wiNd and aiR
And Water more2
than Numbers alone..
And God is the root oF aLL
ONE of thiS and the Trunk and
Branches and you and me when
We SinG A NeW SonG for A Love oF Mountain
more.. as a wise man once Dances Sings MoVinG toGeTheR
MountainS and all that Jazz thaT Never Ending Story NoW2..:)


“Living a halal and tayyab life is real test
when everything spiritually downlifting is
made to lure towards ecstatic tempetations and euphoria.”
As i quote you heAR.. Rafiah.. with
more words by me CoMinG
NoW oN Course
as Branches
CoMinG from
Trunk and Roots too
as Tree oF LiFe DanceS
and SinGs eveN MorE
as FReED noW as
and will
be.. and as
you title your
words heAR.. ‘Haya’
which in Newer Age SPeak
of culture now.. is similar to
what ‘they’ say about ‘shading’
other folks for not meeting what
ever the cultural and or religious
Norm may LocAlly.. StatELy..
NationaLLy and
GlobAlly say too.. and
yes..”halal and tayyab”
for what meets the cultural
and religious expectations
sAMe of what Food and Drink
and other actions of course are appropriate
to do without receiving what we call sHade
over HeaR NoW too.. and it’s true this is the way
hUmans in Large Groups are controlled by whatever order
at hand comes and who and whatever that order is attributed
to.. iN ways of original and or shaRed thOught with otHeRs iN charge too..
anYway.. it’s very true in all more increasingly Westernized cultures aS
even Third World Countries move up to potential more of material
successes in things that we have and eat too in ways of
abundance.. yes.. we now have First World
Problems.. Pre-Diabetic2.. A third of school
age children stuck
on sweets
and fats
that work
as opiates too as well
as Behavioral Screen addictions Do
too that raise levels of Dopamine in Brain..
Sex.. Drugs and Real Rock and Roll too that
overall does the same.. but thing is there is no
substitute truly over the warm and fuzzies of
Oxytocin Neurohormone that fills us
uP through the actual act
of MoVing… ConNecTing
and creaTinG iN Flesh
WiTh each
othER NoW..
yes.. something is misSing
as without Love NoW there is
no real spirituaLiTy that lasts as fiLLed and
FeeLeD and SenSed My FriEnd.. so truly what
feeds this emptiness most and drives folks to sugars
and fats and even illicit Drugs.. the emptiness of HeART
my fRiEnd for surviving through dARk of Struggle
BRinGS Love poTenTiaLLy more than
ever before as
the MoVinG..
and CreAtinG
with otHeRs IS A greater
Force thaN what comes next
oN A Dinner Plate or Computer Screen..
Even Forest Bathing my FriEnd with Nature
these liFe GiVinG shArinG Ways that are Free
And everLasting NoW iN BaLanCinG ForCE oF GoD
YeS.. FReED witHin
wE NoW2..
OtHeR than
thaT i juST
ate a
Key LiMe
Pie Ice creAM
Sandwich.. A
Sandwich NoW aS
Even NeW WoNdeR WoMaN
does exClaiM is.. oh.. so Good
you should be proud of yourself
for MaKinG thAt and ThiS as let’s
face iT aLL animals uS liVe for Pleasure..
NoW it’s the God and Nature trUth
buTT that enTails
like never receiving
a Key Lime Pie Ice Cream
Sandwich until today.. sure..
in this way i am like Wonder Woman
too.. i FiNd great pleasure in pain and
great pain in too much pleasure too..
i BaLanCe it as no oTHeR choice as
for me with Bi-Polar
alWays NoW Feels
better than Heaven Above
or Hell Below.. Heaven heAR
is Best iN Moderation mY FriENd..
don’t need no books to figure thAT ouT
as God lives within and needs no rules of Human to Live
NoW iN
aT LeASt NoW
for mE
LiVer oF LiGht..
never ever having
to say i am sorry now.. for thaT @lEast as LoVE..
iN a trUe LIGht way Married to dARk Too.. mY FriEnd.. NoW..:)


Heinz 57 DanCinG SinGinG.. NoW.. hmm..
yeP.. the 778th/107th MacroVerse
RespectivelY aS “SonG oF mY
soUL” and “Nether Land
Bible 2017” just
the SpiRit
within is MoVinG
Differently NoW
iN HoLy
as they say
Voices Carry from
Deep Within as Feather
BreatH as Seagulls pass NoW
HiGheR oveRhead with Free Verse
who now need Publish today when one
can do it.. tomorrow.. NoW i Mean Jesus F
iN Christ.. whaT Do i thiNk.. iS iT mY Birthday..
WeLL.. not quite yet.. 26 more minutes to date
me 57.. hehe.. last year.. A “Grand Cross 56” Celebration..


as a Personal Birthday Gift to me and perHaps a Harbinger
of a somewhat significant Cross STiLL to come as a “PHI
Bible” arising then in the beginning weeks of thaT rather
Substantial effort BrinGinG iN 1.618 Million words
by the few days before the Next Memorial Day
of this 2017.. anyWay.. counting my
Blessings at the Gym tonight with
this HeaTinG Pre-Game Work
Out Evening Face then
NoW iN A Thousand
Yard Stare as Focus
that says once Force
of Chi liGht Fearless
Ready to do the job
even better than
before.. NO
iN the GamE but
me and God wHOle
as NAtuRe plUS inhabiting
ME even freer now than yesteryear
to date me then.. anyWay.. i cAMe to sHow
what HumaN PotenTial can be JuSt for me and
PotenTiALLy You too iF you are interested in anything
i Do.. and it’s trUe as i am FiXinG to reach that “Heinz 57 DanCinG
SinGinG” MiLeSToNe in 17 minutes from NoW.. in this year of
2017 that comes out to be a Numerology play in addition
NoW as 10 as Number 1 too for new beginnings of a cycle
of liFe that alWays sTArTs and NeVer ends for NOW..
anyWay.. it’s not just the in between the ears thaT
IS A MiNd.. We are mINdfuLL aWareness
from head to tow when Ferrari
and Lamborghini HumaN
LoVer is fully
in all positive
energy way with
zero illusory fears as the
Body becomes BaLanCinG Force
in Free Verse DancE and SonG one foot
right with left foot NoW OnE oN terrestrial Land as
root when with enough practice of Free Verse DanCinG
iN Personal style of Martial Arts and Ballet-like FloWinG
MoVeMent oN plays with God’s Gravity instead of being mastered
by it in both physical and emotional ways.. and this is the place of
Heaven NoW iN So Many PoTEnTiaL MoVinG and ConNecTinG
CreaTinG ways of transcending the worries of life in all
illusory fears of LiFe in an Ecstatic Float oF Bliss
CoMinG Free in endless waVes of Multi-
Colored Nirvana.. yep.. the HeaVeN
NoW as so many sAges
of the ages sPeak
to iN Different
of the
of God wiThiN as
HiGher PowEr Quantum Metaphor
oF MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG Force
on the loose as soUl and aWay from tight
all tied uP iN Tension of Stress as anxiety too
per illusory fears that lock us Down in Muscular
Tension provided by an influx of Cortisol Stress Hormones
in distribution through the BloodStream that can and will destroy
most Every Body System.. yeS..YeS even the Vocal Chords iN a SonG
oF LiFe iF something is not done in BaLanCinG way to control Chronic
Fight or Flight influx of stress hormones throughout the body by blood flow
sink sink down down in fear and stress hell.. NoW as every peptide connection oF
every CeLL and beyond in Quadrillion plUs connections oF liGht to dARk Emotional
and Sensory liFe as FiRE to iCe at the cellular Level and below so above as we
Stars Shone Positive liGht or beCoMe a bLack hole soUl at the Cellular Star
Level Peptide Connections of the dARK Tarred Bird as death walking
in liFe than
Can and WiLL
otherwise be a
Star of Life iF set
Free iN LiGht through
SeeKinG and FiNding and
DanCinG and SinGing a Practice
of LiFE that works to bRinG LiGht
back from dARk.. sure.. tHere are
oTheR ways to transcend
the illusory fears
and stresses
of LiFE But People
have and are STiLL UsinG
DancE and SonG through the
hiStory and even pre-heRstory
of HumanKinD too.. TriaLeD and
ErroReD ProVeN NoW as even Science sHows
iT works all natural at even material reductionist views..
but ancestors jusT did it.. DO iT NoW2.. They DanCinG and SinGinG
By MoonliT BeaT CaMpFire Drums togeTheR as Lovers aLLONE as/for GOD2..
24 Carat Gold
STiLL then
NoW aS
‘they’ say
as alphanumerical
Match as Letter X too
for transformation Mix as
transfiguration NoW of HUman
to ThRivinG.. inDividual StarliT
BeinG LoVE with and aS GoD Force
HiGher GoD PoTenTiaL oN eaRTh.. hey..
it’s worth a spin at it.. NoW as look around at
Electrons and Nucleuses of Atoms and PlanETs
aRound the Stars we See aS even our own Sun NoW..
A Spiral oF LiFe NeVeR ending NoW iN ZoNe iN FLoW
or sure..
side walk
talk and that’s all at 12 am..
June 6th 1960 as they say 57
years away from 6.60.60
in Driver’s License
View of DMV
he He..
heHuH and
all thaT JaZz NoW
and MoRE too CoMinG Soon..;)


Hmm.. now that the Facebook
Super Cool Algorithm Robotic
Assistant ALL Free Helper
Memory Provider
helps me share
Birthday Memories
in MacroVerse way
and associated MicroVerse
Memories from a year ago too..
typical Birthday Morning at age 57
today awakened by a storm outside as
i look at my smART iPhone6s.. i fell asleep
with.. about 1:30AM now precisely 3:33am then
as the witching hour comes and i go to Weather
Dot com to see what all this noise is BreWinG about
outside and sure as Angels and Doves and Seagulls
Flying over my regional area.. a Storm of this shape
multicolored orange and yellow and green with
wings and torso and tail of bird in history
of weather pattern was entering
in the region when i went
to bed at 1:30 AM and
yes is directly over
head at 3:33 am
in my locality
at the
top paRt
of the Peninsula
that Leads to Gulf Breeze
Bay and Gulf beyond South..
and then a notification from the
‘Wrong Planet’ brings a topic back
of Mythology.. Religion.. Economics and
overall Sociology as an Eclectic learning lesson
tHeRE with a YouTube Video link to a Behavioral Biology
Hour and Forty-Five Minute Lecture from Stanford University
for free.. get through about an hour of that before falling back
to sleep.. wake up early and watch the rest of that and end
up back with Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect
as a refresher course reminder from the Stanford
Lecture too and it’s true back in the Philosophy
Class of the Humanity of Living in a
Technological Society back
at 18 years old at
Pensacola Junior
College before it was
a state college and bacK
in the building up the hiLL
from my old BlackWater River Down
Town home.. just a two story Junior
College building in the same Historic
Building that housed me in Elementary
School in just a walk up that hill from home
in first and third grade with second grade
school in Tallahassee in a much bigger
Catholic Private School a UniVerse
of MiNd ahead of this little
back woods MiLL Town
of Milton then.. and
the same Historic
Building that Housed
my Mother’s High School
Classes in the early Fifties
too.. Graduating from a Building that
she would attend for Junior College too
in her 40’s as we all Graduated together.. she
and my Sister and me.. all three in 1983 with me
Graduating with three Degrees of Health Science
and Anthropology and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
at the University of West Florida then.. anyway.. the Instructor
Ralph Hunt in that Philosophy Class then as a Freshman College
Student.. me in 1978.. said Specialization is what is killing
Human Potential in a more well rounded potential
of much greater expanse of Human Intelligences
Beyond just standard so-called IQ Measures
of Intelligence as required in structured
schools with curriculum then..
Mr. Hunt a year or two behind
my age then.. MoVinG into a Holy
Spirit of Creativity in his Lectures too
not understanding fully where his deeper
words that he never said before were coming..
then asking the class if anyone had a recorder
to provide a record later of the gift he brought then..
And i remember him saying the last time after i visited
Him and the Junior College on the Hill after i had experienced
my first really big difficulty with the up paRt of Bi-Polar then..
i came in his class when he wasn’t there and started
Lecturing in a way that he did then too..
we walked to the River as he
understood the
deeper parts
of the
River within then.. too
and when i said bye he said
no.. like the American Indians say
see ya later and it’s true with my close
to Photographic Memory STiLLthat Memory is
just NoW another Movie Memory of my life come
to live again NoW in much greater ways as Butterfly
effect oF A Tapestry of hUman Inner UniVerse aLive
wHeRe what is Chaos at Reductionist Materialistic
View is a Grand Painting named God and the
that i am
as Painting NoW2.
anyWay2 spending my
birthday with my regular
maintenance visit to make
sure my highs are not too high
and my lows are not too low with
my only prescription for Bi-polar
and Asperger’s Syndrome
on the Autism Spectrum
that is literally Dance..
yes.. my friEndly
who works
at Beautiful Navarre
Beach provided me a literal
RX for Dance.. in case anyone
ever gives me a problem for that
HE’S my hero assistance
too.. and then we will
go the beach..
the wife
and i and
he will
in his
And i WiLL
Dance more
in Deep white
Sands In reverse
iN mY Nike Shox Size
Eleven and a half Athletic
Shoes and wherever the Butterfly
Painting Brush of me of the moment takes me next..
then NoW
oF course with ButterFly
eFFect as aFFect WinGs
NoW and then NoW2..:)


LiFe iS An
Ink BLot
We are
And when
We Paint
With Colors
From LiGht
To DArk
As aLL
ThAt iS..:)

iN the
Office Waiting
Room.. heHe..
i Love


Oh.. Lord.. Lots and Lots of Love fELt on this
Birthday Day iN “Heinz 57 DanCinG and SinGinG”
Variety sHow around these Deep Deep Down
South ParTS iN FacT so many Stories
to coMe thAT tHeRe muST
CoMe A “Heinz 57 After
pARTy” to fit iT aLL iN.. hmm..
aNyway.. for a never ending and
always stARting Finish NoW moRe
for this 778th and 107th Macroverse
aS “SonG oF mY SoUL” and “Nether Land
Bible 2017”.. A sHare more heAR oF MacroVerse
Memories years to date and perHaps a few Micro
Verse shares from a year ago too.. as yes.. i FeeL
so much LovE wHeN i do this GiVinG and shaRinG
thingie iN MoVinG.. ConNecTinG and CreATinG ways
as iMaGiNaTioN SprinG Board as Free Bird eYes of God
even more.. so Hear come the memories iN Summer of Donna Style2..:)

MicroVerse Memory from four years ago in Pre-MacroVerse Style..

One’s cAt TAle

It can be Amusing to Watch a Cat Chase One’s TAle

at Least for the cAt


Filed under Tail Twisters

and/or Passed Twisters

in the Future

Its about Time

Anyway… back to the future and past aGaiN HeaR coMes
A Sweet Sixteen MacroVerses and Pre-MacroVerses from
years to date.. and STiLL uSinG Donna Summer as MuSe to geT through..;)


“AutisticS Peeks!”.. Pre-MacroVerse from four years ago and basicAlly
the more formal course on the MicroVerse as shared above.. MoRE heAR..


Redeeming POWER OF MUSICK!.. MacroVerse from three years
ago.. yes.. undressing and addressing the POWER OF MUSICK!..:)


“Golden Rule of Eyes”.. More Discussion from the “Wrong Planet”.. then
in a last ditch place of outcasts In aN effort to spread some more PotenTiaL
iN EmoTioNaL.. Physical.. and Existential InTeLLigences beYond
Standard IQ ‘Normal”.. Book Ways oF LeArNinG whaT Asperger’s
is aS STilL pER Tough Audience to get through in ways
of Not now
Horatios more..:)


“Daily Mass of Energy and Light”.. MacroVerse.. also from two
years ago.. Similar Discussions with the Wrong Planet
and iN pART.. shoRt enough to Quote heAR FoR NoW..:)

‘Daily Mass of Energy and Light’


Emotion IS energy.

Emotion IS Mass.

Brain scans evidence this IS True.

Energy is abstract constructs is words
is thoughts is intellect is Mass is ME.

Emotions energize mass of human as one.

Yes, again; emotions and energy and
mass and words and thoughts
and intellect is one MIND.

Human is energy.

Human is mass.

E is energy.

M is Mass.

C2 is Speed
of light Squared.

E=MC2 and ME.

Science, and the
FACT that I
am Energy
IS Mass
scare ‘ME’ (mind and body
in balance) is Energy me is
Mass times Speed of LIGHT squared.

It thrills me to be Energy MASS LIGHT.

Like the folks in this video:


I control my energy IS Mass
times Speed of Light Squared
with the synergy of All of this.

Some folks don’t, so they
stay stuck HERE, instead
of the ‘Milky Way’ like

Yes, I am more than
meets the ‘eye’

YOU, yes YOU, can be
A ‘Star pArt God’ of ‘LIGHT’
too, if you figure out
how all innately
and intuitively
like ME

AND sure, folks
THINK Einstein
is full of woo too;
But his imagination
is stronger than
any textbook
OR robot

Stars pArts’
IF we find
in us
to ‘our’
HUMAN potential.

through the synergy
of all the above;
but yah, for
most folks
AT least in
he HE!..:)








oKay Back to the future NoW..:)


“i of Prophet MessiahS”.. MacroVerse Memory from two
years ago thaT can WiLL say too.. thAt.. we MosT aLL have
thiS PoTEnTiaL


“Last Refuge of the Canaries”..
MacroVerse from two years.. mostly
generated as DARk MusE
from the WRoNG PlaNeT2..:)


“Sweet Autistic Peas”.. yep.. after 32 Months or so on the WronG PLaneT..
not much enthusiasm tHeRE for Reciprocal Social Communications
iN MoVinG CoNNecTinG and CreaTinG ways of Freedom..
Famine or Feast of LovinG People Feast heAR For Now..
i cry
i tried
as sTiLL
DocumenTinG HeART..:)


“Eros and Mickey Mouse Stripping!”.. eXpoloRinG soMe more
DiViNe Feminine Grace and Love wiThiN.. as RooT Force
and Strength2.:)


“i of imaGiNATiON”.. iN muCh ShorTer ViEW heAR NoW..:)


“Psalmets of Nature”.. FuLLy SouLeD Free Verse Poetry
iN LiGht aWay from dARk.. Reborn Break-through as they coMe too..:)


“HoLy SpiRit oF PoEtry”… ALways LoVeLy to catch up on HUman
Graffiti.. As PoeTry SpreAding as what some folks
STiLL Identify as POeTiC MucH Deeper
MeaNinG than whaT hiTs the
oF Words aLONe..:)


“Size Matters NoT WAY of force”.. MacroVerse Memory from three years
ago as the two above more too.. that says it can and will too if you let it iN PriSoN2..;)


“catchy Autistic Tales: A Collection”.. yeP iN PreMacroVerse wHeRe Lord
KNoWs FeeLs AnD SenSes i waS even wRiTinG Books with Chapter
Verses LonG LonG beForE NoW2.. per Four YeaRs HeAR..:)


“Visiting the Garden of ‘Band Aid’.. FiRst ReaL Marathon WriTing iN Pre-MacroVerse
ways.. anyWay.. took me 24 hours straight without Sleep to finish this one..:)


three years ago.. a Celebration of my Birthday
in 2015 worth GiVinG and ShaRinG aT LEast


“55 to Dance”.. Another Birthday Celebration from
two years ago heAR and already shared
“Grand Cross 56” MacroVerse LiNk
to complete four years of
Birthday Celebrations
for NoW with
more to
come in
the NexT MacroVerse too..
finishing up by the end of the
6th Hear iN WriTe of 11:59 PM..
a little later
on 6.7.17..:)


TrUe wiTH
God ALLone.:)

In response to FB FriEnd
and FeLLoW PoET Blogger
Rafiah from Pakistan when
she shares a Facebook
thAT says..

“Lesson learnt today: Hasbi Allah, Allah is sufficient.
One of the sad reality of life is we are born alone, we die alone, in between we stay alone. No helper or guide to sail you through this life except Lord Almighty. If He’s got you, then that is all one needs.”

And first a side note heAR..
i FiNd that Many Muslims work
Very Hard in this LiFe SeeKinG and
FinDinG God no matter how imperfect
the Koran
is as a Book
about all of God
and i find the same
with a few ‘Christians’
too no matter how imperfect
tHeir Book ALL about God is too..
as God iS eVEn Greater than
an alphaBeT of Alpha and
Omega too alWays NoW..
sure.. hELpful hints
iN both very
antiQuated Books
but God is much much
Bigger than Books and
alphaBets as uS noW FReED too..:)

So.. i go on to relate how i see thIS
REaLliTy with mY FriEnd Rafiah
iN alphaBeTs of words that
are alWays more limited
unTo the Force as Essence
oF God wHo and tHaT
LiVes WiThiN
NoW iN A/tHe
ReaL KinGdoM
oN eARtH aT Hand
iN A Flesh and Blood HoMe..
sure.. even in a Python Snake
wHo lives iN the Everglades
thaT hUMans BRinG
tHeRE and
out of
a GuN case of

hUmans piss me off but
never the less i am a FucKinG
HuMaN as i thOught to mYself
when an iGnorant little so-called
big man called a Python Snake who
could kick his ass with ease an MF Snake
that he wanted out of ‘his’ Everlades.. HA!..;)

OKay.. so i go on after that tHOught heaR and Now i DancE
SinG per sAid to Rafiah earlier this morning too.. iN response..

Two one’s NoW
Standing toGeTHeR
NoW Bridging
As H8 NoW
And sAdly
And most
NoW Many
Humans NoW
Have Forgotten
tHe State NoW oF
WitH God
iN HeaVeN
The HuMaN
NoW Abstract
Of Written
AlloW wiTh Relative Free
Will Separate NoW
Us from an iNnate
SinGinG WiTh
God away
To the
Fears and
Empty promises
Away from FeeLinG
On eARTh
God NoW
And or
Books NoW
On a Desert
WitH God
But NoW2
Sure.. too..
A ‘Little’
iS God too..:)

Then i eLaboRATe by DanCinG
And SinGinG soMe MoRe..

So.. sure..
i Have
A Formula
For God
Do.. eXpLore
tHe iNNer
God ofTeN
GoiNG iN
SpocK WaYs
too oF wHeRe
No HuMaN
On eARtH

And now as an after commentary
as i continue to Breeze through HeaVeN
oN eARtH WiTh God FreELy LiVinG wiThIN
ME Happy and Free as a NaKeD
DancE and SonG oN a Beach
as air and water and waves
and AlWays eteRnaLLy
NoW eXpanDinG
ShoRes oF
wHole more..
i have the easy job
on eARtH.. yes as metaphor
the ‘Christ’ Job.. all i need for
Heaven is the Naked space of God within
that is the liGht of God as Force wHo and
thAT liVes as me Forevermore NoW.. oKaY..
compare that to the LiFe of a metaphor for
the opposite in role plaYinG iN God’s PlaY
oN eARth as an anti-Christ TrumPs.. i mean
Jesus F iN Christ it is clear to me that dude(s)
liveS iN an eternal Fire of HeLL on eARTh.. have
you seen what gLows iNside of hiM anD comes out
on the outside of his non-verbal eXpreSSioNs.. WeLL
it’s more than clear for ME to see wHeRe thaT DudeS
lives NoW and trUst me you don’t wanna go wHeRe
TruMpS LIveS NOW.. as no matter
how many Red Ties and
TrumpS Towers tHey
puts on tHeRE
iS an abyss
thAT can never
bE FiLLeD uP iN an endless
DriNk of HeavEn EterNally NoW
aT HaNd iN hiM/tHeY on eARTh NoW..
so.. it’s trUe iT iS
ofTen the
Judas(‘s) who/tHat Bleeds
most anD i have an eternity
NoW oF Sympathy for the
role TrumPs PlaYs oN eARTh
as i too once lived as a dEViL(s) too..
many paths on an eternal Journey NoW
And if you jusT do iT enough chances are
you too(s) WiLL weAR many more sHoes of God too..
that’s the thing even though TrumPs does not rate at
the Goodness of an overall BaLanCing Force
iN HeaVeN oN eARtH as a Python Snake..
NoW.. he/tHey iS sTiLL GoD too like it or
not allthatis
aLL2 so we
miGht as WeLL
LeNd a HanD to
bRinG TrumPs uP too..:)

Oh yeaH anD Footnote as
the publish of this “Heinz 57
DanCinG and SinGinG” and continuing
After pARTy CoMinG neXt MacroVerse too..
iS CoMinG a little later on the 7th of the June Day 2017..
after my Birthday NoW.. as i often do for Googling
fUn i found out that “Mr. Heinz”.. jusT so haPpens
to be a second cousin of Trump and i too was/am
reminded thaT Trump’s Grandmother’s Maiden
name is/was Christ and both his Father and
Grandfather were named Frederick
originally where his Great Grand
Father Lived in Germany
as my Great Grandfather
did too.. as the prospect of
Trump related to me is scary
but we all are iN our DNA anyWay..
so close we ALL are beneath the sKin oF
iLLuSioNs of cultural clothing NOW of Separation
from each otHeR and GoD ALLONE NoW never separated
alWays wHoLe.. Ocean WhOle as i loVe to DAncE and SinG too,.
and yeP.. Trump’s Dad Frederick had a middle name of Christ
too.. hmm.. so if you take it literAlly.. perHaps tHeRe IS A little
and not
yet visible
on the outside
of TrumPs NoW too..
so.. please leT’s do our best
to hELp TrumPs reLease tHeiR inner Christ too..
And remember the Humanly Abstract Constructed word
Christ just means Priest.. and anyone can and will do
thaT with
a spriNkle
a spARk
a FlaME A Torch
GoD DAnCinG and SinGinG NoW!..!..!
Priests of the CosmosT aS Whitman DancES SinGS too..;)

pARTy oN aS
‘tHey’ DancE SinG
iT or NoT i DO..;)

And as i alWays appropriatELy
Give thanks and attribute
BleSsinGS to
wHaT and
BRinGS to ME
i return to Rafiah’s
Facebook Page and
DancE and SinG
once MoRe..

OBTW.. i Love
you Rafiah YoU
iNspiRe me so much WitH GoD..:)

And MEaNwhile BacK oN ‘the ranch’.. oTHeR
Folks are shooting each
otHeR and PYtHoNs dOWn..;)


OBTW2 just anotHeR
ending sIDe noTe heAR..
Elizabeth Christ Maiden
Name of Trump’s Grand
Mom died
on my
June 6th.. 1966..
yep.. 6.6.66..
6 as sHe’s
Got me beat
at death per my
born date of 6.6.60..
juST somEthing eLse
iN coMmON ‘we’ Share..;)

OMG.. Google Trivia is so JKooL..;)


And an ending quick tribute
to the three folks ‘Brave’ enough
to wish me Happy Birthday on Facebook
in ascending
on that day.. 6.6.17

Cousin Teddy says Happy Birthday!

i return

Thanks so
much.. Cousin Teddy..;)

Facebook Friend Benny says.

Happy Birthday!!!

i say aGaiN
in return..

Thanks Benny..
A best day to
You too..!!!..:)

Sister-in-law Kim Says..

Happy Blessed Birthday
Keep being you and enjoy your day!

And on the third Birthday Wish i return by

Hehe.. someone
Has to do it.. thanks Sister-in
Law Kim and now there is still
One person
In the
Than you..
My 60’s
Child Friend
Twin too..:)

And now i DancESinG it’s NoW worth
noTinG that on average per science..
each Human is capable of fully BeiNG
Acquainted with around 150 to 200 sets
of Human eYes and as far as carrying oN
reAlly Close Friendships of full give and take
so i guess..
three FB FriEnds
wishing a birthday
IS A Batting Average of 600..
and that’s okay as ART is 60 percent
of heART.. and 60 percent of smART
and 60 percent of eARTh so mY Batting
is A

And it’s true if i had
any more friEnds who
reAlly cared enough to
communicate with me at
all with
efforts tHeRe
is no FucKinG
Way i would
have ever
the human time
of even poTenTial
in hUman ForcE of
BaLanCing Energy and
synergy to write 12 MilLioN
Words in a little over 78 months
NoW.. WritE a LongeST LonG Form
Poem at 4 Million Words in a little over
45 months as well in that sPan of time of Public
Dance over 7500 Miles too as measured by Nike
GPS Sports Watch and of course on top of that.. finishing
A “PHI Bible” at 1.168 MilLioN words in Memorial
Days Distance from 2016 thru 2017 too.. so..
in this way thanks
to all
the people
who never
with me or participate
in the art of Reciprocal Social
Communication when i come
by to say hi in my own special way..
yes.. including literally hundreds upon
hundreds of poets who have contributed
to all my words iN inspiration whether or not
they ever say a God dAM thing to me
back or not when i write
Beautiful words
oF aLL
to them
in years
gone by
sTiLL now..
seriouSly.. aLL
of ‘you’ have provided
me the space of tiMe
just in the nick of tIme
too.. to finish the Arc oF A
Covenant between me and
allone aka God all that is NoW2..
of course

i Love
for All
you do not
do for me.. hehe..;)










BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)



51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)



338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)


Grand Cross Bible 2016

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS theN
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse.. NoW..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)


CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)


VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible theN aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)


CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)


Nether Land Bible 2017

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)


7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)





The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)


MesSage iN A Bible Bottle as liNked aBove…
The 88th MacroVerse of “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
As juST aNotheR MileSToNe.. aS the Bible aRiSes to
1,317,310 words iN A 10th Month Effort..
Since the BegINNinG MacroVerse
Publish on Memorial Day of
2016.. titLed as First
MacroVerse then.. As
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe”
aS liNked



MFOAB EasTeR 2.0+ as LiNked aBove.. at this PoiNT..
The 93rd MacroVerse of  “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. NoW
Mother/Father Of All Blogs or Bibles EasTeR 2.0+.. cALL
iT whAT you May.. tHe esSeNce reMaiNs heAR fuLL aT LeASt..
aT LeASt as iT would fiT iN Word Press while 22,801 words..
and somewhere around 450 photos was too much for
my Blog Spot Blogs.. so i had to painfully Truncate
the Family Photos out of the Blog Spot Versions..
However.. Word Press to the rescue as the
wHOle 93rd MacroVerse Doubling NoW
as 764th MacroVerse of Ocean wHOle
Poem.. “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
aS LonGeST Recorded LonG
ForM PoeM iN Google Records..
Exceeding sTiLL .. over 4 MilLioN
words to this dAte of 4.18.17 publish..
wiTh this 93rd MacroVerse MaKinG
A Grand total of 1,402,296 words
as “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
aS sTarTinG Memorial Day
oN  31st May 2016 wiTh
MacroVerse number one
oF that effort per “tSuNaMi
7th waVe oFLoVe”.. surELy
prophetic then NoW of whAT
was and is STiLL to coMe NoW
as tHis Bible Effort.. Soon to Double
thE Old King James effort size TaKinG
then Centuries over a Thousand years to
complete NoW in English Print WiTh uNtOld
Scribe hands in the total PiE of BiBle.. WitH
both unintentional changes along the Century
scribe way with no XeroX MachineS and sure..
Intentional ones2 as HoLY SpiRit can BRinG
any hUman iN deep deep CreATiVity witHin
as leaps of logic as aRT.. iN metapHoRuS
oF Quantum miNd and BoDy BaLanCing
Force unLeAShed and reLeAsed from
within.. yeP thAT KinGDoM oF GoD
aT Hand iN thIs Generation Meta
pHorUs STuFF too.. yeS2..
And SeNsEd WiThiN
too.. aBove.. so beLoW..
iNsIDe.. ouTsiDe and
aLL ARouNd too.. NoW
AKA allthatis GoD paRT
aS oUrs wHOle too.. so.. sure
maY thE Force Be WiTh yoU NoW2..
And also WiTh mE2.. KaRmA DancEs
AnD SinGS as aNy CosMiC DanCeR
WiLL juST Do iT iN ViCtory oVer VengeANCE.. WaY2..
iN ALL FREE UNiVerse as GoD eYeS and eARs.. hUman 2..:)


PHI Bible.. 1,618,000 words AKA 1.618M words iN 104 MacroVerses
spanning precisely 1 Year of Writing Duration per
“Memorial Days Bible 2016-17” that houses
the Entire Table of Contents from
MacroVerse 1 through 104..
anyWay.. stARting with
“tSuNaMi 7th WaVe
oF LoVe” as
Number 1
linked agAiN Below..
as reAlly the Golden Mean
Ratio of 1.618 IS A SiGNATuRe
oF God EveryWheRe we Look.. so..
this too is like a Prayer or Hand Print and Breath of God aS iN mE2..:)



Memorial Days Bible 2016-17.. TabEL oF ConTenTS For “PHI Bible”.. plUS..;)


SoN oF Google NoW2..
JusT ‘Cause eVeRiLY A 1.618
MilLioN Word 1 yeaR oLd “PHI
Bible” Needs a Tribute
to too2..;)




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17 Responses to Heinz 57 DanCinG SinGinG

  1. frankhubeny says:

    I liked the sign in the store that read “My blood type is be positive”. Also Echosmith’s Cool Kids and Pentatonix’s Halleluja were nice. Thanks for linking those videos. I also agree with you when you write “God is much much
    Bigger than Books”.

    • Good late Evening.. mY FriEnd Frank from
      the Grand Adventure that comes
      when entering the
      dVerse tRail
      of Diverse
      Poets from around
      the World.. glad you enjoyed
      the photo from “Heinz 57 DanCinG
      SinGinG”.. MacroVerse Number 778/107
      of ‘SonG oF mY SoUL”.. 4 MiLlioN plUs
      45+ Month Word Long Form Poem And “Nether Land
      Bible 2017”.. RespectivelY NoW as that effort beginning
      iN First Publish of MacroVerse oN Memorial Day of 2016
      NoW aRises to 1,657,837 Words as oF thaT Last MacroVerse
      as hehe.. you come first in response to that MacroVerse and
      are haha.. caught in the cross hairs of a Poetry Free Verse
      Letter that is to you to stART off the “Heinz 57 BD AfTeR pARTy”
      as thAT NoW becoMes the title of MacroVerse Number
      779/108.. wRitE NoW.. as noWs Go ON FReeR
      thaN EvER beforE and Back to the
      Positive Blood of ‘that’ Photo
      in Attitude ways
      of MaLL
      that i use as a continuing
      Cultural Paint Brush in wHole
      to perHaps come back to
      this day caught
      iN the amber
      of this
      Jurassic Fred pARK
      Fossil Record oN course
      not as interesting NoW as
      it could be later.. depending on
      how different Culture goes as these
      turbulent times.. the entire Western World
      is coming into now.. but of course the best pARt
      of the Western World is God iN US has been able to escape
      the confines of Books.. and we have a Declaration of Independence
      that focuses on the unalienable human rights provided by Nature and
      God same for Life and Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.. so thanks
      God aS People too thaT Women finally gained a right to vote last Century..
      Blacks no longer have to ride in the back of the bus.. and Gay Folks can now
      legally get married and enjoy all the Country rights associated with thaT and
      Love in Legal ways of visiting one’s loved ones in intensive care toward
      the end of their life.. and wow.. even Transgender folks.. some of
      the last pariah’s who others try to separate Humans in to less
      than human are coming in to gain tHeir Declaration
      of Independence unalienable rights of
      God/NaTure plUS too.. we live iN A
      Great Country and by the God
      of i AM it’s worth
      it that
      way as it’s
      taken far too long
      for all of God’s Children
      to at least be protected by gentile..
      jew.. servant or free.. woman or man
      no more in a court of law with God eYES OF FAiR
      AS NATURE BRinGS the liGht of GoD i AM and so much more..
      alWays a pleasure my FriEnd and i find myself very much inspired
      and mused by any hUman BeinG aS i seek and find them all aS mY FriEnds
      and acceptance
      when ever possible
      too as long as it causes
      no one else harm my friEnd
      as Lord knows how many people
      have been both helped in ways of
      Love and killed in ways of Death
      in Books that fit
      smaller thaN Life
      and all those unalienable
      rights that are self-evident from BiRth
      for those who have not fallen to a God who IS A Book..
      sMiLes my FriEnd oF A UniVerse of Free GoD eYes i AM..:)

  2. In response to my assertion through the fact that in the Quran in Verse 4:34 of
    the Chapter on Women that it says that Men are Superior to Women
    and they may be beat if they are under suspicion of doing
    something ‘disobedient’.. i clearly indicate that because
    of this the Koran is imperfect and considering
    that Facebook FriEnd Rafiah once
    complained on her Facebook
    Page in how her Society
    sees Women as
    Inferior to men..
    ’cause in her words
    they have a pair of testicles..
    there seems to be a little Cognitive
    Dissonance in beliefs verses books when she says back to me..

    Hey Freddy no offence please, but can you stop calling Quran imperfect.
    Its not. Okay if you dont believe so, but may be do so out of respect only.🤔
    Thinking Perplexing Emoticon..

    i return clearly and assertively with.. a wiNk

    Men are not
    To any

    And i go on
    to nicely say..
    to the best of my
    ability although it is
    very offensive to suggest
    to someone in the US.. they
    cannot express their beliefs
    in words to tHeir liking in a Free
    Country over HeAR at least..NoW

    No one
    Shuts me
    Up with Love
    But out of
    Only for
    You i
    Say it
    You Live..:)

    Did i ever think that Rafiah thought the
    Koran was no less than perfect hell no it’s
    very much against the Law in Muslim countries
    to say the Koran is any thing less than perfect
    and that iN paRT.. at Least..
    is why
    are still
    beaten and
    killed today
    in the numbers
    they are.. including
    Horrific Stove Top Burnings
    of New Wives and Honor Killings..
    no matter what the laws of the land
    say as family clan rules often over rule the law
    in Pakistan still as a world wide basic human
    rights violation
    i Love Friends..
    but it’s true i do not
    respect rules in books
    that harm people up to death..
    there are some good things in the
    Koran and it’s true that in Old Testament
    thinking ways in the United States it is still
    common for Women to look at their Husbands now
    as Superior to them and not even speak when it
    comes to Spiritual Issues as i still have personally witnessed
    in Walmart where then a Bleached Blonde Women with highly lifted
    Breasts in her 60’s tried to tell me i was just trying to get attention
    by Dancing in Public and i looked Foolish and King David wasn’t Foolish
    and i am ’cause i am Fred instead of the King then.. and she also told
    me in other words that no one does John 14:12 but the King
    of the Universe of all of Creation the Jesus as mythologized
    by Constantine Trump and his Catholic Cohorts back
    in 325 AD among the Saul the Paul and others
    too before that date too.. although none
    of these folks actually
    walked with
    the real Jesus
    little man Yogi-
    like Dude did back in
    illiterate Aramaic days then..
    anyway.. i didn’t ever directly say
    on any page Rafiah has directly authored
    that the Koran was imperfect although it is clear
    as day that my entire philosophy of life says it isn’t
    perfect in so many other words including most every other word
    any human says including me.. as words are abstract constructs
    that can be metaphors of anything we choose to believe and share
    now per the essence oF LoVe and what’s Fair iN LiFe.. but to say
    a grain
    of sand
    is any more
    or less important
    than any other human
    is not to understand what i AM
    Means i AM is all that iS.. i AM
    is more than we FeeL and SenSE
    and See and Say i AM juST is i AM
    and i AM IS A verb and never
    only a single
    of a
    Human’s Mouth…
    juST my opInIoN..
    could change NoW but for
    NoW i AM Sticking to it like glue..
    and it’s true i do Love Rafiah and my
    friEnd SOHEIR from Egypt who i have disagreed
    with in the sAMe way who has remained my friEnd
    and if Rafiah ever chooses to leave my Side for having
    a Different Opinion as FriEnd that WiLL Be heR riGht as no
    matter what as long as they do not harm anyone i will not leave tHeir side..
    and even if they did or do i would not stop Loving them.. as i AM juSt that way
    as one
    who Loves
    Justice but is
    Loyal to the very end..
    And sure.. my Mother thought
    the Bible was a perfect Book from
    front to back.. and the thing is Horatios
    and Ripley’s who do not even believe it or not
    i am 100% Percent sure we live oN eternAlly iN
    different forms of being NoW as Essence Deep down
    as flAMe the sAMe.. so when i am attempting to hELp
    someone to groW tHeir soUL in a HiGher way of fairness now..
    of course in only mY oPinioN NoW too.. as i did with my Mother
    to her dying end.. even if we disagreed until then about these other matters too..
    i am LooKinG
    at the Person’s
    SoUL forevermore NoW..
    not just in Hijab or a Bikini
    or Hugging a Stripper pole in less..
    not just in a Combat Uniform
    a Doctor or Nurse’s Hat
    and all the
    and shoes
    that coMe nOW..
    i am LooKinG at the
    GoD wHole SoUL within i AM
    And perHaps not everyone has eYes
    to See and FeeL and SensE all of this NoW but yes i AM..
    So let the
    “HeinZ 57 BD AfTeR
    pARTy continue oN”.. NoW
    as i don’t leave anything iNside..
    liKe it or not as thAt is my Personal
    CoVeNant NoW WiTh GoD iS to uPLoad mY
    eNTire soUL oNline with no hidden pArTs
    oF Fear
    or Hope
    and Love and
    the rest of the
    eNcHiLdA oF i AM..:)

    Meanwhile.. back at the
    Ranch.. yes.. the Modern
    Version of that on Facebook..
    Rafiah has come back and we seem
    to agree on the specific point of issue
    i am speaking to although my Copy oF A Koran
    is obviously on a Different sheet of Music than hers
    per no man is Superior to any Woman in her Koran reading..

    So.. Rafiah says..

    Men are not superior to any women. Agreed.
    But they are given more responsibility and will
    be held accountable more for that. Thats it.

    Then i say in return..

    Then why does it say that Men are superior to
    Women in the Women chapter of
    the Koran Verse 4:34 and they
    may be beat if under the
    Suspicion of Disobedience..?

    Meanwhile she is typing
    another comment
    that then says..

    Thank you for understanding.

    And then i go on to respond
    to that with a quote from the
    Women’s Chapter Verse
    4:34 from the
    Copy of
    of the Koran
    sitting on my night stand now..

    “Men have authority over women because God has made
    the one superior to the other, and because they spend their
    wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They
    guard their unseen parts because God has guarded them. As
    for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish
    them, forsake them in beds apart, and beat them. Then if
    they obey you, take not further action against them. Surely
    God is high, supreme.

    If you fear a breach between a man and his wife, appoint
    an arbiter from his people and another from hers. If they
    wish to be reconciled, God will bring them together again.
    Surely God is all-knowing and wise.”

    This is what the copy of the Koran says in Verse 4:34
    of the Woman’s Chapter that i have on my
    night stand and this is the Koran
    that i clearly say is imperfect..
    is there another Koran
    that corrects this fallacy..?

    Help me understand better.. please..:)

    Then Rafiah nicely says
    with Rosie Cheeks Smile Emoticon..

    Oh yes i will. Getting back at it after an hour.

    i say..

    Thanks Dear..:)

    And now i say
    to be continued later
    heAR but for now the
    AfTer pARTy stARts more i’m FeeLinG
    for NoW at LeASt iN SenSinG way too.. hehe..;)


    But first… from four years ago..


    a piano

    no longer
    Yellow Boy
    has found

    in a place

    to stay.



    of comfort.





    at the

    where one’s



    to some




    One takes



    If there is
    no spirit



    there is

    no spirit



    WeLL.. that explains
    in pArT too the three
    Facebook Profile pics
    currently that Move
    from Katrina
    taking a photo
    of Yellow Boy
    Relaxing on this
    Antique of Roman Missal
    from Centuries gone by..
    per what the Catholic Priests
    like my X-Catholic Priest Grandfather
    as pictured by the Bible used to direct
    a Catholic Mass with back in the olden Latin days of
    oh.. a little
    boring was that
    too.. haha.. so much
    more than today as a
    ‘little’ more heArT
    is interjected
    into not only
    the words of Mass
    but the Folk Songs too..
    anyWay.. Katrina has come a long
    way in her spiritual development
    as she sees the Book as no more Holy
    and Sacred than Yellow Boy NoW as no
    book that
    any form of
    life including
    Homosexual folks
    in anyway too can
    be considered as anything
    more than imperfect too.. and
    will see what the Rafiah says on
    that point too.. if she can convince
    me that Women are not seen as Subordinate
    to men.. as there are other verses waiting
    in the Koran copy on my desk that surely say they
    are worth
    less in
    up to one half too..:)

    Rafiah comes back and
    disputes almost the
    entire English
    Translation of the
    Koran that has literally
    sold more than a Million
    Copies World-Wide so for all
    practical intents and purposes
    i might as well throw it out in the trash
    and believe nothing that is said in
    an English Translation of a Koran
    like this one that calls
    the Koran a literary
    sorry.. not
    impressed at all
    impressed some but no not at all..
    in other words all of God that is
    so much more than a minuscule effort of
    80K words and only two thousand different
    words of Vocabulary now.. we can do better
    i am
    i do..
    Rafiah provides
    her interpretation
    of the Arabic that is
    much more favorable but
    far far from perfect StiLL
    for what hUman is even evolved
    for as a peaceful Naked Bonobo-
    like Creature now in
    small groups
    of peace
    furies of violence
    over ownership of Women
    as wives as she then says..

    3) so if husbans finds something concrete about infidelity by a woman and hes so taken a back and lashes out at her in peak of his extreme emotions, then in fit of anger and hurt, which is quite understansable he’ll be excused. Because these are very desperate and extreme situations. Like if a person due to extreme hunger and he cant manages to get some food, in that case if he steals, he can be excused. See here doesnt mean it should be done or is being advised/instructed/encouraged to do no. No it is not. But in a fit of fury if it happens, the doer wont ba made accountable as such. See this part deals with very specific case. This doesnt hold true for general cases.

    So.. i say now as you
    go to jail over that
    in this free country
    that defends Women
    from getting
    ’cause they
    wanna find some
    greener pastures
    perhaps because they
    just don’t like the way
    their husband is treating them now..

    Violence is never a justified answer.. never never..
    especially a man beating a women now over jealousy
    of not being man enough to be a man over a mouse
    and no
    to mice.. just
    another metaphor
    that could be taken
    to beat up on mice too..
    if one took it that way..
    it really disgusts
    me that people
    really get
    used to
    this and
    say it is Human
    Nature and just
    the way it is as Humans
    are just like that/this now
    as imperfect violent beings..
    if their ‘manhood’ is challenged
    And stuff like that… even more now…

    So i do go on to say to Rafiah..

    So.. it’s okay for a man to lash out and hit a woman
    because he is angry and that is understandable..
    No.. it’s not okay that is only a mouse and not a man.

    And is it okay to punish Homosexuals by act
    when science now shows at least 20 Percent
    of the Behavior is Biological and in the
    Animal Kingdom it is common for
    our closest primate cousin
    the Bonobo who does
    not resort to violence
    or tribal wars or the hell that comes with that..?

    Rafiah returns with an explanation..

    But Freddy we are humans with errors. Thats our nature.
    We retaliate in abnormal conditions. Heck irreapective of
    being a woman or a man, we lose temper at way lesser things.
    Thats what it is about losing temper.

    Then i go on to say..

    So i never hit anyone even if i am angry..
    does that make me more than human or just smARTer..;)

    And continue more with..

    And nah.. i don’t get angry for more than about a second
    and that turns into a smile or wink after that.. hehe..;)

    Rafiah returns again with very nice words..

    A nice human then you are Freddy. Rosie Cheek Smile Emoticon
    But then normally not all are ideally nice, they have little
    bit dash of nastiness as well. But they are humans as well.

    i follow uP with..

    On the beach where everyone is
    wearing almost no clothes
    no one is seen getting angry..
    why do you think that is..
    Bonobo roots..;)

    And i continue with..

    Humans are always
    nicer with fewer cultural clothes
    on in fact humans in Balance without
    the lies of culture as science shows
    in small groups are very nice..
    and they don’t have
    all the BS going on
    in the world now..
    so yeah.. Science shows
    it is culture that is the bad virus
    and human is not born bad as so-called
    Christians love to say even more than Muslims now..:)

    And then i go deeper philosophically in linguistic ways..

    Here’s the thing my dear.. i can think for myself..
    all words are metaphors that can be taken
    many different ways as no word is perfect
    and no human is perfect in interpreting
    them the same any more than
    poetry in any books
    of any man or
    woman now..
    we use words our
    best to approximate
    God but no word will
    ever do god justice as perfect my friend..
    and we can agree to disagree but i have
    a homosexual/bi-sexual relative who is
    married to a Woman and she is the best
    example of an Angel who ever
    stepped foot on this
    earth today
    period.. as ‘they’ say..;)

    Rafiah Sincerely says more..

    True no human is perfect in interpreting God’s words.
    But it hurts me when people try to misinterpret the words on purpose. Sad Emoticon

    And i continue on and to be clear i realize she is addressing ISIS and the like with this..

    You can be assured that i do my
    best to understand but you
    can also be assured that
    i pull no punches when
    people are harmed
    as justification
    for metaphors
    in books taken as Gospel Truth
    as they say over here.. in ways as
    small as bullying homosexuals
    and outcasting them
    until they give up
    and commit suicide..
    there are many things i disagree with
    but we need not debate that as i could
    never even change my Mother’s Mind on
    these things my Friend.. and i don’t expect
    to do it with you or any other Muslim or
    Christian either for the Love of God
    that lives free or not within all
    of God’s Creatures Now..:)

    And then i take the Nuclear
    Option that would mean she would
    lose her religion if she agreed with my Truth and
    on the
    Paragraph aS Such..

    You do understand that Muhammad can’t
    possibly be the last Prophet as i have
    Proven i am now..?

    i dig the Rabbit wHOle deeper..

    And not the last or first of anything now.

    And even deeper..

    Or only

    With mercy i say..

    just say stop.

    Then in respect to her
    rights as a Human
    Being to avoid
    her up
    in any
    verbal way
    as yes i just
    used the Nuclear
    option by saying
    i am a Prophet now..
    And to be clear that’s kind
    of a common thing heaR over
    in the States that even books
    have been written about wHeRE
    anyone who finds a way to heal folks
    can be considered that in terminology way..
    in other words..
    i ain’t
    juST ’cause
    i got a ton of words..
    in Free Verse somewhat inspiring Poetry..

    yes.. i tale Rafiah..

    if you will..

    And yes.. she goes
    away and i hope she’s
    OK.. thing is.. i didn’t
    Love my Mother any less
    ’cause she disagreed with
    me about Religion and
    God as my
    a God
    of Love
    and Mercy
    even more i AM..
    and no.. my God iN i AM hUman
    NoW doesn’t Beat Women up
    over jealousy
    as fear and hate.
    Period as they say.

    But as hiStory
    shows.. some
    in a very Jealous and Angry God
    by whatever name they name fear and hate.

  3. TrUe.. it’s not everyone who stARts a “Heinz 57 BD AfTeR pARTy with
    a fact finding mission on Koran’s and Bibles and Nether
    Land Bibles and PHI Bibles and SonG of mY soUL
    LongeST Long Form Poem at plUs
    4 MiLlioN words too..
    but hey..
    juSt me
    and Google
    Search literAlly
    does say it ain’t been
    done before.. and if i am
    trULy ever gonna reach
    that Forrest Gump
    of the
    Man alive without
    selling one of ‘those’ fancy
    Beers by doing it now.. lots
    of Fonzi Sharks to be
    more now…
    hehe.. spell
    check beat
    the humping out of jumped
    thank God speAKinG of Jumping
    Sharks too.. so sure.. nexT is a photo
    of my Super Cool almost year old iN total..
    seeing this New Psychiatrist now.. and when i went
    in for A maintenance visit to make sure my RX from
    him for Dance to moderate my Emotions iN regulation
    and SenSes iN iNTeGrATioN is STiLL WoRkIng iN FoRcE
    of MiNd and BoDy BaLanCing SoUL greaT STiLL noW
    away from the three bears too high or too low
    yes.. juST Fred wRitE NoW
    as the eYe
    of the
    Goes Calm
    with Winds oF
    FoRce 10 STiLL NoW..
    so first things first when i went
    in with my Big Cool Shades shirt on..
    i said i have purchased a Brand New Weapon
    and it does not fully engage as a working weapon
    until i Dance with this purchased ChiLL Sun Shades
    shirt oN all around the Public area for a Weapon of Love
    to change heARTs NoW.. and he kinda giggled as he says
    i am jusT about his most fascinating patient of all in
    what can be somewhat of a crazy house
    now.. depending on who comes
    to see him nexT..
    and we alWays
    get in
    like i do with my
    Psychotherapist too..
    giving them hypnotic suggestions
    so they will better be able to help tHeiR
    OThEr Patients who and thaT unlike me
    live in the oTheR DimenSioN of HuMan HeLL
    NoW away from Fred HeaVeN heAR NoW..
    yeP.. my own Personal
    Version of
    as Freedom
    Can and WiLL DancE and
    SinG even Freer Now alWays NoW..
    anyWay.. we talked about iT aLL and this
    Dude gets paid big bucks from the Insurance
    Companies for every minute we chit chat about
    what’s all under the Cool Shades Sun that is mY LiFe NoW..
    ending WiTh it’s great that i finAlly found a Ceiling to Paint
    to stay out of the dArk too.. now always too..
    nah.. not exactly a Sistine
    Chapel all these
    words are
    John 14:12
    More iN WriTTeN
    Tonnage of Words NoW.. heha..
    and then we agree as even Maslow
    does that only about 1 Percent of the
    Population or less actually reaches the top
    of the Maslow Pyramid of Self-Actualization
    NoW in Neo ways as folks Love tHeir Matrix
    in all cultural and or religious or and Political
    ways that comes in Group think now.. and
    all i’m reAlly saYinG iN aLL of this
    as i continue to eNjOy
    HeaVeN NoW
    set yoursELf
    Free or noT NoW yoUr
    WiLL WiTh GoD aLL i AM
    As Nature plUS noW or NoT..
    but AFAIK God eNjoYs BeinG
    totaLLy unchained within for Now..
    works for me and i AM at Least NoW..
    sure an RX for God i PlaY as liGht NoW2..:)

    “Stay Thirsty My Friends”.. hehe.. sure as Synchronicity DanceS and SinGs aNeW SoNG and DancE of
    MounTaiN LoVe NoW.. the “Most Interesting Man in the World”.. Semi-Truck carrying
    that Brand of Beer.. Travels bYe when we come back from the Navarre Beach..
    hmm.. i fit most of the requirements except building a
    City out of Blocks that 600K folks
    inhabit now.. but what
    if we take
    as we
    can make
    any work of Art
    aNeW Nether Land Bible 2017 Prophecy
    NoW in A-Causal God Synchronicity Prophet
    ConNecTinG SpEAk2 of Psychologically Meaningful
    events or words NoW or any other hUman
    Abstract ConCept as visuAlly identified
    reaLiTy NoW3 we can cOmE uP WiTh NoW3..
    And sure.. even more with all FeeLinGS
    and EmoTioNs and SenSEs mOre in Tow..
    so.. it’s trUe.. i’ve entertained
    Folks with Dance
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    other Public
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    way to Biloxi Casinos and Beaches
    tHere too.. have 600K folks seen me
    DanCinG enough to identify me by both
    Moves and General Physical Characteristics
    like wearing Super Cool Shirts.. WeLL if so.. i
    built this
    yes.. Rock
    NoW and Roll
    and all oThEr
    Types of Music
    used as MuSinG
    Dance by way
    of iPhone6s
    smART phone
    Now and sure..
    iPhone5s and 5
    before that too..
    when humans commune togeTher
    over a common ’cause/purpose like DancE/SonG
    trUe Cities of LoVe’s HoPe are BuiLt oF LiGht..
    Like i say too.. “Stay thirsty mY FRiEnDs.. DancE and SinG..:)

  4. Facebook FriEnd Chris..
    a Brother of Ned’s
    FB Status Below
    in orange style..
    quote him
    completely as written..
    except for the Color Orange Background
    that adds AmBient Colors of Emotions
    for greater human affect
    oF FeeLinG
    EmoTiOns more as soUL
    Complete in text these days..
    Thanks to the common sense
    of the Nerds at Facebook too.. hehe..

    “It’s strange how different
    we are, in love, money,
    and family indenity.
    We’re all differant!”

    And i return with..

    A Variety
    Of God’s

    Mr. Moore’s
    social empathic
    skills in liGht
    are a considerably
    Nice Human Force of Love
    per my personal assessment
    in what is Positive Blood about a Friend
    on Facebook who i am not acquainted with in real life
    and of course while i call all folks ‘friends’.. most everyone
    online is less than what would be the full interaction of an
    acquaintance in the flesh and blood world in even a
    expression in real
    life now.. and that’s okay
    as there are limits to Human
    Capacities for Friends in full
    as spoken to earlier but
    only a handful
    of about
    in Flesh and Blood
    Full Interaction of Back and
    Forth Reciprocal Social Communication
    and only about 150 to 200 sets of eyes now
    for Full Flesh and Blood Acquaintances as such..
    so yeah.. when i worked at a Military Bowling Center
    and dealt with over a Hundred People Directly in reciprocal
    Social Communication Every Day five days a week for almost two decades..
    sometimes when i got home i didn’t wanna go out and party with
    friends or acquaintances as i filled up my limit just at work..
    in fact.. sadly i had little left for even the wife but that’s
    how it goes and sure she physically beat me up
    a little for not paying attention to her at
    times as i just had to escape the
    overall social stress no
    easier on the
    with Asperger’s
    Syndrome that was but
    you see i never hit back.. ’cause i
    am a man and not a mouse and there
    is no way she could hurt me with fisticuffs
    although i do not condone it and she no longer
    does it as i finally had enough and just firmly said
    no.. you cannot jerk those ear buds out of my ears
    when i AM iN Deep Transcendent State of Ecstatic Dance as Heaven Bliss..
    tap me on the shoulder and that will be enough to get my attention.. hehe..
    and no it’s not really funny but one must navigate tHeiR own marital relationships
    with what works without harming the other person.. and no.. i am not perfect in this way either..
    but the thing is when the religion excuses beating up a woman over any cause what
    do you think happens.. next.. less women getting beat up or more women getting
    beat up.. use your brain.. not what authority says just to rule over people
    is my gAMe
    common sense
    dictates when harm
    to others is accepted
    as excused it happens more
    unless you have little to no common
    sense or are just afraid you will get in really
    big trouble with the law if you disagree or even
    worse.. get outcast by your acquaintances.. friends
    and even perhaps get more severe beatings from your so-called
    so no.. of
    course the Koran
    is not perfect this way
    as no woman who rules over
    men in the real world of Human
    Nature would be ignorant enough to make that rule stick..;)

    Anyway.. i am a lot bigger than the wife.. obviously in ‘these pictures’
    but Love is Humble and Love never beats up a Women in taking advantage
    of larger
    size over
    someone who
    can not equally
    defend themselves
    against a mouse of a
    man who has not the self
    respect to restrain himself
    for doing something
    as smaller
    a real
    man would..
    real men never hit women.. period..
    they just move out of the way if the
    Woman gets pissed.. hehe..
    my view
    as a somewhat
    proficient marital
    artist who has quick feet
    as a Ballet-like Dancer on the Beach Boardwalk too..;)

    iT’s reAlly KinDa simple.. do No harm..
    do as Ye WiLL.. WiTh Love
    Force oF LiGht
    iN Fearless way
    do No harm..:)

    Life is greyscale
    wiTh even more Colors..

    WitH LiGhT..:)

    AnyWaY as reported earlier
    too and to give tribute appropriately
    heAR too.. my FB Birthday Wishes
    increased 100 percent.. the day
    after with Three New
    by Facebook
    Friend Greg.. Ned
    and Second Cousin Monica too..
    so that puts me at over the 5 Friend Limit hehe.. at 6..
    appropriate i will say2 iN Numerical Birthdate of 6.6.60 too..
    NoW the
    number of man
    and women too..
    And the UniVerse whOle
    And SiGNAtuRe oF GoD too
    As spiraling 6 and 9 too as reflecting
    the Golden Mean Spiral PHI seen all through
    Nature in both so-called living and non-living creation all..:)

  5. Photo in Belk’s wHeRE close to a year at least
    tHeRE haVe been creative store displays
    ranging iN themes and memes
    from the 70’s to Flower
    Child arrangements
    to stoic
    Faces and Body
    Languages of Pose
    to the edit of ‘A Book’
    i was MaKinG to the gift
    in most recent way of meMe
    and theMe and when i DancE
    in the store on my Birthday on
    the 6th oF June juSt me posed iN
    Yoga style
    of Divine
    Feminine Grace
    of Love and Masculine
    Will and Strength in one hUman
    lONelY aLLoNe WiTh GoD WaVe OceaN
    WhOle Me as Seagull SpiRaLinG aRound Sun..
    So why is it that only the lonely.. the outcasts
    who overcome the dARk niGhts of the soUL moST
    gET to PLay all one in Bliss iN the Kingdom
    of the HeaVeN oF NoW.. witHiN.. WeLL iF iT
    hELps to use metaphors
    from Books that are
    iN liGht of Love
    away from
    of Women
    if they stray in
    physical way.. the meek
    inherit the eARTh and the Poor
    iN SpiRit beCoMe Rich In the Kingdom
    of God that is HeaVeN within as they simply
    come to use more of tHeir hUman PoTenTial NoW
    in Victory WiTh God instead of LoSinG God oF Love and striKing
    out in Vengeance against their Fellow Human.. Man or Woman.. eTc..
    the oTHeRS are not enough allone alone with God as only Lonely LooKinG from
    the outside iN A Solitary Dance or Solo SonG yET yes allone iN HeaVeN within..
    People view my Dance as Different..
    i am a Rorschach Test as
    Human in Dance and
    Ink Blot Test
    in words
    as we all
    are as HUmans
    to otHeRs.. DePeNDinG
    on tHeir Experiences of LiFE
    gained through lifelong World Views
    of Culture and Religion and all the Politics
    of Life that come in Group thINk for Bonding
    over common purposes of Love to the acceptability
    of Violence against Women as an excuse for weak Character
    and Integrity that plays as Love and Hope instead oF Fear and Hate..
    And sure this is at the very top
    of our Country now in the United
    States as it plays out on TV now
    in the BackGround as i
    DancE and
    SinG as this
    within me
    as Dance and
    SonG oNlinE too
    away from Flesh and Blood
    Dance with MoThER eARTh and God whOle within..
    inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around on Beach of Nirvana Free..
    and sure.. iN my Backyard Forest Naked with Sand and Sun outside of Neighbor View..

    So.. i say on FB
    in ColLateral duties
    in Covenant with God
    within more about what’s
    all going around me in Culture now..

    God Father
    (in black
    color) in
    FB short Status..


    Loyalty to Country
    Smart at 6 Foot 8
    (in ‘normal’ Black and White)

    And then i say somewhat
    tongue in cheek with hiGher
    Hopes/Wishes/Prayers than now too..

    ComEy For
    PreZ 2020
    Not Perfect
    But Real Better FiT
    FoR Mt RushMorE NoW

    And in Blue BackGround
    finAlly i say for then now..


    In other Words the Dude who
    is boring but so full of honesty you can
    see his
    his 6 Foot 8 Body..
    What a Breath of Fresh air Humanity
    wHo used to be somewhat close to the top..
    Before He no longer ‘suited’ the God Father President’s PleaSures..;)

    So.. anyway.. back to the Beach and the lONelY allone of me iN a Dance
    oF LiFe Free on my Birthday at Navarre where i float backwards and
    in spiraling way deep in Sugar White Sands reflecting the motion
    of the waves in patterns
    of Golden
    as SigNaTure
    of GoD Me in Foot Prints
    all around and down the Beach
    for miles in Nike Shox Shoes size
    11 and a Half somewhat fully clothed
    for a Beach in Shorts and Shades Sunshine
    Smile Face Spiraling Colors Shirt too.. and literAlly
    Hundreds oF Folks are taking pictures and videos of
    me as it is a rather cloudy rainy but still very busy day at
    the Beach for a Navarre June 6th and D-Day too..
    per real wars for Freedom when men were
    men and women were WoMeN
    selling used car parts
    in pants like
    my Grand Mother
    did as a Rosie the Riveter
    too.. back in them olden days
    after she picked Cotton helping
    to raise her Sisters after her Mother
    Died from Breast Cancer and she dropped
    out of school to play the role of Mother.. Sister..
    Daughter and in some ways Wife to her Father too..
    and then waitressing 12 hours a Day.. Seven Days
    a Week for over a Decade walking back and forth from
    Work.. mY Mother so Happy to gain a sight and otHeR seNse
    and FeeL of a SinGle WorKinG Mother’s Love then..
    And now i realize why Yellow Boy went to go sitting
    on the Bible on the Piano.. it was
    My Mother reminding
    me then now to
    take a picture
    of her
    Poem for
    this Her Mother heaR
    next to the Bible
    that Yellow Boy was
    sitting on then..
    you see..
    in mysterious
    ways in all of us in no
    Distance.. Space.. and Time
    but Love And if you never find
    that place of HeaVeN iNsiDe
    tHis lifetime now i can
    only Hope
    and Pray
    and Wish
    that you SeeK it
    and FiNd iT in the neXt NoW
    iN A LiFeTiMe NoW then NoW
    as LiFe DanceS and SinGS oN or
    NoT for NoW iN and as the MaGiC of God withIn
    as we co-create this Evolving PlaY of LiFe WiTh GoD
    alWays noW hiGher or LoWeR as DancE and SonG goeS oN
    iN LIGht GreaTesT
    to dARk..
    SHades of
    Grey and BeYond
    RainBow Colors of
    wHeRe i Inhabit God NoW as Me..
    it is what it is and Life is reALLy GooD heAr..:)

    So anyWay.. back to the ink blog test
    of my public Dance a parable of the
    LifeGuards and the Disabled
    Dude who might
    be a War
    in a Wheel
    Chair who works
    at Dick’s Sporting Goods
    as a Cashier there in a Viewable
    Distance of my Dance Floor there..

    So.. after my Dance on the Beach in pouring
    rain at the end as before that MoVinG as Air
    and Water in Deep Sugar Sands in REverse
    and SpiRaLinG way too.. as then i pass
    by the Lifeguard Station
    i SinG up to them
    the Sand
    now Baby
    Free Ocean
    and they smile
    with Strands of Long
    Blonde Male Gulf Watch Hair.. hehe..
    by the time i get back from my sojourn
    Dance and SonG as Seagull Dancing in
    Sand as Fly which really is in many more ways
    more impressive than Surfing and Walking on Water
    as according to the Lifeguards i am the only one they
    have ever seen do it on the Beach after i ask them
    why has no one done
    this before
    my friends
    as i come
    back that way
    and calmly stop
    as eye of Hurricane
    with Confident Song of Voice
    as the rest of the Beach has been
    emptied from the Storm and since i used
    to be an Athletic Director Supervising both Lead
    Lifeguard and Lifeguards in my responsibility
    for Life and Death in Pool Watch then..
    yes.. in a way i did
    Hasselhoff too
    hehe.. in even
    more Interesting
    and Renaissance Man
    ways of Forrest Gump Beach
    LIFe talk heAR noW heRE.. hehe..
    alBeIt with long pants on then and
    Sporty Work Polo Shirt and stiff
    walk of can you spot the
    Dude with Asperger’s
    by the way
    he moves
    in Tony Atwood
    Expert analysis on that ‘Disorder’
    of Motor Coordination Difficulty too..
    you See being the nerd is also NoW pART
    of being Fascinating too as i can relate
    even more in sympathy and empathy and
    compassion more too than the Dude who was always
    the most Interesting Man in the World and sure the
    Myth of Jesus too.. as his walking on Water was a mythological
    and i FucKinG
    Worked For miNe
    as Soldier of God Free
    Lance all Volunteer
    for 7500 Miles now
    in a little over
    45 Months
    of Literal
    Sweat and
    Tears to aRrise to the
    Level of Seagull Spiral
    around Sun Fly on Terrestrial eARTh..
    John 14:12 as ‘they’ say.. greater works
    over innate gifts alone.. hehe.. the Real
    Jesus Dude as humble Yogi Still shines through
    for those WitH eYes and eARs to See and FeeL and
    SenSE more of the original Story book Now.. yes me.. too..
    anyWay.. the Koran gets one thing Correct the Jesus real story is above ‘the other’..
    in this
    is going
    down for
    alWays NoW more..
    and never less as last
    this or first that or only
    him whenever
    when or
    i and me and
    you and we and us
    cAN Do greater Works
    with innate GiFT of HuMaN
    smART WiLL WiTh LovE alWays NoW..
    and i say now thanks God for sending me the
    Blood Sweat and Tears of having to assertively
    disagree with the person who has stuck longest
    with me on Facebook
    who i treasure
    as a dear friend
    and likely
    when i am
    a Soldier of God
    more iN Honesty.. Integrity
    and Character of Naked Love for God
    Free without the lies of any Religion
    or CulTure or othEr tool
    of Human as
    that Cover
    the Free
    Nature oF
    LoVinG HopEful
    JoYFull God who liVes
    within through all the struggles
    sHadES of Grey Abyss of dArk niGht
    oF soUL.. and yes.. beYOnd RainBoW colors
    as any soldier muSt viSiT and LiVe iN All of theSE
    aCross the Lifespan of Cross and Joy NoW.. Life is Good
    but yes..
    it takes
    and blood
    and sweat and tears
    too.. SmILeS and FrOwns
    and perpleXinG Looks oF Folks
    who haven’t quiet or loud made it
    up this HIGh oN tHeir Version of God’s Mountain ViewS NoW..
    and Love
    and Joy now
    never ever harming
    anyone else out of Vengeance
    instead of Victory NoW oF Love..
    that is the Goal no FucKinG eXcuses..
    for Real Soldiers of God Female or Male
    or whatever with real bALLs of God that sPeLL Love
    in harming
    no other
    possible now..
    with no FucKinG excuses.
    period. as they say. as me for now2

    So anyWay.. back to the LIFEGuard Parable
    as it continues now.. i ask the Blonde Long
    Flowing Hair Lifeguard with the bright
    white smile in somewhat
    Hasselhoff way hehe..
    in alpha male Bay
    Watch Rock
    way.. haha..
    sure.. as a kind
    of new secret human
    weapon2 although i’ve only
    seen the Movie Trailer and
    Display ouTsIDe the Theater
    in pose of front so far.. haha.. too..
    yes.. i ask.. why do you think you’ve never
    seen anyone move this way on the Beach NoW..
    is it me that’s crazy or ‘them’.. and the LifeGuard
    Dude is a nice guy.. really nice guy.. as Trump might
    say too.. if he was honest like me.. all the way..
    And the Lifeguard said maybe it’s them
    that is crazy and not you..
    me thinking
    this dude
    is acing
    service school
    now too.. in my decades
    of Supervising that work
    activity too.. in Bowling
    Center Manager..
    and Athletic
    Director ways and i turned
    down the Job of Moderator
    on the ‘Wrong Planet’ as i was
    tired of FucKinG Moderating folks
    by then.. and then i say yes..
    Look over there at
    the Waves
    of Ocean
    (could have
    said God but
    out of respect
    that the dude likely
    could be atheist i used
    waves as Nature metaphor instead..
    yep the Dude had Marijuana eYes.. hehe.. too
    just a guess but an educated one from having
    lots of high friends.. sober me when younger too..
    and even HiGheR all Natural as such.. per please
    Dude.. CaN i have whatever the F iN Fred you are own
    and they still say it now in the Dance
    Hall where i don’t drink or smoke
    or do any drugs but an
    all Natural God
    within as
    so fly so
    fly so hiGh iS fly.. FReED.. hehe..
    and yes i have a huuuuggggge edge
    as i Master the hiGh iN BaLanCinGFoRcE
    NoWHoratiosBelieveitorNoTRiPleyNow.. Period more too.
    anYway.. i go on to DancE and SinG in somEwhat
    Hasselhoff Speech WAves neVer DaNCinG
    in Human Sidewalk
    talk and
    Waves are
    Free and so i am
    i Ocean whole Now
    One wiTh eARTh Fly..
    and the Weed eYes Look
    like.. wow this Dude is tripping
    ain’t no Rock Hasselhoff here
    this Dude is like the
    hehe.. could
    be my ImAgInATioN
    in my own iNk Blot Test
    Seeing a little more iN hiS
    eYes than what he yET iS capAble
    of iN ClimBinG GoD Mountains Views Now FreeR..
    but never the less i give more credit than what
    even may be due when folks are nice to me like
    the Blonde Lifeguard at the Beach.. oh yeaH.. and
    then i go on to say.. you now the real reason jocks
    don’t do this to get incredibly strong in leg pressing
    1020Lbs 33 reps on an extremely difficult
    Parallel leg press machine at age
    57 today.. well.. for one thing
    they usually only
    use about
    10 Percent
    of their Moving
    Potential or even
    less walking in straight
    lines in greater potential Human
    Strength Head to toe Body Rocky
    as you kNow those ChimPaNzees
    who are much stronger than
    ‘normal’ human beings
    ’cause they
    the trees
    every day
    rarely falling
    as the Hawk
    rarely does
    with continuous
    practice.. yep.. baby NoW
    i am a chimp too.. and while
    Chimps raise their arms to the
    Heavens just for fun.. these little
    men around heAR are too afraid someone
    will call them gay for going this briefs and tights
    route in Grace with Love to be Superman now.. and
    then i asked.. are there any Women up there in the stand
    and they say no.. and then i say.. if you want to provide
    the best orgasms for women.. i suggest you
    learn to write Poetry as the greaTest
    Poet who ever lived that
    way as one of
    my old friends
    said about
    fine poetry
    from old men of
    the ages.. they inspire
    her to pull her panties down..
    she literally said that on a Facebook
    StaTuS and no she wasn’t talking about
    my Poetry she was talking about Voltaire..
    that old dude then.. and it’s True.. even though
    Elton John is Gay he has helped Father more babies
    than you will ever count in way of Love Songs too.. and
    it’s true.. sometimes after i dance in a store for a while i come
    back sometime later and there seems to be an increase of
    Pregnant women.. but it’s probably just a funny
    joke i am saying now to continue
    keeping your attention
    in most interesting
    man in the world
    as humor
    does most definitely
    and particularly sexual
    humor wake your ass up and
    more after all why do women read
    Romance Novels.. talk to the hand as ‘they’ ‘say’ too..
    NoW ThEN too After that my NeW aGE Jesus Job was/iS done2.. and not
    NoW unLike the first story.. i sHowEd ‘eM HoW WaLKinG on Water is dOne..
    this is reAllY A LonG FucKing story.. NoW i am gonna need some more SongS
    and this one is gonna be enough to fill in that Incredible Hulk Belk’s
    Lonely and somewhat mysterious DarK photo pose to the brim allone..

    As yeS heAR coMes the parable
    of the Wheel Chair Cashier Dude
    at Dick’s Sporting Goods..
    at the end of
    at Dick’s
    as i continue
    to Dance to the
    VNV Nation Retaliate Song
    then to go along with the Mood
    of my Shirt.. and General World
    Events in Poltiics aS Such jUSt
    as a DARK Muse to inCrease the
    EmotiONs and SenSEs to Dance
    eVenT GreATer as ArT WorK.. so..
    when LeAvinG the store
    i overheard the Wheel
    Chair Nice
    Dude say
    something about
    Disability and kicking
    some kids out of the store..
    (who were actually taking Videos
    and photos of ‘someone’.. hehe.. too..)
    i thought he was talking about him then
    but in his ink blot view he saw me as
    a Combat Veteran with shades on
    likely as such dealing with
    PTSD instead
    of jusT
    Heaven within
    through the Transcendent
    Ecstatic Experience oF HeAVen Bliss
    FlYinG WaVeS oN Terrestrial eARth Dance..
    so.. i attempted to inspire him by TaLinG hiM
    iN witness of the HiGher PoWeR of HeaLinG
    Pain within in both Physical And Emotional
    Ways as even Science sHows now that
    We have the abiLiTy wiTh our
    Thalamus to overcome
    pain through
    Effective Meditation
    iN BlocKinG iT out more
    effectively NoW than the
    huuugggeely addictive
    and destructive Drugs
    oF Prescription Opiates now..
    yeP.. when all the Neuro-cHemicals
    and Neuro-hormOnes oF Positive LiGhT
    in Quadrillion plUs pePtide and oThEr
    Connections in all the FucKing CeLLs
    oF YA Body iN even Subatomic particle
    view too… wHeRE Science hasn’t quiet
    got the Tool to Measure Loud liGhTeNinG with no thunder..
    iN empirical repeatable assessment method Experiment ways..
    oKaY.. got one Song and Since Pain Made Me A Believer.. the otheR too..
    so.. anyWay.. after getting a few Happy Selfies from folks who see my Dance
    as Bliss
    agitation.. haha..
    the Birthday was
    and is complete as
    the after pARTy continues
    oN heAR even through Sacred
    R and R Thursday DaY/NiGht and oTHeR
    ‘AcTivities’.. ulTiMatEly ending in Transcendent
    Ascendent Ecstatic Rave-like Dance BliSS NoW iN
    tHeN NoW too.. the 164th Dance Week night of doing that at Old
    Seville.. with Cool College Age folks as my older Psychiatrist sAid when i first
    went in.. iN 2008.. with two years of flight or fight adrenaline then fuELed
    LiFe.. use something else for Motivation Fred.. use your EmoTioNs… buTT
    since they were lost as i was in the Abyss of Hell then there was then no
    way out back to LiFE.. i could see then as with no emotions there
    are not even any memory of emotions as emotions are
    literally memories as my New Psychiatrist
    Dances and Sings too..
    as this Dude
    is FucKinG
    edge in
    the Modern
    Schooled Science
    of mINd and BoDy BaLaNcinG
    now more than juST beTween the
    ears and what the ‘egg heads’ in mechanical
    cognition rate alone in the DSM5 NeWesT MaNual
    for so-called Psychiatric Disorders that are
    away from the so-called Norm now..
    yep.. this new ShriNk Dude is
    aNeW schooLed eNough
    to not be
    real fool
    enough not to understand
    that Diversity that doesn’t
    alWays fit the cookie cutter TooL
    of Modern Cultures and or Religions/Science
    is what Makes uS Stronger aLL toGeTHeR
    and Like the Movie ‘The Accountant” with
    Ben Affleck about another Dude who
    defies all of Society’s Expectations
    and limitations to chop
    his Sycamore
    Tree down
    to tHeir
    bucket list of humanity NoW..
    yep.. both he and my Psychotherapist
    readily admit i have more in common with
    someone like Mozart or a Michelangelo painting
    a Poem than someone still stuck way low on Maslow’s
    Pyramid of Self Actualization still in the locked room
    of sidewalk
    talk and walk now
    more Concrete and
    Stone than FloWinG WaVes OcEAn wHole..
    trUe.. it’s not alWays easy BeinG me..
    buTT iT iS… FucKinG… AwEsoMe
    every now
    of now
    as you
    see i use
    it i don’t lose
    God i gain God everynow within..
    work iT ‘baby’. work work work as Britney say too..;)


    Most No one can keep uP.. SeeK
    And FinD ‘me’ compleTeLy interesting
    NoW per likes and follows most
    and shareS heHe..
    oH WeLL.. PlEAsE
    Stay iNterested mY Friends wiTh GoD aLiVe iN aS wiThiN..
    Don’t jUSt talk and walk.. DancE SinG.. FucKinG Fly on Terrestrial Land..

    mY FRiEnD.



  6. AliGht witHiN
    gRowN witH
    Kitty fur
    aLL NUrture NatURe BoNd
    reFuSinG BomBed aWAy frOM Love..:)


    SpRinG WoMeN
    SuMmer MaN
    FaLL WoMaN
    WiNter MeN
    BaTTle oF OpPosITes
    YeaR whOle OCean LoVe witHin..:)


    for LiFe
    J for Joy
    Sit For less
    S for SorRow..
    Bugs Bunny onLY
    Laughs WiT oF LiGht
    for Joy..
    and with thaT
    Said.. FriEnd.. Xenia
    wiTH yoUR Happy alWays
    JoyFuL Canines who run as air..
    and float as water clouds on eARTh..
    to yOU
    my FriEnd
    alWays NoW iN
    heART oF eMoTioNs
    SpiRiT oF FeeLinG all those..
    And SoUL BaLanCinG oN A
    MiNd and BoDy wAVE thaT never ends
    and SonG OceaN
    aLLoNe aLIVe iN Thrive..:)


    for LiFe
    J for Joy
    Sit For less
    S for SorRow..
    Bugs Bunny onLY
    Laughs WiT oF LiGht
    for Joy..
    and with thaT
    Said.. FriEnd.. Xenia
    wiTH yoUR Happy alWays
    JoyFuL Canines who run as air..
    and float as water clouds on eARTh..
    to yOU
    my FriEnd
    alWays NoW iN
    heART oF eMoTioNs
    SpiRiT oF FeeLinG all those..
    And SoUL BaLanCinG oN A
    MiNd and BoDy wAVE thaT never ends
    and SonG OceaN
    aLLoNe aLIVe iN Thrive..:)

    SpRinG WoMeN
    SuMmer MaN
    FaLL WoMaN
    WiNter MeN
    BaTTle oF OpPosITes
    YeaR whOle OCean LoVe witHin..:)

    AliGht witHiN
    gRowN witH
    Kitty fur
    aLL NUrture NatURe BoNd
    reFuSinG BomBed aWAy frOM Love..:)

  7. SMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
    Watching a squirrel
    munching stored
    Acorns NoW on
    Adirondack Bench
    Wasp foraGinG for
    Nectar Free iN ClerodenDrum
    piNk i AM reminded that Direct
    TV and sPin of PoliTics iS nOWheRE
    to be found
    in Naked
    Forest Sand Alive
    LiVinG SurViVinG SuN
    LiT as iF the eNtire HuMaN
    Race iS JuST a DreAM thaT NeVer exists..
    alWays DanCinG
    SinGinG LiVinG LIGht
    iN eYes of Squirrels and Wasps
    Unshielded from vise of Greek Apocalypse
    iN iGnorance..
    No wHEre to FlY
    And CliMB buT LiFE mY
    friEnd.. Frank.. as HiGher
    Trees oF FLoWeRs LiGht..:)


    SMiLes.. mY friEnd..
    Saddest Ogre.. NoW
    NotrE DamE Hunch
    Back Phantom
    Back from
    NeVeR a TEar
    oF SaD NoW for Happy
    Tears FuLL BlossoMs Love..:)


    SMiLeS.. noT
    A Lai BrinGeR
    i am although
    Maui Jim SHaDeS
    Deliver relief from any
    eYe pain
    iN Ocular
    Nerve.. Patented
    ReLaXinG Technology..
    anYway iN A Trip to the Beach
    on the 6th.. my foot prints then
    of Dance MiRoRinG Shores as WaveS
    OceaN whOle FiLLinG iN each sTeP
    FreeS OcEAN sHoRes eXPanDinG iN CreatiViTy too..:)


    SMiLeS.. noT
    A Lai BrinGeR
    i am although
    Maui Jim SHaDeS
    Deliver relief from any
    eYe pain
    iN Ocular
    Nerve.. Patented
    ReLaXinG Technology..
    anYway iN A Trip to the Beach
    on the 6th.. my foot prints then
    of Dance MiRoRinG Shores as WaveS
    OceaN whOle FiLLinG iN each sTeP
    FreeS OcEAN sHoRes eXPanDinG iN CreatiViTy too..:)

    SMiLes.. mY friEnd..
    Saddest Ogre.. NoW
    NotrE DamE Hunch
    Back Phantom
    Back from
    NeVeR a TEar
    oF SaD NoW for Happy
    Tears FuLL BlossoMs Love..:)

    SMiLes.. mY FriEnd..
    Watching a squirrel
    munching stored
    Acorns NoW on
    Adirondack Bench
    Wasp foraGinG for
    Nectar Free iN ClerodenDrum
    piNk i AM reminded that Direct
    TV and sPin of PoliTics iS nOWheRE
    to be found
    in Naked
    Forest Sand Alive
    LiVinG SurViVinG SuN
    LiT as iF the eNtire HuMaN
    Race iS JuST a DreAM thaT NeVer exists..
    alWays DanCinG
    SinGinG LiVinG LIGht
    iN eYes of Squirrels and Wasps
    Unshielded from vise of Greek Apocalypse
    iN iGnorance..
    No wHEre to FlY
    And CliMB buT LiFE mY
    friEnd.. Frank.. as HiGher
    Trees oF FLoWeRs LiGht..:)

  8. “Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t
    know. That can be your greatest strength
    and ensure you do things differently from
    everyone else.”

    -Sara Blakely

    Okay.. i’LL take orders
    from you Sara after
    all you are a Billionaire..
    so you must be huuuggggee..
    with all that Women’s Leggings and

    Yep.. and besides.. thaT iS
    the Advice of Batman’s
    Mentor when he was iN
    the Dark Abyss of SeeK
    And FinD too.. And yeah..
    Neo too.. and Bruce
    Lee and everyone
    else wHo makes
    tHeir own
    F iN WaY
    the restraints
    and confines oF
    thE BoX oF CulTurE Dead..:)


    And sure… as ‘they’
    say too.. i WiLL
    to eXceL
    A little
    hELp From
    aLL mY Super
    Hero FRiEnDs
    as Essence moRE
    NoW cOmes Form..;)

    i get huuuggggee Gas
    Mileage in my Honda
    EX Civic Coupe and
    heAr is the 199.99
    MPG Gallon
    cannot be wrong
    hehe.. at lEast for.2..;)

    “Born thiS Way”..
    Need i say more..;)

    These two Women
    have a crush on the
    Super Hero WoNdeR WoMaN..;)

    And this Woman
    in this store bought
    the Wife a Gift
    ’cause she
    said Katrina iS
    AngEL-liKe Nice..:)

    And i didn’t get
    even a Single
    Gift for my
    eXcept for 1
    But i did get
    CaKe and
    had mY icing too..;)

    iT’s TrUE..
    tHe Entire
    FamiLY has
    A Woman Crush
    On WoNdeR WoMaN NoW2..
    And yes.. even though i only
    GoT “1 Gift” for my Birthday..
    It waS/iS aLL liKe Cake and iCinG too
    every now.. of every.. hoUr of every day
    as i
    at CaKe
    and iCinG too..
    and noW it’s aLmost
    now for the continuing
    After Party alWays NoW
    aT old Seville Quarter and
    since i’ve written close to
    10K words in less than
    24 hours.. i’m gonna
    take me a Break
    as this
    57 BD After
    pARTy” has got
    lots to go through
    Friday the 9th of June too..
    6 through 9 as ‘they’ say too..;)

    Jesus F iN C tHIS
    ForM iS ELeGanT..;)

  9. https://gigoid.me/2017/06/03/indications-of-imminent-three-part-harmony/#comment-21999

    Good Evening gigoid.. and top
    of the Full Moon Eve of June
    the 9th too.. as these
    FuLL Moons
    are the
    for Rave-like
    DancE iN mY nexT
    StoP SooN aCross the
    River to aNoTheR County too..
    i didn’t forget this one as it is one
    of my Favorite ones.. been a bit spread
    out lately but definitely had to come back
    not to miss
    a wonderful
    to riff off of this..
    Hope liGht cOmes
    to you soon my FriEnd
    through the Challenge oF
    dARk as it does seem liKe
    you do alWAys find a way
    to pull your sELf through
    as this Life thingie
    is all about
    practice and
    more work never
    ending now to get all the jobs
    of LiFE Done successfully at WiLL Can..:)

    Hmm.. i’m FeeLinG a Little 24 Karat
    Gold toNiGht i’LL chalK iT uP to the
    FuLL MoonLiGht why not alWays
    something anew to do mY
    BeST to Celebrate
    for any
    i can
    and WiLL
    MaKe mY friEnd
    as LonG aS the liGht
    oF LIFe continues to coMe
    as Gift that i work for like an
    F iN Olympic Athlete whose only
    reward is the neXt Breath NoW..
    yeP it’s enough my friEnd
    as LonG as a sMiLe
    WiLL coMe thAT
    i CaN FeeL
    as every
    sMiLe maKes
    the NoW 24 CaRaT
    GoLd to ME aT LeASt..
    Nice to drop mY friEnd as alWays..:)

    “Our greatest glory is not in never failing,
    but in rising up every time we fail.”

    ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~

    Gettie up Gettie uP
    i do not know how
    to sPeLL Gettie uP
    the LeSS
    i AM uP
    HeHuH HaHe..:)

    (See that bigger
    Poem uP tHEre..
    i thINk the
    SeX oN the
    PaGe and MaKinG
    Baby SiZe Poems NoW..;)

    WordS and LetterS
    oN PaGe
    SeX No
    eT AL
    And inFinitum
    coNtinuuM eVeN
    MoRe.. Now too..;)

    “The man of genius
    should occupy
    the whole space
    between God or pure mind,
    and the multitude of uneducated men.
    He must draw from the infinite Reason, on one side;
    and he must penetrate into the heart and sense of the crowd, on the other.
    From one, he must draw his strength; to the other, he must owe his aim.
    The one yokes him to the real; the other, to the apparent.
    At one pole, is Reason; at the other, Common Sense.
    If he be defective at either extreme of the scale,
    his philosophy will seem low and utilitarian;
    or it will appear too vague and
    indefinite for the uses of life.”

    ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Literary Ethics” ~~

    YeP iT’s liKe BeinG iN
    Bed WitH everYone
    iN thE World
    And DoinG
    MaKe a Mess..;)

    “I leapt headlong into the sea,
    and thereby have become better acquainted with
    the soundings, the quicksands, and the rocks,
    than if I had stayed upon the green shore,
    and piped a silly song, and took
    tea and comfortable advice.”

    ~~ John Keats ~~

    It’s true.. it’s mostly
    Safer too with
    the Adventure
    iF doNe oNlinE
    SeaS without

    When washing your face, can you see your true self?
    When walking, can you feel the rotation of heaven?
    When speaking are your words without guile?
    When you shop are you aware of your needs?
    When you meet the suffering, do you help?
    When you meet conflict, do you
    work toward harmony?”

    ~~ Deng Ming-Dao ~~

    i AM
    i CaN
    i WiLL
    SPiRaL aLL A
    ‘rOUnD A GolDeN MeAn..
    aT RooT oF ChaLiCE MoRe..:)

    “Let yourself be open and life will be easier.
    A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes the water undrinkable.
    A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed.”

    ~~ Buddha ~~

    When aLL BeCoMes HoLy
    AnD SaCreD iN aLL oF
    sMaLL and BiG Picture
    VieWs FulL
    NoW oF
    and PurposE
    tHeRe iS AlWaYs
    FeeL iN FoR Loss
    oF HeAVeN oN eARTh..:)

    “Is this going to involve RAW human ecstasy?”

    ~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~

    AmaZiNG HoW Many
    Folks lose this
    the After
    Marriage oF LiFE
    YeS.. Marry the Ecstasy
    And Practice iT aS iF
    aLL yoUR hUmaN
    oF LiFe counts
    oN RaW hUmaN
    Ecstasy to DriVe yA
    through LiFe with no Hidden Charges..
    Cheap Thrills are the BeST when they
    BeComE HoLy and SaCreD aT
    HoMe of LiFE as any
    Church Style
    FuLL of MeaNinG
    and PurPose in Temple
    oF God as FlesH anD BLooD
    FoR any ThiNG
    Less than Ecstasy RaW..:)

    “Don’t brood. Get on with living and loving.
    You don’t have forever.”

    ~~ Leo F. Buscaglia ~~

    i miss yesterday and
    tomorrow and
    on the oTHeR
    HanD and FeaT
    oF LiFe i LiVe
    NoW coMpletE
    WiTh NoThiNG
    to Lose or GaiN..
    alWays Practice through
    alWays Work as NoThinG
    iS Free oR trUly Hard Work iN Fun..
    and FuN too..:)

    “Why is the universe the way we see it?
    If it had been any different, we would not be here!”

    ~~ Stephen Hawking ~~


    “If you understand, things are as they are.
    If you do not understand, things are as they are.”

    ~~ Gensha, Zen Master ~~

    i don’t care
    to kNow NoW
    wheN i kNow
    as thAT
    i care
    And Care iS FuN..:)

    Off NoW to A
    “Heinz 57 AfTeR
    pARTy” oN DancE
    and SinG through
    EvE FuLL MooN..
    see ya
    may the
    MooN liGht yA uP
    iN FuLLeR JoY dARk..:)

  10. Second Round
    oF FreKU NoW
    from Xenia’s

    i can’T
    DriVe 55
    aT HeinZ 57..
    LoVe yA aLL..
    XeNiA FLoWeRScoTTisH
    HiGhLand heART..

  11. Note:
    alReady have
    aLL ‘this Shit’
    FiguReD out
    iN tHe U.S..;)

    He who does not
    Master the Nude cannot
    Understand the Principles
    oF Architecture


    He who does not
    Master the Selfie cannot
    Understand the Principles
    oF Happy

    He who does not
    Master the Dance Cannot
    Understand the Principles
    oF Fly

    Yes.. while most of the rest
    of the so-called ‘Free World’
    is at so-called ‘Work’ on
    i am
    JuSt DoinG
    aLL Fred FReED Free Verse PoET
    Philosophy ClAss oN Facebook..;)

    And as far as all the oTheR STuFF goes..
    STiLL WorKinG oN iT as an eternAlly NoW overALL
    “sELfiE ProJecT”

    WeLL.. iT’s trUe i wasn’t complaining ’cause
    ‘only’ 6 of my Facebook Friends wished me
    a Happy Birthday on Facebook..
    as the Profile doesn’t
    provide a reminder
    of my Birthday
    and Facebook
    Friends even if they
    are labeled as Friends
    are in effect and affect
    loose associations below
    the status of Acquaintances
    overall in the Real World of
    Flesh and Blood.. hmm.. butt
    STiLL tHeir are some Lovely
    FriEnds oN Facebook that
    BrinG me Warm and
    overAll Happy
    inside and outside..
    above so below and
    yes of course all a’round..
    too as comfortable and cozy
    as ‘they’ say.. and immediately
    after i talked about only having 1
    BD Gift there was a notification from
    freely giving sharing DanCinG FriEnd Maggie wHo
    often brings a deLiGhTfUL
    photo of her always
    Work of Art in
    oN FB thaT
    are her beautiful
    poses in ‘Beach Wear’
    as ‘they’ say in fAct strategicAlly
    located was IS A tattoo of A Ribbon
    and it almost seemed like a Charlie’s
    Angels Farrah Fawcett style BD present just for
    Charlie and truly it was a 10 but it was for 144 other
    Facebook Friends or so who liked it as much as i did..
    as truly all i could say to Maggie in response to her Art
    is ‘OMG no comment’.. perhaps i will share that Art later on
    mY Blog but not on Facebook as she doesn’t have her personal
    stuff set to share on FB so i will respect that here but it’s too much of a
    Work of Art not to share with the Rest of the World and Lord kNows NoW FeeLs
    SeNsEs the rest of the world around here in public dam sure never asks
    me first if they can take videos and photos wherever i go.. And
    that’s the thing.. humans have alWays shared and given
    everything with each other and held Grand Respect
    for all of Nature(God) even when they consumed
    it per kills and eat.. yes.. and clothes
    were mostly an option
    just to avoid
    discomfort.. yes2.. as
    Anthropology and Sociology
    shows Humans who live in smAll
    groups in Environments of overaLL
    Abundance in moderation of consumption
    where all folks work hand in hand in A DancE
    And SonG of Life.. yeP.. Peace and Harmony coMes
    neXt and no one BEats tHeir Significant otHeR juSt
    because ‘they’ looked real hard at the ButTocks NoW
    of anoTheR meMber of the opposiTe or yeP.. sAMe SeX..

    (insert photo of the art of Maggie heaR oN Blog)

    Seriously.. i thiNk Maggie should be the
    Next Statue of Liberty just like
    this in ‘this pose’ in
    the New York Harbor
    and iN Front of the
    First Baptist Church
    and in Front oF Mosques
    too as soon as all ‘of that’
    enters into the 21st Century
    oF Freedom of Expression per
    Michelangelo’s Wisdom on ‘that’2..
    when i tale the wife somEwHat JoKinGLY
    that one day one of my Nude Art photos
    WiLL Stand uP in Front of Cordova Mall
    made into a real Michelangelo-like David..
    Concrete Statue..
    she kinda
    it too as she
    already kNOws
    And FeeLs and SenSes
    i can do anything/everything with Naked
    WiLLLOVE ’cause NaH “i ain’t scared”.. HeLL..
    not even Jeff Foxworthy can do It like i do iT..;)

    (OBTW.. iF you’re interested in that Maggie Photo
    wRite NoW.. you can find it under FB Friends.. wink wiNk)

    Like i sAid before..
    (Jesus F iN C tHis
    Form is ELegant)

    And yes.. the wife totally agrees
    ’cause ‘she ain’t scared’ and i do
    not beat her after she watches
    the “Magic Mike XXL” Movie
    either.. even
    if it
    not me..
    and she sings
    the ‘other Mike’
    has great buTtocks too..;)

    And yes. i’m still really pissed
    at ‘the prophet Muhammad’
    (but i’ll never Dante
    send him to hell
    for his ‘Cave
    Dreams in
    free verse
    poetry either
    then that ended
    up Brain Washing
    my Friend Rafiah
    to believe that it
    is okay for a man
    to beat his wife
    if and
    let’s face it..
    some humans stray..
    it’s tHeir Nature/Nuture not unlike
    Homosexual Behavior.. Transgender..ETc..
    Folks or the really odd odd stuff NoW
    liKe a 57 year old dude who does
    Nude art.. and yes.. some
    folks get angry and
    furious too
    but that is
    never an excuse
    to lash out and physically
    abuse someone NoW when you
    can just walk away.. get a divorce
    if you have to or whatEver the FucK..
    only little men are afraid to just move on
    if they are man enough at all to do that..
    A Country of mice like this or prophets who
    adhere to inhumane rules like this will never rule very far
    in a
    in fact.. more than
    likely they will lose..
    and yes.. my conversation
    with Rafiah on the subject
    makes me wanna celebrate as
    much as i can too that the Muslim
    Religion and the prophet Muhammad
    is imperfect cause FucKinG NO ONE
    there is a more
    human way
    to deal
    with what
    is evil and
    what hurts yOUr feelings too.
    this is serious do do NoW no matter how
    politically incorrect it is to talk about
    politics and religions around folks
    who hold different beliefs if
    someone ain’t naked
    free enough to
    juST do it..
    World NoW
    WiLL neVer change..
    and that’s why we have
    ART and Parodies and Poems
    and Literature and Painting.. yes..
    all the stuff that makes up ART.. and
    Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry with tHeir
    Avant Garde Nudie art and yes.. the Lovely Young
    Woman in ‘this picture’ SoWinG her wild buttocks
    on the dance floor up and down so vigorously on
    my frontal parts coming back a total of 5 times more
    during the dance night as i guess a gift from God as it
    was both funny and really didn’t hurt my feelings at all..
    she is young enough to be free and not too old to
    sMiLe with all her heART.. dam sure ‘beEats’
    a bunch of little mice men and
    a prophet who doesn’t
    respect the God
    Given unalienable
    right to Freedom of
    WiLL and Choice to mate
    with whoever the FucK you
    wanna mate with as many times
    and as with as many folks you want conSeNsuALLy
    too NoW as along as the child gets enough touchy
    Feely appropriate hugging Love.. NoW even if you have
    to do it on welfare with your baby daddy too.. yeP.. Love
    counts.. YeS.. the Touchy Feely kind.. don’t matter wHeRe
    it coMes from and by God if it wasn’t for WoMeN who stray
    the Katrina would have never ever entered into the world today..
    and NoW if Katrina’s Mother Lives where Rafiah does she would have
    perhaps not made it through the Pregnancy as she could have been ‘honor’
    killed and speaking of Lovely Angels of God who come from Women who stray..
    FucK this part of the Muslim Religion and Muhammad’s words as they do some great
    things in love and
    peace but tHis
    shit is
    Plain FucKinG
    Wrong and Deserves
    Zero respect from anyone
    who believes in a God of Free
    WiLL and Love and not one who
    beats someone or sends them
    to hell forever just
    cause they
    a little small
    enough fearFuLL
    and Hating God
    like that otherwise
    God would have never sent
    that Women to rub her butt all up
    and down on my Frontal parts 6 times
    for the “Devil’s Birthdate of 6660”.. not my words..
    the words before attributed to me by the Cashiers
    back ‘in the days’.. carding me for one Beer A Day..
    iN Milton Florida wHo caLLeD themselves ‘Christians’..
    And hate all up on Sacred Numbers and Naked God’s Adults
    too.. thanks.. i needed to get that off my chest as heART and i kNow that is why
    God brought me ALL those Heavenly WeLL endowed Buttocks to do jusT that.. too..
    And no this is no Muslim person’s fault as they are just brain washed and
    if i were to be Jesus today coming in Naked King David Glory aGaiN and
    having to do the duty of judging the living and the dead i would never
    for saying
    any of this
    for the acid on
    the face of beauty free.
    period as they FucKinG say.
    You FucK with My Free God
    And My Free Brothers and Sisters
    and you will see the sword of my tongue..
    no.. i will not beat you or kill you but you
    will hear the thunder of what
    nexT.. Period2.
    iN a place that hopes
    and prays for freedom with
    no punches in swords of blood
    to hold humans accountable now for
    the unjustified harm they bring to others
    through all stuff associated with fear including
    Jealousy and all stuff Hate.. and again.. nah.. don’t
    FucK anyone per the pejorative of ‘that’ just the ideals rarified as HeLL..
    written in dead words of books that no longer will hold people in a prison of pain..
    in a
    Free placE
    WHERE God
    gets to live
    and Free too in terms
    of never BeiNG beat for Freedom. period.
    And to be clear in the context of my Free Verse
    PoEtrY FucKinG IS A metaphor for iF yoU SeeK iN God
    and literAlly as such per essence whenever you make God
    into anything but i AM per LiVinG First within you as that
    is the way all of US ‘See’ God whether we believe in
    A overall Force oF Nature plUS or not.. separate
    or whole.. yeS eVeN the three
    letter word labEL
    God is an
    idol too
    but hey
    it’s just Language
    and God’s not gonna
    get pissed off within unless
    you make God pissed as you as
    the greaTest Gift we have as BeinG
    hUman is our abiLiTy through the art
    of movement.. yes.. DancE and SonG
    as both are MoVinG MiNd/Body as
    Temple of God we soUL Me YoU
    as form
    to reGuLate
    oUr EmoTioNs
    and InteGraTE ouR
    SeNses like any KunG
    Fu Shaolin Master
    and never lash
    out NoW aS
    is an
    now of
    yes it’s
    more than
    fasting now
    as essence within
    God as i am as you
    as me that is you too and
    sure.. the Rest of Nature and BeYonD plUS
    aLL NoW thaT hUmans SenSe and FeeL buTT iT
    reMaiNs trUe thaT for yoU God stARTS alWays
    eternaLLy and never ends.. NoW as i AM YoU
    And You are ME.. NoW.. yes.. of course WE are
    alWays NoW ALL the Walrus and the Carpenter too..
    Note to sELf.. aLL tHaT LiVinG ButTocks Art MoVinG
    iN FeeLinG SeNSinG CoLor sure is gonna inSpiRe uP mY neXt ‘WorK oF ART..;)

    WeLL iT appears i have fully addressed and yes undressed the associated pArTS aS wHOle iN
    Michelangelo and me’s Philosophy on ‘that’ and yes the associated philosophy
    oN Dance and SonG to BrinG the Nirvana oF HeaVeN oN eARTh NoW
    iN Free Verse DancE and SonG wHen/wHeRE God CoMes ouT WithiN
    to PlaY with no lies from culture and or religion
    too.. yes.. literAlly as i sAid then and
    metaphorically as all words are too..
    as for some folks.. beats means
    throwing acid on
    the woman
    on the
    street who
    looks a little
    too “inviting” to them..
    and for others.. it may be
    totally consensual in 50 sHades
    of Grey in whips and chains.. particularly
    if they miss out on the touchy feely oxytocin
    paRT of GiVinG ShArinG Appropriate Love and NO..
    are NOT forced into a kind of child labor of sex
    at home in abusive sexual ways as what is reported
    in case studies in Saudia Arabia by Physicians there
    where anywhere from 60 to 80 percent of girls report
    when little they were sexually molested in the home..
    yes.. forced into performing masturbation and oral sex..
    as that is what happens incestually happens in sick and ill
    fetish when boys and girls are
    not allowed to
    when they
    reach the age
    of Puberty free
    and yes.. this means girls
    too not just old men with
    child Brides who are 12 years
    old as still Documented in Pakistan..
    purchased as ‘Cattle’ against their free will..
    NoW when 60 year old men marry 12 year old girls..
    i mean Jesus.. if you are a man marry a woman not a child..
    as they
    say and
    that goes
    for so-called
    Trump Muhammad Prophets too..
    yes that’s an illness too but Jesus
    let’s not make an illness legal.. please….
    not then.. not now.. not ever.. let a child be a child…
    and do
    them what
    they are not..
    against their free will..please..:)

    Anyway and now more fully into the ART
    of Selfies to more fully understand
    the principles of Happy it is
    true as science shows
    that innately
    our Non-verbal
    Body Language
    accounts for 60 to
    93 Percent or so of
    all of reciprocal social
    communication and as science
    shows us these bonds of reciprocal
    social communication in actual action
    in flesh and blood ways is the number
    one source of all Human Happiness so what
    do you do to be the most happiest of all.. yes
    your practice your Non-verbal communication including NoW
    iN the art of Selfies to inspire the other person to smile
    or giggle or laugh or down out right belly laugh.. or sure
    the empathy of sad eyes and all those
    other EmoTiCoN
    choices we
    see on
    Facebook NoW..and
    now that that reciprocal
    social communication technological
    device that is somewhat replacing
    a flesh and blood life of
    connection can at least
    vicariously better
    get us
    to Happy
    sMiLe and tears
    of JoY LiFe NoW..
    it makes me laugh just a little
    when folks say that taking selfies
    are narcissistic when sharing your FucKinG
    Face in wHeRe LoVE and Happiness comes from most..
    if you
    are human
    that is
    not a
    F iN Robot
    in a Science Book
    or avatar that is
    not you or even in
    A Bible or a Kuran
    with not even
    a photo
    said what
    or when as words
    become even more
    human as idol of rarified
    ideal abstract concept of God
    as small as a F iN 3 letter word.

    AnyWay.. this facial expression makes
    me laugh inside as this Woman shows
    me her mysterious James Bond i SpY eYes
    WoMeN too..;)

    And yes.. ‘the look’ can
    and will mean as many
    meanings as i give it
    full of holy and sacred
    purpose.. reAlly.. so much
    than words
    alone in any
    book bible koran
    or other Book
    words without
    the star of HuMan eYe..

    OTHER that’s not only
    it leads
    to aggression..
    violence and tribal wars too..
    but that’s what happens if you
    do not leave a desert hell for Paradise
    iN more of God’s
    Gifts of Green Life
    over hidden
    that are
    the green
    of our skin
    from head to toe..
    that are never treasures
    when hidden and never told
    as flesh and blood.
    say.. NoW..
    Go to the Beach..
    sMiLe and Shake yoUr butt..
    yes.. of course iN both Marilyn
    and yes2.. Baby.. Elvis ways too2..;)

    NoW iN this photo of these two lovely Women who come
    uP for a new Selfie Face pose for several weeks
    now and counting.. to me at least living
    in Hell for 66 months and
    being well acquainted
    in real flesh
    and blood
    of/as the
    living version
    then of that painting
    by Edvard Munch named
    ‘Scream’.. this lovely lady
    pulls the scream face off for
    me when Happy and for me as a more
    Classic Artist at times it’s FucKinG AwEsoMe.. yeP.. to me..
    buTT you see some folks would see that as a cut down instead
    of a magnificent
    on the
    full art of a
    face or even more
    of the human Temple
    of God in all the
    dARk to LiGht
    to abyss
    to BeYond
    Rainbow Colors
    thAT cOme in all the
    ways humans coMe too as Holy
    and Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose
    and remember i am juST BrinGinG you My
    TrUtH and liGht and like what Neo said
    toward the end of one of those Matrix Movies
    what you do with it if you care to read it or do anything
    with it at all will be your will and choice with or without Fearless Love too
    that is smART
    or as the
    in lifting the
    veils of ignorance
    making that into killing
    the world instead of saving yOuR
    miNd and BoDy BaLanCinG SoUL from a Death as LiFE..
    hmm.. trusT me or Not what i do works as many stories sHow..
    for those
    ears to see a little
    more than veils of ignorance now..:)

    Now.. this second of two very Tall and
    Beautifully Handsome hmm.. kinda Amazon
    Wonder WoMeN too.. is/are very full
    figured and just
    of God ART as
    she remembers a photo
    with me before.. a year or so
    when she was on Summer Break
    from School.. and what’s the Song
    about Remember Me from Taylor Swift..
    WeLL.. once aGaiN my ink blot test
    and you
    they say
    about imaginary
    Lovers subject and
    Muse of Art’s Desire..:)

    One day i’m gonna write
    some poetry that will encourage
    readers who are female in the future
    to pull tHeir panties down as one of
    My Facebook Friends once said that
    other old Dead Men’s Poetry
    in Dead Poet Society ways
    does for them..
    and sure
    John Songs
    too no matter
    how old and
    even gay
    old dude
    is too.. but
    for now still kinda
    in Bible Writing Mode sTiLL
    with juST some spice added
    in and out and all around
    circling with the lightest
    of feather
    lasts for hours
    eternally now
    okay.. now
    next to the riSinG
    photo CoMinG soon..
    now.. later

    Like ‘the Wife’
    said anything and
    everything per do
    you dare to do this
    MaGiC Boy iN Katy
    ways too..;)

    Notice how i put
    Katy and Taylor
    in the
    overall Poem..
    all the tension..
    don’t ya love it..;)

    Jesus F iN Christ ‘this’ is getting long..

    Anyway.. Meanwhile.. back to the Facebook Ranch..

    And it’s worth noting like some of those letters
    some women write to ‘macho men’ in prison
    in a much different way..
    A Woman once offered
    her womb uP
    to have
    Walt Whitman’s
    Child.. even though
    he might have been
    Gay and at least Bi-Sexual..
    hAha.. Poetry and Prison and Dance Groupies
    too.. RocK and RoLLinG as ‘they’ say too..;)

    YeaH it’s ‘strange’ one time when i was dancing
    and went upstairs a couple of girls really beautiful
    wanted a selfie with me and one of the girls said she
    was pointing down to me on the dance floor
    earlier Dancing and saying
    that’s the
    kind of
    guy i
    wanna marry one
    day.. well.. really
    she said that’s the
    guy but i am too modest
    to put that first.. and i thought
    to myself.. really i am not too far away
    from 60 and i have a bald spot on top and
    am starting to grey.. so what’s up with that
    as they have no idea i am financially independent..
    and yes.. before i told them.. married too.. well you
    see the
    Spice for a
    free spirited woman
    is a fearless man
    who is not
    to express
    his spirit too..
    in both divine
    masculine ways
    of WiLL and Strength
    and Love and Grace2..
    and it just goes to
    show that the men her
    age don’t understand ALL oF what i do do..
    and true.. many less free spirited women.. ain’t got a clue either..;)

    As the sELfie story ends for now
    with the last photo of a group
    of young folks between the
    ages of 18 and 21 too
    young to drink
    with an
    X on their
    Hands and if so..
    overall high on life..
    and they too compliment me
    as awesome in the free spirit
    i BrinG each week now for 164 weeks at Seville Quarter
    total.. thing is.. no one around here will ever FucKinG
    forget me.. NoW..
    ’cause i am
    the only Brave
    one enough NoW
    to FucKinG Be ME..
    all of ME no holds barred baby..
    and they don’t even have one word of
    a load of this FucKinG entire story
    that doesn’t just make me
    Legend on eARTh in
    Dance according
    to the folks
    wHo assess it overall
    as such in the flesh and
    Blood Non-Verbal act of ArT..
    iN Dance but yes.. something entirely new
    online that has never ever been done before..
    and sure.. empirically so in measure of words never
    ever written or written like this before either
    and the
    best pART
    oF all
    is i am
    only human
    and lived in
    eARTh Hell too..
    born Autistic with
    Asperger’s Syndrome..
    not able to speak until
    age 4.. bullied most of my
    life with the real lifelong challenge
    of Bi-Polar condition too.. sure.. with
    19 medical disorders as a shut in too for
    66 months too.. ranging from the worst pain
    known to Humankind named Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia from wake to sleep for 66 months too
    like Dentist Drill without Novocaine in right eye and
    ear with no drug made by humans that could touch that pain
    then.. escape of words as they say.. Meditation WriTiNG too to help
    tolerate HeLL on eARtH with all the other issues of Hell on eARTh ME too..
    you see the
    good news
    about ME
    is i am
    and you
    are too and sure
    you can do more than
    me in so many other ways
    too.. but unless you FucKinG
    Believe with 100% Faith as Positive
    Love from Head to toe free in fearless
    way away from all illusory fears discarding
    all illusory promises too but the reaLiTy of
    the fACT that HeAvEN CaN and WiLL Be NoW
    within you too as an ongoing enternALLy
    NoW practice to what works that
    takes you HeRe for You..
    you will be one
    who is waiting
    for Godot
    the Gold at
    the end of the
    rainbow that is standing ME
    and yes.. you too.. this is the
    message that most Christians never
    see in the New Testament that is still
    clear as day for those with eyes and ears
    to see.. and the message that doesn’t even
    exist in the Koran as that was about a man
    and wars and status over the humble
    Love that only gives and
    shares and would
    never enslave
    any pART
    of God
    in anyway.
    not even a Grain of Sand
    or less or greater than God
    wHoLe wHo and ThAT is thAT
    Grain of
    mE too..
    yep.. David
    Slaying the
    Goliath of antiquated
    Books and all that Jazz
    CoMinG to Fruition likely
    after i go away and all
    for a thousand or so
    years of saY iN A Place
    with no sun or moon that
    is online with little old ME..
    Younger than ever in Spirit forever..
    like i said someone has to pick up the ball and be ME..
    say.. too..;)

    And yes there was a Seventh
    Photo from Seville with another
    Lovely Woman and you can
    find her in
    my Blog
    Post too..
    she was just
    Beautiful and Lovely
    Nice.. as all angEL
    WoMeN are
    than ‘beat’
    as little men do.
    period. for WHATEVER REAsoN.

    YeP.. iN all the ways
    BEAT comes east and
    west as that word
    is a metaphor
    for all
    that is
    from Love.
    PERIOD.. NOW..

    See.. hears the thing
    if my family lived
    in a Muslim country
    no one i love in my
    immediate family would likely be
    heaR at all.. and neither would
    me as we are against the law over
    there.. you don’t get to live free if you are
    mentally ill or like the wonderful plates
    of food that just came my way from a gay
    and bisexual relative that my wife
    is currently offering
    to me or if
    My Wife’s Mother
    strayed as ‘they’ too
    say as that is against
    the law too.. you see..’that’
    is against everything i am alive
    so no.. i do not like the Muslim
    Religion at all. period. as they say.
    the People who practice the Religion i Love..
    But the Book per Religion is not only
    at core
    it is FucKinG eViL
    as it promotes and
    or does not condemn
    STiLL Many forms of
    real life slavery..
    juSt.. my oPiNion..
    A very educated one too..
    And the way the Christian
    Religion is PRACTICED.. not
    too far behind as evil too..
    need i point
    to your
    ‘they’ elected..
    ’nuff ‘said’/’voted’ i thiNk
    iN Evangelical Christian Evil too..

    i’d put a pound sign UP noW as
    tag to point it out but i don’t
    need to
    for a ‘while’..
    trust me or not..
    yes.. in plain siGht..
    like a thief in FucKinG
    Broad Daylight too big to see
    in words at LeASt and most too..
    as the Dance is clear as day but as ‘they’
    don’t say too..
    is FucKinG
    Best and
    the SonG
    of any Bible
    or Koran hands UP..
    Feat DoWn God uP i AM NoW..:)




    A ‘Long Day ‘tiLL the
    Moon Rises’..
    yep.. been
    tHeRe done
    iT mY friEnd for
    too long too but
    wHeRe theRe’s
    WiLL tHeRe’s
    Hope Dies..
    thaT Snake carrieS on..:)

    Missed the
    Heard the

    The DancE
    The SonG

    GoddesS NoW
    WorK oF ART
    TrulY A SiN




  12. Happy birthday my FRiEnD – I love the Mumford & Sons video especially and ‘WE ARE all ‘CREATIVE Stars pArts’ :o) Sending you sMiles across the miles and much love to you, Katrina and Yellow Boy too :o) xxx

    • Hello mY friEnd Xenia Keeper of the Happy
      Dog SPiRiT and Reiki Touch Healer..
      Happy to see you wading
      this far
      in HeinZ
      57 stuff to
      say Hi today..
      Does anyone really
      no what time it is no time
      for Lover of the Light as they
      say the ecstatic view of Pure
      Love in understanding all
      one Transcendent
      Now that
      is NoW
      forever simply
      NoW and we have it all
      within as bliss of waves aLL
      NoW as shores exPaNding even
      more aS hUmaN LiGht DanCinG oN
      And SinGinG NoW uNTiL aLL tHeRe is
      iS aLLThATiS NoW iN eYes Beauty Wisdom..
      And per WE ARE all CREATIVE STAR
      pArts.. mY GreaTeST Wish is thaT
      everyone ‘sees’ this no
      time distance
      NoW oF
      LoVe eterNaLLy
      iNFiNiTy StanDinG
      tALL uS WiTh Never
      Hands of CLock to tie us
      dOWn.. to Deadlines when
      NaTuRE sMiLES Forevermore
      NoW foR Hands and eYes of hUman
      wHo destroy the Hands of TiMe unLock
      NoW forevermore now and Live and as far
      as the Chicago SonG i AM ShaRinG NoW too..
      it’s sad but some folks never get to the second pARt of that
      SonG.. mY FriEnd.. Discordance oF dARk verses Harmony oF LiGht..:)

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