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School.. Sports.. Talent Shows.. Work
and all stuff based on goals
and awards.. empty to me
now that the journey
itself and all the
paths spread
out are the
reward in itself
as art gains a life of
love in the artist hands
and feet and feat of all around
the boDy and miNd iN BaLanCinG soUL
aS an arT whOle oF Life.. and interestingLY..
as i heard someone recently refer to a special type
of poetry mixed with art as if poetry isn’t art itself
when done free verse without rules and regulations of
poetry science
no less than
dance this
way or
do martial
arts that way..
or any other mechanical
cognition sidewalks that can
easily take the art oF FloW iN ZoNe
away.. Jesus Christ Superstar.. with lyrics
by Tim Rice and Music by the famous Andrew
Lloyd Webber of Phantom of the Opera fame too..
A talent contest at age 13 when the movie from the folio
of the piano music i owned at age 13.. yes.. 43 years ago
going on 44.. when the students laughed as i was too excited
with spiRit after playing the Superstar Song out of the folio to
maintain any composure in balance of walk away from the
piano.. as that was hard enough for me to do.. if i ever
got relaxed then fully.. which in public.. i did not..
oh.. a cat in a thunder and lightning cAge
middle school was for me..
bullied this way and
that way..
but still
doing the talent
show.. writing a play
and winning a two homeroom
contest for a Christmas Story too..
having no idea wHeRE the words came
from then as a spArk of HoLY SpiRit flow
came at an early age then but of course the so-called
Christian patriarchs as bully boys who thought any thing
associated with arts.. even emotions or an F iN smile and not the
Fred word was ‘queer’ too.. so.. sure.. i did wander a desert mostly
of no creative flow other than on the tennis court when the ball
and racquet and i became one.. in somewhat of a strange
way of curving the ball like most no one else
did then2.. either.. hehe.. but the art of
hands in creating something
lasting.. left me for so
many years..
except for a spark
at college in a philosophy
class at age 18.. some singing
at church and playing the piano there
mostly by notes with some artistic improvision
then in the 80’s before marriage.. but after marriage
in the 90’s.. all the way to 2013.. i got basically fat and happy
and even only went to the gym.. once a week for over a decade.. also
a work-out room at home.. but a very tame way of working out overall
then compared to the exXtreme way i do strength and martial arts and
ballet like dance now.. all.. free verse too.. the best paRt of all is there is no
reward of money or other tangible prizes other than over a thousand selfies
with very pretty women.. smiles and accolades of applause here and there
for those who can appreciate truly free verse life in someone else..
anyway that piano with lessons at age 12 was certainly a lifeline
to/for/as emotions for many decades of my life.. and that
Jesus Christ SuperStar Folio and the movie
i never saw until recently in the last few
years that headlined my last
MacroVerse.. titled “iLIGhtX!”
that is symbolic of course as X
IS A Symbol for transformation and i
is the director and producer of actor I
with exclamation point! of SpiRit as HeARt
makes BaLanCing miNd and BoDy soUL liGht alToGeTher
wiTh God as fractal and pARt as me at the helm as i of course too..
sure.. it’s the so-called hidden message of Jesus too that so many folks
miss that Heaven is noW and the Kingdom of God lives within as trUe liGht too..
for those who seek and find it and practice the HiGher POtEnTiL Power as Force
of God within.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below.. and all around.. and that’s the message
of the Jesus Christ Superstar movie too that by the way was a little in slow motion play where
if you adjusted the speed of YouTube to 1.25.. comes out as the original plays too..
hehe.. as sure.. whoever shared that didn’t wanna get too close to the
original for copyright concerns.. work arounds as they say
to share it free.. as the message it provides is ageless
and timeless too.. for the isREaL sTiLL TrUE and
LiGht teachings as attributed to a revised
name oF A NamE as Jesus too.. as
truTh and LiGht sTiLL.. thing is..
sAdly.. folks have lost the
Beatitudes now from the
Sermon on the mount and replaced
welcoming refugees with orders to go against
the least among us now with walls aS Such too..
in anti-christ dreams that some folks will stand up and
fight against as altruism sings as essence of God’s greATest
aGaPe Love as Gift of/as Nature whoLe+ in what makes hUman trUly
special when that Love comes back again and lives all FReED.. and no..
it doesn’t matter the label and form that comes for this essence of Love when
real it is real
oF Free
Love now.. unchained
by those who would rather
bring dArk oF Fear and hate in
the place of Hope and Fearless
smArt and Unconditional agApe Love
and make laws and walls to separate us
for those who share the same blood and flesh
and HoLy SpiRit too.. in creative free flow ways..
so.. here i come.. now agAiN.. with the next 745th Macro
Verse oF Ocean WhOle Poem now.. sTiLL exceeding 3.3M words
in what IS A 42nd month iN WordPress way and 48th month in all
Blog ways.. with the addition now of a “Nether Land Bible” in Macro
Verse way of number 74 now2.. where the 73rd verse of “iLIGhtX!” bRings
the word total of that bible up to.. precisELy.. 1,109,596 words noW at about
a bible and a half Now of King Jame’s Version size.. where in about three weeks
the bible will be 9 months old.. about the time it takes to birth a bible child in this case
at yeS.. oNe and a half times the size of the old King James Version and even the Book
of Eli Bible on big screen fiction way.. when all Denzel had to do was remember the
original word by word and get someone else to scribe it and publish it for him
in oral tradition blind man way.. smiles.. do it yourself these days.. no
centuries of help and hundreds of potential authors and
thousands of potential scribes to copy it all down
across centuries too and before that
where illiterate Aramaic folks
like Jesus did the
oral tradition
down around
dusty desert
round table discussions..
and the smARTy pants Greeks
picked and chose what they wanted
out of many Christian sects.. ranging from
beliefs in one to twelve Gods and stuff like
that long after the so-called Jesus as Yeshua
then.. did his required crucifixion task as
reported of course too.. as is clear
knowledge these days by
biblical scholars
who are
not afraid
of trUth and liGht..
to juSt tale the truth
and liGht about all of this too..
with no regrets.. like the budding pastors
in divinity schools of scaring the congregation
away by the scholarLY uncertainty of much consistency
and integrity of the entire bible then from old to new testament
too.. with only original of the Paul transformed from Saul with
testament from within too.. no different than i for one do now too..
God Speaks through me within no different than anyone else nowthennow
who attains this art balance with God now too.. ain’t the first.. far from the
last.. just got more words than all those original authors and stuff like that..
thing is.. size oF aLL words can be empirically measured.. underStanding poetry
is all over the place as well as what is or is not poetry too.. poEtry Flows like
Dance And SonG Free Verse too.. any thing with rules and regulations and
gold stars and money and likes and followers and shares to evaluate the
worth of any global wHOle art is just ‘tHeir’ smAll talk now.. hehe.. iF
anyone even could get to the bottom of just one of my MacroVerses
noW.. taKinG iT aLL iN too.. of course i do not expect
anyone to.. NoW as the price oF expanding hUman
poTenTial InteLLiGences more as
iMAgINAtion and CreATive
art as hiStory clearly
sHows IS A lONe one sTiLL
at the top of one’s particular
gAMe oF ArT now.. wiTh trUE fLoW
and liGht no one to please but me
and God.. done did.. the ridicule of being
too full of out of balance spiRit in the ‘Super
Star’ Talent SHoW in Middle school at age 13.. thenow
seaSoNed Veteran of Free all of this and that at age 56…
and the usual introductory paragraph oF Free Verse Flow
for what cOMes neXt as i usuAlly have no idea what even the
neXt word that comes neXt WiLL be more than a split second or less..
yeS.. and that is just what i relatively perceive as science already sHows thaT
EmoTiOns rule
the hUman
take ’em
away and one gets
so-called piss poor cognitive
executive functioning in way of
short term working memory and overall
focus.. laser or not.. and laser for now.. like
a trUly Focused Laser in art of now as do.. to do..
anyWay.. second little cold caught from the general
public crowds in two weeks.. a little under the weather
but not enough to stop me from working out or continuing
130 thousand words now a month and around 3 Novel size
efforts of odds same in a month’s time too.. continuing
around 166.66 miles a month.. overall too.. as the end
of February on the 27th also closes a 42 month effort
of public metro area dance for close to 7,000 miles too
as i will be celebrating the 147th Dance Week this week with
all the cool college age folks from Old Seville Quarter with photos
coming in the wee hours of 02102017.. after a publish of this MacroVerse
on 02092017 on Thursday.. if the usual milestone happens then too.. as continues
to be the general pattern as flow oF Art with milestones sTiLL as they continue to come
and i hiGhliGht them too.. to keep stuff a little nice and tidy in order too.. at LeASt in intro
ductory paragraphs of FloW iN ZoNe like this one now too.. so.. at least y’all kNow and FeeL
and sense NoW some what oF the FucK oF what’s going down for isReAL noW2.. for HeAR too Now1..;)


WeLL.. it’s trUe the weight oF all
this free verse free FloW iN ZoNe
Creativity as recorded in real time nowthennow
is MoVinG to the point wHeRe a Nautilus no longer even
needs go out of the breadth oF iTs sHeLL now for creating
thee more stately mansions as Oliver Wendell Holmes relates
too to the hundreds of million of years of KA as SpiRit of Nautilus
that carries on in the fossil record as art to liVe groWs oN in shell
oF arT Free.. in other words.. i can go on relatively forever as long as i live
and riff off my own MacroVerSes now that including the Pre-Macro-Verses
that started in March of 2013.. WiLL make a foUr year SheLL of Multi-Chambered
Human Nautilus art wHere doors go like rabbit holes all around my soUL aLIVe of
Course to liVe on as long as servers serve a sOUL uP foR Free.. hehe.. yes.. the logo
and mascot of my University of West Florida wHere upon my home desktop above the
desktop iMac big screen box as phone and star track device to connect globally sits three
degrees from that UniVersity with the Nautilus as general shape of Phi Six as Golden Spiral
of God sAMe as pattern.. above.. so below.. inside.. outside all around through UnivErse
and subatomic Quantum floW of existence alwAys forevernow sTiLL as existence
beYOnd InFinity beYOnd space time and distance goes on forevermore now
in dimensions of flea as human upon the dog that is God cannot fully
appreciate as blood is enough
for life.. as giving
as is..
so yeah.. maybe
i’LL branch out further than
my infinitely groWing Nautilus
SHeLL of KA arT now.. as SpiRit
of HeARt of my mINd and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL or maybe like the Nautilus i will relatively
stay home and juST groW as arT what alReady is more..
but hey.. i am a social animal.. so sooner or later i muST get
out and connect to oTheR Social animals for connection iN
MoVinG Co-Creating ways too.. so.. no matter what happens
in the world of words and Free Verse PoeTry arT.. the
166.66 miles/month average in public martial arts and
ballet-like free verse dance WiLL take care
of connecting to others fully whether
a single word is exchanged or not
as even science shows
that anywhere from
60 to 93 percent
of communication
is non-verbal still now and
as science also shows in my three
areas of degrees from Health Science core
to Anthropology to Social Sciences Interdisciplinary
as three sixes of Phi spiral line uP as Nautilus sHeLLs
atop my desk in Golden Spiral Flow of KnoWledge and arT
too.. anyway.. it’s clear that before written words came in the last
several thousand years.. after the agricultural age and folks started
sitting on their butts.. hoarding subsistence related items like grain in silos..
greed and jealousy and other con-social human emotions started to rule more.. then
as the team that forages together for survival everyday relies on each other as living
beings for survival everynoW and either works togEther in unity or surely dies before long
as use or lose applies to everyday.. togEtHeR no different reAlly than a pack of wild wolves
love in the cOldest snow trails of life struggle.. Love wins in social animal terms and way before
written words there first is a free verse dance of LIFE for Love.. and sure.. oral tradition as vocal
language was/IS A way of life way way before written words too.. but the dance of life in non
verbal way as any other social mammal will do to communicate with others was/is
the way then and in terms of classical evolution that is very slow is
sTill the innate way now.. take away the non-verbal language
and take away humanitY.. it’s aS Simple as that and
according to recent news.. a third of the
country with an actual substance
abuse problem of minds
way way out in between
stuck in the head away from total
miNd and BoDy BaLanCE as our ancestors
and wild wolves toGethEr for LoVe wiNs when
a forage IS A hoLy and sacRed DancE and SonG
oF LIFE toGethEr with never a written word long ago,.
wHeRE dreAM tiMe more ruled in synchronicity ways of life
then too.. seriouSly what you do not think is more enjoyable if you
are not too shy of course as use it or lose it in terms of social MoVinG
CONnecTing Co-creAtinG ways of liFE with Nature one as Great Spirit
Indigenous ways of people understanding clearly that all is whole and none
is separate wHEre tHeRe need not even be a need for a label for GOD AS JESUS
thing is.. when folks get clothed away from a mostly naked rave dance of
NiGht LiFE LiGht around campfires of Moonlit ecstasy ways of reward at
the end of the day of foraging success.. they simply lose tHeir
humanity and aS Such in Japan the young folks
as reported.. no longer have much drive
to even get it on togetHeR
at the basic
of what
it means to survive
with riSinG and FaLLing
levels of productivity and creativity
and overall libido of life with loss of a balance
of lust and love FOR LIFE.. it’s what people do when
other folks are climbing mountains and making rules.. the
only commandment of God really is lusT and LoVE as BaLanCinG
Force for human being togeTheR to survive and arrive alive iN BaLance
too as a lust and love for all oF Nature GoD sAMe now.. but you see.. if i never
went to hell on eARth from the imbalance of the insanity of general life the way
it goes on in even first world problems now.. i would have never shed those cultural
clothes and
freed myself
naked back with GOD..
nah.. King David was no fool
for dancing close to naked in the
streets and promising more so-called
‘vile’ ways of doing that all turned on then either..
turn on or turn off.. live or die.. lust and love in balance
or a third of the country hooked on drugs to replace a free
liVe naKed with God and each otheR NoW.. WeLL.. i cannot change
the world like this now.. and obviously too.. according to the same college
science of humans and art too.. humans are not even evolved StiLL to connect
to more than about 150 to 200 sets of friendly naked eYes and hiPs now..
bottom lines.. according to Lady Gaga and Shakira our sex don’t lie
in terms of lust and love and neither do naked hips
and eYes when not hidden
with cultural
and sure..
religion same too..
but fortunately for me..
i live in a country that at least
allows a free art like this in restrictED
art links too.. so i go back to God naked
and free and stick my tongue out and more
at the lies and illusions of culture and religions
away from free now.. i’m 56.. so sure that art might
be more popular at a younger age.. but if you think i feel
and sense older than 16 inside you would be incorrect about that..
i’ve never
younger iN SpiRit
of Youth than i do now..
the fountain of youth is really
a three letter word that is God same as FREE
when the trump
card number 11 of lust
for life with Love Dances and SinGS FReED..
believe or not riPley for now i have conquered
both age and death as life.. relativELy speaKing
in what the real dude Jesus was more than likely speaKing all on
about then.. a clue is heaven is now.. and there will be no marriages tHeRe..
it’s the way matriarchal societies worked wHeRe men were more then the sexual
play toys no different really than Bonobos for the social cooperating females too..
it’s pretty clear in the modern dance halls that free is coming back in bootie dances at least tHeRe..
and nah.. my wife is not threatened by my lusty ways of looKing at life either as she KNows now..
isREaL NoW..
and on top of that
she has enough confidence
in herself in that way not to
worry about a thing.. sure.. don’t you
worry about a thing when LOVE RULES..FREE..
Believe it or not Ripley God lives within Free with no written words
at all BeyOnd a naked Dance and SonG of hUman Being Free when nowthennow..
150 to 200 sets of naked hUman eYes and hips are pARt of the friendly survival
mix of LiFE FReED..
oh.. the small village way
of Life… the ecstasy that wasn’t
nearly as long and brutal as the way folks live life now..
but if you’ve ever done a three hour rave dance with beautiful
women clothed or not you could understand how long pleasure can last too..
from a
perspective of course..
but is that different for women.. no
not when FReED at Least as DancE and SonG..
aT lEast that is what the audience reaction of females
in even a ‘red neck’ town sings to something like a movie
XXL.. aS Such..2..
hidden lies are simple truths..
lust and love as balance is the winning human touch feel
way when free… believe it or not closed minds.. and bodies
too with substance abuse to accompany that closed way of being too..
in sure.. mostly prescription way of course to escape priSon of clothed beyond naked and FReED..
for me
at Least as
that/i inherits
the earth as meek..
in terms of material goods
like clothes of course.. as A
Temple oF God is overFloWinG
HeRE wiTh a BALancE oF LuSt For
all stuff life with Love under WiLL FULLly aLiVE now.. too!..
Yeah.. baby..
DancE it SinG
it and shag it too
as Austin Powers
DancES and SingS too..;)

With a side of Hallelujah.. as suRe.. a barefoot
KinG never loses his lUst or is neutered
by homosexual Catholic priests
or those like the
now from
closets of Australian
Catholic Priests at a rate
of evil at 7 percent as when you
FucK WiTh Mother Nature as lUst
in you.. all kinds of truly harmful perversions
come next.. including homosexuality that is repressed
no different than so-called regular sexuality that becomes
harm to little children
life long harm..
as the priests continue
to complain about queer marriage in their closets
of what human nature would rather do as predator.. evil..
excluding women from the priesthood and healthy sexuality from life
in consensual ways IS A sure way to imbalance and evil come to life REAL EVIL..
in all the ways that comes of harming others as evil too..
the greatest human evil comes when God hands are tied as Nature trUe LiGht..
and lies
and the evil
doesn’t lie.. sTiLL NoW
in tears of lies that stream
across the children who fall to predator
of an Evil God.. created
W i Th IN T He M STiLL..
Hmm.. need to dust ‘that’
off and get a smile now..
from the Katrina as she fully expresses
all of her emotions in the following video free..
and that’s the thing.. i let her do her thing and she let’s
me do my thing… very different we are.. but we get along as
we let each
other be
free as
any two monogamous birds
on a power line of life WiLL do..
for the cause of love with a balance of lust for life too..
yes a Katrina Facebook Video from two hears ago as i
was celebrating 3000 miles of public dance then that is
now sTiLL moVing toward a Spring Equinox now of 7000 miles in 2017.:)

And a MacroVerse also from two years ago.. titLed
‘FREE VERSE Living’ thaT surELy amplifies the current
freE LiFe
heRe wiTh
thE ThREE letter
word free that is equivalent to GOD whOle..
as adding JusT anotHeR verse to tHe UniVerse
too.. co-creating iN MoVinG and CONnecTinG way FReED wiTh GoD NoW..:)

DOG IS GOD IS DOG.. MacroVerse from three years
ago.. surELy short enough to quote wiTh WiNks and sMiLes..



are social animals..

not unlike dogs..

Human social animals..

are here to support and connect with each other..

‘they’ are here

to die..and that is all….

The world in someways is ignoring this..

the world of human beings that is..




Is apparent..

wHere no REAL effective human support and connections


IN THE true human animal misery..

of disconnection…

Dogs kNow only unconditional LOVE..



‘ilLUMiNAti Dance Walking’ from two years ago.. weighing
in with only
quoting again
too as juST anotHeR
chamber of mY NautiLuSt arT noW..;)













go into

a deep
















HE! he!

It’s all about changing

Brain Waves
















YES.. Humans are Quantum

Travelers of Distance and Space

















































































































6 A 9..


























‘EYE ‘


















And in someways.. sad that i decided
to close my first blog related nude art
restricting ‘Free LanceStripper’ Blog to
private as soon after this Google decided
to get more strict on Nude art and changed their
mind.. where i didn’t want any confusion on the Satire
of the title of that Nude art blog as restricted to adult
warnings and stuff like that.. with public consensual access of
course for those who are free enough to view art like that at will of course..
changing the name to ‘Free Verse Nude Poetry’ to make it clear it is art and
hehe.. just a title change like that dropped some views in random searches
as a new blog now and then..
as anything
with a Victorian
sound of traditional
science of poetry can
sound a little prudish
for the more hairy and wild
ones among us hehe.. for free..
that’s okay.. still registered over 300K likes
on G rated underwear art poeTry spArk named Sacred Selfie
and one all out naked as art with the title Yoda strips mixed
in that registered over 400K likes before i went to
the more prudish name with poetry word mixed in..
as already evidenced in screen shot way
along in the many MacroVerses
numbering this 74th one in
this year’s newest
Bible addition
to the
art of aLL i do..
that is named appropriately
in many ways as “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. too.. haha..;)

And it’s kind of hilarious in a lusty kinda way as the patriarchal
military folks.. namely a warrant officer at the Bowling Center i worked
at before i got married of course as i had friendly eyes and a hairy enough
chest and smile to finally get some attention from wilder women then too..
anyway.. he said.. Fred..
you leave the women
‘dripping wet’ when
they leave that
shoe counter
over there giving them
a little thrill more than shoes
per his say.. as i would have never
thought such a thing then.. and then he
said.. if you weren’t scared you could whip
‘it’ out right here for all to see.. so sure.. i could
give him a legal link now.. hehe.. if he sTiLL doubted i had
the machinery enough
to go along with
the smiling
eyes and
hairy chest
and the rest of the ‘package’ then.. hehe..;)

Here’s the thing.. live in the colder European
climates and long lobed ears and fingers will dam
sure freeze off.. so sure.. stuff gets a little more expandable
that warm feathered tale birds will do when the heat comes on per sense and feel..
oh yeah.. and be a natural born warrior and you better be able to go in stealth
mode if you
ever wanna
after a naked
warrior fight IS A done deal too..
i once remember folks laughing about
the size of deflated Lion genitalia during a fight..
Jesus F iN Christ.. use your common sense/feel.. what gets
bitten and clawed
off don’t reproduce..
unless it is appropriately
retracted during a fight for life..
and that’s why naked hairless chests and longer
soft equipment tend to go together in warmer climates
as another Anthropology human evolutionary environmental
way all
for free and
sure naked aS Such
too as Ninja Penises can
change a lot too.. heHe..
iN general
and bio-diversiTy
and neuro-diVerSity
win the game.. life envy
of Happiness beats penis
envy every day of now sTiLL.. hehe..
as tHe illumiNate of liGht liFe Dances oN sTiLL.. HeAR..;)


And yep.. my daddy said i was born as
a bundle of fuzzy fur…
that way
in thE LiGht per say..
all bEasty StiLL too wiTh
the beauty of the Wife Katrina too..
and sure.. even a movie comes out about
that on Saint Patrick’s day 3.17.17 as synchronicities
of the the Irish Fili PoeT sAgEs continues to groW too..
from the GrandFather who was an Irish Priest who decided
to get all natural and get all lUsty with a Cajun 17 year old woman
in his parish of Taylor county.. he at age 36 leaving the lies of the
Catholic Church behind and returning to Nature enough at least
so i could
two generations later
on 6660 as spirals continue to FloW
all free aS Such in hAiry and wiLd Free ways of Northern Europe too..
as his daddy from the Black Forest of Germany wHeRe the hAir
of the
free and
wild sTiLL
DancEs and SingS
Free iN Human Hallelujah way.. too..
all naked and hairy aS Such too.. haHEha..;)


And speaKing of Beauty.. the beauty
holds up the ‘I KnOW HOW TO DO
yes.. with smAller print
that sayS iN wHOle.. i KNOW How
To Meet The Ladies as acronym per
Dance and Sing as that’s how you do it..
Ya Dance and Sing Free and that works fine
totAlly clothed too.. as long as you sHow some hairy
legs and arms with my what big bright and shiny teeth you
have as a smile.. and surely.. green changing to light colored blue
eyes helps butt when you must wear shades you just shaKe yA tALe feathers now
a little
to get the
attention of the
innocent nymphs of the
foRest and fAir maidens oF LiGht more
to muse as muse yoUr DancE and Song and
even poEtry more as luST iN LoVe and LiGht.. Wins alWays
NoW StiLL unLess you clothe yourself in isreal sin away from God as Mother
trUe liGht
plus for noW as Free and WiLd
as Love and luSt BaLancE wins the
GaMe oF LiFE LiGht TrUe as any number 11 trump card will do when WiLd and Free
RiDinG the BacK oF A LioN who ain’t King David scaRed of being Naked With gOD NoW..
FReED WiLd.. And that’s how you do creativity
through free association you can
put any thing as ArT toGether as seParate
WiTh GODFReED and MaKinG somEthing
new and beautiful and bEasty Free as God’s creativity
iN MoVinG and ConNectinG way SinGs Beauty WiLd wHOle FREE..
and FReED as LoVe and LuSt Wins..NOW.. the gAMe oF LiFe as ART
aS masterpiece of GoD’s Beauty and the BeASt come to fruiTiOn
as Moon chiLd GroWiNg
LiGht TrUe
and FReED alWays NoW
in the eternity of Heaven noW as the
Kingdom of God DanceS and SingS Now
HigHer and HiGher as sHakE yOur TaLe featherS eVen HiGher now!..!2..;)



Facebook Friend Ashe
shares some news on
Facebook that says..
and i quote.. now..

“My town is on Fox News
because we have murderers on the loose.”

And i return with..

WeLL.. this place
Was technically
Named HeLL..
First.. per
On River

And as of the 5 o’clock news
the triple murder killers have been
captured and the male member killed
himself as he had already admitted he had
a serious drug addiction issue and wasn’t
going to be caught alive.. so.. he followed through
with his plans
waving to
the law-enforcement
officers per swat team
out his new hotel room
that would soon be his
self-inflicted death bed too..
and it’s true.. not only did the sleepy..
little so-called hick town that once held
the world record for the most churches per
square mile and surely close to that record now
at least.. was not only on Fox news but hit the big
ABC News Show tonight too.. as the Dark side rises
up in Milton Florida too.. hmm.. yep.. and a very stormy
afternoon with big tornado damage in New Orleans and
some wind destruction in the PanHandle of Florida too.. as Lord
knows with all this climate change and Azaleas blooming all through
January and now February the atmosphere is surely volatile when the
cold Fronts come through in Winter Spring too.. the price ya pay for human
made change as usual.. and with also another reminder.. with a third of the US
population of adults having substance abuse problems and many more on pain
killers of many kinds and loads of other drugs too.. that too is a manmade problem
of human misery and suffering as well as human meteors for all the so-called good folks
to rally around in defense of like Trumps and Bannons wHere ultra conservative whack
right folks rule the roost as leader of the free world.. as what’s murder and Tornadoes
when ya Got Trump and Bannon Meteors for the World to gather around in liGht
in dEfense of Human catastrophes walking on two legs now.. or sure..
mostly sitting as it were and sTiLL is too.. and perhaps that’s the
Good News as the Good Folk Cop Jesus folks need to
wake up.. join hands and defend love
the way it should be defended
in shining your little light
as Bright as the
torch of
Statue of Liberty
too.. like Lady Gaga did
in that super bowl show
too.. so.. anyway you are
welcome to get under my
Umbrella as the shit storm continues
in American Politics same.. where proof is in
the pudding at the head office that reality is much
stranger than any fiction possible as fiction has to make
sense for a sell.. and this shit is just plain Saturday Night Live
Material for a reality show that could not be made up any better by clowns..
oh.. well.. turn on the TV and watch the apprentice continue to make a fool of himself
and resolve
all the
the US built up
during the Iraq killing
field years.. but hey.. harm
some more folks and see where
that takes ya next as the karmic eyes
of God iN aLL of US GlobALLy aS Such
continues to wake up and make a difference now
as do
as you
will and
sow the reaping
of the consequences next
dARk or LiGht as GoD and
Nature whOle continues to roll..;)

SurELy.. overAll.. a sublime day of
both destruction and death
and beauty
of skies
as eloquent
DancE SonG of God aS
NatUre wHole as rainbows
and cloud formations of heaven
appear with unusual full lipped
witches or whatever TF iN sKeYes
with somEthing to say.. i guess
in words of poetry
a miracle
a day.. noW at lEast
for me when trUe WiLL
Synch wiTh God as Nature
p l U S noW as Free rings..
coMes neXt.. and surely ‘this’
cloud formation as the sun sHoWn
though thE darkest cLouds bRings a Harbinger
yes.. of much more liGht to coMe as that’s how
liFE works.. dARk maKes LiGht even BrigHter
afTer sHades of grey dArkest
to beYond rainBow
colors of
liGht neXt
as that’s how the ColOr
GoeS noW oF GoD aS NatUre continUes
to pLay above so below as colors of emoTions
and seNses within as human BeinG shineS moRe gOld as aRt noW..:)

#Beast.. as ‘the shirt’ says now sTiLL then..
definitely a meMe and theMe for the
small town life today and
the nation and world
in general
as the animal
spirits come out in
discontent of what was mostly
gridlock before and the really good news
is as Karma goes is the Obama is having
the time of his life with a real grin of life that
the Trumpster may never ever fiLL as Life as
juSt Happy for being here for now.. no matter what
as the Obama parasails his way to paradise now with
just another REAL Billionaire too.. that yes.. i caught on the ABC
news show.. directly after the show on the apprehended killers
did its Trump and Bannon FrOwns too.. hey.. some of US stayCATioN
iN HeaVeN eternAlly NoW.. and some of us live in hell.. #Beast or not..
i for one live in Heaven with
the Obama
too.. in
of sMiLes
and belly
laughs and giggles
that sing to the SNL iNfiNiTy now
of this shit is funny as heLL if you
don’t let it get to you in Trump/Bannon frOwn..
as long as the law of the land prevents anyone from
serious harm as the law takes care of ignorance.. oh..! so great..!
in ways
of checks
and balances
to extinguish
true insanity
now out of
iN LiFE as we’ve seen
so.. so.. much iN the last two weeks
aS A Three ring circus wiTh folks hair on orange fire..;)


Just for the hell of it; hehe.. sort of literally as such too..
as the Wrong Planet is a lot like hell where
there is a bunch
of reason
and little
i visit there after
months to see what they
are saying about the Trump
and stuff and as usual it’s a big ball
of confusion like the country and the
rest of the world all out of whack from
heARt in discontent and hate where
folks have a topic on fixing
the out of whack
politics.. philosophy
and religion forum
that i used to frequent
when living in hell in more
ways than one waY for the last 33 months
of 66 months then and about a year or two
in heaven too.. off and on.. while the moderators
temporary banned me here and tHEre as let’s just
say.. i went just a little bit over and under their heads.. haha..
so.. anyway.. kraftiekortie.. just happens to mention me by
style of writing in a very nice way and although i
refuse to write in the darkness of the
wrong planet
as i am on
staycation in all
ways away from hell
of reason only thinking..
i respond as i always do to someone
who is nice to me or even not nice as
the golden rule KINDa does that when isREaL..;)

kraftiekortie wrote:

“There used to be this guy whom some people didn’t like—–but he wrote like Walt Whitman. I forgot his name. He was funny.

I wish we had some characters like that again.

I believe in expressing one’s intellect, and also one’s eccentricity—-and doing so without insulting people.”

i return with..

Haha. I haven’t checked this place for months now. Hehe. it’s making me dizzy to write in a straight line too. Never the less, i’ve written a plus 3.3 million word longest long form free verse poem in the history of humankind, in 42 months with 745 MacroVerses now; and a Bible in the 74th MacroVerse now that totals 1,109,569 words as of the 73rd MacroVerse, since start of writing the first MacroVerse on Memorial Day of 2016; sure, about 9 months to birth a baby bible 1.5 times bigger than the old King James thingy; now named, “Nether Land Bible 2017”, with that title inspired by an X-Moderator from the Wrong Planet, named Sallamandrina (Leah), who lives in the Netherlands now; the only person I remain in contact from here now from way back, in 2010.

And an amusing part of that is; I write in real time on Facebook at 130 thousand words a month as verifiable in totals of 15K words per MacroVerse twice a week; hehe and by dividing 1,109,569 words by 73 too at precisely an average of 15,199.9452 words a MacroVerse and nah; not bragging; just love all symbols as Hyperlexic born and thriving now, still too..;)

I’m also up to almost 7,000 miles of dancing a martial arts and ballet free style mix of metro public dance, in 42 months; where just a few weeks ago a group of women in a car driving by at the Dance Hall I frequent once a week, coming into 147 weeks of dance with all the college age folks there; yes, the young women asked me for my autograph and asked me to take my shirt off; humorous as hell to me of course; almost old enough to be their Grand Dad at age 56, now. And no, I didn’t take my shirt off or give them an autograph; just a selfie with them when they stuck their head out of their car window. And sure, I have evidence of it clearly still as my Long Form Poem is illustrated with about 100K photos too; yes, literally that many in total.

Generally speaking, I am named by the general audience
of local folks as a Dance Legend/Folk Hero, after being a
shut-in for 66 months with a synergy of 19 life threatening medical disorders.

Transformations and miracles are real for those who just do them without restraint.

Anyway, I don’t do the limits or expectations of a ‘so called intelligent society now’. In fact, now, i leg press 1020 Lbs at 33 repetitions on a very difficult parallel leg press machine, too, at my military station gym, with my arms raised in the air like a ballerina still too; getting stronger as i go, as my cat leaped to the table when he was close to 20 years old too; which is much much older than me in cat age now; haha.

Bringing it back to topic; it’s almost impossible to fix any large social group as humans in natural state of being range from closed minded to totally open minded like me and able to do anything they set their mind to in creating their life as legend or couch potato still.

i fixed myself.

I can’t imagine a better way
to live life than fixing yourself.

Whole; free; self-actualized
in wonder and amazement at
the beauty of life; basically
reborn as a phoenix
rising from ashes..
oops.. i broke the rules again..;)

Thing is, my friend;
i am never silent
when/with someone who remembers me.

Thank you.

Best wishes and hopes for you, too.

Salute with winks; gotta get back to
art my friend as reason shrunk my brain out of heART..;)

Your friend Fred aka Aghogday; when Another Ground Hog Day
was every day to me in literal hell on earth and just visiting here.


Best pArt of all; I did it all free and
didn’t make a single Lincoln Cent
off of any of it.
Free only
money not required;
for those who are smART
enough not to need money;
and just have fun; while beating
the hell out of the so-called system..
and totally ignoring the naysayers
who fear the dArk
and are
of thE LiGht..;)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

So.. i get a couple of notifications on the
response to what i said
and as expected
it’s mostly
by the naysayers
who get all bent out
of shape sTiLL when liGht
breezes in to tale a success
story that is real.. i would suggest
that they read the book by Richard Bach
named “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”.. to see what
the buzz is that’s still flying through when i visit now
twice a year back on the Wrong Planet.. or so.. to update all
my new upward spiraling fLIghts but hey.. i understand the land
of never believe in anything other than what you read that someone else
wrote.. whether
it is a science
book as bible
older or text
nowthennow in
a classroom of
priSon too.. what i offer
is not what they teach in school
and mostly what was and is still missed
by most in the more mystical esoteric writings
of Jesus and so many other sAGes of the ages wHo
pursued higher human potential through raging waves
of Naysayers in a Ocean that is much fuller of liGht.. like me..
and many others of course..
when alive
oN course..
so.. anyWay.. then
two responses come
that say ‘this’.. in response
to what i said to try to bait
me with what trolls do in negative way
and to be clear.. i am an epic troll too..
but paRt of thE LiGht Force wHeRe i juSt coMe
to prove that miracles are real for the naysayers
who enjoy life most in a constant state of nocebo negative
stagnating in back and forth cynicism/fear/hate until they die at the end of this
life and most sadly of all never really live life at all beyond an argument
that never
of naysaying
as such.. anyway.. i
cannot make horses drink
the living water i live..
so.. i troll as any ‘fisher
man’ would and will
with the
his disposal
or 12 million or so
total words of effort and
close to 7 thousand miles of
public dance and even
nude art
to get
a rise of
something out
of someone.. anywhere..
aT all.. heheR.. however
that comes.. along with all
my dance muses too of course as
everyone gets high off a beautiful
smile.. wHo is at least.. just a little bit alive..;)

So a Dude who goes
by the user name of
Dox leaves the

“Oh my.”

And a dude by the name of feralbotanist
quotes the initial topic post at the beginning
of the entire forum discussion and then
speaks to my entrance back..

Quote from the topic post author jrjones9933 with
the 9933 symbol of a person who
has studied the works
of Aleister Crowley
with his Thelema
Religion not missed by
me as i branch out in all
directions like any real Jonathan
Livingston Seagull WiLL and this guy
definitely goes by the Crowley rule of
basically the Golden rule re-written as
do as thou wilt with will over love that means
you don’t harm anyone and consider other folks feelings
with empathy and compassion too.. pursuing your true will for the
of all
SurELy eloquent..
coming from what the
religious right then named
as the most wicked man in the world
back in the early 20th Century.. and of course
he did have a dArk side too.. as he fell to the disease of addiction
and sadly went to many dark places too.. as people do with that REAL HUMAN DISEASE.

So.. jrjones9933 says at the beginning
of the topic at hand.. as quoted
here tHeRE by feral botanist..

“Let’s find a way back to talking.

There will be stuff that’s difficult to ignore directed at anyone
who posts in this thread, I predict. I recommend ignoring it here as a test.

What can we agree on?

I put it to you that the fun of name-calling, and even the fun of recalling old insults, is less than the fun of novel, creative, and perhaps biting characterizations of individual actions. Actions, and patterns of actions, but not people.”

feral botanist says in return as
inspired by my comment.. as well..

“Holy cow!! !

That was some good troll

All you have to do is propose an attempt to stop the trolling and they swarm the thread telling you why it will not work, how boring it would be and how great the past trolling has been.

Since the election, they have been so energised, it has been like they have an expresso trump enema.

They are hillarious when they are the most sincere.”

And in response to
the Dox comment
of ‘Oh my’..
i go on
to say..
and fully illustrate..
with a link that will be
impossible not to click on.. hehe.. this..

That’s what ‘they’ say..;)


And yes.. a photo of me last Thursday Dance week night
with two of Charlie’s Angels as beautiful as
women as Angels come
to Earth..
pArt is the
third Angel wasn’t
there.. per Cortney
as only Maggie and Chelsea came..
left to right (skipping me of course)..
and it would always be nice if the Angel
who lives with me would appear tHeRe but
she is
and shy and
of course beautiful
too.. in Katrina way four..;)

As ‘they’ say..2.. the best
very well..
hehe.. and sure
it’s better than frigging
friction fiction as this sHiT ParAde ISreaL..;)

Finally.. although i didn’t see the Troll
movie i went trolling for some inspiration
from it and added in the Youtube
video as edit along with
the photo of
back on
the Wrong
as it makes
this liGht
Force Troll
point fully
in less
2 minutes
of heARTfELt ‘silence’..
meeting the dArk troll
force again.. of course too..;)

And now a nice woman named, the phoenix, comes into view..:)

“* enter phoenixspoken babel mode *

Verily ‘n’ fer shurr, dude, I like totally resemble that remark!

Hail and well met, emfi aghogday,

Twice upon a time or 18,000,652
in the backhence jaren, I were wont to saye,
“Up from the ashes … ta saye hello!”

Midbetween wolde come adventurin’ galore
with sparks, m00ses, and bad (good?) puns.

Finalwise I wolde be off, flyin’
West inta the Middle Eastern
sunset like a beachball goin’ boing, boink, splat.

Ye aulde ende,

until a newe begin in.

(Anywise wolden’t ye knowe, I be verily inta art alsoly these daze, suchlike yerself …)

~~ yer friendly neighborhood phoenix..8)”


i return with..

SMiLes my friEnd, the phoenix; how refreshing;
creative reciprocal social communication; Love it and thanks.

The way I see A path to happiness is MCC, like A Fredenstein equation
(Frankenstein/Einstein/Fred) for An iNner UniVerse of human happiness
as MoVinG ConNecTinG and CreaTinG for eternal bliss now; once one gets
rid of the tick tock of cLocks iN life and simply FloWs iN ZoNe and has/does great fun!

Thing is; everyone remembers, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, these days still;
but who the hell remembers one hit wonders of pop star land
who follow simple one hit equations of creativity;
rhetorical question; they come and stay gone..:)

While some of us are doing the best we can to fit in;
others of us thrive, being different. Different requires
truly being brave; thing is too, the rewards are endless;
once mastered as an art of life, away from paint by numbers science.

This is philosophy; an art
where no man has gone before
and of course, woman, and or eTc..;)

Not everyone can move out
of cookie cutter boxes and that’s okay;
just another part of biodiversity and
more specifically neurodiversity.

This is not a place for neurodiversity and that is why i only
Jonathan Livingston Seagull Fly by heaR
close to A snow moon eclipse; eTc..;)

Have a great day; I’ll go back where
flYiNg IS A common practice of life…;)

Anyway, after reviewing your posts
as the scientist I am in case study evidence;
your display of human empathy and compassion is the most refreshing
part that impresses me about you; and that my friend is what is required for
civil discourse
in any
of life;
and that is an
empirical issue as evidenced
by Simon Baron Cohen as far
as cognitive empathy goes, for sure;
doesn’t make for good debate at all;
that is herding cats; i like cats but i do not heaRd them…;)

See ya; Happy Snow Eclipse Full Moon; oh, and the other thing,
the path to happiness is also full of making all of life experience Holy
and Sacred and full of positive meaning and purpose; that takes imagination
and creativity; and a philosophy of happiness it surely is that requires a poetry
as art of
life far far away from
science as even Socrates
said he knew nothing; like the
real Troll movie says; it’s a power
of feeling and sensing; thinking has
little to do with Happiness and almost everything to do with anxiety and depression.

i dance and sing free verse; and rarely think about anything but imagination and creativity.

A science of happiness my friend that is truly art at core; and the empirical evidence measured
in smiles in my longest long form poem per photos says it works in flying feeling sensing colors, too.


‘This video’
my happiness, quite well.
A dance and cake by the ocean;
wHeRe I eat the icing too as I do..too;
I create my life like this; as i simply Can and WiLL over Love of course,
with doing no one any real harm; Golden Rule and all of that too, my friEnd; yes, it works..:)


Facebook Friend Ned shares the
above video and i say after i share it too..

NO matter disability.. permanent
legally and medically
like mine too
that is invisible
that no one can see..
Adapt to challenge as struggle..
Survive and Thrive and leave the naysayers
in tHeir own duSt while you shake your sandals off..
jUst fly..
hell yes.. i work out
my mind and body like an
Olympic Athlete to stay ‘accountant’ sane
as anyone with Asperger’s and Bi-polar syndrome
muSt do if they maintain superhero status wHeRe folks
see them..;)

And.. Facebook Friend.. Greg..
shares another video about
not being
Bannon Sucker..
and sure.. i share it too..
if you don’t think it is possible that it is trying
its dam best in evil way now to happen here again..
no coincidence either.. just history.. learn from
it and don’t do it again or be a real fool and suffer the consequences isrEaL..
as they say
always another
one born and someone
with the appropriate and evil
bait to reel ’em in as any used
car sales person or real estate
dealer of land with no hook-ups for living water will do..;)


WeLL.. gigoid.. happy what day is it..
hmm.. yes.. Wednesday morning now
the 8th.. as all hell has been
letting loose
in weather
and way
of fugitive
murders of five
folks including an unborn
child.. as snakes slither in
ways of no empathy and compassion
and severe drug addiction severing souls too
as heart and spirit goes away in the woods of evil…
oh yeah.. climate change storms as Winter Spring
turns in to Tornados and Straight line winds and other
than a lingering cold of two different ones in two weeks
straight.. Lord kNows.. feels.. and senses i am still
living as bliss with shit going down
all around me with
all that
Trump stink
stank stuff too
as any Grinch
watcher before
Grinch healing can and WiLL
StiLL watch from afar hoping
there is no really soon return to
a Nazi Germany over here for now at least..
so sure.. i’ll catch up as night night time is
coming soon too.. for full recovery from this cold too..
And Glad to see you are able to hop aboard more for a later post too..
in at least some ways of relating your pain and emotions to get them out too..:)

“Paradoxically though it may seem,
it is none the less true that life imitates
art far more than art imitates life.”

— Oscar Wilde

Self fulfilling prophecy of
course as art is expresSinG
emotions/senses and emotions/
senses alWays rule first per
in what
comes next
in human expresSinG reaSoN
as terms of endearment and art sAMe..;)

“.. I don’t understand the HUMOR of the THREE STOOGES!!”

— Zippy the Pinhead

Same as liberals and
conservativeS in general
metaphor of differences in
brain chemistry.. some folks
get it
folks don’t..
as silly doesn’t
always register
as a honey drop hoMe..;)

“There are many intelligent species in the universe.
They are all owned by cats.”

— Smart Bee

True.. cats are too
smart to own
each other.. they do free verse
all the way as stray cat strut
and lady

“There’s a kind of freedom that comes from
being completely screwed, because you
know things can’t get any worse.”

— The Freshman

Yes.. like when my mother
told me why not you
i was
what was
left of my being
off A concrete pad of life..
and now i say.. why not
i live in heaven
and don’t have to
wait until after a dirt nap..;)

“I think I am an overnight sensation right now!!”

— Zippy the Pinhead

i miss wet dreAms

“It is annoying to be honest to no purpose.”

— Ovid [43B.C. – A.D.18]

Yes.. alWays
looks good
in that
(the wife)
great hair
day you’re having
today Miss and all of that2..;)

“I loathe people who keep dogs.
They are cowards who haven’t
got the guts to bite people themselves.”

— August Strindberg

There is a certain stance
that requires
or bark..
some dogs
have thaT too..;)

“Poetry isn’t obscene, it’s per verse.”

— Smart Bee

or never
per verse for more verse..;)

“Americans like to talk about (or be told about) Democracy but, when put to the test, usually find it to be an ‘inconvenience.’ We have opted instead for an authoritarian system *disguised* as a Democracy. We pay through the nose for an enormous joke-of-a-government, let it push us around, and then wonder how all those assholes got in there.”

— Frank Zappa

no one
me around anymore..
as the government works for me now
and OMG..
so.. much more..;)

“.. I’m IMAGINING a sensuous GIRAFFE,

— Zippy the Pinhead

If it works..

“Remember what the dormouse said…

— Grace Slick

Oh Lord..
not me..
i finally
escaped that thing..;)

off to number 2..
at 1:11 am my time as synchronicity
his number song
eTc.. as such 2..;)

“Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened.”

~~ Terry Pratchett. ~~

It’s opposite
with me..
can’t find
that older person anywHeRe..
at lEast

And that reminds me of a 65 year
old Lead Life Guard named Arthur..
a retiree of over 30 years of work as a parole
officer and a Vietnam veteran who was always
smiling and out ran and out swam all of the younger
college age life guards he was supervising then..
a retired warrant
officer his
age thought
he should
act his age but
he refused and is still
smiling and performing ballet
in theatrical way as last note to
me in Walmart awhile back..
as happy
as can
be.. and it must
have been the mind
and body balance of
ballet that moved him into
heaven too.. don’t think Vietnam
or Parole Officer work normally has
that blissful affect and effect overall and
free style ballet and martial arts definitely
does gets all my emotions regulated and senses
integrated for constant beyond belief as living ecstasy
of life.. in fAct.. a lady today at the bank asked me if i was
feeling impatient by slowly and constantly and artfully moving
around gently at her counter.. and then i said.. haha.. this is moving
meditation and if i could put it in a pill i would make a trillion dollars
but you see you have to work for this as it ain’t a free gift of grace in
heaven any
more than
what the
Jesus dude
was a saying either..
it has to be the trUth and liGht
of course as the so-called Fundie
Christians in my area hate life so much
they want the world to end.. and even voted
for Trump in expediting their hopes for a fiery end of it all..
oh.. Lord.. i’d rather dance.. in fACT that’s all i do is dance and sing
and let
grace.. hehe..
in hopes of a
fiery end that is
alReady tHeir hell now..
it takes work.. wait.. until a
dirt nap and get a dirt nap..
reAlly.. it’s not funny it’s.. beyond
sad aS it’s
stupid too..
does in hoping
for you only live once
now to die wrong now.. as right..;)

“Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.”

~~ Euripides, Orestes (408 BC) ~~

Typical man..
that women
will run away.. with it..;)

“If you dig a deep enough hole, someone will want to jump in.”

— Smart Bee

half a nation
plus or minus
three to five million
as lies dig deeper..;)

“My indignation, like th’ imprisoned fire,
pent in the troubled breast of Aetna, burnt deep and silent.”

— Thomson

worst insurance
company.. i ever had..;)

“The silence drew off, baring the pebbles and shells and all the tatty wreckage of my life.
Then, at the rim of vision, it gathered itself, and in one sweeping tide, rushed me to sleep.”

— Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar

Be the wave..
polish the sand whole..;)

“When great changes occur in history, when great principles are involved,
as a rule the majority are wrong. The minority are right.”

— Eugene V. Debs

As far as delegates
go.. now at leASt..

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence
is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.”

— C. G. Jung

Sure.. make iT all
holy and sacred
with meaning
and purpose
and suddenly
all oF iT is syncHronicity
As A greaTest masterpiece
aLways increaSing iN beauty
as one
brushes A
painting more
as masterpiece greater..
as any humble person
can and will
free as whole too..;)

“We would like to apologize for the way in which politicians are represented in this programme. It was never our intention to imply that politicians are weak-kneed, political time-servers who are more concerned with their personal vendettas and private power struggles than the problems of government, nor to suggest at any point that they sacrifice their credibility by denying free debate on vital matters in the mistaken impression that party unity comes before the well-being of the people they supposedly represent, nor to imply at any stage that they are squabbling little toadies without an ounce of concern for the vital social problems of today. Nor indeed do we intend that viewers should consider them as crabby ulcerous little self-seeking vermin with furry legs and an excessive addiction to alcohol and certain explicit sexual practices which some people might find offensive. We are sorry if this impression has come across.”

— Monty Python

SAdly.. over 150 to 200 sets
of eYes makes rules necessary
for the reality of survival
to get
to avoid subsistence
gaining stopping.. death..
so.. sure..
the alternative
to politicians
and politics
is like
death for those
who live without rules
in big cities.. prey to a predator
race of scaRcity with no innate difference
to speak
at least..:)

“And never, ever cut a deal with a dragon.”

— Smart Bee

And the Lizard
bRain will
when all
else fAils
iN terms of heARt/SpiRit
And Super Tramp Logical SonGs..
A DancE..
bY A Way..;)

“The great man is he who does not lose his child’s heart.”

~~ Mencius ~~

Still can’t
find my
older man heARt..;)

“You can easily judge the character of others
by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or to them.”

~~ Malcolm Forbes ~~

or not
to be..;)

“They may forget what you said,
but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

~~ Carl W. Buechner ~~

rules as science clearly shows with words..;)

“It costs so much to be a full human being
that there are very few who have
the enlightenment or the courage to pay the price…
One must abandon altogether the search for security
and reach out to the risk of living with both arms…
One has to embrace the world like a lover…
One has to accept pain as a condition of existence…
One has to court doubt and darkness
as the cost of knowing.
One needs a will stubborn in conflict,
but apt always to total acceptance
of every consequence of living and dying.”

~ Morris L. West, “Shoes of the Fisherman” ~~


“The highest condition takes rise in the lowest.”

~~ Publius Syrus (42 BC) — Maxim 781 ~~


Life at its noblest leaves mere happiness far behind;
and indeed cannot endure it. .
Happiness is not the object of life:
life has no object:
it is an end in itself;
and courage consists in the readiness
to sacrifice happiness
for an intenser quality of life.”

~~ George Bernard Shaw, Letter, Dec. 1900, ~~

no adrenaline
junkie.. hear..
all smooth BaLanCE..
and yes.. very Happy..;)

“I exist as I am, that is enough.”

~~ Walt Whitman ~~


“Soon you will have forgotten the world,
and the world will have forgotten you.”

~~ Marcus Aurelius, “Meditations” ~~

i remember..;)

Happily may I walk.
May it be beautiful before me.
May it be beautiful behind me.
May it be beautiful below me.
May it be beautiful above me.
May it be beautiful all around me.
In beauty it is finished.

~~ Navajo Night Chant ~~

iS Beauty
wiTh wiLL oF HeART
spiRit aS heARt
as aRt
to gRoW as liFe
liGht aRt moRe..
Ocean wHole
exPaNdinG endless beauty more..:)

Now.. to three..:)

“A man is a very small thing, and the night is very large and full of wonders.”

~~ Lord Dunsany, The Laughter of the Gods ~~

SurELy more
in the
than trUth oF LiGht..:)

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,
adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.
With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.”

~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays: First Series (1841) “Self-Reliance” ~~

Art new..
wash and
rinse cycle same..;)

“A person needs a little madness,
or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.”

~~ Nikos Kazantzakis ~~

And don’t forget to
walk on the
grass and ditch the sidewalk..

“Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do.”

~~ Voltaire ~~

More than a labEL
oF A nAMe
oN A
skyscRaper ever..

True glory consists in doing what deserves to be written;
in writing what deserves to be read;
and in so living as to make the world
happier and better for our living in it.

~~ Pliny the Elder ~~

do iT as
DancE oF LiFe
wiTh no words
as hundreds
of thousands of
years of hUmans
doing a dance and song
of LiFE with no sHells away
from essence

It is something to be able to paint a particular picture,
or to carve a statue, and so to make a few objects beautiful;
but it is far more glorious to carve and paint
the very atmosphere and medium through which we look,
which morally we can do.
To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.”

~~ Henry David Thoreau, “Where I Live” ~~


“The world is full of cactus, but we don’t have to sit on it.”

~~ Will Foley ~~

Sure.. i can find
Cactus butt..
i WiLL not…;)

“He knows not how to know who knows not also how to unknow.”

~~ Richard Burton ~~


“The only thing I know for sure is that I know nothing at all, for sure.”

~~ Socrates ~~

sure for, all at nothing know I that is sure for know I thing only The

textbooks required…;)

Make life
past the test..;)

That ends three..
wiTh.. see ya later.. friEnd.. gigoid.;)


WeLL.. what can i SinG..
DancE.. i take the long way
hoMe.. a riVer
that neVer
to an
ocean tHaT
noW alWays
expands for Now..
so.. As StreAms of words
continUe to FloW iN ZoNe
off to dVerse oNline Poet’s Pub
wHeRe NoW the meMe and TheMe
of the prompt tHeRe IS A muse mixology
uSinG a bunch of words now associated with
getting drunk wiTh somEthing totally else
or whatever you coMe uP witH neXt..
heHe.. butt drunk off one’s ass
or not.. the
real limit
is 33 words..
and no matter
wHaT.. i liKe that number 33..
so.. i will i sTreAM oVeR tHeir neXt..
and haha.. as synchronicities continue
to roll on in.. there are precisely 33
liNks at this point iN now.. and that’s
A point

Hmm.. 33 words
and 33 liNks
i’ll staRt
heAR wiTh
you as this
Shawna Baby..
and sure.. so many
little church girls.. particularly
in Saudia Arabia endure dirty daddies…

And now i say
it’s kinda sad
at all the gleeful
responses to Shawna’s
poem when she was literally
describing sexual abuse from her daddy..
even her
didn’t get
the literal nature
of what she was
as the
paRts of HUman Nature
when repressed and oppressed
as that happens in churches every
where from priests to daddies who cover
up their lust in their own children’s/
and other folks
children’s pain..
out of Nature
BaLancE alWays
to hUman
and SuffErinG
as well as the
rest of God oF/as Nature
creation too.. as all the
world senses and feels real now..
some way
of pain and misery
isreal out of BaLanCE…

Now back to the original order
of the scheduLed 33 liNks of poEtry muse…
so-calLed limited
33 words
he he..;)

You must reAlly
like ‘this song’
as you
it twice..
i can’t count
how many times
i’ve repeated it.. seems
of years isreal..
Nice to see you..
Shawna baby..

But first., i scan
100 or so of Shawna’s
posts as ordinarily i would
play with them all but i have
an urge to do 33 different folks now..
and sure.. i’ll do a Thousand years2.. neXt afTer

Shawna says..
in return..

Oh, man. I LOVE this song.
I post it all the time..:)

i come back one
more time thennow wiTh..

Yeah.. me too.. i serIouSly
have listened to it at lEast
hundred times..
thaT leaves about
900 more reps..
oh.. what
a work-out
for poEtry..;)

Now.. back to the ‘program’..;)

Ah.. the wonderful
euphoric FeeLinG
of thaT
sip of
beer that
is always
my liFe
a drink of ‘sin’..
to escape the hell of before..
is the
dRiNk i sip..
chalice over floWing
with no cup to hOld back Heaven now..:)

It was the most amazing
thing.. storms breaKing
out everywhere
in the life
of a day
and the sky
bore eggs oF LiGht
with a kiss of an ‘ugly’ witch..;)

Hehe.. worth
a picture too..
if you
have a
to reLate..;)

Food.. culTure..
and Words..
as taste
continues to change..
and words of course as they go..
come aGain..
as main course..
c u L T u R E…;)

SMiles.. oh.. the con-social
emoTions of an
of Dark DrunK
iN thE LiGht
oF leARned
DancE and
SinG to shake iT aLL
oFF wHeRebody deFeats
a miNd wHeRe juST Araise oF
aN arm
a muscle
meMory oF LiGht
wiTh fiNgers thaT
DAncE and SinG
and sure.. wiTh
as miNd
and BoDy
heARt of SoUL
BaLanCinG.. woo or
not.. whoa.. it works..;)

sMiLes.. A HeaVen
nowHeRe tHeRe
iNfinite nuMber
oF poems eXpreSsinG
as Heaven
NoW as depth
oF EmoTioNs..
A cLocK
oF tiCk toCk tiMe..;)

oF empty
no spiRiT
oF miNd and
BoDy BALanCinG
overfloWinG liGht
no waTer now
but fear and hate..
to each hiS owN HeaVeN
or Trump/Pence/Bannon HeLL..
it’s Karma as tHe anti-christ ‘they’ falsely
caLL as Obama beCoMes the Karma of what ‘they’
Be.. neXt..
reaper now
is sower
now.. alive as death..:)

Oh Lord.. other
than fake
bliss.. i’Ve
reAlly misSed
your poetry.. Sanaa..
thanks so much for it..
and.. so nice.. to see you.. again..:)

That’s eight.. with take the long way
home.. now for a lunch break and
some clouds and sand dance
be back
a Thousand
years and
some more
muse mixology
poetry as dVerse
continues to DancE
and SinG for me too.. hehe..;)

1:08 pm..:)

Back to dVerse at 3:50 pm
with a little song left
Long way home..;)

IntoXicating LiFe
rAw.. uNcooked
SensEs no
domesTication priSons
drunKeN love heiR NoWspRinG
sNoW mOOn EclipSinG hoWliNG NoW2
paSS FriDay morNing.. dip-free.. mOOnliGht..:)

sMiLes.. reminds me
of the ‘youngsters’ all
lined up playing a
game of
Quarters at
the metro bar
D A N C E haLL
bouncing coins
into beer
and wandering
out of the bar in oblivion..
ah.. rather a dance of moonlight
sKin than drink that steals away continuing bliss..;)

Ship streams
Ship dreams
Ship sails
Ocean wHOle..:)

SMiLes.. when
Granny.. after
washing has
rest of
the clan
a mudding..
Hi Lynn.. friEnd..
by a way.. not even at the end..;)

SMiLes.. lately.. i muSt
say.. the cliMate
around these
paRts of
Florida has/is
been on a drunken
sPin oF Tornadic heART..
as much as i love SpRing yeAR
’round.. A Wizard oF oZ and Kansas
iN the
is worth
A few goose bumps
aS liFE of wiNter.. hehe..;)

SMiLes.. friEnd.. Lillian..
birth here and birth not
tHeRE IS A requirement
foR A HiGhest office..
A test
could go
a long way
to prevent
A World
War III..
isn’t it amazing
how little our entire education
system teaches oF heART..
A iNner UniVerse
oF EmoTioNs
the world..
and sure.. US..
individuals.. too..
wHeRe A first Grader
could ace a test oF soUl
And spiRit more than
Old McDonald’s ClOwn
riSinG uP now wiTh A
Broken Cheney heART..:)

OKay.. now..Thousand Years comes next after
taking the Long Way Home that is somEhow
whOle as a dance story and song
rolls on.. no limits
no expectations..
not even
a candle
or flame
DancES and SingS aS HeARt..;)

Funny.. nah..
not.. so funny how
those World
War II LesSons
aRe coMing bacK iSREaL..
as greater of sons wiTh dark
over the
aS liGht
as suREly
dArk spArks
lesser as sonS even Brighter..:)

TruLy.. my friEnd..
it’s amazing how
much dArk can from
liGht.. juST a word
of encourAgement..
a sMiLe.. A Door
opening cracked
as a tear can
lead to
as i for
one spent
66 months with
no memory of a smile
as a smile IS A FeeLinG and
not a sHow of teeth.. alone.. a danger
of the Autism Spectrum and sPending
too much time with computers.. and
becoming other pARts of tool life.. as
mechanical cognition erases
A brain pipe of love.. thing
is.. if i can
back to me..
the world can smile too..
it’s true.. miracles do happen
and so does heaven as just one sMiLe..isREaL..
aS Canaries in coal mines oF FearHate fLY lonGer.. sMILes..:)

sMiLes.. DriNk
oF NatUre noW
Love LeaF one..
Chalice Tree
Now Of
TrUth as
liGht SinGS..:)

UFO noW..
INner eARTh
miNd sKeYes
wiTh BoDy LiGht
Quantum unLeaShinG
relEaSinG.. esSence coMes
Now as sTar seeds breathe
cruCible fiRe staR deAth buRst..
seNtient sTar duST pLuS eYes oFLoVE
oFLiGht stAR
briGht HUman
UFO Stars
oN FiRE..
aS Love
iS wriTten
Seed sTAr
BUrst cRuciBle
DeatH Fire aS
Resurrection NoW
oFLiGht iN HuMan

iS fiRe noW
An ‘liGhtEninG
chArge oF FeeLinG
SenSinG LiFE liGht
wiDe aWake sKeYes
coMe aLiVe
neVer puT ouT..
Tree oF LiFE..:)

VulCan VulGar
LoVe.. hAlf
pAint bY
numBer art
oF HEarts..;)

WeLL that takes care
of a thousand years and
12 more poetic expressions
per dVerse noW as of 5:42 PM..
now.. for some dinner and eXtreme
workout and what ever comes neXt..;)

Back at 12:58 AM..
02092017.. and after
this comes bed..;)

Frankly.. or shall i.. yes.. i WiLL
say Fredly.. SB.. i can/WiLL sEx all bY
mysELF for three hours and so.. and so..
more.. And i love the painting by your way..
and sure..
the poetry
is stimulating
as alWays
as bi
off in so many directions.. Too.. for me2..
oh.. yeah.. Happy Valentine’s day.. too.. SB.. with
plenty of sticky sweet heArts for you and yours2..


WeLL.. back to free verse epic poetic writing as
the clouds have given aWay to a crisp
LA Lower Alabama Florida Panhandle
Azure Day.. just about perfect
for a Holy and
full of meaning
and purpose with emotional
and sensual deLiGht as i more and less
confessed to my friend SB last night that
i regularly engage in 3 hour tantric stuff solo
aS Such as hey.. not everyone in my household is
as open about stuff like that as me.. heHE.. once again
human sensuaLiTy and of course emoTions too are at the source
of all human creativity and productivity.. leave either part out and lose
the satisfying aspect of the other pARt.. yes.. this includes both luSt and loVe
And sAdly as folks have gotten rather shy about human these days in crowds of
overwhelming strange hips and eyes where there is no human connection true
as friendships of aunties and uncles and cousins as everyone
is related through spirit in
smaller villages and
tribes of almost
naked human
beings who require
all the members of the tribe
for survive and thrive in the day
to day forage of life and the ending
dance of moonlight snow moon eclipse
and a pentagram of planetary alignment to
also come on the 10th of February tomorrow
as my rave dance ends with all the cool college
age folks from Old Seville Quarter in the 147th week
of doing that togETheR WiTh them with sure.. some very
scantily dressed women at least who free verse bootie dance
with each other maintaining cooperative efforts to block out the
more psychopathic leaning emotionless males raised in a patriarchal
society that seeks to subjugate.. dominate and own over share and give FREE
as two beautiful women will surely
do in a free verse bootie grind
on the cooperative dance
floors of moonlit
planet alignment
night that breaks to morn
and overall soft clothed porn aS Such
hehe.. well the Bonobo does it fully naked
with voyeur apes all around shedding all shame
for freedom in emotional and sensual deLiGht.. females
in charge as they get along the best in cooperative emotional
and sensual delight the most.. and what is the result of all of this
for the entire small Bonobo tribe.. little to no aggression.. no violence
and no wars unless an invading tribe of monkeys come to take their
subsistence away.. yes.. unless an invading tribe of monkeys come to
take their subsistence away unless you wonder what the source of
terrorism in Muslim countries are both within and externally
as such as humans require resources to survive.. including
common held bonds of cultural belief that folks
hold holy and sacred no matter
how insane or inane those
beliefs may seem
to other folks
but hey
like amputating
the foreskin of little
baby boys makes any real
natural sense over heaR or water
boarding babies lite under streams of
water and oiling up their hair in baptism
of fear to make the elders happy in their
shared beliefs of getting to heaven after a
dirt nap too.. sure.. why not just share
some flowers with the child
all naturally as such
and name
God the
FloWer of
all that is all
of Nature.. unseen..
unfelt.. seen.. felt.. kNown
and unKNOwn or the Force
in Star Wars.. the Great Spirit
in American Indian heaRt.. SpiRit
and soUL talk beyond the ted talk
of science alone.. allone all that is
with the esoteric mysteries as
the so-called occult
as what little
that are
humans do not
see of all of the dog
that is God that they
enjoy a blood
of life
groWing flesh
sTiLL BeinG of liFe..
stagnant systemizing
repeating equations of
science mind or an art that
paints with all the colors of the
ever Growing Sycamore Tree
taller and taller into liGht beYond
rainBow colors of pure LiGht bliss..
So.. can you imagine how sorry i feel for the
Trumps and the Trumptalkers who scramble and
worship a dollar bill of life.. thing is thaT is key iS it takes
imagination for A first step to get anywhere close to heaven now..
Creativity IS A next step too.. as well as moving and connecting as
an art of human being as a naked social animal in a dance and song
of life will naturally do in a dream time of life.. mostly in non-verbal naked
communication with touch and feel.. so what have we lost.. overall.. in first
world problems… well that is simple.. our humanity… clothed and lost.. bring
it back naked from culture if you can without those clothes of lies or the Karma of
doing whatever or nothing at all will be the consequence next in either naked bliss
as positive energy or clothed and dark in closets of discontent.. fear.. malcontent..
aggression.. violence and killing the living God that lives everywhere and every
place and everynow in existence isREaL now.. sAddest part of all is when
folks never
and sense
the whole of God
as Mother Nature trUe plUs..
i am a child of vision and so are
you.. but firsT one muSt shed the clothes
of culture to seek and find God within..
as when God comes awake
in you.. there are
no limits
but free and and overwhelming
desire to free others to this bliss using
every tool one can in imagination and
creativity too.. as that is what love does..
it gives and shares iT all.. without love
all theRe is is empty
sHells of
that beccoMe
dust and ArE duST now..:)

What next.. sure.. “GOD IS inappropriate”..
MacroVerse Facebook share.. 3 years ago..
and that is what culture creates.. a duplicity
of what is dARk and liGht.. With a God that
often has a split personality with some other
entity of fear to hate.. well.. tHeRE is esCaping
dARk or LiGht as all of that that is is GoD all
one or one can see less and divide
up into infinite pARts never
adding it back
uP to
a bliss
and Nirvana
of one blanket
that we are inseparable
from as existence wHere the
same atoms and subatomic flow
live in a stone.. you.. Adolph
Trump and even
smiling ear
to ear
as sunlight
Obama with
his tanned skin
and parasailing soul
these days.. to use examples
of well known giving and sharing one Egalitarian
dude and the taking and hoarding one in Trump
and Adolph patriarch way and truly the liGht of one Obama
is greater than the dARk of a Trump and Adolf put together
as the audacity of LIVinG hOPe and Love Trumps hate
and Fear of Nazi ways of LIVinG LIFE separate away
from wHole
of HoPing LoVinG LIFe..
but see/feel/sense tHeRe are those who
noW fear tHeiR subsistence will be taken
away Now who live on the lowest floor of
Maslow’s Pyramid for the potential of self-
actualization and Fowler’s Pyramid for the
levels of faith riSing from selfish illusions to
agape love for all that exists as God wHole..
where chopping the foreskin off a baby and water
boarding lite as Baptism becomes a rather disgusting way
of separating one from a God that has become both devil and not
natural too as fur and blood and flesh and the loving touch and feel of
Free from
cultural lies
that separate us from
each other and Nature/God too..
although.. insanely large populations
of humans is insane as what comes next
in what people do who live out of balance
of what they are simply evolved to be as
altruistic ape beings like a bonobo
of love over
and violence
and World War III..
so.. sure.. i can give you an
overall view like this as huWOmanifesto
day and night but do i expect folks who wear the
clothes of cultural lies to believe anything i say..
hell no.. i’ve been in those clothes that choke the
human HeARt.. SpiRit and soUL to bLack sPecK
Separate Sun SoUL.. i see and
feel and sense how difficult
it is to camel fit through
the needle
of free
WiLL over
Love that Dances
and Sings a SonG oF Light
aGaIn.. i kNow and SenSE
And FeeL the dArkeST soUL
coal mine niGht as the
of fear
and despair
grown ice cold..sure.. i know
what the FucK iT means to kNow
not what you do now.. butt hey.. in heaven
you give and share.. if you don’t.. a path to hell
IS A distinct possibility now back to dARk2.. Give and
share without a Lincoln Cent.. a like.. a follow or a share
required back from dArker areas of clothed hell.. so.. before and
after at 13 and age 53.. from robot to art i grow in the linked post heaR..
that i will quote now and fully illustrate too as i am not afraid to do what it takes
to stand uPon a Dead Poet Society desk to wake you up to the light of Naked God wHOle now..;)

IMG_2675 my opinion..

after some deep portraying

and displaying..this as

non-verbal language.. in the photo above..

God.. the TRUE nature of GOD would more than likely be described as

inappropriate by the cultural artifacts of humans including language…

So no doubt truth ain’t fair either…:)

IN ONLY my opinion…;)

But the human mind has incredible potential

to make lemonade out of


or crap out of..


I choose only lemonade..
with WILL..

And no that is a choice 2..
some folks have little will….

and end up with mostly…
even if they live in sugar.

But again.. truth and all of that…

Humans are evolved for
well as all other social animals..

Which more specifically includes intermittent

Not the instant gratification…that can lead to the human hell..

of what is NOW for so many people’s..reality in NOW

I choose adversity as a friend…
and leave most of the sugar…
to other folks..

Who MAY choose the human
i choose to be….

And in an attempt .. not to confuse here..
part of my path of adversity..
includes a rather complicated..
free verse poetic style of communication..

which makes life a little more challenging..
for me and anyone who chooses through will..
to read me….and figure it out….

But again..that is my path to bliss..
And it works..
That’s all that matters..
what works….

AND IT IS truly simple
my life is compared to
how IT IS usually viewed in real life..
IT simply flows now..while most everyone..
else is waiting for me to trip
and fall down…

And yes.. i am literAlly speaking of movement..
My life is a tight wire act of ballet..belly dance..
TAI CHI..Walk reverse..spinning.. everywhere i go..every microsecond..
of art in movement..that makes every part of every move..
and complex..
and simple flow
at the same time..
without any ‘KNOW’..

losing the hell of ego..
in that complex looking simple flow….

Yup..GOD IS inappropriate..
and so



i guess if i remain on the sidewalk

of life

my body


like 13


instead of this at 53..


So who is walking off the sidewalk..

or me..

walking on the

sidewalks of



choose the


and for those who choose the sidewalks..









in only my opinion2



It is the dance of life that counts..

neither destinations..





AND by a way..

i’m ‘fairly’ sure..





Now ..”Super BOwL oF Love”.. MacroVerse to give
and share from a year ago.. full of the usual clips
of culture at hand as i learn to appreciate all the small
things through photography and make Love whole in words..
yes.. Love is my Sport and always now IS A Super Bowl
of Love for me at lEast to give and share and
perHaps some folks cannot understand
the LENGTH i go to give and share
it all buTT perHaps they
haven’t been to
heLL for
66 months
to get a perspective
noW as fresh as heaven can Be..NoW

wHat else.. why.. of course..
how.. yes noW in fuller terms..
A 5 MacroVerse combo as
5 chapters of GodsUniVerseNovel2..
alWays linked at the bottom of my new
MacroVerses along with GodsUniVerseNovel
at 41K words along with this 51K word effort and
then came GodsUniVerseNovel3 in spRinG of 2016..
as Free Verse Poetic expression of 338,630 words as entire
year trail through dVerse Poet’s Pub online from April of 2015
through March 31st of 2016.. where there is about a ZiLLioN.. heHe..
Micro-Poetic expressions as what i name Micro-MicroVerses held
in MicroVerses separated by accumulating word count as part
of MacroVerse whOle that is about the ‘normal’ size total
of 8 humanly written Novels.. small fry of course
compared to Ocean Whole Poem sTiLL
exceeding 3.3 Million words
close to 4 million words or
so as of 9.11.2016 from a start
of writing in the rise of a phoenix as fire
from the ashes on a beach on 7.22.2013 or
about that date preceding as three days on the
19th of that month as such to be precise.. three days
as mEMe and all of that theMe.. and sure pre-MacroVerses
written from the end of February 2013.. until the Ocean whole
poem started on Word Press along with the Free Verse public
dance now approaching 7,000 miles at the end of this month
for 42 months too.. as sacred and holy numbers and events
roll in as waves that never end as Ocean shore events
and numbers too.. hehe.. as i am reaching 48 months
total at the end of February for my first poetic
spark that is the first pre-MacroVerse
on my Blogger Blog KATiEMIAAghogday
all STiLL existing with a few more blogs aS Such..
some public and a few private to keep it appropriate
enough for my personal rules of life that fit within all local..
state and federal laws of course to give Caesar all that’s due too..
works for me at least.. too complicated for most folks and overwhelming
overall to understand but hey.. here are the details just in case ya give a shit..
as some
folks deeper
thinkers and
some folks more
shallow but hey.. a cat
lives in heaven with no
written words at all.. so.. none
of this so-called human knowledge
is required at all to hug the midday sands
of sun and the dew lit leaves of grass aT whole
on any snow moon eclipse full moon night with
pentagram planetary alignment on the 10th which
is my 47th month anniversary of blogging overall too
in public way as my first poetic spARk was in a PM to
my first and only Facebook Friend then all casual in free verse too..
and as you poet inclined scientists miGht know in classroom way.. a common
method of delivery as poetry were the poet’s muse who were friends back ‘then’..
in letter way too.. as tHeir is nothing more intimate than the human connection
love for those who
think that the heart
belongs to only this
human or that human
less than the whole of God
that IS A tribe of one.. as even Einstein
was/is smART enough iN heART to understand
what Fowler’s higher point as pyramid of faith as agape love means
and feels
TruE as LiFE LIGht..
i’m sorry.. if all of this is not in oUr
bible.. yOur Koran.. yoUr Tao book.. iChing
thingie.. or whatever youR religious sacred text
may bRinG but when you limit the word of God that
coMes within.. you hOld liGht and LoVE Stagnant in words
that chain God less than free and as you have relative free will..
your choice can be purgatory grey sHades of LiFE to dARkeST soUL
niGht of LiFE death as liFE or beyond rainBoW colors of pure liGht iF i can
possibly relate what that feels and senses aS iN words of God’s Grace as gift
willed within
wiTh GoD FReED
as mE.. yes.. blah blah blah..
yada yada yada.. i am very meek and
last and first always now and humble as a grain
of sand as i FiT wRiTE iN tHeiR As FlesH and Blood
noW as JuST anoTheR SoN oF GoD isreaL NoW2..
self-actualized.. if ya like secular terminology..
butt the thing is.. esSence is real
and my frigging
pricK is
aS wHOly
and saCred
iF U seeK iN GoD
now As FucKinG A to Z
and beyond Alpha to Omega
and irrational numbers too.. haha..
as no member of God is less or greater
than the othEr aS essence oF thE LiGht
as Art that we DancE and SinG can coMe
out Stronger and BriGhter but we all return
to sTaR duST for the neXt resurrection oF the
GifT and PotEnTiaL1 of HeaVen on an eARTh likE
thiS aGaIN.. the gift is now.. the present is open.. i am
heAR and rather Queer after all is said and done.. and as
strong as a horned steer in fearless way.. and sure.. the esSence
of my balls need no huge form to explode in liGht as any Big Bang BaLL
room BliTZ WiLL as i needed a Theme SonG to finish the rest of these words.. hehe..;)

With sure.. one more share of.. a MacroVerse from two years ago named QUANTUM
MIND UNLEASHED.. like i just did.. hehe.. and it also holds a short clip of me
leg pressing 810 Lbs just one time of 12 reps then as although you
aren’t ‘suppose’ to get even stronger as you approach 60 years of
age noW it’s up to 1020 LBS and 33 reps.. heHe.. whEre heRE the
nice Gym Attendant jet pilot wife now.. Kelly.. exclaims ‘holy shit’ as yes
the Quantum body can and will be released as well heAR
in Holy and Sacred Thursday Dance and other
tantric activities too.. full of meaning
and purpose in seNsual
three hour tours
of FeeLinG deLiGht
and sure as defeating entropy
i share thaT liGht as it IS A source of
dopamine energy to inspire productivity and
creativity that i have used as moderation of gift
of the porn art of Bonobo liGht that others have given
and shared to me across decades of life.. numbering in
likELy thousands of kind and giving and sharing individuals
who are not afraid of giving it and sharing it all as the
truth and light is thaT satisfied conSeNsuaL luSt and
fantasies associated and stuFF..
reduces frustration..
and could
even prevent world
war three and surely a few
suicide bombings as tHeRe
are no limits of even 72 of that sTuFF
over heRe in the Freedom of eXpreSsinG
USA as PeaCe of T and A and P and stuFF
sweet reLeaSe.. as sure that also unleashes
and releases the social bonding oxytocin
altruism hormone too.. for those
who combine
love with
lust as
the nuclear
option oF LiGht
as social cooperation..
isreaL noW.. to subjugate
and control and dominate the masses
of minions.. patriarchs have taken this freedom
away for centuries to oppress.. suppress.. and make
life a stagnant sHades of grey place of purgatory noW to
LIVinG church heLL.. i wasn’t born yesterday.. i am born Now
forever free wiTh God.. so.. iF iT feels good and it harms no one..
including you.. you’d seriouSly NoW be a real sucKer if you didn’t JoY
ALL thE God giFted Heaven of Pleasure now of modeRaTion liGht TrUe..
the reaSon none of this much iS iN any sacred text now is all the sacred text
that exists to this point in so-called really popular stuff is dominated by patriachs
who live to subjugate and oppress and repress the freedom of minions from almost
day one of the death of a giving sharing foraging of life to storing grains in silos of
greed.. jealousy.. fear and
overall hate..
and anything that
doesn’t smell and taste..FeeL
and see and hear and yes tOuch
and so much more in mirror neuron
way and subatomic Quantum miNd
and BoDy unLeashed and ReLeased FloW
iN ZoNe as subatomic streAMs RiVer to OceAn
waVe wHole particLes of we as and iN FiELd oF dreAms wHole..
oops.. i just did it again..i created a timeless piece oF aRt like it or not.. haha..
as silly
is as
silly laughs
and if you miss God
as a laugh in some little
way you die as liFe liGht to dARk..
the water is nice in Heaven.. you do not have
to dRiNk it butt sure at least dip yoUr butt iN.. heHe..
as that likELy needs a bAll room blitz with plenty of room
in loose fitting briefs that are always naked for Now.. haha..;)







BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

3.3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)

Grand Cross Bible 2016

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)

CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)

VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)

CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)

Nether Land Bible 2017

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)


img_8122 img_8123 img_8124 img_8127 img_8128 img_8129 img_8130 img_8131 img_8135 img_8136 img_8137 img_8138 img_8139 img_8140 img_8141 img_8142 img_8143 img_8144 img_8145 img_8148 img_8150 img_8151 img_8152 img_8155 img_8156 img_8157 img_8159 img_8160 img_8161 img_8162 img_8164 img_8166 img_8167 img_8168 img_8169 img_8170 img_8171 img_8172 img_8173 img_8174 img_8176 img_8178 img_8179 img_8181 img_8182 img_8183 img_8184 img_8185 img_8186 img_8187 img_8188 img_8189 img_8190 img_8191 img_8192 img_8194 img_8195 img_8196 img_8197 img_8199 img_8200 img_8201 img_8202 img_8203 img_8204 img_8205 img_8206 img_8207 img_8208 img_8209 img_8210 img_8211 img_8213 img_8214 img_8216 img_8217 img_8218 img_8219 img_8220 img_8221 img_8222 img_8223 img_8224 img_8228 img_8229 img_8230 img_8231 img_8232 img_8234 img_8236 img_8237



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11 Responses to SuPerTRamP2

  1. Immigration is such a beautiful ‘thing’.. overall.. as
    tonight there is no A team of Charlie’s Angels Present
    and in the past there has been Hispanic Charlie’s Angels
    as Trio of Angelic Dancing women.. and tonight.. yes.. University
    of West Florida.. Asian Charlie’s AngelS in celebration of the Court’s decision
    for the United States to remain a part of the free world sTiLL.. as ‘he’ better take
    care of
    Angel Women
    too.. if he knows and
    feels and senses what is Good
    for him in Beatitudes way.. per say of
    Matthew.. Chapter 5.. verses 1 through
    11 pluS as even Yellow Boy is uPon on
    those Verses when he is not resting his
    head on the Bible.. hehe.. as he
    studiously has drawn
    my attention
    to Chronicles..
    Chapters 28 and 29..
    all about war and every day
    historic stuff.. kinda boring overall..
    really.. like any history book removed from present
    of noW.. aLL SonG and DAncE Free Verse aS Such..
    anyWay.. these Asian Charlie’s Angels are just adorable..
    i would adopt ’em all if i could.. have to ask the Katrina first..
    of course.. hehe.. but anyway they are so cute as every time they
    pass by me now they hi-five me.. and haha.. sometimes we miss hands
    aS even though i can dance and dance and dance.. sometimes.. i miss the hi-five..;)

  2. Repeat of a micro expression poetic
    response in what i name as MicroMicroVerse
    as part of a larger MicroVerse and still larger
    MacroVerse that is now arriving number 746 for
    Ocean Whole 3.3 Million plus word longest long form
    poem in the Google History of Humankind.. hehe.. i do
    this copyright free so it will never be published for money as far
    as i can see for now.. and sure.. 30,000 pages plus now as Micro
    Soft Word says it will take to relate in actual hard copy pages is
    more tree than i for one care to kill.. including any dollar bills that
    make trees associated with THaT.. but i am fortunate.. financially
    independent and no.. not filthy rich.. just have what i need as far
    as dEvil green bLack dollar bills to get through life with the
    wife free.. but am i rich in SpiRit.. WeLL.. leT’s jusT
    say.. iF a huWoManiFesTaTioN of God can
    Dance And Sing tHeRE is more
    than an iNfiniTy oF A sMiLe now
    of God that attempts
    to relate that essence
    of constant joy and bliss
    and nirvana iN the Heaven
    of wRiTe NoW.. Believe it
    or not RiplEys’ and Horatio’s
    sAMe.. and oh yeah.. moving
    now to the 75th MacroVerse sAMe2
    as i keep the numbers all lined uP
    in soMe juSTificATioN oD order iN
    HoLY and SacREd SymBoLs FuLL
    of mY co-created Meaning and Purpose
    WiTh GoD FReED iN and as mE noW..Now
    yes.. now.. the 75th MacroVerse of “Nether Land
    Bible 2017”.. started then on Memorial Day of 2016
    and running through the wRite oF Now.. and with the
    74th.. “SuPerTRamP2”.. MacroVerse.. added in on what is
    now about the size oF A one and a half King James version
    old age Bible aS Such.. yes.. precisely now empirically measured
    nOw by WordPress ongoing and documented word count as totaling
    after each MicroVerse held NoW in MacroVerses with grand total at the
    end as such.. this little liGht of miNeD that is not only an ongoing 42 month
    plus witness and testament for the God aLL as oF MoTheR NaTurE TrUE
    liGht plUs as Ocean WhOle Poem and SonG of MY SoUL too as the entire
    Word Press Blog started at the end of August 2013 in publish way of very first
    MacroVerse then.. with Pre MacroVerses coming since publish of the first Blogger
    Blogs on 3.10.13 coming up on 48 months celebration of four years too.. “Nether
    Land Bible 2017” arriving now at 1,126,571 words as of last 74th MacroVerse now..
    just another day of now and
    another bible to write.. muses
    come from all over the place as
    inspiration liGht and TrUe overflows
    as Global SoUL of HUman and noW the
    rest of Nature plus all that is aka God now
    so.. i repeat.. Now.. a small MicroMicroVerse from
    Poet Friend and Angelic liGht-like Administrator.. Lillian
    from the dVerse Team who now is in life for the love oF
    it and not prove anything to anyone else as Love for aRt
    and sure.. Poetry and Visual images of her life too.. so
    yes.. we get along.. juSt fine.. as i come and go theRE
    frEE iN GiVe and Share as
    i repeat here more too..:)

    SMiLes.. friEnd.. Lillian..
    birth here and birth not
    tHeRE IS A requirement
    foR A HiGhest office..
    A test
    could go
    a long way
    to prevent
    A World
    War III..
    isn’t it amazing
    how little our entire education
    system teaches oF heART..
    A iNner UniVerse
    oF EmoTioNs
    the world..
    and sure.. US..
    individuals.. too..
    wHeRe A first Grader
    could ace a test of soul
    and spiRit more than
    old McDonald’s ClOwn
    riSinG uP now wiTh A
    Broken Cheney heART..:)

    Lillian returns with
    …a test of heart..heart emoticon…
    I like that. To learn compassionate listening.

    And i say..

    Hello.. friEnd.. Lillian.. one
    Of the best things about being an outcast.. for those who seek victory over vengeance and do not become a bully.. is.. tHeRe is little choice but to listen.. also.. the advantage i had as a non-verbal Autistic child until age 4.. i heard the God as Nature speak first.. at 3.. within.. finding the Best friEND Begin with no end.. SMiLes..:)

    And in arriving at dVerse i find their open link night prompt
    and Grace.. an administrator who doesn’t really get the
    scope of what i was/am ever doing as Long Form Poem
    in doing art a new way.. like the other go by
    the book poets tHeRe and that is okay..
    as some folks are naturally more
    closed minded in the forms
    of yesterday and today
    as that comes
    from a
    kind of intelligence that
    is fostered by modern cultures
    in created standard IQ way to generate
    nice little cogs in a machine to keep the creature
    comforts in excess for society coming so little men
    with little soul can line their penthouses sTiLL with empty
    chalice Gold.. butt.. you see.. tHeRE are expanded horizons
    too.. of fluid intelligence and even studies show that non-verbal
    children with so-called Autism.. even exceed their so-called Neuro
    typical counterparts in Fluid Intelligence by Adult age simply for the
    reason of use it or lose it.. become crystalized facts of that past or now
    dance and sing a new song that has never been done or heard before..
    even one complex enough away from Twitter Verse that even technology
    has a hard time keeping up with just one small little non-verbal boy’s eventual
    fruition of fluid intelligence.. you see the God of Nature is fluid intelligence far beyond
    verbal intelligence alone.. Fluid Intelligence is art and Crystalized intelligence is science
    to use juST anoTher PoeTic Metaphor to describe a little more of life than has been recorded
    before.. and that’s the way it is with love.. some folks enforce God in chains of books oF old
    and some folks Force Feed God into marriage ownership papers and restricted clothes
    taking God away from Nature in HUmans now.. too.. tHeRE IS A KinD of Love
    that is courAge and aGApe Love that owns no human and only
    seeks to BrinG a sMiLe to God’s Facebook NoW.. you see
    tHeir are Billions of faces on God’s Facebook now that
    could use a smile.. and last night as shared with
    the wife when a couple of very nice..
    likely somewhat Lesbian and
    at least Bi-Sexual African
    American women came to
    dance.. with healthy size
    butts to be very Frank as far
    as child bearing hips go.. a selfie
    was shared and a butt came next
    for a bootie dance and after the dance
    got somewhat of a rise per se from me
    in all natural muse of what goes down and
    up all natural of course as god’s rules free..
    she smiled at me and went on her slow dance
    way with her girl friend next.. thing is.. it’s a lot more
    pleasant than rules that take human away in dARk of
    NiGht WiTh soULs and HeaRts and SpiRits as MiNd
    and BoDy BALanCinG soUL wHEre the wHOle enChiLdA
    of God is Holy and Sacred full of meaning and purpose with
    a Butt worth sharing with a man who loves to dance a SonG
    of Hope and Love and Unity more than Separation and Fear
    and hate.. she joined her butt with me.. as i and Shakira say..
    Hips don’t lie and neither does God when free.. all consensual
    aS Such for jusT another Cheap thrill.. as birds fly Land SinG HiGher..
    So.. A Song Shared by Grace from dVerse that was written back in
    1962 and used as a poem to celebrate the newness of President
    Obama’s inauguration of hope and love over fear and hate..
    AgaPe Faith is Love for aLL as Unity oNE.. the Good
    Cop Jesus way and the same Golden
    Rule that has been revised
    with the same
    all human
    ages of the sAGes
    as LonG as HeARt’s
    beat and Baby’s got Butt..:)

    Praise Song for the Day

    “Each day we go about our business,
    walking past each other, catching each other’s
    eyes or not, about to speak or speaking.

    All about us is noise. All about us is
    noise and bramble, thorn and din, each
    one of our ancestors on our tongues.

    Someone is stitching up a hem, darning
    a hole in a uniform, patching a tire,
    repairing the things in need of repair.

    Someone is trying to make music somewhere,
    with a pair of wooden spoons on an oil drum,
    with cello, boom box, harmonica, voice.

    A woman and her son wait for the bus.
    A farmer considers the changing sky.
    A teacher says, Take out your pencils. Begin.

    We encounter each other in words, words
    spiny or smooth, whispered or declaimed,
    words to consider, reconsider.

    We cross dirt roads and highways that mark
    the will of some one and then others, who said
    I need to see what’s on the other side.

    I know there’s something better down the road.
    We need to find a place where we are safe.
    We walk into that which we cannot yet see.

    Say it plain: that many have died for this day.
    Sing the names of the dead who brought us here,
    who laid the train tracks, raised the bridges,

    picked the cotton and the lettuce, built
    brick by brick the glittering edifices
    they would then keep clean and work inside of.

    Praise song for struggle, praise song for the day.
    Praise song for every hand-lettered sign,
    the figuring-it-out at kitchen tables.

    Some live by love thy neighbor as thyself,
    others by first do no harm or take no more
    than you need. What if the mightiest word is love?

    Love beyond marital, filial, national,
    love that casts a widening pool of light,
    love with no need to pre-empt grievance.

    In today’s sharp sparkle, this winter air,
    any thing can be made, any sentence begun.
    On the brink, on the brim, on the cusp,

    praise song for walking forward in that light.”

    – Elizabeth Alexander

    And now i say.. there are no words
    iN DancE oF liGht otHeR than Love.

    And noW as i find myself a full five MacroVerses
    behind again in back up share of around 75K words
    or so.. on three Facebook pages including a personal
    one that will arrive at a copy and paste of about a quarter
    of a million words in just another day of life now as i continue
    to art my HeARt.. spiRit and SoUL Free.. Free verse desires
    no form of past.. free verse flows without Mechanical cognition
    worry.. in short.. a Free verse Dance and Song of LIfE has no rules
    butt free Love to MoVe.. CoNnecT.. Co-Create WiTh GoD as Love
    iN FloW iN ZoNe as LoVE FlYs HiGher and HiGher as a puzzle whole
    Masterpiece tapestry oF GoD verse more.. as UniVerse continues now to
    expand.. within.. inside.. outside.. above.. so below and all around.. juSt
    do it is what i do.. oh.. the sun is shining outside to lure me out in Azure
    February SprinG oF LA Lower Alabama Florida State oF Flowers
    year ’round Panhandle way.. be back.. with the mechanical
    cognition of that sooner or later but now Sand
    and Sun Dance coMes again as
    God has a feeling
    and sense
    for and
    as me
    within continuing
    with no words beyond
    fEat of feet that love gRains of
    sand of God no less and even more
    than just one grain below above so free..
    And with that sAid.. one MacroVerse to share
    from three years ago.. with a repeat of 316 words
    when i was doing my best to bring a little liTe then to the
    scientists at the “wrong planet”.. including the fundamentalist
    Christian who this little letter was addressed to then.. the difference
    in a scientist and a fundamentalist religious person at core is really sAMe
    now@aLL.. Crystalized intelligence rules over Holy SpiRit Fluid Intelligence
    IsReaL that goes by no words of before.. other than appreciation of what is doinG to
    this point now.. with a country road that never ends with flowers of God blooming
    new at the
    of now
    a little disappointed
    that the copyright police
    erased the youtube song of
    Fantasy i shared before for that..
    butt that is the price of selling the copyright
    of a person’s soul to a suit of publishing sAMe..
    My art is naked and my soul is not for sale.. simply
    ’cause i share and give for free.. and no one will put a price
    it takes work
    butT it is not for
    sale here.. only
    give and share and
    it’s sad tHeRE is not
    a Universal Income provided
    so artists don’t have to starve
    and can keep painting a masterpiece
    of GoD GroWinG to give and share an Art
    oF LoVe NoW thAT liGhts spiRiT oF heARt and
    miNd and Body BaLanCinG soULs as Super Novas
    WiLL do as multi-chambered Nautilus UniVerse oF GoD wHole
    no beginning
    or end only now
    ever expanding more free..
    in what could be named as
    both Fantasy and a metaphor
    liGht reLaTinG to A Good Cop Jesus
    named too as “Boogie Wonderland of Jesus”..:)

    Well.. Oldavid..




    user name..

    by the way..

    at least with human beings

    and the power of the ‘Quantum Mind’


    is possible within the span of one lifetime..

    and I have conclusive case study evidence..

    at least in MY CASE.. for IT…


    for those folks who live it that way..

    as it can either be LITERAL

    Heaven on this earth



    i choose heaven

    and ALL THERE IS








    Ah.. the power of HUMAN




    FOR THOSE who truly exercise IT now…

    Oh.. and here is the case study evidence

    thoroughly examined and evidenced.. empirically so…

    And you friend.. helped me do it.. in your own inspirational way..

    as i gain inspiration from all folks.. no matter WHAT THEY SAY OR DO…

    i AM IN CONTROL.. with my own will.. relatively speaking, of course…

    i MASTER ENTROPY WITH MY MIND and body balance…

    Perhaps that is a BOLD STATEMENT


    EVIDENCED AS SUCH.. in the case study.. linked above…

    And there was a so-called prophet named Jesus

    who promised that human beings




    their minds

    and bodies

    in balance TO IT…


    IN THE NT IS/ARE correct.. undoubtedly SO…

    When it comes to human nature..

    and Universal truth.. ah..

    the world across

    distance and space

    IS a small small

    world of WONDER.

    AND IT’S oh so nice to live.. tHere…

    For me at least.. It’s BOOGIE WONDERLAND…

    And THAT my friend is an extra kool place TO BE..

    Even at age 54.. wHere entropy IS NO PROBLEM AT ALL…

    Perhaps back then.. it went down like ‘this’..

    Hmm.. at least in the early 70’s…


  3. Facebook Friend Rafiah..
    and fellow Poet Blogger
    shares a status in bed..

    Happiness is listening this
    with high definition speakers
    and at this hour of night and
    being all comfy in bed. #lifefeelsgoodfornow

    i stop by just to say..

    MuSiC IS A
    MUse.. eXpanDed
    A MoVe
    For DancE
    oF LiGht.. LiFe..
    OtHEr than thAt.. Nite Nite
    Sweet friEnd
    Rafiah.. WiTh
    SNow Moon
    Eclipse of
    iN otHeR
    Good NiGht..
    Sleeeeep tiGht..;)

    Rafiah sweetly
    sings a lullaBy of..

    Helllooooooooooooooooo Pal 😀

    And i say for the end
    of this special connection
    of God when two or more people
    come toGeTheR and make anoTheR
    SPArK oF God Verse come to LIGht
    as the most holy and sacred
    meaningful and purposeful
    experience of liFE
    as God’s
    loves to reach
    out and not be
    held in walls
    of isolation
    dARk closets
    DancE and SinG away from
    Love as i am so blessed to express
    this in words as gift and practice of liGht
    WiTh GoD within but it matters not as the
    FeeLinG and SeNsinG LoVe in connection
    of God is what counts.. whether gleam of
    eYe of Pure WhiTE Love or a bootie
    dance that doesn’t last nearly
    as long as pure white
    Love but surely
    sets the
    comes next..
    and that’s the thing as the
    wife said yesterday when the male
    strippers came by to entertain the
    audience on the Ellen show and the same
    thing the so-called red-neck ladies said in
    Milton when we witnessed them stand up and
    scream at the end of that movie.. Magic Mike XL..
    “someone is gonna get some tonight and it’s gonna be me”..
    thing is.. as any Elton John Song goes it’s thaT thE Love that counts
    and SpRinGS LIFE iN creativity and productivity whether in Love song
    between an older man and a younger woman as just friends who will never
    even likely see each other’s flesh in the skin as it is ‘against the law’ to even hold
    hands with a ‘strange man’ over there.. and that is okay as it is the love inspired in
    us by others that makes liGht expand and the Love that Rafiah and so many others
    inspire in me becomes written art as a sParK oF liGht and Love for the neXt connection
    of God to come as Nature isREAL and best as pure liGht and all of the places as origin too
    now.. so anyway.. i do say in return to Rafiah
    the folloWinG wordS heAR..

    Dance and
    SinG wiTh
    Me in yoUr

    Thing is.. my wife is not afraid
    of the Love i share with others..
    she is shy about many things but
    not about love given and shared..
    as the couple who watcheS even porn
    together tends to stick togEther not much
    different than listening to a totally clothed Elton John song..
    it doesn’t matter what the sexual orientation of a person is either
    as just imagine how many babies in some little way the Elton John’s
    of this world and the Magic Mike’s and the Marilyn Monroe’s.. and Lord
    kNows if you live where i do.. the faux professional wrestlers have fathered.. in
    way.. as
    a baby of productivity
    and creativity oF LIGht
    as HUman MUse.. we are
    all connected in so many ways..
    those who would separate that
    simply do not experience a full fuse
    and muse with God as sPaRk of New verses
    in so many ways when two humans come togEther for liGht..:)

    What next.. oh yeah.. Rafiah
    shared another song
    before that one
    and said..


    And.. i respond..

    i Love it when
    Voice goes
    Further than
    Notes on
    Like that
    Most famous
    Pakistan Singer
    You share heRe.. Rafiah..:)

    So yes.. this is like somewhat of
    a reverse Haibun/Haiku/Fredbun/Fredku
    and when i do Kung Fu it is FredFu too in
    mY own way oF liGht WiTh God aLL sEt FReED…
    NoW as A big pARt eXplains A sMall pArT wHOle..
    And Rafiah is my famous Pakistan SingeR in case
    it needs further ExPLaiNinG.. hehe.. no secrets..
    in my
    at least..
    but Love ISReaL..:)

    And no.. this is no wicked game..
    as that song sayS on YouTube..
    as True Pure White Love
    has no walls
    has no
    is only
    yes.. pure..
    agape for all
    of HUMAn and
    NatuRE pLuS moRe..
    bottom line.. tHeRe is no doubt..
    no fear.. no jealousy.. no greed.. no fear
    iN LoVE as PUrE LiGht.. and yes.. the Singer
    of that from Croatia uses a similar free verse voice
    technique in atonal quality beyond the notes of sheet..
    as similar in ways that middle eastern thru east India
    that tickles the ecstasy oF Brain and BoDy Vibration now
    of Quantum metaphor oF unLeash and reLease as hUMan
    HiGher poWEr oF aGApe that has no distance.. space or time..
    beyond four and five dimensional.. a HeXaGRaM oF LiGht and to
    be clear
    that came
    to me.. it neither
    needs be right or wrong
    iN terms of literal words..
    but sure it is often ‘the source’
    thaT kNows/feels/senses TrUtH and LiGht..
    Too many people try to make Love into
    a law and license.. when Love is onLY
    Free.. as Love IS A
    Gift to give and share Free..
    as again.. this is how God’s Universe
    expands as stars and neurons sAMe as more
    hUmans hold hands globAlly around the world
    as free Love spReads and Trumps fear and hate..;)

    And speaKing of free love.. of the non-verbal more sensual
    Kind that spARks more of the pure white Love now that can/will too..
    be a little higher and or lower too.. as Love goeS liGht and coloRed beYond Rainbows too..
    yes.. the Facebook Algorithm share of Thursday niGht dance in full video slide sHow presenTation
    And Facebook.. TG.. continues to change up the available theme music it provides as this
    whole thing fits togeTheR very nicely.. i miGht/WiLL add aS oNe can and will understand
    that the eYes of God and the Creative spiRit of heARt and MiNd and
    BoDy BaLanCinG soUL is ConNecTinG as a global soUL..
    Cosmic consciousness.. Christ consciousness
    Buddha consciousness.. eTc.. eTc.. metaphors
    for this HUman HIGher PoTenTiaL isREAL
    when we HoLd Hands togeThER and
    tear the walls that chain
    love dOwn.. MaKinG
    uP oF liGHt
    that continues
    to burn now
    Star BriGhteR.. aS
    iT aLL FiTs togEtheR
    as beYOnd aLL iMaGINAtiON
    And CreATiviTy in lone way as
    we attempt to capture only a tiNY allone
    pArt of God’s Masterpiece as PainTinG aLL..
    wE.. bRushes worKinG togeTher for liGht.. or against.. as dARk..
    And finAlly.. regarding the Video.. i literally had audience/dance members
    screaming go go go.. keep it going… go go go go.. several times.. at lEast
    as many in the SonG that went with the actual reaLiTy too… yA.. have to
    understand if you ever can and will.. tHeRE is no real separation of HOLy
    and Sacred and Meaning and Purpose oF LIFE as that is the pARt that
    sadly most folks miss as they live this painting
    of God with restraint
    the filters break
    down and God breathes
    and DanceS and SinGS aS oUR BeInG
    aNew oF liGht Force reneWeD.. and that my
    friEnds is a thousand mINd and BoDy full orgasms
    dancing on a pin that never ends in what most folks
    as an
    in and
    out ‘normal pin’
    orgasm of LIFE iF
    even thAT is experienced
    from the lies of repressing
    and oppressing all oF hUMan liGht..
    the wicked game is stealing thE LiGht
    and thaT is traditionally what patriarchal culture
    And no separation of church and state religions
    do.. steal thE LiGht of God’s LiGht as Love in uS
    all seNsual and FeeLinG to control.. subjugate.. and
    dominate through the con-social powers of doubt.. fear..
    and over all hate for anything that veers out of that cultural/
    religious sand box of liFE.. Love is green.. Love liVes aLL FReED..:)


    Social roles.. come.. and go..
    and are most definitely
    hard for let go…
    when they
    stay for
    decades past..
    A time oF same..
    A time for change..
    to create a social role
    oF art most freeing of what i
    for one say.. no bosses.. no slaves..
    Art works for liGht and waves by past storms distress..
    yes.. when life comes play and social role is no longer work..
    And yeS.. even homemaker and maid for no pay at all.. a
    for free..
    social role create..:)

  5. Facebook Friend Greg and
    Co-worker for close to
    decades in Military
    Bowling Center Life
    shares a female rendition
    of ‘Scarborough Fair’ that sings only
    to the impossible tasks of the female
    to bring as soul mate to the male for true love..
    And in essence this song is centuries old and perhaps
    from an origin of an ‘Elfin Knight’ old Scottish Song
    and perhaps pArt of why Free Mason real
    Scotts men wear plaid skirts
    while they play their
    Bag Pipes oF Free..
    instead of the female version i
    will play the Simon and Garfunkel
    version now with the female version
    only left intact as lyrics below to relate..
    while the echoes of tasks by each gender
    sings true in version by Simon and Garfunkel..

    per this verse.. in particular..

    “Parsley was comfort, sage was strength,
    rosemary was love, and thyme was courage.”

    Anyway Greg starts
    his Facebook Status
    share with words that say..

    “How many impossible tasks for our true love to bare?”

    And he provides the female version lyrics as such..

    “Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
    Yesterday holds memories in time
    Remember me to the one who lives there
    She once was a true love of mine

    Tell her to think back upon younger days
    Yesterday holds memories in time
    And seek yonder crossroads where we parted ways
    Then she’ll be a true love of mine

    Tell her to follow the path to the shire
    Yesterday holds memories in time
    For there she’ll find her heart’s true desire
    Then she’ll be a true love of mine

    Tell her to come to the old willow tree
    Yesterday holds memories in time
    Where spirits of lost love yet whisper to thee
    Thou art still a true love of mine

    Tell her to gather three lilies of white
    Yesterday holds memories in time
    To place at my headstone, beneath the moon’s light
    Then she’ll be a true love of mine
    Forever she’ll be the one true love of mine

    And i say in return to Greg..

    Reminds me of Jung’s archetypes of animus and anima
    and the success of a tear in a beer country music.. in other
    words.. the divine feminine repressed by ‘Big Daddy Trump’
    And ya know what that leads to.. But seriously.. aS even
    my psychotherapist and the Gnostic Jesus says.. trUe liGht
    loVe liVes within as the animus or anima archetype
    of opposites.. once attained.. complete.. whole..
    single.. one.. doesn’t have to score noW aT
    the bar and NoW in the back of pick-up trucks
    And IS A confident draw for the opposite sex..
    aT lEast that’s how ‘the theory’.. and case
    study evidence.. goeS.. and eXplains
    why so many women Love
    A Jack Sparrow..

    So bottom lines is.. the ‘Elfin Knight’
    Song and now more modern version used
    in the movie the ‘Graduate’ with Dustin
    Hoffman in the late sixties over the problem
    with true love with the lyrics.. “Parsley was comfort, sage was strength,
    rosemary was love, and thyme was courage.”.. is yes.. a sTiLL very esoteric
    SonG for those afraid of the word occult that means the sAMe as eXploring
    the iNner more hidden UniVerse of Humanity’s name relaTinG archetypal
    human trUthS and liGhts that can only be put out by the cultural
    illusions and lies of books that chain free in words from
    the past.. so you might ask.. if you ever noticed..
    why does Superman and Batman in
    original stories wear Ballerina
    tights and sHe man
    briefs underneath
    a cape of freedom’s
    C O u R A G Efearless..
    weLL.. iT is like those big
    Scottish uplander men.. heHe..
    like Sean Connery.. haHa.. yes.. the men
    with bag pipes. cigars.. and pLaid sKirts.. they
    understand thaT the Force of Divine Love of Comfort’s
    Grace as Parsley and Rosemary of Love is what truly powers
    Sage as Strength and thyme of Courage now the GreaTest for
    Love is whole and never selfish.. and never greedy and jealous
    for it is trUe Love liGht that one who seeks God whole within as Balance of
    hUman Nature NoW and Nature’s Balance whole finds bliss and nirvana
    and heaven
    as the
    of now..
    you see.. if this whole
    Trump business is not a ‘higher
    up ruse’.. as how can a real billionaire be as much
    of a fool as Trump rules.. not hardly it seems.. but
    whaT thE wHole Trump Fiasco is proving if NOthing else
    is the heartless.. empathy-less compassionate-less masses
    have less as Katy Perry’s new song does relate… Love is nurtured
    from ages 0 to 3 most by Unconditional Love.. take that away in any way
    by a ‘Big Daddy’.. who is afraid that his son will become queer with grace
    and love over warrior hunter and such as that.. or perhaps an electronic device
    as substitute for Mother’s BrEast or whatever else takes away the power of TrUe
    diViNe LoVe LIGht oF Feminine branch of humanity as the connections of love are lost
    joining hands in the brain as neural connections and peptide receptors in trillions of
    cell connections from head to toe.. as a sTar of LoVe fuLL or bLack whOle soUl groWing
    empty oF FliGht as Love’s SonG trUe LiGht.. as the basic lesSon oF all existence appLies
    appLes of use it or lose it is the way of God’s TrUe liGht dARk or Light as HUman
    Nature rings liGhter as TrUth or dArKer as TrUth sAMe NoW.. we are
    hUman.. God as Nature all is the God of use it or lose it..
    put it off until a dirt nap and never
    TrUe LoVe…
    And sure.. the so-called
    Gnostic Jesus lived in very
    Patriachal area similar to mine
    heAR in a New Jerusalem of a mill town
    surrounded in a larger Metropolitan
    region by 5 or so Military bases
    that raise warriors to kill.. and
    in the Old Jerusalem it
    was seen as a
    for the
    men to wear long hair
    then.. too.. as the genders
    must be separate to raise men
    with little enough empathy and
    compassion to be able to overcome
    the normal human aversion to killing
    one of their own species to protect the
    tribe from invaders same.. this is Anthropology
    101 noW and horse sense too of the common kind..
    butt you see.. human nature remains and so does
    the forces of dARk and LIGht iN or out of balance as Love..
    there is never a bigger home or a fancier car or a bigger camper
    or boat in the back yard or bigger signature Trump tower that can feel
    the fill of whOle that loses divine feminine love.. and sure.. divine feminine
    love can attempt to live without the strength of will that makes divine masculine
    courage.. but truly.. it takes both kind and courage to carry love on with fearless vigor..
    NoW as any cinderfella or cinderella in wonder woman or superman attire can reLate and
    sure.. my friend Katy Perry and all her friends too and with that sAid as i am writing
    this.. another note comes from my lovELy Angelic Friend.. Rafiah.. from Pakistan and
    me to relate..:)

    Rafiah says on Facebook
    in return to my previous accolades
    for ‘a Singer’ She shares there.. as liGht..

    There is so much insane talent and beauty
    among humans that it makes my heart swell
    with so much emotions and happiness.

    And i sing
    in happy
    to my
    who is love
    who i love very much..
    with no fear of saying that
    to the entire world of whomever
    hears it next as love ain’t scared..

    SMiLes.. my FriEnd Rafiah that is love
    that sees love.. and that means you now
    are love.. and sAdly.. so many humans can
    see none of that love.. some people would
    be terrified of living forever out of boredom..
    but with love of art as art as love.. never a dull
    Love as
    all of life is
    continuing muse
    and heaven now as Love..
    as all becomes Beauty liGht as TrUth..:)

    And now i saY.. iN dance and sing too2..

    You see.. i traveled the entire globe
    to find a pure heART
    to extract God from
    me as the
    that lives
    in our SouL
    when set free
    as kind and courage isREaL..:)


    Facebook Friend Greg comes back
    to respond to our part of the discussion and says..

    Love is the activity of the immortals taught to us by divine intervention. The immortals ever activity is such imprisonment of love to maintain their immortality. It is from there we are here and from here will we return once again, having taught and learned our our lesson here. At the end of time is the harvest.

    i return again with..

    sMiLes my friEnd.. the
    harvest is alWays now
    for those who soW it
    and reap iT all now..:)

    Greg says..

    When I have a fever sometimes
    my hands feel like that. ~lol

    i say..

    Luke Hot..;)

    Greg says..

    Parsley for suffers of bitterness
    Sage for strenghning
    Rosemary for love and remembrance
    Thyme for strengthening
    In the dark ages they were used medicinally, after the dark ages they helped mask the taste of putrid flesh in the meals since there was no way of refrigeration, Also salted meats were preserved and the afore used medicines were used for flavorings.
    in the song they represent hidden feelings if you knew what the potions were for, hence his truelove was perhaps practicing witchcraft.
    It’s like the song; “I Put A Spell On You.” but I think she put a spell on him.

    i respond..

    sMiLes my friEnd..
    depends on the version of
    the song.. Simon and Garfunkel
    wrote if for love.. just love and WiLL..:)

    And i additionally elaboRAte..

    And white magic is just another
    phrase for the placebo essence effect..
    And black magic is just another
    phrase for the nocebo essence effect..
    also referred to as
    voodoo hehe..
    and sex magick
    in newer occult..
    is just the science
    of how lust creates dopamine..
    enhances creativity and overall
    general productivity as well as
    oxytocin social bonding neurohormone
    for particularly women more than men.. to
    nurture future children at breast too.. science
    wins in the end.. but heARt rules alWays now2..;)

    Greg continues too..

    Science, my friend, and all its many branches, will be looked at as a failed religion, each branch being pruned in time as it has no truth, leaving all the branches of science fruitful in the truth. Interesting how challenging authority has a way of bringing out the truth, isn’t it?

    i say further..

    SMiLes my friEnd..
    Science is the end
    but love is the means.. alWays now..:)

    Adding also..

    And yes.. lust too..;)

    And now i say..
    sure.. never judge
    a brain now by the
    job it holds.. hehe..
    as this is what we did
    for yes.. decades as in
    close to two decades at
    the Military Bowling Center
    as co-workers and friends.. hours
    and hours of philosophical discussions
    kinda like the Big Lebowski scene of that
    in thaT movie except this movie is real and much
    much deeper
    life long too.. hehe..;)


    SMiLes.. my dear poet and author
    and sure.. Facebook Friend.. Candice
    aka thefeatheredsleep.. in thee words
    of SuperTramp2 again.. hehe..
    Art is surELy
    a long
    and short
    road home
    to within..
    i cAMe/cOme
    to art aGaiN
    to find my heART..
    so lost.. so lost in dARk..
    and surely.. you kNow.. FeeL
    and SenSE thaT i for one can
    FeeL mosT aLL of yOur pain
    for what it means to go
    to lengths to
    your art of heaRt
    in the modern way
    of Caesar’s coins..
    wheRe Caesar trUly
    only seeks to own yoUr heART..
    And sure.. if one seeks or needs
    to earn a living by art what other choice
    is tHeir.. butt bow to the almighty Lincoln Cent
    and Washington BLack Green wHOle Dollar
    that seeks to rule all of what comes free.. sOld
    and impriSoned sAMe.. thing is.. my first spArk
    of arT coming back in 4 decades or so.. yes.. 40 years
    whole from age 13.. when the so-called Christian
    Bully Boy Boys in fundie pants said boys are
    not allowed to smile when they
    play tennis at the
    big soft bALL pArk..
    and all art then..
    is just another
    F word
    to apply
    to your piNk paNties..
    underneATh your sKirt
    if you even have ‘one’ as
    that applies to gas lighting StiLL
    in politics and religion of the same color now..
    so.. to make a really long story.. sure..12 million
    or words or so broken up/down into almost infinite
    chambers of Nautilus Flow.. i decided the
    best Victory over Vengeance would be
    not only to do modern art
    but to do the most
    prehistoric art
    oF all
    in flesh
    and blood.. hell.. yes..
    a modern PeTroglyph
    stone art come to flesh
    and blood life iN hands and
    erections of thOught in more
    than words to beHold for anyone
    who dares to enter the lAir of free full blown ART..
    so.. sMILes.. i laugh WitH the Christian Bully boyS and
    Patriarchs of silo hoarding dollar bills now by more than
    sTicKinG my toNgue out now.. and if they ever come in.. just
    hope they get fully satisfied before they leave.. hehe.. sMILes..
    my friEnd.. liFE can and WiLL be too cruel not to laugh at aLL oF iT
    naked with all yoUr tongues sticKing out at the daRkest of Life..
    not unlike Kali from India.. Ynot2.. haha..
    bottom lines though through.. not through
    with this is.. this country
    is free
    for me to stick
    all of my tongues
    out at the dArk thaT
    alWays seeks to impriSon liGht/
    ArT/LoVe iN juST anotheR way to
    siLo impriSon gRains of wheat away
    from wild oats that sow free liGht reap..
    the best liGht and Art coMes from dArk as
    hiStory and even science sHows now.. tUrn
    the LiGht oN for Free and what’s left is juST
    a SonGoFYoURsOUl2 as SuperTramp2 says2 now isREal
    juST for the Hell of the Heaven oF iT for Ynot now2..
    otHeRr than thaT.. Jesus F. in Christ.. you are much
    more popular than me.. hehe.. but hey.. now… if i get
    so big no one can see me.. i won’t miss me.. at leASt.. haha..
    the reward iS mY spiRit oF HeARt fully ExpresSinG nOw iN A
    miNd and Body soUL fuLLy BaLanCinG grace of love and courage of strength
    and that
    my friend
    IS A hard on oF liGht..
    and art is the big bang that
    continues even after death.. so..
    sure.. i give to you and i share you
    that’s what soULs do best when aLiVE..
    soUL whOle GlobAlly HoLdinG hands aS such..;)

    And along these lines another ‘short story’ that is also
    non-fiction as i’m not much one for fiction but i’ll do word
    play and metaphors all day juST for fun as words are
    my friends and signs and guideposts to my
    soUl/heARt/SpiRit aS Such.. so…
    last night at the military
    gym there is a very
    stoic and
    X-military man in
    his 70’s.. lives with a
    lot of anxiety.. obviousl.y though
    and is a control person to the maximum
    as hey.. that’s what the military does.. different
    strokes for the professions at hand and all of that..
    so in short.. he is a form guy to the par of tee.. and i am
    all essence and free form verse.. hehe.. tee tee.. haha..he..
    Life is good.. so.. sure.. i can play a role of the stoic face too..
    thing is.. i refuse to walk like a robot now or become a treadmill
    machine or only free weights as ‘Nautilus machines are for sissies’
    for those who don’t understand the bio-mechanics more of the human
    body for strength as the weakest points of hands and feet limit the potential
    strength of the bigger muscles that Nautilus machines are designed.. for the win..
    and sure that’s why i am the strongest one on the ‘other side’ of the big man gym..
    as no one can leg press 1020LBs on the parallel leg press machine i load up there
    after doing my ballet/martial arts routine for the laser focus of chi.. yeah.. laser focus
    is just another phrase for Chi.. when all is positive energy.. all control and adrenaline
    hormones are erased as all i free fly as weight without gravity per metaphor of DO.. ANYWAY..
    HE IS on a much easier leg press machine and holding a conversation as mentor to an
    upcoming military man and to be clear and sincere i have all the respect in the world
    for this military man who is of the caliber of World II Veterans who fight for freedom
    still.. and i am just a DOD retiree guest and this is tHeir gym to me and i am
    just privileged to use it.. so i waited calmly until he finished his conversation
    with the other military dude as i needed at least one 100LB plate
    to complete my feat of 1020LBs.. 33 times with my arms
    raised over my head like a ballerina too.. anyway..
    saw a plate on the side and asked politely can
    i use that sir.. and he said yes.. i saved
    that one for you.. in a little sarcastic
    typical alpha man daddy way..
    and so i picked it up before
    he realized he still
    needed it
    and i said.. sure..
    you can have it and
    lowered it down and
    it slipped out of my rather
    still delicate writer fingers.. hehe..
    as hey.. i ain’t gonna break a finger
    to prove i am a man.. so he says go ahead
    and ‘play’.. as i finish my little Tai Chi-like routine that
    allows me to escape the impact of gravity in someways..
    but here’s the thing.. in all his years of military accomplishment
    even he at the pinnacle of the he man game.. never learned more
    aptly put practicing a way of free to master his mINd and BoDy BaLanCinG
    soUl to put away all anxiety and fear.. no different than Trump.. same story too..
    but one without any honor or ethical code or integrity when it comes to Trump..
    as it’s a gift my friend.. but it is a life long practice for free.. and the thing is as
    long as folks stick to form there will be no new art or even peace of mind whole..
    as art becomes human away from machine.. i live life in a place where almost
    no one understands what drives me free as life.. i live in a place of free and truly
    for those
    who are imprisoned
    within as that is the only
    place that freedom really comes..
    no one will take that away from me now..
    ’cause i took away from me first by letting ‘those’
    folks have tHeir way with me in priSon ‘back then’..
    tHeRe are many ways
    to get
    in this
    world other
    than flesh and
    blood and the rape
    of relative free will is
    the rape that tortures and
    kills a heart/spirit/soul
    in prison of head..
    and out oF body
    BaLancE NoW
    lost.. as pain and
    misery and suffering
    sings his and her song
    separate of division still..
    over Love as Free..:)

    Been a while since i fully
    commented here.. and since
    you are on vacation from writing.. now..
    just a looonggg.. gift to read from me.. hehe..;)


    WeLL.. Hello again gigoid as time
    flys free with little to no
    perception otheR
    than get tHeRE
    that closes
    and stuff like that..
    four behind in a breeze of now…
    now to return for some more fun..
    and that reminds me.. as strange as
    it is.. the flecks of paint chipping off our
    less than a decade old or so Aluminum
    white baked siding at the top of the brick
    of our home.. i hold it as holy and sacred
    as meaningful and purposeful though as
    it relates to there is nothing worth
    stealing from a humble
    home.. could
    finish it
    Gold butt what
    of soul will that prove..
    nah.. it won’t even raise
    property values around
    the block as the
    biggest house
    is only
    as big
    as the
    hoMe on the block..
    Houston.. we have a larger
    problem too as the United
    States continues to shrink
    at the very top of the Government bLock..
    NOthinG Stranger than a corner stone.. loose..;)

    “Nay, be a Columbus to whole new continents and
    worlds within you, opening new channels, not of trade,
    but of thought.”

    – Henry David Thoreau, “Walden, Ch. 18 Conclusion”

    Inner UniVerse
    of the Occult
    to souls clothed
    hidden in robes..;)

    the average person is average
    the common people is common
    the straight people is straight
    you gone be the crooked weird
    rare intelligent bird creep type
    that what you gone be, honey
    — A. R. Ammons

    Hmm.. reminds me of the
    local farm boy/man who
    bragged about
    killing the
    as he said
    ugly was/IS A
    chicKen siN.. only
    worth killing as ignorance
    that rarely feels beyond kill..;)

    “Normativity (sic… but I like it…) is like a brown paper bag — you never know what’s inside. It could be apple pie or a ticking time bomb. Give me a world with colorful packaging so I can glimpse the contents inside.”

    — Callan Williams

    witHout coLor…
    UPS BrOwn
    in systemizing taste..
    DaRk as eARTh
    with few

    A Caution To Everybody

    “Consider the auk;
    Becoming extinct because he forgot how to fly, and could only walk.
    Consider man, who may well become extinct
    Because he forgot how to walk and learned how to fly before he thinked.”

    Ogden Nash

    Hmm.. the will failure
    to dance and
    sing under
    of innately
    grown love
    seems to be the
    number one cause of
    harmful substance abuse these days..:)

    “No matter how much cynicism you have,
    it is never enough to keep up.”

    — Lily Tomlin

    WiNKs.. i turn the
    TV off for liGht..:)

    “But a short time elapsed after the death of the great reformer of the Jewish religion, before his principles were departed from by those who professed to be his special servants, and perverted into an engine for enslaving mankind, and aggrandizing their oppressors in Church and State.”

    — Thomas Jefferson, [letter?]

    And the
    continue in
    the empire strikes back..;)

    To S. Kercheval, 1810

    “The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”

    — Bertrand Russell, Marriage and Morals

    Group think
    rules to
    eat and drink..;)

    “Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

    — Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

    Mediocre minds
    and empty bellies…
    illusory fears thereof
    human disaster…;)

    “The late rebellion in Massachusetts has given more alarm than I think it should have done. Calculate that one rebellion in 13 states in the course of 11 years, is but one for each state in a century and a half. No country should be so long without one.”

    — Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), in letter to James Madison, 20 December 1787

    blood works best..
    for those

    ‘But he hasn’t got any clothes on,’ a little boy said.

    — from The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen

    Honesty oF A Child
    feels and senses naked too..:)

    “Remember that man’s life lies all within this present, as ‘t were but a hair’s-breadth of time; as for the rest, the past is gone, the future yet unseen. Short, therefore, is man’s life, and narrow is the corner of the earth wherein he dwells.”

    — Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 AD) — Meditations, iii, 10


    NoW as numBers
    go.. off to 2 after 1..:)

    “Far from the madding crowd’s ignoble strife
    Their sober wishes never learn’d to stray;
    Along the cool sequester’d vale of life
    They kept the noiseless tenor of their way.”

    ~~ Thomas Gray — Elegy in a Country Churchyard, Stanza 19 ~~


    “He who endeavors to serve, to benefit, and improve the world,
    is like a swimmer, who struggles against a rapid current,
    in a river lashed into angry waves by the winds.
    Often they roar over his head,
    often they beat him back and baffle him.
    Most men yield to the stress of the current…
    Only here and there the stout, strong heart
    and vigorous arms struggle on toward ultimate success.”

    ~~ Albert Pike (1809-1891) ~~

    rAge wAve

    A thing moderately good is not so good as it ought to be.
    Moderation in temper is always a virtue;
    but moderation in principle is always a vice.”

    ~~ Thomas Paine ~~

    SoMonE has to
    all the way to be E2..;)

    “Boys become men by watching men, by standing close to men.
    Manhood is a ritual passed from generation to generation
    with precious few spoken instructions.
    Passing the torch of manhood is a fragile, tedious task.
    If the rite of passage is successfully completed,
    the boy-become-man is like an oak of hardwood character.
    His shade and influence will bless all those
    who are fortunate enough to lean on him
    and rest under his canopy.”

    ~~ Preston Gilham ~~

    Hmm.. been writing
    too long today..
    woke up
    Good times
    DanCinG and
    SinGinG from the
    wife’s big screen and
    now i move on as breeze
    of ease and say.. saplings
    under TRee TRump is poison
    for now..
    as vines
    of dArK
    stretch out
    “Big Daddy’s” arms..
    i’LL get a mama’s take on that…
    And sAdly
    Not likely
    From ‘these’ pARTs..;)

    “Do not speak of what men deserve.
    For we each of us deserve everything,
    every luxury that was ever piled in the tombs of the dead Kings,
    and we each of us deserve nothing,
    not a mouthful of bread in hunger.
    Have we not eaten while another starved?
    Will you punish us for that?
    Will you reward us for the virtue of starving while others ate?
    No man earns punishment, no man earns reward.
    Free your mind of the idea of *deserving*, of *earning*,
    and you will begin to be able to think.”

    ~~ Odo, The Prison Letters~~

    ~~Ursula LeGuin, “The Dispossessed” ~~

    if it is to be
    it is up to me
    me to up is it
    be to is it if
    i wrote this
    but i did not so i will
    have to build a new tomb
    or preferably shell of

    “The good life, as I conceive it, is a happy life.
    I do not mean that if you are good you will be happy
    – I mean that if you are happy you will be good.”

    ~~ Bertrand Russell ~~

    Oh Lord.. ain’t this
    true.. misery loves company
    and i ain’t the first to love misery too..;)

    “We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute.
    We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race.
    And the human race is filled with passion.
    And medicine, law, business, engineering,
    these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life.
    But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.
    To quote from Whitman,
    ‘O me! O life!…
    of the questions of these recurring;
    of the endless trains of the faithless
    –of cities filled with the foolish;
    what good amid these,
    O me, O life?
    That you are here
    – that life exists, and identity;
    that the powerful play goes on
    and you may contribute a verse.’
    That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.
    What will your verse be?”

    ~~ John Keating, Dead Poet’s Society ~~

    FucK the ruLes
    And juST Do iT..
    now.. does..:)

    “It is a terrible thing
    for a man to find out suddenly
    that all his life he has been
    speaking nothing but the truth.”

    ~~ Oscar Wilde ~~

    Fiction is
    hard for some folks
    and even often harder at death
    for those who don’t do Fiction..:)

    “The truth you speak has no past and no future.
    It is, and that’s all it needs to be.”

    ~~ Richard Bach, “Illusions” ~~

    Truth flows
    Lies break..:)

    Now.. to ThREE..:)

    “He took his vorpal sword in hand
    Long time the manxom foe he sought
    Till rested he by the tumtum tree
    And stood awhile in thought”

    ~~ “Jabberwocky”, by Lewis Carroll ~~

    for swords..
    stick not..;)

    “In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then
    to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.”

    ~~ Bertrand Russell ~~

    good times
    good times

    “For after all what is man in nature?
    A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing,
    a central point between nothing and all
    and infinitely far from understanding either.
    The ends of things and their beginnings
    are impregnably concealed from him in an impenetrable secret.
    He is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness out of which he was drawn
    and the infinite in which he is engulfed.”

    ~~ Blaise Pascal ~~

    senses feels
    who knows
    it is possible
    possible is it
    knows who
    feels senses

    “It was the saying of Bion, that though the boys throw stones at frogs
    in sport, yet the frogs do not die in sport but in earnest.”

    ~~ Plutarch — Which are the most crafty, Water or Land Animals? 7 ~~

    Mice play
    this way too..
    earnest too..
    And sky scrapers
    don’t grow underwater..
    with Trump labels as
    Craft can
    dARk too..:)

    “Hope in reality is the worst of all evils,
    because it prolongs the torments of man.”

    ~~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche ~~

    According to science if hope comes
    as real feeling and sensing emotion
    it prolongs now as now is the
    and senses
    as far as human
    eYeS liT uP
    Circles of
    never ending empty time..;)

    “We usually get what we order from life.”

    ~~ Limon ~~

    Self fulfilling
    prophecy Rule
    Art and Order..:)

    “Humility is the better part of wisdom, and is most becoming in man.
    But let no one disparage self-reliance;
    it is, of all the rest, the greatest quality of true manliness.”

    ~~ Ferenc Kossuth ~~

    Pride IS A FeeLinG..
    HumiLiTy regulates..
    Lions devour regardless..
    stay strong or
    die life
    as LiFE WiLL..;)

    “Yet creeds mean very little,
    Coth answered the dark god, still speaking almost gently.
    The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds;
    and the pessimist fears this is true.”

    ~~ James Branch Cabell, “The Silver Stallion” ~~

    inK bLot
    test whole
    liGht to dARk wHolE noW..:)

    That’s middle class blasphemy.
    We are all dependent on one another,
    every soul of us on earth.”

    ~~ George Bernard Shaw ~~

    Yes.. We need
    Interdependence Day..
    worsE Now than ever.. beForE..

    Now.. off to fourth oF neXt..;)

    Deal with others as thou wouldst thyself be dealt by.
    Do nothing to thy neighbor which thou wouldst
    not have him do to thee hereafter.

    — The Mahabharata c. 800 B. C.

    Hmm.. i tried
    to tale ‘them’
    IS A
    ‘no copyright’..
    iN ‘thAt’ Book..;)

    “To fight and conquer in all your battles
    is not supreme excellence;
    supreme excellence
    consists in breaking the
    enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

    — Sun Tzu (fl. c. BC 500)

    more than word..
    SonG too..
    more than
    ‘Despicable Me2’..;)

    As the same fire assumes different shapes
    when it consumes objects differing in shape,
    so does the one Self take the shape of
    every creature in whom he is present.

    Unless A flAMe
    goes out as a
    piece of paper..:)

    — Upanishads (c. B.C. 800)

    “Nothing endures but change.”

    — Heraclitus (540?-480? B.C.)

    And sAMe
    iS insAne..
    And common practice
    thaT never works fully..
    iT SeeMs..

    “A tree is a tree.
    How many more do you need to look at?”

    — Ronald W. Reagan, 1966

    try A FloWer


    And, as in uffish thought he stood,
    The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,
    Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,
    And burbled as it came!

    One, two! One, two! And through and through
    The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!
    He left it dead, and with its head
    He went galumphing back.

    “And thou hast slain the Jabberwock?
    Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
    He chortled in his joy.

    — Lewis Carroll, “Through the Looking-Glass”

    Little did he know..
    then.. FeeL.. SeNse..
    the Archetype
    sTiLL of the
    and never
    dies as long
    as humanity
    dARk and liGht Lives..;)

    Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer,
    And without sneering teach the rest to sneer;
    Willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike,
    Just hint a fault, and hesitate dislike.

    — Alexander Pope (1688-1744)
    — Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot, Prologue to the Satires, Line 201

    Red State
    U S A

    He who allows his day to pass by without practicing
    generosity and enjoying life’s pleasures is like a
    blacksmith’s bellows – he breathes
    but does not live.

    — Sanskrit Proverb

    DArk HoRse evilivestarats
    SinG LiGht dessertstressed
    DancEs dArk
    Word Cat..
    No sTicks sTones..
    FeeLs SenSes
    Now isReAL..;)

    Good TiMesX4..;)

  8. ONewiTh

  9. ONewiThLoGoMoTivEGodBaZinGa

  10. WeLL first oF aLL.. leT
    me break the ice by



    And sure.. just another Free personalized
    photo Valentine’s Facebook Profile pic status
    from me.. Ynot.. ’tis the season and only 3 days
    away per now being the 11th day of the Second
    month of 2017.. and what neXt.. WeLL.. sure.. in more
    than one way i am and have been sort of an epic troll in life..
    as Trolls come to fish for emotional reactions in people and my
    style is to wake the dead up as i used to be a living spirit of the
    dead like the trolls that live in caves and disintegrate into dust if
    they are forced to face the light as the only way my eYes could bear
    the light then to actually walk around my block was around 3 am and
    even with shades.. the street lights were almost intolerable but
    tolerable enough to gain a little 3 am weight bearing exercise
    on feet that rested under a chair of continuous write online..
    can’t say i was an online troll then as i had lost my emotions
    and my mind then was described as more of a fact
    finding mission of a computer than anything
    else for at least the first twenty seven
    months of hell online from Thanks
    Giving day of 2010 until the end of
    February of then.. 2013 with at
    least a first poetic
    spark coming
    from deep
    my emotions
    came back in
    the third to fourth
    week of July 2013..
    too.. all miraculously
    as such with the
    end of pain too..
    and from the
    thirty three
    coming online
    all cave troll then
    as mostly a patio sitter
    looking out into blind space..
    without effective use of either
    seeing or hearing without intolerable pain..
    and 8 months of start in a dark bedroom where
    along with the wake to sleep trigeminal neuralgia
    pain for 66 months.. eyes making no tears for the
    first 8 months like swimming in salt water putting
    gel in my eyes around the clock.. yes.. as part
    of the autoimmune issue of Sjogren’s
    syndrome.. with a total synergy
    of 19 life threatening disorders
    then.. eventually i got back
    up and now i am a liGht
    troll who sheds
    i dance and sing..
    and playing a piano
    of words that seemingly
    never endS now.. and while an obvious
    group of fundamentalist Christians were
    gawking at me from about 50 feet away in.. i guess
    what they felt was a self space from me.. i decided
    to do a little new age John 14:12 fisherman duties
    tonight at Super Walmart Free verse Dancing.. yes..
    with them.. yes.. trolling per say as me as the Jesus
    bait and my witness as the hook of all i do per
    #John1412 in terms of close to 7,000 miles
    of praise dance for God in close to 42
    months now.. a 42 month,. 3.3 million
    word plus witness and new
    testament for God
    and a new
    that now here too..
    reaches over 1.12 Million
    words too.. in about the time
    it takes to birth a baby at almost
    9 months too.. with yes.. this the
    75th MacroVerse now.. and sure,, i left
    out the Isaiah prophecy part noW all naked
    wandering the area in restricted link way
    as hey.. if you (i) are gonna do John 14:12
    now.. yA gotta spend 40 years iN a Patriachal
    Red State desert hell too of little love and
    little to no creative outlets per say and do..
    and the Job of JOB in Hell
    for 66 months..
    and yes..
    get to do
    King David dancing
    in your undies and do
    it as promised in more
    ‘vile ways too.. and yes,,
    endure the ‘temptation’
    of thousands of lovely
    innocent forest
    and angels
    as the fairest smiles
    oF aLL retaining your old
    age monogamous ways of course..
    and sure.. a wife who never ages is a
    miracle of sorts too.. but they got the Fred
    Story in full of witness and testament for God..
    and nah.. they had never heard of John 14:12 before..
    although.. they never miss church.. as hey.. if everyone
    did John 14:12.. who would even need to go to church
    and who would pay for the building fund and the 10 Million
    dollar Osteen homes and stuff like that as i made it clear
    i haven’t made a dam evil Lincoln Cent off of any of this..
    as i ain’t in any of this for any other reward than the
    heaven of now that is a practice oF LiGht free
    as promised by the reported Jesus of
    back then in that generation
    then same generation
    at hand now heRE..
    as God lives
    within noW as
    living one Now
    ever in living
    color forever
    now heRE
    NoW as
    existence for
    all animals now
    who come into
    balance with God
    and that weird series
    of words up there is what
    that means.. A to Z beyond
    bliss new with God wRite now..
    sure,, inspired by the latest big bang
    show too.. with some photo clips to
    go along with that in this yet named
    MacroVerse number 75 and 746 of bible
    and ocean whole poem.. respectively aS Such..
    so sure,, i challenged those Fundamentalists Christians
    to do John 14:12 too.. and they sort of bowed their
    head and said.. you,, go ahead dude.. we will stay
    with the easy part of the heaven after dirt nap
    only acknowledging that Jesus only
    begotten son God and that’s
    it.. oh.. the
    lost who
    get the message
    from anyone now.. HeAR..
    It’s like the rich man asked
    to give his riches up.. they don’t
    wanna work for shit.. if it ain’t served
    up on a golden chalice platter aS Such..
    it’s a Sunday deal and Dinner after church..
    and that’s okay as liGht is as liGht does and
    as long as they don’t harm anyone and
    love each other that’s
    good enough
    for them
    me at least
    for sure.. they can
    throw the church away
    and throw all the words away
    as long as they do the Golden
    Rule and stay as far out of 50 shades
    of grey as they can luke warm hot.. as tHeir
    WiLL over love or not of course too.. now isREaL..
    anyWaY as liGht Trolls go who remember tHeir dARk
    Troll days.. siMply a beyond rainbow color day again in Heaven NoW..
    It’s kinda sad and happy at the same time that a Troll movie understands
    the mesSage of the Jesus iN ACTUAL DO.. DO.. JUST DO iT NOW..
    Christians overall
    of this Trump country now..
    but sure.. at least i understand
    why.. aS ‘oUr’ kiNd oF courAGEous tRoll didn’t
    come here for money.. we are in it for all cheap thrills..
    as Love Luke Hot on Fire Zealous now.. per DancE and SinG2..;)

  11. SMiLes..
    smart iS
    as SmArt
    does iS..

    Hmm.. Facebook FredKu.. yes..
    kind of a ‘more’ original version
    of Haiku per do of ages saGes..
    before.. it
    by hell no..
    no rules.. so if one
    expects a traditional
    form now for anything..
    might as well not hold out
    on that heheRe.. hmm.. but hey..
    somenows.. ya have to fulfill the prophecies
    again to suit the naysayers that say it was/iS ever not
    done in the first place.. hehe.. too.. and after discussing
    all this with the wife too.. as already discussed NoW iN this
    entire MacroVerse with title coming later.. sure enough
    aS Synchronicity will have it.. the verses from
    Matthew per according to.. too.. speak
    to the same dAm thing too..
    in other wordS not
    coming to
    change anything
    from before.. just fulfilling
    the wishes of the masses that
    is all.. aka God too.. as we are
    all paRt oF aLL thaT iS aS GOD now..
    and then of course as the story goes.. Matthew
    is speaking to the original Jews.. so to get them to
    warm up to him.. he must respect their current ways
    of God Language iN looKing at Existential Intelligence..
    wheReas.. the Luke just sAid we will consolidate everything
    into the basic golden rule with making all of God holy and
    sacred full of meaning and purpose.. in other words.. worshipping
    all that is as Nature aka GOD like me.. but sure.. vague.. vague.. vague.. and more
    vague and hidden in esoterica.. no.. not erotica back then.. as far as what made it to
    the big black book at least.. as sure.. who knows what wrote too.. as biblical scholars
    suggest that Paul the Saul is likely the only original author in what ‘they’ describe
    noW as the New Testament.. problem is.. mucho ignorance about what is the
    science of illusion as God of Nature given HUman Nature.. it is clear
    that repression and oppression of the passions.. namELy.. luSt
    for life overall.. is the enemy in balance with love rather
    than the savior of creativity and productivity
    that science evidences to this point..
    but hey.. liVe and lEArn.. and use
    it or lose it liFe no matter
    who you are as
    NaTuRE TrUe
    AKA GOD DON’T play
    no overall Football team favorites
    no matter how many times ya Tebow
    ya way on bended knee in submission
    to anyone else but God all that is as Nature
    TrUe and that is what can kick your ass in the
    end and the beginning with no seeming finish
    now.. if you find yourself in the real literal
    hell within on literal sand and ocean
    eARTh.. sure.. with some
    Mountains too..
    Beaches more..
    eTc.. to
    allow the
    Yogi-like folks who seek/
    find UniSonDaughterETc..
    WiTh GoD NoW WiTh No
    resTRainT oF TrUtH and liGht
    NoW.. too.. Shining A LaMp all the way..
    anyWay.. speaKing of that kinda.. aT LeaSt..
    Minotaurs in Labyrinths of DArK NiGht
    of the sOUL and aLL oF ThaT too..
    A Facebook Ego Booster test..
    shared by Facebook
    FriEnd.. Dan.. suggests
    that i AM a mythological
    Minotaur that fits wriTE iN
    wiTh the Beast and his Beauty
    NoW.. too.. at LeASt unTiL sHow
    tiMe oF thAT MoVie.. on 3.17.17..
    Saint Patrick’s Day.. anyWay as i wake up
    each morning to make at least one perSon’s/Daughters day
    that happened a fair amount today.. from our entrance
    to the Ryan’s Feeding all one can eat trough aS Such..
    wHeRe a very nice new African American female manager
    tHeir spots my smile and spiritual presence as yes.. some folks
    are gifted like this as soon as one of tHeir kind and courage walks
    through any door oF LiFe.. she says.. wow.. look at that smile that is
    Praise for the Lord.. so i go on to tale her all about my new story
    and do of John 14:12 and by the look on her face she really
    believes i am not making any of what i have dONE and do
    Do uP.. juST doubt she ever had anyone admit
    to actuALLy doing that wonder-super
    clause of the Good News of the New
    Testaments.. witness aS Such2
    fearless with the General Public
    as i lEarn the different religious languages
    and cultural traditions but only in Ninja style of course..
    And when we are walking up she runs from behind me and
    gives me a big spiritual hug that basically says USLOVE..
    But nah.. that’s not all i did to make someone’s day
    as when the Katrina and i are hanging out in Star
    Bucks.. some nice young women viewed my
    dance and captured me to share
    with their friends
    on Facebook
    to obtain
    some positive
    reciprocal communication
    aS Such and as yA liKely kNow
    i do this for free with no frigging copyright
    concerns as i own no paRt oF NaturE.. juST
    relatively master my own free WiLL and Passions
    as FriEnd Rafiah titles her blog too.. but as far as never
    looking through eyes of passion and lust.. i wasn’t born
    yesterday as any son of a snake oil salesperson like Trump
    either nowthen.. now.. i AM Free and no one owns mE aT aLL…FReED…
    And i also saw a middle school teacher by name of Mrs. Ducker.. and oh..
    Lord.. since that was back in about ’72.. she hasn’t changed hardly any at all
    with a Back to Future nostalgic moment… too.. and i made her aware how much
    teachers of her era inspired me then.. as hey.. they were the basic only
    one’s i Rose up to as apple on tHeir desk then aS Such.. so any
    way.. i brought an almost visible tear to her eye.. and as
    Clint sayS in more giving than taking ways
    than him as me.. i continue to give
    and share free juST for fUN..
    and i couldn’t help but to
    wonder if the priest
    talking today..
    didn’t have buyers
    regret for kicking Obama
    in the teeth.. vaguely aS Such
    after the election.. suggesting that this
    was no country of God then.. as the ‘queers’
    got their legal rights to marry.. and just sad.. nah nah
    nah nah.. Catholic Church takes that but ‘US’ will juST get
    hitched in city hall or whatever as that continues noW to
    play out Now.. and of course.. the self-fulfilling prophecy
    of continuing abortions as when the Catholic
    Church works their ass off to get
    Planned Parent hood defunded
    and can’t get it through tHeir thick
    wood pews.. that without medically safe
    abortion as total statistics by the World Health
    Organization grows.. more unsafe abortions would
    result even more.. as that’s what happens too.. when
    one is too ignorant to stop the sperm from getting to the
    egg with effective birth control.. for fertilization of course..
    yes by shaming folks from using effective birth control not giving
    a God DAm about all the suffering of the little unborn children and
    mothers in permanent disability as children are tossed more in filicide
    and infanticide garbage dumps of real Gehenna now away from Heaven wHOle..
    but hey.. the Catholic Church has already been reformed to from even more restricted
    viewS back then iN DaRk wHOle.. SpiRit aS SoUL oF DancE and SinG Church NoW.. and ugh…
    i’m exhausted from such a full SNL like Weekend of Entertaining Dance.. be back
    later WiTh
    oF thiS
    kinda STuFF..;)

    Fully rested.. still swimming
    with a little weather of an existing
    cold but never the less still Luke hot..
    as i dance and sing as Holy SpiRit inner
    collective unconsciousness stream of creativity
    stiLL plaYinG a keyboard heAR as MuSiC oF mY soUL
    comes more to FloW iN ZoNe now.. and heAR at note too
    by Fellow Long Term Blogger FriEnd Prajakta as she responds
    to my last poetic comment on her blog today by saying back..

    Creativity and art are so free-flowing… We are all the same and unique here.

    And i say in return

    Wise words..
    My friEnd..
    With liGht..:)

    And now i say..
    in other words.. TrUTh and
    LiGht.. and by A way i was also
    able to relate my full detailed John
    14:12 story including the 66 month cross
    and all of that.. didn’t speak to the details
    of fulfilling the past prophecies of older prophets
    too.. just for insurance as the naysayers sing and dance
    too.. but a young African American man who sees me at Old
    Seville Quarter regularly.. just asking a simple question in
    Dick’s Sporting Good’s.. when i am doing a martial arts ‘nut’ crackers
    sweet free style to the cool song by EW AND F too.. named Shining Star
    is my answer to his question first before i go into all free flow vocals
    of relating #John1412 to this dude in real time hash tag floW iN ZoNe too..
    of what song am i listening too.. HELL YES.. I ALSO TALE HIM IN HEAVEN WHAT
    HAHA!.. what else as far as maKing someone else’s day yesterday all through metro
    area praise dance for God all that is now for you to see what your life can truly
    see as shining stars continue to shine iN my soUL of MiNd and BoDy BaLanCinG BeinG
    yes.. i literally brought
    smiles to hundreds of
    folks faces
    as they
    remembered just
    by seeing me walk
    by the dance they had
    seen of me before and that’s
    How Love GroWs as LiGht away
    from Trump Fear and hate yes
    Love FucKinG Trumps Hate in the
    ass to use another Donkey metaphor
    with no disrespect to Holy and Sacred
    Donkeys who have at least ’nuff sense
    not to vote for a documented legal anti-christ
    like Trump who ran on a campaign documented record
    of breaking all the FucKinG 10 commandments except for
    legal killing yet.. with torture.. a desire.. of course for those
    enemies he can’t love.. and breaKing out against all verses 1 through
    11 of Matthew.. Chapter 5.. in Beatitude way as any anti-Christ will do
    in both metaphor and literal way… but you see the greatest Anti-Christ
    action ever was by so-called F iN Saint Constantine the devil who made Jesus
    into a God instead of humble servant of God all that is back in the olden days
    of Trump
    lies then too..
    while resurrecting
    a monolithic Sun God
    Statue of the Trump/Constantine
    himself then too.. along with the
    Neon God he made of Jesus as a soldier
    Sun God too.. yes hell yes.. with rays of
    sun around his head too.. and yes.. it’s true
    we are all stars of God as literally and science
    says too.. as we are children of Stars in Crucible
    Fire Star Burst Death.. resurrected noW as Sentient
    Star DuST plUs.. and when the Seed of our Star Bursts
    in Fire of Crucible death to come.. the seed of our dust
    WiLL create potential resurrection of New Life too.. as
    far as SenTiENt StAR DuST pluS STuFF goes too.. but the thing is
    for ‘you’ folks who don’t understand the trUe Gravity of this little
    sliver as Gift of Heaven LiFE for SenTieNt StAR duST plUS US on This pLanET
    EaRth of most beautiful Blue Green Orb liGht Azure aTmosphERe of Breathing Heaven
    now.. with even frigging toilet paper to stop ya butt from itching.. a warm bed
    at night and a hot shower in freezing cold weather too.. all made by cooperating
    hands of human love too.. just look outside with a Telescope and see there are
    lots of rocks out tHeRe wHeRE Love is written in those stones too.. for
    the seeds of potential liFE tHEre too in the overall Chemistry
    and molecules and overall atoms and sub-atomic stuff for
    that too.. but we are the literal chosen
    ones by God all that is as Nature
    to have heaven here on
    this little
    life heAr..
    and meanwhile ‘YOU’
    like God is pissed off.. well.. let’s just say God lives within..
    and while i am just a speck of sentient star dust plus too.. i have
    something to say from God’s eYes too.. iN FloW iN ZoNe and iF you FucK
    up Heaven for ‘your’ children you just made spring for me for i have no
    your killing
    earth ways likely
    led to his congenital
    anomalies and death too..
    as my wife worked around a bunch
    of chemicals while she was pregnant
    unwittingly too.. yeP it’s safe to say
    you likely helped kill ‘my only son’ too..
    but nah.. will NOT get vengeance on ‘you’.. i will VICTORY NIKE
    if you cannot see Love in the Luke Hot of all i do with sMiLes
    of dance
    now too..
    of course wRite on
    course as i FucKinG
    juST SNLed ‘you’ too.. haha..;)


    Hmm.. looks like i’m gonna need a
    longer song for what comes neXt so from
    a MicroVerse.. year ago Facebook Memory
    prompt and overall respect for Lady Gaga as
    she continues to branch out in creativity no matter
    what anyone else thiNks in creating much more refined
    voice and doing country and heavy metal and whatever she
    did/does by work on her face and continued drug free worKing
    out with her body she has X transformed herself into a true
    Xwoman now for suRe.. now.. for those who can understand more
    and hears
    too.. and yes.. art pop
    rules overall as SNL and
    the Grammy’s and other art
    bites back with Hope and Love
    and Trumps fear and hate.. as yes..
    as Katy Perry and her Reggae friend
    says.. the LioN(s) of Love wAke up NOW..FULLY ASSUCH..;)

    AND IT’S TRuE.. if you thiNk all the commandment breaKing
    old Moses way of false witness against the Obama hurt in terms
    of false fears of guns going away.. just wait.. as Meryl Streep
    sAid recently.. WHAT happens when ‘you’ FucKinG fear mongering
    haters try to take happiness away in terms of people dying from
    loSing health care and potential other rights to life liberty and
    happiness are stolen in heist by fear and hate of Trump ways of
    false witness too.. in birth certificate way of God of God Free..

    NoW as this Marathon MicroVerse with all these enTALed
    MicroMicroVerses enclosed goeS oN as pARt of MacroVerse number
    746 NoW as pARt of Longest Long Form Poem sTill aRiSing over
    3.3 million words as 42 month witness for God all that is
    Nature plUs as such.. along with same MacroVerse wHOle
    now.. number 75.. of 1.12 Million word Bible starting
    on Memorial Day of 2016 goes on in yes.. hell no
    and heaven now yes.. John 14:12 literaL and
    dancing endeavor of close
    to 7000 miles of
    Metro public
    in almost
    42 months now..
    likely to complete
    the 7000 miles close
    to the Spring Equinox
    as i just have 144 miles
    to go.. while so far i have
    been averaging precisely 166.66 miles
    a month with precisely 6666 miles coming
    in 40 months as of December 27th.. 2016..
    as each MicroVerse is an entity unto itself
    shared on Facebook too.. in case anyone wonders
    why i repeat the empirical evidence as much as i do
    too.. for reference faCTs as i muST do too.. to prove
    what reAlly went down is really going down now too.. iN
    way of
    of now then
    now too then..
    back to the future
    past and present always now too..
    for wHo kNows.. perHaps a thousand
    years too.. to get the Revelation dOne for
    those folks who take thaT all literal aS Such..
    fulfilled too.. as sure,, why not please everyone
    and carry the ATlast world on yOUr shoulders of
    too.. as i ain’t
    heavy.. i am yoUr BroTher too..
    which makes everything else
    raTheR liGht wAit too..
    as this is mostly
    to me
    in Dance
    and Sing
    fun way
    as God gifts
    liGht to my fingers
    in keyboard ways now..
    and feat of feet to Dance
    and SinG fearless and free too..:)

    So yeah.. this “SANDs of LOVE”
    i’ll quote again heaR too..
    from two years
    ago now..

    Ya.. know..

    my father



    many..any words

    around us children..

    my mother.. his wife..

    AND perhaps one could

    question his intelligence..

    as he never goes above the high-school level..

    and stays at the grunt level of deputy sheriff for 46 years..

    but he has these eyes that speak so much more than words..

    and now that i must wear shades to see..

    i cover what lies underneath..

    eyes of cold blue steel..

    and then there are words…

    as perhaps with the eyes

    of my father’s eyes..

    a life without words

    is enough.. to say..

    so much more than words..

    and i find now that the dance of life in Art..

    in All one does.. says so much more

    than science and other modes

    of mechanical cognition

    in structured


    of life

    will EVER DO.. in words alone……

    There is life in Art.. IN all OTHER things..

    as far as i see.. now..ONLY DEATH.

    And on a lighter note..

    as you may know..

    i am still attempting to measure

    the Art

    of Renaissance

    Michelangelo Male Nude Art

    in modern selfie ‘David’ ways…

    PErky.. one might say…

    So perhaps this is A flesh and blood

    Da Vinci Mona Lisa..

    in middle-age

    male flesh

    and blood

    photography Art..

    with eyes that follow one

    anywhere one goes in a room of life……

    Hmm.. i guess i need to go on a diet..

    as i am A 233LB version..

    hehe.. and yeah..

    i can use some more hair..


    And yes.. Walt Whitman cherishes his human life..

    immodestly so.. as well.. in poetic expression of freest verse words…

    And is it no wonder that ‘strange’ women offer a womb up to bear his child…. And to be clear THAT is NOT happening with me.. yet..

    Well ok.. comparing one’s self to Michelangelo.. DaVinci.. and Whitman..

    in anyway.. shape or form.. is quite a feat.. that lies in

    and at the dreams of women and men’s feet..

    but there is another man named

    Jesus in historical lore..

    who says.. anything

    is possible

    in this


    for one who has Truest WILL..

    Faith and Belief within

    GOD that CAN be self…

    as well as all else in Nature True…

    It’s PRETTY sad.. when one’s own face

    or rest of mind and body balance.. can inspire one like this..

    Or is it just another gift from GOD to be cherished…

    i suppose if Whitman is here to speak..

    he will go with cherished..

    instead.. of sad…

    To do anything

    else.. is to go



    in my opinion..

    for weak humans that will love


    to hold brave and WILLing Humans


    with Trust in the rest of Mother Nature

    TRUE aka GOD.. to FLOW.. WITH God..


    i say let ALL the F*NNING STU*F GO


    Like the ICE Princess and Queen from ‘Frozen’..

    who JUST Says F UN YOU.. i am what

    i am and what i am I WILL BE!

    NO MORE perfect boy

    or girl for me either..




    with never competition or goal

    against anyone else.. but as one with

    GOD’s Gravity aligned AS ONE FORCE OF ART

    But anyway.. i suppose with age comes wisdom..

    so at any age THAT IS ALWAYS




    So it is a grain of sANDs of LOVE

    that i STAND UP ON.. never looking down..

    to fall on human will.. faith.. belief.. hope

    OR LOVE lower than that grain of sand


    is as high.. as i too….

    AND.. as you may be tired of this song..

    by now.. it’s HARD to appreciate it

    as much as i DO.. perhaps..

    as truly i AM FROZEN..


    AND i am NOW thawed as FREE

    as A BIRD on TWO WINGS!

    in HEAVEN….




    GO is what I DO!





    AND SO IS A Creative

    Explosion for me..

    As the

    seasons go..








    And on the right.. the black and white


    of my father..

    with his identical twin brother

    on the left..

    at age 17..

    or so….

    Thanks GOD for my eXistence..

    AND my X-Catholic Priest Paternal Grandfather..

    who decides to leave the ‘ORDER’.. TOO..

    and finds a 17 year old woman..

    at his age of 36.. to get married….too…..

    from his Parish…..

    Mother Nature TRUE Beats human rules..


    in the end………all that is.. IS IS…..

    And finally.. the censored version

    for PG13 audiences of my renaissance male nude ART…

    still developing last June.. about the time i stopped

    censoring break more social norm rules…


    ON RESTRICTED BLOG WAY.. after that…

    And yes.. i will certainly be amiss..

    if i do

    not include




    give me

    the gift of Sacred Unconditional Love..

    at the age of 17.. as above.. my Father…

    And there is me

    in the lower





    17 too..

    why break a trend…





    IT is real NOW..

    so i stick with NOW..


    AND OH GOD.. IS life easy that way.. per GOD that’s NOW…

    ALL truly GREAT enlightened and awakened philosophers focus on now…

    Only abstract language.. collective intelligence and complex cultural abstract concepts take one away from GOD that’s NOW…

    God IS the first and last cause NOW AS IS WonENOW…

    And that’s just common sense and emotions.. even withOUT without abstract language.. collective intelligence.. and complex cultural ways.. of living life…

    Seriously.. it’s best to worship GOD AS NOW…

    Any questions…

    Oh and by the way..

    typo up there with two withouts..

    sorry about that.. i’m sure it made it

    even MORE


    BUT THE bottom line IS..

    i use common

    sense to rule my life..

    not religion or science…


    AND INNATE human potential…

    And sorry to keep beating a LIVE horse

    BUT IT IS THE innate and instinctual REASON

    i press 930LBS with my legs at age 54

    and the crowd thinks i’m on roller skates

    when i dance.. literally speaking.. as i just receive that remark

    and applause last night from a basketball crowd at my military gym…

    i’m already in Ripley’s believe it or not IN LIVING COLOR REALITY.. PER REASON OF innate instinct and NOT RELIGION OR SCIENCE…

    And seriously what i’m saying here is to focus too much on book learning and to forget what innate instinctual human nature can be when practiced is to miss the circus of life.. enjoyed as such…

    But of course the CIRCUS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.. friend…

    i understand that…

    But maybe there are other potential circus

    performers in the reading audience

    that can use some inspiration

    to be ‘SUPERMEN OR



    But anyway..

    the so-called





    is in instinct and intuition from within..





    scientists who study the




    i ‘JUST DO IT’…

    IN Public.. that’s the only difference…

    IN other words ‘i came down from the Mountain’…

    And i am moving them too.. in Metaphor.. of course…

    Sure.. i for one.. am certainly not too all knowing.. to discount that…

    Sure.. nothing is GOD too…


    Yup.. i am most definitely into the FORCE THINGY AS GOD..

    AND we and OTHERS are the sentient FORCE OF FORCE

    as a synergistic SENTIENT FORCE…

    Seriously.. if it wasn’t for psychopathic leaning religious leaders




    AND Madonna has IT All FIGURED OUT TOO…

    Oh and by the way..

    for the non-metaphorical

    deciphering minds out there..

    the Devils are religion

    and Love





    is the POPE!

    Any questions…

    Oh and by the way…

    Nothing definitely exists….









    It depends on who you ask…

    So given everyone as part of reality.. yes.. it exists.. at least in imagination…

    And iMagiNatIon is part of HUMAN QUANTUM reality and REaLiTy in GeneREAL


    Yes.. this is already super long..
    but i do it for art and not for bucks..
    i have no target audience.. just love for God all that is..
    as if i do not explore my
    entire human
    expand it
    and fulfill
    all poTenTiaL
    i sPit on God’s
    fAce for this gift of life…
    ‘you’ can listen to lies all you
    want.. but i listen directly to God within..:)

    Hmm.. “The day before Valentine’s Day…”.. not an easy task really
    overall.. yes thousands of hours of constant practice
    tens of thousands of published and shared selfies..
    but to become a real live David per se
    in Michelangelo Nude
    work of
    art.. started
    in 2013.. as per
    Isaiah naked prophet
    wandering to get another
    historical prophecy knocked
    out and fulfilled in case any
    scientist thinking mind didn’t/doesn’t think
    it happened then as i for one can empirically
    prove i did/do it now.. now.. hehe.. for even
    over 3 years now.. and yes.. of course the
    King David undies dancing pARt in
    restricted public links
    and yes.. finally
    the more embarrassing
    and in some revisions of
    the old bible what they
    call as more vile ways
    of appreciating this gift of
    life aS pleaSure by celebrating
    God within as Temple of God from
    head to toe.. with no pARt or function
    any less sacred and holy FULL of meaning
    and purpose than any oTheR paRt of GoD wHole
    noW within and as Temple of God US too in flesh
    and blood now too.. so.. yes.. just basicAlly staRting
    out in the undies pArt and the blog that was public that
    is now private as free lance stripping blog was a little too
    much satire for some literal folks to understand then to really
    see that this is frigging art at core of Michelangelo type nude
    new age renaissance male nude art fully blown now of course
    in Free Verse Nude Poetry way more HIGH bRow as Ocean
    whOle poem human expresSinG art can all the
    way go now for sure
    in places
    no poet
    to go
    now for
    sure as Google
    sHows at least.. heHE..
    hey.. John 14:12 as hiStory
    sHows is all raw and iSReal too..
    and while i stArted out a bit with
    feminine grace in undies way.. the
    whole thing now has been assessed as
    full blown masculine by the expert
    now who is the wife
    who rates
    it by a very
    discerning eYe
    for masculine beauty too..
    and who else do i have to please..;)

    Hmm.. another three year
    old MacroVerse Memory
    heaR named “GOD aint’ dead”..
    dealing or trYinG to deal with
    Nihilists in “Big Lebowski” way on
    the Wrong Planet website then which is
    truly a lot like trying to make a pig pretty
    by putting lipstick on it.. as the pig don’t give
    a shit about lipstick or have any idea as reference
    point iN what lipstick is other than what they can
    see of color red or whatever of course.. anyWay..
    i tried for a while until they banned
    me and i shook my sandals
    off from that
    hell on
    and went
    to greener
    so called
    free poetry
    and they
    banned me
    there and
    i come
    heaR again..
    wHEre i don’t ban
    God within Free aT all hehe..
    i’LL BRinG the water but i can
    neither make pigs or horses drink
    or humans either.. as pigs and horses
    in real life already live in and as
    and with God with no problems
    of spoon fed data download
    almost from birth
    to separate
    them from
    God.. sad..
    sad.. human race..
    the race most lost
    overall from unity with
    GoD WHole MoTher Nature
    TruE plUs as US whOle
    and pARt too..
    NoW oF
    LiFE NoW
    Field as waves
    and particles GroW wHole more..
    refreshing Ocean cool Heaven.. NoW..
    for me
    meek and
    last and
    all of that
    iN Heaven NoW
    all humble aS Such
    naked and free God within
    LiVinG ForCE aLL FReED me@leASt..;)

    As i quote that short
    MacroVerse heAR
    sEE for WTFTW..;)

    xxXXxxXxxXXxxXXxx wrote:

    God is Dead originally appeared in Goethe’s Faust Nietzsche just borried.
    How’s that for controversial?

    aghogday wrote:

    Yes ..i wouldn’t be surprised..if some of the dejected and despaired ancient Egyptians said the same thing ..about Isis..Osiris..and or Horus…

    Sometimes the glass IS HALF FULL ..sometimes IT IS half empty…

    It’s much easier to believe in an all encompassing benevolent force when the glass is more than half full..

    Been there done that in both places…

    That’s why i just describe ‘IT’ as a force..

    Sometimes it ain’t pretty..but i guess tHere ain’t no choice but to deal with..IT on a moment to moment the NOW…!

    WE all answer to nature..and our nature as human beings..that for sure is something none of can escape..on this planet long as we live..

    But i say why not enjoy bliss forever in the when one is in that place…



    ALL ABOUT..:)





    NOW..:) 🙂 :)!!!

    Whoa.. this i really
    getting to be a
    long MicroVerse
    now.. almost
    like a
    or at least
    close to half
    a one per this
    entire MacroVerse
    heAR now closing in on
    20K words.. yes.. now named
    aS “SeNtiEnT sTaR duST plUS”..
    yep.. number 746 and 75 too..
    of Ocean Whole Poem SonG oF mY SoUL
    and Nether Land Bible 2017 respectively aS Such..;)

    And before i forgET.. in regard to my last two selfie
    T-Shirts per Vincent Van Gogh Batman and
    Vincent Van Gogh Superman shirts
    of Starry Night
    way.. while
    everyone has
    been looKing forward
    to someone like Trump
    to kick ass.. Superman
    snuck in as thief
    way of
    all iN
    the liGht
    as such like
    Batman too..
    in the
    with no
    words in
    NoW as pen
    is aS Such too
    as art of words and
    feat of feet as Dance
    and SonG from head to toe..;)

    And hears the thing about keeping
    the nut case empathy less and
    no compassion folks off
    my ass if money
    rules your
    life with
    fear and
    hate you
    will never come
    heaR as i for one
    understand human
    nature all
    and sad
    as separation
    from God.. as if you
    live by the Lincoln
    Cent and the Washington
    dollar there is nothing i have
    to offer you heAR but Art as Love..
    all FReED.. hmm.. and you are expecting
    something like a murderer again.. huh.. nah..
    Love doesn’t kill.. Love wins in flesh and blood free..
    you wish
    for as that’s
    what you get what
    you vote for in fear and hate..
    it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy..
    trUst me or not when all is sAid and done
    in art.. i’LL just geT sEnt to anoTheR
    ‘planET’ to save or maybe
    just sip
    on the
    beach with
    an infinite number
    of lovely angelic like
    women with only smiles..
    that need
    no words at all..
    but Angelic SpiRit
    DAncE and SinG oF liGht..;)

    Whoops! already did that
    dOne that do that
    as the
    that can
    not be refuted
    as science shows now.. haha..
    when LiGht
    rules as sMiLes
    of FReED @leAST for me.. hehe..;)

    And finAlly just another
    lovely photo of the
    wife who
    my greaTEst
    assistant and
    Lover of course..:)

    Isn’t she sweet at age close
    to age 47 now too.. this from
    a year ago.. at the ‘sinning’
    caSiNos in Biloxi that
    Bow to the
    dump.. hehe..
    iN isREaL
    aS Such
    cRap ugh
    sHit ugh.. just ugh..;)

    Facebook Friend Candice
    and Author and poet
    friend responds
    so kindly..
    with a wonderful
    compliment toward
    Katrina and me that
    says.. then and now…

    I think you are married to one of
    the most beautiful girls I have seen!

    And i return again with..

    Thanks Candice.. yes it’s true..
    she is Queen Isis and Goddess too..;)


    Hmm.. and the
    title changes
    a thief
    in the NiGht
    and to be clear
    thaT is literal and metaphor too2..;)

    “Lot of threads to keep in my
    head man”.. as ‘the

    Off to publish NoW
    And put aLL thE

    oH.. butt.. before
    i go again.. that reminds
    me as i change the title back
    to “USLOVE NoW”.. the priest yesterday
    for the second time since i’ve been visiting
    there for about 42 months too.. in so-called
    Catholic Church that is only Universal about
    God whole when you play by tHeir Labyrinth of rules..
    “Out of the Labyrinth” you can look it up.. my Grandaddy
    X-Catholic Priest Dude really wrote that book too.. hehe..
    as i carry on a tradition of sorts and get rid of all the middle
    men and go straight
    to the
    of God
    yes.. he said
    for the second time
    that love is only will
    and action.. not a feeling
    or emotion.. so sure he thinks
    that Romantic love only applies
    to puppy love obviously never experiencing
    the heaven of now that is aGApe Love as fulfilling
    all EmoTioNs and SenSes as Love for all in even Fowler’s
    top of the pyramid of Faith and Love same as hiGher GoD Given
    HUman NaTurE isreal as isreal gets in liGht of Heaven noW anywHere
    butt heAR in flesh and blood heARt.. SpiRit of soUL for all heRe
    on eARTh.. and i look at my priest who was my tennis buddy from
    high school.. and a top 10 member of smARty pants as i only
    tied 11 with my best friend Lynn who i really wished
    was my girl friend then as i loved her so
    much with all my smiles that
    had no idea
    was then..
    full as such
    as Penthouse
    only showed
    so much
    then and
    acts of course too
    for virgins until age 18
    like me then too.. anyway i felt
    sorry for the risen Monsignor to the
    top of his profession as without the agape
    of feeling and sensing all unconditional Love
    the motivation to let queers get married in the
    church and to understand the kindness and empathy
    and compassion of not driving women to coat hanger
    abortions again.. will never happen until Jesus really
    comes back
    than sit
    in the back
    pew and sing
    with choirs of
    angels and lead the
    Nicene Creed from the
    back in Holy SpiRit voice
    that omits the lies that remain
    in a Creed that still omits paRt oF
    God’s Nature as equally as holy and
    sacred and full of meaning and purpose
    for priests who still live in a closet
    human nature
    free and to be clear
    that priest admitted
    he was asexual from high school..
    and tHeir is nothing wrong with that
    as some people are even born psychopathic
    with no compassion and empathy for anyone
    deeper down with feeling and emotion
    and senses but sure they
    can still develop
    a moral
    and ethical
    code for others
    with Love by will
    too.. but just ’cause YOU
    OF AGAPE LOVE doesn’t mean
    it doesn’t exist and
    what’s so
    sad really
    is no
    one has
    been able
    to explain this
    to him or even questioned
    him about it as he keeps saying
    it that must only mean that likely
    almost no one in his entire parish
    now.. more
    than words
    it is
    of pure liGht
    FeeLinG and SeNSinG
    LiFe iN Heaven now for
    those who seek and find it
    as the LiVinG GoD as purE LiGht
    Love within now.. too.. and more than
    anything else this itself explains why so-called
    Christians voted for Trump today.. they dont’ get
    Heaven now as promised in the same generation then
    as is now at hand now unless they F iN Work for it
    like an
    in all
    hours of
    Heaven always
    open now with
    no distance and
    space and time at all
    as in heaven there is none
    of that butt Heaven isREaL now..
    a life long pursuit of excellence
    in seeking and finding God living within
    and reborn all awake and enlighTened being
    in UniSon
    and Unidaughter
    and UnieTc.. all oNe
    whOle Ocean God NoW oNe..:)

    All i can and will do is
    give and share this..
    take it as A
    oF sAlt
    thAT i
    or thE
    sAlt oFeARTh
    iN Captain sAlt way
    too.. heHe.. as my wife
    says i have a ‘reAlly big head’..
    as i finish aGain with a Mr. Kite Song..
    thiNK about it deeper.. iF ya can/will as i juST
    an unwitting
    Beatle Sychronicity
    Sacred ScArab story

    And iN repRise and ending
    and beGinninG aGain alWays
    now.. a couple of enclosed
    MicroMicroVerses from a
    MicroVerse of juSt
    noW anothER
    of Ocean
    oF mY soUL
    longest long form
    poem now STiLL exceeding
    3.3 million words now aGaiN2.. from
    a Facebook Memory from a year ago today too.. hehA..
    and yes that was before the 1.12 Million word
    Bible.. Nether Land Bible 2017 stArted
    on Memorial Day of 2016
    too about
    a “tSuNaMi
    7tH WaVe
    oF LoVE”
    as first Macroverse
    then of what now comes
    to be here a 75 MacroVerse
    Bible about one and a half
    times bigger than that old
    King James version contributed
    to by literally thouSands of scribes
    and desert oral tradition wanderers and
    lots of publishing help too.. rememberer.. John 14:12..
    heAR going done down isREal all noW 2 for isREaL NoW2.. with more to come
    alWays with many more folks doing more than me in the future too as so many
    folks have
    this in othEr
    feats of
    too.. eTc… eT aL.. too2.. for example John Lennon and the Beatles2..:)

    My understanding is that about 1% of the population
    is not capable of feeling Love at all as far
    touchY feelY Love goes..
    with other humans
    and animals.. gigoid..
    yes.. BORN THAT WAY..
    so it is any surprise
    that the top percent
    controls the rest of
    the resources
    away from
    other humans
    or in the top 10
    vocations.. of
    the clergy
    ranks in the top 10..
    no.. it’s not..
    as that’s
    what religion
    is all about too..
    controlling the resources
    from food to vagina.. and
    other related items for
    of selfish
    genes.. and gains..
    hmm.. sharing is the
    way of human being..
    freedom is the way of life..
    but truly there are no Universals
    that apply to any one human
    being.. as we are all
    both same
    and unique
    as humans
    of the
    wHole.. iN
    aLL beYond
    rainBow colors..
    i believe in magic
    ’cause it’s REAL
    AND i for one
    iT WITH
    AND wInks now..
    with the placebo
    and nocebo
    of course..
    and provable
    iN mY liFe too..;)

    Wise words my friend.. indeed.. FLow iN the ZOne..
    Mindfully aware.. wheRe the answers are aLL at
    the Beach.. in the Forest.. on River’s edges
    and wHerever else basic subsistence
    is plentiful for balance now..
    i believe in Karma
    and no
    the misery and
    suffering i see aLL
    around me now.. most
    everywhere i go.. both offline
    and on.. is a direct result of selfish
    humans who decided to own each
    other and the earth as a lifeless
    part of Nature without
    any right to
    on its
    own without
    some ridiculously
    ignorant human beings
    making the rules of taking
    and collecting.. instead of
    giving and sharing.. humans..
    overall.. have already dug tHeir
    own grave and are just
    laying there
    while the indigenous
    ones of uS aLL naturAlly
    do come back to liFe now..
    and yes.. simply exist..
    moving.. connecting
    and creating.. wE
    Free Indians
    again.. now..
    meanwhile.. i enjoy
    the spOils of the ‘whiteman’..
    kNowing and most imporTanTly
    FEELING that this place now
    is a little sliver of heaven
    out of the entire UniVerse..
    wheRe i get
    both heaven..
    a warm bed..
    a hot shower..
    and toilet paper..
    and yeah.. that beautiful
    wife on back of the horse
    who at her pleasure pleases
    my every desire.. is
    now on
    my cake..
    sMiLes again..
    i’m not sure what
    i did to deserve heaven
    other than trying harder
    than most juSt to exist..
    my friend.. gigoid.. now..
    i am a beach
    i surf
    the earth
    iN breeze..
    and i show
    other folks how
    to do it.. and of
    course it is
    the children
    and young adults
    who can even see me..
    yeah.. and as a final note..
    a small child about 100 feet
    down the Aisle at Walmart
    hiding in a side Aisle
    watching me dance
    my wild and
    free Wal
    mart dance..
    coming out in
    the middle of the
    Aisle jumping up
    and down squealing
    with delight and yes..
    excited applause..
    hmm.. every
    minute or so..
    going back into
    hiding.. like the
    child then now
    just arrived at
    Disney World…
    i am

    And now..
    for now i say..
    yeS on 2.13.2017.. at 2:44 pm..

    Oh by A Way..
    i did not sET out
    to do
    flowS iN
    ZonE noW moRe
    OceAn wHOle Now..
    seT afTer
    shorEsmiLeStoNes MorE..
    and believe it or not Ripley
    and Horatio that’s kindA hoW
    thE wHOle EnChiLdA works NoW2..;)

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