are social animals..

not unlike dogs..

Human social animals..

are here to support and connect with each other..

‘they’ are here

to die..and that is all….

The world in someways is ignoring this..

the world of human beings that is..




Is apparent..

wHere no REAL effective human support and connections


IN THE true human animal misery..

of disconnection…

Dogs kNow only unconditional LOVE..



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20 Responses to DOG IS GOD IS DOG

  1. brian miller says:

    i dunno…i have seen dog packs that run tighter than human groups….i do think that we have the opportunity for compassion and entering the suffering of another…if we want…if we believe in love you know….smiles…

    • Interestingly .. wild wolf packs are known as more compassionate than domesticated ones..
      perhaps the secret is somewhere in the wild..
      and yes it is the conscientious effort that counts for love i think..
      if instinct..does not make
      it happen..:)
      on it’s own .

  2. claudia says:

    you know.. i love dogs – and they do love unconditionally indeed – at least it seems so – i think we can as well – why we do not – i don’t know

  3. anthonynorth says:

    It all comes down to fellowship. If it’s there, humans can thrive, if not …

  4. Dogs love their pack.. unconditionally… I have alse seen dogs being extremely vicious towards dogs not part of their pack… still a lovely thought and wordplay…

    • Oh yes..the tribal nature of the social unit..something we share so deeply with dogs too..

      The question being i it even possible for ‘us’ to be a global tribe..

      Sometimes in the US..with the level of heterogenous cultures..
      it doesn’t seem too likely..
      but i guess the only choice..

      oh and thanks..i love word..letter..number..and any type of
      symbolic play..;)

  5. Grace says:

    I don’t have pets but I can understand the kinship & fellowship with animals ~ We can certainly learn from them ~ Thanks for your visits in my blogs ~

    • You’re welcome Grace..i am allergic to cats..and dogs..had an outside dog in middle school..i loved and i guess who i could dedicate this to…

      IN standing up to the allergies..we have 3 inside cats now..and they..are a great source of light and love in my life..i’ve learned more about life from them..

      i think than work or school…:)

  6. When a dog loves you it is for life. A cat is for us to love, they only love us when it suits them.

    • Well..cats are a different ‘category’ a solitary category of animal..that with
      training as kittens can be quite lovable throughout life..

      We have an inside outside cat..a fully inside cat..and a recently ‘unferalized’ all inside cat..
      (a ethical requirement for feline leukemia)
      Interestingly enough..the feral cat is the most clingy cat..adhering to my wife like glue day
      and night wherever he has the chance..but in cat psychology this is actually a type of mental disorder..
      as it was traumatic for the cat…for his freedom to be clipped in the full experience of outdoor nature…

      Cats are independent and low maintenance animals..for the most part when it comes to what is necessary for
      folks to give them in the way of love..but i’ve seen plenty of cats mourn the loss of their ‘friend cats’..
      who pass away..for those who cuddle as old age partners and friends…

      Cats are certainly a diverse group of individuals..
      I like a little unpredictability in life..and they are a little more interesting in that way to me..
      than the more predictable domesticated dog…who is tHere for mostly one mission in life..

      For connection and love..a certainly happy way to be..

      when fulfilled.. but at least for me..there is nothing sadder to see than a solitary watch dog..
      in a backyard..with no human or dog socialize’s probably much harder on them..
      than ‘many’ modern human beings in my opinion..who have become more like machines..
      than social animals so many ways..even the someways are more social than
      some humans i have attempted to ‘play’ with…:)or even say hi to….

  7. We are capable of unconditional love but give it so rarely…it is part of the sadness we humans bring into this world.

    • I truly think that a parent that brings unconditional love into the life of a the greatest potential for any human being to be this way in life…

      But culture has become so dam all the ways ..limitations..expectations..of such a big social world..that humans really aren’t evolved their inherent abilities..for about 150 to 200 social contacts…

      The experience at a mall or stadium…is quite an inherent challenge for a social animal like this..not sure that any social animal is evolved for something like this..Eusocial bees and ants..yes in a way..ARE..but IN a very structured and limited culture of insects they are….

      So in a is the culture that is the virus..not the human inherently..where hate ..oppression..and so many illusory fears are a way of life..

      INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH..the connections that this hive of a computer and in general the information technology highways in a way..a culturally designed method..for humans to gain human insects..of course a crude analogy..but never the adaptation for a growing global tribe of human beings..that certainly cannot deal with each other..all at one time…

      We can adjust the dial of input..with our technological least….

      but what can still be lost it the full empathic connection that flesh and blood interaction brings..potentially withering away..the real empathic pathways of the brain..that nourish this human ability and capacity..with potentially..
      those ‘clean up crews’..not far a world growing colder and narrowed …in the full empathic human pathways of brain..and human flesh and blood interaction….

      The 20 most peaceful societies..rated in the world..are all comparatively so called primitive ones..relatively small in size with the only one rated in the the Amish….

      Larger populations..Japan a great example..and Tokyo at the height of human density..alter the human being into something very different..a solitary animal..

      And in fact..the young folks over there..are losing their interest even in ‘copulating’ with the opposite sex…and YES ‘CLEAN up crews’ are a requirement to clean up what is left of older folks..with absolutely no other human connections late in what is becoming an increasingly solitary society of millions of folks cities..

      WELL .. as much as some folks would like to think they can..from the TOTAL EFFECT..OF THIS GRAND HUMAN EXPERIMENT…

      it seems one or ALL CANNOT FOOL MOTHER NATURE..we either live by her rules..
      or suffer by our appears to me..of course in only my opinion..:)

      I do my best as a culturally brain-washed individual..over the course of 5 decades..
      to relearn..what it is i think..i was meant to a social animal..and yes..

      child of nature..but mother loved unconditionally..

      therefore..i retain my sacred all other human beings…..
      i try..any way…:)

  8. tigerbrite says:

    Yes, we have to die. And take back to our maker our experiences for evolution so that our fallen world can rise again to its rightful place. I like your analogy that the dog pack is like our tribal/racial group consciousness. The dog/God star Sirius holds many secrets 🙂
    Thanks for your visits.

  9. I am such a dog person. I wanted to click “Like” over and over. They are so true to their nature. I understand “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect…” to mean be true to that which you are called to be.

    • Thanks Victoria..that made me smile..cause ya smiled 2..:)

      And i guess i have to say i am a little of both..a dog and cat person..when the necessity of life..arranges it…

      But yes..i have to say..when i’m not ‘climbing trees’..
      the connections of dog..are much more the human element of love..
      i cherish the most…:)in life for love.

  10. vbholmes says:

    Animal relationships can be so interesting. We had a loving dog, Dana, and a fiercely independent cat, Susie. Dana tried hard, and unsuccessfully, to befriend Susie who, unfortunately, ended up the victim of a hit-and-run driver. Dana searched, and literally mourned, for her for a week in spite of Susie’s constant rejection. I was going to say you don’t find that kind of bllind loyalty in humans, but having known someone in an abusive relationship, I have to rethink that statement. I guess animals and humans not so different after all.

    • That is a beautiful story and a sad one too..and yes i’ve seen similar loyalty in abusive relationships too..
      Some folks have so much love to give..and others seem to never experience it..
      but i think..that the folks that give it..are in a much better place matter what..
      as the lack of the TRUE EXPERIENCE of unconditional love in what i personally describe
      as human hell..being in both places in my life..with no choice at all to be in either place…

      Love is a gift..that not all humans share..and that to the saddest story of all..

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