Instruments of Allah’s Sacred LOVE

Well.. it’s the 6th..

and as promised i am here again..

and i guess i’m still blessed as words still come..

As still i don’t have to plan them to make them come…

And i think that is how it works sometimes..

IT’s like playing the piano..

and truly creating.. coming from deep within…

yes.. a gift a keyboard is..

to someone who has great difficulty

with pen or pencil alone in saying anything..

Truly anything at all…

So when they say.. Allah works.. in mysterious ways..

They must be true.. yes.. must be true..

As Allah can even lead us to invent keyboards..

to help those who are too diverse..

in mind and finger..

to use a pen…

But all these are instruments of Allah..

As Allah does find mysterious ways to speak to US….

And then.. one day.. we too..

alone.. Allone.. with Allah become..

his instruments 2…

and then are able to breathe Allah’s life into

others 2…

Yes.. sometimes it is poetry.. song.. dance..

and yes.. even numbers…

so many instruments of Allah’s LOVE

WE can be…

So.. i invite you back..

to Allah’s instrument here.. of yOur love..

to just see what comes..

Cause i for one..

Want to hear it..



your friend..

And yes there is that tear i am talking about..

on the 31st…

it is rolling down the left cheek as these words

still come…

please come and dry it off..


If you will..

as now one is rolling down

the right cheek


but with Unconditional Sacred Love

there is truly





And that means if you don’t come back by the 6th of next month..

Like the Terminator says.. if you’ve seen that movie..

I’ll BE BACK..

And with that humor the tears do evaporate..

and stay



as i again.. WILL never give up on you…


About katiemiafrederick

I like to write.
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