EQuinoX SpRings VernaLLy noW

Free Spirited.. surely representative
of last night’s selfie photos with
sMiLes at Old Seville Quarter
in the winged activity
of Dance
all the
photos that
three years of
that Dance and
Sing have brought
to my life with other
human beings where
the only Venn Diagram
is fearless happiness in
Human Dance and Sing..
anyway.. 10:37 am on 3.17.17
as Saint Patrick’s Day is still in full bloom
with the recent chill in the air moving back to
full sunshine and spring.. and with all the goings
on of the last month with my Mother’s illness and death..
and celebrating 7000 miles of Dance Walking and a loss
of an Aunt.. the sister of my Mother.. shortly before that and
a second cousin in her much shorter life ending too.. as they
say.. accumulation of stressful events add up and take care of
your health.. as you are just human as that refers to me.. almost
to the point it was that i wasn’t revved to dance last night at Old Seville..
and Spring Break in the local area brought crowds where it was almost impossible
to move more than three feet on the dance floor as i love to spread my wings more
than that
three feet
and less
a challenge
of Dance Skills
gained2 in movement
art of not bumping into
anyone else as ones’ body
lEarns to see more than the
regular five senses in ways of
sensing and feeling the world
in proprioception intelligence
from head to toe now all the
way into a flesh and blood
environment wHERE one
now becomes a full
as whole of
the environment..
the beauty of the Art
of Movement practiced
as an art of life that is
more than infinite in
possible moves
that are alWays
like a Lamp of
Life that never ends
as form as essence Dances and Sings on..
in MovinG FeeLinG and SeNSinG ways more..
hmm.. and that reminds me.. still haven’t got around
to adding in 6 months full of free spirited fearless smiling
faces of open minded and bodied folks at Old Seville Quarter
in my last night’s published post on Word Press.. as the activity
of doing that moves on into today.. and adding a copy and paste
of that on three Blog Spot Blogs that i use for archives and are
much easier and faster to load for those who actually might
wanna open and read what i do in less than fully illustrated
mode.. hmm..and with all that said.. the last MacroVerse
Number 84.. of “Nether Land Bible 2017”
that started on Memorial
Day of 2016.. now
arises the
grand total
of personal bible
words to 1,255,949..
as pArt of Ocean Whole Poem
that Started on Word Press at
the end of August 2013.. now also
ariSing as “SonG oF mY soUL” beyond
4 million words as longest long form poem..
currently searchable on Google.. as words do go
on heAr.. at LEast.. almost infinitely beyond the current
standard of human attention.. limited to Twitter words
of 140 characters as brevity is the current oral tradition
in text as acronym of human freedom of expression..
LOL as they say.. AFAIK.. and all of that stuff
with emoticons replacing non
verbal expression too
along with
as they say
when in Rome..
and hey.. no doubt
in at least one little
way i seem to be the
text and photo king for
noW iN ways of mega art..
as ARThur WiLL do as my
middle name says strong too..
in ways of 7000 plus miles now
in a little over 42 months.. with the
153rd Dance Week at Old Seville Quarter
coming up this week.. as i dAM sure ain’t giving
uP on the Free Nature of My SpiRit fullY expresSinG
i in Fearless ways that move on as any Spring human
Will.. hehe.. even through the December and January now
of WiNTer reborn as liGht liFE LovE iN aLL Dancing Singing
ways of life.. and with that said and when typing this in response
to a couple of three photos i shared on Facebook.. one of the very
free spirited young dance partners at Old Seville.. and one year ago..
two memories then of Katrina and me at Bear Lake at a family celebration
on Saint Patrick’s day then.. in Lucky Green shirt attire.. my Second Cousin
Monica.. who Lord knows is as free spirited as me.. as she was the Beauty
Queen back in the Gulf Coast Dance Hall Beach Days back in the 80’s in all
the wet T-shirt contests.. and raised her children as a single mother doing a
stint as a paid stripper too.. as you do what ya gotta do to survive.. and she is
still surviving too.. and now a friend on Facebook too.. who dam sure ain’t
afraid of anything free spirited i do now too.. anyWay.. so she responds
to the Photos of me and Katrina in our green attire that i will add here..



As Monica asks..
why doesn’t Katrina go out and dance..

And i say..

Oh Lord.. she is way way way way too
shy to go to Seville Quarter..
just the thought of
going.. overwhelms
her feelings and
but at
least she
doesn’t mind
if i dance alone..
with every once in
awhile.. someone joining in..
and nah.. she never has danced much..
she doesn’t like to dance.. and if i can’t
talk her into it with 7,000 miles of doing it
close to her.. it doesn’t look like i am going to
change her mind but she.. did it a few times..
in the spur
of the
just for fun..
still have
a video
of one
time in a bookstore..:)

That was weird.. i lost the comment i just wrote but
here it is again.. with the video of her dancing attached..
she kinda has a bad temper too… hehe.. at times.. too..;)

Monica suggests
that Katrina likely
dances much sexier
than i do and i probably
taught her all her moves..

And then i go on with..

i don’t know what the
heck is going on with
Facebook.. as my comments
keep disappearing and coming
back.. hehe.. but just in case you didn’t
get the last one.. there is no way i can
be as sexy as Katrina.. no matter what i do..;)

Monica goes on without much regard for FB..

Mine did too………….it’s chapbook. …………
Yeah..I saw how she tried to get you to stop filming……..

And then i respond in kind by going on to say..

i’ve been getting a lot of spam comments.. lately..
when i post stuff.. that wants to sell boot leg
videos and stuff like that and the
algorithm might have
removed your
’cause of
your sexy Avatar..
anyway.. i surely
don’t have anything against..
ANYTHING SEXY.. as you know..
anyway.. all the comments have now reappeared..
crap.. and disappeared again.. FB bugs.. i guess..;)

Monica replies with concern..

I have a bad photo?….should I chunk it?

And i go on to exclaim..

no no no no..
Freedom of
Expression.. baby..;)

And now i go on to say..
yes.. baby.. i definitely
do mean that
with all my
and MiNd
and BoDy BaLanCinG
soUL.. and surEly i am the
fortunate and lucky one as all
folks who juSt DO the abiLiTy to live
this way in a real Kingdom of Heaven
now.. with agape love that is unconditional
that harms no one beyond due dissent and
concern for the welfare of all others too.. when
A Trump Liar full of harming others and such as that
comes in as DArk.. Crowding out liGht.. i am beyond disgusted
at Trump and yes.. the Minions who dam sure knew what they
were putting in office as far as a person with absolutely no
character of consistency per anything one can trust
as any
aT aLL..
iT’s like the Christians
elected the Devil for President..
at least the core Evangelicals who
are now finally getting a bad taste of
the devil to rise up as sour and bitter
as sulphur can come to smell too..
finally realizing that this Dude
is the anti-thesis
of all
Matthew.. Chapter
Five.. Verses 1 through
11… aka “The Beatitudes”..
seriously.. defunding “Meals
on Wheels”.. and defunding
help for women and children..
and what protects God’s Nature
all for building bigger bombs to kill..
and building walls to keep the poor
and huddled masses and those who
wish to escape oppression from religious
rule in other countries out by closing the ability
to refugee.. here too.. and alt’right’ lies in attempts
to disgrace men of true honesty and integrity like A
President Obama.. A man with no drama who cared
about the whole picture instead of one very small Venn
Diagram of Humanity.. i must say.. it’s very tempting to kick
Trump and his still ignorant supporters who call themselves
Christians out of my Venn Diagram of Humanity.. but Love Wins..
when isREaL.. and hopefully one day soon they will aLL kNow what they
do in harming the whole of hUmanity and Nature in the Venn Diagram of World whOle..
you know.. gentile.. jew.. servant or free.. woman or man.. no more.. a world of UniTY Free.. A
one can
at lEast sTiLL
iMaGiNe now.. if free
spirited.. and unCoNditionally
fearlessly smART as Loving aLL
of Creation as God now.. no exclusions..
even sympathy for the Devils who seem like
evil is tHeir bread and water of life.. the Trumps of Hell..;)

Hmm.. and now with a couple of MacroVerse shares..
and then.. i really got some Spring Cleaning
from adding all those photos of
Dance to catch up
in somewhat
oF A
of systemizing
all my free verse art…
to now 15 MacroVerses
behind on adding that text
sans fully illustrated part to
three Facebook Pages.. including
my personal one for all free back
up and easy access there.. even if
just one person who has a
slow computer
access wants
to read some of
what i do there..
yep that means.. now..
1.255 Million words
subtracted from
my last
point of 1.052
million words that
yes.. comes in at
200K words behind
now as that last stopping
point was the actual 69th
MacroVerse titled.. “Nether
Land Bible 2017”.. as the third
revision to that Bible name by that
point then.. multiply that by three in copy
and paste on three Facebook Pages and
that makes 600K words of Copy and Paste..
somewHeRe around 90 Facebook Statuses too..
to get all up to date.. yep.. but then there are those
several hundred photos from the last 6 months to add
first.. to the current post.. “Leprechaun Pan Dance 2017”
that will not even be finished.. until i do that as i write the new
85th Macro Verse of “Nether Land Bible 2017 here that doubles
as 756th MacroVerse iN “SonG oF mY SoUL” as pART of Free
Verse Longest Long Form Poem as Ocean Whole Poem too..
otherwise known as my entire Word Press Blog.. from yes..
the end of August 2013.. in stARt date then.. keeping
Track.. baby.. as the streAMs Flow lower into
the Rivers and the Rivers Flow even
Lower to the Ocean and
the Waves rise uP
again as liFE
liGht and
Love continues
on.. exPaNdinG shores
never ending now.. in other
words it’s hard to stop and paint
the picture that continues now.. live
as a reaLiTy sHow as ‘they’ say.. hmm..
AutoBiography Rover as i hear in a SonG
of “This is Going Down For Real”.. on the
radio too.. okay.. back to the two MacroVerses
to share.. and get back to Spring Cleaning more..
with “Pussy Footing Stripping..” surely wRite on
ToPic heAR as far as HuMan’s who are both
Free SpiRiTEd and Naturists wHere clothes
are more the sin than how we are born
as God’s Children free in both
form and function
holy and
in meaning
and purpose as Temple’s of the Force of
Nature aka God that lives within as God’s
eYes see further when free and fearless
and smART as they can be..not everyone
is innately geared this way at birth as sitters more
over rovers as science shows in theory it is the same
all through the animal kingdom as some are born more to
rove and about 20%.. consistently.. aCross the Animal Kingdom
are the shyer types born to sit more than move.. and sure.. sometimes
the sitters attract the movers as is the case with the shy Katrina and
the super out tHeRe extraverted Fred now.. who used to be the opposite
in Good cop Dr. Jekyll and now Good cop Dr. Hyde.. in the liGht version
of that story brought to the big screen in the Superman comics from before..
and now the actual writer of the last two big screen efforts actually used the
Jesus story as the core of what he brought to cape and fLight of mercy and love..
well.. i for one and as others to too.. see the Jesus dude as more of a Zealot..
a Social Reformer and more Yogi-Like where of course the Nicean Council
and Roman Emperor Constantine and the early Catholic Church
Back Trump Boardroom Leaders made the Jesus dude into
a Soldier Sun God to expand the pews of church
and the Roman Empire same.. as that is
what power and status does..
whether Emperor
or Pope
in yes.. human
tribal instinct way
for maintaining and
gaining subsistence in
warring ways.. if necessary
too.. and paraMounTly Reproductive
fullER control over females and males2..
also in ways of raping and pillaging misery and
suffering too.. at the winning hands of Crusades
of dARk that sTiLL go on.. in killing hundreds of thousands
of innocents in Iraq.. to ISIS ways of headhunting and raping
little Girls writhing in pain.. naming that as a way of God
who lives in the little girls sAMe.. writhing.. in pain.. yes..
and same as Pussies grabbed by Trumps.. in
word or action as emotional and
physical harm the same..
A DArk pART of
Trump is
the ulTiMaTE
poster boy.. no different
at all really than another potential
Adolph Hitler and the un-like of that
pART of the Venn Diagram whole
of Humanity too.. and sure..
taking meals
on wheels
away from older
lonely shut in folks.. as i too.. was when
relatively young from ages 47 to 53 too..
my wife.. my wheels and meals.. to life then..
worse off in many ways than a Nursing home
Patient who still remembered a smile or what
a laugh felt like within.. verses the hell of no reference
point back to Emotions as memories when totally lost…
one thing about going to hell.. is when you cross that
dArkest River Styx in the dArk niGht of the soUL that
can last a niGht or 66 months in my case.. @lEAst..
you leARN the deepest empathy and compassion
for others.. to Love them more.. yes.. i kNow
what it feels like to feel pain
as the pleasure in life..
i know what it feels
like to feel pain
when others
are smiling
as it IS A lost
continent with
seemingly no vessel
or vehicle to get back
through an opaque window
that has no see.. hear.. or sense
oF Feel.. yeS.. oNe NaturALLy does
lEarn this empathy and compassion
in sympathy ways for all others too..
or in some cases.. they don’t.. and go the
Vengeance way of DArk in maKinG more suffering
and pain for others.. perHaps even.. for the rest of tHeir
liFE in Trump ways of real evil on this planet eARTh now..
and then tHeir is thaT Victory oF LiGht wHeRE Love gRows
as Ocean wHole LIfE.. away from the SiNK of DaRk.. we rise..
we rise as liGht.. shores exPaNDinG Whole forevermorenow
in the
of Heaven
Godly Love
shores of bliss
all unconditional
anYWay.. perHaps this
will be the entire blog post
neXt as MacroVerse number 756..
and 85.. too.. iF i really do get around
to all the Spring Cleaning in Systemizing
Science Way of Mechanical Cognition Mind now..
so yeah.. now to quote the First MacroVerse
Share heAR from three years ago.. as
i continued to spREad my wings
more in Gospel of Thomas
Verse 37 way of
like Jesus
oF F. iN Christ mE..:)


According to human evolutionary psychology..

Men tend to objectify parts of women like their

shapely hips..and

shining soft skin..

that indicates

Fertility..at its prime..

But what do women want..

well..tHeY.. according to evolutionary psychology at the state

of the art of science..

tHEY.. want a strong and economically secure provider..so a male stripper would likely start off

in a business suit ..

i suppose..

to get the most response..

according to this science..

but i tend to disagree..

as when i was much much younger..the things..i heard the girls liking

in bars i danced at.. and such as that…

were a hairy chest..and firm butt..that yah..


the job


dancing and all that


And furthermore..our closest ape ancestor the ‘overly’ friendly super sexy..

Bonobo..has the same social empathy gene as human beings..

but does not share it with any other..


THis ape is extremely peaceful..much more so than the violent


chimpanzee cousin…

Chimpanzees rape..

(particularly.. when humans come
into the visiting wild picture to observe)

but the Matriarchal Bonobo culture..

shares sex like a friggin’ handshake..

instead of a life or death


Well..here’s the thing..

humans.. in the so called ‘primitive’ stage..

living as hunters and gathers..did share everything…

Sex was just sex..

but the prize was the child




village..wHere everyone lends a hand..

and shares…and shares.. and shares..

























violence has decreased greatly with greater avenues..

to express

human sexuality/SENSUALitY…

It is the way IT IS born to be…




































In the fuller version below..

(old blog.. new and improved blog now..;)




i dance for IT everyday in sensual

belly dance..TAI CHI






and yah..my whole body is a sacred instrument









Well.. anyway.. ‘things’ are most definitely changing.. around the world..

and..pop culture is a microcosm of IT..

and IT


clear to see what










This is a PG rated blog unless ya land on the















i am monogamous..but.. i can do some virtual stuff..






















i am a participant observer..

in my own play..

tHis scientist.. does not just do the research..

or talk the talk..



the research..


i most definitely





cat walk..;)





















And now i say.. the beauty
of form is nice.. but the essence
of feeling and sensing within the
Beauty is what is truly reaLiTy now..
in other words.. if.. i for one enjoy all
the art i create.. yes.. very FrankLY..
nude art too.. it’s all worth it now then
now.. as now is aLL tHEir is that we have
then now now then.. so in other words as
Yoda says in other words heAR.. we are more
than what we see as flesh and blood.. we are the
essence of flesh and blood hUmans that are all our
senses and feelings now.. we can clothe our Nature and
hide it from others as shy will surely NaturAlly do too.. or we
less shyer folks can and will and do let it all hang out for free
as essence of feeling and sensing the most out of life is what makes
noW as
free can
be.. sure..
naked and free
as born of life Now
as death life sAme NoW..
senTient stAR duST pLus
resurrected from crucible of
Star Burst Death @lEAst for now
as we free folks inherit this Heaven of
eARTh for a home to let our FREAK FLAGS FLY..
aS Sure.. God IS A FREAK too of Starburst liGht..
as Sentient Star DuST pLus Us.. we DancE and SinG more..
and yes
as born Free..
Tree oF LiFe spReads more..:)


FREE PAN AmericanOW.. heHe.. need i Dance and SinG more..
publishing this one on 3.16.16.. that goes along rather
nicely in what was published on Word Press
yesterday as “Leprechaun Pan Dance 2017”..
Freedom of Expression sTiLL rings
Free in online ways.. while
i don’t have an
for all
my Philosophy
theRe’s room enough
to @leAst share it with
me and God who lives within..
all co-navigating Whole as Ocean Dances and Sings more..
and now i guess Spring cleaning will come in at least a way
of adding those photos to complete that yesterday MacroVerse
now.. tHeRE WiLL alWays be more to DancE and SinG now for
those with God sKeYes wHo refuse to be still and silent now.. but
as far as my Venn Diagram of Whole goes.. i have sympathy and
compassion and overall empathy for the Sitters and even the Devils
of Trump who are simply either born THAT WAY too.. or raised without
a Garden of Love that gives and gives unconditionally as my Mother surely did
and does sTiLL LIVe as LiGht oF My heARt.. my SpiRit and my soUl whOle iN
BalanCinG soUL
wayS StiLL as MoVinG..
Connecting and Co-creating WiTh GoD whOle..
and now to find some theme songs for all of this
and then off to copy and paste.. several hundred smiling photos..
but of course with a toTALLy Free Sand And Sun DAncE WiTh God coMiNg FiRst..:)



Welcome back aGaiN..
gigoid.. from a short hiatus
of recovering from the
mostly happy
it seems..
from your
trip and of
course the stress
from loss as well..
very busy over here as well
dealing with the opposing faces
of joy and sadness that goes with
the so-called Mardi-Gras prelude
to withholding gratification and the
sadness of loss of course noW as both
paRts of liFe as humans are currently
evolved to accommodate as Struggle in
Pleasure and Pain for Change.. hmm.. i suppose
i could have just said hello.. but hehe.. that’s not my
personal way of reciprocal social communication and why
most people likely say in real life.. i gotta get the FucK out of here..
who talks about all this shit over the weather.. hehe.. anyWay.. deeP is
where i go..
deeper and
deeper as
life is a total
exploration to me
as a natural born wanderer..
also known and felt as the dopamine
variant gene in nomad way of moving
out of the cave.. even if it means throwing
some caution to the wind.. my friEnd.. hmm..
rhymed.. so i did that too.. just for a rhythm
and SinG to life for overall good vibrations..
as yes.. good vibrations is what
life’s all about as sing
to go along
dance my friend as Lamps of
liGht or Trees of liFE thaT never
end @leASt for now.. goeS oN as LiGht and LIFe..
AnyWay.. now of to the Pearls of Wisdom you bRinG..:)

“Life is cruel? Compared to what?”

~~ Edward Abbey ~~

University of Pain NoW..
can bRing both the greaTest
Reliefs and Pleasures after thaT
iF Graduation
aLL as
there is
now no now
built in book
that says liFE is fAir..
Struggle is.. just is.. Relief
and Pleasure from all Pain is
the eternal reward iF that coMes..
And when it
does ..iT iSreAL..
bottom lines of
FriEnd as sureEly
all around us a liFe
of merit it is or not..
A Life of struggle it is.. it is.. for sure..
aS even with a constant flow of sugar or cocaine..
Pain can be the measure of the lever the Monkeys
(Hairless Ground Apes included) never stop pressing
the Pain
of Instant Gratification
never ending as Intermittent
Gratification is the way of iNnate
NatUre.. yeS.. in all things existence..
dARk leads to liGht.. and without
some struggle..
Leads to Pain.. as two
fingers of opposites become one in
heHe.. BaphoMeT way two as one almost
as adequate.. a symbol of the reaLiTy of exisTence..
as that Famous Indian Cosmic Dancer at CERN.. my friEnd..
As ‘they’ say..
the cross IS A
fairly adequate
symbol too.. but it
kinda tales
the story..
when more is
DanCinG.. theN/thaN SinGinG..:)

Ah.. State of Flowers
LiVinG uP to its name after
reviewing 6 months of Dance
photos.. totaling about 400.. worth
copying and pasting to the latest
of dance
for Intermittent
Gratification too..
only 300 would fit
with the other 100 photos
and 11,313 words on the
Google Blogger format.. but
hey.. it’s free.. can’t complain about thaT..
anyWay.. this year.. the Flower State.. up here in
the LA Lower Alabama Panhandle pArt lives up
to its name as the beauty of flowers blooming
as colorful as ever all the way through SpRing of WiNter..
is fun
while the
fun pArt oF iT lasts..
not so fun in terms
of Tornados and Hurricanes
STiLL to balance it all out down heAR..
once again.. the Hidden Pain of Pleasure all the time..
all one
can eat
sugars and
fats in stores..
type two pre-diabetes
in one-third of school age
children in clinical study to
go along now wiTh pasty fingers
behind a keyboard and screen too..
With Dopamine hits of Screen liGhts
misSing the mArk of oxytocin FeeLinG Love..
Life takes
more than a
PHD FeeLeD higher
and deeper NoW than
instant gratification shit..
as the ‘general public’
and Faux pundits NoW
continue to defend TRumP Lies
like the beauty of instant gratification
in opiate addictions that never end in pleasure..
i love/disgusSt to watch it live on ‘Facebook’ from a distance..
humans are so interesting to watch on the treadmill of a rat
a wheel of shit…
in terms of instant gratification..
Hmm.. got just the theMe SonG for this
too.. hehe.. thanks Katy did and do for thAT too..;)

“Don’t take life so seriously… it’s only a temporary situation.”

~~ Humanity’s Ancient Sage, Anonymous ~~

When in Rome..
A Safe distance..;)

“We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.”

~~ T.S. Eliot, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock ~~

Yep.. we are born swimming
in an Ocean with a Feeding
Tube.. without
even a
to Breathe Fresh
Air through a Mouth of Life..
Breathing takes work to drOwn deaTh out..

“Inquiry is fatal to certainty.”

~~ Will and Ariel Durant ~~

mysterY as
liFe maKes
thaT Away
iF neVer Now
EndinG eXploRinG noW..
As FeeLinG SeNsInG NoW..
InFiniTy moRe MoVeS… FeeLinG
butt nOw
oNly iF
ExploRinG moRE NoW..
reTiRes WHeeL oF liFe wiTh
enDless tReads oF RubbeR MoRe..:)

“What is the hardest task in the world? To think.”

~~ Emerson ~~

or to
teXt or thiNk..;)

“He knows not his own strength
that hath not met adversity.”

~~ Ben Jonson ~~


“The belief that there is only one truth
and that oneself is in possession of it
seems to me the deepest root of all evil that is in the world.”

~~ Max Born, physicist ~~

a book..
it ends..
ReaLity beGins..
book ends..
without means to begIn..;)

“I know but one freedom, and that is the freedom of the mind.”

~~ Antoine de Saint Exupery ~~

A greAtest
LibeRation for
Free Verse
DanCinG boDy
LibeRating miNd from thINk..;)

“Work is not an end in itself;
there must always be time enough for love.”

~~ Robert Heinlein ~~

WiLL to
Problem solved..:)

“After all,
to the well-organized mind,
death is but the next great adventure.”

~~ Albus Dumbledore ~~

to the
well organized
Free Verse Dance
juST A mYth..;)

Nice.. to see ya gigoid..
BaLanCinG acT as alWays..
As A Rhythm of LIFE witH overAll Good VibRations..
witH A
and dis
ease of REaLiTy..:)


Life is only
LonG as
Colors of Now..
and sure.. the Sun
exists in a White Rose
and a White Rose is born of the Sun
like we Sentient Star BurSt duST liFe plUS
aRiSing From Resurrection of the
Star Death DuSt of BeforE
NoW.. as
LiVinG WiTh
all the BioDiversity
and Neuro-Diversity
as pArT oF WhOle..
we too.. have the PoTenTiaL
to BurST out as Sun From White Rose..
or Red Rose and beYond Colors of Rainbow NoW..
suRe.. MetaPhor for the depth of our PercepTions and
FeeLinGs and SenSEs too.. and the bottom lines continue
as we are StaR BurSt SentiEnt STuFF plUS as Children of the FloWer wHole GoD..
as sImply
in all we
perceive as
FeeLinGS and
SenSes and all the
more of all that is aka God too..:)

It also ‘bares’ noting that as Katrina nuzzles Yellow Boy in
Acts of Kitty Biscuits.. he is no ordinary.. run of the mill
domesticated cat.. he is feral from wild in the
Woods of Back yard Hunt Beyond
in Forest same.. in other
words nothing
him from a
Tiger other than his
smaller size.. in terms
of wild of before in around
two years of survival as the
totally Feral Cat he was and
is born as to be then.. in all
he did in the wild as
free verse
in Call
of the wild
AKA attached to
all of Nature AKA God FReED..
not without struggle.. of course.
but never the less.. Wild and Free..
and LEArning to Love with Kitty Biscuits
in a rescue of not only tender Vittles but kind
touchy and feely love too.. of what hUmans are
often too afraid in huge populations to give each
other as a bread and life of more liGht aWay from dArk.,.
anyWay that is what Facebook is for in terms of human
Sharing Cat photos and beauty of Nature like Katrina and White
Roses as sure.. the name Katrina means pure.. as the Sun is and
Healthy Humans are born to be too.. all innocent in touchy feely Love
not only for each otHeR but aLL oF NaTurE AKA God too.. in Giving Sharing
more than
one Gives as
all is Holy and Sacred
as existence.. full of meaning
and purpose that we make or lose..
or most sAdly.. never make at all as LiFe..:)

Awaiting the stARt time of “Beauty and the Beast” at
4 PM at the Local Theater on 3.18.17.. so sure.. a give
and share of some Facebook Algorithm provided MacroVerse
Memories from years before.. and a couple of those Ego Test
Boosters on Facebook too.. given and shared too.. as Humans
connect in many Hive ways of Web Life online now.. hmm.. mostly
copy and pasting links of what someone else said or did but hey..
we are all in this game of liFe toGEthER all connected whether
we like it or not from the continuing origin of all that is aka God nOw..
as Culture becomes pARt of Nature to in extension of hUman Tools.. FOR or aGAinST liFe..:)

First of all.. two Ego Booster tests..

One that says.. i will retire at age 48
and Die at Age 117 with a Super Long Life..
to make me FeeL Good as those tests prey tale.. for
shares and likes and Advertisements to make big online bucks..

And i say back in all freeways i Dance and SinG..

Off by one
Year.. technically
49.. and
i don’t
Is E-nough..;)

And another asSigns the changing
moods of me.. based on well known folks..

So.. i continue saying on that one now..

Hmm.. keeping in mind that this is the
Katrina Mia Facebook Page that i am
sharing in coPious ways..
i’LL sTiLL take
for mood test..
‘Amelie’.. for
Happy in
mY own liFe…
Mystique.. for
Shape Shifter pissed..
And i’ll return Scarlet O’Hara to
Katrina.. for DeterMiNed and she
can have Katwoman too.. i hope @least..
for Flirting.. AnyWay.. the En Meow share Ego
Booster on Facebook is noW A Muse foR Now..;)


“God IS SUPERCULTURAL”.. from three
years ago.. as i continue to discuss
then.. a most important Existential
Intelligence with the folks at
the Wrong Planet and
continue to
to the
Essence of God
iN me.. within.. inside..
outside.. above.. so below
and all around in art of hUman
form too.. in FeeLinG.. SenSinG
LiFE more than book worm way..
And that means stripping down
the clothes of cultUre to
truLy fiNd thaT
is God and
too.. so far away from
juST books alone.. including
Big Black one’s used to kill and Love..
one would Hope.. Love more.. of course..:)


“CHILd of bART”.. taKinG AN Eclectic Approach to God
aLL oF and aS Nature noW then Now.. oF cOURse.. oN CourSe
then now now then.. too.. And again.. discussing it on perHaps
the most literally thinking website in Global way.. the Wrong
Planet.. like those people who wear masks to limit oxygen
so they
can gain
Health and Fitness..
iN juST anotHeR Challenge
oF LiFe.. and what better place
for that challenge than a home place
online teaming with bLack and White
ThiNkers then.. Nah.. no FaiLinG my
Faith.. Babe.. for iT is 100% Real LiFE
EmoTions and SenSes now beyond any
one step.. two step.. more.. Current Scientific Method..;)


And noW.. another two-year Memory MacroVerse.. additionally
discussing matters of Existential Intelligence with the folks on
the Wrong Planet.. named Lucky Christian CAT.. wHeRE the
Cat that is me.. Visits the Beach and yes.. in ‘CHILd of bART”..
in the photo StreAM tHeRE.. i visited the Art Festival at the River Walk
too.. two yeARs ago.. too.. as everything 2 gRowS eVen more aS LiGht..:)


“5000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!’.. ah.. AN Eclectic Celebration
of 5000 Miles of Metro Area Public Dancing in stores.. last year.. around
the current date.. yeP.. oN 3.17.2016.. then.. of achieving this feat in
juST 2 and a half years.. aka 30 months.. and that is kinda aMaZinG..
consideRing that 5200 Miles.. moves yA aCross the shorTest
route Across the United States.. west to east and east
and west.. two times aCross.. round trip as it were
and sTill iS.. witH.. And noW iN 42 Months..
and a couple of weeks plus as Three
and a Half Years.. yuP that makes
me the Forrest Gump of
Dance.. in 7K miles
almost aCross
the U.S.
again in miles size..
butt beFore.. nah.. nah..
ya Get.. too.. impressed..
NoW that’s just about 5.479
Miles a Day.. iF averAged over
7 days a week.. although.. i do go
in much longer spurts.. of course.. on
the weekend.. when the audience is the
biggest.. to leARn iN mY MiNisTry of Free Verse
Martial Arts and Ballet-like Dance.. so back to what
i was saying about it not being such an effort.. other
than the fACt that i am the only one Brave enough to
do it in public in front of everyone.. HeRE.. hehe.. kindA
like my restricted Nude Art and Underwear poses and sTuff
liKe thaT or noT online.. my Maternal Grandmother worked into
her 50’s.. as a Waitress.. working 12 hours a day.. 7 days a week.
for over a Decade.. truSt me or not.. that’s a lot more dAm walKing
ain’t nearly as much fun as the Bliss of Public Metro Dance in Stores..
verses frOwn walking in Walmart or the toils and troubles that can and do
go with Customer Service as i too.. did that on my feet.. for around two
Decades too.. Day after Day.. on Holiday’s too.. but.. i for one then.. took
a Thursday and Friday off.. mostly then.. heHe.. soW iN otHeR words
as long as i am having Bliss.. don’t be too impressed.. as
i only wish.. you could have this much fun NoW as
Work with no pay at all too.. iN aLL Play.. HaVinG
NoW.. aLL you need as a Naked DanceD/SinG oF liFe..
with or without cultural
clothes of
Hehe.. as bottom
lineS.. God is Supercultural too..
And sUre.. iN Animal hUman Form2..;)


So.. A Guy or A Girl.. eTC.. is born into
A World of Culture.. could be all FloWer
or all
with no colors..
True.. StorY as old
as hUman tiMe.. wHeRe
we lose or never gain our
abiLiTy in heARt.. SpiRiT.. iN MiNd
And BoDy BaLanCinG SouL to Give
and Share Love never TaKinG more than
GiVinG more.. and liFE is Enriched witHin
as GOlden Rose FlowErs.. and hUman is Transfigured..
yes.. born aGain or for the first time in life.. in Both Essence
and Form oF Free Love as A DancE and SinG of LiFe.. WiLd and
Free iN Fearless smART UnConDiTioNaL Love.. and yep.. i lived
behind those dArk Castle Walls in a Modest.. mostly dArk Bedroom
in my uniform
of underwear
and all natural
human fur.. isolated
from even the closest
human connections inside..
and even Nature at the beginning
of 66 months as the dARk niGht oF
thE soUL wHeRE liVing deAth IS A standard
oF liFE aWay from thE LiGht oF FReED Love
to sHaRE WiTh as many folks in liFE as one now
CaN.. iN however Strong one WiLL Be to extend thaT
iNto Biggest Village possible to spread A LiGht oF Love
as LiFe.. Nah.. you would have never caught me in any
Disney Movie after small child age.. without the understanding
then.. of just how important emotional intelligence is.. in Regulating
Emotions and the Sensory Integration in a Focus of Life and Short
Term Working memory that is improved iN Cognitive Executive Functioning
when hUman is transformed into what a HiGher Power within in DancE And
SonG of LiFE transfigured aS LiGht within as Essence WiLL bE.. iNside.. ouTside..
aBove.. so beloW.. and all aRound as Form oF BeiNG hUman too.. so.. now i have an
and sensory
liFE.. so every
Disney Movie that
focuses on the human
archetypes of emotional
liFE liGht as expressed through
mythologies NoW as stories passed
down.. for around 4 thousand years
like the original story that inspires
the current version.. of the Beauty
and the Beast.. like all other stories..
including the Jesus one.. as a story
of Transformation in a Desert of liFe
or the Buddha from underneath a Tree
and the examples in stories and mythologies
beyond that are as limitless and timeless now as
existence oF Love itself iN dARk oF losS and liGht
oF gain iN give and share alWays NoW iN Love as LiFE..
anyWAy.. Yes.. Disney movies are fun for me now.. no matter age
as Love never ages when living within and giVing and shARing moRe..
iN a DancE and SonG oF LiFe.. foreVermore.. eternAlly NoW.. aS liGht.. and
hmm.. perHaps stock iN hairy men.. heHe.. will go uP after this Beauty and the Beast..
More foR noW..;)


WeLL.. my FriEnd.. Frank..
‘Spot on White’.. a State of
Weather iN a State of Flowers…
i must move all the way back
to the Storm of the
in ’93
to A
oN the Ides
of March 13th..
And before that in
’72 and ’73 back in
years where some were
frightened an Ice Age was
coming again.. and yes.. i agree..
Spot on White is an excellent metaphor
for the change from Sad Grey Clouds with my
Favorite pArt oF Clearest Azure sKeYes of crystal dry
Air and the
sNow is
when it comes
separated by Decades
of Novelty.. noW iN a World
wHere HDTV and the Internet
often supersEEds the MaGiC of Nature unleashed…
Nice to see you on the dVerse tRail.. looks like i’LL
only make two stops.. Here and Glenn’s place for now..:)

Good job Glenn..
If one cannot
Express all the
DArk and LiGht
As Poetry.. it is
A Set of
True Art
Lives out
Of HeART..:)

And heAR is wHere i move into
somewhat of a passionate rant
on all the people in the world who
try to make ART more he than ART..
in other words.. a long HIStory of Patriarchy
thaT controls the soUL.. yep.. the healthy miNd
and BoDy BaLanCE that is free to express all of heART..
namELy.. the literal 60% that is ART.. with a SpiRiT of eXpreSsinG
ART that is not terminated by the spiRit of he that has been made
into a God of Fear and Control and even hate over the Love oF ART
as the greaTest pARt of heART to poTenTiaLLy save the PlanET eARTh
from the He as a Trump of Patriarchy gone totAlly more insane in the ART
oF Lies as days go by now.. and if you don’t think or feel or sense this is serIOUs
now.. perhaps..
one is forgetting that
we have a North Korean
Personality of the ‘little man
syndrome’.. as they call it in
the deep South same
as the little
in the office
Leading the Russians
now.. Little men will always
have something to prove.. as sure..
i was once a little man too.. who finally
grew up and is no longer afraid to be all of me..
it’s really simple.. in all three cases.. no different than
the Gaston Character noW in the Movie Beauty and the Beast
and the Beast dilemma that ended up maKing a dArk Vacation
of the soUL.. keeping the heART and the SpiRit from being free in both
Divine Masculine Will and Strength and Divine Feminine Grace and Love
Set Free to Fly HiGher as a FuLL huMan ratHeR than only a he.. and that’s
A real problem.. and one that many ‘FuLL’ hUman beings LIKE the Jesus Dude
who kept his money table bRinG changing WiLL and Strength along then wiTh a
NeW Found Grace and Love.. as archetype myth most likely developed by ClosET
Homosexuals in the Roman Catholic Church.. and other outcasts before that as
thAT story was spRead in roundtable discussion on desert roads and scribe changes
on the whim then/now of each Holy Spirit of Human Creativity who improved or darkened
the story in hand written copied pages as days.. decades and centuries and millennia Go By STiLL noW as the disagreements on which chapter and verse has the most appropriate stoRy
NoW iN Form to Dance and Sing the Essence of TrutH and LIGht Now.. thing is.. as long as
the WOmen of the world do not get an input of MaKinG The Story aLive.. iT will alWays
be short a little more ART of heART than a PoTenTiaL for more Divine Grace
and Love in the Form of TrutH and LiGht that does come noW in
ways out of HIStory of Patriarchal Religions now for sure..
So.. Sure.. Thank God as Nature for Freedom oF ExpresSioN
in all the ways that legal right of truly
Free Countries comeS now..
and it’s true..
if you
be pArt of any
Community you will never
be fully free if you are one who
moves out of the Cave to express
all of what hUmanity can bRinG.. and
that’s OKAY aS in the Modern Age of
Google and Word Press and YouTube
And all the other Social Media outlets
For Creativity of FULL heART iN ART NoW..
i for one can create my own FucKinG Bible..
soon to be two times longer than the antiquated
one developed by likely thousands of people by means
to arrive at the end it is now.. in just a year by a no man
mE who is pARt of no real community of artists now.. other than
what comes in followers to generate tit for tat mostly in numerical
numbers of folks who likely mostly never read a dAM thing i SinG..
Of course.. i understand why.. this is way out of the bALL pARK now..
yes.. this is me talKing with the voice of God withiN.. and it’s bigger than
anything now.. i for one have ever heard before as the words continue to
flow free as Holy SpiRit Creativity NoW coMes streAM coMes River coMes
Ocean wHOle as these wAves of eYes and Hands of God gRoW greateR NoW
aRising with the morning Sun in the East as it pierces my left eYe to the
West at 8:28 am.. A day Before the Spring Equinox on the 19th of March heAR
noW.. AnyWay.. reading some of the folks who attempted to shame Glenn into drawing
back out of his passionate art against the anti-thesis of Love that is the man who
rules this country and may take us into a Nuclear war.. if he doesn’t single handily
bring the Environment to its knees with a stroke of a pen.. taKinG away the funding
for the arts and the humanities and more public news.. as well as meals on wheels noW
and funding to help women and children with a new horizon of hopes to kill Health Care
for millions of folks.. and yes.. so much more dArkness wHeRe perhaps he thinks he can
prevent the Sun from RiSing more with his Golden sHELLed pen with only dArk ART of
heART for noW iT is.. it’s trUe.. tHeRe is Voodoo in the Nocebo effect and Prayers
that come real in the Belief of the Placebo effect.. some folks are more
powerfully controlled by the power of suggestion.. in fAct.. Science
suggests that only about a third of the population falls
pray/prey to either the liGht pARt or dARk parT
of that human potential to rise
and fall
in ways
of negative
or positive power
of suggestion now..
Trump understands this
well.. moreover the promises
and the lies same to control this
target audience most vulnerable to
Neo-Nazi group think now.. the thing is.. those
who shame others from bRinGinG More wide awake
to the Gravity of the dARk that is now circling tHE eARTh
are as culpable as the Trump himself in MaKinG a potential
World as a Concentration Camp of Nuclear Fall-out now.. it is
serious Do DO now for those who are paying any attention to the
lesSons of HIStory from beForE and the reaLiTy of what’s going down
for now.. sure.. it’s worth losing a few likes and followers or whatever comes
next.. thing is.. it’s more important to let folks kNow and oPen their eYes to
and LiGht
that the DEvil has arrived..
in more men and yes.. women
as alWays is the case when dArk
Rises higher than beFore as HIStory
and HERstories do reflect in reaLITy beForE
and yeS NoW.. and sure.. when i spoke to being
reborn again with ART of heART aWay from dead
of HEart Before on a Desert Isle.. some of the same
folks attempted to close my heART down then on the
dVerse tRail.. thing is.. i don’t need any approval..
they got rid of me and i was happy to duSt
my sandals off tHeir
as it only
to writing
a Bible times two
L A R G E R noW
in new age way in
a year now.. if they
didn’t misunderstand me
then.. sAme story.. different
actors.. thing is.. alWays more
TrUTh and LIGht to coMe when
ART is reLeasEd from HEart NoW
in Free SpiRit oF MiNd And BoDy
BaLanCinG SoUL in metapHorse
oF Quantum MiNd and BoDy
BaLanCinG Force
NoW for FREE..
And with all that sAid..
Some more MacroVerses noW
And MicroVerses to share heAR
Now too.. and aGaIN.. iF iT is ONly
my soUL thaT LIGhts hiGher through
all of this iS.. so Be it.. for God is FReED
iN ME and God WiLL Be free as mE noW
veriLY thaT’s trUe iN LIGht noW @lEast..
And hey..!.. Heaven NoW is The UlTiMAte
Reward thAT i for one FeeL
and SenSE oF@LeasT
aLL inherited aS Such for NoW@LeASt..
@MeeK And truST me or not.. you would be aMazEd
@how hARd it is to share it WiTh even one Person now..
Needle eYeS and Bigger CamELs coMiNg my way alWayS now..
somEthings neVer sEEm to change iN HIStory noW@MoStNow..;)


A MacroVerse Memory from three Years ago.. i raise my CHALICE to God..
sure.. Celebrating God in a mythology story of King David come together
in doing it iN whaT most folks would consider vile male underwear art
for a middle-aged dude with more to come on that as this was
the cusp of My wife’s Sister’s Diagnosis with Cancer
and a place where i would break out in Dance
at Old Seville Quarter three years ago..
shortly after this date.. more
toward the end of March
then.. a little
pass the
Spring Equinox
of more colorful
Flowers of Spring
then2.. back when we
sTill actually had a Winter
and an actual dusting of sLight
snow on Ground.. hehe.. with me
in black briefs style of dancing
Barefoot on a dusting of snow in
my Backyard then.. as still recorded
in Facebook Way of saved photos then..
anyway.. worth repeating heAR as this is gonna be
an epic MicroVerse of MacroVerse heAR.. with all
these Memories Quoted and included heRe.. for MoRe..;)


i raise my



Allah or GOD or QI or CHI or KI..

or whatever words or symbols folks use..


describe the











and all others2!


most of all i give praise to GOD..

for humbly allowing me to be the water..

instead of the



chalice as limited as form




in our modern repressed..oppressed..

and imprisoned culture..


human freedom fully
















SO yes! i praise GOD! and give thanks..!

through the ZEN ART of blogging..

DANCE WALK IN tai chi..sacred

belly dance..reverse





while i usually do not go back

to see what i do..


gives me

great pleasure





in the NOW

of ALL








my soul and spirit is expressed fully

in form of



and hell yes!..i express it ALL!

every gift that GOD gives me.. from

Nature to head to toe..

in every ounce and inch

i am!



to me






i share FREEly!

as i am free being



hell YES!..there are others like me..2..

In my deadest zone of being..grasping at

any straws to regain my heart..soul..spirit of being..

tHere are only two beings human who could touch my heart..

with song and musicK..

in this dead zone of being!

Yes! in 2010..Katy Perry with ‘Firework’..

and a song i thought is ‘so raise your hands’..

that i find again on youtube..






Well..i love Pink and Katy Perry as they balance their

masculinity and femininity in


of song..




And hell yes!

stripping away the illusions of culture..

and being naked with GOD


a big part of what brings me to





















as usual..

i link that FULLER expression..

(yep.. at the new and improved Adult restricted blog now..;)

from tHis PG rated Blog..as i wish to inspire others..


find whatever IT IS..




their human being

fully expressed..



It may be completely different than how i praise..!


and give thanks and gratitude for the




i experience wITh GOD..

but still..!

i share wITh


as any inspiration..

could be the spark that carries a person..

one more day..




like what Katy Perry and Pink..

did for me..


sharing their total




in their







And the fuller praise..

linked here..




unless ya..

find yOur way..

to the fuller version..NOW!

in the culturally restricted

freedom of expression


my total









666 Months of Dance.. on the
Spring Equinox of 2015.. two years
ago.. also Celebrating a full 666 Months
of my Existence since the Doctor’s established
date of my creation by Parents on the Fall Equinox of 1959..
sure.. a Solar Eclipse that
day to go along
iN Holy
and Sacred
Meaning and
Purpose co-created
WitH God juST for me.. he He..
Religion of ONE as ‘they’ say as wHOle..
And also a second recording of a year of
SMiLInG Dance Photos with all the sMiLinG
Folks from Seville Quarter then.. yep..
mostly women.. as those are the
folks who usuAlly
get in
the Picture
of Dance and
aLL of Free DancE
and SinG of ME NoW2..:)

Original MicroVerse Memory here.. from a year ago..
SMiLes.. thanks Hank so much for dropping
by today.. and so happy you enjoyed
the photos and the
action that is
the expression
of the energy
of me..
alive now..
out of stone
statue way.. heHe..;)

And speaking of stone statues that reminds me of ‘this’..
hmm.. copyright issues do not allow this video to be
played now.. but the album ART is still LEFT
fully intact on the album cover.. now
and one great thing i Love about
the Beatles is they escaped
the forms of the past
in ART..
and went totally
stream of consciousness
art with their human
creative potential..
that comes from
a little
woo.. woo..
could go with this..
but there ain’t any greater
woo in science already
as fact that science
illustrates nicely
the Quantum
anyway.. we humans are pattern
defining creatures.. who naturAlly
wiLL find purpose and meaning
in almost all stuff life..
even if it
is not
to other eYes..
and this is wHere Synchronicity
comes into play iN riGht brain
interpreting A way from
leFt brain
clinical forms..
We humans true can be
very analytical.. but we humans
even more true in Art can be
extremely intuitive
Harry Potter magic..
and sure the Beatles were
very much involved into the
mystery schools of magicK as
termed by world renown occultist
establishing himself as the wickedest
man in the world.. and even the F in
Sargent Pepper AntiChrist Beast
of the early last
‘Mr. Crowley’..
but it worked
to get the attention..
to get his philosophy and
ideas feet that would travel
far far far into the future of Artists
who would come to spread a simple
yet valid message of the only Law
being Love Under True Will as
Divine relationship
with God..
all the rest
was his opinion
and art to further transmit
his ideas.. no matter how strange
or perverse some might have been..
but his key was.. losing fear.. losing
inhibitions.. being free once
again.. like we human
beings when
in nature
all free..
not sure if
that is precisely
the logic he used but
in effect and affect that
is what this one man’s impact
has been on the music industry
through the ‘four horseman’
of ’67 who established
a new revolution
of free
Love through
music.. and a heaven
that exists now that
is not
at all without
worldly material
goods as the current
God of culture that truly
needs ‘killing’ to get back
to the basics of our animal
nature back with God of Nature
so free.. and balanced as Nature
in tot
when free.. now..
anyway.. the Album cover
is a true deliGht as they put
many elements of culture
of the modern
day to
how many modern
day prophets there
are that can
statues at
a funeral of human
TO LIFE.. like a moon child
of sorts.. with
a mustache
face maKing..
a smile again..
but see.. here’s the thing..
we can make dreams of sweet
come to fruition or nightmares
of sour
our reality..
iS to create our
own reality
under the
relative free
will that truly
is magic noW..
as Gifted by God to
the one’s who hear the
call of the WiLd more fully
or without
mustaches on
an album cover of FREE..
and sure the stone statue
looks a little like me..
as it was a bust
of a law enforcement
officer randomly used
as Art from John Lennon’s
estate.. however the deal
remains.. what is stoic..
masculine.. and
hard can be
soft in balance
with hard and LIVE AGAIN..
died its death
with the Hunter
and gatherer age..
is to be bRinGinG trUly
the age of the new romantics..
the age of what some describe
as Horus.. as Isis comes..
in divine feminine Love
in giving and sharing..
Osiris in Will
and strength..
and yes.. the
child Horus.. as human
and overall world cultural
archetype of the
me generation
of child..
wHere human
potential and creativity
in self actualization in later
life.. replaces the rate of
human fertility to
a level
that will
allow ‘Gaia’
as whole living
being to get back
iN balance.. we are
iN thiS gAMe toGetHeR
we can view the reality of iT.. and make
myths.. facts.. or whatever but what happens
to the new human experiment iS something
wE will continue to observe/make either iN
or BIG
AND on my living album..
cover.. fully illustrated online..
there are innumerable people
inspiring me.. behind
and in front
of alL
my art
from words
to photos
as such..:)

Another Original MicroVerse Memory here from a year ago..

WeLL.. the truth iS magicK exists..
It exists iN Art aLL around uS..
that moves from sea to sky
to ocean blue
and green
to the deepest
browns of ground
and eYes black
aS coal
iN shine…
And those who create aLL
forms of Art are God’s gift
that SinGs a SonG oF SoUl..
wHere wE come and wheRe
we Go.. noW iS alWays
Better with
oF SpiRit
of hUman
heArt.. now..
And yes.. some
folks call it Sex
Magic.. iN some circles
for fame.. wHere the creative
energy from the dopamine enhancing
activity of sensual prolonGinG
activity BRinGs about a
hiGher Level
oF consciousness
iN alignment wiTh
the subconscious
powers of BeinG
human beyond
what science
as bRain
of hUman
wHere wE connect
not juSt one on one
but yes.. one on ONE
WiTH allthatis.. any
activity that changes
and heightens human creativity
oF awareness WiLL work when one
visualizes their dream in wide
awake lucid dreaming..
BRinGing iT to
fruition free now..
but the thing iS..
sadly in thiS
of prayer..
most folks wish
for material success..
wHere the true constructive
power could bE iN healing others
and Nature aLL toGeTheR onE In BeinG
now.. so when i do my magic prayers..
they are not for material goods
they are FOR the Love oF
and the
rest oF Nature
aka GOD.. so
sure thiS
is mY SonG
oF mY
and iT
to aLL aS
that iS what
true altruistic
liGht Angels do
iN fearless Love..
wITh hope aWay
it’s not too
late to do the
magic to heal
the world..
and iT
take toGeThEr
to gEt

And finAlly
‘A Photo’ that
kinda says iT
aLL WiTh oNe SMiLe..;)

So.. now..
sue me.. for
being so happy..!
and breaking out
iN joyous dance!
even iN the

And now the
wife Katrina
says.. get your
ass off that Computer
or we will be late to Church now..
LiFE can BE..;)


Ah.. SomEwhaT ‘Proud
Beauty standing next
to her Beast’ with hmm..
A Seemingly CAll for hELp
in the Back Ground to Save a liFe
and Lives as it were and iS iN poster
Board way of Catholic Church as the Beauty
poses and Keeps a little distance from her BEast..
In HOLding HiM at Bay
in safe distance way
aS Such
a Proud
sMiLe anyWay
as the Beast iS iN
Capture heAR by the
Beauty Bold.. hmm..
one thing i was kinda
Disappointed in the Movie..
was the Portrayal of Wolves
as Evil and almost Possessed
iF one WiLL BeliEve in the Voodoo
Effect of SpiRitS Possessing Wolves
or Pigs and such as thAT.. anYWay.. huMans
perHaps.. WiLL one day.. lEArn thaT Domestication
oF aLL Species maKes Functional Disabilities real..
particularly in ways of HeARt.. SpiRit.. And SoUL noW.. LoST..:)

Dear Rafiah..
as the Dictionary
says in first Google Search
Result.. per CatharsiS.. now..

“the process of releasing, and thereby
providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.”

NoW.. Ain’t thaT the trUth
And yeS.. liGht of Gardening
A HeART to eliminate weeds
of Emotional Distress.. wHeRE
spiRit of EmoTioNs and SeNsEs
all come out as unleash and release
and finAlly a soUL IS A BaLanCinG
Force of MiNd
and BoDy
as Lord kNows..
FeeLs and seNses..
Our Emotions and SeNsEs
Do Flow iN aRt of DancE and SinG
from Head to toe.. as we are born
this way to be Free to DancE And
SinG as LiGht away from the
oppression and subjugation
of what feeds us inside
more than
and Water..
My FriENd..
And HA..!.. as far as
literary significance.. who
can put a price on a heARt
Free reLeAsing.. unChained
from a Stone beFore.. nah.. now
thaT paRt iS InNate.. InSTinctual
and INtuitive fAR from a strict science
of Language in all the ways that comes
in rules and regulations too.. for those who
would otherwise Chain A heARt instead oF aLLoWinG
tHe heARt.. SPiRit.. and soUL to unWiNd and regAiN winGS
of Butterfly Free out of tightly wOUnd coCoons oF PriSoN noW..
anyWay.. Happy Spring Equinox.. mY friEnd.. as surELy a SiGn
NoW oF thE Beauty oF BaLanCinG Force of HUMan Being withiN
aS WeLL.. let it go as a Frozen Princess Did and Does say too..
Let iT aLL out.. and FLY spiRiT hiGher as heART and SoUL is let out of PRison..
or millstones that SiNk our HUman PotenTial to Love Free and Unconditional Fearless..
too.. as long
as ART is not Lost
from heART and only he is left..:)

Frank Stops by in compliment
of Liking the Pentatonix
Video of the Wizard of Ahhs..

And i say..

Pentatonix is very special in
Usual all voice way.. And
Love Given in even X-Feral
Cat way.. spELLs Love..
SpRead in
And Beast ways..
Thanks for Dropping
By.. Frank.. WitH
SMiles.. MOre

As ‘they’ say..
Two Wolves
comes both Age
and Wisdom.. WeLL
at leASt as ‘they’ say
too.. and if you’ve noticed
i’ve been saying that phrase
“at lEast as ‘they’ say” a lot lately
and ‘who’ are ‘they’.. the pARt outside
of ‘you’ wHere the pArt within you is the innate..
instinctual and intuitive pARt of God WhoLe that lives
Free and Wild..
yes.. within..
inside.. outside..
above.. so below and
all around as all that is..
sure.. it is ‘they’ but it is
also YOU.. yes.. YOU.. THE GOD
of Heaven Within.. is both simple
and complex.. to regulate emotions
and integrate senses healthy in liGht
as an ART of LiFe as Love in MoVinG
ConNecTing and CreAtinG Fearless
smART ways oF maKinG
aLL of liFE Holy..
Sacred and
Full of
Meaning and Purpose
means leaving no pART
out.. MaKinG all of existence
HoLY and Sacred FuLL of Meaning
and Purpose.. whole.. yep all that is
aka God aRiSinG hiGher in reaLIty of personal
experience extended more.. even beYond InFiNiTy oF NoW..
as not a competition.. not a goal.. just a work of Art thaT
coMes what may while one is engaged in life and truly living now..
wHeRE NoW is an ArT of Heaven that one masters.. co-creating WiTh and as
meanwhile.. iN Church..
Like yesterdaY AS the one dArker
pArt Wolf of Jesus… who dissents
and sets the family apArt in disagreement
and brings a sword instead of Peace as brother
against brother.. spouse against spouse and yes..
even child against parent and parent against child
and Lord knows as far as literal goes.. even slaying
those who don’t go along with your philosophy of liGht..
and back to the liGhter version of Jesus who says in literal
ways.. Love your neighbor as yourself and God paraMountly in
consuming others with no harm.. Give your stranger the shirt off
your back.. and live by the sword die by the sword.. and even go so
far as turning the other cheek when someone smites your face.. well..sure..
with turning tables over at the place of money changing in the temple.. we
have a Wolf with two Faces as Jesus.. and sure.. he wrote in Parables and we
can make those
parables into
an ink blot
test of
whomever is
interpreting it in the
homily or pastor general
lecture of the day.. and this
makes the Bible a very dangerous
book and the Koran too.. as metaphor
can be taken literal and little girls can be
raped.. and crusades can be carried on and folks
who disagree burned at the stake.. and still crucified
and stoned in some countries and beheaded and all types
of true evil in harming others for an ideology that can
be anything from A to Z to prayer to voodoo.. and beyond
in whatever human symbols.. humans create as next.. and this
is where a little common sense of shared consensual reaLiTy comes
into play.. and why a simple SonG as Myth of Two Wolves in a Cherokee
Legend can make it all make sense.. as we are the ones who create our lives
as we go.. for what we feed and water the Garden of our soULs with in con-social
or pro-social EmoTioNs and SenSEs in a BaLanCinG aCt of LIFe.. Look all around you
in Nature and one can see that the forEmost Law of Nature is a BaLanCinG acT now..
human misery and suffering can be mostly reduced to LiVinG out of BaLanCing acT
WiTh God and NaTuRE sAMe.. the Karma of that LiVinG out of BaLanCe is the
price we pay.. or the Heaven we FiND by SeeKinG a BaLAnCe and
practicing what works as a life of BaLanCe in what
surely can be a relative
as somewhat
MeeK and lEast
on this Planet eARth
NoW.. esCaping the trappings
of all of what culture and religion
says we must do to move away from
a BaLanCe of what we are sTiLL
Evolving to bE
and Free
as Altruistic
Beings full of
Pro-Social Emotions
and Positive SensuaLiTy
to give and share aLL aS
Cooperation oF toGeTheR in
a ForAGe of Life with a naKed
DancE and SinG at the end of the
foRage under a moonlit niGht
of breeze
as Love
and SinGS
oN wHeRE the
ChiLd is the Prize
iN A Village of Love..
WeLL.. thaT coMes in relativELy
sMaLL groups of BeinG hUman… Insanely
large populations that grow out of written
language.. collective intelligence and building
skyscrapers away from the FlowEr of God in angles
and squares that move away from the Natural PHI
1.618 mean as Golden SpiRal oF God.. Calgon takes
us away instead of to.. A God of StreAMs
floWing NaturAlly iNto SpRinG of Rivers
and Ocean WhOle wHere we
Waves of God
in a Coca-Cola
SonG of Peace and
Harmony that needs no
shot of caffeine or sugar
to escape the pain and misery
of BeinG out of Balance With
and as GoD as NatUre sAMe..
raises us
as God within..
so.. the Priest Chastised
the Congregation yesterday
for the dissent against politics
today.. like it’s not really a big
deal if meals on wheels go away..
or if 14 Million folks
next year
or more
of Saint Francis’
animals go extinct..
and nah.. they don’t give
a Fuck about Gay rights and
Transgender rights even though
the real so-called Gnostic Jesus
said make the man and woman one in terms
of divine masculine and strength and divine
feminine love and grace.. anyway.. there is a time
and a place for turning money tables over at church and
sometimes it is speaking up for hope and love over fear and hate..
you don’t get to disagree with
at Church
in the
Middle of Mass
but i do get to DIsSENT
with freedom of expression
and we live in a time and place
where a beautiful voice like mine
would surely be missed in a congregation
of stone cold military faces.. overall.. in
what it takes to kill.. to overall
stunt the emotional growth
of the heARt
of SonG
of a Free
soUL as SpiRit
NoW.. so.. yep..
i can dissent when
and whenever i love to online..
i realize.. ‘they’ kNow noT what they do..
so it’s a given i forgive them.. but if they
thiNk/FeeL i am not going to turn the tables of fear
and hate over to hope and love without speaKing up..
‘they’ don’t understand what it takes to love to
fight for LOVE fearless strong.. yes.. wiTh grace2..
Wolves win..
and nah.. Wild
Wolves don’T pLay
GAMes of Fear and Hate..
no disSinG REAL WiLD Wolves heAR as FEar/HAte..;)

Gonna need a longer Indian DancE and SonG to finish
uP the MacroVerse Memories as shared on Facebook now..
And after that.. will i stArT slowly and surely
backing up the 16 MacroVerses without
the fully illustrated parts in
all teXt to Facebook in
three page way..
this MacroVerse
“Equinox SpRings VernAlly NoW”
as number 85/756.. dePendS on how the
StreAM Flows to the River to the Ocean
wHole.. i don’t even wanna kNoW.. iN Waves.. i’LL
FeeL and Sense it AS God coMes more iN mE
and hopefully
as the story
will never end
iN Never Land
and “Nether Land
Bible 2017”.. too..
as long as God is
Free in you2.. Chain
God and Now is Death
as tiMe aWay from eternal..
NoW.. no matter what metaphor
one uses for reALiTy or dARk..
WiLd and Free Wolves FeeL and SeNse liGht..
And on top of thaT.. i Like the Album Cover
on the American Indian Meditation YouTube
it looks like
the wife who
lives within..
so wHo
is thaT
iT the
of Katrina for now..
@least i wiLL as ME..:)

MicroVerse HeAR
wiTh MicroMicro
Verses opened too..
from a year ago..
As poeticAlly
Responding to
every liNk of
every prompt
on dVerse online from
April of 2015 through
March of 2016.. and yep..
i got a little behind and
it took me way through April.. 2016
to finish March.. 2016.. it was also
worth it as i ended up with 338,630
words in one MacroVerse of Free verse
Poetry.. as jusT a pArt.. “GodsUniVerseNovel3”.. iN Ocean
Whole Poem as “SonG of mY SoUL”.. 4M.. words.. beFore i even
beGAn.. NeXT.. “Nether Land Bible 2017”.. on Memorial Day of 2016..
lET’s fAce it.. i have enough Art to give/share for Infinity
as now many words lone.. can even be read an Infinite number
of ways Different sAMe in Metaphor Interpretation more..
after all.. even with thaT
Old bLack Book
and Koran
you’ll get
a different
of a verse on any
given day.. dePending
on who one talks to..
as that’s how
it goes
even the
Original Authors
of PoEtry now.. it’s
Cool to hold Poetry Holy
and Sacred.. Full of Meaning
and Purpose in any Bible NoW or
Koran way..eTc.. thaT speLLs liGht over dARk..
but when one attempts to hOld God/ArT IN chains
NoW of Prison in tHeir wiTh never gRoWing More
as God/Art is WiLd and Free too.. oh.. the Blasphemy
of putting God/Art in Chains and PriSon too.. or maKing
God/ARt into only one Man or last prophet’s words or a book lone away from allone..
God is
bigger than
A word or book
or man alone..
or so-called
last prophet’s words..
in case
it up to
be something less as God..
My Story of God WiLL never
end as thAt iS HoW Poetry of HeARt
lives EternAlly VernAlly as FresH
as God WiLL bE..STiLL NoW MoRE..:)

DArk heARt..
cOld niGht..
SonG eYes..

Hidden Angel..
Soldier of God..
Dog’s sMile

eYes noW
oF twiliGht
iN dArk
bRow oF
siNkinG sHoRes..:)

Oh.. the sword..
oh the empty
steel becomes
blood instead
of Love..
or now..
Wars Lose…
Feet Dance
iN grins
smiles wHere
feelings below
rule above iN

Laughs at Life..
never wins..

SMiLes.. baby
Love alWays
Grins iN wash
of dirty
and clean..:)

A dog’s smiles
of connection
winning grin
cat sMiles
to come..:)

Cat dreams full of smell..
Eagle dreams full of vision..
Human dreams

Ah.. challenge..
cold shudders
briGht iN
beds off
dirt floors
wiTh spiders
crawling then
out oF holes..
pleaSure grins
iN zoNe

Privilege of strong
and fearless.. now
weak and
scared inner
life oF fear
others.. now..
than shoulders
wide and spear free..:)

Each human mind trUly free
to move.. connect.. and
create.. opening
new frontiers..
past now
new.. now
books oF
old miNds
iN new
seT freENow..:)

iN every human
heARt liVes
SinGs noW
eternal Hope
iN Loving color
way.. to
thiS flower
iS dream
Love’s SonG..:)

Death oF heARt..
SpiRit and miNd
and body
soUL often
of addiction
as numb
living dead..:)

Haha.. matches
staRted In heLL
burn iN
hehe.. desert
soul desserts..;)

oh No.. TV
away from
wins of
scary shows
feed mind
away from
dreams Free
iN Nature’s SonGs..:)

ThiS SinGs hUwoMan
SonG oF moVing
home alone..:)
SMiLes.. i used
to have Winter
SaD too..
i staRted
and Summer
way from

Birds and Bees
fly over floods
and fires
of Humanmade
oF Free

no longer
sad iS
death iN
life not even
wHere sadness
dares to tread iN
darKest human way…
Child’s skip
wiTh Mother’s
Love iS peanut
butter sandwich
aLways stickinG toGetHer..:)

sMiLes.. Reminds me..
Childless.. Wife and i are.. So
cats are kids.. And in a soothing
low hertz voice i tale ‘Yellow Boy’
a bedtime story.. Where around a fire
we roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate..
And he purrs to sleep.. Must add in P and J
sandwiches now to see if he likes..
wiTh same hertz of voice..;)

HeArs A thing.. as a vocation
one does art for love over any
material gain.. Love is the
action of creating the
ARt.. ‘Emily
D’ can stuff
it in drawers
after that and i can
print it online to save
pages cut down as Trees more
as it would take.. the Zen of doing
it in the Flow of ZoNe in the preSent
of NoW is the continuous eternal reward
of now in MoVinG.. CoNnecTing and Co-Creating
Art witH and As GoD noW in GoD sKeYes the sAme
and Different too.. surELy iT will be easier to give
and share without material reward online than instead of
of liVe
Trees chopped
down and hidden
in drawers of wood
sAme and Different too..
but as the Gnostic Jesus
intimated in metaphor of
Gospel of Thomas..
author of
those words were
then that liveS on
now as pArt of the
soUL of the Author
of Art shared
With and as God..
God can be found in the
split of wood chopped at core
in ‘tween of life lived as SpiRit
of HeARt oF soUl FuLL Tree.. of Life..
so.. these words exPReSsinG
heARt of miNe iN
in cord
of wood that refUses to die..
as the Sycamore groWs taller
be cut dOwn
to shorter than WiLd
and Free LiVinG noW..MoRe..EvolVinG soUL..:)


“Signatures PreSeeding Sons and Daughters”.. and truly
as ironic and as truly saD as it can be said and done
now since modern Christians have mostly wHoLLy lost in
sacred meaning and purpose original essence in teachings
of Jesus in liGht of Truth and LiGht even in the existing
parables of metaphors of the New Testament now that God lives
in all of us equAlly and different too.. and Heaven is worth seeKing
and finding in this generation always now.. and instead.. continue to
worship a man over finding God wHOle within as pArt oF aLL.. and sure..
those are sTiLL juSt empty sHeLls of words unTiL one ActuAlly finds
God within.. and gains an Agape Love for all of existence and
stARts a lifE of co-Creating WiTh God WiLd and Free to
give and share With aLL.. emptying one’s pockets
in MoVing ConNecTinG ways..
of tools that become huMans
as extension of God
moreover than God
and Wild
within us
when sought
and Found WiLd
and Free as an ISREaL
continual practice of LiFE
now with never end.. eternAlly
with little to no perception of
tiMe in the reWard Inherited now
as Heaven whOle as Nature as God does
Free when WiLd as GoD can be LoVinG within
and as US Now.. nah.. there is not much difference
NoW between a FundamentaList Christian or Muslim
or Atheist Same worshipping a God oF Form either
in words of Science or words of SaCRED TEXT WITH
aGain.. sAme story.. sAMe
human Archetypes.. Different
Actors and Different Stories
with sAMe and Different words for GoD sTiLL
or Living within..:)

MicroVerse Memory heRe from a year ago..
with old friend Cabrogal.. also diagnosed
with Asperger’s Syndrome and Bi-polar with
multiple other physical illnesses like me
before.. before i overcame that and
transfigured transformed and reborn
came too..
as change
into a metaphor
of ‘Superman’2..
no.. not literAlly
“Superman”.. juSt the
sAme old SamE ‘ole
“Hero Archetype” sAMe
that aLSO changes NoW
as DiffeRent too.. anyWay..
very intelligent and creative
dude and alWays a pleasure to
visit his blog that has been
silent for some time
now.. howEver the
do live on as form as essence of his soUL..:)

Smiles.. While ‘this’ game theory
is true for domesticated humans
who have little regulatory control
of their emotions and rudimentary
integration of their senses.. The ‘real’
humans freed from the stereotype of matrix
skip the politics of culture as folly of others..
However.. Nash himself.. acknowledged his game theory
was flawed with his poverty of experiencing human emotions..
He did not even factor in this human potential of relative free will..
In other words.. Neo CAN live human too.. Amused now at the Human
Virus named modern culture.. Capitalism.. Free Markets.. Etc..
Where the ONLY true free is directed within by those
who develop relative Free Will..:)

In other words.. Nash observed the
sheep at play and missed the
shepherds beyond his ‘sight’..

His theory is western culture
determined but not ‘human’..
Determined.. WiLL..:)

If you saw the movie.. Let’s just
say.. the pretty girl would have insisted
on dancing with ‘me’.. ‘Cause she never met
a Real Wild human MAN Before.. Even if 3 or
so decades older.. and yes.. i’ve empirically
measured that result.. 600 or so times
on my blog as there are not enough
Neo’s to go further than a case
study so far.. But sure.. the
science of it is real all
natural ecstasy.. Yeah..
Like a free Nash2..;)

SMiLes.. i was talking
about the.. ‘A Beautiful Mind’ movie
specific to Nash’s game theory where
he suggested the best result would be to
ignore the beautiful blonde.. however.. Nash
knew Close to Zero of an entire other continent
of mind that includes emotion..
So as he admitted..
his theory was

Nash’s basic idea
was Adam Smith was
wrong and to do what was
best for the individual AND
the group was best.. And
that makes sense but
ignoring the blonde
is only for beta males..
Smiles.. Again.. as
of course..:)

Smiles.. Perhaps if he
had become ‘Human’ his theory
would have been grounded in reality..
A little more.. He did base his theory
on his observations of humanity that were
flawed at core level of what it means to
even move.. Per emotion that
most warm blooded animals
share other than politicians..
CEO’s.. Surgeons.. Shrinks..
And yes..
Nash’s in
of science..:)

Smiles.. again..
my friend.. rules
don’t work on truly
Free humans
and that’s
my only
point… it all
applies to the
other overwhelming
majority of folks
who follow
the rules
of others..
in other words..
rules don’t work
the same on all folks..
but sure.. in general
in this day
and time
they do..
as we are
a culture of rules..
and very little
from within
per se..:)

Like i said..
my friend.. i agree
it works for the sheep
and to be crystal clear
i’m speaking of the rules
of dum humans not SMaRt Nature..:)

And you kNow..
it’s interesting..
My depression was
specifically a result of poverty
in emotions.. and it took me 3 years
to find a professional who had any
grasp on how to get them back.. Eventually..
i literAlly showed the first shrink how to do it
with art of movement.. He quit his practice and
is teaching movement therapy as it is just F in
common sense.. emotion moves emotions move.. Etc..
Etc.. YES.. A light came on and he said.. Oh yeah..
It works.. Forrest Gump
moment.. Priceless..:)

the modern
world.. overAll..
is an F ‘ED
up place..
’cause the whole
shootin’ match now
iS out oF balance.. sTill
social animals are evolved
to work together for the
mutual benefit of
the entire
tribe.. pack.. whatever..
works and when technology
comes.. now.. and the comforts
of modern society.. folks now gain
a reality where they no longer
need each other as a tribe
to survive.. and sure
that can
as it does
in Japan.. where
the young folks are no longer
interested in Reproducing and
the elders are cleaned up out
of their apartments as they
have zero connections
in old age for
cares about remains of
their welfare.. even if
the floors come clean..
and no.. i am not immune
to this.. with no real extended
family in middle age.. and few
real friends in flesh and blood
who would likely really
give a crap iF
i fall off the
face of the
earth other
than what happened
to that crazy dancing dude..
but hey.. at least i left A mark..
and truly lived.. so far.. at least..
i can’t ask for anymore than
the cat
who basks
in the midday
sun rolling in free
sands of earth or hugs
the moonlit grass in
midnight green
of earth
This.. is the point..
from the large cultural
view it is a large pile
of crap..
but from
the small
it can still be
heaven and bliss..
that’s my vote.. friend.. Cabrogal..
and i exercise iT iN EPIC WAy..
And to be clear
i totAlly agree with
your viewpoint here
in how it relates to
game theory.. you just
inspired a ‘iittle’ more
out of me this
as that
to do…
wInks aGaiN..
EmotTIoNs are the
and i really felt sorry for Nash
for never truly finding
them.. it’s a cold place..
no need now
for economics
101 with ’em.. Free..
at least.. if one is
from the God of
D O L L A R.. now
yeah.. life as iS
but a
beach for me..
with plenty Of
FReED SaND and
LeAves oF GrasS..;)

Thanks.. i didn’t realize
that the bar scene in the
movie was fictional
and not actually
reported by Nash
in his book…
And it’s truly sad it
was misrepresented like that
in the movie.. As no.. Nash was
no Crowe in real life either in
looks to even gain the attention of the blonde..
but after all.. in the Pee Wee Herman Movie..
when they made a movie of his life within
the movie..
played the
role of Pee Wee..
oh.. Hyperbole of all
types.. you do tale a story that spReads..;)

And now.. finAlly.. a MicroVerse Memory from
a year ago.. as inspired from a YouTube
Video that gigoid shared.. on FB.. and
as time goes by
on YouTube
and copyright
strikes come for
this and that reason
of monetizing trutH and
LiGht.. the Author of the
story had to redo his liGht
and TruTh Gig to meet the
state of current
but hey.. SeeK
And find TrutH and
LIGht aGaiN.. and it’s
trUe… according to Maslow’s
Pyramid of Human Development
toward sELf-actualization
and Fowler’s Pyramid of
Faith that moves
to pure
Love in
Words and
Action for all existence
AKA God wHole.. no.. noT aLL
folks currently earn tHeir way
to the top of the pyramids of Faith/LOve
and Self-Actualization which are just secular
metaphors that less and more say the same things
that the so-called Jesus Dude says in the New Testaments
for the TrUtH and LiGht pARts for those wiTh eYes and eaRs
to sEE and HeAR the Deeper Parables of Metaphor with more than
of eyes
and ears..
in other words..
the discernment
of right brain
ways of
and SeNSinG
existence as LiVE
wHOle.. aka GoD NoW
over the lonely sHells
of God with no greater essence
wHOle.. allone.. some folks sTiLL
LIVe Life like Trump-Like MiNions
aS Such.. and it’s uP to Us folks
at the top of the King and Queen’s Ivory
Tower of AgApe Love/Faith/Self Actualization/
to BRinG the MiNions uP to save them
from the pit of HeLL within..
and trUly
thAT effort
the Heaven
does not
within as
TrUE AGaPe Love/Faith
never Gives up now ’till
death pArts Love from LIGht as LiFe..
And it’s TrUe.. for some of us thAT no longer HapPens NoW..:)

AnyWay.. to finAlly end this rather long “Equinox SpRinGS vernAlly NoW”
MacroVerse.. iT aLL kinda comes down to this.. in my Dance in the eARTh
store at the MaLL yesterday Afternoon.. when i told the nice
Cashier and Customer Service Assistant.. what i liked
best about the eARTh store tHeRE..
symbols aS Essence coMe
to liGht
Around the
eARTh iN most
all cultures and
religions too.. thing
that connects theM aLL
is Love NoW alWays NoW..
only pArt separating the
world now is suggesting
a certain form owns
the essence
of God and
Humanity whole
in cultural and religious
ways.. If we can just go the
route of Agape Love in Self Actualization
more as more and more folks come awaKeNeD
and EnLIGhteNed in this all Natural
LoVinG innate.. instinctual
and intuitive way
as Altruistic
smART as
iN ART..
and Co-CreaTinG
hUman BeingS NoW..
give and share WiLL
beCOME a Way of the World..
but i am not so naive.. not to understand
the hierarchies also natural in the tribal
human way of small group allegiances to
cultures.. religionS.. anD symbols sAMe..
for when the territory of liFE
becomes ART and Love
all BeCOMes
Hope and
Love and Joy
over FeaR And
Hate and Misery now..
as ‘they’ say.. one HUman
at a tiMe as less as CamEL
through tHe eYe oF GoD’s Needle
NoW aLL inheriTEd aS Such or not..
what reMains to be seen and fELt and sensED..
be uP
to HUman
WiLL over Love for Now
alWays noW in Equinox Balance
SpRinG VernALLy NoW as Love or not..
wHEre God beCoMes the FloWer no longer
Wilted Now away from Love.. WiThiN..
the water
over heAR
iN Heaven suRE
FeeLs and SenSes
LiGht as TrUth..
won’T you
are no wAlls in this pLacE Now..
onLy the opaque WiNdows Created aWay aWaY iN dARk..:)









BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels..:)



41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)



51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel..:)



338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

4 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS

GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain
oF LoVe NoW..:)

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG

GodsUniVerse 42 HiTchHiKinG
Hmm.. more and less..
A Meaning oF liFe..;)

After Book oF Fred

After Book of Fred
And Purpose
of course too..
for mE..:)

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!

6000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 3 years..:)

After Dance oF Fred

After Dance oF Fred
NeverEverLand DoN’T
Stop DanCinG noW..:)

Book oF Ten Sixteen..

9 Macro Verses from
October 2016.. totaling
141,244 words.. all liNked
from that Month like A Great PumPkin..;)

New Testament oF ELeVen iN HeaVen ‘SiXteen

New TesTament HeaVeN iN ELeVeN ‘SiXteen

Total of 12 MacroVerses with
final chapter of this New Personal
Testament named as such.. 181,221 words..
as streAMs.. RiVers… OceaN wHOle wAves SinG oN.. FReED..:)

12 MilLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

12 MiLioN ThanksGiVinG Words 2016

Documenting 12 Million words written
Since ThanksGiVinG oF 2010 or
A Seventh Book wHOle noW
oR wiTh 16 Macro-Verses
sTarTinG October
2016.. enDinG..
oN ThanksGiving
2016.. iT iS wHAt
iT is..
Longgg.. NoW..;)

2nd NT iN HeaVen TwELve ‘Sixteen

Included as 13 Macro-Verse liNks iN
Grand Cross Bible 2016.. 181,291 words..:)


Grand Cross Bible 2016

61 Macro-Verse chapter liNks
provided in this last chapter as
full table of contents oF A 915K
Word.. Personal Bible aS SucH..
Written from Memorial Day
2016 and finished and
published 7 months
later on Christmas
Day oF 2016..
Yes.. somE
F iN
aS thiS beComeS
mY 9th book completed
iN Star Year 2016 that ranges..
yes.. approaching 2 MilLioN words..
iNclusive oF 12 MilLioN.. over 6 years
written and recorded NoW oNline too..
Y.. yeS.. oF course.. ’cause i CaN Do WiLL..
thE ForcE
oF uNConDiTioNal
Fearless smART LoVe
wRiTe oN cOUrse..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK 2016 A Year in Review

A ReView oF A Record Years of Record years..:)


CoLoRs of HeAVeN Bible 2017

991K words
66 Macro-Verse Table of Contents Chapter liNks WiTH
5 added as a revision to ‘Grand Cross Bible 2016’
wHeRe A iSReaL Revelation oF HeaVeN
is made at the
eNd and continuing
beGiNNinG aS WeLL..:)


VicTorY LaP iN HeAVEn 2017

The rise oF A MiLLioN
Word Bible aT
Over 1.01 MiLLiON
Words and suRE..
A Victory Lap GoinG
aLong wiTh aLL thaT iS
And This aT thE 67th MacroVerse
oF thaT Bible.. pArt oF Ocean Whole Poem more..:)


CelebRaTinG 42 MoNths iN HeAVEn

Yes.. most Definitely Worth
Celebrating and noting
in Epic way too..:)


Nether Land Bible 2017

NoW A Third ReViSiOn of a Personal
MiLLioN plUs Word Bible
at this 69th MacroVerse
with liNks
to the
rest of the Bible
MacroVerse Chapters
arriving at 1,052,137 words
total at this 69th MacroVerse poinT
as words continue in coMiNg MacroVerses
after this 69th MacroVerse as nows continue to Go oN..NoW..aLLFReED..LonGeR..;)


7000 Miles of DANCE WALKING! NOW!
Documenting this Public Feat oF Feet in 42 Months..:)





The Joy of Dance.. A Record of over a thousand
Smiling Faces.. yes.. mostly Women and me..
at Old Seville Quarter.. iN a record
of three years of Dancing tHeRe..
and note.. in the last liNk.. the Blog
Spot Blogger Version of this doesn’t
include all the pictures aS
iT has limits more than me..
And WordPresS.. heHe..
WitH aLL the photos
heRe.. iNcluded iN
tHese WordPress LiNks..:)



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I like to write.
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21 Responses to EQuinoX SpRings VernaLLy noW

  1. SOHEIR says:

    Good morning Fred dear bro and friend!!
    The images are so great .
    I enjoyed them a lot!
    Smiles and have a good day!!

    • WeLL.. Hello and Happy Spring Equinox
      to you.. my Dear Sis and FriEnd
      SOHEIR with Roses
      for you
      and other
      in photo
      way as you
      are a Woman oF Flowers
      for sure.. my FriEnd.. so glad
      the images i was blessed to capture
      brought you joy today.. and i am even
      happier that i got to talk to you for now..
      as alWays my Prayers are with you and your family..
      mY Dear
      PaL SOHEiR
      with a Rose
      you too..
      yes.. in white now2..:)

  2. A Path to BriGhter
    liGht now further
    as the days
    gRow longer
    than equal in dArk
    and liGht way of Equinox
    SpRing.. to Summer Solstice
    of Peak
    liGht of Day..
    And FriEnd SOHEIR.. from
    Egypt.. stops by on the “EQuinoX
    SpRings vernAlly noW”.. last MacroVerse..
    that now adds in as 85th Verse of “Nether
    Land Bible 2017”.. as stARTinG thAT Biblical
    Size Adventure.. on Memorial Day of 2016..
    for a total of 1,271,537 words as pARt
    oF Ocean Whole Longest Free
    Verse Poem.. too.. Google
    Searchable as such..
    STiLL exSeeDinG
    4 Million words..
    since the
    End of
    August.. 2013..
    wHEre the coming MacroVerse
    Number 86 as currently writing
    PArT Longer of “Nether Land
    Bible 2017”.. doubles as the
    757th MacroVerse of
    the Ocean Whole
    Poem longest
    long form
    named as “SonG oF mY
    SoUL”.. sure.. kinda like
    Whitman’s “Song of Myself”
    now.. juSt epicAlly longer in run
    NoW oN.. StreAM oN.. of Consciousness
    Holy Spirit oF CreaTivity Free Verse
    SonG wiTh a DancE to go aLong even
    longer too.. now exceeding 7000 miles
    all around the Metro Area in LA.. Lower
    Alabama.. Florida Panhandle in this great
    State of Flowers as colors bloom now year ’round
    in the reaLiTy of climate change.. for heAR.. @lEAst..
    for sure.. yeS.. now approaching 43 months in the feat
    of Free Verse Feet too.. along with the 153rd Dance Week
    Night at Old Seville Quarter.. coming uP this Thursday NiGht too.. WeLL..
    anyWay.. SOHEIR says she enjoyed the photos i BRinG Free and i say back..

    WeLL.. Hello.. and Happy Spring Equinox
    to you.. mY Dear Sis and FriEnd
    SOHEIR with Roses
    for you
    and other
    in photo
    way as you
    are a Woman oF Flowers
    for sure.. my FriEnd.. so glad
    the images i was blessed to capture..
    brought you joy today.. and i am even
    happier that i got to talk to you for now..
    As alWays.. my Prayers are with you and your family..
    mY Dear
    PaL SOHEiR
    with a Rose
    you too..
    yes.. in white now2..:)

    And before this on Yesterday..
    i stop by Rafiah’s Place on
    Facebook for
    as i often
    do with friends
    who are comfortable
    enough with me for wHere
    my wit travels all unleashed..

    Rafiah says..

    For the first time in life, heard some one
    saying my name properly as it is supposed
    to be according to arabic language that too
    by the woman who speaks so beautiful.

    And i ask..

    How do you say it.. what does it sound like..?

    Her Friend offers an Urdu
    mix of advice.. it seems.. different
    than how i thought one might say her name..
    so i go on to remark..

    Oops.. i’ve been saying raf E A.. instead of raf i ya..;)

    And then.. i go on to say (considering her last name is Asif)

    Asif i know what i’m talking about.. anyway..;)

    Rafiah responds..

    There is no ‘y’ at the last. But there is a place after ‘f’,
    the way it connects to the next ‘l’ there is a very specific
    way of speaking it. Check the sound of ‘ain’ of arabic,
    thats how the sound is supposed to be. Lol i dont know
    if you are understanding any bit if it, but anyway..:)

    And then i return with..

    Sure.. that makes sense
    Rafiah.. i just ain’T found
    ain yet in Arabic.. for
    the win now with spell
    correction and all of that..
    (spell correction turns
    ain into win of course)

    Then i go on to say..

    perHaps.. i’ll find
    an actual person
    saying it on YouTube..;)

    Continuing.. i mention..

    Anyway.. i’ll continue to feel and sense
    you like the female version of Angel Rafael..
    and maybe
    the painter too..
    as after all is sAiD
    and dONE.. the essence is what counts.. most..;)

    Rafiah.. confidently.. returns with..

    Yes, of course, always, the essence is what counts.

    i add..

    And it alWays FeeLs and SenSes better with
    a sMiLe emoticon on the end..;) or a wiNk..:)

    Additionally.. i mischievously state..

    *taps finger on desk waiting for Rafiah smile..;)

    Rafiah returns with 3 Smilie Face
    Shades over eYes emoticons..
    asking.. these will do?..
    with laughter
    of tears

    Then i say..
    VeriLy i say Love..;)

    Adding ..


    Rafiah returns with
    a note that says
    she is gonna
    message me
    on some news she has
    to break.. and i wait for that..

    And she goes on with the celebratory
    announcement that she has become engaged..
    and i go on in a private message on Facebook..
    letting her know how happy i am for her.. and unlike
    the situation with my first Muslim Friend From Pakistan..
    Lala.. who went into a Dowry Sponsored Marriage.. very upset..
    as she couldn’t marry her true love who was not.. accepted by parents..
    although.. she did finally accept the wishes of her
    parents.. Rafiah is very happy in her
    engagement and i did not
    ask any specifics..
    whether it
    was arranged or
    not.. bottom line.. she
    is happy with it.. and if that
    is how it is arranged when all
    parties are happy that is great..of course..
    problem is.. when it is forced when one is
    in love with someone else.. or a 60 year old Man
    purchases a 12 year old Girl through the Dowry
    arrangement.. like institutionalized rape.. anyWay..
    as in all things culture.. there are winners and losers
    in the tradition at hand.. Rafiah is the Winner heAr it seems
    and all is good where and how she lives as she likes to go with tradition
    tradition now..:)

    What else for this introduction
    of another Epic MacroVerse
    Chapter of whatever
    comes neXt.. yep..
    spent about
    four hours
    this morning
    watching the Septic Tank
    Crew.. replacing our Drain Field
    in the Back Yard.. with the modern
    way of replacing that.. as codes have
    changed and it is a really fancy big system
    of making the environment safe while eliminating
    the unwanted sTUFF oF LiFe.. and it’s true.. we need
    the Drain Field replaced in the Administration Department
    in Washington DC as quite Frankly it is backed up with shit now..
    Ha.. Drain the Swamp.. yeah.. WRiTE.. more like FeeL the whole thing with shit..
    watching Faux Pundits trying to bounce lies high enough to make shit vanilla pudding..
    Anyway.. sTiLL got some SpRinG Cleaning to do of my own.. a yard full of dirt means
    spread some grass seed to prevent erosion now.. and now.. i am behind about 220K
    words in 16 MacroVerse total of words to spread in text-only on three Facebook
    Pages for no cost back up.. except the cost of copying and pasting now close
    to 660K words spread over three FB Pages.. anyway.. i don’t do.. no..
    time clocks or follow any rigid rules and regulations now..
    thinking about doing one here and tHeRe.. a couple
    a day now then.. whenever then comes
    at a time now then.. as Lord kNows
    now with 2 statuses required
    per MacroVerse
    on three FB
    Pages that
    makes 96 Facebook
    Statuses across the
    Facebook Pages to totally
    catch up.. hehe.. maybe by the
    now.. the 88th MacroVerse rolls around..
    as tHeRE is much more in the flesh and blood
    life to catch up on too.. like spreading some seed in
    the real
    and blood
    Leaves of Grass
    World wHOle too..
    with a Dance of Course
    with Sand and Sun and the
    Center Aisle Dance Hall at Super Walmart too..
    anyway.. back to the future later alWays NoW..
    Do what no man has dared to do before per my
    Father’s identical twin brother in his High School
    Senior Quote as opposed to.. my Father’s
    Quote and motto
    do today
    what you
    can put off until
    tomorrow.. i’LL
    stay with stREAms..
    FloWinG to RiVers
    to Ocean
    as the
    wAve of Me
    ARisES as just
    another Chocolate
    and a Feather Floats
    from A Forrest oF Gump Fred..
    AnyWay.. after all iS SaiD and DONe
    liFe is a DAncE and SonG of SMiLe
    And that’s enough for Me NoW..for nOw..:)

    WeLL.. i never made it back to online yeSterday..
    As A Search to spread more seed iN A Real World
    goeS on.. as StreAMs do Flow as Rivers more to Ocean
    Whole as Waves shore oN in ExPanDinG View and Existence too..
    So.. one might ask what the real world is.. online or off as current
    technology loads.. the essence is what we perceive and sense and feel
    of life within.. as that tALes the truth and lies.. inside.. outside..
    above.. so below and all around.. the form iN metaphor of course is
    the DancE and SonG of what we present to others as form
    that over lies and tells the truth of what we are
    within.. yes.. inside.. outside..
    above.. so below and
    all around as
    in science
    say of
    Physics and
    so much more of what
    we innately.. instinctually
    and intuitively Perceive in FeeL
    and SeNse way of liFe as science also
    says we are both made of star stuff and
    are a reflection of the Cosmos unto itself..
    and you see.. if you can and will.. it is only
    the form of the words that science uses that sets
    science sepaRate from the core of most religions that
    also say
    we are
    pArt of
    God as whole
    aS oNE Force oF
    Existence NoW..
    i am a word smith..
    i get it as i make my
    own words up as i go to
    reflect a greater poTenTial essence
    of what i experience in life through forms
    of exPaNDinG symbols also reLating more through
    words of what i nAMe as A “Nether Land Bible 2017”..
    as you may come to see all symbols are Nether Land..
    as the TruTh is of what Lies as essence as forM iN
    all symbols that humans create to express more of the
    essence as the experience of liFe they both live and co-create
    with all that is AKA God as symbols continue to be created now to
    express more of the experience of our life as existential intelligence
    now that is what symbols of religions and other myths as trutH and lies
    bRinG HoMes as Vehicles and Vessels oF LiGht and TRuTh aT Hand and eYes thAT
    see and sense and feel more of GoD NOW aka allthatis.. And aCross the Cosmos
    for all the LiVinG BeinGs who express aLL the essence more or less with symbols
    too.. yes.. less and more too.. as common sense dictates as self evident in a
    of Stars
    and Planets
    as big as the
    aided eYe of
    the scribe
    of God that
    is whaT Science Can and
    WiLL sEE KNoW and feeL
    and seNse.. as wE innatELy
    instinctuAlly intuit more of
    existential intelligence aS reaLiTy
    oF aLL thaT iS AKA God over heARd on the PlaNeT eARTh..
    WiTh Online Ears and EYes and FeeLs and SenSes we join toGeTher
    wITH a bigger DancE and SonG to SpRinG the essence oF aLL that is AKA GoD
    more or
    we stay
    within the
    confines of a sMaLLer
    view of God Before.. as
    FundaMENTALists will do
    in locked books and
    words of ages
    in terms
    of thousands
    of years stagnant
    in the Art of God beForE..
    so yeah.. i have A big God head
    as metaphor for pARt oF A wHOle..
    perHaps i See and Feel and Sense more
    for the simple and complex reason of A big God head now..
    sTiLL.. thing is.. NoW if i didn’t keep exPanDinG my HuMan
    PoTenTial like even much smaller heads and brains in literal
    size.. wHeRe by A way.. much smALLer heads have been measured with
    the highest standard IQ’s too.. without much experience of life aT aLL
    at a very young age too.. butt.. you see.. thaT is only a tiny pARt of hUman
    poTenTiAL intelligence(S) too.. for whaT
    Standard IQ
    in what
    it takes
    for success in
    standardized school..
    wiTH whaT a group of legislators
    in all the ways law makers come
    in rules and regulations to make
    cogs just the ‘right’ size to keep
    the machine of what is created as society
    and culture so far.. well oiled and slaved
    to keep the wheels of creature comforts moving
    straight up and away for even greater instant gratification
    now.. well.. as Yellow Boy is currently studying Chapters 7
    and 8 of JOB in Katrina’s Big BLack Book.. as she just directed
    my attention to that very studious cat’s atTenTioN in Holy Study now..
    As Cat Sacred ways of intellectual curiosity juSt for fun and play and
    of Living
    in survive
    and thrive
    wayS in
    A challenge
    for A Hunt more..
    life is more of text than
    a given of grace now.. use it or
    lose it applies to all stuff in liFe..
    and some wHeRe in the past a dude named Luther
    set up to reform a complicated Labyrinth of a Catholic
    Church and make it as simple as a gift of grace and nothing
    more to get close to God for a promise of Heaven after Death
    other than reciting some words.. empty or full..
    to continue to fill
    the pews with
    were not
    too much for
    working hard for
    Heaven at hand
    noW in
    Generation HeAR.. NoW.. yeS..
    and sure.. it’s understandable2
    aS A Aim of the Catholic Church
    has alWays been in alignment with
    expanding empires in monarchy way too..
    out of gentile.. jew.. servant or free.. woman
    or man no more.. nah.. do what our club says now
    then now or you are out.. then now then ranging from excommunication
    to the burning at the stake of heretics and such real evil as that
    come to fruition in lies from the Pope to the Pulpit still real in
    suggesting that Homosexuals who love each other are not due the same
    rights to pursue a Holy and Sacred Matrimony celebrated in Monogamous
    wishes for those humans so inclined for both of those sexual orientations
    in Homosexual and Monogamous way.. not all folks are.. either Homosexuals
    or Monogamous.. science proves this out.. no different than the world is not
    flat and the eARTh is no longer the Center (ONLY) of the Universe oF aLL existence nor
    is hUman and or A Only Son of God either in just one man or the last words of all that
    is CaN/WiLL coMe from one man either in last prophet way.. so.. who gives me the authority
    to DancE and SinG all of this noW as God all NoW too as pArt as Me.. no one but
    but the
    ONE who lives within..
    the same me that is you who
    is us.. that iS all of EXsitence
    isREaL.. wE… And i saT/stood discussing all
    oF this with my sister-in law.. Kim.. Sure AlbEiT
    in otHeR words.. she understood the crux oF aLL
    of this in other words as BeinG one with Shores and
    Waves.. One with Emerald Green Gulf Waters and Seagulls
    spiraling around A Sun.. simply.. the experience of Walking
    on the Water of God wHERe God and the Walk and The Water are one being now.. Yes tHe
    bEACH.. And she suggested i express how i feel when i DancE and SinG God.. trUly tHeRE
    are no words
    thAT WiLL
    ever describe
    the full experience
    as form of the Essence
    of the inheritance of the
    Meek and the least who inherit
    the eARTh as the richest come to
    SpiRit as the poorest spirits from before..
    NoW.. butt i can promise you one thing in TrutH
    and liGht about this DancE i SinG..NoW.. it doesn’t
    exist in Brick and Mortar homes or Metal Cars or even
    Washington Dollar Bills or Lincoln Sents.. nor in the words
    of Sons of God alone or last prophets or first prophets or
    any prophet lone.. yes.. this Heaven exists as essence
    within.. and words and all other symbols
    are a feeble attempt to help
    folks find a door
    to the
    at the
    sTArt of the
    RainBow reborn
    thaT lives and
    iS THE wHO within..
    the spArk.. the flAMe
    the Torch of the River
    that never ends
    as tHERe
    iS alWays
    and waves
    more to eXPand
    as shores in BeYond
    Nether Land as essence within now..
    as far as describing what i Feel when i Dance
    in move by move as suggested by my sister-in law
    Kim of what i do.. at this point when i lift my arm
    to the side as floating feather free the UniVerse DanceS SinGs
    in my
    And all i can hope..
    And all i can wish and
    aLL thaT i WiLL pray is thAT
    i am not the only one.. thing is..
    as oThErs.. So many oThers i have
    come aCroSS have intimATed.. A sAMe
    essence in UniQue foRm for the place i liVe
    now.. i AM not the only one.. i juST FiND A Path
    WiThiN to Heaven thaT works for me.. and for those of
    uS whO sEE and FeeL and SeNSE this Nirvana Bliss Free for all NoW as isReaL.. yes..
    Word Smiths and Artists more.. we continue to BrinG in all the forms of more
    to provide
    a door
    FlAMe Torch
    to HeAR and See
    and Bee so much
    more as Bird oF Life
    WiTh Wings that are arms
    and legs and fingers and toes
    of and for a beYond iNfinite number
    of ‘chakras’ kNow.. wHeRe TriLLions
    of peptide connections in every
    cell of this Vessel and Vehicle
    that houses
    iN FeeL
    and SeNSE
    as bEyond
    aLL Rainbow colors
    put toGeTheR as God all that
    iS oNe.. coMes to Fruition in someone
    else’s Temple oF all thaT is aka God too..
    Yes.. the SpArk.. the fLamE.. the Torch.. the RiVer
    Ocean wHole
    W a V e S
    as Wings
    of Jonathan Livingston
    Seagulls join hands in applause
    and praise and glory as the FloWer of God liveS oN..
    And SonG aS One
    aLL thAT iS..NoW..
    WE..uS ours..aLL ThAT iS GOD NoW..i

    The more i rise out of
    the hell of culturally
    induced mechanical cognition
    in all stuff rules and regulations
    and all shit extrinsic rewards like
    dollar bills and cents that truly do
    not make sense.. and likes and follows
    and shares and all stuff related to
    limitations and
    the doing
    of the
    that come
    as the journey
    of life art that is now..
    alWAys StARting now.. the more
    i now BeCoMe streAMs that lead
    to River as Waves oF i as Ocean
    wHOle Beach NoW.. aLive.. surviving
    and thriving as Happiness more.. and ha!..
    folks wonder why The Song of ‘E. Dickinson’ Sings
    so Free after all these years.. too.. just words of
    letters and such found in a drawer after a life so
    Sung with nary a care of any other value than doing life
    as art
    a Van Gogh
    with never a sell
    in lifelong too.. as
    if history and herstory
    and eTcstory don’t already sHow
    to do art without limitations or expectations
    of culture is to be art now.. free as wings
    separated from cocoons of before
    as butterfly
    and picture
    of life more
    in both essence
    and form.. if folks
    are lucky enough to find
    a Nautilus of soUL sTiLL
    uncovered as Free as Free is Bee..
    Wings of Bird FlYinG HiGher as Dance iS SonG.. Free soUL.. yeP
    i’ve fought the trap of Mechanical Cognition.. most of my liFe..
    the need to list as fundamentalist scientists and religious folKs
    will do
    only Son God way..
    of this step or that
    step of science separated2
    lone from soUL allone now..
    even to the point thaT pARt of
    me sTiLL miGht diliGently put my soUL
    iN PriSoN to copy and paste 660K words
    without returning to Free Verse River Ocean wHOle..
    YES.. thRow Caution to the WinD a little more as Free God within
    WiLL DancE and SinG more.. floW as Leaves of GrAss River Ocean wHOle WoN..:)

    Hmm.. as the newest used
    Facebook Test Ego Booster
    bRings selfie stroke of paint
    to me.. it says the name Katie
    is the color white as a pure soul now..
    and yeah.. sure.. you can look up Katie in
    the definition of meanings in mechanical cognition
    way of baby names now and arrive at the same empirical
    conclusion in pre-written dictionary words of feelings.. before too..
    but never the
    less.. i return
    with words that
    say once again..

    Yes.. the nAMe
    Katrina.. like
    Katie.. means

    As once agAiN
    to rise uP and make
    all of LiFe liGht and
    even dArk Trumps muse of lifE
    NoW.. is suReLY to co-create a Life
    wHERe Love and Hope and Joy Trumps
    Hate and Fear and Despair now as Life beCoMes
    one WhOLe Poetic Prompt as Art of Heaven now FruiTioN isREaL..:)

    It’s not really that complicated
    drop the Parachute.. the Life Jacket..
    the Golden Cuffs of Culture and Fly.. Rise.. yes. Thrive..
    sure.. from a safe distance of the rules that are also required..
    for insanely
    of human
    beings living
    as lemmings in
    a can of hell dead as alive..
    and on the path and journey of life..
    do your best to set others Neo Free too..:)


    A couple of MacroVerses to share heAR..
    One from the Wrong Planet.. two years
    ago named then now sTiLL heAR aS
    “SCIENCE IS DEAD”.. of course..
    only in metaphor per the
    of systemizing
    mind wHo dies away
    from the real human
    powers of positive emotions
    and feelings iN Quantum Metaphor per
    transformed as unleashed and released.. Survive
    as LiGht of LiFE more as Love IN thrive now..
    sure.. iN TruTh oF HoLy and Sacred Meaning
    aS Purpose
    of Happiness now..
    or Jesus F. in Christ..
    at LEast pursue it.. OK..;)


    From a year ago.. full of poetic Joy.. Celebrating
    the Spring Equinox last year.. as MacroVerse titled
    “Equinox SpRings MagicK”.. SpRing
    as LiGht of Art
    Loves more as Thrive of life
    mOre than juST SurViVinG NoW..
    of JuSt
    as it were
    STiLL is NoW..Over
    wiTh aLL ThAt iS AKA GOD NoW aLL..:)

  3. Dude.. TVC.. or wHoever you as dArk…
    thOU ART proTesTing way too lOUd
    WitH A school girl voice.. heAR..
    By A way..
    i Love
    A Woman’s
    Voice when
    it comes from a real
    Woman.. with BAlls at lEast…
    Gentile.. Jew.. Servant.. or Free..
    Woman or Man no more.. do you
    gET iT yET.. per ALiGht and TrUth
    oF MesSage… Means no separation babe…
    aLL iS ONe
    and hell
    no.. not
    one son..
    ImaGinE A Place..
    A Place wHere humans
    who live in fear and hate
    and misery of dis and mal-content
    can come heAR for a Common Purpose
    and Meaning as Holy and Sacred dARk
    of separation from God in all thAT is HolY uNiTy
    And Sacred FuLL of Meaning and PurposE wHOle..
    WoW… you’ve dis-created What God BrinGs to be as Human
    NoW.. cON..
    mY little School Woman.. Voice FriEnd..
    GRow soMe bALLs of Love
    Ocean wHOle..
    as you
    heAR.. mY FriEnd..
    iN doubt.. fear and hate.. aS SepaRaTioN from GoD’s wHOle..


    As.. THIS.. Bible..
    In Nether
    Land 2017
    riseS now
    to 1.271 MiLlioN
    Words as bAlls of Love..
    as of 85 MacroVerses..2..
    OtHeR than thaT..2..
    as yA
    BrinG greAT
    dARk mUSE
    for a continuing
    4 Million word pLus
    Longest Free Verse Long Form Poem..
    and 12 Million online words aS WeLL..
    too.. as hey… i can count on dARk heAR..
    in otHeR wORds.. FRiEND.. yoU give ME whAT i deSirE
    for HeaR.. NoW.. WiTH Thanks.. WiTh a little hELp from ALL.. MorE.. And yoU2..;)

  4. frankhubeny says:

    I liked the passage from Romans 5 talking about the difficulty of dying for a just man. I also agree with you on “the Blasphemy
    of putting God/Art in Chains and PriSon”.

    • Hi Frank.. thanks so much for coming
      by today.. a little behind i am
      on my online
      but i’m definitely
      gonna make it to that
      River Prompt on dVerse
      and will be talking to you
      more on your poem over tHeRE
      later as i get in a little break of sand and
      sun free verse dance first.. as we have close
      to 90 Degrees F oF Sunshine Azure SprinG sKeYes heAR..
      and yes..
      “putting God/Art
      iN CHaiNs and PriSon”
      has alWays lefT a raTheR
      unFReED taste iN my MiNd..
      @lEast.. i try to keep iT
      Free Verse aLL..
      A TribALL inStinct
      NaturAlly likes sMaLLer Boxes
      of course.. alWays A WiLL of
      Love for more mY FriEnd..
      to traP
      Art and God sAMe..
      iN sMaLLeR BoXeS..:)

  5. https://gigoid.me/2017/03/21/soft-landings-hurt-less/#comment-21576

    Good afternoon gigoid..
    over HeAR NoW iN the
    Panhandle of Florida
    wHere record temps
    approaching the 90’s
    viSit yesTerday
    and now2..
    Water.. Water..
    Been thiNKinG
    A Lot of the ‘GestAlt’
    oF WaTer.. streAMs..
    RiVers.. OceaNs..
    to riSe
    and fLow
    hiGher and
    LoWer and HiGher
    aGaiN.. NoW.. hmm.. as a therapist
    and so many otHeRs have often sAid..
    to me beforE.. iN so many metaphors of liFe
    nowthennow uP and dOwn.. ‘tween grey of thaT through
    toTal dArkness NoW and beYond RainBow Colors of PurEst
    WhiTe LiGht NoW.. ride the wAve babY.. uNtil yoU fAll off for good
    and can’t
    get BacK
    up again
    witH A bLiNk
    of an eYe of IsREaL NoW..
    suRe.. iN otheR words butt thAT
    is whAT otHeR words are for.. to
    esSence more than A fORm beFoRe
    as the waves of aLL thaT iS continUe to fLow
    continUoUsly FloWinG wiTh Laws of Nature aS
    A BaLancE oF Water FloWing WiTh Gravity NoW..
    And to be cleareR2.. juST A MetapsPhor aS Science alWays
    bRings more deTales as Dolphins are shaped as waveS iN
    forM aNd
    esSence as DancE too..
    or was that a Whale’s
    tAle.. or fOlded over
    FiN wHo iS
    lost from
    theN PerKs
    bacK uP straiGht
    And taLL aS FiNs sWim
    Free with waveS wHole as Ocean oNe aGain..
    let’s fAce it.. LimP FiNs hapPen aS Sure they sucK..
    buT in a world of waves rise IS A possibiLiTy of Hope at LeasT..
    even iF onE more ride of air and water whole as FloW iN ZoNe..
    And sUre.. FiNgers toGEthER oN A DAnCe and SonG oF KeyBoard Surf’s uP2..;)
    Man! it’s warm in heAR..
    As i check the thermoStat
    aS it’s getting a little hard to breathe..
    of course that’S it.. Katrina turned the
    AC off this morning.. stepping out side
    thE biG Thermometer at 2 PM proves
    it’s 90 F iN Fahrenheit Degrees at
    2 PM.. breaKing aNotHer
    Heat WavE.. 2017..
    Hmm.. Weather Channel
    reports 88F.. and that’s enough for record heat too..
    as i single handedly wiTh SmARt pHone in tow continue
    to prove Climate change for sure in @lEAst anecdotal way…
    alWays fascinated by the weather.. used to ride my bike up the
    big hill to the bank before A Home therMoMeter then.. to see how
    high the temp woUld/WiLL rise.. haha.. got a little sun stroke once with
    delirium and nightmares of potato chip monsters.. WiTH Aghori
    Fields of dArk oiLed BLack Dead Sea Birds..
    A Star
    of Love
    as My Mother2..
    perHapS A Prophecy of sorts too..
    as the oil sPill hapPened first in the dead zone days..
    iN Gulf Coast way.. anyWay.. mY moNey
    iS STiLL oN A Star..oF LiFe LoVe isReAL..
    And true story2.. back in the Day
    of Aghogday.. i wrote so much online
    that A Google Search on the Key Word
    Aghogday.. beat out Aghori then in Dead ZonE way..;)

    “Come away, O human child!
    To the waters and the wild
    With a faery, hand in hand,
    For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.”

    ~~ William Butler Yeats, “The Stolen Child” ~~

    A Purpose
    oF iSreal hUman
    A Heaven LoVe
    oF empatHy and comPassion gRows Ocean wHole.. moRe..
    A gaTe way oF HeaVen iS paVed wiTh AGhori moRe thaN pearLed Doors..;)

    ” …’fire’ does not matter, ‘earth’ and ‘air’ and ‘water’ do not matter.
    ‘I’ do not matter. No word matters.
    But man forgets reality and remembers words.
    The more words he remembers, the cleverer do his fellows esteem him.
    He looks upon the great transformations of the world,
    but he does not see them as they were seen
    when man looked upon reality for the first time.
    Their names come to his lips and he smiles as he tastes them,
    thinking he knows them in the naming.”

    ~~ Siddartha, “Lord of Light”, by Roger Zelazny

    Lord of A Dance
    witHout A RiVer
    fEat uP..
    IS A
    A guT
    To A BRain
    toeS TWirLinG PHi..:)

    “As for myself,
    I always willingly acknowledge my own self
    as the principal cause of every good and of every evil
    which may befall me;
    therefore I have always found myself
    capable of being my own pupil,
    and ready to love my teacher.”

    ~~ Giacomo Casanova ~~


    “You live and learn.
    Or you don’t live long.”

    ~~ Laarus Long ~~

    Or as A veGetAble witH a LonG Z..;)

    “It’s green.”

    ~~ Scotty ~~

    Copper blood
    Verses Iron Blood
    iN Vulcan ways..
    i for
    A Green Pill
    for my Red Blood
    to interSect the Red
    and Blue Matrix PiLLs…
    iN otHeR words.. per A MetaPhor
    of both movies..NoW Yin and Yang for
    tHe WiN.. aS GreeN BaLAnCinG sTiLL.. MoVinG moRe..:)

    “Great acts are made up of small deeds.”

    ~~ Lao Tzu ~~

    hOld uP
    mouNtain FeaTs oF Love aS
    iN hUMan eYeS anD HAnds..:)

    “Before enlightenment,
    one carries water and chops wood.
    After enlightenment,
    one carries water and chops wood.”

    ~~ Zen Proverb ~~


    Saavik: “Permission to speak candidly, sir.”
    Kirk: “Granted.”
    Saavik: “I don’t believe this was a fair test of my command abilities.”
    Kirk: “And why not?”
    Saavik: “Because, there was no way to win.”
    Kirk: “A no-win situation is a possibility every commander may face.
    Has that never occurred to you?”
    Saavik: “No, sir, it has not.”
    Kirk: “How we deal with death, is at least as important as how we face life,
    wouldn’t you say?”
    Saavik: “As I indicated, Admiral, that thought had not occurred to me.”
    Kirk: “Well, now you have something new to think about.
    Carry on.”

    ~~ “STII:TWOK”, Stardate 8130.3 ~~

    Fear Death
    Fear Life..
    FoR NoW@LeaSt..:)

    “True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.”

    ~~ Socrates ~~

    So much mOre
    words alone..:)

    Nice to see yA.. aGaiN.. gigoid..
    riDe A wAve loosELy as ‘they’ say..
    iF yA can’T FoLd iT.. mOld iT.. FloW iT
    oN StreAMs
    OceaN wHOle..;)

  6. I love the flowers in your photographs and those footprints in the sand ☺ Happy Spring to you all 💖 xxx

    • Hello.. my FriEnd Xenia..
      so Happy you enjoy
      the visual images
      i am so fortunate
      to BRing.. and
      as far
      as words..
      been a little deep..
      hehe.. in Back Yard
      Drain Field Repair and
      re-sod of Green aS well..
      changed all to brown now..
      Be over to spRead seeds as
      words at your place on A River Prompt soon.. too..
      as hey.. i’ll take a Leave of Grass as UniVerse aLL2..:)

      • Looking forward to Reading your seeds as words Fred whenever the muse taps your shoulder. Hope you will take time to rest too – so much for you to go through these last months. Body and soul need time to replenish and recharge sometimes. It is OK to give yourself a breather. Take it easy and take care my friend and much love to you all 💖 xxx

        • Hi again Xenia.. so nice of you to drop by again
          with empathy and compassion..
          seeing/feeling wHeRe i’ve been..
          more in the challenges oF LiFe latELy..
          True.. on the
          Spectrum am i..
          wHeRe i do have to
          be careful not to be
          strangled as liFe can become
          too much of a muse as whole..
          as more of a vise grip around my neck..
          as alWays.. A BalanCe my friEnd.. and alWAys
          a Dance of Relief to hold online lose more when
          needed as such.. Every Song needs a Dance
          needs a Song..
          wHeRe the Lyrics
          and the Music of Life..
          Dances Sings as StreAM of Good VibRaTioNs to RiVers
          as wAves GentLy tOuch/exPaNd shores more oF LoVinG LiFe..soUL..Ocean wHOle..:)

  7. https://anarmchairperfectionist.wordpress.com/2017/03/22/memory-lane/

    SMiLes.. WiNter
    of SNows
    in foot
    print of HeARt fouNd now..
    heHe.. for me.. wHo kNew..
    who feLt.. who SeNSed thaT
    Digging wHole of Septic Tank Drain
    Field aNew in a kind of ultimate Spring
    Cleaning Break could and does BRing
    back a lifetime of Memories as
    ScentS and FeeLinGS
    of Life more
    aS Love
    to me.. from
    Digging holes
    to China.. Finding
    a 1919 copper penny
    at age 5 or so.. to Archaelogy
    Associate at UniVersity iN EsCavaTioN
    of Carbon Fragments and Bones of Indian
    Subsistence.. heAR.. to Building a New home
    in Fall of ’93 as Dirt yard landscaped with
    Green oF eXpensive sod.. as i remember
    now.. the seed didn’t take and the
    cycle of Life
    and Love
    moveS oN as
    boTh SpRing NoW aGaIN
    Cleaning and Breaking Sod
    iN Life aS Love.. Memories
    are Emotions.. and Emotions
    are Memories.. and a great indication that
    you are healthy and well.. mY FriEnd Prajakta.. aS
    witHout EmoTioNs aS Memories NoW is suReLy empty morE NoW..
    And as
    Day goeS
    and comes more…
    Poetry exercises
    A Love Muscle
    morEover aLL EmoTions oF heARt NoW..
    aS ‘they’ say.. SpiRit expreSsinG heART iN MiNd
    And BoDy BaLanCinG soUL greaTer NoW…
    aLL that’s
    Dance more to/for me..
    NoW iN gOld oF Years2..:)

  8. Frank and Xenia drop by my
    current epic effort with words
    of kindness and appreciation and i say..

    Hi Frank.. thanks so much for coming
    by today.. a little behind i am
    on my online
    but i’m definitely
    gonna make it to that
    River Prompt on dVerse
    and will be talking to you
    more on your poem over tHeRE
    later as i get in a little break of sand and
    sun free verse dance first.. as we have close
    to 90 Degrees F oF Sunshine Azure SprinG sKeYes heAR..
    and yes..
    “putting God/Art
    iN CHaiNs and PriSon”
    has alWays lefT a raTheR
    unFReED taste iN my MiNd..
    @lEast.. i try to keep iT
    Free Verse aLL..
    A TribALL inStinct
    NaturAlly likes sMaLLer Boxes
    of course.. alWays A WiLL of
    Love for more mY FriEnd..
    to traP
    Art and God sAMe..
    iN sMaLLeR BoXeS..:)

    Hello.. my FriEnd Xenia..
    so Happy you enjoy
    the visual images
    i am so fortunate
    to BRing.. and
    as far
    as words..
    been a little deep..
    hehe.. in Back Yard
    Drain Field Repair and
    re-sod of Green aS well..
    changed all to brown now..
    Be over to spRead seeds as
    words at your place on A River Prompt soon.. too..
    as hey.. i’ll take a Leave of Grass as UniVerse aLL2..:)

    Hi again Xenia.. so nice of you to drop by again
    with empathy and compassion..
    seeing/feeling wHeRe i’ve been..
    more in the challenges oF LiFe latELy..
    True.. on the
    Spectrum am i..
    wHeRe i do have to
    be careful not to be
    strangled as liFe can become
    too much of a muse as whole..
    as more of a vise grip around my neck..
    as alWays.. A BalanCe my friEnd.. and alWAys
    a Dance of Relief to hold online lose more when
    needed as such.. Every Song needs a Dance
    needs a Song..
    wHeRe the Lyrics
    and the Music of Life..
    Dances Sings as StreAM of Good VibRaTioNs to RiVers
    as wAves GentLy tOuch/exPaNd shores more oF LoVinG LiFe..soUL..Ocean wHOle..:)

    NoW off to that River Prompt at dVerse from Tuesday as
    i continue.. heAr.. WiTh a little Silent Lucidity to make
    DreAMs as Fruition come real as PoEtry too..;)

    of Detritus
    as you
    and SinG
    thAT iN Haiku way..
    aS alWayS iN.. liFe/LoVe
    as Poetic
    Prompt oF aRT
    cOmes liGht from dARk..
    oTheR than thAT.. Hi Lillian..;)

    Book as a River that never ends..
    possible my FriEnd for one who
    poems in Free Verse Long
    Form Essence who
    in to those
    who would/WiLL dam
    a River or cut A Sycamore
    DOwn Lower or Even a Dog Wood
    for a Septic
    to Flow
    Different than A Tree/River FReED…
    DraiN Fields go to wHeRe they fLow easier now..
    a Tree of Life dOwn
    From FReED NoW as River..
    Love Fields More as Green..:)

    Rivers of subsistence
    Rivers of death
    as Rivers FLow
    SiNk of Life Swims
    Rivers edge.. Deeper more..

    SMiLes.. Glenn..
    froM aS LonG noW
    aS i cAN/WiLL reMember..
    seeiNG Veins of Blood
    FeeLinG/SenSinG aLL
    NoW as riVer oF Hand
    A HeARt
    beNeatH A
    Dance and Song
    Rivers Deep shAre
    SpiRit heARt as soUL..:)

    oF River
    aLive moRe
    iN DreAMs

    River no time
    BaLanCinG rush
    BeaTinG alWays
    Slow drums
    Shores more
    time no River
    rush BaLanCinG
    alWays BeaTinG
    drums Slow
    more Shores
    River no time..:)

    Seals SpRing
    Dog Sea
    Sands SpRead
    SonG Never ends bRing..:)

    SMIles.. raised
    on River Front..
    Grand Mother’s
    Warning.. put a finger
    in the edge of a River
    a nub of knuckle
    bone skinless
    Alligator Teeth..
    hmm.. i visualized
    the pARt after Grand
    Mother sAid.. it’LL bite
    your finger off..
    and oh..
    the floods..
    ruined stuffed animals of Love..
    And now all i remember when
    i go back to that Bank is Family Love..
    Better Love than Alligator River Teeth..:)

    WeLL.. now to workout on 3.22.17 at 6:36
    pm.. be back as River wHOle alWays now Ocean more..:)

  9. WeLL.. the Back Yard Drain Field..
    Installation.. certainly changes
    the Landscape of
    my Backyard
    Dance Hall..
    And considering.. i already..
    and yes.. sAdly.. killed the entire
    middle of the yard grass to almost
    the bone of sand with 220Lbs of Cattle
    Power on the Meadow moving up to 230Lbs..
    before.. i restricted my Dance Floor by Demand
    of the Grass protecting Wife.. Katrina.. so.. what was
    once fully green in Back Yard way by evidence of my
    First Dance
    Video on
    back tHeRE
    spiraling around
    on 8.23.13.. in the tilling
    of two to three feet of soil now
    up in expanse of 12 Feet by about
    50 Feet doesn’t ouch in terms of Healthy
    Lawn-way like it would have way back plus
    42 months ago.. hmm.. modern ways of Drain Fields
    are as the Donald says.. HUGELY different than
    what they were in years past.. fortunately..
    this new way of Drain Field
    is much more resistant
    to Tree Roots
    as that
    is the
    culprit of
    the before
    of antiquated
    old-style drain
    field by photo
    evidence that
    will be presented
    in this next Number 86 Macro
    Verse of ‘Nether Land Bible 2017’..
    also doubling as 757th MacroVerse
    as ‘SonG oF MY SoUL’.. stARTinG about the
    date of the Back Yard Spiraling Dance.. too..
    And.. i suppose.. i Will name it at this point.. “Dance Sings
    Rivers Rise Green”.. of course as i love Dance.. Sing..
    Rivers… Rise.. and with the delivery of 3 Pallets
    of Centipede Grass today.. the once
    Sandy Middle mostly of
    Back Yard
    Hall will once
    again.. voila.. turn green..
    And with a record.. 90 F Degree
    Mark yesterday by way of Pensacola
    Thermometers on the Weather News..
    exceeding the old record of 85 F.. in the
    year of 1997.. hmm.. not likely we are gonna
    go back to brown.. this year.. at least.. in way
    of Green Back Yard Dance hAll liFe.. And yes.. i am
    reserving the same general Sandy pART at the end..
    for continuing Sand and Sun Dance.. albeit.. it’s not quite
    as pure virgin white in terms of Quartz-like Sandy Loam Soil
    as some of that deeper stuFF was tilled uP aNd spread out over it..
    the new
    Grass further
    down the Dance
    Hall will surely like that
    more than non-organic sugar-like sand..
    Hmm.. and as they say.. while the Kingdom of God..
    yeP.. Nature.. all lives within.. of course it lives inside..
    outside.. above.. so below and all around.. and let’s get common
    sense about it.. wasn’t hard for the American Indians who originally
    lived in this area named by modern folks as the Panzacola Indians..
    otherwise known as the hair people.. nah.. it wasn’t hard for them
    to find the Kingdom of God in Nature as the feeling and the sensing
    as the evidence of that was and still is abundant in year-round living
    style.. And is it any wonder than men made Gods beyond Nature
    and Men.. Gods alone.. in Desert Scarcity Lands of the Middle East..
    WeLL.. of course not.. without the Rainbow colors
    beyond to pure white Roses.. God is a little
    more difficult to see in
    all that is
    as now..
    within.. inside..
    outside.. above.. so below
    and all around.. deserts and
    blue skies alone.. don’t always
    do the LiVinG FeeLinG and SeNsinG
    of God all around now.. Abrahamic religions
    are founded in an environment of scarcity of
    creating a tribal leaning description of God that
    reflects tHeir reaLiTy then.. a warring way to secure subsistence
    even if it means overcoming the aversion to killing other human beings..
    So.. in A sense.. God Becomes a Tribal War Lord.. and the Dude Jesus who
    was likely a Desert-Like Hippy.. becomes a Soldier Sun God with a Halo
    of Sun Rays around his head to indicate this upward way of being..
    And sure.. his Mother.. not unlike the Goddess Isis.. originating
    in desert Lands of Pyramids to rise up higher than
    flat land sands.. gets the same
    as Humans are mostly
    the tallest things one sees
    on the Landscape of Dirt other
    than Rocky Mountains where God is
    often found most in elevated way too..
    And you know.. it’s like the folks who ‘used’ to believe
    in a flat earth.. the eARTh as the Center of the Universe..
    and refused to move out of the Caves too.. some folks enjoy
    change and some folks are more sitters who do refuse the advantages of change..
    Meanwhile.. the Indigenous folks of the new world of what was/iS eventUally named
    America by the White Man.. lived in areas with creeks teeming full of fresh water
    fish.. and toward the plains.. the Buffalo.. as Indians Dance and Sing free
    after a full day of forage celebrating God in a Garden of Eden
    real over-heaR..
    in Dance
    And Song
    and Flesh
    and Blood wHeRe
    tHeir is no separation
    from Nature as Nature clothes
    us as God IsReaL all around us then
    and now.. for those not separated in
    Books that bring folks uP more
    in scarCity of
    We are paRt
    of this Planet.. we are
    PArt of tHis Universe
    and we are fractals
    oF all thAT is
    in TruTh
    and LIGht as
    Resurrection of Star
    Death Burst from Crucible
    Fire to STar DuST PluS Sentient
    LIFe that we come to be now.. on the
    pARts of the eARTh we are better NaturAlly
    adapted to in BaLanCinG ForCE of Abundance
    than Desert Lands wHere God is created somewhere
    else in Heaven after life of what seems like a kind of living
    Death in a Desert now.. Humans seek abundance and of course
    common sense dictates.. the way to keep abundance is NOT TO TAKE
    it away.. in other words.. give back for BaLanCinG FOR Abundance to continue..
    We’ve lost
    our common
    sense and no longer
    see the gravity of the gift
    of Abundance we stand to continue
    to Rape as the dumbest animal of all
    out of balance.. and this idea of dominating
    F in Deserts is just not necessary in a Forest
    and Beach of deLIGht in a real Garden of Eden now..
    at leASt not NaturAlly living out of books that are not made for Heaven now..
    some folks moved on out of the Desert and found/find Heaven.. some stayed and
    for staying
    too.. Heaven
    is a mighty fine place
    to live.. but you see.. although
    the Kingdom God lives within.. God
    also lives from scarCity to abundance
    all around too.. scarcity equals Scare Cities.. DaRk to
    liGht.. it’s really as simple as that.. and so much more complex
    now with written language.. collected intelligence.. and cultures
    the same.. housing insanely large groups of humans together in
    ways they are simply not evolved to live.. sure.. you
    can escape
    the BaLanCinG
    Force of NaTuRE..
    AKA God
    pay the price
    of Hell on eARth
    or not and move on
    over to the oTheR Place(S)..
    where insanities of cultural practices
    simply reflect the insanity of how and
    where the folks are attempting to live…
    Is it any wonder why folks immigrate.. well.. hell.. no..
    they are still looking for the promised Land.. fortunately for
    me.. i was seeded heaR and smART enough not to move to
    an icy or dry place.. for a bigger home.. a fancier car.. or a job
    with so called power and status.. to elevate myself higher than a Tree of Life..
    Anyway.. so..
    sure.. i’m
    looking forward
    to even more Green..
    in Back Yard Dance Hall Life..
    as the soUL oF liFe greens all in its path..
    And for folks who can no longer ease out of tHeir
    Suits and Golden Palaces to flourish green.. i can only feel sorry
    for them..
    so lost..
    so lost..
    from the Arms of
    God Living and Green..
    You knoW.. as Maslow says in
    his Pyramid to Self Actualization..
    and Fowler.. in his Pyramid of Faith
    that moves eventuAlly to the kind of
    Agape Love that is one with Nature and God sAMe..
    if folks are lucky enough to escape written language..
    collected intelligence.. and complex cultures as pain brought
    that Gift to me in ‘JOB’ ways for 66 months to look within and
    Find the God of Nature living within.. as well as inside.. outside..
    above.. so below and all around as Nature whOle.. it’s not such a jump
    to figure out a much greater existential intelligence of life.. yep.. the simple
    intelligence of existing in BaLanCe witH GoD of Nature wHole.. sadly.. we have
    become more the tools that some of us created to rise out of environments too
    cold and too hot.. too dry.. too wet.. kinda like the three bears to some place just
    right.. sure.. like where i live modestly.. where if i had to.. i could go without heat..
    do like the so-called happy ‘red necks’.. who just fish all day.. on the local creek
    as hunting with guns and fishing with boats can get expensive like a bigger home
    or more expensive metal hunk of car to impress someone into thinking you are bigger
    than your flesh and blood.. if and when you ever find some place in the environment
    comfortable enough to subsist.. where you can strip your clothes off like the Gnostic
    so-called Jesus said in verse 37.. of the Thomas so-called Apostolic
    Version of that.. tread on those cultural clothes without shame like
    the Essenes did totally naked in the Desert too..
    in much harsher conditions then.. or just
    be like that legend/myth/Etc as the
    prophet Isaiah in Chapter
    20 verse 3 by
    the same
    of Isaiah then..

    “And the LORD said, Just as my servant Isaiah
    has walked naked and barefoot three years for
    a sign and wonder against Egypt and against Ethiopia;”

    Or sure.. like King David who stripped down out
    of suits to close to naked and promised more vile
    ways like me as myth/legend/eTC.. as trickster/
    clown/king way to show the insanity
    of a world where folks no longer
    dance(d) naked or got/get
    in touch
    with their
    freer sexuality
    and sensuality too..
    or even Feeling Emotions..
    you knoW it’s reAlly amazing
    when folks like Miley Cyrus do the
    same things today.. as this is just Common
    Nature Sense and God the sAMe for Human
    Freedoms unleashed and released to experience
    the inheritance of God as Nature that all our ancestors
    have earned in their struggles of life for us from that first
    inanimate StAR Burst Death in resurrection of dust that leads
    to sentient StAR duST pluS us now.. where hell.. no.. it wasn’t really
    inanimate as the Stone/duST with electrons swirling around Nucleus’
    and Quantum Force subatomic particles yet to be explored noW iN
    smaller sizes by science aided eyes yet.. ALL Dances and Sings NoW
    spiraLinG in existence.. and only humans.. liMit themselves to straight lines now..
    trying to bring order into Art that is free without hard angles and straight lines of priSon..
    And sure.. humans domesticate other animals in the same way and put them behind
    walls of fences too.. but at least they retain their nakedness of God without
    cover to separate From God wHOle skIN exposed free to sun and
    Tree shade.. with breeze of God touching all hairs and flesh
    of the body.. ecstasy ‘they’ say when free in
    Nature like Isaiah and King
    David in metaphor
    sAMe.. thing
    is.. a relationship
    Naked with God same
    like this.. changes our neurochemistry
    in science way to free greater as well..
    the way you subjugate and control folks
    is through fear through clothes of culture that hide
    us from Free God as Nature.. within.. inside.. outside..
    above.. so below and all around.. nah.. Isaiah and King
    David in story ways were no more insane than Miley and
    Me and so many otHeR Free SpiriTed Children of God today..
    AMazing.. how many so-called Isaiah and King David inspired
    Christians Will pull up Miley’s Naked body on a Google search
    and call her Evil for the flesh of God she wears free.. it’s amazinG
    how when i say i am in the process of fulfilling John 14:12 in storied
    way too.. from the Lessons of TrUth and LiGht that do still exist in
    more antiquated ways of stories of far past that are really
    not antiquated as we wear the same naked
    flesh of God that we did before
    all Agriculture and
    clothes from
    heads to toes
    10 to 12 thousand
    years ago.. as separation
    from God as Nature increased
    to escape harsh environments
    and other ways of scare cities away
    from the Abundance of God in much
    nicer real environments as Garden of Eden now..
    for those brave enough to move out of caves.. free
    is not free and the saddest thing is free can be clothed and
    almost totally forgotten where one doesn’t even take time to
    the Rose
    of God within..
    inside.. outside.. above..
    so below and all around..
    I have deep respect for the pARts
    of Sacred text that ring TrUe and LiGht
    to me.. that pARt about the naked prophet
    seemed like a great idea to change my neurochemistry
    for greater holy spirit of creativity in all holy and sacred
    meaning and purpose where no part of the body or function
    was/is any less sacred and holy than any other paRt of the UnivERse
    pluS wHOlly Free NoW as God Flies HiGher like thAT iN uS too.. Naked
    and Free.. yeP.. in science terms of neuro-chemistry and neuro-hormones too..
    free isn’t really
    crazy.. only crazy
    for those who are not free..
    Isaiah had something to say..
    real man or myth/legend same..
    more than even written text of words..
    Be Free baby.. Be Free and FucK the cultural clothes
    of fear
    yep.. Miley
    Isaiah has a nice
    ring to it too.. thing is..
    tHere is a New IsREal
    NoW wHEre Freedom is legal and tender Love
    so far away from the scare cities of before that still exist
    sadly within.. inside.. above.. so below
    and all around some/many today..
    NoW at least
    we have
    a choice
    in America STiLL..
    Get Un-plugged and
    un-clothed from those folks/things/
    who/thAT still work so hard
    God now from Free..
    yeP.. like A Field DRains
    Free FLOWS oNce aGain.. UNCLOGGED..
    Sure.. yA can call this ALL A ParAble
    oF A Naked DRain Field iF yA like2..
    And for those of WHo.. who suggest
    that Isaiah never reAlly lived or did
    any of that sTuFF.. i picked
    up the
    BaLL noW2
    and fulfilled.. iT..
    juST iN-Case.. for whoM ever wrote
    that self-fulfilling prophecy now then..
    except.. i’ve gone a little further with
    the Naked prophet thingy.. to 42 plus
    months as three and a hAlf years along with
    the Bigger Bible and all of thAT STuFF aS heY..
    spirals and aLL oF thaT iS MoRE MoVinG DanCing SinGinG
    past the straighter lines of before.. NoW to
    Green and
    Clearer Blue2.. aGaiN..:)

    A Facebook Algorithm Memory
    as Micro-Verse From a year ago..
    surely wRite on topic in Synchronicity ways too..

    Faceboook Friend.. Mary Florence says..

    “Lazy-Ass Good-for-Nothing
    Entitled Ravens…”


    iN response to

    Luke 12:24


    They neither Sow nor Reap,
    They have neither storehouse or barn,
    And yet God feeds them.

    Of how much more value
    are you than the birds!”

    i say..

    Seed Free..;)

    And as a side note now
    i say.. yAAss..

    but my favorite
    Luke verse
    iS 17:21..

    “Neither shall they say, Lo here!
    or, lo there! for, behold, the
    kingdom of God is
    within you.”

    Hmm.. so why
    do ‘they’ keep
    saying it is somewhere
    else.. in some other now
    but now.. WeLL..
    the tribal
    iN aLL its colors
    answers for that..
    as to put stuff off.. is
    to kick the can down the
    road some more.. away
    from free.. sadly
    enough noW
    iN ignorance.. sTill..
    oF culture noW..

    Hmm.. and then theRe’s..

    John 14:12.. all these
    verses out of the
    King James

    “Most assuredly, I say to you,
    he who believes in Me, the works
    that I do he will do also; and greater
    works than these he will do,
    because I go to My Father.”

    So.. yes.. per reference
    Blog post photos
    coming soon..
    i suppose
    afraid of ‘Lucy2’..;)


    “Life’s a HOLY BEACH BATMAN!'”

    From three years ago back to Nature/God

    YEs.. oH GOD@YES!..

    And now to Heaven.. yes.. the
    real one as portrayed in the
    Carl Sagan inspired Movie
    ‘Contact’ with Jodie Foster
    and the Dude coming up
    on Pensacola
    Beach (may
    be me 2)
    he HE..
    nicely as a Dream
    of Heaven in real life
    to Jodie Foster too..
    her lifelong dream to escape
    to Pensacola Beach and yes..
    it is for all practical intents and purposes
    in all ways human comes with even a Beautiful
    Bikini Beach Contest to go aLong with a place where
    violence rarely happens on a Beach with few to no clothes
    in all of hUman bEinG’s inherited Gift of Heaven now.. yep
    concisely put
    NOPE.. no one
    commits suicide
    bombings heAR
    as Heaven
    in Flesh and Blood real..
    anyWay.. i have the irrefutable evidence heAR..
    iN PHOTO WAYS..;)


    “PLaYing NOT SpecStating”..

    On the ‘Wrong Planet’.. online.. attempting my best..
    oh God.. yes.. my best to describe and illustrate
    nicely another hemispheric possibility of brainiac
    life out of books to what is comprised according to
    polls of 95% shy aka introverted folks tHERe
    mostly stuck in left
    brain school
    mechanical cognition..
    S Y S T E M I Z I N G
    scientific method one step
    two step.. five or whatever
    limited to concrete
    roads of
    life that never
    Spiral trULy Free
    iN the Kingdom of God/Nature
    Heaven now.. tough audience.. let’s just
    say.. but hey.. i gave it a spin.. an epic spiRAl sPin of
    words and photo evidence and other ways of living evidence too..
    the height of ignorance is when the moderator dude who could not
    understand hardly anything i was saying in right brain ways..
    suggested that if science does not empirically
    prove something exists in measurable
    and repeatable experiment
    way that it simply
    heHe.. like
    hUman eMoTioNs
    And seNses FloWinG
    as a river of heaVen now..
    or creatiVity that i do that no
    computer will ever duplicate
    without a Holy Spirit that cannot be
    duplicated ever now.. so far beyond
    the eyes of Quantum mechanical computations now..
    you know/feeL iT reAlly makes sense.. as blasphemy like
    this against the holy spirit is the only sin.. as if
    you don’t believe
    it’s possible..
    you’ll ever
    get through the
    needle with a camel
    of systemizing left brain
    thinking suffocating out half a brain..
    seRiouSLY as most all sages of the ages
    say in yin and yang way.. both sides baby.. both
    alive now..
    anyway.. the so-called
    Walrus and others tHeir..
    yeS.. evenTuAlly banished
    me from heLL in deleting and
    banning ways.. and trUst me..
    i am enjoying my staycation now
    aWay from the stRinGs that hold Heaven down..
    and yes.. the same left brain stuck thinking folks also i found
    in shy and introverted avenues of the Poetry organized
    communities too.. just different clothes.. and the same
    limited beasts
    and holy spirit sAMe..
    i did my best tHeRe to
    Describe Heaven too..
    hehe.. and
    kicked me
    out for being too Free now then too..
    heHe.. Staycation Heaven continues as ‘i’say.. MORE.. heAR..;)


    ‘GOD’s muse of dance’
    from back in December of 2014..
    almost 9 months photo documentation
    of smiles that live in Heaven even in smoky
    bars back then before they put a stop to lung
    pollution at Old Seville Quarter.. hundreds of smiling
    bliss filled women in the act of dance free spirited as God/Nature
    and actuAlly
    many of them
    totally sober between
    the ages of 18 and 21.. too
    young to disguise the sober joy of dance..
    and it doesn’t matter what you call heaven when isReaL
    now the
    of non
    is the judge
    jury with no lawyer now..;)

    And now to get away from this
    keyboard that can eventually
    lead to stifling a dance along
    with a song of life.. in Holy and
    Sacred R and R Activities that
    i for one
    me WiTh
    GoD further
    away from this Keyboard
    now.. ultimatELy in a Dance
    of number 153 week at Old
    Seville tonight.. with more fun
    photos coming somewhere around
    3 Am on 3.24.17.. in this MacroVerse
    heAR and shared on the next one too..
    as sMiLes of liFE continue to be a most powerful
    muse for SonG of CreaTivity to go Free with DancE too..
    what songs.. theme songs to use.. Chvrches seems about
    wRite aGaiN as Lord kNows/FeeLs/SenSes.. the SinGer is so free spirited too..
    no longer lost from electron spiRAl..:)

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  11. some bloke says:

    *wew* equinox time again?

    good to bump into u again, always a pleasure to rediscover ya 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    • sMILes.. my FriEnd.. first oF aLL.. as tHere
      was once upon a time far far far away from
      now in a place called hell wHere i could
      not remember how a smile
      felt or even
      what what
      one looked like
      on my face.. yeP..
      for real.. other than
      baring teeth for 66 months..
      i’m counting them.. yes.. you
      give me 11 Smilie Face icons
      heAR.. some bloke.. and as ‘they’
      say folks always give what they do
      not or once upon a time did not have..
      so sure that
      is my favorite
      gift now that folks
      give to me in reciprocation
      in the extent i amuse them
      in many wayS.. heHe.. particularly
      in a journey of over 7000 miles of
      Metro Public Dance as i approach a
      43rd anniversary month of doing that..
      And the laughs too of course as down heAR
      in the Deep South.. the long dressed and tightly
      buttoned color top types can be a tough audience
      to muse.. but after mixing my ballet with martial
      arts in front of a Rose Display with the wife.. at
      a local down home
      i heard
      the song of
      an old woman cackle
      in her granny dress from
      one of those home folk cars
      run down and run up with glee of life..
      hAha.. Mission Accomplished BabY as Austin Powers might say..
      anyway.. thanks so much for coming by as you might feel/sense by
      is muse
      to me.. dARk to LiGht..
      And as any All Natural Psychedelic
      Dude miGht say.. yeP.. beYOnd Rainbow Colors2..
      Oh yeah.. and i got sidetracked as waves often due..
      what i meant to say.. is.. i love the way words feel and sense
      as much as how they look and mean.. and Equal iN Knocks (Equinox)
      kind of
      of DARk
      and LiGht
      aLL A BaLAncE for mE..
      so sure.. it’s more than
      a day.. Equinox alWayS now.. mY friENd..;)

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