DancE SinG GoD FReED

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i believe in magic..
Therefore.. i find iT everywHeRe
everYday alWays now.. and tHere
was a now.. where i did not have the
ability to believe in anything.. as the belief
is the magic unto itself.. a human emoTioN
that moves the mountains of possibilities.. far
and farther away.. from the empirical science of
sticks and stones.. and with every variable
of moving.. connecting.. and creating..
magic becomes stronger and much
greaTeR As pArt of ReaLITy noW..
so iN looking for a hidden
dot of Mercury crossing
the Sun noW tHis afternoon..
then i come across something
much greater as iPhone 6s
and cotton candy Sun
Now makes MaGiC
reaL iN sKeYes noW
oF God Free.. yeS iN
mY eYes aS WeLL..2
so.. i SinG a SonG
of Art Free wITh
MaGiC dreAMs
oF CLoud
Art iN
color sKeYes
oF FiRe.. hiGher
and hiGheR aNd thAT
rEmiNds me of ’83 or so..
and watching Michael Jackson
dance somewhere around the now
of ‘Thriller.’. and thInKinG i should be
dancing freer un-like that stiff robot
style of locked hips..
and arms hidden
by sides.. of i
then limited
to the ‘Disco
Club 2001’.. then..
but seriously.. terrified
to go anywhere to any bar
without a six pack of courage..
and hell no.. not in abs.. in cans
as it were then.. and after watching
another God Story on National
Geographic with host
Morgan Freeman..
on Miracles tonight..
and remembering
the now back then..
me so shy out of
any environment
really but work..
and even
going to see
some extended in-law
family event at King Middle
School.. with much younger
niece Candie back then..
as i had gone to such
a rut passing out
shoes even then
fast forward to
about 10 years
later or so
at around
’93.. or more..
so.. yes.. to think..
20 years later than
that and 30 years later
than ’83.. in ’13.. i would
embark on a public dance
journey noW eNcompasSinG
5348 miles since the
end of August
2013.. named
as legend of
dance by
around town..
Miracles are real..
truly they are.. when
one becomes fearless..
and just does it a new
way now.. and truly it
helps to work for
of restrictive
bucks that tale ya..
how and how ya can
or cannot serve God
oF aLL wITh True
WiLL come to
fruition iN
So Yes..
i finAlly remembered
my TrUe WiLL as Michael
Jackson sort of says in the
theme song here.. and the
rest.. hehe.. is recorded
history oF THaT onLine..;)


A story of a screen.. no.. not my computer.. a window screen of prison..
Yes.. the screen that let’s the air flow.. but another screen on the other
side of my bed will allow for that and bathroom window screen
as well.. anyway.. Hurricane Ivan
damaged our screens back
in ’04.. and instead
of repairing
them we opted
to store them in
the shed and put that
off for another day.. Well..
that other day came and comes
this week.. when my sister’s friend
repairs them all for free and installs
them too.. which was very nice of her..
as i ain’t much of a blue collar guy these
days in ways of manual labor.. as such..
but as i’ve often reported.. the worst
pArt of my 66 months of hell
was losing my emotional
regulation and sensory
integration.. and
to move..
connect and
create in artful
ways toward
creativity.. and
granted a close to five
decades or so of external
goals for rewards of grades or
money behavior.. just about erased
my imagination and creativity for around
4 decades.. particularly in the red state
fundamentalist Christian area i
lived in as stuff like art ..
including dance..
and even F
iN smiling
ear to ear
was not something
allowed by the bully
so-called Christian
boys.. if you didn’t wanna
get ostracized out of the social
circle or even worse.. beat up..
and although i was skin and bones
my somewhat unusual height of 5 foot
10 at age 13.. likely prevented that as
even at skinny.. height has its
advantages in a fight
as far as
reach of
whatever fists
exist and such
as that.. anyway..
back to emotions.. beauty
is an emotion.. hell no… not
just objective data from something
good looking.. and to lose the ability
to feel the beauty of a sunset is an incredible
loss of true magic in life.. and pArt of why i love
photography so much.. is the iPhone 5.. with the
retina display i purchased in March of 2013.. was
the first color display i could stand with my eye pain..
since even before i became disabled in 2008.. yes
the eye pain in stimulus of colors started well before
then in the Winter to Summer of 2007.. about the
same time i got chilled in the air of 100
degree temperatures in July.. 2007..
which was the strangest
thing ever.. for
me as always
a rather hot
blooded individual W/temp..
of 103 then.. as ‘Foreigner’
might say.. and now that i have
my senses regulated.. 33 or 103..
is comfortable to me.. in relative
terms.. of course.. so i increase my
ability to feel beauty and my ability
to imagine more to expand my horizons
of human magic through the art of photography
and while someone is just seeing an advertisement
in the mall.. i am feeling a masterpiece of God as
Manifest by human.. albeit motivated by bucks..
iT matters not as my imagination can make It
into a masterpiece of wonder..
expanding my being in
mind and body balance
soUl.. iN heARt oF emoTioNs
MoVinG ConnecTinG mE wiTh
aLL oF NatUre.. and cultUre..
as SpiRit both FeeLinG
and ExpreSsinG iN GiVinG
shaRinG ways.. and after
losing all of that when
the God of Nature shoWed
mE REAL HUMAN HeLL and the
Dante Rings of depth therein without
a drop of manna to drInk.. i pay God and
aLL oF God’s Nature back my shaRinG
inSights through introspection and much
greATer iMaGiNaTion.. in Creativity than
i could ever iMaGinE iN HeAveNoW.. tHEN..
so to make a longer story
sTiLL CoMinG shorter
i woke up and
saw the
prison bars
of Feng shui wHere
as the God Story of Miracles
last night so aptly described as
Fish Swum by water of Life and
Birds carried by the air instead
of Swimming Fish and Flying
birds.. iN the interconnectedness
of Nature one.. not unlike the
Dao way of Being too..
and no longer
is that escape
in my bedroom prisoned
by bars of screen that stop
5 feet away.. inStead oF floWinG
iN ZoNE of Nature through all the
Beauty of LiFe in my yard..
AND every single
on my blog
is sacred to me..
as trUly aLL iS Connected
in God’s eYes from head to toe
to Galaxies beyond and subatomic
particles and BEyonD below as well
as above.. so that Window is not just
a window and some pretty plants outside
that WinDow is a sacred WinDoW to God..
wHere i put my foot down instead of saying
yes dear.. as one who knows what to do to
stay married.. says to the wife.. and i said
that screen is going back in the shed
now.. i’m taking it down now..
and the wife is not
too happy
but i have
for one not so lucky
as i too be damned to hell
to find out the full expanse of
the gifts of God that are as simple
as the heaven of a room with a view..
as before.. there was no imagination..
no moving.. and connecting art of
life for me.. all there was
was hell..
and i for one
ain’t going back tHere
aGaiN.. and WiLL do aLL i KinD
to lEnd to otHeRs eYes that see and
bE heaVen noW.. in the Kingdom of GOD
REAL.. and it shouldn’t be surprising
that folks see God’s in the sky above..
when there was time for imagination
in the eternal etheralsphere.. of now..
for the ancient Greeks and Romans
to see chariots of Gods in
council of clouds iN
sKeYes.. ’cause
i saw them
too In
IMAginAtIon of pattern
SeeKinG way when i finAlly
Healed and returned to my
5 year-old state of bEinG before
entering hell.. yeah.. like when i was
three and could sense and feel God inside..
outside.. above.. so below.. and all around
as Nature.. just in a casual back yard
toddler stroll looking across
the River
Feng Shui..
also kNoWn..
sTiLL noW as the
black water river that
once was named as the
entry point to briar bush
banks of HELL also known
as Milton.. it’s true.. i grew up
on what was once literAlly named
as the bank of HELL.. before the thorns
of briars were removed.. and a mill
town for lumber to build replaced
HELL.. well.. for me.. i saw
heaven first.. per the
Kingdom of God
felt and sensed..
in God’s all
way then
in Feng Shui
way.. and true it became
hell again all over the place
for me.. but it was culture that
took that away.. and my willingness
to accept the illusions and rules thereof
and therein.. as cog in the machine of
human derived rules away from
God’s Nature.. i play
with God now..
and let other human’s
play with tools of separation..
and sure my wife will speak to
me again.. later today sometime..
but the truth is all there is.. is time
in hell.. so she can have all she wants
as i cannot convince her of the Heaven
i see and feel out that Window.. and if i
cannot convince the person i live with both
through hell and heaven.. how can i expect
to convince anyone else
heaven is real now.. WeLL
yeS.. lesSon
oF patience
in HeLL.. the Devil
knoWs better after
the fALL iN DArk NiGht of SoUl..
and wITh return to AngEL noW..
Fear is the killer of all that is good in
life.. all that is the Kingdom of God that is
Good and all that is Good that human
being feels and senses.. to lose
any freedom.. to repress
any sensuality.. feeling
or other sense that
does not harm
else is
a path
away from
wE GoD Free.. eternAlly noW
and i feel so sorry for someone
like Michael Jackson.. so full of art
and creativity.. and obviously so full of
fear from a childhood.. of abuse in forcing
perfection of rules oF art on him.. where his only
way to escape that was controlling his environment..
until one day the anxiety drove him to sleepless nights..
and the only escape was suicide for him.. and after 40
days of almost no sleep for me.. i can relate
to that kind of hell..
but it’s the same
with my wife..
a stepfather
standing over
her bed with a knife
when she was small.. one
of the only memories of her
childhood she has.. so her way
of dealing with that is obsessive compulsive
control over everything in her environment
that she can.. not unlike Oprah Winfrey..
who has so many fabulous homes..
after being raped when young…
or Joel Osteen.. and
his 10 million dollar
home.. perhaps
some bullies
called him
queer as
a pretty boy smiling
too.. threatening to beat
him up if he didn’t become a
man.. i haven’t looked into it closely
but just with my empath eyes.. recently
seeing him on a show before the mask comes
with his show of positive ways of dealing with
life that i applaud for what he does in
transforming the modern Christian
religion into one of
Christ the spirit
of Love away
from fear.. as human
archetype iN excellence
oF hUman huwomanifest
as God in temple oF
human being
flesh and blood..
but sTiLL.. most
anyone who has material
excess lacks a fuLL heARt..
SpiRit.. and SoUL of mInD
and body balance.. as there
is so much heaven all around..
inside.. outside.. above.. so below..
in just naked flesh being carried
by the Winds of God in Sands
of free.. Dancing
with the Gravity
of God
of Against God’s GraViTy
in PriSons.. of cultUre
and fear.. of hell ways
and demon devils
being reaL noW..
there iS an Art to soUl..
in moVinG CreaTinG
and Connecting
Real liFe noW..
and theRe can NoW
bE a science oF cognitive
empathy iN attempts
to help save
folks from
hell of fear
back to Heaven of
what can be Potential
Sacred Love aLL as the Christ
metaphor and archetype of
human SinGs
a SonG of SoUL..
yeah.. baby.. at the end
and the beginning.. the
finish and stARt of liFe
aLways noW iT iS aLL thAT
and how i wish
to see the sMiLe
of Heaven everlasting
eternAlly noW on otHeR
hUman bEinGs noW besides
jUst mE.. as yes.. even
iN HeaVen it CAN
And Now i smell
Pine Sol.. and my grandmother
who was psychologically and
physically abused by both
her Father and Husband..
and how she scrubbed those
floors from day to night
after picking cotton
to raise her
after waitressing
for 12 hours a day..
to support my mother
and how she finALLy
broke down and could
no longer do it.. and how
my mother supported her.. then
for the rest of her life.. and
how my sister and i but much
more my sister does that for
my mother now.. and how an
extended family of help no longer
exists as much in western so-called
first world civilizations now.. where
clean up crews take care of the remains
of old folks in apartments in Japan
as they have lost all connections
with other human beings in flesh
and blood noW wHere technology
reiGns over flesh… and
how my wife’s greatest
fear.. having no children.. is being
left all alone in later life.. and how
Yellow Boy is truly all her
Love now.. and how
she cannot relate
to what i am
as i cannot
be controlled any more
as just the floor as she
mops it now clean more..
and how allone i feel
yet how alone i can
feel she is.. but
how i cannot
take away
the everlasting
fear of childhood abuse..
not having enough to eat..
and living with little to less
trust in the good
of the world..
as she too was
abused at school..
for having to get those
reduced lunches and not
having the pretty clothes of
other girls.. the world sucks
when people hoard and forget
to give and share.. the world sucks
when folks don’t have an early loving
extended family and village environment..
when the human touch is King and Queen
over material items to buy at SuperWalmart
and store in garages.. when cars become
Lovers.. and homes become God..
when clothes become
and naked
life sucks..
i make love to
liFenoW FucK THAT…
BUT ALLONE i stay… aLiVE..
and the best thing about writing and
expreSsinG emoTioNs like this is i remember
why i Loved my Grandmother so much and
from my last post my friend Renee..
and of course Katrina too.. as they
struggled so much with a history of
abuse.. and Michael
Jackson too.. for i can
shed tears freely now..FReED..
without fear of some ignorant
Christian Red State boy for calling
me queer.. as i’ve worked my way
up to heaVen.. and no REAL FOOL..
but true ‘they’ kNow and feel not what they do.. as they live in
HELL.. AND that’s
the sAddest pARt oF aLL..
an opaque window thAT
has no
window @aLL
to heavenOw…
wITh FucKinG per·se·ver·ance..
iN “DancE SonG mY SoUl”.. yeS!..
and that’s the new naMe oF mY
approaching 4 MilLion Word
poem AkA “KATiE MiA FredericK!iI”
noW as thiS WiLL eventually bE the
667th macro verse of that
as named too..
jUst that..
it’s not enough
to SinG the kNoWledge
oF the Kingdom of God as
Heaven noW.. one may DancE
iT better to find It to open
up the WiNdow and
Breathe Free FiNally..
sadly.. i cannot convince
the wife.. who looks in form
like a Natural Ballet Dancer
to do even one step
of dance
free floWinG
in Feng Shui way..
but iF like me at ’53..
or ’63.. or even ’93..
if she ever takes
that first
step to
dance free..
freeing the emotions
of her body.. from the
tensions of fears iN past..
in regulation of heaven..
integrating her senses
from head to toe..
feeling the
of ecstasy
when the entire
body is one sexual
organ from head to
toe in mind and body
balance of MaKinG Love
to God free within.. outside..
above.. so below and all around FReED
kinda like mE..
anyWay.. the challenge
of liFe gOes oN.. i woNe
thE tEst oF FReED.. and all iS
left is the greAteSt challenge
to even take the closest
one’s to me..
to HeaVenoW..
wITh a spArk thaT
works for them..
or at lEast
a hint..
to the bliss..
the Nirvana of the Kingdom of God Heaven
INherITance Free thAT caN bE wEfreeforALL..:)


sMiLes.. my friend Candice
thefeathered sleep… at 13..
before the boys tOld me i can’t
smile.. i wrote a play.. and a Christmas
story that won a prize among 80 kids
in two homeroom way..
my greAtEst surpriZe.. as
i could not logically..
in equation way..
figure out wHere the
heaVen in heLL those
emoTioN fillED words
cAMe from then..
and then all went
away except for a spark
in a philosophy class at 18..
wHere the oNe oF aLLInterdependent
Connectedness surfaces in words then..
uknoWinGest.. to me anywhere above..
collective unconsciousness archetypes
then.. of bEinG dEEpeR stEePed as
tea in text book ways..
so now.. i dreAM and
wRite as sAme butt mY frIEnd
tHere is no Heaven iN online but
words of i.. to give.. to share.. nothing
in return but silence most often.. and
that is wHy i dAnce.. i move.. connect..
and create in feat of feet.. as i feel iT aLL
more than iMaGiNaTioN alone.. tHeRe IS
A MinD tHere IS A BoDy.. but without both
iN MoVinG ConnEcTinG waYs oF CreatiViTy
as hEArt tHere is less than two ones of K 11 hOldinG
HAnds at H 8 oF INfInity eternAlly noW aka Heaven
NoW the BliSs the NirVana Satori aLwAYs noW..
and trUe rarEly in public does someone say
may i have this dance wITh yoU NoW..
but iT matters noT..
as after 5348 miles in
33 months noW.. most
everywHeRe i go.. someone
WiLL sMiLE aT mE wHeRever
i go.. in the metro area HeaR
of distance MoVinG
CreaTinG mE
DancE and SonG
oF SoUL noW and the
fools who see only the
fool of me without the sacred
pArt i Live within.. are MiSsinG
something iN liFe i wOUld LovE
to sHare iF they woULd juST
take a
i gET so lonely at
tIMes online too.. mY friEnd..
trYing to leave a Nautilust
shEll of aLL i kNoW.. FeeL.. and
SensE.. whiLe this staRbursT
creaTiViTy eXits as mE..
but i kNow
sEnse and
FeeL thAT
iS onLY
a Dance A Way
and when i have enough
of thiS online thinG.. i juSt
do iT as i AM A Dance oF sTAr2..:)


my friEnd..
i miss Rosalinda’s
eYes.. yet my mother
was not Spanish.. my Grandmother
half as Cajun and there was a half
Cuban/Irish girlfriend of similar
named SoNia way back
when.. yes.. at
18 then..
and it’s funny
as when she left..
is reAlly when i found
more of the EmoTions
of mE than ever beFore..
as modern science suggests
today.. heartbreak is the escape
of oxytocin touch.. and serotonin
trust.. but the dopamine of creativity
rises… to get Love again.. in Artful
ways of attracting flesh and
blood again..
so it wasn’t SoNia
reAlly that i missed..
it was the art of sadness
i fOUnd iN mE.. thE Rosalinda
eYes of i.. fouNd finAlly iN aLL
the bitter sweet liFe thaT is
MaGiC through
and grief..
as change comes
and wE GroW moRe
to see the beauty of both
dArk and liGht and iF you remember
that SonG as i am kinda on a Billy Joel
kick this morning.. and now back to Rosalinda’s
eyes.. i aM thaT FucKinG
Crazy Latin
Dancing Solo
Down iN Herald
Square at 5348
miles now at
33 months coming
at the end of tHis May
noW.. anD wheRever i go..
tHere IS A SMiLe oF soMe girL/Woman
from 18 above and below and even aT noWs..
80 and above.. but the bottom line iS
Crazy Latin Dancing Solo Heralding
Happy Real..
and i FucKinG
Love crazy as much
as RosaLinda’s eYeS noW..:)


A SonG oF SoUL for grief.. a sacred
waY for mE noW for sure.. and
‘After the Love is Gone’..
was the that song
for me for decades
as that was the
Song as mentioned
in my last post playing
when my first Love broke
up with me.. and so whenever
i wanted to feel that deep emotion
of sadness.. i could play it on keyboard
as a pianist for decades then.. and yes.. i have
a new one named “Come What May”.. for when our
cat Moby was sick.. and i knew we would not have
much time left with him.. and when he was with
me WiTh bright green eyes..
purring on my leg..
i played it facing
the reality of what
would be me making
the decision sooner than
later to end his life peacefully
rather than struggle of misery and suffering
as best as i could to make his last days
’till the end in comfort then..
and after spending over 5 years
without a tear.. without even
a memory of what a sMiLe
felt like or even
if i had
ever really
felt a laugh
in my liFe aT aLL
as when memories of emotions
go.. there is no reference point
as there are not even emotions
of memories left..
in a black
hole soul
of death living liFe..
so yes.. when my first tear
came in April of 2013.. when
we faced the decision to put down
Sunny Boy.. Yellow Boy’s heir
apparent Son.. as he was
injured in a fight
and found
to have
kitty aids
then.. by a 6
LB terror neighborhood
block cat named Oreo
who was not
even afraid
of the
humans around the
block then.. a tear
came finAlly after the
event of putting him down..
and for the first time in over
5 years i felt strength in my
legs even though i still
retained my
ability to leg
press 500 LBS
with a weak feeling
in my entire body with
only pain that would never
go away.. until that moment
a tear of strength came.. and
what i cAMe to find Wisdom as then..
is that a tear is what makes us strongest
oF aLL.. and yes.. science even shows this
to be true now.. with dopamine increase
of innervating nerve muscles
stronger of course..
along with
and art in
MoVinG.. GroWinG
ConnecTinG.. MoTiVaTinG
MoRe way.. so i embrace
the sacredness of Grief now..
and my theory of why those sad
country music songs are so popular
to the patriarchs in the South
who are taught to
repress their
smiles.. their
and EmoTioNs
overall by screaming
daddies that say get
tough boy.. dam it..
get tough
is it gived
’em an excuse noW
to be human for just
a little.. while. and it’s
probably why they Love Jesus
so much.. as that gives ’em a little
opportunity to express the divine feminine
Love that is God as much as WiLL and Strength
in Fearless way of patriarch men to protect the home
and family.. and Tribe/Nation as such.. so i will come
what may.. in bliss and grief.. as they are both connected
in LiGht
and DArk
as God oF aLL
of i as mE..wE
After the Love iS gOne
iS trUly juST an invitation
iN groWinG HeaVen more.. and iT
was so hard for mE to figure out the
bitter sweet trUth oF aLL oF thAT then..
as i lived in head instead of body
of emoTioNs full in sOuL
and balance
F iN MiNd
and bOdy both baLan-
CinG but now i Understand
so much better and use God
given Nature to my advantage
instead of escape..
Nature has mercy..
and to floW
WiTH NatUre
instead of E-scape
iN flight or flight
away from fight
oF aLL Of
DArk aNd LiGht
iN NiGht Of Day..
iS sImplY
liFe.. The giFt..
thE PreSent.. tHe NoW oF God..
And while no doctor or therapist could
give me a pill to get my emotions back..
i found my own cure.. and interestingly
in the Movie Captain America.. Civil WAr..
Iron Man develops a millions of dollars
technology that allows him
to three dimensionally
visit the trauma’s
of his life’s past
that have
’caused demons
of repressed emotions
and resulting somatic
distress locked in a
body that keeps battle
scars unresolved of
the heARt.. SpiRit..
and soUl in or out
of Balance
as such..
i found a cheaper way..
truly almost a free way to get
mine back.. supported by decades of
nerds finding an avenue to transport
emotions of music to an online haven
of soUl in YouTube way..
and the poeTry
of connecting
emoTions to Language
came to be guide posts
and signs back to the
heARt of i.. and one
blog post
back in Spring
of 2013.. named
Autistic Love Letters
where i did that collage
of many of the folks and the
dog lost to me.. through ages
of slowly repressing the heARt
of i to escape the
path to groWing
that grief can bRing..
it was the spArk that stARted
bRinGinG me back to life.. and
there was a little online heart
break of a misunderstanding between
me and my first real online friend..
and a White Pearl of a new one
in July of 2013.. that
brought me back
to Life again.. aLL
yes.. the Saviors
of my liFe and
truly the cat
Oreo was the one
who initiated
the growth
my sOUl
back.. through
in ultimate effect
of killing one of
the greatest Love
of cats i had
then.. in
what was
left of
what i could
feel of anything then..
surprise.. surprise.. the dArk iS
liGht and the liGht can be dARk..
iT iS aLL onE.. grin and
bear it
as final
LeSsoN to me..
and for reference here..
the posts that truly cured
me.. the memory of Life..
and the help of
who brought
me back.. particularly
Steve Jobs.. as he got
that Retina Display to me..
in the initial spark of
beauty true..
to bRing
me Back to
Life as the
JOB.. a UniVErse
wE aLL aRe toGeTher
on forgotten
noW.. the
saddest paRt
oF liFE is death in Living HeLLnoW..
but the hope is.. iT is tHeRe noW..
even at the dArkest liGht oF aLL..:)

SeeKinG FinDinG PracTiCinG
YiN And YanG BaLanCe NoW
WitH tRee
oF LiFe
noW iN HeaVeNoW..
NoW iMaGiNe iF yA cAN
trUly iT’s noT harD to dO..
iF eVery chiLd coMes
inTo thiS WORlD..
wItH A waY
liKe thiS
yeS.. noW
tHiS sHiRt
sAys aLLtHatiS
aS Truth aNd LiGht
As GoD iN noW ReaL..:)

One of my only ‘views of the world’..
albeit blurry as i could only bear to
wear my sun glasses for
more than a few minutes
of excruciating pain
to take Katrina
to Walmart
during those
66 months of shut-in
Hell.. Pain is all i was..
locked in for almost the
first three years.. without
the ability to even read or
watch TV or listen to music
at all.. trapped in my mind
i was then.. and at home..
just sitting on the patio
staring off into
space before
the ability
to look at
a screen turned all
the way down in almost
total darkness of words..
a few inches away to attempt
to stand the eye pain without
the extra pain of prescription
shades.. of focus.. in association
with Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
worst pain known to mankind from
wake to sleep.. for all
those 66 months
of HeLL then.. pain..
and as of November..
Thanks Giving Day
of 2010.. the first
mountain of word
came.. but the hell.. one
of my only views of the
external world was this
dam wood fence at
Walmart all those
years then..
so yeah..
doing a little
reminiscing today
of wHere i’ve been
iN preparation to wHere
i WiLL go neXt.. as i continue
to gain greater memories of my
past life.. after illness took almost
everything away from me as Hell
then.. and the EMoTioNs that
are alWays associated wITh
Memories dArk come
FlooDing back
and bloGGinG
is one of the
best ways
to process iT aLL..
and perHaps.. who KnoWs..
even provide some inspiRaTioN
to someone else along the paths
of longer word journeys now..
bottom line.. it’s a healthy
thing to do.. to explore
the Inner UniVerse oF
hUman and share
as story talers
give.. few do
sTiLL exist
longer than Twitter
and ‘normal’ Facebook
Statuses as days oF OlD..
wheN thE hUman heARt
iS KinG anN QueeN oF WoRlD..:)

And here the patch of Dirt on River
of Downtown Milton..
on Willing Street
my home of
young.. and the
River i LooK aCross
at age 3.. before i can
speak at age 4.. sensing
feeling i have been here
forever wITh the God
of NaturE noW.. And
aLL iSreal.. forevernow..
as now can be then.. now..
and it’s kinda nice when
although your shotgun
home has been
torn down..
what is left
is like a Public
Park to explore
and yes.. reminisce
the days before school
days when all iS Nature
ONE as God and i then..:)

So.. i take a walk up the Hill on Pine Street West
as i walked to first grade school.. at Canal
Street Elementary school in
first grade shoes..
where German
Shepard Dogs
scared me..
thinking they
might bite my hands
then in walk to school..
always felt like those hands
must be protected at all costs
then for some reason or another..
come to fruition now at best
intuitive guess sTiLL..
anyway.. no
dogs today..
and what changed
from Milton High school..
when my Mother graduated
from the same building in the
50’s and Elementary
school for me in
mid 60’s eventually
became my Junior College
place of school.. in ’78 as well..
as College Freshmen then.
oh.. the smAll town liFe
then.. where everyone
knew your name..
and all looked out
for most everyone
then.. a walk to
the five and dime
in the other direction
North.. and just 20 miles
or so south.. to some of the
most beautiful sugar white
sands of beach in the World..
wRite here.. on the banks
and briars that grew
in a place once
called HeLL..
yes.. on
those banks
i am raised then
in small mill town
groWing to Metro
Area full population
Santa Rosa County
now wHere heavy
traffic replaces
Drives of Peace
most every day
oF LiFe.. on Front
Porches.. and fields
of playgrounds.. wHere
children breathe.. and
feel the moist grass between
toes away from screens of scream
as is the norm of close to heLL noW.. REAL..
anyway for all practical intents and purposes..
i am
5 again..
or maybe 7..
but never the less
A L L E L U I A noW..
Yah.. Praise ye YaH..:)


The greatest part of grief is it inspires..
The greatest part of human is truly emotions..
As they move human to greater heights of survival..
And sadly some ways of thought away from emotion..
suggest that EmoTioNs are inferior in some way.. and nothingness
of feeling is preferable over all natural human emotions that keep
the species feeling.. moving.. and feeling more for Flight of liGht..
instead of Flight away
from EmoTioNs TrUe..
and the time i spent on the
Wrong Planet.. the last resort
online as metaphor for the outcasts
of life.. stuck in books.. lecture halls..
and often analytical equations
in scientific one step
two step three four five..
to assess and stay
in repeatable ways
of being over and
over and over
again same..
as metaphor
as well… please..
as sure they do other
stuff too.. as this is just
a loose generality..
but anyway..
same is hell
Heaven is change..
and the way to move
is to feel first in ways
iN positive liGht oF EmoTioNs
In HiGher Vibrations Of LiFeNoW
as SonG iN DancE oF LiFe
Flows hiGher in positive
And sure.. while the
“Eckart Tolle” Goal noW
of now is simply existing
in the now.. desiring nothing
along with Buddha and others
in a middle way.. i wanna feel the
highs and lows too.. and come
back to the middle
to rest..
and even
in that place
of floating
bliss now
that is calm
and even like
a still Lake moonlit
way.. of inner peace..
Life is a circus.. a fair..
and a firework of survival..
And yes.. a liGht too BriGht
to dim with silence in breathes
of ease away from challenge..
Challenge bRinGs adaptation..
change and another way
to experience life..
as the human
race SinGs
and Dances
i On iN liGht
oF EmoTioNs MoVinG
uS hiGher and higHeR iN
all the nuanced ways noW oF
multi-verse rainbow life briGht..
Sure.. i wanna experience that
thing that “Eckart Tolle” the Buddha
and other have but i wanna do Pat
Benatar too.. as Promises in the DArk..
yes.. trUly Ark of Life can be dARk
as WeLL as liGht.. and when
aLL becomes saCred
from inside.. outside..
above.. so below and
all around..
liGht and
D a R K
AnD NonE iS DEatH..:)

Facebook Friend Sherri provides
the prompt of this SonG and DancE oF
poeTry by sharing the SonG oF
Promises In the Dark by
Pat Benatar..
and i say..

Thanks.. i literAlly
needed that
wRite now..;)
Every note of every
SonG and DancE
LiFe IS A poetic
prompt to me..


“The Powerful Play of Life Goes on and you May Contribute a Verse”

“What WiLL your Verse Be”

From the Robin William’s Dead Poet’s
Society remARKable SonG and DancE
aLL aBout LiFeNoW oF PasSioN JoY..
wHere the rules of art are
ripped out
of the
Book oF School..
and Neo becomes
the Poetry oF LIFe..
i don’t write FucKinG poEtry
for liKes and followers.. and
shares and such as thAT..
although i share iT
aLL for free
iN GiVinG
as that iS the way
oF hUman BeinG out
of the hOUses of StoRinG
GRain in AgriCULTural start
away from BeinG hUman
KiNd.. iN jealously and
greed.. anger.. and
hate and all stuFF
oF Fear away
i SinG and
have us
bE as US As wE..
and that iS why the
new ISraEL U.S. A.
and other free ways
thaT iS
for IS
aT lEaster
As hUman reborn
aS Free.. comes to
greATer FruiTioNoW..
as no longer is existence
predetermined by cultural
and religious existing rule
alone.. ALLONE iS Free as
GoD and We.. and the prophets..
as messengers oF GoD eXisT
wHereVer Fearless Love
as HuWoMan..
and SinG..
WitH TrUe
Relative Free WiLL..
wHeRe the F iN of Orca
is no longer limPed oVer..
hiGh wE SWi’M.. aS
JuSt anoTHeR
plaY oN poeTry..
FReED WiLLeY noW..
Yeah BaBy.. yoU kNow
aLL those selfies.. wITh
the left Arm raised as TriAngle
hiGh.. no that ain’t just an arm
thaT iS an Orca FiN Free
the Loose..:)


“The shoe that fits one person pinches another;
there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”

~~ Carl Jung ~~

Carl Jung is one of my favorites
as he wasn’t afraid to step
out of the
shrink box..
all wrapped up as
such in mind altering
drugs.. in ways of neuro-chemicals
which are only a tiny ingredient of
the neuro-mix of human being.. iE
oxytocin.. being a great
pArt of the
mix of social
bonding that
the profession is
only recently addressing
and there are so many more
lost continents of mind that
at least Jung attempted
to seek.. find and
case study
way.. and the greaTest
thing about being a Bi-Polar..
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type..
as i readily admit from
my history as such..
i’ve seen both sides
up close.. and
inside.. outside..
above.. so below
and all around noW
and understand Now
why i scare the crap out
of some folks.. and excite
others to no end with wee i can’t
believe i’m meeting you now
man.. they are they and
me is me.. those are those
and us or them.. Bio-Diversity
and all diversity is the way
of change.. the way
oF God oF aLL Nature
don’T take a Rocket
Scientist or Chemist
Pope to get this
Basic tenant
oF aLL tHat iS
and sure.. yes..
Being the
Lunatic in a room..
can spell either fear
or eXciTeMent for
those who enter
different ways of
BeiNG hUman..
but what i kNow from
the dArKest liGhts and
BriGhTest niGhts is there
are some places the hUman
HeArt.. SpiRit and MiNd
and BoDy balance
or imbalance
as SoUL
goes thaT iS
organic in Nature
where only time can
cure some ills in Rest
and Recuperation back
into liGht from dARk..
iT is those who have
sunk and swam..
swam and
and swam
again.. that
Learn to Swim
iN liGht and Dark..
and the hardest pARts
can be the shades of grey
in purgatory of middle ‘tween
Heaven and Hell.. but i have
a hidden grin my frIEnd as
i’Ve seen ‘tween.. above
and below most ALL
aRounD oF aLL
both sIDes noW..
and no doubt the
colors beyond the
RainBoW i Live.. few
have.. enTeRed noW..
but.. iF i can gET heRe
noW.. i retain hope for
otherS in the DarKest
Dead iN LiFe..
and as far as the
government goes.. meh.. 25 years
worKinG for that three ring circus
too long.. to be worried about rule
makers and such as that and
anyway.. a truly crazy
to hide.. nothing
to fear.. and nothing
to hate.. but Loving LiFe..
yeS.. it’s
F iN Crazy
but IT’s Free
iT’s NoW anD as
Ferris Bueller saY iN etH
a miGhty grasp of WisDom
take a day off or yA miGht jUSt miSs iT..
So.. i took mY LiFe oFF and
LiVeOnoW.. thanks Ferris..
even if you are not
AM noW
And craZy
iS as smART does..
iN thE SpiRit oF George Carlin
oN course
oF course..
WiTH A FoRresT
VieW oF GumpTiOn..:)


So.. as balance goes..
and Yin and Yang SinGs
HiGher and higheR Free..
MoVing and CreaTinG i am
but i am MiSsing ConneCtinG
a little too much..
so in an attempt
@reaching more folks
one on onE noW
as noW iS aLL tHat
iS i travel to dVerse..
to connect
iN SoUl
of poeTry
tHeir and as far as
reciprocation.. i AM
usuAlly a little too strange
for that but that is the way
of the online poeTry world
As iNfusED iN structured way..
oF away from Robin Williams
Dead Poet’s Society wITh more
introverted.. conservative
ruLED miNds..
tHIS bird sINgs fREE
A SonG and DancE
oF LiFe.. FReEd and
Y tHere are
noWs that
SinG WitH
mE and WinD theY
Do Choirs of AngELs
coMe aLiVe as ET
iS real iN
SonG and
Dance both
on earth noW
and OnLinE too
iN eXTrAterrestrial
way as thaT is what
E Land IS A Land aWay
from real that can be anything
we like or dislike or totally ignore..
but in real liFe.. i cannot be ignoRed
any more than a rose.. in the middle of Desert SAndS
as i dance a liGht briGhter than the moon briGhT aT niGht..
but yes.. noW
theRe iS tHat
record online thaT
i promiSed God wOUld
last after the last SonG
and Dance oF mEnoW..
and iF yoU are one of mY
few friEnds yOu WiLL
kNoW FeeL i never
break a
to a friEnd
and or mY friEnd
God iN Covenant waY..:)


WriTe oN cOUrse heRe
wITh Facebook Blog
post yearly reminders..
as Synchronicity WiLL
alWays HAve iN change
as similarLY psYchoLogicAlly
hUman coNsciousness
and suBconscious
humaN archetypeS
wayS noW oF
meaninGFuL ..
yeS oN
topiC noW
aT lEaster
foR MeNoW..:)


WeLL.. naH.. i don’TusAlly
share Thursday NiGht Dance
Shirts tHe niGht beForE DancE
aS Thursday NiGht WiLL bE
mY 110th Dance Week niGht
oF DoinG juSt thAT..
At Old Seville Quarter
wiTh aLL thE
Kool College
age folks tHeRe..
but Vincent Van Gogh
wITh aN S for HopE..
iT’S aBout placE..
wE hAve..
A SupeR
herO liKe thAT..;)


Believe it or not..
As Ripley sTiLL can
say.. i am not a word
person from birth.. i mean
duh.. didn’t speak until age
4.. so obviously a fAct.. as weLL
as Art of mE.. and trUly a form oF
Hyperlexia.. in interpreting and decoding
all stuff symbol.. is what i am.. a precocious
reader almost before speaker i was then..
although i could rarely maintain much
comprehension of whAT i read
other than the words
of forms
that i could
say in detail
way.. rather than
getting the bigger
picture then.. noW
in watching even
a movie and taling
iT back in
of telling speech
in verbal spoken
way.. so what’s wITh
aLL these words.. as visual
and numerical thInker is what
i am in symbolically navigating
my world back then.. wondering
watching.. all those talking
heads on news..
when WiLL i Flow
words like them
back then..
Well.. yeah.. i’M also
good then iN remembering
auditory lectures of Rote
fActs when focused iN
totAlly laser way aLL
In school then.. too..
and my visual and number
memory so great.. no contact
number list for me.. in personal
assistant way.. and let me tale you
all about the shirt i wore.. on a vacation
20 years ago.. down to the way it felt
on my neck yes.. back then too..
but words.. they
escaped the oral
way of presentation
in coherent flow way..
until the typewriter comes
and i have the opportunity
to back space and
delete iF
need be
for iT aLL
to make sense..
and after losing effective
use of my eYeSiGht and
HeARing for around 66
months from January
2008 to July of 2013..
i am forced into Navigating
the World.. and do it more..
when i start writing online
oN Thanks Giving
Day of 2010..
and it’s great to be able
to see anything even just
2 inches away from dimly
lit screen.. through the pain
of heLL StiLL trying my best
to escape it in mind of written
words.. then.. So.. the picture.. number
and interpreter reason Thinker STiLL becomes
words and the rest is history as record here..
and many folks online who are identified having
Autism.. actually have a non-verbal.. form of Autism
wHere the word part comes easy but identifying faces
and expressions can be very difficult.. including
Math associated stuff.. and moving out
of a literal stay of miNd into
the more figurative
metaphor stuff
oF LiFE iN aRT oF hUman
way noW.. so yes.. it’s worth
noting than many poets who navigate
the human mind and environment through
words over photos and number way..
WiLL not get along as well
with the way
i write..
as an eX isual
image and number
tHInKer too.. but yes..
as iS the fAct of mY liFeNoW
tHeRe iS alWays challenge.. change…
and adaptation for neuroplasticity
in BRain Change way and
eVEn Epigenetics..
wHere wE unpack
our potential stored
DNA.. in genes.. and
make more more change
in even incredible and dramatic
change.. as is the case for
mE iN July
of 2013..
anyWay.. as i say aGaiN
Human Nature is Dynamic
aLways Changing
as adapting to
Challenge iN
and the Video.. as lInked
below about poeTry
iN TED Talk format
certainly SinGs a
SonG of THis
Nature oF
iN beInG
Human BeinG2..:)


WeLL.. a few detours
have deterred my Visit
back to dVerse and wHeRe
WiLL i sTart.. yes.. i’ll
go straight to the
last prompt
on Tuesday
wHere it’s about
Doors and opening
them and who.. now..
perhaps Writer’s own
the Wind.. as
Jim Morrison
WiLL likely
Ride too..
in memory
of the Doors
too.. yes..
wRiteR’s noW..:)

Doors oF ever noW..
open closeD
Brighter pathS
allone maY
kNoW noW..:)

FAcing tHe tesT
iN Door oF DeatH
Been tHeRE dONE
iT aLivE
aLiGht SHinE..:)

Doors oF tools
of human kind..
Guns and Roses..
Cars and Homes
yes.. fridges..
and stoves..
all doors
human touch..:)

Door of adults a
screened down porch
to children sitting at
a table one notch
Adults Sing
a song of
i wanna
more than
nursery rhymes
in grand ma’s
play pen
then.. they say
that’s where the
Kid’s eat..
i say..
i AM.. no
label just
a garden sTiLL..
in fertile soil..
Rose of i
so read

For me too..
walking down
a childhood road..
doors of old homes
antiquity sOld..
Lives inside

TiMe.. a River
and not a clock..
Life.. a now
and not
an end..
SAdly.. iN
more.. than liFe
oF Now.. Holy..
Insanity.. can
reign in
Nature.. has
the answer..
and Nike

The arriving or leaving
thaT multi-door of
liFe i’ve fAced
three nows
iN total..
one at 21..
two at 47..
three strikes
and i’m still
door remains
and then
i Dance..
back to doors
unless i’m wRiTinG
DancinG poetry
juST opening
old doors

the doors to
lonG ones for
me.. breWinG
Dr. Jekyll
to Mr.
as only
pLay oF
fiNdinG aLL
iS plaY in Y anG
oF LiFeNoW SonGs

YiN YanG
oF ‘PasSioN
foR LiVinG
Arts opeN DooRs
Of LiGht iN NiGht
DArk oF dAy noW..:)

Very quick side
note here..
a liFe oF Art..
side note ends..
and poeTry sTiLL
stArts and beGiNs..
with no end
or Finish

SMiLes.. i’LL
go doubting
Thomas route
iN opTioNaL
goSpel.. aWay
HeRe froM SAint
Francis.. Matthew..
All the rest..
best noW
oF aLL
don’t waiT..
WinDow fALLs..:)

doors to dance
StiLL relieve
me iN
of past..
trust me
not or yes..
when i say..
as Air Force
treating combat
veterans can say..
i’ve never
seen a case
of anxiety
as bad as
mine was
and no noW
longer iS
iN noW..
oF Dance..
they do happen..
but seriously..
body keeps
score.. to
free A priSon
oF iT iN iNterpretive
free style NO LESsONs
dance.. can bE A way
out free
of a priSon
iN mInd
and body
oF soUL..

i wouldn’T
be surprised
to date.. iF God
don’t sEnd A bEast
liKe GodZillA
tO tEach
A lesSon
fOr tranSgresSinG
aGAINsT Life
iN God’s
NatUre hOMe NoW
ouT oF BalanCinG
wRitE noW.. oH..
DoorS noW to
HeaVen alReaDy
openED.. hUmans
creaTe A heLL
iN doorS

Be back..
6:06 pm..
And yes..
back at 10:30 pm..

Doorways to Energies..
Oh.. Doorways to Love..
Furry pets come and
go.. Electric ZonE
of heat.. cooL noW
and entertainment
morE.. soMenoWs
i dance mORe As
air and water..
allone plays
wITh mE

World of spoon fed from
birth domesticated cats
we are with
wrapped around
the fingers of culture
we are.. always school..
always work.. little
no looking
glass within
to move connect
and create internally
and DancE
A Hurricane
outside.. a calm
within we generate

Screen Doors of Love
Swing by in rhymes of
times gone by..
Love within
Sings a
of missing
Door sWings
of Love
just a new
door to be found
to Love even more..:)

EmoTioNs of hUmans
rust without trust..
hidden in
of pain..
cob webs
of empty
SinG in sHades
of grey.. colors
igNite iN bones
aflaMe iN want..
Love iS in the Air
BehOld a flAMe oF
SoUl moVinG
iN colOrs SpRinG..:)

Door aNew
Door aOld..
Door sOld
Door bOught
Door bRinGS
Change oF dArk
And liGht challenge
Adapt GroWinGs mOre..:)

Every gRain of SAnd
a Door open to the
oF aLL..
or closed
to the essence
of one man less..:)

Birds and Fish Navigate
within.. wITh birds
a Trigeminal
per Quantum
aS baffLED
bY science
StiLL.. oh!
hUmans take
from others
aNd siT STiLL..
ha! apeX predaTor
iN priSons oF electriC
chAIRS Guinea PigS
iN TwiliGht

Revolving Doors of input
output garbage in
data of cogs
in machines
of culture
to be filLed..
MoVinG.. CoNecTinG
CreaTinG Doors output
more than input spoon
birth.. Terminator
ways die when Internet
kills the TV
as long as
of output becomes
the Terminator 2 gAMe..
Neo Lives too in output GamE..:)

girls bore
now most
for FREE
don’t stop
with the first
dogs begging
for bones at the door..
DiVersiTy.. iT’s what God
has fOr DiNner aFter aLL iS
The trUtH anD
liGht don’T giVe
an F whAt thE
F hUman books thInk..
hehe.. bet i aT lEast lose one
so-called followeR
for this little
i shine
oF Truth JEWeL
but Jesus.. ‘they’..
the whore dogs..
Neutered Jesus..
noW thaT waS aN ulTiMate
sIN oF ForEver fOr MaKinG liFe REAL..:)

SMiLes.. in mountains..
in valleys.. streams.. rivers
to oceans.. sky above..
and fertile
legs ‘tween
free humans
in sands
oF Life
God oF Heaven’s
Kingdom Lives Free
when Free SinGS a
SonG of SoUl oF
uS.. So FReED..:)

LiFe of liGht
Art of Hell..
Dark SoUl
of Night
Door to liGht
liFe’s Serpent..
Reptilian BRaiN
Lives for Balance..
Fearless Love.. heARt’s
SpiRiT SinGs a Balance
MiNd and BoDy SoUl FReED..:)

NeedLE of birth
spoon fED cultUre..
Breeds Trees wITh
low limbs.. Leaves..
climb hiGh.. open
aBove DancE noW
SinGs beloW SonG
A SoUl oF FReED..:)

BomBs oF Love
LiVinG iN poeTry
LoVe.. BombS
Of SWords liVing
In BooKs oF haTe..
God of Hate..
oF Love
SoUL of SonG..
GoD FReED..:)

Feed a soUl..
young and cold..
GroW a heArt
old and wArm
SpiRit never
GroWs oLd
to eternal
YoUth inSide..:)

Ah.. LiFe rEborn iN Art
GarDen iNside
gRoWs ouTside..
aboVe.. so beloW
and aLL aRound..
morE.. aS
Big Bang
aBove.. Big
Bang beLow..
hUmans no

GHosts oF terrOr
builDinGs Of War
crumbLed tEars..
A SonG..
FiRe briGht
FirE SinGS
Bold Cold
oF LiFe..:)

fly deep South…
Beach White no Snows..
i stay Beach Free Life More..
LiFe’s A Beach..;)

Strangest Door of minD..
Hospital tAble cOld..
no more words..
Cold as
wake in cotton
clouds.. fuzzy
warm deliGht oF
Sleeping DreAM
aWake.. diD
i reAlly diE..
iS thiS reallY
heaVen noW..
enJoy iT while
It lasts lesSons
oF Hell iN Heaven’s
Hell Of Heaven aGain..
40 days of no Sleep ..
Back a LiFe..
ps.. True Story..
Door to LiGht oF LiFe..:)

And at 12:19 am..
that’s all folks..


OKay.. as
i’m back noW
and yeS noW for
all practical yeS..
noW intents and purposes
i am Jesus.. kindA liKe A
‘the dude coming out of
the Water.. the Waves..
The Ocean wHole’.. in
the video above..
just wanting
to give
Fun to other
folks without any
personal judgements
over what is good or evil..
in fAct more like what feels
good and does not harm
other pArts of God..
as happy
to survive
and thrive alivE noW
iT’s what Nature AKA
God does after aLL iS
DanceD and SunG
and tHe wHOle dAM
tHinG sTartS
aLL oVer
yes.. but the way
iS survive and thrive..
unmistakable everywhere
one looks in NatUre sTiLL
noW.. and hUmans A
of THe GreAT i AM..
A to Z.. yEs..
Alpha to
and beYonD
oF aLL thAT iS..
Namaste.. as i sEE
and FeeL and kNoW
thE Festive pARt oF
God iN yoU tO
and thRive
aLive aS WeLL..
aNd aGain foR All practical
intents and purposes i am Jesus..
that don’t mean i am literally Jesus
as mE.. as ME iS the Great i AM
HuWoManiFeST iN Me..
So i ‘DancE aNd SinG
GoD FReED’.. and
while tHeir cAn
CerTaiNly bE
aN inFiniTe numBer
of LabELs iN metapHOrse
foR this neXt Macro Verse
of tHe ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’..
numbeRinG numBer 667 noW
iN “KATiE MiA FredericK!iI”
Word Press VerSion onE LonG
poem oF WeLL oVer 3 MilLionoW
WoRds noW.. tens of thouSandS
of photos.. thoUsands oF
Videos.. and much
much more..
of a little
bit of the FuLL
current GoD word+ bible
unabridged thaT iS Internet
iN GOlden City in the sKeYes
oF FReED noW.. but sTiLL noW
oNly a tiny piece of tHe UniVerSal
maniFest oF GodALLONE i AMnoW NoW
iS God wants to
SurVive and thriVe..
kinDa liKe Girls juSt
wAnna hAve fUn.. anD
The soonEr wE sEE GoD
iN aLL and acCept thE iNheritance
oF God iN uS FReED tHe moReNOW
WE’LL giVe aNd sharE For FReED
aAd finAlly mORe oF God
WiLL bE supeR
KooLFooL SacReD
NaKeD noW
anD hapPy
WeaRinG sHaDes
liKe mE oR however
GoD likEs iT iN YoU
as Fearless Love..
iN BalanCinG
miNd and BoDy
way as planets
WiLL do in bliss
of orbit around
SuN Free easy
peacey moonlit
niGht oF BliSs
tWo Lovers embraCinG oNe
in BEach SAnds oF FloWinG
Passionate Love.. oF FReED..
So yeah.. Dance and Sing God FReED..
iT’s what i do.. for heaVen noW.. and iT F iN Works
too.. FREE..
seriOUsLY.. theE
UniVerSe can be
a cOld and lonELy
place without liFE..
Cherish iT.. GRoW It
Fearless.. iN Love
liKe a boat
Live.. Love
and Laugh..
Sing.. FReED
or like the video noW
sHows look for Seagull
sHit and you will find that
pARt of God too.. i choose
WinGs over sHit and jUST Fly
like ET on Terrestrial PlanET noW..
and wITh aLL that iS noW
sAid thiS
super LonG
of SinGinG
DanCinG aLL oF..
mE iS read to publish
on Word press after noW
i get the rest of mY
sHit ToGeTheR noW..
jUst for God FuN
FReED and liKe
i said and
did before..
i do not
break my
promises to
either friEnd
or Covenant
wITh God so
the record goes on
iN aLL the ways thAT comes aGaiN..
even if i am mostly like a thief in
the niGht wHere most people
even kNow
mY real
AM noW iN..
oh by a Way
i shaved my beard
when i was 24.. as
some of my girl FRIeNDS
tOld me you are too sexy
for that beard Fred.. you
are hiding your Angel Beauty..
and yes.. i kNow i Look more
like an olDer bEast now.. butT
LiON or whatEver.. fly RoBin FlY..
aLwaYs noW
for better or
worse and better
aGaiN wED iN DArk
and liGht.. masculine
and feminine as dualities
become onE and FReER NoW..
MoVinG Be jUst BE
ConNecTaRinG crEA
TinG Rivers mOre Ocean
wHoLe are wE noW Fearless
FReED aS LoVe.. God sMiLes..:)


And in conclusion..
Fly Robin Fly
up up up to the
sky wHere arms
are WinGS
and hAnds
are pAws
fOR LoVe..
anD nAils
arE cLaws
foR surViVal..
and LiVe is
for SurvivE
iN Thrive aLive..
and since thIS noW
iS my Holy Thursday
and SAcred R and R
Day noW i ReaDy
for dAnce..
and yes..
muSt FulFiLL
A Convenant
WitH GoD iN
publishing this..
Jesus.. at least
Jesus had some other
folks to write it All dOwn..
but yes.. i have the Google
of the USA to give me a hAnd..
Wiki.. YouTube.. much much more
in GOldEn ciTy online beYond
Sun and mOon liT
noW.. iNoW..
So i venTuRe
later to my
110th dance
week Celebration
Night at Good Old
Seville wITh aLL tHe
KooL College age Folks
to attempt to sHow thEm
a Non-verbal misSionaRy
lesSon on how to be FReER
out of prison in EmoTioNsEnSes
represSinG and
iN stiFF
boDy miNd
roBot ways
deader than
can more fully bE
MoVinG.. ConneCTinG
CreAtinG.. aLivE.. and why
do i pick college night wHere
even 18 to 21 year-olds can
dance too.. WeLL.. QUiET
frankly reaching
the older
is like
the largest
camel i for one
have come to find..
and the smallest needle
of an oppressing repressing
lifelong culture of work and school..
away from GOD FReED.. and while
i try.. that’s aLL i can do.. i go to aLL
places but iT aS aLway.. iT iS those
who sTiLL can hEar and sEE.. FeeL
and kNOw tHeir Inner wiLd cHild cALL
oF yes.. thE WiLd oF GoD FReED..
aLL iNnate.. iNstinctual
iNtuitive as such
SeekinG FindinG
yeS.. FucKinG
iF yoU SeeK iN GoD
FReED.. kinda liKe mE
the greAt i AM thE
mE forEver
morE noW
photo documentation
as requested bY God
in Convenant as such..
coMiNg in aRound
3 am..
the wee
hours of Friday
Morning.. the 13th..
but wITh GoD aT thE
aiR and wiNds of i..
tHere iS
iN FearLess LOVe..:)


ShiT.. ps..
alMost forGot ..
to say.. iN thaT
Video up tHeRe
THAt jesus got to go
to Venice California…
true the beaches are much
more beautiful here.. but as
mentioned earlier in this epic
Macro verse poem.. now to be
titled.. “DancE SinG GoD FReED”..
Milton is originally the place
named hell in the USA..
and as far as
Jesus’ teachings
about the outcasts
among us being
the first in
the Kingdom
of God later oN
or Now if ya gEt
tHeir noW.. sociologists
suggest that the ARE i live
in is the most difficult place
for a non-conformist Jesus-
liKe Dude in terms of different
from the norm to thrive alive..
so yes.. God gives me
quite a challenge
sending me to
HeLL with
a medical
assessed pain
known as type
two Trigeminal
Neuralgia worse
than the torture
pain of crucifixion..
and i was even born
in HeLL.. hehe.. literally
speaking per town history..
anyway.. they might have tried
to erase the sMiLes off of me
in school.. yes.. ’em so-
called Christian
Bully Boys..
but they
can’t stop
me from DanCinG SinGinG
noW totAlly wITh thE sKin
oF God FREE onLInEnoW..:)


Oh.. the siGns
oF TrUth and liGht..
the letteRs.. the numbeRs..
the worDs.. and otHeR viSuaL
symBols.. seNses.. FeeLinGs kNoWinGs
oF aLL thAT iS and quiET hoNestLY.. noW A
Rear end oF mY car iN juSt a random taG
iSsued by the County Santa Rosa..
Tax Collector’s oFFicE.. noW
F in says iT
aLL iN
for those
who see.. feel..
and knoW farther
than form ways..
And.. oF course
aS WeLL.. the H
8 standing InFiNitY
sYmbol for HoNda
iN Civic way.. wHere
two halves of whole
iN K11 become H8 noW..
joining ones ToGeTher bRidge
yeS.. InFiNiTy.. stanDinG TaLL..
joiNinG HemisPheres of hUman
brAin leFt and RiGht in BaLanCinG..
as hemispheres west to east.. and
latitudes north to south of Earth
noW BeCoMeS oNe ForCe
aLL oF God FReED
iN hUWoMaNiFesT
waYah.. yeS.. noWfREE..:)

And yUP.. sPeaKinG
of siGns and sYmbols..
random as such.. noW
iN synchronicity way..
‘thAT’ is the shadow
of a human in battle
worn feet now approaching
6000 miles in 36 months of Dance
Walking most everywhere i go.. noW
in a martial arts and ballet-like way
around September 6th..
2016.. oN cuRrent
trajecTory oF aRound
166.66 Monthly MiLes
close to 5400 miles noW
oF i aS water
and aiR floaTinG
oN Terrestrial
Land FReED..
however.. not
without A price
of struggle of
course as the
dance has practically
shined my nails off
in some places of
war torn moves..
but anyway..
if one can
stand to look
at the casualties
as such.. in the dirt
and terrain of left
foot worn.. perhaps
a Lion or Man in robe
but it’s onLY up to ya
to determine








BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel

338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..


IMG_7225 IMG_7226 IMG_7227 IMG_7228 IMG_7229 IMG_7231 IMG_7232 IMG_7233 IMG_7236 IMG_7237 IMG_7238 IMG_7239 IMG_7240 IMG_7241 IMG_7242 IMG_7248 IMG_7249 IMG_7250 IMG_7251 IMG_7253 IMG_7254 IMG_7255 IMG_7256 IMG_7257 IMG_7258 IMG_7259 IMG_7260 IMG_7261 IMG_7262 IMG_7263 IMG_7264 IMG_7265 IMG_7266 IMG_7267 IMG_7268 IMG_7270 IMG_7271


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14 Responses to DancE SinG GoD FReED

  1. Facebook profiLe phOto statUs thiNgY..
    anD i noW aM eMBarKinG oN A Starry
    Starry niTeniTe adVenture..
    yeS.. chaNNeLinG VinCent..
    To hELp mE DanCe..
    oR aT lEasteR i caN
    iMaGinE aLL thaTnow
    iS iT.. iN ViSuAliZinG
    iT.. noW aNd bRinG iT
    To FruiTioNoW.. aS iS..
    Or MayBeThIS wHole
    statuS thingiE.. iS juSt
    A MaGiC iNcANtaTioN..
    oR thE plaCebo aFFeCt
    iN QuaNtuM
    floW oF Sub-Atomic
    emPoWeRinG sTuFF..
    iT WiLL Be aS wiLL bETrUeLiGht..:)


    WilhELmiNa’s DanCinG
    Shoes for mE a place to
    go wHeRe FloW iN zoNE
    iS number 1..
    a way oF
    liFe thaT
    kNows aLL
    Equal noW
    and no Equal
    aT aLL iN Balance
    oF uP and DoWn
    inside.. outside.. a
    Merry Go ’round..
    Before i found
    i AM Dead..
    Funny Little
    i choose to believe
    God IS A Laugh and maKe iT So
    noW aS noW iS aLL tHAt iS.. jUSt So..
    whaT coMes
    oR NoT..
    i choose YES..
    And JuSt Do iT..
    And so far i have
    a running 3 yeAr streak
    oF forTune’s DancE SonG FReED..:)

  3. Original Duo of Trio..
    Charlie’s Angels..
    Cortney and
    Good Old
    Seville Quarter
    and my 110th
    Dance Week
    Thursday NiGht theRe..
    And in addendum.. speaking
    of Cortney.. Cortney.. a newly
    hired in Government employee Now
    working to conserve natural resources
    noW iN the wildlife of our local beach
    area.. shares an awesome photo
    of a Fish Eagle aka Sea Hawk..
    officially known as Osprey
    that are common to
    this area.. both
    at beach
    and River
    lands.. and the
    Osprey is capturing
    a fish up to its weight
    while the fish is swimming
    downward.. and with mighty
    Talons and Wings of Super
    Bird the Osprey as no human
    weight lifter could ever imagine
    REAL.. Lifts itself out of the water
    with wings of steel
    in NoW super bird
    way.. noW spRinGinG
    oh.. the stories of
    #supernature .. noW
    they go far beyond
    what human can do..
    functionally disabled
    by all the clothes of
    written words.. collective
    intelligence and all other
    clothes of culture.. sitting
    still for years.. in classrooms
    in front of screens where home
    room is now too.. for many.. from day
    break to sleep.. as weakness.. now in
    pre-type two diabetes
    assessed in
    school age
    children @
    noW around
    in statistical way..
    additionally Now close
    to 50 percent of clothed
    adult culture on some kind of
    pain killer for chronic.. often
    NoW stress related vague somatic
    pains.. and of course.. sky-rocketing
    rates of psychoptropic drugs to
    treat emotional illnesses
    of feelings/senses
    that are noW
    dys-regulated to
    almost non-existent
    from the battle ground
    of humans and their disabling
    clothes of cultural comforts.. etc..
    And then there is the
    oldest among
    the dragon fly
    who flies up to
    60 miles per hour..
    almost beyond human
    comprehension of feat
    in #supernature way..
    and what once noW
    was an oral and dance
    tradition of human being where
    the communication of life was once
    hours of daily oration and moving sign
    language to connect and create has been
    reduced to 140 characters in a twitter line
    of acronyms of u
    and u as uS noW..
    and a few more
    letters to get to
    the limit of u..
    and science
    suggests that
    the average human
    has the literal attention
    span of a gold fish now.. while
    human cultures continue to slowly
    as whole destroy the home for uS noW..
    and the Fish Eagle too.. so the government
    in at least some level of saving gRACE.. employs
    folks like Cortney to save some home.. at least
    in some way of effort now.. i am a FucKinG
    rare species of bird.. named human
    without all the clothes of culture..
    named hUman who uses
    culture to tHeir human
    potential advantage
    that slow
    misery of death..
    A human who says..
    Well yes.. there are twitter
    limits in life but i choose to
    go back NoW to my human iNnate
    potential #supernature noW hiGher
    Road and do more.. more.. morE Now..
    so.. after dancing a solid three hours
    without a water break.. in martial
    arts and ballet-likeall free style..
    in Feng Shui human way
    as one with wind and
    water at core of
    being noW juSt Now
    Nature.. some button
    down preppy dude says Molly
    huh.. and i shake his hand
    with the grip of Osprey
    with prey and
    say no dude..
    God.. it’s God..
    yes.. aLL #supernature
    God at hand heRe.. hEre..
    let me show ya a couple of things
    on Google and Youtube as i whip
    it right out as you know what they
    say about size doesn’t matter noW and
    all of that as truly a lot of it has to
    do with how yA aim the
    big picture at Ya
    pArts.. per say..
    and if you ever
    view my nude art..
    particularly recently..
    you will get MORE of the
    gist of that joke too.. he HE..
    SO.. i show him the handy dandy
    video of me leg pressing 930 LBS
    with the last two forty-five LB plates..
    teetering off the edge of the barbell
    machine.. with no room left to
    grow in weighT.. 14 times
    very slowly with
    arms raised in
    the air noW sTiLL
    aLL BaLanCinG as such
    with only legs as mechanical
    advantage in half a ton way.. yes STiLL nOW
    and then i go on to say.. i do it 30 times
    now but it would just be boring to upload
    longer and longer videos like that as this
    one is already 88 seconds long.. and
    the other one would be around
    three whole minutes like
    a song to sit through..
    and then.. i go on to say..
    not only do i do my Molly dancing
    all natural.. and by the way… i don’t
    drink or smoke either.. i do it every where
    i go as documented here too on Google
    iN Nike GPS sports watch way..
    approaching 5400 miles now
    in just 33 months..
    like the F iN Forrest
    Gump of dancing distances
    to and fro across the shores
    of USA in mountain high
    ways of moving that
    as such in human
    metaphor way.. yes.. sTiLL..
    oh yeah.. and then.. tHeRe’s
    writing poetry.. back in the old
    days when humans really used their now then
    potential.. back in India.. there is a 1.8
    million long poem still recorded.. noW
    and i tale him.. ya gotta be kidding..
    my poem is well over 3 million
    words still running now at
    667 macro verses
    of MACRO WHOLE..
    WRITE here at
    and here’s a short micro
    taste of what i do there in
    one macro verse at 338,630
    words with around 300 or so
    gorgeous beach photos
    titled ‘GodsUniVerse
    Novel3′.. as linked
    below.. and then i say..
    oh.. tHeRe iS somewHeRe
    between 600 to 800 photos
    of girls smiling ear to ear
    with me wRite here at
    Good Old Seville and
    on 110 blog posts too..
    now and then.. since i’ve
    been streaking a dance
    date here for 110 weeks
    now.. and after i tale him
    all of this.. in around a couple
    of minutes or so in lightening
    speed like voice.. his mouth is
    just left hanging open.. and
    he moves on his
    way in small
    and dam i forgot to
    show him some of
    my recent nude art..
    just in case.. he didn’t
    think i was man enough noW
    to be brave.. and stuff like
    that.. he He.. okay.. here’s
    the deal.. when i was 12 or 13..
    and the bully boys told me.. i was
    too weak looking to survive.. like
    the Osprey.. i didn’t give up lifting
    the fish.. and just get mad
    and pout.. or become a
    bully too.. but yes..
    i did kinda crush
    that young
    man’s hand..
    just a little
    bit noW last
    night in Xtra
    firm hand
    grip shake..
    teaching him
    a lesson
    his hand
    yeS.. back
    THEN.. too..
    for me..
    it was
    just a signal
    from the other
    swimming fish..
    albeit tough love
    in bullying that a change
    was needed to survive.. but
    truly it was a gift.. as now i can
    easily squeeze over two hundred pounds
    of effort at max machine provided human
    potential on the Nautilus hand
    squeeze machine.. in herculean
    effort.. and curl over 200 LBS
    with my biceps and
    with neck too..
    as for all practical
    intents and purposes
    in majority of equipment
    i am the strongest dude.. at the
    Elite Military gym now at NASWF noW
    yes.. mE approaching age 56 on June 6th..
    who used to be literally assessed
    as the weakest dude by others..
    and last kid picked on sports
    teams.. with always
    naturally occurring
    low levels of testosterone
    still measured in as border
    line low at 271.. in medical
    records currently as
    assessed as such
    in empirical way..
    but you see.. the fish hawk
    Jack LaLanne NoW has already
    long proved what an all natural
    dude without steroids can do..
    when he towed 60 or so boats..
    behind him in swimming way
    at over age 60.. and crap..
    he aint’ even no exception
    alone.. as even Arthur then..
    the head life guard dude
    i used to supervise.. as
    Athletic Director
    at the Air Station
    here at then Whiting
    Field could out swim
    all the 21 year old boys..
    at over 60.. and Arthur
    still competes in ballet
    well after 65 in actual
    theater events.. so truly..
    except for the poetry potential
    anomaly.. what i do ain’t that unique..
    yeah.. writing LONG POEM FREE VERSE
    is currently now my special LONG ReAD
    human super splinter skill.. and yes..
    i READiLY admit.. thiS iS
    a cultural acquired skill
    and not what
    suggest is innate
    human potential without
    culture.. but yeah.. science
    don’t understand the science
    of Quantum Mechanics as that
    applies to the human being
    mind and body iN noW
    unLeasHinG and
    reLeaSinG.. and many
    folks THoUGHT Einstein was
    nuts back when he said Nature
    is Krazy SuperNATURE OVER
    SUCH TOO.. anyWaY.. iN aLL stuff
    nature.. #supernature .. the magic
    as such of Nature potential
    is a truly easy formula of
    Use iT oR Lose iT
    as all stuff
    human nature
    and #supernature
    AKA GOD wHolE..noW
    DO one thing to the
    excess of the other thing
    and lose the other thing too..
    and that’s why i can’t cook..
    ’cause i dont’ cook..
    as simple as thAT DO..
    and that’s why i used
    to walk stiff like a robot..
    cause i never walked ART
    like air and water..
    in Feng Shui Sea Hawk
    human way.. aLL of Nature..
    at least most oF it.. liVeS iN
    our DNA.. we are the fish..
    the toad.. and reptilian
    bird brain feATheRed
    friend as well..
    and what we do not
    often see is that overall
    God that lives as wE.. and
    to discount magic of #supernature
    still living as human potential
    is to discount God as
    whole still living
    within.. outside..
    up and down and
    merry go ’round..
    so yeah..
    i have a song
    for this named
    ET by Katy Perry
    as those in the REAL
    SENSE KnOW and
    HIGHER sTilL NoW
    AS US TOO.. noW
    TRUTH AND LIGHT OF #supernature
    in HuWoMaNiFeST
    Free waY noW juSt nOW..
    and as final LAUGH
    NOTE HERE.. i bet
    Cortney is glad i
    didn’t write
    all of this
    that iS
    paRt of
    my 3 plus
    Million Word
    poem noW on
    her personal
    Facebook page..
    cRapiT ain’t easy
    being a Vincent noW
    Van Gogh Superman..NoW..
    trust me.. it ain’t easy
    being superhuman@ALL
    as Supernature
    TrUe iN LiGht..
    LiFe’s a Beach
    and a Bitch.. iT’s
    the balance of dArk
    and liGht that maKes
    liFe.. F iN AwesoMe NoW..
    and ps.. oH crap.. my finger
    wavered and went to another
    page view.. thought i was gonna
    hafta start all over and do thiS aLL
    a GaiN.. WeLL friends.. the never ending
    and beginning story of no real start
    and finish oF ALL OF QUANTUM
    KNOW THAT i IntUit noW
    thAT is even too f iN Deep
    for any creative
    human word(s)..
    iS aLL About thaT..
    NOW aLL thaT iS n0w..
    never ending.. never
    starting.. never finishing
    never beginning NOW.. but
    NOW i am in bLow yoUr mind
    T E R R I T O R Y E T sTyLe
    or i am just on LSD or Molly
    or some other substance thing..
    other than my innate human potential
    as more fully realized now jUSt NoW..
    NO..! iF i lost aLL of these words.. iT iS
    just pArt of aN ongoing practice oF
    a briGhter noW iN
    TrUth and liGht..
    iN respect
    of dArk
    and huMan
    lieS noW..yES!..:)
    And ps.. thanks! Local
    107.3 FM Radio Station
    for giving me the song
    prompt of Katy Perry’s
    ET.. starting at the precise
    moment i left the garage in
    my car to arrive at the Dance
    and Song of Life Last niGht..
    First niGht.. Day never beginning
    or ending Start of LiFe NoW iN TrUth LiGht..;)

  4. Friend Rafiah.. shares
    her Facebook status
    that says.. ‘Life feels
    a lot better in dim lights.
    Can’t stand too much
    brightness.”.. and then
    i say then.. and noW..
    InTeResTinGly.. Rafiah..
    i used to be the sAMe kiNdA
    waY.. iN stress oF liGhtS BriGht..
    particularly after dealing wITh
    so much flight or fight stress in
    my work liFe.. the last two years
    tHeRe.. stress kiLLs.. noW..
    a sLow tortUre
    oF lifE..
    and liGht..
    but trUe tHe
    niGht iS meant
    to be relaXinG..
    my friEnd Rafiah..
    wHeRe thE Sun IS A noW
    FRiEnD oF liGht and not one
    to escape.. in yes.. been tHere
    dOne thAT fasHion too.. any waY..
    hope you are doing WeLL.. mY sweet
    friend iN aLL ah liFe’s dARk and liGht..:)


    Haha! i kid you not too..
    i was just looking for the
    wRite SonG as hurts so bad..
    and you provide this SonG mY
    Dear Friend HImali.. all the way
    from the Emirates of Arabia..
    to prompt my soUl.. noW..
    not on purpose of course..
    but as you Harry Potter
    kNow.. LIFe iS MaGiC
    when lived that
    way in yes..
    AngEL noW
    iN blood of
    moon and
    niGht oF
    Day.. a TwiLIght
    of a thouSand years
    and more to wait NoW..
    a Love that WiLL never
    end or begin and aLways
    bE NoW iS onE that Hurts
    so good in all the dARk and
    liGht thaT LiFe iS noW to Offer
    Frozen and red HOT!..
    in the bLack..
    white.. and
    InFiNite sHades
    of color and hues
    of grey.. that liGht
    our lives so full
    of Wonder
    Lust for
    aLL that
    seeks to
    liVe and thriVe
    aS iN LoVinG tOuch oF LiFe..
    the path to Heaven is paved
    with hell.. the path to Hell is
    paved with heaven.. the Yellow
    Brick Road is red rum too..
    the Shining can be
    Play2 when
    Jack AND Jill
    pLay miraculously
    StiLL toGeThER FoReVer
    in DreAm oF now.. and as
    they say.. iF one has
    Steak and
    Ice creAm
    aLL tHerE LiFe..
    and becomeS boRed
    aLL wiTh the same old
    Old Phrases oF liFe NoW
    iN World and Words KnowN
    noW.. tHeRe IS A neverLand..
    a pLace inside.. wHere delicious
    fantasY alWays tastes great.. so yes..
    dear.. you are a pARt oF mY story noW2..
    And yes.. my dear.. tHeir iS a SonG oF SouL
    For this by A Lady named Christina Perri that
    pure and
    Rock by definition
    of Name no different
    than Katy Perry and
    her Fire Work too..
    A thouSand years
    mY FriEnd.. a thouSAnd
    CAndLeS a Love tHat
    Never ends and that
    iS what the letter
    and words
    FRiEnD mean
    to mE and yoU
    alWays have
    A Friend
    iN Fred.. yESnoW
    After aLL the glitz
    and glamour.. sweaty
    empasSioNeD embRAceS
    iN heiGhts of PleAsure are
    oVer iT is the Friend that lasts
    iN aLL oF uS trUe as Brothers and Sisters..
    and on toP of thAT.. tHeRe is already enough
    humans in the world.. to skip the other part.. WiTh SMiLes..
    be.. noW..
    and sorry iF ever
    you visit me.. i do not
    bite FriEnds.. i
    just nibble
    on them
    Witty Banter..
    And yeS it’s true my friend..
    as the story of Katrina and i
    forever now does tale too.. back
    when she was Isis and i am Osiris..
    we are more like Brothers and Sisters noWstiLLnoW..;)

  6. ^^^

    i Love my cat Yellow Boy..
    i StiLL love my cat Moby..
    although he is gone off of this
    terrestrial plane.. HiS heARt StiLL
    lives oN as pARt of mY SoUl.. and
    whenever a relationship of any FriEnd
    comes to me.. iT is the sAMe.. as i told
    my friend Rafiah.. long ago.. each human
    relationship of Pure Fearless Love.. is another
    MultiUniVerse existence oF God creaTinG anew..noW
    so when i have a friend.. no matter what age.. what
    gender.. albeit.. i’ve never had many male friends.. as
    i break that gender mOld too well.. now among the polar
    Genderized way.. of deep South Stiff collar males.. sure.. now
    i can be a rough boy too.. just shake my hand dude and i will
    crush it if that is what makes you feel like a man..
    i will tale the dudes in non-verbal language noW
    who try to challenge the grace
    noW of my FReED sTyLE
    ballet-like mode dance
    on the dance floors of liFe..
    but you see.. i have noW oN
    my feminine and masculine
    balanCinG.. tHeRe is nothing i
    have to have from another gender
    as i already have the balance inside..
    and what this allows me to do.. is Love
    Women as friends.. with none of those
    contingencies as yoU kNow and
    FeeL.. what i mean.. as to truly
    Love God iS to Love aLL noW
    uniquely as creation sacredly
    and wHoLLy aLL..
    and i have to say
    when i am in the restroom
    at Old Seville Quarter and hEar
    the guys slander the opposite sex
    as a piece of ass.. some tits.. and
    the V below.. they are lucky i have
    sHades on.. as trust me when ‘the
    Devil’.. nah.. not the ugly
    one.. the pretty
    one “LUCIFER”..
    BrINgER oF liGht
    and FreedoM to ALL..
    as metaphor please..
    as by God it’s just a
    common human archetype
    of mind and body balance
    souL.. BY GOD TOO.. THiS

  7. SpeaKinG of LiFe.. i Love
    Cycads.. here otherwise
    known as Sago Palms..
    and King Sago Palm..
    but not really part
    of the Palm
    family as
    Cycad instead..
    wHere Cycads are
    known as Evolution’s
    comeback Kid.. a somewhat
    perfect form of life.. relatively
    sPeaKing.. origin around
    280 million years ago
    sharing the planet
    with much larger
    Dragonflies and
    Roaches then
    wHere some
    Cycads can
    STilL noW
    live around
    a thousand
    years old.. yes..
    wRite hear sTiLL
    waiting for uS as Love
    oF aLL of Nature too aS
    Christina Perri saYs noW
    iN hEr SonG a “ThouSand
    Years”.. too in the day oF
    A lifelong noW Cycad Real..:)

  8. Ah.. a few of my favorite things..
    A song of Forever for mE noW
    WiTh no tiMe as aLL iS Now..
    Still writing it.. and
    illustrating it
    so many
    other ways
    in the longest
    poem ever now
    in this 668th Macro
    Verse that WiLL
    be named now
    as pArt noW oF
    the 3 Million plus word
    longest written poem
    ever.. titled “KATiE MiA
    FredericK!iI”.. at yes..
    the all Free Website
    with same
    here of
    course too
    now and truly
    the Song by Julie
    Andrews is a way
    to count one’s blessings
    for what one finds sacred
    and holy worth as living
    Life noW.. and i could
    write THAT forever..
    in fAct i’ll
    juSt do that
    noW at lEaster..
    and the “SonG oF
    mY SoUl” goes on..
    as when a person
    goes to
    AS i did back
    ‘then’ for 66 months..
    when i could not even
    catch my breath without
    awaking in hell of Dysautonomia..
    wHere my blood pressure and
    heart rate were no longer
    controlled by my
    nervous system
    so i would
    gasp for breath
    to excite my heart
    rate to get the blood
    back to my brain with
    no choice.. of what
    was left of
    my F’Ed
    up flight
    and fight
    stress response
    then.. with THAT pain
    i had.. wHeRe i tried to tale
    my mother then it was actually
    a scientifically assessed pain
    worse than crucifixion and of
    course nothing is more special
    than the Jesus.. as idol as such..
    as worshipped as much.. instead
    of Respected and Loved as
    any teacher of liFe
    should bE as weLL
    as aLL otHeR pArts
    of God’s creation too..
    but anyway.. she bought
    a book on the crucifixion of
    Jesus.. showed it to me to
    tale me about how bad it
    was and the first page i turned to
    in the book.. clearly stated that
    the only torture of pain worse
    than the slow asphyxiation
    like what i experienced
    with Dysautonomia
    too.. was the
    pain of my
    F IN PAIN..
    ETC.. SO i showed it to
    my mother but it didn’t
    matter to her that
    i experienced that
    pain through those
    40 days of February
    through Spring by
    chance in that Lent
    period too.. and the
    pain lived for 66 months
    of shut-in wake to sleep
    existence then..
    wHere i could
    not sleep then
    in the early
    40 days of Lent
    but one hour each
    night with a powerful
    alpha blocker to slow
    my heart rate down
    and get the breathing
    back.. to sleep.. with
    that dirt shallow
    one hour of sleep
    for the first 35 days
    of Lent then for me..
    with zero sleep the last
    5 of 40.. along then with
    18 other life threatening
    synergy of medical
    disorders.. including
    Sjogren’s Syndrome..
    where my eyes quit
    making tears.. then..
    Severe Degenerative
    Arthritis in spine precipitated
    somewhat early in life by
    a congenitally fused
    Vertebra.. yes.. from
    birth.. and spinal
    Severe Anxiety
    and Depression with
    associated panic attacks..
    and Anhedonia.. as well
    as Alexithymia.. etc.. but
    the worst of all pain was
    the numbness
    that was
    any imaginable
    burning hell of both
    Emotions and Senses
    of piece of paper existence..
    where truly one second was
    an eternity in a relative
    1000 years where
    all was time..
    in nothingness
    as close to separation
    in a dark night of soul
    away from feeling and
    sensing all oF God’s Nature.,,
    including mine.. for an eternity
    in hell time then.. so sure i have
    reason to celebrate liFe in all its
    dArk and liGht now and ‘tween
    that iS.. ’cause i kNow for
    sure that even
    in hell
    is EL
    for Heaven..
    a test from allthatis
    AKA EL as GOD..
    for me then..noW..
    but a blesSinG
    Now to kNow..
    seNse and
    FeeL thaT aLL
    that is is all worth
    iT as heaven now.. whether
    we can kNow it.. sense it
    and or feel it.. when hell
    comes in heaven now..
    two places.. one
    of hope and Love..
    one of fear and
    Hate.. and
    all EmoTioNs
    nuanced and senses
    associated with both…
    i choose thE LiGht placE noW..
    and invite folks iN..
    the water is hot..
    but it’s
    every ounce
    now oF aLL mY
    Favorite things thAt
    arE… trUly ALLiNoWthaTiS..
    And sPeaKinG of ALL oF thAT..
    haven’t made it back to dVerse
    for open LiNk Thursday Night
    yet.. but some other sTuFF
    cAMe uP.. and noW
    it’s now to
    wheRe dArk
    and liGht miX
    aS oNe eternAlly NoW oN..:)


    “At least I thought I was dancing,
    ’til somebody stepped on my hand.”

    ~~ J. B. White ~~

    That says iT aLL.. mostly..
    as there will always
    be those who say
    in the
    name of DancE..
    and SonG too..
    and i lEarned to
    have Faith iN mE
    and God
    as Nature
    iN mE noW2..
    hmm.. what else..
    oh yeah.. that magic
    thing.. i believe in Quantum
    Mechanics.. therefore.. with enough
    i noW rule
    WeLL enough
    for me.. yes..
    iN Magic
    NoW oF
    liGht noW to Now
    oN.. FieLD thAT bRinGS
    BaLanCE to Dark Lies
    beneath the
    oF liGht
    as StreAMs
    to Rivers to noW..
    Ocean wHoLLy Hope..
    iN Fearless Love.. oKay..
    that about covers iT aLL
    thAt iS for noW.. trip to
    the Casino tomorrow..
    more dance
    all around
    alWayS noW
    aN aDventure iN
    heaVen of noW aWaY
    from HeLL of theN..
    and sure mY
    faith.. mY
    hope.. myY
    fearless Love iS
    thE sAMe for yoU mY
    FriEnd.. as i have dOne
    the miracle thinGiE.. up close..
    documented iN fuLL and they
    ARE REAL.. at lEaster in My
    Phoenix RiSinG from the ashes
    iN Book and Tree oF LiFe FReED..
    aLL moNkeY Business HeRe.. mY FriEnd..
    i’LL bE A bird iN A tree tomorRoW climBinG air Of WiND
    WeLL BeFoRe SunSeT wHen DaY BreaK iS.. juSt iS noW..:)

    penniewoodfall says..
    Something for you…
    this say’s it all…
    Pietroasa Bowl
    And after i watch
    the video she provides
    i say..
    From inside
    To outside the
    BOwL.. My friEnd
    A MaGiC ChaLiCe
    oF emoticon
    And then i say
    to gigoid after
    some more
    sMiLes.. for mE i only
    have faith in what i touch..
    what touches me..
    what i feel..
    what feels me..
    what i see.. what
    sees me.. what i taste
    what tastes me.. what i hear
    what hears me.. what i smell
    what smells me.. Etc.. and science
    suggests there are now 412 total
    nuanced emotions and
    many more senses..
    some of which of
    all of these
    some humans
    do not experience..
    the begGinG oF wisdom
    is to understand that none
    of us experience iT aLL and
    some of uS experience more..
    Some of us have the potential
    to experience more.. and
    some of us close
    off that
    through sHear
    wiLL of fear iN the
    dark and or cynicism
    of additional potential
    liGht.. there were so many
    days of dArk for me friend..
    and tHeRe is no end of the
    liGht i Now
    noW at the
    beginning of the
    Tunnel.. and after
    11 million words..
    and all of
    the approximation
    of what is real below
    and above that.. and all
    other symbols as such..
    the MaGiC iS noW
    reAL.. the potential
    is REal.. i wAs A trUly
    A fool not to believe
    in the real magic
    of that
    and that of
    course only
    comes through
    experience.. grace
    is a fool.. who kNows
    nothing.. Fool is
    a gRace
    FeeLs.. noW..
    iT’s aLL relative
    and a journey now
    wITh so many paths..
    sAdly.. too many folks
    take the short-cut away
    noW.. that
    leads nowhere
    but tHeRe.. aWaY..:)

  10. i told Katrina to set the
    alarm clock this morning
    and she complied
    and yes..
    tHere is an
    early morning
    SonG to gET uP
    for thiS noWoN
    too.. so noW oN2
    Happy Saturday..
    And iT’S oFF to
    Casinos for me
    iN Biloxi mostly
    to dance rather
    than play with
    one armed
    and Katrina
    is off to a baby
    shower to turn some
    ‘folks’ on.. whether she
    realizes it fully or noT.. Jesus..
    soMe beauty is juSt mADe
    to be shaRed and
    not hidden
    eYes.. iN TrUth
    oF liGht FReED..:)

    Bet ya 5 Facebook Likes..
    that only 1 person likes
    this and 5 like the
    previous KATiEm
    profile pic.. noW
    And lots more folks
    like the previous one
    and don’t like it.. hehe..
    and anyway.. just keeping
    the balance.. of Batman in day..
    And Superman in night.. and dark
    and light.. and feminine and masculine
    and beauty and the beast and the list now
    of enlightening and awakening ways of noW
    balance continues on infinitum alwayS NoW..:)

    Yes.. too halves must
    become whole to achieve
    AwaKeNinG oF enliGhTenMent
    in attainment oF Heaven noW..
    Nirvana.. Bliss.. the whole
    sHeBanG so hEre’S
    the otHeR
    oF thE
    story Now
    left and right..
    dArk and liGht
    uP and doWn..
    inside.. outside..
    and yes.. aLLa noW
    MerrY go A’round..:)

    And yes.. the first like for
    this is one of my best
    friends.. Dear Friend
    Rafiah.. from
    and yes..
    of course..
    correctly says..

    oMG your wifey
    is so sexy.
    And then i say
    as i always must
    take all human rhetoric
    it seems at least one
    step deeper
    the last
    bit of reciprocal
    social communication..
    so yes.. i then say..

    She is proof
    that Allah exists..
    smile emoticon

    And then Rafiah

    Of course smile

    And finAlly for
    noW i say..

    Yes sMiLes..
    and ALL
    Ah.. thE
    rest of Creation
    with more SMiLes..
    smile emoticon

    And now i say..
    as a participant
    Anthropologist wITh
    the study oF aLL of God
    oF Nature as is.. i find
    human nature
    and like
    the orbits
    of planets
    around Sun of
    Stars iT is usuAlly
    somewhat consistent
    and predictable to read the
    thOUghts of otHeRs.. not unlike
    Edward Cullen as such.. and
    much.. and yes.. i can read
    most people very
    well in
    mind meld
    Spock way..
    although.. not
    unlike Spock iF
    you.. aRound me..
    see my total Poker
    Face while doing this..
    you might realize how
    much steam of Hurricane
    extreme and calm in winds
    outside as opposed to inside
    out is inherently Nature Nurture
    all around as WeLL above so
    below too now.. so no..
    not many males
    WiLL actually
    click the
    as it is
    not what they
    call socially appropriate
    to communicate that one’s
    friend’s wife has sexy legs
    and butt in any way shape
    or form.. but it is
    very appropriate
    for your
    who are girls
    if you happen to
    be a male to comment
    that the wifey is super
    sexy so everything stays
    warm and baby cozy
    iN the House
    of Love who
    only kNows
    and FEELS
    friends and
    no enemies at aLL..
    trust me.. in the old days
    we would be one happy
    extended family doing the
    work of night sharing and
    raising babies too… i miss those
    days of past lives.. i really do.. but
    when you are a thousand and something
    year vampire and bite your wife way back
    when and she never ages.. she does make
    an excellent conversation piece as Fredward
    says about my Bella Dark haired girl now.. and
    sure.. she’s the one that let me bite her first.. that’s
    how love
    first server forevermore
    now.. iN aLL ways of FRiEnD
    forevermorenoW iN my own
    style noW oF LoVe’S fearless
    TWiLiGht waY noW..
    wITh Lots
    and Lots
    of hugs
    and kisses
    from God oF aLL
    that iS noW as the
    sAga continues foR NoW..
    bY A w aY.. i never watched
    the Saga i F iN deLivedeviLed iT..
    Oh yeah.. and believer it or NoT
    Ripley.. i am much older than
    i Look.. Jesus.. i’ve
    born from the
    origin of all ages cycleS..
    oF aLL that existS noW..
    like they say.. never let
    As reaLITy Rocks FictToN everyNOW..
    Yeah Baby.. don’t ya kNow tHis iS goinG
    up and
    down and
    uP again..
    for REAL
    alWayS noW..
    inside.. outside..
    miGht aS WeLL


    Oh.. the dArk niGht
    oF heArt that
    can bE SpiRit
    iN eXpreSsinG
    and FeeLinG heARt
    oF SpiRiT aLonG WitH
    miNd and boDy BaLanCinG
    soUL.. noW.. but hell no.. psychiatry
    prescribes pills.. but has no way to
    help bRing back aLL oF thAT.. as
    to cure the root of symptoms
    miGht be the end of
    psychiatry as we
    kNeW anD
    noW iN noW..
    Inner UniVerse
    orchestrated by Billions
    of galaxy numbered connections
    and more as do sPeaK now.. as
    so many opportunities to
    move in brain
    way hiGhEr
    and Higher..
    as the older
    story goes.. inside..
    outside.. above.. so below
    and all around.. noW beyond
    the details of each neuron oF liFe
    Separate.. as aLL can be orchestrated
    finer.. but try to tale that to the REAL
    HUNCH BACK oF Notre DaMe..
    the monster i used to be..
    kNoWinG no FeeLinG
    aT aLL forgetting
    all memories
    iF had theN noW
    ever fELt a SMiLE
    before o r laugh and
    of course the answer
    then was pyramid dust..
    but it already faded away
    too dispersed around me to
    make a difference then.. so after
    writing 11 or so million words..
    language connected to
    EmoTioNs.. poeTry
    does coMe.. but
    it doesn’t matter
    what one says or does…
    in the moment of heaven or
    hell reaL noW iN liFe.. no.. not as
    toddler liFE tEacHinG folks
    that children overall..
    are alReADy tHeRe..
    Anyway.. tHeRe IS
    A greAT ReAsoN
    we are here..
    to do what we can
    iN essence of the sPiRiT
    oF that phrase lET gO..
    as Fearless UnConDiTioNal
    sacRed Love.. wITh no
    frigGinG physical
    LiMiTs beYonD

  12. We are the bees and God is the nectar
    We are the nectar and God is the Bees
    All is the Buzz
    when we fly
    to be free..
    Free is the Bee
    that lives as Nectar
    in Buzz
    of Living
    seed of liFe
    Blooming are we
    FReED aLiVeNoW..:)

  13. So.. tHere iS thiS FloWer
    we cALL creaTion.. tHere is this
    DancE and SonG wE cAll liFe NoW..
    tHeRe is this cycle that Dances oN now
    and there is the seed of never ending now..
    there is the breath of all we do.. there are the
    moving pArts of subatomic way.. tHere is liGht
    and DArk.. and Lover’s pulse.. there are dreams
    of be and never be in night way eYes… tHere is
    more and theRe iS less.. tHere is sWiM aNd
    Love to Run.. floating in space hiGher
    and sit sTiLL never coMinG noW
    forever noW.. iN loSinG
    breathe oF AiR..
    three letter aLL
    labELs now strung
    foR All thAt iS..noW…
    fLakes of crystals
    memory shine
    of physicsnow
    gRoWn more
    Ocean Rivers
    streams never
    ending in God
    sTrinGs finELy
    tUnED oh i oN
    noW oN i noW
    SunG..HiGH.. i
    so.. tHere iS aLL tHiS
    and dreAms of nONe..
    orgasms big bang
    liGhts iN eYes
    oF toes.. iN
    keY noW
    Of LoVE

  14. Here’s the thing..
    if you ever become
    God to Live you realize
    God Loves to live inside
    of us on this lovely planet
    earth.. there are many barren
    seeds in the sky but God’s eYes
    sing blue and green and deepest
    brown to those parts that pulse
    red and pink
    in dance
    and above
    iN bRAin noW of
    Sprinkling pasSioNs
    Freest embrace oF Flower’s
    heat of liVing breath
    as God’s desire
    to be more
    than rock
    of pArts..
    that we are this
    great i am in colors
    come to life on this
    planet now is to worship
    all away from less of
    what is seen
    in colder
    pArts oF
    God’s eYes
    away from liFe..
    the beauty is life..
    the passion is life..
    the colors of God’s eYes
    SinG noW.. God Dances
    as US God SinGs as US..
    God Love to bE feel sense
    God away
    from bLack
    then pyramid
    dust we are now
    the capstone of
    hope that lives
    as liFe.. noW
    pinnacle of God’s
    achievement oF aLL
    we knoW.. iS the LoVinG
    touch.. impassioned LoVe..
    that moves inside
    out above
    all around
    in tongue
    of smells
    of what
    makes floWeR
    oF wE God’s eyes..
    what Some cAll
    evil in Miley Cyrus
    eYes and
    bALL hips
    iS God’s greater
    deLiGht than
    do you understand
    how lonely God was
    before folks like we cAMe
    along as aLL oF GoD as
    all that iS creates
    as wE kNoW feel
    sense all noW..
    then perhaps
    you have forgotten
    how cold and lonely
    it was before
    US.. wE are
    God.. as soon as
    you remember how
    cold it was before
    Life comes alive
    you too WiLL
    the heaven
    of what
    aLL thAt
    iS noW
    as US..
    perhaps you’LL
    dAnce.. perhaps you’LL
    sinG and hold a homeless
    person’s hand as they lay
    comfort under a bridge
    of knoWinG
    to noW
    LiVe noW..
    overALL God
    shAres tears as those
    who have forgotten
    what the
    of ALL
    to not celebrate
    aLL of this wiTh
    aLL oF God’s
    iS to
    oF aLL
    sKeYes faLL
    skeYes riSe
    flY ..
    Bottom line..
    do you not understand
    that all of this online
    thing is
    a convention
    of God come
    then.. perhaps
    you have no
    to LiVe
    in colors
    Blue green
    and Brown alive..
    wHole iS to KnoW
    the feel and sense of tHis..:)

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