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Facebook profiLe phOto statUs thiNgY..
anD i noW aM eMBarKinG oN A Starry
Starry niTeniTe adVenture..
yeS.. chaNNeLinG VinCent..
To hELp mE DanCe..
oR aT lEasteR i caN
iMaGinE aLL thaTnow
iS iT.. iN ViSuAliZinG
iT.. noW aNd bRinG iT
To FruiTioNoW.. aS iS..
Or MayBeThIS wHole
statuS thingiE.. iS juSt
A MaGiC iNcANtaTioN..
oR thE plaCebo aFFeCt
iN QuaNtuM
floW oF Sub-Atomic
emPoWeRinG sTuFF..
iT WiLL Be aS wiLL bETrUeLiGht..:)



WilhELmiNa’s DanCinG
Shoes for mE a place to
go wHeRe FloW iN zoNE
iS number 1..
a way oF
liFe thaT
kNows aLL
Equal noW
and no Equal
aT aLL iN Balance
oF uP and DoWn
inside.. outside.. a
Merry Go ’round..
Before i found
i AM Dead..
Funny Little
i choose to believe
God IS A Laugh and maKe iT So
noW aS noW iS aLL tHAt iS.. jUSt So..
whaT coMes
oR NoT..
i choose YES..
And JuSt Do iT..
And so far i have
a running 3 yeAr streak
oF forTune’s DancE SonG FReED..:)


Original Duo of Trio..
Charlie’s Angels..
Cortney and
Good Old
Seville Quarter
and my 110th
Dance Week
Thursday NiGht theRe..
And in addendum.. speaking
of Cortney.. Cortney.. a newly
hired in Government employee Now
working to conserve natural resources
noW iN the wildlife of our local beach
area.. shares an awesome photo
of a Fish Eagle aka Sea Hawk..
officially known as Osprey
that are common to
this area.. both
at beach
and River
lands.. and the
Osprey is capturing
a fish up to its weight
while the fish is swimming
downward.. and with mighty
Talons and Wings of Super
Bird the Osprey as no human
weight lifter could ever imagine
REAL.. Lifts itself out of the water
with wings of steel
in NoW super bird
way.. noW spRinGinG
oh.. the stories of
#supernature .. noW
they go far beyond
what human can do..
functionally disabled
by all the clothes of
written words.. collective
intelligence and all other
clothes of culture.. sitting
still for years.. in classrooms
in front of screens where home
room is now too.. for many.. from day
break to sleep.. as weakness.. now in
pre-type two diabetes
assessed in
school age
children @
noW around
in statistical way..
additionally Now close
to 50 percent of clothed
adult culture on some kind of
pain killer for chronic.. often
NoW stress related vague somatic
pains.. and of course.. sky-rocketing
rates of psychoptropic drugs to
treat emotional illnesses
of feelings/senses
that are noW
dys-regulated to
almost non-existent
from the battle ground
of humans and their disabling
clothes of cultural comforts.. etc..
And then there is the
oldest among
the dragon fly
who flies up to
60 miles per hour..
almost beyond human
comprehension of feat
in #supernature way..
and what once noW
was an oral and dance
tradition of human being where
the communication of life was once
hours of daily oration and moving sign
language to connect and create has been
reduced to 140 characters in a twitter line
of acronyms of u
and u as uS noW..
and a few more
letters to get to
the limit of u..
and science
suggests that
the average human
has the literal attention
span of a gold fish now.. while
human cultures continue to slowly
as whole destroy the home for uS noW..
and the Fish Eagle too.. so the government
in at least some level of saving gRACE.. employs
folks like Cortney to save some home.. at least
in some way of effort now.. i am a FucKinG
rare species of bird.. named human
without all the clothes of culture..
named hUman who uses
culture to tHeir human
potential advantage
than slow
misery of death..
A human who says..
Well yes.. there are twitter
limits in life but i choose to
go back NoW to my human iNnate
potential #supernature noW hiGher
Road and do more.. more.. morE Now..
so.. after dancing a solid three hours
without a water break.. in martial
arts and ballet-likeall free style..
in Feng Shui human way
as one with wind and
water at core of
being noW juSt Now
Nature.. some button
down preppy dude says Molly
huh.. and i shake his hand
with the grip of Osprey
with prey and
say no dude..
God.. it’s God..
yes.. aLL #supernature
God at hand heRe.. hEre..
let me show ya a couple of things
on Google and Youtube as i whip
it right out as you know what they
say about size doesn’t matter noW and
all of that as truly a lot of it has to
do with how yA aim the
big picture at Ya
pArts.. per say..
and if you ever
view my nude art..
particularly recently..
you will get MORE of the
gist of that joke too.. he HE..
SO.. i show him the handy dandy
video of me leg pressing 930 LBS
with the last two forty-five LB plates..
teetering off the edge of the barbell
machine.. with no room left to
grow in weighT.. 14 times
very slowly with
arms raised in
the air noW sTiLL
aLL BaLanCinG as such
with only legs as mechanical
advantage in half a ton way.. yes STiLL nOW
and then i go on to say.. i do it 30 times
now but it would just be boring to upload
longer and longer videos like that as this
one is already 88 seconds long.. and
the other one would be around
three whole minutes like
a song to sit through..
and then.. i go on to say..
not only do i do my Molly dancing
all natural.. and by the way… i don’t
drink or smoke either.. i do it every where
i go as documented here too on Google
iN Nike GPS sports watch way..
approaching 5400 miles now
in just 33 months..
like the F iN Forrest
Gump of dancing distances
to and fro across the shores
of USA in mountain high
ways of moving that
as such in human
metaphor way.. yes.. sTiLL..
oh yeah.. and then.. tHeRe’s
writing poetry.. back in the old
days when humans really used tHeir now then
potential.. back in India.. there is a 1.8
million long poem still recorded.. noW
and i tale him.. ya gotta be kidding..
my poem is well over 3 million
words still running now at
667 macro verses
WRITE here at
and here’s a short micro
taste of what i do there in
one macro verse at 338,630
words with around 300 or so
gorgeous beach photos
titled ‘GodsUniVerse
Novel3′.. as linked
below.. and then i say..
oh.. tHeRe iS somewHeRe
between 600 to 800 photos
of girls smiling ear to ear
with me wRite here at
Good Old Seville and
on 110 blog posts too..
now and then.. since i’ve
been streaking a dance
date here for 110 weeks
now.. and after i tale him
all of this.. in around a couple
of minutes or so in lightening
speed like voice.. his mouth is
just left hanging open.. and
he moves on his
way in small
and dam i forgot to
show him some of
my recent nude art..
just in case.. he didn’t
think i was man enough noW
to be brave.. and stuff like
that.. he He.. okay.. here’s
the deal.. when i was 12 or 13..
and the bully boys told me.. i was
too weak looking to survive.. like
the Osprey.. i didn’t give up lifting
the fish.. and just get mad
and pout.. or become a
bully too.. but yes..
i did kinda crush
that young
man’s hand..
just a little
bit noW last
night in Xtra
firm hand
grip shake..
teaching him
a lesson
his hand
yeS.. back
THEN.. too..
for me..
it was
just a signal
from the other
swimming fish..
albeit tough love
in bullying that a change
was needed to survive.. but
truly it was a gift.. as now i can
easily squeeze over two hundred pounds
of effort at max machine provided human
potential on the Nautilus hand
squeeze machine.. in herculean
effort.. and curl over 200 LBS
with my biceps and
with neck too..
as for all practical
intents and purposes
in majority of equipment
i am the strongest dude.. at the
Elite Military gym now at NASWF noW
yes.. mE approaching age 56 on June 6th..
who used to be literally assessed
as the weakest dude by others..
and last kid picked on sports
teams.. with always
naturally occurring
low levels of testosterone
still measured in as border
line low at 271.. in medical
records currently as
assessed as such
in empirical way..
but you see.. the fish hawk
Jack LaLanne NoW has already
long proved what an all natural
dude without steroids can do..
when he towed 60 or so boats..
behind him in swimming way
at over age 60.. and crap..
he aint’ even no exception
alone.. as even Arthur then..
the head life guard dude
i used to supervise.. as
Athletic Director
at the Air Station
here at then Whiting
Field could out swim
all the 21 year old boys..
at over 60.. and Arthur
still competes in ballet
well after 65 in actual
theater events.. so truly..
except for the poetry potential
anomaly.. what i do ain’t that unique..
yeah.. writing LONG POEM FREE VERSE
is currently now my special LONG ReAD
human super splinter skill.. and yes..
i READiLY admit.. thiS iS
a cultural acquired skill
and not what
suggest is innate
human potential without
culture.. but yeah.. science
don’t understand the science
of Quantum Mechanics as that
applies to the human being
mind and body iN noW
unLeasHinG and
reLeaSinG.. and many
folks THoUGHT Einstein was
nuts back when he said Nature
is Krazy SuperNATURE OVER
SUCH TOO.. anyWaY.. iN aLL stuff
nature.. #supernature .. the magic
as such of Nature potential
is a truly easy formula of
Use iT oR Lose iT
as all stuff
human nature
and #supernature
AKA GOD wHolE..noW
DO one thing to the
excess of the other thing
and lose the other thing too..
and that’s why i can’t cook..
’cause i dont’ cook..
as simple as thAT DO..
and that’s why i used
to walk stiff like a robot..
cause i never walked ART
like air and water..
in Feng Shui Sea Hawk
human way.. aLL of Nature..
at least most oF it.. liVeS iN
our DNA.. we are the fish..
the toad.. and reptilian
bird brain feATheRed
friend as well..
and what we do not
often see is thAT overall
God THat lives as wE.. and
to discount magic of #supernature
sTiLL LiVinG as human potential
is to discount God as
whole still living
within.. outside..
up and down and
merry go ’round..
so yeah..
i have a song
for this named
ET by Katy Perry
as those in the REAL
TRUTH AND LIGHT OF #supernature
in HuWoMaNiFeST
Free waY noW juSt nOW..
and as final LAUGH
NOTE HERE.. i bet
Cortney is glad i
didn’t write
all of this
thAT iS
paRt of
my 3 plus
Million Word
poem noW on
her personal
Facebook page..
cRapiT ain’t easy
being a Vincent noW
Van Gogh Superman..NoW..
trust me.. it ain’t easy
being superhuman@ALL
as Supernature
TrUe iN LiGht..
LiFe’s a Beach
and a Bitch.. iT’s
the balance of dArk
and liGht that maKes
liFe.. F iN AwesoMe NoW..
and ps.. oH crap.. my finger
wavered and went to another
page view.. thought i was gonna
hafta start all over and do thiS aLL
a GaiN.. WeLL friends.. the never ending
and beginning story of no real start
and finish oF ALL OF QUANTUM
KnOW THaT i IntUit noW
thAT is even too f iN Deep
for any creative
human word(s)..
iS aLL About thaT..
NOW aLL thaT iS n0W..
never ending.. never
staRting.. never finishing
never beginning NOW.. but
NOW i am in bLow yoUr mind
T E R R I T O R Y E T sTyLe
or i am just on LSD or Molly
or some other substance thing..
other than my innate human potential
as more fully realized now jUSt NoW..
NO..! iF i lost aLL of these words.. iT iS
just pArt of aN ongoing practice oF
a briGhter noW iN
TrUth and liGht..
iN respect
of dArk
and huMan
lieS noW..yES!..:)
And ps.. thanks! Local
107.3 FM Radio Station
for giving me the song
prompt of Katy Perry’s
ET.. starting at the precise
moment i left the garage in
my car to arrive at the Dance
and Song of Life Last niGht..
First niGht.. Day never beginning
or ending Start of LiFe NoW iN TrUth LiGht..;)


Haha! i kid you not too..
i was just looking for the
wRite SonG as hurts so bad..
and you provide this SonG mY
Dear Friend HImali.. all the way
from the Emirates of Arabia..
to prompt my soUl.. noW..
not on purpose of course..
but as you Harry Potter
kNow.. LIFe iS MaGiC
when lived that
way in yes..
AngEL noW
iN blood of
moon and
niGht oF
Day.. a TwiLIght
of a thouSand years
and more to wait NoW..
a Love that WiLL never
end or begin and aLways
bE NoW iS onE that Hurts
so good in all the dARk and
liGht thaT LiFe iS noW to Offer
Frozen and red HOT!..
in the bLack..
white.. and
InFiNite sHades
of color and hues
of grey.. that liGht
our lives so full
of Wonder
Lust for
aLL that
seeks to
liVe and thriVe
aS iN LoVinG tOuch oF LiFe..
the path to Heaven is paved
with hell.. the path to Hell is
paved with heaven.. the Yellow
Brick Road is red rum too..
the Shining can be
Play2 when
Jack AND Jill
pLay miraculously
StiLL toGeThER FoReVer
in DreAm oF now.. and as
they say.. iF one has
Steak and
Ice creAm
aLL tHerE LiFe..
and becomeS boRed
aLL wiTh the same old
Old Phrases oF liFe NoW
iN World and Words KnowN
noW.. tHeRe IS A neverLand..
a pLace inside.. wHere delicious
fantasY alWays tastes great.. so yes..
dear.. you are a pARt oF mY story noW2..
And yes.. my dear.. tHeir iS a SonG oF SouL
For this by A Lady named Christina Perri that
pure and
Rock by definition
of Name no different
than Katy Perry and
her Fire Work too..
A thouSand years
mY FriEnd.. a thouSAnd
CAndLeS a Love tHat
Never ends and that
iS what the letter
and words
FRiEnD mean
to mE and yoU
alWays have
A Friend
iN Fred.. yESnoW
After aLL the glitz
and glamour.. sweaty
empasSioNeD embRAceS
iN heiGhts of PleAsure are
oVer iT is the Friend that lasts
iN aLL oF uS trUe as Brothers and Sisters..
and on toP of thAT.. tHeRe is already enough
humans in the world.. to skip the other part.. WiTh SMiLes..
be.. noW..
and sorry iF ever
you visit me.. i do not
bite FriEnds.. i
just nibble
on them
Witty Banter..
And yeS it’s true my friend..
as the story of Katrina and i
forever now does tale too.. back
when she was Isis and i am Osiris..
we are more like Brothers and Sisters noWstiLLnoW..;)


i Love my cat Yellow Boy..
i StiLL love my cat Moby..
although he is gone off of this
terrestrial plane.. HiS heARt StiLL
lives oN as pARt of mY SoUl.. and
whenever a relationship of any FriEnd
comes to me.. iT is the sAMe.. as i told
my friend Rafiah.. long ago.. each human
relationship of Pure Fearless Love.. is aNoTheR
MultiUniVerse existence oF God creaTinG anew..noW
so when i have a friend.. no matter what age.. what
gender.. albeit.. i’ve never had many male friends.. as
i break that gender mOld too well.. now among the polar
Genderized way.. of deep South Stiff collar males.. sure.. now
i can be a rough boy too.. just shake my hand dude and i will
crush it if that is what makes you feel like a man..
i will tale the dudes in non-verbal language noW
who try to challenge the grace
noW of my FReED sTyLE
ballet-like mode dance
on the dance floors of liFe..
but you see.. i have noW oN
my feminine and masculine
balanCinG.. tHeRe is nothing i
have to have from another gender
as i already have the balance inside..
and what this allows me to do.. is Love
Women as friends.. with none of those
contingencies as yoU kNow and
FeeL.. what i mean.. as to truly
Love God iS to Love aLL noW
uniquely as creation sacredly
and wHoLLy aLL..
and i have to say
when i am in the restroom
at Old Seville Quarter and hEar
the guys slander the opposite sex
as a piece of ass.. some tits.. and
the V below.. they are lucky i have
sHades on.. as trust me when ‘the
Devil’.. nah.. not the ugly
one.. the pretty
one “LUCIFER”..
BrINgER oF liGht
and FreedoM to ALL..
as metaphor please..
as by God it’s just a
common human archetype
of mind and body balance
souL.. BY GOD TOO.. THiS


SpeaKinG of LiFe.. i Love
Cycads.. here otherwise
known as Sago Palms..
and King Sago Palm..
but not really part
of the Palm
family as
Cycad instead..
wHere Cycads are
known as Evolution’s
comeback Kid.. a somewhat
perfect form of life.. relatively
sPeaKing.. origin around
280 million years ago
sharing the planet
with much larger
Dragonflies and
Roaches then
wHere some
Cycads can
STilL noW
live around
a thousand
years old.. yes..
wRite hear sTiLL
waiting for uS as Love
oF aLL of Nature too aS
Christina Perri saYs noW
iN hEr SonG a “ThouSand
Years”.. too in the day oF
A lifelong noW Cycad Real..:)


Ah.. a few of my favorite things..
A song of Forever for mE noW
WiTh no tiMe as aLL iS Now..
Still writing it.. and
illustrating it
so many
other ways
in the longest
poem ever now
in this 668th Macro
Verse that WiLL
be named now
as pArt noW oF
the 3 Million plus word
longest written poem
ever.. titled “KATiE MiA
FredericK!iI”.. at yes..
the all Free Website
with same
here of
course too
now and truly
the Song by Julie
Andrews is a way
to count one’s blessings
for what one finds sacred
and holy worth as living
Life noW.. and i could
write THAT forever..
in fAct i’ll
juSt do that
noW at lEaster..
and the “SonG oF
mY SoUl” goes on..
as when a person
goes to
AS i did back
‘then’ for 66 months..
when i could not even
catch my breath without
awaking in hell of Dysautonomia..
wHere my blood pressure and
heart rate were no longer
controlled by my
nervous system
so i would
gasp for breath
to excite my heart
rate to get the blood
back to my brain with
no choice.. of what
was left of
my F’Ed
up flight
and fight
stress response
then.. with THAT pain
i had.. wHeRe i tried to tale
my mother then it was actually
a scientifically assessed pain
worse than crucifixion and of
course nothing is more special
than the Jesus.. as idol as such..
as worshipped as much.. instead
of Respected and Loved as
any teacher of liFe
should bE as weLL
as aLL otHeR pArts
of God’s creation too..
but anyway.. she bought
a book on the crucifixion of
Jesus.. showed it to me to
tale me about how bad it
was and the first page i turned to
in the book.. clearly stated that
the only torture of pain worse
than the slow asphyxiation
like what i experienced
with Dysautonomia
too.. was the
pain of my
ETC.. SO i showed it to
my mother but it didn’t
matter to her that
i experienced that
pain through those
40 days of February
through Spring by
chance in that Lent
period too.. and the
pain lived for 66 months
of shut-in wake to sleep
existence then..
wHere i could
not sleep then
in the early
40 days of Lent
but one hour each
night with a powerful
alpha blocker to slow
my heart rate down
and get the breathing
back.. to sleep.. with
that dirt shallow
one hour of sleep
for the first 35 days
of Lent then for me..
with zero sleep the last
5 of 40.. along then with
18 other life threatening
synergy of medical
disorders.. including
Sjogren’s Syndrome..
where my eyes quit
making tears.. then..
Severe Degenerative
Arthritis in spine precipitated
somewhat early in life by
a congenitally fused
Vertebra.. yes.. from
birth.. and spinal
Severe Anxiety
and Depression with
associated panic attacks..
and Anhedonia.. as well
as Alexithymia.. etc.. but
the worst of all pain was
the numbness
that was
any imaginable
burning hell of both
Emotions and Senses
of piece of paper existence..
where truly one second was
an eternity in a relative
1000 years where
all was time..
in nothingness
as close to separation
in a dark night of soul
away from feeling and
sensing all oF God’s Nature.,,
including mine.. for an eternity
in hell time then.. so sure i have
reason to celebrate liFe in all its
dArk and liGht now and ‘tween
that iS.. ’cause i kNow for
sure that even
in hell
is EL
for Heaven..
a test from allthatis
for me then..noW..
but a blesSinG
Now to kNow..
seNse and
FeeL thaT aLL
thaT iS iS aLL worth
iT as heaven now.. whether
we can kNow it.. sense it
and or feel it.. when hell
comes in heaven now..
two places.. one
of hope and Love..
one of fear and
Hate.. and
all EmoTioNs
nuanced and senses
associated with both…
i choose thE LiGht placE noW..
and invite folks iN..
the water is hot..
but it’s
every ounce
Now oF aLL mY
Favorite things thAt
arE… trUly ALLiNoWthaTiS..
And sPeaKinG of ALL oF thAT..
haven’t made it back to dVerse
for open LiNk Thursday Night
yet.. but some other sTuFF
cAMe uP.. and noW
it’s now to
wheRe dArk
and liGht miX
aS oNe eternAlly NoW oN..:)


“At least I thought I was dancing,
’til somebody stepped on my hand.”

~~ J. B. White ~~

That says iT aLL.. mostly..
as there will always
be those who say
in the
name of DancE..
and SonG too..
and i lEarned to
have Faith iN mE
and God
as Nature
iN mE noW2..
hmm.. what else..
oh yeah.. that magic
thing.. i believe in Quantum
Mechanics.. therefore.. with enough
i noW rule
WeLL enough
for me.. yes..
iN Magic
NoW oF
liGht noW to Now
oN.. FieLD thAT bRinGS
BaLanCE to Dark Lies
beneath the
oF liGht
as StreAMs
to Rivers to noW..
Ocean wHoLLy Hope..
iN Fearless Love.. oKay..
that about covers iT aLL
thAt iS for noW.. trip to
the Casino tomorrow..
more dance
all around
alWayS noW
aN aDventure iN
heaVen of noW aWaY
from HeLL of theN..
and sure mY
faith.. mY
hope.. myY
fearless Love iS
thE sAMe for yoU mY
FriEnd.. as i have dOne
the miracle thinGiE.. up close..
documented iN fuLL and they
ARE REAL.. at lEaster in My
Phoenix RiSinG from the ashes
iN Book and Tree oF LiFe FReED..
aLL moNkeY Business HeRe.. mY FriEnd..
i’LL bE A bird iN A tree tomorRoW climBinG air Of WiND
WeLL BeFoRe SunSeT wHen DaY BreaK iS.. juSt iS noW..:)

penniewoodfall says..
Something for you…
this say’s it all…
Pietroasa Bowl
And after i watch
the video she provides
i say..
From inside
To outside the
BOwL.. My friEnd
A MaGiC ChaLiCe
NoW..smile emoticon
And then i say
to gigoid after
some more
sMiLes.. for mE i only
have faith in what i touch..
what touches me..
what i feel..
what feels me..
what i see.. what
sees me.. what i taste
what tastes me.. what i hear
what hears me.. what i smell
what smells me.. ETc.. and science
suggests there are now 412 total
nuanced emotions and
many more senses..
some of which of
all of these
some humans
do not experience..
the BegGinG oF wisdom
is to understand that none
of us experience iT aLL and
some of uS experience more..
Some of us have the potential
to experience more.. and
some of us close
off that
through sHear
wiLL of fear iN the
dark and or cynicism
of additional potential
liGht.. there were so many
days of dArk for me friend..
and tHeRe is no end of the
liGht i Now
noW at the
beginning of the
Tunnel.. and after
11 million words..
and all of
the approximation
of what is real below
and above that.. and all
other symbols as such..
the MaGiC iS noW
reAL.. the potential
is REal.. i wAs A trUly
A fool not to believe
in the real magic
of that
and that of
course only
comes through
experience.. grace
is a fool.. who kNows
nothing.. Fool is
a gRace
FeeLs.. noW..
iT’s aLL relative
and a journey now
wITh so many paths..
sAdly.. too many folks
take the short-cut away
noW.. that
leads nowhere
but tHeRe.. aWaY..:)


i told Katrina to set the
alarm clock this morning
and she complied
and yes..
tHere is an
early morning
SonG to gET uP
for thiS noWoN
too.. so noW oN2
Happy Saturday..
And iT’S oFF to
Casinos for me
iN Biloxi mostly
to dance rather
than play with
one armed
and Katrina
is off to a baby
shower to turn some
‘folks’ on.. whether she
realizes it fully or noT.. Jesus..
soMe beauty is juSt mADe
to be shaRed and
not hidden
eYes.. iN TrUth
oF liGht FReED..:)

Bet ya 5 Facebook Likes..
that only 1 person likes
this and 5 like the
previous KATiEm
profile pic.. noW
And lots more folks
like the previous one
and don’t like it.. hehe..
and anyway.. just keeping
the balance.. of Batman in day..
And Superman in night.. and dark
and light.. and feminine and masculine
and beauty and the beast and the list now
of enlightening and awakening ways of noW
balance continues on infinitum alwayS NoW..:)

Yes.. too halves must
become whole to achieve
AwaKeNinG oF enliGhTenMent
in attainment oF Heaven noW..
Nirvana.. Bliss.. the whole
sHeBanG so hEre’S
the otHeR
oF thE
story Now
left and right..
dArk and liGht
uP and doWn..
inside.. outside..
and yes.. aLLa noW
MerrY go A’round..:)

And yes.. the first like for
this is one of my best
friends.. Dear Friend
Rafiah.. from
and yes..
of course..
correctly says..

oMG your wifey
is so sexy.
And then i say
as i always must
take all human rhetoric
it seems at least one
step deeper
the last
bit of reciprocal
social communication..
so yes.. i then say..

She is proof
that Allah exists..
smile emoticon

And then Rafiah

Of course smile

And finAlly for
noW i say..

Yes sMiLes..
and ALL
Ah.. thE
rest of Creation
with more SMiLes..
smile emoticon

And now i say..
as a participant
Anthropologist wITh
the study oF aLL of God
oF Nature as is.. i find
human nature
and like
the orbits
of planets
around Sun of
Stars iT is uSuAlly
somewhat consistent
and predictable to read the
thOUghts of otHeRs.. not unlike
Edward Cullen as such.. and
much.. and yes.. i can read
most people very
well in
mind meld
Spock way..
although.. not
unlike Spock iF
you.. aRound me..
see my total Poker
Face while doing this..
you might realize how
much steam of Hurricane
extreme and calm in winds
outside as opposed to inside
out is inherently Nature Nurture
all around as WeLL above so
below too now.. so no..
not many males
WiLL actually
click the
as it is
not what they
call socially appropriate
to communicate that one’s
friend’s wife has sexy legs
and butt in any way shape
or form.. but it is
very appropriate
for your
who are girls
if you happen to
be a male to comment
that the wifey is super
sexy so everything stays
warm and baby cozy
iN the House
of Love who
only kNows
friends and
no enemies at aLL..
trust me.. in the old days
we would be one happy
extended family doing the
work of night sharing and
raising babies too… i miss those
days of past lives.. i really do.. but
when you are a thousand and something
year vampire and bite your wife way back
when and she never ages.. she does make
an excellent conversation piece as Fredward
says about my Bella Dark haired girl now.. and
sure.. she’s the one that let me bite her first.. that’s
how love
first server forevermore
now.. iN aLL ways of FRiEnD
forevermorenoW iN my own
style noW oF LoVe’S fearless
TWiLiGht waY noW..
wITh Lots
and Lots
of hugs
and kisses
from God oF aLL
that iS noW as the
sAga continues foR NoW..
bY A w aY.. i never watched
the Saga i F iN deLivedeviLed iT..
Oh yeah.. and believeR iT or NoT
Ripley.. i am much older than
i Look.. Jesus.. i’ve
born from the
origin of all ages cycleS..
oF aLL that existS noW..
like they say.. never let
As reaLITy Rocks FictToN everyNOW..
Yeah Baby.. don’t ya kNow tHis iS goinG
up and
down and
uP again..
for REAL
alWayS noW..
inside.. outside..
miGht aS WeLL


Oh.. the dArk niGht
oF heArt that
can bE SpiRit
iN eXpreSsinG
and FeeLinG heARt
oF SpiRiT aLonG WitH
miNd and boDy BaLanCinG
soUL.. noW.. but hell no.. psychiatry
prescribes pills.. but has no way to
help bRing back aLL oF thAT.. as
to cure the root of symptoms
miGht be the end of
psychiatry as we
kNeW anD
noW iN noW..
Inner UniVerse
orchestrated by Billions
of galaxy numbered connections
and more as do sPeaK now.. as
so many opportunities to
move in bRain
way hiGhEr
and Higher..
as the older
story goes.. inside..
outside.. above.. so below
and all around.. noW beyond
the details of each neuron oF liFe
Separate.. as aLL can be orchestrated
finer.. but try to tale that to the REAL
HUNCH BACK oF Notre DaMe..
the monster i used to be..
kNoWinG no FeeLinG
aT aLL forgetting
all memories
iF had theN noW
ever fELt a SMiLE
before or laugh and
of course the answer
then was pyramid dust..
but it already faded away
too dispersed around me to
make a difference then.. so after
writing 11 or so million words..
language coNnectArinG to
EmoTioNs.. poeTry
does coMe.. but
it doesn’t matter
what one says or does…
in the moment of heaven or
hell reaL noW iN liFe.. no.. not as
toddler liFE tEacHinG folks
that children overall..
are alReADy tHeRe..
Anyway.. tHeRe IS
A greAT ReAsoN
we are here..
to do what we can
iN essence of the sPiRiT
oF that phrase lET gO..
as Fearless UnConDiTioNal
sacRed Love.. wITh no
frigGinG physical
LiMiTs beYonD


We are the bees and God is the nectar
We are the nectar and God is the Bees
All is the Buzz
when we fly
to be free..
Free is the Bee
that lives as Nectar
in Buzz
of Living
seed of liFe
Blooming are we
FReED aLiVeNoW..:)


So.. tHere iS thiS FloWer
we cALL creaTion.. tHere is this
DancE and SonG wE cAll liFe NoW..
tHeRe is this cycle that Dances oN now
and there is the seed of never ending now..
there is the breath of all we do.. there are the
moving pArts of subatomic way.. tHere is liGht
and DArk.. and Lover’s pulse.. there are dreams
of be and never be in night way eYes… tHere is
more and theRe iS less.. tHere is sWiM aNd
Love to Run.. floating in space hiGher
and sit sTiLL never coMinG noW
forever noW.. iN loSinG
breathe oF AiR..
three letter aLL
labELs now strung
foR All thAt iS..noW…
fLakes of crystals
memory shine
of physicsnow
gRoWn more
Ocean Rivers
streams never
ending in God
sTrinGs finELy
tUnED oh i oN
noW oN i noW
SunG..HiGH.. i..
so.. tHere iS aLL tHiS
and dreAms of nONe..
orgasms big bang
liGhts iN eYes
oF toes.. iN
keY noW


Here’s thE thiNg..
if yoU ever bEcoMe
God to Live you realize
God Loves to live inside
of us on this lovely planet
earth.. there are many barren
seeds in the sky but God’s eYes
sing blue and green and deepest
brown to those parts that pulse
red and pink
in dance
and above
iN bRAin noW of
Sprinkling pasSioNs
Freest embrace oF Flower’s
heat of liVing breath
as God’s desire
to be more
than rock
of pArts..
that we are this
great i am in colors
come to life on this
planet now is to worship
all away from less of
what is seen
in colder
pArts oF
God’s eYes
away from liFe..
the beauty is life..
the passion is life..
the colors of God’s eYes
SinG noW.. God Dances
as US God SinGs as US..
God Love to bE feel sense
God away
from bLack
then pyramid
dust we are now
the capstone of
hope that lives
as liFe.. noW
pinnacle of God’s
achievement oF aLL
we knoW.. iS the LoVinG
touch.. impassioned LoVe..
that moves inside
out above
all around
in tongue
of smells
of what
makes floWeR
oF wE God’s eyes..
what Some cAll
evil in Miley Cyrus
eYes and
bALL hips
iS God’s greater
deLiGht than
do you understand
how lonely God was
before folks like we cAMe
aLong as aLL oF GoD as
all thaT iS creaTes
as wE kNoW feel
sense all noW..
then perhaps
you have forgotten
how cold and lonely
it was before
US.. wE are
God.. as soon as
yoU reMember how
cold iT was beFore
Life comEs aLive
you too WiLL
the heaven
of what
aLL thAt
iS noW
as US..
perhaps you’LL
dAnce.. perhaps you’LL
sinG and hold a homeless
person’s hand as they lay
comfort under a bridge
of knoWinG
to noW
LiVe noW..
overALL God
shAres tears as those
who have forgotTen
whaT thE
of ALL
to not celebrate
aLL of this wiTh
aLL oF God’s
iS to
oF aLL
sKeYes faLL
skeYes riSe
flY ..
Bottom line..
do you not understand
that all of this online
thing is
a convention
of God come
then.. perhaps
you have no
to LiVe
in colors
Blue Green
and Brown alive..
wHole iS to KnoW
the feel and sense of tHis..








BeforE and After NovEL pARTy

BeforE and After NovEL pARTy
Introductory post to Free Novels


41K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel


51K words
Free Verse Poetry Novel


338,630 words
Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
Approximately 3000+ printed pages…
With Hundreds of Beautiful Beach Photos..:)


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
3 Million plus words
Super Epic Free Verse Poetry Novel
SonG oF mY SoUL..:)
Approximately 30,000+ printed pages…
just ’cause
i caN
buiLd iT..
FoR Free..:)

CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs

And yeS.. FinAlly..
CrediTs FiELd oF DreAMs..
A Thanks YoU oF sORts..

Love iS


GRains oF SaNd
hOld mounTain



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I like to write.
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28 Responses to #SupernatUreNoW

  1. So.. today.. we wArt hogs and raccooNs
    go to Ryan’s all you can eat
    feeding trough.. for
    humans of course..
    wHere humans are served
    but not eaten.. thanks Lord..
    and the lady who now serves
    up freshly cooked medium
    rare cow.. specifically..
    Sirloin cut.. says..
    after i twirl around
    the grill.. CAN i have
    some of that energy
    please.. so i say.. sure..
    i WiLL translucifer iT iN wordS..
    noW and then i say.. who is the
    best friend of EnergY noW..
    and she doesn’t quite then..
    have the answer.. and hehe..
    neither do the other sales reps
    around Cordova Mall Stores noW
    when i continue a day long dance
    exceeding half A Marathon
    status as measured
    by Nike GPS
    Sports Watch..
    anyway.. i tale her..
    the Best Friend of
    ENerGy IS A
    FriEnd of
    of cOUrse..
    as when we work
    with gravity.. invisible
    to predator and prey as
    our ancestors did/do in balancE
    noW to survive.. left foot.. right foot..
    right arm.. left arm.. the noW wHolE
    flesh iN hUman story.. oNe conserves
    energy.. onE regulates emotions..
    integratEs sensEs.. increasEs
    focus and short term
    working memory
    for greater
    of unwanted
    thoughts and
    next thing ya kNoW
    ya Got hUwoManiFeSTinG
    rEvolution Orange when/wHere
    the NoW libido sacral and
    yes.. seNsual/sexual
    energy rises from
    root of survival
    to crown
    of bliss..
    and various other
    cross cultural metaphors..
    including the Pentecostal
    Holy Spirit Aid.. as discussed
    in old tiMeY way metaphor
    in Catholic Church
    today.. and
    of note..
    i matchED the
    colorful decor of the
    church with the bottom
    line of the LioN King
    and no worries for
    LiFe.. in other
    words.. heavEN
    noW.. aS noW so
    nicely illustrated
    at the end of the SwaYinG
    Wart Hog.. RAcoon.. and
    new futUre LioN KinG..
    as theY
    in and as
    WoRRy Free
    FLoW iN zOnE
    oF HeavEn noW..
    yes.. as Catholic Religion
    metaphor for the same dam
    thing that the Tibetan Yogi’s
    speak of in the Book
    of the dead
    and aLL of
    that too.. noW
    so sPeAking Now
    oF Decor and my
    match in colors
    of Catholic
    we arrive
    almost late
    but just on
    Fred tiMe noW..
    and instead of slowing
    Flow of middle aisle
    to back row
    i hop over
    the back of the
    pews and arrive
    oN tiMe NoW oF course..
    and a lady i’ve kNoWn like
    forever says.. oh.. don’t you
    kNow that’s against decor
    and i say..
    i go by no
    rule i AM
    in matching
    colors with the
    JESUS.. in yes.. less
    metaphors than that of course..
    as this is obviously a literAlly
    thinking person i am
    dealing with..
    yes.. i can
    tale by
    in about a split
    second or so as nothing
    about the body language
    flows in all natural holy
    spirit.. as this spirit
    shines noW in
    body language
    and iT IS A lAMp
    THaT WiLL N0T bE
    AND IS NEVER Dark as liGht..
    but.. of course// i visit hell as i hAve
    sympathy foR All the devils
    and purgatory
    noW too..
    and this.. from
    times past friend..
    taling me all about
    seating decor.. iS noT iN
    heLL.. juSt purgatory..
    as around
    of Western Civilization
    so-called first world countries
    aRe those wHo arE somewhat last to get
    to HeaveN now.. LiVinG iN mechanical
    Cognition problem solving
    worry.. beta wave
    mind way..
    instead of
    Holy Spirit.. Alpha to
    theta to even Lucid
    waking dreaming
    way of Theta
    noW too..
    in super moving
    and connecting
    waY ALLso..
    after WeLL
    over noW
    a marathon
    of dance in two
    days.. i am gonna
    hit the sack soon
    and continue
    Hakuna Matata
    BEach LiFe NoW..:)

  2. https://gigoid.me/2014/07/13/doling-out-a-measure-of-peace/#comment-19308

    PlanETs iN moTioN pLay
    easY peaceY noW
    wHeRe EnErgy’s
    FriEnd IS A FRiend
    oF GraViTy.. wHolE..
    anD theN soMeonE
    somEwHeRe sAid stARt
    aNoThEr play.. a pLay
    oF dArker wayS noW
    aNd wHere noW onCe
    MonKeys staY in Trees
    And Hawks iN sKy.. hUmans
    out ofF
    practicE noW
    juST.. sKeYeS fALL..:)

  3. Ah.. the Starbright power of positivity..
    in human being as we shine liGht over dArk
    in peptide way.. peptide way you say.. is that a wave..
    well yes thaT is particles of peptides released in neurochemical
    way by the human bRain in Hypothalamus way.. wHeRe all
    the cells have receptors for Happy peptides that
    lead the way to cellular feeling
    memory for the
    next great
    of liFe in Yin
    Yang positive balance..
    nah.. it ain’t juSt 7 chakras in our
    bodies that make us happy happy.. NoW
    it is every frigging cell.. aLL our thOughts
    and other human abstract concepts/symbols
    associated with the memories of
    positive emotions that
    are chemical
    in Nature
    aloNG wITh
    the Grand Unified
    Theory oF all thaT iS
    Interdependently connected
    as thAT God THat liveS in/AS all thaT
    iS in both breathing and stone
    matter as energy
    samE noW..
    ah.. miXinG
    with science
    ya gotta love the
    raTioNaLITy in doing so..
    as trUly words associated
    with moving.. connecting
    and creaTinG EmoTioNs noW
    are what helps uS create
    as tools of NoW.. yeS..
    either heaven
    or hell
    iN hUman
    iNner being for almost
    iNfiNitE connections in new
    happy wiring of neurons and
    cellular strength in anticipation
    of the positive neurochemicals
    and neurohormones or the
    negative stress
    related ones
    in a slow
    of hUman
    purgatory to hELL
    as a way of liFe thAT
    we WitH relative free WiLL
    In however we associate positive
    emotions to grow or stagnate
    negative in stress
    and all stuff
    anxiety hate and
    other con-social
    TioNs relaTeD..
    too.. spells heLL noW
    in no uncertain eventual
    way of death star life..
    but ya see.. most
    will limit this
    to the thOughts
    we experience as
    words.. and will skirt the
    pARt oF liFe thAT iS core to
    underlYinG EmoTioNs
    of words that
    are the
    and sensory
    way of experiencing
    liFe in non-verbal ways
    of actually physically moving..
    connecting.. and creating too..
    in the oldest and most effective
    sTill language of human being
    that is the dance of liFe from
    shining eyes.. to hips
    and eyes that
    lie in all the
    dance of life that
    can be bliss.. nirvana..
    the heaven of now.. more
    than frigGinG sitTinG stiLL anD
    uSinG chants or breaths to
    E-scape EmoTioNs instead
    of embraCinG thE
    of Joy
    to liGht up
    the boDy/miNd in a dance
    oF aLL cells from head to
    toe.. generating what science
    still cannot measure much over
    the observer effect in Quantum
    physics as what humans
    observe impacTing
    and chanGing
    the physical
    reaLITy noW
    in subatomic
    way all around ’em
    as suns we are above so
    below oF thE Grand Unified
    theory of Allthatis thaT iS
    the reaLITy of God
    inside outside
    and merry go all around
    for those who don’t live in
    a self-fulfilling purgatory
    spectrum or hell now per
    the associated symbols
    of what they now sO
    believe whether that be..
    a belief in hell.. or sitting
    still and never generating and
    strengthening happy neuron
    wiring and cellular peptide
    memory ways..
    so ha! noW sTiLL
    religion in all its
    promises of hell and
    the end of the world..
    and other fear mongering
    ways of belieF to scare folks
    to believing in a superstition
    come true evil in
    voodoo nocebo
    effect as proven
    in science has the truth..
    DO AS THEY F iN create tHeir own
    hell in the way of negative symbols
    of liFe.. and the negative worry.. anxiety
    fear.. and exclusionary hate feelings
    in attempts to control those
    out of the
    group norm to
    keep the resources
    all in the Christian
    Church.. etc.. etc..
    for all religions that say
    the other one is bad bad bad
    and are going to hell hell hell..
    well hell is a self-fulfilling prophecy
    for those who make hell real.. by
    creating symbols that are
    for cells
    and neurons
    to wire now..
    and to remember
    hell in real grand
    Unified fear way..
    per stress
    way.. problem is.. hell
    works bAD for those who accept
    it and create it.. but the greaTesT
    thing oF all iS the God of Nature is
    merciful in anthropomorphic
    and a large pArt of
    wHere we go iN liFe
    is uP to uS and or the
    folks and what they say
    that we believe in either
    positive or negative
    down to what we thInk
    in words/abstract concepts/
    associated symbols/ and the negative
    noW or positive emoTioNs that imprison or FREE!
    the cELLs of our boDy/miNd to a lifelong purgatory
    or hell.. or go the Hakuna Matata Dance FREE
    of iN aS Heaven now.. YeS!.. YES! oh GOD yES!
    when i danCe noW.. NOW!
    i am not juSt a bag of
    old bones.. flesh.. muscle..
    ligaments and what not in
    material reductionist term
    way.. i am a Sun of positive
    shine.. in every cell.. whole..
    and AN instrument that plays A
    AND all the other metaphors including
    Kundalini RiSinG..
    IN iNfiNitE poTenTiAL
    oF THE NOW
    Grand Unified
    theory of particles
    waves.. and Field that
    existS Now as allthatis
    GodNow.. So noW iN YES!
    tHeRe is thE big poeTry
    of tHe WH0LE of LiFe..
    and there is thE smALL
    pictUre of The
    of material
    reductionism too..
    but the bottom line..
    is happiness.. joy.. nirvana..
    bliss in spiritual way has got
    A core element oF scientific proof
    and truth too.. and no one owns that
    but Nature God WHoLE.. and we are the
    heirs.. who without any FucKinG five step
    scientific method.. or F iN mythology
    book alone.. THaT bOTh can house the
    vehicles and vessels for thiS
    trUth and liGht too.. buTT
    YES! through juSt iNnate..
    iNstinctual.. iNtuitive power..
    aLL ah! noW! Gifted NaturAlly N0W bY
    GODALLTHATIS..noW.. yeS!.. Now!..NOW!..
    in bio-feed back from
    every cell of our
    body.. figureS thiS
    sHit out noW by whAT
    FucKinG Feels good
    and that baby is what
    iS behind all stuff good
    when in BaLanCinG noW..
    YeS!.. thE PleaSuRe
    as mY
    Friend Janet
    ilLUSTrates nicely
    with noW no FucKinG
    Words aT aLL.. butT
    oF course A SonG
    oF BriGht eMoTioNs
    E m P A S S ion inG
    takes uS oN oUr waY..
    and that’s why i DancE SinG
    A MeSsAge of Nirvana.. Bliss..
    and Joy in Heaven now.. as mY
    other friend Gloria Estefan so poeticAlly
    says.. WORDS JUST FucKinG GET IN THE WAY..
    and remember FucK iS
    iF yoU seeK and
    FucKinG iS noW
    iF yoU SeeK in GOD..
    and truly the direct conduit
    away from words of division
    iS The DancE and SonG
    oF tHe PleaSurE
    of old
    and new
    sAMe iN terms
    of bliss from
    head to
    as we
    planETs iN BaLanCinG
    circle the sUn aS ONe..
    iN terms of Star
    oF God
    noW iONoW..

    And OB A Way..
    iF iN thE Video oF Janet
    sHeis trUly doing a footloose
    without strict perfectionist DanCinG
    choreographed instruction of other
    way.. it works for positive flow..
    but as soon as one inserts
    the restrictions of
    mechanical cognition
    of you must move this
    way or that way to
    get it correct
    for someone
    view of
    tHe MoVinG..
    ConnecTinG and
    CreaTinG.. thiS has
    the negative action
    consequence potential
    of stress.. stress.. stress..
    where the friGGinG Ballerina
    kills herself ’cause
    she waS noT good
    enough to
    make someone
    else’s grAde..
    so whenever someone
    says do my dance moves
    and not yours.. i say..
    hey baby.. i ain’t doing
    tHis for any grAde but
    thE SonG oF mY SoUL..
    as the fish swum
    by the sea
    and the
    by the Air
    iN FunG ShUi waY..
    and the sAMe rUle applies
    to aLL iN liFe.. make it science
    and it sucks.. make it art and its
    fun.. yes.. just a generaLITy as
    the purgatory of order
    out of chaos
    is necessary
    for large cities
    oF huwoman bEinGs
    sTiLL onLY evoLVinG
    (note Love is REverse)
    before VinG to connect
    to noW around sTiLLnoW
    150 to 200 sets oF yes..
    NakED eYes non-verbAlly
    mostlY.. aT ArOUnd upwards
    oF 90% or so.. with the
    verbal preSENTaTioNs
    to accompany
    the stuff
    of eyes
    and hips..
    toes and
    torso.. arms
    and legs hands..
    and tip of Penis
    to depth of
    Vagina too noW
    as A intersects
    V for Star of David
    BaLanCinG femiNine and
    mascuLinE way.. and yes..
    obviously.. Janet has hEr
    masculine fUr oN..
    sHe is red hot
    to toe..
    and she does tHis wITh
    absolutely no plastic surgery
    too.. the power trUly coMes from WiThIn
    wHen BaLanCinG yIN AnD YanG oF GoD aLL thaT iS..
    And final note.. the SonG from Gloria comes from inTo thE liGht..
    Sees here’s the thing.. more aptly described as the FeeLinGS and
    SeNseS oF LiFe some folks associate the good with things whether
    that be locked into another person for the positive emoTioNs
    one feels/senses or a Teddy Bear.. the Love of a car as religion
    or the Love of a house as God.. ALL iS GoD.. to restrict
    FeeLinGs and SeNses as sOld to juSt one person..
    one car.. one house.. one cat or dog..
    iS to restrict Love and
    iF tHere is anything
    that the God of Love
    iT iS to
    restrict Love..
    as to Restrict
    Love is to Restrict
    God from FeeLinG SenSinG
    Good and what one has
    left over from
    that can
    be human
    created EviL..
    Love All BE aLL
    Be God Free or be
    somewhere lukewarm
    and in between
    even purgatory
    and potentially
    hell too.. noW
    when all is
    SacRed NOw
    all is Holy
    all is Love
    So yes.. i love
    you Friend.. and
    that is a Practice oF the
    GreAtEst Gift that God gives
    and enjoys as Fearless LoVe oF ALL..:)

  4. https://katiemiafrederick.com/2015/05/16/terminating-sidewalks-by-neo/


    And yeS.. as synchronicity
    Will have iT wRite on topic
    hEar as thE Facebook
    Algorithm secretary
    serves up this yearly
    memory noW to
    insert in this
    next 669th bLog
    macro Verse of the
    longest ongoing poem
    in human history titLED
    SonG oF mY SoUL StILL
    aLonG WiTh “KATiE MiA
    FredericK!iI”.. ALL
    ah.. juSt the
    way i like
    it ALL
    noW toWard
    4 MilLioN
    in yes.. LonGeSt
    veRse EsSenCe..:)

  5. SMiLes.. mY friEnd.. a great collection of Pearls
    hEar of Wisdom in all the contradicts
    of liFe evident in all we noW sense
    and feel and kNoW.. the miracle
    iS i am the UniVerse
    iN pArt and fractal
    NatUre and i give
    a FucK about the
    rest of iT iN wHole..
    iF tHeRe is any MaGiC
    it is juSt thaT iN tHe enTire
    UniVerse wHolE.. and enough
    aT lEast for me to sEE thE resT
    of iT as HoLy and saCred too..
    aS Self-fulFiLLinG prophecies
    ARE REAL.. heHE.. at lEAst
    when they come to FruiTioN..
    as FloWeRs WiLL do as
    MoVinG.. ConnectaRinG
    and CreaTinG with
    juSt a little help
    from the Birds
    and overAll
    Butterfly Effect wHere
    wheN one discounts
    nO gRain of sAnd iN
    reAL effort of effect and
    AFFeCT oF hOldinG uP
    tHe mounTain oF hUman
    BRain and BoDy BaLanCinG
    expresSinG heARt
    as EmoTionAl
    in yes that
    Balance of SoUL
    now.. much of liFe
    IS A choice of REAL PURGATORY
    FOR MOST.. hell for a few and
    a needle eYe for those who
    orchestrate A
    fULLuSt symphony
    of HEaveNow noW aS
    arT and reAson balance
    as thOU Art fAtHeR
    wE ArT SoN
    aS ReaSon
    wITh spiRit
    of EmoTioNs
    and Senses moVing..
    and creaTing
    JuSt uS as
    JuST Us
    to do or NoT bE
    iN fearless Love
    as REal AS FucKinG
    ReAL as hUmans can
    gET in simple bliss
    and peace
    my Friend..
    So have a good trip..
    the journey of LiFe is
    what we make iT Now
    aS pAThs noW oR
    NOT.. dArk Or
    liGht sHades
    of coLor oR
    and whitE
    Stone cOld Statue..
    no different reAlly than that
    dude i used to be in the Funeral
    of a day of a liFe of Sargesnt Pepper..
    now advancing to Captain sAlt iN metaPhorSe..
    i FucKinG ‘hate’ the censorship of ShaRinG..
    GiVinG alMost as much as money
    and aS sAMe but at lEast
    ‘they” left tHe cruX
    oF thE
    iN youTube
    Google online way..:)

  6. https://thefeatheredsleep.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/splintered-chest/

    SMiLes.. myY friEnd.. Candice..
    i didn’t beLieve iN MaGiC
    ’till i diD liFe free verse
    in both steps and
    of DancE
    and Song..
    The MaGiC
    iSreal.. tHe seNse
    of iT iS real.. thE FeeLinG
    oF iT isreal.. but the ability
    of iT as far as KSA’s..
    Skills and
    not so much
    as ISA per
    eYe oF instinct
    kNows better
    than leSSons
    mY friEnd..
    and i suppose that
    is what self-actualization
    trUly iS.. simply bEinG free
    enough to no longer think.. just bE..
    trUly.. tHe PleaSure iS aLL miNe
    but alWays better GiVinG
    and shArinG as thaT
    mY friEnd..
    iS tHe oNly
    mUse of LiFe i AM..:)

  7. Facebook Friend Rafiah from
    Pakistan shares the DJ Bravo
    Champion YouTube video from
    above so below here..
    and i say.. now too..

    i’Ve heard this SonG here
    before..smile emoticon

    And then i go on
    to say again.. and
    more now here.. now..

    Human Tribal Instinct
    as history shows rules.
    and trUly it goes to show..
    Sports makes nicer enemies
    noW than religion and politics..
    less blood.. children/others killed
    and raped.. and all the noW other bad
    stuff that goes on with the human way
    iN hate of us vs them with tools of killing..
    including books that give hints on how to do it..
    Sports are the bible of peace.. sadly.. many books
    of religion are the source of blood and mutilated raPED Flesh..
    and Earth as the rest of Nature of course where sports beats bombs..

  8. And now.. i must say that all of this reminds me of the Book of Eli..
    a movie somewhere that came out in the dead zone of i.. for
    those 66 months then.. a movie i saw when i came back
    and saw a man with sight too.. gone from
    effective use.. a book to protect.
    a book from within..
    eyes that no longer
    can read a book
    as braille..
    a book given
    at the end in oral
    tradition for print..
    trUly no different
    that much than
    the books
    A Holy and Sacred
    book.. one of many to
    finally lay rest together
    on library shelf..
    after the
    task assigned
    by the God of Nature
    is over and dust back
    to dust Denzel
    as this
    actor goes..
    music to lift the
    spirit in iPod player
    ways of the disciple..
    the student As girl with
    shades goes then.. but sure
    as in books of old in both this
    Bible and Kuran.. the sword continues
    as word as equally powerful in death
    as life of healing words.. And other
    pARts of the movie.. are no
    different than
    the pARts
    of both
    books that
    do not move far
    enough Away from
    raping.. pillaging and
    murdering.. to express
    that darker way sTiLL.. no
    different than Isis and the
    Christian Crusades..
    burying Lesbians
    to chest in
    Iran and
    stoning them
    where they can not
    shield tHeir eYes..
    from Rocks of death..
    We Live in a world of death
    and life.. all the dArk and liGht
    that both those books do sTiLL
    tale.. but when those words become
    God over God God dies a slow and
    tortuous death to those of us who
    are slaves to words instead of
    Free in and as God’s eYes
    Free aLive as US..
    so.. sure this is
    my book of Eli..
    with just the art
    of martial arts for swords
    of fearless.. and the ballet
    away from the dance of death
    to the dance of life in liGht’s Truth
    way LiFe.. and nah… it ain’t
    just 800 thousand words then
    verbatim of someone
    else’s collaborative
    effort from way back
    when in full old and
    new testament way..
    or the 180 thousand
    words of the new testament
    alone way of collaborative
    effort.. or the minuscule 80K
    effort of the Kuran comprising
    only 2000 words in total Vocabularly
    way.. instinctually and copied both
    from inner wisdom and the
    same dam bible before
    then.. no matter
    who said what
    to who.. then..
    the violence..
    rape.. and slavery
    of women without a
    choice of who they
    marry still exists..
    and in the US.. NoW
    with freedom of Church
    and state.. crusades.. and
    burning at the stake are now
    against the law for sword bearing
    Christians here in onward Christian
    Killing other pArts of Nature Loving
    hUman way now.. just the snide
    hating remarks
    about those
    whose God oF
    Nature orientations
    are different in sexual
    ways and such as that..Now
    or perhaps the crazy dude who
    is shining his liGht in Super Walmart
    ya tale might go to hell if ya don’t dim ya lAmp..
    down.. to stiff walking robot head down KNEELING way..



    And yes as the Wiki Link shows here..
    the collaborative effort of many to make
    the print edition of the 1.8 million
    word Mahābhārata Long poem
    real.. don’t touch the effort
    i for one have made to
    honor the God noW oF
    aLL Nature stARting
    on ThanksGiving day
    of November 2010..
    sometime around
    the time that the
    Movie version of
    ‘this’ Eli sort
    of FuLL Book..
    came out in
    2010 too..
    but sure.. the
    first 8 of 11 million
    or so words are just
    practice for me.. the final
    edition as ‘KATiE MiA FredericK!iI’..
    all in free verse poetic long poem
    ‘WordPress’ form aka “SonG oF mY SoUL”..
    is brevity of longest poem iN
    free verse ever noW
    sTiLL GroWinG
    longer longer now
    Ocean iN 669 macro verses
    wIth thiS “PrinCiple oF HeLL’
    macro verse here now with this verse..
    lots of INnate iNstincts and Intuitive
    abilities including martial arts and
    ballet-like dance to increase My
    creative state of mind.. noW iN
    laser focus.. noW so mUch oF
    an expreSsinG SpiRit heARt
    of what all oF God tales
    to me to say one and sAme
    now.. and if this ain’t
    proof God exists noW..
    do you reAlly thInk for
    one second i did any of this
    Without the Real God of Nature’s
    help in the Quantum mind and
    body released unleashed aS noW
    sAMe aS onE Now.. no iT did NOT
    take an army or
    swords to do this..
    just words of
    IS ALL that is..
    NoW.. iT.. you
    see and perhaps
    feel wRite here..
    here’s the thing.. i am
    the first to do this.. but i will tale
    you this.. the synergy and effect AND AFFECT
    THEREOF iN oF miNds like Mine oF Mind.. all over
    the dAm world.. CALL ‘EM STAR SEEDS.. NoW CALL
    WHAT WiLL wHo comes after i do aLL
    of what i do as one single
    hUman.. WiLL insPire
    at least one more
    hUman to do
    at lEast a little
    moRe.. and that was/iS the
    mesSage of Buddhism.. and noW oF
    Jesus in Christianity true.. and
    even F iN Aleister Crowley’s ‘Book
    of the Law’ in his own unique style
    of sacred book way.. all said and
    say there wiLL be others who come
    and do more.. and seriously the only
    person in modern religions per words
    of book as written now that is really
    holding the folks in the middle
    East back.. are the words noW
    of a man named Muhammad then
    when he let his Ego over God
    get the best of him there as
    in empirical measurement
    he couldn’t dust the
    shoes off of what
    i have done
    here alone
    with the help
    of God so far.. sure.. he
    chopped a lot more heads off..
    had more wives.. had some children
    and ruled his part of the world with the
    sword then.. but what has come of that..
    misery and suffering for a people who
    think that God has already had all
    God’s say.. anyway.. it is the
    rule of Nature.. where
    subsistence and
    territory are
    for survival as
    before the ‘White
    MaN Christians’ raped
    and pillaged and killed
    the American Indian way..
    tHeRe is Love.. Balance.. and
    peace in sharing and never taking
    more than giving God’s Fearless way.. but where
    there are deserts and cold cold places
    where humans cannot share the
    flesh of Love in abundance..
    the jealously.. greed..
    and killing comes..
    when humans
    move out of
    balance of
    masculine and
    feminine bliss in
    Yin and Yang Love too..
    so if you’ve seen the
    movie if you ever do or
    ever have.. just imagine
    someone’s death and some
    Muslim and Indian girls all around
    the world.. who demand their freedoms
    along with those Lesbian girls in Iran
    and the homosexuals still to
    get married in churches
    over hEar too..
    and hopefully
    my prayer of this
    whole prayer iN approaching
    4 milLion wordS now is this
    will bE motivation for someone
    to seek and motivate
    the God oF alL
    in namaste
    of ONE in onE
    God all that iS
    without swords
    now and then..
    ya see.. i ain’t finished
    yet as long as God oF aLL
    inspires the words and dance of
    i..i WiLL DancE and SinG a SonG of SoUl
    oF heArt aS SpiRit as God oF Y i.. and sure.. perhaps
    before all i say and step is done here now and then..
    it will be 100K miles.. 30 years from noW WiN i AM
    85 or 6 then.. at sure.. 30 million more words
    for over 33 Million Words
    here.. too.. for ALL the
    giFt oF liFE that God
    gives me in Heaven
    away from
    the gifT
    of HeLL
    to do juST
    aLL of that this
    noW thAT iS.. noW..
    if so.. i WiLL lay mY head in My bed
    of death.. then.. at perhaps 120 or so..
    when steps and words slow down a little
    bit.. perhaps at half rate.. down to let’s
    say 53 million words or so.. and maybe
    just 20K miles more then dance.. over
    those 35 years then.. anyway.. if so..
    i WiLL have pAid God oF
    aLL back to match
    in milLions..
    the years it
    for me
    at 53 to
    sTArt this
    SonG of mY SoUL then..
    and ya might snicker and say
    ha.. no way you’ll do that then..
    not unlike the snooty upturned
    nose of the Barnes and Nobles
    book helper lady who said no way..
    you couldn’t have possibly written
    a 3 Million or so word poem in this
    day and age until
    i raised her
    a Google
    lInk in handy
    dandy smARt phone
    way.. yeah.. baby.. imagine
    in the future what some outcast
    dude like me will do who embarks
    on a journey like this at age 30 like
    they say the original Jesus did way
    back then.. there are no limits
    when God lives
    more fuLLy
    aLL natural
    as uS noW..
    God exists.. i would
    be the greaTest fool
    in the history of the
    world to suggest that ain’t
    the trUth and liGht for anyone
    who suggests what i do now is
    JUST FucKinG thAT..
    so have a nice day.. off for
    more Sand and Sun Dance for
    me and whatever God in i suggests
    i do neXt.. at the core oF my sOUl AS I LiVinG noW..:)

  9. And now before i move on to dVerse for the
    Quadrille link for precisely 44 words
    that i will respond to all
    free in poetic
    to what is
    offered there..
    a reprise here of
    the music of the Book
    of Eli.. where instead
    of reporting the King
    James reprint translated
    version of the Gospel news
    of rules.. Alan Watts.. last
    century’s renowned
    scholar in providing
    the way of EasterN
    religion and
    to western way..
    provides the problem
    of the Good news where
    the humble real Yogi-like
    teacher for human poTenTial
    awakening and enlightening
    in BrinGinG human uP is
    transformed into
    God alone as
    only Begotten
    Son rather
    than being the
    humble leaning
    yogi-dude he was
    then per scholarly
    report of misinterpreting
    the frigging greek version
    that keeps Jesus humble
    as his original
    from all scholarly
    sources trUly waS
    in TrUth and liGht
    then too.. Faith is
    Trust in the God of Nature
    not blind faith in the words
    of others in cultural rule
    of doing THAT ARE then
    beComing heretic
    and outcast..
    ranging from
    ostracism to
    the ultimate penalty
    for following the God within
    then.. yes.. hanging to even
    Burning at the stake for making
    God into word over God within hUman.. REAL..
    oh.. the idols come as small as three letter words
    and verses
    of 316 in
    number too..
    and the untold millions
    who have died then @hand
    sTiLL die for reaSonS aT
    hand of exclusionary lies
    like this.. TG.. for Church
    and State separation as
    even Jesus and God can
    liVe here ToGeTheR and
    not risk the price of free in
    death of death or even worse..
    death in life.. away from God to
    Words of shallow labels of days before..:)

  10. Now yes.. 4:45 pm at off to
    the Green lInk at dVerse
    Poet’s pub site
    for some poetic
    responses tHere
    to keep this longest
    poem GroWinG iN “SonG
    oF SoUL” waY now.. on
    05162016.. NoW..

    Ah.. thE IrisH
    Elf oF i iN eYes
    GreeN luckY
    chArmS waY..
    juSt tWo geneRaTioNs
    rEmoved froM tHe
    CeltiC fAIRy waYs
    oF PeteR
    And More
    oF MaGiC..
    FREe nOW..;)

    Oh no.. the other
    side of elf.. the
    devil elf of Deeper
    Black Forest journey
    i arise from too..
    in Germany..
    then.. three
    on Great Grand
    father way.. NoW..
    wHere fair maidens
    are easy prey to
    thE PoeTry
    of Irish
    in words
    of hidden Glory..
    Fire of eYes.. Fire
    of HeArt.. RiSinG SoUL..
    Muse of
    caress oF Love..
    and trUly.. i hope
    that does not
    make ya
    green wITh
    envy as Green
    iRish eYes can
    do to competing
    males of course..
    heheNoW on writ

    MorninG SUn
    GreeN.. i stAy
    iN lusH

    Green Bee
    in own
    oF Love..
    Free Love
    SinGs in i

    Love as
    as the
    iS nEar..:)

    Perhaps.. the greaTEst
    pArt of Free Verse
    is i can
    go back
    and liVe
    mY heArt
    in visual
    memories of
    what lives sTiLL..:)

    And short side note hEar..
    Life is interesting.. some folks
    more visuAlly interpretive thinking
    and some folks more word and literal
    thInking.. some folks.. can see poeTry
    in pictures.. others in words..
    but i for one see
    both.. as visual
    thinker first
    becoming word
    thInker by no choice
    oF LoSinG effective siGht
    and heaRing too in pain
    of hell of right ear
    and left..
    i do both
    and that is
    strange to most..
    however.. the BRaiN oF
    HUman miNd and boDy Now
    awareness iS onLY as larGe
    iN noW as wE expand all oTheR
    human intelligences.. in hUman
    poTenTiAL to go wHere many
    other hUmans never
    care to
    visiT aT aLL
    iS yes to gRoW taLLer
    iN God View(S) oF allthatisnow..:)

    Fresh Green of cucumber
    Spring.. cool deLight
    as vegetable meets
    hot day
    Lemon TEa..:)

    Yes.. Carry on way word
    greeN aS brOwns
    oF WiNter
    Green dreAMs..:)

    Ah.. yes.. the above
    and below aS
    Sky of HeaVen
    meets gRound
    of Earth.. flaT
    gRow hiGh
    iN SpiRaL FLow..:)

    But oh! no!..
    the poLLen
    oF greeN.. never
    notice it either..
    anY morE noW..
    as a couple
    cats cuRed
    aLL mY aLLergies..:)

    Common preen
    of green
    oF Isis
    noW need to
    see.. ALLAH MORE
    than twisted book
    in raPing little girls…
    somewhere God is BreWinG..
    in opaque colors.. tRust mE
    they do
    to not
    to FeeL..
    And yes.. i’M
    SmiLinG as i’Ve fELt
    n0ne as God’s Vengeance..
    Justice comes with nothing @ALL..:)

    WInks.. i juSt lET
    thE DandeLions
    gRow anD
    aT diSdain
    oF neighbor
    pain over the
    beauty oF

    5:45 pm..
    now for
    dinner and

    Back at 11:53 pm..

    SMiLes.. natUre’s wraTh
    out Of balance..
    fangs oF all
    of death
    rebirth calls
    in stars of eYes
    forlorn gone
    by.. ONE
    noW reborn..:)

    Eagles flY in
    rain forest
    as i
    oF uS
    iN skYes so
    blUe greeN
    brOwnoW iN
    oF MounTain
    AiR.. so FReED…:)

    Heavy Rain Air..
    lungs hold depth
    of grey cloud
    of not
    so WeLL..
    blUe sKeYes..:)

    Finger keys
    noW iVory
    aNd eBony..
    bOnes gRow
    GiVinG uP
    noW iN
    iN GreEn
    SpiRiT BAl

    A small disabled
    boy by A river
    bank.. cannot
    speak.. Love
    of trees only
    talent then..
    waters tree..
    college students
    amazed by beauty
    of boy fed tree.. young
    couple find tree’s beauty
    inspiRinG Love of
    shy young
    man gRown
    to fearless
    military man
    then political
    leader of world after this..
    makes decision that saves
    the world.. so who IS A savior..
    beautiful tree.. Loving parents
    of child.. disabled little boy..
    long since pasSinG aWay
    wITh onLY
    beauty left
    of tree.. so is
    tree A savior of the
    world.. yes… Tree oF
    LiFe.. aLL must be saviors
    of the world for any hope
    aT all.. not even one grain
    of sand can be discounted
    as savior oF mounTain aS God Love
    iN Human trUth of Fearless liGht flAMe..:)

    -InspiRed by God
    noW iN diRect condUiT
    And yes.. thE tree IS All Green..:)

    SMiLes.. my friEnd
    i’ve missed yoUr poeTry
    hEar.. sTill finishing a 3
    million plus free verse
    one of mine..
    one verse
    of now 669 total..
    titled ‘GodsUniVerseNovel3’..
    comprising all my poetic responses
    to all the dVerse prompts and links
    for an entire year through close
    to the end of March 2016..
    totaling in at 338,630
    words.. and haha..
    takes close now
    to a supercomputer
    to open up my brain
    with that one alone on
    Word Press.. noW hehe..
    anyWay.. back
    to speed
    and look
    forward to
    reading more
    of your poeTry
    my aLways nice Friend..
    and yes.. i only shared
    this news with ones
    who are as
    kind as
    mY friEnd..:)

    sMiLes.. desert
    green humans..
    some move.. some
    stay.. some rot
    some GRow..
    alWaYs Ocean
    moVe.. SpRinG..:)

    As taLL
    as sKy sMilEs
    as wide as ground
    smeLLs.. as touch
    of mountain
    Ocean taste..
    siGht of Love..
    hEar oF LiFe..
    God Feels..:)

    SMiLes.. Yellow
    of Lawyer.. judge
    and engineer..
    blUe of Artist
    sad and true..
    Red of Law Enforcement
    stop in the name of the Law..
    Green social work in sell oF Life
    Sim Soc Life.. Leadership class
    19.. Santa Rosa County
    colors society
    all have

    SMiLes.. Buddha
    aLL.. ah..
    IS A Green
    poNd oF LiFe..:)

    i for one..
    saved money
    and sold my
    Green passport

    iN VineS
    oF LiFe
    tastE moonLiT
    dreAMs Of SilVer
    oceAn spRay dEliGht..
    AkA CRanBerrY JUice..;)

    oF Y IrisH
    eYes Of grEEn
    blUes OF dreAms..:)

    Child’s dance
    of green
    off oF tAble
    blAck way back…:)

    oH boy/girl/etc..
    green scrAbble..
    pick a color

    Oh Lord.. green
    grass lush
    oN river
    front home..
    ugh.. weak
    boy me.. arms
    to thin.. to push
    mower in grass..
    says boy
    when ya
    be a man..
    hehe.. she didn’t
    stay around long
    enough to see i be
    the strongest one of
    all.. at least at my
    military station..
    oh the
    the struggles
    that bringnoW
    the strength
    oF aLL..:)

    Oh Lord..
    this reminds
    me of my first
    Love.. if she stayed
    i never
    have gone
    to Heaven Now..
    oh.. the dreams
    of nightmares

    i missed
    ya..S and
    that’S all
    i’m gonna
    Say.. wiTh
    kiNd words
    oFf course..;)

    the first clue
    noW of trouble
    is green leather..
    never trust
    a green

    Oh.. the beauty
    of the green..
    a pLace
    that not
    aLL go.. oh..
    the emptiness
    oF heLL oN earth..:)

    WeLL that completes
    32 at 1:28 am

    Back now at
    12:02 pm..5172016
    a few more linkS noW
    to poeticAlly respond
    to in Green hUmaniStiC
    poem way.. and an extra
    lonG onE i already diD
    to save the
    last for

    So trUe.. mY FriEnd Hank..
    thE greeN oF anCesTors
    immerSinG as forAgErs
    for survival..
    as Ravens
    do noW sTiLL iN
    No illuSory WorRiEs
    for iN
    moVinG.. connectaRinG..
    creaTinG.. LoVinG noW tHe
    interdependent relaTioNship
    oF aLL stufF creaTion.. in whAT
    soMe folks
    A three
    letter word..
    so much bigger
    noW as allthatis grEEn..
    bLacK.. creaTiONoWonoW
    wHolE..fLoWeReD noWoN..:)

    The earth has an ear
    an eYe the UniVerse too..
    blue green brown deep
    eYe as beautiful
    orb too2.. noWaYs
    stars look down
    wE look up
    above so
    SAVE uS..:)

    SMiLes.. looKing morE
    here at the soUl
    of ‘hEr’ pictUre
    tHere iS so
    much more to
    liFe than keys..
    screens in HaBiT
    and visuaLizinG.. yeS..
    And eVen iMaGinaTion..
    tHere IS A FruiTioN
    oF tHe MaGiC oF
    words and aLL
    other abstract
    hUman Concepts/
    symbolS noW..oN
    and other foRmS
    too.. put into noW iN
    acTioN.. yES onLinE
    iS oKay.. aNd greAT
    foR iMaGinAtiOn..
    bUt oNe muSt
    fiNd a Way
    To daNce
    liFe foR trUly
    MoVinG.. ConnecTarinG
    aNd creaTing liFe wHOle
    aS UniVerse oF

    SMiLes my FriEnd Carol..
    i alWays Love to come here
    almost most oF aLL of other
    poeTry homes as there IS A
    liGht here that WiLL not
    be extinguished
    AS words of
    and i juSt want
    yA to kNownoW
    i’VE been aWay
    for a little
    whilE noW
    a Novel project
    of responding to
    all dVerse lInks
    and prompts for
    a year in effort
    of one huge
    of mine
    juSt for
    fUn titLed iN FreeWay Blog..
    ‘GodsUniVerseNovel3″.. noW
    yeS.. hard to open with ‘normal’
    computers/online airwaves..
    at 338, 630 words and also
    300 gorgeous beach photos..
    and i am only shaRinG these
    words WitH a select few who
    would likely care aT aLLnoW
    about a perSon doing
    as much as i..
    but mY nOW
    friEnd.. i AM
    no luke warm
    FRiEnD oF God..
    i am red hot noW
    devil oF Love oN Fire..;)

    SMiLes.. yeS.. so trUe
    thE poet IS A UniVersal
    Tree.. and iN woRds
    wiTh Whitman
    tHe greaTest Lover
    aS God oF Nature
    IS A poEt
    wHo LoVes
    iT aLL SinGinG
    A Tree of Love
    for LiFe
    NeVer enDs..
    beGins.. staRts
    oR finisheS noW..
    aNd thAT mY
    friEnd IS A
    tRUe iN noW
    prophecy bY WhiTman
    come to FruiTioN reAL noW
    foR A patHway iS noW mAde
    for those who enter heaVen iN RefRain
    It iS Built
    foR hE iS uS
    iN FiEldS of DreAMs..
    aNd i/mE wHeN
    wE See
    Love iN
    oF aN

    RooT oF oUr LoVe
    iN aLL SAnds anD
    AgeS oF SoULs iN
    GRains hOldinG
    IS A
    NoW A
    aS TRee oF LiFe..
    And trUly thE tooLs
    wE maKe haVe bEcoMe
    morE oF uS tHan LiFE mY
    FriEnd So leT’s Go bAck noW..
    sHed thE clotHes Of culTure..
    aNd noW
    DancE SinG
    Free iN SAnds
    oF MounTain Love..:)

    Human muses all are we..
    some hot.. some luke
    warm.. some froZen
    cold.. God
    make us
    one of the
    sexiest creatures
    in both luSt and Love
    for no reaSon aT aLL
    God mAde uS for fUn
    so juSt enJoy
    and make
    God’s eYes
    as BriGht
    as Sun above
    so Below
    in i’s
    of genes..
    jeans.. and
    mini skirts too.. trUly
    tHere is no hiGher purpose
    than liFe and iT alWays
    comes up and down
    V and point oF
    ALL in i NoW aLiVe..
    MakE iT HoLy Sacred..
    Naked from head to toe..
    above.. so below.. inside
    outside aLL A’round and liVe
    in HeaVen.. God’s DesTinY aLiVe
    for those of uS who do coMpLY.:)

    Back beforE noW @11:22 AM..
    and ugh oh noW then.. Shawna
    responds.. so heRe coMes
    her desire as enTaLed
    then and fulFiLLed below2..

    says.. and i quote
    for the NoVeL PoeM reCord heRe..

    “I have missed you too, Fred. I swear!
    The thing is, more often than not, I’m on my phone
    when I’m reading, and it’s impossible to load your blog.
    I love it though, and you, and I promise to go back to being
    a regular customer. Honestly, friend. I adore you, and I’m
    so sorry for being negligent in my visits. Most sincerely,
    you are, and have always been, a treasure to my heart.”

    “And Fred, you are always welcome, and encouraged,
    to say every little thing your heart desires here.
    You, your words, and your eyes elate me. ALWAYS.
    Please, get verbose. Write me some long,
    skinny, insanely insightful comments
    that only I will understand …
    because you know I’m the
    master code-breaker..:)”

    And then i say.. yes..
    in totAlly fulfilling
    her liGht fELt deSire..

    OKay.. DEar Shawna..
    three pArts coming..
    first.. A
    oF mY
    iN short
    form oF Be

    SeCond pArt of two more pArts as wE kNow Blogger
    Blogs havE reAlly smALL Fred liMits
    iN comment sections iN HaNds soLo
    oF writing Long Poem Epic
    style free verse
    no form

    Oh Jesus.. WeLL you kNow i’m the devil too..
    and the devil like Lucifer on that
    new Fox show muSt alWays
    bRinG out the desires
    of otHeRs dArk and
    liGht and
    liGht wAYs
    wishes.. hehe..
    but hE is onLY
    heRe when they wish
    for him to grant a wish..
    so let’s see wHere i can go
    with this.. haha!.. i will add
    that i don’t know if i told you S
    for Shawna but i finished my Super
    epic Free Verse Novel i’ve been
    working on for an entire F iN
    year named “GodsUniVerseNovel3”
    as my mission in liFe as directed by
    God is to prove God exists to those
    with the dArkest liGhts oF aLL that i
    too once shared as REAL DEVIL noW iN
    real human heLL.. on earth of course..
    then.. and heHE.. that
    iS F iN 338,630 words lonG sPANning
    last April 2015 through the 14th link of
    the 169th open link prompt at the end
    of dVerse March 2016.. per John 316..
    and you’ll get the secret message
    in that if you can find a super
    computer and broad band
    access strong enough
    to open up
    a poem
    as my extreme Asperger’s
    decoding numerical mind stARts to arise
    as a serpent like head here.. heheX2..
    in reptiLian bRain waYs..
    and tHeRe are close
    to 300 absolutely
    gorgeous framAble
    photos of Pensacola
    and Navarre Sugar white Beach
    Sands all for the taKing oF Free..
    as God brought me aLL the ‘cash’
    somehow back when i was making
    close to minimum wage in just
    7 years to last the rest
    of my liFe.. i kid you
    not.. i only had a
    grand to my name
    in 1999 back when
    i bought my 30K
    Green Honda Passport
    and ended up close to
    a half a millionaire.. then..
    until the wife spent a lot
    of that when i was sick
    and noW.. thanks GoD noW
    with a Honda Civic.. by the
    time God plucked me out of
    my job with 19 medical disorders then..
    in 2008.. brought on by the stress of fiGht
    AND fliGht two year aDrenaline ONnON streSs..
    oh ye(s).. and you were of course one of my
    main (s)tars in my Novel.. as you brought out
    all the mischievous little devil in me too..
    and the secret is out.. my enTire bLog
    is the longest poem in history
    now.. working noW on the
    macro 669th verse
    soon named..

    yes.. noW.. secoNd pARt
    of seCond pArt heRe..

    “PleaSure PrinCiple oF
    HeLL”.. wHere once again
    Shawna you will arise
    as a star player
    in the total
    of the
    entire longest
    poem in the entire
    history of human kiNd
    named “KATiE MiA FredericK!iI”..
    AKA SonG oF mY SoUL” never ending
    starting.. finishing or beginning.. noW..
    (the runner up is yes.. 1.8 million words
    per Mahābhārata in long poem form BACK THEN)
    MINeD aT WeLL over literAlly 3 million words
    now.. potentiAlly even L O N g E R as that
    one Novel post was only a fracTioN
    of what i wrote in one last year..
    here’s the thing..
    Neo bLends
    in.. he reAlly do..
    no one understands
    what he is up to except
    for him and a few like him..
    truly a very few my friEnd..
    and as all my other long term
    friEnds will tale ya.. i am the
    friEnd wHo
    now… NoW..
    see Ya.. Shawna
    baby.. all aRound..
    the never ending
    looking through
    the glass
    I’S A wE..
    i wasn’t totAlly
    sure the water was/iS
    sTiLL red hot here..
    i find it Luke
    i go.. and
    Jesus.. Luke
    is liKe noW mY
    favorite Apostle..
    both on Star wars
    and the better pARt
    of the good book too..
    God.. i Love crazy people
    like me who believe in God
    and yes i Love you my never
    as i IS
    Fred iN
    FRiEnD noW
    and JesuS iT’s
    trUe.. most folks
    have no friGGinG
    ClUe how deep mE+GoD
    metaphorsE GoES.. bY noW
    aLL thAT iS whAT SEcreT
    Agents for God
    dO thE
    foR soMe
    eYes onLy
    mY FriEnd(S)
    iN God WInks2..:)


    WeLL.. sitting with my iMac Pro
    Notebook at my Mother’s apArtment..
    after aLL.. Shawna.. i aM wRiting
    a current
    macro verse
    aS “PleasUre PrinCiPle oF HeLL”
    and you are jUst the open
    minded.. and spirited
    muse i need to
    iT wHole
    R and R
    dance day
    and other
    stuff niGht for i..
    so yes.. more coming
    in other places soon..;)

  11. Facebook Friend Sherri.. dancing friend from
    way back when in the mid 80’s at Disco
    Club 2001.. shares the “Close
    To You” Video i usED for
    pArt oF poetic
    muse uP
    tHere and
    heRe too..

    Sherri says..

    “40th Anniversary of this beautiful song…………………..
    I loved them when I was a little girl…..She died WAY too soon!!”

    And i say in return..

    So true.. And haha! Katrina says
    Karen wrote that song for me but gosh it seems like
    i remember us singing it in ’73 in middle school choir..
    Right around the time i played Jesus Christ Super Star
    on the piano for the talent show and the other kids
    erupted in laughter when i was so filled with
    the Holy Spirit after the performance i
    couldn’t walk straight but as
    always i digress as
    such and thanks much
    for another memory song..
    So inspiring they are..
    And never ending
    stories of Love..
    smile emoticon!

    Then Sherri says as i
    continue to quote her
    from Facebook..
    all public
    as such..

    “She had such a unique voice……
    Once in a while I’ll do “Superstar” at karaoke…..
    She was an amazingly talented woman!”

    And i then say..

    Yes!… and upon further research i found
    the song was actually released in 1970..
    making it 46 years old this year… and
    interestingly.. Burt Bacharach
    who wrote the Song had a daughter
    named Nikki.. with Asperger’s Syndrome..
    who sadly committed Suicide.. and i have to wonder..
    if perhaps Karen didn’t have a few traits of the female
    form of Asperger’s too.. as so many do have Angelic..
    perfect pitch voices.. and yes.. Karen.. if.. any human..
    she is certainly one with human form and Angel essence
    on this terrestrial plane.. okay.. if i’m not careful..
    i’m gonna go back into Robot systemizing mode..
    lose my ellipses.. and move back to semi-colons..
    so with that also said.. and sad too.. have a
    great day.. my long term.. 30 something
    years.. dance friend..
    smile emoticon

    Sherri then finally says..

    ” LOL………..That is fine. One does have to
    wonder what she would have accomplished had
    she not died at such a young age! My hubby says
    that she probably would have made and excellent
    producer! I agree. Actually, she didn’t start out
    sounding that way. She began her career
    singing with a higher pitch voice,
    but the producers told her
    to try to take it down
    a notch and thus,
    the beautiful voice that
    we all remember. She died
    from anorexia (back before
    anyone knew what the heck it was).

    And then finally i say then.. noW..

    Ah.. so interesting
    my friend.. thanks for that
    and hehE.. i didn’t start out ‘this way’
    change iS
    alWays neW
    and poTenTiaLLy
    even more eXciTinG!!..
    smile emoticon

    And now i say wRite here.. in longer
    terms of the very brief poem above
    illustrating a story of who
    are the Saviors..
    little boys..
    etc.. and
    Tree oF Life..
    in the Song.. Jesus Christ
    Superstar.. Judas just wants
    to know what’s the buzz..
    what’s beneath
    all the deep
    metaphors then now
    then of New Testament
    way.. well as the folks
    who kNoW noW my real last
    name kNow.. i like to put
    stuff in Layman’s terms..
    and it is true iF Jesus
    were to reAlly
    come back
    and folks
    him what
    it means to
    bRinG Salvation
    to the world the alWays
    second now around the
    first and last with
    no finish and
    start as Now..
    He would say
    this.. and trUst
    mE or not.. i FeeL
    he would for Good
    reAson now..
    and solve
    the problems of the
    world easily iF everyone
    would simply comply wITh
    our God given hUman Nature
    gifted aLL StiLL forever now
    by the god oF Nature
    and it is our
    God Given
    Nature when set
    free from too many
    dam clothes of culture
    treading on the clothes
    as such naked with no
    shame as the Gnostic
    Gospel of Jesus
    does sTiLL
    saY in
    that yes.. our Nature
    as hUman BeinGS when
    Healthy iN miNd and BoDy
    BalanCinG mOde as such
    in heARt of expreSsinG
    emoTioNs oF SpiRit
    in FeeLinG.. shaRinG
    GiVinG no more than
    TaKinG way from
    NaTuRe wHolE
    and oTheRs
    too.. in yes
    Masculine feminine
    balance of WiLL and
    courageous fearless
    in kInd of cinderFella
    way to as uS aS oNe
    BaLanCinG foRce oF
    GoD iN noW as US sTiLL
    BreaThinG LiVinG LoVinG
    Fearless Force wE are the eYes
    of God for LoVE iN fearless way..
    so anyway.. Jesus would most
    definitely come back noW in
    human form again..
    with the
    of TrUth and
    LiGht liKe this
    in 03/16
    of 2016
    way as originally
    quoted here from
    mY “SandBox Heaven”..
    WiTh Yes.. Evolution Orange too..:)


    Stars are born to output and share liGht..
    at least for as long
    as they live..
    and as dim as i once
    was.. almost bLack
    of liGht..
    the saving
    grace then was
    to water a plant
    to make
    grow made
    my life still
    a star
    matter how
    dArk the candle
    i felt iN bLack
    then.. and
    oh.. the saviors of the world..
    and a story i love to tale a little
    different as parables do.. when free
    and not imprisoned by books.. pages..
    paragraphs.. lines or words of print
    of yesternows.. bound
    by past authority
    that no
    longer should
    exist.. for free..
    so.. anyway.. sorry iF
    you already heard it but
    it will be different anyway..
    hehe.. as free WiLL be
    when unleashed
    and released
    as being
    starliGht oF eYes
    within.. a dusty road..
    a little boy with no words..
    disabled from birth without
    the ability to speak.. but a lover
    of growth.. in shape of trees..
    a sapling brought home
    by loving mother
    then.. placed
    on a counter
    by a lamp that shines..
    the boys sees green and
    wants to see more.. so he
    nurtures this PLANeT
    the ability
    to speak..
    water he does..
    fertilizing Love..
    Sunshine hope
    iN eYes of Loving
    Kind.. fertile ground
    outside.. dig a hole
    to comfort roots..
    spend time
    and effort
    caring Love
    and the Tree rises
    broad and sTrong..
    and soon provides shade
    for the front porch home..
    Sidewalks come.. but tree
    sTill bRanches out.. Flowers
    come more beautiful than before..
    Students from the local school who
    study trees are amazed by the beauty
    of this tree.. photos are taken.. shared..
    and the boys eYes shine to see what his
    Love inspires.. tree no longer needs boy
    to grow strong now.. and the little
    boy becomes ill and his life
    goes dark..
    Years later..
    a shy young man iS
    walking this sidewalk
    of the boy’s home.. and
    a most beautiful dark haired
    girl approaches him.. with smiling
    face.. the boys eyes liGht up but what
    to say.. ah.. the center piece of conversation
    iS standing tAll and floweRinG more beautiful
    iT seems than ever before on this March Spring
    day.. a spark of instant Love is in the air..
    and that begins a Love that
    will last ’till death..
    the shy boy becomes
    confident with the Love of
    his wife.. joins the Military..
    and even rises to the ranks
    of politics then.. Love grows
    and fearless Lives..
    the boy is
    now a
    Strong man..
    and makes a decision
    as a leader of the world
    that prevents World War III…
    Life on the PlanT now iS saved..
    So who is the savior.. the boy..
    the man.. the girl.. the Loving
    wife.. the parents.. the schools
    providing education.. the tree
    or the little disabled boy
    and all the
    from around the
    world.. well the truth
    iS aLL they are.. as theRe
    is no i.. me but us and we
    oF Life..
    Moral of the
    story.. water a tree
    Of Life and see wHere
    iN ocean
    eYes free..:)

  12. banya sigh says:

    OMG, I love this picture:


    Your wife is the sexiest little thing ever.


    I really like this photo too:



    Ha. This is priceless:



    I love these little purple flowers so much:




    These shots are sublime:









    Okay, now for the words …

    These are my favorites:

    “i AM Dead..
    Funny Little

    I {heart} Katy Perry.

    And the Charlie’s Angels movie(s).

    Ha: “but yes..
    i did kinda crush
    that young
    man’s hand..
    just a little”

    “red HOT!..
    in the bLack..
    white.. and
    InFiNite sHades
    of color and hues
    of grey”

    “i do not
    bite FriEnds.. i
    just nibble
    on them
    Witty Banter” … hee hee

    “i believe in Quantum
    Mechanics.. therefore.. with enough
    i noW rule

    “she does make
    an excellent conversation piece as Fredward
    says about my Bella Dark haired girl” … Fredward. You crack me up. 🙂

    Love this:
    first server”

    “what Some cAll
    evil in Miley Cyrus
    eYes and
    bALL hips
    iS God’s greater
    deLiGht than
    lips” … I hope so.

    US” … You are so funny.

    “flY ..
    Bottom line” … I love this, for some reason. I guess because of what “fly” and “bottom” connote with me. 🙂

  13. banya sigh says:

    P.S. This is the blog you will really like:


    • Man.. Shawna.. i mean
      girl you always come wRite
      in the nick of now.. for what
      i need in mUse way of poeTry now..
      and speaking of nickelodeon.. i wanted
      to go to Disney World but then i decided
      i would rather
      bE Disney World..
      so.. now i am a Disney
      ride wHeRe Mickey takes
      me next.. as furry mice WiLL do..
      and now off to explore yoUr
      maGic KinGdOm too
      at YouR
      noW so fREE..:)

  14. http://anastomosiscrow.blogspot.com/2016/03/leave-you-alone-with-your-weird-songs.html

    Okay..S.. i’ll pArk it here..
    as i already pArked on
    my Mother’s Recliner..
    and fell asleep for about
    an hour while laptop lost
    the hotspot connection
    while it too went
    to sleep..
    and it’s quite
    restricting as i have
    no devil shirts.. and
    must use Sith as substitute
    and make my green to
    blue to green eYes
    come deVil
    over Sith
    to play
    in the “PleasUre PrinCiple
    of HeLL”.. and Jesus aGAin
    that reminds me of 2nd
    grade private Catholic
    school.. upon
    rules of
    nuns with
    habits and
    rulers that spank
    the hands of writers
    then.. and no no no..
    even though they voted
    me wittiest kid in school
    even though i didn’t know
    what that metaphor meant..
    no hot nuns as oh my God
    nothing is more sexy than a
    woman’s eYes highlighted and
    yes.. i noted those beautiful photos
    first perKey oF those women pretty in
    top poses..
    but put a habit
    highlighting most any
    type of female
    eYes have
    mY fUller
    attention iN
    beCominG laser
    focused up noW in
    stiffer attention as
    that’s what happens when
    you are young and all there
    iS iS a Sears Roebucks Catalog
    for young boy dreams.. aS in principle
    humans are very sexy beings.. i am not
    sure how to not eroticize nudity.. however
    the Bill Clinton Def is not something i must
    do.. but again.. no work of the night at puberty..
    and that is so interesting.. as i might have mentioned
    earlier at another Shawna mini many blogs
    there is an existing primitive tribe
    that has no words in their
    language for either
    or homosexuality
    as the whole team practices
    the work of night as soon as they
    hit puberty as making babies is the
    only way to survive in social
    cooperation where every
    social role counts
    to make
    real.. in terms
    of cries of Love
    and Village Nurture
    ways to raise the Child’s Love..
    and oh God yes.. Breast feeding
    as long as possible as it is
    so economical.. and
    nurturing to increase
    the investment
    of future Love..
    to take
    the mystery
    out of sexual activity..
    to share it as the work of the
    night makes it less dirty and the
    work of liFe.. i cannot see anything
    dirty about sex as long as it is consensual
    among consenting mature folks..
    and Lord knows if i had
    known where to put
    it in an appropriate
    place at
    age 13
    instead of only
    having wet dreams
    in oh God.. a house full
    of females.. wHere i didn’t
    have any F in idea what was going
    on.. kinda like that poor girl Carrie
    when her mom told her that
    the Blood was an evil
    sign and all of that..
    and yeah..
    my Mom
    told me
    then.. don’t
    be touching
    yourself down there
    okay.. well crap.. it would
    have been better than frigging
    dreamy underwear stains back then..
    Hmm.. life is interesting and to make
    it all holy and sacred from head to
    toe.. is to see a male erection
    in the Wild no more strange
    than poodles
    it noW
    in the raw..
    just to get the
    work of Life done
    as the greatest art
    of life God makes
    to get uS noW
    here breathing
    nowitH pleasure..
    there’s too much pain
    in life not to play with the
    instruments of life in whatever
    way works to get the job done..
    And yes the naked female form
    is my favorite thing
    to peruse
    eYes my Friend..
    so deep iN hUman
    soUl.. i make Love to
    soUls.. and Jesus Christ..
    the Brain is the biggest organ
    ever for real sensuality.. so sure
    there can be hot egg heads too..
    those with the best imaginations
    have the best braingasms.. so you
    miGht imagine i’m always
    my dear
    as there is
    too much muse
    in the world
    to enjoy
    iT to the mAX..
    And sure it doesn’t
    matter what Katrina
    does.. she is A trick and treat..
    and ha.. lately.. she’s been calling
    me a man HoR and slut.. in a
    clean way with no bucks
    of course..
    just for
    HuMan fUn..;)

  15. WeLL.. yeS.. Sith is just another
    metaphor for the Dark Side aS
    Egyptian Mythology Set..
    the Dark Force
    Rival of
    As Isis gets
    him resurrected with
    pieces of him put back
    together and they then
    have a child of Wisdom
    named Horus through an
    immaculate conception.. oh
    and yes.. the Egyptians then
    also celebrate the
    virginal birth of
    around the
    Winter Solstice
    on December
    25th if all this
    Ain’t ringing
    any familiar
    bells yet and
    same basic mythology
    goes with Greek and
    Roman Heracles/
    Hercules in
    birth of
    the human archetype
    of Hero.. where the Hero
    has a struggle with a father
    figure.. goes to the dark night
    of the soul and is reborn and
    tries to teach the rest of culture
    what the Hero learns in traversing
    paths of much challenge… adaptation
    and change.. in modern terms of science
    in DNA epigenetic unpacking of human ancestral
    potential.. additionAlly.. in neuroplasticity of rewiring
    the bRain for a better life as such in adaptation to
    Environmental challenge.. and change.. yes.. for
    the best life possible.. and humans have
    been developing metaphors to explain
    human potential through recorded
    history and before in oral
    tradition.. mainly dance..
    as non-verbal language
    has always been
    the mainstay
    of human
    social communication..
    and see.. here’s the thing..
    no mythology or religion same
    in ways of communiCaTinG trUth..
    and liGht through abstract concepts
    including all visual images from a man
    on a cross to a Hawk Headed Horus
    as such.. and other Sun/Sky God
    folks in terms of hUman
    ascension aS ONe
    with GOD ALL OF
    AND LiGht as
    yes.. as mentioned
    many nows before..
    The essence of the
    HiGher potential of
    liVes in aLL of uS
    and iT iS up to Us..
    to find A journey and
    paths that work for US
    to become one with God..
    in feelings and sensing this
    more than empty words.. statues..
    or other empty metaphors without
    essence of symbol/abstract concepts..
    as the bONEs without flesh of LiVinG SoUL..
    and once you get the trUth and the liGht that
    this is heir gift for all Human Beings in potential
    way.. yA are no longer selfish in saying Ya can
    imprison God in abstract constructs per words..
    statues and other attempts that hUmans make
    to Express a greater potential in hUman
    waYs of liFe commonly understood
    iN science terms now as
    Epigenetic Neuroplastic
    potential.. self actualization..
    the mythology associated with
    the Human Hero archetype..
    as well as Tarot cards
    and other so called
    occult ways to
    open up the
    mysteries of the
    HUman INner
    Universe so we
    can share the way
    of better TruTh and liGht
    iN fuLLfiLLinG our God oF Nature
    given gifts of PoTenTial.. or
    with relative free will we can
    do not much of anything..
    and never find Heaven
    on Earth.. Yes the
    actual REAL FEELING
    Anyway.. this is partially inspired by a
    middle aged woman who was video
    taping me as she said my energy
    inspired her in non-verbal
    Super-Walmart way
    while i was dancing..
    spinning.. twirling
    Hurricaning Winds
    of i.. with calm
    Center eYeS
    balance where she
    says.. yes.. of course.. the
    Wisdom of Horus noW is what
    you have.. Now and yes.. where
    i Live that iS the last thing
    i expected to hear in Wisdom
    but never judge a book by its
    cover as iT iS thE inNer heARt..
    SpiRit.. and SoUL that generates
    the energy of essence thaT is
    the Force of God iN US..
    as any Jedi/Sith
    Dude or
    clearly understands
    after completing the
    Hero Journey successfully
    i dance on the
    Wild side with
    the caLL of God
    Free and i can easily
    move from Sith to Jedi..
    in the turn of a coin that
    is relative hUman Free WiLL..
    wheN/wHeRe Yin and Yang iS
    BaLanCinG and wE
    are best friEnds
    WitG gravity
    in FriEnD balance
    thaT iS tHe eNergy
    oF thE Force Within
    uS aKa GODWHOLEwE..:)

  16. https://gigoid.me/2014/03/17/perhaps-not-but-his-spatula-was-meticulous/#comment-19326

    From my experience.. Emily D.. does a great
    job of metaphoring the inner
    dArkness of the depths
    of wHere hUman
    can go in
    real BEinG
    of HeLL in nothingness
    of numbness wHere there
    is no reference point aT aLL
    then out oF REAL HELL iN
    hUman existence..
    a place for me that
    i can attempt to reflect
    in words.. but there is
    no word(s) trUly that
    can recollect
    a thousand
    of piece
    of paper
    existence in
    just one second
    of LiFe.. the kind of thing
    yes.. where dousing oneself
    with Gasoline is preferable
    over that but of course
    one iS iN no
    to do
    but nothing…
    and it’s hard to get
    good death help
    in thousand
    of Hell
    in yes.. one second..
    anyway.. hmm.. so now that
    i liVe in Heaven i would Love to
    have heard Emily describe that but
    sadly.. obviously from reading her
    autobiography she was
    a suffering
    Poe too..
    as so many
    artists can be
    in Vincent ways too..
    i suppose.. pARt of the reAson
    i give so many folks heart burn iS
    as i aM as free and happy as i could
    iMaGiNe to bE.. alWays now always
    satiated more and more wITh
    heights ever lasting more..
    and sure ‘they’ caLL
    iT maniC or WTF
    but iT is
    as calm
    as honey
    does on Rose
    Hips.. in a never
    ending orgasm of mind
    and body balance.. beyond
    any big bang explosion in human
    way.. and every cell is lit up like a
    rainbow in colors of marshmallow
    bliss just moving higher and higher
    as now associated with every move
    in infinite way.. wHeRe if i juSt
    sway my arm from side to
    side.. the candy of liGht
    juSt grows sweeter
    and sweeter
    factor of eternal
    brOwn bliss.. sParks oF
    thiS iN before re-born now..
    just filaments of flAMe dArk
    blue and never yellow sun
    as now.. so sure.. i’m sure it
    makes some folks wanna
    rain on my parade
    but it don’t
    aS noW no
    amount of rain from
    silly silly human rain
    can put the liGht ouT
    of a Real Human Sun
    noW.. in human potential
    aLL natural way.. And A saddest
    thing.. iS it appears most no one
    has any fathom that this dimension
    of LiFe exists.. as sure.. for i.. the brief
    sPArks of Nirvana.. were only poofs of
    star duSt fArts.. compaRed to the FloWer
    i experienCe NoW.. and sure.. the wHole
    experience iS integral to the Art of i in
    DancE oF Feat and Song of PoeTry
    words.. in shArinG GiVinG way..
    as tHere are trUly an almost
    InfiNite numBer pARts
    oF thiS Bliss Of i..
    as iT is F iN
    continuous Jonathan noW
    Livingston Seagull Higher and
    Higher FlYinG NO School.. to go to
    the neXt Level iN a F iN Video gAMe
    tHat is REAL.. haha.. hehe.. it’s trUe..
    a video game of liFe come to fruition
    with more colors than any X or Y
    Box could noW imagine as
    BE foRE.. i’VE
    been to the bottom
    aM noW A peak hiGher
    and higheR.. but thanks to
    thE dArk NiGht oF the SoUL..
    noW juSt HiGher and HiGher
    with thE effort of JOB outside Raven..:)

  17. Great pics! However, many of them are repeats. Gets confusing where to comment. Can help readers if they find it easy to comment.


    • SMILes.. Thanks Hank.. for dropping by on this
      word press site.. always a big surprise to see anyone
      comment on this http://www.Katiemiafrederick.com site as i have
      constructed it on purpose without the brevity of
      summary posts as the entire
      blog is ONE LONG POEM
      of well over 3 Million words
      and scores of thousands of photos..
      thousands of videos.. links.. etc.. and yes
      where some of the photos will be repeated
      from post to post as you may not have clicked
      on the specific title of this post named #SupernatUreNow
      which limits it to one macro verse of what i am now working
      on as the 669th Verse of A SUPER EPIC POEM.. that is
      actually the longest in what is defined technically as
      Long poem form.. fitting the basic parameters of
      that technical form as i am doing a myriad
      of eclectic story taLinG duties ranging
      from an autobiographer rover as
      such to steal a phrase from
      my title theme song
      of this is going
      down for real
      for my next Macro Verse
      here that will be titled ‘PleasUre
      PrinCiple oF HeLL’.. anywAy.. i am
      writing both in a stream of consciousness
      writing AND PHOTOGRAPHY style of art now
      that of course the ancients in pARt also
      did as well in free verse style.. none
      of these photos are repeats in the
      macro verse alone however a
      few of them relative
      to the continuing
      story in the introduction
      are repeats from the last
      post as they are important to
      the macro entire long term poem
      and the macro-verse at hand in total
      flow of story.. and ha! the total flow is
      like a Tsunami my friend.. this is human potential
      in action.. and of course human potential when practiced
      has never been easy for those who are not practicing it to understand
      it ranging from my complex style of martial arts dance of death and ballet
      like all free style dance that innately.. instinctually.. and intuitively is created
      as i go.. but whereas my wife might suggest i am doing the same moves
      and some of these photos are similar but each is as unique as the finger
      prints on a human when viewed at more detaiLED level.. but of
      course not all of us are detail folks or big picture folks
      and there are different target audiences of course
      when one is actually marketing for
      a customer response
      in marketing 101
      class.. but this is neither
      A commercial or science effort now..
      this is free art my friend and a reflection
      of a mind and body that flows with no limits
      or expectations where the reward is in the journey
      of the art itself.. and while i rarely receive any comments
      which i am neither aiming for or expecting.. i do receive close
      to a thousand views everyday on my total blogger blogs by themselves
      but for people to get to the end of A post.. people who work every day.. have
      kids and are busy with their art of life too.. of course not.. i don’t hold any
      illusions that folks are capable of doing anymore than i could when
      i had the mundane rat race wheel duties of life.. however now
      i am basically Pan or Peter Pan ET in effect.. of the forest free
      now to fly to the moon.. record the journey beyond the
      Sun.. and if anyone gets to the end of it..
      perhaps they too will do more..
      problem is not everyone
      has the fortune
      to be this
      free and go the
      places i can go in
      a real neverland now of bliss
      in moving.. connecting.. creating..
      in imagination way of mind and body NoW
      balance wHeRe all emotions are regulated..
      senses integrated… all thoughts are mastered
      in control away from anxiety in yes all the heaven..
      Nirvana.. Kundalini Rising.. Bliss.. in Satori of the
      Great Spirit in Us.. and so many more metaphors now then
      of the heaven potential then of now.. that the ancients have
      been speaking of since the dawn of
      humankind in the dance of
      life before even
      written language
      comes.. then.. so free.. N0W..
      this is no longer done though
      the day of the previous long poem
      attempt at 1.8 million words per the
      Mahābhārata of ancient Indian
      culture.. this is a global world
      now.. and seriously.. the
      equivalent of that
      to tale an entire
      global story
      in any attempt
      at all will be a life long
      journey of somewhere potentially
      even at 100 Million words and quite
      frankly there is not going to be enough
      life for me to do that.. i might get to
      33 million words but with the
      help of advancing technology
      and sooner awakening and
      full enlightenment as i
      have now experienced
      in my mid-fifties… the advancement
      of humankind in both mind and body
      balance and technological potential
      advancement will tale the story much
      greater than now i.. and sure much harder
      to comment too for the masses as long term
      form has never been written for the masses my
      friend.. long term form is written for the initiates
      who noW seek to find much greater human potential NoW..
      this ain’t sidewalk talk baby.. this is star talk for those
      folks who wanna go where no hUman has gone before.. Now noW..
      and target audiences in terms of marketing 101 do not exist
      here.. in fact no audience may exist at all.. however it does
      at least in part.. in numbers of million plus now.. and when
      technology and human potential.. as well as life
      awaY from cogs in a machine
      to manufacture and
      buy dead things..
      become the
      the cave
      is still the way
      of liFe my friend for
      many.. i am out and wide
      awake and the water is now
      euphoria in ocean flow.. and
      ha.. i don’t expect you to come
      back and read this comment but it
      is pARt of the Long Poem story my
      friend.. for the initiate who finds his or
      her way noW here to gRow more in PotenTial
      too.. to go tHeir own way.. away from what
      i do too.. as my greatest fear is someone will
      stop here and go no further for themselves as so
      many have done through the practice of the sAMe
      dam phrases and dances and poetic forms of the
      sages through the ages.. where folks get stuck
      in a rut and never grow.. will NO.. never happen
      here my friend as i am an original
      and God whole
      iS the target audience
      iN and as i.. in huwomanifest
      wAYs of liFe.. anyWay.. as you most
      often click on the http://www.katiemiafrederick.blogspot.com
      that only directs one to one blog post no matter
      what the individual title is.. wheRe tHere is no
      confusion as therE may be here.. when
      one is scrolling down on a full
      3 Million plus word poem..
      with 669 now macro
      verses in this
      newest installation
      i am wRiting write now..
      anyWay.. if you do make it back
      thank you much as noW pARt of the
      story i do is go into great detail over
      and over of what i do.. as each pArt now
      of this macro verse stands alone.. each
      macro verse stands alone as pArt of the
      whole as i also reflect here how the entirety
      of existence works in fractal way.. where the
      bottom line is i am reflecting the way God works
      here in artist manifestation.. as co-creator wHOle..
      This is way too deep for the average Sidewalk walker
      and talker.. my friend.. but so is God to everyone and
      me as well.. but yes.. on my death bed there will
      never be.. as long as servers live.. any doubt
      that i for one
      liVed.. the purpose
      and meaning of liFe my
      friEnd.. LiVE iN SUPER EPiC WAY..
      NAMelY.. TOTaLLY aLL A FReED BeinGnoW
      onLY for A BraVest LoVe oF Life mY FriEnd..:)

  18. WeLL.. i am alWays trying to poETicAllY eXpresS how it is to live
    aLL in HeavenoW.. and while i have limited resources to do so..
    theRE are others who live in a similar dimension as i do namELy
    at least one folk from Cold Play named Chris Martin and his
    Cohorts.. sure it’s easy to see from his body language
    that he lives a place very close to wHere i do noW no
    matter how far aWay he is in miles.. as
    God hOlding hAnds WItH aLL oF uS
    whether we see iT in so many
    FeeLinG SenSinG kNoWinG
    ways noW iS limitless
    in Luci liGhteD
    way for tHosE
    wHo BRinG aLL
    theE liGht noW oF
    SuN iN eYes Of
    up and up and
    hiGhEr fLiGht
    oF liFe wHere
    noT many have
    gOne before yET
    morE WiLL go iN noW
    as wider and wider aWake
    as co-creators wIth God wHere
    tHere iS no mAX Of Sun or Moon
    or skeYes oF EaRTh.. iN Heaven noW..
    bottom liNe Never GiVe uP aNd jUST dO IT
    in V for Victory over Vengeance waY.. noW..:)

  19. WeLL.. as ‘they say.’. perhaps iT iS bAd lUcK
    for the GRoom to see the Bride’s clothes
    before the Wedding but when i dress
    in feminine and masculine balance
    iN flesh as well as symbolic
    T-shirts as purchased
    heRe bY the
    great forAger
    Katrina at
    Kohl’s Department
    store aS 2 for $20 bucKs..
    when the dance comes on
    Thursday niGht as the dress
    comes before here now on
    Wednesday Eve before
    Holy Thursday R and R
    day for me.. and
    my very very
    lucky noW
    111th dance
    week night..
    Thursday niGht
    at Good Old Seville
    Quarter wITh aLL thE
    KooL College AGe
    Folks tHeir as tHree
    stRinGs of 1
    1 1 Will do
    FoR All
    oF Synchronicities
    iN ThREE pArt harMony
    wITh God pArTicularLY wHen
    yOur numerology report sTArts noW
    out like mine with 0 for do WiLLFrEEnow
    for whatever the F ya wanna do as you’ve
    alReAdY completed iN previous lifenows aLL
    tasks 1 through 9.. and 1 for each of the noW
    other life cycles to do more iN sAMe oF whatever
    the F ya want as wiLL bE niceLY illustrated iN thiS
    next blog post as the “PleasUre PrinCiple oF HeLL”
    as they say coLLaBoRaTinG eviDence noW foRAll
    thE eXisTenCe oF God aLL A REaL iN noW too Now
    hOlding hAnds.. WitH mE anD US aNd wE aLLonE..
    and nah i didn’t have all the resources of A greAT pLay
    REAL GOD PROPHET USING hiS profits noW to bRinG
    a mesSage of God to the world much much greater now
    than i for noW.. but anyway.. in mY pArt of God NoW i’m
    sure mY Art WiLL get through at lEAst tO one Open
    heARted MiNd aT Old Seville Quarter per the
    totAL aRt oF Y i.. in DancE SonG.. and T-shirt
    i wHole pLaYinG as i of mE as We oF
    uS aS God aLLonE PiE
    oF liGht in smaLLest
    to larGest
    liGhts oF LiFe..:)

  20. https://katiemiafrederick.com/2015/05/18/roar-of-nature/

    YeP.. ANd thE
    FAcebook yEarly
    meMories coNtinUe
    To pOur iN.. iN seaSoNal
    Synchronicity WaYs oF liFe
    oH sO freE.. FloWinG tApesTry
    poeTicAlly leTting iT aLL GOnoW..:)

  21. oH.. Lordy whAT A celebration
    of dARk and liGht and
    those sHades of
    RainBow colOrs..
    aLive and more in hues
    of bLack and WhitE and aLL
    oF spectrum grey in SHades
    of cardboard human way..
    yes.. i have the feeling i
    am soon to approach the
    11K or so word limit of a
    Facebook Status as sure
    Facebook provides juSt another
    hard drive back uP of aLL thiS creative
    effort.. but haha.. i guess i could break
    that down in twO parTs of backed-up effort
    to play the cards even in 7-7 Heaven or
    whatever iF 14K gOld of words coMe..
    anyWay as Mark Twain says when
    ya got some creativity going down
    ya better find a way to record
    iT noW.. as birdS of FruiTiOn
    do flY ALive and may or
    may not come back
    again.. after
    the print
    is no longer
    wet in drying iNk..
    i could do this all day juSt for
    fUn.. coming out of an hour or so
    of bliss of naked Sun and Sand dance
    so broWn and Blue and Green of Free
    Earth as Temple of God me.. and seriously
    back in the primitive day.. i could reAlly entertain
    the ladies then.. as while it is the law i must remain
    clothed at all nows at Good Old Seville Quarter that
    does soak up a lot of sweat when the nice ladies come
    to hug me so sweet in candy eYes of deLight oF Pan FReEd
    Man in aLL his clothed and sweaty danCinG glory.. so free like
    a warrior dance of belly dancer twirling free as sensual WiLL dO
    comE iN masculine and feminine balance.. heHE even at 230LBs
    of 6 foot or so man.. seriously to move my body like i do iN butterfly
    fashion takes incredible physical and emotional intelligence working
    mind and body balance.. and yes.. leg pressing that half a ton 30 reps
    now.. along with all the other Olympic Athlete iN strength training as
    pro athletes do too.. is pArt of the Art oF i thAT modern Technology
    in the challenge of exercise Nautilus equipment way can
    bRing to the main pARts of body movement
    in Strength way.. but yes.. we ARE aLL stars
    of muse when wE lift others up.. thAT noW
    comes through words.. sMiles.. giggles
    women’s breasts and hot pant hips..
    and sure.. the Apollo Arnold
    who has come unglued
    in statue stOnE
    way.. and
    set he or
    her free in Dancing
    as Stars way.. i am a one
    man band with only instrument
    of naked flesh clothed in shorts
    and Tatooed T-shirt way.. to
    enhance the mesSages
    oF metaphor hiGHs..
    no drugs here.. no drums
    no guitars in fAct when some
    folks say i SinG Angelic too noW
    with choirs of Angels.. in Catholic
    Church too.. when i am in the fLoW..
    the zoNe of Art oF DancE.. words trUly Do
    onLY gEt iN tHe way.. of soUl FliGht Free
    iN heARt aNd SpiRit ExPResSinG A
    UniVersAl messAGE oF God..
    INSiDE.. outSiDe.. aboVe..
    so beLow.. and aLL
    Merry go Fred go
    a’round iN
    so.. while what i do requires
    zero pennies in direct impact..
    audience as few as insects
    in sand and sun as
    such in
    yard pLay..
    when a middle
    aged Lady.. or group
    of young women just video
    tape me.. and say hey! gonna
    share all of you on social media
    or just watch you again to make me
    happy all inside.. in mirror neuron way..
    and yes.. of course.. i added the science
    iN as my art of PoeTry does mix with reAson
    too.. and sure theRe iS much more of me available
    oNliNe for sUre from head to toe and word to pAsSiOn
    heARt iN aLL oF moST Of WhAT A hUman can bE these
    days of freeDom oF eXpreSSinG WrinGinG wET sweAT..
    and passioNate frOM all bEfore wheN
    thE rule of the day back then..
    is to chop the Penis
    off of Apollo.. Mercury..
    Hercules etc.. statues..
    of Glory
    be now Min oF
    Egyptian mAle FertiLITy waY..
    the flesh of i in dance.. iS arT
    and aLL God Free.. i cAMe into
    this world.. nakED and free liVe
    thAT way now.. in so dam many
    wayS.. and duSt oF DancE aNd
    SonG oF God i too WiLL reTurn2..
    aGain.. and no one need shAre thiS
    trUth of God and i toGeTher as oNe ForcE
    howEver.. God tOld mE and continUes to tale
    mE like at the end of that old ‘Seventh Sign’ movie
    wHere i aM aLL thE characters in the play and must
    be the scribe as well.. wHere Director.. Producer..
    and Actor oF God become one hUman tRuly
    going down and up and down and up aGain
    noW.. So that should exhaust the current
    Muse of Cold Play SonG and then
    iT iS on to the Tuesday dVerse
    themED.. prompt.. aBout
    characters and such
    thAT muse uS fOr
    thE Art oF wE..
    And trUly iN real flesh
    anD blood liFe thaT iS thE
    greAtest misSioN God asSigNs
    mE iN syNcHroniciTy waY.. To mUse
    a very conservative.. closeD miNdED
    uP tiGht comMuNity wITh AngeliC DancE
    iN both warRioR and graceFul style froM uPon
    HiGh iN BaLanCinG oF dArk And liGht anD aLL thE
    sHades Of grey thAt mY boDy aNd miNd souL WiLL plAy!..:)

    Oh crap.. almost forgot my special effects
    and affect props for the play so here
    IS A couple to ponder a little
    bit onoW.. he HE..;)

  22. Facebook Friend Glenn now
    provides a photo Facebook
    memory slide with Logo
    that says.. “Live Your
    Life and Forget Age”..
    so i then and
    now say..
    i for one
    Love numb
    erS ..noW..
    but oh God..
    never ever livE
    thEm.. how foolish
    was i to worry about
    turning.. twenty-five..
    when only a fracTioN
    oF A UniVerse then as
    rEAL.. as noW.. WiTh

  23. FinAlly.. arriving bacK aT
    dVerse here for one last
    prompt shot before Thursday
    Sacred and Holy R and R Day
    coMes and i put this aLL ToGeTHer
    in both StepS and WordS oF
    poeTry DancE SonG.:)
    @ 2:28 pm..:)

    And a stop here
    first back at the
    green prompt before
    i move on to the
    Muse of Character
    prompt.. as i see
    a few left tHeRe in
    that week long prompt
    from Monday as such..:)

    WeLL.. Bjorn LoVing tHe
    way you are opening uP
    heRe in 55 year old SeNsuaLITy..
    never to old.. yeAh.. to liVe.. as
    folks liKe uS ain’T deAd yeT..;)

    Oh.. i Love to go to our
    in-laws farm first Sunday
    of every month to see all
    the vegetable and farm
    animal green of liFe so
    BriGht there.. but Jesus..
    after.. seEinG the sweet
    Cows.. it make me thInk
    twice for Sunday Steak..
    dAM.. i’M gLad i don’T
    worK aT thE
    house as
    theRe iS noW
    no Laughter oF
    thE cowS iNoW
    FArm GRain waYs..:)

    Stars Of greeN iN fertiLiTy
    oF Love iN hUman eYes..
    Green Away iN jealoUsy
    Fresh aWay froM spoiLs
    oF fear and hate..
    Love In
    iTs puRest
    foRm.. spRouts
    HopE GreeN..:)

    Feng Shui
    Fish swAm by
    current of streAm
    effortless oF F iN
    waY Air iT carries
    Bird friEnd of ENergy
    FrieNd of GraviTy WinDs
    of Air Free WinGs in hUman
    seT Free
    Tree of Life..:)

    Well.. that pArt
    iS fUn noW oFf
    to muse of
    pLay on Tuesday
    dVerse prompt way..:)

    Oh Lord.. the cooperation
    of downsizing.. the business
    of technology repLacing
    humanshoes.. the reaLITy
    iN liFe that
    hUmans no
    no longer
    need apply..
    the laughter
    of folks making
    enough YouTube/Google
    pennies in whatever
    art or conspiracy
    theories they are
    making to bind
    a dArk or ArT
    liGht SpRinG
    Force oF hUmans
    for Google and
    YouTube Pennies
    wHere subsistence
    totally passes the
    middle man and corporate
    leader of pink slip fear..
    And with subsidized health
    care just say FucK the
    man of pasSinG
    Google and
    YouTube.. etc..
    avenues for FREe!..:)

    ELder mEmories
    sweeT and soUr
    olD of grey
    younG aT
    of SoUL
    LiVes oN
    iN oUr eYes
    meeT aGaiN
    heARt fLies
    SingS SpiRiT
    SonG oF wE..:)

    Drifters oF God hOlders
    of earth bringers of
    smiles.. Livers
    of rain and
    sun and
    sleepers on
    ground.. WiLL
    oF LiFe remembering
    what it means to be
    close to each other
    and Earth of Nature..
    sMiLes.. there IS A now
    that i envied most everyone
    in a nursing home.. and
    on the corner
    sign walk..
    as at least
    they wanted
    a life that i could
    no longer feel.. need..
    or want at all.. there are
    many staving folks in the
    world who live in cold
    receptacles of
    oh the
    sun oh
    the sand
    oh the breath..
    oh the struggle
    oh the lIfe when
    it still comes at
    a price of Free..
    FeeLinG and SenSinG

    WeLL.. first of aLL.. Walter.. thanks
    for this prompt… while i no longer
    directly link to dVerse this one
    is quite inspiring as human
    is my favorite
    of Earth..
    and yes.. a powerful
    write here in the Father
    and Son struggle of WiLL
    and Love.. when they
    come together fearless..
    truly a
    be re-born..:)

    SMiLes.. humans..
    the sMiLes
    are real @the
    office FrOwns
    thE dArk.. LiFe
    iS worth iT no
    matter thE
    oF Dirt..:)

    Political status and
    power.. ego grabs
    when high
    status parents
    don’t have time
    to feed the heart
    and child soul.. someone
    has to do it for insanely
    large human populations
    for control away from anarchy
    but the political climate truly
    never changes..
    greed.. status
    and power..
    Frankly.. i used
    to Know every fact
    and figure.. of politics..
    but as soon as i figured
    out human nature is based
    on conservative and liberal
    elements.. 50-50 or so
    from birth..
    i turned the
    TV and the
    off and catch
    up on the news
    no different than
    soap operas on Facebook
    in bits and bytes of SOS..:)

    Mother or Father
    Cat or Dog..
    sister or brother
    one’s best friend
    now or then..
    or even a flower
    of fall or
    of car
    as such for those
    whose Lovers are cars
    and homes as God.. it’s
    hard to see that everything
    eventually can fall apart..
    wither away.. but
    walking Star
    dust we
    are when
    we are.. IS A
    miracle beyond
    a hot Sun eYe..:)

    Pre-nups for
    friends.. say
    a word out of line
    and break an expectation
    forevermore now.. a friend
    can leave.. accept it all..
    develop a cognitive sense
    of empathy in what
    the not
    of human
    darkness.. everyone
    becomes my friend
    in liGht
    and dARk..
    as i too
    have been
    as the
    of hUman
    SoUl.. in Lack..:)

    Oh.. when the human
    liGht goes out oF aLL
    thE nuances oF
    thE SpiRit
    sAMe eXpreSsinG
    faLLs aWay iN dArk..
    LesSon of my 94 year
    old crippled Aunt in walker
    until her dying day.. the
    SpiRit never Grows old
    inside.. as long
    as the
    is exercised
    Long iN Touch and
    FeeLing.. as kNowLedge
    oVer FeeLinG trUly
    A cliff note
    now of
    for many..
    Bowling Alley
    days gone in replacement
    electronics of Love Muscle heARt..:)

    Oh//Lord.. a liFe of biTs
    and byTes of hUman
    liFe.. i Am so glad
    i missed iT younG..
    but oh
    God i’M iN
    iT anyWay..
    help help..
    eye rolls of
    screen scream
    priSon.. CalgOn
    take mE aWay
    to commercials

    sMiLes.. even the
    gift of elders
    talking grey
    or frail..
    or whatever
    struggles liFE
    may bRing.. getting
    old is for stronger soUls
    and never for sissies.. male
    or female.. Living is for
    moving.. connecting
    and creating..
    but take two
    of those out
    and its worse
    than just one
    of the SoUl
    has no age..
    gender.. nationality..
    creed or race.. Poverty
    of the heARt.. SpiRit and
    SoUl.. simply has no radiating liGht..:)

    SMiLes.. ah.. a quieT
    moUse oF liFe
    liKe MicKey
    or Dog
    as Snoopy…
    not much to say..
    but so much noW to
    FeeL iN eYes oF Body
    LanGuaGe.. oh.. trUth
    LiFe FReED..:)

    Oh.. so fUn
    to doGod
    by BooKs..:)

    Ah Dear..
    i Love poeTry
    that SinGs a Song
    from beginning to
    end.. alWays a joy
    here to come
    and join
    a gift you
    have obviously
    perhaps an Angel
    in disguise as
    in hUman
    touch unrivaled
    by words

    LonELy gHosts
    roAMing thE eaRth
    iN rooms oFt BLack
    thaT hOld
    no air..
    oh.. tHe
    Dante trUth
    oF liFe.. tHeRe
    are dEmenTSioNs
    oF heLL thaT No
    demonD wiLL
    eVer liFe
    traVEiL.. dArk lOcK
    nesS sPeaks BLack
    wHole souLs Deep..:)

    Side note here.. as
    this one brings back
    the darkest dream
    of child
    way for me..
    a Star in sky bright
    yellow a mother’s
    light a place
    of Dark Birds
    dead and
    in oily wake..
    riding my bike
    at age 12 to the
    bank must see the
    temps rise to 101..
    102.. and 103.. then
    come close heat stroke
    in cycle way for me..
    dream as vision
    of Sea Hawks
    death in tar
    oF Life
    i too
    am a bird
    of dARk reaching
    to the Star outside
    of grasp… iT’s heLL
    theRe’s no doubt a
    place one day
    i will visit
    iN real
    66 months
    even beyond
    that nightmare then..
    iT iS the FeeLinG thaT
    was the nightmare and
    never the
    a place so
    lost so deep
    in dARk.. that
    trUly even demons
    would avoid aT all
    all that’s
    left is
    Devil’s breath
    tHere.. beLow
    a pLace
    cALLed LiFe
    aS A dArkest side
    note for me ends
    aS now.. BrinGS
    liGht oF Star
    HeaVen ReaLnoW..
    thE end iS reaL..
    tHe meaNs
    iS hELL..:)

    Rose without color
    sAid refRain
    oF Beauty
    coRe oF Apple
    FruiT iN eYes..
    soUl gRows
    cOld.. BeaUty
    BriGht SpiRit
    criEs.. oh deep..
    oh deep.. A RinG
    Back Ocean LiFe..:)

    WandeRinG ClOwns
    oF WisDom gRow..
    no man or
    freeDom gRows
    Ocean deep eYes
    sO cLear.. diRt oF
    gRows wArm..
    FreeDom IS A dirT
    oF Body thaT kNows
    oNly earTh and fLesh
    iN sweAt Of Sun bRight
    Hunt.. forAger for LiFE..
    LiVer oF LiGht.. so lost
    so lost.. wE are in
    iN screAM
    oF Scree@noW..:)

    Ship of LiFe
    Temple Nature
    sea farer BriGht
    VoyageR stILL
    daRk and liGht
    aWay fair from
    LiFe goes oN..
    LiFe goes oN..
    yes.. LiFe goes oN..:)

    SMiLes.. those who
    brave to be free to be
    different may be misunderstood
    but forgotten.. no.. that is for
    those who
    warm and true..
    to travel against
    the Lies of Truth
    never forgotten..
    oF Ages..
    mArk oF TiMe..:)

    Women have aLways
    been in charge..
    on the
    for Love
    oF aLL..:)

    Flesh grows
    stronger.. hair cuts..
    NAils triM
    sKin saGs..
    greys hAir..
    more a
    friEnd iN SonG oF
    A BaLaNCinG DancE..
    SpiRit fireS iNside..
    ouTside.. aBove..
    so beLow..
    all aRound..
    as lonG as thaT
    flAMe FiRes noW
    LoVe LiFe LiVes..
    TrUth iN liGht..;)

    Warriors of old
    of new..
    and tRuly
    LIFe doesn’t
    make many
    real men like
    that any more..
    i suspect Nature
    iS groWinG weary
    of the hUman race..:)

    SAdly.. theRe IS A
    Beer in most country
    western SonGs wheRe
    someone’s daddy tOld
    tHeir little boy..
    Son don’t
    cry that’s
    for Sissies and
    not real men like me..
    with tears of beer
    And SinG
    oF LosT
    LoVe withouT
    A TEar oF wArMth..;)

    You kNow.. it’s funny.. iN fAct
    it’s hilarious.. i’M literAlly kNown
    as a Legend of Dance noW at
    close to 56 in young
    folk Dance hAll..
    but seriously..
    my hips are
    so bad from
    running young
    and knees too..
    that i cannot run
    at all now from doing
    that repetitive movement
    for a decade back then.. but
    dancing.. keeping feet close to
    earth.. yes.. close to 5400 miles
    now measured by GPS sports
    watch in 33 months.. and
    honestly all 230LBS of
    me feels liGht
    as a feather..
    there are
    ways to
    fly without
    running at aLL..
    and seriously.. when i
    tell folks i cannot run
    at all they do not believe it
    at all as they watch me float
    by in twinkle toe feat of MaGiC Air..
    Truly.. the best friend of energy is
    a friEnd of Gravity mY friEnd..
    for literAlly
    aGinG graceFuLLy
    iN ButterFly WinGed feat..:)

    SMiLes.. mY
    friEnd.. i thInK
    that’s A ticKet
    for me too..
    A Quilter
    of Words
    and a BlankEt
    as wide as A
    UniVerse eYe..:)

    Unconditional LovE noW
    Sports and Military teaches
    maKinG young men strong..
    wHere everyone bleeds
    the same in trenches
    of war
    and games
    of valor same..
    SurELy in men
    Love can
    Peace wHere
    tHeRe iS more to
    LiFe than material goods..:)

    SMiLes.. any SonG
    and or DancE oF
    liFe from a whistle
    to the hills
    are filLeD
    WitH thE
    sounD oF MuSic
    iN FoResT oF Pan
    speLLs tHe foUr
    letter word
    L O V E

    That finishes the
    Tuesday prompt for
    all lInkED entries
    and here’s
    the last
    BRinGer for
    the week loNg
    Green prompt

    Ah.. Safe froM
    thE DancE
    aNd SonG
    oF DOinG
    oF aN
    aS TwiliGht
    zoNe eNd..:)

    It’s 6 O’clock
    aLL Finished
    uP and Ready
    to Rock and Roll
    Dinner and a noW
    maXX work-out
    now at my
    and only
    Military Gym..:)

    36 poems in
    212 minutes
    at an
    average rate
    of 5.72972973
    minutes each..
    and 37 for
    this 1

  24. Ha! Dancing makes me deliriously
    happy.. even when i’m twirling like
    a Ballerina.. in my Nike Shox
    size 11 and a halves..
    in the Super-Walmart
    Parking Lot.. then while
    Katrina is sayin’ get
    the F in the car
    you F er.. i have
    to pee..
    do not meet
    her pee standards
    heheX2.. with hahaha!..;)

    But anyway.. you do know how
    much i Love my Wife.. right..
    i kid around a lot.. as humor
    is the best medicine and
    friendly witty poking
    humor is the
    way not
    to stay
    too serious about
    liFe.. particularly iF
    you’ve been to some of
    the places of the dark night
    of the sOul wHere i’ve been
    for sure.. and that Seventh Sign
    Movie that me and Katrina saw when
    we first got together scared me as
    i was always worried more about
    her going into childbirth and
    something happening to
    her than even a
    child back
    then.. as she
    was my everything
    my army of security
    all wrapped in one
    friend wife.. forever
    now.. and when she did
    go into Labor the same dam
    nightmare of the Seventh Sign
    scenario came to fruition.. wHere
    she went into labor a month early
    on June 4th of 1997.. and it was
    horribly tough labor.. and when
    i went down the hall
    the blue lights
    came on and
    she had gone
    into a life threatening
    grand mal seizure and they
    had to perform an emergency
    C-Section.. and it was a life
    threatening situation and
    our baby Ryan had
    a catastrophic number
    of congenital anomalies
    that would make all his
    51 days of suffering
    the Doctors choice
    instead of peacefully
    letting him go back
    to the arms of his
    as the
    eYes of God
    provides in death
    the peaceful way
    away from the suffering
    modern medicine would impose
    upon our little child.. who would
    eventually die in my arms at the
    Hospital after so much tortuous pain
    where the Doctors already knew deep
    down that this baby would not survive..
    just a 300K paycheck for the hospital
    was the bottom line putting a little
    baby through living hell who
    wasn’t even born with
    the ability to breathe
    through blocked
    sinuses where
    mine are almost
    blocked too.. and
    transposed great vessels
    of the heart.. an immune system
    that didn’t work and cells that were
    not even dividing like they were supposed
    to do in a growing human being.. and so
    many more issues.. in a nightmare for
    all who were concerned but
    the bottom line for me
    is Katrina survived..
    nothing could
    make me
    more thankful
    to go through anything else
    else that i would ever have to
    go through and indeed she saved
    my life through those 66 months
    of living hell where she would
    bang her head against
    the wall as it then
    was so frustrating
    to live with
    a living
    in life then..
    where i was totally
    closed off from the
    world in sight and sound..
    just wanting to die the first
    two years and thinking no one
    cared about me enough to give me
    a gun to end the crucifixion pain in my
    right eye and ear like dentist drill without
    novocaine for all those 66 months and
    18 other medical disorders in synergy
    of Hell.. anyway.. we F iN survived
    and when a couple goes through
    that and does survive.. there
    is this trust of marriage
    that can withstand
    anything that
    is truly noW
    an Army oF Love
    where both people
    become supermen
    and women in their own
    rights of meeting the ultimate
    challenges that God can bRing..
    i am so thankful for my life.. just
    the ability to use my eyes and ears
    without pain.. the perspective i have
    of hell now in heaven.. is the best gift
    of all.. and we appreciate liFe perhaps
    like no other couple will ever do.. and
    if you wonder why i serve God with
    the fury of ‘Job’ and superman
    all wrapped in one..
    it is because
    God spared
    my wife..
    and we
    are both
    alive.. bottom
    line.. i WiLL never
    be able to repay the
    God of nature for that real
    Grace of fortune.. but i dam
    sure WiLL do all i can to help
    save anyone i can in this Life
    from going through the stress
    related potential illnesses a human
    can acquire in a real earth hell of now..
    anyway.. here is the Video of my Greatest
    fear.. and yes.. i occasionally watch it just
    so i can cry and appreciate tears that would
    not come for that long 66 months in hell alone..:)

  25. Facebook Friend Cortney and
    very nice dancing friend from
    Good Old Seville Quarter for
    almost two years now.. provides
    a clip of a video with A caption
    that says the moment that had
    every 90’s kid in tears.. then..
    And while i’m always now
    looking for new inspiration
    to provide a muse to write
    something new.. i watched
    and replied..
    I didn’t see it..
    but yes.. Yellow
    Boy Revived me..
    and now i say here
    back then.. in fact..
    i had no idea what a
    pokemon or a pikachu
    was in terms of the actual
    movie until today.. but when
    i was young all the way through
    early twenties i loved to watch
    bugs bunny and the road
    runner.. so i still do
    have a soft
    spot for cartoons..
    and so i looked up this
    longer clip of the video above
    and the same archetype of the
    human hero is nicely provided
    as the message of the movie..
    ascension of the soul
    with the power
    of altruism
    wHere a
    tear can
    save a person
    and eventually
    the world as it is
    what underlies the
    power of human altruism..
    and the affective empathy that
    animals have for us when we are
    down in spirit of both cat and dog
    may not come in actual tears
    but it is the same in
    paws and
    of Love.. for
    those of us with
    a heart that can feel this
    with only purrs and puppy
    soft growls.. and truly we need
    more shows and more songs like
    the one provided above that strengthen
    rather than weaken the human heart.. and
    that’s what makes me so sad when i see the
    wars between fundamentalist leaning religious
    folks.. when in metaphor here.. they tale Miley
    Cyrus she is going to hell for being naked in
    Wrecking Ball and totally
    miss her tears
    that are real for
    Love.. the world
    needs heARt and SpiRit
    and SoUl all gifted by the all
    natural God of nature as real
    magic much more than text
    that motivates
    to kill
    there are no
    children of God who
    are well and healthy in a
    balanced culture who promote
    any form of human slavery ranging
    from forced marriages.. to stoning Lesbians
    to taling young homosexual couples that their
    Love is not sacred enough for marriage in the church..
    but there are those who in the history of humankind who
    have been true heroes who see through the lies of cold
    hearts that do still exist and what sets humans apart
    from most animals is they will lay down
    tHeir life to save theiR friends..
    and truly anyone who
    cares for me
    is that
    of person..
    as i too was a wounded
    animal who needed help
    and it is usually the kind of
    folks who would stop and
    carry a turtle across a busy
    intersection who are friends of mine..
    An army of Love is what we need.. not
    armies of fear
    for the gift of Life..
    that IS A precious liGht..:)

  26. And now to bRing this
    “PleasUre PrinCiple oF HeLL”..
    slooowwwllly to an ennnd now..
    WeLL.. do you ever wonder why
    the 60 something year old woman
    at the Southern Baptist church in the
    first row who will say Miley Cyrus is going
    to hell bleaches her hair and wears push up
    bras.. sure it is to make her feel good.. the same
    reason Miley goes topless at the beach.. human
    sensuality in terms of Love and Lust is what makes
    us the most creative and socially cooperative in mammal
    potential that exists in the animal kingdom.. not unlike
    our closest cousin the Bonobo and yes.. that
    reminds me.. insert Wild Wives of
    Africa here to illustrate
    the point nicely
    too in what
    truly strong except
    for those who would Love
    to control human beings
    through illusory fears
    and hate.. still now..
    like Fundamentalist
    leaning religious folks
    sometimes seem to Love
    to do.. as yes.. the dark force
    is anything away from Lust
    and Love.. no matter what
    books say otherwise
    by controlling
    head hunter
    slavery Loving
    folks in all shapes
    forms and fashions
    that fear and hate comes
    in as talked to earlier now
    in this total BIG DEEPER
    of blog
    TOO.. humans can lie to themselves however
    much they may like to that they are not human
    but by
    they are human..
    they are full of Lust
    Love and Tears if they
    are healthy and well living
    in a truly balanced culture..
    and i am so glad that i was
    born near a beach with California
    Gurls.. in all the ways that comes and
    although i am monogamous.. i am alive
    as so many
    folks are who
    would repress
    tHeir humanity
    in all the sick ways
    that comes in terms
    of illusory fears and HATE..
    yes.. the TRUTH can be alarmingLY
    LIgHT but once the children of God are
    fully free.. less chance NOW for misery..
    suffering.. and head hunting killing HATE..
    GOOD old
    SEVILLE to
    mUse a WHOLE
    LOT OF creativity
    on Good Friday
    after every
    and Sacred
    R AnD R
    Thursday at
    least for me..
    with photos coming
    in this next blog post
    sometime around the
    wee wee hour of
    3 am..
    in terms of
    potential Creativity..
    and Truly that Katy Perry
    song was kinda tame i think
    i’ll really change the mood around
    here with some AOA with a “Yellow
    Boy” at the end too and if that doesn’t
    do the trick or treat nothing will.. i FEEL..:)

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