Allah NOW Flows

As i’m sure ya know..

Allah creates a Universe of ALL matter that dances together..

from the Milky Way that swirls the stars together in orbit of golden spiral..

To the Hurricane in wind and moisture droplets that swirl this way..

To the human fetus and sleeping cat that is curled this way…


as small as we see technology aided..

watching the electrons flow around the nucleus of an atom..

But ya see..
humans are similar creation of Allah still..

but still they should be moving in Sacred Love of Allah like this…

INSTEAD OF still or imprisoned movement only in a straight line of hell…

When the body moves in balance in golden spiral..

with arms and legs moving in tandem in a Universe of own..

360 degrees in all dimension of human space..

We become one with Allah as true UNI VERSE with ‘H i’m”

H i Am
Two ones joined as ONE
Mind and body becomes complete
as ONE with ALLAH!

i am always in bliss in mind and body..
as this is how i move ALL WAYS through now..

In ballet..

TAI CHI like movement..

instead of prison of sidewalks as illusion in prison..

designed by others to imprison Allah in us..

instead of being FREE instinctuALLy..


letting IT ALL GO..



Youtube roadblocks are sometimes severe..

in restricted countries..

as there are many teachers tHere..

waiting to show ya how to do this..




again ONE NOW..!

which is fear other than falling or loud noises…

as such…

But in my opinion..

the best structured way to start..

if ya haven’t already tried it..


if there isn’t a teacher..

perhaps there is a DVD ya can buy to watch..

and practice at home when ya are cleaning around your home..

or cooking..

or such as that..

One can incorporate this as a way of life..

But don’t know if ya could get away with it in general public..

like i do as i can tell folks it’s part of my religion..

or accommodation for back problems..

and they legALLy MUST..

reasonably accommodate my freedom..

to do this when i am shopping with my wife…

But now as it seems you are probably taking care of a home..

instead of in school in static position working on a computer..

which is probably the worst thing in the world..

to gain this balance of mind and body with Allah..

Ya may have more freedom at home..

to do this in your spare time to pursue it..

if ya decide to do so…

i truly think it can heal so much..

of any discord and even disease..

in almost anyone…

As ya know i had 19 medical disorders..

and people see me as martial artist..

professional dancer..

and all of that now…

i never had a lesson though..

It is instinctuALLY a gift that Allah..

gives to US ALL..

just forgotten..

in the illusion of culture…

th@IS ALL….

And the other thing..



Allah creates dance first of matter in Golden Spiral..

but sound and music follows to inspire and FUEL DANCE..

as sound is energy like LIGHT!

And then finally..

there is the written word..

recorded to help ALL folks find middle way of balance..

of light and dark and positive and negative..

for eternal flow of BLISS in letting Allah..

and human go as ONE IN BLISS…



So that is what we do here..


we share a way to BLISS with ALLAH..

in poetry of SACRED LOVE..





the dream becomes…


Love you more for inspiring these words..

Lovely friend..

yOurs too..

flowing with Allah…



And yes of course this will be my next blog post..;)

thanks again to you dear..

my messenger friend…

as ONE


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11 Responses to Allah NOW Flows

  1. claudia says:

    smiles… i usually sing when things are getting too tight and i feel like i need to breathe fresh air…or go for a walk or a bike ride… it’s good to let things go… love the song – i usually listen to it in spanish – libre soi….

    • Hi Claudia..i love to sing too..but for me mostly at my church services each Sunday.. And yes after a life of government work tape…regulations and all of that..

      i live a life of instinct..and intuition instead..and only follow the laws per what is required in life…local..state..and US Code..IN laws..required as such….

      But.. the days of the narrow path are over…for me NOW..@least…

  2. Beth Winter says:

    I’m not a professional singer or dancer or writer but I feel blessed with the gift of voice and dance and writing (however skilled). Very inspirational write.

    • i sing and dance by instinct and while others in REAL life may view it as professional it is only instinctual to me……And i feel very blessed just to be alive..the singing and the icing on the cake of life for me..:)

  3. Oh to dance in those tai-chi movement to feel the oneness of being a part of the blessings.

  4. billgncs says:

    when you finish a tai-chi set, you shouldn’t be happy, you shouldn’t be sad, you should just be.

    • Hi Bill..for me the experience of Bliss is not labeled human emotion..Bliss goes well beyond that for me..and i am more blessed than i can possibly imagine per my earlier ever be in a place of Bliss continuously as i have since the end of last the grace of GOD or whatever may BE IS….

      The steps of reverse were my first variance from the norm..and what ended up as viewed by others as TAI i use that term that does match the philosophy of balance and leverage in body to flow with gravity instead of against..which is what i do with all limbs of body..but never ruled or set as such…

      It is incorporated into every move of life for sacred way of movement in life that continues to expand with every move i make..there is rule to it..the movement comes first..instinctually and i attempt to describe it to others while i do it..or after..the movement…

      And interesting..even the martial arts kicks..something i never even tried to do in life before..come too…

      But it is never the same..nor would i ever want it to be..anything else but wonder..what next…:)

      The lust for life..i suppose is bliss..never alone..never fear..only sacred loving all that is..but Sacred Love is far beyond emotional too is analogous to bliss..

      At least for me..

      But there are many different languages of love..per each individual human.. and i suppose it may be the same for bliss yes..the spectrum of that experience of bliss for me..never stays the the TAI CHI flavored movement as such..but is existent always..for me NOW..@least..and again…running strong since last July…:)

      And for me a state of just what i expect the average experience of any social be..per the lowest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs..but so hard in a fast past world..where many folks never move past this lowest level of hierarchy to feel even basic balance of being in life…and i used to be in that most uncomfortable anxious state of being..for many years..but NEVER is beyond homeostasis..and human emotions..the rarest place of all for most folks…i think..the..

      Human bliss…in the oneness of being as ALLITISONe…:)

  5. click here says:

    Hello, yes this piece of writing is truly fastidious and
    I have learned lot of things from it regarding blogging.

    • Thank you very much click here..i truly enjoy any art of art is to create..and i wish ya the best in your blogging endeavors..particularly if ya are a college student..
      as it is so important to remain in touch with your the rigors of mechanical cognition most often and moreover these days required at college..than days of past…

      when i was there graduating in 1983..;)

      But anyway..thanks too..and good luck to you..:)

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