Culture is the Virus

i can remember

long ago..


I am really special

and so much better

than all the other animals

with my air-conditioning..

hot water heater..

and grocery stores

that provide all I want to eat…

And then i got older..

and weaker..

and tired..

and stressed out..

and eventually fell apart..

and almost died

and wondered..

what it in the world went wrong..

it used to seem so easy to live…


the thing about culture is..

it is very deceiving..


an advancement

over years past..

But no..

in my experience now

it is anything but that..

In fact..

in my experience now..

culture is like a virus..

humans are not.

In traveling

to the earth

from space

as one moves in

and sees the cancer

of technology driven by products

of human culture..

originally derived

from our ability

for complex language..

recording knowledge..

collecting knowledge..

and sharing it..

the answer is clear..

as it is for astronauts

who first return

to earth..

and see the truth

of what culture does..

not human beings

alone by far…

The answer is this..

Human beings are not evolved

to live in social groups as large as they do now..

Culture is the adaptation to an inherently insane way of living…

Does it work..


but sadly and illusory not well at all

for the average individual..

to even gain simple homeostasis

that most animals can and do easily attain

on a day to day basis..

after the rigors

of gaining subsistence

are done for now.

We are only as advanced as we feel

day to day

in the only reality that is now…

And what separates us

from just the basic reality

of animal homeostasis

that animals so easily gain..

however requiring a text book

for some humans to gain

in meditation..

and other ways

to escape the trap

of complex language

and culture..

is true sanity…

A kiss if one wills..

Keep it simple stupid…

To be clear that is a metaphor..

it is not directed at anyone here at all…

But I’m not too stupid to admit

that my life for decades was crazy..

to try to be so dam smart

in the intellectual way..

And so dam dum at the expense

of being free…

i learn from real

enlightened beings..

in wild life..

yes in nature free..

than ever from a book..



or any other illusory way of life..

beyond nature true..

The illusion is that culture makes us special..

for the most part no..

in my opinion culture is the virus..

and the animal who is human..

is not a bad fellow at all..

at core

of what it truly means



human being…

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4 Responses to Culture is the Virus


    The internet provides an excellent environment for the weak to finally have the opportunity to play the role of the strong.

    From the times of slavery the hatred displayed against black was more fear than anything else.

    Fear of the obvious physical and reproductive prowess of a species unadulterated by the comforts of the ‘white man’s culture’.

    Although obviously, not one of near the comfort we have now.

    In real life, even in the deep south where i live; now that young African Americans are able to actually exercise their physical prowess that is
    even stronger after being selected for as strong slaves in ‘breeding history’ if you will; including the reproductive advantages that the strong
    always have over the weak no matter what culture a person is part of that is relatively free like the US is now, i.e. Northern Europe now, as well;
    the great equalizer of human nature is finally set free as well as many young black males that did not have this basic human freedom before.

    Still, wherever there is ignorance and weak men at core of heart and body, there is jealously, hatred, and any excuse like color against the truly strong
    of human nature is just a crutch that covers up the real fear inside of those who fight against those truly stronger at core of human being success.

    It is instinctual, it is real; no text book or culture will ever change the core of who is strong and who is not strong; that again is human nature.

    And then there is homosexuality. Truly any strong man or woman, who does not fear his or her weakness in masculinity, femininity or intellect usually does not abuse the weaker ones who he or she sees to represent what they fear in themselves to be weak.

    In other words as sadly as it is, fear in one’s own shortcomings is what causes most of this phenomenon, and yes down to basic human nature success in reproduction by
    the strong vs. the weak in mother nature is at core of this phenomenon.

    Funny when humans think they are immune to human nature.

    Anyway again, as mentioned earlier in this thread, the anonymous nature of the internet lets weak men and women pretend to be strong.

    Simply put, one will not likely see anyone do this one on one; black and white in one room.

    Mother nature rules in the real world.

    Yes, I was a weak man once and can relate to the disadvantage and fears thereof.

    But no longer that am I by far, far, far.

    Struggle, adversity, success or failure, is what human being is all about.

    No one by the end of life, is immune from that.


    Morality is always a subjective issue based on each person’s reality of life and the culture they live in.

    In nature and human history and yes even now, in some cultures infanticide is a common practice and considered a moral one depending
    on the mores of the culture in question.

    Not all people are able to care for their children they have and disabled ones too, nor do they have the resources to do as such, as applicable
    to so called normal children as well.

    Depends on whose shoes one walks in on what is the moral thing to do.

    But what I do find amusing is the relative value put on an actual Down’s child as opposed to a non-Down’s child and how this relates
    to many other individuals with conditions associated with intellectual disability.

    In earlier life, while I was busily solving everyone’s problems in the work place, there were intellectually disabled janitor folks cracking simple
    jokes of laughter and making the customer service audience very happy.

    Yes, in reality I had the personality of a brick then, and the so called intellectually disabled folks were spreading love and joy everywhere they went.

    Yeah, solving problems is cool.

    But at the end of the day, love is truly what counts.

    Standard IQ tests do no measure for that.

    It is beyond measure of any calculated equation like formula, for true value to the spread of true humanity of love, more valuable
    than any other credential in life; real life.

    So in effect Dawkins appears to be ‘retarded’ when it comes to:

    Real life and what Humanity at its best can be, when given the chance.

    But no, I am not going to call for his extermination.

    I’ll just pray that he becomes a human being soon, with love, the stuff of what true humanity can be, if given the chance.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


    “There are no bad words. Bad thoughts. Bad intentions, and wooooords.” ― George Carlin

    x2 on that and Vermont Savant’s words above.

    It’s not the word that is the issue.

    It is intent and how the word is used.

    That is the issue.

    People who feel inferior will try to push people down others to lift themselves up, that is human nature, and that will not change until one become fearless
    and strong too, at the basic level of human nature.

    I ignore weak folks like this, who try to push the ones they perceive as weak down, by abusing other folks, when in reality they only fear the weak in themselves.

    They are simply not worth my time or effort.

    And I will give my life to defend first amendment rights; it is the right in the constitution that separates us from the potential reality of world world 2 flavored human nastiness.

    The simple solution and well worth it considering the really big picture is to just ignore it if one can.

    Or in the case of TV or other media sources, turn the channel, or ignore it if one can too.

    And just remember once again, it is only the sign of weakness and fear, in people who propagate hateful intent in whatever words they use, to attempt to bring the other one down.

    They never raise themselves up in my eyes, they only look foolish; therefore again, not worth my time or effort to change what sadly is the human nature of the weak and timid who think they are not good enough for what they see as the game of life, no matter how they are born or live with challenge and/or adversity too.

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