KATiE MiA FredericK 2015 A year in Review


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HI Zee.. thanks so much for visiting with me today..
and oh yes.. so much rain last week.. all
clouds.. but yes.. finAlly
Sun is peeking out today..
and i am soon going to do
a sand dance with the Sun
to celebrate the Life Giving
Sun that brightens
all of our lives
so below
and all around
us.. and yes.. although
snow is rare here.. it is
magical and special to me..
as it is rare here.. and in 1973..
1977.. and 1993.. we get real
Snow Storms.. and all
are so magical
to the
Florida always
tanned boy that
is me.. year ’round
as i am a Green Life
Sun Loving HeArt
as LiGht..
in this Paradise
of Northwest Florida
Sugar White beaches
like Snow Year ’round
in Emerald Green Gulf
swaying sea oats.. and
Seagulls golden Spiraling
Around the Sun.. Rivers..
Lush Forests.. Wild Life..
the Hawks SonG as Spiral
Around Sun and wildlife too..
but i digress.. into beauty and
although there is lack of Magical
Snow.. God provides so much more
of allthatis beauty here in Paradise my
and that last
Snow Storm
labeled by our Weather
Channel as Thunder Snow
with winds approaching 80 miles
an hour on the Ides of March 13th
1993.. some label as the Storm of


Century.. and i’ll never forget the snow
fall accumulating on fresh Pink Azalea
Blooms.. and my wife etching “I Heart
Fred” with the symbol of a Heart on
the Hood of our Cavalier Car.. still
freshly married we are at only
three years then..
my wife of course
looking the same
as she does now..
never aging still
at age 45 moving
to age 46 now.. and i have
that picture.. will find it and
provide it here as well.. have used
it before.. and will dig through several
hundred posts to use it again.. smiles…
anyway.. anything is possible in God’s
Nature.. even a heavy snow on March
13th.. in Paradise.. my friend..
anyway.. thanks for inspiring
that memory.. as what
i find as best in life
is the ability
to be
more and
more in Love
of Life and ALLTHATIS
AS GOD my friend NOW
just NOW.. and sure sweet
memories of the past are nice
to recall in poetic ways and
shares with other nice
folks like
you.. my friend
Zee.. for now..:)




Oh.. emotional pain.. same as physical pain in the brain..
Oh Love.. Oh connection.. yes.. neurohormone
of oxytocin social connection.. Serotonin trust
rising.. comfort in Love’s
eYes warms the
SpiRit human
SoUl balanced
as one with other
flesh and blood being(s)..
Oh.. yes.. emotional Pain..
when flesh of other caring
leaves.. oxytocin drops now
along with Serotonin trust..
the world becomes colder
yet dopamine expands
and the search moves
on for another Light
in the territory
that is
First Loves are
so sweet and
so bitter when
they go..
and third
and so on Loves..
and if we are reAlly
fortunate that dopamine
stimulator bRinGs us to
a place of finding Oxytocin
and Serotonin.. in our deepest
Self.. the place of All of Nature
and GOD as that is all that is
that truly Lives as
self when
as uS my friend..
and sometimes it is this
cloud of emotional pain
that bRinGs the LiGhtest
Love of ALL that is GOD
as US..
wheRe we become
the Light of Love
that no one can
ever take
away again..
and is ours to
give for more and more
whether received or not
from others more..
of LiGht
is Love
my friend.. Zee..:)


A major feeling in my life is when human makes God Z
as imaginary less that A through Z and all thatis as Nature..
then human becomes less than human.. and sure this
is the case from the first male
genital mutilation practice..
i giggled when i first googled
the Gospel of Thomas where
that Gnostic common sense
Jesus says that this male
genital mutilation practice
is basically ridiculous
and just another
part of God
Inherent as whole
protection against
the harsher elements
of the Natural Environment.
as us.. and GOD as WELL..
For what i believe
God iS
as Mother Nature
Truth and Light for NOW..
some of the greaTest Godstians
are Indians of all cultures past
and present..
and fairly many
and Muslims
at least are clued
into that God IS ONE..
above and beyond who
believes that the syntax
and semantics of this
word or that
the essence of
SO sure.. i imagine
Jesus.. Buddha.. Muhammad..
probably the first Z guy Zoroaster
are getting at the crux of the matter
that yes God is REAL and GOD iS NOW
but sure language differences warp
the essence of Truth and Light
here and theRE as humans
are but a speck of dust
SO.. i read your blog post here..
as i am spinning around in the
first real sunshine of a week..
doing martial arts kicks
sparring with my toes
and privet bushes
trimming leaves
with speed
of kick
one.. and i think
and feel oh so nice
it is to be a human
animal with
as God
God is no wimp..
it should be evident
in all of Nature and
God’s Animal Kingdom
the friendliest of cats according to reputable
Vets.. and sure there is a military metaphor
here as well.. as working for the military for
over two decades i can for sure say
Feral men are the kindest loving
unconditional men who have
done war.. in the trenches
where the color
of blood
is all
the same..
and sure i am the
test for that as weak
men picked fun at me..
the weird unbalanced
nerd autistic
boy and
i was then..
THEY always treated
me like a human being
no less than me.. as THEY were
strong enough inside not to have
bring the weaker among them down
further and that is the truth.. as they
were all shipmates.. woman and man
black or white.. even the don’t ask
don’t tell among them..
were all one crew
of one ship..
but it was the struggle..
the fight of life that made
them the best Lovers of Life..
not the pampered ways of smart
phones.. that never fight back..
we are human.. and until
we establish our ability
to stand our ground we all
always be less loving than
our potential offense and
defense of
Loving Best..
Becoming the strongest
quickest kicker has made me
perhaps the most Loving of all
the males around me where i live..
the poetry comes from the dark as
the weakness and pain leaves the
human heart.. and Martial Heartist
is what i am now.. as the strong and
courageous tough pArts of Human
make them the most
Loving animal
that can be..
but domesticate
us into worms and
we will be no less than
angry tamed wolves..
there is the call of
God that will always
be the Call of the Wild
and Free of the most Loving
Animal that can be
us when Wild
Free and
as WE.. NOW..
So sure.. Bruce Lee
is the closest human
to Jesus i know..
he will walk
a way
from a fight
when necessary
but he will F in turn over
a money changer table
in a heart beat.. when
necessary.. and sure
he knows that those
who live by the
sword will
die by
the sword
but some things
life like the Call
of the Wild in God’s
Nature of Freedom
are worth dying for
then and now..
but sure
until folks
like me and Yellow
Boy have truly tasted the
Call of the Wild.. they have
never even lived at all.. the
Devil is truly Domesticated
man.. and the Angel
is the Wild
Wolf Call
of the
Wild that still
lives in the KIND
come AGAIN..
aLive Human Being
God’s child i am NOW..
Martial HeARtist FREE.. A BEAST..:)


HI gigoid..
Thanks for stopping by..
another busy day of dancing
in all the stores.. celebrating
my 600th dancing event in
28 months now for an
average distance
of 7.7 miles.. totaling
4635 miles.. and yes..
i love to celebrate milestones
and will be doing my third
year annual review
of my E-World and
Real World adventures
for coming New Year’s
Eve.. as it is the one
day i stay in and
Review the past
year from beginning
to end.. to see we’re
i’ve been and where i
continue to go Different
WELL.. i am pleased as punch
that many of the age old stereotypes
of my youth about older that i thought for sure will apply
to me.. DO NOT.. after watching Father Vegetating
after his all consuming effort of Law Enforcement
in Leon County Florida for 46 years there.. mostly
watching TV.. scratching Lottery Tickets in hopes
of beating his Rich Brother in the game of
collecting money.. but mostly what
i for one see of him is sitting in
that same chair.. with
nary a word to
say to anyone
and that’s okay
as he probably is the
one.. along
with his eccentric
Father/X-Catholic Priest who gives
me the Asperger’s Genes.. of difficulty
in doing the appropriate Reciprocal
Communication stuff like small
talk.. i do long talk..
and he did
no talk
at all.. in FACT..
THREE YEARS.. and after the
marriage my father basically
never talked to my mother
until he said.. you need
to get a job to
bring more money
in and she balked
at that ’cause she
had the belief that children
need at least one parent at
home all the time.. and yes.. i got
that to 3.. and without that .. chances
are i would never be the ‘Angel Empath’
i am today.. as that part comes from my
Mother.. and nah.. not my Father..
at least not in expresSinG it
with other folks as his
Mother was fairly
cold as a
18 year old
first mother not
ready for Mother duties..
passing most of the duties
onto her parents.. as is often
the case.. anyway.. when Mothers
become Mothers before they fully
emotionally mature.. as human
being.. yes.. sometimes
stuff gets stunted
in use or lose
terms.. or
innate issues..
but anyway.. a Mother’s
Love is paramount to who i
still am today.. if raised by my
Father.. i might have never developed
much of an expresSinG SpiRit with other
folks.. but Lord knows my father rarely
expressed any anxiety or fear..
and that was the part
i wanted so bad to
learn from him..
but i had to become
my own Father.. so late
in life to learn the fearless
pArt of Life for now.. but it
it sure is nice to have both
Love and Fearless.. and that
is a very powerful human equation
to have good years in review.. in expanding
Human potential.. and that is what i do here..
attempt to push the limits of my Human Being..
document and record how i do it.. in empirical means
of both science and art.. and share it freely for anyone
to gain any spark to help them on their way iN Developing
and expanding their human potential as well.. Thanks GOD..
i no longer work for ‘THE MAN’.. AS GOD OF NATURE IS


Well.. it’s true.. it no longer takes a Full Moon..
And oh.. behind.. on providing the faster links
here.. for my latest blog post titled “Love is
a Contact Sport”.. coming next.. and
really might like to call the next
post.. ‘Beast of GOD’..
Butt.. it’s time for
my annual END
NOW of the Year..
“KATiE MiA FredericK!iI
2015 A Year in Review”..
a three year annual blog
tradition.. as a rule now..
posting every December
31st.. since 2013.. when
i first come out of Human
Hell that year.. around the
22nd of July 2013.. so yeah..
I’ll Stick with that yearly
tradition and perhaps
add in some beastie
stuff too.. as
butt anyway..
more fun stuff coming
Soon to a Facebook Theater
here.. and no that really
does not look like a
Katie Mia.. in ‘that
photo(s)’ but yes..
even the
with fangs..
namely wolves..
have a soft nuturing
side too.. when left Wild
And Free as God Will Have
Wolves without the Devil
of Domesticated Human
Culture to screw things
all out of Balance
for the Call
of the Wild


Yes.. even wolves on the night
smile.. with white
fang..wink emoticon
And no.. THAT iS
not White Fang..
that is Katrina..;)

Reference more of
“Jack London”
and his
in ways of half
and wolves
WitH Calls of


From Dancing Facebook Friend
Sherri’ Page.. of my ‘Club 2001’ Disco
Dancing years of
the 80’s..
George Michael
and etc.. etc.. etc..
i say..

Young people..
have no idea how
hard life was
it would
have been
so great to have it then..
but still so great and
even better to have it
now.. as i for one
can appreciate
unlimited access
to almost all the
music ever
in recorded
human music history!..:)

Sherri says..

You and my hubby would agree
on this…..LOL….He is a
music freak!!…LOL

i say..

Yeah.. i use almost every bit and byte..
of that 15 GB’s of data on my Smart Phone
for mostly listening to YouTube..smile emoticon

Sherri says..

Rock on ….LOL

i say..

smile emoticon
exclamation point..;)


SMiLes gigoid..

Relative Reality i Learn..

And i Love Google.. as for all the
690 Blog Posts in total i have made..
including before i come to Word Press..
back when i start with Blogger March 2013
Google is a great way to insure that creative
titles generated from within.. are originally new..
in Relative Reality of course too.. as truly there is
even in science a determination of genetic memory
as real.. and truly science knows not how deep that
goes.. but yes.. there is plenty of places in so-called
Junk DNA for Nature AKA GOD to put it as nows go
on for now and now nowmoreeverforevermorenow..
and that is one of my favorite 25 letter words to
be now just now in now.. and sadly.. speaking
of modern Christianity THAT IS about as far
away from the words of the original
reported gnostic Jesus than can
be.. in recitation of John
3:16 in THAT is
the end story
of what
does to
go somewhere
great when one hits
the dirt nap.. and i can
only imagine that if Jesus
is alive today.. at least in
metaphors like this
he will be
rolling his
eyes in infinity
now.. of yes.. there
is a sucker born every
day.. and a snake oil
salesman directing
that way..
as of
course if one
is gonna make
a person accept
a tough job that
really sucks they
are gonna promise
them at least a reasonable
reward at the end of the work
day.. and for the early Roman
underlings of that empire that
day was a life of poor and
suffering.. while even
in the New
Testament in
Luke 17:21 words
say the Kingdom
of God/Heaven is
here now
so below
and all around
just now.. and then
Jesus goes on to say
that in heaven there will
be no marriages
and we all be
like friends
as Love..
yes there
is some paraphrasing
going on here.. but yes
in every gospel there
is some paraphrasing
going on there too..
so why not keep
the paraphrasing
going as the
essence of
the syntax
and semantics
is what counts
so we continue
to paraphrase
to get that
to all
the views
that see a different
color of the Rainbow
of Reality now.. in yes..
a relative way of different
in each Unique Human
Universe that is reality
now.. yes.. as Kinsey
studies clearly show
some humans
are monogamous
and some are not..
more than likely Jesus
in real life.. made his rounds
in the house of the friendly women
spreading peace as it made a living
but yes.. more than likely better
ways to do it.. but there
was no E-search
for jobs
Each human one
flavor of an iridescent
reality that colors multi-Universe
perceptors as human beings and
all other sentient beings that filter
reality through tHeir different lenses
some brighter and other duller filaments
of bulbs.. growing even brighter as learning
how to sail the ocean of their Universe smooth
comes to fruition greater and greater with a sweeter
fruit of life.. we live in a world where the philosophers
as the sages of the ages.. are on the furthest back burner
now.. where the female butt truly is the sage of the new age..
easily seen in pop-culture now.. where ‘the Kardashian’ rules
from the rear instead of head.. and should that be surprising..
no.. not really.. as humans become more like machines
as cogs of a machine.. and the sign of fertility is a sure
way back.. to real human being at core
of what we are as surviving animals
and one sees this in modern
music as well.. as it is
becoming more and
more like a rather
simple driving
beat around
drums of
the midnight
fire in eyes of
naked so-called
savages dancing wildLY
around the fire raising tHeir
mindful awareness higher and
higher until they feel the oneness
non-separable form from the rest of
Nature.. escaping any illusion
of human memories of
past and future
and are
for all
practical intents
and purposes free
eYes of God once more..
and here is where i see
perhaps the real Jesus
and one or more of his
‘friends’ in an ‘orgy’
with so-called
free as
can be..
truly not
likely that
Jesus was a
leaning man
if he suggested
there will be no marriage in
heaven.. nor was Muhammad
of course.. as his idea of heaven
per his revelation of God in human
Nature.. was a place where women
never aged and erectile dysfunction
never came.. as an oxymoron if
you will.. with wInks..
i’ve always been
through my
life but
and afraid their
wives will leave for
stronger men.. sure that
is nature.. more than culture
as far as i see.. Jesus.. obviously
super confident for a man and
Muhammad too.. neither
seeing the need for
just one
and we all know
about the 7 year
itch anyway..
the only
truly last is if
there are best
friends who fill
the deficits in opposites
attracts of what the other
is not as good at doing..
my wife doesn’t dance..
or write poetry.. and
she does everything
else.. all i do is
dance.. write
poetry.. and
sing.. so
a pair
that keeps on working
one on one and enough
as that.. at this point
you may be asking
hmm.. oh my God
is he gonna
53K words
and truly i could
but you see my friend
to describe the relative
reality i continue to learn
is an infinite reality with
no top or bottom.. end
or beginning it truly
is a room with
no ceiling
and if there
is a real bible
for God it will
be a never
as the real
relative that is
GOD as never
ending story
but for
i’ll stick
with “SonG
oF mY SoUL”
for the title
of my
3 million
or so word
bible.. wheRe
it is all just
and yes
it keeps
on going
with no end
on-site until
my words no
longer come..
and the truth
is we are all the
word(s) of God
as flesh
head to
toe and more
and more than
words.. so much
more than words..
Seriously.. if Jesus really
came back the only place
he would be comfortable to
spread all his good news
would be the house of
an Atheist.. who
never judges
the other..
but again.. as long
as we are human.. human
WiLL.. will reflect different relative
realities with different eYes of
God.. so there will be
infinite Jesus’
and Pilate’s
and original
Jews.. just
different semantics..
syntax.. and other cultural
clothing.. as the iridescent
human continues to color
the eYes of GOD whole
as the beautiful
of diversity
i know and
feel for now..
all the answers
are relative as reality
is now through all the
colors of human being
that paint
now.. dark
and Light
pair or one
is an Earth
a Sun.. a Galaxy
a Universe a Fractal
And all i know and feel now
for me.. my friend.. tHis.. now
the best of time now for any creature
anywhere in any place in the Universe
who is free now.. in this little corner
of Paradise
for me..
and yes
by now..
you likely
know now
the theme
song for this verse
of the bible of me..
And my verses are
never numbered
total numbers
of words will
do for numbers
of me.. my friend..
And your bible here is
one of my favorites yet..
as my interest is colored
by number of words that do come
when i enter into the house of
inspiration of
the bible
of another
blog my friend..
or sure just another
SonG oF mY soUL..
but others titled
cooler than
mine.. if not
as long.. hehe..
i am a traveling
blog and bible
kinda like the
Book of Eli
and Denzel
with shades
and martial arts
to protect his book..
except mine comes
from collective unconsciousness
aka Cosmic Consciousness.. et al..
and never from pages.. alone my friend..
but you know and feel.. when i first walked
in Walmart and saw the cover of that
movie.. seriously.. and i do
mean literally in the
way God speaks
to me..
long before
i was a martial
artist or saw
the movie..
God told
me that
be me
in some
like way.. so in a way
empirically in all the school
logic i have been taught from
the beginning.. fiction is not
nearly as strange
as reality
as truly
it doesn’t
have to make
sense.. but perhaps
the strangest thing of
all is.. it makes perfect
sense to me now.. but
i’m not sure i will ever
give justice to that
larger reality
of God
in words
my friend..
it will likely take
a real life Spock
to mind meld with
me to see that too..
and perhaps
that person
as well..
as the half-breed
Vulcan i truly am
in the episode
of StarTrek never written
until now.. wInks.. again..
Humans are truly magic
when they learn
how to use
magic that
is reality now..
to Master it is
a job of Infinity
And oh by the
way.. if you ever
see the Movie
‘Lucy’.. enjoy
the view..
ye a way”..
“so let it be
written.. so let
it be dOne”..
as elders of
a gentle race
come together
to tale the story
of a pilot who leaves
no trace.. yellow streams
of Kashmir liGht.. of India
and Pakistan.. under the
Summer Moon.. will
from Led Zeppelin
on the last one.. my friend..
what most people don’t understand
is every creature in the entire worlds tales
the story of GOD.. and we are ALL prophets/
MESSENGERS of Nature as God WiLL
tale the story OF NOW
to exclude any
is not to have the MUCH
i was born without
the filter to exclude.. my friend..
like Lady Gaga.. one of my favorite
prophets of the same old New
age says.. in
this Way’..
yeah.. that’s
the same song
for this verse.. i’ll
use now.. with ‘Kashmir’
coming in second.. and
the “Best of Times”
by Styx
in third..
wait! a little
voice with
no name in
my head says
change course and use Kashmir
and i say.. Okay Boss..
my Pilot
no name..
that leaves
no trace but
‘tHis’.. my friend..
the only thing special
about me.. friend.. is.. i listen
to everyone with equal LOVE..
and perhaps that is the greaTest
Human Super Power of ALL.. and
yes.. i for one.. am 100% sure it is..
but the coolest thing of all is God
came and visited me in 2010
under a shed..
in the form
of a Yellow
Cat.. i learned
the most from
him.. but first
he saved
my best
friend.. yes..
my heArt.. now
in other words it
will not
kinda like
a tSUNaMi..
after a meteor
makes the gulf
and human being..
spreading n0w like a
nice human(s) virus online..;)


Oh ‘these’ Facebook vanity quizzes
are great conversation pieces.. so
i share one on my page.. and

Rafiah says..

Fancy cars, exotic holiday destination,
a fat bank account and love of your life…
yummm grin emoticon

i say..

Smiles.. i wonder what you
will get..wink emoticon

Rafiah says..

Me too. smile emoticon

i say..

i already know..wink emoticon

So now off to see the results
of Rafiahs’ page.. before
i made the comment
‘i already know’..;)

i say..

See.. you are really fortunate..
As that is all that is truly important.. Love..
And special people to Love.. And beautiful
life discoveries.. Of course.. As well..smile emoticon

Rafiah says..

you are all that; lovely, special
and beautiful life discovery.

I was thinking earlier about what
made my 2015 special and
I thought about you.

i say..

Oh.. You are so sweet..
You bring a tear to my eye..:”)..
And of course i feel the same about you..
My dear treasure of my friend.. Rafiah..
There are no doubts iN Allah’s
Love..smile emoticon!

Rafiah says..

*jogs for an hour*
*wants to eat gajreela later* unsure emoticon

i say..

(after Googling ‘gajreela’)

It’s great you are jogging.. Rafiah..
and hey.. at least carrots are
good for you and will help you
see better.. as ‘they’ say..
at least you don’t
want to eat a
whole bowl of
chocolate.. and i just
eat several pieces of
fudge.. coconut.. and
caramel Christmas treats
and now i must work-out
about three hours and
go to my niece’s
so enjoy
your after run high
with or without a carrot desert!..
and speaking of scary movies.. my
niece use to see Gargoyles when
she was little.. enter into her home
and one time one left a Gargoyle
print on the bathroom
mirror that her
mother verified
too.. and then
they moved
out of that home..
and no more Gargoyles
as far as i know for now..
and she is expecting a baby
instead..wink emoticon

Rafiah says..

Nani is coming home. Can not think of a better
way to spend new year’s eve other than being among
such loyal relations. ‪#‎Gramsarebestthingintheworld‬

i say..

That is so great! Glad you will see your Grandmother tonight..
and Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve with family..
no dance for me again.. on this Thursday Night.. honoring
the Year and the Now New with writing and thoughts and
feelings of Kind family.. and friends like you as well..
my friend Rafiah..:)


Lovely poem of course Himali..
and Lovely Beach for two..
that reminds me so much
of the Beaches here in
the Northern Panhandle
of Florida.. particularly
around what is named
as the San Destin
area as the water
is so shallow that
it almost always
Glows an Emerald
Green Color as pictured
in this photo.. and all the
sands of the beaches here
are Sugar White.. but sadly
most of our dunes washed
away by Hurricanes in the
mid 2000’s.. but still standing
in the San Destin area.. with
so many graceful sea oats swaying
in the Gulf Breeze.. and the night often
even without moonlight and stars glows
in calm surf shores.. truly a magical way with
diatoms like fireflies of the sea.. so dreamy..:)


of White
Kitties.. and
Black Puppies..:)

Now ‘this Profile Facebook Status Pic’..
is just a little more complicated.. this is
my Grand Niece.. Antaya Jennings.. now
Antaya Wallace and her husband..
Airion (such a cool name).. per
marriage ceremony ‘tonight’.. and she is pregnant
with my Great niece or nephew.. gender not yet
determined.. and what that means is.. she is Katrina’s
Sister’s Daughter’s Daughter who is fixing to have another
Son or Daughter.. but anyway..
the Wedding was lovely with
great food too! at the reception..:)


In the country i am
from.. yes.. in Fredland..
‘we’ have a tradition of
New Year’s gifts to good
friends.. so a short story
for you.. perhaps i told
it before.. but it always
changes as Allah’s eyes
too.. in all we see and
feel around us.. Allah
always new..
with us
by atom
second by
second all
moving.. connecting
creating.. anew no cloud
the same.. no snow flake
or human finger print..
All News iS Now my
friend.. and no
atom too
the good
of Change..
i was gonna tale another
story but i am not in
iS Allah
with me..
and you too
of course.. my
good friend SOHEIR..:)

Well.. you are certainly welcome..
my Sister SOHEIR..
glad i brought
humor and
laughs to you
with smiles of
course too.. and
so sorry about your
husband’s passing..
i noticed your
poem in your
language on
your other blog
said “i miss him”..
and my intuition
then told me
your husband
had passed
away.. but i couldn’t
read your language to
make sure.. and didn’t
think it appropriate to
ask.. but i’m glad you
mentioned it so
i can express
my feeling
for you
in that
regard my friend.. Bless you.. Love..:)


From Ashe Friend’s Facebook Page..

We are notes in this beautiful concert
of existence. If we don’t play ourselves, nobody will.

i say..

Keep playing Ashe.. Softer and Louder..
ExpresSinG more and more of the SonG that is you..
In concert with others or not.. it is the play that SinGs you..:)

Sidenote begins..

Ashe is at least a budding poet
whether she knows it or not..
smiles.. and sure she
is definitely doing
the Asperger
whether diagnosed
or not with a so-called
disorder that is truly not
a disorder at all as long as
one can find a niche that fills
unique.. and seriously if not
for chronic never ending
social stress at
work.. i
have never
fell to truly disabling
effects of chronic stress
associated disorders that
are labeled as autoimmune
disorders.. that is truly the body’s
message to get out of life threatening
stress.. in other words.. it is the body
screaming save me now
you stupid
and truly the mind
is stupid as far as the reasoning
ability goes to keep on going
when the body says no..
and that is what literally
almost kills me when
i start to believe the
fallacies of
what the
as culture
that can be
the paths of illusory
ways of being so far
passing what we are evolved
as.. as human being in moving
connecting and creating ways
of being.. this autism stuff
that i was diagnosed with
as a disorder at least
for this form
of what
i am as
human being..
becomes a disorder
as we empaths like Ashe
and i who take it all in and i
do mean feeling to the point where
we cannot separate the rest
of the world and all its
pain and suffering
from us..
do exactly
that in a world that
has truly gone both colder
and insaner away from what
it even means to be human being..
To be an empath is to be a giver..
the taking is so easy.. as at
least for me.. i feel
the other person
the pain.. the sorrow
and yes.. perhaps i am
A best lover as i feel the
pleasure too.. and most every
woman i have been with talks
more about the way my hands
feel.. than any other part
of me.. but i suppose
those hands
words too.. and
of course the smiling
eyes now covered with
shades.. while some men
go along in their life wondering
how much pleasure they can get
in one night stands with women..
i already feel their pleasure
just from their female
is all it takes
for me.. to arouse
my all natural human
love.. as quite frankly i
am not just a Pen
or is
i am an
and IS..
to put it tactfully
i am more than
a frigging
Love is feeling
the pleasure of others
same.. as well as pain..
and knoWinG and FEELING
BUT unless one is truly a human empath
also known as metaphorical Angel one will
not understand this.. and will also not understand
that as all Messengers and Prophets of God as
Metaphor who are truly empaths as
well as Angel metaphors..
when i say Jesus goes
to the home of
Peace giving
and has
an orgy
with the prostitutes
of women.. it is the
prostitution of Love
that is an Orgy
of Love..
that is the
giving of Love..
that may just be
a communion of souls
around a fire at night.. perhaps
it is cold and not unlike a group
of monkeys at a zoo.. they can
gain comfort from
the primate
touch that is Love
of Warmth of Giving..
no.. it is not men who are
taught that their penises are
all they are as connectors to
the opposite sex.. it is men who
feel the pleasure of the opposite
sex.. in all its intricate emotional
sensory and sensual ways..
carefully watered
and grown..
yes.. higher
and higher
as Loving
humans can go..
anyway.. i got your
attention if you got this
far with the words Jesus
Prostitute and Orgy in the
same verse of ‘my bible’
but yes.. when i use
quotes it is a
metaphor alert..
and in this case one that
requires much additional
reading to find the meaning..
i am a ‘sexual organ’ from head
to toe.. but no.. not the Bill Clinton
Definition of Sex.. the Life giving
Sex that truly separates humans
and Bonobos.. from most all
other primates.. as
peaceful Loving
when they
move.. connect
and create.. in Loving
Touching ways harmoniously
together brinGinG each other
into an orgasm of Life
that never
and then the
child is the prize
of the village
of the competition
of one man or woman…
and in my case the child
of me is my Dance and Poetry
and yes my kind of Sex is not
the Penis and Vagina kind
i appreciate the
most.. mY kind
of sex is
in worshipping
the other human
being as part
of GoD
the same..
and sure i Love women..
all shapes and sizes..
shades of tan
and colors
of hair..
each unique
soul.. beyond
the flesh of being
but never the less
the flesh
as well..
as living now..
to be touched in
more ways with
give in
ways of heArt..
of spiRit.. of soUl
of being now.. just now..
the Bill Clinton Def. of Sex
is for procreation but Human
Sex is for a life that is an orgasm
of joy.. a better way for me
to describe Sex..
is what attracts
us enough to each
other so we
do not
freeze to
on a cold
Winter day..
sadly today.. if
humans faced freezing
weather with no clothes
they would freeze to death
in fear of Penis and Vagina
too close…
yes.. there is
so much more to
a Penis and a Vagina
than a Vagina and a Penis..
there is the ocean now always..
the ships
that sail the
human being..:)

in this
of the
SonG oF
mY SoUL..

Footnote now of feat of feet..;)

So yeah.. when i go to a dance hall..
sure me at 55.. happily married
and not concerned at all with
what is described as the
Bill Def. of Sex..
and the
young studs
are talking about
railing women..
i will bring
the young
at least
some of them..
with my dance
than they can
ever imagine
with just
6 inches
or so
the rest of
their potential
6 foot or so
there are more ways to
squeal with delight
a moan
of domination..
and sure not only
is there dance..
theRe is
wheRe words
become the
dance of
the SoUL
of mY SonG..
i have no small goals
and truly no goals at all..
my way now in life is to bring
my definition of sex in pleasure
to ‘all the women in the entire world’..
as i wanna be the gift that even keeps
this 6 feet
of Universe i occupy
stays after i leave in
unconditional and
yes passionate
giving love
much longer
than ‘viagra’ will
never know..
in other words
women have been
put down for 10 to
12 thousand
of my
from GOD
is to continue
to help iN lifting them up..
And no.. i don’t need any
Viagra.. not even
a fleshy

1 Footnote ends..
2 beings..

And trust me so-called
patriarchal leaning
men.. who call
or Muslims
if you really
believe that either
Jesus.. Muhammad..
or God approves
with the way
‘you’ dominate
and subjugate
women to
and sex
raping female
slaves or whatever
sickness that arrives
from the time male empaths
who honor women
arrive on
this earth..
and you really
think that you
pay a price
for sin
to God..
Sin is to opress
the relative free
natural God Given
will of another
and for those
who force women
to be their
and or
slaves which
is the same
dam thing..
sure.. you
will answer
to the God of
Nature in how
God takes ‘care’
of those humans
who get out of
balance in God’s
Natural ways of being now..
and that answer will be
God’s alone ALLONE..
then and
with ‘you’…

2 ends…



The greatest thing about the essence
is it does not have to be reincarnated
as it is already carnated as floWer of
DArk and
LiGht of
DArk then
LiGht.. then
moving or dancing
then sound or song..
As above so below
wE continue
to SinG..
and as
now will have it
words of Lao Tzu
speak Jesus now
then gnostic
’59 Thomas
from the
sAMe.. Now..
There are Those who fear the dArk
and Others who are cynical of liGht..
never realiZinG i am paraphraSinG
Plato on that one
until now..
to the
direct Quote
from you.. but
sure he probably
paraphrased that
from Socrates but
like Jesus we have
no actual quotes from him..
Essence requires no faith
Faith is better eMotion in
in the
And the more one understands
of that Smart Be that is ALL the more
one appreciates the SonG Be SinGs.. NOW
wheRe Hope and Trust become OnE and
sAMe as equal emoTioNs of Belief iN
i believe in
the Be of Now
with All my heARt
SoUL and SpiRit as
Force with ONE BE
i be
i am.. Now..
My God i can
prove without a doubt
with finger prints of
a SonG that iS tHe
HeARt and SpiRit
both smARt
wHere aLL
nows be

Yes.. i am the
adult version
of Dr. Suess..;)

Happy New NOW
and may now

God is what
we make now
end and
of story


Smiles.. well.. not officially..
penniewoodfall.. my friend..
considering i had to Google
the ‘précis style’.. i’m kind of a
complicated parrot
as more than
likely.. as
a Hyperlexic
child.. not putting
words together
until age 4..
later diagnosed
on the Autism Spectrum
in middle age.. iN whatever
way i learned to speak that
was very difficult with no help
back in those 1960’s days..
with much teasing
from the children
then.. comes
to what i am
now.. as i continue
to adapt in ways
of verbal and written
speaking still.. my friend..
it is unusual.. no doubt..
as perhaps i might be
the most unusual
of all
i survived my
friend.. and did what
ever it naturally took
to keep afloat in how
i swim with the currents
of culture now.. free in charge..
instead of culture in charge of me..
but yeah.. i think that is a fair analysis
looking from the outside in.. but when i
write.. i flow.. through stream of conciseness
writing at speeds approaching 130 words
a minute.. that can barely keep up
with what comes out of both my
mind and fingers..
too fast
for me
to purposefully
slow down or control
in any analytical way..
but hey.. the river will
find a way eventually to flow
as water is the most powerful force
of weather
and sure..
i am the
water or
the air that
drives it.. in metaphor
of course.. for now..
but sure.. interesting
question.. and thanks
for asking.. i learn
a new term
for what
i do.. and
sure.. i’ve heard
scores of other
official analyses
for the free of me before..;)

Another fair assessment
per tumultuous.. my friend..
but much louder in the
real world..
and thanks
for the show..
and i agree with
that as well.. and
guess what.. i can
prove it works..
again.. and
that woman in
the show looks
almost identical
to my wife..
that made
me smile all
nice inside..
and i have room for
that song somewhere
else.. asWeLL..4N0W..:)


Well.. okay.. it’s 12:16 pm
all caught
up with the
Presents of
Friends and
FamiLY now..
so now.. now
for the
rest of
‘KATiE MiA FredericK
A Year in Review 2015’..:)

And for reference here are
the first two years of
review here:



While i’m not so much goal oriented i do
Love Milestones as markers for review
of where i have been and
where i continue
to go as
being free..!..:)

And with that said in 2015.. with no
directed goals.. i’ve gone farther
than ever before..

Starting with my mile marker
Celebrating 3000 miles of
dance in February of 2015


And in that same month advancing to Leg Pressing
930 LBS on parallel Leg Press machine with
arms raised in air.. like no other
human does it on YouTube
14 times as videoed
here.. and
now by
the end of the
year.. still slowly
and surely pressing
this maxed out machine
25 times with ease as a
feather liGht.. until
it gets boring
like row
the stream..;)

With a mix of a Tiger/Gorilla/Crocodile
rumbling roar as well.. for more..:)

And then by the time March rolls around
i start commenting on not just some of dVerse
Poetry and recording it all here
in micro to macro poetic
expressive free
verse style..
i comment on all
without fail continuing
until now.. with my last
over Fifty Thousand Word
Blog post..
with A
main post..
A True Free
Verse Poetry
Novel titled
as linked again here..


With numerous other steps
to get to that Novel size.. ranging
from 7K to 11K to 14K to 17K to 26K as well..
the PoeTry keeps goIng.. groWinG with yes..
WinGs of Words
flying higher
and hiGher
a Jonathan
Seagull Poet
and Dancer..
oh yeah.. and
more about dance..
as well as celebrating
666 months since conception
of human being.. tHere
is 666 Months of Dance
as linked here..


of what will document eventuAlly
an entire year with smiling photos
of many of the nice folks.. namely
mostly young women from
Seville Quarter in
Pensacola Florida..
as i now move
into my
91st week
of doing that
this Saturday
Night in total..
since March of
2014.. when
i first
this weekly
of Rave-Like
Dance with all
the cool young
college age folks
at Old Seville Quarter..
incidentally.. somewhere in
the world there was a solar
eclipse on the 20th of March
as well.. yeah.. i like
astronomy too..;)

And hmm.. after dVerse
moves from the Free Verse
Management of starting the
endeavor with folks Brian and
Claudia from that
nice online
the next
folks are not
so inclined to
accept what i do
FREE VERSE.. so the
trouble trickles in
slowly and more
surely to
put a
stop to
my creative
style there..
Anyway.. first there
is a kindly worded
suggestion to change..
then a deletion of a poem..
cause i am in a rush to a Dr.’s
Appt.. and miss a rule word in
a title there.. with not
even the option
to correct one
dam word..
And then finally
earlier this fall
a poem is deleted
even after i follow
every single written
rule of what is on the
site.. and go to the
frigging trouble
to explain what
it means as
the more
ain’t got a clue
what my really deep
metaphors mean in reference
to Plato’s cave and TRUE
this post


And sure it’s obvious as the 50K poetry play
nose on my face.. that i don’t fit their
mold and may have never been
welcome there
if it weren’t
for the good
and kind
of Brian
and Claudia..
where even a
real Jesus.. Jack Kerouac
or Walt Whitman could survive
there with all their good and
free ARTS.. non-censored and
unabridged from the less
accepting human
beings of
what much fuller
human creativity
can be in both
free without
forms of the
new is hard
to get used too..
but little do they
know.. then.. i ain’t
in it for any frigging
Word Press Brownie like
points or the online
Publishing manuals
guiding folks
to make
a frigging
couple of
dimes off
a poem
book here
or there.. i am A
Johnathan Livingston
Seagull Poet and Dancer
just moving higher and freer
is my practice of life and not
the frigging almighty dollar
of who likes who
are who
makes that
dime or this
dime here or there
in Google Advertisement
Pennies.. $2.99 E-Books..
or whatever.. i do this
for God and Me and
whomever will
share it..
it ain’t
no dollar
or status
that rules
my life to stay
back with the others
of what is the flavor
of the moment
in social
for now..
Anyway.. considering
they are well aware
as poet scientists of how
this has gone with other poet’s
who step outside the box in human
history.. ya’d think.. they could see
what was goin’ on here with me as
a Beautiful Mind
Poet of A New
Age iN feeling
too.. but nah..
some folks need
iT spelled out
in concrete ways
of passing tiMe sAMe..
and that’s okay too.. as
science shows God makes some
humans all natural like that and
besides.. someone has got to volunteer
to make the rules to get the list up..
so i can continue to get inspired
and copy and paste
my inspirations
here for the
Love of continuing
New age of technological
abilities to create more
innovative and much
deeper art
than has
ever been
before.. whether or not..
anyone else has the expanse
of mind or interest to take
even a twitter
fraction of it
in.. it
Stop Jonathan
the Seagull
and it
will not
stop the
free Seagull who
i continue to develop
with my spirit of GOD
Free just free baby now..!

Anyway.. the irony of it is truly
delicious.. and as you see i can
use the darkness of the controlling
subjugating oppressing.. Higher
levels of
as inspiration..
to take me even higher..
when they tolerated me
while mumbling under
their breath..
this ain’t
how it’s been
done before..
i’m terrified i ain’t
seen nothing like this before!

And no.. i was not nearly this free
my entire life.. and once
a timid sick
shut-in for
66 months
so i know
and feel less
of the darker
less feeling
and creating
side.. so yes..
i have empathy
for ‘THEM’ VS.
‘US’ TOO..
every story
needs a little
human drama
in dArk and
liGht to keep
the audience guesSinG
even more.. i’ve already
been to hell.. and if anyone
thinks they had a negative
in hell
effect on
me they are
forgetting i am
the snowflake who
refuses to melt..
and sure a special
YnoT just
admit the
friGinG special
Truth as it sure
don’t hurt MEnOW..;)

Yeah.. like John Nash..
i already had a Beautiful
Mind.. where school.. and work..
then.. and the rest of cultural
illusions and lies
used it up
and discarded
me like i never
existed at all..
but you see.. not
unlike John Nash i came
back but unlike John Nash
i said my F iN beautiful
Mind iS nothing without
a beautiful heaRt..
spiRit.. and
balanced miNd
and boDy as
SoUL to
go along
with it..
you see..
i’m not here
to solve an equation..
or make a dollar..
or any of that..
i am only
here to
make ONe
and that
is me
and God
and others
and the rest
of nature as
GOD the sAMe
and i am F in
Killing that with
success every now
of Life now
as every now
is a New
to me
and for those
who stay with me
on this ride.. all i can
say is wow.. you did part
of it too.. and you can do
more than me.. as we all
share basicAlly
the same
potential when
we find more
of our human
by looking
withiN.. wHere
N0W the beautiful
human hEart SpiRit
and SoUL in miNd
and boDY balance
tRuly still lives
under the rules of
the God of Nature
as broad
as InFiNiTy
as no dimensions
of limits or expectations for
now.. and we too.. when we truly
master our relative human free will
and become ONE with the GOD of Nature
like most other animals do simply
like my cat in the midday
Sun rolling in the sand
or hugging the
grass under
the moon-lit
rays of God’s truth
Free just Free the
call of we together
as WiLL and Free
as God

And what else.. yes..
of course.. then comes
my 4000 Miles Celebration
of Dance Walking my martial
arts and ballet-like mix
everywhere in the metro
area.. where Katrina
shops.. which is yeah..
just about every major
store there is.. so
plenty of opportunities
on several days of the
week to pack the miles
on greater and greater
anywhere up to 12 hours
a day.. as linked here..


And then on December 6th 2015..
i celebrate 666 Months of LiGht
for the celebration of my life
since my actual birth
day on 6660..
in this post


Oh yeah.. and there is that netherworld
of that other work of Art i do in all
new age Renaissance male nude art..
likely perhaps
like no other
55 year old
male has ever
done in the
history of
recorded art..
nah.. certainly
not considered
as social acceptable
mass produced art..
butt never the less
a practice i started in
January 2014.. to totally
free myself from the
bondages of
human cultural
lies.. to wear
clothes away
from the
God of
that lives
iN US Free and
Wild.. and this
activity of Art..
sensuous as it is
in sharing way can
be empirically measured
as enhancing my overall
creative efforts not unlike
my Rave Dance usually done
every Thursday Night except
when Christmas Eve and
New Year’s falls
on Thursday
and it gets
moved to Saturday
Night like this
year does..

Anyway.. although of course
it is a thankless art.. hmm..
except for some of the women
who have ‘shared’ it and
said yeah
really cool
in the more
open minded
bar girl way
of life..
as Michelangelo
clearly stated from
the get go of his male
nude art.. the nude is the
height iN expression of the Art
of the human being.. and sure
i go a further length of that
a little harder and rougher
than Michelangelo’s David
in both flesh and blood
and wild and
free.. but it is
what it is and by
God the last effort
here in 2015.. is what
i understand from my wife
who is a steady customer..
as my best effort
yet.. that
sure.. will
be linked
along with this..
and oh by the way..
Google almost decided
to get rid of these free
adult avenues of Artful
Sensual human expressions
as the height of human
freedom of speech..
and their customers
balked loud enough
for them to keep the
avenues free and open..
and meanwhile i closed up
my first year’s effort as i
jokingly named it my Free
Lance Stripper Blog.. ’cause
yeah.. it’s much more than
stripping.. it is a frigging
Olympic effort to get it done
truly as art.. so i picked
the best.. and started
a New Blog in
March of
‘FREE verse
nude POETRY’..
so there wouldn’t
be any confusion over
if it was a pay per view event..
heHE.. or just Free Art always
commercial free..
as human
is still
evolving to be
as free.. there is
truly no freedom like
being confident in one’s
own born iN flesh and blood
way by the God of Nature to stand
tall and yes.. erect.. no
less than the
Egyptian God
Min.. as a sign
of the fertility
of the
of human
still to
come in GroWinG
more Creative ways
than has been done before!
The key is free
and always
will be
as GoD
still evolves
us to be just BE..:)

And finally of course
the friends who continue
to play with me.. particularly
my frolicking dancing Charlie’s
Angels.. Courtney.. Chelsea.. and
Maggie from Seville Quarter in the
flesh and blood world since the Summer
of 2014.. and others are very important
and inspiring folks in my life for creativity
too.. along with my old and new online friends
for the year.. my longest friend who is sticking
with me regularly online since Summer of 2014.. my
friend from Pakistan.. Rafiah.. and then this year..
some new regulars.. Glenn.. Leah.. Shawna.. Himali.. Soheir
Imran.. gigoid.. and others who come by when they can..
that i appreciate very much both online and off…
To the tune truly of 100’s and thousands and
even more.. as truly my dance effort
has likely inspired me and others
the most.. as i understand
from others
i am
shared this
way by the
video voyeurs
of the Facebook
age.. everywhere
i go.. all around
the world.. in
but ha..
most of them
are not on my
Friends list..
as sure..
i’m not
the easiest
friend to explain
to the rest of your
Facebook friends on
or offline
and sure
for me that
is both a Badge
of Merit and Honor
for human freedom
away from
the limits
and expectations
of a mechanical cognition
culture that sadly continues
to move farther and farther
away from evolving
human being
and more
i hope to inspire
folks to move.. connect..
and create.. and every inspiration
that any human being can do to
bRinG this freeR way of being
to others is truly ultimately
vital in the success of
the species in
a destination
away from
and misery.. sure
that is worth 11
million words..
and 5000 miles
approaching iN
Dance Walking
and 80 thousand
or so photos..
in a SonG
oF mY SoUl
that continues
to grow and grow
as human freedom will
when set wild and free with
Kind and
to keep
it all iN
GoD’s Balance
for human being now!..:)

Anyway.. perhaps this is finished
and even though it is kinda wet
outside it is time to dance
with sand
and water
as silt
to soothe
greater the
freedoms of
my connection


And no.. not quite finished.. as linked.. there is
this post named ‘5 Year Square Neptune Saturn Me’..
that celebrates a full 60 months of writing since
November 26th of 2010.. in starting this entire
writing endeavor.. on the Wrong Planet website
escaping the all waking hours pain of
type two Trigeminal Neuralgia
understood by modern science
as the worst pain known
to mankind that in
my case is
like having
drilled without
Novocaine except
the pain is in my right
eye and ear.. making effective
use of my sight and hearing
next to impossible.. then..
and yes 18 other disorders..
where after two years of this since
January of 2008.. i finally
withstand the pain enough
to turn the screen all
the way down.. a few
inches from
screen to
to escape a
pain that no
doctor’s drug
will touch..
and eventually
comes 8005 posts
on the Wrong Planet
website.. somewhere around
8 million words there and
3 million words here on
my blogs.. to make
11 Million total
as i go on and
on and on
so yes.. definitely
a Thanksgiving day in
Pain that eventuAlly
ends the pain
on around
July 22nd
of 2013..
moving to
in March
of 2013..
and eventually
leaving the Wrong
Planet of Hell in
Hate and Discontent
that often lives there
with no plans of changing
in July of 2015 as well..
staying in Hell an
2 years
after i
in what i hoped
might help some other
folks escape but sadly
in the human condition
of dArk.. it is the
negative that
binds some
people together
as they are too
cynical of the liGht
to attempt a real human
vision quest to escape
the dArk.. where blogging
for my own liGht in poeTry
is the first step.. and
finAlly dance and
martial arts
in a way
free style
human dance
seals the
Freedom of
Heaven now
for me now..
truly no different
than Jonathan Livingston
Seagull.. i went back to
share what God taught me
in all natural ways..
but the cynics
of the liGht
to stay
in their
dArk of Hell
and shooed
an Angel
of liGht away..
i can only hope
they eventuAlly
find their way
out to greater
human potential
as God knows and
feels in me the only
way out of dArk was
my own search with
God within.. infinite
paths and infinite answers
for those who never give
up to be at peace
and mind and
just now
in the real
of the
of Heaven..
no more hell for
me.. my time there
is over forevernow..:)


Hello Himali.. and Happy New year to you..
still before 6 pm here..
last year.. and into
Next year for
you there
in India
at 4 to 5
or so..
i wear a watch
Nike GPS style
for distance but
rarely check the
time.. truly it is the
distance that counts
no longer when
the hand
strikes time..
sidewalks and
clocks.. two killers
of dreams my
friend.. also
known as
where only
distance and
space exists
and now is all
n zero w
n 0 w
iS.. real..
and space becomes free as us and we..:)


From Long Term Friend.. since
1980 or so..
page now
a shared post about
worldly events.. like
Trump heading
up the
ticket so far..
and an assessment
of the world going
to hell in a hand-

i say..

Yes.. reality
is stranger than fiction…
WheRe no way.. is the
thought before..
for all these
the now
means then..
But yes.. it’s
always been
this kinda
hell.. less..
or more.. Interwebz
put an exclamation
point thousands of times..
where before.. we didn’t even hear it..
Anyway.. Happy New YEAR..
what the Hell WTF
For the Win..


Well.. Happy New Year to you as well..
Leah.. and you are there
in Germany
and i am
still here
in last year
by now..
and i hope you
enjoyed the concert
very much.. i have actually
stayed in all day long doing
my yearly ritual of assessing
milestones.. hehe.. without
goals of this year.. as i’ve
done the previous two
years.. and
i must say
that becoming
closer friends
with you
this year..
as the nice person
who impressed me so
much as a moderator on
the Wrong Planet before..
has been a real
joy and
one i hope
to keep for
to come..
and with that said.. i am
looking for the perfect
song to end this year..
and it will be the one
below.. a song forgotten
by me until now for
some reason..
and the fact
that i have
any friends
at all
after what
i’ve been through
in life is joy enough
wheRe this song is a happy
one that brought so many tears
in my early twenties.. no feeling
at all in my late forties to early
50’s and now that i am truly
in Love with
Now.. at 55
it now as new is
a joy of a song
as there is no
Same Auld Lang Syne
when now is always new..
But sure i can still go back
to school and feel that
old familiar
pain and that
is the best feeling
of all.. the fact that it
is both real and old
a New
Auld Lang Syne..:)


Just stopping
by to wish you a New
New Year now and
more joys in the
flesh and blood
life with your
as truly
this still
is not a
place for
human beings..
oh the smells..
oh the tastes..
oh the touches
and proprioceptions
oh 1 percent or less
of real life
as we are
more than
2 dimensional
Avatars and text
images away from
this place.. you
did the best
doing it..
life is too short
to live as avatars/text..
oh.. did i mention that
human speech is less
than human too.. sure it is
as it too.. is sign language
for what is
my friend..
X marks the
spot when real..
and i am just
here to
as a soldier
of the real
God of








IMG_2618 IMG_2619 IMG_2620 IMG_2621 IMG_2622 IMG_2623

IMG_2624 IMG_2625 IMG_2626

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18 Responses to KATiE MiA FredericK 2015 A year in Review

  1. gigoid says:


    Just finished scrolling through the pix at the top; great wedding pix! Considering where they are marrying, and live, a very brave, loving couple, indeed…. The love is very clear in their eyes and smiles for each other…

    Played the first music video while scrolling… works great as a backup to the pix… I especially liked the co-selfie with the bride, and, the letters written on the car in the snow….

    I’ll be back later to read the rest; gotta go walk, or, at least, play with Leelu a while…. been sitting too long already this morning….

    See you later…. Enjoy the new year, though for y’all, that’s hardly a necessary injunction….




    • Thanks so much gigoid
      for stopping by on this
      New Year’s day..
      and hope you enjoy
      the New Year day
      away from sitting as
      the rainy continues here and
      yesterday is about the most i sit
      since the last time i was really really
      sick with an intestinal bug.. so i am fixing
      to now make up for that sitting soon in a
      loud way.. haha!..
      and yes..
      just missed
      you at the junction
      of the meaning of
      life over
      at your
      he He..
      as a Cosmic
      Traveler or DJ
      haha! again.. iN
      ways of YouTube iN
      selecting music now
      from the
      here in
      Human Space..:)

      • gigoid says:

        Too bad there’s no point where we could pause & chat, halfway from here to there, online…. a digital way-point, as it were, to pause at/by, since we were crossing the same pathways to and fro….

        On my way out, just had this image of us flying by each other over the wires and airwaves….

        Digital dancing!

        See you later on today….


        • SMiLes.. i’m sTill
          working on getting
          away from digital to
          out the door now for
          sand and water.. silt
          dancing.. oh.. cloudy
          now.. and finAlly
          cold.. for the
          polar bear
          i am at
          finAlly arriving

  2. http://gigoid.me/2016/01/01/all-the-djinn-joints-in-all-the-world/


    i suppose one justification for cynicfication of LiGht now
    is CONCEPTS that we humans are more than humans
    and the Nature AROUND US…
    The tools of us measure
    the more of us..
    but the still
    of us
    and at hand
    we are the only Universe
    at core.. Extensions of that hand
    in tools that include science that
    explore the greatest depths
    of dark..
    even suggest
    there is no purpose
    to existence at all now..
    we are the
    Universe at Hand
    and if Bonobos innately
    live without aggression or
    violence entire lives with
    Love.. Instead the issue
    is not us.. Nature
    or the rest of
    the Universe…
    the issue is the
    tools that extend beyond
    the hands of us.. To peel the
    layers off those tools can truly
    be to come back now to the
    of Life
    that moves
    from head to toe
    and back again
    to the
    Somewhere along the now
    line.. someone fat and
    happy with huge
    reserves of
    then decided NOW
    there is no purpose
    in life.. ’cause
    there no
    is a
    now of Life..
    When pathS
    no longer forge
    and fork.. the food
    of life
    dies a
    cold hard
    and we become
    the corpse of dogs
    as road kill of US now..
    i see dead dogs walking
    upright most places i dance..
    and yes.. i have plenty to eat but
    dance is always a forAge of life.. from
    the time the first primate dances invisible
    according to a Golden Spiral PHI movement
    that most all carnivores dance to escape predator
    and to capture prey.. as always.. the secrets to success
    are in plain sight.. but far far away from the virus of cultures…
    in core purpose
    and meaning
    forAgiNg A
    K.I.S.S. of Life
    iCare4 now that iS
    allthatis matter(s).. iCare2..:)

  3. https://talkingfromtheheart1974.wordpress.com/2015/12/27/lonely/

    Hi SOHEIR..
    most often
    these days
    people worry..
    i do not.. it is always
    lonely worrying.. as of
    course i used to.. too..
    so i understand.. that
    with fear/
    song of
    Love is
    not theRe..
    so i dance
    with Allah..
    then.. and
    now i am
    and Happy
    New Year..
    with Joy Now..
    A dance with Allah
    chases lonely away..:)

    i always keep back in my mind
    that the Word Press Notification
    feature that provides responses
    from others does not include images
    as gifts of response.. so i come back
    to find this very sweet and intelligent
    Yellow KITTEN with blue eyes and round
    spectacles likely gazing into the E-World
    of human being.. or perhaps a book but
    never the less it is a 2-D view of reduced
    scope of Allah’s Living Nature.. and what
    that reminds me of is.. the sad reality that
    studies show young Chinese students are
    requiring spectacles at rates of 90% on average
    as these students spend so much time gazing at
    close range at electronic gadgets of study and play..
    some so addicted to video games they must go to clinics
    for behavioral addictions associated with playing these screen
    games.. for a child of God that once scans the horizons for predator
    prey and berries same for foraging survival.. for a child of God that once
    feels Nature against the skin as air and rain of water.. as brush and
    trees and high limbs of climbing trees.. where Nature is more than
    home.. it is pArt of us too.. with what science describes now as
    the sixth sense of proprioception.. that allows us not only
    to see God’s Nature but to be one with it as well
    and on the bottom of our feet oxytocin receptors
    that when barefoot allows us to feel
    the same loving attachment
    to each grain of sand
    of God’s Earth
    as the Loving
    a Mother’s
    tender touch.. yes
    each grain of sand is
    a tender touch too. and if
    i do not get to go outside
    to Love the gift of grains
    of sand with bare feet
    dance and martial
    arts play
    bush.. and
    the sun refreshing
    and invigorating every
    square inch of my tan skin..
    yes.. naturAlly i will also lose
    some of the Loving touch of
    God just outside these prison
    walls of 27 inch iMac screen
    of 24 inch rectangular glass
    window to clouds and
    cold today that
    reminds me
    that yes..
    God is
    more out
    there than in here
    except for your beautiful
    words of you as sign language
    and sign language of intelligent
    kitties too.. well our cat Moby spoon
    fed from birth never had the God of
    Nature to raise him as smart as
    God teaches our Yellow Boy
    there for several years
    wild in the woods
    behind our
    it is if they are
    two totally different
    species of animals.. one
    always seeking the forage
    of life.. and one always
    looking for what
    is given
    of earned..
    One that walks nobly
    and strong all places he
    goes.. with due caution
    as he knows of the
    dark of life
    as well..
    and the other
    that seriously spends
    his life only as a kitten of
    Love only moving when the
    gift of food comes to him and
    he not to the forage of life..
    there is no escape from
    the God of Nature and
    there are always
    for going
    and following rules
    of human for control instead
    or rules of God of Nature
    whether the subject
    is human
    or cat..
    so.. Moby diabetic..
    like humans who are
    fed an all you can eat
    buffet that never stops..
    limps no different than
    people my age from
    arthritis from
    a body that
    only sits
    and lays..
    it is very dangerous
    to live life with culture as
    God and sadly for Moby he
    does not have a reasoning mind
    to prevent this from happening once
    he has the opportunity.. if any at all
    to escape the lies of human
    culture.. so sure
    there is a lesson
    for human now with
    the bespectacLed
    blue eyes kitten
    to human
    of Lies..
    Live with
    God or Live
    with cultural lies and
    humans do have a choice..
    dance.. if you can my friend
    and sing.. a song of
    living joy and
    it is
    way after
    all is said…
    and hopefully
    done in living
    feat of feet my friend..
    and touch the sand
    with your
    you can..
    as well..
    my friend..
    and never
    alone LOVE

  4. Well.. from close to 80F all week
    last week.. and now 45F and
    cloudy today..
    still great
    weather for
    reading and
    writing.. and listening
    to interesting insights
    from people all around
    the world as the
    Google YouTube
    me each
    day according
    to what i like in
    passing videos
    of yesternows..
    i exclude
    no source..
    and often learn
    more from people i do
    not agree with than from
    those i do agree with.. such
    is life.. to find obstacles.. adapt
    or remove them.. and move on
    to brighter stuff of life..
    so today..
    i thought
    the gym closes
    at 6 pm.. but to
    my then.. temporary
    chagrin.. i get
    there at 4 pm..
    and find the
    closing hour is
    2 pm.. so an alternate
    way of getting out of head
    of writing comes to me then..
    both wife Katrina and i have had
    a little head cold.. of the common
    variety last week.. so no shopping
    for her.. as colds slow
    her down..
    but the
    energizer bunny
    is hard to stop..
    so i keep going..
    and since dance is
    coming Saturday Night
    at the official dance hall
    of Old Seville Quarter for
    a 91st dance week there..
    the dance hall and
    gym will be the
    of road
    where i live..
    and OMG with
    inspiring ear buds
    same as anywhere else
    the sky’s not even the limit
    as i can move every which
    way more than
    as i move
    below as well..
    and usually feel
    a new move by the
    end of the dance
    i’ve never
    as there are
    as many small
    moves as there
    are large ones
    and many
    And the best of all
    tonight is the cold
    grey North
    Wind then..
    as i become
    the wind swirling
    around not unlike
    a strand
    DNA now then..
    in that 1.618
    PHI of Golden
    Spiral Mean
    or a Tornado
    or Hurricane or
    even a Nautilus
    shell.. a planet
    spiraling the Sun
    or our Sun and the
    rest of the Suns of
    the Milky Way
    a Black
    Sun Core
    of DArk inspiring
    the LiGht of all these
    Suns that keep moving
    to inspire us with liGht now..
    and then one can come to kNow/FeeL
    God Better as Nature.. and we as pArt
    of Nature no different Truly than above
    so below.. inside.. outside.. all around as
    the pattern of the design of our DNA matches
    the entire movement of the Milky Way.. our much
    much larger home for now.. so in short.. i move like
    a figure eight.. but you see.. not just with feet.. theRe
    are arms.. legs.. hips.. toes and fingers now.. swirling like
    the Milky Way2..
    sure we are God2
    sAMe as Milky Way2
    and if one fails to see
    God as Nature one
    can fail to ever
    reflect God
    as ONE now..
    the benefits
    of Moving Like God
    are beyond belief for many
    who refuse.. and stick to machines
    like Bicycles.. Treadmills.. and anything
    that only runs by feet alone.. yes.. even
    running and walking as well.. with limited
    movement of the rest of the body too..
    We are entire bodies
    living in an entire
    spheRe of
    360 degrees
    no.. not just the
    shape of the earth
    the potential of the
    human body when
    totAlly set free..
    in peace and
    and sure the body
    innately.. instinctuAlly
    and intuitively will guide
    us tHere.. without a lesson
    or guideline other than
    what we feel
    as we
    to center
    balance and human
    bliss in flow.. where the
    Zone is Free and the side
    walks of life
    to the
    green grass
    of GOD.. now
    with no limits
    of edgers or weed
    eaters to eliminate
    a new move..
    where there
    will always
    be a
    new move
    for infinity
    long as the art of us
    stays free as a Shell
    of God
    or yes..
    a Milky
    But anyway.. the saddest part
    iS some folks picture of God aS
    an invisible God that can never
    be seen.. ’cause OMG God is
    when i move like a Galaxy
    i become
    more like
    the pattern
    of God so easy
    to feel once one
    is holding hands
    and feet with
    Free in a dance
    of never ending now
    bliss.. where dramas
    and worries just melt away
    and sure all it takes is three
    feet of just you and God
    toGetHer again
    to truly
    anew now..
    i miss the days of Beyonce
    BRinGinG in the New Year
    on ABC
    ’cause the
    dancers last
    night looked
    of a Walmart
    Santa Claus
    Robot dance..
    as people become more
    and more like the box that
    is their smart phone small..
    anyway.. speaking of the
    devil there is always
    YouTube now
    and a soul
    train to
    so.. sure.. theRe
    are great advantages
    of A NEW BRAVE E-WORLD2..:)

  5. http://gigoid.me/2016/01/02/reigned-in-with-some-reluctance/

    Perhaps.. now i am a polar
    bear.. i danced in the new cold
    wind last night.. block around
    our household road.. with
    shorts and T-shirt..
    aside neighbors
    in their
    attire and slept
    fourteen hours with
    several laying waking
    sprints on youtube breaks
    but at least 10 hours of sleep
    out of all of that.. where four
    hours is usually
    a Summer
    for me..
    or Winter
    that never
    becomes Summer
    as it were until
    but anyway.. whomever
    invented the sitting human
    attached to a box.. certainly plays
    the craziest story that any so-called
    primitive human could dream up..
    for one connected to Nature..
    just ask a kid from
    the 60’s.. nah
    i ain’t
    in until the
    last second of
    Sunshine goes
    use it
    or lose it applies
    to all that is life of human
    being.. and use the stuff that
    is not human.. and sure.. lose the being…

    yeah sure.. people are alike all over until they are
    no longer
    we are our
    i for one choose
    Nature and Human
    as much as possible
    too.. my friend gigoid..
    the Sun just came out
    finAlly after
    over and
    out and free
    again my friend..:)

    Smiles.. Yes.. 55 is up tHere..
    but i still can out-dance the rabbit..
    But no.. i never run..;)

    Currently limited to tiny keys on
    smart phone in sand and sun..
    will need two hands of typing
    later to bRing all the words
    over to visit..hehe.. Ugh..
    it’s like playing the
    piano with one finger..;)

    Wow.. that is an incredibly great
    weight loss from 250 lbs.. back
    to close to your fighting weight
    of 175 lbs.. on 5’7″.. and great
    to hear about your
    expanding walks
    now up to
    2 miles..
    hopefully that will
    help much with the
    pain you have been
    experiencing too…
    At 232 lbs.. a
    weight a
    bean kid
    will never imagine
    to make.. i feel lighter
    than ever with the art
    of dance.. but no
    i do not look
    like a dancer
    but who
    it is the
    feeling inside
    that counts.. and truly
    it has made me stronger
    in so many ways inside and
    out than i could have ever imagined
    before.. i once had a life guard working
    for me.. a Vietnam Vet and retired Parole
    Officer at age 65.. who could run circles around
    the other twenty-something life guards he supervised
    under my supervision then.. me getting pudgier
    at around 200 lbs.. then still around 6 feet..
    softer in the middle
    and unsteady on
    my feet and gait..
    and then i found out
    he was a performance level
    ballet dancer.. and that was
    his source of strength to out
    run and out swim folks a third
    of his age.. additionally he was
    one of the most balanced.. calm
    and happy people i have ever met..
    yes.. obviously his secret was in plain
    sight.. the exercise of full body balance…
    At that point i would have never imagined
    i would dance again..
    and the thought
    of folks
    less than
    half my age
    naming me the
    MVP and now
    dancing legend
    of the Pensacola
    area.. was the farthest
    thing imaginable and certainly
    an impossibility to me then.. and now
    the greaTesT thing of all is none of this
    was ever a goal.. just one step at a time
    starting in reverse.. and now the butterfly
    of me sings and dances floating and flying
    land once again..
    The E.T. i once was
    flies free on Earth..
    And sure 11 million
    words.. where the
    in right
    eye and ear..
    started that
    Tsunami of
    to go along
    now with the
    steps.. my friend gigoid…
    Most people in real life don’t
    know any of the story further
    than steps of dance.. but sure..
    they can find out more with
    a link
    online.. hehe..
    LOTS MORE..;)

  6. I like that song of Mumford and sons! A Happy new Year to you Fred, I see you had a great time! Wish you all the best in coming days. Peace and love 🙂

    • HI Zee.. thanks for coming by and wishing me a Happy New Year..
      on this second day of the New Year.. usually i make
      a New Year’s Resolution Post.. but am still
      getting around to that..
      and i’m already quite
      sure it will
      ‘Dance and
      Sing 2016..’
      where 2014 was
      ‘Brave as ONE 2014’


      and 2015 was ‘LOVING balancing CREATIVE peace FORCE 2015’


      And true through the course of my recovery since
      July 22nd 2013.. i’ve been singing and dancing
      all along the way to the tune of every
      Sunday at church in song..
      and every day
      in martial
      arts and
      ballet like
      dance to the
      tune of over
      4611 miles now
      in all public places
      i go while wife Katrina
      shops.. and true poeTry
      is a ‘SonG oF mY SoUL’
      that comprises over
      three million
      words of what
      this blog is and
      the other 8 million
      since Nov. 26th 2010
      that gets me to the start
      of the three million
      here.. but it
      is the Art
      of me
      that SonG
      in sharing
      ways that probably
      is the resolution of
      a life well spent
      and still
      spending now..
      and yes.. that
      ‘Whispers in the Dark’
      video by Mumford and Sons
      is like me too.. the photographer..
      the wild motorcycle rider with
      only feet of feat.. and the
      refined gentleman i
      used to be
      before i
      my wild
      and free
      back again..
      from Childhood true..
      and then there is the
      nightlife.. with
      wheRe the
      drowsy of me
      often needs a little
      more sleep..
      in dark
      lots after
      the dance
      of the freest of me..
      anyway.. that song
      came out on YouTube
      the same day my blogging
      experience started on the
      Google Blogger format
      on March 10th of 2013..
      so perhaps in a way
      it is
      song too..
      smiles friend
      Zee and may the
      best new wishes for
      2016 come your way
      free as Allah iS iN uS

  7. https://lifeconfusions.wordpress.com/2016/01/02/circle-of-life/

    Well.. as illustrated in my last response
    to you on my blog.. my New
    Year’s Resolution is
    just an affirmation
    of Dancing
    and Singing
    of what i already
    do.. no real ambition
    but Arting life more..
    but oh.. i know the
    science of the work
    life too.. and so wonderful
    we have people like you who
    have what it takes to work with
    the less fortunate among us in
    the medical fields
    required to
    us alive
    out of the
    dark places
    of life.. but something
    i could not do.. as a younger
    person.. at one time training
    to be psychologist..
    one field
    trip to
    the asylum
    with all the poor
    and lost souls was
    too overwhelming
    for to ever
    be able
    to compartmentalize
    my empathic nature
    from a place called
    hell.. i’m better at
    it now..
    a weathered
    and worn human..
    but not all people
    are cut out to help
    in the dark part of life..
    not because of callous but
    instead of feeling too much..
    and for an empath what can
    and will happen for folks not suited
    to these caregiver roles is they can
    eventually get drained so much that
    they do become callous and even lose
    their emotions and feelings for living at all…
    Not saying that is happening to you as i would
    have to know and feel
    you in real life to
    assess that
    but it is
    that if you
    are an empath
    you are very smart
    like i was.. but just not
    emotionally cut out for
    it either like i was then..
    but again..
    no judging
    here.. just an
    anecdotal experience
    i can relate to of my own..
    when you mentioned the
    suffering i could still feel
    it to
    of my heart
    that lives strong
    again.. my friend.. Zee..
    and yes.. that emotional
    draining is actually a recognized
    medical condition associated
    as a human
    at one
    point it was
    too complex
    to even have a name..:)

  8. Yeah.. My cousin dances too.. and with smooth moves too..
    playing multiple instruments and singing in several bands..
    And fancy footwork of course.. His Father.. the identical twin
    brother of my Father.. Their father from Ireland..
    Our Grandfather of course.. So perhaps
    an ancestral Lord of the River Dance
    uncovered.. Yes now.. In Soul..
    Of feats of foot..smile emoticon

  9. (my Father’s Twin Brother top right)

    And speaking of my father and his twin Brother..
    yes there are dreams of youth.. aspirations
    of where one will go before life ends..
    and such were the dreams
    of my father and his twin
    brother graduating
    out of Taylor
    County high
    in 1950..
    and perhaps
    it is true that
    my dream of youth
    was more of dad’s “never do today
    what you can put off until tomorrow”
    as sure i was a rather free floating
    young man still free floating today now
    except i swim strong and stronger with
    the current of is.. always changing too..
    And then there was the quote from
    my tWiN Uncle’S year book
    that says..
    “i dare do all that
    may become a man;
    who dares do more is none”..
    Hmm.. no short-cuts there..
    and seriously.. yeah.. some
    how i managed to not
    speak until
    age 4..
    number 11 out
    of a class of 381
    in high school.. remain
    at close to the top of
    the class through
    college with triple
    in Health
    Science.. Anthropology..
    Social Sciences disciplinary
    as well.. and sure the Autism
    thingy was a little inconvenient
    here and there.. still without
    much writing or oral
    skills.. acing multiple
    choice but creating
    much harder
    to do..
    ended up
    at a Military Bowling
    Center passing
    shoes out..
    then after..
    working for
    a Captain of
    another base
    in administrative
    support.. coming
    back to my home
    Navy Station still
    in Federal Civil
    service.. becoming
    Community Activities
    Director.. then Athletic
    Director.. yes.. from the
    last kid picked on teams
    in school boy days..
    and yeah.. the
    rest described
    already too much
    on this blog..
    just in the
    last 2015 Review
    post with these words still
    in that comments section now
    too.. i suppose i’m kinda now
    like Forrest Gump.. i floated
    like a feather through life
    through lots of struggles
    and oh yeah.. i married
    the most beautiful girl
    in the world who does
    not age too..
    and some how
    i’m still floating
    like a feather
    will do iN
    yes.. literal
    ways on land as well..
    and i’m sure men have done
    more.. but for sure i’m probably
    the strangest
    of all..
    being odd
    ain’t so bad after all
    is said
    i’LL DANCE
    God of Nature willing
    in me of Course now
    and yes.. below..
    my father on the
    right.. here.. perhaps
    the better looking of the two..;)

    And my Grandfather.. smallest one on the left..
    with all his older brothers and sisters
    living in Ireland then..:)

    It’s enough for me to
    be alive.. now.. end and
    of story
    And that’s as far as the taking goes..
    but what about the giving.. truly there
    is no giving too small or too large.. and
    perhaps it makes some folks uncomfortable
    in how much i give at times.. but it truly
    is free in terms of the Dance and Song of
    giving.. for me
    speaking in
    dollar amounts
    but in nows
    and effort
    sure.. by
    80 hours or
    so a week.. for
    yes.. the joy of giving
    with zero expectations of
    reciprocation from others..
    a hello how are you means
    the world to me..
    and occasionally
    the reward comes
    and makes
    me very
    happy.. intuitively
    i know and feel the reward
    from God in terms of infinity
    is much greater than i will ever
    know in this lifetime on this terrestrial
    plane.. but i try to keep my ideas as much
    as possible grounded to areas that at least
    most folks can relate to.. in their personal
    experiences of everyday life now..
    that yes.. most folks
    measure in terms
    of clocks
    and other
    mind ways
    of understanding
    reality.. but sure even
    science in the realm of
    Quantum Physics is finding
    that reality is no holds barred
    beyond what humans normally perceive
    and no.. no surprise there as we are
    tiny dust particles of the Universe
    but still a fractal of the
    whole of what
    can be perceived
    as science clearly
    shows in empirical observations
    of the golden PHI Spiral mean
    of 1.618 patterns seen all
    through our perceivable
    reality from
    Quantum physics
    to the way the Milky
    Way swirls..but
    anyway.. again
    the point is
    no effort
    of giving
    of positivity
    is too small and
    one of my favorite
    created parables
    puts it in
    yes.. a parable
    by me.. they didn’t
    stop with the bible no
    matter who said don’t add
    this or that here to
    one little
    black book..
    speaking at
    only 800,000
    words or so..
    chicken scratch
    for me.. hehe..
    when it comes
    to total
    of words.. haha!
    So here it goes..
    again paraphrasing
    me from taling this
    story a number of slightly
    to significantly different ways..
    as the same gets boring even
    to me.. so i start it all
    over and see
    what will
    come of
    it now..
    There is a small boy..
    who cannot speak.. a disabled
    boy in a small town.. with loving
    parents.. but still.. he cannot speak..
    but this boy has great love for the plants
    of Nature.. one day his parents buy a sapling
    tree.. and the boy gains an all encompassing
    special interest to water and care for
    the sapling.. so the tree grows
    straight and tall.. a unique
    variety of tree.. that now
    has multi-colored leaves
    and even fruit for
    others to eat..
    the tree grows
    even taller and
    stronger as the
    boy tends to it
    everyday.. and the
    tree becomes so beautiful
    that even college educated
    tree specialists marvel at
    the beauty of this tree.. sadly..
    the little boy passes away but the
    tree stands strong and continues to
    mature.. and on that street where the
    little boy lived.. the tree shades a wide
    sidewalk where folks walk under it and
    enjoy some relief from Summer heat..
    then one day.. a shy young man
    is walking down the sidewalk..
    and a pretty.. young..
    and confident
    is walking
    toward him.. nervous
    at first he is.. but
    inspired greater by the
    beautiful tree.. it makes
    a perfect conversation piece
    to discuss with the young woman..
    and while the two under the tree..
    marvel at the beauty of this unique
    tree.. a spark comes in both sets of
    eyes.. and a kindle of Love grows between
    the two of them.. so they go on to a beautiful
    courtship and come back to the place of the
    special tree often.. as it becomes
    a special place for a bright
    Love come born..
    and the two get married
    and the young man more confident
    through the Love of his wife.. gets
    in the military.. gains great honors
    for his service there.. and even grows
    confident enough to serve his country after
    the military in the political arena of state..
    then nation.. then world leader.. amazingly he
    becomes then.. and with his great strength and
    confidence then.. he makes a decision to
    avoid a war.. and helps
    save the human race
    from Nuclear
    that would
    come.. so who is
    the savior of the world..
    in terms of humanity.. the
    young boys loving parents who
    supported the boy who watered the
    sapling.. the boy.. the tree.. or
    the supportive teachers and same of
    the young woman and young man or all
    the supportive military friends
    that helped him through
    his career..
    well the truth
    is.. the savior of
    humanity could have
    never come to the place
    to do that.. if not for
    the help of an entire army
    of folks all through his life
    that bring greater LiGht and
    Truth in Courage.. Wisdom
    and yes.. beauty
    to inspire Love..
    higher in energy
    and fearlessness
    to make a life
    and helpful
    to the world in full..
    there are no solitary saviors
    in a world created by GOD.. as God
    as ONE so are we.. holding hands together
    or we die alone.. sadly some folks are hoping
    for the end of the world to end their personal
    problems. and sadly if enough people believe that
    it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy as that
    is how prophecy works.. prophecy is a belief that
    is fulfilled or not by human actions
    and consequences thereof.. so
    there is nothing
    everyone from
    becoming the savior
    of humanity if they simply
    make that self-fulfilling
    prophecy of belief
    come true for
    on the other
    hand we can believe
    it’s all gonna be
    dark and doom..
    and surely
    each person
    who believes that
    will have a life colored
    by that in action and consequence
    of the dark ways of life.. as even
    science now shows there is a nocebo
    effect of human being in negative
    result.. even causing human
    illness.. as opposed
    to the power
    of positive
    thinking that
    can be measured
    by the placebo
    effect.. so sure
    live by Voodoo
    or live by
    but surely
    what one believes
    will be either the
    ransom of one’s life
    or the gift of liGht
    that can be loving
    giving eyes like
    a star of light
    to nourish
    others everywhere
    one goes.. it’s great
    that God of Nature gives
    us both this choice and power
    of human relative free will.. but
    the same concepts of belief can be
    turned into darkness as well as liGht
    and it ain’t really that hard to see
    who is dark or who is light..
    for those that bring
    light in pleasure
    there is LiGht
    and for those
    who bring
    of harm
    to others
    there is Dark..
    call it heaven or
    hell.. or whatever metaphor
    one choses.. but sure.. we now..
    when we harm folks dark or help
    folks liGht iN ways of
    hurt or pleasure
    it’s not that
    hard to tale..
    unless we do not
    care.. and that is
    the darkness incarnate
    come to earth.. to Care
    is to Love.. unconditionally
    with courageous and tough Love..
    anything less falls short of the
    as Love
    in Truth and Light
    as gifted so free to us..
    i’ll water the tree..
    and if other folks
    wanna starve the
    tree of life..
    sure they
    but infinity
    is a very long
    time.. while i cannot
    prove it empirically i
    know what God is capable
    of.. just in this
    life in terms
    of setting
    what they
    name as the
    Karmic human
    record straight..
    personally.. i wouldn’t
    wanna be reborn as grasshopper a
    million times for the cycle of infinity
    of however that may come.. getting squashed
    after living a couple of hours each time.. Quantum physics
    more than anything shows we don’t know crap
    about full reality..
    so sure.. bowl
    life at
    one’s own
    risk.. but
    i suggest that
    one practices giving
    and bRinGing liGht
    to the world
    instead of
    the worst
    thing that
    could happen
    is one lives
    in heaven now
    by doing that..
    so sure.. in this
    way at least.. God
    is Fair enough for me..
    Where theRe is liGht there
    is happiness.. and where there
    is dark.. discord comes.. it doesn’t
    take a rocket
    to be human
    but sure.. being
    a rocket scientist
    can take the human
    out of us..
    i choose
    it might
    not pay the
    best in dollar
    amounts.. but it
    pays forevermorenow
    as the
    of Truth
    and Light
    in terms of
    Wisdom and Love
    now.. just now..
    in God’s
    for us
    Anyway.. i’m off to
    dance at old Seville Quarter
    now with all the cool college
    age folks.. and deep down i know..
    i feel.. there is no taling who
    i might
    to fall
    in Love..
    no.. not with
    me.. with whomever
    they are inspired to
    no action
    too small to save
    the world.. from watering
    a tree.. to feeding the world..
    we are all hungry for Unconditional Love..
    at least
    the human
    beings among
    us.. naturAlly now..:)

  10. Well.. yes.. such a rainy.. cloudy.. warm..
    now finally clear and cold Holiday Season this year..
    where if one put up outside decorations.. they were
    wet most of the time.. so off to dance at Old Seville
    Quarter.. yes.. now.. finally on Saturday Night..
    celebrating my 91st week of doing it.. with all
    the cool college age.. and yeah..
    older folks in general.. on
    Saturday Night.. but anyway..
    i lit my self up.. with the Universe Cats..
    and come spiraling my way.. in a galaxy of
    human light in ways of dance.. as usual to liGht
    the place up a little brighter with the all free and
    crazy dance of me!.. back at around 3 am with
    at least one photo.. probably posted here..
    but the rest of the photos.. to be
    included in my next blog post..
    named a New Year’s
    Resolution better
    termed really
    as affirmation.. of
    “Dance and Sing 2016”..
    not likely ’till Sunday night..
    as Church comes fairly early
    after a long night of dance still
    coming tonight!.. and then a farm
    trip to a Southern Baptist Pastor’s
    Farm at Spring Hill.. for an on the
    lawn lunch there.. North in our county..
    Metro Mall after that.. maybe Bookstore..
    and maybe finally home to post this next
    blog post then.. anyway.. all i know and feel
    for sure.. is IT WILL ALL BE LOADS OF LIGHT
    iN FUN!.. and perhaps for many more.. except JusT me..;)

  11. Lots of people seemed to like
    my cat shirt.. something about
    lots of kitties.. that make

  12. A tale of two stretches..
    At 55.. i find i’m a little stiffer than in my running youth
    where i ran miles and miles.. and in 10K races.. and
    such as that.. and never ever felt the need to
    stretch.. but now after miles and miles of
    dance.. after sitting down.. i find
    myself stiffer than in my
    youth.. so one
    might say i have
    a religion of stretching
    as i do it as a ritual without
    fail as part of my martial arts
    ballet-like free style routine
    dance averaging 7.7 Miles now a
    dance after 602 recorded Nike GPS
    dances since the end of August 2013
    totaling 4669 miles now.. so i arrive
    Seville Quarter at around 10:45 pm.. a
    little late for a Saturday Night.. unlike
    my disco days of youth where then everyone
    is dancing at 9 pm.. no one really gets
    brave enough with spirit of drink to
    get out there now and dance until at
    least 11 pm.. yeah obviously now
    much more inhibition
    from a life spent
    stuck in a
    4 or 5
    smart phone vs..
    than years before where
    more folks are moving connecting
    and creating in the fleshy non-verbal
    communication of plant.. animal and
    rest of Nature life.. yes.. including real
    fleshy human beings.. with all their
    smiles and challenges but i
    digress a little from the
    first of my stretching
    story.. as i enter
    out into
    44 degree
    in my White shorts
    and Universe
    of Cats
    i hear
    some Merry
    sounding Christian
    song about Jesus down
    the road.. so i’m thinking
    probably not muggers.. i
    don’t have to worry
    about a warrior
    stance at
    this time
    a group
    of around 6 young
    adults doing this coming
    down the road.. so as i am
    stretching.. the biggest young
    man.. comes up to me with
    a pamphlet and asks
    me if i would like
    some reading
    and obviously
    it is a cut and paste
    on paper of the same old
    verse that this particular
    cult flavor of Christianity
    uses to try to scare folks
    into becoming Christians
    that says God So Loved
    the World that he gave
    his only son who was
    crucified and died
    for our sins
    and then
    was resurrected
    so we might gain
    eternal life..
    and if you
    believe in him
    you will have eternal
    life.. but of course they
    don’t explain what eternal
    life is.. ’cause they still don’t
    get the original message of Jesus
    in Luke 17:21.. that heaven is now
    everywhere for Gentile.. Jew.. Woman
    or Man.. Servant or Free.. yes available
    for everyone no matter what frigging book
    or verse they recite in black and white print
    and not only that.. Jesus suggests that there
    will be individuals who come after him that do
    much greater things than he does then.. and
    in this heaven he talks about everyone
    will be loving friends and there
    will be no marriage..
    sure Jesus is an
    are.. and of course
    there are rather contradictory
    sounding verses if taken literally
    in the New Testament about bringing
    a sword of change.. and those who
    live by the sword die by it.. and
    then.. turn the other cheek..
    nah.. if ya wanna get
    some ethics from
    the bible
    really cannot
    take it at face
    value.. otherwise one
    is listening now to A
    habitual liar changing
    the story from verse to
    verse as they go.. but of
    course folks who only love
    power and status.. don’t
    care nearly as much
    about the Truth in
    Wisdom and LiGht
    in positivity as
    Love.. than
    live with the
    all natural innate
    instinctual and intuitive
    power of human Love NOW..
    but anyway.. in metaphor
    as ‘you’ know.. i’ve already
    written 11 million words
    on the Internet that
    i often metaphor
    as my 13.6 bibles
    written in prose
    and poetry online
    along with the specific
    3 million words in my
    Word Press Blog from
    start to finish.. so i attempt
    to tale the young folks now a new
    age parable.. asking them if they
    would like to read the bible i wrote
    that is so much bigger than the bible
    they have.. and i go on to remind them
    after they tale me that the people who read
    my bible will go to hell ’cause tHeir bible is
    the perfect one that needs no additions or
    subtractions.. yeah.. sure like the
    part about it’s okay to rape
    women slaves.. yeah
    give me a break
    i wasn’t
    born yesterday
    and i’ve read the entire
    frigging book more than
    once to see all the
    mistruths of today
    that are accepted
    then as the
    truth of
    bringing pain
    and suffering to
    others.. including
    animal and talk of
    human sacrifice.. yes..
    cult stuff of yesteryear indeed
    that the Zealot Jesus saw as ridiculous
    including peeling off the foreskin of male
    babies.. as the REAL REPORTED then Gnostic
    Jesus understood God as Nature now simple
    Truth and Light for yes.. Gentiles.. Jews
    Servant.. Free.. Woman or Man.. no more..
    just one race and family of human beings
    as one big tribe under the rules of God
    as Nature Wild and Free and Loving
    life as any Zealous person
    would who
    has a Passionate
    Unconditional Courageous
    Tough Love about their selves..
    all other humans and the rest
    of Nature AKA GOD.. Anyway.. then
    after i am calmly and assertively
    describing a little bit of my new age
    bible to the young man.. he flips
    out and starts screaming to
    the top of his lungs..
    Oh! Lord! Jesus!.. etc..!
    and says i can’t
    hear any more
    of your talk..
    we are leaving..
    the all of us in our
    van now.. so they turn
    their tales and run.. off into
    the sunset of tHeir Christian
    Land.. with another lost me
    away from their cult
    of exclusivity that
    only believes
    that folks who believe
    precisely like they do
    will ever get to heaven after death..
    well.. the Gnostic Jesus says if ya don’t
    find it in this life now you will never find
    heaven at all.. and sure heaven is as real
    as the rest of Nature.. ain’t no different really
    than the Kundalini rising.. Chi..Ki..Qi.. Dao.
    Great Spirit.. and Nirvana they talk about
    in other religions.. as the essence is
    the Truth and LiGht that always
    exists now.. regardless of
    any human words
    at all..
    the essence
    is the Truth LiGht
    of the God of Nature
    now.. likely similar to
    same for folks all across
    the Universe as seen with
    the naked and human science
    aided eye.. so jump with light
    speed forward.. to the stretch at
    the end of the dance.. as by this time
    i have brought smiles.. and screams
    of joy to hundreds of people in both
    the dancing and non-dancing audience
    as they view a truly wild and free human
    floating like water and air over terrestrial
    land.. after all we can get a surf board to
    walk on water.. and skates to surf across
    the land.. but to do it with regular Nike
    Shox Shoes is even super cooler
    than that.. to quote Jesus
    in a round about way..
    with the 11 million
    word bible
    in tow
    of course
    and 3 million
    here.. but yes.. while
    i am stretching.. a very
    pretty young woman asks me for
    the shirt off my back.. and
    i would give it to her..
    but no i do
    not want
    to excite
    the place with
    my very now hairy
    and muscular chest…


    Well.. i wasn’t actually
    finished with the comment
    but Katrina yelling again
    at the top of her
    soft lungs
    get off that
    F in Fred
    or we are
    gonna be
    dam it..
    and other
    choice human
    words of frustration
    to go along with a keeper
    of the towels straight across
    the racks vs.. me.. a Force
    that basicAlly radiates
    everywheRE it
    to go in
    just letting it
    all go as freest
    Art may be and go
    as freer human being
    me for now at least TGONN
    Thanks God Of Nature NOW..:)!

    So yes.. what i was gonna say
    before i cut it short with
    the Amen above.. is
    imagine this..
    all the money
    i’ve actually
    spent on this
    personal endeavor
    of mine of spreading
    Truth and liGht iN
    my own opinion as
    director.. producer..
    actor of me in my
    metaphor of
    11 million
    word bible
    about 13.6
    times that
    standard of
    revised black
    book.. so many
    times from thousands
    of years ago.. and
    the dance of me to
    go.. now 4669 miles
    since the end
    of August
    and the
    effort starting
    on Thanksgiving
    day 2010.. is only
    the price of my
    souped up all Apple
    brands iMac.. MacPro..
    iPad.. iPhone6s and
    the iphone5 versions
    before that
    oh yeah..
    and iPod too..
    yeah.. so $5K
    worth of
    and 400 themed
    shirts.. specially
    selected by wife
    Katrina at an
    average of $9
    a shirt..
    more dollars
    in special
    and OG
    Shoes up
    to 10 pairs
    now.. at about
    $100 a Nike Pair
    so add in another
    1K there.. so let’s
    just round off $9.6K
    for taxes and make it
    an even 10K expenditure
    over about 5 years.. sure
    there is other expenses but
    i probably would have had
    them anyway.. like
    Broad-Band access
    fees and stuff
    like that..
    But OH GOD
    and then there
    is labor.. seriously
    since i started all of
    this on Thanksgiving day
    of 2010.. i have most definitely
    been averaging 80 hours a week..
    with only sleep and eat breaks..
    sometimes no sleep at all for
    a couple days at a time.
    so in 266 weeks that
    makes a grand time
    clock total..
    in Labor
    hours.. and
    on average full
    time folks
    2080 hours
    a week at
    40.. so yeah
    that’s worth
    10 years of a
    full-time job
    in half the
    time of
    5 years..
    and even at
    minimum wage
    at about $8
    an hour now
    dollar figure
    total will come
    now to
    $166,400 at
    with zero
    5 years
    of Fred giving
    now.. so sure
    about 176K
    of effort
    in 5 years
    now to spread
    my own version
    of Truth and LiGhts..
    but the greaTest thing of
    all about the dance and the
    writing.. is it’s all recorded..
    at least most of it.. and a gift
    that will continue to give.. even
    when i’m off the face of this earth..
    as not only do i record the writing
    in multiple places across online..
    of the 602 dance events i’ve done
    so far.. per Nike GPS Sports Watch
    iN stores.. and the 91 dance events
    extra making 693 recorded events..
    it is safe to say that on
    average 3 different parties
    video tape what i do and
    at least one shares it
    on Facebook..
    and then other
    folks share that..
    and ya get the picture
    what i do is spreading
    whether i personally
    promote it or not..
    in ways of inspiring
    other folks higher
    in Positive liGht
    of all free style
    and yeah the
    writing.. that keeps
    growing and growing
    too.. as i speak now..
    hehe.. but sure
    it’s kinda funny
    to think that
    some folks
    that folks
    who don’t make
    money off of their
    efforts in spreading
    truth and liGht ain’t
    doing anything of value
    ’cause they ain’t worshipping
    the God almighty dollar.. F
    the dollar yes Fred the dollar
    i am FREE as i can be and i will
    F iN continue to spread that
    light FREER AND FREER AS i go
    now in the “Dance and
    Sing of 2016”..
    so sure..
    a pack of
    rug rats singing
    a selfish song of
    an only God as compared
    to the real giver man who
    never ever wanted to be
    worshipped by any human
    and just wanted to give
    too.. like me.. has
    been spoiled
    by the likes
    of Roman
    that made a humble
    teacher no different
    really in true effect
    and affect of the dude
    Buddha before him.. into
    a soldier Sun God to rule
    the entire frigging Universe
    from a patch of desert in
    the middle East..
    and sure the
    Spreading Roman
    Empire copying
    and pasting
    Jesus into
    Religion at
    that time.. truth
    is for those folks who
    never truly met the real
    Jesus and only now the
    faux GOD Jesus Created
    by a Roman Emperor who
    also erected a
    Sun-God Statue
    of himself..
    for others to
    worship too..
    along with his
    Catholic Cohorts
    back in 325 AD
    in the back-room
    Boardroom of the
    Nicene Council
    no different
    really that
    folks in
    roles and
    rules for
    World Domination
    with an almighty dollar..
    power and status tries to
    rule but the Golden Rule
    of Love is the same
    essence of human
    Truth and LiGht
    that has always
    tRuly ruled
    the SpiRit
    of EmoTioNal
    HeARt expresSinG
    openly in moving..
    connecting.. and
    creating free with
    other humans and
    the rest of Nature
    AKA God
    in a miNd
    and BoDy
    way with emotional
    regulation and sensory
    Integration as well in
    SoUl of one human being..
    others.. and Nature as
    yes what i was gonna say
    about those sidewalk
    rug rats.. is if
    they met Jesus
    they would
    tale him
    he is going
    to hell ’cause
    he will not repeat
    the Constantine lie
    that he is a trinity
    of a God.. instead of
    just another human
    being as loyal
    to the
    God of Nature
    as the metaphor
    of Prophet to bRinG
    Truth and LiGht to
    raise people up
    away from
    and suffering
    of the human condition
    yeah.. different time
    different Buddha.. same
    basic message the Golden
    rule comes again in
    the essence of
    Truth and liGht
    but oh crap.. i could
    have been having a discussion
    of Seminoles against Gator Fans
    out of the tribal way of college
    football and their religious fans
    and they might have screamed our
    team fight fight fight is the
    best and your team sucks
    sucks sucks.. it’s
    the human tribal
    instinct.. simple
    and true.. it’s
    about our team
    is better than
    yours and ain’t
    no quarterback
    ever gonna replace
    our best quarterback
    now.. well the fact is
    the Quarterback has already
    been replaced and what Jesus
    indicated in the Truth and LiGht
    of Wisdom and Love that others will
    do more after him has already come through
    a myriad of ways now.. in the Art of human
    healing from Medicine.. to Music.. to
    ALL ARTS and yes sciences too..
    of what bRinGs human closer to
    the Truth and liGht of the Golden
    rule of moving.. connecting
    and creating.. the way
    tRuly Loving humans
    will jUSt do when
    set free in
    Tough Courageous
    Unconditional Love
    then or now as free
    and wild.. kind and
    courageous as homo
    sapiens sapiens
    can be..
    so yeah.. i let the
    Gator fans speed off in
    their Gator van.. and nah
    i am no longer a cheerleader
    for the Seminoles alone.. i
    am a cheerleader for GOD ALLONE
    now.. in ways of Truth and liGht
    of the
    of the
    God of Nature
    manifest in Human
    being now same as then
    in essence of Truth and
    liGht then and now as REAL!
    ARE WE!
    GOD OF

    OH yeah… and to really
    end this comment section
    now.. although i didn’t
    give the pretty
    young lady
    the shirt
    off my back
    as she asked..
    instead i gave her
    the gift that keeps giving..
    yes.. she takes a selfie photo
    of me and her with shirt.. by
    hand of her friend.. so the
    liGht of UniVerse Cats of
    Love can be spread
    further and
    to the
    ends of the
    Earth Freenow..
    if only now Jesus
    had this back then..
    in terms of spreading his
    own Good NEWS instead of
    a corrupted version by status
    and power hungry socio-pathic
    leaning folks.. there would
    be far more Love
    and far less
    and gnashing of teeth
    in ways of human misery
    and suffering in Mind
    and boDy souls that
    are OMG
    so far
    out of
    that they
    are like that
    painting of ‘Scream’..
    i’ve already done that
    ‘Scream’.. sure it is real
    human hell and now i live
    in Heaven
    where a selfie
    can be the smile
    that keeps giving..
    relatively speaking
    in human terms
    of forever
    on this
    as long
    as servers
    continue to give..
    as well as human being..:)

  13. http://gigoid.me/2016/01/03/a-facility-for-gasping-at-flaws/

    On the road.. Lots of thoughts and feelings.. Be back later.. Whitman is real.. i like real..
    From what i’ve read of Whitman.. which isn’t everything and truly limited to ‘Leaves of Grass’.. he sees the same God as Nature.. as the gnostic Jesus.. and sees the soul as transcendent and immortal.. that would put him in the territory of panentheism.. per technical Wiki Terms..
    so he does go beyond Nature
    somewhat to non-defined
    science lands of
    Nature now then..
    but of course now..
    humans and science don’t
    have nearly all the concrete answers
    to existence.. and even Quantum Physics
    is beginning to show a flow of reality
    like water
    of concrete
    as metaphor of
    course.. ’cause sure..
    water is concrete in terms
    of linguists.. smiles.. and
    it’s really nice to see a
    celebration of all
    the beauty
    of human
    being as great
    and same as one
    as pArt of GOD ONE
    as Nature true and whatever
    is Nature beyond human and
    human aided eyes..
    and truly
    in a way
    even if we
    do not ever exist
    after the death of us..
    with genetic memory in
    innate.. instinctual.. and intuitive..
    way now we carry the immortality
    of our ancestors in our genes.. a wonderful
    gift by the sweat of their brow.. blood of their
    skin.. broken bones.. pain.. and suffering to allow
    us this wonderful gift of life.. and truly i feel when
    we don’t make the best of it..
    we spit on the graves
    of the now immortal
    soul that is paved
    with blood
    and bones
    and skin
    as well as
    pain and suffering
    of our forefathers
    and foremothers
    as well.. wow..
    if Whitman
    were alive today..
    he would do what i do
    and sure do even more to
    celebrate the naked beauty
    of human free now.. from
    bone to flesh
    to skin
    to beating
    throbbing hearts
    passionate and
    alive and
    as leaves
    of grass.. evergreen
    with SpiRit of Life now..
    sure.. i compared Bruce Lee
    to the Gnostic fame of
    Jesus.. and
    is wRite
    theRe at the top
    of the pack and perhaps
    even above.. as truly
    worshipping the
    gift of Life
    that all
    encompassing God
    of Nature gives us now..
    and surely a warm shower..
    a soft bed.. and toilet paper
    is the icing on the grass of
    my friend
    gigoid.. truly as whole
    ‘Leaves of Grass’.. in just
    a few paragraphs of it..
    is all i read of poeTry
    before naturAlly
    and emotion
    together in doing it..
    it truly is free verse to me..
    and i’m so glad that i really
    hated poetry thinking it was
    boring when i was young..
    as it is my own
    way now..
    and not the
    copy and paste
    of someone else’s
    way of art.. same as
    martial arts and dance
    i am so thankful to the
    God of Nature i never
    took a lesson
    and am not
    to the
    of humans who
    pass my friend.. tHeir
    immortal souls in my
    genetics is all the
    lessons i need
    for now..
    may your leaves
    stay green my friend..
    in the liGht of God’s Sun..:)

  14. So Christmas has come and gone..
    New Years here as 2016..
    The big wait for Star Wars
    IS already here.. so what
    next for the new year..
    drum roll.. per
    Profile photo
    status thingy..
    yes.. who will
    come next to
    complete this picture
    for now in year 2016….

    But of course.. reference last
    Facebook Profile photo status
    thingy.. Super-man the Force
    of the Universe.. an ET from
    another planet.. goes up
    against a humanoid
    named Batman with
    all his fancy gadgets
    and weapons getting
    a job done of protecting
    Metropolis and so much
    more.. even attempting to
    harness the all encompassing
    Universal Powers of Force of
    Superman to make sure he is
    not all free.. to match the
    human order of the
    day then.. yes..
    coming to a local
    Theater.. sometime
    in the Sumer of 2016
    The DArker Force of Batman
    vs.. the liGhter freer Force
    of Superman to see..
    who the winner
    of this match
    will be or
    a draw..
    a battle for
    the free of being free..
    vs.. the control of being free..
    to suit the culture at hand now..:)

    Another fun sharable Facebook test..
    wheRe an algorithm determines facial age..
    Yes.. it’s true i don’t feel any older than 19..
    but yes.. obviously i look much older..
    but still truly for those who do not
    identify with how they look and
    instead identify by how they feel..
    that is all that F iN counts.. for me at least..
    that is all that Fred iN counts.. yeah.. the inner me..
    that radiates the spiRit that truly never has to age
    across the lifespan.. and in fact can grow great
    and greater in heArt SpiRit and SoUL liGht
    as nows go by.. nowoneforevermoreeverforonenow…
    long word.. but the
    AND NOT not the dam movie.. about teenage
    Love.. hehe.. a LOVE
    of ALL.. again..

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