Chalice of Allah’s LOVE

Interesting.. over here in the U.S. boys are becoming more distant from girls and girls are becoming more distant from boys.. where there is an ‘epidemic’ of sorts.. of girls coupling up with girls who have given up on boys.. and boys who can no longer express emotions stuck in video games and the such.. they wonder why.. oh why.. don’t girls wanna be with they.. they should.. but they can’t ‘FEEL’ ..why.. as a self fulfilling prophecy of a gender that increasingly can no longer express heArt of love….

i suppose when I go to dance… even at 54.. i find so many friends there of the fairer gender.. as i am not afraid to express love in either words or graceful heart of moves…

Anyway.. i never get to watch Sherlock..

But I love girls too.. and can do without the three letter word that begins with s and ends with x.. just to connect with smiling eyes.. and graceful feet….

To the dismay sometimes and great surprise by me.. even at 54 with wedding ring.. for the ones who want more…

And he! he! I am not gay either.. there are just things in life more exquisite in heart.. soul.. and spirit.. than x or s.. and the middle E..

i hope your girl FRIEND returns LOVE to you soon..

The nicest thing about being retired is there is time to love the whole world..

And I have enough love to set out..

And do



have relative
human free will..



and that’s all

i need..








And I see now words
shape a chalice of LOVE..
But the base here must be longer
to hold the love that is the chalice of me…







And it looks like a chalice more at my home than yours..

And i put in the words in place of semi colon.. slashes.. and dots..

as your blog here don’t like links that be clicked on much..;)

Just ‘call me’ if you like IT when you get home..:)

And may be one day your smile
will be as big



a few

words to
make a wine
glass.. a base that
is way too long..

http semi colon two slashes katiemiafrederick dot com /2015/03/11/chalice-of-allahs-love/


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    Alexanderplatz wrote:

    There’s very old Chinese thinking pointing out that the state of being a human is by its very nature unfree. Somewhere in the I Ching.

    “Free your a** and your mind will follow” – George Clinton. I like that 😀 😀

    aghogday writes:

    That’s about correct.

    Most people do no not understand that a body in balance is equal to a mind in balance.

    The body leads the mind. That part will never change.

    And that part IS physical intelligence that even science now shows, when done creatively without an instruction book, allows greater emotional regulation, sensory integration, and cognitive executive functioning (including focus and short term working memory).

    Sounding familiar yet.

    It should but it doesn’t for many people who never create the much greater intelligence of human physical intelligence that is almost sole (soul) responsible for relative free will in mind and body balance that is as good as free gets for human being, per this potential of human relative free will, practiced like this, as lifelong art of physical intelligence.

    Eastern philosophies have this correct in the arts of Yoga and Martial ARTS, wHere balance is both the means and the end to inner and outer peace, as above so below, all around human being TRUE.

    Is it any wonder that ‘Easter n’, without an N, is Easter for rebirth of human in mind and body balance.

    Wester is just that Wester, and noT much else, unless one adds an N to Hell.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Truly, the power of human creativity and emotion is fascinating AND POWERFUL, as when I was in middle school, I had a spark of creativity that came from somewhere I had never been before, in my mind. There was a Christmas story contest in 8th grade, and in the midst of feeling like an outcast where other kids told me in no uncertain terms I did not deserve to exist, as I was very strange looking and acting, deep emotions started flowing through my heart and I wrote a Christmas Story that won first place among 80 students in two homeroom classes.

    After that I wrote a short play, in the same grade level, and played the song Jesus Christ Superstar, so overwhelmed with emotion in the talent show I was in that year too that I left the piano not able to walk straight, with the audience erupting in laughter, over my clumsiness.

    It was’t funny at all to me then, after only hearing criticism that I did not deserve to exist for so long. I was the quintessential, 99LB wimp looking kid, at 5 foot 10, and 120 LBS, with long hair, and mistaken for a girl at McDonalds, by the cashier there.

    IN fact, here is a picture of me, at age 13 in front of a ‘trial’ of my peers, stumbling through speech, stuttering while the other kids hold back snickering.

    I didn’t give up on life, and kept fighting and fighting to be strong enough to be accepted, and to look and act normal enough to be accepted. I lost my creativity, and did not get it back until a philosophy class in college, writing a few philosophical creative papers about what I understood then to be GOD that were lauded by the teacher, as unique and insightful.

    I played the piano from the time I was twelve and improvised a little on guidelines of sheet music in front of me but never truly created my own music until age 47, in 2007 that I recorded on a cheap dictation device, and later copied that to You Tube in 2013, as carpal tunnel syndrome ended my piano ‘career’.

    Overall, I had a dry period of no creativity for 40 years, from the time I was 13 to age 53, truly taken away by the repression and oppression of a patriarchal, fundamentalist, religious leaning local ‘red state’ culture, along with subjugating illusory fears over what it means to be a man.

    Truly this one act of recording what I had done in 2007, in creating piano music, was the first spark of creativity that has led to an avalanche of creativity for me, now, for two years, in dance walking a martial arts/ballet style of dance for 3200 miles, in 18 months, documented at 3000 miles here:

    with a sample of that here:

    And I have danced a free style rave type of dance now for 50 weeks coming up on Thursday night, at one of the top 100 dance clubs, in the U.S., documented at this link, with a video of me dancing in the body of the linked post, illustrating some of the folks I danced with this last year, me at age 54 now, and most all of them in their early twenties.

    And after being a shut-in for 5 long years, from 2008 to 2013, early retiring on disability, as a Federal Civil Service Athletic Director from a military installation, in a quarter of a century career there, I suffered 19 medical disorders, including what is described as the suicide disease, type two Trigeminal Neuralgia that is like someone drilling one’s teeth without novocaine, except the pain was in my right eye and ear, during all waking hours that five years, making effective use of my eyes and ears, impossible without excruciating pain.

    And truly, me ever becoming Athletic Director of anything, is the last thing the kids in school would have predicted of the last kid picked on sport teams; however, I was promoted to the job for my computer skills, as I still had no skills in team sports that I became responsible for at the Military Installation.

    I was also diagnosed with Dysautonomia, where my nervous system would not synch my heart rate with blood pressure, causing me to almost pass out when even raising my arms after eating a meal or walking around the neighborhood block one time.

    And the two other major disorders were Fibromyalgia and Sjogren’s Syndrome, where my eyes stopped making tears, adding to eye pain, like swimming in salt water with eyes wide open.

    Back to that piano song, something about listening to the recording on Youtube, started bringing back the creative spark, and I started writing free verse poetry, making an inner journey in a myth of fantasy of total recovery, and the dream came true.

    So true the dream is now that now I can leg press 930LBS, 14 times, as evidenced here, just 18 months after recovery.

    Before I did this, a ‘little voice’ (my voice) in my head told me I was going to do amazing things, and document them to prove to others what human potential can be.

    I don’t know what words to describe that forecast, other than a higher power of what ‘they’ call GOD inside of me.

    I have literally written millions of words of free verse poetry, in the last two years, and have become a male nude renaissance self artist in the last 13 months that is not appropriate to link here, of course, per restricted adult blog way, AND it is far out of the social norm for a 54 year old dude to do that as a straight guy but I have literally been compared from the discerning female eye of doing a better job at it, than Michelangelo’s ‘David’ come to life in flesh and blood.

    This higher power of GOD thingy is more amazing in what the potential of the human mind can do in a ‘Quantum’ effect and AFFECT THAT BLOWS ANYTHING SCIENCE KNOWS AWAY, if one considers the synergy of what I have been able to do in two years, with the power of relative human free will.

    The man Jesus, historically speaking, stated that with a strong enough internal power of faith, hope, and belief, human beings can do anything, and those were also the similar words of the historical man Muhammad, as well as many other folks through human history.

    Apparently, these folks and many other folks have tapped into this higher power of GOD, by sitting under a tree, spending time in a cave, taking a 40 day walk in the desert, or in my case suffering through the worst pain known to humankind for 5 long year of literal human hell.

    The inner journey and potential of the human being, in art and creativity of human being is where the real power in this world exists.

    If I can do this, at age 54, imagine what someone with this higher power can do at age 30 or 25.

    It is a ‘Quantum’ effect and affect of human mind, open, and more fully expressed in mind and body balance.

    If I haven’t proven that I’ve definitely proven that a REAL LIFE ‘FORREST GUMP’, EXISTS..:)

    AND IT IS SO DAM COOL TO BE like FORREST GUMP, AS I DO NOT CARE ABOUT MONEY, and if I was a materialistic person, I probably could have never been free enough in mind and body balance to do any of this, as all my incentive came from within, with a ‘little’ help from

    my friends..:)

    And eerily enough, I look like the statue in the front row of the FUNERAL CEREMONY, on that Beatles Album cover, AS truly during those 5 long years, I was dead as a stone statue, alive. 🙂

    Life is so much stranger than


    And science truly ain’t got a clue when it comes to the


    Anyway, the main thing is, no matter what happened, I refused to ‘let the sun go down on me’..:)

    And that was hard, as when I first got the pain disorder, and the Dysautonomia, from March through April of 2008, I could not sleep but one hour of each night for 35 days, with the assistance of a powerful alpha blocker, with only shallow sleep for that one hour each night, and the for the last 5 of 40 days, I could not sleep at all making a last gasp effort to find my way to a bridge to jump off without the strength to get out of the car.

    My sister found me at the bottom of the bridge, and drove me home, where I finally went to the hospital, and a heavy injection of Ativan, finally put me to sleep, and the Ativan was my only relief to sleep for the next five years, and I have been drug free from it since July of 2013.

    I hope if anyone is listening in the audience who has lost hope in life, this story may give them hope to go another now, as Lord knows during that period of 5 years, I was hoping for someone, anyone, to tell me they survived something worse BUT TRULY, I never found anyone who has experienced the full darkness of my life or the LIGHT NOW, FOR THAT MATTER, DOCUMENTED LIKE THIS.

    I CARRY a story for what I understand as the higher power of GOD, to help other people, and if anything before I do die, I just want to be remembered as a humble servant for GOD, as the Inner FORCE of the GOD of NATURE LITERALLY BROUGHT ME BACK TO LIFE, AGAIN OF COURSE, with a ‘little’ help from my friends..:)

    I know this is long, and some of it has been repeated on this site but I would not be worthy of recovery, if I did not share it as much as I do.

    There is nothing better than 100% trust in what reality is, whether one names it GOD or Mother Nature or whatever label is assigned to what is.

    And that is the place i live in now, WITH 100% trust in ALL THAT IS..:)

    AND TRULY, even from an empirical view, after all of this, HOW COULD I NOT FEEL THAT ‘GOD IS GOOD’ AND DREAMS AND REAL HUMAN MIRACLES DO COME TRUE..:)

    I can only hope and pray the same FOR ALL OTHERS, TOO..:)
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !




    i Arthur, yes my middle name

    IS ARThur.

    i ARTHUR, reject Philosophies based
    on Biological Reductionism.

    (Almost sounds Catholic)

    DeviliveD deTails of tREes.

    GoD EvilivE GOD in FORESt

    liKe MIN
    or PAN.

    AnD i for one am
    more likE MIN
    or PEtER

    Yes.. i am gre@er than
    tHe sum of my neurons alone.
    i for one am aLLONe LIKE PETER

    EVen algorithms cannot detErmIne if i am huMan or not.

    The GoOgle AlgoriThm ofTen marks me as



    IF i CAN GO
    as human
    by Algorithms..
    i am perfecting
    practice iN
    ART of


    tHat eveN
    but hUmans
    cAn underSTand

    IT’s not even code.


    heArt spelLed

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    The cemetery can be a greatest place for perspective.. as now is so much longer.. than a dark box.. or ashen vase..:)



    Ah.. yes.. if ‘we’ had only neither said yes or no.. to the serpent.. and just lived side by side.. perhaps tens of thousands of others species of animals and plants.. will still be alive…

    And a happy WHOLE family together.. might still reside…

    Generally speaking.. per byproduct of cultures.. humans are such a dam nuisance.. to the rest of the kin folks.. WHO DO family of paw in petal to humming feathered.. scaled wings way…:)



    A rocky terrain.. a city is.. for sprouting young seeds through cement way…
    A lovely day for sweaty tear drops.. of living soil.. that rarely grows.. alive and green..

  7. Oh to dance with girls is a wonderful thing.. and so few boys are willing to risk it.. strangely enough dancing with girls has become a gay thing… all the better for us who find dancing fun (I did aerobic dance for many years)

    • Truly sad.. but so… so.. much fun for me.. there used to be a day when a female dance partner is hard to find.. and now the boys just stand around.. and i suppose the men dance.. in graceful ways… with plenty of girls to go around…and around and around.. in a merry go around of HUMAN CONNECTION..:)

      Thanks for coming by Bjorn.. and hope you are still ‘killing it’ now..;)!

  8. Tony Maude says:

    Some intriguing thoughts there …



    The bird that sings in silent cages.. can be alone.. with wings of gold..:)

  10. claudia says:

    ah – it is good when love is not reduced to the three letter word starting with s – though it has an important place in a relationship as well

    • Culture has changed very interestingly, and that comes so crystal clear, where there are literally almost no slow dances in the clubs I go to now, and the music is rarely emotional in content, rather high energy and positively freeing…

      That’s kind of sad, as the romance seems lost, and random BOOTIE dancing seems to have replaced the foreplay of dance love.

      But I’m just looking to dance, so it works for me; but not an environment i would likely meet someone to love for 25 years..:)

      Yeah, sex is great but seriously I feel so great, believe it or not, it’s kind of a let down, per organic rather than spiritual way…

      And it works IN ‘our’ relationship, as perhaps my wife and I ARE meant to be nuns and or priests, hehe! after all is said AND DONE.

      Perhaps my wife stays young as she is kinda literally an eternal virgin, or angel or whatever she is, it works for us, and I can get along with most anyone, even the hardest of folks to get along with; already done the hell thing, not much anyone here on earth can do to harm me, anywhere close to that..:)

      Perspective is the greatest gift I know or tow in FREEDOM..:)

  11. Your writing and stories always engages with me and your mind is truly brilliant!.

    I miss reading your work…and I always enjoy reading what you have to say. 🙂

    • THANKS SO MUCH, Charlie, and sorry I haven’t been around to your place in a while, as I usually just go down the list of numbers ’till I run out of time.

      I’ve been on a writing creative spree, as spring often brings to me, writing over 30K words a week here lately, and it’s almost time to go to dance tonight, thank goodness, to get word release, and back in more fuller mindful awareness, Thank Goodness AGAIN!..:)

      But I will most definitely be by to see you on this one, soon, and hope you are doing great, along with appreciation, again, for your kind words here..:)



    For me the 60’s seem like the wild wild west.. with cowboys and Indians prominent.. but truly in agricultural areas like mine, the rough and tough mentality among women and men of the country does live on, without sidearms of course.

    With sidearms, proudly displayed.. not sure how different life would be up in the woods of LA, Lower Alabama, aka NW Florida, haha!..

    Anyway.. the flavor of my childhood does come back here.. and my favorite of childhood shows is the amazing Jim West, and the Wild Wild West.. but yeah.. a child without a live-in father is always looking for some kind of hero ’till one comes riding in on mirror..hehe!..;)

  13. Mary says:

    Always lots to think about in your words.

    • Thanks for coming by Mary.. and even the doctors tell me I think too much.. but i was born that way i guess.. and OH GOD! BEFORE i had no way to get it out.. and writing is a treasure for me there.. and a relief to my wife for sure.. as her ears.. are not ones to hear ALL OF THIS..:)

  14. scotthastiepoet says:

    Me, I’m for sex and love rolled into one… An elevation… With Best Wishes my friend…



    Lord knows ..the world has a way of neutering us cats and dogs.. it doesn’t even take clippers.. or sutures.. just keys and screens and multitasking something that can never be touched.. But lost and found smiles.. are in the looking glass of vitality restored…:)

  16. billgncs says:

    This is my favorite of yours – the person inside just wants to be loved.

    • Yes.. Bill.. occasionally i let the real me out to play..:)

      And sadly i have friends who truly have difficulty

      getting this love that seems so easy for me..:)

      Thanks for stopping by.. and hope you are doing great!..:)



    A long trail to prize..

    perhaps a memory too

    short to apprise..

    oh goodness i go 1,3,5

    and win no prize..:)



    Ah.. the beauty of mindful awareness that comes with the ride of life.. away from all toils and troubles of texted world…

    To afraid to ride two legged beasts of motored cycle.. but with dance i ride.. in forest.. or cement shopping stores.. and the mindful awareness that comes.. is certainly la free ride for me..:)



    The forecast of spring is certainly a song of rooted love..

    and the cup that dwelleth among the weeds.. is always

    loved in water when spring of life does flow.. to the ocean

    where springs rivers creeks and streams do become oceanful..:)



    And so sad in their heart of hearts in killing those 21 the perpetuators are driven by a lie to make room for Jesus by killing others.. i suppose that’s why GOD doesn’t speak in human language.. as it is too twisted to understand..:)



    i suppose falling gracefully and landing softly is the key to falling down and rising further the next time one arises..or falls..:)

  22. For some reason, at Orthodox Jewish weddings, most of the dancing is group dancing by men and boys. Odd, huh?

    Some of my relatives are very religious, so I’ve encountered this and I find it fine, EXCEPT, they don’t let me dance with my husband.


    • That’s interesting.. and i

      think i’ve herd that before..

      Wherever there are humans

      the rules that are imposed are generous

      and really not predictable across the globe.

      Hmm.. is that a limerick.. I seriously just cannot figure that out…;)

      Thanks for stopping by and i always love your Limerick Site!..:)



    Oh goodness.. i know too well what invisible feels like.. both externally and internally
    imposed by the circumstances of both health and employment joined together at belly
    of the beast to keep going where one knows the path is known…

    Greatest freedom now for me.. is never looking back.. a time now is a total please of



    Ah.. i love it when the human heArt fully expressed in all poetic expressions is danced in Nature.. in the melody of above so below.. all around.. inside and out.. ‘we’ truly are lovers in ocean filled glow..when connected in diatoMonous flow..:)



    i feel so fortunate to be in physical condition to be able to go rave dancing with
    twenty something year old folks and me at 54…
    This instinctual connection is so strong in wildly freely non-possessive interpretive dance..
    and truly the raising of mindful awareness in elevation of consciousness tells
    me now for sure.. that my suspicions as a younger man when watching the
    so called savage primitives flailing wildly around a fire.. is full of the sensuous
    the sexual.. that makes humans alive.. and even science shows now that the sensual
    or lust of life is what drives most all of human creativity and productivity flow…

    Heaven is here.. and it truly is in the human connection to me.. fully expressed in how we
    are born as tribe and not isolated pegs of song and dance…in everyday life..:)



    So true.. the T.V. is a harbinger of death of human relative free will of an energy outside meant to
    be balanced and controlled within…

    I used to hear all the voices of T.V. in twilight sleep when after a steady diet of work.. the TV is the
    opiate of respite to nothingness.. and now that

    that’s gone..the TV of course..

    the voices in my mind.. are remembered mind.. of mine.. and no longer the TV shows of old..:)



    Ah.. yes.. my cat and i sing of the first scents of spring too..
    and we even sneeze together.. as the pollen comes to..
    And the Dogwood blooms are a sign to me..
    that Oh my goodness creativity for me does spring forth
    in springtime dreams as well.. come true..:)

    i think that’s a Limerick but i’m not much on form..;)



    Sometimes.. the best art can be found in the smokiest and
    darkest niches of life.. where soul lives to claw its
    way out of the smoky darkest heart in brilliant love..:)



    Love is a muse to me that comes in all sizes and shapes and truly mostly
    the fairer gender for me.. but my wife understands and trusts me and truly
    trust is all that counts.. as muse for me is love in all ways.. and always innocent
    for least.. and the more mused i am the more i create.. and i for one
    am one mused love for all i love..:)



    Ah to hear the birdens in busy street.. over the busy crawl of human way..
    is certainly a song bird come alive.. in tweet.. where twitter cannot drown
    out the sounds of love come nature true..:) perhaps that’s 140 characters
    but birds sing free..;)



    The eyes of a child know only presents of presence
    the eyes of a sea only know the flow of watered gift
    the eyes of an adult can see so far behind and far
    ahead and lose the present of life altogether lost
    and never now..
    Truly to be enlightened is simply to be a child
    again.. lost in the moment of never never land
    a place with no time and place but only now..:)



    Ah.. all that flows in water’s time.. goes on goes on..
    to let it go.. the path is worn.. the time is now..
    the water stays water.. no matter challenge
    in erosion of time..and place..water
    never loses the essence of it..:)



    Ah.. yes when musical instrument and human
    become one.. the flow of emotion can power
    thousands as one.. and how beautiful it is
    so easily accessible in Youtube way to
    power infinity.. for now at least..:)



    So true that all animals who have GOD at peace are
    centered solid in balance of mind and body
    flow.. as all things balanced.. peace does flow..:)



    The small town lure of community one.. the village the
    people make the village real.. there is a time where
    i lived on a river front with town front in walking distance..
    and this small village reminds me in nostalgia of community
    then.. with me..:)




    The interwebz is ONLY small pockets of reality spread out in infinity online..:)

    It’s easy to COME TO believe that 1 tenth of one percent means anything, when in reality it means almost
    nothing at all.

    IN other WORDS NO one give a c r
    and a p about this, in the BIG FLESH AND BLOOD REAL WORLD,

    where people hardly have time to take one, really take one PER THE
    AND ON top of that its IRS time..;)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    I’ve got GOD on the ‘line’..
    and am arranging for an ‘interview’.

    If iam successful i will be back with that
    interview soon…

    Unfortunately.. GOD does not speak in ‘English’..
    the ‘Angel Man’ Language.. even..

    so I’ll do the best I can to translate in
    English ‘Angel Man’ Metaphor..

    Like everyone else has through the ages.. of time and now..
    as same as now..

    But hey.. ‘Angel Man’ ways of speech..
    cannot be all ‘bad’ can they..
    to speak with words of GOD..

    in ‘Angel Man’ ways…

    Metaphors.. a Universe where tRuly the Universe can be decoded
    in all numbers and letters.. alone..for those who have ‘eyes’ deep enough
    to ‘see’…skEYes of GOD where letters and numbers are allONe.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Pardon me.

    Don’t mean to interrupt but earlier someone disputed the FACT THAT MY WIFE IS AN INDIAN PRINCESS, or maybe it was my great great grandmother but never the less, this is the Indian Princess Katrina who rules the beach of sugar white sands of Navarre that my somewhat Indian great Uncle named in Indian lore..:)

    And sadly enough.. she was not there with the great spirit this week.. to protect the 11 marines who died in Black Hawk Helicopter crash there.. but seriously.. WE are praying to the Great Spirit for them…

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    OH GOD! the greatest thing about being retired is every time a robot calls.. I just say.. sorry if you can’t hire a human.. i am not going to talk to a machine….

    Phones are killers of human health.. and technology isn’t making any of this stuff easy.. for people with feelings instead of cold hard robotic signals….



    i guess one of the nicest thing about technology today..
    is fresh flowers dresses last forever.. relatively speaking
    on Internet love.. where the flowers live so much longer
    than love even speaks a human voice in origination at



    Ah.. the soul of craftsmen live on in works of legs
    and tables.. and altars.. true.. yes.. poetry is in legs
    and tables.. and even periodic ways formed of
    elementary chemistry and physics in science
    of poetry way…:)

    • vbholmes says:

      Thanks for posting my link and writing your reply. I must say, I just finished reading your post where you say you “think too much”. That may be true, but your pix show us you’re having a pretty good time between thoughts. Party on, KMF–entertainment is as important for the soul as cogitation.



    Ah.. the flowers of the eyes..
    shining freely in emerald
    green the irises grow
    in golden way..
    the flowers
    in heart



    A myth is true as any poems are real..
    Funny how the value of myths
    are often valued less than
    other great works of
    art.. as the archetypes
    of heArt are everlasting
    in HEART..:)



    Ah.. the GODS of technology.. what
    a beauty they bestow.. when mankind
    of graphics no longer dispels cursive..
    the gift is the digit of art become
    one when Love becomes
    digital art as one..
    in heart of cursive
    keys and 1 and 0



    Love is a magical thing..
    and separation from
    love is not a thing..
    for magic to sing
    the art
    of song
    in heart
    for those who love..:)

    by the way.. best song ever for



    OH MY GOD.. the higher life can be..
    the more beautiful the colors of
    spring are in tune with
    Universal magic
    a play..
    and then there
    is darkness reversed
    in colors of dark but love
    conquers and colors of twigs
    and stems come back to LIFE!

  47. ^^^


    Commenting in poetic expression back to 33 poems is the finest natural wine i in know now for mind of life..:)

    And now it’s time to THURSDAY NIGHT RAVE!…

    Anyway.. thanks to the organizers of this again..

    as there are few things in life
    better than heArt freely


  48. C.C. says:

    This is beautiful imagery: “And I see now words
    shape a chalice of LOVE..
    But the base here must be longer
    to hold the love that is the chalice of me…”

    And I love Elton John….brilliant man whose music and lyrics hold so much love for lovers everywhere 🙂

    • Thanks so much C.C. for stopping by and delivering those kind words of appreciation for the imagery in words.. and yes.. Elton John has always been one of my favorites.. he is a real gift to humankind…:)

      Hope you are having a wonderful night too..:)

  49. Bryan Ens says:

    Love is certainly about a lot more than that 3 letter word.

    • Thanks for the visit Bryan.. and it is so true that words alone are only symbols and mean little without the beauty and essence of truth behind the symbols..:)

      Best wishes that your now is better than ever.. with smiles.. of course.. too..;)



    Ah.. the flowers of spring awaken the dream of life.. and in my area it is the Carolina Jasmine spreading yellow golden hues up and down trees in my yard that signals spring..:)

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