Chalice of Allah’s LOVE

Interesting.. over here in the U.S. boys are becoming more distant from girls and girls are becoming more distant from boys.. where there is an ‘epidemic’ of sorts.. of girls coupling up with girls who have given up on boys.. and boys who can no longer express emotions stuck in video games and the such.. they wonder why.. oh why.. don’t girls wanna be with they.. they should.. but they can’t ‘FEEL’ ..why.. as a self fulfilling prophecy of a gender that increasingly can no longer express heArt of love….

i suppose when I go to dance… even at 54.. i find so many friends there of the fairer gender.. as i am not afraid to express love in either words or graceful heart of moves…

Anyway.. i never get to watch Sherlock..

But I love girls too.. and can do without the three letter word that begins with s and ends with x.. just to connect with smiling eyes.. and graceful feet….

To the dismay sometimes and great surprise by me.. even at 54 with wedding ring.. for the ones who want more…

And he! he! I am not gay either.. there are just things in life more exquisite in heart.. soul.. and spirit.. than x or s.. and the middle E..

i hope your girl FRIEND returns LOVE to you soon..

The nicest thing about being retired is there is time to love the whole world..

And I have enough love to set out..

And do



have relative
human free will..



and that’s all

i need..








And I see now words
shape a chalice of LOVE..
But the base here must be longer
to hold the love that is the chalice of me…







And it looks like a chalice more at my home than yours..

And i put in the words in place of semi colon.. slashes.. and dots..

as your blog here don’t like links that be clicked on much..;)

Just ‘call me’ if you like IT when you get home..:)

And may be one day your smile
will be as big



a few

words to
make a wine
glass.. a base that
is way too long..

http semi colon two slashes katiemiafrederick dot com /2015/03/11/chalice-of-allahs-love/


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83 Responses to Chalice of Allah’s LOVE



    Truly purgatory is a human place.. a place between darkness and light that knows no fate.. a place where no fear exists with no joy as well.. a place in the middle with no passion to spark a light.. Ah.. but the reprieve of purgatory is in life it will come to end..:)



    Ah.. with an open heart and mind in balance of soul.. does come the spirit of signs.. in all symbols that flow.. the synchronicity of all things let go.. can lead a human to magic never before unknown..:)



    Ah yes.. when the i of I makes i’s presence known to I.. the spirit can flow in exclamation point !.. to make a trinity of i and I and !1..:)



    As above so below.. each star is sun.. and human is star..:)



    i suppose the first step out is not blaming anyone else for life.. and the path is long.. the path is hard.. but the path as strong.. after weak of heart.. grows another garden of light.. of soul.. deeper than.. before..:)



    For me at least.. i have to say yes.. as with peace of mind and body practiced in balance.. Auto immune issues of Sjogren’s Syndrome, Dysautonomia, and Fibromyalgia came under the tame.. of mastery of mind and body balance in relative control…

    Yeah.. and the doctors say.. just a random remission.. but i know better than that.. now for sure..with no words or pills to cure.. the healing is below in senses and emotions in relative control..:)



    Ah.. such a sweet wish for an anniversary.. is true in eyes.. the light that shines as one.. is good together.. as team mates for one force of love..:)



    Funny how the spirit of the child can grow older while the spirit of the parent grows younger.. truly youth is a state of spirit in mind.. as the young become old and the old become young..:)



    So true.. and in the adult bars I frequent.. animal human lives.. in spring of heat… unless the fire is extinguished from that heat..:)



    This wisdom is so beautiful.. there is nothing i can add to it.. but applause..:)



    Ah.. yes.. to understand ‘evil’ is to escape evil.. pandora box or not..:)

  12. Prajakta says:

    words to
    make a wine
    glass.. a base that
    is way too long..

    This was a lovely way to end a different perspective on love 🙂

    • Thanks so much Prajakta.. for stopping by and sharing those kind words of appreciation of what came from my heart here.. truly when i art.. it just comes.. without conscious intent.. i just let it all go and it flows.. in words that inspire the heart that creates.. in an endless loop of loving life now..:)

      Hope you are feeling well now.. and peace..:)

  13. kaykuala says:

    It is nice to have and maintain the great feelings of youth. One will always be on top of things when
    youthful vigor gets things moving! Great lines Katie!


    • Thanks Kaykuala.. in my life the days when i have felt the oldest have been at age 21.. and the days of the greatest feelings of youth are truly now and stay that way.. and truly in life to live THIS way is to defeat death in life.. and all that counts to me.. AS NOW.. AS NOW.. TRULY IS ALL tHere is any way in NOW..:)

      I never could understand what they meant by age is a state of mind.. UNTIL I LIVED…REAL.. NOW.. with no fears in tow.. and only strength of courage and kindness of love in tow as me FOR NOW..:)

      HOPE YOU are having a wonderful now too!..:)

  14. Grace says:

    Peace, smiles ~ I love the Sherlock series, ha ~ Thanks for your thoughtful comments Katie ~

    • Thanks so much for your visit Grace.. and gosh there are good series on TV to peruse.. but my writing continues to peruse me in operas of words,.. as such..;)

      Hope you are having a great now.. now..:)

  15. kelly says:

    It all comes down to love, doesn’t it?

    • It really does.. and it seems may be you noted.. as it was my great delight that the centering function of Word Press brought the love of that last long link to the bottom AS base of what can never ever be fully described OR EXPRESSED in words.. in the most epic of poetic expressions of life..

      Truly love UNCONDITIONaLLy expressed is an infinite power almost beyond belief until experienced so much fuller.. as it can be when fuller expressed beyond words of life alone.. ALLONE INsTEAD..:)

      Hope you are enjoining now in a great day of time..:)

  16. Irene says:

    You always amaze me with your huge heart! Thanks for Love! Youthful spirit – so inspiring to people around!

    • Thanks so much Irene.. truly that’s one of the nicest comments i’ve ever received.. and truly considering the wisdom of your poem was the only one perfect enough were I could not add anything to that perfection.. i feel honored to receive a kind compliment like this from you..:)

      Smiles and hope you are having a wonderful BITE OF LIFE..:)

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