Naturally difficult am i

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T-shirt of day says..

i’m NOT trying to be DIFFICULT (IT COMES NATURALLY)…hmm..ok..

yes my wife does seem to be correct in her choice of tattooed shirt ideology

on my way of life..being..and yes..i guess..personality too…

OK..i’m naturally complex

and that makes me difficult to understand..

but no i don’t feel complicated..

in fact..i feel rather simple to me..

but apparently i can and am an enigma to some other..

well..yeah..many other folks..i guess…

And yes..that is part of why i started a blog..

sometimes a short FRED speech in real life..

is hard for some folks to take in one sitting…or STANDING..if ya will..;)

That’s why i write NOVELS..sometimes instead..


if there is a such a thing..

other than EPIC poetry..FRED STYLE..if ya will…

But anyway..back in the wild of dept. stores

dance walking my TAI CHI..KUNG FU like

way of dance walking..yes the Milky Way

everywHere i go today..

with arms and legs spiraling around

in torso flow..yes again..everywhEre i go..

as totaled measured over 10 miles

on my NIKE GPS sports watch..and yes…

As usual.. there are scores maybe hundreds in total..

of people puzzled as to WTF is he doing..

i want whatever he is on..

or my GOD is he on roller skates.. wife’s new hobby is

scouting around the area of my public dances..

to get public audience reviews…

What can i the shirt says..

It’s all natural all it is…

in little letters as so NO one will think

i am having some kind of delusions of thinking

i am really ALL IT IS..AKA GOD..i am only a speck of that..

but a proud part of the whole THING..however it flows with me..NOW..yes..wherever I LET IT ALL GO! NOW!..:)



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2 Responses to Naturally difficult am i


    As a Classical Pantheist and Yogi leaning kind of guy, which is the farthest thing away from atheist there is; Classical Pantheism and the YOGI way sees science as the scribe of the GOD of nature. From the Golden Spiral mean seen in the Milky Way to the same Golden Spiral mean seen in Quantum Physics.

    Science is an attempt to describe GOD, in measurable and quantifiable description, but only an approximation of course. Again, as scribe of GOD.

    The essence of GOD is what IT IS. Humans try to understand the GOD of nature. Yes, try they do, and try they will likely always do, with the tools of science. Learning more about GOD as time goes by, but learning all about GOD; nah, not much more likely than a flea learning all about DOG.

    It’s just common sense. And pretty cool to believe in a GOD big enough, where Science can never likely wrap the science around the WHOLE Thing that is GOD.

    The GOD of nature gives humankind reason and emotion. It is FAIRLY silly to use either without the other. But, yes some people do seem to attempt to do this; sadly or unreasonably enough, WITHOUT the other.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!

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