Yin and Yang of fire and water

The Pakistan Floods


Ahh..the Yin And Yang of fire and water..

and of fire and of water..

and of woman and man..and of human being…

The balance and change are one..

The effect can be two..

i one for one..

experience the floods living on the river growing up..

but am spared from the fire of the faulty wiring…

But still with a gas stove too..fire is life..

and with fishing in the river..water is life for fish and i too…

But what is human…

Human is connecting to other humans..the Yin of Love…

Solving problems is the Yang of survival..

rationality..and cultural extension of comfort..for another day..

the dragon of reptilian and neocortical brain too…

Are we solving problems to live or are we living to love…

That is the dilemma of being human these days..

for i know Now i love for sure….

Now that i am not working

and solving literally hundreds of problems a day..

both my wife and i will shed a tear and send some money..

if we see these floods on TV…

And oh my GOODness..

now that you tell me.. we can look it up on the Internet and do the same!

But true before.. i am a machine..while my wife is crying..

when the little children are flooded by Tsunami.. and such as that too..

Then i Am the Yang of Robot Reptilian Dragon true..

But the hope is for change..

The balance can come true..

For one is not another..and another is not one…

The effect can be two..

And now i know..


And that is what i JUST do.

And so..
can others too…

Wow..! The fire seems terrifying..need some money for a new AC..:)

Or perhaps love is enough…

Yes.. i thought so.. I’ll send it to the flooded children.. instead…:)

And does your husband have any warm food lately.. if not.. i can arrange a hot meal too..

That last line is a joke..on your cooking skills dear…:)AND the fear of the kitchen stove…;)

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